Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1847 Page 4
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iniwm dissuade the Seorslary of Stela from its MwptuM, declaring in substance that It was not an ultimatum ' Again, if the administration had all along ffcvored the settlement of the question on the basis of the forty-ninth parallel, why should Mr. Buchanan in his despatches to Mr. Ms Lane, and the President in his messages to the Senate, to the very last moment, Insist upon the validity of our title to the whole of Oregon ? 1 am sure the Jnttlligenctr will see the inconsistency or lte position. Mr. Buchanan and the President deserve credit for deferring to the advioe of two-thirds of the Senate, but a fact has lately come to light which goes to prove that a little leu precipitation on the part of that body would have been more to the interest of this country, as It would have been more creditable to their own dignity. It has been ascertained that the British government would have been willing to give up Vancouver's Island* had the United States insisted upon it. Our acceptance of their first offer was to them a matter profound surprise. OALVIEN818. Steames Powhatah, ) Off Mount Vernon, June ft, 1847. > The President of the United States and lady, and their nieee, Mies Ruoker, of Tennessee, the President's Pri ate Secretary, Col. Walker, and Mr. J. V. Mason, Jr., U. 8. N., of the party that went down to Raleigh, are here on their way up, expecting to be ail safely in the White House in an hour hence Lieut. M. F. Maury left on the return at Fredericks burgh, and the Secretary of the Nary and daughter, at Hick's Kerry, Vs., near the North Carolina line, last night. The whole party left Chapel Hill, Thursday, at 0 P. M., after all the exercises were oyer. Arrired in Raleigh at 10 next morning uad left at 13. A large comp'i'iy came with the President and suite down to RuMch. and Col. Hawkins, of the chief North Carolina committees, came on with the Executive and friends to Henderson, where they dined yesterday. Breakfasted in Richmond this morningdined on board this boat. We have a copious chapter or two to send you next mall, from the point at which we closed In our last general letter. The address of Mr. .Vinson before the alumni of the University was an elegant affair. alas of Uoek at Beaton, Eicnanea Bosao. June ft.?20 tin Fitchburg Railroad, bli d. J Western Railroad, 1091,', 3i Vermont Central RR 94%; 10 Biylitou Bank, 101; 25 Boston Bank Rights, 1-Oft; 20 Wiunitimmct Company, 56; 3ft East Boston Comi>any, 17V; 350 do, 17 % Ar Auction.?12 she Merchants' Bank, 2 per ct ad?; 17 City Bank. $99% .per eh; 17 State Bank, $57% for 60; 1 Amoskeag Manufacturing Co, 1440; 4 Hamilton Bank, par; 18 Oreat Falls Manufacturing Co, $221% a 222%; 1ft Union Bank, $99 oerah; 21 Weatem Rulroad, 9%a 9 per ctadv; 25 Old Colony RailvAait $1/ na. as ,i)?, i%K D 1(11/ .u.. ?J. WWUUtOIAL lUTBULlOHIllClfi. American Grain Trade. Rochester, June 3.?The market atill continue! quite unsettled. Holders are pretty firm, scarcely naming a Srlee within the view or buyers. $8 30 was offered for 00 bbls of Genesee, but refused. There is scarcely any wheat arriving, and in oousequence of the exoitement in the market, it is difficult to make quotations. In the street it was taken at I OS a $1 70 Corn partakes also of the same exoitement. What the figures will be, it is impossible to say. We hear also of the sale of 1100 bbls of Flour, at 98 63, another lot of 200 do at same figure, both good brands. After the close of our report on Thursday, and subsequent to the receipt of the steamer's news, 400 bbls Genesee were taken at $8 30; other small sales were made at $8 38. Wheat in street sold at 1 03 a $1 69. Cleveland, June 3.?Canal Receipts?23,330 bushels wheat, 4,134 do corn. 3.671 do coal. Sales?330 barrels flour, 90 23; 4100 bushels corn 64c. Canadian Market.? During last winter there was more wheat bought In Port Hope than in anv former season . As near as we have been able to ascertain, the quantity was 170,000 bushels, which on an average of 4s 3d a bushel, would amount to ?36,111, that was paid in oash fne Ikl j r>*A<lnntInn nlnun t A an w nntViintv aKnut ttiu eouru. jul 1.u11 |iiv?uo.i?u >?> ) ?r grains and other produce, which form no inconsiderable item of the products raised in the immediate neighborhood of this town, where thev are purchased, which demonstrates two undeniable nets, namely, that the back country is rising in importance as a wheat growing country, and that I'ort Hope is the only natural outlet for the great Influx of its produce. Between 20 and 30.000 bbls of flour will be manufactured in Peterboro', and above 10.000 at the various Mills in Hope, Cavan and adjacent townsnips, that will find their way to our harbor for shipment, making in all (allowing about 10.000 bushels of wheat purchased here, to bo shipped in bulk) about 39,000 brls of flour that will leave our wharves this season for Montreal. This, at five dollars per bbl, will bo worth one hundred and nincty-flve thousand dollars. In 1844 there were about 100,000 bushels of wheat purchased in this town, and that of this year shows an increase of seventy per cent in three years, which speaks well of the industry and onward march of improvement of our agriculturists in this location. As soon as we ean ascertain the quantity of wheat purchased in Bowmanvllle and Newcastle, two important sections of our country, whose neighborhoods are rapidly advancing in agricultural improvements and importance with ours, we shall publish it, in order to give an aggregate amount raised in the county of Durham.?Durham Cam. Jldv. Southern Cotton Markets. Mokilk, May 28.?The market continues in the same quiet state as noticed in our last weekly report, indeed, so little is doing that it is almost impossible to give quotations. The transactions for the last three days have been as follows: ? Wednesday 700. Thursday 300. and today 600 bales, making a total of 1600 bales for the three days. We give, as the prevailing rate for middling. 10 ceuts, and beyond this wo could give no other than merely nominal quotations. Charlf.itom, June 3.?No change in the Upland market yesterday. Sales of 169 bales in different parcels at prices ranging from lOKallXMacon, June 1.?Krem the few salos made, quotations may be considered the tame as last week, say 9XalOX cts. Acousta, June 1, P. M.?The market for the past week has been in a very quiet state, and as holders have almost entirely withdrawn their stocks, the operations have been quite limited. Quotations are. therefore, nominal?fair, in square bags, is quoted at 11 cents. The Crop*. The growing crops In the vicinity of Boston, though backward, promise ample retnrns. The late plenteous rains hare started regetation forward wonderfully, and our markets will soon be tilled with a cheap substitute in part, for the present costly breadstulTs, Stc. The fruit crop also is unusually promising, and if no untoward event occurs, the quantity to be gathered, from present appearances, will bo doublo that of several previous years. Cold windy weather, with rain, is again the order of the day. says the Kingston (Can ) Whig, of the 1st Inst. Krom all present appearances, the winter sown crop of wheat will be very scanty indeed, and of the spring sown I crop no judgment can be formed, for it is not yet out of the ground. The Carrnllton Fret Prtit. of last week, says The wheat crop in this region of Ohio suffered very severely from the effects of "freesing out" during a wet and open winter. In addition to this, a cold, dry spring has kept what remoined in the ground, in a weak, stunted, and perishing condition. In many places the fly has made its appearance, and is fast completing the work of destruction. Krom the blighting effect of these several causes, we are satisfied that unless wc have a highly favorable season from now until harvest, there will not be one-fourth the quantity of wheat harvested in Carroll county this season that there was the past ; and the accounts we receive from the adjacent counties are not more favorable. We have no apprehension of a scarcity of provisions during the coming year, but, at the expense of being considered a croaker, we are clearlv convinced that the farmer will not receive anything like an adequate compensation for his labor. The blossoming of bruit trees this year is somewhat remarkable, says the Batlon Mail, of the 4th Inst, and almost unprecedented. Many trees which have not blossomed before for ten years, are now in full bloom ; sad in a stroll through the woods of a neighboring town, we noticed that the wild apple trees were almost universally in blossom In some cases peach trees of two years growth, aad quince bushes of three years growth, are ' full blown " The blossoms also remain on the trees muoh longer than usual this eoasou? an Indication that they will be followed by plenty of fruit. The apple tree worms ore very numerous, and we are surprised to find many good farmers neglecting to destroy them ? They may injurs the crop of apples somewhat, but still the indications are that it will be very large. The Red River (Texas) Republican of the 23d has the following : ' The weather has bean very unfavorable this season forour planters, being oold end dry. The cottou crop particularly looks very unpropitlous. being more or less withered and stunted Some time since much apprehension of the catterplllar was entertained, it being reported that great quantities of the fly and slmon pure worms wereln our fields. We have not lately, however, heard aoything of them, and, therefore, believs that it was a false alarm. Speaking of the crops in Avoyelles, the Markeville. Villager says: ? "The crops are suffering In the prairie from the want of rain, particularly the corn. The canes look piomlsingly, and the planters will, In all probability, be amply rewarded for their enterprise " Coal Trade. Pottsvillk Cost- Tsaok.?Tho quantity sent this week by railroad is 38.644 69?by canal 6,670 07?in all. 06,316 16 tons. Total by railroad 467,321 09?do. by canal 43.683 12. The quantity by railroad this week, is about 1640 tons less than last week?and the quantity by canal has been increased about 600 tons It will be observed by the following notice that the rates of toll and transportation will he advanoed on the railroad after the 1st of July ten cents per ton, with a prospective monthly Increase of ten cents afterwards ? Journal, June 6. PuiMinn Arrived. Havana?Brig Marian Onge? Mrs R Hilli Miaa Isabella Donne; Mi D*ho; M K Fitr-fibbon; J Smith; F H Lamar; and Mward Tu|*?. .... ... . Bar.Mtt*?Ship Adler?J Thompson k wife; Milwaikie; J Daark; CI Steep#; J Meyer. Oermany. , ... CHaa lei ton?Ship Columbia?Mrs J B Campbell, t children R ecreant; Mrs M Moderwell k servant; Mra J r Force fc child; Mrs M Bri***, Mrs M AAlden; Mrs E Murray; Miaa M L Mason; Miss H C Bennett; Miss E Rebinaon: Miaa E H C?nliff;MU. V Smith; D Paul k lady; D A Chittenden, lady fct children; J J O k lady; J M Hand; D Eckley; B Darlina, HM Parker; R u Stone; J Brown; J Oibba; J E OoodchiM; B Ue Mndiaaon; C Clifford Foreign Importation*. Liverpool?Ship Metoka?ijo ion* coal I) <; Colden?21 I>kg? Merrdeckett k Lloyd-8 Thompamt fc Pari.h-t; A k II ft Thorp?WW bars iron l) W Shield* k ro? ISO do Boorinaii Johnston k co?1 tliaius Bay man k co?to auvil* Wal*h k Mallory? II do K Hunt?I (rinditooe* II Jeaup?4 . k* II I. Ronth fc too?** James Lee k co?<1 CI B Morewood k co?44 Clark k McConnie?JO Biffkui k Ironaide*?10 pky* Hricklay a. co?Id Cameron k Brand?f> J Oihon k co?2 V rancia Bur rltt?W anvils I ck Thoa Hill?I! |diR* K Caldwell k co?Hi B A Mumford?67 hara iron Bleeckct k Outhonl?120 bdl? di Alfcl4 k C(y-,,ehailu UT cks M bs and 4* Bbemen?Ship Adler 441 bar* iron Farenstedi k Schumacher?15 boxes Hoo-e k Victor?I boat. order-B bom Tum ? boxes J Mika Hrrauuu Boker?21 boxes CkW Lilliushall?II cuki I bow* Keimer fc Moore?S4Mdesujobae ? .5r~4 boxes Adolphus A Bandits?7 ceeee Bowing fcWieee ?II buses musical goods A H Ward k co?3 bales T k T BrockthntDD?16 cuki casts Grusshciin fc Claphsm *1 casts a.r ^ ?5 cases Schroder fc Schwifstr. Naples?Bark Adeline?2 boats vaces Uoodhwt fc Co?7 Cks W 8 Bull fc Co?1 boats wiat H W Barnes-1 cast stout ran fc co? pfcs J C Howe fc co?1 cast 1 tube On until M in turn fc co?1 bo* 4 Ccs 17 pks 21 cks 5^ jars 100 boxes "JJ^aroui II vermieello 100 do firs 60 do oil 10 bags chesuuts 50 do filberts it do walnuts 1713 buses oranges 111 do lemons to "bVkmkn?Bremen Bark Diamant?1*1 buses pipes 11 bosas * AsTwesr-Hanorarian BarkKron Puns?II bales radre H MKkH Mali?10 Derange k Morau?37 G f Gerdmg?3 f Grunarthal?425 Schregefc Koop?21 McCall fc Strong?1 UrnbeCA i^TsuT^ehr Mary H Chapell-11.1 bbls sugar 35 hhd. molasses Moss k Taylor?54 bsgs sugar 24 tierces 12 bbls houay Dunscomb k Beckwith. . , _ ? St Jt'sn?Brig Lewis?043bides, 1443 sticks Brasil wood, 6 sereous indigo, 1 package mdse and 1 package turtle shell 11 D Cotbeal?<02 hides Goodhue It co. Havsns?Brig Marian diage?15 bales sarsaparilla 600 dozen pine apples B Blanco? $6000 F Alesander?160,000 segars J Msthaw k co?10,000 do Truxcllo fc Rarrediss?131,000 do 414 bss sugar to order. Domestic Imports tlong. Chablbston?Ship Columbia?48 casks rice 326 bales cotion Spraguc, Robinson fc co?250 R Post?67 D Mills?271 J W Phillips?60 G Bulkley?8 C Burckmeyer, Jr?41 biles cotton S3 bbls flour H 8 Levench?40 bbls flour Fitch fc co?37 KKIa nnlaln?? W (I Nna 1 k,i.. i.J.. \A7C AS-.. U L.l yarn T N Uuderhill?6 bag! uuti L Cholwell?6 bags do J Cholwell?9 pkgs SifTluu* It Ironaidca?1 bbl E Beach?64 cks rice I box to order. New Oaicans? Brig Wilson Fuller?790 balea hemp Taylor it Mirrell?75 do moai E Miller. Tlx* LateH Dates, rkceiv1d at the new yoke herald oef1ck. Anjier Jan 17 Maracaibo Mar 11 Africa Apl 18 Manaanilla Apl 4 Antigua May 10 Matanzaa May 26 Aux Cayea Apl 99 Mayaruez May 81 Augustine Bay Sep 14 Mazatlan Mar 3 Batavia. Mar 1 Matamoras Apl II Bay of Islands, NZ... Dec 1 Mexico May I Bermuda Mayll Monterey, Cal Jan 29 Buenos Ayres ..Mario Monterey, NM Apl 25 Belize, Hou Apl 13 Montevideo Aid 10 Barbadoes Aid 9 Merida, Yucatan Mar 9 Bogota MarlO Nassau.NP Apl 10 Bouaire Feb 17 Neuvitas Apl 6 Bahia Mar 6 Oahu, SI Dec 4 Bombay Apl 2 Oregon Aug28 Brazos Santiago Apl 13 Para Apl 24 Canton .. ... Feb 20 Paris Mayl7 Cane Town, C4JH.... Mar 4 Port nu Prince May 9 Calcutta Mar 20 Porto Cabello May 10 Cardenas May25 Point Petre, Guad.... Apl 7 Chagres Nor 28 Pernamhuco ...Apl 30 Cienluegot May 21 Panama Mar 22 Cape Haytien Apl 15 Payta Feb 13 Curacea Apl 24 Rio Janeiro Apl 25 Carthageua Jan 1 Rio Grande Apl 5 Campeachy Mar 12 San Juan Dec 27 Couuimbo Mar 9 San Diego Dec 6 Callao Mar 8 San Francisco Jan 29 Chihuahua Mar 20 St Helena Apl 12 Demarara Apl 12 8t Thomas May 20 Fayal Apl 7 St J ago da Cuba Apl 28 Gibraltar May 8 St Johns, PR May25 Ouuyama, PR May 3 | 8uua la Orande May 23 (Juatamala Apl 14 8c Croix May IT (Jooaives Apl 29 St Domingo Mar 18 Onayaquil Dec 13 St Ubes Apl 14 Oallipagos Islands.... May 4 Surinam Mar 27 Havre May 17 Singapore Mar 4 Havana., May 14 Santa Fe, NM Apl 12 Hobart Town, VOL.. .Dec 2 Sydney, NSW Feb 4 Jeremie Apl 23 San Luis Pocoei May 1 Jacmrl Apr 22 Saltillo... May 4 Kingston, Jam Apl 10 Trinidad de Cuba May 8 London May 19 Talcahuana Mar 3 Liverpool May 19 Tahiti Sep 7 Lagttayra Apl 14 Tampico May 13 Lafuna Mar 14 Tabasco May 12 Manila Feb 6 Turk's Island Mar 26 Madras Mar 17 Valparaiso Feb 24 Malaga Apl 7 Vera Crux May 22 Madeira Jan 21 Zanxibar Jan 8 Mauritius Feb 22 MARITIME HERALlT* Movements of the Ocean Steamers. Steamers. Captains. Leave America. Leave Europe. Hibemia, (Br) Kyrie June 16 Cambria, (Br) Judkins July 1 June 4 Missouri, (Fr) ?? July 16 May 31 Caledonia, (Br) Lott July 16 Junelft Washi'fton,(Am) Hewitt July 1 Britannia, (Br) Harrison Aug 1 July 4 Sarah Sands, (Br) Thompson ? Movements of the Packets. Ships to Jlrrive. Ships to Sail. LIVERPOOL. LIVERPOOL. Iloscius, Eldridge, May 11 Henry Clay, Nye, June 7 Europe, Marshall, May 16 Waterloo, Allen, Juuell Ashburton, Howland, May 21 Cambridge, Peabody, June 16 Jobu H SUiddy, Luce, May 26 Couatitution, Brittou, June2l Yorkshire, Bailey, June 1 Uarrick, Trash June 26 PORTSMOUTH. PORTSMOUTH. Ilendrick Hudson, May 1 Mediator, Stark, June 8 Wellington,Chadwick May 8 Quebec, Williams, June 16 Margaret Evaus, May 16 Victoria, Morgan, June 24 HAVRE. HAVRE. Burgundy, Edgar, May 1 Due D'Orleans, June 8 Admiral, Wotten, May 8 Iowa, Edgar, June 16 Oneida, Kunck, May 16 Uavre, Aiusworth, June 24 POUT OP MJBW YOKK, JUNK T. MM M SUN RISES 4 31 MOOlf SRTS 0 55 M ICR SETS 7 26 HIGH WATER 3 13 E Ship Columbia. Kobinami, 4 days from Charleston, with cotton, rice, Sic, to Dunham St Dimon. Ship Metoka. McLellan, 48 days from Liverpool, with mdse, to P J Nevins k Son. 308 passengers?10 died on ine passage? Captain and both mates sick. Dutch ship Banca, , from Rotterdam, in ballast and passengers. * Bremen ship Adler, Holiors, 43days from Bremen, with mdse to Pavenstadt St Schumacher. 197 steerage ptsengers. Bremen bark Diamant, Muller, 45 days from Bremen, to J C Muller. Hanoverian bark Kron Prim, Mannan, 33 days from Antwerp; with mdse, to J C Kunkleraaun. 184 passengers. Br bark James Cochrane, 32 days from Dublin, in ballast, to G Milu. 106 passengers. 27th ult, lat 41 38, Ion 6130, spoke brig Bermuda, for Cork. French bark Ajai, Ellier, from Havre, 1st May, with mdse to Creagh St Heydecker. 150steerage passengers. 16th May, spoke Br ship Mary, of London, ana gave her the longitude; 17th, 30 30 north latitude, and 35 23 longitude, saw a brilliant light to the southard; supposed it to be a vessel on fire. In consequence of the rough state of the weather, could not approach to the spot where it appeared to be, and at fmidnight it disappeared. Ou the tollowiug morning, we made every exertion to discover wheuce it proceeded, but uo trace of it was to be found. 24 th, saw the English ship Newport, who sent her boat on board of us. She was 24 days from New York, bound to Cowes. They had on board the crew of the Spanish slop Kulaha, which hau been wrecked on the icebergs in her voyage IVom Havana The Newport having some 43 sonls on board, was short of provisions, and supplied her. This was in lat 41 50 north, long 56 4. Bark Adeline, Luicohr, 75 days from Naples, with oranges, lemons. Sic. to Grinnell, Minturn & Co. Vessel consigned to Foster St Nickerson. Left Gibraltar, April 28, in co with bark Providence, of Providence, for New Orleans. May 27, lat 38 58, Ion 53, spoke brig Wilson, of Liverpool, 16 days from Cuba to Cork for orders. June 3, lat 39 25, Ion 70 45, spoke whale bark Shepherdess, 75 days from Falkland Islands, from Mystic. Brig Frances, Lewis, 27 days from St Juan, with mdse. to H & D Cotheal. Off Double Headed Shet Keys, saw a large ship with pom>s. bound to Mexico, (perhaps the Atlas, hence.) Brig Marian Gage, Read, from Belize, Hon, and Havana. May 27, with fruit, to B Blanco. 20th, lat 51 42, Ion 80, passed brig Druid, of F.aatport, from W I, supposed for New York. Br brig Satisfactioiif??, from Newcastle, Eng, with coal. Swedish brig Carolina. Collberg. 50 days from Antwerp, in ballast. to J C Kuuckelmann. 137 passengers. 23th ult, lat 39 ill, Ion 34 44, spoke brig Susannah, Law, (com Baltimore for Europe. Brig Wilson Fuller, Crawford, 18 days from New Orleans, to Dunham Ik 'man. May 26, Tntongas light hearing SE 22 miles, exchanged signals with new ship Creole, hence for N Orleans. June 2, lat 33 33, Ion 73 03, spoke bark Bostouian, of B"*tou, 13 days from New Orleans for Ireland. It steerage. SchrMaryH Chappell, Graffan. 13 days from Cienfuegos, with molasses to Nesmith It Walsh. Sailed in company with sclir Balance, Eldridge, for Alexandria. 23d ult, Isle orPin s NNF. 120 miles distant, spoke schr Liitell, 3 days from Trinidad for Philadelphia, in charge of the mate?Capt Wellsbie had tell overboard three days previous to her sailing. 4lh inst, off Cape Anlenia, spoke brig Uruid for New York. I Below. 1 ship, and 3 brigs. ? Sailed. Ships Mary Frances, Mobile; Sullivan, Charleston; barks Mary Morris. Qlaagow; Ann Smith, Nenvitas; brig Amazoue, New Bedford, and othrrs. Mlacellaneoua Record. Packet Shit Henrt Ci.av, Capt. Nye, for Liverpool, sails at 12 o'clock. letter bags will close at Uilpin'a Exchange News Room; Kenyon's, 91 Wall street, and at the Offing News Room, cor uer of B?aver and Hanover streets, The Mansuorr, Capt. Edwards, for Liverpool; Duciiesik dk Orleans, for Havre; and Mediator , for London; sails to-morrow, Tuesday. Bn Bark City or Rochester, from New Orleans (or Ireland, with a cargo of bread.tuffs and provisions, waa spoken 60 miles E of Hole in the Wall, leaking badly and making foi Nassau, NP. Spoken. Ship " Imperial," (perhaps Empire, Russell, fm New York for F.urope, May 29, lat 10, Ion 50. Brig Ohio, (of Waldboro,) Davis, from Philadelphia for Bellast, Ire, May 23, lat 38 30, Ion 81. Brig Mary Ellen, Hhepard, from New York for Rio Grande with Foretopmaat sprung, no date, lat 31 N, Ion 40 W. Brig Cordelia, oi and from Boston for Cuba, May 3, lat 24 N Ion 741W. Brig Sonthemer. Mitchell, S3 daye from Cardiff for Maun tiaa, May 5, lat 34 N. l?n 74 W. Brig Caroline Mary, from Wilmington, for New Orleana May II, off Double Headed Shot Keya. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford, June 4, ahip Two Brothera, Jenney Coaat Chili, Talcahuana, March 3, with 1000 bhla ap 400 do wl oil, and 3000 Iba bone. Left at Talcahuana, ahipa Oolconda Howland. of and for New Bedford, neat day. 1700 bbla (moat ly an;) Martha, Smith, FH, 300 wli 31 ap, for NVV Coaat. Spl no date, lat 15 N, Ion 45 Yv, Shepherdeaa, of and for Myatic 1700 wh 150 ap. The Two Brothera haa on freight 1487 Iba bon from ahip Newark; and 3433 Iba from bark Philetus.of Stoning ton, to Jno F Trumbull; 3000 Iba from ahip Silaa Richards, c Sagharhor, and 3930 Iba from the Martha, of Fairhaven. Also, arr at do, brig Rodman, Flandera, Bay of Curacoi April 35th, with 70 bblahumpback oil on board, (sent home 7 do so oil. Spoke, May 21, lat 37, Ion 74, bark Le Baron, Char wick, New Bedford, 30 ap (incorrectly rep May 18, with 90 ap Spoke, April 35, in Cnraeoa Bay. achr Exchange, Plymontl 50 bbla humpback, for home in 10 daya. Bailed from New Bedford, 3d, ahip Bally Ann. Arr at Sydney, N8W, Jan 18. Lewie, Tallman. NB, Bout Seaa; 33d, Java Bronaon, NB, do; 87th, Oolconda, Studies NB, do; John, Naudford, NB; Feb 2, Factor, Hawea, NB,25( wh 1.50 an; no date, Mount Wallaeton, Bowen, do; Pantheoi Jenney, Fall River, and all were in port, Feb 4th, refitting. SI 9th, Splendid, Fordham, of Cold Spring, South Seaa; lit! (Jratitude, Wilcox, NB. do; 27th, Hooglny, Townaend, < Warren, do; 28th, N PTallmadge, Mnlford, of Cold Bprini do. The Pantheon haa 750 wh 150 ap. Off Mocha, Jan 28, Acuahnet, Rogers, FH 860 (260 an). Heard from, f by letter) Oct 18, lat 16 8, Ion 27 30 W, Splei did, Bayliea, of Ldgartown, 70 ap. Spoken?About Dec 13, lat 17 8, Ion 166 W. Com Prebh Lamphier, Lynn, for N/ealand, had taken no oil aince leavin Bindwich Inlands Foreign Ports. Auckland, NZ. Jan?6?lo port, bark Auckland, Cntter, fc Fejee Islands, ready. Banoor, Wales, May 17?In port, Btamboll, Kingman, f< Boalnn. about 35th Bn.r*(T, I, about May 3? In port, barki Hebron, Hood, ft Philadelphia, 3 day*; Wm Larrabee, Arey. for Antwerp, Idi briga Cleopatra, Kent, for New York, unr; Democrat, Howe line. 17th, ?hip Geo Tliacher, Kreeman, coppering. for Net Orleans, 5 or 6 day*. BountiKd i April 29? Arr Pioneer, William*, kayal I Csuix, April 23? Superb, Oatcliell, Corunna. I i iENFvr.ooi, May 21?In port, brig* 8t Andrew, ("rowel i 1 ?2r Bel'tmora, 21th; Glamorgan, YouIk, do, 2*th; Kactoi 1 11*? f do, unc; ?cbr Duxbnry, Kldndgr.for Bolton. 26th; (I ' | Mth, .chr Ballance, tldndge, Alexandria. Ceua, Mar 15?la port, brig Woe. Young, rpf. for Havana a?o, incoal, I, Mar II?Sid. brie Soatbar, Gorham. Boa ton. Tba 8, leA Sligo, April U. and pat into Donegal with Iota of cablet and anchors, which the replaced there. , Dlulin, Mar 15?In port, bark Bevis, Doaae, for Dotteu.J. ^ KLtiNira, 11?An Sir C Forbes, Krute, Stockholm for New KtJaa Islands, about Aug 15?Bark Zotoff, Waliia, for Manila. UiauALTAa. May 6? In port, wind bound, ahipe Matlakee et, Coini gt, from Palermo for New Orleans: 8 Aymar, Nicholt, from Bucharest for Cork; barques Providence. Vinton. and John Stroud, Biown, from Marseilles for N Orleans; Nancy W Stevens, Stevens, from do for New York, (not New Orleans;) Adeline, Lincoln, from Naples for do : Saooe, Farnliam, from Palermo lor do; Caroline, Lane, lb* Cape de Verds, (had tailed for Pernsntbuco, but returned on account of head wind, and the market haying improved, har cargo, Hour, was aold:) brigs L'Orient, Welch, from Timpani for New York; Alleu King, Manion: Ottawa, Leuoi, and Reindeer, Winter, from Palermo for do; Taranto, Thompson, from do for Bostou: Georges, Howard, from Tarragona for Rio Grande: and many others, including, of all nations, about MO sail The Frcuch Government steamer was towing through the Out, all vessels bound to the uorth of France; with cargoes of grain, and during the week previous had tovdfcd through upwards of twenty. Selim, Storrer, from St. Jsgo, arr April itlst, and tailed for Trieste. Gottksil'HO, June 1 ?In port, 8w brigs Louise, Hultman, lor Boston, a or 7 dnya; suprrD, lor mew r or*, ao. Havana, May 27?la port, >bip Hideout, Brown, for Europe, Idg; Anns la. Fabena, for St Petersburg, Idg; barka Ospray, Ripley, for Hamburg, do; St Andrew, Rich, for Co wet and a market; Bogota, (Grrna) Tliomos, for New York, 28th; Maria, Baker, for Europe, Idg: Rapid, Ward, from and for New York; Thamea, Silaby, from Button. diag; Diligence, Woodbury, from Portland, (arr 26th) do; Ellen, Cilll. for New Yerk, 27tb; Parana, Goodiug, from Baltimore; brigs California, Hichbora, for N York; Crouatad, Hatch, for St Petersburg,aoou; Oexelle, Churcbil, from Portland, arr 23d; Alston. Pierce, from Belize, Hon. do; Helen Maria, Wrentier, from Wiacaaaett, do; Antoinette, Pace, from Georgetown, do: Leuora. Pendleton from Ceimito; Johann Frederick, (Brem) Weiting, from New York, ship Carl, (Russ) Olwing, from Boston. In |>ort, 22d, ship Medford, Wilbur, for Cork, eld; Thoa Bennett, bherman, from Charleston; barka Ella Fraucea, Haley, for Cowcs, eld; Natchez, Lindaley, for Hamburg: Oaorey, Ripley, do, neat week; Octavia, Saigeat, disg; Glooe, Theobold, from Boston, do; Cantero, Miields, from Portland; Mauran, Williams, from Baltimore; Damariseottn, Hawea, for New York via Mauuizaa; briga Charlotte, Nnow, for New York, 24th; Margarette, Leavitt, from do, diag; Clara Ellen, Kilmau, for Cardenas, to load for Baltimore, Rico, Giles; Arabian, Jones; Cardeuas, -Gooding: arr Sidi Hammet, Crane, disg; Orleans, Schneider, do; Denmark, Cushiug, Ossage, Coggeahall, from Wilmington, do: Caspian, Willoughby, from Philadelphia, do; aehrs Falcon. Perritt, for New York, Idg; Jot Baker, Atwood, from do, diag) Uncas, Parkinson, for do, eld; Gen Washington, Portell, from Savannah; Declaration, Variua, from Boston, disg; Outwoa, Kouehcke, do. Havre. May 1J? In port, ship Boston, Barkar, for N York, ISth a 17th. Liveupool, May 12?Arr Gambia. Bailey, Maranham via Cork. Cld It, Aurora, Cerkau, New Orleana; 13th. John Fehrman, Davie, Boston. Ent lor Idg Rth, Bauj Adams, Hanferd. for Havana; Uth, Columbus, Collin, for Boston. Adv, Colombo, Burwell, for Boatou, Idg; Abbv Bakar, Pratt, for Rio Janeiro, few daya; Diantha, Brown, for Havana, May 20. Muscat, March It?In port, bark Eliza, Perkins, for Zanzibar, about CO days. * Newpput, Wales, about May 7?Sid bark Imogone, Perli-. u. tk?n.. Staxioo, April 19?Off, Boadicea, from Hamburg for New York. Trieste, May t?No Amer vessel in port. Yarmouth, N8, May 28?Arr brig Purruit, Philadelphia. Hon* Porta. Bangor, June 1?Arr acbr Boynt, Paraom, New York. Old ichr Boston. Freeman, Scituate. Bath, June 1?Arr ichr Edw Kent, Brett, Mappahannock; Old bark Vrata, (new, of Richmond, Me, 2i? tone) Oarliale, Harana. Sid; brig Mary Pennell, Doughty, do. Boston, June t?Arr, schra Admiral, Richards, PhiladelSliia. Ellen, Sparrow, NewYork. Telegraphed?Bark Thames, ilsbee, I'm Havana: brig Eagle, from . Signal lor 1 hark aud 1 brig. Below, at anclior, shin Tarolints, from Liverpool. Old, snip Charlotte, Phipps, Vulparaiao; brig Suttou, Perkins, Havana; schr Marblehead, Balcom, Port au Prince. Ship Diana, Windsor, New Orleans; barks Turbo, H Young, do; J W Paige, Taylor, Baltimore; brigs Tangier, Crary, Wilmington, NC; Angeline, Best, do; Home, Crowell, Phila; Eliot, Knowles, do; Charles Henry, Bishop, Calais, to load for Cuba; schrs Sterling, Pike, Philadelphia: Jasiwr, Howes, New York; Victor, Hall'tt, do: Montano, Chase, do; Henry, Crowell, do; J Cooley It co; Eldridge. do; Wankinco, Crowell. do. East Thomaston, May 27?Ait, schr Mary Farley, Phila; 30th, brig Puritan, Amsbury, Belfast, Ireland, 24 days: schra Increase and Fortune, New York: 31st, Ann Denman, Marion, and Clarendon, do; aid 27ih, brig New York, Sleeper, New Orleans; schr New England, Pillabury, New York. Machias Port, May 27th?Arr, schra Example, Robbing, from New Vork. In port, ready for sea, schra Peru, Johnson, j for New York. Nxw Bedford, June 4?Arr, schr Industry, Kelley. New York;Bolina, Young, Philadelphia; 3d, Cornelia, Bumpus, N York- Flor del Mar, Hart, Warehain; bdS; sloops Sarah It Catherine, New York Ncwburvfort, June 3?Arr, sclir Rechabite, Sawyer, Havana. New Haven, JnneS?Arr, schooner Louisa, Hoover, Brandy wine; sid, bark Don Juaii, Currier, Porto Rico; schr Mil, ton. Tower, NewYork. New Orleans, May 29? Cld, ships Clinton, Smith, Liverpool; Hannibal, Foote, Liverpool; John P Harward, Read, Liverpool; Rowtand, Blanchard, Liverpool; Wm Gray, Crosby, Boston; Mexican, Denning, Cork and a market; Elisha Denniaou, Serly, New York; Essex, Welsh, Vigo, bantander and Coninna; brigs Adams, Gray. Collini, Havana; Joseph Anderson (Br) Kidley, Liverpool; Springflower (Br) Rickert, Cork and a market; Billow, Lawrence, Boston: schr Ninetta, Howes, Richmond: Joseph Short, NewYork: Mount Vernon, Hovt, Tampico; A J Ilortnn, Corson, New York; arr, steamship Yacht. Crane, Irom Galveston; ship Louisiana, Dewhurti. llin de Janeiro: bark Raiubow, Simpson, Vera Cruz; bar1-. Curtis, Outerbridge, Philadelphia; schr Johu Howell, Warreu, I'rom Brazos Santiago. Below, coming up, ship Grotina, from Boston, bark St Alary, Brown, from Havana; two ships and four brigs, names uot known. Portland, June 3?Anr bark Austin, Lovett, Cadiz. Sid hark Medora, (new) Knight, Wiscasset, to load for Cuba Providence, June 4?Arr schrs Admiral Blake. Hedley, Charleston; Henry B Baacomb, Corson, Philadelphia; Louisa Reeves, Cavilier, do; bam I McDowell, Vail, do. Richmond, June 4?Arr schr Wm Wright, Weldin, New York. Sid achs Only Son, Burke, New York; Diadem, Lisromb, Dighton. Savannah, June 2?Cld schrs Rnth Thomas, Amsbury, Bath, <vle; Bucna Vista, Brock, Philadelphia; Globe, Tibbets, Bath, Me. Arrival* of Stranger* In New York. June 6. American Hotel. L. Rosevelt, New York; R. C. Morgan, Fort Columbus; D. Wentworth, Philadelphia; Lieut. Marley, U. S. A.; S. Carter, Commodore Goldsbury, U. 8. Navy. Astor House. Mr. and Mrs. Boylston, Boston; Dr. Johnson, St. Louis; H. Robins, M. Baker, Boston; R. Greene, Providence; C. Sewell, K. G. Austin, Boston; G. Folger, Nantucket; H. Tibbetls, G. Pott, R. Sterne, F. Reed, W. Taylor, Jos. We tney, H. Holbrook, H. P. Leonard, Boston; G. Ledyard, Cazauovia;Dr. Simms, Ala; Mrs. Neshitt, Charleston; M. Larin, Pilts burgh; J. White, La; C. Gilbert, L. 1; J. H. Bree. Norfolk, ft. Maury, Charleston. Citt Hotel. W. Gardner. Richmond; W. Israel, T. Tomlinson, Keysville; W. H. Patterson, Indiana; F. A. Deas, U. 8. Navy; J. Dyer, North Carolina; C. Ed.sod, New York; J. Hogau, Phil.; R. Cowles, Columbus; W. K. Parker, V. 8. ship Ohio Croton Hotel. 8. Wise, Pen Yan; A. T. Hall, lady and family, M. Mans, C M. Corwen, Danville; O. E. Arlington, Cleveland; Mrs. Brockway, Mrs. Merrill. Mrs. Ogdeu, Newport; 8. Metcalf, Southport; L. W. Noyes, Newburyport. _Pearl Street House. H.S. Jones, Addison; w. rope, Pair ilaven; J. w.small, G.kIi. Hintsher, Peuisyivania; J. 8. Gray, Scotland; A., Maryland: A. Thayer, J. M. Camming!, Boston; George Armeu'rout, Ohio; E. 8. Proaaer, Albany; Capt. Tyler Parsons, J. P. Allen, Mancheater. Franklin Hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Coleman, Troy; L. Paddock, Watertown; T. Shiela, Brooklyn; J. Shipman. Newark; 8. O.Cooke, Wind or; K. Gregory. St. Louia; W. Neilaon. Charlraton; Alex. Hume, England; Dr. and Mrs. Smith, II. G. Armatrong, Baltimore. Howard Hotel. P. J. Davis, Washington; F. Hassiui, Boston: D. Croailey, Fall River; J. Taylor, and J. Van Rcnaaelaer,Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Choice, and B A. Cleveland, 8.C.; Mr. and Mra. 8. F.arl Howard, Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Masa.: Mr, Mrs. and Miss Johnson, 8t Johns, N.B.;R. Manning, Springfield; S. Potter, and J. B. Johnson, N. O.; Mr and Miss Richardson, Boaton; J.Rvlie, Canada; J. Newell, N. Haven; T. Ward, ana H. Jenkins, Hartl'ord: J. G. Thorn, Oxford; Mr. and Mrs. Hillary, Philadelphia; C. Sworrier, Sing Sing. Ntw England House. 8. W. Clapp, Key West; T. Baldwin. Newark; J.W. Smith, Hempstead; W. Clapp,Boston; M. Lawrence,KeyWest; Rev. A Phelra, 8 8. Mitchell,Gardiner; Mr. Pratt, Miss Pratt, Saybrook; 8. C. Fiske, Fasten, Pa.; J. Wansley, Worcester. Northern Hotel. J. Oliver, Boston; H. H. Tinsler, Troy; W. H. Dan forth, and S G. Danforth, Boston: Mrs. Moneghan, G. F. Lafav, Rockaway; D. B. Merritt, Whitehall; Mr. That'er, Philadelphia; E. Deunison, Conn.; M. Dalton. Albany: G. Law,and G. W. Cushing, Baltimore: C. Hestler, ledy and fkmily, Philadelphia; H. Stephens, do.; Mr. Halany, Providence; Mr. M'Brida aud lady, Albany: S. P. Rugglea, Bostou. National Hotel. James K. Derby.i Logansport: J.lR. Rankles, Halifax; Mr Gillett, Wisconsin: Gen. D. 8 Sinclair, Michigan; J. Kirsy Richmond, Va; Wm. Thomas, D. Guild, P. D. Vroom, jr., J. T. Gilbert, J. Nevin, J. Ro.evelt, Dr. Varick, O. W. Edge E. P. Arther. J. Knock, J. B Artner, Jersey City; J. Reed Mount Holly; J. D. Dewitt, Wm. J. Gilhsrt, Jersey City, six fifty-two others, 1.0. O. F; Wm. F. Williams, Newark. N.J C. Bascom, LeKoy; E.S. Ilubbinl, New York; J. C. Eldridge H. C. Miner, Syracuse, N. V; J. W. Eastbnru, Mass; A. 11 Eastman, Lock port, N. Y. United States Hotel. D. Felt, Feltville; J. W. Pease, Colnmbus; Miss D. Pearse do; Rev. Mr. Clark, Mexico; Captain Barry, brig 8. Potter Savannah; J. Smith, Morristown; J. Brooks, New York i> u, i,,.. u,..,r....i. ur ii w.w Boston; R. L. Jons*, Connecticut; Timothy W Johnson am daughter. Charleston; J. R. Bee, and Udy, do; VV. Surger . Maine; W R. K tith, do; B. Webb, do: J. R. Seaden,Charlei . ton; P. Simon, do; M. Cloyes and lady, Boston; E. Smith, lad; and child. Juuton's Hotel. Mr Catlin. Hartford; 8 Southard. Bostou: K. H. Ogdsn 1 Ohio; Mr. Chester. Philad; Mr. and Mrs. Hood, Homers; Wm Dunn, Madison; Rev. Dr. Sprague, *lbany; Mrs. Williams Springfield; Mr. Jones, Illinois; C Crowinger, Plymouth. Rathbun's Hotel i L. Bover. Chicago; Joseph Q Hill, Detroit; C. L. Bruce Troy; Mr. Beach, Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Bryant. Genesee N. D. Hunter, Maysville ; C. Storm, New York; B. Water man, Providence. Taylor's Hotel. R. O. Barnes, New York; C. T. Granger, Massachusetts W. Tinker, Rahway, U. C.; C. Smith, M. Mills, Connecticut Tammany Hall. W. R. Morris, Red Hook: Dr. Conoroa, do; V. P. Lermanu G. C.Mott, htapleton, N. Y;C. Jones, J. McAlaston, J. Mun t son. New York; H. Spalding, Bristol, Ct: J. B. Wood, West Chester; T. McLane, Washington; F. Mctlvain, Philad. I Western Hotel. ( George O. Hilton, New Market; M. O Rathbun, Burling ; ton, Vt; Z.Preston and lady, Hartford; E. 1 hayer and lady e Charleston; J. D. T. Hersey and lady, Savannah; Peter Moti .. Philadelphia; H. S. Armstrong, Rome, N. Y.; E Brain rd, jr If Portland, Conn; F. Hall, do; A. MeEver, Hineaburgh. Vt; C Vankirk, Murray. Orleans co; W. E. Lathrop, Rocheatei ^ Cyrus Kellogg, Corning: E. W. Rossiter, Oswego; A. V. P?' 0 ter, Providence; Mr. Willson, Boston; A. M. Mt.Kinney, A l. bany; H. C. Miner, Syracuse; Wm. H. Robinson, Altleboro ). Z. P. Hyatt, Zanesville, Ohio; T. Marshall, do;8. W. Lynds lf Cincinnati. ?***? , DRUSHES ! BRUSHES!?The subscriber respectfull " MJ invites the attention of the public to hia extensive aaaor f ment of Brtithea of every description, at the BRUSH FA( 10 TORY. J37 PEARL STREET, Franklin Square. Constant) "i on hand, Paint Brushea, Whitewash do., Window do., Dua " ing do., and all kinds of Fancy Brashes, which he offers fc sale at the lowest prices JOHN K. HOPPEL. >' all lm*r r. ft 1 OHO ? a RARE CHANCE.?Men of enterprii vff f UUv and business habits, wanting employmei 'I* whsn nn hp fhsir AWll hnimi atili wkn Lea wnek SSI pita I of $?5 to $300, will do wall to caTl at 117 Fulton atree s. and examine a new and uaefnl patent article, that can ba aol ' to every family In the Union, Such a chance to make a fo tune, on ao amall a capital, aeldom offera. Lettera poatpai will receive attention. >r mv< lnl*rg _ C. ALD^N. 117 Fulton atreet. ~~ BABY JUMPERS! BABY JUMPERS. fT*HE ATTENTION of mothera and of nnraea, ia InviM ,r X to an eiamiuanon of thia indiapenaable article to a qui r- nuraery, which may be fonnd of every variety and price i , 100 Broadway. 8AML. BROOKS, all lm*re _ Agent for the Manufacturer. MINIATURE PAINTING* MR. McDOUOAL line taken the room No. II in bnildii known aa Plumbe National Daggnerean Gallery, conn r, of Broadway and Mnrray atreet, where he would he happy d attend to any orden ia miniature or water color aketehea. al) lm*c FOUNTAIN HOTEL, ) Light it., biltimotb, > ^lNfcAS THURSTON, } ProIu''*u>r? rpHL underaigned having succeeded the late ttrm of DIE It A FOGG. in the proprietorship of the Fountain Hotel, ao long and widely known uone of the most commodious establishments in Baltimore, take this method of informing the travelling public, that beside the great improvement made last spriaf, in the addition of an entire new wine to the house by which a large number oflodgtngs were added, as well as an extensive Bathing Establishment, they have recently had constructed a new Ladies Ordiuary, fitted up in the most unique and beautiful style, aud also a private sitting room for gentlemen, which is entirely free from the bustle necessarily incident to the more public parts of the house; an arrangement highly desirable, and which they natter themselves cannot fail to please. In counectiou with those improvements, the whole interior of the house has undergone t thorough revision? everv thing appertaining to the upholstery of the establishmen nas been reuewed, and attendants ior the chambers selects 1 with a strict view to their entire capability in every re*jR?e table will be found at all times fully supplied with every tiling the market affords, served up in a superior style, in fit* wav af wines, kc. ItC.. notluint Will be kcot but what is of the beet quality.

Added to these facta the attention and courtesy which will be rendered by their assistants, actios under their own personal supervision, to jlioee who may Tavor thcin with a call, they (letter themselves will uot leave dissatisfied, as no pain or expense will be spared ou their pert to meet the wants of their guests, and trust their hopes of a liberal patronage will uot prove unfounded. Baggage taken to and from the jy C KO^KJ Hi 2taw3mrrc PHINKAB THURSTON. IN OBEDIENCE to a certain order of the District Court for the City and County of Philadelphia, the Sheriff pub-' lishes the following ...... HENRY LI.LAR, Sheriff. Philadelphia, Sheriff's Office, May 13, 1847. City and County of Philadelphia, as. Tne Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to the Sheriff of Philadelphia county, greeting: We command you that you attach Theodoras Van Tine, late of your county, by all and singular his goods and clialtels, and tenements, iu whose hands or possession soerer the same may be, so that he be and appear before our District Court for the city and county of Philadelphia, in and for said city and county, on the first Monday of June next, to answer Fernando Wood of a plea of trespass on the case. * And we also command yon, that you summon all persons in whose hands or possession the said goods or chattels, or any of them may be attached, so that they end every of them be and appear before the said court, at the day and place aforesaid, to answer what shall* be objected against them, and abide the judgment of the court therein. And have you then there this writ. [l. s.j Witness the Honorable Joel Jones, President of our said court at Philadelphia the thirteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord o?ethousand eight hnudred and forty-seven. EDWIN T. CHASE, Pro. Protheuotary. Description of property attached by virtue of the above writ:? A certain lot or piece of ground, situate on the north side of Morris street, in the district of Spring Garden, and county of Philadelphia, beginning at a point distant ninety-four leet oast from the east side of Fairmount s'reet, being the corner of a twenty leet wiae aney ana saia jioitii nrvci, ckicuuiiii thence eastward along Morns street ninety-six feet to a twenty feet wide (treat, called Chatham street, thence northward along the west side of said Chatham street, one hundred and eiahty feet to a certain thirty feet street, called Hill or Centre street, thence westward along the sonth side of Hill or Centre street ninety-six feet to the corner of the twenty feet wide alley abors mentioned, and thence southward by the east side of said alley one hundred and eighty feet to the beginoing. myjl Iaw4w*r IN PURSUANCE of an Order of the SURROGATE of the County of New York, notice is hereby given to all Krsons having claims against GEOROE BET1EMAN, :e of the City of. New York, Grocer, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at the store of Lohsen Lohler, No. 203 Centre street, in the City of New York, on er before the 27th day of November next. Dated New York the 24th day of May 1847. REBECCA BETJWMAN, mv_25 241 1 aw*re Administratix. IN PURSUANCE UK AN ORDER OK THE SURROGATE OK THE COUNTY OF NEW YORK, NOTICE is hereby given to all persons having claims against JOHN RICHARDS, lateof the city of New York, deceased, to present the same with vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at her residence. No. 14 Oak street, in the city of New York, on or before the 18th day of October next. Dated New York, the ISthday of A?rilu1847. * ieitawbnvnrc J A I> r, bh/Iiahhj, Aainini?rmn?. T^O CONTRACTORS.?Proposals will be received at the office of the James Hirer and Kanawha Company, in Richmond, Va., until the lith of July nest, for the construction of three stone dams across James River on the line of the Company's Canal between Lynchburg and the mouth of North river. The first of said dams will be aboutll feet high and 400 feet long and situated about 4 miles above Lynchburg; the second will be about 15 feet high and 500 feet long, and situated about 9 miles west of Lynchburg; the third will be about 22 fe't high and 300 feet loug, and situated about IS miles west of Lynchburg, The foundations of these dams are of rock, and the superstructures will be required to be raised as high as low water level, during the preseut season. Plans of said works may be seen, and specifications thereof obtained, at the Comfiany's office in Richmond, or at the subscriber's office on said inc above Lynchburg, on and alter the 1st of July next. WALTER GYWNN, Chief Engiueer. James River and Kanawha Co. Richmond, 21th May, 1847. je3 2awtl2jy?rc ON STRICTURE ANU ITS CURE. The loilowing few remarks upon Stricture, it is believed, will be deeply interesting te many ]>eople :? 1st?That Stricture is a very common malady, and frequently exists in those who are not the least aware of it, 2d?That a very erroneous notiou prevails with regard to Stricture. 3d?That although a Stricture may long remain no dormant as not to be suspected, it is always tending to other forms of sexual disorder. 4th?That there are three circumstances in particular by which a Stricture may always be known. 5th?That the cure of stricture, especially in its early stage, is certain, free from pain or iuconvenience, and generally accomplished in a very little time. 1?Wit^ regard to the frequency of Stricture, this will not surprise, if it is considered that this complaint proceeds from a badly treated Gouorhoea. If,for instance,a gonorrhtoa has been suffered to continue on from month to month, it slides into a gleet. Now, there is no pain or inconvenience in gleet, and on this account it is often suffered to remain for an v length of time. But it should be known that gleet is generally counect, e<l witb chronic inflammation, which naturally terminates in theckeuiac, and thia thickening in one part or other or the urinafy passage is stricture; anil further, with regard to it* obscurity, this thickening may exist without a gleet, and in |that case there is nothing whatever to call the attention to it, so that the sufferer must remain in perfect darkness as to the real na lure of his malady. J?Another thing that leads the attention off from this disorder is the erroneous notion that stricture cannot exist so long as no impediment to the flow of urine is observed. But this is quite wrong. A stricture may exist for years without producing any striking change in this respect. Indeed, this effect upon the uriue is observed ouly in sdvanced and older cases, while the visible effect of early stricture is not on the part itself, but on the miud, causing lowness of spirits and want of resolution. 3d?But, although a mild or early stricture is seemingly inactive, and of no account, it is far from being really so. It is scarcely possible for those not acquainted with minute anatomy, to i magine the delicate and |>eculiar structure of the part which is the seat of this disease, and how little is sufficient to derange it. Now, this morbid condition of the passage, whether connected with stricture, or induced by other and pernicious causes, is ever tending to destroy those delicate orgaus, laving the foundation of some of the mest distressing maladies of human nature. It is in this way that certain unnatural actions, local debility, an irritable bladder, and other like diseasesproceed from a mild and unsuspected stricture. 4th?Nothiug, therefore, can be more desirable than to have some plain and ready means of detecting stricture in its mild and early stage; and fortunately, there are three particular circumstances which for many years the author has found to serve this purpose. Tney are the following. The first relates to? Tab Manner of Urinating?It has been said already that the stream need not be much diminished orimiieded. and that is true; but observe what hnppens after this is finished, and tne clothes are readjusted, and if it should be found that a drop or two will afterwaids steal away, so as to wet a little, this, triilinir as it in, v seem. will afford a around of strong suspicion. The next regard* The Time a former Gonorrhcea mat have remained Uncured.?It i?not *o much how long ago it may have occnrred, a* how long the gleety atage may have continued.? Neither i* it poasihle in every caae to atate the length of time a gleet may run without producing atricture, for oue i* naturally mure diapoaed to atrictnre than another A* a general rule, however, if a gonorrhea ha* hern suffered to continue for a period of from aix to eight week*, thia would atrengthen any other snspiciou* circumstance. The third ia The ErrKCT a Stricture ha* i ron the Mind.?Thia. in the early atage, ia to depreaa the apirita and to lessen mental energy. It ia also one of its most invariable effect*. Not that thia is seen in the same degree in every individual, but it ia so common that the writer scarcely sees a caae of stricture in which the patient does not complain that he is less active, and less capable of business than formerly. Much might be advanced to show the natural connection of the mind and generative organs, but for this the reader ia referred to "The rrivate Treatise," while the fact itself is proved by the return of mental energy a* I he cure proceeds. , 5. On the cure of stricture; it is repeated that this is certain? free from pain or inconvenience, and generally accomplished in a very little time. So much as thia. however, could not have been advanced some years ago, bui such have been the late improvements in thia art, that, by proper means, and in the hands ' of careful and experienced persons, the cure is now accomplished in as many daya as formerly it demanded montha. Many ' also, who cannot consult the writer personally, on account ol | distance, fcc., undertake the cure themselvei, and happily succeed. To these are forwarded the most suitable and proper ' means, together with the author's "Private Treatise," ana such ' remarks as any particular case may call for. The consultation ftfe in ttue caae, ie (10, or, with the means of cure ia (20. Dr. KVph also takes this op|>ortunity of saying that he may be consulted on those delicate diseases referred to in hie "Private treatise"?at hia dwelling-house, 60 Greenwich street, N ! York, from ( to 12 A. M-, and from 6 to 9 P. M., (Sunday iitva' riably excepted;) and those who apply in the early stage ol j these diseases, will be surprised at the simplicity and little inconvenience that attended their cure, lie believes, however, | it is chiefly ihose who have suffered long from a certain class f of advertising people and other causes, wbo can properly apI preciate his services. Consultations by letter receive the most faithful and deliberate etiention. Direct "Box 869 Lower Poat Office." j7 lt?r _ _ ' IVf k*l'K.AL CARD.? l)R MORRISON continues to treat ivJL all forms of private diseases with that success which a Collegiate education, and a practice of twrnty-Ave years must i, warrant. Hecent cases, particularly Gonorrhoea, he cures in a ; (*v? days, without mercury, or hindrance from business.? * Strictures he cures without pain or inconvenience to the p* tient. Constitutional debility from a secret habit, inducing nocturnal emissions, and impotency, ia radically cured, by reator; mg the system to a healthy tone. Patients detailing their easei t. in nre-iwid letters, can be successfully treated. Bee Dr. M.'i diploma, with the icRaturea of Sir Astley Cooper, Sir A ' frm iiiiit flflkih KM htoi arm,. lm?r HUNTKRIAN DJ8PKNHARY. No. 3 Division street established A. D. 1631. hv the nresent nronrietor, for ths successful treatment of a disease of a secret nature, and foi the sale of DR. HUNTER'S RED DROP. This medicux is the only remedy on earth that can safely be relied on tc ' thoroughly cure this horrid disease without injury to the con ' dilution, and without diet or hindrance from business, evei when all else hare failed. A comprehensive treatise accom ;; panies each vial, (with full directions,) which is warruited t< effectually curd in all cases, no matter how Ions standing, o: I how deeply seated in the system, with lets trouble to the pa !' tieut and iu a shorter space of time, than any other nfcdicine ii the world, or no pay will be taken. Price <1 per vial. ' ail lm*r ; TO THE LADIES. y DETER ROBERTS, 373 Broadway, has just received ne t- MT recent arrivals, a splendid assortment of goods. The fol ) lowing comprise a few, sea Thread and imitation laees o y every description, lace capes, collars, scarfs, and mantillas, em t- broinered muslin capes, collars, chemisette and Cuffs, cambrii ir handkerchiefs, in embroidered reverse, handstich and tape hot ders: silk, thread, and kid gloves; 300 breakfast em. caps, fron 3s 6d to 7s. Also, 300 dot. cotton and silk hosiery, 23 per can below the hdHSJ- al lift'r It 1 Ann ACANTHUS TREES, 7br street planting ' 1 jtlvU for sale cheap, now standing in the nnrser; , in Greenwich lane, opposite Charles street. Apply to Henrj ,1 Speers, npon the premises, or to 'd WINTER It Co. 31 Wall street, over the Mechanics' Bank. Also. Voreatand Ornamental Trees, of all kinds. m3 Mt*r< DR. J. X. CHABERT takes this medium to inform hi: friends and the public, that he has again resumed thi practice of medicine at No. 471 Grand street, td To those who may be disposed to solicit his assistance, hi et will devote his usual care and attendance, trusting that hii at previous success will be sufficient to satisfy the most scrupu Ions that his treatment in all cases will alleviate the diatreasei of suffering humanity, if in the power of human aid to do so. - in 11 3l)t*r JUST PUBLISHED?Price 30 rents?Illustrated EditionJac* SHgrpAiv*, by Wm. Harrison Ainsworth, Esq.,tl er lust rated with 23 engravings.?Kor sale at Burgess, Strings to Ii Co. s, 222 Broadway ; Wm. H. Graham, Tribune Buildings Murphy's Franklin Book Store, 384 Pearl street, and all thi Cheap Publication Depots. jel 6t*rc UK. TOWNSENU'8 8AK8APAKILLA. THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY MEDICINE IN THE WO1L0. THIS EXTRACT i* pat op in quart bottles; it m six nam cheaper, plcasantsr, and warranted auperinr to any aold.? It enrna disease* without vomiting, puffing, aickening, or dobililatiug the palieut. ... . The great beauty and superiority of this Sanapanlla ovy ail other remedies is. while It eradicates disease, it wvifdrains use body, IT HAS PERFORMED ssona thin 15,000 cubes this rua. 1,000 cubes or RHiceMaTisat, 1,000 cubes er Dyspepsia, ... 2,500 cubes op Oekebaa Debility, and want orNeivons Energy. 3,000 Female Complsjhts aj?d ovcb. 7,000 lobes or DiseAes Of the Blood, via: UlJeix, Scrofula, Erysipelas, Salt Rheum, PimiUes ou tbeiface, kc., lie., together with uumerous cases of Coosumiitioii, Liver Complaint, Spinal Affections, Ac.? This, we are aware, must appear incredible, but we have letters from physicians and our Agents from all parts of the United States, informing us of extraordinary cures. ,R. Van Buskirk, Esq, our of the most respectable druggist* in Newark, New Jersey, informs us that he can refer to more than one hundred and liny cases in that place aloue. There are thousands of cuss in ths city of Nsw York, which ws will rsfsr to with pleasure, and to men of character well known. UNITED STATES OFFICER. Cape. O. W. McLean, member of the New Jersey Legisjs ture, 1st* of the United HUtti navy, lias ajnuiy km ? ? i following certificate. It tells iu owu story: Rahwav. Jan. 85, 1847. A year tine* I ?u taken with the influenza, and my whole system left in a debilitated atate. 1 waa induced to try Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, and after taking two,or three bottles 1 was eery much relieved, and attributed it entirely to the said Sarsaparilla. 1 have conliu^l taking it, and find that I improve every day. I believe Nfcaved my life, and would not be without it under any consideration. O. W. McLEAN. THE EDITOR. John Jackson, Esq., editor.of the RahwaylRepublican 'published the above certificate, and remarks, iu an editorial, as follows ? The success of Dr. Townsend's preparation of Sarsaparilla appears to be of the moat extraordinary character. We publish to-day two certificates in its behalf, one from Capt. McLean, of this town, and oue from Rev. Mr. White, of Staten Island, a gentleman well known in Railway. Caut. McLean believes the medicine to have saved his life, and Mr. White seems to eutertaiu an equally strong confidence in its efficacy. Intelligent men like these would not praise so strongly what they did not fully believe to deserve it. SCROFULACURED. This certificate was handed into Dr. Townsend's office this week, and conclusively proves that his Sarsaparilla has perfect control over the most obstinate diseases of the blood. Three persons cured in one house is unprecedented. THREE CHILDREN. Da. Towivschd?Dear Sir : 1 have the pleasure to inform you that three of my children have beeu cured o( the Scrofula, by the use of your excellent medicine. They were afflicted very severely with bed sores; have taken only four bottle^ it took them away, for which I feel myself under deep obligor ou. Tours, respectfully, ISAAC W. CRA1N, 1M Wooster street. New Tork, March 1, 1847. OPINIONS OK PHYSICIANS. Dr. Townsend ii almost daily receiving orders from physicians in different parts of the Union. This is to certify that we, the undersigned Physicians of the city of Albany,have in numerous cases prescribed Dr. Towuseud'stSarsapenlia, and believe it to be one of the most valuable preparations of the Sarsaparilla iu the market. HTp. Puling, M. D.j J. Wilson, M. D., R. B. Briggs, M. D P. E. Elmendorf, mTD. ' Albany. April 1, 1845. The following is from oue of the most respectable physicians on Long Island:? Greekvort, July 10, 1848. Dr. Townsend:?Dear Sir?It is with satisfaction that I say to you, that I have recently witnessed, in several cases, the most beneficial results from your Extract of Sarsaparilla.? Being engaged iu the practice of mediciue, I have prescribed it in several cases, and never without benefit. In the removal pf diseases arising from a deranged state of the digestive organs, aundice, lie., it Tar exceeds any tiling of the kind ever before offered to the public. You will please send me two doxen, Ike. lie. Respectfully yours, 8. c. piifcston, m. d. Dr. Townsend?Being afflicted with Dyspepsia, for a long time past, I have endeavored frequently to eradicate it from the system by the use of physic in various forms, but I found out at last, the more I used physic, the weaker the organs of life became, rendering uncertain the 'prospect of effecting a cnr?v Recently this complaint developed itself fearfully, causing ulcerations about the throat and trachea, impairing se rionsly the organs of life in their physical functions. In this state 1 was recommended to try your sarsaparilla 8yrup; after using two bottles I find myself relieved from this complaint, and all its distressing symptoms. In my case, by its life-giving influence, it has restored the system to its natural state. My confidence in its power to affect a cure in case of genera] fuuc tional derangement of the organs of life, impel me to recom end your Harsajiarilla to the afflicted. Yours, 8tc. jas. McAllister, m. d., Albany, August 30,1845. 93 Broadway. Dr. Townsend, Sir?Some time since yon requested my nn.I nion of the virtues of your Compound tSyrup of Saisaparilla. I am now prepared to give it. I have used it in my practice and prescribed it for the last few months, and must give it my decided preference over any thing of the kind with which 1 am acquainted, both as to its medicinal virtues and the reasonable price at which you sell it. In scrofulous affections, cutaneous eruptions generally, dys|iepsia. indigestion, costive habits, and liver complaints, I am much pleased with its effects. In these complaints, or any oilier wnrrc oarsnimjiun u iuuilucu, i with confidence recommend it to the ]>atronage of the profession as a valuable auxiliary for removing disease in some ol its most troublesome forms, and to all, as a safe and valuable medicine. BENJ. J. WEEKS, M. D. Brooklyn, Nov. 21st 1846. DYSPEPSIA . No fluid or medicine has ever been discovered which so nearly resembles the gastric juice or saliva, in decomposing food and strengthening the organs of digestion, as this preparation of Sarsaparilla. It positively cures every case of dyspepsia, how ever severe or chronic. Brooklyn, March 7,1846 Dr. Townsend?Dear Sir?In the summer ol 1845, I was severely afflicted with a disease of the throat, chest, and sto aaach; the mucuous membrane became so affected that almost every article of food I took produced such a nausea, or irritation, that it was with great difficulty that I could retain food. I confined myself almost entirely to the use of cocoa; even this 1 was often obliged to throw off. I can scarcely describe the horrid sensation I suffered; it appeared to me,that from the roof of my inouth to the lower part of my stomach was ulcerated, and 1 was appreheusive that 1 had not only dyspepsia in its worst form, but that I was threatened with bronchitis. The disease became so inveterate, that it produced a rupture of a small blood vessel. I was confined for several weeks, lost my flesh, and felt weak, and wearied by the least exercise. At this time 1 fortunately saw your advertiseuwnt, and recognized several names I knew to be highly respectable and entitled to confidence. I remembered to have seen Mr. Van Eandt of Albany, for a number of years in very bad health. From these facts I was induced at first to procure one bottle of your valuable prei>aration of Sarsaparilla. In justice to you I feel bound to assure you that I esteem itan invaluable medicine for such diseases as I have described. It has restored me to health and strength: 1 have used about four bottles. To test its efficacy, after using one or two bottles, I omitted for some days to4ake it, and soon found that I required more, as the disease was not entirely subdued. 1 regard it'a certain cure for dysi>c|>sia and af ections of the throat and chest; it is soothing, and operates like a charm in composing the stomach and allaying a cough. I intend in future, fto keep a bottle or two on hand for the use of my family. With great regard, your friend, i. aw f. van ki.v.eck. Mr. Van Kleek nu formerly Sheriff and Clerk of Albany city and county, and recently in the War Department at Washington. RHEUMATISM. More than one thousand cases of Chronic Rhenmatism hare been cured by the use of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla. The following certificate was sent us yesterday :? New York, Dec. 11,1846. To Doctor Towksend :? Sin?1 think it my duty to return you my own sincere thanks for tire benefits 1 hare experienced by the use of your Extract of Sarsaparilla. I was afflicted for many months with Rheumatic (rains, and also inllammation of the Liver ; the sufferings which I endured from these diseases rendered my life a bur den to me. I tried every remedy that was prescribed for me, from three of the best physicians in the city, hut without re ceiving any permanent benefit. I considered myself iucurable; but by the advice of a friend was induced to try your compound. I had but faint hopes of success, but 1 am nappy to suy I had not taken more than half a bottle before I experienced relief. This induced me to persevere in its use, and two bottles have effected an entire cure. It is now some months since I used your remedy, and I am grateful and hanpy to say I never enjoyed better health. I shall take great pleasure in recommending it to the afflicted, for by its use I firmly believe my life was saved. With the greatest respect, allow me to subscribe myself your grateful friend, WM. B. MORGAN, 43 Canal street, comer of Broadway. ORF.AT FEMALE MEDICINE. Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is a sovereign and speedy cure for incipient Consumption, Barreness, Leucorrhcea, or Whites, obstructed or difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of Urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and for the general prostration of the system?no matter whether the result of inherent cause or causes, produced by irregularity, illness, oraccideut. Nothing can be more surprising than its invigorating effects on the human frame. Tenons all weakness and lassitude be under its influence. It immediately counteracts the nerveless ness of the.female frame, which is the great cause of barrenness. It will not be expected of us, in cases of so delicate a nature, to eihibit certificates of cures performed, but we can assure the afflicted that hundreds of cases have been re|x>rted to us Several cases, where families have been without children, after using a few bottles of this invaluable medicine, have been blessed with healthy offspring. Da. Towwsend?My| wife being greatly distressed by weakness and general debility, and suffering continually by a pain and a sensatien of bearing down, falling of the womb, and with other difficulties, and having known cases where your medicine has effected great cures, and also hearing it recommended for such cases as I have described, I obtained a bottle of your Extract of SaraapariUa, and followed the directions you gave me. In a short |>eriod it removed her complaints amVrestored her health. Being grateful for the benefits she received, I take pleasure in thus acknowledging it, and recommending it to the public. M. D. MOORE, corner of Grand and Lydiu ?is Albany, Aug. 17,1*44. CoasacKiE. 8?pt. 28 1846. Dr. Townieud,?'To all whom this may concern?This is to certify that my wife used one bottle of your Sarsaparilla previous to her confinement, under the most alarming and delicate ' circumstances, being troubled with the dropsy, swelling of the 1 feet, nervous affections, and very much debilitated; with my l>ersuasion, and the recommendation of those who had used it she was induced to try it, with little or no faithtjuid suffice it , say, the medicine had the happy and desired effect, not only : in the hours of confinement, but after the expiration of one r week of its use. the dropsy and nervous affection gave way to > an astonishing degree, and her health is now better than it had > been for a long time previous. Ifthis will be of any service to you, or any one who donhts i the success of the medicine, you are eutirely welcome to it. I subscribe myself your most obedient and obliged servant, > S.S.JAMESON, r ALMOST A MIRACLE. Read the following, and doubt if you can, that consumption 1 cannot be cured. This is only one of several hundred cases that Townsend's Sarsaparilla has cured :? Brooklyn, Stp; 14,1846. Dr. Townsrnd?Dear Sir : I was taken a little over ayeai ago with a severe cough and pain in my side?it increased on 7 me very fast indeed. I was pronounced by physicians to have - the uuielc consumption. I raised large quantities of bad matf ter, had night sweats, and sinking very fast?my doctor said he - conld do nothing for me. I went to the hospital in hope of c being benefitted, but was pronounced there as incurable. I was now greatly distressed at the lungs, and could hardly breathe? ? I soon became emaciated, and expected to die; was confined to t my bed, and waa obliged to have watches?Indeed I cannot five you any description that would do Jnstice ? my case. I was supposed by my frienda to be past recovery; I had tried a gresi f number of remedies, and all seemed to be of no purpose. I reao . of some most extreordanary cures performed by your mMlciiie. anu to tell you the truth, 1 suspected mere ywmm ?%/ ..? in them. But I waa induced to try it?I done so, end J?'* thankful I did. I cannot uy that I am entirely well, but 1 aw . ?o far recovered as to be about my business, and hope to tie tirely well in a few weeks My cough, and pain in he side and night sweats hare left me, and IrtiiJ ^HntvtoeiTe yon am fast getting my usual strength. I feel it a duty t g I * ,Wt,m"t "fexER BfSobWN!ifL^ "'e.t, Brooklyn. 1 Principal office, 1M Fulton street. Sun Buiilding. New Vork , Redding It Co.. fio. ?I State Mreet Bo.ton; l)r. Dyott fc ?pns ^ hU Bame blown OB the glass. COPAIBA ANDOUBCB EXTRACT.?Thia i* the M apeady, cui?u ud effectual remedy for the ear* of all eecret and aexual diaeaae* being a aolt'iined concentration of all taa active propertiee ol Couaiba uid Cuhcba iu portable ,?"?. without imeli or taata. It eoutain* iu the anialleet hulk all those diaretir remedies that have l>?eu found moat effectual iu quickly and .adically curing tha diseases ol those orgau*.? ",lc* al. Kor aale at No. t Ann street, w bare any in format iou relative to this claaa of diseases may ha hadt and whara particular anriitioo fa paid to the traatmcut of strictures by -u experienced physician, who I taa devoted hi* attavtiou exclusively to tut olfcca practice. Private entrance to this office ia Id door from the Atoaeiim. m\39??n BAJti INK'S LOTION ? Office removed to* tmial attract, naar Broadway. Thia calrbratad preparation i* highly recommeuded in all cases of Rheumatism, Uout, Paina aiid Stiff neat of the Joints. EryaipiUa, Tatter or King Worm. Glandular Tumors, lie., fcc. It n,?d* but a trial to rive the moat ample salufactnm. For aale, wholaaaia and retail, at the proprietor'* depot, 16 Canal atrakt-ordera for any quantity,addraaaad ?> the subscribers, will ha nuuctuallv attended to. my" iit'r c. 8. BARTI-NK it? o. MEDICAL 1NF.HMARYI.OK DISEASES OF THE SKIN?Physician Attanding.?C. A. PORTER, A.M M 0 , formerly reaideiif physician to the Philadelphia Alftiv Home Hospital, one of the late physieians to t .e Saw V ork Infirmary fur diaeaaei of tha Skin, also one of tha late Pltystciaua to the New York Dia|>aua*ry, Ac. Office. No. 23 Murray street; reaideuc* No. Ill Ninth at. jeS 30t*m rpo GROCERS ? Kor aale one of tha be.I ctult Faintly _JL Grocery Stores in the city; with Isaae.siock, and fir turn. The location ll in inc principal man, iiiu iiic aiurc anu MOCK cannot be surpassed. For particular! adilrees M. L. at thia office. uiy29 tf rc WANTED! " ~ OEVEKAL Agent! wanted, to supply the country trade with O Drugs aud ready pre|iered Medicinei. The atocJt ia of ao large a variety, larger than waa ever before offered by any eatabliahroent in the United States. tliat agents, merchants, and pedlara can get aupplied with large or email quantities. Also, tile public can receive the moat skilful medical and surgical (treatment, by the well knowu Dr. 8oloinon Heine, formerly of Hudaou and Reads streets, who ia engaged for that particular purpoae, and baa hia office ia the rear of the Store. ...... Apply at the German Drug aud Medicine atore, No. 127 Chamhera atreet. New York. ag lm*r THE MAKK1ED WOMAN'S HUVATE MEDICAL COMPANION, by A. M. Mauriceau, professor of diseaaea of Women, just publiahed. Price SI The important aacreta here coiitaliied, though of a nature atrictly intended for the married, yet to tlioae contemplating marriage, it ia equally iimuirtaut. The varioua aubjerta treated of in the "Married Woman1! Private Medical Companion," are of a nature witli which every female, either married or contemplating inuruage, should become conversant, especially the great French discovery here contained, to ignorance of the existence of which the life of many a wife has fallen a sacrifice; as also restraining many prudent )>ersons from the dread of poverty or prospect ol a large family of children, from marrying. To the female afflicted ? ith the varioua complaints arising from a stoppage, irregularity, decline or retention of the menaea.dt is invaluable as containing the causes, symptoms, and the moat certain remedies for the removal of her complaints. Every husband and every father, as also every young man contemplating to become one, will here find suggestions, which once possessed no pecuniary consideration will induce them to pert with. Their own happiness, the future happiness of their children, depend upon being possessed of the important st-creta contained in this work. How true it la that knowledge ia power; how often it is that what we acquire lor one dollar we wuuiu not |un mm iui ?. 0? the receipt of one dollar, "The Married Woman'* Private Medical Companion" will be sent, free of postace, to any part of the United States. Address, post paid, Dr. A. M. Mauriceau, box 1224, New York city. Office No. 129 Liberty street, (RLMOVED from 648 Broadway.) N. Y. Also for sale by Zeiber & Co., comer of Third and Chesnut at, Philadelphia. N. B.?Travelling slid other agents sending for half a doxen or more copies, are allowed the most liberal discount. The great demand for this work, and the liberal discount allowed, enable laxdlars, travelling merchants, and other agents, to realize handsome profits from its sale. A few more agents wanted. Address, post paid, as above. mil lm*re MARRIED LADIES.?Married Ladies would find much to interest them by perusing Moral Physiology, written hy the Hon. R. D. Owen, with additions and alterations by R. Clover, M. D. Were this book carefully read by every mar ried person, and the advice strictly followed, we are persuaded that a different state of society from the present would exist.? The terrors of poverty, and the prospect# of a large family of children, which coulu be but poorly reared, prevent many prudent people from entering the matrimonial state, but here is a work that will tell you important secrets, which may nb.. ?u .u; ?:? b_: ?r ,1... p??i, I'.,. vime an sum uiyrtuum. > m.? *?? mo uwu? a?> ?alc by Zeiber & Co., corner of Third and Chesnut ?t., Phila delphia, and the Editor No. 2 Ann street, New York. mi lm*r L1QUIB HAIR DYE. NO EMUAL.?The improvement of 184#.?ALEXAN: DE1US TRICOBAI'HE, which instantaneously colora the Hair a natural Black or Brown, and given it the beauty and elasticity of youth, and ii warranted neither to waah or rub off, or toil the tkin. The proprietor, tince its improvement, pretenta it to the public with the utinott eeufideuce, aa having no equal, and at a perfect dye. . ? For tale by Rushton k Co., Broadway; J. 8. Aapinwall. William ttreet: Johnton, Moore 8t Taylor, Maiden lane ; and A. B. (k D. Sands, New York ; and by the tole agentt for the . United State*, R. It. G. A. WiftlGHT, alO lm?rrc Philadelphia. THE EYE. DR. WHEELER, Oculitt, 29 Greenwich street, devotee hie exclusive attention to diseases of the Eye and Opthalmic Surgery. Artificial Eyes for sale, and inserted on reasonable terms. Office hours from 8 A.M to 1 o'clock P.M., after which be visits out-door patients. A pamphlet containing remarks on diseases of the eye, with numerous instances of great cures effected by Dr. Wheeler's mode of treatmeut, can be had gratuitously at kit residence,or the tame will be forwarded to any one making application to him by letter, post-paid. a20 !m*re DR. FRANCIS W. HARTLEY'S Office and Residence 58 Greenwich street, recently occupied by Dr Bolton.? Nurht hell attached to the hall rtnor. m2S 24f*re HKUMAT1SM. PAINS AND MT7FKNEM? OK J HE JOINTS, SCROFULA, DISEASES OF THE SKIN, flic. Sic. Ring's Compound Syrup of Hydriodate of Potass Saraaparilla, and Yellow Dock. This medicinal remedy is published for the sole benefit of those suffering from Rheumatism, pains and stiffness of the jniuts, swelling of the muscular substances near them, eruptions of the skin, and diseases arising from sn impure state of the blood, tic. From 4?na *ut experiments under the direction and supervision ofthe most eminent of the faculty, it has recrived their uuanimou i recommendation, and many hnve pronouueeff it the best possible combination of remedies for the above named diseases. It is prepared from the purest articles, and is warranted to give satisfaction. It thus purifies and quickens the circulation, allays irritation, and leaves every |>art of the animal economy in a ?c.._. L-?. .u?.. ??i.;.... injudicious aud long continued use of MERCURY, this combination may be considered a specific; cases which hare resisted all other treatment, have been rapidly and entirely removed by this powerful alterative syrup, and, as a spring medicine, or purifier, it stands unrivalled. The great and in creasing demand for an article of this kind, lias induced the proprietor to bring it before the public, that all may have the benefit of it. We do not publish any long ceitificntes of miraculous cures?the medicine shall s|?ak for itself. It is warranted to give satisfaction, and needs but a trial to convince the most incredulous of its surprising properties. Prepared and for sale by CHARLES H. RING, Druggist, 192 Broadway, comer John atreet. Agents?Guion, 127 Bowery, corner Grand street; Coddington, comer Spring and Hudson; Brighara St Miller, No. 17 avenue D; John B. Dodd, 771 Broauway, corner 9th street. _ at lm *c OS 1 /Wirt REWARD.?FELON If.? Whereas Robert VP J-t/Vr" Glover, Frederick Glover, aud William Glover, brothers, late of Leeds, county of York, England, woollen cloth manufactareri, scribblers, and dyers, have absconded, charged with several forgeries, tie. Notice is hereby given that the above reward will be given to any person who will spgrehend and lodge them in any of the prisons of the United tates of America, (sufficient international |>ower having been given to the proper authorities for the indemnification of any person ao doing,) or to any peraon giving such private information as will leau to their apprehension, on anpliction to Mr. William James, Superintendent of Police of the Borough of Leeds, in the county of York, England, to whom all communications must be addressed, to the care of Anthony Barclay, Esq., her Britannic Majesty's Consul, city of New York. Description.?Rebert Glover is about 30 to 32 years old, stands a bout! 5 feet 9 inches high, rather broad, and walks stiffI v. lie liiia a mmffwhuf anllnw rnmttltMrinn. ia half) nn (ha fore heud; is a Yorluhireman, and all hia life in or near Leeds. Frederick Glover ia about 46 or 46 year* old, atanila about 6 feet high or more; ia broad and round-shouldered, and atoopa in walking; walks heavily, slowly, and stiffly; verv dark complexion, dark bair, has prominent teeth; ia a Yorkshire man, and has lived all las life in Leeds. William Glover is about 44 to 46 years old, and about .6 feet 10 inches high, baa a rather long and thin visage, and light complexion, has good teeth and light hair. N. B.?If only oue of the above be arrested, a reward ef $700 will be given; if two. $1200. m21 2w#rc Clinton Hotel, New York, May 50,I84T L~ I-TCHJ TCHE, A CHINESE CATSUP.?This very superior and original Catsup, made from the pulp of Li tchi, a Chinese fruit, noted for its pungeut and delicious aciai ty, and its peculiar digestive properties, is prepared by Win. Osborn & Co. from a recipe presented to them by an attache to the Chinese embassy. Wm. Osborn & Co. offer this Catsup for enriching gravies, sou|<s, meats, wild fowl, be. with a confidence that its merits are unequalled by any sance or catanp in existence, more particularly those designated u London sauces and catsups, which are made anywhere but in London. It will be sold retail at the Family Groceries at the very low price of fifty cents a pint bottle, and wholesale at M. BENNETT'3,196 Front street, New York. m2 lm*r PRIVATE DISEASES-ESTABLISHED a. D. I?4# FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY.?The Metnbem of the New York College of Medicine and Phaam*cy, estao lished for the auppreuiou of quackery eoutinue to direct their particular atteution to all diseases of a private nature, and can confidently promise to persons requiring medical treatment, a safe and permanent cure, without mjury to the constitution or confinement from buaineu. Invalids are particularly requested to make application to the College on the first appearance of those diseases, as a vast amount of suffering and time may be thus avoided. One of the members of the College, for many years connected with the principal hospitals in Europe, for the cure of those complaints, attends for cop sulfation daily, from 8 A.hi. to 8 P. M. Terma?Advice and Medicine $5?cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS-Persous living in the country, finding it inconvenient to make pfr sonafapplication, can have forwarded to them a chest containing all medicine requisite to perform a radical cure, by stating their case explicitly, together with all aym|Koms, time of con traction, and treatment received elsewhere if any, and euclmiug $3. post paid, addressed to W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D.. 93 Nnssan street. New York. FVELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS. OR the radical cure of gonorrhoea, gleet, seminal emu sions, and all mocopnrnfent discharges from the urethra. These Pilk, the result of twenty years experience in the Hospital d# Clmrite in Paris, are prononnceil by their celebrated inventor. Professor Velpeau, as an infallible remedy for all diseaaea of the urethra. They effect a cure in a much shorter time than any other remedy, without tainting the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or confinement from business.*? Price $1 per box. coNsiTl'Ul'MtAL IJklULIi y cured. The TONIC MIXTURE, prepared by the College nt Medicine and Pharmacy oftbe City of New York, i? confidently recommended for all caaes of debility produced by eecret indulgence or excess of any kind. It is an invalnaole remedy for impotence, sterility, or barrenness, unless depend ing on tnailormation. Single bottles $! each; caaes of half ? $3; carefnllv packed, and sent to all narta of the Union RICORTViTALTERATIVE MIXTURE. FOR the permanent core of primary or secondary syphilis. venereal nlcerl. males, or anv romnlainr nr.wtiirefl 1,1. en injudicious use of mercury, or unskilful medical rreatment.? All persons suspecting veuerral mint remaining in their a- stem should nsc this powerful purifier without delay, aa no person can consider himself safe after having the venereal disease, . without thoronirhlv cleansing the ayatem with thia juatly celebrated alterative Sold in aiintle hottlea at $1 each: in caaea of half a dozen for I ti; carefully parked and aenl to all parte of the I'uion. I CONCENTRATE KXTRACYW SARSAPARILLA GENTIAN AND BAftSAFRAS. PREPARED by the New York College of Medicine and Niarnucy, established for the suppression of quackery.? I Thia refined and highly concentrated ettrnct, possessing all the purifying qualities and rnrative rowers ofTih.e above herha, I is confidently rewitnmended by the College aa superior to any I eitract of Sarsatwrilla at preaeut before the public, and may be l relied on aa a certain remedy for all diaaaaea arising from an impure atate of the blood, such aa scrofula and saltrhenim, ring worm, blotches or pimples, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cntaneo? ernimons, nlcerated sore throat, or any die ease arising from the secondary e fleets of syphilis or an injudicious nae ef mercury. Meld in single bottles at 7S cents 1 " in eases of half a do-ten bottles fl!t Ml r " " one dozen " $C 00 Case* forwarded to all mute of the Union. N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purcnaeers r Office open from A. M. to IP. M. ^ yr. a richardbqn. m. d.. DRW MMuni street. New York