Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1847 Page 3
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J'" i 1 IIMI.JJL upon the Bank by the tirg* foreign parftenti of the minister : and these operatlone were reluctantly confuted to by the director*, from a belief that the safety the country from a foreign enemy depended on them, but why lsthl* extreme oare of the purity ofthestandurd of value, ot the Integrity of the pound aterling, ao important ' It would be mere pedantry to be looking >o carefully after a possibly small fractional difference for u short time between gold and paper. If this object were not combined with the more Important one of Oiaivitaining. as well as circumstances will permit, ao equable value of money?i f money taken in its popular muse, and consisting among us of the combined ingredients of paper and metal?of money ae compared with ?nd commanding all commodities. Now, this fright of h" Bank, with ten millions in her coffers, of violating this parliamentary restraint, lias driven her into proceedings which have depreciated to a very great extent very description of property, food only for evident reaious excepted. It would not be easy to estimate this depreciation extending over all merchandize, stocks, railroad shares, Ike. ; it probably would uut be overstated at from 10 to 20 percent; but what is worse, it has paralyzed this property in the hands of the possessors, rendered it unavailable towards meeting their engagements. and thus produced in many cases pecuniary sacrifices much beyond the mere depreciation of the Talue of the property itself, it has furthor occasioned the suspension of the execution of orders from our customers in every quarter, thus distressing manufacturers. and impeding those very operations which would have corrected the tendency to an unfavorable bulunce of trade.and given safety to the circulation ofthe ilnnk It is needless to follow np farther ail the fatal consequences to capital branching from this mistaken anxiety about currency ; the latter is. after all. but the shadow of the former?the small change by which the trnnactions are liquidated, though undoubtedly in some respects the regulator of its value ; but I have no hesitation in thinking that, if these enormous lluctuations in the value of property and these occasional disturbances in manufacturing industry are inseparable from the circulation of bank-notes, we pay too dear for this accommodation. great and useful ae it is ; and that it would be more safe to have no banks of issue, and use only t hose of deposit, like a great trading city of Hamburgh, i um, however, equally oonvinced that no such sacrifice Is necessary ; and that but for the artificial restraiuts of the law, the integrity of the currency or the medium ol value could be adequately maintained without disturbing the more essential equable currency ot property and capital. If the Birminsham Dhilosonhers are nuzzled bv tilt- question so often put to them, to define what they mean by a pound sterling when their paper is clothe in itj irredeemable character, sounder reasoners appear to have equally failed in any precise definition of the word 'currency* The act of IW4 treats it simply as bank notes to bearer; but they who observe critically and carefully all the varied mates of out moneyed transactions, must recognize an almost endless variety of objects acting more or loss directly, and with more or less celerity, the same part?bills of exchange at long or short dates?Kxchequer bills? India and railroad bonds?deposits on demand* with the (treat money-brokers?latterly post office orders for small sums passing from town to town, of which useful description of quati ourrency the public will probably be surprised to learn?that little short oi 6.000,<1001 were circulated last year. But above all, deposits, both with the Bank of England aud private bankers. are a most essential part of this currency, though they do not appear in the tangible shape of a piece of paper passing from hand to hand ; they are in fact the most formidable meanB of commanding the treasures ol 1 ae Bank, though they seem to be wholly overlooked by cur exclusive guardians of the currency. The theorist fries in circulation nothing but the bank note ; but the practical man engaged in large operations knows bow mauy millions pass through his hands without his seeing or touching a bank-note, and how many varied securities aud engagements perform the essential duties of his circulation. it is undoubtedly true that the ofHoes performed by these several articles are different from those performed by the paper which is the immediate representative of the metallic standard ; but they all concur, in degrees and modes differing from each other, which it would be difficult to define, and whioh appear to escape all precise analysis, in circulating the immense transac1 tious of our colossal commercial body." BIOGH BaXCIinnKC* $U!l(J(l Trea Notes, 6's 107},' 100 shsr'arin Loiui buw 35 7000 do 107 100 Morrii Canal 19% 10000 do s30 107 100 ilo blm 20 lOOOfl do b$0 107^ 160 do 19V , luoo do 6 2-6 m\ AO Nor 8c Wor RR i90 62 3000 Iiliuois Spcl lids 49 . 76 do 62V li'OO do 48V 60 do s30 62V 6000 Indiana Bonds 46% 200 do 63 6000 do 46% >00 do bSO 63V 2000 do 46 260 do 63% 2000 do 46V 60 Reading RK COV 10000 Peun6's 80V 465 do 66% 12000 do 80 350 Long Island RR 31% 25900 do 80% 200 do 31% 10000 do 80 % 60 do blO 32 16000 do jDO 80 760 Ilarlein RR 65 1000C Reading Bonds 79 60 do 66% SO.iO do .Vltge 77% 26 Stnningtou RR 58% 100 sbis Farmers'Loan 34% 60 East Boston 18% I 200 do s30 34% 59 do 18 600 do 36 Second Board $5000 Reading Bonds, b3 79% 200 shas Harlem Kit b3 66% 60 id do 79% 200 do s3 66 6000 do 79.% 50 do 6?% 10000 do 7!l% 60 do 66 000 do 79 60 Readiug RR 66% 10000 do 1>3 79% 60 do 66% 3000 Indian.. Bonds b30 46% 160 do 66% 60 alias Harlem RR 66% 60 do s60 66 50 do 65% 200 Canton Co 48 H'tl (1 > blO 65% 25 do 47% 60 do 65% 5 Ktonincton RR 58% 150 do 66 50 Nor U Wor RR 63% New Stock Exchange. $2000 Tr(a Notes stv 107%' 60 ?has llailem RR c 66 ; luoo (Vim 5 ? :>3 80% 50 do b3 65%' , 50 shss Loug Isl RR bCO 32% 60 do c 66% 50 do |30 31% 260 do c 65% 60 do s'JO 31% InO do c 65 50 do c 32 100 Morris Canal b3 19% 10 do l>3 32 2o Nor 6i Wor ltR c 63 60 Farmers'Loan slO 31% 26 do c 53% 'OOHailemRK c 66 5" do c 53% 100 do sB 65 50 do C 53 250 do b3 66 CITY THAOK UK POUT. New Vork, Saturday Aktkr.noom, June 2(1. Sales of flour were made to a fair extent to-day. chiefly at $7 a 7 12% for Michigan and Genesee. Some on all low of mixed Michigan were unlet at $0 87}?. A small parcel of extra Ohio aold at $7 60. and of ixtift Genesee do at $7 25, The market closed with some more firmness than yesterday, nt $7 a 7 12>i; the latter price being paid for good brand* of Genesee. Considerable sales of Ohio while wheat were made at 167 a 159c, and for extra do, at Hide. Corn continued to m >ve pretty freely, and sales of Northern mixed w?ie made at 00 a 92o; of Western do, at 85 a bOo; aud < t Northern yellow at 08c. Sales of New York State mcul were made at $4 60. Rye sold at 110 and oats nt 50o Provisions were very quiet, and rales limited. Sales < 1 new mess pork were made at $16 a 10 12>?. Prime do wo quote at $13 50. There was no change in beef or lard. Groceries were inactive. There was very little doing in sugar or molasses. There were some sales of Java coffee at Dc aud of St. Domingo at fi' i. The sale ol Sumatra, noticed yesterdny, was made at 6>t'c, at which further sales were msde to-day. llcrriFTi t>own the IIcdson River June 24. June 95. Flour, bhls 21,13.1 17,033 Cornmeal. bhls 640 1.386 Corn, bushels 23,67 I 36.678 Wheat, bushels 61.767 46,123 Rye, bushel*. ........ 3.766 1.223 A?hr?? We report sales of 130 bbls. pots at $4 87>{. We quote pearls at $5 68, Hmvn>?Turrs?Flour.? The sale* of Michigan and Genesee ilour. footed up alrout 23,000 barrels, at. $7 a $7 li>? Much of the Genesee sold at the latter figure cousisted of straight brands, with about 300 barrels; straight brands Michigan at the same price. 1,000 dc, mixed brands Michigan, sold at $0 81.'4, 600 barrels flat boo- Ohio sold at $7. 200 do extra round hoop do at $7 60. and tOO extra Genesee at $7 25. 2,000 do straight brands Genesee were reported sold to arrive by 10th July at $7. IVheat.?Good qualities of Ohio white, fcc were in good request and sales freely made, while poorer qualities, with mixed, Sec . were neglected The sales oi Ohio reached about 23 000 a 30.000 bushels, 10.000 ol which were white, and brought 158c. 2,700 ac. Massilon brought the same price. 6,000 do brougut 167c. 6 00(1 do extra wune. uruuguv ito. j oe reuisinucr orougni at,out 158c. C'im ? The Mir* of northern yellow, chiefly round, (including 3,li00 do In the flip.) reached about i ilS.OuO bui-hels. at 9hc 1.000 do Baltimore, mixed, sold at 85c ; 2.800 do western, mixed, sold ut 84g a 86c; 2,401 do heated, mixed, sold at 78n, and 2 600 do damaged yellow, sold at 86c, sales of about 20,000 do, chiefly northern mixed, were made at 92c, Including a parcel of gootl western do at 90%c. and 6,000 do western, were reported ' sold to arrive in August at 8i%c. Kyr.?A sale of I.AM bushels was made at 110c. Oati.?2,000 bushels sold at Alic Hoots asp Siioks ?Wages hare advanced A cents per pair on some descriptions Orders are large, and cannot bo Oiled as fast as required CispLrn-Sperm remained at 31c. Coerer.?We report sales of ltd) hags Java at !>c; 150 do St. Iiomingn at 6%o. and 100 do Sumatra at 6%c. 1,0 n o*?'J he business was moderate to-day Holders were generally less desirous of selling at the present rates, ana the amount on sale was considerably reduced Holders feel encouraged to wait for the next st eamer, as tlie difference between the two markets is now pretty much wiped off The following quotations are those st which parties will meet, and at the inside ones it is difficult to buy. LivxarooL Ct,ASSiriCATion. Nrw Or loam Upland*. Florida. Mob. <p Trxa* Inferior..., tone none none. Ordinary 10% ? 101* 10', * 10% 10% n 10% Middling 10% a hl% 1 % s II 10,%* It Oooit Middling 11 * 11% 11% a 11% 11% a llV Middling Kair 11% ? 11% ll% a 11% 17% a 12% F'air 11% a 12% 12 * 12% 12%.* 13 Fully /air 12% a 12% 11% a 12% !3% a 13% ttood Fair Htm*, none, no e. none 13% a 1?% Fine... . none none, none none, none none Fish?Wc report sales of 600 quintals new cod at $3 87% Mackerel In the large way. were dull, whili the retail demand continued good 3 a 400 half bbl. Connecticut shad wero sold, the No. 2 ut %" and the No l's at *8. Kst'iT?Sales of about 600 boxes (''layer's'') ralsint were niadi! on prlrate terms. HrMr was quiet. Hiuks? The sales have been moderate during thi week A parcel of Rio Grande sold at 11 %. ti mos; about 3000 Minns at 12, H mos; 1000 Southern, 8 to 8% cash BOO Mnrscalbo and a cargo on private terms I-t:*n?The arrivals from New Orleans were large, and purchases could have been made at >4 44. Li i mm -The market is Arm. with steady sal"* Wr quote hemlock light and middling weights. 16% and 17 heavy 16 and 15%; damaged 10 to 1 l%o. Oak slaughtei light. 22 to 24c; heavy end middling 20 to 22; finished upper I2%r per foot: calf skin, tine, 00 to f I per pound vtoi.Ainr.n No sales of momi-Ht transpired. Navai. Srnnn ?Small sales of spirit-, turpentine were reported at 34%e a 35c I'aovtsin ,s.?Sales of 300 bbls. new mess Pork wer? made at fl'i a *18% ; prime wan steady at Fia 60. H,,i ontliin?U Urm. but soles were limited. Lard exhibit i-d i> change * ? R i'?u idiot. and prleM unchanged. I 81 Tnere tu not much doing, while prices re ^ MaiaeJ the game. Srao.?We report .tale of 5000 lbs. Ohio New Clover, at 7c. Tobacco?We annex the usual weekly statement of ? pri-es. sales, receipts, and stocks on hand, for the week , ending this afternoon. Sold Rcc'd Mil Stock ( Prictl Mis teetk. week, en hand. J Kentucky. Virginia . . < and N. Carolina,. 8X10 7X 'M hds. - 8471 hds. , 3.X 6X , 1 Maryland and Ohio, ? ? ? 18 hds. { Connecticut seed... S to 18 ? ? 108 cs. , Pcuustlrani.t seed, 7 to 16 ? ? 81 cs. Florida 5 to 6C ? 8 cs 8H cs. Haraua 88 to!25 40 bsles. ? 881 bis. 27X ? Cuba 17 to 30 311 bales. 80 bis 898 bis. Vara 35 to 43 ? ? 336 bis. ' St. Domingo ? ? ? ? I At anctlon. 17 hhds. Kentucky at V\ a 7'i ; 40 bales ! Cuba atlIX a 13 ; 198 bbls. Domingo at II a 13. The < market ooutinues In the same state as last week , Whalkbone.?No change in prices. VVhiAkkv ?Was dull at '28 cents. , Wool.?The stoi'k of fleece continued rery light. The < following prices msy be considered those ruling the mar- ! ket at present:?Combing 27 a 29c.; native. 2.3 a 27c ; a half-blood 32 a 34c ; throe quarter do. 35 a 37X? ; full do.. 33 a 40c; baxouy. at 40 a 50c. Fkeiciits - -lid. was uaid for a direct Dort in Ireland. for grain iu bulk; ami 3k for flour in a British vessel, to , Liverpool 4 800 barrel* were engaged to London. In an | American vessel, at 3h. Od There woe nothing new , transpired with regard to engagements for the conti- < nent. 1 TELEGRAPHIC. Market*. 1 Haliimokk, June 26? P. M. { There was rather more doing to-day, at the late reduc! tion previously noticed, and wo report sales of 3000 barrels Howard street flour at $6 40 a $6 60. Wheat was I | also more active, and sales of 3000 bushels Marylund and , Pennsylvania red were made at $1 25 a $1 33. We report sales of 5000 bushels of corn, including parcels of > mixed, yellow and white, at Soc. a 88c. Meal was in siant supply, and held at full prices. Provisions were inactive. ! Al?4NV, June 26? P. M. Our flour market continues very dull, while prices re| main nominally as yesterday. Sales were very limited. ! Wheat continued to move, and we report sales of 5000 bushels chiefly Ohio, white, &c at $1 60. Corn also continued to sell, and about 5000 bushels changed bands at 00a92c, consisting chiefly of western and northern i yellow. Whiskey dull, and price nominal. Provisions without change, and wales moderate. Receipts by canal - for the preceding twenty-four hours were about as follows: Flour, 20,000 bbls.; corn 18 000 bushels; wheat 23,000 do. Bosron, Juno 26?P. M. Hour continued very dull. Southern brandrf were inactive, at 58 a $8 50; good brands of (ienosee were worth 57 75, with light sales. and mixed brands Michigan with Oswego do. at $7 50. Corn was very dull at 80c. for mixed; and 51 for round Northern yellow. Provisions were inactive, and sales very light. Box sugars were in good demand at fi>* a 8c. [Telegraphio Correspondence of Phil. Bulletin. Pittshuro, June JO, 1 SIT. There is no improvement of foeliug in the Flour market. The sales are very limited at $<175 to $5, and occasionally a sale of extra at 55 25. There are 5 feet 4 inches water in the channel. Grain as yesterday. No movement in Provisions. Married, "On Saturday, 26th inst., by Hev. A. Verren, Mr. H. Baudoin, of France, to Miss Loiisn Favrr, of this city. On Wednesday, June 23. at Colliersville, Otsego Co., N. V., by the Hev. James W. Phillips, Sylvester Lyman, of the firm of Lyman, Converse It D. Pomroy, of this city, to Miss Elvira C., only daughter of Jared Goodyear, Esq , of the former place. 2 On Thursday. 24th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Uoddard, Brian O'Hara. of Ouayama, Porto Rico, to Mary A., daughter of the late Francis Lynch, of this city. L GOSLING, French Restaurateur, 61 and 66 Nassau St., returns his sincere thanks to liis numerous friends anu IMtroiis, who have so lilierally sustained hiin since he commenced his establishment, and belts leave to iuforin them that he is under the necessity of closing the same, in couse<|uruce of the propiietor being about to erect new buildings on that Spot. Mr. Gosling will keep his office upstairs for the ensuing two weeks, where all having claims against the above establishment will please to callTor payment. jc27 7t re ijlKRHJ&T fc CO.* cheap ANTTkLeg AN T MUSIC. J- ? A Comp ete assortment, consisting of Hongs, Pieces, Marches. Polkas, Waltzes, Galopides, ate , Stc , including several new pieces, just received and for sale at the agency. No. 237 Broadway, at one third the prices of similar music elsewhere. Also, Tanner's Pocket Maps of all kinds. je27 it?rc. N glue to visiters, Ike.?Gentlemen or Families having any supeitlu us elfects, such as w earing apparel, Jewelry, tirr arms, fuiuiture, Ike., which they desire to dispose of advantageously, have the best opp rtumty of doing so by sending for the snbicriber, who will attend tliem at their re sidences by appomtmeut. H. levett, flice No. 2 Will street, corner of Broadway. N B.?T ine addressed through the Post office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. jr27X*rc DK C.LLIOl'T, Oculist. 6*3 Broadway, inform, Ins patients llial during ihr summer months, he will be in his oilier, fnnn 16 to 4 o'clock, ou Tuesdays, and Thursdays j-? Tri-.-'Ir ,? irc .Kit FOR hOKvil s(i, I NT ft GO IK."PI UN H FOR >1AKH I AGE.?Tins s stein, ailnnugli unvel in New Yolk, is en,i.led to the cousiderntinn of a discerning public, it is concluded on the most cli tare and honorable principles, and presents to cand dales an opportunity of forming associations congenial to their tasie.,, of ascertaining character, dispoiltinn, habits, lie winch Cannot be obtained t rough any oilier medium. Ladies' office for ladies ouly, 61 Grand st. Gentle men's office, 3CK Lisiarnard st. j27 It'rc F BALHRDI SPsNinH LaNhUvgk.?A you g Si'.na.d h iving some le.sure hours, woald like to s|H>ud dnm iu giving private i atiuc'iim on if) reasonable terms. Any young man wishing to learn hi, in ) addicts a line to " Melchor,"jit hf oilier ol this i'"prr, winch will receive attention. Heffrence given if lerpincd. je27 2 *111 THi. eOL>K<??v INvi lhdt l.YloNt of the etiicicy ol Sclienck's Pulra >uic Syrup is given entire f r tnr benefit t of tile public: ? Air Jnli.i lie Witt of Sussex county. New Jersey, wti fur ' six in>>utlis slBicied witli pain in the side anil breast sp tti g uiuod il.nK, a iih a dirt essiug grave-yard ci ugh, was attend- d iiligeMly oy his physician, w'lio was c<>u .celled by 'then, to .in goo . effect lii then applied to me io obtain for him h If , i dozen bottles of Sehriick's I nlinonic Syrup, which he t. oil iccoidiiig to the directions. Af'er taking I wo bottles lie was i entirely lelieyed from all his at mpt<>m*, but continued liking the Sir luptill the half dozen b. tries were exhausted Hen i.ow well and enjoying good health. I aui brother-in-law In In. said John Lie Witt, and ijuite conversant wi h ihe circumstance I m in no way interested for Hchrnck, hut state lliib ve f icts for tlie encouragement of such as m iy be similarly ? afflicted. S A1 COOK, Jersey City, N. J. I'repared hy J. II. SKHKNf'K, and lor sale at his principal jffire, 32 South Sixth stieet, I'liiladelphia; 4 Kouitlaudt street. New fork; II State street, Bos low I and by Dntlfilts in genera I. j?ti *fr VI v I'ini iION v.? v gentleman iliirly year- of age ( t wib?L dower) resovctable, of good m ral character, strictly temperate, sociable, entireli Iree from debt, in moderate ciicumsiaiiCrs, poasessed of energetic busiuesa habits, (personal appearance not st all objectiona*ble) wishes to associate him-elf by marriage, with a widow or maiden lidy between 18 and 3d years of age, rr spec: able. smisbledispoaitnni, r?lher inteieating in personal appeirauee, who has means to render her in | a pecuniary V ew iudejienileut for life, re<|u ring ill it her orn, perty should br so secured to herself, as to ntiiely divest him of any iiiteirst use or co trol f the same in every respect. The j advertiser being prompted by motives truly siurrte, no reply | io this no ice wi I receive any atirutioii where there is the least reason to i)uesti n ira sincerity-. But w here there is iio j , doubt of sincerity, with a pledge that all correspondence shall . . -M IV..; kUI<>ii?Nl?ll, a |>rr?JMJI UCICri|HII)ll UIP1 pa f [ I C II I 1 l?H . with referp>,ccs to sourer* highly respectable in tins mid other cities, will be given, satisfactory to .the enquirer. To avoid deceptions which tnay be practised, no cummuuiea'iou will lie I ircetved unless |>oat-|i?i(l, which sliall be treated strictly con, lidentisl, sud receive the most respectful attention. Addrrsi A.M., Eaquirer, through the post office, New York. I jelSMisJ^r ' [ Krom the krancn-Americau 2Jd June. ] WIIKS1 LINO.?Theeveuiug before last, at the Bowery f Ciicus, vl. Charles, the celebrated w restler threw. successively, with Ins well known skill, the four vigorous champions who dared measure strength with hitn. But these mitiai orv exercises, w hich this athlete merely took for the purpose of exercising his.slreuCth.weis but the prelude ul s much more I serious and intei'eitiiiK combat. We mean the box in* match, I in which he had for his adtersary the terrible Yankee SulliTin, who, until now, ne-er found Ins tnatcb. After the wrestling match, flieu came the boxing one with gloves?that is to ' sav?quite as interesting, though a much more innocent spec' tacle, than that indulged in by our Knglish friends. The two I combatants bail four different rounds, and the blows fell thick I and heavy, like those dealt by Prince ltodulplie. The denouement was worthy of the whole act?the invincible Yan- | kec Sullivan having been lifted -everal inches off hisfeetby a blow il-slt vigorously on his jaw fell on his back, almost -tuui.e l, amidst the frenzied plaudits of the audience. The Americans who were present at tins match, all agree there n?vrr was a more magnificat match. M Charles, however, did not come out over and above whole himself; bis blackened j eye will still attest that occasionally thorns a re met among rosea. jeJ7 tt?r IMPORTANT KNTKRPHISK.-The grant of the exclusive privilege of navig<-tp g, by strainers, the rivers Orinoco and A pure, in Venezuela, South Amrrica, having been made to me by the National Oougreas of that Republic, for the term of eighteen years from the l itli of last monjli, and u|>oii terms highly advantageous, I am desirous u! making arrangements, immediately, with individuals or a company, to cominence the enterprise: and. to this end, a rapi'a! of about two hundred thousand dollars will be required I shall arrange, and lie prepared to exhibit in the course of ten days, satislaci tory evidence, from credible ami authentic sources, or the navigability of these rivers (the A pure being a main branch of the Orinoco), and that the enterprise cannot fail to be success| I'ul and exceedingly profitable. Individuals or companies inclined to embark in this scheme, I ire invited to correspond, or confrr irrsonally, with uie on | I the subject. Letters directed to rne at thisciiv (postpaid) ! will he promptly attended to, and interviews may be had at the j | office of Messrs. El1 i St Shepherd^ No. jl Nassau street, he tween trie nntira 01 ti. m. ana { r. *1. citrine thr m?n(i of Jnly. VESPASIAN ELLIS. I New York. June 25. 1147. j25 lw* fh f PLASTERER'S BENEVOLENT SOCIETY.?An *<l ' I jnnrned meetine of the Plasterer's Benevolent Society will h* held *t 175 Wnoitri sheet, on Tuesday crrniny nut, June 29th, I" revue the bye laws, and on other important liu> tineas, when the member* *1* particularly requested to attend By order of the Society. H :_>'i it rr 'VM. SIMPSON, Secretary. tpilE COMMISSIONERS of Emlfrariea hereby nil. t JL tier to the muter* end owner* of steamboats noil other vends in which iweeente ? #ho ere not citizene of the United ' States. are brought to the port of New York from any of the I tinned Statea other than the State of New York, that they w ill he reqnt rd to make a report, in writing, to th" Mayor of the city of Ni w ' oik, within t?enl< .four hours after the arri1 th| of aueh vessels in said tairt,itccoriloig to the first aection of ; the law of May III 17. and lit case of anv oiniasion or neglect to make such r|airt the penalty of seventy .five dollars for | each of said passeogets in whole case the omission or neglect may occur, V il he rigidly r forced. ( pic. id'said law may he obtained *? the Mayor's office HUBERT TAYLOR, (liwrsl Ageetot the f'onunissiotiers of Emigration > New V rfc. Jn e 2i, ,i|7 j* ;Mlh KEEli MMll.NO POLES.?iiMitl lot sale .in lots, at tlie lowest market pricre. Alan, Shovel, Hoc and Kork II 1.1' die-.; together with a full aaaomnent of Hardwate, bv 1 o w. GLJIO.V, jeJK 7t*rc No. 174 West atreet, S. Y. i PARTNER WANTED.?To t?U an ff?jve part m either | I (he indoor or outdoor hmlncs* of a Nautical Instrument Iter*. Nop* Ui ed apply but one conversant with the btnl ?i AJdrejs, X. \ . 7. , Herald Otfitc. jetC 3t*iC \ II7 ANTED, by * rispectable VOUNO VIAMHIe.0 - O- I T MAN, tint lose her bady, > few day* old, a child to j lursr at her own rest Jeute. 351 >,th Avenue. jt3J 3t?re rilhl Merchant LOUIS MANGLl H, from Halberstadt. in Prussia, came to New York in the year IS'il, and has j [Iveil no account of himielf since 1836. It la prolicide that be iai died since. A term lia* therefore been fixed by the Royal Jounty and City Court at Halberstadt on the 4lh ol Septvm- 1 >rr, 1847, lor the declaration of the death of the mid Louis Vlaugler, and all or any persons who know anything of the lile >r residence of the same, are herewith requested to cotninuni- I ;ate anch knowlcgc to the above-named I ourt. jr2? Jt'rc TO THE LADIKS-KABLNEAU'S SWIMMING B ATH ; at the loot ol Drsbroste* atreat, near Caual street. North : jtivcr. i? open from sunrise until II o'clock at ni|(ht. On rueadavsand Fridays the large centre bath will be executively devoted to liieit use, liotn 9 A. M. until 4 P M. By Ins arrangement, the Debrosses street B.xthi will furnish beter accommodations for the ladies than auv otner aimilar ea- I vOlishmeiit in the citv The warm sea baths open as usual.? I 4eH?n,i tick-is < m dersrv priors i?|.3t?r TO lit.N l?At Tuscarora, Schuylkill county, Pa., a Kouu j dry and Machine Shoo, (will be rented separata or togetetlier) with a ten horse power ste tuecugiue. nil in eoint lete rrder, with all the necessary tools lor Foundry Maclnue 4bon, and Hlacksmiilung. l'aiterus, Fla ks, 6tc. and some itock to commeuce. Apply to JACOB ALTER, Tuscarora. N. B ? Anthracite Coal, best ituality, $2 tier ton, jrtt 20t?r BOARDING ? Lake Villa, couductrd by Mrs. Slum?The above house is delightfully situated, as a smaller re.ideirre. commanding a bold fiout v e ,v of the noble Hudson, with its splendid scenery, and within a lew inmates aralk of the liesii'ifnl Lake, covering a spare of seven htiuIrrd acres, abounding.n choice fish, affording fp e sport for ihe iitgler. Fainiliea, single persons, and Parties ou ptensure ex:ursions, cau be acconunoil ,ted with pleasant and airy nparlnanta. l'he Warren steamboat runs daily, and the Santa lans steamboat leaves New York at 7 o'clock, A. M , both anding at Hockland Lake Dock?Fare from New \ ork. 31 rents. je28 Sfrrc uh ft 4 W | C H A LLP. NUK.?Notice to gentlemen w In, ? ant their old clothes to look like new. call at the 1 adoring, Dyeing, Cleaniu|( and Repairing Establishment, No. 77 Gold street, corner ol Gold and Spruce, where orders will be punctually attended to at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms, by J. B. NOAH, 77 Gnldstreet. N. B ?The highest price given for geutleinm's left off wearing apparel. mvB Mt is*c American hotel, kjchkielu ?jpRi.Not> ?tie undersigned proprietors of the above establishment awme of the growing popularity- of tltia fiubiouable watering place aud desirous of accommodating all who visit it eitl tier for health or pleasure, have been at great expense in enlarging the American, and . improving its grounds so as to render it still more attractive, now flatter themselves that they can furnish visiters with all the luxuries and comfoits usually found at the first class hotels. The rooms aru large, airy and couveuieut, and the table w ill be supplied with every dainty. Withiu a few years these Springs have become generally known and highly appreciated for their medicinal eflects, mid large numbers visit there every seasou with decided benefit in aim >sf all the chronic forms of disease, particularly v rotula. rheumatism, eruptions of the skin, dyspepsia, bilious diseases, aud ehrouic diseases ot the liver coutrac ed in hot latitudes, nervous debility, kc. Sic.; and we hazard nothing ill saying as a means of ture, these springs are before any other mineral spring yet uualyzed iu the United States. In no portion of the Stale is more pleasing and agreeable scenery tbau in the vicinity of these Springs, anil we have no doubt that all who visit this place, either for health or recreation will find it delightful, aud the Ainericau an agreeable abode. At a short distance from the Spring are a unmber of lakes, one within half a in:le, where those -who are fond of fishing will find rare sport. Boats am) fishing tackle can be had at a moinrut'a notice. T hose from the North, East and West can take the cars to Herkimer, where post coaches and other conveyances aie iu constant readiness no take them directly to the Springs. LENNERBACKER k JOHNSON. JuneJG, 1817. je 20 2t*rc HAMILTON HOUSE, at Fort Hamilton, near the Nar rows.?This favorite place of summer resort is now open for the reception of boarders and visiters. The steamboat American Eagle, Captain Power, leaves pier No. 1 North River, at 10 A.M.,and I and 4 P.M.?leaves Port Hamilton at 8, ll>? A. M., 2K, and 6Y? P. M. The public may rely ou the boat running as advertised. THOMAS A. MEINELL, hort Hamilton, June 8th, 1817. jel02lt?re CONGRESS HALL, ALBAN V.?The public are respectfully informed that this establishment liuviug been thoroughly repaired and painted, aud newly furnished, is uow iu complete order for the reoeptiou of guests. Congress Hall will accommodate about 200 guests; there are a large number of parlors with bedrooms attached. It is located On lliecoruer of YVashiiigtou st eel aud Capitol Park, being iu the immediate vicinity of the Capitol and all the State buildings: the situation is airy and quiet, having the Capitol aud Academy Parks iu frout. It is justly considered tlie most pleasant location in the city of ARioiiv lor a hotel. Mr. Landou has associated withnim, Mr. James L. Mitchell, late of the Parker House, New Bedford. The subscribers pledge their nuited efforts in the management, mid hope by the strictest attention to the wanta and coin rouage they Rare lieretofore received from their friends and the travelling public. LANDON U MITCHELL. jelft JO I m H~ UDSON RIVER HOTEL, corner of West and HMmken. opposite Canal street ferry.?This spacious Hotel has been fitted and furnished with new furniture, and is now open for transient and steady boarders. Those in want of a quiet home, cool rooms, and pure air, are requested to call. This house commands a flue view of the North Hirer and bay to Sandy Hook, and Jersey shore, including Jersey City and Hob ikeii. Also in the vicinity of RabinesuS salt water baths, highly recommended for invalids. Suites of rooms for families, and single rooms for gentlemen, with or without board. The proprietor will at all times make it his study to insure the combnt and convenience of his guests. je9 30t*rrc CARD?HART WELL'S WASHINGTON 'HOUSE. 223 Chesuut street, Philadelphia, (two doors above seventh,) having recently undergone repairs and improvements, offers to travellers all the quietness and comlort of home, with all the luxuries of the season. ?* Baths fitted up, cold and warm, for ladien and gentlemen. jl30t?rc MAS8APEQUA HOUSE," South Oyster fear. L. I., is now oprnfor the reception of company.?The house is beautifully located; the rooms are unusually large, airy and Convenient; a beautiful bay, excellent bathing, fishing' and shouting are within a -hurt distance I rum the house. The cars leave Brooklyn at 9^, A. M. and 4 P. M., daily, for Faimingdalr, where stages will be in readiness to carry passengers to the house. Persons can leave and r-turn the same day to New Vork. The distance from Karmingdale is miles. The undersigned will do all he ran to make his a aeisrable house for a summer residence. jc3 30t*r _ < HARLE8 E. 8NKUKCOR. SUMMER RESO RT ?Ttie subscriber would raspecilully snnoiacc to those wishing to enjoy a line prospect ofNew London Harbor aud surrounding country, that he can fdTnish them witii pleasant airy rooms, st the situttion known as the Stone House, on Bank street, withiu live minutes' walk of the Steamboat wharf. As a Sumuier resort, where all kiuds of sea-food, both shell and other fish, besides the best of sea bathing can be enjoyed' this place is probably uueqoalted. Visiters fiom abroad accommodated with the bestof noma ind at moderate charges. HENRY HUGHES. New Loudon. Iiine l. 1847 mi 31 30t?rrc North a v eric an bar and billiard rooms, comer ol Bowery and Bayard atreet The subscriber respectfully iiifonns bis friends and the public geuer. IIy, that iie has taken the above well known popular bouse, which lie intends to keep in ai good style as any similar establishment in the city. The House lias been thoroughly painted a <1 renovated, and the Bar is pros ided with a cnotce stock of liquors and In ll.e P.ilh .r.l K>l.,nn l?n..?.,4 i.l. auy iii the city, which will be under the superintendenceof an bttentive and rz|>erirnced person, while the Bar will be uu der the immediate care of the subscriber, DAVID M. HOLLISTER. N.B. The proprietor will he happy to sre lua I'rieuds on Tliuriilay. the 27 th nut., from II to 2 o'clock. Nm yom, May M, ItjT. CO VI H'S 1 llRr.AD.-CAl no.N.-l,n,i:li.l,eV? a .1 cmaumrraof Cotton'lhre slit are hereby cautioned that an rticle of spool thread marked "Contrail Co.,"now otfrird for a le in this market, ia not the celehraied ait-cord thread manufactured by Messrs .1 si P. Coats, of Paisley . Scot laud HUtill AUCHINCLOS* it SONS, iel tt.tia* re Aireina of J Hi P I'm. of Paisley. t) uLARKt, TAILOR, lib William strict, opposite I the new stores.?Every description of summer garments hat the imagination ran couceive of, that is not a violation of rood taste, c hi be found at my establishment; consisting of Cmhmerette. A l|>aca, Mmuo, Gingham Lineu, Tweed, tic ite. Also, Black Merino Pants and vests. A good summer suit will lie sold for from S6 up to $20. These articles are sold in addition to my legitimate btainesa of making clothes of my description to order- A large stock of cloths, c-ssitnrrea., tie. Sir j'P i.M'r BILLIARDS.?The subscriber respectfully informs ins patrons and the public, that in compliance Willi the wishes of in any of Ilia visitors, lie Ills concluded to open the \rcade (file Empire) Billiird Saloon, as a school for tlie teaching of li lliarda. ami in order to secure the best talent in that department, lie has engaged Mr. BUIST, Commonly known si ANDREW. under wlios- c.te, in conjunction with that of the undersigned, 'lie school will be conducted. As heretofore the wishes of visitors will lie carefully considered, and no pains spared to tender this Saloon fully worthy of the lugli and fashionable reputation it has acquised. MICHAEL PHELAN, Proprietor of the jet 30t*r Arcade Biliard Saloon. No. 8)4 Barcliy st. Sho ttiindin; os^so leand upper le a t f i er~? EDWARD OODFREV it SONS. No. 29M Pearl St., importers of superior English lastiugs, silk galloons, shoe, mot webs. Satin Francais, Krenrh calf skins, patent leather, oolored galloons, .oik hoot cord, lacets; a large snsortment of sole Irather and calf skins, constantly on hand Also a superior .pi,ility oi morocco and linings, bindings, 8tc., of every ile scriptioa. jrl7 30t*r EVE It \ MOTHER'S BOOK ? An appn-hcnsioii ol pov.oiy and the prospect of loo large a family of cluldrcu, prevent in.oiy considerate people from entering the married stale, hut here is a book that will tell you many lamportaut secrets which miy overcome these objections. The author is not a lowed to state more in detail the character ol the work, hist he knows it will be universally approved of among married people. For sale in most hook stores, and of the author, No. 2 Ann ? reel. . jet JOt re CAST OFFCLOTHINU AND FURNITURE WANTED?Ladies and (ientletnen having any cast off or superfluous clothing nr furniture to dispose of, can obtain a laircash price for the same, by sending a note, or by calling nn the subscriber, at his residence, or through the post, which will he punctually atleudrd to. H. DE BOER, 71 yi Canal St., up ataira. N B. Ladies can he attended to by Mrs De Boer. Old stsick and job goods bought, of auy description and amount. mv36 #t?*r IRON AWNINGS?Til ESC BSC HI BE US WILL M AKK anil put iiii Iron Frame Woik for Awnings, with roller* Sic., that will roll the Awning up snug to the house without any difficulty whatevrr They cost nearly the tame as those that are stationary. They have put them tip at Addom'a, Broadway, opposite Stewart's, Brbee it Costar's, 1(10 Broadwm. and at Lewis lit Fairm n's. Liherlv-st.. and o hers. DUNCAN k. WEST. i Little Oreen-at. nnr \1?idrn Lane. je24 7t*m IMI'llOVKD MA<?NKTIC M AOHINBS.- MOORIIK AD'SOR ADl'ATKD MAGNETIC MAC II IN K.Tliia inatrnment ii mi important improvement over all other forma of manufacture, nod leu l?*?n adopt d by the Medical Profession generally. aa being the m?at convenient and cftectutl Magnetic Machine in u?e. It ia perfectly simple in con true lion, anil therefore not liable to tret out of order, aa la the ctae with "II other iiiatrument*. It admita of the moat perfect control, and MkilMMNdto on power , adapt 10 forM infant, or auiricirut for the strongest adult, at the pleasure of the o|ierator. The magnetic force ia imparted in a rontinnoua manner, and with no unpleasant aenaatiou, to the moat delicate pat'ent. It requires no asaiatant in ita tiae, and ia in every reflect perfectly harmless Kach iiiatrument ia warranted Mannftctiircil and lor sale. wholesale and retail, by ii in III MOQKHKAD, '12 Broadway. N.V. POK HACK.?A aecoud hand '.tension top Banuch^ m good order, with a good aet of Harneaa, but little imetl, will oe aold low. Apply at No. 102 Crosby alrvet. . JnWdf w? Tilt. W(JNDit,KH ()K tTltKATTON?Wiil lie pntiTiahed A on Saturday Relics from the Wreck of a Korincr Wr rld, 'iti Splinter. O -thrred on the Shores of a Turbulent Planet? Oue of the moat remarkable productions of the prevent proving to a dcmonatr.ition the vaat antiquity ot the earth, .mil the eaiatence of animal Irfe of the moat fantastic ahspea and the m >st el-gant colon, rivalling tho?e of the rainbow, millions of ye in before the appearance of man?with an A| i>eiidil on the Scenery 111 n Patch of Infinite Space with other

wonderful n c nint* of matter, strange, yet lieverthelraatme. JV-"RAH \M. Tribune Buildings. L/'NO tk H ROTH KII, 12 Vim aire*. BIMIOKSS, HTIMNOKK it Co. 222 B mad way Price 2.1 cent*. jr2l7t,m I ''LATKH ! DOOR PLATKS !?Kiue Bra-a 1" Silver Dcn-r Flntea for ft ',(1 to f J, at ' LASSKN'S, N<). i Murray a-reet aivIT TOl*rt? comer of R n* i wat ! 1 I ' Mcottaokil on staten island ?For tele I or lease, thr three Cuttagea on the hill aide below f'a|>o di Monte, belonging to Mrs. Oryuiei 'Die buildings urw and highly finished, are situated in a think wood of M acrea, witlnn ten minutes of the ferry. The oat honaca afford every convenience, and a new road easy* of arcaaa, hat juat been completed _ jeti Hi're MKOK SALK?THE YONKEKM MANMON House, outbuildings, and arveu acrea of land?the whole or a part, to ami purthaaera. and on the moat . accommodating terms. Thia extensive building commaudaa , magnificent view of the Huilaon Kiver, from 10 to 15 milea in ' each direction. The house la (.0 feet square; carriage house V feet square, with sCibliug lor one huudred horses; ahed 65 lert in length; all nearly new. and in complete order. There i u alao a livh pond aud w ater power, with a never falling stream ol water running through the middle of the grounds, as pure as Crotrui. The Hudaou Kiver llailroad ia to run within three hundred yarda in front ol the property, and about the saint dial'ncr aouth of the vill <ge of Yunkrra, where the depot ia to he located. There are five well conducted achoola, nil within a half mile. Two aplei.did fast sailing aleamboata ply daily to and from thr city; and stages also run daily iu counee ion with the llailrin llailroad For terms apply to William Kellinger, at the Williamsburg!! terry, at the foot of Delaacy street, or upon the preanaea. jet 30t*rc ^aa. W ANTED-TO II K? for a few month*.a country , 7t!W Seat, or Farm, within 50 or 100 miles of New York. ii^U'l'liv house must be laige, aud furnished, ou or uear the , water. Any perton w ishiug to travel fortlie summer, and their place hi lie caie of a rcspec able and responsible truant, mjy hear of one h> addressing a line to 'Town, New York Post I vimcc. jciffl 3r*r Mitt Lhl?lu Jersey t it .tlie W strru Hotel, aud a i large stable, convenient for M to 75 hoisra. The premises ere now occupied by li?eph Cri ckrr. Also, several pleaauit room, for private families, and several large rooms and basetnenfe suitable for manufacturing pur* | MM. Kunaire of Isaac Lewis, or oseph Crocker, at tire Western Hotel. York street Jersey it JrMr MU8IC?THK I I t v() taught on very i i.y liicnlrr ite terms, by a lady who has had couJ' / % fflsiderablr experience iu teaching She piofes* * T ? * a tea to teach it iu a acieutiiir manner, w ith the theory which she umlertakes to im|>art a thorough knowledge of. Terms three dollars nor, A II... -.11??I . "Music," at the Herald oltice, shall lie atteuded to. iny27 30ti?*rc r* i i(jut hat! cluakTikadknox, *t r% 4^*128 Kulton street, has some beautiful light and airy Summer I lata.expressly adapted to the great summer object of " keeping coot." The healthy and vigorous anion of the brain more or leu 1 depends u|>oii tiie freedom aud elasticity of the head. It therefore fi Hows that summer hats should be as light and airy as possible, and that any man can m ake more money with one of Knox's than with any others Try the experiment I je2S1wit*ic r?It) KINO * HAHLKa, Knglukand Scotok Terriers, IflQ ( Canaries in line song; Bird < ages. Canary, Jl Ji Hane Hemp, Millet, and Yellow Bird Seeds, with a I fine c<diec'iouof rare and valuable birds, such as the fancier cannot find at any other similar establishment in the United I Suites, for - ale at 280 Broadway, by JetS 3t*rc W. 8- JOHNSTON. ; m rr't'ii"' to croton kills l\kk I Lujbl fyil MA HOP AC, Cro'on Lake, Danhury and Ridge- ! j field, by the Hnrlern Hail Hoad, Daily at 7 AM. and 4 P. M Visiters to these places can. by taking the 7 o'clock A. M. cars, icmniu several hours ami return to the city I the same afternoon. Staves will leave Croton Falls on artival j of racli train of cars,and for Paw'invs on arrival oftlie 4 o'clock j train Conveyance- for I rotnu Lake at New Castle. Ktre to Croton Kalis, JI miles, SI. jel9 lOtir. r ?~ TWO K.\< I USIONS ON SUNDAY, p.. a-ailL__>Juiie 27th, to Fort Washington, landing each .maA AUtimMmway, at Striker's Bay, Harlem, Trinity Ceme] try. The elegant low pressure steamboat PnOPIUETOK, Captain Dolton, having been chartered to take the plar? of the steamboat K. It. Abbott, will make the above excursions, lensiug Duane street, at 9 o'clock, A. M.; Canal, 9>?; Haminond.O1, Leaving Duaue street, at I>?, P. ,M.; Canal, IX: Hammond. 2. Keturniiigto the city at 7 u clock. Fare to Harlem, 12>a cents; Fort Washington, 23 cents. j27 It re KXCUKSION TO CONKY ISLAND? rjb,^llk,i N Landing at Fort Hamilton each way.?The Steamboat JACOB BKI.L, Capt. Richard Yates, will make two trips this day, leaving the foot ol (fraud street, K. 11., }.i before 10 A. M. and before 2 o'clock P M.; Pike street at In A. M. and 2 o'clock P. M.s pier No. I, N. II , loX o'clock A M. and 2>j,P. M. Leaves Coney Island at llJs A. Vl.and J1., o'clock P. H, Fare each way 12,'J cents je27 It'iii n-mm. CONEY ISLAN D FKlltl Y.-The Steam| nboat GAZKLLK has beeu chartered to run for i mime irrry oil i-iunu.iy, I lie 21 III l nil , null will leave Pier font of 19th street, N. H., at 9k A . M., uml IV | T. M.; Pirr loot of Hammond street, N. II., at 10 A. M., au 2 , P.M.; P;er loot oft anal street, N. B.. at 10'a A. M., anil 2'., I P.M.; Pier loot of < lumbers street. N. H., it 10)^ A.M., ?uu 2k P- M ; Pier No. I, N. R., ?t 11 A. M., and 3 P. M.; Coney ! Island at 12'., andtP. M., lauding at Kort Hamilton each way. Kare 12>. cenU. j< 27 it-in THOMAS JBKlLBY^ M. SIMMY KXI I'llSION-The Sir onP ^Ittps-^lboai santa CLAU8, Capt. B. Overhaul., lh?tfBB<^H??u\vi|l leave the footof Courtlandtatreet. (North tide.) lor Kingston, ou Sunday morning, 27th, nt 7 o'clock, a. M . lauding each way at Hammond street, Rockland Lake, Caldwell's, Van Cortland's, West Point, Cold Springs, Cornwall. Newburgh, New Hamburg, Milton, Poughkeepsic, Hyde Park. El mores, and Hhintbtck. Re' anting leaves Kingston at 5 o'clock, arriviug iu New York at 12 o'clock same evening. Kare reasonable. je26 2lia*r rpwua. CITIZEN'S NEW HAY LINE OK OPPOSITION BOATS KOR ALBANY JbGwiESaAND INTERMEDIATE PLACES.?Fare 30 cents?Breakfast and Diunar ou Board. The new and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-post six, A. M., from the pier foot of Robinsou street, touching at Hammoud street pier. For passage or frieght, on board the Boats, or to Geo Dobsou, at the office, 12G Warren street, corner of West street [T7" All persons are forbid trusting the above boats nu ac :ount of the owners. mvlSrli CONEY ISLAND"FERRY.?The spleii?>(li(l and commodious steamboat AMERICAN EAGLE, Capt. Power, has taken her place in the above ft-rry, ami w ill run regularly do ing the srason'to Coney Island, landing at Kort Hamilton, as follows Leaving Canal street at 9k. 12h? and 3)^ o'clock; Pier No. I, North ' Uiver.atIO, 1 and 4 o'clock; Coney Islaud at Ilia, 2,U and 6 I o'c'ocks. N. B.?No boats save tlio?e belonging to the ferry, will br allowed to land at Coney Island, withouta written permission from tl.e proprietors. je2G 81 *r I EXf l< 14 SI ON S-BULL'S KERRY, r KORT LEE. and HACKEN8ACK?Land SiSndiBiSasu.g at Tlllou's Dock?KsRk (Jag Smi.i.iao The commodious steamboats KRANK, Opt. Isaac Scott, and Rob - IH' ANNETT, Capt. Frederick Gaylord, will run Daily, u til further notice, (touching at Hammond and I'Jlh street- US P How*:? Le<r>-e N York,foot Canal tt. Leave Fort Lee. Jt M. P. M. Jl. M F M. .Vlond.y, at ft, 8, in. .2, 3, G Monday, 7k 12.. 1 <Y6 Tuesday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, G Tuesday, 3k 7k 12..I iiZ G Wednesday, G, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Wd'?day,3k 7}? 12. .1 4? G Thursday, G, 8, 10. .2, 3, G Th'rsday, 3k 7k 12 .1 4k ? Friday, G. 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Friday, 3is 7k 12..I \\ G Saturday, 6. ?, 10. .2, 3, 6 Ssttird iy,3>* 7k 12.. 1 4\ G 7k Sunday, 7, 9, 10. .2, 3. Sui.d-y. 8 11 ..13 G Persons who-e tune maybe so imieh occupied as to render it incouveuiri t for them to leave during business hoars, will nisei. r nisi a u on iravrs rse w 1 "ra m uircmcH every illuming, returning from Fortl.ce at o'clock, thrieby auordiiig all OpporUUMtT M a pleasant IIWHWI without loaa ( time. Stages will lie in leadiurss at Fort Lee to convey psnsrugers to Hnckri.a ck Suinla) a rgrepted. ja I'.l :i(lt r mb. raorLjCvuNK htkamioati run I J__>* ALBAN V, Uailv, Sundays Lacepled-I dwhMttrife Through direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from ! the Pirr between Courtlaudi arid Libert'/ streets. I Steamboat ISAAC NF.WTON, Cai* Win. H. Peck, will | leave on Mom'ty, Wednesday, * "' Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. | Steamboat HKNDMICK HUDSON Capt. R. O Cruneu | den, w ill leave on Tuesday, Thursday m d Saturday evenings ! 7 o'clock I At Five O't lock. I". VI.?Landing at luterinediate Places? Iroi'i the loot o Uaiclay street Steamboat SOU I'll V.Ml.Mil A,Captain 1'hns. N. Hulse will leare on .Monday, Vt eduesd.iy, b nday, and Sunday afternoon*, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat MOCHFBTF.R, ' spiain R. H Furry, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa'urday afternoons, at 6 o'clock. The above boats will at all timet ,,rrivr in AII,any in ample I time for the Moiuiiik Cars lor "le Castor West. Freight takeu at moderate rate , and none taken after SK o'clock, P. M. All peraousare forbid irusti ig any ol the boats of this line, without u written order Iroin the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. 0 SCII' I.TZ. al the nlfice on the whirl I--2I MORNT.N LINK AT 8k?VKN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY and Infertilef. pkdii'e Landings. .nsSmhMaMflUi Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. '1 lie low pressure steamboat TIIOV, Captain A. (forhslii, will leave the steuinboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, I Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clork. Returning ou | the uplkisite days. ! For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. wiyM i Ae i KKNOON LI Nr., DAILY, Mt. FOR NKWBUROH AND FISHivis,~, r ? ra Lauding at Van Cortland's, (Peekakill.) Weal -sS&Mtflittlftm Point, Cold Spring and Cornwall. The Steamer Thomas Powell, Cant. Siinl. Joliusou, will leave the |iier loot of Warren street, for the above places, every afternoou (Sriiidm escepted,) at t o'clock, commencing April 10. Retiming?will Irav "* Newhurgli every morning at 7 o'clock N. B.? All Baggage and Freight of every description. Bank Bills or Specie, put on board of this boat, must be at the risk ol he owner thereof unlrsi entered on the books of the boat or rereipred for. mvPI Wt*rc NOTICE. . 8TATKN ISLAND KF.RRY.-On and u^'ir WNDAY^^?J8,lb.,h^Meamboa,. I him o ? n niu di air<n inba.iur.ii will ruu a* follows, until IvvtMV MMl :? l-r.AVK STATIC* ISLAND At 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, G, 7, P. M. LKAVR rtKW YORK \t 7, 9, 10, 11, A. M., iuid 1, 2, ten minutes pH*t 3, and at 4, 5, 6, 7, o'clock, V. M. New Ynrk April 11th. *19 r omjhl'l K.N I'A.MSAOK OKKH h-TO Albany, llticn, $1 SO; Syracuse, $2; Oawego, MMWh$3; Rochester, $2 2S; Buffalo, $2 SO: Cleveland, (I SO; Detroit, $S: Milwaitkie, $8; Chicago, $#: Cincinnati, ??. 'J' oronlo and Hamilton, $4; \vllitehall, $2; Montreal, St. i'lttahuig, $0. Office, 100 Barclay street. Any security required will be irtreii fir the fulfilment of all Contracts made with Una company. ml 8 Ini re M. L. It^i V, Agent, New Vork, 1147. I'KE.M II TRANS-ATLANTIC .HTKAMhUM' COMI'ANV?KOVAI. MAIL,. i , Wily ill, | Cambria, the General Agency //\s.Jf&k "r ' I" inform-il that the limf steamer, the iUtV*? UNION, wm to tail mi the lOtliJiiur, end la, therefore, enabled to ndvrrtiar her departnre from New York, for the 10th of July, ttnleaa prevented by aonie tiiifnraeen circumstances. The price III pa-.age for the first clas. $120 " " " " aeitond 00 Kor freight or fmlher particular,, apply at the office of the Company. II Broadway. je20 tffli Utt- Kilt I.IVEUI'OOC New Liua-IUenUr peck IbV9?' 1 of 20th July.?The new apleudid. fait sailing JHNMal'acket tiiip ROSCIL'S, Captain Asa Kldridge, will positively aail as above, her regular day, Kor freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleana wlurf, foot ot >\ all street, or to K. K. COLLINS. M Hoath ?t. The picket ihtp SIDDONS, Capt. K. B. Cobh. will sue . >. ? iwx.mii mill mi imi ?un oi Aiigmt, lirr reaninr dap jeJ7 frRfr 1 M'<\ LINK OK I'M KKTB Kok LlVtHKrTJrV'O le-Tn aat' lit July, the fine lie w taut miIiiik |mcJHJMKmb'i*'' ahip AM KR 11 A.ivm tons burthen, Opt. McCcirtfii, Iioiv on her *eeond rnymre.w ill ml puiieiiuillv aa above her regular day. The America h?? elegant accommodatione fr r thin paiaentierii. nml run coinlortabl y aoconilnoilate * hunted nombrrof lerond cabin pa*?eiiKcr* in mute room*, (being ? purl of the . thin,) well ventilated, mnl offer* great indueemente pe on* ib m nntM d)i| 11 th* oM tonur, The rtniMi i* in ;i I nee niry Iioiiii on ilerk em) altogether the America preaenti advanta r? for paeaengrr* eeldotn met with, J'riee of 1 paae?ye will be 1 >*??to eenirc nth*, early application ?honld | be made on lioerd at f'ler No J, North Kiver.ortn jel!7 W h;J. T. 'I',\|?st OH", i'i Montlntreet. Ntl'l U.K. ?Ta? ket ahip IIODOII fmml.tverMfTjfyrool, " now iliechaniag nailer general order. on jlMMKatiiciiee* will lie *e attead to the receipt of their : n out All good* hot |iermnted willp eitivaly | be lent to the puhlir atore. jc27 I NOTIC K.?Paaaenger* i>er packccehip tlAllNT liI (i K for Lieer|Hi..| will pleue he nil iHi'id ibe 4llM#bU>nie inhoi* llerculn, at Orleaua wharf, foot of Wall Itreei. tin av, Katordny. June !M, at II o'clock M. preciaely, | w'bich 'tine the *hip will aail. I.r .er le.?? will e|c,?e >,t the iianil plice* ?t h*lr-p*'t 'I 1 ocloelc. . jeWIt ' LAST NIOHT OK THE BfcAftON I Park TMfcATKjv-Th. Dnwtm ?i Italian OPERA COMPANY, ftom Hnuui, 71 iB number, rx ptctfully inform# the fmblic that he has leased the Park i Theatre, and ha# commenced a short season of TWELVE ? &HOHT8?Monday Ev^ing. Jane M. will be perform.* trs.edy.ln 3jaMs,entitled SAk FO?Alcandro, 8ig I, Ba.aj liui Kaon, Six. L. Pemzxi: Ippia. Six L Piamonteai; Lnunaco, Big. Pietro ( audi, Swffo, Higna. kortunatt ledeseo ] Ti. kali lor the ?ca?OQ may be aecnred at the Boi Office. Boxes, SI; Pit. 40 ceuta; Gallery. ?3 ceuta. Doors o|?u at a quarter past 7, |*r(ormauce to commence at I o'clock. _ BOWKKY THEATRE.?A. W. jACMeois, Proprietor H E.Hrrvgrie, Stage Manager.?Monday renin*, Juue 2?, will be |>erforuied MAZEPPA-Maiepi-a, Mr. De Bar; Ab tier Khan, VU. booth; Drolimka, Mr. Hadawty; Oliuska.Mre. W ilk at.oo Agatha, Mrs Madison. After which, LIKE MASTER LIKE MAN?Don Carlos, Mr Clarke; bMiicho, Mr. Had*way; Leonora, Mis# P Gordon; J acini*, Mrs. Seitfeaut _. __ To ceuclude THE DEVIL IN PARIS? . Mrs Booth. Count Vauille. Mr. De Btr; Crequet, Mr. Hadaway; Madeline, Mrs. Wilkinson, Boxes, 2'> ceuta; Pit and Ualltry, U% cents. Doors open a qUHilert'i 7; performance to commence at half-|>a?l 7. q HK UHAIN I),DRAMATIC FEBI'i VAL lor the Farewell A Benelit of Mr. J. A J Nealie, rome. off at the Bowery,e, on evening the Wih tost For this occasion ha. bean secured the aid of a I ufr number of our lavorite and distinguished aitista. hmrionir, musical, Ike. lie. Among whom, we may al,eadv name, Mr. and Mrs Walcnt. end Mr. and Miss Nickiosou, t ftlie Ulytopic; Vlrs. Vernon. Mr Bass, Mr. Dyott. aud Mr. Chanlrtu, of the Park Theatre, who will appear in the eumedv of 'I HE ROAD TO RUIN; and NAPOLEON'S OLD On AltD. Mr. John Jacobs, the accordionist, whowill play many popular pieces. SOIO and duett Mr. Diiaenbury, whosr D?w)ly growing popularity upou the ptnuy w hlstle or III! oboe, lenders him universally courted.? This is the inoai eslraurdiiiary performance of the axe, as (lie mo.t d His* u 11 passages lit music are execu'ed on a common tin whistle, wuh but \ix eeiits. It is upon the gicalest persossion that this gentleman has beeu drawn Iroin private lite, for this sole occasion. Let no lover of uovelty and mus c lose this liauce. The Virginian Melodist., in connection with thPrelebrated Christ) 'a Minstrel., also, for this night only, in ill their piece.. vSMr.tSi enrer, the Blind Violiist, will give his pcrlor'nance on the Vi'Jiu. as Hirs, ovettures, iini atoms of the groans, moans, and drones ot a Methodist Prayer Meeiiug, a quarrel of two loafers in the gutter, tic. tic. Mr. H. Marks, on his violin, will, from the stage, lead the orchestra in sever.I nieces. Mr Neatie will (by desire, first lime in this city) perform Don Caesar de Uazau. as translated expressly lor at I lie St. Chailea Theatre, New Orleaus, and acted the eut re season. This, by those who know it, is prououueed much the best ver lion of this comedy, differing materially Irom sll oiheis, wherein the wit aud pith is kept up in all its o iginal Freuch raeines.s. This, with much beside, makes uuquestion' ably the ncbest bit I of the seaaou. VIr. N? in taking leave of his Bowery frieuds, returns his thanks for the iiidulgeut favor with which thev have received his efforts while holding the place of so excelleut an actor a. J. K Scoit, and regrets deeply to Dart with thein. assured ih,t mi successor will surpass him iu bis devotiou to their amusemenr. jet7 2t rc A CARD?Bowery Theatre, Thursday July let, 1847, is appointed fur the Farewell Benefit nf Mr. Hadaway.?J H. | 11. hex* leave,(most respectfully > '<> infnrm hie friends and the public generally, that the ahnve evening is (elected fur hit fare well benefit. He tak'S tliia opportunity tu return hit sincere thanks fur the tuppurt e (tended to hi in oil former occntiont, and ti lists that Ins friends will rally rotiud hi in on this his last appeal. The eniertainmcnta will be varied and amusing, of which due notice will be given, llov book now open. jr27 lt"in PALM'>'8 opkk'a HiU sK? VI. K III HKK. BolrJLe* see and Proprietor. Mr. JOHN DUNN, Stage Manager. Moudavand Tue?day, June 28 and 29th, 1847, the admired farce (first time here) of the SWISS SWAINS?Swig, Dunn; Koselta, Mrs. Timm; Dame (Jlilib, Mrs. Watts.' To be succeeded by the farce of THE GOVERNOR'S WIKK?Hickory Short, W. Chapman; Lctty Briggs, Miss Anna Cruise, To conclude w ith the laughable farce of the HOUSEDOG ?Dust, W. Chapman; Doe, Hield: Betty, Mrs. Watts. Doors open at hall-past 7. Performances commence at eight o'clock. jknrquette and Boxes so cents; up|>ertier 25 cents, f A "ME ICAN MUSEUM? 'erkormancks both A?trrnooo aud Evening at ihl and 8>* o'clock. THE ORPHEAN KAMluV. OK KENNEBECK , VOCALISTS, i in ui'fai uuruiru 4iiu popular nauu in America are engaged at this liouie, and will give their Grand Coucerta thisafteruocn and eveutug, at half-past 3 and nuuarter |>??t 8 o'clock, when alio other talented Performers will nppear, including the Chap mail Family, Pete Morris. \Ji?s Julieo and ntlirra santa anna s woodkn leo, Taken by the American Army in Mexico, may he seen here at all lioura day and evening. The Magnificent Moving Diorama of the FUNERAL OK NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. ' Will alio be exhibited at each and every pertorouince. Adtnitaioc 5ft cams jel re FOLLO ROOMS.-Mtne. FLEURY JOLLY, Prima Donna, and Moua. DUURKUL, Firit liarytoue of the ' French Opera Company of New Orleaui, assisted by Mom. i oenovV:si. i Signer RAPETTI and Mr, 11. C.TIMM rckpectfully anl iiouuee that they will give A GRAND CONCERT, O.n TticnaiiAY Evkninii, July Iit, at thk APOLLO SALOON. | Ticket* One Dollar, to be hid at the uiuat placei. Doors open at 7>?. Concert to commence at t o'clock preciaely. je2i 1t*? _ BROAD WAV THp.ATRE.?Tina establishment, now erecting in Broadway, will ba opened for Dramatic pur poaea solely, on or about the first of September, under lh< management of O. H. BARRETT. Persons, of acknowledged talent wishing situation for thi season, will please address iiim (tire-imid) at 100 Leonard street A. MANN, sole "'roprielor. ) IE/"" During Mr. Barrett's absence in Europe, all letters aur business communications may he addressed to his agent. | je!3 tfrc W. t.'Oii BYN.No. 2 Ba-ciay ?freet.' CASTLE GARDEN is o|iened for the season.?in tin Evenings Concert* of Instrnmrntal Music will be give: | by the German Brass Band, under the direction of Mr. Mouk : consisting of selected compositions front Labitzky, Strains Lanner, G'Uigl, Stracck, and otiiers. Intermission of half an hour during the evening for promenading. refreshments, and viewing the Cusfiioramas, which have been re-arranged. Admission I2>s cents. Concert commences at 8 o'clock. : ui23 rrc VAC.YHALL GAlUiEN CONCERT SALOON CAMPBrLL'S ETHIOPIAN OPERA SERENAI DERS. BRILLIANT SUCCESS. Onu Week Longer. Monday Evening?A grand Concert of VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, consisting of Soegs, Solos, Refrains, ('haunts, Glees, Datines, ] Sir., peculiar to the Southern Negro. I The Band ia composed ol the following ur'ists :?Messrs II. Mr stayer, V ioliu; J P. I arter, First Banjo; Rn vuiou'LHr eond Banjo; J. Bryant, Castanett; W. Donaldson,Tamborme; W. Raytror, triangle. ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, A grand performance at 3% o'clock. Tickets admitting a Gentleman and Lady, 2b cunts. Concert to commence at Bl-a o'clock. je27 I wr * * * , .-, ,, i,o Tf, ? ?.?rrrr.Tr-m ? V/i l.<-? rn n mii; r.A i r..> at v r. > us N?. 3IA Brmilwir, opposite Gothic Hsll every day and eveuiug. Admittance 24 cents, children half price Th'S Cnamoram*. the hestrvrr witnessed in America compriiea a collection of more than one hundred of the inns magnificent Psi-.tiuga, eipressly painted fortius eihihition ?ome ?.f which are by the talented and ce tir'teil artiste o this city. Hi/nor N. f 'alyo. Among the t ntings are thi glorious victories, achieved hy on gallant y. The bitth of lln* its Vista, with a correct likene.a t General Taylor ; mil death of ( lav, by Sin. N. Calyn. J n.render of Vert i Cms. with a likeness of General Scott.', N.talyo. V'.ihihition o|>eu firm 3 to II, P. M roe other par'iciilsr* see the hae s ie'S tf *rc ? A LNl/T SIRE KT THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA? v* Lessee, K A Marsh II?Stage Manager W. R. Bl.ikr? M' n lay Evening, Jniie?lth, will lie i>erh.rmerf the come'v ..I M Aft HI ED LIKE?Mr. Candle, Mr Blake; Mrs. Caudle .Vlrs. Blake. Alter which, Danri g hy Miss Walter. To conclude with itir Drama called THE .MILLER'S M AID? Giles, Mr. Jamison: Plitehe, Miss Kiaher. Tinsday Evening, Miss Walter's Benefit 1 li 1 CENTRE VILLE COURSE, L. I.-TROTTING AND ' PACING.?Monday. June 2!t, at hill past 2 o'clock ? I Purse t'III, mile heats, lint 3 in 5, in harness, for paring ho srs { and el, sed \> ith the followiuit entiles : I. Nntli tie names b. m . .Village Maid. C list tine ch g .. Boss Butcher. W. Bridges br. g.. .Buckingham i At < o'dork, purie <100. mile heats, best 3 in 5, iu harness, | and closed with two entries : J. Whelplev names b. it.. .Moscow II. Woodruff br. g.. .Hector. Same Ds>?Two titatrhrh, mils heats, for $100 each?one tc wagons, and the other to stilkeys. The cart vt ill leave a' half past 1 o'clock for the course, ant tetiirti after the sport of the day. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor, f'entreville Course. June 2,'ith, 1817 N. B. A Trot will come off over the above Course on Tues I day, Jnly theitk, PsitfenUrs will b* girw hi nme. jrlit I ,M ATI LED HOUSES Kl IK SALE-A pur o I I su 11ir11 grey horses, about IA h inds high, very spirit** ' ' f> "'"I beautiful iu every respect, suitable for a gentle I man s purposes. Apply at MESSENGER'S Stables. j25 2t*r 'J Triuity Place. ... NEW IKON TEAMMUr HAKAI [CiBmSI HA N OH. William! .Thompson, coininan X^^fTWlk^ilrr, 1100 toiiM register, 200 home power. Thrdays of sailing of the above ship, fn retnaider of the cnrrrnt year, are tun] as follows :? From Liverpool?15th June, 20tli August, 21st Oe'ober. Froin New Vork?18lb July, 21st September, 2ttli Noverr ber. Iler cabins are fitted up with unusual splendor, even for picket ship. The price of passage (without wines or liquori which can be obtained on board.) is from Liverpool ibirt guineas,and one guinea steward's fee; and from New Vor one hundred dollars, and fire doll irs steward's fee. The captain anil agents of the teasel will not be accounts hie for any parcel or package, unless a receipt or lull ol Indini is signed for the same. For freight or passnge.apidc to lc2) tfrc IIOBT KF.WMIT. 7ti South street. SI'OHTI Nl J I \"I'KI.I,I< iK.N't I \ ShOOl CTjCTVK A t.K., to come off on the Mh day of July, trie loi JHMball sloops wearing their ow ii jil> soil mainsail, with - ut enlarging. Entrance money lifly dollars?three or mart to make a rare?to start from the I street inri, at It o'clock, A. M? to and ari nnd a stake b it stationed opposite larrytown, and back to the plsie of starting, the boel bark fjl to have the money. , , N. B. All entries to be made on or before the first day nl July. For particulars, inquire of _ ,. |) H. VKKBRVCKL, j?.'ilw *rc corner Wi t and Hammendstreets. Vv-hkr Mil 11' II OS' II S Irom l.ueri In li NEJfEW commence discharging under general orders OB ^ Kwibs I <V. June n \ll good. not then |.ermitted will posittvelv be sent to the public store. I oilslgiiees will please send down their permits immediately je'tir NEW LINE OF PACKKT8, TO AND FROM kfS#WLIVKKI'0(lh -The sidend H and fast sailtue j*. k. jfi?^?et ship O MfKII K. Il 'l Inns burthen, (.apt. 1 ra.k, wtl^aiMVnm New Votk on the Vntli June, and from Lin n Oil the I If h August, her regular day lemons ibolit to pi.>r red 1 to the Old <lonutry. or those wishing to semi (or their irteuds to come out in ibis splendid Packet, can make the necessary arrangements with the subscriber I lie accommodations Is i Cabin .Second t shin and Steerage passengers are nnsuri nasi d for comfort and convenience. Those wishing In secure lierths, Should make V7:'!f* '?" | j^2>i r <lo??r below Burl in if Slip. a**. FOR I' RKIOHT Oil i H\RTKR -Tlir tir.t < !*?? fiataailintr onrimril an<l ro|>f>or futrnrit BtitL,"l' ' ?* HOI K. Rnhort Brunt, maatrr, takra tiit- bulk or I MO barrel*, and cm hr immediate ly dr. patched A,.,lv to W. It J. T TAl'w OTT, jrH r KK H..uiI, attrft. KOII LONDON. I.IVKIIPOOL OR UI.\s rfWVOOlV -Tlir fur ratline, coppered, llritiuli limit jUyibli'<i( HOI'K. "il ton* rrgiatrr, Robert Brunt, matter. can be immediately drtnatrhetl. Apt'lv to j?Cr W. tk 1 T. TAPS' OTT, M Sontli at. A dry. IO (jiVNKHH AND M ASTKRh OH *VH S ArylFV HKLR?Holme* fc8|irin*er'i Patent Steering \Vli e JMAMftu ? TI.e attention of Mtp MM M OVtiltl' C? to tliu imprri?rin?nt in the iterting gear of ttutll, which n rump tltlt oliriattt all tlie ililhrultiea lirrrtnfnrc arising n ih? onlinarv wiy of apply ini; the steering wheel A muilr ran be * en an ' * full ?e*r?i|ir|nt> i brained bv ralltnT on ' Jeji lit*rc t.NOHLBRF.i HT fc IIALB, O# William ? "J JJi to?vra LATEST MOMENT TBLEUBAPHIC. FROM MEXICO. HHIl.*o?tLrHI4, lune'lfl, 1847. The brig liamlei, with dates from Tamplco; to the 11th Inst , had arrived at New Or lean. she bring. ndvioas from the city of Mexico to the bth. which, however, are no later than those previously received. A letter from TueUa, published ?t the capital, etatee that (Jen. Soott wait concentrating hi. force..and .ending provisions to the fortified bill, of Lorette. Ouadaioupe, and even San Juan. The tobacco seized some time since, lis. not yet been old. Search for more ia still continue i No person can leave 1'uebla v 'thont au order from the General in Chief, and no military person cau travel without a passport. The Americana are very to the church, and bestow alms liberally. Tnmpico ia repraaeuted as being rilled with dlseontenta ; but the Sentinel speaks couUdently that the Inhabitaota mean defence. Gen. To* waa lurking about in the neighborhood, waiting orders from Santa Anna. There had been no dentha in the General Hospital, but there wua consi derable sickness in the Louisiana rogiment. BY TilK MAILS, Affairs in Washington. Waihixuton, June 16, IS47. Pirates in the Mediterranean? Mexican Matters?ihaxsl, There need be no appreliunsloa concerning the pirate* said to be prowling about iu the Mediterranean. On receipt of the intelligence of the capture of the Car melita by the I 'nluo, one of our diplomatic agent* in K.urope, sent an express to Commodore Head, commanding the African squadron, and at the last account* two vessels of that squadron were cruising in til* vicinity. One or two vessels will be immediately despatched but in the mean time there is not the smallest danger of interruption to our commerce, from either privateer* of pirates. The Spanish authorities have acted with praiseworthy promptness In the case of the Caruelita. The decision of the admiralty court has set the seal of condemnation on the Mexican certificates of nationalization, and on the attempt to condemn an American vessel in a neutral port. There was much more involved In the decision tnantho value of the Curmullta, and it Is a subject of congratulation, that although Spain ha* a strong sympathy with the cause of our enemy, she, nevertheless, (lid not hesitate to pronounce an equilablu and conscientious judgment, when it became evident that the rights of a neutral power were violated by her citizens. It Is impossible to venture eveu a surmise as to what a day may bring forth In Mexico at present, except, por| haps the prediction, which is quite a safe one, that Gen. | Scott's next despatch will be dated from the city of Mexico. Thore will doubtless be despatches from V?ta I Cruz by this evening's . mall, as the steamer Wash, j lugtou U reported us hourly expected at New Orleans; but with the exception of the particulars of the attack on the train, they will scarcely contain anything of importance. Notwithstanding that somebody pretended to give, In a Nut? York paper, a copy of a recall of the biaxiban minister, said to have gone out from his government, no lettor of recall has been reoeived by Mr. Llshoa. it ll not at all unlikely that It will coiue. It certainly has not come as yot. It may be, after all, the mere bluster, ing of the opposition press of Brazil; but thero is too much reason to believe that the recall has been deterj mined on. The statement that Col. Hours took out instructions , to General Scott, "to organise, or aid in the organise - tion of a government in tho city of Mexico, anu make I with it a treaty, accordiug to certain terms.'' U all sheer fabrication. Col. Sours took out no such instructions. ; GALVIENSrs. , Baltimore, Jane'16, 1847. The neat Steamer's Xru-t?Shipping and h'.rpc ts?The Xominatioim fat Uavernor?Hrlurn of Baltimareana ~Irish Provision Packers?The Marketi?Stacks, 4"' Wc are in momentary eipectation of the newt of the steamer I'nion. which, though only a few days later, Is looked lor with much Anxiety by all who have dealings in the stall of life.'1 Our wharves are still crowded with ships, brigs and barks, for foreign ports, principally loading with breadstufls. The following amount of breadstulTs have been exported from our city during the past week, to Europe j and the West Indies, viz 8,198 bbls Hour, 3 4A6 do cormneal. 14,.Vi(i>? bushels corn, and 'J.1>37)4 do whent The noininatlou of I'hilip Francis Thomas a.< the democratic candidate for Governor, seems to give genera) satisfaction, and as both partius are well oiled, n slurp contest may bu anticipated in October next. Slcinlrr* of Congress are to be elected at the e.iiu ? time Capt. John It. Kenley. one of lue 1>< roes of Monterey, > and comuiaud-r of oue of the coin panics of the Baltimore battalion, returned to this city In ?l night He mmnun j I era that Hit* main body of the Iltdl itruire boya arc about | two duyit behind him, no that tin j may be expected tof uiorrow or Motid iy. r Several large provision packer* have arrived in Balti* more from Ireland, and are Neleeting lnei toil* to eetab' lull their hutdneM ?.u u large acale. fu> the pur[>e?e of ' supplying the London market. One of them -.a* already taken an extensive warehouse ail I a barf In the lower section of thertty, aud ha* made contracts for the re; ceipt thi* fall of immeuie <|iiunt tie- of beef and p?rk. Ilia eHlabliftbuient I* already titling up. and there la no doubt but that an iuitnenan buaiuo.-e will be done here Lu , tbia Hue during the rouilug winter Our oaay communication with tbe west alTorda the best faullilien for the transaction of tbi* business. Til r. Mamkkt*.?1 he market for brra<l*tufl?i> continue* dullTbe sales of Howard stiert flour, yesterday, amounted to about 100(1 barrels, at 16 Mttl which tliere ?n more ellei* lhau Inn era, though aome holders demanded * fraction higher. v\ bite a,id yellow corn m dull at to cent* per boahrl. Pinal) ales of uood to |iriuir Maryland red wheal, are makuiK at 110 a I'JOC. W hiskey is dull at 32'., a :i3t?e in lihds. and banrls . Mal?a of Stiwhi at Baltimore. Operation* in the week bare been to a limited extent, with little disposition m untested to buy or ?e|l. ll>oes mi tbe whsi'i .oe wrll ?a*tained I'littrd State* loan* ahow an ademce We ijiiute Six per cent* of IDS? at 107 J4 aaked, for opuiiniT. Treasury Note-, i.'s, Kb.'i n Iu7 , M i'?, IP6'? a 1063*, bales of milt notes, al 106 V* a 166%. '1 lie market is rather lia-c of all <J?e ' icriptioua. Sales of mate of .Via, y laud 6' '.HI <4, (ex die.) | with sellers?40)4 offered; Sterling i's, 77)4 a 70%, with con1 jam Tlnee per ceutx, 16% a 47%. ( ity His per cents, ol ltoO, I hold it 99% a 100)4 for opening?la (tales at par. horlcai, ol i960, 9Bb,0-90,gashed. I Bistoav, June 25, 1847. | Xomination of a Drmocratic Candidate for Oovermr? I Lieut. Colonel May?Ship Launch?Pretidenry a/ | | the Telegraph Company?Tin Market*, 4'<" f. | The democratic gubernatorial convention met hi An I : napolia yeaterday morning, for the nomination of a can I didate for Governor; n targe number of onr citizen* i having gone down to the capital to witncai the proceedinga. The convention aecm to have organized and perI formed their duty without the alighteet aquaboling. - | which la very unuaunl with a political convention, and " I at ft o'clock in the evening, nominated on ?h? (i ' haJIot T | i'hilip Krancta Thomaa. , of Talbot, though the g?| neral impreaalon in thia city waa, that Jan.. a A. Stewart, ] Kaq., of IKrrheater county, would be the candidate I- | However, it waa a matter of but little importance, aa the whlga can alwuya carry Maryland when they thin1 pro i>er. and thay will hardly allow the State to go by de ' ; fault, when there iaao many important party inter'ata a* alake, and ao close, too. on the neela of the rrttiilvullal canvaaa Lieut. Colonel Charlca Mav,'the gallant dragoon. ia K now on a viait here, and ia the lion of the. city He arrived at Baruum'a yeaterday. and an impromptu dinner waa Immediately gotten up. at which there waa a most ' jovial time | \ fine bark of nearly 300 tona burthen, built for Mr r i Uexander Jonea, waa yeaterday launched from llie ship yard of .Mr. Duncan I learn that Mr. Itndgcrx, the aupciintendent of the Baltimore telegraph offlee, ia alao mentioned, with Mr Hart, aa a candidate lor the office of Freaidcnt of'i.,, Telegraph Company, and it eeems to be a Milled [Hiliil that one or the oilier will lie the i'recidinl ? r.lther will be an improvement on the preaent managenient, and either will give aatiatactlon fr> tbofe aceuatouied to uau the telegraph In thia city. It la a cingular fart however, that thoae who neltte-r own a chare of clock, nor make uce of the telegrapn, arc loudeit, and forciuort In th' ir dictation to the ctoek "hut*, a* hi wno miiiiiihi .11111 wii" MHHiiu n?i ire reaident I imagine the stockholder* know eery well ?bi> will and who will uot make the hi st President, and I imagine also, that their deoi-lon oil this point will bo Ittven solely with the view to obtain h Pr? mui ut who will he be?t able to Hdriinee the interest* of the com pun v. regardle a of private friendship Ttia MaaaMt ?The flour market remains dull Sales rt. 1000 harrrls Howaidstreet brands as $0 :i0. There are pleut\ I sellers m $i, lint buyers era unwilling to give uiore tliia t>k Vi. A -ale of MO barrel* (hty Mill* ?u nude yestvi lev *? S; Nothing done in Kusquehuiinah. Corn mail will not bring ovirtil >o The supply <>i grim u vary light. Them u mi Mirylind wheat iu unrkel. Hales toiliy of 2,J0p bushels Peuns) Ivnnie rail at 1 f, a XI V. Wa quote white nominally ut I 11 a a id. I lie receipt* of Corn ara light?m ill ulan t diyni In it li white and yellow at 19 a 9tc?? decline. Oa's mi * Ola. ri-nnay Ivaina ry a $1. Pltii.Mni.rHtt, June 'JO, 1H4J. Tho recent assault ujion (ieorge \V. Barton. K.wj., "till occupies public attention, but tho Indignation which originally rented eobly upon bin assailant has now been dispersed. go an to include both patties, and j the Court, In the censure. Tl.of# are many wlio eonI tend that Mr Barton was wrong in uttering gurh | wholegale slander against an Individual who only said I that the defendant. Major !>anielt could bring |e? >" . j t his eyes whenever he needed them The ( oart i. i-'tt

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