Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1847 Page 1
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TH Vol. XIII. No. 1T8?WlMU la. MTS. T H K HKVV 10KM HERALl ESTABLISH MB NT, ortb-weea corntr ollaliia ?< I? aao JAMES GORDON BEWNEn. PROPRIETOR CIKCUL.AT10N-rOKTV THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD? Every day, Pnos 1 cou per eopy-t SI irr niuiuQi?o.iy.blc in adruice. _ . WEEKLY HERALD? Every Seturrtey??X eni per coi?y?f 3 l?W cents per ??rai0-payable iq t<l voire. wHKKALO FOR KU HOPE?Every ?t*nm Packet dmr rnre ti 54 cents per copy??J per annum, including postage. P".V?ble in advance hubaeripoona and advertisements will br receiied by Messrs. Oalignaiii, It Hue Vivienm, Paris: P. L M'mondt, Nu. 6 Barge Yard, Buckletsbury, and Miller, the bookseller, LondonANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published on thr let of Jannarr of each year?single copie* siipence each. AD V EUTIHEMENTS, at the usual prieee?always cash it a' v Advertisements should be written in a plain, legibL manner The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors the may occur ui them. PRINTIM; of all kinds assented beautifully and wilt ilea ustch. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to tin establishment, must paid, or the poetise will be de IeetaH fenm the subscription rauev remitted itjr~COTTAOKS OnTbTATEN ISLAND.?Kor isle or lease, the three Cottages ou the hill side below Capo XitfLdi Moute, belonging to Mrs. Orymes. The buildings in'w a,id highly finislieJ, are siiusted in a thick wood of It acres, within ten iniuutes of the ferry. The out houses afford every convenience, and a new road easy ol access, has just bee i completed jeli 12l?rc MVOBr SALE.?THE YONKEK8 MANSION House, outbuildings, and seven acres of land?the whole or a part, to smt purchasers, and on the most accoinmodstiug terms. This extensive building commends a magnificent view of the Hudson River, from It to 1} miles in each direction. The house is M feet square; carriage house 5' feet square, with stabling (or one hundred horses; shed 6' feet in length; all nearly new, and iu complete order. Therv i also a pond and water power, with a never failing stream ci water running through the middle of the grouuds, as pure as * Croton. The Hudsoulliver Railroad is to run within three hundred yards in front.of the jproperty, and about the umt distuice south of the rill-gc of Yotikers, Where the depot it to be located. There are live well conducted schools, all within ah&ll' mile. Two aplendid fast sailing steamboats ply ? _ daily to and from the city: and stage* also run daily in couurciion with the Harlem Railroad For terms apply to William Kellinger, at the Williamsburgh terry, at the foot of Deiancy street, or upon the premises. __ _ _ jet 30t?rc MI'OR SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR CI I'V PROPERTY.?Pro|>erty in the pleasant village of Liberty Corner, consisting of a fir t rale Dwelling House,38X40, louuniing 10 rooms highly finished, with a good cellar, Coinage Maker's, Wheelright *nd Blacksmith's Shop, all new. Also, a good bam, 30X38, with wood and smoke houses, a good well at the door, apples, cherries, currents, tie. Price for the w hole SI4MH). Also, 14 acres of land, T acres of timber, 7 of clear land, all under new fence. Apply to James B. Birr, any Wednesday, from 9 A. M. to 7 P. hi?on Thursday, till 1 P. M., on other days at the New York Real Estate Company, corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane. JAMES B. BARR. j?10 30t*m _ jcmL PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, Bomb Island.-B The proprietor bega to inform his friends aud the public, JI^MLtlmt he has made considerable alteratious and improre menu in this establishment since the last season. He has erect ed a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogethes disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable siae, light, and well ventilated, and superior in all respects to those generally denominated single rooms in the various watering places throughout the country. The proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties wishing to engage rooms for the season. Letters addressed to him at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate at lention. A steamboat runs between New York and New Brighton, at the following hours, rig:? Frnm New Brighton?At t and 11 A. M. and 3 and 5:30 P M Krom pier No. l North River, New York?At 9 A. M. and 13 M, and 3>?, 5 and 8 P. M., and more frequent communications will be established a* the season advances. Sunday Arrangement?From New Brighton at A. M., 12X, 5:30 P M. From New York, ?t 9 A M., 3 aud 8 P. M. The Pavilion is now ready for the reception of Company. HrSUtrc F. BLANt.ARD. DESIRABLE FARMS IN NEW JERSEY FOB |pg4|9 \LE?First, a very neat and beautiful place, with good if, Home aim uuttmnuings, containing 18 acres of land Inoaily Duller cultivation, situated in Uniou, 1>? miles from the Somerville railroad, and four miles from Mirabethtewn: will be so'd a bargain, if applied for immediately. 2d, A Karra of 24 Actes, in Madison, Morris County, no -r the railroad, with House, Barn, tec,plenty of fruit, anas very pleasant locatiou. 3d, A Farm of 35 acres, lying near the summit of the Morris and ?s*ex railroad, with House, Baru, and Outhouses, plenty of wood, air ; will be sold low. 4th, A valuable Karm of 60 acres, about three miles from the Morris and Esrex railroad, with new House and Outbuildings, House for Farmer, fences in due order, fields well divided, I under a high state of cultivation, will be said with the crops, I jf wished, or exclvamted for city property; as neat aud handsome place as can be found iu New Jersey. Mh, A Farm of 100 Acres, situated in New Providence, good House Baru, and Outhouses, plenty of fruit, and a large quantity of wood. For further particulars, apply to SAMUEL M. MEOIE, jol6Ht*r _ No 27 Smith street. New York. ,J> A KAll.vl foil SALE, almost unjoining me village JoCa&of New (loctielle, couttiuiiig seventy-two acres, incluu>iMh.diiig invrl enough. (I believe,) to manure it for sges.? It is s pleasant and healthy situation, and will be within a few minutes1 walk of the railway. Terms accommodating. For furth r particulars enquire of the subscriber, mi the premises, jr.Vlw-rc WU, I KK BUH' tVO IS? SlTvJ.VIEK HATS Economy ami Paannni?ivu i<">BER180N, of the Phenix Hat mid Cap Manufactory, formerly of No. 103, but now of 89 Kultou street, New York, amlAjFultou street, Brooklyn, whose constant aim it luis baeq to produce superior articles at the lowest possible prices, has introduced his summer style of Hats consisting of beantiful and drab Castors, trimmed in the peculiar manuei which has hi'herto given auch universal satuCaetiun^inasmuch cs it prevents he perspiration from staining the outside of the il;r and at the ??>nr time iusnres comlort and eoolnesa. KL'liUCTION IN PRICKS?Robertson givaa notice that hr hssietlnced the price of hit Pearl lfats to ti JO, and his ur*h Hits to S3; and at the same rime prices challenge* maan lactuieu to produce a better article even at 18 per cent higher WM. ROBERTSON, Jr. J. Pf.UNKV.TT, mil??r LOOK AT THIS?Ladies, Gentlemen. Misses and i | Children, all thst are in want of Boots or Shoes, please E call at 367 Broadway, where von will find the largest assortment, aud cheapest in tills city, wholesale or retail. N.B.?Imported French Boots, $3. M. CAH1LL. je? 30t*r . L. VVALnil Ik BROTHERS,French Boot Makers, No street, New York. French Calf Boots of the latest Isfashioii made to order for St 30, nvnally sold for $6 aud ^V$7 ; line French Calf Boots (3 30, usually $3. Patent Leathi r Boots ST, usually sold for (10. Also. Cougress Boots1 with pitStt springs. (Jenlh inen'i gaiters, shoes and slippers constantly ou lianu, and made to order at the shortest notice lirpairiug; tic., done in the store. L. WALSH It BROTHERS, my33 301?r No. 6_Ann street. J YOUNG Ik JONES, 4 Ann street, are selling hue French calf boots at $4 30, equal to any sold iu this city for Sfi or $7. Fine French boots at $3 30, usually $3. Besi French patent leather boon $7, equal to those usually sold I ?> en *,,1.1 cm a , ......,m-?, ..I -V. _ i.. pen always on hand, and maife to order at short notice. "XYi I goods warranted to give satisfaction. Mending, See. done id Die store. Please call and examine our stock, ini'l Pi"re YOUNG St JONF.8. 4 Aim st.. near Broadway. NEW FRENCH BOOi' 8POKE?The latest fans style of French Calf Sewed Boots for $4 50, eqnal to those usually sold for SO and $7; fine French Boots fot S3 50. city made, equal to those usually sold for $5.? Cong I ess Boots, with patent springs; Boots, 8hoea (..liters, Stc., constantly on haud, and made to order in the shortest notice. Mending, Sic. done in the store, corner ol hulton Slid Nassau streets, opposite the Herald office, N York nv22 lftt?je d'llK SUBSCRIBER would respectfully inform his customers and the public generally. I Init he lias on haud a large asoirtment of Ladies', Muses' and Children's colored soil black Gaiter Boots, Buskins, Slippers, Ties, Stc.; Gentlemen's and Boy's sewed and pegged Boots ol every description, all of which he will sell as low as such articles can be purchased at any store in tne city. N. B-?Ladies'and Gentlemen's Boots auil Shoes made to order in the best manuer at moderate prices. A call is respectfully solicited. JAMES WALKER, ,e!2 Kit * re C2 Canal street, corner of Woosfer. _ .UUK. M. WILSON, 291 Grand strnet, respecilullv <5v V informs her friends, and strangers visitiug the citf that she has now on hand a large and very handsomi assortment of Hpriug Millinery, to which sh< invites thru attrution. Mrs. Wilsons stock comprise, an assortment of the richest and most laxniouable Hats, sue) is I hip, Crape, Rice, and Sliirred, with achoice assortment c Straws, which she Sl itters herself can be sold more reasouubh (hnnalanv other establishment mtlie city. Country Millinen will do well to call bclore purchasing. Mrs. M. WiLBON, 291 Grand st between Allen and Orchard sta. Ten good Miliiocrt wasted at the above establishment, s IS 9m - PIANO FORTE, Ike.?A variety ef new k : - '<* I ' and second liand 1'iano Fortes for sale or hus 1 Is ,'I Also, a general assortment nf Mns,r s.,,1 Mn ! t " 1 uical Instruments, at No, 261 Washington at. near Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn. nittttfrc J. WALKER. MHt, JOHN MACF ARHhN, (fro* N Enroue, pupil of Madame Dulchen, pianist to T a U> I II ,l)'r Qu*en ol" England,) gives lessons in Piano ? a 3r 1 I Porta and Kwigingnn the following terma: Two lessons weekly at Mra. Mncfarren's residence, $20 per tiiiarler; t"rve lessons do., $2:i; two lessons weekly at the pupils'msidence S2I per quarter; three lessons do. 120. Mr*. Macfarren hat the prw ilege of referring to Dr. Elliot, I)r. H'ldgra.Oeorge Loder, F.*c|.,H. Meiggs, Eat]., anil the Rer. Ilr Ivslow right 01 O'een street, near Hrrinv. ieV?lt?m . # *?V 11V- THB ONLY REAL CATh.HKK.VjMt T?e Oreateat Attraction Yet-26 Bull Finches, with J(U from three to four tnnea. Also, over 1,000 Ringing <~?4 ( auariea, just imported via Bremen, selected by his agents firom the must celebrated districts of Europe. This variety for songs and plumage, will be found on inspection, to f' hpse any Archy has been enabled to offer. N. D ? On show the largest Cockatoo in America. Archy taker this opportunity to apprise his friends at a distance, in fuiticipalion of this importation, that they may m<ike eatly application. P 8 ?In cooseqnence of the limits of his old establishment, No 3 JohnI Street, lie has rented Bramble Cottage, Blooming ' ale, near Bnndiam's Hotel, for that branchof his business not connected with birds, vis: Shetland and Fancy rouies. King ' Juries Spaniels, Pointers, he., and every variety of Fancy I igei.ns, Barn Door Fowls, he. As usual,letters post paid will at all times meet with prompt a.iention from A. ORIEVE, No. 3 John it. | e not r n " DR. KEI.LINOER'ts INFALLIBLE DIM -s^V^1 ^NT warranted to cure sores end ulcers of eve*C> rv nature in a few daya. It actslike magic iu amor, nig ihciiinuism, and all other pains. One or two doses is cer' '.,11 to 'elieve bilious eholie, diarrhrva, he., as ft is taken li D prrlecify delightful in its odor and flavor. It is universall; a -know lodged to he the best family medicine ever offered U. the public price 50 cn.ts per bottle. ft Id if 2ND fearl afreet; C Ifit g, corner ofjohn and Broad * ay : cot. er of Dow?ry and; .Id avenue and Kith it., felt.ins'drug store; Dr. llnrrett's Doyei, and Chatham, and at the H-rlem Railroad office, i m Hall j5 30r*rc 4*4- FOR LONDON, LIVERPOOL OR OLAS OOW ?The fast sailing, coppered, British built jHUkfisl'i ig HOI'F.. 163 tons register. Robert Bi saat, mastei, can be immediately despatched. ApplytO W h T T TAflfiCOTT, M South at. E NE1 NI ?._MCUIUJ1QN TO CROTON FALLS LAKE ufal fflf MAHOPAC, Crolon Lake, Danbury and RidgeHac field, by the Harlem Rail Rosd, Daily at 7 A M. and 4 P. M Viaitera to Meae placet can. by taking tlie 7 o'clock A- M. cart, icmain several hour* and rtturu to the city 1 the tame afternoon. Staeea will leave C rot on Falla on arrival of each train or cart, and for Paw'iitaa on arrival of the 4 o'clock train Conveyance* for 'rotmi Lake at New Cattle. I Fare to Croton Falla, tt mile*, SI. jcl9 lOtit r , WW. PLEASANT SUMMER EXCURSION ForTnetuay, Wedueaday. and ? I MHHiI lie ateamer ION will leave the foot of Chambert street. at 7 o-clock, A. M , on the above days, landing at Vonkera, Hastings, Dobba' Ferry. Tarrytown, Sing Sine, Oraaay Poiut, Caldwell's and Pcekakiil ; nud will leave Prtkt- ' kill at 1 P. .M-, landing at all the above placet on Iter return, thnt affording passengers an excellent opportunity of viewing i thescrnrry on the river. Will alto laud and receive pas?eu- I gcra tt the foot of Hammond it jjj Jt'rc | ae^?. PEOPLE'STTNK STEAMBOATS KUK I A L B A N V, Daily, Snndave Excepted? < Through Direct?At T o'clock, P. M., from the Pier bettveeu Courtlandt and Liberty atrreti. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, vrrtl J leave on Monday, Wedueaday, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. 1 Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cruttau- ] den, will leave on Tueaday, Thursday an d Saturday even- I iuga at 7 o'clock. , At Five O'clock. P. M.?Landiug at Intermediate Placet? , (mm the foot o i Barcluv ttreet. Steamkont ROCHESTER, t.'aptain R. H. Furry, will leare on Monday, Wedueaday, Friday, and Sunday afternoon!, at 5 o'clock. I Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T. N. Hulae, | will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, j at S o'clock. The above boatx will at all timei arrive iu Albany in ample time for the Morning Care tor cue Eaat or West. Freight tnkeu at moderate rater, and none taken after 5>4 o'clock, P. M. i 0"7*" AH iieraoni are forbid truatmg any ol .the boats of this line, without a written order Irom the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C SCHULTZ, at the office on the wharl. jrZ7rc ~jT~? !> 1 IJ RSI ON S? t?ULL'8~KERR*", r^aaL-ZZLSFORT LEE, and I1ACKEN8ACK?Loid mm^mmmmarnuif at Tillnu'i Dock?Kakk Om Shili.imo The commodious steamboats FRANK, Cent. Isaac Scott, ind ROBERT ANNETT, Capt. Frederick Gaylord, will ran Daily, until further notice, (touching at Hammond and 19th streets, iu follows:? Leave AT. York, foot Canal it, Leavi Fort Lee. A M. P. M. A. U. P M. Mond iy, at 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Monday, lit 12. .1 4W 6 Tuesday. 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Tuesday, 3W 7? 12. .1 4V 6 Wednesday, 6, 8, 10..2, 3, 6 Wd'?day,3)2 7J? 12. .1 < Thursday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Tli'rsday,3>J 7C 12. .1 4? 8 Friday, 6. 8, 10. .2, 3, 8 Friday, 3K 7? 12. .1 4% 6 Saturday, 6. 8, 10. .2. 3, 6 Saturday,3tf 7>J 12.. 14* 67* Sunday, 7, 9, 10. .2, 3. Sunday. 8 11 ..13 8 Persons whose time may be so much occupied as to render it incoiivenieut for them to leave during business hours, will observe that a boat leaves New York at C o'clock every morning, returning from Fort Lee at 7)*,o'clock, thereby affording an opportunity for a pleasant excursion without loss of time. Stages will be in readiness at Fort Lee to convey passengers to Hackenssck Sundays excepted. jel93flt?r fpwws" CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINE OF ra^IC^MOPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY <eHEHES?AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES.?Fare 30 cents? Breakfast and Diane* on Board. The new and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-past <ix, A. M., from the pier foot of Robiuson street, touching ai Hammond street pier. For passage or frieght, apply on board the Boats, or to Geo Dobson, nt the office, 126 Warren street, corner of West street lL/~ All persons are forbid trusting. the above boats ou ac count of the owners. __ myl9 rh Mas. CONEY ISLAND FERRY.?The tplear ajClL-?Ndid aud commodious steamboat AMERICAN OBHgMWai EAGI.E, Capt. Power, hxs taken her place in the above ferry, and will run regularly dn>iug the seasou to < oncy Island, landing at Fort Hamiltou, as follows :?Leaving Canal street at 9X, 12}{ and 3H o'clock ; Pier No. 1. North River, at 10, land! o'clock; Couey Island at li,J?, 2.^ and 8 o'clocks. N. B.v-No boats save those belonging to the ferry, will be allowed to land at Coney island, without a written iiermissien from the proprietors. je2G 6t*r MOKN.N LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. ?FOR ALBANY AND TROY and Intermer^Sk_JNdiate Landings. JHHMk Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROY. Captain A. Oorham. will leave the ateamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock. Returning on .he opposite days. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. he office on the wharf. my20 r AFTER NOON I .INK DAlCTi jm. . FOR NEWBtTRGH AND FIBMiv,^ Z.Jk'WkLiaeN Lauding at Van Cortland's, (Peekslcill.) West sMMMMHm Point, Cold Spring and Cornwall. The Steamer Thomas Powell, Capt. Saml. Johnson, will leave the pies foot of Warren street, Tor the above places, every afternoon (Sundays excepted,) at 4 o'clock, cninmeuciag April 10. Reluming?willleav" Newbnrgh every morning at 7 o'clock. N. fi.?All Baggage and Freight of every description. Bank Bills or Specie, put on board of this boat, must be at the risk ol he owuer thereof unless entered ou the books of the boat or reabutted for. mvl3 30t*re N0T1C]? 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY.-On and 'uu as follows, until further notice LEAVE STATE* ISLAIVD At e, I, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 6, 7, P. M. LEAVE NEW YORK It 7, 9, 10, U, A. M-, and~i, 2, ten minutes past 2, and at 4,3, , 0. 7, o'clock, P.M. New York April 13th. al3r oppositioSTTassaoe OFFICE?TO ??NAIbanv. Utica, $1 30; Syracuse, >2; Oswego, ^ MHHmf.1; Rochester, S2 23; Buffalo, $2 30; Cleve land, ft 30; Detroit, $3; Milwankie, $8; Chicago, $8; Cincinnati, $8; Toronto and Hamilton, ft; Whitehall, f2; Montreal, ft; Pittsburg, f 8. Office, 100 Barclay street. Any security required will be given for the fulfilment of all contracts made with this company. ml8 lm?re ML. RAX, Agent, New York, 1847. "NKW [RON STEAMSHIP SaRAH . SANDS, William C. T> ompson, comman- ^ 1300 tons rpirister. 200 hurst* iinwpr - - v ?CgyXU?|Kffl The daya of sailing of the above ?liip. for r ^^^^^ the re mauler of the current year, are tiled t as follows :? From Liverpool?15th Jane, 20th August, 21st Oc'ober. From New York?10th July, 21st September, 24th November. 1 Her cabins are fitted op with unusual splendor, even for t d paeketahip. The price of passage (without wines or liquors, u which can be obtained ou board.) is from Liverpool thirtt ? guineas,aud one guinea steward's fee; and from New York one hundred dollars, and five dollars steward's fee. t The captain and agenta of the vessel will not be accounts- " ble for anv parcel or jtackage, unless a receipt or bill of lading is signed for the same. For freight or passage.applr to _ * je2^ tfrc ROBT KERM1T. Id South street. J FRENCH TRANS-ATLANTIC 8TEAM8HIF COM- , PANY-ROYAL MAIL. " _ IBy the| Cambria, the General Agency " is informed that the first sieemer, the 1 UNION, was to sail on the 10th June, and is, therefore, enabled to advertise her de- ii narture from New York, for the 10th of Ju- t ly, unless prevented by tome uuforseen circumstances. I, The price ol passage for the first class, $120 " " " secoud 60 For freight or further particulars, apply at the office of the 1 Company, II Brondwav. je20 tffli t FolCLONDON?Regular Picket 1st July?The \ vHMpWcelebrated fast sailing packet ship INDEPr N* " j?nHfaDENCE,Capt. W. R. Bradish.will sail as above, her * irtuu, oay. b For passage in 2d cabin and steerage, having aplendid accom- o modatious, apply on board, foot of Burling slip, orto n j2?rc J. McMURKAY. corner Pine and South st. B FOR LIVERPOOL?uegular Packet 6th July? o MEjlvyThe celebrated racket ship NEW WORLD, Capt. i JjHMKsKnifht, will sail as above, her regular day. bur passage, haviug uuequalled.accommi-dations for 2d cabin . and steerage passengers, apply on board, foot of Maiden lane. '< or'o J. McMURR AY. corner Pine and 8outh sts. d The packet ship JOHN 8KIDDY, Capt. Lace, will succeed fc the shove, and tail the 1 Ifh July, her regular day. i2*rc A*ac* FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER?The lint 1 VMtVy class fast sailing coppered and capper fasteneu Brit- n iHIm ish built brig HOPE, Robert Beaaut, master, takes t the bulk of liOO barrels,aud can be immediately- despatched ni'1'1) iu n. ? J. 1. 1 AI 9I U1 J , u ie?6 r R6 South strrer. p &&? ' FOR LONDON?The A 1 British built". fur c MfjHfV sailing b'tk ELIZABETH.Gealr, master, will have a JWHlfeimtnediatr dispatch. bor Height, to the bulk of 2000 barrels, or passage, having . very superior accommodations, apply to the 1'aptain, on board r to WOODHULL & MINTURN, 17 South at. ' je? rc t' " h UH LI VEKl'OOL?New Line?Regular peck 11 ?90Wet of 26th Julv.?The new splendid, last sailing 0 MMKepacket ship ROSCIUS. Captain Asa Eldridge, will l( >usiii*rlv sail as above, her regular day, u For freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of W all street, or to n E. K. COLLINS. M Honth at. P The packet ship BIDDON8. Capt. E.B.Cobb, will sue reed the Rosrius, and sail the 261 h of August, her regular a day. je27 II UNION LINE Or PACKETS FOR LIVERWRffV POOL-To sai> 1st Jnly, the fine new fast sailing rac- d ^MMbket ship AM ERIC A, I AO* tons burthen. Cspt. Meterten, now uu her second 1 oyage.will sail pancluallv as above her b regular day. The America lias elegant accommodations for y cabin passengers, and can comfortably accommodate a limited p number of second cabin passengers in state rooms, (being a . part of the cabin,) well vrutilatrd, and offers great inducements to jwsoni about proceeding to the old country. The steerage It it 111a large auyhonte on deck, and altogether the America C presents WMgtMWiN |>etaeiiger? seldom met with. Trice of passage will be low?to arcnrei rrths. early application should he made on board at Tier No. 3. Nnrtfi River, or to % je27 W k|J.T. TAPSrOTT. ? South street. j giab NOTICE?Tgekat ghip ROkCIUS, from Liver- I J WsJgVl'ool, is now discharging under general order. Con JMBflhriRnrea will tflr.sse attrnd to the receipt of their goods immediately AM goads not |>ermitted will positively r Be sent lo the public store. je27 11 MB SPORTING INTELLIGENCE.?A SLOOP 1 limKACK, to come off on the 5th day of July, free for I 14 JBpMmrII sloops wearing their own jib and mainsail, with- I ut enlarging. Entrauce mouey fifty dollars?three or more ? to insbe a rare?to start from the ilammond street pier, at 10 p o'clock, A. M.. to and around a stake boat stationed opposite , Tarrytown, and hack to the place of starting, the boat back . first to have the money, N. B. All entrieato be made on or before the first day of c July. For particulars, inquire of b D. H. VKRBRYCKE, d l*Jlw?rc corner West end Hammond streets. t Egfc- TO OWNERS AND MASTERS OF VE8- c mHpjV S ELS?Holmes k Springer Patent Steering Wheel Mmmm ?Toe attention of ship masters and own era >s celled 1 t>, 1 hit Improvement 111 the steering gear of vessels, which so comp etery obviates.ell thf difficulties heretofore arising in I the ordinary way of applying the steering wheel. A medal ? ran na arm ann a mil ileaeriptlon obtained, by celling on j< trf I lUt'rr KNOK.I.BH M HT It H A I.E. I* Willmmat \ TO RAILROAD CONTRACTORS-^Rt eraon It * Ramapn ltailroad? Propoeela will be recti red until the a 10th day of June, mat., for the gradine, masonry, nnd g bridging that part ol the Pair raon and Ratnapo Kailrnad.exteiid- ? lug from the inrth aida of the Paaaaic rirer to Remapo, a dia- j, uuca of about fonrwrn unlet. . M?p?. profiles, apecificatloua may be found at thu Engineer's ' office, Pataraon, where every necdleary information will be * ?neu. jTw. ALLEN, Engineer. .lime IS. 1*47. jlito??r ai KOR MALK?Tweaty rail road carta and ait one horae I " wagons, and tome two horae wagonc, and are conatantly making to order, where they can be had at the ahorteet notice if not ou hand, where all kinds of oarta, wagona and her- o neat tan he had atthe moat reaaonabla terma, by MICHAEL p MULLANL. Wagon Maker. Nan Maud SO Montgomery at., h Jartey City, If. JT ]aW Mt"r " w ro SW YORK, TUESDAY K News from Vera Cru> [ Krorn the N. O. Time*. June 'J0.1 Hsrrera is confidently spoken of ss the future President. The clergy here ranged themselves on his side. Vr.KA Cai't. June 14, 1847? I hare just seen Captain Duperu. who came iu this morning from the train, which he left abeut three mile* this side of the bridge, at a stand. It is his opinion that the train wiU not move forward Tor some days, If at all. The guerillas are gathering in treat numbers and from all quarters, and the chief danger is in delay. Every hour renders it's advance more difficult Within the past three dsys a number of young Vera Crussnos have gone out, and are uow under trine against us, after enjoying our protection for the Inst two months, during which time their properly and persona have been more respected tliun they have for ?ny two months together since they were born. The :lty lias several emissaries within its walls from Jarauta ind Rebolledo. one of whioh, in a grey friar's dress, was iuet pointed out to me ; persons in the Interest and pay ?or promise of pay?of the Mexloan authorities. Mexicans by birth, as well as Spaniards, are also in the employ of our authorities in this olty, some of them receiving largo salaries, and holding offices of trust couxected with our cdurts and different departments in administrative and clerical capacities, ready at tny moment to turn over their flies and books to parties with whom their natural sympathies lie; people openly rejolco In the recent success?for success it is?of th*guerillas, over our troops. The Spanish paper hero dally teems with covort appeals to the sympathies of the foreigners, and the patriotism of the Mexicans; magnlllos our losses and the Mexican gains; makes a great display of wrongs inflicted on our side, and the patient suffering on the part of lojurod Mexicans, and,all passes I urn Informed, end I know my authority too well to treat it with contempt, that six men, Spaniards, from Havana, bare landed, or will to-day laud, in Vera Crus, and who will each, in less than four days, command a party of guerilla*. 1 also learn from the same authorities, that two hundred Spaniards,with tlx or eight email Held pieces, are expected to land on the coast, within fifty mile* of this oity, during the next ten days, when they will at onoe orguuixe Into formidable and desperate guerilla bands. These men are to come from Cuba, but not. I believe, all from Havana. All the leading men amongst the guerillas, now are Spaniards, and also many ot the rank and die. A Spaalsh General, Saturnino de la Vega, has been in this city or some days, and hoe just left for the interior, where 1 earn he Is to find a command, or an offlce giving him .he control of several commands. It is doubtless to bis nduence that we owe the departure of the young Mexi:nus to which 1 have before adverted, and he and others aave inspirited all the native classes with more hope than they have before enjoyed for a long time. By an arrival which gives us later intelligence than .hat brought by Duperu, from the train, we learn that it vas again moving cautiously forward, and expected opposition at the Bridge. Jaranta was falling back upon rlncero, where be expects to be able to keep the Americans in check until reinforotd by ReboUedo, and the anoberos from the surroundiug country, who are drawn 'apidly around by the prospect of sharing iu the divlilon of the speoie?about half a million of dollars?in the rain llebolledo is said to have fifteen hundred men ,bat he can bring forward, and they hope to have a force tuch as will enable them to take our fellows in front and rear, and rout them completely, w hen this is done, a descent is to be made upon Vera Cruz! Now in all this there is nothing ridiculous, although .hree men outof four laugh at such calculations. 1 would not guaranty a successful defence of Vera Crus with our present force, particularly if the onset were made sudienly. and at night. 1 know, too, that there _re huulreds in the city who would assist the assaulting forces. El Jlrco Irii, of yesterday, baa the following artiole In ts editorial ooiumu :? " By a private letter from the capital, under date of the Id hut, which haa been shown to us, we are informed .hat Sener Rejon and Ave generals have been seised and routined to different States ; that although Santa Anna las a second lime sent in his resignation as provisional .'resident, together with that of his command, and of his 'ank as neneral-in-chief, the Congress has not yet aolepted them, and the letter concludes by saying that a lumber of persona, of different employments, and men of nSuenoe, have forwarded a petition to the 1'residentubstitute, praying that ho would proceed to negotiate a peace." I have not seen, nor heard, anything of this in any other quarter. oinoe i oommenceu this page, I have seen Ur. . vho has just arrived with thirty wounded and dead nen from the train?the latter have died on their way lero, from the severity of their wounds, and many of the grounded are in such a state that they will probably link under the amputating knife. The train had reached the bridge when this party left, and the fight had been suspended for the moment. The General (Cadwalader) however, expected to meet the enemy in full fores it Kncerro. or ut Cerro Gordo, and will have to fight ivery inch of his way toJalapa, or, indeed, to Perote, as ve have reason to believe that our troops have evacuited the former post. I am told that in one onset made by the guerillas on a soinparatively ill-protected section of the train, an lmmrtant money waggon came near falling into their lands?the ono containing nearly a hundred thousand lollars in gold, but by extraordinary exertions it was aved, with the loss of about a thousand dollars. So mnfldent were the banditti that they would have their iwn way In the matter, that they were congratulating me another in good Knglish on their success, and one if them called out 10 the teamsters, who are helpless in uch cases,''ah ! we have got your specie now!" But that was a mistake of his." We have now more than a thousand troops lying at 'ergara?here, wilhin three miles of the city walls, and rby, iu the name of wonder, they are not on the road to eiufurce General Cadwalladcr, is a quest Ion asked tweny times a day, without receiving an answer, neven hundred arrived to-day, and are now nearly all n shore. They might, with proper energy, also be on tie road to morrow. Who is responsible for criminal .Hays which attend the despateb of the others. I know lot. hut certain it is that there is a shameful degree of ipathy in some quarter. Duperu tells me he passed seventeen dead bodies on he road with their throats cut? all our men, of course. [Ftotn the New Orleans Pioayune, June 20 ] The steamship Oslveston arrived this morning from fera Crus, whence she sailed the evening of Tuesday, he 18th lust. The news bronght by her ia important, indwill be found in the subjoined correspondence, to rhlch vre refer. W# will endeavor in hriaf to note tVi., nost interesting point*. Tho communication* between Vera Crui and the aruy of (Jen. Soott ha* been re^p-ned. It will be teen by be flret letter that a train from above, ; no mean* srge, came down through the midst of the'oountiV ot upled by the guerillas, and joined Oen. Cadwalfader t hin officer found little difficulty in pursuing hie march owards Jalapa. It docs not appear to have been any vorks thrown up by the Mexican*, and they have been ispersed with entire ea?e. Tbev had become emboldend by our apparent want of skill, to harra** our trains, >ut made no Arm stand. The Jlmerican Eagle, and some f our own correspondent* (whose letter* we omit tolay) attribute all the difficulty growing out of the communication* to carelessness and bad management on ur part. Letters and papers demand an investigation oi lie whole matter. Our letters from Puebla aro to the 3d Inst ., five d >ys iter than we bad before received. We have not a line irect from the city of Mexico, later than had before ?en received, but in our letters various reports thence re given. It would appear to be tolerably well ascerained that Congress has accepted Santu Anna's reeigation; that the purm or democrats of Mexico have atempted a revolution and failed, and that no very forildable resistance to our advanoe to Mexico can be lade. The anxiety expressed here about the difficult ass at llle Krlo has been misplaced. 1 here is no Mexian force there to oppose us. The defence to be made, If ny, will be muoh nearer the capital. There is still a great deal of sickness In Vera Crux, ut there Is very little In the Castle of San Juan.? here has not been a case of yellow fever there, and only we deaths slnee Capt Illanchard's company left. In letown there I* much fever, and the deaths average ine or ten a day. it 1* confined mostly to laborers and ireigners (not Alnericona.) We make this statement on ndoubted authority We find in the Eagle a card from Col. Wilson, in re jr lu b PLAiruirni ui i ni hum u in mo iroaiment 01 lexican prisoner* at Vera Crux. Col. Mata's statelent appeared originally in tbe Drlta, and was copied ito the hicayunt to ba branded a* it deserved. We will only delay tbe reader from our correspononce, by the annexed passenger* by the Galveston: ? Capt. 8. L). Karnee, K. H. bcott, Kennedy, and Balnrldgitj Lleute. B K. Button, P. 11. McWlUiums, W. /illlaiDH, Craft, Gaines. Warabaw, Caratber, Young, rown, Flint, Luckelt, Aukrum, Read, Fary, and J. Fraier;?Me**rs. W. Brown, W. II. Atkinson. F. W Riply, (1. Painter. J. Chapman, 11. Tetltpan, Durbeia, and roft. Vt ra Crux, June 13, 1S47. It waa not until they arrived within aeven miles ol the latlonal Bridge that tbey had any Idea of being mosated, nor had they any newa of Col. Melntoah'a oomland, but learning that a large body of guerillas would wait tbem on the morrow at certain poaitlona on tbe mid, they conduced to puah forward to the bridge that igbt, and If possibio pass these place* before the gueillaa could concentrate their force*. Accordingly tbev rrived at the bridge about 11 o'clock at night, which | hey found barricaded aud guarded by guerilla aentinela. rho lied on their approach Here they encamped for the light, but unfortunately, juat aa they were starting off he next morning, they were Bred into by about twenty ilexioani from a height, killing three of our men, but 1 annot ascertain their name* They raw a large numi?r of men on tthe height* further off, and there is do lonbt but that If they had not come on as far M they did he night before, tbe whole party would have tieen cut 'ff. About (ix mile* thin tide of the bridge they met Gen. adwallader'H command. No encounter had taken ilaoe elnoe Gen. Cadwallader joined Col. Molntoxb. but ctlve preparation* were being made to prooecd on the curney immediately, and If possible play the guerilla* a fankee triok. For this purpoee, Gen. Cadwaflader bad eut nearly all bis dragoon* by a circuitous route of everal mllee to the rear of tbe euppoeed position of the uorllla* thereby, if possible to cut off their retreat, iblle be walk* into their affections on this aide with hi* afantry. and be baa no doubt eretbla, given them some blng to rememberbim by I learn that be had expresad hi* intention ol fbbowingthem up so long a* there I* ny hope of settling the old score with them, and we feel attaned from his well known anergy that he will keep hi* 'ord. ,, ? . Pueei.*, Mmicn, May dfl, 1847. Gen. Scott arrived here this afternoon with an eecort r aome J00 dragoons and 00 rifles, under Col. Harney I* left Aoajete this morning at half-paet 7 o'olook, and om all the Information received there, it wee alaaoot KK H [ORNING, JUNE 29, 1847 certain that the email command would be attacked by a body of iOOO or 30O0 Mexican oar airy under Gen Canali/.o; but net one waa eeen. Gen. Scott came Into the city at S o'clock, and ha* taken up Ula quarters at the palace At last accounts It is asserted that the Mexican army la at El IVunu, a few miles this side the capital, and that it Is under the ooiumand of Generals Brave, Valencia. Leon. Corfatar. and Aleares. the latter having several thousand Indiana from the south. Ileports are rife that they are fortifying El Penon, and also near the city. In the alTnir at Atuosoque,.where Ocn. Worth waa advancing upon Tuebla, Santa Anna commanded his cavalry?supposed to be near 3000 in number?in person Col. Duncan gave them something like seventy round shot from his battery, and Major Bonneville, with a detachment. waa enabled to reach a position from which he gave them a severe tire of musketry. Near seventy Mexicans were killed or wounded, and the scampering of the rest is represented as amusing in the extreme Santa Ansa, it was thought, was endeavoring to got between theoominands of Generals Worth and Quitman, with the intention of ho.wl*?s? ? K?ttoU -uw s*.- i-**? * " 1 thin ?n hi* Intention, hs wu moit signally foiled. The oommand here bait been annoyed by continued rumor* of an attack by troop* from Mexico, aided by a riiting ot the inhabitant* of the city; but the meat active meaaure* have keen taken to guard against surprise. 1 enclose a proclamation issued by Gen Worth to-day. As regards the next movement of the army, I can give no Information. Uen. Twiggs's division will be up tomorrow or next day, and then a more definite plan of operation will be adopted.' PfKBi.*, May .'10, 1847. Intelligence was received yesterday from the city of Mexico up to the day before, the '18th Hants Anna on that day submitted to the Congress a formal resignation ofhlsoffloe as President interimo, and the members of both bouses went at onee into session, to deliberate upon the matter. The result of the now eleotion for PresMent is not yet known, but the opinion gains ground that Herrera will be the sucoessful candidate. There are no troops between this and the city of Mexioo, nor are there auy fortifications in process of construction, either at Rio Frio or El I'enon. What with the National Guard, tne Indians under Alvarex, the Guanajuato troops under Cortasar, and the odds and ends under Valencia and other generals,there maybe some '16.000 badly armed and equipped at the capital. All was doubt, hesitation and confusion among the officers, and no one knew what to do. This is the latest and most reliable intelligence. Pt-raLA, June 3, 1847. I send you a file of the Cnurrtrr Francois of the city of Mexico, as also a number of orders and other documents. The Courrisr contains nearly all the news of importance. Do read and publish an acoount of Santa Anna's affair at Amoioque, as it is peculiarly rich. It is said that Almonte has been sentenced to bo shot at the capital for holding treasonable correspondence with one of our generals. He in certainly in prison, but I hardly believe he will be shot. There was another revolution at the city of Mexico, two or three days since, at least such is the report, but it was put down by Uen. Busta uieute almost immediately The originators of it are friends of Gen. Farias, ana, as is supposed, of peace with the United States, and one of their cries was " death to Suuta Anna." By the way, the story now is, that the Mexican Congress will not accept the resignation of Santa Anna. Of course there was some trick in his resignation. Fl'eula, June 3, 1847, Gen. Seott and stair, with the dragoons, a train of about forty wagons, Mr. Kendall, your nuinble servant, and no particular quantity of adventurers, reached I'ucblaon the 27 th ult., audon the 38th Gen. Twiggs's division,with the big train, all of whom and which,combined with previous arrivals, give us a force of about 6000 men 600 wagons, and nearly 6000 horses and mules. Major Gen. Quitman and Msj. Gen. Worth had been in possession of the town thirteen days when we arrived. Two days ago it was thought Gen. Soott would move Immediately on the capital; but I think this morning he will remain here three or four weeks, at the expiration of whloh time he will not only have slightly increased his army, but will have all his horses in good condition. Santa Anna has resigned the presidency, and the act excites much astonishment here. We have not been advised what action the Congress has taken upon the sul\)ect. Many reasons a re alleged for the resignation, but the most plausible I oan devise is his wish to attest his popularity with the Congress, or a desire be behind the scenes when the curtain rises for the first act of negotiation. I was much surprised to find the churoh party here so much opposed to Santa Anna. Amongst the San Augustine monks and friars I do not believe he has a friend. Herrera is the favorite of the olergy. Vesterdaya friend of mine who speaks Spanish passing well, was in conversation with two reverend gentlemen, and when he told them that we were in favor of Herrera, they seemed delighted, aud shook him by the hand with great good will. In this place there are no less than five hundred priusts. und they being owners of one half the town, exercise, independent of their holy calling, a great Influence over the people. They are treated with great respect, too, by our own people. Kvery officer, non-oemmtaaioned officer and soldier is ordered to salute them in the streets; and a day or two ago, when the bishop visited General Scott, the entire guard was turned and remained at u present until his holiness had passed in and out again, i'o conquer a peace the best method is evidently to conciliate the clergy. To the '19th we have papers fr"in the ciipiwi. turning in saia wnatevcr 01 aerenatng the place. El flepuklicano says that oar troops art) (lying with (Marrhura and other diseases at Jalapa, and when they were ordered to march on I'uebla, refused positively to obey the order, Before this time they are probably advised to the contrary A Frenchman came in yesterday, and reports that Bravo and Canallzo have resigned from the army, it is possible that a train of wagons may leave here for Jalapa In a day or two, as I have heard ihat that post will be broken up. Plenty of every thing for an army in Puebia. DEATHS AT TOI.NT ISABEL. [From the New Orleans Picayune, June '20. J We accede cheerfully to the request of Maj. Scott, to give place to the following reoord of those who have died in the general hospital at Fort Polk, Point Isabel, during the year past. The fata of these victims to the war and a strange climate may thus be made known to their friends. Lilt of Sick and Wounded V. S. Troopi who have died in the General lloipital at Point Iiattel, Trial, lince May 9, 1*40. REOUL.4RS. tfainei Rank Heg. Co. Died Diieaie Lewis, Private. Dili ml. 11 June II, 11)16 Pneumonia. Murray, Musc'u. " I " M, " Vul. Sclop. Patten, Private. ~ K " 21, " Mania, " 1st art. B May 19 " " Kerred. " 2th inf. B " 21, " Slinouhaii " Mil inf. H " 27, Haddox, " 2th iaf. li June 6, " Walden, " " O " U, " Kussetl, " Jth inf. B July I, " KMridgr, " 1th ief DJe.'.'. '* " i ichler, Berg't 2d art. K " i, " f,.t, p.,..... i., ... a 1..I.. , > l-i v:u ??i ??vt w #? <#?i; r ?? uiiiuic. Sherbaue. K Aug. 17, " Diarrhoea McDowell, " Uh art. H Sept. 4, " Vul. Pour. Newton, " " F " 7, " Fever Hem. Weed n, " " K " 111, " Ottenger, " " K " 7, " " Ryan, Corp'l Jtli inf. H " 4, " Vulnuaaclop (Well, Private. 7th inf. F " It, " jj Feb.tvphua. Tiinma, " S?l inf. ?H JO, " Dyaenteria. Miiitz, " Ord.l or[ii Oct. J, " Dyaenteria. llahu, " till art. K " 5, " Keb. rem. Andrewra, " " F " It, " Feb. typhua. Mooary, " " F Dec. 18, " Feb. rem. Barr, " 4th inf. D Feb. II, 1817. Dyaenteria. Decker, " 4th inf. ?R Mar. J, " Dyaenteria. Srhierbntine, " 2d dra. R " 6, " Hvphil con. Miller, " lat iuf. F Apt. 18, " Dinrrhu:*. Howard. .'<th inf. R Mar. 14, " Diarrhma. Fahey, " 3d art. MlApl. 18, " Hyphil Con. Stanly, " 4th art. I May 4, " Plenritia. Mi*, " m'd. r B 27, " Diarrhmi. Kadcinacker, " 3d inf. #R " 21, " Feb rem. Walker, " 18th iuf. B " 28, " Feb. typhut. Forehand, " " D " J4, " Dyienteria. litldera, " " U " XI, " Feb. rem. HetriCk, " Uth inf. G " 28, " Aacitea. Uorgar, Serg't. " I June I, " Dyaenteria. Wilder, Private. I6tli inf. O " I, " Phthiaia pal. Rodgera, " Voltig. B " 2, " Diarrhma. Ant mo, " 3d dra B Mar. 13, " Feb. typliua. Thoae marked R are recrntu. voLciaTccaa. Walker, Private. Texaa. July 18, 1846. Vnlnua aclop. Mathewa, " " " 13, " Diarrhma. Schouger, " " " It, " Anaacorca. Williama, " Kenueky. " 7, " Dyaenteria .Motley, " l>t Ohio. " 22, " Feb. rem. McAnaamart. " " " 32. " Feb. tvphaa. Kaiihop, " lat Texaa. Aug. 14, " Diarrnma. Miller, " 14, " Diarrhma Stnbblcfield, " lat Tenn. Bept. 3, " Feb. rem. Grahim, " Jd Keut'cky. Aug. 14, " Feb. rem. liratton John, " 2d Indiana. Sept. 12, " Feb. typhna. Wray, " lat Indiana. 4, " Feb. typhua. Johnaon, " " " 8, " Feb. rem. I.autz, " " " 7, " Feb. rem. Oamore, Wm " lat Ky. " 14. " Diarrhea*. Lewie, John " lat Indiana. " 8, " Diarrlxea. Ilookiuaon, " " Oct. 4, " Diarrhcea. Peyton, " " " 2, " Feb. rem. Malone, " " " 12, " Diarrhtea. Van Varicour," " " 14, " Dyaenteria. Iloycea, " " " 12, " Dyaeuteria. Ilucklea, " " " 13. " Uyaeateria. D ckinaon, " " " 20, " Feb. rem Nichola, " " Not.10, " Feb. rem. Nute, " lat Teiaa. " 4, " Diarrhtea. Cochran, " lat Ala. Dec. 2, " Feb. rem. Miller, " " Mar. 6 1847. Feb. rem. Alheraon, " " Jan. 3, " Diarihtra, Williama, " " 3. " Diarrhtia Jarvii, " .In Illinois. Keb. 11, " Scorbutus, liases, Mar. 8, " t)i*rrh<ea. Johnion, " " Feb. I, " Rheattutiim. Tolmaii, " IstTenn " a, " Cfphal-gia. Pace, " M Mtw. Mar 9, " Dinrrhf** Beckham, m, Fth. rem. Bays, " " " It, " Disrrhm*. Thompson, " " " 11, " Piarrhuna. Spratt, " lit Va. Anl. *, Vartola. Hallowav, " " Mar. 22, " Ueitriti*. Alford, latN.Car. A pi. 22 " Pleurltii. Uilev. " " May J, " Feb. rem. . To* total number of caara In the meantime rick In the Hospital are 13bk. Including volunteer* and regulars? F'rom tba llonpital Record JOHN B SCOTT BreTet Maj V ? * Fort Polk, Juno a, I8t7 AFFAIRS IN TUB C ITF OF MIXICO. The Brltlah atoamer from Vera Cru.: arrlveJ at llaea ua on the 7th Inatant. She bring* nothing later from the city of Mexieo than paper* of the tilth of May The Farn fndutTiinl receive j a letter of the name date, from which It give* an estraot, which we tranalat# ? Santa Anna took charge of tha provlrional prealdeney on the 31st, and aaaembled the Junta of general officer*, who agreed upon defending the city ; but the periodical pre** of all shade* Of opinion baa written strongly against Santa Anna, and against the barbarity of undertaking a aafmoa wttnoni artillery or troop# and fetter [ERA ilny the general offered his resignation to the Chambers, who referred It to a committee to report thereon Tublto opinion has pronounced Itself strongly against this man It is only necessary to read the Holrtin de la Dtwocraria, the organ of Gomes Farias and his party. The Monitor, which belongs to the moderado party, is also exceedingly severe upon Santa Anna ; and in the midst of these attacks a new paper has appeared, edited with wisdom, which, under the title of the Razonador, advocates peace. The five numbers whioh have already appeared are worthy of being read ; their reasoning is unanswerable. Certainly the editors are among the most illustrious editors of the country. I accompany thlii with a oopy of Suntu Anna n rumination, [wo have already published It.] which in his personal defence. I believe Congress will accept the resignation, and I also think that General llerrera or General Trias will be named in his place, because they are receiving from the States a majority of the votes for the constitutional presidency. Ht. Loi'.s, June20, 1847. Important Indian Intelligrnet. The war fever, so prevalent for the last year or twe among the white and the olive races of this continent, seems at length to have pervaded very generally the red, uutll it has become obvious that no treatment short of a little blood-letting, can be successfully resorted to lu arresting its progress. Taking advantage of the almost constant travel, across the plains, of small parties of white men, the wild rovers of the desert have availed themselves of the opportunity to commit depredations, until the evil has become such a crying one, that government, if it have a view to a general peace with the border tribes, can no longer delay in punishing the aggressors. Those tribes which continue friendly, or rather who have not yet committed open aggression, taunt their ugents by saying?''Here are our brethren of the Plains- they have plenty of white men's guns and saddies, and some of their scalps, aud you do not piwiish them, but seud tbem presents; we remain at peace with 1 the whites, and are poor,'' &c. 4tc. Thus evincing that the salutary dread of the power of the white man is fast panning away. There la a baud of Pawnees living ou the south side of the Big Platte, called the (Jrand Pawnees, who have always been unfriendly to the whites. Last fall this band ! attacked a train or government wagons and robbed it, | after killing one man. a .Mr. Dougherty, of Pittsburgh At that time they drove off one hundred and sixty head I of mules. About three weeks ago, Major MoKlruy, the overseer of the Pawnee farms?for these wretches are enjoying the patronage of government?had a talk with the principal men of the band, in relation to the-restoration of the animals. He was told by Siracherish, the principal chief, that if his father, the President, wanted the mules, he would have to send a force and take them, " but,'1 added he, " tell your father if he sends at all. to send plenty of men and gunsjor otherwise we will kill his men aud take their guns " About six weeks ago, a large party of Oregon emigrants, driving a number of cattle, left the north western extremity of Missouri, and struck across on to the head waters of the Kanzas river, to fall into the graai Oregon trail. A day or two after they left, a war party of the Orand Tawnees was raised, ostensibly to go against their enemies, the Jatans. Among these was a northern Pawnee, a friend to the whites. The latter returned to the agency at Council Bluffs, a few days slnue, and gave information that the party Instead of going against the Jatans, had pursued the emigrants, and after extorting presents from them, had killed about one half their stock and broughtjoff a number of horses and mules. Mr. McLlroy, above mentioned, writes that seven of the horses had been brought in. Small parlies continued to hang on the rear of the emigrants, to harrass, rob, and murder them. I conversed last evoning with Major J. Miller, just arrived from Council Bluffs. He is the Indian ugunt for that region, and what he says can be relied on. lie informs me that the state of affairs in that region is becoming suoh as to render a military force necussary. When he left, the friendly Indians, and even the whites, were in daily expectation of receiving a hostile visit from the Sioux, it seems that early in the spriug a party of Yancton Sioux had a difficulty with the Otoes and Mahas. two tribes who live lu the vicinity of Council Bluffs, and a number were killed on cither side. Some of the scalps taken by the Otoes were brought to Belieview, a trading post, and injudiciously exhibited by the traders as trophies of the bravery of their friends, the Thin ifRVM mnrfkl nffsmrt* f n ths* Mimiv war Kin liavu declared vengeance against the white* of the frontier, ax well as their red enemies. When Major .Miller left, preparation* were making to meet an expected attack. One hundred Vancton .Sioux had taken up arms. and expected to be joined by Home two hundred more Sioux from the various bands, Ogilallaa, Hantex, haours.l'ncpapas, Tctous, Ilo. They were to leave the Vancton village on the lbth June, and at onee come down on the unlucky Couucil Bluff people. A gentleman, who arrived here last evening, from Weston, informs me that Mr. Barclay, the conductor of a government train of wagona, who had just arrived at Kort Leavenworth, reports having lost one of his men, an American, near the scene of Mr Thorp's murder, at Waluut Creek. The American and a Mexicanwnre riding in advance of the wagons, when they were assailed by a large body of Indians. The first was shot dead, and the other pierced with arrows. Both were sralped and left for dead. When the train came up the Mexican was found to be alive, and in this condition, minim his scalp, he was brought In to Kort Leavenworth ! The Indians took the guns and mules of the two men, The excitement caused by the reception of tho Illbernla'snews, haa measurably died away. Klour is dull at $0. Wheat for city millers is In fair demand at(l lb for choice. Corn. Inactive at 4bc. Lead?fair demand at $3 47 a (3 60. Hemp, quite dull at (70 a (73, per ton for D R. In good shipping order. Pork, prime, dull at (Id a $17 60. Cheese, mess, lu moderate requaBt. at (14 a rl l 60. Bacon?shoulders, 4>?; hams, ojy; clear sides, Sc. Lard, dull at 7o. Hides, diry iliut steady, at 7c.? News from Texas.?To Capt. Clane, of the steamer Yacht, which arrrivetl here Saturday from Galveston, we are indebted for papers from that sity to the 16th lost. We have also by her, papers from Houston and other cities in the State. We give the following summary of news?all we could And in them. There Is any number of candidates offering for Governor. The accounts of ths growing crops throughout the State?cotton, corn and sugar, continue to be highly encouraging. The late rains have done Incalculable service Lveu in the valley of San Antonio, where It is nearly always dry, and irrigation is the main dependence, there have been flne rains, and the orops are regarded as safe, and promise to be largo A few weeks ago a murder was committed in the town of Columbus, Colorado county, and the murderer taken to Houston, and lodged in jail, ne they had no jail in Columbus. On the !)8th ult., near the same place, a fellow known by the name of John Battesh Russell, a mixed blooded Louisianian, attempted to rob and murder a gentleman by the name of Alexander Area, (a printer,) on his way to Austin. Area escaped, made affidavit of the facts before a Justioe of the Peace, and Russell was recognized and arrested. The trial was delayed at the reqimrtof Mr. A., who expresaed himself anxious about klsA^^^ bags, which ooatained some papers of consid?ra|^^^^H to him. The populace of the town, lnforj^^^^^^H selves fully of the circumstances, of tho d?r and to rob, from the witnesses, and confessions of the nrisoner. ana villaiuoud conduct aud character, tho enormity of the crime, that they poMieiuion or the guard, from thence It In eaid he wan there hanged arbitrary aad illegal proceeding la, The Telegraph learne the miMory noted and bond* are exurtioiid to get the whole aru^H H MucoeMM the eon the nary. paid by a committee of the tho la?t MOMioa our the hae now both our revenue A Ueruian. naiued Babtt. the Hteamor waa bay, while the wad on will be a grand barbecd^^^^^^^^^^^H Wharton, the Colorado, on the claration of Independence i* to be delivered by <i (|uinan In be a i H general, aud accommodation* are provid^^^^^^^H 1 he Braaoa la very high, and there la acme an The Vacbt encountered very *ever? trong wlnda from the N. K . with a heavy aea on, her padaage from (Jaiveaton to the S. W Pan*.?JV^^H Pie. June 30. ? l)ikokacePin. Riot.?A riot, which ut onot tunc threatened to prove (juiic eerioue in itd conMe<|uenrea, occurred laat night in the neighborhooil of the Irieh rcdidenced on Main and Kmerald dtreeta, near the depot ltd centre wad the notcriooa Hibernian. Th? difficulty appeare to have commenced with a drunken fight among the irieh early In the evening Nome Americana in the vicinity got drawn Into It, when a pretty general melee between the Iridb and the American* commenced, aud wad continued till a tate hour. The - - - -A ? -1 -? ?- 1*. I ?>? tl%e/.?lnw ?f k.lah W.. * _ | tlgM munnj "uicuiu bu<i other missile* from "no party to the other each seemed to avoid coming In clone contact. Several window* on the \inrrlcan nldo of the street worn broken in. while thone in the Hibernian and one nrtwonftho adjacent building* were completely riddled by *howor* ol brick*, which were poured upon tbem when the row wa* at it* height. Toward* the last of the tight, the Irish retired backof their building* into Kmerald street, and the Hibernian appeared to be deserted. At 11 o'clock the alarm belli were rang, and our oitiiena collected in great number* The sheriff ?oou after made hli appearance, and succeeded In a few minutes in quieting Hie excited feelmga and dispersing both Parties of the mob In the fore part of the evening the Irlidi wero musters of the field, and they attacked and severely injured two or three American*. I*?ac. Sanderson and William Lovell, a butcher, were tho?# most hurt and It docs not appear thai they were anything more than lookers-on In the af. fair at the time they were attacked The whole scans was a most novel one for Springfield, and was equally disgraceful to the character of the town We hope nevt'r to witness a repetition of such an affair No arrests were made last night, hut we trust that an example will be made of the ringleaders on both sides by the lufllrtlonjof the lawful and proper auolshment* ?SprtngMd Republican Saturday A. ii - 1 U LU. M** *WO OoUli Police Intelligence. Stealing a Watch -Officer Allen. of the 4(h ward tr rested yesterday a sailor man by the name of DWco'Vx. pana. on a charge of stealing a silrer watch and chain rulued at >18, the property of another sailor by the name of Louis Castor The watch was recovered, found in the pomeaaion of the accused Justice Drinker locked him up for trial. Dull Butinru.?Police matters were exceedingly dull yesterday, probably in oonseouenoe of the extreme beat of the weather; it being too hot for the rascals to steal Jirrrtted on ttutvicion?Officer Murray. of the 8th ward, arrested on Sunday night, on suspicion, a woman, called Mary Stewart, havlnr in her possession a watch No. 0103 evidently stolen, for which an owner is wanted; 1 apply to the shore officer, at the station house Tombs. | Justice Drinker locked her up for a further hearing Making Him tr If " Hunk."?Officer Allan of the .1th ward, arrested, last night, a man by the name of Michael Oleasou. on a charge of stealing a wagon wheel, valued At $0. belonging to John Met leUand, tobaooo dealer, residing at No :i Barclay street, it appears that MoClelland, some short time ago. engaged Uleason to place a tire on the wheel, and considering the charge too much, refused to pay Consequently, last evening, while >I?1 Clelland wag in a store on the corner of Franklin and West street*, making a sale. Oleaaon was outside at the wagou, drew out the lynch pin, and carried off the wheel whereon the unpaid tire was fastened. Soon after McCloll mil returned to his wagon Jumped up. mill win lu the act of driving off, when he discovered himfclf one wheel short, and uot feeling disposed to be done, nor outdone, by this industrious wneelwrlght, caused his arrest, and Mr Uleason was conveyed entire to the station honse. and locked up by Captain Perry, F1 ,W1 w Winn will unurn JunuoK uriDHrr I'tuttnl Jinault.?Officer Files, of the 6th ward, arrested last night a man by the uam>< of Charley Bart lett, on a charge of violently assaulting a man by the > name of John Owens, inflicting a severe cut in the throat, apparently with a knite. Looked up in the station house by Captain Perry. Uw Intelligence. Coi a i ok Oven amd Tt SMi.vr.A, June J8?Before Judge Kdinoude. Aldermen Croliusand.Tappan ?John Smith, convicted of manslaughter/and Mat hew McBaron of grand larceny, with one or two other* whose names were uot mentioned, were brought up this morning to receive sentence; after a consultation between the Court and District Attorney, sentences were postponed until Wed nesday uext, after wliloh the Court adjourned to this morning. Thk circi'it (. 01 v i remained in session, took up the civil calendar, and soon after adjourned. Hitkhioh Court? In Chancery.?Before Judge Oakley.? Bryan O'Ultra v.Paul A'irury.?This was a motion to reduce ball. The facts are as follows The plaintiff was, in the year 1844,.her Britannic Majesty's consul at Uuayuma, lu the Island of Porto Kloo, where be carried on the business of a merchant. In that year he reoeived a consignment of goods from this country ; but at the timo the market at Ouayama was heavy, and kuIpn i'.milrl not tiM fefffftttMl HifiMiit ul m. hokv* Ima \1? O Hunt sent the good* to Ponce to tbe house of Daniel Basauta, with orders to make tale of them, fiaaanta told the goods, and took for them what, in the language of that oouDtry is called pegaries, and with uh would be called promissory notes, amounting to about $6000 Plaintiff, in bis uftldavit, alleged Basauta loaned the Segaries, or promissory notes, through one Jules lone, to defendant, and that tbo latter convert ed tbein to his own use. Mr. O'Hara in some time after went to Ponce, and called on Baranta for bis ad* count, UDd to hand over the proceeds. Baranta gave htm the account sales, but said he lent the promissory notes to Kene, who had given them to defendant; they then waited on defendant, and demanded from him (lie pro mlseory notes, which were his (O'Hara'*] exclusive pro perty The defenduut declined to give them up, sllog iug that he had purchased them for his two drafts, which were duly honored. Mr. O'Hara further stated In his affidavit that, in consequence of the difficulty aud ax pensu of proceeding in the Hpantgti courts. In the Island of I'orto ltico. he let the matter drop, until he found the defendant in tills city last week, when he issued a writ In trover, und held him to bail In the sum of $ If .000. Mr. A. 1)., In support of tho motion, said th* present form of action eould not he maintained, that If an action lay at all. it was in debt. The pretence of tbo notes being loaned, was a device, to enable the plaintiff to issue a writ in trover, in order to hold the defendant to bail; he then read several affidavits, from which it appeared that defendant reoeived the notes from Rene la the usual course of business, for which hs gave two drafts on a mercantile house at Marseilles, which werw afterwards duly honored; that defendant was a respec table merchant, and In good circumstances, at Ponoe 'That the transaction had occurred so long ago as 1844, snd that Mr O'Hara, instead of bringing the question before the tribunals of the country, where it might be adjudicated upon satisfactorily to both partica, thought proper to let the matter drop until ho had found tha da lendant in this eity, wberu be had coma for the benefit of his health, aud was an utter stranger, pounoed upon him with a writ, and held him to bail in $12 000. Ha contended.frnui all the facts as they appeared in tha affl davits, the dvfendaut ought to be discharged, upon giving common ball. The court, however, refused, out reduced the hall from $12,000 to $0,000 for defendant, Mr. A. D. l.ogau; fur plaintiff, .Mr. Theodore 8edgewick. Dkcisions in ChanokEV, June 28.?Before the Vice t'hance.llor.?Mary Lawler vs. Win. l.awler?Decree for divorce on the ground of adultery. Johu Mayor vs. Anuu Maria Mayer?A like decree. Krnest iluchisson vs 8. N Altaian? Order for racelv. er granted unless defendant gives bond, with sureties, for the payment to complainant of the value of the eottou. pursuant to decree In the suit. On such bond being given, replevin bond Is to be given up Isaac H. Biuith vs. W. U Moffat?.Mellon to dissolve injunction deuied, with $10 costs Margaret Bardell vs John Bardell?Order of reference to ascertain proper alimony, and directing defendant# to pay $60 to enable complainant to carry on her suit. W. Gale, executor of Cosine vs. 8 Heat and wife? first, petition to amend hill; and second, motion for . leave to except to answer denied, with $1A costs T. South worth vs. Benj. King?1. On attachment sgainst B. King, defendant, adjudged guilty of a contempt. fined the taxable costs, and committed until he pays the same, and produces the securities as ordered by the master. 2. On attachment against Horace King, decided he is not guilty of the contempt of oourt charged; proceedings dismissed, with $10 costs fu the matter of f'hilo Reed, an alleged lunatic Order confirming the inquisition, but without prejudice to the issue directed, and reference to a master to appoint h committee, Vc Ad imue directed, to try the alleged lunacy, and antes* petitioner" obtain a verdict, the whole proceeding!) are to be discharged. Cornelia 1). Lawrence v* H. Mortimer and Miller? The name vs. I'hillp burrow* and M. Rice?The temporary Injunction* die olved, and order* to *how cause discharged. Defendant*' cost* to be oosta in the cause Motion for attachment In second suit for violating injunction, denied, without cost*. Peter H. Warnervi. the Rector, Sic. of Trinity Church ? Decided that, by the original lease, defendants were bound to grant a second lease with covenant for renewal, in case the lessee built a three story brick or stone dwelling house during the first term. Referenoe to a . master to settle the new lease and determine the ground ^^^t. No costs to either party up to the decree the ^^Hh^fter that to be equally divided 8. Jenkins and wife. Sic?Demurrers to Defendants to hi him nil far 11 f(r? to for diiy the will 1 ii ri the IRi.I IA. 111 on the th)' In the Hovine lielogatc^H H by the realgnalton of Andrew K informality In April gn'iMWM han l>een re-elneted l.y > 11 "^H H voua. Tha dtruiuie aald to hare beeu a. citing, beyond all former precedent In Mr majority waa one '* :'^l ^1 of Morgan on the glorloua result I'art ice are the Lcglelaturc on Joint beliot - P Sm ofd If ra inform you taat yon csn liare your r|oihini< eiwr rieauod, dyed, altered, an- reiaaiied ae|* rim ingcrr. yel dune in the naiy; cluthea cleaned mil il?i <l without meant of aream or coloring, which girta an aniilraaant "*"' " Vo"1ing, and dec'.rova ihem #4 Merrey arrret. coma? ?l tVaahing- ^^^B ton, i? the only place in llir city where emi ' in grially.m ^ Want ilniia at ahort notice and cheap, a? I hare a amnll aaore, amall rent, and contented with amall |.inhu. which eirea me a large tnialncaa. A no-e A'Mwr^v w& He paiheulai in the nember 1? HI*It

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