Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Temmuz 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Temmuz 1847 Page 1
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emmmmmmmmmmmtmmummm THi I =====^======;;^^ Vol. XIII. No. 136?Wliol* I*. ?Ki, THE SEW VORK HERALI E9.rAal.l3H ME NX, Horxh-VTMt cornw of Valtui and Nmnk ' JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. MRCULATIOR-irORTY TIIOUSAWD. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 3 citu per eoFT?f' 11 per aim .in?payable in advance. ... WEEKLY HERALD?Kvery Saturday-frite ?M M? per copy?$3 I2V? cuumf aiinuin?payable in advance. HERALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet daTPrire cents per copy?U per annum, uicluding postage, piynble in advance fcubscriptiom and ailvertuementa will be leceived bv Messrs. Oalignaui, II Rue VlTienue, Paris; r. L Bimouds, No. I Barge Yard, Bucklersbary, flm Miller the bookseller, Loudon. , . ANNUAL PICTORIAL.HERALD?Fubliihed on th? 1st ni Jtnmtrr of each year?single eopfce sixpence each. A U V e-KTISEMENTS, at the usnal pnce?-al ways cashiu a&v Advertisements should be written in a plain, leetbli n?un" The Proprietor will not be reaponaible for errors thi m:?y orcnr is them. . . , ,, , . PRINTING of all kind* executed Wntitully and wis) despatch. . .... , , All Ietteti or "eoraraunicMiqiie by mail, addressed to tu. fiabliahmeol, Liust be p??t paid, or the |octajre **" be e# Ju+fti from tb* wWrrnHdi mon?* ^~MILL AND WATER POWER FOR SALE-To be sold bv uublic auctiou. at the Merchant*' tichange. XeULN'rw York", on the litli July 12 M .byr llallidav U. Mull. r. auctioneer*, (if uot previously sold at private sale,) a lease, Itavi?fc about four years to run, of six acres of laud in theiown of Spriu^l'ield, Essex county. New Jersey. Tin* land u iu liue rul ivation, planted with corn and potatoes, and apple, pmr aii'l cherry trees of the best quality. There i> a K-oil mill, with valuable machinery, and an exoe'lent water power and overshot wheal. The mil! is now used a* a paper mill, but lias been usad as a grist mill, having a good run of stu.DM, and is well adapted foreilhar purpose. AUo, a K""d Dwell ng House. Kor further particulars, enquire nf MORTIMER DE MOT I E, counsellor at law, 192 Broadway, New York. jeM * cl tojvn'r FOR S\LE?THE " YO.NKEKb ATAN'MIUN Hou*e, outbtl'idings, and seven acrea of Mai d?the whole or a part, to suit purchasers, and on the niu.-t accommodating terms. This extensive building command* o mazuificeut view of the Hudson River, from IV to 15 miles in each direction. The house is 60 feet square; carriage 5' feet square, with stabling for one hundred horses; shed 6; leet m leugth; all nearly new, and in complete order. There l* also a Uiili poud aud water power, with a never failing streun Ot v,.iter ruiiuiug through the middle of the grouuds, as pure t, Croicm. The Hudson River Railroad is to run williin three hundred yard* in front of the property, aud about the same dist-nee south of the vill-ge of YonKem, where the deiiot is to be located. There are five well conducted schools, nil williin ahalf mile. Two splendid fast sailing steamboats ply duil/ioand from the city; aud stages also run daily iu Conner ion with the Harlem Railroad. For terms apply to William Kellinger, at the Williamsburg)! terry, at the foot of Delancy street, or oi>on the je4 30t*rc JT- i FOR SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PRO' PERTY.?Property in the pleasant village of Liberty XJ^Corner, consisting of a fir.t rate Dwelling House, JHXlo, couiHiniiig 10 rooms highly finished, with a good cellar, Carriage Maker's, Wheelright and Blacksmith's Shop, all new. All i, a good barn, 30X38, with wood aud smoke houses, a good well nt the door, apples, cherries, currents. See. Price for the whole SISOO. Also, It acres of land, 7 acres of timber,7 of clear land, aM under new fence. Apply to James B. Birr, any Wednesday, from 9 A. M. to 7 P. \1 ?oil Thursday, till 1 P. M., on other day., at the New York Real Estate Company, corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane JAME8 B. BARR je 10 3ii'* in ~~ZT PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, Suueu Island.irfta The proprietor begs to inform his fneuds and die public, iUJLthat he has made considerable alterations and improve meats in thw establishment since the last setson. He has erected u large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms are iutended for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable sire, lizht. nnd well ventilated, aud suoeriur in all iwsurns to those generally denominated single room* in the varioua watering place* throughout the country. The proprietor i? now ready to treat with families orparties wialung to ftuguge room* for the season. Letter* addressed to lum at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention A steamboat run* between New York and New Brighton, at the followiug hours, vii:? From Now Brighton?At 8 and 11 A. M. and 2 and 5:20 P M. From pier No. T North Hirer, New Yoru?At # A. M.and 12 AZ, ftiiii 3>J, 5 and 6 P. M-, and more frequent communication* v. ill be established u the season advance*. si-udv/ Airangeu?nt?From New Brighton at I A. M., 12>?, S:3U P. M. From New York, at B A. M., 2 and 6 P. M. The Pavilion i* row ready for the reception of Company. ?p2'i tire F. B LAN' A UP. ywflf TO FOtltCION GENTLKMKN arriving in the |Hw|Uuited fct ites, or others, desirous of purchasing a per^niay^in ni<*nt Countrv Residence in Pennsylvania.?The subscriber offers for sale hi* Farm, situated in.Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania, It mile* north of Philadelphia. It contain* 308 acica of land. 288 aeies of which are in the highest state of cultivation, producing wheat, rye, Indian corn and hay, equal to any npl n.d larift?the remaining 20 acres being woodland. On the p ernises is a fine stone mansion, 60 fett by 45, with a verandah attached. 15 feet wide, extending the length of the hou-is, a id a large piazz* on the ea*t, the whole giving ample accommodation fur a fnmily of twenty permits. The pleasure ground* *urroniidinK (lie house are shaded with elegant event1 ee is, and very beautifully I tid out. There are on the farm three stone houses lor farme.s or tenant*, together with three Urge stone ha'ii*, containing stabling and conveniences for s build ed bead of call le. and for the storage of 250 tons of produce, with coach h.use, wgon house, granary and corn cribs attached. There are also the advautiges of aline spring house, ice house, fish pond, a garden of two acres, orchards stocked with tbe tiuest lruit, green house and ifrape wall,* stre ni of spring water in every field, a daily mail, by which tbe Philadelphia and New York papers of the same day are received, and an omnibus passing the gate morning and evening. I:i the immediate vicinity are Episcopal, Lutheran and Presb terian churches Further description is unnecessary,a* all persons wishing to purc ase are invited to call and enamiue ine e?nte. It may. however, be added, that for beauty, healthful situation, and advMitages, it is not sti' passed by any in the United State*. It maybe well also to mention the price, wliuli is $220 per , uore. Apply to GEOllGE eJlEAFF, VV hiteraarsh, j2(8'2aw*rrc Montgomery Co.. Penn. tl.OOK AT THIS?Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses and - Children, a|( tint are in want of Boots or She*, please call at SfcV Baoaqway, vile re you wiU find the largest - aa.ortmeut, ani} cheapeitJiu this city, Wholesale or reW.B.?Imported French Boots, $5. M. CAHILL. ieft tot * r ,-j.. j TAK SUBSCKIBKK would resjiectl'ully hi?ritSform his customers and the public generally, tlTTlie Ihs or hand a large assortment of L dies', Misses' and Children's colored and black Gaiter Boots, Buskius, Slippers, Tie*, be.; Gentlemen's and Boy's sewed and pegged Boots of every description, all of which be will sell us low a* such orlinii's can be purchased at any store in the city. N. 11.? Ladies'and Gentlemen's Boots anu Shoes made to order in the best manner at moderate prices. A call is respectfully solicited. JAMES WALKKK, jet? lot * re <12 t.ansl street, cnrnr'of Woown, Ml1?' JOHN ilACKAHUfcN," (.Irum ? ar.' A .'jTWEuroj>e, pupil of Madame Dutcheu, pianist to y-j 2 { | I the Queen of England,) gives lessons in Piai.o t I 1 I I Forte and Singing on the tollowiug terms: Two lemons weekly at Mrs. Macfarren's residence, $20 per quirter; tiree lessons do., $25; two lesson* weekly at the pupils' real Mm. ?l?cfirren haa the privilege of referring to Dr. Elliot, Or. !l ?1k" ?.' leorge Loder, E?|.. rl- Meigga, Esq., a^i'i fi<r Rev. I)r H' i'i jlit II IJ een airrrl "? ir Min in*. ie"> "<i r? rn PIANO KOHTKS-A I.O'f OK HI I.KN . li. "_#g did, fine toned annd aotion Piano Forten, juat ? V a received, Mttw od and inahoganv Call and ' ' " III aee, if you want bargain!. C. HOLT, Jr., je2B fiteod ? ? S'm _ _ 1M l''nltnn a'. T^Z' HARPS, Ml BROADWAY ?J. K. BROWNE o;V'$m.tker and importer, iuvitei the attention of dimrer* of thu delightful initmment to tne very elegant election he haa now on aale, comp'ininu ? of th> mo.-t ai'li-ndtdly tiniahed, and alao pi'in deacriptiona. ol brilliant toned Double Action Harpa, ever ottered to their notin?in tone, touch. elegance and style of tiiiiali certainly unexcelled. H tr|m repaired atringa, kc. A lint of pricea aud d Cicriiitiona can be foi warded per single postage. |c 11 tiled <tW?rr "ist- KtJJ' 8~ LE. EREIOHT OR CH A RTEH-The ^f^pVV^ark ALPHA ,f 517 toi.a le^oier iS rnonilia old, 'epper fastened aud aheatlied, n iih yellow, in i niiiaii one v ear since. Apply to J. L. Oarnner o'i board, or trt * BOYD fc HINCKEN, r i i >8 Wall arreet. FOR FREIGHT or' CHARTER?The copfcjflMPWpered and copper-fastened ahip TRKVIONT, Cart. jiWl?S?Tayl.>r, tr,8 tona, it now ready for r.ny vova.e, and in m'rUet order. Applv to V. ~J.V TAfwCOTX, ,, Id. Ll A . . X) South alreet. iV-jr FOR LONDON, LIVERPOOL Oft OLA8 \tjr*?V O'lVV'.?The fait aailinc, coppered, Britiah built intUmbriK HOPE, IfiJ (jus regutcr, Robert Jlei.tut, maa t*r, c.i t^e iininedratelv deaiAtchejl. ApplV >0 ' tv fc I T T a P'l nTT, Hfi Snmb ,i i&ic Fuji"LONDUN] LIVERPOOL or 0LA?|J0W tefTffV ?Ti>e I'.at-.ailing coppered Bmulrbnil'1 ' ' tona legiater, {<ob?rt ? ^.i* HOPE,>t.> de.|>(Ua?a. "" . .?ant, Maater, can be lin --ll'lf to \ W. kJ.T. TAP8COTT, J*7-'''? IK .South atreet. NOTICE?Packetbirk OKNE-EK, foW~New KfyaV('_fl.r-*"1. ""ow diacharging at Orliar.t whirl', foot ! 'I V. a,! .tieet. .wiM i It-*.*' ifi?n<i fA ?l,? ?# ?u.;. jir?iW'l""*lv. wilh"Ut further noticy. )' ? ' ""'fattfC KOh 8A1.K.?The Fine of i?c?* a, rMwIjS>C' merited of the ihi|u Roacia*, Hiddona, Hh rid n JHhUUm "."I (iirrick they were built in th * city with th<I. > in .tfi l>. fr-nnn montIy lire oak. locust and ffilur, tailed mi tin- ?t cIn, ami milted fv?ry vetr iinrr. All very re fenfly eoppe'Teil ami refitted, and nearlv in na good condition it whni nut built Their accommodation for p??i-nrera are apa iiim ?' J li mdaomely furnished. If not gold on or liefort Tlietday, the Wilh ina?., ihey will be told at one P. M. ill ?i dri> tyL.M Huffman ki o., at the Merclnnu' Kichnnge. For further pattieulart, apply to K. K. COLLINS, jy78trc 56 Booth ?'reet. fjgt PA< K UTS FOR HAVRfc?SE< OND LINK ? WTttV The ihip mNKI D A, J. KuiKk, matter, will nail on Ja^4faa the lint of August. UOVD Ik HINt.KKN, Agent* TO OWNEH8 AND MAHTfcKa U? V>? drwjfo. Sh.I/S? I lulinea Si Siiringer'* Patent Steering Wheel Mtimiimm ?The attention of a(ii(i masters and owners 'a railed t.. tint improvement in the steenng gear of vessel*, which so comp elely obviate* all the difficnltie* heretofore arising in th- ordinary way of applying the steering wheel. A medel can be aeen air' a full iltatr iptinn obtained. by calling on let) Jlt'rf I.IUIFt HT ?t H A I.K. HQ William at ? i-tm Jl.ASOO W.?The New Line?Kevular wPV^Pa'krt of lith .Inly?TH* fine, fan tailing Briiiih jb|jij^hark HYNDK.FORO, BOO ton*. Captain Thnmai M" a Ip.ii, will sail aa aboye, her regular day. For freight or pai'age, bavin* good accommodation*, apply on b ' ird, :i: f'Ot of Roosevelt atr-ef-K ll .or'o WOODHUI.I fc MIN'TUR-'i, BT South street. 'Hie \ No. I <hip BHOOKHBY, C,?pt Hugh McF.wen, ?111 agnr-ed tbe Hk'idefura, anil aail on h*r regular day. the 1?t .) Autual jv3_ "i/i* KOlf KHKIOHT OR <H\K TFR.-Th, Hr,t tVfHFWel***, last wiling, coppered and oonper featened A 1 j|yyilKaUriri*h built Write MARTHA, Middleton, maater, oai. be immediately globed. ^^RNICS rQ Jy1t*rt! aouih ttreet.belew Bar ling HHP D~R KLLioTT, Ornli.t, Ml Broadway, Inform lu?" ! ?riant* that dunug the ."'"mer monlha, ^TWdavI office, from I# to 4 o'clock, on T?*?<iay*, and Th?r?day? jel 7ti*Jlto**rre mmmsmmmmmmmammmmrnurnm E NE N1 NEW YORK AND'HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON AMD AFTER THURSDAY, lUNE lftth, ~1847, the Can will run an fol owe, until further notice. Uv ttmins will leave the City Hall for HorlrmJi Mormiaaa. Forham & Tuckahoe Ple&a&ntrille, 5 30 A.M. Will'miBr'ge Hart'a and Newcastle 130 A.M. White Pl'a?. BedfjjJ ? " 7 ; 7 A. M.* ? " n " " P. m. SrM"ih'i P.M. \ 4 30 " ? P MS 5 30 " 4 " 6 30 " 1 5 30 * ? 30 " vr R.Httruingtj) New York will leave? MorTiJiana It Harlem. Fordham. Will'm.BrVe, Tuckahoe. | 7 05 A. M. 6 J3 A M. C 45 A. if 7 JO A. M. 8 1 # 7 5S ' 7 JO " 8 48 " ? ' # 09 " 8 03 " 1 W P. M. J? " " 23 P. M. It 15 P. M. 5 it - | 12J5PM. I is 1 40 " White Pl'ni. J ' - 5 0? " G " 7 10 A M. 3" I Id 6 08 " S 33 " 5 2? ' 153 " 7 45 " 1 P. M 8 5 23 " 6 28 " 8 06 " iik i ir n VsitatbC. urujuu. TT ItlUICKUill'. I 8 13 AM. 8 A M. 7 M a M. 7 4A A M 5 1:1 P M. i HI, 4 it P M. 4 4JPM Croton Falls. i a A M. 4 30 p m. The train* to aud from Croton Falls wiil not mop ou Now York Island, except at Broome street, and 32d street. A car will precede each gain ton Siuutes, to take up passeugeri in the city. The morning train of cars from Croton Falls will uut atop between White Plains and New York, except at Tuckahoe William'! Bridge, aud For dham. tjtra trains on Suudays to Harlem and Morriiiana, if fine weather. Stages for Lake Mahopack aud Uanburv leave Croton F?ll< rn ' arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trauu, aud for Pa*? ; liuga ou arrival of the 7 <>' lock A- M. train. FAKE FROM MEW york s To Croton Falls $1 0) To Whitlickville ?7? | To Newcastle 7S T'1 Plt-Hwuitvilie 62X To White Plain*., , 40 Freighl trains Irave City 11*11 at 12 M. aud at 7 P. M. Retun^iiig. leBve Crolon Fall' ?t7 A. M. and 9 M. | cheap an'd kxPL:l>Itiuua trXvelllnu to the , western 8tate8 and canada. BY TAPoCO IT'S emigraists passenger lines, Office, 86 South street,New York. The subscribers continue to forward Emigrants and others , to all parts of the Western States aud Canada, at the very LOWEST RATES OF PASSAGE, by Rnilroad. Steamboat aud Canal, to the following placea, via I Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and Pittsburgh Utica, Syracuse, Oswego, Auburn, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie. Pa. Clrvelaud, Huron, Sandusky, Maumee, Monroe, Toledo, Detroit, Mackinaw, Milwaukee, Raciue, South|iort, Chicago, Greeu Bay, Pottaville, Pittsburg, Pa. Wheeling,, Portsmouth, Ohio. Parkersburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Ky. St. Louis. Galena, Dubuque, Bond Head, Darlington, Hamilton, Whirl,v <\,i,?? i-i Kingston, Toronto, Sandwich! Montreal, And nil oilier Intermediate places. Persons proceeding to my part of the West, or Canada, would do well to call ou W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their Oeneral Emigration Otlice, KG Soil til street, New Vork. Tapscott's Emigrants' Travelling Ouide can be had ou application. free. mS 30t*rc __ Et)R ?iAL^?lVent> rail road carta and an one horse jTgf wagons, .iud some two horse wagons, and are constantly Suemafcii.g to order, where t?>ey can lie had at the shortest notice il not on hand, where all kinds of carta, wagons and har nets ran he had at the most reasonable terms, by MICHAEL 1 \1ULLANE, Wagnu Maker, No. M and 30 Montgomery st., I fer?ev V I l?IK II ISI. rc.i?i't_r. a siKAtiBO-iiaTuu j > LB ANY, Daily, Sundays Excepted? I U&HMf Hirougli Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from ] the t*ier bci wceu CourtUudtaud Liberty streets. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm. H. Peck, will ] leave nn Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Crntten- I den, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday aud baiutday even- j ings tr 7 o'clock. At Fire O'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places? j from the loot o i Barclay street. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T. N. Hnlse, 1 will leaie nn Monday, Wednesday,Friday,aud Sunday after- ; ooua, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER. Captain R. H. Furry, will l leave otj Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, at 4 o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive iu Albany iu ample i time for the Morning Cars lor-ie East or West. Freight taken at modesate rate., and none taken after 3>? o'clock, P. M. [ry All persouaare forbid trusting any of the boats of this ! line, without a written order from the captains or tents. For parage or freight, apply ou board the boats, or to P. C SrHDLTZ, at the office on tne wharf jv5 rc oFl'UtNi l lO.T T'AfcaAUb OFFICE?TO Albany, Utica, $1 50; Syracuse, 82: Oswego, ( HOtt&HlB S3; Rochester, $2 25; Buffalo, $2 50; Cleve laud, 41 Ml; Detroit, S5; Milwaukie, $li; Chicago, Cincinnati,SU, Toronto and Hamilton, $4; Whitehall, $2; Montreal, S-i; Pittsburg, $8. Olnce, 100 Barclay street. Any security lequiied will be given for the fulfilment of all 1 contracts made with this company. mid Im^rc M. L. RAY, Agent, New York, 184T. AUTklRNtMlN LIN a-, JJAILV^ w-eos. FOR NEWBURuH AND FISHAm~, i rLauding at Van Cortland's, (Peekskill.) VVe.t , EatawBiHlB Point, ( old Spring and Cornwall. The Steam er Thorns* Powell, Capt. Sntrtl. Johnson, will leave the pier Tout of Warren street, for the above places, every afternoon (Sundays excepted,) at 4 o'clock, commencing April lu. Re- 1 urning?will lear Newburgh eyery morning at 7 o'clock. N. B ? All baggage aud Freight of every description. Bank , Bills or Specie, rat On board of this boat, must be at the risk of ' the owner thereof unless entered ou the books of the boat or re- j esiiited for. tuvlj 30t?re I Notice: ! 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY.?On and ! m . .ft? oirwrtit a :l .11-I- . . I M 1 ii amM ounu/ii, Ai'tii ioiii. me iirsuiDitHii ; ti&SBB* SYLPH and 3TATEN INLANDER will rau u follow*, until further uoticv LKAV??T*TIC!? ISLAND At ?, I, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, a, 3, 4, 5, ?, 7, I*. M. i I.R.WK NEW TOHK At i, 9, 10, 11, A. .M , and 1, 2, ten minute* put 1, and at 4, S, 6, 7, o'clock, P. M. New York April 13th. aI3 r ??* ?' cmzKN'8 NEW" WAY" LINK. OF P ..^ILZI^IOPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY ^BMiE&lBANO INTERMEDIATE PLACL8.-Fare j JO cent*?Breakfast aud bum* on Board. The new and elegant Steamer ROOER WILLIAMS, C apt I A. Drgroot, Tueadaya, Thursday", and Saturdaya, at half-pa*t ail, A.M.. from the pier foot of Robinaou ttreet, touching at . Hunmouu itreet J'ier, each way, Kor iwaaage or frteght, apply un board the Boats, or to Geo. j Uobaou, at the office, 136 Warreji itreet. corner of Weit itreet. \Xy~ All person*are forbid truatiug Uie above boata on ac count of the ownrv. ________ "Byl# MORN.N LINK AT SJCVKN O'CLOCK. > ??*. FOR ALBANY AND TROY and Intern* Zr4L<'Timmediate Landiuga. HKmrnUSULm Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. Tlie low I ii enure ateamboat TKOY, Captaiu A. Oorham. will leave the ateatnboar pier foot of Barclay atreet, MnmUyi, Wediieadaya. and Friday*, at (even o'clock. Returning on ih<| m poaite uaya. For m.aage or freight, apply an board, or to F. B. ti'e oifi'1' >i flu wharl. mv20 r ~',Z,FIIENCiriRAN8ATLAN 11C Meant/' ' *il Vi'T ',.,ml'a,|y. Ro>al Mail, office 14 llr.iad yZfTf i^aw?y.-Th? general *i;enc> i- ui(ortu?d ' y <<tJ2|lyUJJthe "( al douii." U,aHl,e atcamrr UNION wa? to ia;| on :lle lO'li of lune. Th# IJMiU will lit de patched a* anon a* |>rac jcnhle after hei arilv il lie e. The depa tuie fiom Ntw \ ork will pruhably take | l ceonfhe 18th inataut Price of passage, lirat claaa $170 " ' 21 " CO For freight, and further information, apply at the office, II Broad*ay _ i ftfrs Er.ITiail AND NORTH AMERICAN I RWaWKAIL ?WAM SHIP, R00 tona j ^*?fcJZI|fc9LB^aiiu 430 bcrae power each, nttder contract . with ihe Lord* of the AdmiraliT. HtHKHNtA,CaiiUtiu Alerter mui ' The feJai^wtT/ ^ ... Judkmi. .< unam Hamaon. uow building are !SK AM*.KICA, THE NIAGARA. THE CANADA, THE EUROPA. V? *.? !? appointed to aail from Liverpool are the ? ambria June 4, 1847 Caledonia June 19 1847 .... .July 4,1*47 Vwh H|i|ioiutril (o uil frnin Boaton are the Hibernia June l?, 1IU7 Cambria, July I, 1847 Caledonia July l?. 1847 Paea*ng?r?'luggage inott be On Imard the day previont to OIlllMKmoney?From Boatou to Liverpool, tlJO, do do to H ill la*. $20 No berth* necured until for. The?e uliii* carry experienced anrgeona No freight, except apeeie, received on daya of tailing. Kor freiglil, pataage.or tiiy other information, apply to ? D. BKIUHAM, Jr., Agent, At HARNDEN ?t C<5.'?, 6 Wall it. |L>~In addition to the above line between Livrr|>ool and H, and Botton, a contract h.n been entered into with llei M <je?ty'? government, to eatablifth a line between Liverpool tad New York direct. The atetmahipa for rhia aerviee are now being built, and early next year due notice will he given of the time when they will atart. Under the new contract the iteamrra will ?ail rvrrwSalnrday during right mouth*, and every fortnight during 'ne other month* iu tin year. Going tl temately between Liverpool and Halifax and Botton, ?nl be tw. >"i Liverpool and New York. mm r IB? OCEAN 8TKAM NAVIGATION <0mlnM*COMFASr' ??ce 44 wii|i,im ,tr**to. H. Sand, Conrad W. Kaber, Edward Mill*, Horatio Allen. William Chamberlain, Mortimer Lmncaton, John A. Jaelin, John L. Btephen*. Herman Oelrich*. C. H. SAND, Preaident. Kdwkv Mill*, General AgantN'w York. E. Ai?P?n*ot?, gae'etarr. la conformity with the pr vition* of the ehvttr. natii% t hereby given that iha Book* for ?ob*cription for an amonnt n ot exceeding <300,000 to tha capital ?tecg of thy Ocean Steam Navigation Company will be re?pened at the omce or the Company, 44 William, corner of Wall atveet, on Monday, lltt June, 1847. .. . five per cent of the amonnt tnhacrihed mnat be paid at the period ofaiibacriptiou in tpacie or bank bill*. The balauce ol th* anbacription will b? called for in i?atalmenta not exceeding It per rent,n? may be required bf th* operation* of the Company, and noon thirty day* |>reviou* notice. The following ia the 25th aeciion of the By-Law:? " Mubacription to the capital of the Company, alter the amount may be $300,000 shall in preference be allowed to thoae who may then be atockholder*. and to th* extent of their then actual *ab*cription." j< J0tt? ?I1TWII ?inUijllCHiilWiiiiliB || - II W YO ?W YORK, THURSDAY 1 The Ohicago Convention. Opinion* or tl*e Presidential Candidates, die. &r. dir. Detroit, Michigan, Juoe'id. 1947. Ornetal Cass?Michigan Harvest?Harbor Improvement on Lake Erie?Xeio York Delegation to Chicago ? Railroad across Michigan?New Route to Lake Supet ior?Lake and Atlantic Steamere. De?r Sir :?We left the beautiful city of Cleveland last evening a* the aun wan setting in the far, far wen*, although to us he appeared to bury himself In the wateri of the Erie. With a delightful evening, a merry, happy crowd, and a fast and commodious boat, time appeared to tly without the use of wing*, and morning's dawn brought us at the entrance of Detroit strait or river, and soon after a far distant view of the city bearing its name. The morning was most beautiful, and a* our stay was extendod to but one short hour, those doslrou* of taking a stroll moved forth to survey the city, and those of its inhabitants that had risen from their lumber*. Detroit is pleasantly situated on this strait, (why call it river?) about twenty-flve miles from tho huad of Lake Erie. It contain* about ten thouftnnd inhabitants, many of whom are descendants from the old French settlers. This being the residence of Uenorul Lewis fe'ass. a number of gentlemen called upon him to pay their respects, and reported him in tine condition for the chances of '48. before a National Convention. llu will not visit Chicago, but a large delegation from thin city will bo present. The town of Windsor lies on the Canadiaa hhore. opposite, and the strait, betweeu this aud It, is about two miles In width. Handwlch lies below, towurdH tho lake, and Maiden at the rntruiw of thin connecting link, that joins the waters of the great went iii one body The couutry round about. is represented an in excellent condition for comiug crops, and there in less croaking as to tho failure of the usual wheat harvest than ateiiherof tho ports in Ohio The crop will fall short, but nothing like the extent of that in Ohio. As Michigan produces more wheat for its population than any other State in the Union, thin is an important item tor the benefit of speculators; but. more especially, I intend It for the prospective comfort of men with families, that demolish a dozen of our now stinted loaves at an early breakfast. From my owu observations and from numerous conversations aloug this route with intelligent captains of vessels, mates and pilots, who have navigated these northern lakes lor years past, I have formed the following conclusions as to necessary improvements in the harbors of Lake Krie, which is til) milts iu width by :i40. Ou leaving or apprnuching Buffalo, tho first prominence of land that strikes the mariner's eye, on the American side, is Sturgeon I'oint, 1H miles front that city, where a light house is greatly needed to aid navigation. The next port of note is the contemplated termination of the New York and Erie railroad, at Dunkirk harbor, 4ft miles from Buffalo, the piers of which have been allowed to go to decay, and the harbor is therefore nearly useless. To repair it now would cost thousands, whereas, if half the money had been expended at the proper period, the advantages of this important port would nave been preserved. The dlstanoe by the brie railroad, when completed, from Duukirk to New York, will be 470 miles. By the presnt route of steamboat to Buffalo, railroad to Albauy. and the North river, it is 47ft miles The next ligut above Dunkirk eight miles distaut, la at the small port of Barcelona, near Westflelil, the most western village of New Vor (, which contains about COO inhabitants This light is supplied with luflammablo gas. introduoed by pipes from a spring a mile distant Tho next important port on this lake is brie, Pennsylvania, 37 miles beyond, where the upper light greets the eye of the watchful mariner at night, but tftut on the pier at the entrance of the harbor, which was destroyed by fire last summer, has uot yet beeu rebuilt, notwithstanding its greet necessity. This harbor and Conneaut, atj miles above, and Ashtabula 13, are among the best on the lake. The next light house seen is at Madosa dock, and is of little use to the navigator. Kuirport. next above. 191 miles from Buffalo, oilers a good Inside harbor, although the ckauuel is very crooked, and should be dredged ?ud the pier extended, i hen comes the most imporlaut harbor ou the lake, at Cleveland, Ohio, which is very capacious inside, but the piers at its mouth need exteuding several hundred feet further Into the lake, i he ports of Black river, -Jd miles a ove, V e. million 3d, aud Huron ft8, are all shallow, and cannot he made capable of receiving vessels of a large class. The harbor of Sandusky, ten miles distant, is good, but Its mouth is saailow and needs dredging, as also that of Maunicc Bay, which then would be ol much servioe.? j I uiiiiingriuiii s 1-la.uil ana I'Hl-iu-Uay, mmr the head ot tli? lake, oftVr good harbors, with plenty of water. as also Lung Point Cut on the ('.inmlit side, below, nod (iraud river, ut the entrance of the VVeliuud canal? The Canadian government should place a buoy at liar 1'oint. near the entrance of Detroit river, below Maiden, and thus we have paused through Lake Krie to Detroit city and presented hii impartial and entirely disinterested view of all important improvement)) that appear to be desired for the navigation of tliin inland Sea? A railroad extends Irom Detroit to within about CO miles of .St Joseph 's, on t lie east side of i.ake Michigan, aud travellers in haste can take this route, and thus, by Mteain aud stage, ouch as it Is, shorten the distance (but not the comfort) about one half. The route by water, as we are destined, is 70<l miles, while across tile Slate and Lake to Chicago it is only about 280 ; but who would miss the beautiful little St. Clair?only *21 miles by 21?or the grandeur and transpureuoy of Huron, the bold bluffs and bracing air of Mackinaw Straits, and the emerald Michigan, lor the heat aud dust of railroad and stages, merely to arrive a few hours sooner in a crowded city f Not I, I'll assure you. The Canadian government are slowly progressing In Internal improvements, and a railroad or canal from Oeorgiau llay, on Lake Huron, to Toronto, on Lake Ontario. which is only M miles, will sooner or later be constructed. and thus secure, not only much of the North- < i era travel, but also the transportation of freight, and especially copper, trom Lake Superior, destined for New York and Boston. By this route, all the so-called dangers of the navigation of Lake Krie. and nearly all thut of Huron, will be avoided, and the distance shortened to less than one-fourth. The time will soon arrive wheu this work, so important to Canada West, which is the agricultural heart of that country, will be completed. The laudable competition in steamboat travel on these western lakes, forms a striking contrast With that of thu Knglish steamers. The voyage across the Atlantic is about 3.000 miles, aud that from Buffalo to Chicago, as we travel it, near 1.000. The price of cabin passage across the Atlantic, that now occuplea about twelve days, Is !f>160, while that on this route, thut occupies four days, is only $10, and the fuyo i. equal to the best hotels iu the 1 'uton Let n* aee four days at a good hotel, at $2 per day. is K>S, leaving a balance of for a voyage of a thousand miles through a region that would give a dying man an appetite for meat and drink. Is not this truly a great, a very ureat country The steamer Heudrick Hudson, that uow bears the writer, Is among the best oti these lakes, and as a descrintion of this boat will irive vour re*d?r? a mriml Idea of all, I w|ll briefly describe her and her preamt onTgo. She In of 8.M) tens burthen. 000 borxo power, iij3 | feet keel. with an increase of 10 feet on deck. She has now on board, including children. 4U0 steorc-Ke passeDgera, mostly German, oound to Ml wr.ut,i? uTId Chicago, with all their bajgug^ vfurl,. Sic . and a tariff quantity of frcuhHn'lMfc shape of nicichandiae stowed on t|)e mail, deok, which is also occupied by the engine the boiieritbeiug below There are about "230 cabin passengers on board, who occupy the ntate rooms and berths extending on each aide of the upprt- deck from atein to atern, between which la the magnificent saloon and dining room, caput)'a of accommodating UK) pa"*?ngeri at in Ml. Tliti.i, 70U see, we ate abore all be-*, ^unt aud AunoyM'ea from the enfine, nUiie a i?ure, 'fmh eurrrtt bT air circulated through th? whole rentre of the upper .leek, making aqy part of It cool and comfortable Thi: b( a,t ,0 ai'aiiued by about 00 peinona. Includta* w.iltei*. cliamLuiiuald' men, to! to.. H.n-l H?t ox?Wi. MW??- , day ..mum **" " ... auout >U00 ptr cjjiisui*, aJ"4 * . *0 11-eight nearly cover* this **" . . .iU passage money, 300 ateurage without ...iiaren. at $3, and J&O cabin at $10, making $3,400 for iuc upp-r irip. aun uuuui pvmiu ior uie uowu trip, yielun tbe handsomn net revenue of $'2,0(H). pur fortnight, to tfce enterprising owners. C, Chicai.o, lllinoli, Tuesday. Juno 20. Lake Michigan and her Harbor* ?Light Iluuiet?Shtybogan and ill prnt/jrrily ? Miluiaukit and her Emigrant!? I'he beautiful tuwn aj liarine?Soulh/iort and Lit It Fort?Chit ago and ill Heuuliri ? The. Cont'en{ien?Leiun Jiom He my Clay, Martin fan Huren. OrntriiI Cuts, und Silat tl'right?The I'rriidency My laHt whs closed ?t Macinaw Straits that form the union between Lake Huron ami Michigan Ah you entt'r tli* emerald green Aiicbigitn. off Point Wabesbanee your attention i* called to the Floating Light whip, stu tinned opposite. which nusw.m a parti.1 purpose to aid navigation. but a permanent light on the point itc-lf Wnulil be of IXiuvh Uioi'e service. art the Light jnilip often vacated her position. and theu the navigator is deceived and perhaps stranded on the coast Dense toga ofieti prevail at this point, and an alarm bell at the light . house, during their prevalence, would he of great service The two Beaver islands appear u?xlou the west, Uft mile* diHtant, the largext of which makes an excellent harbor, but there is no light to guide to ita entrance t he next point of land within view, in the usual course of navigation are the Kox Islands, and theu, on (he east side, at a distance of AH miles, appear the north and south Slanitous, on one of which n a light house and a bay formed, that makes an excellent harbor A light should also be placed on Point fletsie, -JO miles further south, on the Michigan side, and auother at Great Point au Sable. a distance of 48 miles, which would render the east side of the lake every way navigable. The harbor of St. Josephs, opposite Chicago, in the State of Michigan, being the contemplated terminus of the railroad extending across that State, is in poor condition, and needs additional dredging, as also does the port of Michigan City, near the head of the lake After passing tbe Manitou Islands, the steamers usually make for the east side of the lake, touching first at Hbeybogan, Wisconsin territory, a distance of about 'WO miles from the Strait* of Maclnaw. This appeared to ma to be one of the most thriving small towns in the west; and as an evidence of iu recent prosperity, Qver 300 frame tenements were erected during the past veer. The next point of Interest is the pert of Mllwaiikie, where nearly all our German steerage passengers were destined. This U the largest town in Wisconsin territory, and tbe Bow of emigration constantly arriving at Ita wbarves with its great advantages of water power, will soon swell Its population to an extent that will appear incredible to all except those acquainted with the rapid growth of this flourishing refton of tbe Union. % aeft^aWBii i&AjJij'y n ??* RK E CORNING. JULY 8, 1847. The next port at which we stopped, was the beautifully located town of Racine, about ten uiilef from Mllwaukle which called torth the idmlr&tion of all. It atandi on an elevated level plain, extending an far an the eye can reach, and the neatness of it* dwellings, the strength and durable appearance of Its warehouses and public building*, the regularity of it* street* bordered with fruit trees and shrubbery, marked it* inhabitant* a* possessing more taste and judgment in the establishment of a new and thriving city, than at any other point of observation on the route. If Milwaukle takes tha lead in population, the Inhabitants of Racine ran well boast in reply, that they claim the credit of settling the hand i poinest town in thia flourishing territory. Southport. i thp last stopping place in Wisconsin, i* a pretty town, i and In thriving oondltion. Thl* brings u* to Little I Fort, In Lake county. Illinois, which forms the comI meucoment of the southern houniUr? i\t vvt * . Little Fort la the county town, and appears to be not behind It* neighbors in enterprlzo and prosperity. Tbua , we sped onward, until at ten o'clock on Monday even- , Ing, when we entered the harbor of Chicago, the prairie city of the wcat, and theaeat of the contemplated " Hirer and Harbor Convention." Notwithstanding we were a week In advance of its meeting, vet it waa difficult to secure rooms. as nearly all at the principal hotels had been monopolized by delegates yet to oome; but Captain Squlers, of the Sherman House, took us In, from whence we are now indicting this epistle. From our window, the beautiful Mlohigan extends beyond the reach of human eye to the north east and south, while the swells of the prairie on th? west appear* boundless to the sight, and imagination is lost in the encircling vastness. Chicago Is the cspitsl of Cook county, Illinois, and | is said to contain ubout 15,000 inhabitants. It Is beauti- | fully situated on level ground, and au artificial harbor linn been made by the construction of piers at the luoutb of the Chicago river. There arc four dally papers here, j aud any quantity of weeklies, including two abolition i prints. The streets are yet unpaved. The sidewalks ' arc good, being constructed of plank laid upon deeper^. I The town is thriving, from Its Internal trade with the immense agricultural region in Its vicinity; and as soon I as thu contemplated internal lmpro\emeut* through the ; State, that oeutre at this point, aro finished, it will swell far, far back on the beautllul western prairie. lireat preparations are uiaklng for the assemblage of the convention, and delegates are already beginning to pour in. There being no building of extent sufficient to accommodate this will be organized under a tent oapable of holding two thousand persons, in the public square, opposite the Sherman Hotel. Letters have been received by the corresponding com- I mlttee from Henry Clay, Martin Van Bureii. Oeiierai I Cass, and Silas Wright. Mr Clay, in a short letter, states that ho regrets he I cannot attend the convention, but hopes that It will pro- j cure the accomplishment of all that Is desired. General Cass, in a very short reply, merely says that I he cannot atteud, without expressing any views as to the objects of the convention. Silas Wright has written two Utters, scut together the lirst acknowledging the receipt of the letter of the committee iu which ho refers to the second as containing hit views relative to tho convention. This occupies threo full pages, iu which he expresses himself as pleased with the assemblage of tho convention for the expression and disemlnatlon of the opinions of the people, and avow* himself iu favor of appropriations by Congress for the improvement of all such harbors on tho lakos as are necessary for Its malu navigation, but not extending such appropriations to applications for Improvements in many of the small creeks and rivulets that have heretofore been asked for He separates the improvement of harbors from that of rivers, aud expresses a doubt as to the constitutionality of tho latter, although In some instances, he admits, that it would be just and proper. Martin Van iluren's letter is very short, aud can be so construed aa to sustain the views of hta old friend Silas Wright. Mr. Benton's letter has not arrived, but will probably bo brought by tne St Louis delegation. His letter will also sustain the poaitiou of Silas W right, and thus you see my views in my letter dated St. clair, will bo fully sustained, and that SiUs Wright now is the oonteniplatod nominee of the Benton wing of the democratic party. Mr Webster's letter Is expected to-morrow, but its U contents are too well kuown to bu of much interest, ex- I CeDt for ltd COIiHtitUtioiial ariiiiinMnt In fuvnr nf unnrn. I priutluub. The letter of General Taylor bus not yet been received, but be bat boon addrebsud, aud will probably vend &u unswer. 1 Tnoinns Corwin.of Ohio, John C. Spencer and IVm. 11. Seward, of New i ork. and Wm. M. Hall, of Buffalo, will address the convention at length, ou topics to be brought before it. More to-morrow, C * Since the above wan wrlttan, and on my arrival at Chicago, I have learned tbnt a letter from General Tfc'ylor, on the subject of harbor Improvement, will be received by the Chlongu convention. If ho, yotl shall huve It in lime Ciiic.?<io, Wednesday. June 110 Jlrran&ementt?The Manner of fating in the Conventiom? Popularity of Hurbor and River Improvement? President Polk'* feto, und Prtviaut Opinioni vj Uallutin, Calhoun, Jjckvon -vJ Von tiuren?Weitern and Freight Commerce. Tnis city is tilling with travellers and delegates to the convention to be htid on Monday next, and in tbeir train follows the gambling sharks from the east and southwest sprinkled witn a few pickpocket*, hotel robbers, general thieves, and counterfeiters. Kxteuslve arrangements are making by the enterprising citizens of this p ace. to render the accommodation* for delegates all that can be denired, and the Common Council nave appropriated the sum of loOO towards the expenses of the convention. It Is contemplated to celebrate the anniversary of our Independence ou Monduy, when a procession wiH be formed by tbe citilemt. aud the delegates esoorled by States, to the place of assemblage by the convention. The dHy will be occupied In the preliminary arrangements of organization aud tbe selection of a temporary chairman, who will either be James 1.. Barton, hsi|., of Uutlalo, or the Mayor of this city. The industry and research of Mr. barton, as eviiVmced by bis Important published statistical facts, of tbe wt nderful increase of the products and internal oiuimcroe of tbe West, calls lor some mark of distinction from this convention, which we hope will be rendered. The convention will probably remain in sesslou during the whole week, if tbe weather continue* pleasant, aud the luterest will be Increased as it progresses. The votes 1 will be given by Stales, tbe number Jroni each being iu Ihe ratio of that given in the electoral college. Much time will be occupied by promineut speakers, and much interesting matter will be presented through their statistics ami arguments. Both parties here appear united ou the great (question of harbor Improvement, and if the \ proceeding* ot the couveutliu are not clogged with Die designing movement* of ncheming politicians, tin renuit will locuri; from CougrtM and Uu- uext, II not tlir present l'li nlijcnt, all thai is honextly desired by th? people. 1 ?ay honently, beoaUMt in the bill vetoed by ('resident, l'olk thero wore appropriations asked lor merely to advance the private Interesta of member* of Congreiti, or their friends, without any regard to public good. Tii? veto of I'leHiilent l'olk contains koiuu strong oonMlllulioual arguments to nustain his position which will probably b? mot (luring this M'lul Ii-jj-.* i>,ud the opponent* of tno veto, uow point out wlmt they consider 10 b? hin tncousidten'-y, by tfc,6 vot'i h? gave lu CnngreM in M.'d, In tuvor avpriopriatiuK four hundred tuou*11114 a-ii's of land, to build ? caual round thi'Muncle snuaU io thn liner i'annMMe. They alto refer to the works of internal improveuient encouraged bv General Jacknou and Alkrtin VaiiUurcn, and aliow, by oUlciitl documents, Ilia: luring their adiiiiniHtratiouti.einhracltig a period of twelve years, upwards of fourtiwn millions ol dollar* waf tuun ajipropriuitu, I'ihu*; UQ :.nuual average expenditure of o?t>r cue jntillou; and ait a coutra?t be- ! twuMR ?Ue avlH oV r. to Called led>iriU ami a democratic I administration, thiy point out Ibo fact, thut Mr " Uuren. dUriug the brut year of Uu aiiiuiuiai'-*' an , appropriation** for r'veia, iv*<m " * ...ion, Higned amount c\f f^,W7,?i7 i?. * * " harbors, to the I | priatid dmiBtf th? " ..aim the whole huiu appro- j IwMoa "**' .our yearn of Mr. Adam*' adninil*' .*>< ouly $3,077,617 lti Thi?, with the fact, tbat Albert Gallulin, lu IHOtl, then a prominent member of the demociatiu parly, presented a celebrated report to Congruaii, advocating uu i.nlarged system of l internal improvement*. which heiug followed up by.\;r. tilbouu in IKiti, certainly Htainp* thi* system not only as democratic but also of southern origin. The contrast between the Internal commerce of I lit. upper lakes, the brie canal, and the foreign commerce of our Atlantic cities. m truly surprising, when the fact U presented that the former In now rated at a million of tous, while the latter, including the whole coaMtlug trade. In not over a million and a half. The lirst him recently Increased at the rate of Ji pur cent per annum, and vvhu at that ratio it ii not sulUciuut to carry oil the product* of tbiK thriving regiou. Lpward*.ur iMMMI meu are employed in the navigation of theie lakes, and the money value of their commerce may be sately estimated, this year, at over one huudred aud Ufty million* of dollar*, while the number of passengers pa-sing to and froin lluffitio will exceed BtW,UOU. fUli. wilh tne future luCleane. growih aud prosperity of this uouutiy, ceilaiuly call* for Nome remedy to protect tue luiuieUM uuieuiiu ol properly ttiat are exposed lo I lie UhIi^mih ijf |ha pruneul uuvigxtinn: aud public opilii>u, i, will compel the II, XL MlueeiutlUl l'i, Hull 11L ol i he I Hum In ?i.u,i I, ,.il h..,.. ftpllltlllg COUelltUtlOUal ObjBOHOUH 1U llle Wlxll.-H blill it- in a ( iih ot ihn wiutiik ' pownr, i u u peopin Not a Jolar uiiii b?- exp?uued li.-r.i ui.ti iIikk uui yield a com-Hponding beuem to our /UUUUC citien, ami aid tu the niippori of all tliat appertain* to ibuir prosperity. an the I'.mgu aud douieiitli: uomuierue uf tliu country are do uult<-d an to render eeparatiou impoaaiolu. lour*. 1. Ciiicaoo, ThurmUy, July i, |m 17 The Dtlfunlet ? The liaiet?liral Ktiatr, fitnte ami Mnnry -Orain Spnuiutnrt u nil then Kxpremrt, wit the H'lieat llarveit ? The Canal Connecting the J,ukei with lite Mielilii/ipi? Southern Market Jor the Northweil?The Oame seat on, fc. The attendance of delegate*, upeotator* and Iouiih<tc at thii convention, will rxoeed any ever held In tli? I'nlon, except the great Nutlenal Convention of tb? two great political partie*, at Ualuinore Many of tbe del'gatloun trum towns In tbi? State, .vilohlgan and VVi.??on mo. number from forty to tifiy. and the mo?t of them will b? prmmnt The town now present* an uiioommun lively appearance, and thoee fond ol variety oau paM a portion of tbe day at tbe race*, which coins nil daily, at a hiiautlfill couriw, three mile* from tbe Olty. aud iheu divide the evening by a mmI at the theatre recently conducted, and wltueH* tbe performance of Dan .Marble, I .Vim. limit, kc., aud an excellent mock company. An I exoitlng trot came off ye*tf*rday at lliu r<n? cour.'n, the rmult of which, Considering the beefy *tate of tbe track, | evidenced go?d breeding an J training- -two mile heaU? time, A 44 The running wan not *o good, a* the j racing breed appear* but little Improved '1 be oelebraJ ted trotting bor.e Heppo wa? originally owned in tlii* vl1 ctnlty. and wan nold for ??? H? afterward* brought mmu .jjji. _ ? ** ' rw Ml .i IE R A % 1 tM)0 in jour city at auctlou The uiual attendants upon a race course were assembled In abundance. and all the , games for chance and luck wen* kept in constant ; tion. including on* that certainly I* an origlqnl. railed "the Managerial' The face of the table hi covered with an oil cloth, painted in square*. with twelve different blrdi and animal*, and a large bail about four Inch** In diameter, with corresponding figures, on square paints, derides tbe bats that are placed on "the Managerle. The staken being down, a black boy at tbe head of the table, places this ball In a machine resembling tbn elbow of a stove pipe, and by a sudden spring It is forced forward, and rolling upon the table, the figure that conies uppermost wins the stakes that have been placed on the corresponding "animal." The remainder lose, and the game keener pocket* a handsome par centage The race course I* litid nutrai tVi? Uw?l n?l?l~ ' ...... (......v. KHUIU lull HOW UI the expansive emerald Michigan. TLa ground In heavy, but In time it will present a fin* bottom for training and port. This city 1* supplied with pure water from the lake, ralited by an hydraulic engine, and forced through It in wooden plpaa to all that desire Its use, at less than the average rates of the Croton. This, with the purifying air from the lake, renders Chicago one of the healthiest spots of the west. The peculiar benefits of the prairie that, commencing from Its western boundary, is evidenced by the fact, that nearly every family owns a oow, Which is driven out in the morning to feed upon its vast extent, and returned in the evening to their doors, by perrons engaged in thl:< business, for the trifling sum of twelve and h liulf cents per week. The level prairie extends here a distanoe of twenty-five miles without a western mark or bound, snd then follow* what is called the uudulating range, which rolls onward upward* of u hundred miles, until it strikes the lino of Indiana. Kcal estate is high here, and ordinary sized two story frame houses reut lor trom Jil.Mt to %'ihO per annum This arises from tho fact alone that there are not buildings sufficient to accommodate the increase of population; und money readily commanding three per cent per month, prevents those" who would construct dwelliugs front accomplishing their objoct The speculations in wheat aud flour have absorbed much of the rurplus fund-, of mouev brokers, who here control all financial I operations, as they have no competitors in banks or other chartered institutions. A private daily express has been kept up by them between this poll.* ai>4 ftuffalo, since the commonoeinont of the rise in grain, but the false telegraphic report of week before last, made them curse the haste with which they received th" cutting intelligence. The crops look well here, and report* from St. .Joseph, in MU hii;an, opposite, repre,?'nt nearly a full wheat hat vest in prospective. The completion of tho canal from thid eity to Tern. ! on the Illinois river, a distance of 10(1 miles, content- ! plated this fall, will connuct the wafers of the great j lakes with the Mississippi river, and thus open an outlet for a southern market tor the produce of this whole ro- ' gion, while the whole northwest will recclve in return. I all the ucoessarles of the south, including the fruits and j luxuries of Florida and llavaua The northwest will j then he partially Independent of your city, exchange ' will be kept near its present point, and its press will j rcape to look in your daily papers for tho news from the Beat of war in Mexico. This is the present land aud I water route to St. Louis. 400 miles distant, and sooner or later a railroad for passage travel will follow the samn course, and thus render tho distance a mere "nothing" in the western sense of this slgnifio&ut exclamation. Land can bu purchased on the prairies, within flvo miles of this place, for from $3 to $10 per acre, but farther baoK the emigrant has only to enter upon It, aud make a claim, by commencing improvements, aud thus secure the right to purchase at the minimum government price ol $1 JA per acre. Tho cost of 160 acres, prepared lor cultivation with a comfortable frame house and necessary out buildinga. is as follows :? C oil of loO sores at $1 -J/> per acre $200 Breaktug up tbe prairie at ?1 flu per acre. . 240 Fencing. Sic ITS IiweUing and out houses 300 Total $91o Thus you fco with a round $1000 a mau can vol him,selt down In thU growing region, with all th? advantages of approach to good luarkeU for his produce, and become lord aad owner of a farm that will make his laitei days comfortable, and leave his children prosperous and hap py. Is it, therefore, any wonder thai. the oppressed aud king ridiluu populaliou ol' huropr tly to our shores I>y the thousands aud thu tuns of thousands to enjoy these advantages ? 'i hi- lust crop of wheat has been often known to pay t he cost of thu land, breaking up, f-ncing, cultivation and transportation to market The aftercrops produce from 40 to 25 bushels of wheat, 40 to /.0 bushels of coru, AO to CO of oats, aud JOJ of potato** At present prices, wheat being!',) cents and corn 41, the profit* ran 1>h easily calculated. Knurrd and improved lunds can be purobastd for from $3 to > - > per acre. K mi grants need no furniture, as it is cheaper to purchase it heru than bring it with them All ibat is needed is a little niuney, strict habits of industry, paiieneeto work hard th? first two or three yearn, and a iroou Wife aud succ>-mh Ik rermin i The game Benson in now on tiie approach, when woodcock aud prairie chicken urc killed in great abundauce. The spring brooit of the latter urn beginning to come Into market, and such a luxury' Talk ot your quail, your partridge. or your woodcock Wit? me a young prairie chicken either to shout or eat. and you c?n take the reit. Deer are now In seaton, and are killed iu great abundance a lew miles distant. The waters abound with black bass, pickerel, and other lake tlsh. The former are most delicious, and you may think I am Inditing a tish story, when i tell you that myself and three associates took over two hundred weight of bans and pickerel at the mouth of the ( alumet river, ten miles from here, yesterday morning before it late dinm r A foraging party of hunters that accompanied us.shot aline doe and any i|uantity of pigeons, woodcock, and u few youug prairie chickens, which we heartily enjoyed alter our day's travel and sport. C. Awldriilnawl Iiiclctonfa on tlie Fifth. At New Haven, just after the evening salute had beeu commenced, a young man by the name of William Hhep- ; ard. of Uranford, was struck by a wad from the cannon, | on his thigh?the wad passing through his limb between . the bone and the femoral artery, tearing the flesh badly. I but not so that amputation was deemed advisable at the i time. Ills wounds were dressed by Dr. Knight, and he was taken to the hospital. Next morning he was doing us well as could be expected. At Troy a man was killed by the bursting of a cannon. At Schenectady, a large gun exploded, blowing off the baud of a person who was standing near by. In I'liiladelphia, a lad, the sou of Andrew Stotts.Xorth Second street, above Biown. whilst amusing himself with tire crackers, accidentally ignited a pack which he had in his hand, the entire puck exploded, destroying the sight of his left eye, and lacerating his bands. Several IIr?H occurred iu I'hiiadelplita. oue broke out in the basement of St Stephens Church. At the llroukline crossing, (near Boston) of the went- ! ?ru railroad on Monday afternoon,* mima^e containing four guntlvmeu. was run over ity the locomotive, the | driver iutaiiy injured. tlireu of the gentlemen very badly | hurt, botii tin' horses killed, and the carriage broken to I pieced. Uu the Delaware River, the steamer Balloon ran over I a small boat, near the Point Mouse, Monday afteruoun i There were live persons in the boat. Wo rt>gret to add that oue of the live, a colored b?jf, vrau drowned. A small girl fell into the river at the W*l*' . , ! ferry, frtrn one of the Delaware fori* * , I promptly ri'hi'ueii by a young f"' Adams. " ni4m,,d wanhlnRtoii for ,"UAU'"" of (lennan- left Philadelphia in the morning Mo purpose of parsing the day in \V t -?trott h wuodh, near < atuden. While in these wood*, enjoying them selves ilia quiet and peaceable manner, they were assalli d by a gang of rowdies from the city, and beaten In the moot shameful maiiuer. Several were ho severely Injured that it was found neeesnary to convey them to the hospital. A youug man was drowned while bathing In the canal at New Rrunswbk, .N.J. There were probably tweuty thousand person* who left Don ton Monday ul^lit. after the fireworks, iu the railroad trains. So caretullj and discreetly were these crowded trains managed, however, that. m far awe have been able to learn, not an accident oceuri"il which may be considered an iuoident to theae eitraordinary arrangements. On the Kitcbburg road a train of 7io?rs, heavily laJcn with panMtnirern, bud worked It* wny utxnit len mil" ?t about I o'clock. ami probably did not reach itw dentin* tion till ucariy da> light- producing a general di?arrangeuient of tliti train* mi i uenday An unual on independnuce da? llirr* were nome narrow eecapt-t from death A boy, ?bll? ibe nalute wan bvitiK tired on Honton < Milium in the morning run before the chuuou junta* tin* match ??< applied I ha explosion spoilt hi* cloth)* hut hu hitnneif -captd unharmed Ju.t before the Urge trmun with the pun<?ngern from th? tlrf worn* ^nrt> d from the V* orneeter rail, i'OH (J. u nntn who gone ahead t ? i1^ that all wan right dieeover. da w. 11 dr?n?. doountryOHMi d?md druak. IV'ug aJTOM tin' track near the Treinout mad ciimnuig iu a It w moment* >1 liv had wot becu lillfofi rrd thirty or forty cur", loaded down with pu*ni*U|(* rs, would liavo panned oeer bin body At Newt Lower Kail*, ' ?rly in the morning a chiinou witii which the inhabitant* were celebrating the approaeu of the d.iy. explod-d mtoahuudred fragment*, th? Urgent of which that could be found weight-it but nix pound*, and wan thrown over nix hundred feet, to within a nhorl dinlancu of th? railroad depot. At tho tiin*' of the explonlon the gun wan nurrouuded with p*opin. but no one wan in the MigUlent degree injured. ? Hattun trr. I'rarrlltf, 6tk mil. At Newark th>"rc were, it la naid, mtini people unneinhied than erer belore congregated then- at one time ? Hpeechen were made. in winch " The name* of Hcnit ami Tnylor were 'July hlgualized, and the mention of the lullxi name produced ? general anil heart* re-poune from the audience?wblrh gate iinei|tiirocni tokenn of It* gratification." Pickpockets were btiny wheretera crowd afforded them an opportunity to puraue tSmr dinhoneet trade In Bon. ton neeeral pocket honk* changed ownern, without the oonneot of partial deeply intnrented The following canen are reported at the Peniinj Iranu Honpitai, the rmult of cMltaltle* attending the Celebration on Monday William Hoott, a young man, had hln linger nhot off while firing a pl*tol in the ntruut. talo Oluenpie, oolored man, atabhed In the hip. la Moytmendng. John June*, colored uian, beaten In *?me district, with ft club. Owen Malloy, a fractured leg, hy a fall at Kront and Arch Ktreet Jamen O'Neill, fell through the bridge at Mill < r>ak, 11" m'H'fi "'n1 mmm LD. 'rtwTwa U?nu, above \Un?yunli the dUtanc* of ,!4 f*?t anj *?. vtruly Injured. i harlea .Smith wan Jrag^aJ out 01 Uu ..imiibus bj mine uirn on tbu Seoond street road, aud b?at?u ahock* Ingly?bt? Jaw being brok<-u. < omellus McCilvett. boy. had the de*b torn trcm on* of hi* band* by the explosion of a bundle of fire craoker? RIOT AT ANNAPOLIS. MP Au Kxtra from the office of the Baltimort .S??, (rivet an aocount of a serlou* disturbance and lndUcreut uce of fire-arm*, which occurred at Annapolin. on Monday It appear* that th* *t*amer Jewess. of Baltimore. left that city for an excursion and cotillon party, In which the K.agle Artillery, under Capt. Kane and the Columbian Riflemen, under Capt AioAlilater. were to join. It had been announced in *n ad vertlsement that the number of paMenger* would b? limited, and alio that the boat would "top at tb* County whnrf. at Kelli Point, to take on dome of th* military and cltlieni who had procured ticket* It *u. however. apparent that there wan to be a ruah on the boat of MB* persona who were gathered on the wharf, evidently determined to get on board; tho Captain, therefore.r*ra*?d to let the boat make fast to th* wharf, and only a few of iuh persons wbo had no ticket* (jot on board. Tlie boat then left for St. Michael*. having on bo*rd. Including the Columbian Riflemen and the taxi* Artillerist?, about one thousand passengers. a goo 11; portion of whom were ladle* und children On account of the ((rent number on board, it won found impossible to make much headway, and the boat did not reach the vicinity of Annapolis until one o'clock, when it being found Impossible to proceed, pa<nengers were landed tit the Anuapoll<< wharf. (>u first i;u'u^ a liore. the passengers and military were well received by the citizens. and all pasaed OK <1 uiutly until nearly tne hour of departure. \a fkr aa we were able to learn, tlin difficulty <'onimenoed by a toy troui iiu boaifl the boat having hrokeu a wiudow, wnicb it in r-aid wun promptly paid tor, but afterward a companion ol the boy was arretted by an officer for throwing the stouc rhi was resisted by tome of tbe Raltimoreaos, and the boy was rescued from the ofllcer. Nothing more occurred from this time until a few moment* before the departuro of the boat, when some rowdies who were on board tbe boat, and some fellows of a similar character ou the wharf commenced bantering each other for a fight, and the officers of tbe boat were making all haste to leave, so us to avoid a collision. At this moment one of the passeoger* of the boat who wan Htandlng ou the upper deck, with a lemon in bin baud, the skill of which he wan chipping off with a penknife, either aacldnntally or intentionally struck a pen-on on tbe wharf with a piece of tbe skin, when a negro on the wharf threw a bri'-k among the ladies and children who occupied the upper dock The brick struck a lady on the shoulder, injuring her pretty pcvurely. A gentleman ou board who raw the negro tlirow the brick, immediately .matched a rifle belonging to one of the Columbian ItlfleDicn. and fired at the negro, 1 he ball entering hi* log 'l'be scene ou board the boat at thin moment wan awful to heboid Tbe ladie.i aud children were rushing In every direction, amid a shower of bricks from tbe wharf. About a dozen of them were struck by the bricks, while others had to be held to prevent them from Jumping overboard As soon as possible the ladles and children were got below, and stowed away in such portions of the bout as would render them safe from tbe missile* that were raining on the boat from the wharf As soon ax the battle commenced, tbe captain of tbe boat out loose and endeavored to ruu out Into the stream, but unfortunately he had not proceeded many yard! when his boat ran aground. Tbe passenger* having placed the ladieH out of harm's way, uuw rushed to tbe deck, and commenced returning with great vigor, tbn brioks aud missiles whioh had been thrown on boftid from the wharf. Capt McAlister promptly ordered hia men to seisw their rifles and retire from tbe deck, but a number of the guns were forcibly taken ' obsession of by the en raged passengers, and a brisk firlug commenced on tbe crowd that was collected on the shore. The bar waa also broken into by some of the passengers and a large number of empty and full porter bottles seiled and used an missiles. Several of the bdll* that were fired from tbe vecael tooK effect on the rioters on tbe wharf. wbttb>r fatally or not was not known on board tbe boat. One white man on the wharf was observed to receive a boll apparently in the pit of the stomach, which caused him to leap 111 the air, und fall streaming with blood, as if del peralely wounded Others wore considerably wounded wilh bricks unci bottles, bulk on bourj the boat aud oa the whurf Aft#'r being aground *bout twenty-five mlr.utei th? boat fut off, some of b<>r passengers having bten left at Annapolis, among whom whs (apt Kane, of the Bagia Artillery. The boat moved off about five o'clock, and it nt hoped all wax oftr. but on breasting the wiiarf of tha Navy .S' hool, a number of persons were obterred loading a canuon, which they pointed i>t the I oat, and fired It is |ir< bitblH. from the excited Hate of those wbo Bred tt, ihat the mnrile wp.f filled with brick and Jtou.s However nothing from the cauuuu reached tba boat. Jus* us they were preparing to tire. Capt Kane was observed rushiiig toward the wharf, and at the moment the match was applied threw himself on the cannon, but bot Id time to prevent the firing Capt Kane has. howvter.arrivnd iu the carp, and all fear for his safety which Waa untert&tned by those on board the boat is at an end. These are the fact* of the case as they appeared tu those on board; but the probability is, that other provocation* may have been given to the people at Aana poll*, which dul not come under our notice YVv learn that the Mayor of AnnapolU .Major Swan, and Judge llrewer, of Amiu Arundel cunnty court, have arrived iu the city; we presume, for the purpose of harming the matter invest(gated. We learn thut no one wa:? killed at Anuapoli*. or ai least that none of the wounds received had proved fatal last nipht. A youn-^ man named Uurrell, a clerk in Mr Franklin's store, received a ball above the hip, which wat ( till in his body, and it was feared would prove fatal. Another man named Urady. a baker. who waa inc the authorities in dispersing the rioters, was also shot, the ball passiug through both thighs. We learn, in addition to the above, thatyovritg Kdward Bur nil wan a native of the Htate o. New York. He is very badly wounded. *nd hardly any Ixjpesare entertained of his recovery. Thu ball, it is said, entered the small of his back, and lodved In his body. Mr. Uridy was shot through both thighs, and I* dangerously if not fatally wouwded. A gentleman named l.ockurmitn was also shot In the leg. Mr. Mc.Nelr, als" a oitlxen of AunapolU received a ball in his leg; and a man named Hull had two of ,hi* toes shot off Tt fa said that some thirty or forty guns, fully charged with powder nnd ball were fired from the , ? ti... ?..? ? ? wharf. Houic ol thu UilU HtrucU a considerable dt*t*uee> up In thu city?one of thmu |>a*wd through the window of a houoe occupied hy Mr. Hyde, and within a f> w inclien of a yi.uni; lady ( Minn Hyde) who was hIuikIiuk at th?window at tliu 11in**. Thu cannon which bad born plaoe<l on thu whnr( and aimed at the boat, wan charged with round ?hot. A man named William Nniitlv, carpuuter. on the Point, wait struck on thu head with a brick or Htoue and niucb injured. Several of tbe ladie* received Mi['ht injur!**, md I he wonder W that they escaped *0 well. Murray, thu lead'. I'd the band Oft board wan woundud iu the head '' niMtllaiiMi it., Both white und red chalk hate t??n di?coTer"d in thn neighborhood of Madison, Wincowiin territory. The hteainboat Financier hiw beou mink twelve uiico below Pittsburgh No liven lost Thu boat waj loaded with government freight nnd dry goods. Th# iltinux will be considerable, but thu boat and ciu",'o will both be raved Iu ax good aotatiwm could b? expected I The water iu the upper lalcM in i<ai'l to bo lower, by | about a foot, than it wa? live yearn ago ( apt. Juwett, of the Penobiicott, ban succeeded < api i 8. II Howes, a* commander of the xtenmer fioveruor. 'running between Ilangor and Portland. It I* ?ald thitt I tb? trlends ol 1 apt. llowes are about to put an oppo?li lion boat on the route giving him theeommeud of her He ha-, it in said, navigated the difficult aud dangeroue ; route hat wren HHiigor uihi i oruanu mr i j y ' any imrtoii* accident. I'rnunal mill Political. Tho lllliiol* convention aeoin to have approved of tba resolution of th?ir committee fixing 'to a* the number of Senator*. ami 74 no the number of Hepreieutatlve* h. re. after to oompone their legislature i'he leglHlaturo of .New liainpatiire finally adjonrneii ja-t Saturday The election lu tile two vac*ut Congressional district* In to take pUce on Thuraday There ar? aaid to be 1.1 candidate* tor the ?hlg nomination te the office of Governor of Kentucky, the election for which come* off in one year truin nest .tuguat We learn from a corre*pundent of the lljyt>al 0<inn?r, that the lion. Henry l .lay wai baptlied on ilie 3J<1 uJt In one of the beautiful pouiia on In* own ertate, utar Lexington lie uulted with the hpl-copal cliureb. but deinaudwd iminerRlon ? Phil liullrlin. Thadem Phalpa, Kiij , long known Id our olty ni an Intelligent and able merchant, died at bli residence jiitefday morning OUt.O?X'ATlC L A VIPB.?L CbapdeUiue, UiimI ?j,, lint received per Imr arrivals, a large a. tl splendid aa ertmenl ol French patent OleoatatlC Lanfa, ol lirteieni |.?t terns These I imic. were invented by the celtbiaitd t. i hi loner, of I he French Academy, ami are couaidered tlie beat lainpo now in u?e. 'l'lieae lani|>s are for sale ouly at Broadway in thia city, Aleo, on hand, a large assortment of rich plain aud cm |laa>, cutlery, girandoles, vaaaa, chiua ware, toilet acta, and every article in the lamixhiug line. nH IWre SHuITluTk ?KA( r.s, and BUUk B?.lT#.-Aaaie'a I'renaiuin i'atrnt Klsstic Shoulder Brace, ao hi( I, re| commended and |>atroniaed bv the moat eminent su gaona in ihi* country, f ir children or arinl a. who are iuelmed lo etovp, or are round shouldered, 01 effected apiue peraous wit weak ueu, or pain in 'he cheat, thoae of consumptive or sedentary liab ta, or those confined h v study, or at the a ruing dealt, u> they will liod them aa invalu>h e article to brace the ah uMera, eipand the chest. thaiehy uiving a tiee and hesltny *r~ tioi to the lunga. Mechanic* and laborers, by weari< g thia ! Iince, will be aide to do m ?ie aeoik with leai fatigue, as well I us improve the form. To be had wholesale and retail at J.AOATfcH. Ueotlemro'aoiitlittiug store, 137 Broadway co nar of Par* P.aca N.B.?Also a taper tor Body Belt, or Abdomiual SuPt>ortr< In.lily recommended. ______ jy? j?t*rc 'Pill- PAlhN r" I.L.A8TK. BABV JUViYfH nil JL NUKHKH AHSISTaNT?A aaw and useful arii-le ol <hi? Nntnery, by which infant" thrae month* old and ii'Wi da own tmitM) it.d nrrnw ihcrnaHrca. raa ting, ** they do. * l little *e?t or attddle, which aerrea U? alHtail) Ulr child at"' IT'?e it ill fhf ?ui?port rvqttiiM Alao. tu mrhBi?it, fhr ! *? f! ' which forma a light, airy CRADLE for the c*nfort ot chilJ r-ii durhi* warm weather. It it recommeam-d n>* MiytrMM ?aconducive lo health. To the mother it ( ?? ; cun her lit'lc mir alonr, ?nd h?? M*ured ob ? It. Ml her return, urnnurd and p^rfccily Mfc. fV? ; md r?U?l, ftt Sll Bromd^ky O O W TUim1. jtllS9f*r Inveuloi and

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