Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 3, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 3, 1847 Page 1
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emmmmmmmmmammmmeasm THl Vol. xm. Ho. IN?WkoU lo, MT9 ' THE NEW TORE HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, 'loTtto-Tvaat oomar of falton and Rum* iu iAMES 60RDQN BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. 'IHCULATIWH ?TOKTY THOUIAID JAIL k HERALD?Kvery day, Price 3 cull per eoat?S i'j per ami um?payable in advance. W?iKKLY HERALD?Every 8etuTday-rnce ?* cms. , ?r Cojiy?tS I2J4ceuU per anunm?payable in advance HERALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet dav 'rice t)S? tentt per copy?$4 per annum, inelndinf poetaue. payable <u tdv&uce Hubserijtidut and adveitiieBieuli will or received by Messrs. Oalignani, II Rue Viriemne, Bkis; r- L Biinonds, V?. S Barge Yard, Bucklenbary, flft Miller the bookseller, Loudou. ? ... . ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?PaMished on the lstoi Janoxr* of each year? ingle eopies sixpence each AU V EKTISEMEVTS, at the usnal pncee-alwaye eash,11 tar ice. AdiertiMmntt should be wntfen 111 a Dlmin. le^ini* maim The Proprietor will not be reep?n*ibl* for trron tin' may occni inchem. PRINTING of all ktada executed beanbtnlly aad will. a*i patch. A'l letter* or commonieatioM by nail, addreued to the atah'.iiliir.eot, mut be post paid, or the porta** will b* d* ???i?.l r*?ni the DhwrintiM nwuT remitted ??# kOR HALE OK EXCHANQE-33) acre* or Mlehi#W?S Kan luud.some of it within a few mile* from where the # ?- L-at'tCtl of ihe State ia to he located; it i* excellent 1*1 ill,1,u li ,J,| null ia now near a village. Likewise a dwelling house ami c ibinecmakers' shop, being an excellent stand for th <t liu-i.ieu, being occupied at such inn 13 years, in the |?l sul cillHKe or Kinderhook, Columbia county, N. V The an >*e property will be exchanged for merchantable rood*. Inquire at 103 Green .treet. GEORGE DOAK. jy 2 <?t?>n KO K. SAu t- vv KSTCHfc.8T tjLAN U.-'lo genJrrfWtlfinru ia want of *%ea for couutry *eat?, to market g<ri?si 'liMieri iu want of Und for gardens, and to all person* wishing a location in the neighborhood of IXew Vork, 300 acre* of Land in the town of We?tche?(er. within nine mile* of the 1 #ty Hall, with right of paiaing over Harlem Bridge free of All, a now offered at private aaTe, in lota containing from Ave to Ally acre* each. The land* are within fifte- u ! mi.uule*' walk ?f the railroad ; front on good road* ; are iu the neighborhood of *ehool?, and churche* of differeut denomination* ; the water i* good, and location healthy. Title indupotable. Term* moderate. Apply to GOUVERNEUR MORRIS, Morriiania, Wratchrater Co, Or to WALTER HUTHkUfURI), ( ouu*eilor, J?I0 3flt*r 79 Nasaau at., New Vork. m'l'O LET OR FOR SALE.?A verjr hiud.ome < ullage House, with ren room*, and baseineur. at aruiaii*villeI with couch-hou*et (table, and wood-home, ail excuieiit garden,well stocked wnh peache*. grapea, be.; a flowJr X irden i* al*o attached to the house. A Line of Stages run from the Park to the doo r, every hour >u the day, and a Stage to the Railroad morning and evening. For further particular* CDi|uireof R. F. CARMAN, 17# Mercer street. or at the Store, 15jth Street, 10th Avenue, Carmansville. jyi :<nt*re Mb OR SALE.?THE WASH I.NO i ON MOUSb. k GAHDENS, Hoboken, New Jersey The above preiri*es are now offered for sale, aud afford a rare chmce for lirontabl* investment. Thi* well known place of public re*ort n?s formally year* been celebrated for the convenience of ita location. (being ?ithin two minute* walk of the 1 mdingVpleaaant and commanding situation of th* house, and beauty el it* garden* ; and haa Tway* held the first rank as a popular and agreeable place of re-iorc The present proprietor has, du ing the last five yes'*completely renovated the House,remodelled the*tyle uf the Otrdena, and at much expe ise supplied rare and choice plants and shrubs,valuable grape vine*, and th? mosi approved ornuneutxl shade treea The whole premises, together with anew Two Story Houm djoining. well adapted for a Grocery-, or private'residence ; Ice House, Stable*, &c. See , are now offered for sale on very reasonable t-rmi. The proprietor ha< ing as much business in the city ot New Vork a* he can atteud to, i* Compelled to offer the above premise* for sale, and confidently submit* that a more desirable opportunity for a sure and profitable investment is aeldom offered Hobokeo, from it* nroxiin Ity to tlio city of New York, and great natural advantages, has long been esteemed the most, desirable place Tor residences, and beau more resorted to for ifs walks and ace* ery, than an v other place of the kind in the L'niu-tl States. The recent improvements which hare taken pbflp there iu the layin|| nut and grading of convenient streets mm Walks, and the erection of ueat ami handsome summer rrsioKices, have much enhauced the value ol its real estate. While the additional facilities of unmmuuicuion with the cilf afforded by the large and splenrtiil new steam boats, which have beeu added to tne ferry, Iu ve gre it' v increased tne number of residents and visiters. TERMS, one-h lf Cash P?rticulars given on application! > JOHN IHIOLAND, New Stre?t House c>>ruer ol KxchaugHace and New street, PETER B. SWEENY. No 10 Wall atreet^or nil thejiremises. je22 4tTukSa? r MU)I' I'AOKa ON S PATENThLANO.?For sale or lua^e, the three Cottages on the hill side below Capo di Monte, belonging to Mrs. Qrymea. The bui'dings nr>* ?.nl highlv fmi<hnT, are situated iu a thick wood of H acres, within ten ol"the ferry. The oni house* aft'oid every convenience, and a new road easy of access, ha? just bee . completed je?6 I2t*rc MMJ K~8 \L,K?THE YUNKKRS SplNsiuS Hou*c, outbu'idiugs, aud seveu acraa of land?the wftulc or a part, to suit purchaaars, aud on the scci'in n idaiing terms. This extensive building commands a munifiuent view of the Hudson Rivar, from 10 to Li milas iu ?>eh direction. The house is 00 feet square; carriage hou?e i fecfqnare, with st'-bling for one hundred horses: shed 6ft t?vt II. ianirth; all uearly new, aud iu complete order. There i? also a fish pond and water iniwer. with a never failing Wream i.i w.iter ruuimm, through the middle of the grounds, as pure as I'rotan The iludsoiiltiver llailroad is to ruu within three hu' dred jm/Ui in front of the property, and ab?ut the same dis* Ii'e south of the rill ge (if Yonlters, where the deiot i? to b? located. There are live well conducted schools, all withiu ahall'mile. Two splendid fast sailiug steamboats ply daily to aud from the city: and staves also ruu daily iu connee iou with the Harlem llailroad. Fo* terms applv to William Kelliager, at the Williamsbur. h lerry, at the foot of Uelaucy street, or upon the premn.s jet :?0t? rc MVOR HALE, OR UCHANOEFOR CI i Y'PKUffiUTVi?Property in the pleasant villige of Liberty Cor i?r, consisting of a fir t rate DweMiug House, 38X40, couieKiing 10 rooms highly finished, with a gi.od cellar, Cairiage Maker's, Whee>right aud Blacksmith's Shop, all new. Also, a good barn, J0X3S, with wood aud smoke houses, a g<v d well at the door, apples, cherries, currents, kc. Price for the whole SItiOO. Also. 14 acres of land, J acres of timber, 7 of clear land, aH under new fence. Apply to Jimei B. B trr, any Wedueaday, from A. M. to 7 P. M ?<iii Thursday, till 1 P. M., on cither (lay. at ihe New York Resrf Kstato Company, corner of Broadway mid Maiden Lane JAMB. BARR j?IOIOt*m _ .,j* "rAViLIOM, NJCW BttHlHTON, Suiea lalaud.f..* The proprietor beg* to inform hit friends luid the public, XJjfLthat he has made considerable alteration, and improve inents in this establishment aince the laat aeasou. He ha< errct fd a l >ricr huil'linil, cnutaiuinjr thirty-three roomi, altogether disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of n comfort*ble liie, lixht, aud well ventilated, and anperior in all rr*|w-ru to Uiotr uciienlly denominated aingle rooms in tiie various wateriug places throughout the country. The proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties wishing to engage rooms for the season. Letters addressed to him at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention \ ateamhoat rone between New York and New Brighton, at the following hours, vix:? Kiom New Brighton?At I and 11 A. M, and 1 and 5:J0 P M. From pier No. I North River, New Yoik-?-At 9 A. M. and 12 M, and 1>?, 5 and ( P. M-, and more freqneut communications will be established as the seafin advances. Sunday Arrangement?From New Brighton at I A. M., 1!)?, 5:30 P M Frain New York, at 9 A M., 2 and 6 P. M. Thr Pavilion is uow ready for the receptiou of Company. ipg'i tire ?. BLANC ARD. _ LOOK AT THIS? Ladies, Oentlemen, Misses and Children, aJI th >t are in want of Boots or Sho-s. please | 1pm? call at 367 Btoadway, wlwre you will find the largest assortment, aad cheap**can this city, wholesale or retail. N. 3 ? Imported French Boots, $3. M.CAHJLL. jr" am - r _ JL vVAL">H k tf RoTHKKS.Freuch Boot Makers, No 'll Ana street, New York. Fren^Calf Boots of the latest Ifahhion made to order for SI 50, usually sold for Stiand$7 ; line French Calf Boota S3 50, usually S5 Patent lijer Boots 57, usually sold for S10. Also Congreaa Boots' witii parent springs, fleiitlemeu's gaiters, altoes and slippers constantly on hand, and made to order at the ahorteat notice Repairing; &c., done in the atore. L. WALSH k BROTHERS, mv<5 Wt*i No 6 Ann atreet. J1 Ul.NU St J ON KB, 4 Ann atreet, irr selling line French calf boots at S4 50, equal to auy sold in thTa city fur or ST. Fiue French boots at S3 50, usually S5. Beat j French patent leather boota $7, equal to those uatiallv aol.1 at Jfl and (14. A great assortment ol alioea, gaiien ana slipper.) always ou hand, and made to order at short notice. All goods warnnted to give satisfaction. Mendiug, he done in the store. Ple.iae call and examine our itock. in.! I tt'te YOU NO It JON K.S, 4 Ann at., near Broadway. A I THR SUB4CRIBF.K would r.....?..f..ii.- i_. form '' * CUitoinen mid the public (jeuerally tnatlie haa op hand a large n?ortment of L> uni', Miaaea' and Children'* colored and black Oaiter Boon, Buskina, Slipper*. Tie?, lie.; Oe itleineu'* aud Boy'**ewed mid pegged Boot* ol every de*cription, *11 of which lie will *ell an low a* inch articlaa cpiii he parcli**ed at any *tore iu the city. N. B ? L;idiea'aud Uentlemtu'* Boon and Shoe* made to order in the hell maimer at moderate I'ric**. is re.pectfu 11 v aolicited. JAML8 WALKKrt, ieU ini*n- D|l anal street come' of wo.,?rer MHM. M. W1L80N, J?l Uraiid atreet, reapoctlolly dVjAinfornu her friendt, aud *trniig*r* visiting the cit7, IMS'that the ha* now 011 hand al?rg? and yer/ haudaonx assortment of Bpmig Millinery, to which ahe invito their attention. Mr*. Wilaon'a atock comprisea an assortment of the richest md niott fashionable HjU. an< h aa thipA-rai-*. H'ce, and Shirred, withachoice laaorunrrt ol S*Tawa, whuh ahe rtniter* her*e.f Mi he aold more reuoimble than at anv o'lier establishment in the city. Conntry Milliner* will do well 10 call before purchasing. Mra. M. WILSON. ?1 Grand itbetween Allen aad Orclnta iu. Ten Rood \i. Itinera wasted at the above establishment. alt lia*w iJ# PIANO roHTE, Vi ? \ fiirlM) m . e.? Cr;: -itt and aecond hand Piano Fortea for sale or hire I fjT'f fl AI*o, a general iiaortirent of Mu?ic and Ml J I T 1 I aical instrument*, at No, 268 Washington at., nea Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn. m?0rr J. WALKER. -Vina JOHN MACF \ I!ii KN, (Horn MiJZfilf* VKnr<tt>e, pupil of Madame Duleheu, piainat to I | the Queen of England,) give* lesions in P'ano IlX ? I * rorte and Smgmgon the ?olfowiijgtertri?: Two ItMH weekly at Mra. Macfarren'a residence, i'-Jfl per (tnirter; I f ree |??*onsao., $21; two leaiotia weekly at the pnpils' re?ideuce (24 per r|tianer; three leaaona do. |30. \|r?. Macfaireo has the prkileg* of referring to Dr. Elliot, ?lr. I |i>dges,Oeorge Lnder, Kaq., H. Meiggs, Raq., an.i ti e Key. I, 'A'.1 ? r /l t ?l l)-w.| ?tre^r. near Murine. ieMllr'm y~~ AH| IIV. TDK ONLY RKAL ( ATKIO.H^\f The (Jteateat Attraction Vet?M Bull Finrhes, with If from three to four tunes. Also, over 1.0(10 stinging IT I'anari'a, juet imported via Bremen, aelected hv hia agents fiom the m.>at celebrated diatrieta of Knrope. Thn r*. riety for *<iig? and plumage, will be lound ou inapertion, to eclipse any Arrhy hu? been enibled to offer. N. II.?On show the Unrest Cockatoo lu America. Archy take?Ihia opportunity to nppri*e hia friend* at n distance, in anticipation ol Una importation, that they may enrly ipplieation. P h?iii conaeqnence of the limiUof hia old establishment, No 5 John atreet, he ban rented Bramble Cottage, Bloomnigdale, near Bnrnham Hotel, for that branch of Ins buaineaa not connected with birda, viz: Shetland und Fancy Poinei. Kin* CI,nri*4 SitanieU, Pointer*, etc., *ud every variety of Fancy Pigeon*. B ?rn Door Kowll. fcc. A* u?a\l, letter* po*t paid will1 at all 'itne* meet with prompt attention Irom A. OHIICyK, No.) John at. j*l*li?r MW??mmmf?? ?MMI E NE1 N1 OH AND F1SHIN0, S AILING AND SEA I r *jaL??^Bathtni ?Four.h of July tit-union.?Th? I HKBHIfta pleaaantcat Fourth of Jul) Kxc r.ioii for those ' deuixrua of tbe any who wuh tortr.p* ill dirt and lurmuil. ij to ihe Uceiu Mouse, '"h;ew>bur> ,op|H?it? tt? HitflilaaiU of Nevrrtiuk. The iteemcr OKUo le?ve? Fulton TiUiket ?lip ?r 7 o'el' ck A, M u !*U;id<y, (lie ?t?> and I 8 . 'el >ck on Mouda), ilieJ h. The ICO WIN I.LU 19 learea (he fiotof V-Mpy atjret ou Saudjy morning, *> 8 Viock. and on >1ou?Uy til 0 H IVILLltt l ON, Proprietor. j> J 3t* r fpea, Ji'Hr. I I'i'k Uo litU, ?tc.iiu,.?^ied by *tr tUud, will Iruve m the MlHflBMift&tf ?i?aUlr> Ga/rllr f ir Port I NraCe ,uti Mnuiliy lam i |.l I \ >1 , f. III lout of elirk.t at.ce:., t. R. K. mruiu*. llu- bunt will li .iTe Cm t heat rntJ P >1 rnrudtoft < ? iihm; tic?? U, c n ohuiu tliem on biwrd tlir Immi, or U> calli. It a the irnwr>, lonatitiinon II >11, 010 B ) d??y, j?Z Si*r UHAN1J fcXC U Ks l'i>N iO HOUuIf. C?ItKKPSIL ? Lwudnm f?cli way at Rockland ( HA* ake, Van Courllaiwt'a, VVe?t Point N wbu.?h?u? iNew Il*m ui*h?Tlie *ule..did tto m?-r SANTA i < LALS, Capiat.i B Ovrrbttfh, will make an Iuxcumioh at above, on Monday, Jul) 5w, I8i7, lenvi. ^ the foot of Orand I atrret, K K at I A v!., C.itliarnie itrert at quarter put 8 Pier , No. i at liilf uaai li Eobuuiu >i>ut .i i,. u U...I II...,. ! mond sheet ar 9 o'clock. Returning will leave Poughkee|iaie m tcvon to reach New | York at an early hour. Fme ill B-nn each way. j8 4t*rQ i fr*^. FORttHKE W8BUUY, LONO BttAIfCH, | Z^L i.i<N Ocean House, Jumping I'onit, lfuuijui, ami MaaUll K.Hoi]tuw 11 Landing The sioainboat LDWlN ?.t, W la. Captain Waynes, will run ai follow* Iroin foot of Vesey street, Noitli River Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock July. O'clock. 8a'unlay, 3, 8 A.M. Saturday, 3, li M. Sunday, 4, 8 A.M. Wuuilay, 4, 1 P. M. Monilny, 3, 0 A.M. Monday, i, 1 P. M. Tuesday. t, 10 A.M. Tuesday. 0, 2 P. M. Wednesdiy, 7, 10 A.M. Wednesday, 7, 3 P. M. Thursday. 8, 11* A. M Thursday. ?, 4 P.M. Stoges wM be in rjau.uess oil the arrival of the boat to convey p-ssengers m all flirts of the couMry. jyl J0i*rr ?KOUHl il UK JlJUv ITXCURS1??N8. "in tlig apleudid steamer HIGHLANDER, (apt. MUIhHb Vrmsirong The at- amer HIGH LA VDER will make the following delightful Eicurs.ous on Monday, the 6th of July, 1817:? FORENOON HE A t:x< L'KJtluN down the Bay and around the Light ship a chored 13 miles outside of Mainly Hook, giviug puseugers au opportunity to see all the different fortifications of llm Haibor, the beautiful areuery of the Bay of New Vork, the Lght Houses at rtandy Hook, and the Highla da, an excellent v.ew ol the Oceuu, and , a taste of its saline and silubiii us atmnsplu re. ! Lraring us follows;? Foot of Warren at. at lSi\ Hammond 1 it. )i before 8; Grand st. Kast Hiver, >4 hefoiu^; Cathiruie st. 1 at 9; and Pier No 2 Neith Hirer at a Si past ft o'clock. Re. I turuing to the same places between 1 and 2 P M. I AFTERNOON EXCURSION AHOUND STATEN ! ISLAND. . ' The beautie* of thistrip are so well known that it is only ne- { cessary to state that the Highlander will leave Warren at. at 2 o'clock; Hammond st. 2>?; Grand st. Mbefore'3; Catharine st. j at 3; and I'lir'JN It. at 3>; o'clock. lUturning to th? same ' landings about 7 P. M. EVEN I NO EXCURSION. In the evening the Highlander will make an Excursion i'owii the Bay, pas'iug near the lleet of veaiels anchored at the Uuar- | antiue, and'aloug the shores of Stateu Island, through the Narrows?coming up. keep close to the Long Island shore, so that a good riew can bn obtained of the magnificent fireworks from Fort Hamilton and the city at the same time. Leaving War- I reuat. at 7X o'clock: Hammond si >4 belore 8; Grand st 8'a; Catharine st. 8)* and Pier 2 N K. at 9 P.M. Returning to the city at II o'cloctt. Fare f"r ea> h F.icuraion cents. jyl4t*re Nt.w V OrvK nAlBKD MU>IU bOCI ETV.?Orand Excu sum to Pougliki epsie? tmmBmmtmrn Oratorio ol the Creatiou?Monday, July 6. The /UiiiUtl Mcur.ioii of the Netv York Sacred Mn?ic Societ will lake place as above unuouueed, unless the weather should prove unfavorable The steamboat EURKK A hwiug been engaged for the occa-iou, will leave the foot of Barclay street *t 1 o'clock P. M., aud proceed 10 Poughkeepsie, wh* le the ctlebrated Oratorio ol the Creation will be performed, in the magnificent ,ent belonging to the Dutchess < o. .-'< Society, which will contain 2009 persons. The tierformance la ill lommeuceat 8 i o'clock, at (he termination ol w hich the party will re-einbark on board the boat and return to the city. Refreshment* on board the boat, and supper at Poughkeepsie, I will be provided forall who wish. vThe Oratorio will be under the direction of Mr. T. Y. ClUBH. 'J he principal Solonnrta by Miss J L. NOKTHA L, Mr. ROBT OEO. PAIGE. I M. i) U bhLL Mr. J. CUNftOK SMITH, I A full Orchestra, together with Uodsworth's celebrated Brass Band has been ei>t,MK' d (or the occasion, and the passage ui> and dnw It will be enlivened by music, glees, Scc.&c ; ill short. uothiiiK wi'l be wautiutf to make tbe excnrsion satisfactory and pluisaut to all. Tbe -entire am>'ffen eut will be uudertlie direction of the Board of.Managers ofthe Society. _ Ticket* $1 id each, to be procured at Firth 8c Hall's, FranklititquAie, K'nth. Hall k Pond's. Broadway; O. W. Saxtou's, Bro*dw,y; C Holt, Jr. ISC F Itou street; J P. PeiUun, I v\ all > rert. ai the boat, or of eilli?r ot il.e Boaid ol Mani*' r,;J<h i Ward, If., I?(i>? H ultou street, Biooklyri. u7" No per.,on will be adutitlrdoti board the without a ticket P H ?There wi 1 be a fn I rehearsal of the Band and Orchestiaatthe Coliseum, on Thumd'iy evening, nt 1 o'cl .ck preritrlt. iiKO. W HlLLOCK, bec'y, #8 Canal st. jelll V\*FSfc.M 4ltc _ fbUI'j.1 fll.M1 ait.Ai>IIIUU? Hill f. ALBANY. Daily, Sundays Evcepied? Through fiirpci?At T u'clncli, P M., Iroui die Pi?i betueau Courtluiilt and Liberty ttieits Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt VVm. H. Peck, will leave ,ii Mouday, Wednesday, and Fridav evening*. at 7 o'clock. Ktcumbont HKNL'ttll* fif r>60N, <'.,pi. I). (I ('ruMen J deu, will leave oa Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday even- | iiitfs v 7 o'clock. Vt Five O'clock. I*. JM.?Lauding at lateiuiediate Places? ' lr> ' Uie loot o Barclay street Steamboat ROCHilSTK'.K, ?. ui iain It. H. Furry, will i leave on Mo day, ?v rd.. r ?il n, rriday, and Sunday after- I uiaiui, at S o'clock. stcaiiiuoot Si?U t'fl 4MK.HU .A, Captain T. N. liulse, i <rill leave on Tuesday, Thursday, aud -Saiuiday afteruooi s , at 5 o'clock. The almve boats wili at ill line* arrive iu Altmny in ample I time for the Morning Cars >ri< (vast or ** est. Freight liken at moderate 'ate . and none taxeo alter IX o'clock, P. M. 3"?" All person* are forbid txuiiwiv a y ol tiie boats of this ; line, without a writteu ordei liorn the rapta us or *i;<-uts. For paMagi- of freight, apply on board die boats, or to P. C , ?K"Ht ' T7, at rhe oWicr on the wharl Ji 27 rc | r??. . U 5 I II VI Ul.l, S ! Milit . Zjt-^C-rfMORT LKIC. and HACKENH \< K?L.ial MfttfriHfiLaing tl Tillou'a Dock?Faun Omc Siiilli** The couitntti" u? ateamboati FR\NK, C*pL Isaac Scott, \U'i HOB 1<T V.NNr.TCapt Frederick Oaylord, will run Q?H>, o ti I DirtMrMONi (touching at Hammond and 19th ttreet?, aa f Howe? Leave N York.foot Canatnl, Leave Fort Lre. M P M. Jl M H M Mond <y, at ?. 8, 1?. .2, 3, 0 Monday, 'H I? .t 4% 6 Tue?d?v. 6. B, 10. .2, 3, 8 Tn.?diy, V< 12. .1 ? ti Wtdne?day, 6, 8, 10. .2, % 6 W d'sd >. ?>* 12. .1 tS( Thuraday, 0. 0, 10. .2, 3, 6 Th'r?d*y,3>i 7>? 12. .1 \\ ? Friday, 6. (t, 10. .2, 3, 6 Friday, 3>J 7>4 12. .1 >\ 6 Saturday, 6. 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Saturday,:)>, 7>j 12. . 14% 0 7>* Sunday, 7, 9. 10. .2. 3, Sm.dy. 8 H ..ll 6 I'eraon. who.e time maybe *o inucli oc upied aa to render it inconvenient for them in Ielire during buioiieaa houra, will obaerve tint a boat lemtt New York at (o'clock every inornin*, returning from FoitLeeot 7)j o'clock, thneby affording tui opportunity for a pleaaaut ncurtion witlioui loan < I' time. Stages will be in readineu at Foit Lee to convey paxengera to HaekeiiiMcU Hundava e?''e|'ted. jel9'MU*r ll hp ClTLZfc.N'8 Ntiv k)A? Link Oh r OPPOSITION BOATS Foil ALBANY llll BBML VN!) INTERMEDIATE PLACES.?Fare VJ cent*?bre ikl.ul and Dinner on Board. The new .,nu elegant Steamer ROGKK WILLIAMS, Capt V Degroot, Tuesdnya, Thuraday*, and Saturday*, at hall-pajt <ix, A. M.. I'rom the pier 'not of llnbintou atreet, touching at i Hammond atreet pier, each '"ay, '-,For paaange or frieghi, anply oa board the Boat*. or to Geo j Dobaon, at the ottice, 12t> Warren atreet, corner of Weal atreet iy~ All per?onaare forbid tru<tiug the above boat* ou ac I a )unt of the own era. _ tnylOth I "" MORN.N LINK AT S.*VEN O'CLOCK ??* ?. FOR ALB AN V ANDTROk and Interior umte Lundiuga. flHMM Breakfa?t and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pre?*ure ateamboat TROY, Captain A. (iorham, will leave the iteaiaboar pier foot of Barclay atrert, Monday*, WedMxlaya. and Friday*, at aeveu o'clock. Returning on the op|K>3ite uaya. Foriaamye or freight, apply ou board, or to F. B flail, at I the office nn the wharf. inyliO r AFTERNOON LINK. D \ILV, fMMk. FOR NEWBURUH AND FIHHivil..,, f Lauding at Van Cortland'*, (r?-ek<ttill.l W. ft Hll Point, Cold Swring and Cornwall. The Steamer Thoniaa Powell, Cat*. Saml. Joluixin, will leave the | in l?it ol Warren atreet, lor the above placet, every afternoon (Sunday* excepted,) at 4 o'clock, comuieucing April 10. Henruiiig?willleav"' Newl.tirgh every m^ruing at 7 o'clock N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of evtry deacriptioo, Bank Dill* or Specie, put on board olthia boat, must be at the rink ol the owner thereof nnlex entered ou the booka of the boat or reBatptfd far. uivl3 30l*re jNUTliJb. 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY.?On and , ~ ivltrr 8UNDAV, Ami lltli, (tie ?teHmboaU rwiWMri SVLPII and SiATKN ISLANDMl will an h follow., antil further notice :? i.KtvLirirts ill.and At ?. I, 9, 10, 11, A. >1., ftu'I 1, 3, 3, 4, S, 6, 7, I*. M. i.KAvr. <ikw von a \t T, 9, It, 11, A. M., nuti 1, t, tan inmutei put 3, and it 4, 4, ,, , . o'clock, P. M New Vnrk April 13th. alSr tpmm^ OPPOSITION PASSAGE OFFICE-TO CL/r^l^?^^ AIb?uv, Lfticn, fl 40; Synieu??, ?*; Oiwego, I lfSI lllif .H, Rochester, U 24; Buffalo. *2 <0: CI. ve l?nd. <l M; Ua'ruit, $J; Mi'n;.nkir, $3- Chicago. i?; < ineii-n-ui, gf.; l oi.nito aud lUmiltou, S4; Whitehall, $1; Montreal, (I; 1'ittaburg, fl. OfRre, 100 Barclay atreet. Any security tc<|uir?d will be given for the fnlfiluimt uf .ill contracts inmU with this Coniimny. mil lin're Nl. (, ItAV. Atem, New Vnrk, l*4T ? FOR CHAKLK6TON, s c.?The / rx? gteam l.iji sol IIIKKNUt. Captain M rrl' I ' 'ra,,?: the * "?t ?>'? Peck Sli|> un ~^^aii^iy^Hjitiir<liy, the 3d July, at 4 o'clock P. M. No b rth secured unfit p?id for. .No freight rscept ?p?cie ri-revd on the diy of depvture. All bills of lading sigied by (he cleik ou board. For freiitht or p.s age a ply to SPOKFoRD, TILKSTON St Co. j v 1 3' r __ 48 Soirh ?tr'et. N < W IKON 81h.A>ittHlr ?UoH ?%?wSANlJ4> William C. Ti oinpson, comum../VMLA ;jLIL^ader. 1300 t.>a? tegi.rer, 2f)U horn- power ? The d iy* of tailing of the abort ship, for the remaider of the current year, are (lied aa follow* t? From t,l?e pool?I'ifh June, 20 h Ango?t, list Oe ober. From New York- ISlh July, 41 it September, 24th Novembe.. Her cabins are fitted np with minaiul splendor, even for a p-f lift Hip Thepriceof ptssagg (without wines or li<|u?.*, which ami be obtained on boanl | ia from Liverpool ihirtT mint's, and ''tie guinea ttewArd'a fee; and from New York one hundred dollar*, and five d.>l|ara tewrd's fr?. The captain and gcuta of the ve?*el will uot be aroonntnbl* for any iwrrel or package, unless a receipt or bill of lading ia tinned fi.r the mime. For freight or BAgsage, a ppl V '.1 If e ___ VloTIT KffTIMIT. 7t ?l'e. I. run MVk.ltPOOL' eguiarPi.ketlitli JulyWPjjV The celrbrMed i>arket ship f?f W W (lit 1.0, t i|>t JNWfltaKniglil will sail as above. li<-r cgular day Km liaving mit ipnIK tl ircninm datiout inr 2d fi?m And attcr^c pxHtfuvrM, .111 Iy 011 t>onrti, foot 1 f Mnulru Unr, J. McMVkK \V ,fofiifr f ine ?i?H Hmith *u. The packet ah?|? lollN .*K DO V, I apt. Lift, will Htceird ih#*h<n?, Midmltht] llth July, hur vrKuUr day. j2irc W YO EW YORK, SATURDAY ! ~ " , m . ... -.'-f The War, Ac, thk cirv or rctiu PVKBL4, (MatlooJ JulM 4, 1447. I have Juat received tour latter of tba lit April. I find that a train leave ? for Vara Cm* tomorrow, whlob will be the only opportunity of aendlng for aome time, aa no pereon can travel upon tba ro*da In tbla country a*cepting in large number*, and then armed Th? train In whirh I ?-ame up oouid>u<>d of 274 five h?r?) whkoii*. and 3 u(,0 nldiera We were alUcked but drove off the party and Santa Anna at their head Three or four priionera were taker; among tbem waa the coLfnaor of Santa Anna. Beiug within eighty mllt-a of tha capital, we aspect noon to * Revel in the Hall*, fco " M mi? 10. i Wlirtv, uir ??CUUU in lO? UU^UOW-H contain* about 80.WK> inhabitant*. and very nearly w many ohurcbea. There U a uburoh or oonTent upon every block, monk* *n<l priest* thronK the streets ; hat* aru dolled to ou? or the other continually, and the churob bells kuup up a tlntamarre niirbt and day. There aw six thousand of us here In ? rich and populous city, tha inhabitants of wbiob might In an hour riso up against u*, and end our glorious career with n most ignomlnou* death. Upon tha whole, although it is a beautiful city and a delightful residence for an American, it Is a dangerous one. No one Koes across the street without being tinned, aud rumors are continually afloat of risings In the city. 1 am grieved to say that we are somewhat disnntiMieJ at the way in which things are conducted among us. Mexicans are taken prisoners at Vera (.rus and set at liberty ; retaken at Cerra Gordo. and again set at liberty, runishment to American citixen* and soldiers is frequut and severe, while tne Mexican robber, assassin aud thief, goes soot free, oris rewarded Mexican thieves are taken up dally, (and they are all robbers and thieves.) aud I have never known a single instance of punishment, while we have seen, for theft, aud even for less crimes, white men. Americans, have the'lr heads shaved, and after being whi pped, paraded the street to gratify the scoffs and sneers of a miseraole Mexican throng. It has become a by-woril in the army, that a Mexican ratii-al is rewarded lor what an American would be severely punished Our men are dally stabbed and poisoned by the Mexicans ; and what is done to the perpetrator ! Whv, be may possibly be kept In oomfortable quarters for a short time, where he Is bettor fed and lodged than he ever was before, and then set at liberty. We whip them iu tight, but thuy whip us every other way. Wu hire Sauta Anna's houses, buy his grain to feed cattle, which may beooine thelr's or his whenever any of them wish it. What the objeot of this warfare is none ol us know. We light because our duty tells us to oboy orders 4 but, us Americans, we claim to know what is the object. Why are we obliged to lie In the o|>en air without tents, when our enemies have a pleuty of houses, convents, and even public buildings, which, of course, belong to us. W'c so ire an article of publio property, some shy Mexican comes along and claims it as private property, and it is handed to him without Inquiry or ceremouy by our commanding offlocr. Under these circumstances, you ask, when will the war close T It may close for want of an enemy to fight; but as to peace, it may be said that it will never be made ? The Mexicans would be great fools to do so, for they nover knew better times, and a peace would only throw them back into the hands of tneir old masters. Now they have no taxes, no duties, no burthens to bear. All this is done for them by the good natured Yankees, who are sneered at for their pains. Send us down, for God's sako, some one who has a little less military skill, if you will, but a little more common sense. Send him as Lieutenant General, or Captaiu (Jeneral. and soon, or the hasty plaieofsoup will uever be eaten In the White House. We are uow reduoed to the extremity of being obliged to remain where we are. for a long time yet, for want ef troops. We have taken this town, and reaped no benefit from it, and the day that we leave for Mexico, it will again be a Mexican city, more flourishing and with more money than Santa Anna wants to support his army for a long time. We must leave It bohiud for blm to use against us. 1 do not know how soon reinforcements may arrive, but we are anxiously expecting them, to enable as to march on to Mexico, which we run reach in about six days. It is said that Santa Anna is strongly fortified at lUo Krio, (or Cold or Kroxen river) a dangerous place to pass. He is said to have J0.000 troops with him; if ho, I look upon him as one of the greatest men iu existence, by way of ingenuity aud resources. No other man in Mexico could raise au army after the repeated losses he ha* sustained. 1 doubt, however, his klillitv t.n r*i?n mmi in ?nnl? - ? u circuuif.tauct'H,WH should scarcely have marched tbrougli the country with no little molests tiou. The castle of I'erote. the celebrated I'erote, where no many have pined away Id long coutlueuii-ut, had not a man to defend it. and with all iu strong walla and deep ditches, heavy guns. and beautiful Arid pieces,cost not a uiau. The cross is still standing, and ihu bleached bones 11a uncovered at its foot, in the deep tuuat where prisoners were tied and shot I hop* our general will so l'ar forget his policy as to send a few pf the curious little guns home which we found there; aud if his conscience reprove him for taking any thing frum the Mexicans without pay, why be can pay litem an well as for a load of straw or corn, or an ass, which th>-y value much higher. j I'erote surprised ine somewhat. I had always been accustomed to think of castles on high hills, or mountain* The strength of i'erote is quite the reverse. Upon a plalu of some miles in extent, beautifully cultivated,and I pr?senting to the eye every species of verdure from the yellow harvest, through the different shades of intermediate colors, to the young sprout just issuing from the noil, I'erote stands alone, ooauuandiog the country tor miles around?a wall, a deep ditch, another wall, and then the castle, mounting guns of every sixu, from one to I rty pounders. There are also two or tbr?e eighteen inch mortars, in bronxe, as well as inany tinu guns, of the same metal Most of Us brass held pieces were lost at Cerro liordo, whiru they were bruised and burnt by the Americans. and yet remain. I looked through this Castle with a great deal of interest, from the lales 1 had resd?f suffering within Us walls , The New lfot* regiment, stationed hora. sends home thrse of Its officers tor recruits. This regiment was engaged at Cerro tiordo. r.ach officer i.laiiua the l.ouor of having killed Sevan, out of every eleven men, who tell; but the regiment, as a regiment, did tight well. It is said that two or three of the officers did ai?<>. Lieut Richard, no captain, fought as though he loved it. and Willis, poor Willis, is now lying very low at Jaiapa? I f-ar never to recover. We despise our enemies, as postering the most degraded qualities of our race '1 heir intentions are as d irk as ibeir swarthy faces; and yet tbey are courted and caressed. A more intimate acquaintance uiight lead to a different course of conduct, and we look torward with longing eyes to the time when our lives will be protected In our own camp, by thu energy of our com mauders. We march ugalnst them us uiefsengers of peace, spreading the blessing* of moony aud 1 usiiirss. unles* our enemies assemble in numbers, when we con- I qui r tin ni. and those of us who have the good luefc to escape death, protect the miscreants aud their h?nes until they rise again. We may assume, with propriety, the name of " the Missionary Army," oarrying love upon the points of our bayoneta, and peace to the hearts ef our enemies. THKARMT OP OEM. TAYLOR. [From the New Orleans Picayune. June 34 J The Fashion touched at Brains .Santiago on the 30th inst, ou her voyage from Vera Crux, and brought over thence the following gentlemen Col. J. P. Taylor, of the Snusistvnce department ; Capt. Those, Adjutant Caldwell, Id Kentucky Regiment; and Lieuts Wouster, Montgomery, Allen, and Mizner, of the army. The ; Fashion also brought over about forty discharged soldiers From the Flag of the Iflth inst.. we learn that Captain F.aton relieves Col. Taylor in the charge of the Subsistence Department, ami will make his heudquarters at Brazos Island. Major Colouhoun acts as subsistence a.'*nt at Matamoras The A 'lag makes grateful mention of Col. Taylor's services while stationed there. Major Ben Met ulioch has arrived at the Braios with 160 horses for the service Kifty of them, says the Flag, will be reserved for his own spy company, and the rest, probably, used in mounting Col Butler's dragoons. The Flag suggests that Col B. should range the country between Matamoraa anil Victoria. c.,.e \ju n *-j. it. .?.? . - . - i .. .v vi win lutn mmiiiry. Dun Men ordered North ou account of sickness. resulting from Injuries received in the wreck of the Mobile on Orange Key*. Two robberie* arc mentioned In the Flag u occurring withru the limit* of the city. Thn name paper also mentions the death of John Comedy* a niitn well known here an a printer and reporter He wax accidentally iihot on board the steamer Whiteville. Just below Reynosa, on the l?th inst. We give below a letter from our correspondent now at Monterey though it 1* not no lata aa accounts received here several dayi since. We regret to say that ha had suffered a relapse of his illness, brought on by the fatigues of a severe ride when yet feeble. At laat account*, however, he wa* better, and we doubt not will ihortly he ' at himself." Mditkrict, Mri ico, June tl, 1817 Once (gain I am enabled to resume mv pen, which a severe relapse of the fever under which I suffered so severely at Maltlllo.has presented me from using for several <Jayn. I have had a tough time of it. but, thank fortune, am now on " the improvement committee," and hop?s toon to regain my strength At present no scales save an apothecary's would weigh a sufficiently small quantity to make a coiricL entiuiate of uiy weight. 1 wrote you a letter on the 30th ult., and the 1st Inst, but you will, probably, net this letter as soon* Nines the 1st lost., until to-day. I have been conflnud to my bed. The Illinois volunteers and ? apt I'ike's squadron of Arkansas cavalry have been here several days, but leave to-morrow for t,ainargo and home fcinee I li ft Malttllo new4 has reached us of quite a nr. cesxful soout of Lieut, with a parly of Mcculloch's Hangers which I presumn Col. Delknap will have no objection to his mentioning. When a longdistance from Buena Vista (near what pUce I have been unable to learn) he discovered a party of ten or a doien armed persons. and gave chase. It proved to bn a Mexican express rider from Gen. Sanohe*. at I'atos, to tha Governor of Han l.uls, with an escort, mo?tly deserters from our army. The bearer of despatches and hi* horse and papers went cuptured. hut the men escaped. The contents of the despatches conveyed the information that , there were very few American troops In the neighbor- i hood of .laltilio, at that city, or along tba Una ; people | smarting under injuries and wrongs, and anxious to | fight to the last lor their country, but prevented by , want of means from resenting their injuries, and recum mending that troop* be despatched with all possible , speed tu retake Haltiilo. an eaay ta*k ! '1 his lufcruiation | I derive from, I am induood to believe, an authentic . source, and Ike above I* the purport of tbe despatch ? They would hardly come with any very large foroe. est- ( cept perhaps oavairy, and they are of no account They i oan scarcely hava any artillery now to spare, and 1 an a RK H MORNING. JULY 3, 1847. UttU aftand that Qan Sancbaa. If he it ?u who mt the *1 daspatch, would not mils* his expectation of tta being ?> such " an easy task." There la "a pretty Mart chance In of artillery In that neighborhood. 11 The horse which the Mexican despatch bearer rod* I? singular to lay, was ana itolen from Lieut. ttturgis eome * montha since. Ooa Wool. I am told, danpatahed eome S of the rsngers and a company of dragoons after the real- n due of tbe party, a* noon a* Captain Tobin reported If ^ they are taken and are deserter*, ihi y will have a hard ! time of It 1' I have alluded In my pr??inu? letter* to the murder* *' committed at Maltillu by >u sl^ni>u iipnn Americans " They kilh d one tr-i in-ii) Or tbe KM nit a member of ? the Ark:m*a? cavaliy. ?L>il< lending hl? borer In a gr<>?e J' near the Alameda. ui-i-U a* a race track. wiu> arc?eted by ' two Me lean* wh<> extended th-ir hands to blm In a ft friendly manner: but. instead of the grasp ot frlendihlp. a the assassin's knife waa plunged Into his heart , and he h was out into a ditch, while his horm- was made away u with Some of the aomnaniona if the deceaaed, who came to Join him oa tbe track soon after, discovered V trates af blood, and on pursuing them fonnd the wouud- a ed man breathing his last, with just life enough to tell the causa of bis situation. Not far from thu plsoe two Mexicans were shortly afterwards discovered, whose conduot was susploiuus. and they were captured. It was af- d terwards deemed inadvisable to penult them to ba regu- * larly tried ; a party of men demanded them, and they t were taken cut and shot. In the Mi-eve of one was found 1 a bloody kntfa, corresponding with the sice of the wound This was not euougb ! I regret to state that many Mexl- I cans were killed that day?some say Miveuleen, and ?ome ' more. Comment is unuemissary. I Col. Curtis, formerly of the Ohio Regiment, has volun- I < teered for the war, and luw been appointed Governor of i Saltlllo. I We havu had no mora news from llrru. and heard 1 nothing of any guerilla parties ok yet. The in J bat- > talion of Virginia volunteers garrison this place, but will 1 more on an soon as they can h? relieved There is still 1 a good deal of sickness bore, but of a mild character, and 1 but few deaths. For the last few days we have had several showers during the day. and I imagine it is brewing i up for the rainy season. You will probably have an op- i portunity of seeing the portrait of Oen. Taylor,by Mr. At- | wood in New Orleans. Mr. R. G. Brown a portrait paint- < er from Virginia, has also come out to take portraits of j the general and the nu mbers of his staff. i It seems there is still a bare possibility of our going to ( San Luis at a more advanced period than was contem- i platod by Gen. Tsylor at first, but all depends upon I whether troops oan be had. ' The despatches brought from Washington by Mr. Tar- t Ish, who left your city on the J 1st ult, were of uo imp or- ? tance, and their date was'not so late by several days as <] Washington papers received by mall. The Okk Hitmuredtii Annmkbiakv Celebration or j the Colisoe or New Jersev.?'The one hundredth an- s niversary of the institution of the college of New Jer- 1 cey was uelsbrated at Princeton on the -J9th of June last. In the afternoon the historical discourse was delivered , by the Rev. James W. Alexander, which was one of the t most eloquent affairs of the kind that we have ever I heard, and we regret that from exhaustion and over- 0 exertion the author was not able to oomplete it. He p descanted In a forcible way on the origin of the college, and In doing so had necessarily to recur to the colonial c history of the State of New Jersey, and the causes ( which led to the establishment of the college. In tho c course ot his remarks he traced the career of the ool- t legn, under the aduiiuistratlon of its successive Prosi- t dents, to the present time, which was listened: to by the I numerous auditory with profund attention. At the con- i elusion of the exercises, a hymn composed for the occa- t sion was performed by the choir. The exercises of the junior class were held In the evening, and gave gratify e ing proof of the improvement and progress of that por- , tlon of the students. j The exorcises yesterday were commenoed with music by | the band, and a prayer by the venerable President, after > which the following discourses by the students were de- J i Uvered:? ( Wh. H. Ar?mrnoNii, Pa.?National Amusements. , Hami:ei. B Smi i m. N.J.?'The Korgotten Great. Kmed. B. Ogde*, N.J.?The Legal Profession, ( KnwiRn P. Ouerauu, 8. C.?Kngllsh Radicalism. , W. 8 Whitehead, N. J.?The Religions of Nature. James M. Johns, Del ?Tho Influence of Authors. W?. W. Mar?h, N.J.?"The tomb does not take all awsy." Kuwaro Pl-oh, La ?The Talisman of Greatness. Hiester Oly.mek, Pa.?The Realization of the Ideal. Georue M. Horeion. N.J.?Our Institutions favorable to the cultivation of Eloquence. Hamiki. J. Milliren . Fa.?Things seen and unseen. Wu. b?auEA?T, I'a.?"Labor improbus non omnia In.ilr '1 AuoL'tTiws Fi?i?, N. J.?Public Opinion not the < Standard of Truth. , Wm. li. Wrlih, Pa.?I'oom?Death. , CtvKni r Ka<(I)olpii IVtiuionii, Jr , Va.?Valedictory Oration. Meiht Riiulh, I'a. ? Latin Salutatory ' (Iemrv Cl?t Camkron, D. C.?English Salutatory ? Ancient Litaraiur*. ' Jon* M. Candor, 111. Development, of American !j Mind J T. Soon H McCar, MLm.?The Adfantagaa of the I American Orator (nil Poet I John Uoimam, N. Y.?The True Principle of Action. * D. 8. O C*ar.uL, D. C ? Success in Life. ' | IIknrv B. Mcsnf. N J.? Tho Spirit of the Ago t Hublht Fo?tek, N. J.? Eclecticism. JoacrH M. KiTTKNHOi'tc, N. J.?The Claim* of Truth After then* exerci?es were concluded. the degree of A J B. was ooQferred upon ihu following named member* of 1 the Senior Clan*, fix :? < John Mercer Adier. D C.; DanU-1 O Anthony. Pa.; r Wm li. Armstrong. Pa : Frederic Huron. ( anada; Hen- * ryC. Burtlett. N Y , John Avery ll*ul>u:y, N. C ; Wm o Henry Berry. D. C.; W Armstrong Blevips. Ala ; John V\ ???liy Buun. N. J ; U. S (iarland < Melt, l> C ; Hen- f ry Clay Cameron. D. C.; Jobn M. Candor, 111.; 1 bomas a L ( arotb. i*. S. C.; Robert 11 Clark, Md , Hiaster Ciy- T mer. I'a ; Thud A Culhertxon Pa ; Alfred Cutbbert. ? Jr . Ga ; Aaron T. DairympU, N J.; Jarni ? F Davison. N.J ; Jamea W. Dlllaiu. N. C.; Auiiii-tinu H Kill), N J.; Tolycarp L Fortler, La ; Unhurt Fouler, N J ; l ira J Fouutain, N V ; John Otusiiell, Jr Va , John (h>* man, N. V.; IvJward P Ouerard. S C ; Jas M John*. ,\ Montgomery John* Md , h.u?f|)lus L-u Jone.i L> C ; < liarii-H Howard Ki-y. U (. ; Win. Wallace Marsh N. J ; Vitrei Martien, Pa ; Cbxrlex fc,. Aim well. Oa ; T Scott H MeCay. >.ls* ; John II McKre, S C.; Charles McKolght, Ph , Samuel J Mill/ken, Pa ; vnuiiel Moor*. Del; llenry B Munn. N.J: Ihoniaa F Murdoch. Md.; Frederick B Ogden, N J , Henry li. Oliver. Ala.: Samuel H Orton, N J.; F.dward I'ugn. La ; Heury Kinker. Pa ; Joseph Si Rittenhou-e, N.J; Ucorge M. Robeson. N.J; William Sergeant, Pa ; N A Cooper Seward, N. J ; (leorge W Sbewaiter, Va ; Samuxl B Smith, N. J.; | William Smithpeter. Tenn ; Joseph H Stutiestreet, Md ; u Julin H Htrother. Mo ; Jotiu Auk Swnpe, I'a ; Henry 1 uland Pa ; Beverly 11 Welford, Jr., Va ; William 11 Welsh. I'a ; James 1'. Whitehead <Ja.; Win. H. Whitehead, N J | Alpheui K Wilson, Pa Total, S'2. The second degree in tbu Arts ??? ((inferred on the following uamed gentlemen. Alum i of the college: ? Muultou O. Roger*, Jun H Dundau, Jan. MeDougall. Paul T. Jones, Henry M Beach. Kdward H Bo wen. Joseph M I'lnkerton, Noah H Sobeuek, Mowen J. MeClery, John Moody, Chi. Scribner Thos. 11 Ro^mau. Fran* M. Lewisnn, Cha*. F. Stansbury, John C onger, jr.. Win < Prime. J?hn I.. ( raue, Jos. f. Dillard, John S Davidson, Wra. J. Gibson, Jamea 8. Gibson Frederick Larue King, l.uther Litteii, David W. tKakins, Samuel P. Hill. Allen McKarlane, Andrew U. Martin, Richard 11. Ricbarda. Ch(. W. ftblels, llenry 11 Welle*, Kdward H Wright, Ja?. B. Kverhart, Win It. (row. Thornaa Ryerson, Geo. 11. Newklrk, Jan 8 Oiilaui. Wm Shippen, jr. Wm Panniel, Kdward M. Dod, Joseph H. Biackfau, Jan C. Welling, Henry R eves. A. Alexander Little, Wm. Hcrlbner. Thomas Sparrow, Wm. O. White1*. J. Owen, jr . Saml. Motter. Henry 8. Utile, Ch?. A. Bennett, Hugh T. Uooraem, John U. Marsh, Wm. II. Ballard, Robt. D. Brooke. Robt. F. Clark, Pbadlah M. ^onorer, Wm. B. Gulick, Wm McNair, Henry K. Reet, Martin Kyerton, of N V , Jaa D Straw bridge. Alfred S, Williams. J Telford Boyle, 3. Ileus Rlckerson, Saml. II. Krirkerson, Philip Cressman The Honorary degree of D. D was conferred on the It?T. Jona B. f'ondlt, of .Newark, N. J , and the Rer. Lyman Coleman, of Princeton. The Honorary degree of A. M. was conferred upon the following gentlemen :? Mr. Wnllam Vogdea, Philip Nlcklln Dalian, and (inc. Hainmeraley. of ' liila., and Dr. Geo. F. Fort, of Monmouth CO.. Smw Jerser The following gentlemen were admitted to tho -Jd degree of the Arta ak tundtm i Kdward Armitrong, of the Ualveralty of Pa., Henry J. Raymond. 01 the Unlrerilty of Vt The Honorary degree of A. B. was conferred npon ( hi Schley. of Md. In the afternoon a splendid dinner vai (erred on a numb*, of tables under a large tent prepared for the occasion, which was partaken of by (ome Are or six hundred irenllemen The utmost irno<l f??lln<* nn.?lu.i throughout, and If *pa?e permitted. we would gladly give * detuiled account of the pioceeding* on the occasion. J Immigration prom the Nrthkri.anhs.?Un the M tenmboat < nlorado whloh left on Saturday evening for a St. Loul*. were two hundred and thirty linmtrraiit* I from Holland Thin i* only a *mall portion of a very * Urge company. numbering upward* of night hundred, i, who are now arriving in the I'nited State*. and are about f to taku up their home* in the fertile region* of the we?t The party jum left here, in under tho care of the Iter. p I'. H. ncholte, a clergyman of the national church of r Holland, itnd the principal director of thin company, ? which waft organised *oine two year* since for the pur t po*? of founding a new N?ttleincnt In the Inland or Data- ? Tin Ac the Dutch gorornment would not grant them p Ihe privilege* aelted for, the prqject taa abandoned, and n their attention tururd to thii country. The director* ? have hud great difficulties to nurmount In perfecting ft their object? having been *trrnuou*ly opposed by 'ho ?i goTernmeut of the King at home, who objected to loelm, Ji in a I" dv, ao many of nl? tubjecu, and who naturally M enough dreaded toe effeot it might hereafter have, in tl inducing other* to follow. They hare happily, how- of ever,overcome all difficulties, and the greater portion of iu the company are already In thl* oountry. The re?t are p? on their way hither The association Is under the care ?t and control of four clergymen of the eetablUhod church tb of Holland, the doctrine* and form* of which are very M similar to I ho*.- of the Reformed Dutch church of oar Di own country They bring with them their own phy*i- eli claut *ohoolma*ter?, apotnecarie*. ?echlt?ct?. and me- *ti rbanics, and, la fact, embrace within tbemert^M * ' "l" "I dement* nece*(ary to form a perfect *oclety Many wi of them are wealthy and well educated, and *ime ot hi theui most re*MctaOly connected The oia?* however, I* eli con posed of the lndu*triovi* p?y?an* of the Metherlant*. wi ERA] way* dlatinguUhad for their morality. Industry, coono- bi ly and lobriety. (Jreat oare haa been Ukan to exclude w a proper aud unworthy parioiu. and non* but thoao of d< iduitrloui habit" and of good moral*. have Wn al- ji iwed to Join the aaaoeUtlon. We had the pleaaurw of >nteraim <"> Saturday with the lUv. director. Mr cholte. a Tery intelligent and highly educated gentle- . tan. to whom we are Indebted fbr the foregoiujr facta ~l lr 8. li kc.-obi pan ltd by hia family, who hare ca^rllteed 11 th? endearment! ot borne and ail the jvUnrnn-nt* and ixurieft of continental Kurope fur ih>- tie s>?ry hard- A' litpc Mini privation* incident to a ne?' countr) It id *' anii a lial nm-Mtalu .Vr W. hif iron u* in what portio 111 f tu<- W< t'ln y may conclude to locate Hs ibij wi h J"' I'Purrha H v. ry Urif.'tr?! t i f Ikii I 1^.,^ in uiir nilld b" ?.d? but it i? Uiort likely in ! w, or lillnnta We u>?#t "" ladly welcome th?*Ra interfiling ptriiuiffri* to i ur nborea. ud rery xinoerely wUh they luiiy realiju in tb>-ir new "f loiiii'M all their juft deairi-g and expectation* and that indi r llirir influence may be fulfilled thit lieamiful and Te criptnrai pentiutent?"The wllderiiern and tbe aolitary ^t lace "hall be glad for tbein, and the dem-rt ehall rejoice " ud blotnoui an th# ro?e Pifl?iur<A Gux , June i'J 111 ? je< 'City Intelligence. UL Tilt WeiTHtt.?The thermometer ranged up to 82 *' legrei k ut Wall street yesterdny The day was agreea- |P tie, and the hent by no means oppreiilve A gentle ireeze swept through the city, which wu truly refresh- * Skwkri.?Much activity prevail! In many Jt >art? of our city In constructing new sewers Fulton " Hreet. near the Unitnd NtaUa Hotel ; William street. In S .lie vicinity of Wall; and James street. are now being " >penrd, and several other streets are. at present, undergoing a similar opt ration. These Improvements will be t' tppreoUted by the public; but if thu filth und garboge V that remain ou these street* could bo turned Iuto the ' lewers beneath, by some process or other, it would tend : materially to benefit the oitisen* We trust that some * effort will be made to pave and Improve our streets in general by our present corporation. Omnihus Racimu ? We have had eeoaslon, time and 0 again, to notice the daring and rockier* disregard of the ,] omnibus drivers to the provisions of the city ordinances ji In relation to regularity among the many lines of stages. u is well as to record the fatal result of these exhibitions t n the shape of a broken limb or loss of life. We have t< igalu to notice the conduct of some of the many delln- 0 luents in this way. On Thuisday night, about 9 o'clock, a mother race "oame off" between one of Murphy's stages. ? Vo. UJfl, aud one of the Houston street stages In this s ' trlHl of speed," two ladies had a narrow escape. Wu d rust that an example will b? made in some of these in- ri tances -such an will bring the drivers to a sense of their oi luty. fi Si"* Si roki:?A man, name unknown, yesterday about u hree o'clock was sun struck In Hudson street, near '? Iroome. whilst driving a cart, lie was removed to the idewalk, where by the timely application of ice to the *' emplea, bo recovered, and " went on his way rejoicing.'' Kc Aiv Hon?;st Bov.?A small boy by the name of Robt Andrews, found in the I'ark a (Jovornmcnt deed for lOti ' | .cres of land, situated on the Miami River, Ohio, deeded rp o John Richmond Stokes The boy, immediately upon licking It up, conveyed It to his honor the Mayor, who v luposlted It in the hands of bis clerk, Mr Burdett. cc >f whom the owner can receive his property upon ap- .. lloatioD. J Numbering THr. Ticks.?The Common Counoil relently passed an ordinance requiring the owners to erect ? .t the head of each pier, owned by them, pier posts, on 9' ir before the first day of August next, so that they can u> >? marked and numbered regularly. Tho posts must bo ?? ughteen feet loog, one foot six luches in diameter, and ilaced ten feet from tho surface ot the ground. This is *? in excellent movement, and we hope that the owners of he piers will comply promptly with the ordinance. *' Hkductior.?We understand that a shocking case of laHiiAflitn haa r<ii<un(ltr t? lit la / ! *? 'I'Haa lames of the parties are withheld out of regard to the !: reelings of the unfortunate vtotim, but thu* much ma; .. >e said, the seducer Is an official in one of the U nited states government establishments here, a widower, and i man of mature age, old enouglf it I* said to be the fa- . :her of the seduced, who Is an orphan girl, accomplished ,| ind of good family. The villain has been practicing his ,| irts upou the unfortunate young lady for some time, j ind there Is positive evidence that he has at length sue- j, seeded in accomplishing his unholy object under solemn promises of marriage, which be now refuses to perform tie had arranged to stake his victim to Boston yesterday, where it Is supposed that he desiguB plundering h. r 1 of her little property, and,then consigning her to some den of infamy, an outcast lost for ever. If any judicial ' proceeding should bo instituted in the inntter by the * friends of the unhappy young lady, and the names are thus brought before the publio. we shall have some atrocious details to spread before our readers As it Is, we " forbear ; it would bo cruel to add to the griel of an in- A iured female by giving public exposure to her thame. rime sooner or later meets with its reward, and the ts leducer will inevitably meet with his deserts in the ultinato. dt Suicide by Walters whs called 10 resterday, to hold an luijuest at the corner of Mortou tod West streets, upou the body of Uanett Cale, a naive of New Jersey, aged 07 yearn. It appears that the leceased had been at work at the bonded wareh nun. In | Jlt Jroadway, from which place he was discharged about { " wo weeks ago. He has sine* been unable to procure I ^ imployment, which produced great depression of spl- .i its. and U the supposed causo for throwing himself in ! he dock at the foot of Morton street, on Tuesday the j 1( ltd ult., from which his body was recovered ye(t>- day . r erdict. suicide bv drowning Muotr R?:uovk*bd.?The body ?l WilliLloyd, u ouug man aged Jl yeaia. who fell from it xteamhoat on er 'huraday. the 11th ultimo, between the Battery ana c< Jovernor'a Inland, wan reoovered yesterday at thu Narown Tbe corouur held an Inqueat yesterday, when a nl erdlct win rendered In accordance with the facia in the IH, M A C*nu.?The subscriber returns thanka to Caplalu )tting< r of the revenue cutter T Alley, for the prompt ol tul kind niannt r with which be fired the pun- of hla ri eauel, for the recovery of the bodies of two boy a. drown- 1 d off tbe Ua^u Olflou. on tba evening of the t??lh Juue Bl A. K WALSH - to Plilke lutwillgeiicc. to Chargr of Iljpe.?U(Hcr? Van Kiper, Crimen and !uiu>(l"ld. armbd on Irjdtiy night, *tout IJ o'clock, bl ur scooud* el?. calling themaelvev David ( rotgei. Kdi*p| Smth. Henry Pet I It. and Jean- I urner, on a va barge of violating ihe person ot a voting woman by be name of Mary (tlvea It appear* from (he alory re til ited l>y the poor girl, tbatabe wax )>a*slng across Tomp- tit iu'v hijuare, eai ly lu ilia e?ening. when die waa met by to roig?*. who avked her it she warned a situation, to a'tiicli the K>ri auawered in tbe affirmative. He then vald he lial bin Mater wanted to hire a girl, and that If ahe would i o along with him he w. uld take her to see hla Mater ? ! oo uatead of seeing hia aider he couveyed tlie girl lu front j Hi >f a atablu located lu Klxlb atreel between 1st and 'id , vu iTruuei, where ahe wan auddenly veiled by tile four rul- I wl lauv, who placed I heir hanila over ber inoulh lu order 1 be 0 prevent her from giviug any ilarm, dragged her into I hla viable aud faaleued the door, aud then ravished her I tr leraou in a moel brnlad and horrible manner. The , to ibove nflWra were pa<sing the (-table and hearil ! ll 1 faint moaning, aa if coming from the Hat.le, knocked of it the door, aud fiudiug it faat. broke It open, and th re I af liaoovered the villalna. with the unfortunate victim ly- tl ng on the atraw, perfectly exhausted 'l'hreo of the c< icoundrelH were immediately taken into custody; tbe. pi 'ourth. < rotgea. ran off. but waa subsequently caught in ila flight on Ihe corner of Ooerck and Droome streets ihe uiifortuuate girl, from the violence and fright, waa o luahle to walk; consequently a carriage waa procured In pi irder to convey her to the police office, by the advice of pi Jr. Mctiatfney, who waa called in to attend her I'pon t< >elng examined by the above doctor, it waa ascertained hat ahe had l>een nrutallv ravlvhed, evidently dine by <4 heae rufllanv, luatice Ketcham committed them all j,, 'or examinat ion tl baujjii mil' ui iuii.? i ue notorious oia DiaOK IDH I -r ailed Hpencer Van ?'Iif. ??< caught yesterday on th<> (imp, by officers Nelson and fllckey. of the I at ward, j laving in his posaeeslon eleven silver table spoons. valued p it. $3(1. which the rascal had stolen trom the dwelling Douse No. 7 (Jreetiwich street. tba property of Mr Hen- ! * y Korrest It Reema that. the colored waiter, BUI Ward ' ,j taw the rascal pass out of the basement. and suspeotlug j ,! :hat he had stolen somet liing. followed alter him, and ' 0 procured the aid of tho above officers. wb< njust ax the ' kief *ai going Into an old" fenee/'in Washington street | he officers "grabbed" him. and In hli pocket tliev round the above silver spoons. Jnstlce Drinker lucked ' lim up for trial. Thin wme rancal has served out it 'f erin of i years In the State Prison lor a similar offeure , Prtil Larctny ? Offlcer tumuiing*, of the lower police, : irrested yesterday a feilow called Bill James, on a charge wl if stealing a purse containing ftf. belonging to Andrew assedy, No 33 Monro* street. Justice Drinker locked I ilm up for trial. ' ** Dhordrrly f/uuc - ((direr Burley. of the lower po- 3ti ice, arrested yesterday a woman railing herself Mrs LI' arollne North, on a warrant Issued by Justice Drinker, xhi rherein she stand* charged with keeping a disorderly wh louse ,and common resort for prostitutes ?f the lowest val >rder. at No 13 Kim street A bearing will be had be- lint ore tne magistrate at II oV'nefc to-day rft Shop UJlrr C*uKht --Cl f < oles of the 8th ward. Im Treated on Friday. a woman jiied k.ilsa \rmstrong, on a ti i charge of lifting from the dry goods store of Mr, J tlx leuiare<t No JOOaudJII Varick street a piece of cas. th? imere, containing yards ; also, 9 yards of mouslln de an. tine, valued In nil at ?IJ lustloe Hootne locked her up o?< or trial. .... . . ....... no Hill ll?i>py in Limit'h-m H e learn from I h Hade! , ?ot bia. that Bill Hoppy. the notorious pickpocket, who was >.|n ecently discharged from our King Nlug Ntate prison. | in rhere h? iiad nerved out a term of two years, for robbing ooi he jewelry store of liockwell fc < o . some few years ajto ahl ras pulled' ?n Thursday afternoon last In Chlladelhia, ou a chargc ol robbing a Mr. Jacob \V. Ilslderman J resident of ilarrlsburg, of a diamond hreat-pln, valued fr(] t *400 It appears upon tho arrival oftbe train of car* i,, oiu the W*-t at the depot, corner of Sth and Market _l)r reets, Ilill lioppv. together With old Hob Kutton thj( tck Hatfield, and one or two inorn ' pals," "rsnipped" ttlI| lr. llalderman. Just is he was descending from 0#, ie ear, by which operatlonMr. llalderman was rohlx-d -fj, ' bif breast pin The job not being done so dean ( i It might have been, Mr. llalderman at cure sue- ^ >cted Bill, and endeavored to arrest him. when In j ' epped old Hob Sutton (his father In-law) between em by which mov> m-nt Bill made tracks However, r II erledstop thief, and a general pursuit took plan , ? II hallooing stop thief also, until finding 1 lin-eli too i isely pushed, took refbge In a dry goads store In Hth ' ti reet. uear Cbesnnt was taken lut rurtody ami eseorl before the Mayor whera he gave hl? namo as I f',,: ?rds The breast pin however, was puseed to one of s ' pals," aa Bill, upon being frisked." was fo>, l ?< anas a whistle from any sijjhl of a Imast ptn. Hit) vv w looked up by tba Mayor to answer the chargo This C? I .. . ****** " I LD. filll Two OtM ill Ho[>iij 1* oum ot tbr ou ccmvroDiu* tbuvet. bat bather he will iuccet-l u w?lt In Pbilt-Wijhia ei btbea me In >'cw fork ramalD* to be reen 1 h* pin IimI it r?coTtra4 Law Intelligence. JULr a.?UlHT*D STATU ClBCUlT Covht ? Pre*?*t Id(<3 Ntlron and Belt* ? Thr fitoirt ? 7K? Rnoi drr. h-r Cargo Ti.ikU < < r.i. ?,< rv-<-*?. 1 blfi waK a lib*! filed under tb? h i < f ?b Vfl7 ? Iter the c< Delation of 11>?- **rli i i?-ntlf? u enured into In L? Ddon betwxn tl i "mm.' t.rtvci. I mid I Ik (rfiTm lii? |il<l C>. Br rn ; r- f ?1 c,b ?t of wb rli w?? to rcjruUti tin- trad- t > . i m-irecf lb erwitr!?a. Hj tint ?i-ii?iiilkii ll i I'r ' i ; ? ri?nt ri'trrtcil to lirrat Brltuiti I In- <n n? > r .ii.. <.( r Aniericaum4 Asiatic col??iee. c? nl i >-c 'lr tbe United State* to her K.urf p< ai d< | i ?< > ? ? ry soon afterwards It was found tlu?t ibis <j.rlnalo? ry materially ttcdi'd to cripple the trade of ll el nit<4 alci: the /American merchants c?inpla'r < <i aw<ii<>ttt, <1 on tbe Id of December, 1^16. Prtudiiit A Mliion In h ueppiige, callad tbe ait' ntlon of ( 01 ?r??s if. 11n ml?rt. liie matter wns then referred to the Con mlttea i Foreign Kelailcn*. of which tba lute Mr. K< rryth w i bairmnn. That gentleman drew op a report nod March. 1017. an act of C ongrese was pa/fed. declaring that after tha SOth September then next, to g< oda. sres or merchandise should be imported iuto tbe I'nU d States from any foreign port or place except In vea1* of tha United State*, or in rucb fcrelpn vessels aa uly or wholly belong to tbe citltens or subjects of It, or ' which tha good*, warea or merchandise at a the msuuiciure or giowth. or from which they can U Kit lipped for transportation," on pain of the *1)1 p ud cariro being liable to forfeiture. Thia *H, > coma extent, a retaliatory act. but Mr. Craw>rd. who wan then Secretary of State, iatned elruUth to tbe different collector* of New York Boston, o.. instructing them that the art did not conU-mplat* onlltilng the importation of merchaudlae. the growth r manufacture of any particular locality, by the people f Mich locality, but that It wai open to all the subjeeta r citiiens of the nation, however detached ita depenenclvf might be, to Import such good* or merchandlaa to the United States. '1 hese Instructions were aoted ipon up to 1H4J, when Mr Korward entered on tha daion of Secretary of State, and hia attention being called o the subject, be put a different construction on tba aat f IHI7. and instructed the oolleotora to setae any venal nd cargo that might enter tbe port In contravention of rbat he believed to be the true construction of tha act otne time ago the ship Recorder, owned by Meaara. Hencraon, Koydom and others, Liverpool merchants, arived at this port with a cargo, consisting of M eases r guni. 13 oases Australian gum copal, 8 oasaa of aaa?etlda, 4c., tha growth of tha Kaat India colonies of rent Britain. Collector Lawrence, pursuant to hia intrusions, seized on the vesael and oargo, and directed le District Attorney to libel bcr. The ground taken by r. Butler is, that the act prohibits the importation of tods, wares and merchandise into the United Mates in ly other than vessels owned by the inhabitants of tha irticular locality of which the goods, wares and mar iandise arc the growth or manufacture, he therefore n tended that pursonn residing iu England cannot Unirt in English bottoms, into the United States, the proice of the Kaet Indies, although tha people of both untrlas are under the same executive head, or sub cts of the same government. Mr. F. B. Cutting, for claiinaata. waa heard is reply, id insistod, In the first place, that the governai> nt iving acted lor thirty year* on the Instructions Mr. icretary Crawford, which ombraoed mil the countries ider one government, however distant and Mptrttod if _v might l>?. and which declared that tha ultlsens and ibjects of all its depuntlenuUiH might Import good* in reign vessels Into the United States, It waa too Ut* r it now to recede from those Instructions, (tin if the ;t was susceptible of the construction whioh they ished to give it. If it was susceptible of such a conruution, the United States government might, with ie>aiue propriety, seise an English vessel freighted ith a cargo nl' good* manufactured in Hootland, or with K' produce of the Isle of Man, or the Islands of Jersey ud Guernsey, which are all dependencies of <ireat Bri1111 ; und it will not be pretended that the productions f these places would be lluble to seizure in thla port, hough imported in English ships. Mr. Cutting argued tie case at considerable length, insisting that if tha prourts of the last named places could be iinportad in Inpllsb ships, the products of the East India eoloniea, tbicli weie part and parcel of the lirlllsh empire, might Iso l>e imported In the tame mauner. Decision resrved. lw Cnanckbv, July 3.?Decisions? Before the Vioa hancvllor.?Demarest v? Demurest.- Decroe for dlorce. I lux ton vs. C laxton.?Same decree. Calmer! vs. I'aJmeri ?Decree for divorce, with o?iU.-~ eference as to alimony? complainant to have her ebllren. Henry vs. Dunu.?Petition of J. Clare drnlad, With ixed costs. Beaumon vi Moore ?Motion to dissolve Injunction mled, with $10 costs. Hecond motion by ecmplatauuit r rnc> Ircr grautid. Watklns vs. Koss ?Motion to dNcharge ne ta*tt deed, with $10 costs Hoblnson vs Leaseubee, kc.?First exception to masp'm rannrt *llnw?il /. r? a. ?-? -J4-J? ?* - **" _ _ ... ... -n >u ujuuge mi Bale will it toular a good liUe on the pureU??cr .\iolloU to nipel purchaser to complete title denWd. with cn?u, tc taxed as h single bill where wr?lc?? were ya> i patru be t?u percent to be refunded. and auction**! I lee* .Kt? to be paid by tbu adult patties. .\iotion of Win. . lolly, Infant defendant granted so Tar a* to permit ui, unless decree Is wKved to fllo an original bill lath* ?ture of a bill ul revivor. McCorker v*. Brady?Older that dibtiofT. McCorkbe paid out of tbe futida la hands of ruceiver, with iMa lo parties, respectively Blakenmn v*. Bogardus ? Motlou to 4ismli* bill dalad. without co?t? to either party Auitcnvs Saokett, Wifa and others ?D-c-etd tbst r*. Kuckett, or her trustee, J. H Oilil.s ei.titled to iu whole surplus. except that Its iuco-.n ,up t<. tin death ' J. H bacllett, belong* to tbe yeu>r.d assignee u lnu. kiptcy. All the exceptions of thf o and O. hompson. save the tilth ara overruled, wlthi ui ovsts to tb>-r party. Cook and Wife vs. Baiueoeu ?tuudln ronrt < nhrtd be paid to petitioners in full but without | r. judioa Mlsi Unuieuen contesting tbeir right to retain It. ScCiir v? Cell and Hay?Petition to die supplimental II. d<ti<led,witb (16 coita. Day vi Day ? Petition of defendant for lui thsr ad nca, to anul'la bar to deieiid suit, dan lad Venoilyea vn Curtis.?Complaiuuut appear* to be an Jed to tba reliaf sought. but tharn la a defect of par's. Order that suit itand over, to enable complainant tmve trustee appointed for creditors of Milcbrli, lix , d to inaktt him a party, on paying the ovata of tba ring Joues vi. Maion.?Decided that the former lull Id thin urt by defendant, contenting the will of bia father and ndncreu tbereon, are a bar to bia proaecutlon of any It at law. to recover as lieir agaiust the trustee* of Ilia II Injunction continued, and couiplaluant'i oosts to coat* in lha cau*a. Ma>on vn Jonei ?Decided that tba power given to ustees of will ot John Maion. to Increase the annuity complainant, doei not enable the trustee to rvduoa e taiue.and having once increased it to the net ineotna one elgh'h of the estate, thay ara boun l to pay ltevar ler at that rata. Tha suit ia defective, for waut of parel. Order that suit itand ovar. on payment of tha >its of the bearing, to enable Oouiplaiuant to flla a supnmental bill. Jouea vi. I'almer?Bill dismissed. with cost*. Oregory v?. .vicDermott et al?Exceptions to rsport rerruled, except that tbe cost* and charges of all tha urt lea whole solicitors attended tbe maater, ara to bo aid, and tbe debt* of Mrs O'Neill out of residue, half >go to Dillon and wife, aud half to K.llia McDermott t ot'at CALr.nD*as.?On Tuesday next, July 0?The opinio* (m a r couimeno?N Its July Term with a ca'inlar of '101 causes. .Judge Oakley presiding. The first venty causes not set down, will be on the calendar of 'lleMitay. Common Pi m ?Tuesday next, fart 1st. before Judge Ishoeffer. Noi I Oft, ?a. w, ioi. lis, ua, 3, 17, 91. on art'1. before Judge Ingraham. No* 964, JM, JOS, '174, 76. 278, HI, -2. 4, 'it, SM, 60. 69. 66. 1M, 160, 910 All the courts will open on Monday morning next at lie usual hour, but in conse juence of the obiervaacn ot ho National Annivenary on that day. they will adjourn ver to Tuesday.without taking up any business. Xkws from Ifi'NurjMs ?We have a File of tho ibtervtt nnrl (iazrllr, ofltelire, Honduras, up to ii< idth of May. brought by tba brig Telegraph, Capt. uuug We find no political newi In tha papers, but i interesting commercial article in tha Obitrver, from itch w- make tbe following extract ? Tha export* of mahogany for IM46 have exceeded those |s|.i by -1H.M (ill siipartlcial feet, tha total ihlatnants I MIA being fl.9lll.A07 feet. and for IMC, 19.754,448 foot this ijuaniity 964,6J7 feat war* shipped to tha tolled it eg, and the remainder to the port* of London and rerpool There ha* been an increasa of 1.311,661 Diet pped out of tba limit*, over tha year before, none of ich waa lent to the American market. The total ue of the exnorta nt IrtiK ll?slaill?? ** ? lit*. the property of our merchant* ln-re) fire* an in?mo( JCfo.Utf tin ?t??rllnj( oTor IwhU*t that of the port* hu fallen off fin There ha? aleo b*tn naterlai fulling off In the import and export trade with ? I til tod hi ate-: a ileornw In the vain* of > import* to the amount of A'7,766 if. Id , i of the export* X'10.014 J*. 4(1 ; In the former eaae nsloned. n<? doubt, by the nr?nt reduction la the tuber of k?o|?? employed, *nd the fact of lutoy |?eri? baring nought employment elavwhere or retired to ,nll?llonn; and In the latter ea*a by the grtat reduction the priee* ol mahogany alilpped there and which ha* npelled the mere hunt* of Beltie to neck a more profitla market Imiiirtam ?i'hospbct OF Pla< k.? Wc irurn mi h reliable courrre n? W'Huhinptun that ihrre i prc?pect of a i>pe?dy peace with Mexico 1'b? letter nmunioating the Information (aye It nay he*in lew in twenty day* Th? Meaiaati* ha*? had the whole t of the traaty whioh Mr. Triat n*rrt?d with him. nuiunieatad to than. tad thay are *atl*a*d with It e Preeident wttJ eaU an extru aanelon of the Jtennte i ihl? mwi will probably ?6<>rt?n hi* ?J*U to the rth Thi* la an important that, and we hare no iiht from the touree whanoa it earn* that it may ha lad upoa. ? P*t tndrtpSia 1*4gtr July 7. vvigs!* TKANOKRH >ud CITIZENS wi.Mnir ? rtr?t .piality W'C or V'tupee. ?r* mtited to in*pen the ??te i?. ?e uif ti.x ot WM. BAT* Ill-LOH, wlieie il,.) c o l?et hoin i larxret tlotk hi the i gitee at-ilM There i i >i>i * l'e?t iea i.i ?rtiHe in er*rv i.mii.rM. *nl tr? h?.?a|aee bay* Wi?c or Toupee, u *? U?m.i.elo.'? i?>eaefeeiori * all ureel, new Briolwmr i'rirate rooms for iiIi'b. " ?* ipy the aMreea. *UI*?r

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