Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1847 Page 1
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TH Vol. XOl. No. (MI-WIMIc la, MM THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, NtU-wert coruw of Fulton ami Numi ?U. ? , mm 0ft, JAMES 608DQN BEWWtTT. WWWtTOR. CISCVLAIIM-JtMlTT THOUUMU. U.4ILV HERALD?Ewy<Uy,Pric? 2 e?rt?P***W-r prr Cipv-JU 1 k c?ut? n?r ?i)nun>?ptytble hi ajTM"# Hfck \LD FOR tUROrE-Krerr St** Keket d?yFri*f c?uu |*r copy?t> |wr nnuam. including '"^VnV. IttYible ? tdvmace. 8uWr?pumu> ?i*d wU?rt??"mruU will be rec?siv?4ll? M*** U*li?unii. ^J\a*uV7,4tU#l? BiMi'/tKit ig ivUrilltlll, HKU Jliliu filMrr MIC u^nKiiu.uwiuvu. ANN'CAL PICTORIAL IltR \.LD? Published oil the tat of January (if tich year?single copiea sixpence each AD"V KRT18EMKNt8, it the anudl price*?el ways caah iu ?a\aiicr Advertisements should be writtci) ia a;>Uiu. legible Wmuier The Proprietor will not be responsible lor errora that "?7 "' aur in them. PRINTING of all kind* executed beautifully and witli despatch. All letter* or oomtnunirationa by mail, addressed to the i establishment, must be poat paid, or the postage will he de ducted from the Mbe?nptiou-atone v remitted. U??10N COUR8V, L. I -TROTTING. L. AI'lJitHK OP M, twn mli-* ia harness, Dva for all horaes that never won a purae over that amount. Kntrii-i 10 he made at Green and Bevin'u, Saturdayevcuinc, Julv 3lar. hy 9 o'clock. Three or more to make a race. To come off An^stJth. _ j30 2t*je m'i'*Ai*ak _ _ KIVE HuNDRKD DOLLARS. I* TWO PIJRSE8, f ?f $2i0 'ach?$50 to the second beat, if three start?to rone i off over the Saratoga Spring! Trotting Course?Mile Ileats, * beat three in fire?free for all trotting horaea iu har'ieaa, except I Lad" Muffolk. and ahe to a akeleton wago.j. The first purse to off the Mth August, and second purae on the 25th Aug 11 l.ndy Suffolk should enter for bot<? puraea and loae the lirat, al.e will have the privilege of going lo aulkey in the se< nd rare Ki triea to l?- made to the proprietor*. aud to close liie Oih of August. at 10 o clock, at Monigouiei y Hall. Small Pur'ea will be given for all gradea of apeed, thr^e ime< a week, daring the icatou, if horaea will appear to cou tciiu for ihfin. PATTON k COLE, Proprietor!. Sirntiji 8 rim* .July 30, 1817. jv30 2t*rc SUNDAY EXCURSIONS'TO BTjLI/* r AjdC^^FERKY, TILLIETUDLUM, AND FORT I.E E'., landing at Hammond, 19'li and 42d streets?Fare, I2)? ce; t?.?The Steamboats FRANK, Captain Heott; and ROBERT ANNETT, Captain frrederick Qiylnrd, will tuu .<! Sundays uutil further uotice, an follows: Commencing on Sunday, 1st August:? IT Leave New Yolk, loot of Canal struet?At 7, 9 aud 10 o'clock A M ; 2 and 3 o'clock P. Si. Le.ive Fort Lee?At U aud 11 o'clock A. M.; 1, 5 aud 6 o'clock P. M. The chore Rfuts have been fitted up in a superior manner. e-?pi?.?ly for this rou a. which presents inducement* erjualled by uo outer excursion from the city of New York. JvSO 3r?rrc SUNDAY EXCURSION TO CONe.Y " r '"in . ISLAND.? The commodioui aud splendid C**3j3SBfaStea,urr NEW HAVEN. Capt. Van Pelt, will leave pier No. I North River, on Sunday. August 1, at 10 o'clock A M., and 1 and 3K o'clock P. M Returning, will le .tr Conev island alternate hoars. Fare 12X cents each way. Jy30 ?r ic _ i SPLENDID SEA BREEZE EXCUUrtP i Nifrl-1"" commencing Tuesday, July 27th at 3 UmHHbo'cIoci P M . down the lower bay, touching at Couev Islaud each way Fare for the eicurJion 25 ce lis. The superior steatner NEW HAVEN, Captain Vanpel', wi'l Uave Pier No. I, North River, every day at 10 and 3 o'cloek. ko down tha lower bay near; Hook, touching at Coupv Island each way, affording families an opportunity to take the sea air Wfh their rluldre.i. Returning on th 10 o'clock crip at 3 o'clock; and the 3 o'clock trip at 6\ o'clock. Ct)Udf*n half The NEW HAVEN ia a very large and convenient boat, with fine accommodations; and every attention will be paid to the Comfort of passengers The New Haven can be chartered for pleasure partiei. Apply No. 8 Batiary Place. i :q lOt rn _ ' CtlNEY ISLAND FERkV?'J'he"oomr j modious aud elegant stnnmer ION. Captain wIMhWm, will raguhrly ran at the following Canal street. I0X A. M. and IK P- M5?iN... i, X R 11 A.M. aud 2 P M. ronjv Wfci-rf Wa A. M and 4 k? P. M. C?< Sunday will leave Coney Island, laitt.ip, nt S P. M i: &AILY EXCURSION TO THE ELY r_??UL^N3lAN r lblLuS, H )BOKEN.-Om tuu ..Iter Sunday, July llth, the steamboat PIONEER w1tta,kr regular rrjps Irom < auul and Ni eleenth streets, direct 'o the My?,an Fiel is, at Honokeu, le mux tiie above mentioned placet as follows :? Han?n-nd atraet, Nineteenth street, Elysirui Fields, 14 o'cloqk, 10V o'cloolt, 10!-; o'clock, u " ; 1I>? " 4 1 \ 2^ | * I : t>5 " 7 J-8I 1 7# H ~ fOKbmitWSBt'Kk.LONyBK.lNth. tyfV-fr ?-Ocean il'iruA, jumping Point, Kunsvin, and Katontown L.uidmg The steamboat I*.U\V|N LlC W Id. Captain H ivues, n ill run ns follows Irom loot of Vescy ( reel. North River Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbary. July. O'cloik. juiy. O'clock. Kiturdiy, 31. i P. M. Kt*ii;crA will be in readme?* on the arrival of the boat to convey l> isitnngera to all parts of the rouotrjr. _ jyl 30t*rc FOR 811KBWBBUJftY.OCfcAN HOLSE. r* M^.^wvLoni; Branch Rnusotn Dock, Brown's Dock, '. ''.'iHlSmwum Middletowu and Red Bank.?The Steamboat ORUS, C Price, Muter, will run aa follows, from Fulton Market Slip, Lut Hour l.eavu New York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. July. O'clock Silnrday, 31, 7 A.M. Saturday, 31. 10X, A.M Smil l}, Aug. 1, ? A.M. (Sunday, Aug, I. 6, P.M. The Line Stages will ruu to Howell Work*, win an Village fji'4 freehold. Stages to convey passengers to all parts of rhe connti y. N. ft AH persons are lorbid trusting the above boat oil account of the Owners. J. P. ALLAIKH. jftt I3t*rc . f'RENl II BOOTH?Paris imperial Preach Calf Boots for $4 60. equ <1 to the beat aold in Broadway for $6 ifor$7. Hue Krencli Call Boors, city maile, for S3 Ml? jH usually $>?can be found at the corner of Fultou and Nassau ain-eia, opposite the Herald office. Beat boots made to u derlorSI Alao the French Congress boots, of the beat quility; booli, shoe.), gaiter*, slippers, Sic., constantly on hand. AH goods warranted to give satisfaction. Corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. jy28 30t*rc ??? TMK subscribers offer for tile turnip seeds of the MNI hest kiwis, \ 17. rooia hn. or Swedish, show ball, m red lop, white, red globe, yellow globe, yellow stone. \ellow Aberdeen, fall radish and apiu&ch, w itli a Urge and general assortment of garden seeds. Bene plant fresh everyday. Choice and frngrml (lowers at ul I seasons of the year. DUN LAP 11 THOMSON, ;*i\ Hi'hi Seedsmen 1 nil Florists. 6tt Broadway. < UuMTUi U.A1 rUll M/iL>K?That very tiesirable re-idence in the village of Tarrytown, west wiSo.. eheseer couniy, fitted up liy tlie late Mrs. Phillips, r>ud occupied for several \ears by 10. Treadwell, Ks<j. ii now offered lor ralr. The house, wincIi in nbout ?C IV*; by 40, with . i I M font mid rear, in writ finished aud now in good order, w> Ii * Brem home attached. There are also on tne premises carriage house, stable, ice hone. gardener's houae, itnd oilier co.iveuieut out buildings. The grounds, about ail acre*, are well atoi'krd n ull a great variety ol choice fruit trees, shrubbery and nru imi'iiial trees, and the prospect ia not sur|msaed by auy spot on the Hudson river. Kor terms, he., apply to the subscriber on the premises. J 14 ?n*rc C. V B. Q8TRANDEK. iia* KUII ft ?LK UK TO LKT, on the in..*(iu of the lUri iM-JI liwi Bay. Aluninouth .County, N. J.?Haruti m a high JL state of cultivation, with nil the ueceasary out-buildlot*. Also, |o(s Iroin half an ncre to twenty, with the advaujhlfe of bue bathing., Summer residences furnished or uiilurmshi'd. 1'ersous desirous of carrying on hnsiuess ill the city and reaiding in a Jiy location, ut a cheap rate, will find an diUtii(t in consiiltiiiK with the subscriber. N. B ?The aforesaid farma and lota are not in Texas or Pennsylvania, but withiu one hmir and a half of New ?ork. Tends ea*y Titles iudispntable. Kmignin's or others wishing for ??rdenirR Ion can be suited. Apply to John Ireson, Ks'i Vi I uWtMtlllNl, New Yolk; or to VV. (1 HtTMi Anc'lone r, Key Port, N../. Alt letters must be iiost paid. lUv I'oht. N . I-Julv 3D, IBI7 jyil 30t?rc , \ IAViLiU.n, iVft,w b.u(ihl o.N, suuen island.? V ' 'Si i>i'>l>rieu>i begs to iulorin his frinnd* and the public. H- JLih..i fin Iru niide considerable alterations and improv* nm.t iu this establishment since the last season, lie has erect ed i large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether .u. u.iurcted frnm the main body of the pavilion. These <re i..tended for gentlemen ouly; theyureol n e.mnfortaWe iif, lirht, and well veutilated, and superior ia all respects to Uiu9t urucrnHy ueuninuiHrca room* in urn tvioui w??iernK i?!?*cc? uu u?tfheut th* country. fb* |?ro|<neror it now r?%ady to treat with families orn,irt#? r uii?nj to ensage r .omf lof the feasor. Letters addrtcsed to hiw ?the rnr Hotel, Brotdwny, will receive immediate it teniicn. ? . i A w(/ mhoni ruus between New Yorlr *ed New Brighton, ai f ? lollowiug hoiin, v?*>- ? "rum Now Bri^liron?At <inU 11 A. M*a~d 2 and f? I . M KruW pier No. I North Rivrr, New York?At 9 A. M.nod 12 M, .md 5 and a\ P. V. fttid more I'reqnent commnnieation? , will \# eftnbliiHed i% the nensoti *<i\ mi res i 3nudsy Afrmneement?From New Brighton at t A.M., UH? r m Kroii"? New Yo/ 9 A M.. 'A and *>X 1* in Mum1' NighU?'i aesday, Thursd iy Hud Saturday. \ h' r'a?it?t;H !* nee finrtr for che r?rei*tiuii o! omp-fcitf. |i | , \ N I H ^~~2 "jTlii AKSI'aN " P \Tt' )(iu J, OK I.' i V r. ' f/Sf BIRl)."-A f?w pMr jkI rreriVMt, eery ti .e;one pair of \y?u\m* Ooc??'n*a. Thry hare ber-n vi?ited li ttiou. TS5?"od?, nil of whom ha*e pni'.oiincrd ihem the ition -Woi.Ut r(?l Uirdithev Inve ever ni'tu. Al? .the yellow cre?t*ii Oofkil' > of New llollmd. f?c ?iinilr n| tiso. C. Thorburu, K<qr.' , or, "on ahow 'lie Urui-M Cockatoo m America. Ot hxnon Un i?, C?i;e?, Bird 8cnl?, uui Kaiicy D?f , itc., ral- hv W. H. JOIINrtTON. j-'-t u*r? ?*n Irrwway. tlJLfle,, nHKr, WMJlJit Y T7T T~ f Ihr H^h 1 -n ?? of !, O H. WILLISTON. Proprietor.? Tli? ibove home having been miargt-d and refuted. i? now open I >T the Tlir K'?hiD|( uJ Sen Bnihna * ? iin?nr wr d Tim itDimri Oru, *n ! F., I,rwu, lv?ve Jnily for the Oct-Hi Home ! <> tuue of depitrniit'. see .sdiernsrnie-l iu IInmi'f 'i Knqnirer aid <im. jyjn T>, l BMOVV.VS HOTKu?i lie underaiguttl, V*wu?ol the lata proprietor, .'kmc Browa ) h'va the aaliafaction of informing ,neir friaud* ind the public Kiin-nll; , that the Hotel <o lo ici nl '?ror.bly known as "Hrown'a I diao Queen Hon I," W.uhi ic'on. hia, by i armnceme if 4mou4 ilir heira, rome into the lull t>oM??aion of the undeiliK ed aa ?o|e owners.and th?i I hey alone will haiM'wr Coodaci thi< extenr.ita and .on moaioat ??nhiiihmenL The y ploil -e thi in selves to use evi iy xerticn fo apho'd the huh repnta'ion and teia.n the ltr*e buan ? ? whiC' it haa n*r?tofor? poaacMed: and 'h?y eiriieatly ho e by 'he improtemienu in the buildinna nod the renovation i of fur Iitnre ahont to b" mifle, toeeiher with a utrict and nnre- I mittniK >iir tiou to 'he C'?n-fo't of th?ir Kueau, t? merit and receive the a?aal l?r?e ahare of public patronage with wiueh ; it haa I oat been honorwd _ . T. P. BROWN, MA1UHALL BROWN Waabmgton, D> C-, July 9, 1847. jyIV Uteodrc j E NB' NE All) TO IHELAVD ?Office ol ths Jrnh Relief Committee, South William ureet. New York, July Mth, 1M7.? The Triunrc h< rebv acknowUdgea the receipt of (he <o|loivuc iuou of Money. Hroriiiona aud Clotlung. mure tiie lut pabliratinu, vix:? June It?-Krom W m K. Huvauieyer, Eaq. collected iu Sd aril 6th di.'tnr.u of Ligtith ward %Jk a) nssv'iK'% ssi Jtauft* I'M M-rnnHr.ll.oak... J *u ?rrnrn tie Leaaoc So?ery, l)e roue, Tr??su/er " 9 50 J?ly J?#Yom a Karaier of Fwhkill $57 00 Leis paid J. J. Palmer, Sjuj. for the Scotch, . .., 7 00? 50 00 6? Krom Cludes M Jenkin, ICau. Chaiimui of the Relief Committee ot the City of Albany, through 8 B. Miuiuni. Kaq.,. 2000 00 ?Krout Jehu H. Bownnu, Ksq. of Vcrgeuiira, Vermont, contributed by the iuhabitauta? by the huuda of Abi?ham Brll. Kaq 7V M ? I'row Km uihat>it?i<U ol l?Ofanspor(, through M H. UriuMll. i 151 0# , ?From G. B. Hich, Ka.j. through M. H. Orui sell, Kw.. 477 0# ?From Joaeph Mother, Katj. from the Society ol Friends near Columbia?. Ohio?l>y the handa ol' Joarph WilleUHCan 41 'jo ? From Kbr. B Jonea, '1reasurer of Vatr. Iriah Ht-lict Committee of Pro Vui .,.$197 5i l,en discount oil certificate of depoaite... 100?164 55 7?From McKee Swilt, Kaq. collected on the New I ii rKi brtii';li of ilir New I ork ami '"rie Hailr'd 123 5u -l-'rom UitU flale, Ea<i. aent him on viae 10th May lar.i ny ("apt. S Casey, of the 2d Infantry, being n aubacriptinu by (he oAtera aoldiers aud Sunilay achool scholars at Foil Mackinack... 1U (IV 4? From L. A N , Caah... 400 $?From a Friend iu Wetttheater county, by Geo. F\ While, ha | .. 5 00 From W. K. Johnaoii, U<>u bein(f a douation of Coshocton, Ohio, by the handa ot Mraara. Abm. Hell Ik Sou, iu twoauma, riz., $1,000 and $114 81, 1,114 13 From J. ii. Hacker, K? ;., of Portland, Maine, by Meaara. A. Bell Ik Son, 10 00 10?Fr> m the inhabitants of Ashville, Cliantauuue County. New Yrrk, through A. A. Atberly, F.?|| , bv the luuida of M. H Giiunrll, Eaq , 89 00 12?From Asaiatuut] Captain Philip O'brieii, of the 4th diatrict 5 00 F'roin a lady, under cover, for the Iriah Helief Fund .. 3 00 11?From 'lie iuhabitanta of CI) de, Wayne county. New York, through Mesars Holatead Ik Brokuii, 85 42 From the inhabitants of Mackiuac, by the handa of .Samuel Abbott, Eai|., being balance from former donatinu, 14 00 16?From W. W. Wetherell, Eaii.,uf Hepublic,Seneca county, the hands of H. '1'. Moiriui, F.?q 53 00 F'rom Meaara. Shur (k Mile*, be ng a donation fromChester township,Knoi county, (he hands of Meaara. Tweedy, .tioulton St llyinpton 53 00 19?From Louisville Helief Committee, by Meura. Newbold h Crult,. 110 80 20?From Meaara. K. Mickey and John Mack, collected in t'>e neighborhood of 8 elby, Keckland county, Ohio by the hands of Meaara. Ualdwiu, ' inner u. . . . . . SJ ? From a "Friend to the Irish," through Ruv. Jai. Knox, I)y the hands of J. F. Joy 5 00 From the citiiem of Chalilon, Geauga comity, Ohio, being proceed* "I corn which was collected unil aula by them, by the hand* of M. II. Orinnell . U21 TS FrornThos. A. Hkniner, Esq., Secretary of Motra. N. Y.. omitted in Ins last rem ttauce 1 CO 23?From Jeye 8. Olmstead. Ksq., of Lower Sandusky, bring the contributiou of that place, by the li:i>idii of Messrs Robertson, brothers, ik I/O. til)j 21 leap th'a sum raid J. J Palmer, Kmj., for the Scotch, $70 00 139 21 ! ?SOFroni O. N. Sl v id our, K?(j , Treanutei of 0?d?usburg Relief Committee, by the hands of Missrs, Gilbert, Cobb St Johusoi 231 1} From J. D Adams,saved by hi* children di?|*iiaiiif ' with cake and sugar 3 00 From Thomas McCliutock, Esq., of Waterloo, balance iu his hands as Tronsurei 1 00 $6 ,()?:< <8 Provisions and clothing which have been shipped fn Ireland par bark Jimrs. for Limerick; brig Thomas lit William, lr,r Galwny; bvk Free Trader, for I Jrk, and bark Uaoue, for Galway, Tix. From Bull .lo?250 barrels com mfal. From Geneva?2 b.trrels rice, 2 bu. dies clothing. t> bwels fluur, HI barrels birl?y. 11 barrels corn. 2 boxes clothing. From Koxbury, Ltt'-nfield county, Coun.?II barrels ooru (?1 bushel ), 1 barrel clothing From nlieiburn, Chenango cotiutr, N. V.?113 bags com, 20? busneis. I From Tinga county?39 barrels uienl, 13 birrels flour, 17 barrels oom ] Froio Vernon. N . V .?1 barrel beef, 1 barrel* peat, 1 battel beau*, 4S b irrfls mertl. Frnm Fon l ia:,i ? 24 barrel* meal, 22 bvrtlt eoro, 3 casks corn, 4 tierces awl 2 Imxe*. From f uylorrille?A barrels beans, 2 barrels whrnt, anil 1 box clolhiug. From Hudson?fil birr els meal and 42 barrels me?l. From Little Fall*?6 barrel* pn?, 32 bjrrela tneal. 2 barrels rye tl nr, 1 barrel beam, I hat:?-l |>oi it aii?i I b?i*?i> clotbiug. Fvoin BtUi my. (jeucsce county?A bririej* beuus. Fruiu Ontario county?4 beirels rn tl From S .lina?3 boxtc clothing, 21 bols flour, 23 bbla beam, ami 1 iialfbbl be ans. Kroin Oneida?21 t>*<? rorn. From Toledo?11 bbli m--al. From KmhturJ. Alleghany countv?31 bbls flour, 21 bags m>'al, 4 tmu* corn, 1 cask beans, I box ciothmg. From Columbus, C ht'iiuigo count,?JS buJs and 4 casks corn. From nutterrnttn, Oswego ermnty?17 bbls rom. S bbls bc&us, 1 box clothing, 1 bbi buckwheat, 1 but rye flour. Fom Augusta, Oueidi count)?'J bag* corn, 14 b*gs wheat. From Ganajohsrie?14 bbls meal, 1 box clotbiug. Vrnm ?lrr,>? Ohin?iS l.lil. m.?l It K?--. ...? left k' la corn, IB bbl* rye and rye llour, 4 bbli wheat 4 bjl* llour, 1 package Fiom '.Vootti r mid o'her rlaee* in Ohio, per barge " Julku*" ?271 bbl* coin, kc. 2 bme* nud 1 bundle cltibin*. From Cheny Yallev?4 bill* tnenl, 31 bblt corn, 1 bo* clothing From '''ioga, Penn12 bbl? flour, 17 bbls. corn. From Aicnib.tld Mali, New Vork, 4th Vf ard?1 bbl* meal. From Waterloo, Senet* l'o . N. V., by Thoa. Mcf'lintock? 8/ bbU tneil,7'j libit corn meal. From VVayne Co., Ohio, through the Mayor of Nfw York ? 3(1 bbl* nod 1 h'lf bill wheat, 7 bbla nalMl Froin Nenesea, N. V ? lt>2 bbU me.l, 26 bbl* com. 5 bbl* ami t litlf bbl* (lour, i bhl* wheat, 11 bbl* barley, 1 Mil and 1 package of clothing. h run) Geneva, by a Lady?2 buml!e* clolhiu? From I'laiubum-J bundle* cl thing From Johnstown?2 buudlr* rloihiug. From Oawego. New Votk?2 bbU meal, 2 boxes clothing, Ml bushel i corn in woks, 49 bbls tlour, 2 bbl* tloui' (to G. U-ir clay), 2" bbl* tlour. lir.iin 0.'dmi*bnrgh. St Lawrener Co., N. Y.?13 bhl* com menl, 12 bbl* bean*, 74 bbl* p'irk, J boh |wa? 5 hhl? oarmeal. 1 i:a?k anil 12 bhl* *u..drie* 3JI bbls flour, le?i 12 bbl* del.vrred to R. Irv n, KUq.for the Scotch. From S erliug. Cayuga Co , N. Y.?ISO hii*hqi:i com, 3 and a haif bbl* flour, 1 bbl beam. From Living*t?n Co ?7# bbl* m?d. From Milwaukie. YVuconain? IMI bbl* flour. From I'en Yan, Yule* Co.?15 bbl* flour, 26 tabl* pea*, Ike., 2 bhl* pork, I box clothing. From Verona? IC libla com, 8 bbl* barley, 2 bbl* clothing, 1 box boot*. From S Hurt, Fulton. N. Y.?1 bbl pork. From Cmiatahlcville, Lewi*Co.?I box clothing. Fiom J. W. Ik. U. Urayiou, Oneida Co., par AMitead, liuiuc* Ik Co,?1 box clothing. From Ohio?I i'j'j ha** corn (4310 bu*hela.l From Hammond*norf. Steuben ru?f* uhlw tlmir W hLU wln it, 21 bbla coru.i lilila bcaua 2 bbla prat, 4 bbla rye, 2 bbls buckwheat. From Montprlifr, Vt.?fi7 bnira com (lift biaahela.) From Burlington. Vt.?16<i buga corn (281 buahela,) 1G bbla benna, nieil, itc, B caaka meal, limy 'lotlung. From 'I homn>. Kennedy, Mew York?I bbl flour. Trom Albany, without nuvice?P?r boat Hough and Ready?22 bbla corn, 1 bbl [>ork, I box clothing. Per boai Tnmpkina?1 bbl pork, I bbl com. " K. Coruiug?Ifi bbla tlonr, I box rlnthuiu <lo. A3 bbla flour, 1 boa clothing. " H. Van Allen?M bbla weal. " L. Van RenaaeUer?20 bbls com. " Houaa otnc Railroad?6 linga com. " Abany?1 bo* cli-thing. 1 barf I bbl betua, 7 do floor. Casaander?42 hbla men), " Brntua?210 bbla corn. I bbl potk, 16 Ubla barley. " I)o?I bbl meal, 4 bbla wucat, 3i libit tlonr. " Dispatch?8 bbla meal. ,. linn mure?16 bhla corn, I bbl pena I l>ot clothing. Hariili Auti?81 bbla flour, 9 bbla com, 4 bbla barley. * Do 1 bbl be*na, -I bbla perk. " Marahtll?20 M>l? tlonr. " Kaateru?11 bbla flour, 9 bbla com. " K. ( orning?1 bo* clothing. From D. A. Rcxlord, Km., of Sherhnrn? 41 bbla meal. JAMK.S KKYltUliN, Treaaurer. M. Van Siiiiici, Chairman. jv3D3t fli IriOMISTQN k ?80V. TAILOKB ANDTIIOU'SKHH J M\KKKS,69 STU \N I), l.O.N DON.?Dreaa (;oat. 60a ; Drraa Trowaera, !IOa.; Llama I loth Paleloti, 42 a; Urea* Vena in every variety, Gentlemen viatliug F.ngliind would do well to, inspect the large aaaorttmnt of well aelected < lollts. Doealcina and Vest ingi, previoua to miking putchaarl, a? they will find at our enuhliahment gooda of the newt-it and moat a|{>rnvi-d fabrica, from the beat Weat of F.nglaud rainnfactoriia. at the lowaat poaaible cash pricoa. KDVUS'lON it SON. je30 jylj-3l aulS-3l 5t*r 69 Strand, London, F.ngUnd. HARRISON & MVKR8?MANSION HOLSK. Belleville, New Jeraey?Are prepared to act omrnoJ-te inditidmla or fiuniliea for the aeaaon on th? ram' moderate Srrai. The Hotel overlooka the be nnl'ul I'aaaaic?la diatant but 3 miles frntn Newark, and parties leaving New Vork can etch Belleville iu an hour, unci at an expense of but 3*H' centa. jy21*'c IU3T PUBLIaHtp? And foraale bv JAMK8 < O.NNKK I h K<|N, corner ol Naaaan and Ann alrtets New York, I ||.d hv the h. ol:?ellera generally. THE TKK A*lu'Y OK RnOWLKDOk *NO LlBRXkv OK HKPKHKNCK. r.Mjiitli edition, enlarged and corrected \ mine l?t, j iH j'jjrcontain 4 compendious English (iramniv, by On.,Id Jtrowu: a Dirti?n,.r\ ofthe tngl|?h, c aining acme ten thousand words more rh .11 the I rgy?t 1. rditioi a. by Lyman I obh. A. M ; n Dictionary <f J Litin Qn> titiont, by Hugh Vlome; hhiI 1 1 omplerc rocubuh-y nf I aiv Terms, by a > eminent member ol' Hi. bur, togethei ! with oilier inlmh r and in c e*img inlnrmition. V< lame 2nd. 7*4 t<eg???contain* a complete (*nireraal Oa 1 r.erten ( with an appen iix . f ill thai i? known of T. i?a. Men. ro, the two Calif rioaa Oregon, fcc.,) f? tl.e p.?e,,tda- it MirpfM s mv now pnbl ?hed in vilir-hle information The 1 p.jpulati. 11 t(hle< are hrotig ,t d iwn to the la*t Cenaua. and 're , er ret. A very finable epitome of Chronology and History, with nil appendix font .nine 4 lii torv of America, Declaration of Indepeui'e cr, with biographical cketcliea of the liven of its sig ? ?. Article* of 1 onleder lion, Cons'notion of the IT. H , :tnd Waihmgton's larewell Address, with other naefuj matter; prepared and rerMed liy a gentleman nf New York. Volume :ird . Tib pa^a??contains One Million of Facts, that sre not only interesting, but highly U'efnl to all cl is'es by 81' Kichnrd Pl illtpa, eulaijed bv the late Htniiel L Kuapp; an Am< iiC4n liioKianby ol Distinguished and Emineut Mcu, alao he the ate fl I- Kb pp. No rg ?Theie volumeieonta.n sotnuch nsenil knowledge, that ihe puhliahfi* find it uni saible 10 do "hem that justice whii h they ment in the eompass of an 'Ivert ?em*i t; they onlv reijm ?t the i? <dmg portion nf ihe community, t<> gamine for thcmaelvta, and doing so w 111 p 11 rYns e ^Price h.e aet jy27 JtTuThkSa'rc cor. Ann and Naaaau tts. INVENTORS'INSTITUTE?Eitrtordianry Hale of V*l n.hie Heal * state^-A liinne I number of choice building lota, ii feet fiont and rev by 100 feet in den h, belutwing t.i the lutontors'Institute, aitn ted in the cite of Perth Amboy, m;<v be hild oi ?ppli at'on to the snbv.nber, during the pres'Bt month of July, at prices varying from to S100 per I t. Thl? offer will close on the lat day ol August ueit No auhacriptioua for the capital atock of thia I stltntn will he received after thia dsv, for any leaa amount than $.Mifl. to be paid lu caah. Pen -n* deairing to purchaae lota, a>e iuformed that the steair boari from New York Inre Pier No. 2, North lliver, at J o'clock, A. M , and B.irclay afreet w harf at J o'clock, P M., every day, eicert Sundays. Mre \2W certs SOLOMON ANDREWS, Pre.ident. r?RTH ^Mtur, Jul/ lit. J?t7. jy7 Iw ??4 Jw ft W V o :w YOKK, SATURDAY IV AK1ZVAI or 181 OCEAN STEAMSHIP WASHINGTON. HIOHIT INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE. BiaVSN DATS LATER F ROM EUROPE. IPSOZAX. DBfPATOBBS FROM Paris, Madrid, Route, Br emeu, Berlin and Berne, 10 THk NSW YORK HERALD. Improvement in Grain. Fall in Ootton. TBI ENGLISH CROPS AlTKltlPTED SUICIDK OF M. TB9TB, . 16c. &e. 4ie. 'l'Uo steamship Washington, I apt. Hewitt, Arrived here yesterdHy morniug. This noble vessel left Southampton for Now Vork, on the 10th Inst., at S P. M , but before she reached the Needle*, It was found that the furnace liars were partially destroyed. They were, however, replaced with n/?w ones, which in turn became affeeted; and it became evident that it would be unsafe to continue the voyage. She accordingly put back to Southampton, where she arrived at half past 3 P. >1., on Sunday, the Utli. She left again on Thursday, the 16th, and arrived here after a passage of fourteen days and a few hours. The passengers made the following report relative to her putting back fjl LAMIIlir Washington, I July XJth, 1847. \ The committee of investigation, appointed at a meetItik of the passengers on board tho Washington, July 11th, for the purpose of enquiring Into the oauses whion led to the return of that ship to port, after having advanced more than 1(0 miles on her homeward voyage, have arrived at the conoluilon, that from all the evidence brought before them, they can only ascribe the inability of tba ship to pursue her voyage to the bad quality uf the coal employed, a species of unthraclte, resembling somewhat the Amerloan in appearance, but which ut-siroyed two sets of furuac* bar* within the short *pare of hour* These bar* were the Mine that had been in ua? duriug the whole voyage irom New York, and hau remained entirely untouched until the day of nailiug troui Southampton The committee hare person ally investigated the uaohibury and have particular?} dirocted their attention to the boiler*, which they Hull wholly unaffected Monsieur Velleroie, a Kreneh engineer, bns,iu company with tb? committee, and at their re quest. personally visited the interior of the furu-toes, and | uudsthean quite untouched. excepting as regard* the deAtruetion ot the bars The committee, therefore, are prepared to say, that in their opinion th? ship will be perfectly iu order for tea when the bam are replaced ? 'J&ptain Hewitt has stated ;hat his oonttdent^xpeota, tion is that the ship will be ready to resume h?r voyage 1 en Thursday morulng. The coumittee would also nay t unt every ideility has been olfned them by the captaiu | aud all connected with the Vessel, the iuventigatiou hav I tog been desired, rather than avoided, and tbey are I r >? !> to expreaa, in tho mo?t publvo manner, their unI dimmiKhf.i oontidvneu In Captain Hewitt and in hia I aiiip. | \ atrong proof that tbid uontldeuoc ia goneral turion? | the other paMtengera la the faut. that although Captain : Hewitt vllered to refund iuimeuiutely the parage money ol ail who might be disposed to leave, only two 01 tho whole Liuuibri bave dour mi, and itiuae not for rwa OBM connected with tb? twitl JOHN l\ NORTON, ol Vaiv College, hairmni of (omrolttne Sl'tl'HtN H.XVNO.of New *orit, Chairman of tne .Viceting of Paaaangerr M. K Kfc-LLuiiO, of Cincinnati Secretary Wi proceed to give a aynopaia of her Tha Cambria, from Uoaton, arrived at Liverpool on the 13th inst. It ia atat?d that Franco it aocretly concentrating forcea on the frontiers of Spaia, for nome unexplained purpose. Intriguea are actively going on at Madrid. The Dublin and provincial journals continue to exI preaa tneir astonishment at the declaration of Lord Kuu| avii reapacting the Irish potato crop, and deny ita oorrectnesa. The young potatoea which have appeared in the market are of good flavor, inruly and aound. The French capital ooutiuues occupied in the t rla la arialng out of the late ministerial diacloaurea; and the opinion, especially amongat the eoemlea of M. Ouirot, , has gained ground that sufficient evidence will be adduced to crimiuate M Teste, and his confederate*. M. FVllapra, ono of the accused. ha* absconded from i'arls, and this throw* additional suspicion over the j 1 case; the friend* of .M. Teste are, however, confidant of j hi* honorable acquittal. General Hi-deau, hitherto { (loveruorof Constantine. In Algeria, U appointed < ioj vernor-Ceneral ad interim of the colony. The laat ac1 count* now state that the government hope to poitjtone the necessity of a loan until nest senslon. The <|uarterly revenue return* of Great Britain are highly satisfactory. considering the general derangement of trade during the last three month*, and the greatly diminished employment in the main branches of manufacturing industry. The decri a >ud consumption of cotton wool, animating to 10,000 bale* weekly, ha*, however, been compensated, when viewed with regard to the amount of labor employed In its manufacture, by the additional occupation afforded by the railways now In progress. Indeed, with the exception of a slight decrease In the Customs of ?4372 on the quarter, there is a comparative Increase on the total revenue for the year of no lessthan XI, 001,020. All the permanent sourcesof revenue exhibit a favorable increase. The amount arising from reduced sugar duties,furnishe* the mo*t satisfactory proofs of the fiscal advantages of low duties. Indeed It is mainly from this source that the Increase on the year I* derived. The sums expended on railways, which amount to nearly ?300,000 during the last six months, and the vast amount* of money which ha* been advanced to the Irish people, a large portion of which has been expended on commodities, which being Hubjeet to custom* or excise duties, return to the coffers of the state, fully account f<* the general favorable appearauoe of the revenue. The second reading of the Navigation Dill having been consented to in the Hou/? of Commons without a amnion, ma .Navigation Ltwi may o? conmuerea virtually suspended, as wo bar* already stated, until March, liU*. Franc*. Pjihm, July 8, 1847. Lditok Nrw VoIlK llflttl.ll ? I solr.e the opportunity of tbe American ?U?mrr ml" ertised to nail from < outhampton on the IOth. to writ* you a few lines from here, and to enclose the correspondence which I hare received from other parts of K.urope Vour render* will doubtless bear in recollection the ex| oSure of corruption bribery and malversation or r? return's, as they Call it here, which has been so long threat nnd to be brought to light, by the prosecution of ti?neral Cubirres, lato Minister of War; M. Teste. late minister of Public Works; M. Pellaptal, late Receiver (ieneral of Taxes, and >1. I'aruienlier, a man of g eat fortune, before the (;h*mb?r of Peers. Two of these illustrious accused were Peers of Kranoe, and all occupied places iu the highest ranks of society. Wall, all the hopes of the lovers of snandal were s^idly blighted by an event which most unexpectedly occurrod yesterday M i-ubieref declared that be had never bribed or at tempted to brlb? M. Teste ; that Indeed he had an Idea of such a thing,'was instigated to tbe attempt by M. Pell* pral, but that he nevur realized the design; that the ^nret> to the value of -J60 000 dollars which h:iv<* rti?appeered, and which it wa> supp'is?d h\J been partly giv n as a brifceto >1 Teste. hu<i partly appropriated to bis own individual profit by (General Cuhiere*. W're in reality seitnai by VI I'aliaprat. and never i-arne at all Into the bauds of igeneral < ubieres Thus lh- of M I'este aad the gudtleNanass of General Cu'ilerea. of ??>y fault grnater than Imprudence. is eetablished, and "be entire Iniquity saddled on M. Pellapral Then you will say that no doubt the noble Chambers will strike the said >1. Pellagral ex-rec?iv?r genarnl and millionaire with It* thunders Not at all, for the said >1 Pellagral yesterday tnorniag bolted '' ' singing with Viaeheatb, that Ooldfrom law, can take out the sting; And If rich men like us were to swing. T'would thin the land, such member* to string, Upon Tyburn tree !! In a word, M. r?llapral nada off, and left bi? threa eoP # RK I [ORNING. JULY 31, 1847 aaooaad to w??h themselves white, by throning as uiuoh of the guilt a* thf y pleased on him i The <~bambers are wearied, and ihn thermometer it an U at ninety in the shade The deputies pant for rural retirement. and hurry tha labors of the session to a oloaa. A grand reform banquet. to ba shared by all ' who favor parliamentary or i-leotoral reform, la to lw giveu Ik tha gaidens of tha Chateau Rouge on tha 4th It is eypMfM to be attended by nearly a thousand reformara. of all shade* The grand opara la cloaed for two month* tha management having changed banda. M Leo^Mlet. who ha? conducted It with very little aucoeaa fur several yearn, retires,and given place to other advantnreu* "peculators The decorationa are to be restored. and the grand ballet, to be prepared, in the absenaa<Jf that high order of vocal talent whiah alone coul6*0mmand auoceaa at preaent Tha Duka and Duchess of Montpenaier gave a moat tuagnlfloent fate champtlrt on Monday evening laat. In tha BoU da Ylm<enn?, at whloh three thousand of the Hill Of Paria attended. It waa the uioat goryeouo thing of the kind that Paria ha* witnessed tor uianv a long day. All tha younger members of the royal family, now in miia, w?iv k,vvvui' ? wm >*ibw v. ui iitiut*, lUt1 S{UCU Dowagwr of Spain, with bur husband. the Duke of Rianztj-es and suite. auJ the carpi Jiblumatiaut. The alley-* of ths wood wers hung with millions or colore i lain pi, and tastefully deoorated with military trophies, uud showers of Bengal lights sUsd over the nocturnal revel* an artlflfiii day. Louis Philippe and his family are just about to leave Paris on their annual visit to the Chateau ot' tu Their relatives, the King and l^ueen of the Belgian*. are expected to pa^> some time with theui there. M (liii.-ot, weaned w tb the toil* of the session, is about to retire for some weeks to his country seat at the Val Kicker. tmd so we shall have a suspension of politico here, at leant for Home time to come. P. 8 ?.Since writing the above, an event ban occurred of some interest lu the financial world. The Miolster of Finance ban presented to the Chambers a project ol law for raising a loan of 3fto,0iK).(M(? franca? $70,000 noi>. Although thin has been long expected, it wrh thought, latterly, that the measure would be postponed till next session. The exigencies of the treasury, however, dtd not adult of delay. IKrom the London News, July 16. J The Paris journals of Tuesday, the lUth iui't. together with our usual letters, have been received. The most strauge investigation in progress before the Kreuch court of peers proceeds, and each day is marked by the development of events more and more extraordinary. It Is impossible to convey Hn adequate notion of the intense interest with which the proceedings are regarded, or of tbtTffcinful curiosity which is manifested as the accused are conducted to tlielr places. Kvery eye on Monday looked for M. l'ellapra. whose return had been rumored th? ptMldlBi day, und whose presence at tbo bar of the chamber was confidently expected. The letters of Mad. l'ellapra and their enclosure, the letter of her husband to her on his departure from Turin, together with several notes of M. Teste, were listened to ill profound silence. Ah the evidence gradually brought the truth to light, und as the guilt seemed by every fresh testimony to come closer and closer to M. Teste, that pwMa evinced the utmost coolness and tho most unflinching self-possosblon, examining und erosseiumining the witnesses nil the dispassionate adroitness of u counsel acting ns the feed advocate of a third party. At the rising or the oourt at C o'clock, M. Teste.agalnst whom such amass of unexpected evidence had bceu brought, appeared to be the least aft'cctud individual in that crowded hall The bewildering doubts in which the report of tho proceedings and the air of confldeut inuoceuo* of the mcclined lel't the public, were soon destined to be dispelled, and this ourious drama wus to receivu an unforeseen denouement At half pa<t eight o'clock in the evening of Monday, the report of tire-arms was heard to issue from the apartment* in the Ltuein bourg. occupied by the prisoners. The persous In charge ni'd the guards instantly rushed to the rooms, and found that M. Tc?t? had atteiaptud suicide with pistols, but without sucoess It appears thut he first placed a pistol in his mouth,and snapped it, but it missed fire. Provided with a su?4ad, he placed the mouth of the barr> I close agaiust his ;t?reast and discharged It The ball under these oircuiastunoes perms not to have acquired foroe enough to enter the boJy It fell to the ground, merely leaving a black mark on the wuls'.coat and the skin, but without producing a y contusion, as was tncorreetlj stated in aoine of the published accounts The Chancel lor. the grand re'urend<try. ami the members of the com uilttee of the chamber appointed to conduot the trial were immediately suinmoued, and tho ooinniLs<tary o police of the district, ns well as the prefect of th< police atttended. The proeureur general and the police autho. ritlee made a j>'ui h 11- bal ot the transaction M. Tts'i was ordered to be kept a-; secret, with proper precaulioi iigairst ui y repeUsion of the attempt ?t self-dof-tructiol) i nn omy person wao vimieu ,>i. 1 ritio. iiuer nis rrurc merit to UU apartment yesterday, wis his bod. who l? i tnernber ot tbe i hambi r ut Deputies. Thin circuuistanei gir^n riiio 10 ib? report, ilut th?* lnHded pistol- win ihue eupplieti to blui. A report ii mentioned iu Galignanl's paper. that as he was leaving the Court ou >londay evening. be was heard to exclaim : "Je tut,- un horume ptitia " Wi gi? j elsewhere a titume of tba proceedluBn . f the court on Tuesday, which were, of course, cut abort by the events of the preceding night On being summoned to attend the court, M. Teste declined acknowledging the | unanswerable nature of tbe proof against biu. and in substance contesting that be ancepteu the wages ot corruption. Tbe act of corruption by I'ellapra and the complicity of Ueneral Cubieresaud M I'armeutier. were not denied by their respective advocates, and the/ mere ly appealed to the clemency of the court. At the time our corr spondenl closed his despatches the sentence ol the court had not been declared The King and (^uueu ?r t'1" Belgians, with their son tbe Duke of Brabant, are at Neuilly. The King and <{u?eit ol" the French, and Madame Adelaide, with tbe Duelled* of Orleans a:id ber hlidrcn, are at Dreux, attending tbe religious solemnities which mark tbe anni versary of the death of the Duke of Orleans, wziicb took piai'a on July 13. The weather continues to be highly favorable The late rains havo been suoc.-eded by an unclouded firmament and high temperature. At six in tbe uiurning. on Monday, the thermometer in the shade stood at 70>? .leg , at noon 1( rose to AG deg , and at two o'clock it attained H-*1., deg , an unusual temperature In these iaiij tildes. Italy. I(om?. Julv J. 19 I*. F.ihtom Nilw Yoaa II>hu[> ? We are here in a curious position Our sovereign 1m a liberal anil enlightened radical priest who sees the necessity auj propriety of allowing I lie country to move forward with the common progress of the oiviiiaed world. II* I* checked by tho overruling power of Austrlau diplomacy, connived at by Krance; and encouraged by this, his council of Cnr>llnnls have mutinied, thwarted bin designs, rendered bin measures abortive, disappointed hi* hopes, and even compromised hiH popularity The populace, who are ill able to appreciate' the difficulties against which the sovereign pontiff ban to struggle, OM-ribe to him the symptoms of reaction,which aru really the work of other*; and, within the last tew day*, the holy father, who. lately, never appeared without exciting the moot enthusiastic acclamations passed through the assembled multitude, amid the most ominous silence. The letter Informed, knowing where the fault really Ilex, talk of a popular movement, a revolution. in fact, which shall secularise the government 01 the I'apal Slates; placing, nevertheless, I'iiiM IX. ut sovereign over it for life. 'I he liberal movement, which took place soon after the accession of i'ius I V . is suspended, 't he pres* it allowed a i/uati existence The railways dag. Tbt munioipal reforms stand still. Let us hope that my next letter will bring bettor tidings. S|Mlll. Mamhik, July I, 1447. Editor Nr.w Vokk Hi: a aid? The royal palace here has been the theatre of fome curlou svents. Vour readers doubtless recollect how the <|ue?n and her consort, soon after their union, manl fested a mutual coldness and repugnance, occupied different eudx of the palace, and how finally the prince consort <(uit the royal roof, ceased to cohabit with bet majesty, and betook himself to the Tardo, a royal hunting lodge, not far from Madrid. The royal pair have nol seen each other now for some months; meanwhile, bowever, appearances were kept up by tho continued residence of the father and sister of the prinoe consort witli the '|Ueen. and thehftppcaranc* with her whenever she went into public All this, however, was brought to * Madrid, the Infante, Don Kranoiiro and hi* daughter, th? father In-law and ilster-in-law of the queen. werf suddenly ordered to quit the palace and to leave Madrid | They were bundled out, bag and hangar*, with the mualleat poUH.ble cremony, and the least pocfihle delay | vlany have been Uje ooijecture*. and variom Ibe ho oouniR of the cau?'ii of uui mo*t *udden ai.U unexpected ill ve It Ik rertaltt that lb?ui< allure wni udopttil with the concurrence and the n (pmiidoility of miuiw ter*. end ruuior aiiagn* t . Don trauciaco the xutlt ol joining In couftpima i> directed even ag?iu8t (he l,|e o her uicjt-ry When the lufuute wan compelled, by tb? order of the queen, communicated to him by the captain general of tladrid. to leave the palace and quit the capi tel. he declared that he would publlih a uiarilfeuro ex plaining t he clrcucuPtancea which have led to thin ulrangt ca'a*(ro(hn The qn< en in now left without a (-ingle i dative or on< of ber kindred about ber. and i* surrounded only by old cial? Her rai'tber it> exiled-her rinter the Duoheas ol >lontpen?i?r. dare not return ? her husband rrluaen tfl *l?ep under the ea'a" roof with her, and yet he In an Inuonent, amiable girl of only tev?nt*?u I he following anecdote ? related to day lu tba ?*l'in? I of till" c/y ll bappi'ue.l within the lait few day At the moment a wagon laden ritti provision* wa? le 'inn the royal stabler, the co uluctor invited ail old r\f? t of the kiog'x hcuaett 1,1 to accouipauy hiui to I prouiiilug him be bonl.i ibort'y rrturu. 'lit ol i inan yielded to hi* frend't entieatiea anil got np by la ride Wliau they arrived at the royal roeldenoe, tlw conductor aaked nie old friend If tin would noL lika le ive the king ' Hie *'K norvatit replied h? Unred n< t pre mnt hlmielf, aa he bad put on the cotluuie of hi* plane, wi'hwhich no one ?aa permitted to approach the novwn Igu The oonduotor replied that ae the king wan in the couutry, he would eicune thin breach of etiquvtl#. In fact, the old mm wa? permiaded and went Th? king received htm moat graciouely, and thinking he had come to aolictt a favor, anted blin what he dttnred ' Mn?," replied th? pld man, " 1 deilre thing your lUM-sty can [ERA grant me.'' " Let's have It.' replied the king. ifloan Jo yeu a s.-rvics, I will ' "Sir*,1' replied the fklthul servant. " 1 bavo tern seventy yoari In the serrtce of my sovereigns; I hare served bis mejesty < harle* the third; I have served your grandfather, c'harles the fourth; I hard served your uncle. Ferdinand the seventh, I now serve hiii *ugust daughter, our queen, and contort of your majesty. whom i serve alto; and. es your mejeetius will be my lest masters, 1 nhould wl?h. in order to die a happy dealh, to see your majesties hupp* 1 wlih. tire to see your msjesty. reconciled with the ijueeu Will you p- rd^n mn. sire. for daring to speak to you in this manuer " Yes. ' replied the king. ,-lor 1 miu certain of your good intentions, and a tear rolled down the king a cheek. Switzerland. Bsaac, July 4, 1M7 El>itok Niw Yo?k Herald The elements of Internal dilcord are her* in feriuenI tatlon. and to augment the energy of the ebullition, dl| plomacy.meddles and foreign ministers array themselves, i ou tha one side and the other. What Washington is during thv session of < ongreui to the I'nitixf Stales, ! Berne Is at present to Switzerland Disputes like | those which have on former occasions agitated the | In ion aud endangered its integrity, now m?k? the SwIh confederacy The Dint, which It the federal legislature. will immediately be culled to'decidd questions, tile settlement of which Nome of the cantoni claim a* being within their independent authority, and hence arises the nice point to determine how much ot the authority ns independent soveruigus, the cantontt have surrendered to the federal government' What, in a word. is cantonal, and whut is federal.' Just as in the United States the question has arisen, what is it competent for the State governments to do, und what properly appertains to the general government at Washington Your readers of course remember that Switzerland consists of twenty-five cantons, eaeli of which is an indepoudeut republic, governed by its own executive and having its own legislature; that these tweuty-tlve canton* are united together in n confederacy by a solemn pact; that this confederacy has a general or frderal legislature, called the Diet, and a general or federal executive, called the Vorort; that the seat of tlia general government is not, as in the United States, tixed on an independent territory, but is assigned by turns to each of a certain number ot the largest and must populous cantons. Its seal at present is in thin canton of llerne. and the Diet is to assemble in this city to-morrow, the ?>th July. The prevailllig religion aud language is different in the different cantons. In some th? religion is chlelly the Churon of Home; in others it is differeut forms of 1'rotestantlsm, but especially Calvinism. In Home the language is French, in others Gorman. In some the public opinion favor* tho Northern powers and the absolute courts; iu others it Isans to Kranoe and Kugtau4 aud tho constitutional States. The latter constitutes tho majority of the cantous. hach canton deputes a certain number of delegates to the Diet, and gives those delegates express instructions as to the votes they are to give on all lmportaut <juestionf; and when the questions which may arise caunot be foreseen, then the delegates are direoted to refer to the cuntoual governments for fresh instructions The questions which at present district the Swiss confederacy, and on whioh the Diet will have to come to an immediate decision.are the following -I. Whether the Jesuita aro to be allowed to form establishments iu the oonfederatlou. 2 Whether oertain couvents established in the canton of Argavia shall not be suppressed ? ? 3. Whether the several caniona in which the Catholic religion prevails shall be permitted to contiuue to uiainlaiu a separate league, which they formed Home lime much, ana wuicu is untied tne suuueruuuu; aucii league uuiug, u;i 18 maintained by some, incompatible with Ull federal sovereignty of thu Voiortand the Uiet. The liberal or I'rotesiaut can tons, w nidi ioim the mi jottty, are uuanitnoiH oa these quesllous. they huvt lustl uuted their delegates to voui lor the dissolution 0 1 tne .-<uudeibund. lor the expu.siuu ot >u? Jesuits, aut for th? discontinuance oftun cuuvuutH of Ai'uavU i hi luuoh '.I uow peifeutiy kuovru. .N.eauwhile the canton ' of thu buuderbuud have deolared that thuy willr>Ms Hi* exeoutlou of suoli uicatiures.eveu wi'.h lorce ol ariim Tliej deuy that the geuerai government has the riki;t u ciiaut them, ani that such a piootHdiu* on it ' part would Le an Infraction ou thu tndep. .udeut sovu ? reignty of the cantons ' I llenoe has ariseu another question us to the tutaiis o '' executing 111.) Lilianmu?j auu ou tin., tliu osuions wiuci H oaVe Vol. U bite lilcatu.ea til.-uisrlves ar? nil uuuultu. II* rouie being averse to resort to auuiU lorce, auj >m? stiougiy iidvooaliug foruioiv.abd laiaii diate uac-cuIiou 1 by thu HivaMuu of t*e recusant cantous by the federal ' MOOps. i nib situation b< arn a curious und interesting ana II gy to lhal ol 'he t nited M*teS at lUu Lline ol tun U^l latiuu of the iiUillttoalion doctrine* in some ol tile southern States Out oi ail tfiirf arises auothrr question, in which t il the canton* will be equally concerned 11 the federal compact he ho delicti* lit In c learn est as to leave the Limit* between t be ii?riiH of the government and those 1 of thu >:antoual governments doubtful. ?nd thus oxpone the confederation to a constant Source of lntern-1 discord, ought uot that pact to be revised with Ola view ' of defining in a more perfect and unequivocal maimer 1 their respective rights' Accordingly, ail the delegatei of the liberal cantons are instructed to vote for thu re | vision of the pact 'J'he cantons of the aundtibuud d( ' uot desire this, preferring the doubtful rights '.hey no* I assume to the certain loss of them, whicu would lollov such rev it-ion These cantons are now actively nrjjan ' istug a military loice,to enable them to oppose the mo* effective possible resistance to any attempt of the gene ral government to enforce its measures. The ministers of foreign powers have assumed differ ent sides in these disputes. Those of Austria, Kukmii 1'russhi, and bat ana have si Jed with the cautous ol th' .inudtrMiud. and to signify the more emphatically then Minliments, they hale removed their residences Iroin tht seat of the Diet to Zurich. J'he t rench minister wishes with his government, to take the same side, but dare* not openly <lo what public opinion in Kraute would b% so deuidedly opposed to He residcfl at iJerne, as usual Ho do the Knglish, Spanish, and Belgian ministers, all of whom go with the liberal pally. Wo expoet warm woilt. of which 1 will inform you in my next letter. ttermany. llni.Mi*. luly A, IH47. ! till I ?K \l u Vol. I. It. H .1 I. Before tin- steam service between New \ ork uii.l Bremen in well organised, we hear of a competition taking place, for the communication between the North of Kurope and New York uu<l till*competition comes from one of tlic most insignificant port", Unit of tilucki-tadt. a maritime town in the Duchy of lloNit in, u?t f?r from 1 the mouth of the K.ibe. It appears that a Dane, a Mr. | ( hrlntian Mauser. who ho* been for soui" time a resident r at New York, has taken the steps uucesnary to I'stabfxl between New York and (iluckstadt a direct couiinuni ' cation. wliich is to l>e done by tli? menus of four rdeam era The King* of Hwuden and Denmark take great in terent in the execution of thin project, from which * r presume there will be no didlculty in finding lire sum o i one milliou of dollars. which it will coat to be put iuti execution. 'ibis new line of communioatioii will com pii.'n Sweden. Denmark, Kussiit. aud tbu city of llaui i burg. If thu pillII be not impeded by Home unforeseei i dllllcuky, wc muy expect for Mill, to have a steam xer vice direct between New York and Ml r?tei>t/ur^. e?p? ulallv when the arrangements will be taken in tuch u manner as to let tne arrival of the Americau steamers t< (iluckstadt, colucide with that ot the Itussiau packets t< Kiel, a port situated at the point exactly opposite llol stuiu; as the paesage from <>luekHtadt to Kiel, by rail , requires but two hours, the voyage from Ht. IVtemburt to New York can bi' done in the space of from sixteei to twenty days "We iutve juiit heard that a society in now forming ir America, for a steam communication between Mexlci t auii noniti (lermau port, or Antwerp. It 1m presume 1 Vera i ruz will be ohosen for the ct.ulral point lu Ame ea," (l)chaln ) Pl'IIMklll. ,, June J!', 1 (?47. LviTOR N?:W VoRX HURALD:? We are now beginning to witness the bitter oonse ' 'juencen of the last struggle mad" for freedom and in 1 dependence by the uufortunnte Polinh people The act of accusation agalnit the 1'oles accused of high tr?ason has iust appeared The accused are S.)I la number, P* noblemeu, Including th? C ounla Constant!* and litfunoi 1 Urlnakl; I, Urabornkl an'I S?r?rln vllelntn*kl Thin document in given In twopait*; tlie flr.<r contain* ??n bi*1 lorlcal account of the formation of the democratic ft*nociatiun, ol its act*. and th> . ult of tueui , : ? ? ?>-cond part indicate* the participation of tu? ac<:u"-d In tlio I (jlot. As ea>ly as ISli, tbe aanooiailou wa* loundcJ a( I'ans; 3 uiiii p< nou*J<iu*<J it iiuuie i.ately; it bad f >r?lui to JlnpOiM) the ui.ndmf tliepnoplH to h r. ? >lutlou I it ib> > namt'n of liberty, fraternity, anil t iju ility ami to r. ?iori 1 to Inland the limit* it hud belore I;'j, Kiui?-ari > were nent to Volaudto dUiribute revolutionary writing* i auU form relation*, on all aide* Victor lieitmann wiv the head emlexury; he aurreadnd in lormuif correspond I iDjJ ti ;iocintlOli* OU nil *idrrt; bllt tb'He HMHM-tuIloni were n> dltlded lu opinion ?.< to the execution ot lt??! pro r Ject. t atoll the Ueniaud of M lleltuiauii the o.nn'i l < . utral Of Pan* Oellt to I'o'ell I.OU!? d >j|?IO*t??*?l. hi ofljCer w*ll *?ried in military , tonco Ali?M*la?*ti l f und that both lb? pre^ar?iiou*ar>d Ui iuey f>-r< want I lut! .and ' 0u.-e!|ueutlj It W.4K llUpOrhlllie to llm.k >! a l> Toiutiou fur li?4o 111 reluiu.-il til ver*aill>a ami w ; re luipincril liy Jean Allyafo ?ho end<-:tror-<l to pi .'ill money to buy lire ariun In Krame an I Ku||l?ud i ln I'oleh *xpecteil i.i.l'OO gun* It w*h IK CeoMi y lo pr '<uri 1A 1,00 to COIUp'atw tun uuniber lu the in. ...i I mi- . two par lea wera 'urui-d at l'?*?n, MteMuakl a bou?M-ll< r. placed liitimtlf at the bead ol a commercial aeMiO.MHWII eutlrrly iudep. bdeut Ol I ha Ueuiot r?tlc aarooiailou Htelain-al having Imtrii Hriielid, Wax relMplac-d by tin inilier Kliiiualin, aiid tba iua?t?r lockaiulii Lepmaki I III asaociatiou wlahloK to act, it wae principally c in poi?d ol W>>rku>?u,aludvuU, excited peaHaiila.who ho,,. ( to put all the (iermann to d^atb, hut It la incouCti\a bin how theae Vole* cau have ripntuil to succeed. for I I remits from the examination. I bat they had not I be 111 ce*?ary mean* to support a simple with the ihr. e Hr. a i pownta, tMc; bait neither inouey nor ariita; nor an LD. fun tw? OM?i --- - ?rra mau whose n*,Qo ?H.t aharaoter .soul* oSer t>i*ai a ohancn of iuoc.u Tn.y ihou.h, ,f " * sot Cracow, Oa'.licla. LlthuoW th- h!,iK4..!? af tit* great Duehy of Poteu ?nd W??t Hruneta into ? tutof in^Mrrection if thry ruuld aUo a In taking poesestion ct the fortreenw., aud uf brin^im to thmr el4* u part of tbu I'olieh soldier*. they would rtnil Kmouiitlon. cbiefft Hnd that th?> 1'olisn pe. pU in iranera; wouU join with them. But the population of the (iraiut Ducby of Poeon wan but little di?po*id in fa*or of the uc, b lity. auit the promioe* oamu too late 1 h? head ?< tb? conspiracy hail understood th? y could no lon??r d-tf*i Under palu of being betrayed for report* hsd already bean rumored, anil Tt was said several arre?t* had titan place. I According to some account* on the event* of Cracow .J The Celebration of the Arrival of the Waabliifton at itnut Hampton [From the Southampton Independent. July 10.] HI' Excellency the Hon. George Brenorofi, Knvy Extraordinary aud Mlnicter Plenipotentiary of the United Stales arrived here on Thursday, and vWted tb< Washington steamship. belonging to the New Vori Ocean Steamship < ompany, now lying in our dock*. Hi* txcell.'ney. who w>< accompanied by hia *ecr*t*r/ and J. R t'ro?l?ey. Ek<i . the American Conaul. after* proceeded on board the Klpon. Penineolar and Oriental uteamaUip. and tb'? Dee, West India Mail uteam hip In the evening a magnificent entertainment wa* given by Col. Harlow. Chairman of the Southampton l)ock , lit inw isoi|uiiu iiuvh, w ("irurnir mo ?rii??? in the M<> 111li21 in|*frin Dock* of the Washington The K*Uaut host occupied the cent re ol the table with hi* illcelleucy tho American Minister on hi* rl^ht. anil Capt. Hewitt. < omuiander of tUe'l'. S mail steamer Washington, on hi si lelt hand; nppoiite. John Hopton Korben. Deputy I of the book Company, with ('apt. Sir John Kim-lair. Dart . it V, Admiralty Superintendent, on U1n right; and S Price Kdwarils. . Collector of Customs, on hii left; Joseph Ligglns. ts<( . lata Chairman, and Geo Saintsbury, Ks'i , Secretary of the Dock Cosipuny acted as Vice-Presidents. The reet ?f U* party consisted of R. ( larke, Kstj, the K?i?. Chart** (larke. anil it. AuMjo. K?i). private friend# of Col Barlow; J. 11 Broil head. Kin , I' S. Secretary of Legation; Cupt. Llot and Capt Barton, K N., of the R. M 8. P. Company; A. Anderson. K?q., and Capt. Hparka, of the P. and O. Company; J. 11. < roskey and J. Rose, Keqre , U. S Consuls; H. .Nlilltir. K?( , of the Mouth-Weitern 8. N. Company; Admiral AVard, ('apt. Kigmalden. <>eo. Burnand, Kli|.. and T. It Davison. Ksq . Director*, J. C. .Sharp, Esq , Solicitor, A Giles. Kmi .Engineer. and Capt. Duduian, Dockma.-ter, of the Southampton Dock Company. At half-pant 7 the party. 'JO In number, tat down to ax splendid and a banquet an the metropolis i tie If could furnish. and which wad moat creditable to the taste and skill of Mrs. Ouy. After the customary loyal tousts, and the health of the President of the'United States, the Chairman proposed the health of bis distinguished guest, the lion. Mr. Bancroft. descantinir ou the lilnh political and llteranr taleuts of '.hut geutletnun. The toast wait received with all the honeur*. Mr. UANcaorT, in reply, said thin was the first time be hail ever been in Southampton, und hu had no previous conception of the exquisite beauties which had presented themselves to hiH view in thin place, nor eould be fbr a moment have imagined that such tait and eplendld veniels were congregated hero It had added much te Ills pt.asure to wee the first of the American line of steamships which had arrived in thU country received iu such excellent company. He thanked the chairman for the hiiHpit ibl? way in which the gentlemen eonneeted with that line of vessels and himself bad been reoelv <d to-day. During the tluie that he had been In Eng li?nd,the courtesies and kindness he bad unlverafclly met with had tended to oeuinnl in hi* mind the attachment he Had previously felt for the mother country. Though born au American, he fell be wan part anil parcel of tno , English people. Proud h.npiitnd. he hoped, would have reason to be- proud of her daughter Amertoa The \nerleans had been taught to look to England as thi Ir parent, with atfectlon and esteem, and with a d-slie to oopy from its institutions every thing that waa good.? I'll it iiiurumg h<- bad Mi one of their aucleul ?fat? of l IraT'iiiijj where lie bad witnessed the installation lit bla j Royal iligbners Prince Albert a* L bauceUor; and it pave K him no 11 ttlu gratltiuailon to meet them oo that oco.ap sluti, under Mich interesting auspices a* the eeiahllsht in en l of u new line of uoininunicalion between the two , countries, lending to draw still cwser that luter-.urse ? between them which was constantly Increasing. H In tholr rna^uifireui docks, ahem the Wacbiugtun j floated, be h id ;.s->t>n Vessels which wt* employed in carrying on the intercourse with all tb uaf 1 lions ol tne globe. and he was reminded. ?u 1 ?-k'ug i ' ut thriii, nf the wearer's seutlin, which. In lis traI v.lm.g Iu on wards and foi warjs, in each motion ] t'i leil to the slrt-ngth and completeness of the no there shipB, iu eveiy Journey, tend-d to draw eilll [ I earner the bond'* of IneuUsnip txitween the natioun and j to and to the principle* of pe*c? and good will I %tt< r xpaliaiiug upon ll>e gieat ftnpatiilltlee 01 Ihi port nf Mouth > nip ton fur accommodating a vast oomineroe, I tils Excellency i rocee lu I to say that he wa? delighted to I UUU Ml* gl < *1 l?Cl.l llv tu?t till Of^-U Klveu lo ltl? eilgl; ueera aud rtu.T ofilrerR *u>> raow there in tiiv Woahlugj lou, fur amiuiriuic an me information that wa* itvntlal id carrying out their uod-ilaki'ig, aod for tbu general | Courtney and Hid which had been received from all ptr] tlec ho begg>-d to ufler hi? th.mltrt. In ths nntnc , ' the American States nod of the Oc? an Steam Navigal tion Company. The honorable sentle>uan concluded an ' eloquent address, ot' which the ab jvo ! < a mere gketoh. | by propo-tiD* the health of Col. Barlow, which ?u warm ' J ly responded to. , ! The Chiiioux having replied, next proposed 'Tr&i j I perity to tbe Oc?-an Steam Navigutiau Company of New r { Vork and their ship the Washington." Captain Hkwitt responded to thin toast In an aioel , ! lent Hp in which he dwelt on the great facilities of j l hit port. Tbo American Consul, Mr. 1 roskey th* Secretary cd' Legktion ; tin Spread of Literature aud knowledge, coupled with the namtsof Mr.Uancroft and Mr Auldjc. I were afterward i given in succession The ' iiaihniai* then proponed the toast of "Prosperity : to the IVniiirtiilur und Oriental Strain Navigation Com pany " winch he said wan the Umt company who patron ined the dock.and who placed the first ship In It. It in j the oldest Steam Navigation < oinpauy conn?ot?d with j the port nid the wont i'zt"uslre itud important (team enterprise in the world. A Esq., in riapondintf to the toast. Haul lie ' would, rm thin ocauon. claim the prinle.e ot an alder ; brother towards bit younKer brethren who had coin* ' across tin' Atlantic with the Orst specimen of their I ?nt<*rprise in oocan ?t<'Hin navigation. No inan in th* . kliitf'l' ui hailed morn cordiality than tin did (and. he believed, he roul J say a* much lor bin colleagues) tlin appearance in th" Southampton dock ot the npienuid : vesael bearing the Illustrious niline, and coming froiu tin' I it 111 i, of W'aiiliiuftlou. |Ch??n | The advice hi* vriiH iiihhit to offer to bis American friends wuk that, ml! though they might flud in the out?et. that their enterpriff Jul not answer nil their expectations, tbey musl not li i"! dimourW'il, hut continue steadily U> " g<> ihtlii.'' Hi' hail hail a good numlwr of years cxperl : unco In ocean steam nnvigaiion, and perhaps It might I not txi inappropriate to the pre?ent occasion. uor uuiu . I terostlng to the rouipitny. to hear a brief statement of , the origin aud progresa of the company with wtimh h? had tli** honor 10 be connected, sud which > ' Honorable I friend the chairuiau had ouly truly described a* the - | moiit extenKivo out in the world. >ir Andersuu thru ' Hated that about eleven year* ugo a few private mdlu I viilual*. at the inalaueu and under ttie direction ?f bin f | valued fri'-nd. Mr. \V iilcox ^cheers), uiaile the Hrst at? iempt to open a r team communication with the I eutnsula, by hiring one or two steam vessels. and placing tliem . | on th? line between London, Llnbon, aud <>ibralt*r.? , That at hrst they sunk several hundred pound* by every trip they made, but found the lows gradually dim In Is? every successive voyage. That after trying in vain to i get Mime aid trout government. by carrying the malls, , they lound the provpect* of their enterprise so far en, couraglug ax to induce tliem to build some new vessels of a superior description; and In a short tine tbe government were glad to avail themselves i f their service* r In conveying the public mails, for which tbey obtained. J under public tender, nbout AMfi Out) ji.-r annum. The I'enin-nlar steam navigation thus established became , j the foundation of thu present extensive enterprise, , ! called the I'enlnsular and Oriental Steam Navigation I ? ompany, whom lines of couiinunlcation extended over, be might say, three i|Uiirters of the globo, and which i ner?tcc His tii progre*a of conftruitlop, aud to wbloh, h?t h?d little doubt, > dozen more would aoon b? added. Mr. Andt'ri<nu'? tatiuieut. ot tb? vartou* gradation* through which the oompuny bud ri*en to tt? pr???ot magnitude, wn* listened to with great Interest, aud lrn|u?bUjr c.heernd, particularly by Mr. Bationift. He concluded liy Mating Hint wbll* a* practical iu?n thry taunt prottot rn? liilKrrntB of the oroprn lorn, y?a that ilnj trrn not lo*en*inie to th? other olject* of a htgbrr uature in Tnlvml in tbeir operation*, and tbat bin colleague* and ' biui'ftll nad determined to put an.dc ait i-ontracted rtewa, and in tb< Ir man**, nout of tbe entei prl?? to work no *p?ak ti cbiaoaliy) ou th? expaumve *y*ietu (cheer*) 't he i.iiiikMan next propoiwd?' i'r<wp?rity to tbo 1 Uoyai Mall .Hiuuiii Navigation I umpany " I not l.ioi ri xpondeil t>> the to?Ht Anmug the oib* r tonal* wi r-t the Mayor and Corpora t ou "I (4 u bauipiOii, ItiH Adimraltv Mip-rmtendfiit, IS r John S urlal: i be '-oil* ctoi* of I uhCohip, 9. I' r.(J ?a'd? r.fq.; th?i South Western Sieaiit Navigation Con |.?ny and tl vtiller k>'| I the Kit ludt? I oui noy and K i.uriu Knj . I ouimieiat I'ro.penty throughout tlx Wo Id I h**< M*vt-i ni toa?t? w. rw mini amy reIV<| d >1 l?i liy the gentlemen repteaeuting tin- eeteral Uliportnul lut-ii urn ?u couiplluji lilt d, and af> tr I'ey bad (;!? mi in r< turn ( uloml Harlow and the L)o,:a Ci m,>any, ttieUutud Kingdom and Urn I nifeil Htat a, Our uiuuiui' nt and aci'oiu^llrbu I ^iitanem* r ? t ut B ?rl *, th* f.i>?m?'?r <>t the l'"ck < ompany,?iid the Architect of tb? ui ? Curtoiu llou e?A t?ite*. 1. n . and the Secretary I ot till Do. IC Couipi y, ninth were nutubly arkuow I 1 dged, tb? part >,lu tin. i:our*e of Friday ru ming. *epar*t? , delighieu w,ih the warm-heari* d kiudiim* ai.d | c uriety of tueir spirited fulertatutr Tnr Kui i?i?? ai? Atpwt of ilk* Mexican War. j [l-roui the l.oocon 'i'iuie*. Juiy h J If t h> il> at i"ii ot our own opinion* oonid compi-ni ?..?< i >r othi r difn^rw aOi- linpriMwtoua, Wf uiiKbt x*pe tienje von?td?>aiil? Knliafnctl 'ii fi oin time to iiuit- to pul niir our reader* In P'lrtmmon ot In* uour-w of efeiua oiithx.Nor.h \inertuan owutinrnt By the iiitelltiienee 1 whi< n wi puhh-h o iiny, it will be ??-*u that the .i?*i' emi war li> appronCb iix . bat of It* operattone which | id any other ?<>r wouid br> a >tonuln*>nn nul whinti tine luiborta a>-littiu ttu klity an tb? tlrxi coiit'lou of ne campaign The Oapiul lit tbn State tn i robab y now In iiiiI umiuib d po???aiiion of ihweoeiuy who in dictating [b?>lr own teiaii j win MxpiTn-nce It111? tiflliMilly beyond that of t dianoveriug a rciip niatbte contracting party Thn di t<tchi d reporte which irare toui.d ?h>*tr wty to . thu country nine* the la?t anth. ntifl de?imtcb?? li f'rm l u> tuat aguxrllla warfare bad been proclaimed,aid that

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