Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Haziran 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Haziran 1847 Page 3
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W "Tnnwnn A freight honse, eight hnndrsdfrst long, i* also commenced. and a oar house, four hundred feet long, partly completed. The expenditure* for improving the depot* and the road this year, will be $1,000,009. The grading of the road from Kalamazoo to New Buffalo, its new termination, will be commenced In August, and the iron laid In another year When all will cost not far from $0,000,000, and It is calculated will pay fifteen per cent. The annexed statement of the surplus of wheat and flour of the last crop of Michigan, exhibits a very favorable view of the agricultural resources of Mlohlgan, when wc take into'consideration the fact that buta few years since that State did not raise enough for its own consumption. Si-ancs or Floor *sl> Wheat in Michioa* ?caor or 1040. The exports from Detroit from August to close of navl cation, 1046, were 400.960 From opening of navigation to June 18.. .306,030 In store at Detroit on the 20th 34 098 Kstim&te to come forward before harvest. 26,0u0 Barrels flour - 670,397 Exports from the port of Mouroe. last * fall V. fla-936 8t. J oseph 67,480 Monroe, this season 100.000 St. Joseph, this 8o 01)0 New Buffalo. Kalamasoo Rivir, Grand River, aud other ports 40 000 Southern Michigan, by Toledo 26.000 376,416 llblg. flour | |Tha exports of wheat during the year 1846 from all points, was 838.694 bushels?about two-thirds of which was included in the transactions of last fall?making exports after harvest 569,060 On the 2nd of April last, there was in store for shipment at St. Joseph 80,000 At Monroe .100.000 At Detroit. 21st June Inst - 12.000 Estimated exports from Southern Michigan by Toledo 25,000 Southwestern, Michigan City, lnd 65.000 rand River, N. Buffalo, hnl. River, iic.. . 30,000 Bushel* wheat -967,067 By reducing the flour to bushels of wheat, at five bushels to the barrel, the surplus In bushels is 8,701,148. Add to this seven bushels per head for the home consumption of a population of 350,000, and wo have the grand total raised in 184ti, of eight millions one hundred und fifty-one thousand one hundred and twenty-five burhels. Reducing wheat to barrels of Hour, we have an aggregate surplus ef last year's crop, for export, of 1,110,2Jo barrels of flour. Stock Exchange. SI 1000 Trea Notes,6'* 107% 100 ah* Farm Loan bnw 34 7000 do 107 100 Morris Canal 19% 10000 do *30 107 100 do htm 20 100(10 do 1>S0 107% 140 do 19% 1000 do 4 2-4 106% AO Nor k Wor RR s90 52 3000 Illinois Spcl Hds t9 74 do 52% 4000 do 48 % 40 do s30 42% 4010 Indiana Bonds 46% 200 do 53 '000 do 16% 100 do bCO 53% 2000 do 46 240 do 53% 2000 do 45% 50 Reading RR 66% 100001'euu 5'i 80% 465 do 66% '2000 do 80 350 Long Island RR 31% 24000 do 00% 200 do 31% 10000 do 80V 50 do blO 32 14000 do >90 00 740 Harlem RR 65 10000 Reading Bonds 79 40 do 65% 30u0 do Mrge 77% 24 Rtouiiigtou RR 58 V 100 sius Fanners'Loan 34% 50 Eaat Boston 18% 200 do $30 34% 50 do 18 400 do 35 Second Board $5000 Reading Bonds, b3 79% 200 alias Harlem RR b3 66% 5060 do 79% 200 do a3 66 5000 do 79% 50 do 66% lilAfut .1.. 7(Al? VM .I.. t: it JiOoO do 79 60 Reading KR 66*4 10*100 do b3 7?l? 60 do MS 3000 ludiatia Bond> b30 10la 160 do 0ti>4 60 diu Harlem Ml 65>> 60 do >60 CO 60 do 6514 200 Canton Co 18 200 do bio C6K 26 do 47>4 50 do * 6664 5 Stouingtnu UK 68)4 150 do 66 60 Nor 81 VVor RR 63,^ New Stock Exchange. S2000 Trea No tea , ity 107 50 .Kan Harlem RR c 06 1000 Penn 5's 1)3 80S 50 do b3 6534 160 shas Luug l?l RR b60 32 C 50 do c 65% 60 do >30 31S 250 do C 65% 60 do >30 31% 100 do c 65 50 d? c 32 100 Morria Canal b3 19% H'O do 1)3 32 25 Nor kc Wor RR c 53 50 Farmers' Loan >10 31% 25 do c 51S lOOHarlrinRR c 66 50 do c 53'. 100 do >3 66 60 do c 53 2,50 do b3_ 65 _ CITY TRAJDE REPORT. New Yore, Saturday Afternoon, June 26. Sale* of flour were made to a fair extent to-day, ohiefly at $7 a 7 12% for Michigan and Ouneaee. Home mall lota of mixed Michigan were sola at $6 87%. A small parcel of extra Ohio sold at $7 60, and of extra Genesee do at 26, The market cloned with aouio wore Aminos* than yesterday, at $7 a 7 12%; the latter price being paid for good brands of Genesee. Considerable sales of Obio white wheat were made at 167 a 158s, and for extra do, at 160c. Corn continued to move pretty freely, and sales of Northern mixed were made at 90 a 9-'c; of Western do, at 85 a 90c; and of Northern yellow at 68c. Sales of New York State nn al were made at $4 50. Rye sold at 110 and oats at 60c Provisions were very quiet. and rales limited. Hales of new mess pork were made at $11) a 16 12%. Prime do we quote at $13 60. There was no change in beef or lnr.l llrrir?fi.N were inactive. There vu. vert, til 11.. doing in sugar or molasses There were Home sales of Jura co(Tee at 9c and of St. Domingo at 6,'4. The sale of Sumatra. noticed yesterday was uiade at 6&e, at which further sale* were made to-day. Receipts dowm the Hudiox Rivrn. June 34. June 26. Flour, bbls 31,133 17.933 Cornmeal bbls 640 1,386 Corn, bushels 35.671 36.67* Wheat, bushels 61.767 46.123 Rye. hu?hels 3.780 1,226 Ashks? We report sales of 150 bbls pot*at$4 871< We quote peurlsat $6 08\. lJKiLAUiiurri?Flour ? 1'he sales of Michigan and Genesee flour, footed up about 23.000 barrels, at $7 a (7 rr,V Much of the Genesee sold at the latter figure consisted of straight brands, with about 600 bum is: straight brands Michigan at the same price 1.000 do mixed brandn Michigan, sold at f>6 8I>?, 600 barrels iljt boo- Ohio sold at $7. 200 do extra round hoop do at. $7 60. and 100 extra Geuesee at $7 26. 2,0410 do straight brands Genesee were reported sold to arrive by 101 h July at $7. H'heut.?Good qualities of Ohio while. Sic were in good request and sales freely made, while poorer qualities, with mixed, Sic . were neglected The sales ot Ohio reached about 35 000 a 30.000 bushels, 1000(1 o| which were white, and brought 168c 2,700 dr Massllon brought the same price. 6.000 do brnugut 157c 6 000 do extra white, brought IGOo, The remainder brought about I6dc Orn ?The sales of northern yellow, chiefly round, (including 3,liA0 do in the slip.) reached about 25.0^0 bushels, at 96c. 1.000 do Baltimore, mixed, sold at 83c ; 2.800 do western, mixed, sold at 84c a 85c; 2.400 do heated, mixed, sold at 78", and 2 300 do damaged yellow, sold at 86c, sales of about 20.000 do, chiefly northern mixed, were made at 92c. including a parcel of good v. est em do at 90)4c. and 5,000 do western, were reported sold to arrive in August at 86)?c. Hyi\? A sale of 1,500 bushels wus made at 110c. Oafs,?3.000 bushels sold at 60c. Boots and Shoes?Wages have advanced 6 cents per pair 011 some descriptions Orders are large, und cannot be tilled as fust as required. r.A*ni.n ? Sperm remained at 31c. Cofpke?We report sales of 100 hags Java at <jc; 150 do st Domingo at 6V?o, and 100 do Sumatra at 6lic. 1 'ottos?The business was moderate to-day Holders were generally less desirous of selling at the present rates, anu the amount on sale was considerably reduced. Holders feel encouraged to wait for the next sreamer, as the difference between the two markets is now pretty much wiped off The following quotations are those mi cult to buy. Liverpool Classification. JVeic Or leant Upland*. Florida. Mob. <$- Texas Inferior lone none none. Ordinary 10*4 a inV lOti a l(l'4 lot,' a 10 Miililjnik' . 10j( a Id)* lik a II lli^ a II Good Middling II a IlHa M>, a MS IIS 14 MS Middling Fair MS* Ms IIS a lis U'< a US Fair II* a 11)2 12 a US 1?H a 13 Fully Fair US a 12* I2S a US !3'? a I3S (rood Fair none. none. uo..e none I3)i a 1?S Fi?e .. none. uone. none uoue. none none Fi?m?We ruport sales of 600 quintal* new rod at H.'t 87)4 Markerol in the large way. were dull, while thn retail demand continued good 3 a -100 halt' bbl* , Connecticut chad were Hold, the No. 3 at $7 and the No. 1> at $8. Far it?Sale* of about 600 boxe* (''layer'*") raisin* were made on private terms. Hemv was quiet. Hint's?The sale* have been moderate during the week. A parcel of Rio Orande sold at 11*4. 6 uios; about ! 3000 Minas at 13, Onion; 1000 Southern, 8 to 8S ca?h; | 800 Marnraibo, and about 4000 Carlhngena on private term*. I Li:*d?The arrivalu from New Orleans were large, and 1 purchaser could have been made at >4 44. I,r.atiis:*--Tho market is firm, with steady sale*. We | quote hemlock light and middling weight*. 10S and 17; heavy 16 and l#S; damaged 10 to 14)4c Oak slaughter light. 33 to 34c; heavy and middling 30 to 33; finished upper I'JSo per foot: calfskin, fine. 60 to $1 per pound. Molasses.?No sale* of moment transpired Nival Stores ?Small sale* of spirits turpentine were reported at 34Sc a 36c. Provisions.?Sab-* of 300 bbls. new mess I'ork were made at $16 a $18)4 ; I rime was steady at $13 30. Herf e intinued firm, but sales were limited. Lard exhibited n > change ^Rirc was quiet, and prices unchanged. SuoAR.?Thvre was not much doing, while price* remained tbe same 8**n.?We report a sale of 6000 lb*. Ohio New Clover, at 7c. Tobacco?Wo annex the usual weekly statement of prices, sales, receipts, and stocks ou hand, lor the week ending this afternoon. Hold Nee'd this Slock , ... Pricet. tbit wtrk. ipeek, on band Kentucky. Virginia ?ud N. Carolina,. 2)<to 7X 160 lids. ? 2471 hds. 3)4 a 6)4 Maryland ami Ohio, ? ' ? ? U hds. Connecticut seed,.. 3 to 12 ? ? 10* cs. IVninn IvaniB seed, 7 to 16 ? 94 Ci. Florid* 3 to W ? 8 cs. 08 cs. Havana S# to 126 SO Ivies. ? 801 Ids. 27)4 cs. Cuba 17 to 30 .111 hales. 80 bis BOS bis V ars .. . . S3 ft* 46 ? _ 3.',6 bis St. Domingo ? ? _ A', auction. 17 hhd* Kentucky at 3)4 a 7** ; 10 hales Cuba at 11)4 a 18 j H'8 bh|* Domingo at II a 13. Tbe , market continue* In the sauin state a* lust week. ! Whsiss'isi.?No change In price*. Whisrxv ? W?i dull at 38 cent*. ^Von 1. ? fhe stock of fleece continued very ligb' The I Mowing print* may bn eewtfcfedtfcwreltac tta ?W ket at present. ?Combing 37 a 3fl?.; native, M a '*7fj half-blood. 3) a 34e.; thrse quarter do. 3ft a ?7K? i fw do . 33 a 4fle; Saxony, at 40 a Mc. ' PacioMTa.--l'3d. waa paid tor a diraot port 1b Ireland, for grain la bulk; and 3a. for floor la a British raaaal, to Liverpool. 4.000 barrel* wara engaged to London. In an American rneael. at 3*. 6d. There waa nothing now tranap Ired with regard to engagement* for the continent. Married, On Wednesday, June 33. at CoUiersrllle, Otaego Co . X. V., by the Rev. Jamee W. Phillip*. Sylvkite* Lthan, of the Arm at Lyman, Converse St D Pomroy. of thin city, to Ml** Ei.vira C . only daughter of Jared Goodyear. ?*q . of the former place. 3 On Sunday. 37th lust., at Trinity Church, by the Iter K C. Shlnicall. John Havilamd Lcooett, Jr., to Catharine Rykr. Died. Suddenly on the 37th inat , Mary, relict of the late lohn Dougherty. aged 7ft years Her friend* aud acquaintance*. and those of her son*. Henry and William C.. are respectfully invited to attend her on Tuesday afternoon, at t hree o'clock, from the residence of her son. Henry Dougherty, No. 36 Pike street On Sunday evening, 37th Inst., Parme.nai J. I.anooon. a^e.J 18 year*. The relative* aud friend* of the family are respecttully invited to atlend bis funeral thi* ( vlon.ley) aflernoOD at three o'clock, from No. 13 Cottage row. Kurman St.. Brooklyn On sunday morning, June 37th, Mast K.oan. aged 34 years, a ualite of the county of Tipperary. Ireland. i ue menus 01 i tie Iuuiilv. and those of Dennis Mullina. are respectfully invited to attend the funeral thi* afternoon, at four o'clock, from her late residence, 100 Wash iug ton street In Providence. 2.1th inst , Ezra W. Fletcher, M. B., in the 27th year of his age. dtXfWk REWARD.?The Jewelry Manufactory of the JCev/V/ subscribers was burglariously eutered ou ruexlay, the 22d June, 1817, and the following property stolen lliereIrom:?Consisting of a lot of scaled Finder Rings: 1 lot ol ditferent patterned atoue Rings, together with 200 unfinished Kiuger Rings, without stones; 2:t fret of gold joiut Bracelet Chain; I dozen ol' ihrru stone Cameo Bracelets; 1 lot of Cainro Breast Plus: I lot of box and (lass Bracelet Clasps, unfinished: another lot suitable lor small stones, also unfinished; about 32 |>sir of gold Ear Rings, unfiniahed, some of which were engraved; 100 gold Guard Chain Slides, unfinished, ready for stones; 1 dozen gold hoop Ear Kings, engraved ami witli stones finished; 9 gold Pencil Case Barrels, unfinished; I lot of unfinished ruov Kmger Rings; 1 lot of unfinished white stone Cluaicr Pius; 4 gross and 00 golJ atoue aud jet Sltuds; a lot of Jewelry sent in for- repair, consist ug of Kings, Snaps. Bracelets, Ik .; a lot of Bullion, consisting of gold bars, clippings, filings, silver, and solder?valued iu all at near S4000. For the recovery of w Inch the above reward will be paid, or in proportion for au\ pirt thereof. HUWLAND St SAKKEN, jc28 It i>i Rear of 43 Ann street. RE VVAK I-13r?iss n-il, last evening, tibont hall Past 1/ 9 o'clock, between Governor's Island and Caitle Girden, a young tnan, named WM. Ll-Oy D, about 20 years old, fire IV et live inches high, dark hair and eyra, dressed in a plaited hoaom shirt, with three gold studs, worsted check pants, hoots, aud gold watch aud chain, the hack of the watch marked " W. Lloyd." Ou the lace, in a semi-circle of thirteen stars, was engraved au eouesirian figure of Washington ; the IT.till est! i.l?l,.l..n.m.l .1- ? r?,,,r .1 The above reward will be paid by hi* fuller lor the recovery of the b"dv. SAMUEL LLOYD, 161 Forsyth ?t. June 27, IB 17. je28 "Jt*rc Notice to the passengers ofthe'ste mEU CAM BUI A.?The *ub*cribrr would respectfully inform the passengers of the steamer Cambria, that he has jiut received by late arrival* Iroin Havana, a line assortment of Havana and Principe Sritars, which will be worthy of their aud the public ius|>ection. N B.?None but the genuine Havana and Principe Segars will be offered at this establishment. HENRIQUEH, je28 2t*rrc 106 Broadway, corner of Pine street. CROTON WA I EH COOLERS.?I would most respectfully call the attention of the public to my newly invented article for cooling the Croton water. The beauty and durability ot this article cannot be surpassed; it is a most excrllent thing fur stores, offices, private and public houses, also, steamboats, ships, Dec. 8tc , being made eutirely on a new plan. The above will be sold at a price su that it may be withiu the reach of all., Hh'i'he public are respectfully (invited to call at 262 Wnter street, between Peck Blip and Hover street, next door to Mutt's Btove Factory. jc28 3t*ju KEY PORT PAVILION.?This delightful summer residence is uow ready for the reception of hoarders. The pioprietor would infottn his frieuds and the public that no exertions shall be wanting ou hi* part to render this one of the most agreeable summer residences. The advantages for fishing aud gunning, aud bathiug, are unsurpassed. Two steamboats leave daily for New Vork. _j28 6w*m E. W. THOMPSON Proprietor. NOTICE?The Joiirueymeu Gilders' Association, of Philadelphia,mkes this method ofcautiouing the Journeymen (Jilders of New York against any advertisement, or demauil for hands for that city. In consequence of their strike for li cents per hour, some of the employers have thought proper to discharge their hands The juurneymeii of this city, and elsewhere, are therefore requested uot to go on there, as there is asulficient number of hand* in that city to do all the work that will be required this summer, and several out of work at th? present t me. je28 It* c New MUSIC?JUST PUBLISHED-' 'Tis Sweet at .Night"?a beautiful ballad, by 8. C. Missett: "The Last Had Scene," by F. H.Nash, '"Think Gently of the Erring"?as s quartette, by Bradbury; "The Owl Sat on the Old Yew Tree," by Mrs. Leystcr; "Washington crossing the Delaware"?a new quartette, by ('. Zeuner; some beautiful waltre* and guitar songs; "The Wreck of the Atlautir;" a quartette, by S. B. Field. CHARLES HOLT, Ja , je28 St eodrxS m IM Fulton street. LOOsLINO, French Krstaur.iteitr, 61 and 66 Nassau St.. s returns his sincere thanks to hi* numerous friends and patrons, who have so liberally sustained him since he nunineuced his rntablislnnent, and begs je.,ve to inform them that he is under the urcesairy of closing the saine, in consequence of the proprietor bring about to erect new buildings ou that spot. Mr. Gosling will krep his office upstairs for the eusuiug two ] weeai, w nrrr all nnvi 'g chums against the above establish WWilliJmii|??<HToymy?it je27 Jt'rc N'JTIlK TO VISITERS. Sic?Oui'eroeu or Kunilos having any rui>r. flu us effect*, auch wearing -' sarel, j.-welry, lire arina, futniturr, tic., which they desoe t dispose of MIMmtulllly, Inn the beat nop rtuniiy of MU M b, semilog lor the subscriber, who will aUeinl lln in .it tin ir rr sidences by appoutmeul. H. LKVK.TT, ffire .No. 2 Willatreef. corner of Broadway. N.B.?I ine addiess, d through the Post otlice, or Otherwise, will leceiy prompt attention jrZ7 3 ?ic Dit hLLIOl'T, Ocaliat, t>HJ Btuadway. uilorm* Ina on tienta that during (he auiliiner no in I In lie will be ill h> itticc, from 10 to t o'clock, on Tueadaya, and Thuradaya jeH 7rin21tonarrr Si' sNItsH LaN-iL A lit.? V you,,it Spmiaid liaviua aoine ieoure hours, would like to spend ihein in giving private intruction on it y reasonable terina .Any young man wishiiili to learn the Spanish, miv addreaa a line to " Melchor," at ihe otrice of thia paper, which will receive attention. Hefereucc Kiv? if lequin-d. jr'27 2. in THr. t-OLI.O vs iNsi I LSI I HON k' of tne elite .cy of ische.ieu's Pulin uic S> tup ia given entire f r tne benefit of i he jut hi ic: ? All John De Witt of Sussex county, New .leraey, was fur ail months afflicted with pain 111 the >ide ami breast sp ilt g bluuj duly, with , diit easing gravr-yatd c ugh, wan attendid tilige tly tiy his physician, who was CoU ,celled by ?ther , to no gooil effect He tl,en applied to me to obtain fur him li If a doz-u bottles of 8cheuck'a I tiluiouic Syrup, w hich he t ok <cc nding to the dir* ctious. At er taking two noil lea he was entirely >clirveil from all Inn si rnpt, ms, but co tinurd taking the 8y tup till tile h .If dozen b ttli a were exhausted lie is ow well and enjoi mg good health. 1 am broihc,-in-law lo the said lohu Ue Witt, and quite conversant wi It (he circumstance I m iu no way inre.esied fur Schruck, hut state lit' ih ve facts for the encouragement of such as m ,y lie simil irly till li t- <1 8 .VI COOK. Jer.-ev City, N. J Prepared bv J H. SCHKN'OK, "lid for sale at his pro,rip,I office, 32 South Sixth street, Philadelphia; I Counlamll street New kork; 8 State street, Uosiou; and by Druggists in rr eral. J"' ^'*r I VI IN HIT \ NT KNTKRPKI9K.?The grant of the exclualve privilege of navigHf g, by steamers, the rivers Orinoco and Apurr. in Ve ezuela, South America, haviug been inide to me by the National Congress of that Republic, fur the term of eighteen years from the 14th of liut inouth, and upon fi tn highly Mnnimimi I M desirous of making arrangement.;, immediately, with individuals or a company, to torn meiice Hie euterpnse; and, to this end, a espial of about I wo homlied ihousuid dollar* will he required I shall arrange, and lie prepared to exhibit in the course of ten days, saiiafiCtory evidence, from credible and authentic sources, of the navigability of these rivers (the Apure being a main branch of the Orinoco), and that the enterprise cauuot fait to be successful and exceedingly profitable. Individuals or companies inclined to embark ill this scheme, are invited to correspond, or confer personally, with ine on the subject. Letters directed to me at thsciiy (postpaid) will be promptly attended to, and interviews msy be had at the office of Messra. kllstt Shepherd, No. 3 Nassau street, bel ween the hours of 11 A. M. and 2 P. M. during the moutn of Julr. VEHPAblAN KLLIS. New 1 ork. June 23, 1117. j23 I w fli THK CO VIM I89ION KR9 of Kmigratinn hereby give notice to the masters and owners ol steamboits and other vessels in which paxseniters who are not citizens of the United States. aie brought to the port of New Yuik from anv of the United States other than the Slate of New York, that they will lie reijup-ed to make a report, in writing, to The Mayor of the city ol New York, within twenty-lour hours after the arrival of such vessels in said port,according to the first section of i the I iw of May 3, I!il7, anil in case of anv omission or neglect i to make such report, the penalty of seventy-five dollars for each of said passenger* in whose case ilie oinis-ion or neglect may occur, wil be rigidly enforced. C pies of said law may be obtained at the Mayor'a office. UOBKRT TAYLOR, Oeueral Agent of the Commissioners of Emigration. New York..In ic2V. 1817. jc 2tifli L .wi.k rliKKKS ijlla.NIMr.S~i nnaouitlyrecrivvdand i for sale by the subscriner, (entitled to debenturt I a full i issorririent of the several brands of the above well known Brandies consisting of Cognac, Roohelle and Uordraii flavors, i at a great variety of vintages, new and old, in ji.Jaandhj pipes, which are offered at the lowe-t current prices by the | importer. Dealers are invited to call nd examine samples. IIKNHY LKUKR. I my29 Klt"r Office No. 101 Wall street. New \ ork. I BVRTINK'S LOTION ?Officeremoved to36 Canal street' ] near Broadway. This celebrated preparation is highly -rrommended in all cases of Rheumatism, (lout, Paiiuaml Stiffness of the Joints, K.rysipilas, Tetter or Ring Knrra, tllandnlar Tumors, kic., Use. It needs but a trial to give the , most ample aatisfactiou. For sale, wholesale and retail, at the iiroprtetor'a depot, 36 Canal street?orders for any quantity,adiressed to the subaeribera, will be punctually attended to. my?7 lit*r C. 8. BAICjJNK St t 0_ ; 0LKO8TATIC LAMPS.?L. ChapdHune, No. 373 Broad a way, has received |>er late arrivals, a large and splendid as- ' lertnient of Krench patent Oleoaratic Lamps, of different pit ' erns These lamp* were inveuted by the celebrated A. Thi orier, of the Krench Academy, and are considered the best amps now in use. These lainiw are for sale ouly at 373 Broad- | way iu this city, Also, on hand, a large assortment of rich plain and cut glass, tntlrry, girandoles, vases, china ware, toilet acts, and every ar- , icle in the furnishing line. _ mil 3Vt*re ERV ALENTA.?The undersigned have ou hand a fresh supply of Krvalenta, a valuable remedy in obstinate cases if constipation. Put up iu pound packages. Kor sale, wholelaic and retail, by UKI.LUC v rfi Apothecaries and chemist*. Hole successor* to PLACE fc 80UILLAHD. mS3S0t#rc No. 2 I'ark Knw, on.] ill Broadwgy. MKINH VHPTT8 k WOTY'SOILDED ISXeSLEf. ! TKItS FOR SIGNS?Office 20 Maiden Lnim. entrance Green afreet.?Theae letteraare rem irkable for durability, and i i brilliancy of the gilding unequalled by miy other article iu :he city?which brilliancy ia warranted to atuiil eipoaur* ii the weather. They are aliojapnnned to any color that may a* deaired ?I Wm I I, J\ , r.H M. KKLLV, Hhaki .peine Building. n rue, ,,f i*~th and ( heanut afreet*. Mercer and Tailor, reapertfully in. forma hia cnatomera and the public, that he haa taken lhat old old - ell known eatabliahm. nt the flhakapeare, at (he NorthWeal co ner n( Si* h and heanut at reef, where ?ill he found ' i large and general aaaortmenf of Kngliah. Kiencli, and other loooa, ofthe bear i|ti->lill. arrangementa to hare * arly and freah au| phea of all -eaaonable and faahionahlr gondii ' uid pattern* He will devote hi* enti'e rime and attention to '' aia bu me *,*< that ah th, ac who faror him with their diatom. ^ may depen I upoi them want* being anpphed at the ahnrte I ' lottce, which, in theae tune*, may be regarded aa of not the eaat impor"uce By the arraiigrmenla he haa been able to I ] fr, m hi* long e*p> enre in bna'tieaa, and in tiic way of | i itircha.n.g good*, he will fuiui'h hia cnatomera, at ua closp a p ate a , :u.v other competent *.,?i f'aahintir ble Mercer and Teilnr I ii the citv. He, therefore, reaiiectfully aoliciu public patronritflgdelpfii*. Ma* t IMT. J*1J lm* i | paiNTPAft f.v WANT-OF IiMPLOTMENT mil! * oblige the sebaenW and probably themaeTrae alto, by tearmy thiir uiMiuil address with WILLIAM NEWELL, JgM 3t?rsc 166 William, near Beck man street. I W ANTt)0 INllilllA I'LLlr-1 hm respectable young ! *v 1 idlesgf good families and good character, who under- , MMd attending a fancy store. A security of $tOQ will be | V**' n c in money. but secured by a responsible i>?raoa for I the hoursly of th* attendant. Apply immediately, Lafayette , Baa ar. 149 and 111 Broadway. j2? It*re I \AT AN 1'i,0? By a respectable youug woman, a eituatiou aa I chambermaid, or waiiar. or uuise, and seamstress. Hae g >od city relercuc Please call at (I Hamersley street. Can; be ?een for two day*. je70 1r*rrr. DARI N Ml W \ v 1> U ? l'o take au active part m either { ~ Hie indoor or outdoor business of a Nautical luitrumcnt 3t .re. None ueed apply but one conversant with the busi iif?i. Address. X. V . Z , Herald Office. jei6 3t re Tilh, Merchant LOl.In iNIANOLER, from Hnlberstadt. iu Prussia, chiii- to New Voik in the year 1831, and has Kiveil no account of himself since 1836. It i> probable that he has died amce. A term has tlicrefrre been lixed by the Koyal Conntv auu City Ci urt at Halber.tadt on the tth ol September, 1841, for the declaratiou of the death of the said Louis Mangier, and all or any peiions who know anything of the liie or reaioeuce of the same, are herewith requested to communicate such know lege to the above-named ' ourt. jrjti 3t*rc TO 'i HE L.illlcA-itiiBINbAb'aBW l.vj vilrvti u \ t H at the font ol Uesbrosses street, near Canal street. North Kivei is o|ien from sunrise until II o'clock at uight. On iueiJaysand F'idays the large centre bath will be exclusively devoted to their use, trom 9 A. M. until 4 P M- by this arrai gemeut, the Debrosses street Batha will furnish better accommodations for the lad.e? than any oloe- similar eetiblishmeut in the city The warm sea baths open aa usual.? Sessnn tick*-!* c m derate prices WIII r TO ler?.v i? At I uscaiora, Schuylkill c uot,, Pa., a frouu A dry and Machine Shod, (will be rented separate or togegetlier) with a ten horse power steim engi ie. ill iu com lete order, with all the necessary tools lor Foundry Machine Shoo, aud Hlacksinithiug. Patterns, Fin Its, fee. and tome stock to coaimeuce. Apply to JACOB ALTER, . Tuscarore. ,-m . u? .anthracite i o i. m-hi ijiikiiiy, yz per ton. joz-l ifi't * r BOAKDINu.?Koc?laud Lake Villi, conducted by Mia SI mil?The above houie ia delightfully situated, as a sum* mer residence, commanding a bold fiout view of the noble lludauii, with it* splendid actsuery, and within a lew miuutea walk of the beautiful Lake, covering a *|wce of aeven hundred acrea, abounding at choice fiah, affording th.e sport for the angler. Kami Ilea, aiugle persons, and parties on pleasure excuraioua, cau be accommodated with |ileaaaiit and airy apartmrnta. The YVaireu ateamboat reus daily, and the Santa Clam steamboat leaves New York at 7 o'clock, A. M, both lauding at Hocklaud Lake Dock?Kare from New York, 31 Centa. jeiki 3t*rrc ^HAiLliNOti,?Notice to gentlemen ?lio want their old clolhea to look like new. call at the tailoring, Dyeing. Clcaniug aud Repairing Latablialimeiit, No. 77Gold street, coruer of Gold and Spruce, wlirre orders | will be punctually alteuded to at the shortest notice, and on the uiost reasonable terms, by J. 0 NOAH, 77 Gold street. N. B?The highest price given for gentlrineu's lelt off 1 wearing apparel. mv24 Mt is*c A""MfcKH.AN" HOTe.L,TltICHK1 k.LD BPKINGS.? ilia undersigned proprietors of the above establishment aware of the growing popularity of this fashionable watering place and desirous uf accommodating all who visit it either for health or pleasure, have been at great expense iu culaiging the American, aud. improving its grounds so as to render it still mure attractive, now flatter themselves that they Can furnish visiters with all the luxuries ami comforts usually found at the first class hotels. The rooms are large, airy and couvemeiit, aud the table will be supp'ied with every dainty. Wilhiu a few years these Soring* have become generally known noil highly appreciated lor their medicinal ctlccti, ami | Urge numbers viait there every iruou with decided benefit iu alin>>st all the chronic forms of disease, particularly scrofula, rheumatiain, eruption* of the akin, dyspepsia, bilious diseases, aud chrome disease* ol the liver contracted in hot Intitudea, MlfOUdebility, fcc. Ike.; and wr hazard nothing ill saying as n means ol'iure, these springs are before any other mineral spring yet analyzed in the l/nited States. In no portion of the State is inore pleasing and agreeable scenery than in the vicinity of these Springs, aud weliave no doubt that all who visit this place, either lor health or recreation will find it delightful, and the American an agreeable abode. At a short distance from the Spring are a number of lakes, one withiu half a m,le, where those who sre fond of billing will bud rare s|iort. Boats and tishiug tackle can be had at a moment's notice. Those from the North, Kast and West can lake the cars to Herkimer, where post coaches aud other conveyances are iu constant readiueis So take them directly to the Springs. LKNNKRBACKLR It JOlfNSON. JiaS 1>, HIT. je20'2t*rc HAMILTON HOUSK, at Kurt Uainuion, near Uie Nar rows.?This favorite place of summer resort is now open fur the reception of boarders and visiters. The Steamboat American Kagle, Captain Power, leaves pier No. I Noith River, at IU A.M.,and 1 and 4 P.M.?leaves hurt Hamilton at8, ll)a A. M., 2>f, aud 6>? I'. M. The public may rely ou the bout running as advertised. THOMAS A. MKINKLL, Kout Hamilton, June 8th, 1847. jel02li*re CONOUKSS HALL, ALBAN Y.?The public are respectfully informed that this establishment having been thoroughly repaired ami panned, and newly furnished, is uowiu complete order for the reception of guests. Congress Hall will accommodate about 200 guests; there are a large number of parlors with bedrooms attached. It is located ou thecorner of Washington st eet and Capitol Park, beiug iu the immediate vicinity of the Capitol aud all the St ite buildings; the situation is airy aud quiet, having the t .pitol aud Acailemy Parks iu front. It is justly eonsideird the most pleasant location in the city of Alb my for i hotel. Mr. Landon hasassociat. I him, Mr. J. >es L. Mitchell, lateofthe Parker House, N, ' Ifnrd. The subscribers pledge tin cj efforts iu the management, and hope by the stricte utiou to the wants and coin- , forts of their guests, to men ntiuuance of the liberal patronage they nave heretofore ived from their friends aud the travelling public. . N'DON 8t MITCHELL. jelO SOtm HUDSON KIVElt HOTEL, coruer of West and Hoboken,_ opposite t. anal street ferry ?This spacious Hotel ; has been fitted and furnished Willi new furniture, and is now open for transient aud steady boarders. Those in want of a quiet home, cool rooms, aud pure air, are requested to call. Phis house commands a fine view of the North River and bay iu Sandy Hook, and Jersey shore, iucluding Jersey City and Hob .ken. Also in the vicinity of ltabineaua salt water baths, highly recomineudird for invalids. Suites of rooms for families, and single rooms for gentlemen, with or without board. I The proprietor will at all times make it his study to insure the comfo t and convenience of his gursis. jr9 30t*rrc , g V run " a h ?"uTli I IJ ~~uTTum vo-er ?at U .",T rV l" I 233 ( liesnut street, I'lltIniirIplua. (two doors above | seventh,) having recently undergone repairs and improve- | meuta, offer* to traveller* all the quietiieM and comfort of ! .mmr, with all the lusuries of the season. Bath* litted op, cold and warm, for ladiea and gentle- . asnn. JI 30t* re MASBAPhClUA HOUSE, Month Oytter Bay. L. !., D now openTl>r the reception of company.?The houie i* ocaunfnlly located; the room* are unusually Urge, airy Mid coiiremeuti a beautiful bay, excellent bathing. fishing' and ano.ting are within a *hort diitance from the liouae. The ear* leave Brooklyn at 9%, A. M. and 4 P. M., daily, for Kainingd?le, where stages will he ill readinma to carry passengers to the hou?e. Persona can leave and r; turn the *ame day to Mew York. The diatauce from Farmiugdale i* iK mile*. The anderaigred will do all he cau to make hia a deunble home for a aummer reaideuce. je3 2Ht*r ' HAHLK8 K. SNKDK.i OH Kh-SOHT ? The aubscrihrr would resprc luily ' announce to thoae wishingtu enjoy a line prospect of New London Huroor and surrounding country, that he can furmih 'lieni with pleaaaut airy room*, at thr <itu itiou known as ti e Stone Home, on Bank atreet, withiu five minute*'walk of the i Steamboat wharf A* a Summer retort, where all kindiof set-food, both shell and other fi*h, heaide* the best of sea balhiug can be enjoyed' 'his p ace is probably unequalled. Visiter* fioin abroad accommodated with the besrof soma i vud at moderate charges. IIKNKV HUOHE8 New Li nihil,, .1 Hue I. 1847 mi 3i 30t*rrr NI llt'i'H A V1 KKlt; AN BAll and UlLLI vKD ROOMS, corner of Bowery and Bayard street The subscriber i respectfully infouna III* friend* and the public geuer lly, that I he has ulteu the above Well known popular house, ?Inch he t iaMtada to keep in as good style as any similar entatilishiiient in i the city. The House ha* been tho oughly painted a d re ovated, and the Bnr is provided with a choice stock of liquors ' and sugars. In thr liilliurt Saloon are two a* good table* as 1 any ill the city, which will be under the suiM-rinteiideuce of nu attentive and experienced persou, while the Bar will be uu der the immediate care of the subscribe], I 1 DAVID M. HOLLISTER. , N.B. The proprietor will be happy to see hi* friends ou Thursday, the 37th inst., from II to 2 o'clock New Youk, May M, 1817. wy263(11*r COA'J'S'S THREAD.?CAUTION.?Purchaser*ami con- | sutriers of Cotton Thread* are hereby cautioued that *n article of *|H>ol thread marked "Coate* St ( o.,"now offered for *tle in this market, i* not the celebrated six-cord thread maiiufacturt d bv Messrs J. fc P. Cost*, of Paisley, Sccllaud. HUUH AUCHINUL08S St SONS, jeS tut'* re Agent* of I Ik P I >,->t, of I'-nslev. BILLIARDS.?The subscriber respectfully Informs his | patious mid the public, that in compliance wi'.htlie wishes of many of Ins visitors, he bus concluded to open the Arcade 1 (late Empire) Billiard Siloun, a* a school for (lie teaching of ) Billiards , and hi order to secure tl<e best talent in that depart- J inent, he ha* engaged Mr. BUIST, Commonly known as ANDREW, under who*- cite, in conjunction with that of the undersigned, the school will be conducted. As hcretofnie the wishes of visitor* will be carefully considered, and mi pains I spared to render this Saloou fully worthy of the high and lash- ' tollable reputation it has tcquirml. MICHAEL PHI-LAN, Proprietor of the ( jel WtVr Arcade Biliard Saloon, No. 8f, Ban liy st. | S~ HQEFINDINGS?SOLE AND UPPER LKATHeK.? KDWARD OODKHKV Ik SONS, No. 299 Pearl sr.. im- 1 porters of superior English tastings, silk galloons, shoe th rails, boot wehs, Satin Krnncais, French calf skius, patent leather, colored galloons, silk hoot cord, lacets; a large assortment of <ole leather and calf skins, constantly on hand Also a stipe- | riot quality ol morocco and linings, biudings, kc., of every de icription. J?17 Mt*r EVER V MOTHER'S BOOK?An apprehension ol poverty and the pro*|ieel of too large a family of children, prevent nany considerate people from entering the married state, hut lere is a hook that will tell you manv I'innurtaiit secrets which nxv overcome these objection*. The author i* not slowed to Mate more in detail the chancer ol the work, but he know* it will be universally approved I it among married people. Fnrsale iu moil book ?tore?, and of the attthor, No. J Ann _jellOt?re ( C AST QVTCLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANT- ! ED?Ladies and (Jeutlemen having any cast off or super- j luou* clothing or furniture to diapoae of, can obtain a lair cash ' nice for the aame, by aeiidinic a note, or by calling on the ubacriber, at hia reaidence, or through the poat, which will e punctually attended to. 11. DK BOER, 71 hi Canal at., up stairs. 4 N. B. Ladiea can be attended to by Mr* De Boer. < Old atoek and job good* bought, of any description and imonnt mvSg Utter I1 [HON AWNINtiS-TTlKSrilSt TtlBERSWI LI, MARK and put up Iron Frame Work for Awnings, with roller* d He., that will roll the Awning up snug to the house without ii my difficulty whatever. They coat nearly the aame a< those / hat are stationary. They have put them up at Addoin's, tiroadw-iy, opposite Stewart's, Beber Ik Costar'a, 100 Broadway, and at Lewi" k Faumtu'a. Liberty-sl , and others. Ii DUNCAN fc WEST, in 4 Little Green-st.. near Maiden Lane. je24 7t? m P(tlt Sti.E.?A -? "it.l 11 ,ir, it r ii. i, a i .1, top li.iT'.iti lie, in M good order, with a good set of Harness, but little n>ed, will be sold low. Apply at No. 102 Crosby street. fi je22 tit "ere L. i()K l'l,ATKS! DOOR I'l. ATES !-Kine Bras. ,nd o Silver Door Plates for $1 60 to S3, at CLASSEN'S. No. 1 Murray street, Ii iwvIT Wr*rh earner of Rrnadwae PKUrUWUk tV .vlliSli. ?O. It. SOLOMON t ikes Hue mode of informing his friends and the public that he has noved to 91 Chatham street, where he continues to tench Vio- t in. Violoncello, Guitar and Surging as heretofore, either iu J tlasses or singly, by a new aud untiroved method peculiarly n lis own, by which fus pupils are advauced in one half the isual time. n French Accordion tangbt Terms moderate mt3nt#c REKf5 FISHING POLKS.?1000 lot ?ale in lots, at the lowest market prices. Also, Shovel. Hoe and Fork Man- t lies; together with a full assortment of Hardware, by J O. w. GUIDN, jeM 1r?rc No. 174 Wki stieel N. Y. ai 1VDOTIIM HE-TOOTH At; HE.?I>r. PR T? II As D 8 01 Magic Toothache Mixture, warranted to affo il irninul, te relief, and sn|wrior to any Toothache preparation known.? 're|isred by an etiu-rirnrrd dentist, and BpprOVell by able lent ists and physicians throughout the Uiilou. I'riee per vial, ' , > cents; wholesale Upon rtssnaskls Ml MS. OKI No. 121 I leekman at. corner of Front, and opposite Fulton Market I ,, jelU lit* re ' " ] '^ l/J ON M Le.N'i .?T he highest pflc r% 1.11 .I.t CO ' lerg* , vg yd smalt tiims on goliT and silver watches, dutnond, late, jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry goods, kc , k, JOHN M. DsVVIFA, L rnsed paw nhrnkrr, I >3? Wt||ran, sr.-ei near .Dir. a*. r J Prrtops reeeteesl la private ofiet. by ria'.ng iSo bell l? mr2t Mfe I DiRDS Aj a'IXT ?<?$will ?wil on D Taeadar, June *>. at 10 o'clock, at No. ltl Broadway, ( Birds in cagea Mocking Birda, Canaries. Throahea. Scsrlinga, > Tropins. Lionets. Uoldftuehaa, Java Sparrows, Bullfinches, t Paroquets, icc., alao, a larsa collection uf beautiful stuBad i birda, comprtuif a great variety of the moat beautiful birda of | the L S Humming and oth>r birds from the Weal iudiea, i and South America. biids of Parodist from Chiua, he , kc jc28 Ilia*rc , ElOtl 1 MNU CO.S OUCTORS.?This being lite kuuu I ol the year wheu lightning rod* are absolutely uecaaaary ' to every building, the advertiser drairea to call the atleutiou of , the public to kia ayatetn ol conductor*. The roda made aod put up by him are neater, haudaomrr, cheaper, and more compact than any oilier in use. They are secured together with cornier Joints, which la a great improvement over the "hooked ' plan ; it gives a better?indeed a perfect connection. The public can obtain luriher inform <tiou ou application to WALWORTH, NASON. k UL'ILD, Lugiueers, No. 78 Jobn at.. V V. m22? 30tfh PVNTAlOONS ? K. AHKKNS, the well known Pauls 1 Tailor. 2II>; Ami street, ha* lately received oterlOOpcs. fancy C'a**imeie? and Line,ia, of which be Make* Pants to or ' der forouly S3 M to Si per pair. Alao. Kreorli and Kugliali black cnatimerea and doeskina, , from SI to $1 |>er pair, wstranted good, or uo talc. Ciruta who are iu w aul ol Pants, will do well to call at 2nX Ann street je?l l?t?r | RKAL VaL?nT iISn "aLACkS.?W. SCO 1TkCo.. I No. 377 Broadway, oflfe. a large asaortnirnt of theabova, I ol v trious widtlia, 2U iwr rein - nder regular prices Alao, new . patterns in Alu?li. Trimming Bauds'infants'Waists; Kobrs and Cap*; Kugii.h and Kreuc Thread Lace* and Kdgrgs; | linejac. net , online, muII an uaiu?ook uiuiliua. Haudker- ! chiefs, Collars, Chemisettes, (. lea, Vit.lea, Veils, he , at a ! very amall adv.nee on rbe ro*r o' imiairtation Je22.10t*r I N'Jl lCr ?The subscriber liegs Itnve to inform the iwtrons ' .if the Riding School N * I'17 and Id'j Meicera reel, that 1 tolin r*. Koul* one is no longer connected it; nny in inner ? lib thi* eatablialnnr t. and all moiieya due for riding orotherwise, inurt be paid t the proprietor. The riding depaumriit wul { he in fu'ure conducted by a paraon w.ll qualified to take i charge of the same._ _ lluK.VCK K JONKS, Proprietor Riding School, Nos. 137 and 138 Vlercrr at. June 22 1H17. _ je22 7t?r TilP. < IIP. VI'r.sT STORK. in tlie city.ItiH tj| K ultou street, I for Pa|a-r Hanging*, Window Shade*, btreboard Prints' maiiI factnrer ..I ih_ L' 1. 11 1. ib " ' ........ vj-n.ui sru njiriiiK nair, .vioss ! and other mattrnssrs; Feather Beds, Curtsiu Materials, uml every article in tlie upholstery Imr at die lowest prices. K. DAVIKS I6i>4 Fulton street. I Steamboats, sbip cabins, and hotels, fitted up and furuislird. I my 10 3m?r HV uHOl'MObl A.?Tins much dreaded disease can uow be prevented by the use nl Louis Napoleon hanteries' celebrated LettToudres Verten. or (Jreeu Powders, which aro patronized by the Oticen of Kugland, His Royal Hiithness Prince Albert, and by the nobility and sentry of Kugland.-- i Ttiese Powders are also a sure Cure for d steinper. fi s, Sic., in I MB. A supply of these most valuable iHiwders have just been received by the Astent for the United States. JOHN FISHER. Gun and Tist I Store, 10 Chatham st, N. Y. P. 8.?Every person owning a dog. who attaches suy value to it or hlin -elfor family, ought immediately to call and get a bot. j 11 3flt*re CM! if hi < iARh ?New cmp tirrrn and Black Teas and / Family tiroceries. Just received Irom auction a large stock of white and brown sugars, green and black tens and groceries, ill of which are offered at unusual low prices. Loaf sugar cents pound, crushed do is Gil. 7 lb.; brown sugar is; light do 3s Ud; yellow Porto Rico 4s; light Havana do 4s; finest Ooloug tea iO cents; fine Young Hyson M cenU; good black mid green 2s. aud 3a. lb; prime old colfee 10 ceuts lb, fresh ground dailv, and groceries of all kinds for sale in iiuautitiea to suit purcoasers. By J.O. FOWLER, 2.i0 and 428 Greenwich, aud 76 Veeey street. N- B. Dealers artd families from the country would do well to call before purchasing, (roods delivered to the") oats without charges. jelo:tnt*ni TO lit' ILDKItN.?'Proposals will be received on or before the kith Juiic instant, forau addition to the Hospital ol the Seaman's Retreat on Staten Island. A plan of the proposed building can be seen OH application to Cap!. Rl'SSKLL OLOVF.R, Secretory ol the Board of Trustees, at their office, No. 8 Old slip. _ je22 7t r NEUROPATTIY.-DK. HOLLIOK'H New System of Practice is attracting universal attention. Medical men, and the medical journals, are everywhere discussing the reason of its estraordiuarv success. The most rvmarknblc feature in this new system is, that neither ilruKs, nor .my other of the oriliunry agents are scarcrly nseil stall, and vet every requisite effect is produced. The chief scent employed is tlut mysterious and all iwrvading power, the sole cause or life and motion, generally called electricity, galvanism, or magnetism, and which is uow Itnowu to be the principle life itself. With proper apparatus, directed by a competent knowledite of physioloicv and electro dynamics, this is undoubtedly the best means we possess for mitigating human suffering. In all Chronic and Nervous cases, and in Female Diseases, nothing dm can approach it. Iliuiuess men will find in this system a j means of renovating their shattered health, without any danger of i jurious after effects, like those lhat follow front drugs i Dr. Holiiek s Office is 17 Warren Street. Office hours from 10 A. M. till 3X P. M. JIT" See Dr. llollick's book called " Neuropathy," to be had of all the booksellers. je23istfex8r FANK-FUKNCII AND i lll.NKSK. fans-FHKDKHICK a. WOODWORl'll has Just opened a case of low priced Fieucli Fans, bone sticks, white and silver paper, 8, 9 and 10 inch. Purchasers of fans are invited to examine his extensive ass rtmriit, which comprises almost everv style manufactured, including all the ditferent varirties of Chinese Feather Fans, carved Ivory, Pearl, l)ouu,and Sandal Wood Fans, painted Silk and Kid Fans, together with an extensive collection of rich and costly ilresa Faus of the moat beautiful description WOOD WOKTII, Successor to Bonfauti, * 21 7teod 311 Broadway, nea' the Hospital. 7|"3U LET WITH BOARD?A front parlor, with bed room J- and pantries attached, suitable for a gentleman and 'his w ife. Terms moderate. Also two or three single gentlemen ran be accommodated with board and well furnished rooms, at 53 Bond st. jtl 3teodu*re BKAUTIF.S OF THF.'OPKIIA, No "I.-JUST ISSUKD. Subscribers are informed that the first number of the above named monthly musical work is now ready lor delivery The contents of the number is: The Hermit's Prophecy, es I sung by Jenny Liud in Hobert le Di?hle; When the Joys of Youth: Kcco-il-l'egrro by Donizetti; Nnpolitaiue, I am dreaming of thee; and (rem. from the Opera of Krnani; being 20 | pages of Music,and embellished with a superb portrait of Jru in Liud. The Musical Monthly will be published no the first day of I each month, comprising 20 pages, (of engraved inusir, printed on flue paper.) Including title pages; consisting ol Hongs, Duets. Marches, Waltxes, Polkas, Maaourk s Sic., w ith scire- i lions fr"in the Otieras arranged for the Piano Forte, as Fanta- I sies. Melanges. Pot Pourrts, Sic. All foreign Hongs will have i an Knglish vrision or adaptation. 'J his work wu> be einbel- | lis bed with elegant and appropriate d-sigus during the year. | soastofonn a he lit ful and uselul volume, at the reduced i price of 'id cents per number, or six dollars |ier aimuin, delivered; each number being comi lete in i self, thus a subscriber will be film shed with a Colledon of music, of the hest eoinposi ions, wh eh ifpuicha-ed otherwi e.w uld cost four tunes the sum, and cnuld nut be obtained without importation,as this I work will contain no re-print of American pub ica'ioiis. rn7~ Five dollars per auiiuin, if paid m advance, at tlie time ofaiihscr bing. The subscriber has made arrangements with the agents of he Kxpiesa Routes, to have the work lorward'd immediately upon the day of publication, to subscribers, to every part of the Union. (T>~ A liberal discount to the trade and Agents. JOoKl'H F. AT WILL. jeCS SntdiVr till Broadwav. i LA7)IK8'A,\U (IENTLKVIE.NVLEKT OKK WARD- ' KOBE ? The highest prices can he obtained by gentlemen or farnihr* who art desirous of conveiting their left otl I we.ring apparel inta rath. Kaunl.e. and gentlemen quitting the city, or changing resiJencea, having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will find : it much l? rhrir adra it igr to frid for the auhacriber, who w ill attend thcin at their rrsi.leuce bv appointment. J. LEVENATVN, ?6G Briiadwae, up ataira. I l.adiea can be alteodrd t by Mrs. J, LEVEN8TYN. ie2? 1'ixS r S~TA MAI'IIING-LONG HKANCH. NEW Ji-.KMET [ I'lie aubarribiT avill open Hit (mrmerlv Hairs') for he reception of viaitera, during thr season, on Mnndty, 2 at instant. HENRY HOWLAND. jr i; | t'aeoH'rrc I H r, IV l >H K S.? I'lie innat rtteusisi-, rn'lir.l, li illi'tut anil F variegated col red eihibitional Kireworks ever offered :o the public, ia now ready per order, with new machinery, Jeaigua, motlnra. See. fcc. h or information, apply to J. W. HOLBERTON,73 Maiden Uue, New York,or ISAAC EDGE, Inn. Pyrotechnist, it', in*' Laboratory, Jereet City, war thy Ferry, r. .. . ANUTonTh.a-A LOT? Oh SPLLNr did, flue toned grand action Pi ino Kortea, juat m oT received, roaew od ami mahogany t all and ' III ace, if you want bargains. C. HOLT, Jr., ie2ft Steod e? S*in litj Kultnn at : Tiliiiittr "MUSIC?THE PIANO "taught" on very I " ittir41-moderate terma, by a lady who haa had con- : t aife I f|*'derable experience in teaching. Hhe profea- I Mill *aea to teach it ill a acientilic manner, with the | theory which ahe uudertakea to impart a thorough knowledge if. Terras three dollars per mouth. A line addreased to i 'Music,"at the Herald o/nce, shall be attended to. my27 30tia*rc rm LIGHT HAT! CLEAR HEAD!?KNOX, atfT jpk 128 Kulton street, has aoine beautiful light and air) i hummer llala.eipreaaly adapted to the great summer object of 1 ' keeping cool." The healthy and vigorous action of the brain more or leas lepends u pou the freedom and elasticity of the head It thereTore follows thai summer hats should be as light and airy as : ossible, and that any man can make more money with one of knot's than with any others Try the et|irriment jei.1 Iwis'tc c-?wa? ___ EX' I ksion TO CKOTON KaLLS LAKE Lju 111 M AHOPAf\Croton Lake, Daiibury and Ridgefield, by the Harlem Rail Road, Daily at 7 A.M. ind 4 P. M Visiters to these Places can. by taking the 7 1 /clock A. M. cars, lemain several hours and return to the city the same afternoon. Staves will leave Croton Kails on arrival , >f each train of cars,and for Pawling* on arrival ofthe 4 o'clock ram Conveyances fur Crnton Lake at New Castle. Eare to Crntnn Kails, 53 miles, SI. jel9 10tisr j ~ PLEASANT SUMMER EXCURSION. ( P jwAUL?Kor Tuesday-, Wednesday, and Thursday? , ieUiBaThe steamer ION will leave the foot of Cham- I icr* Mrrrt, at 7 o-clock, A. M., on the above day*, landmif at I Fouker*. llasiing*, Dulilia' Ferry. Tarrytown, Suit Hint, | Jr??y Point, Caldwell'* and Peekikiil ; and will leave Peekaullntl P. M., landing at all the uhove f lace* on her return, : Inn affording pniaeugei* nn eicelleut opportunity of viewing j heaceuery on the river. Will alio laud and receive paaieu- i tern at the foot of Hammond at. jff jt* rc mmPKOPLfc'HLINK SfKAMBOATN KOK iljJflU^^ALBANV, Daily, Hundaya F'.acepfed? WnmHw Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from i he Pier between Courtlandr and Liberty atrerta. Steamboat ISAAC NF.WTON, Capt Wm. H. Peck, will rave on Monday, Wedneaday, and F'riday evening*, at 7 'clock. Steamboat HKNDRIK HUDSON. Capt. ft. O. Crutlenen, will leave on Tucaday, Thursday anU Saturday even- ! ig* *t 7 o'clock. It Five O'Clock. P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Placet? fro-n -be toot n I Barclay atreet. Steamboat HOI HKHTKK, Captain H. H. Kurry, will rave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Suuday afteroona, at 5 o'clock. Steuinlioat SOUTH AMKHICA, Captain T. N. Hulae, rill leave ou Tueaday, Tburaday, and Saturday afteruoooa t ' o'clock. The above boat* will at all titnea arrive in Albany in atnpla 1 me for the Morning Car* fort'te Kaat or VVeat. Freight taken at moderate r.p? . and MM taken after Wf 'clock, P. M. All perron*are forbid irnating any ol the boat* of this ne, wilbout a w ritieii order (rom the captain* or agent*. I For naaiage or freight, apply on board the boat*, or to P. C CHI I T/, at the nflicr roi the wharf. jr27rc ~KOR IoNDuN?Regular Packet I at Jnlr?The JMCTVcelelirifetl fa*t 11 ins packet ?htp INDKl'eN MnSnDF.Nt K.Capi W. It. Br*di?h,will nil aa above, her -out. uuy. 1 For pa???ge in 2d cabin and ateera**, h n ine splendid accom- 1 ion*, apply on boaid. foot of Burling ?lip. or in I J28 ro McMURlOVY. corner Pin# *n<l floiith *t. I XfStr FOR LIVKHPOOL -Medlar Packet fitb Juli - ! The celebrated imrket ?hiB NKW WORLD,L*pt. j PMmKbKnight, will sail aa above, her regular dny* i For parage, having unequalled nconmrn d.ttions Tor 2d cabin , id termite paaNengerii, apply on honrd, fool of Maiden lane, r r o J. MeVuJRK A Y, corner Fine and Honth ?U i ( The packet ship K)H N SK 11)1)Y. I ?pt. Lire, will aurrred | leabove, nil mlthf llih Joh ner regular dai Ml FOR FKe.lOHT OR f||.\HTKR ?The firar * rryjm fla?a faiit ftailniu copi>etfd and fupper fattened BritMMmKm i??i h?viIt brig HOPE, Robert Beaatif. m*?ter. taken re bulk of IMM) barrel*, and c m be immediately despatched r?> W kJ. T T-A PSCOTT r M flnnfh *tteef. AAjfc FOR LONDON, LIVERPOOL oit ULAS OOW .? The fa?t ?- iling, coppered, Britnh built HOPE. 113 ton* remitter, Robert Beaant, n?aa* r be 'mm?duteh* despatched Apply to j?r W k J T f APScOTT, II Bouth it. [ P?II J J ? LAST XlilMT 01 TR?8fcA6t?R I yieetfully inform* the public that he ha. UaauOie Ki k I Theatre, ud hm commenced a thbit huoh <rf TWi;LVt NIGHTS ?Mowday Evening, J one M, will ba perfc.Vrned a tragwdyuu Jucla.eutitled SAF FO?Alcandro, Big. l. B,*, lini; Kaon, Sig, L. Farotxi; Ippia, Big L Piamunteai; LiaimSfo. Sag. Pictto Candi; SutTo. Sigua. Fortuuata Tadejco. Ti ken tor the aetaoi. may be accured at the Bui uoiea Boxea, $1; Pit. 50 cenU; Oailery. 15 centi. Doora open at a quarter paat 7, performance to commence at 1 o'clock. BOWCKV THEATRE..?A W Jacnavn, Pro|<rwLui?M. ?; Stcvk?i. Su?e Manager.?Monday evening, June Ufa. will be performed M AZtCPPA?Maxajipa, Mr. De Bar; Ab derKtiau, Vlr. Booth; Druliu.ka, Mr. Uadaway; Oliuaka. Mr. WiUiuaou; Agalha.llra Madiaou. Alter which, LIKE MABTtK LIKE MAN?Don Carlo., Mr Clarke; Suicho, Mr.Hadaway; Leonora, Miaa * Gordon J *To^ocVud fw't n*TH E DEVIL IN PARIS-*-* V Mn Booth. Count Vanilla Mr. Da Bar; CreQuat, Mr. Hadaway; Madeline. Mra. W ilkiuaou, Boxaa, t centa; Pit and liallery, 12K cent. Doora open a quarter to 7; ler'urm.iire to commence at h.ll'pnat 7. ' ?llt It A.N |7 DRAM A'J II' KEM'J'IVAL lor the Karawcll X Benefit ol Mr J. A. J Nealie, Coinri < If at the Bowery Theatre, on Tuesday evening the *9lh mat. K<>r tin. occaaion ha. been aecured the aid of a large uumber'of our larorite and diktiiiguithad aiti.ta, Inatrionie, muaical, Itc. Itc. Among whom, we may al.eady name, Mr. and Mr. Walcot. end Mr. and Miaa Nickiu.nn, i ftlie Olympic; ,\lra. Veruou. Mr Ba?, Mr. Dyott, and Mr. Chaulrau, of the Park Theatre, who will appear in the corned v of IHK ROAD TO RUIN; and NAPOLEON'S O .D o./ARD, Mr. Johu Jacoba, the (tear aocordioniat, w ho will play many popular pierea, aoln and duett. Mr. Duaenhury, whoae l>?(t')ly growing popul.ritv upon the penny will.tie nr till oboe, render, lum uuivrraally Courted.? Phi. I. the ino.t extraordinary perforin.nee ol the axe, as the Diuit difficult pa..aye. m muaic are rxecu rd ou a common tin win.tie, with but -ia Tenia. It ia upon tile gieateat ner.naaiou that thi. ye itleman haa been drawn from private lile, for thi. axle occaaion. Let uo lover of novelty and mu. c lo.r thi. i hence. The Virginian Melodist., in coui.rction with the celebrated Christ> ?a Mln.trel., alao, for this night only, iu all their piece.. Mr. Hi enter, the Bl ud Violii.t, will give hi. perlormani'e on the Violin, aa air., overture., imitation, of the groan., moan., and ol a Methodist Prayer Meenug, n quarrel of two loafer, iu the gutter, An. An. Mr. M. Mark., on hi. violin, w ill, from the >tage, lead the orche.tra in .ever.) piece*. Mr Nealir will (bydr.ire, first time in thi. city) perforin n?? J. U.--L -- r - .... . ? <.r u.*.iu. na tiiiuu.iiru ipresaty lor lum at tlie : St. Charles Theatre, New Orleans, and acted the ent re ses?mi. Tim. bv those who kim?v it, ii pronounced much tlit- ; best veiaiou of this comedy, differing matrriallv from all otheis, wherein the wit and pith is kept up 111 all its original ; Krrurh racinuaa. Tina, with much beside, makes unquestionably the richest bill of the srasun. Mr. N.. in taking leave ol? his Bowery frieuds, returns his thanks fur the indulgent favor with w hich they have received | Ins efforts while holding the place of so rxcelleut an actor as ' J. K. Scott, and regret* deeply to part with them, assured that no successor will surpass hiru in his devoliou to their amusement. jet7 2t rc PALMo'H OPERA HtrUbK?AI."K BUKKK7Sola Letsee and Proprietor. Mr. JOHN DHNN, Stage Manager. \ Monday ami Tue day.Juue 28 and 29th, 1817, ilie admired farce (first time here) of the SWISS SWAINS?Sw if, Dunn; I Rosetta, Mra. Tinim; Dame filibb, Mrs. Watts. To lie succeeded ty the farce of THE WOVERNOR'S j WIFE?Hickory short, w. chapman; Lotty Brings, Miss | Anna Cruise, To conclude with the laughable farce of the HOUSE DO(l ? Dust, W. Chsiuicin; Doe, Hield; Betty, Mrs. Watts. Doors o|ieu at liall-iuist 7. rerformaucrs commence at eight o'clock. Par,incite and Buses .'id cents; upper tier 27 cent' A me ICAN museum?I'KKKOKMANi es both Afternoon and Evening at 3'a nud 8,1* o'clock. THE ORPHEAN EAMluV. OK KENNEBECK VOCALISTS, The moat talented and popular Baud in America are engaged ; at this house, aud will give their (Jrand Concerts this afteruorn ; and evening, at half-|>akt 'J and aouarter past 8 o'clock, wlieu also other talented tierforrners will appear, including theChap man family. Pete Morns. Miss Jnli?? end other. SANTA ANNA S WOODEN "LEG, Taken by the Ameiican Army in Mexico, inay be seen here at nil hours day and eveuiog. The Magnificent Moving Diorama of the FUNERAL OK NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. Will also be exhibited at each and every performance Admienon 25 eerfe. jel rc APOLLO RUOMS.-Mme. KLEURY JOLLY. Prima Dunn.i, and Mons III UREI 'L, First llar> tone of the Kreurh Opera Company of New Orleans, assisted by Mous. GENOVKSI. Siguor HAPETTI Bud Mr. II. t'.TIMM rei|teetfully anumpire that they will aire A GRAND CONCERT. On Tlit rbiiav Evkninu, Jri.v 1st, ar thk APOLLO SALOON. Tiekela One Dollar, to be had at the usual places. Door* open at 7)g. Concert to couimcuce at B o'clock precisely. jettH+r BKOADWAV THEATRE.?Thia establishment, now erectinic iu Broadway, will be opened for Dramatic purpose! solely, ouor about the first of September, under the management of O. H. BARRETT. Persons of acknowledged talent wishiug situations for the season, will please address him (pre-usidj at 109 Leonard street. A. MANN, sole Proprietor. Dy"" During Mr. Barrett's absence iu Enro|ie, all letters and busiuess conimunicatious may hr addressed to his agent. je 13 tfrc W. COltll VN. No. 2 Ba ciuy street ABTLE (JAKDEN.?Mr Bagra, Stage Manager.?MonJday Evening, June 2B. MY LITTLE ADOPTED SON? Frederick Sotners, Mr. Wnlcott: Major Seymour, Mr. Arnold; Lauretle Seymour, Miss Clarke; Rose Mayburu, Miss Phillips; Rebecra, Mrs. Isherwood. i After which two. Faucy Dances by Miss Wells and Petite Mary Anne. After which a Scotch Pas de Deux by Misses Louisi and | Amelia Wells. | Toconclude with KILL OR CURE?Mr. Brown. Walcot; | Mr. Mildinsn, Mr. Eserard; Mrs. Browu, Miss Clarke. 1 Admission, 25 cents. Doors open at 6J<; Performance to commence at fl. GRAND EXTRAORDINARY CONCERT-At tlie Cafe des Mil'e Cnlonnea, 307 Broadway.?Jn Puileux, proprietor of the above establishment, informs hi* friends. numerous patrons, and alian*ers visiting this city, of his intentions to give a serious of Concerts, tin which lie lias effected eng getnclit w Itli talent of the lirat order. The fust of these Concert*, for this season, w ill take place ou Tuesday afternoon, upon which occ.tsiou the celebrated Mr Neiss w ill lapform two pieces of iiiuiic, after the stvlr of the Turkish JatHxtries, on inue uislruineuts at oner; also, two beiutiful can- i tutrices, Miss ft'Coiniell and Miss Slsriaui, will slug several ' favo ile sirs and duets, assisted by Mr. Merger, one of the be.t pianists of this city. Entrance one shilling, for which the best ice cream and other refreshments w II be given There is a saloon un stairs, specially fur the Udit?. Concert to coinineace at 4 o'clock and continue to 7. j e2B Jti' rrc C3 Att'l I.e. UaRDE.N is opened for the season.?In the / Evenings Concerts of Instrumental Music will be given i by the German Brass Band, under the direction of Mr. Monk, I consisting of selected compositions frosn Lahit/ky, Strauss, ] Latiuer, Gimgl, Straerk, and others. Intermission of half an hour during the evening for protne lading, refreshments, and viewing the Cusmoramaa, which have been re-arranged. Adinissiou 12^ cents. Concert commences at I o'clock. VAUXHALL UAHDEN CONCERT SALOON CAMPBELL* ETH OPIAN OPERA SERENA DER8. BRILLIANT SUCCESS. One Week Ln grr. Monday > Ten in*?A grand Coucert of VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, consisting of Hn< gs, Soloa, Refrains, ( haunts, Gleet, Dances. Ike , peeiiliar In (he Southern Negro. The Band is composed of (he following arista :?Messrs II Mrstayer, Violin; J P ' arter, Eirsl Banjo: Raymond,8?coimI Banjo; J Bryant, Caatanett; W. Doualdaou.Tamboriue; W Rayuor, triangle. ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, A grand |ierlortnance at 3 J* o'clock. Tickets admirtinc s senll'inae->nd Imdy 15 rents Conceit t>. commence at ?'4 o'clock i?27 V"" AvM'l Ull> (ii(r. VI AND EXTKNSlVr. OS MORA VIA, at No. 315 Broadway, opposite Gothic Hall, rTery day and rvruiug. Admittance 2.5 cents, children half price Th a Cosmorsma. the brat ever witnrsseil in Atnerioa. comprises a collrction of more than one hundred of the tnnsi magnificent Paii.tings, espressly painted fortius eihibitlou. snine < f which are G) the talented and ce.unrated ar iste of this City, Signor ft. falyn Among the t intinga are tlie glorious victories, achieved by on gallant r? y. The b'ttle of RU'na Vista, with a rorrect likene.s , I General Tavlor, and death of ( lay, by Sig. N. Calyo. i ?: mrrender of Vera Cruz, with a Itkrness ol (ieinnal Scott. ,. N. Calyo. E*hiliilion open fmn 3 to II, P. M. Enr oilier p-wfiriitnrs aee the hand'1 a jelitf rrc WALN1 1' SPRKF/r/iTtEATME.'PHYLADELPHI \l.easer, E. A. N1arkha||?Stage Manager W. R. BlakeMonday Evening. June 28th. will be iierl'nrmrd the Comedy of MARRIED LIKE?Mr. Caudle, Mr Blake, Mrs Caudle, ! Mrs B'aUr. After which, Dancirg by Miss Walter. To conclude wiih tlie Drums culled THE MILLER'S MAID?Giles, Mr. Jamison; Phoebe, Miss Fisher. Tuesday Evening, Miss Wallet's Benefit. I A'RCH BTKEeT THEATRE TO LETe-TlM Arch streetTheatre, w ith the Soenrry and Vppurtennncrs for the season ofl8l7 and 1818, Irom the 1st of August next Communications, post paid, addressed to 8. Brausou, 59 Market street, will receive attention. Pmi.anr.i.rm?. June in I8t7 jell m.l ?w UXIU.N t UUKHP'i, I?. I.?THOTTING. m PUHSK $60, milt* heats, best in harness, for trotting Honrs that never won a purse over'one hundrnl dollar*. Purse $60, under the saddle, the same as the above. Kntranre to rinse this evening. Monday, .luii* 2Htli. by 10 o'clock, at CJreen U Be yen's. To rome off on Thursday, July 1st je!M It re O. Si ll BE. |j I ?&&&? CKNTKKVILLK COUKSK, I.. I.?TROTTINO AND PACING.?Monday ; June JH, at half past 2 o'clock ? Purse $30. mile heats, best I in 6, in h.iruess, tor paring ho ses and closed with the follow tug entries : J. Nodine names b. m . .Village Maid. Bartine ch g .. Boss Butcher. W. Bridges In.g.. . Buckingham At 4 o'clock, |iurse $100, mile beats, bast 3 in 6, in harness, and closed with two entries : J. Wheliiley names b. g... Mo.cow H. Woodruff br. g... Hector. Same Day?Two inatc lies, unlc heats, for $100 each?one to wagons, and the other to stllkeys. The cars will leave at hall'past I o'clock for the curia, and return after the sport of the day. JOLL CONKLIN, Proprietor. i Ceutreville Course. June 2,'itli, 1817 N. B A Trot will come off over thu above Course on I uesday, July the 6th. Particulars will be given in tinu je26 It HOMSK, WaTiON, AND II Xlt.NKSs. for yliEOsale, le use only SI* weeks. They C?| be seen at ^jL^^LaClifton Stables, Staten Island. Price lor the whole $26(1. The owner may he found at No. 63 Beaver stieet, u|i stairs. The horse maybe seen at Patrick H rev's l.ivery Stable, 12 Lafayette Place. _ je22 It end r ?W FOR SALS?A Cbeauut Horse, 6 years old and aXi?L,*l6 hands high, suitable fora lady's or a gentleman's ^J^y^saddlr horse; is gentle, and li IS i good action; canlera and trots, Can be seen at Disbrow's stable in the Bowery. je3t jt eod m EFFKI IS III THK MKDH \TKD VAPOR BATHS IN UHKUMATISM. MADAM trrantudeto y-ou for the bin; lit derived from your Medi ? t *|k r ? mwriiua ueeirc 10 promote among mun illiterate a knowledge "I thrae invaluable Ualha. induce m? in ubltall the following facia I waa for three tnoutha confined o inv hpuac ami one inunth tn my bail, with a moat aerere alack .fftl leumatiain, My right la* barama Contracted, and. in fact, I waa perfectly helpleaa. After Iryin* nnmbrilcM emcdiea, I waa recommended In your bathr?ilia firal and aond lialh, I w aa rarrlad out of ilia carriage into lha halli, and ?aa unable to uudiraa or draaa?lha third liatli I waa ao much altered that I could walk with a crii'cli and can a, and tha uurtli bath entirely cured ma?all print and the r on traction i laiii* completely moored Hoping i Ida inay ba the im-ana of induct ignthera tori tort to .'our (Btabliabrntiit, I remain, Hatpertfiilly Vonra, j. w uiovannoni. 73 Naaani afreet. To Mm. M Cannot.t., 1(1 Kitlton etraat. jet ui?re i LOTHI NO. A FULL AND FASHIONABLE SUIT, HKADY M A L> F., reoM *3 to ?2i. AT THE CLOTH I NO WARV.II0U8F., tni 30t*r No. IN Fulton atrecl. "HI LI I I PWWHP^ 63 ifoum LATEST MOMENT. BY THE MAILS. ??? ??m flairs in Washington. | Washinotom, June id, ltM7 j Tradt TKt Ccmmttc, of Atia?TKr Way to Stcur, / ?Tht Itthnut of Tthuantrptc Au oft. er ol the navy, largely t'rom experience end personal observation with the subject of w hleh he treats, has submitted to us threa *,Tenkl numbers or an original paper on tho P&c.fle trad. embracing ths proposition of a ship canal or railroad across the iitb aius ; of Tehuantepec, as one plan?and of a railroad from the | lower waters ol the Mississippi across to ban Diego on the Pacific, lat 3i JO?nearly in a straight latitudinal j line from the Paso Del Norte, abort midway on ?h? route?a line which would the Colorado ot Cnl' fornia. some twenty miles above its d*l??u<ihure into the gulf Tha following number is routined to the lstbuina of Tehuantepec, and tho cummi.jding influence of boldlog the advantages of the trada of tho world The two succeeding numbers are mure .-.puelaily devoted ?o the railroad across to the Pacific through Southern frontier States of Louisiana and Texas, and lhetu> through New Mexico and Alta California to San Diego on the Pacific. We submit them without further remark to the Hrrald. d\ aihinoton, June 19, 1817. Somr Remarks upon the Isthmus of Tthuonteptc and a Railroad from the f.owrr Mississippi to San Ditto, in California Bv an Officer of the U. S. Naif. ISo. I. The advantages of a ennui aero** the isthmus, if practicable. ha supposed. would be tbe much greater quantity of cargo, ami a continuous voyage, it haft been stated that ships uf tlm capacity of a thirty-two gun frigate (l.'iii) tons) e?uld pass through it. It would nlao be somewhat, but not materially, shorter tbau the route from the Lower Mississippi Kit bar of these would diminish the distance to the Kast India* by from ulna to sixteen thousand miles; while tbe passage would combine two other recommendation*?more safety and more comfort. If there can be a canal across the isthmus, of the depth and size stated, this would be preferable to any other route; tint if a railroad ehould be found the only altornat've, its necessary distance I* short?bat about thirty-six miles. This last is unquestionably a practicable scheme. It would not, however, be attended with great advantages beyond those of a railroad from the Lower Mississippi to .San Diego, If we consider the great number of auxiliary railroad* in MuxicO, which would result from tbe construction of the main one across the continent Several of these would ran to 'he great rivers of the West, and several make a direct junction with the main railroad. The whole oouu iry ukuiu ny inii uii-ann. near lis iriuuinry prozuce aou manufactures, an far an necessary. to the main railroad, to (In,) a market In Asia, anil to receive In return the rich and peculiar product* of that, the moit populous, region of the earth. The wealth of the world paused into u new route and Into new hands, by the voyage of Vasco de (Jama The Venetians had become, from ; cor islanders, fugitives, with such effects as tho tr eat multitude could carry with them, the greatest maritime power of the globe for ages, by the riches of tho eastern trade, through Alexandria The ocean route discloeed by (Jama.caused the extinction ol' the Alexandrian commerce in a short ttiue.'und with it Venice gradually loaf, tier comparative superiority. The impulse, however which it bad given, rendered her still powerful, for two centuries longer Much is the efl'eot of a long continued enriching commerce Portugal derived from the eastern sountries a comparative superiority, which spread her language and colonisation to a greater extent over the globe, than that of uny other modern people whose territorial area Is so Inferior to the large sized States. It gave her the power that enabled her to seize and hold a rich country?nearly oue-third of Mouth America? as well us to throw off the yoke which treason had fastened upon her naclc, by the expulsion of the imperious and powerful Spaniard*, so greatly her numerical superiors. So lucrative was this eastern commerce, that on account of it tins Moors, as we have already stated, intrigued for the destruction of (Jama, oven while he had not yet completed his voyage, and continued their efforts after he had arrived in India. The Sultau of Kgypt, then a powerful tnahomedan prince, viewed the new coiner* with the most hostile feelings, and sought their ruin by open war, within a short time after their first voyage Thu wars of the Sultan of Kgypt upon the Portugue-u. on account of it, form a proof of equal magnitude. A histo riun of the events thus describes the cause and result of these hostilities. " Knraged witli the interruption hi* I trade had already received, the Sultau resolved to pre; vent its utter ruin He threatened the extirpation of all j the < hristians in his dominions, if the court of HornI would not order the king of Portugal to withdraw his I lieets for ever from the eastern seas. One Maurus. a I monk, was his ambassador to Home and Lisbon, but. In il plane of promises of compliance, he returned witii the severer threats of Kmunuul. War was now determined iiy the .Sultan, and a most formidable fleet, sixty vessels of which were larger tbau the I'ortuguesu, manned with Turks experienced in war. were seut to the assistance of ' tho Zamorim. Hut by the superior nuval skill and romantic bravery of Almryda and bis sou Lorenzo, the mighty armament was defeated." Nut by any deficiency in the resouroes of this trade, but by the tyranny and tolly of tho late viceroy* of India, whom they sent out, did the Portuguese gradually lose it. ho far as Kurope is concerned, it lie* alter a series of contests and revolutions, passed into the hands principally of the Knglish. who have the capital to carry It on, and who would, under the proposed change of the routes, still come in for an enriching share ol it. ua America would claim no other benefit than that which might arise trom tliu right of way and her owe. proportion of capital employed in its coustruutlon. 1 refer of oourse. to the capital of her citizens, bhe woulu desire no other control with respect to the Isthmus of 'lVhuautepec in this matter. than one of a negative character, to prevent imposition on the commerce of her citizens, and to givu security to that commerce She would treat it r.s i great work of philanthropy tor the common west of mankind, a* well as for her own profit. In the route ?r ini the Lower Mississippi, she would, while ktepmg in view philanthropic considerations, claim privileges more exclusive, iuav much as the whole railway would be upon her own soil No II. I The length of a railway, or wnicli r-an Diego would ha the outlet, may be variously eetim.-tcd. If nailing a navigable point ot auy intervening river a | uition of the distance, it might, probably be diminished two or throe hundred milea. Hut we will proceed on the suppoiifloii of a continuous railway If Mr Whitney's railway be feasible and worth constructing. (whim the New dork Legislature hs* voted. witii but one disuniting voice.) one twice as long as that from the I.uwcr Miaalaaippi, begilining one hundred milea or thereabouU above New Orleans?more feasible and more worth constructing ia tlila ruilwuy. which ia in a far preferable climate; whi'h begiuning at a point at which the Mississippi has nearly completed Its " wonderoua length of course," would "-tart with the tributary freight of the father of waters On the bosom of the great Mississippi would be borne to its junction with the railroad the productions of a valley surpassing ill capacity, for most of the substantial products n( the earth, any body of laud on the globe, augmented by one-fourth The fertile lund upon the route of the ratlwey itself is considerable Among other evi deuces of this, we have the letter of Mr. John T. Hughes, published in the Union, of May 14th. The introduction of the editor commends it to general atteution. In perusing it. we recognise the pertinency of the remark that, nitliough this letter has reference to a different route, yet. " its account of the productions of that region makes it of value to any route." There ran be no reasonable doubt whatever that there are considerable and probably large tractsou oilier portions of the proposed railway equally as productive 'I bis valley abounds in the richest Kuropean and Asiatic luxuriance and varleity Mr. Hughes epeiiks feelingly Ot those elegant ' clusters of dried grapes, preserved,'' far superior to the beat raisIds that are imported into the United mates; pears, peaches, apples, quinces, aud figs, are produced it tin richest profusion. Add te the fruits and wines of tin rich valley a va?t quantity of corn, wheat, and otbe t <uiall grain, and the surplus productions of th> place will, under its present state of agriculture, amount to near one million of dollars per annum " What, then, would it become ' What new developments of r.aii re fertility would he made in this and other extensile actions through which so long a railroad must pass 'u a latitude favorable to various and substantial productions ' The general salubrity of the region of i' transit may also be affirmed of this particular locality Mr Hughes avers " the climate of this country U most sa liihrlous and beautiful ' Providence seem* manifestly preparing the world nt Isrge for greater Intellectual and moral change* of value nu philanthropic Interest than hare ever before Wan witnessed. franklin drew the lightning from the oleo . and put men upon the track of making new di cnvec.e* In a deeply interesting branch of actence - and \u r*>\ hia equal in philosophic acumen, ban sent the lightning to discourse with man over ttie breadth of any continent Science is advancing to its utmost possibility of app|lcation and the means of the concert of mind with miud, ind of the faroraliie action of mindujion mind, aremu to lie approaching tlie highest practicable Improviunent A new order of tblug* is evidently in a rapid process of developcmcut, hy which man shall be qualified, to the greatest extent of his mental and physical ubility to ex rclsc tli? highest moral and industrial Influence u mi external nature. I'lie command to "replenish tho >arih and subdue it,-' has heretofore been very inr rlcctly obeyed In the language of a recent British review wttli respect to governnn Dial power ; "The gr.?nd problem.* are, how to level the mountains and lo drain th<- sm? ; or, If we must leave the Aljis to be the tiiroue of the tbunder.and suflcr even the /fuydrr /le lo rolllta sullen waves over its incorrigible shallows, yet to tunnel the mountain and pass the sea with a rapidity which makes us regardless of the Interposition or obstacles that once stopped the march of armies, and made the impregnable f( rtress of kirgdom*. But the still severer trial# of human intelligence are, bow to clothe, feed, educate, and li.scipllne tlie millions which every passing year pouralnt' ihe world The mind may well bo bewildered with a ' prospect so vast, so vivid, and yet au perplexing (.very man sees that old things are done away, und that we are approaching tho time when mechanism will have the control of nature, and multitude the command of society " No. Ill Our grain would assuredly, with eouutries so dlrci * in many of their product ion* as those of Asia and ?uili America and so densely populated as those of the former that skirt the Asian Panda, form a staple srtlcle of ixport to f hlna and the en-tern Archipelago, and to Peru. In these countries a population exists of about four hun dred millions. It is beyond all reasonable doubt that the population of ( liina alone equal# three hundred millions, and plausible reasons may W assigned tor believing it three hundred and sixty millions, Our late envoy to < hina. (Jeneral fuelling, a roan ef very "tub capacity, told the writer of till* article that lie di I u< t think it over estimated at the latter number It is m an erroneous calculation, as we believe, that in the lapse of a very few years after the opentngof the rauroa. or canal, the entire export# of grain alone will auio..nt tg

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