Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 15, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 15, 1847 Page 1
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/ ' J " Til Vol. mi. No. 1M?Whali No. ?T01. T!IE NEW TORE HERALP ESTABLISHMENT, Rorth-W(it cornor of Knit on and Nonow 0tB> I JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. I OlKCVLATIttM-FOKTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price J cents par copy?#7 in adviaice. WEEK LY HERALD?Every Hstnrdtiy?Price <}< tM *>*.r.V'f>JL'5'~W IZ'i cenij per am.tun?payable In adv tilce. HERALD (OH EUROPE?Every Strum Packet day? Irtce 6V, crnU lvr rep,-?S3 per annum, payable in advance. ANNUAL PICTORIAL en the l.t ol J an a >r- of qucli year?single copies .iapence each. AD v E^tTISE tTp.NTS, at the nsual price.?always cash ia aui AJv. rn?einnuU should be wntren in nplun, leitiol. nv.-in* The Pirtprictor will not be rcjponsihle for error, thtl m.vv occttp them. PMl VTJM.; of all ktudf eiecated beautit-.lly and with despatch. All letter, or commonioetion. by mail, addreawsd to the , eatahli.hmeat, mn.t be po.t jwid, or tlw po.tege will be de acted from the snh.rrii.ti on money remitted. a APARTMENTS TO LET, kind*. m^\y luruished or unl'emi.hed, at 31 North Moore stirs t. jn ayV Ki?K SALE, OR EXCHANGE (Oil CM Y PRO* Ptm PERT Y.?Pro|jerty in the pleaaant viliage of Liberty JJdlL', con.isling of. fir l rate Dwelling I louse ,3d.V t(l, citiiuiniuK 10 rooms highly finished, with a good Cellar, Carriage Maker'., Wheelright and Black.mith'. Shop, all new. Also, a good barn, 3t>X:i8, with wood and .moke hou.e., a good well at the door, apples, cli.rrie., current., fce. Price for the whole SIKIIO. Also, H acre, of land, 7 acre* of timber, 7 of clear land, all under new fence. ? t,'Jame. D. Birr, any Wednexlay, from 9 A. M. to I r. HI ?on rnurad iy, till I r. M., on other Hays at Ihe New York Real Kitnte Company, turner of Brosdway end Maiden Lane JAMKS B. BARK. _jejn30t*m _______ M~r6 CLUBS OR SO( rF.'tTKS ?To let, the aecond story of the Broadway Baths?it consists of ano large room, with a ain ller one rttached. .Ala?, to let, at 131 Crosby street,(entrance oil Broadway,) to single gentlemen preferred, without board, two handsomely famished rooms. Apply to T. II. BYRNES &. CO.. jell ?t*rc ?00 Broadway. TO CRT uK KOR SALK?A new two story brick [ W Cnttase House on tlio South side of U'li street, between Jwd&Mh and filli avenues, lot 24 by (lull the block) 98 feet 9 i cnet; house 21 by 24 fret, built ou thereurof the lot, with a haudsume garden and shrubbery in front, walks flagged and curbed, brick cuteru, ike. etc. The house is finished in the beat manuefc with luarbln mantels, stained glass skylight, blinds or shutters to eich window, kc. kc. and admirably adifired to the use of asmall family. Apply to J?97t*r \V. C. II. WADUKLL, Id Wall at.V M r<)R 'S'VITK?THR VONKKRS MANSION Jo'ih Hou?e, outhuildings, and seven acrea of aland?the aarCLwhole er a part, to suit purchasers, and on the most accommodating terms. This extensive building comuiaudsa megmticeiit view of the Hudson River, from 1(1 to 19 miles in enrti direciiou. The house is 60 feet square; carriage house feet square, with stabling lor one hundred horses; shed 69 tret in lrugth; all nearly oew, and in complete order. There i- also a fish pond and wsier powiw. with a nrver failing srreain o water running through the midote of the gruiiuda, as pure as < rotim. The Hudson River Rulroad is to niu within three hundred yards in front el the property, and about the same distance south of ihe village of Yonkers, where the deiait is to be located. 'J'here are live well conducted schools, all within nhalf mile. Two splendid fa* sailing steamboats pl> daily to and from (lie city; and slages alto run daily iu connection with the Harlem Railroad For terms appl" to Wiltonm Kellinyer, at the Williamsburgli lerry, at the foot olTJeliucy atreet, or upou the preigjys. j*'t ! 11 e rc \ i;AViClON, NEW BK.IOHTOI&, BUtcn UUuil.Wrf The proprietor heirs to inform his friends aud the public, I rlJftL>hst ha Iwa made consideiahle alteratives and improve inenta in this establishment since ihe Inst season. He has erect vu u iaik j uiimiir'Vi ouuiaiiium Linriy-riirre ruorng, aiutgemer diveounected from the main body or the pavilion. Those room* ,re intruded for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable tize. light, a id yv*! 1 ventilated, and superior in all respeets to those generally denoininatrd single rooms in the various watering places throughout the country. The proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties wishing m engage rooms for the lesson. Letters addressed to him at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention. A steamboat runs between New York and New Brighton, at the following hours, viz:? From New Brighton? Vt 8 and 11 A. M, and 2 and 3:30 P. M. Front pier No. I North River, New York?At 9 A. M. and It M, and .Vtg, 3 and ti P. M.. and more frriiueut communications wiil tie established as the ?e ison advances Sunday Arrangement?From New Brighton at 8 A. M., 12)a, Stio P. \i From New York, at 9 A. M., 2 and 6 P. M. Tlie Pavilion is now ready for the reception of Company. ?pi5 tire F. BLAN< ARD. jp-gji A FARM FOR SALE, almost adjoining the village ipHSkof New R ichelle, containing seventy-two acres, inclu. yj.wa.di ig m irl enough. (1 believe,) to manure it for ages ? It is ii pleasant and healthy- situation, and will he within a few minutes'walk of the railw ay. Terms accommodating. For forth, r particulars enquire of ihe subscriber, on the premises. je8tw?re WALTER RURL1NQ jua FOR-SALE?WESTCHESTER LAND.?To genijWAtlemrn iu wont of sites for Country SeaU?To Market .??& ?.Oaideuery in want of land for Gardens; and to all persons wishing i location in tlm neighborhood uf New York. 300 acres of l.aml in tlm town of Westchester, within nine miles of tlie City Hall, with right of nassing oyer Harlem B idge free of toll, are nuw offered at private sale, in lots, .containing front five to fifty- acres each. The lands are within tillecn minutes walk of the railroad; front on good roads; are in tlie neighborhood of schools, and churches of different deuorainatioii<; the water is mmd, mill loeation lieallhy. Title indisputable. Terms moderate. Apply to GOUVERNEUR MORRIS, Mnrria-yiiia, Westchester Co.?of to WALTER RUTHERFORD,Counsellor, m!3 S8t*r 79 Nassau street. New York. s MAYS Economy end Fashion HOV"*-B EKTSON, of the llienii Hat mid (.lap Manufactory, forinerlv of No. 1U3, but uow of 89 Kullon atreet, New York, and 63 Fulton street, Brooklyn, whose constant aim it haa hern to produce .superior articles at the loweat possible prices, has introduced his summer style of Hats consisting of beautiful pearl and drab < astors, trimmed in the peculiar manner which haa hitherto given such universal sat.section.inasmuch aa it prevents the perspiration from staining the outsiders) the Hat. aed at the same time insures comfort mid coolness. REDUCTION IN PRICES.?Robertson gives notiee that he has reduced the price of his Pearl Hats to 12 50, and his drab Hats to S3; and at the same time prices challenges maim, lecturers to produce a better article even at 25 per cent higher. WM. ROBERTSON, Jr. J. PLUNKF.TT. in213flt*r . LOOK A'r Tlilfc??Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses and te! _ Chililtfi, all th it are in want of Hoot* or S'no-s, please y yim ' <11 .-it :<6T Broad pay. where you will find the largrst *? aaaoi'.mrnt, auii cheapen in thia eity, wholeaala or retail. N.B ? Imported French Booti, $3. M. CAIIILL. _ _ L. WALsH Jc BROTHERS, French Boot Makers, No lis Ann atreet, Now York. French Calf Iloota of the latcet { fs-liion made to order for Si 30, morally sold for Stand jR 37 , One p'rench Call Boots S3 30, usually S3. Patent T7??n Boots $7, usually sold for $10. Also. Congress Boota1 with t?teut springs. < leiitlrmcu's gmtfm, shoes and slippers constantly on nana, and made to order at the ahorteat notice. Repairing: See., done in the store. L WALSH It BROTHKRS, mylS 30t*r No t Ann atreet. ^ VOUNG it JONES, 4 Ann atreet, are selling liue Freneli calf boota at $4 50, equal to any aold iu this city ?l'or S'i or S7. Fine French boota at S3 30, usually S3. Beat JK French intent leather boots $7, equal to those usually aold at $:i and SlO. A (treat assortment ol shoes, ratters ana slippert lisa*s on haiul, and made to order at short notice. All goods warmuted to ({ive satisfaction. Mending, lie. done in the .tore, Please call and esamine our atock. in'i3 *0i?rc VntTNG It JON K.H, 4 Ann at., near Broadway. J NEW FRENC I ff] ) i f BTORH^-Tha btMt 1Mb ] tyle of p'retieh Calf Sewed Boots for S4 10, equal to those usually sold for $0 and S7; fine French Boots for S3 30. city m tde, equal to those usually sold for S3.? Also, (.longress Boo's, with patent springs; Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, Itc., conateully on hand, and made to order in the shortest notice? Mending, lie. ilonr in the store, curnrr of Fulion and streets, opposite the Herald office, N York. mvttt AOfje ,j Til P. .""I Bdi KIUF.K would reepectfnlly ic-j'iK&S form hit customers and the public generally. I ill,: he hit on baud a largo nssoitment of Lsdies', Misses' ai:d i < liildren's colo ed and black Gaiter Boots, Bntkiut. Slippers. Ties, tin ; Gr ,tinmen's and Boy's sewed and pegged Boots or I every description, all ef which he will sell as low at such arlio'ei ran he purchased at any store in the city. i N. B ?Ladies' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes made to order in the heat manner at moderate prices. A call it respect- ! fully solicited. JAMES WALK Kit, ISMt+rC 32 Canal street, corner of Wooater. I .(fill, I'M P. ONLY RSaL CATltkil? '; J?" -The Greatest Attraction Yet?26 Bull Finches, with /fcjfcfrom three to four nines. Also, oyer 1,000 Wuging ^ I marics, just imported ?ia Bremen, selected by hia agents from the in st relelir itsd districts ol" p?urope. This variety for n iik< and plumage, will be loiind on inspection, to eclipse any Arcliy h?s been enabled to olfer. ' N. B.?On show I he largest Cockatoo in America. I Arcliy take* thia opportunity to app-ise his IVietida at a dia- i finer, in anticipation of tins importation, that they may m ke , early applicatien. C. 8 ?In coneeque'ice of the limit* of his old establishment, No 3 John street, he lis* rented Bramble Cottage, Blooming ' 1c. ne ir Pur il.mi's Hotel, for that branch of his business not connected woii birds, tit: Shetland anil Fancy Ponies, King i < harles Spaniels, Pointer*, fee., and every variety of Fancy Ptgnnii*, Door Fewls, lie. As usual.leltere | oat paid will at all times meet wrth prompt e'tentom from A. GRIEVE, No.3 John at. ie res'r ' Z LOT OF MOt KING BIRDS?<inly bird is worth ' Vv3| , cage room, and swee|>a all kind bird specie* song away *Vvur.or night . - c AI?n vtry tins collection Lonff Breed Cannry Birds. Also, lot short breed German Birds; fancy Cases anil H#ed; To be seen at Vj5 Bowery, between "M and 4th at. : It :. H. WILLIAMS. ., liUnS A.sT> i'tJNIKrt.?Al"I'KAI TION. TjjTf?The urtnt attraction for the city i? now at Mr* ' "K.V'H. No. 5 John ttreet, where nature'a ton, A'iii na inoit telrct'vtirin'jr, it only to be obtained from the little Uohin to the Cock <>r the North. At naual. King Charlet Bpnnirla, Italian OreylioaniU, Set lert, Pointeri. Newfoundland nud every variety of fancy Do*t; alto Shetland I'oniet, kr. P. S. Letrert iKjut-imiil. will at all timet meet with prompt attention from A. OKIKVK, 5 John street. N B. Four Itle of Hky Trrriert, imported eipreaaly. ni.'i 30t* r 1 AlilH. ,M. WILSON, 2?f Grand ttreet, ret|>eetftifly ] "Siliiifi'rini her friendt, and ttraiigera riaitiii, the city, tv that the hat now on hand a large and very handaoroe <e *. pjtlortldtHjt of Hpriiiii Millinery, to which (he lv tr* 'heir attention, '.irt Wilton a itoOk compriae* Mi tutorirvem iiftkte rio|i.?t and mott laahinnahle II la ?ueh i ' hip.' Vipe, HiO", and Shirred, with a rhmce ataortmcut o( irtivt, which "lie flatter. licntlf r-in lie told more rettoiiahje man hi no! ofhercwt ihhthmenr mlhe city Oonii'ry Milliner. ?i|l do well to boftire pnrchaaina. Mrt. M. WILSON, 231 Orend at.. , between Allen and f>r?h?rd tit , I en gor.d wanted at the above ettnblithnient. , a II 1m* T ( OAY It CO'8 NKW~vohk and UoNT47$ ' ViJftlD.MI.i ' ..U*lt k.H8. B Y WAY OF NEWPORT anil I VfeV r \! L lllVKH ? riie Snbtc libera reipectfuli} infoim I the public thtr 'hay will forward to and from Boaron, in their OWI ear , ineirh.'iidtir of tverv detrription; hundlea, pack, rpeeii h >i;k nO'oii, Ac. Dralu i?r acceptance, cnllecliont, id ..(I otner hutineat ntrutted to (hem, altended to ' ' Otlii . New V "fV t Will tf., corner Broadway Offer, j 1 Boaton^^atcat OATl A CO. ' E JN E t NEW YORK AMD HARLEM RAILRO YD COMPANY. SUMMER ARRANOK4IKNT. v&0ikfB ON' AND AFTER THURSDAY, TL'MV. lo-.h, 13(7. the Can Will run a* Till ows, until further noticr. L'i> train, will lea*? the f'iiy Hull for Hirlcinit Morriaiaua. Forham 1c Tuckal oe Plcisautrille 3 3D A- M. tVill'int Urge Hart'i fid Newcastle' 7 4 30 A.iL White Pl'ns. Bedfeiil. I ? ,J 7 A. M. Whitlickville ,? }? ,, " , Croton Fall* }? 11 o .. 4 P M- 7 A.M. 3 P. M. 4 ' 5 30 " 4 P" -M" 3 J 3D " 4 " 83#" 4 4 30 " ? 30 " .... . Returning: to New Vorlt will le ?ve? ilomaiann kHarleui. Fordham. Will'insBi'ire Tuckahoat ,1 ?? \.M- ? ? A M. 6 4'i A NT 7 30 A. 41 i8 10 7 44 7 40 " 8 (8 " .2 . ? 09 9 M " 1 30 P. M. .2.. T. V. " 83 P. M. 13 14 P M. 4 43 ' '* P.M. I 44 1 40 " YVhit* Pl'ns J ,. 4 08 " C " 7 10 A 41. 3 6 15 0 08 '* 8 33 " 4 30 " 7 43 " 7 44 " 1 P. M 1 4 33 " C ?0 " 8 04 " Plensantville. New Cutle. Bedford. WhitlicUrille. ? 13 A ,V1. 8 AM. 7 41 A M. 7 44 A M 4 13 P M. 4 T M. 4 41 P M. 4 44 P M Croton FalW. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P 41. Tie trains to and from Croton Falls will not stop on New York Island, except at U.oorne street, and 33d street. Acer will precede etch rjain leu Biuutes, to uko up passengers ia the city. The morning trmia of etrt from Croton Fall* will not stop between White Plaint tad Nrw York, except at Tuckahoe William's Bridge, and For dhara. Extra trains on Sundays to Harlem and Morritiana, if tee weather. Staves for Lake Mahopaekand Danbury lease Croron Falls on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. AT. trains, and for 1'awlings on arritsl of the 7 o'rlock A. M. train. FAKE FKOA1 NEW YORK : To Croton Falls $1 00 To Whitlickyillo 87>f To Newcastle 7J To Pleasantvillr To White Plains 30 Freight trains leave City Hall at II M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, leave Croton Fall* at 7 A. M. and a P. M. je8 tf rc CHEAP AND EXPEDITIOUS TRAVELLING 1 O THE WESTERN STATES AND CANADA. sssmm nsBSt: m&m BY 1'APSCO J'T'S EMIGRANTS PASSENGER LINES, Office, 86 South street,New York. The subscribers continue to forward Emigrants aed othass to all iiarta of the Western States and Canada, at the very ? LOWEST RATES OF PASSAGE, ay Railroad, Steamboat and Canal, to the fellow nig places, ris Ubany, Rochester, Buffalo and Pittsburgh Utica, Syracuse, Oswego, Auburn, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie. Ps. Cleveland, Huron, bsudutky, Maumee, Monroe, roledo, Detroit, Mackinaw, hlwaukie, Racine, SoutlitKirt, Chicago, Ore.iu Bay, Pottsville, Pittsburg, Pa. Wheeling, Portsmouth, Ohio Purkrraburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Ky. St. Louis, Galena, Dubuque, Bond Head, Darlington, Hamilton, Whitby, Co burg, Queeuston, Kingston, leronto, Sandwich. Montreal, Anil all otlier intermediate places. Persous proceeding to vny part of the West, or Canada, would do well to call on W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT. A t >!. ;. LVI?.. !.... rwr. *6 South street, New Ynrk. Teptcott's Kanif rants' Travelling Guide can be had on application, f(tr. mS 3flt*re AFTEl< NOON LINK, DAILY, FOR NEWBURGM AND FISMia.a^ r Lauding at Van Cortland's, (Puekskill.) Weal wMbBDa Point, Cold Soring and Cornwall. The Steam er Thouma Powell, Cant. Saml. Johmon, will leave the piei .'not ol' Vvarreii itiNt, for the above placet, every afternoon Sundayt excepted,) at 4 o'clock, commeuciug April 10. Re.uriting?will leav* New>>urgh evary morning at 7 o'clock. N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Bank 'dills or Specie, put tin board of this boat, taoat be at the risk ol he owner therroT nnleaa entered on the hoek* of tha boat or re eaored for. mvl3 Tflf^'C ????' a er.?<ro HUSTK ETR vsPeiI'LA. ir.jt^wwgeNTlON?A due staunch Steamboat ii ' ffered aMMkafiir sa'r on terma whirh will b' found advar.saeous to those wishing to ourrhaie. She has a first brst "iigiue, mide at the Novelty Works in this city, snd it well furnished and ei]ui|*d, and in good condition lor frrignt, pas.eugers, or rxcursiout She ia enly offered for tale in eentelarnce of the business arrangements of the owner To persona ol capital this offers a rTn iee for an investment seldom offered. Knil particulars ?? to boat, price, and tenet of payment, made known on application to JAMES M. SMITH,inn.. Attorney, Ite., ,)c3 7t*rc No 21 Chambers ttraet. ??w?m?. STATEN ISLAND FERRY.-On and after SUN DA V, April llth, tbr steamboats ? ffiMaBEEe SYLPH and nf ATEN INLANDER will ain as follows, until further notice :? LKAVB STATCIV l(I.AIYI) At ?, 2, 9, 19, U, A. M? and 1, 2, J, 4, 5, 6, 7, P. M. 1.KAVK IVIW YORK Vt 7, 9, 10, 11, A. M., end 1, 2, ten minarei past 3, and at 4, 5, 6, 7, o'clock, P. M. New Vork April 13th. _ l!3 r "ilfll NOTICE?aEW STAGHTROUTK^^?TjP||MBraThe subscribers respectfully inform their ^mteeP^^?friends and the public that they .will com metice running | on Wednesday,June 2, a Line of Stages, from the aornero Avenue C and Ninth street, through Ave une C, Houston ?treet, Bowery, Chatham street and Broadway, to South Kerry', and do hereby solicit a sliare of public patronage. LENT It HUNT. WILLIAM C. LENT. LEONARD HUNT. jel 14t*re sm?J CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINE OF r jrfE^sorrositiqn boats for albany MridbdHBrnAND INTERMEDIATE PLACES?Fare 30 rents?Breakfast and Dinner on Board. The uevr and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-past ds, A. M.. from the pier foot of Warren street, touching At Hunmoed street pier. For passage or fneght, apply en board the Boats, or to Geo. Dobson, at the office, 126 Warren street, corner of West street. J~7~ All persons are fofoid trusting the above boats on account of the owners. my 19 rh 3m, OPPOSITION PASaAOE OFFICE-TO N A1 banv, l.'tica, $1 .30; Syracuse, $2; Oswego, Rochester, $2 23; Buffalo, (2 Kl; Cleve land. f4 M; Detroit, f5: Milwaukie, $1: Chicago, $2: Cincinnati, fl; Torento snd Hamilton, ft. Whitehall, $2; Montreal, $4; Pittsburg, ft. Office, 100 Barclay street. Any security required will be given for the fulfilment of all contracts made with this company. m!3 Ira*rc m. l. HAY, Agent, New Yerk, 1147. MORN,N LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. ' sm? FOR ALBANY AND TROY and lnterme?v^59^^Pdl,le Landings. mmmmKmrn Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pressare steamboat TROY, Captain A. Uorliam. will leave the steanibeat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock. Returning on the opposite uays. For passage or freight, apply eo board, or to F. B. the olfire on the wharl. nty20 r jms, PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS FOR - Daily, Sunday* KicrptcdThrough Direct?At 7 o'clock, p. M., from the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty *rrett*. Steamboat ISAAC NKWTON, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will le*?? '<>n Monday, Wedneaday, and Friday evening*,. at 7 j'clock. Steamboat HF.NDRICK HUDSON. Capt. R. O. Cnittenden, will leave on Turaday, Thumda y an d Saturday evening* at 7 o'clock. At Five O'Mock, I'. M.?Landing at intermediate Place*? Irnm the loot p ' Uaaclay itrevt. Steamboat NuttlH AM FBI! "A, Captain R. H. Farry mil leave on Monday, Wedneaday, Friday,aud Sunday afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMICIUCA. Cept.T. N. Hulae.will leave ou Tueaday, Tharaday, and Saturday afternoona, at 3 j'clock. The above boat* will afeeB Sine* arwve in Albany in ample time lor the Moiunig-Lara ferine hart or VVeit. Freight taken at moderate ratai, wid none taken after 5>i j'cloek, P. M. tr/ All jieraonaare forbid trutana arty ?l,Hte boat* of thia line, without a written order from the captain* or ageul*. For paiiage or freight, apply an boird the boau, or ta P. C SCHl LTZ. at the office on the wharf. jeH rc FRENCH 1 MKli?*19"11 ? - . The CIIRISTOPHF. COLOMB ii advert tied to ?ai' on the 1st J una. The agency in >ew York being determined alrtctly "-^^HLhfratn adhere to it* engagement*, under any cir ^^^^M aaciim?tanec?. eiinunt at thia time, adrerti*e the f hrtatophe Colomli aa to?*il oil a fued day It can, howrvar, atate that the dapartura a ill take place within tan day* it the arrival. The pnee lor peaaage ia, for the flr?t rla*?, $120 ' " " iteond " 00 The r?te of freight will be rnlad by the market price. For farther particular*apply at th* temporary office of the :ompany , IS South William atreet New York. June II, IM7. jelllffh BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN dyfi&f VMM*RVv.AL MAIL STEAM SHIP. 1200 ton* theiLori/a ef lb* Admirably, l l t^PUin Alexander Ryrie. i ? n kfiPPJ?L'.Al C^PTe'l Edward it. Lett. PaltniA'^ty.A" 1 ?<*'" J*hn Hewitt. Ar?nu V-rUm: rr,,,.,H' r- 'l"",,nJAt/ADI A, Captain William llarnaeii. The four airimaliipa now building *re Tilt amf.rh/a, THE NUOARA THE CANADA, THE felJKOPA*' Veaarla appointed Mull from Liverpool are the fimbria June 4, II4T Caledonia June |?, |?n Britania... ... July 4, 1147 Veucla apiKimted to nil from Roatoo are the Hiliernia, Jane IS, 1*47 Cambria. J?|y |, 1147 ( nledonia, July Ifl, 1*47 rauengera' luggage meal he un hoard the dap preeioaa to tailing. I'a?vage money?Emm Boetoo to Liverpool, $110, do do to Halifaa, t20 No hertna aerared n. 1 |?iH Per. The?e ahipa eirry eaperienced Burgeons. No freight, eieept apeeie, received on days of sailing. For frrighr, passage, or any other information, apply to I) BRUSH A M, Jr., Agent, At H ARN 1)1.N k Crt.'jt, ? Wall at. tfJP" In additior to the above line between Liverpool and Halifax, and Boaton, a contract han been entered into with Met Majaity'a arveniment, to eataliliah a line between Liverpool ma New York direct. The iie mthipe for thia aervire are low bring built, and earlv neat year line netiee will bo given if the time when they r, .llnar Uptlt r tha ne w contract the teamen will sail every Saturday during eight nam, 1 ha, and very fortnight during the other aientha in the year Onmg al trrnately betweau Liverpool and Halifax and Boiten, aad bo [wren Ltvvrix'ol and New Turk . jlW r *A^ FOH LlVtRPOOL?Packet of the ISth of Jnne tHIy ?The first claaa, Out aniline |?cket ahipf IIA OS, HBhi Ci[>t Wilton, will be despatched * above. Thia rraael offer a a moat drairable conveyance for rabin and steer- 1 age pamengera, who will be takan at reduced ratea. Apt ly on j board the aliip foot of Rooaetelt atreet, ot to . _ 1 M P O HERN It Co., 1M South at., corner of Dover, , Jell?t*re mm ft Wait at, corner 01 Rector I 1 VV VI) fEW YORK, TUESDAY IV The Crop* lit the United States. i We litre watched closely, ami published Imperil illy, account* of the crops from the first uppearance of their vernal life till tho present time, when we begin to hvtr of the husbin lmnu's return for hi* agricultural labors, i'heru has been all along an uuduo amount of croaking, | either brought out by the fears of the over-unxious, or induced by the iralltckurs in bruadslulfs, in order that their owu selfish Interests might be tho mora speedily advanced. It would, to be sure, bo at unwise as untrue i to say that thure are no blighted spots lu our wide territorial fields. The drought which prevailed in the early part ef the voason, was in some suctions prolonged until tho hopes of the farmer, in respect to his wheat, were out off; but in many of these sections, as In Marylaud for instance. American enterprise brought tho hoe where the barrow had already been, and in place of sickly and stunted wheat and kindred grains, a vigorous growth of iuaUd was soon seen sendlug its promising shoots upward. as if in derision pf the demon blight who seemed thus foiled In the attempt to cut short the hopes of the tiller of the soil. We hare, of late, hud a most delightful alternation of rain aud sunshine; and except from confirmed grumblers, we have good accounts of the effect which has been nroduced uoon the fluid* of m?l?? I(rain. On* other fact U worthy to be mentioned here? that in many tobaoco growing region*, the early *ea*on being unfavorable, no pain* were taken to nouriab that " weed,'' and two-third* of the room heretofore allotted to It* growth (in come (actions of Maryland for Instance) i* now occupied by spring wheat, rye, oat* and Indian earn. From the Eastern States we have the mo*t cheering intelligence. Although the season was Romewhat back- , ward, yet the requisite rain and sunshine came at laat and the market* noon began to give the moat palpable evidence of the manner in which vegetation waa making up fir it* long torpor. The fruit crop, which i* looked to with cousideruble anxiety, now promise* unusually well, and accounts state that the yield of the present year bid* fair to double that of any one of several previous years. With reference to grain, it is urged with great ruasonableneas. that even if gome field* should t urn out but poorly on account of the lateness of the season, yet thA high price of all the varieties of corn ha* had the effect to induoe greater rare in the culture, and more extensive sowing, so that the result very likely will be, what some papers confidently predict, that tho coming harvest will yield a greater quantity of breadstuff* than that section ho* over beforo produced in one season. Where the returns are likely to romnnerate him, your Eastern man, merchant, farmer, or mechanic, is not likely to neglect the use of the uocessary appliances to ensure success. Now York will not dUappoiut the hopes of her v friends : tile nrosncota are. inrlaeil ai tha uramo time, moot Haltering. Lung lnUu<t, with ?u army of scientific farmers to bring out h?ir resources, presents ut the present t.un>, such a surface, as causes expressions ef admiration from travellers. who say that at a low estimate the surface sown with grain anil planted with vegetables of various dokcrlplions, daring the present season, doubles that of former years, The highest culture wilt he practised thrum hout. as has been doua already, so far as requisite, manures of eriry description have boeu freely bestowed, quantities having been taken by railroad from this city to a distance ot nearly so hundred miles From Albany and vicinity the utust favorable accouuts are received Not only is tb? grain represented as presenting a flue appearance but the grass Is also luxuriuot. and the potoi ox vines have the healthful deep green color which gives evldeuce that, as yet, at any rale, disease has not commenced its work upou their roots in this viciuity also, as well as many other counties ot the Mate, hundleiis of acres of land havu not before been cultivated for a grain crop, have this year beeu planted with corn, 'i he >al crop, which Is not a bad index to the others, looks remarkably fine, 'i h? western part of the Mate also promises to do its share towards supplying the empty granaries of the destitute from her owu overflowing storehouses. New Jersey and Delaware will do their share of producing A few weeks since there was considerable fesr expr* sscd as to tiie fatuof grain crops in New Jersuy, but the late refreshing rains have had the elfect to dispel such gloomy apprehensions, and better still, to start vegetation, so that an almost immediate elfect was produced in the butter market, where prices have fallen some seven or eight cents on the pound The farmers are most active, and the earth, or so much of it as fulls withiu the boundaries of the good Slute of Mew Jersey, will he taxed to Its utmost, as for instance, ' One man who usually plants live acres of potatoes has put in sixteen; another has doubled his usual quantity of whent. and a third has improved four or live times the usual quantity of corn ground." Indeed wo find a statement to the effect, that the surface of gTound in New Jersey, planted this year with corn, exoecds that of last year by one hundred thousand acres, which, at a low estimate, ought to yield four millions of husliels, more than equal t to Olie-ffltoellth of the whole lleflrteni-v of Ihe nuluU crop in Irelaud, for 1H46. This, a* an excess over lostyeiir , will be an important item, especially when it i* consider- t ed, that at the opening of navigation this year, New t Jersey, altliough so near to our market, had an immeuse , surplus of wheat on hand. . Pennsylvania also.sends a cheering note; while her swar- _ thyniinersuredelvingsuccessfullyaiuongthe inlncrul rich. i. csul her thousands ot underground chumbers.their breth- _ run of the upper regions are handsomely rewarded for their labors upon the soil. The backwardness of the season was severely felt in some parts of Pennsylvania, and the 1 winter crops were many ot them ruined' by the severity r to which Ihey were exposed before the spring fairly ' opened, hut the season at length became more propitious, " aud the larmers went to work with a will. The winter '* killed grain eas succeeded hy summe r grain, and the 11 prospect of a slim harvest stimulated farmers to the use '3 of every spare acre of ground; the consequence will be that Pennsylvania will, at least, yield an nverage crop. ' Many promise much more for her. Accounts from Ohio are so contradictory that it is ' difilsult to judge satisfactorily as to what result harvest {' time will show. 'J he "bulla'' end the "bears" are not all caged In Wall street, and if we are not mistaken we can distinguish thsir footprints in some of the correspondence from the west. We must, however, say that the favorable statements seem to be less studied than the others; some may construe this Into a want of accuracy, while they give the croakers credit for speak- 1 ing from accurate knowledge upon the suhjoct. Wo ? think there is an apparent attempt to put on a poor face. It should be remarked, that in all these accounts the * wheat crop alona is the subject of remark, and even of " this, it is said that the bottom lands promise, an ahun- K duutyield, although the ridge lands will not yield so ' well. There are some indications, which give a decided- " ly favorable coloring to the future; among these we may tl mention that we have accounts of great quantities of K1 strawberries being gathered. Now weather that will 'I ripen strawberries must, we should think, bring forward r' graiu crops, and if the farmers of Ohio are willing to work their lands, spring grains may be cultivated with 1' great success We regret that we have such contradie.- * tory accounts from Ohio, the young giant of the * that state is aptly termed. In order that our readers w may judge as wellas ourselves of the prospects there, we u will give u sketch of some of the statements received within a few days. Kirat comes an artiele giving an ac- tl count of a terrible hail storm in Preble county .where the si hail-stones that fell were as large es hens eggs. This u terrible storm not only cut down whole fields of grain ri tnd orchards of fruit, but it broke windows and killed [>igs and geese. This, to say the least, looks somewhat h BToakish. The next artiele begins with a statement that v< -the wheat in the bottom lands of that State promise an T abundant yield, but that the erops on the ridges will be ^ poor;" ana soda with, "Ohio will produce less wheat this *i fear than last " The writer gives no argument to sus- t> ain the hut proposition, udN'ki the first sentence, which * re quote, be construed into such an argument We Have next a paragraph from a writer who bad just re] b turned from a tour through some of the towns north of Newark, (where, it seems, the land is high.) who says the wheat fields present a sorry sight, not oue being visible which was not badly spotted and very thin He condudes with, ''unless the low lauds de better, there will cot be half a crop in this county, perhaps not a fourth ' (l rhe low lauds, it will be remembered, are said to "promise an abundant yield.'' We next hear from McCon- " ueisvills, and the writer says :?"Kroui personal observa- tr tion we are satisfied that there is a prospect of a fair crop if wheat In our county this season, ibo croaking of some rolks to the contrary notwithstanding.'' The next in , turn is a very gloomy account of the effects of 'freer ing out" which the wheat crop in the neighborhood of i arrolltnn lias experienced, the writer arriving at the conclusion that there will not be one fourth the quan- " tity of wheat harvested in Carroll oouuty this season Cf that there was last year We have next the authority *' if the Stall Journal for the following ?"Ad observing ' dtixeu of Columbus, who has recently returned from a .l. pretty extensive journeying among the counties between the scioto and Miami, authorisus us to say that the 1' wheat crops look flue, and promise a full average yield, with h n ordinary season from now until harvest." " Another writer^ states that "in the fallow grounds and irnong the lighter soils, wheat has lieen considerably hl winter killed In this part of the State, but in ether 'a ends it looks well. In the rouDties of itiohlaud. Stark, ' ind Wayne, the whoat generally looks well: so in the *? vestern part or the State, From All wo can l"*rn. mere *111 At leant lie an average yield in Ohio, and perhaps ( Bore.-' One more quotation will suMoe:?"There can >e no causa to apprehend that Ohio will not have abun- .. '?nt, for her own una, and something to spare 'for the i-llcf of Ireland' neit year?-should li?-r necessities >|tm require it. Iii the vicinity of Zaiirsvllle there * ?rre pnuiiiniug prospects, and ram llad reeeally f .lienIn . tbttndauce " 1'heae extract* hate been given In order, ' ust as they rauie to hand, and uro fair representatives if the current expressions. Krem Michigan, we have but meagre accounU, but J roui *11 that emi be aarertained. It ie Inli to iuppo-e, hat even with tlie increased exertion which the de ' nand for wheat will call out, Michigan will not yield an iverage crop. She last year furnished for trauiportaion 1,000.000 barrels of Hour, or its equivalent in wheat. i i'he prophets of evil, estimate the surplus of the e miiu ! rear at only 250 000 bushels. Ths truth would proba- F' )ly place It somewhere about midway between the xiunteous production of last year. and tne gloomy fore- . jodlngs of the oroakers; but as the crop* are not near | >< it k. ii IORNING, JUNE 15, 1847 maturity In Michigan yet. speculation la all that can result from enquiries All that has been tuiij nf the general prospect* In Michigan might ha repeated in reference to Northern i Illinois Krout the southern part of the State ?* have 1 no Tery tellable information, but take it fur grauted that. I If the wheat crop were likely to tail, the ground ere this I Is well covered with luxuriant crops of Indian oorn. 1 There was plenty of time for it* culture, and we have no Idea that the eutcrprisiug farmers of Illinois have lost 1 any of the opportunities for making up their loss by I winter Might In the neighborhood of bpriugfleld. it la i stated, one half of the land sowed in wheat has been ploughed up and planted with corn The other half will produce about half a crop; uud the furiuer* thereabouts hare made up their minds to about a quarter of their usual yield 't his, of course, is an extreme case. 1 and will sometimes occur iu suctions where circumstances combine to cast blighting influences over the llelds Severe winter and the fly combined to destroy the wheat iu this district. Wisconsin, although riie sent in hut gloomy accoUDt* in the oarly part of the season, has now recovered herself, and we hive a good account of her wbaat crops throughout is largo part of the Territory. The number of acres sown with wheat greatly exceeds that of last year. The blight reached the southern {svrtlon of llacine and Walworth counties, hut all through the northern, middle, and westorn sections, the standing grain presents a luxuriant appearance; and It Is confidently expected that the surplus for export will greatly exceed that of any former year. Last year's export from the Territory was something over half a million of bushels. The Wisconsin Stntintl says :?" There can ho little doubt that the ex port or wheat and flour from Wisconsin for the present year will reach a million bushels." The wheat crop iu some parts of Maryland has been I materially injured by the provaleuco of a long drouth | which tiPceciicd In the ?" *!? ""??* ? has lately fallen in great abundance, but it waa too late to restore tho wheat, and hut a light yield can be exported from many of the fields. This is not, however, true of the whole State. In Carroll county, the wheat has improved greatly, and now promises to fill well. Tho rye crop 1* good. It is yet too early to predict how the Indian corn will come out. 'J'hla (the corn) crop will be one of great importance to Maryland this year, as many jf her tobacco fields are, tbis year, planted with it. Virginia promises to do Iter sham towards feeding the hungry during the coming year. Some weeks tgo, there was considerable complaint and npprehensiou 'xpressed as to the result of the then prevailing drouth Now. however, a line growing season cheers the hearts of be planters in the Old Dominion, and the best results 1 promise to rewnrd the agriculturalists. North Carolina will not, probably, have a very large mrpius of wheat, unless matters very soon change fur .lie better. The most r< liable inf irmation we have, is to .he effect, that wheat sowu in good time, and ou first 'ate land, will make a good crop; but aa a great deal of lie wheat in that State is either sown too late, or on old [round, the prospect is that there wiU not be mora tbau inough for borne consumption, if there is sufficient for hat. Indian corn is also said to present rather an unirotuising appearance in North Carolina. In South Carolina the wheat Is doing well. The early Irought was felt here, and some fields were entirely runed before the the late rains fell, but an abundant harest Is. from present appearances, ouly a reasonable execution in most parts of the Stale. In fact, the harvest tas already commenced in soma districts, and the new float has been taken to market. in jeargia the crop of wheat is not expected to come ip to thn average mark Tho prospects for a good yield >f Indian corn are not at present very Haltering, but It s useless to ssy anything about that grain yet there is itill time uuough for a good crop to mature before barrust time. The grain crops tn Louisiana prom'se to be all that heir owners rould desire The reins which bare lately vaterad tho llei ls of tho -loath, have been go.den drops or the planters The corn and cane in Alabama and Texas, Is repreeuted as suffering for want of rain but as we have ao Kiuots of saving showers iu Louisiana, we can but hope bal tb'-y hove reached Ihosu 8tMM WD an'i that there s no longer reasnu f?r complaint, but that both lh< naisu and'sugar cane are now growing finely. We hear no complaints in relation to lliu grain crops n Tennessee, and bene* we conclude thai there is no eason why the Tunuesseitns should eotnplisin Tenues ?h raises the most norn of any State in the Union iler ast year't crop amount'd to (17.73s,447 bushels Ken ??-j - i?fwiu -ii.nvr.miu we nftr 111. lomplainta of any Importance from hi r The wheat field* throughout the provinces of Canada link encouraging. We havu thus endeavored to present a faithful gum , nary of the prospects of tbo coming crop, throughout he great wheat and maica grewing district* of the conn ( ry. We have. In moat instances, merely recorded the . tatemonts and report* which prevailed in reference to he auhject. Throughout moat part* of the country the ^ ate of wheat for the present year, so far aa its growth is oncerncd. is tiled, and the farmers have no new evil tut rust to fear. In relation to the corn crop the care la piite different. It requires a peculiar climate to perfect , t, and a warm June and July tun if no less requisitu . han a forbearing Oetober. for an early froat will matcrllly injure the kernel. Of thla grain, then. It would be die to predict whether we are to have a large or small , ield. Rut from what we are able to present, we certain- . y can sec no reason why consumers of breadstuff's In iur own country should be subject to the enormous , ax which1 the greatest prospective scarcity ought only ( 0 subject thorn to. The laat week has been hut a common one far the seaon. We have had a heavy rain, nod the llrst common 001 spell on the quartering of tho moon for June, and his pleasant weather will probably end to-day?and give he planters till tha nezt change the best season to make be growing crop. The thermometer has ranged from 70 o 78 of Fahrenheit since Saturday last. All things art avorable to those who work the soil, and May and June ,ro the only two bread and cotton crop months in all the louth. The rice crop Is reported to be ordinarily good. -H'tnyaA Observer, Qrorgitoutn, 8. C., June 9. The weather on Red River has been very unfavorable Ills season for tho planters, being oold and dry. The otton crop particularly looks very unpropitious, beig more or less withered and stunted. Some timo since, 1 inch apprehension of the catterpiilar was entertained, 1 ; being reported that great quantities of the fly and si- 1 ion pure worms were in our fluids. We have not late however, says the Hrjiuhlieun, heard any thing of ' leiu, and therefore believe that It was a false alarm.? ! 'icklburf .sentinel, Juris I. Uu.blr,??eik. l? i II.. ve L?- !!- ' ' I'"--""* " ' ?"K- " "'"/" " "-I , 'illager wyl:-"TM crops urn suffering In the prairie j oiu want of rain, particularly the corn. The canes . >ok promisingly, and the planters will, in all probability, , 0 amply rewarded for their enterprise." I | The Cotton Crop. j, Alabama.?News trom the canebrake region in Ala- | ama. represents the crops there in a nourishing condi- , Ion. The lice had begun their work, but were killed , fT by the hot sun which succeeded their ad tent. , From the Mobile Tribune, of Sunday, 8th Instant, re gather the following information regarding the grow- , lg crop in that State: "Our intelligence in regard to the , rowing cotton crop Is of a very unfavorable character, 'lie planting season, it will be remembered, was succed- , d lu many places by a drought of several weeks eoninnance, which greatly retarded Tegetation, though morally good stands were obtained. Hut the subee- , Mat heavy rains nnd cool weather have wrought a sad ! Iiange. We are informed verbally, nnd from private ( liters, that in most of the best cotton producing counes. the plant has been attacked with lice, " sore shin," c.. and on some plantations withered and dried up. me imprevement will, of course, follow a change of eather, hut the serious injury already sustained cannot I nder any circumstances, be fully repaired.'' j The accounts from fialveston of the tOth ult , state < int fine ruins had fallen In that vicinity, and it is pre- > lined through all southern Texas. The crop had been ( ifferioggreatly from drought, audit was believed the ' tins fell soon enough to save them. I The lied llivtr (Texas) Republican of the 92d ult., I as the following:?"The weather has been very uufaurakle this season for our planters, being cold and dry I be cotton crop particularly looks very unpropltinus. ring more or less withered and stunted. Home time ucr much apprebeuslon of tint caterpillar was enterlined. It being reported that great quantities of the fly ud simon-pure worms were iu our fields. We have not trly, however, heard anything of them, and therefore i-llevs that it was a false alarm." Albany, June It, 1847. The Jit fault upon Mr Edwin Cratwell. There Is nothing to palliate the folly of the unexpect1 assault upon the person of Mr. Iblwln t'roswell, the litor of the Albany .1rgut, in the main Street of Albany i-dsy There Is nothing in any ensn to palliate a perinal assault upon an editor ; for the party aggrieved i the columns of a newspaper has full and ample remer at law therefore, this personal attack was foolish It appears that Mr. t'-roswell was walking up ?tate reel towards the Capitol, this morning, and that r. I'eter ( 'agger was standing upon the sidewalk iu mversatlon with a cltisen When Mr Croswell rived opposite Mr I agger, the latter stopped fore Mr. and asked If he was the alitor of a certain article which was nubllsheil I u. *vs, In tue *1rim of yesterday morning. ami which was ( ie of a aeries of articles relating to th? troubles in the f mocratio party in thia county Mr. t'roswell replied lat tie wan tha author of the article, whan Mr. dagger ruck at him with hi* flit. Mr. broswell warded off tha ! ow. ami returned it, hitting Mr. Caggurln the face; the t tter person then stepped bask several feet, and drew f omhiaeoat pocket a small whip, with which he at- , mptcd to strike Mr. ( roawell, who. however, aeiaed , le whip and wrested It from the grasp of Mr ('agger, j fore, aa I am told, any blows were inflicted Mr. , roswell raised the whip, and was about to strike. t hen he was clenched around the body by Mr. \ iiKg"r and pushed agnlnat a cellar grating. In which t ie of his fl-et was caught Mr ( ros well's knee was (, so striii k liy the grating; hi* antagonist by these jj cans gained iin advantage over hint, an t the result of lestrugg'e niiglit have been nior< serious If they bad ( it been separated by several gentlemen who srrived on ie spot. I suppose that neither wss materially lnired. C It is difficult tc imagine what may he the termination , ' this difficulty, or what steps Mr Croswell may see At u tuko to protect himself from assaults of this character; ? ? shall, however, keep you advised of events al ?- ii - w Fkom Santa F?.?We lenm tlist Cttplnin Mnr- w jy arrived at Fort l.eavenworth a few U*y? ago, from ci mta Fa,only twenty sis dayson theroute H'e do not ? arn that he brluga any new* of Importance, at least, wi p in received no Tetters ?St. Ltuit R*p. Am tl L Jbi it A fflt'lturjr Contribution la .Vulco. T*EA>unr Dcr iHrMEN r. Jiiuu It), Itf47. 8m?.'n complianco with directions. I haro examined thu question* presented by the Secretary of War, n regnrd to the military contribution! propcatvd to bo ovleij in Mexico, under the tariff and regulation! *aue J J?? v?- ?| .11 nruu ivi. win rniwiiwij ; recommend the following modifications. (ii ? Int. On all manufacture* of cotton, or of cotton mixed with any other material except wool, worsted, an I silk, in the piece or iu anv other form, a duty, a* a military lontrihutlon. of thirty per cent ad valorem ltd When goods on which the duties are levied by the weight are imported into said ports in the package, the duties shall lie collected on the net weight only; and in til cases an allowance shall he made for all deficiencies, leakage, breakage, or damage, proved to liavo actually occurred during the voyage of importation, and made known before the goods are warehoused. 2d. The period named in the sth of said regulations, during which the goods may remain in warehouse hefore the payment of duties, is extended from thirty to ninety days; and within said period of ninety days any portion ot the said goods on which the duties, us a military contribution, have been paid, may be taken, after such payment, from the warehouses, and entered free of auy further duty at any other port or ports of Mexico in our military possession; the facts of the case, witli a particular description of said goods, and the statement that the duties thereon have been paid, being certified I by the proper officer of the port or ports of re-shipment. 4th It is intended to provide by the treaty of peace that all good* imported during the war into any of the Mexican ports in our military possessions shall lie exempt from any new Import duty or confiscation by Mexico, in the same manuer a* if said goods had boen imported, and paid the import duties prescribed by the government of i Mexico. Most respectfully, your obedient servant. K. J WALKER, Secretary of the Treasury. To the raxsioxsT. Juvr 11, 1847 The modifications, as above reeomraended by the Secretary of the Treasury, are approved by me. and the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navv will give the proper orders to curry them"into effect. _ JAMES K POLK. naval .news. [From the New Orleans Picayune, Juno 5.J U. 8. Data Fosroisr., New Orleans. June 4. Herewith you have a list of the officer* of this vessel, just returned from a long and arduous cruise lu the Oulf. The officers are :?William K. Huut, Lieutenant Commanding ; James A. Doyle, 1st Lieutenant; George Maulsby, Passed Assistant Surgeon; It. H. Wynian. Act- I lug Muster; lleverley Randolph. Passed Midshipman; Watson Smith, Midshipman; William A. Doyle, Captain's Clerk; A. K. Thompson, Boatswain. I cau give you but little news Commodore Terry misted the American Mug at the town of Lag una, on the Island of Caruien, Yucatan, on the 17lli of April, the Porpoise firing a national salute, and the American repliants, with the officers and crews of the inen-uf-war, then u port, giviug the stars and stripe* a hearty cheer The ommodore. on the same day. called a meeting of the luthorltles, inviting the merchants to attend, and inormed them that he had takeu possession of theUlaod. ind would hold it and lis drpeudeucie* until the close of he war. and declared the port open to the commerce of all lations Hy thus holding Laguna. and its dependencies, ill communication between Yucatun and Texas, by water, :sn be prevented The bomb brig Vesuvius was left at .aguna. ami Lieutenant ' use detached from this vessel ind appointed, temporarily, collector or superintendent >f the customs. Com Perry returned to Vera Cruionthe 04th nit ind bis Intention was ss soon as lie had arranged some iinitiese matters there, to return to Laguna. and thence rUlt Campeaohy. where the sloop of war Uliany and rig Washington had already preceded him. for the pursue of making inquiry concerning certain contraband rade with the interior states of .Mexico, which the comuodoru had advice of from sources upon which to ilaced much reliance lie also ascertained that in the losltion?or lather position*?which the i unateeos have itsuuied during I he war, our government has hem ro rted with the moft couteuiptibl" duplicity; and his mention was. as declared to the authorities at Lagnna a case they did not absolve themselves from all Conneriou and intercourse with the Mnxlcau States, ami ad tere to thidr absolution, to "sack aud destroy" the city >f Cam peachy, and such other pluccs ou the seaboard as lUrsued the same course The Porpoise left Laguna on the 19th ult for Vera rux carrying passengers to that place the family of dr. MeKaui our late consul at Laguga. who disappeared lome lime siuce near the Tabasco river (supposed to is drowned) ; also, Mr. K.T Harrison, passenger, aud apt White, master of the Knglish bark Mat hew 'ierce, which was lost at the eastern end of ( armen, in April last. We left Vera Crus an the 75111 ult . bringing silh us Capt. White and Mr Harrison to this place. I'here was no news ul Vera I rux but such as you haTe, io doubt, previously learned. Lieut. James Lawrence Parker is on board the llagihip. aud Is. I am happy to suy, rapidly recovering from he effects of his wound received at Tuspun. and will igain shortly be ready aud eager for the fray. We are accompanied by a prire schooner, captured by .he gunboat llonita. in charge of Passed Midshipman Thompson, which conies here for adjudication. The Porpoise is sent here for repairs, after a cruise of nearly two and a half years in the-Gulf, during which lime she has not. until within the last month and a *alf. been permitted to lie in any port for a single week. The only rest she has bad was at Laguna, Yucatan, to whioh place she was sent about the middle of April, aud remained there until Com. Perry arrived and hoisted the American flag, on the 17th of May. During the past winter, while blockading Vera Crux and Tamptco, she has been iu seventeen northers, some of them the " tallest kind;" the last of which came very near sending hsr down among her finny prototypes. At til* time it commenced, we were blockading to the northward of the t as I hi of S n Juan de Ulua. while the attsck was being madn on the city of Vera Crux by our army, and were blown off on the evening of the 2fllh of March. Next day about noon, the brig was struck hy two heavy sons lu quick suncession, the first causing her to stand still, and the eeond sweeping her decks und throwing her on her beam ends, at the same lime staving in her weather bammnnk netting and all the Imats. Stc, stowed uiuidihips, forcing thorn into the waist, then under water.? the remained in that situation about fifteen or twenty nlnutes. when, through great exertions on the part of ler officer* and men, the boats, sails, Sto., with nearly ill the lee battery, were thrown overboard, when she ully righted with two feet water on her deoks; no one. lowever, felt secure until evening, when the wind grew ighter and the sea commenced going down. To me, levef having been placed in precisely the same situation, t was surprising to see tiie coolnese aud energy (with a mdden and horrible death staring them in the face) exilbited by both oflicers and men, from the commanding ifflcer to the smallest boy on board. Not a word was ipoken of danger until it wa* past, when all acknowledged it. The Porpoise has been one of the most effective and useful vessels in the squadron, and has sailed a greater number of miles than any otiier vessel attached to It ? She has, however, been much Injured hy such continu- | ert hard work and hard weather, and now cornea to thin city to b? repaired and coppered. It in understood that her officers. in consideration of their laborious and faithful service during the cruise, are to hare leave of absence to viait their homes, and that the crew will be disnhargod and pai 1 off. Ntwapapar Poalage. | From the Washington t'uion, June 12.] We have been requested by the Postmaster General to republish the 13th suction of the act of the 3d of March, 1(17, to establish certain poet routes, and for it her purposes. A certified copy has been furnished by .he State Department. This ia rendered necessary by lie improper punctuation of a part of the section in the dition of the Laws, as published, which has given rise .o a misconstruction of the law, and rensure of the dolartment for the regulations adopted to enforce it. In that part of the section which declares all newspapers shall pay postage, except exchange papers and those 'ranked, the following words, "and newspapers not sent 'rom the office of publication," art! mude a part of the lame sentence, and an additional exception, by placing :he semicolon after the word "publication:'' and it has >een claimed, that exchange papers and those franked, is well as all others sent In the mails, not coining from ihe office of publication, are to pass free In the uiail?, coving newspapers Issuing from the offiee of publication Jiaoaly ones to pay postage; tliusdl'Cihuiiiating against publishers, when it has been the uniform policy of Confrees to fsvor them and their subscribers, as the best leans of disseminating Intelligence among the people.? rhe evil which Congress Intended to remedy by thi? secdon. was the unnecessary burden thrown upon eoiilrnc .ore as well as postmasters, by crowding the mails with icwspapers. handbills, and circulars addressed to persons | lot ordering them, who refused to take mem rroui me ifflcei; thioi etibjceting the department to the expenac >f transportation. increasing the latior* of the putniMera without any remuneration whatever, and affording aclllttea for miinpifimg atrrMpondnDM Ibroifk Dm nail* without the payment of rrgmar portage. Tlia oinedy intended *11 dauble po*tag? and pp payment Ipon the.e transient paper* thu* Ci'lltinuiilrf tile poliey if favoring publishers and their regular subscriber*. The improper punctual Ion in th? pamphlet edition of ,he lawa of the I art *e ?ioo i? com Oted hy placing tile leiuicolon after the word prlv.lega iu the preceding line, 10 a* to connect the w. rds ahoie t|U ited with the an ha-. |Uent aentence, requiring the prepaywnt of double jest age on nrw*ps|?ere not aent from the office of publi atlou hand bill*, and rlreulara Though It waa rvlleutly the intent of ongroaa to continue the policy of avoriug publi?tier? a* well aa aubacribera. yet. aa it rould bo impo?atble for tho poatmaatera to decide who eere or ware not aubacribera. fAe I'netmastei (Jim ml I III frit 11 At* iluty to instruct postmasters to /oiuaid in he mails, without prepayment all neiespapei s coming 'mm the office a) publication If publisher* ahatl abuae he liberality extended to thein. hy 'ending their paper! i hr nigh the mall* tit peraona not ordering diem, thu* ontlniiing the e*l!? wtiieh Congress tntaaded to remedy, t may firiii'h an additional r"ii?on f>r ti ? propayuiaut 'all printed initt'-r n* rreommended by the f'o*tmaatar ieiural iu hi* la*t annual repor' Titk Post Of rtcR Cask.?Uui rcnilcru will re oiled u notice wome tiuie since in tin* puper. of ult brought hy Mr ' T. Hicka of thi* place against ie I'oatiaaatar here, for tha reon?ery of a paper charged I itli latter portage, by reaaon of being endora* d wttli a agio Initial i'ln cam ?n tried baton- Juatira Wool- 1 orth, and a judgment rendered for 'he plaintiff. It t aa carried by tha I'oaf maater to tha Common l'>a* on irllorari. where it wa* tried laat weak aad thejudg. ' lent affirmed The eaae. wo believe, goea to the hu- i rente Court. Gardner and Burdtek attorney* for plainiff? . D Dlllaye for I'oetmarter ? Syreeuie Democrat . ! ! I.?~ 6, j). Two Ooou. fc'ewa tmm the West Indies. [From tlii) < harlcaton Courier, June 11 1 We yesterday received a tile of the Neaaeu duerd.nn to tho J6th ult.. from which we make the following attract* Ther will bu found Interesting aa referring to the elate of the crops in the various lalande : The harbor of Nassau presented a nimt cheering aspect; between do aud 70 vessels. mostly tchooueri and sloops, were lying at anchor. Intelligence from Crooked Island to the 17th alt. had been received at Nassau. The Pond had been told, and aotno pan*, we ere informed, brought good price*. The first raking would be retarded for come time by the very heavy May rain*, which *et in on the flth. The Guardian *aya that a considerable quantity of alt la ready for (hipping at Hum Key. Good crop* were anticipated at all the plantations. T The crop of pinu apple* In the Bahama*, this season, promisee to bu abundant and of immense sis#?some specimen* ha ve been exhibited weighing 4 lbs, and measuring 17 incites iu circumference. [From the Turks Island Uasett*.] The quantity of salt stated In our last Gattilt as having been raked williiu tbe then last fortnight, say 100.000 bushels we uro informed was under the true quantity, aud that we may safely say another 100,000 bushels have been gathered on tbe two Cays during tba last week.? I'rlco III cents on board tbe ship. The uricu of flour may be stated at (0. Corn at f 1 '1& per bushel. I.uiubar and ahlngle* are not to h* bad at any price. Buttar, lard, aad salt provisions are mush wanted. We understand from undoubted authority that F. C. Harrison. Ksq .has been appointed United Status Commercial Agent for the Uomluican Republic. | We believe it to be the flrat official appointment from abronil to that Republic Their present crop of tobaeeo is likely to exceed, both in quantity and quality, any previous crop. A*tioua?The weather during the past fortnight has been highly favorable for tbe mauufacture of sugar, aad planters generally have availed thumeelves of tbe opportunity for reaping a portion of their crop This week has commenced with a clouded sky. and there is every appearance of rain; several slight showers have already fallen, and although the young crops of canes require to bu watered, the improvident planter cannot eoncaal the frown which will appear on bis brow as each tucceediag shower tends to render his fuel wholly unlit for immediate use. Sugar lias lieen selling from five to six dollars per one hundred pounds, and molasses of fair quality brings two and six pence currency per gallon; tbe price of mm is high, we have heard of seven shillings and six pence per gallon, in consequence no doubt of the present scarcity. We have experienced during tbe last few days three slight shocks of eertbqunke The first occurred abeut IS minutes before 10 o clock on Sunday night- the second at fifteen minutes before 11 on tbe same night, and the third at twenty-five minutes paat 13 yesterday Tbe Knglish laborers who once promised to be useful on Betty's Hope Kstate, left tbe other day In tbe Umerald for F.llirianfi their nuss ? hrlew t,r.,vi.leS lie el- 11/ - i s-- ?? r-"?? -J " Codnugton The weather continue* cxceaaively dry It ia to b? hoped that the change of the moon which occur* to morrow luorning.^tiay occa?ion a change in the weather. Kvery thing i* parchiug for want of moiature Itia aoinewhnt *ingular that wlnht we are ruth-ring from a protracted drought, our neighbor* in the Windward tidnnda aro congratulalmg theuiaelve* upon the contluuanoa ot the moat favorable ai-aaon ? Krgitfer, May 13 TniMidit--During tim month conaiderable progre** lta* been made with the crop The yield ao far a* we have heard. ha* bean abuiidaui; and if the weather hold* up there i? every pro?p?et of thi* crop proving an unuauully abundant one 'I he planter* are cornequently tu good epirila. and are working awny with hemming diligence. But th<< weather i* not theouly d.Lcnte point at prieent Venecia for carry mg home tiie produen are very ncarce. and freight* are comtqu' ally light 'I lie Honor title Board of I.egtilatlT* t ounetl met on I he l*t mutant, when the following tariff wa* ad- pttd : ?Sugar, per 100 lb*. f?A, Cotton, do. ? 611; Coffee, do lo ( oeo.i. do, 7 oU; Hum per gallon. 60c; Alolutei r do Ui cut* t;.\S MX I l ! ! > I ALL KINihIA-U tS tt. ViOKKKT 121 i'rilice atrert, ih.iii lock neat >l Ik ..tdwvv, tic, n hand and n cnuitnutly in ? uanriuaug (?AS ( II ANDALIKKh, 11 It.At KKT8 AND I'hMiA NTs. it all tlirir I ?i le or* ol patter,la *nd ?lira Coutrnc'.a will ala.j oe taken fin little*, in the nvateit and nio*t baaulilul ilylr, < hint lie. Hi eh. a.itl all other public building*, u well u private dwelling!, ?t tiir ihortrei nonce ?ud on the moil tearimnble le rtn* N. 11 All iti di nfgaa fixture* r?gilt, ebr- n/rd ,nd reulverrd jpl7 I Ml* f P.Alt AN liV t.iMi HH \~Hl 1*11 M f N i Id lli| lor the leeeptloii und delivery of gaxd*. 122 IV atreet, New A orli ? ( ( It'll I' tk DhSCHAC'X die and hui*h in a new and auperior ?tvle *11 aorta of good-, tewing silk and tw til, either plmu or .-hided; (rami, urgamiui, ind ipua lilk; lephyr wonted and woollen yarn; lewiug cotton, mohair, linen, aud cotton yarni, lie. 11 mi iged or t ided goodi. ribbons, iilki, aatioa, menaoea. Thibet and Caihtnerr alnwla. gnnpi, friugea, cordi, aud las eli, Intliei" null genileineiii gariuenia, He , dyad aud eleaaed eon d I.' new irlirlr* 1* lit*** ~ TU JiVlFcV/i I p.rr.s A X I >* iTLALLKX IN ~ WOOLLENS. TV Mil IK.fiN U 1 (I Iterti.i.iiera ?f I 1 .|S. I .I...? . II lie.. No. Ml Watt street. 1 tie Gold Medal haa beeu awarded by the American loatitulr, fur their supessor uiauuer of rcliuuliuig. Order* may be left with Messrs. WOLCOTT It HI AOt. No. M Pine atreet. Wil. C. LANOLKY k CO., 25 Broad straw. " 1). lJKIOHAM k CO .doPiue street, to whom they may refer. N. U.?Two thousand dollars insured on goods for aeeoant of euatomera. aid lea** ("AYKUS W. KIKLD k CO- No. 9 Burling Slip, offer for -> sale a large assortment of Printing, Writing, Wrapping Hardware, Kuveloi**, Hangiug. and colored Pa|ier. I't|wr of any aire or quality made to order. The highest market prices paid in raali for raga, bagging, hale ripe catting), gunny bagging, grata rope canraaa, and all otiier kind* of Paper Manufacturer's stock. by CYRUS W. Klf'.l.U k CO.. *17 lm*r N.. 'i Hurling Hlip, N Y. BABY M MPERST BABY JUMPERS. I^IIK ATTKNTION of motliara and of onraea, ta inrited loan eaaminarion ol this indispensable article to aguiet nurai-ry. which man lie found of erery rariety and price at 100 Broadway. 8AML. BBOOKH, a?l IniSrr Agetil for the Mawn fee fw re I, LUI'ti.AN ANO BHOTIIKRH. H.A'I hltrs.SJI Broome street, corner of Broadway, New York, new Roofs pot on tu the beat maimer, old Itoofa r'| wired and warranted tight. Orders received at the abuse place and at Mr. P. Clark'*, M Henry street, will he piinrrnalh attended lo. inl3lm?c NKW SPRING AND nr.ll.MKR" OOOOS.?Gentle men's outtittiug.?J. Agate, formerly Paraella k Agate, 227 Broadway, corner I'ark Place, now offer* to his frienda, customers am) strangers, a full and varied assortment of gartleinen's furiiTshiug goods, adapted to the present and coming season, selected or manufactured with great car*, consisting of Cravats, Scarfs, (floras, Susjeudrrs, Shirts, Under Gar* ments. Hosiery, kc., fcet N. B.?The subscriber will pay pirtirnlar attention to making Shirts, Stocks, Suspenders, S.ioulder Braces, Body Braces, ike., having engaged a superior artist to attend the manufacturing deiiartancnt. myUlm'rc JOSF.PH AliATK 277 Broadway Clle. AP SI (sAMS?New ernp Ifreen and Black Teas and Family Groceries. Jnat received from auction a large stock of white and brown ngars, gieen and black test and groceries, all of which are of feird ai nnusnal low prices. Lost supar 9H Cents poknd; I'nrto Riro It; li(ht Havana do la; fiuctt Oolong tea jo emu; fine Young Hymn M cent*; good Id irk and greea Si. and Ja 111; prune idd enflee 10 rt'iita lb, fre,h around aula, and groceries of all kind* for aale in nnaiiUtKilo >ui( purcnaaeri. Br J. O. KOWLKR, SjO and 42* Greenwich, and 76 Vraev airtfl. N. R. Dealer* and famdiaa from the country would do well to call before piirchaaing. tioodt delivered to the boat* without charge i. .ciojoi'm QPt HUMt 1 >.!< -Tliw ralaableand uidiipaaaaM* aiedica I diacorery, winch hu recently attracted the attention, and received the approbation of the member* of the Royal Society, in London, for tearing the lunga, and judging their eute la health and now in lull practical operation, in the hand* of the proprietor and inventor, at2ll .Ninth itreet, where he will he in attendance from It o'clock, to I, daily. On Monday*, Wednridaye and Kridar'a gratuilnua adrice will he eivrn to the poor. from u to 11 o'clock. mvP in'r CHURCH'S VEOKTAHLK LOTION THIS celrhr?leil I tumeric r ffeclually eradicatea eru|ition? on the akin, particnlarly pimplei, hlotehea, teller, tan, I frecklea, and cuUueou* racrcacciiree. The aae of the Lotion lor a ahull time, will cnUbhah a clear and brilliant compleiion. Sold in bottlea it 7J cent* each, at II* Bowery, eomer of Sprint itreet Aim br M Ibi* it -it 11 o ^ -yt' n,* r E~ ~\iTTh. f < IKKKK llol Sf. oE B A'A His, by JA.MM K. IVIIITK, Ir--m London, MS Peall attret, betwrcti ( I litre and Kim vfreela?H'irm, t old or Sliovrrr Bath ISM cent.; Smirk Ri da ISM cent*; Mrala I2M Crnti, or Board and l-mlgn tf $2 M> pel week. 'I'b# I. n -Ion, Liverpool, < ana-la arid llnitrd Sutra patiert arc received here. rny 10 Sw*e |. I - II SUN IN Ml HANI t. COMPANY OH ?>. I VI Wall street. opposite the Merchants' Kichange. Tina company continues to insure against lots or damage by Ar?*. on ?l v* rIIii,a house?, warvlmutgs, builJmga in gi utvgl, goods, wares, anil tnerch uidise, and every description of peraonai pro| erty. Looses correctly tod promptly adjusted and paid. mm i toii. 'Hi ?a. T. Wt.odrufT, II R Robym, M. D., Francis P 8sge, VIoaea Tucker, John P Moore, Anson Bafccr, I'lioinpHOM Price, < alelH. Tunis, J*?. t. Iloimea, John H Lee, F.ltsha Itiggs, T!i??s. .Mnrrel!, John L. Verritt, Joaeph .Mien, Knye e Hogart, J seidi Drak*. Win K 'I horn, Rf-Sert hmnh Thos VV r| home, John I? Davison. MO&M* 1T< KFR. President. Horr. 8? cretarv ni ? r rfy ,1 r*||K \pV HI hToHK I the ' '1 ? Kul ?fre?I. JI f ?r Psper H iugjugs, Window Hlndn, lir^bonrd Prima mviafarturrr of the Trench (hlrwi.iril Spring Hair, .Most and other mattraaaea; Feather Bed -, Curtain vlatenaU, and every article in the uph?.l?ter\ line at ihe lowest price*. li DAVIKB. 164% Fulton street. Bteamhoata. ahip cabins, and hotels, fitted up and furnished. MI NIATURL 1'AlNTlNu. Mil. MeDOl [GAL haa taken tha room No. II. in bmldiag known ?? I'ltimba National 11 Afftiereaa Oallerv. rornar of Broadway and Murray ttreet, wUrrr ha would lie Imppy to attend to ?nv order* in miniatnrw or watar eolor tkatrhea alt lin?r WMiOVV kH ADI.H.?y?ti more wc ehallrukr the New Y iiksli.adi dealera to fnm|?lr with m in th? ?ile af Window Shade* W? artliOK unking large dail. eJditinna to nttr etnrk of Shadee and pit dfe miorlrra to be ua^reold liv none Aa to the C|ii>lit y of nai Sliadra. m h itr mil una wor.ltoaay. Tliet took tne premium at Ilia I !? fair *f Newnila, N J We int ite the ritireua n! Veta York .ml llie ?orinnndinf country t five ua a call, and ar will jirovr ihe truth of otu *aaer?i'.ne. DUNCKKH Si HtEKER. Nii.M I bat ham itreet, near ( hamber* afreet, try. I lwi?re New York \j lt'l K k.?William va rimer la no lonfer in my employ PI JOHN It WK.NpKL,* Jr?7t?rrr I It told tree GUANO?Balance of the ranto of bn? Vino nfrom Sont/T America, front analyaia anperior to ant other hind m the market. Kor aala in lota to anit purehaaert, al lrap|iella ",mv",i?fKoklvon**r ,0"on fa iFh aV? V JlA

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