Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 20, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 20, 1847 Page 1
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TH] Vol. XIII. No. 169?WhaU No. ?TM. THK SEW YORK HER A I, I' E3TA3LI3HMENT, Horth-wast comer of Kulton anil tlsnaa ata. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR CIRCULATUM? JPOHTY TIIOISAID. DAIIjI HU'. A(.i)?Every day, Price 2 cent* pat copy?R 16 par Milium?p ij ilila in adroice. WKKKLY H lilt ALD?Krery Saturday?Pnea 6M eaati per Copy?#3 12K ceata per annum?payable in advance. HERALD bull EUROPE?Every Stcara Picket dayPrice i,*A ceutaper cepv?s3 per annum, payable iu advance. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HEKALD?Foblubed en the lat ol Jvnnan- or each y-nr?aiugle copies aiapence each. , Aliv '-.Kl'Il JiMENTS, at the uauul price#?always ewh u. ?:Ct. AUvertiicmenta should be written in a Plain, leffiplt mannr. The Proprietor will not be reepouaiblo for error* tnai "pIuN^N^^all kinds sxecnted beautifully aad witb despatch. .. ,. . . .. All lal* W? mail a?lil?aaa?il lAtna ut tuinQiumcauuu* uy umm?, w establishment. roast be post paid, or the posttfe will bo detected from the subscription money remitted. NKW VorksANDiH^ ON Si^8, the C?i* n il! run as fol'ows, until further notice. Up trains will leave the City Hall for ? , , II irlcinSt Morruiana. Korham k Tuckahoe Pleaaantvllle, i 30 A. M. . Will'maBr'ge. Ilart'e anil Newcastle 7 " 3 30 A.M. White PI'in. Bedford. 8 " 7 " 7 A. M. Whitlickv ille 9 " 10 " 10 " Croton Falls. 10 " ll " 4 P.M. 7 A. M.l 11 " J P. M. 5 30 " 4 P. M. 2 P. M. 4 3 " J 30 " 4 " 0 30 " 5 30 " 6 30 " Returning te New Tork will leave? MorriaianafcHarlem. Fordham. Will'insJIr'K*. Tnvkaho*. 7 03 A. M. 6 33 A M. ? 45 A M. 7 30 A. M. , ? 10 " 7 33 " 7 30 " t 4* " 'J " 0 IW " # 00 " 1 20 P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. M. 12 13 P. M. 3 32 *' 13 33 P. M. 1 05 1 40 " White Pl'ns. 2 " 3 08 " 0 " 7 10 A M. 3 " A IJ " fill " I 33 " 4 20 " 7 51 " 7 43 " 1 P. M 6 M " fi 21 " II 03 " , Pleasantville. New Castle. Bedford. Whitlickville. II 13 A M. 3 AM. 7 31 A M. 7 44 A M 3 13 1' M. 3 P M. 4 31 P M. 4 43 P M Croton Palls. 7 30 AM. 4 30 r IYI. T: e trnins to and from Croton Falls will net atop eu New York Inland, except it Boome street, and 32d street. A ear will precede each ijain ten Emu tea, to take up i>aaacii(*ra ia the city. The morning train of cara from Crotaa rails will not (tap between White Plaint and New Turk, except at Tuckahoe William's Bridga, and Far dharn. > xtra trains ou Sundays to Harlara and Morrisiana, if flue | weather. Stszes for Lake Muhnpaekand Dnsburv lease Cretan Fallr en atiisal of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for Pawlinn on arrival el the 7 e' lock A. M. train. FARE FROM NKW FORK : To Croton Falls $1 00 To Whitlickville ?7* To Newcastle 75 To Pleasaiitsille 6?X To White Plains 50 Freight trnins lease City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, lease Cretan Falls at 7 A. M. and 9 i*. M. JeB tf re CHEAP AND EXPEDITIOUS Tit A V Li. LI ft U TO THE WESTERN STATES AND CAN AS A. smmi jaoB: mmk BY TAFSCOTTW EMIGRANTS PASSENGER LINES, Olfice, 86 South street,New Yerk. The subscribers continue te forward Etnigranu and ethese to all parts of the Western States and Canada, at (he very LOWEST RATES OF PASSAGE, by Railroad, Steamboat and Canal, to the fallowing (dices, vik Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and Pittaburgh Utica, Syracuse, Oswego, Auburn, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie, I'a. Cleveland, Huron, Sandusky, Msnmee, Monroe, Toledo, Detroit, Mackinaw, Milw.mkie, Racine, Sonthport, Chicago, Green Bay, Pottsrille, Pittsburg, Pa. Wheeling, Portsmouth, Ohio. Parkrrsbnrgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Ky. Ht. Louis. Galena. Dubuoue. Bond Head, Darlington, Hamilton, Whitby, Oeburg, Queenstou, Kingston, Toronto, Sandwich. Montreal, And all other intermediate places. Persona proceeding to any part of the West, or Canada, would do well to call en W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their General Emigration Office, ?6 Booth street, New York. Tspseett'a Emigrants' Travelling Guide can be had ou applicatioii, free. m'i 30t*re 'jMSSt iM.iWI U.vt At t tJ.'S PROVIDENt E, BOSTON AND EASTERN EXPRESS, VIA NEWPORT end KALL RIVER. This Express leaves the office, No. 1 Wall street, corner ef Broadwhy, daily, at ,U before 5 o'clock, P. M., thereby securing to merchants and others the advantage of a late hour for forwailing cases, packages, &c. Bank Notes, Specie, Drafts and valuable Parcels, are secured in iron sates, and placed iu the charge of faithful conductors, GAY It CO. Merchandise, Packages, Itc., forwarded in our owu oars; and by leaving orders at our office, No. I Wall street, rornor of Broadway, packages will be called for iu any part ef the city. Offices. No. 1 Wall St., corner llroad w a); No. 7 Stalest., Boston. _ m?l 30t fh afternoon like, daily, FOR NEWBUROH AND FISHiuss-, r* iLanding at Van Cortland's, (Peekskill.) West alitfuSHHEw Peiut, Gold Spring and Cornwall. The Steamer Thoroas Powell, Cant. Saml. Johnson, will lease the pier Cent ef Warren street, for the above places, every afternoon (Sundays cirriaed,) at 4 o'clock, commencing A|*il IS. Re.nruing?wit! h-ar? Newbttrgh every morning at 7 o'clock. N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Bank Bills or Specie, pet on board of this boat, most be at the risk of the owner thereof unless entored on the books of the boat or reenptcd for. mv13 38t"re ffttttcjer RTATEN ISLAND FERRY.?On and r* after SUNDAY, April 18th, the steamboats tfflEMHh SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will mil as follows, until further notice :? LEAVE STATE* I1LAIVD At 8, I, 9, II, 11, A. M., and 1, 3, 3, 4, 9, 6, 7, P. M. LEAVE NEW YeRK At 7, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 3, ten minutes past 3, and at 4, 3, ti. 7, o'clock, P. M. New York April 13t.h. aU r ~T - m. NOTICE-NEW 8TAOE ROUTE.? W.. _..i :L. r..11? :..r . L _ 1 ?uu?;nuer? rcapenuuiiy limine weir *.m.;t?3m3feStarfriemlv and the imblic that they will com rnence running < on WWTlWaWi jw 8, a Line of Stages, frara the corner .A venue C ami Ninth street, through Are nue C, Houston 'treer, Bowery, Chatham street ana Broadway, ta South Kerry, ami do lierebv solicit a shire of public patronage. LENT It HUNT. WILLIAM C. LKNT. LEONARD HUNT. jel Ht're Maw. CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINE OK* opposition boats kor albany AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES-Kara id rents?Bre vkftatand Dinner on Board. The uew and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-past sis, A. M., from the pier foot af Warren street, touching at Hammond street pier. Korjpasaage or frieght, a only an board the Boats, or to Geo. the office, 136 Warren street, corner of West street (?7~ All persons are foAtiil trustiug the above boats 011 account of the owners. aiyli rh opposition passage ovkice-to Albany, Utica, $1 50; Syracuse, $2; Oswego, aMMHilt; Rochester, 82 25; Buffalo, $2 50; Cleveland, SI 5S; Detroit, Milwsukie, S3; Chicago, St; Cincii'iiati, 88; Toronto and Hamilton, St; Whitehall, S3, Montreal, Si; Pittsburg, S3Office, 100 Barclay street. Any security required will be given fcrthe fulfilment of all contracts made with this company, in is lm'_rc M. L^ltAY, Agent, New Terk, 1147. MO tN.N LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK" ,*m, r<IR ALBANY ANDTROY aad Intermef'j Nilij'r Landings. u,>aiu'kaAiHa Breakfast and Dinne on board the Boat. The low prcssnre steamboat TROT, Captain A. tiorham, will leave the steamlteal pier font of Sanday street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock. Returning on ti e opposite usys. For iwasage or freight, apply ei heard, er to F.B.Hall,at the office on the whsrf. ___ _____ iwv?0 r | PEOPLE S LINE STEAMBOATS FOR i : ALBANY, Dai y, Sundays Eicepted? , 'dnflBb Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between Coortlandt and Liberty streets. . Steamboat ISAAC NKWTtJN Capt. Wm H. reck, will leave mi Monday. Wednetday, and Friday evemnga,. ?t 7 o'clock Steamboat IlKNVttlOK IlL UHON. Capt. II U. Crurtendcii, will leave an Tueadey, TViieilay tad femrday evening* ? 7 o'clock. At Five O'clock. P. M ? Lending at Intermediate Plarea? (com the loot v 1 Swelay atreet. Steamboat NORTH \MkfMCA, Captain R. H. Fnrry will leave on Monday, VV'edneartay, bviday.and Sunday afternoon*, at 5 o'clock. . ... Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA,Eapg.T. N. HaHa .will leave on Titaadiy, Tliartday, and Sa'nrday afternoon*, at J o'clock. The ahove boau will at a'l me* arirve m Albaur in ample time Tor the Morning Cart ft* n? hiaat or VPeat. Kreinht taken at moderate raw-, a>id none lalaao a?er 3X o'clock, P. M. [CP" All peraona are forbid iruaBng a:4' ol^the boata of tlua line, without a written order Iroan the captain* or agenu. ( 'or paaaaEa or freight, aprly an board the boau, or to P. C PirHcLT/. at the office on the wharf. jtII rr gdKT- FOR NEW OHLKAN8?Loniaiana and New aAVffW. York Line ol Packet*.?Poaitivelr the tirat and only jflBB&rernlar |iacket to nail Wedneaday June 23. The tplendid railing Packet ehip LOUISVILLE. Capt M. Hunt.ia bow loading, and will potinve ly nail an above, her regular day. For''eight or puangr, having nuperior accommodations apply on board, at Orleann' wharf, foot ef Wall atreet. or to , K. K. COLLINS, No. 36 South ?treet. Poaitivelyno freight will be received on board after Tueaday evening. June 22. \geuta in New Orleana, John O. Woodruff k Co., wlie will promptly f. rwerd all good* to their addreaa. Slnpi?era may rely upon tnia vesael railing punctually aa advertned. The packer baik CHOTON, Captain O. B. Sottillard, w ill ancc'rdtbe l.oniaville. and anil her regnlar day. jel9r ndeiC* )K LC>N ItO N?The A 1 llritiah hmlt. laat vWjWVa?'li K h tk ELI/.A BETH.Oeilr, in inter, will have nHMHaatmmednite dinpatch. k 10 .eight, to the hulk of 2PM barrela, or pannage, having eery nttperior accomin.?let,ona, apply to the t'artain. on board or to WOODHULL ( MINTURN, 17 South at. , Jell rc ______ The public are cautioned not to trnat the crew 'l .|?fy the Brin.h btig THOMAS AND WILLI AM. ra nt JHMHtta'labta of tlioir contracting will ho mud by eapuin or conaigne*. J. MeMURRAY, jell Cortaor of Pint ana loitk Street* E NB1 Tt?g?i I- matrnmammmmmammmmmmmmrnammm N] OCEAN STEAM NAVIOATION COMPANY. Office 44 William atreet. hk Dihectom. C. H. Stud. Oonred W Kaber, Edward Milla, Horatio Allen. William Chamberlain, Mortimar Liringiton, T Juhu A. laelin, J<>hu L. stephene, tl Herman Oelriclia. C. H. SAND, President. n. Edward Milli, General Agent, New York. ' Cmahi k?E. ArtDKiiati*, Hecetary. ? In conformity with the priviaioiu of the rTnirler notice hereby given tliat the Booka for aabacriptiou Ibran .-mount not exceeding $300,000 to the capital Hock of the Ocean Steam m Navigation Comtmuv. v?ill he re- uened at the office of the tl Company,44 William, corner of Wall atieet, on Monday, Slat June, 1847. *' Eire per cent of the amonnt subscribed muat be paid at the " period oUuUacriptinu iu apecie or bank billa. The balance oi the aubacription will be called for in instalmentsnot exceeding 1* 10 per cent.oa may be required by the operatioui of the Compa- qi 11), mill iiniiy unyi I'lclllllll notice. tti The following in the 25tli section of the By-Law:? i " Subscription to tlie capital of the Coui|iauy, after the t mount may he $500,000, ah.ill in preference be allowed to theae who iniy then be stockholdcis, and to the eileut of their then c< actual subscription " _ j6 30trc * - I THE STKAMSU1P SAH All SAN US, t /^^ i W. C. Thompson, master, will leave Liver- c( pool for New York ou the 15th June, and Mew York, on her return to Liverpool, the pi 20th July. Kor freight or passage, her ar> w Coimnodalio s being unsurpassed for room, elegance and con?en If nee, apply to R. RERMIT, , je!5 r ___ _ 70 South street. ^ BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHir, 1200 toru a' slid 430 horse power each, under centred ^^^^^^ with the,.Lords ol the Ailmirality. w HIBERNI A. (Captain Alexander Ryrie. V CALEDONIA, Captain Edward (/. Lott. BRITTANNlA, C.a|ilaiu Jehu Hewitt. j CAM BUI A, Captain Charles H. K. Judkius. rl AC AIM A, Captain William Ilarrisan. The fenr steamships at?w building are THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA, J THE CANADA, THE EUROPA. t< Vessels appointed to sail frein Liverpool are the II Cambria June 4, 1S4T , Caledonia Jane 19.1047 Britania July 4,1S47 Vessels apiiointed to sail from Boston are the Hibernia, June IS, 1847 . Cambria, July 1, 1847 j* Caledonia July If, 1847 " Passeugers' luggage must be ?n beard the dey previous to v sailing, ii Passage money?Prom Boston to Liverpool, $lt0, de do to p Halifax, tU. _ Ne berths secured until paid for. These ships carry experienced surgeons. No freijtht, except specie, received on daye of sailing. | n For freight, passage, er any other information, apply la tl D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, n AtHARNDEN k CO.'S, t> Wall at. t| TT" In addition to the abate line between Liverpool and Halifax, and Batten, a contract baa been entered into with Her Majesty'* government, to establish a line between Liverpool a and New York direct. The steamships for tlna service are now being built, and early next year due notice will be given of the time when they will atari. Under the uew contract the h steamera will aail every Saturday during eight aontha, and n every fortnight during the other months in the year. Going al teruately between Liverpool and Halifax and Bomen, ana be twcen Liverpool and New York. vgl r , kttJt NEW ORLEANS"' ' * I. LOUIBI.WKANO EW YORfc LINE. ! m. m m. TOTmrTvERY 'H^TaYS. Ship OSWEOO, Captain Johnson. ( Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain Ingoraoll. r hliip LOUISVILLE, Capt. llunt. Shin SARTELLE, Captain 'i'aylor. c Bark OKNESEE. Captain Minet. ? Bark J. E: WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. t Bark HEBRON, Captain Oreig. , The above shi[>s are all of the firat olaaa, of light draft of , water, and commanded by the moat experienced oaptaina in the trade. Their cabins arc handsomely furniahed, and every attention paid to the oomfort and convenience of the paaaon- 1 gera. Neither the captaina or ownera of the above ahipa will be re- 1 aponaible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, ailverer plated 5 ware, or for any lettera, parcels, or packager tent by, or put on j board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the , same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 58 South street. I Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff It Co., who will promptly forward nil goods to their address. c P. W. BYRNES it .CO.'S NEW YORK AND LIVER- ? POOL EMIGRATION OFFICE. I M. Ml -ML&> B YRNhn^O., 58 WateHo^Road, Liverpool, are desirous of informing tliu public of the United States, that they have found the importance of a direct Agency for the purpose uf placing within the power of the friends of the pas- , sengrrs coining out to this country, the immediate correspou * deuce with a respectable establishment, from whom they can ' rely for altoiitiou and favor towards their relations leaving the ( old country. 1 .u.i.o....r ......... r.? ti?i.i;? Waterford, Belfast, Londonderry, and Liverpool, direct to New Vork, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore or New Orleans can do to on more favorable teriua thau can bo obtained from ' any other house engaged in the business in tliia country; being ' the oldest and larceat oatablialuneut in the passenger trade in ( Liverpool. ; The many thousand passengers that have sailed in the ships . which have betu despatched from our office in Liverpool,and the different ports of Irsland for the last thirty years, is a ftafTicient guarantee of our ability to fulfil with satisfaction any en- * easement for passengers that we may be favored with. t DRAFTS AND BILLS OF EXCHANGEfiveu for any t amount, payable on aiKht. at the National Bank of Ireland and its branches; and also ?n all the principal towns of England and ( Scotland without discount. , A list of the Packet Ships with their days of sailing, and the 1 address of the Agents who act for ua, can be Had on application 1 at this olTice. Apply or address by letter, U>otti>aid) J r. w. bVrnes k co., ? mii lm*rrri lid South street | DRAFTS ON THE NATIONAL RANK OP t IRELAND. 1 M . M. M. ; TA beg t^nlmrm their Diend^ajld t the public, wishing te remit meiiey to Irrland, that they diaw drails for larga or small amounts, (payable without discount,) direct on the National Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the numerous branches throughout the country. Also, drafts can '' he obtained, payable in all parts of England, Scotland, ami 1 Wales, an application to W. !t J. T. TAPHCOTT, ' at M South street. New Vork. i M"M' fJoTTrr BROTlffiRS; It MAotTksON, No^sTTai- f XV dm lane, haying now completed their arrangements, beg , leave to announce to their frienda and the public, that passages to and from the Old Country can be secured on the most rea- 1 aonabte terms, in tint clasa picket ships, sailing regularly from ' New York and Liverpool. They also guarantee that there i shall he no detention, but that emigrants will be forwarded on presentation of their tickets. . Drafts payable on demand on the Royal Bank ol Ireland, and on Measra. Preacott, Grot#, Ames It Co., London. ' my2i ddt* re ' ROCHE, BROTHERS Ic CO PASSAOC TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL BY THE j u u,'v 11 u/iuu ui>m r i /i'./nu 1 0| /H' L/ rVFjiVl I X TANCKS TO IRELAND, kc., ^>?$6^ ilk iHw ggSL be gSii> NS wiInin^iM?fne te Lm^ioJT, by the tpleuniil 1 nminodioaa packet ship CAM BRIDGE, which ' ail* on Wednesday, Jane I6lh, her regular da>, will pleaae I mike immediate applicatien to Captain <i. S. PEABODV, ou t board, at the foot of Brrkman street, or to the anbecribcra. ' j Thoae sending for their frienda, to come out from Lirer , pool by the above faverite packet, or any of the Black Ball Line, sailing from thence eu the tat and Itilh of every ' month, cau aernre their pataajte by applying to ua. < Persona remitting money to their frienda, can hare drafts for anv nmnnnt, par hlr on drmnnd, on the i ROYAL BANK OK IRELAND. or on Meaara. PRE8COTT, OROfk'., AMES k CO., London, which will be paid at their yarioua branches throughout Great Britain and Ireland. 1 Apply to ROCHE, BROTHERS k Co. ? 35 Fulton atreet, New Yotk, neat door to Fnlron Bank. t Only authorized Paatenger Agents for the old or Black Ball 1 Line of Liverpool Packeta jjre | erou LIVERPOOL?To sail with Devpatch? 1 |jn*y The first claaa coppered and copper fastened British jUMhioahip J AN K, (apt McDowell, m now ready to receive utuao I.'i the above port. For freight or pa<i*ae apply to ihu C?i Uiu ou ooard, or to JOSEPH MeML l< IvA V, j12 3tro corner of Pine and South ?tf?e. PASSAGE TO A.NTTFKO.vI "LIVKHPOUL, urffy hy the new line of parkt ts. I'arket of (lie 21st of 4HHMK* June.?1The aplendnl, new, fast vailing pa ketahip I (INS i ITL'TION, 1800 tons burthan, Cant. Button, will rail from New York ou lha 21st of June, auu from Liverpool on the till of August. Teraona shout io embark far the aid conntry, or theaa withiae f<> send for their fiienda. to have tlcm hroueht out in this magnificent pneket, ahould not fa il to make aiTy application f on hoard, foet of Bu' line alip, or to ill* W Jt J T V yf'HCOTT. M Sonth afreet, N. T. j ron LlTtltnOb-Tbl New Line-Regular * kefJnliV Packet of 2lit June?The new, auperior, fait JHMbeiaiting packeiehip CONSTITUTION, < apt. John t bnlton, Ififtn tona burthen, w ill tail at aboa e, her regular day. | Kor freight or paatage, having apltndiii. large and cnmfnrta- , ble ante rootna and cakiti, npply to the Captain on board, at weit aide of Burling alio, or lo WO tPIIULL It MINTUBN, 17 Sonth at. ' The packet ahip IIOTTINOUF.K, low tona hnrthrn, Capt. 1 Ira Buraley, will ancceed the Conalitetion, and aail on her 1 regular (If, . 21 a t af .Inly. je# r i KOH LIVKHPOOL?New Line?Regular pack- 1 I^^KV ai of 36th Juae?The aplendid, fail tailing pa. ket JHBfia n'r OARRICK, Captain B. J. H. 'J'raak, aaill poanirr ly tail aa aheee, her regular day, For freight or paaaage, karing inferior fnmnhed aoeoinmo , dinoai. apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet. r to C. K. COLLINS, M South at. 1 Price of paaaage >7} I The packet ship ROSCIU8, Capt. Aaa Cldridge, will aue- I ceed the Uarrick, and aail the 36th el July, her regular day. inv 2? FOR Ill.iWOff The New Regular mMVW Packet of In JnIt ?The fine, faat tailing Uriliah JHBfehark A I) AM C A IIR, 'till tona, Capl. John Wright, ( will tail aaakoTf, her regular any. 1 Kor freight or paaaage .having aplendid accommodation*, apply on beard, at foot of Rooaercli atrret, K. It., or to liVOODHULL fc MINTURN *7 South afreet. 1 The A No. 1 Britiah bark HYNDKRFORl), Cept. Thomee 1 Mr. Alpin, will anceeed the Adam Carr, and tail on her regu- 1 lar day 1.7th July. jel? r UE- N'MV tif.rr. rtfr PA'-kV:T& 'iV> ANiiKROM i Jilk. I.iTernool ?The aplendid new end laat tailing packet I { faithip CONBTI rr i'lON, 1600 tona hurtheu, Captain 1 Brilton, will aail from New V'erk on Monday, June Hat; and from Liverpool on the 6ih of A gnat. Thoae about prnrard. mgto Lurope, or thoaa wishing to tend for their frjends, can m ike the neceaaary arrangements wilk the inbtcriheri, and have them brought ont in lata magnificent packet upon reaaon- I able teima, by tnohiug early application to j ID,- W.?t J.T. T.vrsi OTT, 66 South at., N \ I4A- NOTICIl?The public *ic forbid trn?ting the ] wJ?Wcre w of the Britiah Bark Lleutheii , fratn Limerick, j JHhUea Iio debta of their contracting will he j>eid by the captain or eentignee. J. MeMUIlRAV.| jc|? r Cor. Phie_ind South atreet. AJafr- CONsTfNkits per Br. kirk MINSTRLL, will uHffkpleaae tend their |iermitapn hoard immediately, foot flttbal Dover street. All goede not permitted in Are daya, mutt be tent to publta a tore , Joltf W YO EW YORK, SUNDAY M< The War, dtc. IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. The schooner Zsnebia, Capt. Brown. arrived yester?5' from Vara Crux, whence she sailed on the Id imt. he steamer Telegraph wax to sail from Vera Crux in <ro or three ds;ye. By this arrival a eepy of the Jl merit an Eagle of the 1 ?u received In town, and through the kindness f a friend we linve obtained the u?e of it. The E gU says that the election for President will ike place on the 16th luat. By thii we prelum# is want that the vote* will then be offlrial'y counted and le remit declared. We have no farther return* by this rrival but the E tgle think* Gen. 11 errera will be the resident. Gen. Scott reached Puebla on the 98th wit. the day ;t'oru Gen Twiggs arrived there. Every thing was liut in the city, eur soldiers and the inhabitants being jparently ou the best terras. iA small reconnolteriug party of our troops had been int some twenty utile* beyond Puebla They had vnmnlered no enemy so far. The Mexicans are erecting oik* a shert distance this side of the capital, but the 'agle treats them as unimportant, and not likely to be tmpleted. The Eagle gives It as a report that Gen. Almonte is a risoncr, on an accusation of holding correspondence ith Geu Scott. Benj. Thomas, Hcrgoant majer of the 1st Infantry, lull ou Sutlilav. the until ult in V'aph *nil vm uried on Monday morning with military honor*. TUo rgeant *u a valuable officer, nay* the Eagle, and hi* limine ?ii regretted by all who knew him. KhutmHeuUM that only one invn was killed ith Col. Souers. The imprudence of the colonel in enturlng ahead of hi* party, cost these two lire*. A naval expedition against Tabasco, under the commoore in person, was talked of at Vera Crux as about to .art at once. The following vessel* were mentioned a* kely to compose it:?Tho frigate llaritan, sloop of war ohn Adams, ship (Jerinantown. the Aetna (now at Kron-ra). tlie Spitfire (do ), tile Scorpion, aud the gun boats ouita and Mahonesc. Should the sloop of war Albany rrive in tiiuc she would prububly join iu the expedition. [Item* from La Pntria, New Orleans. June I I.J The Spanish subject* whe had become naturalised lexienn citizen* ar* anxious tiow-a-days to disclaim that onor. and are making applications to the Mexican Goerument. under a treaty whicli it was mentioned in the rij Etpanal, lias been concluded between tho Mexican loverniuent and the Spanish minister. The term* on 'bich they they obtain thi* favor are as follows. They annot be considered as Spanish subjects in any busies* matter* or affair* that may have taken place before beir renouncing Mexico, nor in any transactions omaating from such affairs; their children, however, retain heir rights as Mexicans; and, finally, those individuals rho now renounce Mexican sitizenship. must undergo 11 the forms required from straugers before they could gain be admitted. The law passed in Mexiee lately, muzzling the press, >ss b?en[T*pealed. NEWS FROM T.VMPICO. The schooner Morris. Cspt. Thompson, arrived yesTday from Tampieo, having railed thenrt on tho 3d ast. She brought no mail VVe learn from Captain 'hompson that the brig Hamlet went ashore in the rcakers on Tampioo bar on the 30th ult. It was supused she would be got off bv lightering her. The steamship Fanny sailed from Tumpieo for Vera Jrui on the 1st inst. Tho*. Gibbons, of Baltimore, was mortally stabbsd at Campioo the evening of the 1st inst. by George Norris, if Company E, Baltimore Battalion. Norris was immo. liately arrested and placed in prison. As Ibis affsay lias <oen represented to us, Norris, who Is mueb the smaller aan of the two. was not the aggressor Glbboas was imployed in the Quartermaster's department. The report we have of the health of Tampioo Is verv infavnrable. Many oases of yellow fever hare occurred, ind they were on the increase. It is said, though we lope this is an exaggeration, that on the morning ef the Id lost only one sergeant and two men out of 4 empany C, Louisiana Volunteers, reported themselves for duty, he rest being sick. The Morris brought over forty men of Company A, laltimore Battalion, under Capt. James E. Stewart. We have conversed with Capt. Piper, who arrivod last ivening from Tampieo. lie thinks the representation uadu above of the sickness lu Tampieo too highly coored. Tho report as to the Louisiana company, t-spsially, he thinks exaggerated, and that there 1* very little 'ellow fever as yet In Tampieo. INTERESTING FROM ZACATECAS. [From the New Orleans Picayune, June 11 .J We yesterday had the pleasure of a conversation with llr. Reuben Gentry, who has been several years In the Santa K? trade, and who left Zacateca* on tile l'ith ult., mining direct to Saltiilo, and taking tho Rio Grande 'oute heme. Wo learn from Mr. Gentry there wore not over*4.000 won In San Luis Potosi. and so hopeless was the enemy if being alilo to maintain the placo against (Sen. Taylor, .hat thi* force had order* to retire to (^uereiaro. a city >n tho road to Moxico. should he advance. So far a* Mr. Gentry could learn, for ho was not in San Luis, the iddress of the clergy of Han Luis, inciting the people to mpport the war, has had but little effect there,and nono ilsewhere. So fanatical had some of the clergy become, hat some few of tlicmliad placed themselves st the head >f guerilla parties raised in the vloltiity of Mexico. Mr. Gentry confirms the accounts heretofore reoelved if tho apathy existing among the people of Northern Mexico as to the war. Indeed, he says, if any feeling ixlsts among then, it is a desire for the presence of the tmerican army The only jierson* who favor the war ire tho clergy and the officers, both elvll anil military, n the State of Zacateca* the friendly feeling towards he Americans is stronger than elsewhere. This State, t will be remembered, took part with Texas in the e: runeneement of the struggle between the federalists ind centralists, and was overrun by Santa Anna with lis army. Since then tho people bear an inveterate hatred o him. It was at one time expected that General laylor would march upon Zacateeas. aud take possesion ef It. The people looked for his arrival with anility, and the day before Mr. Gentry left there a promiisnt Mexican, at a publi* festival, gave as a toast? ' Susces* to General Taylor aud the American army," rliich was drank by the whoio company with applause. There is, therefore, hut little prospect of the enemy re ivimr aid from this uuarter of Mevien airline l? man >r money. Gen Taylor, In a eonToraatlon with Mr. Oentry, told ilm that if he waa reinforced ai ho expected to be. he srould advance upon San Luis Fotnsl about the middle if July, and the prospect is that he will tlnd but little f any resistance. Trade was not so good either in Zacatecss or the surrounding country as might be expeeted. Goods, inconilderable quantities, bad flown In through the porta on he Taciflc before the blockade of the coast becauie goneal, aud the merchants generally were well supplied, dr. Gentry brings no later news from California than ins already been receired. NEWS FROM SANTA FE. [From the St. Louis Republican, June 11 ] Several gentlemen, among whom wuro I?r Edmondsen m.l Lieut Hawkins. acrtvdg befd yesterday, on the <tcamer J. J. Hardin, direct from Santa Ke, which place hey left en the 3d of May ' Every thing was quiet up to .hat lime, and nothing later had been received from Calfornia. The sickness among thn troops at Santa Ke, ivhloh had km very extensive and fatal, had psrtislly urhsided, and very Jew enses were occurring The party lousistcd of twenty-seven persons, with four wagons fheyaaw no Indians on thn reute ; but some of them umle their way into the camp one night, i hiding the 'igilance of the guard, and - succeeded in stealing three nulss. Several parties of traders and Government trains vers met this side of the Semirone ; but of the latter, inly one or two were beyond Council Grove. One of the ruins was tired upon by the Indians, at the Cotton iVoods, hat no injury was done. A Santa Ke mail was trough! in, and left at Knrt Leavenworth, but the letters lave not yst reached this oity. ARMY INTBLUOEIVCK. Thn schooner Dosdnmonu. Capt. Chatton, arrived tolay from the Brazos, wilh three companies of the 1st (eglment Indiana Volunteers, under command of Col. J. UrakHi 1.10 men rank and file. The C 8 trausport ichooner .Morris, ( apt Thenipsen, brought from the lame place Captain p. E. Stewart sand 40 men of comiany A, Baltimore Battalion C. S transport schooner (Brah June, Capt Barnes, from llrusoa Santiago. Atb nstant, brought two companies of the 1st Regiment Lilians Volunteers, underconimandof Capt. R, II. Milroy, ib men rank and file. Companies H, " and E, of the same battalion arrived ast evening in the brig Columbus, under ths command if ( apt. Piper and Lieut Murphy. , Company K also arrived last evening Cspt. Boyd of ,his company is endeavoring to raise a company at 'l'amjico for thu war. He has already thirty or forty men inlisted. Coaipaay C of the battalion has been almost dishand>d One of the officers has gone home #n sick leave, mother has |one te Vera ('run en leave, and yet another las remained ?i lampico. noine 01 me inen. 100, nave remained, but moat of tlicui have returned here on ilifrerrnt venecla. en mixed in with other companies that we :an make no formal report ot thorn. We regret to he compelled to mention that Sergt. W. II. Hlckinan.o' the Baltimore Battalion, died on the 6th Inal at sea. on the Columbus Ilia disease waa inflammation of the bowels. lie waa the eon of Col N Hickman, of the 6th Keglment Volunteer Infantry of Baltimore ? N. O. Picayune, 111h inn. The ?chr. St Paul, Capt. Samuel U. Percival, arrived yeeterday, with fnrty-tlve passengers, amongst wham tro Col Stuart, of Miss., Major ilendrlcka, of Tampa Bay, Capt. \Vm. Whiting, ot the Muss regiment. Capt. I harles W. Woodbury, of Moea . and several other gontlemen belonging to the army. < apt. Whiting fetUflU an the recruiting service. iie having generously eon0 nted to let hia men go into the other couipamea. to fill them up. The regiment at the beat, haa now but (ISO men. Capt. W. a known reputation as the editor of the Brooklyn (N V.) Eagle* and Providence Osteite, cannot fail to rally around him the best blood of N't a Kngland (fen Taylor Ie at Monterey, with about ,1000 troopa.?New Orltant Delia, 11/6 imt. The reception and entertainment of the returned volunti ere at New Orleana on the 10th inet. la aaid to have been a grand affair :?"At the appoluted time the following companlen of the lot Mississippi Iteglinent formed In t auel etrect. under their respective couimanilern, vix1 ompany A, Lieut. Corwin ; company B, Li. ut Calhoun; company C, Capt. Willis; company K, Capt Dolaye; compaay O, Capt MeManuH; company II, (.apt Clendenln; sempany K, Capt. Hodge re. 1 hia gallant regiment numberad in all about 'JoO men, aad waa under ( apt. Cooper, tha senior captain of tha regiment.'' Having marched In prooemrion, and reached Lafayette Square, a salro of 68 guns waa tired, and the orator of tha day, Hon. I. 8. Prentiss same forward and addreaaad RK II JKINlINlr, JUJNE 1847. tho volunteer*, who ?tood before him In olote column. The fpeceh wm an elequent tribute to valor, and a cordial xi-eetlng. end welcome bnm?. extunded on behalf of the eitisen* of New Orloaaa, by the orator toward* the gallant MiMiaaippiani. 04 We annex hereto, from the Eagle, a list of deatlu In 4' the boepltala of Vera Cru* laet month :? h Regliter of Death* in General Hnnpital at Vera Crux. Mexico, for the month of May. 1S47, of the Regular and Volunteer Corp* of the oruiy of the United Slate* jj Samri Cn?llrg Dii'uit. Died' p John C Morrel. .H. rn'd r. Dianjhuea May 20 n W. W. Weller. . . B do Vulnue eclop do 2 V'.. W. Crawford. .A do Ulurrheea do 0 t John Arue F do Aeaitee do 11 h JoKoph Haiue*. . .K do Diarrhoea do 7 o Wm Wooden. , .O do Feb con do U .loeeph lleald.. . . A do Diarrhoea do 4 1 Wm Cornheim. . A 2d dra. Diarrhoea do 20 1 Krancl* Davl*. . . .1 1*1 art. Diarrhoea do 0 , Jnme* Kltxgerald. .1 do Diarrhoea do 17 J Ci II. Reynold*. ..K Id inf. Foncu* ear do 5 1 Mahoney Adthlnf. Diarrhoea do 8 ] Pointer A do Diarrhoea do 2 Daniel Jacknon. ..A do Diarrhoea do 4 John Hay* F do Rubeola do 4 ' David McNab.. . . A do Diarrheea do 12 ' vim r uo uuoeoia do T1 I Purer Langan. . ..F >lo Diarrhoea do 37 Mat Hutching*. . . F 7th inf Debilitas d? 11 I Wm. Dalley Reo ilh Diarrhoea do 23 i Job a Fulton II 2d inf. Feb. icterodos do IS 1 Frederick Clin*. ,.K 7th inf Feb. istsrodes do It) Daniel Lyons. . .A 2d art. Diarrhtea do II Francis began. , ..I do Scorbutus do 28 ?..L.ynk J do Scorbutus do S Michael Dillon. .. I do Scorbutus do 4 John Cremore. . .() 8d art. D.arrhora do 30 And'w Druimnond A 4th ltif Scorbutus do 1 Patrick Owens. . .1 do Diarrhoea do 20 Robert Payne.. .0 do Diarrhoea do 2 John Trenson. . . .C do Diarrhoea do 24 John North D do Scorbutus do H NoahOylor If 5th inf Debilitas do 2d E Liking* K do Scorbutus do (I John do Diarrhoea do lb J. Waiswor I do Diarrbora do 27 Augustus Matoe. . \ (5th inf Debilitas do 54 Win Grant A 8tli inf Diarrliora do 30 E. Germign* C do Diarrhtea do 10 Mortimer Cook. . .F 1st Inf Diarrhoea et feb. .. do 3 Francis Schultse. .F do Feb. reui do 0 Lamb Res 4th Feb. rein do B John Foley 1 at It inf Feb. inter do IB Wm. Porter A 2d dra Vulnus sclop do 15 llnwiu 15 Hth inf Intemperance.,., do 20 Sloo If 3d dra Vulnus sclop do H T. IIollingsworth. E m'd r Diarrhoea do 57 Wm. Rail O 3d art Diarrhoea do 30 Charles Flamming I 1st art Feb. irterodes do 20 Frederick Llcht.. .A 2d dra Diarrhoea do 30 J W. Clark A m't r Diarrhtea do 31 Daniel Maurer. . .A do Feb. icterodes do 31 II. C. Sabins D do Diarrhoea do 31 Simtn Whlfl?. r 7th itf T-llor-hn.. .1/% 71 J. M. Sanders. . ..F 3d inf rhthisis pill do 31 Jaiues MeCabo . .A 41h 111 Dysenteria do 4 F.d. f'ushlng, FN. Y. Dysenteria do 11 F'd Whittenbaura C do Diarrhnea do 22 Charles Oakley... D do Dysenteria do 7 John Browu F do Syphil eon do 13 AdamGrantz. . . ,13d Poan Epilepsia da 10 John Fritxingsr.. K do Debllttas do J Fred. Brandt. . ,.C do Icterus do 11 JohuKuti A do Feb. rem do 13 A. B. Whitney. ,D IstPenn Feb. rem do 4 John Schoppe... ,C do Diurrhoea do 14 Anthony Moore.. . E do Feb rem do 17 John Hoover F. do Epilepsia do 14 II. Nagle F do Strict ursth do 1 Martin Hardu. ..K H. C. Diarrhoea do 37 Wm. Smith UN Y. Diarrhoea do 30 Charles Glynn. . .. I do Dysenteria. * .. . , d>> 30 A. Ennis L 8. 0. Phthisis pul do SO M. Mosely C do Diarrhoea....... do 31 Adams C N. Y. Feb. rem do 10 L.L.Watson C 8.C. Diarrhoea do 13 Mlscell anemia. , A letter from Rome, in this State, dated June lfith, says : '-There was a snow storm iu sight to-day Are miles north of us." The Cambria passed the Hibernia. about 90 miles East of lloiton light, on the night of tha 16th inst. Very strict quarantine regulations have been adopted by the authorities of Nova Scatia, in reference to emigrant ships. The famous raoe horse Priam died at Nashville, on the 76th ult. The original coat of thia animal, aa imported from England, was $13,000. A man named Milan, committed suieide on board tho steamer St. Louis, on Saturday, the 12th inst., a short time after the vessel had left Buffalo. Mr. Milan was from Lowell, Massachusetts, and eight or ten years since made a similar attempt on his life, but was fortunately discovered in time to fruairate his design The deceased accomplished the destruction of his life by the use of a jack knife, with which he severed the jugular vein. The body was taken to Cleveland, where an inquest was held The officers of the New Hampshire State Prison have made their annual report, from which It appears that there are now in the prison 61 convicts; and that the expenses of the last year have been $643 moref than the receipts. Besides tho religious teachings o the chaplain, instruction is givon in reading, writing arithmetic and sacred music. There is a library for the use of prisoners, to which 300 volumes have been added the past year. The Utica Qaselte relates an Incident that occurred in that city;?not long previous to the arrival of the Rainbow and Hibernia, an order sent by telegraph to Buffalo to purchase flour was mis-read, and in consequence 7060 barrels more were purchased than were wanted. The telegraph folks wero kept in a great ste* for some days by the unwilling purchaser, as the market was constantly declining. But before the matter wan settled, the advices by the Rainbow and Hibernia sent flour up a dollar or morn, and we havo not beard that the holder of the 3000 extra barrels has complained of the mistake since.?Albany Allot, Hi A inat. Mr. Wm. H. Parker, who was wounded in the abdomen in the affray at Yerktown, on the 11th Inst., Is not considered mortally wounded. The ball had not been extracted, Its precise location not being ascertained.' Mr. Somthall's wound, which was 11 inches long, was healing up. Mr. Wm. Nelson, who woe also engaged In tho affray, was not seriously hurt.?Norfolk Beacon. A grand masquerade cavalcade is to come off at Portland, (Me ) on the 6th of July. Tike Crop*. From our own observation during a jaunt to the country a day or two ago, as well as the report of others, wo ran state that the corn Is every where In this section of the country growing finely. It is not as high as it usually is at this period of the season, owing to the cool weather, but is strong and healthy, and gives undoubted Ofiurances of a full crop. The wheat harvest has commenced on tho Roanoke and Chowan, and we are gratified to learn that the report of the crop Is generally very tavorable.?Norfolk Herald, June 16. In this section of the cenntry. (Westchester county.) the crops were never more promising. Oats, though a little backward, have a fine appearance, and are now pushing up v-gorously. The potatoes have not looked I better for a number of years ; the tops have an excellent color, and the growth appears to be very rapid. A large nl.r.l.,1 ft,',. u n. I l> >.. - I ?vv.. n .I.I'I II inn proves a good one, it will be a source of great profit to the farmers of our county. The corn field* also look exceedingly well. Of fruit w* (hall not have a great supply. Of apple*, peache* and cherrie*, there will >e liut u light erop, while grape*, currant*, raspberries and blackberries appear to be in full perfection.?Sing King Chronicle. Account* of the crop* in Arkansas continue to come in favorably. We nnd very favorable account* of th? wheat erop In the two principal countle* of western Maryland. The Hagertlomn Ntiut say* it is now confidently predicted that there will not only be a larger crop of wheat in thin county thl* year than last, bat it will be of superior <|uality. The Frederick Examiner say*, tho coel weather and th* refreshing shower*, within the pa*t three week*, have imparted a health and vigor to the growing grain working almost a miracle. The wheat 1* not so thick on the earth as eould be wished, hut remarkably well filled and the head* large Th* average yield will be a* good as last year, perhap* better. It le said that potatoes are mors forward In New England this year than they wer* last, although they were not planted so early in the season. K.verywhsre in thl* section of the country the corn I* growing finely It is not a* high at it usually I* at thl* period of the season, owing to the cool weather; but is strong and healthy, and gives undoubted assurances of a full crop. Tho wheat harvest ha* commenced on the Itoanoke and Chowan, and we are gratified to learn that l he report ef the crop Is generally very favorable.?IVorfnlk (r?) Herald, Iflf/i tnif. The Sandersville Central Georgian at thollth inst. say* " We are happy to have it In our power te state that th# cotton and eorn crop# in this eection of the State are at present very promising. The corn le gradually recovering from the injury produced hy the wind and hail storms whlsh occurred a few weeks ago, and if the season should be favorable from this lime to thu maturing of the ears, the yield will be a copious one The stand of cotton is generally very good, and the plant I* now growing rapidly. We hear or cotton blos oms In divere places. Within the last few days a number of specimens of wheat raised In the vicinity of this city have keen brought Into our office. Tho heads are as large and heavy a* any we have ever seen. Wc understand that the crop In this rcf ion is verv flue, and that manv of our farmers tire already in the fli'lds with tlielr ilckles ? Litlit llnck (Jlrh ) iJrmocrat. Incest.?An notion in damages has occupied the First District Court, for the lest two or three daye. it wm brought by tharlea Crannoiw against ??!Vfr?l individuals who charged him with an outrage against the law* of nature, by having en open coneu blnage with his own daughter. a young girl of about tlfttien yaara. The damages wera laid by plaintiff ?t V>000; hut. attar aouia witneaaaa war* heard on the part of tba defendants, tha aourt nonsuited Cranneee, and ordarad hia arreat to anawer to tha nharga of Incest 'I he papara will be laid to-morrow, before the grand jury ?J* O. Delia, 11(4 intt. ERA] Further Eitraeto from Foreign Papers. 1 The exrellent liberal example of the greet anil goad >pe in already beginning to bo Imitated by the prlncva Italy. The Grand Duke of Tuscany ban accorded a irtain measure of liberty to the press. for whioh he has | rived the blessings of the people The King of Sarinia. it is vaiil, intend* to give a nort of constitution to is people ; and the Grand Duke of Tuscany is believed j be iiiollned to do the same thing. At the funeral of O'Cunnell. at Genoa. which was celerated with great pomp, the United States' cousul apeared in bis ofliolnl costume, and the consuls of all other allons. except tlng^aud, were preMot. A splendid fete was givcu to Mr. Cobden at Turin, on he 'iUh ult. The largest apartment that could be had n the city was crowded to excess. aud the whole pained IT with the greatest spirit aud good will. Accounts fi'oin Gibraltar state that during the 17th, 8th. 'JOtb, iltld ult., upwards of WOO or UUO vessels, which tad been wind-bound for some time, had succeeded in taseing the Gut. The majority were laden with graiu, to. After passing the Straits, they proceeded westward, t is believed that n great majority were bwuud for Great irltaln and Ireland. Abcounts from the Cape of Good Hope, montion that in experiment made last year at Natal in growing the latton plant, had been very successful, and tbat a joint itock company had been formed to perfsct aud extend the cultivation It in paid tbat In Normandy, aud other parts of France. j peculators are buying the growing crops of wheat, ] though scarcely above the ground-a mode of forestalling I which Is expressly forbidden by the law i'lie total quantity or clieese Imported luto tlie United Kingdom from Kurupe, during the year 194ti, amounted to d49.St>3 cwt.. and the quautity Imported from the United States to 91,901 owt. Many of the cotton mills of ltouen have c.eassd working, and it is expected that no fewer than 60.009 workmen of that city and its neighborhood will be unemployed at the end of this month. Count D'Orsay has presented his statuette of O'Con- j nell to the eommitten of the Central Relief Society in Dublin, with the moulds aud necessary apparatus for taking costs. The Danish Government has despatched ships of war to St. Tetersburg, in order to bring cargoes of rye to Copenhagen The Grand Duke of Oldenburg haa forbidden the distillation of spirits from corn and potatoes. The FlnniM lal Trouble In tireat Britain. [Views of Lord Ashburton J In 1916 the drain was entirely of the former description. The exchanges were favorable; there was no demand upon us troiu abroad; but the bank was exposed, not la a partial drain, but to being completely exhausted and ruu dry; aud as I was ou that oecasion called iu to counsel with the lute Lord Liverpool, Mr. liuskisson, aud the Governor of the bunk, tile symptoms aud their treatment aro very distinctly in my recollection. Tho case was this: adventures of the most wild and hazardous description, assisted, though it can hardly be said that they were created, by facilities given by the bank, were followed by an entire prostration ot the credit of all parties, with the single exception of the liauk of Knglaud. l'rivale bankers in town and country fell in numbers; aud the panic naturally consequent on such a stats of tilings produced a rush upon the most solid and wealthy establishments by all who had cluiws upou them.littur by holding their notes, or as depositors, aud it is worthy of r< mark that tho claims of the depositors were always tho most formidable. They called for their hundreds, while the holders of uotim, though more numerous. came for single pouuils. This sudden alarm, stopping In tho tirst instance all circulation of credit, obliged every country baukir to draw from Loudon ail the sovereigns out ot the bank; and tho extent ot their demand will lie lleSt OYrilaineit livllle ul at mill. fit. nf firm of this most wealthy and respectable of those banker* to me, that be could uot sleep till he bad gold lu his bouse for every note be bad out. It may well bo Supposed that this was uot accomplished without great sacrifices; but to a banker no'prico is too dear for the maintenance of the purest oredit; and even at this moment the public will never know the individual losses occasioned by the present pressure; these are secrets which few are able to make publlowith impunity. The gold of the bank was drained to within a very few thousand pounds ; for, although the public returns showed a result rather less scandalous, a certain Saturday night closed with nothing worth mentioning remaining. The application made to Lord Liverpool was for uu order in couucil to do that which necessity seemed about to accomplish?the suspension of cash payments ; and this gave rise to the conference 1 have mentioned between Lord Liverpool, .Mr. llusklsson, the Oovernor of the iiauk, and myself. Wo recognised at once the folltwiug facts in this case ; for. us has beeu already observed. the position of things in cases of alarm and pressure are seldom or never exactly similar. The credit of the bunk for all domestic purposos was perfect. There was no man in the country who wus not ready to take its paper as a meaas of circulation, and to give even his gold for it, the moment be was assured that his neighbor would tuke it from him again. The gold wus not wanted to send abroud ; the state of the foreign exchanges forbade it ; there was, therefore, no tear of depreciation of paper. The necessity and pressure wore purely domestic ; what was wanted was something which every bodywas disposed to trust as a substitute for what every body distrusted ; and the paper of the Dank of England answered in such a state ot things the purpose as well as gold?it may be said to have done so even better, as being more transmissible, and reaching more readily and rapidly the points where it was wanted. In this state of things the remedy for the difficulty wns obvious, und unanimously agreed to by us. Although the llatik had no speciu left, a large additional ] issue of notes wus mudo. and about 1,S00,U00L of those of 11.. which were accidentally found to be iu existeuce, were circulated ; the relief was immediate, the couutry received a circulating currency iu which everv bodv had entire coutldence. ami the useless gold van returned to the Bank. Thn note* by this proceeding were increased from 19,7-18,000/. in December, 18J>, to .' 1.479,001/., in Alaroh, IHiti; and having served to relievo thn pressure, thny gradually subsided before the end of that year to thmr ordiuary amount again of 10.901,000/., while thn bullion in the bank wan successively increased by this increase of paper, in opposition to the theory of 1844, which presumes from such cause a necessary diminution It is hardly necessary that I should guard myself from being supposed to maintaiu that au increased issue of paper is an invariable remedy agulnst a drain of specie; but what i do maintain is, that it was the tit remedy for that particular case, and that it was undeniably proved to be so hy the result, while a contrary treatment might have suited a drain caused by adverse exchanges. But the act of 1844 says that ail cases of drain shall be treated in the same manner; that there shall be no discretion or judgment allowed as to the causes; und my rvnsnu for dwelling so long on the case of 18iA-(i is to substitute for speculative reasoning a clear proof that the act of 1844 not only would not have suited that case, but wou.d have aggravated all the ditlioulties; that It consequently is not of universal application, and therefore cannot, without danger, ho suffered to govern indiscriminately our circulation. Having thus considered the case of 18'ifl, let us shortly examine the unfortunate symptoms which wo now witness, when, with a sound state of trade, and ? 10,000,000 of specie in the bank, our monetary distress is greater than when, in 18i >, tho coffors of the bunk were empty, and a large portion of merchants ruined hy mad speculation. The treasure of tho bank had stood for u long time at about jC I A,000,(,00 in round numbers, the amount of this treasure was considered a burthen to them, imposing a useless waste of interest. It whs a subject of complaint, and for a long time the directors wouiil have been much obligod to any body who would have taken four or tivo millious oil their hands. The want of food thou occurred, and, combined with the in export*, and required a part payment in bullion. The natural question, then, to be a*ked was. to what extent thin wan likely to go. The continental exchange* afforded no ground for alarm; Russia at first toak some gold from uh. which soon ceosed: but the chief demand waa for America?a country with which we have alway* an extensive reciprocal trade, it might fairly be presumed that four or five million* would eatisfy this demand, which would reduce the treasure of the bank from fifteen to ten miUiou* This, which might hare been the practical estimate of practical men, turn* out to be the truth; and the bank, with it* tun million* left in it* coffer*, need have disturbed no interests, or disturbed them slightly. Hut the directors had no power to exercise any opinion; the rigid parliamentary niuchine was to think and act for them; the whole country was disordered; and it would be difficult to form any e*J limnl* of the immense losses both to the exchequer and to individual*, which cusued. Tiik Hark Carmemta ami the \Ikvic\n Privateer.? Extracts from u letter written byC.ipt. Kdwin F. Littlcfleld, of the bark f'sriuellta, to a friend in this city, dated Barckius*, Spain, .May JO. IH17. Vou have no doubt heard of the rapture of (he hark < nrmelita, by a .Mexican privateer, and of our arrival iu this port. At one tfme I thought It would turn out , worse than the good brig Benjamin did to me. but I am happy to inform you that the matter ha* taken another turn. The capture, 1 think. v?< a mere experiment, to see if American prize* could he sold in Spanish porta If such wm* the case, I think there is hut little occasion to fear, after the new* get* abroad, tor the bark was returned to our possession at the end of quarantine, and the privateer was seized by the Spanish authorities and her crew Imprisoned, to be tried as pirate*. Many of thum have been under condemnation for imprisonment frem two to ten years, at thin plane, but hsd escaped, and entered as Mexican* on board the felucca The probability Is that some of theni will be shot and the remainder condemned to hard labor for life. . . hz. uhlsi tkx loitvn t hi? nnrt unnwili.wt*..! I irnn* ? " ? ? , ? ?, and that them will be no damage auatalned hy any one In temped, *? ' proteated, through our Conaul hem, and our Mlnlet'-r at Madrid, agsi net the capture, aad demanded that all charge*. loaac*. and damaged should bo paid by the Spanldh government, and hare alan demanded natidfaetion for the impriaonuient of myaelf and crew on board the privateer It la not probable that anymore attrmpta will be made on American aliipping; Mill, I think our gofhrninent ought to do domethlng to protect our mtenilva c >mmnrre In the Mediterranean The officer* of the privateer Informed me that there wax not a aohtary governgovernment veeeel of the t'ntted Htatea lo the whole Mediterranean, which I have rlnec ascertained to he a fact, aad that thle elate of thing* ha. exNted for the laat fourteen montha In concluaion, I expect Id a few daye to continue the voyege. and return home early thU fall Reepeotfully. yeura. fcDWIN F. LITTLLFIILD ' , J! " " LI). frit* Two UNI*. Tike I.amen t of a YYall-utreet Stock Broker The Bulls, say clocks must turrly rite; The Bear* they uiuit decline ; They each In turn mutt have their day. The tun, on each mud thine' See. Me. how fast the ttocki now rite, The Bulls elated are ; And now they full. ind lo ' their eyet Are balh'd in weeping care And so the Bear* rejoice and weep, Now rich, and now most poor ; Their profits long they cannot keep. And want oanuot endure. Far better here to dig and hoe. To plant aud nourish corn, Than e'er pursue tuch paths of wo; Far better not be born. Twelve months hare scarcely glided by Since I In wealth did roll; But now, iilac ! 1 mourn and sigh, With naught at my control. My fellows pass me in disdain, They aire in? not a nod : I f' ul the Justice of my pain, Kor money is my God. XiKDSKLTN. June 15, 1447. A Proclamation, DV JOHN YOUNO. Governor of tltr Stole of New York. Whereas, vacancies will occur In civil offloos before the next meeting or the Legislature, which Tacanoiea cannot bo filled during the recess of the donate; And whereas, the public interest requires that the said vacancies should be tilled without delay; 1 do, therefore, in pursuance of the authority vested in me by the Constitution. hereby convene the Senate of the State of New Yorii. to meet at the Capitol iu the city of Albany, on Tuesday, the twe.nty-niuth day ef June, instant, at twelve o'clock, at noon, fur the purpose of receiving and cou?idcrin|f such nominations as shall be submitted to thetu. tor tilling any olllcee that now are or then may be vacaut. in testimony whereof, I have caused the Great Seal of the said State to be hereto fc.s ) affixed, at the city of Albauy, this seven teen til day of June, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven JOHN YOUNG. Attested by N S. Bicjvto.v, Secretary of State. (P'rom tho Albany Journal, Juue 18 ] It will be seen that the Senate of this State is to meet at its Chamber on the UiHh inst .pursuant to a proclamation by tho Governor. This call of the Senate became necessary in consequence of the election of Chief Justice llronson and Justice Jewett as Judges of the Court of Appeals. Tho Constitution provides for the organisation of the Court of Appeals on tho first Monday In July. On that day the old Supremo Court commences one of its regular terms. It is supposed that the Court of Appeals iu fixing rules, establishing terms. Ac. Ac., even should there be no cases ready for argument, will be in til rniwu i a wan biiu tin jr r I.U n UTlUIKUb i UWrit IP H IH'UTJ amount of business to be disposed of by the old Supreme Court, for which purpose the Legislature continued it* powers for one yoar I'pon the resignations of Judges Uronson and Jewett, the appointment of successors devolves upon the Governor and Senate. , ? Alba a v, June 18, 1847. The Judiciary of the. State. The Constitution declares that the Chanoellor gad the present Supreme Court shall respectively bars power to hear and determine any suite or proceedings over which they hove jurisdiction, which may be ready for hearing on the first Monday of July, 1847; it also provides that tho Chancellor and the Justices of tlm present Supreme Court, shall, for their services therein, be ontltled to their prosent rates of compensation until the llrst day ot July, 1?48, or until all such suits and proceedings shall be sooner hoard aud determined. This, though the Constitution abolishes the offices of . Chancellor and Justices of the present Supreme Court from and after the first Monday in July. 1847, still, in order that ample time may be had for the completion of the business pending In the Court of Chaneery and the Supreme Court, they retain their functions for one year after their abolishment. With this object the present Supreme Court will hold a regular term at L'tica. to commence on the first Monday of July uext; two of the Justices of this Court. (Messrs. Bronson and Jewctt.) having been elected Justices of th? Court of Appeals, which, with the new Supreme Court, commences its existence on the first Monday of July next, it becomes necessary for the Governor aud Senat* to appoint two Justices of the present Supreme Court to till tho places viuwted by the ubovu named gentleman, who have already tendered their resignation* to the Governor A special session of the Senate has, therefor*, been called by the Executive to All these vacancies, and to fill the vacancy in the New York Superior Court, caused by the election of Judge Jones to the Supreme Court. J udge Sand lord will be appointed to fill this last vacancy. Who the appointees to the Supreme C ourt will be. I am not prepared to say ; but. as a measure ot compromise between the Governor and Senate, on* whig aud one democrat will probably be selected. The constitution Is express in the power which It confers upon the Governor and Senate to appoint a Chancellor or Justice of the present Supreme Court In case m vacancy occurs in these offices previous to the first day of July. 1848; but there are many other offices to fill, among which is the office of reporter for the Court or Appeals; the question in regard to the nature and extent of the power of appointment which is conferred by the constitution upon the Governor and Senate, will therefore engage the attention of the Senate, and may serve to protract the session. Ten Men Drowned.?Ii becomes our duty to record a moat painful accident which happened yesterday morning, about fourteen miles south of this place, on the Ues Plains river A boat oontainine six teen men was sunk, and only six of the number were eaved tt appears that they were at work on the eanal, and boarded on the opposite aide of the river, and when returning from their breakfast, the boat watt sunk by a yoke of oxen, which was on board, becoming ungovernable, and moving eo near one end aa to cause it to fill with water It was just above Beard'a mill, and In about ?i) feed water. We learn that the bodies have bean recovered. It is reported that C. Delmore, J. Dougherty, P. O. Neil, Turner, via* Dunn and Charles Kelly, of this place, are among the drowned; the names of tha others we hare not learned Kivo of those who made their escape were from this place, vis: David M%|or, J. Kelly, J. Mulhollan, C. Stevens and James Davlin.? Johrt Signalr DAY S PATKNT IIOSK-Forsale 10 New York by tha itircnlur and manufacturer. 33 Conrllamit street; James It. Walter, 290 Broadway; Joseph II. Ash. 293 Broadway; J. tk S. flu I Inn. 3 Dey street; W. ltK.C. C hardavoyne, 134 Cneviv street; Iirorgr K. Howell, 32 Pails Itow; Hair k Brigce, M Keutor strict; (Irnrgr Fulton, 1S3 Broadway; Knight It I Rhodes, 831 Broadway; Thomas Hanson. 320 Broadway; Miller Ik '.oaten. IIti Orand street; Charles Pitt Ik Bon, 17 Third avenue; Nathl. Haw \er, 239 Bleeckrr street; J. Craig, 7 Broadway; J 8i .1. Stuirt, H2fi Broadway; J. P. Uuinn, 344 Broadway} K. ll. Trowbridge, 310 Water street; McKeime Ik O'Hsra, *33 Broadway: John Hudson, Union fiuinue, corner Fourteenth street; J. Aken. 191 Huth avenue; Samuel Prior, 234 Third avenue. Plumbers: and D. Ilndgninn, corner of Maiden Lann ami Nassau street, and no where else us the city of New Y ork. jet 3(11 rc rpo CAPITALISTS AND MANUFACTCKKRs.?The JL subscriber being far advancejl in >urs is desirous to retire from ttic carea of husiness; he iherrfnre offers for sale his valuable and productive property at Hatigerlirs at the mouth of the Esopus Creek, on the west side of the Hudson River, * hundred unlet from. New York and fifty from Albany. It consists of a vsat amount of water power over and sbore what is uow in uac. touelher with 2,'tO acres of land immediately round the water power, a large imri of it laid out in street* Mid lou on which many dwelling houses are erected:* large paper mill. productive loll bridge and manv dwelling houses, will he included in ihe tale. This property will now pay aeveu per cent |>er auniim on the price at which it wilj be old. There are other fall* of rhe Ksopus tree It within two and a half mile* of the Mudaoii Hirer, of at least an houdred feet, all of which may he got for a small consideration, and if judiciously improved would aoon give riaeto a citv like Lowell. On the,* premise* the nianufartories now in luM operation,arm the Ulster Iron Works, the New York and Svueeitiea White Lead Work*, ihe Sauiferiiea I'aper Mill, a grist mill and othar I smaller work*. I A food steamboat rnua icguLirly between theae work* and \nw fork freight* tip ami down, 75 rents to a dollar par ton, taken from and delivered at the mills. riyt.ieots will he made very accommodating. If not told before the Oth of June, it will he dia|>oaed of that day by ane* Hon at the Merchants' Kachanite, at 12 o'clock in Naw York, by Anthony J Bleecker, Auctioneer. ! 'in further particulars, apply by letter, or personally, to the auctioneer, No. 7 Broad street. New York, or ou the premuea, to HKNkY BARCLAY, mWr 27t .? I i i) KAMI LI US AND INVALIDS.?TIm tbllowjj wr k a lug rdcles have gained unei|ualled popularity frem ft?the universal satisfaction they give to those who ase them, 71?and are sold only genuine in this city, at No. Twentyif I?One (,ourtlandt street. 21?The Yla|[ical I'ain Eltractor, for burns, soree, and all 21?inflammation*, is too well known to need remarks upon 'J I ?4 f a # ? r#ill* tires 21 ?Bilm of f'.lumbia, for staying or restoring the hair, 21?und keening the head perfectly free from dandruff iu 21?scnrl?the best article rrrr used. 21?flcwe's Nerre ami Bone Liniment ami kllisir?Never II?fails to cure any rheumatic a flection. 21?Hair Oye that will color the Hair and give it a bean 21?tiful gloss w itlioiit taming the akin. 21?McNsir's Acouarir Oil. a crrlain cure for den (been. 21?Townsead's, Bend*', and < omslock's Kitract of Marta|ia *2*? Spoiln'a Remedy. aa ricellent article lot tick or mo 21?voiii headache. 21?link Syrup for coughs, colds, and all diseases of the 21?lungs. 21?liars' Liniment will cure the most obstinate eases of 21?piles. 21 -Vermifuge for worms in children or adults, nerar fail21?cd to cure. 21?Stove, Oiate, and Iron Varnish, superior to any thing 21?ever known to give a polish and prevent rust. 21 ? lloach and fled Bug Bane?will elfectnally do away 21?w ilh lh< se troublesome vermin 21 ? Loinrley's Western Indian Psnaeea, the best family e 21?physic in the world. Bold oai.r at No.TWRNTY-ONE Courtlandt street. jeP30i?rc v Sl'LI'llt K BATHS ?Kor Krruptions of the Skin, Ike., M's. Ni Carroll, ISt Fulton street, opposite CI nrch street, would inform persons affected with Pisens, < of the Skin, that i her Lathi have bem in eperalion since I82J. They are rvcoinI mended b* our first physicians, t)ra. Mott, Stevens. B?v<?. Smith and others, whose letters can be seen at her establishI irient. They haveieffected cures when all other remedies have i failed. Open from (1 A M. to 10 P. \1. ... ? Shaker's Concentrated Coasponnd Syrup of "eisapsriisa m | 7J canto per bottle J*1 ** *

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