Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 26, 1847 Page 1
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r giBnaHMUBs TH] Vol. nil. Ho. Iiv-Whal* Urn, MIX. THE NEW TORE HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-wait eornar of Koltou and Nuata at*. JAMES GORDON BENNETTTPBOPRIETOB. OUOlUTlH-n?TT movuia DAILY HERALD? Every day, Price! centa par eoyr?r fSperauunin?payable in advance. _ . WEEKLY HERALD?Every 8amrda*-Priee <K ?? ?? ^lsss KrwKKsasy'iiGs;"SKS *2Price 03d ceuti per copy?16 per annum, including portage, payable in advance. Ouoecnptiona and adyertieeiueute will be received by Meaara. (Jalignani, II Rue Vivieiine, Pane; r. L. Bnnonda, No. 6 Barge Yard, Bncklerabury, and Miller, the bookaeller, London. .. . ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?ruWished on tne 1st of Jaunarv of eacli veer?tingle copies sixpence each. AD V EKTISEMEJTTS, at the usual prices?always cash in &(?v uce. Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible mann* The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors that raayocr.irr 111 them. PRINTISU of ail kinds tzeeuted beaatifnllr nnd witb despatch. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to ths establishment, mnst be post paid, or the postage will be d# dner*<t fr?m the ?ahernt>tinn moner remitted CENTREV1LLE COURSE, L. I.-TKOTTINO AND PACING.?Monday; June 28, at half past 2 o'clock.? Purse $30 mile heats, best 3 in 3, in harness, for pacing horses and closed with the following entries : J. Nodine names b. m.. .Village Maid. C. Bartine ch. g.. .Boas Butcher. W. Bridges hr. g... Buckingham. At 4 o'clock, purse (100, mils heats, best 3 in 5, iu harness, and closed with two entries : J. Whelpley names h. g.. .Moscow H. Woodruff br. g.. .Hector. The cars will leave at half past 1 o'clock for the course, and returu after the sport of the day, JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. Ceutreville Course, June 23th, 1847. N. B. A Trot will come off over the above Conrse oil Tuesday, July the 6th, Particulars will be given in time. je25 4t MATCHED HORSES FOR SALE.?A pair of j^uTMight grey horses, about 13 hands high, very spirited i 11 beautiful in every reapect, suitable for a gentleman's purposes. Apply at MESSENGER'S Stables, J25 lt*r 68 Triuity Place. MKINO CHARLES, English and Scotch Terriers, German Canaries in fine song; Bird Cages, Canary, Rape, Hemp, Millet, and Yellow Bird Seeda, with a action of rare and valuable birds, such as the fancier cannot find at any other similar establishment iu the United States, for sale at280 Broadway, by je23 3t?rc W.S.JOHNSTON. a COTTAGES ON STATEN ISLAND.?Hor sale or lease, the three Cottages on the hill side below Capo di Monte, belonging to Mrs. Orymes. The buildings nets and highly finished, are situated in a thick wood ol 14 acres, within ten minutes of the ferry. The out houses afford every convenience, and a new road easy of access, has just been completed je25 12t*rc FOR SALE.?THE YONKER8 MANSION House, outbuildings, and seven acres of land?the whole or a part, to suit purchasers, and on the most accommodating terms. This extensive building commands a magnificent view of the Hudson River, from 10 to 15 miles in each direction. The house is 60 feet square; carriage house 5(i feet square, with stabling lor one hnndred horses; shed 65 leet in length; all nearly new, and in complete order. There is also a fish pond and water power, with a never failing stream of water running through the middle of the grouuds, as pure as Croton. The Hudson River Railroad is to run within three hundred yards in front of the property, and about the same distiuce south of the village of Vonkers, where the denot is to be located. There are five well conducted schools, all within ahalf mile. Two splendid fast sailiug steamboats ply daily to and from the city; and stages also run daily in connection with the HarlemRailroad For terms apply to William Kellinger, at the Williamsburgh ferry, at the foot of Delancy street, or upon the premises. je4 30t*rc - NEW IRON STEAMSHIP 8ARAH yyb^JsjftWISW SAND8. William C. Ti ompsou, commander, 1300 tons register, 200 horse power. ^IZliySaBThe days of sailing of the above ship, for ^ ^^^^" the remaider of the current year, are fixed as follows ;? From Liverpool?15th June, 20th August, 21st Ocober. From New York?18th July, 21st September, 21th November. Her cabins are fitted up with unusual splendor, even for a packet ship. The price of passage (without wines or liquors, which can be obtained on board.) is from Liverpool thirty guineas, and one guinea steward's fee; and from New York one hundred dollars, and five dollars steward's fee. The captain and sgents of the vessel will not be accountable for any parcel or package, uuless a receipt or bill of lading is signed for the same. For freight or passage, applv fo je2i tfrc ROB'T KKRMIT. 76 South street. (WONTING INTELLIGENCE.?A SLOOP gHaVRA.CE, to come off on the 5th day of July, free for JHNfeEa'ill sloops wearing their own jib and mainsail, without enlarging. Entrance money fifty dollars?three or more to make a race?to start from the Hammond street pier, at 10 o'clock, A. M.. to and around a stake boat stationed opposite Tarrytowu, and back to the place of starting, the boat back first to have the money. N. B. All entries to be made ou or before the first day of July. For particulars, inquire of D. H. VERBRYCKE, j>5 1W*rc comer West and Hammond streets. NOTICE.-?Passengers per packet ship OAKKFjsIVRIOK. for Liverpool, will please be on board stramMnNHu^oat Hercules,at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, to-morrow (Saturday,) June 26th, at 12 o'clock M. at which time the ship will sail. Letter hags will close at the usual pLcea at IO? o'clock. je25r tfg- PACKET SHIP llOSCIUS, from Liverpool, will bffTwV'oinmeoce discharging under general ordera oii MoudNHoNfirfay, June 28 All goods nottheu permitted will positively be sent to the public store. Consignees will please send down their permits immediately Je25r TO RENT?At Tuscarora, Schuylkill county, Pa., a Foundry and Machine Shop, (will be rented separate or togegether) with a ten horse power steain engine, all iu complete order, with all the necessary tools for Foundry, Machine Shop, and BUckamithiug. Patterns, Fla-ks, Ike. and some stock to commence. Apply to JACOB ALTER, Tuscarora. N. B ?Anthracite Coal, best quality, $2 per ton. jc25 20t>r IMPORTANT ENTERPRISE.?The grant of the exclusive privilege of navigating, by steamers, the rivers Orinoco and Apure. iu Venezuela, South America, having been made to me by tlie National Congress of that Republic, for the term of eighteen years from the 14th of last month, and upon terms highly advantageous, I am desirous of making arrangements, immediately, with individuals or a company, to commence the enterprise: and, to this end, a capital of about two hundred thousand dollars will be required. I shall arrange, ami he prepared to exhibit in the course of ten days, satisfactory eridence. from credible and authentic sources, of the navigability of these rivers (the Apure being a mailt branch of the Orinoco), and that the enterprise cannot fail to be successful and exceedingly profitable. Individuals or companies inclined to embark in this scheme, are invited to correspond, or confer personally, with me on the subject. Letters directed to me at this city (mist paid) will be promptly attended to, and interviews may he had at the iffice of Messrs. Ellis tfc Shepherd. No. 3 Nassau street, between the hours of II A. M. and 2 P. M. during the month of July. VESPASIAN ELLIS. New A'oik. June 25, 1147. j2.i lw? fit PLASTERER'S BENEVOLENT SOCIETY.?An ad journed meeting of the Plasterer's Benevolent Society will be lii-ld at 175 Wouster street, on Tuesday evening uext, June 2901, to revise the bye laws, and on other im|>ortaiit business, whou the members arc particularly requested to attend By otuci of the Society. lvn v,'<c. WM. SIMPSON, Secretary. ANTED, by i respssctable YOUNG MARRIED ,?0TV MAN, that lost her hady, a few days old, a child to I uurse at Iter owu residence, 255 liili Avenue. ^ Je25 3t*re AN OWNER i? wanted fur sevrral pieces of Dry (Joods found ill the street, on Tuesday night. 16th inst. Ai |dv to je26 2r rc JOHN W. CORN WELL. 87 Waller st. Bo Mil) WANTKI) IN THE COUNTRY, not far Irom the city, for two children; ill a plain farmer's lioiisr, near I tie w:iter, wliere they can have the benefit of hatliinir, would be preferred. Terms mu?t he inoderate. A line addressed to M R., at the office of this pa|ier, stating terms and situation, shall he attended to. jr2J 7t?ir Lai E CAPES?PETER ROBERTS, J7S Broadway, respectfully solicits the attention of ladies visiting New York to his stock of goods, eompria ng the follotving, vi*:? Maleine Lace Capes, from $2 upward: wliitr and hlack Visiles, $f>; .Ylniitillas, $7, worth 12; 10-4 Shawls, $10, worth 20; embroidered Muslin I -a|>es, $t 60; do do I hiaiizetts, (I; dodo Collars, 26 cents; do cambric Hdkfs, $2 60; Kevierre do, 73 cents; tape bordered do, 0'$ cen's; infant's Robes and Waists, very cheap; ladies' needle work and tambour Dresses, do do; i.aces. Hosiery and (Roves,of every description. je2? l(lt*r IRON AWNINGS?THE 8UBHCRIBER8 WILL .MAKE and put up Iron Frame Work for Awnings, with roller* he., that, will roll the Awning up sang to the house without anv difficulty whatever. They cost nearly the same as those rhit art stationary. They have put them up at Addom's, Broadway, opposite Stewart's. Blbee It Cottar's, 100 Broadway, and at Lewis St'a. Liberty-st., and others. DUNCAN St WK8T, 4 Little Oreen-st.. near Maiden Lane. je24 7tam IMPROVED MAGNETIC MACHINES - MOORHEAD'S GRADUATED MAGNETIC MACHINE? This instrument is an imimrtiut improvement overall other forms of manufacture, and has been adopted by the Medical Profession generally, as bring the nt/'st convenient and efl'rctiul Magnetic Machine us use. It is perfectly simple iu construction, and therefore not liable to get out of order, as is the esse with all other instruments. It admits of the most perfect control, and can he graduated lo any power ; adapted for an infant, or sufficient for the strongest atlult, at the pleasure of the operator. The magnetic force is imparted in a continuous manner, and with no unpleasant sensation, to the most delicate patient. D requires nn assistant in its use, and is in every respect perfectly harmless Each instrument is svarrniited. Maonf ctuied and for sale, wholesale and retail, by je2l 1 "111 D C. MOORHKAD, '82 Bros way, N Y. FOK SALE.?Ai second hand ritmiaion top Barouche, in good order, with a good ?et of Harneaa, hut little uafd, will he ?nld low. Apply at No. 102 Croaby atreet. lo22 6t'rrc TIIE WO.NUr.M8 OK GREAT ION?Will hVpuliliahed on Saturday. Relica from the Wreck of a Former World, or, Spliutera Withered on the Hhorra of a Turbulent PlanetOne of the moat remarkable production! of the preaent age. proving to a deinonatratiou the rait antiquity of the earth, and the etiatence ol'animal hfe of the moat fantaatic ahnireaand the moat elegant colore, rivalling tlioee of the rainbow, million! of yeara before the appearance of man?with an Appendn on the Scenery in a Patch of Infinite Space, with other wonderful account! of meteorological matter, atrange, yet ueverlheleae imr. W. H. ORAH AM, Tribune Buildinga, H. long k BROTHER, 32 Ann atreet. HLRUKSS, STRINGER k Co. 222 Broadway. Price 23 centa. ir2l3t*m r. Taylor's balsam ok liverwort?the most extraordinary medicine in the world: cure follows cure; daily we hear of the vnonr astonishing cures?Ale* Smith. 131 Kor*y?h street, - 111 i ere il seven years with the Consumption; this medicine cured him. Hopeless esses, and deemed incurable. hiive been cured by its use. Beware of counterfeits. Remember, the genuine is now prepared at the whole .ale dejiot, 73 B' ekiuan street, by the proprietor, formerly 373 Bowery., Agents?Rc<ldu>? kCo , B State atreet, Bo ton; f). K Hrorrs; 21 STorth Sixth street, Philadelphia; J. R. (iorhrtm. Newburg. Wilson llAin. Hudson; BW. Vani Vorhia, Poughlceepsie; H. R. Uriggs, 4 Kichange, Albany; Thoahurn, 60 < ougress street Troy. S#e the signature, Or. 'I A VLOR, on the bottle, and from 73 Beekman street? ?lI others are spurious and unauthorised. 30t?rrc L E NE" N M APARTMENTS TO LET, handsomely furnished or unfurnished, at 31 North Moore street, jll 14t*r aKOK SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY.? Proiwrty in the pleasant village of Liberty Corner, consisting ofa tir.l rate Dwelling House,38X4U, containing 10 rooms highly tinishrd, with a good cellar. Carriage Maker's, Wheelright and Blacksmith's Shop, all new. Also, a good barn, 30X38, with wood and smoke houses, a good well at the door, apples, cherries, currents, kc. Price fur the whole $1800. Also, 14 acres of land, T acres of timber, 7 of clear land, til under new fence. Apply to James B. Barr, any Weduesday, from 9 A. M. to 7 P. M ?on Thursday, till 1 P. M., ou other days at the New York Real Estate Company, corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane JAME8 B. BARR. jelOSOt'm MPAVILION7nEW BRIGHTON* Staienlsland.The proprietor begs to inform his friends and the public, that he lies made considerable alterations and improve meuts iu this establishment since the hut season. He has erected a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable size, light, and well ventilated, and superior in all respects to those generally denominated siugle rooms in the various watering places throughout the country. The proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties wishing to engage rooms for the season. Letters addressed to him at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention. a steainooat ruui oetweeu New York and New Brighton, at tlie following hours, viz:? Front New Brighton?At I and 11 A. M. and 2 and 3:30 P. M. From pier No. 1 North River, New York?At 9 A. M. mid 12 M, and 3K, 9 and 6 1'. M., and more frequent communications will be established as the season advancesSunday Arrangement?Front New Brightou at 8 A. M., 12>i, 5:20 P. M. From New York, at 9 A. M., 2 and 6 P. M. The Pavilion is now ready for the reception of Company. an!5 tfre F. BLANCAKD. wyw DESIRABLE FARMS IN NEW JERSEYTOR #w?|S ALE?First, a very neat and beautiful place, with good ^ i^House and Outbuildings, containing la acres of land, mostly under cultivation, situated in Union, 1>? utiles from the Soinerville railroad, and four miles from Elizabetlitewu; will be sold a bargain, if applied for immediately. 2d, A Farm of 24 Acres, in Madison, Morris County, ue ir the railroad, with House, Barn, Ike, plenty ol'lruit, and u very pleasant location. 3d, A Farm of 55acres, lying near the summit of the Morria and Essex railroad, with House, Barn, and Outhouses, plenty of wood, Ike.; will be sold low. 4th, A valuable Farm of bit acres, about three miles from the Morris and Essex railroad, with new House and Outbuildings, House for Farmer, fences in line order, fields well divided, nudrrahigh state of cultivation, will be sold with the crops, if wished, or exchuuged for city property; as ueat and handsome place as can be fouud in New Jersey. 5th, A Farm of 100 Acres, situated in New Provideuce, good House, Barn, and Outhuuses, pleuty of fruit, and a large quantity of wood. For further particulars, apply to SAMUEL M. MEOIE, juIt! 1 tt*r No 27 South street. New York. nm A FARM FOll SALE, almost adjoining the village $6?of New Kochelle, containing seventy-two acres, incluaJkasdiug marl enough, (I believe,) to manure it for ages.? it is a pleasant and healthy situation, and will be within a few minutes'walk of the railway. Terms accommodating. For further particulars cuquire of the subscriber, on the premises. je8 3w*rc WALTER BURLING. ."SUMMER HATH? Economy and Fashion??RO y^ >BERT8()N, of the Phenix Hat and Cap Manufactory, formerly of No. 103, but now of 89 Fultou street, New York, aud G3 button street, Brooklyn, whose constant Him it has been to produce superior articles at the lowest possible prices, has introduced Ins summer style of Hats consisting of beautiful nenrl and drab Castors, trimmed in the peculiar manner which has hitherto given such uuiversal satisfaction,inasmuch as it prevents the perspiration from staining the outside of the Hat. and at the snnie time insures comfort and coolness. REDUCTION IN PRICES.?Robertson gives notice that he has reduced the price of his Pearl Hati to $2 50, and his drab Hats to S3; and at the same time prices challenges mann lecturers to produce a better article even at 25 per cent higher. WM. ROBERTSON, Jr. J. PLUNKETT. m22 30t?r ^ LOOK AT THIS^-Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses and n Children, allthitare iu want of Boots or Slio-s, please call at 3G7 Broadway, where you will find the largest assortment, and cheapest in this city, wholesale or retail. N.B.?Imported French Boots, $5. M. CAHILL. je9 30t*r ^ L. WALsH k BROTHERS.French Boot Makers, No fl Ann street, New York. French Calf Boots of the latest fashion made to order for S4 50, usually sold for t(i and 47 ; fine French Calf BnoU $3 50, usually $5. Patei.t Leather Boots $7, usually sold for SH- Also, Congress Boots1 with patent springs. Gentlemen'* ({altera, shoes and alippera constantly nu hand, and made to order at the ahorteat uotice Returning; Sic., done in the atore. L WALSH St BROTHERS, _iny23 30f r No 6 Ann atreet. _ YOUNG Si JONES, 4 Ann atreet, are selling line Im French calf boole at $4 SO, equal to any aold in this city JKfor$6or$7. Fine French boot* at $3 SO, uaually $S. Beat Jn French patent leather boot* $7, equal to those uauallv aold at $9 and S10. A great assortment ol shoes, gaiters and slipI*m always on huiiu, and made to order at (hurt notice. All good* wairauted to give satisfaction. Mending, Sic. done in the atore. l'leaae call and examine onr stock. m23 lOt*rc YOUNG Si IONEH, ) Ann st., near Broadway. JNfcW FRENCH BOOT STORK?The latest peris style of French Calf Sewed Boots for (4 SO, equal to thoae usually aold for $0 and $7; fine French Boots for $3 SO. city made, equal to thoae usually aold for $3.? Also, Congress Boots, with patent springs; Boots, .Shoes, Gaiters, Sic , constantly on hand, and made to order iu the shortest notice. Mending, Sic. done iu the store, corner of Fulton and Nassau streets, opposite the Herald office, N York. tnv22 Idt*je _____ 'I'll Hi Sl 'U St ' Kl BER would respectfully inform his customer* and the puhhr generally. that lie has ou hand a large as-ortment of L dies', Misses' and Children's colored and hlack Gaiter Boots, Buskins, Slippers, Ties, Sic.; Gentlemen's and Boy's sewed and pegged Boots of every description, nil of which he will sell as low as such articles can he purchased at any store in the city. N. B ? Ladies' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes made to order in the best mauner at moderate prices. A call ia respect* fullv solicited. JAMES WAhKKK, jel2 3llt?rc 92 Canal street, corner of H'ooster. FRENCH FANCY STRAWHATri, .MAN dBF'Wifactured entirely of silk aud straw, letcst|W*A\ vSfMy style and fashion, to be had at 17 Division st^HW at the ost reasonable prices. m22 3Ut,rc MRS. M. WILSON, 291 Grand street, resprctlully gFV informs her friends, and strangers visiting the city, IMP that she has now on hand a large aud very handsome y**- assortuirnt of Spring Millinery, to which she invites their attention. Mrs. Wilson s stock comprises au assortment of the richest and most laihiounblr Ilats, such as Chip,lCra|te, Rice, and 8hirred, with a choice assortment of Straws, which she Batters herself can be sold inore reasonable Chau at any other establishment in the city. Country Milliners will do well to call before purchasing. Mrs. M. WIL80N, 291 Grand at.. between Allen and Orchard sts. Ten good Milliners wanted at the above establishment. alJ 2m?rr _ PIANO FORTH, Ur.?A variety of new and second hand Piauo Fortes for sale or hire ^ j C "I II Alto, a general assortment of Music aud Mu X 1 3r I X* sical Instruments, at No, 2US Washington St., near Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn. ?Bt?W J. WALK BR. _ iMK8 JOHN " MACFAHRKN, (.Irotri nyBBn|Kiirope, pupil of Mndame Dulcheu, pianist to rY A | n the Queen of England,) gives lessons in Piano IIS X X * Fori rand Hfcging on the Pillowing terms: Two lessons weekly at Mrs. MacvTrreu's residence, $20 |>er quarter; three lessons do.. $23; two lessons weekly at the nunils' resi ileucr $21 |>er quarter; three lessons (lo. $30. Mr*. Macfarreu has the pt?ileg_e of referring to Dr. Klliot, Dr. Hodges,(Jeorge Loder, Taq.,II. Meiggs, Ksq.,and the Rev. Dr. Wainwriglit 91 Oreen street, near Spring. ie3 30t*m Alien'V. THK ONLY RKAL CATKKKR.The Oreatest Attraction Yet?26 Bull Finches, with ^KYfroin three to four tune*. Also, over 1,000 Hinging T3V> I Canaries, just imported via Bremen, selected by his agents from the most celebrated districts of kurope. This variety for songs and plumage, will be louud on inspection, to eclipse any Archy has been enabled lo offer. N. B.?On show the largest Cockatoo in America. Archy takes this opportunity to apprise hit friends at a distance, iii anticipation of this im|>ortatiou, that they inay make early application. I'. 8 ?In consequence of the limits of hit old establishment, No. 5 John street, he has rented Bramble Cottage, Bloomingdale, near Buridinin's Hotel, for that branch of Ins hutiuesa not connected with birds, viz: Shetland and Faucy Ponies, King Charles Simniela, Pointers, Ike., and every variety of Fancy Pigeons, Barn Door Fowls, fkc. As usual,letters pott paid will at all time* uieet with prompt attention Irom A. OHIKVK, No. 3 John *t. jel30t?r _ _ LOT OF MOCKINO III RDM-Only hud it worth cage room, and sweeps all kind bird t|>eciei tong nway day or night. TSSX A| mi very line collection Long Breed Canary Birds. Also, lot short breed German Birds; fancy Cages and Meed; To be teen at 313 Bowery, between 3d and 4th at. mv2* 30t*re H. WlI.LIAMH. DR. KF.LLINOK.ICs INFALLIBLF. I,INI _ I rlO M kNT is warranted to cure soret and ulcers ai eve' f * nature in a few days. It acttlike magic in reninsing iheumatism, and all other pains. One or twu doses it certain to relieve bilious eholic, diarrhoea, Ike., at it it taken It it perfectly delightful in its odor and llavor. It isuuiveraally acknowledged to lie the best family medicine ever offered lo the public Price 30 cents per bottle. Sold at 230 Pearl street; C. King, corner of John and Broadway; corner of Bowery and Broome; 3d avenue and 10th it.; Jeffriet'drug store; Dr. Burrert'a Dover, and Chatham, and at the Hsrl-m Railroad oft'ire, City llall j3 30t*rc S TO RAILROAD CONTRACTORS.?I'ntersnn Ik Raui;i|Hi Railroad?Proposals will be received until the 30th day of June, iust., for the gr iding, matoury, and bridging that part of the Pateraon and Kainspo Railroad.extending Irom the mirth sole of tl>.. tj.... - .i:_ | Unci' ufnhnut fourteen miles. Maps, profiles, ipeclfic.tioos insy lie fniind at the Engineer's office, Peterson, where every iiecenvy information will be divcn. J. VV. ALLEN, Kuitmeer. lino 15, WW. jig to Wr } kUK 3 \Lh.?Twenty rnil road canimidmi mi* hone iito some two home w. and are constantly jrflCmakn.K ti> order, where t e\ can l,r had ai rhe shortest 1111(11 e |l out on hnnil. where all kinds nl e irla w*ko.i? anil harneaa r an he had at the hi ?t res* m ibis terma. by MlhllAI'.L VIULLANE, Walton Vlaker, No Manil :I0 Montgoine , at Jersey* I it\. V I. jel* jnr?r LAMI'S Oi>ANDOLESANB HALL LANTHOHNK, in all their inneiv ? An extrusive and .ptemlid assortment ol the above artielea, cnmiiritinit solar, lard. camphine. chemical nil, dnric and nut-door hun|i* rich cm andplsin vlobes, chiinnryi, wicka, Krynch nnd America pajiei shades, I hoar about |>u chasing. w ould do well to call and judge for tliem elvea. N. U. Lamp* Kilt, bronzed and repaired jeywfi. r k <* u y if.f.y. in f'snalat i in ii'a VbGETABLU Lul'tUM THIS celebrated Cosmetic effectually eradicate! eruptions on the skin, particularly pimples, blotches, tetter, tan, freckles, and cutaneous excrescences. The use of the Lotion for a short time, will establish a clear nnd brilliant completion. Sold ill bottles at 7J cmts each, at III Bowery, corner of Sprout street 4lanhe Mr. Havs Brooklyn ??Stm*r bAUV JUMPERS! BAbV JUMPERS. HE ATTENTION of mothers and of nurses, is invited 1 to an eiainiuation of this indispensable article to a guiet nursery, which may he found of every .variety and price at IOC Broadway. MAML. BROOKS, aV*r | ni * *e A rent for the M .nnfaernrer. l77b b i b nK. WHEELER, Oculist, ? Greenwich street, rterotet ins esclusive attention to diseases of the Eye and Op* thalmic Surgery. Artificial Eyes for sale, and inserted on reasonable terms. Office hours from I A M to 1 o'clock P.M., after which he risitsont-door patients. A pamphlet containing remarks on diseases of theye, with nnmrrons instances of great cures effected by Dr. Wheeler's modr of treatment, can be had gratuitously at his residence,or rhe same will be forwarded to any one making application to him by loiter, post-paid. aid lm*re W YO EW YORK, SATURDAY N Effects of the medicated vapor baths ix rheumatism madam :? Omtitudeto yon for the benefit derived from yotir Medi- ? o*ted Vapor Batlu, as well aa a deaire to promote among other sufferers a knowledge of these invaluable Baths, induce me to puhliah the following facta I waa for three moutlia confined , to nay house and one month to my bed, with a moat aevere at- I tack of Kheumatiam, My right leg became contracted, and, in fact, I waa perfectly helpless. After trying numberless remedies, I waa recommended to your Batha?the first aud second bath, I waa carried out of the carriage into the bath, and was unable to undress or dress?the thirubath I was so much ( relieved that 1 could walk with a crutch and cane, and the fourth bath eutirely cured me?all pains and the contraction being completely removed. Hoping this may be the means of inducing others to resort to your establishment, I remain, Respectfully Yours. J. W.OIOVANNONI. 73 Nassau street. To Mas. M. C vrroli., 1 fit Fulton street. ji-8 14t*rc CHARLES RIDUWAY, Hair Cutter auifWig .Maker, 170 Broadway, coruer of Maiden Lane, up stairs, late of Z3 Wall st. C. R. having completed his new arrangements, wishes to inform those gentlemen who have so liberally patronized him in his former establishments, and the public generally, that lie will be happy to receive a call from them at his new hair cutting, dresaing, and wig rooms, 171) Broadway, comer Maiden Lane. jS7terc T EGKR FKEllES BRANDIES?Constantly received and J-d for sale by the subscriber, (entitled to debenture) a full assortment of tha several brands of the above well kuown Brandies, consisting of Cognac, ltochelle and Bordeau flavors, ol a great variety of vintages, new aud old, in )|, sud pipes, which are ofTrred at the lowest current prices by the importer. Dealers are invited to call Mid esamine samples. HENRY LEUKll. my29 30t? r Office No.104 Wall street, Nrw l ork. BARTJNE'S LOTION .?Office re moved to 3# Canal street' near Broadway. 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MARSHALL'S SPEECH IN NEW ORLEANS. * [From the N?w Orleans Picayune, June 17. A very large meeting of citizens assembled in the ceding room of the new Commercial Kxcliange. last vening, to hear an address from the Hon. T K Mar- . ball, on the subject of the Mexican war. Notwitbtanding the honorable and gallant gentleman evidently abored under serious Indisposition, he made a moat elo- . [Uent appeal and able address, and was listened to with he most studied attention from beginning to end. We . ;reatly regret that our limits prevent us from giving bis . emarks in full. He commenced by making a very comilimentary allusion to the recent reception of the volun- . eers by our citizens, and took occasion to pay a passing ribute to the eloquence of the distinguished orator who . addressed the returned warriors, the Hon. 8. S. Prentiss. 1 Mr. Marshall briefly alluding to the embarrassing post- j Ion In which he was placed?honored in a strange city, >ith frequent requests since his arrival to address toe dtlzens, but without a theme being pointed out to him; aid he was necessarily forced to speak of his own expedience as connected with the war. lie had been one of he loudest and most vociferous in advocating the an- I ikaiiviuu ui iiAu, wiitfn mf question was agitated, una vheu he ni told by bis coutituents end his old friends .hut the result of annexation would be war with F.ngland, vith France, or with Mexico, he ventured to predict no ear would ensue but war did follow.the act, and was low staring all his prophecies in the face. lie would not discuss the question whether the war lould have been avoided or not. nor would lie say whether the ordering of tbo army to the llio < iraude was right or wrong, but no believed that in this war the country was carrying out a destiny no human power could control It was now too lute; it was usele-s to discuss the righteousness of the war. The destiny of the Republic ?and be had from boyhood up piotured to himself such a destiny fur his country?was to extend itself from ocean to ocean, and from the arctic regions to the isth ins dividing the continent. There were those who were opposed to jthe acquisition of territory?but what was to he done? Victory on victory bad been uohicved Oy our armies, and yet Mexico refused to treat for peace. Were wo to withdraw our troops from every quarter of Mexico? Were we to yield back California and New Mexico? Were we to leave for Mexican corn-tlolds the loll that has been fertilized by the blood of our heroic loidiers? Kor his part he saw no other course but the total subjugation of the country. Moxico, in refusing to come to terms, was blindly rushing upon her ruin, ind her fate was inevitable. " Harm DtU$ Mil jirrilrre ?riu? duneutat There are those too. who sympathise with Mexico as being a republic. Mexico u republic' From Iturbide to Puredcs, from I'aredes to Hantu Anna, and from Santa Anna to whoever may now be President, has not the iolo object ol power been plunder? lias there not been in incessant struggle betweeu the military tyrautsand the priesthood for the possession of this plunder ' Are not the people crushed with taxation, and is liberty kuowu to ihein ? Those desiring their welfare could not wish them a better fate than the subjugation of their country by the Anglo-American race, and the consequent change in '.liotr system of government. Mr. Marshall now passed to his connection with the irmy. Having advocated the annexation of Texoe, he felt bound to stand by the consequences. He volunteered iu the service of the country, and soon found biniRelf at the seat of war. Geueral Taylor fought and won the battle of Monterey. He advanced upon Haltilio, and preparatory to a descent upon San Luis I'otosi, and ultimately upon the city of Mexico itself, he had marched to Victoria, to discover if there was any other puss in the mountains, but that of the Rluconada, througli which he could advance and avoid the waterless desert beyond Buena Vista, or through which the enemy might eutcr the valley of the Rio Graude aud fall upon iiis rear. Whilst tnis reconnoisauce was beiug made, he (Mr. M.) was ordered to proceed to Oeu. Taylor's camp with despatches. These were the despatches which announced to General Taylor that the flower of his army was to he taken from him, to operate on a new base, aud ordered him merely to slaud ou the defensive Mr. Marshall said, great an opinion as he had formed of Gcueral Taylor before he had met him at Victoria, lie was totally unprepared for the loftiness of character displayed by him ou receiving those despatches He, upon whose crest victory had p?ichvd. the liou who was preparing for another spring upon the foe. saw without a murmur that his claws were to be torn from him, that he was to bu enfeebled to thu defensive, aud never, Mr. M. said, did he conceive that a great soldier, fresh from tho fields of his victories, could submit in the simple, uncomplaining manner General Taylor did, to < rders depriving blui of his right arm The beet of his troops were withdrawn from him With such as were left uudi r his immediate command he retraced his steps to Monterey, and shortly alter joined General Wool at Sultillo. Duplicates of the despatches had fallen into tbo hands of the enemy, and oc quainter! with the weakness of Gen. Taylor's force, he soon made demonstrations indicating an intention to advance and give battle. It was now. Mr. M. said, Geu. Taylor displayed those qualities which proclaim hiui the greatest military cbltdtain of the age. It was kuowu that tile nncrnv wan nverwhclnlliiirlv nod commanded by their iiio>t skilful general. aud military critics (Icelan d thu only course to pursue was to fall back upon Monterey, (fen. Taylor, with n perception of all the couxequcuces of such a step, thought aud acted otherwise, fronting him wux an e einy '111,1)00 strong; in his rear was Urrea witii .1000 cavalry; his line of communications ran through a country containing half a million of population, waitiug but the appearance of success on their side to take up arms, aud knowing that even to retreat upoia Monterey would be claimed as a victory: that then he would be beleaguered by an army of ja.ouo men. and that his whole Hue would be cut up. lie determined not to give au inch, but to stake all upon a battle, iu which every thiug was to be gained by victory, and disaster could not have been increased by defeat. The result is known. Thu courage of (ten. Taylor, said Mr. M , no one disputed, but some denied him great mental powers. He (Mr. M.) pretended to some capacity in judging of men's qualities, and if he ever saw genius, military genius of the highest order, he saw it iu (Jen. Taylor, it may be that (iod, in great emergencies, hud inspired hiiu with those thoughts which rcudered him invinchle; but. snid Mr. M., the result is the same?there is no difference. To the great soldier, Mr. M. said, iu his intercourse with (Jen. Taylor, he found was added the man of strict honor, and either as a man or as his commander, he loved him Mr. M. neat spoke of the effect produced by the achievements of the war in elevating us iu the eyes of all foreigners as a military power. The assertion of i'.uropvanx that the United States never could become a great military power?never could sustain a war for any length of time was completely falsitied,? Ten to the eyes of the most prejudiced. He next alluded to the victorious aud almost incredible march of Col. Doniphan's command from fort Leavenworth to Santa Ke, crossing mountains, conquering savage tribes, until they unfurled the stars and stripes oil Die I'm: die. slope of tike Rocky mountains; then traversed an immense distance of the enemy's country, captured one of thu enemy's largest cities, aud at last joined (Jen. Wool, lifter marching a distance of 3800 miles. Since the days of Die aucient | (Jieeks to the present, iu all the pages of history, he defled au example to be brought lorward of better, braver, more patient or more indomitable soldiery having over existed. The speaker was enthusiastically cheered throughout hlit address. andconcluded liy expressing a hope that if Col. Doniphan was present he would come forward and address the meeting Col. Doniphan, however, wan not in the room, and on the fact being made known the meeting separated, after giving three chuem for .Marhhall, three for Doniphan, and three times three for Oun. Taylor. Illr CHIIILAIir'A HKHOKS. [Krom the New Orleans Delta, June 17] The liarily boys who have just perlormed the moat remarkable march in modern time*, and gained aoine of the mont brilliant victoriea of thin war, nhowed themrelven in great numbern in our streets yesterday. They are truiy a bold, fearless, indomitable band. When they landed from the venae!, their appearance reminded un of the picture* of Hoblunon Crunoe. and other shtpwrecked adventurers, who having been a long time banished from civilisation, and compelled to live among savagr* and wild beasts, are suddenly transferred to their home* and to the aoclety of cultivated men. Many of them wnrt the very suit* of clothe* which they put on nix month* ago, when they first commenced their perilous march. Many, whone garment* have loug ago been worn or torn off by expoanre and hardship, were clad in nkin* and hide* Not a few were in borrowed plume*, having endued themselves in clothe* captured from the enemy There were many, too, whone garment* were of a composite nature; being made up of their old olothe*, sometime* eked out by Mexican uniforms, and sometime* by deer andgoat skin*. An old calico shirt would peep out of a gray gaat skin, and run off into a pair of showy scariet inexpressible*, once worn by some proud lanctro. Altogether, such a motley band were never before paraded 011 our hoII The sympathy and admiration of our people already deeply aroused In behalf of these gallant boys by the detail* of their extraordinary exploit*. Wer* greatly luereaned by the appearance of hardship, exposure, and suffering, which they presented But they did not long remain in their enabhy garment* They had large arrears against (,'ncle Maui, whs i* a prompt una iiuctiu pay nm-ii r tu<l who soon furnished them with tin- lu??ui< of tigging themselves up in handsome style. In a snort time. what a change takes place In their appearance i hey an bow, thanks to our numerous cheap clothing-atoms aioi small tailors, the hcst clad and sturdiest loosing g. nth-men in our city I heir robust frames, embrown, d coinplsxlon, bold and bright eyes, and inanly carriage, betoken the I fe of daring fortitude and self-reliance wntch they hare led for the last twelve months 'I he health of this force has heen generally very food, which will always be the case when the men are kept on the inarch Although they hare been exposed to erery langer incident to military life ?have tougtit several levers battles, and encountered the tryiug viclsntudes >f heat and cold -their loss has been much less than many of the regiments that have not yet seen a hostile force, nor kuown any of the serious perils of mllitaly life Alt honor, then, to these gallant men 'I heir branny, fortitude, aud perseverance, ars not surpassed lu history And when it i* consdered that th. y went forth igainst the enemy not ne regular soldiers. not as thoee whose trade war bad long been, and from whom honor tud duty demanded the sacilftce, ha as volunteers, seek ug glory, and supporting the honor and rights ot our proud llepubllo- language is Inadequate to express the tdmiialiou and applause due to their extraordinary lohievements. TRtBl'T* TO THE MISSOURI TROOPS. HxaDRllaRTCks, Bene* Vist*. May ii IS17. Osnr.s* Na. JW3.?The general commanding takes {real pleasure in esprvsslug the gratification be baa re ERA] r. eived this afternoon in meeting the Missouri volunteers ["bey are about to close their present term of military j ervice. after baring rendered, in the course of the arluous duties they nave been called upon to perform, a eriei of highly important services, crowned by decisive abr ind glorioui victories. boi No troops can point to a more brilliant career than bee hose commanded by Col Doniphan and no one will sha iven hear of the battles of Brasito or Sacramento with- ** >ut a feeling of admiration for the men who gained Y .hem. P The State of Missouri has just cause to be proud of ? be achievements of the men who have represented her P n the army against Mexico, and she will, without doubt, A receive them on their return with all the joy and satis- Yes 'action which a due appreciation of their merits and F services so justly entitle them. in t In bidding them adieu, the Qeneral wishes to Col. hoc Doniphan, his officers and men, a happy return to their Th< families. By command of Brig fien. Wool tire IRVIN McDOWKLL. A A. A lien. wei lik-ai>vtuakt> hi. Armt or Oict raTiow,) Ti Camp near Monterey. May SO. > the Orders No. M.?Col. Doniphan's command of Mis- >ec souri volunteers will proceed, via. Camargo, to the mouth W< of the river or Brazos Island, where It will take water F" transportation to New Orleans. uni On reaahinir New Orleans. Col Dnnlnban will rennet of i to (toil. Brooke commanding the Western Division, and (*c also to Col. Churchill, inspector general, who will muster | the command for discharge and payment l*r At Camargo,<Col. Doniphan will detach a sufficient num- I'" ber of men from each company to conduct the horses de and other unimals of the command by land to Missouri. The men so detached will leave the necessary pa- >? pcrs, to enable their pay to be drawn when their coiupa- ^ nies are discharged at New Orleans. The (JuurteriuaRter Department will furnish the uecessary transportation to carry out the above orders. ds The trophies captured at the battle of Sacramento will ds be conveyed by Col. Doulphan to Missouri, and there ar turned over to the Governor, subject to the Dual dlspo- pi sitiou of the War Department. T In thus announcing the arrangements which close the arduous and honorable service of the Missouri voluuteers, the commanding general extends to them his earnest wishes for their prosperity and happiuess, and for a safe w return to their families and homes. D By command of Maj. ((en. Tavlor : tj W. W. BUSS, A. A. A. G. w ohio VOLUNTEERS. tl Kxkcutive Department, Columbus, Ohio. c? Col. A. M. Mitchell, 1st Iteg't. O. V. hi Mv Dear Sir?I take groat pleasure in forwarding to al you the enclosed preamble and resolutions, passed by the ui General Assembly of the State of Ohio, which you will cl please cause to be read to the ofllcers and soldiers under your command. pi And you will accept for yourself, and present to them, lei assurances of my high estimation of their patriotism and bn gallantry. ru In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and pr the great seal of the State of Ohio, this tenth day [i.. s.] of Kebruary, one thousand eight hundred and ye forty-seven. WILLIAM BKBB. ?t< To this communication, Col. Mitchell has returned the -s>l following rather pointed reply: -Head Q?artek?, Monterey,) April 27111, 1847. ) lnl To Hp Excellency the Got error o> the State oe wl Ohio. *' Dear Sir?I had the honor to recelvefroiu you a communication accompanying some resolutions passed by the I.egislature of Ohio, purporting to be complimentary -1 to the volunteers from that State. As the 1st Ohio regiuent is the only one which has hud the fortune to he in a regular battle, and as no particular reference is m made in the resolutions to the conduct of the brave ofllcers and men of that rogiment at the battle of Mon terey, I have roost respectfully declined liaviug them *, published to my regiment as requested in your note *' Yours respectfully. * A M. MITCHKLL, Col. Com'dlng V KIND-HEARTEDNESS OF GEN. TAYLOR. In the unurso of the speech made by Col Jefferson ^ Davis, of the Mississippi rifles, on the occasion ol the reception of the returned volunteers, at New Orleans, a ^ few days since, he alluded, In touching phrase, to the ( kindliness of heart which torins a marked feature lu the ( cnaraoicr of lien Taylor An incident. slight in itself, yet illustrative of this ^ characteristic of the old burn, was related to us by a field officer of the 4th regiment of Louisiana volunteers, iu t service ou the Kio Grande last summer, lie remarked: ^ "I had occasion to go from Lomila to Matamoras on horseback, somewhere about the middle of July. Twelve ^ or fourteen miles from Mutamoras I stopped ut a rancho. ( to refresh my little party aud our jaded horses I there ( met with a gentleman quite sick?in fact, confined to u bed. He was bearer of despatches from the general fl| Government to Gen. Taylor He handed me the pack- w age containing the despatch, with a request that I would deliver it immediately on my arrival at Mutamorns I did so It was of course necessary for me to cxplaiu to the General how I happened to no entrusted with the ^ package. Instantly, before lie opened the communlcation, he said, ' I'll despatch forthwith a detachment with a surgeon, to take care of him.'" How few, so high in . command, charged with the conduct of a great war, /* would be so sensitively alive to the care of an humble, and, to bim, unknown individual' No wonder that his . soldiers love him. and that ills name is of itself a host. u( ' MILITARY MOVEMENTS. w [Krom the N. O. Delta. June 17.| it The steamship Massachusetts, from Vera Crux, ar- 1c rived last evening, brought Mr Harrod, Dr. D. Sudor, b! and 155 sick aud discharged soldiers, 8 of whom died on v tho passage By the schoouer Bounty, from Brazos St. A Jago, arrived yesterday, companies I anil K of 3d Ohio regiment, under command of Major Lore. By the schr tl North < aroltna, from the Brazos, arrived yesterday, o Major Wall, Captains Mickbain, I.athram and Airhart. ti Lieuts. Marklin, Sandford, Hill, Neroinar. t.'owen and f Kemp, and 150 volunteers. By the bark Jubilee, from the Brazos, four companies of the 4d Ohio regiment, un- si der the command of Colonel William Irvln?in all ISO o men. Also the following otllcers: Captains [.ink. Stad- si den, Kentcn. Juliuu, ( aldwcll, and Cauipe; Lieuts Spen- t cer, Cully, Smith, Stewart, Armstrong, Warner, Brown, c lloesster and King; Surgeons Leech, of the Illinois, aud g Trenitt, <>I the Ohio regiments. a New Orleans, June 17.?The excitement in brcadstuITs which ensued upon the reception of the recent la- ( vorablu accounts from Kugland. lias been followed by as t| singular a reaction, not only nt the Kast. but in our own n market. Vesterday was siiigulurly dull, and in Hour a ^ very marked decline took pluce. The sales of flour em- f(| braced nearly 0000 barrels,.Ohio, at] $0 >0 per| barrel, a (l| failing olT fully 75 cents per barrel, from the highest ,p rates of last week. Of corn, only soui* 8000 bushels were disposed'of at 80 to 85 cents per bushel for white j, and yellow. Wheat still lower?sales of 7000 bushels jprime, in three It ts, at !j>l 40 per bushel. Hales of '430 barrels ordinary kiln dried corn meal,at $4, and 300 burrels superior at f>4 50 per barrel. , Lieutenant Kreuch who has acquitted himself in some hi of the recent Mexican battles with honor to him^'df ss bl well as,the State, is to participate in the celebration of tl the Itn of J uly at Trenton. A sword will then he pre- fi Minted to him by lien. Wall in the narno of the eltixens w of New Jersey as a testimony of their appreciation of his a services. o The Watering Places. Brandt wink Hrninui, June 93, 1847. t Shall I write you an occasional word from this little 1 world of fun. gossip, sociability, fashion, ten-strikes, t sherry-cobblers, love-making, politics, and religion ' j Our company, owing to the last few days of inclement weather, is not so numerous as we couiil wish, still we have the positive promise of a reinforcement of fifty on Saturday of thia week, which will swell our total to about ' eighty or one hundred I Brandy wine is thirty-five miles from Philadelphia, and i five from the thriving town of Wilmington. Threeshort J hours from the (Quaker city, aud you are Introduced to , this loveliest of all watering places Great care lias cvi- t dently been taken to improve and beautify the grounds , Art has been called to aid the almost perfect work of na- , f.nre. null the coliseum-iir.e is that Itrandvwinc nresents charms of the rarest character The hotel here, is the ' largest and llnest couulry houan that I hare ever seen It waa built at au expense of absut forty-five thousand dollars. It la surrounded by a magnificent piaaza. aoum thirty feet wide, which affords a most delightful prome- ( nade. There are about one hundred acres of ground at- tl tached. all haudsoinely laid out and kept in admirable ,, order. Ily the aid of machinery, water is raised our bundred feet, Into an artificial basin, wbirh supplies the ,,, house and four cunning fountains, ornamented with stat- I u. nary. The grounds are protected from the scorching j rays of the sun by the thick foliage of the trees The ? property is owned by Matthew Newkirk. Ksu , of Phila /. delpbia The springs are a chalybeate and a sulphur, and both are said to possess rare medicinal properties Invalids jy have resorted here for more than fifty years, to prove the (i(, efllcaey of the waters People round about here tell wonderful stories of cures effected by these waters K roin these acoounts. it is clear that one might live very near ^ on tu forever, if he would but come to the -prings and drink freely T Lots of amusements are provided for the visiters ^ Archery, billiards, ten pins pl?tol shooting. fishing, _ riding and driving, are a few of the exercs. s I lien . tin y have music, dancing singing and ail that soil of w tlnng i, I purpose dropping you a letter .very few days in which y. have a fallblul Chronicle ot th. ..lyings ( and doings In re . Bagby Mai kenxie U Co , of the Cnlumbia House. . Philadelphia. are the proprietors of Brandy win- Hprings. and I must do them the simple justice to say that they . manage matt, rs shly Augiistln. (late of Head's Man- J" sion House) Is cnrj ds rtiisinc. and tminor is leader of " the baud Oentillty. cleauliuess. urbanity alacrity liberality, are words that may with all truth be applied to the management " The weather is glorious, warm, bright and joyous. ' In a few days I shall write again ,1, Mlarrllaneoiia. Tha work of laying tin- heavy rail on the Auburn and hi Nyr?ni<{' rnllroail bun been ounnrurril Ir The United Htatea < Iroult Court ludge NeUon, )>rwaiding, la now In aeaalou ?t anandatgua '* There wai quite a rlae in the Merr niark river above I ^. ( onovr(1, on Tuesday afternoon. In coum-quence of (lie 1 ,r heavy rain* <>n Sunday uigbt. but wo do not learn that any ecrloui damage WH" done , Hon Vrancia (Iranger and I. ( orning, K,eq? have ti arrived at Detroit The latter la a delegate to the liar- n bor Convention c., The hatnp trade of St Louie Ir largely on the increase ii ^ D. MM TWO OmO, v City Intelligence. ir*r o? iHt Wn.HiK The thermometer reached high as 90 degrees in parts of this city yesterday, tut 1 o'clock. P M It stood at ?() degrees about this ir at Pike slip In the early part ot the da, Uw it was intense, and the thermometer stood in the de about Vi o'clock, .\1 as follows Northern Hotel, Courtlandt street so dags Pall street 86 >k> earl Street House 8-1 do. astern Pearl Street House 84 do ike slip 88 do ,t 3 o'clock, the thermometer stood here at 90 degs ? iterday was the warmest day we have had as yet ihk.?A fire broke out, yesterday, about 11K o'clock, he attic, at corner of White and F.lm streets, in the ise occupied by Mr. Montrose,as a grocery store ? a roof, with part of the premises, was destroyed. The communicated to the adjoining premises, whioh -e partially damaged. hc "(is Ti'? orPsarca."?A correspondent has sent us > following sketch: Being among the invited to the oonratlon of the new Synagogue, we wended our way to )Olt?>r Ktraist ntwl (n iliiu Hma sent ear mil t ha ? of lyer." The ceremonies were solemn ind imposing. 1 calculated, In an eminent degree, to divest the mind ill earthly care, and bring the speotntor nearer to hia d and Maker. The singing by the choir waa excellent, J well adapted to the occasion, and accompanied by a ge orchestra, was impressing. The address by the xtnr. the Iter. 8, M. Isaacs, was pointed ana well livered. lie dwelt with earnestness on the necessity prayer, and with fervid eloquence portrayed in glowg colors the benefits result ing from a well spent life, e listened with pleasure to liu< reverend gentleman, d trust we came away a better and holler man. Arrival or Kmiusants.?From Id o'clock on Thuraly last, up to twelve o'clock on Krlday, (yesterly) the number of emigrants arrived at the Quaritino from foreign ports, amounted to *1,030, a large oportion of whom were placed iu the care of Justice aylor, udder the State commutation law. Pollen Intelligence. Char it uj grand larceny.?Officer Tieruan of the 7th ard arrested yesterday in New street, a fellow oalled 111 M osier, on a charge of stealing a lot of pig lron^ome re months ago, valued ut over VX>. This chap It aeema as arrested at the time with two others, and taken to u* 7th ward station bouse, where Mosler made his esipe by jumping out of the second story window, and as since been at large until caught yesterday by the >ovo officer. lie is already indicted, aud his trial, we aderstand, was set down for to-day (Satnrday). The lief of police locked him up for trial. DitKanett Servant.?A Herman servant woman, em oyed at the dwelling house. No. JJJ Madison street, It the premises on Tuesday last, carrying off $44 in ,nk hills, one sovereign, one gold chain and pencil, one by chased ring, and a -mall bead purse. No arrast at esent. Till Thief. ?Officer Scofield, of the 17th ward, arrested sterday a cliap called James W'alsb. on a charge of 'aliog money from the till of John Downing 1c Co., af o on Third avenue. Locked up by Justloe Ketchum Arrut ?t a Shuplifttr. ?Officers Reed and hhadbolt, the luthward, arrested on Thursday two women callg themselves Mary Brennam and Catharine Kearney, 10m the officers detected in stealing a satin shawl, >rth $!>, from the store of Thomas Patterson, No. I iwrrv On searching thu prisoners at the police office, e adleors found nine soveraigns, two pawn tickets, two oken bank bills, and a new suit of boys' clothes, erlintly stolen, for which an owner is wanted. Apply to r. Corey, the property clerk, at the police offlce, bases arket. Justice ketcham locked them up for trial. Robbed on the Five Rointi.?Officer John Rafferty, of le Otta ward, arrested yesterday a young woman by is name of Kanuy Uilpln, on a charge of robbing a eruian. by tbelnameof Henry Krudener. of $60 in five 10 bills on the Tradesmen Bank, while in a "den" of restitution, located in Little Water street, on the Five oints Locked up by < aptain Layden for examination. Seizure of Uunpowder.?Officers (Jregory and Osorue of thu 16th ward seized yesterday .14 kegs of guuewder, on uu order issued by rliieruien Muith and elly of the 3d ward. The powder was found in a house u bill avcuue. near 1.1th street, it was oouvuyed by the rder of the aldermen to the Magazine Jirrnt of a " Dropper."?Officer Chorry of the 3d Vard. arrested yesterday a fellow called W m. 'I hoinpon. on a charge of coiniug the " drop" game on a counryiuan by the name of Augustus Jack. On carrying mn to the station bouse, and on being " frisked," three ticket books were found on his person, containing a lot f spurious money, for the purpose of swindling couuryuien. Locked up for a further hearing by Captain Hlmore. Etcoptd from the Irian,t ?The notorious Bob Mitch>1. w ho was sentenced for the term of one year to Blackell's Island, a few innntbs ago, was, we are informed, ?<u in^ Chatham street, yesterday, with two " croaslen," laying oil for the chances. This rascal has beyond doubt escaped from the Island, and the police should mu the look out. In order to send him back again to is old quarters This is the chap who testified against itriuk oieipuade. for receiving atoleu goods, by whose stiinotiy a conviction was procured, and Mc<4uade seninced to live years to the State I'risou Hiol on the Fire foinli.?About M o'clock last evenig quite nu excitement was created on thu Five Points, icasioned by several white chaps "running" niggers, hich resulted in a few bloody noses and cut heads, and was staieu tnai a mun was sianoeu oy some uitcK reliws, but tbIn fart we were uuabln to trace to any reliale source.] |ln the mr/rr, however, officer Corneen wa? iolently assaulted on the head by a man called Barney let aildeu. who was arrested and locked up. Attempt to CommitI a Hope..?Oflloer Vauderbllt, of lie llth ward, arrested on Thursday a man by the name f Kdward Prluce alias hvans. on a charge of attempting a commit a rape on the pcrsou of Mary Ann Veomina letuinud by Justice Ketch am fur examination Home " Lift " Again.?The premises No. 1 Wlllet t., occupied by Mr Mhadraoh Smith, was entered by one f the " sneaking" house ' lifters," between the hours of nven and eight o'clock on Thursday afternoon, while he family were at tea. and from one of the u pper rooms arrled oil a bandbox containing three lady's dresses, a old chain, shawl, and other articles, valued at $M) No rrest. Two Men 11 uno kor Mi khkr?Six Mi it units o.nfksskk. ? We learn from (icorge hurling, ol" he Canaila Eiprtu, that two men were executed for lurder, at Toronto. Canada, on Tuesday forenoon ist. 'J'hu name of one was Hamilton, and that of the Lher. Turney The former was hung for the murder of n old man. with whom he bnd had some pecuniary Iftlculty. in settling which, ns he asserted upon the alfold, they got, into a quarrel, and coming to blows, e hit the old mnn on the head, ami killed him. These tots he stated just previous to the rope being placing ound his neck. Turney sceuis to have been a liardenI and desperate villain Nome time since, he murdered man while enged in a row Previous to being executed, s came out upon the scaffold, and addressed the osaemIcd thousands in a speech of half an hour or more, in is course of which he acknowledged the mnrder ir which he was about to suffer the penalty of the law, as the sixth which lie had committed lu the course of few years. The scaffold was erected without the walla f the jail, the crowd assembled to wiluess the execution eing linmeuse,a large proportion of whom were females, 'lie doomed men were attended by two priests, aud as hey kuelt npou the scaffold to receive the last blessing, he rope was rut. and both were launched Into eternity, it the same instant So great was the desire to witness lie strangling of the two men. that it was utterly 1mmseihle to do any business whatever in Toronto. Men, somen ami children.,flocked around the scaffold by Tuwimmt Kxtmimun.?On Monday morning, lie I till 1 UHt., Ht llltll-|lHHt t> o'l'lock, the t?wllOHI 'orpoiee, Uapt Rlnney. when h mile and a half below ort Jackson, burnt nil her bollern, tearing away all her ippor deck over the boilera, and killing and wounding levernl peroonn Hhe had tn tow the nhip Wnkona and >rig Union. The nhip received but little injury, and *111 proceed to nea immediately. The brig wan no much njuredanto be compelled to return for repairs '/'be Allowing are the nainen of the killed and wounded ou the towboat Mr. Kraticewagh. Int engineer, killed; . Woolf, fireman, minning, nupjH?neil to have been blown JVerboard; J. Stone, do., badly wounded. J. Kaminar ind (). Illll, deck hand*, both badly nraided; J. Moae, iteernman, anil II i rint. lireinan, both alightly icalded. Die chief mate of the M'akona. Robert </ Stauwood, van severely noaldeil, and nent up to town to receive nodical aid. The following persons on the brig Union nere wounded Minn I Quinn. neverely; \1rn Pebu, lightly, and her child neverely, Mr. Tobiae ilhoune everely. and two of the crew nlightly. The brig Union an bound to Baltimore, and the Waknna to Bordeaux he wreck of the I'orpoine and brig Union were brought p to thin city by the towboat I'ernian ?New Orliant. iceyunv, Junr 17. Firkin Mavsviuuk, Kv.?A tire occurred at lityeville, Ky., on the isth mat , which dcatroy1 neveral hounen and much property The Kagle nay* The total lone by fire, an nearly an we can anrertain la ?out $17,000, upward* of $17 0OO of which t>i inmired, ie Lexington Office Inning mtnething orer $3,000, the cluinbua $3,000. and the Hartford I'rotect'on fl I OtiO. be following are the sufferer* . In' B Mcllvntn double iree story warehoune $"> 000; ntocy besidin w' at w e vcj. and Injury to dwelling' Ijol In, '. w ,.ou-e lout $4 ft00,? total $0'>00 >.f wh eh IdM rer 0.000 an Innured. Duke fc Moody till ware, about ?A,>0 no murance t'onrad I'hiater the three-story Mil *.eipled br Duke it Moody, and uninsured ? 'tM?. Tt oe. rtckett. in hemp, wh>at ami other prod> e ab ut 2 .'>0 ?. of which ul 000 wnn Innured O H lu.ri' t e tree-ntory warehoune occupied by T J. t ickett $-j, , (^ n?. the adjoining shed. n?nie $400. in all $'i 000 wit Int., murance Mooklar kid hllen had about 70 toneof la led smp In the third ntory of Meaera Mcllvaln e and I'iokt'e warehouses -loss $7,000, fully Innured Peter 4. laybrook loat. In bacon aui nugar. with Mr Vcllvn a, out $5 000, innured. and Henry Hmoot, nome $300 iiirboti wlilakey not innured TwKbvr. Sciino.NKiis Ski/.ku.?< )ur ronrcapon nt writes from Newport, K. I., tunc 2J The schooners Knterprise lackman; It imleer, Sanirn and Paalflc, Thurlo. of Newbury. Pearl. Sand> ra. of Gloucester; Ocean. Lee; Pearl. Bartleli; Pl>>nc?r, base; and Warren, Dlnnay of Newhuryport; Florence, r>cn; t'ttadcl. Fur man, U.xoelaior. loung. >d m > Inet; anil the Uonslanllee. 1 olby of Pottnmou'h N II, are been seized by ' apt tValden of the cutter Jack >n. for a violatlou of th>'revenue lawn, ami aalil Venn. I? are been placed under charge of the Collector of th a art Theae aeiiurea undoubtedly ariae from ?upr> n J 'chnlcal vlolationa of tbc llcenaea of the flnhing vaeeen ained It In not to be nupponed that they were either omhined lu smuggling operations or separately riig 'ged 1 nuch. ? Bolton Voit unit .hlvtiti i?r, Junr 14 an J 3>.