Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 28, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 28, 1847 Page 1
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TH] Vol. Mil. No. ?!l>?Wholl 1HO J, I ITBE NEW YORK HERATD ESTABLISHMENT, North-we* l corner of Fulton and N mmu *ta. I AMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. CIRCVLAIIOK^ORTY THOUSAND. DAILY IIERALD?E*ery day, Pric* I cents p*r eow?$7 lijmr annum?i>tyabl<i m adrMice. WEEKLY HERALD?Krary Saturday-Price tk( c?uU Mi copy?$3 l.H crnu i?r aunum?p?yabto hi *dv??' e HE It *LD FOR EUROPE?Eyery bi.^i Packet d?yPt'lc? r.f fr-Jt iw imatam. pav 'ble i'i ?J" nice. Su tisrri pcioiii and uiftitwiMiiU willoe r?c?ii?dhy Measrs (}<Uigu*!ii, IS Rue Viviennr, Paris; P L SiinunJv 111 Coniliill, anil John Miller ihe bookseller, London. ANNUAL I'l'.TORIAL HKRALD?Published on the lit of J inu^ry iTeac'' * ear?single copies sixpence each. ADV tlKTlSKMIC.VTS, at tlie usuril prices?always cash in advance. Advertisements should be written iu a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will uot be responsible for errors that miy occur hi tliem. Pill N TIN (J of nil kiudj executed beautifully and with despatch. AH letters or communication* by mail, addressed to the acabliahmeut, must le post p<id, or tUe postage will be de ducted fruin tlie i.ub?rriptiun moiiav rainitted. NEW IfUKK ANO HAHLKM KAILKOAIi COMPANY HUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON A^^A^K^Tthe Can will run as follows, uulil further notice. Up trains will te?ve the Cily Hall for , HirUmk Munuiana. Korhain Si Tnckahoe Plensantrille, 5 3# A.M. Will'ms Ur'ge. Hurt's aud Newcastle T " 4 30 A M. White PI'us, Bedford. II " 7 " 7 A. M. Whi'lickrille * 10 " II Croton K.lLs. 10 " IJ " 4 P. M. T A. M. 11 " 3 P. M. J ? ,r 4 P. M. 8 P.M. 4 . 3 8 JO " 4 M | Jai t 30 i 30 * Returning to New Tork will lenve? Morris anattllurleoi. Kordhaui. Will'ms Br'g?. Tfttk&hoe. 7 04 A.M. 8 43 AM. ? 45 A.M. 7 V> A. M. 8 10 7 45 ' 7 & '' 8 4? M $ - 9 09 " 9 ?.? " 1 20 P. M. 10 " 11 23 P. M. U .i r.M. j 53 U 14 P. M. I 45 " M0 " White Pl'ns. I " 4 0#" 6 * 7 10 A. M. 3 111 " 6 08 " 33 " n 2? " T3'J " iu - i r. m. e } 23 " ? 23 " I flj " F> n.iutrille. JS'cw Cwtle. Bedford. Wliillickrille. 8 H X M. ? A M. 7 31 A AL TtUM 4 IJ P AL 4 P M. 4 31 I' til 4 43 r M Croton Fallf. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The trainl to and from Croton Fdlls will not stop ou New Turk Island, excopt at Broome street, and 32aitreet. Aou will precede each train teu minute*, to take ap passengers iu the city. The morning train of cart from Croton Fall* will not ?top between White PUiiu'md N?w Vork, eicept at Tuckalioe William'* Bridge, aud For > irra trainii on Sundays to Hnrlem uid Alorrisiana, if One Staffes for Lake Mahopaekand Danbury leave Croton Kails on arrival if thi 7 o'clock A- M. and 4 P. At. trains, aud for PunInns on arri??l of the 7 o ilock A. M., FARfc FKOAl N?W VORK t To Croton Falls $1 00 To Whiilickville PH ?0 NtfwcAstlf. IJ> o Pitwsinrvilje ^ To wlllt* PUlBt... . V*w?? 50 Freight trains l-a?e City Hill at 12 M. and at 7 r. M* Hetur ''"tf. Oro'nn Kali* at 7 4. M. inn 9 P. M. DAILY ?-'.xi;uii8JioN TO THtTEEF r*JBEZN9lAN 1ELOS. H >BOKEN -O i ,u.i?(ter > v<mWSESm Sunday, July llth, the steamboat PIONEER will mtku rrrfulwr trips from I'aual and No eleenth streets, direel to * lie Elyitau Kiel Is, at Hobokeu, leaving tlic above uieutio <?4 rlaces as foUowii? , tlitun >inl street, Nineteenth street, tlysim Fields, 10 o'olock, low o'olock, 10 k o'clock, M " liS " UK ' 8 " 1* " ?? 4 ? ** ? $ . j? : i * jxti 1U*r? 1\l ' H !-OKariK;.lvat)(/iri(,LuMJiJUAC<icii. f ""i N Ocean House, Jwnpiuv Point, Ransom, and Ksiontown Laudloit. The steamboat ED\yi N* L.C Wla. Captain liaynea, wiD run as lollowa from fool at vesey street, North River i? Loire New York. Leave BhrewibairJuly. O'clock. July. O cloek. Mo-ilav. 83. % A. M. Mond?7. 2?, 1 A.M. M Ml day; 2d. 3 P. M. Tuesday. 27. 7? A M. T'lendiy. *7, i P. M. Wednesday, 28, A M. \VrJnMaty 23, !l P. M. Thursday, 1'J, 9 A.M. 20. 4 P. M. Friday, 3n, 9 A. M P'idiv, 21). i P. M Saturday, 31, 9 A. M, Suu.dty, 31, S P.M. Sr?t:m will be in r?->dmeMon the Arrival of ;he boat to convey pnwengtra to >11 luru nl tl>? country. jyl 3flt*r?: KUil SHRK WHBURY, OCKAN HOUSE, L'mil- Brauth. Kunaojn Dock, Brown's Dock, ' 'wwiaMBfciMiduirtowii and Rjtd Uauk.?The Steamboat PRUS, C. 1'iiee, Master, will run as follows, from Fultou Market Mil-, ICaat Knur Laarv INew Vork. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. July. O'clock Monday, &i, 6 A.M. Moudav. 2fi, 3, P.M. Tuewlay, *7, 6* A.M. Xueadiy. 27, 4, P.M. Wednesday. 2S, 7 A.M. W?dneeday, 28, 4. P.M. Thursday, 29, 8 A M. Thnraday, 29, <) ', P.M. fVidiy, SO, a AM. i'mUy, 30, 10. AM Batord-iy. SI, 7 A.M. Saturday, 31. I0W, A.M 8-ndar, Aur. 1, ( AJV1. Sunday, Auf, I, C, P.M. The Line 8ta*e? will run to Howell Works, Sou an Village an I ^'ruehold. Stages to convey iwaaengers to all porta of the ecqut.y. N. U. All persons oreforbiil trailing the above boat on account of i|m Owurra. J. P. ALLAIBJC. jyin 13f"rc MOhNINO LlN? KOR AL.BASTV AND i . TKOV and luterxi'diato Lauding*. uMfeMbtlnUka BrealuGut and Dinner ou board tlx Boot. The low vresiur^teamboat TKOV, Ceptain A. Gorhain, wi'l leave the ateat&-*t pier foot of Barnlay etreefj Monday*, Wednesdays, and W 'layi, at aevca o'clock A. M Returning on rne nppoaite m ya. The Steamer NI V' VIIA, Capt. II L. Kellogg, will leave the Steamboat Pier l#ot of Barclay freet, Tufadsy, Thursd iy aa>l Siturduy, at half paat aix o'clock, A. M., returning on (lie opposite da; . iQ*' Knre JO C'enta. IV.r rattuii# (if Irriehr. aimlv on bna/d. or to V. B. Hall, at the o'ftee on the wharl. ' iy20 I MM. tt.UITLIt. ci ul.Nfc oi'kAftlJJU A'/.'S KUH r--N VLBANY, Dully, Sundays Eicepted? fcflaufiBSbThrough Direct?At T o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between Conrtlandt and Liberty street!. Sf??hg?t ISAAC NEWTON, Capf. Win, H. Peck, win t?Hve ou iVtooilay, Wednesday, anil Friday evenings, at 1 NM. steamboat HKNDRIK HUDBON, Capt. R. (J. Cruttendcu, will leave on Tuesday, Thurjday an d Saturday eveunit:> tt 7 o'clock. Special f raioe for Sclienectadr, DaJUton, and Saratoga prings, will ran ai follow*:?Leave Albany at 8K A.M., 3 P M., eioept Sund iys. Passengers will And thii toe inotc ei peditions tuid convenient route. At Fir* 0'ClOCk, V. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places? from the loot o I Barclay street. Steamboat ROCHESTER, ' apfaiu K. H. Furry, will lean ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday,and Sunday afternoons, at 4 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T. N. Holae, will leaTe on Tuesday, Thursday, avtl Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany m ample time for the Morning Care fertile East or West. Freight taken at moderate rate*, and none taken after ( o'clock, P. M. TV" All peisouj are forbid trusting anv ol the boats of this line, without a written order trom the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C BCinif/rZ, stthe office ouine wharf. jy 12 re OPPOSITION PASSAGE OFFICE?To r T A'k*"" IT,"?- *' 50s Svrscuve, $Z; Oswego, ek-j&SmBfcelJ: Rochester, S3 2?; Buffalo, $? 30: Cleveland, tl M; D-trott, %"> . Milwaukie. $1: <hio?go, $4; Cin. einoa'i. SI: Torouto aud Hamilton, til Whitehall, 93; Montreal. *4; Pirtsburg, $1. uSce, 100 Barclay street. A > nenrity required will be given fur the fulfilment of all tontrw. < <>le with this company. JvigWi vl L HA If. Agent. New York?IM7 lNUTICE. ^ 8TATEN ISLAND KERRY.-On and flii as follows, until further notice LKAVR STATIC ISLtap At I, a, ft, 10,11, A. M., and 1, ?, 3, 4, 3, ?, T, P. M Lgavr nevr von* At *, 9, 10, 11, A. M.. and I, 2. ten minutes pail I, and at 1, 3, ?, 7. o'clock. P. M. New York April litli all r ?jf t'OK LIV if.H I'CH H,?/Ike New Linri-Re^ulsr HxWrV packet ol ?lst August?The superior, fast tailing JMflalw ;'?c?etship LIVfcHPOOL, llViton-. burthun, CJspt. John inJridge, will sail assbove, her regular day. For freight or passago, h^viug tlrgaot and superior aenpm uffi loiis. aoplr to toe captain on *'?tt suit of Par liny klip, gr U ^VOODHULL k MINTUKN, 17 South it Price of paMage tliffl. TV iia-kui ahip Qneea of the W-at, 1010 ton* lmrthen. Cant I hi lip Woiiihngif, wiflaucoeed the Liverpool, and aail mi l>?r r-vil?r it iv 2In Sent. i y 17 re 'iXg C'MON I.INK Oh ("Ti KK'l't KlH LiVtltWTTyVPi'OL ?The aplevdid fnat sx11,1 iik nacket nhip ALMUkbl.l vNCE, i i|.t Tnck-r, will |? v*ly Mil ou t u?^?? v Z7th July hb?- liai hrire mi l elegant nccomrnod* tioni for * limited number of ai-cond e ibin peaaengert. ii. Iik'ht and iiirv roi'tn" on deck, Mid her titer*** ia lofty aud well ventiU < <l IVruiM WMtiiiig to procod to Europe ahoulii mail1 eaily Application mi board. fool of Pover at, or to j a<'f W * I T T\PH'OTT. fW Honih at fO?t t*L AliOO vV?Kegular Picket of tUo IJth kTjjfWtif Vnnv- i he fine new llr.iiarket ahip BROOK8AlliNlfa''V. Mm tana, Capt. Hugh McKwen, will uil u abive. tier regular- day. For freight or having apleiidd accommodation!, apply on board, foot of Ronaevelt at, E. H.. or to WOOOHULL k MINTURN, ?T South It. Tlie regular*et Imrk Adam Carr. <00 ton*. r?pt Wright, will <acer?.| the Krookaby, aud anil on hei reKular day. (r'? r Viirg1 f.ARLlSLfc it RIPPARD'S FMToiTAfl?)N ' CyS"* OFF1CK, in connection with Oeorga Rirpard fc Liverpool ?The anhacribor* hog to inform the public th i' ihey have ooxnud a honae in coniiectiou wifli ihetr frKiiHa, Oeorga Rippanl ll Ron, of Liverimoi, nnd are enabled to forward piai-nger* toand from Liverpool, llelfaat. Dublin, fjork.antl all other |<aru of Oreat Britain anil jrelanu, on moat adv ntage'U* terma Kor the general aatiifacianu given to (waaenner'coming through Mr nnuae in Liveipool, we can, by r* fere C to nnini nmi le t?*r? received froin emiaranta frntu the oM con tiy, atreat to ibe good treatmriit they lnve at 'II um?< r?c< ivu In nidei to fallv carry out the arrangement, ?*- ii ire V't'i indunxd to eataoliah a houae in thia city, tint al I do nrinent nnd annoyance c unmoo to ernigranta here ai d In Li?- l "'1 may prevented. (l.-orsre Hipiwrd A H n, Liverpool, di-apafrh the Ruaciua, Oarrifk, Uoliiuguer, Quaeu of the Wjat, Liverpoul and Con timiton, on tbeir regular day*, and, in nddition, one or mora flrar claaa ahlpf every w.ek. ri r<ona wiHiing to aena money to tlieli hieiUa can pmonie I dr?l>?, |t< 'ble *t ain'it without dincount, on the principal I I ii tbeir branrhea in f.iiiilaiiil. Ir? land, and .Scotland Viilv to CAKLluLK fc niPPARl), M 30t*/? *j??outh ?tr?*t, corner ol Wall I E NE' NEV OLD ESTABLISHED FA88AOE OFFICE. A m* iHfe Street. SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW. i Agents for tIIk "Ituci Star" Line or Packets. 1147. Liverpool to Ntw York. 1317. Shipi Cuplaim. TniRis Tnn ti n. Martuion, (new) W. Edwards, SKli 1W9 Sardinia, Clew) C. K. Crocker, 001 H00 8ra, T. F. freeman, 817 lino Liberty, P. P. Norton, 792 1300 Huguenot, 8. Oiodine, 9i'i ltiio America, (new) Wenr?. 1180 1000 Empire, (ucw) J. O. Kussell, 1V90 law Ni.i*\ra, H. Uussell, 730 liifl Senator, (.new) H. Colfin, 860 1110 8Ohio. T. ) Bird, 7GS 1T75 onieLia, F. M. French, U?l5 17M haos, J. L. Wilson, 810 1100 Elizabeth Denison, T. W. Spencer, 84Mi U00 Peter IJattrick, J. D. Post, C70 I.WG J!?e subsciibrrs would respectfully inform [heir friends and t # public that they have added several splendid i ew ships to tlnir liiw> nf iMrki'fi tliia n.irt >>.<1 I i?>.?iuutl trl.inf. ki> ?o favonbly luiowu and tsxtcoiively patroniied for a i**no-d of more than thirty years, and Uave no hesitation in assuring those who may wian to ui<tke engagemenu for the passage ol rheir frieuds from hluglaud, Scotland or belaud, that th?y will find these ship* inferior to none in point uf comfort, convenience and safety, one of which will sail from Liverpool, every six days, throughout the year, making delay and the consequent expense to emigrant* at the i?ort of embarksriou impossible. A free jtassAge |?er a tea in e/ faun t^e various Irish and Scotch ports, with bread studs, and liospit&l mouey paid, may lie secured ail at the lowest rate:;; aud when those settled lor decline coining out; the full amounMuid will be promptly refunded as usual. For further p\rti?lars, apply to 8AMUKL THOMTSOtf fc NfiPHEW, 275 Pearl street. or to C. UR1M81I AW It CO., 10 Ooree Pianas, Liv'ul. Draft* or exchange, payable tl sight, are alto furnished for anv amount, ou R. C. lilyn & Co., Bankers, Loudon; C. (Jrunshaw t Co., Liverpool; the National Bonk o? Scotland; National Bank 01 Ireland, aud Northern Banking Co. Apply is above. jy20 90t*rc remittances toirelan xi, uc. iffy M. ? Jr., No.^^^^STwajr, continues to VJf remit mouey, in luni large or small, to persons residing in any part of Ireland, in the same maimer as lie and his predecessor in business have done for the last thirty years and more; also, to any part of England or Scotland. Money remitted by Tetter, post-paid, to the subscriber, <<r l>ersoually deposited with him, with the name of the person or persons iu licland, Eur land or Scotland, to whom it is to be tent, and neatest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a leceipt to that effect given ?r forwarded to the sender. Jyil Wt'm roa NKW OEJLICANS, ' LOUISIANA AND SW YORli LINK. rfftv Ml TO'sAtCTVeRY tSCTJXYS. Ship OSWEOO, Captain Joluison. Ship IJUD80N, Captain Page. 8hip CLIFTON, Captain Ingersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Aunt. Sliii) SARTELLE. Captain Taylor. Bark GENESEE. Captain Minot. Bark J. E; williams, Captain ParkerBark HEBRON, Captain Oreig. The above ships are ;ill of the fust cli.?s, of light drift of water, and commanded by the most eipenayced captains in the trade. Their cabins are handsomely famished, and every Attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the p.uuenters. Neither the captains or ow ners of the above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion .precious stoues, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, |>arce(*, or packages sent bv, or put on ooard of them, miles* regular bills of lading are taken tor the lame, and the valnt therein expressed. for freight or passage, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 South strew. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff 4i Co., who will itrmmulv fnrwHrd nil ffftndi tn thfir lddrMi. M M r^lOfV LIN^JETACKETS LIVERPOuT* PaSSAOE TO OR FROM LIVERPOOL.?The following wfll known, faat sailingr, nnd favorite packet ships, will nil from New Y> rk punctually on their stated days >? Tlir AMERJC liCOton*. 3d July. " MEMPHIS, 11(0 " 7th *' " SEA.. 1000 " loth ' Thes* magnificent snips have accommodations tui*urpac??-d for onbia, second cabin, nud steerage passengers. Persons ibont proceeding to the old country cannot select liner conveyance. Those wuliing to send for their friend* can intke ihe neceaMTy arrangements with th?- sabjcr-.iKrrt, ?n favorable terms *ud have tnein brought out iu either of the above slit s, or by uiy of (he splendid ships comprising the New Lne of Liverpool lockets. W. St J. T. TAI'riCOTT, jv2 rc _ 8b Hoillh utmet. BRO m EV den lane, haviqg now completed their arrangements, ben leave to announce to their friend* and the public, that passages to and from the Old Country can be sesured on the most reasonable terms, in first class packet ships, sailing regularly from New York and Liverpool. They also guarantee that there shall be no detentifn, Dnt that emigrants w ill be forwarded ou presentation of their tickets. Drafts payable on demand on the Royal Bank of Ireland, andou Messrs. Prescott, Orote, Ames St Co., London. mviA 30t*rc aJKiiCOK LIVERPOOL?To sailonTnesday, 3d August. The splendid new iron yjOA^?si?am ship SARAH ."(AN OS. burthen lOWl ions, t'jptsin '1 liomjisou, ? ill jjiI .i> above, "^^^^^^ ?her appointed diy, Having splendid accommodations for a few second cabin passengers, who will be taken at rednced rates. Those (bout leaving, should make early application to J. McMURRAY, jyK corner Pine and South streets.* BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN //JKmyCLmROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1200 tola '^cyZu?flKlis_nitd 430 horstr isjwer each, under coutrext with the Lords of the Admirslity. HIBERNlA.Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Catftain Edward (i. Lott. BRITTANNiA, Captam Johu Hewitt. riuRDti r..d.;nrk..u. u l< i..jl.? A'-AUlA, (<aptun William Harrison. T)>e four steamships now building are THE AMERICA. THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA. THE EURO PA. Vessels appointed to aail from Liverpool art the Britain? Jul; 4, IR17 Hiberuia... ... ... July 20, IS47 Vessels appointed to tail from Boston are the Britannia, Augaat 1, 1847 Hibemia, Auguit 1ft, 1847 Passengers' luggage must be ou board tlie day previom to tailing. Passage money?Krom Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do to Halifax, $20. No bertha aecured until paid for. These ships Carry experienced surgeons. No freight, eicept specie, received on day* of sailing. For freight, pasaage,or auy other information, apply to L>. B III OH AM, Jr., Agent, At HAUNDEN U CO.'S, 6 Wall at. (r?-In addition to the above liue between Liverpool and Halifax, and Boaton, a contract ha* been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a liue between Liverpool ma New York direct. The steainatiii* for thia service are now being built, and early next year due notice will be given of the time when they will start. Under the uew contract the ite imrrs win sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during tin- other monriu iu the year. Oomu al ternntely betweeu Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, ana be ween Liverpool and New York. irrt2 r OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. Office 44 William street. DmEUTOBI. C. H. Hand, Coorod W. Kabtr, fcdward Mill*, Horatio Allen. William Chamberlain, .Mortimer LivingrtoB, John A. Jselin, John L. (Stephen*, Herman Oelrichs ? C; H. SAND, President. lint auo Mill*, General Ageut.^ew York. , . .. Chui.ii Anur.mon, Secretary, ln conformity with the provision* of Uie charter, notice < lerebv given that the Book* for subscription forao ainountnot exceeding $300,000 to the capital itock ol" tjie Ocean Steam Navigation Company, will be re-m>?ned at the office ol the Company, 44 William, corner of Wall street, <m Monday. 21st June, 1817. Five per cent of the amount subscribed nmsl be paid at the period of subscription in s|>ecir or bank bills. The bolauo* of the subscription will be cnlled for in instalment*not exceeding 10 per cenr.ns may be required by the operation* of the Company, and upon thirty days previou* notice. The followiiiK is the 2Jth section of the By-Law}? " Subscription to the capital of the Comi?ny, alter the imouut may be $500,000, shall ill preference be allowed ro those who m*iv then be stockholder, and to the eitent of their then ctusl subscription " je 30f rc ^ KOK LIVERPOOL.?The magnificent new hte*in*hi|i SAHAll SANU8. i aptain /VW. ('. Thompson, will sail punctually on Uie 3d of Auiuit, having superior accoro" ^HHBHmncdations for a limited number of scooud cabin piuseiigers, who will be taken at a reduced price. IVnon* desirous of engaging second iv-bm |?t?.i***B for Llieir friends in the old country, to leave Liverpool on the 6th of M jitember for New York, in the above stramet, can do so at it-ice, cli irired for sfeeiajre nasseuirrrs. bv anl'lvilli: to P. W BYIINCS V Co., jy21 llt*m _ 81 South it., helow Burlinf blip^sr-JZ*r*m. JrRKNCH TK A N 8 ATI. ANTIC HTK AMdHIP COM I' 4NY ? Itpva| Mull ^he ^team *""r CNION, E. n.l?rt _^4j2UgEfflkL{^Comiiiiinder, tikn tier departure positively Saturday, the 24th init*nt The order of departure from France in u follow*? The 1'H!L.AIjKLPHIA sails ou the nth of July. The MI88OUHI " " Jlat Th?Nfc,W/OHK " " l.Vh August. The LTNIO.V " " si.t r And Irom New York The PHIL I DKLPHIA sails on the Uth August. The MltHOUHJ " " :ji?t ,T The NKvV VORK " " 13th 8ept The U,Ntf)N " * 3Jtli * These Sfenm nlni>? ore equal to any afloat, and ooinmnndrd by nil Ifnl .uid courteous uavigatora. When their rrntnlorm*Hon Iroin w*r vessels to commercial one* is Complete, ihey will be lonntl a? comfortable as ?"y ships cm lie m de. The price of |w??'' fr<im New Yoik for rlie lirat class ii tlfti From JUvre 1.000 franca. Wines will he charted eit/a, kill the prices will hqtoery moderate. * The freiwht in Havre ia regulated hy a fixed tarrff. The freight from New ynrk ia ruler by the market rat*. For further particulars apply to tne office of the company, H Broadway. ivISr "i? "ROCIlk. BkoTII?H8 k Cp-Passage'tiTani Bllilk i..m I a . a* r nAnl M. 111.1.1/ Rail f i... .7 P.-l... I jjMMfartmittittirri to Ireland, fce ? Pertona wmhinic paaiLivrri?? I in (It* ?p|tndid and eommodinua packet ihip (HAAC WKIfiHT, which nail. mi the lit Angus!, her regiiIn day. will plea-e make iimnedia'u application to Copt-no Mai.hall, (W hueid, at fool of Bvekmui street, or to the subscribe'' Thi?c ?rudin? l?r llirir friends to rorne out from Liverpool bv I i* above Uvoriie pm ket, or any of the Bl^ck Ball Line, tailinf livim tlx ttcn on the lit and limeMitli of ever/ mon.h, ran secure iliri |iuu|r by n|>|>l yina t? u?. IV,. 'II. rviniiiii M mmiev to (heirmends. can h?v? drafts for ny nbii Hilt, Myabl* on demand on the l(oy!.| Bank of I land. or !? Mesir. I're.Cill, Oro'e, Atnes It Co. London ninth ?|ll be oaid al then vsriuus branches throughout Ureal liinuu ami Ireland. Apply to nW.HK. BIIOTHLR8 k CO. No. J1 Fulton street. New Vorlr, neit door to the Fulton Bank, unit *iiiIm?*i *hI |??i#nger agents fir the old, or Blark Bull I.I e.if l.iv, i(i io| parkrte. ,S II The >|>leuuid i?cket slnpi* IDKLIA ?ail? from Liverpool oh ike let Aeptenber J e 13 10* b YV YO V YOKK. WEDNESDAY ] HOI'K KOH THK A KIT LI CT ED.?The txx MeilicAi r<.u:?cl, without injucy nud wuhout pntl?Two or t'iree phytic! uj?. geutlemeu ol riperience, who are thoioughIt verted lu Medical Science, having received diploma* fruM the lugheat und mult *ucceaalu| medical uutitution iu the United Statea, will be in couataot attendance at the grand depot of DK. BF.ACH'8 BOOKS AND MEDICINES, No 111 Kilton Stmckt, N. V., to he cou?ulted, and to give medical advice i?i re*peet to the following di*eo*e* in nil their lorina ?uU ?Uge*. all ol'which will be treated w ithout the uxe ol Mercury or oilier poieouous miner 1*, aud without chariie Tor advice or examination*. I'nlicuU may rely oil the kindest mid be?t atteutiou, upon a thorough lureai igu t lou and au accurate deicriptioo of thoir .".lues, and *uch pieicriptian* u have afforded relief in the worat ca*e?, where all other mraui had failed?prencriptioai which have been uaed lor llie l??t thirty yean by Ur. Beach, 'lie author of the ' AMERICAN PRACTICE OF MEDICINE." with ti succeca which ha* been unequalled iu the luttory of medicine. . ik.ll patient* who ruit thi* office will be prescribed for aecordn it to the A weriran practice, iu w hich vegetable remedies alone are employe J, winch cau never do harm, aud which will cure, if it ui i">a?ible fur iriedrcuie to do thia Thi* practice lias received the highwit reeomtneudarioiu Iron 'lie i r?t phyUiiaii* nud suigeon* iu Em ope aud America, mil been nouored by L'eld uied i J * from the King aud Queeu ui llugland, the Kiuzauu Queen of Prussia, the King* of Holland, jf Saxony, aud H'urteinliurg, and the rope of Rome?expre*lire of rheir high estimation of the *cieuce, aafety, certainty, mil mii-ce** of thit practice. _ I The following Diaeaat h, auJ any other of au acute or chronic hiir-cter, will be treated at thi* ojBce. Oil I. u ..l ? ,I...- Ill li.,? ,,r Rli.wl f.r? .tntm nC Turner whether interim I nr external. DYSPEPHI \ and LIVER COMPLAINT. STUNK or ORAYEL, aud all atfectiona of the Kidueya- or Urinary Oriputa. C0UUH9, Col'la, Cuuaumptiou, Bronchitia, aiul all other ?Ki?li* llie CheM. SCROFULA, nr liiue'a Kril. iD all ita atasea. ERYSIPELAS. SALT RHEUM, SCALD HEAD, and nil Cutmroua Enipticua. DISEASES OK THE EYES AND KAI18 treated without euppiux, ?corif> in*, leeching, bliatrnui;, or die uae of in atrmnentii. rt.ilEy.VI \TlflM, whether acute or chrouic. DYSENTERY. DIAKRHCKA, CHOLERA MORBUS, and Summer Complauita ol clnldrer. DC DOULOUREUX, or Neuralipu, Ague in the Face <uvl ST.'vMTUH' DANCE. aud all Nervoui Affection*. STRICTURES IN THE URETHRA, SVPHILIS in iu variotu atage?, and all iliaeaita rtaultuitf from Syphi Ue Taint. FEMALE COMPLAINTS, a* E?ee?u or Saupraaaiou oft Meutea, Fluor Alhuaor Whita Flow*, Pri>lap?u? Uteri, the KhIline of the VV'uuib, eouuecteiLwith Paiua in the Bac 1 anil lleid, Palpitation of the Heart, Nervoua Debility, Col Entreinitiea, &c I HII' DIsEASE, or White Swelling, Felons, or Whitlow; all l'nmora or SwrlluiKa. KEV R MOKES uud Ulceia, of whatever character. INKLl lf'.N/A, aud Catarrh mum lleid. DROPSY, in the Limba, Cht?t, Abdomen or Head. SPINAL DISK,ASES? Puma and weakneaa in the apine, or curvature nuil deformity. PLKUK1SY, QUINSY. MUMPS. MEASLES. CROUr, .Scarlet Kever, aud all Diaeiuea ol Children. WORMS of all kiml?. Pin, Tape 4tc. KEVER AN1) AOUr), or Intermittent Kever. IMLIOUS or l'ainter'a Colic, and Coativenaas. Kl I'S or Convulaioiu?Hysterical, Epileptic, (kc. BURNS, Scalds, Wnunda,Cuts, Urui-.ea, kc. KISTULA IN ANO, or Ulceroua Openiuga or Abaceaaea situated near the Auua aud Rectuin, treated without an opelatluu, Ulld A Pt'.nWAWVNT f'TTHfc' WtHRANTfll So cheap u cute ol' disease cannot Ire obtained in this city? no other expense accruing than the amount which the medioiut aloM will com. Already the multitudes who have bi-eu prescribed for are rtnuruuig daily with ri-|K>rta of iheir rapid restoration to health, without bltediug, blistering calomel, or any other violeut, painful, weakening, mid poisonous means, so generally required. Patient* visited at ihelr own lioueee in urgent ****, if retuired. Persons residing iu any part ol tl?e country, by sending a writteu dencuption of their caae, will be pre*?rfl>ed t'jr the lauit- a* if tney wr* ptrMUUT ptUMl Ail coiomuiiicatioi's by until mnst be post paid. Address Ml Fulton street. New York. Office 111 ! niton street. Otien from "" o'clock A M to 7 PM McAL.STKK'S ALL HEALING | OINTMENT, ban been extensively used all over the city, and throughout the oountry, for every form of disease; and the more it is Known, the greiter is the demand for it, such i t the aureus* ol iiiis wonderful medicine in the cuie of ail varieties of phyti:al deiaugeinent. By restoring the insensible perspiratiou, it ob-inses the blood ot morbid mitte.,aud Jills cures scrofula, snlr rheum, scald head, erysipelas and all cutoiKous eruptions. By the same process it hcila ulcetv fever some, iullaraed surlaces, sore throat, rheumatism, nno sprain* of all binds By n|>eiiiiig the pores, >uid equalizing the circulaiioe of the blooa, it cures coughs, cold consumption d, iprp.,ia, liver complaint uid oostiveue** It never IjiIs to ctire burns and scalds, however severe, allaying imV.mnniinon aud pnin, and destroying proud tlesh. it is sure to relitve p.uii? ol all kinds, in tl|e lend, sides, back, bowels a d limbs, is oiuur|iass*d in ipiu il diseases. It performs maryeinus cures in cases of piles, worms, f'vers of all kinds, ague in the lace and breast, and all nervous diseases. Use tbl* masterly medicine, and yon will not be disappoint?*!. This wonderftif Ointment being used etternnlly is an exiraordinvy medicine for children, it being so convenient to ulminiHter it, so safe and sure in its results. It i* an uncommon vermifuge, bringing awey all kind* of worm*, and pin woiins in large quantities. Grand depot. No. 141 Fulton street, New York. je26 eod30l*r BROWN s HOTEL.?i'lie undersigned, (sous ol the late proprietor, Jesse Brown,! have the satisfaction of informing their fi ic;i<l:i and the public generally, lliat the Hotel so lougand favorably know n as "Brown's Ldian Queen Hotel," 'kV'.ishii gtou, Ims, by ail arrangement* among the heirs, come into the full possession of the undersig ed, as sole owuers, and '.h it they alone will hereafter conduct thii extensive and ,'um modiiiua establishment. They j>lutl<v themselves to use every "ter'.ioii to upliold the high reputation and rotam the lirge business which it has heretofore (KMsesseil; aud tliey t-iriifmly tiopf, by the improvement* in the buildingj aud the renovation of furnitureliwl to be mule, together with a strict aud unremitting attention to 'he comfo t of lli?ir guests, t? ruerit and receive the usual large aliare of public patronige with which it Iwa ( long been honored. T. P. BROWN, MARSHALL BROWN. Washington, D.C., July 9, 1817. jy 17 Uteodrc SCIIOOLLV'S MOUNTAIN MPKINUH, Belmout Hail, N. J.?This establishment will riBlil flff Mini Hw l*f of October. Ila?inn been refnrnisheil and fitted up, it now offers m?ny inducements : the location isjiutly considered unej lualled ; anniaeinenla ol the beat kind : the highly medicinal I milities of the mmeial wate'S ; excellent accommodations, j jlc., lac. Route by R. R. le tve the foot of Cortlaudt street at II *. M., 12 M. and I P. M. Through in 7 hours, daily. jy 14 lMeod'rc MRS. K. A. HINCHMAN. J-N HO l'KL, ?No. lyi Chestnut stree', t'hitadelphia The subscribers, under the firm of Bridget St West, have purchased Mr. Jonen' mtt rest ill this eatabliahmeut, and hope by the stricter attentiou to the wants and Com torts of tlieir ;ue>ts, to merit a continuance of tne liberal patromge heretolore received y ila former proprietor. The house has been thoroughly renovated, and repaird; we therefore feel ??unid we can welcomeonr friends and the public to accommodations equal to any iu the city of Ph'ladelphia. N. W. BRIDOEf, i' 20 Htrrc JOHN. WKHT. It ivh >r.ri UINr. MUUbc., iN r. W KUt,HhLl.(..The aubacriher beg* leave to inform his friends and th? j?Uic generally, tint Ilia honae is now opeu for the summer :ampaign. The whole establishment has heeu entirely renovated and very much improved since laat year. The rooms have heen newly fitted tip in a sniierior style, and will coinimre with the Iwst. They will always be found neat and clean. It it somewhat surpriung that this deligh'ful spot is not more known to first class families in the city, wno are every slimmer eeking places to resoit to for health and pleasnrc. It offers ieat inducements to families coin nig nu from the South, ua hev will find thia a iniui healthful pMCt ofr'sort. The id,ice is approachable by MM or water daily, This leautiftil ?|>ot was opened eight years ago by the preaeut occuiunt, and lias been kept up at great cspeuhe na a select house lor private families, and lias been liberally supported. The imes nre now changed, and as the warm weather is coming i .i i :i. ~i. ' i w. i.:. ,?.ii i.. ?i. HleJ, mill, therefore, adrertiiei in order to advise families to ipidy early The undersigned lim ^rrrnt confidenceiu beiug ible to give enrire satisfaction to all who may firot him with heir patronage, mid he i* now ready to treat witli families aud inrtiea lor rooms to board upon fair term*, by the day, week or no ii tli. Transient company can always depend upon being accommodated. Rooms can be secured ou application at the bouse, >r by lettar. ?>. K. KICK. New Ilor.hrlle, June 19,1S4T. _ JylO 30t*rc WHITFrHOUaK 8ALOON. NO. 7 MKKCfcR 8TMrs. J. POSTLEY, late of Philadelphia, having leased the above house, and oroughlv renovated the interior with new Hud oostly furniture, adding hot, cold and showar baths, for the accommodation ol the boarders, is now ready to receive boaiders This house will he found a most desirable residence lor ninglege 'emeu, being within a few moments walk of that great thoroughfare, Broadway, ai.d a few doors tbove Canal street, iu aijui?t und retired street, free from the <ioise lucideuul to most h as** of this description. To the ^touse there is a bar attached. The liquors a<<d ?egars are not to be surpassed by any establishment in the citv ; and Mrs. rout ley hop<*? that by the untiring effort* of herself and the numerous attaches of her house, she will be able to'give general intiftfactiou to all those that may favor her with a call, jyl <0t#r Kank'8'T'aticnt poutah i.K. IVaTYiino fi7B and fihuwrr Bath cou^ectod?A splendid arpniKomtnt?Oeutlcmeu about HttiuK up country reaideue.a, would do well to call and examine lliem, th.y aie jint tlie tninu, alao a general aMortmeut ol bathing tub", aliower baihi, an J bath*, whnleaalc and retail. CH AHL/.S KANE? jei H0t#re :I77 Bowery, N. V. Eve. ,\7Tf) kXK?i3r. row KM.," Oealint, AurUt, icc. 351 Broadway, oopitr of Warren trret, attrn I, tTcliuita| |y to di?esa?? of tiie tev? and Kar from 9 till! n'cl ick. l)r. IW?1I h?i ju?i publisli* il * popular i rem ia? on th* K|e, with e?i*rayiii|ra,lYo , i?per JO rent*, inuolui 7^ c?t>t?, CumprlalnK 1 description ot'iu aim'' my, physiology, dnteiueeajid with rule? for I he ?rlix turn of ?|>ecui-|ra, Ice. Tube had ?? >ibite, and at V Stnuifp.Brrford t? Co . Vowler It Wfllii. ?iiH nf hiw.lnfl rir'?'r"llv itrl lAi^rf 1"iur?7in'7vivi~nn? - mi* Tiaketx i iii 11 ii<k the iicldor to rtip imp of the IV irm, I'<,I I, Slwwer *rnl rti-'iininniK uatha, (.00 Broidway, for II Ml, may lie had in the Readmit Room T. II. BYMKS k CO. Preeent ImMera of ticket* am?, nfemrar, allowed the tiri?iletea ofthia arrangement. Kn trance for Ladiea. lilt Cioitiy l?Ht?re _____ UK SAViAWU'S I.NV vlu AtfLe. T..\ i'KAC'i ,tnf the cure of UnuorrhcM, (lleet, Mtrtcture, Mu\l linpotenty, and all other diieaiea Of the armary orfaua '1'hn ettmct ha* now been Mirficicmly l<-i i In fori' the public t() e?tabliah witliuut a ihadow of doubt, it* luperiority n*er a1 itli?r met icmea of the kind, however pulling or prepi.-ttei. . itmir pretention*. Of ni.uiy tfiouanud c.isea, the proprietor haa never received our auigla complaint of it* failure. It require* not the leaat change in diet, uor the alightest vaiiatioii from the patient1! ordinary lubiti. Ita action la peile^tly fr*? from all thoae unpleasant feeliiigi attendant on a patient under any ordinary emirae of treatment, crratiu|f neitlwrr nau*ea, b .? of appetite, uor that tell-tale caat of ^ouutaiiaureocraaioued by til* racking action of *o-c*fledapeeinea,bul by it* tonic j>rnperliea prevent J I- M ?l??t peculiar Sir MI ^ h| praraure so ncu inarsru mm' i uw | action of hII other remedies. for sale, nefom|?nni u with lull (lu?'Ctioii?. Mt H9 OtCftiwich, between Couraaiitlt ma Liberty itrctf. Ntw Vorii. Price ft. JylOSOfm | NO?lC'K.?The snbscriWrs inform the public that they have just received ftieir supply of Mineral Waters direct from the 8prinf?. atdi aa Sharon, Bine Lick, Miter, KeasinKer, Vichy. Itc . kc , h|I particular!v beneficial at this aeaaoo of the ye r. They fulfill, n?, all orders for th??jjn?, wholertle nod retail, at their establishment*, ^o. 2 Pa? Row ind Ml Proadway, near Prince street DCLLUC fit CO.. ^ jeWJQfr Role ?tn re**or? '''her ft Son llxrd^ LJCOtK PRLHKS Brt^A,NDIEH^t/.u?:iU .acVuadtnd lor tale by lha (ubtcriber, (auuiiad to dabamura) ? loll auortmrnt of th* Mvinl bnu?<1? of tha above wall known BnuidiM. ooniiaring of Cognac,Roohall* uiH Bordean flutnrt. ol ?raaf variety of vintagaa, now and old, in (.(, <. whifli nr* offered *t the loweM eorreni |inc*? hy ln? importer. Dealer* are invited in call <ud ei.imiue ??wi>le? HENRY LEOfcH. my? ?t*i OMea No. 1*4 W?llMr?et,N?w Yoffc- i Lu . RK | MORNING. JULY 28, 184 Term* of Ihv NaprtikM ('oiut. Circuit CoarU, anil Court* of Oyer ami Terminer of I toe State ol New Vork. fourth iifDioiAi. dist*uct. Cou*t? or Sr. Lawbcmck. QOICUL TERM*. 1847? M Monday of October, Canton, Juatloea Cady, 1 algn. WilUrdaud lltind isirt?1st Monday of Sept., Canton, Jui tlces Cady. I'alge, w Ulard and Hand. 1S40?lSt Monday of Sept., Canton. !J UDtlce? Wright, Ilarrla, WatHou and i'arkcr. ACIIL T krmi. 1(U7?Wednesday before 3d Monday of October, Ca?ton, Juatioe I'ady. 1848?4th Tueaday of i"'?bruary, Canton, Juxtloe Hand. 1st do AogURt. do do do 1849?4th do February, do do WaUon 1H6 UU JlUgilllt, do do do CIRCUIT COURTSAXU COURTS OK 0*1.11 A.XD TKK MIXER. iB47?Ut Tuesday of S<-pteiu her, Canton, Justice 1'arkor. ia-itt?'id Jo February, do do Paige. 3d do July, do do Cady. 1840 ? 'Jd do after 4th Tuesday of January, Canton, J untice HarrW. 3d Tuesday of July. L'auton. Justioi Watson. Cotxtt or Kraxkcin. (ItNKHAL TFRMS. 184b?id Tuesday after 1h'. Monday September. MaLone, Justice* Cady, Paige, Vvlllard and Hand. rtVIAI. TERMS. 1 1SJ47?Wednesday before the 3<l Monday <M October, Malone, Justice i'alge. RH??3d Tuesday of February, Malone, Justice Hand. 4th do July, ik* do do 1849?3d do February, do do Watson. Uh do Jul;,, do do do ciaci'ir coi'Ri t i?u col a m or or* a ano tk rminkr. M47-3d Tuesday of Heutumber, Mal*ne, Juattoo Parker. 1818?Jet do February, do do Paige. 3d do July, do 4* Cady. IS 10? let do after 4th Tuesday of Jan., Malon?v Juxtloe Harris. id Tuesday of July, Maloue, Jui-tioo Wat mm Ooitwir ok Clintow. UKXCHAL TKRMS. 184??4th Monday of October, riattsbu rgh, Justices Cady, 1'iilge, Willard and Hand. ; 1840?1st Tucaday of August, I'lattst)ui|;b Ju?tices Wright, Harris. Parker and Wats an. irtCIAL TfcRMS. H447 ?3d Monday of November, Plattsbungh, Jus. Hand. 1848?3d Tuesday of February, do do do 3d do July. do do do 184!'?3d do February, do do Watson 3d do July, do do do 1847 ? 3d Tuesday of S?pt , Plattuburgh, I Uticw 1'arker. 18fci?4th do Jan., do do Taiga. lit do July, do do Cady. 1819?4tb do Jan., do do Harrtl. 1st do July, do do Watrion. Cou.xrr or OLXKHAL TSHkK. 104b ? lit Tuesday of August. LKcabethtowu, Juitlcus Cady, I'algtt, W i I lard and Hafcd rrriAL TttM< 18P ?3d Tu*?Jay of Sept., LllxaUaUtown, Jug. Paigo. 1648?Ut do F'eb, do do Hand. id do July. do do do 1640?Ut do Kol>, do do Watnon. Qd do July, do do do cmuvn cocrti and ton. t? ot oykK akd tmimiiik. 1848 ?ad Mouday of Jan , tlizabethlov^pi, Jua. Pttlgo. 4th do July, do do 1849?3d do Jau., do do Uarria. 4th do Juno, do do Wright. County ok Montuomrrk. UliNKRAL TERM*. 1848?lit Tueiday of Jun., Foud?. Juatloos Cadjr, I'aign, Wlllard aud Haud. srccui. TUMI. 1817?9d Monday of Uw., Fonda, Juatlc* Cady. 1848?-Jd Tutiday of Juno, do do Falgu. lit do Nov., do do do 1840?'Id do Juno, do do Wright, lit do Not., do do do CIRCUIT oovrti AND covin of 0VBR 4>0 TERMINER. 1847?lit Alonday of Uot., Konda, Juitioo Maud, lb 18?3d do May, do do Wlllard. lit do Oot., do do I'olgw. 1849?3d do May, do do Wation. let do Oct, do do liarria. 0*v*tr or Fcttos. general term*. 1840? 2d Tuesday of March, Johnitown, Juctlova wrigoi, iiarrv, w aLHou, auQ i timer. FECIAL TKKMD. , 1H-47?4th Tuenlay of Nov., Johnatown, Justice Cady. 1?4W?94 do June, do do do Qd do Nor., do do do 1849?!ld do June, do do Wright, id do Nor., do do do I'lncriT COl R I K AMD UOl'RTt Of ovm AMU TERMINER. 1847- 'id Tub.hJay of Oct., Johnatown, Ju.ttioo 1'arker , IH4H?4th do May, do do WlUard, 'Jd Monday of Oct . do do T'ulga. IS49? 4th Tuesday of May. do do Wutaon. id Monday of Oct , do do Harri*. Cl>L"?TV OP gcMENKUTAbY. MKSCRAL TF.HMI. 194if?l*t Tuesday of Jan., Schonectady.J luttice* Wright, Harrlft, Wataon. and I'arkar. FECIAL TERM!. ISH7?4th Monday of Not., Schnnectady, Justice Cady. 1818?4th Tuesday of June, do do raigv. 3d do Not , do do do 1840?4th do Junu, do do Wright. 3d do Not., do do do CIRCUIT COl'RTi AND cotUTI OF null AM) 1KUMI.1KR. 1847?3d Monday of Oat., Schenectady, Justice Hand. 1848?lit do June, do do Willard. 4th do Oct., do do Paign. 1849?Ibt do June. do do Watson. 4th do Oot, do do HarrU. Cocktt or Warre*. UE1KRAL TERMS. 1819?4th Tuesday of Sept., Ualdwell, Justices Wright, Harris, Wawon, and Parker. racial, thmi. 1H47?1st Tuesday of Sept , Caldwell, Justice Hand, tHie*? 3d do March, do do Cady 3d do Aug., do do do 1849?3d do Marob. do do Parker. 3d do Aug.. do do do CIRCUIT C0URT1 A"?U COURTS OF OTRR All) TERMI*l:ft. 1847?4th Tuesday of Sept., Caldwell, Justice Paige 1848?3d Monday of Iuue, do do Hand Ut Tuosday of Oct. do do Hand 184!)?3d Monday of June, do do Parker 1st Tuesday of Oet. do do Wright. CoU*TT OF WaMIIKOTO'V U E"VK R AL TERMS. 1819?lnt Tuesday of May, Wulem, Justices Cady. Paige, Wlllard and Hand. 1H40?1st Tuesday of May, Sanly HIU, Justice* Wright, Harris, Watnon and Parker. (FECIAL TERMS. 1*17?2d Tuesday of September. Salem, Justice Hand 1818?2d Tuenduy of March, baudy Hill, do Cady 'id Tuesday of August, Salem do do Iti40?3d Tuesday of March, Sandy Hill, do Parker '.Id do August, Salem, do do CIRCUIT COl'HI \trn COURTS 01' OVER A*D tMMIHIl. 1847?1st Monday of October, .Salem, Justice Taiga 1818?2d Monday of June, Sandy HIU, do Hand Id do October. Salem. do do 1840?3d do , June, Handy MIL, do Parker 2d do October, 8alem, do Wright Coi'ntt or Haratoha. OtfERAL TERMS. |S|7 ?1st Monday of December. Ballston, Spa, Jastiees < ady, Paige. Wlllard and Hand. IMS?1st Tuesday of December, Ballcton. Spa, Justices C ady, Paige, Wlllard and Hand IS19 ? 1st Tuesday of December, Ballston, Spa. Justices Wright, Harris, WaTson and Parker. xri.LIAL TERMS. 1847?1st Tuesday of Sept.. Ballston Spa, Justice Pulge 1848- lit do March, do do Wlllard 1st do August, do do do 1840?1st do March, do do Parker 1st do August, do do do CIRCUIT COl'RTt AMD COURTS OF OTER AND TERMINER. 1847?3d Monday of Nov , Ballston Spa, Justloe Paige 1848 ?1st do Ju c, do do Hand 3d do October, do do do 1940?1st do June, do do Parker ?l do October, Oo do vvrignt WatMliif PImm. t7. s Moth SiraToo* Sr*i*an. > JulyOT, 1#47. J .1 Vro]t<t?i ilnalyti* o/ Chararfrr at Saratoga? Jlrr(val). That foul and vlrilo compound which ha* Infected and attainted the bent blood of Ruripc with nut and which hm mad* hound* of the canaille for te.Jlou* a^e*. I* ranching to the republic of America A cholera, of tinhorrible order, travel* over both continent*. and make* no distlctlon between American citizen* and the *nbjt-eU of king*. Ho thi* error of the human mind, in it* riiw of society and government, which ha* decimated uU Knnpe, end made dupe* of her noble* and her people lor centurlc*, li* taking up a position in ihe heart* of the young men of America. A more radical remedy than a universal democracy will he required to secure for every hnuno being thoM *ociul right* to which ill* eniftenoe I* hi* title Another and a purer view of nociety must be given to th? human Intellect, and the** American youth mint be taught that preeiou* metal and ba*e metal ar? often found In the tame mine i thought* are the result of a hearth which I have liei'u making for material* for an analyila of tha rarloui grade* of character of which the large and fashionable society at Haratoga in oompoeed. I design to offer you '?>.? ?.?/Co nv r?l IJ UBJ ( nmmodore Shut) Ick, ot the unt y, is at Saratoga, and Huron Wraogell, of ltuMia. Iimh armed. ^uorkintj Occurmnck.?Joseph Untile, K?j., ?!??* ol the wealthiest pUnters in fcd^ecoml> county. whu killed on Mondaj. I#th irtat.. by one of hi* o*n under th? following olrcumrtHnce*:?lie bad ordered a ?lave (by aoine euppoaed not to be exactly In hi* ri|(ht mind.) to do M>mething. which b? flatly refold Mr 0. threatened to whtp lilui if he did unt cute the urder; upuu wblr.b the negro started, na tbe uianter ?uppoeed, to do hi* bidding; bnt he Immediately returned with a ho?, and before Mr. B. oould put himself In a at at of defenoe. ha wai Mssnlted and killed The negro thi n attempted to drown hlinnelf, hut ni taken from the water, aflor eioking n-vrral time', and committed to jail ?WoIti/h Rigiiier. wm I, JJ IERA 7. I'mllctilai* *f llir Iamh of I'. M S hooiu r8l?ik. 8*-v K?*>ciico, Feb. 1, 1847You havo doubtlens heard of the lon? of tb? *ohooner ShnrV, anil the aafety of her oflloer* and orew. I can not pretend to give you a detailed aocount of the accident and Its cauae, leaving that to abler bandit, but will merely give you a alight iketch of the principal eveut? an they ocuurred. Wn got under way from Baker'* Bay at 3 o'clock on the loth of September, for the purpose of leaving the river. The ?m> tide whs in full foroe. and the wind hj i favorable for the purpose a* It usually If at that mwon. | We steered aMUtbward as far as was mcessuryto bring ' two leading landmark* in proper position, when sudi ly the vesael atruck; and we iniuiodiately perceived we had been acting upon false information in our sailing 1 directions She ha I no sooner grounded than all aon- I trol over her wuu Inmt fin* *- i i.-?>* ' over the lirnt obstruction. the strong ebb tide carried I bur far beyond tbo channel, anil in it few moment* \te | wer>? at the mercy of the broker*. v.hich roared round m an if eager for their prey. At this criiiti the presence | of mind ?ud coolness of our gallant commander. Lieut. I llowlson,excited our admiration. We struck about (J 1 o clock,- f. M . and at 7 be Niiminouud tbe crew upon duck, attain a brief and eloijueut address represented tbu ; peril* by which they were surrounded. aud the extreme imporlMMe of siluncc. calmness, and tbe woat absolute obedience ttf orders It bad a moot happy effect, aud every man weut to his station with perfect confidence in our btavb and collected ooinniutider shortly after tbe boata were piped dewu, aud one was lowered with some difficulty, lu which tbe sick men. with officers and crew were ordered; but after repeated efforts it wan found impossible to get it off from the vessel, so strong was the tide, and during tbu effort the vessel gave a heavy roll and storo the beat?tbe craw were all hared. not. howover, without some narrow escapes. This aocldtnl \ taught us the necessity of waiting till the flood tide uitde, \ which It did at 11 o'olock, when we made another effort, through a tremendous sorf, and succeeded in lauding about three miles from the vessel. At nine o'clock the next mornlug not a vestige reiualnud of tbe old schooner Shark. We lost every thin,;, of course ? l ather Neutune kindly rolled my deek upou the beach a day or two afterwards, but 1 bad unfortunately entrusted my most important papers with the purser,to be placed with his valuaMes: they were ii i.,.t >.^,...1...- ?? ?- ?i- - ?<- - ? ? ? ? iwrv . .IV . icIU4 in ww rriUBIUni I ^ V 1UUUIIJ> Our commander chartered the II. B. I'o n brig t'atbo. rough to convey lis to our destination. The cabin wa/i just 11 feet by H. In that extenaive apartment ten ulScorn messed uud Mept, without Arts, and the cold ' piercing, for seventy-live daya. There wo Iny, wearied and treeiiug. in Baker's Bay. waiting Tor a fair wlud to carry us to San Franoiaco, suffering with rheumatism. Host bites, and chilblain*. At length our wished for breexe arose, and ton days from the lath of January, we ware bl?a><ed with comfortable quartan in the ?.ju. Iron. The ofHoera will leave for Monterey in the Savannah. This wreck will. I trust, oonvinco the government of the impracticability of her inen of war enteriu* the Columbia river, without a competent pilot It in, in fact, a desperate undertaking Our coinmauder, Lieut, klowlaon, poaaeaBea, in au eminent degree, judgimnt. l coolness, aud au accurate knowledge of bis profemion? | but to uavigata the f olumbia, NUiM the piloting of one who haa been familiar with it lor yeara. Army. The steamship Ualreatun left on Saturday evening for the Uraaoa, having on bjard a number ol teamsters, and & lot of mules, for the army.?iV. O. Coat. 7Vnurt, 19?A Affair* at the Welt [From the St. Louis Republican. July in ] Camt o.i Kansas Riv?.a. July IU. IH17. Gentlemen; Y'?u have doubtless received intelligence of tbo defeat of Lieut. Lo\e, aud the danger in which the government train* are at present placed. Lieut ' Love, iu UUdoapatch to Col. Whartou, requested linn to send to hia relict a oompfiuv of lighting men, and the Col la con^equenoe, Uauedan order for the "Rough aud lleadya" to proceed immediately, by forced marohea, to hlHtelief. we had Just arrived within ttve miles of Kort Leavenworth, aud yesterday morulug took up our inarch Wo carry out two nix pounders, which arc tn be delivered to Col. Kaston, whtu we shall overtake him. We proceed without the ilium 1 train of wagons, taking only our baggage wagons The selection of our oomiiany for thin enterprise, la a high couipliineut to our (.aptaltt We have also received aunh orders an make us Independent of the regiment, and at liberty to proceed at our pleasure. Yesterday. we pa^and the encampment of three companies of Illinois Infantry, on their uiaroh for Santa Ke They looked remarkably well, and were a* merry aa ' cricket*. 1 beg your Indulgence to oorrcol a statement I I made iu my limt I said that Mr. Kcyuolda (a candidate for major of the regimcut) wan a " thorougn-going i whig, when, on the contrary, he la a thorough-going democrat. 11 u was thought to be a whig from the fact of ilia being a atroug Taylor man, and from the complimentary manner lu winch he apoke of your paper in hia Hpeech to our company. It la proper to state th?t Mr. Reynold* never, to my knowledge, made use of hi* political bias to procure a single vote at Independence. He is elected, almoat beyond a doubt, and will do honor to the regiment and the country. [Correspondence of the Missouri Republican ) Off THL AlltStil, t Cachei, Juno '11. 1847.$ I For four day* past we have been greatly molested by the ludians ol' the Cainanche aud Arapaho tribe*. We j buum i?i <e iu iiitf ui 'tL wr wunnue J one, and in the last, which took place this morning, we killed four and wounded sis or eight They succeeded thin morning in running off six government muled of a train under charge of Mr. Smith, Of St, Louis. l):iy before yesterday, about four hundred ludianif made several attempts to take possessiou of tlN fort recently erected liy ttie government Mr Sloan, who bus charge of it. had with him only nine men and a oaunou. which did. however, great execution. 1'Oey killed fifteen Indiana and wounded thirty or forty. Mr. Sloan lout three men -Johnson, of Independence; Roy, of Lexington, and Nagle, of Linn county. They went out of the l'ort. urid were killed three hundred yards from it. The Indian* sculped thuu As it would not be advisable for less than fifty men to remain in the fort, Mr Sloan has concluded to abandon it. ami go to Santa Ke with his men and cannon A government trala uoder charge of Mr. Sweeney of Weston. has been sent out, with only fifteen rounds of ammunition?some of the men have only two rounds left. Bnnoki.v*. L. I., July 17tb. 1B47. " The Tomb of the Martyrs," in iti present position, is un insignificant curiosity in our midit. What a ?tu pendous monument it ought to be. when we consider the Herculean toils of our revolutionary virus! th? sufferings and pangs of the martyr prisoner* , nnl the energies and struggles that worked out the work of liberty. The grave or tomb Is on Jackson street, adjunct to the navy yard fence, and u few steps northward cf -? It I. ~... unnin fnur nr ?t?? f.,.? above the grade of the street. and dilapidation and decay are strikingly evident around It. Beforu asoending ' the rough stone ot-p* of the little enclosure, the eye of the viiitaDt meet" over the entrance the word?' POHTAL To the T?mb of 11,600 patriot prisoner*, who died In ) dungeon* and prison sbipa In and about the city of New i Y ork, during the war of our revolution." Getting upon the sacred ground, o..e beheld* the auto chamber, with 111 outward inscriptions ; and the panneled guard fence in its front, ou which appear the names of the ''old thirteen," commencing with New Hampshire aud concluding with (>eorgi* This ante obamber la of wood, painted white, about teu f oi rquare and (perhaps) thirteen high, with a ooalcal roof The apex in surmounted by a small Inscription-square, over which la a globe, mounted by nn American eagie O.i the streetward *ide of this diminutive rJill -e. are inscribed these sentenoes, oopled terfciji-n rt liltralhn i "The Ante chamber to the Vault in which will bearrtnged the Busts or other i'ourtralt insignia of the most distinguished military inen and civilians of the Revolution The Oouvernors and Legislatures of the old thirteen States will oopfor a great t.ivonr by their i selecting and sending them to No 91 Hudson st city i of New If ork ' In 1S0M, after thirty yearn neglect, the oorner Hone of this tomb wax laid by the present owner, as <?rand Sachem of Taumiuny Mociety. lu the same year, from the great collection of bleached boned of the inaityrs to our independence. Thirteen coflllns were fllled and Interred In the t?mb, in a great display of military and ; civic procession from the city ol New I ork and Brooklyn: it was said that full lllceeii thousand attendants, without distinction of party wepi then present Above, upon thi< inscription piece or oap sijuare, appear the following :? , ... , ? . In 17 7H the Confederation proclaimed thirteen Bri | tl?li ("oU.Dl.-i. im United Utah ill M y * * * * ? /c Flurihut t num "In I'M our tir?iul National Convention ordain, d one e.'tirc Sovereignty, In atrict adbeeloii to the equally aacred State Right*.' On the north alda of the oap piece. arc tbo following worda , . "The Conatltution of the I nlted Htatea eonaUU of two purl* tbo anprmne i?overeignt.v and tile unadulter. Ht?d State Itlghta -oneand indivisible " " Tbete bav* no parallel, eaeept the Jtaored Decalogue by Moeea?Our dutiea to Ood and man, one and Indlr",'b'? " .. . . On the aoutb Md? of the Inscription piece or cap ayiiarc. ?nd above tbe entrance to tbe ant* chamber th?-F? word* appear ' In the city nf New Vork. 17*!). Washington began the drat rreefdentlal career The wide apread Kagle of Colon walti 1 the order, then Instantly raiaed hta tllKbt in tbo heaven*. and. like the orb of day. apeedlly became vlalbl* to half the globe." Tbe idea* thrown out in these undisciplined Inacrlp tl'ina are refreshing; and rail toniindtbw Ueeda and io?n of other day. Nor are they lea* calculated lo awaken the horn th/it theae bone* of t he martyr - will rac, iv* that attention which 'a due from th* lover* of independence of tbe prveent day Several tf r. eere attempted lo remove these relic* aome few year* ago to a mora suitable ipot; but tbe wlatiM of the venerable patriarch on whose soil thee re?ted. that, they might there 'till he departed hence, were becomingly Indulged. H it alnca his deoease no movement ha* tended to tun accomplishment of thla patriotic task and they reat n?gle?W4 Li D . Ttl*m T?l OWM. and forgotten. It ha?b?en deemed appropriate tbitthey should bo Interred on the luiniult of Fort OrweD end that a becoming mouuinenl should b<> tirected there over them; but no n-.tion ten.liiu to facilitate the aaoomplUhinent of thin haa af yet transpired. At thl* Neaitda (iraenwood ? enioUry l< peculiarly Inviting and pleasant for viniter<; iU f .'.kg* being lu*uriant, and its grove-enoompHMtd kveuutt vlkltud by in numerable sougwter.-i Thin depoeitoiy for the dead ba.? been oomewhat deprived of ita original noope. ** It re upeoU it* northerly termination?that portion called Mt. Washington. with ?ome aorta aurrounding It. being cow excluded from iU limit* Recently, however, the grounds have been extended lu the reverie dlreoitcru)?to the taking in ?f a large aoquUition of nurfaee; ??t they oai never purely tucur? a promiuenoe io deniraMe. or a spot no interesting, ag loat by the neceuion ot Mt W??blngton. ?. LEOPHON rt ..... r. r..i_ n ion Two year* *ine? I viaitud thin vicinity. and gave your riudtTK a briif Kecount of the Clinton prUon, wh'cli w.i?. about that tiinv. oowuieneod at thin plaoe 15 In* again in the northern part of th?* State, I w?* Induced to leviult it. and not# the progre*?of the work ..tod^r Ti-ry efficient agent, Kaneou < ooli, fcaq '1'be < hrJiflo which ha* talieu plaoe It almont miraculous. Then, tbt? eonvicU who lia I been recently brought here, w?/ > hou?ed In temporary woodeu shed*, nocur'd at night by chain*. aud employed iu gradlug the mountain around th? inina. preparatory te laying ths foundation for ftOU rable prlion, and other building! connected with tbo work. Hino? that tlins the prison ha* b?*n built, two hundred and ninety fuut in length by Ofty-Ore feot In breadth, in the inoet Bulwtantial and improved manner, with cells to acoommodate two hundred and fifty-two conviutK, and a wing nf almunt equal dlinen?lon? for ti>f? hospital, chapel, kitchen, eating room, lie These buildingH, the former intended to be centinucd In one direction. an may in futum be required, are built lu the beat poeaible maimer -atroug. convenient,well veuMlatod. and Hupplied with water from a mountain near by, and art) kept, lu tbe utrawt cleanllneu and ord- r ? About fifteen acre! around tbe mine are encloned by a utookadu. within which ere a saw mill, furnace, macbino vliop. a^unt'a dnulllug bou?*, and a large atone buil'llns immediately over th- mine to oootuin the maohinery for buruiug, grinding. and repsrating the ore About odu hundred anil titty oouvicto are employed ' 11.... 1. i? * - J?- * ? * iiin wvi n. iiw, ii uui me urat, eiieo'dniere'j ri moat singular opposition. originating principally with the contractor* at the other State Prisons, and seconded by those who were disappointed In obtainlug iim location 011 tliu Auaabl* Forgetting or disregarding tbo parentage or thin work, the mechanical clauses, it bo, fi lling tint Injury done ihem by the competition *gain?t their bualne.? lu thu Auburu prison. cimu fortij Tu t heir atrengtii and demanded of tbx le^iala'uru that some other employment flioul J bo giveu to felons beside* that which giTt-a tliifin and tlieir fauiiliud bread-forgetting every th ng but sellisb and sordid constd- ration*, tbey ha*e circulated. tar and wide, the niokt injurious statement* concerning the oondltlon aud pro.pools of the undertaking. So strong ?n tbia opposition, that th? legislature has at every session Imh'U lobbied by those seeking to prevent ttiu u> oataary appropriations for carrying forward the work It waa uaertad there waa no ore in the State uilue worth mining for, and thl*, too, lu thu luce and eyen of the oyiulon of Prof ?wmona. who made t XHiuination before two mine waa purobaaed by the State. Murm* the past year the mine baa been opeued; a d seven tlmu and tons of ora already raised, and iminUug the cntnplet on of the i eparntlng machine, will alienee. II it has Dot. ulma'ly d'tuc to the statements of the wnut of ore. t he machinery will soon lie oomph led, wheu the expediency of eoiipl ying convict* In tho iron business wnl be tested, doubto *?, to the tatisfaotton of the frloudi of the undertaking Thl* work, let it b" understood, wan a conoeaaloa to the mechanic* of this Mrate; the injury d.<o? thoui at the Auburn prison was Immense. and tui v f,dt It. .<iany Industrious tuechanlcii were driveu fiom the Interior cf the State, because they coul l not withstand the monopoly Besides, It wan (aid that \lmost every brunch uf intcbanioal employment w?h degraded by employing sonvlot* at It. Thu, with other consider it luna prod need ? strong foellug among tho nieolianlo* a faw yesra Mace, the result of whioti lis* been the ritnblisbmeut of thu Clinton prlaon, where the ratling and *eparati:ig iron lira ftiiflHl if lltea tliu It 1. H. - obanios of tti? nlt v of New V'orfc. sad of tb<* Statu rally. to he informed of lb? result of the unl?i inking which wis produced, mainly by tbelr effort and influ | ence. S AH AN AC. Baltic, La*I .Michioa*, July 9, 1847. Xotei of Travel?I.akt Michigan?hi 7Wni *nJ VUla/fti? Cropi ? Chicagn C?nvtnti&n U'u left ( h'eugo on the breaking up of the Coneantlon, which took placo on Weduaaday, at tlaeen o'oloak au<l 1 buT? i|iunt my liina In vlaitlng the iisall town* upon llio Lake (bora between tbla pUoa and Sheboygan. On my way up I lauded at South port, and took the Interior route by *tago. panting through the moat b<autlful country tbc *uu evtr shona upon. AJ you learo South, port, the road for a tew mile* 11m along tba Handy beach of t'j? lake, and than Turing to tba right, rii?t upon tba liigb land, where romtnanna tboaa rolling pralrlea ao. long and de*enredly tba boaat of tba wertern world Ne?er before wan 1 so forcibly Ntruck wltb tba expression, 'Heaven itmlle* upon tbU land." The genLLa br??i? from tba lako waa Ilka tba nweet breath of tit* Almighty; the trembling forest, the lighting up of hi* ooiint-uatiee; and tba bright field* and waving harrtft, the beaming of bin smiling eye. The village* that stud the coa*t of Lake Miohlgau are planted with that peculiar taste belonging to New Icelander*. The atreet* are wide and straight, and tba large and beautiful oak tree* are left to tdoin Iba publlo H^uarea and shade the dwelling*. r i?mu Hi HUB li" rill nuuiu|llin, fur roiwi IUIU 10 me Intt again. and you enter the Tillage of Lltlln Fort, -.landing right on the high bank of the lak?, and commanding. In Its view. the wholu expanao of water* to where it la shut In by tbe mlaty borlton Thin iowu has sprung Into exiittenro within the laat two yean ?ud uow contain* about fifteen hundred iuhablunt , au4 for beauty aud neatneea both In ita location and conNtriiotlon, la unrivalled in America. from Little K'ort our 'uurae lay due we?t. aix of ?eTen mile*, and than (tretcbed oat acroM tba prairie, Inward Chloago. I le!t Little f ort about *ix o'eiutk la Hie morning, and emerged from the belt of w?o4 thai nkirta Ha rear, ju?t an Uie nun waa aattlog I am totally incapable of giving you ten a faint deearlptleo of Um mienu that now preaenUid 1 tee If To oar right the land rui-eded gradually for aome two or three mile*, and IhM roao again. like tin- aweii of .ti *ea, until It* orent HM i-d to touch the tky Every orchard, R.rden, farm buu*e, nnd all their nppurteuanoej. for five mile*. lav dUtlnotiy ui view T<> our left atratnhed a long, dark foraat, oa * Lie ho top* tb<4 sou wan apriukllng a golden hoe. while boforo ila lay ppread that wide prairie, rich and beauU nil aa the Imagination can picture, and aa for aa tb* Wf% could reach. The crop* through thla part of th* country are rlob and abundant In a wheat cowed last fall wu rooetl? winter killed, but the far mere have reeowed their Qeirf* with itpring wheat, and there I* now every appearance of an average, or more lhan average, crop The Indian corn look* extremely well, too, and a* au egtra quantity kM been pi jilted, lucre will, no doubt, be an abundance of that. riiu Convention had been atltlng one day when I af rived ill < bicago. tin) prfe-eeding* of which, no doabt, your reporter lia* furnished It wm ea?y to perceive that it waa decidedly whig,and although the Western democ rjey took a decided Intercut aud went a* far ai th* whig* >u i xpreaulug ihelr determination to tupport no man for ncbw wuo wan not in laror II iiiiprovirn wrilrrn Harbors, th? parly nalla would not Oil but buna ll?ti<-ae tod heavy an it hat? of fiaud. While on the oin*r band M toon a.i a wlila (brat wan uiilurl?< I. It otu^bt ika and swept easily on eiald tb? eli*?r? of titantroth" of tb? aeaombly Ajio ??l<1e?i(V> of thratreufth of th<i two partluA hi tba ConTi-ntPn I will but refrr to onn iucidunt. Mr P D Field, of New York who bad gpoken cm tbu democrat!*" d'Je of fbo hr-tieo, off. ra<l *om? vi-ry proper arid Juillnlnu* anirnrtuieole to una of lb* proposition* oi th? committee on mnlotirma.wbith war* Immediate')* rot<-d down, while to amendment to itrlk* nut no much if the fonrt??ntb proportion. a# eald, " thlutl*? upon fL?r"l?n Import, ar? taken mainly from lb>< pooket* "f the p?"pi?." b-ln|t oftefr.i by Mr N R Btim Vew Wtk. ?*? mrr1?<1 almoat unanlmonMy Tb? why* had er?ry thine tln-ir own way, and while they f>rofoi<i?-<Jiy diratowed all party pnrpown, they would not ..low, even by iuipllnatlon, of any of ?belr principle* to hw availed Both parti1 a ar?, to ?pi>"?r<?iir? very w*|l callKfli-J th'- whig* t<er*u*? th?-y 1ih<I ct? ry toiii^ their own way, an I the Ufmocrat' h.r?u?<' the wblg* did not Uo aj bad is i hey wer>* afi aid ih*y would Th* weather w i? op, i,c,tve!y ho*, and nioet t f the da1 'a ilea had left when th* Balt'v railed Shu la. i<ow?Tar, crowded to h<'r f ill capacity, and a<' ?lo> > uue of rtm u?w and niaf.uitleent to*t? that ha?? l>e?ti out upon th* Uk- thl? *uiuiU"r, with ,t cMil- manly un 1 popular ' aptain. ami a it)'ward who >-now* ?rery Oody ant l? by m^ry body known ?e the ??-r? prlnc? of uteward*, you can easily tiiiagin' in a* < iijoyinn !uiurl>? amid th? <vk>1 l)r??t?a of Mlflhigau an>l Huron, that New \ 01 k rt kno* not, and o?*?r will, 'lUJ tlwy take a trip to th-Lpvar L*kM. sponsor. From New iUi'.ihwick ?8t. John paper* of lhf 23 I ui?'' Mate thnt thcr?' h?ii tven aom* morv *??(n oi ?hontlng. but no other death* had oo-nrrM i h> if from Tbo Newt. referring to the rioting, ?ta?e? th^t ft John In "worm than Nrw Orleani " Two *ln gnlar trliiN fur murder had occurred A m?n named \1nn?nn I'lfkett. charged with the death of hta bm her by ahootlng, who hud been n-?en month* at )??:? on hall, wai convicted of "wilful murder with malte? *fi?r?w ih'>ii(tbt." with a rt-eomm'-ndatlon to m* ri y. and order<1 to b? executed In October ne*t Tha otb. r w?? the w?? of tnree inen who had committed a e-ld bio- l<4 in d unproTOked murder upon a colored nmn ? f-w month* M|{0 and who were Immediately dlaebargcd try tbn Juilgu. upon a Haw lu the Indictment The .Vrv>? ?tate?, an a c?ma of peculiar hard?hlp that an em graul woman with Bra children, who had taken pa*?agf from that place to join her hutband. who wai at work 'p00' thirty mile* from Boatnn. wa?r*fu*ed permi*?lon to land hi nv hecatm> her Infant wa? a little unwell and wa? o1>ll|{<<d to return to St John The died on H? re tarn peenig*

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