Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 30, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 30, 1847 Page 1
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? i a??? TH] r Vol. nil. No. !*07?WkoU NO. 480*. TlIE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Nortli-west corner of Fulton and Nun* Ml, JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION?FORTY THOUSAND. D VILY IIEHALD?E?ery day, Price > centa per oowr?17 finer iiiuii'n?(livable in'uce. WEEKLY HI.RALD?Eeery Saturday-Price ?>* ceuts perc.ipy?S3 l'H '?r annum?payable tu adraane. HE It \LD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet dayPrice a,U per c pv?per annum. iucludiug poaUfe. payable in arinnce Subscriptions aud adyertUementa will be receivrilby M?"tsr? fHlitfuaui, 1H Rue Vmeune. Pnrii; P L Simou'la. 18 Coruhill, sn J Jotin Miller the bojikaellrr, Loudon ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published on the lit ?f I iiiinry ..f riic i y?'*r?aimle copi*?,?i*pence each. AlH'EiCTlSEMENTS, at the usual nnrea?alwaya caihi in advance Xilvrrti?eineut? should be written in ?i>laiu, legible manner. Tile Proprietor will not be reiponaible for errora that mny occur iu them. , . ? . ... PHl VriNO of all kinds executed beautifully and with <le?I?itch. All l??rwr* or communications by mail, addressed to the rttiblijhmeitt, most be pott paid, or the postage will be de ducted from the subscription money remitted. MCW VORK AND HAKLRM KAILHOAD CUMPANf HUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON AND AFTER THURSDAY. JUNE lorfi, 1847, the Ctrs will run a* follows, uiitil further uotice. Up trains will leave the City Hall for H irKmSi Morrieiiuia. Forham It Tuckalioe PleasantriHe, 4 30 A M. WIU'msBr'ne. Hart's and Newcastle 7 5 30 A.M. White Pl'iu. Bedford, 8 T " 7 A. M. Whitlickrille t " 10 " 10 Croton Falls. 10 *' 11 " 4 P M. 7 A. M. 11 s p m. 5 jo " 1p M. 2 P. M. 4 5 " 5 JO 4 30 " 5 " 4 30 " # 30 " Returning to New Yodi will leave? Morriiiium 8iHarlem, Fordharn. Will'm? Br'ge. Taoknhoe. 7 oi A. M. ? 4S A.M. r, 45 A.M! 7 30 A. M. n 10 7 ? A 7 30 ' 141 " 9 " 0 09 " ? (i? " 1 20 P. M. 10 " 12 S3 P. M. 11 .3 P. M. 5 42 ' tt 35 1'. m. 1 41 " I 40 " White Pl'ni. 2 " i 08 " S " 7 10 A. M. t " 115 " t> 00 " 8 33 " 4 20 " 741 " 7 44 " IP. M ? 4 23 * 6 23 " 8 04 " Pleasaatville. New Outle. Bedford. Wliltliclrrille. 8 II A M. 8 AM. 7 41 A M. 7 44 A M 4 13 PM. 4 P M. 4 41 P M. 4 44 P M Croton Falls. 7 SO AM. 4 30 i* M. TI.e fruuia to and from Croton f* n11? will not ?toi? on New i Ymli Island, except at Brooms struct, and 3ad street. A ear will pn-ced.- each train ton minutes, to take up passengers iu tl?? city. The murnin? trnin ears from Croton Falls will not stop between White PIiins and New York, except at Tuckahoe William'* Biidge, auil For dham. E'rtra trvia ou Mondays to Htrlam nod Ntorriilaon, if (In* t|IW?T. , Suu:es for Lake Maliopacli and Dan bury leare (Jroton Falls on arrival of the 7 o'clock A M. air) 4 P. NLtrawa, and for PawbiuK ou unriV'i] of the To' loch A W, train. F\SIC FHO.vI vV VOIIK : To (.form k'alle Z ....$100 To ?7K ?<> Newc.iarle. ,2. 7) o Pleasant* ilie 7. ?2X To White Plaiua... ,. .7..... JO Freight trains leavw City Hull at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Rrmruintf. Icavf Crotoo Fall* at 7 4. M atnl ft ** M. DAILY F.XCUR3IOS TO THE LL.Y t/^L^JIAN -IEI,08. HOBOKEN.-Onanrt after Sunday July llth, the ateamboat PIONEER will m il;e regular rripn from '"aunl and Nt> etoenth streets, direct to rlie Elyaiun Ficl la, at Hobokeii, leaving the abore mentioned places iu follows:? Itamm <nd acreet, Nineteenth atreet, Elysiau Fields, 10 o'olock, in!< o'clook, 10S o'olook, 11 ;; m; ;; nS ;; ? 1' ? Is jvgl nr-TC _,J* " ~ FokaHKEWKBURY.LONObKA^ch. I* IXV. 3 Ocean Houic, Jumping Point, Kunaom, and '*?*?? ? Eatontowu Landing. The *teamboat KDWIN i.E WIS, Captain Haynes, will tun u follows from foot of Ve??y *tr??t, North River ?? Lute New Tork. Leave "hrewsbary. July. O'clock. Juiy. O'clock. frvdar, HI. 4 1*. M. Saturday, 31, 9 A.M. lurdty, 31, 4 P. M. Statres will bein readiness on the arrival of the boat to conTfy p,'??eni<tr? to all part* of the conntry. jyl 30t*rc ?,w?. FOR SHREWSBURY, OCEAN HOUSE. , J: jP ' "if* Branch. Rntunm Dock, Brown's Dock, Middlrtnwn and Red Bank.?The Steamboat ORUH, C. J'yce, Muter, will run as follow*, from Fulton Market Slip, Kart River Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. July. O'clock Friday, 30, G A.M. Friday, 30, 10, A M. Saturday, 31, 7 A.M. Saturday, 31. 1U*J, A.M. S'Inlay, An?. 1, 8 A.M. Suuday.Ang, 1, 6, P.M. The Line Stipes will run to Howell Vvorlt*, Sqnan Village and Freehold. Stage* to couvey passengers to all part* of the country. N. B. All persona are forbid frosting the above boat on account of the Owner*. J. P. ALLAIRE. JylO >3t*rc MOKNINU LINE FOR ALB AN If AND ' TROV and Intermediate Landing*. ,'-i fhMMMiMi Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROV, Captain A. Gorham. will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Monday* Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock A. M Returning in -lie ot>po?ife days. The Steamer M AGAR A, Capt. H L. Kelloac, will leave the Steamboat Pi?rfiot of Barcl vy street, Tuesday, Thursday and * turday, at half past ?tg o'clock, A. M., returning ou the Oppnaite da* *. Fare SO C?ut*. | Bor :<.u?4 or treignr, apply 05 uoaro, or 10 r-a. nan. iu 1'i.e Ditf.ii a tiie wnarf. iyW II m rfcOIXKHUNK 8TKAMBOA.7 S KOJt '.jiJlall?> YLBANV, Daily, Sunday* Eaceptod? eilBwiMMhThrough Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from tlis Pier l)?i #rr? Coartlandt and Liberty streets. 3r?<R*l)oat ISAAC Nt'.WTON, Capt. Win, H. Peck, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 7 oUook. .Steamboat HKNDRIK HUDSON. Capt. n. O. Cruttenden, will leave on Tneiday, Thursday and Saturday evenrows ?t f o'clock. Hpecial Tr.iiu* for Schenectady, Balhton, and Saratoga Stiriugs, will run as follows;?Leave Albany at A.M., 3 P.M., MN|>t "iund-vys. Passengers will Cud this the moat eg peditioas ami convenient route. At Five O'clock, f. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places? lroro the loi r o I Barclay street. Steamboat ROCHBSTER, t.aptain K. H. Furry, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Kriday, and Snuday afternoons, at J o'clock. SOUTH AM F.RICA, Captain T. N. Hnlse, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The above lioata will at all timet arrive in Albany in arnpl* time for the Morning Cars lortne East or West. Freight taken at moderate rate<, and none taken after 6 o'clock, P. M. 77s" All persons are forbid trusting any ol the boat* of this line, withont a written order from the captains or agents. koi passive or freight, apply on board the boat*, or to P. C BCHULTZ, ?t the office on tne wharf. Jv 13 rc " I opposrrfoN PAH'<AO>fOKFICE?'To r a.^i P Mbany, Utica.f 1 JO; Syracuse, SI; Oswego, : i^finUtviMaa S3; Rochester, 12 25; Buffalo, $2 JO; Cleveland, M JO; Detroit, $J; Milwaukie. $8; Chicago, $8; Cincinnati, 88: Toronto and Hamilton, $4; Whitehall, $3; Mont' real, t4;' Pi'Ubiirg, >8. Office. IM^wcTay street. ^ lonmct t . lie with thin company. jv!6Jflt?T M. L. KAY, Agent, New York?1847. NOTICE. BTATKN ISLAND KERRY.-0# and * N after SUNDAY, April 18th, the ateamboau ^ itlfVrir'i SYLPH and slATEN INLANDER will tua ft.i lollown, uutil further notice LE4VK STaTEIV ISLAND At 0, 8, 9, 10,11, . M., and 1, J, 3. 4, 5, (, 7, P. M. LEAVE NEW TORE At "\ 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, t, ten minatei put I, tad at 4, J, 4.7, o'clock, P. M. V?v Vo?ic April 13th. all r r (JU LIV?tt t'OOL? The New Line?Regular I r^"f3wV PMlut oftlu Auguat?The luperior, faat tailing JUBm pacnetahip LIVERPOOL, 11 Jn torn burthen, CaptJvk i t.iuriil^f, Hill iurl aiah 'Te, her regular day. For freight or pait*g?. having el?gan( and auperior aeeomEioda ioaa, apply to the eniitain On ooard. st went aide of Mura? lip. or to WOODlrULi, Si MINTURN, 87 South at. Trice of i?iraaie tH'OThe packer atip Queen trf the Wait, 1150 ton* bnrtheti, Cipt Philip Wo..4h'>oie, will aucceed the Liverpool, ?jk1 a.ui on ! ?? rri>n.<i d<v.?la' ivSW re TOR OLaBOOW? Regular P^eket of the lith WWjf^of A'gnat? ! ha tine new Br ra.ket thip BROOKK MUHafaJV. too t?na, CapL Hugh Met. wen, will aail an above, ner regular day. Kor freight or |nMwi,bi'iii( aplend'd accommodation*, a^ ply on boird.Tbut of Rootevelt at. K. H.. or to WOODUULL It MINTURN, >7 8,>ulh it. The ra^ul' r packet b\rk Adam 1 ^arr, 400 toua, Capt. Wright, will *nec?l the Brixiksby, and tail ou her regular day. jylA r CARLISLE fc RM'PARD'S EMIGRATION jffyJrW OfKII'E, in conuecdon with George Rippard li JtUna^iii, Liverpool ?The aubacnberi beg to inform tlw public :ti.u they have oi?ued >i honae in connection with ihefc frieuda, Oeorgc Hipiwrd St Son, of Liverpool, and are enabled U> forward piaa ngeratoaml from Liverpool, Belfaat. Dublin, C'>rk. and ill other ivrta of Great Britain and Ireland, on uioal adv tillage .u i terma Kir tne general aatiafactkm given to paawnuera coming 'hrough our houae in Liverpool, we can, b> reference to umnerotu le tera received from emigrant! from thi! <>1<l country, atiaat to the good treHtinmt they have at nil brio rKriv' J la order to folly carry oot the arraugement, vrr n??? i>?? i induced tu eit <bli*h a linuie iu thi* city, that al I disappointment and annoyance lomreim to emigrant* here aud in Liverpool may he prevented. ()?ori{r Ki|))>ar<l tt H?n, Liverpool, despatch the Roieine, Oarriek, Huttinguer, Queen of the W?t, Liverpool. and Con(tituti'M, 'mi the<r regular day*, aud, in addition, one or more first el * *hip* every week. Peraon* wiahing to ?rnd money to their friend* can procure l.?f *, p?> iblfl at light without discount, on the principal bank* *nd their branclie* in Knglaud, IreUnn, and 8: .timid. APliU to CARLISLE Ik HIPPAK J jvlt tOi?rc MlHnu'h street, corn olWall. .i.*? FOR LIVERPOOL.?Packet .hi T A8HBURTO.N, Capt Howlaud, 1110 ton* hurt :ip, to sail on h? rvgularday, (th of Augast Tn accommodation* ' id cabin aud atearag* paasengnr beiug unsurC*' d by any *hip in port, and the greater n i 'her of berth* i >,g a.rtadv engigea, those dauron of? larking in thi* ?iil?'i.i d p??k?t *ho?ld make MrlyapplM*.! r ?u board, loot of vUirteulaiie.orto J v| f MURMAV, . . . oomerrioe , clgonth street*. Tho a'jave will be *ncc*tdaJ by the-nij iicentnew packet hip W tiT POINT, Capt Allen, bnrth . 1V10 tons, to lail i iltri i I August, her i. ynlarday. P. ? d.*ir,m? <>r tending for e , jn ,|ie qij Country, cau have them broughtout in either of the abo\* packet*, by applyum ? ?bo??. jy?re | E NE1 N OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. a Jl A ^^OT^PEABL 8tKKtT. SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW. Aobhti ro? tht "Black 8t*b"Lineop Packeti. 1MT. Liverpool to Sew York. 1047. Ship* Cap!mint. Tnt Reg Tni M'n. Marmion, (new) W. EdwarJi, 9*'t 1609 Sardinia, (u?w) C. K. Crocker, 8ii2 1400 Son, T. F. Freeman, H IT 1400 Liberty, P. P. Nortou, 7?*l 1300 Huguenot, 8. Ooodhue, 9J > loi.o America, (uew) W'eare. 1180 liKW Empire, (new) J. O. Rauell, 1090 luuO Niagara, H. Ruuell, 7:10 H',0 Senator, (new) H. Cotfin, B.ifl HM Ohio, T. J. Buil, 761 1375 Cornelia, F. M. French, 1066 1730 Chaoa, J. L. Wilson, Rio 1100 Elizabeth Deniaon. T. W. Stwucer. Soil 1100 Peter Hattrick, J. D. l'ost. 670 1JOO Thesub?cribets would rM|wctf?lly inform their friend* turn the public that tliey have added several spleudid new tups to their line of packets between this port and Liverpool, which has been favorably known luid extensively patronised for a period of more than thirty yean, mid have uo hesitation in assuring those who may wish to make engagements for the passage ol their friends from England, Scotland or Ireland, that they will nnd the?? >hi(M inferior to none in point of comfort, convenience and safety, one of which will ami from Liverpool, every aix daya, throughout the year, making delay and the consequent expense to emigrants at the port of embarkation im|>ouihie. A free passage (>er nteamer from the various Irish and Scotch ports. Willi bread stuffs, and hospital rneney paid, inay be aecured all at the lowest rates; and when tlioae nettled fur decline coming out, the full amoui>feuaid will be promptly refunded as usual. I'or further tiartifflara, apply to 8AMUEL THOMPSON k NEPHEW, U75 Pearl street. or to C. GRIM8HAW h COH 10 Gorse Piaxxas, Liv'id. Drafts or exchange, payable at sight, are also furnished for any amount, on R. C. Ulyn It Co., Bankers, London; C. Qrimshaw ft Co., Liverpool; the National Bank of Scotland: National Bunk of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co. Applj as above. jy20 30t?re REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, &c. M. tik (TSuRgK McBUTD^Jr., No. JHToSwiy, conthlUfuS VX remit mouev, in sums large or small, to person* residing mi auy part of Ireland, in the same manner as he aud his predecessor in business have done for the last thirty years and more; slso, to auy part of England or Scotland. vloney remitted by Tetter, post-paid, to the subscriber, or peisoually deposited with him, with the name of the person or persons in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be sent, and nearest post towu, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to tiiat effect given ?r forwarded to the sender. jy2l ,IUt * m KOR NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AND JEW VOKK LINE. jfe. m. m> TQSAIOVERY TeWMYS. Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain Ingersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship SARTELLE, Captain Taylor. Bark GENESEE, Cantaiu Minot. Bark J. E; WILLIAMS. Capuin Park*!. Bark HEBRON, Captain Oreig. The nhn? chin. ,.r. nil f,n, -if.. ,.r l;?k> ,l ? l> ..I water, anil commanded by the most **|>erieiiced captains iu the trad#. Tlieir cabins are handsomely furnished, and ever) Attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the passen/^either the captain* or owners of the above ships will Irresponsible for jewelry, hnllion, ptMOM stone*, UTM or plated ware. or for any letter*, parcels, or pack***# sent by, or put on board of them, unless regular bills of lading are lalieu lor thr -mine, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passage,apply on board, at Orleani^wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 36 SoUth ?tro.>t. Agent in New Orleans?Jolui Woodruff & Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their idilrean. iffc ~~ 4ifv iH&y pmifllef BROTHERSTfc MAffl!lRPoN, IV den laue, having: now completed their arrangements, beg leave tp announce to their friends and the public, that imsasges to and lrom the Old Country can be *??urt>d ou the moat rea n'nablc termi, iu thst claaa packenhips, sailing regularly front New York and Liverpool. They also ifnarantre that there thall be no detention, but that emigrants will be forwarded on presentation of their tickets. Drafts jiayablu on demand on the Koyal tlank of Ireland, and on Messrs. Preicott, Orote, Antra U Co., London. mviT? 3llt?rc M m" M" ~M TvffsCOTIi'^fcAn^lATION UKriCE, 86 Souii, si.? M. Persons wishing to send for their friends in the old country, can secure passage on reasonable terms, by any of the inaguificett ship* comprising the new Line of Liverpool packets, vii:? CONSTITUTION. 1750 tons, Captain John Brittou. QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1100 tons. Caet. P. Woodhousa. LIVERPOOL, 1230 tons, Oaptain John Eldridge. HOl'TINUUER. 1150 tons, Capt. IraBursley, sailing from Liveipool on the 6ui of every month. rnnsage / mi kI<ii hp secured bv the Mr. Geoflre's Line, or the Union Line o!' Liverpool packets, making in nil ship every live days from that port. For further particular! apply to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT. jyH BC Sonili street, New yorli. OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. Office 44 William street. BMMMIita Director*. C. H. Sand, Conrad W. Fabcr, Edward Mill*, Horatio Alleu. William Chamberlain, Mortimer Livingston, John A. lielin, John L. Stephen!, Herman Oelrichs. C. H. SAND, Preiident. Edward Mili.i, General Agent, New York. Charlei E. Andkrio*, Secretary. In conformity with the prjviiiousof the chmter, notice '* jereby given that the Books for subscription forau amount not exceeding $ WO.000 to tlie capital stock of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, will be re-onened at the office ol the Company, 44 William, comer of Wall afreet, on Monday, 21?t June, 1847. Five per cent of the amount subscribed muit be paid at the period ofsubscriptiou ill specie or b.uik bill*. The balance ol (he subsc riptiou will be called for iu instalments uot eiceeiiuu 10 per cent. may be required by the operation! of the Company, and uiiou thirty daya previous notice. The following is the 23lh section of the By-Laws? " Subscriptiou to the capital of the Company, alter the tmouut may be 1500,000. shall in preference be .illjwtd to those who mav then be stockholder!, and to the extent of their theii actual inbscripfion." je6 30 r re , KOK LlVKftPOOL?f o s>iil ou Tur-' day, 3d Aniru?t. Tlie splendid uew ir> n X^fcsteam ship SARAH HANDS. burtiien l(M<v tons, C?(>tain Thompson, will sail as above, ^^^^^ her appointed day, Having splendid accommodations for a few second cabin passengers, who will be taken at reduced ratci. Those about leaving, should make early application to i \ii.vtirnHAV j viC Corner Pine and South streetf. BKITI8H AND NOKTH AMERICAN //ifkWnLjR ROYAL MAIL STIC AM SHIP, 1200 ton. ~*?4J2^fcmjflI^aiid 4 to hone power each, under contract with the Lords of the Admirably. HIBERNIA, Captain Alesauuer Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward (/. Lott. BRITTANNlA, Catitam Johu Hewitt. CAMBRIA, Captain Charles H. E. Judkins. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The four steamships now building ire THE AMERICA. THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. V easels appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Britanm July 4, 1847 Hibernia July 20, 1S47 Vea?els appointed to sail from Boston are the Britannia August 1, IH7 Hibernia \ugurtl6, 1147 Puvngers'luggage must be On board die day previons to ailing. Passage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do to Halifax, ?20. No bertlis secured until j*id for. These ships carry experienced surgeons. No freight, exceptapecie, reaeiveu on days of sailing. For freight, passage, or *ny other information, apply to D. BRIGHAM, ir , /gent AtHARNDEN fa cd.'S.i V ill IT/""In addition to Uie above lino between Lit er|xio|, , , Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into with Her Majesty's government, lo establish a line between Liverpool md New York direct. The steamships for this service are now being built, and early next year due nntice will be given '>(the time when they will start. Under the new contract the iteamus win sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during the other months in the year. Going al teruatel v between Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, and be ween Liverpool and New York. mM r ^ .. FOR LIVEH POOL.?The magnificent sjVjrvttfSM new Steamship SAR\H SANt'S, Captain C. Thompson, will soil punctually on the 3d of Auguit, htving superior accomnidations for n limited number of second cabin passengers, who will be taller, at a redurvd price. Persons desirous of engaging tecond chin passages for tlieii friends in the old country, to leave Liverpool ou the 6th ol S jHcmber for New York, iu the above steamer, call do so at prices charged I'ors'eerage passenger", by applying to P. W. BYRNES fa Co.. jj^Jl I4t*m W South ?t . Wl"w Hurling Slip. FRENCH TRANSATLANTIC /'btlafifWl STEAMSHIP COMP * NY -H05 nl Mail ?The Steam Ship UNION, E. Hebert ^^AjJ^jJJmJCommpiniler, takes her departure positirel) *^^^^^ 011 Saturday, the 24th instant Th? order of departore from France is as C.llows? !7JonAP',''i-,PHlA ' on 'h? IWh of J?Uy. The MISSOURI " jlat The iNKW YORK " " lJth August. The UNION ' 31st And from New York The PHILADELPHIA *ult no ilie 15th Aiitusl. The MtHbOURl " " Jl,t n The NKW YORK " 15ih Sept. The UNION joth ' These Steam Ships are e>|uil (o any afViat, .md ounimamled by ?k'llul end courteous navigators. When their transformation from war ienel? to commercial ones in complete, they will be lonnil at comfortable <u any Mtips cnu be made. The price of inisage from New York lor the lirst cUaa n $120. From Havre l.noo Irenes. Wines will be charged eitra, hut the prices will be rery moderate. The freight in Havre ia regulated by a fued tariff. The freight from New York ii ruled by the market rate. For further particular* apply to the office of the company, 14 Brnnilwhv. IvIS r ROCHE. BROTHERH & CO.-Passase to and aflMkJV from Liverpool, i*r Black Ball Line of rackets, and JnMlb'einittances to Ireland, Ike.?-Persons wishing passage to Liverpool in the splendid and commodious packet ship ISAAC WIIIOHT, which sails on the 1st August, her regnlar day. will plea>e rnske immediate application to Captain Marshall, on board, at foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers. Those sending for their friends to eome out from Liverpool by I he above lavorite packet, or any of the Black Ball Line, sailing from rheuce on the 1st and iisteeoth of ever/ mon.h, can secure their passage ky applying to us. Persona remitting money to their friends, can have drafts for any auiount, payable on demand, on the (loyal Bank of lieland, or on Messrs. I'rescott, Oroie, Amis k Co., London which will be paid at their virions branches throughout Orest Britain and Inland. Apply!" _ RhcHE. BROTHERS It CO , No. 35 Fulton street. New York, nett door to the Fulton Bank, onlr Mthnrised pinseng'f agents for the old, or Black Ball Li> e of Liverpool packets. N. B. The splendid racket ship FIDELIA, sails from Liverpool on the 1st September, Jell M* m mmZL VV YO EW YORK, FRIDAY MO The War, dcc. AFFAIRS IN OKNF.RAL TAYLOR'S CAMP. [From th? New Orleans Delta, July 31.] The steamship Jaiuea L. Day, C'ftpt. Wood, arri red last night from the llrazos, whence ibo sailed on the latU Instant. Col. Ueub?n Davis, of the Jd Mississippi riflemen, and . Col S. R Curtiii, anting Inspector general under Gun. Wool, came passenger* on the James L. Day. Col. Curtis left the camp at Bueua Vista on the '20th ult. He furnl?b*-d to the Jtmnican Fine of the I4th iiut. an outline of the news which we give below. It is the most definite and interesting ww have had for soma time from the army of Oen. Taylor. From the Fl ig we learn that the sohooner Equity, b-iuod out from the mouth of tho Rio Uranda for New Ori.'uns. with a cargo of hides, grounded on the bar. whrre nhu rfmuinnil thnmnlmr fAr Un ilnuu lln 1th Inn', fliti cuna off at hi|<h ti-lc, and went ashoro at Uoca ChlOft. Vessel supposed to be a total los?. The Flag has pom Indefinite n andal about " two oonim'fsary's clerk*" at tho mouth of the river, and defalcation* Nothiui{ tangible is given. Hnper* from San LuU t'otosl to the 6th lust. have b??n received by the Mexicans at Mutamurai". The news h:iH not transpired, hut U looked upon ax favorable to the Mexican*. It wan reported that General Scott had marched from Peubla and then countermarched. upon learning the resistance to be ottered him twenty-five miles from the capital. [Wo have no faith in news thus half disclosed antOialf kept back ] Two teamsters, in the employW the Quartermaster^ Department, were drowned from on board the steamer Big llatchee on the night of the 10th instaut, on her pasca^e up from tho mouth of the river A collision took place between the Big Hatehee and the l.ama. and the two men Jumped or were knocked overboard. Captain Hill, of the Hatoheo, lowered bis boat and made search for the men, but they were not to be found. The U. S. steamship Telegraph left the Brazos one hour previous to the departure of tho James I.. Day, but wax pu/ued by the latter two hours out. The U. a Fteamship Kanny wmh at the Brazos, to Isave at 1 M , Mime day. (18th ) On Monday, at 12, M., in lat 27 20, Ion P4 3D, tho James I,. Day passed U. 8. steamship (Julreston, standing to westward. tub following Is tlie news furnished thu FUr by Col. Curtis. Up tn thn time of his departure from Bucna Vista overy thing hud remained quiet lu camp. Thn Mexican forces at Han Luis were variously reported at from four to fourteen thousand. They are commanded by (?en Valencia. A luirch Igtlntt Uen. Wool had been determined upon, but appears to bare fallen through. Gen. Wool received timely notioo of It on the Jftth ull , and made arrangements for a hearty welooino. It was afterwards ascertained that the brigade of Oen. Minon. (commandod now by auother ofllaer,) forming tho advance, had approached within sixty or eighty miles of Saltlllo. Here the soldiers begun to desert and dissensions arose, which induced a countermarch, and rumor said that Oen. Valencia was en route from San Luis to join Oen. Sxuta Anna at tile city of Mexico. (We can contradict thts ruiuor upon the authority of San Luis pmoti received in this city within the last few days. These papers statu Gen Valeucla to bo (till In San Luis, unking preparations for the reception of Gen. Taylor. Tbey noutlon that despatched ordering Own. Taylor to form a Junction with Oen. Scott, by the way of San Luis,bad b??'ii captured, and they feel certain that Gen. Taylor will march upon that place The regular troops under Valencia are stated ai. nine thousand, and strenuousap. p ats are mads to the people to assist in thu defenoe of the city. The iroopsat Buena Vista (2,900) are In good health, i and under Oen. Wool's command progressing rapidly in the ' school of a soldier." Oen. Taylor Is still at Walnut Springs, quietly awaiting the arrival of those reinforcements so olten promised and always delayed He desires to go forward or hack ; thinks he has a prospect of getting more relic (orarnient* than necessary fc mere garrison duty In th.s country, but net enougu to prosecute hostile movements lie has 120,000 rations. 900 wagons and 2.000 mules waiting ready to move forward The camp near Mier. de?lgned as the headquarters of Oen Hopping and thu'* School of Instruction," has been 'eleotad at the Sulphur Springs, about three miles from Mier. at the junction of the Ala'no river with the Rio Orando It is said to be a delightful plaoe. end some 1,500 troeps are aJready collected tberu Col. Belknap and .visjor Croesman started from Cnn.krgo on ttin will mutant, on the Rough and Ready steamir, Jcslgalng to try the navigation to tbo new oauip. Tiiu rive is mill ioa, and but f?w boats ascend .* >*? Huynosa A large 'inuutity of public stores have accumulated at Heynosa aud at nan V rauclsoo. Thute stores, deigned for the army abjve, will be forwarded as fust as circumstances will allow. It. wa* rumored alang the road that IJrrea wan on thin ild.! of the mountains; but it was not geuerally believed in Camargo, or above there on th* line. The oountry wore the appearance of perfect quiet, and there was no interest in either present or prospective operations At thU place, -Mexican reports assnrne a more concise form, and we are forced to give credit to some of them. It is beyond doubt that Urrea is on (his side of the mountain*. We have positive information of his being in Viotoria five days ago, and of his hsV.iig arrested the Governor of thU State, and sent him u der guard to the city of Mexico, charged with hatching treasou lujainst the Mexican Government.. It is also pretty certain that a nephew of Caualea has been arrested and hot by his order, treasonable correspondence having been touud in his possession The department of Tamuulipas is put under contribution fir a Large sum of money, and Urrea Is deputed to enforce its collection with the bayonet. There is a report that he has left Victoria, with the design of attacking Tamplco, In conjunction with the troops from San Luis; but this rumor we cannot trace to any reliable source. Carvujal is reported moving about all ovrr the country? here one d?y, there the next?letting few traders escape him; fleecing them even to their shirts. ARMY. The U. S. st?aracr Col Clay, will be launched from Murruyfetaftt yard at4 o'clock tins afternoon. She was built I t Mm qusrlermuster't department, and Is of 300 tons burtbi'b.?Louitvillt Journal, July 34. NAVAL. Wo understand that orUeis were received hem on ! Saturday, fur the immed.ate equipment of the frljratu Urandy wine, destined for the foul of B rail I, an tbn flax ship of Com. Storer. ?uch portion of tbu crown of the Raritan and of the Totoiuac. an have further time to nerve.are to be transferred to the Brandy win*, which U expected to pail during the mouth ot August Lieut. C. li t'oindexter turn been ordered to thn lirandywlne The frigate Raman dropped to Craney Inland from between the fort* on the alternoon of haturday We are Informed that there in now no sort of siektus* on board The Sloop Vandnlia was towed down to Craney Inland lu advance of the ilaritan, ami the crow of the Raritan were immediately transferred. Thn following in a lint of the oflirsrn at present at < raney Inland:? Lieutenants Ilootnn. Clalhnrnn. I'arker. lit idle; Surgeon, Sharp; Panned Assistant Surgeon, Wright; Midshipmen Gray and Clarke; Boatswain, Munro; and Matter'i Mate, Ballard.?Sorfolk t'nycr, !!Cth intt. 8'ilADROS in tllk meditkuranka.n. [Krom the Washington Uuion, July 12H.J We some tluie ago Informird our readers that the Secretary of the Navy, anticipating the possible appearance in the Mcditerraziean of vessels claiming to 1<? Mexican piivateern. had ordered to that nea, for thn proltctlon of our commerce them, one of the aloop-of-war belonging to thn African squadron Thin order wan dated ou thn 7th of April, and In a letter to the department from ' Ommodore Read, dated June lnt, 1817, hu writes :? Vour Instructions to send thn 'Marion to Oinraltar were received at a peculiarly favorable moment. She wax In company with me, awaiting the arrival of ntoren to go dowu the count again, or order* to return to the United State*. Instrnutionn were Immediately given to her commander to take on board the ueennary ntoren iud proceed to (Gibraltar, there to oonnnlt the I S consul an to the bent courre to ptirnue, and, If not otherwise advised bj that functionary, to cruise in the Modlterra ueon In pursuit of the trespannein on our oommerce, if any should have raadn tbelr appearance in that sea I nave directed Commauder Slmunils to report hi* urrlrhl nt Gibraltar to you.'' The following Ik au extract from a letter to the department from Commander Slmoods, dated U. 8. nhlp .Marion, at sea lat M deg. N., long. 3J dec 30 mln \V . June 20, 1H47 " Sir : I have the honor to Inform you that this ship, under my command. In now proceeding toward* Gibraltar, (n pursuance of orders from Coin Kead. We sailed from Torto Prayaon the 4th lost." The Princeton nailed from Philadelphia. f<?r the Mediterranean, on Friday last, and ehe will be followed by the ! Allegheny and one or two other \ e??eta. There need to no fear there fern, of any depred itlons on oar e? miner o? ! in that sea. A Patriotic Seamam.?The following letter | was left w uli tlit* pttreer of ilie St. Mury's, by J i Henry KraUt, a M<s.uiau on hoard that ^hlp, a* he wa< about going imhore on th? expedition to Tanipico; ? I U. S. Ship St. Mart's, Nu 19, IH4<i. Sin,?On going ashore to fight for the c< uutry of uiy adoption, I be J; to address a lew lines to you, and I alii confident you will freely grant th<i lavor.i I ask uf you iiS on*- of the ofHoers of guvi-ruuieot. and at a gentlemen. In case of tuy death, I wish the little I have dim on this ship's hooks to go for the benefit of government. It will be suBlt leut for a soldier's pay lor t he space of nlue months in my place I sincerely wish that you will Inform my f.ither, Mr John II. KralTi. of Hanau. In Germany, of my death and also that I fell on the held of battle. Yours, ?ery respectfully.^ ^ ^ j. MI irr i. In forwarding this letter to the department, t'ommander Saunders write*:?" 1 hsmI it because it may be I gratifying to you to know of the patriotism of on" of our | adopted cltixens. It Ik mora eredl alile. t > Kraflt, bocnuro > he had no intention of continuing In the ser?iot> after | liifl term of enlistment lias expired ? irmAingfnn Union, July 28. ___ Prom Montevideo amu Buenos Ayres.?VV> are indebted to a house ot thia cny for the following extract from a letter, dated Montevidi o, June 10:? Wo hare advice* from Buenos Ayres to the 7th. when It was generally bulleteU that Ibrrc wouM b? i o settlement. Mr. Harris lia* been oomulted by tli* plenipotentiaries. and the proposal* were laid oefor* hiin, ke He has endeavored to Indue* Rosas to accept of them, but without oannot be perKUiideit to anything If the Ministers have no power lo propose other terms, depend upon it, we shall hare uo pe?c?.? Baliimm t Patriot, ? RK E RNING, JULY 30, 1847. HiRTroiD, July 14, 1S47. Trinity Collrge Cummtnctmtnt?ttuiintit?Afur? >icu> ! Poptrt? Political ? PruiJmtial Eiptnttt to thu i City. Thu annual commencement of Trinity College will : take place in this city, at Christ Churoh, on Thursday, August 6, at 1UX o'clock A. M. The graduating olasa numbers 19. The Board of Fellows meet July 30, at 0 A. M. The House of Convocation meets at the College Cabinet, at 10 A. M. on Wednesday, Augiut 4. Their address will be delivered by Iter. Jonathan M. Walnwrlght, D. D? and poem by Rev. Geo. Burgess, D. D , at Christ Church, at 3 P. M. ehdio dsy. Tho Atheopcum, and other societies connected with the oollpge,iir? making their usual exhibition preparations. Our wholesale raerch-iuts are very busy boxing up goods for tlio west?more so than usual at this season of the year. there Man Urge numbers of weatarn merchants. who are Hertford scion*, and their predilections for buying at their former homes are of course strong. For thin reaaon our oity In indebted for much of her foreign trade. Twn new papors hays recently been started here, The Hartford Republican, un orgau for the young demoera! cy, daily and weekly Hut lrotn tlie struggles It has unI dergone since Its first issue, a month since, it lias, apparently, "died in child-birth." The other Is called The Connecticut Whig, weekly now, but promises soon to become a dally also. It starts under fair auspices The whlgs of thi* Statu battle at the polls for what they term principles, and nine-tenths of them do it honestly; but alter having scoured the ascendancy of their party, in st?ps a set of greody cormorants, claiming all the ufllces by right of former possession, either j by themselves or ancestors, and get them, too. I There is the wor.'.t kind of " old hunkerism" prevailing in this State. Three things are indispensable to secure olHce. unicr the present whig dynasty. 1st, To b-) a member of onn of the " ancicut and houorablefamilies,'' no matter how much deteriorated. 'Jd, A pettifogging hwyer. .1d? To bow the neck and bond the pliant hinges of tlio knee to Baal- the petty juuto. It is true, I occasionally, a man, by degrading himself, and permit, ting himself to become a mere cat's-paw for this clique, will occasionally get a little sop. Others have got it by ! paving certain sums into the election fund. If there is | any virtue i r't in the whig ranks, and especially it the i young wblgs of this State, who are not lawyers, ever ex; pect to see aud experience justice, It is time they ariso ill their might uud annihilate this junto. The handsome reception given the President of the I'nited states by this city, cost the city a little less thau : Oi.d Bkiooc. N. J., July 24, 1847. Our Relation with Spottwood. In the Herald of July 'J3d Is a communication from Spotswood, In relation to the removal of the post ottce from that plaoe. which, after annihilating the Poetmaater General, would involve our unassuming village In the Biuue i na npoi.swo<a manufactories, consisting almost entirely tof tobacco, glra your correspondent a right to puff both their commodities aud their village, but not to make wilful misrepresentations of our* Your oorrespouduut la hi*''facts '' oouoarnlng Old Bridge, nay* it U " a nmall out-of-the-way place, with very little buelnww." whrru pooplo do not receiv* iu a month half tliu uuuiber of letter* aud papers that pan* through the oOlceat Spotnwood in one day;" ' tho Old iridge. where the offlno is now plaoed, contain* two Mores, a tavern, (not hotel. an in Spotswocd ) a churoh, dot* very little busluo**." and then call* It a fair statement " Now i for a different kind of ' facts." Old Bridge la situated ! two wiles from Spotewood, at the head of navigation, | on South Kiver, (a branch of the lUritan ) There are | i-tz sloop* uud i-ohooner* owued here, that ply between i tin* pluoo and New York, exclusive of transleut vessel* I li I* one of the U'gent wood depot* in the tale; there i arc several tuuuufuctorie* bore and iu the violnity; the 1 amdeu and Auiboy railroad, aud Oordtiitowu and ^oatli Auiboy turnpike both nass through it, and the mail mum has pushed through it since Its tlrst establishlueut lu New J?rs?y. Your correspondent must have a strange obliquity of vision, tu call this an out-of-tbn-wav place A* tor there beiug " very little bu*lne*s," that li i point which depend* entirely on the site of a person i idea*. What Ju^u Jacob A*tor, or your uorruspondenl would call " a very little business,others may thlnl differently of. lie lndireotly and unjustly makes a *e rlous charge aguinHt the late post wanter of ttpot*wood if he uieau* to say there were more letters aud paperi reoelved at the Spotswood office in one day than at th Old Bridge offloe lu two months; for a* he says th quarterly returns tell their own story," and tor th quarter ending J una 30, 1S47, the exoeai of the Spots wood .office over tho Old Bridge otlloe, was Just thre< dollars. J. Sporting Iiiteillgeiics, Rack with am India*?John stci.raoi a auaikii Fast Hum i.-Un Saturday lunt a small party, ontbeii return from a pio-uio excursion to the Indian village hap|>eued to meet, about a mile this side tht council house, the ' fast' Indiau, John rttoeprock?(he who came so near winning the great ten mile foot race at lloboken ) As some of the party were on their first visit to the In uinn luruiiii'iu, ani were uesirou.H or seeing hu Id Jinn foot-rare, John wiih bantered fur a run, aud, )>y way ot induoeuivnt. wna told that If h? would reach the council house, (distant one mile and a til tin over) before we could drive there with our two-horse t?ain and wagon, containing four pcrions, ho sbould,h>ve a imall purse which was made up on the spot. John In u guttural " na'h-wy" consented. and divesting hlraatlf of booU and bat, ami tying a handkerchief tightly around the waiit and another around hift head, wan ready for a start. At the word " go," and with a crack of the whip, away we went?team and Indian?the latter - loping"' off steadily but rapidly, after the Indian style, and we crowding on 1 with our tram? n fast one ? a* swiftly as we dared. The road was undulating, winding, and la some plaoes rough. V.'e thought It would be no " chore" at all to " dlntance'' hiui, but very soon discovered our mistake, aud commenced " paying out." It was no use. Mr. Indian new and then glaoed buck, and whenever we whipped up. ho whipped up too. Mt-veral times ho orossed aud re-erosst'd the rond to get the best track?sometimes taking the foot path beside the road, and occasionally bounding over a log or bush with astride that waft wonderful At ' onetime we oanie upon a Hmooth. "straight stretch'' of thirty or lorty rods, and by a little extra effort, shot alien ; but It wouldn't do?wo were " sold"?for at the next hill John resiwctfully raised bis coat-tl;ips and bade iim good by lie won the rate about nix roda, aud ran It 1 in four minutes and forty seconds' It did not eppenr 1 to fatigue lnui in the leaat. ? Batavia Spirit of the Timet. Tiir. Rao: u? run Lake Stcamkr* KMriar. **d Suli t*ia.?"Here we are at Nlanllona Island.aud the Krnpire ! has just kit. There 1* great commotion on board. The I woodman on the dock haa juxt informed ua that the htn| plro had been here two hours, taken on sixty eords of ' wood, and she had been gouo about forty minutes There ) was a shout on deck on hearing this, wbich told that the ' pasaougers w^re getting up steam for the chase. The | dittoing which was going on In the after oabin was l>rok -ii up. itDd all hands fell to wooding A man with a ' lantern could have seen the editor of the Cleveland Herald toteing in wood by the armful, sweating like a woodpecker, and a little further on the dock, the editor of the I'lain Dtaler might have been seen doing his best at' loading from the pile ?Cleveland Plain Dealer. The Ilealtli of Children Ji l* J9th, 1H17. To the Kiutoh rlir. New Yohk Herald:? Sir The alarming mortality during the ltist four week* in our city, particularly among children, occasioned by the di6ea<tu known anions u.i an cholera iufantuin. to which you liavo called public attention, demaud* from pareuts ami our municipal authorities that, every rncaoh should bo adopted to arrest itN future fatal progress In k diretee which frequently terminates life in twenty-four hour*, in which the brain become* early and serioivdy affected, the whole hecreting ?ud digestive *y* tern deranged, the nervous system mo highly excited an to occasion convulsions, btupor anil death, It surely behooves the solicitous parent to exclude from bin dwelling every cause that may to suddenly deprive biin of hin offspring and it is imperative on oar Common Council to enforce or enact law# for the general protection of b'jtnan life. (Jlie cause of the disease U doubtless that to which you have alluded, impure and adulterated milk. There re. however, two others which eare and attention may guard ageiust The iVrst it, that ol exposing the surlaoe of the body to the night air, by open windows, when the excretory ducts of the skin bare been pouring out perspirable mutter during the day under a heat of III or W1 degrees. The pores are lully opened, tbo coi l .Ill IF1 mv ui?in itrunjj III! i it*) exposeu Mllliri' muat inu blood Intn Kin largo Interual tecreting organs a* i Ur liver, fee , nod irritation. congestion ami death are ibconsequence* Iti many fatal oa?es of cholera infantum which have occurred ill this neighborhood, I have traced th? origin of the dlseane to thin cauite alone August i.t last approaching. and irith It. that long llsl. of unrip* fruits with which our stroets are deluged nnti which bring a/i thetr neter tailing attendant*, dh?ase and iloath. Let parents look to this n>wnnl cause?let th- hi rx>*rt the utmost vigilance to prevent the purchase of this vegetable potMin lor thiilr children?let a careful watch be ml over children'* nurse*, at hainn and abroad ? end lot our city lathers, if they would deserve the title, euact some ordinandi which shall render the sale of unripe fruit a penM trauxgresition, and appoint an offloer or ufiicers to see that such ordinance be strictly enforced. J BARB til, M. D . Twenty-fourth street, New York. >ll*<ellnii?ou?. The comnn noeinunt e?i rcises of Kutger'a College, New Brunswick, *<J J , took place on Tuesday and W'ednerdty. The audience was very large, and tho young guutb-men sro ."aid to have acquitted theipselves handsomely. The jewelry store of B. U Muni foul, No 103 It road ( treet, I'roviii.'ijce. was entered by false keys on the Jtith niHt . and robbed of gold and silver watches, silver ware, jewelry, fee., to the value of $1700 or $1M0. The hotels at Niagara Kail* were full on the -.i;>th Inst , and many visiter* were compelled to seek lodging* In private houses. An ord' r has been issued by the Canadian Government to prevent sick emigrants from passing up the riVvr bt. Lawrence above Urorse Isle Canadian Parliament?Th? Speaker ol the Canadian Legislative Council read a Utter on the Clth Inst from M?Jor Campbell, the Civil HeerWary to which the Governor Oetiuml commands thatWarliaiuent be prorogued, should th? public business allow, on Wednesday, the lath inst .at four o'clock, P. M. I ERA Common Council. BotiD ok Ai.dpum**? July HJ.?Moid* F*an*h*i Eiq , President, in th? Chair The Board met thla evening pursuant to adjournment. for the purpose of taking up tne report of the Special Committee of the Board, on the subject of litTing th? Btr<*etn cleaned by contract. The Committee in their report, remark, "that after mature consideration upon the Mihjcct of (firing out the cleaning of the street* by contract. a Raring In the amount of expenditure will not only be materially effected, but that the streets of our mty will be kept in a cleaner state than they are under tne preeent nvftem In this they may be mistaken, but still tbey truat that by dividing the city Into district* of a small extent, and giving out th" contractu for cleaning the name to proper and responsible parties, under certuin condition*, that both of these objtet* will be gained " W th regard to the probable estimate of expense* likely to be incurred for denning the ?trei't? by contraot, the Committee atate ttiat from the Inquiries which the I oinmltteo hare made, they :ire of opinion thai the district* which they propose, vix: six c?u be contracted for at the average from *10.000 to $I'J <XK) each distrtot. At the lar/er amount there would bo a saving effi-cte.', in thin branch of tho city exp?nditure, taking the amount paid last year an a comparison, of over $4<i.0U0 Aldermen Oliver and Smith with these view*. offvred j tho following resolutions, which were adopted: ? Resolved, That the cleaning of the street* of the city he hereafter given out by oontraot; and that the city be divided for that purpose into nix district*, according to the plan hereunto annexed. Unsolved, That tho Comptroller be, and he i? hereby authorized and directed to advertise for proposal* fur cleaning the streets of the city by contract for one year, iu aocordanoe with the plan, and subject to the conditions hereunto annexed. lteuolvcd, That the proposals which shall be received by the Comptroller under the said resolution*, bo *ubmitted to the Fluance t ommittee* of both Boards of the i iimuion Council for their approval, aud th-y shall five i such contracts to such lit and proper person or p?r?ons who shall offer to tako the rame upon terms the most advantageous to the Corporation, provided, however, that I no contract shall be given to the same person or parties for more than one of the said districts. Aud the said ! person or persous taking such contract shall furnish j sureties that shall he satisfactory to thu Kluance ( 'om- ' mlttoe, lor tho faithful perform?i;oe of such oonlracts i | And the Comptroller shall thereupon cause such oon- | | tract, together with the bonds for the faithful perform j nnoe thereof, to be made and executed by the respective parties, and their sureties in accordance with the oondl- i tlons hereunto annexed. Conditio*t ?Contractors will be required to conform j kw mo iisituwiug H'gUiHllVUn iu tUC P*vwiiU uimncin ? furious contracting for cleaning streets Khali cause all I the dirt, tilth, rubbish. and manure, to be removed from i th* publio market*, and the limit* thereof, 91WJ Sunday i before the hour of <J o'clock In the morning; and erery i other dny, excepting Sunday, before thu hour of 4 i o'clock In the afternoon. The mid contractors shall canoe a cart, in every day, except Sundays, to pans through each street in their re- i speotive districts, tor the purpose of raoulvlng and carrying away all vegetables, offal, and garbage, that may be delivered to such carls. The said contractors, under the direction of the Superintendent of Streets, shall provide a sufficient number of horned and carta, which .ball pa*a through the several streets of their respective districts, at least three I timcti In each week, for the purpose of twrrying away all . cinder* and ashen which may have beon uivdu and accu- | mulated in thu several stores and dwclllug bouse* In thei* respective distrlots. The sail contractors shall cause all of the streets, wharves. piers, beads of slips, public lands and places, the limit* of the publio markets, In each of their respective diolrio'J, to be properly swept and cleaned, at isast three times in each week, or oltener, should the sui>erintendeut of Streets so direct. Tbey shall also employ a tuiUcleut number of cartmen to remove all the iu ingre. rnbblsh, and dirt trom the streets, wharves, ptvrs, aud all other places which they are required to sweep, on each d?y of sweeping, before sunset The great thoroughfares of the city shall be properly swept aud cleaned before (i o'clock A. M., In the months of June, July, August and September, aud before eight o'olook A. M the remaining part of the year. They shall also cause all ttie snow and ioe to be removed from the sidewalks, crosswalks and out of the , gutters opposite the places and buildings belonging to , the Corporation. In their respective uistrlcts They I shall also cause the snow In the streets, opposite any L public ground or building, to be levelled, and the side warn* 10 De aire wed with nan J or a?he*. In ease the (now t or ice become* congealed thereon; and to do such other , JutifH respecting tbu removal of *now or lee hi* in cum? ternary to b? done from the Superintendent of Streets' u office; the name to be under tbu direction of tbu SuperL. Intendent of Street* In additiou to tlie foregoing regulations, other fecit tious provide for tba cleaning of receiving bn*>u* nnd sewer*, as often an hIjall appear neceieary; aid*, for the removal of all rubbish, street manure, fan from the city. 'After disponing of u few other paper* of minor importance, the Board adjourned to Monday evening next. Police Intelligence. RtireUrv ?The clothing utore, iOfl Chatham Square, 00? " I ' " *" and Bamtiin, was broken open by bi rgtan Vltoufcy night, the store shutter* having l<?. .. , ...Japaueof gla** amushed, stealing from the Inndu three rent*, with which they made their escape, .'In old 1'ii kpocktt " Kabl rd.',? Aa old and well known pickpocket, called Bill Kvana, wa* " nicked'' jesterday morning in Chatham Square, in the act of picking the packet cf a Mr*. Rosy Coit. residing in t'.UKex street, of a purse containing i 13 in bank bill*. It appear* tbi* light fingered raacal, together with hi* " pal,'' wa* dodging In and out of a " pu*h," in Chatham Square, o.reated by a sale of furniture at auction, but were fortunately ' spotted" by a Mr. tlray and Braddick. who ob?erved them " Rounding" tbu coat tell pocket* of many of the bye slanders. until at last Bill luade a " da*h" and "touched" a purite containing tbe above *11111 of money from the pocket of Mr*. I oit. Mr Braddick *aw the puree in the'* hand, and immediately gave the alarm, and Rill was "grabbed" before he could escape, but not before he bad time to pass too " swag into the hands ol his " pal who "(tailed" off and cleared. Upon '"frisking" the accused, aa a matter of course. no money wi.h found belonging to Mr*. Colt. However, the cam) being olear against hinj,' having been caught in the act Jimtiee Drinker locked him up for trial. Tl?i* same follow has been on tho omnibus lay" for month* pant, with 111* "pal," Jim Campbell, and not a day ha* passed but what some pafsengers. particularly the ladle*. were robbed. It in high timu that a stop ?hould be put to tlip?? depredation*; and In order to effect Rome teuipora- J ry relief, we understand that the court intend to try 15111 Kvans on a t-econd offence, by which conviction the community will b? relieved of his professional service*, and tho State receive hi* labor for 3}i year* at the Sing ; Sing Htata prison. Intuiting a Female.?One of the policemen of tho j 15th ward arrested yesterday a lellow calledjPhineus II lluckley, on a charge of insulting a female ou the oorner of 4tli and Wooster streets. J ustice Kooinv locked him 1 up In default of bail. Jtrml / a?i Knupri Convict.?Offloer Nlantfleld. of ' the ward, arrested yesterday a black boy, called Jclin Thompson, alias Jackson, an escaped oonflct from the of llefuge. Justice Tiinpson Rent him back again Charge of Larceny.?O flics r Prlnoe John Davl?, of the lower polloe, arrested yesterday a man by the name of lobn McDermott, on a charge ol feloniously taking fiDll b? from the cURtody of a Mr. Dean, under the follow lug circumstances. It appear* that upon the death of Joseph McDermott. the brother of the accused, who died on the Itlth of Julr Instant, the accused took i>on I session or the above Hum of money, which he appropriated to bin own u?t:. The creditors of the deceased appointed Mr Oliver rharllck administrator and receiver, hut still the accused, when a dumand wan mado for tbe money, refmed to hand It over. it wa* on thla charge that Justice Driuker Isaued a warrant. The ra<<? wm heard yesterday afternoon, before the above magistrate, and the reault wax the holding of .McDvrmott to bail, in f.:ux>, to answer the obargu Stealing a It'atih ? Officer Hoff. of the ftlh ward, arrested yesterday two fellows, called John Thompson and Henry Peterson, ou a charge of stealing a aiiver watch valued at $30, thn property of James Prentice No. 183 Broadway The watch was recovered at Davit s pawn shop, lu William ?tr?et. where It h'td been pfedged by the accused parties Juatira Drinker locked them up for trial l/niluti/al .Tont.?Two boy*, one fifteen and the other twelve yearn cf age. by thn name* nf Augustus Meyer and Patrick Meyer, robbed their father, John Meyer re?ldln|( It Mo Sti'J Bmonic street, yesterday afternoon, of between $.'i0 and >H0, in gold, wblcb ifc? yoii'w rascal* j t"ok froai a bureau drawer, and cleared out Law Intelligent-*. I* CMAMBBfti.?Before JioUe r.dmotids--hi r? Thomat Krhor, this matter, which ley over since Tuesday, was railed up yeaterday morning an<l testimony on both sides goue Into Three witnesses on the part of government were examined, namely a sergeant snd two privates each of whom ewore Hint they ?aw Kehne at the time of hl? enlistment and considered him perfectly sober On the other side two or three witnesses were sworn, one of whom worked in the estim tli^p with Kehoe; he i?*tlfte<i hit win for three waak* |ir??lon? to bl< (iiiliMni'Dt I on nil at In called n drunken ?i>rr", that atx ut two da}* before ho nnliated he bad had a tit of Htlirinm trrmmt. brought on by drunkeu'ie**; and tiiat no Monday. the day before be enlUted, ha wa? drunk the i ntirn of that day; the other two witncH?eH corroborated there fart*, and one of them swore that cb? **w hliu on the morning of hilt nii*tinint, mi l (bar h? wan then reeling from the effect* of ilrink Mr Kidney A. Htewart, who appeared a* oounm-l for Keboe, argued thateTen *uppo*log he had not drank on th? day of hi* enltftnicnt, his mind wa* In that ntat" ouu?e<|Uent U|.ou a MlcceaalOD < f drunken lit* 1 for three week* a* rendered him incapable <if in iking 11 mild contract. The Judge ^ald he would give hi* decision to-morrow, (tbl* morning ) M*?in? f:ou?i Before Judge Kmlth Thnmnt Paw I til and othml* Murgartl I lulla nj - Thi* nan an ar tion to recover a balance of an account; t>i? amount claimed wa* The plaintiff* nre produce broker*. In the year 1846. th>*y *old to defendant aereral lot* of butter, meal. lie. The defenoa 1* a let off Judgment r???r?ed lielore Judge Waterbury ?Onion t* Thomat-Thi* wa* iin action to re#o*er $r,0, coraintMton* on a loan of faono, negotiated for defendant hy plaintiff 1 hedefei o? et up wan that it wa* agreed that $A0 wax to corer ib? amount of the eommi**lon* and the co?ta of (earching the title Judgment reaerted Th" n.iw woollen factory at I tlca turn* out daily 4S6 j yard* of broadcloth Th" (team cotton factory build| wga are in progre** J he wain building la to be Ova I itortea high, aud I* Intended to be a model in Ita way LD. MM VW? Owm. T!^?" ""?!?!!** Co?rt2jc,rca" Comrta, ?5.rf*?w*isr: - T"-'"" -? ? PIFTl: JUDICIAL UISTUICT. tOMl? p? Omkidi. uexkbil Tt*Ml. IS17?3d Monday Oot.,UUea, Juliets Pratt, Oridley ?n?l Allen. 1848?8J Monday Oct ,UUca, Ju?ttce? Pratt. OiMWy an4 Allan. 1849?3d Monday Oct., " Juftto** Muon, U Or?y and Morehouse I FECIAL TiaiU. 1847?Laat Monday of Aug. I'tlca. Juitloe Oridley. 2d do 8?pt do do do 1$48?lit do Maroh. do do do 2d do June, Rome, do Allan I.ant do Aug., Uliea, do Oridley 2d do Deo, do do Pratt. 1849? ut do March, do do Oridley 2<1 do June, Rome, do Mor?b?tt*< La?t do Aug., Vtloa, do Oridley 2d do Deo, do do Maw>n ciacvir COl'BTf **D tOUBT* OF OTCB AND tr*MlfCB. 1847-id Monday of Hept. Utlo?, Jurtle* Orl Jlt-y *848-l?t do At>ru. WUlteetown, do Pr ktt J J do Sept, L'tioa, do Alter 1849?ltt do April, Home, do C liraj. 2d do Sept. L'tlca. do Morabotue. Covntt or Hkbkimbb. ohnehal tcbmj. 184B?3d Monday Kub., Herkimer, C. Gray, rratt and Gridley. i f kc 14i< term*. 1847?4th Monday of Dec . ll?rkimer, Jaatioe Gridley. 1848?4tb do Juue, do do Allen. 4th do dh? , do do Pratt. 1849?4th do Juue, do do Morebouae. 4th do Dee., do do Macon, ciacru coc?ti *>o colbt* or otta and tiknimk. 1847?lit Monday ef Sept, Herkimer, Justice Grldlty. 1848 La?L do March, <lo do Prutt. Ut do 8eyt., do do Allan. 1819?Lait do Marcn, do do C. Gray, lit do ??>pt , do do Morebou*# Ccr-tir or Ono.ipidi. r. (..ntkil tumi. I'ilb ltt Monday of lanuarv. Hvracuae. Justices Pratt. Orldley au<l Allen. 1840?lit Monday of January, ByraonM, Justices II Gray. Moruuou.te uud Maaon. ihcitt ttrms. IB 17? Last Monday of Aug, Syraoim, Joatloe Pratt I.ant do Not , do dt? Orldley. I *48-1st. do March, do do !?"" l.aal do May, do do Allen. I.act do Aug , do do Pratt. Last do Not , do do ?0 lit do March. do do do I.ant do May, do do MmoiI. Last do Aug , do do Last do Not , do do H On/. circuit courts a*d courts op ovrr al?l> trr*!"'**lft47 ?Ith Monday of Sept ByraOttM, Jostloe Qridlry 1848-M do April, do do Pr*tt. 4th do Sept, do do Allan. 8<1 do April, do do C Gray. 4th do Sept., do do W dray. CorsTr or Oiwtoo. nrMML TUMI. 1844 ?1st Monday of May, Oswego, Juiitii** Pratt, Otld ley. and Alloa. 18411 l-? Monday of May, Oswvg". Ju?tl??f F Orar. , Morehouse, and Masou. iricuk ir>M?. i 1347?Last Monday of Aug., Oawwgo, Jlytla* Allan ?d do Deo , Richland, do do 1st do Maxoh, Oswego, do An Id do June, do do Pratt Lost do Aug , do do Allan ad do Dee.. Richland, do Ortdl?y. 1940-Sd do June, Oswego, do HOray. Id do Deo., Richland, do Mason. circuit l 01 br ?, courts or oyir a i* d 1 F rminrr 1 b47?id Monday of Sept., Oswego, Justloe Pratt 1?4U ?1st do Apnl, Richland, do Allen, 2d do Kept , Oswego, do Oridley 1840?1st do April, Richland* do Maron id do H?pt., Oswego, do C.Oray Covntt ok Jsrn sson. 1848?1st Moudiy of July, \Vatortv>wn, J untie** Fratt , (JrlJloy and Allnn 1849?lht Monday of July, Watertoira, Jurtlcet C;*y' MorubouM anil Maaon. irieui. t cHMn 1847?3(1 Monday of Dee , WtMftvu, Juaiice Allan 1848?3d do June, do do Pratt. 3d do Due., do do (irldley I 184??l?t do March, do do C. Oray 3d do June, do do fl. Oray. Lait do Auguat, do do C. Gray. 3d do Pro, do do Morehooa*. ' < ISCVIT COLBTI AMD COLBTI OT OTKI AKU tHMMKR. I 1847?3d Monday efSept , Watertown, Juatloa Pratt. ; 18-14?3d do April, do do Allan. 3d do Sept, do da Ortdley , 18 lit?3d do April do do Muna 3d do Hnpt., do do C, Oray Coi'mr or Lr?u. ocirraAi. tcrmi. 1849?I,ant Monday of July, Martlnaburg. Juatloo* 1'ratt. Uridley and Allan. rrciAL Ttuiit. 1817?4th Monday of Deo., Marttnaborg, Juat Allan. 1S48?4th do June, do do Pratt 4th do Dec., do do Ortdlay. 184H?4th do Juna, do do H. Oray 4th do Dae., do do Monhouaa. ciacviT covKTi amd cocaTi or araa and tckmimeb. 1817?4th Monday of Sept., Martlnaburg, Jaa. Pratt. Id 48- 3d do ' April, do do AUea. 1th do Hept.. do do Oridlay. 1849?3d do April, do do Mmob. ' 4th do _ Hept, do _ do C. Oray Ship^Fevul in Canada.?The Quebec Mtrtury oi iik ?4iii irise, nns me loiiowing in relation 10 tne malignant fever among the emigrant* at that porti ? We are In pna<e*tilon of Information from Oroeae laUtO the luat. inclusive The Iloapital utato that morning wu M T< Urw*:?Ban, 913; woman, ohil Iren, 404 . total I960 flu bee fluently, ISO had been lauded or brought to tha Farm Lm-ampment, making tha total of nick In Hoipltal that evening2.0-20' It will ba readily unden>tuod that tha mortality thara In influenced by tha weather and tha arrival of vewel*;? thus tlia cold Kant wind of Sundi* 1 ?L killed aeveral old and feeblo people whs had b?<ottering about for a few day* previou*;?again, tha U ?vy rain and cloaa warm weather of iV'edneaday Wire equally fatal to thoaa in tent*. Tha healthy (?) pawenger* of tha following veeeelri hare liaan on ehore at the Inland daring tha Uat 13 4ay*. The "Jenul#,"' Cork, 137; "Rriu'iiitueen," Liverpool, 617, "Sarah." Liverpool, 21a, "Triton." Liverpool, 483; and, "Avon," Cork, 540. 'J'hey ara said to ba tha m^et wretchad-looking, faabia, creature* yat landed on tha inland Am ave-wltnmw state* hi* belief that of tha who left Lorope In these veceeU not more | iuan x)0 will live to settle In America. We huve already alluded to the peculiarities of thU I <liaea?e, and the public are familiar with many ln?tanr?n I in exemplification Wa may cite hu additional eaae oci cured at (iroxxn Isle a dar or two a?o A du who Had i cooked hi* dinner. then apparently In good health, and exhibiting none of the Kymptomii of fever, rolled from ! bin tent,to hi? cloth** and bat, and thai) died He *H a healthy patient To talk of 30 daya' quarantine for ucb hh theite. andcennure the medical adinintftratlon n< the utatlon for the npread of ili?ea?? throughout tha I rovinre, Ih to commit an Injustice What detention oan guarantee exemption from dineaM and mortality existing under like Influence Hut wu have got a Mdd?r tale to tell From In forma tion recently given to u?. the quarantine at Llvarpool in not nnly woree than imeleea, aa regard* thin oountrv. but almoluta murder to emigrant* Intending to embark bitherward We are told that from 16 to 16 hnlka are tationcd off the port for tha reception of the refugee* from Ireland, who when (iek or doubtful looking are tranaferred to them from the Irlth it earner* and from thence, after a thort probation, iblpped on board vaMela deetined for Canada, and too?a* may ha naturally oooeelv?d ? In a won* state than If allowed to proaead on their voyage at onoe The paMvnger* In tha Triton were of thl* olaM. among whom disease appeared tha dny k>io left tha dookit Her death* bafare reaehinc Wroute Isle nnmbared 80, tnoludlng all tha officer* of Um r.hip, and several of tha crew; tbe natter, alao, being j very tick. Mnrh ha* already Keen Mild and written nn this iub ' Ject. Imt the Ireiih evldenoo almont dally received from | tngland in rotation to the little precaution taken tliere in r-gulatlog the rblpment of emigrants, and In seeming ' them from itlcfcoe** or wont on their voyage out, matid* the strongest, > ad a reiterated expi*aet'n of fcei 'tig from the people of Canada, who are not only exposed to the ft arlul irruption among them of a dreadful mala dy, but mud eventually. If not Immediately, pay that u* fur thetupport of the poor creature* to "sent among them without the slightest provlalon for their rnpport, which the gorged landlords of Lngland and Ireland eo rei-klesaly, and with eo little regard for their dependent*, te>m to *hlrk. The tax muat be trauxferred to our * nbouldern. and that moet unjuetly Let u* look to our ii lve* and ?et forauaselvM Let thu pant ba a leeeon Ibr the future Political and Personal. Ata mnetiug of wlil|r? in Aiurmla *1' on the ? nlng of the -lint innt., retolullon* pawl reconjineu'ling <l"n Taylor a* a candidate f?.r llm I. enideocy H?v. KicburJ A. Stewart daciine* * < ongreauooal nomination in tbn third iil?trirt ofLouial ua ?_ ?pt Heitlaiid, lloyal Aitiliery. d'eil of (mail pox tbn :Mlth lilt. aud w.ui Interred en Hare l*l*'i i, dmi Quebec. MorH* Power. formerly resident of Vew Yr.a, ?ho married the youngent daughter of BroekUoliit LlvlngUM, It lit. Hul'l lit elected imt nibor of I'lirlmmeni for' ork, In tlie placo of the late f>mril?l O Connell Mr Power U r< |irt'i>i nted In tbn IrUh paper* a* Iming a dUtin,*];?b*d orntor, noil on# of tin- b??t ?i>e*k?r* In Irelfi.t Thin gentleman in the brother of Biehup Power, now at Toronto. ( hiik'Ih. atid In well known to many of the Inhabitant* ot New Wirk ? .llbany Krrning Join nil. -JS'/t in*/) Mr. Van Uuren wan at Itoohantar on Tueaday on bt* WHy to Oswego lie baa bnan flatting Mr. Watlxwortb at < i*ne*eo. Hon. A. < Viagg. comptroller; Hon John Van Buren, attorney general, Hon. N. S ltanton, secretary of Matt Hon. H llalsey, Hon f. Karington, and Htoph'-n Clarha, fc>q., member* of tha canal board, arrlyt d In Buffalo on Monday evening laat. RnT Huniuel Bowman. D. D.. the astlmahl* rnetor of St lame*'* (buroh I anraaUr.Pe b>* bean unanlmcm ly elected Bhhop of the Rplacopal Ploceaa of Indlai a , Our State will In** a worthy dlyinr*hould ho accept >' ? tlm Wintern < hurch wonld*aln a greet a<"ee#r|nn MW I tulrlphin N?rtK Jlmtrican, tn??.

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