Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 20, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 20, 1847 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. %rw Vork. Tuesday, July 30, IMT. ^ The N?wi ftom Mexico. u We were yesterday enabled, by our Bp?cial P overland express from New Orleans to this ci y, ? to l?y before our readera, forty-eight hours in (1 advance of the mail, some very important news l' from Mexico, received at New Orleans by the ^ steamer Jno. McKun, which left Vera Cruz on n the 4th inatant. That'news has doubtless been n read and commented upon by every intelligent J" man inthe city, each of whom formed his own ^ opinio* ugen it. We, therefore, consider it unnecessary to refer to it further than to suy that the details of the news, so far as received, will be found on the outside of to-day's paper. More < minute particulars will lit given when we receive )a our full files of southern papers. ^ To Postmasters and I*ews|*per Subscribers. bu Hitherto it has been lawful for postmasters to receive subscriptions for newspsjiers, and for- c-, ward the money to the puuiisners, iree 01 ex- g|| pense. th Thin law was repeuled by an act passed on the j twenty-fifth day of April la*t, which act was to take effect ou the first day of July instant. We ^ were net aware of the repeal of the first men- tj tioned regulation, neither were the deputy postmasters throughout the country, uh we are informed, having, as we, believe, exercised the authority seated in theui by it since, as well as y( before the first of July. We yesterday learned the fact of its repeal, and heard further, that the (jJ has extended the time when it shall come i"to operation to the first of August next; after which ^ day payments of subscription must be forwarded through the post-office, direct to the proprietors { vf the respective journals. The Vlilted ItatM Bonded Warehouse-. ni ih? Security Agnlnst Fire. . The city of New York is the grand ville " tl'*ntrtp6l of this Western world?a city of ,w merchants and of merohandise. The most im- . portant of its mercantile institutions is the ni United States Bonded Warehouse, for the facilitation of mercantile transactions. On the 4th of ^ August next, the institution will h*ve been in operation one year; prior to which time it was an untried experiment in the United States, although it has been established in England ever , since the year 1803, where it has not only been triumphantly successful, but where it is regard- | ?d " as the greatest improvement that haB ever been made in their commercial and financial a P system In 1732, seventy years prior to its establishment in England, Sir Robert Walpole, then P%ai Premier?and if not the ablest of England's ^ premiers, he may be said to have been, histori- ^ ?ally, the first of that peculiar line of rulers? made a desperate effort to give England the bene lit of the warehousing system. But r#| his warehouse system, "which," he said, " will y( tend to make London a free port, and by come ^ quence, t/u market of the world," was unfortunately introduced into Parliament in connexion ^ with his famous " excise scheme," or tobacco projet, which seems to have suggested to that e great financier the idea of a warehouse system, aud was so confouuded with that excise schcme, as to share all the prejudices of the people against ^ excise, and, therfore, fell through. Seventy "years later, however, under the "Addington ministry," Walpole's system was carried out, and England and the world have since been cn- VC joying its advantages. We may well marvel at the tardiness with which England profited by"this qjmous and signal improvement," as McCulloch calls it; but what shall we say of that succeeding halt cen- M tury (from 1803 to 1846) of tardiness, during which we Americans looked upon this " obvious |n and sigual improvement," and still refused to adopt ill Well might we reproach ourselves with our dullness and stuuiditv. traits of chnra<-t?r nr< not so exclusively the property of the Dutch but ^ that the Anglo-Saxon rave may claim a share. ?e Bat u. better course now will be to go in at once, with heartland hand, for the full advantages of the of warehouseing system. Although it is more than a century since Sir Robert Walpole conceived the magnificent idea ^ of making London a " free port," it is not too H late for us to make New York what Walpole ^ would have made London. An immense ware- H< house has already been completed on Broadway, extending to New street, and is now filled with j. merchandise, from cockloft to'basement. Other and extensive warehcuses are constructed and be nettriy completed at the Atlantic Dock, Brooklyn, lit ior the storage of heavy kinds of merchandise, as de sugar, molasses, rum, he., which have hitherto in b?en warehoused in stores hired temporarily for pa that purpose in different parts of the city. The only drawback that has hitherto arisen tui "in the operation of the system in this city, has been in the rate of insurance exacted upon ware- {|-| housed goods. Although the bonded warehouse on Broadway has several division walls, yet the (ju communicating openings in these walls are (o such as to render the building equivalent to one large warehouse. That being the case, fire in- m surance companies are necessarily limited in the amount of risk taken to some five or ten Thousand dollars. The consequence is, that ^ there are not insurance companies enough to effect insurance upon all the merchandise wars- j housed, and so they quietly have taken advan- ^ tage of the fact to charge monopoly rates; and we suppose they might as well hitve charged gt two p?r cent, or two and a half, as the one and a half that they do cha ge. Under , ?>, r--.ii tn ?,r- vi |VHIi?(BUW*| UHi viuwtv III VVUCWtUI hu taken the matter in hand with a view ^ to render the bonded warehouse a safe w building for the storage of merchandise without any inturauc? a< .a//. And we think, from H| a careful examination of the hydraulic appara- p] tus just completed there, that the day is not far #| distant when importers will have contidence to o| snap their fingers in the face of all insurance j companies, and warehouse their merchandise ^ without any insurance, or at least, instead of having monopoly rates dictated to them by the oompamee, importers will dictate their own rates w to them, and from being dictatees become die- pr tators. l The Collector has, in fact, at one stroke, ef- ar fected one grand hydraulic insurance upon all the tj, merchandise in the warehouse. He has caused co the Croton water to be introduced in a large pipe m, upon every floor of the building, with an attach- rc rnent of hose upon every floor, of sufficient length ^ to reach every corner of the warehouse. Thishy- an draulic apparatus is of the most perfect kind, ,.0 and has been constructed under the immediate direction and supervision of Cornelius V. Anderson, Esq , chief of the fire department of New York, a gentleman whose judgment and skill, from many years of experience, will neither be w doubted nor disputed in this city. On Saturday last, according to public notice, the water was let into the attachments, and the apparatus fully, m and we are bound to say triumphantly, tested. The experiment showed that one minute was ami ly sufficient to transfer both hose and water te to any part of the boilding. To perfect h< the insurance, Mr. Lawrence has secured the services of four the most expert- 0I raced and efficient watchmen to be found in thi the city. They have also been firemen, and "' are men of character, in whom confidence may ' 7* be placed. Two of the?e night watchmen will be on guard every night, aud the warehouse is I ?? i constructed that a light or firt in any one part Hfc " the building.would, and must, be instantly per- | l?j ived by the?* men in ?ny other part, wherever ley may chance to be at the moment; and we re safe in saying that within, one minute om that moment, the water will be thrown pnn the fire with the whole power of the Croton recaure, which is very great in the low?*r part f the city, and in quantities sufficient, if reuired, to deluge the whole warehouse in leas lan ten minutes, a space of time too brief jr any thing short of saltpetre to gain inch headway, and, we believe, it has ot yet been decided whether even aaltttre will explode with a combustibility too rapid >r (he Croton to quench. The building is opened at sunrise in the orning, and the doors are closed at aunaet. o fire or light is allowed at all in the ware>nse, except under peculiar restrictions, in the sement or vault, where daylight never enters. Mr. Anderson haa given ua his opinion at the bonded warehouse ia now a safer lilding for the storage of merchandise, an any and every other building in the ty, unless it may be some one similarly tarded and protected from fire. We hope, for e credit of our city, that these facts may be ily examined, weighed and appreciated by imirtera and warehousers,whether in this or in forgn countries, and that they may tend to relieve ' m both trom anxiety and from exorbitant rutes insurance. Merchandise to the value of seven illions of dollars has, within less than one :ar, been warehoused in this citv. in the verv fancy of the system, and we have no doubt that indreds of millions will be safely warehoused > successive years, without the loss of a hun eth part of one per cent by fire. We are assured that no pains or expense will : spared *?n the part of the Collector to render le United States bonded warehouse a place for orage perfectly safe without insurance, and we IviBe all warehouses, and especiaHy foreign anufacturers and exporters, in whatever part of te world they m?y be, to submit to no iinposion of exorbitant rates of insurance. Let them aithouse their goods for a while without any urance, and they will soon bring the compaes to reason. Steamship Sarah Sands.?The iron steamip Sarah Sands, Captain Thompson, arrived in rt yesterday, safe and sound, after making a nnrkably good voyage of twenty days, from ; city of Cork, Ireland. She sailed from Liverpool on the 15th day of ne, with a large number of cabin and second )in passengers, and gaily tripped her way over ; Atlantic, till the 20th of that month, when >ortion of her valve gearing broke, causing mage, which it was found could not be reired at sea. Under the circumstances, the ptain thought it best to turn round, and steer : Coiit, which he accordingly did, and arrived :re by sails on the twenty-third. The repairing the machinery occcupied from the twenty-third the twenty-ninth, on which latter day the Sato Sands again put to sea and headed for New >rk, where she arrived, as we before said, yes-J..? : ?t j i Hjay uiorninij, saie ana sounu. The time that elapsed from her leaving Liver>ol, until tihe arrived here, waa thirty-three lys, during which time she got over a distance [ual to once and a half across the Atlantic, and mained in the port of Cork nearly a week, his rate of travelling is convincing proof that ,e Sarah Sands equals the expectations of her ojectors. We are glad to hear that the passengers were iry well pleased with the vessel and with the immander, as will be seen by the following ird:? We, tba undersigned, passengers on board the Sarah ndn. cannot take leave of her commander, Captain lompson, wit''out expressing to him oar very warm tnka for hi* politeness ana attention, and for the ll?tv which h<* haa m&nifmitjth tn Ho m?p? <n i power to relieve the monotony of a pannage protractbeyond our expectations. We would also state, that our opinion the Sarah Sands la both aremarkably good i boat, and a very fast sailer, and that the accident iioh happened to her machinery and caused our deltion, was one in no way affecting the principle of her sprier, but one to which all steamboats are liable, hen It Is taken into consideration that we have boon ce and a half times across the Atlantic, besides being arly a week in the Cove of Cork, we think the p?rrmanoe of the Sarah Sands highly creditable, and we ,ve no doubt of her fully answering the expectations I her builders, and of her proving a mat aocommoda>n te the mercantile community and to the public genrally. We wish Captain Thompson and the Sarah Sands uch suocess. Signed? rlll!am Bouelbee, Thomas H. Smith, snry Van Wart, jr. Charles Widder, sorge Wood, George S. Appleton, \ Wylllams, Archibald Campbell, snry L B. Lewis, John Brown, . A. ( base, J. T. Norton, ?orge Jones, Frederick Leech. P. Patterson, We have no doubt that the Surah Sands will icome a great favorite with the travelling puband we are rejoiced to know that the accint which occurred to her machinery, nas not the least lowered her in the estimation of her ssengers. We wish her a prosperous voyage on her rern. Tu? Galway Industrial Society.?Sometime ice we published & circular, written by Henry irry Hyde, Esq., Secretary of the Galway Instrial Society, of Galway, Ireland, addressed the benevo.ent portion of the American 0| le, soliciting heir aid, by contributions of oney, in such sums as they could conveniently iare, to assist them in prosecuting the holy and imane purposes tor which that society was esblished. Sirce that time, Dudley Persse, Esq., of this ityi w ho, with other gentlemen, has kindly connted to act as agent of the society in this city, :nt to the society a draft for forty pounds erling, the proceeds of his exertions i collector for the cause. The mnlv of le society to this letter will be found on the aside of to-dny's Herald, and on behalf of the .mishing, yet industrious people of Ireland, e invite for it a calm and careful perusal. We also solicit the contributions of our people, nd in the language of the secretary of the Socity, will repeat, that even one shilling will be r service, and may psrhHps save a life. Let no ne be deterred from contributing, no matter ow small the sum may be that he can devote to lis humane object. N*w York, Havrk and Paris Express.?It ill b? seen, from an advertisement under the oper head, in this day's paper, that Messrs. ivingston, Well* k. Co., have completed their rangements for establiahing an express from is city to Paris and Havre, and that they will mmence business immediately. The established of the French line of steamships was, as we marked on a former occasion, eagerly taken : vantage of by our enterprising country people d turned to profit before the first voyage was mpleted. __ Important Sale.?The elegant ships loscius, ddons, Garrick, and Sheridan, belonging to r. E. K. Collins* line of Liverpool packets, ill be sold at auction this morning, at the Mer. lania' Exchange. The attendance will no doubt i large, as the announcement caused some comotion among the mercantile community. The oscius is the only one of the line now in port? ose wishing to sec a noble vessel, and a masrly piece of naval architecture, should visit r at the foot of Wall street. Liohtnipio and Tki.kwkpk Wires.?Professor instead, of Yale Col|e, says he has no doubt at iha wlraa of telegraph have an affect on electricity la the etnrra eomea up. and repenlally when over the im. aay fifty or a hundred mile* distant, the lightning attract* I by the wtrra, which can be prormt by any m rxmalnlnK In the Megraph offloe tot half an hour, bout the tlrar the Rtorm la eomlng np the wlraa ara utinnally filled with electricity. It la my opinion wa tall never have rery henry thunder ahowera or bear (htnlng itrlting m long as wa have telegraph wires ?re*4 mar the earth ' "# Later from Brazil.?The arrival of the fine bark Roaina, Capt. Doty, from Rio de Janeiro, ? puts us in possesion of files of the Jornal dt n Commercio, and the O'Mercantil, to the 3d ult. ^ They contain no news. The U. S. brig liain- m bridge, Commander Williamson, arrived at Rio on the 2d, from Ilha Grande, and reported that the whale bark Yeoman, of Plymouth, Mass., a( was seized by the Brazilian government, and or- w dered to Rio Janeiro. It was presumed by many Americana that she would forget to stop at Rio, and make the best of her way home. The U. S. y< frigate Columbia, Commodore Roaseau, was in p1 the harbor of Rio when the Rosina left. u By thin arrival we have, no news from the river, except the following note from ourcorres- gt pondent:? Butitoi Ayrks, May 14, 1847. ol We have now the pleasura of advlaiug you that a proa- V pect haa opened for a termination to our political diffloultiea, in the arrival of the plenipotentiaries of Kngland ?' aud Krauce. Lord llowden and Count Waleaki They tc yesterday had an interview with the MloUter of Foreign Affair*, and in a few day* more we may be able to apeak d, with pome certainty on what, at present. i? a matter of M doubt. Lord Howden ha* Htated that a definite arrange p, ineot ju?t and satisfactory to all parties, must depend upon hi* meeting with the name frankness and good faith whioh ha Intend* to ihow; and Count Waieaki, . that any arrangement to be sanctioned by him. muat be w dinnr. tt convenuhlr This ia ?o far air England and Franoe are concerned; . but the povition assumed latterly by Brazil, ha* come to . damp conHiderabiy our hope* of peace and quietnea*, unlea* a general settlement of all pendiog difference* |n should be the result of the present conferences. Theatrical*. i?J Kowkrv Thutk.?The bill which id performed at ||| the Bowery theatre last evening will b? repeated to-night, c< and a more Interesting one has not been produced for a di long time there. It if a bill, the like ot which oan be J" Men no where but at the Bowery, and comprise* three gt excellent pieoef?first, the tragedy of "Richelieu, or the P' Conspiracy"?second, the comedy of "Ole Bull," and the third, the comedy ol the "Spectre Bridegroom "? Mr. Burke. Mr. Marshall, and Mr (Jhanfrau, will sus- bi tain the principal charaoters. and the cast in other re- * specta excellent. The large audiences which attend the " Bowery this hot weather, are a flattering tribute to the m management, but not morn so than it is deserving. Mr. Jackson has something in preparation which he intends u to bring out shortly in a rplendid manner. Report says at that it will excel all his former productions The Bowe- to I ry is certainly deserving of patronage, and will continue aE so us long as it Is under Mr. Jaokson's management or Caitle Garde*.?This theatre is doing an excellent M business. Large and respectable audiences assemble every evening, at an early hour, in order to see the Chi- ry neseJunk, from the balcony, previous to the perfor- m' manees. The programme for this evening announces ? two pieoes?the vaudeville of "My Wife's Out," and the comedietta of "Lend me five Shillings," In whioh th the great favorites Holland, Walcott, and Misses PhilHps and CUrke, will appear. In addition to this attraction, the Misses Weils, and La Petite Maryanne, wa who are much admired, and beoome very great favorites, will exhibit the grace and elegance of accom- m< pllshed dancers. There is little wonder at the success oo of the proprietors, so long as they employ good artists, ju The attendano* on visiters is very regular, and Mr. A. I Handy, who conducts the bar department, is exceed- th lngly attentive and obligihg to the patrons of the gar- th den In fine, every thing moves In proper order, In this neat, spacious and refreshing amphitheatre. ta Palmo's Opera House.?Last evening, we witnessed J(j the first appearance of the French Ballet Company, who ^ were reoelved with enthnsiastlo cheers. Notwithstand- lit lng the excessive heat of the weather, the theatre was m well filled, and all seemed highly pleased with the per- p? formanoe. The graceful and elegant dancing of M'Ue pr Adelaide Lehman, and the dexterity and skill of Schmidt Lehman were much admired, and they were applauded in every scene of the ballet. The " Pas Styrlen" by M'Ues Julia and Flota Lehman was executed with great solence, considering their youth, and the "Pas de Deux," by Mons. Schmidt and M 'lie Adelaide,evlnoed a thorough El knowledge of the beautiful accomplishment of dauctug. In fine, the fantastioal ballet " L'Arbre Maglque" was *? well filled by the family, Lehman, and rendered with I" such grace and style or oomic action, as to call forth the unanimous approbation of the audlenoe. They perform tb again this evening, whan, we predict, a crowded house will ? ? a wi?4 rudnuH luirfnpmftnAMfl ID Herr Alexander will pay a visit to Saratoga Spring* ^ thin week. The visiter* of the Spring* will remember tu the great auoceas of Herr Alexander whan he was there w last year. On the last evening of hi* performance, all the boarders of the United State* Hotel, (Herr A.'* head- la quarter*.) inarched en matte to his entertainment, head- ^1 ed by 8neider's celebrated muaio baud, whioh they had f" engaged for the ocoadon. This will be a good opportunity tor all strangers abroad, who may have heard of the 7* fame of this great artist, to see him before he leaves this " country, as he intends to sail for Kurope next spring. By the way, we hear that the friend* of Herr Alexander -if are about to present him a eplendid gold medal, as a proof 3(1 of their high regard for him as an artist and a gentle- 47 man. Mr. Wright, a distinguished sculptor of this city, i* engaged to manufacture it, for which purpose the sum di of $600 i* subscribed. Dan Marble took a benefit at Chioago a few evenings since. He bad a hamper. Mrs. Hunt is playing at Chioago. Jim Crow Rice Is also there. Si Mr. and Mrs. Kairen, great favorite* at St l.oula, are about to leave that city for a tour North and Eaat. The Ureat Talon Theatre.?Our reader* already know that hardly had the representation given in thia theatre concluded, than it* active proprietor set to work to repair it completely, and give It all tbe brilliancy of which suoh a sumptuous edifice i* susceptible. Since that period, the work has Aeen commenced, under the direction of Henor Meuci, and the following is what has m been done up to the present time, and which we shall th soon nee ooncluded The satin celling has been put in new; It* ground is white, resting on a oornioe, the ornaments of whloh are gilt in relief. In E the centre, from whenoe depends tbe chandelier, *i circular ornament*, also in relief and gilt, have been made. Henor Meuoi has also made four ventlla- p tor* of his own invention, to allow egress tor the gas, so which I* auoh a source of discomfort to the audience, b The pillar* which b<>und the boxes have capitals in re- . llsf aud an ornament of Ionic order, and the frieze which they sustain is also adorned with an arabesque, likewise hi glided in relief In the middle point of the proscenium, C there will be placed a magnificent clock, which Henor fr Marti sent for U> Pari* for thi* purpose; this clock is sup- w ported by two figure*, and between relief adornment* of b< the Ionic order, will add much to the beauty of tbe front of the theatre. There ha* been Drought from Italy a beau- C j tiful drop curtain, the painting* on which represent a S Spanish historical fact Moreover, Senor Albl, known w I and appreciated among ua, has painted a beautiful cur- g< tain worthy of hU pencil. Again, great forethought had ai been taken for the conveniences of masked ball*. By it means of a machine brought from the United state*, ?i they oan almost in an Inct-.ut lower or raise the stage, so tt that when the performance is over, the saloon can be ai ready and prepared for balls, the which will appear to be m adorned at the bottom with a decoration of real pillars, le This is m much as we know at present abeut tbe work ol which is going on in the great theatre under the dlrection of that skillull sculptor, Senor Meuci. The passed ai seasons had so injured this edifice. that it made a repair, ci in/ormu, indispensable. Much discolored and stained, rc with broken and dirty boxes, it was shameful to Havana, and also to the same of this beautiful theatre, that it O should be opened to the publlo In such a state. Senor R Marti,knowing this, not only has made the nece.isary remedy, but has done muoh more than was hoped for; for ti which we cannot do less than congratulate him aud our- w selves at the same time. Senor Marti will now have a ri palpable proof that the publio never leave unreoom- b< pensed the sacrifices which are made in tbe enterprise p which he sustains, and this conviction in an tmprnario, h of the importance of 8t. Marti, is a guaranty that in fu- 1" ture he will not hesitate in his expenses to make the ci best that can be done, both in actors as well as plays.? pi Havana Faro Industrial, June I. | (K Musical. y Vauxhali..?A variety of amusements are given every pi evening at tbe above saloon. The mechanical automata Lilliputian figures are well worth seeing,and the songs, m duets, glees, 8co , given by the vocal company, are well executed, l'he Garden is very neat, and the ioe creams la of the best quality. This is a cool and beautiful looa- ei tlon, where the up-town folks can spend a pleasant evening, c< Hknrv Ht.hi.--The celebrated pianist, H. Heri, will arrive in this city, in a few days, from his southern trip. , Blvori, with whom Hen baa travelled dr conitrve, is not yet here, but he will probablv arrive with Herz Their rc-appetranee in this oity will be kailed with pleasure. The Alleghanians gave a concert at Rochester on 8a- al turdftv?v?ninff ^ Christy's Minstrels were at Detroit at latest dates. in Police Intelligence. ,1'lfmpt at Burglary ?A fellow called Bill Jones was arrested last night by officer VanPelt.ofthe 1.1th ward.on ni suspicion of making several burglarious demonstrations g( on several dwelling houses in the 16th ward. Looked up q tor a further hearing. tj -1rmt of a Cmtmnn,?A oartman, by the name of sl George T. Hall, was arrested yesterday on a charge of ^ iolently assaulting a man, whose name we were unable t? to learn, by knocking him off the oart, injuring him se- y erely, the cartman, together with the man's luggage, u consisting of two trunks, a basket ef clothen and a small ^ basket, containing two lire pigeons. The cartman was D locked np. upon tne assault being witnessed by a oltiien. The assaulted man was not brought to the office, and In all probability he was not aware to what part of the city his luggage was taken. The owner can obtain hia property by applying to Justice Osborne, or hia clerk, Mr. Htewart. at the Tomb*. u Pttit Laretny - Officer Carpenter, of the 1st ward, treated yesterday, a woman called Mary McGlnnesa, on rl a charge of stealing various articles from William V. p Pelletler Justice Osborne looked her up for trial 9 Caught en (ht "Ore*."?A boy, by the name of Kdward Piercey, waa caught on Hunday by offioer Haawell, t; of the 11th ward, running off with a purse containing t I shilling and 0 pence, which the young raaoal had 0 ' grabbed'' from the hand of I'.llen Brahemshaw, while passing along Houaton street. Justioe Kate ham looked him up for trial Chart* of Sltoling ? Offioer Freeman.of the Oth ward, > arrested on Saturday night a man oalled Jerold Dupont, o on charge of stealing various articles from Ann fcllr.a o < rigur, valued at near $90, from her residence. No H ! ^ 1?th Avenue Detained for examination by Justiee Mer- <1 rttt I > Cltjr Intelligence. Board ov Aldebme*. July 19Morris Franklia, . President. in th* Chair Tb* Board m?t this inn, bat with a view of vlaitlng th? Krsnoh ateamahlp '1 n I on in coinulianoe with an invitation from tb* of- S, cem and RK?nt. On motion. the Board ad)*urr?4, to .j. ie?tagain t bin evening at a o'olock. B?kd of Ahiitanti?1 hli board alao went to enjoy >? entertainment* laat evening on board th* Union. Thk VVkatiii h ? The thermometer stood yaaterday. ?t t 3 o'olock. P M., at 93 d*gr**s in tbe shade. The heat *' an intense. The Effects or Heat ? Coroner Walters held an U iqueat yesterday. at tbe 4tb Ward Station House, on the m ?dy of Bridget Oilmartin. a native of Ireland, aged 30 w aara, who came to her death by congestion ot the brain, 1" roduced by beat. Verdlot accordingly. Moan Fatal Kpfects ok Heat?Tb* C*ron*r held di a Inquest also. upon the body of Peter Curley, a native '? ' Irel nd. aged 30 y*ar?, who. after taking a walk on '* unday afternoon, died suddenly at a house In Water " re*t. Verdict?Death by exposure to heat. Sen Stbobic.?A woman named Ellaa Duffy, a native r Ireland, aged 'J5 years, waa sun struck yesterday in T feet street when opposite No 204. She waa taken care y< 'by officer Irwin immediately after tha occurrence, but (u le survived only a abort tlm*. An inquest will be held ffj B Arbival or Kmicibant Paisenoers.?During Satur- j* ly and Sunday last, the number of emigrant passengers '* rived at this port from foreign porta amounted to 407, fr rlncipally Germans and Dutch. Entertainment on Boabd the French Steamer mow ?Yesterday afternoon, or rather laat evening, a ?? ,rge assemblage of peraona. both Amurican and French. <" ere congregated on board tb* Frenob Steamer Union, i partake of the hospitalities of the company, and Join A i the festivities of a gay evening It was estimated that stween 600 and 000 persona were on board, among whom e noticed many of our military and naval officers, the ayor. member* of tbe diplomatic corpa. and other dla- ) ngulshed persona. At an early hour of tha evening, iti lht refreshments were served up on deck, and soon w terwards an excellent band atruck up, and a variety of ' iuslcal entertainment* ensued, after whioh dancing >mmenced. and was continued till a late hour. Tbe uck of the Union waa protected by an awning, affording i admirable promeuadu and dancing floor. Light* were S ting about tbe ship, and plaoed at convenient Intervals. C iTiug a brilliant appearance to all. Tho officers were all P iliteness. und the utmost enjoyment seemed to pervad* ~ i* scene up to a late hour. "j Boat Rack?Charles Thomaa and Kubar Martin will 11 ive a trial of skill, as oarsmen, thia afternoon, for a el ager of $-.200. Thiy will row from Caatle Oarden to obln'a ll**f lighthouse and baok. Th* race will com- H ence at i P. M. f I hk Chinese Juki.?There in no mMntnt or tne oitement whioh the arrival of this unique vhdhbI ore- ^ ed among our citiiens, tor of the desire on their part n ?eo with their own eye a what never was seen before in js ly part of the oivllised world?viz: a real Chinese junk ship, with a native orew on board. The oftener we h< e her the more we wonder at her workmanship and the j" finite variety of ourioslties whioh she contains. It is ^ a using to bear the various remarks tbrt are made evemoment by the visiters, and to witness the wonderent piotured on every body's countenance. Board of Supervisor*. L July 19.?The Mayor in the chair. The minutes of e former meeting were read and approved. p| Bill*?Various small bills were presented and referred c G>-an<l Jury?The grand jury lists from the different irds were handed up. Communicalioni?A communication from Judge Edonds, In relation to providing court rooms for the urts to be organised under the new constitution and dioiary act. Several members of the board were of opinion that e communication could not be reoelvedby this board; w at It waa a subject for the Common Counoll. p, Alderman Mkmkrolk moved that it be laid on the ble. 111 Alderman Cholil'j moved, as a mark of respect to p< idge Edmonds, that it be referred to a special commit- Kl a of three, whioh waa carried, and Aldermen Franki, Lawrence and Purser were appointed such com- * ittee. II Reportt?The report of finance committee, in favor of lying some small bills, from the police department, was . esented and accepted. The Board then adjourned to Monday next. r< di Law Intelligence. L The Slave Cask ?Yesterday morning another writ habeas corpus was obtained by Mr. Jay, from Jjgige Jmonds, direoted to the captain of the bark Lunoran- y k, to bring the two slaves Da Costo and Da Rocha be- C re the Judge. At eleven o'clock the parties ap- Fl lared in Chamber, and the case was adjourned to this ornlng, to give the captain time to prepare a return to ? ie writ. Habeas Court's Casks.?J. F. Trelis was, yesterday orning, discharged by Judge Ulshoeffer, under a writ tl: uftunu oorpuB, iruui iuu uuuou oMim miuj. uu ^ ound of hi* being a minor. ?pon condition that he reirned $6, hia bounty. The ease of Clayton Comstock, *a ho claims his discharge on the ground of being Intoxl- ai ited when he unlisted, is postponed until Monday, to ve the government time to procuie affidavit* from Phldelphla. The case of Charles L. Miller, who claims s< Is discharge on the ground of minority, is also post)ned. d! Common Plkah.?The branch of this Court, in sesnion <j| ssterday, was occupied in examining jurors and remit- \ ng lines. At Court Calendar?Common Tlkai.?Thit Day, July ' I ?Before Judge Ingraham ?Nog 24, 36, 36. 37. 38. 29, 81 I. 81. 33. S3. 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 3D, 40, 41,42,43,44, 46,46, ,48 49.60,61,63,63. 1? N. B ?No cauaes will be net down for any particular fl? ty this term. w The Watering Places. fl] United States Hotel, ) Saratoga BraiNoi, July 16, 1847. ) triety at Saratoga?Distinguished Perioni Arrived? ^ Travel to Saratoga Lake?Prospective Mnti Meeting of the Sons of Temperance?Neu> Depot for the Sale ^ of the Herald?Muiical Performcrt and their Per' J 0] formancei. ^ We arrived last night, at a convenient hour, and this orning?this sweet and sunny morning?we are, In a etaphorical manner, quite Intoxicated. Permit us, len, to relapee for a few seconds into a liberal and poetlJi review and rehearsal of the characteristics of thi? ^ den. IIye is a republican court which would eclipse b ly of the courts of Louts Philippe, or the Emperor Na>leon; here are a thousand beautiful women and band- ^ ime men ; here is air of the quality which Lord yron breathed when he stood upon the Venetian Rlalto; rre Cupid mounts bis throne, and reigns paramount; sr? is a garden of the world, hedged in with flowers, ome away. New Yorkers, oome away?come, retrogade om premature decrepitude to smiling youth. Ah .' ah ! e lore you. New Yorkers, aad hence we think of you sfore all the world. Among the late arrivals here is the veteran Major 0 ount Bongare. who fought at Cerro Gordo, under li hields, with ail that gallantry for which the French ere distinguished under Bonaparte. The Major was a nneral officer at Waterloo; he is of tho medium height, ^ ad be wears a very terrible muitache. He was present, i the undress of an American officer, in the principal iloon last night, where at a quarter to eleven o'claok. C ere was a Spanish dance. Never have we bad so high > i impression of the American character as hare; the 1} ost refined and well bred society of Europe should E arn that American gentility is fully a match for that ' the continental oircles England has acknowledged tat in all the departments of acisnce we are her equals; F id Dickens, wno, after an imperfect acquaintance. > -iticlsed Amerloan society with such severity, may now 'ceive us upon equal terms, with great propriety. Among other arrivals vesterday were the Count de I ally, Prussia; Oen. Booth. Connecticut. Alvah Strong, a ochester; Dr. Carmicbael, Riohmond, Vaj fcc (to. The omnibuses run from town to the Saratoga lake vice a day; numerous parties visit II. and to-morrow 0 e expect to ride upon Its bosom?to ramble among the kvlnes with which it is surrounded; nod to gather a ouquet of wild flowers.and to send you. with some of the ressed leaves, a description of the er.vlri ns. We have Ji ardly had time to turn upon our heol yet. At table P ist night we sat on the right hand of the Adonis of th? D ipiwu cur; and wh rune iruiu mn uuimium wivu nil iiu* u roved estimate of hi* professional capacity n A new* depot, for the tale of tbu JVrie York Herald, c , has been established here, by Mr. VV. A. Munell. I'pon the arrival of the day boat at Albany, Mr. I., with commendable enterprise, expiesam the newsaper* through to Saratoga, at a large expense; but his tl lies are Increasing, and we have no doubt but bis ef- b irts will be well rewarded. 1U la, at least, a gentle- ti lan deserving of success. Si*nor and Hlgnora Valtelllna gave a concert here at evening. There was a large audience, at a dollar ? ich. and In* artists were reonlved with applause. ' Madame Fleury Jolly, and Mons. Oubreutl, will glva* * >ncert here this evening. BaAKDTwmc 8r*i?o?, July A, 1647. t ift of Brandwine?Philadelphia in the enjoyment of Country Air? Beauty, Intelligence, and Oood Tatte j( The season at this fashionable watering plaoe la now , 1 Its height, and the large and well kept hotel It t ironged with old and young, gay and grave. A ball rery night, a fine hand, noble plana*, beautiful grounds. | lovely country, renders Brandywlne at this moment a a Oft delightful resort The company comprise* some of # ie moat respectable people of Philadelphia, who have | one of the atlffneaa Incidental to plaoes of more preten- t on. Among the moat prominent of the visiters are the , 's, a slste> hood of pretty glrla; the Intellectual Mlsa L., ie charming Misees L , all life and enjoyment; Mrs. C , 11 ad her amiable daughter; the fashionable Mrs. F., the t p*t dressed woman In the house ; Mrs F., and her sinir, Miss 8 , of New York, a young lady with an eye for ie unmarried lords of creation ; the aatstooratlc Mrs v ..wife of a gallant Colonel in the army; tne pretty Irs H , and Mrs, V., and a host too numerous to lentlon. 14 We receive your Herald every day b Personal, 6 The Hon. David Henshaw arrived at Norfolk on the lornlng of Friday laat. A letter received on Saturday evening from the WarIngton Hprlngs. gives an aoeount of the death, at that * laoe. of severe dropey, of Carter M Braxton. Esq , State I nator from the King and Queen District, Va Hon Elisha WhlttUsey p?*Hed through rittsburg on * ha 14th Inst., with his tumlly, on his way to Washing- 1 r>n, where he intends to renew his residence as President ftne Washington Monument Association. * Accident ?The Lawrence (Mxhh.) Courier, ?ya that by" the breaking of a guy rope, a dirick n tha Bay State works fell on Friday afternoon week, ? ausing the death of Mr. A. D. Williams, formerly of f 'ew York Mr W was struck upon the head by the lriek, and lived but a short time Heveral other men c rrowly escaped ? Kmnui'i Raven Ttcmm." " Bait) hook md hair tn lurd br angler fin*? Emma'i bright hair alone, is bait, hook and line." 1 inew her wh?n her hair waaeoa se, and interallied wirhgrey i ut by ?IW in 'gic nitlueuce. 'iwa? changed wiihui a day. color dark and tetture so't, and l'?n? ight suspicion, lie talisman lair Invna u?rd. was Booii's ' nMf iiin >rr Bogle's Hyreriun Kluid can Be hvl of Win B >gle, Ztt Wash- ; igtou street, Bpston. Hold Peng?Tl?e Chta|>c*( In Uie llty_Kvery vie of Gold Pea that cm be *aut'd, may b? found in the 1 old Peo Depot of J. W. OKkATON i CO., 71 Cedar.treet, I ip stairs) and > t prices lower than they a-e aold anywhere i ? Suo Pens ?s others adveitise lor II JO and $J, Or'atou Co. sell for |l 25 aud |l 7J their large assortment the ost difficult to pleas* uny be suited at a discount, either ' holesale or retail, of from 10 to 35 per cent from other's ices. Daguerreotypes.?Our attention lui been recti d to some hue spesimeus of recently improved Dugiierotypes executed at the Plumbe National Daguerteian Ualry, upper corner of Broadway and Murray sts '' hey are irtaiuly worth examining, as they are very creditable to tbe oprietors. Go aud see them,.hat you may agree with us. ] Gold P?iuu." Klctiellcua" rrluwpliant _ he success of tliese |>ens, being placed by public approval be- . >ud a doubt, it is leally amusing to witness the twisting and ; riling of those who hare labored so hard to get their pens ' ibstituted for the " Hichelieus." As the public have uken e matter in liaud and will determine whether the " Hie hems,' at ti only, will ? rite as well and last as loug as those .'us sold for 98 JO elsewhere, we aie coutent. Only keep tins ct in view, that the " Richelieus" are for sale by J. Y 8aige, S3 K ulton street, and uo where else. Other Gold Pens am 75 cents to $1 JO. Travelling Dreattng Cases_The exceedingly sail compsss in which the subscribers have plsced eveiy ing necessary for the toilet, without destroying their usefultaa, and the handsome and substantial manner in which they e made, rendersthese cases superior to any manufactured, u examination cannot fail of being satisfactory. O. SAUNDERS llcSON, 177 Broadway. I^rmiltra Rainrl?Th?t? Razors, (bevond 1 question the beat imported to thil count-y) can be had of it kubscribers, and warranted, together with a very Urge aud ell selected assortment of Razors, Pen aud Pocket Kuives, tifumeiy, boaps, and everything appertaining to te toilet. G. SAUNDERS 4 SON, 177 Broadway, opposite Howard Hotel. New and Effective Remedy. ? Dr Wood's arsaparilla and Wild Cherry Bitten, for Jaundice, Liver oinplaint, Hick Headache, Indigestion. Costiveness, Piles, vspepaia, Fevers, Nervousness. Heartburn, Rheumstism, utaueoua (liieaiei, Canker* Impurities of the Blood. Pinpltsa a the Face, are acknowledged by all who have tried them, to t one of the best preparation! in Hae. As a family medicine is invaluible. It is t>leis<int to the uute, which makes it an isy uiedicine to children, and it fast taking the place of thnre tuseating remedies which have so long been in use. Sold holesile aud ieta>l by vVyatt St Ketcham, III Fulton street, : 192 Broadway, ill Blescker, and by Druggists generally, rice, SI. in large bottles. jyl7 Steod c No Charge until the flair U Restored?Beat's air Restorative is applied on the above terms. Office 108 asaau street. N. B.?For those who apply it themselves it for tale. Head.?I, Aaron Clark, Mayor of the city of New York, do jreby certify, that I have teen a general certificate, ?ud am irsonally acquainted with many of the parties who have gned it, and knew them to be men of the highest standing in e community. AARON CLARX. New York. March, 1839. jyl7 it Navigation Of the Ohio River. Placet. Time. State of Rivtr. oulavllle July 10.. . .4 feet 3 in; falling. 'heeling July 0 4>{ feet. ittsburg. . July 9 3 feet 9 Inches. incinn&ti July 10 3 feet; felling. MONEY MARKET. Monday, July 18?JB P. M. The stock market presents no new feature since the icelpt of the later intelligence from Europe. Prioes ere, however, steady at our quotations, and there apsars very little disposition to force Btocks upon the arket. At the first board, Treasury Notes fell off X ir cent; Farmers'Loan, Morris Canal >?; Norwioh id Worcester >*; Reading Rrailroad, & ; Long Island ;; Harlem X- United Status 6's, 1667; Indiana and llnols olosedat prioes current on Saturday. The annexed statement of lake Imports at Buffalo exI bits the quantity of the principal articles of produce >oelved at that port from the West for the first fifteen ays In July In eaoh of the past five seasons ikk Imports into Buffalo?Julv 1st to 16tii, In CLUSIVB. 1(43. I8H. mi. 1816. 1847. 'heat, buahela. .111,190 11UJ0 47,J?i 206,810 422,378 oru, do 87,300 18,871 2,1)1 8 3 630 374,362 lour, brla 17,070 18,140 21,401 81.820 160,340 >rk, do 1,870 2,490 1,030 1,2*3 11,429. ahea.cka 1,830 1 211 1,490 1,671 917 fool, bilea K)0 1,900 4,240 4,711 6,888 The export* from Buffalo, via the canal, for the same me, were, of floor, 171,991 barrel*; corn, 390 351 bushel*; beat, 414.194 bushels. The reoelpts from tolls, at Buflo, from the lit to the 16th of July, both inclusive, reraged lyre than $8,000 per day. The quotation* for American stock* in London, on the 1 instant, were as follow* Alabama 6s, dollar, 64 to 60; do. Sterling 67 to 61; laiana 6* 40 to 44; Illinois 40 to 44; Kentooky 90 to 93 ex lv; Louisiana U B. 1850-1.1, 83 to 86; Louisiana Con. jxoclatlon 80; Massachusetts Stg 100 to lOi: Maryland i Stg, 70 to 74. ex coup; do dollar 6s 80, buyers; JiIhsikppl flanters' 60 to 63; do. Union 16 to IB: U. 8. Bank tiares 16s to 17s; Ohio 6s 90 to 93 ex <11*; rennxylrania i 74 to 76; South Carolina, 1896, 8J to 86, ex div; do. 4*8-1868. 86 to 90 do; Tennest.e? 6a 90 to 92; New York i 90 to 93 ex div. The transaction* were not large, and the *ale* made ere principally for American aocount. Holder* were rm at the above quotation* We learn from the Camden (S. C.) Journal, that a reposition baa been received In that place from several oston capitalists, to subscribe $3,000,000 towards the >nstruotlon 01 we roaa wniou is to oouueoi tue two tates. The estimated cost of the road being $3,000,000. ne-third of the amount only will have to b? subscribed jr the citizens of the States interested. A convention ill be held in Camden on the 28th Instant, when the hole matter will be made public. The annual report of the Bank of Charleston has been iade. It appears that the net pioflts of the year, after educting current expenses irom the gross lnoome, have een $267,90-2 69; from which, taking the dividends of 3 er cent paid in January and July respectively?in all, 189 6*8, a clear profit is left of $68,.64 89. The only losses, on transactions originating within the ar, have boen on two domestic bills, respectively for 1700 and $1660 80. and on one small note for $100?in 11 >3.360 80. A loss, however, occurred on notes, mounting to $10,684 36, caused by the sudden disapearance of one of the parties, (McDonald.) the drawer r endorser of the paper, who, up to that time, had been i good credit. The cash liabilities and resouroes of the bank are set I >rth in the following abstract Bank or Charleston, 8. C. CatK jisirh. oin on hand .$423,803 73 [otes and balanoes of city banks 73.691 69 iuk by distant banks 239.602 90 >ue by agencies 260.462 27 $987,460 49 oreign exchange $1,161,279 24 lorthern exchange due and falling due 818 000 00 1,969,279 24 f. States 6 per o?nt stock $430,000 00 bftlt OI OUUIU 1/MUI1UB IVUVk various kind* 434,204 94 864,364 94 ither 0Mb securities, equally available. . ,. 193,670 00 $4,004,674 76 CatK Liabilititl. totem In oireuUtlon $1,833,338 00 rivate deposltes 471,691 On ue to city banks 4,439 00 ue to distant bank* 616.967 00 'a* to ageaotes 193,346 00 $3,618,460 00 The following summary shows the monthly average of ti? leading Items, In the annual statement of monthly alancns. in the varleus departments of baslness, broughout the year:? Monthly Avtune. if bill* In clr'n., $1,493,800?of coin ou hand $432,196 epoelts 607,449 ?For. Exchange. 980.633 ?ue to D?t Banks 1,083,096?Dom Exchange 1,333 00? Due from other banks 369.694 The amonnU Invested In tomt descriptions of securlles, have bean greatly increased during the year. The iank Is now the holder of $430,000 of the U. 8. 6 per cent >an of 1846, and of $339,303 19 of South Carolina State toek, held in Kogland, the shape of L. C. and Ch. Halloed bonds guaranteed by the State, which cost the iank $116,420 26? part having been purchased during he money crisis In England, of June last, say ?11.600 t 86. The personal estate account of last year has been ntlrely extinguished , and that of the real eetate greaty and profitably reduced, by the late final and satisfacory disposition of a large estate, real and personal, of rhloh the bank, as the only means of preventing heavy oss, had become the purchaser. In the re-sale, the ?nk realised the principal of th? debt in question, nd about one-half of the Interest that had accrued ipon it. The suspended debt has bean greatly reduced?the mount to the debit of that acoouat proper being now ut $67,902 63 | to which, however, must be added a oubtful bond of $14,824 13?making a total of $72,16 76. The past treason having been highly fcrorable for bust, isss of every kind, the transactions hare been numereus nd Urge, as wlU appear by the following Items >? tomestlc exchange purchased from July, 1846. to July 1st, l?47 .... ...... .17 jet),** 28 Iterling do In same time. . . $2,684 381 68 rrench do " " 607,136 66 3.091.407 98 fotes discounted, " 8 324 411 ttO $19 866 127 11 Tbs proprietors ?f Uis bank consist at present of 904 hareholders. 668 ot whom hold. In their own right, $1,79,660 ; and 336 hold $1,381,360 as guardians, truiteer, ' it In other fiduciary capacities The oowBtltee appointed to examine the oash and . > *? T -? ? ? .. ' ^ >ther property of the bank, nub the fallowing report of ipecie lay of Aau>rioan gold 000 00 ' !)iitiiiih gold 66.000 00 " 8U?er..." lrt.iW 00 Slaking a total of upaoia of J?9 O?0 00 The committee appointed to examine the Tartoua department* of the bank, made the following statement of re '1 eitate owned by the bank Banking houea and adjaoent buildings $36 701 99 Element's Ferry jtlU u Fire loU on Gadsden's wharf 276 00 Tenement* corner Wentworth and Bay stii. .. 13.000 00 Taxes, fcto , on property not yet appropriated. US 00 $48,404 10 The foregoing, except the banking house and adjaaent building*, were taken for debt ; Clement'* ferry lasboen sold, but the title* not yet made to the purchaser. _ ? Block Kxchange. SKI00 Treaiinry Note?6 ?,IOiT, 21 u >li> .\ur & Wor b?0 [. DUO 3<ate 7's, '48 JO'ji [00 do iSU 1*V 100? Staie 7's. '49 lo:?l2 '00 Heading RK 8 -2 HHI0 U 9 ates?V?T l'W 10 do b30 6-.W 700 Kentucky ft'11! *lit 1? l,'0 -*0** di 61Ja HIMtO Ohio 6'., "60 I0?k 310 Loug Island RR 31 M0 do 50 99*4 2?0 do bliO 32 V lOnO Illinois Siwcial 4# M0 do 3IJ? 2000 iudiana Bonds 41 10" Harlem RR MO 81V* )00 iht Farners's Trust 31 2300 do >, i iih) do tlO 31 50J <j? s4 moj #0 10 VicknburU 103a 410 do 0"% DQV.CMMrg wo * M U? .M 61.8 10 Morris Canal 17?4 JJ0 <Jo b30 61 200 Nor It Wor RR 53 do bCO 61 Second Board. ^ ^ ^ 200 sim Li Island Hit, ?30 JIM :>u siis nenuiiiic xiiv, r,j\ 100 do 31% 350 Harlem RR 60\4 200 do b30 3'% 200 do ?60 6ft 100 do blO 31% 50 Jo no V. DNtrfc WorRR, b3 52% 100 do >30 60,0 60 do sl5 5?>, 50 do b60 60V New Slock Exchange* 9WOO Treas Notes b3 100 50 ulu L Island RR j60 31% 50:10 do blO UXi 50 Nor k Wor RR J3 50 shs Harlem RR 60% 25 Siuuuurtou RR, c?h 55JJ 400 dj CI 50 do >30 55% 50 do cash G lm 150 Farmers'Loan >30 34 50 do >30 6(1% CITY TUAUK REPORT. New York, Monday Afternoon, July 10. Sales of straight brands Obio, Michigan and Genesee were made at a $5 24. Some lota of Troy and Oswego were Bold at $6 26. After 'change, some mixed brands Ohio and Michigan (probably in indifferent order) were sold at $4 76. A Male of prime Ohio wheat was made at 116o. For a lot of feir Genesee white, 130e. was asked, and llOo. offered. Corn sold pretty freely. During 'change, Western mixed sold at 66e. a 66o. ; flat yellow at 68o.; a lot Southern yellow at 60o , and round Northern yellow at 61o. A lot of good white sold at 65c. ? After 'change, a sale of Western mixed was reported at 64c. Several lota of damaged were sold, comprising Northern round at 62c., and mixed at Sic. New Orleans mixed, damaged, was reported sold at about 47o. a 4Bo . Meal was In Inactive. A sale of Jersey was made en private terms. For New York State $2 76 was asked, and $2 60 offered. Sales of rye wore made at 77o., and of good canal oats at 39% c. Provisions were quiet, with but little doing. There were sailer* of pork at 912 60 for prime, and at $14 87% a $15 for mess. A small sale of new mess was reported at $16. A lot of beef hams sold on private terms, and a parcel of piokled pork hams at 8o. Lard was steady at 9 a 9%c. in bbls., and at 10 a 10%o. in kegs. There was very little doing in groceries, and no change in prices was noted. Ashes?We report sales 100 bbls pots, at $4 87%, and 100 do pearls, at $0 12%, at whloh prices were firm, especially for the latter description. Bheadstitfs.?Flour.?We report sales of about 6000 bbls Genesee, at fid 26; 1600 do one brand Onlo. Michigan and Troy, at the same price, and 1000 do Oswego, upon the same terms ; 3 a 400 do, sold at $6 a $6 12%: 300 do mixed brands Ohio and Michigan, sold at $6. After 'change, 700 bbls mixed brands Oblo and Miehlgan were reported sold at $4 76. WAruf.?There was a good show of samples, but prioes continued unsettled. For fair to good Genesee white, $1 10 was offered, and >1 30 askod; 6 a 6000 bushels Ohio prime white sold at $1 16. Corn?We report sales 30ii0 bushels of Southern vellow at 60c: 2600 do vellow Northern mixed sold at the same price, and about 15000 do Western mixed sold at bio, 66c, a 67c; 2000 do flat yellow sold on private frm*. aud 2S(lO do. at 68c; 1000 do white sold at 83c, and I0ii0 do fold on private terms; 3000 do Northern vellow sold at 69o , and 2h3000 do round yellow cold at 81 c.j 1000 round Northern yellow at 04o. After 'ohange. aales of 3200 bu*beU Western mixed were reported at 64c. Strat ?For Western New York, $2 60 waa offered and $2 76 asked; 600 bbls New Jersey were sold on private terms. Rye?A sale of 1200 bushels were made at 77a,. and rye flour was offered at $4 Oati?Sales of 2?80o0 bushels, prime canal, were made at 39)?o. Barley?A sale of 1600 bushels was made on private terms A Hmall sale of Br am was made at $1 23 The quotations ranged from $1*1 26; peas were worth $1. Cofrr.c?There were no sales of moment reported while prices remained about the same. Cotton?The sales to-day comprise 2000 bales, chiefly for shipment, and at prloes one-quarter to half a cent higher than these obtained before the arrival of the Britannia. Facir?Sales of bunch ralsini were made in a modeflit a wav at. 41 ifttil M1 Fiih?Sales of dry cod were made to the extant of about 1000 quintals, which, acoordiug to qu lity.brought $3 60a- 3 76 Home lota of common do were rep< rted told as low aa $3 37X. Bales of 4a600 bbls mackerel were made, ceneisllug of No 3's, at (4 76a$4 87H Hkmp?Tbe market lor American dew rutted appeared some firmer We'quote the article aoeordlog to quality, at $1 OA a $1 10 per ton. The receipt* at St. Louis were considerably less than they were at the lame period last year. Hides.?The deUers have made nearly a clear sweep of all the hides in the market, preparatory to folflllng their fall contracts for tanning, and a better feeling prevails in regard to prioes The low and constantly doclining prices in England, and on the continent, with advancing prices in our homo markets, impressed many with the belief that hides would find their way to the American markets In preference to the depressed markets of Kurope. and heuee, as stated, heretofore by us, the dealers are not generally oonfldent in the advance of prioes, some being apprehensive of an over importation. Account* from Liverpool, per Britannia, spaak of Urge nales In South American hides at a decline of Jfd and Hd per lb. On the continent bides were dull, and very litUe doing in them. There will be a large (took ot hides wanted this year in this market, on aooount of the revival in the leather trade, which ha* been very animated throughout tbe year. Lkathkr ?There waa not much doing. The dealers, however, were morn firm In prioes. Accounts from the country show a oomplalnt among some of tbe tanuers of a want of water to finish their leather, and the probablity is, that the stock of sole leather now due maybe delayed In consequence of the sune. Lead?Since last report sales of about 6,900 pig* have been made at 93 79, 4 months, Interest added. Molasses?we report sales of 160 hhds. Muscovado, at SAX a '27)^.cent*, and a cargo of Cub*, to arriveooaatwise, sold for distilling, on private terms. Naval Stores?The market was quiet, and no sale* of moment transpired. Oils ?Sale* of lin*e?d were light to-day. Amerioan, city pressed, was firm at 70 cent*, and English at 08<i.? The latter, in the afternoon, waa held at an advanoe.? Some holders demanded 00 a 70 cent*. There waa nnthlnv n?w in whale or iDerm. PaovinoNt?There were seller* of new meat at (IS, end of prima do at $12 60. Some 80 barrel* men were reported sold at $16. The dosing quotations were $14 87X a $16, for mess, and $13 60 for prime. Beef remained ' Arm. Sale* of 360 tleroea beef, hams, sold on private terms; 100 tleroea piokled pork ham* ware sola at to. Lard?We quote the article la barrel* at 9 a 9^0 , and In kegs at 10 a lOXo. No change in cheese or hotter. Rict?Market Terr quiet, and no *al?i of any consequence were reported. 9lt.ak?The market was lnaotlve. We have no sale* to note, while price* current at the olo** of last week were maintained Tallow?Nothing doing. Toiacco?The market was firm. 30 hhdi Kentuoky leaf were sold at 6 a 6){o., and 10 do. Virginia at $X a 3Xo. WHALreooa?No sales transpired. Whiikkt?Was nominal at 34 a 36e. FasioHTi?'There wa* plenty offering to Oreat Britain Hoar was engaged to Liverpool at 4*. and gTain at 13d To London 4 a 4* 8d waa paid, and 4* fld asked for flour. 6000 bblx flour were engaged to Liverpool at 4s Two vessels were engaged for Glasgow to take flour at as 9d. To the oontlnent rates remained about tha same. TK LKOHAPHIC, Haurkets. Baltimore, July 19?p. M. Our flour market continues very dull Howard street Is inactive at $6. Corn 1* vary flat, and prloee still hare a downward tandenoy. Wa quota Maryland white and yellow, at 67 a We. Wheat wa* vary dull Maryland red wa* worth 90c., and beet quality Pennsylvania do. $1 1?. Meal w*e auu Ht $3, ine asking price. INO salei wtre made known. Whiskey, nominal. Provision*, vary little doing, though holdeA appeared firmer than befon the new*. Freight* steady. wv, July 19?P. M. Oar flour market waa tery doll, and few tale* mnd? by whleh the price oould be determined. We qn?t< Michigan and Gene?ee, In a measure nominal, at $Aaf( 33. 8 Ira of 9000 bushels of mlftd corn were made at 60e and 9000 bushel* of oanal oat* were *old at 40e. N< movement in rye worth reporting. Whlskay dull Pro vision* about tbe same. Receipt* by the oanal durlnf the prueedlng twenty-fear hoar* Flour, IS>60 bbl* wheat, 10,900 bushel* ; eorn, 90.000 do. Ve**el* plantand freight* easy Boitck, July 19?P. M. Our flour market continue* unsettled, from the vffeet of the new*, and prtoe* remain seminal. Sale* have nc been euflolent to eatablieh prices Corn?Sales of 900 bushel* were made, including Southern and Weeter mixed, at 6#e., and Northern yellow at 06Xe What dull No sale* of rye or o*t* to report Cotton wi firm, with light sale*. Sale* 100 bbl* pork were mad about on term* current before the new*. Mackerel Arrival* light Sales large No 3'*, >4 AO a $4 an small No. ? * $4 a $4 9f> Krelght* *teadv. wUh a l,i ameuat offering

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