Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 13, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 13, 1847 Page 1
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TH] Vol. xni. No. 1?1?WfeoU a*. 788. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, MorUkivMt oumtr of Fulton and Nmmmm mta, I.AMES GORDON EHHETT. PROPRIETOR. oiHCULATIOfl-rOitTY THOUiAMD. DAILY HKUALU?E?ery day, Pric* t c?nt* pm ?o?y-* tStrr ruinnm?payable iu advauca. _ . . WKKKLV II f'.RALD?Krery Sararday-Pr** ?? ? *?* ?>?r I py?$3 I2W rentsj>er annum?payable in adeiinca. HKHALD KOR EUUfTFl^?Kver> Steam Packet iy Trice 6?4 ceutt |?cr copy?ti per auuurtw including postage, payable m adnjHtt Mub?cri]>tion? and iwertiwOMtt win oe received by Mesir*. Udlignani, It Hue Vmenue, Paiu: J . L Himouds, No. S Barge Yard, Bncklerabury, aud Miller the bookseller, London. , . ... ANNUAL PICTORIAL HKRALD?Publuhed o? the Ut of Janaarv of ench year?single copie?.?i*P?oc* each. Al> V KKT1SEMKNT8, at the usual prices-?lw?}ri eaihii '.v Adverti?einent? ahould to written in a plain, legrbli maime. The Proprietor will not be reeponaible for errori tlia Liny occur 01 them. . _ _ .. HUNTLNO of all kinds executed beautifully tad wilb despatch. Ail letters or eonnnnQieitioai by mail, addreesed totht vctHhliahmeot, mujt be poat paid, or the pottage will He dei* ?# ?...< <>, ??U?cru.rin? moatr rmm it r TSaRKKNWOOD OEMKTERY?VaTe J. .i-ssH12X cents.?Tba Steamboat CRICKKT, Capt. rv?..KSB?BB?A, 0. peck, rum from iiier east side of Catharine Matket slip, New York, to the long pier at lite (ireenwood Cemetery, touching each way at pi-r No. I North River From New York at?> From Green wood? 9 o'clock A. M. 10 o'clock A. M. 11 o' lock A. M. 12 o'clock M. 2 o'clock P. M. 3 o'clock P. M. l o'clock P. M. 4 o'clock P. M. 6 o'clock P. M. 7 o'clock P. M. It is desirable in all cases where accommodations are required Tor large funeral processions, I hat uoticc be given to the captain of the boat one day previous. j v 12 I w fh .PLEASURE KXCUHHION ?The under Is. ^.ftHLC^i>?igned huTinir chartered the splendid steam 3uli^JHLadLpboat SUFFOLK, Captain R. 8 Hoffmire, Will ni^ke an > xcursion to the Sea Baas Banks, ou Wednesday, the lltliof July instant. The boat will he aceomp&nid <n the occasion hv Mr. J. Heudrick'a famous Cotillon Baud ; and every step will he taken to reuder the excur?ion recreative and grreahl-. 1 he boat will leave the loot of North Sxcond at., Williamsburg, at half past 7 o'clock, A.M. precisely; foot of Grand sjreet,New York, quarter before II o'clock; foot of Main street, Brooklyn, 1 o'clock; foot of Catharine street, N. York, quarter past 8 o clock; foot of Canal street half past 8 o'clock, and pier No. 1 Battery, New York, quarter before 9 o'clock, and thence proceed ou the Excursion, returning to the city at about 6 o'clock P.M. Major V. Hopkins will superintend the Excursion, and officers will be in atteudauce to preserve the strictest order and decorum. N. 11 ?Bait will be furnished gratis, and a person will be in attendance to furnish hooka and lines to such aa may wish to usei them, at a m derate charge. Fare for the Excunion, 40 cents. If the weather should prove uufavnrab'e, the F.xcursiou will take piace on the first fair day. HENRY SHEI'HARD. Will larnaburg, July 10. 1817. jvl23t*rc it w rt-oi'i.t ?i.imfc btka.viboa i a mjm r ? S VLBANY, Daily, Sundays Excepted? mmmiimESa Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from tne t'ler Deiv?em Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave on Mouday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cruttenden. will lenve on Tueeday. Thursday an d Saturday even ings 41 7 o'clock. (Special Trains for Schenectady, Balltton, and Saratoga Springs, will run as follows:?Leave Albany at ll>4 AM., 3 P.V., eicept Sund iy?. Passengers will find this the most exiwditious and convenient route. At Fire O'Clocu, t. :vi.?landing at Intermediate riaces? Irom the toot o i Barclay street. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain K. H. Furry, will leave on Monday, Weduestlay, Friday, &ud Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. steauiDoat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T. N. Hulse. will leavs on Tuesday, Thursday, ta>d Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock. The above nuau will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time for the Moiuiug Cars lor :ne Castor West. Freight taken at moderate ritei, ajid none taken after 6 o'clock, 1*. M. If?" All persons are forbid trusting aiy ot the boats of this linn, without a written order from the captains or agents. For ?**ixge or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C B<' H I ll.TZ, at the nrfirr on tne wharf. j\ 12 rc KKGULAH CuNfcV ISLAND FEKKY ?Sunday and Daily Kicursi"iis to Fort Hat?W*e**66Ule milton ?nd Co?'ey Island.?The well known ste mboat AMERICAN KAULK, Capt George H. Power, will ruu ngnl'rly during the seasou to Couey Island, landing at Hort Hamilton. as follows Le iv nig (Jaual street?At <J.St o'clock, A. M.; 12>i aud :i>, o'clock. P. M. Pier No. 1 North Rive'(near the Battery)?At 10 o'clock, A. !\1 ; 1 and 4 o'clock. P. M. Co' ey Itlmd (returuing)?At 11>? o'clock, A. M ,23* and|6>^ o'elock, P. \I. N. B?No boats save those belonging to the Ferry will be allowed to land at Couey Islaud, without a written permitsieu from the proprietors. Jll 7t? DAlLV~fcXCllR8H?N TO THE fcTTr WBEZtZN8IAN FIELDS, HOBOKEN.?On and after hssHtoAftfiigUSunday, July 1 Ith, the steamboat PIONEKR will make regular trips from Caual and Nineteenth street, direct to the tilvsian Fields, at Hoboken, leaving the above mentioned places as follows:? Canal street, Nineteenth street, Elvsnn Fields, 10 o'clock, 10>4 o'clock, 10% o'clock, 12 " II ^ " 1IK " a " 12M " " 4 2* " 2*> :: 6 " 3& " 3* i : $ r 6X ' 7 " jyg 14t*rh "T-,m r.A" bK?IONS-bll,L'S VfcKHt r jiKSCriNRORT LEE. aud H ACKEN9ACK?LauB BEfaMKfiAa 1114 at Tillou ? Dock?Fark One 8iiili.ip>o. The comiruJ'Jii'Os steamboats FRANK, Capt. Isaac Scott, mi l ROB - IfT A.N NETT, <J?pt. Frederick Oaylord, will run U lily, a 'til further notice, (touching at Hammond aud 19th iltreeH, a* fallows:? Leave N.YorkJoot Canal st. Leave Fort Let. Ji. M. P. M. J1.AI.P Af. Monday, at 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Monday, 7W 12. .1 4V 6 Tuesday. ti, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Tund-iy, 3? 7K 12. .1 4M 6 Wednesday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Wd'sday, 3K 7? 12. .1 4$4 6 Thursday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Th'rsday, 3>? 7W 12.. 1 4V 6 Friday, 6. 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Friday, 3>Z 7K 12. .1 4?J 6 Saturday, 6, 8, 10. .2. 3, 6 Saturday,3>? 7)4 12. .1 i% Suudi*-, 7, 9, 10. .2, J, Sundiy. 8 11 ..IS 6 Penan whose time may be so much oocupied a? to render it inconvenient for them to leave during business hours, will observe that a boat leave* New York at 6 o'clock every moraine, returning from Fort Lee at 7^ o'clock, thereby affording au MfOnultV for a pleasant excursion without loss of time. htageu will be in readiness at Fort Lee to couvcy passengeri to Hackeusack, Sundays excepted. je 19 30t*r FOR SHREWSBURY, LONO BRANCH. * - "^'V _ Oceau House, jumping Point, Runsom, and wWsltH Eatoutown Landing. The steamboat EDWIN lEWIS, Captain Haynes, will rau as follows from foot of Vesey street, North River Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. July. O'clock. Tuesday. 13, 4 P. M. Wednesday, 14, 9 AM. Weilue^dny, 14, 4 P.M. Thursday, 14. 9 A. M Friilav. 16, 5 P. M. Saturday, 17! 9 A. M. Saturday, 17, 5 P. m. Saturday, 17, IB F. M. Sunday, 18, 7>< A M. Sunday, It, 12X P. M. Stall's wi'l be in rmuiiiei* on the arrival ol'the boat to convey piasengers to all parts of the country. jyl 30t*rc NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND KERRY.?On and after SUNDAY, April 18th. the steamboats damtmWf SYLPH and STATEN INLANDER will rou as follows,iintil further notice :? LEAVE STATEN ISLAND At 6, I, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 6, 1, f. M. LKAVK NEW YORK .It T, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, ten minutes put J, and at 4, 5, 6, 7, o'clock, P. M. New York April lJth. all r fpiiZ CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINE OF rwrH^ZSOPPOSlTION BOATS KOR ALBANY idBSSiiMfcsAND INTERMEDIATE PLACES.?Fare |4 ceuti?Breakfast and Diunaton Board. The u?w and elegant Steamer RO<JER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tnesdays, Thursdays, and Satnrdays, at half-past i, A. M.. from the pier foot of Robinson street, touching at flatnmond street pier, each '?ay, i For pnssaKe or frieKht, aiinly on board the Boata, or to Geo. llolwn, at the office, 126 Warren street, comer of West street. Ojf All persona are forbid trusting the above boats on ac ftunt of Hie owners. my 19 rh MORN I NO LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. KOR ALBANY AND TROV and Interne**'at< Landings. JfMMMMMBha Breakfast and Dinnrron board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Oorham, will leave I tie sieauiho.ii pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock. Raturuiug on the opposite days. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hal),al the office mi rlie wharf. _ _ mvJO r 'Carlisle u rippard's emioiation uP?Vni.'k!l k. ill will, (J*.,... IJ,,..,.r,l S. JXfiUBSoii, Liverpool ? I'lie subscribers lieu 10 inform the public I tie y have opened a house in connection with 'heir friend', George llippard U Hon, of Lirer|>OBl. and are enabled to forward p?? ngers to and from Liverpool, Belfast. Dublin, Ctirk, and all other parts of Oreit Britain and Irelnnd, on moat ailv iutageout terms. Kor the general satisfaction given to |>aaaengers coming tlirongh our home in Liveipool, we can, by reference to numerous le ters received from emigrants from the old country, attest to the (food treatment they have at all ninth received. In order to fully carry out the arrangement, we mv? been induced to establish a home in this city, that al I disapiiointment and annoyance common te emigrants here and m Liverpool may be prevented. . O orge Ripoard ik S ill, Liverpool, despatch the Roscius, (jarrirk, Hotliuguer, Queen of the We?t, Liverpool. and Coil titntion, on their regular days, and, in addition, one or more tint cliss ships every week. Peraoua w ishiug to send money to their frienda can procure drafts, pa ?lile at sight without discount, on the principal bank* and (heir branches in Kngland. Ireland, and Scotland. Applv K CARLISLE Jt RIPPARD, jv11 J0t*rc M South street, comer ol Wtll iA*- I NKIN LINK OK PA< K K.TS TO A N DVKU.M WrtFlfV''' VfcRPOOL?'The splendid, fast aailiug and favor,r jiackri ship SKA, Cant am Krceman, will poailively s* I on I'hurtday, Ju.y ISth. heriegular day. Sne hat la ge and elegant cabin arrangement*, and can handaomely accommodate a limit d numherof second cabin |r?sseiig.-is iu lignt and airy roniria on deck The Mm will tail from 7 iverpool mi the lit of Sep ember. Those wishing to send for their iriends cannot select a finer ahip, and can make necessary ar anfementa with the subscribers upon liberal terms, to have them brought out in her Persons wishing t secure bertha should make early application nu board, foot of Dover St., or to iyil w 81 J. r. TAPSCOTT. W> S"ii'ksf. AAjfr TO AND MAs'ltltta (le Ve.A KtJraV ShLJv-Hol^ies k Springer1* Patent Steering Wheel MmHmm ?The attention of imp masters and owners is culled U> tnis improvement ini the steering gear of vessels, which ao romp etely obviates all the difficulties heretofore arising in the ordinary way of applying the steering wheel. A medel can he seen an4 a rnU description obtained, bv calling on Jet4 KNOF.I.BHm'HT III H \\S. willism M frOK 8aLK.?The Liverpool line of itacseia, c-mprised of the ships Roseius, Siddona, 8h-ridan JjWtWm' d <>>'"ck :they were built iu this city with ilie le in .ieri tls. ir ines mostly live oak. Iweuat and cedar, salt* ?don the stocks, and retailed every year since. All very recently coopered and rrfitted, and nearly in at good condition as when first limit. Their accommodation for passengers are spa lous and handsomely furnished. If not sold on or before Tuesday, the 2oth mat., they will be sold at one P. M. that day b) L.M. Hoffman k to., at the Merchants* Kichange. Kor further particulars, apply to t. K.-COLLINS, iffn MSoWhmwt. 1 J.1 .. I JE NE n: NEW RA^PCO^ANY BjlS^g,^gp ON AND AFTKR THURSDAY, JUNE 10(1., 1847, the Can will run a? follows, until further notice. Up traiui will leave the City Hall for Harlrinfc Morriaiaua. Korbamlc Tuckanoe Pleaaantville, 5 30 A.M. Will'miBr'ge. Hurt's and Newcastle 7 " 5 3# A. M. White PPu?. Bedford, 8 " 7 " 7 A. M. Whiilickville 8 " 10 " 10 " Crotou Kails10 11 " 4 P.M. 7 A.M. 11 " 3 P. M. 1 30 " 4 P. M. 2 P.M. 4 3 " J 30 " 4 " 6 10 " i " 5 30 " 6 30 " Returning to New York will leave? Mom?iau?Sc Harlem. Fordhain. Will'nu BrW Tatkahoe. 7 05 A- M. 6 53 A M. t> 45 A.M. 7 JU A. M. 8 10 7 55 " 7 50 " 8 48 " 9 " 0 09 " 9 03 " 1 20 P. M. 10 " 12 13 P. M. 12 15 P. M. 5 52 12 35 P.M. 145 " 140 " White PI'n?. 2 " 5 08 " fi " 7 10 A M. 3 " (15 " fi 08 " 8 33 " 5 20 " i53 " 7 45 M 1 P. M. 6 " 5 23 M 6 2B 8 05 " Pleasantville. New Cutle. Bedford. Whitlickville. 8 13 AM. 8 AM. 7 SI A M. 7 45 A M 5 13 P M. 5 P M. 4 41 P M. 4 44 P M Crotou Fall*. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The train* to and from Croton Falla will not atop on New York Island, except at Broome atreet, aud 32d street. A car will precede each train leu unuutei, to udae up passengers in the city* The morning train of car* from Croton Kails will not stop between White Plains and New York, ewept at Tucknlioe William's Bridge, and For dham. Extra trains on Sunday* to Harlem and Morrisiaua, if line weather. Stages for Lake Mahopackand Danbury leave Croton halls on arrival of the 7 o'olock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, aud for Fawlings on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M train. FARE FROM NEW YORK : To Croton Falls $1 00 To Whitlickville 87* To Newcastle 75 To PUaaantTille 62J{ To White Plain* 4? Freight-train* leave City Hall at 12 M. aud at 7 P. M. Returning, leave Croton Falls at 7 A. M. and 9 t*. M. CHEAP AND EXPEDITIOUS TRAVELLING TO THE WESTERN STATES AND CANADA. 1? BY TAPsCOtT'S EMIGRANTS PASSENGER LINES, Office, 86 South atreet,New York. The subscribers continue to forward Emigrant* and other* to all |xut* of the Western Stales and Canada, at the very LOWEST RATES Of1' PASSAGE, by Railroad, Steamboat and Canal, to the following place*, via Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and Pittsburgh Utica, Syracuse, Oswego, Auburn, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie. Pa. Cleveland, Hurou, Sandusky, Mauinee, Monroe, Toledo, Detroit, Mackinaw, Milwaukie, Racine, Southport, Chicago, Green Bay, Potuville, rillsburg, Pa. Wheeling! Portsmouth, Ohio. Parkeraburgh, Cincinnati, Louiiville, Ky. St. Loui*. Galena, Dubuuue, Bond Head, Darlington, Hamilton, Whitby, Coburg, Oueenston, Kingston, Torouto, Sandwich. Montreal, Aud all other intermediate place*. Person* proceeding to any part of th? We.t, or Canada, would do well to aall on W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their Oeneral Emigration Office, 86 South atreet, New York. Tapacott'* Emigrant*'Travelling Guide can be had ou ap plication, free. ml Iftt* rr KUK MALk?Tweuty rail roaU caru and six our horse HlW wagous, and soine two hone wagon*, aud are constnntiy jKEmaliiug to order, where they ran t>e had at the shorted notice if not on hand, where all kinds of carts, wagons and har uess can be had at the moat reasonable terms, by MICHAKL MULLAN&, Wagon Maker, No. 2> and JO Montgomery stl#r*ev f'irv. I I#?1K Wr FRENCH TRANSATLANTIC yJ&Qimmto 8TKAM8IIIP COMPANY.? KOYAU MAIL?Office 1< Broadway?The Hteamship UNION being now in port will jio.i " ^^^^^ tively sail on SATURDAY, the 24lh instant. The lett-r bags must, bt law, go to and come from the Post Office?no letters will be received at the agency. Passengers mast be provided with passports The public is respectfully requested to abstain from calling on board until lurtner notice, which will be duly given. jy 10 tf fh 'ROCHK, BKOTHKR8 St ?-O-PA88AOK TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL BV Till!: jUKs BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKF.TS, AND fANCK8 TO IRELAND.?Persons wishing passage to Liverpool, by the splenaidaiid commodious i>ackct ship FIDELIA, whsh sails ou Friday, July lfltb, her regular day, will please make immediate application to Capt. H. YEATON, ou board, at the foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers. Those sending for their friends, to come out from Liverpool bv the above well-known, fast sailing packet, or anv n< the Black Ball Line, sailing from thence on the 1st and 16th of every month, can secure their passage by applyiug to us. Persona remitting money to their friends, con have drafts for any amount payable on demand, on the, ROYAL BANK OF IRELAND, or on Messrs. PRESCOTT. ORO I E. AMES U CO.. London, which will be paid at any of their branches throughout Great Britain ana Ireland. Apply to ROCHE. BROTHER8 8c Co. 35 Kulton sbeet. New York, next door to kill ton Bank. The only authorized Tassenger Agents for the old or Black Ball Line of Liverpool Packets. N. B?The splendid packet ship MONTEZUMA, sails from L'veriionl. on 'he 16 h of Atigu". j9 re AAvf?- FUR LIVEUPOOL?regular Packet 6th July? iMwVThe celebrated packet shin NEW WORLD, I,apt JHfillKaiKnight, will sail as above, lier tegular day. fror passage, having unefjualled accommodations for 2d cabin and steerage passengers, aiMhly on bourd, foot of Maiden lane, or'o J. Mc.MURRAY, corner I'uie and South sta. The packet ship JOHN ?KIDIJY, Capt. Lace, will succeed th? above, and sail the 11th July. her regular iJhv j28 re kOH ULAsUOW,? 1 he Mew L,iue?Htsxuiar mJJUV Pa- ket of 15th July.?The fine, fast sailing British JHfiBbbark HYNDEFOllD, COO tons. Captaiu Thomas M>- /tlii.n, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply ou board, at foot of Roosevelt strret. E It., or to WOODHULL U MINTURV, 87 South street. The A No. I ship BROOKSBCapt Hugh McEwen, will succeed, the Hyndeford, and sail on her regular day the 1st of Augost. jy3 kOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular WK*3fVP|?rket ol21?T July.?The well known, fast sailing, ^ ( packetship HOTTINGUER, ltOO tons, Captain Ira Buralev, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid large anil comfortable accommodation*, apply to the captain, on board, at west side of Burling slip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, 87 South street. Tlie packet ship Liverpool, 1200 tons burthen. Captain John Ebdridge, will succeed the Hottinguer, and sail ou her regular d?v. ?lst of A?gu?t. je2Sr (^Tr LONDON?With Desi>atch?The fait sailMnKEV'11* coppered and ma fastened ship TREMONT. MMHIIBb* ai'laiu Taylor, having a large portion of her carge engaged, will sail as above. For balance of freight or passage, apply to W. tc J. 'V. TAPolJOTT, j y 11 I 86 South street. FOR LI VERPOOL?New Line?Regular pack|H9Wtt of 26th July?The new splendid, fast sailing mEHaP&eket snip ROSCIUS. Captain Asa Eldridge, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having superior furnished accom inodationa, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS. X South ?t. The packet ship 8IDDONS, Capt. E. B. Cobb, willsuc-reed Ui? Roscius, and aail the 2Sth of August, her regular ?I?V ieJft " PACKETS FOR HAVRl^SECOND LINt*? The ahip ONEIDA, J. Fuuck, maater, will aail on SBmmrn the first of Auguat. BOYD k HlflCKEN, Iv7 rc ^ ^ a genre Ml- URN leHED ROOMS TO Lt,T?A front parior and two bedrooms on the 2d floor, at 23 Warren at. jy 10 fit* rc MroR SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY.?Property in the pleaaant riling# of Liberty Corner, consisting ofa fir t rate Dwelling Houae,38X10, containing 10 roomahighly finiahtd, with a guod cellar, Carriage ,Maker's, Wheelright and Bl.ickamith'a Shop, all new. Alan, a good haru, 30X38, with wood aud smoke houses, a good well at the door, applea, cherries, currents, he. Price for the whole $1800. Also, 11 kcrea of laud, 7 acrea of timber, 7 of clear land, all inder new fence. Apply to J.imea B. Birr, any Wedneailay, from 9 A. M. to r P. M.?r>u Thursday, till I P. M., on other day. at the New York Ileal Estate Company, corner of Broadway and Maiden Ui.e JAMES B BAKU jellUt* m ^ PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, Staten laland.fril The proprietor hegs to inform hia friends and the public, ^JyLthat he has made considerable alteration* and improve meiita in thia establishment since the laat aeaaon. He haa erected a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable size, light, and well ventilated, and auperior in all respects to those generally denominated single rooms in ill* various watering places throughout the country. The proprietor if now ready to treat with families or parties wishing to engage rooms for the season. Letters addressed to iibi at the Olty Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention A ateamboat runs between New York and New Brighton, at t"?e following hours, vii:? From New Brighton?At I aud 11 A.M. and 3 and * P.M. From pier No. I North River, New York?At A M . and II V, and 3K.6and 6^ P. M, and more frequent communications will be established as the season advances. Sunday Arrangement?From New Brighton at I A. M-, MX, From New York, at A. M., t and I P M. The Pavilion is now ready for the reception of Company. ap?a tfrt _ FBLANCAKD HARP8, Ml BROADWAY-J F. BROWNE f fliWmaker and importer, invites the attention of dmiKW^rera of thia delightful inatmment to trie very elegant "?3i selection he haa now on aale, comprising aome of the meat splendidly finiahed, and alao pi in (leacriptiona, ol brilliant toned Double Action Harps, ever offered to their notice?in tone, touch, elegance and atyle of flinah certainly tineicellrd. Harpe repaired, atringa, fcc. A I ist of prices and d escnptions can be forwarded per single postage. je II 3ftrd ItWre LOOK AT Tfilfi?Ladies, Gentlemen. Misses and ^ Children, all that are in want of Boots or Sho>s, please PW eall at 367 Bsoadway, where you will find the largest It* usortmcut, and cbeapeedn thia city, wholesale or retail. N.8?Imported French Boots, $). M. CAHILL. je#3#t*r THE SUBSCRIBER- would respectfully inform hia customers and the public generally, that he haa or hand a large sssoitment of L-dies', Misses' and Childreu'a colored and black Oaiter Boots, Buskins. Slippers. Ties, fcc.; Gentlemen's and Boy's aewed and pegged Boots of every description, all of which he will aell as low as such ar'ides can be liurchaaed at any atore iu the city N. B ? Ladtea and Gentlemen's Boots aud Shoes made to jrder in the best manner at moderate prices. A call i; reapectfnllv aolicited. JaMES WALKER, )el? *?t?rc M Canal atreet. corner of Wposter. IaOOR PLATES! DOOR PLATES!?Fine Braia and Silver Door Platea for >1 SO to S3, at CLASSEN'S, No. 1 Murray atreet. TIT Mt'th oornei #1 Broadway. 1 ^ ' W YO &W IUKK, TuJ^&DAx JW THE GHINEJ3E ~ ~ At Anchor!* The W?r, die. SANTA ANNA'S RVMORKD ItlCTATORSIIIP. IKrom the New Orleans lielt.a, July 4.) In our paper of Friday, wo stated penentlly that, up to the lQth ult, (our latent datit from the city of Mexico.) Santa Anna had not been proclaimed, nor had he proclaimed himself. Dictator We now j{iv? at length the article on that subject, from El Monitor Rfpuhlitune, of the 12th ult. That paper nays :? " Many times have we taken our pen to contradict the rumor* about the revolutionary establishment of a abandoned it. the wholo appearing to us unworthy of credit, and without the semblance of a foundation. " It appeared to us. and it yet appears, that only the infuriated enemies of Santa Anna and of the country could, for effect, have seized upon this disgraceful and infamous rumor; yet it lias been propagated in such u manner, and so extended, that we hasten to give it thu lie as an evidence of our good faith, and from a conviction of the tremendous evils such a rumor may bring upon our devoted country. ' When Santa Anna tendered his resignation, he was undoubtedly calumniated, it being assumed that he covertly designed to establish this fatal alternative : Either Congress will not accept my resignation, but delay action bv a recess, and I remain thus in absolute power?or. ft will accept it, and then the army is the power to place in my hands the dictatorship. Thie calumny has been made to disappear, since the question of a recess was auitated in the Chambers, and the partisans who wished to use it for purposes of scandal have shown themselves to a certain extent, satisfied with thi recess?some, fearful ol exhibiting the Bpcctaele. day after day, of the shameful desertion of deputies?others desirous of removing every obstacle to power. Of the first, it is said there was a sentiment of honor and of attachment to the representative system ; of the latter that such vile adulation, such cringing subserviency, tc the depository of a power adequate to all circumstancei was bitterly censured. But this combination frustrated, the rumor of a dictatorship has been renewed ; and, for ourselves, we are satisfied it can only come from the secret euemies of the war. Certain it is. that, in circumstanoei like ours. th? people most devoted to their liberties, have sacrificed them to the common safety; certain it is that they havi granted omnipotent power for the purpose of avoiding at the time, internal discoid, and of repelling foreign invasion; but the circumstances in which we are plaoed would, on every hand, render this merely despotic and futile attempt inefficacious and fatal Do they believe that Santa Anna is ignorant of the fact that, in all the Stated, with few exceptions, a fatal contest is going on between the governors and the legislatures, the germ of bitterness and frightful dissolution Do they believe that Santa Anna is ignoraut of the fact that the people would not suffer this dictatorship, even under the auspices of brilliant victories ' Do they believe that he does not know what the mission of the army Is in these circumstances, reduced to the alternative of conquering or dying for the Independence of the country ? Sincere Republicans, (we say It with grief.) perhaps Federalists, by chance faithful, have,by their numberless errors, fastened an indelible stain upon our institutions. From them have the enemies of our popular nystem derived their ahameful arguments?a system denationalized and p rvertcd by those who should have been its defenders. Errors, however, and passions by no means affect principles; the federation Is held responsible, and yet the federation haa, indeed, neither been tried nor understood. Th.. .1.1.1, i. i-.1 i r_. * it? ,,r the people (or strengthening themsolyes by recognizing a centre of action, baa be?n oonverteil into a cry of dissolution. which has ma<le us yet weaker, exhibiting to the world the spectacle of that hostile inactivity by which Mexico, in combatting a foreign enemy. ban been embarrassingly beset. For the chimerical attempt at a dictatorship, such an the enemiea of Santa Anna and of the country suppose it. the common consent, or, rather, tlie sanction and proclamation of the States, were indispensable; there was need of the blindest confidence and of the moat intimate relations between the depository of power and the people; an'ecedeut acta of the most honorable kind were necesisary. as well aa mutual confidence between the people and the army, whose ambition haa created interests distinct from the interests of the masses. At least was it important to foresee that this saoriflca of a suspension 01 our institutions would restore them to us sound and vigorous, rendering so tremendoua a power prolific of good. " In other times, from misfortune, the Executive has held this omnipotency for the public good. And what was gained ? Food for aristocratic pride, some miserable contracts, support to favoritism, pretexts for ridiculous and ruinous persecutions! Open the book of history, and Home, the republics of Italy, and all the p ople of the Kuropcan continent, furnish lessons to the vile sycophants who now flatter with a dictatorship the ears of the thoughtless. " On the other hand, what contempt, what execration would not be deserve who should, with arms, produce a revolution, to destroy the existing government, betraying ns to our invaders ' There are not words to describe all the odium, all the punishment, to which such infant? would be entitled And what should we sav If the army or the government were to bo converted into factions, usurping powers not legitimately devolved upon them * What namo would such a revolution in our circumstances merit ? " Different In the cfltorse. according to our notion, which the government and the people ought to pursue I he firKt, consistent with Its oath, ought to seek its strength In morality, respect the social guarantees and the public liberties, use the immense power It aow possesses for something really great, and the result will be a conciliation of the public confidence The States, on their part, ought to assist the government. Tho question of Independence Js not that of the distriot. but of the entire republic. They ought to contribute to the common safety with all their resources, with all their strength, even with their Wood. Tb?y ought tr* concur In th general | Ian of operations, and oontide in the government, and not sacrifice a positive good for a mere chimera. This we believe to be the true mode of safety." ARMY INTi:i,LIOENCE. The steamboat Saladin arrived In port last night with four oompanles of tile 4th Regiment ol Indiana Volunteers, ?n route for Mexico, to join Gen Taylor. This detachment consists of Companies A, ( apt. Johu A. Wallace; B. Capt. Jesse J. Abxander; C, Capt. Win. K. Ualdridge; II, ( apt. Kdward Lander The whole under the command of Col. Gorman, who behaved with distinguished gallantry at the battle of lluena Vista, in command of the Indiana rifles. The Colonel made but a short stay at home, being called by the uuaniinous voice of this regimeut to be its oommander?a call that ho did not feel at liberty to decline The steamboat M. 1. Hamer al?o arrived last night, bringing down the second dlvlnion of the Uh regiment of Indiana volunteers, under the orders of Lieut Col. Dumont This detachmeut consists of Companies K, Capt Michael FU? Gibbon; F, Capt. John W. Croons; G, Capt. Daniel Landerman No better looking body of men, or more accomplished oflicers can be f und any where. When placed at tho command of the veteran Taylor. If they cannot "'conquer a peace," they will <.'? ceive thoir looks. Tho bark Prudent, Caut. Davis, arrivod yesterday from the Braios, brought four companies of tho 2d Illinois regiment, 200 men, under th* command of Captain* Coffo?, CordtLand Htarbuck. and Lieut. Condon Tho U. 8. Transport schooner Col. Kanuing,? aptain Sheer. from the Brazoi, brought two companies, D and E. and part of company I, of the 1st Illinois volunteers, 140 men, under tho command of Captains Fry and Robinson The ship Sophia Walker, Captain Grafton, from the Brazos, brought eight companies of the 1st regiment Arkansas cavalry, 2.1a men, under the command of ( aptalns W. K. English, E. Hunter, O. W I'atrlck. J. J. Dlltard. W. O. Preston, F. W. Dosha, and N. T. Gaines; IstLieuts W. K MoKean, J. K. IliU. Thos C Tomberlln, Robert F. F'inley, Win. Calvert, R. MoCowen, Ale*, gfewvt, J, K. PtfriffNviw, *ud J. ttauroy, 34 utt. r RK t [ORNING. JULY 13, 1847. JO HE KE71NO. it) Quarantine. J. C. Douglass, I.. Wlllhof, R U. Sagely, Richard Searcy, and H. C?rr.?AT O. Delta, [A/h intt. < aptain Gaston Mourn, formerly lieutenant-colonel of the Arkansas regiment, Lieuts D. K. Rom, A. L. Mo Afee. and D. W. Morrison, all of the same, have formed anew company of 103 men of those discharged from the regiment, to serve during the war with Mexico.?Delta. NAVAL. The Telegraph last evening reported a steam schooner in the offing. supposed the revenue cutter Bibb, last from New York ? Hotton .tiilr , July 11. Inland Navigation In Teial. I Krom the Victoria Advocate. | The opening of navigation in the Guadalupe to Victoria, in so short a time, produces reflections In the mind upon the probable changea which this and other improvements may bring about in the western district of Texas. By reference to the map ot Texas, It will be seen that the magnificent bay of Matagorda, with itH arms, (the Trespalacios, Lava a. and Kspiritu Santo bays.) occupies a grand, central ami commanding position in the State. As we have said before, the ' Main Pass-' into this tine bay. is destined by the regular course of nature to be the outlet of th# productions of all the beautiful streams which discbarge into it. This includes the Colorado, second in length and size to no 1 river In the State : the Trespalacios, a fine navigable l stream for some distance ; the Lavaca, with excellent navigation as high as Texana; th? Guadalupe and the San Antonio ; besides various fertile bayous with good i navigation to the head of tide water, as the Powder ' Horn, Chocolate, Garoltax, Aronono. < aranchua. and oiners. uy uie recent, report. 01 uie i fsiales lopoI graphical engineers. who have been engaged in survey1 ing Matagorda bay. it i-* determiued that the lowest tide give* nine feet water over the bar at tho " ran*," the > highest ordinary tide twelve feet, and the average ten ? to eleven feet; the average depth of the bay id stated at 1 t?n and a half feet; the harbors of Haluria and Trespalacios are recommended for their safety in northern, &c. The bar is very narrow and straight, hence vessels drawing ten feet And no difficulty iu entering the bay. i and And secure anchorage either at Tort Cavallo on the I east. or Saiuria (improperly called Calhoun) on the west I fide of tho Pass We are aware there will be no navlga1 tion on the stream* named till population and business i will justify it; but with the rate of emigration that has prevailed for the last two years, how long will it bo till ' there are both on most if not all of these streams abun' danfly to justify their navigation ' The Colorado, the first and largest of the list, Is ob1 atructed near its mouth by a raft ot considerable magnitude, on the removal of which, that noble river will be navigated to great advantage. A few years will see the 1 city of Austin and the mountain settlements reaping the advantages of its navigation to that point. Population and production alone are wanting to make it navigable a considerable portion of tho vear to Austin?to Columbus, or La Orange at ardlnary low water. When this shall be the case, the influence cf the Colorado valley will indeed be felt In making up the amount of exports and imports through the Matagorda I'ass Her rich valleys and blooming prairies will then be appreciated. while at present her influence in commerce is kept in the back ground by the obstructions at the mouth of the river. We feel suie that In two or three years, or loss, this difficulty will ho removed, and the natural advantages of this noble stream and its great valley, be fully developed. Tho Lavaca has always had good navigation to Texana It Is said to be o.'.e of the loveliest streams from its mouth to Texana, in tho southern oountry?broad, j deep, and wholly unobstructed by timber in any form, i The distanco from this point to the Pass, is about SO miles. Uoats drawing 9% feet can run to Texana at all Seasons; the steamboat Swan, whioh ran regularly to that place in lft40. If we have been correctly Informed, drew over three feet, and during the present season, a small steamer has made several successful trips. A few years win oeu large quantities or sugar ami cotton ship- [ ped from thin point: the landu In that section have been | tested, and found to produce augur cano of the llrnt quality. Our own fine river, too, is destined to contribute j largely in hw? llinn tho amount of shipping through the 1'ass. Tho opening of navigation on it to Victoria in only the procurer of the same thing to Gonzales, and many well informed persons think to Segirin?the higher the better, nay we, for wo are not blindly zealous for the advancement of any one place at the expense of other*, but go heart and hand for the advancement of the whoio country?and shame upon hlui who would stay th? navigation of the Uuadalupe or any of our river* below the point marked by the baud of nature a* the undoubted practicable head of navigation, and who can nay where thin place Is on this rlverf Assuredly no one can saj with certainty it Is below the vioinlty of nr^Miii. >r r ivnwv* limb ik ??ry cuiiflnieriiiiin iwuoiiui ??i labor will be required to open the river to Heguln, but what (loon thin signify ' Arc not tne advantages in worthy of tn? labor necesBary to bring it aoout ? K.xpnrience ban proven it to be ho oh hundreds or similar streams. and why not on that? Why should the < iuadnlupe be an exception to other streams of lt? ciatl? There is ao gool reason lor such an opinion. It is true that no one expects to secure navigation te the upper towns for more than three, four or six months in the year, but this is sufficient; this will bring down the cotton, corn, wheat aud other productions of the rich valleys above, and will carry all the necessary Imports to the doors of the up couutry people; and is not such a desideratum worth the expenditure of a few thousand dollars? The same public spirit which has opened the river to Victoria, will, in a few years, open it to Seguin, or whatever point experience may prove to be the head of navigation. The Han Antonio?that worthy twlnsister of the Guadalupe?which three years ago was almost entirely depopulated, is tilling up at a rate which authorizes the belief that but few years will roll round ere the sound of the ' steam boat bell1' will gladden the hearts of the people of lis fertile banks, nnd give new impetus to the prosperity of Goliad, San Antonio. Castrnville, nnd other places naturally dependent upon It as their outlet. Wu sincerely trust that other plaeus will tane courage from the example ot Victoria, and spoedliy improve ihe advantages which Providence has oestowed upon tm-in. Tne improvements made by Victoria In the lower Guadalupe and the kspirltu Santa bay aru of as much importance to the Han Antonio valley as 10 tnat of the Guaualupe. as the former enters the Utter some eight or ten miles Irom the bay?so that the peopl* or Goliad will only have to clear tnat river from its mouth to their town, to secure good and perpetual navigation thus far Knowing as we do the enterprising spirit of the people ot i ioliad and Han Antnnio. we cannot tuink many years will pawn before they open their river, which, by many, Is considered the g?raen spot of Texas. We rejoice at the general prosperity of Western Texan, of its towns and neighborhoods, Its rivers and bay*.? Wherever the eye is turned, evidene. s of improvement present themselves On our magnificent bay and its tributaries,we see towns rising into notice with a rapidity truly astonishing. Two years ago I'ort Litvaca and Indian Point existed in little else than name; now, they appear as little cities, and are advancing In a ratio highly encouraging So, too, In a greater or less degree, with Victoria ?10 with Seguine. New Braunfels, Goliad, and other nlacee; and later still, we see enterprise directed to tne Pass Itself, which, except by the anticipated internal navigation of our bays and river*, is unconnected with the main land. But relying upon this, the same spirit of enterprlie which is every where driving our country onward in iu prosperous career, is manifest ing ltieif in the new towns of Port Cavallo and Balurla. Mlu-ellnriroua. It Is said, that a mass meeting for the purpose of advancing the progress of the Han< ver Branch Railroad. Is to be held in iiauover, Pennsylvania, immediately after harvest. A hog was recently fonnd In the ' ('ave of the Winds" at Niagara Kali*, fie must have taken a fearful leap from somewhere, to gain his position thtre A tremendous rain (torm visited Savannah, Ga . on the 7th lust. ( ellarM were Oiled, well* oared in. and . Vtlw fttvUeaU <*um4 by Ut? , [ERA The lute MrltUli Outrage upon Portugal. To thk Km to a of THt Hkrald:? * Sm,?I take pleasure Id sending you a translation of the protest of the patriotic Count Jus Aulas for publication in tho //ero/rf, #o justly celebrated throughout the world an tho fearless aJvocate of those llltenU principles of which America has been the pioneer, and of which the truly American pres* must ueed* be the organ and advocate. America and Americans should sympathise with every liberal movement in the old. as well as in the new world; tor, without the example of America. inu?h of the blood which lias been shed in defence ol liberal principle*, would have be?n spared, and many of the glorious triumphs of human melioration would have been unknown To America, therefore, belongs the responsibility. as well as the glory I of being the exemplar of nations, and the leader in that : great physical, moral, and religious revolution which baa , for Its end the total extermination of every kind of ty- 1 raunyover the mind of man To fulfil the ennobling destiny of America, the Aui-rican governiiieut I* not, mid cannot be the organ American arm* and Arnerlcan valor are too feeble for this gigantic struggle Hut { American opinion, and the truly American press. are the consecrated Instruments of the Great Jehovah lo working out this stupendous plau of universal redemption In this enviable class, the friends of liberty in Italy. In Portugal. in Poland, and especially in Krante and England, recognize Thr t/rw York Htrahl as one of the prominent co-workers. h'ar above the oob web demarcations of sect or party?far superior to personal or political considerations is this " holy war and those who engage In it must forever abandon the miserable harness, in which many well meaning but short sighted philosophers circumscribe their action. Those, therefore. who have watched with any Interest the popular movement in Portugal, have been pained to see the American press publishing, uncontradicted, the Uritiib version of the lute Itritieh outrage upon the Portuguese people. The popular movement in Portugal hail made sueli progress, as not only to enjoy the tree and undisputed possession of the northern provinces, of which Oporto Is i the capital, but to conllne the despotic government i within the very walls of Lisbon, where the ({um-n ; is kept almost as a prisoner of State in the pos| session of her treacherous ministers. At this crisis, I Colonel Wild, an aid-de-camp to Prince Albert, and a well known Ariel of court intrigues, presented himself to the Junta of Onerto as a commissioner for a peaceable arrangement between the Portugues? people and the court. The propositions offered by him were decent and fair, but no guarantee was offered for their faithful execution. The Junta replied with dignity and circumspection, proposing some minor amendment* to the articles, and asking a guarantee for their execution. At this juncture auother British emissary appeared to propose a suspension of hostilities between the two contending parties uutil the 10th of June, which the Junta refused ; having good reason to know that this was a mere run to obtain time for a Spanish army to euter the Portuguese territory ' The Uritish ministry had otten declared both within and out ot Parliament that there should be no armed intervention?their mission being ouly of peace?to reconcile the Portuguese nation wltS their ljueen. I?rider these circumstances the Count das Autas embarked with bis divlslou on the 30th of May, and on the following day England let fall the mask, and the Uritish Admiral suuimound das Aulas to surrender. hiirht hoard after thin outrage the declaration of armed Interference wa? communicated to the Junta, and Miuuiianeouhly appeared the following PROTEST. The undersigned, President of the Provisional Supreme Government ol Portugal during the stale of coercion ol her most faithful 111 vifsty, the Queen II. Maria, and Generalissimo of the national forc e*, do solemnly protest before God aud before all the civilized nations of the world, m the name and behalf of the Portuguese nation, against the Unjust and Uuprovoked ntt tck made without anv previous decltratiou, withou* any pretext whatever, oy the Pritish and Spanish squadrons oil the bar of Oporto upou the national forces o* the p ovisioual Movr rmnuut, which all the provinces of the kingdom rcei gur/.e as the outy legitimate govt rumeiit, aud to w hich the miueuse ni tjorily of the Portuguese nation reuder the homtge ot allegiance and obedieucc 1 his u. justihab e attack was effected in the very moment that the stiougest division of the national army, unaer luy immediate command, was under s?il, ready to strike the last and deadly blow upou the iniquitous faction which is still oppressing the capital of the kingdom, aud keepiug the persou of our sovereign in a state of coercion. It was ou the 31st uay of May, IB 17, at sii o'clock in the moruing. that three war steamer*, a corvette, aud four transpoiU, having the a>ove named division on board, were >uddenly aud unexpectedly kurrouude 1 aud taken by the British k<|Ua<lrun, uuiler the command of Sir K. MaitUnd, and were soon utterwarda occupied hy Briti-h troopi, and the ualimal color* ttrurk. Tlie rorm*ue?e soldiers ?er( ?ammoued to oiikidrr theimelvea priiouera of w tr, and tlie lirituli look poacaeaaiou of all the arm* and ainmuuitii u. Such a tlxKrant infringement of iu!i:riiatioii I law, and of tlie independence of a people, the nio?t I itli ul and the oldeji ally of Kngl&iid shall not la I, I truat, to excite Hmonu all civilize I nations I lie must profound sense f indignation i'lie rri11kl>t ened and honest part of tlie Kuulisli ptople will certainly condemn audi an unparalleted outrage, uud the thsmcful conduct of their government ; e^aiuat tlie confluences of which 1 hereby do moat solemnly proteat. Dated on boa'd ol the ateainer Miudello, oil the Bar ol Oporto, Slat of May, 11117. (SiBued) COUNT UAH AUTAS. Four (layii afterwards, a Spanish army entered the Portuguese territory, fell upon some advanced posts of tho popular force*, and, after wantonly slaughtering about two hundred persons, again retired into Spain. Oai.\ kston, April i, 1H47. Jnuniry to the Interior?Velasco-Hrazoa-San Luil? Cham es for Speculation by the Utile of Three. Our mails are so irregular, uncertain, &c., that ouc is almost deterred from writing to hi* friend*, from fear that al'. the frien iship, alTection, and esteem which bin kind heart may dispose hint to consign to them, in this way may become a total loss?a cargo of commodities upon which one could not effect an insurance at the Royal Exchange or Wall street, let alono here, in the metropolis of Texas, where money demands tour aud fire pur centpor month, and source at that. Hinoe my last letter to you I have been n short distance into the interior, as far as Brazoria. I went in a buggy with a companion, us lar as Velasco, our road being upon the beach, the finest carriage way imaginable. But we were obliged to leave our buggy, procure a mule, and make the journey of twenty miles, from Velasco to iSruioria. on horseback. The tlrst place of note ut which we arrived,after leaving (ialveston, Is San Luis?the city of San Luis! It reposes upon a small island of the same name, situated directly between the southwestern point of (ialveston Island and tho main land. Like Tyre and Siilon, It was once a place of Importance?-there was the San Lais company, tic., their splendid building:), anrl still more splendid prospects. But, alia ' all flesh Is but grams' and San Luis veritled the rule that precocious growths ensure premature decay. Them Is now but one family upon the island?the ferryman's. What houses remain, stare at you from their paneless windows. A great many of the houses which ' were formerly tKe offices of tho San Luis City Company, have removed to (ialveston. A half finished bridge | from the island to the main land, stands, and scarcely stands, upon its tottering spiles?and might not inaptly be called the " bridge of sighs,'' alb<iit there be neither ' palace nor prison" on either band. What an opening foraVolney' Oh! my dear sir, If you havo a friend itching or craiy to''go somewhere'' or "do some thing." but above all, to rival tho latne or Yolney, ami cast the ruins of Palmyra Into the shade, box bun up carefully and consign iiiui to tho San Lulu Company, care of lialvcston; with particular directions to the forwarding merchant at New Orleans, not to forward by tho mail boat, elm; he may never arrive! If you do mi, and be arrive safely, I will ensure hint, if a chivalrous Southerner, to acquire laurels as green as tho primitive sprouting* of a recently carbonized prairie, and if an unepitheted Yankee, to make his ' etarnal fortuu.'' But if you have no particular friend to whom to tender this rare opening, be so kind as to say uothing about it, ai I have a young friend in my eye who com?s recommended by ail the members of tho cabinet iu Washington, and for whom I intend to reserve this opportunity to , iu ease you decline to make the use of it proposed. Perhaps 1 should havn mentioned, among the ruins of Sau Luis, the remaius of a half dozen vessel*, lying upon the beach and bar; not that much c*n be made of them by you, friend, if a Yankee, but if of the other character, and as 1 said before, desirous of surpassing Volney, he will tind in these, rare elements of iuterest, which are unknown to Tyro and ttidou, ami are a great desideratum in the rums of Palmyra However, it may bo will . nough to let it be known to your friend in either case that k ruin of the kind last mentioned Is quarterly added to the stock on hand; so that there will be ' picking"" f?T the Yankee elso; for in case of a ruin of this sort, the owner either abandons the property or it abandons hitn?the result belug the same in both eases Hut I fear I am occupying too much ot your time iu thl? particular I | cannot retrain, however, from giving you a hint at the , prices of lots, ko., in the city, so that ill event of a dc- j sire on your part to make an investment, you f?n determine understundingly, whether to Invest it iu Luis city stock, or city property, or neither. About tho stock I cannot speak so definitely I ho most I can say Is, that the prospects of the city were, as I au? assured by u stockholder, once very high?from which I conclude that ?s some years have elapsed siooe then, the stock must 1 be at a premium but if you desire It, I may lie able to I procure you some at par?and It you Insist upon it. possibly 1 c?n liud some which can be purchased at a small discount, for cash. You will, however, please not take advauta.o of either of the last proportions, if you are williDir to secede to th? Hrst On account of the distance being so great, I thought I had better state thein all in one letter to avoid delay, trusting to your generosity to consider them as made In three separate and distinct letters, at least two weeks Intervening between, and to mane your answers accordingly As to the value of ban Luis city property I can speak more accurately My companion tells uie he own* a home and lot In tee city, that the house Is a very good one, uud that he rents it to a man for nothing; which means that he does not charge tho man anything lor letting him occupy it Now, my friend will not lie. and I therefore believe him t*o that you can cypher out the price of lots by the single rule ot three. It a house and lot rents for nothing, how much will a vacant lot rent forf Toe answer i?, that the landlord will pay the tenant a consideration Now, as a ooroUary to this, It follows, that If on" be paid for receiving a lease of property, he will bo paid still more for accepting of tho fee simple So that, if you desire it, you may enter into this speculation, by witting me, what Is the lowest sum at which you will agree to take lots, and authoriniog me to make a ) reposition accordingly to the Hau Luis < ompany Put the sum as low as you can, tor I think the fuuds of the company are not very Hush I think it best to advise you beforehand, that the cbargee and commission will bo a i ? ? ? L J). tff?0 UMH) rertise, to find the company I must really W pardon . of you. Such 1? habit I .at down with thHntent of 1 writing you an ua*y account of my trip to Braxorla-aad behold an elaborate busmen* letter' All noodirnmanU ofbunineM. in my line, thankfully roelred hr ?our friend and obedient nerrant, RIODUM FUNNIDOH. Wholesale and retail oouiiuiMion merchant, real eatatw broker and general agent, notary public, attorney at I law, conxul for Lllliput. auctioneer, commiiitlnner to ' take duedn. fco . for Oregon and California, and general purveyor. From the Cape Vekd Isi.ands.?The Hojbui y Gazrttr publishes the following exfrue* of a letter from an offloer of the Nary, dated POT "Praya, .May 37 ? The revolution In Portugal baa not l><9?n without ItJ effect* in these island*. An injurrection U hourly expected at thin place, but as the partiiaa* of Don Mlguul number ten to one of those in favor of Donna Maria, It will nrcbalilr tiike oince with little or no bloodshed. un less (t should break out In the night, when throat outtin^ itn<l piuuder will be the order of performance* for the occasion The officers of the garrison are nearly nil for Don Miguel, and have been sent out here for po| lltieal offences against Donua Maria; this fact will proi bal ly tend to keep down any serious disturbance!; but j I here are great number* of oonvicts on the island, who, | of course, are on hand for it riot of auy description.? v The Governor General received his appointment from Donna Maria's govt-rnment. and will be obliged to "cut his stick," as the Vaukees elegantly express it. We are to Nail on our leeward cruise to,the coast in a few days, and will g? as far south as Uengueia. I suppose there will be a similar revolution in the Portuguese province of Angola, as soon as they learn of the change at home. The Crop*. I.ast week wn had a tine rain in town, which put an entirely new luce on everything around us. We regret to hear that on the plantations it was not general or oopious, many of them receiving scarcely enosgh to lay the dust, and many of them none at all Still our cropa are very promising; 'the cotton particularly, fer the season, has never been better boiled, or freer from inseota and disease, than at the present time.?Afatagorrf* (Ttxiin) Herald, June lti. The following are extracts of letters received in this cily from gentlemen whose character and means of in formation render their statements of the highest au thentioity. The first is from Abbeville, and is as follows:?"Our cotton crops in Abbeville are more unpromising than I have ever seen them, and they are suffering under evils that no future events can entirely remedy. The stand of cotton is very much injured by the lice, and the plant is very backward, moreover it has beeu a difficult season to keep a clean crop. Corn la promising; wheat only tolerable. Could the Savannah river be made navigable for steamboats for eighty miles above Hamburg, we could grow rich by furnishing you with com, wheat, oats, and hay. We have all the elameuts of a tine farming country " The other is dated St. Matthew's, and says:?''Our prospects for a cotton crop are worse than I have ever known." This Information is but confirmatory ot that derived from variou* sections of the State, all going to show that so tar a* South Carolina is coucerncd, the cotton orop must fall far below an average one; and trom the accounts received. we are led to infer a similar result in Georgia and Lower Alabama. From Mississippi and Louisiana the accounts are more favorable.?Charleston Mercury, 9lli inst The most favorable accounts are constantly received, of the crops in the Kitstern States and Long Island The Montreal papers give gloomy statements of the prnitpectR ot Krow'"K grain in that vicinity W? air, however, led to Lope for a better result thun they predict A lot of new wheat wa? Hold at Karaunah on the 18th nit , to be shipped to Boston. It brought $1 60 per bushel and in fttid to be i-i|Unl to tieuenee wheat UeorK>a ih determined to |{o ahead in the wheal enl-rprlne ?> I 1U KAMILifcH AM) IN V A LI U.v-'l he follow l? ill U arliclei have gamed unequalled |K>|>uUrit> Irnui 21?ilie universal satisfaction tliey *ive to those who use tham, VI?and aie sold only genuine in tins city, at No. Tweaty21?One < ouilluudt street. 21?The Magical Pain Kitractor, for burnt. sores, and all 21?iiillammaWoua, 14 too well known to need remarks upon 21?its excellence. 21?It 11 in of Columbia, for staying or restoring the hair. 21?and keeiiiui; tlir head perfectly free from dandruff and 21?acurl?tlir lie?l article ever used. 21?iliwe's Nerve and Bmie Liniment aud fcluir?Narer 21?fail* to cure any rheumatic afftctiou. 21?Hair Dye tint will color the Hair and (ivc it a beau 21? tifiil gloss without staining the akin. 21?McNair's Acoustic Oil. a certain cure for deafueaa. 21?Towiurnd't., Bunds', and Couistock's Ki tract of Sarsapa' rilla. 21?Spohu V, Kemrdy, an eicellrut article lot tick or 21?tout headache. 31?rink Syrup for coughs, coldi, and all diseases of the 21?lungs. 21?Hays' Liniment will cure the moat obstinate cases of 21?piles. 21?Vermifuge for worm* in children or adulta, never fail21?ed to cure. 21?Stove, Urate, and Iron Varnish, superior to any thing 21?ever known to jive a polish nnd prevent rust. 21?Itoach aud Bed l!ug Bane?will effectually do away 21?with these troublesome vermin. 21?Lougley's Western Indian Panacea, the beat family 21?physic in the world. Hold o*i.v at No. T WKNTY-ONK Courtlandt street. je4 3W*ic ____________ NOT1CI'..?The subscribers iniorm the public that thsy have just received their supply of Mineral Walcra direct froin the Springs. such as Sharon, illue Lick, Seiner, Kessinger, Vichy, (ii ., he., nil particularly beneficial at tliis season of lhe ye ?.r. They fulfill, as usual, all orders lor the same, wholesale aud retail, at their establishments, No. 2 Park Row and '>81 Broadway, near Prince street. DKLLITC It CO.. je29 30t*r Sole successors to l lsce k Houill.'rd. | 'unituras ll/lLl? A|,UA> V .?The purine are reapectr fully iuformed that this establishment having beeu thoroughly repored and piiiutcd, and newly furnished, ia now in complete order for the reception of (iinli. Congress Hall will accommodate about 200 gaesti; there aro a large uumber of i> arlors with bedrooms attached. It ia located on thecorner of Washington it eet and Canitol Park, beiuf in the immediate vicinity of the Capitol and all the State buildings; the situation ia airy and quiet, having the Capitol and Academy Parks in front. It it justly considered the most pleasant location in the city of Albany lor a hotel. Mr. Landon has associated with luin, Mr. Jamea L. Mitchell, lute of the Parker House, New Bedford. The subscribers pledge their united efforts in the management, and hope by the strictest attention to the wants and conforts ol their guesta, to merit a continuance of the liberal patronage they nave heretofore received from their friends and the travelling public. LANDON It MITCHELL. jelO 30tm HU L)oOM KIVfcR HOTKL, comer of Weat and Hoboken, opposite I anal street ferry ?This spacious Hotel hna been fitted and furnished with new furniture, and ia now open for transient and steady boarders. Those in want of a oniethome, cool rooms, and pure air, are requested to call. Tina house commands a hue view of the (North River and bay to Handy Hook, and Jersey shore, including Jersey Citv and I llohoken. Also iu the ticiuity of Rabiueau^ salt water hatha, | highly recommended for invalids. Mimes of rooms for fanIlifi. .m l single rooms for gentlemen, w ith or without board. Tin- proprietor will at all timet make it his study to insure the comfort anil convenience of his guests. je9 JOt'rrc nIMILTUN HOl'RK, it Kort llvilton, near the Narrows.? This favorite i>|aee of summer reaort ianow o|ien for the reretitio' of hoarders and visiu-ra. The steamboat American Kagle, (attain Power, leaves pier No. I North Hiver at 10 A M , ai d I and 4 P. M?Leavea Fort Hamilton at 8, M., 2l? andfi'ji P. M. The public may rely ou the boat running a? advertised. THOMAS A. MEINKLL. Kort Hamii.tow, June 0th, 18-17. jelOJIt'rc 1/ KY POUT PAVILION.?This delfehtful summer real IV deuce is now ready for the reception of boarders. Tho proprietor would iulorm Ins friends anu the public that no ei* eriMus shall be wantiug ou his part to render this one of the most agreeable summer residences. The advantages for fialiing anilgunning, and bathing, are uusttrpaased. Two steamboats leave daily for New Vork. j28 Cw'm K. W. THOMPHON. Proprietor. North amkrican bar and billiard rooms, corner ol Bowery aim Da) a d street. The subscriber res|>eetfully informs his friends and tne public generally, that he has taken thnabove well known populu house, which be intends to k> epw as good style a* any ajonlir ratalilishment In the city. The House has been tlioodhly painted and reno vuted, nud the Bar is provided with a choice stock of liquura aud segtrs. In the flilliard Saloon are two as good table as any in the city, which will be uuder the superiutendeuci of an attentive and experienced person, while the Bar will he un tier the immediate care of the subscriber, DAVID M. HOLLISTKR. N.B The proprietor will be happy to see his friends on Thursday, thel7tli inaL, from II to t ddocfc New Fob*. May X. 1*17 myMJOM r SUMMKl( RriMOHf ? I lie subscribe! would respi ilully iiiiiioiince to those wishing 'o enjoy a line prospect London Harbor and surrounding country, that he can fiivnish thetn with pleasant airy rooms,at the situation known as toe Hi one House, on Itank street, within five minutea' walk of the l .Steamboat wharf .As a Summer resort, where .ill kinds of sea-food, both shell and other fisli, besides the beat of sen-bathing can be eujoyec' (Ins place is probably unequalled. i Visiters from abroad accommodated with the l>eatof noma and at moderate charges HKNltT 11U (ill EH New London, June 1, 1847 mvjnfet#rr? BILLIARDS.?The subscriber respectfully mforma hia patron* mid the public, that in coinnliaiice with the withea of many of Ins visitors, he iioa concluded to oren the Arcade (late K.tnpire\ Billiard Maloon, as a school for the teaching of Billiards. ami in order to serine the best talent in that de|?rtment lie has engateil Mr. BUIST, commonly known as ANDREW, under wli<>?? Cife, in conjunction with CiM of lS? UQdcrtiK'ied. tlir* tclmol will be conducted. A? heretofore ibf wuhmof vmtur* will lie carefully considered, ?iiid no |>;mui pared to render tWii H*|oon fully worthy of the high nud fun* ion?bl9 reiiuUtiou it hut nriiairfd. a , . Ml( II,\KL PlIfcLAN, Proprietor of the Je4 Arcade Biliard Moon. No ntf BireUv nt. iJ I ii f. I I, t tu. iii> nriiclei ? trial and jniltft; (or A yon naive*. I warrant tlirm all to I* a* repreaeuted or the money refunded. MV EAU LU8TRAL HAIR RESTORATIVE. Tin* uuivrraally .t| proved ami mlinirrtl article, tree from all ardent *pirita, pnnuent enrol i'?l oil, and <.the r de?iroctive material*, clean* tne hair eipeditiou*ly, render* it beautifully bricht, and import* to it the delicate of lhe Dower* Hair waahed with thi*eitract *0011 liecome* pleamngly *oft. ami Ininriant ill it* growth, and it will positively brim in new hair on liald head* hy it* uie, and hair that ha* ^eeu made harih and i* titrniiiK xra v or falling out, by the ute ol npirit or other improper preparation*, will ?oon be restored to it* natural color and brilliancy by a few application* of the E*ti l.u*t'*l. It t? a nie??rv*ti*e agaiaat haldnea*, and an infallible cu/a in all affection* of the *kin on the head, a* dandruff, and for prevent in,- the falling off of the hair and taming ere \ Evipckcb.? Nature ii an inethauaiiTile mine, in which ?? penance and *tndy alway* And room to eicavate, it i* that rnifi alone winch produce* all that man call* invention and wKch ha would do better perhane to name adairfariou. Fci *al? by Jule* Haul, Chemut and Perfumer. Fhiladelphia. H<.ld wholesale and retiii. by A B k D. SANDH, Dm lint*, IM Fulton itreet, coraA^f William. Heiuv Jolinaon. 1*5 Broadway; a<<d at retaiMr A. F. Artanlt, 149 Broadway; J B. Je?qgemod, IIS Broadway, New Vorh. j* IKH*r I 4MPS, oTR vMKil.f HAN'd tlALL LANTHORN*. +-J in ill their lanety?An eifen?ive and ?|>lendid meut ol fhe Above articles, comprising solftf, Urd. CA?i|?nii f? chemical oil, done tno oat-door lainps,rich cut And j>l tin fl?jN , chimneys, wick?, French and American paper fhaoe?, ' about iweliasiiitf would do well t?> cull aud judtfA ft1 iswV "-? " rri.'stutztfM ?**? I . . . ,

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