Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1847 Page 3
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Cam?W? report sales cf about AO a 54.000 bushels cbiehv Mrtliua Mi N? bxurk. yettnw, (including nn" lot of 5.000 to arrive nrjt week) at $1 90 , I.O00 Jo western flat yellow at 81 16 ; 2500 buehelr. Northern yellow sold on private terms ; 3000 do. roixi'd sold at $ 1 15; 5000 do. white do aold at $1 27, and OOi'K) do. at $1 23, and 39,500 do. mixed aold, to arrive in all June, at >1 15. Rye waa inactive. %l 30 was offered, and $1 35 askod. Hye Flour?160 bbls aold i t $7 25. Meal?Sales of 800 bids., deliverable next week at buyer'a call, told ut $3 10^. Oati- Sales of i.OOO bush. Mild at 61o, And 9000 do heavy good white at i,Jo. F Brant?Hales of about 300 bbla. were made at $1 75. They were afterwards held at $ 1 BH.;. Boots a wo Shots?The recent advance in hoota and bliocs has been well sustained, and prices are now considered about fifteen per cent higher than two weeks since. Cakdlis ? We roport sales of 300 a 10? boxes aperus at 31c, including 300 at 30^c cash. Corvee.?Sales of 50 bags Java sold at Be, 4 months, and 250 do Sumatra aold at6>aC, 0 months, Kish.?Mackerel were firm at $7 ?7>? for No. 3, and 811 35 for No. 1 Massachusetts Sales of 180 bbla. new o wort wane at aift ; eou quintals ury cod aoid ut $3 81X. ? 387^0; and 200 half bbla. Say brook (bad sold thu No. 3's at (6 76. and No. 1 < at $7 78. Krbit.?We report tales of 300 a 400 boxes banch raisins at (1 70 a $1 76. Hump.?The market was inactive. The last sales of dew rotted were made at $100 a $120 per ton. i 11 oki?Nothing worthy of special notice has occurred within a few days, except about 4000 Maranbam, sold to go to Boston, for upper leather, at 9 a 9Xo, 8 mos. Leather?There was a brisk trade last week in all descriptions of leather. Upper leather is uncommonly scarce, and brings high prices, particularly calf skins. The stock of sole leather in Boston was said to be very light, and mostly held at prices above the market rates. The Baltimore and Philadelphia markets are also very bare. Ukao?Was nominal at $4 60. Molasses.?Foreign continued at steady prices ; but sules were inconsiderable. Naval Storks.? 34c wns offered for spirits turpentine, ttud 33c asked. No sales of moment transpired. Oils.?We report sales of 000 gallons city pressed American liuseed at 66o.; 1200 do English do at 01c.. uHsli; a lot of Dutch brought 02>4c ; another lot of spurious quality was said to be landing from a vessel reo utly arrived from London. At New Bedford crude sperm was held at 06c. The last sales of N. W. whale, were made at 30)i cents. Provisions? Sales of now prime Pork were reported at $14 ; prices of other kinds remained about the same. Href was Arm, and 3 a 400 bbla. city mess sold at $13a$13 60c; 160 bbls, N. V. State prime new mess pork, were sold on private terms. Lard was firm, aud sales of 100 kegs made at l%c; and lt>8 bbls. do, common. sold at 8J?c. C'hme and Butter remained about t he same. Hick ?Prices were firm, but no sales of oonsoquenoe Were reported. Si'oaii.?The market was quiet and sales were light. Prices were about the same as earlier in the week. Tallow.?Small sules were reported for good rendered at 9 cents. Tobacco?Weeklv Statement or Prices. Sales, Receipts and stock on hanu, for the weke closino this afternoon. Sold Rec'd this Stock Prieeo. thie week. week, on hand Keiitucky, Virginia mid N. Carolina,. 3 to 7>{ 360 Ms. 183 hils. 3337 hds. Maryland and Ohio, ? ?* ? 13 hils. Connecticut seed,.. 3 to 10 160 cs. ? 208 cs. 7 11 Pennsvlvania seed, 7 to 16 ? ? 91 cs. Flotida 3 to 40 40 cs. ? 130 c*. Havaua 25 to 126 60 tides. 370 bales 1032 tils 'Una, 18 to 28 1(15 bale*. 192 bale* 9.7 bis 1 ara 33 to 45 20 bale*. ? 389 bis St. looming.) ? ? ? 19 cm by auction. 39 lihdi. Keutucky, Virginia and North Carolina, at l>4 a5>?. There has been a brisk demand daring the whole of the week far the various kinds ot tobacco. Transactions however, have been limited by the lightness of stock, which was moat inconvenient, as a good many orders from the country could not bo executed Kentucky tobacco cemes in" more freely now. and in two to four weeks our market will be well supplied in that line. A specimen of the new crop of St. idomingo has come forward. and turns out to be just as inferior as the previous one; in consequence of which we may anticipate a good demand and ilrin prices for Connecticut and Pennsylvania seed leaf tobacco. By the Rapid, we received about 350 bales new crop Havana tobacco, which will be landed in a few days. remained at 27 ots. for Northwest, and at 93 cts for South Sea. Whiskey was inactive at 36 cts. Wool?37 bales Mexican sold an private termi. The market for domestic was dull. Freights?Rates remained about the same. F.ngagements were mado to Liverpool, of 5000 bbls. flour, at -is. To London, flour was engaged by packet at 4s. a 4s. fid A foreign vessel was engaged for a direct port in Ireland at 1 Id. for gram in bulk. A foreign vessel also engaged flour to Liverpool at 3s. fid. To Havre, flour was engaged at 75 cts., and wheat at 18J? eta. per bushel. TELEGRAPHIC. Markets. Boston, June 19?P. M. The sales of cotton to-day reached about 500 balos. without ouy change iu prices. Genesee, with western flour generally, was rather heavy. Michigan was held ut $9. and Geuesee at $9 90. Corn was rather dull for yellow, which wo quote $1 18 a $1 90, with light sales.? There wiut more dointr in southern white and mixed, and we report rales of 4,000 butdtels at $1 lfl, and 4.000 do. at *1 10. Oats continued to arrive freely, and were in fair demand ; sales of about 10.000 bushels Bold at GUo. a 70c. Ulco was inactive at $0. 8ugar exhibitod no change ; sales of New Orleans were made at 6o. a7c., and Porto Rico at 6>4'c. a 7*?c. Provisions continued firm. Mess beef was worth $14?$10 asked. Prime mess pork was sold in a small way at $17 182a a $18. Clear do. was worth $19 00 a $40. Lard continued to sell in barrels at about 10 ceuts. Married, On Saturday. June 12th, Mr. William B. Hstrros, of London, to Miss Amelia Lillah Kimbv, of Somersetshire, Kngland. On Monday ovening. June 7th, by the Rev. Mr. Chase, Mr. A. P. Myers, to Miss Mary K. Wire, all of this city. Died. On Sunday afternoon, alter a lingering Illness. Mr. RaMi-el Anion, son of the late Richard Amos, aged 38 years, 7 months and 21 days. The friends and acquaintances of the family, are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at 6 o'clock, from No. 059 Washington street. On Sunday morning. 13th instant. Krkdcbick Loris. aged J years. 11 months and S days, eon of Henry V. and P. .VI. V ultee. The friends and relatives of the family, are respeotfully invited to'attend his funeral, this day (Monday) at 11 o'clock. A. M , from the residence of his father, No. lit Mulberry street. \ir AsTrTSTTi1o.V.'vi on! ioftmt ETUTG-TiTThTI i Vv WARD?J he ciliaeu* of ihe tltli ward who feel an interrs in (lie erection of this Monument, die found 11on of which will he 1 lid this fall, are invited to attend a meeting hi he Meri T House, corner ol liioome sud Mercersirecrs, THIS (.Monti v) riV L.N I NO, June llth, at II >' lock. The progress and piospect* of Die work will be explained, and addresses may be expected. By order. K. D. HART, Secretary. j 11 lt*rrc ErlCCRLH, A1' J LN'1 Ili.V?Slewed Terrapin w ill lie served up in tine style, this day. at the Enterprise Oyster ail ('offer Saloon, 81 Wall turret, together with toe luxuries of -lie season, where the patronise ol tli- fi tends of Oeorge and John, fnrinerly of Charles ltidnboi'ks, it res|>ectfully so1 cited Jell lt*m SI K A V\ BtjRRI KS AND PURL CR-.AAl, fresh evny dnv dnriug the seasou, at KIltK'S Doin g and Coffee Su I >ow, 39.1 Bowery, corner Sixth street, junction 2d Avenue, jr>4 1 * * rh G1 B (/LARKK J'AlLOK. lib William street, opposite f the nf w s:?.r* i.?Ertry MMrittieo of ?uintner firmnti tliMt the imAgination can conceive of. th*t i? nor a violation o* go d nstr. cm be found at my establishment; consisting of ( AahmerrUe. AJptca. Merino, Ui *gh tm, Tweed. at< See. A ?', Black Merino Print* ai.u vesu. A good summer suit Will be sold .'or from $6 up to $20 The e arti.U* iir sold in addition to my legitimate business of mskiug clothes ?.) any description to order. A large stock of cloth*, c inim r-?, 1 ' 9 V. v| 11 |?vi, h Jt.viKs m sTKVENS, Merchant Tailor, w mid respt ' u 11. iuforin his friends and patrons that h" li ** taken the store No. 170 Broadway, corner of Ma den lane, up stors, whrr* he will be v ry happy to receive a d eiecut- o der* j 14 3 ?'h T.? Kf iliOHt*. B \BIr.8 recent 1- added to the ' i dow ol O. W. TUT'l LK'8 stoic, 311 Broidwai, give II > .?ir >il iii If felici'v, mrh at ucthuiy but on* <<{ In* In..Itl-TnI a I hur ??vi, g flby Jumpers can im|iarl. Siiirly the l.lilr oneofnurdav hive a li e??r.g '? 'hit new and uafful iuve .lint, wh'-h xetiiiitriu parent will grudge bestowi. g. Ji-14 It*re WANTKIJ? SITU ATION by a lespectible 4.irl. to d Chamhrr wmk or general Home work, "r to mind children Can come well recommended. Apply at HI aim i tr ft jrll*! ?* re If U A it IJr.h S W vN IK I. - An unfurtil lird r in Im .. ? i * tleman a> d bin wife te rent with hoard Alw<., fn ii.htl ro up, fur aiugle geillemen at I3t Greenwich atrtel. j.l I 3f?'C _ ' L''? ? t'n krl av evening, froin the ball nf Merena.n. L>. vi.n ii I .IS 9 ot T.. aldack Silk Umbrella, the property ol K h-Ue-Qn-Oan-Bnwh, a v?u ig Indian Chief The |.?raon wli . ha. carried it away will plraae return ittn^'r kra^ce yVi B' id w av. or leave it at die Orgm office, Sun Bnildn ga. ii>'< 'I m L.*h i ?;*i ?.? nig iiiioiigh <#r<iiu xt rn, iroin i nrj nr ?r ? . Imnbian Hall, a Lndy'? Gold Bracelet. I pai fli nM, with the hum of rent A. rhtlMpt Ireirrd ??.. ir An mil frilling the umf and leaving it at 47 n<*\'h *fre?t wilt irwive 1 mitihle rrward. j?*M lt*rr Tllr. L.UMiTn Atiu OK.NTLeMKN OF NfcW VOHK a nl vicinity are re?i?> (fully informed that offices are oi ened in thir city for the purpose of forimai well suited councctirm* for m Triage, Offices for Udietctdnsively (a lady in attendance) No. (II Grand strret ; office for geittlrnieri, 36 )t Lispenard ?t. A guarantee is given to applicants at each office, that all bu(ine.i is .'rictly, eonrtdentia'. l ommuoicatioin (|ui?t paid) addressed to boi 121 Post Office will receive prompt s ten'ion. jell It'rh it. vvnuu'!* ?AK?AI,aKILL\ aNU *IL1> CHbHRY BITTERS.?This invaluable and efTectoal remedy i.esci'ing ihe wonder of all who make use of it, and almost erelinively need for impurity of the blood, dyspepeia,emtk nition, indigestion, nervui weakness and female complaiiita, hv on- most eminent physicians. It i> the most palatable of medicines, vet its o| rrations are so decided and eueieetir, that tho.c who ever try It, will never use any other remedy. Sold wholesale and retail, by Wyatl Ik Kerchum, 121 Fulton street; llrt II ro id way; 311 Blercker stieet, N. V. Price SI Itrge bottles, ai* for Si j'ltjte d*rh P" Latin \. r \LL.aDiOM AND iifimirM%-^ThI best qwility of I'lstina, in plate, wire or strips, for the eiroti -mi* etic hsiteries of the telegraphs nr electro plates; Pnllad inn in Piste, chnnic-lly pure, w itlioiit any alloy of silver, and tillable far dentists or lamp manufacturers. Also, Iridium Points, of a superior quality amiable for the diamond pen, con.uiitlv on hand and f.-r sale, on better terms than a n where else, by Dr. LK WIM FfcUCIITWANOKR, jeH ?*rc >1 Liberty street. Ph,.\ ?1 ANoH IP ^'r (Mirer B. (inldsmilli. will receive new pupils ibis week to his Writing Classes. Mr. <i. fuarKiiteee a good hand to all in Id lessons of one hour each. Masses meet during the day and rveniug. Rooms 219 Broadway, I<a Farge buildingFor salt?(.Iclilsmith sOem of Penmanship, complete. Price $1,30. jell It'rrc . 8?"1 C 21st June, ' will b* received by tbe^fsTTAgeatai hi* otic*. No. 4 South William xnu. until MONDAY, flit | Juue, 1 P. M., lor tha eupply of the following article*, li classes No. 1 to 4 inclusive, or auy further quantity wbith miybt required forth* fiscal year closing ou tha Nth Jut, 1848. vix:CLASS 1 -SHIP CHANDLERY. I 20 pieces It inch while hunting. ptr sample. par liiaca. 20 Ho do scarlet do do do 20 do do blue do do do 10 do do green do do do i 15 do do yellow do do do 20 do It inch white do do 20 do do (carlet do do 10 do 9 inch while (Jti do do 10 do do scarlet do do do 10 do do blua do do lo do 4,inch whir* do da 10 do uo scarlet do do 20 bolts light raveus dusk do bolt. G barrels best quality coal tar, barral. 10 do da do thiu tar, do 100 do do do pitah. do 21 do do do whita turpentine, da 12 doxen extra whita wash brush**, sample. doxan. > do long handled tar brashea, do do 8 do short do do * da do 1 do varnish do do do 9 do paiulara' duatiu; do do do 4 do paying do do do t do sable hair paneiIs, do do 1 do camels' hair do do do 21 do 0000900 paiut brushes, do 2 do 0000 do do do 0 do 000 do do do I 2 do 00 do do do | 21 do No. 1 sash tools, do 8 do clamp scrubbing brush** A handles, do do , 8 do hand do do do do do | 1 do hand dusting do do do do | 40 do corn brooms (bast Shakers') do do 1 40 do best quality hickory brooms, do do I 12 do cod lines, do do 1 do lamp chimneys, do do 2 do lamps with redactors. do do ; Id do roping It seaming i>alms (mounted) do da 2 do sail prickers, do do 21 do C 8blade, iron handled ship serai Per*, do do ,100 pounds yellow beeswax do pound 1100 do tallow do do 100 do seine twine do do 100 do whipping do do do 12 do shoe thread , do do It do black worsted yarn do do 600 do houscline do do 100 do marline do do ] 30 do lamp wick yarn do do 21 do sewinir thread, assorted aolers do do 25 roilt signal halliards, uy 2500 pounds do do . 200 hand lead liues inch, fifty fathoms each da each 10 coasting lines 1 inch 100 do de do 21 deer sea lines IX inch 110 do do do 100 log lines 80 fathoms do do 04 cork jacket life preservers do do 0 pitch ladles do do 4 brass stop cocks per pattern do do 21 brass 1 inch water closet cocks do do 1 china bowl and fixtures for water closets do do 12 rolls grreu worsted binding do roll. 30 yards fifty-lour iuch wide bottle green cloth de yard. 10 do Fearuonght do do 100 do green haise do do 360 do white tnuslin do do 20 M yellow pine deck pings X inch do M 4 M do do 1 inch do do 200 fathoms half inch iron proof chain, say 28041 pounds do per pound 100 do K inch do do say 2400 lbs do do 100 d<> * iucli do do say 3200 do do 100 do X inch do do say 4400 do do 100 do 1 iuch do do say 1600 do do 10 sides best heavy W. O. tanned Puma Leather, say 1100 lbs. sample do 1 sides best heavy oiled pump leather do side 200 do do rigs lug leather, thin do do 100 do do uo do thick do do 71 do d . quality bellows leather do do 1 gross w?vru lamp Wicks, do gross. 4000 ? eighths of pateot sh.p augers eighth. 4 Ballard's p .tent jack screws, 3 fee. stock each. 1 Btilar I's pitentjack screws, 3 6*12 fret sto It, do 3 Balls d's patent jack screws, 39- 2 fret stock, do 2100 bushels chsrco si, best quality, bushel. 100 sheets large middle horn, sample. shest 30 g '.Uojs Neat's foot oil, gallon. 10 do Florence oil, do 300(1 aewing uerdles (large site) do Iter 100. 100 seaming do do 100 4 thread do do 138 6 do do do 100 8 do do do 100 rop'ng do do H'O marline do do 200 coids young sound oak wood, cord. j CLASS No. 2?HARDWARE, fcc. 110 pounds brat quality glue, sample, per pound. 34)0 do curled hair (picked! do do 10 do braes wire, each No. 6 to 14 do do 1 do copper do, do No. 17, 18 and 19 do do 8 do aaslt cord do do nvn ,t? iv a., a.. 1120 do lQ do do do do 1120 do IV do do do do 1120 do 1)2 do do do do 1680 do 1 do do do do 200 do 6 inch composition boot rivet* do do 00 do plumber'* cut copper rivet* do do 800 do block tin do do 30 do boiax do do 20 do bru* solder do do 20 do pewter do do do 100 do composition item Iced nail*, umple do 180 do iron wire, ass'd, No. 3 to 18 do 100 do bust cut steel do 100 du L in* circle, blister steel do 300 do Uerm>n do do 80 do Spring do do 4000 do Milled lead (4 lb* to the foot) do 300 do 1 inch milled lead pipe do 300 do 1)? do do do do 300 do 2 do do do do 200 do 2)4 do do do do 3 baudles No. 1C Russia sheet iron.say 700 lbs do 8 sheets each 26, 32 and 34 lb sheets brazier's copper 460 lbs do 2 do 60 lb sheets brazier's copper, 120 lbs do 200 pound* while chalk do 80 reams best sand paper, assorted sample ream 20 pieces 2 inch webbing piece 8 dozeu X inch brus shutter knobe do per dozen 1 do x do do do do do 6 do 2)? do mahogauy do do do 14 do 2 do do do do do 20 do lk do do do do do 13 do l^k do do do do do 3 do 13a do do do do de 2 do 1 do do do do do 3 do V do do do do do 6 do 3a do brus sash knobs _ with rings do do 6 do do do do do do do 3 do li do do do do do do 2 do l)a do brus flush rings do do 4 do 1 do curtain rings do do 1 do 34 do screw rings do do 1 do 3a do do do do I do 6 inch iron bed serews do do 1 do 7 do do do do 2 do wood hand screws do do 1 do do bench do do do i a.. .1. .I.n... J? a. j_ IS. do 3 inch tumbler iron pad loelu, assorted kiyi do do 12 do 2K do do do do do do i 1 do IK do braaa sideboard locka do do 4 do 2K do do drawer do do do 3 do 2 do do do do do do 1 do IK do do do do do do 12 do 2?Z do iron do do do do 3 do 2>a do cloeet do do do 2 do 3>? do upright mortice, do do locks, K inch thick, do do 5 do 2K inch iron drawer locka, do do 2 do 3 do do do do do do 1 do 6 do braaa barrel door bolta, do do 3 do S do do do do do do do 1 do 4 do do do do do do do 2 do 3K do tluah bolta, do do 2 do 3 do blind bolta, do do 2 do 4 do do do do do I do 1 do bulkhead bolta, do do 1 do C do do do do do }ji do 12 do atock locka, do do I do 4 do mortice knob latches. do do 1 do 2>? do cupboaid krtchea with keys,do do 1 do japanned atuhba and platei, do do 2 do IK inch braaa plate button*, do do i do I?* do do do de do do 5 do 2 do do do do do do 9 do 2K do do do do do do 6 do 2i( do plain do do do do 4 do 2|^ do do do do do do 1 do I.1! d > airtight caitora, do do 2 do 2 do flat cacutcheona, do do 2 do 1*4 do do do do do 4 do l*a do do do do do 30 d<> do braaa eyes, do do 1 do 2>, do do aide hooka and eyas, do do 1 do do do do do do do do 12 do 4 do do cabin door hooka, do do 12 do 3 do do do do do do 6 do 2K do do do do do do I do 3 do <l.i hooka forlampe, do do I do 2 do do do do do do 1 do 3KxP inch deck lights, do do 1 do IIKxIA do do uo do do 1 do 3?ktll do do do do do 2 do > it c'i a-w files, do do 4 do 7 do do do do do 3 do 8 do <'o do de do H do 2 do do do do do 4 do il i do no do do 13 do 4 do d<> do do do V d . 3 do do do do do ?. In each# 10 14, an I 11 inch flat bastard tile de do 6 do i i. 3. 10, 12. old44 inch half round b-?t. rd lilft do do 2 d pair?4<1 inch iron butt hingea do doteu piira I do d i 1>,t.i'^k do do do do do I do do 3 do do do de do 3 i'o do 4 do do do do d<< 3 do d) 3 do do do do do 3 do do 2 do do do do do 6 do do 4x4 do braae do do Ho 1 do do 3 ro do do do do 3 do do 4)? do do do do do 4 do do 4 do de do do do 3 do do 3K do do do do do ' I do do J do do do do do 12 do do 2J< do de do do do I i? 1? 3., do do do do do 4 do do 1^ do do do do do . do do 2x4 do d i table butta do do I do do 2K 2 do do do do do i? 1? if* ido,.i. do do do do 14 do blank d awer lock krya nor dor*,, 24 do lamp acrewa and collara do do 13 do ce>t aieel ahorela do do 4 do do apadea do ,16 do ahoe awla, handled do do 1 do ailrer culla do do d do C ft hatchota, handled, beat do do 4 do do wood axea J,, do ? do ahoe koiyea do do 6 do sail do do do 4 tin 7 fnnt rnlri <1. 1 2 do Ouster's scales do do 2 do (J 8 carpenter's compasses do do I so cooprra compasses do d0 1 do 14 inch float tiles * do do ft do nail gimlets, aaiortsd do do 3 do spike do do do do ft do t 8 socket chittels do handled do do 3 do do gouges do do do do 6 do do firmer do do do do 1 do do rivet hammers' do do )s do do screw wrench hammers do do I do palet kuivoa do do 1 1 do putty do do do I do carpoatera'adtea, handled do do k do do broadaaea do do do >4 do mast eallipe a do do }{ do gluieri diamonds do do i I do double iron sm >othiag planes do do I I do do jack do do do I do do bead do do do 1 do plyera do do K do steelyards (to weigh2J0 Ilia eechj do do 2 do C 8 handsaws do do I do do cross cut taws do do I do do wood saws and framea do do W do do aaah aawa do do % do do pannej aawa do do Jt do do compass aawa do do i H do do key hole aawa and pads do do i 1 do do tennon aawa do do 2 do do epoke shaves do do H do Tarkey oil stones do do h do saw sate do 4o \? 4? coopers' tyJun, hsydUd do do ^ do buag borers do do >* do. Up do do do J whipsawe eeiaple MCB 3 DitkiiiK ironi do do 6 eailmakere'dividers do do 3 , do brut square* do do 6 glue kettles do do 6 gridirons do do 6 griddles do do 11 irou tea kettles do do G tisli kettles do do 12 iron cooks' ladles do do Jt frying pau, short handled! do do 40 stew. peus. assorted sixes do do 2 csuip kettles do do ti pairs shovels and tongs do pair 6 grind stones, say COO lbs do pound b bench vices, say 100 lbs do do 1 m. iron .heave rivets, each 1, iki, 2,Vi and 2 inch do M. 2 m iron sheave rivets, each, . l??l>s.l>iandlKiua?i do do 2 ni iron sheave rivets each ? . Ue. W. lL??edXineh do do M m uon out tacks, No. 8 do do it e ill ds U do do i in de do 12 do do 1 in do da 14 do do 20 m K inch cut copper tacks do do GO ui X do do do do 24 m do do do do 30 m >, inch wrought do uo da 30 at X do do do do CO grow ?? inch harness rings do gross. la dn i2 .1.. .1- dr. do 10 do 1 do do do do 11 do 3 inch iron screws, No. 14 to 10 do do SO do IV inch irouscrewa, No. II to 10 do do M do 2>? inch irouscrewa, No. 11 to 19 do do 309 do 3 inch iron screws, No. 10 to 30 do do 327 do IV inch iron ?cr#w?, No 7 to 30 do do 040 do 1), d? do t to 30 do do 330 do I >4 do do 6 to 19 do do 393 do 1 do do 4 to IV do do 490 do V do do 3 to IV do do 303 do K do do 3 to 16 do do 130 do S do do 3 to U do do 6 do 3do brass 14 to 20 do do 3 do 3 do do 14 to 30 do do 103 do 2X do do 9 to 13 do do 93 do 9 do do 7 to IS do do ISI do IV do do 3 to 17 do do 163 do I* do do J to 16 do do 133 do 1\ do do 4 to 19 do do 87 4? "1? d" 4 to M do do 116 do V do do I to 12 do do 87 do ?? do do 2 to 10 do do 28 do >9 do do 3 to 10 do do 4 buna* tiu plate, DXX boi. 4 do do do 8 It X do 6 do do do IX * do 6 do do do IC 14x30 do 30 yards 34 iuch hair cloth sample, yard 10 do 36 do do do do 13 seta brass table fastenings do set 4 do steering wheel fixtures do do 8 do binnacle braces and fixtures do do 3 sheet brass each No. 10, 13. 16. 18. 31 and 33, sheet 1 pound V inch brass escutcheon pins pound 1 do S do do do do do 33 M H do iron cut brads M 30 do H do do do do 30 do %, do do do do 73 de 1 do do do do 60 do l'a do do do do 40 do l)fi do do do do , . CLASS 3?NAILS. 300 pounds 4d iron cut uails pound 100 do 3d do do do 1300 do 6d do do do 3300 do 3d do do do 1500 do lOd do do do 2000 do 13d do do do IjOO do 20d do do do 200 do 30d do do do 800 do 40d do do do luo do 3d brad head nails do 200 do 6d do do do 300 do 3d do do do enn ,1,. in,I ,1,. | 300 do 12(1 do do do >00 do 6d . wro'c nails do 1200 do Sd do do do 500 do lOd do do do 700 do 12d do do do 500 do 20d do do do 500 do 20d do do do 100 do 2 in sheathing nails do 100 do IM do do do 100 do 232 do do do 100 do 2X do do do 100 do 2 do do do 100 do 5d iron boat nails, do 100 do Id do do do 200 do 10 J do do do 200 do lid do do do 200 do 2t>d do do do 10 do 2d clout pails do 50 do 3d do do 50 do 4d do do 50 do 6d do do 10 do V in do do CLASS No. 4?STATIONERY. 25 reams cap paper, feint lined (ample. ream.l 1 do letter do do do do 8 buff envelope do do do 0 log do do do 1 blotting do do do 6 letter booka, 3 qr cap, feint lined, full bound, do each. 24 blank i.oolu, 2 qr cap, feint lined, half bound, do do 12 do do 1 do do do do do 72 memorandum booki, 1 qr eap,feint lined bound in leather, do do 6 ivory paper foldera do do 8 rolling rulera do do 8 parallel do 21 inch do do I rnuud do hard wood do do 0 lUt do do do do 11 wafer teal* do do 12 ensure knives do do 40 iwn knives, 4 blades, Rodger's beat do do 5 boxes water eolora do bos. 5 cue* mathematical or drawing instrument!. do case. CO sheets drawing paper, elephant do sheet. 90 pint bottles black lok [M at Noyet] do bottle. 24 >? do red iuk [best quality 1 do do 24 metal inkstand* with covers do each. 24 hard wood sand boxes do do 24 laige slates, hardwood frames, do do 24 do double large slates do do do 48 pieces India rubber do piece II do silk raste do do 6 dozen papers bl'k sand X pint each do doxen. 36 do Iciul pencils, W. Munroe'sbest, do do 24 do boxes Uillott's Eagle pens do do 2000 No. 80 quills do hund. 500 slate pencils do do 10 pounds large scarlet wafers, bust do pound. 11 do scarlet sealing wax do de The articles must be or the best quality, delivered at the U. 8. Navy Yard. Brooklyn, at the rise and expeuse of the contractor, at such times and in such quantrties as may be required. subject to the inspection of the yard. The offers must os made for not lees than one entire class, a price fixed to each article, carefully extended and added up, and it is requested that the total amount bo plainly written in words, with the address of the bidder added. Contracts will be made with the lowest bidder, giving bond ; with two approved sureties in one third the amount of the I cius, lor its faithful performance. Payments mad* in tliirly dsys after bills properly approved are filsd with the Navy Kent, ten |>er cent being reserved until the completion of the contiact. In case of failure to deliver, the Navy Ageut will procure the article*, and any excess over the contract price is to be refunded by the contractor to the United States. The written guaranty of one of more responsible persons must accompany each offer, that the bidder whose offer is accepted will not rail to sign a contract and bend with two sureties, within the lime rrituiied, according to the Act of Congress of 10th August, Hits, and may be in the following words, vix "Wehereby guaranty that A B, offering for supplies for the Navy, shall, with two sufficient sureties, execute witluu the time required, the contract and bond, if awarded to him. The law provides, expressly, that "No proposal shall be considered uuless I ccnmpanied by such guaranty." Navy Agent's Office, New York, June 11th, IBI7. PROSPER M. WETMORE, Navy Ageut., 10,l!l?t2l it r PAIN TIN US, kN UK A V IN OS, AN 0 BOOK8.-lf you wish to pun liase either, there is no place in the city of New York where so large and varied an assortment can be found, anil at more reasonable prices than at COL.M AN'S, No. 20} UltUADWAY, who has recently imported and received in store, several cases of Uil Paintings and splendid Engrarings, and is daily et|iecling extensive invoices of all the new publications of the day. N B.?His immense stock of Books ia going off at very reduced price*. HERALDRY. Costs of Arms furnished and emblaxontd in the moat sumptious style?or may be had iu pen drawing. Gallery of Paintings above his store, in which Titian's Venus, The Misers Dying Gladiator,and ninety other choice pictures by the old masters, may be seen for 2i cents. This is pronounced by foreigners one of the best collections in the country j* 4 ttew3wis*r NEW .MANT ILLAS. VISITS AND SHAWLS.?Just received, 200 splendid Paris made Mantillas and Visits of entirely new and richly embroidered styles, in blackand spring colors. ALSO, Plain Grenadien Shawls and Scarfs, " Crape " i" Barege " " All ..I .. I. . -1. .11 I IJ -1 m21)7tieeod?r J AMI'S B^'-CK t Co.'a, U> Broadway POLDRL'l TL.?THfc. LODI MANLlFA* TURINU have now on hmd. and ready for deliver), a quant l) of iheirnewand ttnpr vrd Poudictte. which i|ie> * ill avll at the utual pricea. $1 M |<tr barrel, or 23 -ante |wt buvhel, in bulk,a' the Kactoiy. It la ea|>rctally ben lictal in b ingp g fi>rwa<d com, by apply tug n at the Aral and a< cond hoeinga, ami alkn I'oraweet Corn and cabbaaea. Jainea B. < ox, tW Weal aireet, .Age it. Factory on llie Hackeiiaaclt Hirer, near the Railroad Bridge, to Nrwark, New ieraey. jrl3 2'?rc Ltibt'Hba ! ULr.CIl r.s !?1 lie u.,d? tatgned haa Juat received by direct iminirtatioii a freah supply of the beat e.U'opean Li echea, which he will aell, wholesale and retail, ai hia rie|>ot. No. 7 John atreet ue or Broadway. By agrremeuta that he haa recently m<de in F.uroi>e he will he in the future conatantly well anppli*d with frr h Leecl c?. Ordera of any qu uititiea, from any part of the United Slates nr Canada will be promptly attended to, and perked wnh the ireai eat care, ao aa to luaure their arrival in good order. J. ?. CLKU. je!3 3flt*r Importer of Leechea, No. 7 John at, N Y. GKNTLbMk-N c .11 be accommodated with lodging rnettn without board, at Mrs. fcD WARDS, No. 132 Nassau at. Jel2 3t*rc AKe.W ACTIVE VOUNO MKN of good character can fi'd aituationa in a profitable business, by applying at 73 Naaaau atreet, rear building. None but men . f u .doubted repntat-nn need apply. C. B. It K. B NICHOLS. je!3 2t*re BOARD IN TH>. COUNTRV WANTKD-For a family during the summer, within one hour'a convenient acceaa to the city. A houae where fewor no o'her boerdera are taken will he pieferred. Address Boa 106 I'nat Office jg 7i'r WANTKD ?A few acriveyoung men to go South or Weal, to act aa agauta for the aale of new and popular publicariona? $300 over and above their etpenaea will be inauiedto them in wriliug, with an opportunity of clearing $1000 per year. Borne men now in oar employ will no doubt make over JlWK) per year clear, or til rtprmri. fcach mtn will Mr# hit ittrict. It will bo necessary for them to have at lout $2Jto ISO to obtain a food fitting out. Apply at FRE.NtH'D Publishing Hall, 293 Broadway, np stain, Office of the Hag of oar Union All letten muet be poat?pnifl. my21 3W?*r tit />7w I CHAI.LKNlifc.?Notice to gentlemen who want their old clothea to look like new, call at the 1 alluring. Dyeing, Cleaning and Repairing (establishment, No. 77Ould street, corner of Gold and Spruce, where ordcra will be pnnctnally attended to at the shortest notice, and in the moat reasonable terma, by J. B. NOAH, 77 fiold atreet. Nil ?The higheat price given for gentlemen'a left off wearing'apnarel. mv? UK ia"c DR. k-LLIOTT, Ocnliat, M3 Broadway, informs hit iwtienta that dnring the aummer montha, he will be in hit office, from 10 to 4 o'clock, on Taeadaya, Thnradaya. and Fridays. je? 7ii.2?osTrr 13 ARk.(lKH, BdLZARlNKH, MOUHLIN UK, LTSXh, "tClam or printed figure.) ran he dyed brown, black and ?rab. Also, India Saraineta in all differentcolora, from cherry, | pink, purple, mar bine, green. fcc? equal to thoae imnortrd, at the old and well known SOH1A It CO.'8 Dyeing Kstsbli.hmem, 190 Pe?H street, opposite Citv Hall Plare. tell 71* i WILI, ( I.OHK, on Saturday, Id July, the Twenty Second Annual r.ihibition of the National Academy ol Deaigu, ronai ting ol original works by living artists, that never will gain be athibited by the Academy. Open from 9 A, M? to HP. \f. Season Ticket, M rents Single Admiaaion, U ceatt. Catalogue, 12H cents. | AUCTION IOTICU. JACOB 9. PL ATT Auctioneer f>ICH CUT AND FANCY* ULAMM WAJU-, PLATED WARE, Mantel tad Table Ornament*. French ?nd Englull Chins,Toilet Were, Ac.?JACOB 8. PL ATT will hare in hi* large sale to-day, at 10 o'clock, at 23 Plait street, in the auction rooms, iu lots to suit purchasers, a great sanely of Boliriniia Cut Ulass and China Ware and housekeeping articles, Ac. just landed Irom the Antoinette Maria, from Rotterdam? among which are large rich cut table Glassware generally; China dinner, draiert and teasoU; Flower Jars, Baskets. gilt Flower Pott; porcelain Tea Sets; rich French Coffees and Teas; egg and euslii'd stands: ancient end ui dern Tea Sets: Bohemian Mantel Vases; decorated arnl gold Trtc-a-Tele arts; Cologne Bottles; Chinese figures; Csndelslrias; Lsuips, Glass Pitchers; French porcelain Casseroles and Pitchers; sets of cut and crystal Glassware; rich and elegant Toilet Bottles; Waiters, with Glasses and Decanters; cut Jars, Dishes, Champagnes, Wines, Girandoles, with new style pendants, Romeo aud Juliet columns, lady aud fan do, boy and dug do, Ac. Ac. Also, plated Cake and Bread Baskeu, Wallers, ivory tun es and Knrk>. Table Castors, Ac. N. B ?The above portion of the catalogue will be sold from half putt 11 to 1 o'clock, in Iota to auit purchasers, among which arc many articles with Oeruiau and French devices, and worthy the attention of retailers, hotels and families, as well as dealers generally?the whole lobe peremptorily sold, for account of whom it may concern. Also, will be sold at2 o'clock, one case (1200 packs) Getman Playing Cards, undone case Walking ticks. jeU lt'rc JACOB 8. PL.ATT, Auctioneer. CROCKERY. CHrNA, GLA88 AND STONE WARE, Ac. Ac.?Jacob 8. l'lait will sell This Day. at 10 o'clock, at the auction room, No. 23 Piatt street, by catalogue, iOO cases and loU, consistiugof 30 cases Bohemian Wines, Tumblers, Decanters, Ac., of from 000 to 2300 pieces each. Alao, 03 crates Crockery, from the shelves all warrauied sound and iu good outers comprising a general assortment ol' C. C. and edge ware, painted and printed do; white granite and blue do; piuk do, Ac. Ac. Also, uu assortment of Yellow Ware. Also. 3300 pieces English bruwu Stone Ware, via: Dishes, Pots, (.eke Pans, Hand Bowls, Porringers, Kuile Trays, Milk Pans, Parted Trays, Pipkins, Chambers, Euglish Cream Pots, 3 or 4 gallons each. s*Also, a lot of erased and damaged ware, to be sold as it is. Also, a geucral assortment of Glass Ware, from an American glassware coinpauy, consisting of Wines, Tumblers. Decanters, Castors with 4, 3 end 6 bottles. Lanterns, Csndlesticks, Napping, Lemonades, Salts, aud 20 varieties of Lamps. Terms of sale?under $100, cash; SI00 to $300, 4 mouths; $300 and over, 6 mouths, far approved paper. j 14 If re WM. W. 8111 RLE Y, Auctioneer. WHOLESALE DEALERS' STOCK OF CROCKERY Glass and China at auction, by J. M. Bogart, Wednesday, June Kith, 10 o'clock, at the store No. 239 Pearl atreet, near Fulton; catalogue sale of the stock of a dealer decliuiug the business, coiisistine of blue nrh.ted t?hit? ..? edged, (lipped, painted] See. were. .Also. China and glass, in Iota anuud from tin alielvei. to suit dealers and grocers. Sale poaitire, at lour mouths credit over $100; also, large double dealt Itc. * Jail Jt?m _ _ _ AUCTION NOTICE.?bowling faloon, Alley, kc., 36(1 Broadway.?On Tuesday, the 13th iuat. at 10 o clock, all the Furniture, Bir Fixtures, Decanters, Tumblers, Wines, Liquors, Segars, itc., iu the aaloou. Alao, four Alleys, Balls, Pins, Lamps, together with the unexpired term of the lease. This sale is well worthy the attention of those wishing to commence in that line oi* busineis. A part of the purchase money can remain, secured by mortgage on the place. jel4 2tis*rc O. WARREN, Anc'r. WOOL TWINE, NAILS, fcc.?30,000 lbs Twiue, suitable for fleece tying. 100 bales Cotton Seine; 2VI do Wrapping do. 70 do Loudon and Bridport Seiue Twine, asa'd sizes. 80 do Shoe Thread, various qu iliiies. 30nC c islts Cut Nails, Bridsand >pikes. 2000 lbs. first quality Oilliug Twine 2 and 3 thread. For sale by Cfe.BRA it CUMING, jelt It'm IOC Pearl street. NOTI< E ?The ( o-partnership heretofore existing under the dim of MEALlO k CLAltK, is hereby mutually dissolved. Lewis Mealio is duly authorized to settle the business of the late tirm. Dated New York, June 2, :3i7. LEWIS MEALIO. O W. CLAKK. The subscriber would say to his friends and customers, that he will continue the business of the late lirin, at the old establishment, and that it is Ins intention to keep constantly on hand an unrivalled of Hats and apt, including Pr <rl and Silver Beaver, Taimrn i, and all the variety of Straw U.'Ods, which he pledges himaell to sell at such prices aa can but give satisfaction. LEWIS MEALIO, jell 3tis?r <16 Ur sdwav. Gen iUemen's lett*opk wardrobe.?Tim highest prices can be obtained by neutleineu or faimliea who are desirous of converting their left off weiring apparel lutO caall. Families and gentlemen quitting the city, or changing reside, ces. having any superfluous rttecu to dispose of, will hud it much to 'heir .ge to tend for the subscriber, who will attend them at their residence by appointment. J. LEV ENSTYN, 466 Broadway, tip atairt. Ladies c n be attended to by MRS. J. LeVENSTYN. jelt 31 rc Answer to adver i iskmknt in svtukuay's HKIlALI).?An Ageutof Dis. DeLauuay k Gray can be louud at 45 Maiden Lane, up s'atrs. jrl4 lt*rc HAM1 Lit)N Hui ?iE, at Fort Hamilton, uear the Narrows.?This favorite place of summir resort is now open for the reception of boarders and visiters. Tha steamboat American Eaglr, Captain Power, leave* pier No. 1 Nortli River, at 10 A.M..and 1 and 4 P.M ?leaves Fort Hamillin at 8, II), A. M.,'<!>*, and 6hi P M. The public may rely on the boat running as advertised. THOMAS A. MEINKLL, Fort Hamii.tor, June 8th, 1847. jcit2lt*ro IVulLek's hot'k.c, new kiii iielle/ new YORK, (late Miller's.)?The subscriber, formerly attached to the Union Hotel, Saratoga Springs, and recently to the Krauklin House, New York, would iulerui his ft tends and the public, that he lias taken the above old established house, and refitted it in a modern and superior style. The lieuse ia situated in a most desirable part of tiio village, 18 miles from New York, accessible by railroad and steamboat, and lias many advantages as a summer retreat. He hopes, by Ins long experience, and unremitted attention to his guests, to secure a share of the public patronage. The house is uow open for the reception of boarders, permanent and transient, and will be kept open during the > ear. jetO 7t*m (>. W. FULLER, Proprietor. CONGRESS HALL, ALBANY.?The public are respectfully informed thit this establishment having bscn tho-,,..,.1,1-I ....I .......-.I ?J 1- - i ; R..., ?<u |MIN?.u, wiuiiini) illiUlsliC.l| IS UU W III complete order for the reception of guest*. Congress Hall will accommodate about 200 gnests; there ire * large number of purlins with bedrooms attached. It is located on tbecoroer of Washington st eet and Capitol I'ark, being in the immediate vicinity of the Capitol and all the State buildings; the situation is airy and quiet, having the Capitol aud Academy Parks iu front. It is justly considered the most pleasant location iu the city of Albany for a hotel. Mr. Laudon has associated with him, Mr. James L. Mitchell, late of the Parker House, New Bedford. The subscribers pledge their united efforts in the management, and hope by the strictest attention to the wants and comforts of their guests, to merit a continuance of the liberal patrouage they bare heretofore received from their friends and the travelling public. LANDON It MITCHELL. jelO 30tm HUDSON RIVER HOTEL, corner of Wast and Hoboken, opposite Canal street ferry.?This spacious Hotel has been fitted and furnished with new furniture, and is now open for transient and steady boarders. Those in want of a quiet home, cool rooms, and pure air, are requested to call. This house coinmandaa line view of the North Kiver and bay to Sandy Hook, and Jeraey short, iucludmg Jersey City and Hoboken. Alan in the vicinity of Halimeau^ salt water hatha, highly recommended fur invalids. Suites of rooms for families, an.I single rooms for gentlemen, with or without board. The proprietor will at all times make it hia study to iusura the comloit and convenience of hia guests. jc9 30t#rrc f'l'MIK ENTERPRISE ?OKKKE AN I) (IV ST E R S A A LOON, No. 8-1 Wall street, in the Tontine Building.? This establishment has just beeu opened for the accommodation of meu of business, and the public generally. It is one of the coolest situations iu the, and will be kept in the very best style. The daily bill of fare comprises every thing the market affords, while the charges are moderate. Every effort will be made to give satisfaction to the patrons of the Enterprise. 1'AX.MEK k HUGJ1ES. je97t*r CARLTON HOUSE?'i'he proprietor of tins establishment begs leave to inform bis friends and the public generally, that Ins house having been thoroughly repaired and considerably enlarged, will be re-opened for visiters on Monday, the 7th of June. The whole of the ground-floor has been included iu the hotel, aud the house has been newly aud elegantly furnished throughout. The proprietor trusts that in the Carlton will ha found all the comfoits and quiet of a private house, together with the living and attendance of a fashionable hotel,and solicits from Ins patrous a continuance of the favor hitherto bestowed, pledging himself to use hia utmost endeavors to give general satisfaction. PRESTON H. HODGES. May 25th, 1817. __ je 2 lit*r MASSAPr.l^UA HOUSE, Sooth Oyster Bay. L. I., is now o|>en for the reception of company.?The house is beautifully located; the rooms are unusually large, airy and convenient: a beautiful bay, eicvlleut bathing, lulling and shooting are wiltmi a -hurt distauce from the house. The cars lesve Brooklyn at 9,t?, A. M. and 4 P. M., daily, for Farm;.,0.1.1.. 0,1...... c- ... 1...... ... to (tie house. Persons can leave mid r-.turri the sainr day to New Votk. The distance from Farmingdale is i). miles. The uudersifi ed will do all lie can to make his a ueisrable house for a summer residence. je3 30t?r ' HARLES E. BNEDECOR. SL uMhK llhsOitT?The subscriber would respectfully announce to those wishing to enjoy a hue prospect id^iew London llaibor and surrounding country, that he can nVliisli IMtn rrilh plaewil airy rooms, at the situation known as the stone House, oil Hank street, w thin live minutes' walk ol' the atearnhoiit w harf AsaSunioei resort, where all kind < of sea-food, both shell lud llier luh, besides the best of sua bathing can be enjoyed' this p ace is prnbabli uuei|uallrd. Visircs fioin abroad accouimodated with the beatof" oouis and st moderate chargrs. HKNKY III'UHKH. New London. June I. Ij<7 in II Mt'tTC FRENCH PAPER HANGINGS AND SHAD KB. UOLO.MON h IIAKT. 243 Broadway, opposite the Park, h7 have now in store their lull assortment ol Pa|>er Hanging .1 II,oih 11 nl all descriptions, for parlors, liedromns and halls rh-> liasi- been selected ill Paris with great care, anil comprise tlie best assorted stock in the city, and at prices lower than have ever heietulore been offered. Also on hand, a large assortment of b reach Window Shades, for sale at unprecedented low prices. iiplfHtn'rc ,_tts Pr.OI'LE'H LINE its I e.A >1 Bo A I .N KOlt * ??*tl',??T'N ALBANY, Daily, Sundays Escepted? aettkuMUMas Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from die Pier betweeu Courtlaudl and Liberty streets. Bteamhoat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Win. H. Peck, will leave'on Monua) , Ytadnesdat, and Friday evenings . at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HKNDHICK HUDSON. Capt. R. <1. Cruttenleu, will leave on Tuesday, Thur-da y an d Saturday evenings i' 7 o'clock. At Five O'clock. P. M.? Landing at lutrrmediatc Places? Irom the loot p Barclay street. Steamboat NOH1II AMERICA, Captain R. H. Furry will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steam hiiat SOUTH. AM KttH 'Ad -apf.T. N. Hulae.will leave on l OMiuy, Thursday, sea BeiuMay alternoous, at J o'clock. The above Un will atallMnes arrive u. Albany in ample lime for the Morning CM) lor 'ne Last or r?t knight taken ?i moderate r?r?., ami nime taken aftar IS o'clock, P. M. T/~ All persona are forbid cram ok any ol the boata of thi* line, without a written order from the captain or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board tha boats, or to P. C SCHULTZ. autlie office on the wharl. Jail rc FRENCH TKANH-ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMFANV-llOYAL MAIL, au^wr-^? The CHKISTOPHK COLOMB is ad/p^gfiCfV rrrtiaeil to sail on the lit June. The agrticy m ^,w York hemg deteimined atrictly adhere to its engigrmenta, under any cir ^^^^^ ruinitaiicrs, cannot atlhia time, adrertiae the Cliriatophe Colotnli aa toaail on a filed day It can, however, Hate that the departure will take place within ten daya of the arrival. The price lor paaaage is, for the first claaa $120 " " , " second " M The rate of freight will he rnled by the market price. For further particulars spply a' the temporary office of the company , II South William street New York. Jene II, 1147. jell tf fh ttfg- NOl It' K ? All persona are rautimieTaganietrriutajtyjy ing any of ihe crew of the Br. bsrk MINSTREL, aa JBltHfiwio debts of theirs will he paid by ( aptain or Consign, ea. WOODMI/LL It MINTL'RN, jetllr 87 heiiih ?trert. J FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 16th -f lone he fir.t claaa, fast sailing packet ship! HAOS, JHMae C'npt Wilson, will he iles|?trhed as above 1 hie 1 vessel olfeia a moat desirable conveyance for cabin and ateeiage passengers, who will be taken at reduced rates. Apply on board the ship, foot of Rnoaevelt street, or to M P. O'HF.RN It Co., 160 South at., rorner of Hover, jell 6t*rc andtt West it., comer of Rector. | DARK THE ATRE?Tha_ Director of the ITALIAN 1 I OPERA COMPANY, frem Hiitiu, JJ in number, retpecll'ully lulorina the public that he W I caw J i|? put > 'J heatre, and hat commenced a short season of TWELVI NI0H18 ?Monday Ereuiu*. Jan* I4.will be produced! lor the first lime in New York, Si*, Uiotuui Pacini's Qraiid I Lyrical Tragedy, in three acts, entitled SAh I O?Alcaudro, bit L. Batcfliui; Kami, Hi*. L. Per-'**"; 'l>l"?. *<* I Piamou teal- Littmaco. big. Pletro Caudr. Halfo. Blguoniia hortunaU Trd'esco- < limeue, Siguoriua Bolia Mariur, Dirce, Hignorina Tend.ilnida Oerli. Tne acliuu is in Greece. Tickets lor the season uiay be aecured at tba boa OU.ce. Boies. Si; Pit. J* centa; Gallery. ? centa. OWKKY THEATKE.-A VV Jacnaoie, Pruprielur-H E. 8r**Kita. Stage Mauafer.-Moiiday L.eniutr June Utl. will lie performed tlie drama of ETHAN ALLEN- Colonel Allen, Mr Stevens; Cambaaset. Neetie; Ten Eyek. lliilawKy; L&dy 8( Lfon. Mr* Wilkiuson. . To be billowed i>- A TOMPKINS BLUE-A Tomi.kiu. Blue, Mr DeBar; Lady Crsir, Miaa Fanny Ggrdou. To conclude witli the BRONZE HORSE?Hat a, Mr De Bar; Ping Sing, Hadaway; Margrlia. Mrs Sargeant. Boaea ii centa; Pit and Gallery lJ>e cent Door* open at 6%; Performance cemmeucea at 7S,_ Direct erom kurope.?novel" and interesting exhibition, uu Monday, 14th Jaue. and four follow in* lochia, at the MINERVA ROOMS. 406 Broadway. MONS. DE LAPIKRRE, from Paris, will have the houor ; of eahibitiug fur the firat time iu llna country, hia [URAPHAPHANIZOMINA, EVANESCENT UIORAMIC VIEWS. Originally invented, produced and luuntrd by the celebrated Mont. DAUGERRE. of Paris, forming a scries of Architectural, Historical and Marine effects i ?the uioat perfect specimens of science and art erer eahtbil- j ed, aud jrhicli haaebeeu the woudcr ol'all the principal citiea of Europe. In ndditiou to which THE OXYHYDROUEN MICROSCOPE with a magnifying powerofssveral MILLIONS OE TIMES, by which The finest needle teems a wearer's beam. And (^uteu Mab's carriage an automic team, ttuuiu line ui( monstrous car ol Juggernaut apiiear. To conclude with THE CHROMATROPE, whole rich aud varied color* and fantaitic evolutions liar# ever I elicited as much the admiratiou of matured age aa the bewil- | de'ing ecstaciea of the young. The whole exhibition will be accompanied by local and ill- | struinental music. Performances commeuce at S o'clock. Doors open at half I pail 7. Admission 23 cents. Reserved seats 30 cents. jHi II 12 I4u?r A ME .1CAN MUSEL'M?PERFORMANCES both Aflenioou and tCirnine. THE ORPHEAN FAMILY. OR KENNEBECK VOCALISTS, The moit talented and popular Baud in America are engaged at lliia house, and will give their Orand Coucerts this alteruocu and evening, at half-iiest I and auuaiter put 8 o'clock, when also other laleutcd performers will appear, iucludiug the Chap man Family, Mr.Couover, Miss Jutieu, aud others The Magniliceut Moving Dioiaina of the FUNERAL OK NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. Will also be exhibited at each and every performance Admission cents. jel rc BROADWAY THEATRE.?This establishment, now errctiug in Broadway, will be opened for Dramatic purposes solely, on or about the first of September, under the management of O. If. BARRETT. Persona of acknowledged talent wishing situations for the season, will please address him (pre-paid) at 109 Leonard street. A. MANN, sole Proprietor. [ During Mr. Barrett's absence in Europe, all letters and buaiurts communications may be addressed to his agent. jr!3 fre^ W. COKBYN, No. 2 Barclay street. CASTLE OARDEN is opened for ihe season.?lu the ^Evenings Concerts of Instrumental Music will be given i.jr un urriiun urais omul, under [Mr Oirecllon ol Mr. Monk, consisting of selected compositions fruin Labitzky, Strauss, Lauiier, Gongl, Struck, and ollieri. Intermission of half an hour during the prening for promenading, refreshment*, and viewing the Cottnoramaa, which have been re-arranged. Admission I2>? cents. Concert commences at I o'clock. m23 rrc VII XtlALL "t.AliUKN CONCr.M nALo'"\ ? AM. B? LL'S KTHiOPl AN 4<P?.R\ SkUu N ADKUS^?This keening, June 1 ttli?AGRANI) CON'CkK'l of Vocal and Instrumental Music, consisting of Songs, Solos, Helraiiis, (.'haunts, Glees, Dances, lie., peculiar to the Southern Negro. The Baud is composed of the followiug artists Messrs H Mts'ayer, Violin; J. I'. Carter, first Banjo; Raymond, Second Banjo; J Uiyant, Castauelt; W. Donaldson,Tamborine; James Sauford, Congo Drum. Tickets admitting a Gentleman and Ladies, 26 cents. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. je< AMU8KMKNTS KLSIUWHKRK. WAT7Si U'i S'l HKfcT THkATRk, I'lllLADkLPHlALessee, k. A. Marshall?Stage Manager. W. R. Blake.? first night of Mr. COLLINS, the celebrated Irish comedian aud vocalist.?Monday kveuing, June 14, will be |>erformed the drains of UOIIN TO GOOD LUCK?Paudeeu O'Kaffertv, Mr Collina. 11 nice liv Mm Walters. To be followed by THE IKIS'd POST?Terrenes O'Orady. Mr. I ollius. To conclude with, THK TWO THOMPSONS-William Thompson 1st Mr. Crocker; Thompson 2d, Mr. Chapman. Mr Collius w ill appear every eveuiug during the week. Performance to commence at 2 o'clock precisely. A"IK II HTHKilT THKA'I'HK TO LET .-The Arch street Theatre, with the Scenery and Appurtenances for the season of 1817 and 1848, Iron) the 1st of August neat. Cninm mications, post paid, addressed to S. Branson, J# Market j street, will receive attention. PHii-auKl-rillA, June 10.1817. jel 1 eod 2?v ?ft DR. KELLINGER'S INFALLIBLE LINI JjeHMKNT is warranted to cure aorea and ulcers of eve' ' ' ? " nature in a few days. It actslikr magic in removnig rheumatism, and all ether |iiins. One or two doses is certain to relieve bilious cliolic, diarrhoea, Ike., as it is taken. It is tierfectly delightful in its odor and flavor. It is universally acknowledged to be the best family medicine eyer o tie red to the public. Price 60 cents per bottle. Hold at 230 i'earl street; C. King, corner of John and Broadway; corner of Bowery'and Broome; 3d avenue and 10(h St.; Jeffries'drug store; Dr. Barrett's Duyet. and Chatham, aud at the II. R. olliee. I ity Ilnll J6 30l*re "YlAlll'S, 281 IIHOAUWAV?J. K. BROWNk, .fnitf maker aud importer, invites the attention of idm;avjfjg-'u-n of this delightful iustrumeut to the very elegant Ithe moat splendidly finished, and also plain descriptions, of brilliant toned Double Action Harps, ever offered to their notice? in tone, touch, elegance and atyle of ftinali certainly uuWMUtl. II up* MliM, strings, he. A 1 lit of prices and d escriptions cau he forwarded per single postage. je If iOtil ftW'rt PIANU FORTE, kc.?A variety of uew teCSr'.CtaCTB and aecond hand Piano Fortes for aale or hire. rj~ A ' 4 (1 Also, a general assortment of Music and MuMS II* aical lnatrnmrnta, at No, 268 Washington at., near Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyu. m2030t*rc J. WALKER. ^ PIANO WK *SAt,F..?A |>owerlul but IpBBBBBHawri't toned inatrument of aeven octavea, Bosrr| V |,ou make-, ia the pro|>erty ol a family lately Mill eleft for Europe, aad ia in every reaped a stiperior inatrument. Ii will be aold at greatly leaa than ila real value. For particulars apply to jet Iff re .MICHAEL ISAACSON, 3 Broad at .V1U81C?THE PIANO "taught on very moderate trrma, by a lady who haa had couk-w-je f ffaiderable experience in teaching. She profeaIIS IB "sea to teach it in a scientific manner, with the theory which ahe undertake* to impart a thorough knowledge of. Terms three dollarsprr month. A line addreaaed to "Muaic,"at the Herald office, aliall be attended to. my27OTtia*rc MRS. JOHN MAf FAKKEN, (Irnm Kurooe, pupil of Madame Dulcheu, piamat to nTTn the Queen of England,) givea leaaoua lu Piano IIS I I Fortejand Singing on the lollowing term*: Two leaaoua weekly at Mr*. Macfarreu't reaidence, 120 per ouarter; three leaaoua do., $IS; two leaaona weekly at the pupils' reaidence $24 |ier quarter; three leaaona do. $30. Mr?. Macfirrcn haa the privilege of referring to Dr. Elliot, f)r. Hodgea,George Loder, Esq., II. Meigga, Esq., and the Iter. I)r. Wainwrigkt. <1 O-een afreet, near Spring. ieS3ut*m fW" LIGHT HAT' CLKAR~HKAI> !?KNOX, at (% 12U Fulton atreet, haa tome beautiful light aud airy Summer llats, expraasly adapted to the great summer object ol 'keeping cool." The hralthy and vigorous action of llie brain more or leas ; depends span the f erdoin and elasticity of the head. It therefore follows that summer hats should beta light and airy at 1 possible, and that any man can make more money with sue of Knox's than wire M| others. Tri the experiment. jMGtia'rc MM IIOOLKY'S MOUNTAIN HIKING:*. NEW JERSEY?BELMONT HALL.?The above establishment, ai'unted in the meat healthy part of New Jersey, surrounded by delightful groves, eatrnaive pleasure grounds, and pleaaaat rides, it now open, offering every iiiducrinrnt s fashionable WHleruig I'Ure < oubl. not only lo the | invalid, but to the gay. From the increasing |<opu(i*rity of these springs, miuy improvements have lately been made? the house being in flue order, A variety of amusement*, in Whatever degree of popularity tlui house may hare acquired, under its present management, aha 11 l.e fully aualaiued, ami every attention paid to the comfort of the guests. A band of musicians it engaged, aa uaual. The mineral waters are purely chal) beate, and very beneficial in a Variety nl cases. K'ute by railroad to Morriatowu, fro in thence by post eoarhea IS rnilea. hearing New York, foot of Courtlaiidt at. (office No. 73) every morning, at II A. M ; arriving at the ttpringi 3 P. .VI. From Philadelphia and the South, leaves even morning by railroad (or Newark, from 'lietir? by railroad to Morriatowu, Ike MRS. K. A. HINfllMAN. N. B.?A chemical examination of the miueral waters can be seen st tint otlir c. II .uses anil rsrnsges to let. j It eodtit in .11.1. \ \ 1) WATKR I'MVVKR FOR SAL.E-Mf? To be sold by auction,by Mlr'LLKK V HALLIDA Y.on XallLtlie 33d of June next, at their office, No. 7 Well ,t n, the city ef New \ ork, at 12 o'clock at uimiii of that day, if not previously aolil by private sale, the uueapired term of ,hrer years, in a lot nt sis acres of Inn! situate in the town nl Springfield, Coil' ty of k.sst s, noil Mate nl New Jersey. The la. d i? : in a Iqgh state of cultivation, heing planted with Corn and |kitatoea. and containing apple, (war, anil cherry trees of the very | heat quality, and an nhuiidasice of good currant*. There is I also a good dwelling Jpnise, barn, anil mill on the prem aes. with good water power, and would he a very deairablr location for a miller or tanner For hirtlier parlirtilsrs enquire of MORTIMhR l>F. MOTTK, ieii?i#od*r r nnnaellor at I, >w. I q? Broadway. V. V. MKkVKKK HOUSK, Liowdont S.|tiare, Boston.? I This evtenaive edifice is now completed, and open fur 'he reception of company, i n? rapid growth of the city and proportionate increase fn travel suggrsted the plan of cnuslrtii iicf a hotel Ola superior character, and one that should he iiuci|iial|ed in point ol splen- j dor in the Tinted States. With this view flic enterprise was i Commenced, and it is believed has lieen successfully accmn- I pllshed. The furnitnre was all msde to order, snd designed eipreat- I ly for this hotel, and the richest patterns of carpeting and up hnlaiery manufactured and imported for the ssme purpose ? j f'oally mirrors and I'lianilrliera of chaste workminship hare I been liberally distributed, and every article selected to cor- j respond with the general rliararl. r of the internal arrangement. In the department appropriated for ladies, etpertel attention has been giver.?having two priiate entrances, with s mtgnifi Cent drawing room, and tn ordinary of extreme beauty, rn- i vat* patlnrs and inits of rooms can at til times he obtained. The Oentlemens'dining hall will be found an attractiveob- 1 lect. of eleeant nrrnortions arid finish, and the drawing rooma equally aparioua ??<l beautiful. Improvement* eniT conveniences ere introduced that have originated with the projec- , tora ollhe building alone, and with the additional advantage of being admirably located, the proprietor liopea to receive, nd reapecifullyai liritaa liberal ?upnort. Boston. May. 1*17 PA RAN STEVENS, Proprietor. mv2b ritisThS&T'tc Tu CAi'TAlNM AND OWNERS OK STEAMBOATS. THE nndraigned having leaaed and fitted up the houae on the Long Tier, foot of I9?h afreet. North river, aa a aream boat hotel, in order to nerommodnte the up town reaideuta, inrilea all I apt. Ins of ateamboata to make thia landing, free ol wharfage. P. UK LE REE, Proprietor. N. 8.?Boafaor bargci for plraanre or fiahiug alaaaya to let Paaaengerataben at all timea wherever they wish to go II lm*rc I Ai'l'BMt: HOCfiE FOR HALE.?The bar ftitnrea. fut mtiire and leaae of a public houae, kept on the European plan, and one of the beat locartnna in the city, the owner liuv ing other htMineaa which require* hia attention, induce, hun to olfrr for aale. Apply personally, or by letter, to II Walker N- II Park How New York. jet lit*ret WE would rail pertirvlar attention to the (art thai v> . ire manufacturing t new and anpenor article of Lead l'i|-e, free from all unpeifeetiona and warranted not to aplit. riumbers end dealer* geqeiatly aui plied on the moat reaaonable term.. THOS. OTlS LE ROY It CO., in>llWt*rc Ml and Ml Water abeet | A m TO fBB LATEST MOMENT. TELEOH APII1C FHtuuii'inin.. June 13, IU47. No hu been received to-day Mouth of Augusta Otorgla Y THE BIA1IA. Affairs in Washington. WstiiiMUToa, Juur 13, I*.; Htxican Priealrrring lu the ubionee of any positive assurance of au e^uita hi. d.oi.ioa by the Spanish authorities in the caws of th? bark CamellW, captured by the pretended Mexican privateer Unioo, It U yet confidently believed here that the latter vessel will be promptly condemned aa a pirate On a thorough investigation of the whole transaction, and trying It by the rule, of prise law recognised among the nations, it will be found that there Is not a shadow of validity in the capture of the Carmelite. It appears that in July 1840, Paredes, the then President of Mexico. Issued privateering regulations, one hundred and forty-six in number, or thereabouts- th.. second of which declared in ubeUuce. that any one purchasing a privateering commission, or enlisting among the crew of a privateer, would be ipio facto constituted a Mexican cltixen These regulations were not put iu practice until after the revolution by which Taredcs was deposed, and it was not until last winter that a number of privatooring commissions, a thousand or more, were issued, signed President Solas. aud countersigned by Almonte, Secretary of War; and at the same time were issued certificates of naturalisation, signed by Solas. and countersign ed by Ilejon. A number of these cominisj sioux were offered for sale at Havana, but found no purI chasers, Gen. O'DoudcII having threatened to treat as pirates any Spanish subjects who would engage in privateering agaiust the commerce of the I'uitsd States. The privateer! ng warrants, and the cerUbuates ef naturalisation, It is proper to state, were drawn up in blank?a oourse never hitherto pursaod by any nation, and as ab1 horrent to the spirit of civilisation us to the recognised rules of warfare,?for the grunting prise commissions is au act of high sovereignty, never before exercised, except by the Executive of the nation putting in practice this mode of annoying its enemies, and never delegated to subordinate or irresponsible agents The effec t would bo, to let loose upon the ocean a horde of desperate aud recklese adventurers, uncontrolled by any of those wholesome restraints by which Christian nations have kept the svstem in check eurhimr i?? ?* exacting from thov# availirg themselves or the license | permitted under it, the strictest account of their exorcise of such license. It would be a wholesale legalisation of piracy. The agents of tho Mexican government were empowered to sell those ore,-rants indiscriminately to all who would purchase and t,? bestow as indiscriminately certificates of naturaliserien on all who would accept them. Who so ready to purchase the one, or to accept the other, as the free boot?r who desires to pursue with impunity, his lawless trade of rapine on tha ocean? Our prize laws compel those fitting oat privateers. to give weighty security that they will respect the laws of war. and the rightB of neu'ral nations; and they are obliged to return once a year to tne port where they were fitted out, to give a strict accouut of their conduct. Some months sinco a certain Signor Toreda, vent out to Madrid as Mexican charge d'affaires, carrying with him, as has since been ascertained, a number of privateering commissions in blank. Kor some time, nothing was heard of him ; but lately, it appears, he has proceeded to Belgium as duly accredited charge d'affairtt to that government, it Is believed that he has sutceeded in disposing of one of these commissions to those who | fitted out the Uuico. If this be so, ho has been more successful iu Spain than he will be in Belgium. From information received here, it appears that the crew of the Uuico are all Spaniards, with the exception of one Portuguese and one Frenchman. This being the case, the Spanish admiralty court will, no doubt, feel compelled. In order to preserve the neutrality of that power, to declaro the rapture of tho Carmelite Invalid. But there is another informal and illegal feature iu this attempt nt Mexican privateering. It is a fundamental rule of prise law, that the prise court shall be hoiden iu some port belonging to the power commissioning the privateer. As there was an evident Impossibility that privateers could bring their prises into Mexican porta for condemnation?blockaded as the^oast was by our squadron?one of the prize regulations of I'aredea provided for tho organization of prise courts under tho Mexican consulates, at the various porta in which such consulates exists, it was in view of this regulation that the Carmelite was brought into Barcelona. The question arises whether or not Spain will regard thia regulation, when put in practice, a* It has beeu in the rase of I bun uuni, iui irencmng on nor neutrality. There is no doubt that It will be ao regarded by the United State*. The question with the Hpanlidi authorities, then, will be, not as to prize or no prize; for oyer that question they have no jurisdiction, ezeept as It may be affected by their decision of the other question, of which they have the decision, namely, whether or not Spain's neutrality is violated by the capture If it bo violated, as I have no doubt it will bo declared to be, firstly, on the ground that the commission of the Unico was issued informally, and contrary to the laws of oivilir-ed warfare aud prize law? seconuly, that the commender and a majority ot the crew are Spanish subjects?thirdly, that tho prize-court is unlawfully constituted, balden, as It is, in the port of a neutral power, thu Mexican Consular ting having no virtue in it to authorize the holding ol such court under it, more than it would to legalize any other act of hostility against tho people of the United btates committed on Npanish soil?then there will be no course left but to declare the capture invalid Although Spain undoubtedly sympathizes with Mexico In her ntrugphi with the United Slates, still there is every reason to hope that she will be so regardful of national courteey and national rights, as to direct her admiralty courts to i>e careful that her neutrality may remain intact UALVIKNBI.H Waiiiinuto*, June 19, 1847 Mr. Edwardi and Land ilounly of thi t'olunteori?Tho cuit plainly ilattd. Mr. hdwards of tUa Tension offlcs la remarkably strict In his interpretations uf the law conferring a land boun ty upon the volunteers, who have served, or shall have served the Government In the war with Mexico. He says that no volunteer Is entitled to the bounty who la dismissed in advance of the expiration of his wnu of service, "on his own application aud for his own especial benefit." This explanation di cs not meet the comprehensiveness of the law. The law declares that ths bounty shad accrue, not only to those soldiers who shall hare served out their term of service in accordance with the law, but also to such as shod in the mcuritiuiv l>e l <c rably discharged, trom.wounds received,'* or uisaUiitioa incurred lu the service aud such a discharge, w suppose, is within the compass oft! - class ejected by Mr Edwards, to wit : such as are discharged in "their usm application and for their own -special benefit." 'i hero appears to us to be (u tile I < inn office a dlsp ilioil manifest id give the law sucli a construction, as i -exclude even the sick sud wouudi lisinlseed ou si e uut of sickness or wouuds, or both. Ii u liie benefit" oi ihia land bounty It is well enough to be Irlct; but it > , erleotly safe always t? interpret una not upon the law a., it | alauds. " Wssiuvoto" lune I'd, 1847. The H'hiti llouir p'oplt again on ih war;?The Frf tidenl furthcoming in dur is,nan. We understand that Mr. J. K. Walk- r. j .-iale Secretary uf the I'resident, and lady, and Mits Itucker, nloce of Mrs. Polk, left the city to-day at twelve o'clock, (or the North. They will, it U expected, spend the Subbath in Philadelphia, and on Monday pass over to New i ork, s? route for the Highlands of the Hudson and West Point, in be present at the Academy pending thn annual examination by the Board of Visiters We wish the party the same delightful reception among all the people that we received in the late dying jaunt to Chapel Hill, In the old North Mate 1 he President (If he should go at all) will not . most likely, be enabled to leave here on his contemplated Northern excursion before Monday, the dlst, an excursion which he will probably extend ne further than Boaton, northward, returning via Albany aud West Total. NV Stale of Stocks at Boot on. F.n inset Hossp. Juus U.?itO shs Vermont Central KB. 9S, 7 Western UK. IH'H. I'"' Old Colony KM. h 10 4 103; 2< AiMu'ic Bs.,k. ?7'?; Ji notion Bsnk Kifhts. 1 70; 10 Lous lsIsii'l KM, II',. U do t 111 ll MM: 21 Ntu w?eh It HK, il?V 2Wfdo I'j'-i. 1) tut Bnatnn to. It; >0 do ! ><; 30 do IIV;, *) d.i ID; 2000 Heading HK Bouda, 1830, 76S; 7?V0 do layi. >?V; <1100 do, IB*. 77. At Auction?33 aha Old Colony KH, 3>? 3M per cent adi ; 13 < ItV Bank, $*' ? por ah; M Merchant* Bank, l\l*r cant adv. kn Weaieru Mi. 10^ percent adv. 73 Kaa:rrti HK- II1* l>*r rent adv; I Amoakeag Manul'aciuriug Co, 1410; II KitcUburg KH.Ut* alock, 33 S ?dv ; 30 Nor'hrt , HH J par cent adi . k Ureal kalla Nlauiilacoirmg Co, t324ki; 33 ditidruda l.a?t oaliin Co, $k 73. KAMfc'3 PATENT PORTABLE BATHINO TUB and Shower Bath connected?A aplrndid armngement.?Oentiemau about fitting up their country re?idciic*a. would do well to call anil eiamiuc them, they are juat the thing, alio a general aaaortment of bathing tuba, ahower bailie, anil hathi, wholeaalr and retail. < llAllLf.S KANfc., je3 kli'rc 377 Bowerr. .> ? HOARDING in M onroeT bet ween Market and Catharine Mi MJ Fnrniahed or uufiimiahed a|<artmenta t# IdC with board, to a gentleman and hia wife, and two or three aiogle genlieuieu. Apply at 33 Monroe et. <? ? | _ L

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