Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 15, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 15, 1847 Page 1
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r -i-."- i?? TH Vol. XIII. No. 1U3?WhoU . MOO. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-went corner of Fulton and Nuwn iti. CIIlCULi .VTIO\_FORTY THOUSAND. DAILV HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cauts per copy?$7 2iJ'?r muum?payable iu adv mcu. WKKKLY HERALD?Erery Saturday?Price 6>< centa per c uiv?S3 1 X CKtita i>er auuuin? payable in advau"e HEItVLD FOR EUROPE? Every Steain racket day? Pnci-f,,V^ ce?u per copy?$. per annum, including postage, |*yallt i i advance. Snotcriptions and advertisements will be received by Messrs. Galignani, 18 Rue Vivienne. Paris; P L Hinui.I., So. G Birgu Yurd, Bucklcribury, and Miller lue )><)i>ktellt r, London. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published on the 1st <'t .Pinn irv \ ear?single copiea >ixt>ence each. ADVKll'IfBEMKNTS, at the uaual prices?always cash in advance. Adveuitemunts should be writteu in a plain, legible mMintr. The Proprietor will uot be responsible for errora that may occur in them. . . .... . .. PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully and with despatch. ? , L All !i"tersor cnminnuicaxioui by mail, addressed to the stiiblislimaat, mutt be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted. _ TO GREENWOOD CEMETERY?Fare L Itea 'tXeeuts.?'Th? Steamboat CRICKET, Capt. I). Peck, runs from pier east side of Catharine Market slip, New York, to the long pier at the Greenwood Cemetery, touching each way at pier No. 1 Noith River From New York at-, trom Greenwood? 9 o'clock A. M. 10 o'clock A. M. 11 o'< lock A.M. 12 o'clock M. 2 o'clock P. M. 3 o'clock P. M. 4 o'cloca P. M. S o'clock P. M. 6 o'clock P. M. 7 o'clock P. M. It is desirable in all casas where accommodations are re quireu lor large tuuerai lirocesaion*, mat nonce De given to me captain of the boat one uay previous. jyl2 Iw fh J-?Z i-tUPLE'S LINK BTKAMUOATS FOH ALBANY, Daily, 8unday? Excepted? timittjUBUMm Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, F. M., from thp liar between Courtlandt and Liberty itreeta. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. Wm. H. Peek, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening*, at 7 o^tlock. Steamboat HENDR1K HUDSON, Capt. R. G. Cruttendru, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 7 o'clock. _ . _ ? Special Train* for Schonectady, Ballston, and Saratoga fvnugs, will run as follow*:?Leave Albany at 8.S-A M., 3 I' M., except Sunday*. Passengers will fiud thi* the rooit eipeditiou* and convenient route. At Five O'Cloek, f. M.?Landiug at Intermediate Placet? from the toot o l Barclay ?treet. Steamboat ROCHESTER, V*Pt*'n * Forry, will letre on Monday, \Vedue*day, Friday, and Sunday afternoon*, at J o'clock. ateauiboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T. N. Hulie. will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, ai<d Saturday afternoo.m, at 5 o'clock. * The above t>oats will at all timea nmve in Albany in atnpl* ti:n? for the Morning ('ar* (ortue East or West. Freight taken at moderate ratei, and none taken after 6 o'clock, P. M. (j "7" All person*are forbid trusting any ol the boats of this hue, without a written order Irom the captains or agent*. Kf>r passage or freight, apply oil board the boau, or to P. C St;HULTZ, at the office on the wharf. j v 12 rc KEGULAK CONEY ISLAND FERRY ?Sunday and Daily Excursion* to Fort Hainilton aud Coney Island.?The well kuown steamboat AMERICAN EAGLE, Capt. George H. Power, will ru'i regnl irly during the season to Coney Island, lauding at Kort Hamilton, a* follow* Lea nag Canal street?At 9)4 o'clock, A. M.; 12)4 and 3)4 o'cloek. P. M. _ , , I'ier No. I North Rive'(near the Battery)?At 10 o clock, A. >1 ; land4 o'clock, P.M. Coney Island (returning) ? At ll)? o'clock, A. M.;2){ &nd[6)4 o'clock, P. VI. N. B ?No boat* save those helongiug to the Ferry will be allowed to land at. Coney Uland, without a written permission from the proprietor*. J M_ 7t?n? " DAILY EXCURSION TO THE kJEY r*$KZ?HsjAN FIELDS, HOBOKEN.-Ou and after aEMHMMksuuday, July 11th, the *teamboat PIONEER will make regular tups from Canal and Nineteenth itreet, direct to the Kly*ian Fields, at Hoboken, leaving the above mentioned place* a* follows:? Canal itreet, Nineteenth street, Elvsian Fields, 10 o'clock, 10>i o'clock, 10W o'clock, 18 " 11)i " 11)2 " 3 " 12>I " 18K " 4 " 2* " 2K " 0 " " 3H4 " " 4)? " 4^ " , 4$ ' 5)4 Jy8 lit* rh 6^ ' 7 " ~ e; .1 t, i . H s 1 O N S -BULL'S KERRY, i DEE. and HACKENB ACK?LaMdCSSadMHSio I>:g nt Tillou'i Dock? Kaan One Shilling. The eouiuioJious steamboats FRANK, Cant. Isaae Scott, and ROB ?.jvT ANNETT, Capt. Fr^erick Gaylord, will ruu Doily, until further notice, (touching at Hammond aud 19th Itreet*, as follow**? Leavt N. Yorkjoot Canal it, Leave Fort Lee. Jl. HI. P. M. A. M. P M. Monday, at 0, 8, 10. .3, 3, 6 Monday, 7)4 13. .1 i\ 6 Tuesday, 6. 8, 10. .3. 3, 6 Tuesday, 3)4 7)4 12.. 1 4V 6 Wednesday,i 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Wd'sday,3>Z 7k 18. .1 4? 6 Thursday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Th'r*day,3K 7)4 12. .1 4M 6 Friday, 8. 8, 10. .3, 3, 6 Friday, 3)4 7), 12. .1 4^ 6 Saturday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Saturday,3)4 7)4 12. .1 454 ti 7)4 Sunday, 7, 9. 10. .2, 3, Saudsv. 8 11 ..15 6 Pcrsous whose time inuy be so much occupied as to render it incouv?uient for them to leave daring business hoar*, will oImwve that a boat leave* New York at 6 o'clock every momiug, returning from Fort Lee at 7)4 o'clock, thereby affording an oppor.u'jirv for a pleaiint excursion without los* of time. Stages w ill oe in readiue** at Fort Lee to convey passengers to IJackens'ick, Sunday* excepted. jel9 30t*r FOR SHREWSBURY, LONG BRANCH. Ocean House, Jumping Point, Runsoui, and jamlAlHM Eatontowu Landing. The ctenmboal KDWIN i EvVId, CapLtiu Ha rues, will ran as follows from loot of V*?ey street, North River Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. July. O'clock. Thursday, 15. 6 P. M. Friday, 16, 9 A. M. Friilav, 10, 5 ]'. M. Saturday, 17, 9 A. M. Saturday, 17, 5 P. M. Saturday, 17, 10 P. R1 Sunday, 18, 7? A. M. Sunday, 18, J2? P. M. Monday, 19, 8>. A? M. Monday, 19, 12)2 P. M. Tuesday, 20, 9)4 A M. Tuesday. 20, 1)4 P. M. btages wi-l be ui r?>?uiursi on the arrival of the boat to convey iwwtigm to all uarts of the country. jyl 30l"r? MORNING~LLNE AT" SVtVEN O'CLOCK* FOR ALBANY AND TROY and Intermeff ftA'/V-jW^ldiatr Landings. llwSnfaB'?i Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. The low I'reKaiire jtenmboat TROY, Captain A. (lorham, vrill Ikivb the steamboat pier foot of Barclay ?treat, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock. Returning on th.- opposite Jays. For passage or freight, apply oa bo.-rd, or to F. B.Hall, at the oilice on the rthyj. my20 r NOTICE. STATJEN ISLAND FERRY.?On and C^^WHeiB^ after SUNDAV, April Uth. the steamboats r ar BHBfa SVLTH and STATEN ISLANDER wiU run as follows, until fnrtticr notice LEAVE STATE!* ISLAND At 6, 8, 9, 10 II, A. M., and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6, T, P. M. LEAVE NEW YORK At 7, 9, lo, 11 A. M., and 1, 2, ten minutes past 3, and at I, i, 0.7, o'clock, P. M. New Ynrlt .^pril Uth. ?!J r F HKM H T II v.NSATLAN TIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY.? HOYAL MAIL?OlSce 14 Broadway?The HteainsytitiyMo ship UNION being now in port, will posi. "^ "'^ tively sail on SATURDAV, the 24th instant. The lett r bags must, br law, go to and come from the I'.wt Otficc?no letters will be received at the agency. Pasaenjjers must be provided with imssports The public is respectfully requested to abstain from calling on bctnl until further notice, which will be duly given. jyiu 11 i n OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION ^^^Y^'W'^fcij^llCOilPANy, Office 44 William (treat. C. 11. h-.nd, Conrad W. Faber, Edward Mill*, Horatio Allen. Willinm Chamberlain, Mortimer Livingston, John A. Iscliu, John L. ttepham, Herm m Oelrichs. C. H. SAND, President. Edward Mill*, General Agent, New Yoik. E. Akder?on, Secretary, la conformity with the provisions of the chatter, notno '< hereby givi n that (he Book* for subscription for an amount not exceeding 8300,000 to the cnpital stock of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, will he re.nrtened at the office oi the Company, 44 William, comer of Wall street, on Monday, 21st Jim*-, 1817. Kivc i<ercont of tha amount subscribed mu?t be paid at the period of <4ib*cription in sp?cie or bank bill*. The balance of the ?nb".''iiptinu will lie called for in instalments not exceeding 10 percent,as may be required by the operations of the Company, and noon thirty days previous notice. The following is the 23th section of the By-Law:? ' Bub??riptiou to the capital of the Company, alter the in 'y be SjOO.OQO shall in preference be allowed to those who rn iy thei, be ttocklinlde.i, and to the extent of their tliei. aetna' submenu i<w " jS 30!re S&lZrFfi BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN A'WtaIlo^L ,,A,L STEAM SHIP, 1200tons and 130 horse imwei each, under contract with the L.oru* of the Admiralty. HlilKRNIA, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, C.iiit.iin Edward (i. Lott. Bl< ITT ANN I A, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA. Captain Charle* II. E, Jndkiiu. AC A D1A, Captain Wiljiam Harmon. The fout steamships now building are THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA, THE EITKOPA. tr?-i - i.taiil fmm [.ivuritftnl mm- fhe Cambna f,u"e^ !!'I Caledonia Jun,*1 " Bviunia .July 4, 1IH7 Vataeli nppniuted to axil from Boatou arethe Itihernia J."".? " ? I, 1817 (/ lfilonin .. July Ifii IM7 runtngeu' lngK'te mu?t ba on board the day previous to money?From JJuaton to Liverpool, 1120, do Jo to Halifax, 820. No bertha secured until [mid for. These ?hi<>i carry experienced aurueona. No freight, etc, in *peeic, received on daya of sailing. Vor frrigliti passage, or any other information. apply to 1). HIlltillAM, lr., Agent, At HARNDKN k (JO 'S, fi Wall .t. r 7-In Edition to the above line between Liverpool ami H<lifa?i' ?d Boston, a contract lu? been entered into with Her Mainty'a government, tqtat>hliah a line between Liverpool ami New Vina direct. The ateamahipa for this service arc now being liOilt, and early next year due notice will be given of the time when they willatart. Under the ne w contract the at'-unrra win Mil every Saturday during eight mouth*, and every fortnight daring tne other month* in the year. Ooiug al ti.-niately between Liverpool and Halifax and Boaton, and be rweon Liverpool aud New York. MH r r r-f, 1 ,1 NKW IIUI.N HTK VMHI111' HA It All ' j'aOLr AN OS, William (.. Ti on^iaon, comman^7,?^?ier, IJfM) ton* regiater, 2M horae power. Ihediya of aailing of the above ahip, for ?a*B^^^^ athe rernaider of the current year, are fixed i* follow:? From Liverpool?IJth Jnne, JOth Angn*t, 21st Oc'ober. From New York? Hth July, 21 at September, 24th NovemI fee nli'na are fitted np with unaaual splendor, even for a packet (lip. Tb? price of paaaage (without wines or liquor, which can be obtained on board,) ia from Liverpool thirty guuie i. uid one guinea Reward's fee; and from New York one hnndred dollara, and five dollars tteward's fee. The ini'tnin and cxeiita of the vessel will not be aceonntabl* f'-r Miy pircrl or package, nnleaa a receipt or bill of lading la agned lor the (ame. ta %r " """WVuMMn.? mm. E NE N] NJCW YORK AND HARLEM RAILRO \D COMPANY BUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON AND AFTER THURSDAY, JUNE lOUi, 1817, the Cars will run a* follow*, until further notice. U|> trims will leave the City llall Tor Htrlrmlc Morruinna. Korhnm Turkahoe Plraiantville, 5 30 A.M. Will'm?Br'g?. Hart'? and Newcaitle 7 " J 30 A. M. White Tl'na. Bedford, B " 7 " 7 A. M. W'hhlickville 9 " 10 " 10 " CrotonKalla. 1? " 11 " i P.M. 7A.M.I 11 " 3 P. M. 5 30 " 4 P. M. 2 P. M. 4 3 " 5 30 " 4 " i 30 " 4 5 30 " 6 30 " Returning to New York will leave? Morriiiam & IUrlem. Fordhnm. WiH'wailrVe. Tackahor. 7 04 A. M. 6 43 A. M. fi 44 A. .\f 7 30 A. M. 8 10 ' 7 44 " 7 10 " 8 18 " 9 " 9 09 " 9 03 " 1 20 P. M. 10 " 12 23 P.M. 12 14 P.M. 4 42 12 34 P. M. 144 " 140 " White PI'm. 2 4 08 " (i " 7 10 A. M. 3 " (14 " 6 08 " 8 33 " 4 20 " 1S3 " 7 45 M 1 P. M. 6 " }]] " 6 28 " 8 04 " Pleasautville. New Castle. Bedford. Whitlickville. 8 13 A M. 8 AM. 7 51 A M. 7 45 A M 5 13 P M. i 1* M. 4 51 P M. 4 45 P ftl Crotou Falls. 1 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The traim Co anil from Croton Full* will not stop ou New York I*land, except at Broome street, and 32u street. A car will preccde each train teu minutes, to lake up passengers in the city. The morning train of cart from Croton Balls will not stop between White Plains aud New York, eacept at Tuckahoe William's Bridge, and For dham. Extra trains on Sunday* to Harlem and Morriiiana, if fine weather. Stages for Lake Mahopackand Dan bury leave Croton Fulls on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. aud 4 P. M. train*, and for Pawling! ou arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. FARE FROM NEW YORK : To Croton Fall* $1 00 To Whitlickville 87* To Newcastle 75 To Pleasantrille 02K To White Plains 50 Freight trains leave City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 1*. M. Returning, leave Crotou Falls at 7 A. M. and !> I*. M. CHEAP AND EXPEDITIOUS TRAVELLING TO THE WEBTERN 8TATE8 AND CANADA. ESvmmu iaJsfc ^frfTHi BY TAPSCOTT'B EMIGRANTS PASSENGER LINES, Office, 88 South street,New York. The subscribers continue to forward Emigrants and other* to all parts of the Western States and ('anada, at the very LOWEST RATES OF PASSAGE, by Railroad, Steamboat and Canal, to the following places, via Albany, Rochester, P.uff.ilo and Pittsburgh :? L'tica, Syracuse, Oswego, Auburn, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie. Pa. Cleveland, Huron, Sandusky, Maumee, Monroe, Toledo, Detroit, Mackiuaw, Mijwaokie, Racine, Southport, Chicago, Green Bay, Pottsville, Pittsburg, Pa. Wheeling, Portsmouth, Ohio. Parkersburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Ky. St. Louis, Oalona, Dubuque, Bond Head, Darlington, Hamilton, Whitby, Coburg, Oueenston, Kingston, Toronto, Sandwich. Montreal, And all other intermediate places. Persons proceeding to any part of the West, or Canada, would do well to call ou W. ?c J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their General Emigration Office, 86 South street, New York. Tapscott's Emigrant*' Travelling Guide can be had ou application, free. in3 3flt?re FOR HALE?Twenty rail road carts aud six one horse Hb wagons, and some two horse wagous, aud are constantly SKmaking to order, where they can be had at the shortest notice if not on hand, where all kind* of carts, wagons and har aeas can be had at the most reasonable terms, by MICHAEL Y1ULLANE, Wagon Maker. No. 2t aud 30 Montgomery it., I?r??v Citv. N I JelflMr'r KQii NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANXAND EW VORfc LINE. m. m. m. m. TO SaiL tlVERY 'iCinTJAYS. Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnsou. Sliip HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFT(IN, Captain lugersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Shiii SARTELLE, Captain Taylor. Bark GENESEE, Captain Minot. Bark J. E; WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark HEBRON, Captain Greig. The above ships are all of the first class, of light draft of water, and commanded by the most experienced taptains in the trade. Their cabins are handsoraxly furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and couvenieuce of the passengers. Neither the captains or owners of the above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, .silveror plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by, or put on board of them, unlets reirnlar bills of InjUni- art- txkvn fnr t)m same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passage, apply on hoard, nt Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 16 South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff tk Co., who will promptly forward all goods to theirnddress. P. W. BYRNES & iCO.'S NKW YORK AND LIVERTOOL EMIGRATION OFFICE. m. m. m m. BYRN'TtI^s^CO., 36 Waterlo^llond, Liverpool, are desirous of informing the public of the United States, that they have found the importance of a direct Agency for the purpose of placing within the power of the friends of the passengers coming out to this country, the immediate correspon deuce with a respectable establishment, from whom they can rely for attention and favor towards their relations leaving the old country. Persons desirous of engaging passages from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Belfast, Londonderry, aud Liverpool, direct to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore or New Orleans, can do so on more favorable terms than can be obtained from any other house engaged in the business in this country; being #>e oldest and largest establishment in the passenger trade in Liverpool. 'The many thousand passenger* that have sailed in the ships which have been despatched from our office in Liverpool, nnd the different porta of Ireland for the last thirty years, is a Ihfficient guarantee ofour ability to fullil with satisfaction any engagement for passengers that we may be favored with. DRAFTS AND BILLS OF EXCHANGE given for any amount, payable on sight, at the National Bank of Ireland and its branches; and also on all the principal towiu of England and Scotland without discount. A list of the Packet Ship* with their davs of sailing, and the address of the Agents who act for us, can be had ou application at this office. Apply or address by letter, Uxist paid) P. W. BVRNES 8C CO., m22 lm*rrn s:i South ?treet DRAFTS ON THE NATIONAL HANK OF IRELAND. Jh m m m. ^T. TAPMOOtT, beg to inlorin their IriemM and the public, wishing to remit money to Ireland, that they draw drafts for large or small amounts, litayable without discount,) direct on the National Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the uumrruiis u rail tun uiniu^iiDiii uic u'umrv. /yimi, iimiis rail be obtained, payable in all parti of England, Scotland, and Wale*, on application to W. 8c J. T. TAP8COTT, aS 8fi South street. New V'oik. den lane, having now completed their arrangement*, be* leave to announce to their friends and the public, that pnssagea 10 and from the Old Country can be secured on t lie moil realounble term*, in first elaaa packct ihipt, sailing regularly from New York and Liverpool. They alao guarantee that there hall be no detention, but that emigrant* will be forwarded on presentation of their ticket*. Drafts payable on demand on the Koyal Bank of Ireland and on Me**n. Preicott, Orote, Ames 8c Co., Loudon. mvHS3flt*re LInjKLIVEI^h^^ U PASSAGE TO OK KROM LIVERPOOL.-The fo|. lowing well known, fist sailing, and favorite packet aliipi, will sail from New Yrrk punctually on their stated dayt:? The AMEBIC\, IMOtoni, 3,1 July. " MKMPHIS, IHO " 7th " SEA. looo " Kith " These magnificent snips have accommodations niuurpassnj for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers. Persons shout proceeding to the old country cannot select finer conveyance. Tl i oie wishing to send for their friends can make ihe necessary arrangements with the subscriber*, on favorable terms, and have ihem brought ont in either of the above shir*, or by any of the splendid ship* comprisi >g the New L'ne of Liverpool Picket*. W. St J. T. TAP8COTT, j\ 2 rc Wj South stre't. 1*^ CARLISLE 8c IUPPARD'8 EMIGRATION njtJH OF) 11 r., in connection with George Rippard h inHMASaS<>n, Liverpool ?The subscriber* beg to infoim the public that they have opened a house in connection with iheir friends, George Ripparutc Son, of Liverpool, an*! are enabled to forward imssrtigera to and from Liverpool, Belfast, Dublin, Cork, and all other parts of Great Britain and Ireland, on moat advantageous terms. Kor the general satisfaction given to passengers coming through our'house in Liveipool. we can, by reference to numerous Irter* received from emigrants from Int* old rniintrv .iftpil fn th? nunft f r**i r 1L.1, 1.. > ..11 timrs receivei/. In order to fuily carry out the arrangement, wehave been induced to estahli<h a house in this city, that al I diaappoiiilmentand annoyance common to emigrant! here and in Liverpool may be prevented. Oeorgc Rimmrrl k Hon, Liverpool, despatch (he Roaciua, Oarrick, Hoflrfnguer, Queen of the West, Liverpool, and Conatitntion, on their regular days, and, in addition, one or more -irat class slops every week. Persona wishing to tend money to their friendi can procure drafts, payable at sight without discount, on (he principal lanUa and their branches in England. Ireland, and Scotland. Apply tr CARLISLE 81 HIPPARD. j\ll 30t*rc to South ?treet, conerof Wall riii ROC'HK, BKOTHKRH St (JO.-PASS Atit. JWWVTO AND FROM LIVERPOOL BY TillaiifcULACK BALL LINK OF PACKETS, AND RhV^^TANCES TO IRELAND.?Penona wishing paauee in Liverpool, by the splendidand commodious pnckVt ship FIDELI wheli sails on Friday, Jnly 16th, her reiruUr day, will please make immediate'application to Capt. 8. VEATON, fcu board, at the foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers. , , Those sending for their frienda, to come ont from Liver* pool by the almve well-known, fast sailing packet, or any of the Black Ball Line, aailiiiK from thence on ilie lat and )6th of every month, can aecure their passage by applying to11a. Persona remitting tiiouey to their frienda, can have drafti for any amount payable on demand, 011 the] ROYAL B ANK OF IRELAND, or on Mesara. PHE8COTT, OROTE. AMES It CO.. London, which will be paid at any of their branchea thronghont ?A?plynt"'n lrrlandROCHE, BROTHERS kCo. 3i Fnlton atxeet. New York, neit door to ? ul'on Bank. The only auth<#ited Paaaenger Agent* for th? old or Black Ball Line of Liverpool Packets. *mvtl''/lim a a.:|. N. B ?Tim apleiidid packet ahip MONTEZUMA, sails from Liverpool, on the 18th of Anguat. J > Wtt- FOR LONnON-WithDe.patch-TI.rf,,, .ailcoppered and copper fwtened ?hij> TREMONT, SStSmm' aptain Taylor, having a large portion of her cargo eiigiigrd, will tail ai above. E''J balance ?i /pifJ oT'l*' ioath (Me I. W YG EW YOKK, THURSDAY Tho War, dee. afkairs in general taylob's camp. [From the New Orleans Delta, July 6 ] The U S steamer Fashion, Captain Ivy, from Brazos 8t. Jago, the 2nd instant. arrived at this port yesterday. She had on board llfty discharged volunteers, and (luartermaster's men. We received by her the American Flag ot the 3()th ult . and the letter of our Monterey correspondent, which we give btlow The principal Items of news which we find in the flag, are the following Oen. Hopping, now in this city, proceeds immediately to Mler to superintend the formation of a Camp of instruction at that ) lace for the troops now here and to arrive out for Gen. Taylor's column. The 16th Regiment entire, is now at Camargo and will be the first at the camp. Two companies of the 13th Regiment passed up the river on Mondty ; one company is in Fort Parades, whore it w. 11 remain for the present, and two more are at the IIrazos, expected up. The other five companies of this Regiment are yet to arrive. The 10th Regiment complete, is iu camp at. this place, and will remove to the Camp of Instruction when relieved by the Illinois troops, undcrfttonil to h? on IUm whv nut Th* llu.ttit.linn nf llril Dragoons, now here, are under orders to remove to the camp, but their march la delayed, in oonscquence of the non-arrival of homes. In addition to the troops above mentioned, the following forces, mixed and to bo ruined under the recent call for voluuteqf* and assigned to (Jen. Taylor, will enter Gen. Hopping'* school at Mler as fast as they arrive Ono liegiment of luftntry from Indiana and one from Ohio ; one B.ittallon (tlve companies) from New Jersey j one Battalion (five companies) from Delaware and Maryland; one Battalion (flvo oompaules) from Alabama; one company of foot from Florida ; four companies of horse from Illinois, Arkansas, Ohio, and Alabama ; two companies of foot from Virginia, and one company from North Carolina. The troops will be cxercised in their duties at this school under C'ol.Belknap.and when th?y shall have passed through a oourse of instruction under him. they will be fully prepared to flg'jt under General Taylor's invincible banner. Mr. Craft, who was Imprisoned on a charge of shooting a Mexican, has been acquitted, and is now at liberty. .Major Ben. MoCulloch and his company of spirited boy? nave been quartered in town for several days. The Major, who is in bad health, left for Camargo yesterday. 1'hey enlisted for six months, and if not received, will return home and disband. Monterey, Mexico, June 22, 1 ?47. Notwithstanding that a long time has elapsed since I last wrote to you, yet siune that period the movement* of this division of our army have been very limited ; indeed, the small force now here would, in my opinion, preclude any active operations. There are now at this place, in garrison, six companies of the Massachusetts regiment; in camp, Bragg's battery, a squadron of Dragoons, and a company of Texan Hangers ; the remaining battalion of Virginian* leaves for Haltillo to-day. At Saltillo thero are the 2d Mississippi, North Carolina, and also a part of the Virginia regiment; also Chevallie's battalion of i'exans, three batteries of artillery, and a squadron of dragoons. The total of this force can scarcely amount to 4000 men. The Governor of the city, Major Larly, leaves with his regiment for Saltlllo, and Col. Wright, of Massachusetts, will take his place. While in power, Ysjor F.arly stopped the publication of the fionter, by competing the proprietory to surrender the press to the city government. It seems that the printing prei-s was the property of tho State of New Leon, and was obtained by tho publishers of the paper, by an order from Col. Ormsby. Every thing went on smoothly until the Pioneer commenced to expose some of the rascally proceedings of the Alcalde and Ay untamiento, who Immediately took the alarm, and demanded of the Governor that he should cause tho press to be agalu delivered iuto their hands; with which request he, in hi? zeal to gain the good will of the Mexicans, immediately complied. 1 have perceived it intimated in your paper, that'one reason for Gen. La Vega's buluir so willing to return to the United states win, oil account of a previous flirtation with a beautiful Creole. If this be true, the General must be a Mil rake. I -will make you acquainted with an Incident in his history, which may strvo to prove the point:? . There wax. and still is. in thin city, an old Spaniard, very rich, who rejoices in the occupation of vending drugs and medicines. being the proprietor of a well known shop iu the Plaza, called " Botica Mexioana " Our old Spaniard having, an he thought, laid alone for too griat a length of tlma. Home few years since took to hiuinelf a youug and beautiful wife; but that young lady in the course of events, came to think that the Inequality of uge of herself and husband was rather great: she thereforo, paid a visit to Matamoras, and did not return, inasmuch as she became desperately smitten with La Vega, and chose rather to remain with him than to go back to her husband. Ho you perceive that besides being valiant In arms, the illustriouji general knows how to conquer the ladles' hearts. The city Is rapidly Ailing up ; the Mexican families are returning in largo numbers ; and to tell you the truth, there are now a great many very pretty girls in town; some of thom so fair as to resemble Americans (Jen. lushing arrived here yesterday ; he has, I believe, alrnort entirely reoovored from the accident which befell him in Matamoras. Uray's and Mct'ulloch's companies of It angers have been disbanded, their term of service having. I believe, expired. I had the pleasure of seeing, a few days since, your old friend Capt Tobin. of McCulloch's company. He left here for l'arras, a few dayB since?a beautiful and rich widow being, as he intimated, the prlnoipal attraction. Capt. T. says he is " in for the war.1' We uru now three weeks without any reliable intelligence from Gen. Scott?there are plenty of rumors, of ourse, but Mthlng authentic. [From the N. O. Picayune, July 8. We have our correspondence from Monterey to the .Hltli ult, and the Matamoras flag of the 30th. Tho troops quartered at Matamoras, about 1,400 In number, worn lo ham been received on the 1st lost., by Col Davenport, the commandant. The Flag hag a report communicated by letter?in which, by the way, it puts no faith?that a scouting party of Gen. Wool had been out off near tncarnacion, and all but one man killed or made pritoners. The letter further said, that lien. Wool was expecting au attack. The letter is dated July 10. Had there been any truth in its reports, they would have been noticed by our correspondent, writing ten days later from Monte*y. Momterky, Mexico, June 20, 1847. I understand that (ien. Taylor had been apprised from headquarters that three of tho ten regiments and one battalion of the 3d regiment of dragoons are assigned to his column, and that three of the volunteer regiments recently oslled for are also to be ashiguud him. They will probably be in tho field by the latter part of August, and ready to march by September. Accounts of tho crops in the interior are very ilattering ; the wheat crop is said to be unircually fine, and corn also gives tokens of an abundant harvest. This is very cheering, as by the time a movement is made tho corn harvest will be at its very height, m^l there will be no difllculty in foraging the animals Tne army will probably be subsisted upon fresh beef on the route, to avoid the necessity of transporting salt provisions, and leviet will be made upon the surroundiug oountry. I imagine that Gen. Taylor will visit the States late in the fall, after penetrating into the Interior, and uniting with en. Scott. A Mexican of considerable intelligence arrived direct from San Luis a lew days since, and reports that Gen. Taylor has been expected there for some time, lie states, that there are some regular troops t lere. but no very large force, and that but little hiyl been done towards fortifying the plaoe. Mexicans here state that I'rrea has levied a tax upon nil the inhabitants of this region for tho support o his forces,and that ho has agents attending to its execution. an tnuKB inn uai? arum am uirecieu 10 Keep mem in MOd order and bo ready at a moment a warning to stand forth again to protect tbeir noil. It It thought by the Mexican!) hero, and they could not bo male to think otherwise, that (ien. Taylor contemplate* a very speedy movement upon 8au Luis, in consequence of all the trorpg being sent ?n to ftxltlllo immediately after their arrival here, and Urrea i* said to hare expressed his intention of retaking Monterey as noon as (?eu. Taylor departs I am nfraid that he will be disappointed in his expectations. That Urrea had limited orders and promilitated an address I cannot and do not doubt. Why should ho not, as well as ('analog? Kight companies of the North Carolina Regiment, ("ol Payne part of whom arrived with the last train from below, tnarched up to Saltillo on Thursday, and apparently with pretty full ranks, A paitof the .Massachusetts Regiment are at Oerralvo and the reast at Cainargo, and are soon expected up There have been a great many discharges In tho Virginia Kegiment of sick, incompetent to perforin duty, and the greater portion of thein were never (It to perform duty when they were mustered Into the service in Virginia Government has been put to the expense of bringing them out here to be kept on the sick Hat tho greater part of the time and finally discharged. The mustering offleor, of course, is the person to blame for not having the men properly Inspected. Uapt. Carrington and I.leuts. Kinney and Ashby are under orders to proceed to Virginia to raise recruits to till up the companies to their proper standard. NEWS PROM TItK CITY OK .MKXIC.'O. Tho Mobile Herald and Tribune lias complete flies of papers from the city of Mexico, down to the l?th of June, tevtral days later. The Diario del Uaiitrno, of the l.'lth June, contains the decree of Santa Atina prohibiting the publications of notlcs as to the state of defence of the city of Mexico, cutting off all communication " with the point of thu Republic occupied by our common enemies, the North Americans.'' All persons infringing this dectee to be

proceeded against according to liie laws agaiust spies of the enemy All persons, therefore, requiring to pass into or to write to such parts must obtain a safe eonduet from the Supreme Government, or from properly constituted military authorities In the Diario for tho 13th Juno, D. Jose Maria f'obos stales In regard to Molntosh's convoy, " that the heights of tho Bridge (Puento Nacloual) were occupied by more \han three hundred Infantry and over a hundred cavalry in the road at the base of the heights;" that the bridge was completely obstructed by a thick barricade of brambles and trees;"' " that the Americans had suffered a loss of one hundred and fifty killed, as he had oh served that they had buried a hundred and odd corpses, and had beheld a doxen shot whom the enemy could not carry oil!'' that our guerrillas are full of enthusiasm; and that D. Juan (dlmaco Kebolledo was preparing to attaek the convoy in Paso de Ovejae, as lie oould bo spared without prejudice to the defence ol the bridge;" "that an hundred and odd American cavalry and infantry had descended from Jalapa to assist tl>? convoy, and that four of this reinforcement had b?en killed and othera wounded'' The following paragraph la from the Diario of the l'ith June iruitworthy letter* and the uvidence of pereoaaof iRK I MORNING. JULY 15, 184' veracity confirm the report, that the Yankees In ruebla do not number 6000; the artillery d<>ea net amout to twenty-five pieces, moat of which are eight, nix. and four pounder*. What garrison will the* think of iuavlng In 1'iu'bl* in case they move forward f Certainly not less than -.'000. And with hardly 4000 will they attempt to come to Mexico ' In inch case* it ii vulgarly said the meat U too little for so much broth. In the Diario of the loth, there la an article headed " Qurrnt a Ins YankU," from one of its exchange papers, from which the Ilrratil translates the following :? The Americana in Puebla, with false appearances of virtue and devotion, have entered the churches, have visited the prelates, have ahown reapect to the priests, and some have had even the hardihood ot approaching the white and moat pure table of the sacrament. Impostors ! cheats! hypocrites ! aacrilegioua wretches ! heretics ! heretics ! heretics ! although with a pharaaaical mask they attempt to deceive the Mexicans, shamming to be religious men and Christians ! How many of this perverse peaple, while prostrating themselves beiore our altars, are Internally Bcofflug the saints and turning them Into ridicule ! How uiany of them, while they raise their hats to our padrrt, heap upon tbem In their black I heart*, maledictions and opprobrious terms ! How many | of them will evon go to the communion table, after having, perhaps, satisfied the devouring thirst of their horri| ble drunkenness ' Perfidious! false ! full of lies ! Do | they believe the exercise of tbo Christian religion iu Mexico Is Ilka a oarnlval ball, In whiah any wretch, any ; miscreant. may make mt appearance and |>l?y his pari' ! Do they perchance believe the Mexicans profess religion ; for in teres t, love its worship for convenience, or sacrilice to (iod for speculation ' Do they, perhaps, imagine it it to us a matter of indifference whether we be the sons of Jesus Christ or bofturds of Mahomet or cf Luther The Inilrpeiuliente of San Lui* Potosi. of 6th June, contains nothing worthy of note, except a long article copied from the Monitor Republican!), in which the writer, after handling several States without gloves, us the spying is, praises in the biggest sort of type the Potosiuos, proposing that henceforth San Luis I'otosi be named San Luis d? la I'atria. ARMY NEWS. A letter received in this city from Captain Kelt, dated | at Ceralvo, 13th ult, aimouucea that four companies | of the Massachusetts regiment were in garrison at that I place, under the command of Lieut. CoL Abbott; and | that Colonel Wright, with tho remaining six, had marched forward to Monterey. The rumor, therefore, that the regiment was ordered to Vera Cruz must bo false. Company K has not been disbanded as heretofore I reported, but the men have been transferred to the j other companies temporarily. ('apt. ('rowninshieid, of Compauy K, and Lieutenants Curtis and Adams, of K, are the only officers here on recruiting servico Captain ! Whiting, of the latter company, has resigned.- --Ration | Transcript, July 13. We learn from tho Philadelphia Bulletin, that a letter was received by Dr. Blshey of this city, by yesterday morning's Southern mail.annouucing the death of Capt. Charles NovUr of the Second Pennsylvania Regiment, lie died in Mexico from the effects ol a brain fever, to which he was subject. The Bulletin says, we are not in posoesMon of any further particulars attending this sad ! and unexpected event. The news of Captain Naylor's death will, indeed, be a sudden blow to his numerous j friends aud relatives in this oily. It is said that a malignant and fatal dysentery was prevailing among the troops under CJeti. Scott,produced, as was supposed, by the use of poisoned milk. Several of the soldiers are said to have died. The presumption was, that the poisonous substance was put into the milk by some malicious Mexicans A letter from Kort Leavonworth, of late date, informs us that there wa? considerable trouble in the camp of the volunteers, ocraaloned by the refusal of the company commanded by Captain Korponay to receive muskets. They demanded sabres and rifles. A company of regulars was ordered out to restore order, and this was goou I uouc. ruur companies 01 ine regiment, it ts added, refused to take muskets, and farther trouble wa? apprehended. Capt. Korponay's company wan to leave ou the 23d, but the mutinous illnpi eition evinced by them rendered It questionable when they would inaroh. Campauy A, Capt. McNair, had been selected to rooeive equipments as a dragoon company.? St. Lauii Republican, July 6 The Bon Franklin No. 7, (.'apt. i'earce, arrived early Humlay morning with the thruo remaining companies of the 4th Indiana Regimeut, under Capts. Kitggibbons. Loudcrman and Crooks? the whole under com maud of Lieut. Col. Dumont. The whole regiment under Col. Gorman is now at Carrollton. Five companies leave today and the rest very noon for the Brazos.?N. Orleum l'icayunt, 6th init. NAVAL. The U. 8. brig Porpoise, Lieut. Commanding Gordou. 13 days from New Orleans, arrived off Heawell's 1'oiut on Sunday, aud came up to the anchorage oil the Naval Hospital yesterday, when the usual salutes were exchanged between the Porpoise and the U. 8. ship of the line Pennsylvania, Communder Stribling, bearing the broad pennant of Commodore Kearny. The following is a list of her offlcers :? ; Lieut. Com'g. A G. Uordon, Esq.; Lieutenant, James A. Doyle: I'assed Assistant Surgeon. George Maulsby; * i aoi.111, uctcujr ivauuui|/u, J?l IUBII I JJUlttll, V? HI" don Suiith; Captain'* Clerk, Wm. A. Doyle; Boatswain. A. V. Thompson. The Porpoise was towed up the Navy Yard yesterday afternoon by the U. S. steamer Engineer,O. K. Olmstead, Muster's Mate, commanding.?Norfolk licacnn, July 13 Tlte VVIieat Crop In Mlrlilgan. [From the Detroit Kreo Press, July 0.] Several of the Eastern papers represent the coming wheat crop of this State, as almost a failure. We have taken much pains to find out the truth of this assertion, by diligence iu making enquiries of persous living in the interior, and travellers who have visited every section of the Slate. We find no cause for alarm; on the other hand, it is the general opinion, that the amount of surplus will equal that of last year. The diminished quantity in some oounties will be more than made up by tho increase In others, and the bringiitg into cultivation thousands of acres of new land. We make three classes of the prospect in various counties, from the best information we can obtuin. If we are In error, we will thank our readers in the oounties to oorrect us. Excellent Cropi.?AUegan, Berrien. Cass, Ingham, Kent, Saginaw, St Joseph, Barry, Branch. Clinton, Ionia. Lapeer, Shiawassee, Van Buren, Katon, Calhoun, Kalamazoo, Ottawa, St. Clair, and Wayne. In most of the above counties, there will be an Increase of twenty per cont?in Kent three hundred per cent. In Lexington, St. Clair county, a thousand per cent is calculated upon. T/iree-Quarfer# of a Crop.?Washtenaw, Jaokson, Monroe, (Jenesee, Livingston, and Hillsdale. The prospect in these counties is Tar better than it was a month ago. Some farmers are of the opinion, with the uddition of the new ploughed coll. they may not be over an eighth short. Half a Crop.? Lenawee, Oakland, and Macomb. In three counties, it appears, much of It was winterkilled. and the fly lias made much havoc. The cencus of 1837 gave us. as raised In the State that year, 1,114,8'J6 bushels; I'nited States census in 1840, J,314,700 do. Estimated Quantity in 18-11.?This last estimate is founded on the following :? Population of State, (350,000) at 7 bushels each..-J,4.>0,000 Reserved for seed 100,000 Exports from Detroit since 1st August, bbls. at ft bushels each, ft?6,2fl0 2,830,000 Kxports of wheat since August 1st 1160,000 Kxport of 168,!>U6 bltls flour from Monroe last fall and tills season, equal to wheat 8 44,080 St. Joseph, since August, 14-2,480 bbls. equal to. 71-2.400 Do. do. Jo. wheat !?ft.000 Wheat last Hi'UHOn. after August Int. from all ports 401? OtiO Wheat from Monroe thin season Klour from Toledo, New IlulTalo, Kalamazoo, (irural River. Mt. Clemens ami other port*. after August last season, 7&.000 bbls. equal to 374,009 This sprlng.from Southern Michigan, at Toledo 44,000 Michigan City, from Southwestern Michigan... flO.OuO Orand Hirer, New Buffalo, &.c this spring 10,000 In store. of dour and wheat at Detroit, equal to. 'J30.000 Klour and wheat on Central Railroad, to oom? in, equal to l.'iO.OOO Klour and wheat on Southern Railroad. to come tn, equal to 300,000 Klour and wheat on Pontiac Railroad, to corno In, equal to 7ft.000 In store at Monroe, equal to 20V.OOO At Toledo, Adrian, Kalamaioo, Grand Hirer, Mt. Clemens and New Buffalo, equal to 100 0<H) Estimated at various mills in the State 160 000 Total crop of 1846 10.1.14 MO This equals the crop of Ohio and New York Id IH40, *nd probably the crop of New York last season. It is a fair estimate that wh bare a surplus of seren millions Are hundred thousand bushels in 1S46. Attkmptkd Ahmction of a fc?lavk.?Th<' Hclif)ont?r Dolphin, Samuel Saly?'.ir, master, of and from Newbern. bound to Nuw York'put Into <hU port on Saturday, in consequence of a runaway slave having be?m discorered on board. The slare. whose name is KdwArd. and who belongs to Dr. John Justice, ?f Newborn, was concealed on hoard through the agency of two of the crew of the Dolphin (free colored raeu) named Tom Fortune and Kurny Moore, and wm disco rered upon the Information of the eoolc. a free color d man. named Jainee Corbell, who. fToin seeing one of the above named men frequently carryiftg water into the hold, aUted the circnuistance to the captain, who directed a search to be made by the mate, Wilson Forbes, which resulted in the discovery of the slave. On the Dolphin's arrlral here, all the parties were taken before the Vluyor. who, upon examination, committed the slavo Kdwsrd, subject to the requisition of his owner; and also the two oclored men, Fortune and Moore, for trial on criminal procoss for the abduction of the slave.?Norfolk Ihrald, July l'l. Trotiui.ks in tiie (JitocTAW Nation ? We learn from (i young (,'hoctnw, that a tiplit had taken place In the neighborhood of Doaksrllle, Choctaw Nation, between some of the late emigrants and the lighthorse, (sheriffs.) in whioh four of the former and two of the latter were killed. The difficulty is said to have been caused by the lighthorse endearoring to enforce the laws of the Choctaw Nation, by destroying souie whiskny In the possession of the nmiffrauts. when ther resisted, and the (fljht ensued. ConslderaMe excitement prevails, the emigrants refuse obedience to the laws, and the old inhabitants being determined to make them submit ? Fori Smith (Jlrk.) Hrrald, Junr 13 Exemption Extending.?The Legislature of Connecticut, at its recent session, passed a law exempting hnmeeteads oAibe value of iM00 from attachment and sale for debt.^ IE R A 7. The Chlrago CoBTentlon. Chicago, July 7, 1847. The Third Day?Letter from Daniel H'ebtter?The Home I.eague and Jote/ih Blunt?The National Ilail- i road to the Pacific?The Plan of Qtorge IVilket. of \ Sew York, Jljiprortd?Committee of fiie IVholt? Speech of tVilliam Motely Hall, F.tq., of Buffalo, 4'cThe Convention was opened by prayer,and after some preliminary arrangements relative to the printing and circulating of the proceedings and statistics prepared by the Kxecutlve Committee, the following letter from Daniel Webster was submitted to the assemblage "Mabiiii-ield, June 30. 1847 "Gkntlemf.*?I am quite obliged to you for yourvery ] kind and respectful letter, addressed to me at Nashville, I inviting m*t to attend the Chicago Convention. If my health had allowed me to continue the Journey which 1 was then proscuting. It would have brought me Into the North "West, in time to have been with you the first of July; but being compelled by llluess to abandon the purpose of gutting over the n was, of course, not in my power to attend the Convention "You speak, gentlemen, in terms of too much commendation, I fear, of my efforts in the cause of internal and Western improvement. I can only say that those efforts have been earnest, long continued, and made from the (tingle desire of promoting the great interests of the country. Of tho power of the government to make ap )jru(in?kitiuN lur erncuug imrnors ana clearing rivtrs. I never entertained a particle of doubt. This power, in my judgment, Is not partial, limited. obscure. applicable to some uses, and not applicable to others; to some Stated, and not others; to some rivers, and not others, us seems to have been the opinion of gentlemen connected with the Memphis Convention Kor one, I reject all such farfetched and unnatural distinctions In my opinion, the authority of the government. In this rasped, rests directly on the grant of the commercial power to Congress; and this has been so understood from the beginning, by the wisest aud best men who have been concerned in the administration of tho government, and is, consequently, general, and limited only by tho importance of each purticular subject, and the discretion of Congress. "I liope the convention may do much good, by enforcing the necessity of exercising these just powers of the government. There are no new inventions nor new constructions or qualifications of the constitutional power to be resorted to; there is no new political path to be struck out. It is simply for the people to say, whether prejudice, party prepossessions, and party opposition, shall at length give way to fair reasoning, to precedent and experience, to the judgment of the great men who have gone before us, and to those momentous considerations of publio interest, which now so imperatively call on Congress to do its duty. "I am. gentlemen, with mnch regard. "Your obliged friend and fellow-citizen. "DAN WEBSTER. " To Messrs. 8 Lisle Smith. Justin Hutterlield, 1. II. Uurch.and others. It was received with luud applause, termiuating with three cheers John C. brrxcis, of New York, offered a rusolution to defray expenses of contributions from the various places that have sent delegates to the convention. which was adopted. The ('resident here announced the reception of some pamphlets containing the report of the National Convention of the iloine League, met in New York city on Oct. 13, Joseph lilunt. An amendment was here offered by a delegate, to add to the contemplated report of the executive committee of this convention, the various reports submitted to its consideration. A delegate from Illinois objected. On tho ground that the pamphlet just circulated among tho delegates contained opinious that wore not in accordance with the objects of this convention, and from a perusal of the second sentence, evidenced not only a blunted knowledge of the principles of government, but the emanations of a blunted mind. The resolution was finally defeated. Wm. Moiki.v Hall, from Buffalo, Now York, hero presented the follawing resolutions, which, for tho present, were laid on the table. " Kcsolved, That we believe a railroad from the States to the Pacific to be practicable, and ultimately calculated to bo of immense benefit to tho United Ktates and its citizens; that with these convletlons we recommend an early survey ... .... ..... nu.muuicui, >uu iu?l iti tlual construction and control be conDded to sworn commissioners, selected by th<> State Legislature*. or elected by the people of the various States, whose equitable distribution of the benefit* and patronage of the work among the citizens and laborers of the whole country, tuay prevent it from becoming a political engine. or a speculating monster. " Resolved, That wo lurthur recommend that the said railroad may commence at some point on the line of the Missouri Kiver, and from thence ruTk westward to the I'acitlc, over territories under the jurisdiction of the General Government; and that one of the earliest measure* lu connection with the said work be, to guard the lauds ulong the line of the iproposed route from failing into the hands of speculators, to the future exclusion of the superior rights of the workmen on the rood. "I'.esolved, That the said railroad. when finished, be open to all the world, and that its revenues be kept down at the lowest rates adequate to the current expenses of attendance and repairs. In this couucction we heartily recommend the national project of George Wilkes, of New Vork, (embracing and enforcing the above views) to the favorable consideration and report of the committees of Congress to whose preliminary examination it now stands referred, and subsequently, to the favorable action ot the two branches of the national Legislature, to whom the reports of those committees must be made." Judge Brown, of Chicago, presented a resolution referring the improvement of the St. Lawrence to the consideration of the hxecutive Committee, which whs also laid upon the table. The chair here announced the following named gentlemen as composing the committee to gather statistics and present the same to the consideration of the Congress of the United States :? Executive Committee. Massachusetts?Abbott Lawrence, John Mill*. New Vork?John C. Spencer, Samuel li. Kiigglcs. Kentucky?James T. Morehead, James Guthrie. Indiana-Jacob CI. Sleight, Zebulon ilaird. Missouri?Thomas Allen, Joseph M. Converse. New iiampshlro?James Welsh and Joseph i'uge. Khode Island?Alex. Dunoan, Zachariah Allen. Iowa?Geo. C. Stone. Wm. Kwing. Pennsylvania? T. J. iiingham, 8. C.Johnson. Ohio?James Hall, J. L. Weatherby. Connecticut?Thomas W. Williams, Philip Ripley. Wisconsin?itufus King, W. Woodman. Georgia?Thomas ISutler King. W. U. Hudson. Florida?John G. Camp Michigan?Joseph It. Williams. David A. Noble Maine ? Charles Jarvls. Geo. hvuns Illinois?Jesse li. Thomas, David J. lin'tir. New Jersty?Charles King, R. L.Colf. Committee on Printing?S. Lisle SwitK George W. Dole, Wm. 11. Ogdun. Hon DrTLEB Ki.di here took the chair, and a resolution returning the thanks of the Convention to the President, was introduced by Hon. Thomas Corwin, and adopted. The Prisiue* r returned thanks in a speech replete with wit, humor aud argument, that produced raptures of applause, ending with nine enthusiastic cheerH Tne Convention then adjourned tine Hit. COMMITTEE or I nr. WHOLI The instant the Convention adjourned, the vast assemblage, consisting of over five thoiisaud people, reI solved itself into a Committee of the Whole.with Horace Greeley, in the chair. Governor Uebb. of Ohio; A. W. Loomis, of Pennsylvania; Gen llubbell. of Wisconsin; S. Lisle Smith, Ksq., of Chicago; Mr. Burlingame, of Massachusetts, Mr. Allen, of Massachusetts; and Horace Greeley, of New York, then addressed the Convention on matters connected with tin- objects of thin assemblage Wm. Kali., Ks'| . ol Uutfalo, wait here loudly called for by tho vast audience, and he rose to respond, amid much enthusiasm, but gave way for tho dinner hour adjournment. A* r?.n:?oor< 8k?sioi?. Mr. IUll took the floor, at tho re assembling of th<* convention, an'l after alluding to thn rapid increase of populatloa and wealth of thn Went and thn objects of the convention, occupied the earnest attention of thn va.':t conoourse, for upward* of an hour, In the advoouey of the construction of a National Railroad to the Pacific Ocean, in accordance with the plan of George Wilkes. of your city, and in opposition t.o thn private schemes of speculator* that have attempted to pervert the magnificence of thla grand object to their own selfish end*. lie wan frequently interrupted by the acclamations of the audience, und you may rent assured that no advocate of private schemes will ever reoelve endorsement where thla speech is circulated (> concluding, thn re-reading oflhn above resolution* presented by Mr. Hall to the < onreiition wan called for, and cries of " Whitney,'''" Whitney," followed, but b? did not appear to ruspoud. although be had I?een present during the day. The resolutions were then submitted to the assemblage and adopted by u unanimous vote, with loud appl?u?o. . j A. II. Modk.iiouik, Ks>| . a Jrlegate from Illinois moved that Mr. Hall be relucted to furnish a copy or Ins able ppeecb for publication, which wa* adopts!, anu thn roc?*tiiiK th^ii adjourned with morn clifwr* lor'Harbor and Illver Improvements aud the national railroad to the I'aclflo Occon. s,m< Fkvkr in Canaiu.?'The Montreal Board oi Health m*fle a report on the 5th met. r?-l ttive to tho condition of the sick Immigrants at tho sheds in the vicinity of tlin city, from which we copy tho follow,?'f)octor<r>/c' ulloch reported that he had tliia dny visited the Iminigiant sh' ds and hospitals, and found the slok toomueh crowded,In a mariner calculated to prevent their recovery and endanger tho live* of all necessary attendants. lie found, in ono apartment, of little more than twenty foot square, th rty.three women dangcromly 111 of fever In the extremity of another building about twenty feet by fifty feet, ho found three hundred and fifty children. including many Infants of but a few months old, suffering and dying, he regretted to sny*for want of food and clothing. lie also reported that mortality Is increasing in the immigrant hospital, no lean than fifty-four having died there In the twenty-four hours ending Hunday afternoon, and that morn accommodation In hospital room was Imperatively required for the safetyof the unfortunate people who'are found there The mortality in the present hospitals Is now frightful, owing.In a great measure, to tho doe* crowding of Inmates. which create* a pestilential atmosphere, that tickens and drive* away physicians and nurse* and consc LD. m?? Tm Owtb 'lT?tl'r waary and helpl.a< ?i0k to die in all the horror* of torment and neglect h?V ^ u!!/'u0n,rUtZ ?f I1"1"""* Montreal visit*! the W tndi of Bouohervllle, with the object of tudglng of it* capabilities as a sort of umram, d-pot far the indigent immigrants daily arriving The deputation was favorably Impressed an to the suitableness of the location for quarantine purpose* and adopted a revolution urging npon the proper authorities it* selection a* a site for immigrant* sheds, hospitals. he. At the close of an article relative to thl* deputation, the Montreal Pilot Introduces the following statement, leaving it rather doubtful whether it I* to apply to Montreal, or Urosse liland. the general depot for the lick immigrant*. near Quabec ? While writing, wa have thl* moment receive I additional raalancholly intelligence from a gentleman of respectability and high standing, conveying the following atartling facta, derived from oao conversant with the regular details ef the place. There are at the present moment 48 nun* alck from exposure, fatigue, and the attack* of the disease. All the grey nuns In attendance, two of the slstors of oharlty. live physicians, and eight students, now lie aick; to which gloomy and sickening record we must add tho number of 1598 persons, of all ages and saxM. lingering on beds of wretchedneaa and corruption. In many ensue without an attendant to afford a drop of w i' r. or even attend to thosii decent formalities which the : id solemnities of death require. The intelligence farther adds, that the living and the dead were mingled In group* together, and preMlltad a spectacle where death reigned In hi* mo*t terrible iitiictioiu and where oppresed humanity had aaaetabled to pav him tribute A letter from Quiibeo to lhe Montreal IleralJ, dated July 7, nay:? 'I'lie master of the (jnliah report* that ha passed the \von, from Cork, 00 TbmUy Illi at which time she had lost seventy ot her passengers. and had other* very sick. Captain MoDougal, of the ship l.ivlngston. is at fleauport. daugerouMy ill with typhus fever. 1 wax informed this morning, on board the JohnMunn, that Capt. Justine Kreniere, of the steamer Canada, died at his rcsidenoe yesterday. Mr Buchanan, emigrant ag*nt. informs use that he hae received lists of !?000 more emigrants having sailed between the lit and tilth of June Law Intclllgenc*. In C'hambkh, July 14?Before Judge Daly.?The Ktua and Protection Insurance Company r?. Samuel Druru ? In this earn Mr. Drury was brought up under a Htlu well warrant, and held to bail in $16,000 Surrsioa Coi HT,July I t?Before Judge Oakley.? IV Pents vs. Chat. Rockwood and Fred'k Perry?This was au action brought to recover the amount of a pro inifsory note given to defendants by plaintiff, and aleo for money by bim paid, laid out and expended. In 184A, both parties were doing business In South street, in the same building, and the defendants procured from plaintiff his endorsement for between $300 and $400 This endorsement turned ont to be unavailable He then gave (hem liis note (which they got discounted) upon condition that they cancelled the endorsement; bat it seems that Instead of cancelling it, they put it into circulation. and he liail uftprwuril* to nl? 4U0 rin umnnut of It The last note they got discounted at the Butcher*' nnd Drovers'Bank, and that establishment afterward* sued him on It. and ho had to pay it* amount Th* defendant Hookwood only appeared. and th* defeocn xnt tip by him wa* that it wan I'erry received the proceeds of both note* and converted it to hi* own u*?.? Verdict for plaintiff. >333 <>-l('0 Samuel S Covtrly uj. Benjamin b'olsom.?This wa* un action on n promissory note for ^106; the note wa* payable in :1U <iay? Th* defence wa* usury law*; that *0 wa* given for the loan of *100 for 30 day*. The plain tilt replied that the $.1 given to rover a %b bad bill which he'had received from the defendant, ttoatat verdict this morning. Common Ple*!!, July 13.?Before Judge I'lsUoeffer? d. S. Be.bhy ! ?. Harmon P. Lutromk.?Thi* wa* an action to recover a bill of co*t* amounting to The attendant hired premise* from the plaintiff; the latter afterward* took proceeding* to eject him. in which the co*t* now sued for accrued, and defendant refused to pay them. A nonsuit was asked for on two ground*, namely, that defendant had no notice of the taxation, and that the pre*ent form of actlou was bad. The Court refused the uonrult, and directed the Jury to Hud for the plaintiff, subject to the opinion of the Court in bano on the two point*. Kor plaintiff, Mr. bernsnl; for defendant. Mr. Woodswortli. IVm.II. Millc" vi. Itaae Xewtan?This wui au action on a contract made by plaintilf a* ugeut of the owner* of the steamboat Hudson, witli the defendant, on b?half of the " People'* Line," by which Milieu wiih to t>e paid, $t;oo a month, for the month* of Hc,it<in l-er. October aud November, l?4fl. if he ran hi* boat from New Vork to Hudson direct without stopping. The defence <u, that the boat did land at other place*. The Jury, however, found a verdict for plaintiff for the amount claimed. Kor plaintiff. Mr. K. Benedict; for defendant*. H. 8. Dodge and Mr. Van Kantford. CouaT ok Gk.ikbal Hicssio.xi?July 14.? Befor* U#corder Scott and Aldermeu Lawrence aud Keek*?John McKeon. K*<|. District Attorney. At the opening of th* court thin morning, the jury in the ca*e of David Crother*. Henry 1'etit, Kdwin 11. Hmith and Justin Turner , for a brutal violation of the per*on of Mary Give*, on the lot iust , after an ab*ence of It) hour*, came into court. and stated that they were unable to agree upon a verdict. They were accordingly discharged from th* further consideration of the subject. Trial for Urand Larceny. fcliza WlUett and Isaa* Wlllett, (colored) were theu placed at the bar. fir trial, on an indictment for grand larceny, In having, on the iid ilay of June, stolen $60, in American silver coin, and a'(uantity of clothing, the property of Abraham Coi, No. 18 Centre street. Ahiiaham Coi, sworn On 'Md of June Lliia WilUtt was in my employ; my money wa* in a box in my truni: Kllia knew where my money wan; the money wa*ml**?a at that time, and Klixa weut away; I *ub?equently arrested her in the street, when she took me to her bouse in 29th street, where I found I*aar, and all the property stolen, except the money. The witne** was here interrupted by Isaac, who said, "Hold on, I want to speak to you, darkee!" 1 Isaac then stepped up to the bar, and asked witness what h? (Isaac) Haid when witness want to hiu house? Witness replied that he said "be bad some old clothlug which Kliza gave him." Isaao then asked him what part of the house be wan in' Wituesa said, "he (Isaac) wbh in bed." (suite replied, ' You are a lier, I wan up." Inane was then commanded by the Court to take nia Meat, when the trial proceeded. John, sworn ?I am an officer of tbo 0th ward; Mr. Cox called on m* to go to the nouse of Isaac VVUlett to look for bin property; 1 went with him, arrested Isaac, and found a part of the property; the next I went again and lound more property; Klisa wen nto the garden with me and got the box* which hau contained the money, which sh? dug out or the ground. John Ji?t, examined for the defence. ?I bare known Isaac Willett for four or live yearn: I hare never known anything against hi* character; I hare frequently lent hiui money and he has always paid me Tbu cam wan then submitted to the jury .under charge <>f the Court, who found Klu* Willett guilty of petit larceny, and a verdict of acquittal for Isaac Willett.'l'Ue Court then sentenced her to the Penitentiary for .1 months. I'Ira of Guilty.?Tltiinaa Harris. colored, indlctfd for an assault and battery on Elisabeth Wagner, plead ed guilty to the charge, aud wait sentenced to the I'en tentiary for the term of three month" Trial for Burglary ? lames Kinitli. William Hmlth. and ( liarles Healy, alias ilauey, were then placed at the liar for trial, on an indictment for burglary In the first, degree, in having, on the night of the 'id day of July in Htant, burglariously entered the dwelling house of Dr. Kill*, No. 391 Tenth street, and stolen therefrom a gold thimble and several small articles of jewelry, valued at $ IV Joiin || Vo?s sworn?I am an officer ol the I7tliward. on the night of tbc id July I was on my beat in Second avenue, wheu I beard some one call for the poltoe, I went towards the place from whenru th" call was made when 1 gat nearer to the place, from wbioh the alarm proceueed, a lady called to me from the house of l'r Kilts and said there were robbers In the house; I then gare the alarm.when my fellow officers, hmilli and Van Hiper. came to my assistance, we then went Into the house and arrest cd two of them?the other we arrested in the privy 1 saw marks of violence on the door leading from the bs<eucut to the lirst story We fouud a gold thimble. a pair oi silver handled scissors, a silver bandied bodklu, and several other articles The cuse was submitted to the jury, who rendered a verdict of guilty, when they were severally sentenced to the Slate I'rlson for the term of ten years The court then adjourned until to-morrow morning coi'bt ( alf niiar ?Ml ri aioK Covm.?TMi Day lulii U Before Judge Oakley ? (TIim Court peneat II o'clock. A M.)? Nos. 41, 101, 10.1, 100. 107, HW loo, ||0, III. IN.Il.i. I Hi, 117, 11*. I HI. lilt, l ii, 1-2.1 H.>, 13, 7ii. A3, 1'itf, IJ7, liB, Ii9, 130, 131, I3J. 13:i Common I'iiai I'Mt <lay. JiiIu l.'i?(( ourt opens a(. III o'clock, A. M.) 1'arl h\nt. ? Beforeludife I Ishowlfer. NCIH U?. I A3. 63, |AA, 159, IB I, lli.l. Itt.V, US7, 10'i. 171, 173, 174. 177, 171) Part Snonil ?Before 'udga Ingrn bum ? Noi. tin, A4, tW. i99. UI'J. 70, 1 Id, JIU. 314, I ill 'i In* i* the laat week of oouit" in tb? ( Ity Hall tor onn mouth. ^ P<-raonnl. Unite a number of th? ino*t Influential citu? ns of Philadelphia, have addreared a compliment vy '-bp! to Capt. Robert K. Hcott, of the Unit regiment Pennsylvania >o'.unteer?, nrking him to a<<-ept a publlft dinner. a* ii t'Mtliaonial of their reapect f<. hiui * man and a oliliur. (Japt. 8?ott, who i? only ttinp.irarily absent from hi* regiment, decline* the honor. .MI*4-4-|lmiCOIt4. There arc said to be .'Olio Btranfl'T* nt Sai*toKa Sf rtn/* at the present time. Uaao Koby and three others. ch*r.t>l with killing Wm. j. Armstrong, have had their trial before .hi e?amIning court, and were unanimous ly nr jmtteu. on tbn wound of justifiable homicide. - Uomniy (V'a InltlU fencer. Hi k'iuk.?The H'httlinn Ttmti ol U*t Turntiny snys Willi.mi Hogg, un iron in roiiknt, ol ( linton I- urnace, Kjr, bung himself y ?terdav morning at the hoiiMc of Wm Fleming, In Wheeling Mr. H. ??i a man of int?lltg?nfto, and in easy eirouinalaoces, and what caused him to commit tne h?rrit 1? *ct of ?elfmurder I* a* y?t unknown Errwm of Lightning.?Mr. ?nhyhnrn anil mill, at Stanton, below Wilmington. Del . w*r'' struck by lightning during the heary thunder storm last evening, and burned down with all their con'ents ntorm h?r? *?< very severe? the rain fi ll In j''rr' ' < lm ihundKi vlap* wure alarmingly '"uJ ' tin, July 14.

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