Newspaper of The New York Herald, 19 Temmuz 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 19 Temmuz 1847 Page 1
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I I , THI Vol. XIU. No. Itl7?WM? fla? Wot, THE NEW YORK IKKiLl ESTABLISHMENT, i Horth-we?t corner of Kialtoti and Ituaa Ma. { n CmcULVTION?FOIlTY THOl'MID. DAILY IIKRALD?Every day, Trie* J tMUp?iciW-(1 Sj|>er iiiiiiu????payable ill adv <n?e. VV Kt.KLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 4>* eaaiu . per coin - $3 1<U ceiita per annum?p?yabl? inadianre * HER *LD FOR EUROPE?Kiery Steam Pack?t dajr? Fticc will per copy?$1 l*r uiium, HiclaJirg |>o?u??. payable in advance. SuWriuiuoa and kiItii^mmU wjl * received by Wur? Galiunaiii, ID Rue Vivienne. Pane; I' L ttimotiili, ISCurnhill, and John SliMer'he boolueller. Loudon ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD-Publi.l.ed on tl?e lit of January .reach year?liiiKle coi>i?? aii|?etice each. ADVHtT18EMENT8, al the u.u.l nrinea?nlwayi c?h in J advance. Adtertikfineuti ahould be written in a plan, legiM* m>uner. The Proprietor will not be reipouaible for errora mat '< liny occur iu tlieui. . , . . PRINTING of all kinda executed beautifully and with despatch. .... . . v All W-ttera or communic*iona by mail, addreaaed to the ?; iMi-li.neut, loui.t be poat paid, or the poatafe will be de ducted Crom the aiibacriprion monev remitted. "j U/VIIUMH AilK AII1UUI IVAlbDUAU UUJirAllI, < Minitftnut and Treimportation Line from New York to J' riulailt IniiM, from Pifr No. 2, North Hirer, Jail,-, (Sutidava u e?ce(.tpJ,) at 3X o'clock P. M. On and after Thursday, the , litli nutaut, paseeugers hy abore line will take the steamboat " Transport, ( apt. John Gould, at 3>? o'clock P. M., foi South ? Aroboy, where they will take the cara for Bordentown, thence , by the large stesmboat Burlington, and arrive at Philadelphia {, alum'7 o'clock next morning, in time to connect with all the L soutUeru and western lines leaving Philadelphia. Fare from , New York to Philadelphia, *2 25. IRA BLI8S, Agent. E jyi??t?m U TIIK ONI.V (IRANI) MOONLKiHT * i COTIU.ON EXCURSION OF THE ? SEASON will be made by the favorite n Steamer EUREKA, Cap'.. Rockwell, on Monday Evening, \ July 19, leaving Beach street pier at 7>i o'clotk P. M.: Mar- .V ket street, East River, at a quarterito I; pier No. 1 North Hivera'S: Jertev ' ity at a quarter past 8: Robinson streetat " h ilf-p.nt 8; and Canal street at a quarter to 9; proceeding up j the river as far as Verplauck's Point. * Lothian'? unrir&IIed Cotillon Band is engaged for the occa- J| inn. The commi'tee pledge themselves to make this the most " select party of the season. * Commitiee?John Mills, Stephen Keeler, Jr., John T. ' Bier*. George F Whitney, Lewis K.Williams,ICharles Place, Jr, Russell Crane. , Tickets for a gentleman and two ladies, One Dollar. Tick- | ets to be of the committee. jy 18 2t*m * REGULAR CONEY ISLAND FERRY. ?. J" W?BZ3^-The Steamer AMERICAN EAGLE leaves ' SSsinCKea I'ier 1 North River daily (Sundays included), ' 10, I, aud 4 o'clock, laudiug at Fort Hamilton each way; returning from Coney I-land at 1J!?, 2X and 6K o'clock ~N. B?No boat s ive that belougiug to the ferry will be per- " muted to laud r.t Coney Inland, and passengers will please J" govern ili'-mselvcs accordingly. jyl8 7t m }; !T??w CITIZEN'S NEW BAY LINE OF si ^V^lL?fcOPPOSlTION BOATS FOR ALBANY, JSrtllfitaHfcBLanding at Van Courtlandt's Newburgh, Fou^hktepue, Kingston. Cab kill and Hudson.?Kara 10 ceuu? * Iireaklast and Drnner ou Board. 4 The new and elegant .Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. * A. Degroot, Tuesday*, Thursdays, mid Saturdays, at half-past ?! . ail, A.M.. from the pier foot of Robinson street, teaching at Hammond street pier, each way, , fjFor passage or frieght, apply en board the Boats, or to Geo. T. Stanley,at tho office, foot of Robinson street. ?j CT" All persons are forbid trusting the abort boats on ac- ~ coout of the owners mvI9rh {J T - |? f.A' IKSIOINS J O UULL'h KfclRHVi a ;^*a^_*TILLlETUDLKM, FORT LEE aud Till- si iMMilSCMNITY oEMKTERY?Lauding at Hamnoud e and Niueteenth streets.?Fabk Ortr.**.?Oo aud after f; Sunday, July 18ih, the commodious steamboats FRANK. tl Cai t. Isaac Scott, and KOBKRT ANNETT, Capt Frederick ft Gsylord, will lenvp the font of Canal street erery day, Bun- p days rxcepted, a?<t, 8 and 10 A. M.,!1, 3 aud 6 P. M. c Returning, leave F >rt Lee every day, Sundays excepted, at li 7)i and 12 A.M., and 1. quarter to 5. aud 6 P. M. si ON SUNDAYS, si The boats will leave Canal street at 7, 9 and 10 A. M., and 2 tl auil3P.M. Leave Fort Lee at 8 aud 11 A, M., and 1, i and 6 ri P.M. For the accommodation o( Pic Nic aud other social e pleasure parries, a boat will leare F'ort Lee at 1% p. M erery Tueiday, Thursday and Sitiirday evening. P TRINITY CEMETERY. The 8 and 2 o'clock tries of? jchday. Sundays excepted, will p be sxtended to Triu.ty Oinetery, the grounds of w'ich hare n been recently la<d out iu tlic most beautiful aud picturesque si manner. Hemming, the boat will leave the Cemetery wharf ir at a quait^r to 12 o'clock a..d quarter to 6 o'clock. *i Sftgcs will be in readiness al Kort Lee to ronrey passengers to Hackeusnck. Sunday* excepted. jel9 30t*r ~ OPPOSITION PASSAGE OFFICE-To I F.cJ-'& rsstrH AIbsny, Utica,?1 SO; Syra^u^e, S3; Oiwego, J ?4*s?3sllh?^?M\?3: Rochester. $2 25; Kutfalo, $2 SO; Cleve- al land, SI 50; 0 troit, S'i; Milwaukie $8; < liic<go, $8; Cinciuu.iti.S9: Toronto aud Hamilton, $4: Whitehall, $3; Mont- o leal, 34; Pittsburg, $8. 2. OlGce, 100 Barclay street. A j oetnrity required will be given for the fulfilment of all contract Aiie with thisoomuany. . vlfi JOt? r 1< A X, Agent, New York?1847. j !~1 rt7u7..h. S J.IMl SiffcAiVlttOilTl) tou J Vi.13ANY, Daily, Sundays Excepted? li l rfiiMlnriU Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from < the Pir, between Courtlandl ?nd Liberty streets. V S'eanit>oAt ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. Win. R. Peck, will u |?av? on Monday, Wednesday, end Friday evrtiijigs, at 7 d o'clock. ri Steamboat HEN'DRIK HUDSON. Capt. R. G. Cratten d?n, will l?*ve ou Tuesday, Thnradi y and SaturiUy eveu- o tugs at 7 pV'ork S;>ccii! Triint for Sehenectadr, BaPston, and Saratoga , Springs, Hill iuii as followi:?Leave AlLiuy at 8K A 3 i 1*.VI., except bund lys. Passengers will find tlil> the most ex- ~ peditiotis and convenient route. . At Kivc O'l loc.1. V. .vi.?intuiting at Intermediate Places? ? t tile toot o I Barclay (trret. L Steamboat HOCHE8TER, Curiam R. H. Furry, will ,, leave ou Monday, vVedtiesday,Friday,and Suuday afternoon*. .. at J o'clock. ? Stea..i! SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T. N. Hulse, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afterno iei at J o'clock. Tltc above w?ic? will at all Utnei arrive in Albaay in ampla time for the Moruiug Cars lortue Kast or West. . Kr-ijilit taken at moderate rate;, and none taken after 6 1 o'clock, I*. M. J CCr -Ml ,ier?on?are forbid trusting any ol the boat* of thia line, Mtitnoiitu written order from the ca|>taini or agents. i h'or passage or freight, apply ou board the boat*, or to P. C j SCHl'LTy. ft the olfice on the wlnrl. jvl!2Jc_ a DAILY EXCURSION TO THE ELY * .rwC1,?>fil\N FIELDS, HOBOI{EN.-t)n and after 1 fcJSHrJtfWOka Sunday, July llth.the steamboat PIONEER '< will make regular trip* from Canal and Nineteenth street, di- o rect to the Uysi-iu Fields, at llobokeu, leaving the above meu- w turned places as follows:? * Canal street, Nineteen' h street, F.lvsian Fields, 10 o'clock, 10!/ o clock, 10K o'clock, ? 12 " MM " 1IH " n 2 " " 12tf " < 4 " v* " 6 " 3 >1 " 3* " t 5 '.2 " iii " jyt I4t?rh 0>a 7 ' ? FOR SM UEWKBURY , LONU BRANCH, ' r, Ocean House, Jumping Point, Runsom, and r i. i '|'? isti K.iioiitown Landing. The steamboat EDWIN LE W Id, Captain Haynes, will run as follows from foot ot Vesey street, North River Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. July. O'clock. Monday. 19, .AJM. Monday, 19, 12? P. M. Toe day. 20, A. M. Tuesday, 20, 1>< P. M 1 \V'i J.h -day, 21, 10 A.M. Wednesday, 21, 2 I'. M, J Thursday, 22, 10 A. M. Thursday, 22, 3 P. \1. i Kndiy, 21, It A.M. Friday, 23, 33* P. M. I SatarJ.lV. 2', 12 M Saturday, 24, 4 P. M. M^i's vi i.l l>r in r .dines* on the arrival of the boat to con- I. \ev |> ??enirrr* to all pirt* of the cotintry. Jyl 30t?re J] NOTICE. g j-?~ 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY.?On tad ^ ; r . rP after HL'NUAV , April 18th, the steamboats J- I ?! SYLPH mid atATKN INLANDER will run as fo|l"Ws, until further notice LKSVK ST4TKN IIUNO I At S. I, 4, 10,11, A. M ., and 1, 2. 3, 4, i, 6, 1, P. M. 1 LKAVK HEW TOgK '1 At 9, 13, 11, A. M., and I, 2, ten minutes put S, and at 4, 5, J 0,7, o'clock, P. M. tt ??ew York April Uih. ?1J r^ h< M.Sli 1.1 N r. \T 8V.VKN O'CLOCK. 0 r. ?>. FOR Al.BANY AND TROY and Intermer j/'tJinte Landing*. tMtmMmmim Breakfast mid Dinner on board the Boat. The lu* p-essure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Oorham, | v> til leave tlie steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wed iK'ir, s. and Fridays, at seren o'clock. Returning on the op|K vite days. . I r ' i .? <>r freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the nit er on the wharf. my2( r FHKNCH TK A N8ATLANTIC til f N STKAMsHIP COMPVN V ? Royal Mail. f,P V '^S-TI.e S ,;im Ship I'MON K. Uebeu, Commander, takes her departure positively i mHHKEC: *imon Saiunlay, the 24th instant. I I ? <l?*r i.f uepur urefom France is as follows? pi The I Hi I. A DKLPII IA amis on the IMh of July, f .e MISSOURI " " 31st The NEW YORK " " IJthAuguit. Th. UNION " " SIM r >ii4 f m N-ir Yi.rk J* i ha PHILADELPHIA sails ou th* 15th An gut t. The MISSOURI " Tat " " Jh- N 'V YORK " ' M.hSept J' TlalMON " ' 80th ? 'i'hr.e Si< *m flh'ps are equal to any afloet, and commanded , by >k Iftil ?nd c. unroii uarigator? When transforms- t(l t I'r. ai war ??s.rU to commercial ones la comp'ete, they M ? ill U i.iunil ?? comfartable as any ship, ran he made. I -,e pi ice oi | ik?a<?* from New York for the first class is $l*'i prion Havre I.M>0 francs. * U'ines will he rh treed eitra, hut the prices will be rery in-.deidie t" I ? fmvht in Havre is regulated by a Used tariff. The at lr-u i' ftion >r? V ora is rilled by the market rate. h In,ii er pjiti ni irs apply to tlie utfi'e of the company, 14 A Bruodway. Jyl> r ? i<r AKI.INLK k RIITAHD'H EMIGRATION '('j sjfjJV QFK[> K, iu connection with Oeorge Rippard Ik i-i??ii??>l -The subscribers lien to inform tlw j ( Mi' inii i'.ar > luve oi med a house ill rouiiection with ihea jj \,r U.On.rg* Itipi ird (t Hon, of Liverpool, and are enabled x' 4 |> iiktb to and from Liverpool, Heldint, Dublin, i , >ud all otlisi |?rt< of Ureal Britaln end Ireland, on moet ,j, a n lerma ,,r the xeneral aatisfacMm ifiven to pas* ^ .. t<raConiia? thio?ich our houae in Liveipool, we can, b\ ,j ? I in nunirf ais le ten received froin emigrants from , atieet to ihr good treatment they have at all eivi I In order to fully rair) out the arraiiKeinent. h house in thi* city, that *11 ,1 ?.*>l l?in'm> .t anuoyai ee common to emlifrants here and In Li?ert>, i.| m>r he pirvented. H'i'r'rd k Hui, L'?eri?wi|, deipntch the Roacins, I 4. Ill I .I.e., gtu.u .f llw West, Liverpool. Mid Con- " i i i. n th?,i rt?u' <r days, sud, m addition, one or more ? I t?Is.. ?hi|"> every week. I. w.-hmi! M> s?"nd money to their friends ean procure l ?> at .telit with ml diecour,!, on the principal ' I K<a 'I llo K bran. !ie> in KnkI ni'l, li, Isml, and Hcotlmd. Uil ( Alll.iHLK k Im'PARI). , o'h street, m net of Wall. | I'll!'. I I V Kl< I'Odl.?'1 l,e New Line?Regular It Of Il?t Jm|v.?i jir w, II known, f<at snilinK, h fmirn kelahip MOTTINOUKR, toon hm, Capiaiu fr? ti jr. ' "ill ?|I a??ln?ee, he? reeala-day. t, t i tfltt or iMssego, kef in?a|.l ,idld Ur*e acd comforts- tl ) ?. omm i<ta(.'<nk, apply to the eapiaia, on board, at west le I r be'! * slip. Of to i, OOUHl i.L k MINTUR.V, 17 Ronth street. ti I .us of - -re ?i'4t. 'I l.r i*ar fc't ship Live fiiwil. l2ao tons hnrthen, Captain John M?lri.i,e will sareeed the Hnttiniair, and sail on her regular Isr list . f August. iyllr I .v 5 NE is <TV _ mv AMIVtD. M th* N.w Yorkll-ri. t-1 * II C.uaky ni?i, oa? |<?ir of well 322*?w<h?4. Kh4mk Mack Hora*a. ft firm liaiid i** laibr* kiah. Ml aad a??ra rMll aid, faat tra*ell*il ~ 4. mb. a> J Um ?r?> Hun*, ai*te*i ?<i b,?K. Ml T aar*ai4. kind. |t?ilr,i?JwuuJ, and a gooi aad )>>m Ala* aw bay Mar*, Hum laaii nigh. Mrri rara old kiaal aad (raila aad irrj [mi My ihr? iniuutri da<-aad. *1111 a ?>aWi ?f |i?i bar*** fur larwiii u?ei i-aUia al atrni. Jt* r aft . i ml ONLiral N Ur.ft.NUtN T, "JHKAI'KHT iial^Mil ButitaiMaUt awji?.iir of lb* m*. n Dr. D? ' } A.?"" I. Krlli?ari Ihiallikla Liaiuiral, wluch i ui? ri ?all) aard Bf U?* Mrdiral faculty ihjoiuhout Ihe cih nd ro?i..try. It rradtcatn all laiua. Ural* aorra, r-durraiu < mmai i< m IMMMIH he >! th* ia<>M luxraiiteil CMIM ii iMiinala (Mr taa*i?m?fiil u rr.iuirad to h* t* naai do**, Inr aa adalt. for ainrrtisa, aaid bilioaa ebolic HMM will br |?>d lor **?T) hilar* la th*M cuti, if a art It' nl.i.g U> dirrclioa. It ia lal ap la lar<* lx ttlr?. to thai al, iho hair li.r.r* eaa afird to aar Ms II lat'i all lh??th*r rrm* in on thr ahrlf, af?*r thay f*l nar trial of lim Irttlr woodrr I and iu< niprablr roMi|?aiid?ii it .hi|i about llin * crnti u oaac*. (told at M r*ati a Kafir bottl*; on* dot*n >1; hal inaa ana (roaa at aiarli (rralrr d. daclioa ..f prior Hrurr tin auaa ami tli* |>r?| ti*lT of all tli* atagr |>r<yrirtora of Nea orkcil), lb* Hwlrm Kulrwd, and otbrr larnr coapajtiaa Itrlhrr with oar brat aad moat diaua?<i iali*d I ton* traiarn ud dr*l*r?. Iiyiag dowaaJI otkrr r*?r<k*? a*rd hymaiiyo rta from twruty to thirty i rara and ?y? w ill aa* ihia alt., i-thrr, aad will aot aor d a<>? aa* aurthtaf rlar ll eaa b* ob uu*d alwa> |*aaii?r. wbvlaaal* aad i*tall. of #. Ingwraol I o,No ?? frarl atr**t, r*uto?*d from W Joint atir*t,aui out ? ill lam KclliriMri, %t V% ill 1*MUM ran. tl th* Imit O * nHStrr?t Kerry; Jl Mr. KjrW* Hwi?? K?i I road OAci ity flail Park. Ntw York city , *rd at ihe ilnniiU, ator ?P?n, laddlrri, and t<?rru. throughout ihr city uid couu \ generally Diatrihutmg AmU are wanted from *11 part r th* Lulled Italri, to wlmn large pndlta will be given. W< rill pay th* riiviiMa of all who may coat* from a diat?ure ti rat with ua, if wr fail to aatitfy ihrir moat tajigum* uptcu iini iu relation to Ua trail>- wondriful carativ* effect* upo urn ainl horae. Travelling utrrchauta of every miwrtabl laia and denomination, will do well to call oa aa, it will im econAuedto any privileged few. Therefore, all who hav rarta and aoula laahioiied aa I hey ahoald he. and d ire try, an aerciae them, can profitably aaaiat in apreadiag lliia mafic n iliva over th? face of the whole inhabitable globe, where I mat and ahall lie. All letter* innat be directed to Dr. DF VITTC. KELLINOER. Princi|?al Agent. Director, an lanufactnrer, at Ynuken, Wettche*ter coauty. New York. Jyl 3"trod*rrr Ott THE aubacriben offer for aale luruip aeeda ol' Ih KM beat kiud*. vix roola baga, or Kwediah.ahow bal |JU>. (red top, jvhite glebe. red (lobe, yellow globe, yellov lone, yellow Aberdeen, fall radiali and apmach, with a larg nd general aaaortmeat of garden aeeda. Bene plant t'rea very day. Choice and fragrant llowera at all aeaaom ol tit ear. DlIN LAP Ik THOMSON, jH lll'ni Beedatnen and Kloriata. titi Broadway. to* COUNTRY SEAT KOH BALE -That very de IM airable reaidence in the village of Tarrytown, Weal Aafc cheater county, fitted up by the late Mra. Phillip*, u. ccupied for several yean by E. Treadwell, Ka.| ia now ol :red for aale. The house, which ia about ? feet by ?0, will iazza front and rear, ia well finished and now iu good ordet 'irh a green liouae attached. There an alao on tlir preniae irriage houae, atable, ice house, gardeuer'a houae, and othe rmveuieut out buildiuga. The ground*, about aix acna, ar< 'ell atocked with a great variety of choice fruit wee*. ahrub cry and ornamental treea, and the prnapect ia not aurpaaaei y any spot on the Hudaon rirer. For terms, lie., apply to th ibacriber outhe premiae*. jvU 30t*rc. C. V B. M "TO FOREIGN GENTLEMEN arriving th KMUmted States, or other*, deairoua ol ruirchaaing a |>er Mfa^iiiaueiit Country Keaidenru in reanaylvauia.?Tne auli cntier offers for aale hia Farm, aituuted iu Moatgomrry eo. euusylvania, 14 milea north, of Philadelphia. It coiilaina .*1 '-rta of land. 288 acrea of which are in the liighetl atate of rul vation, producing wheat, rye, Indiau corn and hay, equal t< ny upland farm?the remaining 20 acre* being woodland. O ie pemiaes ia a line atone m tula ion, M fret by 43, with a v< mdah attached, 15 feet wide, extending the length of th oust*, and a large piazxa on the eaat.tlie whole giving ampl ccommodation fur a family of twenty person*. The plen lire ground* aurrouuding the houae are abided withclegaii wrgrcens, and very beautifully laid out. There are on tli irm three atone houses for farmers or tenants, together wit iree large atone bama, containing stabling and convenience >r a hundred head of cattle, and lor the atorage of 250 toua c roduce, with coach houae, wagon liouae, granary and cor rib* attached. There are alao the advantage* of a line aprin ouae, ice houie, liali pond, a gardeu of two acrea, orcharij locked with the lineat fruit, green houae and graiie wall, Iream of aprinp water in every field, a daily mail, Dy wliic ie Philadelphia and New York papen of the aamc day at tceived, and an oinuibu* |iasiing the gate tnoruuig an veiling. In the immediate vicinity are Episcopal, Lutheran an resbt churches. Further description is unnecessary, as all persons wishing t< rcnase are invited to call and eiamiue the estate. It may owever, be added, that for beauty, liealihfal aituation, an Jv-mtagcs, it is not surpassed by any in the United States. 1 lay be well also to mention the pride, which is $220 pe ere. Apply to OEOKUE oHEAFF, Whitemarsh, j2l 8tiiaw*rrc Montgomery (Jo., Pann. ML FOlt WALE OK TO CBT?A home and two lot SjW of ground, pleasantly situated on Ntaten Island. nas cJJLthe Upper Quarantine t erry. Terms and prica farm Also, a summer residence 011 the south side, fronting th uter hay. A delightful situation. with au abundance olTrul iApply to CHA8R ? BULKLF.Y, 161 Fulton st. $3000 to loau on bond and mortgage. Apply as above. jylO 7teod?rc a KOK BALe.? A very convenient tw.i stury home u Elizabethtown, New Jersey, now occupied by Wn King, Esu The location is on high ground, aud witlii vc walk of several churches and the private depo ientleinen residing at ElizalM-thtown c m be iit the city of ? 'ork by the 7 o'clock train or bo* by half-past eight oclocl iid conveyances by boat and railroad frequently through tl ay. The house contains nine rooms, and a milk ana was Mm and every convenience. For further particulars, apply to Mn. 8. T. E. Williamsor ppoaite. jyfl 7teod*rre a COUNTRY HOU8E8.?To let or for sale, a tw story double house on Avenue A.near the Harlem rivei with stables, be. And 00 2d Avenue and 116th 'tree wo beautiful three story houses, very desirable; rent low.ilso, for sale, a high and very commanding aituation near th lortli river, fronting the Bloomingdale road, just above Mai attanvrile, with a two story house, stables, he, and abon iree acres of land, now in the occupation of Mr. Nichols 'ieman. Also, lota for sale or lease on moat of the streets an venues in the 12th ward. Apply to - O. CHASTERM AN, 33 John st, or at Harlem, nn 126th street, near 2d Avenue. jy 17 3teodi?*r fai Al'AH 1 MtiiTM TO LET, handsomely furuuhei or uufuruished, at 31 Norlh-Mo?re st. Sim jyl? Ht?m a PAVILION, NEW BRIUHi'ON, 8taten Island.The proprietor begs to inform his friends and the public that nn has made considerable alterations aud improvi Mot* in this establishment since the last season. He has ereci d a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, allogethe isconnected from the main body of the pavilion. Thea w>ms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comforts le size, light, and well ventilated, and superior in all respect > those generally denominated single rooms ia the vanon 'atering places throughout the country. The proprietor ii now ready to treat with familiei or parti* 'lulling to engage rooms for the season. Letters addrused t ini at the (^itv Hntfl. Hroidwiv. will rcc?iva immftfiVnt* m sntion. A steamboat runs between New York and New Brighton, i >e following hours, rii:? frrom New Brighton?At land 11 A.M. and 2 and t f.V From pier No. 1 North River, New York?At J A. M.and 1 !. and 3H. 4 and i\ P. M, and more frequent communication rill be eatabluhed a* the seaaou ad ranee*. Sunday Arrange men t? From New Brighton at I A. M., UH From New York at? A. M., 3 and ? J? P. M. Music Nights?Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Pavilion it now ready lor the reception ol Company. ?p25 t/rc K. BLANt'AJtD. BkKURNlbHKL) ROOMS TOJLKT-A frontjpiilc audtwo bedrooms on the 2d floor, at 27 Warren (t. jvlOSfrc [N PURSUANCE of an Order or the SURROGATE < L the County of New York, notice is hereby given to a ersons having claims against GEORUE BETIEMA? ite of the City of New York, Orocer, deceased, to preset te lime with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at lb tore ofLohsen Lohler, No. 203 Centre street, in the City c lew York, on rr before the 27ih day of November fceit. Dated New York the 24th day of May 1817. REBECCA BETJWMAN, mv25 24t 1 aw*re Admiiiiitratix. N PURSUANCE OK AN ORDER OK THE SURRC . OATE OK THE COUNTY OF NEW YORK, NC 'ICE is hereby Riven to all persons having claims again: OIIN RICH ARDS, lateol'the city of New York, deceasec > present the same with voncliers thereof to the subscriber, i er residence. No. H Oak street, in the city of New York, o r before the 18th day of October next. Dated New York, the 15th day of April, 1147. al6 Itaw6m?rc JANE RICHARDS, Administratrix. OY ORDER OF JOHN W. EDMONDS, Esquire, Cn 3 cuit Judge of the firjt circuit, notice is hereby given, pui lalit to the provisions of the statute authorising attachment (aiust absconding, concealed and non-resident debtors, that a :iachment has been issued against the estate of Patrick Burba id Ueorge Barnes, non-residents of the State of New York ml ih it the same will be sold for the payment of their debts nless they appear and discharge such attachment, accordini >1**, within nine mouths from me lirst publication 01 inia n<i ce; ajid that tlic payments of any dehu due to them by thei elitnri, and the delivery to them or for their use, of miy pro erty belonging to them, i?nd the tmnsfer of any of their pro erty liv the?, re forbidden by law, and are void. Dated the 9th day of October. 1816. A. A. PHILLIPS, Attorney for je23 lawlOw^f c Attaching Creditors. j^a hihiik" long branch, nkw~jTTk?kT.' Tina well known Bathing place is now open fur the recei on of hoarders. The buildings have been put in ?ooil repar id no -(Torts will be ?|>ar?d for their convenience and com irt. The kteamer (Jim, Irom Fulton Market.and the steamc dwin Lewis. from Washington Market, will make adsil ip between New York and Long Branch. Stages will be n le Ocean House upon the arrival of said boats to convey pas ngers to Long Branch. SAMUEL COOPER, Proprietor. .June 28th, la IT je39 8t2taw?re ; r H.I'11 KN K. PARK llu II ST v?. IsRaKL K IN nM AN ' AND JAMLK VV. HALK.?Decision ol the Court i >e rnuae of Stephen R. Parkhorst vs. Israel Kinsman an hers. 1 At a stated term ol tha Circuit Court of the United States c rneiica, lor the Southern District of New Vork, in the 8* ind Circuit held at the City Hall, in the city of New Vorli ii Saturday the thiid d.ty of July, in the year of our Lor iiie Thousand Kight Hundred and Kort> seven, Present?'The Honorable Sssirn Nnsow, an Assoeist Usties of the Supreme Court of the United States, nod Hot ami fi. R. Uktis, District Judjie. In Kijuity. The Court lind upon the Bill aud proofs in this ransc? I. That t'.ie Buriing Machines ronatructed and sold by th elrndaut. Kinsman, are in principle and mode of operation ik nine substantially, as the machine described in the plain fTsspecification, filed July 33, 1I1H, snd secured to him b is I'stentof May I, 1HJ4. 2 I hat the arrangement of platisor rings with theirtretl ml with pasteboara packing, upon a cylinder, as deisribed ji le plaintiff's patent, as used by him, was an original mventio nd discoveiv of 'he nlaintifT; but the same was invented sn< ousttucted by (Varies (i. Sargeaat, of l,nwell, Msaaachn ells, prior to the invention and discovery of the plaintiff. 3. But it i? furthermoie found by the Court, that the inven ion and discovery of said Sargeant was rot publicly known o 1 use, nor lind the same come to the knowledge of the com lainant prior to his discovery aud invention, and filing his ape ificat ion as aforesaid. , ? , 4. It is found by the Court, that the agreement of Hebrusr , 1816, between the complain >nt and the said Kinsman, wa v.d- and entered into by Kinsman, wiih full notice aud know pdge of the facts aforesaid, and is valid mid obligatory upoi mi, and that the comnl liuant is eutitl'd thereupon in this sc ion to the discovery and account prayed by the hill, and als. i enjoin the said Kinsman from further making and veudini lie said mschine iu violation of said agreement. Wherefore, it is ordered and decreed by tha Court, that ai ijunctinn issne against the aaid Israel Kinsman, fic., pursuan a the prayer of aaid Bill. Certified Copy, ALKX R GARDINER, Clerk of the United States Circuit Court JBfor the Southern District of New York, jy|T |?*r SMfcTu in the feesond Circuit -v. ?rJ^1 , ' HI I , ? !=. H 1 B^P W YO FEW YOKK, MONDAY M '. AFFAIRS IN EUROPE AND ASIA. ADDITIONAL INTELLIGENCE KKCE1VKU UY THE STE A M S H I P BR I XA N N I A. SPBOIAZi DESPATCHES ) FROM | PARID, MADRID, BEKLIM AND DUBLIN, TO THE ; NEW YORK HERALD. HIGHLY 1NTKXMCSTINCJ \ COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE, wr nn a t. a tw sv atw t TREMENDOUS SLAUGHTER OF CHINESE BY TIIK French and Snglish. KOKBION THKATRICAL8. 5 FASHIONS FOR JULY. die. Ac. ?fcc. I, Irelanil. * Kiutur or nit Nkw York Hkrai.d. 11 Dublin, July 3, 1847. I anticipate my usual weekly letter, to give the late*1 intelligi-noe by tbl* Jay's post. * At the meeting of the llepeal Association, held on Mon J Jay laat, Mr. John O'Connell announced himself an canJ dldatu for th? representation of Dublin, on the repeal interest,and required that he should be returned lret ' ot expense; he also stated that he would allow himsei: ? to be nominated for Kilkenny, in the event of want ol j sucs?** in Dublin. Here his defeat is almost certain, th?j e conservatives being supposed already to have a majority .and Mr. J. O'Connell is supported only by a section ! r tb? repeal party; the Irish Confederation having pub" llslied a resolution not to vote for him. inasmuch as he if devoted to an Knglish ministry, " and that an Irish ? representative who professes repeal principles, yet assis i [> the British government to rule this island in the onlj '! way they have ever ruled It, vl?: by corruption of an ? anti-repealer of the most dangerous and insidious kind ' i- In the Corporation, at an election held there on krilt duv last. Mr. Jeremiah Dubne was elected Lord M??nr h Mr. Uarn Daffy, the talented editor and proprietor o ^ the Nation, on that oooaiiion expressed an opinion thai u they should elect Alderman Kinahan next Lord Mayor; ? that suoh a course, ho being a conservative, would tent ? to promote the cause of repeal, and would do away wltl li the imputation that they kept all political power in am ; to their own party. d The Irish C ouncil held its usual weekly meeting 01 > Tuesday, H. C, Bowen, Es<j , High Sheriff of Queen county, In the chair Subcommittees to overlook ant ii direct the working of Irish fisheries and the poor lav . were appointed, and other Important buBlnoss was trans '1 actcd. 1 The stated half yearly meeting of the Irish Mlnini ' ('onipanv was held on Friday last, at 30, Lower Ormolu Quay Krora tho state of their affairs, it seemed ndvlsu ble that for the present no dividend should be declared * it wua mentioned that the Kuoukinatrou mines wvr .. rated for the poor law at 10.000 pounds, reduoed ou ap peal to ft.OOO. By the practice iu England It would no e exceed iOO'V and that not borne by the oomnauy. t- The second readiug of the loan of X'tito.wO to lrlsl railways, notwithstanding addresses anticipatory, ha iiAMiitMt th*? nor fin ri r nuinrifw nf 1 I 'i a tho IrUh bills awaiting a third rending previous to ob c minlu^ tb? royal assent. are the < urk und tiandon, Black J, rook, aud faaaagf. the Dublin Gas Consumer! Compun) t. the Midland Greal Western, the Newry and KuuiskiUei I. and Waterford. Wexford and Dublin railway billtt. i, Government have granted a pension of ?300 a yra to Father Matbew, the distinguished ap< stlo of teinpu " ranee. ! Knin the account* of reeolpta puMUhad by the Gene ' ral Relief Committee In ttiic uu rnitin'.s pap r, it appear - that ?6,434 have been contributed by thu United btatei r? besides immense stores of provisions. t'f Mr. MacTarifh, stated by the J?t mirig Packet to b? I oonnexion of Lord .Morpeth, occupied tho chair of thi e llepeal Association on Monday, contributed A'6, and i ' put in nomination for l>undalk, from which young Dai >c O'Connell retires; Mr. McT. U said to be a desceudan (" of one of the signers of the delaration of American Inde peudence. Lord Lucan, last week in Dublin, prosecute* Cavendish, Ks<( , proprietor of the Castlebar Tele graph, for a libel retlecting on hla oonduct as a landlord d A verdict was Riven by tho Dublin jury in favor of th< defendant, a remarkable sign of the times. Dr. Tower candidate for Cork, is in a majority of 311 over hla oppo uent, Mr. Leader, by tho last account*. Old and Youn| >. Ireland Repealers have combined In supporting tU< 1 former gentleman, whose return is certain. We havi j" four candldated dp for the University, and a very actlv< J canvass is going on in their respective favors?Shan i- and Hamilton, the sitting members, and Napier th< ? eminent Queen's Counsel, and MoCullagb, thu famouj ? maiueuiauciau. The crops are Hill wearing the umc favorable appear * ance as in my laiit, and the weather most delightful t. I'otatoos are Bulling commonly in town and country, th< lowest id per lb. At Trieate priced are declining it Krora Naplus mention in made of the harvest promiolnf 10,000,000 hectoliters beyond home consumption. Italj ? in general, and the Continent, send the fame accounts , Some Indian corn, heated in the customs, sold a 17?. per tjr , for which jfia. was offered on lis nrrfval .Smith field Cattle Market, July lit, the highest price foi beef was 60s. per cwt., 10s. off the preceding week I) neon promises to maintain its price better than an' article in the market. Wlcklow baoon from Otis to 7'it pur cwt.; ham* itti to HO* ; American ba?on 66s.; do bams, abs. to 60*. Rioe had declined 2a. to 3s. per cwt. " Fever still prevail* a* violent aa ererin livlfast, Kit kenny, Ike. The Dublin fever hospitals are full o - patients, yet It seema to excite no alarm in the oity { The new L.or4 Lieutenant has ordered every article o J Irish manufacture for the us? of the court. The exhlbi ,t tion held this week reflected highly on the skill of bub tin manufacturers, and all claiwee seem at length deUr if mined to allord them support. There are at present twi millions nine hundred thouaand peraons recelvini rations at the publio expense, under the out door relie system, now in operation in this country The Duhlit r unirenily Magaiint, of last month, quotea Mir Ruber ; Kane aa stating that between August, 1H4.1, and Aprl ' 'ii Uft. ai'rt>rt of land, liibln to l>? nvMrHondud w?p. I, reclaimed at a coat of jL'i 13s 34. per acre. it Our principal theatre still remains eloied Th " Queen's thualre, under the management at Mr I'rossei drawn full houses A Mr. Uavidge li performing wit! great eclat there , but still musical societies am chlctl ia fashion. Hellglous feelings tend to effect thla. Tbl r- i? an irregular latter; but I was anxious by the last posi > you (houid hear every thing going on here. u Krantr ' I'amm, July I, 1847. Kditos or New Voaa IUbald There in a common Haying that when roguaa fall on r honest men get their own The quarrel which took plac * some months slnoe between the cabinet nl M Uulio and that section of the chambers known by the nun o the young conservatives, ha? been followed by appatlin discoveries of oorruption and malversation In high place - and in regions where the very atmosphere waa suppoeri r, to be redolent of integrity. 1 alluded to thla In my last but since then ' great fact*."' aa tba Tim,i calli ?u<-l v things, have taken place. Vou already kuow that M 1 f.milo de Uirardtn, the chief editor and proprietor of th< Paris journal called La Prtu*, and who being a deputy r It one of the leaders of the young conservatives in tlx n chamber, having quarrelled with M ?iuiiot, forthwith '' denounced the ministry in his journal for converting >f their ofllcial patronage into a marketable comm odity and using the pecuniary produce of thla traffic for thi ii purpose of prostituting the dally press The I hauibvi r of Peers called M. de tiirardin belore it to inawer far tin 1 contempt committed in saying that Peerage* were ?<ld On the alledged offender presenting himself at Ibeir bar r he rtiowei, that so far fr?m insulting the l earn, be was i. their best protector and Mend; that lie waa in fsrt sup y porting their dignity when lie e*pos?il to public indig nation the attempt made to lower their consideration hi offering seats in the house to any one that could afn ford to pay a market prito for them lie declared Ibal ,| his charges were directed not agtinst the Peer* l ut ngalnslthe Ministry; and Instead of retracting Ihow charges, be re-produced them, declaring that he wai '* ready to provetbem at the bar of uy court "I ulice ' The result of all this waa. that M de nirardln can* ? <! ^ triumphant,being scqultted of alt "Hence. or to rpeak more correctly tno cberge against Mu> being dl?mis?e<l y as groundless, by an immense majority ? All thla was followed, of course, by * general eipe'-tatlon that the cabinet wonld eltln vindicate Itsrlf hj prosecuting M. de Oirardin as a lib"11 > ->r resigning ? 'n It I aa as yet, however, done neither of th <ae things , Tba general tendency of the policy pursued by the Krenoh government, continue* to be re tctionary; that li ii to lay .the reverse In all respect* of that wulch led to thi t revolution of .Inly. Thus in Hpaln, Krcncb diplomacy is oopoaed tothe liberal party It la the same In Swltxerland. where the French ambassador second* Austria and oppoaea tba liberal movement of the cantons At Roma, and In other part* of Italy, secret countenance li ^' iv !&"?.T*. '-**9 ii-H?..I i' B.-.i ' ?RK H ORNING. JULY 19, 1847. every whom afforded to thou* who land their effort* t? pi check the spread of liberal Idea*. In the late effort madti by the liberal* in Portugal to resist the establishment of a deapotlnm. the cause was a: seconded by M. Oulxot, who urged the Hpanlsh govern- h inent to aiu in all practicable ways the royalist party. In Greece It U the Mm* 01 The quarrel between Oreeoe and Turkey has been tt brought to an issue, or nearly to. The outrage commit- 0i ted against the Turkish minister at A them by King Otho, n wax too flagrant to be countenanced (Ten by Austria, tl and all the diplomatic oorps except the French ambassa- j, dor agreed that reparation and apology were indispensa- ? ble. The iusulted ambassador will, therefore, resume n his post at Athens, and receive the excuses of the king ), and hia cabinet: soon after which it Is expected that he t] will b? withdrawn. p At present there Is generally a fkir prospect of a har- H vest throughout Krance. and an excellent vintage Is also t expecUd. is certain that large Importa- t tlons will l>e neoessary. both now and In future years. The free Importation law has been decided to be continued until nest February, at which time the ohamber t will be in session, and no doubt will decide in favor of f its still further continuance. I Notwithstanding the frequent rumors of a change of t ' ministry, the present oabinot is likely to continue iu of- c flee until th? commencement of the next session. Th< | season la now advanced?people are anxious to leave i Paris for the country, the watering places, and our sum- t mer towns, and In this feeling the chsmbers participate. , They will hurry over the buslnesa of the country, and ^ close their labors for the present session, withont any ( serious struggle. j Spain. i Madrid, June 25,1847. i Kditor or tub New Yo?k H?:a*ld,? No Court, no government in F.urope, presents, or bu* for a long period of time presented, the strange moral spec table which in offered to the public eye, mid openly discussed in the public prnM of thii capital, of one of the greatest, most ancient, and moat powerful kindoma of the old world. Here is a young girl, a child, we bad almost said, who only completed her sixteenth year on the 1st of last October, aud married a few days later to her first cousin, who only completed his twenty-fourth . year the preceding May, sitting on the throne of t untile : and Arragon, surrounded by all the observance* and splendor of royalty, yet doomed to married widowhood? to wedded culibacy. The royal husband refuses to sleep s under the roof which covers his wife and sovereign. Meanwhile, the Queen urges her responsible Ministers j. to promote a suit for nullity of marriage, or divorce a . vinculo, at the Court of Rome' For all this no cause is publicly avowed; no light is afforded to the bewildered i people of Spain to show them how ami wherefore their youlhlul Queen should be thrown into a situation so cruel and so auomalous. Although nothing, however. ' is publicly explained, much is privately talked of, and the lalont, not only of Madrid, but of 1'arl*, of London. , and the other capitals of Kurope, echo with the tale of I domestic cruelty and inisory of which this situation Is 1 the catastrophe. To repeat this story to an European fmbUl would be idle. All readers of journals nrc rami iar with it. As, however, it may not be so universally circulated in the new world, the narrative may interest 1 your readers. > Maria i hrlttlne, daughter of the late, and sister of the present Kiug of Naples, married in 1H-J9, Ferdinand VII , the late King of Spain. In ten months after this marriage, a daughter,Isabell*. and In sixteen months later, f another daugher, Louisa Fernanda, was horn of this marriage. IJy a royal decree. Ferdinand VII. abolished the Salic law. cut oil the title of succession enjoyed by i his brother Don Carlos, and declared the above named 1 daughter, Isabella, heir to the crown, with remainder to i her sister, in case she should die without issue 1 King Ferdinand died in September, 1833, leaving by will bis young widow, then only twenty-seven, the repent i of the kingdom during the minority of her infant daughn ter. then under three years old. 1 The royal widow was in the bloom of ltfe aud beauty, r with the warm blood of the South rolling in her veins. During the life of Ferdinand, the story rnns, that walking ono day In the gardens of the palace, her eye lighted ? nn u nrivaLM i/tlilinr who ihmil imntitial a n?' iKu i gates. This soldier was well to look upon. and was r grateful to the liquid eye of the roynl lady. Soon after ; this, he found to his astonishment, that he was rapidly ? promoted, through the influence of Invisible patronage Ho rose, in sb*rt at once to wear epaulettes, and wus t assigned a commission in the body guar 1 of the king, and iinallr became domesticated In the palalt, under ti some of those innumerable titles which are always at s the disposal of eourtly patrons. g '1 Ills fortunate youilt proved on Inquiry, to be the son i- of the keeper of a stall for the sale of segars In Hoviile. Now. after-the death of Kerdlna>id, (aud some Mm turedly contend thst it was before that event) the queen.Maria Christine,conoeived a warm friendship for .>1. Munos, (for such was the name In which this youth rejoiced) and his presence and society appeared to be iudispensable to her happiness. Periodically she was aUi> observed to be indisposed, aud showed a remarkable loudness for iufunts, which, one by one, as year succeeded year, she colleoted around her. The malice of the world is always ready to put the worst construction on appearances, and people were *not| wanting who insinuated that these objects of her affection were more nearly related to the queen mother and to her friend .Vlunoz than was quite compatible with the strict principles of moraU. The scandal thus produced t polluted the halls of thu palace, and It was at length announoed or pretended, that on the death ot Ferdinand, the dowager queen had contracted a secret 1 marriage with the promoted sentinel, and that the children of her adoption were in fact the children of her body, by the cigar seller's?on. The pretended marriage, b if ever it had taken plate, being illegal and null, aud uih mollier ol Isabella being now iu a conuiuon 01 avowed concubinage, It was determined to remove such a { Hcouudrul, by rendering the marriage valid by a royal a decree. Thin decree wan accordingly promulged on the b 11th Ootober, 1444, and two days later, the ceremony > was performed which made an bouot woman of Maria r Christine. ? Some time after thin, the marriage of the young queen, i who wa? declared to nave attained her majority on the 8th November, 1813, having then completed her thirteenth year, was a subject of ansious solicitude among her subjects, aud of activo intrigue with Madame Mu( nox, who had naw acquired the title of Duchess of l(ianzares, by obtaining that dukeaom for the quondam , 5 guardsman, her husband. Meanwhile, King Louis I'hl- , r tippe was on the lookout for a good match lor hi* fourth , and youngest Hon, the Duke of Montpensier. A con- j t nectlon by marriage directly with the (^ueen of Spain, would not have been assented to by the other European r power*, but it wax thought not impossible to manage the thing through the Infanta Donna Luisa Fernanda, and f by a judicious choice of a husband for (|ueen Isabella. , i. King Louis Thilippe, and his neice Clueen Christine, , i. Duchess of Kianftures, accordingly put their heads together. and soon concocted an.arrangement to their mu- j tual satisfaction. All the particulars of this bargain >f have not transpired, and possibly never will, iiut several of its results are before the world, and have become f matter of history. Of tho uncles of the queon, the eldeit, Don Carlos,who In right of inheritance and legitimacy claims the crown, is an exile, his property being confiscated, and his rights 0 forfeited and annulled. The second uncle, Don Krancisi? co de I'aula, had sons, the two oldest of whom were Don f Krancisco d'Assls, Duke of Cadis, and Don Henrique, 1 Duke of Seville. The younger of these, the Duke of t Seville, was one of the candidate* for the band of hla II cousin, (|ueea Isabella,which bad been named by foreign p powers, and by leading political parties in Spain. The elder had obtained part of his education at one of the col e leges in I'aris, where bo whh per.iouuliy well known, and the circumstances there reported respecting him were of b course quite familiar to his uiioi?, Louis Ihiillppe. and y bin aunt, the queen dowager, ? hrintine. These cirouius Ntancea oaunot be properly stated here; but suffice it to l. s*y that they were such an to asMure in a remarkable manner, the objects which the kln? of tbu French had at heart,in reference to the marriage of Uiieen Isabella, and it was accordingly decided at the Tuilleries and Madrid, that Don Kranoisoo, aud not Don Henrique, should be the kiug consort of Spain, the Infanta Louisa Fernanda. , helres presumptive to the orown. being given to the Duke of Montpeusier, and Jto ensure the fulfilment of this design against all contingencies, it was decided that t the two marriages should be solnmnlied the same day. The marriages (bad not been long concluded before tbelt oonsequenoee became apparent The Duke and i Pu.Vos of Montpenaier quit Madrid for Taris as soon as s they denently could. The queen mother was compelled , to leave aoen after, and followed thein to Paris, where It waa Intimated to her that her return to ftpain was forbidden, and if attempted that she would be arrest I el on tbe frontier. The husband of Queen Isabella, In a month or so after the mairlage. waa lodged In the extremity of the palace most distant from the apartment# of his young wife, and never saw her . eioeitt In the presence of third parties Not long afterwards he lasUiled himself In another of the royal palaces, ' and the personal separation <if the new married couple l became complete Queen Isabella seek* for a divorce. > This Is ?pp<*ed at Home by the ambassador of Louis rhilippe and by tha itilluenee of the Queen Dowager? and so matters stand at this moment Tbe circumstances alluded to above, and which were r well known iu Cart* veers before tbe marriage, give an absolute aneuranre that no heirs to the throne of Spain ' r?n >pnng fr?M the Queen and the present King consort. That was fully known before the marriage took place, and waa then openly spoken of aud assigned as tha real ground of tbe ^election of Don Francisco in preference to > his brother, W<>n Henrique Will the ftpanlsh people stan 1 this' Will not the! ortes enset a law to break this uhhallowed marriage and liberate tha young Queen ' ? ' Th' ?: are questions now In avary mouth. I I'rnaala. (tins, June '.'nth, 1947 [ tl lMt 01 1HI Nt? (toil lltltto, I write this In ha-te. being obliged to post my letter T this eremnir so as to be iN? to forward it by the J.h er j pool mail of the 4th Jnly After dragging on Its slow length (ur upwards of two months, the Prusaian Diet has bten suddenly tlo*e<| by a Royal dMrm of Saturday j laat, tpabilah?d yesterday.) the K ing having previously i started f r Miesta, and left the dissolution of the ( ham- 1 hers to his Minister*. As yet no details of the eloelng | debates have transpired, and tha public not l"-lii< sd- , milled to them It is dtffleult to know exactly what has | taken place; It appa*rs. however, that all parties are dls- J | satisfied with result of this constitutional expert- I j i msnt Tha Swond Chamber has r^actad all th? law* i [ERA roposad by government, or modiflad tbwi to greatly m > make thum quite the rvvarse of what Ml Intcndad; ml though the Kirst Chamber, or the Houaa of Lord*, UN displayed a more courtly spirit aaJ adhered to mult T the Koyal propositions, throwing out tha amendment* of the other houie, of couria tha acquiescence of r an of these bodies In useless without that of the other. . is difficult to nay when they will re-uxxemble I hurdly Jink they will be invited to Berlin again in a hurry. A irge party In the Lower House were for petitioning the lng to let the nazt meeting take place in a twelvelouth ; the majority, however, concluded upon extendng the term to this time two yearn Hut these aro noting but mi drtidrrnla His Majesty has not thought : roper to favor hi*-faithful 8tate?" with any definite jiswer to their request*, only telling them that he will ake tha matter Into consideration, and act according to he diatate* of hi* rayal wisdom. What ha* been most provoking to the ruling powers, ? the rejection of the loan proposed for the comtrucion of the great Prussian Railroad, that U to extend rom henca to Konig*burg and the frontiers of Russia, t was chiefly for the purpose of raising thin loan that he State* General were assembled, a? tha laws of the ountry render their consent indispensable forcontractng any obligation of the kind; but they refusad. point I lank, to grant any money uutll the right* promised j uttui ifj mr imr i>in|| iliuuiu oe rouceuetl II WHS UIll- 1 rrrsally acknowledged that the railroad In ({uestlon rould be excediugly beneficial to the country, anil purlcularly to the K.astern provinces, but at the same time t wan determined not to countenance riiv Ununrinl neasure proposed b? government, while the present mouialous state of tiling* continued and an exact tocount of tbe uattonal lucoine aud expenditure was irllhheld. There In a rumor current alnea laat week that the Kra|>aror of Huaaia haa offi-red the King to land bun twenty I million" of dollar* without the guaranty of th?- Diet, to 1.* ant ployed tn roimt rue ting this aim- railr-ad hut thin In 1 a mere on Jil, and I only give It you fur ?i it ta worth Kven if It were true, the Wing could ?"t poMlkly accept r>f such au offer ; It would oe a direct insult t*> the nation. and might have serious eoa**<|U?n>-i Momethlng DiUft be in tba wind naverthnW** , several Muscovite ilignltariea have bean here within the laat few day*, including the Minuter of War. who i? the greateat man in [tuaaia next to tba t sar. and I aliould not be surprised If ihe unsatisfactory iaaue of our Moek I'artiament (a* one >f the Kngilsli paper* calls it) were to contribute toa.ird* renewing tne ml ml* cnrJtmlr between Prussia m J Ituasia. which of late is aaid to hare been connidera>1* weakened In my next I (hall be able to give you further partlcuara of the state of thinga here, aa It will than be eaaier o take a calm review of the event* of the last few week*, ,nd to form an opinion of the influence thoy are likely o exercise i>n the future At present, every thing ia in lonfuslon. the sudden wind-up of the Diet having tukou leopiu completely by surprise r mifi Intelligvnoe haa liean received from Lisbon and Oporn since our laat, continuing the fart of tho quelling of be insurrection in the south A letter dated Lisbon, une io, state* that the close of tbn rivtl war has been lappUy ellected with regard to one-half ol' the kiugdom ia da Haudetra and the insurgent* of Hetuhal. have subnitted and acknowledge the ljueeu a authority A tei-graphlu despatch. received laat night announced that bey were surrendering their arms to Vlnhaea and the illies conjointly. The insurgent forcea at Ht. I'bes are completely >roken up aud dispersed ; 14-2 chiefs and "Ulcer- and nore than lot) soldiers, are in custody at Lisbon; the rest laving (led to the interior, were overtaken by Vtuliaes it Alcaur do Sal, where h? raptured :?mj prisoners The eadera were on board the Kngllsh si|uadrou iu the Talus, where they would remaiu at our charge until the luuta surrendered and brought the amnesty luto operation. The insurrection was fuelled aud the progress of pacification would be rapid, ^though Kvora might, when relul'oroed, by some of tliu fugitive*, hold out some Lime. The Mari|uls de Louie, one of tho leaders of the insurgents, hud proceeded tn Knglaud, and also the Duchess jf raluiella, with two of her daughters. Thirty prisoner* bad escaped from Ht Julien The forced circulation of Bank Of Lisbon note* in modified from the 1st of July, vlx : to one-third July, instead of one-half, in all payment*. The Jackal, however, arrived here yesterday, from Oporto, with intelligence thai, the Junta postively refunen to Hubmlt, &ud has rejected th? complete amnesty. The Junta baa thus broken laitb. fur the HritUh consul at Oporto wMdistluotly inloriued that they would submit i>u u. certaimug with certainly that the original amnesty and tiriiia carried by' ol. W'yldu. would *1 ill be conceded, aud Uii! uonsul Ui reupou informed fmldanha of the Junta s assumed determination, uud bagged him not to advance upou the loan. thusserving the Junta's object, which waa merely to ^ain lim* l>c?patclie? froin our consul aud from Nildanba forwarded the wetcoma dvwh to I.iaboti . and the Queen. after consulting her ministers aud tile oouncii ol State. conceded and puhlwhed the complete amnesty, which wan forwarded to Oporto, to ba immediately rejected by the JuntaThe Jackal, having communicated this intelligence to Sir J I. Key inour, was despatched immediately to Adiniral I'arker, who had s?Ued In the morning for tietubal with a squadron of ten Teaaals to reduce tha insurgents there to submission by combined operations with VinhftM. lug rraicu war pvciinirr Anwrrgii nan amvea irotn Hetubal, continuing the intelligence that upward* of JIHJ of the InsurgcuU, with VUcouut Ha da liaudeira aud Count de Mello, the leader*. liave *urrrndered anil laid down thuir arm*, and are now on board the ve**el? forming the allied *<|uadrou. Nwltrrrlaiul. Th? Kr?noh aml>a**(idnr, M. Uoia le <?omte. returned a few day* back to /urioh. from a journey In the Train and in the Uri*on* The canton paper* *tat? that the ambassador did not *p<*ak ot politic* during hi* residence. On another li.'ind It I* stated that he, on the 120th, received from hi* (Jovernment despatch** which contained a full and entire approval of the dl*cour*o he addressed to M. Oehseinbeln. Italy. I'iu* IX . on tlie 16th ult.. |rave audience to the ana of the Liberator of Ireland, and made it eulogy of Daniel O'Connell In term* which uiuit have excited the gratitude and admiration of the young member for Duodalk. According to what ha* been ntated, at the moment at which the vl*iter roue, after having kii*ed the feet of the holy father, the Tope *aid to him ; ?' Mince I am deprive i of the happintiM* *o long de*ired of embracing the hero Df Christianity, lot me, at least. have the consolation of embracing bis *011And. at the same time, the liviy rather pressed him twice to hi* heart The treaty of commerce between Naples and the ?ollverein ha* been ratified. By it the two countries m ike mutual conce**lon*. ?ll is known that the Marquis I>ragonctti,n Neapolitan, received order* to leave Home on the J 1st alt. In su aulience with hi* Holiness. M Drauonettt r-'incstfl the revocation of thla ia?war?. I'lus IX. replied th*? be (! hi rod that the order* of hi* Ministers should lis > x?cuted. When this reply reached the knowledge "( the people, great discontent w>l? expressed, and tin- preparations for the fete on the anniversary of the ascension of I'lus IX. were suspended. M Orasitelllui, Governor of llome, seeing the*u dispositions, raused >|. Dragonettl to be sent for. and promised to obtain fur him, from his llolineM, a new prolongation of two month* far hi* sojourn. It ha* just been ascertained that the word* of the t'ope were wrongly interpreted, and confidence hi* re-entered the heart* of the inhabitant* of Home, and preparation* for the fete resumed. On the lith ult, the Government of Florence i**ued a proclamation interdicting all popular meeting* for the Jmrpose of manifesting approbation or disapprobation, or or making petition* or demand!, whatever may be the object, or whoever may be the person* addressed, whether public or private, and declaring that those who call the meeting* ihall be imprisoned for terms not Its** than ten day* nor more than two uionth*; and that t hose who attend the meeting* shall undergo one-half of that punishment. By a decree, dated the 14th ult . the (trand Duke grant* a general pardon to all per*on* accused of belu* Implicated in the political olTeuce* lately committed at I'isaand It* environ*. All prosecution* already instituted ant stopped, and the prisoner* set at liberty. Nadag*M*r. There appear* to be little chance of any opening o| the trade of Madagascar by the Queen of that island The ruinor circulated in town through the jnurnr I* a frw day* 'go. that the authorities at Tainatave had announced that it wan probable that the trade would be opened next year, is Incorrect, ( apt Labury of the i buries Ileddle, touched there on his way to West ( oast for a oargo of oxen lie was refused any oxen there, and he learned that the Europeans at that place wore badly tr-ated. and under the strictest survsllleoce " ?'i?iB?vuB, uur UI IU? BUUilU IlirklilJU, shown a desire to renew connection witta the Kuropeans bad been condemned by the Qu?en to he burnt alive but he avoided this cruel dentil by swallowing poi?nn Maleacbe women, who had in their possession ?ieroh?n? dlie formerly belonging to the trader* who ha) been expelled. and wbo were accused of having kept a correspondence with them, were publicly sold toftarery Cn|M- of Ciowl Ilo|W\ There was no news from the froutur of any conse <jnenoe. The troop* were still advancing. but the Kafirs took the precaution of keeping beyond gun range. The cattle also had been kept <>ut of reach, hut some few had fallen Into the hsuds oftfce troop*. Mir Henry fottinger wae actively engaged with the arrangement of n 1 *i.-? on the frontier, though no decided event bad occurred The new Lieutenant-liovcruor, Mir Henry V oung. had also reached the < ape. The intelligence from the Interior continue*, on the whole, to Iwot aeatlsfaetory description Mnurltlna. The sugar crop will amount to lift.000,(NN1 lbs . but what remain* forshipment will be distributed ovcrthree or tour months At the last sales prices ranged from 4 dol* I Ac to 0 dols I Oc The Inquiry f<>r slrops hat rather diminished lately The average rate ofsales for flrstquality wa< from 1 dols We to 4 dols H7c; second or third from 3.dols C.Oc to 4 dols'.Mtc (?r the rr. at probers made In the cultivation and manufacture ol the artl'le,?om?' notion may be gathered by staling that in the nine districts the total urop of l?i,'.-? was lo-j :t >o nnn lb . and the crop of isirt 7,147,. litHi.oflfllb About 4 000 000 |b or A,OOOuoo lb ifth> gr >?s amount of the preeeut* crop would, it Is calculated, be retained for local consumption '1 bare then remained nt least .VOOO |h In store, tho quantity up to this date received from the Interior being 1 ll?,713,6 Ij lb. Adelaide. Advl. es have reached England to 30th January. Mineral researches continue to attract much notice and a project is mentioned for intabllshing a direct trading ommunteatlon between Mouth Australia and tha port >f Mwansea, on account of the Importance of the latter place In oonneatlon with the protest of smelting and the mlaa of metal. The health of tha eolony waa good, and 1 ' ?* "?r*?* * -M "* ' w ? ? ''-- -' BP"Ha?". . . S555555W LD. Mm Tin MMh ' ' J3m the wither favorable it the laU-?t d*t?a Wheat wax X p,r4'mb*' 3d rr b,,,htl 4Qd ** Grtcrr uul Turkey. The Porte ha* aroepted the proportion of Prince Met ternlob for nettling the difference betw?uu (jreeee and Turkey The Grand Vlxler* letter ban been handed to the Kngliflh Minister, and by him forwarded to Vienna The difference la regarded a* nettled M Muaauroa wtfl return to Athene, but will not, it in thought, long remain there, ATalrs In China. The Overland Mall from India bud brought the intelligence of two xerloua conflict* in the Chineae Seaa ? the one between the English and the Chineae; the other between the French squadron and the Cochin Chinese. iu the bay of Touran. It wonld appear that Sir John Davie, the governor of Hong Kong, having ineffectually endeavored to proeure redrew for the piratical acta of the < hine*e. and for the numeroua Insulta which are continually offered to tbo Engllah reaidenU In China, and having failed in procuring the fulfilment of the treaty of Nankin, which stipulated for the admission of foreigner into the city of Canton, resolved to atrike Home blow which ahould compel the Chineae autboritlea to liaten to reaxoH Accordingly, having mad* hia arrangement*. Sir John Davie, accompanied by Oeneral IVAguilar, witb about 10041 men of all arm*, embarked on board her Majeaty'i ahlpa Vulture and Kapi^gle, the lion Company'* ateamer Pluto, and the Coraair. wit i one or two small veaeels for the conveyance of artillery and troops -the whol- naval force* being under the command of Captain Macdougall, the senior officer on the station With thi* expedition Sir John Davis entered the Bocea Tigris at a A.M., of the Jd April, ant prison me \uuiignuy torts, an well a* thorn* uu tb? Island* >f North and South Wantons, and carried thomou both ?id?n ot the river in a few minutes. The guns, anvuintitig to 4ft0, were spiked, aud all the arm* and i' . mltion collected Instantly destroyed. Having tbu .4 a communication with Hong Kong, the cxped. ? !T?u?ed up in the river, aud reaohed Whampn .0 in the afternoon* All the trwops were transferred on board uch vessel* ax could proceed up the river. Sir John reached the barrier, formed of slakes, and 1 xlendiii? across the river, at !> A M , ou the 3d April, and force* a passage. The lortx at Whampoa and Wookingtap fired round shot and grape at the division under Colonel Orereton, but by his judicious management he avoided their effects ; and being effectually supported by the guns of the Pluto, the gallant Colonel took possession of those forts.spiked the guna,amounting to-iOO or more, and destroyed all the ammunition and magazine*. The river being now clear?d of impediment*, the expedition advanced up to t anton. and here the strong fort called French Kollv wan eventually demolished like those lower down the river, und the guns npiked?making a total of 870 gun* disabled since the preceding morning. These vigorous proceedings-reduced Keying to reason. After some further (iliiuexe procrastination. Keying was compelled to wait humillatingly upon the <Governor, who received him at the Hrilieh Consulate. After along eonfurence, Keying solicited time lor consideration before he acceded to the terms dictated at the point of the bayo net by Sir John Davis. On the 'ith, general orders wurn issued to commence the attack ou the city of Canton, but between eight and nine o'clock, it was notified that Key lug had yielded to the terms of Sir John Davla, Juat in time to save thu city, aud the askault wax countermand eil A ioverument notification wan immediately issued ot which the following are briefly the heads:? ' I At the tixod period of two years from this day, the ith of April, the city of Canton shall be opened to llrltUb subjects. ' M Her Majesty's nubjectn shall be at liberty to rout lor exercise or amusemeut in thu neighboring country, without molestation,returning the same day, a* at Bhanghai, and any persons molesting them shall be severely punished. " 3. The aggressors on the two seamen in October l*at, aud on Colonel Chenney and others at Kuhshan ou the lith of March, shall l>e made examples of." A space on the llonan side of the river for the erection of warehouses, fee.; a site for a new church, and ether minor arrangements, including the keeping the river I front before the factories clear of boats, were pro* ided for After agreeing to these terms. Keying still evaded their fulfilment, aud it was only aft^r further demoustratlons bl strength aud resolution ou the part of Sir John Davis, ^ by threatening the city, and by actually raxiug a house to the ground whence a stoue Iiad been hurled against an t'.uglish officer, that Keying reluctantly consented at last to punish the Kuhshan rioters within the factories. Th* populace at Canton appeared >till highly exaspeisted against the Knglish aud n<> workmen could bs found to erect the walls ami buildings ugieid upon The main body ot the troops were removed down the river on thedth, a (onipauy of'the I Htb ami a lew sappers being left at < anton until the improi cm <11 Is are carried out. and to keep the populace in check The opinion generally prevails that the terms of the in w ii^iecmr^t arc not of such paramount iw poriaDceus iojuM;iy inc hiticu.- fclep* laxsn uy Mr ,'oun Darin The delay ct iwu yearn before tho city of I auton all all be opened to DrUinJi subjects. i-i Kuueiaily com plained of, an :iu evaidou and violation Cf the treaty ot Nankin. Ilrwi alarm prevailed . (. aDton liy the last account*, and thu nierciinntn were removing thulr pro porty. under tbu apprehunmon of viultncu from tho ChlDeN. lu (ridla. th? distresiiiiig state of tho dominion* of Nizam modified it probabln that th? Indian ft' vernment would interfere for the purport* of restoring ord T. The French ml>wioiiarien id Cochin ? blua t?l. ing for many y?ars piutt excited perpetually recurring dispute* with the nation, the noreruinent at l?u/lh Interfered, 'lirew tho missionaries into prison, and upon releasing them Heut tlieni to Singapore. The trench ship* of war I.a tilutre and La Victorleuse. nailed Into the bay of Touran to obtain redresn. and laid an embargo on Ave corvettes. The Krench allege that a conspiracy wan formed on shore to assassinate the trench at a conference which wan nought to be arranged between tbe partie*. An explanation wanjdeiuandi-d by tbe French,when, the following day. war junk*}wer? seen working Into tbe hay ; and the result wan. the French nhipn opened their tire, which was returned by the forts, the Ave corvettes, and the war junks The artillery of the natives effected little damage, but In seventy minutes one ot the corvettes was burned, another blown up. and a third aunk The remaining two were atterwards captured and set on fire The natives, perceiving the destruction of tbe corvettes. desisted from firing from tbe fort* and junk*, and the Krench withdrew from tbe b?y. It Is stated that the Cochin Chinese have lost upwards of 1000 men. while Ik., I. r.n?h Iim.I 1* ilia. I uml ?...,?h..r , r,. I... I The actual origin of th? dispute appear* involved iu noma obscurity Kuhlom for July. (Krom the London and i'arif Ladies .Mag. of Kaahion] AU light and transparent materials are now In favor; cacheulre ban ge In one of the prettiest ; the patterns are mostly large tor printed material*, an mouoselins de *ole; two shade* of the uni? color are very fashionable ; l " with violet, pink, or currant, dark green or light; tb? organdy* are in large check*, and for morning wear jaconet* and brillanti* with flounce* , the ensemble of toiiettiw I* simple, the drea*e? Intended for country wear are principally redingotei and peignoirs of foulard de Rstnbonl Nankin, with deep hem, and inanU Luiaa trim tn>'d with Nankin fringe many are made with c>rMga i i'.imazone; tolle* de < bine are ornamented with embroidery in soutache For the present moment rodingote* of ntu*lin, lined, with collar, are pretty , the cor?age* am made higii, and full at the shoulders, with reinture and lung end* , some are trimmed with * v? ral row* of lace, divided by bouillon*, with a ribbou tb? :gu, other* with muslin f?*tonu< < or bouillonnce , the** are accompanied by Mack l*<-e shawls : i oine arc of net, almost covered with lace, and partake of the demi mantelet fonn. morn elegant one* are small, with a simple row of lace half an ell lu depth, the same style Is worn In white over colored dre???* A new material, termed taffeta* rubau. I* very fashionable , it consists o! a silk stripe and a wide satin one shaded, cbini . or bruehen Imitating ribbon Klounces aud ruche* in silk maUrtela are plnk*-d in crwte da co?i; other* are in deep randyko, edged with gimp or braid , printed tarlatanes. mourseline* de *ole grenadine* it (|,ilre flounce*, and under skirt of white silk, the corsage* full at the should* and ,n>Ku will, nuiHi I,,? ?? .111..... L _ll thick material* th? are tight ; other* are wide fulled into a wrlatband m i *howlug the bouillon* of the white aleeve below. or with ruff* turned buck a U l.onla XV, flnlahed with a pllaae of ribbon Many ahort *le*r?? are worn with mitten* Many rrdlngotc* bare bran mad* In Part* of whit-' ta(M*? but very mm pie l.i atyle, merely cloning with gimp button* , llnhi collar* ?? dacldedly faablonable t111" i-rmmta The uncertainty of the temperatura reudarr i*fl?l/ n^cwtry in out </oor toilette iii'l the lw ihi?l of the 111 rniriK nni?t often be replaced foi an evnniog pruui< nad" by n wadded cloak cl.wing to tba throat with pal* rin? ind Ion* end* eroding In front . many |>ar Kaaua art' with trill* bating wieatna loWMt, brocba* un tba i nnie material the mantelet* ge.ieially form abkwl b* Mad and the eud* In front ar? ahort, many arc of blaek figured net trimmed with lac* of embroidered inualln , tliOMt of talfetaa glace have trimming* nf iba hu? ma lenai ; ecru. green. glace with while dark btua lilac and currant. are favorite color* I In bonueta, all the ligbteat material* are now In r? jurat , the dentelle paille 1* particularly ao , bonnet* of crin and aloe* are alau of pretty teitur* they are lined with Mac, trimmed with ribbon velnate or checked . pitlllca de rli arearnaiovnUHl with large flower*, luariue onea, cheanut bioaaoni honey*uekle. Vr Some bouneta of ilfii telle pal lie are lined with a light colored allk with pinked ruche in*td?. and bundle* ot flower*; *> aie fane* *trawi have (ilk crown*, and the frovita lined with ?llk and flnlahed with a ruche. which continue* round th>havolet , the be volet* are made latter thau they were a few montha hack, particularly for capotaa; tulle boulllumii ? and crape are much admired tbo*?i of dark color are enlivened by tbe beautiful flower* that ornament tl> era I on-Inn I hratrlral*. It la stated that Jenny Lind lta* been engaged on bar own term*, to nib# at a concert at ? ambridga. in honor of thii vlait of her majeaty Mr. Macrcady con. lulled bla perform*nee* at tbn Triuceaa * Theatre. In the character of lear the bouae *?? fully attended, but the engagement ha* altogethei been far from being a auoceaaful one Madam* Vertrl? and < It'll lew Mathcw, were to make their appe.-trane* there altcrwarda, in their faTorito piece* Vr i harlon Kmn ii engaged to 4|,c*r at the liar market early In September vVc t> gt> t to l?aro tbe conliuued IndlapoHltion nf Mr*. K?an Mile. Rachul having recovered from har lllnoae. wai engaged to appear in Liverpool early neat month <?.. lignani ? M>iir.ngtr baa thafoUoainx The nauoi of tb? orlrLratea aotrnaa. Ilauliel, floured yeali r tay Iwi ra the Civil Tribunal of the Seine Home creditor* of biir rter, Mlla Sarah Kelli, an actraa* at oua ul the i..ealrr* of tba boulevart*. not being able to g t the laonay, caused the furniture of the apartment in which *he rc Ided to bw aelied; bnt. Mile llachvt declared that wa* her*, and that her *iater only r?'ded in har .apartment* aa ber gueal Tha advocata f r ?'? oredltort attamptad to Aow that tb* ?l?a of Ui* "

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