Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1847 Page 3
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i>? ?b? ImU W? r?m?iDO*r long a*u to btvo utaUd that had any rssjoniiMe scheme of defence been apftlf j to tliti country between Vera Crut and i'crote, tbe advsnra of an Invading force through it would hare been | hu mpossibility. This we did upon the authority of I peisotn well acquainted with the difficulties of the conntry. t ieneral Santa Anna, however, instead-of availing | himself of these. drew up his whole furoe for one single j battle, and suffered a moat disastrous defeat on the height* of Corro <?ortto The popularity of Santa Anua wan, bv the laat ac- I counts, fast declining He was left talking fustian and ' writing bombastic proclamations,which now have ceased 1 1<> produce their accustomed effect The inhabitants of ! the city of Mexico are said to be divided into faction*? ' t he one party inolined to peace, the other eager for war. | wlieu General Scott shall arrive before thoir city. Thus, instead of endeavoring to impede his progress by any rational means, they wait until he has arrived at a point when resistance on their part can merely be the causa ; of useless bloodshed and disaater. It la strange, iadeed. hat there should not be any class of men in the whole [ country who are of authority enough to lnduo* their : ountryvun to decide upon the alternative of peace or , war. in a manner which would enable them to reap the fruits of either one or other courso. We grieve, uader the circumstances, to say that tho general voice of the people scums to be for maintainingthe war at all hazards. Wv are inclined to the opinion that Generals Scott and Taylor havo still abundance of work before them. For t hat which constitutes the weakness of Mexico in one j ?-euse. forms her strength In another. The progress of interual disorganisation has, on the one hand, exposed her to dismemberment; on the other, by rendering the compiest of her territory a matter of greater difficulty, | >r at least a work of longer time, It has in some measure guarded her from such aresult. l/udoubtedly, had there i<een unity in the efforts of tho confederation it would lmve been more difficult to have overoonie the united twee* of the different provinces in the field; but then ihe loss of two or three battles, the capture of two ?r three important places, would have settled the <iuestion at once. As It Is, the occupation of the uortbern provinces by no means implies the oonquest of the central provinces. Mexico may fall, and Chihuahua or Duran^o remain unshakeD. It is melancholy to follow the history of these colonies | ast off nil dependence on tbe mother country. What ?h?y mlirht have been, anil what they are. that ix the painful contrast that will force itself upon the mind ? Who can attempt to follow the various revolution that have taken place tn Mexico since the revolution, or endeavor to appreciate tho change of position undergone by parties and individuals throughout the country, with more than tho rapidity of th- tricks In a pantomime'? What Milton paid of the w.irs of the Anglo-Saxons may be applied with equal truth to the factions of Spanish \inerica?Such hiekerinr* to recount, what more worth is it than to chronicle the wars of kites and crows nocking and fighting in the air ?" This is the third time that Santa Anna has held in his haud the destinies \>f his country, aud three times he lias shown himself unequal to the task. The events of ihn year 1847 have*; been but a repetition oi those of I S3,', aud 1341; nt each of the thr< e periods he has brought ruin ou Mexico, and his fall will now, it is to be hoped, prove irretrievable. Law Intelligence. United States District Court, July 7?Before Judge lietts.?Jamti Clark i'i. The Slramhoal North .'Imrricu. her tackle, <f-r.?The libel in this suit was tiled by Clark, alleging that he was employed as second pilot on board the steamboat North America for one year from 1st March, 1840. and that he was discharged in tbe month of November following, and praying to be decreed the balance of his wages. Amotion was made, in the part of the claiuiunts, to discontinue the suit, or tile a stipulation for costs, founded upon affidavits setting forth that there was a defence in bir. Court ?This cause being In a courne of regular litigation, the Court will not interfere on motion founded on a supposed defence in bar to order the action discontinued. Tho suit being for wages, no sufficient reason is shown for compelling the libellant to file a stipulation for oosts. Motion denied. Henry J. Carr vt. The Bark Zenubia.?This case, which was reported on Tuesday, was decided this morning. His honor said that the libel being filed for a double cauce of action, aa well as lor ono for whieh the ship and master may be both liable, the case is not ono in which I he court will compel the libellant to elect which branch he will pursue. He may, accordingly, maintain tuil in personam against tbe master for cost, and wilfully abandoning the libellant in China, and for abstracting or withholding his specie shipped, and seeking damages beyond the liability of the snip, and against the ship, including the master; also, upon tho contract for his passage and the transportation of his property; provided he shows a case within the jurisdiction of the court ? Motion denied. Superior Court?Before Judffi Oakley? Woodhull 'f Minturn rt. V. M. If'ilion <{- Co.?In this causo the jury rendered a verdict for plaintiff for $806 60. Common Pleas?Before Jndae ln<*rnli?Tn?i.,hn h Montgomery vi.Darid Baldwin, et alt.?This was an action to recover a balance of $234 3-Wfor wages. The defendants art- dry goods merchant* in (Jedar street, and employed the plaintiff an a salesman on the first nf March, )846. for a limited period. They discharged him in the latter part of November, following, which wits a month ? r two before tho period he was hired for expired. The defence set up. wait that plaintiff represented at the time lie wax hired, that In- had a large connection who would deal with tho defendants; which representations defendants alleged turned out to be false. Tho judge in his charge told the jury the only question they hud to decide. was there a defence; it was conceded that plaintiff was hired, iind continued with the plaintiffs to near the expiration of his time, and his being discharged so very near it does not deprive hint of the right to maintain his action, but lu making up your verdict, you have a right to taiio into consideration whether he was guilty of bad management, negligence, &c ; and if from the evidence, you think he was, you have a right to make suob deduction from his claim as the facts warrant Sealed verdict. Kor plaintiff. Mr. K. N. Morri.-on; for defendants, Mr. Titus. Court of Obnkral Session*, Wednesday, July 7.? liefore Recorder Scott, and Aldermen Lawrenoe and Keeks. JohnMcKeon. Ks>| , District Attorney. At the opening of the court this morning, the following gentlemen were called ami sworu as graud jurors, vli:?Oerardus Buyce, foreman; John Drady, Walter W. Concklin, ltobert P. (Jetty, Horatio Mott, Peter ferine, Isaac Walton, William M. Wilinarih, Llrutus.Skiilmore, Nicholas L. I.udluui. Thomas McSpeddon. John C. llaxlett, Thos. Charlock, Caleb 11 an If. John L. Manner. William YTouug, .lames K. Bergen, Charles L. Matthews. Hoe Lockwood, Alexanders. (>ould, James II. I'erkins, who. after the iiBum uunirgu iroui int* iiecoruer, retired to tliulr room to commence their duties. Trial fur Jhtauh, v>ilh Intent to Kill.?Thomas Holland wan then placed at the bar for trial on an indictment for mi a-sault, with intent to kill, Peter Shultz, on the 15th tiny of April last. I'rtkh 8hi;lt7. nworn?1 keep a grocery store at No. fil Went street; I kn;tw tho prisoner; on the 16th day of April, Mr. Miller,01' No. 21 Albany street. sent for me and naked if 1 would go and purchase him some bedHeads. that he had no uiany emigrants lie did not know what to do with them. While I was in Mr. Hiller's house. Holland, with two or three of his gang, came in, and Holland dragged iu? out; I wan then arointed by two ofticers: alter I got houie Holland came to my store. and paid be would k'11 me, und then struck mo with a rlung shot, or soiue instrument of tho kind, which fractured my skull; 1 wan routined to my bed for a week, and to the house for three weeks K. W. ('. Win tTi.icTui, Hwiirn?I lire at No. 22 Cedar street; on the loth of April I wan passing Mr. Shuitz's house, when I saw a large crowd arouud the door; I did not see Ilnilund at that time; I went to the door, and looked in aud saw Mr ShulU standing by the counter; 1 saw him struck, and fall. Catiiari.ik Spiwokh sworn?I live at CI West street; ou the day?iu question, as I was taking tea, I heard a great noise, and luen went down stairs, where I n iw Mrs. shultz push a innn out of the door; that man was Holland; I heard Holland say he only wished he had killed him; I did not sc liim Urine Mr. Hhultl. Mar* Siii'i.t/. sworn?1 am the wife of Peter Shultx; on t he evening of the 1 Atli of April. I was up staini, aud some one came up and told me uiy husband was almost killed; I ran dowu stairs, aud heard Holland say he would kill A>r S. in the street, or in the statiou house; 1 called for iiu officer, but noue would asjiift; I then pushed liim out of the door; he then said he would kiil the d?d Dutchman some other time, if hu GotUd not kill him then 'I he prosecution here rested, when tho following testimony w:ts adduced for the defence:? AVu.i iam Caowi.icr sworn?1 wes at Hi>lci'& on the day In question; I saw'Shuliz strike Hollaud with a slungMoi; I did not see Holland strike Shultz. William H Smith sworn?I was at Hiller's on the day in question; Mr. Shultz was there; Holland told Ktiultz he had no business there, and put him out; 1 saw Shultz strike Holland soveral times; 1 did not see Holland strike Shultz The ense went to the Jury, who found a rerdiet of guilty "f assault Riid battery only. He was remanded ior (lenience, wimu (0* t-oort adjourned until to-morrow. Tho Court of Appeal* anil the Supreme Court, which have held their first fieiMou, under the new constitution, Ht Albany. during tln? l?.-t few days, it in underNtood ) ave agreed upon the following arrangement Tor thil city The Court of Appeal* will hold a term in thia city, commencing on Tuesday, the !lth of November next l'he Supreme Court will hold a general term for hearing of argument* on tho lirai. Monday of September next; and a cpee.ial term on the liret Monday of every mouth Utter August next. Circuit aad Oyer and Terminer on the :ld Monday of Hepteinber and lit Monday of November next. Sitting* for trials by jury on the let Monday* of October and December next. (Jot-ht < Ai.r.cDiR.?SrrRKMr. (JoiTRT.? T\it Oay, July H ? Before Judge Oakley ?No* 18. 19. i9. 30, 31. 33, 33, 40. 4'i, 34, 44, 40,47, 48, 49, Ml, 61, .Vi, 53, 64,66, bit. 57, 68. .19, 00. til, ?J, 03.04, 61, <55, 08, 09. Com mo* Pi.r. \ ft?Purl Pint.?Before I inlge UUhoelTer ? Thil Day, July 8 ? No* 113, 67, 3ll, 43, 300, SI, 56. 87, 79, 106. 309, 33, 7 I Part 5er?nrf.--Before Judge t*rahnm Not uh ?. J86, 38K. J90, i?i, J94, 3M, 60, 34, 306, 12H. I74, 216, 168. |V? nulc Honw, (?rretiport, I^I.?TliU Uenlthfnl aud attractive miianer resilience, either for fatnilic* or ingle pernon*, in imvt open, and prurnti one of rbe mo?t uplendidly furnished hotel* in the Union. Kooini ?>|>en and airir.cominwdi'g view* bold, varied ami picinre-qtie. Ki*hjng, boating anil iportiug in e try shape. A table rf every delicacy??t*, carriage*, lior?e?, 4ic.?* cellar of choir* winea, and att'Dlivc waiter*?within lour hour* reach of the city by the I.on? Inland railroad?all tuiilrr the >iieci*l management of Mr Kairclnld, well known in the Soutti a* in this city lireMlnii Ca??n._'l1o Travellers, and thoae who are about to leave the city for the iiimmer, the*e article* will prove i I/mat dmirable companion: they n|e very', vet even thing contained in them I* of nutfirient me to be useful, ai d ? bile their utility make* them convenient, they form ,i cheap :,rnl elegant addition Jo the toilette tanle G. 8AUNDEK8 Ik HON. 177 Broadway. j Son|>?. I'erlumtry, Uruihea, (lid every de- i ?eri|iti'?ii I tmlett- artirlea, razor*, pan and pocket kuivei, toilette cutlery, Ike., of tha mo*t beautiful Aniah and warranted III.inula. Hire, for *ale at O. MAUNDERS It SON, 177 Broadway, oppoait* Howard Hotel. Wlg?, W'lgi, Wlg(._Miran|tn, arc yott In want I'a v*ry line wig betora leaving town, and on* exactly intuit) the dimmer ?ea*oii * If*o. w* would advite ycm to call and enmiiie tb* new atylo of wig* and toupee* manufacture! by < Gilbert and Fletcher, practical hair 4ra**era and wif mtker*, No. 17* Broadway, oppoiite the Howard Hotel, up Mai". > i ' Knlniingi?Tlu> European Artist rinn will wll a large invoice of ft?e Oil Paiatmij, by ueuoo, This D?v, (Thursday) it ? o'clock, r. M., *t 241 Broadway, tip iiun, Sile positive. " IUcbilleo'' Diamond Pointed Gold Pen* Triumphant?If you want a firm! rate p?u, try a " Richelieu Tbev have til the flexibility of the qoiH, and will, with care, laat for years. They ar? t''? be-' "<! fhea|*?t pens in use.? Those who think the >! u? p-r rri i a '?ri ol any importance, would do Will "< t.ythe?e: (>u-\ ?t- |t only. IH are equal to thoie sold f r SI 10 ?-Urt?here. 1-or ..air at J. V. Ravage'*, ft Fulton street, and ar no other place 111 the city ? Other pens from 7J ceuU to $ I 50. Gold Pens?TIie way (o get a good one Im to try a large number, and select one to ?uit vour haud.lor scarce anytwo iiersnn* bold their |>eii> alike. John W. Oreatou * Co. have for thii paipoae, established a wholesale aud retail de|>ot at 71 Cedar street, up stairs, where you can 'it down and try |wns of nil approved makers in cotnjietition, decide for yourself their relative merita. Oreatou Sl Co. confine themselves exclusively to the gold pen huiineai, aud by so doing they cm otter great inducements ill the quality and price of their Diamond Pointed Gold Peus Ladles' ShampooliiK?Ladlcii resilient of, or visiting thia city, detirous ol having their.heads shampooed or dressed, should call on Barker at 319 Broadway, opiKisite the Carlton House. Hit terms for dressiug are only 37>W cents; shampooing and dressing JO cents; placing it within the reach of all to have their hair arranged in a becoming manner, aud the head kept free from scurf aud dandruff, and what is ol moat importance during this warm weather, keeping the head cool. Children's hair cuitiug reduced from 2J to 12>i cents. Ornamental ilair Work of all kinds, aud colors,at greatly reduced prices. Every Mother's Uook_The great Interest manifested by married ladies in the subject treated of in this work, haa already exhausted the fint edition. The terrors ol poverty, and the proi|iect of a large family of childreu, prevent many prudent people from entering the matrimonial atate, but here is a work that will tell you important secrets. The anllior is not allowed to state in detail the character ol the work, but he can assure his lemale readers'hat it is universally approved of by those tor whose beuefit it is designed 1 rice ,'KJ cents. For sale at 232 Broadwav, uuder the Ameri' cm Museum: and Zeiber lit Co., corner of Chesnut and Thiri* streets. Philadelllhia: and nf Ihn mihlishor. V.,. 2 Ann irrt-er Letters enclosing $1, addressed to the Publisher, will ensnre sending one or two copies, post paid, to order. jy8 3t Medical Canl?Tlie Members of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 95 Nbmhu street confidently promise to persons suffering from complaints o auy nature asafe and speedy cure. Home of t^e raottrsterieucei physicians in this city are connected witli this establishment whose chief object in associating together is to put dowt quackery. Invalid* requiring their services will find one ol the members iu attendance for consultation from 8 A. M. to I P. M. N. B.?For further particulars, and a list of their prepare tions, see fourth page of this paper. Office and coiisultini rooms of the college, Nassau street. The Married Woman's Private Medical Companion?By Dr. A. M .Mauricean, Professor of Diseasei ol Women. Second edition. Price $1. The great demand for this most important work (of whicl thousand* are sold) has compelled the issue of a new edition Kv-ry female i* getting a cony, whether married or unmarried For sale at BUBOES*. STRINGER & Co.. 222 Broadway uuder the American Museum; 205 Broadway, and by Dr A M. Maurice. , at hi* Medical Office, 129 Liberty street, Nt\i Vork: Zeiber & Co, comer of Chesnnt and Third street! Phila.; C. F. Fisher, Richmond, Va.; Geo. Redfield, Troy Little It Co, Albany. On the receipt of $l,a copy will be transmitted by mail (fret of postatrel to all part* of rhe United Stare*. jjl J4r e*S MONEY MARKET. Wednesday, July 7?0 P. M. The stork market continues exceedingly quiet, and price* very unHettled. At the first board to-day, Morrii Canal fell off *4 per oent; Norwioh and Worcester .'4; Reading RailroadLong I Bland >4; Harlem 1. Macoe Railroad went up 1 per cent; and Stonington closed at prices current yesterday. Transaction* were only to a limited extent, and stock operator* in Wallitreet do not fee disposed to involvo themselves during this hot weathei In any more speculation than are actually necessary. At the second board there was a further deoline In some of the fancies. Harlem declined >* per cent; Nor wlch aud Worcester ,l4'; Reading Bonds went up }?. The Long Island Insurance Company bare declared i semi-annual dividend of Ave per cent. The toll* on the New York Stato canals for the fourtt week In June this year and last, and from the opening o: navigation to the 1st of July, in each of the past tw< seasons, were as annexed New York State Canai.??Amount of Tolls. Fourth weeek in June. 1847 $141,4-27 6( For the 4th week in 1846 89,564 3( Increase $51,863 20 The total amount of tolls received in the months of May and June, 1817, (il days, is $1,304,3-20 74 The total for 75 days In April, May and Juue, lH4tJ 948,670 37 Increase to 30th June, in 1847 over 1846. . . $365 615 31 Increase in two months this year of more than thre< hundred and fifty thousand dollars. There are aboul five months of canal navigation left this season. ShouU the receipts for that time continue at the rate realixed li the past two, the aggrog?.te increase for the year ovei last would be but little short of one and a half millioi of dollars, which would swell the gross amount of tolls t< about four millions of dollars for the year 1847. If price; for produce are sustained at a remunerating point, theri will be immense quantities pressing forward to market and our public works will continue active to the close.? Everything depends upon prices. The Legislature of New Hainpshlro baa granted t charter for the railroad from Manchester to the nen town of Lawrence. This will form a new line from Con oord to Boston. There was a petition before the LeglS' lature for the repeal of the oharter of the Wilton Railroad. This has been postponed to the next session. A bill for the assumption of the construction of the Wilton Railroad by the Lowell and Nashua Company, was alsc postponed to the next session. The Williamsburg Kire insurance Company have abandoned its agencies throughout the country, and intends to confine its risks to this city, upon the system so successfully carried out by the Bowery Insurance Company. The exports from this port for the month of June were unusually large, and exceeded the value of the imports for the .same mouth?a very extraordinary oircuuistance The annexed table exhibits the value of mereliandiza Imported and exported In each of the pant nix months. Commuh k ok thi: Port ok New York.?Import* and Exports. , Import! , < Kxporti > 1846 1847 11116. 1817. January $5,2!9.78<l $3,978,121 $2,100,811 $3,120 671 Krliniaiy . . . . 4,652.312 6,174,515 1,84.1,816 3.JB1 ,?J0S M.trcli 9,750,269 6,817,GUI 1.6J1.8T 3,903,011 April 6,334,271 10,326,162 *.309.281 3,860.1(6 May 5,461,051 5,607,014 2,823,<19 4,001.1.64 J Hue 5.811,533 6,090,467 4,062,219 7,120,9611 Total $37,262 225 39,024,166 14,791,455 25,470,113# Si'icir 313,752 7,917,028 1,206,882 685.5C1 Total $37,605,977 46,94!,2M 16,000,337 26,156,13? 37,605,977 16,000,ST lucreate, 1817 $9,335,317 $10,155,805 Notwithstanding the large importation of specie, it will bo perceived that the increase In the amount of exporta exceeds that of import* iu the first six month* ol 1SA7, compared with the corresponding months In IS (6. The balance against us In the foreign trade of this port for the tirst six monthu In each of the past two yearn has been an annexed : ? Imports and Exports? Rai.ancf or Tradk. 1816 1817. Im|H)rts $37,605,977 $16,911,291 Exports 16,000.337 264.';6,'39 Excess ol" Imports $'1,605,610 20.785,155 It will be perceived that the cxcsm the tirst six months on the aggregate importation of 1846, was a little larger than for the corresponding tlx mouths in 1847. A comparison of the valuu of merchandise im ported and exported, leaving out spccle entirely, presents the annexed remit'? 1816. 1817. Merch. imported l?t C mm.. $37,2r>J,22.*> $fj,02t.260 Merch. exported do do ... H,793.4to 21,470.638 $22/68,770 I3,JJJ,62? Hero 1? a variation in our favor of about nine millions of dollars. lu the importation "bf merchandise alone. ThiH variation has been nearly annulled, or offset, by an importation of specie. Of the Import* of merchandise In the first six month* of 1847, there were dutiable, f 37,310,034. Kree, $ft.i>77.B42. against dutiable, $.12,489 840 and free, $0 742.370. in the flret tlx months of 1840. showing in 1847 a falling off of $1,004,724 In free good*, and an increase of f4,8ftA,78A in dutiable good*. The revenue from custom* thl* year, ha* been about the same a* for the same period last. Kor the seven month* ending June 30th. 1847, the receipt* at the custom house of thl* port were $10,760,02ft, against $10,A 12.300, fbr the same period the previous year. Thl* exhibit* an Increase of only $218 32ft on an additional Importation of dutiable goods of $4,8ft?,79ft. Thl* doc* not look much like any very great Increaae of revenue fiout custom* under the new tariff, and It i* our impression that the estimated receipt* for the year will not be realised The Importations of the past *ix month* have been limited, it is true, compared with the estimates which formed the basis of oalonlations relative to revenue, and every thing depend* upon the foreign commerce of the country for the next six months. The average duty on Import* under the new tariff, has been so much smaller than under the old, that the Inareased Import* were not sufficient to.produoe any luoroase in the levenue. The shipment* to Great Britain during tho month of June were unusually heavy. The shipment* of breadstuffs were a* follows, vl* 984.251 bbls of flour; 42,OPS bbls meal; 372.304 bushels wheat; 730,400 bushels corn: 41.833 bushels oats; 8,110 bushels rv?: ?", ? ? nushels barley Of the *7,1*1,*10 etported In June. $ft,101,333 were shipped to Oreat Britain and her dependencies. A very large per cent of these shipments were, a* will be ?e?n by the above statement relative to breadatuffs, in the shape of flour and all kind* of grain. It sppiaii by reeent statements made relative to the warehouatac business of this port, that the whole value # of nwrehandlw wmhouM In tb? Iwo w*s1 Hj about thine million* ofdoUirc, t" folio we: 5j Mr.Mcnt.iDir.ic WanrHorsKD?FoHt of Nirt* Yo*?. m Pint Quarter. _ Me'tli. wjreli.jmed $1.398,829 Duties payable >126,911 ? ' withdrawn.. 83, *5 " paid 240,013 lu store it end ol qr. $567,9(4 Due at end of quarter. $186,905 i Second Quarter. 1 4t Mercli. warehoused $1,500,000 Dntie* payable $520,000 rti j " withdrawn.. UOO.iMW " paid 300,000 | tt I la ?tore at end of nr. $<>00,000 Due at end of quarter. ,$230,000 Tli* quantity of merchandise warehoused in the [, . rond quarter, during the most active business mouth*. J" in the tirst half of the year, wa-< larger than in the first quarter, through the winter months. This branch of R i the Custom House business of this port has hardly yet ?i got fairly into operation. It will take a considerable length of time to make the system generally understood, until which we cannot expect it to be generally adapted. , K I'ltimateiy it must become one of the most important features in our foieign trade, both as regard* importa- al tions and exportation*. The principal features of the o law we hare heretofore given, and so far as they have ttl been tried, have proved sufficient ior all present j| purposes. Stock Eichange. ii $500 State 5s, '50 101 35 slit Utica Ik Hclmec 120 K HOOO U 8 61, '56 50 Macon Kit 47 M 15000 i'eun 5> op({ 79 25 Nor h Worcester 5414 ,, 15000 du UPK 7? V, 200 do 54 ? _ 2000 Ohio 6i,'56 100 ? 50 do 54 Ji 5 5000 RsadiUK Bonds 7G '4 200 Long I .lam! 33'? < 1000 Reading Morttf'e 74 '.v 350 do *60 3 3 ' 30 ?hs I'lieui* Bank 87 550 do 3'4'u 10 Bk of Co in in full 98 50 do blO 33>? 200 Reading R R 67^ 400 lUrlrui K It 63>, 7, 210 Farmers' Trust 35\ 50 do 50 J'> b30 35 \ 5(MT do blO C>\ t 100 do b90 3-)\ 850 do 63% ' I 300 du 35 Vi 50 du ?lfl 64 *' I'.O du 35? 100 do t>60 64 * 10 Morris Caual 18 200 Stonintfton U H 57>? Second Board. S1000 Heading Bds hfim 77 50 ths Harlem R H 6M4 200 (In VVilminrrnn UK 60 100 do s!0 631? MO Vickabiirt U R >30 11% Sou do 63'., 25 Mohawk R R 75 100 do 63% j 26 Cautou Co 48K 2(10 do bfiO C1>? 21 do 4H% 400 do 6J% I 50 do 4H 200 di> t>3% r 15 Nor U Wor R R 54'* 400 do * #:i?j 25 do 51% 200 do >10 63% loo Harlem R R slO ti l'.. 50 do 6,tjZ 50 do b3 63% 150 do 63% I New Stock Exchange. 100 ibs Farmers' Trust 35.'. 50 shs Loiik IsM RR ?3 33% 50 Harlem R K sl5 i>')% 25 Stoniiig'n 11 R bio 57t I 50 do sj 63% 25 do blO 57'? <i 50 do bl 63% 50 Nor k Wor R R bt.O 55 50 do b3 63% 50 do b3 51% s , 50 do 1)14 63% 50 do b35 51,Si \ 50 do bl 63% 50 Reading R R btiO 68 n 50 do b5 637, 50 do 160 67%' a 150 do 63% 50 do rash 671? d I 100 do blO 637a ( CITY TRADE REPUUT. J New York, Wednesday Afternoon, July 7. '< ' There was some further depression in the markets to- r i day for flour and grain. Karly in the forenoon sales of J! Oenesee flour wore made at $6 26, but during 'change, < and in the afternoon, prices giivx way, and sales of 1 I straight brands Genesee were made at $8 a $6 12%, and i of Mlohigan and Ohio, mixed brands, ?t f.ti. Later in the afternoon, and subsequent to the close of 'change, ( , sales ot mixed brands Michigan and Ohio flour, were 1 made at $6 75 a $5 87%. The market closed at the lat- J ter figures for western mixed brands, and at $6 a $6 12% ii I for straight brands Michigan and Genesee. Sales of " . white Genesee wheat wero made at $1 40, and of Ohio, r mixed and white, at $1 26 a $1 30. In the forenoon, the , market for corn opened at yesterday's quotations, but during 'change, there was aujincreased anxiety to sell, and considerable lots of western mixed changed hands (j i at 02% to 65 cents; of western flat, yellow do,at 68 a 70 >1 oents; and of northern round, yellow, at 73 a 74 oents? jj i while some lots were reported sold as high as 77 cents, a f Sales of rye were made at 83 a 8A cents. Meal continued ' , dull, $3 was offered for western New York, while $3 12% I a $3 25 was asked. Oats?Sales were reported at 46c.? ' A sale of barley was made at 82% cents. I I Receipts Down the Hudson River, July 4th, 6th J i and 6th. Flour 40,232 bbls. I Wheat 62,750 bushels. I Corn 84,747 ' I I Rye 3,600 " Corn meal 1,620 " Ashes.?Sales of about 100 bbls. pots were made at $4 87%. About 60 bbls. pearls sold at $5 75. : Beeswax?Sales of 2000 lbs. Northern yellow were j made at 26o. f 1 Breadstuff's.?Flour?Karly in the forenoon, sales of ] b 400 bbls. Michigan and Ohio were made at $6 26.? i I During 'change prices grew more feeble, and about 10 a i 11,000 bbls. straight brands Genesne'sold at $6 12%, and ' 1 1100 do. do. at $8; 1000 do. Ohio flat hoop sold late yes- j r torday afternoon at $6 25.J At a late period this af- , j ternoon, 600 bbls. mixed brands Michigan and Ohio sold , lit !f?6 76 on the dock; 200 do. at $6 h7% ; and 1000 < 3 Western regular brands at $A 87%. Meat?Sales of h 2600 bushel* mixed Ohio sold at I2tic.; 6000 do. mixed ' B and white do. at 130c.; and 2000 do. white Genesee at I 1 14lhj. Corn?Karly this forenoon 8000 bushels round i j i iiunuurn jouow were iioiu at ouo.; auerwurus vne market grew less firm, and galea of 10 a 16,000 bushels do. were made at 73 a 77o.; 10,000 do Northern white gold at 74 a 75 cento ; and 10,000 do. round white and i 1 yellow were repotted sold at 74 a 72 oents ; J r 2ti00 do. New Orleans white at 60 cents ; 6000 i do, flat yellow, at 65c, part delivered alongside; 2500 < do. do. at 70c; 3000 do. Western flat yellow, at ' " 6tic; H00 do. Northern mixed delivered at 65c; 3000 do. New York State, yellow mixed, at 70c; 6000 do, . yellow, at 08c; 10.000 do, handsome mixed, at 05c; 3(100 do. Southern yellow at 68e; 2500 do. Western mixed j ' sold at 0-i^c; 5000 do. handsome Western mixed at 65c; , i and 8 a 900 bushels damaged mixed sold at 60c. Meal \ continued dull; $3 waa offered, while $3 12>{ a $3 '25 was aoked. Jive?SOU bushels sold at 86e, and 1400 do. 1 at 82o. Rye Hour was inactive at $1 50. Oats?Sales 1 of 3 a 4000 bushels were made at 45c. Barley?1700 J bueliels were sold at 62c. Canulki?Sales of 100 boxes sperm were made at 31c. j Cormi?We <|UOte St. Domingo at 8*40; Java at 9 a P' ,o; Sumatra at 6>*c. The market was inaotive. j Cocoa?A small sale of 18 bbls. was made at 10c. Cotton?The sales to-day reach 600 bales, at prices r generally similar to those existing before the urrival of & the f'aledonla. Kxporters have received orders to the '' usual extent, and If prices could be brought down, a good business would be done at the present low freights. \Vec|Uote:? ti Livirfool. Classification. New Orlram J Uplandt. Florida. Mob. <$- Texae -l , Inferior none. noue. none. si . Ordinary 10V a I0>% 10'i a lo>? lOSi ? 10S * ' Viiddliu* 10^.1 11 KVa 11 II a tlK (iood Middliup U',* 11%' llht a 11 ii 115* a UM 1 Vliddling Fair 11a UK UK a 11% 12V a 12* J Kvr 12 a IV.V* 125* a 12'* 12V n 13 ? Fully s'nir 12W a I2X 12X a UX !3* a 13% r 1 iood Fair lift a 13 none noue 14 a U5* ? Fine none. none. noue. none. none, noue Km 11?Sales of dry cod were made at $3 8114; mackerel | were quiet h Fruit- -Sales of 2 a 300 boxes bunch raisins weremado a at 165c. I lit Mr?Market dull, and nothing doing worth report1 log. l,rAi>--l.ate yesterday, 2000 pigs sold at $4 25; today u r 1000 do. sold at $4 12X, on time, interest added. Moi.*?sr.s?Notbingof moment was doing in any dis- '\ rription. Navai. Storh?Sales of 50 a 100 bbls spirits turpen- ,'J tine on the wharf, were made at 37>fc. In other desrrip- ' ' tions no transartions we.-.- reported. ( On.t?Sales of 6 a Htio gallons city pressed linseed were ' made at 65c. and 7000 do Knglisli do were sold at 65c tl oasb. 1900 irallons natural spring sperm sold at $1 05. 'j raoriuotti?There ?ii no change in pork or href. Tim feclHg was favorable. but no sales beyond supplying g retail want* were reported. 100 hhda hams sold at ?Xo * l*ird?Sale* of 1 ftO bbls good. Bold at 9>? a 100 do c prime, in kegs were reported aold at lO'^c. Chtrm? ? Wood wan worth 7'4* a 7>?e, at. which Haled of 300 boxes were made; and 3?0 do poor heated. and in bad order, * void at (ic. Stock good, light, with soma butter feeling n since the news. d Rirr?Tlie market was inactive. while prices were v nominally the rami) The stock in Carolina was said to 1? rery light, and bene* holders were disposed to hold on for better terms. J Suoab?U'e hare only toreport sales of about 120 hhda li Porto Klco at a 6\?. ' Tallow?Nothing doing. * WiiALraonic?North west waa steady at 28c. Whiskkt waa rery dull. 31 a 33c waa offered for the 1 article in barrels. Kmiflim-An (A. I ) American vessel was aaid to be J taken up for I.oudon at 3s 6d for flour, and lOjkfd for grain In hulk. It was said an Amerinan vessel was taken J up for Liverpool, to load wftb flour, at 3s tid. and with tl v'l iiiu at I Id In bulk. 16 a 30,000 bbls flour were uugaged to Liverpool in American vessels at 3s a 3s tid. and 10,000 ] bushel* grain lu bulk at lOd. To the continent we ( beard of no arrangements ol importance, and rates|tre- -j maineil nominally the same. n TBIiBORAPHIG, ] markets. * II it. riMonv. Julv 7 -P.M. .? ? I Hour continued to be depressed by the late new* ? > Hales of 1000 bbls. Howard street flour were made at J/V. Wlieat was ?ery dull, aud we quote Maryland f? and Pennsylvania red at 100 a 104c. Meal was very heavy, and inactive at f3. Corn bad a downward ten- a <l>-ucy. We bare only to report sales of 1000 bushels !y Maryland yellow at 7fte. Kye wan dnll and prices nomi- N onl. Provisions steady, but rery little doing. Weather J Tery warm. w Bo?toi?, July 7?r. M. ( Our flour market continued very dull, with a down- tll ward tendency. We quote Michigan and (Jeneeee dnll iu at fti 60 a $<? 73. Wheat was dull, and no sales worth . reporting transpired. Corn?Southern and western } mixed was nominal. Sales of 3000 bushels good sound 'r yellow were marie'at 70s. Some better feellnir i""*1* al nions, though transactions w?~ **'/ limited. Cotton _ was ra<>>? to-day, without alteration In prices. The reeelp s during the past week were about as follows JJ flour, 20 600 bbls.; corn, 11,600 bushels; wheat, 4000 do.; ? o its, 3<MM) do. freights?more active. ^ [Telegraphic correspondence oi Philadelphia Bulletin.] i f" Ualtimork. July 7.?The negotiations hare been for- I 11 lually ratified to extend the Baltimore and Ohio Rail- | r?ad to Wheeling * Pitt?bu*?m, Julj 7.?The rifer is as low M 1 feet la | r * ?h<inn?i PriAMi nf brfctditttffti to-day aw nominal. IW* at >4 I i.'t to fl it bi t no biijrrs uTef W 'heat ttmt com at a sdand. Nothing doing In corn Ml. Harried. la the village of Jamaica, L I., un the morning of tbo h of July, by the Her. Ur Hrhoouinalter, John Hcnm tlonsMvai k (of the llrixi of Ward 8c Kchoonuiakrr, of I lis city), to Mlia Sarah witi > t?, of Jamaira. AUo on the morning of the 6tb, iuthe same place, by le lie*. Or Si'lioouiuaker. Jonathan l>. Hill, of New sbauon, New Vork to Ml? Ain? II. S< Huun?tk. H, Hiugeat daughter of Ur. Hclioonwaker, of Jamaira, On W'i'Jiiisduy. 7th Inst., by th? Iter, Charles 11. ead. Mr. Kohlhi 8. Dow. to MIm Avn?h?li.? Hoi a rionj both of this city. Died. On Wednesday morning, 7th Inst., of consumption. uzabktm Domnllly. wife of James Donnelly, aged 27 pars uii'l 10 months. ner relative* aud friend* ar? renpectfully invite J to tteud her funeral thin (Thursday) oftemoou, at 8 'clock, from her late residenee, corner of .'>th avenue od 74th Ntreet On Wednesday morning, .Inly 7th, Anthokv Kli.ii lITi himoi, In the year of bin age. His friends, and tlioMe of hid futher, Anthony K. Hitchigs, are respectfully Invited to attend hia funeral ou rlday morning, at ! o'clock, from No. 478 Bowery, rltbout further invitation. Ills remains will be taken ? Trinity < euietery for interment. SIT A8HINOTON MONUMENT?Eleventh Ward.?The vv citizens of lite Eleventh Ward, in favor of the speedy reel ion ol a Monument ill this city in cotumcmoraiinu of (lie rrvices and in memory of Oeorg* Washington, are respectally invited to meet, with Lite undersigned, ?t American Heublicau Hall, iu Avenue D, between 3d and 11It sheet*, on 'ndty night, at I o'clock, July the 9ih, for the piirinise ol forminj an .association amiliai y to the Washington .Monument Asucisliou ul the fit/ of New York. Lewi* H. Ood, A liner Mills. Araw F Hatlield, Abraham K. Vau Vleck, Jnbez Willi imi, Jani<- Kelly, Leonard L Johnson, Andrew 11. Jaquimn, Abiali.nn Hatfield, ; ob' it MrOary, Wm Simpson, Owen Gafany, James T. Ilrrtiac, David Johnson, Win. J. Smith, J.C.Taylor, Milton G. Suiiih, Win T. Mickrcll, Cornelius Itead. C.h tiles Siinonson, Joseph Bishop, Wm Gate, Jereiniali Simousou, Peter L. T. Fostervia. j8 2tis* 3 EXTRACT FROM THE MINUTES OF PROTi-C TOR FIRE ENGiNti CO. No. Ti. July 6th, 1817:'J'lie Committee appointed .May 10th, ltl47, todrakavote o hanks to Mr Saml'Cl WaDtigL:., our lute worthy Foreman lo hereby Resolve. That it is with sincere regret we respond to the re imitation of Mr. .Samuel Waddell, our lite worthy Foreman t hose every action for the list twenty years has !?een to pronote tbe best interests of the department of which lie lias lieei n active member, and to whose zealous exertions we are ill lelited foi our ore .ent organization. Resolved, Tint iu the resignation of Samuel Waddell, tlit [f|>a> rnient liai lost oil* of its mo.I ardent supporters, and it u Mill feelings of pride welook bark on liia long careerof vain ble services as well as to the fidelity with whirh he discharged lie many stations lie lias been called to till iu this company. Resolved, That iu taking leave ol Mr. Samuel Waudell, we eturii liirn our sincere and heartfelt iltanks lor (he able mailer ill which he discharged his aiduous duties, and lor Ins unibrni kindness mid urbauity under the most trying circuinst tiles, and we will cherish a most lively remembrance through ife of his worth as au otlicer and a man. GARRET B. LANE, 1 THOM AS Tl BBILLS, > Committee. jv#li?rc GODFREY DOLAN.j r\N VvnitD.W NKXT, JULY 10, tvili lie |.nnli,7ed iJ the first number of a weekly journal emitted 1 HK EUIOPKAN NEWS, containing the most recent intelligence roll! England, Ireland. Scotland. Wales, and the continent of Europe. The N E WS will he published every Saturday moru m, p-ice inree renis.ny moiDer at nnn, J1 Ami street, where dvertisements, orders, and comrnunicat ions may be addressed. Jy8 2tl)8tlt W* rc rll K COI'AHTNKKSIlll' heretofore ?x ivtiiiK between BUCKLIN it WHITE, is tliday dissolved. The buinest will be continued by the subscriber. jy8 7l*ill M. D. _WHITK._ A DIN'INU AM) OY STICK SALOON KOK SAUK V at a bargain.?The locatiou it one of the best in the city, a a (treat public thoroughfare, and the establishment is now oiiik a large and profitable business. The rooms are large, id conveniently arranged, and have every convenience, such s Croton water ranges, sinks, tic. It is elegantly fitted up, lid will be sold low, with a teu yean lease ot the premises, Iddress I'. <;., Herald office. jvS2t*rh H KOTON WATKlt COOLERS.?I wmU MOM respect fully cull the attention of the public to my newly invent id artiele for cooling the Crotou water. The beauty and du nbility of this article cannot be suriuused: it is a mint excel eut thing for stores, offices, private and public houses, alt< tea in boat*, ships, he , being nude entirely ou a new plan. Tht ibove will be sold at a price to that it tnay be within the react if ail. The public are respectfully Invited to call at 26lWaterst. letwern I'eck slip and Dover street, uext dour t) Mutt's Stovi 'actory. N. 1}.?The Cooler cau be seen iu operational 2C2 Wate tr?t. Jyllw*rn ROAKK'S IODINE I INl.MKNT?A sale and ceiuii cure lor Rheumatism, either chronic or niftamraatorv'sralysii, or lost of the use of the liinba, contractions ot cord ind muscles, and gout, it matters not of how loug standing ipraiui, bruises, tumors, hard swellings, and enlarged jointi Tield to a few applications of this l.initnant. It Ins been n? with incredible success in scrofula or king'a evil, eularge [lands, diseases of tlte spine and hip joints, tic doloreux, an ill nervous affections. It ia invaluable, and acta like a cliarir Hopping the bleediug of llesh wounds, and causing tliem t leal in a few days. It haa never been known to Tail curing th noat stubborn ulcers or (ever sores. and awelled legs. |>ai icrossthe kidneys, iu the cbest, aide,alio stiff neck, aore tun a ind croup it speedily and effectually eradicates cutaneous eruptions o he skin, iu the form of salt rheum, erysipelas, Pimples, ring worm or tetter, hai ber's itch, acald head, (nc. it instantly re nines toothache and headache. It eitracta the paiu a :d cure :oriu, buuiona, chilblaina, &c. 8. IMOEKNEE, Sole Proprirtor, J'JO Teurl street. Kor sale also, bv Druggistsgenerally. jyB3lt"rc LUST?On Saturday, the id July, iu the street, in the lowe part of the city or in a Broadway omnibus, a Urge blacl norocco Dili Book, (lor pocket) containing a unison's apeciti ations, notes, uieuioraiid i, 8tc., aud three SI bills, PlamfieU iank. A suitable reward will be paid on return of the paper o VVM. C.LARUE. jyttt*rh _______ 170 Canal st. Fit INI: <i B E N EVOLEN T SOC IET V .?The Meinbe r ol the Kieucli Benevolent Society, and other French resi lent* generally, are requested to meet next Thursday Mom ug, 8th iust. at Hli o'clock, at the Howard House, 429 Broad *ay, corner of Howard st. 1 he object of the meeting is to welcome their talented conn rymw. Sir. Alex wider Vattemare, on his return to this coun ry, and to express their sense of adiniratiou for his efforts nn vai m'syuipathies for the success of his international undertak ug. By order of the Preaideut. 11. Mojcluk. Secretary. jyH lt*rh flifi LADIIM AMD OCNTLKMKN *fJfUw York ?n vicinity are respectfully informed that offices are opene ii this city for the purpose of facilitating them in forming wel uited connexions lor marriage. 'I his system gives true cha icter, circumstances, health, personal appearance, niorili lc.. and precludes the entire possibility ol exposing names icality, 4tc . of the parties Office for Ladies, (only)| with a lady in attendance, 61 Gram treet; office for <.entleinen 38',. Lispeuard st. References given and required invariably. All conimuuica ons, post-paid, will receive prompt attention. jy? If rh _ F. BALLABDI. ^ OTlCE.?All i>eisoua having claims against the late Di s John Graham, are requested to present theiraccounts, anii II who are indebted to liiln are requested to call and pay the >rue without delay to the subscriber, at 27 Bleecker street. j yB f,i * rh A. M. GRAHAM. r|HU(? CLERK WANTED.?A young man who is mlly >' competent to take clnrae of the retail drug busluess in II its branches, will hear of a good situation, by calling upon >r. Hiiuwdeii, corner of 8th avenue and 28th stieet, between ml !l o'clock, I' SI References required. |y82t*tc 11T ANTED IMMEDIATELY ?By a young lady, asituav" tiou ina fancy, or gentlemen's furnishing stoie, wher? er time would he wholly devoted beingastranger in the city, nil will give a limited lime for instruction. Please aiMtesi Ins K , No. 201 Fulton street. ivll P'm BB" ANTED 'I'll PI'KC ' II ASE?A set of Oosley's I. uly'. TV Book, from the coinmeucemeut in July. IBM. bound oi nbouud, for which a liberal price will lie naid. Apply to jo8 2ts?m H.LONU & BROTHERS. M Ann ?t. Uy ANTED?A lespectable joung woman wantsasimatioi " as cook or to do washi <g and irouiiig. or has no < hjeC' ions to do the iieueral housework of a small private fsiiulv 'he best of city reference given. Enquire at 228 Sixth . ve ue. between lith and li'li st'eets. .18 It'm AN TED?By two rtipsctxkli yomg worn iltuiim VT one as cook, washer and irouer?the other as nurse am r unstress. Best of city references given. Please call at 161 'lurd Avenue. No objections to go Into the country. jtBJt?rh _ "*OATK?J fcCO.'S THREAD-BE ALB, BUSH * CO of fer for s:>*e M.cnti doz*n of thn sU|*nor quality of su oril Spool Cotton, warranted equal to any thread iu the mar et, Notr. ?This i-. not the thread marked anil sold as that of J L P, Costs, of Paisley, Scotland, bur is au aiticle of first qusl (".consigned to the subscrllters by the house of Coatcs V t o I" Leicester. England. Buyers are requeued to observe th" to* fhifnd is slsinneil (!?sO, & I'n >? > <> K.,i n?< rhich i? >o markeA. UKAl.S, BU?H ii CO.. j>7 CtM?rc 32_B*.J>>1 ?r, a VOUNli KKKNCHVIaN, who doc* not apeak thi rl. Knvlith lariju ige, offer* him<elf to give conversation* ii ii> own language, lit * moderate prir?. Ile*prctable rrfe enre can he giveu. J,etter? directed P, at thi* office, will bi ttended to. jy7 il re A OKKMAN you NO LADY, who npeak* Frtach .1111 V K.nslinli, would like to give le**ona in private home*, o rhooU, in the German languige. He*|>eetahle reference r. i given. Communication* left with tint office, direried L rill receive immediate attention. J>7 Jt?rr DOaRDINO?a few yonpg ra ran lie MMmiodttii D with iloiril at Whitney'* Nfiri office, No. IO.O Chithin treet, New York. jy7 3t*rh BOA Ml) IN fifiTl Ol > I KY -l'er?. iM wishing to l> tain lM>ard ran be pleaaaully accommodated at Cornwall (rani<e County, one mile from the landing. The ateamei 'home* I'owrll *top* at the l.tiiding every morning and ere me. Kor further partialIan enquire el Mr. Win H. liar ia tj Forsyth atrret. _ jy7 3t*rc BAKERY FOR SALE. ? Location good, and ever, limit; desirable, for person wishing to commeuce btiainea* itli fair nrnperta and small capital. Kor further particular! plvjnt 7H Bard i\ jIm for Mr. Hobll* jv7Jt*rC t O V I M'S TJiUKA l?.-C AIJTl()N.-n,rchaa?r. and coi. sinner* of Cotton Thread* are hereby cautioned t lint ai tide of *|k>oI thread marked "Coat**It Co.,"now offered (tr tie in thin market, ia uot the celebrated ail-cord thread maun irtured by Measr* J. It P. Coats. of Paisley, Heotland. HUGH AUcfUNCLOSS It HONS, Je#1IHi??ve Arenf* of I. ft F ('nam. nf1>M*lev. 0HALLKN(JK?Niitice to gentlemen who wan 9WW their ol*J clothe* to look like new. call at th< 'snoring, Dyeing* Cleaning and Repairing Earabliahment Fo. 77 Oold *treet, corner of Oold and Rpruce, where orden ill be punctually attended to at the ihorteat notice, and oi ie moat reasonable term*, by J. B. NOAH, 77 Oold atreet. N. B.?The higheat price riven for gentlemen^* left oil earing <i|'l?-re| bvH Ht n?e 3EA ?AfHI>(*-L6No BkANCfi. nEWTEKSEY y 1 he ?ulifcril>er will oi?eii Hi? Hotel (formerly HaiiV) 101 le reception of miters, during the teason, oil Mofidnr. 2I?( tanl. HKNIiV howtawp. jel7 Htneod*rrc JWf Y. would call particvlar?????i"?i fo'the fact that ?e are " manufacturing and superior article of Lead ripe, ee from all ?i?ifectioua and warranted not to split. riMinnrra and dealer* generally supplied on the most reaacailie term*. TmOB. otis le hoy k CO., a?H *Vf?rr MlanHMlWimirtf ifist . KOK NEW ORLEANA?Louisiana and New fMV York Line of Packet*.?Po*itively the first snd ouly HHHaregul ir Packet to *hiI Monday, July II?Tie new idi splendid fn*| *ailing packrt bark CHOTON, ' aptaie V. Kouillaril, Matter, i* now loading, and will |K?*itively a* above, her tegular day. , For I 'eight or pa***ge, having accommodation* iin*nrp???ed r apleudor or comfort, apply on bo*rd, at Orlean* wharf, ?t of Well *treet, or to . ? e. k. coll1nb.m Sooth meet. Asenta iu New Orleen*, johu o. Woodruff.k Co., who ill promptly forward all food* to their addreaa. racket bark Oeee*ee will tneened the Crotoe, and **?1 l>ev afular day. Jy? rli BKrti'.HT OF SHSNOIIINA TKOKW.O O* ?il" ,lr > Art ONE 4 C0MPArtY, fro* Havaea, 71 ib muni W.?Tnarse .lux, July ?. will be performed , Ooeia ol fA?Pol on. Hirnir J H Seven; Oruv?.?, h,k lh1|11 Batulmi; KUrio, Hiu fc rederico IS adult; Norma. Shju*. Koi tnuViTedescoi Adalglta, ?i?re Haunierit lot.ldr ?lie p?. JUTo'inorrow. Karewell Concert ?t Ceatla Garden. Boies, $1; Pit, JO centi; Gallery. ? cent*. Do'tra ojxmi at a quarter I**' ', pwomuei tocomiumci at 8o'elorlr BKNU IT <?? MH. |? HKIHTKIl BOWK BY THKATHK.?A. VV. J*c*?ow, Proprietor?H. r. Si iriNi, Staire Muuiier ?Thur^Uy Kv rum*. July S, I ?ritl be performed fhe drama of liir KKSi II SPV?Mjham ; ined. Mr Uf liir; Tony Bit ard, Ilad?v? av; lleurie St Aline, llentel, and Maihilde de Merir, Mrs Booth. i To be followed by IOHNNV ATKINS?Johuuy Allium, | Mr Hadavtay; K?wr Atkiue, Mr* Bojrtn. To conclude with tin* LASl DAYS OF ] OMI KII Arbaees, Mr Booth; Burbo. Hadawiy; Nydie. Mra Servant Boies, 24 cent*; Pit and Uallery, 1IX cent*. Door* o|wm ?t a tjuarter t<> 7; iirtl'inniiiiT i" commence it half-past 7. C"TaStE? OARDKN? Hi BaKKB, BIH* Manager.-On / Thuradav K.i enmi:, July 8, the entertainment* will commence Willi the |Miini|ar liurlett* of THE NKW 1*001'MAN? Bobby Bre iltwindow, Mr. Holland', I'ully Pieoir, Mis* Clarke. The secoud part w ill commence with a favorite Oterture. Alter which the ceWhretrd 11 Kit K CLINK will K<i|throuitb his wnuderlul performance usi the Tilfht Hope?au eulilu new act. In the courte of (he eveuiuK, a variety of Mugiug and dancing, by the moat accomplished performer*. Admission, 'i'j centa. Doors open m 1'erfnrmaiicr to COMBUaee at 8. AMTLK OARUKN.-KAHKWKLL ( GNt KMT OK V; THE ITALIAN OPKRA COMPANY, from Havuua. on Kriday Evening, J ul y 'J ?The ui mager, in order |l|i?? the citiien* geuir.<lly au opportunity of hearing ths entire of tliia company, previous to their departure, begs to inform thein that lie has reduced the price to fifty ceuta, and haa taken that magnificent theatre, C*stle Garden, which can accommodate | 7UHH persona Tim conceit will commence at H o'clock, and it will be divided into two parta, and will consist of a selection of the most favorite pieces, from the various operas they have performed, oa also several new airs never performed heie l.v una company. PROGRAMME. Part I. 1. Overture from Norma?full orchestra Bellini 2. lutioduction (o Huruaiii, aud Cava! maul the leuor, by Sig. Perelli , : Verdi 3. Souvenir of La Moiianituil i uu Double Ba?s?composed aud eteuted by Botesini. 4. Duetto et Tercet n, from lleruani?by Kortuuato 'l'edesco, Siguoii Pcielli and Novell! Verdi. 5. Aria?Knll Chorm?Irom Moiti in Egypt?by Sigra. Raiuieri. Rossini. 6. Grand C^valiui?from Romeo and Juliet?by Sigua. K.Ted'sco Bellini faili II. 1. Bymphniia?Oreriure from Capiilein e Montechi .Belliui. 2. Grand I'avatinade la Bell)?by Signs. Tedesco. .Donizetti 3. Cari.i al of Venice?Violin Solo?By Maestro Ar1 ditti?composed by PaEanini. 4. Duetto?from Norma?by Tedesco ai:d Haniieri.. Bellini. 5. ( avstina?fiom the Uaiberof Seville?by Sig. Vita Roesiui. 6. Terzetto?from the Lombard*?bv Sigra. Carranti > do Vita, Sieri Keveri tid Novelli Verdi. Tickets, fifty ceuis, can be purchased at the Parlt Theatre, 1 the Music Stores, aud at C?stle Gaiden. Door* open at 6 conc< rt to eO?HMM? il 1 o'clock pri cuel v. jv8 tt B~ROADWAV THKATRJC.?This est iblislimeut, now erectiiik lu Broadu.ty, will be o|>ened for Dramatic purposes solely, ou or about the first of September, under the | muoagemeut of G. H. BARRETT. Persons of acknowledged talent wishing situations for the eaaou, will please address him (pre-paid) at 109 Leonard street. A. MANN, sole TVnprietor. [T/-' During Mr. Barrett's absence in Europe, all letters and business communications may be addressed to hia ageut, jel3 tl'rc W. CORB V N. No. 2 Ba-clav street. C~1RAND CONCERT NIGHTLY AT P|NTEUA'S f Cnfedes Mille ( nlouues Saloon. 307 Broadway; eiiinuic-> One Shilling, for which the beat Ice ('.ream and other Refreshments will he given Concert o commence at 8 o'cUck. Refreshment tivkets taken for Billiard playing. jyB3lis*rc GRAND COM ERT-APOLLO ROOMS, 'I'llI'R8, day Evening. July 8tli, 1817 ?Mr. H. M<rks, Violinist, w ill give Ins annual conceit, assisted by the fallow ing artistes. Mr*. A. L. Jones, Mrs. H. C. Titnm, Mr. R. G. Paige, M . VV. A. King, and a full aud efficient orchestra. Mr. O. Loder will preside at the pian >. Mr. J. Dunn, known as th t Rascal Jack, will, for the first time in Amrrica, give his celebrated entertainment, entitled "Scenes and sketches of Foreign Lauds." Concert to commence at I o'clock. Tickets 30 cents, to be had at all the usual places. No postponement on account of wea her. j\7 2t*rc THE OPERA HOUSE will be closed until next Monday, on account of tlieir gelling up some new pieces. jy7 4lrc UNION COURSE. ai 1 A PURSE ol $300 will be given, to come otr about the 20tli July, free for all pacing aud trotting horses, two miles and reiwat; $100 to be given to the secoud best; the horses to go as > they please, except James K. Polk, he to go to 120 1b. wagon, ' three or more to in ike a race, and two to start. ' Entries to be made at Oreeu Ik. Bevins' ou or before Friday evening, July 9th, by 10 o'clock. GEO SP1CEH, jyB 2f re I " CENi'REVILLK COUKSK. L. i.?'TROTTING AND r PACING. ? dpi T 'DURSE (300, $100 of which to the second best?Two mile >' A lieats, to come otT ou Wednesday, July 14th, free for all j Trotting aud Pacing horses. The troUers to g > as I bey please; <j the pacers in harness, except lames K. Polk, who, if entered, <1 will go to a 120 lb. wagon. Thiee or more to make a race ? 'i '1 he above purse will close al Green tt Bevius'on Thursday ? evening, 8th lust., by 9 o'clock, P. M. Weights according to e the rules of the track- J OEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. 0 Centreville, Ju|>'_7. 1817; Jy7 tt*Je 1 FOR SALK. A BEAUTIKi L SADDLE f .rl HORSE, kind in double or single harness En. I ' ' s \ .inin at 26 Great Joues street, Mr. Black's stalle. . I jy? lt*rc , sj ^ THE ONLVJNDEPENDENT, CHEAPEST hi 'nun mi-si i^irraoic in**uiciitc oi me age, i* ur. ur ' ? ^ ? w?ftr (J. KHhnger's Infallible Liniment, which is universally used by the medical faculty throughout the city ami country. It eradicates all i?aius, heals sores, reduces iu* r tlauimatioii, extracts fire, &c , ol the must aggravated charac* ( ter immediately. Only one teas|H>onful is required to he ta* keu as a dose, for an adult, for tiiarrltiea, and bilious cholic; | $10 forfeit will be paid lor every failure in the?e cases, if used i according to direction. It is put up iu large bottles, so that all who have horses can atYcrd to use it; it lays all the other retne* dies on the shelf, after they net one ti lal of this truly wooder* ful and incomparable compound?it is ouly about three cents a aii ounce. Hold at i0 cents a single bottle; one dozen $1, half < gross ami gross at tnuch gieater deductiou of price. Henca the < i i < ami ii.e propnat? " all 111?- stat* pcopnatoia Nan Yoik city, the Harlem Railroad, and other large companies, together with our beat aud most dUtiiiguished horse traiuers 1 auo daalari, layiii down all other ramdiis vjaaby naaj ofl ' them from twenty to thirty years?and now w ill u?c this altoJ fether, and will not nor do not use anything else. It can be obtained always genuine, wholesale aud retaii, ol'S. Ingeriol Co, No. 230 Pearl street, removed from 90 John street, and from William Kelliuger, at Willi* rnsburgh. at the loot of il (ir^nd Street Kerry; ol .Mr. Kyle, Ilarlem .itailroad Office, J City Hall Park, New York city; and at the druggist*, store | keepers, saddlera, and tiveriu. throughout the city and country generally. Distributing Agents arc wanted from all parts . ol ?ln-I aitadfltatat, to wbomlarfa proAtt will bafivaa wi t w ill pay the eii>eijses of all who may come from a distance to treat with its, if we fail to satisfy their most saumuue expectaI tions in relation to its truly wonderful curative effects upon I ?...i i.??.. 'r-.-ii? ? . ? ? ...... iivm mvi*.nauiJi hi nerj rr>|>ri lauit elua and denomination, will do well In mil on u?, it will not be confined tn any privileged few. Therefore, nil who have lie irta and soula laatiionrd as they slionlil br. and dare try, ami e?erci*e them, ran prolitahly aaaial in a|ireadiii|[ thia magic a.v ' native over the face of the whole inhabitable globe, win-re it 1 urn r mil >li ill lie All lettera niu.i lie directed lo Dr. DCWITT C KKLLINOKRi Principal Aicut, Director, and Manufacturer, at Youkera, YVe,tchr?ter county, New Vork. Jyg Hteod rrc g/wM I.OSl.-Kiiteeu Dulli.s icward for a bcll-riac*! Cow. Slie ia a small red cow, with abort horni, with JEmAm ' '"l** aioiind one horn. Auy gentleman w ho will it iuiu , to Yorkville, corner of 84th street, shall receive the above reward WM. WHKKLAND. jf7 3t*rrc (0 NEWFOUNDLAND Pi<PS.-M>K MALC.VMU Two very hmd.ome Newfoundland Pupa live in nI 1 JLZLold. A| |dy at OK.OKOK WHIT.NKV8 New. Of. tii r, lu? ?;h ith tm *t., N._Y. Jy7 3t?rh ; M THf. LOWCH PARI' OF A HOUftE WANT J? 1.1), in thr vicinity of the City 11*11, we*t tide of 'JtL tin t> p*eferred, by n jrnuiiiBtliMuidlif mother; rei.t n.uit be moderate K? fereuce* eichanged; addie?? i s, I. it oDici i thii ptpir jv7 v* re f ,*x 1 Lr/l ?To niiifclcr tentlemen, in a French firmly K**a 4r h?nd?oine lurnii^fd ro?.tn?, with bnikfiAi if ' u Apply at No. 00 White afreet. jv7 5t*rrrVr"']V* Lr.T ~ANl) "KL UN ITU UK Kl)K i I n B.iLL. i u.i it situ dm the immediate via ' omUL i?ty* of VV u..iuwi mi I' nde (tiouud, and iii a line ueightx/1 ?>?>?1; large yaid, I id out with h?>t and grass plot, three grij'C vines lull of f uit. a variety i I'll oWert, and a fine shade. The carorti aud most ? # ?h*r furniture v. ere new this spring ihe whole or i?\rt would he told, and luuse rented now t? a i good teiiMit. Possession givcu a>?i or before thefirstnf An* Kutt. Kor further j-.oticu.ars, address "humiture, Herald Ullicf,M stating where an interview miy he had. N.B. The owner would board with tlie family, if wial.'d. j>i 3t?r __ _____ ( i I .IIIUl it AT I t > VII lit uv..v'-. i. ' K u I ton utrcet. hat tome beautiful light aadairv Summer ' H f? exprettly adapted to the great auinmcr object of"keeping cool." Thr healthy and vigorou* action of the brain more or 1cm ? rfeiieudi <i|>on the freedom and elatncity of the head It therei forr follow* that tiiiiuner hau ahould be at light and airy u MMIM*. lhitan\ niHn can make mure money with one of g Knott than with any other* Try the experiment J v I ttit * rc i .Ma*..' 1)AILY kxcurJ75n to tiik flyr r FIELDS, IIOBOKEN.-Ou and after , *t3?fl4HH<* NumUy, .Inly lllh.lhe ateamhoat PIONF.KR . will multe rrgtilar Iripi fro**i Cantl and Nineteenth street, direct to the Mvtim Field*, at Hoboken, tearing the above men- : , tinned placetat follows:?Canal ttrcef, 10 o'clock, 12, 2, 4, 6. 1 Nineteenth ttreet. 1(J.V( o'clock, 11)^ 12*?', 2Vi, 4 W. 31*, fi'? 1 F.lyaiau Fieldt, 10% o'clock, IIS, 12,'i, 2X, SH. <'i. T- , I v* I4t* ill r?- irttlt TliK "FleHli>Ti UANKH ?the rjh^tes~Nft?*niboat IIIOHLANDF.R,< apt-Armetrong, ' Mm2mmMHi?wiI| mike three etctirjiout to the ( i.hing Bnuka thia wefk, on Wrdiiiwday, 1 horsday, aiiu hidiy, Ju y i 7th. 8th, and Or!., leaving tW foot of Warr#n ifrf-er af tifht o'clock, Hinnnoud, 8j*; Grand street JR Ri 8,.*; '_ ?merine t.eer, fl. and 1'ier Vo! I (Nn>,?'9S o'clock Mre.jOc.; bait (nrniched ou board. A. H. n< H? L I /, j v 6ih i jr Donneand WMtilrtft. ' ? ^RSIiirt.U'aiinn.LoNubWANt'TT, r r acif. Ifc Orenii Hon**, Jumping Point, hiiiimiiii, nod eBSBHiBB* F.atontown f.iiKlniir The ileum horn h( I). , WIN LKVVIS, Captain Havi.'i, will ?t lollow< from fool of Vetey itrcet, North Hirer Lmii New York Leave Shrewjhury July. O'clock. July. O clock. Thursday, ?, II* A M ?, 4 P M Friday, !?. 12 M . ??< **. 9, S P. M t Kiiuruay, W, I ? M ? P- M ' H'ind*v, II. ? A. M- ?h>day, II. J P. M. . Monday, 12, 4 A M. Monday, 12, 8 A.M ' Monday, 12. I P M. luetday. 13, * A.M l Toetday, IJ. ? P M, 9 A. Si Huge* will be in rradinett on the arriral of the lKi?t te con f T,y [..uenc'ri to all ntrti of the country. ;r' WH#rc kxi u Ki/ (IN ?-?ULLl( hhkHY, r TfiTiJ*r""T I.F.K. and >1 AC KKNHACK?LairisJtjUriMMhamg at Tillou't Oockr-F*Mr Oir Hhii.i.inO. The coinimnlioiM *tr*mhoat( FRANK, Caut. Itaac Scott, and ROBl'.irT ANNF.TT, Capt. Frederick (iaylord, will inn Dtily, until fUlther otic*, (loathing at Hammond and 19th flrrrti, a* folhiwa:? Lravt N' York,fnol Canal il, Leave fori Let. A M. P if! Jt.M f M Monday, at ?, t, I*. .1, S, ? Monday. 7U 12. .1 4? ? 1'uexlay, ?, ?, III. .2, 3, t Tuenlay, 3X 12. .1 4 V ti Wedueiday, 6, t, 10. .2, 2, 6 Wil'.day,3? 7? 12..I IV ? Thtuiday, ?, 1, |n. .2, 3, li Th'raday, l>2 TW 12..I ?? ? Friday, (I, I, in. .2, 3, 6 Frid.iv, ??7? 12. .1 iS * Hiturdaf, 6, I, 10. .2, 3. C H?l?rday,3H 7>J 12, .1 ?V?7k Sunday, 7, ?, III. ,2, 3. SiiikUv. #11 ?|f | I'eriom who*e time maybe to much occupied at to rainier I it inconveiiieut fur them to leave during butmett hour*, will ohaerv* a bout learej New York at 4 o'clock erery mornlog, retuniing from Fort l,ee at 7X o'clock, thereby aftutdiug an opportunity for a pleaaant eicurtioa without loa* r.f time. StagM W'lChe in readioett tt Fort L?e to convey paueuger* to Heckeneack, Huuday*eic*|Ked. JeltMl'r DR FRANC, III W. H ARTLKY'H Office and Ketldenc M Oreeuwich ttrett, recently occupied by I)r Bolton - | xight bell attt?hed to the hell door mJ5 24t?rt | # TO TW* LATEST MOMENT TEliKOR APHICt IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. I'Hii.AurLr*<u, 1 uljr 7, 1447 ^ letter hu l>een * ' lu tuu city from an ofllr<r ?t \ era ? ru w: va ru?or thai Hanta Anna had Wn el. -- f -^.r '.?,t probiMted from making peace } e ? Twenty thou?auf ?-j*n were nonrantraWd at the oapltal for the purpo?? of dafrnc*. lien Scott wa? withlii twenty At? miles. Another l>atU? win deemed Inevitable Tlie Western telegraph la ojxioed to- day to W^eling 'I'lie Prfldent at Hoiuc. Wa?hihuto?i, July 7?#^ ??. M The freaideut and Mr Clifford have safely arrived In towu aro highly gratified with tbairtrlp. ind are heartily welcome home again. Mr. Ruebanan will arrive by the next train HV TUB HAIL*. WxaHINliTOlI. Jul* 3. lHlt Our Rrlatiuin with Ihjzil?Col. Souri' Detpalcht? The fVaihin/;ton Foil Office. The recall of Mr. l.Uboa, If recalled ha be- and tin* blustering tone of thu Brazilian ministers In alluding to the affair of Lieutenant Paris, and tho proceedings thereon?are attributable to the faet that the ministerial party finding themselves exceedingly weak, deelred to muke a show of zeal aud activity on the assembling of tbu Chambers iu May; aud as u little bluster is alway cheap, particularly wheu indulged in towards tblsoountry, by which it in apt to be despUed. m nistrrs deemed thu eauritice of Mr Ltsboa, aud a little loud talk about the houor of Brazil, the beat mode of strengthening the tenure of their existence Tbu experiment baa failed, for the opposition ha* proved inexoiubie, refusing to be appeased even by a llagraut act of injustice, much lesit by the ad captandum pother about satisfaction, 1(0. The ministers hare beeu compelled to resign; and It to be hoped that their successors in office, hating no ln< ducement to commit an act of gross injustice towards Mr. LiBboa, will revoke his recall, if It have been issued Any apprehensions of serious difficulty between tho two countries, arising out of this affair, are purely chimerical Tho empire is a weak affair at best. It exists on this continent only by sufferance. Tho government Is not imperial, but empirical. It is a great incongruity smtd a multitude of republics. A war with the United States is apt fo be regarded by it as the greatest possible evil. It might set the Brazilians thinking on the difference of the two countries, and wondering why they have not a republic as well as we ; and they might even enquire, utter a time, how that lumberlDg old system ever got a foothold among them. In this respoct, and in many others, a war with the United States would be a most unfortunate experiment. The despatch from the Secretary of War to Genera Scott, published in tho Republican<?, Is one of those taken from the person of Col. Sours when he was murdered. The information it contained, namely, that Gen. Scott would have, by the end of June, twenty thousand troops under his command, and (Jen. Taylor over ten thousand- wan r'Mm w> 11 r, i~-1 1" "" I-**-? - ? - ? ? "'J ??<.!.??? Jays after Col. Hours left Wasbingtou. Since the fir/it of July, the Herald liu been charged three cent* at the "Washington post-office, although coming direct from the publication office. Thla charge In made unless a quarter'* pontage be paid In advance It lias been Intimated that even a month's pontage will be received, so that If a person reside here but for a week, and desire to take a New York pap?r for that time, he will be obliged to pay a quarter'* or a month'* postage In advance, or pay three cents postage on each paper. indeed, by paying three cents on each paper, I find I am more fortunate than others, to whom their papers have been utterly refused on their declining to pay a quarter's postage iu advance. This course has been adopted In the city post-ofllce, In obedience to orders issuiug from the Department. The office 1? admirably oonducted. and I need not say that this Imposition would not have been attempted unless by order of the Department (JALVlfcNSIB rHiLADKi.rHM, July 7, 1647. The distinguished arrivals among us yesterday were numerous. The President arrived during the evening in a special train from your city, and put up at Jones h during the night. This morning he left for Baltimore, in the 8 o'clock train. Lieut. Col. May also arrived yesterday, from Baltimore Captain K. K Scott, of the 1st Pennsylvania regiment, is also in tow ;, for the purpose of recruiting, to fill up hut- iaims UK buu rrgiiuwub. The July term ol the Court of Quarter 8eaa ion* haa commenced, and one homicide cue haa already beau | ilia posed of. The defendant, John Gardner, pleaded guilty of manslaughter; and the first count of the Indictment, charging him with murder, waa thereupon withdrawn. The duceaaed, Lewi* Worthlngton, attempted to enter the houae of the defendant while intoxicated, and in the effort to expel him a blow waa (truck with u poker, which proved fatal to the unfortunate man. The defendant will be sentenced on Saturday. The cross action inntituted by Harvey Smith againat George \V. Barton, Ksq , for an alinged aaaault and battery, haa been dUiulsaed by Judge I'Lraona. on the ground that the violence exhibited by ivlr. Harton waa the consequence of the previoua aaaault committed on Ilia per aoti by Mr. Smith The heat of the weather, or the apirita imbibed by the b'hoya during the holiday, haa given riaa to a consider able number of rlotoua affrays in thla vicinity. A an conil conflict occurred in Camden yesterday between two of our belligerent tire companies; and the Hats and Bouncer* had a regular mtier in the atreetaof Mouthwurk, their old fighting ground. The Bank of North America yeaterday declared a Heml-anuual dividend of ft per cent. Jll.aat evening the atockboldera of the New York and Washington Magnetic Telegraph < ompany elected B B Kreuch. of Waaliington. I'reaident, in the place of Amoa Kendall, resigned U<*orge II. Ilart, of f'hlladelpbl*, waa re-elected treasurer ami Thm M f ? v?w secretary. Thw following gentlemen were choaan dlrec lorn. Hon. Amo* Kendall, of Washington, Oeorge C. lYnnlwaii, Baltimore, Merrit ( auby. Wilmington, Geo. II. Hart and Wm. M. Swain, Philadelphia, John W. Norton and Tho* .VI. ( lark, of Maw York. 'I lie .Nat unlay Courier rase was up before the Court again thin morning, hut no fiual actlou wan had upon the nul.j.ct The judge d< clnreg decidedly that theconceru uiuot be nold, ax tUere mmisd t<> bo no likelihood of an aii.icablu aettleincnt between the partus The draft of a. decree made out by the couiiael for the e?tate of tho late Mr Holden, ?u? submitted to the Judge for hi* appro* >1. 'l he Hou. Richard Biddlu died last evening at I'itteburg. Sain of St<K Wa at Philadelphia. him Una mi, jnly 7 ? ?2Ut<0 Couuty <j'?, 100; 800 Tex*" , .11 ry Noie?, 13V. J0M? hUle i'?, 79^, 2( 00 7?,k; >000 . I'M, 124 Klemii gtoiiCopier Co, 20; In do 20}?: *01 Comity <'?. 1i Hit; looo icuneaier Boi:t!?, J'?, wVi 2 \ icksburn Mil, 1 It; jOCU ( . b. Treat my Note*, 10' V Wra H AAi.Rt?|4MKI rilltlxiigli ti'0,91, 10,000 Hla'e.Va, 79V; 231 i.etiiKi, 0 a, 711. HO'Mi iierfdiiia KK Bobda, 76V; 6400 1/ a i.i u(. "57, u7Ji.ij0 U S. '1 reaatiry Notea, 3 2-Mha. 1?|7.*? ( la , .a (iirard B ok, 13; 4 I t-Ill!. Bank, J20. 1st co>i) Huahd?I0j Lclniili ' oaJ Scrip, 84,*, . 2000 City #'a. "7S, lOU 'i.OU Sue i'a, 79; 8 I'uion Canal. 0*4: H Msnuf. and Mecli. Bank. tbjii 2U Uiranl Bauk. Uft; 10u? Keadiug Kit Bo da. 7liV; 4J0 io ?hi ra ... .\rrr.H sun-loii Raiding KR. 33'?; HOdo, JlVl 1*0 CS Loan 6 a. *67. 107?.. 20WHI Stale i'a, 79*?. M r letningtim < . I per < .1, 20, j JO 1- j.,d Mei !i Bauk. Ji',. 400 Haadui(KR Bomla. 76V Ht Lot'n, Mine .??th. 1(447 I .Iflairt a! lh* ?MitfUrl rnlunhtrt?Jinolltfr Slrarnboul .IrriJrnl, if <" 4'C 4'f' since my la?t, there has 1? en no arrival from the Plains hfyimJ Counoll liro?? consequently. we have li"irnnl nothing liirth?*r >' w Mexico, nor In reia tli.u to the rumored mwMtrri- ol t< ?ui?ters, of which I wi ?te you. I think tl likely that the In.ii.oi are in such force In the neighborhood of the Arkanui crossing, that small parties tind it impossible to paw* with ?*f? (y Kour companies of Infantry, however, are now on the march from Kort l.oavenworth to Hanta Fe and other* will soou follow, which must, tempora. ily at least, reopen tba communication. Within tbe last forty-fight hours, two hundred and eighty Ave of tha heroes of Bradio and Sacramento have arrived among u*. on their way to their homes In the interior of Missouri They art a hardy lookln* aet of follows; most of them In the Mooin of life. Col. Donljhan Id hourly expected, with the rant of hla regiin. nt, or rather the survivor*, for though tha Misaourl volunteers loot few of their number In battle, disease h?i sadly thinned their rank*. Cot. Doniphan')) regiment Imn lost one hundred men by ilrknmt, and Col 1'iice's four hundred. A shocking aeeident occurred to the steamer Slraou h i n ton last evening an she was leaving port for Pem, on the Illinois river, crowded with passenger* She burst one of her steam pipes, and a number of dock paasen gi rs were dreadfully scalded In the alarm several perrons jumped overboard, but It l*believed that none except an Infknt was drowned. The frantic mother, a Herman woman, had leaped into the river with her Infant In her arma. Mhesank. and on rising to the sur luce, she was seised ; but hnr lnfaut charge bad be. u t)'Tu frwm her arm* by the waves, and was i>een no A Oerman, the father of a largo family of children, wa? ljrlug In his liertb. near the current of .steam. lie ??> t-iiooklngly scalded, and knowing not what be did Jumjt. i d overlxiard. (touting the rudder, however, be pared ii.mself from drowning?to be taken to the hospital anil ilie! A little German boy, some ten years of ago. ?i? Mown for a considerable distance, and soalded In such a manner that he survived but a short time. These si . all tha deaths known to have beeq caused bytbedls * ?tar The cabin was crowded with paaamgars, many of the n i!i'legates to the Chicago Convention, out none were mi .J i

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