Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1847 Page 3
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JJI.H-. u N EW YORK HERALD. H?w Vork, Saturday, July 31, W*T. The Herald for Ktxrop*. AFFAIRS IN-NORTH; AM) WITH AMERICA. The Foreign Mails. The steamship Britannia will leave Boston tomorrow noon for England. We shall, as usual, publish an edition of the Htruld for Europe for her mails, which will close in this city at lialfl>?r;t five o'clock this afternoon. It will be ready at twelve o'clock, and will contain the late importaut news from Mexico, full accounts of the markets and of the crops ; correspondence from Washington and other cities ; the latest intelligence from Canada, with the fullest information relative to the ship fever in the DrOvinppQ- onrl .U. nlk.r nf inl? rest that may happen, to the hour of publication. It will be illustrated with a splendidly engraved plan of the celebrated Castle of Perote in Mexico. Single copies, in wrappers, ready for the mails, 64 cents each. The Weekly Herald. The contents of the VVttkly Herald, which will be ready at nine o'clock this morning, will comprise every thing of interest that has transpired in the last week. It will embrace the late news from Europe brought by the steam ship Washington, including our special despatches from Paris, Madrid, Berne, Bremen, Rome, Berlin, &c. &c.; intelligence from all parts of the United States; iporting intelligence; commercial news; a letter from Mr. Bennett; the important news rrom the seat of war; and a large amount of other nteresting information. It will be embellished with an accurate engravng of the Castle of Perote, in Mexico. Fhe News from Europe?Advance In Brcail tufffc_The Decline lit Cotton. We have received, by the arrival of the American steamship Washington, from Southampton, idvices from all parts of Europe, eleven days ter *han those received by the Britannia. We lo not find any intelligence of particular importince in our files of a political character. France, Spain, and Portugal continue in their ferment; ead our despatches from Berlin, Bremen, Rome, '.iris, Madrid, &c., &c. The newi, in a commercial point of view, is ather interesting. As we anticipated, a few days bad weather in England, had the effect of inflating prices. Just ftci the departure of the Britannia, several days f rain set in, and fears were entertained that the ropM would experience a great deal of injury, i the face of this appearance of things prices !>r flour advanced, and quotations for cotton delined. As one end of the beam went up the ther went down. A favorable change in the reather had taken place just previous to the dearture of the Washington, but the corn markets 'ere firm at the quotations. The London money market was a little tringent on the 14th instant. A farther exortation of specie to a large amount was feard, in consequence of (he low rates for exkanges in this market. In this we think ley will be agreeably disappointed. There i no danger of any very extensive exportaon of bullion from England to the United Ute3 lor the present, particularly if the harvests irn oui well. The Hibernia, the packet of the Dth instant, from Liverpool, has on board up aid? of lout hundred thousand pounds sterling I specie, insurance had been effected upon >at amount when the Washington sailed. On the 3d of July the quotations in Liverpool >r 1 inted Slates Hour, were 34 a 35 shillings, id for Indian corn, 40 a 45 shillings, for 480 s. On the 13th, the quotations for flour were > a 37 shillings, for Indian corn, 41 a 45 sluing Arrival ol the Stwnililp Washington. The American Ocean Steamship Washington, rived in this city yesterday, after a passage of urteen days and a few hours, bringing the rgeM number of pa?sengers that any steamship rer conveyed across the Atlantic. Although this was an excellent passage, we e informed that she could have made it in reive days, but for some mismanagement the engine room, which the directors will iquire into immediately, and promptly reedy for the future. The passengers were lighted with her performances, and reprent her as the easiest, steadiest, and most imforuhle vessel afloat. In a high sea she as hi ' ify a* in a calin, and the vibratory milling motion, peculiar to all steamships, ia I experienced in her. Hy the following card, the passengers expresn ir opinion of her, and of the captain. Hthm Ship Wuhiiotg*, ) Off Sandy Hook, July 30. 1817. \ rh- underaipned paa?? ngem by the fcteamahlp \Vu?h[too from Bremen and Southampton, to New Vork, ire to tiprwa to lb? tnoxt public manner their edition of ibla fine vaeael Her flrat paaaage homeward hern made In leM than fifteen da)I. under the di?vantagi of had coal, and an almoiit uninterrupted ad wind and aea. the latter having been, during a If- portion of tba time, unite heavy. The engine* ve worked uninterruptedly and fmootbly, the jar or very Might a mi boat, the Washington can scarcely be too :bly praUed She pitche* very easily, and ba* not U4 during lb* Toy age; even with a heavy proa* sea. rat not nrreaaary to aecure article* In tbe Unto room*, on the tablet. Paasengar* who have crossed the Attic In ?team?r* and packet *hlp* during many year*, liar* that tbey never were In *o Heady and easy a )f raptaln Hewitt'* attention, vigilance, auJ (kill. 1? believed that but one opinion prevail*, and that we ?h? have mow eroeeed the Atlantic with htm, aid be dealrow of making another voyage under hi* The nmlertigned are p?r*uaded that the Washington I fulfill the reasonable anticipation of her friend*, and he public, that a* her flrat pa*a*gen have been shortthai the flrat of olber Atlantic iteamer*, *he will evenJly prote heraell not only one of the aafeat. but one the fastest ?t?aai*r* now afloat. Tliey have felt it ir duty, aa wall a* plea*nre. to preaeut to the public i Drat of what they are confident will be a long aerie* iMtioioaial* to the surcease* of the American Tranalatle ataamablp* ? Uarle* Hcbmldt. Bremen 8 Burger. Germany; M. imairr do. I>e Ureib, < '.logne; 1 D. Muller, Westkita, Th H de twhroetar. ttt Mary'* Town, Pa.; N. >1.^ I >1.1...- P. t,.k~ P S." nrtnn Vila ('nil... IHavan John C. Utl*?. N V.; (.harlcn ackmaau. Na? lock, II Tyng, do; H. 8 n < laniiaati Ohio, W W Mf-rUnx N?w Ortaana; r? t. I lark New York; Mliot C. ? owdln. Boaton, *uil'h. V?? \ nrk r /agbauin. I barlwtnn, H. C ; k B'wtoa I I Kendall. Naw l'ork; llaraey ?.h Jr I pi. rat m Wllliam?. Jr, fHoalDgtoo; ? Huff Hr'bti IIIrum H??nnr Naw York; J M rainu < A Fay. Part*. F M loaaa, New Y'ork; mini l( Atraot. New Haras. H W Klak, Nalflhek; l<-ribarg Naw I i rk R < Itool. do, I. (Ilnbona, II*. ! " II l/ealaf. N?w \ urk Matehar Harpar, l H I <?>ala da; ? dward Wlllka. do; Uf Hloaaon IWirlirr llarpar Jr . do, ft dward N Mawaon do; P. ,?ak- . MoLiia Wm < ManJna. do, f) Wallarataln. it I'tvUy I wl?? kantuak;; M K Kallofg. < InmU Iib t Blair. kttlvrk;. I II Noowlan. hi to, J J Naw \ ork, Dartd wrabam. Pblladalk, l>? H r Haitian ???< t, J \ C Urk. Part*, hd>4 J?< k-n < arlanat' 1 amaa L Hamaworth. Alaia I II *aallb. N*? Yoek, Jaka fttapaoa. < ana<la. 1- ft >r!k>?? \aw York l-aurent ? lare. Hartford. W ilibboaa. Naw Ham. J N |IkI?? Nalehx, Haaa ?r?a??a Ktau-i H?m? Naw \ ?rk i. Mlow f, im? Mwri<>?k N?? \ urk. Mil da < liaiout i>r?. I a*ar ilm? d 4a|'>ul?ma 'he buildrr* an J eiigiue maken of the Willii(.n, * well la the director* of Ihe rumpiny llirk Iff k?l?i|i,'?r? idml that thia ijr *.?,? , ? . 11 yri |#ri<irm all Hi .i wn exled ?,f her IB ibe fira! (.lar? They are not iall d ? III) a fourteen <1.y voyage, and are de- , *liu?-d lhal alif ahall make her |>aaaa/r? regu- ! nr, ktirtfltr, ia twelve daya Thia they art ' uiae of doiag by improving the inachiaery, T re-?rgaaiwaf ? thorough maaner her ne room puraday. Ilk AafWl la tba la; anlwWI by lb* rlt b of Tracts*. N J bla fla?a ofWrth ftw tka araaa*U iair.rjn i i.ui CkartaaU H?lac Bowwr* Wiinonti-Tlw Hoa Rob#n J. Walker, Secretary ?f the Treaaury, is aboat to despatch, by the ll?*t>>a tirunrr, Charles WJden, Esq , m an uni to collect facta ia relation to the operation'"! the fonifi warfbouta The selection ia judicious, and ia an earaeat of thr desire on the put rf li- Secretary to embody'all the advantage* tha* ' * *+ r ) d hy ita operation upon our commerce. hugland, with all ita untold ntilliona ot bonded good*. be?peaks the value ot the ayatem; and when it ahalt have become?perfected]in it, *e 'shall then be able to appreciate the immensity ot gain which she has derived by ita aliuoat secret workiaga Tint French Stkamship Lt?.?We learn that Mr. Lecomte, the gentlemanly agent ol the French Trans-Atlantic ateantera, aent hi* resignation to the Company by the t'mon. We alao learn that Meaara. Ay mar It Co., of South street, are now the age ta, and that Mr. I.acomte will pass the care of the Philadelphia over to them. The P. ia now due. Theatricals. Pabk Thsatbs.?This thaatra will baopanod on Wednesday next, the 4th of August, and not oa Tuesday. tha 3d, as Drevlouslv announced Bowerv Thcatbc.?This will both# (Isth sight of Miss Julia Trumbull engagement, ud the sixth of the representation of the grand spectacle of the ? Naiad Queen.'' Thi* splendid piece I* mow In the lenlth of success. It will be repeated this evening, with the new comedy, " The King and I," and the " Oolden Karuier ' The manager Is preparing to produce the the ballet spectacle, " La Bayadere," In which MlsaTurnboll and Mrs Phillip*, with whom the manager has effected an engagement, will appear. If space allowed we would refer to last night's performances. Castlk oaaukn.?The entertainments this evening commence with the overture to " Kallwoda." whioh will be followed bj the vaudeville of " My Wife's Out." the character of Mr. Scumble, an artist, by Mr. Holland; Augustus Dobbe, Waleot; and Betty, with a song, Mlsa Clarke. After whioh, \ 1m L. Wells will dance FA Xalto dr Xrrrt, and L? Petite Maryanne, a Highland fling The second part will oommenco with the performance of several popular Polkas by the orchestra, and then Miss Phillips will sing a favorite ballad, followed by a na< dr deux by the Misses Wt lis. The amusements will oonclude with " The Railroad Depot," in which Holland, Walcot. Mlsa Phillips, and other members of this excellent oompany, will appear. This season, so far, has been very profitable for the proprietors, as they have good houses every night. We understand they are about engaging the excellent ballet company at present at Palmo's. This will also suoceed. as the Lehman* art great favorites, and will draw well wherever they go. We (hould like to see the graceful Adelaide at Castle Garden'i Opkra Houik.?The company of the French ballet attracts better and better audiences. The skill of Christian Lehman, the favorite of the public, the graces and science of dancing of Miles. Adelaide and Mathllde. ; the soupletie or Mr. Sohmldt, the elegance and ability of Mr. Charles Winther. and, in short, the tout emtmkli of these artistes is superb. Barney Williami.?This clever Irish comodlaa will give a Musical mrlange on Monday evening next, at the Hamilton House, Fort Hamilton. He will be assisted by the celebrated violinist,Mr. H. Marks, Mr. Chanfrau. and Mr. O. Brlstow. It will consist of musical offecU, Imitations of the leading actors, dramatlo elocution.and aneodotee. This is a new feature at the Fort, and we hope Mr. Williams will meet with the success he deserves as a good actor and a better son, whose exertions are used for the protection of his parents and family. Noslcal, Vauxhall Garden.?A musical entertainment will be given this evening at the above saloon, for the benefit of Mr. Quayle. He will be assisted by the Danville Family and a company of favorite violinists. Mr. Oldfleld will preside at the piano. The programme oonslsts of songs, duets, glees, and other amusements?all for 35 cents. George Oates, 234 and '236 King street, Charleston, 8. C., has recently published the " southern Quick Step," composed and dedicated to Captain M. Berry, by Henry T. Oates. City Intelligence. Thk Wcather.?We had alieavy fall ef rain yesterday. commencing at about 10 o'clock, A.M., and which Ia?ted throughout the day. The wind blew from the southeast. The streets, in all t|uarters, were, as usual, heavily coated over with mud and filth in all quarters. The little street sweepers were busily engaged in sweeping the cross-ways, and received an occasional cent from tho fc t passengers. The thermometer stood at 72 degrees during the day, The rain oaine down heavily about 6 o'clock, P.M. Cough candies were in constant requisition throughout the day, and Indeed have been so for the last few days, since the sudden change of weather. Destructive Fire at Chriit Church and Vicinity.?A fire broke out yesterday morning about 3 o'clock. In AnthoDy street, No 83, in the fourth story, whloh did considerable damage, and spread to the adjoining but ding*,Christ Church, be. The flr? originated in the organ factory belonging to Mr. Jardine. The flames spread rapidly through the entire building, which waa quickly consumed, despite the effort* of the fire companies, who rendered all available assistance; but were unable to check the progress of the devouring element. The building being composed of much inflammable material, waa quickly consumed, and was burned to the ground with its entire contents, which were quickly destroyed The Iom Is estimated at about $6000. The premise* were Insured for $-i600. The property consumed was valuable, consisting of an organ in course of being built, and other valuable articles. The third story of the premises also contained valuable property, belonging to Mr. Ruck piano-forte manutacturer. His loss is considerable, and his Insurance amounted, we understand, to no larger a sum than $500. The loss is estimated at about $4000. In the same premises were also the workshop of Mr. Jones, a carver and gilder; also of Mr. Strong, lamp manufacturer, who had no Insurance effected, and are therefore heavy sufferers. The basement was occupied as a porter house by Mr. Lacey, and was partly insured. The owner of this building, Mr. M. Van Scbaick, it is understood, had them heavily insured. Two wooden buildings in the rear were also burned down, and the roofs of some of the adjoining houses. The flames soon took effect on the Episcopal church adjoining, which was quickly enveloped in Iiuiueo. mm ouuruu, wmcu IB KDUWD an ( DTlSl H Church, the Kev. Dr. Lyell, it* ofieiatiog clergyman, wm alio quickly consumed?the effort* of the fire com panies and the police buiDg unavailing. Thii beautiful edifice was erected in 1823, and was built on the site of Anthony street theatre. The building wax large and commodious. and the style of architecture rather unique. The Trinity Church Corporation paid a large amount to support Christ's Church. We understand the edifloe was insured for over $ Ift,000. The rector of the church, Dr. Lyell, also suffered heavily, in consequence of the destruction of his private property, which was not Insured. His residence adjoining the church was damaged. The following are the names of the firemen that were Injured at the flre:-Timothy Waters, foreman of No. 33, severely burned in the faoe and hands; Thomas Tibbells, of time company, also injured in the face aud hands; Thomas Lyons, do; Charles Chadenouf, do; Joseph Upman, No 34; James Mci'herson, No. 23, contusion The above firemen were all injured in endeavoring to save the store ot Samuel T. Willis. 7tS Anthony street the roof of which was consumed. AnoTHra.?A flre broke out yesterday morning, in the distillery belonging to Messrs Havens & Sous, tu Liu street, near Canal The building sustained some damage; the roof was burned. The building was insured for about $30,000. The damage is estimated at about $4,000. Tur Chiihi Junk.? This strange looking craft seems to amuse the wonder loving people of Gotham more than any thing that has ever visited our shores. It is the great topic of conversation among all classes of our citi inns. Immediately on the arrival of a stranger in the <11%j, .1*7 an unitrii |? no UM |IBIU k V1H1I, tO lOlfl QUO iookinK vessel; if he answer! In the negative, he In forthwith advised to go and see her. Kvery thing about her, from stem to stern, is an object of curiosity. We understand that a number of our citizen* are desirous of seeing the religious ceremonies of the Chinese, not being able to avail themselves of the former opportunity. We trust the captain will have them repeated. (iks. Tavi.ob.?Turner tc Kiaher, 74 Chatham street, have for sale a portrait of (??n. Taylor, taken from a painting by Attwood, at Monterey. There can be no doubt of thin being a true likeness. Accident.?A boy about (even yearn of age, fell, yesterday . into a large gulley at the foot or Wall street, and narrowly escaped from injury. He was hauled up by a brawney shouldered emigrant, who waa looking on at the time he fell. ArciorNTtL Daow*iitci.?Aa a young Irishman by the name of Peter Morgan was at work a few days ago, in carrying wood on board the steamer New Haven, he accidentally slipped off the gang plank Into the East Hlver, and waa drowned. Ills body waa recovered yesterday. when the coroner held an Inquest upon It. verdict?death by drowning. Law Intelligence. Jri.v 30 ?In Chimiiii ?Before Judge F.dmonda.?In lie, Thom?i KeKoe.?Judge Kdmonds made an order thla morning for the discharge of Kehoe, and sent it by an offlcer to Oovrrnor'a Island. Jn.v 30 ? SrraKMC Cowar?Before Judges Beardaley, Whittlesey, and McKlsaock.? The People vt. FA limn tnJ TowntmJ ? In thla case the two defendanta were iriwu ?ou nniinni in in" ? uuri, ui ifenerai neaaion*, in thla city, In February lust, for a robbery in the whip yard of Boll and Brown. On motion of their counael aentMM waa auapended on the ground of alleged error in the judgment, a writ of error aued out, and the cause argued tbia preeent term at Utlca. The judgment of the < ourt below affirmed. \ Tkhriiii.k Acr jdknt.?A Urge limr atomfrll from near (Ik top ol Coal Ilill, above Sligo, on Monday aftimoon In It* descent It rolled agalnat a frame school house. aud Instantly killed Are children, besides wounding three othera, one of whom it la feared may not rwojcr The namea of th? children killed wars. Oliver MeAnineh.John Caaaidy, Morgan RicharJa, John Davis. and Charles Doran. It occurred during rhool reeeaa. and the ehildren were playing in the yard, and seeing the rock roiling down, it i? auppoaed they raa under lha house, which waa elevated on the lower aida four or Ore feet from the ground. In order to ea" f roiling (tone. The teacher, Mr. Chlvera, waa tha only one la the houaa at the time the aocldent ocB*rroW,y Piltiburg (Pttin ) - Nta Intelligent)*. ?The binua room of the Philadelphia Hsllro*d office. foot of Liberty (tre?t. burglariously last Dight by not thieves. who broke open three trunks. on tiIIn mil ona carpet bag, pulling oat riot hind and scattering It about the offioe,..evidently "In eetreh of money or Jewelry. Ch-trgt mf Highway Robbery?Officer Gardner, of the th ward arreeted yesterday a black feUow, called BUI Long alia* Lawranoe. on a charge of knocking down a Mate of ressel. by the name of John Nlchol. in May last while passing along Orange street, and stealing from bis peraon a gold wntch, valued at $90. Justice Drinker locked him up for trial. Di'terrfrt/y Houit ? Officer I'rince John Davis arrestMi. yesterday, a Mrs Irwin, on a charge of keeping a I dleorderly bouse, and common resort for prostitutes of the lowest order, at No. SIN Water street. Justice Drinker held her to ball in >600, In default of whioh she was locked up Stealing s film.?A Dutchman, by the name of Casper 4 tar hart, was arrested, yesterday, on a warrant Issued by Justice Rooms, on a charge of stealing a gun.? Locked up Jteiitry on the F\ve Poin<?.?Officer Rallerty, of the th ward. arreeUd last night two black women called Julia l)owus and Delia West, on a charge of robbing an Irishman by the name of John Carroll, of l'J sovereigns, while In a black den of Iniquity located at No. 4. Llttlo Water street, (Cow Bay.) on tne Five Points. After the man was robbed. ?cveral black rascals put him to sleep by beating him most severely, inflicting several deep ruts In his bead. Justice Drinker locked all the parties p for a farther bearing. Charge of firand Larceny?Officer llarbinson, of the 4th ward, arrested yesterday a sailor by the name of Ambroee Thompson, on a charge of steal lug $60 In silver coin from another sailor by the name ot Joseph Abrains, of the Sailors' Home. It appoars they both roomed tofetber, and In the absence of Abrams. Thompson stole the money and cleared out. but wsa shortly caught bv in* aoova unmr, >nu idk wnoia 01 me uii'unj ncuirnu. Juatirx Drinker locked him up for trial. New* From Brazil.?By briu Oarlumi, Hudlay, front rare. nth Instant. at tUU port yesterday, we lenrn that * iu reeei vud at Para on the evening of tha 7th. of eerioua dleturbanoe* in Pernambueo?but no particular* -Register. CllUriii and Stranger* In want of Hoots, Rhoas, or Gaiters, will find the best assortment at Jones', 4 Ann street, and the prices the moit reasonable. as No Trust ia t'aahier, and Jones President. Gire Lira a call. 2t Wllliurr and Hmlth'a Kuropeaii Times, by the Washington, for aala? Willmtr li Hogers, 16 Wall (treat; Burgess n. Smuger, Bruvlway; Beiford U Co., 2 Aslor llouie J. Crussby, Eii-hange, William street. Healthy, Wealthy and YVIae_Tli? old Irllo saying revived and made mauilaat iu ihe uae of Thellar's Mafir Botanical Salve and Balsamic Pain Katractor?positively a cure in nil Burin, Scald*. Bruises, Paioa, Cut*, Wounds. Sore*, Klieumatiaui and Halt Hlieum, removing 'II poison and pain at once?a naw remedy and a perfect ona. Price 25 cauta per boi. Proprietor's office U Cellar sttaet, up stairs. Country agents wanted AurwTs?Hat ton, I57K Greenwich st; Sweeney, 109 West Broadway; White, iii Canal; Mc Bride, 131 Spring; Van Burnt, 221 Bleecker; Albro 4''1 lludsou; Dealer,132 Eighth Avenue; Crowen, (41 Broadway; Brown, 2% Bowery; Roberts, 243 Grand; Paper llauging Store, Graud, corner Clinton; Elton, I3i Division; Kllia, 400 Pearl st. Brooklyn?Green. 69}? Fulton street; Lambert, 114 Fulton street; Elliott, 47 Atlantic atreet; Greene, 21 Myrtle Avenue. Jersey City?Shepherd, 48 Montgomery street. Williamsburg? Buel, 27 Soutli Seventh st. Gold Penn_" Klebelleua" Triumphant _ The success of these pens, being placed by public approval beyond a doubt, it ia really amusing to witness tha twisting and turuiug of those who have labored so hard to gat their pens substituted for the " Richeliaus." As the public Ware taken the matter in haud, and will determine whether the " Richeliaus," at $2 only, will write as wall and last aa long as those liens sold for $3 JO elsewhere, we are content. Only keep this fact in view, that the " Richeliens" are for sale by J. Y. Savage, 92 Fulton atreet, and no where else. Other Gold Pens from 75 cents to II M _ Drawing Ciwi It haa been the object of the subscribers to render these cases as compact as possible, without destroying the utility of the articles contained in them; how well they have aucceeded, travellers and the public generally are invited to call and examine. The subscribers offer them aa the chaa|>est and most compact Dressing Cases of the kind manufactured. O. SAUNDERS It SON, 177 Broadway. ti, Saunder'a Patent Matalllc Tablet Razor Strop ?The oldest and the most approved strop now iu use, having been before the public for tlia last thirty vears. can be had nt the subscribers, No. 177 Broadway, wholesole and retail. Tlie public and strangers arc invited to call and emmine the various pattern* Gold Peni?Let every reader of thla paper bear it in miud that he can aare from V> to 75 cents in the price of a gold Pen by purchasing of J. W. Oreaton It Co.. 71 Cedar tieet. They keep every style of pen in use, notwithstanding the vain effort* of some persons 'o make the public believe that you mutt come tnthrin for some particular kind of |>en. Let the stvle or name of pen wanted be what it may Ureaton fcCo. can supply the genuine article at prices much below those of any of the would-be monopolists, who profess to have the exclusive sale of such articlea. We are requested to reftor the attention of oar readers to the advertisement of the "Albany Cestimator," in another column. Navigation of tile Ohio EUver. Placet. Time. Statt of River. Louisville July 10.. . .3 feet 4 In. Wheeling July 37, . ..6 feet, falling. Pittsburg July 'JO.. , .4 feet, rising. Cincinnati July it),. . .4 feet, rising. MONEY JHA.RKE '. ~ Friday, July 30_M F. M. The stock market exhibit* a more healthy appearance than we have previously noticed for some weeks. We do not perceive any material improvement in the extent of transactions, but prices are firm, and in some instances a slight Improvement Is exhibited. At the first board, Indiana advanced >? per cent; United States Bank '4. Harlem fell off S(. The ups and downs in this fancy shows the ascendancy of the bulls and bears. At one time the former have the advantage, and at another time the latter; the bulls have to bring out their entire strength to sustain prices. Thomas J. Marvin has established a bank at Saratoga Springs, with a capital of $60,000, secured by New York State stocks, the notes of which are redeemable at the Naw Vrtrk Htaia Rank In Alh.rxr >nH at II. a/uinta. _ John R. Weicott in Preaident, and James M. Marrin. Caahler. Counterfeit $10't, Cheshire Bank. Kaene, N. II., have made their appearance In Bon ton. The different head* are very coariely engraved. There *u an aotlre demand for iterltng bllla to-day. but the supply wm ao large that quotation! have not ad; vanced, and the closing rates were aa annexed : ? Foaairin E?cha*ois. On London 10J\ a 106 On Hamburg l'il? > JiS Paris a}f3IV Bremen 71 ? lt',i Amsterdam 38,4 a 39S Domestic Kiriiiiim lotion para S di? Mobile Hp.checks ? a K dis 'hiladelphiu... ,|inr a S dis New Orleans... pur a % inn Jalumore para Spin North Caroliua.. I alSdis Richmond I a l>i dia Ciocinnaii I a IS din Charleston J* a I dia Louisville I a lS-U" Savan-*li a I dia Nashville IS a 2 Wis Aagnsta 1 a lli dis Bt Louis }? n I dis Columbus 1 a l>?dis Detroit ijial dis Buffalo IV a ? dia rittsburg X a ? dia Mobilelbk notes) % a 1 dia Quotations roa Untrue. Per Cent t'alue. Amer. gold, old..106 ? 106). Carolus dolla. .1.01 a 1,06 do do new..100 a 10(I,'J Five Irenes... 93 a 93jg Half dollari... par a 100.^ Doubloons.. .16.40 a 16,71 Portuguese gold. 100 a I0fll4 do patriot. 11,70 a 11,80 Spanish dollars. .101 a 101 Sovereigns... 4.81 a 4,87 do quartera. 99S a 100 do light... 4.82 a 4,(1 Meaican dollars. I00.V4 a 100Heavy gtmieasvoo a ? do quartera. 90 a toil Napoleons... 3,13 a ? Traaanrv Notes. C a Gfpm UNceaar.NT Monrv. ' Ba't at. S'ld at Bo't at. Sid at New Kngland... '? dis par. Mobile, sp pay'* I dis dis Albany, Troy, he S dis S <li* New Orleans... 1 dn S dis N.York couutry >, disS dia Ohio I Hi dia I dis New Jersey..,. '.diaSdia Indiana IS dis 1 dis Philadelphia.... >? dis i>ar. Kentucky IS<1'" 1 di* Baltimore dia S dia Tennessee 2S dis 2 dis Virginia I dis 74 dia Missouri IS dn I dis i^viui vbiuiiui.,1^1 UII l Ilia iTIlClllRU 4 Q|l I u|m Hgulh Carolina. .!>,* dia V dii Canada. 3 dia 2*? dia Oeontia I.V ilii X dia WherlinK Banka air 1>? per cen( diaeonnt. There In no movement of any importance In specie, and domestic exchanges are very inaatlve. The quantity of uncnrrent money offering for redemption is very limited, and the rates remain without any material alteration The fall trade la about opening, and we may noon look for a large supply of uncurrent money from the Interior, in payment for account running to maturity. We annex our usual table of quotations for the principal State and other stocks used for Investment Pnirr.1 or Stocki in thk Nkw Yoax Maairr Hedeem- 11817.. IM7. WlT. Hale. able. June 14. JunrK. July*. United Staira 6 1862 107 *IU7){ 10?.>?.<I06^ i n 6 I8.'<6 105 a 106 |04\al01>? 10} a!0)'? " 4 1863 99 al80 97>Ja *?? ' ? a ? I New York, 7 1848-49 101 a 102 101 a 104 101 alOlV 6 18.',n-.'>?-60 106 R|06^ 107 al07^ IO)i'?*l0t>S " 6 IB6I-C2-67 106 al07 107 a ? ? ?107 iX 1860-61-6) 103 a 104 101 alOlK 103\,I0? 5 1846-7-8-9 100 al00? lOOKalOl 100 al0?>, " 1 1860-1-3 100 alOoM I00>?al0l 100 al0?), " i lR'1-8 100 alOO* 101 alOIX 100 al<l " 5 1859-60-1 100 alOOX 100W*10I 100 altl " 4X 1849-58 97 a 98 98 a 98>? ? a ? Ohio, 6 18)0 101 alOIW 99Va'00 * ?'? " 6 18')6 60 102)^al02)< IOfl\alOOH 100 a ? 5 1850-56 ? s ? 93 | _ __ j ? " 7 18)6 103 a!03){ 103><*I0I HU^?103H Kentucky, 6 1041**105 I0I%?I04X 101 a ? 5 90 a 90>f 82 a ? 82 a 81 Illinois, 6 1S70 48,V 49 47 a 41 47 a 47K Indiana, 5 U years 47>Ja ? 4JK* 46 4.1 a OK Arkansas. 6 ? a? 37 a 39 38 a 39 Alabama, 5 62 a 62K 60 a 61 60 a CI Pennsylvania,9 81 a ?3H M?<? MX "X* *? Tennessee, 6 100 a ? 100 a ? liM) alofl^ N. York CityT 1817 107 at08 109 a ? 10l>;tlii9 7 law 106 alO?X 101 al04X 101 a ? S ID50 96 a 98 96Xa 97 96 a 97 ? i 96 a 98 96 a 9T fi a 91'i Bk Com'e N. Y full ?J a #5X 99K? ?V 99 a 99,'J v v I r i a. J!crip 99 w,*% N.Y. Life Ina k Trust Co. 10J al06 103 al07 ? a ? Farmers Loan k Trust Co. 36 a 36 X J1 a 3lX 31 a 3JW Ohio Life Ins. k Trait Co. iu3 aioi lOiXiloe 101 aloiV Bink of If. 8 in I rnnayl a. J * ? ?X? ?% NT ' '?*> RR.? Trans. Co 106 alOS 10! tI06 107 a ? Mohawk k Hud n lUilroad hti n ? 69Xa 70 ? a 7i V*'1"? 124 ,l17 IN ?'? I" *''J Ank^L"AHSf'* J" 1,1,2 I2< alii Aubiirn k KochMtcr R, K. 102 aloj mfrm IS! IlMtf SaSaft' tod. ,!!*:!' j&g* 2 :5* KxKraSsiL. s :s sjjH** ss:n8 There hau been no change of my importance In the quotations within the past week, end nothing of any Importance ha* transpired relative to the actual value of these stocks as Investments. The complexion of our ad vioes from Mexioo la auoh aa to depress prices tor gov irumt itMka; and ail others State stocka, from syttpathy, *** similarly affecUtd The filiation* of the state of Michixau are rapidly im proving Funds are now on hand to pay the internet dua In January, on the acknowledged dabt of the State. Thl* dabt, on the lit of January laat, Including Interest, wa* reduced to $1,987,140 by the lale ot the Central and Southern railroad*, coating $3,343,'484. for $ J ,000,000, A tax of $110,000 lia* been laid for the punctwal payment of Intereat after January nest. The purchaser* of the road are to pay a tax of X per eent on their capital until I Ml, and after that time a tax of K per cent on all tbelr property. It la estimated that ku ltJM thU tax will be *,v.V>00, leaving but $67,500 to be collected by general tax, about equal to a mill on the ! dollar of the taxablea In the State. The debt will alio be decreased by the sale of lands, #to. belonging to the State, valued at over $000,000, for whloh State Indebtedness will be received. .The publlo works of the States still continue exceedingly productive, and the returns so far received show an inorease vary ing from twenty-five to fifty par oenton the lnoome for the corresponding period last year.? Tha public work* of Pennsylvania show the largest Increase, It having been, up to the 1st of July, full fifty per cent; thoae of thU State show nearly fifty, while thoae of Ohio show only about twenty-five per cent Inorease. The fklllng off in the prices of produce may tend to a reduction in the income of our publlo works, hr kMninff hack breadatnfP?* ? ?- ? 1? v a ?t ?V aw an VUI lUiprrMIUU that the falling off lu the receipts on the canal* of New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio, will be but temporary, a* the preu of produce to the xeaboard, from the Interior, will b? so great, when the producers become satisfied that prices cannot go much above ruling rates, that the capacity of all these works will be taxed to the utmost and the income bo very large. The harvests will, in all probability, be immense, even immense beyond previous yields ; our surplus is likely to be larger than ever before known, and an outlet must be found for a great portion of this surplus. The principal demand for it, is expected from Oreat Britain, and we trust t'uese anticipations will be reallxed, otherwise prioes must fall below remunerating points. England will want a large amount of breadstuffs, and if we can afford to supply her lower than any other nation, we shall control her markets. The favorable effect upon home prices, which an exportation of even a small per oent of the surplus has, is suoh as to induoe shipments even at a small sacrifice, or upon payment of cost and charges. The market price of Indian corn in this country, advanoed more than one hundred per cent on a supply of four hundred millions of bushels,by an exportation of about twenty millions of bushels, only about one twentieth part, or five per oent of the full supply. This shows the immense influence upon prices, the shipment of a very small amount compared with the aggregate quanuly, nu, ana alno snows that It I* necessary to get rid of a portion of our surplus. at some rate. The high price* which have ruled for breadstuff* for some time past has placed our agricultural classes in a very prosperous position, and many will, without doubt, refuse to part with their surplus at present prloes. There will not be, therefore, so much produce coming forward early in the season, as there would b? if prices ruled high. The semi-annual dividend of Interest on the publio debt of Pennsylvania, due on the 1st of August, will be paid on the seoond, the first coming on Sunday, in full; the Treasurer having ample funds to meet that payment and will probably have a surplus left. The temporary loan of two hundred thousand dollars, which was made to supply the defloit In the treasury on the 1st of February last, to pay the semi-annual Interest then due^ was promptly paid at the time stipulated. The revenue the treasury of Pennsylvania will derive from the publio works of that State, this year, will enable the treasurer to meet future payments promptly, and without anticipating the payment of taxes The amount) in arrears last February, made a deficiency for August, which compelled the treasurer to call upon the oounty commissioners for the payment of taxes in advanoe. The Increase In tolls has already been greater than that deficiency, and the treasury is, therefore, not only free from all arrearages, bnt probably has a balance over. The amount of taxes anticipated, will be more than made up bj the lnoreaae in tolln between thl* and November, so that the lntereat due In February will not drain the traaaury ao much u prevlouf payment* have Stock ExthMige< $5000 TrV Notea, G'a lOiii 100 ?li?lT 8 Bank IV MOO <lo b90 10','. 100 Morria Canal bit 17V MOO do I05\ 200 do bM 11 3000 u 8 6'?,'67 106 SO Canton co ?#0 4G TMU oiiloti'i, '56 100 50 do >30 4? 1000 Ohio 7'a 103? 174 Nor Ic WW Ktt 5?K 5000 Indian* Bond< ISX 50 do bIS 51 > 25000 Reading Bonda ?C0 77 50 do b 10 54* ?4?00 do 77 50 Look Ulaod MR 33 10ah<Bkor America 101 50 do l>60 33 30 Heading HR <10 AfiV 50 do ill. <X> do 6dS 50 Harlem RH b30 63 SO do ?10 66>J ?>4 do 61% SO do 66,l, 50 do anw 6 tjk SO do b30 66 C 2U0 do 62J? SO do b60 66? 00 do >60 62? 100 do 66 V 100 do 6SM SO Karmera' Truat a60 3S 150 do 62% SS0 do ,33*. 100 do 62% 100 U 8 Bauk 1)60 <;? Second Board. $1S000 Treaaury Notea 106U' 50 aha Harlem RH 631., 5000 do b30 106'.. 1050 do 63), ISO tha Karmera' Tr 35*? 200 do a90 63 SO do b60 353J 100 do bnw 65?? 50 Nor Ic Wor RR 545 200 do alO 63\ 100 do bnw 54? 100 do bnw 63V. SO do Si*, 50 Lonf liland RR 33 100 Reading HR 66K 100 do 33'? 100 do a90 66H 50 do .30 33>i New Stock Exchania $5000 Tr'y Notea caah 105% 100 ihiNlWRR I16O 54? SOOO do bnw 106 SO do a30 S4 '.a .ki l'eem^m't* ...u/ 1*1/ kl\ a.. ifa * 4 1/ Nork Wor R( bM 51)2 50 Harlem RR cuh 6I>! JO do K.O 54 50 do b3 6I>? CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, Ksidat Arrxawoow, Julv 90. The arrival of the Washington, with eleven day* later news, which was at an early honr published In an extra Herald, had the effect of unsettling the market for breadstuffs; and as the merchants had not had time to examine their letters,transaction* In all descriptions of produce were exceedingly light. To add to the other cauat* of a sort of suspension In business, the day proved one of the rainiest of the season, Tendering all out door operations nearly impracticable. Before the news sales of Oenesee flour were made at f.S ti-J'i. During 'change holders asked f>0 'JS, while buyers offered $6.? Wo only beard of a sale of 600 barrels, deliverable tomorrow or Monday, to con*l*t of one brand Oenesee, Ohio or Michigan, seller's option at $0. Small lots of fancy brand* Ohio were sold at $6; and small parcels, branded extra Ueneiee, were sold at >tt 60. No sales of Michigan were reported. The news also bad the effect of suspending, to a great degree, operations in grain. Before the news, 600 bushel* Inferior Illinois wheat sold at 90 cents. Nothing was done afterwards Before the new*, 3000 bushel* round yellow corn *old at 77 ct?., and 4,000 do . mixed do., *old at 85 ct*. During 'change there wu rerv little illannjilttnn An nlfh?r rxt buyer* or taller* to oprriU, and wa only heard of until gale* of flat yellow at 70 oU. Hound yellow *u bald at 7ft eta. Kor mix ad Art eta wa* oflfarad and 60 ct* aakad. Before the uewa, ante* of W?t#ro N'aw Votk meal wara made at $1 87'??afterward* wa heard of no traniaction*. Thara waa nothing dona In' ry* or oat* I'rovlnlon* wara aoma firmer?aale* of old prima pork wara mada at $19, and of old niaa* at $lft. New prima aold at $13 60, and wa* bald aflarward* at an advanra Kor naw maa* >14 Jft waa oflrrad and rafuaad. < onaldarabla pareal*, in amall lot*, wara aold from atora at tba lattar figure. In groceriaa thara waa rary llttla doing Parrel* of coffee and lugar. Intended to ha aold by auction ware withheld on account of the rain The following were the priaea of bread*tuff* on July 14th. prerlona to the departure of the ( aledonla* mall, and on the 2Vth do , before the Railing of the Britannia and on the Mth after the arrival of the Waablngton, and before tbe departure of the Britannia * mail ? Thk ran * flour? Jul(II. Juiit*. July 71. (leeetre. .$# II . ?I?S ?".HW*lk?W at It ?.k'J. Micli'Saa lt?v? ?7i }I7HaSiar? aoiala*. Whral(#aua?ee. .91 14 a 117 |l II a I IS uncertain. (Una while I U a 117 ilia ? do Corn? We<tera k \ '? ftA I.I >**1 ten **'. ' >' ' ?-'J Klafyeiiow *M # ? '*** iMT Tt ,','n " Nor'n roaud yellow. ..0 67# WI4M Ott ilU 7J? take. I Kvf 0? M ?M ? aaeettlrd MtalN. Jeraay. $1M eeked. tltt a)M 4? Wail N Y 1 to alllK ?71 a la* do Data Ml > ? Oil ad Si )tc a M? Receipti down (A* Hu4i?n fftrrr. Juif 'J? Flour lUIH bunli C or u meal I o?t> do Corn 40 001 buabel* Whaat lOnOj do Aiiiii-Mm of pota niada at $4 N7>?. and of |>miIi at >7, which fihlUtwl a further a4ttat> l)RK*i?Turr> ? Pl?Mr?MO bbta <leaeeee aold before the new*; at "> ?JX; and afterward* MM do to eonalat of one brand Oeneeee, Ohio, or Mlehlgan aold at I'J* do fanny Ohio aold at VI 60; and email Iota branded extra lieneeea aold at ?> 60 Kor fair brand* Urami holder* demanded >?i U6, while buyer* nfirtil oothlor over ? No tranaaotion* In M lob If an or Moutbern brand* were reported M'Afel?The market wm HRttM A "mail *ale of 000 buahala llllnola Inferior rod waa made before the nawa at 00a C?na? before the new* *?* buahela ronnd yellow aold at 77#: 4*00 buab-i* ailed oorn aold at Mr After It taaa to hand i*" do ?at yeIlow aold at 70a; and 1400 do at the Mae prlee Mixed waa held at ?*i, while M waa r>?er*d, and round yellow waa held at 77a Ry# and Oa*?? .Nothing waa dona _ Cor?a?.?No MlM raportad. i cot tot* ?The *ala* t?*Ur(Uy were 800 balaa. to-day thn iDOUBt to BOO buti. *11 of which m don* before the arrival of the steamer Washington, *ince that It wa* too late for fresh transaction* predicated on her newi, and it ia generally believed that there will be no change In price* * -?1 ' Tv^T". - ~-j ** Kkuit ?Sale* of 1600 boxes bunch .raisin*.were made at $1 40 a $1 44 . Ki?h.?Sale*of 800 quintal* dry cod. of supario* quality. (uitable for packing, were made at $3 50*. Common quality were worth $3 37* a $3 50 In mackerel sale* were very light; we only heard of 50 a t(0 bbl* of large No. 3'* which fold at $3 rt7>?. Hi Mr-Hale* of JOO bale* Amerioan dew rotted were made within the past three day*, in separata lota, at $ 136 a <130 per ton. now held at $135; and iOO do dreMed do. were told on private terms Manilla continued in a measure out of market. Lkad?Nothing reported. Natal Btorks?The news beiug considered somewhat unfavorable, the market became unsettled, and nothing was done Oili-Before the new*, sales of city pressed Llnaeed were made, hs usual, at ?0c. and of Knglish at OHc. After the news, we heard of no transactions. There was no change In sperm or whale. raormoMs? Bales of J(M) bbls old men I'ork were made at$16, at 30 days; 100 do. old prime *oidat$l'J. The same was said to have been offered for more and refused. Kor new mess it was said $15 'Jft was offered and refused; considerable lots from store were reported sold at this price. Sale* of 400 bbl* new prime were made at $14 60 The tendency of the market was upward There waa no change in Beef, or Lard. Butter and < heeae itood as before. Hire?The in.rk.t ... i?.i -- I. ? ?muu uj mc ne w n, BHU DU t sale* of moment ware reported Si'uaii-No transactions tranxplred. while price* remained unchanged. T?i i.oh wan at a stand Wmhuiom -No uioYamant. Whiikry?The market wat flrui. and sale* were made at U7X cent*. Fbeioht*? Rate* remained about tha name, though no engagement* of consequence ware reported. The new* had tha affect of producing noma pauia among hippern who seemed dl*po*ed to hold up till they had time to dlgent it. TELEUHAPI1IC. Narktto. Nkw ()?i.July-J3, P.M. Hale* of l(Krt) balaa of cotton were made -no change in price*. Flour?Bala* of iOOO barrel* were made.conflating chiefly of lllinoi* and Oblo brand*, at $4 Mt. t orn wa* dull, and price* bad a downward tendency WheatSale* of 10.000 bu*hel* were made, consisting of fair to good Western red and white, at 90 to TO cU. No change In sugar and inolasse* Freight* were some lea* Arm In sterling exchange there wa* no alteration. Merchant* were getting anxious for the receipt of the Bri Unnm's news. Aiatffi July so - r M Sale* of flour were made to the extent of 1000 bbl* , consisting chiefly of straight brands and Mir hi- I gan at $6 (J J V Hale* of'2000 bushels of oata were made at 53c., all before the Washington'* new*; since It came to hand nothing ha* been done Itecelpts by the canal during the pa?t twenty-four hour*, were about a* follow* Flour, 8,000 bbl* ; wheat, 4,000 buahel*; corn 13,300 do.; oata, 300 do. Freights?Vessels plenty, and rate* easy. Ol^l, Suddenly,on Friday morning, the 30th tnitant, Hrnar H. Wat?on, of apoplexy, aged 4? year*. Hia friend* and acquaintance* are respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, without further Invitation, thl* (Saturday) afternoon, at A o'olook, from hla late residence, 006 Broadway. (Vf- Philadelphia and Richmond paper* piea*e copy' On Friday, July 30tb. at the City Hospital. New York, Mr*. Ann Mcllin*, In her Md year, a native of Lancaster, county of Glengary, Upper Canada, and for the last few year* a renident of this city. Her friends and acquaintance* are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, at 4 o'olook, from the hospital. Broadway. N. B.?L'pnerCanada papera please copy. At Westchester, July 30th, Capt. Wm Bownk, aged 03 year*. The. friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, on Sunday at 3>i o'clock, P. M., at his late re*ldenee, without further Invitation 3t iu Brooklyn, on Friday, the 30th Inst , William W. u.u (I...1IUI, -fi-i . ? "t um <Ht" I His trlends and acquaintances, and those of hla brother Michael, and thoee of hit brother-in-law. Rev. Jauies O'Donnell, are respaetfuily Invited to attend hU funeral, on Sunday, the lit of August. at 3 o'clock, P. M from his late residence, Paclflo itreet, near Columbia treet, South Brooklyn. at At Brooklyn, on Friday morning, July 30th. M?ar Frances, infant daughter of Thorn** and Harah Jane McBurney. At llarrlsburg, Pa., on the atitb Instant, after a short Illness, Ai.krku A. VVkkki, K*<| , counsellor at law, of the city of New Vork. The members or Columbia loooe, No. k, U A. O. D., and the order iu general, are reapectfnllv requested tp attend the funeral of Susannah, wife of Mr. M. Williams, from his residence, Mo. Z7fc Water street. corner ol' Dover atrect. Funeral to take place on Sunday, at t o'rlock p.M. j >31 Ifrc ALBANY CA8TIUATOR!?This calebrateil pa|>er?a terror to n it doera?is for sale by the New Vera agents, K. Hollaud and M. Madiieu. 2C Ann street, aud by their news boys. The Caatigator of this morning is a rich number, and contiins matter of great and exciting lutereat to New Yorkers. It will he for sale every Saturday morning atthe above agency. Price U.u cents |>er copy, or S3 per annum. Ail eitra Caaligator will shortly be issued. jfU ||*W ] WK, the I'udvriigned Paaaeugera, on board llie Ship Li berty, oil her passage from Liverpool to New York, re ti^ri) our thauka to Mr. Aleiauder Sloue, Kirst Mate, for hi kind attention to us, and to the sick duriuit the vov?? Thomas Mouuljoy aud family, Hugh Mmiiui, William Mouuljoy, Ham'l Huttou uiil family, John Mouuljoy, Josh. McSliane, Josh. Clebourne, Jolui Bridges, Win Kalkenham, Win. Kulion, H. K. Knotwrll, Jatnes Armstrong, Win. Cocking, Isaac Dolphin, James Pollard, auii others. jy3l lt?in _____________________ r?rpjiK Vt-KV AUK AM) BODY OK THK TIMK J- ?The AUK (Muuday Paper) of to-morrow, will eontun, among a great variety of interesting articles, a continuation of "Lordi and Liveries," oue of Puuch'* Priie Novelists; the continuation of the " Stranger's Orave," by H. P. U rattan. Ode to Jim Crow; full re|>orta ou all matter* coooerted with Music, the Drama, lie., he. Office, No. 1 Barclay at. Price Three Cents. (O""Punch's burlesques op Modern Novel Writers will be regularly reiiubliseed in the AUK, with all the illustrations. Jyll If m MO INKY KOUND.?Koiind yesterday by the uudersigned. in a Broadway Omnibns, a Lady's Purse, containing a um of money,' which will be returned to the owuer. Improving pioperty, and |>ayiug for this advertisement. ji 31 atrrc RU88KLL K. OLOVKR. 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Do, gentlemen, eoine down if but for a day. jll It'rc B*AUTI?5 OK THK OPKRA, NO. 1, KOK AUOUai . ?Contents, splendid portrait ol " Tedesco," with her ce I leurated aong ol "U ColaaM." in Kreoch, Bpaniah and Knglnh "IVI-at MWHlMllr NtaMMMr frow I Lombardi" Beautiful Muubeain," and gema (Instrumental t from Neberrhaduezza." The Musical Monthly will he published on the tirnt day of each innutli, comprising % pagea of engraved muaic, printed on fmr paper, including tide page*; couaiating of aong*, duru, maiche*. waltzea, polka*, mazourka*. Sic., with selection*, Irom the opera*, arranged lor the piauo forte, aa fantaaiea, me. langea, pot pourria, kc All foreign aonga will hare au ICoiclisli version or adaputioo. Thia work will be embelliahed with elegant and appropriate deaign* during the year, an aa to I' rm a beautiful and uaeful volume, at the reduced price of 10 cent* per number, or ?i* dollara per annum, delivered; each number lieiiiK compete in iueif: thua a anbtcriber will be furnithed with a collection of muaic, of the beat rompnaitiona, which if purchaaed otherwiae, would coat four time* the aum, and eould not be obtained without importation, aa this wurk will coutaiu do reprint of American publication*. At the eud of the year a handaome title page with {an indei, will be forwarded to aabacribera gratia. The atibtcriber haa made arrmngementa with the ageut* ol the Kiprraa route*, to hare the work forwarded immediately upon the day of publication, to anbicribera, to every part of the Union. Terme? Fifly ceuu per number monthly, or ttve dollara yearly in advance. (The p, i*tage of all letttr* aontainlng lubicriptiona inoat be pre-paid (,' jr Liberal diicount to Agent* and the trade. II >tiaeod*re JOftKPH K. ATWILL. 201 Broadway Dr. wiikki.ks universally klkbratki) BALSAM OK MOBCATKLLO.?The iuo.t valuable vegetable prestation ever diacoveied for the cure of IJiarrlima, Cholera Infantum, Dysentery, Cholera Morhin, Aaiatie and HiMUmodic Cholera, Cramp*, dangeroua eflect* of drinking cold wat*r, when over-heate<T and the bowel rumplaiuta of children. It i* uaeleaa to dilate ii|ion the erficaey of tin* mdirini the emiueut name* ol the reference* amply teatify to it* curative viitne*. Kelereare*?Gen. Ward, M.C., We*tche*ter: (len. Ueorge P. .Morn*, Major C Ma|>e?, Major Noah. Capt >. A "epe>?ter, A. C. Caale, M. I)., VV i'ntton llallett, r.? )., John wold, fj'i , reter fc. (ollina, >.?<| , Chaa duller, Mq-> Jarnr a H ! )., ke lit. TtiMnedinne laforealeat Dr. Wherler'a office, M UreenWith ?Weet (who it ?<ilr proprietor); Mr. Miltal'i, lUBroil way; and J. 11. Dodd'e, drug atore, 771 Broadway. jyJO Jt'ia m _____________ LIBfcRAL < AMI ADVANt KB WII.I.BK MADKON new and aeeond hand Veliiclea, left *' New York 1 atter alii fi.r aale or on atorace. jytTtt l?*m TIMBKK KOK BALK?On the line ul the Hudaon Ri??r Railroad, immediately on the banka olI the rirrr. Application to be made to JOHN MOH- Af, j, M liu'rc 107th afreet. Bloomiugdale. Tub MK.-OK WNKCLCR. OnllN, n QimwM ireel, devoir* hia eiclnaire attention to diaeaaei of the Kr? and Opthalmir aurgrry Artificial eyea for lata, and married <m tenaonalile trtma. Omre houra from 8 A M. to I r M after whirh he rmta outdoor patient*. A pamphlet containing remaika on diar.aea of the eve, with inimeroui uialancea of great curea rflr. led by Dr Wlierler'a mode of treat Mat, rail be I ml grituiWualy at hia reaideiint, or the aarnr will he jot warded to any mnlnnK application to him by letter, pott !,?(.) iyll 1ti< Hat I'lihTl.'Ill 0\ 1, * i i \ f HIII l.l.l M (? -Kor a lull length nigra? iiik "I Uei.eral / Taylor and hia White Horae, drawn f'om life lit a ?' Ilia, the only engnmng that looka like Hough and Heady Ihai haa been puhliahed, aire of rngraving II inrhea long. It wide The flrat impreaaiona art the heat?therefore, i ftrat, beat a?r?rd The trade aupplied nn liberal lertna, ; by BhRKOKD It CO. III lt*W> 2 Aaliir llnnae. A I villi I II Mil.KB WOLfE (.on ... law oi I he lale Ralph Jynea. for Many yeara proprietor of Nantibu flail, Town kinaville, Mtatan (aland,) reapnctfully informa liiWiienda and the public. that he haa leaned that hnaatifal ronautic Cot- I taae and Oardena, the Property of Dr. Jno. T., aa a 1 Biding llitnee and fnblie l)?rd?a. where h? traaU lo ment . their faeora It la located eloae to thn ahor a, a little aooth of ! rlwler'i Hotel Dork, and named Romantic > tug* Toapkiaif ilia, kiua laUad, Jul IT, 1M7. i?ll Mu ' mmmmmrnrnrnm *o tin LATEST MOMENT. VIIilQHi riuu HIGHLY IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE FROM THK SEAT OF WAR. THREE BATTLES HKTWKEN THK AMERICANS AND MEXICANS. MEXICAN LOSS ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY. CAPT. BOYD AND LIEUT. LANNAMLL KILLED. DEATH OF CAPT. Dl'FF AND LIEUT. PARKER. Appointment of Two Mexican Peace Commissioner*. Ac. dtc. Ac. ? " I" ?> inrwru u, Mexicans. He landed about sixty miles above, near lluejutla, and was Hurronnded by twelve or fourteen hundred Mexicans, and had to cut his way through, and returned towards the river, and was there waiting for reinforcements. Col. Gates despatched the Orleans back to Vera Cruz, with a requisition on Governor "Wilson for four companies of infantry, and sent at the same time one hundred and fifty men up the river, to the relief of De Hussy. The Orleans arrived at Vera Cruz on the 16th, and found the V?>; a aiavv vi ^Itai CALUCIIirill. v?ril. g ICIUC hnd encamped ten miles from the city, when Hcouth from Ina rear guard came in and reported that large forces of Mexicans were at the National Bridge, marching towards Vera Cruz Kvery thing was got ready for nn expected attack; the shipping removed from between the city and castle Gen. Pearce came in and took a reinforcement of seven hundred men, and again marched to meet the enemy. Col. (tatea'requisition could not he complied with, but the Orleans received twenty-five marines, and returned to Tatnpico, where she arrived on the 18th, and learned that l>e Hussy's detachment in returning near liuejutla, in a narrow pass, was surrounded by 1200 or 1400 Mexicans, who commenced a heavy fire from nil directions, but fled through the ehapparel after six or eight rounds ol grape. Col. l)e Hussy continued at intervals lor several days to tight his way back to the river, where he was received by Col. Gatea* reinforcements. He reached Tampico on the night of the Kith, with a loss of twenty Hilled, ten wounded, two missing, and twenty horses, and sixty pack mules, ('apt. Boyd and Lieut. Lannahill were killed. L>e Hussy received several balls through his clothes, and Capt. Wyte had three horaes shot under him The Mexican loss is represented at 160 Lieut. Whipple has been lassoed ne*r Vera Cruz. Capt. William Itutr died onthe ltiih.and Lieui Parker, of the Navy, died on the 12th, on board of the Mississippi. ^ The Sun of Anabatic ot the 13th, says, that by private express from Puebla, intelligence had been received that Generals Cadwallader and Pillow, with the trains, had arrived at Perote, and had been attacked at I-alioys by a large Mexican force, and that they completely routed the enemy, with but little loan. This express left Puebla on the ad, and lb? news wan received there the day previoua, thai three commissioner* had been appointed to meet Mr. Trist at San Martin Tesmalaucan, on th?* Hth and learn through him the terms ofWed by the 1'r' hident. A letter from Mexico dated the second, nays there is no doubt but that the treaty will be con eluded immediately by the Commissioners, th? peace party in so strong, and that Santa Anna will probably pronounce for peace. The namea of the Commissioners given are (iarostise, Haronda and Tornel. News from Gen. Pillow had arrived at Punbla by an express rider, and an express from < leneral r? li. ir /->.... ..... ^"i? IIWI1I i UCUlit IU ?riaviu?, tv an muiuciru after a desperate resistance. The Picayurexpress wan attacked and rob bed of his letters, and left for dead. Rut othei letters reached Vera Cruz, which state that pear* in the order of the day, but believe that Santa Anna only wishes to giin time. The New Orleans papers of the 23d yet dur. Gen. Taylor made a speech at a dinner given htm by the citizens of Monterey, on the 4th of July, in reply to a toast connecting his name with the Presidency. The U. S. steamer Ann Chase, Hrown, from the Brazos, with troops, burst her boiler on the 12th, killing 0, ahd wounding several. James Dolan, of Pittsburg, and others, died of their wounds. Phil*oki.pni?, July 30?9% P. M Tb? whig* of Maryland h?r? nominated Alesaader Ktui, m tbatr oandld?t? for (iovarnor. 1 Tbs U. 8. skip Jaasstowa b ashor* at Cap? lUnry Telegraphic Despatch, No. 1. Pnu.ADKi.rniA, July 30, 1847 Advices trom Vera Cruz are to the 18th inst They mention the departure of Gen. Pierce with 2600 men. He had a battle near National liridge with 1000 Mexicans, and defeated them. The Mexicans lost about 150. Gen. Pierce returned to Vera Cru/ for reinI forcemeats An express hn?l arrived from Puebla, July :id, announcing tho uppoiniment, by Mexico, of commissioners to meet Mr. Trist on the 1th. The strength ol the peace party in Mexico gives assurance of Santa Anna's assent to the propositions for peace. The express found (general Cadwallader and lus force at Perote. They were to march on the 9th to join Gen. Scott. Col. l)e Hussy, who went out from T&mpico to see what had become of the American prisoners, on their way to Tampico, had a content with the Mexicans, and is reported to have killed 150 Mexicans, with no essential harm to his own forces. Telcgraphlc Despatch, No. !* Philadelphia. Julv 30. 1847. Gen. Scott was still at Puebla. Gen's. Cadw&llader and Pillow were at Perote. They defeated the Mexicans at Lahoya. We learn of the appointment of two Commissioners by the Mexican government to confer with TriBt. Santa Anna is ^uppobed to favor peace. Col. De Hussy was attacked by 1200 Mexicans at Huequetla. He was surrounded and placed in great peril, but he cut his way through the enemy's linea, with loss of 20 killed and 10 wounded. Telegraphic Oeepateh, No. 3. The news of a battle between General Pearce and the Mexicans, which was a rumor by a passenger in the carB, is not confirmed by the report of the captain of the steamer Orleans, as published in the Picayune. It appears that he left Vera Cruz on the 14th inst., at which time Gen. Pearce had reached the National Bridge with twenty-five hundred men, and one hundred and fifty wagons, on the march towards Puebla. The Orleans arrived at Tampico on the 16th, where the captain was informed by Col. Gates of the departure of Col. De Hussy, up the river, with one hundred and twenty men, partly Balti

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