Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1847 Page 1
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! L'J' ' .'-J II .. ' WS'l-JLL.'.. TH V'o!, *111. No. I7ti?YVhoIa Do. #77*. i THE IKW Ytift lEKALP ESTABLISHMENT, Mitrlh-wxit cnriiar of fultim and *'< 1 JAMES C0R00H DENNETT. PROPRIETOR OUlCirLAnON?FOJLITY THOWMl*' DA1LV" IlKKAl.l)?Kvrry dr.j, Price 2 cent* ?*? cnpy?f J5jifi um?raiyabie in advance. WKKM.V 1IKKALD?Kvery Saturday?lViee ??* r?. II.i ?S : 15V . ..... .... ?i... .Kl? in n.lvinirr. HKit.ALL) FOR EUROPE?Every fcteom Packet da. "rice fi'4 centi per copy?15 per annum, including postage, pa* )r i.i advance. Subscriptions and advertisement* will be received by Messrs. Galignani, lfl Rue Vivienne, Paris; P. I.. Hirnond-, No. a Barge Yard, Bucklersbury, and Miller, tii: bookseller, London. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD? Publi: hed on the lftt - t J a i.i .r. of r:-r u year?-single copies Hixpeuce each. : f-K IS. ;.t the am ail prices always cash 11 \ nee A?U ertisements should he writieu in a plain, legible Q u i The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors thai way ocr-; r .I, them. . PiUN'HV; of all kinds executed beautifully and with despatch. All lrrteis or communications by mail, addressed to tin esv hliahment. must be post paid, or the postage wdl ho dr - nh.f.nntino rnojov romiftod J/A APARTMENTS TO LET, b udsomely (iitiihed lpijja o, unfurnished, at 31 North Moore street. ^JUL Hi M'r ... \ i . ( : v V AA. FOR < I I V I'll' ? ISiiJI PKR T V.?Property in the pleasant village of Liberty L'l'rSni ' oraer, consist iug of a lir t rite Dwelling House,38X40, (ouianiii.g l() rooms I?i u h 1 y fmishrd, wi.h a good eel lur, Carriage Maker*!, Wheel right nud Uhcksniith'* Shop, all new. Also, a good barn, 30X38, with wood and smoke houses, ngoi d well at the door, apples, cherries, currents, Uc, Price lor the whole $1300. Also, li acres of land,'/ acres of timber, 7 of clear land, all ' under new fence. Apply to James B. B .rr, any Wednesday, from 9 A. M. to j 7 P. M?on Thursday,-till 1 P. M., on other day-at the New York Ileal Estate Company, corner of Bi idway and Maiden Lane JAMES 13. BARK. JelO 30t?tp Jg/L PAVILION, NEM Bui H ' Itaten Island.? li'im The proprietor begs to infi rm his friends and the public, M.;sxL>bit he has nude considerable alterations and improve ' meats i. this establishment siuce the last season. He has erected s Purge building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of p comfortublesize, light, and well ventilated, and superior in all respects to thiiy generally denominated single rooms in the various wste. in^ {daces throughout the Country. 1 he proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties wishing to engage rooms for the season. Letters addressed to him it the City Hotel, Bioadway, will receive immediate at ici.'Liun A sicuraboat rn:n b<rtwr.-n New York ami New liriijliton, p.! the following hours, via:? From New Brighton?At 8 ftud 11 A. M, aud 2 cud 5:5.0 1'. M. From l ier No. 1 North River, New YorK?At 9 A. M.atitl 12 M, and ii!-,, 5 and 6 P. M., and more frequent commuai cations will he established as the season advances. Sunday Arrangement?From New Brighton at 8 A. M-, 12>d, 5:20 I' 51 From New York, at 9 A. M.,2 aud 6 P M. The Pavilion is now ready for the reception of Companv. . p2'i t!rc F. BLANCAUl). rntm UK81HABLK FARMS IN NKVV JERSEY FOR VP LE?First, a very neat and beautiful place, with pood gtfuUa*. I louse and Oirhu ildings, containing 111 acres a of land, rno&tly under cultivation, situated in Union, miles from the Somervhle railroad, and four miles from F.Iizabethtewn; will be io'd u bargain, if applied for immediately. 2d, A Farm ol 21 Aces, in Madison, Morris County, , neir ti e railroad, with House, Barn, itc .plenty onruit, inida verv pleasant looation. 3d, A Farm of 55acres, lying near the summit of the Morris and Essex railroad, with House, Barn, and Outhouses, plenty of woo l, &.C ; will be sold low. 4th, A v doable F-rrii of GO acres, about three miles from the Morris and Fa-ex railroad, with new House and Outbuildings, House for Farmer, fences in lino order, fields well divided, under a high state of cultivation, will be sold with the crops, if wished, or exchanged for city property; as neat upd hindsome place us can he found in New lei>ey. 6iii, V Farm of 100 Acres,situated in New Providence good I House B i, and Outhouses, plenty of fruit, aud a iurye tjuautity oi wood. For fuither particulars, apply to 8AMUKL M. MEG IK, { 111 14t*r No ' South street, N \ < rk. rn^rn \ i liliVl FOR 8ALE4 almost adjoining the village New Itoohelle, containing seventy-two :cres, iuclu-?A?n.?liii^ marl en .ugh, (I believe,) to manure it for ages.? It is a pIcMNMiii and healthv situation, and will he within a lew minutes' walk of the railway. Terms nccomiii"dutiug. For furth-r particular* enquire of the subscriber, on tin premises. je8 w VV M. RR Bl Rl I M? \ v\ u.vif.iv IIA ib Economy and p.t.-mion M? BKRTSON, of tlie Phenix 11 f and Cap Manufactory, formerly of No. 103, but now of Fullon street, New i <.ric, ami C3 Pulton xtreo?, Brooklyn, whose constant aim it lias been to pro J nee superior article:! at the lowest ponible Prices, lias introduced his summer *t> le of Il its consisting of beautiful nearl and drib Castors, trimmed in the peculiar manner which has hitherto given such universal satis? .<(;<. n,inasmuch ns it prevents rhe perspiration from staining tlie outside of the Hat, and at tie? same time insur- - comfort and coolness. R.F.DIJI/ TION IN PRICKS.? Robertson gives notice that 1 laced the pi cc of 1 Pearl Hats to $3 50, and his dr ib Hat ; to S3; and nt the same time prices challenges uianu faeiurert to produce a better article even at 25 i r cent higher. WM. ROBKRTSON. Jr J. Pl.TJNKKTT. m22:iut*r LOOK AX i'Ml&7?Ladies, Gentlemen. Misses and '\A Chiltlrt'ii, all tli t are in v. nit of Hoots o. Shn?-?, please uf Jlw rail Kt 307 Brodway, where y??u will find the largest assortment, and cheapest in this city, wholesale or re tail. N.R.?Imported French Boot,, $5. M. C A HILL. Je9 30t*r ; vV Ah H :' < ? rilr- i.>,*V? oh IP ' 1 ? <t N /yt? V' ?i street, New V??rfc. French ( ,< I Boots of the l itv^t l' >hi ou in nit- to oriit il'oi j. i Ml. usually sold f< r aid ?7; line French Calf Boots :?.{ 50, usually So Patent Lruther Boots $7, usually sold for $10. ALo. Roiigr. -.s 1 v.ith patent springs. GeolRmen's gaiters, shoes <ud :.Iipj" r constantly oo hand, and mole to order at tlie shot teat notice Repairing; See., done iti the store. L VvALSH fit BROTHERS, mv*5<flt?r \,?. *i Ann stri tt I OUNb U JO.NKS, I Anu street, are veiling fine '17 French calf boots at $4 50, equal to any sold m this ci.y IX i >i $<i or $7. Fine French h.ofsat S3 50, m.nslly $5. Best jfc 1* rencli pnteiit leather boots $7, equal to those usual! v sold nt $!? Hud S10. A great assortment of : hoes. ;; ntei ;nd slije per . ?thv: s on h&ml, and nvule to order at short notice. All poods war anted tcrgive s.&. i. faction. Mending, ke. doue n. the > ore. Pie tse cull and exami ie our stock. in?3 0T re YOF NO lie .1 (>N F.S, 1 Ann st., near Broadway. \K'<V FKl.NCM llDOl HtOKK?Tlio latest lot. J i j !? of French Calf S< wed Boot.-: for $1 .'ill, t, If tin stMisunllv sold for ft> aud $7; fine French Bon's for .*3 <u. city m?de, equal to those usually sold for ?5.? aLo, ('< gresfc Hoots, with patent #p;iuip''; Boots, Shoes (ia?r?; , A*,:*., constantl\ on hand, and made t. , oider in the shortest n ire. lending, kc. done in the store, corner of Fulton mi Nassau streets, opposite the Herald office, N York tnvZ? %je Hi-. > I B M ' . II id ell til form his customers mid the public u*-r.i!ly. tii tt he has on hand a large afnortnicut of L olios', Miws' nod f Inhhen's coloied ami bl i< !. Gaiter Boots, Buskim. "bippt . . ; Oe .tlemni's an.l Boy's .sewcl and pegged Boots of every description, all of which lie willaell :is low as such a.tubes be purchased at any st. ie in toe city. i\. 15?Ladies'and Gentlemen's Boots awd Shoes n. e'e to order hi tlie beat man o r at moderate prices. \ cGl is respectful U ; . Iicited, J \ MKS WALK Kit, ,el? '!<?! ' rr% ! " 1 Dial street Cfnaier ..f W?n,sf?-r .. I !' KN' H K7\N1 ; <1 7( \ \^ !i . ,.vvr ulsctnrrd entirely of silk ami shaw latesip?>l\ * 'jtf "vie n.nd fuslnoe to be hud at 17 Division st.,Wy/?* at th?* ost r?*nsnriahle price.-.. mWh't^re >iK.\ vi vyiLsON, (niuai < ./ci-t, respettlulP. i - Mnfo.'rns her f>*ir.nd?, sud sirungers visiting the city Vy? v ' iliutshe hus iiuw nu hAnd n l irgf and very P.aiuisriuf I".*** i.ssortmcnt of Spring ??1 illieery, to which she mvitcj llnii atbeiitioii. J^lrs. Wilsou'ri slock .o in prise* (i, . .-.ortmer.t ol liu nclu laud inoAr f-sfooi.uhlf lluts. su.-h a* hip, ( .ape, Rice, and biiirred, with h choice nasorfmcnt of Jr*.rva.'i, whic.ii she Batters hrrir.?f can he sold more, rcatnouahir Ith ii i my otner establishment mi he city, t onb try i\i?iimera will do well TO Call before porch tsiup. Mrs. M. WILSON, 291 (Jr-mist between Allen and Orchard su i t . good Mslliowrs wanted at the above establishment. f I PIANO HUH I K, &< ? A variety of new and second hand Pi uio Forte. for . tie or hire I. ' 't" ** AI so, t k? iieral assortment of Music and Mn it4, ? S* steal Instruments, at No, 2t?8 Washington near Myrtle \ venue, Brooklyn. h W 1LKKR. ]. MK ?." JOHN .'.iA' F * kl<h.N. (iron ' .. : n'.i; e, pupil ol Miriam* i)nI* J??*.?. pi mi .f to U f if 'J1" of Ki ifl idJ/M'-H Itsown in P-nt o * t 3t ? * Forte and Suigiiig o i the oilowi* g ferine: Two |r vm im-U'iV Ml Ml*. ' : I M*M?h nee, S ' ! per qi, . . I re? I ' -oiiH <io., $2.r, two lessons weekly .it lite pupiI*'r*Mdeuce Si I pui quarter, three It a?ous do. ft. \lr?. Mac.fureii has the K" of refr.iinjc to Dr. F.llto!, Pr. Hod,' JeorK' I.oder, FUq H. Meivu-*. K* q , nun fve Iter j)r" \v .1 r ? r '01 Ij ?tfre?o neur Nj riiio ie'. tfti ?p . , AKCiiV, 'I UK ONLV JffelAL f ATKitKll.,A Thf (Ire ate t?t Attraction Vf?26 Bull Fiuche*. with Vofc;' from three to four tunes. 1U?, over 1,000 tuning Hi.nrirg, ju>.t im|Mvm-d via Hrctneot sele.q-d |>y lm nut nti from the most celebrated district* of Kurope. This Variety fur song* and plumage, will be toiind ou insip? enon, tp eel'pse any .%rch} h o. hi en enabled TO otVer. S. B.?On allow tin l oq.? ?t Cockatoo n Atne? ? * irchv taUo * thii oppojLuuit y to ;\pp'i-e hi. Liend-. t nil>y tailce, in mticiputioii of this importation, tl. i't'. rii.ip r.. . e triy application. p. 8 ?In consequence of the limits of his old est'il lodnneiit, No ft .John itreet, he has rented Bramble < mi,r>e.;t , Bh.imet.dale, ne-u Bunwham's Hotel, lor that branch of lo* buaiiu ; i t connected with brnis, vis: Shetland and Fancy Point Jfiig (Buries So .niels, Pointers, Jkc , and every variety of Fancy figemuf, flam Door Fowls. ?Stc. As UKual,!cr.? rt post pii I will at nil times in **r with l?rompt ttteiiti.) i trum V (JK1F.VK, No. ft h' tu at. ie rtoty kOT OF MCH/KI NO BIRDS?Only bird is worth ??: Cage room, and sweeps all kind bird species soug ft way *J- 'V or "ig'B Al o very fine collection Loiik Breed Canary Birds Also, lot short breed (Jerrre.oi Birds; fancy (Ja?e* and >eed; To he seen at3ft6 Bowery, between ltd and 4il? ?f. rn Vft* re H. VVIL1H XMfi ' V !)Rn KKCMNtJKlC'v INFAI LIBCK LIN! JLmi A^MKNT is warranted to on ? sores and ulcers r.l eveC-r* f- ry UHtnre in s lew days It actslike mngtc in r? rnovingiTieumatMm. and all other pa ins. One or two doht. is eeitain to lelteve hilions eholic, dmrrlue.i, Ike., u? itistiUeu It i;i?ertV ctlv drh^htfiil in its odor andll?vor* It in tiuiveisally acHOOwltuIged to he the family niediciue ever offered to the pubhc Price ftO cents Per bottle. Sold ?t U10 Penrl street; !. Hiny, corner of John end Broadway; corner of Bowery and flmome; ftd aveuti*- and lOih ?t; Jefln s'drug store; Dr. Burrett's Dover,and Chatham, and al the H?rlen? itatlroud office, City Hall jft nt-re |-? T(? RAIL HO AD < O \ Pli -VCTOK Patersou \ I Ai llainipo Isailrnad?Pro(?osaU will be received until t)ie WX .I itii day of June, in*t., for tl.c itradiuu, i!i.'is<?nrv, ihI bridititii; tint, p rtof tin Pateison o:d Batii 'io Ha Jp id.exfeudii.-C i.on the north aide ??f the P<u*.tic river lo Rumapo, di?f trice nfabo'tf fourteen rmles. M.?p . profiles, specification s may be found at the Knginrcr's office, Patrrson, where every uccesM-try infi>rm\tioii wall be given. J. \V . ALLKN, KiiRimMT. J ti icI 5,1 P47. ^ ji^to^i^r r'flH MI,K- I went / rail road enrts and sis one fiorsi T wagotis, and some two horse wagons, and are constantly nt (I ,m to order, where f ey can i??- had at the slmrreat notice it not on hand, where all kinds of carts, wagons and harness can be h id nf the most reasonable terms, by MH'HARL M lrLLANF., W igon Maker, No. 28 aud 30 Moutgomei y ?t., Jersey City, N. J. jeltt *ii#r Sill L Jill Ji'-LULMftMgig E NE' I CtPEEt TH OK THE MEDICATED V Vl'OH BATUti KJ IN IlilEU.MATISM. MADAM:? Gratitude M you for the berielit derived tioin your Medicated Vaps i Bathe, ?s wi ll as a d. sue to psoinole .in< >.other sufferer* a know ledge of these in valuable BiUta, induce ine to publish the following facta : ? I w .* for three months confuted to tin house and one mouth to in, b-d, with a ninir severe att iclt of Rheumatism, My ritfht leg became contracted. and, in fact, I was perfectly helpless. After trying numberless re:ne<ne?, I w n recommended to your Batlia?the ftral and as soud btsli, I waa curried out of the carriage into the bath, and waa usinble to ussdreaa ur dies,?the thiid bath I waa so much relies esl that I could walk with a crli ch and cane, anil the fourth bah entirely cured ine?nil pains am J tho contraction being completely removed. Hoping ihu may be the means uf induct jg others to resort to your establishment, 1 remain, Respectfully Vours, J. W tilOVANN'OXI. _ 73 Nassau street. JoMm.M (. AURQLL, 181 ! nIron street. jeH Ht?rc ? EGEU b KEKEB BRANDIES? Constantly received end Aug lor sale by the subacrlhvi. (entitled to slebeiitunA a lull i .' ssortment of the several brands of 1110 above well known ' Brandies. of Coguac, Kochelle and Borilenit flavors, i oj n great variety of vintages, new and old, in Ai and }? 1 pi ''s, wUioU are offered at tnelowe.t current prices by tlie t importer. Dealers ire invited to call nd e xamine samples. HKMU LKGKftt. my'Fj 3^t*r Office No. 104 Wall street. New Vork. D AHTINE'S LOTION.?OAce removed to'J uial *et* near Broadway. This celebrated preparation is highly recommended in all e:ut s of if . ;n, Gout, Pains and StiA'nest of ilie Joints, Krysipil.?s, Teller orLnig Worm, Glandular Tumors, (kc , fitc. It needs but a trial to give t lie most tinple satisfaction. For sale, wholesale and retail, at the proprieini's depot, 36 ('anal street?orders for ny quantity,ad1 dressed to the iuhsrribers, will be punctually attended to. mi n C. S.JB inyivv & o O. 08'1 K'i l< L V IPS ? L ( h u i UK , No. H - d Way, has -cceived pet l.?te arrivals, a large aud splendid us* rertment ??l" French patent OKostatir Latnpsi of dliferent pat terua These lamps were invented by the Celebrated A. Tl i I.trier, of the French Academy, and are considered the best lamps now in use. These lamps tire for sale only at 375 Broad\, 1 in this citi, Also, 011 hand, a large assortment of rich plain and cut glass, cutlery, girandoles, vases, china ware, toilet sets, and every artij U in fu ti ; m | lii e ml I 301' rc 11VA LENTA.?The undersigned have on hand a fresh -J supply of Krvaleuta, a valuable remedy in obstinate cases of eoustipation. Put up in pound packages. For sale, wholesale and retail, by JJKLLUC fit CO., Apothecaries ami chemists. Sole successors to l'LA< K fit 80I.MLi.AHD, , No. 2 Park Ki in . ind 531 Brood w y. LI; 11 ' . VIN 1 > N 1) ( 11 > 1?s. - '] l?!. being 'lit- in as on f the 0 ir v. hen lightning rods are absolutely necessary to every huihli. the advertiser dr? ires to call the attention of the public t 1 his system of conductors. The rods made aid put up by him are neater, handsomer, cheaper, and more coin1 ict than any other in use. They are secured together with cooper joints, w hich is ft gieat improvement over the "hooked plan; it gives a better?indeed u perfect connection. The public can obtain lurtlier information 011 application to YVALWOUTH, NAbON, fit GUILD, Engineers, No. 70 John st. Y. mgg* 30tfh ii\A\ MAN SILV I'.tt. I* AMES G. MOFFET, No. i^ 1 Prince street, third block tJP west of Broadway, i constantly manufhcturiug German Silver, of various numbers and widths, which he will warrant to be equal to any other, foreign or domestic, lor qualify, and which he ?> ill sell at wholesale and retail at reduced prices. m V. H. All godssold will be delivered iu any part of the city or Brook lvo% free of expense ipl7 lm^r LOXHINU. A FULL AND FASHION ABLE SUIT, HEAD V M A D E, FROM $.1 to $J5, AT THE CLOTHING WAREHOUSE, mG30t*r No. 101 Fulton strost. TO Ti 1 P. LADIES. ~ PETER ROBERTS, 373 Broadway, has just received per recent arrivals, a splendid .lisortirient of gooda. The following comprise a few, viz :?Thread and imitation luces of every description, lace capes, collars, scarfs, and mantillas, erahroiilereri muslin capes, collar*, clieiiiisetts and cuffs, cambric handkerchiefs, in embroidered reverse, haudstich and tape borders: mIU, thread, and Lid gloves; 300 breakfast em. caps, from ?s Gd to 7s. Also, MO doz. cotton and stlk hosiery, 25 per cent below the usual prices, al lm*r W!G8~! WIGS! STRANGERS and CITIZENS wishing a fir .t quality Yv'ig or Toupee, are invited to inspect the extensive assortineptof WM. BATCHELOK, where they cm select from tho largest stock in the United States. There is al ways a best j place to procure an article in every business, aud the best place to buy a Win ?r Toupee, is at B llchelor's manufactory, No. 2 I Wall street, m ar Broadway. Private rooms for fitting Wish. I Copy the address. ul3 hn#r CLAit?T! C LAKET! CLAHRT! ! rPHK SI T?S< It IBKJI would inform the public tlmt he ) x keeps constantly on band,at his store, No.I Barclay street, corner ot Broadway, the best quality of Claret. Wine. He would particular}' invite tin* ntieutio i ol hotels and public houses, vviioni be will supply by the gallon or barrel, ns may best .nit their convenience, lie feels assured they will be satisfied forgiving lum a call. a2ilm*rc CHALKS KCKERT. AO* I?c. 11?( cN ; ?. 1M1E largest assortment in the city is to be found at the Glial treat J A6 Cb un itrn t id, u jrai I want t?? get that i?the place to buy it, a* every instrument \ warranted in perfect tune ami order. They tils.) have a new instrument, called the Klutiua, i vseinbliiig the Aecordecn with the tone of * llnte. Th'tr Ac.corueons vary in price from 60 cents to 50 dollars. Call, examine^ and judge for yourselves. Vceordcon taught, tuned and repaired. Don't forget the uuiu her?Vi ''hsf'* ?m. oi?r?n?oe ''Hwrnt'.em <11 !m*r PKOKhM&OK UK tVlljttlU?ti. 11. ttUlAlMUM lakes litis mode of informing his friends and (lie public that be has I moved to f)H (diatlwirn street, where lie continues to teach Vio I I or siMi,ly, by ft new ami improved method peculiarly his own, bv which bis aP' advanced in one half* the lisuaj tun*-. Krerich Arcordinti tmyhr Term* moderate ?n4 30f*c iiKi)i;? Zi i ' 'I-U.S. OJATBON'S lNTAKCIM,!-. BKDBUO POW) V. -The ?t experience of piisT years moves this lire para!ion (?? be the in'ist eliuciual destroyer i?.??iisht-"* el Lied blips ever discovert tl. It needs Inr one ?;n;.?tto satisfy tii?nuM incredulous of its wonderful mid immediate effecu?Price 2?. 13 ?ld wholesale and retail only at Apothecariei Mall, 3f'? Cfilli.uint street", 170 tie .ml iret, and Ollcott, McKesson & OoM Vil Maiden Lane; and I1W Kill ton srreet, Brooklyn. :i8 lm*f MAUN .M ?ii'i ,is.11 .VjrhKS. ^?Mli * AT 1 KNTION of mothers and of nurn is invited A to a i examination oi this iudispensable artieli* t.? a<jaiet nurnery, which may he found o* e\er\ variety ?,id pric- at 100 11 road way. 8AML. UKOOKS, H?. I 1 m ' rr Ak'eot for the \| nun! .rfurer. ^(Hl'T'S HAZA A 11. N O . f> I) K V S '1' II K h T. ^JANDS SCOTT has removed to No. rj Di'V" stlfrft (the street of his former succe--), and has opene d a olondid place, where he w ill servi np Dinners. Uc., in his old style, that pave so much satisfaction to Ins en-t.smers. A variety of hot. l)iuuers w|ll bepivt.i i 11 *1 ? y* from VS. till 3, of ever t dcsci ipfkvm, at hi* old price I One Nulling, and u<> ildiiional charge for small eilras, as bread, huUer, vH.<. i tie li..? t Liquors that c&jj be procured are at his bur, and the lit-oi ll.avoreu Cigars. lie will be nappy to see his old friends, and respect fully soli n* tor p itrouaip ol the plihl'C ill general. >i-.( hops, ( old Cuis, Poached Ktf*s, Karebiti, Tea, ' lee , ate., at my time until T2 P. M. i 11 is tables wilj be r>irppl;ed with the best. fcuropeitn mid all I the Nev. y ork gj tm. sA lm*c I |/<i "? i? ivr_.iv o ? iv i i', i ? j wo KetUlc O ill?-u .Hid cil?* I r WIVCH, CM iiv:: Oi iiiX SJMlflc fjeil l*.'ITI?JU, CilU .e iccntrimosUu'd wiili**, unfurnished rooiiu, with bed itxHii-. attached, and full boaid, in a pleasant Iv Hir.untfd lOiisr in l I - roll pliu-r. \11|*k v at present at 06 Spring street. MQl ll) i:All; l)i h. BVmiRLOH'S instantaneous Liquid Hair Dye, is far su pcrinr to no , thing yet. ottered for color the hair to 1 | Di* hi i in I ()?] ju'iimhm ut lack or lit' >w n, without <0111111:1; or injuriiii: ill. <1? 11. The woiohifttl farility ivitli winch fhi* remarkable liquid effects tin* desired object. < xciTes the adirur.i tiou and astonishment of thousands win? m' lond in its praise. Bold wh 1. - I- : I re! ul t W M I VI 1 Jlfcld i|{ ? \ > W.iil street, near Broadway. Price?Bottles foi tin- 1 ,., 51 60 ; for the win .?kt is, #l Beware of wortlih ?s counterfeits. \i4eiil* tu I'iuintlclphia, Lutf. 1 toUSbcI ; \V a^ninuto'i 1 ify, J II. (?ibbs *161 m' t I VI 1-1., 01' TIC I.LV, FilOM ()E)lMJiNY. MOST resiieetfuIIy informs the citu.ens of N' w Vork and ( the I'ublic in nenocnl, rhrti lie list* loc.ired himself in this No. i.i? BHOADVVAV. Where may be found n !ari;e and complete assortment cf SPid TA( Ll> AND UK VI) I NO ULASSKS, IN i;ot.D, 4IM kll V l? ? 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TAYLOR. (From the Nov Orleans I'Icnyuue. June 18 J The Mary Khighland, from Vera Cruz, touched at the | Brazos and left there on the 13th inst. She brought ( ' at t. Conner, of the Texas volunteers: '.'apt Win B. , \roher arul l.ieut. 1'egram, of the Virginia volunteers; , Lieut. Shaw, of the North Carolina volunteers; Mr. Atw ood. the artist; aud the following ofiletrs of the 2d Indiana regiment, with six companies of the same, making Slid men :? Col. Bowles; Lieut. Col. Hadden: Majors Cravens and Mooury; Cnpte. Sanderson, Omnia, Davis, Uriggs. Housi siiau, Kimball, Graham and Voung; Surgeon Walker; ! Licuts Rice, Loud, Tele, Rose, ('agio, Shanks, lioggatt, Harwell. 8 tropes. Davis. Sohoonover. Kemple, II or tor, | Ueerfleld. l-rwiri. Pennybacker, Peuniugtou, Payntor, kipperilou und liagan. Hy this arrival we loam something more of tho do- j J plorable duel in the Virginia regiment, which we pubI li-dit d in our papor of the 1st lust. since which time we hud not till now been able to learn a word more of tho affair. Tho parties engaged in it wore Lieut. Malian, of Capt. llaiikboad's company,* aud Liout. Muiuford. of i apt. Carringtnn's company. Thelattor died luiiiu dli atrly, being shot through in several places. Lieut. Ms, hau was alive at last accounts from him. but it was thought could not survive, having been shot directly through the body. Further particulars are given in our correspondent's letter. Thu / 'log of tho lull Inst gives, upon tho authority of f'upt Benedict, of the schooner Madonna, which had just arrived at tho Bra/.os, ilie following account of Hie wreck of tin1 brig Mobile, bound from Now York for | Brazos Sunt in go with 1H0 troops of lim loth Regiment j I S. infantry, uudor Capt Yudrews, of Buffalo, N. Y.: During a strong breeze from the southward, on the night of the 33d ult. tho above naun d brig was driven ushore on Orange Keys, Florida coast?her masts were out aw ay, aud every exertion made to ease her, but she fooii bilged and settled down, the sea making a complete breach over her. About forty of tho troops took to the boats aud reached the Keys the boats were , dashed to pieces, which cut off all further communication between tho vessel and Keys, rendering the coudi' tion of both parties extremely dangerous Such was the ( , situation of the wreck 011 I he morning of the 2 fill, when" | tho schooner Madonna, ( apt. Benedict, hound from | Philadelphia to the Brazos, with government stores, disj covered it, and at the risk of losing his own vessel, ' apt Benedict bore up to the rescue. At imminent peril and [ with great exertion, he succeeded in reaching and rescuing the men who were on thu Keys, and was proceeding to render what assistance he could to those on the wreck, when the bark Alabama, from Liverpool to Havana. hove in sight, and by hoisting signals and firing guns she was induced to come to anchor, about live miles off. Thu troops, with their arms, ammunition and supplies, were then taken from the wreck by Captain | Benedict, and placed in safety on tlx; Alabama, which | j vessel proceeded with them to Havana, whence they will | doubtless bo rtsliippcd to their destination. 'I'ho Mo- j donna was got undor way, aud reached the Bra/us ou j Friday last, the 4th iust.. lifteeu days from New York. | The detachment of troops has since reached the Brains from. Havana, and encamped near the mouth of the river. The Flag of the l~Mi iust., has a report that Col. Hays's regiment, upon reporting to Gen. Taylor, at Monterey, was ordered back to Texas, he having no authority to receive them. Tho Flag can scarcely crodlt the report. Col. K. CI. W. llutler, of tho 3rd Dragoons, urrlved at M&tamor&s on the 10th Inst. The Flag corrects its statement that Capt. Rice Garland's company of rangers has been disbanded. We have several act- of brutality recorded in the Flag. In one case a party of miscreants?Americans, we are pained to say?insulted a Mexican woman in her own nouse, and killed her husband, who interposed to save her. One of tlx* party is in custody. Tho proprietor of tho Kesaca House in Matainoras, was robbed of ^ItiCO ou the loth iust. A man by the name of Simmons. in tho employ of tho Quartermaster, was shot on the 7th lust, by the guard, wbo interposed to save Siuituou'a wife from a beating by her husband. List of Dfvtiis in thk Gf>i.kal Hoiimtal at MataMonis. oi.'Hino tiik month of Mav, 1047.?May I, Jacksou Itodgers, 1st North Carolina Volunteers; bill, Miles Uoyce and i hoiixis Wegrinus, do; 7tll, Samuel J. Spooner, 1st. Virginia Volunteers; 8th, James 1,. Barnes, 1st North C aroliua Volunteers; Robert I'ainplia, 2d Mississippi Volunteers, mid Gurgeu II. Sxult/., 1st .North ( a- i rohna Volunteers; ftth, Joseph t'roctor, do., und Henry j Wultcrs, lulled Slates Voltiguers; 10th, Caleb G. 1'al- | tenon, lllli lufantry; 11th, Atuxi Campbell, 1st Tennessee Cavalry; 13th, Hudson < ooper, Voltiguers; I 1th, I John Hi11lorf. do; 17th, John T; siiifuyso, do; 18th, Iteu- i beii Harrell, 1st North C arolina Volunteers; I'Jth, Win. Dowulc. loth lufautry; 20th, J. C. Devonu, lblh lufantiy.and Rennet Thompson, Itel Dragoons; 22d, Reece < arroll, 2d lufantry; 2.!d, Benjamin Little, 1st North Carolina Volunteers; 28th, Win. Abrams, do; 2?tth. Cm mini Myers, Voltiguers; 3nth, Chuilc* it. Gray, Ad , Dragoons. OKO. ii. DKNSiON, Ward Master. Montuiif.v, Menoo, May 30. 1847. 1 tnive once more succeeded in l'eturniixf to Minilu. I rey. but tin re is no vi ry pleasant intelligence to communicate Whoii I wrote you last w wereuli lull of the expedition to Luis. and active prcpaiatious wore making tor a march at an early periou, but now every Hung is knocke d in the head. <?oii. bcott ha* i hi own u bomb- | shell into this division of the forces, which will utterly \ preclude the possibility of (??n. Taylor's advancing Ibr many weeks, and probably w ill put u:i end to the expedition. be veil of tlie ten regiments have received orders to repair to Vera ruz and join lieu, bcoit. w hie la completely strips lien. i'nylor of the troops now at the liraxus. who were to form part of his force, and leaves Intii utterly powerless. It seems hard indeed that he should ihuH ho stripped for tbu second tuue, and when everything was in readiness to advance ; but lien, bcott is determined that his campaign shall be bulimia and Mticcofisl'ul, and makes all his ar range in ents without, the slightest consideration for his brother general, whose plans ho utterly disregards. It would bo utterly useless | to attempt an advance into lhi; iuterior with less tlinu six thousand men, and it would require at least two I thousand uicn to keep open the lino of communication from Saltillo to the Brazos. If this last order is complied with, as it must he, of coarse, lien Taylor's whole Juice ! will consist of the Virginia, Massachusetts, North Lur- i olhia und .Mississippi regiments, six companies oi regular . artillery.aae regiment of drsgr>r*DH, one regiment of lex as i horse, and, say. one battalion of volunteer cavahy, coin- I posed of re eniiaed volunteers. 1 In . will scarcely j number oOOO, nil told and to leave garrison lorccs i will reduce the coluuin to 3U0li. \V ilii tins lorce it j would be quixotic to nttempt to move, and you j arc well aware that it Is a matter ct great uncer- | tmnty when in utlicicnt number of troops can arrive at the Brazos. Thus lien Taylor is prevented from wringing an arduous, hard-fought, to a tin I - I limit termination. Well! 'i..- an ill w?ud thai blown nobody good " s?iys the old adage. and this second at- j tempt I paralyze the movements of the old general will #l?ut endear iiiiu luore to the people, and the missile ol destruction hurled at him wnl but recoil uu lUiurown heads I suppose you have heard from b1 low ere unn t If it Col llsy i" rn rniUr fortius place, with a lull i ,.iluout of Texan rangers, well mounted The id M' - issippi regiment nod t apt Fairfax n company of Virginia volunteers probably entered ShIuiIu this morning I p.isvd them in canip about t? u miles this side of that place y?sterd??y afternoon, tir' hit a ail pretty w< II beat out. by the march, the road be11*;; i t? i] nbly hard and rough one. Two enmpsmes North 1 arolina volunt< e. s and one of V ii'.tiuiit v iltinlvoJ** ' apt. iJarpii'V, left last night tor S;iltillo, and tho zd UaUabuit of Virginians. who are expeete I up from < Tiin t i" a low days will immediately proceed to the same pi ice I regret to be coin polled to sale that a iiicyt untortunatc ?'nd bloody affray has occurred in that battalion between Limits. Mum ford and viuhan. A quarrel weeurred which resulted hi a challenge from Lieut. Malum, which wm* hc- j cepted. and each party left to the selectiou of his own ! weapons; the meeting to take place ill Otn hour alter t h j j halleiige was received The parlies met, ace- inpaiii'-d by friends, and were armed with muskets loaded I with buckshot, and pinto]*. I he distance agreed upon 1 j waf one hundre l yard . each party to advance n,nd lire at will Kae.h mnti advanced about ten yatds and ' look aim, but recovered and advanced shout. f|ft?, n I puces lurther, when I."ill purlieu Un it at Hie same ! ni uieiii. mikI both fill. mortally wounded Lieut. Unuiforl died very noon after, and 110 hopes were en i tnrtained for tlm ice.ivnry ot l.ieut Malum ')'here wan j nl.o n dialurbanee ocea ioried by Homo of the luun relu in it lo no' y orders arid lie placed uuder m rent, In wldcli -oino i f the officer- were roughly li.indled, bill I li y ue ; eeed"d in reducing 'he rulllllllljr fellows to Bubordin.'i- I , tlou M uneal was the OKU'e There i^ n good ileal of sickness liere but not of a Heroin charact. r. and but few deaths have taken place Ah thin latter appriseH you I have HUeeeeded In l e- j , Iniein/ myileps In Monterey, but my tracks In the | , sand were m arly obliterated. and it was no easy joh I i . wrote you that I hud leo ti very ill Willi I he typhu* fe- 1 ; ver. and. therefore, if ymi could have had a tel.-Hoope of I sufficiently Urge magnifying power, and had taken an , observation 01 the Mnlhllo road yesterday, you might | , have he. ii allocked aud surprised Von would have | K'on a lank, attenuated individual astride of a diininn- i , tlve mustang por.y. In front of an enorinouH pair of sad* ' die haps, rtuired almost to loir-tin,:, a haver ack con- t tslning the entire contents e|' a Saltilio I'undtria and a , very suHpicloiis looking black hot lo hanging from the { saddle bow: an enormous pair "f holster pistols and a , two ipiart canteen eoinpleted the travelling equipage of f the aforesaid Individual, whose bine Attekspas pants j were a world too wide l"r h;-* slirnok slntiiks 1 V ou j , might have seen Ihls unhappy youth streukuig It lioin I , Saltillo to Monterey accompanied by two other persons ' (

In n pretty stiff trot, and accomplishing the distance, j , seventy mdes good. hetW' en twelve o'clock \ 11 and | three o'clock at l.iglil. inclusive of a two hours and a , half's stoppage on the road. I say you might have seen c this under certain circumstances, but a y<u d I not, I j | fuel it my duty lo impart the valuable Information If i you don't think that was pretty good travelling, we ittf- ; _ fer in opinion. I can amuro you that If ihe aforesaid | t ninl described person was not a used up arul dilapidated I | individual after the ride, I would'nt make tho i 'itton | that tie was?so take my word for It I have been una- | Me to gather any news of Interest sinee my arrival Is-1 , ' night, save what I have furnished you. The id and 3d c Illinois regiments were to leave Siltillo yesterday. t Mcwti sr.r, June 1. |kl? v Although we ennnot advance upon San l.nis. if Ik i 1 thought there may he vooie skirmishing on t tie road ' from here to llamai-go, I rr. a having again plucked up I courage, become tired of masterly Inactivity, and being now at the bend of a large force of lanoers, It had been reported that, he was ht Tula, hut the report wis no! credited, but I w?syesterday informed at headquarter* that positive information hsd been received that I rreu 1 I was at the head of toon cavalry, this side or Victoria h | It is probable that tho force is ever estimatvd. If the , i * .m. lmu. ... li K M ORNING. JUNE 27, 1847. jont''canshould show himself, 1 suspect the old gene- ' ml will make nuother push to take him. A few days ' i -? be might have made a very pretty little speculation I 20, u large amount of specie was brought up. , aft Talking of specie, an American who has boon doing j 'la business in Zucatcc.iu for some years, arrived here a few ( St! days ago with *lfiU 000 in Mexican dollars, of this year's I i coinage, iiu converted his property into hard cash, and j HCI succeeded in smuggling It out of the country. Here he f,,, obtained a draft on S Orleans from Paymaster Hunter 1 wrote you on the HOtli ult., and in my letter stated (W that Col Hays was on his way hither, with a full regi- !ir mi nt of Texas Hangers, hut upon inquiry it turns out that lie only has five companies nt the same regiment that Henry McCulloch came out with, and us they were ~ enlisted for six months only, and came out under Col. Curtis'8 60,000 call, of course lie cannot be received? a0 The Missouri volunteers did uot succeed in forming the I"1 company of cavalry they expected, the sound of home being too sweat They had the positive assuruuee of Pi Ijeu Taylor that ha would gladly receive as many as tli were disposed to ri enlist, but they backed out. There may be two companies raised out of the Arkansas eav- al airy, but 1 very much doubt whether it eau be done. Pour companies of the tirst battalion Virginia voluu- w leers marched iutotown from China this morning, ( apt , fiuukhead's company being left behind to take cure of a few sick, to rejoin the regiment as soon us possible | hieut. .Yuhan who win shot in the duel which I men- . tioued in my lust, was still alive, but no hones enter- , taiued of his recovery V short time since a party of 1 ibouf thirty armed MuitiM were brought la by arum- 1 |istny of V ugiuiaiis. mid after undergoing an examination i ' were disarmed ami released, the alcalde giving security ri that they should not again ho fouud under arms There ? are about 130 of the regiment on the irk list. but there ' are ft w of tie .1 dangerously ill About twenty of them J1 are to be discharged and will go liuuiu uudcr charge of !' Lieutti. Allen aud Pegraui. who go home on recruiting 1 service. A volunteer named Daniel Harmon, of ( apt. I rest.m's company, Virginia volunteers, died day before J yesterday. ti The a landoiiment of the Sail Luis expedii ion on ac- t count of the withdrawal of the troops, is still the topic t of conversation,and a cause of universal regret I believe r tien Taylor freely admits the necessity of Oeu Scott's il having more troops and speedily, arel can oaly regret s 'that a sufficient number ul troops have not been forwarded Now. the very commencement of the campaign, p the troops have been sent out in driblets ami operation". of a vigorous character prevented from this cause. Well ^ we shall see what we shall see. The impression seems to prevail here to some extent that Mexico is dispo.-cl for peace. It all grows out of (lie statement in .V O. '' Delia, that the British Minister had received au appll- 11 cation for mediation on the parlul his (Jov< lament from the Mexican t ioveruuioul. n I.KiTKR r bo.d t nL IiOMI'll AN. " l iti' < i t iiini in a. ..larch 7, 1647. Dear Major: Hour oltun have 1 agiin aud agalu de- a termined to scud you uiy hcurfy eur.-es of everything d Mexican ' But, then.'l inn ? tiial you liad seen the u sterile and miserable country, and Its description would a he, of course no uoveliy toyou To give you, however, u a brief outline of our movements, 1 have to say, that wo w have marctiud to Mania Ke hy Bent s Kurt | thence j, thr-ugh the country of'he Navsjo Indians to the waters ij of the l'acitlo ocean, down the St. Juan river, the ltlo Colorado, and the liila, bock again to the llio Del Norte; j across the Jornada Del .vluerto to Uruzito, where wo j fought the battle of which you have, doubtless, seen the account ;,thence to the town of bl I'aso Del Norte,which ' was taken by us; thence across two other Joruudus, and fought the battle of the Sacramento, aud have sent you, ^ u-x:nivu. ii <?|>y in my riinciui report oi uiu mine. ?o | uru now hi Iliu bcautitul city of C'hihuuhiia, and myself j iu the palaci ol Gov. Fiiu. My orders are to report to Ocn. Wool, but 1 now learn tbat, instead of taking the city of Chibuabua, he is sliut up at ISiiltillo, by Saula Anna. Our position will be (j ticklish, if Santa A una should compel Taj lor and Wool j even to fall back. All Durango, Zacateeas. and Chi- ' huahila, will be down upon my little army. Wo are out of the reach of help, and It is as unsafe to go backward , as forwurd. 11 isc It spirits and a bold front, is per hups the best and the safest policy. My men arc rough, jj ragged and ready, having one more ot the It's than lieu. , 'Taylor himself. We have been in service nine months, ( and my men. after marching two thousand miles, over j inouutuios and deserts, have not received one dollar of j tiieir pay, yet they stand it without murmuring. Half t rations, hard marches, ami no clothes !?but they are still g?mu to tlie last, and curse and praise their country by turns, but. light for her all the time. ' No troops could iiave behaved more gallantly than ours in the battle of the Sacramento. When we up- 1 preached the eneuiy. their numbers and position would ' have deterred any troops, less bravo and determined. ' from the attack; but as I rode l'rom rank to rank. I could pre nothing but the stern resolve to conquer or die? there was no trepidation, and no pale faces. I cannot discriminate between companies or individuals; all have 1 done I heir duty. mid done it nobly, l.alaycltu lias sent ' out a host of gallant spirits; tlie whole company behav- j ed nobly. Your nephew, Lieut Kobt. Burnett, (Lafay- 1 etto volunteers) was in Captain lleid's Cavalry coin pa- '' nv. in tlie must dangerous charge tnat was math during ' the battle. t apt May 's charge at Kesaca lie la i'alnia " was not bolder, or better executed. Hubert (your ne- 11 phew) is a gallant and high tempered boy. and teelg himself privileged to praise nuii to blame bis coiumuuders, as may nit. his fancy lor the time. Lieutenant Heslia Graves (I.Hlayetto volunteers) is also a very gallant man. Indeed. it is a tine company, not better than my others; t> 11 it is great praise to say that it is equal to the best. ! regret most deeply the death of poor KirkPatrick, lie was iu licid's charge, and fought like u lion. Col Samuel ( Owens lost his life by excessive bravery, or rather rashness. He rode up to a redoubt tilled wilii armed nun. and continue I to lire ids pistols into i t. j until himself and his liorse tvll pierced with bulls upon its very lo ink When we are to leave here?where we are to go, or what is to become of us. you will be enabled to conjee- j ture more correetly by the time this letter shall have ruachod you. than I can at this lime. Your friend, very truly, , A. W. DONIPHAN. IS K \V UK) .IMF. NT OK I VM.t NA VOCH.N TKKRS. The new regiment of Indiana volunteers, raised under ^ tin late rail of the President, are now being mustered into service Major Willis A. Onriokn. who distinguished .( himself in command of the rillc battalion at ilueini Vis- (l t;i. has tie a elect* *1 colonel Khenczer (turnout. of Hear- ; born county, lieutenant colonel, and \V. VV. McCoy, of l.iiporlc major The new reirlmerit is reptesented as be- t, big a body of Hue looking hardy pioneer-, who are ready nu wining to do m inw 1 In are brave ami eii pablu men. rt MlLlTAtlY MOVEMENTS. [lrom the New Orb-ana Helta. June is J L.( By '.he Hteamnhlp Mary Kingl'iini. from Vera ' run and |( the Brazos, urrivi-il y. >terila< : ol II wlcs. I.t < >1 )a llaililen, Major* < riivut, ami ioopey. 1'apt* Sander- ,j on. iJ.iihi* UnviK Urigg "r, .?n, Kimball (irahani. ,, ami Voting. Surgeon W alker. I.tenia Roach. llogan, p I'ell. Rose, K.iyl-. Shank* ll..'att, Burrell. Strope*. j j, Davlo, Setionnover, K lople. foster. Hllrttelil. Irwin, . ? I'- tinyhackc-. fYiiniitglnii I*-- s nt r llee Loud ami Kp- ^ person n.n ug in couitmuid k companies '2.1 Indiana j j lieeinmiil. 1I(JU men W?n ' H.iL.iiil ontier l'exn- Volutin er.*; ' apt IS oi Ii Irrher ana Li-ut I'egrain. Vir j einm Volunteers; ami Lieut Shaw Nmlh ( ar limi Vol (1 uut eiH By the nolir. I!<nry l.owrv fr.-m lirar.oa.Hr- ,j lived yesterday: ' apis, o.ihorn af.ri '-|>o:e|.y I,ieuIs Mexamn r Moore .slurmy, Oillierl and Latvia? with u e mip.iiiu II and i 2d Indiana ILgireeut, 117 men By ,, ilie latrk Murillo, Wood-1de. from tin Bra/. .*, arrived p yesterday; I .ipts Hudson arid Steven ton Lieut* Todd \ I.-I).on.II. Richardson, Dmiean, Kvaus and lliinn Willi I'D in. ii of the 1st Missouri Regiment v lei. amount id money halntigiug to the United ,, tales : ami iiin.-it. afi11 .d tie re yeet.-rdav morning by |, (ipeen St ' o's |-.xpr< -. Tills money,is destined for llm pill.lie Si rvlcr. The eauediip MeKim is expected to leave to night lor Vera ( rnz. toiielilug at Bra/. s Mt Jngn. 'I lie McKiin , will ink down troops and government tore* H \n.i vt. Siii:i..p SiiiARlNi; at N.ivnv'ki r? * Tim- nittril idi'o p sheunnB is now ';nin.r on ut .1 in'onmi, and people generally an doing their hest to | niiike ii a . ., ...n of enjoyment. Yesterday. the weather t, wits, aim >si. for Hie Drat time this season, delightfully slimmer like. The Kist wind had given place to the ( Northwest, the cloud* were ill! iw jit nway from the | heavens ami i right, powerful and gav vi-.tgod run made , itreet nod garden. and green Held look Mililitig as n v| old who. ale r a long eonHict, has achieved n complete t victory ever It* affectionate mamma One could " alia. >st see the leave* and hloaeom* grow." It was re.I jj shearing weather" a Irlrte too wnrpi, perhaps, for ,,, oii.I rt lint very plea*,int. ami acceptable nevertheless , U e Impe to-.|*y and to morrow will l.e lilt.. unto vestwr (| I ly But shearing is not what ll used to la. in the day* I mi rsmlfatlicrs when nearly every body who was w ii.Its to own any thing, wa* an owner of sheep and com nun*, and when " proprietor*' meeting" almost. ide by side in Importance, with the annual town meet- a ng I In e were the day* for the keeper* of tent*. Our |,j ianilmother* tell glowing Mori"* about large dinner I ih rti.'H on the shcari riggroiir d made up some of young '(lj !' ii and iu*id> ri". and other* of the Tery don? of tlie y own whirl, iverc bountifully supplied by the teal-keep- (,j r and nt bountiful prices, we presume ? * ? I l.e I. y* and girl' however. Mill insist upon enjoying j(| Jiemeelves at shearing time, and, as their papa* and uammas lire willing to girn th*m all the assistance In ' heir power, they are, and we rejoice that It I* so. ton I earonuble degree (hirer, fill Tlx r ih a four dayr' va- j " 'iitimi, bor,k'< an I taakr are tor the time rarely locked up I hi ii th- m-houl-honm. ari l ulmnrt <r<ry thing in the rhripe ' or if a ln,r a anil carriage la employed. from morning I'll I lo ilghl. in tranrportlng little boja and gtrlr to nnd from in he -dicartng pen It does one'a iirart good to ire thn I ni leiir creutur-,. dreancd in their gayert and prcltlert, I " niH'lii! arid joking ar if they were never to know nam I vr ,r tr, hi hi" in the world, and -vi ry one Jingling nnmpla- ' r' -ntly the five or ?l* copperr with whloli hie pocket la lilt 'nrniehed to buy lot* of bun* and boiled egg*. Heaven j w tlerr the little oner, wherever they are, they scatter run- 1 hin, around thorn; without, the dear plaguer, life would , lardly h-worth having. The oheep have fallen off nidly hlr year. We ar? Informed that, there are atmul QOOU i ,ir era than there were laid, year and that the flock will not |? urn out much, If any, more then M100 rtrong There- I , |, 'ere early frosts loat winter killed the feed, which ae- . j,0 ountr for till-great mortality The nil in her of lamhc 1 nl) oo ir iiiiii ually rmnll oul about I iOt> Lartyear there rere "'ion. The hirtory of Nmtucket inform" it" that ),,, ii IJ7d there were toward* Ifl.dOOaheep on the Irland, tj,i i, .irly twice a* many ae there now arc A'antuck'l rn /unn .Jimr d',. ^ I)u Pan Footi:.? thih ludivulnol, urrcntrrl net M tirfi, and held t<> bnil, lit'1 r n protrnctcl tie Xainlnntion. on the charge of produclog th" death of mi iin wife, by heating Iht. war Indicted for murder at the . lio ite rexainu (>f the grand jury in UnJ county lie Ir on iow iu prison awaiting hi* trial.? Chenango '1'rltgra/iS. j to E K A ] lU'llglnut Intelligent'*. uiina rOH Ji-ni-?-'7. 41ti Sunday after Trloity , St. Peter. Apostle and Martyr. July ?I, ilh Sunday erTrinity; 11. Oth Sunday after Trinity; 18.7th Suny after Trinity; Jo, St. Juruet, Apostle and Martyr? a Suuday after Trinity. The sum of frbOOlliwi recently beeu raised, by subriptlou. in the city of Providence, for the purchase of :ty-lwo pews, containing JOtl sittings, in Orace church, be forever free lly an agreement entered into net-on the corporation and the subscribers, these pevrs e to be free from all taxes for any purpose whatever The consecration of Grace church, West f arms, will ko place on Mon lay. tlie'JSth inst , at half past 10. A. . We learn that the Rev Washington Rodman has ccpted a unanimous cull to the pastoral charge of this irish | The Rev. Mr. Savage and family, late of tin- Cnpo 1 ilinas mission, arrived at this port on Monday la-'., in I le ship Madonna, from West Africa I The Rev, Mr. Miles, of the Constantinople mission, | so arrived home a few days since. Tlie vestry of St. Matthew's Church. Jersey city hare. ' itU great magnanimity, settled upou the aged and Ten- i Mi- nviui, in _,. ? nitiij, t permanent ullliuuy luring 111* niitural life) ot four hundred dollars. and re- , ased him from all the active duties and control of the iris 11 In: still retaining all the dignities attaclied to I nit office. era from Homo (date that the Pope's birlhday was ce- I orated with griiiil4enthiisiai>m ou the 13th ull.. Vgrand , I'lviou: service was performed at the church of St loin i f Cateran after which his holiness bestowed his lietie- , ictiou ou tin; multitude, who conducted liiiu hack to I da palace in triumph, strewing the streets through which ! ie passed with llowers. and rcuding the air with dvaleuug cheers of affection. In the small town of Suuuniniato. (Iraud Duchy of f uscany. in which some time a Kunsiuu schisaatic and a protectant lady embraced the l'ailh of the j rue chinch, two of the prolestaut ladies have just iuii- i ati'il their example. One of them made a puhln- abju ation but tin- other desired to renounce protestantism | a secret in order to avoid measures of persecution which ln> had cause to fear ou the part of her family. The flight Rev. bishop DeLancey will admiuister the oly rite of uouttrination, Iu the floating l liurch of our j avior. this afternoon. Services commeuce at half-past o'clock. The Hight Rev. Bishop Hopkins, of Vermont, is exec ted to preach iu St. Peter's Church, JOtli street, this lorning Tile Itiglit Rev. Bishop Kasthurn, of Massachusetts, | lay bo expected to preach in tit. Peter's Church, this I fteruooti. The Bishop of Oxford has been making cousiderable dditious to the episcopal residence at Cuddesdeu, iuclulug doruiitories for the clergy (whom his lord-diip, it is uiierstood, proposes to uulertaiu with something like j ucieut hospitality.) and a private chapel for domestic | ?e. The windows of this latter building are to be filled ilh stained glass ; the glass for one of which has been ! resented by her Majesty, and for another by his grace | :io primate. 'I'liu Trustees of the General Theological Seminary eld their annual Session on Wednesday evening, at St. ohu'sChapel. Bishops Brownell, Hopkins, Doaue. Whitiugham, De Laucey and Potter, uud a large number of lerical and lay members were present. Uisliop Lie Laney's propositions submitted last year, rountnuionding to | he General Couvoutiou the dissolution of the Seminary, nd its conversion into a Diocesau school,were taken up or discussion, and, alter uu animated deiia'te, rejected by n overwheliuing vote. Their adoption was advoated chiefly by the bishop of Western New Vork nd tlie Rev. Mr Van Ingen, and opposed by Bisli- ' pa Hopkins, Whiltinghiuii and Potter, Rev. Drs. I arvis. MoViekar and Burgess. Rev. Mr. Converse .lid .Mr. K A. Newton. Bishop Hopkins, as we learn, fas the tlrst to reply to Bishop lie Lancey, and his iloquent and powerful appeal in tavor of sustaining a ;etieral seminary, was listeued to witli deep interest, nid made a very great impression. Uu tlie vote being ! aken, the Bishop of Western New York and eleven | itlier trustees were in favor of adopting I lie resolutions; I JlsliopH Brownell, Hopkins, Uoauu, WhlltingUaiil and 'otter, und forty or fifty other members voting lor their < ejection. ('i.ebicai. Chanok*.?The lt?v. c. S. I'utnaui has | aken charge of St. Paul's, Woodbury, Conn. The Rev. itbcl Ogden has removed from Windham, to Bridgewa- ( ,er. Conn. The Rev. is. A. < larit to the rectorship of \ hrist Church, Plymouth, Mass. Tlie Jt?;v. M. P. Stlck ey has removed from Marblobead to < uuihridgeport, llass. The Rev. Klisha K. Watson, late in charge of St. Matthew's, Jamestown, lias removed to Wuketleld. H. I. 1'he Rev. li. II Bourne, from New York to i'eiiusylva* lia. The llev. A. U. Mercer, to the rectorship of St. ohn's, Staten Island, in this diocese. The Rev D. ieushaw, from Rhode Island, to Maryland. The Rev. V. S. Child, from Virginia, to Rhode Islund. The iter. '. M. iluhbard has resigned the charge of Christ hurch, Newborn, and uercpfed the rectorship of Tri- ' ity School,the new Diocesan School of North Carolina, ) ear Raleigh. I'allce Intclltgemr, Clung'of fr'orgt i y?Oflleer I ummtngs. of the lower i olice, arrested yesterday a uiau by the name of 1). R. oyd. on a warrant lssU'd by Justice iloomu, wherein he \ lands charged with having forged an alteration on a romissory note drawn by Deticssou and Ackerman. reding at No. 1)17 Bowery, for the sum of <>100. It upears that tile above note w i drawn at sixty days, dale J u the -47th of March last, by Derickson and Ackerman, lid made payable to 1). R Boyd, and Boyd in order to I egoliate thu note is charged with having "inserted "or orer " in the liody of the uote.makiug the paper negotiable, nd pay ing the same to .Mr. Israel viinor, No. '714 Kultou rcet, for u valuable consideration; lior would he (Mr. i linor) have taken the nolo had it not been made puyule to order. Justice Osborne detained tbo accu ed for further licuring ./l/s/n/d ill liajir.--Olliesr Bumstead of the 10th ward, rrestcd yi sterday, a black fellow called Thomas Harris, n a charge of attempting to commit a rape upon the I ?rson of l.lizabeth Kaunagner, also colored. Justice I etclium locked him up for trial " /Iniisr IaJI."?1 he dwelling house, No. 44 Cast I tit li reet, was entered about J o'cloeg on Krtduy afternoon ! 1 some sneaking thief, who curried off 4 silver table ; m>ouh. I d?**nt?rt spoon*. I tea ripoon>yi mil spoon*, and I | nistard spoon. all market/ L J.; also 1 silver fork, markI J. II. J No arriht. jh sun and hi jdnily OUlc i Ilervoy.fd' the 3d ward, rrehted $ esterday a young man by Ilie name of I.hw nee Lee nupte, uu a charge of selling tire > the premise* uf liis fa i her, Mr Nicholas L?nnpte. coufcctioner, No -ll Oreenwich street, , appears the yuug man has beeu for some time pant ihoring under temporary til* ot insanity, and ycster- , ay he nut* red the above pr? mi < s, aud Hi t tire lu a lot j l cloths that, were standing in a basket in the utile, i etween it and U o'clock lu the day. A'he siunke seen 1 *su; ig from the window the alarm, and Lli tire / i< f(iriuuav?-iy ?x. u#l limbed be lb e much d&in.tge was lone Justice Osborne committed the ^ outig mail to n isOii in e iaiii 'latum of tw > physicians liui gm .y Suuic d iritig burglar* en ?r*?i the dwelltig ii luse : : i ualeu 111 .Ai til street, m ar ike .i I avenue. CCUphdhy i K I oUUeide. about .i oTlueg ycMcrlay morning i.Saturday) and carried off ten siUer tea poons, nnu table spoon, one | t?r ol ijOld ;t r dr-'ps. set | irilh tutu garnet stones; Lw?< gold llng r rings. wilU hair, ! lie sliver do. Tile servant gni hiu awoke by the rob- i era and saw one, whom she believes to be a black mail ?o arreijf, ll.ibh ii.; a J\ll (jtllccr Hoye of the 'id ward, arr est- , d yesterday a fellow called Peter Shell, r, on a charge f dealing .i. p| bunk i ill from the ?in y drawer of Pe r Lang, NT I:* ?1Pulton street Locked up by .Junci? (inboruo lor trial , Jrrtit of n fugilivt. (MHc? r Mills, of the id ward, r res ted yesterd iy a black man by the nauib of Sandford arter. oil a warrant i fiicd by a magistrate from New av? n < onn.. where ho stands * barged wi ill stealing a .itch valued at >.?T He was conveyed back to the hove place by officer Skinlier. of New Haven Har^lury I'ho dwelling house. No 1(11 Waverly 1 lace, c.uruer of wnIJougal street, was burglariously en- ! red ou I riclay ufi . rnoon, during the Presidential pro- j isHion, by forcing an entrance through the hack be sclent window, and ransacked each room, from I he attic ? the basement. breaking open bureaus, trunks i*c vidently iu search of silver warn or jewelry. Abuseriiit hi the absence of the family, was unable to ascertin werther any silver had been stolen ('bar^t of llurtflat y. ? i ?ffieers Barker snd Mv?'r . ot in Kighlh ward, arrested on Pnday, a man by Hie iiiiih ot ileorge White on a bench warrant Issued by the ourt of Session*. charging him with burglary Locked | plor trial by Justice Merrill. Grand Latmiy /V woman called ihuuiab Kullard ( as aj rested yestt rday on a charge of stealing from If ^ . Latliu Locked up by Justice Ketch tun Charge. oj Crnn,I l.arcray ( nptain lianlliT and Of- j { rcer Mindly, of the (>th ward, arrested on l-rnbiv night a i woman, called Kli/.a Willct- and Isaac Willi t- >n f charge of stealing f,o in specie from a trunk also a lot j clothing, vu.u? d at f?IO, in all ftlO, the property of bra ham box. No I ? < litre street The robbery wo* rented on the 2*2rl insL , and las! night the above olficers JCCeeded in arresting tbe thieve i. lustlco Ofbofno eked them up for trial Ow .Kit Wantkti.-\N'- ?i ' in our immcsaion .Mild tine h hmil wuh found yo^trnl.iy m u inv^u .,-k I <li whil 't * -? '""ilk |?r"P?r?d ? >?" "f Upon it in two BftttjroklKKdo*m, In th???lt?rfu or poriton that Weenl . , j,|r.-i t.. (li'.Noinioatr bill in.' i.nd cooing." 1 hN.i tli'1 'vrit ' for fver roii.tnut," llow tin. ' c'( l'l< ii b <M r iiiiB within tho r</rpori?t? liniltk <if IIiIr ' inbioiH"'"f tb? finny tribn, our r. n.l.T. iniinf .njortor" for l!i-ni "lvi" It may W tlmt Mtmn on., of j :?>rri mii reniK"""" l*" tt,n w *tr' """ 11 nu> , n ,v||| gladly rt*"tor?* it 1 narlnton Ntws, Junr 12 (\i\ii..iiAM Tii'' ?rrivi l?" of iimrii^rnnIm hi v (ic!)i r hi" inor'*:ininir rapidly, ?tn?l irn?-t of lliem ? n In a dcatltuto mnl 4IhkmpiI r.on lltlon They ?r? (l;? I i f hy anorca Ht Hi" hospital*, i?nil hundred* ham fallen ' Hum to fhii barharoua mode In which they arc trani- * rt"d HIT"-.' tliii Atlantic Many clilpn are now nf. i|ii?r- I tine at <!rr??>"> Me, on board ol which there li;?V" Wen I nthe varyinit In numMr from TO to ami in which ' ii.lri il* arc now nick Including in ><mn" In-tancca ail ' ? I.Ulcere ail'l crew /fill'- n 1'rnrrllrr. Junr 'J.V 1 can i. .1' i.\\ ('u.ihkih.? \ writer in the iltninT" full ii I y:> til M <'tivc John.ion'n only mprchonhion and appreciation of Uin proKraaalon of ^ an" ami the ({real principle nl' prograM. iceiiiM to ho f in iff* ted in hla th'idre to reduce a four-hone to a two- , ree coach, a tw horac coach to u one liorec.Vutruy, a 1 < horae-hngity to a aaddle-bone. and n caddie-horae ; u mule, or to a mau <>U toot, and barefooted at that! Li). TW Ottll, Law Intelligence. iBtirir Court.?Qarrit H. Struker vi Thomat Kelly.?This caw lias been before tne court several lines, anil lia? been once to the Court of trron It awe on to be tried yesterday before Judge bdmonds ipon the question of the legality and validity of an ea icssinent sale for the opening of the Ninth Avenue. I'he action was to recover rent of the defendant, who vac defended by the corporation, upon the ground that he property rented, bad been sold by the corporation or a thousand years, and a lease given The plaintiff leniod the legality of the assessment, and contended It ras no bar to his recovery The testimony shows that ho collector's affidavit had been taken before a notary uiblic. who was not authorised to take affidavits Also, hut tlie notice of sale had not been published the siigth of time required by law. aud that the redeiupion notice had not been published as the law directs "or these reasons the judge held the assessment sale In 'uliii. and ths jury rendered a verdict for the plaintiff, or *10I 13. the amount claimed We understand the ase will be taken to the supreme court, on bill of ex eptioni. nn<l ari(ued next week at Utiea Dromons or ths CisetiT Jluos*. June 30 ?tirnel E. Vnderhill uds John Clark?Motion to eet aside report uf rurvree denied K. O. Dorr for defendant. Mart indole for plaintiff John M. Stcormli Samuel Mown*?Plaintiff WOO the purchaser of goods and chattels subject to a mortgage, which was not paid, an I became forfeited Held that he could not maintain trover New trial granted H. Stunrt for plaiutiff. ! reneh and f-heppard for defendant. In thr mailtr oj ll'ittiuni Union* H ilt. ? On appeal from Surrogate His decree admitting the will to probate Hfliriued P \V Tucker for respondent. In thr mallet of Henrietta moke"i Will.?On appeal froui Surrogate lfeld. that it is not necessary for a teetutor in publishing a will to declare it suck to the witnesses It in enough to make the declaration in their presence at the time of its execution. A witness reiiuueled to attest the execution, by a third person in testa tor ? presence, regarded as requested by testator. Surrogate's decree, refusing to admit the will to probate, re versed. Hrrrstor. Covbt, Iii Banco?Decisions?Sargent es. Cram?Motion to set aside inquisition denied Slr/ihrm vs. Una si vrlt?J udgineul lor defendant on demurrer, with liberty to plaintiff to amend, on payment of eosts, within 10 days after notice of rule. Onidcs. Jiirrne et. uf.?New trial granted on payment of costs. Brower vs. Benton ? Judgment for plaintiff. Same vs. Crandall?Judgment for plaintiff. Lallier vs. Brui t?Judgment, for plaintiff. Bawter veJEIdridgt, et. al ?Judgment for plaintiff on demurrer, with liberty to defendaut to plead 4e novo on payment of costa. Legged st. al vs. Perkins?Judgment for defendant. Bennett vs. The Mayor i)-c. of New York?New trial granted, costs to abide the event. Giffard vs. Wood?Motion to vet aside report of roferoe denied. Fleetwood vi. Donley?Judgment for plaintiff. The Mayor, <f-r , of Few Fork adi. Griffin?Motion for new trial denied. The name ads. Whiting?New trial granted; costs to abide the event. ITauljertal vs. Mnhnny?Judgment for defendant, and that such judgment be euteied nunc pro tunc, as of36tb March, 1W47. when argument of said cause olosed. The same in Underbill?Judgment for defendant. The same vs. Baylis ? Judgment for defendant. Coserare et al. vs. Town send?Motion for a new trial denied. Gentral Mutual in furnace Company ads. Ogdtu? Judgment for defeudaut on demurrer, with liberty for plaint ill to am?nd, on payment of costs within ten days after notice of rule. Jlurtis vs. McJUanus?Motion for new trial denied. The Few Hope and Delaware Bridge Co. et. Phmsstx Bank? New trial denied. The People vs. Thai. Drwsrnhury?Judgment for plaintill' on demurrer to first plea, and for defendant on second plea, with liberty for both parties to plead dsnavo on payment of dnts, within ten days after notice of this rule. Waters ads. Perry et al.?Judgment for defendant on demurrer, with liberty to plaiutlff to reply rfcneee, on payment of costs wltuin ten days after notice of this rule. Beach vs. Mitchell?Judgment of non-suit. Perry ads Wafers?Motion to set aside report of re feree denied. Read vs. Davis ri al.?Judgment for plaintiff. Livingston ads Filch et al?Judgment for plaiutlff on de murrer, with liberty to defendant to plead on payment of ro-ds.within ten days alter notice of this rule. Common I'i.iaa?In Ba*co? Decisions.?Wiltoa ad* /in i.i >1 llurtbut. ? Verdict set aside, with costs to abide event. Frwson >{' Hickman ads. West ?Judgment for plaintill on demurrer, to third branch, on payment of ooets J udguiuut for defendant on the other demurrer. Plaintill may amend mi payment of costs. Finitely 4" Codman ads the People of the State af Few I'ark.?Verdict confirmed with costs. < ot'iiT Cai.kndar. for Monday?Circuit Court? Causes reserved, and from No. 'JOti to the end of the genI.riil I'll 1 ? ,<! f, r* f HI-..- ~-r ?? ....... . ucmmoii nt?| in HI?OI.OV, td, ?l, 17. 4D. 61,!i3, 13, ID id rart-138. 140, 14'3, 144, 300, SOU, 14(1. 148, 1.4), 163, 16(1, 100, 103, 104,38. Hi i-i.iuon Conn .?Notices of Untie for the July term or this ( ourt. must bu tiled with the clerk on or before Wednesday, the :?0lli instant Court oi Uknkkal Bkssiuns, Saturday, June '30?Before llncorder Scott nnd Aldermen Adams and Gilmartin. Jnhu McKoon, Ksij , District Attorney?Plea ?/ (iuillij,?At thu opening of tho Court this morning. John Donahue pleaded guilty to an assault and battery , on Michael Kenny, and was lined $.0. Jlnother.?George Waters and George W. Howard, indicted tor grand larceny, in having on the 4th day of May, stolen from James li. Htrangeway, of No. &i Fourth street, silver ware and jewelry to the value of $36, pleaded guilty of petit larceny, and were sentenced to the penitentiary for six months each. Sentente.?William J. liill. convicted previously for obtaining goods to the value of $10?i, from Charles Hopkins. No. !>ti Maiden lane, was sentenced to the penitentiary for sixty days. 7 rial for Receiving Stolen Goo,/j?James Behan and Catharine Uchan were then placed at the bar for trial, on an iudictuient lor receiving stolen goods, on the '34th day of January last. Jons Miutatt, sworn.?My store on the '38th of January last, was at No. I liathani street; on that day two men called at my store, when one of them said bs wanti d a coal; and sfti r trying ou a number, said I bad none that would suit; that evening. I shut up my store as usual, and about .'> o'clock next morning a policeman came In my house, and said my store had been broken open; I went to the store, and fuuud that about $76 worth of goods had been stolen; 1 have since seen about $.' I worth of the is; the handkerchief now shown is one that was stolen from my store. Jaiiis Jos i s. sworn ?On the '37th of January. I went to the store of Mr MntTatt. in company with a man named Kllis. who said he wanted to price a coat; alter coining out ,.f the store, f ills asked me if I saw that place; I told him 1 did; he then said he was going to - crack'' that place that, night, about 13 o'clock, wo w. nl to the plae. and another fellow named Afiluina, WHO was with us. look a crow liar oyt of his pocket, and wrung oil i he padlock, with winch the door was fastened; \>c li c.. Went In and took the goods. Wetlieu went to the house ot Behan. and Mrs Kcliau asked who was .here, after being toll, the door was opened, and we went in when Mrs. U brought a basket into which the goods were put; we then went back in the store and got more good* which we took to the house of Ueban, wiieii another basket was biought to put the goods in; we tin*li went to the house of 1 ankee Jack, to get something to drink; after we left Y ankee Jack's, we went again to the store arid look more goods, all of which we t' "k to It-'litin'n hmiki' which w.uitn f lu rry "treet, Mr* II helped to receive tin* good* The good* were cnata, pint* vest*. handkerchief* cravat*. silk* rout pattern#, N.c The caan wa*. under charge of the rourt. eubmittad to the jury, who rendered a verdict of not guilty I h> rourt, then it Ijourned until the Ur*t Monday In Tilly Ai. wiama Fi.ut'K.? I wo or three consignments i I' Hour, in oil 2 io 300 sacks, have arrived here f hi* week from the Interior. It w?* ground and put up i y Itnhert leiiiieon *en , of Talladega county toot . glity nidi ? above U'eiumpka The quality of tbla II nr la i .iniil to the common Ohio brand*, and wa* raadi y gold oil arrival nl f I " per rack of WH I ha . and I# now letallmir from store at >4. which la equivalent to per I hie, w? hope, in the beginning of a new branch of Indiiatry in x oilh Vliihama. 1'he whole of the Talladajr,t viillev i' finely adapted to wheat culture Tha aoll la what ia termed limestone land and Ilea remarkably well, ur I with the requisite kiiowlud|(e and aklll properly di reefed n- rich return* of wheat, we believe, can be had iherea- in any portion of the H eat Mr Anderaon, of the ?tenin mill, har juat received, we learn, 100 aaoka of Uahatna wheat, of t he present year * crop Tbla will af'ord him mi opportunity ot te*tltig hi* ikill In making native" flour tout run compete with the wmtern. ? JVa >i/r lltralil June 10 Till: Wtnit, Thadk.?The pronpecl lor ihe wool rude in the western pirt of' tlie State ia quite itvi.ratile tlii* year Price* are better than laat year, mtwllhutanding the change of the rate of duty on tha mported article The liuffuln Courier <d frlday *ay* ?" The woel narkd begin* to open, and price* are conntdcrabty bat* er than la*t reaenn Sale* of 8.000 lb*, of vartotU lualltiea at from tti to :10c l.a*t year the rang* of conation deecrlptlon* wa* from 17 to ifl " The Kochfttrr Ittmocrnl of Tueaday, naya" PrtoM .pen. on an average, about three rente per pound higher hau i act year The average in the name in other point*. During the past week about J.V00O pound* have boon ' "" """ " ? ? ??| JIUJI iruui MI .11) 'rut* Hut lew lot* of the belter deecrlpllon* hare yet tppenrrd." "Hi is a M a si!"?< >ur neighborhood has been 0 thoroughly drained ol' wheat, that it lina heen ouiewhat dtfllmlt to find enough for heuie consumption l lain A weak or two ago. a farmer of oar neighbor moil. In view of the foregoing circumstance*?and when ill ot hern held their wheat at from fl 7ii to placed 01 of wheat In It. II. Mtnlth's mill, In thin Tillage. # ?ircssiy to accommodate the mechanic* and the poor of he neighhorhoiid- giving directions to the miller not to harge over f?l GO per bnsnel, nor to |pt any one peieoa lave more than t wo or three hushi-l* for their own use ? I'trry (if. V.) Drmmrnt. >1111' I kKit i\ V' r.?The |ico|ile ol Rutland, Vt.. hnvf lx r*n thrown into some exrilrment hy the appearance of "evcral case* of *hlp fever In their town They were, with a eingle exception, con lined to emigrant* who had Just arrived, ami who were attacked on their paeange through the country in purHull o| labor ; * m