Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1847 Page 3
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, / " " CITY TMOB RKPORT. New York, Satukuat Ai-tbbnoon, July'14. This hiring been packet day for the Kr?jch steamer *Uniou. 'Change waa thinly attended, and transactions ' limited. The Hour market varied very little from yesterday's quotations. Sales of Genesee were made at fd J7X a to 60; of Michigan do. at t j '15. Some round ' rhoop Ohio iold at $6 1*1 a $5 '16, aud some mixed brand* do at $5 '15 A lot of Troy sold at $6 00. The xalea -were not large Sale* of Ohio white Wheat were made at 113c. Corn moved freely, aud wan rnoatly bought tor the pur pone of filling contract* falling due the present month. Sale* of good Western mixed were made at 63 a 6.>c ; flat yellow ?t 65 a 67c( and round do. from 67 to 70c. A small lot of handsome white sold at 69o Rye j atood at 70 a HOm. Oat* Held at 44 a 460. Weatern New York Meal sold At $'1 75 u $1 94. Provisions appeared some tinner, bat no sales of moment were reported; $14 "6 was offuned for mesa Pork; prime do. atood at about $ I'1 *15. In Oroceriea, transactions were limited, though prices f*r Sugar and Coffee were steady. Rtcriptt down the Hudson River. July '13. Flour 16,146 barrels. Corn meal 1,9i'l do. Corn. 61 505 bushel*. Wheat 7.840 do. .Rye 4,6'13 do. Aaii Halea of pota were made at >4 87X, market steady ; pearla were fuuble at$t> 60. and aalea small. Bur. miTi'tri. ? plow?sales, including several parcel* of good straight brands Oenesee, amounting in a<h to 2?0l> Darrein, were nade at $5 60; 250 do prime fresh grouutl sold at (5 ti;>?; 1000 do., fair quality do.. Hold at f.1 37 X " 60; 300 do Troy were sold at *6 .>U; 300 do. Miehigin, and 700 do round hoop Ohio sold ?r $5 12)4 a $5 18 ^ and 150 do Ohio sold at $5 24. JJ'Arat? Sales ut <i0( 0 bushels Ohio white sold on pvivate terms; 3Un0 do sold at $1 12 C?r??There w?.g a largo show of samples, and the article closed boqi'j less firmly than yesterday, though sale* were freely made; 1000 bushels white Hold on private terms, and liKjO do. at 69c. During the fore part of 'change. Y0,000 bushels changed hands, including we?r,ern mivd at 03 a 06c.; flat yellow ut 06 a 07 ceflU; J0i'.nd do 67 a 70 cents; 0000 do. round sold at 70 ; 3000 do. mixed, sold .it Ooc; and 4500 at ft'to- 1200 do flat yellow sold at (too. After 'change IP'^ round mixed sold at 05c. Mral?Sales of 300 bp' g COmmon western New York were made at $2 8244; j0 prjm, do, sold at $2 75; 400 do do. sold at the price, and 300 do handsome do sold at $2 94. IlVe iQoo bushels sold on private terms} Kye Ftour- _|10 wer<) <0ld at $3 68. Oaf? Sale* were BOid at 44 a 46c. A sample of Barley wad held 65c. Handles? Sperm remained at 30>4c a 3lo CofFKK?No sales of moment were reported, while prices remained the same. Cotton?The market generally was quiet to-day consequent on Its being packet day for the steamer. Prices "UUIIOUU 11 rill lib uur <(uub?kiuuB. at wuicii rata nuuui 1600 rules were disposed of, and aa heretofore, chiefly " middling" cottons for export. IiivKnrooL Classification* New Or leant Uplandt. Florida. Mob. <$ Texan inferior none. uoue. none. Ordinary 10% a 10% 10% a 10% 10^ a 10% .Middling 11% a ll*i Ilka 11% 11% a 11% Good Middling 11% a 11% 11% a 11% 11% a 12 Middluig Kair 12 a 12% 12 a I2V> 12U a 12% Fair 12% a 12% 12% a 12% 13 a 13 Fully fair 12% a 13 none, none !3% a 13% Oood Fair 13 a 13% uoue. uouc- 13% a 14 Fine uone. uoue. none, none, none, none. Kis h ? Dry Cod were steady at $3 3.'> a $3 60. There h?d been uo new arrivals for Beveral days. The Inst pales of No. 3 Halifax Mnckerel were made at $4 60 a f>4 <33%; scaled Herrings were firm at Boo. Fruit?Males of 1500 boxes Bunch Raisins were made it $1 45. Hay- The market was inactive at 45c a 50o. II c.tir?Dew rotted American was firm, the highest price at which sales have been made, reached $130 jer ton; Home holders demanded to-day $135. Lead?The last sales ware made at $3 03% a $3 76, ouh Molassks?No sales reported. Naval Stores?The market was quiet and nosales transpired by retail transactions. On s?About 1000 gallons Amoricanlinseed, city press. ed,sold at70ots caBh; 1< 00 do, country, gold at 63 cts, and 800 a 900 do do. English, sold at 68 cts, cash. No change in whale or sperm. Provisions ? Kor new Mess pork $14 76 was offered. New prime was worth $13 36, but no sales transpired. No change In pickled meats. Quotations for beef remained the same. Lard stood the same. Butter?160 k?gs Ohio were sold at 10% cents. There was more inquiry for pork, which was wanted for delivery in gome cases to fill contracts. Kick?The market waB quiet. The last sales were made at $4 87% a $5. Sugar?Wu report sales of 100 hhds Muscovado at 6 a 6% cunt*. Tallow? Prices steady but transactions were very light 3 Tobacco.?The market remainn in the name state mji last week, small sales were made rh reported below, most for city consumption For Keutueky and Virginia tobacco there is a better demand?tbo transactions were larger tban In the two preceding weeks, and prices firm. The stock Is very small. Sold Rec'd thh Stock Pricei. Ihit week. week, on hand. Keumoky, Virginia Tuitl N. Carufioa,. 2^to 7^ 200 hds. ? 2113 hds 3Ka0X Maryland and Ohio. ? ? ? 8 hdmCuniiecticut need,.. 4 to 15 Dei. ? 273 c?. Penuiv Ivuuia seed, 7 to 16 ? ? 2tW c? Floiiila 5 to 60 ? ? 100 ci. Havana 20 to 17X 60 bis. 60 bli. 744 bis *4413 Cuba 17 to 30 123 bis. ? 1338 bis. 16a? Vara 35 to 43 ? ? 256 bis tit Domingo ? ? ? ? Whalib'inf.? Prices stood at 29 ctfl. for N.W., and 30 ctr- for South Sea. Wiimtv - Sales of 50 bbls. were made at 2d ots., and : prim 11 hhli'H were also reported at 26)? cents. KKCir.n r? ?Eugagem?nts were made by different ves*tU to Liverpool at 3s 9d for flour, at lid for corn, and ?t 1 Did for wheat In bulk. An American vessel was taken up for Cork and a market to load with flour at 4a To London 4* was demanded for four, and I Id to '.2d f"r grain. To Havre rates were steady at 80 cents , lor flour, at 22 oents fo,c grain, and at \o for cotton. Married, On Sunday. *<fi? 30th in#t., br the Rev. Dr. Lllientbal. M?. Simon ^insheimkr, to Mim Esther Maisaback, both Ol ',0ijl C|ty Phil ^delpUia papers please copy. Died, t>n Sunday, 36th Inst. after a long and severe illness, I\ir Louis HiBBEKt, in the ?6th year of his age, a native of France. 1 HI. friends and acquaintances are respeotfully requested to attend his funeral this (Monday) afternoon at 5 u cluck, at his late residence, No 64 C herry street. On Snnday evening, the 'iith inst, Daniki. O. Mili.lii con ut Daniel and Elizabeth Miller,aged 17 months Til* fuiends and acquaintances of the faullv are respectfully Invited to at.?ud the funeral this afternoon, Jiith, at 0 o'clock, from 88 Clarkson street. LOST?Last Friday, going up in a Broadway stagr, from tlie Baitrrv to Prioce street, a arnall gold Lepine Watch, gold dial, ? ith tlie Initials C M. M engraved on ihe back.? li Iwd a little gold chain and leal attached. The finder will he Ubut'illy rewar-ied by leaving it at J. F. Siraburger's, No. 7.'i ^Ml street lt?m CjJ. ? MERCHANT TAILOK, 116 W illiam * Sir^n, opposite the New Storei ?That portion of my ininmr>)tock which is not yet sold, will be offered this week *r yr.1 low pncea My Cashmerett sacks, which I have been *e',,i ng for $ ID, will be (old for less. Other garments in propo iir.n. Kienc'i hlick Cloth Coats, finest qualiiy, mad? to n ei-ure, for CM. Lower qualities, lower prices. I hare a* much pleasure in selling a good article cheap as the public ha\e in buviug. Once customer, always a customer, is my ~A T A MKKTINU OF THK YOUNG MEN'S A8SOi\ ("lATlON of Bnokljn, held on their return from the I'ic N il sicuraiou at Kurt Hamilton, on Wodueaday, Hit inst., >i ? a Rci lived, Tliat the thank* of tbe Auociation be tendered toidftam Richard Yatea. of the stenmer Jacob Bell, for hia gent1 innnly conduct and attention to the comforts ol those wi h him in the Ja:ob Be 1 on that occasion. llesol rd, That we take pleasure in recommending the JaI com bell (i fine auo commodious her gentlemanly com iiaoder to associations a?d parties deairoua of going ou like etcursloiia. By order of the Association, JOHN OARVKY, President. Ba?iicy Mc^.irrm, Becretary. jylB It*re LlSf.N (jl N OH A \18?jiiat received, a lot of plain and I'lud I, neu OingliinH, of the beat quality Alio, plain ili ib B irege, f r dresses. Also, Mantillas and Viataa, 01 the Jatci ?tj In, which will be aold cheap hy 8COTT & MOORK, ivT, ?ri? r" 124 f anal at., ne?r Weat Broadway. 6(WW) AAA THORN qui ckJT kor sal*..- i he (UUvjvuv Subscribe! has completed arrangements i> i? >? leadylo enter into agreements with gentlemen ? iiliing to ma?e improvements ou their farma. The Thorn n ao wt II known to be the belt fence, and aa to the beamy of the hedge* it it unnecessary to comment ou Uentleinru tint have travelled Europe will aay, the thorn hedge fence in one t>( the moat beautiful that adorna the lawn or lieid The Subscriber will plant the Thorn Quick with an rn. aitem<-wl of tneir growth by the rod, or dispose of iheui by th~ 'h-uNtiid. [f7~ iVur?eT mei would do well to call on the Subscriber, aa he vr ill trade with the in on reasonable terms P. 8. McGUlNNKSS, 89 South street, ji;Klt*rh U" stairs. \V ' KO W LEY fc st>N, Needle and_ Fish Hook ?ianu* * facturers, Alcester, Warwickshire. England?Siore No. "T7 Maiden Line, (up stairs) New York. Wm C and Son j "caiiectlully mfoim the mnrliants of New Yoik and other | 'Citiea that having now on l and an ex'euaive atoek of tliei maniHaciurel article*, will tell to t> r trade or unportera at a airmail aiivtnre from their manufacturing prices. One of the iirn. Win. Crowley, bei< g now in England, anu intending Nhortly to increase their establ.thmeut by the erection of atntui mills, we shall be enabled to sell at ex reinelylow prices. I Iv'Vl'ii'rc _ __ N"oTT'"k i o~?<ko? 1:h8. hotel K- ki'7k?, &.T- I 8EO \R8! 8 OAH8! 8KOAR9 !-H. HENHiQ' 'ES, No _I0? Bro_>d ?a?, corner Pin* street, haa just re- I ceiyed per ctiiiae BMW. from Havana, a rhoice aaaortin t "f the beat branda, well worthy the attention of dealcra k il th? trade in gine-al. j> 23 Ilfir N'(Vi H K IV) ft VI UK K K Vf HK N H1QU K? neg? leave 10 call the intention of hia I'rienda, and the lovera f the favorite ? eed, aa well as the public in general, to ejamine hit choice and menaire aaaoriment of Havtu* and Principe Heg ira Some nl'the moat delightful brands juat received jiei Chllde Harold,h??ii>* been aelected under rhe mapection of one t>f ih beat jodjea in Havana, iu oider to pleaae the moat f*?ti liou?, anil n r lo be aurpaaaed by any other collection in tliia city, oi elaewher*. No 100 Broadway, I 1 it * p romer of Pine atr'et. NO. I ~ TO r A N A UI AN 8KU VK r ANC ltBS?J he Subscriber bega to c .11 th- atr ntion 01 nia Ca. Hilian Friend* and the Public in general to h'a aelecieil aaior.ment of itmiorted Havana anil Principe Begara, w ich be vill diapote of on at I beral lerma aa any importer in ti e city. H HKNH QUfc*. j v t"i in ?re 106 Broadwa . corner Pine at ) ! n V t,r..?I i.e B r and ( iitute* of he Porter houve J in VV C'on arr-et tngetner with th-arock of aegari aa alao the tin d will .)f the un?*pir?-tl erm of ttie lene. Apply Immediately to OLIVKH CHARLK K j n ?i?m 9 ' reit'ea tlip TO UK - 11*1 H. I)KMAL I)KPO'l ,'iH BIUJaUVV AY New York, where maybe found a complete aaaortment Jit I>, >1 Initriimeura fold Kuil Plate, Wire Solder, ?l" vl spi iuga, plat int. liold, I roil. pre.iimared Silver, ail... line, wire,aoldar, fcc. JOSEPH T. MUJLimY. 'ftl *??nt W ANTtD-Tbxi Silver Platen, good workmen. ?t $H " pt' week Those who t-iu influence .wrk. preferred. Alto, two boys, ailed II, 10 learn the trade in nix pay ill ten for I enme; and one boy to ?erve three years fur usual compensation. Two uieu will also instructed the art on a new plan, iu tliinv daya. for a small payment Gal* vamc Plating taught alao, at the factory, 7J Chatham street, Itli story. i V*?i lt*rh A RESPECT \BLK WOMAN wuta ? ainadoa iu the ri ciuitrof the city, Brooklyn pre'erred?to do cankiug or w ,shing and ifontUK- Please call at 101 Madilon street, first flour, where she car. be seen for two days. jyK lt*m WANTED?Situations by two respectable yoiM* girls, Protestants, one as nurse and sewing. the other for chainberwork and waiting maid, or to mind children and sewing. is wr II accustomed to the work; or housework of two or three iu f linty, she can wash and uou good. would have uo 1 bjeclion to K'> travelling fora few months. His good recoinmeuda(ions Please ca'l at 8<i Ninth street, bi tweeu the Bowery and Third avenue, second door, back room, from 8 iu the morning till 5 in thr ilfn JyHtf WANTED?Au active, Itjr, Miaportilic dry good* vtore, to m tke himself generajly useful. A small salary only a' fir>t, with the prospect of udv uicement. An uueicepriouable chmacrer indispensable. Address, iu the haudw riling of the applicant, J, box 267i Poat Office. jyf6 3t*m WAM'Kl) IMMED1 ATEL. Y?A lew souer and industrious men to solicit subscriptions to several beautiful illustrated London works. None need apply unless they can give responsible city references, aud are well qualified to inike good agents. To all such the most liberal eucouragement Will be niveu. ROBERT T. SHANNON, jy'O 8t is .MkW ?m I1K Nassau s'reet. WANTED BY A YOUNU MAN.?A lint rate dry goods salesmau wants a situation in the city of New York; one who has had some yeart experience iu the busiuess. and a thorough busiuess mau. The best references giveu. Address l". I , Washington City Post Office, D. 0., which will meet with pr' inpt attention. jy9 7teod?rc INFORMATION IIEUUESTED as to an Italian gentleman named MEDIC IS, w ho arrived iu this city from Leghorn in I82i. This gentleman '? represented as being at that time about 55 year* 'if age, and a very good looking man. I ifonnation thankfully received by EBENR. THAYER,6 W 'll Hireet. jylj lawJt'rc NU1 I1 t.?OMtkBUDOl I tinil les hiving Hf supei tlmus effects, ?uch a* jewelry, firearm*, lad e?'or gentlemen's wcaiii.g upparel, Die., which they desire to dispose of advanr ger uily, have the bent opportunity of doing ao by sending for the subscriber, who will miend them at their resitieuces by appointment. H. LEVETT, office No 2 Wall at. corner of Broadway. Order* addressed through the Poat Office or a Call, will rereive prompt attention. jviti 31*rc U~n7tf7u~ikvsiritti7'(.al association ok f*e,w VOKK.?The above Association will hold a special nieeti< g at Tainiuauy Hall on Tuesday evening next, 27th inat. at H o'clock, to co-operate with the other societies ill payiug a proper tribute to the memory of Daniel O'Conuell AM Rep ale s and suppoiteri of O'ConiieU'i principles are invited to attend. Bv order, jy253tis?ic CHARLESE frHEA. Secretary. PtlOI'OSALS KOR UL ILDINCJ?Proposals will lie re ceived at the office, No. 8 Old Slip, for adding to the Sea man's Retreat, fifty feet to each wing, to be built of the same materials and plan of the present hospital. Estimates will be received for the work complete, including copper roof, painting. Ike. &c. till the 3d August. By order oftlie Board, j v2'? lot rc RIISSfcLL PLOVER. Secretary. CsaI' and LETTER PAI'Eit.?a full assoitment of a'l / qualities, plain aid ruled?also rag. straw, and palm leaf Wrapping. For sale by JAMEs NORVAL, Jy?l 0 N_o. 100 John street. AGRICULTURAL ROOMS, LYCEUM BUlLDINO Mil Broadwav, New York. HORTICULTURAL EXHIBITION?At the suggestion of the State Agricultural Society, whose Kair will be held at Saratoga Springs, on the 15tfi of Sept., the Americau Agricultural Association have ehauged the time of holding l'vi..i... ... ,i.? o.i i n.i. ..r a n a.. siruus of aiding the cause of Horticulture, are earnestly inriled to exhibit specimens of Flowers, Fruits , or Vegetables, and to compete lor premiums. fmiUUH may be obtained of Mr. James Hogg. Seedsman, 062 Broadway, opposite the Rooms?of any of tlie principal seedsmen iu New York, orol the following executive Committee :? Luther Bradish, Win. Coventry H. Waddell, James Lenox, Shepherd Knapp, Theo. Frelinghuysen, Kulus King Delalield, Archibald Russell, R L. Pell, Edward Clark. j yll6Qt*rc D.P^GARDNER, 8ec'y^ I CHALLENGE.?-Notice to geulfei..eii who want ffluvu theiroU clothes to look like new, call nt the Tailoring, Itying. Cleaning and Repairing Establishment, No. 77 Gold street, corner ofGoId aud Spruce, where orders will b? punctually attended to at the shortest notice, and ou the most reasonable terms by J. B. NOAll, 77 Gold si N. B.?The highest price given tor gentlemeu's left off wearing apparel. __ivH 30t?m 'IMMOLAT'S SULPHUR BATHS. No. 517 PEARL I. street, near Broadway.? These Baths have been establish ed for the last twenty-six years, and are the ouly Sulphur Baths iu the city. They are highly recommended by the most eminent physicians, for the cure of rheumatism, salt rheum, chronic complaints, eruptions of the skin, be. Medicated Vapor Baths also given dailr. from A. M. to I f. VI. i? Mr?r AU V KRl'ISfe..VlEN 1S are dally lor warded lor publication iu the best Newspapers of all cities and principal towns in the United Stales Canada, Ike., by the accredited agent, V B Palmer, who is also authorineu to receive subscriptions. The agency is iu the Tribune Buildings. jeW Wl*r 'T'OOTHACHE?TOOTHACHDr. PRlTCHAnD 8 JL Magic Toothache Mixture, warranted to affoid immedi ale relief, aud superior to any Tooihache preparation known.? Prepared by an experienced deutist, and approved by able dentists aud physicians throughout the Uuion. Trice per vial. 26 cents; wholesale npou reasonable terms. Office No. 128 Beekman st. corner of Front, and opposite Kulton Market. I*l? 10f?rr /\K HUKN.i?12IIU superior cjii il ty Southern. Sliiu Knees?67 of desiinbie Old Iro ?46 uiua superior qualify. Railroad Iron?1600 nieces broken. hue Beans?30 bbls superior quality. Now lauding per schoouer Ellen, and for s-le by LANdDON H HAVEN, jV2-I ll'in 7 Heaverslreet. rPtifc- A i r tNTIO > , OF. Gfc NTLEMil N AN D LAX DIES visiting the city, is respectfully directed to that very desirable reneat, PARK 1'l.ACE HOUSE, corner 01 Bioadw <y and Park Place,opposite the City Hall, Park and Kuu.itaiu. and in the immediate vicinity ol all the places for :>uaiuetl or amusement, affording stranger* greater advantages li 11 auv other hotel in ilie city. Park Place House is now undrr the direction of the subscriber who will at all times be happy to see Ins friends and pairons. ISRAEL 8. TUCKER. P. *.?A splendid parlor and two bedrooms to let >0 permannit hoarders. jy24 3t*rc LOSi-TWENTY KlVE DOLLARS KEvvakU- lhe ubscriber will pay $2'? to any person who W'll return to lull! i;r Ins bju, John H Maglier, Eaij , 41 Wall street, N. Y., a large sized Kustel TRUNIC, with its Content*, marked A at earn end. lost by the subscriber on the 17th of May last. j v 21 fit*rrc C^aoi uhKcLoTHING AND KUi\NITUHE. WA.V1'. J KD ?Ladies and Guntleinrn having any cast off sr super* lluous cloilinig or furniture 10 dispose ol, can obtain a lair cash price fur the same, bv sending a note, or by calling on the ?ubscriber, at his residence, or through the post, which will be punctually attended to. H. DK BOER, 71 Canal street, up stairs. N B. Ladies can be atte<<ded to by Mrs. Oe Boer. Old stock and job goods bought, of any description and nin iint jyM Mr*rre CHURCH OROiN MANUFACTORY. uEOROE J ARDfNK, 83 Anthony street, New York Established Twelve Years. jy24 3flt*rc ANTHONY'S NATIONAL IJAUUtuRREA^UEPOT, 217 Broadway, New York?E. ANTHONY, (late Anthony, Clark tc Co., Importer of French Plates, Frames and Chemicals, and German Instruments, General Ageut for the supply of Daguerreotype Apparatus, and materials of everv Uexn'ption, both ?>f foreigu and hume manufacture. Mr. A. having retired from the business of portrait taking, dri >.?'> Iiiinseli exclusively to furnishing the various materialsrK|lflWiatheart. His long experience an a practicalDagm-rreuiypeist, gives him eminent facilities for supplying the be^t qaality of articles on the most reasonable terms. jylt 30f m Li'i i.' >URAPHIC STONHS.-EDWAKl) WIHTHS No. 90 John street, offers for sale a superior quality and as?<riuieut of the above article, both of the blue aud yellow stone, which he will be willing to sell upon favorable terms. jyU 30t?rre ?E<JAIIS 8EOARS, SEUARS.?H. HENRI (1UKS re0 spectfully informs his friends aud the public that he has opened the store No. 1(16 Broadway, corner of Pine street, for the exclusive sale of imported Havana aud Principe Segars. where will be constantly on hand a choice assortment of ill the favorite brands. N. B?The trade snpplieil on liberal terms jv9 J0t*rc riH) JEWELLERS, MINIATURE PAINTERS, fcC? 1 C. k J. HAKTNETT, No. 2 Courtlaudt street, near Broadway, wholesale and retail manufacturers of travelling, writing, dressing and jewrlry Boxes Miniature Cases and Settings. Flute Locket; watch, ring, pin and peucil Boxes; cases lor silver plate neatly arranged to order. Also, Trays made and fitted to jewellers' show oases, to contain watches, chains, rings, keys, pins, thimbles, peuens. Ike. A variety of the above articles constantly on nand ana made to order, with neatness and despatch, No. 2 Conrtlandt street, New Vork. __ _jvl0 3llt?rc LkOKK KRERES BRANDIES?Constantly received and for sale by tin subscriber, (entitled to debenture) a fall assortment of the several brands of the above well known Brandies, consisting of Cognac, Rochelle and Bordenn tlavors, 01 a great variety of vintages, new nud old, in anil % pipes, which are offered at tne lowest current prices by the importer. Dealers are invited to call tud examine samples. HEN BY LEUEK, mv2Q 10t*r Office No 104 W?|lstreet. Wew York. J EK.VAi.KNTA.?The undersigned have on hand a (re?ti apply of Krvalenta, a valuable remedy in obstinate rw? of constipation Put up in pound packages. Kor tale, wholesale and retail, by DKLLUC & CO., Apothecaries and chemist*. Sole successors to FLACK &80UILLAKD, mWWIt're No 3 Park How. anil 'i?l Kruailwav. A CARD.?CH.-sRLKS WllLKb (son-in-law ol the lite Ralph Jaines, for many years proprietor of Nautilus Hall, Tomi kinsville, Mtateu Island.) respectfully informs hii friends and the public, that he has leased (hat beautiful romantic Cottage and Uaxdens, the property of L)r. J no. T. Harris >n, as a Boarding House and Public Garden, where he trust* to merit their favors. It is located close to the shore, a little south o< PI -nter's Hotel Dock, and named Romantic i ottage Toini'h insvil le HrMten l?l*n?l Jnne 17 tR47 i*IO llltr O.CLAIMANTS, lw.-MJKN~KRAL AOKN cYTl the city of Washiugtoo?The nudersigned, geueral agent, notary public. and justice ,.f the peace, respectfully infoims the public that he has removed his office to the building our door south of Chubb k Meheuck's exchange olfice, on 16th street, opposite the Treasury Department, where he will promptly and faithfully at'eud to any business in the above line winch may be entrusted to his care. Persons having claims against the general government, and who may Confide themioiiis management, may rest assured that tiiey will be speedily at'tnded to Bounty land warrants or treasury scrip will-be secured for the officers and soldiers of the present war. and the highest cash price obtained lor the same. 'I he undesigned will keep his office open (rom 8A.M. until 6 o'clock P. .VI t'is dwellirg house is on Louisiana Avenue, nearly opposite the City Hall, where, in case of pressing necessi y, he can be seen and consulted before I A. M , and alter 6 o'clock P. M. Please p?y the postage. jv"" ? nnnmr.i. m f/n iMUH. NOTICE?The subscriber* inform the public that Ui?> have junl received their supply of Mineriil Wairra direci from the Spring idcIi as Mharou, Blue Lick, Heltzer, Knnn Iter, Vichy. Itc . he., all particularly beneficial al thiaseaaon of the yaar. Tliey fulfill, aa uaual, all ordera for the aame. wholeaale and retail, >1 their establishments, No. 2 Park How ami ill Broadway, near Prince street. DKLLUC It CO.. JeJ9 3nt*r Hole successors to Place It RnuilUrd. VI EINHAKOT'S h STOTY'HiilUihlJ BHAnh l.hf L?1 TKM FOR 3HJNB?Office 20 Maiden Lane, entrance Green street.?These letters are remarkable for durability, and a brilliancy of the gildnil unequalled by any other article in I the city?which brilliancy ia warranted to itand exposure | to the weather gThev are also iapanned to any color that may b ..IKir.,-0. ! SQbAR LAMPS, OIRANDOLCt. HALL LAN-' THORNS Tea Trays, lie.?The subscriber haa now ready lor inspection one ol the beat ?eleclrd ?tock3 of the ahore articles in this city. Country dcalrra, churches, hotels, and iTivate familiea, will find it to their advantage to call anil ti, in I lie the above atock, which will be aold at reduced rrices. JOHN VV. MORGAN, iv'4 TOfrc IVI pillion at one dour ?a?t of Hroadv _ ( LOTHLNU. A FULL AND FASHIONABLE BUIT, READY MADS. FROM AT THK CLOSING VAREHOUSL' , u?M*r Sn im roitoa BROWN'S HOTEL.?The undersigned, (aoaaof the Ute | proprietor, Jesse Brown,) have the aatiafactlou of informing their frit-lid* and the public generally, that the Hotel ao louii and Uvorablv luiowu a* 'Brown'a Indian Queen Hotel," Wastir gton. h is, by au arrangement among the heirs. come into the full po*?e>aion of the uuderaig' ed. aa aole ownera.and tint tlicy alone will hereafter conduct thia extensive and oom utodinm eaublishmeut. They pledge the in .elves to uae every eiertiou to uplin d (he high reputation and reta il the l.rire business whicti it has heret.<foi? |K>*sesaed; and they earneatly hapt. by the improvements lu the building and the reuovatiun of furniture abuut to be luide, together wilhaatrict and unremitting attention to the dOuifo't of their guests, t? merit and rrceive the usual large share of public patronage with winch it haa aw long been houored. T. P. BKOWN, .. MARSHALL BROWN. Washington, D. C., July!), 1)147. j y 17 ISteodrc (Ik k(uNfOK'J LUNU ISLAND PKi.ONIo Hu t S.. ? " Thia beau'jful, healthful, and comtnodioua building, adapted for viai'era, boardera, a|>ortaineii. ike., itc., furmailed in (he highea( style, ia uow read)', under a management determined to auatain Ita reputatioa. Commanding the view ol the I'econic Bay, the harbor aud steamboat lauding, the L?ug (aland "ouud, and neighboring villagea of aiuurpaaaed pie(ureaitue scenery with privileges of pleasure boaiing, flailing, and sporting generally, aecureu to the viaitera. The interior of the mansion, for private or family accommodation, ia unequalled for the advantages it poaseases, in the size, quality, aud embelliahuieuta of the rooma, Uower gardens, bath liouaea, exclusively for ladiea aud children, and other aourcea of healthful recreation, Bailing, riding, tiafuug through the Bay aud Sound, outside. The facility of rearniug the city by railroad ia aelf-ap|iarent, and the reaponaibility oXthe whole ia repoted in the uuderaigned, whose reputation requires uo panegyric, anil whose entire tare will be devoted to render the Pecouic Houae, from ita nil meroua local beautiea, aud healthful ad vailtagea. the moat faahiouable and popular reanrt of the season. 8. W. FA1RCHILD. Superviaor and Stewart. [T^ Male and female attendant* of experience are engaged, and the cellar atocked with wiuea, alea, he., of the fureat aud choiceat branda. 8. W. K. jeWStaw lm*rc _ Ot,i.AIM UUllSb, SHRK W.HBURtf <yi.o?iie Uie Higli l.imia of Neveranik, O H. WILLISTON, Proprietor.? The above houae having beeu enlarged aud refitted, ia uow fitr t>.. ........ Thr V..hi..? I...71 Sv> Ht.tiiti.Lr nr. uusur passed. The steamers Oru? ami k.. Lewis, leave daily fur the Ocean Home Ko. time of departure, see advertisement in Conner ami K.nnuirer and Sun. jvlll Ut*in:lt.iw TuThSat tiTHTuULhTy'd MOUNTAIN SPRINGS, iSeiwout Hall, O N. J ?This establishment will remain o|>eu uutil the 1st ol' October. Having been refurnished and fitted up, it now offer* many inducement* : the location isjinlly consideredunequalled ; amusement* of the belt kind : the highly medicinal qualities of the mineial water* ; excellent accuinmodntiou*, he., Sic. Route by K. K. leave the foot of Cortlaudt atreet at B A. M.. 12 M. nud 4 P. \1. Through in 7 hour*, daily. jv 14 liteoil?rc MR8. K. A. HINCHMAN. JuNl'.S' HOPKL, Mo. 1)2 I lit-Uim! street, t'lul tdeliiiiia The subscriber*, uuder the firm of Bridges Ht West, liave purchased Mr. Jones'interest ill this establishment, and hope by the strictest attention to the wants aud comforts of rheir guests, to merit a continuance of the liberal patronage heretolore received by its former proprietor. The house has been thoroughly renovated, nud repnird; we therefore feel assured we can welcome our friend* and the public to accommodations equal to any in the city of Ph'ladelphia. N. W. UR1DOKS, jvjo 14tnrc JOHN. WKMT. Kii . t, a mouse*, rtiw HuunkbLr..The subscriber beg* leave to inform In* friends and the public generally, Ins hou*e i* now open for the summer campaign. The whole establiahmeut has been eutirely reuovuted aud very much improved since last year. The rooms have beeu newly fitted up in a superior style, and will compare with the best. They will always be found ueat aud cleau. It is somewhat surprising that this delightful spot is uot more known to first class I imilies lu the city, who are every summer seeking places to resoil to for health aud pleasure. It offers gieat inducements to families coming on from the South, as tliev will liud this a most healthful place of resort. The jilace is appro icliable by laud or water daily. This beautiful soot was opened eight years ago by the present occupuut, aud , lias tyeeu kept up ut great expense as a select house lor private families, aud lias been liberally supported. The times are now changed, and iu the warm weather is coming soon, the subscriber ha* no doubt his house will be .hortly filled, and, therefore, advertises in order to advise families to apply early The undersigned has great coufideuce in being their patronage, and he i> now ready to treat wit)) families and l> irtie? lor room* to board upon fair terrai, by the day, week or mouth. Transient company can always depend upon being accommodated. Rooms can be secured on application at the h >use, or by letter. c. K. KICK. New Kochelle, June 19,1847. jylO 30i?rc Vl/TllrhTtlOUttK SALOON. NO. 7 MERCMt H i' tt Mrs. J. POSTLEY, late of Philadelphia, having leaned the above house, and oroughly renovated the interior with new and costly furniture, adding hot, cold and shower bathi, lor the accommodation of the boarders, is now ready to re ceive boarders This house will be found a most desirable resideuce for singlege <emen, being within a few momeirwalk of that great thoroughfare, Broadway, and a few do< >> above Canal street, in a quiet and retired street, free from I noise incidental to most h uses of this description. To the house there is a bar attacheu. The liquors and segars are no to be surpassed by any establishment in the city ; nnd M.. Postley hopes that by the untiriug e florts of herself and the i. n merous attaches of her honse, she will be able to give geueidl satisfaction to all those that may favor her with a call. jy3 30t*r WAN i ED?THE PROPHIETOR OK A? EXCEL LENT SALOON, located in the most central ami bu,ines* part of Uroad ?a v, wo> Id like to dispose of the esta blisbmeut, and leave the city, tins establishment canno' be surpassed for location and respectability in the city of New York. ll'.tp r..rilih. nlaaan h\ i*a1I ,!.? 1 41 < Broadway, or',4 lleade,or 15 Wall street, up stairs, on fir?t floor. jv2t 3t?rc FAK l'Miitt. W ANTLL).?-The subscriber, desirous of ex rending hi* busiuess, wislies to obtain a putney with a cash capital of from six to ten thousand dollars, in the preseut business Of Livery Stables and Hidiug School. Tf a person having the iequisite capital, and wishing to establish himself iu the above line of business, the present offers an excellent opportiimiy <'l making a capital inV(MtMnt| he/nga safe and luciat ve busiuess an<l well established, and is considered the best location in the city, being situated it llie junction of'those great thoroughfares the Bowery and Third Aveuue, and running through to Lafayette place. The inemises cover an area of twenty thousand mju ire fret, the building It of Wrick, and one hunuied feet front by ote hundred auu thirt>-six feet in denth, with several stables and sheds attached. The Hiding ^cnool is the most fashionable as well as ihe best patronized in the city. The subscriber is proud to add, that he can refer 1st hundreds of the first families and merchants of this eity, as to chara< ter and capacity. The beat of references given to and required from applicants. For paiticular* apply to W. H. JJISBKOW, jy?0 7t#m Hiding 8ch? ol 408 Bowery. r^iiK.Nt il AND SPANISH LANCiU AUKS - AfAN A-T 810 PfcTIT, Professor of French and Hpanish languages, as oi>eued a course of the latter at 268 Broadway, ent ranee 2)a Warreu street. It will commence as soou as there be a auificient number of students. On account of the new-intercourse with Mexico, it may become useful t? a gTeat many Americans 10 h ?ve a knowledge of Spanish. The Professor, who has resided for years in spaimh countries, is thoroughly acquainted wiih that language, and hit long habit in leaching, eu.iules turn to promise to hn scholars a irood success in a very hurt tiine. Private lessons will also be given hRENCH LANGUAGE?Lestonajn French will be given by 'he same Professor, a uative of Pans, either at his house or in private f mil in jySO 6t*rrc Drug tl'OK?AT MIDDIJCTOWN, CQMN^Om of the best retail Ding stores in the State of Connecticut is now oifrred for sale. 'I o a person capable of conducting the tiusiuess. and haviug a small amount of means, this store offers inauy advantages to the purchaser A valuable lease for five years wi 1 be assigned. The store has had a new front pat in this summer; ihe new railroad, couiiectiug Middletown with the city of New York, will soon be in operation, and the " bridge question" has been decided in favor of Middletown? all of which will reuder this store valuable to a person understanding the business. Apply either by letter or personally, to SAMUEL BGWNE, Druggist, )21 Bt*rc 83 John street. New York. HPO THE PUBLIC?Give my articles a trial and judge for X yourselves. 1 warrant them all to be as represented or the money refunded. MY EAU LU8TUAL HAIK RESTORATIVE. This universally approved and admired article, tree from all ardeut spirits, puugent essential oil, and other destructivi materials, cleitns the hair expeditiously, renders it beautifully bright, and imparts to it the delicate fragrance of Ihe (lowers Hair washed with this extractsoon becomes pleasingly soft, andluxuriant in its nwll,adi it will positiTtiy bring iinew hair on bald heads by its use, and hair that lias been made harsh and is turnuig gray or falling out, by the use of spirit or other improper preparations, will soon be restored to ita natural color and brilliancy by a few applications of the Kati Lustial. It Is a preservative agaiust baldness, auil an infallible cure in all affections of the skin on the head, as dandruff, and for preventing the falling off of the hair and turning grey. Evidence.? Nature is an inexhaustible mine, in which experience and study always find room to excavate; it is that souj-i e alone which produces all that man calls invention and he would do better perhnpi to name adaptation. Kor sale by Jules Haul, Chemist and Perfumer, Philadelphia. Hold wholrsale and retail by A. B 6c D. HAN DS, Druggists, 100 Kulton street, Corner or William: Henry Johnson, 3TT3 Broadway; and at retail of A. K. Artault, 149 Broadway) J. B. Jac(|nemod, 4li Broadway, New i oik. jeJUOfr DAY'S PAT NT IIOHfc?Kor sale in iVrw Vork by the inventor and manufacturer. 23 Courtlandt street; Jaincs R. Widter, 29fi Broadway; Joseph H. Ash, 293 Broadway; J. 4l 9. Thilbin, 3 Dey street; W. it H. C. Cliardavoyne.134 (Cherry street; George f. Howell, 32 Park Row ; Karr Ik Briggs, 30 Hector stieet; < eorge Kultou, Hi Broadway; Kmgnt U Rhodes, 831 Broadway; Thoinra Hanson, 320 Broadway ^Miller Si (^oatrs'IH> Grand street; Charles Pitt Ik Hon, 17 Third V .il.l U~... )|(1 lll..?..l...i i T II ?.1 way; j & j. Stuart,82f> Broadway; J. P. lJuuiii, 541 Broadway; H. K. Trowhrid|fe,2IO Water atreet; McKenzie it O'Hara, 6.M Broa<l -ay; John Hudaon, Union Sotiare, corner Fourteenth atree J. Aken, 191 Siith avenue; Samuel Pryor, 2M Third avenue, f'luinhera;and D. Hodginan, corner of Mnidrn Lane and Naaaauatreet, and no where elae in the city of New York. je< 3tlt rc GHOULDER BRACKS, and BODY BKLT8 ?A?ate'a Premium Paleut Klaatic Shoulder Brace, ao liu Ty recommended and patroniaed by the moat eminent aurgeoua in tliia country, for children or adulu, who are inclined to atooji or are rouud ahonldered, or affected apine peraons with weatneaa, or pain in the cheat, thoae of eoiianmptive or aedentary habita, or thoae confined by atndy, or at the writing de<k, a? they will find thein nn mvalu lble article to brace theah?uldera, expand the cheat, thereby giving a Iree and ealthy actiou to the lunga. Mecliamca and laborer*. I>y " earing tliia brace, will be able to do more work with lea fati ue.aawell aa improve the form. To be had wholeule am. reiail at J.AOATE'8, Gentlemen'aoutlitling atore. IV Broadway, comer of Park Place. N.B.?Alaoa anpenor Body Belt, or Abdominal .Supin<rter highly r?cnmm?nif?d. jv*sor*re HOLK8ALK HHIHT WAKKHOU8K, No. 14 Pit" atreet,2d door from William, where may be found large aaam tinent of Shift*. of every quality, made in the Int atylea, anil of auperior workmanahip. Fancy and Plain Lit, VlUklin and eommM Shirta, conatantly on hand. Southern and Weatern merchaiita are reapertfullr invited call before purchiain*. JOHN WOOL8KY, 34 Plait a j y 10 Mt r i < CLARET! CLAKfcT! Cl-ARI/i'!^ THE SUBSCRIBER would inform the public that !.< keei.a conatantly on hia atore, No.l Barclay atreet corner of Broadway, the beat quality of Claret Wine, Hi would palticulary invite the attention of holela and public boiMea, wtinm he wilt aupply hv the gallon or barrel, aa may bestauit their convenience. He leela aaaured they will he kto.MlL CHALK* EC HOT OVlPOi N i? Ml POK HVUHIODATCU? I f'?>* ami, Hartat>nrilla and Yellow Dock.?Thw medicinal | rrmeny u published lor the sole benefit m mow sum-ring i ??m rleumatism. plius and stiffneas of the joints, awelling of the muscular substances near them, eruptions of the skin, and all diseaaes arising from an impure state of tbe hlood, Ike. It is prepared finm the purest articles and is warrauted to give satis* faction It thins, purifies and quickeiM the circulation, allays irritation, and leave* every i>?rt o| the auunal ecouomy in a |* 'fect state of health For tnese complaints arising from the injudicious and long continued use of mercury, this combination nay be considered a Kpecitic ; cases that hire long resisted all other treatment have be?n rapidly and entirely removed by this powerful alterative syrup. Tiepared and for ?ale, wholesale and retail, by CHAKLK8 M. MING, Druggist and Chemist. i- 10 10* #v?f lob.. ?f V V jpKICSH IMPORTATION.- VV ScoTi k t>0 , No 177 Broadway, have received a frenh lot of the much admired sneer lawn hindhf?, narrow taped borders, which are off* red 1 tuimtially che-ip; b'ark and white lacea Capes, from $1 M); about 5HU pans fine French Cuffs, a' Is. and Is 6d per pair;'the remtinnigstork othlaek and white lace Visites, at cost price; I a very cheap lot of needlework Collars from 2a to 6* each.? Ladies will also And some bargains lu Valenciennes I ace? and Krtgtng* well wonh their a'fert on. jy1!M0t*m I A'\ l iH.B War,VI WfcA I HMt-.loniliiT | 1 ticket* ruiitlinit the holder to the me of the W/irm, Cold, Ahowertud nwimmiiiE llnh?, (SOO Brondwuy, for?l M), m*y ' be lind in ihe Rending Room. i. .u .. , L T " BVMKS h CO.. . I f?K?ut h'llderi ultirUeta *te, ufcoiirsc, allowed (lie iiiivt> ! \?uu* of Uu. irrwmemmit. Kutruica lor Udiw, IM OrOilnr It. j in Mt*i? SAMUEL R. BLArK, Kiwtrv at Law, Columbia. B.C., will attend promptly tiall business ulsced in bia hand*, in Columbia. South Car. Iiua. and the adjuiuing district* of Sumter, Hershaw, Le*n g'on. Newberry, aud Fairfield. A4<lit:ki CuIuuiIim, Souti 4'arolitia. Reference, K. and J. C ?l>lwell, Charleston, 8.C. ,'olnmhta. S I> Iv ?< IKI7 j\ IJ law20l re 1* VE VI ORa1 INSTITUTE?Eilraordwary Sale of Val | uable Heal Kstate.?A limited number of choice buildiag lots, 2i fre( front and reti by IWI feet in dep'li, beloniiiug to the luveutors' Institute, aitu "led 111 the city of Perth Amboy. nay be hid on fippli-atiou to the aubicriher, durniK the present month ol July, at prices varying front $10 to t IWI |>er I t This otftr will clo?e ou the lit day ul August neit. No aubaeri|>- 1 tious lor the "apital stork of this I stitute will be received { aft< r this day, for >tuy less nuiouiil than J'lUU. to be |>aid tu cash. j I'ersous desiring to purchase lotx, t'f luformed that the steambouts from New York letve Pier No. 2, North River, at 5 o'clock, A M , and Barclay street wharf at 3 o'clock, r. M., every diy, except Suml tvs. Kare 12W centt. SOLOMON ANDHEW8, President. Pi:rth A?HOT,Jmi t-t. 1847. jy7 3w eod 3w fll KKK-8HAN-NEE WAS-KEE SYRUP.-fhia iuvigorating I u'1 inii Vegetable Blood Kegeneratoi. long c isidered tin: great secret of tl?' Korest of the Ear West, ? "Mte*penae. ia now brought before the public, and for si. . the dozen, single bottle, or iu soda water, at No. 72 Kul street, i v2i3t 2 t-2f,.27 re SKJNOR VITO V1TI has the honor of informii. ' e public that his first sale of splendid Marble Stat " Butts, Urns, Fountains, aud Mosaic Ttbles of the mot .unite workmanship, will take place iu the middle of iht mouth of August. The assortment of Alabaster Sculpture ia taken from the antioue of the Greek and Etruscan chisel. I'lie vases if Medici*. Tazze, of Piranese, and Mecerroba, are of the most magnificent description, and the largest eve* imported into the country. The figures and vases of Verde-Antico are finished in tlie best style. Part of this extensive assortment is iu the brig Consort, from Leghorn, now on her way to Philadelphia; the remainder is ou board the brig Constellation, I daily expected at thi* port. Signor Vito Viti takes great pleasure in informing the citizens of New York that he has in preparation manv articlea which, when completed, will be immediate!y forwarded to New York. jyMSteed* re National loan fund life assurance so CIETY, Oh LONDON?"A Savings Bank for the Benefit of the Widow aud Orphan "?Kinjiowered by Act of Parliament. Capital ?100,000 sterling, or S2,100.000, besides a Reserve Fund (from surplus premiums) of about tlSi.OOO, (part of the Capital in invented in the United State*.) T. L AM IE MURRAY. Esq., George street, Hauover Square, < hairtnan of the Court of Directois in London. United 8tate? Board of Local Directors?(Chief Office for America, 71 Wall street, New York.) Jacob Hsrvey, Esq., Chairman, Sainl. 8. Howland, Esq, John J. Palmer, Esq. Oorhxin A. Worth, Esq. Jouathan Goodhue, Esq. Samuel M. Fo*. Eaq. James Boorman, Ksij. William Van Hook, Esq. George Barclay, Esq. aud C. Kdw. Habicht, Esq. EDWARD T. RICHARDSON, Esq., Ueueral Accountant. Pamphlets, Blank Forms, Tables of Rates, Lists of Agents, See., Ike., obtained at the Chief Office, 74 Wall street, or from either ol the Agents throughout the United States, and British North American Colonies. VT7- A Medical Examiner attends daily at 3 P. M. J. LEANDER STARR. Ueueral Agent for the United States and B. N. A. Colonies, jyl'l :tt.i?v tw is rput: NATIONAL KIRK INSURANCE COM PAN Y JL No. li'i Wall street.?Insurance against Fire and Inland Navigation Risks.?This Compauy is prepared to make iusur? ance against loss or damage by fire on d welling houses, ware houses, buildings ill general, goods, wares aud merchandize o( every description, and persoual property,und on risks of transportation auu inland navigation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thorne, William Van Wyck, Joiiu Van Boskerck, W. C. Redfield, Ktigene Bogart, Martin Hoffman, lleury H. Ward, Robert L. Case, John J. Herrick, John D Ward, lleury D. Beach, Stephen Holt, W.H.Jacob*. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. W. C. KlLLMO, Secretary. N. b.?The capital of this institution ia now full, and with a turilus. * Money to loan ou bond anil mortgage. jyll 30t m JKKKKKSON INsURANth GO.VH'AN *? Office No". 10 Wall street, opposite the Merchants'Kichauge. This coinpauy continues to nisure against loss or damage by lire, ou dwelling houses, warehouses, buildings in general. goods, ware*, aud merchandize, aud every description of personal property. Losse correctly and promptly adjusted and paid. DIRECTORS. Thos. T, Woodruff, B. K. ltobson, M. D., Francis P.Sage, Muiri Tucker, John P. Moore, Anson Balur, Thompson Trice, Caleb C. Tunis, Jas. K. Holmes, John fl. Lee, Klisha Kiggs, Thoi. Morrell, John C. Merritt, Joseph Allen, Kugene Bogart, Joseph Drake, Win. K. Thorn, Robert Smith. TUs. W. Thorue, John K. Davison. MOSES TUCKER, I tsident. i </Ko. T. Horn, Secretary. mvUc r'ACK CAPKS. PKTKR ROBKRTS, 373 Broadway. LA respectfully solicits the attention of ladies visiting New York to his stock of goods, the following, viz:? MaleiiiH Lace Capes, from S2 upward, white aud black Vi sites, $6; Mantillas, $7, worth 12; 10-4 Shawls, $10, worth 20; embroidered Muslin Capes, (I 50; do do Chiniizetls,$l; do do Collary, 25 cents; do cambric ildkfs, $2 SO; Revierre do, 75 cents; tape bordered do. cents; infant's Holies and Waists, j very cheap; ladies' needle work and tambour Dresses, do do; i i Hosiery and Oloves, of every description. je2i3nt?r DEATH BLOW TO Bi*.L) UlJIia.?This speedy aud positive Exterminator has never been known to fail in completely eradicating this uuwelcoine intruder on the bonds of sleep. Oue trial is sufficient to test its superiority. Sold by the proprietor, C. 11 PHILLIPS, wholesale and retail, at 116 Oreenwich street, between Courtland and Liberty streets, and by A. W. Oabaudau, 141 Kightli avenue, N. York; and at Bailey's drug store, corner of bauds and Kultou streets, Brooklyn. Price 2i cents. jylB ?t?ro Dlt KoBY'S BRAZILIAN HAIR CURLInO LIQUID.?This preparation will curl the hair beautifully and strongly, aud is warran'ed uot to injure it iu 'he least; it thus dispeuses with the use of the heated irous, which injure the hair by crisping mid burning It. Sold wholesale aud retail by the sole proprietors, STORRS St CO., 2' North Sixth St., Philadelphia. Agents iu New Yo'k?Radway, 2 Courtlandt st; Stoddard It Pi, 1 JO ft.'>i111?11 iir: I til iiiii St I n. ruriier of (Jrand mid Bnwnrv Bmnkivii?Mr?. ilivfi. I'W KtiIf<>11 ?r ivOWi?rc jw.- h'OK LI V KKI'OOI.?Tii smlou Tuesday. 3d August,' The splendid new iron A/^-iieim ship SARAH HANDS, burthen 1000 plain Thompson, will ?ail asabove, H:iviu? splendid iiccommodatious for a few gerund cahiu passengers, who will be takeu lit reduced rates. Those about leaving, should Hidke early application to J. McMURRAY, jv26 corner Pme and South streets. B1UTISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1300tout -'-A^^aUDJ^aiiil 1311 horae power each, under contract the Loru? of the Adinirility. H1UKRNI A, Captain Aleiauuer Ryrie. CALEDONIA. Captain Edward (J. Lott. BRITTANNIA, Captain John Hewiit. CAMBRIA, Captain Charles H. E. Judk n ACADIA, Captain William Harrison.* The four steamships uow building are THE AMERICA. THE NIAGAK \ THE CANADA. THE EUROP/ V.....I. ..A l? .,11 fV/.m I. i va,n/ml ? ).. Britain* July 4, 1 i7 Hibernia , July 20, 1U'7 Vessels appniuted to tail from Boiton are the Britannia, August 1, 1847 Ililieraia Augurt 16, 1(47 Passengers' luggage must be On board the clay previous to ailing. Passage money*?From Boiton to Liverpool, $120, do do to Halifax, $20. No berths secured until paid for. The?e ?hips carry experienced nureeom. No freight, except specie, received on dayi of sailing. Kor freight, passage,or any other information, ?>ply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, AtHARNUEN k CO.'S, 6 Wall st. [T^In addition to the above line between Liverpool and Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into ? ith Her Majesty's government, to establish.! line between Liverpool uilNew York direct. The steamships for this service are uow being built, and early next year due notice will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the suamer* will sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight duriug the other months in the year, doing at teruntely between Liver|Hiol and Halifax and Boston, anil be ween Liverpool ?4 W?w York. raC r OCEAN STEAM NAVIOATION COMPANY, Uliice 44 William street. Dihkctori. C. H. Sand, Conrad W. Faber, Edward Mills, Horatio Allen, William Chamberlain, Mortimer Liviugston, John A. Iseliu, John L. Stephens, H.rmnn MalriM.. C. H. SAND, President, j Kiiward, Oeneral Agent, New York. Charles K. Anderson, Secretary. In conformity with the provision* of the charter, notice tereby given that the Books for subscription for an amount not exceeding $300,000 to the capital stock of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, will be re-oiiened at the office ol the Compauy,44 William, corner of Wall street, on Monday, 21st June, 1817. Kivr per cent of the amount subscribed must be paid at the period of subscription in specie or bank bills. The balance of the subscription will be called for ill instalments not exceeding 10 per cent,ns ma? be required by the operations of the Company, and upon thirty days previous notice. The following is the 25th section ofthe By-Law:? " Subscription to the capital of the Company, after the amount may b<- $i00,(KI0. shall in preference be all ?wed to those who may then he stockholders, and to the extent of their then sctnal subscription.*1 Je< SOt rc KOIl LIVKMI'OOL.?The magnificent S&gry, V) new Steamship SARAH HANDS, laptain ' " Thompson, will sail punctually on '-*^g^l^J2y_tlie 3d of Augiut, having superior accomItMSSShHiinodatioiis for a limited number of second cabin passengers, who will he taken nt a reduced price. Persons desirous of engaging second csbin passages for their friends iu the old country, to leave Liverpool on the 6th of 3 jiteinber for New York, in the above steamer, can do so at prices charged for steerage passengers, by applying to P. W. BYRNKS fc Co., Ji?l 11t<*m B) South ?t., below Burling Slip. - - FRENCH J" R A N ATLANTIC BTKAM8HIP COMPANY-Royal Mail. Steam Ship UNION, K. Hebert, Conimaiider, takes her departure positively Saturday, the 24th instant. I !: order of departure from France is as follows? The Pll' i, ADELP1IIA sails on the IHh of July, 'he MISSOURI " 31st The NK W YORK " " IHh Aurust. I lie UNION ' " 31st % A if I from New York The PHILADELPHIA sails ou the IJth August. The MISSOURI ' " 31st The NEW YORK " " IJth Sept. The UNION " ' 30th ' J h?--p Steam Ships are mual to any afloat, and commanded >y .l< llnl and courteous navigators. When their transforms >i. ii from war ri laela tu commercial onea m complete, they ii! he louud aa comlorlable <u any aliipa cau be made Tlie . i'IC? of paaaage Iron) New York for the Aril float II >1*1. Krum Havre 1,000 franca. Wineawill be charged extra, but the priceawill be very moderate. The freight in Havre la regulated by allied tariff. The Ireixht from New York ia rule'! by the market rate. For further particular* apply to the office of the company, M Broadway. j y 18 r FOR NEW OKLEAN8 ? Louiaiana and New wVtvV Vork Line of Puck fit?The faat (ailing I'acket Bark jfifilMfaOENEHEE, Thoa. L. Minott, maater, ia now load >K. ai'd will jmaitively aail ou Monday, Auguat 2. For freight or paaaage, having haudaome furuiahed accommodation, apply ou board at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall attect, or to K. K. COLLINH. 56 South it. Agenti in New Orleana, J. O. Woodruff It Co., who will promptly forward all gooda to their addreaa. Packet ahii) Wabaah, < aptain Hathaway, wi aucceed the fjrurvr#. inn anil her reirtilar ifnv ivtl xAa- Mill I.IV F.HPOOL -NEW LINE?Hegular Packet for Mth July? | he aplendid fa.t ailing pack- I ? 1 aln|i IIOHIUJH, Captain Aaa Eldridge, will p ai11? i > -nl ?a above, her regular dny. For freight or paaaage, baring aurerior fnrniahed aecoinmcdationa, apply on board, at Orleana Wharf, foot of Wall atreet, i.rto E. K. COLLINS, M outhatreet. Hhtppera will pleue clear th'ir gooda at the Cuaiom llouae, to morrow, before J o'clock, P. M. The packet ahip Middona. C?|*. E. B.Cobb, will atiececd tna H>?ein?. and aail Mil, .if Anrnal. b>-r r*??lar d V _^v,, FOR LONudh-WithDeapatfh-Tle f?' WfJCTWmg copperrd *u<) copier ?hif> Tn I MiiTti# tpuiu Taylor, having * Urgt portion* l?? r?*rgo S5* -1"K^Tf0}Artc """ i (fll Mfev P ABK THKA1 HE ?The ? > lie ia wp>etfully mforw4 I Uuu (hu MUbliihaiil will be ra-opcDwl fur tlia ....... q. Moodav, August ad. The ladies nod gentlemen of the cnawnr are requested to attend . reheersal on Knday, the 30ih of Jaly, nuw?t. at It ?>'< lock in the liiWIOM. jvll rtl rr? BUWJLHt THEATRE?A. w ii K Stkvkn*. Stage Manager.?Rc-opemug for a shun no. uirr Season ?Monday t'veniug. July J6, will )> iwrfoimed, NAIAD QUEEN?BapCiate, Ml Bu'ke; Naiad (^ueen.Mits J Af"? which the MOUNTAINLK?*-Octavian. Mr W. Marshall; Bidi, Mr. C. Burke; Count Vtrolet, Mr. J *, Dunn, Zoraydi, Mi?? Fanny Gordon; Ho ran the, \lr?. W ilkiuaou, Ak'iin, Mr? Booth _ Box !,*> centi; Pit and Gallery, \2X ceott. Door? i.|?cu ?ta quarter to 7. Krf(irnnncr r<? coinmetire *t h?ll'HM> 7. HsTLr. GAHDbV^Mr' b*a*a, 8u?e Maiw??r.-On J Monday Kveuing. July *>. the commence with the WlDOVV'8 VICTIM?Mr Byron Tremaiue Pelbam Podge. Mr Holland ; Jeremiah Clip, Walcot, Jane Chatterly, Miss Claike. , After which, a Grand P"S de Trou, by Missea Louiaa, Amelia, mid Mary Ann WelU. Mm Phillips will sing My own Native Land. After which Herr I line will appear on the Tight Rope, and exhibit Le Brim's I'assmus. Doora oyeu at 6>?; Performance to commence at I. Admission. 2J ceuts. GIIKaT I OMBINATION OK AMI SKMKNTS AT VAUXH ALL GARDEN.?Monday Evening, July 18. and every night this weefc ? Mons. IMacroii.the distinguished artiate, Irom Kra ce, will eiliibit hia unrivalled Autnraalou Figure*. His delightful exhibition will he interspersed with dancing by the fascinating danseuse Madlle Malviua.and siuging hv the following |H>iiiilar vocalists : Sirs. Sliarpe, Miss Bruce, Mr Kavanagh, Mr. V^uayle, and Mr.Uldtield, who will preside at the Piano Korte. Tickets 16 cents, to admit a Gentleman d Ladies. Admission to the Garden, free. P. 8.?Kor particulars see sin ill ' jit x CASTLE GARDEN.- u ' .shibitiou?The Chinese Junk Keyiu at I istle Gardeu ? Admission on board 25 'clock, A. M., till a P. M. jl52wr BKOADWAV THEATRE?Thi ? H.l'.hment, now erecting in Broadway, will b*0| for Dramatic purposes solely, ou or about the first ot September, under fia " O H. B All RETT. Persona of acknowledged tilent within* sitti itloui for the season, will plewe ? 'dress him (pre-paid) at 109 Leonard sirett. A. MANN, sole Proprietor. ITT" Duriug Mr. Barrett'a absence in Europe, nil letters ud business communications may be addressed to his agent. jelJ lire W. I'OHUVN. No 2 liatciay street. A ME UCAN MUSEUM?PERFORMANCES both Afternoon and Evening at 3)* anil 8V o'clock. New and interesting collection ot Wax Kigures, consisting of the 36 Ntgro Slaves captnred from THE SCHO'>\K.R AMISTEAL), off New Haveu in the year Ilit'J. Alio engaged lor a short time. THE ORPHEAN FAMILY. OR KENNEBEC* VOCALISTS, the moat popular and talented company in America. Also for one week more, a company of SHAKING QUAKERS, the only genuine one 1 >> the country. SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEO, Takeu by the American Army iu Meiico, may be Men her* at all hoars da" and eveningAdin ssieu to the whole, 2^ cents. CRICKET MATCH.?There will lie . Grand Match ot Cricket played between the North and South of England on Mouilay the 46th. at the St. George's Grouuda, Red Houae. jv2A 2tja?rc u^n/.n \s\jiji\or*% L. J. tfi I WttDNKSIM y, Jnjr Mth, al I o'clock j*. M., tin- two sal* ehia'ed horses, M'JSCOW md Ltdy Suffolk. contend for a Purse of 8?>U?mile heats?hest 3 in i?to Ifl'i Ihs whkous:? D. Bryant enters g. m. Lady Suffolk. J.Wtwnl*; " u- Moacow. There will he a race at lialf |"ist 2 o'clock. Particular* hereafter. The Cars will leave the South Kerry, Brooklyn for the Course, at half-|>ut I and hi.lf-|?ut J o'clock, and return after the race in over. jy2"> 2t"je HAUL KM I'AHK TKOTTI.NO roi nSt. di AI'LTRHK OK THIRTY DOLLAR* to come off on Monday, July 26th, two mile* nod repeat, in harness, at I o'clock, precisely. W. Whet*Ian enter* b. m Bell Ringer. II. Woodruff do a. g. Truatee. jy2* lt*m H WOOODRUKF. <1 THK ONLY I N L)KPKNI)KNT,? IIKAPK8T JLJE^^and moat agreeable medicine of the age, is Dr. De' } ' y w;>?t C. Kellinger'a Infallible Liniment, which la universally ued by dii medical faculty throucfroat die city and country. It eradicatea all pains, heala aores, reduces inflammation, extract* lire, ike , ol the most aggratatpd rim titer iwmjiitiii Only om MimooiAd ii nmikii lo be ti* ken as a doae, for an adult, for diarrhcea, and bilious eholtcj SMI forfeit will |?anl !?>r every failure in these cases, if used according to direction. It ia put up in larire bnttlea, ao that all who have horaea can afford to uae it; it lay* all the other remedies on the shelf, after they get one trial of this trulv wonderful and incomparable compound?it ia only about three centa an ounce. Sold at il) ceuta uaiugle bottle; one dozen $1; half gross and gross at much greater deductiou of price. Heuce the cause and the propriety of all the stage proprietors of New York city, the Harlem Railroad, and other large companies, together with our beat and most dialiuguiahed horse traiuera and dealera, laying down all other remediea used by many of thein from twenty to thirty yeara?and now will use this altogether, and will uot nor do not use aiiythiug else. It cau be obI taiued alwaya genuine, wholesale aud retail, ofS. Iugeraol fc Co., No 2M) Petri street, remoyed from ti Join street, ud from Willnim KellniKer, at WiliiHmsburgh. al the foot of (ironl Street Kerry; of Mr. Kyle, Harlein Railroad Office, City H*ll Park, New York city; and at the druggutM, store keepers, saddlers, and turmi fiuonihoil tin city aod eou* try generally. Distributing Aleuts are wanted from all parts of flit' United State*, to wliorn large profit* will be given. We , will pty die expeesosof iU who mi. come rom dlitaMi to treat with us, if we fail to sitisfy theirTnost sanguine expectations in relation to its truly wonderful curative effects upou inui ana horse. Travelling mere heats or every roepeetsJue cla?s and denomination, willdo well to call on us, it will not be confined to any privileged few. Therefore, all who have In- irfH Mini SOttlsfashioned an Ilirv should !?? . '1M(1 (1 Ir? trv, MM exercise them, ran profitably assist in spreading this magic santivc over the race of the whole uhibitible globe, wnereit must and shall be. All Jefters must be directed to Dr. DKWITT C KKLLINOEH. Principal Ageut, Director, and Manufacturer, at Yonkers, Westchester county, New York. jyl 30ieod*rrc S i H subscribers otter lor sale turuip scetln ol Hie bestBtadljTis:?rood bast. <>r Swedish,show bell, red top, white globe, red Kiobe, yellow globe, yellow stone, yellow Aberdeen, fall radish and sptunch, with a large and general assortment of gardeu seeds. Bene plant fresh every day. Choice and fragrant lowers at all seasons of the year. DUN LAP k THOMSON, jIB lit*w Heedsmen and Florist*, Broadway. SbOlfMTKY S&AT KOK SALK ?i'hat verv desirable residence in the village of Tarrytown, Westchester comity, fitted up by the late Mrs. Phillips, and occupied for several years by K. Tread well, Ksq. is now offered for sale. The house, which is about 46 feet by 40, with pia/.r.a frout aud rear, is well finished and uow in good order, with a green house attached. There are also on tne premises Carriage house, stable, ice ho'ise, firdssin house, and other convenient outbuildings. The grounds, about six acres, are well sto<fked with a great vnrit*y of choice fruit trees, shrubbery and ornamental trees, and the prospect is not surpassed by auy spot on the Hud*on river. For terms, Ike., apply to the subscriber ou the premises. jvll 30t*rc. C. V )STKANDEH. wym FOR 8ALK* OR TO LF.1 n iji* of th? lUri tian Bay, Monmouth ' b*r?ns in high ing*. AI?o, lot* from 1 . fith the ndvantagc of linr bathing. -r resi<lc.<i- 1 hed or unfurmailed. Personsdesirous ol flurrying n '?* <n the city and residing in a healthy location, at u uik.i|< idte, will lind an advantage in consulting with the subscriber. N. B?Tlie sfuresaid fnrm? and lot* *re not in Teia* or Pennsylvania, but within one hour and a half of New York Term* easy. Title* indisputable. Umigrut* or other* wishing for gardening lot* can he auited. Apply to John Iveson, Esq., ii Cunrtlaudt slinw, New Vork; or to W. (J. llayne*, Auctioneer, Key I'ort, N.J. All ItltM must be DOM paid. Kkt I'oht. N. J.. July M, 1X7. jytl 30t*rc ML AI'Alil .Mp..>T8 TO LKT, hiindiumely furnished ffrlw or uururniihed, at 31 North Moore at. JLUL jy 14 Ht'm _ __ PAVILION, NKW BHIUHTON, Htaten TslMid.? The proprietor begs to inform hi* Irienda and the pnblie, J^ULthat he ha* made conviierable altentious and improve meuta in this establishment iiuce the ln?t season. He ha* erectid a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable size, light, and well ventilated, and superior in all respecti to those generally denominated siugle rooms in the rnriotu watering places tnioughunt the country. The proprietor ii now ready to treat with families or parties wishing to eugage rooms for the ?r mm. Letters addressed to him at the City Hotel, Drondway, will receive immediate attention. A steamboat rnns between New York and New Brighton, at Krom New Brighton?Attnndll A. M.and 2 and ( F M. Krom pier No. I North Hirer, New York?At 9 A. M. and 11 V), and ' and 6J4 I'- M.and more freiiuent communication* will be established aa the *ea*on advances. Sunday Arrangement? Krom New Brighton all A. M., 13>g, 6 P. M. Krom New York, at 9 A M , 2 and P M Musie Nights?Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Pavilion is now ready for the reception ot < ir.pany mm lire K BLAN? AIIH. MTO HOTEL KEEPERS AND OTHERS.?Kor sale, that valuable II"use and Lot,snuate south, corner West and H?inrnond streets, in tin* city, and now orcumeil us a Hte imlioat Hotel. Twelve or more steamboat* land daily at the pn:r in limit of said premises, rendering it a very desirable location for those interested hi the Hotel business Ki.r particulars enunire ofJNO. S. HMIDT, 20 Nsssau street, or ol J. K. 'I'ALLMAN, on the premises. jv20 fiteod'm jmk KOK SALK OH TO LKT? A house and two lot* pjW I)f ground, pleasantly situated on Htateii Island, near I''Am Upper limraiitine Kerry. Terms and price favorAlso, a summer residence on the south side, fronting the outer hay. A delightful situation, with an abundance ol fhul Apply to CHASE k B 1.KLKV, Ifil Kultonst. 2000 to loan on boud and mortgai Apply as above. jyin 7teod* rc jJHL TvR SALE?\ very MMVMIMt two (tor? llOMg i' Mizabethtown, New/er?ey, now occupied by H in JiatfLKing, Esq The location is on high ground, sml within live walk of several churches anil the private demit. Oeutleineu residing at Elizabeth town can be in the city of Vork by the ^ o'clock train or boat hi Imlf-past eight o clo??, and conveyances by boatand railroau frequently through toe day. The house contains nine rooms, and a inilk and wash room and every convenience. _ _ _ ,,, .. _ Kor further particulars, apply to Mrs. S. T. I1. Williamson, opposite. jv9 7ieod?rw ___ tiRAND EX' ( HHtON >Ho?i HIArwdC^T "V IM|!ANI. to NK.WBIROH MifiHbTiie<d?t, JulyHth J lie new ai.d large steamer ?ANTA GLAUS, I apt. Uenj. Oserbai-h. f chartered by Mesam. Martin. Swift and lloJiiie. J will lest. f ;.rt Miclnnn 0 fTbVlftrk, Factoryvilln at N'* nrignrou v^. lomwim- i villi? Vanderbilt'* Landing '0 TJ I ^ w York It#*:4. font of Il?tnin<uid street lOJf J '?? "<>?t will lav at Newhtiri(li hour*, and land at th? above named plare? ou her return. A band of mn?i<- engaged, rflifilimenli ? n board. Fare for the eamraion 7* centa Ticket. may be ob rained byapplvmgto Mr. Ki?*ain at Quarantine, (-apt David Van Pell on board (tramer .Htaten Nlander, ' linton ( niton, comer Wmhiagtoii afreet And Bat'ery Place; Jotin llolliater, corner Batferv flare and Wanhlnfton it j: ? It* rr _ani mm mtkamhoat ?.xi i ksio.nb" ,<nu ^^H-g./ LKAHANT PARTI KS?Tbe faat new low !Ki?iJl?ii8L.preaiure iieamboat NORTH AMKHK ,\ i baa b-?n raiecially prepared to accommodate ftocietiea, Hchooln. and Pleajure Pnrtiea. The NORTH AMKRICA ia too well known by tbe oti- f ten* aa a fir.t claaa Urge and ipacioua ttemner to ueed an) | <iticnlar description Apply at M^Oreenwicb afreet. jyl? Mn>?m ?? ?. CONKV IHLAND FKRRY-The com ] 't1"* a"d elegmt ateamer ION, < apt" n wmmmttmMm W eld, will regularly run at tbe following bonr? Canal (Met. 10K A. M and l? P. M. > Pier No. I. NR II A. M and 2 P.M.1 M?"Sk 5 ' III n- r-J - A M ?"??<* '' M On Sunday will leave Coney hland, la?l trip, at SPM I v2l I' rc * r""' ONDKKKI'L DISl OVCRV !?Htry ker'? A >|ntion H ir " D}e, to change grey h<tir to ongllial n 1 r in i I uiiniitea, ia for aale at U Louguaccj'a, No. JS Chatln n ?t., , d t Buyker'i, No. 4 CoeutiM HTi|?, where it can be ijiylieij Jyil 'I'm 1 ? 1 *?>n LATEST MOMENT. TKLBUH Jl i >-.u From the Sou'la. New Orleans papers of the IBtb.haTe been nwlnd il Krederiuksburg The bar* Alabama, which ?ail?d trom Van CrUI oil j the tub, arrivd at New Orleaus on the 17th inrt , bat brings uo news of interest A letter to Mn Chaw, written by her husband at Tamplco, dated lith lost hay* that General Soott *u withiu nine miles of the capital on the :iOth ult. Thl? U be.lered to be inoorrect. By the extension of the telegraph we are now in oominunlcation with Richmond, from which olty our Itt patches will hereafter be forwarded, thirty hour* ta advanoe of the mall. BY THE MAILS. Washington, July 34,1M7. Jamc K Polk. The President of the United SUM* la constitutionally an industrious man. is your lean man who are the most inveterate workers. We might oite Jackson. Wellington. Broutfham <Juisot Him* falhonii Walker, and others, an example* But, on the other hand, there am the case* of Napoleon, Taylor, VVebster, Denton, Uuohanau, and other*, men in good condition, whose lives present the same evidenced ?f untiring assldulty to business, to say nothing of Cass, (who ia rather what the farmers would call grass-bellied than fat,) Dixon il. Lewi* (who is a buna fide fit man,) and others. Still, we think the balance ia in favor of tba leaner sort Casslus, < esar, Hannibal, Soiplo, Suwarrow, Prince fclugene, Talleyrand. Metternich, Bolivar, and an iunuiuerable multitude of aotive business fellows, may b? classed among the lean kine. The Pope* of Koma, and the Kmperors of China, have been, almost without &u exoeptlon, fat men; and their lives, " If ancient talei be true, Nor wrong these holy men,'' Have been as uniformly quiet, luxurious, voluptuous and monotoenous The wives of the Moor* are fat, indolent * aud luxurious. W? have but the the example* of Napoleon aud Louis rhlllppe, to prove that fat men ar*< not gormandizers, or at least devoted to the go?d things of the table, and a* choloe in their selection* of a cook aa In appointing their ofllcial subordinate* And we hold thin will be without exoeption, (excepting the emasculated attache* of Oriental *eragiios ) that where there is a Hurplu* of adipose or oleaginous matter, the aoimal preponderates over the intellectual man, however strong the intellectual grasp and capacity of such man may be The case of the illustrious Kalstan. is a striking Instance in proof of this hypothecate Vour burgomasters of Amsterdam are notorious for their abdominal rotundity not more than for their proverbial somnolenoe and torpidity. They cat. sleep aud grow fat. The enterprising Arabs of the desert, on the other hand, are iithe ana long Our aldermen are nrov?rKi?llw M /* '? ' * j vers are characteristically thin The out) clam partftke largely of good dinners, the others subsist upon the atmospheric sustenance of the U* Vour cook* and butchers are fat; while your editors, men of thought and constant labor, are as attenuated as John Tyler Therefore, we consider that we have made out a strong argument that, between your fat and leau men, the latter class, in all ages, in all countries, under all governments, in every oapacity, and in the achievement of all great results, have been the working bees of the hi* , the builders of cities, empires, systems political and religious, the propagators of revolutions, and the great agents in every department of the work of progress. James K. Polk. President of the Unit 1 States, is a lean man. Our argument in favor of th< tribe presents In his behalf the strongest vindication. His whole history corroborates the postulate that for a man to be thin, with a good living at his command, is pr, ma Jacle evidence that he is a man of industry Such is the history of Col Polk. At college he was an example of diligence in his studies. In his subsequent career, especially upon the stump in Tennessee, lus npetltor had to rise early and travel hard to k*?p paco with htm durring the day. A half dozen stump speeches of an hour or two each, and forty or tifty niile* rido on horsebaok, were an ordinary day's work for a July electioneering excursion His recent holiday visits to North Carolina aud the Kastern Stales, we cau bear p - nal testimony, were the severest labor to his fellow t -a. llers. who were mere lookers on at the oppressive v i^at and amount of holiday duties imposed upon him. The time of the President is arranged and classified with the rigidness of the business hours, and half hoars for meals in the factories at Lowell, wimre the looms and operatives work as a general system of machinery Oo to Lowell ?step into one of those great mills?select on* of the thousands of the fair daughters of the North, who are there employed, as an example. Observe her attention to the loom?her face may indicate all the vlr tues and high aud amiable traits of the true Amerlean woman, but in the mill, and the mill going, aud at her active loom, her eyes have uo expression, nave the expression of total abstractiou Sim limit* ? n,u>ii,4 piece of machinery, an cart-lens of your Intrusion and your observation, as the loom she in tending For thirteen hours in the day ?he is thus cut off from all exchange of thought and sympathy hut witn the machine that is before her. Vet 111 the intervals of the day, and in the short evening hour that she may steal from sleep, we doubt not she uiay be found attractive from her intelligence and sprightly conversation, and charming from the vitality aud expressiveness that are diffuava over her features May her happiness never b? less. The daily routine of the 1'renideut is under a somewhat similar regulation as to time lie Is up with the suu, even during the long days of summer, aud ahead of liiiu in the wiuter. '1 hen he has to read over hi* morning letters, and then his breakfast follow*, and the morniug papers, then he receives bis official visiter* on official business, then the public in general, (it it be not cabinet day) a large proportion of whom call in relation to offices, from all parts of the Union, and from ail part* of the world Frequently an old friend will bore him for an hour or two about nothing at all, which Is a great infliction. Like the factory girl, the ('resident of the United States soon learns to g* through the dutiea of the day with the mechanical stolidity aud regularity of a spindle. He hears what you have to say, he answar* it with brief politeness, he turns his head to the next customer in waiting, aud you are at leave to depart It may be, that from the force of a tiabit Imposed upon hiui, he will answer your appeal for an office, (If an ut Mr stranger) entirely lo your satisfaction , but call the next (lay. and you way perbapH discover that he haa utterly forgotten the previoua interview, and remembers not a word of the conversation at that time. Neceaaity ban imported the duty of dismissing trifle* without a thought, and ulUce seekers are dismissed the more readily ou the ground that It if not hia duty to take care <>t' their cane*, but their own The Prealdent baa other matters to absorb hi- attention. I pon the more important question of the general policy of the administration, we believe that Col. I'olkhai administered: int. According to his oath to the constitution. id. in consonance with hia pledge to the Baltimore i onvention. 3d In obedience to hia obligation* to the party electI ing him. 1th. With a view to hiaperiioaal popularity In tha Presidential catalogue To the first of these article* we may attribute tha dafeat of the River and Harbor bill To the aecond, tha tariff of '40, the resurrection of tha sub-treaaury, tha demand tor the whole or none of Oregon, and the war with Mexico They were the offspring, not of Col. 1'olk'H administration, but of the Baltimore Convention. To the toird consideration may be #et down the discharge of all the Tylrrltes, beginning with Mr. < alhoun; and to the fourth, the marked attention and untiring diligence to duty of the present incumbent, day and nlgUl, since the day of his inauguration To tho full extent we can conscientiously nupport the President u|ion thin issue. Ah a man, ( ol. I'olk in emphatically a republican. Hta ea<y. neighborly and communicative manner with the in large, l* too natural to b? assumed Ills style of conversation when ulf duty la lively and agreeable; and bin knowledge of thu distinguished men of tb? gen?ratlon going out of pow?r, UHkm bim to a younger man edifying and Instructive. He I* fond of a good anecdote, and will laugh at It like an honent man, with bit* mouth wide open, lie in yet dignified without ostentation, aud with all apparent oonrillatton of temper. in rigid and inflexible in inn opinion* and detenu I nation* ll? will not nutter long an unnecessary encroachment upon hi* time, and if you don't leave him when your business in concluded, he will perhaps hare a foreigu minister iu the next room demanding bis immediate attendance. Though not an exclusively cold water man, I ol I'olk l* abstemious, and never tempted beyond a lrugal '(inner however tempting the bill of fare Asa public speaker his voice is clear, musical and well modulated Ills maimer earnest, animated and impressive his style plain, strong, methodical, and eloquent from its strength and simplicity Me involves you in no overwhelming torrent of lava, but he speaks ex tempore what a man of good taste wo 'd write upon doliberation We regard bitu as anjoug ih? best off-hand speakers In the country. By and large, a* President of the L'nited States, he la ituiiious. industrious, and indefatigable, with a dignity becoming the station, aud a simplicity as proper withal lie Is certniouious only from necessity, aud at time* bluff In his "good morning," only from the pressure of time. As a party man be u fialthfu, to a <4 ilr, a* a poll tieian a believer in the tactics of the party discipline.? As a man, the highest character of ah. he is affable, and yet, perhaps, oou?trained, frank, and yet reserved, but withal au agieeable aud intelligent, cotnpunion all day mug, u uk ii?k ion unie lu every character be baa done good nervice. except a* a uian of iai md we hops ilial lie will epeedily get out ol tbia v ? ,th Mexico and never try the experiment again nave no tlarn to read over thl* long ?lory to ??? ? , it U, but will tru?t tbo typo* to make It out Tlit, DOCTOR. Waihinotofi, July 33, 1847. 1'Kt Congrttnonal Light Houi?. Little did t.ongrea* ?u*pect laat mmIoo, that the Ham of $17,600 in the civil and diplomatic bill, for lighting the capitol and ground* with gaa. waa an appropriation for erecting a " light houae la the ?klee." But *o it turn* out. It i* now thought that the pine tree which in to be run up through the done, eighty feet above the tumult, with a big lantern on the top. will not only *nHwer the purpoae of benighted member* of Congree* be lated on " the inland," hut that the nhaft, from 1U great elevation. may be u*ed by the Dlatriot merehaiit* tu giving iiignal* of fillip*. *chooneri, fcc coming pp thn river We understand that a* a safeguard a*ami?t the pole falling through, lantern, fixture*, and all. (a inaa* of tiuibwr and iron of five or *it ton* weight.) and cruahlng *uch atraggier* a* might happen to be In the rotunda tb"' the rotunda will be cin.wl on windy day*. ?nd IW? . i UtWet'll II: ' I on.. * will have to be via Wn>t * and John Koy * f tone* In the tMMament. or in the library of ( ongeee. op

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