Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1847 Page 1
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*" \ th: Vol. HO. Ho. 171?Whalo Mo. ?w THE NEW YORK HERALI' ESTABLISHMENT, Rortlt wmI corner of Fulton and lluMia iti. JAMES CORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. cmcuLATUMf?FORTY THOOAKD. DAILY HERALD?Evary day. Price 8 cents per copy f Uperaiiunm?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday-Price ?* cents Par copy?$S 1JW cent* per annum?payable in advance. HERALD KOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet dayw Price ti'i cents per copy?S5 per annum, including postage, pavnble in advance. Subscriptions and advertisements will be received bv Messrs. Oalignaui. 18 Rue Vivieuiie. Paris: P. L HimornU, Ne. 6 Barge Yard, Bucklersbury, and Millar, the bookseller, Lnnaon. ANNUAL, PICTORIAL HERALD? Pubiiehed on the lit of J imiarv of each vear?eingle copier aixpence inch. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the naual prieei?tlwayi cash u auv ace. Adrertiaemente ihould ba written in a plain, legibli manna, The Proprietor will not be reiponaible for errora thai may occw >n them. PUINTIMJ of all kinda executed beautifully and with deipatch. All lcttera or communications by mail, addreaaed totha utabliahment. mart be .port paid, or the poetage will be da darted from the anheeriDtioa money remitted. NEW TURK AND HARLBM RAILRO AD COMPANY. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. jjggygg ON AND AFTER THURSDAV, JlfSn 10~ 1817, the Car* will run a? followi, until further notice. Up trami will leare the City Hall for H irlrmlk Morririana. Forham St Tnckahoe Pleaiantrille, 3 30 A M. Will*maBr'ge. Hart'? and Newcaille 7 " 3 30 A.M. White Pl'ne. Bedford, ? " 7 " 7 A.M. Whitlickrllle " 10 ' 10 " Croton Falla 10 " '11 4 P.M. 7 A. M.J 11 " 3 P. M. J 30 " i P. M. 1 P. M. 4 " 3 " in " 4 " ? 30 " 3 3 30 " ? 30 " Returning to New York will leare? . Morriaiana St Harlem. Ford ham. Will'mtBr'ge. Taokahoe. 7 05 A. M/ ? 33 A.M. 0 45 A. .\L 7 30 A. M 8 10 " 7 55 " 7 50 " 41 " ? *' 9 0? " 0 03 " 1 10 P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. M. 13 15 P. M. 3 52 * 12 33 P. M. 1 45 " I 40 " White Pl'ne. 2 " 3 08 " 8 " 7 10 A. M. 3 " 0 15 " 0 00 " I 33 " 3 20 " 7 33 " 7 43 M 1 P. M : 8 05 " Pleaiantrille. New Castle. Bedford. Whitlickrille. 8 '3 A M. *8 AM. 7 31 A M. 7 45 A M 3 13 PM. 5 P M. 4 31 P M. 4 43 PM r,rotnii Fills. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The train* to and from Croton Kalli will net atop on New York Island, except at*Broome atreet, and 32d sweet. A ear will precede each c?ain tan Sinutea, to take up passengers in the city. The morning train of eara from Croton Falla will not atop between White TUina and New York, except at Tnekahoe William's Bridge, and For dham. Kxtra traina on Sundays to Harlem and Morriaiana, if dne weather. Stages for Lake Mnhopackand Danburr leave Croteu Falla on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. traina, and for Pawling* on arrival of the 7 o'- lock A. M. train. FARE FROM NEW YORK : To Croton Falla $1 00 To Whillickvill *7* To Newcastle 7} To Pleaaaateille To White I'laiua ... 50 Freight traina leave City Hall at It M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, leave Croton Falla at 7 A. di. and 9 P. M. jefl tf rc CHEAP AND EXPEDITIOUS TRAVELLING TO THE WESTERN STATES AND CAN A* A. BY TAPSCOTT'S EMIGRANTS PASSENGER LINKS, Office, 86 South atreet,New York. The subscribers continue to forward Emigrants and othem to ail parts of the Western States and Canada, at the very LOWEST RATES OF PASSAGE, by Railroad, Steamboat and Canal, to tlia following places, via Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and Pittsburgh :? Utica, Syracuse, Oswego, Auburn, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie, Pa. Cleveland, Huron, Siudnsky, Maumee, Monroe, Toledo, Detroit, Mackinaw, Milwaukie, llacine, Soulhport, Chicago, * Green Bay, rotuville, Pittsburg, Pa. Wheeling, Portsmouth, Ohio. Parkersburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Ky. St. Louia, Galena, Dubuque, Bond Head, Darlington, Hamilton, Whitby, Ceburg, Uurenston, Kingston, Toronto, sandwich. Montreal, And all other intermediate places. Persons proceeding to any part of the West, or Cauatla, would do well to call ou W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, i,,i..:.ii. i nr... 16 South atreet, New Vnrk. Tapscott's Emigrants' Travelling Ouide can be had on application. fife. m3 30t? re OAV U CO.'S PROVIDENf E, BOSTON AND EASTERN EXPRESS, VIA NEWPORT and KALI. RIVER. Thie Express leaves the office, No. I Wall street, corner ef Broadway, daily, at X before 5 o'clock, P. M., thereby securinf to merchants and others the advautageof a late hour for forwarding cases, packages, lie. Bank Notes, Specie, Drafts and valuable Parcels, are secured iu iron safes, aua placed in the charge of faithful conductors. (JAY A CO. Merchandise, Packages, Sic., forwarded in onr own cars; and by leaving orders at our office, No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, packages will be called for in any part of the city. Offices, No. 1 Wall at.,corner Broadway; No. 7 State at., Boston. mJ< 30t fh aWtffo RAILRO A? CONTRACTORS.?Pate rson k jfam l(sma|H> Railroad?Proposals will be received until the WE 3Uih day of June, inat., for the grading, masonry, and that part of the Paterson and Ramapo Railroad.extending from the north side of the Passaic river to Ramapo, a distance of about fourteen mdes. Maps, profiles, specifications may be found at the Engineer's office, Pgtersou, where every necessary information will be given. J. W. ALLEN, Engineer. June 13,1M7. jm to 20?r KOK SALE?Twenty rail road carts and six one horse JfjSlJwagons, and some two horse wagons, and are constantly zECin'ixii.g to order, where they can he had at the shortest notice if not on hand, where all kinds of carts, wagons and harness can be had at the most reasonable terms, by MICHAEL MULLANE, Wagon Maker, No. 23 aud 30 Montgomery at., Jersey City. N. J. je 16 301 r H ? PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS KOK " * ' ?"UV| Daily, Sundays Excepted? aflEngBUHwaThrough Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streeta. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capr. Win. H. Peck, will leave ?on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENBRICK HUDSON Capt. R. G. Cruttenden, will kave on Tueaday, Thursday an d Saturday even At Five O'Clock. P. M.?Lauding at Intrrmedinte Places? from the loot ?>1 Barclay street. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA,Captain Thos. N. HuUe , will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Hnuday afternoons, ati o'clock. Steamboat ROCIIE8TF.R, Captain R. H. Furry, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, at i o'clock. The above boats will at all wines arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Cars for toe hast or West. Freight taken at moderate rate<, said none taken after 5X o'clock, P. M. [T7- All i>ersonsare forbid trusang any o(,rhe boats of this line, without a written order from the captain's or agents. For passage or freight, apply en board the boats, or to P. C SCHl'l.TZ. st the office on the wharf. jell jm. CONF.Y ISLAND KbitK Y.?The sj>len~r sJlla?-^did and commodious steamhoat AMERICAN UStSHKn EAGLE, Capt. Power, has taken her place in the above ferry, and will run regularly during the season to Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton, as follows :?Leaving Canal street at 9X, 12X and 3X o'clock ; Pier .No. 1, North River, at 10, 1 and 4 o clock; Coney Island at 1IX? Standi) o'ciocUs. N. li.?No boats save those belonging to tbe ferry, will he allow- d to land at Coney Island, without a written i-ermission from the proprietors. jel5fti*rc "MOCN.N LINK aT SV.Vr.N O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY AND TROV and IntrrmrJ" A-*VwswW^di.i:e Landings. Mp*snn6HB* Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. The low |>ressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Go r ham, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven e'cloek. Returning on the opposite days. For passage or freight, apply *n beard, or to F. B. Hall, at the nmee on the wharf. nrYxfl r AFTKRNOON LINK, DAILY, FOR NKWBCROH AND FISHivi^, f Landing at Van Cortland's, (Perkskill.) West nS&MHk Point, Cold Boring and Corawsll. The Steamer Thorn is Powell, Cent. ham). Johnson, will leave the pier loot of Warren street, tor the abeve placet, every afternoon (Sundays eicepted,) st 4 o'clock, commencing April II. Returning?will Isav "* Newburgh every morning at 7 o'clock. N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of every diiscription. Bank Villa or npvcie, pui on noarn ?m una bom, muai dt at me run 01 the owner thereof nuleaa entered on the hooka of the hoat or rorMritrd for. orlJ 30t*re NOTICE. ft.STATKN ISLAND FERRT.-On and r after SI IN DA Y, April 18th, the ateamboeta liTifllttfUfhm SYLPH and S+ATEN INLANDER will run aa followa, nntil further notice LKavn ITiflt ISLAND At 8, ?, 9, 10, 1!, A. M., and I, 2, 3, 4, 3, ?, 7, P. M. i.aarr. at* tor* At 7, 9, It, II, A. M., and I, I. ten miimtea i?at 1,and at 4, 3, 4. 7, o'clock, P. M. New Vork ApnMSth. alJr "CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINE O/ r.-ll^?CT^orpo8ITION BOATS FOR ALBANY i^ih id I IMfc AND INTERMEDIATE TLACES-Kare fit rente?Breakfiat and Dinutt on Board. The new and clegaut Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tneadaya, Thnradaya, and Saturday*, at half-paat ail, A. M.. from the pier foot of Warren atreet, touching at Hammond atreet tner. Knr ptiaaage or frieght, apply on board tha Boats, or to Goo. Dohaon, at the office, 128 Warren atreet. corner of Woat atreet. ir"j^ All persons are forbid truating the above boata on account nOhe owner*. my If th opposition passage okkk k^To Ibany, L'tica, $1 30; Syraruae, $2; Oawego, baSoMlHBm81; Rochester, $2 23; Bnff.iln, $2 30; Clevelaud. ?t ?<i; Detroit, f.'i; Mi! wauhie, |8- Chicago, ft: Cincinnati,fi; Toronto and Hamilton, $4; Whitehall, $2, Moutreat, if; I'lttahtirg, $8. Office, IIHI Baiclay atreet. Any aecority tequired will be given far Uie fulfilment of all contraeta made with una company mil 1 m ' rc M I-, it AlCi^mU. Bitllt J^Ofk. IH7. ~iAjfc- The public are cautioned not to truat the crew ?,a Britieh brig THOMAS AND WILLIAM na no JjUHkb lebu of (heir contacting will be Mid by capuin or consignee. McMLRkAY, Jell Corner of Pme and Math Streeu. % E KE' N L EXC U RSI ON S.-BULL'S FERRY. P LKt- ?ntl H AC KENS AC K?Laud ifl&BHHBsa ing at Tillou's Dock?Fagr. Osi Shillimu. The commodious steamboats FRANK, C*pt. Uaac Scott, and ROBf RT ANNETT, Capt. Frederick Uaylord, will run Daily, until further notice, (touching at Hainmoud and 19th streets, a? follows:? Leave N. York,fool Canal it. Leave Fort Lot. Jl M. P. M. wj M. P. AT. Monday, at 6, 8, 10. .3, 3, G Monday, 7)4 13. .14)4 8 Tuesday. 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, G Tuesday, 3?i Tii 12. .1 4)k G Wednesday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Wd'sday,3>4 7>Z 12. .1 4)1 6 Thursday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Th'rsday, 3)4 7), 12. .1 4)i 6 Friday, 6. 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Friday, 1)2 7k 12. .1 4% 0 Saturday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Saturday, 3)4 7)2 12. .14*4 G7)4 Sunday, 7, ?, 10. .2, 3, Sunday. 8 II . .14 6 Persona whose time may be so much occupied as to render it iucouTenient lor them to leave during business hours, will bserve that a boat leave* New York at 6 o'clock every moruiuif, returning from Fort Lee at 7)4 o'clock, thrreby nft.ndiiig au opportunity lor a pleasant excursion without loss "f time. Stages will be in readiuess at Fort Lee to convey passengers to Hackenssck. Sundays excepted. jel9 30fr FRENCH THAN8-ATL A NTlcliTEAMSH1P COMPA NY-ROYAL MAIL. hcj Cambria, the General Agency id informed that the first steamer, the UN ION, was to sail on the lOihJuue, aud IS, therefore, enabled to advertise her dejiarture from New York, fur the lOtliofJu iy, unless prcvriib'U by some uulorseen circumstance*. The price ol passage Tor the tint cliu. <120 " '' second 60 'or freight or further particulars, apply at the other of the Company, II Broadway. jr20 tffh OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION ^^KJ^TE^COMPANV, Office 44 William atratl. C. H. Sand, Conrad W. Kaber, Edward Mill*, Horatio Allen. William Chamberlain, Mortimer Livingston, John A. laeliu, John L. Stephens, Herman Oelricha. C. H. HAND, President. Edward Mills, General Agent, Naw York. Charles K. Akdrrso!*, Secretary. In conformity with the provisions of the charter, unite* >j hereby given that the Booka for subscription for an amount n ot exceeding <300,000 to the capital stock of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, will be re-noeued at the office of the Company, 44 William,cornerof Wall street, on Monday, 21st June, 1817. Kive per cent of the amount aubscribed mnit be paid at the period of subscription in specie or bank bills. Th? balance ot thu subscription will be called for in instalments not exceeding 10 per may be required by the o|>cratioaa of the Company, and upon thirty days previous notice. The following is the 24th section of the By-Law>? " Subscription to the capital of the Company, alter the amount may be <400,000, shall in preference be allowed to thosu who may then be stockholde.s, and to the extent of their then actual subscription " j6 30trc r rtl _ THE STEAMSHIP SAKAll SANDS, W. C. Thompson, master, will leave Liver/^drffrxlf^pnol for New York on the 14th June, and York, on her return to Liverpool, the " ^^^^ "*20th July. Kor freight or passage, her accoinmndaiio< ? being unsurpassed for room, elegance and convenience, apply to R. KERMIT, je 14 r 76 South street. sSMSElSM BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1200 tons ^ ty^jsmeXf^aiid 430 horse power each, under contract the Lords of the Admirably. H1 BERN 1 A. Captain Alexander Kyrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward u. Lore. BRITTANNIA, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRI A^Captain Charles II.E. Judkins. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The fonr steamships now building are THE AMERICA. THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA, THE EUROPA. Vessels appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Cambria - June 4, 1847 Caledonia June 19.1847 Britauia... July 4, 1847 Vessels appointed te sail from Boston are the Hibernia, June 16, 1847 Cambria, July 1, 1847 Caledonia . ... July It, 1847 Passengers' luggage mast bo ou board lite day previous to ailing. Passage money?From Boiton to Liverpool, $180, do do to Halifai, $28. No berths securod until paid Tor. These ships carry experienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received oil days nf sailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to I). BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, At HARNDEN It CO.'S, 6 Wall at. IT^In addition to tlie above line between Liverpool and Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct. The steamships for this service are uow being built, and early next year due notice will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during the other months in the year. Going al Mrnalely between Liver|ieol and Halifax and Boston, and be tween Liverpool and New York. iitl r NEW ORLEANS, 1ND EW YORft LINE. y 18&L EVERY -H^TAYS. Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johusou. Ship HUDSON-, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain Ingersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE. Capt. Hunt. Ship SARTELLE, Captain Taylor. Bark GENESEE, Captain Minot. Bark J. E; WILLIAMS, Captain Tarkor. * Bark HEBRON, Captain Greig. The above ships araall of the first class, of light draft of water, and commanded by the most experienced captains in the trade. Their cabins are handsomely furnished, and every atteution paid to the comfort and convenience of the passengers. Neither the captains or owners of the above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by, or nut on beard of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passage, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff k Co., who will promptly forward all gooda to their address. P. W. BYRNES It CO.'S NEW YORK AND LIVER. TOOL EMIGRATION OFFICE. Mt M, M. f. W. BYRNrT^S^CO., 36 \VatrMm^Koad, Liverpool, sre desirous of informing the public af the United Slates, that they have found the im|>nrtance of a direct Agency for the purpose of placing within the pawer of the friends of the passengers coming out to this country, the immediate carreipan deuce with a respectable establishment, fram whom they can rely for atteution and favor towards their relations leaving the old country. Pn-anna Hviirnin af snnrinp naiuvM fr,,m Hi,Klin t'nrl. Waterford, Belfast, Londonderry, uid Liverpool, direct to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore or New Orleam, can do ?o on more favorable terms than can ba obtained from any other house engaged in the buaineaa in thia country; being the oldest and largest establishment in the passenger trade in Liverpool. The many thousand passengers that hare sailed in the ships which have been despatched froin eur office in Liverpool.and the different ports of Ireland for the last thirty years, is a efficient guarantee ofour ability to fulfil with satisfaction any engagement for passengers that we may be favored with. DRAFTS AND BILLS OK F.XCHANOK. given for any amount, payable on sight, at the National Bank of Ireland and its branches; and also en all the principal towui of England and Scotland without discount. A list of the Packet Ships with their davi of sailing, and the address of the Agents who act for us, can be had on application at this office. Apply or address by letter, Ipost paid) P. w. b\ (INKS a CO., m22 lm*rrn 83 South street DRAFTS ON THE NATIONAL HANK OF IRELAND. m M mm WAtTt. TA Phi' OTT, beg to inform then- friends and tha public, wishing te remit money to Ireland, that tiiay draw drafts for Urge or small amounts, (payable without discount,) direct on the National Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of" the numerous branches throughout the country. Also, drafts can be obtained, payable in all parts of England, Scotland, and Wales, ou application to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, a# (HI South street. New Vork. m m m "m BROTHERsT k MA^TCksON, fiL^b^TaiXV dm lane, having now completed their arrangements, beg leave to announce to their friends and the public, that passages to and from the Old Country can be secured on the tnost reasonable lermi, in first class packet ships, sailing regularly from New V ork and Liverpool- They also guarantee that there shall he no detention. Out that emigrants will be forwarded on presentation of their tickets. Drafts payable on demand on the Royal Bank of Ireland, and on Messra. I'rascott, Orote, Ames It Co., London. my25 T#t?rc a^ar- " FORT.ONDON?The A 1 British built fast ftKlwy sailing birk EI.IZABETH.Ocalt, master, will have jSUUksBimmeiiiaie dispatch. Soi uright, to the bulk of 2000 barrels, or passage, having very superior accommodations, apply to the I aiitain, on boaru r to WOODHULL 4 Ml NT URN, 87 South at. jal> re _ _ rOR ClVKRPOOL?To sail with De^'teh? KRp^VTLs Ural class coppered and copper faalened British jflwMKaship JANE, Capt. McDowell, la now ready to receive caiau lor the above port. For freight or passage, apply to the Captain on board, or to JOHEPH McMUK RAY, jl23tre corner of I'ine and South street. M)KI,fvfcKPOOL?New~Line?Regular pnekHiHy eg of 28th Jnae?The splendid, fast sailing packet JHHKp snip uAHKICK, Captain B. J. H. Traak, will positively sail aa above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having auperior fhrniahed aeeommodatinna, apply on board at Orleans wharf, loot of Wall street, 'to , ? F.. K. COLLINS. 58 South at. Price of passage (75 The packet ship R08CIU8, Capt. Asa F.ldridge, will sneered the Derrick, and sail the 2Sth of July, her regular day. my 28 I'lil *LA8#0 W.?The New Line?Regular KlffBV Parket nf 1st July.?The fine, fast ssiling British ( shark ADAM CAHR, 100 tons, Cept. John Wright, w ill tail ss above, her regular day. For freight or passage,Laving splendid accommodations, ap ply on baatd. ar foot ol Konfttrrlt street, L H.. or to WOODHULL It MINTUfclV. 17 South atreet. The A No. I British hark HYNIJKRKOKD, (apt. Thomas McAlpin, will succeed the Adam Carr, and tail on her regular day. Itoh July. jel8 r ~jugf NOtrrjK.-The nil blie are forbid trusting the MrW^erew of the Bntiah Bark Klentheria, from Limerick, JliaJM" no debta of their contracting will he paid bp the Captain or eeoaignee. ,J. llcMIIRHAVI jell r Cor. Pine and South atreet. IB*. CONSl?NKKS per Br. hark MINSTRKL, Will MjMPy please send their permits on hoard immediately, foot JMBflkw >' Deeer street. All goods not permitted in fire days, must or sent to public store. ^ JelB r NOTIC16? NK W STAO*. HDIJTK ? jJijr^hifmiJjkThe subscribers respectfully inform their UBMiriaaMPwnfririids and the public that they will com tnenre running j on Wednesday, June I, a Line of Stagrs, fron the corner Arcnue (J and Ninth street, through Are nun C, Houston street, Bowery, Chatham street and Broadway, In South Ferry, and do hereby solicit a share of public patronage Ll'.NT k HUNT. WILLIAM C. LKNT. LKONARD HUNT. Jal Kt*re BABY jI'M P ? K S! BABY JUMPKR8. THK ATTENTION of mothers and of nurses, is turned to an namtnfttion of tbi? in?iinstable article to a quiet n?ra#ry, which may be found of fftrr J*ICf '"-sr."' a % w vo EW YORK, TUESDAY A MINIATURE PAINTING. Mil. McDOUGAL hu taken the room No. II, in building known as i'luinbe National llagguerean Gallery, corner ol Broadway and Murray street, where he would be happy to attend to auy orders in miniature or water color sketches, aid lm?e RkiOPLNING OK THE PKOBPKCT HALL. 4th Avenue and 92d street, over the llailroad Tunuel.?The subscribers would hereby give notice to their friends and the public generally, that tliey have recently opened the above named Hotel, where they will be happy to furnish for parties and military companies, refreshments of every kind, in a superior style. L HfHWAKOAL, FRANZ OF.IGKR, mylg 14t?rc Proprietors. K'A.NK'8 PATfcNT PORTABLE BATHING TUB and Shower Bath connected?A splendid arrangeinent.?Gentlemen about lilting up their country residences, would do w ell to call and examine them, thev are iu?t the tfiiuir: also a general assortment of bathing tuba, shower baths, etui baths, wholesale anil retail. CHARLKB KANE, .lej 30l*rc 377 Bowery, N. Y. GENIN, H ATT EH, SM Broadway. opposite et. Paul's.? The (.subscriber ha? been compelled, by the very liberal patronage of the public toeularge liia Hat and Cap Manufactory and Salra Rinm, ao aa to make liia establishment the largest and moat commodiona eatabliahment of the kind in the United Siatea. The aucceaa of the system u|?>u which he commenced liuaineaa a few yenra aince at liia present location, bdioai him to adhere atrictly to the following rules, which were theu laid down, and which have been ever since invariably maintained. Every purchaser and visiter may rest assured that I. No effort will be spared to rcuder nis purcl^se in every respect satisfactory. 3. No iinportuuity will be made to induce him to buy an un becoming or inferior article. 3. Every article shall be, aa heretofore, of the very best style and ouality. 4. Prices are uniform, more moderate than most, and as moderate as any other establishment ill this city or elsewhere. By observing these rules?keeping his uurivalled assortment al way s full ana close iiersoual supervision of every branch and stage of manufacture (the whole of which is done on the premises) and by careful attendance to the tastes and .wishes of his patrons, the subscriber confidently trnsts not ouly to mdiutaiu his former standing but also to conduct that branch of business with a satisfaction to the public hitherto unequalled:?1st quality of Nutria, or Beaver ll.tts, $4 70; 2nd do., $3 JO; Castor, Brush, Black and Drab Cassimeres, Leghorns, Manillas, Panamas, Canadians and imported (received monthly,) Mole Bkina, from the most celebrated manufacturers of Paris. Bilk Hats, 1st quality. $4; 2nd do., S3; for the superiority of which, he respectfully refers to the premiums awarded to him by the American Institute, for the last two years. The celebrated Bummer liostamer, invented by the subscriber, which has in agreat degree supplanted all other summer hats, being lighter cooler, and not liable to be at all injnrud by dust, rain, or perspiration. Gentlemen whose tastes do not accord with the fashions of the day, can at all times be suited from the extensive assortment, of almost every conceivable style, always kept fully replenished. His stock of Caps, comprises cloth, 1st quality, S3; 2nd do., SI JO; 3d do., $1. Fur. Plush, Velvet, Oiled Silk, Leghorn, Hair Cloth, and other Caps, adapted for winter and summer wear: Army and Navy Caps, as per regulations of the service; Youths' and Infanta' Hats anu Caps of every style, (including beautiful styles from Paris.) as |ier samples and book of imttems, which those interested, are invited to examine. Also, American and French Umbrellas. Carpet Bogs, and every other article in his line of business. The subscriber feels warranted in declaring his establishment able to meet any and every demand of the beau monde, the ecoaomist, and of those who prefer to follow their own tastes, instead of complyiug with the dictates of fashion. J. N. GENIN, Hatter. mv27 2lt?rre 114 Broadway, opposite St. Panf'a. AMM Ic.KKANClN, GENERAL MESTaTTIt ANT and Dining Baloon, IJ Nassau street.?The undersigned having leased the above airy and extensive premises, and furuislieiT them 111 a style of comfoit and elegance, equal to any ill the Uniou, purpose opening their Baloon and Coffee Rooms on Monday next, the 14th inat., ua general reatauraiits, upon the American, French and English models, where diuuera for private compamet or individuals, will be always prepared in a style a'itable to their respective tastes, The extent of the saloon, 60 by 2J, light, and well ventilated, insurea personal convenience, and an arrangement of tallica, that caunot inter fere with individual comfort. 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Scott, arrived yesterday morning from V eru Crua, having made the run to the Baliie in ninety-two hourK. By tbia arrival we bave the American Eagle to the 3th inat and private letters to the 4th from Vera Cruz ? There had been uo arrival from the army of Gen. Scott since the night of the 31*t ult. We have therefore no later news from the interior. The papers aud private account* aay that the fever at Veru Cruz it on the iucrcaae. VV'hvu taken iu time physicians have been pretty successful in its treatment, aud it is not considered dangerous; but it it to be presumed that the habits of many of those exposed to its ravages aru not all calculated to secure their exemption from attack. or a favorable issue when attacked. The heat at Vera Cruz is intense. For ten days, says the Eagle of the 3th, the thermometer has ranged from 07 to Vi degrees, day aud night, in the shade. A large train was to leave Vera Cruz on the morning of the fith iust for Puchla, under the command of Col. Mcintosh. It was to carry up a mail, the tirst, suys the Eagle, for nearly a month, aud about $300 000 in specie, in charge of .\luJor A. G. Bennett, paymaster. The train was to bo escorted by a large force of soldiery, composed of company F of the 4th infantry, company U of the 3th Infantry, company G of the Ttli Infantry, companies K and I of the 13th Infantry, and companies n <1 - ?u '.r , l... .1,4 ,i s_ _n -t * turn Tne U. S. steam revenue cutter McLane, ( apt. Howard. nailed for tills port on the 4th innt. from Vura Crux Thin la the bulk which ao often went aground, and thereby embarraaeed the operationa of Com. Conner against Alvarado, and subsequently of Com. Perry iu Tabaaeo river. She cornea here for repaira, but it la supposed will be eold. For several montha ahe haa been lying at the mouth of the Tabaaeo river The ateainahip Maaaachuaetta, ( apt. Wood, arrived at Vera Cruz on the 3d innt from this port, with over 300 officers and men. The ateamer Mary Kingaland arrived on the 4th inat. She lost her cook overboard on the 3d Instant, and saved him after being in the water nearly an bour. The ateainahip Telegraph aailed from Vera Crux for this port on the 4th Inst., by way of the Brasoa. From a letter in the Kagh' dated off Santander the 3d inat., and written apparently by a naval officer, we mako an extract " VVe were detailed the second day after tho capture of Tuapan, to blockade this place [Santander) the entrance to the river, on which fa situated the town of Soto la Marina, diatant some 45 miles. Observing a proper degree of caution on our arrival off here, we sent our boat ashore, with sufficient arms concealed in her for protection of the crew, and came to anchor in the brig near the opening of the bar, at sufficient distance to observu, by the aid of the glass, the movements ashore, und in case of necessity, to give a fair range to play a game with our 10-inch shells. On the arrival of our boat at rises, a village a little inBido the bar, tho tew people, neither diffident nor belligerent, approached the boat with countenances alter, nately expressive of surprise, curiosity, or gladness. Without the slightest reserve they politely accosted and welcomed our men as friends, and showed even marked attuntien to the officer of tho boat, to whom they freely oommunioated answers to every question he propounded, from which we gleaued that the isolated position of tho place had secured thorn an exemption from the scenes of excitoment prevailing in other portions of their oountry; and with tbo exception of Santa Anna's pronunciamento, declaring it punishable with death to supply our vessels or troops with provisions, at whatever price they.knew little of what was going on in the country 1 n answer to our inquiries about troops, they know of none save a band of some tlfty men. half brigands and half soldiers. under a fellow rejoicing iu the name of Captain Paulino, whom they feared more than foreign foes. This fellow, it appears, pays them an occasional visit to make levies,with as little ceremony as his more notorious countryman, Santa A una. Notwithstanding all the appoarances of friendship, prudenae dictated caution in all our movements, which has ended in our peaceable survey of the bar, bay and river, with accurate soundings, beariugs, he., and we now ouly await the arrival of our gallant commodore from Tabasco to go on any other service he may detail us to perform ?preferring, however, if the choloe was our own, more active service than that of this month. On Com. Perry's arrival, I doubt not a boat expedition will be fitted out to proceed up the bay and river to Soto la Marina. Tho distance is forty-tlvo miles. We are looking hourly for tho commodore and the rest of the squadron. After tho performance ot our servieo here, our next dutiei will be performed on tho ooaat to the louthward and eastward orao where. We And the following extract from a letter to a oommerciul house of this city Tamcico, June 1. 1817. For the information of the merchant* and matters of vessels, I inform you that any Teasel loaded In whole or in part with government stores, if the bring* a (ingle package for u private Individual, will have to pay full tonnage money. The steam ship Fanny, though four-fifth* of her cargo wax for government, had to pay the full tonnage, which wa* considerably more than her freight for private account. Col. Gate* lias also issued an order to the collector," ordering hint to charge one per cent on the amount of the invoice on all goods that may remain in the public store more than three days, although there ia nothing to authorize it In the tariff a* published. Uuaine** ia perfectly at a stand bare. The Mexican* have a complete cordon of guerilla parties all around ua, and ne one can venture ten mile* from the city without bciug robbed of all their goods, and very lucky if they are not murdered. LETTER FROM OEM. TATI.OR. Hr.ADIiUARTERi AkMV OF OceUFATION, J Camp near Monterey, Mexico, May 10th, 1847. j Gentlemen?i have the honor to acknowledge your communication of February 33d, transmitting resolution* adopted by a public meeting in New Orlsans, of which you were Secretaries. 1 beg leave to express, In behalf of the troops under my command, my moat sincere thanks for the honorable notice of their services and operations in Mexico, heightened as It is In value by the recollection that Louisiana, and especially New Orleans, has siways been fereinost in despatching succor to the army in times of peril, and in manifesting at all times a warm sympathy in it* fortuues. I am. gentlemen, very respectfully, your obedient servant, TAYLOR, Maj. ( Jon. U, S. Army. Messrs. James I'atton. and others, Secretaries ot a I'ubllo Meeting, New Orleans. La <;kNF.RAI,S SANTA ANNA AMI) MINON This officer whom Santa Anna denounced for want of skill and courage at linen a Vista, ha* published in the Rrpublicano, a refutation of the charge brought against him. He declares that the assertion by Santa Anna, of the want of provisions and water in the army, is a falsehood He states that he himself had oattle to the number of 800 head, besides maize and flour, of which lie apprized Santa Anna. He further asserts that the latter * retreat was unjustiflabie; that the manner of It was still more so?moving olf in the darkness of the night, and leaving hundreds of his poor wounded soldiers to their fate on the field?more like a fugitive hiding from his enemy, than a General retiring to recruit his forces. It was to prevent these facts from being made puhlio that he, General Minon was persecuted, imprisoned, and denied communication with his friends. Truth will out, it appears, and Santa Anna will shrink into a pigmy hyand-by, from the inflated dimensions be gave himself, as the Napoleon of the West.?N. O. Time$, June 13. ABMY INTKLLIOENC*. Kirst Lieut Stephen Curtis and senior 2d Lieut. Alfred W. Adams, of Co. K. belonging to the Massachusetts volunteers, arrived in this city on Thursday laet, from Bratos St. Jago. They have been ordered by Col. Wright (elected in the place ot Caleb Cuehlng, who haa been promoted to a Brigadier (iencralahip) to roport thcinsclvea to the Adjutant General in Waahington. They left last evening ou the ateaniboat Alhambra. The ateaiuboat Chalraeto, Captain lledricks, from Cincinnati, yesterday brought down companion 1) and B, belonging to the 3d regiment of L'. S. Infantry, uuder the command of Lieuta. Hart, Schroeder, Travel anil Sheppard.?N. O. Delta, 13rA init. The roinaina of Col. McKee, Lieut. Col. Clay, Adjutant Vaughan, Captain Willie, and Private Trotter, of the id kentuoky regiment, who fell at Buena Vieta, were yesterday escorted by the Orleane battalion of artillery, the etalT of the legion, the commanders of military corps and a large concourse of citizens, from the arsenal to the steamer Ringgold All the vessels in the river carried their flags at halfmast during the day, and minute guns were flred while the procession was in motion. The bodies were carried upon cannon carriages, covered with black volvut and appropriate emblems of mourning The Kentuckians, resident in the city, assembled at half past three o'olock, and marched to the I'lace d'Armes in a body, and walked on each side of the hear.'es during the procession, As the solemn pageant passed- through our streets, many a sigh was heaved for the brave spirits whose mouldering dust is all that is left ot them on earth, except the memory of their virtues and their gallant deeds ?many a tear was shed for the hearts made desolate by the chances of war, I he bodies were deposited In the Ringgold at So'cloek, anil at 7 she dropped down to the Place d'Armes, where a miium wild un-a one men leit upon her mournful errand. The ship Charleston, Captain White, which was to sail to-day for Vera C'rus, lakes out two companies of the 11th infantry, IT. Army? numbering in all about 1(H) men, under the command of Major Mascy dreg#. Also capt. Hitgreave's company of dragoons (about ho men). The latter will be landed at the Brazos. The brig Caul T.Jones, cleared to-day for the Brazos, will takeout rapt. Koto's company of the 13th Infantry U. S. Army It numbers about 10# men.? Charlrtion ATcu>?, IHlA. NAVAL lNTKLLKIKNCE. The IT. H. steamer Alleghany, commanded by Lieut. Hunter, arrlred at New Orleans, from Memphis, on the 11th She Is KMI feet long. 1 l.'iO tons burden, draws fourteen feet water, and Is armed with four Ill-pound Talaban guns. She runs by means of her propeller alone at the rate of about twelve miles an hour. Lieut. Hunter, who gallantly captured Alvarade. and was rewarded by being dismissed from the dulf squadron, has been ordered to a command In the Mediterranean. Arrival of a Frrnc-h Stka wkr.?The French steamship Styx, Captain Guexe, from Havana, I came up from Hampton Roads, and anchored oil the | Naval Hospital. The Btyx had a passage of ?l* days, and has oome hers for seal and provisions. ? Asr/eta j // ? aU, Junt It. LEK A Another Letter from Major Gan. Pillow. St. Charles Hotel, Juno 9, 1847. To the Committee for Rendering a Tuhtic Welcome of the Cititene of Sew Orleani to the Volunteeri, on their return to their hornet. OK.iTLitMti-'1 he kind invitation from you ?u this day presented t<> me by Col Oakey, to partake of the welcome and public festivities you are preparing for Thursday, the loth, on the occasion of the presence in thli city, of several regiments of volunteers, whose term of service has expired Accept for yourselves, and for the oltlxens of New Orleans, my many thank* Uut. gentlemen, I am sot comprised in that number for which those iestivitles are strictly designed. My term cf duty to my country in the Held bus not yet expired. Besides that 1 shall embark In the steamship Fashion, now under orders to start this evening, with troops and stores for the seat of war. Reinforcements to those already la the held are Important to the welfare of our army. My Intention is not again to leave the field of active duty to my oouutry until a permanent peace can be secured, by such a form of government in Mexico, as will guarantee with certainty to the citixens of the United States those advantages which may be contained in such treaty ; or the establishment of a complete military occupation of Mexico, whereby the revenues may be secured to the use of tbe United States, arising from the Internal taxes in the Mexican Htutes, besides the present duties on imports; and allording to the pro uucuve classes lit Mexico inm protection rroiii tnelr enormous taxes which they have not heretofore eujoyod, and thereby also teaching them how such taxes can be oorractly collected, and honestly accounted for to tho proper departments. Besides, protection to the people from forced loans, levied by their ever changing revolutionary government*. The cessatioikof hostilities consequently following the victory of Corro Gordo, enabled me to embrace that opportunity to visit my home on important business. My stay was limited to flvo days, and 1 now take the first Government transport to oonvey me where my duty calls me. If I had been detained by the want of transportation long enough to do so, I would fuel compelled in duty, as a citizen of the United States, to join those in this city, in the character of one of the hosts, to tender to the guests the hospitalities and warm welcome which those noble patriots so highly deserve on this occasion. They have performed deeds that will elicit the wonder and admiration throughout tho world, both from the professional soldier, as from the man In civil life. The sacrifice i have made of the comforts of home and society of friends, for the rigors in the tented field, renders me capable to appreciate the many instances of infinitely greater proportionate sacrifices umong volunteers in the ranks, to serve their sountry during the past twelve months. Therefore, well do they deserve to be honored by the hospitalities of the citizens of New Orleans, as well as the general burst of praises bestowed upon tbeui throughout the country for their many acts of valor, and by thus adding so much glory to the national name. With my best raspecls to you and to the citizens of New Orleans. I am, respectfully, your obedient servant. GIDEON J. PILLOW. St. Loi n, June 13th, 1847. Interfiling Intelligence from the F?r Weet--JIff\iire a1 Santa Fe?Indian Trouhlee and Murdere??4n Uxpretefrom California?Fire?Market!, 4-c. By the arrival here last night of the steamer Monona, from the Missouri, we have advices from Chihuahua to the 6th April, Santa Fe to the 13th May, and Taos to the 18th blay. The bearers of the intelligence are Capt. St. Vrain. Monrs. George Bent, (a brother of the late Governor.) K. P. Blair Jr., E. Chadwick and J. T. Hoffman, the latter of Baltimore. Md. Mr. Hoffman, in company with thirty others, left Chihuahua on tho 6th April. A short time previous. Col. Doniphan, witb about 600 men, had left for Tarras, on his way to join the army of Gan. Taylor. Col. Jackson, with 400 men was left to garrison Chihuahua, and hold it until re. lioved. All was quiet at the latter place, and th? troops in good health. When the party left Santa Ke, nothing of particulai Interest had recently occurred, further than tho conti uuud sickliness of the place. Our troops were dyint off very fast. At Taos, the military force, under Lieut Col. Willock, was holding the people in subjection, anc little fear was entertained of another out-break. Tfai health was better tbau at Santa Ke The party from Taos cauie by Kort William, on th( Arkansas, which latter place they left on the Sfith ult. and crossed the vast plains between that place and tbi western frontier or Missouri in fourteen days?tin quicaesi irip on record, looming 01 especial iiiicruii occurred on their route, until the party had reached Walnut creek, about JllO miles west of Fort Leavenworth There they were attacked by a band of HO Arapujoe Indians, and one of their number, Mr. Win, Tharp,, of this city, was killed. This occurred on the 'Jtfth ult. Francis do Lisle, the wagon-master of the party, and Mr. Tharp hud mono out to kill buffalo, whicli were very near cutup. They had not progressed more than 30<> yards, before they were charged upon by the savages in three separate parties Tharp, as they approached, Bred and killed one of the leaders. In another instant, he was pierced by arrows and balls, and fell dead. De Lisle, who was a short distance from Tharp, raised his gun, but did not tire, and thus kept the enemy at bay until the camp came to ills succor. In an instant, however. poor Tharp had been scalped, and the Indians wer? on the retreat, driving off sixty head of horses and mules belonging to the Americans. After this the party mel with no hostile Indians, except a band of I'otawatamies who were going to war against the Pawnees. At sucl: times any Indians are dangerous, but these passed 01 without doing mischief. Tney urn comparatively a civl lized band, wno live on the Marias des i'yguls. On the day before the party left Taos, three Mexicanarrived, bringing Intelligence that they had been ol i party of eighlecu. mostly Americans, who were bringing iu au express from California. The rest they left 01 Omen Kiver, but thought it probable they were no far behind?the express would come by the way ol Santa K6. The Mexieaus could give 110 particulars as tc its purport, or the civil condition of the country; they reported, however, having met the express which letl here in January last; the bearer of It, Mr. Newman, hat arrived within a short distance of his place of destination. Troubles havo recently broken out among our bordei tribes, and several of them havo gone to war. In thin quarrel the Sioux and Pawnees are the principals, but they have drawn in the Delaware*, Shawnees, Potawatouiies, 1 (peaceful tribes.) Mahas. Kansas, Otoes, and others Their agents have labored to quell the difficulty, but without success. Many of the Mormons of the neighborhood of Council Bluffs nave departed for Oregon. It is feared they will fare badly from hostile Indians before they reach the laud 01 promise. About 10 o'clock last night a destructive fire broke out in our city, and laid waste a large amount of property. The loss cannot fall far short of $#6,000. It commenced in the carriage manufactory of Kallon t Wright, Third street, near Vine, which It entirely consumed. Two furniture warehouses, an extensive turning establishment, an upholstery store, and several Urge storehouses, were entirely consumed. For some time tht I lantern 1 oDacco warehouse ?m in great pern, ma rooi baling on Are. The extensive buildings of the Aranricat Fur (iouipany only wcnped by being Are proof The) were literally covered with llarnes from the adjacent building*. The night wa* calm, or the devastatloo would hare been truinondou*. A very large portion ol the property dretroyed wa* uninsured The reoeption of the liibernia'fl new* produced a material advanoe in the price* of produce. The following are the current figure*: ? Flour, country brand*, $0 17K a $0 .">0; City Mill*, ex tra, $7 a $7 .">0; Wheat, prime, in sacks, $1 31) a $1 3; per bushel: Corn, do do. 6fl a 00c do; Tolmcoo, fair la One manufacturing $3 00 a $0 per 100 lb*; ilemp, $70 i $70 per ton (a decline); Lead, $3 60 per 100 lb*; Hide* dry Hint. 7c (a decline); Baron side*, clear 1\ a Ho Hum*. .>'? a Shoulder*, 4M uOic; l ard 7ca7\c Me** Pork, $13 60 a $14 per bbl; prime do $li 60 a $U do, &c. 4tc. Money 1* exceedingly scarce, and exchange* on Nei Orleau* difficult to negotiate; rate*, I a I)*; exchange oi eastern cities. \ per cunt discount. Altai IS. Piicsto ( abkm.o,{Venezuela, June 1. 1817 Vtnrzurla Politico - Trtaton, and Puniihmcnt nf tki Traitnrt?The Grant to Vttpaoiun Ellil Ship Newt fc. ifC. The Venezuela lirig. "Carabobo," leaves this day for your port, and we, with much plea*ure, improve the opportunity to drop you a lino. W'e have had the satisfaction of perusing your inestimable paper up to the J4th April.whieh, a* usual, oontains the most important Intelgene* from all parts of the world. With feelings of deep regret, however, we And in the Wttkly Ihrald of the J4th April an erroneous statement respecting thin country, which rannot hut hare a tendency to destroy all confidence in the stability of the Venetnelian goTerntnent. lleference is here madu to a paragraph purporting to be news, given by ( aptaln Mill, of the "Canton," just arrived at New York, from haguayra "That an insurrection had broken out in Caracas abont the'4,'ith ult. against (Jen. I'sex. the President'' It may be proper to state that (Jen. Pari is not the President of Venezuela, neither has he held that high office slnco the Jllth of January. 1843, when his constitutional term expired lie Is the ( omniander in( hief ot the army, in which capacity this brave man and Catriot officer will through his immense influence, sua tin the government as actually constituted Mo much for (Jen I'aex (Jen lose Tadeo Monagas. the actual President of Venezuela, and a distinguished officer of the revolution; which resulted in the final separation and absolute independence of, Spain, was elected in January last by Congress, and possessing tho confidence of a largo majority of the people, the dignity of the government will not suffer at his hands. Having made the prcoeding.eiplaiiatlon, we lieg leave tocontradiet in the most'positive terms, the assertion that the tranquility of the capital has been disturbed, as stated in the paragraph referred te ; arid, moreover, there is not the leant probability, that the present peaceful state of the country will be disturbed, as the great body of the people have become onnTlncol by experience that continued convulsions in I be political system prejudice tho Interests of individuals, as well as the honor and good fame of the government In the month of September last, two or threw small bodies of unprincipled men, bad the audacity to tahn ut arms against tbs government Tht energy of tht Kisoutlvs, united to the enthusiasm of ths national ml 1 JLD. Fries TWO Ciott. litis, soon brought th?m to'eubjeetlnn. and the leader* I urn now lufferiug the punishment adjudged by the U*l ' of their country, in line, we have uulimited confidence In the present administration, for lte ability to maintain the tranquility of the country, and to advance the arta and acienees. commerce, agriculture, and c mie iuantly to a higher state of civilisation You will please find unclosed a t araccaa paper (El Librral) of the 2-id ult , which contain! a decree of . the Veiiexuelian Cougrees approved by the K.relative, irruntinir to Vueunaiau till*, tan . our lata *hi. -? 'i ajfuir'r, near this government. the exclusive privilege of navigating the rivers Orinoco and A pure, with steamboats, Tor the term of eigbteen.years, anil also the right of navigating the tributaries of (aid river*. We beg leave to request your particular attention to the remark* of the editor of El Literal, respecting the undoubted advantages to be derived by Mr. Kills aud this country, from the establishment of the contemplated line of steamer*. This grant la of great value, in vieiv of Ae extensive commerce between Bolivar, (late Angostura) San Fernando, Nutria*. >tc.. Sec , important towns situated upon the rivers Orinoco and A pure. Independent of tho trafflo of their tributaries, which proceed from the very heart of theoountry. and consequently, of importance, in consideration of the Immense quantity of merchandise, lie., required for consumption in tbo provinces bathed by the great river* uientioued. and the smaller streams which empty therelu To this aru to be added the production* of said provinces. which necessarily will be forwarded to Bolivar, in virtue of the secure and rapid convt^noe afforded by steam power from Nutrias. We have been assured by gentlemen of respectability, well acquainted with the situation of Bolivar and other towns upon th* rivers in question, of the commeroe carried on, kc , ko., that the enterpaise. if properly couduotsd, will produce a splendid premium upon thn nupital required to prosecute it? and there are those who are so sanguine in regard to the profits which may be derived, that one hundred per cent annually, on the amount invested, 'or the first six er seven year*, is confidently anticipated for Mr. Ellis. By tho Liberal enclosed, you will observe that the government of New Grauaihi bus appointed a Minister to the General Congrers of the South American States, the representatives of which are to assemble at l.lma, In J uly of tho present year. Venezuela ha* refused to send a representative to the said Congress Wo have but two American vessels in this port, brig CmI.U..u til. S.-> A., -I via Eaguyru; and the brig Palm, from Mew York, to rati soon on her return voyage. We are informed that the American sohoouer Florence, from New York, arrived at Laguayra on the .'10th ult. Common Council. Board or Aldkhmkn, June 'Jlit.?Stated meeting? Moiikm Fra-iku.n Ksh . President, in the chair. Serond etreel.?A petition wan received from Charles Clayton and others, to have the name of Second i reet changed to Bond street, Referred. Jhnmunition for July I Ik ?Petition of Capt. Hiohard Itaynor. of the independent corpi of Heavy Artillery, to permit General Storms to furniih ammunition for firing salutes on the -Ith of July Granted. Temporary Breakwater.?Petition of M. Coole and others, for a temporary breakwater at the Battery. Referred. City Weigher.?Petition of E. Wheeler, to be appointed a city weigher. Grauted. Garbage Collr.ctore Looking Up.?A memorial wan received froin the garbage collectors, praying to have their wages increased to yt per day, and that they may bo paid eveiy fortnight. Referred. Obetructioue in WaIt Street.?Memorial from sundry persons. In favor of obviating certain obstructions from the side-walks in Wall street, consisting of a particular class of individuals, who, it is alledged, congregate on the side-walks, and greatly Impede the progress of pedestriuns. (Jn motion of Alderman Crolkus, the peti1 tiouers had leave to withdraw their memorial. I .Atoning Boett in John Street?Petition ot sundry ( persons, to have the awning poets in Johu street re. moved. Referred 1 Booth j .Around the Park.?Petition of numerous eitli zeus. against grautlng permission for the erection of booths srouud the Park, on the 4th of July. Referred. , Supreme Court.?A communication was received from the Judges of the Supreme Court, asking to r be provided with suitable accommodations for holding court. Referred to Committee on i'ublio Buildings, , with power. Free .Academy?Petition of Tnwnsend Harris, Esq , 1 and others, asking for a site for the Free Academy. 9 More Uae?Petitions to have Houston street, Chrystie street, between Stanton and Houston streets. Ham, merely street, Eighth avenue. Charles street. Greenwich uvenun. and '.'4th street; also around St. John's { Park, lighted with gas. Adopted. , Leave to tcil/ii/row?The committee to whom was referred the petition of Alansou Mash, asking for $400 as counsel fees for services rendered the late Public Administrator, reported in favor of giving the petitioner leave to withdraw. ( arried Refunding Money paid?Report In favor of refunding certain moneys paid into city treasury by ex-Mayor llavemeyer on account of emigrant passengers.? Adopted. Police Clerk Free.?Resolution in favor of requesting the several Police Clerks, to report the amount of foes received by thein for binding apprentices?Adopted. Church of St. George the Martyr ? In favor of granting a turthur extension of thirty days to perfect title ? i Adopted. Jlmot Street Pi er ? Remonstrance suainst extending this pier for the lute of steamboats-Referred. , %,-iddrett from the Lord Mayor of Dublin.?A aommui ideation was reo-lved from the Mayor, enclosing mi ad> i}rees from the l.ord Mayor of Dublin, expressing the grat.ltnde of the Irish for the bountiful supply of provt, sious rent them from thin country Ordered to be pelnti ed in the corporation paper*. Clerk Hire. ? Resolutions in favor of authorirlng the City Inspector to hire an assistant cleric at a salary of t $M)d. Also in favor of empowering the Street t'ommlai eioner to employ au additional clerk at a nalary of %IAM ; per annum. Adopted. [ Twentieth Street.?Resolution In favor of causing t Twentieth street to be numbered from the Mart to the f North river. ) IN) rebatei for *1lmt Houee.?Resolution requesting r tiie Alms lluure Commissioner to auperintend the purt, c(lures of meat for the Aline House, and that the ComI uion Council appoint a person to attend such purchaser and to take accouut thereof Referred Nurteriet.?A communication war reoelved from the Mayor stating his reasons for not approving the action l of the Boards iu relation to the, erection of new buildlugs for the nurseries. City Intpeclor't llrpart.?'l'he committee to whom was referred the City Inspector's report relative to bone burning establishments, night carta, lie., reported in favor of referring the subject to Committee on Ordinancer, to prepare an ordtnanoe regulating the same. 8o referred. ~ Police Cleric.?Resolution iu favor of authorising the employment of an additonal clerk at the lower police court Referred. Medical Department of the Jtlmm Haute.?Report of the Special Committee appointed to prepare an ordinance relative w the medical department of tbn Aims House, and presuullug au ordinance, but in cnuse<|Uenoe of the lateness of tho hour, the subject was deferred until neat i Monday, when it will be made the special order of the > '1?J , Miscellaneous. t A terribly severe hail storm visited Halifax, N. C., on > Sunday morning week. The wind which accompanied i the hail blew down a part of the new oourt house, np r turned trees, demolished chimneys, he. A chime of bells and a clock are in sourse of preparation for 8t I'hllip's church at Charleston. The bells ! are the donation of Colin ( ampbell, of Bedford, South Carolina. 3 Novki. Course of Trade.?The schooner 3 Susan cleared to-day for Baltimore by Mr. Thomaa J 1 Kerr, has, as part of bur cargo, '2..HKI bushels of corn.and > ti.1 bushels of wheat This is certainly giving a novel ; c.ourait to I harlraton trade ?Charlnton jfrwi, Junt Id mmrm??. i J - i CI AKDNERM, FARMERS, PLANTERS. HOTEL AND * PRIVATE HOUSEKEEPERS?1 he subscriber baa ix mnde considerable improvements in ail Ins preparation#; bu ciperieucc from the In-ginning of Ins invention lo the present day, warrant, him in as.iirinii those in nerd of hi. pre|?ratioaa lo arrest the attack of moths, bedbugs, cockroaches, rata, sots, moschetoes. Itc., tliet they sre effectual, and carry out the sac , i p.s to its lallest esient. For Gardners' and Farmers use? his earions man ares, sach aa , Sulphate of Ammonia, Nitrate of Soda, Sulphate of Soda and Sn Iph. Magnesia. ... The veri celebrated Fly Paper, to be depended on m all in <' stances. Apply to l)r. LEWIS KEUCHTWANOKR, mil tin*c_ _ n Liberty strrst riMMOLATS hl LPHUR ~BATHS. No. m7 PEARL X street, near Broadway.?These Baths have been establishi d for the lost l wemy-sii ; ears, and are the only Salphar Baths hi the city. They are highly recommended by the most eminent physicians, for the enre of rheumatism, salt rheutn, hromc complaints^eruptions of the skin, fcc. Medicated Vapor Baths also given daily, from I A, M. to ( P.M. _ ftfl*' ANEW STEAM BOAT Will be Isnnched about! he litis of June, built for the n press purpose of testing a new I principle of propelling; and calculated to increase the s|>eed and safety of steamlroata. Any time previous to the 1st of July, one eighth pert of the right will be sold for a fair compensation. My invention has been approved by over five hundred scientific and practical men. Persons ilrsirons of encouraging an object of great interest, and at the same time make a safe and good investment may apply to HE WALL HMOR P, 106 Veaey street Wanted?A Steam F.ngme of from 6 to 10 horse powervs pic a. itx.i e. jet lit*rc W" ENDOW SHADES.?Once more we challenge the New V ork Mhade dealers to compete with aa in the aale of Window Shades. We are now making large daily additions to our stork of Shades, and rlrdge onrsalvet to be nadFraold by none. A? to the quality of oot Shades, we have bet one word to say. They took the premium at ths late fair at Newark. N.J. We invite the ritixena of New York tuid tlie ear rounding country to give aa a call and we will prove the truth of our assertions. DUNCKER k BF.F.KEK, No.M Chatham (tract, near Chamber, street, ... .el f.wbee W V..L 'i'ii whi.i.inu trunks?john < attnach, 'I mult Maunfartnrer, No. I Wall atreet, comer of Br.wd*?;. hw now on hand and ronatamly making? food auMirtmeat of! runka, Valiaca, i'axptt Bi|i, and Satcliela, wholesale aad retail. Alan, a anperinr article of note leather Trunka. anltable for American or Kurr<pean travel, and rortmanleaua lor the ranch Malle f'nate. Ordeta for the Wear Indtea, Month America, he.. Ailed witk dcapalfh. jci Mf rc MOMKI Lf.INT?The hinheat prtrea ndeaureii in i-ar*n and arnall anina on Bold and ailver witrhna, diamond, I plate, jeweln furnirore, clothing. dry (ooda, he, he. , John m. DAViPA, Lieenaed pawnbroker, , - 2311 William aueei. near I>??na Pernona recatrad in orient# oAlnn, fcr rlnrnn <h? bell VNHtM

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