Newspaper of The New York Herald, 9 Temmuz 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 9 Temmuz 1847 Page 1
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f TH Vol. xm. No. 187-wmh ?ti THK NEW YORK HERALI E TABLI9HMENT, florth*w?t wnw of Pulton and Smm? * iAMES GORDON EKNETT. PROPRIETOR. CUlCllLATlua-FUim THOWAID. l> -Ir-KAI. J-K?er> dry, Pric? 1 e?t? P? eopr-* li I"I iHium?im; jhlr in ndviiuce. WKKKLY HKRALD?(Crery Saturday?f*ne? per copy?$3 12 Vf c?uUi'#r annum-payable in lurunctHKKALLl hOR Kl, KOf'K?Kvrrv *? ?; '"k? ?*" fries 6% ceuU per copy?$4 P?* auuum. pai-.ihlr m vi J.:t subsRriptiont m??t ?dverti?en>eiit?iwill b* received by Mnurt. Ontigunui. ??3 VliliJr 8 irujiult. No. 6 Bar?? Yard, Bucklenburr, and Millar U'"ANtuA1L>VcTORlAL HpALD-.PubU.W~ tb. a V ucV Advert^.at.;hp?W b. wntt.a m. plain l^.bl, atnnnfv The Proprietor will not be reiponaible for nor* thai "^UNTIMJ ot all kui4? ?e?ot*d baaulilolly tad witt d?*patch. ... All letters or communications Dy mail, uomiM to tin citabliahment. moat be post paid, or tha postage will ba 4a V* * :?.! fr .rn tin <nl?rrinnna moaar remittal THE LOWER P^RT OF A HOUSE WANT i - "it KD; in the vicinity of tha City 11*11, west side if '''fl the city ineferrail, by a young gentlemen and liii mot)n r; rent niu?t be moderate. References exchanged; addicts B. L at ilie ollice ol'iliis purer jvT 31 *rc mT L f. r?To iii'jfte geutleuien, uia Kreucii family, several handsome lurnisVd rooms, with breakfast 11 required. Apply si No 9fl White street. j\75t?r"i f'UH SALfc?THE rONKKKa AIAJNSIUN t"-W H.m-e, outbu'.diiius, and seven acres of J laud?tht jA^MLwhole or a part, to suic purchasers, and on the mosl accommodating terras. This extensive building commandsa mainilicent view or Die, Huctsoo River, from 10 to 15 miles in direction. The home is 6t feet square; carriage house 5 fret square, with st tbliug for one hundred horses; ched 6' ieet in length; all nearly new. and in complete order. There j l it aim a fish pond and water power, with a never failing stream " 01 water running through the middle of the grounds, as pure as Crotou. The Hudson River Railroad is to run within thrae hundred yards m front of the property, and about the samr di?t<nce south of the vill ge of VonKers, where the deiwt is to be located. There are five well conducted schools, all within ahalf mile. Two splendid fast sailing steamboats plj daily to and from the city; and stages also run daily iu couue.-uion with the Hailein Railroad Kor terim. applv to William Kellinger, nt the Williamsburgh lerry. at the foot of Delancy street, or upon the premises. __ jtsi 30t*rc Ixak ?<m SALIC, OR EXOHANOE KOR Cll'V PROpjB PKRTlf.?l'roi"eriy in the pleasant village of Liberty ^tfL'.-or ler, consisting ofa lir t rate Dwelling House,33X40, containing 10 rooms highly fiuislu l, with a g >od cellar, Carriage Maker's, Wheel right and Blacksmith's Shop, all uew. . Also, a good haru, 10.v:i8, with wood and smoke houses, a good well at the door, apples, cherries, currents, (kc. Price for the whole SiltQO. Also, 14 acres of laud, 7 acres of timber, 7 of clear land, afl Innder new fence. Apply to ,l.,mes B. 11 rr, any Wednesday, from 9 A. M. to 7 P. >1 ?on Thursday, till 1 P. M., on other dayt at the New Vork Red Estate Company, corner of Ilroadwav and Maiden Lane. JAMhlS B. BARK. jelQTOr*m __ MPAVW.10N, NKW BUIUHTON, Sta.ten Islwiu.The proprietor begs to inform his friends and the public, thai he has made considerable alterations uid improve menu in tins establishment since the last season. He has erected a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms art- tuteuueu lor ccuttemen only; niey areot a comfortable sile, light, and well ventilated, anil superior iu all respects to those geuerally denominated single rooms in the various wateriug places thronghont (lie couutry. !The proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties witlung to eugaan rooms for tha season. Letters addressed to him at the City Howl, Broadway, will receive immediate attention \ steamboat ran* between New York nnd New Brighton, at he following hours, via:? Krom New Brighton?At 8 and 11 A. M, and 2 and i:20 P. M. Ifrom pier No I North River, New York?At# A. Maud 12 M, sud 3H, S and l> P. M., and more frequet* communications will be established .is the season advances. Sunday Arranzemcot?Krom New Brighton at I A.M., 12X, 5?fl P. M Krom New York, at 9 A M., 2 and 6 T M. The Pavilion in now ready for the reception of Company. Hptl t>rc K. BLAN' Ain). . . MRS. JOHN MACKaRREN. (Irom 'fgEurope, pnpil of Madame Dulclieu, pianist to Pjfijt Tfl the Queen of England.) gives lessons in Piano ' t jL Is Korte and Sioigiug ou the >o 1 iwiig terms: Two lessons weekly at Mrs. Macfarreu's residence, $20 per quarter; t >ree lessons do., $26; two lessons weekly at the pupils'residence $2< per quarter; three lesions do. fPiO. Mrs. Macfarreii h is the privilege of referring to Dr. Elliot, Dr. Hodges,George Loder, F.sq., H.Meiggs. Esq., snil the Itev, Dr Wsi. wni'ht 01 O-een street irear S|irinir ie^3?r*ro iSiilu HARPS, 281 BHOAUWAV ?J. F. BROWNE, tf'/kwmaker ami importer, invites the attention of tdmiJ.lWlg rers of this delightful instrument to the _ very elegant selection he lias uow ou sale, comprising some of tli* mini splendidly finished, and also pi tin descriptions, ol bnlliaut toned Double Action Harps, ever offered to their notice?mi tone, touch. elegKiice and style of finish certainly unweelled. Harps repaired, striugs, Itc. A list of prices and d escriptioiis can be forwarded per single postage. j* II Wtd 4tW*rc rt LOOK AT THIS?Ladies, Gentlemen. Misses and m ? Children, all 'h >t are in want o^Bootsor Sho-s, please j?^*>call at 2fi7 Bsoadway, where you will find the largest V"-- assortment, and cheapesHn tnis city, wholesale or retail. N.B.?Imported Krench Boots, $6. M. CAHILL. JeflJ0t? r _ Tilt SUBttCillBER would res|>eclfully inform his customers and the public generally, that he has op hand a large assortment of L >dies\ Misses' ana I hildreu'i colored and black Uaiter Boots, Uuskius, Slippers, Tn i, Stc ; Oeatietneu's and Bny'ssewed and pegged Boots of every description, all of which he will sell as low as such artie'es can he purchased at any store in the city. N. B.?Ladies' and (Sentleinen's Bo its ana Shoes made to order in the best manner at moderate prices. A call is respectfullv solicited. JAMES WALKKIl, ir 12 tnt*rr 9? ('anal street, corner of Woonfer. TO TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH. IBSaBgM Ne.W A>D vlOST AOREK\BLE L1>E TO KREDfcrickahurg. Richmond, Petersburg, Va.. Staunton, Va , and the Virginia Springs, We'dou, N. C., and Charleston, 8. C. The public are ml. ruled that the new and splendid low pressure steamer POWH \TTAN (con'ecting with the Great .Vail Line at Aqquie <"reek,) leaves Commerce atitet wharf, lUli,mora everv Tue.dsv and Kridav Eveninff. at 6 P. iVl.. for (lit burr points. Through-tickets to Richmond 94 Putenburg, 6 Weldon, N.C 9 " Staunton, V?., 11 " l^hirloton. 8. C ,..#21 Bring at the samepticr, more direct ami expeditions, and much mora cerniu thin the Cheseoeake B-ty and James Hiver I,me,?all the wide and rough portion ftheBiy, b-twren the m uthifihe i'otomac and Old Point Comfort, being entirely avoided by this iine. Travellers are adviii-d that rhe line hereby advertised ia part and par -el of the oreat Mail Line through Virginia; and thut it i< the i trillion of the companies composing the Oreat M nl l,n,e, th it passengers shall b- conveyed by them, in connection with the ''owhatun, always as cheaply a? by any oilier line, nnd with mora comfort, en?dition and certainty, than by any oti'erliuc, eicept the line via Washington. For further particulars, inquire at the Southern Railroad office. Pr?tt street, Bait'more; of Stockton tt Fail, or al the Commerce street wharf; or, on Tursd^ys and Fridays, on boaidrhe I'owhattmn. of O. W. OONNF.Ll., Capt N. U ? I'rivell'rt by the above line will bear in mind that they h*ve tw o hours more in Baltimore than pssiengrrs bj the Chesapeake Bay and James River Boa's, and yet reach but pnim south ol Petersburg nt the same time with these last, even when there is no breach of couieiion by the Bay Line. jy<3aieod?r fcXl. U H81 U M ? ?HULL'S Kfe,KH V, r ^?dL-Z-*|TORT LEE, and HACKKNSACK?Lai*)iMMWHa mg at Tillou's Dock?FsRK One SHILLirsb, The cimiriiu'lii.un steamboats FRANK, Capt, Isaac Scott, and ROB^Icr ANNKTT, Capt. Frederick Oaylord, will ran Uajly, u-'til further notice, (touching at Hammond and 19th *rr?et?, as f llow?:? Lravt N. York.Joot Canal tt, Ltave Fort Lte. U M P Af! Jt H. P M. Mondiy, at 6, 4, 10. .2, 3, 6 Monday, 7W II. .1 6 Tuesday. 6, 8, 10. .2, 3. ft Tuesday, 3W 7% 12. .1 ?2 6 Wednesday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Wd'aday, J* 7>2 12. .1 4V ? Thursday, ?, I, 10. .2, 3. 6 Th'rsday,3>? 7.>4 12..I tk ? Frid.V, 6. 8, in..2, 3, 6 Friday, 3K 7k 12. .1 S Saturday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Saturday,IK 7tf 12.. 1 S 7H Bands y, 7, 9, 10. .2, 3, Soi.d.y. 8 II 6 IVrsoua whose, time may lie so much occupied as to reader it incoiivnient lor them to leave during business hoars, will observe th?t a boar le ives New York at G o'clock every morning, reluming from Fort L? e al 7% o'clock, thereby affording an opporianitr for a pleasant excursion without loss ? f timr. Mtnges will be in lowliness i?t Fort Lee to convey pa*senger> to Hacgeuaick Btnmaya eiceiaeu. jei?:wi-r "jr^TTToHTHHKVrsUUHV, LONG BKANCH. p - Ocein Hnu*e, Jumping Point, Kuninm, ami AMMtaiu Kalontown Landing. The alenmhoHl CDWIN i KW1S. Captain Hayne*, will ran a* follow* I'rom fool of Ve?ey itrrct. North River I.MVI Nrw Yrrk. Leave Shrewsbury. Jnlr. O'clock. July. O'clock. Friday, t?. It M. Friday. #. i P. M. Saturday, 111. 1 P. M. SaMrday, 10, 1 P. V fl-nd.y, II, ? A.M. Sunday, 11, S P. M Monday, lil, 4 AM. Monday, 12, H A. M >loi'd?y, 12, II P. M. '1 utiday. II, ? A. M. Tue?day. 13, 4 P M. Wednesday, H, 9 A M. Wed,,e d?y. 14, 4 P.M. Thur.iUy, 13, W AM Stage* wi I be in readme** on tlie*rrivnl of the boat to convey p ,*?engera to nil parti of the country. jylJWt*r<' ZtrmmZ DAILY KXCUKSiON TO THK tU r-.*JL?rZ^HIAN FIELDS, HOBOKEN.-On and after vKtt^kfikBUSunday, Inly llth.the *teamboat PIONEER will in:ike regular trip* from Canal and Nineteenth *treet, direct ti tin ilnian Field*, at Hoboken. leivinc the above mentinned place* a* follow*:?Canal atrttt, 10 o'clock, II, 2. 4, S Nineteenth utreet, 10)? o'clock, 11^? itU, 2V. 3K 4*<, Mf, JVi F",l> ?i in Fielda, lll>? o'clock, 11*. I?*, hi. 3K, 04 i% 7. j y? I4f ri> M. rhdlTK** LINK HTe.A.VlllU41'R HOB r, WCllp-J* \LB ANY, Dally, Smidayi Eicepted? Mil ill rBagaTlu-ongh Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M-, frotn the Pier belvteen Courtlandt and Liberty *treet*. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. \Vm. H. Peck, will leave <mi Monday, Wedneaday, aud Friday evening*, *>t 7 o'clock. Rtearnhont UKNllKIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cruttenden, will leave an Tneaday, Thursday and Saturday evening) it 7 0 clock. At Five O'Clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Place*? (rom the lout i< I Barclay ttreet. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Captain T. N- Hnlae, will leave on Monday, Wedneaday, Friday, and ttandny afternoon*, at i 0 clock. Steamboat HOCHE8TER, t :*ptnm R. H. Fnrry, will laare on Tneaday, Thur*day, and Saturday afternoon* at .1 o'clock. The above boat* will at alt time* arrive in Albany in ample time for ihe Morning Car* lor'ne East or Weat. Freight tfken at moderate rate*, and none taken after M< n'ulock. P. M. . ijr" All peraontare forbid crusting any ol the boats of this line, without* written order Irom the captain* or agent*. f\>r outage or freight, apply on board the bouts, or to P. C St HI'LTZ. at fhf r.ffine on the wharl j*J re FUR ALK?Twenty rail road carta and *it oue lioiee wagon*, .?ud lome two liorae wagon*, and are conatantly tVKmaking to order, where tl.ey can be had at the *horte*1 m>tio* if not on band, where all kind* of carte, wagon* and bar i 1 -1 I I'" ' . I - 1 E NE1 N HIGHLY IMPORTANT ? FKOM TUK I SEAT OF WAR. THE EXTENSIVE PltlPARATIOXS f OF TIIE MEXICANS ur g TO p DBFEXVD THEIR CAPITAL, t Ac. Ac. Ac. * i iKrom the New Orleans Picayune June 30 ] The news by the New OrU-MW which will be found lo " detail In our column* to-day. in the most serious and coil- c sisteut that w? hare received for many week*. It la now , do longer doubtfoi that (Jen. Scott's march upon the capital will be disputed with uo luoouaiderabie d<-tenni- ! nutinn.? fnr MuvUmta I U *??* L *-- - ? IV XI sujjpwncu lUOl UtJ Will UU r?- . isttd. in force, at three several point* between Pueblu and Mexico. '' Santa Anna ha* succeeded in getting to the .windward of his enemies. lie has oolUcted a force, formidable at leant iu number*, and, it U said, contrived to have him p self made diotator?upon the condition that he will re- ? fuse to make peace. Those general*and dignitariei who were opposed to him, or were *u*p?eted of lukewarmness " in his cause, have bean irapri*oned. or cent to dlntant province* in exile. Hi* sway it would seem. i* established upon a* firm a ba*i* a* t ho power to get rid of hi* ene- ? mie* without restraint can furnish. " All aooount* agree in stating that tho utmost activity . prevail* in the different armories and foundries in Mexi- . oo?that cannouare being cast with rtpidity?that shells. J round shot and other missiles, are turned out in abun>. ? danoe, and that men are collecting in Urge bodies to till up the rank and file of the army. The people, it is said, have been aroused, and Santa Anna , employs the luterval* between the composition . of highsounding proclamations. In the more soldler-like and serious business of preparing substantial * defences of the seat of government. As a means ot keep- ' ing in power, despite the foreboding complexion of such returns of the votes of the States as have been received, * Congress, no doubt through bis procurement, have v pat-srd a law to the effect that their successors shall meet " on the 1st of January next, and the votes lor President shall be counted on the lath of that month. Whatever " may be said of Santa Anna's oouduct in battle, he has ^ ceruiuly a wonderful knack of raising armies and re- ? covering from apparently hopeless reverses. The complaints in toe army of the tardiuess in re- . oeiviug reinforcements and necessary transportation are universal. Had these needful supples of men ind '. mean* been forwarded with beoomiug despatch, it is conceded on all hauds that Gen Scott would ero this 11 have taken possession of the Mexican capital without ^ meeting serious resistance. Now it is doubtful when he will ag*ln make a forward movement. The IGth inst., was tlie day appointed to advance from Puebla, but such T were the preparations of tha enemy to receive him, that u he was compelled to delay hi* march until reinforce- ' J! meuts arrived 1 The guerillas, too, are becoming bolder In their at- 1 tacks upon bodtr* of men moving along the road. In dlcatlon* of obstinate resistance 'are rife from every e quarter, nor can any presage of peace be drawn from " any source unless there be comfort iu the adage, " the darkest hour ofthe night 1* just before day." Tho force under the oommand of (Jen. Pillow left Vera Crux on the 18th, escorting a train of about 125 wagons ? The torce amounted to nearly 1B00 men, and conflicted n in ine inn miantry, ami a portion or thu 15th, throe ? companies of thu 3d and ttth Infantry. six companies of ? thu Voltigeurs, a detacbuiont of the 3d Dragoons and c six howitzers. That such a traiu would meet with * serious resistance from guerilla parlies, waH not to be expected; but we regret that our accounts induce the o belief that it suffered excessively iu the first and second r, days' march from the beat of the weather. The march 1 on the seoond day is represented as having been par- b ticuly severe, the time cboseu for it being during the heat of the day. through heavy t>and ! and when eleven b miles were to be miil-j without water. Due hundred tl and fifty men are said to have been completely knocked ? up on this march; six or seven died upou the road, and P the rest were sent back, and were arriving in Vera Cruz " in small parties at the last accounts. I 'i'heru are a great many guerilla parties upon the b rosd. A small body of our troops left SanJ uan on the 31st " hoping to overtake Gen. Pillow, but after proceeding > two or three miles they encountered some .guerillas >' These they charged upon and dispersed, but tbey saw p so many others on the road in small parties, that it was c thought prudent to relinquish the design of coming up with (ien. Pillow. As this ofllecr is somewhat famous r for exacting from his men long marches, It is well that a no further attempt was made to overtake him. c We regret to learn by this arrivsfctT the death of Mr. I> Thomas O. Bank*. He died at iJruz of the vomito ? Mr. Banks was connected, we bel?p-. with the Quarter- A master's Department. Quite reeeutiy he had rendered h important service in surprising and capturing a party of " Mexican guerillas near Vera Cruz, of which accounts e have been published, and he was particularly successful 'I in defending and saving publio property whon tbe train t under Col. Mcintosh was attacked. H? wu very widely ri known through the United States, having been an extensive mail contractor on the great route through Ala- S bama and Georgia. and more recently connected with a ? largo hotel at buffalo. He wax a man of greit eaergy of n. character and much kinduisa of heart. Hi* Irieuds 1 wore numerous, and will lament with us bin uutimcly de- ?' cease. a; The course purged by Capt Walker towards those desperadoes who fell Into his hands, Ih said to have been highly approved by Gen Scott We have been asked if <1 lirii ('adwallader adopted VVaiker's plan, and shot tho?e 71 who fell into his bands, but we are unable to answer. ai The news by this arrival from the city of Mexico is lrn- <" portant. We have reoeivud our account* of it through ? an expres* despatched by Mr. Kendall trom Punbla expressly for this office. His letter* come down to the 14th li Instant. ?< The Jlrto-Irit of the 2'Jd has letters from tbe capital, <1 which appear to be late, though the dates are not given tl Tbe purport of them is that the work of fortifying the o environs of the city 1s going on rapidly, and that seven- b ty pifoes of artillery nad arrived from Aoapuloo and 0 other points, which tney were mounting aS fa*t a* possl- p ble. They mention the arrival of Alvarei at th? head of 80(H) men, and they set down the entire force in tbe o city as 'JO,000 armed militia, and It 000 troops of tbe d line. These letters further sav. that the oleivv *r?> ta. b king an active part in the bualneaa; that arm* of all U klnda w?r? pouring Into the capital, and conaiderabie P auma of money. K Before entering npon Mr. Kendall's letUra we may re- ? mark that by the way of Orizaba. a letter haa been re- ? neived here, which announcea thtt " Santa Anna haa been elected Dictator provided he will not make peace," and that he has 30 UOl) men with him. It appear* from what followa below that Want* Anna haa attained to all the power of a Dictator by the arre*t or removal from J1 command of such general* aa are oppoaeri to tlim, and by " the more adroit manoeuvre of Inducing Congrenn to poat- ? pone the counting of the votea for t're*ident till the 15th " of January next! The 15th of June waa the day fixed l' by law for that purpoae. By the poatponemeut Santa 8 Anna prolonga hia own power indeflnitely, and for the " time being may be deemed Dictator in fact, if not in a name. He will plead In extenuatl?n ofthia perpetuation b of hia power, that it waa .hazardous to riak a change of government at a moment when a foreign foe threatened a i he capital; and there ia force in the idea. A private note from Mr. Kendall aaya that Mr. Trlat 0| waa at Pueblu. Nothing further had trannpirvd in re*ard to hia miaaion. ' '1 he Mexican papera, ' write* Mr. ? K , " know aa much about hia miaaion aa we do." 11 We grieve moat alncerely to learn that the American prlaonera la Mexloo have not obtained theii'releaae ; on 11 the c?utrary. the report ia I hat they are in mure atrlct 11 confinement than before. Ought not aomething apecdily to b? done with the Mexicau priaonera In our piWer, to 1,1 bring .Santa Auna to hia bearinga ou ihia poiut. cl Putin.*, Mexico, Juuo 6. 1817 The new* from the city of .Vlextoo la of cotiaidomble iinnnrtiiiiAM Th? rttnart U. thut CftncfruM will ti.if oept dani* A Una's resignation. nil which he probatilv kuew wheu bu a- nt U lu, and that b? now intends to oairy out hia inbi-mn tu a mom high-handed m?im?r lf than ever. To defend tin- capital ho appears determined upon, but instead ot adopting a conciliatory policy, and ^ bringing about a union of the different parties and Ian- |>, lion*, lie has ??nt a number of the inoat noted officer* -j ither to priaon or into exile; and by threat* and abuie H| ia endeavoring to bring over their friend* to hli cause ^ Offloera who gave their paroles at Vera Crui or Cerro Gordo, are forced into the army, or else are treated with ,,c violence, and driven from the eity. All the American tl citizens in the capital were ordered, on the lat lnit., to KC leave at the expiration of twenty-four hour*, either for t)| Jal'sco or Mnrella, and many were obliged to pack up Hl and be off. without a moment'* time to attend to their w business. 'J hia tyrannical decree will of course be ruin- j, oua to the Interests of all, but more eapeolally to the >. heavy oommercia) houses In the meantime, every citi- f len haa been called upon to take up arma for tbe com- J, inon defence, and the lepero* are driven to work at the fortitlcation* at tbe point of the bayonet. Cannon are tv being c**t at a foundry in the city ball* and shell* at iron work* near Han itafarl?and other eatabllahaienis ?| are buoy turning out munitions or war Defence* are in tI proce** of coniti-uotion at Cbalco, Ayotla, (iuadalupe, Chapultepec, and other point*, and the war parly would .1. Cain believe that they nan reaiat the advance of the 'in- ,, famous and cowardly" North Americana (ireat hope* are entertained of the proweaa of the Ouardia Naclonal, composed of the young men of the capitni. merchants, j.. clerks, law students, tbe better class of inechanlos, bo ? . but as it is known that many of them hire servant* to V, carry their muskets to and trom the parade ground, no great harm can be anticipated from this force It ia , further thought that the Indiana from the 8outh, the "J Pintoa under Alvores, will strike perfect t-rror Into the ,* hoarU of "lot Yankees," Inasmuch as they oast their ar- J rows with great accuracy, and when charged upon throw themselves on their backs and flght vigorously with their .^ "machetes" or short swords It Is falrlv presumable, If they undertake tbia latter game, that but tew of thoee m who throw themselves upon tbelr baoks will er?r rise to their feet In this world rn reran, Mexico. June H. 1 %47. I have obtained aOle of Kl Rtpuhllcano from the cl?y g* of Vlexico. aa also several copies of Kl National, pub- *t! iished at Atlisoo, where the legislature of tbe State is /a. noW In session Some of the articles In the latter are th decidedly rich. The editor haa a correspondent In this wi city, who pretends to keep him regularly Informed of sa every circumstance that transpires ; and the way ha at throws facta aalde and walks Into fianoy, shows him to be tri an apt disoiple of the Mueluaien soLoei Tht moat 00 w ro EW YORK, FRIDAY M< lutrageous falsehoods he utter* with an effrontery that * really amusing I shall forward the papers whenever ] in opportunity offers. From El Rejiukliiano we learn that Santa Anna ha? I ither Imprisoned. or sent out of the way, (Jeneral* Amelia. Almonte, OraTo. Arista, and some say Rejon.? Vrlcta has been ordered to Acapulco, and the editor j hlnks most unjustly. Ampudla refused to be banished o Cuernavaca, unless they used force, and force was ised K? port has It that Bravo and Rejon were ordered If because they refused to accept command* In the army ffured them, alleging, It is said, that all attempts to ar> est the progress uf the Americans mu?t end in defeat.? luch views do not suit Santa Anna, who, like every des>erate gambler, still determines to play on against every embUnce of h< pe. Almonte is in prison, and is charged rith holding communication with the Americans. It is ven assorted that he Is accnsed of holding a treasonable orrespoudeuco with Oontral Worth. 1 am informed hat every line which has passed between them was a lmple letter of compliment*, written by General Worth ,t Saltlllo last fall, and to which he has never even re The editor of El Ripublicano puts down tho entire orn? organised for the defence of the capital at 17.600, noluding Indiana, irregulars, and all. Santa Anna U ,nowu to have compelled those who gave their parol at ;erro Gordo and Vera Crux again to take up arm*, both neu and ofllcerii; and those or the latter who have reused have been moat grossly abuned and InBUlted. As rgards arms, the Infantry are probably but indifferently iroviiled ; but It is known that new cannon are cootantly being turned out at the foundry established for hat purpose, and in this arm Santa Anna may be en.bled to oppose no inconsiderable strength to General Icott. I'ukdla, Mexico, Jane 7, 1817. We hare had an arrival and a mail from the United Itatrs. Lieut. Daniels, with a number of recruits for he 7 th and other regimenta, arrived l&at evening from fera Cruz, bringing dates from New Orleans up to the 4th May. The gratifying intelligence has also been irought that large reinforcements for Gen, Scott are on he way, although it U a great pity th>*y were not sent ooner Kvery arrival from the city of Mexico but ooutirma he previous reports that the war party la determined to efend the capital. One ruinor has it that they have Iready ninety cannon of different calibres: but this Is oubtless an exaggeration. A Frenchman who arrived o-day says that Chapultepec, Mexioalsingo, Guadalupe, nd Tenon Viejo are fortified, and that at the different oluts they have sixty cannon. The generals In cornland at these pUciw are Ignaolo Gutierrez, Gaoua, Maiauit Martinez, and Grtgorio G i'alomino That they ro uot only casting caunon, but shells and tails, aud rith great activity, is certain. It I* to be hoped that bey may run up all the bells in the city into caiuion, for tieir ooutinual clatter is excessively annoying. W hen a movement is to be made upon the city of lexico is uncertain; but I presume as soon as a sulHlent tiumber of the new recruits have arrived, lien uott lays all his plans with the most oonsumuiato ilroitness, and will make the most of the force the Go eminent has given him. A heavy stock of provisions as been laid iu here, for which tho army is mainly inebted to Mr. L. S. llargous. When Gen Worth's dliniori arrived at i'uebla it had neither provisions nor looey, nor credit with which to purchase; but, thanks J the indefatigable exertions aud known probity of Mr I., he has been enabled to overcome obstacles that on tie fane seemed insurmountable. The policy of the 'nited Statea Government is to pay good prices for vervthing purchased of tho Mexicans; but, unfortuately, it does not aend on the money, aud its credit oes not stand at the highest in this region. Tccula, Mexioo, June 8, 1847. 'i'De rain it ralneth every day. anil the wot season ppears to havo fairly s?t iu. The rains, which come justly iu the afternoou, will douhtlesx offor great ohHtalert to the operations of the army iu tile neighborhood f .Mexico, especially on the direct road leading iuto the ity; but, like all other obstacle* the Americans have to ncounter, they will be overcome in some way. 'i'he result of tho election for i'rrstdcnt of this soailed republic, is not knowu. nor will it be until Janaajr. Congress has passed a deeree, to the effect that on tie first day of the ooinlug year tho new Congress shall m installe 1, aud that on the 1 >th of the aanm month tie votes fur the President shall he counted. Thin may e some new trick of Santa Anna's getting up. as until tiat time be can have everything his owu way. The refu>1 of the present Congress to acoept his resignation a* resident interino. gives him unlimited tway, and he will ol be slow to exercise all the powers of a dictator.? 'hat there will be giitos and /irununciamentui against iiu before January, is as certain as that the Intervening lonths will come and go; but be may be cat enough to ill upon his feet with every new revolution. Auaunrch>t himself, his very element is anarchy, and the only eaoeful moments he probably spends are passed amidst ontusion. lleDurt now has It?wo can lnnrn nnlliintr ? oporl now lias it that Santa Anaa has between 30,000 ud 40,000 man of all cla aea under armii at and near the ity, and that thin force is rapidly augmenting. The eace party dare do nothing; for the moment a man in Ten suspected he is sent off or thrown into prison. The Lmerlcan residents have all left, many of them in such as in that their business must sutTer to a moat ruinous stent, while It ia reported that all the American prisonr?, contrary to the laws of nations as well aa of human,y, have bqyn cast into a more loathsome prison, and mated more rigorously than ever. Such an- the verbal eports we receive from the capital. r. S.?1 have just learned that a delegate from each tate in the Republic has been appointed, all to hold a leeting at some given point, for the purpose of taking ieasur*-s to establish a peace with tile United States his I give aa one of the ruinora atloat. but cannot aa?rtain that it ia entitled to the least credit or importuoe. Pukbla, Mexico, Juno 9, 1647. The division of Gen. Twlgga hua been out drilling to ay, und made a most beautiful display The 3d and Lli infantry, which so nobly sustained themselves both t Monterey and at Cerrfl Oordo, are attached to his immanil. (Jen. Worth'* division ia to be reviewed on aturday?a aight worth seeing. We have a verbal report to-day that the Mexicans nte.nd giving General Scott battle at or near Tlascala, >me eight or ten leaguea from thia, and a little oil the irect road to the city of Mexico. The atory la, that ih alcaide ot that place wrote to General Canaliio for rdera bow to act, and was tolj to collect all the militia e could, and that be would be supported lu the course f a few days by troops from Mexico. Such la the reort. Verbally we learn that Santa Anna ha* formed a new ablnet, composed of Tornel, Ri-jon. Ibarra, aud Barana. Tornvl. although nothing certain ia known, is proably Minister of War, Rejon of Foreign Relations oth are well known iu the United Stales?both have revioualy held the positions glren them above. Triueros has resigned bis oOlce as Governor of the District f Mexico, and Gen. ignacio Gutlerrei takes his place? it probably the work of Santa Auua. Puebla, Mrxico, Juns 10, 1947. Some of the papers are rating the clergy of thia place ght roundly for the favor they show the Americans tub HI lliu I'UlWJrn. iliuoii? uiuw llliugn, nays :? 1 ue oly fraternity, which in otbur times produced the hU-fd and captains of our Independonce, are now deeply nmersed In commercial project# or in plana to preserve lieir treasure. They remain cold #pe?tators of the vil# which have b. fallen their unhappy oouutry, and lth a culpable remissness, or elite with hidden treaaon. HHiHt the triumph# of the Invader# " A pretty hard low this. for a Mexican to *trike at the priesthood Verbal rumor# Rtlll would ludune u# to believe that anta Anna is constructing fortifications around the spital with vigor. and that he haa at leant sixty piece# r cannon alrendy cast Among the general# noticed as aving command of the different battalions. I #eo the ame# of Perex, Leon, Ramirei, Oorostiaa. Cortina, and le late President tuttiturn. Antiya Krom the reports om every point It. would appear that Santa Anna inind# striking one more heavy blow for victory?else hi# stiona greatly belle him. The troops are being regularly inspected and drilled, id pre ent truly a most noldierly appearance, a# new othing haa be <n distributed to those who stood In moat fed. Puibla, Juno 11,1047. Kull flies of paper# front tho city of Aletlco, up to the ,h in#t . inclusive, have Just been received here. I ive only had time to skim over their oontents. and ndyou an abstract of such Intelligence aa may be inresting. The Monitor Rrpuilirano of the 8th iutt , says that Ivarez. with hi# Indian#, was to march on that day tor aebla, aud was to be followeil up by the regular cavalry, he same paper intimates that the rest of the army is so immediately to take up the line of march for Pile a. aud the inference I# that the enemy lutends fighting le great battle in this neighborhood In fact, the limr openly ?uuibh uui huh mji, turn, uj inifl ooun? ley will avoid having the beautiful city of Mexico the ene of A grimJ (initio He hopes that by a well comned effort tbe glory of the Republic may be preserved, id that hnnta Anna may wipe otf some of the slain hlch at present sticks to his character. The ediior ten not exactly say this, but be mean* it. Kvery one nro in Puebla hopen that the battle or a battle may be ught la this neighborhood?tbe Mexican* will not ake another otaud this side the capital In that case. The papers are filled with accounts of the approach of le Americans towards Duraugo and Sonora The ediirs says that the infamous \ unkeea" have joined with le Apache.". < a munches, and other " barburns but lis no one believes. Chihuahua has given its vote for Gen. Hanta Anna for le next constitutional President; Zacatecas for Lafrata; Durango, for Llloriaga; and Sinalca and Senora for linonte. Hanta Anna, aocordiug to El Monitor Rfpuklicano. in fallen out with the following extensive list of general Beers !? Bravo, itlncon, Canalize. Arista, Mlnon, I'rrea, arc la Conde Roqunna, Morales, Aluionle, and Anipua Fortunate it is tor Moxioo? perhaps 1 should say ifortunate?that it has " a few more left " The editor ys that all tbe ftbove are oither in retirement or else prison, and farther gives It as his solemn conviction lat the oouatry now has great need of their servloea. Among thoae whom Santa Anna still couuted upon as iands, there waa the greatest dlsoord. Daraada. who la appointed Minister of Foreign Relations, only reained in ofllce twenty-four hours?he resigned on tbe

cond day in disgust. Cortina bad also thrown up tbe mmand of the battalion of Vlot< rla. Tne editor of El Monitor Is raving, perfectly outraous. because our army waa not out up and deroyed In delal, while on its march to tbis city, and In at after Its arrival lie thinks it a burning dlsg ace at small parties of the enemy are permitted to prowl th Impunity about the oouniry, when they have thounds of troopa lying Idle about the oapltal. Instead of tacking oar troopa they have been allowed to oonoen*r* enabled to allow bold and mbined front Ha triads tip his terrible tiMde aa M* RK H 3RNING, JULY 9, 1847. low*:?" It appears an though thers were a desire that a| everything should go to the devil." [Vo parcrt tinu yut HI I Any rmpeno, t.n que todo it lulltvt tl diabalo ] tt i The papers iu the city of Mexico are publishing the c< i American correspondence which has been intercepted ol by the guerillas between Jal ipn and Vera Crux. So far, ti I with the exception of a letter from Mr. Marcy to (Jen Scott, dated 30th April it is of little consequence to the M eneuiy. I owe thu editors or authorities a thousand di thanks for glvinK to the li^ht several letters addressed to jj my humble self, else I should never have known their contents Our latest dates from New Orleans we have received through the Mexican paper*?singular enough, n Is it not ? f, There was a rumor in Mexloo, at last dates, to the if- r, fe t that some of the officer* of the regular troops were ? about to ralae a uronunciamenlo in favor of a dictatorship jj The editor of jL'i Monitor ridicules the report?believes that there is no foundation for it. Santa Anna may bo j at the bottom of a inovemi nt of the kind. Quirn mbr' y P. 8.?Slnoe writing the above, I have seen a letter from 0 Col. Hunt, the quartermaster In New Orleans, and which ^ has been intercepted by the guerillas, and published In Kl Monitor and other papers. It was direoted to Capt. ^ Hetiel, and speaks of the great difficulty he, Col II , has j in raining funds to meet the pressing demands of the j ariny. The Mexican editors jump at this. They say B that their government has now onlv to remain unUt ami that the YankeeB will noon bo driven to straits. and din- ' t bauded and dispersed for want of the moan* of sustenance. Mr. Secretary Marcy's letter they vet down a* a j j tiwiue of falsehoods. Pukbla, Mexico, June 1U, l?47. j , The city il to-day full of rumors and reports, noma of them- of most Blurt ling nature If they could be relied j upon. The story is that the Mexican army la to advunce , upon aud surround this plane entirely. Kvrn the names , of the leaders?Vulenciu. Uubero, Louibardini.and Alva- ; re*--are given. That Alvarez hat started with his com- , uand there can be little doubt, but the impression is , that he has gone in the rear of t'uebla?somewhere In the neighborhood of Nopalucan or Acsyete?with the hope that he may be enabled to cut off some of the wugon , trains known to be on their way up. The Mexicans are , known to hare seven or eight thousand cavalry, and | their true policy would be to fight lien. Scott iu the , open field; but he who judges of the Mexicans by the , ordinary rules which govern mankind, will find himself , mistaken nine times out of ten?so there is no knowing j what they will do. A Krenchmau who left the city of Mexioo yesterday, , reports that he saw two thuusaud men busily at work { upon the fortifications at t.l I'enon. This is a hill of uo ? great sixe or elevation, about nine miles this side of the ? oily and ou the din ct road, with a lake immediately in t the rear of it aud at its base. Another Frenchman, t and one who appears to be intelligent, says that the 0 tiexicans inteud to make three or tour stands?one be- | twetn this olty and ban Martiu or Tlascula, where they j can use their cavalry, another this side of Guadalupe, aud the lust at (Juadalupu itself. Amid such a mulli- . plicily of reports it is hurd comiug at the truth, aud j perhaps the oaly way lo ascertain the real intentions of t the Mexloaus at the cupilul is to pay them u visit with n Uieariny. d tii-n Worth's division was reviewed to-day, was after- n wards drilled, aud certainly made a most imposing dis- t play. A large number of Mexicans, including many la- j, dies iu coaubes. were presout. The division of Oen. 1'wiggs is equully well prepared for any emergency; and for one I huvu au abiding ftilh iu these portions of the army. Fuesla, Mkiico, June 14, 1B47. j Kor a wouder, yesterday wn did not have uuything even in the shu|>e of a ruuior from the city ot Mexico, nor could we leurn anything positive of thu movements , of the enemy in this neighborhood. I saw a man. who arrived from Allixco in ibe luoruiug, who said that 6U0 of the Indians ot Alvurei were expected there iuilue ' diately?this was the only report received. Allixco is j i eighteen or twenty milos trum 1'uubla, aud not on the i read to the cupital. . r 1 send you tiles of papers, both from Atlixco and from j Mexico?tbe latest date from the latter being to the 7 th .1 IIIIM I huvu 1. i ? -!>- ? t-" . ? it. iui|juiiii>diii bU lay nanus upon | | later papers. although 1 have st-en them. Ail their con- ; | trnls ol any importance I have giveu. I As yet do one known wtiiiii tuu ariuy id to inake a fur- j ward movement. Ouk lM( o-rtainly will not mvrch , until reinloroeineuls arrive, which are now, without ! question, ou the way. A del?y U certainly of more importance to our army than to that of the Mexicans, (or even II the latter are enabled to augment their forces. ' they wilt be beaten?that in certain; aud then there is a strong probaoility that so straitened are the Mexicans for meanti, that a delay of a month will find them dispersiug over the country for the very means of subsistence, or else cut up by internal disoords. Am regards the prospects ot a peace, they appear just as distant as ever. A peace patched up at the city of Mexico at this time would hardly last until the iuk is dry with which It may be siguud; certainly not until the Americans are out of the oouutry. Without doubt there is a large and influential parly in faver of it, but they dare not avow themselves for fear of after consequences. 1 know not how it may turn up; but as I said in a former letter, I do n?t at present see any other 1 course than for the United States to hold and retain 1 possession of the country?aye, and to govern it, too. IMPORTANT rKOM MUX ICO. f Fro III thtt firla?nfl Ilaslt* Inna 'III 1 We learn that news bad reached Vera Cruz on the J 1th ult., whioh was positive in it* nature, that thu large train which bod left that city on the ISth. strongly guarded und under the command of Oen. Pillow, wan suddenly , attacked on the ilst by a largo party of rancheros, who lay in ambush awaiting their approach, about fifteen mile* beyond the Nationul Bridge The attack, though sudden, did not disconcert the command. Oen. Pillow immediately ordered the dragoons in bis party to charge the assailants. 1 he order was promptly and gallantly executed, which caused the enemy to make a precipitate retreat, leaving thirty of tuelr assassin coinpituions dead on tho field, and some fifty wouudt*d. Their strength is not known, as they made their attack from an ambush. It Is to be regretted that seven or nine Americans lost their lives in the encounter?some twenty were wounded.? I he fight over, Ucn Pillow ordered forward the train, , and bad the wounded men conveyed back to tbo city | The energetlo and able manner iu which be oonducted , the whole affair, is the theme of universal commendation , in Vera Crux. , We also learn that Oen. Scott was within twenty-five ( miles of the capital. , In a letter received in this city, brought by the New , Orltans, It is stated that Santa Anna bad been appoint- , ed Dictator, and was put in command of thirty thou- ( wind men. ( Tli.t guerilla* xare dafly becoming more audacious; t they prowl about the very walls of the city iu their ca- c parity of horse thieve'. If an American goes outside ( unprotected, he is never seen again. p Sickness continues severe in Vera Cruz, particularly ? diarrhoea. f We make the following extracts from the VeraCruz , fcugtr of the -jad:? A number (some thirty) of those who left here with ( the last train, have been sent back, being unable to proceed from the tatigue incident to a march in the heat of the day. This was to be expeoted, as all of them were volunteers, and most of them young men who are not used to much hardship. We had the pleasure of enjoying an invitation to be present on thu occasion of an ampution of two legs, above the knee, on Saturday last, where that great assistant In surgical cases, the letheon, was used. The subjects were two men who had been conveyed to the hospital of San Krancls?o, and the success was a triumph over physical pain. Dr. Barton administered the letheon. and Dr. Porter and a young physloian (whose name we are sorry we do not recolleot) were the operators. On Sunday last we were shown a letter from an officer of the army of some distinction, dated at Puebla, In which he stated that the course pursued by Capt. Walker has been highly approved of by the commanding general. It will be recollected that Capt. Walker recently, in carrying his company up to headquarters, led an expedition itgaiust. ?nm>j Mexican villages known as the haunts of desperadoes, and raptured aud shot several of them ? l'be letter states that Oen. Scott says be desires to conciliate all who are peaceably disposed, but that the cut mi on miHii D6 (it'HiL wjm in a uuierent manner. [From the Washington Union, July 6 ] Wo have been favored with the following extract of n latter from " Vfiia Caut. June 'lb. " I barn the honor to lianil you thin day* paper* The editor* have the lateet intelligence from Mexico. Itep pe*r* that the election W put off till the 'iUt of Septum- ( bar ; and the general opinion la. that 4ierrara will he < lac ted I'reaiderit. and that a poace honorable to both couutrien will bo the result ( " lien Soott waa at I'uebla on tlia Kth. (Van. Alvarea , haa got through fropi the south. and I* between I'uebla nod ialapa with i 000 to #000 troope?no doubt for the purpoee of cutting off Oen Cadwallader with the train uf money ; but be will never do it. " Gen. Cadwalladvr left Jalapa on the 18th. 300 of our < dragoon* were guided liy an alcalde ol I'erote. who led ] them into a ravine where they aurrounded 400 guerilla*, i killed 30 of them and wounded an many more, no that t tbeett fellow* will be very careful how they join another t party I " I undemtand that for dntle* an they fall due under y the temporary tariff, draft* are given (our paymaitern) r ou Jalapa and Huebla t\iT the heavy amount* due from t the Brttlnh and Herman bounce on the new tariff, tbe t gooda are itored They will give draft* on Mexico an t xoon an lien. Scott readies that city, , " Santa Anna, for thu prcnant. haa full power* to da- , fond that citv, no It nppearn. Another repoit In, that he f will treat with Oen. Scott or nomo one alna [From El Arco Irin. of Vera Crux, of Jane 'Jfl ] H Intelligence of the nt te of thinga In tbe capital of the republic arrive* vary nlowly, and after very great f delay, on account of the interruption of communication. * The sovereign Cougre** haa ordered that the election of I'renident nhall take place on tho Ul?t of September, apparently with a desire to yea whether in tne meantime J tha hxpeot of political affair* will change, and Santa \ Anna be abla to exorciaa tha atorm which threaten* |i him. We ara told that a portion of tha clergy have p much modified their pretenninn*. and nomawhat calmed ? their entbnalaam, since Oen Scott made them the offer n of A*pectlng religion and property. It U tba ballef of h all that if llarrara la elaoted I'realdent. negotiation* for i? peace will ba entered into without delay with tba lTnll#d pi State*of tba north, and that thlt matter will ba aucoeM n fully terminated. Many believe that the entry of r>?n t w Soott *111 be tha prelude to a treaty of peace advan- | fc tageout to both republics 1 / El Diario Ha' Unhirrno, of the lit ln?t., publlihea at length Oen. Taylor'* official report of the battle ol ?uei<? Vlita. It cover* more than nve column* of that Journal. There aeama to ba a publication In Mexico called the BoltUn de la Dmmcracia, which given great offence to Other paper*. The Z>?aWo nay* oflt:"If B|,t }* era, It would be lapoaaibW to believe that la Mexico^ la tbaae sort erltieel nomenU, there itapabUeatlea which V [ERA >pear* to litru been iMued and tuiUlned by the United utM of North America. Inumuch m it aim* to divide j le Mexicans, by discrediting the authorities, dfaeon rtlng Government plana, giving slni?t<T explanation* 'the Niranleit operation*, and. above nil, by calumniang in the most atrociou* manner " A* an evidence of the feeling which prevail* among the lexican* on the Pacific coast, we girt) the following adrex* of ihe (ioveuor of Hinaloa: l? ajarl dr la I'ega Governor of the State of Hinaloa to h it? Ink 'tibinti. || Slnaloan*: The fortuue* of our oountry aro more and lore compromised every day our arms have just *uf- P Ted a new reverse at Cerro Gorilo; the enemy is al- fo aady In the oentre of the K public, and at tbin moment j 'e rnsy be covered with glory, or Mexican auoiety may ? ave ceased to exiat. ' 1 Our lllustrlou* President ha* been fully empowered to 8< lrect our destinies. and. from bin valor and enthusiasm. u( re oughtj to hope that he will renew the glories of ur Independence, or solemnly* with honor the funeral of w he oountry. at Death before slavery ' 1* thl* day'* bloody oath of the ... lexican*; and we ought to subscribe with delight the olemn vow to sacrifice in the war ourselves. our chll- w iren. and all our molt cherished object*, rather than n anction a peace which would alway* oover our name* rith opprobrium, and make the noble sons ,,r tv....anm 1 teller, engaged one lleckerthoru, to accompany him on 1 hill travel*. He wax to give biui ttfty cent* per day, anil ' pay hill ex pen huh ; Heckertborn wan to conimenae ser- ' viced by poUoning a child, the non of Mr. Scamp, ' of Jetlernon towur-hip; they were then to leave the oounty for noino time, until the vxcitemunt had died away, 1 when Tyler wan to return and get romething liaudiioiue for telling where the child wan. In pursuance of this arr ngement lieckerthorn prevailed upon the lad to accompany him to the wood* ; he then gave the buy Home poinoned candy, which killed him; he then diHpoited of the body by tburnting it head loremont into an opeuing [>! a hollow tree, and covering it with rotten wood. The boy not returning, the pareut* became alarmed and com menced a Hearth, which proved truitlesv, until YVi dneslay, when Heckerthorn, who had been arrested the (My tn-fore, on suiplolon, oonfeued the crime, and revealed ;he circumstances above stated. The physicians who made a post mortem examination, stated that the atonach and mouth ahowod signs of poison, but that it wan ivident from the fact that a fracture in the skull wax liscovered, that the child, previous to its death, bad revived a violent blow on the back ot the head, Heckerhorn, Tyler, and one Levi Davis have been arrested and "uiujnbt'u lu jau i no puDiio nan garnered by Wed- 11 lesd?y to the Dttolitt of five or nix hiiuilred, nod lh? de- 1 ;ree of excitement existing during tbu inquest and ex- * initiation wan most lnten?e It was with extreme <1if- 1 iculty that the crowd could be restrained from laying c riolent bauds on the fortune teller, and tearing him Into >iects. Heckerthoru stated aU<>, that Tyler said he bad 1 Imposed of several children in the same w ay." Affairs in New Brvnswick.?We liuv? St. ! IoIiii p.qmfrh to the 2d inst. The following pirn- , (raph contains all that we tlnd of interest:?"We ajaln r have the pleasaut prospect bt-fore us of a boundary dis- ? pute, io that iNew Brunswick < fast being reduced lu t lixe and importance. Between the Yankees, Canadians , and coming intruders, perhaps the Japanese. we export aoon to And the province bounded on the south and ; west by the harbor of St. John, on the rant by < ourte- ( uay Bay, and on the north by Portland Bridge. These ( re, we know, rather limited dimensions, but the idea 1* by no means improbable; for should our territory be eniroached upon, in comiog years, in tlie same ratio as It lias been of late years, we shall in a very short period of , time be reduced to the dimensions alluded to?which inunt strike tvi ry one foieibly with the idea of a reluced revenue and more cramped resources. By the , Ashburton Treaty. New Brnnswick was deprived of an iintnmiMM tri*t nf Ilm hrnrf. ?Ku ind the navigation of the River St John thrown open to Lh? lumbermen of a forelgu power. The depute, which im long been iu embryo, and I* ne w budding, arise*from anadian Interference It appear* that, within the past month of June a number of person* resident in N'ew iirunswick (at MadawaskaK were nerved with common prooe??ea In actions of debt, to bo tried at Quebec; Whether our authorities will submit to thin wo know uot; but the probability in that tliey will, hh usual, fancy themselves the intruder*, and after niaklug a on?l humble apology to the I ansdlans deliver up the territory ? und eud the matter. Thin novel arrangement inny ? ppear odd to strangers; but our too-well paid, too well led, and too-much indulged officials are for tU>i moht part loo la ty to consider tbe question, and, therefore, settle >uoh niattera with "every despatch required.'' Thk Missouri Regiment.?We hid the plea- ' iuie of meeting in our oity. yesterday, Mr Mltchum. ' )ne of the Missouri volunteers who accompanied Col * Doniphan in his arduous but successful and glorious 1 narch from Missouri, by Santa Ke, Chlbushua. Hcc. to " he liraios lie re ates insny Interesting particulars of * .his exciting expedition, which we listTied to with great uteiest lie says that a larg? majority <?f the men I ?ere destitute of shoes for months; that, they hsd to '' ilandon their tents and other oamp *'|Olpineut* In S?p- 'l ember last: that since then they have slept in rsin ti inow and lee. with but a blanket to lie upon and one to ; over with, and that there wss hardly a ohange of ral- g nent In the whole regiment Their loss. Including killed ( ind wound- I In two Mexican and one or two Indian , Ights. from sickness and all other causes, was only one H undred and ten out of a regiment of nearly one tho?. and men. No one deserted or waa discharged, and the * olonel will have the honor of carrying back to their I amily aud friends nearly nine-tenth* of the force with ii rhich he set out ?Mifitti/iptan. n ? Thk <>i.t> Mi-'I'bkmk ( ot rt.?We learn, verbal- gl y, that Chief .1 untie lieardaley, and Justices '' Vhlttleeey and MeKlsaock. are busily engaged at I'tlca * a despatching the work left lu the hands of the old 8ureme Court. The bar. we undawtand. are much pleased * rlth tbe prompt and Intelligent manner In which the 1 ?w Juftloea portorm the Important duties which they ?J ave assumed They are m?n of protoand legal know- <*< dge and great Industry ; and although regret waa asreused that neither A L Jordan uor Marcus T. Rayolds eould he Induced to All one of the vaoancla*, the utile hope* and Intereata will be fully met and promoted y the gentlemen now on the Bench ?.1lbany Jnvrnal, m alv 7 U Rtot at G$wkoo.?W?j leuru uy letter ra(Ived hero yeaterday, that a serious riot occurred at swego on Monday. The coinbataute were evveral ships' ews of American and British veaaela, and the fight ited some two or three bnn. Many war* badly laired. Th* troop* vara oalled out, who oat*?*4 la MiUag th* 41*t?rhano* L D. |W?? Vw? C?uta* Lack Mahuhc, Pi- imam Co , July ?, 1*47. "In New York Harlem and Jill,any Railroad - It, portion anil prttftclivt production...?ft, txltmitu and lOmplftion ? Thr termlnatian .ind Ikr. turrounilint < uunfry?Lakr Mahopac ami if* vicinity. The New Vork Harlam and Albany Railroad In opeaig to the citizens of thi* city a section of oountry which m. heretofore, been comparatively little known. A* lis road extendi Into the Interior, it enable*u? to reach iaoea of great beauty and intereit, which have heretore, for the want of proper fkcllitlea, been little vii-lted. hia road now terminates near the village of Somere. In iitnam county, fifty-four mllee from the City Hall ? miers U the oentro of a rich agricultural Motion ot? >uutry, and the inhabitant*, in every direction, are a ealthy and lulrttantlal olaaa of people. A* productive i thin lection ha* hitherto been, daring the atwenoe of cllltlea for reacliiug market speedily and oheaply. 11 ill be increased tenfold by the opening of the Harlem illroad, an it brings one of the largeat and beat market* i the I iiion within three hour* travel. The preeent rminatlon of the Harlem railroad In about eighteen liles hank from the Hudson rim, and a* It extend* nrth, It rnugo* more than thirty tnlles into the interior :om thn river. It, therefore, goad through a section of ountry, deprive! by its geographical position of other lodes of communication with market*, and can oomaand It* entire traffic. The travel and trafflo on the fly-four mllos of road already completed are very larre. .nd exceed the anticipations of overy oue; and as it exunds will strike the richest portion of all the river uouuies, and opens at onoe an immense local business.? These counties never have been made a* productive a* .hey might have been lu conseijueuce of the difficulty of jetting produce of any kind to market; the only oomuuuication with New York having Wn by the river, to reach which a laud carriage, varying from ten to tweutv miles, whs nuoessary. The llarlem Railroad runs through the centre of these sountles, and it will produce a complete revolution In ,hu cultivation of that section. The expense and ditll jully of getting heavy and bulky articles of produce to usrkct heretofore, have compelled the fsrmers to turn heir surplus into light materials, such as butler, cheese. >ork, poultry, feo , to save freight, but particularly to ave the transportation from their farms to tbe river. VU these evils have disappeared, and every lusn ha .lmost at his dour thn cheapest and most rupid mode of ommunicatlon to and from market. In passing along the line of the Hsrlem Hailroud every ne is struck with the beauty of the couutry and tho tvorabln location of the land for ii|rricultural purposes ,s quality, and its productiveness It is seen at a glance lial it is capable of vast improvements, aud t.h it there re already evidences of that peculiar Influence railroad* mve upou all sections of the Cnion through winch they ass. lu the few months which have lutervencd since >e previously parsed over :i portion of this road, very reat pr< gre-s has been made in t he improvement of th? rlucipal places through wiiieU itpamus. Huiliiing* am n a state of lorwardness. addiliouai land brought under ultivatlon and there appears 10 be throughout the eu ire Hue a different state of things altnget her to what ireviously exirted At aK the sloppiug/place*. i-tnges re waiting to convey passengers to all purl;> of the surounding country At the present 'ionicni?the reaUft activity prevails upou the u>rivnl ol ih? iraiu tiore tbau a dozen stages will be fiun J waiting at that xiiut for passengers lor Daubury. tjuuu . tor Lake Ma lopac (tho ileligiitt'ui watering place v hen I inn now vriting), and all other places of importance In llie viciii>y. and there are many it<- ftii rtivni. nb lup LIUK-. I' 'I" lliv ll'UKUKHHI ri A' Jim: city couiiug thin way. i* Ltikc \ialiopa simn . 5?rs arw arriving hero overy day, aud those v hfl bum ueen before, neter go any where else tor r?o-f\liiin and i njoyment. for tliey can be had hero perfectly unaduiLuimea. Thin laku is uluu mile* in ciiuuRiici-uoce, auvl Ih Mt tinted about eighlcuu hundred fee. above the Uve4 uf the sea. It is one ot the principal rouroek of <-uppJy lo the Crotou; aud it? pure and placid wuters, Its wild aud piolur?i"|uo scenery, the romantic resorts. its wild mid wooded islands, thu frequent aud agreeable pic nlc parties to the Dell, with its clear and crystal spring, It* rugged and precipitous cliff.-j, and !a?t but not least, thai rowing and sailing arnoug the IMands aud along the wild u:id rock bouud shore are delightful, and superior to any thing of the kind in any place it has ever been our (ood fortune to visit. Kirk ridge has an attract .Ion for the curious, in the position It occupies between .wo lakes, one of which is about odd hundred and fifty net below the other, both of which can bo seen on this bore Laite Mahopac affords line sport to the angler, i'loke el. pike aud perch are caught in abundsuct, and its bores abound in all the wild game of the season, parti ularly woodcock, affording excellent ?port to thorn: ond of gunning. There la one peculiar feature about Ills lake, whioh we have never found in any other waering place on this continent, and that U the complete hsenri. of all desire for artificial amusements, such as lowling. billiards, cards, gaiuea. and all those things, vhich sojourners at such placei usually resort to, for the >urpose of killing time. Noti ing of this kind is m(uired here, the natural resources of the place am sufll. Menl 10 keep tun miMt active conntantly engaged, mid it aould take weeks and months to exhaust all the facilities thu place possesses for amusement. In all watering places much depend* upon tbe society itid the class of people there congregated. So far as thin important matter In concerned, l.ake Mshopuc in particularly favored. There is uo excluslvene**, uo coterie*, no aristocracy, but all appear disposed to make time ps's ax agreeably to those around tlM a* t<j themselves If you want all those things which sltlEens ?*nerally seek iu the country, Huch as quiet, comfurl, good company, good living, good and cool accommodations, good attention, kc , ike., it i? absolutely necessary to go to Baldwin's, it being the only place at the Lake where families ir individual* can feel at home; and when one* tbey gel [ulrly settled down under his roof, it will be a long time before tbey ran make up their minds to leave Our watering places generally are tbe rendeivcus of rashion,and thern.are usually more restrictions upon drew ind more restraint upon personal movements than even u cities. Tbe benefit* derived from the cool air, and the elii.f from oaro, a resort to tbe country usually glvi s, are tot enjoyed, and every thing Is saoriured to fashionable Ires* and fashionable bourn, more so If possible than In he most fashionable city. Sensible people do not go to ucb places for such purposes, It would be more sensible 0 stay at heme, but they go where they can get all the omforte of the country, where they can enjoy themelves in their own way, or In other words, do just as bey please ; for such purposes tbey come to Laka .Vlabo>ae. It Is a fine place for young children, on acoount of ho facilities for bathing, the pleasant drives and walks 1 is a very desirable resort for all. as it is eaav of aaaau >elug only four mll< * from the present termination ot tb? larleui Kailruad, and only three hour* ride from tbf> ilty. The ride to the Lake from the railroad la baautlul. It being through auoh a wild and picturoaijued county. and U really refreebing after flfty lour mile* of ralloud trawl iThrru are morn beautiful place* for iamm?r rendrzroun in the vicinity of the city of New York, than to any other in tbu I nion, and an fant a* onr railroad* b?mmc extended, new resort* are opened. It U Only within a few year* tbat tbi* place wan known to any extent by the mtiienn of your city, and we predict tbat within a few yearn it will be more generally raaortad to tbau many place* which have been longer and hlthmV' more favorably known. Attempted Rhino ?i the Convict*.?It nyl>eurs from the Xatiunal, on Tuesday even Ing la*t, one of the guard* of the Baton Rouge penltoii tiary handed a convict a candle, telling him to light li The convict wan obliged to approach a (able, ou which *tood a ligbt, and in doing no he perceived a loaded p>? tol. Heixing it. he pp-nented it* inuxr.M to the head of the guard, and wltli a terrible oath. *?id, " Vou arc now In my power." At tbo fame iuatnnt noiue twenty convict* Middenly appeared, all intent upon omo lioatlle purpoye. The guarl. nothiug <1 <unfed, took bin hanger, .1 heavy Roman n word, and cut Uown tlio conspirator with the pliitol. aluioot * veruig hi* arm Horn bin body, cutting open bin bead, and otherwl,e injuring bun The rent ol the convict* neelng thin. fl< U to their coll*, and tbe mutiny ended ?AV10 Ortrani Uiha. Slur Fever at Quebec.?The Quebec correalondeiit ol iIn* Montreal Ha aid write* on ihe 2d n?t:?" II tbe official account* from Grn*se [tie are more avorablu. I am norry to tay tbat thin** nrvgettiuK xouia h?t wow here, for we have to recoi l the death of apt. I Urlateu, of the kblp MUter*. who tiled tbu ite ru jg of abip fever, after a few day* 111;,' . *, at Point Levi, iiuru lie had g >ne ai the commencement < f hi* Ulne**. lie Hintei* brought out .'>07 pit ?enger?. mid i uui inrmeii that Heveral of her crew are ?lc? 1 bo eaptala I the Paragon at Drone lulu, died yaaterday. ! a<u lu iruied that two or three perlon* have l> n ?iiglnly attcked with fever hero -In<:e yelteidny. '1 IJANO? Balance of the curfo of brig Virginia from Mouth Jf America, Irtun analyaia upenvr to my other kuid in ic market. Kor aale mlota to mil parrhaien, it Trapped'* torn, Brooklyn, near Pulton Keriy. Apply to iMllmll. Mil 11 V - f TH ^ l.' ?l iii.hj ? > - v a.n umlbl ' ? * lo**i \V ??t limadway, hu a tpleiidm kotltueut of ftenla, ioy?, and Chlldreua Uotmnif, titi ounce Skeleton CoaU, c? atyle, ihort akirt Kroclc and Hind Coata, tunable foravrrr ze ; aiao, more than one thonaand piece* oi fnahiouable nod*, to m ik* to order, all of which will b? aold at the loweat ?*>il>lr price. S. B. A pleaaant fr nmer (,oat, Veat and from #i to 7. So. M Maiden liana, aad IMH Weat Broadwayie ID K?*r Jl^vv "HI'ftlNO AND BtTMMEH OOOuS-Ueutla 1 men', oatlirtinf ?J As >tc, (ormerly Paraelln V Agate, r7 Broadway, coniar Park Placa, now offera to hia frieada, latomara and atraagara. a fail aad varied aaaortraeut of gav amen'a larulahiac (ooda, adapted to the praaent aad ro?iu? ??'?n, aalacted or manufactarad witli great romnMia r Cravata, Scarfa, rilovaa, M?if|?ii'ler?, fhtrta, ' "der O*' iCBta, Hi', kr N. B.?Tlia cibtcHW will pay irticaU. attaation t* itling Hhirtn, Sioeka, SnapanHan, twmaiMar Miaaaa, d/ rat e*, lie., en*a??d a aui<arior artut tn attend the lanulactaring dtpartaieut. avi? lm*ie tO?r,PH Bro,dw*r CLOTH I NO. A FULL. AND FASHIONABLK BiriT.M HKADV M ADK, raoM AT THlt CLO^HIN^WAJMHIOUir a4Wt*f ff* I* Faliaa traai be most cowardly and miserable vlnven on the earth. ; t( Hinaiuan*! The tomb* of our fathers are open, ami to u lie fighting for our country 1* notliiug more than to sink _ ;untly into the sepulchre, in order to einbraoe more un- j rlrldingly our first liberties. "Let uh despise the misfortunes which pursue un; and, c f Heaven haa deemed the triumph of our Invader*. let u as bless its name; but let ua bave the resolution not to field to our enemiea anything but a soil covered with u rictims, and drenched in the free blood which oalis for f trengeaace upon the frlenda ot oivilli&tlou, who have a sominon cauae with ua in annihilating thin Vandal race whioh dishonors tlio earth. t I flattered myself, Sinaloans, that those misled soldiers t of Mazatlan were mote alive to the disasters of their . country; and that, obedient to tho voice of patriotism, they would have placed their swords at tho disposition * of the law; but our hopes have been disappointed, as they ( Bontinue rebellious, und it appears that they contemplate i jironnnciamirnto of independence, to be offered as a holocaust to the exequies of the oouutry. The authorities of Sinaloa rebuke, with indignation, iny and all projects designed to destroy unlou among i he Mexicans, and consider an a badge of slavery the . bout of independence, wherever it may be pronounced; ilnce all who will not unite in the defence of their counry. who will not succumb to their destinies are alike ( raitors and cowards, trusting to a pretended amnesty >f the enemy, in order t'> preserve their miserable lives ' n a colony of slaves, which can only exist under the leteatable protection of our invaders. t Sinaloans! Your suffrages have oonflded to me the c lower of the Htate. and I protest to you that I will not leiay the independence and liberty of the nation, but 0 hat I will be the first victim offered lor my oouutry in ny danger that inay present itself; and that, adopting be noble seutimeuts of our excellent President, j will , ever aceept peace, but push the war even to d?struc ion, or see Mexico free from the odious domination of I be V ankers. Ccliacam, May 8, 1847. j Political and Huraonnl The election for members ot' < ongren, In two districts ' '' u New ilauipt-hire, took place yesterday i c Thirty-one acts of incorporation mostly for mauufac- t uriug companies, were passed at the late, session of the |i New Hampshire legislature. I ? Mr. I'olk in the first President of the United Statm r ?lio lias celebrated the Anniversary of their linlepuud ' ice by passing through tivu of those States Outlie ' H >ih lust he houorod Maine New Hampshire, Massaehu- 1 letts. Rhode Island,and Connecticut wltti his pit-be nee,? j I Mutton Journal. j 1 We had the pleasure of seeing yesterday l ather Mc- i ( blroy, who returned on Saturday from Mexico, in good Health, lie had not been further west than Matuumras. : ( llirt colleague (bather Key) bu?l been cut off by the great regret of every oue who whb acquaint- * td with his holy mission and bit noble character.? Union MA in..t. J The lion Illchard Diddle formerly member of Congress from I'ittsburg, died ou Tuesday evening. The Hon. Jacob Thompson has been nominated for re-election to Congress in the 1st district. No other name was plaoed before the convention, and hu was nominated by acclamation.?Yazoo in.) JJemocrat ) "The Fincatllc Whi^ announces the death of I.ewiB Neal, Ksq. delegate elect to the next legislature of Virginia, from the counties of titles and Meroer?an eveut , uot altogether unexpected, as he had been in very delicate health for some time before his election." The South Carolina papers, generally, are out in favor l of lien. Taylor for the next presidency. I The South Carolinian savs?" Wn want to see the * lines of the plundering party broken down, and a man from the people again holding the reins of government r If /achary Taylor promises to be as honest in politics as N tie has huen In lighting, who could otyect to seeing ' him made President.'1 1 k _ I .A I Iokhi in.F Story.?The following atory, t which it is lo L>r ho|ied iw more horrible than true, is credited to the North Wntrrn. a paper publish- t ed at Bryan, Williams county. Ohio " A person by the ' name of Andrew Tyler, passing htmselt oil as a fortune I