Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1847 Page 3
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, B?< BilUy> AulytUat Phntoiw, wtU Im i iauw^MMMtha Analytico Medical Institute. IM InZT 1 war, for consultation with the sick on my diiease tbsy bit bjUboriat uuder, ??nnc 1 hursday, Fndiy, and Suurday,the z2d, 13d, and 14th of Julv. Advice in all casea itr.itititoua. Lecoultre Razoi s?These luiora, (beyond all iiueslion the best imported to thia country) ciiu be hi>i of tl* subscribers, aud warranted, together with a very lane nod well (elected assort 11 ent 01' Razora, Pen and Pocket Knives, 1 Ieiturnery, boaps. and everything nppe.taiuiug t'? te toilet. <i. 8AUNl)tR8 4 SON, 177 Broadway, o|>|>oaite Howard Hotel. The Pluiuue National Daguerrelnn Gallery. pti thf upper corier of Broad ?ay and Mnrray street, (ovrr ienIiey'a Jewelry Start,) needs ouly to be visited to confirm the fact, that it i? the beat rlace to pro u re a perfect lac simile of oneielf, or friend. Chiidreu of any age can be taken in a clear day When Mahomet ordained frequent Ablution as parr of the religions duties of hia follower*, hi* object *ai undoubtedly to preserve them in thia world from the enervating effects of the sultry climate in which it was their lot to sojourn prepsritory to their transmission byawo-d or bowstring. to their Paradise of Houns, Cool Drinka. kc. To the curious in such matters we should recommend a ?ath and a sherry cobbler, at Bvrnes' Broadway Bathe, No. 600, after which let him walk (on the shadv aide of the street, unleae he | prefer the auiinv) down Broadwav to the Battery, and he will enjov a para-lite at least equal to the Ma'?ommedau, the black and blue tubs which will meet his v'ew beiug both fascinating aud destructive enough for us poor Franks, and that withont the uect saity of using either blade, bullet or cord. MONTEY MARKET. Wednesday, July P.M. The (took market 1* slowly but steadily improving.? At the first board to-day an advance in many of the fancies waa realised. Morris canal went up **; Norwich and Worcester, J, ; Long Island, ; Harlem, ; Treasury Notes, H ; U. S. 6s, 1867, and Ohio 6a, fsll off }( ; and Farmers' Loan closed firm at pries* ourrent yester aay. At the seoond'board Treasury r.'otes went up\ ; Lone Island, ; Harlem closed Arm, and Norwich andWoroaster fell off compared with morning prices. There has been, within the past day or two, rather more demand for money, and the banks have given a tumor two to the sorews of the money market. Thtf U no more than we expeoted, and a turn or two more will, no doubt, be made before the 1st of August. Loans made at call are now called in, and many of those made on time on fancy stock security will not be reported as such, but will come under the head of " cash Items'* in the quarterly returns. Aa we have to go through this farce every three months, all are pretty well prepared for the movements every quarter day brings round. Most of the Wall street banks would present statements very different from those made, If the law required quarterly averages of their operations. Until we get such reports, we shall be subject to these periodical expansions and contractions, which more or les<t affect oommeroial affairs injuriously. Eastern railroad stooks have, within the past week, advanced very rapidly ; Fitohburg baa been sold at 30 per centfadvance, since it became known that in spite of all foi-ebodings, a dividend of five per cent was declared, and the receipts of the laat six months warranted that division of profits. Worcester sold In lots at 23 ; Nashua, 37 ; Maine, 17 for old, and 14^ for new ; Eastern, 11>? ; Portland, ZX ; Western, 11K, and Providence 7K per oent advanoe ; Cheshire sold at OS, Interest off; Sullivan. 1 advance : Fall River. 0431 a 96. rlshts off. a rise of fourteen dollar* per (bare within a few weeks. The opening of the Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad to South Gardner, is again deferred to August 1, because of needed levelling up and last touches upon the outs, Uo. Us stock is not so active, in oonsequenoe. The annexed statements exhibits the reoeipts, expenses, net Income, and dividend ef the Maine Railroad for the past six years The dividends within that time have nearly doubled. Boiton *m> Maine Railroad. Ytar. Receipt i. Entente?. Net Income. Dividends. 181 1 $1 IQ.ut'O 82.000 31,01m 4 i>er oeut. 181 2 155,880 80,000 75,880 6 1M3 178,745 109,177 69,618 6 " 1844 233,IU1 127,600 103.501 6>i " ' 18(5 287,063 154,100 132.S63 7 " 1846 319.136 179,734 169,402 7 " SI,319,925 732,611 587,314 37 percent. Tbis company was incorporated in 1835; the road opened through in 1843,1s eighty-one miles long, and oost $2.0-27.000. The running expenses of this road are more than fifty per cent of the gross receipts, notwithstanding which dividends of seven per oent have been paid in each of the past two years. As a general thing it is safe to estimate the running expense* of all railroad* at fifty per cent of their gross receipts. The Eastern Railroad in New England is an exception t* this rule, in oonsequance of the large portion of its receipts being from passengers. For tbe year ending June 30,1847, the grots income of the company was $379,713, of which $333,960 were from passengers The running expense* were only $137,679, being but about one-third ot the gross receipts. The receipts, expenses, net income, and dividends of this road, in each of the past six years, were as annexed:? Kiitedn Railroad i Year. Receipts. Exj>entrt. Net Income. Dividend!. lull $299,574 154,9.9 111,615 6 percent. , 181 2 2?,9,168 111,040 124,118 6 181 3 279,i62 10-1.611 171,921 6? " 1811 337.238 I01,;?<9 827 919 7)2 " 1845 Si# 150 11B.W0 233.110 s " ltifi 371 338 162,801 208 534 8 " $1 907.610 793,603 1,114,427 42 |>?r cent The company was incorporated in 1836 The road opened in 1841, length 65 miles, and cost $'2,38:1,000. This is one of the most profitable railroads in New Eng land, and with a more uniform expenditure in the department of running expenses, it can be made more productive. Tbe receipts of the Georgia Railroad Company for the month of Juue in each of the past two years, were as annexed:? Georoia IIaii.road June. 18 iG. Jane, 1817, Increase r.issenirrrs .... $8,<'50 52 $10 621 35 <2.570 13 Freight. 4 .Mi 34 11.179 11 6,513 77 Mail 3,313 59 3,313 19 ? Total $16,050 75 $25,113 95 $9.034 20 This exhibits an increase of more than flfty-flve per ent. It will be perceived that the increase has been very large in freight. The Hank of the Valley, in Virginia, has declared a semi-annual dividend of four por cent, three and three j fourths per cent of which will be paid to the stookholdern ! after the 15th inst. The following statement shown the lumii collected on ( the several canal* for each of the months of May and I Juue. and the total of both :? Ni.w Yon* Rtatk Canals?1Tolls Cvi.Lrr-rrn. May. June. Total. , Erie Cunul $GHI HHi p.'i $54l.*2U7f $1,1V* 911 82 Chaini Uin ao.SH to 15.059 80 35,30120 1 Oiwexo 12,015 86 11,440 73 23,166 69 I < u.11 In Seiieca. -1,007 50 3 227 50 7,036 00 Chemung 2.773 It) 1,719 32 4,622 50 J Croi ked Lake... 140 41 102 31 242 72 i I iiennugo 2.887 89 1,570 '6 4,451 25 , Ceneiee Valley.. 4,50ti 61 3,268 88 7,76039 1 Ohf iiU l.ake 26 91 .34 CO CI 51 1 Oneiila River... . 14 76 19 62 34 37 Hniecn Kiver... . 73 37 66 18 139 55 $?93,363 63 $511,360 27 Si,276.724 90 The above sums are exclusive of the oost of colleotlon, being the amounts deposited to the credit of the Treasurer. afUr deducting the salaries of collectors, tnspeotors and expennes of collectorx' office*. These expenses on all the canals amount for the two months to the sum of $37,'J9A 74. the gross amount of tolls being $1,304,016 35 for I May and June. The H'ahaih Exprt$$ gives the annexed partlculais relative to the reorganization of the canal board of Indiana. and the appointment of offloers to superintend the completion and improvtment of the canal to the Ohio river, it appears by this, that the most efficient measures have been adopted to secure the completion of this important work, and we trust they will be successfully oanriedlnto operation:? Wasash and EaiK Canal, Inciana. I I oe irusiets OI me wanasii ?uu r.nw < ' linn Butlur, K?i. and < olonelThos II Blake, on the part of c th? bondholders, and Nathan B Palmer, Esq , on the , part of tb? State Im'i their flrnt meeting at Fort Wayne on the 17th of Juu?; find, after presenting their credential s. and the authority of the executive to take poi?.??iiiilon of the canal. organlied by appointing Mr. Butler, President nf th? Board ; Jesse L Williams, , K*ij. wu appointed Chief Engineer of the canal, and William J. Hall. Ktq., resident Engineer The two offices for the sale of canal lands, now estab- t llshed at I'ern and Delphi, were consolidated into one, f which i? situated at Logansport. and John W. Wright. Esq., of that place, was appointed to take charge of it The finished portion of the canal was divided into c two Hiiperintendetmlee. an follows That part between the State line and the Lewirburg lock, to constitute the eastern division, under the ohar?e of Htearns Kteher, Esq.. ami the part between said lock and foal creek, to , conxtltute the western division, under the charge of Cbauncey Carter. Esq. They are to act under the direction of the chief engineer. The division of the canal from Coal Creek to Terre Haute, is to be placed under contraot, and active operations are to be resumed upon It as early a* practicable. William I. Hall. Ksq . is to be placed upon this division, and will have charge of the location and construction, under the orders of the chief Engineer. The resilient and Hlate trustees are also authorized Immediately to take ?noh measures as may he necessary to preserve from further injury the feeder dsm on Kel river. The chief engineer was also dlreoted. as soon as his other duties will allow, to make a reoonnolssance of the whole line from Terre llaute to Kvansvllle, to ascertain the present condition of the work, and to make the results of this examination the subject of a report to the Board, preparatory to future operations ou tiiii portion of the line. This officer Is also required to make a particular examination of the Anished portion of the canal, and all the locks, dams, ho , and report to the board In detail the J exaet condition of the same at the commencement of the ^ trust. i On the finished portion of the oanal five offices for j IiidmW Dano at Logaaapott, J oka f. hnui Uli> VV rayette, and Ellaa C. wiloox at Covington Th? pi*. T" Mat tariff of tolls U oontlnued by the board. but tb* whole iiutyect In referred to the non-reeidvnt truatee. ' (Mr. Iiutler) for examination and rarUlou. that tic ot; VI' at a future meeting of the board report hUib ch?uge* ai ' T may be prnpnr to he made, and all i<ucb information an he may gather, and which he may deem um-fui ? fi.t The office of the Board of TruaUei in tLla State la en- ?srrj tablUhed at Terre Haute, wbara the regular meeting* ol |) , the Board are hereafter to ba bald, and aU letter* and ,, tlll| communications In relation to the bu*iu?a* of the trust wirh ara to be addreMed to tha Board at thia place, to be at- part o tended to by Col. Blake, the reaidant trustee, under J*0'r, wboaa Immediate cuperrUion and direction this office W placed, and by whom all payment* for conatrwotloa and rP?contin?encie* ara to ba made 1 o Tha rerident and Stata trustee* are also authorized, la the rece** of the board, to make all letting*, and Jointly to auparlntend all operation* on the line ot the canal. '"P': Stock (Exchange. (. r , 10,000 Trea Note*, 6'* I05K <00 ?hu Har'm RR, b3C 81* hrin* do lOiX ton d i (,i w r. l it .500 do b60 106 100 do 6lS col? IttOOfl U 8 6?, liT 10',x 50 do 1)30 61V 4,000 Kentucky 6'* 100*2 in do b'O CI* C. V 5,100 Ohio 6'*, HO WX l?i d.i hj Mk Dei 100 aha* N Amer Tr b3 9 50 do ?3 fir.Q for oi 100 farmer* Tr 31jtf 300 do <3 ?:ff meut do,, , 1*1* iw <!o b!5 6l? erird *9 Morn* r?n?l 1*S M d.. Uu 61 extra ZOO U 8 Bank lit ,io t* 15 6IK MNorkWorRR .',3', io St ,nin*toii RR .3 56 Jei J?., do , 13?* 100 hhnsuix Bnnk S9 rriit-c,lto Co blO 48'4 30 Meclianic*' B*uk 109 I 400 Long Ialand RR 32 *? n _ ? au ill Second (lonrtL. Tin* M00 Trea Not** 6'* 106 .oo ?) ** Harlem RR 61^ "Tlx 5000 Penn 5'* 79*< Uu <l? bli 61!, edit* 100*ha* Reading RR \ 5'JO do l>30 61*, jy2 100 do b60 67 50 do blO 6 IS "X". 100 do blO 6iiJi 200 do ?lk A 170 Plienix Bank 50 do b30 CIV J,? , 100 Long liland RR tiX 100 Vor it Wor RR i3\J ^hVir' New Stock Kxchang*. can 1 100 ilia* Farmer*'Tr c JtJ4 50 aha* Harlem RR ?3 61*4 of re 50 Long 1*1 RR c -JI'S M do b3 61', illutl 50 Harlem RR blO 6.>,' 300 do 61*3 out J 100 do *10 ?<>2 50 do b3 6IS Vanl "A mi ?i\7 9nn Vur It Wor RR A3V Cocl *50 do S30 61)2 ~M do i3$ >?n? 100 do #i?; jyJ CITY TUADK RBPOttT. J >jj New Yoke, Wkdnkidav Aktkrnooi*, July 31. bhov The market for Flour and Corn was somo firmer to- he (lay. Genesee was in good demand at $5 25, while I Pre holders generally demanded something more. Sales wore made at $6 25 a $5 31>?. Some parcels Ohio and of[( Genesee,^good straight brands,were sold at $5 37>,'. Sales p of Miohigan were made at $6, including a small lot on w"rl the dock, at $4 7ft. The new North Carolina Wheat Anr old yesterday, brought $1 1 UK; the remainder was held 0f M to-day at the same price. A lot of good Genesee white was sold at $1 33, owing to purchases being freely made liun) to fill contracts, and to some extent for shipment to the j" South. Corn waa in totter request. Sales were made daiiy at 2 a 3 cents advance on yesterday's prioes. Sales of M?jf Western mixed were made at A7o. a 60c., including a wliic parcel, a little out of order, at 68c. A lot of Western mixed, to arrive in this month, sold at 00c. A lot of flat (jr yellow sold at 59c. Hound yellow was firmer, and towards the close of 'change held at 03c. a 06c. Rye re- diuiu mained at 75c ,a78c. Sates of New Jersey Meal were _|vJ made at $3 25j Western New York, good do. at $3 76 a $2 S7X. Oats stood at 39c. Provisions continued in- den I active. Groceries were about the same. There was some more doing in Sugar and Molasses, but Coffee con- Oil tinued inactive. j 3 Reciptt down the Uudion Rivtr, July 20. t mi Flour 11.670 barrels. I'll Cornmeal 1,808 do. This Corn 8,198 bushels. Asiir.s?Sales of 160 barrels of pots wore made at $4 'f?.M 87){, and 60 bbls. pearls at $0 26. Bar.AU?TUFr??Flour? Sales of 700 barrels Ohio, all cue one brand, were made at $6 37 ; 2,350 do Genesee, sold eouti at $4 35; 500 do do, at $5 31>?. and 600 do. one brand, of faut, good q iallty, sold at $o 37X; 700 do N?w Orleans, ordi- oper n>iry. were reported sold at $4 50; 300 do Michigan, sold mV" at $5; and 100 do, on the dock, at $4 75. IVhrat?Sales J?"" of 2.500 bushels good Genesee white were made at $1 25. ' yj, The new North Carolina sold yesterday, brought (1 12>?; worn the remainder was held at the same price. Corn?The racte market was firmer, and sales of 8 a 9.000 bushels west- be'mi ? Iw?.,l vmpu mailA at AH Ponf 1 H(1 i fin huntlHomf tUTe Ohio do, and 9,700 do, western mixed, to arrive V* ' in this month, Bold at <50c ; 3000 do. Bold at 57o ; 3000 do, a little out of order, Bold at 68o., and 1700 do flat yellow nthn gold at 69o. M'al?Saloa of 600 barrels Western New dutii York sold at (3 75 a 3 <J7>?. and 300 do. New Jersey at >>> ?i $3 36. Rye stood at TS a 7Ho. Aye Flour?No chango. *"jf' Oatt remained at about S'Jo. The last sales of Barley nri;* were made at 60c. .,an.. Candles?Sales of sperm were making at M)?o., cash, !u m and 31o. on timo. Pri Cofff.e?The market continued inactive. 159 bags rc.nH damaged Rio, were sold by auction at 1% a 6Jio., and 43 bags Java do at IJi a 8.V. cash. Ml CoTTorf -The same good enquiry continues, and about j v.j 3600 bales have changed hands to-day at the adranoe before noted. Holders continue free sellers at the pre- Yy sent figures, which are equal to l')%c for F>iir Upland*. tw? Fi>h?There was very little doing. Dry cod continued jn to sell at $3 36 a3 50. Sales of about 3(Ml tarrels No 3 mackerel sold at (between) $4 76 a 4 87>?. Scaled her- W rings were firmer, and sales of 300 boxes were sold at 7>>r; f?ni I 70 half bairels Connecticut shad were sold, No. Ta at f?, is to and No.'i's at $6. ' '"C' Kiiuit?2 a 300 boxes bunch raisins were sold at 146 a " lM)c; 171 boxes do, damaged, were sold by auction at 00 |> V I 100 a 130c, cash; 173 do. do. at 13 a 16 a 6i)?c cash. ? M Hemf?No sales were reported. We quoiu Auuricin c"Pit dew rotted at $105 a 110 per ton. , i in. ?fi 7A K " Mula??k?. ?We have only to notice hmI-h of 30 lib da |>.,nu prime Cuba at 31o; and l(i0 do. ratlier inft-riur do. at 2ie, cum 1 months. I Naval Stork*.?We report sales of ab^ut 8J0 blls Kr"t N'orth county roaln at 60c; and ab<u' 200 d<> spirits turpentine at 36o. For raw do $2 "6 wua ajk> d, aud fur tar (>ne h M AO. drptli Oil? ?Sale* of about 3000 city pressed linseed wero Sclio< nade at 70c, and about 3000 do Kngliah do at. 6?.?, rash. |h? A. Kale of do wan also reported (probably oc time) at 70e. J? "J* Winter bleached whale was wiling at Oic; tiOOO gallon* ^tuui natural winter sperm Bold at lite. Provisions.?Sales of lot) bids prime new pork were Jv2i reported at $14 60; and 60 do new prime mi 's at $15 ? ?". ? Ordinary Ohio men* waa very 'lull and it wait said could \j Save been purchased at $14 60 H-tf? Seles of 100 tee. ?|>|>ly ilea*, city inspection, were ni*d'- at $13 25. l.ard iu teg* was flrin There ware bujtrs at 10>^. while holders lir lemunded ilc. There was no ch.tuge in cheese or \l Gutter. I>*rdi Hick?The market waa inactive, and no ealmofino- r,,ci" ment transpired. |8|jj' Sugar.?Sale* of 300 hhds Cuba Mumovad* were V nade at 6 a fi'aC, and 'J!i do, prime quality do, at 7M u jy| L'l?. 1 Skid ?Ohio new elorer was worth about 6,'*c. ^1, Tallow.?Nothing ot moment whs doing uticJ Whuhioik.? North Went remained at 29 a 29}g, ell md South Sea at an renin. Sales were made at New j lied ford at 28 ceutu for North- West, and at 29 cent* for \j , South Sea. Wrii Whi?kkv.?No sales reported. jy2 Krkioht?.?An English ship engaged flour at 4s and rp<_ (rain at I2d. A Teasel was engaged for Cork and a mar- JL _ tet. at 4g. fur flour. For grain iu bulk to the same port, ofT? 15d. waa offered. To Liverpool, the rates were 4s for 'l"ra lour. I2d. grain. For cotton, 7-1 Od. was offered, and Kd asked. To London, it waa Raid, 4a. Od. wan paid for lour; 1600 bushels of grain were engaged iu bulk to Liverpool, at 12d.; to the continent we heard of nothing u A ( iliffr Balks or M*H?oa!ir at Auction ?102 iogg Cuba iCrol Mahogany. 9 a 16){c.; 1800 crotches St. Domingo Ma- Ery? logany, 16 a 30){c.; 633 do 30 a 45c ; 172 do 60 a 00c.; hi thi 130 do 65 a 71c.; S97 logs do 9'4 all><e.; 8 Ir.gR satin "P* rood, 30>ic. _ TBIiEOKAFHlO. ? Markets. W? Baltimohf, July 21 ? P. M. n," Our flour market presented no change, and we con- *j*j J* ilnue to quota Howard street ?t $ft a $0 'J*. Wheat K||j? sontlnued dull, with limited sale*. Ciood Maryland and 'I1!] Pennsylvania rod we quote at 98 a 110 rents. Corn con- w iinued dull. Maryland, *?hlte and mixed, was worth 06 ofTr i 88 cents. Meal oontlnued lnaotive at '(>3, though some "JJii lolilers demanded a higher figure. In rye and oats ne Amei shange. Provisions dull and whiskey ditto. " Ort ?_? ? .lenpH Am ant, July 21?P. M. Flour continues very dull at $3 ft >3 26, without sales >f moment. Sales of 10,000 buiheM of corn were made, i?a|m ihiefly We#tern mixed, at ft4 a Sr>?. Rye was inactive a*?m n oats there was little doing. Provisions dull. Whiskey w lominal. Receipts by the canal during the preceding muiu weuty-four hours, were as follows Klour, 13,800 bbls ; orn, 11.600 bushels; rye, 3.04)0 do.; oats, 11,200 do.? freights easy, and supply of vessels ample. ^ < _ Hie I foot < Boston, July 21?P.M. at po The lalos of flour reached about 3,700 barrels, includng Michigan and Genesee, at f > a $."> AO. Corn?No hange in prices, and sales light Provisions steady. Coton firm at full prices; sales moderate. The receipts duing the past week have been as follows, vl*: flour, 3ft,900 >bls; wheat, 10,300 bushels; Oats, 7,000 do. Freights Fnnn lontinuo steady to Liverpool, with fair amount offering * ' m 1 i... F I Died, 0 On Wednesday morning, the 21st Inst., Patrick Tc* V .ivKn.agud 38 years. sulf n His friends and acquaintances, and those of his sons, 'j"01'1 lames and Hugh II Bradley, are rospectfully requested ,o attend his funeral, this (Thursday.) afternoon, at 3>? ?cmi. ' lock, from bis late residence. No. 1 Ilatavia street eimbl Oil VVednerday, 21st Inst., of disease of the heart, Mrs liorl Iajtk Maria Colli*, wife of William E. Collls, in the ''J I7th year of her age. P?,h The relatives and friends of the family Hre requested '''1 ,o attend her funeral, from her late residence. No. 41 ' Jliver street, on Kriday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, without r;^.' urther invitation. 2 t|?, Wednesday morning, the 21st. Inst, Edwabd IIiti ii- mtii. :ock, aged 71 years. in the The friends and relatives of the family are invittd to tuh P itteud his funeral from ills late residence, Kourth A v?nie, between 31st and 3Jd streets. ?u Thursday. at fl f . I'clock P. M , without further invitation. C#ptain Calvin (Jasimii s, of Ilinghn.m, sg> d al out winli 0. died very suddenly In that town on Haturiley af'ei- tiriu toon last Karly on the morning of Saturday he com - ing vi ilalned of feeling unwell, and after unlocking his store, " pte le retarned to his dwelling house. At about 3 o'clock '"'V"' ie said he felt faint, and his wife got up to go to him, >ut before she reached hiiu, his head fell back and L? iled instantly. jj# 0 s mmmsaum AN lr,D-l, a < .*.?(.J.UIK UM1. * ?UU?tlOB u< t 'humx-ioiaiii. B* f of r r- 'ooaa flveri. A line ?u J ' J " Cli&lttMfliiid, 'U tiii* Will * * attend* d jy 12 2t*rc ANTED?By a res^er tiblr )OU'ig woman, a situation u cook, washer. <ttjd ironrr?hn no objections to <lo geneluiework. ui ehaaibt-rwotk. or to fo a abort distance iu 'UKtry. Bnt i f cut reference guru. Apply ?t U Pitt ., jv22 ll?tn K S'liL'ile. W.l.N I f.D.?The a4rerl'?er wiatwa to inrc'.U" some 11 useuuld and Kitchen Furnitire, Car* (. k r., *"d jr ve in infnriit a i.ote jmvable in ninety day?, ui.ft n'ti it blrc i mdoriemeut. Any family having a >1 their ri?rni:u e to dispnae of. would find thi? an excelippor uui y ro do io at reasonable pruaa Addrao imme I)', C. B. A., a' the Trihnne office jytt-lt'rc > AKiiSTft ? W anted, specimens of comic deaigna? to na cai<ablp r>f furnishing thrm a liberal ialary will be weekly. Audress A. B. at No. *7 Beekman ?t.. olfica No. j22 It'nt IE TKETSUKKR OF T UE"FTHE!)LPARTMF.NT FUND, with much pleasure acknowledges the receipt of Hundred Dolltra hy the hands of C. V. Anderson, Eiq., [ a donation to die charitable fund of the department Irom It A Stuart, bsqra , accompanied with the following ounication New York, July 1?, 1817. Amaio^, Eiu ? , . . r Sir?You will oblige na by handiug the euclpaadcheck ir hundred dollars to the Trenin rer of the Fire U apart . and we request that you will, with the compauiea preiuriug the fue yesterday morning, accept our thauka tor the exertions iu eudeavonug to aave t or property. Youra, reapectfully, K. L. it A. HH'ART. KW 8. Gli.ES. Treasurer. jy39 lt'rrc [IS DAY PUBLISHED?Price 12tf ceuta. "Th< (Jolden Farmer," with a portrait and raempir of John Sefton, and ustrative engraving, being No. 8 of the Minor Drama, la the only correct ailing edition ever publialied. Alao, Biidal, beiug No. ii of the Modern Standard Drama, d by Epes Sargent 2 lt?m DF.HF'ORD fc Co., 2 Aator House. JOTHER TEN 8TR1KE. CAPTAIN BHAOO !? YANKEE DOODLE'S COMMAND !-Order of the No. 43) for Saturday .July 24th, 1817.-A i Commander inf of the Forcea of Wit, Humor, and Fan in the Ameritepublic, Yankee Doodle, thia week, jgreeta hii million aders with a rare budget of comicahtlea and hucnoroua rations,foremost among which may be included the Perililarch oftha Bostnu Fire Company on the 13th of July, tee Doodl 'a Viait to the Chinese Junk, Scattering of the lueva.aud about forty articlea ol genuiue Vankee DoodleFor particulars, apply at the oflice J. A. FRAETAB & CO., !2 lt*m llfl Na??an at. POHTANT THIS WaHM WEATHfcK.-Montlily iuketa entitling the holder to the uae of the Warm, Cola, % er kihI hwiiniuiiitr Haths, 600 IJroadway, for H SO, may id in ili? Reading Room. T. H. BV'MKS U CO. ;sent holders of tickets are, of course, allowed (lie privi1 of this arrangement. Entrance for Ladies, 134 Croany it. llt'rc J N OR VITO VITi hai the honor of inforimug tlw public that his first sale of splendid Marble Statues, Busts, , Fountains. and Mosaic T'bles of the most eiquisite iinaushi|>, will take pUce iii the middle of the mouth of list. The assortment of Alahaster Sculpture is token the autinue of the Greek aud Etruscan chisel. The vaaes edicis, Tnnzr, of Pirauese, aud Mecerroha, are of the most lifiueut description, ?i|d the largest ever imported iuto country. lhn futures and vaseu of Vu:de-Autieo are led in the best style. Part of this extensive assortment is p brig Consort, from Leghorn, now ou her way to Philatia; the remainder is ou board the brig Constellation, ex|ieried atthia port. ;uor Vito Viti takes great plu.tsure in informing the citiof New York that he has iu preparation many articles h, when completed, will be immediately forwarded to York. jyM if ad* re lEEN TURTLE~SOI JP ANL> STfcAKS,and Stewed Terrapins will be served up iliia aud ever" day thia [, in the real epicurean style, at the Bauk Coffee House, 11 I'ine street, between Broadway and Nassau. The ig room is supplied with all the delicacies of the season. 2 lt*m lAOEDV-COMKUY-KAKCK.?Just published, the Karces of " Nipped iu ill* Bud," " John Jones," " Golfarmer," " Swiss Cottage," " R.iisin* the Wind," "Love imble Life," aud " Lady and Uent iu a T. P. Tredica:." Price 63i ceuts per copy. liar popular Farces are in press and will be issued rapidly. TL'llN BR V K18HKR, 74 Chatham st, 2 lt*m I!) North gth at.. Philadelphia. PROVED MAuNMrflC MA< 111 N E8 ? MOOR EAD'8 GRADUATE!) MAGNETIC MACHINEInstrument is an important improvement over all other s of manufacture, ana lias been adopted by the medical ssiou generally, as being the most convenient and efltetuihguetic Machine in use. It is perfectly simple in conlion, and therefore uot liable to get out of order, as is the with similar instruments. It admits of the most perfect rol, and cm be graduated to any power, adapted for an inor sufficient for the strongest adultJ, at the pleasure of the nor. The magnetic force is imported iu a continuous ler, and with no unpleaiaut sensatiou, to the most delicate ut. It requires no assistant iu it* use, aud is in every ret perfectly harmless. my of the cures performed by this instrument are truly lerful, some of them in diseases of tl,e most serious char known to the medical profession; Among others may rationed Scrofula, Dropsy, Erysipelas, DealVes*. Cuivaof the Spine, Tic Doloreux, acute and chronic RheumaParalysis, Epilectic Kits, Head .the, and particuluily ses which may he referred to toe Nervous system, an evidence of the superiority of these Machines overall k in uae, reference can he nude to aeveral of the moat iguiahed in the ni "iicnl prof*iaion, who have naedthem Kre it variety of complaint* with turpriainc auccesa. A e trial will teat their advantage*. eh Machine ia?ompictly arra,n-d with a battery anil all a.ary appliance* pu'up in neat ro.ewoodcaaes. AccomiiK h n new Manual with lull direction*, regarding ? and application. ee of in j uncurica complete (8 to $12. They can be liV aeut to i>att ol tl,r cumr), and each iuatrumeut it pitted. muucturtd and fur rile. wholeinle and retail, by D. C. MOOKtlEAD, 18? Broadly, New York. >1 Tt?m 'ANl'fr.U Ti? BUS?* lit ol ground. 2i by 1(H) feet, ihia of tlih Hii rl, U twern 3iT and 7th nvenuea. Alio, nice inilcli go?u I' r ?? e Kq?ire of It * hi 11 \ V11) Hll.L.U Kldridti* afreet i V I fcU U) imii resectable young women, one to cnk.w.sli writ mid to do houaework, in :t sin ,11 I v. M w u! *1 be w 111 in if la Ko in the country. The other tl'i ih ui.ei work, or washing. The. beat ol city refe1 k f oin their liat|Uce. Pleiue call at <91 I'earl atreet, . II Idmii t an he seen ai.v day tliia week, jvll It'rc H'i.Nv. i ifi \NTK1>.? X he auOncriber, desirous olea adlllhil luauieas, wlaliea to olitaiu a partner with a .il of hi man to teu thousand dollar*, in the preaent huai,1 Literv'Hiibl?* and Riding School. To a pcraon liav e ri <i uaite oipital, and wishing to establish himself ir hove line of liuaincaa the preaeut otfera an excellent opit| of ankiaf a rapual iimliiili bin a aafe i ine butineas and well eatabliahed, and i* couaidercd tilt location in tlie city. Li'iug aituated at the junction ofthoar tlKnoughlarea the Bowery and Third Avenue, and runthrough to Lafayette place. The nremiaei cover an area entv thotiaaiid a,|u\re feet; the building ta of brick, mid uudred feet front by ore hundred anu thirty-aix feel in i. with several atablea and alieila attached. The li id i uy j| ia the moat faahiouable aa well aa the beat patronized i city. Tne anbacriber ia proud to add, that lie can refer ndreda of the lirat families and inerrhanta of tliia rity, aa <ra't*' and capacity. The beat of referencea given to and ired from applicant*. For particular! applvlto W. H. DI8BHOW, ni*vn innn ANTKD.? On board the steamship " Lni'iu," a cook for the crew One with Rood recommendations, must immediately at the office, So. 14 Broadway. ___________ Jytt 3ti?m AN f ED?H A RD VV X KK? A >OUng mm. who has had tlia last six years, ei|>ericnce iu a wholmit and retail vare establishment, in a buaiueaa part of the city, with nmeudatioiis of capacity and integrity, i> ready (o enter inp|eiMiiIi, and can he aduresttd Hardwaie," Herald e. JylT 6t?rc I'SKK I .s AINU GUNS.?1,000 Muskets lor shipping. 1,000 double and single China. >0 pair Pistols, in (treat variety. io, Kitles and Rinc Barrels, Gun Locks and Guiiito th'i lei, for sale cheap and on liivorahle teftni, by Mt?r A W SI'IKH I* CO..*1 Via.den Ian* T AND I.K'I'TKK PA^CHi?A liill MMMMMM Of ill pialuies, |.l.iin ai.d luled?alao rate, straw, and palm leal ipiiig. For sale by JA.MKS NOHVAL, 1 I">ri ?" in No. 100 John atreet. KN TIS1 STlJKN 1 A C DhI OT, W4 BRO A D W A Y, New York, where may be found a complete assortment i th, Dental Instruments, gold Foil, I'latr, Wire, Solder. I Springs, plalun. Gold, stunul Koil. precipita'ed Silver, r I'lat^ wire, solder, (tc. JOSKPH T. MURPHKY. I j?t*rc IK I & ASS 11 Ml N i * II! T KNKROhTH ' introduction of the Magic Botanical Salve of Dr. THkXI.AIl. Kivei lecided pre ference, at tlie liaudi of thoae who, knowing want*, a e ready to give praiae wjiere it is deserved. The uloiis, rill-lunatic, or thoae whoautfer under Salt K Ileum, i|iela?, I'linplea, Soiea or in fact, aiy eruptive disease, ia true herbal salve surelv lind the object ol their search, be of realizing their strongest anticipations of cure. Exinca liaa proved ita pain-relieving and purifying properties i trial ia an easy test for those unacquainted wi ll its ef. 25 cents per b x. Proprietor's office 06 Cedar street, up i. Country agents wanted. enta?Hattou. 137>? Oreer.wich street: Sweeney, 100 t Broadway; White. 118 Canal at.; VcBride, 139 Spring itTwi uiiriTM,?4j juirrcKcr urt-ri; Aiom, ijj nuuson si., er, 132 Kitfhth Avenne: Crowen,643 Broadway; Brown, owery; MMIIi,MlUNM street; Pa|>er hanging stoic. I rami alreet, corurr Clinton; Elton, 132 Division straet; . 400 Pearl street. JyM lt*m LAVKtU.NU THI/NftH.?JOHN CATTNA( H Trunk Manufacturer, No. I Wall street, corner of BroadI'Vf now on hand and conatantly miking a good assortment links, Valises, Carpet Bays, and Hatchets, wholesale and io, a superior article of sole leather Tniuks, suitable for ricanor Kurojieun travel, aud Portmanteaus for the Krench Poste. lers forth* Indies, Sonh America, Itc., filled with ito> Ie5 301 ?rc i V MlTlhhMK.N'l ft are daily lorwarded lor publication n the hest Newspauers of all cities aud principal towns in nited States. Caiiada, IIf... by the accredited agent, V. B er, who is also authorised to receive subscriptions. Thr :y is in the Tribune Buildings. jejfl 3flr?r ONDERfTUL DlSi.OVKKY ! -Mry ker's Holm ion Hair Dye, to change grey hair to its original color in a few tes, is for sale ?t 1) Couguacii's, No. 39 ( httham St., and r> ker's, No. 4 Coemies Slip, ? here it can he applied. 3 7t*m _ HTOM MOUHK, "SlW YORK, COLLECTOR'S )||ice. July 10. IB47?The following articles belonging to nited States Kevenue Steamer " Legare." lying at the >f Vestrv strett, North River, will be sold at that nlare. blic au tloii, on Saturday, the 34th iust., at 12 o'clock, M., essrs. Van WyekfcKobw, auctioueeri, to the highest ir, for cash, vir.: 0 e Iron Boiler. " " Cylinder and Bottom. " " Heater with Copper Tnbe*. " " Sinoke Stack. Lot of Copper and Copper K?eJ Pipes e above, articles can be seen on the 1'ier near the Thenis dry, corner cf Vestry and \Ve*t s'r'rts. At fli < W. I. VWKKNCK, ? ..llor-ror, ;r\. || AMI SPANISH I.AM.I A(' K.H. ? A i'A NASI!) I'K'l IT, 1'iof. .vir > I I rrrcli . i>l Spanish languages, ipeued a couise <>l the latter at i'j* Uioadway, entrance Vsrren stieet. Ii will commence as soon as there be a eat i.umber of students. On act. ant of the new-intei>? witli Meiiro, it May become utelul t" a great many ilcanatoh ir a knowledge i.f 8|S.i..||. The Professor, has icsded for \ *vs "i Spani-h r mill ica, is thoroughly fiiii* d wiih thai I 'in," ?< and his long habit iu ttachittg, a him to promise to bis scholar* a . ?? d sncccss iu a very time. PrivaK- less'"!. w ill ?Uo be eiveu MNCH LA.N4*tjA?4K- Lca.onaju French will be given e same I r< (Visor, a native ol' 1'sns, either at Ins bouse cr \ lite f millet - II rrc 5'IOS'AC UnN HND LlTi ^SSIIKAM K SOCIK i V 1.0\lJ0N-( hief Office for America, 74 ftreet. New Vork.?The f iIIowiiik resolution psssed by ? mt< f Directors in l.oudon, is published for the iufnr* m >1 |ierions in?? ed ( r who msy hereafter be insured) ebo- e Iu titutio ., undent in the United States and Briliorth \merie-ii Colonies. By ordei ?l t <e U. 8. l.oeal Board. JACOB HARVIIT, TWirman. .tain** ?tan*. General -Agenk. solved That persons assured by this Society for the r t? in I lile be allowed to cross and re-cross tlie Allan* Hoy al maij or first cl iss Sieamtys, or in first class ?sil ?s?*|? during the mouths of May, June, July, Augn?t, " her, ar,d O"tober fiee of estra charge; and during the i< of November, December, January, Fe^rntry. March, ipril. on payment (previous to embarkation) of an ettrs uin ol a quarter per cent (2^ cents on each $100 uisu.ed.' ) By Order f, jr. CAMHOUX, Secretary. 0tis2tawThlcSu r? rem mace rivers. below Nashville, to which plaoe there W sleambott n vivtiiuti 'I li? ?r 1 nil* i? all within few mile* f lli riven. bv which .nev have a direct t K.ii wi'h all ihe uisrkitl OF. the seaboard. These lands are *11 first rate grazing lands, and most of them are good for gin no I ill kind*. Large quantities ol limf quality iron ore are found on some of the tracts, and the mill extensive iron Wn'k? III the Mtate are situated uenr some ol the lan<*s, thus making a good market fur the surplus products of the fanner, >ormore particulars ami full description, call ou ihelsubscriber, at i!> Wall street, New York It C ADAMS 'jyU Jim'rrc J. W BROWN, Auctioneer pABINtT F*jrnttuBE. HOUSE FURNISHING \RTlCLfc.S fcc -J W. liKGWN willrell ou Thursday. July 2zd, at luK o'clock, at No. 142 Broadway. * large s.ock ot superior r'urnituie, comprising elegant rosewood Sulfas. Parloi Chairs, Ottomans, Divani, Racking Chairs, Barbie top centre Tables "do Wish Standi, mahoguiy Solas and Chairs WaidroLtv French Bedsteads; dining, raid, sofa aud work Tables, dressing and plain Bureaus, hair Mattresses P.v liaueri, Stc . also gilt and bronze Girandoles, solar Lamps, with a general asaoriuieut of house furnishiug articles. Catalogues now ready )ytl!ttU*rr Anthuny ? natTonal p a g u kmkkan depot. 347 Broadway. New York -E. ANTHONY,. Hate Authouy,Clark it Co., Importer of French Platra, hraroes and Chemicals, and Grrman Instruments, Oeneral Agent for the supply of Daguerreotype Apiiaratus, aud materials of every description, both of foreign and home manufacture. Mr. A. hairing retired from the business of portrait taking, devotes I sell exclusively to furnishing the various materials required in the art. His long eiperieiice as a practical DaGerieotypeist, gives him eminent facilities for supplying the st quality ol articles on the most reasonable terms. jyll 30t?m Lithographic stones.?edward wirths. No. 90 John street, offers for sale a superior quality and assortment of the above article, both ?f the blue aud yellow stone, w hich he will be willing to sell upou favorable trrmi. jvM 30t?rrc WHOLESALE SHIRT WAREHOUSE, No. M Piatt " street, 3d door from Willinm, where may be found a large assortment of Shirts, of every quality, made in the latest styles, and of superior workmanship. Fancy and Plain Liueu, MuhIiii aud common Shirts, constantly ou MM. Southern and Westeru mwehants are respectfully iuvited to call before purchasing. JOHN WOOLSEV , 34 Piatt st. __ ____ j^lll OOt^rrc TO CLAIMANTS, kc.?OENERAL AGENCY "at" the city of Wiuliiiigtou.?The undersigned, general a/ent, notary public, and justice of the peace, res|>ectfully informs the public that he has removed his ollice to the tiuildim; one doorsouth of CliQlih it Schenck's pii'Iiiihh .... isil. street, opposite Tnuury Department, where lie will promptly aud faithfully attend to any business in the above line which muv be entrusted to hit care. Persons having I tun. again*! the general government, aud who may COUN them to liis manageint .it, uiav rest assured tliqt they will be speedily at'endeu nj Bounty laud warrants or treasury ?f rip will be secured lor the oIKceri aud soldiers of the present war, aud die highest cash price obtained lor the same. The uudersigued will keep his office open/rum 8 A. M. until 6 o'clock P. M. His dwelling house i* on Louisiana Avenue, nearly opposite the City Hall, where, iu cue of pressing necessity, he cun be seen and consulted before t A. M., aud alter ti o'clock 1*. M. Please pay the postage. jyl8r 3lit SAMUEL 8TETTINIU8. JUNKS' llOTfcX, No. IK Chesti.ut street, Philadelphia The subscribers, under the linn of Bridges k West, have tiurchosed Mr. Jones' interest in this establishment, anil ho|i? iy the stricteht attention to the wauts and comforts of their quests, to merit a contiuuauce of the liberal patronage heretofore received by iti former proprietor. The house has been thoroughly renovated, andrepaird; we therefore feel assured we can welcome our frieuds aud the public to accommodations einial to any in the city of Philadelphia. N. W. BRIDGES, jvty Htrrc JOHN. WK8T. Ij*RKSII IMI'ORTATIO.V-W HI u'l'1 N. ( ()., No". 177 Broadway, have received a fresh lot of the much admired sheer lawn handkfs, narrow taped borders, which are offered unusually cheap; black and white laced Capes, ftom $1 tf; about MX) pairs hue Freuch Cuffs, at Is. and Is lid per pair; the remaining stock o( black and white lace Visiles, at cost price; a very cheap lot id needlework Collars, from 2s. to 6s. each.? Ladies will also find some bargnim in Valeucieunes Laces aud Kdgiugs well worth their attentiou. jyl9 30t*m RING'S COMPOUND SYRUP OK HYDRIODATE.OK Polassi, Harsaparilla and Vellow Docit.?This medicinal remedy is published lor the sole benefit of those aulferiug fiom rheumatism, pains and stiffness of the joints, swelling of the muscular substances near them, wuptuiui of the skiu, and all diseases arising from an impure slate of the blood, Ike. It is prepared from the purest articles and is warranted to give satisfaction. It thins, purities and quicken* the ciiculatiou, allays irritation, aud leaves every part of the animal ecouomy in a perfect stale of health, Kor those complaints arising froin the injudicious aud long continued use of mercury, this combination may he considered arpecilic i cases that hive loug resisted all other treatment have be*u rapidly and entirely removed by this powerful alterative syrup. Prepared aud for sale, wholesale ant| retail, by (^HARLKW H. RlN(i, Druggist aud Chemist. jv!9 301 r 192 Broadway, cor John st. N. Y. TWKNTY-KOUR LESSONS ON THE etiLttAlnni'iHii.. ir..rt# r... .;?.i?n.~ i... ? i..i,. ... i.... ifrFX Tf iMrwiiluuce, 110 Saudi street, Brooklyn, who I " I I l)ian had much experience.iu tuitiou. She not only undcitakes to impart a know ledge of the theory of music, but alto to enable her pupils to acquire a ureal degree of elocution and >a?ie. The belt references can be given, hoth in Brooklyn and New York. _ Jyal3t*m Ulrtll' PIANO KORTK.?For sale a superior &&&*& & toned second hand, 6octave grand action jpwja 1'iano Forte, warranted in Perfect order?has I I x I I* been iu use 12 mouths. will lie sold very cheap for cnsli, in consequence of the owner leaving the city. Can be seen at the piano lorte wareroom, 488 Broadway, corner of Bioomest. jyll 3t*m t?TOKK AND PART OK D WELLfNO TO LKT. ?The stand is one of the best iu the city, for any business, Icing near Washington Market. It will be leuted I Miy. Apply at 2(14 CJrcenwich street. jv'M3t*m MA PUBLIC HOLTS K frOR SALE.?The i.ulilic house, No. 18 Harrison it, with the fixture* iu it all complete. Mpossession giveu immediately. rOflllMI particulars, enquire at No. 330 Broadway, corner of Anthony. Jy80 3t?ro AaA FOR SALE? The two story brick front and attic Ittyw House aud Lot, No. 81 Oreeue street, with large vanl X^JL'n front and CrotOU water, together w ith the three story buck liouse in the rear. The premises are all let aud payiug % good interest. There is a mortgage ol $3'?00 on the premises which m.ty remain. Apply of MltS. PATTERSON, on the premises, or to EDMUND J. PORTER, No. C < ity Rail Place. jM it*m mi FOR SALE?The twostory brick house aud lot, 81 (?!? Amity street. Lot 2i feet front and rear, mid 10'J feet XJHLilepth; bouse, 12 feet deep. Enquire of Mr. Wilson Fuller ou the premises, or of BOVD 8t HINCKEN, 120 lire No. E8 Wall it.. Tontine Buildings. SKOR S ALE OK TO LKT, ou tiie margin of the Hati tiau Bay, Monmouth,'Count v, N.J.?Farina iu a high state of cultivation, with all the necessary out-buildlugs. Also, lots from h ill an acre to twenty, with the advantage of tin'- bathing. Stunner residences furnished or unl'ur mulled. I'eraona desiioua ol GUryUf oiibu?iui?? in Ikatit) and retiduiK in a healthy location, at a cheap rate, will liud an advantage in cou?ulliii|; with I lie aubucribei. N. B?The afi.reaaid f?im? and lota are not iii Teiaa or Pennsylvania, but wilhin ouo hour and a I mil" of New Vork. Teritueaay. Title* indisputable. Kmi|(riuit? or otlivr* WlahniK for KardeuiiiK Iota Call lie >uited. A|>|>l> to John Iveion, Km|.,ii Courtlaudt atieet, New Vork; or to W. (i. Ilayut'*. Auctioneer, Key Port, N.J. All letter* must lie luiat |mid. K v Con r, .N . J., July INI, 1817. jvZI lilt'n. bOU'l'M?Atlln Kreiicli Boot fcmporiuin, corner of VKultoii and Nanau itreef, may be found lome of the bent j> and cheapest boot* in the city. The very fmeat i|ualii) JK are offered lor $1 ill, but a really eicellenl article may )>e obtained for $1 iO, wInch we have no doubt, in many other eatahliahiniuM are selling at $i There are every variety ol Boot*. Uaitera, Slippera, lie., at tlii* raubliahinent, and ill at equally low price*. Alao, the Kreuch patent CoUKreaa B.xi' the ftatat quality at >3 7V Jyltit ia'rn ^ ioh UVKHI'OOL.-Thi- iii.iKiiiliceni y/Qf . new 8te;nu?hipSAKAII 8A.ND8, < hpmiu sjbfffci W. <!. Thompion, will iail punctually on I be 3d of Aiifiiit, Iwviiik auiierior accomuiodatioiM for a limited niunber of aecoud cabiu |M??eui;eri. who will be taken at a refluced priee. l'eraou* deairoit* (if engagingsecond cabin |?:?k - for then friends in the old country. to love Liverpool on the (itli ol S ptember for New York, in the above stentner, can do *o at price* charged lor steerage passenger), by applying to P. W. ByHNKH * Co.. jjrjl 2t*m HI South it., below Burling Slip. 8TKAM SHU* HAllAll HANDS, boa f ! LI VhlU'OOL?Consignee* will please ^alj*rByiiAi?end their |ierunti on board at foot of Din ton street, or to the office of the Consignee -. .^^B^^SnaXo. 76 South *treet. All |f> 'da not permitted, will be sent to the publir alore, under general order, in conformity with the bill* ol lading. jvll itrc NKW VOItK, HAVRK AND I'AUIS J&r.i IS? KXPRKS8.?No. lu WALL 81 KKKT, NKW 4 OHK?An *trnnj<uineiit having beeu ip.vle by the ui.Jeiaigued, (hither-to adver|iii-d ni Oatrander & Co) with the Tram-Atlantic Steam Company, for the conveiauce ol r.xpreaa nutter between tin* city, Havre and Pari*, they have opened nil office at No. ID Wall Street, where they will b? pleased to receive parcela for traii?iniaaion,aml.coinmiafion* to M execnud in any part of France. Ordera for book*, engraving*, magannes, mnaic, Inroiture, ?ilka, lacea, articlei of clothing, wine*, and, indeed, every tiling that may be required, will br executed with promptuea* and Mdelity. It i* intended by this arrangement to open A new channel ?f communication between mM New York, which ahall be direct, and *ubject to the lea?t possible delay. LI VINOSTON, WKLL8, k CO. Crawford Livixoto.-v, i HlCrSRV WkLLa, > Mowcrikk L. Oitranuer. > haoltfh niNCH T U A N S A I L A N T I ( JCTsTKAMSHIP COMPANY.-Royal Mail. e ,t*atnahip UNION, K. Hclo-rt, ('urn<,^4^Ui?fl?jLI^maiider, will positively sal on Saturday, r July Jlth instant, ai i o'clock, P. M. precisely, fruin her prevent whair, foot of Clinton atreet, opposite the Tobacco Inspection warehouse, Kast Hiver. Price of passage, first class. ... $121) 00, without winea. second clan*. ... $ 60 00, (ifany left.) Passengers mint provide fheinaelve* with pu*ra;|i at the Comulate General of Krauze, Letter* must be mailed at the Toat Office The letter bag* will close at 1 o'clock punctually. Luggage not wanted on the voyage should he ?icnt on board one day befoie the departure, marked below, with the number of the pas*migef'a berth. ijMSin mmrm. v.m?i..nur, m. mm/ a r,.t|[UH.\l IO.N t?jWWOi,'K|i;K, in connection with George Rippard V dwUfaHon, Liverp<?ol?The *ub?criber* beic to inform tlujjaMlCHMt they hWI opened n brume ill IWMIlfal with ill** friend*, George Ripi-ardlk Son. of Liverpool, and are enabled to forward inaaeiigcra In and from Liverpool, Belfast. Dublin, Cork, and all oilier |*rt* of Ureal Britain and Ireland, on moat inltaiitaKcnua terma POT tlie v. i I aatiafactiou given to |>a>aeimer* coming through our limine in Liveipool, we can, by reference to nutm-afti* le tera received from emigrant* from the old country, atteat to tlie Rood treatment they have a{ all lime? received. In order to fully carry on' the arfnugeinent. we have been induced to eatabliali a hoiu* m u,ia city, that al I diani'iMiintrneiitaiid annoyance coUkwa to emigrant* here a?<l in Liverpool may b* prevented. < Jeorge Hi mum k Hon, Liverpool, despatch the Roacint, Oarrick, Hnttlnguer, (Jueen of the Writ, Liverjiool. and (onatnution, nil their regular day?, and, iu addition, one orVnore lirit dnH aliipa every week. I'rraona wulnng to aend money to their friend' 'in procure draft*, payable at sight without diacount, on the principal bank* and then branches in hiigiaml. Ireland, and Scotland. Apply to CARLISLE & RIITAHD, jyli lOt're Ml South atreet, comer oj Wall. |H- ROCHK, BHf) I'HKRH k MA8TKR80N-? WrTjfW Paaaage to and from Liverpool by the regular packet* JMiMhh*"iiliuu on the 1 at and 10th of every month. Person* wialuuK passage to the old conutry.or sending t it thfir friend* ran have them broiiaht ont iu those packftl, wr.ic)i arc anpe rior for tomfort ind convenience U> t?nv ships leaving this I port. The splendid ship M l'. ^ATr\IC K, Proal master, will leave Liverpool fany in October, and the ship ST. (JEORGE, i F'erria uiistir, will succeed her. ' Draft* at sight on the Royal Bank of Ireland, and oq Messrs. j Prencott. (I rote, A me* It Co., Banker*, I oty.!%n, payable at j i sight, free of discount. Apply to j HOC UK, RROTHERS a. MASTK.RflON, IK I Maiden Lane. I Agent* in Dublin, Roche Brothers, 30 Kdia Quay; and J. [}, Roche. Liverpool jlllfli'm j KOR LONDON?With Deaiiatch?The faat Ml'JK*^Wing coppered and copper fastened ahip TRKMONT. XBMBmI aptam Taylor, hav :ng a l uge portion of her curgo engaged, will tail a* above. K?r balance of freight or tmasage, | apply to W k J. T. TAricOTT, , [ jytj M South meet- t .stSST. sssjn o lock in th- I ?? '. ' "I. J >3 HI no BOWER V TJir Vl'HK.?A W Pio,.rw??H K. 8th i Manage: ? Kr-o|.enmg for n short .iiui in r Season*? 1 'ill' ) .Kvemr K, July ii. will be ]>rrtiiru>r<l VIAHSANIKLLO?.>IlM?ii?Jlii, Mr. W. Marshall, Uouznln Mr Vjliua, L'>reuxo, Mr. Tiltou; Kenclla, Mrs. Booth; K1 Burke; Lucy, Mr? Booth; Aurth*. Miff fanny Gordon To rouclu?l? with the KOBBER'8 WIF t? Mark Red lane Mr \V Marshall. Larry O'Oif. Mr. C. Burke. Bote*, to cenu; Pit and (iallery, \2% centa. Doors open at Quarter to 7. tierionmnra to commence ?l hajf-paat * aLmO'VGPfcRA HOCbfc ? l'hnr?d*v_k-ttuiuf, JuT 22, tbe ptrlortname will commence with Di MB BLLLl ?O'ttmirk, Mr. Hyun CI Hi. Mm Mary Duff M?ry. Mis F.lira Mitchell To conrlude with DlAHI.L HGL G??Signor \iejo, Mr Antoine Lehman Alma M ile Adelaide Lthuuii Dr?iCi(ol?, it) i mill .Second Tier, 21 cents; Privtte Bolt < ti Uu in <>| ?u at 7f,. Performance to commence at d o'cloil tvfiTCt GARDEN.?Mr. Baikn, Stage Manager.?Oi y Thuitdav Evening. July 22, (he entertainments will torn mtnee with th. TWO GREGOKiES?Gregory. Mr liol laud: Mr. Gregory, Mr Walcot; Fanchette, Miss Clarke After which, a Grand Fu de Troii, by Misses Louisa, Am* lia. and Mary Aim Wells Toconclude withtne RENDEZVOUS? Simon. Mr. Holland: Smart, Mr. Walcot. Hose. Miss Clarke Door* open at Sh: Performance to commeuce at S. Admission. 25 cents. Great combination of amujkmknt* at V AUXHALL GAllDKN.?Monday Evening, July IV. and ever)' mttht tills we?<i ?Mont. Delacrou.llie distinguished aftnte, frotn Krac. will eiliibit hi? uunvalled Automaton Figures. His delightful exhibition will he inter.perted with danciug by the fascinating daiueuse Mad lie MsFTma. and singing by the following pol'ttlar vocalists : Mrs. Sliarpe, Slisa Bruce, Mr Kavanagh, Mr. Cjitiyle, and Mr.Oldlield, who will preside at the Piauo Forte. Tickets 2i cents, to admit a Gentleman and l.adies. Admis sion to the Garden, free. I', s ? Kur |>urti. uiiiit tr.- m.i.vll hillt j IB i C.vs 1'LK (IAKlit.N?btrtordiury Kxhibit*>u?? Til. Chinese Junk Keying is now lying at Caitle Gardeu Admission on board Si cents. G|>eii from ti o'clock, A. M. till 5 P. M. 11 J 2 w r BROADWAY THEATRE.?This establishment, no* erecting in Broadway, will be opened for Dramatic pur poiea solely, on >r about the first of September, under th< tnatngemen' of G. H. BARRETTPersons of acknowledged talent wishing situa'.icr.i fur th ?ill l.l ' ' " ,??? muttK inui vjirr-uiuui *i lira L.eon>tr<l atreei . A- MANN, sole Proprietor U/ Duriug Mr. Bnrreti'a uhaence in Europe, all Irttera am bnaiueaa couimuuicatioua may nc addreised to liii nxeut. irl3ilic W.CORUYN. No. 2 Barmy ?'rcei AMK.UCAN MUSEUM?PERFORMANCES both A teraoon tad Evening at 3>i aud 8>? o'clock. New and interesting collection of Wax Figures, cuu*utiu of the 36 Negri) Slaves captured fioni THE SCHOONER AMISTEAD, off New Haven in the year 1839. ' Alio engaged lor a aliort not v. THE ORPHEAN FAMILY. OR KENNEBECK VOCALISTS, the iuo*> popular and talauted company in America. Also for ono week more, a company of SHAKING QUAKERS, the only genuine one in the country. SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEO. T.iken by the American Ariny in Mexico, may be t?eu her at all hours day and eveninKAdmaaiau to the whole, 2"> cent HARLEM PA UK TROTTING COURSE. A purse orTHWry DOLLARS, to mwoI ?uth< ahote I "in .e mi Friday, July 23d. Twomili-aaud re peat, in lianir?<; free for horse* that never won a purie ovei thirty dolla'a. To cloae ut Greene and Bevina'a, 181) Chatham Square, on Thursduy, on or before III o'clock P. M., 22d. j. 22 It rc HIRAM WOODRUFF. Proprietor, UNION COUR8E, L. 17 TROTTING?A purae for SttU. milt- heata, bc*t I 111, U skeleton wagoua, free for all trotting lioraea, will hi Kiven by the proprietor of the above track, to come off Jul] 28 ; to cloae on or before 9 o'clock, on Thnraday evening, Jul] 22, at GREEN k BEVINS, Chatham Souare. Two or mori to make a race. GEO. Bl 1CER, Proprietor. jy212trc FIVE DOLLARS REWARD.?Str.?>eil lion lM| Delmouico'* Hotel, Friday evening laat,a fawn co "? >) loied bull terrier tint, medium sue, auawerito tin iriiiir of Ulnuoiu. The above reward will be paid to wlioete uill reiuru her, J>11 3t re AsJ) LOST?Krom the packet ship Zurich (about tw WQ weeks since) a Newfoundland Dog, brloiiiciiiK to th f> ?! '" Any informatii,n in relation to him will h auiuhly rewarded, ou application to Caplaiu Thoin|mon, foe of Rector street. _ . jytl 3tW M SETTER DOG?For aale, a valuable tlioroug broke black and white Setter Don. Apply, for fu titer particular*, at the Guu Store, 170 Broadway. JVM ?t*m ' M. ON AMI AhTER ""FRIDAY, Hie 21 W instant, the Excursion boat to the Elysia HbW^ lloboken.will leave the foot of Han oioud street, niitead of Canal atreet. at 10 anil 12 o'clock, A. A aud at 2, 4, and 6 o'clock, P. M. Nineteenth street aud u Field* at the Mine time us uow advertised. Fare each way? centa. j> 2i 2t*m FOB SHREWSBURY. 0< EAN H0U8I rnflwjPnilf Lciil: Branch, Rumom Dock, Browu's Duel WjPMHMk Middletown and Red Batik.?Tha Sieainboi !i VPuce, Maator, will iuu as follows, from Fulto Maiket Slip, Kant River :? Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. July. O'clock. Thursday, 22, 10 A.M. Thursday, 22, 2, I'M Friday, 23, II a M. Friday, 23, 3, P.M Saturday, 21, UU P.M. Saturday, 24, 4, r.M Sunday, 25, 5>$ A M. Sunday, 25, 4, P.M Monday, 2G, C A.M. Monday, 2fi, 3. I'M Tuesday. 27, A.M. Tuesday. 27, 4, P.M Weduesday, 28, 7 A.M. Wednesday, 28, 4, PM Thursday, 2!?, 8 A.M. Thursday, 28, 4>?, P.M Friday, 30,- ? A.M. Friday, 3D, lo. A M Saturday, 31, 7 A.M. Saturday, 31. 10)-?, A.M Snuday, Aur. 1, 8 A.M. Sunday,Auk, I. I'.VI The Line Stages will run to Unwell Works, Si|uan Villa* and Freehold. Stages to couTey ["assen^er! to all parts of th country, N.B. AH persous are forbid trusting the above boat ou at count of the Owners. J. P. ALLAlRE. iyW lit* re CONEY ISLAND FIlRRY?The con T II m^modious and elegant ateainer ION. Captai wnNWH \V eld, will, for the present week, run at tli following hours :? Canal street 10>? A. M. Pier No. IN. R 11 A. > " IP.M. " .... 2 P. A Rtluruiiiu, will lemc Coi;ey Island at 12.^ and 4>4 P. M. _ j2(l 5i* m 4t? STEAMBOAT KXCURSlClNS AN PLKASANT PARTI KS -The fast new lo m pressusc steamboat NORTH AMEBIC has Imcii especially prepared to accommodate Societie Schools, and Pleasure Parlies. The NORTH AMERICA is too well known by (lie rit xeus as a lirnt large and spacious steamer to need any pa ticulsr deacriptiou. Apply at 144 Greenwich afreet. jyll Htii*a i:ua vn rvMiuuinu i vn i </\to r *.cTCZ^,S I.ON I'AlVrV.-Tli.- onmien of the Thisri WaMMiMa Uenevolrlit Association, at (be pressing solic Miou of a number of(hen friends, have made arrangements I live ? grand Kxcursiou and London I'arly to Itoyeuu II". L Nordi Huer, on Thursday, I lie 22d lualauc. Tlic splendi steamer L'TICA, accompanied by (lie barge I'KATT, hav been limited?and every exertion will be n?ed l>> tlir man a (rnti) mike lliit eicursiou at least xiual to an> which havi |ircceded it. TickeU f I lor a ladv and genlh man, extra lad.e SO ceiiU, children under 12 >ean hall |>>ice?to be had u Mean*. Slodart, Dunham 61 Co.'a music s[ote, 3bl llroadvsay ( apt. A. McLean, SI vv nlker a Northern Hotel, 7'i t'ourt landt it; or of either of the maiufgers, or at the landings on tin morning of the etcu'iiou. The boat will leave the loot of Catherine it, Kaat Kiver. a 8' j o'clock , Liberty *t, ill 0, < anal ?(, .it ; Hammond at, a III and lU'll at, at 10k Ol'lojk. Hi turning, Mill land at I'Mh at Hammond, Canal and Liberty it*. ltcfreshmenUon board. K?f particulars see small lulls. jy20)ti?*m nit I'ACKKT SHIP HOTTINOUKR, FOR I.IV MrWpk. KRPOOL<?This ship having been detained, wil jUifa sail thi.i morning at IU o'clock. r*?<tugers ? i please be oil board, at weal aide BurliujsKp, at lUat hou precisely. Letter Baits will cln.e at (he usual placet at half r ut 1 o clock. I\22 re WuODW'LL St MIN I'l It V Hi.ut t OH LIVEKPOOL?The New Lme-Kekiili I'aoket of 21 it August?The snpeiior, fust satin jjlWM pacwet ship LI V Kli POOL, I IJil tons burthen, ( n| Juhu Kidridge, will tail as above, her regular dav. For freight or passage, hav ing elegant and superior acem inoda ions, apply to the captain oil Hoard, at wests'dr of Ilu ling slip, or to VVOODHL'LL St MINTUUN,U7 Huiitli i Price of passage $10(1. Thepacket ship Oit.en oi tne West, li'jO (ont bnrdie ( apt. rhiliii Wonihfrtiae, will succeed the Liver pool, and sa on her .e^i.lar day, 21?t Sept. j\22rc I'ASSAiil. TO AM) KHOM LIYKRPOO mHhPV by the New Line of Liverpool Paekeu.?I'ackei JHBAfe the 2'ith July.?The>o|;i.dit( new list sailing pack ship ItOrtC II'S, ll'ifl (ons hurtlieu, < alit. Kldiidge. will ta from New YorU on Monday, July 26(hland from l,ner|>o on (he llth i I September. Apply to W. li J. T. TAP8COTTat tl^ei; (ieneial I'hmi* Tjlhre j22rc (Hi South ttreet, tKConu door belo* "urling slip' PiVm ? ti1,IN|,|' ?IKI !'A' l-OK LTVK rvpjy',77- ' 'V'liM1 . ,*t( sailing parkef slop A IJBBiJj'jJ <i' Tucker, will positively sail r .TmV j -joiic ii is iarg?* and cirgant aecominnii*,rio lor a limited number of ifcoud cubin i?aa?erigera, in light ai l jury rooms on deck. mid her steerage n lofty and well ven * , "'riom wiMnii-g to proceed to Knrope, should rnal ?V "l?pIicnf|Qi4 uu board, foot of Dovrr ?t., or to Jy2? w. ^ j. T TAPSCOTT, M Honrh ?t i*? K()H LI VhKPOOL?New Liue?Regular pac liWyf > of 36th July?The nrw apleudid, l?*t sailtii MMHil^eWet ship ItOSCM rS, (amain A?a hldndge, v? i pojltitely anil as above, her regular uay. For freight or passage, Imviiiu *n|?erior furnished accon mooelions, apply on boxrd, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wn street, ot to K. K COLMNH. V, South st. The packet ship AJDDONH, Capf. K. B Cobb, will sue ceed the Uosciris, aud sail the 26th ol August, herregula day ie30 44 AT MVKKPOOL IA N'K r\( Packet of the llf'i of August?The splendid ret 'MNKp packer ship \VKST POINT, VVm. II. Allen, run ten will aaij an above, her reic 11 Imr day. l*or freight or passage, her accommodations being unau pasacd for room, elegance, and comfort, apply ou l>oard, at IVk of Maiden Lane, or to K. KKRMIT, 76 ttouth st. The well known packet ship Stephen Whitney, Diaries \\ Popharn, mauler, will succeed the West Point and aail lit Heptemfjer. her regular day j>21 2lt rc 4^ CO*|ONKKH Phil PACKKT HIIlP LIVhH kS^POOI'willplMii .end their permits ou board, JflSDfii'<ide Hurling Hlip, immediately. All goods uof i>e muted in fire day. mmt unavoidably be tent to the nulli store. WOODIICLL k MINTI UN. J?tl t? Ho..tii <r KOJC LIVKKFOOL.- Packet shiji V&littt 1 hHRVW TON, ( apt Howlaud.l 100 tons hurth'-u, to ?ail JBHKb her regular day, Gth ol August. The ar? oinun tli tiona lor c 2d cabin and steerage patieriger?, being niuii pissed by any ship in port. and the greater number ol hertl beiuif already engaged, those detiron < of etnhaiking in th splendid pa< ket should make early application on board, Jm of Maiden lane, or to j KA V. corner Pine and South streets rhe above will he'sticceeded hy the magnificent new i?u k sliip KHi POINT, ( apt. All* ii, huithcn 1.'jOO tons, to is 11th ol Angus! hut ruunlar da) persons desirous of sending for their friends in the O Country, can have thern brought out in either of the aboi ipplvingas ab< j\2f?rc l ??K NtW OKLkAnH Louisiana ?nd Ne Jiinf of rackets?The faat sailing IVket lia MUKa '^NKSKK, Thos. L. Muiott, master, is now I on ing, .md Hill positively sail on Monday, August '4. r Or freight or pasaago, having hsndsome Turiiisheil acco mod all on 1, apply on board at Orleans wharf, loot of W< street, or to ?. |? COLLIN*. . ., ? . 56 South st Agents in New Orleans, J (). Woodruff It Co., uhov. promptly forward all goods to their addreas. Packet shin Walash, Captain Hathaway, wi succeed t ! Ueueacc, and sail her regular day. jy lj f| I I L ATEST MOMENT* I ;! VlLtiOKiVUlO I LATER FROM AXSTZOO. I i. AMERICAN PRISONERS IN MEXICO. I - INTENTIONS OF OBN. SCOTT. I if. iVc. die. I \ tra < ru? d*t*i> to the 7th aad latum from the etty I of Mexico, froai Major G*Ium to the loth have h??p re I i crired at Now Orleaux I i They itate 'bat the rank and dl* or prisoners amount II to one hundred anJ serenty who have been released 'I and <ent to Tamplco. 11 The offloer* are *ttll in Mexico; but Major Oaine* had I received assurances from Oeneral Scott that Immediate- I ly on his arrival in the rioinity of the city be will make I peremptory demand* for their release I Gen. Scott had exerted himself In Tain to Insure I i their release. Major Ualne* say* all of Oen Soott'a I measure* are taken, preparatory to moving onwards. and > preparation* are nearly completed, ha Ting three nuffl| oient to accomplish his object* effectually, and had positive information of bi* readlnew to move on the capital three or four day* from the date of the latter. The Htuamer Galveston was discharging bar males at Vera Cruz, and would sail about the 10th for New Or, lean* and was expected there on the 14tb. BY THIS MAILS. i _____ Wamiisotow, July 20,1847 The J.ale \Trwi from Mexica?Tht Pvrptct? T&* ?fr my ? Tht Floating l)*ck?. ' The question now I*. does the lata news from Mexico afford a better prospect of peai'e ? I think it doe*, a* far r as thu Mexican government is concerned, and in g wise. Mr. Buuhunan's letter was published by the Lxacutlve government of Mexico, without a call for Ita publication by Congress, or from any other quarter. It must have been published immediately on receipt, aalt first appeared In an extra from the Republicano offloe, thua (bowing the desire of the K.xecutire to have it go among the people as soon as possible. I t? publication will strengthen i the bands of the peace party, a fact of which Santa Anna must hare been fully aware. If he were averse to peace, he would not publish it. Consequently, its immediate publication affords strong proof, that, so far aa it llec with the present Executive ifovernment of Mexico, there i is a prospect of speedy peace. But Congress was to decide. There is scarcely a doubt r that the wretched body having the name of the Mexican ' Congress will decide according to 8anta Anna'* dictation. A letter received here state*, on the authority of Mr. Bankbead, that a largo number of the member* of Congress are disposed to negotiate. Tha writer nra ventures the belief that a majority of the mar* In favor of uch a oourse IfthUbeso*, there 1* at ieaah* procpco i of a present cessaslon of hostilities, leading nOTlmproha J bly to a permanent peace with the government of Mextoo. s But it cannot bo concealed that there yet remains scattered over the extent of the Mexican Republic, the , seeds of further possible hostilities The military chieftains whom Santa Anna has sent into banlihment, will \ avenge the slight by accusing him, In the event of peace. of making traitorous terms with the United State* ? u There is great foroe in a popular " cry,'' and what " cry' r more Inflammatory than that of treachery andcorrup1 tion f Besides, the guerilla* are not to be eaaUy brought r under *ulyectlon. Hostilities may, therefore, be pro made. j Thti effect, th?n, of Mr. Buchanan's letter wsuld up ? pear to be, that so far as the executive government and I Congress are concerned, the praepect of peace Is much ? more encournping; but upon the popular masses?upon the guerillas, and the banished military chieftain* now hostile to Santa Anna?the effect is still doubtful, jj Letters received from the squadron give the gratify n lug Intelligence that the health of the men aud ofBoers I* excellent, aud that the Castle of San Juan d'lTliia U en I tirely free frnm disease Figures do not alwayu tell truth. The statement that General Scott has but eight thousand troop* by thla time, is built upon erroneous computation. 1 adhere to my former statement, that by the middle of July he had little, if any, less than fifteen thousand men under hi* | command, unless two or three detachments on tMi road [. to join hlui. lave been swallowed up by the earth, or by J the waters, or by the guerillas. Order* have uot issued, according to an erroneous statement In some of the papers, for the construction of a floating dock at 1'ensaoola The decision of v the Secretary of ttS Navy Is precisely as was shadowed " forth In the articU*ln thu Utrali of Saturday lost. 'Tie true, a pmpojal hi4 slace been made to build a balanoe }' dock at i'ensacola on the department'* own term*. Dut besides thu refusal of the patentees to sell to the govern ( mont thu right of constructing, and their Inflating on v, being themselves the constructor*, the Secretary does A not feci authorised to carry into elTeot a portion merely of thu Instructions of Congre**, and to leave the reft unexecuted. Three element* enter Into a work of thiaklnd; namely, the right ta construct on a certain plan, which is neee*'* fl&rilv si innnnnnlv?lah^r ur??l maUnUla -u|-u i. should be open to competition. The Department pro" posed to purchase the first; that in, tbe patent right (of J course merely the specific right to construct tbe dock* r ordered by t ongress on the pafenWe plan), and it dei nired to uiake the other two -labor and materials -opeu ' to competition. In addition to this, it was th* de?ire <>t' the Department that these work* should W subjected. M r' their various stages, to the inspeotion of experienced uaval officers and engineers, nuu might be able to iuf ' gent m:my practical improvements unknown to thw ' patentees. Tbe works will immediately proceed, and will 1m hi such a state of progress, nt the next session o( Congress. || that they run be completed with little losj of time, either r, as flouting docks or stone docks, after an appropriation , shailJi&ve been made adequate to their completion.? l?he Secretary has exhibited a praiseworthy firmness In - this affair. He has. an > matter <tf course, been subjected to much abuse j,ua misrepresentation for his steadfastit uess. This was to be expected. The pressure on tb? ? treasury was not a consideration with him, as, by the ' provisions of the art of Congress approved May 1, 18';'i no appropriation can be diverted from its original pur '!j pose. In tbe present case, tbe appropriation will be. In fact, applied and expended on the far aa it joss i" OALVIKN8IH of ft .... ""I Waimiwuiow, July JO. IIM7 I Th e I'roijirct of Ptacr. The thermometer I* running hard upon ninety. and still riaing. By a parity of rea*oning, It I* safe. there. K". foro, to assume that tho war I* not cooling down In L- Mexico, but Hint tho element* are Ntlll In a state of fusion and conftwion. Soott order* a halt to allow Trlat to 11,1 step furward yet once more with the oliTe bough, Sani',i ta Anna gives Mr Triat the wink, hint* In hi* ear at the three million*?wait n little, Mr Trl*t *11 right. Mr. Trist don't understand him ? populace clamoroti* for ik war- Santa Anna want* one more fight, got a big army and they moat he whipped before they will assent to v peace. The truth I*, the Mexican* are rather a hard people to understand; and yet, in.the science of diplomacy, neither Talleyrand, nor Mettern leh bare ever ex,r hibited the acientiflc juggling of the trade, a* It I* un deratood by Kejon. I'ena y IVna. Santa Anna, and tho i, Mexican politician* generally * Knr a good bargain then with the Mexican*, we ahould i- rather trust to the military than the diplomatic branch of the plan of the Lieutenant Oeneral. Col. '* llenton, It sterna, hold* the same opinion?In dlaclosing that hi* plan proposed "JO.OOO men each to I S<<ott and Taylor, in a simultaneous movement upon It the "Imperial city of the Altec*." HI* policy thtt presence of an overwhelming foroe, to peranade the ene< t my to term* at once, and through the diplomatic enrpa it In cauip to make peace at onoe The army vm to do r- the work of perauasion This plan, however, ha* not ie been exai tly carried out. Tho army, both of Scott and Taylor, .ha* been iuHiOtcicnt lor a junction, without which it will be extremely ditticult to perauade the Alt' tec* to negotiation* In till* state of the cue, the Ad'I' ministration baa adopted the diplomatic branch a* the r. main dependence in a speedy close of the war, the army m acting only a* the secondary mean* of coercion, in tha n event of a rejection of diplomat)* persuasion >t _ Wearo afraid the Mexican* see through the game They have but little faith In our magnanimity. The t f appearance of Trlat with a flag of truce, while Scott Is ,j stopped at I'unbla with alx thousand men. will be apt to rai?e their *u*piclon* that the offer of Mr l<l Trlat I* rather from necessity than generosity ' that the American general feel* himself In danger ?that he ha* no pru*pect ?f timely reinforcement* w - that he may be cut up and cut off reinforcements anil rk all?that Taylor ia in the same predicament, and may be treated in the same way?that the volunteers are lired of the service, and that the American armie* can no longer be Ailed?that thl* I* really the auspicious moment, not to tr?at, but to expel or exterminate the 4 aukeea. ill With all that vanity, that still uneon.juered ran ity. of the Mexican*, these *re very likely to be their r<-fleetlona on the appearance of Mr. Trlat, while Scott and

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