Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1847 Page 3
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tive, especially Port, la which transactions wero ver Illflit. The receipts in round numbers during tho pa* twenty-four hours, were about as follows:?Flour, 96,00 Ibis; Corn, -0 000 bushels; Wheat, So.ltOt) do; OaU *,(>00 do; Kye, 4.000 do. Freights easier, and vessel plenty. Sqsto*. June 23?P. M. Our tlcur market continues dull, with limited salcs?? quote Genesee at fcrt a $8 SO ; Western brands, in iludiu<; Michigan. ?tt. were inactive at $3. In corn an wheat transactions were very light, and without chang lu prices, l ork continued inactive The receipts li round numbers for the past week were about as follows ''' aa Ann a 1- ??% _a. in Ann V-...k,.la . P/->* * r juiir, lurreis ; vv iifu, iif.ouv uumil-w, wv>* 80.000 do; Oats, 0,000 do. Krrlgliti continued Arm, wit' a fair amount o'Jeriug. [Telegraphic Correspondence of I'btl. Bulletin.] ( PiTTtBunoH. June 2'J, 1847. The water in the channel has receded, and in now ei feet. The flour market is dull, and (tales very limited a from to ?5 00 for 1'etiiiitylvania and Western. 8ah 12 j ranks pot ashes at $4 25, on 4 months credit. Halt white wheat at $1. Hales cheese at 5>i to 6 cents. Hah yellow corn at 4l) cents. Sales oats at 29 cents. Otht articles remain unchanged. Nothing doing in prov sinus Iflarrled, On Tuesday, the 22d iust.. at St. Stephen's Churcl by tile Kev. Joseph I'rice, Mr. Hf.nrv B. Corswrll, < Jordan, (N. V.,) to Miss Sahah J. Curtis, of this city. Died. <>u Tuesday, the 22d Inst, after a short and sever illuess, Mrs. Maar WiTlM, relict of the late Murti Waters. 'i'iio friends and acquaintance of the family are r< spectfully Invited to attuud her funeral this Wednesda aUernoou at 4 o'clock, from 42 Cross street. On Tuesduy, the 22d lust., Alkxandcr, infant son < John and Janet I'aterson. aged eight months. The friends and acquaintances are respectfully inr ted to attend the funeral, from the corner of Oreenwlc avenue and Bank struct, this Wedueaday afternoon, it hall past four o'clock. At Wendell. Mass., a few days since. Mr. Joshu Ositev, aged 83 years, a graduate of Harvard Univers ty. iu the class of 1784. WELCOME TO JAM KB K. rOLK, PRESIDENT O THE UNITED STATES?Societies and Clubs tl< siious ol holding meetings niep.uatory to 1 lie City's welcom of the People's guest, will Unci t he 811 AKSPEAlti HOTEI iiinler lis new arrangement, very convenient. JAMES BEROKN. LOU 18 OALABKUN, je2)2i?ic Corner of l.'inne ami William sis. 1 /T AHONK;?Ti e inembers of the fraternity intending I in unite with the II. W. Grand Lodge iti ihvir visit, to INo w.i.k, tire informed that the steamboat Jacob Bell will leas the liiot of I'ike street, K. H., to-morrow ( iliursday) inoruiui at 7o'clock precisely. . JeZ3 It^rc SKI. t>l .Nit OH> ?Previous to removing, a large stock < NK'.V FRENCH SILKS, reduced 10 |.er cent. Barrage* do do Organdies do do Jaccouets do do Briiliautea do do Calicos do do Mouueliii de Lainea do do Foulard Silk do do Grenadines, Black aud Colored do do Gingham* do do Embroidered Barrages do do do Grenadines do do SHAWLS AND SCARFS. Barrage Shawls, 8-4 and KM Crape do do do Grenadine do do Embroidered Crape Shawls, aome extra rich. Black Silk Stiawlaaofuli kinds. Scarfs ol every kind. MANTILLAS, VISITES, Scc.-Black, White, Colore of the ric hest and newest I'arts styles. HOSlF.KV ol'every kind and size, in Silk, Cotton an Thread?the most complete assortment. Also, GLOVES ol all kinds. , , . LIN ENS of the most superior make and bleach, being mad expressly lorour own family trade. MUSLINS?Jacconet, Cambric, Mulls, Nainsooks, Boo Muslins, fancy Checks, Stripes, aud every thing belonging the Muslin department. MUSLIN BANDS, FLOUNCINOS. Swiss Muslin Insertiugs. Do . do Kdgiugs. Cambric do do. J LINEN CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS of every kind BLACK BARRAGES?7-4 wide Black Bairages, a iplei did article. EYIBKOIDERIES?Tho largest assortment ever offered i Collars, Capes, Chemizettea, Ike . Ike. ? EMBROIDERED HANDKERCHIEFS?An elegant a aortmeut. EMBROIDERED ROBES?In Lace, Swiss Muslin, Ja< conet v usliii, a lot ot beautiful Mull Muslin Robes for mori iug dresses. LACES?Valenciennes, Mechlin, Brnzelles Point,liege: Cy, Lisle Laces and Edgings. L VI.E CAPES, COLLARS. Guiinoes, Sleeves, Cuff Scarfs, K'lawls, Mantillas, Visits, Veils, Ike., Ike. Our e-oclt consists of the Richest aud most Fasiiionabl SSn.wl. tini,.,rr,..t rl.ia Murine VVe wnulrt res. *. Hulll- iuvll all tucall and examine lor ihemselves.iu we will hecompellti to icm >ve in a very short time. We shall sell off our preset stock at an IMMENSE REDUCTION before nvriu ml 3IV Broadway. JAx.ES BECK lit CO.. je 2;l :u is VV FkSa r 33# Broadway. DvNIEL hi O N NULL?Mow Published, a full iengi portrait ol Daniel O Council, engmvealu the finest sty ofexecutinn on ? steel plate; size,24x17; likeness unduiiblc l'rice SI. the uxtal discount to the trade. Also, a Ssotig Book, (which is a Souk Book,) entitled a Son Bonk fur the Million, 15tiU pages, price ten shillings, Vork cu reucy. Also, the Family Book Every wife, mother, aunt, graiidrn thsr, gemte cousins, stepmother! sister, inndeu and swee h art, ought to have a cony, bathers, toothers, husband lovers, Ike.. Sic. Look to it, price 12% cents. TURNER Ik FIBHER.74 Chatham street, N Y < jcnlOrrc and 13 Norih 6th street. I'hiladelplu f|VU L PnOLSTEREKS.?A lot 01 painted Window A for a .le cheap, to close a consignment. Apply to LOCI Pt.RK.' T. 33 John Street, up stairs. j?23 3t*ic Y ORDER OK JOHN W. itD.VlONDS. Kaquire, Ci cuit Judge of tli* lir?t circuit, uotice it hereby given, pu auant to the provisions of the statute authorising aUachmeui agaiilst absconding, conce ded a .d non-resident debtors, thai a attachment has been issu-d against die estrte of P-trick Bu'k and George Barnes, uou-resideuts of the State i f New Yorl and that the same will be sold lor the payment ul their debts iiuless they appear and discharge such attachra -lit. accordin to law, within lime inuiitha from the first p blicutinn of this n< tice; and that the payineuts of any debts due to thein by thei demurs, au.t the delivery to tiiein or for their use, of ny prt perty belonging to tlwin. and tlie Pausfrr of any of their pn porty by them, are forbidden by law, and are void. Dateil trie <uli day of October. 1816. A. A. PHILLIPS, Attorney for je23 UwlOwM * rc Airichngt '-d'i?rs. DR. 'FA y LU R'S B ALSA-vTipi LI Vr.R VV I?it i ? 1 h mistextraordinary mrdiciue in the world: cure follow cure: daily we hearot the innxtastoiiishiug cuies?Alex Smnl 131 Forsyth street, alllicted seven years with theCousumptioi this medicine cured him. Hopeless cases, and deemed n.cura ble. have been cured by its use. Beware of couuterlcils lit member, the Kenuine is now prepared ai the wholesale dep.n 73 B. ekiiinu street, by the proprietor, formerly 375 Bowery Agents?-Redding St Co , 8 State street. Bo too; O ' Siorr 21 North Sixth s'reet, Philadelphia; J R Gorham Newburi Wilson Ham. Hudson; U. W. Van Vorhia, i'uiighkeepsie; It ?. Briggs, 4 Exchange, Albany; Thi.abiiru, CO Congress sfirt roy See the signature, Or. TAYLOR, on the bottle, an trom 73 Beekman street?all others are spurious auo u aiitlio> ted je33 30t*irc TIFFANY, YOUNG k ELLIS respectlully aiiuoiioc llrit their ne w e tablislimeut. Mo. 271 Bioatlway, cor n. r of Chambers slreet(one block above their present toC ition will be o|irued <oi Monday, 28ili.luuc, with nearly 200 csaei forming hii entirely new, and the largest, stock cTelegant an useful lancy articles, ol a higher order of tssle, beauty an rich..ess ilia h ive ever liteu ex'uhiied in New York. Bronxis, Bohemian Glass, i ranch and Dresden orcelaii Terra Cot la, Papier Mache, Bronzed. Gill and Electro Si veied Wsrca; lichly inlaid Desks, messing Cases, Wor Boxes, Ike ; Cutlery and Site I Goods; Paper aud Fancy si, tiouery: Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, and articles lor the toi ler; Fans Umbrellas, Caller. Whim. Purses, Bags Oyer Olvsaes, Ike ; i hliiese and India Fancy Articles aud Curiosi ties; an entire iifiportatie-i of Japanese Goods, probably tin most extensive aud inagniliccut collection ever set u out of J, pan, Ike. To [heir former business they will add JEWELRY, and invite particular attention to llieir large selection, both fc rrigo and American, ol the newest, richest, and in >st elesau deaciipt-ona; beautiful wntclics and clocks, fancy silver warr OMinonds, calncos, corals, enamels, 4ee he. nil ol' whi'-h wil bo marked in plain figures at pricea from wliicli not the sliglu e-' deduction w ill lie made. Their Jewelry deportment will be under the care of Mi Thomas Craue Hanks. jc23to2Jr 271 Broadway, corner of Chamber! at. (&Ott RKWABli?liwien on Bandar ereninf in a Porte y^wlrlloiiae in Slulber.-y afreet, New York, a WALLKT containing $2lK) in bills?one $100 bill, bank unknown: twent live $2 bills, I iur $5 billa; lour $3 billa, balance not lemrm bered?ill the billa wne eudoraed"B Miller,"in ink?(tn in iii >1 'II" being written m the Her man character I A jiropm lion of tbe reward will be naid lor the recovery of a propni ti ma! part. Addieae Col. Snow, the property Cleik at tli Police Office, Centre afreet. BKHN.VKU MILLKK. je23 li *r _ NC.U KOPAXH Y.?DR. HOLLI- K S New Sy.t'en, ? I'r.Ciice ia attracting uuieeraal attenimu. Medical mei and the medical joiiriiala, are everywhere disciismig the rei anil I its extraordinary aucceaa. The moat r.-diaikable feature in thia new ayatem it, llitit neith er it. nit i, nur any other of the ordinary agent* are acarrrl y ure at all. and yet every requiaite effect la produced. The chie agent employed it that niyaterioua and all pervading power, tli aole canae of life and m it ion, generally called electricity, gal vaniim. or magna Mam, and which ia now known to he tn principle lile itaelf. With proper apparatus, directed by a competent knnwledg ofpliyaiolug' and electro dyniinnca, tbia ia undoubtedly tli ill' t meant we posaeas for mitigating human tnffering. In a I Chronic and Nervous caaea, and in Female Diteaara, nothim else cm approach it. Dutii eat inru will find in lliia aystm meant of renovating their ahattered lienllh, without any flange ol i jurion* .Iter effect*, like thoae that follow from diuga Dr. Ilnllic < a Office ia <7 Warreu Street. Office hour* frog 10 A. \1 3Vi P. M. O" See l?r. Hollick'i book called " Neuropathy," to je ha' ofall the lmi>k*ellera. * jc23 iatfexSr FlJK SACK?I hat well known bowling Salnoii, No. 3?i Broadway, containing four Alleya, with all the Fixturei l.eaar. he , U|~.n reasonable terma, or if desired, one-half o the tame; the placet ia doing a good buaineaa; itiaa protiubl and tale investirraut. to a person conversant with the huaineai Tbia opportunity ia seldom equalled. For te. ma, enquire oi the prennsea, or at the Kagte Hotel, 171 Canal street. je2l lt*m LUSi ?At or near Jones's Hittel, Philadelphia, a large gob Pencil, six aided, J. M 9 cut in old Fnglian on tbe to| Its full value will cheerfully be paid for ila return, with th thinks of the owner. Please direct to Jones's Hotel, Philadel phi a. ill It're Gl! i I.AIihK, I'.HCOH, 111 William street, opposit the lie w stores.?Every description of aummer garment that the imagination can conceive of, that ia not a violation n food laate, can he found at my eatabliahment; consisting n 'achmerette. A Iptica, Merino, Gingham. Liuen, Tweed,lu fcr. Aiso, IIlack Marino Pants and vesta. A good aumme auit w.ll he sold for from $1 up to $211. These article! ar old in addition to in\ legitimate business of making clothes n any description to order. A large flock of cloths. cnasimrres vesting*. Itc. '<c. Je2l 6fiaCr N>'l I< h ?The subscriber begs leave to inform the patron of the Riding School Nos. 137 end 139 Mercers reet, the I K .111? I". lunger connected in nn\ manner ?it thit e?tabliahme t. and nil money* due for riding orotlierwisc mn it be paid t the proprietor. The riding department wil be in fntuie conducted by a peraon well .|ualilird to talc charge . f the Mine. HOIlVCE K JONES, Proprietor Riding School, Noa. I37 and I39 Mncer it. June VI I*47. __ _ _ je22 7t*r A I : \ NI> M)llTE. Jnat lini .lied. it ban <i line anil |.owci fill to. r and a new pedal, thai convey* the sound to a din tauce. The contrast between the two pedal* i* great, and ver pleasing It is the only one of the hind lo be had in the citv.for *alr ' V( liriatie sr. Low for fash. je!97f re Hi N USOMKI.Y H -RNISHEI) APARTMENTS, witl hood, may be obtained at No. Ill Chambers street. je22 2t*r Ti? I.e. I ? C urnished Kooms, No. *7 Warren street.J? ?t*t I y TIT ANTED?By a stout active Boy, of moial aati iudBatri- "B " ous hsbiU, a situation as apprentice to tlx ship or boos* 1 1 carpenter's trade or cabinet maaiug. or aur respectable boat0 nets?will rudaaror to mike himseTrgeuerally useful and sua- L dy to the interest of bis employer, Please call 49 Willet st. tb I. jti 2t* r ,r a "11/AN'TKD ?A person with a sm >11 capital to take an its- 10 TV terest in an operation for the 4th of July, where the anfountof capital invested ran be more than doubled. It will l not re<|nireithe person's time only on that day. Kor further j information, address JLi.Y with tnim-.aud wheie an inter J;' view may De n?u, <*r ., ai me *icr??u w. j*3"*' {I! WjlhTIlD Bi imiinMt yww woUi tiMudw to ? do general house work, or a* chamber maid. The beet t< of city reference given if required, from her last (dace. In- ci quire Ht.Vo 141 Kim street. Je232*tr w B WAM'fhl* IN T lie. COU NTRY, not lar from '' D the city, for two children; iu a Plain farmer's house, near f the wa ?r, woere tliey can havu the benefit of bathing, would }, i>e preferred. Term must be moderate. A line addressed to f h M K., at the office of this |iaper, stating terms and situatiou, ahufTbe attsadec to. jet> Tt*ie riho TYPE C44|'r,K?- Wanted a good Job Type Caster, li J. A and competent workman can hare constant em- ai i Payment rot reference, apply to HOE Ik CO., p jI 21 2tn Wand 31 Gold street. It x D JAKD WANTED?By a gentleman and wife (uochil- ^ if 13 Ireu); iu n private family would be preferred, as the gentle- ' is ma i diut-s at bomu on Suudsy only, rront room, with a bed '1 in rooru or pantries alt icbrd. Location betweeu Market and Kulger streets, east side of Division. Address a line to M , 11 ,r Herald ortics. Ileferences ririnuiged. jeZt 2l*r * JK.NNKSS BE veil, in E. N H., HVh MILES KllOM ! PORTSMOUTH ?A spacious and commodious bouse o m lias been erected on lli.s extensive Beach, this Spring, uid is |i inu-t abundantly supplied Willi all the appliances of comfort, tl convenience, rational pleasure and health restoring relaxation, a ' Its situ tiou and natural facilities are said to b- unsurpassed hy a ?f those of any waleii..g plnre on the Mew England coast. The li lioiue is in close proximity to a long, hard anil nandy beach, i: furuisliing .-x ensire and beintiful rides, and at the saine time I grand views of Old one t me alrrpiug calm and sr- fi rene as the infant in its mother's arms, and now, Issued sub- a 0 limely into rage and fury. About eight inilas to the East, lie s Q I lie " Isles nf Shoals. "once fumoua in the aiinalt of provincial p history, and now flic scat of extensive fisheries of various kinds o ). ?a pleasant excursion, alike to the curious and the lovers of fi ? "Port in Palling Ample tackle, aafe boats, and every facility o furnished far taking cod, haddock, and tbe toinller fishes on e , the roast, and near the house; also all needed facilities for ti " lathing in variouakinds. a The rooms are uestly and taitefully furnished; furniture, a !- heds and bedding entirely uew and ^ust made. Tbe table will H h be all that the varied products of sea and land, experieuced tl cooki nud expert utieudams ciu make it. |] f mrriuges will be in waiting on the arrival of carx of Eastern d Railroad Co at the Greenland and Rye station, to convey pas- li ,A seugers to the house, distant about three miles frqin " the sta- r ! tiou," and half that dint nice from churches, and post office iu si centre of Rye. Charges reasonable and graduated by uiunber, a 3 sitiint.oii. itc. of rooms. Address .4 * je23 1r?irc JON A. R J ENNF.S8, Rye. N. H. ( .. A MEKK AN "HOTEL. KICHHeLD SPRINGS.? 1'be ' e JTL undersigned proprietors of the sbove establishment aware 4 ol the growing popularity ol this lasliioiisDle watering place. ' nud desirous of accommodating all who visit it either for 1 health or pleasure, have been at great excuse in enlaigiog the * American, nod .improving it* grounds so an to render it still 'j more attractive, now (latter themselves that they ran furnish " visiters with all the luxuries aud comforts usually found at to the first class hotels. The rooms are large, airv aud convr- " nient, and the table will be supplied with every dainty. J! Within a lew years these Springs have become generally 11 <i known anil highly appreciated for their medicinal ettects, anil '' _ large numbers visit theie every season with decided benefit in 'j jf aim >st ail the chronic forms of disease, particularly scrofula, '' rheumatism, eruptions of the skin, dyspepsia, bilious diseases, and ehronic diseases of the liver coutrac.ed in hot latitudes, '! ^rrvous debility, Stc. ike.; and we hazaid uothiug in saying as a , means of cure, these sprtugs are before any other mineral [' spring yet aualyzed in tlie United States. in no portion of the State is more pleasing and agreeable j1 scenery than in the vicinity of these Springs, and we have no [' doubt that all who visit this place, cither lor health or recrra- j tion will find it delightful, aud the American an agreeable ! abode. V At a short distance from the Spring are a number of lakes, 1 one within half a mile, where those who are foud of fishiug will fiud rare sport. Boats aud lisliuig tackle can be had at a ' moment's notice. 1 'I hose from the North, East aud West can take the cars to Herkimer, where post coaches and other conveyances are in constant readiness to take them directly to the Springs. LENNERBACKKR Ik JOHNSON. Junelfi, If) 17. je 20 Ht?rc IJ AMILTON HOUSE, at Kort Hamilton, near uie mar ] . 11 rows.?This favorite place of summer resort is now open . u for tlie reception of boarders and visiters. The steamboat American Eagle, Captain Power, leaves pier No. 1 North u River, at 10 A.M.,and 1 and 4 P.M.?leares kort Hamilton at 8, r ,e 1 A. M., 2%, Hud P. M. The public may rely ou the 1 , boat running as advertised. , k THOMAS A. M El NELL, ' fr*oltT Hamilton. June 8th, 1817. jelO tilt" rc 1 CONGRESS HALL, ALBANY.?The public are respect- ,, fully informed that this establishment having been tbo- v roughly repaired and painted, aud uewly furnished, is uow in complete order for the receptiou of guests. j Congress Hall will accommodate.about 800 guests; there are j; a- a large number of parlors with bedrooms attached. It is located a on thecoruer of Washington st eet and Capitol Park, beiug in jf the immediate vicinity of the Capitol and all the State buildings: the situation is airy and quiet, having tlie Capitol and s- Academy Parks 111 front. It is justly considered the most pleasant location in the city of Albany for a hotel. I t- Mr. London has associated with liiin, Mr. James L. Mitchell, 1 II- lata of the Parker House, INew Bedford. c Tl... .I,l..a.,l...r. tl.Mi, .IT. .,. II incut, mid hope by the strictest atleution to the wants and coin- J. forts of their guestx, to merit a continuance of the liberal pat- } i, runage they nave heretofore received from their friends and " the travelling public. LANDON i. MITCHELL. r. jelO 30lm C j IJUDSUN lll VKK HOTEL, comer of West and HoboXX lieu, opposite Canal street ferry.?This spacious Hotel , has been fitted and furnished with new furniture, and is now (l open for transient and steady boarder!. Those iu want of a t, quiet home, cool rooms, and pure air, are requested to call This house commands a fine view of the North Kiver nod bay I .h to Sandy Hook, and Jersey shore, including Jersey City null le lloh -ken. Also in the vicinity of tiakiuraus salt water baths, d. highly recommended for invalids. Suites of rooms for fami- ' lies, and single rooms for gentlemen, with or without board. ' ig The proprietor will at nil times make it his study to insure the "j r- comhi't mid convenience of Ins guests. je9 30t"rrc \ f VUtL>.?11AIIT WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, [ ' VV 223 Chesiiut street, Philadelphia, (two doors above r seventh,) having recently undergone repairs and iinnrove meets, offers to travellers all the quietness and couilort ol home, with all the luxuries of the season. * * Baths lifted up, cold and warm, for ladiai and gentle- t - men. j I .lot rc S \f AWAPJCQUA HOI St., South Oyster Bay.'X V, is i'X now o|ieu for the receptiou of company.?The house is j _ beaiit fully located; the rooms are unusually large, airy aud a r- convenient: a beautiful hay, exeelleut bathing, liahiug aud t r- shooting are within n short distance from the house. The ? ts cars leave Brooklyn at 9^-, A. M. aud 4 P. M., daily, for Karmni i gdale, where stages will be in readiness to carry passengers " e to the house. I'ersous can leave and r-turn the same day to t, New York. The distance from Karmingdalr is miles ? I, The undersigned will do all he cau to make his a ueisrable ,, g house for a summer residence. >- jc3 W'r ' HARLK8 K. SNEPECOR. ' UCAlMf-K MCSOiv 1'.?The subscriber would respectfully < O aiinoiiiice to those wishing to enjoy a fine prospect ofA'ew ,, Condon Harbor and surronudiug cnuutry, that he can furnish iliern with pleasant airy rooms, at the situation known as tin Hone House, ou Bank street, within live minutes' walk of the Sn wh.irf. p As a Summer resort, where all kiiidmf sevfood, both eltel' e s id i thvr li*h, besides the best of sea bnthnig etui be enjoyed' I s this p<ace is probably unequalled. * t Visii-rs f om abro d accommodated with the hestof' nonii ^ i; and at moderate charges. HENRY HUGHES, e New Coinlon. luce I. IKI7. _____ nn 31'Ifll i rr * N(JKTH AMERICAN BAR aad BILLIARD ROOMS, comer of Bowery and Bayard street The subsciibc, , respectfully informs his friends and the public geuer dly, tin. r, lie has taken the above well known popular house, which he l( ' intends to keep in as good style as any similar establishment in n the city The House lias been thoroughly painted and renin 'J vaird.aud the Bar is provided with a choice stock of liquors M " and srg rs. In the Billiard Saloon are two as good tables a> , any iu the city, which will be under the superintendence ol p an attentive anil experienced person, w hile the Bar will be un <> r dei the immediate care of the subscriber. DAVID M, HOLLISTER. y ) N.B. The proprietor will be happy to see his friends on i Thin -dav. the 27lli lust., from 11 to 2 o'clock. j Nto Yoga. May 88, 1HT. myM30t?f 11 Ui llOOLEt'o ".MOUNTAIN" SPRINGS MARSH'S k5 HEATH HOUSE.?As the time is approaching for citi- / ! /ens to dt (ermine upon the direction of tlieir snmme excur \ r sioos, attemion is solicited to ibis healthy, Mituble aim V " highly I'ashiounble place of summer resort. Extrusive tin' pruvi meiits ami etnliellishmeiitm have been made to the above f, named establishment since the last season, ainouK which srv 1 ti e erection of a ne?v and splendid building, containing near ,, sixty sleeping apartments, constructed in the most modern and improved style for comfort and convenience, and affording ac- | i" comnnnlations lor between eighty and one hundred persons, n. . addition to the uiimher lieretolore act onimndnted. The fur- j niture for this building isentirely new, and large additions n. furniture and bedding have been made in the whole establish- " ment. Ihe house new ly painted, and all fitted up in the beat 11 ' possible manner. The greatly?increased accommodations and 0 comforts of the place, and its constantly-growing popularity I' ' with the fashionable, and those in the pursuit of health, j until y " the nude signed in the hope and confident expect,.tion that the patronage to Ins establishment will continue as heretofore, to ' thr full amount of ita capacity. I The establishment is now iii readiness, and open for the re- I ception of visiters. E. MARSH. m r jel2 Hf eod'rrc _ n SJ.VN8 SUM I H(TI KL-B/VLLVI ON SI A - I lie shor e ? establishment will he opened under the management of the subscriber oil lhe24ih day of June inst. The beauty of its '' 1 situation, and its immediate vicinitv to Saratoga Springs and ', have always rendeird this | lace a desirable resort dnring the summer season, and the undersigned assures tlioss who . e may patronise turn, that no effort on his part shall he spared to ensure their comfort and approbation. V je'i Pawlwr M.J. THOMAW. i r|'MIE SARATOGA TRAVELLING-TRUNK, mannftc " i. 1 tuied by CHOIJCII it FITZGERALD, No. 1 Maiden , i- Lane, is one of the most splendid and substantial trunks lli t c| wss c\i r proilured in this market. It M designed for ritir.rns '- and stiaugers, who intend visiting that fashionable and cele- , j d lirated Wat ri log place, where a handsome and commodious I trunk is quite as essential as a well filled purse. All others ' who are m want of a trunk, carpet bag, satchel, or valise, will ! find the largest and best assortment in the city to select from, e made of the best inatrrials and by the vrry best workmen. L dies' Trunks, Hit Boxes, Ike. fkc in an endless tarirty. r Every article warranted as solJ, and rbeaper than the same r quality of inferior make can be purchased elsewhere. I CROUCH Ik HTZWKRALD, X jefl Mt rod re No. I Maiden lane. " TVfONTEVERDE'S BILLIARD AND BOWLING 8A1vE|LOON, No. J Barclay street, three doors below the Ame- ? ? rican Hotel, New York. f' The subscriber would respectfully inform hislfrirnds and the h< j public iii general, that he has k I Vk. SI'LENDI I) BILLIARD TABLES constantly kept ingood order. Aa the tables are in separate apartments, the Proprietor thinks it will be more ae- | U lect and agreeable to gentlemen visiting his house. | ...mi ? in 11hk iim iiiuie raMiinanman!. will ne ,, f furnished with a private rue and apron for hiaeapecial uir, and -? e Willi the beat of attendants. (j i. Ilis Bar in alway stocked w ifli the beat of Lii|nora and Sevan , ri to he found in the-city ol New York. Also, TWO GOOD ,, BOWLING ALLKYH, in the Basement; lialfthe usual price, j that is, twelve and-a-half cents |>er string. Also,a large room ' for Domino playing. \ Puring the aeasou the choicest Oysters that comes to h market. 1 Notick?Oentlemen will please to commnnicats at the Bar Cl any neglect of duty ofthe attendants. '? FRANCIS MONTEVF.RDE, ?* t ml 3taw*r No. 5 Barclay street. New York. j* ! OKA BAT HI NO? LONG BRAN* II. NEW JERSEY. ? r O The subscriber will oiien His Hotel (formerly Hairs') for iv the reception of visiters, (luring the season, on Monday, 21st 3 , instant. HENRY HOWLAN1). ( J la 17 17tiseod*rrC f Cl I HE WORKS.?The most extensive, richest, h.illiant and 1, " variegated colored exhibitlnnal F'irewnrks erer offered to the public, is now ready per order, with new machinery, t>i ' designs, mottoes, Bert. (lie. ,1 . For information, apply to J. W. HOLBERTON, 75 Maiden ? lane. New York,or " ISAAC EDGE,Jim. Pyrotechnist, . j le'i Kteod'r Laboratory. .leraey City, near the Kerry. | r 10 W I ( HALi.KNGE.?Notice to gentlemen who want ? ileir ol I clothes to look like new, call at the |tl i alluring. D}eiug,t leaning and lieosiring Evtahlishmeut, 0 No. 77Gold street, corner of Gold and 8pruce, where ordets fi, will he iMinctually attended to at the shortest notice, and on cl the moat reasonable terms, hy J B. NOAH, 77 Gold street. rt ' N. B ?Thr highest price given for gentlemen's left off _ wearing)api>nre|. m**9 mt,??e | CO vis'i THREAD.?CAUTION.-Purchasers and con- el sutneraot t oil' ti I hre-d- 'e hereby cautioned that an Pi 1 article of apool t uead marked "Coatee It Co., now offered for rt S de in this market, is not the celebrated slf-cord thread mann- |r factored by Messrs J. It P Coats of Paisley, Gotland. pe HUGH AUf'/flNCLOHH fc HONS, as jellnt s*rc Agents of J. It P. Coata, of Paialey. JOTICE ?Co!?u'L4T* or 9rai" is Ntw To**, June 1 1ft. *JM7. ft A Notice i* hereby fires, to all the creditors of lha late WIL- V/ t 1AM Jl. SAGE, aud to all persons whom it may concern, on T at the lollowiue order or decree Ma beeu made, and that 1 a lira n required by the authorities of Matsnzas, Island of Cuba, Hose cauae the iMneto be published. Drear , , . KHANCIBCO 8TOUGHTON, Consul, Icc. Ottor lu the city of .Ylatanzas on the tweuty-tifth day January, in Matti ' yearone thousand, ehjht hundred aud foity-seveii, Don Solar ise r ilguers.briyadier ofiufantry and civil and military Gov- Catal nor of said city and its jurisdiction, having inspected these ~T"r 'oceedinirs of the ineetiuir of creditors, aud asaiirnmeut of A opcrty instituted by Mrs liepsey 8. JI. Waylaud, widow of I a,c, Ir. Willitm K. Sage, for the purpose ol' convening the creili- i ju j. t? of the l*iter; having inspected alio the resolution of aud s reditursat the meeting held 011 tliebtkfcy ol' November U?t, ^ Inch *;:t ii entered at folio two hundred :iud twenty-lire, ou , .. 1 le reverse side, by which laid creditor* iubmiltcd to the de- k|,g J ree of classification which might be mad* by the court, wan- ., ig for thia purpos - the lurther proceeding* aud allegation* ol ir matter; a id having considered all other thing* which have i-eu worthy of the consideration of the court, rntid that he pi' ught to declare aud did declare that said creditor* mint he a 1 inl with the value of the properly assigned by the i-aid widow "juani lepvey, in the form and erder lollowiug In the lint pl?ee M *r ml degree and out of the whole fund ol the estate are to be Alto aid the cost* of theae |irocrediiig*. aud the taiiug officer ia to Woo een in view the agreement of the parties made at the meeting Alio eld on the third day of December, of the year laat paat, and for pi udorted on folio two hundred aud forty-one; ill the second lie.; I <ce aud drgire out of the price of the coffee estate Santa alter ma, Messrs Drake Brothers Ik Company are to receive the a' "j mount du-* to fli*,ai for supplies to said esta e, and from the ^ mount of the oik half ol the rolTee estate c died Ontario, they tont re to receive whatever sum shail appear in mcir favor in the j, (-.counts of supplies to said estate ;iu the third place aud degree . ut of the price of the colfre c-tatr Santa Ana, there is to he u* aid to Messrs Goodhue It i oinpauy ,of New York.merchiut*, ,i ne sum ol four thou usud, two hundred dollars; bring the n| mount of their credit,as ap|irnrt by ihe statement at folio four >p nil by the certificate of the register of mortgages, endorsed ou alio sixty -three; in the fourth plsce and degree, out of the pro- ' iM eeds of the same estate there should be paid to Mr. Joseph -I- I lili CI trk, the amouut which shall appear to he due to him be or rum the aforesaid critilicate, aud from the surety bond, built , copy ol" which appears at lolio two hundred and V K.I ixty-oue ; in the film place and degree let there be 8 Oil aid out ol said estate to Mr. Joseph Fowler the sum w i I ti tef uthousa id dollars, to which the writing obligatory at I j alio two hundred aud sisty-tliree. aud the aforesaid certificate l ,,,, I the register of inortgiges reler, it being understood, how- ?ihii ver, tint said sum is to be deposited iu the Royal I reasnry uu- y, I the iujunctiou issued by order of the Consular Deputy, as hem ppcars from the note of said certificate, ia dissolved; in the Qr(|t :xlh idace aud degree out of the price of the coffee estate or (j aula Ana, aud of the one half of tne estate called Ontario. lere should he credited to Messrs. Bruidgc b Company of lostou, merchsuts, the sum of three thousand five hundred :cj ollsrs, which they represent in tlicir proceedings, as appears ruin the copy of the public document aunrted at folio pi no hundred ami filty-nine, and from the certificate at folio A ivty-three aforesaid, on,the reverse side; in the sixth iilare Wei ml degree, out of the said proceeds of t'-e coffee estate Santa til ini, let there he paid to Mr. Johu Graham, and to Mr John V riswnld, of New York, nierchnit*, the sum of twelve thou- tour ilid seven hundred and sixty dollars and thirteen ceut i, anpei- ing > lining to ttiem, as appears from the copies of public diutii- tr d leuts,beginning at folio tinea hundred and forty-nine,and fn in hen le certificate made by the register of mortgage.-; anil m the of al tf lit Ii and last place, out of the surplus remaining, let tin .r he | n ' I aid to Hmm*. (J- O. and 8. How I uid, to Mr. Jogeph Ins- audi ign, and also to Mr. Neheiinah Nubh.ird.the siitns appearing -llict II tbe list ol debts presented by the wil|pw llcprf, and in ease rd In HI* should not be ullieieiit to pay them in lull, let said tur- upon Ins be distributed pro rata between lliein; it being understood Je10. each creditor, on receiving lna respective nuoii in the ? *, ho e and degree heretofore assigned, shall execute the bond p f his being entitled in law to n preference, l-et there lie de- i|ir , ucted from the proceeds of the sale of the coffee estate Out*- The in, in conseiiueuce of the allegations contained iu the docu-, | i, lent at folio oue hundred and sixty-five of, these proceedings, .- '.i lie mill of two thousand two hundred and thirty-six dollars >tn balance due iu tne accounts of supplies to said estate 1\J' i Mrs. Mary Sage Webster, as appears Prom the certificate A* C folio two hundred aud one, on the reverse side; and mutt wo hundred and twe.ity-sil hiive effect. Decreed by bin Hoor, after consulting the chief second Alcalde, and signed be- A1 ore me, to which I certify. Jose Falguera, Licentiate; Joie plear Jiguel AiikiiIo y Heredia. Before me. Angel Bruzori. auth It is a true copy ol its original, which is contaiued in the roceedings mentioned in the foregoing decree, to which I efer. And in conformity with the order, I caused these pre- M> ruts to be issued in duplicate. rS Pl Matanzas, kebruary 6th, 1847. N ? ANGKL BRUZON. ~id' A true copy. FRANCO. 8TOUGHTON. je22 lit f h Consul, iic. PANTALOONS?K. AHRENS, the well known 1'ants Co Tailor, 20,'i Ann street, has lately received over 100 pes. cnch aiicv Cassiinetrs and Linens, of which he makes 1'ants to or Je2 ler for only $2 50 to S4 per pair. pat; Also, French and English black cassimeres and doeskins, J rom SI to $8 per pair, warranted good, or no sale. ,wirt? Gents who are in want of Pants, will do well to call at 20 ,,,,. Inn street. je?0 Ht?r5i Ladies'and gentlemen's left off ward- sole HOOK?The highest prices can be obtsined by gentle- nor lieu or fainilies-who arc desirous of converting their left off serii rearing apparel iuto cash. Families and gentleinen quitting the city, or changing resi- U ences, having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will fiud t much to their advautage to send for the subscriber, who will J* 'u> tteud them at their residence, by appointment. U-y< J. LEVENSTYN, 466 Broadway, up stairs. A"' Ladies can be alteuded to by Mrs. J, LEVENSTYN. A" je22 3t'r ???" aV UKOPHOBI A?This much dreaded disease can now ,,'fV] be prevented by the use oi Louis Na|ioleou Banteries' elebrated Les Poudres Vertes.or Green Powders, which aro or?| atrouized by the Queen of England, His Royal Highness Li 'rince Albert, and by the nobility and gentry of Englaud.? p 'tiese Powders are also a suae cure for distemper, fits, he., in j? ogs. IJ A supply of these most valuable powders have jnst been re- =5eived by the Agent for the United States. I< JOHN FISHER. Gun and Pist 1 Store, 40 Chatham St., N. Y. o? 11 P. S.?Every person owning a dog, who attaches any value i it or himself or family, ought immediately to call and get a "''1 or jll 30t?re tneii H H" AP BUG ARB.?New crop Green.aud Black Teas and Ullj ^ Family Groceries. wl. Just received Irom auction a large stock of white and brown ?,ai ugars, green and black teas and groceries, all of which ere of- jyUj ered at unusual low prices. Loaf sugar 94k cents pound; rushed do 5s 6d. 7 lb.; brown sugar 3s; fight do 3s 6d; yellow je 'orto Rico 4s; light Havarta do 4s; finest Oolong tea 50 cents; iae Young Hyson 50 cents; good black arid green 2s. and 3s. A b; prime old coffee 10 cents lb, fresh ground daily, and groce- les of all kinds for sale in quantities to suit imrconsers. By cles J. O. FOWLER, yet 250 and 428 Greenwich, aud 76 Vesey street. of si N. B. Doalers and families from the country would do well nig, o call before purchasing. Goods delivered to the boats Willi- ton, iut charges. jelOIUr-m wan A GREAT SPE< ULATION?For sale, that magnificent 71. establishment, formerly known asthe Washington Club. Jo. 72 Prince street, three tloor? rut of Broadway. It con- g, iiiii four sifjierior Howling Alley*, Billiard Table*, a >|ilrudid lar adorned by Mirror*. Paintings, itc., aud i* fitted up alto- LU ether in a style not equalled by airy similar establishment in M city. rr* This is, to any person feeling disposed to engage in the busi | ess, tin opportunity that seldom offers For terms, tic., ap- bo , ly to the proprietor on 'he premise*. je!6 7t*rc yi(f IMMOLAT'8 HUbl'HUK BATHS, No. 547 PEARL whs street, near Broadway.?These Baths have been establish- N J for the last twenty-sis years, and are the oAly Sulphur Baths Pass i the city. They are highly recommended by the most II ininent physicians, for the cure of rheumatism, salt rheum, jTy brume rompltiuts, eruptions of the skin, he. f\ Medicated Vapor Baths also giveu daily, from i A. M. to I , ' M. ft ?' ' /FNKi T- OF THE MEDICATED VAi'OK UAjilB t'lem -2 IN RHEUMATISM. ,essi IADAM of I Oiaitudeto you for the benefit derived from your Medi men strd Vapor Baths, as well as a desire to promote among other N. itfeier* a know ledge of these invaluable Baths, induce me to inak nhlish the following fjcia I was for three months rnuliii'd Brae i inv house and one mouth to my bed, with a most se vere at- maul irk of Rheumatism, My right leg became contracted, and, mi i fact, I was perfectly helpless. After trying numberless Tar tmedirs, I was recommended to your Biths?the first and se- yj/ mid b .ill, I was Carried out ol the carriage into the balli, and ras unable to undress or diess?the third bath I was so much dieted that I could walk with a crutch and cane, and the ' nirth liaili entirely cured me?all piina aud the contraction ,.('"( enig completely removed. i J Hoping this may be the means of inducing others to resort to J!n our establishment, I remain, R'. . Heapectfully Yours. . * J' J. W.CIOVANNONI. 7J Nassau street. rI^ Tn Mm. M Cannot.!., lilt Fulton street. ieH lir'ic A MIAKLES RIDOWAV, Hair Gutter and W ig u.,ke,, l~ 0 J Broadway, corner of Maiden Laue, up stairs, late of 25 ,i : Vail st. C. R having completed Ins new arrangements, wishes to in- ' , .rin those gentlemen who have ao liberally patronized liim in "7 is former establishments, and the public generally, that he . ill be happy to receive a call from them at hia new hair cut- . ng, dressing, and w ig rooms, 17V Broad way, comer Maiden j , |HR jl 7t?rc "i|H [ KCKR FIlEREHBRANDIES?Constantlyrec ivedaud Nei J for sale by the subscriber, (entitled to dehentnrei a full sortmeut of the several brauds of the above well kunwu jc randies consisting of Cognac, Ilonlielle and Bordean flavors, reV I a great variety of vintage*, new and old, iu ){,and hi | ipes, whicli are offerrd at the Ipwc-t current prices by tfie ., nporter. Dealers are invited to call Mid ciumiur samples. ' _ HENRY LKCEll. ft?, my2f> 70t?r Office No. lOf Wall street, New Vnrk. XlKBT PREMIUM CROWN WINDOW GLA9S?The will Kedford Crown Class Companv.haviug again resumed the r-nt niufacliire of this justly celebrated glass,the American Insti- asci iteat their las exhibition awardeilthemthefirst' usual, can ir us sU|>erioriry. The character of the Hedl'ord Glass has her -en long rataliliihed?see report of the committee at American and istitu e, October, IH27. je! itract from the Re|Mirt of the Committee at the American rr. Institute, October, HOT. I " For richness of lustre and brilliancy of surface, (as well na , lickuess aud strength,) the Kedf'-d Class is the moi.t beautifu ticle of the kind that hasever l-ilcn under our notice, eithe , j r domestic or foreign production?and it affords a proud spc- If" imen of the skill and enterprise of American manufacturers. ,, rJ The undersigned having used the above described glass, in , great number of public and private buildings, ol the first ?i*" ass, accord fully with the foregoing estimate of it* merits.aud 'I1 articularly recommend it to all peraona who require a atrong, urable, and brilliant article. (feigned.) man "t**1*"'- _ . *kcniTKCTa. and William Haraell, Robert Milla, Architect, evei William H. Peck. Public Buildiiiga, at Samuel Hoome, Waaliingtou. St Roome b Jacnhna, Martin E Thompaon, in Warner b Kierateil. laaiah Ilogcra, f. Seaman b Moore, Ithiel Towne, (e Aleiander Stewart, Calvin Pollard, ? > Cornehua McLean, Gamaliel King, John Fream. Jr. Thomaa Thomaa. 'i',' She aubtcribrra have been appointed sole agenta for the } , *' bove (ilaaa, and are prepared to eiecule ordera for any air.e, *' om 4x6 to Itx30, tat and 2d quality. I'ricea citrieut can be ad, or will be forwarded by mail on application to f. MORGAN, WALKKRb SMITH. J', my 19 Klteod*r ?? John iTeot. 2? i, i ART 1N E'fe LOTION.?tllficeremoved toti Canal afreet" Tl J near Broadway. Thia celebrated preparation ia highly ?tan< commended in all caara of Rheumatiam, Oout, Paiiunnd 'iffneaa of the Jointa, Kryaipilaa, Tetter or Ring Worm, inl Handnlar Tumors, be., be. It needa but a trial to give the fgyi nut ample antiafaction. For aale, wholeiale and retail, at the I roprietor'a depot, 36 Canal atrert?tjrdera for any quantity,adresaed to the aubacrtbera, will be pwictually attended to. mtajit'r ' L1} Tb J PVKOMKTEK.? Tina valuable and indiapeoaatile medical Bt J diacovery, which hu recently attracted the attention, and re- thee eived the approbation of the membera of the Royal Society, i London, for teating the lunga, and judging their atate in mT ealth and diaeaie, ia now in full practical operation, in the , itnda of the proprietor and inventor, at2U Ninth atreet, where A e wilt be in attendance from 10 o'clock, to I, daily. On . londaya, Wedneadaya and Friday'a gratuitoua advice will J , c given roth* poor, from 0 to It o'clock. m vTI vn r 3 V IIUH W. HELD b CO, No. 9 Burling felip. ulterior peiiai J aale a large aaaortment of Printing, Writing, Wrapping My lardwnre, Envelope, Hanging, and colored Pa|ier. tific i Paper pfany aire or quality made to order. Pei The higheat market pricea paid in caali for rnga, bagging, and a ale rope cnttinga, gunny bagging, graaa rope canvaaa, and all ply t< therkinda of Paper Manufacturera atoi k. hy CYRUS W FIELD b CO., _ ? Wi s> 17 1 Tit e r No 1 Burling Slip N V. pie a ra l* a i; Pi l v/'il'vvl'u i trL'u \ju u, 111 'i* a I ... f av n r<nu t nui m i cu/iv wn.? y , 7 ' ' LV No. 377 Broadw iv, offer a large a?snrtmei.t ol the above, a I'various width?, 2f? per cent under prices "?'w W*JL> litems in Muslin 1 rimming*, Bands: Infnnts' Waists; Robes of Tr ni Caps; Kngliah anil French Thread Cares ami r.rluI if?; retail ie jaemiet, cambric, mull anil nainsook muslins, Handkcr- Als liefs. Collars, Chemiaetlea, Capes, Vn>tea. Veila, he , nt a Amu rv small advance on the cost of import'ti?n " Malli jlatina, palladium a\ i) i in I'M vi ,,-vn! bmt <|ii?litjr of Plmini, in platr, wire or strips* for the J ecfrn-msgnetic batteries of the telegraphs or elrctro plates: |V| < illadium hi til ite, chemically pure, witliont ahy alloy of sil- iTl and tillable for dentists or lamp manufacturers. Also, plate idium I mats, of a superior quality suitable for the diamond in, constantly on hand and for sale, on better terms than IV where elan, by Dr. LEWIS FEUCIITWAN(?K.F, r*r |sM3t*rc 31 Liberty street. my: a _ J. WBROWN" ,lAucriona?r. BJNET kURNITURiC, HuUSfc KURNISHINU l KTICl.F.S, fcr.?J. VV. BROWN will wll at aactioa hiiraday, Jane lu>? o'clock, at No. M2 Broadway. ;e slock of clcgjtut Cabinet Furniture, comprising carred wood HoU*, fcU le Louli XVJ; Mahogany 8ofa Chairs, iiug and Plain Bureaus. Card, Centre aud Work Table*; rum, nivalis, French Bedsteads, Patent Folding do, Hair 'luaiu Kik A L.> I'.l.l- 1' 'I1.... . -""I -v. I?um ^ am urs, *,uucry, s c? *.'V' Lamp., Girandoles, with a variety of other articles, ogues uow| eady. je21 2t ia#rc 'CTiON NOTICE.?Furniture, beds, billiard Tables See.? By.J. K. bCOTT, on 'ihuisday, June 24th, at 1(1 :k, til 648 Pearl street, mahogaii) French Bedsteads, maple iureaut, Wash and Work Status, Sola., Beds, Hair hud r Matt*e*xes, Hall aud Solar Lamps, Giroidoles, Dinner Chiua Tt^Sets, Plater, Tumblers, Wine Gl-iises, kc. i on account of a former purchaser, two good Billiard '1 a* md Fixtures. Wines, Liqu rs, kc. ih'i (j WARREN, Auctioneer. D N\SH, Auctioneer, Store 139 Fulton atreet. IN TING MATeRIaLM, TYPE. PREH8E8, kcWedneaday, at 10 o'clock, at I:tV Fulton atreet. a Urge :itv' ojf Type, Prmtiuf Materials, kc., comprising iboul nail fount* of Fancy Types, for cards, bill heads, kc , Brevier, Primer, Bourgeois, Pica, and other types d do, Brass Gall*-ys, Stands, Chases, Racks. bunds, kc , I set? ol 18 mo. blocks; a large quantity of Wood Cub nbliahers, comprising Math*matioal and Historical Cats 1 Raonige Press, nearly new, kc. Also, iinuiedistel) at rear or No. 2!) \nu sireet, I Standing Pies* j*-222t* i A It D.?< H.iKLEK WOLFE (fOi^ns*l|iw ??i tfie l tt Kalph James, lor mauy years proprietor of Nautilus Hall pkiusville, Stateu I.I md.) respectfully inform* his friend he public, that he has leased that i eautil'ul roinautic Cot aud Gardens, the property of Dr. J no. T. Harris n, us i dim; House and Public Garden, where he trusts to uteri favors It is located close to the shore, a little south o Cr's Hotel Dock, and named Uommtic Cottage in kiiuville, siat? n Island, June 17. 1?17. JelBSOtr ) Bill.DERS.?Pro^Mi?als will be receivedon Of befoi he 25th June instant, for-in addition to the Hospital ol tin lau's Retreat on Ststeu Island. A plan of the pio|K>st liug can be seen on application to (Japt. RUSSELL GLU t, Secretary ol the Beard of Trustees, at their olfi e, Ni 1 slip. je22 7t r ?ECHKb ! LEECHES 1?The undersigned has just re ccived by direct importation a fresh supply of the bra ipenu Leeches, which he will sell, w hole sale and retail * depot, No 7 John street, Broadway, agreements that he h is recently tn*de in Europe he wil i the future constantly well supplied with fresh Leechei rs of any quantities, from any part of the United Bute anada will lie promptly attended to. and packed with th est ciue, so ax to insure their arrival in good order. J. F. ClfLU. 12 3t*ic Importer of Leeches, No. 6 John st, N Y. INNSYLVANIV RAILROAD COMPANY-Notic to Contractors.?Sealed proposals will be received uuti luesday July 16th, m the borough of Hirrisburir, and ui /itlnftniy. July Itdiin the city of Pittsburg, i| 10 o'cloci 1al the office ol the Engineers, lor the grading aud nu y upon fifteen miles of the Pennsylvania railroad, extent vest from Harrisburg, and fifteen miles of said railroad ei ini; east from Pittsburg. '1 he grading will include ver I w? k. and the amount of ?aeonryt inclnning the piei nitmetiis of the bridge across the Sip>quehauua. fnrei ters of a mile in length, will be unusually large. Plat q rcificalions of the work cau be seen at the Engineer in each place, for ten days previous to the time nppoin r receiving the bids Any farther information can be ha 1 application to the Chief or Associate Engineers. 2 tjv 16/ S. V. MERRICK, President Hi HALE Al A GREAT BARGAIN.?The Sloe and Fixtures of a retail Grocery and Liquor Store, one t iwesl staiio* ill Ilic city, now U Jing a good cash busiursi leason of tlie present owner selling is on account of il h Tail Mow II for sale low to k cash customer. Fu wr particulars, address J. I1., Herald office. jc22 2r*r J l'l( .?The In in known as til LMOMt fc (JaKKOLL at27k Water, comer of Dover; street, being dissolved b' ihI consent, all debts due by aniii firm, duly authenticated be paid on presentation, by the uuderaiicued. ANTHONY B. CARROLL. 148 Broad at. I persona indebted to the lirrn of Gilmore Ik Carroll, wil ic make immediate payment to A. B. Carroll, who ia dul iori<ed to collect the same. (Sinned) MARTIN GILMORE, anthony B. carroll iy 1st, III17. ja82 71*r OTTKN-S STLA\| REFINED CANDIES? Steal eliued Ciuidiea aud Sugar Hunts, manufactured am wholesale and retail, and for exportation by TllOS. SPOTTKN, CONFECTIONER, 118 Bowery, (near Grand street.) inntry merchants, by sending their orders by mail (cat ised) will be supplied at the lowest prices. :0Jti??i^ UK UN HIM .S?SOLE A Ml) 11I'l'E It I. E AT 11K IL(DWAHIt GODFREY & SONS. No. 299 Pearl St., itr :rs of superior English tastings, silk galloons, shoe thieadi webs, Sat in Fruucaia. French call skins, pateut leathei red K ill.nins, silk boot cord, lacelx; a large assortment 1 leather and calf skills, constantly on baud. Also a supi quality ol uiorocco and linings, bindings, Ike., of every di it ion. jel7 30t*r Oil's It I I, 11 UAL EXHIBITION?The- America Agnculluiul Association will hold an exhibition 1 vers, Fruits and Vegetables at their-ooms, 501 Bioadwa: renin Building) ou Wednesday the 23d June, 1817. and a umual Exhibition 011 Wednesday the 13th September net person! desirous of aidiug the Association, are eariieall led 10 exhibit specimens ol their products and to compel reiniuins. Programmes of the exhibitious inay be obtaint Ir. JAMES HUGG, -eedsman, opposite the rooms of tf ociation; of any of the principal seedsmen in New Yorl I any ofihe lollowwg Committee:? ither Uradish, 11. L. Pell, W. C. II. Waddel , Freloighuyteu, Edward Clark, HhepherdWLnapp, uies Lenox, Arch. Russell, R. K. DeMtield. 9 I4t?rc D P. OAIU)NER, Secretary. ILLI ARBS.?1The subscriber respectfully informs li patrons and the public, that in compliance withlhe wish uauy of his visitors, he lias concluded to open the Arcai Empire) Billiard Saloon, as a school for the teaching lards, aiiu in order to sreure the best talent lu that depa it, be has engaged Mr. UC 1ST, commouly known as AI EW, under whose cire, 111 conjunction with that of t ersigoed, the school will he conducted. As heretofore t lies of visitors will be carefully considered, and no pai ed to render tliis Saloon fully worthy of the high and fas tble reputation it has acquired. MICHAEL I'HELAN, Proprietor of the 1 30t * r Arcade Bili.iril Saloon. No. 8), Birr 11 v st. WORD TO IGE s'TLEMEN?GeutJemru, this is inform you that you can hare your clothing eith ned, dyed, altered^aml lepaued superior to anything evi uuue in the cay; clonics citancu ana ay ca without tin- a; [earn or coloring, whicli gives an unpleasantscent to cloll and destroys them. 91 Murray street, corner of Washiui i? the only place in the city where you cau Retail yu t done at shore notice and cheap, ax I have n small slor II rent, and contented with small profits, which rives ine e business. A note addressed as abore, attended to by A. C0RTISS08, 94 Murrny street. t pa.ticiilxr mi the nmnher. _ jlil4t*rc UA 1'TA1 N.S AM) OWN Kits OF STKAJV. BOATS. HI'. uudr.ngued having leased and fitted up the house < the Lour Pier, foot of 19th street. North river, as a steal hotel, in order to accommodate the up town residents, i sail Captains of steamboats to make this landiuR, free rfage. P. UK LK ItEE, Proprietor. . B.?Coats or barges for pleasure or Railing always to 1 engcrstaken at all times wherever they wish to go. Im*rr KVV SPIll N Is AN U SI) O.MKK OOUDS.?tieutl men's oiitlittiuR.?J. Agate, formerly Parsells Ik Agat Broadway, corner Park Place, now offers to his friend oiners auyl strangers, a full and varied aasortineut of ge leu's furinaliiiH goods, ndapted to the present and count an, selected or manufactured with great care, coaaistlc ,'iavats, Scarfs, Cloves, Suspenders, Shirts, Under Ui ts. Hosiery, kc , he II.?'l'he subscriber will pay particular attention ing Shirts, Stocks, Suspenders, .-moulder Braces, Bod es, (kc., hiving engaged a superior artist to attend tl jfacturing department Id Im ir lOHEI'lf A(1 ATK. 237 Broadway AN 1'e.l) ? A lew aenve young men to go Souili or W es to net as agents for the sale of new and popular publtci ?$300 over and above their eijiensei will he insured t i in writing, wait an opportunity of clearing $ I null 1>e Some men now in our employ will no doubt make ove I per year clear, of all ei|ieiises. Each man will have hi ict. It will lie necessary for them to have at least $2.3 t to obtain s good lilting out. Apply at PREN'.H'I lulling Hall,291 Broadway, up stairs, Oilier of the Hug u ITnion \ii i.e.., must he postepais mv2i fli'Ar ilk LONG ISLAND INSU ANl E COMPANY Capital 200,01111 dollars?Surplus ever 40,0011 dollars ?Ol 41 billion street, UrOuUlvu.?Continue to take risks o lings, niacin eiy>nirrchaudi/.e and prnpeity generally, o r usual favorable terms Tins Company has pise ugh the two greatest coiillagiatioiis that hive evrroccu in the country; they owe their escape from thein, wit parativrly slight losses, to the system which they has ty s practised, of limiting and scattering tneir risks. A es which the Company may sustain, will he adjusted an promptly as heretofore. he Company t ike special care to notify their customers i v Vork ?f all rspi'ations of policies. B. W. DEL \ MATER, President. it >nii.r K. FINN, Secretary. HE PATENT ELA8TH BASF JUMPER! O NURSE'S ASSISTANT?A new end useful article Nursery, by wnwh infants three rno.illis old and upiva > amuse and exercise iheinselves, resting, as tliry do, on r seat or saddle, which serves to sustain the child and gi< I the support required Also, its at'nchmciit. the IlnsKr rhdortiis a light, airy <;H V I)I,E for the eoml iri ol rlnl iluring warm weather. It is reenmmeuned by idiysieiai uuliicive lo health. To the mother it is inraliishle, as si leave her lit'le unr alive, and he assured on finding it, r return, amused and perfectly safe. To lie had. whnlrss retail, at *J 11 Broadway. (4. O. W. TUT I'LK, 21 I'll r I in -ii'. ir i .1 I cent" . OOTHAf HE?TOOTH A< HlU.-Dr. MUTf HAhD Magic Toothache Mixture, warranted to afford immri! relief, and superior to any Toothache preparation known, lurril by >ii ' sperienced dentist, and approved by ab ists ltd phyiicUM throafbo?t llir I'mou. Price ocr n> ruts; wholesale upon reasonable terms. Office No. 1 kinan at. corner of Front, and opposite Fulton Market. 10 Kit* re lib. < HKA I'EH'I STOR K in tin- ri( \ Fulton strei for Paper Hangings. Window Shades. hireboard I'rin ufacturer of the French Gal van aril Spring Hair, Mo other mattrssses; Feather Urda, Curtain Materials, at y article iu the upholstery line at the loweat pricea. R. DAVIKS lfttkk Fulton atreet. eamboata, ahip cabina, and hotela, fitted up and furniahe ylOIOfr akdvkiis, f \n my;us, l i, vntehs, hotel'an PRIVATE HOUSEKEEPERS?The anbaeriber h e considerable improvements in all hie preparations; li irience from 'lie beginning of hia invention to the prrae warrant! hirn in assuring thoae in need of hia prepnmtim real the attack of motha, bedbugs, cockroaches, rats, ant thetues. km, that they are effectual, and carry out the au to its fullest ritent. Gardners' and Farmers' uae?hia various manures, auchi ihnte of Ammonia, Nitrate of Soda, Sulphate of Soda ar ill. Magnesia. le very celebrated FlF Paper, to be depended on in all ii rea. Apply to Dr. LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER, I 'in *c 21 Liberty street .A.?Country dealers, hotel keepers, and all consume of Tea. i lb. packages ol good Black Tea for ft ?5 i lb. Voung 1 J# le above Teas are eitraordinary cheap, tyera will save considerable by making their purchase* i ifensive Tea warehouieof the NEW VORK AND CHINA TEA COMPANY. Wt* rre :'(H Greenwich. Sudan' atharineat. N.Y. new steam BOAT will be launched aboiitt lie I it of June, built for the erpreaa purpose of testing a nei inie 01 proponing; ana calculated to increaae the ?|?e niety of etenmboata. Any time previona to the late , one eighth pert of the right will be aold for * fair con ition. r inanition ha? heen approved by over fire hundred aclei mil practical men. anna drairotn of enconraging an ohiect of great intrrea t the anmc time make a aafe and good inveatment may a| i 8EWALL, SHORT. KIT. Veaay atreet intrd?A Steam Engine of from i to 10 horae power;i a a^ov* let l?f rc LAVKLUNU '1IUJNKK. JOHN~ CATTNACH Trunk Mvuiifartiirrr, No. I Wall atieet, corner of Br ad liaa ikiw on hand and < nuatanll) m ikmga good aaeortmen nnka, Valiaea, Carpet Baga, nnd Satchel*. wholraale em 10, a anprrior article of aole leather Trunka, aullahle foi rican or European travel, end Portmanteane for the Crenel i foaie. leta forth* Weat Indira, South America,fcc., filled 'witr ich. | led Hfrc :?NC,? ? The higheat pneea .ulv.un.eii in large and email annu on gold andailier watchea. niamona. .jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry gooda, kr., he. JOHN M. DAVIkA, Liren.ed pnwnbr. bar, ttt William i-reet, nev | aona rer eived in prirau offlce, by rigging the ball. BWt'e I HMCtAillv lufonna the public that he hu lemed the 1 Theatre, aud haa commenced a ahort aeaaon of TWKI VP | NIGH T S - W #4na ada jr K ' mi ug,J a ae*. w 111 b. perform, d Bclliui a Graud Opera ol NOBMA? I'oliou. Kig. J 11 Mevrri Orovrao, Sig. L. Ballagliui; Ha,"". Big Kedenco Badiali' Normi, Siguortua Fortunate Tedeaco; Adilgita, ?ig'? Tete.a Kaiuieri; Clotilde, Siguora \ irgiuia 1'adiitni Tickets for'he aeaaou mar be aecured at the Boa Offca Buiea, $1, Pit, 50 cental Gallery, 23 cents Doora open at a quarter peat 7, performance to commence at ! > o'clock. BoWtitV THEATRE ? A. W. Jacaaoj., Proprietor?11 DK StKVKNt. Stage Mauaaer.? Wednesday Evening June 23d,will he related the grand rqueatrien apectacleol ll ANHOK?liaulioe, Mr. Naaia; Gurth, Mr. Ue Bar; Wauiba, Mr. Hadawrv: Het>rcra, Mia Sergeant I Alter which, PETER WHITE?Major Pepper, Mi V ache, ; Peier While. Mr. Hadaway; Mra. White. Mra. Booth. To conclude with the romantic ( hiueee aoectacle ol the 1 BRONZE HORSE?Rati. Mr. De Bar; Ping Sin;, Mr Hadaway; /amna, Mra. Booth; Kao Jan, Mra. Madirou. j fioxea 25 cents; rit and (lallery 12^ ceuM. 1 Doom open at Performance coinineucai at 7>% A~"mk -ICAN museum-PERF0RMANCE8 both Afternoon and Even ng. _ i THE ORPHEAN *AMILY OR KKNNEBECK VOCALISTS, The nioit lalcuted and popular Band >n America are engaged r at llua home, mid will give their Grand Couccrta thiaalleruocu and evening, at hull" past 2 aud a quarter paat 2 o clock, when alao other talented lieiforinera will anncvr iiielwdinir the I Lnn man Fatnilv. Mr.Coonver, Miss Julieu aud others Phr Magnificent Moving Diorama of the FUNERAL OF NAPOLKON BONAPARTE. Will also lx exhibited at each and every [xrloridauc* Admission ?5 c?l:? jel re BKOADWA3 THr.ATKE?'11m establishment, uew erecting in Broadway, will bt opened lor Dramatic pur P poxes solely, uu or aliout the lirst of September, under the r inanacemeut of d O. H. BARRETT. i. Persons of acltnowledKed talent wishing situstu us for the I. season, Will please address him fpre-paid) at 101 Leonard street. A. MANN, sole PrniTieuir During Mr. Bsrrett'a absence in Europe, all letters and business communications may lie addressed to his agent. ' je!3rfrr W.CORBVN, Be clay street. CASTLE GARDEN is o|?ned lor the seasou.?In the Evenings Coucerts of Instrumental Music will be viveu i, by the German Brass Baud, under the direction ol Mr. Monk, s consisting of selected compositions from Labnzky, Strauss, I,ntiner, Oongl, Sirarck, aud others. Intermission of half an hour during thr evening for promenading, refreshments, and viewing the Cosmoramas, which have beeu re-arranged. Admission 12>a cents. Concert commences at i o'clock. * m?3 rrc il VAU.YHALL HARDEN ' oNCEH'l bALlitiN AM' Bf LL'8 ETHIOPIAN OPVRA 8ERV.NA5" DEK8?'This Evening?A grand Conceit of > VOCAL AND LVSTRUMKNTAL MUSIC, * coutittiuK of So Kt, Solos, Hefiaius, Chauuti, Gleet, Dnnoei, y kc . |>eruliar to the Southern Negro. The Band is composed of the following artists :?Messrs H. ?- Mesrnyer, Violin; J. P. farter, First Banjo; Raymond, Second I* Banjo; J. Bryant, Castanet!; W. Donaldson,Tamliorine; '? ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, <* A grand performance at 3 o'clock, d Tickets admittiug a Oeutleinnn aud Ludiss, 15 cents. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. js6 - VA.NNUCCIITS GREAT AND EXTENSIVE COS k V MORAMA, at No. 315 Broadway, opposite Gothic Hall, >1 every day-and evening. Admittance 25 cents, children half ' price. Th-s Cosinoratna, the best ever witnessed tit America, 11 comprises a collection of more thau one hundred of the most r maguiliceiit Paintings, expressly painted fortius exhibition. some of which are by the talented aud ecu-.,rated artiste of ~ this city, Siguor N. falyo. Among tl.e intings are tlx glorious victories, achieved by oil' gallant -i y. The battle ; of Bu>na Vista, with a correct likeness < t General Taylor, and death ofClay, by Sig.N. Calyo. i n- surrender of Vera Cruz, with a likeursa of General Scryt. , N. Calyo. I F.zhihitiou oprn from 3 to II, P. M. v For other istrticnlars see the hand 's jelS tf rrc COMPLIMENTARY BENKFiT TO MK. MARSHALL. WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA? Leasee. E. A. Marshall?Stage Manager VV. R. Blake? Wednesday Evening. June 23. will be performed the admired ? comedy of the SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL?Sir Peter ] Teazle, Mr. W. R. Blake: Joseph Surface, Mr. Jamison; f has. Surface, W. Whcatley; Sir Beniamin Backbite, Mr Richings; Crabtree, Mr.fhapinan; Lady 1 eazle, Miss Fisher; Mrs. Candor, N1r>. Blake. I, A Melange of Songs ami Dancing. To conclude with how to PaYTHE RENT?Morgan Ratler, (with Irish Melodies) Mr. Collins. On kriday, Mr. Riching's Benefit. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock precisely A'" KCH STREET THEAiRE TO LET.?Tne Arch stirctTheatre, with the Scenery mid Appurtenances for ,| the season of 1817 ami 1818, Irotn the 1st of August next. Communications, |Hiat paid, nildrexsrd to S. Brausou, 59 Market ' Pm'iADEi.rmA. June 10.1847. jell end iw /NRICKKT MATCH.?There will lie A grand mutch played J between two of the best players in America on Thursday ' Single wicket?Winkworlh and (Jomrry Wicket pitched at 13 ' o'clock, at the Ht. George's ground. Ked House. jrtil 2tis*rt " UNION COURSE, LONO 18LANU.-THOITIWUT I A I '' fTMlURSDAY, June 21th, at 2 o'clock, P. M.. precisely.o X l'urae tW?Mile lieata, beat in live under the laddie. J. U. McMann entera br. in. Reality. D.Smith enter* (i.e. Traveller. C. S. Oartine enters cii. g. Batcher Boy. ? W. Martin euter* g. g. Medoc. " T. Jackson euter* s. g. Elias Hiclu. ?* Iminadiatelv alter, u match lor $700?Mile heats; betweei 'c the celebrated horse* (Jray Harry aud Jack Cade. ?' W. Ileeduames g. g. (iray Harry. K. Joluison bk. g Cade. x- After vylucli, a Purse of $.'>0?Two mile heats, to harness. he M. King enters b. in. Sal. A. Coukliu enters bk. g. Post Boy. H. Jones enters br. m. Betsey Baker. h* J. Welpley enters ch. g. Trustee. The Kailroad cars will leave at half past 1 o'clock, P. M. and return after the sport is over. O. SI'ICER. ? J PHKNIA HOHSK BAZAAR, No. IS9 k 191 " -AegTxMercer street, between Bleecker and Amity streets "J ' ' ' ? 'l'l.?>- ,...i .......i .? this establishment several id lots ol very fine horses, among which are some pairs of very h* line carriage horses. I" Also, a beaatiful blood hay marc about IS hands 1 inch high, 'U a very fast traveller ; together with single horses suitable Tot e, the load and family use. a The spacious lofts of this establishment are appropriated exclusivcly lor storage of carriages aud sleighs, which will be lakeu on the most reasonable terms. _ THQ8. H. DILKS, Proprietor. L- <1 WANTED?A thorough-bred Stallion, or ' . lml"aynt? old, about IS hands niuh; a sorrel or bay wouli preferred. Euiiuire at ISO h rout street, up stairs. n ?'<* n- am* MILL AND WATER I OWEIt KOK SALE?I'. he sold by public auction, at the Merchants' Eichange JiaULNew York, ou the IStli July uexl, at 12 M., by Hallida et k viuller. auctioneers, (if not previously sold nt private sale, a lease, liaviug about four years lo run, of six acres of land 11 'lie town of Spriugfield, Essex county. New Jersey. Thi land is in flue cultivation, planted with corn aud potatoes, an apple, pear and cherry trees of the best quality. There is ' g- od mill, with valuable machinery, and an excellent waie *' power and overshot wheel. The mill it now used at a pape , ' null, but lias been used ts a grist mill, having a good run c ~ stones, aud is well adapted for either purpose. * Also, a good Dwelling House. Kor further particulars, et quire of MORTIMER DE MOTTK, counsellor nt law, IS fu Broadway. New York. jeHeod tail l?*r II M ' AN" OLD KSr'ABI.ItiHEIl tsMIH e It V AM if ffTJW Li<|uor Store, situated on tlif southwest corner of Wash J^i&uigtnii and VwrMMki WidllMI ill luilll. I sale. Thr futures are all new. The owner wishes to seli ou >ii hie health in bad. _ je23 It r Mi 'l'O LET?To > ?nil ttiwetehlt family, llsaunat O 'If floor i>l a dm sr<>r? brick house, raitihjetitiK " twi t J^UL'tont rooms ami a Inick room Willi three juulries?thi t t.roioii water is in the hona-. Possession given immediately a l> ijuire 1114 Ninth street. N. B. Reference will be rrguiird. u J? If r * md TO LhT?To the let of November, a neat our-aud-a ffjm half story foliage on Stolen, heaiitifully huh >1 Xjl^and a 1 irirr garden and orchard, containing a itreat variety ni fruit. It ia amiut seven miiiuiet walk from a lauding ? I- Kent $10#. k.i?|iiire at 8H'I Broadway. Je22 3t*r " Jggi hOil SALE?THK YONKJCM MANSION j jtTjM Hou e, outbuildings, and aeven acrea of. land?the j^HaWhole or a part, to amt purchasers, and on the moat r," do,a trrma. Thin extensive building cnimnandma magnificent vitw of the Hudson River, from 10 to li inilo in ,. anehdirnetion. Xncbona# ia 00 net iqimi carriage house '! V feet K|?are, with stabling ioe one hundred horses , a 11 I H leel in li nitth; all neatly new. MiaeMfHH order. Therr . i? also a pond and water pttMt. w ith a never failing stream ol w ater running through the middle of the grounds, as pure as Crotiai. 'J he lludsniiHiver Railroad is to run within three Hundred y ards in I'rniil of the BfOMMtf, and about the sunt distance south of the vill ge of Youkers, where the denot i< H to lie located. There are five well roudurled schools, all of within ahall inile. Two splendid fast sailing steamboats ply ds daily to and from the r itv; and stages also run daily 111 con a nrction with the Hsilem Railroad re For terms apply to William K> Hunter, at the Williams 't, hiirgh lerry, at the foot of Delancy street, or upon the pre il- mises. |rt 301* re am MlLL AND WATER POWKR FOR HALF 7.. To br told by auction,by MULLKIl Ik IIALLIU A V.oi 1, sejfls'he Mm lime nest, at their nrfire, No. 7 Wall at . II the city of New York, at 12 o'alock at noon of that day, if no previously sold by private sale, the uiiexpiied term of llirei ? years, III a lot of sit acres ofland situate in the town ol Spring S Held, county of Eases, and Stata of New Jersey. The land i Is III a high State of cultivation, being planted w ith corn and po ? tatoea, and containing apple, pear, and cherry treea of the ver le heat ipiality, and an abundance of good currants. There i >1. alio a good dwelling house, barn, and mill on the premisei 21 with ftood water power, anil would he a very desirable loci lion lor a miller or tanner. For luither particulars enquire c DEMOTTE, ,t jell7teod*r Counsellor at La w, 192 Broadway, N. Y. 1,1 ft LIUH'l' HAT! CLEAR HEAD 1-KNuX, ?(] '? J#>I2H Fulton street, has tome heautiful light andairyj^ ' Summer Hats.expressly adapted to the great summer object r " keeping rool." a The healthy and vigorous action of tlnhbrain more or les depends upon the freedom and elasticity of the head. It there U nomible. nnd that any man can make inor* money with one n n* Knot\ rh?n wiih any others. Try the eiperiment. j!fl6fi?*i It mn , .. MUSIC?THK PIANO taught on very HeaBBmPSnl'nndrrnte tertna, by a lady who baa bid eonfTITrniiilerable nwriture in teaehtng. She prnfrt' lIZ I 1 ?ae? to teach it lit a ?eii ritilic manner, Willi the theorv which ?be undertake! I t impart * thorough knowledge of. Terrna three dnllira per month. A line nddreaied to ! "Mtiiic,"at thn Herald office, nh.ill he attriidrJ to. 10 im2? mti? *rc ?. r"wu? ___ EXCURSION TO ' IlOTON FALLS' LAKE I < a . Htl*T MAnOPAC. Croroo Lake. Daribary and KtdgeflHEdne: iield, by the Harlcin Kail Hmd, Only at 7 A.M. and 4 P. M. VUitera to tlirac idacea ran. by taking the 7 ? o'clock A. M. earn, remain aetreral hour* and return to the city the mine allernooii. Stasea will leave ( rotoii halla on arrival of each train of cara.and for Paw'tnta on arrival of the 4 o clock train fonveyanr ca for Crot.m Lake at New Cattle. Kare to Crotnn Kalla. A3 milea, $1. jel!J Ifttia r ,t mim. KoR SAlk ?The Yacht (JlMf It \t K?She ia in 1^99^ beautiful order, ia coriiered and copper Inatened, ahe jHaBbahas a cabin that will accommodate ten peraona at iliuucr comfortably. The funiitnre lanew and handaume; ahe r haa food kitchen, and comfortable iuartera lor the men; ahe " ii*a flying Jib. faff-toptMul.anil, colore, Ac , lac. Price ft MO, " | about one-third of her coat. She may be -e'li ?? Hobnken. i Apply to JOHN STEVCIVb ' Joltl Iw I fl I ?*?- KOR NEW OftLEANS?Loninana and INew 1. korkLineot Packcta.?The new and anient id taat Wr..t lailiiifhaik CROTON, Captain I). V. Souil t j lard, ia Iinw loading and will poaitively aail Monday, July 12. Kurlreifht or jinaaage, havnif accommodatioua unequalled I for aplendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleana wrharf, foot ol Wall etreet, or to E. K. COLLI NH, 46 South afreet Audita in New Orlrana, John O. Woodruff A ho., whe will promptly forwa.d all fooda to their aildreaa. Th-picket bark (leneaee. Captain Minott, will ancceed the | Croton, end aail her reirnlar day jell r i rfcfc- ONLY REGULAR LINK OK PACKETS TO NTtIVAND KROM GLASGOW?The pieudid and faat r jNtdWKawaiiliiiit packet ahtp ADAM UA?R. Captain lohn i Wriaht, will aail from New York on the 1st July, and from I (Jingo w on the lat Sept. i | Peraona about to proceed to Scotland, or thoae wiahinf to aend for their fi ienda, can make the neceaaary arrangement | with the nnbacribera, on rraaonahle rerma, by making early application to " W k J. T. TAPSCOTT. ' Ir?l.r _ _ Ni ftonfh at. td door helnw Bnrltrir Oip r)lt hALh.?A aeeond hand eilenaion top Barouche, it rood order, with a good aet of Harneaa, but little nacd will be sold low, A|'| ly at No. 1W Croaby ?Ueet. i?n ?t*m *0 TBS LATEST MOMENT. wrm - ,,. ...M ?r-^m TKLBOH APHIfi interesting intelligence from mexico. STATE OF AFFAIRS AT THE CAPITAL. General He oil's Expected Arrival. Removal of the Seat of Government. Preparations by Alvarez to Defend the City of Mexico. Addresses from Santa Auiiu, Herrert, Ampudia, and oiliers. &c., &c., No later intelligence from Uen. :->ott since the -8th ult. One American officer. prisoner at the capital. *ajn he expected bil release ?n the 30th. and that OoB. Scott was expected there within eight days, and no formidable opposition was anticipated. Papers at the capital give extracts of the despatches Intercepted. The Hrpuhliran charges the Americans at I'uebla with great excesses. Santa Anna, previous to bis resignation, directed all rosccutious against military persons to be discontinued. Picheco was named Minister of Justice on the 37th. The Repuilieano urges no defence of the capital, but the removal of the seat of goTerument, that In the event or ltr? fall. It may have a rallying point. Tbe State* were to garrison the capital on the J6th. About ulna thousand men were to arrive immediately. Another paper ridicules tbe idea of defence. Nothing in said in the papers of a formidable defence at Rio Frio, they apeak only of fortifications in tbe immediate vicinity of the capital, and mention that an advanoe party of Gen. Worth, had reconnoitred aa far as Rio Frio. Tho resignation of Bravo and Rincon, was induced by an order of government, bestowing their confcnand* on Tambardino, during tbeir indisposition. Gomes Farias in at the capital of Jalisco. Ampudia publishes an address to the nation, vindicating his oonduet at MonteTey. There are no further particulars of Almonte's arrest. Alvares writes to the government that he would arrive at Cuemavara on the 17th, with his forces, and be In readiness to defend tbe capital. A copy of the new constitution has been published, and addresses from Herrera, Santa Anna, and the President and Supreme Cow., upon the promulgation of the new law. Herrera says, a people truly free were never conquered by foreigu invasion. Cinqueros says, the Mexicans may decide by ceasing their animosities to unlta and support the laws and constitution. This being done, the def?u*c and independence of the country cannot fail. U is said that the administration has deprived all officers who retired from Cerro Gordo, withent permission, of their commissions; that great preparations were mnklng at Cuanjulao, and supplies for the army being raised of ari tillery. i It was believed at Monterey, that Gen. Taylor would move on Han Luis by the last of June. Accounts from Matagorda, state that Col. Hays and regiment had returned to Han Antonia. Col. Doniphan and oommand were shortly expeoted at New Orleans. The Judicial Lottery. Albany, Tuesday, June 23d, 1847. The Secretary of Htate has just handed me the result of the judicial lottery drawn at hie office to-day. j In the Court of Jlpptalo. F. ti. Jewett drew two years. G. C. Bronson. four years. Chos H Ruggles, six years. Addison Gardiner, eight year* In the fourth Judicial Diltrict. , Samuel Jones drew two years. '^K. P. Ilurlbut, four years. I J. W. Kdmonda, six years n. r. r.uwirai, cigut years. The remainder 1 will send by to-morrow morning's mail | Telegraphic correspondence of Phlla. Bulletin ] Bai.timohk, June 'J13, 1 o'clock, P. M. > As 1 write the discharge of a national salute announces the approacli of President Polk sad his suite to the city The military, under General Stewart, are out in ' full force and our streets are thronged by crowds of per' sons anxious to catch a glimpse of their chief ruler. Rags are flying In every direction from staffs, houses, the shipping, Ike Bands of music are sending forth their " sounds, and Baltimore seems determined to lay aside all ' political feeling.and devote the day to a hearty reception I of its guest. I IV THE MAI LA. rf Affairs In Washington. i- The President's Northern Tour. Wasiiisotos, June 11,1847. > The President, Mr Clifford, Mr. Burke, and Mr. Ap' pleton. leave to-morrow at 11 M., for Baltimore, northt ward bound. Mrs. Polk and her niece. Miss Rucker, accompany the party to Baltimore, 'and thence diverge to | the westward for a little while, to b# at home in Tennes see again. Mr. Buchanan, of couree. stands at the head of the oounril ad int., which will be regulaf-d by affairs at Washington, as overtures of peace may possibly come np very day. or freeh exigencies in the war requiring the President's return. Mr. .Secretary Walker does not go to Nabaat yet awhile; he has seen the "sea sarpent" without going there. Uov. Brown of Miss., a cappltal looking young fellow, is here; as is'also that other elegant fellow. Mr. Purser Hlamm, late of the firm of HI.AMM, BANO It Co. Waiiiinutov, June 31, 1847. The. War. By last advices, the war waa still going on, though if Uerrera comes In. there may be a chanee with the three i millions. Don't know, but there may be. Nothing like trying. We hold 011 to the chance of the three million*. It will work when the duet blow* over. Hint* Anna t* supposed to be a scoundrel. We rftther think hi (object liH* been, ft ret, to nave himself, and then to treat. He ha* Tailed to emvn himeelf among all part lee thu* far, or, at treat, to eecure himeelf But never mind: Gen. Beott, wo underetand. ha* Instruction* to catch him In th* next tight, at all hazard*, and ? aptain Walker and the Texas Hanger* are to he detailed for thle duty of hard running We should like to be in the chase When they eatch him, they are to bind him over to keep the peooe wooden leg and all. It 1* supposed that the catching of Santa Anna will be worth a dozen Victoria*, and so think wp. We do, therefore, hope that Hcoft will nab him at RIO KKIO. >r WiiHinori*! June ill, 1S47 The Grand elating Entertainment of the Prussian Minister. bast Saturday night came off the grand summer entertainment of the Prussian Minl*ter,prior to hi* leasing Tor his annual northern excursion with his family. Cards were out early in the week. By ten o'clock one >Tthe most brilliant assemblages was brought together that could possibly meet in the Congress recess The four large parlors were thrown open, every dslloacy of the season was presented. At 11 the company sat down lo a repast of the season, that would have dons credit to the monarch of tho Bosphorus. The wine was of that purity that aeems can only be certainly found in iha court circles of Kurope As a caterer of wine lately observed, the orders of the agents of the European nobility are annually so large, and to he executed without regard lo price, that it ensures to them what |p the moet desirable ; and other casual orders for first quality of tho choicest vineyard*, on account of being uncertain as to annual custom. I* equally uncertain a* to Its genuine virginity. In vine Veritas, you know. The full American Cabinet of Ministers, exeept the ! sit sals U.eesisve nf TrofUtirv. W AH thftTf* All 1H* lnt>AUn diplomatic bodice whone rreldeneea war* within the city, nlen formed part of the company. ( omnodor* Wllka, the accomplished circumnavigator of tba globe, Hon. Henry Whaaton. lata Miniater to Pruerla. and Mr. Hayn Solomon, of New York, were the only untitled Americana ; pronont. The Indies were lout mirmHt, a moat elegant apeclmen of married beauty; they baring that large eh are of intellectual countenance for which the ladiea of the foreign diplomacy, a* well aa tboae of our preaent cabinet, arc so ; remarkable. The Baron himaalf. the moat learned and urbane of the foreign diplomatic corpe. haa In conTereation all that readlne** on all subjects connected with hlatory. philo' 'opliy, and bellea letter*, added to the true fhret-rtleldian nuaritur in mode, that mak<>a hlui In company the moet dealred of neighbors on auoh occaeion. aa a re ! Terence for a (late or a Tact, that can be rendered by ao general and obaerrlng a traveller aa be ha* been over 1 1 both continent* of America and Kurope. If It were possible to exalt one lady In an aaaembly of auoh Intmlligence. orer any other, no one ootild be more entitled t<> 1 the diadem than the Uaroneae ht-raelf She haa an ex! preMlon of Intellect marked on a moat pleasing counts1 i nance of the true Knglleh form ofbeeutr, ' . * atrike* one at the llrat approach In a inoreane* to It* conclusion, and Irom wlucbyou withdraw

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