Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1847 Page 3
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!??!J JB.ILU1 JUi^LiU-JlW Ufi from cm M of J canary to tfc* 1M of July, in ?mIi tf th? pMt two ftui. kAtm bMi M m*m?4 Ccuvuci ?* kT. Loui* ?iMrumi noH Jan. 1. to Joli I, lo46 aid 1847. 111*. 1117 TcHacco, bh<l? 5.33a J,<6 b' 3,8?0 J.I8I II' mi>, b?le? 21.283 59,1147 t??h, 4'0.3 .2 tt8.528 J-'lom. bjl? It J 097 235,i*) li?l' Jo 138 570 WU'At, buthels 1,200.871 1,614 <29 Com, do 4X7,269 814 673 0*U, do ? 102.665 Rv*. uo.. 3 247 2 21* U .rlir, 'lo n,mi 28,198 Btmn, 1) 1. 2 283 3 20(i frtCkl 700 2,382 l?wrd,b.?l. 1,790 3.555 li?? t| apple*, bbU 718 527 Ui.cil do do 2,Ml 8 500 M'ti 1,030 6,971 l<?ache>, bbli... 515 523 uck* 58 1,390 t'oH>uc?. 2.733 1,880 SZO (<ck< 19,900 19,33" Ouiou?, khli 25 350 . ??ck? 33 409 Pork, bbl 43.621 35,992 IiaII do 39 250 lb., in bulk 625,145 l,8J3,4f0 Beef, Lbl? 12,2i'2 2.386 lie. Cm ? 1.162 h 11 bbl* 126 1?2 Uaaou 9,052 11,459 t? x> * and bbl> 457 U'#0 lbs, iu balk 75,285 096,958 Lord. bbl. 28,537 28,291 k- 12,269 7.175 Bower, bol? 547 610 k?Ki and firkius, 1.465 l.2*? Chocat*. rulta . . ...... 270 5J boxe*::;:;;::/;;:;.:.... *-*2 Tallow, ca?k? ''.'jj ,i? bhl. 916 171 "J JJ? ?.ttlu aud boxea 37* i'!! Hide? 10,287 42 836 ftiS.tttt'. ?. ? ?.?; bbla uid iJ'ii* n'tM Coffee, sack*. 42,#13 30,496 Moiaues. hhda . ? ? , ?.1M 4.707 H?U, a ?cka Olid bags m rnS bbla 34.133 11.602 Whi.k.ylVbls 15.705 13,831 Oil, "iwrm, bbla JS* ' '2 do 386 3l? lard, do Ill ltlt?, tincea 166 Hop', coilt 3-090 5,202 n<nci"K. pieces 2,030 7E6 lrou, bir, 1.139 2,160 PIE,tnua 1,009 1,330 Coalings, do 621 , 123 Nail., We 17,207 10,672 Buffalo Kobe. 3,119 1,?W Tar, bbla 943 1,282 km* 3.130 2.292 Thus* returns are made up from the books of the Harbor Master, and are considered rather Imperfeot; but as the amounts each year are derived from the same source, they answor very well for comparison. The quantities put down in the above table aro no doubt much below the actual receipts. The manifests of the boats from whloh tho Haibor Master makes up his reports, rery rarely exhibit a full statement of the cargoes. The clerks, in the hurry of business, give only tho largest shipments, or such us are consigned to business houses at St. Louis. A great many bor.ti go ubove and take full cargoes for New Orleans, or the Ohio river, and in returning, only stop a short time at St. Loals, and of their cargo no account whatever is taken, in the article of flour, for ln laane. instead of the amount stated above, we have no doubt that the receipts from the upper rivers have actually amounted to 300.000 barrels, and of wheat to 2,000000, if not to Q.ftOO,QOO bushels, in the past six months? to which, in order to exhibit the full amount of business of St. Louis, should be added, the aro<yont of flour, grain, (ko., brought in by wagons, and fjfle quantity of flour manufactured there. The oomineroe or St. Louis is increasing with wonderful rapidity, and that city is destined to be one of the largest in the Western oou^try. During the year ending the 1st of June, ther ^ were nine hundred and thirtytwo hou?es ereoted W*xhin the corporation limits. Us geographical looatlyh |g superior to that of any other Western eliy, a'^fl the extent of back oountry whloh will lfok to bt^ Louis for an outlet is Immense. Accordlr # fn m. pununt. rannrf. nf th? fln?.nn?* ftf th? 'o "" ? ??-r, ,w ? ~~ city, froi^, th? Comptroller, It appears the publlo debt in April tut amounted to eight hundred and seventy*iry/lY thouHand three huudred and ninety-six dollars, divided aud payable aa follows :? Bordcd Dist op thk Citv or St. Lorn, April, 1847 Out wi'hiu Iht FUcal Y*ar$, vix J? 1817 $105.400 Brought up $181,(IK 1?|S 12,QUO 18.9 2(1,8% 1649 38,500 I860 200 iHl 81.400 1IHSI W'O 1B32 143 i UO 186J 8' 50O 18M 3,600 1870 lift 0i 0 18)4 100 1871 7.000 1663 32.700 1172 2:1000 MM 400 1879 70,000 1838 23,XI0 1890 25.'?00 1895 50 000 Carried up...... $164,B96 $8:8,396 ^ * "ii# debt, there Is payable In New York, $834 4011 ; f ^ f its, ,90,100 ; Philadelphia, $183 836. Iv'addiilon to the l>ond? falling due ffae present year, wti Is U# provided for. certificate* of deposits being a jtirt of t>ie funded debt, amouoting to $15 000 ; deposit* ir-?.deby John Brackeuridge, $1,420; certificates given to coulraetora, $4,2*i? 46 are to be paid. 8>ock Exchange. $:><? Tr Notes 6's boo 106 50 >hs Nor fc Wor RR S3 7i)U City i'a *71 MX 100 do sl3 53 UOM U?ihU SB's ft 106 30 do 53k 5100 do 105V 50 do slO ItlvM) do "82 lUiS 200 do 53 V 5(M0 Tena J's (4m 78 100 do sl5 53>4 4000 Ohio 8'* "80 100k M do slO 53W *>mu do sty 99)2 50 do 53k ZiOU do 6'? '56 99>< 50 do b?0 53k 4001' l!|inoi? Special 47 100 Reading Railroad 66 100 >hs Pirmera' Tr 16O 34k 50 do 66 k 100 do b60 3 IK 50 do 66k 100 do J4 Jg 200 do 66^ H do Slk 11.0 do *90 68 TOO (to J4M 100 do >60 66 5^ do blO 34)4 60 Erie Railroad Serin 82 JW> do >10 34* 450 Loug Maud RR >60 32k lUg do >30 34 k 700 do 32k fflfl d" bJO Six 150 do bco 32k ' 1(0 do 34Ji 50 Harlem RR (10 62>? 50 Vi.k?burg Bk beo I'M 300 do 62k 300 N O Com Bank SO.k 300 do blO 62k tn Morriii Jaual 17300 do b60 62H 3j Houutenic RR 39 Second Board. 100 >hs Long Island RR ?2k 40 >h* Mechs Bank Ass 92 f'O do b60 32 k 350 Harlem Railroad 62k 30 ?fo bCO 32K 350 do b31 62k 30 do . 32k 150 do b30 62k *0 _ do b90 32V 50 do slO 62k IfO Reading Railroad 6?>J 70 New Jersey RR 107>* 100 do >10 66 New Stock Euhaiurs. ^' $5000 Ohio C's >30 100W 125 >hs Nor fa Wor RR 53k 30 >hs ! ?mer>' Tr >1 34* 100 do >30 53k ? ,<?0 34k 30 do >3 iiVt 30 Hailem Railroad c 62k 30 do b20 3 k M do b2 62k 30 do >30 53k do slO 6*k 50 do b30 53k 23 StoBiiikton Railroad 56k I11O do c 53k 40 Nor fa Wor RK 53k 23 do c 53k CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, Fh'dav ArTr.ariooN, Jvly lfl. Fl?ttr and; grain were some firmer to-day, and Ales of Geneuoe were made at $0 12k; straight brands >dlohigaii at $0 87k, and mixed brands do at $3 7ft a fi 81)^; sh1<>? of Richmond country were made at $6. A lot of went* mixed wheat (old at $1 23X; Ohio wUite was worth $1 80 a $1 la, and good Genesee white. $140. Corn moved freely at improving rates. Western mixed, accoiding to quality, sold at 64o. tiio. a 00c ,with parcel* of yellow, mixed, etc. at 8tJc ; flat yellow do at VSe. a 00c.. and round northern do at 70c. a 72c. A lot of white mixed cold at ?0c:; considerable aales were made of western mixed, to arrive in all the present month, at 0io.; pales of New Jersey meal were made at $3 60, and of Western New Turk at $3 a $3 I2X; sales of rye were made at 8">c a Ht)o , oats sold at 43o. Provisions continued heavy; a lot of clear pork (old at $17, ani sales of new prime were made at $13; and old reported aoid ? at $11. A pared of pork hams sold at 7Xo ; small sales lard a ere made In brla. at 9>4c. There was more doing In coffee, with a fair amount of sales, for the season, of sugar and molasses. Retiph down Ike Mailt on River, July 1A. Flour 41 IM bbls. Carnmeal 1.420 bbls. Corn 39 000 bush. Wheat 17 040 bush. Asmks-We report sales of about 260 bbls. pots, (including nemt* lots sold yesterday evening) at $4 87X, aflU ISO do pearls at $6 I2K. BsiAU?TUKr??Flour?We report sales of 6*6000 bbls. Oenemeat *6 I2X; 600 do Oswego, $0O0X; 10 )0 barrels a X'd brands V.lcblgan, to arrive next week, and 28ut> do ou the spot, sold at $A MIX; 1600 do straight brands Michigan sold at $5 H7X; 1000 do mixed brands Michigan, and 300 do Western mixed, sold at >A 7ft The closing rates were fft 76a$A BIX for mixad Michigan $A37X for straight brands do, and 10 I3X for lair to v?oa bmniJ* Lrfume? vv nrai? yeiieruay afternoon about :1600 bui-liel* Ohio white Mold at (I 31 Today, ther* ??h a *?! of >lo n-ported at $1 30. nod'MOO \\4*hi. em mixed ?>ld at )l '23>? 1'ure good white Gunefter w?? WJ.-IU (1 40 C n?SaltM of 2600 bllxb la Of tint were iuh(I? on private terrnt ; 10OOO do yrllow mxe 1, were reported void at OOatfM ; lAfio do Now Urle?n? mixed. sold at Mb; 14 a lofH'O do Went?-rn inlxed cold ?t floo iDcludlog 1600 do at foAX", ? a 300<> d iyi llow iulx<id. ?old at J400 do white ralx ?d a?ld at 70c. 7000 d? Hat yellow. Hold at 68o a 0?o and A a OikjO do rouod Northern yellow sold at 70e a 7Je M'tl?!i?lw? of 500 bbln Western New York, told at $3; I'M) da North liivttr do at $3 1 iX. &od 8"" do New Jer my at *3 AO Ky?.?Salei of'J a SOOObuihela were made at9)r.adt)o. Sales of 000) bushel* were made at 42'). Hurt- y?The extreme quotation* for thi* article were about AAe a rtfto Corfu.?Sales of 1300 bng* of Rio, were made on private terui*. Cutton ?The (ale* to-day amount to 1300 bale*, without iurther change in prtoes. and were rhietly taken for export, the market closed ateady at the annexed quotation*. LIVERPOOL CLA(?ticatioit. Nrw Or leant Uplandi, Florida. Mnb. <t Terat I "ferior uuue uone noue. ijrd.n.ry 10 ? igv ]0 * ID* 10 * Vj'Jtl'tt* WK * lOV l^i II IOXi II vi"i.?u.i?r ioK >1 n? njj? !IH II* * UK "Middling Kair lift* II* V\ * U 12 ? U>* ?*" J llXa It n ? 12* 12)4 * li& I i.ilv i*i?t 12V* 1?H 12H '?* '-3 * "X : l>*Jr It noi.e uone )3>j ? UJt >!? . .ft'ifti. uon#. n<tii?. ???? . U t 14 Kim ftaiea of 800 uuiuuia dry rod wan made at t-i >? air4 *wo d? at Mw? Mm of MObbU mMk?r?i, 1 V oon?i*tinfr of Massachusetts and Hallfex. No. ?' . sold at I , *4 6<i a $4 SJ){ a (4 76. 150 half bbls '"?>nnectl?-ut (bad I 1 wi iv ?oio, the No I'sal $7 45 ad ih* No 3'sat M3ft * K?oit.?Sales of 6 700 boxes bariahraisias weremad? ?1 45 a $1 50 Memc?Nothing new. Hat?Sale* North Hirer, at 45o. , Lead?Ther? were sellers at >3 87itf, ; \loi urn?Sale* of 100 hhds Muscovado were made at ; 'J jc a 27c. I, Naval 8to*? ??Sale* of 100 bbls Spirits Turpentine , were reported at 38c, and some sales of do. at 37o. In n otber kinds. nothing ot moment doing t On a ?Sale* of 2300 gallon* city pressed Linseed were 1 made at 70c . and 35(10 English at 07 a 68c; Sperm wan steady, while there waa no change In Whale. *" Pkovisio???Sales of 20 bbls clear Pork were made at " $17, 100 bbls old prime were reported sold, at $ 11. and 100 do new do. at $12: 40 bhls I'ork Hams were sold at 1 7)?e. Beef continued steady. Salts ot 60 bbU City Mess were made at >13 50c. Lard?Miinll sales. In bbls, * were made at 'J>*o There was a rumor oi a sale of a J considerable puantlty el Beef in tierces; but we could not trace it to a mitiafkctory result. ^ Hick ?Sales of 100 tierces were made at $4 87)%; a 5 h 25 the latter Oguru for fair quality. Suoar? Sales of 100 hhds Porto llloo were made at c 6 cents o Tobacco?Sales of 40 bales Cuba were sold by auction *at 13>^ a 17Jic. 3 and 4 months. j Whalehone was steady, with sales N. W. at 29)*c, ? and South Sea at 30o. Whiskey?Small sales were made at 95c. Wool?Sales of Fleeoe were making at about the fol- d lowing quotations; Saxony, full blood, at 40 a 60c; full 'I blood merino ut 36o a 38c; half do a \ do, 30c a 40c; [' common and >4 blood do, at 26 a 29o; 20,000 lb* Mexican were said on private terms. a Freights ?Engagements to Liverpool were made at tl 4s. for flour; to London, 4s 3d. was offered in the * packets; grain was engagml at 12J. A foreign vessel c was engaged for Liverpool direct, to load with grain at *' ll>ad.; 600 bbls. were engsged to London at 4s. Od; and ti 5000 bushels of oorn, In bags, at 12d. A vessel was also ii engaged for London to loud with grain, in bulk, at 12d. p An Austrian vessel was engaged for London at 4s. Gd.? c To Havre we quote flour at 75o, grain at 20c., and cot- ? ton at >4c. per lb. ? TK LKUHAPHIC. h tl 91axkaU. [j Boston. Julv 18?P. M. Sales of 2600 bushels Western mixed and yellow corn t! were made at 93 a G6o. Sales 5000 bushels mixed, a little heated, sold at 68o. Flour wu Arm at $6 76 for Michigan and at $6 for Oenesee. Porto Rico sugar we quote f at 6 a 7o. Sale* Cuba molasses, about 100 hhds. at 33 a 34^0. Provisions?No change. Freights steady. Cotton J> ?Small sales at steady prices. n Albany, July 10?P.M. ^ There was no change In flour, prices remaining steady J at yesterday's quotations. Corn stood at the same, viz : OOo for Western mixed, without sales of Importance.? . Dealers appeared to be waiting for steamer's news ? -I Sales 10,000 bushels Ohio wheat reported at 131c. Rye no change. Whiskey was some firmer. Receipts by the oanal during the preceding 24 hours:?Flour, 11.000 J,', bbls; corn, 16,700 bushels; wheat, 7000 do; oats, 1000 do. w Vessels scarce, and freights steady. Buffalo, July 16, 1847. _ The flour market was some firmer to-day, and sales of ? 1000 ban els Mlohlgan and Ohio brands were made at 1 $4 63X a (4 76. Wheat was dull. We note sales of ui 5000 bushels Ohio white at 101c. Corn was some firmer, I and sales of 2000 bushels Western mix id were made at 46c. Whiakey was firmer at 33o. Provisions inactive ? Freights to Albany?Flour, 65c; wheat, 18c. Receipts tc to-morrow. ~ "oiii " I On the 16th Inst., suddenly, Julia M., wife ol John J. Whiting and eldest daughter of Linus K. A. Racheal \\ llenshaw. aged 26 years. in The friends of her family and those of Robert M. Whl- ih ting, t>q..are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, m from the 3d M. K. Churob, on Sunday the lath Inst at f' 2 o'clock P M. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood [|] fur interment. The Troy and Lansingburgh papers will please oopy m On the 16th inst, Maky, infant daughter of Henry P. n and Phebe L Buchanan, aged 4 months and 14 days it The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from 286 Fourth street. Newburgh papers will please copy. I On the ldili Inst , Eliza, wife of J A. O'Reilly. 4I The l'rieuds of the family ure requested to attend her funeral, this (Saturday) afternoon at half past four m o clock, from her late residence, 201 Ninth street, near ? HrAu.lisun wltlumt fsi-tlm*. i n ?f i ? u ? wtrt V "'"""""J 'IVOVK'aa Od the 16th iiiwt j Richahd P. Powers, youngest son w of William P. and Anne Powern, aged 10 mouth* and 32 " Jays. . The friends of the family are renpectfully invited to ^ attend the funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the i corner of 8:anton and Columbia atreet*. ?l On the Kith ihct., Amme Elizabeth, daughter of John , > Hud Mary Auac Scott, aged ? mouth* and 21 day*. U 1 he friends of the family are respectfully Invited to 1 attend the funeral front the rexldeuoe of her father, 86 fi Greenwich street, at A o'clock, this afternoon. 1 ??u CL?TO?J-HOl 8K, NEW YORK, COL ECTOR'b ? Ollice.Jul, IS, Il47.*-Tlie following arti< l<-s bcloai;iuK >o (, l..e United sia.e? llefi-u?e Simmer " Legate." lying at the fo >t of Vestr. street, N ?rth River, will be *old at that pla<-?, at public auction, on bfiurdsy. the 24tli mst., at 12 o'clock, M., Dy.Meiin.Vau W > eg fc. Kobbe, auctioneers, to the hightsl [j bidder, for Colli, tic : O e iron Bo>ler. j, " " Ctlmder and Bottom. j, '* " Heater with Copper Tubes. j, " " Smoke Slack. j, Lot of Copper Stenm and Copper Fred Pipes < j Tlie above aiticles can be seeu ou (he Pier near the Fheuix fc. Foundry, cornercf Vestry and West streets. J17 til I h U. W. LAWKkiNClL, Collector. & MAivKNe. AiNl> FluK INSuKANCfc.?Hie Mutual In- *} surance Coiniwny, No. b9 Wall street, insure against N lo?i and damage from nrr, also marine and inland transport ion and navigation risks, at the lowest established rate*. Tt is institution puiibui advantages over most other iiisurmct '' coinp mie*, having a ash capiat paid in, and tne profits of the business to be divided between the stockholder and the in- T sured. L AMBKKT 8U V iiA VI, Pre.Ueut. J. JNO. S. T.iPPAN. Vice President. ,, FKKDiwawn Btaoo. Sec'y. jy 17 ltis'rc Auhy uoudu < ommibsion mkkchan p oiphiiadelphtft, a xious t enlarge lus busine-s, wishes to form y connexion with a competent person to'procure consignments X offoieigu foods for ih.t city. To such an one the advertiser )n thinks Ik can offer very acceptable inducements. He would w lie glad to receive ti e agency oi a New V oil< or Foreign Hou e.and fl lttera himself lrom hif thorough knowledge of de the trade ol Philadelphia, his services would prove valuable to jt ih,i?e whose inteiests he lepressuted. Reference to House* in at New York and Philadelphia of the first 'landing. Please addrrm " Commission, ' Philadelphia I'ost Office. jy 17 3t*r \/| e UAL UK Uh,NKK.\L X iVLOH? A beautilul Me- _ ivX dil, bearing a likeness of Major General Taylor is this ii dty published. Pilose who wish to be supplied will please * send in their orders immediately, to the publishing office. No. la 1 La farge Buildings, 289 Broadway. jy >7 lt*r st f"1R.fc>N TURTLK SOUP.?A lot offi.e (iretn Turtle M ' ' will be served up iu soup and steaks this dav, and during next week, at the Bank Coffee House, No. 1 Pine street, c' between Broadway and Nassau streets. Families supplied. l'lie dining room ii furnished Villi all the delicacies of the rt sea<im. jy 17 lt"r ^ QJ\ R Kh, VV AHU ?Token from, or lost from the Mriush Urig ' vPtf Coxoii, a Boat marked Coxon, No. ; shields ouraidu ^ oi her steru, and the name < f William inside. Any one givng information leading to the discovery of her will receive the 111 above reward, by apply ing on board the %bove vessel, at pier No. 8, North river, near Hector at. jyl7 3t*r " LOSP?lu the vicinity of the South Ferry, Brooklyn, ou J Thursday evening, 15th in?. > gold Bracelet, marked M. ., F. P. The fiuder will be liberally rewarded by returumg it to jy 7 lt*ir _ J. B. TOMPKINS, 32 Commerce at.. N Y. * NO 1'lCfc.?II the gentleman who last evening on board the fn Jersey City lerry boat?by mistake?placed his hand in the pocket of the ndvertiser,?and took therefrom a silk purse ta (uew)?will returu the same to the office of the Ohio i'rust Co., he shall receive whatever reasonable reward he may ask, to in addition to it? Contents jy!7 3t*r N Hr. Kfc,VMINDEK Oi^fHlThTOCK OK MK. UOS- C LINO at Auction.?A. Levy will sefl on Tuesday Morn- K. '"g. ?t 10 o'clock, at the restauraut of Mr. Gosling, Noh 01 and oi *>? Nassau street, all the rem under of hia stock; and bills not th called for at previous aales, consisting of segais, wines iu hot- w ties and casks, marble slabs, beds and beddings, rots, mah igauy th r r?iich bedstead. French looking glass, blind shutters, a ninu tity of barrela, ill tlir kitchen apparitua, awning ami iion work, , two fence lantern*, block letter ngiia, ice boxe*. refrigerator*, / ? Urge -team bmler, mahogany cfiaira, kc kc. Mr. t.'arke i* requested to call and talu the articlea he bought ?< on the 14th. jyl7 4i?r i,' RUJOCKS' FEMALE INSTITUTE. NEW YORK A . IT V?The A.NOLO-A.VIKUICAN ol to-day will con- th Mm the official report of the commencement of the abovti an Ina'ltutiou. embracing the report ol the aeveral Comtnilteea ti Prize I'otm by Miaa Jane '1 rirnble?Prize Kaaay on Moral an t oerage, by Mi?* Sarah L. Martyn?On the Spirit of Poetry, of by Miaa Isabella Stanton?Prize Composition by Mia* hliza- R betii Stanton, and the names of the different young ladiea to th whom premium* have been awarded, lie be., together with a great variety of literary matter aud the newa of the week. vrrm Single copiea may be had at the office of publication, No 4 Barclay atreet. Jy'7 I *r 'pWO BILLIARD T.ABLKS KOrt SALK CHEAP If j JL applied for within a lew daya, in very good order. The -j uhlea muat oe removed trom the room they now occury. The ^ proprietor will aell them a? they now ataud at the Cruton Batha, comer of Caml, Hudaon and Watta atreet*. iheapfor ci( a.n li. Any one wanting the aame will call without delay. j" ' *r cn SODA WATER ?For aale. a valuable recipe.with ir.atruc- [ '' tioua for making bottled Soda Water, with or wilhout '"j ay Alp*. With thia recipe the retailer can make hia own aoda * water, without ai piratua or machinery of any description, ?? expenae not toexrred ten cent* per dozen, made wrh very little trouble,and ready for u?* in twenty minute*. No charge w ill _i n?-de Qiileaa the imichaaer la perfectly aatiafied. Apply to r Dr. .V *LL, ,\o 61 O'ange atreet, where aamplei ma> J.1 I>e rue tor t e rec | e >> J 17 2t r j.,, LL UKlril llK PKAlSf. ? Among the ihoiisinda ol dele- *a ? v Compounds lhat re daily emanating from ill* "I1 lito..,.,.l quarka a. d unpoMora it la really gratifying to find V oueofieai u.trmaic merit, that po?a?aaea aupenur curative w ,*>\*?ers. Rheumatism. enlaig*d joint*. apraina, bniiaca, In a *' or the ute of the limb*, oldulcn* emotion* of the akin, kc. V?. yield to a lew application* of ftOAkL'l I'iDINK LIM " vIENT. Try It. hold at No 230 p'?" *?rret, and by drug I let* penerallj -price 50 centa?Roahe ? lodiue Liniment. .)? 17 it* r ac TO TAlLORb ?I he undeiiirned hi* rem lining on htnd a few c. Plea ol hia celebrated w1>rk .n totting, among tl' wlucharea lew Rome* (lightly aoiled, but in other -eapecu Wl re perfee', which he will aell at redncd price. It ia deemed unnecessary to aay any in prai.e of toe above work, aa it ?? m umveisally acknowledged by ihe trade to be the moat foil aud complete arrangement ever befor published. P<iee ol the b iok complete Jin no Do. h*l' b und g 00 f Do. (lightly toiled ' <1 U0 |< AdHre * with remittance, VV. H 8TINEMK S, nr Jy'tW'r No. MS B Old way, New Yorfc. p, U\ I.I I TI K Mu.HK ORAPK, < MT ItHM id 5" S\- Y a<ik*e Doodle's Victories!?In his piearnt (.lxt) iium- |V ber, > ankee Doodle puta all hia enemiea to In rrible rouie, ant mar In a > n tolhr capital of ill good tmngi, 10,0< 0 atrong. On i i? wiy, hia d ao >hut riflemen aud tl>'ing artillery do im- T incnae eiccunon on the ranclteroa. A O" 16 .uticlea of reading matter, replete with wit, fun, ho. mi m randaatire and aertral comie illuaua'ion*. eh Public MtcnUC'U ia ??p?cia|)y dua-led to old Rouili and ch Kti4y> "ten ?'nk?" on lit* Vwta alley. Office iia *b ".ISVVr j * 1 \ LARGE PICTLTIE FRAME WANTED, for a pa.??. till ol 8 fart I inch** by 3 fret i IkIm It nut bain ood order and of a rich atonal Address " Opportunity," at )i?..Uic? jv 17 r?r A YOUNG llf.ALTnV WO>lA <, wir h t Irrsh Urn?t * of milk, h > litoly lost her baby, wishes our to wrt ur?e ?t her ?wb esideuca, No. 379 water strert, ap iltm, en'ti'l hvli room. Jyltitfr \.\ A N'l AH ? \ VOOUK man. w ho h?s had " tilt 1 1st?ii years, fK,*r>eu<-r la a wliOlesale and mail nidwarr e?unluliiurnt. iu i business put of the city. Willi ei-omiiMudalioiii of rapacity aud iuil? 'o enter ?rii eug neuituU, and can be addrrated "Hardware." Herald Jtnce jy'7 t>i?ic U/ aNI'lU?tiy i re?peotab|e yonutf laaa, ot &> >j"ra of age.iiiiunt.hi in a atore rr wa ehi.Ubi'; cansjieuk French, -utfiali. and Germ m Good reference given. A line adleared t J. L). ai tiua oflicr.will receive immediate attention. j' li 3t?r _ UJ A.NTtJ I >iMfc.jj| A'i'*.LY ? Si? good Marble Cuttan, ?' at M. G. Lei.ghi'a vlaible Yard, Uui street, comer of 3d venue. A steady job given. jla 3t?r Slf-l'Mt.N H I'AKKH. hSl' va. I a ll ALL KI.NnAlAN, J AND JAM?8 W. HAL.K.?Deciaiou of the Court in be cause of Stepheu K. 1'aikhunt v*. larael Kmamaji aud thera. dAt a stated Irrui of the Circuit Court of the United State* of luierica, fur the Southern District of New Ytirk, iu the 3eond ( ircuit held at the City Hall, iu the city of New York, II Saturday the third day of July, in the \e\r of our Lord )ue Thousand blight Hundred aud Korty-aeveu, Present?The Honorable Samuel ISki.son, an Asanciate u>ticrof the Supreme Court of the United Slates, aud Hoo. lAMi'tt H. Uktts, District Judge. In Kqni'y The i ourt lii.du.'on the Bill aud proofs iu this cansa? 1. That the Uuriiug Machines constructed and sold by the cleiidaut. Kiusimn. are iu principle aud mod* of operation. > ' same, substantially, na the inarhiue described in the plaiufTsspecification, filed July 29, 1811, aud secured tto him by is patrutof May 1,1815. _ .... 2 'I hit the arrangement of platiaor rings with their teeth nd with pasteboard packing, upon a cylinder, as dessribed lu ic plaintiff's patent, aa used by him, was an original invention ud diicoveiy of 'he plaintiff; but the same was iuvented and oustructed by Charles O. Sargeant, of Lowell, Maasachurtts, prior to the invention and discovery of the plaintiff. 3. But it is furthermore found by the Court, that the iuven>011 and discovery of aaid Sargeaut waa not publicly kuowu or ^ use, nor had the same come to thu knowledge of the comlainant prior to hi* dUcovery and invention, and filing hi* speliimrimi na ufn?-?>unif4 4. It is futiud by theConrt, that the agreement of tebruary , 1846, between the complainant and the mil Knuimui, wu aud entered into by Kiutinan, with hill notice and kuowsdge of the tarts aforesaid, audit valid and obligatory upon iin, and that the oomoliuiaiit ia entitled thereU|H>n in luis aeon to the discovery and acct uut prayed by the bill, ai:d also > enjoin the aald Kinsman from further miking and Tendinis i* said m ichine in violation of said agreement. Wherefore, it ia ordered and decreed by the Court, that an ijunctinn issue against the said Israel Kinsman, Ike., pursuant J tho prayer of said Bill. Certified Cony, ALEX'R GARD1NK.H, Clerk of the Uiited Htates Circuit Court |for the Southern District of New York, Jy 17 3t*r SMgtTu in the Second Circuit. n COUNTRY MERCHANTS? Brown and bleached heelings of every style and width, all the known brands ?th heavy and line?Stark Mills, Law.rnce"C," Indian Head, abot A, premium heavy Merrimack, Exeter*. Unknowns,kc, lay be liad at manufacturers' prices, on ihu second lloon of Jo. IS and 20 Cedar street, half a block above Pearl street, 'aril wide Shcetiuga 6 ceuta per yard; also. B ills, Wick, Vine, VV?rpand Wadding; also, best Southern Cotton Yarn, ifos. 6 to II, and 7 to 12. T. N. UNDERH1LL It CO., jy 17 lt?r i? 1 r,'lir klrkH. ( HRISTIK'S GALVANIC RINGS, BELTS j If BRACELET* NECK LACKS ANl) MAGNETIC 'LUID.?The (,-reat succrss and celebrity of these articles in te many afflicting disorders for which they are recommended, constantly iuditcing needy |iersons to imitate them. The kblic, and especially strangers, are rcspccfully guarded iainst purchasing any of these imitatioua, as they are entirely orihless. The only place in New York to obtain Dr. Christie's u'enuiue tides, is at 1B2 Broadway, butweeu John street and Maiden .tie. N. B ?No druggist or drug (tore in New York will ever l>e lowed to keep Dr. Christie's gouuine articles; therefore beare of all drug stores, as many of them keep counterfeits he exclusive agency lor New York ia at one hundred ami jghiy-two Broadway. Explanatory pamphlets and testin Iala may be hud gratis. jyl6 7t*i D\ SkNTAKY can be cured by the herb doctor in twel .o hours?the very worst cases in a lew days. All discs*. rthe bowels, however bad, speedily removed, and all cum ken on librrsl terms. No cure no pay. He likewise cures all cases ofh'ever and Ague, or intermi nt fevers, in 12 hours or no charge. jyl< I2t*r Office, 266 Brooine st. JIIOWN'S HOTEL.?The undersigned, (sous of the late proprietor, Jesse Brown.I h.?ie the satisfaction ol'inforing iheir filends aud the public generally, that the Hotel so ugaiid lavorably kuowu as "Brown's Indian Queen Hotel," 'tshi gton.h'S, b> an arrangement among the heirs, come to the full possession of the undersig, rd, ?s soleowners.and iat {hey alone will lierealter conduct this extensive and comodinui establishment. They pledae themselves to use every tertioii to uphold the high reputation and retain the l%rir<isiuess which K bas beret -fore posseted; and they esrnrsi' 3pi*, by 'lie improvements in the buildings and the reno\ lurniture about to be mide, together with a strict an 1 iiitngai e lion to th- comfort of th'ir guests, to i ind ceive the usual large shire of public patronage w >ich has sv long been honored. T. P.BROWN, ib MARSHALL BIf !>0\J< Ul m hoi,Sr., N(J. bko\UWA -* YuRK?The undersigned having recent! -I'i d newly fitted up die extensive home No. 648 Broad" (Mr prepared lor the reception of perm mentor transient bo. i> Tins liuu<e i* so arranged an to afford convenient i>arlor? d bed rooim f>r families, also single rooms for geutlemen.? arnilies from the S'Uih, and other strangers visiting the city, ill fi >d at this est .blishment all the comforts of the brat hols at a great saving of expense. MRS M. MORRIS, jyll firi??rc V,Ui\ MOl/Sr., SHREWSBURY, e itie High J lmds pi Neversink U H WILI.1-TON, Proprietor ? h? . b-iva hou?e having leva enlarged and refitted, is u< w [>en fur the season Tlx- Fmhing and Sex Balii.g a e uiuuiissed. The steamers Orus an * E. Lewis, leave daily for the icean llouie Fo time of departure. ?>-e adveriist-rnu t in nnrirr ?ih' Knnmrer a. rt Hun Jv 10 I2t*m1taw Tn'PiHat Ai lOMAlu LOAN hl/ND LlFE AbSUKANCt 8 * CIr.TV, OF . ONDON ?" A Savings Bank fur the e.tefit of the H idow and Orphan "?hin.owerrd by Act of SilianiC' t. Canital iJOn.fluO sierling. nr $2,W0 000, besides a escrve Fund (from surplus pierniuws) i f rbout $1(3.000. art ol the Capital is inve?'ed in the United Stales.) T. L-sMIE MUMHAV. Esq., George street, Hanover Square. ( hai' in in of th? Court of Directo a in London, nited Stales Board of Local Directors?(i hief Office for America, 74 Wall street, N?w York ) tcob Harvey, Esq , Chairman, Snml. 8. Howland, Esq, uhn J. Palmer, Esq. Oorh m A. Worth, Esq. mathan Goodhue, Esq. Samuel M Fox Esq. tines Boormiu, Esq. William Van Hook, Ksq. eorge Barclay, Esq. nnd C. Edw. Habicht. Esq. DWAKU T. HIi.HABDSON, Esq., General Accountant. I'amnhlets, Blank Forms. Tables ol Kates. Lots of Agents, c., (kc , obtained at the < hief Office, 74 Wall street, or from tlier of the Agents throughout the United State*, aud British orth American Colonies. lLy~ A .Medical Examin*' attends daily at 3 P. M J. LEANUEK STARR, eneral Agent fnr the United States and B. N. A. Colonies. jV13 3raw 4w is ITriOOttrti HIc a i ?NEn ?kl> v* aHL) W1KTH8. J No 90 John sneet. offers for sale a superior quality una ortment of the above article both of the blue aud yellow >ne, whir h he will be willing to sell npou favorable terms. jyM 30t* rre ADIKS'AND GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARD 4 KOBE?The highest prices can he obtained by gentle en or families who are desirous of converting their left off earing apparel into cash. Fatniliea and gentlemen quitting the city, or changing resi:nces, having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will find much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will tend them at their residence,by appointment. J. LKVENHTyN, 466 BroadwaViUP stairs. Ladies cin bo attended to by Mrs. J, LEVEN8TYN. )yI4 3t*rc IT HOLES AL E SHIKT WAREHOUSE, No. 34 Hart T street, 2d door from William, where may be found* rge assortment of Shirts, of every quality, made in the latest >les, and of superior workmanship. Fancy and Plain Lineu, ualin and common Shirts, constantly on hand. Southern and Western merchants are respertfnlly invited to ill before purchasing. JOHN 'WOOLSEV, 34 Plart st. _ _ jylO 6flt?rrc J j CHALLENGE.?Niitice to geutlei..en who waut H/vrU their old clothes to look like new, rail at the ailoniig, Dyeing. ('leaning and Repairing Establishment, o. 77 Gold street, corner of Onld and Spruce, where orders ill b- punctually attended to at the shortest notice, anil on e most reasonable terms, by J. B. NOAH, 77 Gold st N. B ?The highest prite given for gentlemen's left off earing apparel. jy 14 :iflt*m I'O JEWELLERS, MINIATURE PAINTERS, fcC.? L C. Sc J. HARTNKTT, No. 2 Courtlandt street, near roadway, wholesale and retail manufacturers of travelling, riting, dressing aud jewelry Boies, Miniature Cases and Setigs, Flute Locliet; watch, ring, pin and pencil Boxes; eases r silver plate neatly arranged to order. Also, Trays made and fitted to jewellers' show cases, to coniu watches, chains, rings, keys, pins, thimbles, pencils. Ike. A variety of the above articles constantly on hand and mads order, with neatness and despatch, No. 2 Courtlaudt street, ew York. jylQ30t?rc ! EOAR8. SEGARS, SEGARS.?H. HENRIUUES'TT* spectfully luforms his friends and the public that he has >ened the store No. 106 Broadway, corner of Pine street, for e exclusive sale of imported Havana and Principe Segars here will be constantly on hand a choice assortment of all ie favorite brands. N. B.?The trade snpplied on liberal terms. jv9 301" i Gtt'lMILTi RAL KOtMIS, LVCKl \\1 li l i I. ill < i ] * itil Broadway, New York. HORTICULTURAL KXIHBITION-At the augge.tion the State Agr.cultural Soeiety, whone Kair will lie rid at Saratoga Spring*, on tiie lith of Sept., the American tricultuml Aiaociaiion hare changed the Inn- of hoi.1 I eir Exhibition to the 8th and 9th of Sept. All peraona ?J?rou? of aiiliiiK the MM of Uorticultuie, are emneatU led to exhibit specimens of Klowera, Fruits , or Vegelahl' 1 d to compete for premium*. Frognunin amy be obtai'. Mr. Jame* Hogg. Seedsman, 102 Broadway, oprmaite I t oom??of any ol the principal seedsmen in New IforV, ori e following Kxecuiive Committee :? Luther Uradish, VVm. Coventry H. Waddell, Jame* Lenox, Shepherd Kuapp, Then Kreliuifhuyien, Hulua Ki?u UeUfleld, Archibald Russell, K L. I'ell, Edward Clark. yll60t?rc DTP. OAIDim, lwy.1 i' i'ViCfc TO OENTLKMK.N ORATIS 1 L if you wiah to enjoy good health aud feel cool, this hot father, you mn?t not neglect having your Coatj and Phot* paned. It matter* not of what kind or materiala they are ;ht or dark?they can be made to look like new, at ainall ?t. 94 Murray, corner of Washington street, is the only ice in thia citv where you can depend upon having your arilea done up in first rate order. -The satisfaction already ran tu the public, defiea all competition or comment. All li who prefer health to mo .ey will do wall to call or aeud a te to the great peraoual comforter, i ll Ht"m A I OliTlSSON, 91 Murray street. > (lAKE'S IODINK LINIMENT?A *afe and cru.n cure (or Rheumatism, either chronic or iutlainmaton ? iralyfit, or loaa of the me of thr limbs, contractiona ol corila d muscle*, and cout, it mutter* not of how lo .g standing; laini, brunea, lumora, hard ao ellinga, and enlaiged joint*, eld to a lew applicatioua of thia l iniment. It haa been used ith iucrcdible ancceai in acrofula or king'* evil, enlarged Hilda, disease* of the spine and hip joints, tic doloreux, end I nerv,.u* affection* It la invaluable, anil acta likr a charm, ipping the bleeding nl flesli wound*, and canting theai to SlilMm It haa never been known to fail cu ring the ?*t arnhborn ulcer* or lever *orcs, and awelled leg* pain rot* the kidney*, in the cheat, *ide,alio ttilTneck, *ore thr iat d croup it *peeaily and effectually eradicate* cutaneou* eruption* of e akin, in the form of aaIt rheum. erydpeU*. pimples, ring, nrmor letter, barber'* itch acald head, 4tc. It instantly reuvea toothache and headache. It ej tract* the pain a d cure* rn?, bunion*, chilblain*, Ike. H. IMOERNEE, Sole Proprietor, 230 Pearl atreet. Kor *ale alao, by Drngirii's nenerillv. I , ? lut nFTaL VaLKM le.NN b LA* etj ?w 5! til i ia i o., i No. 377 Broadway, offei a large assortment of the above, various widths, to per eeut niler regular price* Also new ttern* in ,Mii*liu 1 rimminu Bands lufants'Waists; Robea d Caps; Engli-h and Kieuct Thread Lacea and Kdgings; e jaconet, cambric, mull ail uainaook inualin*. Handkeriefs, Collars, Chemisette*, Cei ea, Visites, Veila, <kc , at a rv small adv n* c on the cost ol importation ic2^?()r#r AMn.OlftANDULlMANB HALL LANTHORNS, ^ in all their ninety.?An extensive and splendid assort, siit of the above article*, comprising solar, lard. camphmc, | emical oil, dorm and out-door lamps,rich cut and pi mi |(lobf , I imuey*, wickt, French and Auuricau paper ?h?dii. 1 he** ' out [HrfliMiiut would du well to call and judge lot them A T 0^5SntA5??S??' Iftw HAA VKN ? Henry H L< e* k Co. will mII at I ur?d?l, Jul) Mill, al It o'clock, allhe Ma'CI. " U UCkM|>| lliifutni ' o* stesmb' U New Haven, cobmt Ikatened and c. U'Jto liurUiru, wrli? very rail inventory HM bertns for ISM p'utif'n Wu limit iu New V ark M l KM. by M?i<n Uwitnrr tc H leeden. of live oak. Iccmt aud ced<f hid u iu I'Vixt r-ap#e? a 6r?t class Had .ie?? boilers and ollirr repairs, to Ilir unr'Unt ol' netrly t7000, b lUt one year ' since. Her inrentoi) c. ulwit'int No. i wajl street, or at II e nine of sale. Mhr wi I be -<ld with >ui reserve. The Boat ran be seen -t !V?w i . mlon. Connecticut, where she uow liee, and w*.ere r \ 111 l> .lef'eered. i 4 Tt'W B NK Kull S.VV iNo\ Chainoera a?ieei.? I'ho I'mateea hive tins day declined the usual d videud of J p- ' c-ntper anuuui hi nil sum* of i and uuder 5o0 d.illais?and i |kt cent on all sums , f M'W dollars and upwards, payable uu and after I Monday, the 19th inst. Interest not called for will be carried to ilie account us piiui'-ijial. . J D. 1'. OUDKN, SwruUry. j> U Ttr _ ONK LtA I Itfc, W All I)? K iu awa> In,in thesutnciiber ou the 13th Mist., Charles Ki?hcr, au indented a|>|ireutice ? Tllfl public are hereby cautioned aga>nsi Imboring or trusting hnn NAPOLEON BUNKL. New York. July 14. 1847. jnl5 Jt?rc SOL -Ut. LAMPS^ gTkaNDoLKS, HALL " LANTHORN i Ten Traya, tc.?The subscriber has now ready lor inspection one of the best selected stocks of the atnive articles in this city. Country dealers, churches, hotels, and private families, will find it to their advantage to call ana examine the above stock, which will he sold at reduced pricea. JOHN W. MORGAN, jyll lOt'rc 131 Kultou st. one door east nf Broadway. PRINTS 1JV Till. l'OUND.?Just received at Duffy's, 486 Oiand st eel. corner of Columbia, 50,000 yards of superior English prints, which are to be sold by the pound. Also yard wide buxlish lout; cloths, towelling, diaper*, kc. kc. The atteulion of buyers Is solicited to these goods, as their cheapness will be uiade manifest ou inspection. PfcTKR DUKKV fc 80NV jv_l4 4t*rc 48fi Orond street, corner of Colombia. Anthon y'a~n ational daguh-rkkan dkYot", 217 Broadway, New Yoik-K. ANTHONY, (late Anthouy,Clark it Co., lmi>orter of Kreucli Plates, Frames and Chemicals, and Oerman Instruments, General Agent for the supply of Daguerreoty|ie Apparatus, and materials of every description, both of foreigu and home manufacture. Mr. A. haviug retired from the business of portrait takiui, devotes liilit rli exclusively lo I'uriiishiug the various materials required in the art. His long experience as a practical Datuerreolvpeist, gives hnn eminent lacilities for supplying the est quality of articles on the most reasonable terms. Iv11 :?r?m T O^'HACHK-TOUTHACHt.-Dr. PHITCHAHD 8 Mi*ic Joothache Mixture, warranted to affoid immedi ?t? relief, anil su j*ner to M17 Toothache preparation known.? Prepared by au etperieuced dentist, and approved by able deutists aud physicians throughout the Union. Price per vial, 21 cents; wholesale upon reasonable terms. Office No. 131 Bee k man at. corner of Vrout, aud opposite Kultou Marketje)B Mr* re CROTON WATEH. (JUULKKS.-l would most respectfully call the atteution of the public to tny newly invented arUrle for cmIiuk the Criitou water. The beauty and durability of llus article canuot be snriiasaed: it la a most eicellent thing for stores, offices, private and public liouies, alio steamboats, shipa, lie , being made eutirely ou a new plau. The above will be sold at a pi ice so that it may b? within the reach of all. The public are respectfully invited to call at 363 Water St., bei weru Peck slip and Dover street, nest door la Mott's Stove Factory. N. B.?The Cooler call be seen in operation at 203 Water Br?t. jyt3w*rh AU V KKTISKM EN'l'S arc daily lorwurded for publication iu the best Newspapers of all cities and princii?l (owns in the United Suites. Canada, lie, by the accredited ngent, V. B Palmer, who is also authorised to receive subscription*. The ageue\ It III till? Tribune buildings. jet9 30t*r jt AT h M fcETlNU of the' FIRST~f KOOP'of WASH| INOTON OKAYS, the following vote of thanks waa I niianiinoiisly adopted. Ou motion tn<t it be published iu Lthe" Sun,''" He'alil"and " Military Argus,'Icarried. 0 Captain Thomas P Wav, , foimerly Commander of the First Troop of Washington Urays. Sm,?Deeply impressed with a grateful sense of the many obligations we lie under to you for the gentlemanly mauner ' in which you have diach-rged the responsible duties of your office, and the interest you have ever manifested iuthe wel| f ire of your command, induces ui, now that the period ofonr separation is a hand, when we are to lose the guidance and control of one whom we were ever willing to look to for aid ami council, in every emergency, and whom we ever found as able ai willing to respond to oar wishes, we can only testify our respect and esteem lor u deserving officer by this tribute of respect. . It is now fourteen years since you entered this company, i and during that long period, have paaaedtlir every grade of office, witl: reclit to yourselfiid honor t > the cminsnd. This, in it. peaks louder tho word< favor ol your worth, snd resttest.ii thee inuou-. <ardthat has ever follow" ir promotion XhsM&rM interest nd nnvious !<<liug>ot'those who tktplliiuri leioeui l shalleveib?cheriahed fo welfare ilirough 1 he y scenes of life, and may yon days glide as peaceful > our military career waa honi Tln-relore, Kesolved that the members ofthe First Troop of vslungtnu (Jraya, nlio having served under your comin ind, d" offer to >ou their uufeigucd thanks, and trust that your Birrit maybe aa conspicuous to the world, as to those | \v!io nerved under you. LIF.UT. VAHI AN, President. f'nmlks Bi ortDKL. Secre'arv. jvl' lt*r . VUJI..N AND AMBO? RAILROAD COMPANY, Kmigrant and Trauaportatiou Line from New York to iilelphia, from Pi'r N -iNo tli River, dnlv, (Sundays i ni,) nt 3% o'clock P M. Oil ail' after Thuraday, tnr 1 II instant, passenger* by above line will take the steamboat Transport, ( apt John CFould. at 3^ o clock P. M., for South Amboy, where they will take the cats for Bordeutowu, thence by the largo steamboat Bu'liugton, and arrive at Philadelphia aboU'7 o'clock lien moini g, in time to connect with all the lOiitheri and western lines leaving l'hiladetjih a. Fare from New York to Philadelphia, S3 2S. UlA BLISS, Agent. jyH 6t*m , O'KAND EXCURSION TO THE FISH ? M^Bank*, on mu day, July 18th. The large mi'l commodious sea ateain r KOSCIUSKO, Captain Drmiug, having been chattered ny J. N Wilts for the b >ve eicu sion, will leive the pier foot of Hauimoiid atreet It * o'clock A M , Caual .treet at , Delancy atreet. (E. R ) ?t Montgomery atreet at9, Cetliarii street at 9>?, Pier No l,(N K ) at 9H, and will then proceed to the Hei B'H Banks, and remain a sufficient time tog atify the moat rigu! diaciplea oflxaali Wilioii N. B.?Refreshments furnished on boaril at f moderate elm rp. Iieturu:tig, the boat will laud at Clifton, aud rem in a ?liort nine. Fare for the excursion fifty rents. Bait furnished catia. A person will be in attendance to furnish lines ut n moderate c'taige. jy!7 2t*rc . k.< I i'SKINS 'JO UllLL'8 tf.KllV, f-^dEIlNTILLlETHPLKM. FORT LICK au.l TRIJSBmkHMHKa MTV i KMKTERY-Lawliugat Ht.mmc.od and Nineteenth streets.?Ksrb One Bhilliko ? On ami after Sunday.. July Ifith, the commodious steamboats FRANK. Cu t. Isaac Scott, and KQBIlR 1" ANNKTT, Cart. Frederick Oaylord, wilMe*v? t^e fo<^t of Cau?l street every day, Bundiya excepted, M 6 1 aud 10 AM. J, J and 6 P M. Returning, leave F 'it Lee every day, ^todays excepted, at 7X und II A. M-, 1, quarter to 4. nrd 6 P. M. ON 8LNDAY8, Tl-e boats will leave C"iial street at 7. 9 and 10 A. M., and i aud 3 P. M. Leave Kort Lee et 8 and II A, M., aud 1. J and 6 P.M. For the accommodation o< Pic Nic and other snriil pleasure parties, a bo it will leave F'ott Lee at 7X p. M every i'ue?day, Thursday and Saturday eventne. TRINITY CF.MKTF.RY The 8 and 2 o'clock trii a of enchday. Hundnysexcepted, will he extended to Trinity Cemetery, the grounds of wMch have been recently laid out in The inosi henutiful and picturesque manner. Returning, the boat will leave the Cemetery wharf at a quarter re 12 o'clock and quarter to fl o'clock. Srages will be in readiness at Fort Lee to couvey passpngers to Hackeusack. Sundays excepted. jell 30t*r IUtNEY ISLAND FF.RRY?8PKCIAL P IN NOTICK.-On aud after Monday. July 19th, WTir Hffifffat the AMERICAN F. AOLK will discontinue licr trips In in l anil street, leaving only pier No 1, N. H , at 10, I and I o'cloi k. for Coney Island and Fort Hamilton, with a inoruiuu trip at 7 A.M. from pier No. 1 to the latter place, jy 17 21 ?r OPPOSITION PASSAGE OFFICE?To PA Ibany, Uties, $1 30; Syracuse, $1; Oswego, S3; Rochester, S2 25; Buffalo, S2 50; Clevehud, 50; Detroit, $'i; Milwaukie. $8; ' hictgo, S8; Cincinnati, SU; Toronto and Hamilton, $1; Whitehall, $2; Montreal. $1; Pittsburg, $0. I IIAA al?#t Any security required will be given for the fulfilment of all contractu mncle with this company. jvl6int?r M. L. llAlf, Agent, New York?IB47. i _l^ls > MTEaMKu'aT KXVl.itSIONH AM) ' 0^-?4I?3e PLEASANT I'ARTIKB ?The fast new low 1 'V?U , steamboat NOR I II AMKUII: A 1 has h'uii tspecially prepared to accommodate Societies, Schools. and Pleasure Parlies. The NORTH AMERICA U too well known by the citizen! as a first elitsi Urge and spacious steamer to need any particular description Apply at 1(4 Greenwich street. jyHlltis?m THE CHINESE JUNK AND CONEY r >^Iu_jLN ISLAND FERRV ?Th? commodious and vSuSZSEBmmelegant steamer ION, Captain Weld, will, for the present week, run at the following hours, pissing each trip near the Chinese Junk, allowingpassengers a fine new of the same. Landing each way at Fort Hamilton. Clinton street, E. R , I0K A- M.. and IX P. M.i Pier No. I, N. R., 11 A. M ; 3 P. M., and 4){ P. M. rare each way 12X cents. j 13 5t?Je ___ FRENCH TRANSATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY-Sttam Fri^^R^fX^irafe UNION, late Canada.-New York, July lith, 1047 ?The (hip will be ready for reception of >ompany on Saturday, the 17th instant, from II A. M. till 4 P. M. The puhl c in general, and the French resident! in particu| lar, arc cordially invited to repair on board, by the comminder, ! the officers, and the geueral agency , Tickets of odmiasioii will be issued from the office of the I f mpany, No. II Broadway. jlfl 2fis fh i PA88AOE FOR LIVERPOOL?The packet qty^V'hip EUROPE will sail for Liver|i?ol on Wednes. .VBtKaday the I'M inst. For rate of pssmu'e in cabin, second cihm, and steerage, apply to the captain on board, at foot ofileekm&n stieet. or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS h CO , j v llr^i 13 Fulton street. i**; I'ASMI.K l'(t AM) FROM LI V KRI'OOL KFjWcV''y 'he New Line of Liverpool rackets.?The splen jfiMMbdid packet ship 1IOTTINGUER. I2.'i0 too* burthen1 Captain Ira Bnrsley, will sail her regular days, as I illnwsw'iooi New Vork oil the 21st of July, fiiitn Liverpool on the 6tn of September. Persons wishing to secure passage to Liverpool by the above magnificent pa?ket, or those wishing to send for tneir friends inanypaitol the Old Country, can make the neceiaary arrangements with tha subscribers on favorable teims. The Hottiiigaer haa splendid accommodations for cabin, strond cabin, and steeraie passengers, and ii in every respect a most drsirahla conveyance for passengers To secure berths, ai>I ly to W fc J T. T AP8COTT. at their General Passage Office, it t m gnnlk a..~. k.l d 1! 1 _ 1*3^ FOR SALE'The Liverpool liue of packer*, MjnfVeompriird of the ?hip? Roaciua, fliddona, Hheridan JUkUbb'M'd Oarrick: they were built in th<? city with the t>r<l ni'Tfrriln, fr'mea moatlv live oak. locuataud cedar,aalted on the atncka, and reaalted e??ry year tin re. All yerv recently coppered ?nd refitted, ?nd ne?rlv m aa Rood condition u when tirat built. Their accommod ?ti- ti for paaaeiigera are ap* ioui i<nd hmdaomely furmahrd. If not told on or before T?e?U;iv, the Jfltli inat., they will he aold at one P. M. that day by L.M. Hoffman (Sc o., at the Merchanta' Kichanve For further pnrticulara, apply to E. K. COLLINS, IvH S'ia'C V Sonth a'reet. XA3P- FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line-Re.rnlar ??J(?V*arket of Jlat Jnlv.?The well known, faat eailiUK, JBUtKBlMrUet <hip HOTTINOUF.R, 1000 tuna, Captain Ira Dnrtlet, will aail aa above, her tegular day. For frei|(ht or pasaage. Itaviuz aplendul large ami comlortable accommodation*, apply lo the captain, on hoard, at wrat aide of Burling alirt or to WOODHULL & MINTURN, ?7 South afreet. The parUrt ahip Liverpool, 1200 tona burthen, Cnp'ain John Eldridxe, will >ucceed ine Hottinxner, and aail on her refill J , lir, tlaf of A mm ji'2J r g FOR LfVKRPOMI.-Ncw f?f l?rk(JrJrVei of 26th July?The new apleudid. -t ?ailinjj , QMMbpaeliet (hip ROKCIU8. Captain Aa* Kit 'i'e, will poaititjly anil aa above, her reirtilar nay. For freight or pnaaige, having anperior furnial.* modntionv apply oo board, at Orleana whert, loo f ? all ^ treei.orto i K. K. COLI.INS.'<* h L The packet ahip RIDDONH, CapC. K B Cobb, *. II inc , eeed the Roarini, and aail the Mth o< Aitiuat, het.eeiilar , d?r i'*> ra< in/lHToH llATftK?,{;'*? ? P THKATUC,?Tin uut>r? M 'Mpr?fiuli > I tkftt this nUMntiMt will M n fwi?d fw t he ?. am M"ud?w, |4 Tho Udi?s nd na UaH ?f th? c- uiauy an raqaeatrd < s'teud nkmulunhido, ihe Xkh of J?ly. msl? t, ?t II o?l? c*intl>? 1 ttiiwtu. jv iJ (SI rrc ITaOk' Mlhs U. V ALLK's.T BOWKK V i HtA 1 ?<*..?a W. itoitM, Proprietor? ttK ?t?>ik? Hra??Mtaww.?IU-upeniu( for a sl.ort sum- ' mrrSowa.?Nxurd.v Evmiok. July n will l>? pertormrd. i the of Ihe POOK. <iKS I l.KMAN ?Lieut. Worth ugtoii J B; fried rick Bumble, 1 htnlr.u Afi?r which, the romedjr of bICr.T' -Hh.H IN INDIA?tlir ' Matthew Scrafga, B-ll in> ; T 'Ui Ts|>e, J l>u I'uun. Alto, the drmna of the ADi'PTKU < H1LD?Michael, W. Mirilulli The Adopted Child, Mis? Deijuni To coi.cluda with ih? comedy ?f Tli?. DUMB 3EL1.E. Boxes,). cents; Pit ?ud ?iailery, 11)4 cent*. Doorsvpeuata quarter to 7: i?erlorin*iiee to coinmeure at htlf-naat 7. _ PALMO'-* OPKK V lllJl/Hfc.? Kiist night <?' the hreuch Bailat, from the Havana and New Orleans 1 heatret. The l erformaiices ? f these eatraord.narir Artistes hava afrac rd the moat brilliant and l.ihiousbls audiences wheravrr they have appealed. The extraordiuary beauty and ea*e of Mile. Ade laide, lias stamped her aa a >tar <>l attraction. Mile. Matilda, line ol the must graceful paiitomimist' I the day. Mile. I proline, also a most graceful dain'er. M le. Julie and Mile, p lora, attract the adatlr<tion of nil '>eh' 1 'era. Mr. Schmidt Lehmau. a dancc ol exceeding ease an *iiity. Autpnie Lehman auo Chri-tian Lehman. In r-oi ? 'tiuu with ihe abova ta.auta popular Vaudevilln Cm< pany will i; ;?ear, among whom are the names ol .Sir Thu*. Kiyuu anil Miaa A ir>" Dun. jy 17 3??rc_ CAsTLf. OAKDfcN ?Mr. Mauager.-Oii Saturday Kveuiiig, July 17, the entertainments will commence with the overture tn ihe "Caliph of Bsfdau, , by the nrrhestra. To he followed by the comedietta of LfcNU Mr. KlVfc SHILLl.Ni. -Mr liolightly, Mr. Holland; Captaiu Phobus, Mr Wulcott; Mrs. Captain Phobbs, Mrs. Isberwood. After which, Pas de deux Tyrolienne, by Misses Louisa and Amelia Wells. To coacludu with the RKNDKZ VOUS?Simou, Mr. Holland; Smart, Mr. Walcot; Hose, Miaa Clarke; Sophia, Miss Phillips. Doors open at 6X; Performance to commence tt V. Admitaion, a watt. I THK CHINKSK Jl*NK.?CABTLK liAHDtN.-The |>ublir is aware that ttir proprietors of Castle Gardru have been indefatigable lu their efforts to render their delightful summer resort agreeable. We remember old Castle Lrardeu I well ; iu our boyhood we have ollou been there to see the fireworks, anil " all that sort of thing ;" but llieu it was a ver\ different affair, witn its o|ieu space, and its port holes sltrii g at us with their gr?at eyes. How does it appear uow When you enter what used to be Castle Oardeu, you find yourself within a splendid ampitheatre, such a? the K<>maiis might have copied Not ouly iu this respect, however, have these gen lemeu done "the State much service:" every body has heard of the CH1NKSK JUNK, which has lately come hitha fiom the oriental world?the first vessel of that kind that the Uolhmmtes have been permitted to see She is a wonderfully curious cralV, with a wonderfully carious captain and cr- w, who have, alter a passage of 212 days from Canton, brought tbeir JUNK to our city ; and she contaius a large number of woudcrfUl curiosities Irom the great China natiou, which everyone is anxious to see. lu order to give all au excellent op|>oituuity, Messrs. K. k II have caused this vessel to be brnuuhi in the Martlet) wharf, where >11 cm visit Iter, without hiriuK a boat to go out in the bay, lit the ?ina|l expensed twenty-live ceuu each. In efTectlug thia object, they have doue the citixeus a great met-, which ought to be appreciaied. Independent oi all thia, too, the I.astir Garden is a moat agreeable place ; the erformaucea of the old lavoritea of the " Olympic" and of Herr Cliue on the tight ro|>e, are highly attractive. The ice creams. See. are superb ; and the attendanta geutlemanly and accommodating. We would commeud thi resort, therefore, to every |?era')u, and to strangers especially, who should not leave the city without paying a vikitto this pleasant retreat. > J >16 iftis * r T. D. CVSTLK GARDEN.?Extraordinary Exhibition?The J Chinese Junk Keying is now lying at Cattle Garden ? Admission on board 21 ceuu. Open from 6 o'clock, A. M., till S P. M. j!12w r _ IJKUALi VVA k lili-.AXtU",.?This eatablishmeut, uow JO erecting iu Broadway, will be opened for Dramatic purposes solely, ou or about the first of September, under the mnuageiueut of O. H. BARKETT. Persons of acknowledged talent wishing situation* for the Mwon, will please address him (pre-paid) at 1U9 Leonard street. A. MANN, sole Proprietor. K7~ During Mr. Barrett's abseuce in Europe, all letter* and busiueaa communications may be addressed to hi* agent, _jel3 tfrc W. CORB YN. No. 2 Barclay street. A ME > ICAN MUSEUM-PERFORMANCES both Afternoon and Evening at aud HV o'clock. THE ORPHEAN FAMluV. OK KENNEBECK VOCALI8T8, The most talented und popular Band in America are encaged at this honse, and will give their Grand Concert* thi* aftemocn nid evening, at half-past 3 and a ouarter past 8 o'clock, when ilno oilier talented i>erforiners will appear, including the Clap mui family, Pete Morris, Miss Jnlieu. and others SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEO, T iUrn by the American Army iu Mexico, may be aeeu here at all hours day auu eveuiug. The Magnificent Moving Diorama of the FUNERAL OF NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. Will atao be exhibited at each and every performance. Admission 16 cents. jel re VAU XH A LLIALOON?THIS KV'ENTN O^MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT?To consist of a choice collection ol Songs, Out Is, Trios, Rounda. Catches, (Quartette, Glees, Qutiitrtt*. ike., 6iC., aud many Gems I'rom the Opeia, and a selection of the most brautilul Melodies, from the very popular E hiopiaii Biwles<|ue Operas, Seuomeutal, Comic, Patriotic. Ike., by Mr. Shall*, Miss Bruce, Messrs. Qtiayle, Kavauagh and Harrison. Mr. Olulield will preside at the Piano Forte. Au e. tue change of perfoimance every Evening. Performance to eommenre at 8 >4 o'clock. Tickets 21 cents, to udinit a Gcutlemau aud Ladies. Adinission to the Gaiden, free. G1RANU I O ^CEIi'l'-Tl-ia Evening,at I'lntens's Cale des M lie Colounes Kilnon, 3i>7 Bioailwnv. our shillipg, for will h ilir brsf ire cream and oilier rrl>e?*>aicuis will tie g.veil. To eoimnei>ce at 8 o'clock. jylllk.17 2tis" rc ARCH STHEfcT THEATRE TO LET.?The Arch street Theatre, with the Scenery and Appurtenances foi the season 01 1(47 hud 1818, troin the 1st of August next. Com m inicationa. poat paid, addreaaed to S. Branson, 19 Market street, will receive attention. PHit.aDKi.rHls. June 111. 184T. jell eod 2w ?ll JUST AhRlVl-.L). at the New I oik Horse y13 *, No. 31 C.ostiy itrrrt, one Iwir of wrll .^..L^JU'uatrlied, hiiiilaoine b.ack lluri.t, 'fifteen hand, tin re n.clies IiikIi, ?h iui<1 seven yeaia u|d, f??t tfuvellera; good, atyle, uiui warr.nted souud. One irr; llum, sixteen [minis Illicit, in yeara old, kind, gentle, and souud, and a good ruad horse Alio one Imv Alare, (ifiern luudi high, < reL years old, kind and gentle. and very fast?aay three monies? andaouiid; with a lumber of good horaea for ran ua urn Full particular at the office, 3HJro?by H??i, jyi7 3r?r M U Mi,. OSi ? A b'ackaud white Pointer, wen on hia cheat, collar with hia r.wner'a addreaa. Whuev?r will return him to 24 Walker atreet, .hall leceive live <ull?(t mward. jylSJfr --r*. tHE DULLEST time OF ipTEuuoilj ffVfr lo< the <hiue?.e Junk and Archy, the city at preaeut UVV would be no better ilim the wilda ol Wiacousia ; Inn tmVJ Archy, with hia usual caution, liaa now on hnud the best collection for the curioua he ha* eve* offered, of nativea ouly, melody, singing aud fiuicy Bird' iiud ( agea, fcc. N, B.?Hia ageut la now at Duly'* Hotel, Mentre >1, with a small but good aelectiou. LiUpti, iHiat-pe'd. will meet wilh prompt mention, fioin A. <IEVE, 5 John at. j 13 ?t?ic _______________ mMKOli SACK OK TO LLT-No. It K. luh atreet, ii iiow complutedat.J m?y be oct u; ? > immediately^ No houae in thia city iioasesaea g.. tier udantagea of miuitiiou and couveuieucea. May lie tern from 10 to 2 o'clock. A|i|ilv ?'i the premise*. or to No. 81 WnshinKtiiQ at. j 17 lt*r M COUNTRY HOUSES?To let or tor uli, two atory double houae on Avenue A.near llie llarlein river, witn ?t"blea " And ou 2d Avenue and 116th >treet, two Deautiful tliree totY hmisea, very desirable; rent low ? Also. for sale, a high and very commanding aituation near the North river, fronting the Bloomingdale road, just above Manhattanrille, with a two atory houie, stables, (kc , and about three acres of land, now in the occupation of Mr. Nicholas Tieman. Alao, Iota for aale or leaae ou moat of the aireeta and arenuea in the 12th ward. Apply to O. CHASTERM AN, 33 Johu it, or at Harlein, ou I2}th itrat t, near 2d Avenue. jy 17 3teodia*r _ MAI'AH ? M r..iTH TO LET, handsomely furniahed or unfuruiahed, at 31 North Moore at. jyl< Ht*m _ MFURNlHIEU ROOMS TO LET?A trout parlor and two bedroom* on the 2d Door, at 27 Warren at. JylOtfrc _ _ M PAVILION, NEW BRIOHTON, Staten laland.The proprietor bega to inform hiafnenda and tliepnblie, that he lia* made considerable alterationa and improve uienta in thia ealablishment amce the laat araaon. He liaa erected a large building, containing thirty-three rooma, altogethei iiaconiiecied from the mam body of the iiariliou. Th*ar rooma are intended for gentlemen only; they are of acomforta Die wire, light, and well ventilated, rnd superior in all reapecta to tlioae generally denominated aiugle rooma in th? various watering places throughout the country. The proprietor la uow ready to treat with familiea or parties wishing to engage rooma for the aeaaou. Letteri addresaed to nim nt the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention. A steamboat rasa between New York and New Brighton, at the following honra, yit:? From New Brighton?At and 11 AM,and 2 and 6 r.M. From pier No. I North River, New York?At 9 A. M.and 12 M,and 3K. 5*iid P. M,and more frequent comtnanicationa Will be eatabliahed ?a the aeaaon advancea. Sunday Arrangemeut?From New Brighton at I A. M , 12X, 0 P. M. From New York, at 9 A. M., 2 and \ P. M. The Tavilion ia now ready for the reception of Company. ap25 tfrc F. BLANCARD. ? COUNTRY SEAT FOR BALE-That very deairable reaideuce in the village of Tarrytown, Writ rnester county, nttea up oy me lute Mre. Phillips, and occupied for aeveral } ears by K. Treadwell, E*<i. ia mow offered for aale. The house, which ia about 46 feet by 40. with piazza front and rear, ia well finished and now in pood order, wnh a green home attached. There are also on the premiaes Carriage houae.ataMe, ice ho<iae, gardener's house, and other convruient out buildings. The grounds, about six arrea, are well atocked with a great variety of choii e fruit tree*, ahrubbery and ornamental treea, and the proapect ia not surpassed by any apoi on the Hudaon river. Kor tertna, ke., apply to the aubicriber on the premiaea. j.UMfrr. C. V B. OSTRANDER. .ymrk MAUI'S. 281 BROADWAY ?J. K. BROWNK. ijRyniaker and importer, iuvitea the attentiou of <dmi aflQ^rera of thia delightful inatiumeut to Uie very elegaui "aelection he haa now oa aale, compriaing aome ol the moat splendidly finished, and also plun dearriptioua, ol brilliant toned Double Aetiou Harps, ever offered to their notice?in tone, touch, elegance and atyle of finish certainly nn excelled. Harpa repaired, sttinga, kr. A list of prices and il ascriptions can be forwarded i>er aingle postage. je II 3fltd 4tW?re ''ADIKH KORTHKI OPVT in - Ladies nl.n intend g">ug in the cnuntn > and wishing their supI) ol snoei, can find at J. B. MillerV IT1' anal street, i.adirs lippera. Ties and Buskins at 9 and tu shilliugs per pair: 2d nual.ty Slippers and Ties at 6, and Bosoms at 7 shillings the pair; Ladiea'Maitera at 16 and 18 shillings, e<jual 10 any in the city ; Miaaet and Children's Oaiter Boois and Shoe* of all kinds and prices, Ladies will please oall and eiamin* for themselves, at J. B. MILLER'S, 122 Canal stree'. near W est Brna<iwav. jylSltia*r. 7S LiOHTHAT! (LKAK HI At)!?K N OX. *t 121 jA Fulton t.eet. h?? ?"in* b??uhfnl Jitfltt *??J *ir> Hummer flats. aaayted to the irwt iuininerobject of "keepln^he?healthy and rigorous action of (be hrain more or lesa dependa upon the freedom aad elasticity of the h-ad If therefore followa that summer hafa should ue aa light and airy aa Kiasihle and that any inan cau uiikr more money with one of n?t's than with any olhera. Ti y tne experiment. jyl< nr'isrf I ROCHE BHOI HERS k MASTER?ONjnnpw Pa?sa*e to and from Liverpool by (he rrgnlar packets JMMUesailini on ihe Island lAth of every month. Persona wishing im**age to ihe old country, or aanding lor their friend* ran have them brooght not in thoae packet*, which are aope rior for comfort anif convenience to anv ahipe leaving this port. The apleadifl ship 81. PATRICK, Proal master, will leave Liverpool early iuOctober, and the ship ST GEOKQE. Eerri* mister, will sn?gttd her Dr ifts at aight on the Royal Bank of Ireland, and en Means, Presrott. Ilrots, Ames k Co , Bankers, London, payable at ?|jjht, free of d'aeonnt. Apnly to ROCHE, BROTHERS k MABTERSON. 1*4 Maiden Lane. Agents in Dublin, Roche Brother*, 30 Edm Uuar; and J. r>. Iloclie. Liverpool ill loi'in EO*ft 1NLW (IIt LE \ NM ?Louisiana and New 03*&.UVn { ?"('v T^k"*rLh*'f,,t ?* > MbCENuRK. Thoa. L. Minolt. maMer, is now loadi,g. a.,d will poaitively sail on Monday. August 2 M'r freight or |iaaange, having handsome furnished aceomnodstiona, apply on board at Orlegns wharf foot ol Wall trcet, orto E.K.COLLINS. . _ . * Sotiih?t, Agents in New Orleans. J O. Woodruff k Co , who *111 irj>mptly forward alt gn"?|a t? their address Packet skiD Wabash. ' sptain Hathaway, will luc< red ili? ?e?w* and rail h?t regular day ,,|i TO tIB LATEST MOMENT TKL&UH4 Jf?*AU Tbl Foreign alalia. Dm tor, July 111 #47. Tin steiunsr Caledonia sailed this afu-rnoon, with tbl arml monthly mall, containing about -Ji.OOO letters, and tba u?ual quantity of other uiaiUbU matter. She bad i 10i pawu(?ri among them N. D. Hubbard, Esq., with despatches from the 8tate Depart man t. The Bjdy of Captain Lincoln. Bosto.v, July lfi-T. M. The body of Capt. Geo. Lincoln.who fell at BuenaVlata, i arrived here yesterday afternoon In the (hip Norfolk , from New Orleana The body la eneloeed In a load oof. . ?u, and la to bo placed In the vault under the 8tone Church,until the preparations can be made for transmls! lion to its final resting place, at the raaldonoe of hla | father, ex-Oovernor Lincoln, at Worcester. Theoer*mony In this olty will probably bo a olvlo and military escort to the car*. The reception at Woroeoter will be f imposing character. The war Implement*, he., of the deceased arrived here a few dayi slnoe, In the Catharine and Mary Phu-adklfhia, July lfl?9 P. M Southern mail at Washington. No arrivals. No newt from the army. BY THB Alls Washington, July 1ft, 1947. Tht Forctl in the Field. It appears to us that Father Ritchie has been playing the Jaok o'lantern with reference to the aotuai and eren the prospective foroos of Scott and Taylor. The administration has been active ; but we understand a great number of volunteers have been declined, who would now do efficient service if they were In the field. We understand that the whole force tS Soott Is as follows i At Puebia 04100 men At Vera Crus 600 do Alnnir t.h? rnaH ?a.i?l? imU* * - ,AAA Siclt it Vera Cruz and Along the road. . .. 600 do Total 8000 BM. Ills expected reinforceini uu In prooew of arrival at Vera Crux, deducting casualties, cannot exceed, wa auppose, in all the reintorcomanta for June, 3,000 man.? The whole of thl* force will be reqaired to garrieoa Puebla, leaving for the march upon the City or llexloo a force of 0.000 men. And If Gen . Hcott baa celebrated tbe 4th of July in the imperial city of the Astecs,ha ha* done It, in default of reinforcemeuU.with lraa than 5.000 men. Ho that if he In there, aud faila ot dictating a peace, the question wlll.*next recur bow in he to gat ba?fcT (ten. Hcott hait conducted the iuvaslon with lingular boldness, enterprise aud aueceiia; but ha* he provided for the " fire in the rear!" He baa not had the mean*. He ha* done the belt that oould be done; but how la ha to progreaa or to retrogade' He can do neither, and osteon (ten. Taylor is despatched to bin relief, the prospect appears to be that Uen. Hcott must stand faatat Puebla. But Uen. Taylor haa not the men. To maroh with even five thouaand via San Luia, he must break up all bia depota In the rear, and abandon entirely the Northern department* to the enemy. Will that anawer? Wa think uot. The prospeot la, therefore, that both armlea will have to stand fast till more troop* are . r' <f ~ rti Ten thon- * aaud more men are wanted in Mexico, and thay oan be had. rVOtTH VKRHON8. BUTIMOkl, July 10, 1047. Democratic Candidate for Con?reu? Triumph of (As Cuiltm Houie Clique?Defeat of 'he Court Houte Clique?John P. Kennedy?Thi 'olunletrt?TU Market?, ft. Tbe democracy of Baltimore met in convention laat night, for the nomination of a candidate to repraqpfct tbe flrat seventeen wards of the city in the next Co?greaa. The cboloe fell upon Robert M. McLane, Esq , a son of tbe Hon. Louis McLane. Tbia may be regarded aa a triumph of what haa been called the "Custom Houaa clique," of which Mr. McLane haa long been the reputed leader. If tbe whiga should bring out a lawyer oandldate of tbe " Court House clique,'' tbey will be well matched, but it the " boue and sinew" triumph in their convention and nominate a mechanic or merchant, the wduh u<urt triumph Tuts in the district ho w?U and ably represented for several sessions by the Hon John I*. Kennedy. Hud he Jut-ires the nomination, but during tlie past y* ar he ^ave inortnl offruce to the 'cm peranee uien. having. an 1 : e?U dent of the Mouse ot Delegates, defeated thu proposition tor "liuense or no license'' te be submitted to thu people, tin is an able man, aud would otherwise receive the nomination and be elected also. Fort Aiclleury has not been so full of men since til* last war, thrre being fix oompanies quartered there, comprising over tire hundred men Iroiu Baltimore and Washington, who will take their departure for the Brains on Thursday neit. There is a great contest going on for the Mtijorship of the battaliou tITorls are alro making to-day to raise two more companies to be added to the battalion, and volunteers seem to b* oblained with great faoility They are, however, prinolpally youths, about JO years of age, but will doubtlav make good soldiers. Mr. Burtou In making preparations to op?n the Front street theatre again, tor a summer reason, and as all other plaoes of amusement are closed, ha will donbtleM reap a rich harvest. Tint Mimu-In the Flour market, yesterday, holders were lomewliat fnnier, sud tales of over 100 bbW fre?h ground Howard street brands h?V* been made at $1 M, at which pr e* it it m good request. Sinnll sals* of buaquelisuna brsndt st $1 A s*le yesterdsy of JtO libit Virgiais Corn Meal tl $J per bbl. Recripu ot Flour very light. There is a slight iinprovament iu the price of Wheat; aalca of 2000 bushels i'euuaylvauia r?d st title The range for good to prime is 100 a 110c. Aiotof good Western led, via New Orleans, has been told at 101c. gales of white snd ytllow Oorn st 61s67e. per bushel. Bales of JOt'O buthela P*tintylvanis Rye at 70c. sad wine 8000 buahels Osli st 30 s 37)(c. Maryland Oats range about the sstne price. 8ale* of Stock at Baltimore. $3100 U. H. O's, '67, I06X; >000 Treasury Notea 6'a, 106; 16M MsrylaudC's, 89*; 1?7 City 6'a, "90, 100*; 300 do, 111. 161 do, 101V State 6 per ceuta closedst SO snlisU, 89 bid. City par cents of 1880, closed st 10I1* aikrd, 100V bid. Baltimore sad Ohio railway khares ?7\ naked, \1% hid. Philioklphia, July 18,1M7. The breaking of a pole at the corner of Third and Market streets, last night, snapped the two telegraph wires leading to yonr city, and the substitution of a more substantial pole occupied nearly all the morning, and. of course, suspended the transmission of message*. The pole waa too weak to bear the weight of six wires whiah rested upon It, and the consequence was that the upper part, to which the wire* were attached, waa snapped off. The other wires, leading to Baltimore, Pittsbnrg, and Reading, were not broken, and the communication with thoae oltles is still kept up. Judire Parsons has rreatml nulln a l>nM.?K maglitracy by onrvlog ruled upon them,requiring ttch to show caUHe wby certain defendants, who bid been arreted for trivial breaches of the p???. or taken up while Intoxloated, or for othtir peccadillos bar* not bean held to ball aud th? ease* returned to court. Ths msi{lHtrat?(i contend that they have the right, under existing law*, to fettle such iuw, upon the guilty parties 1 paying the co?t.? and fines which their misconduct ha* | imposed upon them. This 1* denied by the Attorney General and the court, and the question will probably be taken to the Hupreme Court before a settlement of the principle ran bo obtained Judge Parsons li certainly very erratic In hi* roam upon this, at well an other Rutyeata I pon a recent occaalon he lamented that It wan not In the power of the Grand Jury to liupoae the cunts. In certain trivial cases. where the billi of Indictment had lieen Ignored, npon the aldsrm?n who bad returned them to court, and now b* threaten* the terror* of the law against ths aldermen for returning cases that would most likely have all bssn Ignored. galea of Btoeki at Philadelphia. Julv Ifl.?kis?T BoiSi).?7J0 KesJin* RR,31\; mm do Bond*. 16%. A> Tr.a ?ai r??TOO Wilmington RIl 6 V. 8. Bank, 4>4i 101 Reading, 311^'. Sicoki) IJo?Rr>? BtU Wilmin|ft"n RRo'n, H6W Afl r.H Maxes?1000 Heading Kit Boin. 76^: MO Girard B.i.k, I3W. MOO County fc'?, '73, I00X; It, Lemsli. 13K; m Readies HR, ]])(; 40) Lehigh lutereit, 61*?; 10 BnaijotniSBS Canal, ISViBales of Stocks at Boston. KtcMA!i?i Bmai>, July IJ? 4 Boatonand Lowell Railroad f.H2U:7 Ilnilim mill Wonrtlrl do 12J: * '"'frlihnra do IMUt 7 Northern do 103!.,; I Old < olony do .... . Woaton and Proridrnce do l?7.Si '# fall Rirrr do 91V 13 Auburn and Rochea ter do I0?V?; IJ Wraieni do 110**. 179 VVr.Irn, ]<?i|road right* I ?8; ino fieadjiiK Railroad 13 V*: 3 Kaat Boaloo to H?{; JO do, Mod., nit. 133 ???t BoatMl IFni-lendt ?13: JO Norwich and Wnrceater R.ilroad JJ)?; 23 do, alOdi, J1H; 30 do, alOda, aJjfs 23 do, bJd?. ?3?>VUSU1RKC1AL I K'rKU.KiK SCB. The Flonr Market. riniiPKi PHiA. July 1A?There baa been 1mm activity In flour, hut price* are fully lurtaict-d. owing to light receipt Sale* of 60# bbl* Weatern at %l> H7W. end km* nt % "> SO to thai retailer* rennaylvmiia flonr. Ire*h ground, in held at i 7ft, with unall rain Rye flour I* nominal Corn meal?A *ale at $8 3A per bbl Grain? A *al? of 1000 bu*hel* good red wheat at f?l IS and a lot of prime at $1 20 per buehel Rye 1* worth 73c. a 7Se. Corn?Hale* of 3000 bu*hel? Pennaylrania yellow at 74o. It I* wanted at thl* price. A aale of New Orleana at 70 cent* ( inciwna*!, .Inly 10.?Late on Friday 297 barrel* were old at $4, and 11)0 do at >4 10 To d?y 400 hbla. were aold from *tor* at p n. t . auppoeed $4 10; 1000 bbl* at f>4 IA; 1000 aud 300 do at >4. which wm all that buyer* K< niTnlly offered. and many holder* were willing to accept thia rate Of White Mill*, a choice family brand, Cft bbl*. were *old, In two lot* at $5 N*w Ouu?a. July fl ?The rainy weather for *eTer%i dtya part, together with the anticipation of Ikter new* from England, ban rendered bu*lne?* of all kind* ceediagly dull Floor ha* declined from day to day. and 1WK) hoi* were K'ld yeaterday at $5 26 to ?6 AO for Otilo and llllnoln, and fO per bbl for St Loula brand*-a tailing off aince the (teamer of $1 3A to fk| AO net barrel ? Nothing done in wheat About 13 00(1 bu?nela of corn were dinpoeed of including 0.700 buahel* white and ye) low at flftc ; 1000 bu*hel* white at Mo , and tome other nnnll lota at 70c per buahel. PhiUdclplila Catll* Market. JtTtv 1A ? Offering* of the week 810 beef cattle Including 3(0 for New York 200 cow* and calve*, 480 hogf and lft? 0 ?heep and lamb*. Price*?Deere* ?Nearly all *oi<l within the rnnge of frfl 60 a |7 .Viper I (HI lb*. Cow* and Calrea-fnlea R< *14 a >:(0 for fretb. f> 19 a $24 for *iir>r?#ere *rd fe a ft 1 for dry eow* Hug* brought t?a ?! 7A p?r loo lb* >he?p *na l.auib* all told al *1 a * 1 fcr abeef an 1 #1 t> fot lambe, m la \ J

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