Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1847 Page 1
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TH Vol. XIII. No. 19*?Whole Mo. W5. THE NEW YOKE IIERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-welt corner of Fulton and W Ms. JAMES G0RDOH BENNETT~PR0PRlETOR VQlCtXATlON-FOETY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cent*per eomr?$7 3) per sniium?nnvable iuudv?n?e. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday-Price #M cent* per copy?$3 i.-ij ceuu <*r milium?payable in advanoe HERALD FOR EUROPE?Every Strum Packet dayPrice 6^ cents per copy?$ > per annum, including postage, payable m adrance. SuWripuons and advertisements will be received by Mmsrs (Jalignaui, HI Rue Virieune.Paru; P L. Simunds. 18 Coruliill, will John Miller ihe bookseller. London. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published on the 1st of Jauuarv ofeac* year?aiuule copies sixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual prices?always cash in advance. A'U crtueuienta should be written in a plain, legible in*nuer. The Proprietor will not be responsible Tor error* that mny occur in tliem . . .. ? . PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully and with A^l letter* or communication* by mail, addretiad to the establisluneut, inust be post paid, or the postage will be d* uuclctl troin (lie subscription mouev remitted. REGULAR CONEY ISLAND KERRY r 'The Steamer AMERICAN EAOLE leaves GMBMbUksPier 1 North River daily (Suudays included), 10, 1. aud 4 o'clock, loading at Kort Hamilton each way; returning from Coney at 11>?, 2}i and 6K o'clock. ' N. B?No boat aare belonging to the ferry will be permitted to laud at Coney Island, and passengers will please govern themselves Accordingly. jyU It in CITIZEN'S NEW BAY LINE OF r ?.*IL^ZMCPP081TI0N BOATS KOR ALBANY. Landing at Yau Courtlandt'i Newbnrgh, rouglikeepsie, Kingston, Cat*kill andHudson.?Far* SO cents? Brraklastand Dinner on Board. The new and elegant Steamer ROOER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thundays, and Saturdays, at half-past (ii, A.M.. from the pier foot of Robinson street, touching at Hitminonu street pier, each'vay, Kor i?iM|e or lrieght, apply on board the Boats, or to Oso. T. the office, foot of Robinson street. O"" All persons are forbid trusting the above boats on account of the owners. my 18 rh ~ KA< UHHION8 TO HULL'S KERRY, r^aaCS^TILLIETUDLEM, KORT LEE and TRIdUCSHL NITY oEMETERY?Landing at Hammond and Nineteenth streets.?Fahk Own Shilling?On aud after Sunday, July 18th, the commodious steamboats KRANK. Cart. Isaac Scott, and ROBERT ANNETT. Capt. Frederick Giylord, will leave the fo?t of Canal street every day, Sundays excepted, a?6, 8 and 10 A. M., 2, 3 and 6 P. M. Returning, leave Firt Lee every day, Nundays excepted, at ?}? and 12 A. M., anil 1, quarter to 5, and ti P. M. ON SUNDAYS, The boats will leave Canal street at 7, 9 and 10 A. M., and 3 Hud J P. M. Leave Kort Lee at 8 and 11 A, M., and 1, 5 and S r. M.. Kor the accommodation ol Pic Nic and other social pjeusure parries, a boat will leave Koit Lee at 1% p. M every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening. TRINITY CEMETERY. The 8 anil 2 o'clock trips of eachday, Sundays excepted, will be extended to Trinity Cemetery, the grounds of which have heen recently laid out in the most beautiful aud picturesque manner. Returning, the boat will leave the Cemetery wharf at a 'ju trter to 12 o'clock and quarter to 6 o'clock. Stages will be in readiness at Kort Lee to convey passengers to Hackensack, Sundays excepted. je 19 30t*r im?. OPPOSITION PASSAGE OKFICE?To P Albany, Utica.lI M; Syracuse, S2; Oswego, MiwteaMUdfaat3^ Rochester, $2 25; Buffalo, $2 M; Cleveland, SI Ml; Detroit, (3; Milwaukie. $8; Chic .go, SO; Cincinnati, $8: Toronto and Hamilton, $1; Whitehall, $2; Montleal.JM; Pittsburg, SR. urtlce, 100 Barclay street. A i security ri quired will be Riven for (lie fulfilment of all contract ade with this company. Jylfl Mt'r VI. L. It Ar. Agent. New York?1B47. PEori.ts i.FSK BTKAAiiuJXi'b i OK ALBANY, Daily, Sunday* Excepted? MulSaMWUM Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M~, from the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty itreeti. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will ou Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening*, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HF.NDiUK HUDSON, Capt R. G. Crattenden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 7 o'clock. Special Trains for Schenectady, Ballstou, and Saratoga Springs, will run as follows:?Leave Albany at 8hi A.M., 3 P.M., except Sundays. Passengers will find ihis the most expeditious and convenient route. At Five O'Clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermedial* Place*? from the loot o I Barclay street. 8teamboat IIOCHK8TEH, Captain K. H. Fnrry, will leave on Monday, Wedueaday, Friday,and San day afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T- N. liaise, will leave on Tuesday, Thuuday, uud Satuiday afternoon* at 5 o'clock. The above boats willat all time* arrive iu Albany in ampl* time for the Morning Car* for tie East or West. Freight taken at moderate rate*, and none uiken after 6 o'clock, P. M. 'I All (xirsonl are forbid trusting any o( the boat* of this line, without it writ'eu orderfrom the captains or agent*. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C 8(.Ht*LTZ. at the office on fne wh?rl. jvl2 re DAILY EXCURSION TO THE ELY ' .wdlwZNSIAN Kir.LDS, HOBOKEN.-Ou and after MiBEHflHi* Sunday, July 11th, the steamboat PIONEER will make tegular trips from Canal and Nineteenth street, diiret to the Klysiau Fields, at Hobokeu, leaving the above mentioned placet as follows:? Canal street, Nineteen h street, Elysian Fields, 10 o'clock, 10oclick, 10W o'clock, 1J " lltf " ll? " 2 " 12^ " 12* " 4 ' 2\ " 2? 6 ? sM ax ;; " 4>2 ' j y 8 14t*rh 6,* *' 7 " FORSHREWSBURY.LONU BRANCH. r* Ocean House, Jumping Point, Runsom, and ><dnriji0BM Eatontown Landing. The steamboat EDWIN LEWIS. Captain Havues, will ran a* follow* from foot of Ve*ey street, Noith River ?? Leave Ne ,v York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. Jnly. O'clock. Wednesday, 21, 10 A. M. Wednesday, 21, 2 P. MThursday, 22, 10 A. M. Thursday, 22, 3 P. M. Kndav, 23, II A.M. Friday, 23, 3){ P. M. Saturday, 24, 12 M Saturday, 24, 4 P. M. Sundav, 2.1, 6 A.M. Sunday, 25, i J{ M. Moil lay, Zo, 3 A. >1, Monday, 26, 7 1/V M. SnuifH will be in readiueas oa the arrival of [he bout To convey pussenprrs to nil parts of the country. jyl 30t?re NOTICE. 8TATEN ISLAND KERRY.?On and after SUNDAY, April I8th, the steamboat* fc TffiiilfMfa SYLPH and 3TATEN INLANDER wiQ run a* follows, until further notice :? LEAVE STATE* ISLAIVD At 6, ?, 9, 18,11, A. M., and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, P. M. LEAVE HEW TORE Al 7, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, ten minatea nut I, and at 4,3, ?i,7, o'clock, P. M. Nrw York April 13ili. *11 r BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIT, 1300ton? ^*?4u2U?AadjJaud 430 horse ixiwer each, under contract ^^^^^^^^ with the l<ordsofthe Admirality. 11IUKRNIA, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward O. Lott. BRITTANNIA, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA,Captain Charles H. E. Judkm*. AC AD1 A, Captain William Harrison. The four steamships now buildiiig are THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA. THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. Vessels appointed to sail from Liveri>ool are the Britaim July-I, 1847 H therm* July 20, 1847 Vessels appointed to sail from Boston are the Britannix August 1, 1847 gi>i Ililternia Augurt 16, 1847 1'r.sseusers'luggage muit be On hoard the day previous to sailing. P.-*ss$e money?From Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do to Halifax. $20. No berths secured until j>aid for. These shi;i? carry experienced surgeons. No freight, exceptsiieci", received on days of sailing Kor freight, passage, oi any other information, apply to D. RRIOHAM. .Jr., Agent, AtHARNDEN k CO.'S, 6 Wallst. Hy-In addition to the above line hetweeu Liverpool and Halifax, anil Boston, a contract ha* been entered into with Her Majesty * government, to e*t.iblnh a line between LiverjKiol kmf New York direct. The steamship* for this sefvice are now bring built, and early nril year due notice will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the steamers will Mil every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during the other months in the year. Going al ternately between 1.1vcrjionl and Halifax and Boston, anu be tweaw Liverpool and New1 York. nt| r ,???$? OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION OMPANY, Office 44 William itreet. DlRKOTOR*. C. II- Sind, Conrad W. K.iber, Edward Mill*, Horatio Allen. William Chamberlain, Mortimer Livingston, John A. Isclin, John L. Stephens, Herman Oelrichs. C. II. HAND, Pitsideut. Edward Mili.*, Genual Agent, New York Chari-ks E. Anp?:rsoi?, Secretary In conformity with the provisions of the charter, uotiie't hereby given that the Books for subscription forau amount not exceeding 2 100,000 to the capital stock of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, will be re-opened at the office ol the Company, 44 William, comer of Wall street, on Monday, 21st June, 1847. Five per cent of the amount subscribed mast he paid at the period of subscription in speeir or bank bills. The balance of the mbsciiption w ill he called for in instalments not exceeding 10 fer cent,as may be required hy the operation* of the Company, and noon thirty days previous notice. The following is the 2Mh section ofthe By-Law:? " Subscription to the capital of the Company, alter the amonnt may l>e 9300,000. shall in preference be allawed to tho*e who may 'lieu he stockholders, and to the extent of their then ( .i-i1-? M*im - ??- -- KRENCH TH A N 8ATLANTfC STEAMSHIP COMPA NY ?Royal Mail. H""?m Ship UNION. E. Hebert, ' v?Ma Commander, take* her departure positively *" Saturday, the J4th instant 'Ihe order ol departure from France is as follows? I The teoURj H,A ?n ' he Jilt' ?f %ffiORK " ^A^ut /And fr"m New York The PHILADELPHIA a*il., oothc IMli August. The MISSOURI nisi * The NEW YORK " ? 1Mb Sent Ihe UNION .,oth 1 !ie*e Htcapi Ships are equal to nnv afloat, and commanded hy sk lful and courteous navigators When rhe.ii transform* r tion from war vessels to e^mmerctil ones |j complete, lliey will be found aa comfortable * ?ny ships can b< made. The price of pishtgi from .New York lor the first classic *120 f'roi? Havre 1.000 franc*. Wines will be charged extra, but the price* will be very moderate. The frught in Havre is regulated by a lixcd tariff. The freight from ?e* \ ork is ruled by the market rate. Kor further particular! flppljr to the officc of the coinpnny, 14 i1 Broadway. jyMr FOR GLASGOW?Regular pneh?t of the IJtfi yfcMW,A':it",'~ Br. i*?ket ship BROOKSJdMMrb:<Y. '.',n tons, Capt. Hugh McUwen, will sail as aTjovu. herragiiMr day *or freight or passage havinp splendid accommodations, aril V on board, foot of I'nosevelt *| , K W . or to WOODIIULL !k vilNTliRN, K1 Soath at. The regular tmclet bark Ada m i arr, 4fKi tou?, (Ja|?t. Wnuht fill rurcctd tne Drooktby, tuid tail oil her regular day. J) HI E NE NEV THE subacriberi offer fur ni? turnip seeds of the JpSJI best kinds. nx rooU bega, or Swedish, show bull, *Mm. r?l top, white globe, red globe. yellow globe. yellow lone, yellow Aberdeen, fall radian and spinach, with a large and general aaaortiaeut of garden aeed?. Brue plant freali everyday. Choice and fragrant tloweraat all seainus of the year. DUN I. AP k THOMSON, jH lll'B Seedsmen and Klori?t?. fila B'oa'lway. COUNTRY SKAT FOK SALE-That very de9M sirable residence in the village of Tarry town WritChester county, fitted up by the lute Mrs. 1'hil lips, v>d occupied for icveral yean by E. Treadwell. Enj. u now offered for sale. The house. which it about 46 feet l>y 40, with piaiza front and rear, ia well finished and now in good order, with a green house attached. There are also on the premises carriage houae, (table, ice ho'ise, gardener'* home, and nther convenient out buildinga. The grounds, about six acres, are well slocked with a great variety of choice fruit tret*, shrubbery and ornamental trees, and the prospect is not surpaaaed by any spot on the Hudsou river, for terms, he., apply to the subscriber on the premises. jr!4 30t?rc. C. V B. Q8TRANDER. AAPAKiMkiiTH TO LKT, handsomely furnished or uufuruished, at 31 Nortli .Moore st. jy 14 14t*m a PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, Suten l.laud.The proprietor beai to inform his friends and the public, that he has made considerable alterations and improve J menu in this establishment since the last season. He has erecti a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether tsconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable size, light, aud well ventilated, aud superior in all respects to those generally denominated single rooms in the various watering places throughout the country. 1 he proprietor ia now ready to treat with families or parties wishing to engage rooms for the season. Letters addressed to him at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention. A steamboat runs between Nrw York aad New Brigbtoa, at the following hours, via:? _ from New Brighton?At I and 11 A. M. and I and G P. M. Krom pier No. 1 North River, New York?At 9 A. M. and 11 M, and 3X. 5 and 6\ P. M.aud more frequent communications will be established as the season advances. Sunday Arrangement?From New Brighton at A. M., 12K, 0 P. M. From New York, at 9 A. M.. 2 and b\ P. M. Music Nighti?Tue?day, Thursday and Saturday. The Pavilion u now ready for the reception ol Company. H??t tfre F. BLANCaHD. NKW KOKK. AND HAKLfcM KAILKO AU COMPANY 8UMMER ARRANOKMKNT. ON the Cars will rnn an follows, uutil further notice. Up trains will leare the City Hall for Harlemh Morrisiana. Forham It Tnckahoe Pleasantville, 130 A.M. WM'maBr'ice Hart's and Newcastle 7 5 30 A.M. White Pl'iu. Bedford, 8 " T " 7 A. M. Whitlickville 9 10 " 10 " CrotoaJfalls10 ' 11 " 4 P. M. 7 A. 11 3 P. M. 5 30 " 4 P. M. 2 P. M. 4 " 3 " 5 30 " 4 " 6 30 " 5 " 5 30 " 6 30 " H riuni ink to New York Mill leave? MorrisianatiHarlem. Fordham. Will'miBrVe. TacUahoe. 7 OS A. M. 6 43 A. M. t> 45 A. !Nf 7 W A. M. 8 10 " 7 55 " 7 .v) " a 4* " 9 n n? " 9 os " l an p. M. 0 '' 12 23 P.M. 12 14 P. M. 5 42 12 34 P. M. 1 45 " I 40 " White ITn?. 2 3 0> " ft " 7 10 A. M. 3 415 " ?i no " 8 33 " 5 20 " 753 " 7 45 M IP. M. j ?? ' 5 23 H t> 28 " 8 04 " Plcasamville. New Castle Bedford. Whitlickville. 8 13 A M. 8 AM. 7 51 A M. 7 45 A M 5 13 P M. i P M. ill PM. 4 45 P M Croton Falls. 7 ? A M. ,, mPM. The trains to and from Crotou Kails will uot stop on New York Island, except at Brooine street, and 32(1 street. A car will precede each train tea miuutcs, to take up passengers in the city. The morning train of car* from Croton Mils will not stop between White Plains slid New York, eacept at Tuckahoe William's limVf, and tot dhnm. Extra Irakis on Sundays to Harlem and Morrisiana, if fin* weather. Stages for Lake Mahopackand Danhury leave Croton Kails on arrival of the 7 o'diock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for Pawlines on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. FARE FROM NEW YORK : io Croton Kalis f 1 no o Whitlickville o Newcastle 75 o Pleaaantvill*.. o White Plains M Freight trains leave City Hall m 13 M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, leave Croton Kails at 7 A.M. and 9 P. M CHEAP ANDJEXPHTdIT fOU ffTRAVEl.I.l N ? TO ffffi WESTERN STATES AND CANADA. jjgfcjJisaE! BY TAPSCOTT'H EMIGRANTS PASSENGER LINES, Office, 16 South street,New York. The subscribers continue to forward Emigrants and others to all parts of the Western States and Canada, at the very LOWEST RATES OK PASSAGE, by Railroad, Steamboat and Canal, to the follow lng places, via Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and Pittsburgh:? Utica, Syracuse, Oswego, Auburn, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie. Pa. Cleveland, Huron. Sandusky, Maumee, Monroe, Toledo, Detroit, Mackinaw, Milwaukie, Racine, Southport, Chicago, Green Bay, Pottaville, Pittsburg, Pa. Wheeling, Portsmouth, Ohio. Parkersbnrgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Ky. St. Lonis. (ialena, Dubuque, Bond Head, Darlington, Hamilton, Whitby, Cobnrg, Gneenston, Kingston, Toronto, Sandwich. Montreal, Aud all other intermediate places. Persons proceeding to any part of the West, or Canada, would do well to call on W. ?t J. T. TAPBCOTT, At their General Emigration Office, 86 South street, New York. Tapscott's Emigrants' Travelling Guide can be had on application, free. m13rtt*rc FOR SALE?Twenty rail road enrts aud six one ho,?e ^ wagons, and some two horse wagons, aud are constantly SKmaking to order, where they can be had at the shortest notice if not on hand, where all kinds of carts, wagons and har ness can be had at the most reasonable terms, by MICHAEL MULLANE, Wagon Maker, No. 31 and 30 Montgomery at, terser Hit*. N. I JeM Mt?r KQR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANBLAND EW YORK LINE. .t?K ^ ft -t*j> TO SAlOfrERY ffl^JAYS. Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON. Captain Ingrraoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, C?pt. Hunt. Ship 8ARTELLE, Captain Taylor. Bark OENK8EE, Captain Minot. Bark J. E; WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark HEBRON, Captain Oreig. The above ship* are all ufthe first class, of light draft of water, and commauded by the moat experienced captains in the trade. Their cahiiui are handsomely furnished, and every attentioa paid to the comfort and convenience of lh? passengers. Neither the captains or owners of the above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, [silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by, or tint <ui board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken lor the same, and the value therein rxprrssed. Kor freight or passage, applMkn board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to F.. K. COLLINS, 56 Mouth street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff k. Co., who will promptly forward all gftods to their address. DRAFTS ON THE NATIONAIT BAN'K <?F IRELAND. m.. m m m W.I J. T. TAI'SM )OTT, beg toiiilorm their Ineiiil^aud the public, wishing to remit money to Ireland, that they draw drafts for large or small amounts, (payable without discount,) direct on the National Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the numerous branches throughout the country. Also, drafts can he obtained, payable in all parts of EngHiid, Scotland, and Wales, on application to W. It J. T. TAP8< OTT, at _____ iS South ?tiect. New York. BRO m IV den lane, having now completed their arrangements, beg leave tp announce to their friends and the public, that |>assages ui >uiu irniniiie urn uouuiry c-ni or ecareu on me most reasonable term*, in first cla*? packet ship*, sailing regularly from New York and Liverpool. They also guarantee that there shall be no detention, out tlmt emigrant* will be forwarded on presentation of their ticket*. Drafts payable on demand on the Koyal Bank of Ireland, and on Me**r*. Preicott, Orote, Ames k Co., London. my2.'< J0t? rc m m m M FTMON LInH or PaCKKTH ?Ok LIVKrtPotli,U PAHSAOK TO OH KROM following w ell known, fast sailing, and favorite packet ships, w ill sail from New York punctually ou their stated days :? The AMKRICA, 1)00 tons. Id July, " MEMPHIS, lino " 7th ^ ". SKA. inoo " loth " These magnificent ship* have accommodations unsurpassed lor cnbin, secoud cabin, and steerage passenger*, rersonaabout proceeding to the old conntry cannot select Hner conveyance. I hose wishing to send for their friends can make the necessary arrangement* with the subscriber*, on favorable terms, ami have them brought oat in either of the above ships, or by any of the splendid ships comprising the New Line of Liverpool Packet*. W. v J, T. TAPSCOTT, iviW 86 Sooth street. r. W. BYRNKH fc ICO.*8 NKW YORK AND LIVKRPOOL EMIGRATION QFKIC1. are desirous of informing the public of the United States, That ihey have found the im|>ortance of a direct Agencv for the purpose of placing within the power of the friends of the passenger* coming out to this country, the immediate correspon deuce with a respectable establishment, from whom they ran rely for attention and favor toward* their relations leaving the oldcountry. Person* desirous nl engaging passages Irnm Dublin, Cork, Waterfnrd. Ilelfast, Londonderry, and Liverpool, direct to New York, B<' ton, Philadelphia, Baltimore or New Orleans, cnndosoon m"ie favorable ternu than can be obtained from any other hoiut engaged in the business in thi* conn try t hung the oldest and largest establishment in the passenger trade in Liverpool. . . , - ? - , The manv thomand passenger?that have sailed in the slop-, which have been despatched from our office in Liverpool, and the different port* of Ireland for the last thirty year*, is a sufficient guarantee of our ability to fulfil witli satisfaction any ennsrinfnt for DUNiiKcrithtt we may hf favored with. "TrAKTS And ftlLLS OK k/cIIANOE given for any amount, payable on sight, at the National Bank or I re la id and its branchea; and also on all the principal town* of England and Scotland without discount. .... ... A list of the Packet Ships with their days of sailing, and the address of the Agents who act for us, ean be had on application at thi* office. Apply or address by jetf^^jwst^sid) mj?lm.rTP D:i SontlntreM Xgp- PAOKXTSKOR HAVHK -SKI ONI) I.IMfljfw The Ship ON KID A, J. r?nek. <> ? Aim, the ant of August BOYD k HINOK^N, w ro 7 YOKK. WEDNESDAY I IMPORTANT CORRESPONDENCE liETVVBJiN TlIF Socrotary of State and the Mexican Government, Relative to the Mission of Mr. Trist. I An extra of the Rrpubticano of Mexico. of the 'Jith of June, hu been received at the Department of Statu, containing copied of two notey from tbeMintoter of Foreign Adair* of Mexioo, dated the Sid of June lMt, and a translation of the letter addreMed to the .Muxloan gOTcrnment, by our Secretary of State, on the 1 flth of April prcvloua. We here prenunt translation* ot the two noted first mentioned, together with a copy In the original of .fir. uutuuuiiu n inter; au 01 wdicq wiu qoudu6m u? read with interest in every part of our country.? Washington Union ] Historical documents published in the Republirano of thi Qtith of June, lb47. [translation] Department of Internal and Koreion Relations. To the most excellent Sicrttaries of the Sovereign Congress : Oon and Liiikrtv?Mexico, June 22,1847. Mo?t Excellent Sim: By order of his exoellency, tli - Preside ui ad interim of the republic, as resolved in a council of ministers, I have the honor to place in the hand of your excellencies, that you may submit it to the sovereign Congress, at its first meeting, a copy of the official note, addressed by the Secretary of State of the United States to this government, under date of the Kith of April last, in which be declares that the President of that Republic Intends to despatch, as a commissioner, to the headquarters of the army operating In Mexico, Nicholas 1*. Trist, Esq., with full powers to conclude n definitive treaty of peace with the Mexican United States. I likewise transmit to your excellencies, for communication to the sovereign Congress, a copy of the answer which the most excellent President resolved, in a council of ministers, to have made to the above mentioned note ; his Excellency feeling assured that the august assembly, to which Is reserved the determination on the affair to which the present communication relate. , will despatch it with the promptness and wisdom to be expected from its patriotism and its distinguished enlightenment. I repeat to your excellencies, on this occasion, the assurances of my high consideration. DOMINGO HIARRA. | corv.J To his Excellency, the Minister of Foreign Relations oj the Mexican Republic. Department ok State, ) Washington, 10th April, 1817. $ Sin: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Excellency's note of the 22d February last, In answer to mine of the 18th of January, proposing on the part of the President of the United States, immediately to " despatch either to the Havana or Jalapa, as the Mexican government may prefer, one or more of our most distinguished cltiscns as commissioners, clothed with full powers to concludc a treaty of peace with similar commissioners on the part of Mexico, as soou as he shall lie officially informed that the Mexican government will appoint such commissioners. ' The President deeply regrets the refusal of the Mexican government to accede to this friendly overture "unless the raising of the blockade of our (thn Mexican) ports, and the complete evacuation of the territory of Uie republi* by the invading forces, shall be previously accepted us a preliminary condition." The 1'resideut lias instructed me to inform you that this "preliminary condition" is wholly inadminsable. Such a condition is neither required by the honor, nor sanctioned by the practioe of nations. If it were, this would tend to prolong wars, especially between conterminous countries, until the one or the other power was entirely subdued. No nation which, at the expenditure of hlood and treasure, has invaded its enemy's country and acquired possession of any considerable portion of his territory, could ever consent to withdraw its foroes aa a preliminary condition to the opening of negotiations for peace. This would be at once to abandon all the advantages It bad obtained lu the prosecution of the war, without any certainty that peaoe would result from the sacrifice. Nay more : should suoh a negotiation prove unsuccessful, the nation which had thus imprudently withdrawn its foroes from the enemy's territory, might not be able to recover without a cost of bUwd and treusure equal to that first expended, the ad vaniageous position wbich it had voluntarily abandoned. Fortunately for the cause ol' MM and humanity, the history of nations at war, affords no sanction to such a preliminary condition The United Stutes are as jea ion* of their national honor an auv power on the face of the earth, and yet It never entered iuto the contemplation of the great statesmen who iwftninistered our goTtrnment during the period of our last war with Groat Britain, to Insist that the latter should relinquish that part of our territory of which she was in actual possession before tliey would consent to opeu negotiations for peace. On the contrary, tbey took the initiative, and appointed commissioners to treat for peace, whilst portions of our ceuntry were held by the enemy; and it is a remarkable fact, that the Treaty of Ghent was concluded by the plenipotentiaries of the two powers whilst the war was niging on t>oti> sides ; and the m->st memorable of the conllicts to which it gave rise took place upon our own soil, after the negotiators had happily terminated their labors. History is full of sunh examples. Indeed, so far ii3 the undersigued is awar?, th< re Is not to be found, at least In modern times, a single case except the present, In which it has been considered a necessary preliminary that an Invading army should be withdrawn before negotiations for p< ace could commence between the parties to the war. It would also be difficult to find a precedent tor the course pursued by the Mexican government in another particular. The President, anxious to avoid the war now existing, sent a minister of peace to Mexico tor this purpose. After the Mexican forces ha* attacked the army of General Taylor on this side of the Illo Grande, and thus oommenced the war, the President, actuated by the same pacific spirit, made repeated overtures to the Government of Mexico to negotiate far its termination. And although he has from the beginning solemnly dvolaiwd before the world that he desired nolerms but such ox were just and honorable for both parties, yet the Mexican government, by refuting to receive our minister, la the first place, and afterwards by not acceding to our overtures to open negotiation* for peace, ha" never afforded to tills government ewu the opportunity of milking known the trim- on which we would be willing to settle kll<|U?ntlons in dispute between the two republic*. The war ran never end WkM Mexico refuses even to hear the proposals which we have always been ready to make for peace. The President will not again renew the offer to nego tiate, at least until he Hhall have reason to believe that it would be accepted by the Mexican government. Devoted. however, to honorable peace, he is determined that the evils of the war Hhall not be protracted one day longer than shall be rendered absolutely necessary by the Mexican republic. Kor the purpose of carrying this determination into effect with the least possible delay, he will forthwith send to the hea<l-iiuarters of the army in Mexico, Nicholas P. Trlst, Kiiq., the officer next in rank to the undersigned in our department of foreign affairs, as a commissioner Invested with full powers to conclude a definitive treaty of peace with the united Mexican States. This gentleman possesses tne entire confidence of the President, and Is eminently worthy of that of the Mexican government. The undersigned refrains from all comment upon the concluding paragraph, as well as some other portions of your Excellency's note; because the strong sense which he entertains of tkeir injustice towards the United States, could not be uttered in the friendly tone which he desires to preserve In the present communlcatlou.? He turns from these, therefore, to dwell, as he does, with unfeigned pleasure upon the sentiment contained In au early part of the same note, wiiare the Mexican government expresses how painful it is "to see disturbed the slncero friendship which it cultivated with your (our) republic, whose continued progress It has always admired, and whose Institutions have served it as amodel." This feeling Is most cordially reciprocated by the President, whose earnest desire It Is that the United Mexican Mtales, under institutions similar to our own. may protect and si cure the liberty of their people, and An fttJtnriinir Ituuinir ths. natlnns z?r earth. The undersigned embraccx this occasion to offer to your Kxcellency the assuraneo of his most distinguished consideration. JAMES BL'CHANAN. [ i ii ansi atiok ] T? llii Excellency the Secretary of State of the Untied States iif Jl merit a. h kdknal I'alale, June U, IH47. The undersigned. Minister of Internal ami Foreign HeIntions.had the houor to receive your Kxoellency h note, dated l&th April luit, in which you declare that his Kxcellency the 1'resident of the United States intends to dexpatch, an a commissioner to the headquarters of the army operating in Mexico, Nicholas 1". Trist, Ksi|., the officer next in rank to your Kxcvilency, with lull powers to conclude a definite treaty of peace with the .Mexican United States; and the most excellent President ad interim of this republic, to whom the undersigned immediately made known the contents of your (Excellency's said official note, has determined that you vhould be informed, iu reply, that the decision on the affair in question being reserved to the sovereign Congress of the nation, your excellency's said note is transmitted by him to that body, in order that it may determine what should be deemed most properon the subject. Its resolution shall be communicated in due time to your exoellenoy, by the department under the charge of the undersigned, who leaves for that occasion the answer to the pointfl embraced in your excellency 's said note. The undersigned avails himself of this opportunity to ofler to your excellency the awiuranueH of hn 'listtn guished consideration DOMINOO 1BAKKA. Penonal and Polltiinl. Kx-ijovernor Seward, acnompanied by hi# ?ile and eldest son, A H. Seward, of the army, arrived at Milwaukie, \V. 'f , Saturday the loth inst The Hon. Uharles Taine, ?x-(iovernor ol Vermont, arrived at Boeton on Monday morning, and took apartments at the Revere iloiiM. Fatal Accident.?We learn that a melancholy accident occurred on the Troy and Haratog* Kallroad on Monday about 0 o'clonk. which resulted in the death of one or the passengers, whose name our informant did not learn It appears from what we have heard, that the victim wae standing on the platform of on# of the second class cars, and that from some cause , or other, he either fell or was thrown off, aud was run | over and mangled in a dreadful manner ' K ' iRK E MORNING. JULY 21. 1847. FROM THE WAR QUARTER. ? ANOTHER FIGHT, AT TABASCO, ? Spontaneous Combustion on Board the " Steamship Mississippi. " Official Naval Despatches. J die. die. dir. D ? | Kroro the Mobil* Reglntor, July 13 ] ThtU. S. brig Waihlngton, Lieut. Com. S. P. Lee, v eight <l?y? from Anton Liutrdo. arrived off Mobile Point r uu i.uv i~tu urn., uuunu ior rensacola. Lieut. Rogers, t of the navy, b;<arer uf despatches to Washington, wax t placed on board a pilot boat outside the bar, and reached Mobile on the 13th init. t The Regitltr is indebted to Lieut. Rogers] for the In- t formation that on the morning before the Washington t ailed,the steamer Vixen arrived from Tabasoo, bringing r intelligence that shortly aftor Com. Perry left Tabasco, \ Commander Bigeluw, who had boen left In charge of that post, went out about six miles trom the town, nnd ( attacked and put to route a largely superior force of ] the Mexicans, with the loss of two killed and some six i or eight wounded. The Mexican loss not ascertained, i I,t. Kogers understood the Mexicans were commanded , by Col. Ciar?ie, and that they numbered some five or , six hundred. | Commodore Uigelow's command consisted of some , three hundred sailors and marines. Commodore Terry was preparing to sail for Tabasco. Nothing later had been heard trom Hen. Scott, and there was no news at VeraCruz. The Itaritan and the Potomac, the former from Tabasco and the latter from Vera Cruz, bad sailed for Norfolk. There were lying at Anton Llzardo the steamships Mississippi and Vixen, and the ships Albany, Oermantown, John Adams, and Decatur. The health of the squadron was good. The Washington left Anton Llzardo on the evening of the lth inst. On the night or the -Jd July, about 10 o'clock, shortly after the officers and crew of tho Mississippi had turned in, an alarm was heard from the engine room, trom one of the engineers, calling earnestly to the firemen to bring buokets of water. The order had shortly before been given to liavo steam at daylight, and the tires had just been kindled. Smoke was at the same time seen to rise from the neighborhood of the steam chimney, and a smell of burning pine wood was perceptible throughout the ship. ^ Kor two or three hours the whole crew of the vessel was occupied In endeavoring to tlnd where the fire was | located, every part ot tb? vessel being filled with smoke. ' j The Hiuoke wan found at last to issue from two of the j j coal bunk*, the contents of which had been Ore J by spon, taneous combustion. At one time the heat and Hiuoke ' in the engine room were peroeptibly increasing, in de- , ti.mco of tho efforts made to arrest the progress of the ' tire, which wu expected erery moment to break out in flames still more unconquerable. Vet iu thin Mhip, loaded with powder and shells tilled and fuzed, nothing wax seen but order, subordination, and a universal ' (fort ! of each to uerform with zeal his allotted duty. 'I'here was no noise, no confusion, no unnecessary orders. Those that were necessary wer* given with calmness, aud in the ordinary tone of command. FROM TAMI'ICO. 1 The brig Harriet, Captain Williams, arrived at New ( Orleans on tha 11th instant, bringing the Tampico Sen- ( <i?<-4 to the 27th ult. I No reference is made to those alarming reports which ! were said to be in circulation at the time of the departure of the trausport schooner Sarah. The rainy season had set in at Tainpico, heavy show ers falling daily. The town continued healthy, not a single case of yellow fever having made its appearance. I'apers from the capital had reached Tampico to the lttth ult., but they contain little of importance, except the reiteration of the forced contribution of a million of dollars, and stirring appeals on the part of the Journalists to the patriotism of the peogl*, in view of the anticipated advauce of General Scott from Tuebla tU? ??? . . ? ?u.. hi. i--' * 8. Hunt being appointed orator o( the day. ..Col. Gates. on the '26th ultimo, Unaed an order pro* hibitlng the Importation of splrltftous liquors. FROM VERA CRUZ. The Arw Orltnn? Southerner haa papers to the 3d July. An article in the Sun, of Anahuac, attributes the severity of the reprimand of Lieut. Hunter, by Commodore Perry, its induced by the diraati.sfaction of Gen. Quitman, that he had uot participated in the rapture of Alvarado , and also that it waa with some difficulty that the general could be made to believe that the commodore hud not played lilin ful?e in letting Lieut. Hunter run off with all the honor. The same artlolc al&o i Uteri that it waa well understood at VernCrui that Alvarado would surrender without opposition. Kr"iii our rerlisl inquiries, says tin- X O. Het, we learn that Gen Scott was reported to be I'till at Puebla, on the :iOth, and no advice* (bat either Gen. Cadwulluder or Gen. Pillow had reached that place. The Galveston wa? to leave in two or three days, and, as she will come dlrcct, may be hourly expected. TIIE KILLED AMD WOUNDED AT THE BATTLE OF BITRNA VISTA. [From the New Orleans Delta of the 11th inst ] An there has been much controversy between soma of the regiments of volunteers who fought at Buena Vista, aud their respectlvo friends, touching the bravery which they severally displayed, the amount and manner of service performed on that memorable ocoaslon, the loss sustained, and other collateral (questions, in all of which the public feel a deep interest, we have, in seeking for information, been furnished with the following report of the killed, wounded, and missing, by detachments and regiments, in the battle of Buena Vista. February 2*Jd and 'J3d, 1847, a* shown mostly by the muster rolls of February -id, by Col. 8. Churchill, Inspector General. This report shows thenumber to be about one hundred less than was exhibited in that of the Assistant Adjutant General, made a day or two after the battle ; the excess in which may b? accounted for bv the confusion at the time, and its embracing the slightly wounded and missing?many <if whom were 'present for duty'' at the subsequent muster. Cor/'t. Kill fVuvnd- Miti- ToOfthrJirmy. rd. r<t. inf. tat. (Jen'l Stall', Capt. Lincoln, A.A.O. 1 ? ? 1 i [ERA ious instructions, enabled uic to increase the luJ party > 'J4l>, with two pieces of artillery, and I also directed He Vixen to ascend the riror in company with the course, to assist one (toother in cue of grounding In conformity with these arrangement*, 1 started at 7 'clock on the morning of the 3i>tb'(yesterday,) and at tie name time the steamers got under way to ascend the iver. At 9 o'clock. when within about a quarter of a lile of the Tillage, the enemy opened a Are of musketry rom the bushes on both sides of the road, where he bad Obtml himself in ambush This was promptly returned y the marines and small arm men, till the artillery was rought Into position ; when, after a few discharges, the nemy broke and fled to the woods, pursued by our nen ; but not being acquainted with tho by-paths, we rere not able to overtake them, and consequently made 10 prisoners, except a few stragglers found in the Tillage. I small quantity of ammunition, und some muskets, rere found in the church and destroyed. At 1 o'clock, ' M., after having refreshed my men, seeing nothing of he steamers, I took up the line of march and returned o the oity. The steamers, after getting Aground several times for rant of pilots, which were not to be obtained, reached he Tillage about half an hour after we had left, and reurned here this morning. 1 forward herewith the re>ort of Lieut. Commandant Lockwood, of the Hcourge, The party we encountered at the village of Tamuitay | ionslstei of about -r?0?? men. ndlftlll command of Uen. ' kchegaray, being the whole forne of the enutuy in thi? : ricinlty. They nad^recelved information of our move. J nent, and were pouted in the most judicious manner to receive ui. During tin- action we Inst two men killed, ind had two wounded?one severely and the other slightly. I.lent. Klutilng was also slightly wounded liy a spent ball, and two iu?n were badly burned by the accidental exploelon of powder iu u building. The loss of the enemy was not ascertained, but two killed were found in the bushes near the road. The officers and men behaved In a manner creditable to the service and their country. 1 have addressed a communication to Uen. Kchegaray, a copy of which I send you. Very respeotfuily, your obedient servant, (Signed) A. B1GKLOW, Commander. Commander M. C. Pkiiry, < 'omuiandlng U. S. Home Squadron. L'mitkd Saath Si >i?i>:h ScoRrio*, I Tabasco, July I, 1M47. ^ The undersigned, commander In the L'nlted States I ii,ivy, commanding the forces in Tabasco, takes this nethod of informing General Kchegaray that it Is the I ntontion of the commander of the United States naval 'orce.H in the <?ulf of .Mexico to retain possession of this sity. This he has ample means of accomplishing, rhafever lorce may become necessary, without any inlonvenlence; and the attempts of (ienerai Kchegaray, >r the foroes at preeent under his command, or any that t will be in his power to assemble, to disturb the Iran[Uillity of the citizens and the inhabitants of the vicinty, oan only eventuate in serious injury to his own countrymen. The undersigned would therefore suggest to General ?. the policy and propriety of withdrawing his forces, ind permitting the intercourse between tne city and lountry and the commerce of the city to be carried on rlthout obstruction Should General K persist in bis course of petty annoyance to the garrison and inhabi,ants. the undersigned will be compelled, in addition to vhat has already been done, to rcduce the city to the nost convenient dimensions to be protected by the orces under hlacommaud The undersigned presumes that the interest General si. must feel in the welfare and prosperity of his noun.rymen, and the presevation of their property, will inluce him to give the suggestions ot the undersigned his .avorame cuuaiuerauon, una nag me nouor 10 suDseribe Himself, very renpoctl'ully, (kc. A. B1GKLOW. Gan. Do> Dominoo Gciikoiku, " < ommandlng the Mexican forces in the vicinity of Tabasco. United.bvATics Sii:ammi HriTrmc, I Off Tabasco, July I, 1817. $ ** Hi*: I have the honor to make the following statement of the killed and wounded in the action of yesterday:? Killed.?James White, seaman. Spitfire. H uumlnl? Mortally?.Ian. Mitchell, ordinary seaman. Potomac, Hinoe dead. Dangerously.?Wm. Treat, ordinary seaman, Potomac. Severely?Jan. Hoy, ^ordinary seaman, Mississippi; Crosby, Ktna, from explosion of gunpowder; George Brown, ordiuary seaman, Ktna, from explosion of gunpowder. Slightly--Geo. Johnson, Potomac, from explosion of gunpowder. Ilespectlully, your obedient servant, J. HOWARD SMITH, Passed Assistant Surg on. ( ommander Abmamam Biuklow, United State* steamer Scorpion. AK.WY IN 1).LI ||.KNCE Light companies of the Ohio regiment, under Col I3rough, were to have left la?t evening lor the Brazos in the steamships Katmy and Telegraph The two remaining companies of the aboTfl regiment are to learu tomorrow in the steamer hudrra. lor the same destination? Arm Ortians Delhi. 1 If A nit). The Matamorai Flag, of the 4th iiut., has the tallowing ?"The Mexican population of this city, we are ere Informed, has incnased upwards of a thousand within the last eight days, 'arid the cry is, still they come.' The new oomers are represented aN wounded aud discharged Mexican soldiers, in search of employment. Many officers are also aaid to have arrived, scleral of whom we have had pointed out to u* They are all honest and deserving people, no doubt; but it will be well to keep an eye on them, for all that.";; NAVAL. The midshipmen attached to tbo Naval School at Annapolis, are now undergoing an examination before a board, composed of Coin. Tnos. Ap C. Jones. President f the Board; Commodores Parker and Stoat anl Captains Dulaney and Paulding The liritish man of war brig Daring. Capt. Peel, sailed from St. John, N. B., for Boston, on Wednesday last. Clipping from European Paper*. It is stated in the public papers, upon the authority of the Suffolk Chronicle, that the Barings and the Rothschilds are the great holders of wheat in Kngland. There was some rioting at Ostend in consequence of a rise in tbepriceof bread. The mob broke the windows of several baker*' shops, and would probably have proceeded to greather extremities, but for the prompt but conciliatory intervention of the authorities. The value of the grain carried off in the late riots at (irossewardeln, In^Tlungary. amounts to 6.1,000 florins (170,000 fr.) The mob had SO persons killed, and sever I wounded by the cavalry charges, before they dispersed, hive Jews were found assassinated In their houses. Ilerr Von Vincke havlnir attributed cowardice to the lew*, n-veral ywung men of that p?rsua*ioii har?, ?< jordlug to the Hamhurg Corrrtpomlrnt, Kent challenge* to him. On the 14th June, the anniversary of the battle of Marengo, a coIohbhI atatue of .Napoleon wax erected on the tleld. to commemorate the victory of the Krench army. The Koyal Agricultural Society of Irflland held a meeting on 10th J line, and after reading a considerable number of letter* from all part* of Irelaud. drew up a re I urns lUiKinrera, Uirtll. uenltam. .. ? 1 ? I I 3d Art'y, I Coa.. Bragg and Sherman, I 19 ? 30 4tit " 1 Co., VVaahingtou....... C 22 ? 28 r lit Drag'*, 2 Cot., 8l< ?-n and tuativ. ? 9 ? 9 2d " 2 <'.o?., May and ?? ..? I ? d Volvntrtri. Brig. Gen. J. Lane ? 1 ? 1 , Ark. Mounted Kegt., Yell.., IB 21 1 42 , lit Kentucky Kegt., Marshall 28 22 ? JO 2d " foot, McKee 44 43 ? 87 1st Illinois Hardin f t ! ? 1'i* 2d ' " Bistrll... ..... t7 (i6 2 Hit . Teias Co., attached to 2d Illinois... 11 I ? 16 2d Indiana foot Hegt., Bowles 34 ft? I 102 ? " " J.H.Lane.... 9 40 ? 49 l?t Mississippi Hegt., Davit 4U M 2 98 Total 272 387 S W 2 Cotnpaniet absent. t 2 I :ompanies absent. , Krom the al>OT? rcturna it would appetf that out of an aggregate force of 417, which the Arkansas cavalry had in the field. It lout In killed 4.Vi per cent, and a fraction over, and in wounded OX per cent, and a fraction leal?that the Kentucky oavalry, out of an aggregate force of -JH'2 in the Held, (oat in killed O'i per cent, and a fraction oyer, and In wounded about per cent?that the-2d Kentucky toot, out of an aggregate force of A44 in the field. loi>t in killed H 1-11 per cent, or thereabouts, and In wounded within a fraction of 8 per cent?that the Mississippi rifles ([(avia n), out of an aggregate force of .IAS in the field, lost 11 l-A and a fraction per rent, and in wounded aud mining 16 l-"> per rent, or thereabout?that the Indiana brigade, out of an aggregate force of 11 |rt in the Held, lost In killed 3\ per cent, and a fraction oyer, and in wounded per cent, and a fraction over ; the greater portion of which loan, both in killed and wounded, waa auatained, aa will be Feen, by the Jd Indinniaus. The lat Illinois regiment, out of an aggregate force of 518 In the field, lost in killed A1* per cent, and a fraction oyer, and in wounded a fraction lesi f.lifttl 1 nnP ?nu( TKa Inrl llllnnla ah* -?-? aggregate force of 017 In the field, lout in killed !> per eent. and a fraotion over, and In wounded IJ.V per cent, and a fraction over; thu* showing that thla regiment uatained the greatest Iow< of any on the field in killed ? next to them, the MNsl?nlppl rifles- next to them, the Kentucky cavalry?next to them, the Kentucky infantry - next to them, the 1 nt lllinolsians -next to them, the Arkansas cavalry, and, lowest. the Indiana brigade, taking them in the aggregate. official dkaratciiks. Ihrom the Waahington I'nion, July 19.1 The following documonts were received at the Navy Department this evening, through the hand* of Lieut. Ilnymond Kogera, who arrived at (VnMoola In the Waehlngton, Lieut. S. M. I\ commanding Commodore Terry waft at Anton Llzardo; the Karitan had Hailed from Tabasco with the prior d v>|>atches of the Commodore; but an the latter vesfiel has not yet arrived, we are unable to lay before our reader* the official report of the Commander-in-chief of our force* In thetiuifen the capture of Tabasco. We are happy to hear that Lieut. May'* wound in doing well, and that he Ik on board the Itantan. now hourly expected U.iitku statu ?tranch Hi-obi-ion, } Tabaftco, July 1, 1847. J , Sir : In my communication of the '17th ult accompa- , nied by the rjport of Commander Van Rrunt, I informed you of the Htate of affaire existing here at that time. Small partleft cf the enemy occupied the outskirts of the 1 city every night, threatening an attack, and I wan obliged to keep a large portion of the force* con itantly on duty to prevent being nurprioed Finding that the enemy sheltered himnelfin the tanchoe in the outakirto 1 of th? city , I nave order* to hum all the unoccupied oner ThiN duty wa? executed by Lieutenant Commandant Pertcr with a detachment of one hundred men 1 About two hundred rxnehos were destroyed, most of thein but little value. Having learned that the enemy i hud occupied the outer barrack, near the church, the night previous. I ordered it to be destroyed alao. and it ( wan accordingly Mown up This, and toe explosion of a few uliellft fired over the city, probably prevented the contemplated attack by the enemy the ensuing night I had nl?o planned for the :10th an expedition to the I village of Tainuliay, situated about three mile* from thl i. whl.'U wae reported to l>e the h?ad>|uarti i i of <1> u > K*hegaray to coinlftt ol a "(earner (the Scourge) to aft- ? nil the river, and cat off the enemy s retreat, whlh1 I ' croHHed over by land with U>0 men, and a plcce of nrtll- I 1. r y lolUotaUn The arrival of the ?t?amer Vixen. 1 with a rciulotctiueut, and your veiy liboial and judi I |wn IU UN ?Ol ?u?l ?ui"io "" hending a recum-noe of the potato disease of the previous years. Out of several hundred communication*, but two went, the length of Haying the true disease bad appeared. The council reported accordingly. At the end of his address to the consistory on the 11 th. Pius IX. announced in positive terms that the decree for creating a council of minbterH wan in the press, and would be Tcry iihortly published. The Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Ktrellix ha*. In imitation of the (irand Duke of Meckienburg-Hchwerln. relieved the Jew* from the payment of th>- tax which they have hitherto paid under the name of "protection duty.*' (General Capait,late M inifter of Marine under Ksparteroi net Hail tor Madrid on tbu iOth ult., having received permission from the Spanish government to return home, after an exile of three years. Alarming rumorH are alloat an to the health of the King of the Belgian* The Union Munarckiifue of Paris, publishes a letter from Brussels. In which It Instated that hla Majesty'h caae Is hopeless. The Duke of Buckingham has arranged hi< alTairs to the satisfaction of all parties; in the attainment of which he has been mainly aided by the disinterestednoss of the noble mari|uis, his son. The vessel Socrates, arrived from < alcutta. has brought, beside* U.-IOH bags of rice in the husk, <V> bags of wheat. Three Individuals ware taken intocuitodv in Glasgow, accused of having, on that anil th? rnr-edlng day. Sm rauirht snrlnklinir a notato field with vitriol in order to mine a panic an<fthu price of grain. If this in true, what do their abettors deserve ' The atmospheric principle on thr ( roydon rsllway is abandoned. A favorable change bag taken place in the health of Haron Alexander \ on Humboldt within the Isst lew day*, and there In every reason to hope for a favorable termination of the Illness of our illuntrioiid countryman. ? Herman yajttr, There are now upward* of two million* nine hundred theusand perrons, or more than one-third "I the entire population, receiving rations at the public expense, uuder the Temporary Relief Act, in Ireland. A letter from Toulon states that the squadron under the Orders of the Prince d? Jolnville was mill in the roadstead of Algiers on tbe Wth, but was preparing for a cruise on the coast of Morocco. The Iphiginla and Armlde fri>; ites left Touloa on the Uth, for l.lsbon A letter from Copenhagen of the 7th ult , states that a Russian fleet, consisting of vessels of the line, three frigates and several brigs were expected to arrive there in the course of a few days. A letter from Vienna, of the Uth. states, that negr. Uations have been opened between the governments of Austria and Prussia. for the purpose of establishing oloeer commercial relates between tbe. b rmei and the States of tbe /ollvereln The Kmperor of Russia wan expected to airive in j "Uuttgard toward* the end of tliiei montb The trial of the prisoners, charged with having taken i part in the late lollrh Insurrection, em fixed Tor the 1st of luly. The following Is an extract from the (^ueeu of Tortujil'r proclamation ?In order to obtain the submission Ik duo to me. and to reptabllsh public order, I have resolved to adopt every measure dictated by humanity ind the public safety, such as according a very extenlive amnesty, and the restitution of ail employments ?nd of all honors I have also resolved to convoke the i ortes, and to preoved to the elections, afte? submission shall have been duly made, and publit order restated on / LD. n. k ,? i, m ; ntM vw? OM T V. 5?'nA. "V'J1* k,TV*Jom in maintaining In all it* plenitude the liberty of eleotion*, th? free exercise of ill rights. and the scrupulous m l impartial rxeoution if the constitutional charter, la ?U lu previsions. The Hllgo comnuitsiouershave ordered a ?t.?m dredge ;o improve their feet-rising port A Imtn of ??)000 h%? jeeti naked of the Treasury , but a, answer ho? jet been returned According to a Vienna letter of the 16th. the house In vhioli Mozart 11 red and composed mnet ef hi* works, and lied iu 17!?I, Is about '-o be pulled down by lte proprietor, *1. (ielvlgno, a rich Italian. The Iter. Mr. DeUnv. P. P. of Bandnn, second on the ist of candidates, has been appointed Bishop of Cork. The Paris paper* announce the death of M. Alms Marin, the author of several clever works. He wan married o a relative of the author of Paul and Virglnle, Berlardiu de St. Pierre. On the '.13d ult., the young Vieoount Denain, attempted o assassinate M. Merllhou, a peer of Franoe, who bad icted as his guardian. It appears that some family tuarruls had caused the animosity of M. Denain, who las been arrested. According to the London Standard of the Ud, civil war is on the eve of breaking out more furiously than aver in Portugal. The Prince Archbishop of Breslau has been put under xrrest, in his own palace, for a month, for having given publicity to the sentence of excommunication pronounced by him upon Prinze Germain de Hatzfeld, a measure contrary to the laws of the country. without the special authorisation of the government. Tk? sale of horBM-flesh liaui been permitted in Hanover. nnd thousands of poor people exist on It. It U sold In many places ready cooked. ljid. per pound. The French government in said to have granted permission for the bodies of the latejf ount de St. one time King of Holland, and of his eldest son. who died in ISS1. to be broughtto Krance. They will be interred at Ituell, by the remains of the hinpress Josephine and Hueen llortense. A memorial to the (lueen. signed by 100,000 women, has lately been presented, proving tltM the bill for punishing seduction may become a law. A letter from St. Petersburg!} says, that art unexpected circumstance has placed the government on the trace of an association of robbers of high rank, who i"*nllx?<l immense sums by defrauding the soldiers c.mtlmxl in (he hospitals or employed in the army of the I aucfeus. Two lieutenant generals, commanding divisions, and several officers, are accused of the most infamous f' aids, and have been committed to prison. A privy - sillor. who is likewise a senator, has been d?i ; frauds. A president of onu of the tribunals, mu/ > r, is accuni'd of having committed a robbery of 1. ,u00 roubles. The Prussian town of Oderiburg, and the Austrian town of the same name, which are situated opposite each other, on the Oder, have been sinoe the 1:1th completely inundated by the overflowing of the rivvr. A swindler has been arrested at Lyons for endeavoring, by passing himself off as a capitalist, possessing rich ironworks at St. (Jhainoud, to induce persons to take shares in a discount bank, with a capital of fix millions It appears that he was formerly condemned for awind ling, under the uame of Count de Mondragon. jmi ucvermineu to nonour ner iruui iud )hoU Willi bur presence. Sl^c wu expectod to prealde at the ceremony of laying the first atone of the Quean's . College, Belfast, curly iu the month ot July. The workmen in the storekeeper's department of the Royal Arsenal, while engaged In moving some boxes, which have remained in tin- stores since they were sent home alter the battle of Waterloo, found one of tb?m weightier than they could account for in a box of its Rise. On opening ft, there appeared four smaller boxes. and on their lidn being removed. thos? were found to contain a nuuiberotgoid doubloonH, eijuWalcnt in amountto A'soo in each box, making in all ?3,'i00. The new United States government steamers, wliiob are intended to nail between Liverpool and New York, will, it Ik 70 l'eet in beam,while the greatest width for which preparation!! are made at the Kngllsh dock* in 70 feet. Tne attention of the Dock Committee bw. however, been called to the subjoct. which is considered to be of no much importance that It has been referred to the Couimitte of Works. A bottle was picked up by one of the coaat guard officers at Mawgan Kortb, North I ornwell. with a?maU bit of paper in it with the following inscription on It:? 1 The ship Tresldont is just lost. Nov 10." It appear* to have been in the water a long time. A return, obtained bv Mr. J Huine. shows Ibat the number of i<hlpK which cleared out from the United kingdom for port- in < anada and British Amert ca km. in IH-lb. as follows. viz, to Ncwfoundlitnd, 2>> ships lonnage ,T.' >.' !?, to* anada. I WO ihlpi, tannage. A44 373; to New Brunswick mm shlpn. tonnage, 316 ?B4, and to Nova Scotia, JOOshlp*, tonuage, The following In an account "1 the capture of the slaver l ien Amigos. of 11 .> tun* by H M. sloop Pavastatiou " On the morning of Match lii. being lu lat. 6 JON., ion 3 10 K ot < ireeuwirh the Devastation chased asua picioiu looking brig, which, ou seeing her, immediately made all nail, and ran in toward* the land Alter a ohaa* or oh :iOm , with all sails net, and making eighteen revolution in the miuute, tiring the long gun. loaded with hot, at I0hl">m the Htranger hoisted a Brazilian ensign at the main, and In a quarter of an hour from that time she ran upon the beach near the river Lagot, la lat. 0 'JO N\, Ion. 3 10 E. of Oreeuwich Two boats were seen to leave the brig, filled with m?n, who escaped to the shore. The steamer having come rlose up and anchored, immediately inauued aud arm?d her boat* and sent them to board, under coinman ) of Kirst Lieut. P. M. (jodfrey, with Acting Lieut J Carialohael and Mr. T. C'outta boatswain. They found the brig wall armed, two long lH-pounders on pivots, one between the niafta and the other abaf the mainmast; two broadside guns forward (ltt-pouuders).and two brass swivels on the bulwarks of the quarter deck; also nettings to repel boarders. ammunition, muskets, cutlasses Mutidcrbuaea?In fact, every kind of weapon for defending a vessel. The surf was very dangerous, one of the boats of the Devastation being dashed to pieces alongside the slaver, and the crew washed ashore, one also upset, and was driven ashore by the rollers, and the brig in a short time became a total wreck The officers and men. after cutting away the musts with their cutlasses, found it neoee sary to swim ashore for their lives. The brig parted amidships. One marine was lost in trying to swim The man who had been looking out at the mast head or the slaver wax seen In the surf. heavily Ironed, having been thrown overboard by the captain for not keeping a better look-out. and weeing the t-rulser before. The Devastation's crew tried to nave the poor fellow, but hla Iron* took him down. The surf ran so high a? to make it quite impossible to get off to the Devastation, ao the men had to remain ashore till the nest morning, when the paddle-box boat wan anchored at the back of the Kurf, and tlie dingy being well buoyed up with oork fenders and bunkers, wan vered ashore by hauling line* After varloui attempt* which proved successful, In embarking the men, they were all got off The French man-of-war brig Leger rendered every assistance In trying to get the men off Too much praise cannot be given to the captain, officers and ship * company of the brig for their valuable services. All the prisoners, ten in number, who were foundon board the brig, were saved. The Devastation hue also taken an American brig under Uraxllian colors, with .'rj0 slaves on board, bound to Rio. The Tree Amtgos had made several successful tripe from the coast. On the last voyage she landed at Bahla 1,400 slaves. M<>RK KlOTINM AMI) BlOODSIIKD IN N'i W llni'MiwrCK.?The following from thr Si. John, N. B. I lr rat J, of Friday last, shows, a dreadful state of things In that vicinity ' We find that we are not the only portion of tl > Inhabitants of this Province who suffer from the s' *.< of the hydra-headed monster, party spirit. Throu* uut the whole extent of the country tliere appears to nave been a most deadly rencontre between the Orangemen and the Kibbonuien. on Monday last uud accounts of murder and bloodshed reach us from the various disaffected parts. Woodstock appears to have been the grand focus of contention, as the two opposing pal ties have met there in the most deadly strife Accounts from Woodstock state that four or five persons were killed, ami al>out thirty wounded At ( rederlcton. too. several pitwni wore severely hurt la SI. John w? can hear ol' only several per?on* htving bc?u wounded ?but wit h>*n l reason to believe t.liat a gr?at many were hurt, If not some few killed We op induced to believe so, In the first place. by whut iv*?tire.<lve? saw and beard Wore, during and nft?r the riot During tlm evening and night, parties ol men repeatedly dincbar?ed voiTles 01 fire-arms upon the crowd* of their opponent*, the cries of tho wounded affording prett* positive proof of the effect* About half past ten o'clock the tirlug wa* Ilka that of a company of soldier*. several successive and deliberate T'.lllen being discharged That something harder than cult r,ompo*il the charge* must Ire apparent to any one who has t'MRmined the front* of tb? nouses at the scene of riot Now we favor no party, but will, and a! way* shall give impartial remark* upon all riotous pro cee'lings: hut we cannot reconcile ourselvn* to the idaa of being deprived of our liberty so fkr tlmt we shall not be allowivt to walk wherever we like, whenever we like, and wearing whatever colored garment we prefer, without running the Imminent risk of getting a pistol bullet through our heart, or our brain* beaten out with nlubs. Society in St. John ia at pre*?nt In a most horrible condition. ?nd we Me before us no other prospect than that of an ultimate and most fearful collision, in whleb one party "hall totally crush the other -or the nautral^party crush both. AORirin TURAL ROOMS, LYCEUM BUILDINU "itl Broadway, ,New Yom. IIORTICUl/ri'RAL EXHIBITION?At the ..i*,,*"" of the Slate Agricultural Korielv, wklM Kair wnl bf h? Id at Sar.itogt Hpringt, oil the Utn of Hept , the American Aitirnltursl Awociatiou have changed the time of liolduifc tlitir Exhibition to the Nth and 0th ol Sept All persona dc siinua of .uduix the cau>c of Horticulture, are earuettlv iu viti d to exhibit .pecimeita of Flowers, emits , or Vr#iat>|r?. snd to compile for pirmntm* rrogMmnte* rnxy b? obtaiiKA of Mt. Jamas Hogg. Mecdaniau, Broad wav oopoiiie th* Rooms-*of any of the principal aeedamen na New Voth, or ol the following r.tecnme Committee Lntliet Bradiah, Wm. Coventry II. WsddrH. Jimti Lenox, Shepherd Kmpp, Theo Kretieghnyaen, Rutiu Kinti Delalield, Archibald Rnaaell, R L. Tell, F.dwurd Clark j yIt Mfrr [>. r. GARDNER, See't. SRTMKH. MM IAII*. HKHAItS.?H. itf Nitlul K* H" s|iertfn|iy inform* his friend* and ihe pi'blic that tie na? opened the store No. lltti Broadway, corner of I ine atreef, lor me exclmive ?ale of imported Hieana and friiiou"-* ???. where will be constantly on bauJ a cboic* aaiortmen the favorite bnuid* , , N B -i'bt Had* supplied un liberal lertni. jvv *

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