Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 24, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 24, 1847 Page 3
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-J and. as a lata mmoi Is generally a sure one. we hare eTcry hop* of realizing large crops > A few mors weeks will secure the bulk of the wheat harvest, and a few weeks more will give us some Idea of its extent. That it will exceed any crop of the kind ever before harvested lu this oountry, we have not the slightest doubt; that it will yield more ample returns to the producer, we feel assured; that it will be sufficient In extent to meet all the wants of tne oonsuming classes in all parts of the world, is very doubtful. We must be oareful husbandmen, and be as economical as though we bad no abundance. The corn crop is likely to be increased. Maize is more generally cultivated In every section of the country ana im average yield per acre lfl muoo larger. It Ii the most Important grain crop grown, and as an article of food, in more generally used than wheat Nome time since, we estimated that the yield this year would reach full six hundred millions of bushels, and, from recent observations to some extent, and aceounts received from every section, we are more disposed to increase than reduce the amount. In ail parts of the New Kngland States an immense breadth of land has been planted with corn, and that section of tho Union will raise fmore of its own breadstuff* this year?provided, of oourse, the season is favorable?than in any of the past ten. This will relieve the Western States of an extensive demand, and give a greater surplus, if required, for exportation. As yet, we can form no oorrect opinion of the potato crop. Should it bo more favorable than at present anticipated, there will be a greater abundance of breadstuff*, and of courso a lower range of prices. The potato crop In Kurope will, without doubt, be less than that of last year, even In the event of the blight not being so general; should It, however, be so. the yield cannot but be exceedingly limited. In consequence of the difficulty, or impossibility of obtaining sound seed, there has been less land planted with potatoes than usual, and in many instances diseased seed has been put Into the ground. It cannot be expected that good fruit can be produced from bad seed, and it may be oxpectiDg too much to look for sound fruit even from sound seed. Should the potato crop In Orcat Britain be no larger than that of last year, and the grain crops be full an average, there will be a deficiency of food in that country nearly equal to that now existing, and Importations will be required equal to those recently received. A few weeks will settle all thute questions, until then, it would be well fur speculators for an advance to keep quiet. The prospect is decidedly in favor of those speculating for a fall. Stock Uxcftangc. $10000 Treat Notes 6's 107,k 150 shs Heading RR CSV WOO do itiO 107 275 do #5* 3000 Stale J's '55 101k 30 do blO 6 >K 3u00 Kentucky 6'* 103 100 do *30 63,V 3000 Pennsylvania 6's 81k 200 do b30 63k 3000 Ohio 6's'60 >60 100V 30 do blO 66k 20000 111 Sjiecial bl2m 31 03 Mechs Banking Ass 90 2000 do <9 300 Canton Co s30 45V 4000 Indiana Bonds 48 30 do >30 46 '000 do 47k 350 do 46 21000 do 47 50 do 46k 15000 Reading Bonds 7 8 23 Canton Scrip 4K 12 slit Bank Com Scrip 90 50 Nor (St Wot 63k 11 do 98k 100 do b30 53V 90 do 98*. 150 do 53k 30 do full 98k 30 do b60 54 30 North Am Trust 10k 100 Long Island RR boo 34 130 Farmers' Trust 367. 130 do b30 34 100 do bio 36'; 271 go 32V 100 do bio 36 V 300 do 33 V 30 do 36V 100 do >10 33\ 50 do 3'V 100 do bl2m 35 200 do 36k 50 Harlem RR >30 65 100 do >36 36>Z 100 do 66 30(1 do >60 36 V 230 do 66 V 23 Morris Canal blO 20V 30 do 66V 150 do 20 100 do 65k 30 Merchants' Ex Co 8W 100 do >10 65k 200 U S Bank 4k 600 do b30 631; Z5 Illinois15 an It 17M SO do D10 OSM Second Board. $15000 Indiana Bonds 47V 50 ihs Harlem RR 65 K 4000 do 47* 140 do 65 >, 4000 Reading Bonds 78 100 do l>30 65 *a .'>000 do 78.V 100 do 1>Z0 65*, 3000 do 78,'a 50 do s90 65 3000 City 5 per cent >70 97 200 do b30 65,'i 7000 U. 8.6 per ct'67 106?? 100 do 65 V 150 ihs ' orris Canal 20 100 do b20 65 \ 40 Heading RR blO 65 J* 50 Farmers' Loan 36,', 40 do 65 V 40 do 36', 40 Canton Co 48 50 do 36*, 40 Erie Scrip 81V 100 Long Island RR 34 New Stock Exchange. $5000 Treaay Notes b3 107'% 50 ahs Farms Trust blO 37 2000 do S3 107*2 50 do b3 36V 10> 00 Ohio 6's b60 100'i 50 do . 36V 500<) Ind Uol Bonds bill 47'i 50 do 36 V 25 ?hs N Am Trust b:< 10V 50 do slO 36', 50 Loug 1st RR ,30 34 loo Harlem RR cash 65*, 50 do biw 34 60 do sl4 65V 100 Morris Canal b30 2o>," 50 do 65 V CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, Wednksdst Aftehhook, Jpre 23. The markets for breadstuff*, generally, were heavy today. Dealers begin to expect later news by the way of France, and ere long, by the Sarah Sauds. Sales of mixad brands, Michigan an d Genesee, with a considerable por* tlon of Genesee straight brands, were made at $7 a $7 26, the latter being the highest figure for aotiial sales of Gen esee straight brands. A lot of damaged Miohigan sold by auction at $4 62V a $6 02V cash.Sales of Ohicf wheat were made at $1 70. Corn remained nearly the same. Sales of Northern yellow wero made at 98o a 100c, and of Northern mixed at 95o a 90s ; Western mixed sold at 90o a 92c ; a lot of do, to arrive in June, sold at 90c. Jersey meal sold at $5, and Western New York at $4 40. Rye sold at $1 10. Oats were worth 63c a .54c, small sales were reported at the former flgure. Provisions were dull. There were buyers of new prime pork at $13, but no sellers ; there wero small sales of new mess do at $16 ; a lot of Cincinnati smoked hams soldat 7%c. Groceries continued inactive. Sugar maintained tho firmness previously mentioned, while coffee was dull. Receipt! via the Hudton River, for the 20th, 21st, and 22dJunc, three days. The diminution is accounted for by the late interruption to caual uavigatlon. To-day the receipts were considerably larger, showing the resumption of navigation. Flour, 11,210 bbls ; meal, 1,683 do ; wheat, 23,997 bushels; corn, 16.917 do.; rye, 2,200 do. Aihki?About 100 bbls. pots were reported sold at $4 8TV: and 60 of pearls at $6 87 VBheaditcffi? Flour?We report sales of 8,000 bbls. straight brnnd4 Genesee nt $7 26; 4 a 5 000 do. Michigan nixed brands, including lots of straight do., at $7; 700 do Genesee straight br.inds sold at $7 1?V: and a small lot Ohio round boon sold at $7 09: and .>16 ilo Michi gan d-.tnsgrd sold by auction at $5flJX a $6 63>?. cash IVhrat- Sales of 3 a 4 003 bushels of Ohio were innde at $1 TO Corn?We report Baled of 10 000 a 11.000 bushels Northern vellow. chiefly round, at $1; 60(H) do aol<i at OHc a 00c; 2300 do northern mixed, sold at 06c; 3800 do western mixed, at 00c; and 8000 do do. at 03c; 3300 b.ight yellow sold at 9So, and 10,000 bushels western mixed, to arrive in all June, at 90c. *l?at ? We uote Bales of 444 bbla WeRtern New York, at $4 50. and 1100 bbld New Jersey, at $5. Rye?sales of 8300 bushels were made at 110c. Oats?A small sale of 3 a 4000 bushel* n Canal was reported at 63c. Hram?We quota white at H2)a?ii 118??a per bushel. Reai do, at abou. 118\e, with small sales. wpre stationary at 31c. Corrax?Sales among importers were very light ?300 bags Sumatra sold by auction, damaged, at 4,'jc a 6 Ve and 63 do liio do, at 6'-4c. cash 1 Kish?There was a new cargo of Halifax Mackerel afloat, No 3's and 3's; the former w.-re held at s7 60 and the latter at $6 75; 3 a 300 quintals Dry Cod sold a $3 87X tor old and $3 90 for new Fruit?The market for IJunch Raisins wad steady nl $l 05 a$l 70. Hx.Mf?No rales transpired. Lr so?Since last report 10 a I2,000"pigshave been sol J fur shipment to Canton, China. Molasses quiet. Naval Storks ?Sales of 100 bbla. spirits turpoutine were made at 31>(aS3 ot*. Other description Wen Inactive. Oils.?We report sales of 2000 gallons English linseed at 61 cts. and 1300 city presaed at 65 cts, cash 300 bb.s cru le epirm sold at 91 cts. Provisions.?Sellers refused $13 for new prime pjfa. while 100 bbld. new uicsh sold at $16 100 bids. Ctneninati smoked bams sold at 7&cte. Beef remained about the Name. No sales of lard transpired. Butler a?J cheese were about the sainc Kic k.?The market continued quiet, without change In priced. Suoas ?Sales of 100 hlidn. Muscovado were made at a 7 cts; 50 do Porto Rico sold at about 7*1 ols. Tallow.?Very little doing Whalebone.?No movement of oonsequence was reported. Whibket was very dull, and prices nominal. Kskioiith.?Kngagrinents were made of flour In Anierioau vessels " to till up" at 3s 6d. a 3d. 9d. 10,000 bushels wheat were engaged to Liverpool in an American ship at lid. In bulk. One or two charters were made lor Ireland at lid. a 13d. for grain. We heard of no engagements to the continent. i- ? i TKIaEUKAPHJC. Mark eta. Nxw Orleans, June 16?P. M. Our cotton market continues very dull, and sales limited. Breadstuff* continues to move freely, at pretty full prices. Sales of 3,000 bbls. of Ohio, Illinois, and other western brands flour were made at $7 a $7 75.? Sales of 30,000 bushels of wheat, consisting of western red and white, at $1 50. About 30,000 bushels of corn sold at 80 cents for goed sound yellow. Provisions remained without change. Sterling exohange steady at yesterday's rates. New York bills stand at the same Quotations. ' Baltimore. June 23?P. M. Our flour market continues depressed. W? report Mies of 1000 barrels Howard Street at $0 60. Wheat was very dull, and sales limited ; Maryland and Pennsylvania red, we quote at $1 4G a $1 fiO, the latter for white Corn continued heavy ; we note sales of 2000 bushels Alary land yellow at BOo a 92o. Provisions continued inactive, and prices disposed to droop. Stocks without material change. Whiskey very dull Weather warm, but fine for the growing crops. Brrrai.o, June a*?P. M. Oar flour market was dull to-day. We report sales of I a 40CJ bhls Ohio and Mlohigan, including com* other Wektern brands, at $6. Wheat wae also heavy; sales of about 6000 bushels Western, chiefly Ohio, were made at il 30. Sales of about 6000 bushels of corn were made, chiefly Western, mixed and yellow, the former at 00 cents and the latter at 65 cents. Oats were lower, and sales of 5000 bushels were made at 35 cents. Provlsious were Inactive. Whiskey very dull. The receipts during the preceding twenty-four hours were about as follows: ?Klour, 30,000 bbls.; wbeut, 30,000 bushels; corn, 30,000 bushels. Money Is scarce. In freights no change. ^Boston, June 33?P. M. Our market for breadstuffs. was very Inactive to-day. Southern flour we quote dull at $0 a (0 60. and Genesee with Michigan wero also heavy at $7 50 a ffl. The latter for straight brands Oats were dull, with limited sales at 56o. Corn remains very dull, with a downward tendency. Northern yellow we quote at $1. Sales ol all kinds limited. Cotton was inactive, without change in prices. Pork was dull, and previous prices scaroely > obtainable. Freights exhibited no change?stocks were feverish?weather fine. ?[Telegraphic Correspondence of the Phila. Bulletin Ji; PlTTiHi'ao, June 33, P. M.?There are S feet 4 Inches water in the channel. Sales flour $5 The market has been very quiet, and only about 400 bbls. changed hand, 1 and yesterday's prices have hardly boen sustained.? , Sales white wheat at $1. Sales white corn at 39 to 40.and , yellow at sauie figures Sales 5.000 lbs. feathers at 37 to : 39 cents Nothing doing in cotton. Wool is active, and I prices steady. 1 1 a i ? Died. On Tuesday evening, the 33d lnst., Fxekiel G. Smith, in the 63d year of his age. i The relatives and friends of his family, and those ol | his brother William S Smith and brother In law Jordan i,. mow, are reapectiuiiy invited without rurthet lnvltatlon to attond the funeral from his late residence, No. 3U3 Washington street, at 4 o'clock, this, Thursday, afternoon, the 34th Inst. On Wednesday morning, after a severe and lingering illness, Howard Smylik, brass founder, In the 54th yeui of his age. The friends of the family and the Shakespeare Division of the Sons of Temperance, and the Order of United Americans, are respectfully invited to attend hit funeral from his late residence, 48 Delancy street, or Thursday afternoon at 5 o'clook, without further Invitation. At New Haven, Connecticut-, Mrs. Fiiahces Martin relict of Abraham Martin, of Screen, County Sligo, Ireland ; sister of Mr. Richard Smith, formerly merchant in Sligo. Mrs. Martin died on the 10th of June, 1847 aged 70 years Sligo. Castiebar, Ballynagh, and Boyle papers, will please copy this notice. Reception of the president-ai a meeting oi the Joiui (' mmi'tres of the Gener?l Democratic Repub Itcsn Commitfec and the Voting Men's Democratic Republican Committee, held t Tam.natty Hall on Wed-iesdav evening. June 23. 18'7, the following reaolu'ioti was adopted :? Resolved. Thst the Democratic Republican General Comtni'lee, and the Vouug Men's General ' ommittee, have made arrtnaeme- ts to tender tlieir Welcome to tlie President of the United Steles on the occasion of his expected vi-it to the city of New Y> rlt, and have provided a boat for the purpose ol meeting him on his arrival at Amboy, and escorting him on Ins route to the city They invite suclt of tlieir fellow-citixens as may feel disposed to accompinv them on the excursion. 'Pickets to the extent of the accommodation of the boat may be had at the office of the Daily Globe, or at T&mtnaiiy Hall, or at the office of the Evening Post Fu ther particulars will be published in thr Evening Post ol tills evening, and in the Globe of to-morrow morning. Committee of Arrangements David C. Br< dvrirk, Sam'l P Gnldson, John 8 Att-tiu. D W Clark, and Wm P.Morse DAVID C. BRODERICK, Chairman. M. Monson, Jr., S'c'y. jr2t lt?je Welcome to james k. iolk, president ok THE UNITED STATES-Societies and Clubs deairous oi holding meetings preparatory to the City's welcome of the People's guest, will find the SHAKSPEAUe. HOTEL under its new arrangement, very convenient. JAMES BEROEN. LitUIS OALABRUN, je23 2t re Corner of Dusnc and William sta. TO LET WITH BOARD?A front parlor, with bed rooir and pantries attached, suitable for a gentleman and "hit wife. Terms moderate. Alsotwoor three single gentlemei can be accommodated with beard and well furnished toonis. a 55 Bond at. j24 3teodia*rc NOTICE.?If this should meet the eye of JOHN G DARCV, a native of Plymouth, England, house carpen ter by trade, he will hear something greatly to his advantage by calling on WILLIAM COOK, corner of Ann and Nassau streets, New York. je24 lt*m Fans?french and Chinese fans?fkede RICK A. WOOD WORTH his Just opened a case ol low priced Fiench Fans, bnne sticks, white and silver paper 8, 9and 10 inch. Purchasers of fans are invited to examine Itia extensive ass- rtment, which comprises almost everv style manufactured, including all the different varieties of Chinese Festher Fans, carved Ivory, Pearl, Bone, and Sandal Wood Fans, (tainted Silk and Kid Cans. roirelher with an extensive collection of rich and cosily dress Faus of the most beautiful description WOOD WORTH, Successor to Bonfauti, je24_7teod*rc 325 Broadway, near the HospUaL Lace capes.??peter Roberts'" 373 broadway respectfully solicits tlie attention of ladies visiting New V orlt to his stock of goods, the following, viz:? Maleine Lace Capes, from S2 upward; white and black Vi sites, $6; Mantillas, $7, worth 12; 10 4 Shawls, $10, worth 20 embroidered Muslin Capes, $1 50; dodo Chimizetts, $1; doth Collars, 25 cents; do cambric Hdkfs,$2 5fl; Rerirrre do, 71 cents; tape bordered ilo. (0% cents; inlaw's Robes and Waists, very cheap; ladies' needle work and tnmbohr Dresses, do do _ncrs, Hosiery and (iloves, of every description, jelt 30t*r UA. O. D., Vt OU'.MBIA L t) D GE~ No7To.?Tht Members of Columbia Lodge, No. 1G, are hereby noti lied to meet at 1 o'clock, P. M., this day, at their Lodge Room No. 7 Catherine street, for the purpose of attending the funeral of our late brother, Robert Snuthwa d. The order in general are also particularly invited to attend. & - Bv order of OEO. TRAHERN, N.A. _John Withkrali*. Secretary. j?24 lt*r To PIANO VoRTE MAKERS?Aineetiug of the J. urneymen Pianoforte Makers will be held at Constitution Hall. G50 Broadway, on Thursday, 2ltli iust at half past seven o'clock, to Iwar the report of the committee appointed at the last ineetiug, and to take final actiou ou the subject under consideration. Jf 21 It * r By order of the Committee. LOST?Between the American Hoteljaud Eighth street,su|. posed in an omnibus, n Breast Pin, set with a Diamond and Pearls. The flndcrwillbe rewarded by leaving it at the American Hotel. Je24 lt*m NAILS. TWINE AND SHOE THREAD^?Cut and Wrought Nails, Brails and Spikes 5,6. tt, 9, 12. 18, 21 and 36 lb Seine Twiue 2 and 3 curd Oilling Sciue Twiue 4 2 and 3 thread India do " Hopewell" Cotton do, of every size Wrapping, Wool and Manufacturers' Twines^ofevery description jus.Shoe Thread, of every description, including Titley, and Walker's. For sale by MM It * in CKBRA R CUMING, 100 Pearl at IRON A WNINUS-TH E SUBSCRIBERS WILL MAKE and put up Iron Frame Work for Awnings, with rollers, Gtc.. fhaf will roll the Awmns uli ntiiir to the liriiur will,nut any difficulty whatever They cost nearly liie same as those that are stationary. They have put tliem up at Addoui's, Broadway, opposite Stewart'*, Rebec St Collar's, 100 Broadway. and at Lewis St Fairmiu'a, Liberty-st , and nihera. DUNCAN St WEST, 1 Little (ireei ,-sl , near Maiden Im. ie2l 7r* in WILLI - MS' UNI VERSA I, f'.w N EXTKAcT "it. hi eitemal aptdiration for the care of Chronic Rheumatism. Swelling anil Pain in the Limba, Sole or Bowels, Cramps, Tic D.d. ineux, Sprain. Bruises, Flesh Wounds, Spasms, Lock Jaw. Croup, White Swelling, Hydrophobia, Frosted Feet, Tooth Ache, Ike Sic. hi i l icing this medicine before the public, we offer them no quackish compound or patented humbug, but nu article whose good effects have been seen and f- D by hundreds, which it has snatched f mil ihejaws ol 'he grave?many of which in our own city are living and willing witnesses of its virtues. As an external application, aud a contra-irritant?through which ah mo t all diseases may stands forth unrivalled, challenging the world, or the combined wisdom of the medical profession, to produce from all the Materia Medics, an article ipial to it. Its reputstio i is already established; men who have grown grey in the profession, and whose whole lives have been spent in re enri h. and the investigation of the causes ol disease and the actio of remedial agents, not only prescribe it to 'he r own patients bui u ihesitatnigly declare it to be the most valuable cxmpuund known. I he piupnet i In recited crit ficstea frotn mrnyofour in-si cini e 1 physici i'a relative to the power and efficacy ' h a Hineilv w icli c it be seen ?t h s oiice J57 Bowery Fm site. 11 aid retail; aisoh. his agent, I halesH. I i J. i " e f l h i ?t eet sou Biotdwai ; price 50 cents per 't-l a. ted fr various puts of llie country. j' ' I'" 1 I v ' ,vl\' N-.i i M \CHINr8. - M? OR1 ! u' (ill . I AC 11 I Nr..? ii s i 'hi is a i import nt linprov-mrut overall other onus 1.1' in .ii' ciurr, ami In been a'h pt d by the Medirai I'rnf s.n .e I Illy, a? being the inOsi convenient and efTec it i1 M ig >-i c I n lone in u e. It is perh ctly simple iu construe' lo ,. a J iherefoie not I tab e ro g t out pi order, as is the Ci e v. ith Ii uthe. instruments. It admit* of the most nerfcct 'oatiol, and cm he gradu tad t > an v Power : adiptad for an intent, or sutficieu' for the strongest adult, at the pleasure ol the ope ator. The m iguetic force is imparted in a continuous .' anuer, and with no u pleusant sensation, to the most del cate ,at... ;i | requires no assistant in its use, and is in every resire ci perfectly Ii inW-ss F.ach iiistriimeut is warranted Ma nil' ctured and for ule, wholesale and retail, by jell % ii i. MOOHHEAD, M Broa way, N 5 LU1I S' AND OKNTLEMEN'el" LEFT OFF WARDROBE?The Jiigheat^ prices can be obtained by f|eiitl? H.c uc?iruii? 111 coiiir.iniK inrir iru oil we, ring apparel into cash. Famil'U ?p'il gentlemen quitting the city, or changing residencrs, laving any superfluous effects to dispose of, will find it much to their advent .gc to ? ml Cor the subscriber, who will attend tliem at their residence, by appointment. J. LKVKNSTV N, <06 Broadway, un stairs. Ladies can be attended t by Mrs. J, LLVEN8T Y N. jtM ?t r FUR BALK.? A second hand extension top Bar uclie, in food order, with a fond aet of liarneai, but little used, will De sold low. Apply at No. 1U2 Crosby atreet. | je2? #t?rre BILLIARDS.?The auharriher respectfully inforina hia patrons and the public, that in compliance wiili the wishes I of many of hia visitors, he has concluded to open the Arcade (late Empire) Billiard Saloon, as a school for the teaching of Billiards, and in order to secure the best talent in that department, he hat engaged Mr. BUI8T, commonly known as ANURL W. under whose care, in Conjunction with that of the undersigned, the school will he conducted. As heretofoi* the wishes of visitors will he carefully considered, sud no paint ' spared to render this Saloon fully worthy of the high and fashionable reputation it haa acquired. MICHAEL PH ELAN, Proprietor nf the jel 1flf*r Arcade Biliarrl Saloon. No. Barclay sr. A WORD TO iOE>TLEMEN?OentJemen, this tt to inform you that yon can hare your clothing either cleaned, dyed, altered, and repaired superior to anything ever yet done in the city; clothes cleaned and dyed without the aid of steam or coloring, which gives an unpleasant scent to clothing, and destroys them. 91 Murray street, corner of Washington, is the only place in the city where von ran get all you want dour at short notice and cheap, as I have a small stnrr, sin ill rent, and contented with small profits, which gives me a large business. A note addressed as above, attended to by A. CORTISSOS, 9< Murray street, j Be pa.ticular In the nnmber. _ JH I4t*rc TO OA PTA INS AN D< >W N KK S OK ST LA .VI BOATS. THE undraifned having leased and fitted np the house on the Long Pier, foot of 19th street. North river, as a steam boat hotel, in order to accommodate the uptown residents, invite* all Captains of steamboats to make this landing, free of wharfage. P DK LE REE, Proprietor. N. B.-Boats or barges for pleasure or fishing always to let Pnssrngerstnken at all times wherever they wish to go. II lm*rc ___________ MONK* LENT.?The highest prices advanced in targe and small sums on gold and silver watches, diamond, plate,Jewelry , fnrmtnre, clothing. dry goods, ke., kc. John M. DAVIES, Licensed pawnbroker, 331 William street, near Dome Persons received ia private oflee. by ringing the bell. mytS ISt'e 0B8EQUTES TO 0"CQNNELL.-Th? tocmtir* p raittec of the United Irish Repeal Association, daai I of payiug a proper tribute to the memory of Daniel O'Coui l request the respective Irish tocieties of the city of New V ami its ueigborhood, to appoint delegate# to coufer with ^tl 011 the subject. The delegates will meet at Tammauy Hall, ou Weduei evening nest. ( JOlh intt,) at 8 o'clock. lu case no special committee can be appoiuled by the re# ti?e societies, the officer# thereof are requeued to attend, order, CHARLES E. SHEA, ? jeiR itins*in Secretary, U. I. RTHK VVO.S l")r.KS OK CHEAT 1 ON? Will be publis ! X on Saturday Relics from the Wreck of a Former Wi or, Spliuters Guh?r?d on the Shores of a Turbulent I'lai. i One of the moat remarkable production# of the preseut prov ing to a demonstration the vast antiquity of the earth, the existence of animal life of the moat fantasticshapes the most elegant colors, rivalling those of the rainbow, I lious of years before the appearance of mau?with an Ap i dn ou the Scenery in a Patch of luAnite Space, with o , wonderful accounts of meteorological matter, strange, yel I veitheless true W. H. O RAH AM, Tribune Buildings, H. LONG k BROTHER, 32 Ann street.I BUROE88, STRINGER k Co. 222 Broadv PriceSicents je2t 3t* THE PRESIDENT AND THE VlCKPOOKE'l The Police Gazette of tbi> week will be au eztraordi uutnber. lit addition to a thrilling chapter of the straegi reer of Joseph Thompson Hare, the celebrated robber, 01 ua'do Riualdlni of America, will be an interesting accou the movementi of the Pickpocketa in the trail of the P denf?a lingular exposure of the rillauiea of several jx shopkeepers of this city?developments in relation to eit diuary Crimea recently brought to light; with au uuuai large record of rapes, robberiea, murders. neductioua, bu riea, strange escapes, Sic. kc. kc. Price 4 ceuta a numbi $2 . year. J?2? It' THE IIONII KONG TEA COMPANY, 79 Cath atreet, (opposite Oak,) are aelliug delicious Ooloi only JO cenla : fragrant Young Hyaou only JO cents. ( Coffee, roasteu ana ground, 10 ceuta; excellenela. Black from 20 cents upwards. Every description Young Hyson Js. upwards. Eating and Boarding Houses will liud it mu their advantage to dealjst the Hong Kong. _ jc24 ItJ OFFICES FOR FORMING INTRODUCTIONS] MARRIAGE.?This system, although novel in York, is entitled to the gonsideration of a discerning pi It is conducted on the most chaste and honorable princi and presents to candidates au opportunity of forming an tions congenial to their tastes, of ascertaining character, <1 sition, habits, kc.. which cannot be obtained through an] er medium. Ladies' office for ladies only, 61 Grand at. tlemen's office, 36X I.iapenard *t. j2t It1 WANT*,!)?By a respectable young woman, a siluali do grscral house work in a small family, nurse or c bermzid. Best of leferencu can be givua. No objection in the country. U7 Madison street. jeSl I WANTED?By a respectable young woman, a siiutu do the cookiug of a small private lam Iy, to ass washing aud ironing, or as cliambermaid. or to do plain s< 1 or take care of children. The be t of reference can be t > No objection to go into the country. Apply at 164 8ecu Please call within tw o days. je2l It IN FORMA Tl ON WANTED, of JOHN 11 \ (i N who, on his arrival from Europe, left this city fo vidence, R. I on the 13th of November, 16 6, since u 1 time he has not lieen h'nrd from. Any inf rination reipe him, or his whereabouts, would be gratefully received!) dressing a line to his sister, Catherine Dagnaii, care of Ed I Connor. New York je24 2td In WAN I'r D?By a r-rpectable young woman, a souaii chambermaid aud waiter, or t<i take care of childi Would have no objection to go a short distance in the cou i i ii? u sij>i city reierence given on ai?j>>yuig ai ta jout between nleeckerand 4th it., one bloek above the 6th avi in 4lhjit. jc21 I RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN wishes a i tion aa housekeeper. No objection to go in the cou Beat of city reference from her laat employer. Inquire a Br i?dwa". joft It' WANTED?By a stout active Boy. of moral and mil ous habits, a situation as apprentice to the ship or 1 carpenter's trade or cabinet making, or auv* resectable neaa?will endeavor to make himself generally useful and dy to the interest of his employer. Please call 49 Willet j23 2t*r WANTED?By a respectable young woman, a situ tl do general house work, or aa chamber maid. The of city reference given, if required, from her last place quire at No 141 Kim street. JlHI Board wanted in the col'ntri. o?? far the city, for two children; in a plain farmer's house, the water, where they can have the benefit of bathing, w be preferred. Terms must be moderate. A line address M.R., at the office of this paper, stating terms and aitua shall be attended to. je23 7t' DANIEL O'CONNELL.?Now Published, a full 1. portrait of Daniel O'Connell, engraved in the finest of execution on a steel plate; size, 24x17; likeness undou I'riee SI, the usual discount to the trade. Also, a Song Book, (which is a Song Book,) entitled a Booh lor the Million, 1500 pages, price ten shillings, Yorl ! rency. Also, the Family Book. Every wife, mother, aunt, gran : ther, gentle cousins, step mothorj sister, maiden and si li' art. ought to have a copy. Fathers, brothers, husb lovers, 8tc., &c. Look to it, price 12% cents. TURNER & FISHER, 74 Chatham street. N je23 3t*rrc and 1.3 North titli street, I'hiladel a*0 UPHOLSTERERS.?A lot of painted Window SI for sale cheap, to close a consignment. Apply to L( PERRET, 33 John Street, up stairs. je23 3l ; T|R. TA"YLOK'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORTMJ most extraordinary medicine ill the world: cure foi cure: daily we hea; (if the mostastonishiugcuyes?Alex H 161 Forsyth street, afflicted seven years with theCouxtimi , this medicine cured him. Hopeless cases, and deemed iu , ble, have beeu cured by its use. Beware of counterfeits, \ member, the genuiue is now prepared at the wholesale d ; 73 Br ekman street, by the proprietor, formerly 375 Bow Agents?Redding St (jo . 8 State street. Bo-ton; (i. F. Si 21 North Sixth street, Philadelphia; J. R. Oorhsin, New ' Wilson Ham. Hudson; B. W. Van Vnrhis, I'ottghkeepsi , ! B. Briggs, 4 Exchange, Albany; Tlinahuru, CO Congress i I Troy. See the signature, Dr. TAYLOR, on the bottle from 73 Beekmau street?all others are spurious and unaui led. je2'J 30t> fTMFFANV, YOUNG St ELLIS respectfully annc i A that their new establishment, No. 271 Broadway iter of Chambers street (oue block above their praaeut locr ; w ill he opened on Monday, 28th June, with nearly 200 c forming an entirely new, and the largeat, stock of elegsn _ useful fancy articles, ol a higher order of taste, beaut ; riehuess titan have ever been exhibited iu New York. Bronzes, Bohemiau Glass, r reiich and Dresden I'orc : Terra Coita, Papier Mache, Bronzed, Gilt and Electn vered Wares; tichly inlaid Desks, Dressing Cases, \ Boxes, Ike ; Cutlery and Steel Goods; Paper and Fancy tiouery: Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, and articles for the let; Fans. Umbrellas, Canes, Whips. Purses, and Bags, C Glasses, Ac.; Chinese and India Fancy Articles aud f'ui ties; an entire importation of Japanese Goods, probably most extensive and magnificent collection ever seen onto i pan, Stc. i To their former business tliey will add ... JEWELRY, , aud invite particular attention to their large selection, but I reign and Atnericau, of the newest, richest, and most rl< i descriptions; beautiful watches aud clocks, fancy silver i ; diamonds, cameos, corals, enamels, tkc. Icc all of which cut deduction will be made. Their Jewelry department will be under the care of Thomas Crane Banks. jeZ'J to 2ir 271 Broadway, corner of Chambers NKUROP.YTHY.-im. HOLLICK'S New Systei Practice is attracting universal atteution. Medical I and the medical jouruals, are everywhere discussing the sou of its extraordinary success. I The most remarkable feature in this new system is, that n j er drugs, nor any other of the ordinary agents are scarcely I at all, and vet every requisite effect is produced. The i agent employed is that mysterious and all |>ei vading |u? ei sole cause of life and motion, generally called electricity, vauism. or magnetism, and which is now known to be principle lite itself. Willi proper apparatus, directed by a competent know! i of physiology ami electro dynamics, this is undoubtedly 1 best means we possess for mitigating human suffering. I C hronic and Nervous cases, aud iu Ketnale Diseasrs, not ! else can approach it. Business men will find in this syst means of renovating their (battered health, without any da of i jurious after effects, like those that follow from drug.' Dr. llullick s Ollice is f7 Warieu Street. Office hours 10 A.M. till 3X P. M. By See Dr. llollick's book called " Neuropathy," to j of all the booksellers. je2 I istfei r|H> I.M?burnished liooma, No. 27 Warieu sirs JL j?2fifr NOTIC'K.?Consulate or Sratir ire New York, 1st, 1M7. Notice is hereby given, to all the creditors of the late Y LI AM E. SAUK, and to all persons whom it may coin that the following order or deciee nas been made, and I am required by the authorities of Matanzas, Island of C to cause the same to be published. FRANCISCO 8 H OUGHTON, Consul, I In the city of .Vlatanxas on the tweuty-nfih day Januar the year one thousand, eight hundred and fo ty-seveu, Jose Falguers.brigtdier of infiulry aud civil and military < eruor of said city and its jurisdiction, having inspected t proceedings of the meeting of creditors, and aasigumei properry instituted by Mrs Hepsey S. II. Wayland, wido sir. William K Sage, lort! e purpose ol convening the c I rs of the I slier: having insiircied also ihe retolnti m of creditors at the meeting held on th' Gib %y of November si Inch a I lie. teied at lolio two hundred and twenty-lies tile re eraesde.b. winch sa d Cieditors submilted to thi eier of cia sification winch might Or m nle by the court, v ing for this puri os the lurther proceedr gs and llrg.tioi the mitter. a it InsViig considered all o'lier things which bee.i worthy of the consideration of tue court, si d iha uglit to declare aiisl del declare that sa d cie.litors mil paid si ills the va ue of llie propeity a signsd by the aid * l llei aey, hi the In in and order foil .wing In the tint | and drgiee a d out ol the Wh It fund Of llie NWtlftlt 11 iid (lie costs ol thrae proceedings, and the using officer k-ep in view the agreein nt of the parlies made at the met held on the third day of December, ol the year last past, endorsed nil folio two hundred and forty-oue; in the tei place and degiec out of the price of the Coffee est re a Ana. Messrs Drake Brother* fa Company aie to rectivi amount due tu them for supplies to said esta e, and lion amount ol the on. half of the coffee estate c lied Out trio, are to receive ? haterer sum shall appear in then fivor in accounts of supplies to snot estate;iu llie th rd place and sir out of the price of ihe coffee estate Hants Ana, there is pud to Mesara Goodhue It ( ompauy.of New York.inrrrli Ihe sum of four thousand, two hundred dollars; beui? amount of their credit,as appears by ihr statement at folio ] and by the certificate of the register of inorlgagrs, endorse | folio silt .-three; in the fourth place and degree, out ofthe cerds ol llie same estate ilieic all old be paid to Mr lot Ilili cI ok, llie amount which snail appear to be due to from the aforesaid certificate, and from the -uiet b j a copy of which appears at (olio two hiiudred I sizt.-one; in the fifin place and drgree |ei thert ! paid nut ol said estate to Mr. Joseph Fowler the I ol ti teenihousand dollars, to which the writing obligator] fal'O two hundred aud sizty-three, and the aforesaid certifu of the register of inortg ges rrler. it being understood, b ever, th it said sum is to lie deposited in the Roy si I reasury I nl the injunction issued by order of the Uoiisti'ar Remit) , appears from the note of snid certificate, it dissolved; in I sixth (dace and degree out of the price of the roft'ec es j Santa Ana. and of the one half of the estate fallrd (hit. there should he credited to Messrs. Umidge St ( nmpsn Uotton. merchants, the sum of thrre thousand five hum .i..ii ... .. k..h si... ............ ... ih.... .........a...... I Irom the copy of the public document dunned at I ; two hundred and fifty-nine. and from tha certificate at f sixty-three aforeaatd, on the reverse aide; in the aixtli |> and degree, out of the aatd ptoceed* of the coffee eatate Sti Ana, let there be paid to Mr. John Oraham, and to Mr. J Griiwold, of New York, merchant*, the anin of twelve tl annd aevt n hundred and aiity rlollara and thirteen centa, >p taming to them, a* appear* from the cornea of public d. menti.beRinniiif at folio ihrei hundred and forty-nine,and f the certificate made by the register of mortgage*; and in eighth and laat place, out of the turpltir remaining, let then paid to Meaara. G. <t and N I lowl mil, to Mr. loaeph B I digit, and alao to Mr. Nehemah Nnbhaid, the sums appoa 1 on the I rat of dehta prearnlrd by the widow Hepaoy, and in < i there aliould not be NMM1 to pay them in full, let aatd 1 Mil be distributed pro rata between them; it being under*! that eai h creditor, on receteing hit rrapective quota in place mid degree heretofore aaatgned, alia 11 execute the b of hix being entitled in law to a preference. Let there he ducted from the proceed* of th# axle of the coffee eatate () no, in couaeqiieuce of the allegations contained in the do mentat lolio one hundred and atxty-five of these proreedi the inm of two thousand two handred and tliirty-aix doll , fona balance due ill the account* of supplies to said e* to Alia. Mary Sage t* ebstcr, as ap|>e*ra irorn the irrtilh I at folio two hundred and one, du the rererae aide; let the reservations contained in tha act of the meeting at f j two hundred and twe i ty-aix have effect. Decreed by his nor, after consulting the chief second Alcalde, and signed , fore me, to winch I certify. Joar Kalguera, Licentiate; J | Miguel Angulo y llcrrdia. Before me. Angel Bruzou. j It is a true copy of it* original, which it contained in I proceedings mentioned in the foregoing decree, to wliic j refer. And in conformity with the order, I caused these | 1 acuta to he issued in duplicate. Matanzaa, February 6th, 1847. ANOF.L BRUZON. Atruecopy. FRANCO. STOUQHTON, \ jeMUtfh 3r AL'?ip(!?^ris*((E^w^l ?.L thenewly htted-up Brewery. coo*i?tiug of two large copper*, i ...... 51 duU. etch; math tub, eight feet diameter; two Targe turn, eight leet by uiue; one underbade, on*|roo!er, two copper I ,,Uv chargera, leeching tuba and caalta: copiiera, apirit pump, old coppere, lead pipe, large atove, mill gearing, ?inith*' bellow* and tool*, aurila, brief, lumber, lie. Alao, two root beer we. I lgv gom,_two noraea, harneaa, fce. Jcy? iteni ] By C LIlAMHhkl.AlN' Anel'r I A. RAH AND BED ROO.M FUR'STtI'Kt" lie-TUisday. I r-?t *-* at 'V o'clock, al the " IC-galia," No. 2 Mercer s'reet, I "v' comprising souare marble-lop tabiat, divan, oilier chairs, large >rla, pier gla-s, bilmrJ table lamps, 'liable top ceiilir I ible, covered l,t?? Britannia dish, outside lamp, picture*, oil cloth, carpels, stair rods, leather beds, bed?teads, matiicssas, bedding. waahstands, an , crockery, and glass ware; en pet, stove. stnalTlol of injuore, , "Iff *c' *tc' jelt If r pen- A b I T1U.N NOTK-E.?billiard Tables, Kuruiturr, Values, I ther Liquors. lie. This day, (Thursday,) June 24, at 548 Pearl I ne. itreet, at 10 o'clock?Bedsteads; Bureaus, Waslislauds, Chain, Brdi, Mattresses, Toilet Seti, Dinner and Tea Seta, Glass- ; *a.? Abo, 50 Pure Old Sherry Wine, Jamaica Hutn, Seaars, Green and Black Teat?a food article, ray. At U o'clock?Two elegant Billiard Tables, and lixturei, . ,m ' on account of a former purchaser Sale positive. r^-_ Je2t lt*m O. WARKKN. Auctioner. nary J. W. BROWN, Aucttouaer. ca- CABINET FURNITURE. HOUSE FURNISHING Ri- V; ARTICLES, Oic.-J. W. BROWN will sell at auction | nt of on Thursday, June 24sh, at lv)? o'clock, at No. 142 Broadway, reii- a large stock of elegant Cabiuet Furniture, coniprisiiig carved >licv Rosewood Solas, style Louis XVI; Mahogany Sofa Cham, | raor- Dressing and Plain Bureaus. Card, Centre and Work Tables;' tally Ottomans, Llivans, French Bedsieads, I'ateut Folding do. Hair .rgla- Mattresses, Sec. Also, Table Castors, Cutlery, Tea Trays, ir, or Solar Lamps, Girandoles, with a variety of other articles. >m Catalogues now ready, je23 2t ia*rc arine A CARD?CHARLES WOLFE (sou-tu-law of the late ig at it Ralph James, for inauy years proprietor of Nautilus Hall, food Toinpkiusville, Staten Island.) rrspectfully informs his friends Teas and tire public, that he has based that beautiful romautic (Jotfro m tage and Gardeus, the properly of Dr. Jno. T. Harris u, as a ch to Boarding House and Public Garden, where he trusts to merit "m their favors. It is located close to the shore, a little south of Planter's Hotel Dock, and named Romantic Cottage. New TompkiuaviRe, Btateu Island, June IT, 1847. jel9 3fltr iblic. rpO BUILDERS.?Proposals will be received on or before iplrs, JL the 25th June instant, for an addition to the Hospital of the loein- Hemiau's Retreat on Stntrii Island. A plan of the proposed lispo- building can be seen on appl'catiou to Capt. RUSSELL GLO; oth- VKIt, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, at their office, No. 44en- ? Old slip. je22 7lr T EECHEM I LEK< HES'.?The undersigned has just reion to M-A ceiled by direct iint>oitation a fresh supply of the best ihant- European Leeches, which he will sell, wholesale and retail, to go at his depol, No 7 John street, Broadway. t*r By agreriuuiita tliHt he lias recently made in Europe he will be in the future constantly w ell supplied with fresh Leeches, "u to Onlers of any <iusuti(ies, from any part of the Uuited Statra nr ( auada will be promptly attended to, and packed with the iwiug ureaiest care, so us to insure their arrival lu good order. n??4- J. F. CLEU, J" "- je?2 3t?rc lni|H>rter of Leeches, No. C John at. N Y. *'* PKNNSVLV'AMA RAILROAD COMPANY?Notice ' ,, Jt t,i Contractors ? Sealed pro|Hjsuls will be received until i r'u Wednesday July 16th, in the borough of H irrisburg, and uutil Wednesday, July 22d, in the city of Pittaburg, at 10 o'clock, c,"|f A. M., ut the office o> the Engineers, lor the grading and inn ' "j sonry upon iiiirrn miles ol the Pennsylvania railroad. extendw , nig west from llarrishurg, and lilteru mile* of said railroad ex*rc te. ding ea*t from I'uubuig. '1 lie griding will include very OHM lieivy work, and tlie amount of masonry, including the pier* en ? of abutments of the bridge across the Husuuehaniia. tlireeintry. nuirter* of a mile in leugtli, will be unusually lar^e. Plan* i* *t , and specification* of the work cau be aeeu at the Kugiueer's niic, nthce in each place, for ten days previous to the time sppointt*r ed for receiving the bid* Any farther information can be had ~ upon application to the Chief or Associate Fugineers. jr22rjyljz S. V. MKKRICK, President. intrv ?? ??: t 257 1VT Oi IC>. ? 1 he lirm known as OIL.VlUKfc. (k t AKKOLL, >rc * ? at 278 Water, corner of Dover atieet, being dissolved by ?-? _ mutual consent, all debts due by said lirin, duly authenticated. 1 * will be paid on presentation, by the undersigned l''u,e ANTHONY B CARROLL. 148 Broad st. f?*s" All persons indebted to the firm of Gilmore It ( arroll. will * please make immediate payment to A. B. Carroll, who is duly *' authorised to collect the same. (Signed) MARTIN OILMORK, onto ANTHONY B. CARROLL. best May 1st. 1817. je22 7f r GPOTTKN'S STKAVl RKFINKD CANUIKS? Steam " *' O refined Cnnd es and Sugar Mums, manufactured and from sold wholesale and retail, and for exportation by near THOS. SPOTTKN, CONKEC1 IO.NKR, on I (I 118 Bowery, (near Grand street.) ed to Country merchants, by sending their orders bymail(cMh ition, enclosed) will be supplied at the lowest prices. >ic j je2tl 7tis*r HlgTh CHuK HNDlNGS-SoLki AND L 1'1'fcK LCAi'ile-K.? style ^ KDWARD GODFRKY Ik SONS, No. 299 Pearl St., itnbted. Porters of superior Kugtiah lasting*, silk galloons, shoe threads, boot wehi, Satin Fraucaii. French calf -kins, patent leather. Song colored galloons, silk boot cord, lacets; a large assortment of tcur- sole leather and calf skins, constantly on hand Also a superior i|uality of morocco and linings, bindings, 4ic., of every tie dmo- scription. jel7 10t*r A .VlKKIt;AN HOTKL. R1CHFI&LD SPRINGS.?The ' A uudersigued proprietors of the above establishment aware V of the growing popularity of this fashionable watering place liih'iix. a1"' desirous of accommudatiiig all who viait it either for ?j? health or pleasure, have been at great expense iu enlaiging the liria American, and (improving it- ground* so a* to render it still llJlo more attractive, uiiw flatter themselves that they can furiin.ll fC visiters with all the luxuries and comforts usually found at -The 'he first class hotels. The rooms are large, airy and couvellows uient, and the table will he supplied with every dainty, inith. Within a few years these Springs have become generally itioti' known and highly appreciated for their medicinal effects, and cura- lntge numbers v isit there every seMou w ith derided benefit iu r(. almost all the chronic forms of disease, particularly scrofula, epot rheumatism, eruptions of the skin, dyspepsia, bilious diseases, rery.' and chronic diseases ol the liver coutracied iu hot latitudes, torrs' nervous debility, (kc. he.-, and we hazard nothing in saying as a burg' means of cure, these springs are before any other mineral t- H spriug yet analyzed in the United States. itreet In no portion of the Bute is more pleasing and agreeable all(l scenery than iu the vicinity of these Springs, and we have no t'hori- doubt that all who visit this place, either lor health or recreate tion will litid it delightful, and the American an agreeable abode. lunce At a short distance from the Spring are a number of lakes, , cor- on* within half a mile, where those who are foud of fishing ition) will find rars sport. Boats anil fishing tackle can be had at a tases. muiuriu 1 liunrr. taml Those from the North, Kail and West can lake the cars to y and HIM?f. WMW pot WWlHI and nthrr conveyances are ill conataut readiness tu take tliein directly to the Springs, elain, LENNERBAUKKR k JOHNSON. a 8il- Jnne B, HIT. Je M i?t*rc X_I AMILTO.N HOUSE, nt h'ort Hamilton, nrar the Nar Hta- J7X rowa.?Thin favorite place of auintner reaort ia now open ' tot- fur tiie reception of boardera and viaitera. The ateamhoat ,l"^., American Eagle, Captain Power, leavea pier No. 1 North rtoat- River, at 10 A.M.,aud I and 4 P.M.?leavea Fort Hamilton at8, r, , " ll>? A. M., 2>?, and 6>i P. M. The public may rely ou the I Ja boat runniiiK as advertised. THOMAS A. MEINELL, Koiit Hamii.tox, June 8th, 1817. jel(J2lr*rc h I'o- /"JONOKK8S HALL, ALBAN V.?'The public are respectliant 7 fully informed that this eatabliahtuent having been ihoivnre, roughly repaired and painted, and newly furnished, is now in W,H* complete order for the reoeptton of ituests. ight- Couitress Hall will accomtnodnte.about 200 guests; there are a large number of iiarlnrs with bedrooms attached. It is located ' Mr O" thecoruer of Washington street aud Capitol Park, being in the immediate vicinity of the Capitol and all the State buildat. iugs;the situation is airy and quiet, having the Capitol and Academy Parks in front. It is justly considered the inoat plean of sant location in the city ol* Albany for a hotel, men, Mr. Laudou has associated wilhliim, Mr. James L. Mitchell, rea- late of the Parker House, New Bedford. The subscribers pledge their united efforts in the tnanageeitli ment, aud hope by the strictest atteutiou to the wants and cornused forts of their guests, to mrrit a continuance of the liberal pat hief ronage they have heretofore received from their friends and .the the travelling public. LANDON It MITCHELL, gal* jelO 30tm |_f UDSON RIVER HOTEL, corner of West and HoboEX keu, opposite Canal street ferry.?This spacious Hotel ,Ke has been fitted and furnished with uew furniture, and is now llie o|>eu for transient and steady boarders. Those in want of a II quiet home, cool rooms, and pure air, are requested to call, long This house commands a hue view of the North River and bay "" n to Handy Hook, aud Jersey shore, including Jersey City anil '"l"' llob-ken. Also in the vicinity of Kabiueau's salt water baths, J. highly recommended for invalids. Suites of rooms for I'amiIrotn and single rooms for gentlrnien, with or without hoard. _. . The proprietor will at all times make it his study tu lusurr the tSr Cnmlo t and convenience id'Ins guests. j, rJ '!Ut rrc AKH? HART WELL'S W ASH I NOTON HOUSE, > 22'J Chesnut street, Philadelphia, (two doors above ___ seventh,) having recently undergone repairs and improveinenta, ufTers to travellers all the quietness and comfort of Ju,,e home, with all the lusuriea of the season. .... * * Baths fitted up, cold aud warm, for lading and gentle lis- mn. * _ j!30t*rc "a"/ \1 AHSAPEUUA HOUSE, South Oyster Bay. L. 1? is uha. i-'X now opeufor the reception of company.?The house is beautifully located; the rooms are unusually large, airy and lie. Convenient; a beautiful bay, eicellent bathing, fishing and | y, in shooting are within a short distance Irom the house. The Don cars leave Brooklyn at 9>k, A. M. aud 4 P. M., daily, for KarmOut ingdale, where stages will be in readiness to carry passengers liese to the house. Persons can leave and r-turn the same day to it of New York. The distance from Karmingdale is IJd miles, w of The underaig, ed will do all he can to make his a ueisrable mil- house for a summer residence. said je:i 30i?r ' HARLEB E. WNEDECOR last, QU ., \| t.h HKriOtt'J ? The aubseriiier would respectfully I. on C5 iniioiinri to tin se wishing to enjoy a fine pinapect oLNew " di - Loudon llsrnoi and surrounding country, that he can Itfrnish ' >hrm with pleasant airy rooms, at the situation known as ttie j* -stiinr lloiisn, on Ba> k street, w tliin five minutes'walk of the h vr Straiiiboat wharf ' h> \s , Summer resort, where all ki U? of sei-food, botli shell "J ' * i id t(it-r fish, hes:ilea the best of sea bathing can be enjoyed' dow r|, j a p ace is probably unequal'ed il-et Visiters fnitn abroad accommodated w itli the bes'nf ooins > and at moderate charges. HENRY HUOHE8 IS to New I Ion. Ill-It ). IH47 mi3' 3W"rrc and jkTollTH AMERICAN B\H sod BILLIARD ROOMS, Mat is corner of Bowery and Bayard street The subscribe' la-i's respectfully info ins his friends and the public gener-lly, tiial : the be lias :ak< ii the above well known |>Oi>11 l-ir bouse, which he i thr intends to ksep hi as g oal style us any similar establishment in tbey the city. The House has been tho ougnly painted a il reuotl.e s.'e.l ..,.1 lh. II.. I. a.ll. . .1 - I I. g.n and aeg*ri. In the Billiar.i Saloon arc two food bthleaai .. I.c any in the city, winch will be under the auprriutrndeiice of into. an attentive anil rt|ierieuced |>craou. while the Bar will be nn I t e der the immediate care of the uhecriber. foui DAVID M. HOLLI8TKR. > do. Nil. The proprietor will be happy to tee hie frieuda on I pr. Tliuraday. the itith inat., from II to 2 o'clock epli Njwfogg, MayM. I XT. myaOll'r_ on'!. dlSflik CHALLKNGIb.?Notice to feutlemen who want anij jjtlvlr their old clothea to look like uew( call at the . be tailoring, Dyenif, Cleaning and Repairing har.iblialiment aum No 77 Gold etreet, corner or Gold ami Spruce, where ordera f at nrill be punctually attended to at the ahorteat notice, and on rate the moat reaaonable terms, by J. B. NOAH, 77 Gold atreet. ,,w- N B.?The higheat price given for geutlrmeu'a led off on- wearing-apparel ev8 Kit iaee "s /N OATH'S i'HKr.Alh?I AI.TIUN -l'i.,rl,?rt. and con he aumeraof Cotton Thre.nla are hereby cautioned that an I article of apool thread marked "f'rates k Co.,"now offered for , aale in ilna market, la not the celebrated sn-cord thread manuy ?] factured by Messrs I k I'. Coats, of Paialev, Scotland. I""1 HUGH AUCHINCLOSS k SONS, ejra je4Mtia*rc Aeeuta of J. Ik P Coata. of Paialey. ' 'din " ' l<ARKK TAILOR in. William atreet, oppoaite aJ the new atorer.?Krery description of anmmer garments ant* that the imagination can conceive of, that ia not a violation of nhii good taate, can he found at my establishment; consisting of mo- Caahmerette, A Ipaca, Merino, Gingham. Linen, Tweed, kc ,,er- Ate. Alao, Black Merino Panta and veata. Agnodsiimrnv ,cu. anit will be sold for from $6 np to 120. Theae articlea are i mm ' > addition to mv legitimate bnaineaa of flunking clothea of ,|)P any deacription to order. A large atoek of ninths, caaaimerea, j ,. he eastings, kc. kc. je2l 0tia*r ring NOTICE"*Consignees per packet ship ROSt.H '.S, sue WRraV'rom Liverpool, will pleaae aend llieir permila on , jfllUlbhoard. at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet. All ood gooda not permitted within five daya, will poiitivrly be lent ,l)f to the public atore without farther notice. jeJt on'1 MR ?nlv HK.tii laR link ?FTa7 kkts to ,l'" hHVAND f'ROM GLASGOW?The splendid and fait nta- JfltfMlfa^iling packet ahip ADAM CA>R. Captain lohn cu-, Wrialit, will aail from New York on the Ut July, and from nga, Glaagow oil the Ut Kept. ara Persons about to proceed to Scotland, or thoae wishing to tatr aend tor their friends, can make the neceaaary arrangement rete with the anliacribcri, on reasonable terma. by making early and ; application to Vv. k J. T. TAI'St OTT. iilin | ji 27 r ^ an Smith at, 2d door below Burling a I i?c he-' KuK. HKr.TtlVli ll'll Cll AHTKH.-Tbe' brat lose KfTyy c|m? faalaatling coppered and copper laaleneil BritJiMMEae lib built ling HOPr,, Robert Beaant, mailer, take? the the bulk of tthO barrels,and Can lie immediately deipalcbtd i": Apply to W. kJ. T TAI'StOT P, , ^ | j, 21 M Hoe lb atteet. | fAA- BRITISH BRIG HOPK. HHIM NOKrOLKkJSMrV All peraona are cautioned againit truatliig or harborJWMl^ing any of the crew of thia veaael, aa no debta of their c. Wll'b* ^iVhT^V^OT!F,,i;??U. rt. < pect fully infornia tbe public that Vie ha* leased ,|? hark Theatre, and haa commenced a ebon season of TWt LVK I NIGHl'8-Frid.y Keen,pa, Jane jv v.,11 be\?rf?7ih.d 1 Bellini \ Grand Opera of NORM A?Poltou. 8ik. J B heveri Orofeio, 8ig. L. Battaglini; Flirio, big Fcdcrico Badialr, Norm*, Biruoriua Fortuuata Tedaaco; Adalgiza, big* Ter?aa Kaiuteri; Clotilda, Signor* Virginia Paduani. Tickets lor tlie leuuu may d? securea ai tne 001 umce. ? Bote*. $1; Pit. M) cents; Gallery. 21 cents. Door* open at a uuarter past 7. performance to commmci at ( I o'clock. ___ _______ BENEFIT Ok .*IH. C. W. CLAKKt. BOWKRV THEATRIC.?A. W. Jacgaorr. Proprietor?H E. SlUfHI, Stage Manager ?Thursday Evening. June , 24th, will be performed THE RIVALS?Sir Anthony Abso- | lute. Mr Hut; Captain Abac lute, .Mr Dyott, Acre*, Walcot; Faulkland. Clarke ; Mrs Malaprop, Mrs Vernon ; Julie, Miss C. \V?tnv n; Lydta, Mrs Wilkuisou. After wbicli. the SPIRIT OK THE FOUNTAIN?Courad, I Mr Clarke; Perktn, Hadaway jLeoline. Miaa J Turubull. | To cuuelude with the IDIOT OK THE HEATH?Gilbert, Mr Da Bar; Walter Arliugtou, Mra Booth. Boaea 21 ceuta; Pit and Gallery I2)t cent '. Doora opeu at (ij{; Perfortnauca commences at 7)?. A ME .ICAN MUSEUM-PERFORMANCES both Atteruoon and Evening. THE ORPHEAN FAMILY. OR KENNEBEC* VOCALISTS, The moat talented and popular Band iu America are encaged at thia houae, and will give their Craud Concerta this afternoon and eveuing, at half-put 3 and aiiuarter paat I o'clock, when alao other Uleuted perliirmera will appear, including the Chap man Family, Mr.Conover, Miaa Julien, and nthera flie Magniliceut Moving Diorama of the FUNERAL OF NAPOLEON BONAI'ARTF:. Will alao be exhibited at eacb and every performance. Admiaaion 21 cents. jel re BKOADWAV THEATRE.?Tina eeiahiiahineul, now erecting in Broadway, will ba oi*ued for Dramatic purpoaea aolely, on or about tlie first of September, under the management of I O. H. BARRETT. Persons of acknowledged talent wishing situations for the ( season, will please address him (nre-nanl) at 109 Leonard street. A. MANN, sole Proprietor. DC/"" During Mr. Barrett's absence in Europe, all letters and 1 business communications may he addressed to Ins agent. j je!3 tfrc W. CORIIVN. No. 2 Ba'Ciay street. CASTLE OARDEN ia opened for (lie season.?In the Eveuings Concerts of Music will he giveu I by the German Brass Band, uuder the directum ,>1 Mr. Monk, consisting of selected compositions from Lahitxky, Strauss, Lanner, Gougl, Straeck, and others. lutermissiou of half au hour during the evening for promenading, refreshments, and viewiug the Coamoramaa, which have tieeu re-arrauged. Ailmisaiou 12)% cents. Coucert commences at I o'clock. ni23 rrc V AUXllALL "GARDEN "CONCERT SALOON ? '"AMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN OPERA SERENADERS. BRILLIANT SUCCESS. One Week Lorger. This Evening? A grauil Coucert of VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, consisting of Songs Solos, Itrfraius, Chaunts, Glees, Danoes, be.. peculiar to the Southern Negro. The Band is composed ot the lollowing artists Messrs H. Me.lever Violin- 1 P L-:... U. u a a _?, i . .w?h, ?. * . < iuicii r mi oanjir, tvivuiunu.orcnnu Banjo; J. Bryant, Castauett; W. Donaldson,Tamboriue; W. Kayuor, triangle. ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, A grand performance at 3>a o'clock. Tickets admitting a Gentleman and Lady, 26 cants. Concert tn commence at I o'clock. jefl APOLLO ROOMS ?MME. FLE URV JOLLV, Primo Donna, anil MONS. DUBRUEL. First Uarytoue of the French Opera ol'New Orleans, respectfully announce that they will give A GRAND CONCKRT ON THURSD AY EVENING, JULY 1st, At the Apollo Saloou. Particulars ill future lolls. jr2l :it m VANNUCCHrs GREAT AND EXTENSIVE' i"oS .MORA,MA, at No. JI5 Broadway, opposite tiothic Hall, every day and evening Admittance 26 cents, children halfprice. Th'S Cosmorama. the best ever witnessed in America, comprises a collection of more than one hundred of the most magnificent Paintings, expressly painted lor t.iis exhibition, some of w hich are by the talented and celebrated ar'istr of this city, Siguor N. f.'alyo. Among the i.-mtinga are the glorious victories, achieved by on- gallun. The bittle of Uu>na Vista, with a correct likeuers of General Taylor, I and death of Clsy, by Sig. N. Calyo. I >c rurreuder of Vera . Cruz, with a likeness ol General Scott,by N. Culyo. Exhibition open f'mn 3 to II, P. M> | ] For other wnnlMIM the hand a j*U tf rrr ALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA? Lessee, E. A. Marshall?Stage Manager W. R. Blake? 1 Thursday Eveping, June 21, will be performed the admired comedy of FASHION?Adam Triieinan, Mr. Blake: Count Jolonaitre, Michiiigs; Colonel Howard, St-man; Mr. Tiffany, McKeon; Mr. T. T. Twinkle, Bruuton: Mr. Bunhaon, Chapman; Mr. Augustus Fog, Boswell; /eke, Mr. Yonng; Gertrude, Miss Fisher; Mrs. Tiffany, Mrs. Jones; Seraidiina, Mrs. Bowers; Prudence, Mrs. Thayer; Millineite, Mrs. Blake. FANCY DANCE, by Miss Anna Wnlters. To conclude with the farce of the RENDEZVOUS? Quake, McKran; Simon, Chapman. To-morrow, Mr. Ricliiug's Benefit. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock precisely C3 R II K ET M ATI H.?There w ill be a grand malrh played S between two of the best players in America ou Thursday. Single wicket? Winkworth anil Comery. Wicket pitched at 12 o'cloek. at the St. George's ground, lied House. je2J 2tis? rc UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND -TROTTING, THURSDAY, June 24th, at 2 o'clock, P. M., precisely.? Purse (60?Mile heats, best iu live under the saddle. J. P. Mc.Mann enters Iir. m. Reality. D. Smith enters b. c. Traveller. U. S. Barton- enters ch. g. Butcher Boy. W. Martin enters g. g. Medoc. T. Jackson rulers s. s. F.fias Hicks. Immediately after, a match for (?0U?Mile heats; between the celebrated horses Gray Harry and Jack Cade. W. Reed names g. g. Gray Harry. F. Johnson r>k. g. Jnck ("sue. After which, a Purse of $60?Two mile heats, to harness. M. King enters b. m. Sal. A. Coiikliu enters bk. g. Post Boy. i. jiiurs cuicri Dr. in. nrtsey Baker. J. Welpley enters ch. g. Trustee. The Hailroad can will leave at half put 1 o'clock, P. M., I and reluru after the (port it oyer. G. BPICEIL . ' jeZ2 2t*je 1 ?j\ FOR SALE?A < hesutit Hone, t, yean old and . tug CN16 handy high, suitable for a lady'a or a Keutleinau'a > saddle horse; it fen tie, and ha? a good action; canlera and troll. Can be aeen at Diabrow'i atahle ill the Bowery. je24 3t eod*m fl - I'll KNIX HORSF. BAZAAR, No. 18'J it I'll IBnMercer street, between Bleeckar and Amity atreeta. f t s A Ti.. , . Iiayt- ju.t arrived at tlua eatabllahinent aeveral lota of very fine horaea, among which are aome paira of very line carriage horaea. Alan, a beautiful blood bay mare about 16 hauda 1 inch lii^h, a very faat traveller ; together with aiuglv horaea auitable lor the road'and family uae. The apacioua lofts of thia establishment ara appropriated excluaively for atorage of carriages and alcigha, which will be taken on the moat reasonable terma. j2l3t?r THOS. H^DILKS. Proprietor^ <1 WANTED?A thorongh-bred Bullion, 6 or 7 yXieT^yeara old, about 16 hands high; a aorrel or bay would | * -e i n- t.r..i'?rr?.l Enquire at 1601* ront atreet, up stairs. , jeiO 3t*rc _ | wys TU. F'OREHiN (4F1NTLKMEN arriving in tin Stales, or others, desirous of purchasing a peramuw.inanciit Country Residence in Pennsylvania.?'1 he siibscrilier ofli-rs for sale his F'artn, situated in Montgomery Co., Petiiisylvania, 14 miles north ef Philadelphia. It contains JOS acres of land, 28U acres of which arr in the highrst slate of cultivation, producing wheat, rye, Indian corn aud hay, e<|nal to any upland farm?the remaining 2(1 acres being woodland. On the pirmiaes ia a line stone mansion, fit) feet by 46, with a verandah atuched, 16 fret w ide, extending the length of the hollar, and a large piazza on the east, the whole giving ample \ accommodation for a family of twruty persons. The pleasure grouuda surrounding llie house are shaded with elrgunt 1 evergreens, and very beautifully laid nut. There are on the | farm three stone houses lor farmers or tenants, together w ith three large stone barns, ' .ml,lining stnbling and < nuvriiieiirrs I for a huiidied head of cattle, aud lor the storage of 260 tons of produce, with coach house, wagon house, granary and corn cribs attached. There are also the advantages of a line spring 1 house, ice house, fish pond, a garden of two acres, orchards stocked with the finest liuit, green house and grape wall, s atrentn of spring water in every held, a daily mail, by which the Philadelphia aud New York papers of the same day arr received, aud an omnibus passing the gate moruiug aud evening In tfie immediate vicinity are Kpiacopal, Lulherau and i Prtak) teriun churches F urther description is unnecessary,as all persons wishing to i nurci sse arr invited to call and examine the estate. It may. ; added, that for btauty, healthful situation, and ; advantages, it is not surpassed by any lit the United States It may be well also to mention the price, wlurli it (220 per acre. Apply to CiEORUE cHEAF'F, Whitemarsh, j't H2aw*rrc Montgomery Co.. Peon. A;TOLD ESTABLISHED (iKOCERV AND Liquor Store, situated on the south west coruvr of WashIigt.>11 and Vrstrv streets, with stock and fixtures, f r The fixtures are ill new. The owner withes to sr II out ss nie health ia bud. je23 St* r MTO LET?T> a small reap. . i.ihle family . ilie second floor ol a three story bricli house, consisting of two Ironr rooms and a back room w ilh lluee /wmtriea?the i ro.on water is in the house. Possession given immediately. Inquire 194 Ninth street N. B. Helervuce will be requited j 12 It'r ak 'I'll Le.'l^?I ti the let of November, a neat one-sinj-a ffrjW lialf Hon Cottage no Sta'en Island, beautifully shaded. XgA^and a lsrge garden and orchard, containing a great van i> oi Iruit. It iaanout seven minutes walk from a landing.? ltent >100 F nqillre at 983 Broadway, Je22'Jr*r Mfor sale?the yonkers mansion Flouve, oatbuildiiiB*. aud seven acres of f la id?the whole or a part, to suit purchasers, and ou the most iccommodatiiig terms. JThts extensive building commands a magnificent view >1 ttie- Hudson liivrr, from 10 to 13 miles n each direction. The house is 60 feel squire; rsrriagr house M feet square, with stnblmg lor one hundred horses; shed 6', teet in length; all nearly new. and in complete order. There is also a lish pond and water power, with a never failing stream o water running thiougb the middle of the grounds, as pure aCrotim. '1 he Hudson River Railroad is to run within thro hundred yards in front of the nroiwrty, and about the sum dial mce south of the vill ge of Yonkers, wiierr the deimr is to be located 'I'here are five well conducted sehools. all within shall mile. Two splendid I'aat sailing steamboats ply I daily to and from the city; and stages also run daily in con- j nee-ion with the Flarlem Railroad F'or terms apply to William Kellingcr, at the Willmris burgh (erry, at the foot of Drlaury atreet, or upon the pretntsea. jeljlOiVe 1 - MU81C-THF. PIANO taught on very < -'J'yMPSWBBW0'''''"'* trrma. by a lady who has hail eon- , STyTirinsiderahle experlenre in teafhing Mhe prnfesIII I I "sea to teach it til a srienti up manner, wolMhe ? i / w,,?l ?nc miUfriMM IH ini|'iiri n i ?" of. Terma three dnl|.ar*j?er month. A line adurei*ed to "Music," at the Herald omce,ahall beattended to. j my27 30tia*rc . I Ks;o\ fb LKOTON b'ALLH1 LAKE IMaUH MAIIOPAr.f roron Lake. Danhnry and Hidcr- I ^ HEftfc field, by the Harlem Hail Road, Daily at 7 A. >1 . and 4 P. M. Vintera to thair |>Ucea ran. by taking the 7 o'clock A. VI. car*, remain several hour* and return to the city I the name afternoon. Stages will leaee < roton balla on arrival of earh train if cars,and for Pawhnti* on arrival of the | o'clock train I onvryaijcc* for' roton Lake at .New I.astir. \ JVe to Croton FiillO* mile., $|; iellJOtia r ( ii/LAr TP OWNIIR? AND MAHTfcSa OK Vr.SrfJMfW SKLB?Holme. h Springer'. Patent tiieerinc Wheel ' Mmmmm?The attention of ?lnp in',:i.r? and owner. i? callrii I., (hi. improvement iothe gear of ve.u'l*, which ?n | . completely obyiata. *!l ine dimenllie. heretofore arl.inf in ' the ordinary woy oi applying the .leering wheel. A model , con he .rfii on'1 o full ricciirtinii ohtmned, by calluiE nil ell tlr?r? KNOIXBRKCIIT fc HALK. P? William.*. I KtiH 8ALK?The Veeht GIMCHACK She i. m I gV^hhr.ntilul order. i. coppered and copper lo.trnrd; .he jHMhh" a cabin that will accommodate ten penon. at dinner comfortably. The furniture i. new and htiid.ome; .he I ha. egood kitchen, gad Comfortable quarter, for thenirn;>he haa dyiog jib. ||a|rtO|iMil, tail, colorh, he, lie. Price $1,401, ' about one.thirtl of her coat. She may lie ?r en ? Hobpkfn. ! \ Apply to JOHN 8TKV K N 8 Jen Iwfh i ' Kill NKW OKI.KAN'S?Loui.iana and INew i 1 MrVXV rorkloneot racket*.? I lif new anil aplcndid fait , IH&I r?t wiling hark ? KOTON, Captain I). V Sonil iard, ia now loading and will positively anil Monday, July IS. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations i.i.i icalled [or aplrador or comfort, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharf, loot ol Wall street, or to I. K. COLLIN0, '<6 South street. Agent* in New Orleans, Joan O Woodruff it Co., who will promutly forward ail good* to thair address n* packet bark Oeneser. Captain Minott, will succeed the Lroton, sad tail her regular day. J?gj , BBS5SaS=S=BaBH=aBSS9SaSRSKS5 *0 TBI LATEST MOMENT. TKIiKQKAPHIC BY SXOX.T7IZVS IXTXSIB TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. BZaBLT IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. Guerilla Attack on the Specie Train. THIRTY AMERICANS KILLED. FORTY WAGONS DESTROYED. DEATH OF MAJOR BOSWORTH. Ac., Ac., Ac. By the U. S. steamer Massachusetts. Cart Wood , which arrived at New Orleans on the 18th, we hare reset Ted dates from Verm ( rue to the 11th inet. The Massachusetts brings over las sick and woun led loldiers, under charge of Dr. Tudor, beside* the following passenger*:? Mr. Joseph Harris, Mr Tudor,U. W. A., Purser Bryan of the navy, and Mr. Boeworth and two servants. The voniito I* represented as on the Increase at Vera Crux. We regret extremely to Bay that Paymaster Bosworth, who sailed from New Orleans on the 19th ult., sickened and died in Vera ('rux of the vomlto. His remains wars brought buck on the Massachusetts in charge of his brother. The moat important intelligence brought by this arrival relates to an attack upon a large train by the Mexioan guerillas, which was partially successful. By the Fanny we learned that a train was to leave Vera Crux on the moruing of the ath Inst, for Puebla, under charge of Lieut. Col. Macktntoeh The train bad in charira SOOfi nnn In an..*'.. ?v.i.v, . - , ,-? -~ .r , v. ntuwu num uui uuuarni thousand belonged to the Paymaster's department; the remainder to the Quarter Master One hundred and twenty-Are wagons and nix hundred pack inuIeH were in the train, which was esoorted l/ eight hundred troops. The train left Vera Cruz on the night of tha 4tb inat., and on Sunday the 6th, after advancing about twentytlve miles, it was attacked by a largu party of guerillas. The plaoe was well aeleeted for the purpose by the Mexicans, being represented as a defil*. broad enough for a single wagon only. It is said, too, that slight works had been thrown up by the Mexicans, to obstrust our advance. The attack was made upon each extremity of tha train and upon the centre at the same time , the principal point, however, being the wagons wbioh were supposed to oontain the specie. Private accouuts represent that the attack was so for successful that forty of our wsgous were destroyed, though not those containing the specie. Two hundred mules loaded with subsistence were taken, and thirty of our men killed. The .American Eagle of the 9th says?" Our loss Is ' variously estimated at from four to twenty," but private accounts, from responsible sources, give the loee at thirty men, The check was so severe, that Col. Mclntoah determined not to hazard an advanoe without reinforcements. Our troops acoordingly entrenched themselv-s behind their wngons, and despatches were seat off to (leu. Cadwallader, at Vera Cruz. The General left on Monday evening, the 7th inst., with a large force, of about Ave hundred men and four howitzers. Private accounts say farther, that on the 10th a part of the Voltiguers also lsft, with four howitzers, to join the train The Eagle represents that our troops received the attack with the utmost coolness, and that the eneiry, being repulsed, fell back towards tbe Pnrnla ATacienal, wliieb No later news from the train bad been received the morniug of tbo 11th. the day the Massachusetts left. Nothing later bad been reoelred from the army of lien. Scott. The reason is obvious. For the present, at least, the communication has been entirely out off. 1 his Is not regarded as at all alarming, for Uen. CadwaHador will, no doubt, open a passage to Jalapa at once ; hut It indicates a necessity for a cavalry force upon the Une. to clear avray the brigauds which infest It, end who are mustered in greater force than had been anticipated, to attack a train guarded by BOO troops. But the audacity of the guerillas does not stop here They are entering Vers Cruz, and stealing For several nights alarms had been created in the city by their pre' datory attempts. Private letters say that sixty horses were stolen from one pon, in the Immediate vicinity of the town. A regiment of Texas Rangers, it seems to us, would find ample scope for employment in the vicinity of Vera C'rus. ^ ARRIVAL OF COL. DONIPHAN'S TROOPS AT NEW ORLEANS. Ac. die. Ac. The ship Republic which sailed from the Brazos on Ihe 10th, has arrived at New Orleans, bringing seven companies of Col. Doniphan seommand. Three companies left previously. The regiment will be paid off, and mustered out of service Immediately. Preparations for a brilliant reception of Col Doniphan aero making at New Orleans. Nothing later from lien. Taylor. Y Xllhl IHAUA Affairs in Washington. Was hi kotos, June 22, 1H47 T/i? P'ruled Stole* unit Hruzil A total misunderstanding seems to be getting more and more prevalent in regard to the relations between our government and that of Brazil. This misunderstanding is propagated by rumors trout Rio de Janeiro, of a hostile attitude said to have been already assumed by of act* of aggresaion agaiuat the c'inmerce of tho United State*, either committed orccnni jJ at by the Biaiiban authorities?and of the recall of 'r I.liboa. the present Envoy of the Emperor ot Brazil near our government On* paper gue* 10 far a* to gin 'levury word* of hi* recall. There ia every probability that tbi* laat rumor, ai though premature, i* nevertheless prospectively oorreet I learn, that a* yet no official intimation of the recall of Vr Liaboa ha* been received at the State Department ; but there are *trong rea?on? for b*ll*? lug tL?t the recall ha* been determined on Thin will be a moat unjunt and courtesy alone forbid* mc to add a moat da* tardly act Tbe imprisonment of Lieutenant Davl* and some men belonging to our Nary, by the police of Tito dc Janeiro, con?tituted a positive injury, of which Mr. 'Wise our .Miniatar, felt bouud to demand of the Bratilian goveriinieuta*ati*faetory explanation In consequence of an irritated state of feeling on both wan found expedient to tranafer the negociationa to Waahington. They were conducted hera with dignified courtesy. and with teal and firmness withal, hy Mr Buchanan on the one tide, ard Mr. Liaboa on the other Tbe difficulty wan oljualed in the moat unobjectionable manner For tlin njury inflicted on citizen* of the I'nlted State*, no confession wa* aaked but such aa could be freely made without compromising the dignity of Brazil. Had Improper demand* been made, which every person who (now* the Secretary of Stat*, know* to be impossible, Mr. I.iahoa was too well acquainted with hit duty, and loo Jealona of the honor of hi* country to entertain hem for a moment An officer and several men belong ng to our nary, had been imprisoned, and the quean n was. in the first place, whether their Incarceration had tieen deserved, and if not, whether hy their Imprisonment au insult to the flag of the I'nlted State*, had beau Dtcnded In relation to the first of these question*, we isd the depoeltione of several officer* of our navy, nud ioma moat respectable French and Kngliah men bants, n opposition to the statements of the colored watchmen >f Rio? the moat raecaily police to be found in the world. In addition to the great preponderance of evllenoe on our tide, the etatemente of the police bore upon their face their own refutation lu view of llieae racts, what wae left for Mr. Liaboa but to declare, on b* half of.hle government.that In the Incarceration of Li< ?w tenant Davis and hi* men. no insult to th- fl.ig of the United Statee had been intended. This concession, demanded by sheer juatice?not to speak of courteey -wae very properly made by Mr Liaboa. and the difficulty was happily adjusted The document* exchanged

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