Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1847 Page 4
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r I I ? BaLtimom, July 90,1*47 H?t W?tktr? Xatutive ParUr?1%4 Marktti, f c. The ?Htk?t In this city fcr two days put hu km xoesalTalr hot. ud all who ui Nwyt M the country wt moving off la double qalek time. Tbs thimowUr yeeterday afternoon reached th* flgure of M deg pardon ?M ysaterday reoMved from tha President for Jamea H Black, auU of tha bark Margaret Hogg convioted. at tha last Jua tana of tha Ualted States D< strict Court, of *d aseault upon Mr. McLaughlin th? seoond mat? of tha tana bark. ' Tha Mtttoal L\fc Insuranoe Company yesterday paid to Mr* Law Kam tumof tifiOO, without dltoount, that being tha aim which tha lata Mayor, Jamaa O Law had insured *a hi* Ufa. MaaatT*.? The (taamet'a aewi has completely uoiris our m irket. I hate are sellers of Howard (treat dour at per bbl, wilbjul ftudioa pnrchaaers. Suaouebanua will not bring 'Bore. Lew would be taken for Western flour. Dealer* are awaiting private advice* before enteriea the market or be ioc able to agree upon term*. Cora meal bald at thing doing. Some safe* of good to prime red wheat at JO teat* a $1, and ol white at $1 U a tl 14 While and yellow corn uomuial at ?5 a 67 aaau. Oats Kill. Eye T? cent*, rroviuen* are quiet, and no change to notice in price*. Sothiol rloiM IQ *ag\r* or molaeeei. Wbl*key dull and noiaiaal alt)* at IK easts. Sales of Stock* at Baltimore. JM#C,,J*,?'1Wei 101: Mehares Union Biuk(time) fI; JAdo We*ter>i Bank (cub) 18^; 10 do Baltimore and Ohio RailrQad 47Ji: 5 do do United State* ?'*, 1167. elated at 107 asked, lojjf bid. State 6 per cent* eloied at 90 aakrd.Mbid. City S per ceuta. of 1893, clo*ed at MlM a*ked. IMif bid. Baltimore and Ohio Railway abate* 41 a*k?d, 47X bid. Pmil*delfmu, July 90, 1847. The house of Mr. Hauler, on Poplar street, near the Uirard College, wu entered In a mysterious manner, aad a Are kindled in th* library, whioh resulted In the destruction of the bouse, m wall as the one adjoining, OMUpiedby Mr George (iwler, senior. The library of Mr. Hasnler. containing about 1,1'K> volume* ofsotentlflc works, was destroyed, together with a large mass of valuable draughts, ealoulations, and other memoranda, in relation to tb? Coast Surrey made by his father, during 111* connection with that undertaking. Twenty-five thousand dollars would not oorer the low. The remains of the late Jeteph C. Neal. Esq., were interred early this morning, in the Monument Cemetery, Theoioslng exercises of the High School, preparatory { to the summer vacation, take plaoe on Thursday, when the graduating class will receive their certificates The opening of the telegraph to Richmond, which Is daily expected, promisee to be a great convenience to the business men of New York and New Orleans, who frequently are dttslrou* of cominanloatlng with their correspondents in the shortest possibln space of time By using the telegraph the New Vnrker can cause his eo^amunioatiou to overtake the mall whloh left his city tm day previous : or the New Orleans merchant can di?m hW dispatch to the Richmond station, with directions %?transmit it to Now York, and in this way gain a full <?ay The reply to the same can be transferred to Richmond to go by the next train, no that a second day can be saved by this method of communication Mr. John Jones, not of the war office, but the well known proprietor of Jones' Hotel, bait retired from his post as caterer for the taste of the travelling community, and Is succeeded by Messrs Bridges tc West, who. during their connection with other hotels in this oity, have given evidence that they will tread in the footsteps of their predecessor. More cannot be required. Nabs at Stocks at Phi lade'phia? Board? .140 liinrd Bank 1 >*; 300 U. 8. Bank, 4%; 10 700 I r. 8 1.0*11. ?' . 67. 106; 12,000 Texas Treasury Not-s, 13j< . 25 Lehigh Interest. 4 : <100 do, 6J.V?; 50 Lehigh Coal 8crip, i*% 40 Reading RR. S2%. Arrt.a iaLKt?30 Kirminttou Cornier Co, 23; 30 North American ln?. Co. I: jU Reading RR. 32J<; 10 Oirard B nk. 13A?. 5000 St.te5's,7?X , Skconp Moa?o?i Manufacture ' Si Mecliauica' Bank, 97; 10 Grand Oulf RR <: <00 'Veahaunack Copper Co J; 40 Lehigh I'oal 8<- in S.%. .63 Oirard Bank, 1J.V; 1000 U. 8 Treasury .vtea, l"i>? Arraa Salu?(0 Manafietorera' k Mechanics' Bank. tl\ 14 .New Jersey CoPi-er Co,9. War Steamers ?Tfte w*r?stea tiers authoriied 'o ot* built unaert'n* late ac< ot' Congress, *p? proved Mar-h. 1947, %r? : Two of the flrstclass ; burden. United States toni*ago. 2.414 tons Two of the second clafs ; burden, United States tonnage, 1,370 tons. The first c>.jbb ere: B?tw,en perpendiculars 260 ft. 0 in B?^ni extreme 45 0 "Jjepth to gnn-deok i.\ hold .26 6 The second class art*: . Between perpendiculars 210 ft Beam extreme. 2? 0 Depth to gun deck in hold 23 0 The two first-class steamers, and one of the second clari to bo propelled by side-wheels ; the other by a bcrew propeller. One of the largest class is to be built at Uosport, and one at Philadelphia ; one of the second clans at New York, and one at Kittery, Maine?Washington Union July 19. San Pedro Expedition.?The schooner Cecil. Binney, at this port last night from Cumana, via St. Thornu. has recovered about twenty thousand dollars additional from the wreck of the sunken Spanish frigate Man Pedro, off Cumana. the larger proportion of which is brought home Captain Binney reports that there had been no rain at St Tboma* for some time, and that water was getting quite scarce and high.? Bait .American, July 20. COnJHERClAL. INTELLIGENCE. The Flour Markets. New Ori.ka>s. July 10.?The chief business features of the past week hare been extremo depression in the dour and grain markets, attended with a material denljiiH in nrifUH of th? Inae. inxyTh I'otfiTn, occasioned partly by the rainy weather and partly by the daily anticipation of later advices from Kurope Klour has declined $1 per barrel, or about $2 25 from the rates a mouth ago. About 13,000 barrels have been taken at $5 60 to %!> 76 early in the week, and latterly %h per barrel for Ohio brands. Corn, also, is rather lower. About 70.000 bushels hare been sold at 65 to 8Sc. for prime white and yellow, with some lots at 70c. per bushel Wheat is dull. The week's sales are 1 20 000 bushels, at $1 20 a (1 25 for prime, nearly all at the lowest rate. CmciwMATi, July 16 ?The market was heavy yesterday, and the sales all In small lots at a shade below the rates of the previous day The particulars were 60 and 10 bbls at (4; 100 do at $3 96; 'iOO do In four lots at $3 ?0; 60 do at $3 90, delivered; 100 do at $3 86, clear. The receipt* are still very limited. Philadelphia, July 19.?On 'change to-day there was but little enquiry for flour for shipment, and only 1200 a 16000 hols fresh ground Pennsylvanla^sold at (6 60 In Kye Flour no sales have transpired Cornmeal?Salos of 8DO a 1000 bbls Brandywine at >3 60 per barrel, and a lot of pancheons at $16 each, Grain?No sales of wheat. uu uu ii*ru luamta price corn na< declined Sale* of 000 bn?hel* Peunsylv/inia round yellow at 7fl cents,and a tar go of Southern, a float, at 70 cents, weight. Rociimti:*, July 17 ?No one is anxious to sell or buy. During the week there bat been .nothing doing In flour. 1,100 bushel* Oenesee wheat, good, brought In lots, $1 19V Othor Hale* have been made at $1 l'J>? a $1 18, according to quality. Corn held at 48 a M)e., vlr.h light dale. Oats, 38 a 40c. The Crops. The Ocala (Florida) -irgut of the 3d in*t. status that In the midst of the heaTy crop*, we are better qualified ior Judging of the prospect* of our planter* and farmer* tbaa heretofore The season ha* been peculiarly favorable for corn. It every where iooks well, remarkablv so, and inore oorn will be made thi* year than any previous one. In lien ton and Hillsborough counties. where corn ha* not neldouta* yet, they will have plenty and something to *par? The cotton crop* are superb. No sign of any thing to mar the very flattering prospects? ?v?y thing is clean, and the plant Is boiling finely The vane crops are in beautiful order. *uah rapid growth and sturdy blalk It ha* not been our fortune to see in a long time, and we are informed that it look* a* well In other part* of the country a* in Marlon. Tobacco will do itself. Although the dry weather last month kept It a little puny, the reeent rain* hare altered it* appearance am\aingly An unusual quantity of thin staple 1* under cultivation. The Columbia Sorlh Carolinian, of the 13th instaut, Kays .?From every section of our own State, as well a* those of the South and South West, wn learn that the prospeots of the cotton crop are exceedingly had. The laU backward spring, and the protracted rains, have dofte serious injury to the young plant, and unless the future bring* forth more cheering prospect*, wo fear that our planter* will have cause to regret their not turning their attention more to the cultivation of grain from pome portion* of the country, where rain has not prevailed, we hear that insects are beginning to make their apa>taranoe. and this, added to the wet, will do uuoh towards producing far l?u than an average ?7h. grain orops, w* are pleased to find, look remarkably well, and the approaching harvest bid* fair to be ea unprecedented!/ large on*. ao oitraot of a fettar, from a planter, near Dariun, * .WUd Stb ImL, say* ?- The Rio* crop go** on to improve, and I ntocerely bop* inay turn out well. Caterpillar* have ma<l* their appearance on Ht Simon*, ?o you nay fay good morning to the Cotton crop " " We have haard from almost entry section of the Stat*, and the testimo y smim* irreelstibl*, that the Ino***ant rain* ot the last three week* have greatly Injar-d the pro*peot of the growing cotton crop* fc>en in the Southern counties. where the promise wan iTeat?(t, the 10jury uas been imiataiw, atd nothing but a late fro*t can secure any thing Uke an average crop.? Tne corn and provision oropa are considered beyond ?ontlngeney and are unparalleled."? Afa?on]( Oa ) Jourmat, U<A imt Paeeengere Arrived. Livr.srooi.?Packet ?hip Liverpool?Rev (Jeo C 8hephard, 1)D. and lady, M-issschuseits, Oeo Parker, lady and daughter, Scotland; Miss tin* McNelly. Mi?* Parnell Neily Ireland; Mlta Vlary Cartney, do; Miaa Klua Dagiiia, Kavland; David OregK lady child and servant Pitubnrg, Mra ?V Burroughs ajid child. New York; A Gordon, England: Cliarlea 1'nhu, ol tiermviy; Thos Doig, Scotland, DrWmYorke, Kngland? '.131 in steerage. < 1 avaMa?Bark Conder?Wm H Tracey, U 8 cousul. lady child and servant, Ouayama,PR; Mi** Frances L Lcmnir well, Colchester, Ct: Mrs F C Tracy and servant, Ouayama; Mr? 8 W Lind and child, do: Miaa U L Peters, New York; JI'iAA Overman, 8t Thomas; L Sancea, Uuayama Ha?ai?*?8hip Norma?Mr 8 P Itinerants', Lieut N m Howison, Mrs Frances P Thrasher, T Phinney and daughter. Fernando Adot, lady and servaul, I) N Wettlat. lady au<l child, reniaodo Ht-rnande/ and servant, William B Smith, F Fincke, George Williamson, F.lias Ponvert, 2 children and a*iv?nt, Jsmcs Dunon, William H Plice, Philip tie Ayoler, Mra Moore and 3 children, oue born on the |-assaire. Matai*iai^^Ship F rancis Dupau?(i Desolage, Miss L Brrault. 8 Caatell* and son, S l ha pin, M Olaechea, A Gonial las. J Fisher. MataWZas?Bark 8t <;loud?J McClair, F M Brown, F A Stuck, J Cameron, C Carricante. B**MttDAe? Brig Lady of the l*ake?Mr and Mra WmCot, Mr and Mm Henry Harvay, Mrs Briggs, Mr and Mrs Brown and d ughtm, J a* Hall?3 in stearage Bci lie, Hon?8<hr Nile?Jacob Mahler, Josiaii Jex CmnutsTOW?Ship Fairfield?Hon W B Seabrook, Rev W f P.ittsr and lady. 8 V Tapper and lady^ 9 M Howell and la dy. Miss Seahrook, Mis* Johnson, Mra Corbeft, Miss Corbett, Miss Hani, Mis* Toiere, W C Hichbom, family and servant, Mrs H W Olmr, fainilv and acrvant, W B Hmttli, P Porcbcr, J Kvtehum. h E UileluisU H Sagms?10 in steerage. ILlTtRrooL ?attlp LiTftpcol?l C4M Juim eaeka WM Smith?1 etm 4 bain lUiaa. Brother* k to? j *a?* Jj?h? Mortou-? balea Walker Brother*?2 ca Heofy Bavlu?I* do 2 I I bjs A T S'ewart keo?U c* Oraydon k 8 waaark?16 do Smith. . Thurger k CO? do Tooker, Mead k eo?2 bale? J* 1 draw Mitchell k ro?4? c \V Whitewrighi, Jr k '?-* ? ' % 44 c. Beela Buali k CO?1* do 15 brl.8^ J^*?~?c. B*c?. I Benjamin kco?9 chta O H Schneider?)ck Malford k wen- l 1 d?ll. Albioy-J eke Fan Dnaen. J.gger k ?o-M c.a<.* 1 bale Wi?ht, Siurf?? k 8haw?4 c? ^ttaion. H j.njf k I do Adri*nce k Htru|?4 c* md?e to J Underwood?57 case* 42 b ' balaa Russell k Marsh-175 bdls sheet iron.John VL ?r?ce k i 8-ns-t e. J fcmenge? 4 eki J Co?k?.r k co-? hhd* T Thorny ( I *ou k aon? 4 ck* A Bell k *9"?/J* A r?f hiCli til * N Don..eHy kco-?Hufh.?.,W.rdkeo-?ch. IJ boM?tll- , I man. Br .th-r. k eo-S h? Vw W^eor. k Tucker-If c. Watt k Ktk0rm ?i??1 c* Hunt k Brother*?3 Willuier K lu? ^ it?U?8 ck? Wolf fcOlilMpi*?1 * Win Bcujainiu, JrjL co? tTS^U Aiwrbiry. /** co-?J k A Peuic--4 J^Hudjon f ?l Vf Arnutroun it #011?0 c* oadze Irt Smith kco? do Nevina k co hKl toot co?I Divid C Coldtn?I ck MllhlW Mat- T r^H-llikZ ? b i D** id C Colden?36 c. 176 bdl* I ck* * N?ylor It co-6 balet WB Bend?4 e* ClaikSouth worth k TiMvn?? J Napier?7 Trecy, lrwiu k co?1 Weit. Oliver k ?>?14 bi< Andrew 25 c* J Oihou k co?17 Joha Ni- I cholion?619 Ueo W Shie d k co? II c* Johu Wil*ou kco? U b?? VVm Re.liuoiid?IS crate* ID ck* J W Harris?I c* 8iinouihdd B*Ut kco?I bale* Sciffkin k Ironildea?19 e* Chase 1 Watkiu?2 imn* 8 Good ridge k co?SO brUJoeiah Macev k co?60 bu 6 bdl* wire Fhelp*, Dodge k co?13 C"se? 2 bale* Uulkler, Urahain k co?3 cli* Ha.brouck k co? I c* 8 k L t Holme*?12 do H Shelden k eo?1 bale Hall, Brother* k co? 2 ra Haradou k co?2 do K 8 8tenton k co?2 hhd* M <?. Par- i sou?2 ck* 21 bale* 1 ct AW Spies k co?1 bale O M Hay- ' wood k co?14 cue* Layman, t'onver** k D Pomeroy? d 1 c* 2 bl* C Buckingham k co? 1* bis McCall k Stmi g?1 do Amo* R Eno?9 do 0 H Arnold k co?4 do Lee k Cau? f 10 c* Davit, Fairchild keo?5 J Coukliu k co?1 H k D H i Brook* k oo?I Chamber. Haisot k co?7 Benkard k Hottou r ?1 B'ackwell Whittemorc k Carhart?19 b* T Hunt k co?2 J c* L k V Kirby k co?2 KreeUud. Stewart k co?3 ck* O f Suif?* C B Conant, Kllis k co?4 cs K J Beam k co?14 orts I 2 ck* J M 8haw?2 c* K W Caenlng?4 Dane, (iould k co?4 b* O Haating* k co?4 WSUane?2 Moor* k Leggoti?2 c* J Harmer k Han*?1 c* C H Kellogg k io?1 W k O wood k 1 co; I csk Jacobus Si Coudict?4 c* Advance, Stacy k co?2 T I Winaton fc co? 3 ba Clark k We*t?1 c* Oille*pi? k 8iud- S , well?4 Halateap, Htine* kco?2 cases mdae Wyeth, Rogers c k co?2 case* md*e J K J < If ray k son*?3 cases Ca*tet, Huliey 1 k Boldwiu?1 boi Peter Mnrray?1 caae J Lefferts k eo; 1 do I Levi Co"k?I do A Arnold L co?1 do J R Worrell k son?2 i do Karuuin k Intri?24 bales 1} cases Alien, Hay* kco?3 do t C Taylor k son?1 do H Junacet?23 do J M Davie* k Jonc*? I 1 do Brown, Beaver k Dunbar?1 caak Irving Van Wart?2 do y Fellow*, wadsworth k co?31 caaes 1 bale* Oreenways, Har- I 'agua k co?J caska WedMea k Meyer?5 do Keailer k co?I " do Joaepli KUiaon?3 cam Wn Habershaw?1 cue J k S ' Woodbead?1 boi F J one* k eon?II caae* 6 bale* 146 bar* { Sands Fuller k co?21 bundle* Engliah k Atwater? 3 bk* W I B'yce k oo?6 do Uaac D Huut?12 Mortimer k Oawtrv?3 r* I Blunt k Byrne*?3 ck* Reid k Nprague?3 Wol*h k Mallorv? I 13 ciColtiii. Bradley k co?1 ck Bartouk Brother*?4 Kellogg k o<?2 loote chain* W Aymn k co?2 c* Lud, Lineion k ' i:o?4 ctr* Veustedl, Barneit k co?11 c* K Marshall?10 K J ' Browu k co?8 gri <d*tones I ck lhbercon k Haruer?5 cks 1 Kli.ln Hobbi a?35 Rigg*. Jenkiu* keo?4 ck J T DoWn k < ton?24 cs 'l*orce Pear e kc??I c*k Braaahaw. Perlee k c<> I ?2i Wall k 8'ierman?t Jo< Coouer?1 M J Duff j?in r? .1 fct I I Mtewar?1 ek I'Uit B other.?'} biles, 11 chains, 18aichora, I 85 crite* )cb Jc? mds?, to order. Havsna -Ship N irrai ? Mi boxes of sugir, 1 lihd d > Moiri f T^yl'-r?177 bags coffee, ? ceroonv R 11 Ellis?100 b >xes ?ug?r I i ca?es(It 4100 in<n, M Wallis Jim?39 boxes sugar, 1 bbl ind/., K Rich ir-i?on 8c co? 1 rases dry goods, H Kirn a in 8c co, PhiUd?10 do do, A 8 Riley 8c co?157 500seg.<rs Sellic 8c Hos t seues?100 0?0 do Juno Correjo?30,000 do Kabert 8c K'llv? 58.000 do Win H Thorn-n?60 ctses machinery, Howlana 8c ? Yspinwall?t boxes mdt K. Stoughton?10,000 segart, K tfingi ?1 bag spice, H A Crrt. J Calcutta?Bark Hnlpare?82 brla gunny bag eloth 1583 < sacks limced JiOO bdls twine 217 bs runny b?g? 378 bags giuger7880 guunv hags 3100 liidei 2"0 buffalo hides 3955 bag* *alt- v pet'e HO bi mdze B illon, Lee Sc co of Boston?7 bit S Low- j ri? ? 2 d? 1)'. A. Truman. . n Belizk, Hon?Schr Nile?$2850 specie 2 logs mahogany J J ? Lahouiuo?$1018 specie P K Drlaudre?9 log* mshog^nv 13 bile* a*raai>arilja 9 tons logwood 3 bxi tortoise shell 4 bbl* do b *7753 speeje 50 kegs nail* 171 dry hides 2 bxs old copper ! bbl do F Alexandre?53100 specie 1 box old copper 41 tons logwood S Kdwin Cofliu?$2000 specie Jacob Maliler. cuatama, P r?Bark Condor?714 hhd* sugar Dunscomb i' 8c Beckvi ith?231 do 2 to* icolsves B Deforest 8c co?27 brli 1 1" hhd molasses 7 brls sugar to order. Matanzas?Bark St Cloud?203 botes 17 hhd* sugar Mey- tl er St Stuckeu?50 do J Thompson?244 bx* Ooodhue ? co?200 do D Coins?1(1,000 pine apnles C Carricente?1 brl to mast'r. in MaTamas?ship Fraucis Dupau?100 hhds sugar E D Mor gaii 8c co?1517 boxes do R A It L Stuart?1633 do .vlnses Tay- > lor. ci St ^koix?Brig Marcellus?120 hhds molasses A J Hill? ft I k rum 3 brls mol!*s*rs 4 do *ug?r 2 pieces old copper A Hubbard 8c co?83 hhds sugar 22 do molas-es to order. 4 8t Jvaw dr Lot Remedioi?Bi 'g Albion ooper?450 bxt (. 128 hhd* sugar 86 hhds molaurs Maitland 8c Phelp*. _lc Domestic Importations. 'i' Savannah?Brig Savannah?196 cks rice J S Shanter?229 , bales cotton J l.ihu?138 do E 8c R R Oravet?50 d k, D Morgau?3 do L H Brigham? 5 do H Bailer?53 do Parmley It Rorrs?(9 do J P Swain 8c co?1 box J H Mill* k sons?I boxes J. \1r? W Telfore?3 Mrs K Clark?1 Mrt. E C Ainiugton? E ^ Jenckes?1 trunk A Weller?18 Diuhela ground nuts to J D , Jesaey. V HAKLBtTon?Ship Fairfield?171 balet "otton Ingoldtby, ,t Britsexii 8c co?197 R Caldwell?16JJ VV Phillip*?63 J Hope , ice i?38 A ArilU 8c co?16 D Mills?4 C L Burckmeyei?9 u mates E Barton tc co? 58 bbls Soutter 8c brot?1 cotton gin U Bulkley?4 boxes Stanton 8c Barnes?212 bales R Caldwell?31 bale* yarn Lord, Warren, Salter 8c co?1 casks 1 bbl Hall 8c *1 oses?2 bis Haydock, I 'orlees tc co?1 bx Mrs Maturiu?1 W . B Smith?42 cks wiue S Hej ward?2 bxs Sprague 8c Robinson ?2 T Rollinson?1ii7 bales yaru Lord, Warren, Salter 8t co?2 . cases 1 b tie E Hyatt?61 bales S I cotton O Bulkley?248bales cotton 800 melons to order. c MARITIME HERALD. 1 n'lti uiTiicw vuum, july s?, ? ?s l MM us iiiki 4 48 I moois b1sbs . m . IU? IITI 7 24 i men WiTlft 2 07 m 1 OlMNda Sliipi?Hottinguer, Bursty, Liverpool, Woodhull 8c Miuturn: Arcole, ll odless, Liverpool. Chamberlain lc Phelps; Marina Washington, Stewart, Vera Cruz, E D Hurlbut 8c Co; Kranronia, Boyle, New Orleans J Elwell 8c Co; CoiutituIIOIl. Jov. Nailtlickltt. ('Mrfrif?hl. ItnrriartM It I'n I Bark?Auu Hood tVhiiing, Liverpool, Baratow It Pupa. ? I UriKi?Reindeer, Wmaor, Madeira, Foster U Nickerson; [ I Pilgrim, (Sw) Hertz. Liverpool, W Weisser; Amanda, Hen- f ion, Philadelphia, Brett it Voae; Rebecca, Staples, Calais, ?n. Jones. Turk's Island, MiddI ?<>? ** J-'?i W W 'J Wyer, Biiuw, Curarua, Fmu-i 4k .Nickerson; John Howell, ' Warren, Uardau Keys; Sarah, Perry, New Bedford. t Arrived. I< i Packet ship Liverpool, F.ldridge, from Liverpool June 9th, v I with mdse, to Woodhull Ik Mintura. June li, lat 49 5J, Ion 13 a 35, ipoke brig Bernard Caatle Packet, of Btockton, for Liverpool. 22d, lat 43 39. Ion 28 35. exchanged signals Willi the bark l Klta Lieshraan. July 7, lat 43 50, Ion 48 40, spoke ahip Lord J Healon, of Belfast. 40 daya Irom New Orleana. July 8th, lat 42 50, Ion 53 10, spoke brig Catherine Frazer, of Caruervan, 13 days from New York for Londonderry. Ship Norma, fc.llia. from Havana, July Uth, with sugar, he, ' ti Moses Taylor. Bid in company with ship Adelaide, Adams, a for New York, llth inat, off the Moro, spoke ship Lady Arabella, Simpson, from Belfast lor New Orleana. I Ship Krau ia Dupau. Williams, 8 days from Matanzas, with ? sugar, to Sagory & Bane. Bid in company with brig Ceres, for Portland. ... I Ship Fairfield Loveland, 6 daya from Charleston, with cot- I ton, ike, to Oeo Bulkley. Bark Oulnare, Marstow, 136 days from Calcutta, with mdse, to W A Sole. Hamburg bark Louise, Oillts, OA daya Irom Callao, with < guano, to Buck Ik Kuukardt. 300 tons gnauo to C Bartlett? t Vessels left not recollected. 5th inst, lat 2* IS, lou 5836, spoke l Br bark Tom Moore, from Barbadoea for Dublin l Bark Condor, Paarce, from (iuayama. Til, July 8th, with so- u gar, to master. I Bark St Cloud, Little, from Matanzas, July llth, withsu- ? gar, to master. I7th inst, I PM, Cape Hatteras bearing 8 W, 25 I miles distant, aaw steamship Southerner, Berry, hence for I Charleston. i Biig .Marcellus, Sheffield, 22 days from St Croii, WE, with b sugar and molasaes, to Nesmith it Walsh. July 10th. 3 PM, s saw a vessel bottom up, painted green, about 100 tons burthen, b undoubtedly in ballast, rudder gone; the weather being moderate at the time, passed within a few feet of her, but could r make out nothing further; had been but a few days iu that sit- J nation?lat 28 41 N, Ion 71 30. 8th inst, lat 28, Inn 68, apoke the b bark laabella, from St Croii for Middletown, Ct. I Brig Albion Cooper, Mullikin, 10 days Irom St Juan de !os S Remedies, with 450 boies 120 htids sugar 86 hhds molasaes, to I Maitland &t Phelpa. Sw biig Hebee. Lindh, 58 daya from Antwerp, in ballast, to * K k T Poppe. 133 passengers Brig Lady of the Lake, Berman. from Bermuda, July 5th, I with onionsanu ballast, to Middleton V (Jo. Brig Casilda. tiodell, (of Salem) ll daya from Sagua la < Ora'iae with molasses, to R P Buck, nth inst, lat 32 36, Ion I 77 08, spoke brig Hector, Pendleton, from Sagua la Grande for Boston. Brig Savannah. Dizon. fl daya from Havannah, with cotton and i rice, to Stuiges, Clearman kCn. Sid i-com|?ny with ship 1 Tamerlane, Hi udersou. lor Liverpool. 18th, lai 36 40, Ion 74 50 tzehanged sicimIs with a deep painted port brig snowing a white aigual with the letter W in it, steeriug for the (.'apesof Virginia. Brig Belle, Myers, 4 days from Wilmiugtou. NC, with timber, to K H Powell. I Sclir Nile Hampton, from Belize, Hon, July 4th, with apecie, to J J Ltbomsse. July 10, lat 23 41, lou 83 10, spoke achr I Laura Jane, 21 days from Baltimore, hound to Vera Crot; re- I ported having had light winds and calms. July 11, lat 24 05. Ion 82 20, spoke Br ship Duke of Argyle, 129 days from Chi- 1 na. bound to Havana wiiH L-J* , .. m. <> I wum, Wllliruio W ' .- ported. Left no American veaaela Tne Nile haa experienced uothiug bai liw'ht winds mid calma throughout the voy Sclir Hilat Wright, Reddou, 22 dayi from Kingaton, Jam, , with hidea, to order . Schr Greenway. Couch, i daya from Richmond, with flour ' an i tobacco, to Allen k. I'axaon. Schr K L Crook, tonklin, Virginia. J Bclir 'elect, Couklin Virginia. brlu Bergen, Cook, l*eterahurg. tnhacco, J Hunter , Schr I'ndme, I'enfield. 11.r ford. Hetmltl Marina Correapondenoa. Philaijklfhi a Kit HAriQE, Jnlv 20. 1147. J Arrived?Bnga J A Lanceater, Lovelaud, Wilmington, N C, Bun, Klinn. Boaton. fcliot, Krumlei. do. John M Clayton, ' trench, do; Juniata, Morton, do; ?chra Jamea J Samuel, 1 Ramsey', Charleaton, JP Snart, Colliua. Georgetown; Boa ' ton, trilliDi, Boa ton, Conaul, Giove- do. OK Perry, Wooater. ! Wnrehain, Maaa. Avon, Berry, Kail River; Rio Grande, Loveland, Newport; Henry Otbba Gihba, N Bedford, Tuhmoree, 1 Hone, New York; JIIW Errickaon. Hmnti, do. Delaware, ' Lockmin, Waahinglont N C; Olivia and Virgiuia, Parker, N ' York; barge Planet, Brim. ? ' , Below?Three harm knga unknown. Cl-ared?Shipa Alleghaejr, Hhanklaud, New Orleana; barks } Daria Nickela. Nickela. Boaton. brira Argo, < urtia, Boaton. Porto Rieo, Gilehriat. do; Jonata .Morton, do; Jo?n M Clay- I { ton, Kranch, do; Catharine Rogera,; Pintv, Saw- ' Iyer, do; arhra Carolina Clarke, HofTuei, Barbadoea-. Hector, Fraiier. Halifax. N M. Abbey Morton, (Orniih. Plrmontb. Maaa; Clam I'laher, Momford, Newbern, N C . Avon. Berry, 1 j Boaton; Conanl. Orove. do; Clariaaa. Griffin, do; <) K Perry, Wo?ater, do; Henry Oibba, Gibba, New Bedfo d; Boluin, , Keene, do; Pilgrim, Hughea, Salem, Maaa; 8t Helena, Hatch, ( do; Tuhmoree, Hoxie. Rochester; Rio Grande, Lowland, New port; barge Whale, Baldwin, and ateamer Anthracite, i Steward, New Vork. Minor llitnroun Heenrtl. Packet ahip Hottinguer, Bnraley, for Liveryool, will tail 1 to-morrow. i Packet ship St Nicholai, Capt Kvcleigh, arrived at Ha- 1 vre on the 22d ult, made the paaaage in 16 day*. We are indebted to Capt Bacon, of the ateamer Kuicker- j hocker, for a late copy of the New London Star; alao to the Newport Herald and Rhode Inlander for a allp. Baiii Hcmdv M wnimd-we noticed, aaya the Baltimore Sun, nn Hatn rday, the apprehruaiona entertained for ihe saletv of thia fine vessel She cleared from this port for Belfast, Ireland, on the "7th of Kehrunry laal, and arrived out alter a ulio't paasige. Her crew when ahe left, wa* compoaed ol the following peraona:?Henry Harrod, maater, ol'BvIti- . more; Richard F.Snnih. mate, of Baltimore; II C Kickett, aecoiid mate,of Maine; Nathan Watera, cook anil alt-ward, of J Peaiiaylvan'a; Uaac Doraey. Jamea Corner, Jamea Ajton, and t I) Dickeraon, aeamen, of Raltimore. There are accoanta of , her leaving (or home in ballnat. and ahe haa now been abaent , nearly one hundred .laja, and never her n apoken The hng waa the property ef Mr W W%. lice, and waa about one year old. , Il*io Amv Ami-ma, < ollinrn, from Trinidad de Cuba, for ' ftwJVb on theltthof June, on the eaat end ot the f laland ol rn?ea veaael and cargo of molaaaei atotalloaa; iKe 1 captain and crew aaved and arrived at Havana LavnrNKO?At Porumonth, NH, on the 12th inat, a beanti- f f?l copper faatened and coppered ahip. of Mt tona, called ihe g Sainoaet. She la owned by K H Tocker k Sona. and Daniel ? JJtou?:, of Wiacaaiet, Me. i? intended for the < Imrliatdn trade, , I and la lo ba commanded hy Cap! Joacph Tutkei. Cecelian hjfk. fiMiSffor?! York, with M emigrants, lulr IT, lithe 0?y. wHl put not stated, m supplied with l&TCStS^X&KS^ to. it 17 U N, loo UtIW; Capt G complained much of light rinds ud calm* Brig bur, Titcomb, 11 da fm Norfolk for St Kitti, Jnly IX it r m, loo st 10. Wtolinn. 8hii> Stoniuton wu spoken Miy 12, 7S days from San Bias, ound to Chill?see news from Month America. Arr at ft L<>udou 19th iust, schr Kranklui, Butler, fa Dwoitiou April 3d, and 41 Oajs from St Haleaa, with 410 wh 40 *p. .eft ?t tit Helena, Silu Richards, Deering. SH, with 1800 wh OOspm. At, Desolation. Jason, Morgan. NL.MObbU. 8li from N Bedfor i 17th, (hip Gideou Howlaud, Cub, la* tan Ocean and N W Coast. At Simon's Bay, CQH,April If, Ocutlemau, Pott, N Sufuljk, LI. oil not stated. Cruniu* amouc the Ffjoe Islands, Jan II, schr Alfred, Dacuport, KB, oil not stated. Foreign PorUu Alexandria, Egy.'t, June J?81d bark Lanark. Venuaid, 'almoutb, E, for orders. Aden, July 1 (not 11th)?Sid Elvira, Devens. Zanzibar. Amsterdam, June JO? In port, bark Cetbs, Hodge, lor New r ork, few ds. Bom*at, May 10? Art brig Eagle, Poor. China. BoaDkAi't, June 30? In port, ship Diogenes, Sylvester, ex?cted to proceed to Rio Janeiro via some salt port. Canton, April 24?In port,ships Caroline Augusta, Creatier, for Peuang. same day: Sea Witch, Waterman, for New If ork, in 3 or 4 days; bark Candace, Garduer, fordo, same ^'aoNiTADT, Jane 24?In port, ships Delia Walker, Condry, or Boston, ready; Morea, Hand, for do 2 days; barks Carlos, iolm, do do; E II Chapiu, Bissou, for NYork, ldg; brig Euotas.Luut, tor Boston, soon; only Am vessels. Cienfveoos, June 28? Arr schr Robert Morris, Wain, Lingston, Jamaica; 28th. brig Sarah Williams, Thompson, ioston; 25th, Thames, Silsby, from Havana. Ocavama, P R. July 11?In port, bajk Almira. Huckuis, for < York 3 ds; brig T P Perkins, Silkey, (at hobo) ldg for New fork. Havana, July 11?Off Mora Caatle, ahip Lady Arabella, limpson, from Belfast for NOrleans. Iu port, ship* Java, Maoduck, for N Vork, 13th; Adelaide, Adams, do, soon; Vesta, .uidiay, from Bath, via Matanxas, disg: harks Baltic, Spear, or Trieste, ldg; Attica, McLellan, for Boston, do; Ardennee. Austin, for Trinidad: John Caakie, Bray, for Cienfaegos; Oiratter. Jordan, for NOrleans, wtg; Kligabeth J, Hemiugton, or Philadelphia, 13th: brigs Mary Ellen, Edmonds, for Cowes, vtg sugars; fcmelin*. Ellis, for Newburyport, ldg; Rival, ?ley, for Jaruco; Hvder All, Swasey, and Clintou, Hanninan, disg; schrs Merchant, Testier, for New York, ldg; iVarsaw, Buraick, from UulT Mexico. unci Ella. Meek*, dug Vrr July 10, brie Montreal, Rogers, Cnhauai'. sehr Gertrude, ''landers, NOrleius; 9th. brigs Adams Gray, Collin*, do; 7th Charles. Carr, Bath; aenra Convert, ScolDeM, do; Regini {ill. Olmstrad, Savannah; Gtli, Prua ship Camilla. Kleionack, NYork; brif Argus, K*-aii, *avannah; achr Zuluui, Spurling, ,'ardrnas; k.xcel, Macey, Cayo Heusco; Geu. Washington, O'sel, Savuii'iah Bid 11th, ahip Adelaide, Adams, NVork; nth bark Baltic, Saunders NOrleans; brig Orleans,; 9th, Galen, Chase, Trinidad; Manner, Ingrmham, Mo >ile; 8th, J K Dan, Merryman, Sierra Morena; Columbia, 'terce, [Ssgua; 7th. ship B C Bailey; Fitz, Trieste ria Mawzas; Dark Abagun. Diugly, Hamburg, via Ma anzas; brigs Vlnry Pennel, Doughty, Magna; Richmond; Alexander, do; iebago, Coffin, Por'laml; Gth, ship Florence, Paulseu, NOreaiii; brig Sea, Hilton, 8a?Ua. Havre, June 17?Sid, ships Sweden, Shaw, NYork, not N Orleans; 22(1. Finland, Bowne, do; 1st inst Prcstice, Hopkins, jailiz and Boston. Hono, April ??Sid bark Anteloi>e, Watkins, Wooung. Liverpool, July 4?In iiort, ship Oneco, Drew, for Boston, Otli; bark Juniata, Child, expected to paoceed to Bangor, Vales, and Boatou. , 1 Matanzas, July 9? Arr ship B C Bailey, Kitz, from Haana. to finish Idg for Trieste; bark Abagun, Dingley, do, for lainburg: 7th, brig Lion, Peterson, Frankfort. Sid 9th, bark ImpirejKnton, N Orleans; 7th, baik Mary Lowell, Hamilton, ortiand; 6th, ship Robert Patten. Patten, Antwerp. Muscat, April 14?lu port, bark Eliza, Perkins, for iJanziar, next day. Mocha May 14?In port bark Emily Wilder, Mansfield, fm alein, unc Matanzas, July 11?In port, brig Phoinit, Horner, for Phiidelphia, Id*; sthr Pawtucket, fin Cartliagena, arr in 15 days issage. Sid 11th, brig Ceres, Sawyer, Portland. Newport. Wales, July 1?In ]>ort, ship 11 O Shaw, Malews, for Charleston. lOUi. Nantes, June 29?In port, bark Miltiadei, Ranlett, for a port i the Black Sea. to loid for Falmouth. E. Port au Prince, July 6? In port, brigs Republic, Kelly, N ork, in 2 or 3 days; Bali it, Dawes, for Boston, load ing; Drad, Beauchamp, I'm Boston, discharging, and Triumph, Haley, li Wilmington, N C, diai-hg, to loadfor New V'ork. Rio Nunez, May 1J? In iiort. brigs Allen, Williams, from' alein, (April II) arr 13th; NonhnmDerland, Iug?lls, from do April 17) arr 14th; Hamilton, Bissau.) St Thomas, July 6? In p6rt. brigs Fox, Smith, fm Oiadaiupe, for Bath next day; Elizabeth. Snow, for New York, cxt dsy, Adolphus, Nojes, fm New Orleans, once ruin; Wm rice, Roland, for Mayaruez, P R, sailed day before. Oneco. eavitt, fm Ireland, for Porto Hico, sailed d y bef-rt. Saoua la Orandi*,, June 9.?In port, ba-ka Polka. Lawsnce, for Boston, Idg; J w Bloodget, Loring, from Boston, ist arr; Howlaud, Jarvis, from Havana, tolotdfor Boston, ist arr; briia Cant Tom, 8n<alley, for New Yo k 6 days; leorgiana. Davis,, do do; Alida, Fales, do 20 ds; Anuah tenuis, for Bostou, wtg; (Jen Wool, Patteraou.for Bal iinorr. o; Naraciiagus, Iliggin*. from Havana for?; Tahanto, Milsr, from Boston, unc. Sid previous, brig Hector, Pendleton, lostou. (since spoken.) San Juan, Cuba, July 9? In port, brig Jane Fulton, fm Bait; my aim >cuci. Stettin, June 19? In port, bark Pico, Leckie, for K on inters, to load for Boaion. Sierra Leone, May 13?In port, brig Ceylon, Lutcomb, (or Vindward, 10 d?. Trinidad, June 28?Arr, bark Kanawha, Moore, NYork. lid nib, brig Albert Perkins, Beara, Boaton; Osceola, Bacon. ?hil. Valparaiso, May 28? In port,bark 8t Jocepb, Hobaon for Baltimore, lew days. Waterford, Juue to?In port, shipJosiah Qnincy/Orozier. or Bangor, Wales,7 days, to load for Boston. Home Porta* Alexandria, Va, July 17?Arr achr Washington, Knapp, N Vo k. 8 d bark Geu Harrison, Smith, Barbadoes. Boston, July 19?Arrship Vancouver, Fuller, Canton and Macao:baiks Mersey, (of NVork) Coffin, ApMachicola; Lv :ouia, Howes, Pliila; brigs Or Hitchcock, Cole, Cardenas inlln, Bangs, Phila; schrs Delaware. Harding, Pliila: Roan>ke. Smith, uo; Jerome, Primer. Phila lor Chelsea; Ae'ial. Small, Albany; Metalluc, Simonton, N'Vork. Below, a large hip, supposed the Hartford, from Savannah; a packet bark fin lalti more; schr Abel Story, from at Domingo. Via Quaranine, br * l ousuelo, Pepper, Sydney. Cld sliip Riga, John J ienrd, NOrleans;bark Laura, Leach, Rio Janeiro, (with 10 haldrons coal, part of her inward Pictou cargo.) Sid ship 11 { Boudy; brigs Sisters, Gazelle,Chicopee, Patapscu; and from 'resident Roada. hark Galindo. IIaltimore, July 2d?Arr, brig Juliet, Farrell, fm Belfast reland; schrs Cecil, Binney, fm Cuinana, 23d June, and Si '?omu.?ili July; Catharine 11 Baron. Holt, New Orleans; :nr|K>, H? v lord, Calais; J Still man. Haley, Albany: CUL brit !ol Howard, Pickett, London; schr Kokeno, Nickerion, St ohns. N B. Below, a bark, and tw scboouers. Sid, ship III rslie, Wallace, London; brig Falmouth, Hopkins. Montrideo; schr North Star, Hutchios, New York; together with 11 the vessels before reported, anchored off the Point. Banoor, July IS?Ar hark Fmuklin, Cook, Portland. (t< nad for Canary Islands.) 16th, brig Alpine, Treat, NY;schr? IUntoul, Jr, Sears, and Rich, Smith^do. Bath, July 16?Ar brig Augeline, Beat, Wilmington, N C Charleston.July 17?Ar bark Edward, Bnlkley, N Y; irig Mary Adeline, Cope, do-.scbr Henrietta. Gayle, Bait ? "Id 18th. schr Zephyr, Wood, W Indies. 81d, 17th, ship An on, Burr, N V. F.ASTroRT. July 13?Sailed, briga W E Porter, , West ndies; Wm Davis, Nickersou Jamaica; achrs Chief Sachem. i i pi.;i..i. a v nt v Mobilk, July 13?rid, ship Ellen Brooks, for Havre; brig? Alabama Howard, N York; Manhattan, Johnson, do; ictm urelia, Nelson, for O-lveston. Ar brig J Holt, lj din from ^era Cruz. Ni:w Orleans, July 10? Arr iliipi New England, Robinon, Hivre; Dalmatia. Smith, Boston; Alest", Co?k, N York 'ia Apalachicola; Robt Burton, Dear on, I'hila; France, Peers, Vera Cruz; barks Kepler, ?, do; Mary, Johmon, Tarn>ico; brigs Ponce, Scull, Vera Cruz; Selina. Brown, Havana; iarriet. Williams, Tampico; Dorico, Cribbage, Brazos nt Ja:o; Cyrus, Caudage, Vera Cruz; Rio, Willara, do; Ganges aim worth, Messing, Gibraltar; schrs Heroine, Dennis nouthof the Rio Oman; Howard, Kennard, Brazos Bt Jago; 'acilic, Lewis, do; Litas, , Laguna; Capt Pnge. Homer. irazos St Jago; Major Barbour, Brooks, do. Cld steamshil' 'annv. Scott, Brazos StJago; bark Niagara, Rea, Boston; >rigs Oen Taylor, Hinds, Boston; Titi,Radovich, Havana; chrs Sarah, Kroger, Mobile; Ocean Ware, Winter, do; Alert Rogers, Smith, Vera Crnz. Norfolk, July 17?Arr, ?thr William, Miiou, Providence; eports in Hamptou Roads, schr T H Thompson, Mixon, from annas River, bviiud to Plymouth; Altamaha, fm Baltimore, ound to Warehain; and H Burton, fm Baltimore, bound to 'all River. Cld; schr Wm Penn. Sterling, West Indies, tailed, brig Olive, Griffin, Barbadoes, schr Frank, Lewis, *lew York. Nantucket, July 16?Ar schrs Charlotte, Somers, Phil'a: hampiou. N Y; I7tn, Northern Belle, do; 18th, Extra, Ward 'hil'a. Sailed, 17th, achn R B Smith, Robinson, Phil'a; lttli, J Hisbee, do Providence, July 17?A'r schrs Frances, (Jirdner, Bay Rirer, NC; Pampero, Tredwell, Port Walthall; EmilyCIlor* .on. Qa"dy? Phila Portland. July 15?A' schrs Harp. Wait Phil'*; Htli, Edward. Norfolk; Delaware, and R Rush, N York, (not the 9ih is previously rei>orted;) 17th, bark Aimable (r'r)do; hrig> Sea Belle, Harriineii. Cardenas; schrs Erie, Macnirs, for New York; IRtn, brig Portland, Clough, (^ienfuegos. Cld, 17th, schi Roxnury, Sears, Phil'a. Savannah, July IS?Arr brig Charles Joseph, Leigh, Boston. Cld schr Enterprize, Adams, Bath, Me. In i>t>tt, ship Eilwin. Hayden, Liverpool; barks Cla a Perkins, Cobb De merara: Isaac Mead, Browu, NYork;Dan Waldemar, Montevideo; brigs Madison, Watkins, Boston; Wm Fuller. Crawford, N York; Perseverance, Baxter. Boston; Leo, Brown, Balimore; John Marshall, Collins. Batli. Salem, July 17?Ar schrs Independence, Conner, Baltim'e; Crescent, Freeman, Phil'a. Cld, 17th, H H Cole, Julio, West ['oast of Africa. l " *^ss^s^? DR. GREGORY, is consaltedas usual in all diseases of a delicate or complicated nature. Dr U. is a regular l'hyncian and Hnrgton, thoroughly educated in the priuciples and iractice of curing the diseases incident to hit native country, with an experience of nearly Jfl years His offices are at No. I Roosevelt, one door from Chatham street. Strangers and ithers requiring a npid, as well as radical cure, will hare this urt of the subject fully explained to them, by applying at his iffiff No. 1 VlnnA#v#>lr itrofll nii?r rtiitkam jy21 2t*rrc N U~CiJkJL NOVaT?UH. CUKt?ITl, l? Uuaue iUiV men bar of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, ano >{ the Medical Society of New York, may be consulted in th :reatment of certain delicate diseases. Ilia lone eiperienc ind cloae attention to thia claaa of complaints; Kia pleasant, *-> ind eipeditious mode of treatment?hia eitraordinary sue ?m luring a long and extended practice for thirteen years 11 tnn :ity?and above all hia legitimate medical qualification*, are t. "rw of the grounds on whioh he reata hia claims . r.C.'i node of treatment aafe, effecMial and expedition* not re luinag either the uae of mercary or reatraint in di t or buai teaa. Strictures cured in one or rwo weeka with scucely ant u>in. Constitutional Debility?Thoee individuals who hart udulged in a certain loathaome and aacrat habit can positive)} te restored to health and aociety. MQd caaea removed in twr> o four dayi. No <4iarge made nnlaaa cured. Poatpaid letteri inclosing a fee of three dollara, will receive prompt at ention. jy2l 30t?tc MKDICAL ADVICE.?Dr. Ambroae, having had many yean profeaaioual experience in Loudon, ana much Hospital practice, la capable of treating disease in all ita atagea, by the moat approved and expeditious practice of the preaeut lay. Thine who may need hia aaaiatance, will find Dr. A. both airiend and a confidant. 63 <nambers street, A doors from BroadwayAdvice gratia, and charges for medicine vary reasonable, inyli Kit "re r|M) TAILOH8 ?The nndemgued haa remaining on hand A a few cr.pies of his celebrated work on Cutting, among which area few cornea slightly soiled, but in other respects ?re |?rfect, which he will sell at a reduced price. It is deemed unnecessary to say any thing in praise of the above work, aa It ih universally arknowledged by the trade to be the most full tnd complete arrangement ever befor published. Priccol the book complete $10 0(1 Do- half bound (ton Do. slightly soiled , A 00 Addrei* with remittance, W. II HTINEME1H, i. H> lot* i No. II] Broadway. New York. Real valenciennkiLaces-w hcotTicST No. 37T Broadway, OBai a lusge assortment of the above >f various widths, 20ner cent uider regular prices. 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All -on who prefer health I* money will do well to call or send a io'a to tha graat personal comfortc;, Jy 11 lit*B A- CORriMOKi M Miuray itiatt Antral mt Mmmm la Mmw Twk, A Jolt ?. 11 Amebic** HOTEL. .. ?* Mr. and Mr*. TttPper, Charleston ; i. Pari*, ud Mr*. Pan*, X* Waihmgton; R. Dortey, Philadelphia; H. Higfio*on, B oaten A C Hensley, U. a. A; Mr. tad Mrs. Foster, Bangor; J. Ha- 411 gar, New Jiruy; J. Lug, 8 C: Mr. and Mr*. Cheiter, Bain- uc more. T. Baldwin, Philadelphia: Mr. and Mr*. Oamea, Wash- _ iuktun; Mr. and ?lre. Smith, Philadelphia ; Mr. and Mr*. 81a- * ter, Conn: A. S Rodger*, Washington; J. Smith, 8. C; H. I Gairett, Philadelphia ; Mr*. Matey, Washington; Mr. Saun- 0f der*, Philadelphia. Ui Aitok Hook. B W. B. Smith, Charleston) Mr. aud Mr*. Pierce, Boaton; O. m Thomond. P. W. Har.ler, T Garland, Montreal; Mr. and p Mr*. Clarke, Conn; A Jacob, Pa; R. Jacob, Laaca*tar;R. or Parker, i. ar lisle, Mr. and Mra. Hilman, ClWUstpa; C. Kel- w logf, N. O; W. Resor.CT PearM, Conn; H. Kendall, Phil ; tp Mr. arid Mrs Kluott, Couu; Mr. to4 Mti. Rupert, Louisville; ao S. Mellon, rtilaa X>r Wan. Ala; H Whitweld, Boatoa; H arvey, Baltimore; Mr. and Mra. Parker, do; M. William*, Boston' Mr. and Mr*. Fuller, Natchez; J. Pritchard, Porto ? Rico; Rev. J. Parusr, Missouri; D. Had ley, J. Hooper Oeor- I Sia; O M. Dorman, Florida; Mr. and Mra. Lapley. Phila; J. watxer, N. J. Parker, J. Sturgea, A. Bachelder, J. H Adam*, TC J. El Dies, Mr.and Mr*. Eldridge, Boaton; P. Bunion, Troy; W. H. Allen, Boston: E. Ward, Liverpool; J. Collin*, Ire- th laud; W. Collin*, N.O. Citv Hotel P' W. White, Phila; W R. Patton, Alabama; J. D. Marcus, *u N.Y-. S. Knight, W. Indie*; Mr. and Mr*. Parker, Phila.; B. Mcrheraoa, Mi>: ouri; two Mia*e* Juitis, do; Mi** .vutchell, u> do; Rer. Mr and Mr*. Shepherd, Boston; L. Adamaon. Mor- . riatown; Mrs. Ogle. St. Thomaa; Mr. K. Liad, Guyana; W. Traeyaud family; r.R.; Mr.and Mr*. Rice.Boston; C.Breu- ? ton. Phila ; D. Hoff, U.S.N.; J Heirskile, Va; Aug. V. King 11 derndeubeck, Brussels; J. and D.Conrad, Va.; W. A. Poindexter, Ky. dm T faankmff Hotel. re J. F. Baker, Philadelphia; L. Howes, M. Taylor, Indiana; Hi W. Kyser, Florida; Mr. aud Mra. Kellogg. Mrs. SadlerjNorth b? Carolina; Mrs. Strong. E. Rygatt. New York; R. McMichael, cl Albany; W. Carnea, Boston: J R. Catlin, Troy; O. Fowler, Connecticut; H. Backwaller, Weit Chester: Oeorge Sullivan, Champlain: W. McDownell; St. Louis; Mil* Malford, Mr* L. Smith, New Haven: Mr. and Mr*. St*ren*on, Albany; Mr. and Mr*. Holland, Lowell. Howard Hou*e. 1 H. Ame*. N. Y.; R Saffold, Mia*.; M. J one* Baltimore; J. Beven, Phila; Win. and Mu* Johmon, dr; E, I'eile, do; Mr. and Mia* Roe. Mi**.; Mr. aud Mr*. Stuart, Baltimore; Mr. aud Mr*. Rogers, da; A. A Porter, New York; C. Choat* and family. Boston: T. Noyes, New York; Mr and Mrs. Thompson. Boston; Mr*.; E. Bain, Wi*cou*in- K. Banker, Nantucket; 0 Pra't, Weymouth; W. Sawyer,Button: G. Felton, Boaton; J. Billing*. Vermont; Mr. and Mrs. Waldron, Waterford; Mr. aud Mr*. Greene, do; T. Miller, Mobil'j A. Aldeu, Deilham: A. Caper, do; Mr, and Mrs. Mu*e, Little Fall*; W. Gould, naugerje*; J- A. Smith, Detroit; S. Taylor, New Orleans; H. Bradley, do; L Bryant, *.lytowu; J. 1 Wilson, Chicago; C. Lander, N.Y.; F. Haoerch, New York; Mr. and Mr*. Potter, N Ci Mr*. Maxwell, Phila,; A Ailiburner, do. Jvdion'* Hotel. w i U? , u c I H: 1 w. mr. aiiu mri. Lwry, 11. varunuai ihihci ?uikc ouu ?tb5oiiei; Mr. and Mrs. roulsnn, Phila.; A. Boodv, Springfield; In Cochran. K. 1 : M. Converse, Norwich; J. Huntingdon, in do.; D. Kullerton, Ohio; C. Harris, Providence; W. Hamlin, ce Phila. Mr and Ml*. Winalow N. Y.;.G. O. apenJProvidence; W. Lee, N. York; Capt. Saone, New Haveu; J D wight, do.; P. C. Smith. Montgomery; Mr.and.Mra. Jonea, J. K. Huther- b< land. Boaton; J. Beacii, Connecticut; P. A. Stone, Boston; J. 11 tii R. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC RINGS, BELTS. BRACELETS. NECKLACES AND MAGNETIC _ FLUID.?The great succeas and celebrity of these Articles in -r Lite many afflicting disorders for which they are recommended, _f is constantly inducing needy persons to imitate them. The m pablic, and especially strangers, are reapecifully guarded he tgainat purchasing any of theie imitations, as they are entirely m worthless. The only place iu New York to obtain Dr. Christie's genuine te uucles, is at 1U2 Broadway, between John street and Maiden 0f lane. N, 0.?No druggist or drug store in New York will ever be atI lllowed to keep Dr. Christie's genuine articles; therefore be- ? ware of all drug stores, as many ol them keep counterfeits.? I 1'he exclusive agency for New York is at oue hundred and * eighty-two Broadway. Explanatory pamphlets and testimo Pr aials may be had gratis. _ _ j y 16 7t*r DV SENTAHY can be cured by the herb doctor iu twelve hours?the very worst cases in a few days. All diseases (a af the bowels, however bad, speedily removed, aud all cases 0f aken on liberal terms. No cure no pay. He likewise cures all cases of Kever and Ague, or intermit- ? lent fevers, iu 12 hours or no charge. A Jyl6 12t*r Office, 266 Broome at. f T'O JEWELLERS, MINIATURE PAIN'fEKS, fcC.- ji C. fc J. HARTNETT, No. 2 Courtlandt street, near r, Broadway, wholesale and retail manufacturers of travelling, j, writing, dressiug and jewelry Boxes, Miniature Cases and Set- fe :ings, Flute Locket; watch, ring, piu and pencil Boxea; caaes th for silver plate neatly arranged to order. ' b? Also, Trays made and fitted to jewellers' show cases, to Con- w Min watches, chains, rings, keys, pins, thimbles, pencils, he. m A variety of the above articlea constantly on hand and made lo order, with neatness and despatch, No. 2 Courtlandt street, hi New York. ?jylO 30t*rc g, ^tA(t CHALLENGE.?Notice to gentler..en who want 5' tlieirold clothes to look like new, call at the "J Tailoring, Dyeing. Cleauing and Repairing Establishment, ol No. 77 Gold street, corner ofGold and Spruce, where orders P' will b? punctually attended to at the shortest notice, and ou d< the most reasonable terms. by J. B. NOAH, 77 Gold st > N. B.?The highest price given for gentlemen's left off 111 wearing apparel. jy!4 30t*m J? ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT?A sale aud certain ,,, cure lor Rheumatism, either chronic or inflammatoryParalysis, or loss of the use of the limbs, contractions ol cords P1 aud muscles, and gout, it matters not of how long standing; sprains, bruises, tumors, hard swellings, and enlarged joints, yield to a few applications of this Liniment. It has been used q with incredible success in scrofula or king's evil, enlarged a glands, diseases of the spine aud hip joints. tic doloreux, said (j all nervous affections. It it invaluable, and acu like a charm, lt slopping the bleeding of fifth wounds, and causing them to j: heal iu * few dayi. It hat never been knowu to fail curing the I mott itubborn ulcers or fever sores. and swelled legs pain , across the kidueyi, in the cheat, tide,also stiff neck, tore thrust r" and croup. .... ? u lt speedily and effectually eradicates cutaneous eruptions of " the skill, in the form of salt rheum, erysipelas, pimples. ring- ? wormor tetter, barber's itch, scald head, he. It iustaiitly re- ? moves toothache and headache, lt extracts the paiu aud cures 11 corns, bunions, chilblains, kc. [?' S. IMGERNEE, Sole Proprietor, al 230 Pearl street. Cl For sale also, by Druggistsgenerally. jyl 30t?rc ? HAMILTON HOUSE, at Kort Hamilton, nenrtlie Nar- "i rows.?This favorite i>lace of summer resort is now open for the reception of boarders and visiters. The steamboat American Eagle, Captain Power, leaves pier No. 1 North River at 10 A. M , aud 1 and 4 P. M.?Leaves Fort Hamilton at r) I, ll>? A. M., and 1% P. M. The public may rely on the boat running as advertised. thomas a. meinell. JiAMil/ro^ Junejjth, 1847._ jeioaifrc J Kickh NErruNt nuuae., iNtvv kIjcml, The subscriber begs leave to inform his frieuds and the y public generally, that his house is now open for the summer [) campaign. The whole establishment has been entirely reno- f0 fated aud very much improved since last year. The rooms j,. have been newly fitted up iu a superior style, snd will com- T pere with tlie best. They will always be found neat and clean. u it is somewhat surprising that this delightful spot is not more (( luiowu to first class families in the city, who are every summer 0, eekiug places to resort to for health and pleasure. It offers f( <reat inducements to families coming on from the South, as m they will find this a most healthful place of resort. be The place is approachable by land or water daily. This th beautiful spot was opened eight years ago by the present occuimiut , and. lias been kept np at great expense as a select house lor private families, and has been liberally supported. The tnnes are now changed, and as the warm weather is coining ^ soon, the subscriber hss no doubt his house will be shortly I tilled, and, therefore, advertises in order to advise families to * apply early The undersigned has great confidence in being V able to give entire satisfaction to all who may favor him with " their patronage, and he is now ready to treat with families and c< P irties for rooms to board upon fair terms, by the day, week or j1 month 'J Transient company can always depend upon being accominodated. Rooms can be secured on application at the house, J: or by letter. G. F. RICK. 1,1 v.New Rochelle, June 19,1847. jyl0 30t*rc * ' W~ HITE 1HOOiSt SALOON. NO. 7 MERCJLR "?T ? ni Mrs. J. rOSTLE Y, late of Philadelphia, having leased aj the above house, and oroughly renovated the interior with a, new and costly furniture, adding hot, cold and shower baths, l lor the accommodation of the boarders, is now ready to re- e, ceire boarders This house will be fonnd a most desirable tl residence for singlege 'emeu, being withiu a few moments u walk of that great thoroughfare, Broadway, and a few doors ai above Canal street, in a quiet and retired street, free from the none incidental to most h uses of this description. To the (_ house there is a bar attachea. The liquors and segars are not p to be sur|>assed by any establishment in the city ; and Mrs. ? Postley hopes that by the untiring efforts of herself and the nu- ,, merous aitvhes of her house, she will be able to give general satisfaction to all those that may favor her with a call. jyj 30t*r j CHOE FINDINOS?SOLE AND UPPER LEATHER.? O EDWARD GODFREY Sc SONS, No. 299 Pearl St., im- 1 Krters of superior English tastings, silk galloons, shoe threads, J ot webs. Satin Francais, French calf skins, patent leather, colored galloons,silk bootcord, lacets; a large assortment ol tole leather and calf skins, constantly on hand. Also a superior quality of morocco and linings, bindings, kc , of every de scription. jel7 30t*r DR. IRA O. FRAZER, the celebrated Cancer Doctor on the Indian method of practice, will be found at the United States Hotel, New York city, or his assistant, ?u the third Monday iu May, for three days only, once a mouth. Advice fiTtnlrreol charge. Specimens of his works cau be seen on those days. The time has come when cancers can be cured without the use of the knife. Dr. F. treats on all other diseases, ml will continue through the seaaou. al4 Im*rc LIQUID HAIR DYK. BATCHELOR'S instantaneous Liquid Hair Dye, is far superior to anything yet offered for coloring the hair to a beautiful and permanent black or brown, without staining or injuring the skin. The wonderful facility with which this remarkable liquid effects the desired object, eicites the admira tion and astonishment of thousands who are loud in its praise. Sold wholesale and retail at WM . BATCHELOR'S, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway. Price?Bottles for the hair, II60 ; for the whiskers, $1. Beware of worthless counterfeits. Agents in Philadelphia, Eug. Roussel: Washington City, J H.ffibw. aHlmf c fin ann persons infrance andenoland lIvjvVU have acknowledged Dr. Lamott's French Kemedy to be lite most safe, agreeable and infallible pre|?ra ion for private diseases, ever offered to the public. Dr. Lamott's is the production of 20 years experience in the Hospital des Veiierlons and other institutions of France, where his skill ajid opportunity has enabled him to investigate thoroughly lh? imlliri' nf ftifrk .1....... 1...I .1 f? -"-- I -* " - hi.v wiiDii, iitBiiy uia mult fl pleasant remedy to be used in eradicating tliem from the ays- , itm. To those who mar be to indiscreet u to incur the risk ? of disease, thii it the only remedy, in cue of infection. By going to a regular physician with your cue, you peril yoar private reputation?by an advertising doctor you peril your , health for life! Nejlect la equally daugerous! With thii grand healing and purifying remedy yon may cure youraelf in [ Ave days, and thua prevent all chance of disgrace and ruin. h Sold only at the Maiaon de Sante, 121 Fulton atreet, N. V. Price %i per bottle. ntS lm*r c LEOER KKERES BRANlMES-^onstantly received and c for sale by the subscriber, (entitled to debenture) a full assortment of the several brands of the above well known ? Brandies, consisting of Cognac, Rochelle and Bordeau flavor*. ' ol a great variety of vintages, new and old, in X and S * pipes, which are offered at the lowaat current prices by the * importer. Dealers are invited to call and examine samples. HKNH Y LKOJCH, ? mv!W 30t?r Office No. 104 Wall street. New York. d ERVAJL.ENTA.?The undersigued have nu hand fresh ' supply of Ervalenta, a valuable remedy in obstinate cases 0 of constipation. Put up in pound packages. For sale, whole- . air and retail. by DELLUC k CO., ? Apothecaries and chemiats. Sole successors to PLACE A SOU IL LARD, . mMMt'tr No. I Park Row. and Ml Broadway. 1 DEAFNESS CURED.?Ml Breadway.?I cheerfully com- ,L ply with the requeat of Lieut. Mcintosh, to state tlut be ? was invalided home in conseqneuce of total deafness and dis- ? charges from the ears; that wnile in New York, under the prt> ? fessioiml care of Drs. Castle and Edwards, Auriats, (Ml Broad- ? way) lie entirely recovered his hearing, and has returned to n military duties1 Signed, H. McNeven, Surgeon to II. B. M. ,i forces, Jamaica. ACOUSTIC OIL, lor sal?? A specific for ? incipient deafness, pains, noises, collections in and discharges ? from i lie ears atm*^ C( JAMES M. K El. LY, Hh>ikes|>eare Building, cornerol Hiith ni and Chesnut streets. Mercer and Tailor, respectfnlly in- a< forms his customers and the public, that he has takeu that old it and well known establishment, the Shakspeare, at the North- ' *< West corner of Sivth and Chesnnt streets, where will be found di a larjre and general assortment of English, French, and other \ ' goons, of the best quality. He has made arrangements to have early and fresh supplies of all seasonable and fashionable goods V and patterns. He will devote hit entire time and attention to .1 hit business, so that alt those who favor him with their custom, p may depend npon their want* being supplied at the shortest ! ,, notice, which, id ih?m times, may be regarded as of not the ,1 least importance. By the arrangements he has been able to | T make, from hit l.inj experience m hnmnesi, and in the way of r| purchasing goods, he will fnrnith his customers, at at cheap a | n r?te as any othercoinpetent and fashionable Mercer and Tailor t . in the city- He, therefore, reipectfullv'solicits public iwlron- , "fhiladslphis, May. 1MT. ?U la* a | /JUDICAL CARD.-Dr. Morrison, tMM Wim WMt, i '1 d*voU?his elicit* UDM to tltt treatment of private diMU- J . A collefiat* education, and a practice of twwtr-ik t tan, enable him to Perform speedy and peraaaent e*wa.- i rangers would consult their welfare by calling on Dr. M. t id eiiamine his claims on their coufidenee. A perfct cur* or t , chiro Fultou. near Greenwich I N- B. Letters, i>oit l*id. promptly aiteud>d to. jyl9 3??m 1 >11 l .u aim.?Tin subscrioel respectfully informs his i patrons and the public, that in comi>li.iuce with the wiimi many of hia viaitori, lie haa concluded to oven the .ycada ite Empire) Billiard Saloon, aa a school for Die taachlng of illiards. and u order to sacurethe beat talent iu that deportent, he k?* eugaged Mr. BUlST, commonly known aa ANR?W. nnder whoa? care, in conjunction with that of the idersigned, the acheol wil be conducted. As heretofore uie ishes of vuitors will be carefully considered, and no rains iarod to render this Saloon fully worthy ot the high and lash- 1 nable a^ui^T ^ ^ )e4 30t*r Arcade Biliard Halnoii. No. Barclay at. ^ ^^OVKfcUH CONSULTED CONFIDJCWTiALLY i aa usual every day at hia office. Hi coutwuea to de >te hia attention to the treutment of a certain class of diseaaes i id to the application of truitai, &.c. Strangers are apprised I at Dr. G. la a regular graduate in the medical probation, i id ianot reckoned amoug (he soi-di*ant doctors and mediral I eteuders. Persons who would avoid th?consequeuces re- i lung from ignorance and the want ofexj'irtencc, may do to i r calling at No. 2 Ann sire. t. The omcea are so arranged I at j>atients do not see each other. < Private entrance to hia offio* through the eutry, to his office i ior. jylS JOfr i 7f(jNTHLyll?H>KT FOR JUiNfc, of the New Vork ' 'A Medical and Surgical Institute, No 75 Chambers street. CA8ES SUCCKSSFLLL*" TREATED, his institution was founded in IMlto suppress quackery, and uder sound and scientific medical and surgical aid to the afcted. under the distinguished patronage, (as will be rememred by many,) of the most eminent citizens, consisting of argymen and medical men. 3 Cases of Deafuess, 4 Seroudvy Venereal, t Caaes of Pleurisy, C Irritation in the Urethra and i Dyspepsia, Neck of the Bladder, 1 Cancer of Stomach, under 2 Discharge from Ear, treatment, 9 Seminal weakness from s?5 Inflammation of Eyes, ciet indulgence, 4 Gonorrheas, 7 Primary Chancre*, I Dysentery, S Impotency, i Sore Throat, Venereal, 3 Falling of the Womb, 1 Primary Consumption, 1 Apoplexy, 3 Gleet, 7 Cases of White* of long 2 Bleeding from Luugs, standing, 1 Abdominal Dropsy, 2 fiheumatism. 2 Bilious Cholic, SUCCESSFUL OPERATIONS AND CURES. 1 Piece of Steel taken from 4 Operations on the Eye, the Eye, 1 Large Wart removed from 0 Strictures cured in the the Tongue, Urethra, without cutting 1 Finger replaced, that was or burning, nearly cut oB, 1 Operation Tor Hydrocele, 3 Ulcers of King standing, 2 Uvula* removed, 1 Operatiou for Phymosis. B7" All diseases of the urinary organ*, and diseases pecuir to females are particularly atleuded to, and patients wishg to be private, may call without being ?eeu by any ou?*iipt the pnysiciau. IPAINLES8 8URGEHY.1 Having fully aatiined myself that the Ktherial Vapor m ?y ; used without danger, as it is by the first surueous in Eur pe, am prepared to perforin every description oil surgical < jierajus without pain to the patient. The poor attended to betweeu 1 aud 2 o'clock. H. BOHTW1C a, M. D., Jy9 14t*rc Attending Hurgeon > nl Physician. VKK V MOTHER'8 BOOK?An apprehension of |>overly J and the prospect of loo large a family of children, prevent any considerate peonle from entering the married state, but >re is a book that will tell you many important secrets which ay overcome these objections. 1 he author is not allowed to state more in detail the characr of the work, but he knows it will be universally approved among married people. For sale in most ooolt stores, and ol the author. No. S Ann n?t Ja 1 Mt*w AR. J. X. CHABERT takes this medium to inform his J frieuds and the public, that he has again resumed the actice of medicine at No. 478 Grand street. To those who may be disposed to solicit his assistance, he ill devote his usual care and attendance, trustiug that his evioas success will be sufficient to satisfy the most scrnpu us that his treatment in all cases will alleviate the distresses suffering humanity, if in the power of human aid to do so. mil r NT1-VENEREAL PROTECTOR.?,After many years 1. of faithful research by the most eminent physicians, both France and Germany, Dr. A. La Roy has sought out au efetual and certain antidote (or the prevention and dangers of :uereal communication or iufection.ovhich is now offered for e first time in this country. Or. La Kay is aware that a few eble and worthless remedies kave heretofore been offered to e community by ignorant pretenders, but is warranted in the ilicf that such quackery will prove no detriment to him, hen once a single trial of his valuable specific shall have been ade. The Anti-Venereal Protector is purely vegetable, entirely irmless^and obtained Irom plants and a frail growing in the }Uth of France, and on the Northern coast of the Mediterra;an Sea. and when chemically aud proportionably combiued, rms an oil of the softest and most impenetrable nature to be itained from the w hole vegetable kingdom. Its use .uad apication is entirely external, very conveniently made, aiidis . signed for the use and protection of both male and female, he perfection and consummation of the protection is found i the use of another article to be externally applied also after ards, which is contained in a small fancy box with the bottle, ull directions are placed in each box, and when ouce examed and tested, will entirely convince the most sceptical. Price for die whole, $1 per box. Orders from other cities romptly filled, at the usual discount, payable in advance. A. LA RAY, M. D. For sale at 121 Fulton street, 278 Broadway. 433 Broadway,47 herry st, ISO Bowery comer Broome. 3*5 Bowery corner of econd, 348 Grand, 50J Pearl corner Cross, 263 Bleecker, 473 Ireeuwich corner Canal, 107 West Broadway; and 49 Fulton .Brooklyn. myl7 30t*c J REAT CUIUS OF SCROFULA, MKKCURIAL UU * CERS, Pains in the Bones and Joints, performed by Dr. HEINE, 20 DUANE street.?I, George W. Gibbous, do ereby certify that 1 was miraculously cured by Dr. Joseph leine of a most troublesome scrofulous complaint, from liich 1 suffered for a heat live years, and fion which all le muit so-called skillfwl physicians could out cure me. 1 *d large and nnmeroui ulcers, pain aud swelling in all mimes aud joints. 1 was perfectly disabled; S?rsa|?rilla Syrups ?dother similar compounds, did me no good; when I was rejmmended to Dr. Jos. Heine. No. 20 OMU St., under whose ire I soon began to mend, ana am now eutirely curcd. Such f my acquaintances wlio wish to cousult Dr. Heine, who tired me, must recollect that his only office is at No 20 Duane jcet. GEORGE W. GIBBONS, Clerk of Kalton Market. We, the undersigned, know the above statement to be Corset. JAMES D. FISH, 101 South street. K. R. LICE, ex-AIdermau 17th Ward. je21 30t?r J. WALSH, do. ,lo I NOTllEtt GREAT t'l'KK Of ULCERS, MKHCU V rial Kheumatism, Pains in the Joints, (Contractions of tlie egs and Arms. Ulcers of the Throat, Ike. I, Captain Richard ates, do cheerfully give this certificate to Dr. Heiue, 1 mean r. Joseph Heine. No. 20 Duane street, for the great cure perirmed bv him on me, after having been pronounced iucurable y other skillful physicians, and been tortured by quacks, lie extent of mv complaint 1 could not state, but suffice it to y, that those physicians who attended rne said they never iw a c ,se like mine; the ulceration was so very all rer my body, my legs and arms were contracted, 1 was perctlyhelpl si, and confined to my bed; my life was a iwrfect isery, with what I suffered from the ulcers and pains in my >nes ana joints; to ur. Heme, ixo.zu uuane street, i snail oe lankful all iny life time. Captain RICHARD YATES. I can be leen at the corner of Maiden Lane and South street. je2l 30t*r UCIPfX CORDIAL, or the ELIXIR OK LOVE.-This -J is the only actual remedy ever discovered for Impoteucy, euital Debility, Nocturnal emissions, and all diseases occaoned by certain secret habits; and many of the nostrums retntly recommended for the same complaints are worthlex dilations which its unrivalled excellence, fame and populari' have brought into the market. Tlie medical faculty of Euijie and tue United States are unanimous in thnr recommenttions of the Luciua Cordial, and have notgiven their sanction i a single instance that haa been authenticated, to any other impound for the same purposes. The utmost reliance may s placed on the potency of the Lucina Cordial in the foregoing laladies, and also those which follow loss of Muscular Energy id Physical Lassitude and General Prostration, Irritability, iid all Nervous Affections, Indigestion, Sluggishuess of the liver, Gleet and Kluor Albus, and in every disease in any way Dnnected with the disorder or decay of the IVocreative Fuucons?iu all of which it will afford almost immediate relief, id, if used as diracted, is almost certain to produce a (>ositive ud permanent cure. Persons about to marry, if conscious ol ny weakness or disability of a certain nature, should take this lordial, as it will infallibly restore health and vigor in a brief eriod : and where want of offspring is a cause or regret, if reourse be had to it, the most beuebcial results maybe anticiated with confidence. , Price $3 rier bottle, or S34 per dozen. . Principal office 117 Greenwich street. Sold in Trenton, N. ., by J0V1 liicke*', and in Philadelphia at 90 North Sixth it. a|>9-lin*e DR. CON VERS' INVIGORATING CORDIAL 1-OH GENITAL DEBILITY, IMPOTENCY. INCONTINENCE. OR NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, ?cc., fcc.fhis celebrated and powerful remedy has been used with the nost happy effect in the practice of eminent physicians and urgeons in the British Empire, Krauce and Germany. Indeed o remarkable were the cures that the late "Sir Astlev" hailed t as the "harbiuiar of life." The use of this cordial will 'ully sustain this high enconium. The highest medical author ties in the United States recommend it as superior to any ither srticje for the cnre of the above distressing complaints.? l'he proprietor does not offer this remedy to the afflicted aa a atholicon, but as a specific for the following deplorable affecions. the consequence of early, indiscreet, secret habits of ,'outh, or the excessive iudulgeuce of the passions in riper rears, viz: general physical prostration, nervous irritability, orpor cf the liver, nalnitation of the heart. drsoeiitia. costive lean, vain lu Che head, dimness of vision, vertigo, lunacy, lost >f muscular energy, paralysis, weakness of the back and lower Hreinities, lassitude, nocturnal emissions, gleeta, iinpotency, ir premature and total decay of virility. Mentally, the victim utters aberration of mind, confusion of ideas, loss of memory, lejection or melaucholy forebodings; aversion of social inter :ourae, timidity, self-distrust, and love of lolitnde. These are oine of the effects of this violation of tlie laws of miui's phyai:al and social beiiiK. Hundreds of cases of sudden decline or consumption may be raced to the ahove biu<eful practices. Young men in citiei, nd particularly in the country, where these solitary habits irevail to an alarming extent, aud those, too, whose matrinouial alliances have not been productive of those happy reults which should attend the connubial state, will perceive Ins advertisement treats of mi important subject to them. Youn( man, if you would be relieved from these evila, and it restored to manly vigor of body aud mind, delay not to procure this cordial? it is tne only anchor of hope for von. The node of effecting a cure, and the hints and full diiclosurei vhich accompany the medicine, are highly important to the sarriedand siugle. Price $1 per bottle; $10 lialf do ten, or JO per dozen. N. B.?This Cordial contain* no Mercury, or any mineral ubstance. Sold, wholesale aud retail, by J. O. FAY. 1 Jti Fulton street, iimp Store, Sun building. New York. Also by the Dr. at lis residence. No. IS Third avenne, N. Y. ([./"The "Cordial" will be forwarded to any part of the ity or country by addressing a* above, post paid, amouut en losed. Also, for sale by Dr. Wadsworth, 45 North Main street, 'rovidence, R. I.; at 188 Washington streat, Boston; No. 4 Iroadway, Albany: anj by Martin and Whiteley, 320 Market treet, Baltimore, Md.; W. Williams, Buffalo; and of Dr. ialsted, Rochester. N. B.?Married persons, and those contemplating marriage, onscibus of physical inability from certain causes, may confiently consult Dr. Convers, personally or by letter, post paid closing $5,at his residence and office iS Third avenue, N. Y. Ill ne cessary advice and medicine for tlie speedy removal f such disability will be carefully forwarded to the writer's ddreaa. Dr. C'a. observation and ettenaive practice in thia ranch of the profession, render his treatment eminently aue essfnl my7 30t*r PVR SAVIARD'8 |INVALUABLE KATRACT, for Uw Lf cure of Oonorrhtea, Oleet, Stricture, Sexual Imimtency, ad all other diseases of the urinary organs. This extract has ow been sufficiently long before the public to establish .withit t a shadow of doubt, ita superiority over all other meaicinea f the kind, however puffing or preimsterous their pretensions. If many thousand canes, the proprietor has never received ne single complaint of its failure. It rerpiires not the least bange in diet, nor the ulightent variation from the patient s rdiuary habits. Ita action la perfectly free from all those npleasant feelings attendant on h patient under any ordinary ourse of treatim'iit, creating neither nausea, loss of appetite, or that tell-tale caat of countenance occasioned by the racking :tiori of so-calledsnecilics,but by its tonic properties pnwjliK that peculiar sickly appearance so well marked under the :tiou of all other remedies. For sale, accompanied with full irections, at 149 Greenwich, between Courflnndt and Liberty reets, New York. Price $1. jvlOjOfm 1/1 A K HI K.I) L ADIK".?Married Ladies would lintI much to 'I interest them by perusing Moral Physi()log y, w ri lti n In le Hon R. D. Owen with additions and a terations l.y R. lover, M. D. Were th.s book carefully read by ever; timed person. and the advice strictly followed, we are persuaded lat a different state of society from the P"'''n.' "'1 ^*1": 'he terrors of poverty, ttifi fHe i)TO*i>rct* of a 1 nm 11 v of nldren, rWhicn conjJ be bin poorly reared, prevent many rndent people from entering the matrimonial stale, bnt here a worf that will tell you -ecrc's, which miy ob I k* ??o?t extensive practice in pntilt diim" of ut SolM nan lu New York He can cure the moet aggravated cases of hi* disease; uj ould auu cored in two to Ove davs- itrl?vure?-Doctor Cooper has discovered a new method ka which >e can cure the wont form of stricture iu from on* to two ' 'a*1 with scarcely any pain to the patient. Constitutional lebiluyjbrought on by a secret habit indulged in by young nen.Thie.Wheu too freely indulged in. begets dyspepsia. eaakness of the limbs and small of the back, confusion ol incllect, and aversion to society. A cure warranted in every :a?e, or no charge. No mercur* used. Post paid letters containing ft] for advice attended to. je3!t30fr IV MURRAY LEIUHION, M.D., has removed his of , * h':e to 101 Chamber* street (opposite the Savings' lank) and his House to Sixteenth street i?ut of Union 'prk \ <>mr# Wmmifrorn t tn ? P M ifWIlr'rf |A WARXJ?Cross's Upecitjc Mixture lor the cure (JKr\J\J of gonerrhwa, gleer. str<ctures, and aualagoiu com jlaints of the organs of generation Of all remedies yet die* :overed lor the sbove complaints, this is the most certa a; it nakes a speedy and iwrmanentcure without the least res trie ionof&at, diluk. exposure or change in application to bu?i less. Wp give no long ijuackish recommendation to deceive }ie public; if the medicine does not speak for itself none shall t;>eak for it Onr object U to notify where it may be had; and he proprietor challenges a single case of gonorrhoea to ba wrought which the mixture will not rapidly cure, under forfeiture of $600 This is a disease which unfortunately pervades ill ranks of society, high, low, rich and poor, matrimonial and tingle; they are here preseuted with a remedy by which they ran cure themselves without the least exposure, in the shortest possible time. Further, the disease cannot be couuactM if a doae of the mixture is taken at night on going to bed, wheu exposed. It is put up in bottles, with full directions accompanying it, at $1. Onejboltle lasts a week, which generally cures; inuiy are cured in two days. For sale by C. H. Ring, IK Broadway.comer John street, New York; Briukhurst comer Tenth and Chestnut streets, Philadelphia: S W Fowl*, 137 Washington street, Boston; 24 Canal itreat.iNew Orleans, aad 95 Main street, Cincinnati. je30 30t*r ivTiiii wu uvPii'MIMN li' Vmubla Hair tJ position lor preserving, cleansing, curling aud beauuTying the hair ; completely eradicating acarf, dandriff and other diseases of the skin, causing a healthy action in the blood-vessels, nerves, kc., which leed and nourish the Hair, thereby preventing baldness and grey hair. The Hyperion la a vegetable compound, which, besides its tonic ana stimulating qualities, combines iu itself a thorough cleansing wash. Mended with a silky, glosay moisture for the hair, better than any oil, grease or pomatum, yet free frem their daleMrioas effects, aud possessing intrinsic values uever before attained. Its balsamic properties nourish the hair ia iti embryo state, acoelerate iugrowth, sustain it in maturity, and coutinne the Iiossession of heakhy vigor, silky softness, and luxnriotu reluudancy to the latest period of life. Uanial and purifying, it lUpels scurf, dandriff and all imupuribes of the skin. Equal 'y powerful are iu re-productive powers in baldness; and in numerous cases where all other articles have tailed it has restored the hair to iu full plentitude ef pristine beauty. Price 1i cenu and $1 per bottle. _ .... Prepared only by WM. BOOLE, Boston, and for sale by A. b. k D. SANDS, druggists, 100 Fulton street, corner of William?also, at 273 Broadway, aud 77 East Broadway, New (fork. mlS0t*r tsr. ruby's"brazilian hair curumj ~l1U QUID.?This preparation will curl the hair beautifully and strongly, aud is warranteiPnot to injure it in '1m least; it thus dispenses with the use of the healed irons, which injure the hair by crisping and burning it. Sold wholesale and reuil by the sole proprietors, 8T0RK8 k CO., 2< North Sixth at., Philadelphia. Agents in New York?Radway, 2 Courtlandt at; Stoddard k Co. 149 Kulion st; Ouion k Co. corner of Grand aud Bowery. Bronklvn?Mm. Havea. 139 Kulronst jy#JU)r?rc MEDICAL ADVICE.?0r AMBROSE, memberol the Royal College of Surgeons, Loudon, can be confidentially consulted upon all diseases incident to the human family. His treatment is energetic and prudeut. Many long standing diseases, which have haifled the faculty, have been oy him radically cured in a few days. The moat inveterate cases of Palsy, Rheiunatism, kc,, can be speedily relieved, by the aid of Electro Maguetism, a powerful machine being in constant operation. Charge lor advice and medieine, $1. 63 Chambers street, 5 doors from Broadway. jelO 30t*m D~octr?ai7moly's remedY kor dTsorders^t the Stomach, Liver and Kidiieys. accompanied with indigestion, loss of appetite, headache, Dillious attacks, giddiuess, palpitation, languor, low spirits, loss of strength, pains in the back, side, and Tower parts of the chest, habitual costiveuess, wrtrtna aiul afhar HufrMuinff ivmnrmng Thil PolnKntrnil mr. dicine has met with eitraor3inary success in private praetice, and is prized io highly by all who have taken it, that the proprietor has been induced to introduce it to the public generally. He assures every sufferer from the above complaints, that it is as it professes to be, a perfect cure, invigorating the system, H-storing appetite, health, color, and strength, even to Hie most debilitated. This remedy contains no mercury nor any preparation of it, and does not prevent the cloacst attention to business. Sold by C. H. RING, 192 Broadway, jvl30r*r Corner of John St.. Sole Agent. ' |Mie. nil V A1 & 1 IVJVA I ipjl?ui. uir iiiieououa uiacnscs M. of the Genital Organs?on certain disorder* which resemble, and may be mistaken for them?on Masturbntion, <kc., br Joseph Ralph, M. D., author of the "Family Physician, A Fourth Edition, with several new chapters aud illustrative plates, is in the press, and will be published shortly. The author lakes this opportunity of sayini that he may be consulted on the diseases referred to in his Pnjvate Treatise, at 88 Greenwich street, between the hoursofS'to 12 A. M., or# to 0 P. m., (Sunday invariably excepted.) Those wha. arply in the early stage of these 'disorders, will be surprised at the simplicity and little inconvenience that attends their cure. He believes, nowever, it is chielly those who have suffered long from a certain class of advertising people, aud other canses, who can appreciate his services. Consultations by letter receive the most faithful and deliberate attention. Address bo* 869 lower Post-office. N. Y. _ jei 3flt?m DIBKAMtB GFtHJL URINARY ORUAMtt?Suell as Chronic and Acute Diseases of the Bladder, Lenconhcw or whites. Urethra, Strictures, Kidneys. Seminal weakness, Also, Gonorrhwa, Inability, Gleets, Weakness of the parts, etc. Are speedily aud effectually removed by Abernethy's Bots meal Pills, without one particle of mcrcury. They are equally suitable for females. They give tone and energy to the generative oigans, rarely, if ever, experienced from taking other mediciues. For sale at Apothecaries' llall, 36 Catharine street, aud 127 Maideu lane. Trice $1, with directions. my 10 Im'c t'UI'AIU.A i .Ui I'llt.n t.AlIU' l .? A Ins aa llic must ' speedy, certain and effecnial remedy for the cure of all lecret and sexual diseases, being i solidified concentration of ill the active properties of Comibt and Cubebs in portable t'orin, without smell or taste. It contains in the smallest balk all those diuretic remedies that have been found most effectual in quickly and radically curing the diseases of those organs.? 1'rii-e $1. For sale at No. 2 Ann street, where any information relative to this class of diseases may be had, and where par (icular attention is paid to the treatment of strictures by an experienced physician, who has devoted his attention exclusively to an oltice practice. Private eutranee to this office is 3d door from the \l(i*enm invM re Dit. JOHNSON, IT Duaue street, near Chatham street,is well known as the most successful practitioner in New York in the treatment of delicate diseases. For the last 14 years Dr. JOHNSON enjoyed the most extensive practice in private diseases of any medical man iu New York. The Doc* tor's reputation for skill in those old half-cured cases that have existed for years, is preeminent. No matter now long yon may have Gleet, Stricture, Ulcers upon the body, or m the thront or nose, pains in the . cat- and bones of the legs, effectually cured. Constitutional weakness, brought on by a secrct hiibit, indulged in by youn^ men, causing lascivious dreams and nightly emissions, positively cured. Recent cases cured in four days, without Mercury. No alteration in diet, or prevention from business. Post paid letters, containing $1 for Irice. attended to. No charge made unless cured. jc29 30t*r HUNTERIAN DISPENSARY, No. 3 Division street established A. D. 1836, by the present proprietor, Tor the successful treatment of a disease of a secret nature, and for the sale of DR. HUNTER'S RED DROP. This medicine is the only remedy on earth that, can safely; be relied on to thoroughly cure this horrid disease without injury to the constitution, and without diet or hindrance from business, even when all else have failed. A comprehensive treatise accompnnios each vial, (with full directions,) which is wan-anted to effectually curd in all matter how long standing, or how deeply seated in the system, with less trouble to the patient and in a shorter space of time, than any other medicine in the world, or no pay will be taken. Price $1 per vial. _ _ all lm?r CJ.Kt.AT CONSOLATION T?> TilK AKKLlOTED? The best Medicine in the world for private disease*.?Dr. I.a Mott's true French Remedy is the universal specific employed by men ol fashion in Europe, in all stages of disease, :iil under all circumstances. This elegant, safe, agreeable, and iulallatle preparation is now offered to the people of tbe United States, under the direction of the original inventor, in such a manner as effectually to preclude the possibility of counterfeit, and to aeenre to the afflicted the full benefit of a self-curing remedy, which has saved thousands from the hands of merciless iiuaclu, if uot from aii untimely grave. Dr. La Mott assures the public that this remedy u purely and entirely vegetable ia its ingredients, and perfectly safe anil salul.iry in all its effects upon the system. It will speedily and effectually cure the most violent and putrid cases of this disease, anil eradicate every particle of infectious matter from the system, without anv disagreeable effects, and restore the patient to a most perfect stale of health anil purity. It is very agreeable to the taste, createa no perceptible odor, Hid may be used w iih the most entire secresy and ucceu, by perrons of either sex, without resort to nuy medical adviser or Advertising quack. Sold only by VVyatt St Ketcliam, 121 Kulton street. Price S2 a bottle. lyl If r PH1VATK PIMEATOg?K8TABLI8HED A. D. 1*40 KOR THE SUPPRESSION OK QUACKERY.-The Members of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, having devoted their attention daring the last six years to diseases of a private nature, cau conlideri ly promise to persons requiring their services, a safe and permanent cure, without injury to the constitution or confinement from business. PRIMARY CASES OF (JONORRHOiA, or Syphilie, yield to their treatment in from four to right days, and the most aggravated cases in one-third of the time usually taken by generalpractitiouars. STRICTURES OK THE URETHRA (considered by some medical men as incurable) successfully treated without inconvcnience to the patient. To diqsesuffering from CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY or NOCTHRNAL EMISSIONS, produced by excess orim prndence, the most beneficial effects mat' be relied upon from the treatment of the College. IMPORTANT NOTICE?re none suffering (rom any of the above complaints, residing in the country, finding it in convenient to make pcisonal application, can have forwarded to them n chest containiuir all medicines requisite to perform a radical cure, with full directions as to diet, (tc., by staling their symptoms, time of cop traction, and treatment receive* elsewhere, if any, and enclosing ten dollars, post paid, directed to W. 8 RICHARDSON. M. dT Office of the College of Medicine and lluirniacy. tb Nassau street. New Yoik. VELPKAU'S sracinc PILLS. U*OR the radical cure of gononhoea, gleet, seminal emiet! sious, and all mocopurulent discharges from the urethra. Theie Pilta, the result of twenty yean experience in the Hospital de Cheirite in Paris, are pronounced by th?" celebrated inventor, Professor Velpeau, as an infallible remedy lor all disea-ies of the urethra. They effect a cure in a much I shorter time than any other remedy, without tainting the breath, cif. Seeing with the stomach, or confinement from business.? ce $1 per box. CONSTITUTIONAL UfcBlLjtY CURED. I^HK TONIC MIXTUKh, by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the City of New York, it confidently recommended for all cases of debility pqpdnceri Ixr secret indulgence oreiceM of any kind. It n an invaluftoVfc remedy for impotence, atanlilgr? or barrenness, unless depending on mallofiliation. Single bottles $1 each; cases of half * dozen 95; carefully packed, and sent to all tmrts of the I/uion. RICORDU ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. FOR the permanent cure of primary or secondary syphilis, venereal ulcers, nodes, or any complaint produced by an injudicious use of mercury, or unskilful medical treatment.-* All persons suspecting venereal taint remaining in their svstem ihould use this jwiwerfnlI purifier without delay, as no persoi can consider himself safe after having the veuareuJ disease, without thoroughly demising tlie system with this justly cele hratcd altbrrave.. Sold in single bottles at |1 encli; in eases o| half s doifu lol I >1 careftillT reeked and ?enl to all parts of the Union. CONtENTK a TM> EXTRACT (> K TTA K H A F A RILL A t.KNTIAN AND HASSAKH.AM, PRKPAHKUby the New York f'ollege of Medicine snd Pharmaey, estalilished liir the suppression of quackery ? Tins reloied and highly concentrated extract, possessing all the purifying qualitiee and curative power* offthe above herbs, is confidently recommended by the College as superior to auy extract of Sarsaparilla at present before the public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy for all diseases nrismg from an impure state of the blood, snch as tcrofn]a.and saltrhemm, ring woitn, blotcheinj pimples, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, aodes, cutaneoiv. eruptions, triturated sore throat, or any dieease nrismg (Ynm the secondary effects of syphili* or an injuiLcivus nse of mercury. told in single bottles at... 75 cent* " in caaei of half a doarn bot'les tj 5fl " " one doyen " . ,|t Cases forwarded to all rinrtt of the Union. N? B.?A very liberalldisrmint to wholesale purenwevs. Office np*B from ? A M to I P M ? ___ W' 8. RICH RMON.M P . JMm mmMs Htw ftik,

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