Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 11, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 11, 1847 Page 1
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T H Vol. XDI. No. IAU-Whol* Ho. *T8U THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Mortl>?WMt l ornwof Vwlton and Rmii ?** JAMES GORDON ENNEnTPROPBlETOP. UOtCOATHM-roATY THOC?A*D DAILY HERALD?KTery day. PriM * etmtM p?r WT-r 11 $KK K LY~ffALD-Kre^ 8mu<Ur-r?ic? *H e?? Price 6li cent? per co|>y?$5 per aunun* including poctaw, payable in advance. Muhaerintinn* ?nd lAtrtuemen ts will or received by Meur*. Galignani, 18 Rue Vilienne, Park; P. L himoud*, No. t Barge Yard, Bucklerabury, and Miller the bookseller, London. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?PublUhed on the Ut of Januarv of each year?*ingle copiea sixpence each. A J V KRTISEMENTS, at the usual prices?alwav* caah u ai.r nee. Ad vertiaements (hould be written in a plain, legibia tnarm- The Proprietor will not be reipoaiible for error* thai may occur iu than. PRINT!No of all Isind* executed beautifully and wit> despatch. Ail Inter* or communication* by mail, add/eised to the ?Mut>li?hineiit, mu*t be po*t paid, or the poetage wilt !> d* r??m ih? idltiffintifla nuiUT vanity MT1 LET?To sinclu gentlemen, in a Freuch family, everal handsome lurniahrd rooms, with breakfast if required. Apply at No. 80 Whit* *treet. jv7 3t?ri buK SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR CI 1'V PKOli'lB PKRTY.?Property in the ploasant village of Liberty loner, consisting of a fir t rate Dwelling House,38X40, eouiainiiig lo rooms highly finished, with a good cellar, Carriage Maker's, Wheel right and Blacksmith's Shop, all new. Also, ? good barn, 30X38, with wood and smoke booses, a good well at the door, apples, cherries, currents, lie. Price for the whole $1U00. Also, H acres of land, T acres of timber, 7 of clear land, all nuder utw feuce. Apply to James B. Birr, any Weduesday, from 9 A. M. to 7 P. M ?on Thursday, till 1 P. M., on other days at the New York Read Estate Company, corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane. JAME8 B. BARK. jelp 30t*m M3L PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, Btaten laland.V;;M The proprietor begs to inform his friends and thepnblic, r dBithat he has made considerable alteration* and improve menu in this establishment since the last season. He has erected a Urge building, cniftaiLing tlurty-three rooms, altogether disconnected from tlie main ixidy of the pavilion. These room., are iuteuded for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable site, light, and well ventilated, and superior in all respects to th ite generally denominated single rooms in the various watering places throughout the country. 1 lie proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties wuhiugto engage rooms for the season. Letters addressed to hini >t the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention A steamboat run* between New York and New Brighton, at I'c following hours, vie? From New Brighton?At 8 and 11 A. M. and 2 and 500 P M. From pier No. 1 North River, New York?At# A. M.and It M, and 3H, i and 6 P. M-, and more frequent communication* will be established as the seaion advance*. Sunday Arrangement?From New Brighton at I A. M., UK, 5:M P. M. From New York, at 9 A. M., 3 and C P. M. The Pavilion is now ready for the reception of Company. apJS tfrc F. BLANCARD. 7ZZZ HARPS 181 BROAOWAV ?J. F. BROWNK. maker aud importer, iuvites the attention of tdmiMtji/'i'er* of thu delightful instalment to the very elegant iST"'selection lie haa now on sale, comprising tome of the moit splendidly finished, and alio pi tin descriptions, of brilliant toned Double Action Harps, ever offered to their notice?in tone, touch, elegance ana style of finish certainly unexcelled. Harps repaired, strings, &c. AIist of prices and d escnptious can be forwarded per single postage. ie II SOtduWre ? LOOK AT THIS?Ladies, Gentlemen. Misses and ^, Children, all th*t are in want of Boots or Sno-s, please IrWcall ut 367 Broadway, where you will find the largest assortment, and cheapestrfu this city, wholesale or refill. N.B.?Imported French Boots, $5. M. CAH1LL. j'.-fl 30t?r IH K HUBsCttlBEK would rei|>ectfully mform his customers and the public generally, tint lie has op hand a large asrortment of L<uies\ Misses' and Children's colored aud black Gaiter Boots, Buskins, Slippers, Ties, &c.; Geiitlemeu's and Boy's sewed aud pegged Boots of every description, all of which he will sell as low as such articles can be purchased at any store in the city. N. B ? Ladies' and Gentlemen's Boots ana Shoes made to order in the best manner at moderate prices. A call is respectfully solicited. JAMES WALKEH. ie 12 im?rr 92 ('anal street, corner of VVno??er. r- -1? _ f- A i U H S I ON 8 KC.KK* . g-v'-U. FORT LEE. and HACKKNSACK-Laodl?uUlHking a? Tillnu's Dock?Fame One Shiliiwo. Die rominoJiout steamboats FRANK, Capt. Isaac Kcott, and HOB ?.KT ANNETT, ('apt. Frederick (lay lord, will run Diily, until further notice, (touching at Hammoud aud 19th treeta, as f llowa:? Leave N.York ,/oot Canal at. Leave Fort Lee. A. Af. P. M. Ji. M. P H. Mom! y, at 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Moudiy, 7}? It. ,1 -IV 6 Tuesday. 6. ?. 10. .1, 3, U Tuesday, 3W 1% 12. .1 6, 6, 8, 10. .3, 3, ti Wd'sday,3K 7* It. .1 4X t ' Tliuradiy, 6. 8, 10. .2, 3, ti Th'rsday,3)2 7)2 12..) 4j? 6 Fndiy, ?. *, 10. .2, 3, 6 Friday, 3K 7S I2..1 1V 6 Hmtirday, (i, 8, lu. .2, 3, C Saturday, 3* 7>J 18. .UV67K Sunday, 7, 9, 10. .2, 3, Sund<y. 8 11 ..1 3 6 Persons whose time may be so mucli occupied as to render it inconvenient for them (o leave during business hoars, will observe that a boat leaves New Vork at 6 o'clock every morning, morning from Fort Lee at 7)( o'clock, thereby affording an opporiuuity for a pleasant excursion without loss < f tune. Mage> will be in leadiuess at Fort Lee to convey passengers to Hackeiisack, Saudat s excepted. __ jel9 3flt*r ^ FOR8HREWSBURY, LONG BRANCH. . .S Ocean House, Jumping Point, Humom, and hllmfmm Eatontowa Landing. The steamboat ED wirv i.r.w is, i -ai'tain nayue*, win run a* follow* irom loot of Veaey atreet, North Hiver Leave Ni-w York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. July. O'clock. Sunday, II, 6 A. M. Sunday, 11, 5 P. M. Monday, 12, 4 A M. Monday, 12, 8 A. M Mouday, 12, 3 P. M. 'I neaday, 13, V A. M. Tuesday. 13, 4 P. M. Wedneaday, 14, 9 AM. Wednesday, 14, 4 P. M. Thursday, 15. 9 A. M Thursday, li, 5 P. M. Friday. Ili, 9 A. M. Huge* wi I be in readiness ou the arrival of (he boat to convey passengers to ill iwrta of the country. jyl 30i?r' >?. t^ui'Civt> ljMl ui c.A.viuu4.ia Ton \ LB ANY. I>ailv, Sundays K4cei>tedtmSlS^BSBBm I hrough Direct?At 7 o clock, P. M., from tiie fiei on nceu Conrtiaiidt and Liberty streets. H'.ramboat ISAAC tilt'.WTON, Capt. Win. H. Peck, will leave nu Mouday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, ('apt. 11. O. Crnttenden, wall leave ou Tuesday, Thursday uii <1 Saturday even* jug* ?i 7 o'clock. Al Five O'clock, 1'. M.?Laniliug at Intermediate Places? Irom the loot o > Barclay street. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T. N. Hulse, kite ou Monday, W'ediieaUay, Friday,aiid dnuday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. II. Furry, will leave on Tueaday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, at 'j o'clock. The above boarj will at all time* arHve in Albany in ample rim- for the Morulas Can lor 'ie l^iut or Heat. Frruht taken at moderate rate;, aud none taken alter 5k o'clock, P. M. irr All |>eraooaare forbid truitHiK any ol the boat* of thia line, without a written order Irom the captain* or areata. For im**age or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C B'"Ht I .TZ, at the office on the wharf jr5rc "notiokT"8TATEN ISLAND FF.RRY.?On and f after SUNDAY, April Itth. the ateambonta difu SYLPH and STATEN idL \NDER will tin a* foil jwa, until further notice LItVt STATKtt ISLAND \l 6, I, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, 3. *, 5, ?, T, P. M. t.BAVC r?KW YORK At T. . 10, U, A. M., and 1, 2, ten minute* put S, *ud at 4, i, 6, 7, o'clock, P. M New York Apnl 13th. jilJr CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINE OF r wyn^^0PP08ITIQN BOATS FOR ALBANY HiAMiMBtoAND INTERMEDIATE PLACES?Fare I SO cents?Breakfast and Diuui. on Board. Ttu- new H,id elegant Steamer ROOER WILLIAMS, Capt A. Degroof, Tat-?days, Thursday*, and Saturdays, at half-post six, A. M.. from the piar foot of Robiusou street, touching at lumtnotid street pier, each '?ay, f For pawige or Irieghi, ipuly ?u board the Boats, or to Geo. Dj'v ii, at the oincn, 126 Warren street, corner of West street, [lAll persons are forbid unsung the above boat* on of the own? myl? rh VldiNINO LINE AT SVVEN <> CLOCK. fUHALBAJIl ANUTRUY and UtermeP ' . -niate Landings. HmMHii Breakfast and Dinner on board the Bunt. 'I'll* l>w preaeiire steamboat TllOV, Captain A. Durham, Will leave tne steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Kriilays, at seven o'clock. Returning on tlm oppoaite day a. Kor pts?a?e or frright, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at th? afflwwl tlx wharf mv9n r FOR NKW IIKLKANI4?Louitiuin and >ra York Line ol Packet*.?Positively the first and only aHNlllfaregitlar Packer.10 a?iI Monday, July 19.?The new and i>i?ff*id tut sailinit packet bark CR0TON, Captain D V. S.millard, Matter, ia uow loading, and will poaitirely tail as above, her >egular day. h'.ir eight or ;?< uc, having accommodations unsurpassed for epleml' or comfort, apply ou board, at Orleana wharf, Lot of 'Vail street, or to E. K. COLLINS, J6 South afreet. Positively no goods will be received on board altar to-mo* raw. rtnturuay evening. July 10th Agents Hi New Orleana, John 0. Woodruff tc Co., who will promptly f rwa d all goods to their addreaa. ! Packet hark Ucneaee will aucceed Che Cro'oo. and sail her ppffiiUr ?4-*v i\9 rh Jj/hg- NOTICE.?The public are hereby esntioued fcfJSV '??in" harboring or trus ing the crew of the B-iri?h ,arl< QUEEN, Captain Oikbons, fiom Liverpool, ns ImTurifU ol their contra ting will be paid by the cai'tain or Coaignee. J. McMUHRVY, y>rc ill South street. AAVC" Jolt LIVERPOOL?New Liue?Regular iwc* kMHPyet of 28th July.?The new aplendid. I'aat sailing JHpBiBP'trket ship RO8CIU8, Captain Asa Eldridge, will positjvely sail aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having superior furnished accommodations, apply on hoard, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall street, 0110 . r K- COLLINS. Vi South it. The picket ship SIDDONf, Capt. E. B Cobb, will aucCAed tli? KintiMi and Mi) the 26th of August, hfrrffnlar <t?v_ i fin TOOWNEHg AND MAHTKR8 oF Tfc? SlrSy ?EL8?Hwlmea fc Springer's Patent Hteenng Wheel JNUmMSb ? I be attention of ahip maaters and nwnera 'a called t,. tin. itnproyement in the steering gear of vessels, which so comp etely obviates all the difficulties heretofore arising in the ordinary way of applying the steering wheel. A medel can he seen an jaTull descrintion obtained, by railing on (e?l IU're F.NOKI,BHfl?;HT It Hfll m William at FOR BALE.?The Liverpool line of packe's, Wy*yc"ini.iised of the ships Rnscius, Siddont, Sb'rid.n Jin Irr ??d Oat-Tick they Were built m th.s city with the hatii. rrnls, fumes mostlylive oak, locust and cedar, saltd on the stocks, and resalted every year siace. All very re(K ally coppered and refitted, and nearlv in aa good condition a? rbe.1 first bill t Their accommodation for paas-nrera are ?r.a V04S ?nd handsomely furnished. If not sold on or before Tu?s?Y,y, the antb inst, tliey will be sold at one P. M. that day y,? hfil lloffmsn ki o., at the Merchants' Kichange. Kor particulars, apply to E. K. COLLINS, jV^t'C _ 34 Sooth s-reet. i "m > PACKETS KOH flAVRE?8KCOND LINC.? i t ssftimattt1" i \' \ k \ l\ \ I E NE ] O L D R ( Coir REAR MorrTRRsr, May 11, 1947. What do you think of this picture of the kltohen of the old General, or rather, what do you think of the kltohen Iteelf I It Is quite a good representation of It. The Marine Regiment. TaAmroBT 8mr ATLAI, ( Havana, June 16th, 1847. ) I herewith send you a list of the officers at tacnou 10 mo Marina Regiment, on it* way to Mexico, for service with tlie army. Since we left New Yftrk, which was on the first day of June, every effort has been made to render the expedition efficient by constant drill*, by whioh our troop* improve daily. The utmost harmony prevail* among the officer* and men. and we Wave a lair prnspmt of a glorious termination of service* In Mexico Nothing of note ha* occurred aince wo left New York, and the health of all oontinuea good. liit of oi-ricaai prk*knt with mahimk rkqimbmt. Lieut. Col. Samuel F. Watson, Com. Regt. 1st Lieut. O. D. Baker. Adjutant. 1st Lieut. J. 8. Devlin. A A. Q. M. and A. C. 8. Surgeon David 8 Kdwarda Passed Asst. Surgeon, Richard Mclherry. Iff Hultalinn. '1J Battalion, >??J. Levi Twiggs, Com'g. Bt. MaJ. Wo. Dulany,Coin. Capt. B. Maconiber. Capt. J O Reynold*. ' A. N Brevoort. " Geo. H. TerreU. 1st Lieut J. C. Rich. 1st Lieut. Wm Lang " " J. Watt-on. " " Wm. L. Young. Jd " llenry Welsh. 3d Lient. D. J Hutherlaud. " ThoH. Y Field. " " J. H Jone*. " " C. O MoCauley. ' " F. McD Reynold* " " A. 8. Nicholson. " ' F Norvall. t ii r i ii ?? . _ " ' J. T. Nklioleon" U. S. Tkawiport Shit Atlai, ) Off Havana,4une 17. 1847. > You have ever been one of the Unit. if not the finn to spread information through your columns, to nil part* of the land, when you supponed it would be of interest to your reader*; and often in regard to navy and army affair*, 1 am sure, at no small outlay to yourself. In my preceding crulne* 1 have often penned a few linen to you when any thiDg of lntereit occurred, but now I am determined to write you fully by every opportunity, and give you a* full and detailed an account of Dm inromiugs and outgoing* of the marine regiment on board this chip bound for the HalU of the Montezumas, aaciroumMtaocen will permit. On the 27th of vlay last 1 wan very quietly taking mine ease at mine own inn. at one Jesse Conklln'*, In the tarfamed town of Babylon, on Kong Inland, agreeably diverting myself with ,ily fishing, beat nailing, and blue fishing now and then at Kire Inland, far and well known, from cypress, and other equally agreeable employments, when early one mornlngoue of those oblong liver colored papers, endorsed "on service," caused me to see sights, and one or them wm Fort Hamilton, another Capt J. U. H.,and he is a trump? he la?having received orders tor ' Mexico to embark on the 1st of June, sharp work you will say, and so it was; but It was done. or. an they nay in old Virginia, done did. Hoarce a week had elapsed from the date of the order of the Secretary of the Navy, before six companies of marines had be?n collected from the different stations, officered, clothed.arranged in companies, embarked, and taken their departure for the neat of war, tuil of hope, determined, at all eveata, "to try." Whether we nhull succeed or not time alone can show.? Many of our men are raw recruits, but all of excellent material; and from morn till eve there is one continued ''demnitlon drill," as Bos would say We have beeu sixteen days on our passage, having > been detained on the Bahama Banks four day* by head winds and oalms. Had in our company for some days the bark Adtelope; from Newport, with troops, bound to Vera .rux. In all, the regiment will number from live to six hundred men. remap* Homo or thou* who eloquently disclaim about the luxuries and aristocracy of the service. would like a small chauce with uh. 1 hey can have a ihow an soon as they pleaae. Ml/l?N. Mtrirtiw, Sunday, June 37, IH47. I.aht Huron and ill Brautiei?fort Marinnw and InJiart Curiotiiit t? Salm n'Front and the Sockdolager Hook?Indian Commiition and Trtoly My last wan dated ou Lake St. Clair, and cloned an we entered Hnron. An thin broad expanse of water gradually opened to our view. It* beautie* called forth the exclamation! of erery paasenger who had not before enjoyed the night Nothing cau compare to the clear, pure, trauilucent brightness of its bosom, pave the blue etherual iky above, aud a* our proud boat gradually progressed alinoit appeared ai though her speed wa* doubled by the purity of the element beneath. Thin lake In about J40 milti in length, and UOO in width, excluding Georgian Bay on the Canada tide, and li considered by navigator* a* the gem of the brilliant chain that adorna the head of our happy Union But little ii needed on thia lake to render Its navigation complete, and that little ihould be granted at once. A* you proceed up the lake from Kort Oratiot, at it* mouth, to Thunder Bay, a distance of one hnndred and fifty milei, no light U presented to guide navigation, and one l I* tnunh needed at Point aat Barque*, seventy-flve miles distant Then vessels could have a clear and sate run, either by the lonth channel or to \lie eastward, to Bole Blanc lilend, a distance of flfty-four unl-s where a light should *l*o be erected at its southern terininatunj, which would eerve for both passage* The neat point. 90 mile* the u?ual steamboat route. I* old Maoiuaw. at the head of the lake, on ' the i'l.iud of that name, kuown In the last war as the scene of neveral severe ikirintshn* between the lodiau* and i aoadlani aud our tr< op* uuder Croghan. tic This islunii ia be utlfiilly situated in a climate where people say they 'never die." and it* prominent bluff* present a position for a light housa. that ia much deiired. and would tie of great service The barraak* here are occupied by a small company ot volunteer*, the regulars having gone Into war *ervic# The village is small, wlih grocerle* for the sale of dry good*, rum, tobacco, and Indian curiosities The Inhah tant* are a mixture of American. Krench and Indian, whiWI their boat*, half canoe, and half everything el*e, gave a partial idea of the extent of their approach to real yankee (kill, enterprise and ingenuity The waUr at thia point, which I* in tbe *tratti of Maelnaw, >? *o clear that the bottom I* pUinly perceptible at a distance ot thirty feet, and flsh. including *almon trout, were Men playing about the pleri In abundance, although I law none ' playing back-gammou." A large trout weighing 19 pound*, had been killed by the (hot of a gun the evening before we arrived, aa he rote to the top of the water, aud had died near tbe wharf where we landed. I lecured the prize by the mean* of the newly Invented eockdologer hook, and banded hun over to our steward, who had alio laid In a large stor It of thl* delicious Ash bj mean* of *ilver angling Several of our passenger*, destined for the Sault St. Marl*, left us here, Including Lewi* (iaylord Clark, Esq , of your city, aud Oenernl Verplanck and uite. of Buffalo, who ha* been recently selected to proceed weatward. to make a new treaty with tbe Chippewa*, lie. '1 he steambokt St Clair is here, ready for the Sault, and my next letter will give your reader* our trip up the emerald green Michigan to the thriving city of Chicago. C. W YO NEW YORK, SUNDAY M )UGH AND REA SIMPLICITY Or AM AMfl] Here are barrels, tub* made of old barrels, palls, tiu dishes, and the good old coffee pot, arrayed before you, with not a fow stumps of old trees?an odd place, I assure you, is this same kitchen. It Is all out of doors, for there Hernia JOuropcan Correspondence. Lconon*, May, 1847. Continental Railroads ? Travelling? Passage of the tlppenintt?Powers' Statue of the Greek Slave. My last communication wot dutod Venice, since which period I have found my way through Northern and Middle Italy to the shores of the Mediterranean. The facilities of railroad travelling have gcarcely begun to Impart their conveniences to Italy, although the fever hag fairly get in, under the present enlightened and enterprising Pope; and it Is to be hoped that a few yearg will render all deglrable points of this long-neglected country quite as accessible as are, at the pregent moment, most of the principal citieg of (Jermany, Belgium, Kranoe. dtc. Venice will soon be entirely connected with Milan by a road now in the course of construction, and already finished and in operation on one end of the line from Venice to Vicenza. and on the other fraw Milan to Truviglio When finished. Milan will be about eleven hours distant from Venice, and only eighteen from Triesto. About twenty five miles of the road from I,eghoro to Florence it in successful operation, and a short period will suffice to connect " Florence the Beautiful.'' the gent of the modem arts, with the watera of tlin Mediterranean An effort in new being made to establish a railroad from Florence.acrosa the Appenines. to join the Venice road on the north; and there is a strong probability of one being speedily constructed between Florence and Home, with nil extension to Naples Thus a journey of a few days will place nil Italy at the command of the traveller. This era will certainly be hailed as the period of deliverauce trom tha greatest of earthly evils to be encountered in a tour through the land of poetry?namely, the fatigue, the imposition, and disappolntineut to which one must either be calmly resigned, or else be continually inquiring, contending, bargaining. : uspectlng, and ruffling one's humor, in a style calculated to degtroy every particle of ojt.ytnent. The connection for post and diligence travelling in Italy U exceedingly imperfect; and ou the main routes It is not uiifrequently the ease that the stranger Gnds himself most unceremoniously landed in some cltv of minor importance, where he must either remain lor several days or take a private conveyance, managed by a vrtturinn. The latter irentleinaii ils i? ireneenl nniiiiilan u it part ofhls skill in business to extort most unrighteously, if he urn** an urgency to depart, and find* ohm whom lie <\in lleeoe. A velluiino prefers making a bargain to lake you for a certain sura, and to provide you with every tiling on the way ?that Is. boarding and lodging, lie then stops when and where he please*, and always at houses with which he is in connection ; you there rereive such meals and geaeral accommodations an he sees tit to provide, for wblcn he is charged perhaps one-third of the price which the traveller would be charged, ami thus places unpercelvnd a clever penny into his pocket, while the traveller loses nothing unless imposed upon by his vtlturino, aud taken to inferior and uncomfortable houses. To avoid this, it is usual to make a written agreement beforehand, specifying exautly what is to be received, etc. This must be drawn up so mlnutelv as clearly to say, for instance, that the traveller must have a bed and bed-room to himself, otherwise he may And himself lodging in company with a dozen unknown and unwelcoma guests, and this without redress, as he can only hold to the letter of the contract, and tho least flaw may be taken advantage of. Instead of demanding pay in advance, the vtlturino always wishes to place a tew dollars In your hands, as he says, to Insure to you the fulfilment of the contract on his part This, however, Is a ruse, and the money should be positively refused, as It bind* the stranger, whether satisfied or not, to remain with the vrtlurinn until the end of the journey, or have a series of difficulties witn the police?in which the stranger to the customs, laws, and perhaps the language, Is sure to come off number two. However, a little experience and a little care may make vtlturinn travelling very agreeable, when time is ? ?ni4 iipwii bun wijiiiv, lie vrrrorn uave rather been exaggerated than otherwise by journalist*. Kven at the present moment travelling in a diligence Ik by no menu* ?o safe as it might b?t. On taking my place in llologna. to cross the Appuninos to Klereuce. a printed ticket was handed to me, very eoolly imparting the interesting information, that the proprletrr* do not hold themselves responsible for the loss of baggage or eif.scts by robbery with arm* A few w??kn previous. a robbery * ? committed on the Kaine route, and without being at all uneasy about the matter, in thin, an in a number of other Instances where night travelling ?u unavoidable. I was not at all diMatiHtied at finding myself at the nd of my Journey without an r.etnrmmt. The entire rout* from Venice to Florence, by way of Padua. Ferrara and Bologna, croMlng the valleys of tho Adigeand tho Po? presents. no far as the general features of the country are concerned, exceedin ly Utile that la interesting Doth river* flow sluggishly through a flat marshy couatry. much of which wnsat an earlier period, without doubt, washed by the water* of the Adriatic. Although every inch of ground muit be cultivated, in order to give sustenance to an overgrown population, there appear. nevertheless. all the characteristics of a want of euergy arid enterprise; the farming utensil* are miserably poor, old fash'oned and unserviceable, and the people almost voluntarily indigent?a country wli>-re nature showers Its favars most profusely, and would require but proper attention to yield ample blessings to all. ^'i'hn untiring patience in fertilizing barren lands, which Is so fre^ueu ly seen in all partsof Oonnany. fail* entirely here, and a universal desire to follow begging as a profession. seems to prevail 'llils extends iiseif through many classes, and is carried on with so much assumption, that the people actually seem to think that what they request are honest demands ngainst all who enter their territory, and must be liquidated On entering a town, which Is a post station, the noise of arrival sets the whole population In i?n uproar, and In a moment the diligent beggar* are seen streaming from all points of the oom ss.eager to commence their daily labor*, the lame on crutches, the legless on little wagons or swung in baskets, so that it Is very doubtful whether they ever possessed the lower extremities; the paralytic lashed horizontally on little asses, and the blind led by the blind beggar's faithful Tray. Then comes the postillions who have driven for the last ten miles, and go no fArther, all calculating to beg on finishing their labora -and I have been obliged to see a doien of them in one day?and then the gentlemanly conductor, to whom an American would feel It an Insult to offer money, eomes with so many good wishes for your ?afe Journey, that you Immediately recognite it to be bis mode of begging?and then the petty police ntltoera. who, having oarrled your passport irom the street to the offlce to lie examined, return it, begging for a fee; and xaminleg officer, who, from his authority, Is too arrogant to beg demands a certain sum for having compared your veritable nose, eyes, chin, hair, Jko , with those on the paper. The passage of tba Appenlnes Is extremely fatlgu:ng and dreary until Klornnoa appears in view; and tin* charmingly situated city extends the magio wand over all that surrounds It?lying right at the base of the Appeninea, In the beautiful vale of the Arno, which stream Oo*te through the city, and U passed by four bridges, "-T|RK E [ORNING. JULY 11, 1847. DY'S CAMP KIT BLZOAST MAJOR aiNBEAL. in nothing bat a rude roof, made of slab*,with a few large rock* piled up beneath It on one aide, against which the Are Id made, to keep It from being entirely blown away. Don't forget the harnoss of General Taylor'* travelling Florence In in every respect a Jewel among the cities of Italy, well deterring the attribute accorded to it of "La Bella." Nature ha* done for it nearly all that nature can do in beautifying a thickly populated residence. and tlie efforts of man have placed the flue arte in a wonderful state of perfection. The public places, the very streets of h'lorunoe.are adorned with specimens of statuary, exquisite in design and execution, and tho galleries of paiutings and nculpture contain some of the most wonderful works of art In existence. The arrangement of all the collections In Florence is admirably adapted for examination, and I have never been in a city where I so soon felt at homo in the business of sight seeing ? Florence seems to be the much loved resort of all who devote themselves to the cultivation of the modern arts, and is the residence of foreign artists from all parts ot the world. The pride of our country?Oreenough and I'owers, are permanently settled here, and in conversation with a number of Florentine artists, 1 very indifferently inquired if they were acquainted with those gentlemen, and was happy in every Instance to hear the warmest encomiums passed upon their tulents as artists. A second statue of the celebrsted ' < ireek Slave,by Powers, will shortly arrive in the I'nlted States for exhibition. It is an exquisite piece of workmanship, and as tar an 1 can learn, is highly valued by the most skillful artists. <ireenougli ia busily engaged on a group that bids fair to do full justice to his high reputation, and wlitcb is Intended to adorn the steps of the rapitnl in the great city of mu^niftci lit distances O. P. U lhe 'Watering Plac??. l'nitkd hta^h hotf.l, \ Saratoga Springs, June 30, 1847. ) Saratoga ? Uirit?Arrivals?Law and Lawyers?Bill? Curious Doings, <Jc. So many thousand year* have passed since the gay monarch*, David and Solomon, held their splendid court ntertuliuuenta. that it it impossible for us to tell how they were conducted, nor is it fair, perhaps, to institute comparison*?but the least draft on the imagination may give pleasing reflections that music and dancing, If not precisely the same, are yet the admiration of choice spirits Standard in its charms, it ia happy to suppose that Sheha'a fair Queen, in the gay dauoe, with her grace and crown, is <|Uile outshone by the ijueena of our time aud our countiy Looking out from the front on the scene of pleasantry we see thoae who chose the promenade; in the rear you liave the magnillcent forest of full leaved trees overshadowing the entire ground* of serpentine aud fancy walks, anil the deep lawn, beautiful in the extreme Withlu you may listen to the sweet notes of some fair one, and anon, an coho from some little winged messenger of love, perched ou a lofty branch of sweet inaple gaily cloeiug his evening song So rigid have the proprietors beeu in their protection of the lives and natural rights of the aweet songsters of "their land," that witli all guests they seem to hold frue converse. I,*tit iii-u bH said to the everlasting credit of the gentlemanly Alarvins, that they encourage and protect American song and songsters as well. I have from lay own wtudow counted, 1 think, as many an 'ill different birds In one minute's time?nearly all of the sweetest aong. | love a bird who can do less? Just one huudred arrival* to day make the drawing room thin evening attractive? and for a moment I ain at u Ion* to Know, mid the varied and fairy scenes on which the eye and the heart luxuriate, what or wbich molt to admire. An agreeable paa?e for a moment, while a lovely fair one is led to the piano, where she discourses inu8ic uoiit eloquently A moment more, and the "fresh (lowers of spring, with auinmer bloom," move with perleottiuie and harmony. She, the oft admired, who for seventeen summer*, and seventeen only, has been tunned by the warm breezes of tile south, paeses smilingly her who by common oousent, has held" the balance of power ' these six days (Jaily ttie daunt goes on, and the avalanche of beauty and grace lead captive at their will, In spite of manly resistance Htill onward they move, conquering aud to conquer; but my ideal holds yet ber own charming Identity, i otally uucouscious of her magic charms, she moves fuiry-liko in the perfection of graoe as from the quiet Impulses of simple nature alone. With no glittering insignia of royalty, she is still the queen of our court?the admired of true loyalty, for nature'* impress yet bedeck, while simple robes tell her taste. Such but recently one of New England's fair daughter*, is a dower destined to bloom and shed Its fr?grance in old Gotham, for aucn is Airs. W , of New \ ork. I'erhaps the Springs were never more attractive than the present season. I believe the smaller hotels arc tilling up, and are verv well kept. Hosts of distinguished individuals are already at the United Stales, and I am pleased to see a greater exchange of civilities among the many here than even in years past. Unusual gaiety and pleasure are the order of the day and eve. I have been contemplating. In the miiUt of all the gaiety andfaahion of the town, what would the place be were it not tor it* mineral iprings (aud to strangers, the H'mU), and particularly so to the invalid. VVe are now sweltering with heal of the most intense kind, tuu kii mai ooneoiee uh ii m? lact unit sometime. ami lliut very soon. wa shall have en opportunity of perusing your very valuable paper, which, mth the ellervescence occasioned tb?r?by, and the xiilutary effect of the mineral waters, commingling together, will make uh feel in tbe very quintessence of lite I tind our friend Mundell on hand every clay, with the Hrruld. ami he mr ins to iliiuk a New Worker cannot live without, it. (Not far from right, I say ) The visiting season in now fairly open,aud thn arrival* ?r<* increasing rapidly in numbers daily. Soon thin plsoe?eight mouth* ago. nearly deserted?will bo the pictuie of life. Kveu now at thn United HI* ten. Union Hall, American, and Congress Hail, wu have a miniature world aluioat nightly, with thoir fine promenades and evening ' bops." Thin season will he to the hotel keeper* a very rich harvest. Their establishments have tx??-n very splendidly related. and aro In thn inort atnpi? order, and will l<? patronised by lint moat fastidious of ail nations. To one fond ot romance, and to tke admirers of either nature or art. let me nay to you. " Fly, coma to ftaratoga ?for here in to unbounded held for observation, and for npeOuUtlon? and ye that are Keeking pleasureelsewhere, c.oinn to SHi-atoga." Here we have a most beautiful and pleasant 1 ide, from either of the principal hotel*, to the lake; and from the point wnere stood tbe old Lake IIhum, down under th? shore, they are now constructing i good and substautlnl dock, where, It In Intended, the steamboat H. B Coleman, (of Astor notoriety) i-hall (top to and from her trip* aero*! tbe lake to the eulpbur , spring*, a distance of about five miles, where every op- ( portumty In offered for bathing. Tbe lake in aleo a iu?l , excellent fWhlog ground. 1 here are aleo many other ( route*, very pleasant to a pedestrian, and the m w oewe- ( tery Is much frequented by strangers and visiters Irom , all parte of tbe country Here Hie principal attraction , in tbe monument erected to the memory ol our late tie- ( teemed friend and fellow citiseu, Coleman, tbe inventor j of tbe patent A-.ollau attaehment piafio I tun In a , work ol grant taste, and reN^ole niucb credit on the ( sculptor, Mr. l-lannly. of your city ( Chancellor Walwoilb la now boldiug bis last special ( teriu, lb* oourt being abolished after ibe Urst Monday , rERA CHEN. wagon, which hangs upon one of the oorner*, or the mesa tout, part of which you see on the right, with the interpreter'* tent between It and the kitohen of July. There in, in consequence, quite a sprinkling of the bar from New York, among whom I notice Mr. Dan. Marvin, Kd. Sandford, Daniel Cord. Knq, and lames T. Brady. home of the fraternity started for the lake last night about 9>f o'clock, where they found a bull going on, and on their entree, or shortly after, the master of the ceremonies, who. by the way. was a gentleman of the ebony v.?<ui|iioaiuu, uvrutrnu biiu ni\uit< bu un uujouruuu, wuvrvBl the ex-corporation counsel did " ?b-mur-' mont (strongly, and claimed the lloor; whereupon the ebony wjoiued specially, elbow greatie or no fiddle The ex then surrejoined one dollar; whereat, the gentleman of rbouy complied with the re'iuont of the counsel, and theu the tun commenced, und coutlnued until the olonk ntruck j the "little uns," when the Hotter Hex begaa to retire; I not howerer. without the counsellor importuning them j to stay, " till daylight did appear." But all bin law. and lore, and lo^ic, with a little special pleading, would not do?they would and did retire, and so the counsellor and hix company left for their abodes. wliioh they found near ;i A M.?erldently pleased with the entertainment and thus they live at Saratoga. Something new is on the tapis, wild when the bird has tlown, you shall hear from no Indian Difficulties Shttled.?The difficulties between one of the cliins ?>l the Sioux, enH Wiunub.igo ludioiu, are ubout to be settled. Lieut. MoKenny inform* us that the ohlefi of the tribes were to meet, this week, at. Kort Atkinson to nettle their diitiuultieH. It wid be recollected that several weeks ago a uartv of thu Wlunebntroes were huntiuu on the head waters of the Desinoine* river, and were attacked by a party of the Sioux, and nine of the Winnebagoes killed, whereupon a party of the forces ul K(fW Atkinson were scot into th* Indian country, to bring the Sioux to ] terms Thin th?y efTected. by appointing a meeting of the hostile tribes at the fort. The Sioux are to pay iu horses and money for the wanton murder of the W innetianoen Thin arrangement seems to be satisfactory to the latter The troops at the fort seem to hare hh muoh trouble to keep the traders In order as they hare with the Indians The traders are In the habit of supplying the Indians with whiskey, against the laws, and this re- | quires constant vigilance on the part of the officers at the fort. Not many days ago l.ieut. MoKenny had a rare chase after a couple of Indians, wh" were packing whiskey from a trailing house to the Indian country. Information was given at the fort of the fact, and I.lent. MoKenny set off in pursuit, with four or Uve men mounted on horses, and after riding several miles came lu sight of the Indians. In a large prairie, with ten gallon kegs swung across their punies. The Indians avoided them for several mile*, by riding through swamps where the pursuing party could not go with their large horses They at length succeeded in headtug tne fellows, when the Indians dropped their whiskey, and put spur and whip to their ponies and were olT. Leaving one mau to watch the whi?key. Lieutenant MoKenny set olT in pursuit and ran an exalting rare of about three miles before he overtook the Hying savages There Seemed to be no stop to the fugitives ; but they continued their (light, even after the horsemen were within a few rods of them, and they had to ride on to them and over them before their tlight was arrested. These fellows will ride forty miles out and back, packing twenty gallons each, of whiskey in less than two days. Nothing can excel the agility and hardiness of their ponies.? HI nit m in gton (Iowa) llrrald. Kxtkaokhinauy Inland City.?Th* New ()rIp-tn.h National, in iIh sketch of Col. I loniplimi's late remarkable expedition, gives the following:?About Mi* time Cril lliininhin m>.l. tila lru.t. .Ilk KI.__ jog, n division of hid command wis entirely out of provisions. and the Nav*jo* supplied itn want* with liberallty A portion or the command returned to Cuvnno. Major (illpin's command. together with < ol. Doniphan, went to the city of the Sumai Indian*, living on tbi Kio Pibcow. which 1* supposed to be a branch of the (ieyla. made a treaty of peace between the Mutual* auii Navajo*, and theu returned to the llio del Norto. Then* Sumal*, unlike the Naviijoe, live in a city, containing, probably 0,000 inhabitants, who support themnelve* entirely by agriculture. Thl* city U one of the mont extraordinary in the world. It i* divided into four *olld n|uar -?,having but two *treet*,eroeeing itn centre at right angle* All the building* are two stories high, compowed of suii-burnt brick. The first story present* a solid wall to the street, and is so constructed that each house join*, uutll one-fourth of the oity may lie *ald to be one build lug The *ecom'. *torle* ri*e Irom thi* va*t *<>iid strueture, *o a* to designate each house. leaving room to walk upon the roof of the flr*t *tory between each build- I log 'I he Inhabitant* of Nuinal enter the second story of their building* by ladder*, which they draw up at night a* a defence against any enemy that may be prowl- i tng about. In thl* city wa* *een *oiue AIM no I mi Ian*, j who have, no doubt, given rl?e to the *tory that there I* living in the Rocky Mountain* a tribe of white aborigine*. The dUcovery of thl* city of the Suinai will afford the moHt curlou* speculation* amoug those who have *o long searched In vain for a city of the Indian* who possessed the manner* and habit* of the Axtec* ? No doubt, wo have here a race living a* did that people when Cortex entered Mexico It I* a remarkable Tact that the Sumaian* have, since the Spaniard* left, the country, refused to have any Interooure with the modern Mexican", I oklng apon them a* an inferior people They have al*o driven from among them the priest ami other dignltarlea, who formerly had power over them, and resumed habit* au'l manner* of their own their Hreatcblnfor (Governor, being the civil and religlou* head. The country round the city of Mutual I* cultivated with a great deal of car* and afford* fooj not only lor the Inhabitant" but f<>r larvre flock* of cattle and sheep Anotiikii Fkmai.k'iu. Th'-Ho*ton |'h?er? con i hi n iwrHgruplie in relation to Julia Hickford, a tall. good-looking girl, wiio had been repeatedly ill the watch house dnrlng the last week, and who was on Thursday, by her own re?|U- *t. brought before the police court under the vagrant law Her story I* as I follow*:?That she belongs to Augu?ta. Maine, and I* I now only in her sixteenth veer; about two years ago. | her uncle took heron a coasting trip; taking a liking to * *ca lile. she. upon her return frotn the trip, provided her*clf with a ?allor lioy'* fit-out. ami shipped as steward on board of the ship Tanther, and performed an eighteen mouth* voyage lu her to ( Alcutta and hack Near the termination of the voyage, her sex wa* discovered by the naptaln She next went Into the coasting trad*-, (till rearing liny*' clothe*. *alllng. according ** she could tet a chance, froin i'ortsmoutb or Uoetou to New Vork. Philadelphia and Bultiuiore, Last, week che came up from Portsmouth ?* cook of the *ebo?ner hmery. and that. ?hile *he wn* a-hore. a bree*.- sprang up. of which the -aptain took advantage. and got uuderwnlgh for bom*, eavlng her here She al*o staled that the taot of her wing a girl waa pretty well known among Iter eompalions dui log the paat five month*, and that on several it her trip*. M>rvtng an cook lu different email cralt, she *?ra tamaie apparel Hhe wa* sent to the house of correction for three month* ' LD. Tw? OeetSe fbe 1' ropa. The Concurdi.i {La ) lnirllit. n< rr ?ay> cotton U verv promising We rejoioe to b? ?liow?,i to assure thoaa at distance from us, that our cotton fields. at this msfm of the year, hare not shown more promise for man; j*r? than they do now. The staple It filling la beautiful order on our flelda. At no time within our recollection hare the Indications of an abundant harvest been more promising than at the present time. The crop of English grass In abundant. Corn if backward, but look* healthy and vigorous More land than usual is planted, aad if July and August are Warm month*, nearly enough will be rai.?t-d in the county to supply the demand for consumption?Far. mouth Rrgithr We understand that th* wheat crop look* magaiflc*a in all part* of the territory. Th* corn crop U uncommonly backward, aa we understand?Mill, as the weather has been lately very fine, we have a prospect of a fklr 01 op. If w* have warmer night*. The evenings bare now are very chilly. Rain is much needed la this vletnJtv ; the road* and streets are *o much travelled that they are filled with oloud* of duat.? Daily JW*r??*tN A sample of new wheat arrived at St. Loui* ftom lllinoi*. on the lit Inst Th* oonaignee was Instructed to sell 30.000 bushels of th* sams kind, deliverable within thirty days particular 1* remarkably heavy, ami the farmer* are now buil?<l in aecurlng It An unuiual breadth of oorn had been planted, and It li growing finely The apple crop also proiuiaeaan unusually abundant yield thl? yaar ? Hartford TYmri, July W. The llocheater slmrricaii learn* that many field* of wheat In the town of Wheatland will be ripe enough fbr the alckle next week All account* from the Weet concur In tat log that the proapeeta of the coming harvent have Improved within a few weeka.and that there will be an abundant yield. Miscellaneous. The telegraphic wireh were put up through Steubenvllle on the U9lh ult , and the line is going ahead to completion to Cincinnati, to be completed, aa U hoped, la the course of thirty or forty day*. A Una la to be astended to LouUville, and from thence aline wUlba fanned to 8t. Louis. The travel on the Albany and Schenectady Railroad in greater thin wvon than ever. Yeaterday morning the Western train consisted of nine eight-wheeled paaHenger earn, containing between 460 and 600 paaaenger*. hcaide* the uauu! accompaniment of baggage car*.?-Hhany Jlrgut, Mil. ' 1' ? -. SULPHUR BATHH.-Kor Krrupuona of the 8km, ke? .VIra. M. Carroll, 1D4 Kullon atrret, o|ipoaite Church atreri, would inform peraona alfrctrd with Di??a?t? of llie Skin, that her bath* hate beru in ?i>e ration aince 182). They are recommeuileii by onr lirat puyaiciitua, Dra. Mott, Strvcua, Boyd, SmitU aiitf othera, w lioae lettera can be leru at her eatabliahinent. They have.effected curea when all other remedial have failed. Open from 6 A. M. to 10 P. M. Shaker'a Couceutratrd Compound Syrup of SaranpariMa at TJ ceuta |>er bottle. jet KtjVrc Mils>. No. ii7 Division ilr?*t, would reapectfully inform hei Irieinla, and the public iugeueral, that alte haa conatantlt on hand a full and I'aahionable aaanrttneul of ahirred bouueta; atrawa, plaiu aud fancy i aiao, Tuacana, of * ?U|H'rlnr qnalit), aud innurniug bonnet*. The ladies from the couutry, aa well aa the city, are requeatedto call aud examine liet atork before purchaauig elaewherc. ai'H JOt* r GAKDNKRH, KARMKRS, PLANTERS, HOTEL ANU PR1VATK WOl'SKKKKPKRS?Tlie aubacriber ha* made eouaiderahle improvement* in all hia preiauntioo*; hi* experience from the btgiucing of hi* inveutiou to the preaaat day, warrunta loin in aaaurlug thorn iu need of hia preparation* to arrcat the attack of lootha, bedbug*, cockroache*, rata, auta, >un un( nic cllcduni, nilU carry OUl Ul? ??Cceaa to lU fiillem eiteut. , . Kor Ihrdnera' and Kannen' nie?liia varioua manure*. iueh u 8ul|>l>ale iif Ammonia, Nitrate of 8oda, Sulphate of Soda and Suliili. Magueaia. The very celebrated Fly Paper, to be depended on in all iu st&iieea. Apply to Dr. LEWIS KKUCHTWANOKR. M tllwTtT ilr??t CH > Al* Sl.'tiAliJv?New crop (ireeu and lilack Tea* and Family (Jroceriea. Juat teceived Iroiu miction a lurgeatork or white and browu unaia, Kreru and black U'aa and groceries all or which are uflervd ut uutiaual low price*. Loaf auuar 9H cent* pound; cruahed do 6a. 6d. 7 lli.j brown antjar la; liuhl do 3a 6d; yellow Porto l(ico4a; light Havana do in fiurat Oolong tea it cental hue Young Hyaon Ml ccnti; good black and preen ta. and la. Ih; prune old coffee IU ceuu lu, IVeah ground daily, and jroceriea of nil kinda tor aalr iu iiuantitiea to auit parcoaaira. By J.O.I'OWLLK, 2A0 and (28 Ureeuwich, and 7G Veaev afreet. N. 17. Dealera and families from the country would do well to call before pnrchaaiuic. Uooda dclneied to thei oata with out CWItHM jeio 301*10 |/OU SALK.?Krceiviuir wn cminnuai'iii, and couatautly oil r li.unl, Mutter, Clieeae, l. inl. Aleaa, Thin .\lrai and PriBM Cork, Snmki'd llama, fihonldera, and Deer, Mackerel, Shad. Salmon, Dry and Pickled < odfish. Also, Molasses in hoga heads, tierces and barrels; Snjrars iu hogsheads, boxes and barrels; with a general assortment ol grocenes. Hold in Iota ID accommodate purchasers, at the lowest cash pi ices, hy CLARK. FI8K Ai CO., 228 Fulton street. If. II.?A lance quautity *noked Meats and Cheese, alifhtly featured. (amsoldit Iaw pnee? nil lm*rrc rpo < APT AI NS AN U () VV N KKS ? )K~STK\MBO ATS. X ?The u-dersigued having Iraaetl audtitled up the house mi the Look Pier, fool of 19th ?i., North river, a* a steamboat hotel, iu order to accoinm date the up lowu residents, iu rites alH apt mis of steamboats to make thia lading, I* ee of wharfage. P. Iifi Lt Rfcf- , Proprietor. N. B.?Boats or barges for pleasure or tith<ng always to jet, Paiar tigers taken at all times wheiever they wish logo. 1 wyll |>t*rf BUAKD1NU in 5 H(LM ll FAMIL* a wailZilii burgh.?A Professor of the French Language, having furnished v* till elegance and comfort, a large and beautifully finished house in Willinmsburgh, within one minute's walk oi the Peek slip, wishes to accommodate, for the summer senaou, a limited number of married or single ladies or gentlemen The situation is one of the most delightful id the ueigh borh ?od of New York. commandtug an etteusive view of (In- harbor mid city ut New Vork, with the surrounding secenery. Lessons in the French language and music if r*ouired. For further information apply at the ferry Master in vVilliainshurgk or at the 4th house left side id Routh Llghth street, leaving from the river, which is between the seconoand tllird street,jiear the Peck slip ferry, Wilhamsburgh. ill Wrc ___ rvi. Ab'VlaMW i ITUL Ik JU I il--.J-.ri. iTuT" a a" - I V I ?.IB - nifimwn).? I rnrrnuiiy com ply will) the rerjurat of Lieut. Mclutoah, to Mats thm hr waa invalided home in conaeiiuciice of toul deafneaa and du ch.irgea irun tin- eara: that while in Nrw York, nnder tha pro feaaional carr of l)r?. C'aatle and Kdwarda, Auriata, (Ml Broad ?<)) lie entirely recovered hia heariug, and haa returned to military dutiri. Higued, H. McNeven, Surgeon to H. B. M forcea, Jamaica. ACOUSTIC Ull., for aalr?A apecific for incipient deafneaa, puma, uoiaea, collection* in and diachargsa from the ear*. mC *f?r MKOICAL CAHD-DH. MORRISON. 20?X Knllou street, devotea liia entire tune to the treatment of private itiaeaaea. A collegiate education, and a practice of twanty ai* yeara, enable him to perform speedy and permanent curea. Stranger* Mould cnnaiilt their welftre liy calling on Or M., and canmine tin cUima on their confidence. A perfect cure or no charge. 2<llM Kultou, near lireenwieh. V I) Letter*, pott paid, proroply itWflM Id, jy^Jfm A< AKI??< H/WILKS VVDLKK (ami-in-law o| ttie l.te . Ralph Jamea. fur many yeara proprietor of Nantilua Hall, "t umpkinaville, Smten laland.) reapectl'ully mforma hia frienda and the puldic. that he haa leaaed that t'e-autifal romantic College and (Hrdens, the proiierty of Dr. Jno. T. Ilarria n, aa a Boarding Houae ami Public Garden, where he truata to merit their latin*. It la located cloae to tiie ahors, a Utile aoath of IM liter'* Hotel Dock, and named Romantic cottage. Tniiii-Uin .* tile sii.ifi, lalnps lime IT, I&47 ieta Vlrr BOOL. KM llWKKION KLUID,or Vegetable Hair Composition for preaerviug, cleanaiug, curling and baasti lying the hair; completely eradicating acurf, dandriIT and oilier diaeaara of the skiu, cauaiuv a healthy action in tha blood-veaarla, nervea, kc., which wed and uoiiriah the Half , thereby preventing baldueaa aud grey hair. The Hypertun it a vegetable comixitiiid, which, be?ide* it* tonic ana stimnla ting r|iu|mea, coinbinea in itaelf a thorough eleanaing waah, bit*iiileu with a atlky, nloaay moiature for the hair, better thaa guy "il. greaae or MMttH, yet free Irom their delettrtoaa effects, and |ioaaeaaiiig intrinsic valnea never before attained. Ita baiaimic pro|iertiea uonriah the hair in ita embryo atate, accelerate ita growth, auataiu it Hi maturity, and continue the: poaaeaaion oltiealthy vigor, ailky aoftneaa, and luiuriona redundancy to the lateat period of life, (ienial anil purifying, it liapels acurf, diuidnfT and all imupnritiea of the akin. Kqoal ypowerlul are ita re-productive |towera in Imldnea*; and iu numerous catea where all other article* have tailed it hu ff tored the hair to ita foil plentittlde nt priatine beauty, friar 1i cents and SI per bottle. , . . . Prepared only by W.\f. BOOLK. Boaton, and for aal? by A B (Hi) BANDS, drvggiatt, 100 Fulton at reet, corner of Wili, I lt,,../t??i- ami TT K.tal Brnailwav Ne?r I York. ' " " "" mtfint'i" 1>OK PLATKH! DOCK PLAI'MI-Kih tnwM ^ 8ilv*r Uoor flat** for |1 '?0 to f'J, at OLAfWKN*. W?. I Mnrnj atre*t, rnvIT 'I'lMOLATV SULPHUR BATHS, No. M7 pEaRL, I Ilird, n*ar Broadway.?Th*a* B itlia have been eatabluh r.l for ill* l??t tw*ut>-m vr'ir*. aud are th* ooly Bnlphar Bath* II, Ik* city. Thay are highly r*comm*nd*d by the rami rminent phyainana, for the ran of rhraraatiam, aalt rhanm, chronic complaint*. rinjKinu* of ill* Inn, he. liniifiird Vnimr U.uin ulm mm daily, Iroin I A M . to IP V M t#f, CLAKKT! CLAKKT! CLXKLTT 'JMIK HI 11MI Kill Kit wonlil iiifiirm the public thai lie J. krt'i'K couataatl) on hand,at hia atore, No.l Barclay atreet, corner of Broad nay, the lirat quality ot Claret Win*. H* would particulary luvitu the attention ol hotrla mid publiu tiouaaa, ? hum lit' will aupply by lb* gallon or barrel, aa may heat ?uit thru convenience.. H* feela aaaorrd they will be aniialird for giving lurn a call. ?24 Im'rf CHALKS F.CRRRT. MOUID HAIR DYfc. BAT< IIKLOH'N uiitanuii*iiua Liquid Hair Dy*. ia far aa |nrior to anything v*t off*rrd for coloring the liair to Ix xnliful and black or brown, without ataimug or injuring tlir akin. 'I'll* woud*rful facility wlib which taia ra? m?rkah|r 11<iiii?l i ll. ria lb* drain d object, rtcitra th* admin lion and aatomabliiriit of ihouaand* who are loud inita praise. M?dd tolioleaale and retail at W.VI . BATCHh*LOR*B, No. t Wall alrrrt, nrar Broadway. Price? Boltlca for th* hair, f I iO ;Tor the whiakera, tl Beware of woitlileaa counterfeit*. Agcnta lu Philadelphia, Kug. llnuaad: Waahmgtou City, J II (Hhha _ ___ anim?* i; Mi MAN SILVER. JAMKB (i MOKKKT, No. IJI Prince atreet, third block wrar of Bntadwav, la ronatantly manufacturing (Jeraiaa Hiltrr, of variona unmlHtra and widtha, which ha will warrant to be equal (o any other, foreign or domaetic, lor qaality, and which ha will aril at wholaaal* and retail at reduced price* P. S. All gooda aold will be delivered ia aay part of the city or Brooklyn, free of eaiienae ?p|T 1m*r AOCUKUbUi\ft. 'P HK largeat aaaorttnem in tha city ia to ba found at the JL Clwtham atraet Bauar. SJ Chatham >treat; and, if ynu want to get one, that iathe place ta buy it, aa every inatrnmei.t la warranted u. parfact tune and order They alec have a new luetmment, cajlad the Klutina, reietnblingtha Aceord*o* with tha tame of a flute. Their Aeeordeon* *ar? in price from it oenta to JO dollar*. Call, eiamiae, and judge for ydnrartvra. Accordaon taught, tnnad and repaired. Ooe't forget the .-am .*? mm M I V?*?? v, .1, ixlirri ?lr?el "~VVk*S! WIlrM STRANORRB and CITIZF.NR wiahi.ig a flr.t qnal.ty Wig or Toupee, are iavited to in*p*ct tli* enenairr aae?>rimen of WNl 6AT( HKLOR. where they can aelect from tin- largrat atock in th* l't)lt*d Statra Th*r* ia alwaya a b**t ptara to procure an article in erery buaineaa, aad the beat plaee (o bay a Wig or Tonpee, ia at Batchelor^ manufactory.JJ''Wall atreat, near Broadway. Pritaie rooma foi httin* Wig* Copy the addrew. alJImM

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