Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 10, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 10, 1847 Page 1
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TH] Vol. mi. No. 18S?WboU It, MIS. THE NEW TORR HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, lorth-wut corn?r of Fulton and Imm Ma. IAMES GORDON ENNETT. PROPRIETOR ClUCULATI0N-roi(TV THOBIAIIX DAILV' HKKAMi?hrery day, Prioe ? eiW par a?PT? tft per annum?payable iu adijuee. . ? . . _ WEEKLY HEBALD?E*ery Saturday-Price *M M?? per copy?13 U(W ceutu per amium?peyable in advance. HERALD K"OR EUROPE-Every *? "" Price 6j* cents per copy?$5 per amium? including plivable in advance Hubtcril>tion; and advertisements will b? received by Mom. Galmiiaiii, li Bue Vivienue, w?< r. tfimouds. No. 6 Barge Yard, Bucklersbury. nud Miller the bookseller, London. . , t-. ? . l.j AMNL'AL PICTORIAL HERALD?.Published on th# lit nl jauuorv of etch yew?single cowes supeoee eae!n. AJD v EKTIHEMEJTT8, at the usual j>riees-*lwaye cash u a v ucs Advertisements should be wnt'en m Plun, ieK'bl# mannr. The Proprietor will not be responsible for errora Urn "p'iuNTl Mi'o?all kind* executed beautifully a?4 wilk '"'u'lettere or communication* bT ^ ^ eddreeiad to the fi?t>li>hment, mail be poet p?ud, or the poetage will be ? / ..I rr im thaenWrintma mremitf * mu>i a>id khitil be All l-'tera muit be directed to Dr. DKWITT C KKLLINOKR. Principal Agent, Director, and Manufacturer,*t Youkera, We*tche*ter county, New York. jv8 3<'teod*rrc , KOrtTfcS.-A LOT OK SfLfc-NX^tbujniHl did, fiue toned ipaud action I'imo Forte*, juat Ytf f'l received, ro*ew*d and mahogany. Call and i * III tee, if you want bargaim. C.HOLT, Jr., ie28fiteod e* S?m 116 K'ulton ?t. MK?. JOHN MACKAKH fcN, Utoin Europe, pupil of Madame Dulchen, pianist to JTf J. J f V the Queen of England,) give* lesson* iu Piano TIT I I Korte and Sagging on the following term*: Two lesson* weekly at Mr*. MacUrren'* residence, t'iu per quarter; three lemon* uo., $2J; two leison* weekly at the pupil*'residence $24 per quarter; three leuoua do. $30. Mrs. Macl'arreu has tlie pufilege of referring to Dr. Elliot, Dr. Hodge?,fJeorg* Loder, ?*q., H. Meiggn, Esq., and the Uev. Dr WalMwright #1 O'een srren. near .Spring. ir63flt*m i I,HAKP8. Ml"BttOAUWAV?J. V. BROVVNE. jfjrS'.ymaker and importer, invites the attention of idmiJUjnjfc; rers of thu delightful instrument to tlie very elegant selection he ha* now on *ale, comprising some of the in'Mt splendidly finished, and al*o plun description*, oi brilliant toued Double Action Harp*, ever offered to their notice?IU tone, touch, elegance and style of Auish certainly unexcelled. Harp* repaired, srriugs, Ike. AI i*t of price* and d ascriptions can be forwarded per single postage. _ _ je II OTtd <tW?rc LOOK AT THIS?Ladies, Gentlemen. Mixes and j| Children, all '.h it are in want of Boolaor 8nor a, please W 5^ call at 367 Baoadway, wlgre you will find the fargett Ik assortment, and cheapeaan Wis cuy, whole*ale or re tail. I N.B.?Imported French Boots, $5. M. CAHIL.L. j*9 30t? r TrlK SUH^CRlBKK would respectfully inform hi* customers and the public generally, that lie lia* op hand a large ?j*ortment of L <dies', Miises' ana Children'* colored and black Oaiter Boot*, Suikint, Hlippera, Ties,Sic.; Oentlemen'a and Boy'aaewed and pegged Boot* or every description. all of which he will aell a* low as such article* can be purchaaed at any atois in the city. N. B?Ladies'and Gentlemen's Boot* and Shoes made to ordt r ill the beat manner at moderate prices. A Call la respect fully olirited. J A.>lr.H WALK Kit, J'. )< !? (Oi*rr 12 Canal street corner of Wonster. ",ar ROCHE, BROTHKRS "k CO?f'ASSAOE kM?V TO AND KHOM LIVERPOOL BV THfc AMfLbLACK BALL LINfc OK PACKETS. A.N L) l^^^^'ANCK.S TO 1RELAN D?Persons wishing passage u? Liverpool, l>y lite upland id mil commodious packet ship HUELI v. which sails on Kriday, July ISih, liar regular tidy, will please make immediate application to Capt. S. V E -V 1 ON, on Imard, at the foot of Beekoun street, or to the mbaenber*. ..... Tluue sending for their friends, to come oat from Liverpool by the above well-known, taut sailing packet, or any ol the JJInck Ball Line, sailing from thence on the 1st and ISth of every month, can secure their passage by applying to us. Persona remitting money to their frieuda, can have drafts for any amount |?>?ble on demand, on thei ROYAL BANK OK IRELAND, or on Messrs. PRE8COTT, ORO I E, AMtii Ik CO., London, winch will be naid at auy of their branchea throughout Ureal Britain ana Ireland. _ Apply to ROCHE, BROTHERS h Co. 36 Kultonqtreet, New York, next door tu t niton Bank. The only authvTiied Passenger Agents for the old or Black Ball Line of Liverpool Packets. N. B ?The apleiidid |>arket ship MONTEZUMA, sails fa>m LieWMQul. w tlx I<?l> of Aqjlt it re PUM NEW UKLtANS-Louisiana anil .New MtJMry. York Line ol Packets.?Positively the first and only JWUlMreg,<ilar Packer to sail Monday, July It.?The new ana n u'iid fast sailing packet bark CROTON, Captain D V. Hon i Hard, Master, is now loading, and will |M?itively Mil as above, her tegular day. For ''eight x>r passige, having accommodation* unsurpassed for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, J6 South street. 5 Positively no good* will be received on board alter to-inor" rew, Saturday evening. July 10th tgeiiis in New Orleans, John O. Woodruff U Co., who will promptly forwa d all goods to their addreaa. i'.iclfl bark Genesee will succeed Uie Lrotns, and sail her tinit' day. tyQ rh CONSIGNEES of the Br. talk QU&hN, Cipt. MfJPaV Oibbo.,., from Liverpool, will pleaie send their perjMUdlfai'Oita on board, loot of Pine st or to . , JOS. Mo MURRAY, #9 South st. All goods not permitted in Ave daya will be sent to the publie store jvflVrc NO 1 ICE?The public are hereby cautioned MSiiy^an.'harboring or trusiing tie craw of the British JHSBh ' 'I' QUEEN,Xapuin Gibbons, Irom Liverpool, aa u?uk? of their coutra ting will be paid by the captain or Consignee. J. MeMURR\Y, j'1rc MHonth street. **-*4* L-'?New Line?Regular peckWmWV*1 {".'JLtIPJ ,"?w splendid, fast sailing JBHfcl^^et ship ROSCIUS Cai.tain Aaa Kldridge, will px.i .v. i> sail aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having superior furnished accommodations. apply on board, at Orleans whnrt, loot of Wail attrei, ur to r, K. OOLLTNB. M Sonth at. The packet ehip 81DDONS, Cant. E. B. Cobb. will sueceed the Roacins, and aail the Nth ol Aag?*t, her regular ay. jaM VyA T'1 l.KT?To single geutlamen, in a French family, j" ' several handsome turiiishrd runmi, with breakfast if Jl.'il ft. \ H||| V lit No. 90 Whitestreet. jv7 5t?rh K~0 R HaI.K"?-THE VO.NKJI.KS MANHlUN p"j| II iu-<e, outbu*.dings, and seven acres of s land?the I'TM, -'- lr or a |urt, to suit purchasers, and on the moat accommodating terms. This extenaive building commands* rnagutficent view of the Hudson Hiver, from 10 to 15 miUa in each direction. The house it fid feet square; carriage house 5< fret square, with stabling for one hundred horses; shed 69 leet in length; all uearly new, and iu complete order. There ia also n lish pond and water power, with a never foiling stream ol water ruuuing through the middle of the grouuds, as pure as Crotou. The Hudsou River Railroad ia to ruu within three hundred yards in frout of the property, and about the same distance south of the vill ge of Youkers, where the driHit is to be located. There are five well conducted schools, all within ahalf mile. Two splendid fast sailing steamboats ply daily to and from the city: and stages also run daily in couneciion with the Harlem Railroad. For terms apply to William Kellinger, at the Williamsburgh ferry, at the foot of Delancy street, or upon the premises. je4 30t*rc FOR 8ALU, 4) R KXC H A NO E FOR CI T V"PROPERT V.?Property in the pleasant village of Liberty Corner, cousisting of a fir irate Dwelling House, 38X40, containing 10 rooms highly finished, with a good cellar, Carriage Maker's, Wheel right and Blacksmith's Shop, all uew. Also, a good barn, .'<0X38, with wood and smoke houses, a good well at the door, apples, cherries, currents, (kc. Price for the I whole 81800. Also, 14 acres of land, 7 acres of timber, 7 of clear land, aN uiiikr new feuce. Apply to J.nnes B. B >rr, any Wednesday, from 9 A. M. to 7 P. M?on Thursday, till 1 P. M., on other day. at the New York Ileal KsUite Company, corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane J AA1 hl8 B. BARR. ; jrl0 30t*m PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, Staten Island.? p!W The proprietor begs to inform his friends and the publie, ' J>a<i&that ne has made considerable alterations and improve menu in this establishment siuce the last season. He has erecttA a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms are intended for gentleuwn only; they are of a comfortable size, light, and well ventilated, and superior iu all respect* (o those generally denominated single room* in the various watering places throughout the country. The proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties wishing to engage rooms for the season. Letters addressed to him at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention A steamboat ran* between New Y'ork and New Brighton, at be following hours, rig:? .... _ From New Brighton?At 8 and 11 A. M, and 2 and 5:30 P. M. From pier No. 1 North River, New York?At # A. M. and 13 M, and 3%, 5 and t P. M., and more frequeut communications will be established as the season advancesSunday Arrangement?From New Brighton at I A. M., 11%, 5:20 P. M. From New Y'ork, art 9 A. M., 2 and# P M. The Paviliou is now ready for the reception of Company. :ip25 tfrc F. BLAN< ARD. MILL AND WATER POWER KOH SALE?To pa be sold by pu.* ic suction, at the Merchants' Exchange, JiaflLNew York, on the I5tli July next,at 12 M., by Hallidav & .vtuller. auctioneers, (if not previously sold at private sale,) a leaie, ha\ lug about four years to run, of six acres of land in the town of npiingtield, kascx c?uu?v. New Jersey. Ttie land is iu fine cul ivatiou, planted with ?oru and potatoes, and at>ule. near ami cherrv -trees of the best oualitv. There is a S oil mill, Willi valuable machinery, mid an excellent water power and overshot wheel. The mil! is uow uaed as a paper mill, but tuts been used u a grist mill, liaviug a good run of alone*, and ia well adapted fur eillier purpose. Alto, a ?'?jd Dwell tig Home. For further particulars, enquire of MOKTIMKK UL MOTl'E, counsellor at law, IK Broadway. New York. je23 e d tnjyl^ee ?p ,,, THKUNLV INU^KNOfcTN I , vrtei it'cld i' most agreeable medicine ol the age, i* Dr. De' > s ? wi'it c Kellinger'a Infallible Liniment, which is univer ally used by the medical faculty througnoot the city and country. It eradicates all (>aius, heala n^res, r-du"esiu> llammatio.i, extract* fire, ike , ol the moat aggravated cluracter immediately. Only one teaspooiiful is leomred to be taken as a dose, lor an adult, for diarrhooa, and bilious clioltc; >10 forfeit wi.l be paid lor evety failure iu these cases, if used according to direction, it is put u)> in larse bHtles, so that all who hate horses can a IT rd to use it; it lays all the other remedies on the shelf, after they get one trial of this trul v wonderful <nd incomparable compound?it is ouly about three ceuts an ounce. Sold ar SO ceuts asiugle bottle; one dozen $t; half gross aii<> gross at much gieater deduction of price. Hence the cau*eand ihe propriety of all the st'ge proprietors of New York city, the Harlem Railroad, and other large companies, together with our best and most distinguished horse trail ers and de iters, laying down all other remedies used by many of thstn from twenty to thirty years?and ?o* will use this altogether, and will not nor do uot use anything el?e. It can be obtaine.t always genuiue, wholesale and retail ufS. lugersol It Co , No 2JII Peail street, remored from !(0 John street,and from William Kelhnger, nt VYilliamsburgh, at the foot of Or n.' Street Kerry; 01 Mr. Kyle, Hirlem ltailroad Office, ( ityH.IIPark, New York rity; and at ihe druggists, store keriiers, saddlers, and t verns throughout tin city and eouutrv gei.erally. Distributing Agents are wanted from all parts if the United States to whom large profit* will begtreu. We will pay the expenses of all who may come from a distance to treat w th in. if we fail to satisfy their most sanguine expecta, tious in rt lation to its truly wonderful cura'ive effects uiniu nau and horse. Travelling merchants of every respectable class and denomination, will do well to callou us,it will not he confined to any privileged few. Therefore, all who have hearts and souls fathomed as they should be. and d re try, and exercise thein, can profitably assist in spreaaiug this magic saMaiiva nvi'r 11of tin* wKnlp ii]hshiIsliIe rliibf. whrr* it E NE' NE NEW YORK AND?HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. (Yn 817, the 1 V/ Can will run a* fol'owa, until further uotice. Ui> trami 1 will leare the City Hall fur t Hirlrmk Morriaiana. For ham 8c Turkahoe rintamitville, , 5 30 AM. Will'mi Br'ge Hart's aud Nrwe.mtle 7 " 5 3U A. M. White Pl'ua. Bedford, 8 " 7 7 A.M. Whiilickvilla ? 9 14 10 " 10 " Crutou Kill*. I 10 " U 4 P.M. 7 A. M.| I 11 " 3 P. M. J 30 " 4 P. M. 2 P. M. 4 " 3 " 5 30 " 4 " ? 30 " i " ! 5 30 " S 30 " Returning to New York will leave? Morriniana Jt Harlem. Fordham. Wlll'mi Or're. Tavkahue. 7 05 A. M. < S3 A. M. 6 44 A. .\l! 7 30 A. M. 8 10 " 7 45 " 7 40 " 8 48 " 9' " ? 09 " 9 01 " 1 20 P. M. 1 10 " 12 28 P.M. 12 15 PM. 5 42 12 35 P. M. 146 " 140 ,T Whit* Pl'na. t 4 08 " C " 7 10 A. M. 3 " 115" 6 OR " I 33 " 4 20 " ',53 " 7 46 M 1 P. M. # " 4 23 " 6 28 " 8 06 " Pleasautville. Flew Ceitle. Bedford. Whitlickville. i H3AM. 8 AM. 7 SI A M. 7 4i A M 5 13 PM. 4 P M. 4 SI P M. 4 45 P M I Crotou Fall*. 7 SO A M. 4 30 P M. The train* to tad from Crotou Full* will not ?toj> on New York Island, except at Broome meet, and 32il (treet. A car will |>re?ede each Qain ten E mutes, to ujm up passengers in the city. The morning train of cart from Croton Fall* will not atop between wMtf Plaint and New York, eapt u Tuekahoe William's BiMge, and For dham. Extra train* on Snndays to Harlem and Morrisiana, if Ane weather. Stage* for Lake Mahopackand Daabury leave Croton Fall* on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. train*, and for Pawliugs on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. FAKE FKOM NEW YORK : To Croton Falls |l 00 To Whitlickville 87X To Newcastle 7} To Pleaiantville 62X To White Plain*., 50 Freight train* lrave City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, leave Crotou Fall* at 7 A. M. and 9 P. M. Je8 tf rc CHEAPANl) EXPEDITIOU 8 TRAVELLIMi TO THE WESTERN STATES AND CANADA. rr,?r'r*W BY TAPaCO l'T'8 EMIGRA>T8 PASSENGER LINES, Office, 86 South *treet,New York. The *ub*criber* continue to forward Emigrant* and other* to all part* of the Western State* and Canada, at the very LOWEST RATES OF PASSAGE, by Railroad. Steamboat and Canal, to the following place*, via Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and Pittsburgh :? Utica, Syracuse, Oswego, Auburn, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie. Pa. Cleveland, Huron, Saudusky, Maumee, Monroe, Toledo, Detroit, Mackinaw, Milwaukie, Racine. Southport, Chicago, Oreeu Bay, Pottaville, Pituburg, Pa. Wheel iug, Portsmouth, Ohio. Parkersburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Ky. St. Louis, Galena, Dubuque, Bond Heed, Darlington, Hamilton, Whitby, Cotrarg, Queenaum, Kingston, Toronto, Sandwich. Montreal, And all other intermediate place*. Person* proceeding to any part of the West, or Canada, would do well to call on W. fc J. T. TAP8COTT, At their General Emigration Office, 86 South *treet, New York. Tapscott'e Emigrants' Travelling Guide can be had ou application, fVee. m3 30t*rc __ FOR HALE?Twenty rail road carts and six oue horse JBI wagons, and some two horse wagons, and are constantly SEEmakiug to order, where the j can be had at the ahorte*) notice if not on hand, where all kinda of cart*, wagon* aud har ueu can be had at the most reaaonable term*, by MICHAEL Y1ULLANE, Wagon Maker, No. 28 and 30 Montgomery at., Ifiwv n?T. N. JT l-'? *? ? r. A 3 I OlN O -HULL'S t- r.KK V, rwdEZTa> FORT LEE. aud H AC KENS ACK?LandtOtrnS^Smmlug at Tillou's Dock?Fan*. Onk Shilling. The commodioussteamboat* FRANK, C*pt. I*aac Scott, and ROBf RT ANNETT, Capt Frederick Oaylord, will run Daily, n?tl) furtheraotice, (touching at Hammond and 19th nreet*, a* r llow?'.? Ltav* N.York Joot Canal it. Leave Fort Lee. Jt. M. P. M. A. Af. P M. Monday, at 6, 8, 10..I. S, 6 Monday, 7W 12. .1 4li 6 TuetTay, 8, 8, 10..?, J, 6 Tuf??l?y. 7)2 12. .1 4X ? Wednesday, 6, 8, 10. .1, 3, 6 Wd'sdty, 3K 7>? II. .1 4X 8 TI.or.cUy, ?, , 10. .1, 3, ? Th'rsday.lK 7? 12. .1 4V ? Friday, ?. 8, 1*. .1, 3, Friday, 3K 7W 13. .1 4jJ S Saturday, ?, ?. 10. .3, 3, 6 Saturday,3)j 7)2 13. .14X67X Sunday, 7, ?, 10. .3, 3. 8aud?v. ? II . .1 J 6 Prisons whose time nay be ?o inuco occupied as to render it inconvenient for there to leave during business hoars, will observe that a boat leaves New York at 6 o'clock every morning, returning from Fort Lee at 7){o'clock, thereby affording an opportunity for a pleasant excursion without loss of time. Stages will be in readiness at Fort Us to couvey passengers to Hackensack, Sundays excepted. jel9 30t*r . . FORSIjREWSBURV, LONU BRANCH, r^KlL-^M Ocean Mouse, Jumping Point, Runsom, and Ratontowu Landing. The steamboat EDWIN lKWIA Captniu Hayiies, will rau as follows from foot of Vesey street, North River Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. July. O'clock. Saturday, 10, 1 P. M. Saturday, 10, i P. M Sunday, II, 6 A. M. Sunday, 11, S P. M. Monday, 13, 4 A M. Monday, 13, 8 A. M Monday, 12, 3 P. M. Tuesday, 13, I A. M Toe?day, 19. 4 P M. Wednesday, 14, 9 AM. Wedueday, 14, I P. M Thursdiy, IJ, 9 A.M Stages hi.1 be in raadinrsson the arrival of the b?at to convey pmengrrs to ?ll parts of the country. jvl im. I'MJI'LE'h Llisn, aTr.A.iittuiln >u h r WUfaZ?N YLBANY, Daily, Sundays Excepted? HlKifiBHlB Through Direct?At T o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between Courtlsndt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ISAAC NF.WTON, Capt. Wm. H. Peek, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDR1K HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cruttea den, will leave en iuesday, ihnrsUayand Saturday evenings at 7 o'clock. At Kit* O'Clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places? Irom the loot o l Barclay street. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Captain T. N. HuUe, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday after'"steamboatCROCHESTER. Captain R. H. Furry, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The above boats will at all times arwve in Albaay in ample time for the Morning Cars lor tie East or West. Freight taken at moderate rate*, and none taken after o'clock, P. M. O*" All persons are forbid trusting any ol the boats of this line, without a written order from the captains or agents. For passwe or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C SCHULTZ, at the office on tne wharl jv5 rc OPPOSITION PAKSAOE OFFICE?TO r ni*Tlii *'* ?" it.:., fi jo; Syracuse, $2; Oswego, HBtiSfiHLeS3Rochester, $2 25; Buffalo, tt 50: Cleve land. Si 50; Detroit, $5; Milwankie, W; Chicago, *8: Ciiicinuati, $8; Toronto and Hamilton, $4; Whitehall, $2; Montreal, $4; 1'ituburg, $8. Office, 100 Barclay street Auy security required will be given for the fulfilment of all contracts mad* with this company. ml* lm*re M. L. RAY, Agent, New York, llff, AFTERNOONLINE. OAILV, _ FOR NKWBURGH AND FISmiv...... Landing at Van Cortland's, (Peekskill.i W?t MHhBii Paint, Cold Spring and Cornwall. The Steamer Thomas Powell, Cant. 8ami. Johnaon, will leave the pier fapt of Warren street, lor the above placea, every afternoon (Sundays excepted,) at 4 o'clock, commencing April 10. HeumiiiK?will leav" Newbnrgh every morning at 7 ?'clock. N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Bank Bills or Specie, put on board ofthis boat, moat be at the risk of the owner thereoT unless entered on the books of the boat or r?eeipted for. tnvlJ3flt*rc NOTICE. ~~ inak^ STATEN ISLAND KERRY.?On and f* after SUNDAY, April ltth. the steamboats fiUHBs SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will ran as follows, until farther notice :? LKHtlTiTKN III.AND At 6, I, 9, 10, U, A. m., and 1,2,). 4, 5, 6, T, P. M. LEAVE NEW TOEE At t, I, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, ten minutes past t, and at 4, 5, 8. 7, o'clock, P. M. New Vnrk April ISth. _ al3r_ ?CITIZEN'S NEW "bAV LINE OK ^JtJSC^OPrOSIXION BOATS FOR ALBANY IrTTViiM f sANO INTERMEDIATE PLACES-Fare 50 centa?Breakfast and Diuuer on Board The new and elegant Steamer RUOER WILLIAMS, Capi A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-past sis, A. M.. from the pier foot or Robinson street, touching at Hammond street nier, each way, MkKor passage or friegtit, nuiily on board the Boats, or to <too. Dohson, at the office, 126 Warren street, corner of West street. [CJ~ All persons are forbid trusting the above boats on account of the owners myltrh MORNINO LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. KOR ALBANY AND TROY and lutermeLandings. Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pressnr* steamboat TROY, Capuin A. Uorham, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'elock. Returning on the opposite days. Kor passage or freight, apply on board, or to K. B. Hall, at the nflire on the wharf. mylO r TP OWNKK8 AND MASTERS OK Vt8(dravy 8ELS? Hulinet fc Spnuger't Patent Steering Wheel Mmmmm ?The attention of alii|< matte rt and owner* it railed t.? thu improvement in the iteennf fear of veaaela, which io romp etely oh?i?te? all the diffirultie* heretofore anting in the ordinary way of apply inn the tleerin* wheel. A medel can be teen an'1 a full aetcritition obtained, by eallinR on iejliat*rr KNOr.T.BW F.f HT It H M,F. iw Willi*m ?t FOR 8ALK.?The Liverpool line of packet*, tJI^KVy compritrd of the ihipa Rotciut, Riddont, Sheridan MMKa'ind Omrrick they were built in thia city with the be-i ui .lermlt, fr>met mntlly live oak. loeunt and cedar, tallrd on the it icbi, and ictaltrd evr ry vear tiuce. All very recently coppered and refitted, anil nearlv in at gootl condition i at when firat built Their accommodati n for iieacnger* are 1 alia iona i nd handaomely funnahtd. If not told on or before Tueaday, the J?th inat, they will ha aold at one P. M. ih?i day by L.iM. Hoffman k * o., at the Merchants' Exchange. For further particular*, apply to L. H> COLLINI, jy7 6trc Houfh a'reet. "packets for havri?fletond line? job fastfiSsf- ' tea t& ^^^rc^ Agent* FOR LONDON. LIVERPOOL OR OLAB ihfw flow?The wt iailr?g, nopvinS, Britiah built ?Wfabrit HOPE, l?i (ooa reenter. Robert Betajit, mat jwh a. AMt- for london, dveri'bOl or o l aboo w wMWV?The fatt-MiliBK coppered Britith built brif hope iltlfall] ton* rftiiter, Kobert Betanf, Matter, can be im . uiediMialy riatpatahed. Apply to _ i W.% J.T. TAP8COTT, j Jy7 Jtro H* South ttreet. NOfiCE.-Picket bark oknkhke. from New jj^jK^yOrl^aiii. I* now Uncharging at Orleant wharf, foot i Ssis!^aSirrix0" "'ftis" ? ?I? .. !VS W YO W YORK, SATURDAY Ml The War, dcc. INTERCEPTED CORRESPONDENCE. [Krom K1 Ilepublirauo, of ath June ] jit 'Ilia importance or the following document, lately intercepted from the enemy, induces us to publish it. It ' reveals the scarcity of means of our invaders, and shows that we should not be discouraged in the prosecution of the war A little constancy on our part, will suffice to vindicate ' )Ur reputation, and let the world kn^w. that we deserte oe to be free, and that ambitiou and good fortune are not the titles for the poMeaslon of Mexloo. , UrriCE 01' THE Ql'ART?RM*(Ti:n UCNIItL, 1 I J" New Orleans. 13th May, 1847. J j mi CtrTAin:?In aplto of my former calculation*. 1 liave .0, not been provided with fund*. On the J8th March, the Third Auditor advised me that I had $750,000 to my 00 r red it on hi* book*, but 1 reoeived no Information from oo the Treasuror on the *ubject. By a letter of the 13th, I oa tran apprised that Col. Stanton could not obtain the remltUnce, *o that I cannot expect it, notwithstanding Ul the many motive* I had to rely on it. An arrangement in has been effected with Corcoran St Riggs. to provide one pa iiUAou of dollar* at different period*, from 3d May to *7 iitu June, nearly two month*, and 1 need more 111 than one million per month, and should bare at least l)i $100,000 ready at any moment. 1 have received $140,- to 000 of the above, butlt i* a* a drop In a buoket. 1 sent Si a ibare of it to Major Eastland, who wa* In much want. g? 1 hear that $.'>00,000 more have been received, but it may it meet the Batne fate a* the $700 000 If 1 obtain the ai amount, a part, If not all, will go by Montgomery, in the al Ma*?nchu*etta, or earlier?but at any rate, I shall loae rt no time, a* Capt. Irwin want* one million in Vera Crus, pi of which $600,000 to be drawn against, from the interior, ai in the courne of the month. fc I much regret that you oannot obtain fund* by draft* on me. but it ia not to be wondered at, since most all the O draft* that have been prevented on me, I have to pay C with bill* on Col. Stanton, at Washington, and these are T put into the hands of brokers at % to 1 per cent dis- pi count, or else I have to let them remain unpaid, for want ct of funds. Some of the drafts I give are remitted. I be- bl llevn that matter* will shortly mend. tl: Draw upon me If you can; but if those who take them, tb are not willing to wait, ezpre**, on your draft*, that if it m suits ate, I shall pay them in bill* on Washington. bt Between sending specie from here, and obtaining it in ai your place by drafts, the latter would be preferable, ba- in caune the risk and expense would be avoided. 1 I deposited, an the 36th instant, $30,000 to your credit, in the Canal Bank, which 1 have probably omitted T to advise you, a* I have been very busy St Mcltea is here, waiting orders from the Quartermaster M Oeneral, who I learn, reached Washington on the 1st. v? Belger has been busy buying horses?many of them hAve ai boen shipped to the Brazos, for the operations under m Taylor. I am your*, etc. r1| T. K. HUNT. A Lieut. Col. and Quartermaster General. cii To Capt. A. R. Hetzf.l, Vera Cruz ei ARMY. The steamer Old Hickory arrived last night from New c' Orleans. She lett that port on Kriday last. She had on ''' board, as passenger*. C olonel Doniphan; Major Gilpin; Adjutant De Courcy; Lieutenant Lee, Quartermaster; I' Captain Rodger* company H, Calloway county; Cap tain I'arsons. company K, Calloway county; Captain Mom, company C, Clay ?ouuty; Lieutenant! Duncan at and Murr?y. company H, Calloway county; Lieutenants UordoD, Welles and Winston, company K, Cole county; . Lieutenant Graves, company b. Lafayette county; hur- " geous Thomas and James Morton. There were air* a lar^e number of privates on board. The Harry of the ?! West and Die Veruon, also, brought considerable bodies ? of volunteers.?St. Louis Republican, July 1. | The U. 9 transport schooner Odpt. Morris, Kane mas- o ter arrived yesterday from Bragos Santiago whence she p| sailed on the '23d ult. She brought over companies O * and D of Ittt Illinois volunteers?120 men In all?under ri Captains Wyatt and MoGONMQ. The Bchooner also brought over Col Weatherford. Lieut Col. Warren, and || L>r Huey, of the same regiment. t< gether witu the re- j mains of the lamented Col. H-rdin and Capt. Zabriskle, tl f thin regiment. j| The schooner Hrroine, Capt. Campbell, from the Bra- ft zos, on the 24th ult., has also arrived with companies B D and H?05 men in all?of Uie same r. giment, under * Lieuts. Kvhuh, Snow, and Roberts. She brought over h ten discharged and sick volunteers, and the remains of r Lieu i. Houghton, of this regiment. u The schoon r Sarah Churchman, Capt Errickson, also ailived yesterday from the Brazos, having sailed on n theult. She broughi over companies A, K and 1, of a (hit uiinim rcorimMnt?1 M4> man In u.11 ?unH tUIr ami ? wounded soldiers, and the following officers o ihe 1st t Illinois regiment:? r Major W. A. HicbardBon; Capt*. J. D. Morgan, com- jj pany A. Lyman Mower, oompauy K. and Benj. M. Prentiss, company I; Adj. W. H. L. vvallace; Kirst Lieut* f W. Y. lienry. Wm. Erwin, an 1 E. 8. Holbrook; Second j Lieut*. James Kvans, ?nd M, M( ran. t The schooner Madonna. Capt. Benedict, also arrived g yesterday from the Brasos, with two companies of the ? Arkansas cavalry?l'J6 men iu number?under Captains ? Pike and Preston. (. The ship American, Capt. J. P. Levy, got away yesterday for Vera Cruz. She had on board three com pa- n nles of Louisiana volunteers, uncer Captains Miller, a White, and Warrington, one company of the 12th In j lantry, and a detachment of Pennsylvania volunteer*, c all under command of Lieut. Col Kiescha t, The steamship Palmetto also left for Tamplco and Ve- / ra Crui. She had on boarl one hundred Quartermas- H ter's men, and a hundred and thirty horres. c The steamer Monmouth, will leave this evening for ? the Braco*. u Thw steamboat Jewess, Capt Bughrr, arrived yester- j day, from Cincinnati wiih $o<J0.000 in specie for the ao- ? oouut if government.?New Orleans Picayune Id init. t The body of th? brave Capt. Snider, who fell at Bueua t] Vista, was brought to N. Albany, ou Thursday last, on j, the rteamer Ulencove. The 4ill regimeut of Ohio volunteers, under the com- c maud of Col. C H. Brough, passed Louisville, en rout* a for Mexico, Kridav morning, on the steamers Alhanibra, p Pontine, and Belle of Wjo West.?Cincinnati Signal w bth tint. ix The health of Tamplco, with the exception of some -f cases of intermittent fever, continues good. NAVAL. ?< Lieutenant John T. McLaughlin, of th? United States Navy, died at his residence in Washington city on Tues- ^ uay, 01 uyseniery, contracted during a late cruise In bi the Gulf of Mexico, while in command of the steamer ti Hunter, which vessel was lost in a norther in March ra last. Lieut. Mcl.aughlln whs a brave anil gallant officer; ti hi* ?ervlce* during the Florida war will long be reinem- tl bered as reflecting the highest credit upon himself and d the tervioe, to which bf)waa an ornament Ho died lu the prime of life, deeply regretted by a numerous circle o of friend*. h Maciftac, July 8, 1847. '! Notet of Travel?Cleveland?The Empire?Arrival at S Detroit?Aground on St. Clair Flats. jj We left Cleveland on Thursday at 3 o'clock, P.M. The p day was Intensely hot, and the burning sand* of the 11 town made a longer stay any thing but agreeable. P Cleveland is a beautiful place?situated upon the high bank of Lake trie, overlooking her beautiful wa- 0 tors, which wash it* sandy base, and bears off on her 11 bosom the products of Its rloh surrounding oountry, rl unequalled in fertility by any soil beneath the sun. The * streets of Cleveland cross at right angles, are very wide ! ' and straight, linod on either side by trees of maple and locust, and extend out into the country as far as the 11 eye can reach?studded by maruioua, the elegance and J* splendor of whioh would ornament Union square or fifth avenue, while the beauty and l'ragranoe of their yards and flower garden* charm the eyo and delight the ' senses J" Miuc r.ui|iiin ii tuiun(, inu me u&roor no narrow, we w*r* obliged to buck out, and run far astern before we could get sea room enough to head towards Detroit. * From Cleveland w? bore northwest, until w? made the Canada shore, aujJ ran between it and Port au Play " Inland, just as the sun was sinking Into the forest. It is impossible to describe the scene mat now presented itself. If there is any thing in the world beautiM. It is 7 one of these elegant three story steamers, winding her way along a deep narrow river, where the tall forest treos hem the shore. Uut when islands rise like nasties, or sit like tufts ol moss upou the surface of thu clear. calm waters, and the setting suu is throwing up his ted a burning volcauo, and tinging thecloud* 0 wiih a golden hue, and the fragrance of far off tlelils is ? wafted to one's senses, by the gentle breuxe of a summer tl eveuiug, the bcune is perfectly intoxicating, aud the idea of describing it is ooiniuon-place, aud not to be w thought ol. As darkness gathered around, th* passen- >r gers withdrew to the cubin, and Joined in a dunce llere el again, to those who are fund of the giddy whirl and exhilarating music, is another source of pleasure. v The cabin of the tmpire is one unbroken saloon of tt two hundred and forty-six feet In length. Her mac hi- w nery being all below, leaves this the longest aud most splendid ball or dining room in the United states. At ten o'olock we touched the dock at Detroit, making w the passage from Buffalo In twenty-lour hours. Here i,< many of the delegates took the Ceutral railroad ncrosj ,,, Michigan. The anxiety of each party to "head off" ' the other was too great to admit of delay, and they g| were resolved to be on hand early. 1 he Hon John ai C, Spencer, 'i'hurlow Weed, Kdwin Croswell, and of 1). U. Field Ksi|r*, remain with us I understand in >lr. Spencer is charged to the muixie with a speech n< upon the constitutionality of appropriating money for te harbor Improvements. 1 hope to hear the explnaion? hi but not the bursting?of this big gu.i. as 1 have never beard him except in conversation, and in which lie ex u| eels almost all men it has been my lot to meet with th In the night we ran slowly Into the mud on si Clair ro Ha s which detained us two hours At Buurise we m stopped some three hours again on the I anada fide, to ta take on au hundred cord* or wood. This gave the pas- n< sengers an opportunity to ramble about the fields and in forest to whet up an app?tit? for breakfast. At ten wl o'clock w? emerged into Lake Huron, and at night en- m Joyed again on* of those beautiful sunsets seen nowhere T In suoh gorgeous splendor as on the lakes During the tl night we crossed Saginaw, and this morning early were ai moored uoder the fort at Maclnao. It Is parfeotly lov*> fr ly her* to-day. The atmnspher* Is cool and delightful, I*: while a warm *ua and bright skie* tend to render it the bj in**t charming *nmm*r r**ort in th* world. nl We mad* th* run from Buffalo In a little mor* than fifty hour*. Our accommodations hsv* been equal y? to that of the best New York hotels, and the pric* that at of two days board; while th* soanery and the sail have gl doubly ?jmp*ti**i*d one for the journey. If New York in but kuew tha cheapness, thaeasa, th# comforts sad en- cl Jayments of a trip to Macinac, It would It da- la serves to be, on* of th* mo*t fashionable resorts In th* tfa Uqiou. To travel In on* of the lak* boats Is a luxury b? of Itself For spaed and *l*gano* th* Loplreis the boat, In and long may she r*main a* sh* now la, th* prlda of tha tt W astarn waiari k. | id i RE H DRNING, JULY 10, 1847. Herald European Corretpoudenee. ?t ? t Ocauw, Juno 1?, 1847 and t pral mAtfciation?for 0' Conn til?Meeting / variw he Iriih Council?If Principle*?Harvest Prosptcli work -Polatoti?Jlrrivals of Proritien*?Railways and *n<* I1 _. , _ _ near! Usherics?r ever?Theatricals. by va [ anticipate my usual weekly latter, to give the latent with wa, tha mall leavtag at Ave this day for Amurica. r*\ I"he Repeal Association met as usual on Monday. Mr. Jimli hn Reynolds in the chair In the preliminary re- until irks ho addressed to the meeting, he stated that In a lrney of seventy miles through King and Queen's ?th< uutles, some days before, he was shocked to see of V rpses oovered with blankets, 8to., and thus carried on rta, without oofBns, to their graves; and number* of linj poor were engaged In gathering the weed "prasugh" to tfc the field, wbioh sprinkled with salt, was to be for food. Mr. John O'Connell then proceeded to witt, e inaln business of the day. He read a letter of Rev. A r. lliggiua, of Ardagh, acoompanled by subacriptlons "h?'' the amount of i!20, recommending that for some |? , luday the several priests should exhort their oongre- bollt itlous to contribute to the repeal funds, and that they J?"" lould assemble the collectors after chapel, receive, ln" ' idit, and enter In the account books of the association, 1 tWilI rnpiiivufl Tki. I J ? ?!*" iceived con ??iri by Mr. John O'Connell, who exresiled hi* opinion as to the certainty of itH adoption, . id the entiru dependence of the association. bonce- "l" irth, upon the clergy. "*al Tuesday being the 30th day after the death of Mr. , 'Connell, ar honorary mass wan performed in the J1"'1 hapel of 8t Andrew*, Wectland Bow, Dr. Murray. , itular Arcbbiibop, officiating, similar services took aoe In other parts of Ireland. I'olitics, or what are tiled politic*, religion, and pergonal intercut*, are mo ended together ln,ali relating to tho O'Connell family, ! } lat it is difficult to distinguish where one ceases and j ' le other begins. Kxertion for repeal, or the advance- , ent or vindication of a nation's weal, is again about ling lost sight of in the *trife for the predominance of P t individual, the prostration of a political opponent, or P^*| the unavailing struggle for sectarian ascendancy.? P. 'be rent of the week amounted to ?30 lis. fld. Thu Irish Council met according to adjournment on P"1 uesday. the 16th inst, Chetwood, K.sq , in the chair. BOnl iveral noblemen and gentlem?n of high rank attended. H* 1 r. Uutt.'thn eloquent barrister, In an able speech, de- "H" iloped thu policy and principles of the council, the care QU'a id encouragement of the interests of Ireland, and her anufacture*, agriculture, fisheries. Sic ; the tenant's ght to compensation for improvements was recognized. P^1? t the close of the meeting, an address was read, direct- . I to the several constituencies of Ireland. A partial P Ltract will give a better understanding of its nature P >an a lengthened description:?"That the constltuenes should send as their repreneutal ives the advocates F ' whatever political opinions they pleased, but let those Ivocates be men of ability, and uprightness, men oon- .' . with the wants of tb? country, and ready to . '' ng aside party interests where those interests conflict , Ith the interests of Ireland " This portion of the Idress seems to contain something like what the law- P 1 rs call a "negative pregnant' ; ia fact, now that " 'Connell is no more, all parlies are protesting against j*r(" le inefficiency of former Irish members, and assert that 11 1 their errors, both of omission and commission, dls- *? * edit has beeu brought and suffered to rest upon the iaracter of Irishmen and Ireland; and yet it cannot "ra! a expected that all at onoe unobjectionable representa- * >es will aiiow be generally returned. Men uplifted by !?wr< 'Connell's hand, and accu*tomed to hide their * tort-comings under the shadow of his name. !'ru' ill still desire a measure of support from its J" jflection Meantime, al bough the elections are at , and very little apparent activity yet prevails.? ' , i Cork, where the writ is said to have arrrived, a can- I"'1 Idate hae yet been scarcely named, lu Dublin, where . io electors, according to a return moved for in the louse of Commons by Smith O'Brien, exceed 33000, .. om the consequent expenses, It is supposed the sitting .A' lemBer will be returned without opposition. In Hal- ! , ay, Mr. O'Klaherty. the late candidate, Is expected by ! Is supporters to be able to supplant tbe Solicitor Uene >1. u.ucr ouuiuiuik, wunuut suinoieni certainty, are amed for other constituencies Concerning the prospects of the coming harvest, the lost cheeriug accounts still continue to be received, n0 nd the account* 8tlU mention no appearance of a r!D light in the potatoes; it is now generally understood 1 bat the dlseas of last year has net yet made its ap- .* 1 earsnce, and the weather continues to be of the most " nvorable character up to the present. olu Advices from Cork have been rt-ceirtd, that a large leet of merchantmen hare reached the harbor from the Mediterranean, America, and other ports, loaded rith breadstuff* to the amount of #,707 tons, -j .nd hundreds of vessels are further expected; mong others, the William Dugan, from New York, with i cargo consigned for distribution to the Society oi the "riends. The effect of these large arrivals on prioes can . _ carcely as yet be calculated In Dublin, prices are still laintaioed. The A'orfAem H'h't;. Belfast, contains an reei ooount of an auction, on the 14th, of Indian corn. In- moi ian meal, (white) 34s. 6d to JAs per barrel; Indian w orn, (white,) i.'1-J li> per ton; American flour, 39*. Gd o 40s fld. per barrel; of the flour, BOO barrels were sold. uvfl L Cork paper anticipate* that if the potatoes escape, ma nd the grain crops ripen as they promise, that Indian - orn, after barveet. may be had for ?0 per ton; but I pprehend that this expectation is Ino sanguine, even *TV nder the most favorable circumstance*. The great ove tlHculty anticipated, is the want, to the poor, of u mo- cou ey medium of exchange. In Dublin, it has been said '1 hat money merchants would only consent to negotiate II be most unquestionable bills at 14 per cent dbcount.? nej rom published accounts of the Bank of Ireland. It ap- an < ears that for the four weeks ending 2Jd May, 1847, its sec< iroulation was less, by a million and a half, than on the o'cl nswering four weeks of the preceding year. Different sha artles will account differently for the faot. The rail- ing ay and fishery lo tns are yet undeciaed, and fears, as B lentioned Id mv laat, are entertained of their rejection mui he great Noutnern and Western railway, as far a* Ma- If rborough. has been Inspected and approved of by the he I iithorities, and will open for trafflo early next month. by I ftill later advices have reaohed ua, that upwards of >,000 tons of bread stuff* have reached Cork. There shal re in the harbor upwards of USO vessels, of all tonnage. pla? Daring from their mast heads the flags of all coun- puri if" a priTiie teuer irom nooari town, van ui?- eacr ian'8 land, makes mention that ? '> <KK) baa been con- sucl ibuted there for tba relief of the distressed Irish, and be i lat a Teasel is chartered with wheat, fur the same proc estination. auuc Kevcr ii Htlli in some localities on the increase, in tbei lhern its violence is abating; In Cork It baa decreased; Cou ) (Jalway incrcaaed, fever sheds being ereotud at the cord ack of the fever hospital. In Belfast it still seems moat iolent; by hint accounts, were in the hospital In ligo; there were 4<M) caaea of typhus, double the num- T ?r, in the district. In Dublin, several meetings of pos< tie citizens, of a precautionary character, have taken tow lace. Fever, as yet, has caused no serious alarm in Th? 'ublln; at no time, did thut scarcity prevail aa In the abo rovinens and remoter districts. . The copy of an opinion given by Sergeant Warren, ur greatest equity lawyer, baa been published In this , ' lorning's papers. A committee, composed of the mino- J J t> of the Dublin Municipal Corporation, has prepared ,"r case for bis consideration regarding the mal-adminis- 'M' ration and improper expenditure of the borough funds; !' .is decidedly In favor of the course of opposition thev j. , nlend on. James Whltealde, the distinguished Irian arrlater. has reached ltipon from the Continent, where It e was sojourning for the recovery of his health. pre It Is said that A'1000 was offered Mile. Jenny Llnd for n*' erforming at two concerts in Dublin. The proposal fori' as not closed with, not that the offer was considered c i.ufticient. but from other causes the We have but one theatre open in Dublin at present, gnn nd it is but moderately attended. Concerts are given, Wil owever. very frequently, and the performances at some pro f them are of a high character of merit. clet Vr.*icE, April, 1847. [ei^ Peculiarities of Venice?Railroad bridge connect- up ing Venic* with the Main Laml ?[It Streets, Bridget, *tl1 and Canals?Jti hi oadway and ill Gondolas, if-c., \c ^ Venice Is truly alone In Its fallen greatness, truly ,'t? haracte^stie, and truly the city which more than all -j ihers in Kuropa, should be visited by the American whi iiV< 11 r if h? ilaiipiin i f\ a?a u (rllrina nnntvaa^ m u/i,|u IIIOI -- ? " ~ " ? ~ """ '" I - ^^ ide difference, between a oity in tbe old world and an* ( I the new The Kreach adage. " II tit partoul commt i?* nous," i?, unfortunately for the enthusiastic tra- Lin jlier, too generally applicable; and the desire of seeing * * ' in great cities of the oontlnent In too frequently fi d ' ^ Ith dreamy Illusion*, until anxiety Is ruined to the Re|r Ighest pltob by tbe enchantment of dlstauce,only to b? inaj ofully disappointed by iitern reality. And arm the icullarlty of Venice 1* hut another phase; In approachK "the glorious city In the sna.'' the well known, 11Have a cab. sir,'' from a thousand stentorian throats. w,.r ves way t? the m?>re romantic. " Have a gondola, sir,' n, id the orack of the whip la replaced by the splashing c the oar The gondoliers am quite as expert at cheat ' g the stranger by exorbitant demands, att are our >ble jarvles. and indeed, it would bu rather difficult to II who would take the medal, wore our land-lubbers to ,.ir ive a trial of their skill with these old salt*. *' Knough, however; our steamer baa wound her way t through the various rbanneis until she haa reached ^ i? entrance of the Grand Canal, and here we are *urUgh unded by hundred* of gondola* skipping and skim- ' ing on the water like things of life, all anxious, not to I1'"' >ke ns on shore?for there la, comparatively speaking. ) shore ?but to take us to the very steps of our hotel, * whose door-sill the sea abbe and flows, and under "J* hose portals once stood the founders of the proud fa- *"H< Hies of tbe Otustinlanl, the Grassi. or the Mocenigo fro< he palace* of other 'lays are now open for the racep- ''*V ou or the stranger who ome* to eontumplata the great- , iss of formar times; and In my mind the request of a * lend to visit btm la Ota hotel In the palace Giustlnianl lr rt an lndalibla Impression, which was only increased r being directed to the post offlce In the palace Grim*- * . and the railroad offlee In tha palace Lorldano. Venioe, for ages married to the sea, and for many " tare In a state of slngla bleaeednesa baring lost the iclent power ovar old ocean, and being deserted by the oriesof its former ally?has again taken toltsilfa help ate. and aought refuge In the arms of Irrmfit Tim ty of Islands haa lately been oonneeie<l with th e main ud by a railroad bridge over tbe lj?i>on, am! he* j lerefore, loet Its greatest peculiarity, namely? of 1 Ing Inapproachable except by sea The lagoon Is an | caae lmenae body of shallow water, separating Venioe from i tion M main land A f#w years ago was conceived theb Id ; Hou ea of eonitrnotlng a railroad bridge mtom ifcia lagooD I trie ERA >oint where Venice ii two mile* distant from the laud. The soil of the bottom of the lagoon i? mud. h? the water through whlrh the bridge in carried Hl i in depth from three to thirteen fe? t. Thi* great ,, wan nearty five yearn in the courie of construction. ^ laa been roost successfully completed, at a cost of ? y one million of dollar* It in now travel-tied dally f, rioua traina. and tbo result of thin enoy connection s the main land has already been an increased com- ^ lal prosperity, and a new era avems to be dawning ? ' nine. The population in increasing. iuatead of lishing, and many of the old palace* that have been f, minted for yearn, are uow being repaired and ren1 habitable 0 ?t striking to the stranger In Venioe in the silence f. a melancholy silence-whlch prevails. Tbouganda ? enetlani have never seen a horse. end the costly 0 pages of other Kuropean capitalH here, give way to beautiful gondola, rowed by gondoliers in livery? ? Inatead of having itiibleaand roach housew attached ? teir palasea, the wealthy Venetian! have handsome- * icorated ponti, surmounted by their coat of arms j f;ing from the water In front of their doori, and n these lie their gondolaa when not in use. , circumstance which tends to increase the welany ana suspioiout appearance of everything in Venice. I J e fact that all the gondolaa are in deep black?the , lt?eir?the canopy?tha cushion*?all bear this ' . rnful color; and for lateral (lay* I felt, wheu enter- . a gondola, a? if I were entering a floating hearse, to orm the laat journey *f life. Black may almaat be 1 , ?d the national color of the Venetian*, uud many of , ladle* appear in no other than black dres*?*. , ir dark skin, flowing jet black iiair, aud brilt black eye*, are rendered still more peculiar and Jt.lfui by their garb of deep black, and large veil , the same hue thrown over their head and ahoul- , i. The seventy two ialaud* on which Venice uilt can scarcely be di*tingui*h?d ; the city ia very sely constructed, and Intersected in all direction* by small canals, which aerve all the purpose* of streets. . the only mean* of transport to various parts of the \ The 34th of April in Venice, ia latof May day in w Vork, and the migrating Venetiau* were moving all !r goods and chattels in gondolas There are about bridge* in Venice, by the help of which almost auy - of the city may be reached on foot, but the small <agea wind and twist in such a manner as to form a 'ect labyrinth, and render it almost impossible for stranger to find his way without a guide. These lagc* are often so extremely narrow that two peri cannot walk abreast ; and, nevertheless, tbey servo itreeta through the middle of the iaUnds, and are ih used by the poorer class of Venetian*, whose ns are too limited to afford them the luxury of a loia. be Broadway of Venice is the Urand Canal, which ea through the city in the form of an 8. It is very ), and bounded on each side by the most magnilicent ces, formerly the princely mansions of the Doges iissing along the canal, the goudoliers tak? the greatileasure in pointing out to the stranger the lormar i leuoes of celebrated individuals We pass the v Contarini, Koscari, and Moccnigo, and are told the latter was a favorite residence of Lord Byron, magnificent buildings which formed the Exchange i lie days of Shylock and Antonio are now in a dilapiid state, and the moat noble piazza where the purseid Jew once demanded hi* pound of flesh la now wn with bones and rags, and baa become the playlud of the rata. The greateat ornament ot the nd Canal la the celebrated bridge of the Kialto. It is 'ide that a row ot shops find room on each side to retail r wares,aud in the middle are stationed tin; venders of uges, figs, maccaroni, cheese, and ether Italian fate*. The peculiar life of Venice is ou this spot?and i la life indeed. 'J he venders of all the uecessaries domestic comfort, from shoe blacking aud ice Lin up to crockery ware and sausugus, are collected his neighborhood, aud each one is trying to out ?am the other, in lauding hi* wares to a discerning lio. No Italian sells any thing in the street, without tiug known its <|ualitiea aud price at the very top of voice - the bedlam thus produced ia Indescribable uother object of great interest is the Place of Saint rk. and undoubtedly without a rival In the world, In soinbination of all that ia wonderful and b< autful I nearly tll)0 feet long, aud between '200 uud 300 wide, ug bounded by the grand Basilica of St. Mark in front. i Mirrouuucu oy mo procuraue or oureaus hi me oiu I ubiic. Those bureaus are uow une<l as cafe?; and thti onades, extending entirely around, form a maguitl- 1 it promenade. It is naid that tho Cafe Klorlau ha* ; been closed for 300 year* with lull one exception, duK the wars of NapoUon. The Venetians go the oaf. ? midnight and play chow till morning, then retire till o'clock, aud at 1 o'clock return and breakfast ; they ? at 7, visit the theatre from " till I J, and again play t?8 in tho coffee-houses till daybreak. O. I'. Q. Albany, July 8, 1847. The X*w Suprtmr Court. 'he new Supreme Court met In the Senate Chamber ? morning at 10 o'clook. Report* were received from committee* appointed to assign the dutieH of the ticcs, in their respective districts; a report wai also sired from the committee appointed to revile and reilel the common law rules ot this court. No report i received from the committee on the equity Hide, and eral day* may elapse before they will be prepared to ke their report. 'he common l?w rulen will not be published until they fully perfected and adopted by tho court. I, howr, annex the first and second rules reported by the miittee, which relate to the admifsion of attorneys, 'hey are as follows:? Lulu 1. Applicants for admission to practire as attorh and counsellors of this court, who are entitled to I'xaraination, shall be examined in open court on the >nd day of each general term of the court, at ID ,ook in the forenoon; and those who are admitted II take tho oath of oflloe on the same or on the followday. :ule 2. To entitle an applicant to an examination, he St prove to the courtit. That he is a citizen of the United States, and that s twenty-one years of age; which proof may be made 11h own amaavit 01 me lacis. 1 That he is of good moral character, which proof It b* an foil own: H? shall show, by affidavit, in what ies and un<l?r the direction of what attorney* he haa lued hia legal studies, and what period of tiuie under i; and he shall furnish a certificate ffbin each of i attorney a, certifying to his good moral character; or oust (how, by affidavit, a sufficient excuse for not lucing the same: and If the applicant has not pnrI his legal studies under anv officer of the court, i he shall produce a like oertlBcate, signed by the nty Judge, or some judge or justice of a court of re1 residing in the couuty of his ret-idenee. Miscellaneous. lie two convicts, Adams and Huiith, who were supMi to have escaped from the state prison at Charlesn, Mass , were discovered on Thursday afternoon ? iy had secreted themselves in a chimney, aud were ut making their way out when they were retaken. . serious allray occurred at Oswego on Monday ? ire were about J00 engaged in the tight. The British liner Queen Victoria was taken, her crew biidly ged. after which her anchors were dropped, and her >rs pulled down. The riot lasted about three hours, was it quelled until the riot act wits read, and the jps called out with loaded muskets.? Syracutt Jour, Ih said that the Canadian House of Assembly are paring a remonstrance to be sent home to the impeauthorities, against the introduction of to many ilgn paupers into that country. ommencement at Dartmouth college takes place on 28th and a?th instant; Hon. Lewis Cass, of Michii, will address the Literary Society; Rev. llenry Ikes, of Montreal. C E., the Theological Society; aad lessor Samuel U. Brown, the Phi Beta Kappa 9o,y. The graduating olass numbers 47. Ill; {lunin lur ll ir)i^ra|]ii lufl nit umwei<n iva;h ami h ttyettevllle, N.C., and worn to have been all from the latter place to Chnraw, SC. by the 4th In- ' nt it Albany, the thermometer ban ranged unusually | b for a week pa*t It haH aeldom boen below WO, and iftun run up to 90 and 03. 'hermometer (bin morning at *unrUe 7JV yesterday rn high??t 8i)X; at 10 l'.\l. 77X Barometer thin ruing, at (unriae. 30 04.?Bmlon Evening Tiavltir. (ntt. K Conklln, of tbl* village, who In now in Ohio. h?? t u* a (ample of the wheat harvested thi* season in king county, Ohio. It ii of a luperlor quality, and write* that It i? offered at 37X cent* per busbel \tca Co. Courier. old Voaaray,?Yesterday an IndlTldiial <-?ll|n(f blmSimmons. presented to Col Hunt, at the (Quarteriter'* Department, eight drafts, each lor $I.OO<l, purting to be drawn byCapt. Ogden Quartermaster on the Orande, which were atonee detected an bring forge- I , and Simmon* wan immediately taken Into custody, ban nines acknowledged the forgery, but says they e given to him by another party, whose uame lie will disclose; and that he ?w fn r> ceive $1000 If he sue i ied in obtaining the money It appear*, however i t bin real name in not Simmon*, and that lie for ly acting a* a clerk with Capt. Ogden. and we pr*. le there ia no foundation for the lUiry tbut he ob ied tbum from another person -N. O Com Hultetin, [arrow K<<*r*?On Kriday morning laat, about dayit, two gentlemen, Mr Jeremiah Sunday, and Mr juius Trenary, started to watch for deer, at a crossing ;e, the Utter climbing up upon a scaffold erected for t purpose, and the former, Milting or crouching beblud g, Air. T . who ?m not aware of Mr S * locality, taklngh im for a deer fired upon him, lit* hall taking ct In the back part of the neck, under the maatold 'mm, and over the aline, and thu* passing through fern the Urge muscles and the bone, neither nt ! L-h wa? injured. Mr. 8.. wa are happv to laaru, la in it way to reoover No Lbl*ma at ail U attached to Treuary. a? ha did not know Mr 8. wat In the ill; and a? Mr. 8. had a red handkerchief around hi* 1, and wora a coat *omewhat the oolor of a deer, he eaally mlatakan for oq?, ?ud hence the accident ? under*taml that Mr. Ttanary baa, by the axoitat and mental agitation consequent upon thla uuforite affair, been thrown into a ?av?ra fever, froui ih hia recovery la somewhat doublful Hit sufferings utld to ba even graatar than tho*? of Mr Sunday m ha wounded ? Hi Afury't ,s<n(i ti. iie Seized Fimiino Vurblh.?A trial ol th? of the fishing ves*el? netted at Newport, for a viaiaof the raveuua lawa, ia to be held in the Couit *e in that citr, at a tpaoialUrm of tha U. 8 Liiat Court, which ti to otanaDM to-day LD. Wh Two Cants. Police Intelligence. Daring Burglary .?Tht dwelling bouae. No 4C Pika treet. on the corner of Madiaon street wan burglariouMy nterrd by lome daring robbers, who nbtataed mimittnoa by forcing an entranoa thru ugh the rear baa< m< nt rlndow, and after searching tha lower part of the butiee it plunder, they entered the bed room of Mr and Mr* cyincur, he occupant* ol the prra>iaea. who lay in bed sleep, stealing therefrom the jiantaW ona of Vr 8?ylour. in the pocket of which wai fa & \ and left the remlaen the way they entered, without diaturbing the imily No arrest. Ktcovtry of Silver Spoant ? Ofl) oer Gilbert F Hay*, f tha lower pollca, Centre itraat, recovered ye?terd*y gm a black fellow. 0 allyer table spocna. 7 filter forka, nd 9 silver butter knivei. evldentl y atokn. ft r wblchan wuer In wanted. Aptly to the ah ore cflleer. Ton<t>a. Stealing a Coal ? Officer Corna id, of the 0th ward, rreated yeaturday a fellow called Jam** 1 h? irprp. ? n charge of haying stolen a croton clotb fMt, Talu?d at 3 SO, belonging to E J. Sloat real dirg at No 12H < hatam atrei-t Justice Osborne lock ed bin up for trial Sartil Jrom Dnlrucllon ?Ofllo era HortV and Cuni?en. of the fith ward, arrested. laat evening ajoung ;iri uf only IS years of age, by the name of Parah C iaik. it the request of her parents. wh cm the (IBrtm frord tu inmate of a house of proatitut icn aituated in Vtrk it reel 8ha waa takeu before Ca ptain Ferry at tha rta:ion houae. and detained for a fur ther btariig Lou nf Silvrr? Home sneakirg t In. I can It d c IT fun Ihe basement of house No. 161 Bamw ftrctt y<M?idiy morning fl allyer tea spoons 4 ta Me sp?onf. and I ilher [ up, valued in all at f'JO, the properly of Air. 1 he him II. ttlmoi.son. No arrest (iranH l.arrrny?Officer Heely of the ICth ward arr<?t#d ye*terday. a woman called Catharine > Known < tin, un ? ohariic (if *tealiug a pocket l>o ok contain!!)* #4'i, the property ?f Thou. < arroll Co Dim itt< d ty Juetice Nlerrltt. Jlrreit an Suipicion.?Officer Cerium, of llio S'h ward, arretted. la*t night. a fellow called JcLn Uerder*od, having in hi* po*aei>iiion a bag of coffee. ?vid?oily *tolen, for which an owner la wanted. Apply to the above officer. Political and Personal. The democrat* of Cambria have nominated John Kean for the A*aembly of Allegheny, W. J Hawktnifor the iSenate. and for the Assembly, Jamea B. Kawvt r, J. II. M'llhenuy, Joreph Cooper, and Jamu S Long. of Butler, Jacob Xeigler. for the Anaembly.? Philadelphia Ledger, 9th inst. The democrut* ol Dauphin county. Pa., held a meeting at llarrlaburgh on Saturday evening, and nominated Hen. Taylor for the Prealdenov. The meeting waa numerously attended, and wait exclusively democratic.? Cincinnati Signal, A/A init. In reference to Oen Taylor'* nomination In Georgia the Jluguata Chronicle mya :?"The Convention al*o recommend lien Taylor for the Presidency We premium that thin in a fair exprmmlon of the public will of lieorgia. Whatever preference* may have existed, or uiay utill exiat. we have uo ijueation but that minorities uuiong the whig* will bow with re?peetful deference to the clearly expre-aed wi*he* of the great mvi of the parly. Tile Presidential nominee will be finally made by the great National Convention of the whig party, und when presented to the people of the U tilted Mate*, buckling 011 their armor, the wing*, in every aeetlon, will prove their devetion to country, by iallying around him ;ih the reprenentative of those principle*. upon the aueceaa of which they believe the prosperity of the country depend* ' The Lhronicle at one time doubted the propriety of nominating (ien. Taylor for the Preatdency. The Sew Orleans National aaya that the difference betweeu tbe popularity of Ueneral Taylor and Oeneral NlOtt may be seen clearly illUHlrated in the feeling* prurned by the volunteer*. If you abu*e Oen bcott, they will argue iu hi* defence?if you abuae Gen Taylor, they will turu in and whip you AFKBCTiNfs f?CKNK.?It was u lew days alter tin* nt'Ws ot 1 jlif ii^ Vintu?the veiy dny the brought the oflicial list of the killed unit wounded?we were seated lu the office reading over the name* with a (tail curiosity, tueklug out those with which we were of old familiar. McKee we remember will-a dishing, daring artillery officer; ho wan in the third when we knew him Itul ho married, left the service, eiifuged in business. and at the opening of the war returned thn epaulette* an Colonel of a Kentucky volunteer regimeut Urive fellow ! none braver fell on that bloody field Wo were sorrowfully enough engaged by these thought! when a young woman entered tile office. W hen ?e hay youug we mean under thirty. She had a small girl by the hand?a beautiful little creature about three year* old Doth mother and child (for such no one oould Joubt. to be their relationship who observed their feature*,) were dressed with extreme neat new, though all the Utile elegancies of decoration were bestowed upon the child We just looked over the top of the paper to note U>?M particular*, when, having beeu directed to us by the clerk, xhe cauie lorward to our desk. We handed hers chair, and. while we endeavored as well an we eeuld to Hooth her very apparent agitation, we were somewhat at a Ions to account for tt* existence After a few minute* conversation we discovered the reason In the fact that she was a relative of a soldier In < aptain '( company of artillery. Thl* corps had been engaged, aud we remembered. had suflered very severely. She had been informed that the liit of the killed and wounded had arrived, and ibe had called to hear Rome intelligence of hi* . fate. Hhe wished u* to read over the name* We (gain look up the paper, and proceeded tocemply with her request. We shall never torget the expression of that woman'* feature* as we read Iter agony wa* terrible ? bhc wa* not unhandsome; but her face became ghastly pale, aud her eye* looked unutterable despair a* she tlxixl them upon the child, who was playing with a newspaper and laughing joyoualy in It* heedless innocence Her lip* were colorless, the perspiration started on h?r fore bead, and, a* she lifted her hand to wipe the large drop* away, wo could *ee it trembling n* though palsied.? 'i'hu presentinieut of evil had already almost broken her heart, and we knew that the relative must be a>?ry dear one. Mm had avoided giving u* her name, and a* coon a* we found the list, appalling long, which comprised the casualtie* of the designated corp*. we began to read We did not know when we would reach the tataluame.if at all. aud at each individual we looked Inquiringly In the woman'* face. She said nothing, however, for soioe time.and we began to hope that the uame wa* not down, when we read ?" John , *ergeant, killed." Much a seres in?It wa* the wail of a broken heart. Only one? aud then *1111 a* death. That cry wa* ringing in our ears for a mouth. We linmediatelv ran toward* her, but he arose from her chair, motioned us her thanks, nod without a word loft the office. We had read to her the announcement of her husband's death. We did not do much nervine in the office that da jr. The next morning happening down on the wharf, wo saw the woman and li?r little Kiri going on board the Cincinnati packet She recognised us. and we spoke to her. She wa? crushed completely She had grown twenty year* older In a? many hours She informed us tbat the bad resided with her hn?bund in New York, tbat she was originally from the Went, and on his corps being ordered to Mexico, the determined to repair to her friends, and await the conclusion of the war Shu bad beard of the battle, and knew tbat Captaiu ' battery waa engaged, and on her arrival in 1'lttsburg had beeu directed to the Journal office for furtber information. She arrived the vary morning after the receipt of the liat of killed and wounded. We Imde her good bye She continued bar route to her girlhood's home, now desolate,as waa all the world to her, aud we to our buslnena, a sadder man, indaad. rha little incident recorded above wa( recalled to our mind on Saturday, by reading in a western paper the notioe of the death of " Mrs Surah , widow of John , a soldier killed In the battle of Buena Vista." It wax our acquaintance?therft .could be no mlstaka. She had grieved heraelfto death for her husband.?**<** burn Journal. Cask or Ba?kor6 ant? Dukmkv, at Philadkli*hia.?Th?; Ledger given the following ucconut of thia case:? Yesterday. Isaac K. Basford had a hearing before Alderman Mitchell, on a charge of assault ana battery on Henry C. Dorsry, with intent to kill, at the boarding bouse of Mrs .Nugent, in Market street, near Seventh It was proved that the defendant became acquainted with a woman named Louisa j nkJua, at l.ou isvilln, Ky.; at ttiv time aim wa* me iins.rej.? oi uutmwj At a subsequent period ll.i-.lor J married her, an I she accompanied him from place to place On the evening of the iOth oC 'una laat. Uaetord. Doraey, and yoilliK maii met at a refertorjr In Mtrket street, nearly opposite t" the bouse wh?-ra Mrs Jlaaford and her ulaUfr ,r?re hoarding, and whlla taking supper LI as ford aald ha was U"i"K to desert the woman, and desired Uoraey to i*nil upon tbe female* ami Inform them oi lit* lutciiliana. (Ill finishing Ilia repast, Uoraey areut urar to th* boarding house lia bad aat there some <0 minutes wheu ha heard anina <>na fcnter tbe room, and waa about to rlaa from bi< aeat but seeing liaaford enter the rnoui apparently smiling. ba resumed It Bus ford tiuni.-diaUly uains up hi-hind III 111 and with a heavy tnaca Inflicted a nutubar of I.Iowa rapidly upon hta head Dorsey recollected receiving aix blows, and tban Itecame in.cni.ible Ovrsay, hi file hearing admitted that ba had received aboat three hundred letter* from Mra flasford. and fartbar tated that her letters ware two to ona of bis The content* of the lattara ware not read, but from rttraote raFiirrad to It waa evident that tbe Intiuia.-y between Doraey and tha female waa improper Doraej U not oonsld ered to be out of danicer Aideriuaa Mitchell took bla deposition, to ba used should ha become insensible, or ilia from his injurlaa?which from preaaut appearances doea not appear to be an Impossible event Harford was held to bail In the sum or t*XMi to answer at tba pre sent term of the court Nkw Hampshire Election.?The following *lip Ironi the Horttmouth Journal, which wa received laat evening. contains all tba information which w.- hare of tbe result of tha < ongreaalonal election, wblah took place in Naw llampahlra yaatorday. I bis U a ?ufUclent Indication, parbapa, of what waa Indeed hardly to ba doubted btfora, that tba union la tbe Ant dlatriot between the <ahlffa and tha third party, la sufficiently complete to ensure tha candidate nominated by tbelr nil lane*, Mr Ttic?. It la auppoaad that a similar alliance will prove equally aIIactive lath*third district, and that tha obntoe of (*an. Wilaon hM been tba reaolt ??es?m .1dvtrtu?r, July #. VI t'SKIT* AND OUN&?S.M0 Musket* for shippiaf iu 1,000 double and single Uaaa. i ,'jOO paw PiatoW, iu great variety. Aiao, Hides and Rifle Barrels, Gun Locks and Uunsm th's articles, fur sale cheap sud on favorable terms, by fHKH'. \ W HPIM a ru .ai Vis.I'n.; .>HAK0l? h HTOTY'HUILUfcDBKAsR tt. I KKH KyH KIUN?-OAca ? Msidea Lane, ttiean street.?Tlieae letters are remarkable for durability , and a brilliancy of th? gildiiia nurqoalled hy any other article >a tha city?whichbrilliajiey is warranted to "land ?M?>eure to the weather Thav are alsojapaaaed to any color that mey ba desired alWai'lh a

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