Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1847 Page 1
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M WL H?i J U - UL Ji 11J J!XL is? TH v?i. xin. Xo. .vo. *ho7. TU i: ft RW I 0 K K liMkALD ESTABLISH MEN T, Norlh-vrcM roratr of Fulton and N uaaaa Ml JAMES GORDON BENNETT PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION?FORTY THOUSAND. D \ILY IIlift \L?- ivery di> . Price 2 cent# P" con?$7 IS lie t/abie iu tdnac*. WEK.KLV HERALD?Krery Saturday?Pric* 6* cent* per com?'13 1 H ppiim !>#r H adirw'c HER ALU t'Oft KUftOPL?trery Sleam Packet da?- , Price ?.' ce?t? p?r e<>|>y?S> per aiuitim. melndinf poa?*?. pay ible M tdvauce. Sub?rriptiou? aod adyertuemenl* will M received by Meur? Oaliinani. 1H Rue ^'Jle?nejl r', ?\i 8*mpn.lvl8Corahill. and John Mi'ler'he book?eller,London ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published on the lit ofJanuary of e*ch year?single copies *i*pence each. ADVEHTISEMENTS, at the unual price*?alway* cash in advance. Advertisement* ihould he written in a plain, legible mi'iiuer. The Proprietor will not be re*pon?ible for error* that mjy occur in them. .... PRINTING of all kind* executed beautifully and with deapatcli. All lrttereor communication* by mail, addreaaed to the esubli.lnneut, mu?t be pu*t paid, or the r<>"tage will b? d* ducted t'mm the mih-tcrinrion monav remitted. NifiW ? i> ttiv ANu rt HA I Lilt) \L> GUMPAX BUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON the Care will ruu ai follow*, until further notice. Up tmin* will leave the City Hall for H.11I, mtk ilorriiiiuia. Korham it Tackahoe Pleaiautnlle, i 30 A.M. WiB'nuBr'ce. Hart'* and Newcastle 7 " 5 30 A.M. White PI'n?. Bedford, 3 " 7 " 7 A.M. Whitlickville i " 10 " 10 " Crotou K<1U. 10 ' 11 " 4 P. M. 7 A. v>. 11 " 3 P. M. 5 JO " 4 P. M. a P. M. 4 3 " 3 30 " 4 " 30 " 5 " 5 30 " ft 30 * iUtqnnug to New Ifork will leave? McrrijianakHarlem. Fordham. Will'm* It W 7 05 A. M. 6 43 A.M. ft 45 A.M. 7 30 A. M. 8 10 * 7 45 " 7 50 8 48 " ? " # 09 " 9 M " 1 2fl P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. M. 12 .3 P. M. 5 52 ' U 11 P. M 1 45 " I 4<l " White Pl'ni. i u . 5o?" i " 7 10 A M. 3 (15 " t OS " 8 33 " 5 ? ' 751 " 7 15 " IP. M. 6 " i 23 " l: 90 ? B u5 " I'leaiuitvillr New Castle Bedford. Whitlickville. D 13 A Vf. II A M. 7 11 A M. 7 45 A M 6 1J r M. 3 P M. 4 SI P M. 4 *3 P M Crotou Falls. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The tram* to and from Croton Falls will not slop on New York Uloiiil, except at Broome street, and 3'id street. A car will precede each train ten minutes, to take up passengers in llio city. The morning train of cars from Crotou Kalis will not stop between White Plains and New York, except at TucJuihoe William's Bridge, and For dham. Extra train* on Sunday* to Hirlom and Morrisiuna, if tin* weather. Scopes for bake Mahopackand Danbury leave Croton Falls on arrival of thy 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trams, and for Paw liii'jrs on arrival of the 7 o' lock ^ VI. train. FARK FROM skw YORK : To Croton Fills .....ft 00 To Whitlickville #7* To Newcastle 75 To I'lcHSintville oSX To White Hauj?... ? , 40 Freight train* leave City 11*11 at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Ileturuinc, leave Crotou Falls at 7 \. M. and <> ' M. TO TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH. Na.W A..NU VIOST AG KEif \ HSLri l.ivT TO.KKfcUr.riok?t>iirg. Richmond, I'eiercburK, Va, tv-aunton, Va. nud the Virginia Springs, Weldon. i\. (J.,anil Charleston, o C. The public are iiiliiroied tint liie new and spleuilid low pressure <t? uner POWH^TTAN (eou eel in* with the Great Alul Liue at Auquie ''reek,) leaves Commerce Slieet ? liarf Bill k ire, ever>' Tuetdiyand Friday Evening, at 6 P. >1., or the l> ivi punts TltruttgVtickeUio Richmond SI " Peteriburr... 6 Weldon, N.C.. tt " Staunton, Va It " Chtrleslou, S. C #17 Brintc nt the sam* P'ice, mo-e direct and expedition*, and miloji mnr* crtaiu than the Cheseneitkn 0<y anil Jainm River Steunhoxt Line,?ill ih'widr a id rouuh portion ftlieBiy, h^rnr..ii ,li? m ,,f 111,1 I',.i..i ('..mi'.irr beiuK entirely avoided by thi* line T. ivellem are advised tint 'he line hereby advertised in part and far el of the ureat Mail Liik through Virginia; and it i ilie i ittuiion uf the compauie* composing ihe Grant Mail Lite, ill tt panseucers ?hall bs conveyed by them, in co*iuecmom ?iiN the "owha'tan, al *iy* as cheaply as by any other line, and ?rilh more comfor', etieditiou and certainty, than by my Older liae, eicept ihe line via Washington. Fjr further particular*, inquire ?f the S uther-i Railroad office, itrent, Baltiin ire; of Stockton (k. F.' I. or u the <,i mt.ierce street wharf; or, on Tuesdiy* and Friday*, on boa'd ilie Powhittan. of O. W. (JlfNNEL.1., Capt B ? l'r.ire!ler? liy the above iu;e will bear in mind that the> two hour* more in Baltimore th*J I'MseDfcrs bj lie C'.e- B.v, nid U ut- JliK. C vim, md yet a'lv |>jim si'Uih of t'stcrsbnrg at the same time with these last, even "h>'i. the,X' i*D<i breach of rinauxion by the Bay Line. t-m-, d-r 1NU Ll.Vt; ? OK AliitAiN 4 .\Sl) .; TKOY and Inter' .-Uirtte Landing*, w'is-. Breaal'Ut and Dmriei ou tiotu-d the boat. TI.e low ji,e??ute ste.nuhoat 'J'KOV. Captain A. (iorlwitr, will leave ttie sieamboit pier toot of Barclay street. Monday*, VY edue?ilays, <uid Friday*, at sevcu o'clock A. M Retnrnimr "" the ippc.'.'te dav*. 'J In* Steamer \l \GAHA, Capt. H L. Kello^c, will leave ihe Ste unbolt Pier foot 01 Barclay street. Tuesday, Thursday Bud h turd > , at half pant sit o'clock, A. M., returning on the opposite .lavs, \~S" Fare 50 Cent*. ?o<nv sti?e or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. II ill, at th? one* mi the whart. IV20 I IM I'hUlXC. O 1-liNt Sl'bA.sJUO-k/.B ruA ? \LBANy, Daily, Sunday* Excepted? f^X^llMuSSiB Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M? from the Pier between Courtlmdt and Liberty street*. >lf-"-?! ISAAC NF.WTON, Cept. Win. H. Peck, will leave oa Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, M 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. H. G Crotten dm, will leave ou Tneeday, Thursday and Saturday eieuirr.'i 7 o'clock. Special Trams for Scheneetadv, Ballston, and Saratoga 8 'ritnts, will run as follows:?Leave Albany at HVi A.M., 3 P * . except Sunday*. Pu*ei.gei* w ill liu.t tins the most ei pe<).nous end convenient route. Fif O'Ciom, t*. :?i.? Lauding at Intermediate Daces? from the looi i Barclay ureer. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Hptain It. H. frurry, will Ira t i M outlay, rdneaduy, Kriday.and Sunday afternoon*, Ht > uVloi'tc. iiwijboat SOUTH AM KRIC A, Captain T. N. Hulse. rill leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon* at 5 o'clock. Thr above bor.;* will at ill times arrive iu Albany m ample liir? i /i die Morning I-am lor-ne imui or v> e*t. i'reixiit liken at inodriiue rate?, mill none tnkea after 0 o'clock, P. M. U~r~ Ail i eriooa ire forbid any ol the boat* of lhi? iine, without a written order from ilie cuprum or agent*. P .?r i..i?* iLe or freight, upply nil 'mard the boe.u, or to P. C Hi ill 1 T/. *r?he nrire on tfie h-rl. j'II re " O I'HO SI iloN i-Alv>Atifc Ol,el'_h.?'i,o r A ^ ?I bin v, Utir.i, $1 M; Sjrnciue, f3; Onweno. tt^'.at. lit?4m S3, Rocli iter S2 at; Buffalo, 5 ^ 40; (,'lrrehu'l, o I jO; U tr- |f, ij. Mil ^PHiilcie. 88; f'hieiifo, |l; Ciueioriiri, 3D' Toronto ajd Hamilton, $<: WMtDhul, (3; Montreal. Si; I'ilt'bU'K, $H. Ulice, WO Barclay utreet A r -tcunty required will be urea forthe fnlniuient of all eontrac.H ,nJe with tbif company. J- 16 W?r M. I, llAlr, Aijeiit, New Vrrk?18<7. notIoET r-rmm^ 8TATEN ISLAND KKURV.-On and t' after SUNDAY, April lttth, (lie Meambnau SV LPH and STATION ISLANDKK will ron a* follow*, until further notice :? i.i;??r statu* til.tin A' r,, ?, 9, 10,1!, A. M., ami 1, a, J, ?, 5, #, T, I'. M. I.KAVK NEW TOR* It 9, Itt, 11, A. M., and 1, a, ten minute* rail t, and at 4, I>, 6. 7, o'clock, P. M. \'ew Vo:lt AptiI IStli. alt r t -"I'li/e.TvS nVTv* hA i LliNk. ~7k -K* ^.^JS OPPOSITION BOATH FOR ALBANY, AwVciartie L-induiK at Van Courtlandt'* Newbnrith, | Pou^liketime, Kiwfou. and II miaou.?Kare Jfl rer.u? and Dinner on Boird. The new nid elegant Steamer ROQKR WILLI AM 8, Caff. A Or<ro if, J'ue?il?y?, Thursday*. and Saturday*, at half-put ii, A.M.. irom lite pier fo"t <w llnliinson alreet, touching at Hmioinnd street 1'ier, New York, i" r pii?i>g<e or fru'Khi, apply on ooird the Boar*, or to (iao. j T. Stanley,?t the office, fool of Kohiiikon afreet. '*'r" All personaare forbid trusting liia above boati on aceon.,t of ?lie own era _ mylSrh j FOR LlVKKPOOL?Th? New Line?Me*uMr I nrket ol21it Atlicnst?The auperior, fnat aailiug fniy *m pic-ct a.lip I I VKi.POOL, IIJu toua burthen, < ?| l. Juli e*oirid?e, will iHi! .1* above, her re?ular ?lay K >, fiei*i.t or having eletfant and anpetiof aeeommuiU iiMii. to the cauuuii on oohpI, at weat aidr ol Uwluu ?lip, or to WOOUIRLL I* MIVTCRN, 17 South at. Pi ice nt p*a?i;e SIHO. The paenei *hip H'ieen of iho Writ, 1260 toti? burthen, Cant KiilijiWo dh .iu<, will succeed th? Liverpool, and a*i| cr hi . rrrnKt d .y.!?li>t H?-rr. _ '' *+J* K?K IlL iSGO W? Keynlar I' eHtl ol' the lith il An|{iiil? . hr flue new llr. Pi .ktt ship IJKOuKl$5<>;i t?i?, i>pi. Hoth Mefcweu, will ?*tl *? atx vi. It. r n Rumr day. kui freight or ptiMire. having splendid accommodation*, apply ft I'Om ril, fi'Ot of ll<* aev**lt \t . K I'., or to WOOIJHl l.l. k MINTUItN, 87 B?uih ?f. The reiinUr pnc?ct bam A<nm t art. tflO tiiu.a. Capt Wright. Will ?'ioc?eil uie llrookaby, and knil oil lirr regular day. i??* i CARLISLE JK RIPrARD'S EMIGRATION OK'Ml;kt, in connection with Georne Rippard h iwt'^lbs"ii, Li V**rpoot ?The anbacriliera hen to inform the {mlilii ih i tlii-v have oiieiod a lioitar in connection with heif riein!?, 'Jeorge I!ipparu it Mon, of Liverpool, ail 1 nie enabled tof>.vird p n*r."? to and from Liverpool, Belfiat llotdin, Cork. ? .<! -ill o'b-r |?.rra of Britain mid lre|.nd, on motf adv uttgeona limn Kor the general aeU?fu:(ioii givm to i'iu??iii*er<coming it.rough our houae in I.iveiponl, we can, liy frli-rnice to niimerouii le rera received from emigniiita from tlie old country, utien ro the good treatment they nave at nil time* received In irder to fully cairy our the arrangement, I we nive been iniliinc.l to ratablinh a houae in thia cit> tliat al I i dia.ippoiurmeiit and annoTtnce common to emigrant* here and 1 in Liveri?ml may he prevented. \> or*e Itippird Sin, Liverpool, detpatch the Hoacina, i Oa.Tiel;, llotinigiier, Uiieennf the Wett. Liverpool, and Conjfitutioii, on the.r reniila-da>i, and, in addition, one or more f.rat el ih< rtiip i every weed. I'tr ' na Wiahiut to aend money to their frienda ear proenre ilrafta, pa able at r if lit wuhtlli iliaronnt, on ihe | r i riyi) Ixr.ka d til- It hian :nea in Kncland, Irel-nd, and S ilnud. 4piily If. CARLlnl.:.. Ik RIPI'AU > I , i ilrt* re * ? H-.n'H atrr>.|, f,,.n of M'all *\i\ >, UKai' J-S l>N l td ' 1 HI \ v I, P v._ K OK ;Hr-' v ,,vT rvrTt' orr l"1>'" tl "r jri'n?l* th? |>ui>l c wuliinu to rrmii ! rn .o I.ohnd, tli!*f tn^y nrnw <lMfra for Itkc or <m II f wiihuiif Jmroant ?lneci on flie Nnrioiml | J\,?nk c I !itUii*li Dnblia, *>r ntty of ihf immprfiiis (jmnrhrfi i ?hr.?iig(li.)ur the fouiitrf. Al??, draft* chii be oliu urd. | iu ?|i ol hutflwid, ScotUiid nnd W?|?, n.j npoNr ?tion to ! W.Hii T. TAracori' JyiO 80 xiomh tuett, N?w York. I h'?11J .mmji.m n^jfc i'wmmmmmmmMm* E NE" NE THE ONLY INDEPENDENT,CHEAPEST Ifir^*"-1 uimt .ijjrerabk mrdicinr of the a**, is Dr. Dcr ' ' kclliuttt r'? !uf>!liMe Liuin . ut, which i:. nsrd by I tit mcd'ral faculty tliriiujfiiout tlit ci% iitl cnuatry. It rradicntra *11 paiua, hralt ?<>re?, r dure? iullaiiiMUMi, i, rxtiacta firv, See , ?>I rlir mutt a*ifrav*ttd chiracler unimd'au-l* Only one te<u|>ooiitul ia inquired to l>* taken a? a do?r, fir an adult, for diarrlitra, and bilious chilic: *10 forfrit will be paid (or every failure in tliete ca?e?, if uaeij according to direction. It i< put up iu larite t> .ttle<, ?u tint ill who have horses cik "It rd to u?r it; it lay* nil theotli-r ri m? liri on ilt? shelf, after the> get one trial of tin. trul woi.dorful uid i'lCoiiipur ible comimu d?it i> u l> about ,hi*-e cams an ounce. Sold at .W reuU a single bottle: one dozrn Si; half gross and gross st innch greater deduction of price. Hence the cau>e md the propriety of ill tlie stage proprietors of New YVuk my, the Harlem Railroad, and other large companies, toicelher with our be-t and most distinguished horse trainers and dealers, laving down all other remedies used by many ol them from twenty to thirty years?and ow will use this altogether, and will not nor do not use anything *l?e. It ran be obtained^! ways genuine, wholesale and retail, of 8. Ingersol St Co., No .230 Pearl street, removed from 90 John street, and from William Kellinger, at Williamtburgh. at the foot ol tj^md Street Ferry; oT Mr. Kyle, Harlem Railroad Office, City Hill I'arlt, New Vork city ; and at the druggista, store > keepers, saddlers, and tiverna throughout the city and country g* Merely. Distributing Agents are wanted fiom all parts of the I rniHid States, to whom large profits will be given. We will |wy the expt>nse< of all who miy r..iin? from a distance to treat W'tli us. il we fail to satisfy their most sanguine ipentn| lions in relation to its truly wonderful cuta'jvr effects upon mm and horse. Travelling merchauts of every respectable cla>a and denomination, will do well to c?ll ou us, it will not he confined to any privileged few. Therefore, all who hnvtI hearts Mid souls laahioned as they should be. and d>re try, and exercise them, fan profitably assist in spreading this m.igic sanative over the fm:e of the whole inhabitable globe, where it | must and ahull be All letters mutt be directed to Dr. DEWITT C KKLIilNOKH. Principal Agent, Director, aud I Manufacturer,at Y outer*, VVeatchfc?ter county. New Vorlt. jvB 3iteod*rrc_ S~C H uoUkT'T M Ul.'.N T A IN 8f KINlib, Be Inioiit IHall, N. .(.?This establishment will remain open uutil the 1st of October. Hiring been refurnished ami fitted np, it now offers many inducements ; the loc <tion isjustly considered une<in tiled; amusements ol the heat kind; the highly medicinal i|U tlities of the mineral wate'S ; excellent accommodations, ?tc , 4tc. Route by R. R. leave the foot of 1 ortliudt street at 8 1. M.. 12 M. and I P. M. Through in 7 hours, daily. j H IM-od-rc _ _ MRS. K. A. HINCIlM AV CA.VlUfc.Li R. BLACK. Attorney at Law , Colnniuia S.C., ^ will attend promptly to all Imsihcsa 1 laced in his hands, in Columbia, South Carolina, and the adjoining districts ol Sumter, Hershaw. Lexington. Newberry, and Fairfield. * .1 In s* 1 oliiinlii.i. South Carolina. Reference, K. and J Caldwell, Charleston, S, C. Columbuia. H. C , Jnlv *> I? 7 ,iy l.i2.tw9flf*M IN P"lTRSITANt K of Ha order the Barropta al the Conut V Jt New York. Btlti, < IS lisrrhv ffirvll Id nil m.nons ha\ 1IIL' cl iur. against MsYmi Melirtei.*, late of the city of New York, grocer, deceased, to present the mmr, with the vouchem thereof. to tfi?* subscriber, at the nflica o( J^mes irdley. No !i'J Nissan street, in the city of Vew \ ork, oa ?> I foiethe :ilstHav of Jsuuarv mil.? Dated New York, the 7tn day of July, I8i?. CATnAHINK MKHRTh NS, j ,28 Inw6tn? m AnMmlttntriK. IN HFHHUANO? of m Offer at "the si' RHO(>ATK of the County of New York, notice in hereby given to all person* having clnim.s against OKOUOE BKTIKMAN', late of the < ity of New Vork, Orocer, deceased, to present the sime w ith the vouchors thereof to the subscriber, at the store of Lohseu Loliler, No. 203 Centre street, in the City ol New York, on er before the 27ih day of November neit. Dated New York the 24th div of May 11117. RLBECCA BETJiJMAN, mv2i 2111 aw*rc AilininistraMi. LN fliKMJANCK f)K AN OULiMl OK THK SITRHOOATK OK THK COL NTY OK NKW YORK, NO1'ICK is hereby given to all imtsoiis having claims against JOHN RICHARDS, lateof the city of New York, discerned, to present tlie samt with vouchers thereof to the .subscriber, lit her residence, No. 14 Oak streot, in the city of New York, on oi betore the IBlhday of October next. Dated New York, the 15th day of April. 1817. a!6 ltaw6m*Tc ^ J A N K HICHVRDS, Administratrix. BitOWN'S HU'l't'.L.- '! lie u ulersigoed, < sous ol the late proprietor, Jess* Brown,) have the satisfaction of iuformiug their friends and the public generally, that the Hotel so loutfand favorably know .i as "Brown's India.i Queen Hotel," VV.uhi gum. h is, byan arrangement" among the heirs. Come into (he lull possession of the uiidemij; ed. as sole owners, and tint rhey alone will here.ilter conduct this egteuxire and oom ruodlnus establishment. They pled ie them .elves to use every exertion to uphold tlie high reputa ion aud rem u 'he lorn* busmuss wliic'i it has he,-etjfor< possessed; au<l tliey eliuestly Uoiie, by 'he improvements m ihe buildups aud the reuovatiou of furniture about to be in tde, together ,v Uh a strict and uuremutiug attoition to tlte couilo.t of th-ir guests, to merit aud receive the usual lariie shire of public patronage with wnich it has sm lou, been honored. T. P.BROWN, MARSHALL BROWN. Washington. P.O.. Jnly 9. 1817 |\-17 I.Ventlrn |AisV3i rii..,liu \j tV .1 kVisuOW ,jL.A?.i?ilie a. neuioiu i/fowii iss ? oinpauy,ii4vnii( ai-mii rriumca tne m mufactiire oftiiis justly celebrated J ?ss,th? vuieiicau lusti : a teat their lusi exhibition awarded thcui rhclirst prise,.la usual, for ill superiority. The character of uie Uadl'nrtl (ilia* has oeeu loiuusutilnhed?see report of the coratniuee at American iiutuuie, October. IIU7. Extract from the Kr|xjrt of the Committee at the American Institute, October, I8J7. " For richness of lustre uid nnlli \ucy of surface (as well as thickness and strength,) the Kedf" il Ola** is the most beautifu article of the kiud. that has ever 1 1 leu under our notice,eitlie of domestic or foreign production?and it -iffords a |>roud specimen of the skill >ud enterprise of American mmulacturers The undersigned having used the atioye described ti ns, in a great number ol puolic and private buildiuirs, ol the first class, accord fully with the lorego'ng estimate at Us merits,and particularly recommeud it to ail persons who require a strong, durable, mid unllmit aiticle. (Signed.) unazisiKS. akchitkot*. William Hirseli, K.ibe/f .Mills, Architect, William H. I'eck, l'ublic Buildings, at Samuel Roomr. VVrmhiugtna. itooine &. Jicohns, Martin K. Thoropeon, War ter h Kieited. lsai..h lingers, teaman & Moure, ll/iiel 1'ow ne, Alexander Stewart, Calvin Folltiru, Cornelius McLean, itallttliel King, Jotui Kieaoi, Jr. I'hixiti., Thomas She subscribers have been apian ited sole ijenu for the above Glass, luid me prepared to execute orders for any size, from Iso to IVxS'l, 1st and 2d .jUilitV- 1'rices curreut <jui be had, 01 will be forwarded by mail on dpi I;cat|(ni to MORUAN, WALKKM ?iSMITH, rav It Mteml*r _ H:> l. h i ?T-et. Horiu eotx lite, ap n l.k/i>u.~ i lie n?.?i .iitiiio: counsel. without money .vid without price?Two ot .lire* physicians. gentlemen of experinui e, wtic are Scieuce, having received dipiom.ui from tue hu-heit and most successful medical uistitutiou in the United States, will be in Constant attendance at the grand depot of DR. Bf.ACH'S BOOKS AND MEDIC INKS, No III rDLTON Stb?:kt, N. Y., to be cousulted, and to give medical advice mi respect to the following diseases in all their lorm^ and stages, all of which will be treated without the use ol Mercury or other poisonous minerals, and without charge for advice or eiamiuatioui. Patients may rely on the kindest and best attention, upon ( thorough mvestigatioiT and an accurate description of their Coses, and such prescriptions as have afforded relief in (Tie wur?i i .ivi, whim nil nuirr iiicmu uau i.nira?j>rrscnp<ioms which lute been ujed lor the last thirty years By Dr Uracil, thr author of ihe - AMERICAN PRACTICE OK MEDICINE." wilh 1 success Miicli Itu brru unequalled lu the history of medicine. All patient* who visit this office will he prescribed for accoi<lin|f to thr American practice, in whioii \egerahle remedies ulnur ire employed, whirl) c.ia never 'lo harm, am] w Inch will en re, if it in possible lor medivine lo ilo llu? '1'iiit practice n u, lerrived the lushest recommendations froii the I rst physicians aud sorgeons id Europe auil America, tnd been uouored by gold mrdals from the King and Queen ol lO.iKlauU, th>- Km* nti'T Qiietn of Prussia, the Kings of Holland, of M.*ouy, ii'h! VVtirtemburg, and the rope of Home?eaprestire of their high e,ti?..rion of the science, safety, certainly ui I success uf ilns practice. The following Diseases, ami any other of an acute or chr iuii character, will M treated at this olHce. PiLKS whether Bleetling or Bliud.orian amte of Turnor, w hether internal or eitrrnal. in ttrKPrtlAaud LIVER I OMPL VINT STONK or UHAVKL, uud ail alfrciions of tlie Kidnayt or Urinirj Organs. COUGHS, Colds, Consumption, Bronchitis, and all other <li? eu cs of the Chest. SUROKULA, or King's Evil, m all Its a'agea. ERYMirEI.AS. MALT RHEUM, SCALD HEAD, and all I n'aneous Eriiptioua. DISEASES OK Til!!; EVES AND EARS treated withont cupping, sranl'i nig, leeching, blisrenug, or ihe use of iu trumenta. RHEUM VTISM, whether acnte or rhronic. DV8ENTERV, DIAKKIKEA, CFOLEHA MORBUS, and Summ> r <-ouiplaiota ol* children. TIC DOU LOIJREUX, or Neuralgia, Ague in tbe Kace aod lireast. ST. VITUS' DANCE, and all Nervous Afflictions. STRICTURES IN THE URETHRA, SYPHILIS in in Villous stages, and all diaeaaea resulting from Syphi ti? i Taint. Fl MAI P rnVtPl.llNTB . I'.iminrSnnriinimnll I Mfiises, Klnor Albua or wliif Kiowa, Profai>a?a Uteri, II,e H ulling ol' the Womb, connect ?(Lwith Pauia lu the Bar nuil Head, Palpitation of the Heart, Ntrrona I??r?>ilitv.' Kitremitiea. hr _ . ? I HIC DlsKAMR, nr White Swelling, K clous, or Whitlow; all , Tumors nr Swelling*. KKV It 8ORE8 nuil Ulcers,of whuffver cnancter. (Si KM KN'/A, mill Catarrh m the He*<l. PHOMIf. in the l?iinlis, Client, Abdomen or Haad. SPINAL DI8KASK8?raiu* jud w i tkue ,s m the spine, or cunaiurr mil deformity. PLKUHISY, QUINSY. MUMPS, MKASLR*. CROUP, .Scarlet Fever, end all niseuiea ,,f I hiliireu WOFIV1H nf Hll kinds, Pin, Tape *c. KKVKll AND All UK, nr lulertn.tfnt Kevar. H1I.IOU8 or Painter's I olic, mnj Cuatireuess. Kl'l 8 or Uouvulaious?Hysterica I, K|iil?ut;c, ii*. BtJ KNS, Sc.iIJh, \Vi nuil*, Cut*. Brui e,, He. KIBtULA IN ANO, or UlMtuui 0|wuin|i or Absnesses ) airu.ifcd near the Auua ami ilnctitm, truloJ without an ope 1 latum, ami A PKKMANKNT CUR6 WARRAN Pf'.D. S?> cheap % cure of ilmeai.e cannot be ohtaiued in ibis city ? j un other >d>enae accruing lliiu the amount which (he medicine alone will coat Already the multitude] who hare been prescribed for are NKnim <1 ^ 11 y with rep,11 m o( then rapid restoration to health, I Willi,,nt bleeding, blistering calomel, or any other violent, imiufal, weakening, and pouououa mean*, no Kenerally requited. Calient* Tinted at their own houses in urgent eases, if re- 1 quired. Persons reaiding in any part ol the eonntry, by sending ? wruleu deacriptmn of their cise, will be prescribed for tlie atrie aa il Ihev were personally present. All commit lieationa by mail inmt lie post pain. Aililreus 111 Knltou street, New V'oik. Office 111 Fulton atreet. Ojicu fiom * o'clock A M to7 P M Mi ALlSTr.K'S ALL IIKALINU | OI.nT.ViKNT, baa btfio e*len?l?eiy uteo hi otfr Pie ciry, unci tlin.ugnoa' tlir country, fur ?v? ry form of iIim-uc, and the more il it known, tin- if ft ale r i? tlii- ilrtn >ml fur il, nuch in tin* Quccett <>l (Ilia wonderful medicine in the cme?f nil varieties -?f phy aiCil (leiin.i inrut. By rent riuK the intei ?ilile perapi/iuinu, it cleiu<ea tiic blood of morbid mitlf r, wd tluia curn acrofula, sail ilieuio, tcald liritd, trytipelai bad nil cut?neoiu?-rii|itio:i?, j B> the mine prorem it he*l? ulcer*, fever tore*, inlt imrU >un i luces, tori' tliroflt, rlieumitiein, nn<l sprttiiis of all kimls Bv opeuniK ilie pore*, Mil rqtl'lil.iiif the circulationof (he bl.hrtl, it ruret rough*, fold, C0u*mn|>lioii, dyt|irp?ia, liter complnin? and coMivene*. It n?Tft l*ili l'i fin bunii uid scalds, however nevere, nlliying iort?mmalioo and piin, nud de*rroyi?f proud flesh. It 11 ante to relieve |"iiii? ol nil kinds, in ihe fiend, (ideal, back, bowels i .d litnh*, n id i* HMUrpaased mi apinnl di>ea**?. It perform* marve'. u* cure* in canes of piler. worms. f-ten of n'l kindv ague in ibi tire n?J hre*?t, and nil nerr mi diicuen Lilt thi? m-tilerly medicine, and yon will not he dis.ip,<omted. 'I'his woiid'rful'Oinrinfnt hri> tc used ettermlly t? an extraordinary ineili'i ic f r children, it being to (nirenit'it to I iduiniater lt,*o ?nfe and rare in it* retiilM. It it in vtrmlfuf*, Iruigiig awey *11 kfid* of wi ri**, ana i>in wormi hi Imge qmniltie*. Orand depot. Mo. HI Knlton *treet, New York. je* eodNt*r Sl'KAW IK).Villi ?M toot -iriw Bo ida for Hie by I'KKHnK h HHOnKH, ii W tint Mo. 6i and 0/ Nassau ?u?et X WW9Ba u iv it i.jim I .wni.'1' W YO ;w YORK. MONDAY MC AFFAIRS IN MEXICO. INTERESTING WAR INTELLIGENCE. THE BATTLE Of HUEJUTLA. AMERICAN' A YD MKXICAY ACCOriSTS. The Latest from the Gity of Mexico. THE PEACE RUMORS.^r Celebration of the Fourth of Jaly ia Monterey. Speechos of Gens. Taylor andOushing N' AVAL AF FAIRS. &C. ?.tc. diC. THE I E \CE RI'MORS. [From the New Orlrans Delt*. July 'J3 ] The new* wa publish from the Sun of %.1 nnknar. la our paper of to-day is nor. In our opinion. entitled to much credit Ah a" general rule the least authentic new* we ever receive, in regard to Mexican ufF.ilra. com"* to us through Vera < ruz and along; the line of our military operation*. It ha* frequently happnued. during this war. that our general* have b?t*>t compelled to look to New Orleans for correct information of the designs of the go. rernment of Mexico. The latest and most authentic news from the capital, generally reaches us l>y way of i Tampico. We think it Impossible, or at leas highly im1 probable, that so important a more aa the appointment I of Commissioners to fr<-iit for p*aoe should be ni&do, without its being known hy the merchants and others In Tampico. But there are other grounds for disbelief wf this rumor. It is not probable that tlie Mexican <>oveminent would proceed immediately to the designation of the Commissioners before they had previously slgnitied their acceptanou of Mr. Buchanan's proposal, mad* through Mr. Trlst. to open negotiations. and before they hare indicated the terms, the manner and mode in which the negotiations should he conducted. We do not believe that Mr. Trlst's powers exten ^ to the conclusion of a treaty, or any further than ttie mere opening of a negotiation If the overtures made through him aro accepted by the Mexicans, he will, we think, return to the I nlted States and report to Mr Buchanan, who. v# are informed by a very high authority.will himself proceed to the place which limy he agreed upon by the parties, and conduct the negotiation But there are still stronger reasons, or rather fact*, disproving this rumor. Our ctinteinporariea of of l.n Patria. have u letter from thrir correspondent. an intelliffit Sjhiniard, now reuidrnt in the capital, of the (lilt July, in which no alliitianit wtitle (.> l\t appointinent of Commiitiontri. hut in wMcli it it put-lively [ itat'4 that Congrrti, convoked for thejiuryant of coniidecine Mr. Trill'* iiroootitiuni. hml u<>/ ' mm, until no aIrji* li?il httn tukm on ihi prarr qurtHtn. This fact. we thinkjs conclusive. The Mexican piper* | received s?me day* im?. stated that the American over I tures would tin laid before Coi.gress for their action. and | that the President had on constitutional power. beyond ! the more roceptinn of fhiise propo.iai*. The statement : that Gen Scott ltud s>deut?-d Mr. Trim as the American commissioner, to meet the three Mexican eoinratssion' er< shows that this rumor In awkwardly aud Ignorantly i put together. G*-n. Scott has no power to (elect a Minls| ter on the part of the Unlttd States lit* functions are ; exclusively military Mr. Trfot, too, goes to Mexico with authority from the President. ills duties are to I report lo the State Department?hid responsibility Is | only to the Kxecutiveor Secretary of.State. On this very | ground, au angry controversy ha* already sprung up bei twe?n Geo. Soon aud Air. Tjist If Mr. TrUt were ap. i pointed by 0-a Scott, be would have to report to hlin, I act under his orders aud submit his acts to bis ratiUcn! tion ? all of whlrh would ha a positive violation of his i duties. and a grot-n Insubordination in Mr. Trlst. und h j usurpation in Wen. Scott. Nor do we think it probablu that the Mexicau government would agrea to conduct negotiations for peace in <>r n?ur G.-u. Scott's camp, an, der the apparent duress of a large and victoilour1 army, when, too, .Mr Buchanan suggests other, an :. to the Mexican*, much more feasible and desirable places fur the conduct ot a negotiation, Mich a* Havuua. or othel foreign cities, or even in Washington Ulty. The , names of the Mexican commissioner* de- i ;dh | te l in this rumor would, in the absenco of otber j conclusive proofs, throw considerable doubt ovei ! Its authenticity If peace is made by Santa Anna l or under hij auspices, common Fagicity'would dictate ; that it should be d me through men who nre noi suaI pected of being Implicated with Sunt* Anna In the sut picious. stilt extensively entertained, of hU being to friendly to the United Slates Government. and too mueb under it* Influence That shrewd politician knows well 1 t hat this mi?i icon has long fest?rei fn th * popular mind. . ami he hfcj shaped all his acts lo contradict and refute i it He would lw anxious, too, in the important affiii ot I making a peace, to div d-j the responsibility with tUe ; chiefs of the various parlies, especially of those nhii have hitheito opposed him Such men for Instance, as I'e drtV.a. the ox l'rufldent Iltgou, lue amine diplomatist ( i me ren riumi?iiiicunegrH tllr learned ar.d highminded tHtemniiu-or of Ah imkii. the powerful repfopertative of the great clerical interests. who preside* over that " invisible council in the skies'' of which aanta Anna KUi. lt in such awe. Tbeie are the kind of uien. we think, rianla Anua would propose and the only uor> f'ougreH* would bo rilling to confirm, ;m commissioners to matte peace with the L'uit'd Status. Such men as | UoroctU*. Tornel and Itaraoda could never make a i peace that would bo satisfactory to tbo M. xiuan people 1 I hey are tool* of Haula Anna - broken down politicians, wbo have lost what little reputation they may have ever acquired through tneir servility to Santa Anna. They 1 ar>> suspected of being connected with Santa Anna ill an | attempt to sell their country to the United SUtag Go| rostixa is a poet ot some eminence n writer of plays, and, ! from this employment of witting play*, he no doubt took i up the idea tuat ho mav play a brilliant part on the mage ot' politico He turned hi* attention, therefore, to public afT tiri, and toon a.'quired souie position in the political world. Sauta/tnoa made him a Minister of K1 i nance, a very uncongenial officii for a poet. He made out, ' however, to get along very well in bin otllcc, until a moni strous fraud oil the revenue attempted to be carried out I through a mercantilo bourn in thm city. well ktown for , i'f unprincipled and unlawful attempt* to d'fraud the revenue, to uiitriign the laws, to corrupt the officer* not 1 only of Mexico, but also of this country, was traced to the cabinet at Mexico?and, a snuritije being demanded i by the people, (.iomftiz* wa* made the < urtiu-t of the occasiou. and, having leaped into the chuxin in the repu: tatiou of Santa Anna. tUc evil spirit was appeased, and , ihiugswere quietly smoothed over, (iorontiza retired i from the Treasury ot the Republic of Mexico, to that of ' the theatre, of which he became the administrator, and which he now conduct*, but little to his owu profit, and i less to that of the proprietors If Seuor Antochu Were I the euvov on our utrt. we should think rtnrmtr/* . Ht pernoii to conduct the negotiation lor the Mexicaiin J oruei in a man of longer ser?ioe. but ban a bad reputation with the people lln is considered a nervile iuatrument of Santa Anna, and is openly charged with originating treasonable propoonln to our government. Tornel haii many enemien among the chief* and party leadera in Mexico, who have generally hrld hioi renimnnliile 11.5 a nort of neape-goat, for SautH Anna n inont neriouit offence*. Of ilHriimU, we know little. He in a new politician, and for that nanon.wu think would hardly he entrusted with hu iiopouaut a negotiation an thin. I- or the reanouu we bare mated. at inuoh greater length than we intended when we commenced tuU article, we do not credit ih? report of the appointment of Peace <'frmmlssionero by Mexico. We think it probable that Santa A una has written to Gen. Scott, attking for an armistice or suapennion of hontilitien untit he can inbuilt Mr. l'rint'H proportion to rongrenn. whieh In about to tntet. and that Wen. bcott bad agreed to do no. [Krom the New Orleans rtoayuno, July 01 ] A few word* upon the new* which ha* reached tin from Vera < iuz; and here the great q'lemion In, han the (li)T(rrLinent appointed commissioners to ntei-t Mr Trint, or are negotiations now pending fw peace? It in not nurprinlng that opinion* nhuuld dlller ho widely (III thin IM>lut. the d I tlii'lllL V Id til ft.rm ? 1 -?J upmloo II|>0U xo undalihUctory a Matmii. nl of factn. Let u* t?r a moinwnt wti?r, tho t'aotn are. So paper* from the city of Mexico lat.-r than tb>< it an of Juno have Wu repuivt-d. I p to that time no appointment of commitmtntrt huii b tn announce/! in .If. vita, anil was publicly k iuwii about negotiations jor jieacr, nave ilml Cnpitsi hod b'tn tiimmontd J torn it y to iiaij to burr Submittal loft Mr. Buchanan's le.ttr, and tKul no quorum roii'iI br obt it'll"./ but 111 tne niuan time two iiuariem have urrived at VanCMifttiB f'ueola. who l< ft thereabout the 4th luxt , by *hr m letters nrern received by cMuiner<-inl liourw. V erbal new* wan alao communicated through ximilar channel* Thereupon the two paper* in Verat'ruf, each edited by a Spaniard. conic >ut and announce tlmt tin- viexlcau (iovernuieiit Iih* Appointed throe romniiHrlunir* to meet Air TrlM at Han Martin, i'liey a^ree, too, a* to the the nauiei of the roDimiKHioner.-, though one of them *ay? that huh letter Kiv?n tin* name* ot thr.-? different pewon*? an If the <*eii<ht of the le*tim<>uy were in favor of thoae flrxt li a in e< 1 Thin would appvar to be pretty good evidence tbat conuuiKHiouer* had been appointed But opiKiPed to thin we hare the evidence ot a lei tor in /?> i fatria from T.uuploo. the writer of whloh bad converged with a KTuiiriunii wnu leu .Mexico mi Mm mil WUO "enables tu? wruor to co.itradlct tli? !) *? publishul in Vera i/TUR ' on thu l;lth. in ri^urd to tli? otiuimlfljloner* 'i 111* in all the poitlllfu iriUIIUCK ?? Ul? H|tlllUrt tile appointment of comuili-monerH. anil thin WQUlii h? more HI Ufaciory if wo knuw how MunilHIlt llwtr?T?U?r ?ho l. lt viex.e i" ou the tali wax with Mexican affair* B'lt gnat that he were familiar with tli in. tins M?t may he worthy of counl Jeratiou?the newn publiitlieil at Vrra ( rui wan ileriTeii protemwHil y from MurceA at I'lieola, while that troui 1 ainpiro come* ouly fi'Odi the cilj of .vli-lien. Now it la by no tneani- improbable that to* HppnlDlUleut ol CoDUnlNMUUer* ftbOUld be pul'llt* J "IIuouiiCi-a at hlfblK i he apptiiDlluei.t iriiulil Oe nil tile port oI Mania Anna an art odious in tunny iu Mnlieo. ami lie might iter ire to conceal this ooucewlon lit r*a?on, iiuLil liin <Miuutiyiueu worn better pr'-pireU f >r U, or uotli the nucr.Mu, m?lu, 0I a negotiat loll should jumfy hmi for cntniiuK up >u it Jiul w? route,?? tha'. when we heard p| tiie i. ^/puiiitGiuut ol ooiuiAM-'iouvrtf we w?i n totally incrtuuioux an to the fact. MlnCi then we htT? heaid much to snake I hat tlr-t opinion, but it U a point ol nuru litdt luoiniint iu itself- apart from the fact tliat DegoliatliiUKlia?? (?tli actuail^couuuenced?that wecan welt uuorii to await another tuail iroia .vitxico to seUla . I RK JH >RNING. AUGUST 2. \S4: I Ihe The -haracttT of the mi-n mentioned | in ' nnnectton with the commission rather favors the belief in it* appointment, but ollim* think, differ fully. The point ia not worth arguing. but thii wt t'link it apyat tnty that in tomr farm or through torn* ngriu y. ?rgot.'ations itrr pend'tix f'o" prart- mort nr Irit opm nr avowd. Hut before Having uoythin^ in In support of thin opinion, let u? ili-pose of two ohJeetious which have been plausibly urgfd n.r^icMt th? existence of nuy negotiation.*. The *ii t li that Santa \tina h?? no power to commence n-g' tiatlourf This wouni appear to bo the view he first took cf tho (juorti'Mi liluntlf when he referred Mr. Buchanan's letter to Congrt ha. since then he has been unable, so f?r as wc know, to bring together a <iuoruin of Congress. In order to make the reference. Hu mu?t be convinced th?t be la placing his country in a false position bwfore the world, thu? substantially to refuse to hear what we hare to oiler The very nuoesslty of the 1 case would seem to be imperious, that he. us the aotiug : executive, should listen lo our omrton-a uhvthur ?ulhn. rized by the letterof thelaw or not. Beside*. even tha opposition pnpon in Mexico. and the long and loud advocates of the war. have urged it uprn him with great | lore J to take this view of hi' duty El Rejiublirano bus particularly distinguished itself by its endeavors to lead Santa Anna to review his flrat determination. Without time or space to argue the matter, we can only express the belief that Santa Anna may have etianged his attitude and consented in some form to listen to our overtures. The other objection urged to show that uo negotiations have yet been entered into is this, that r. i'rlst is not authorized to conclude a treaty of pnaro. This Kiowa an error of fuct. We understood Mr liiiehanan's letter to confer authority upou Mr. 'l'ri't of the moat ample description YVh beliovi), then, that ilr. Trist has. in some slnpe, succeeded in commencing part, because of the statements already alluded to of the Vera Crua pipers upon the appointment of coinmi^sionvrs. Where there in so much frinoke there iniif t ho some lire. IfV know, too, how anl-nt art the dr. tire* of the liritith Minister at Mexico to btinc about a negotiation. We hare been told of the visit of his Secretary of Legation to I'uebla. with the avowed purpose of attaining this object; we have been assured, from an exceedingly well informed source in Vera Cruz, that Mr. Buchanan's letter was transmitted through this embassy; and, in general, we know how deeply pledged is Kugland, by her interests, to bring about a peace if possible, aud that she can exert upou Mexico a prodigious iufluence. Again, we cannot Impute the delay of (Jen Scott, at I'uebla, ontltTly to military considerations. It seems clear, from various facts, that he delayed hi* march towards the end of June, solely to give the Mexican* time to screw up tln'ir courage to negotiate, not tight. lie has again delayed fur ther, and probably for the Name purpose. IIV arr tnhl that as late at t he 1 IfA inst, " peart wai thr oritrr of the day" at I'urbta. We cannot think tiiat Scott or Worth are men to be long deceived by mere parleying about peace. And furthermore, we sincerely believe that Santa Anna in at heart more deslroun of peace?if peace and til1* pergonal ascendancy can he made compatible?than auy other wun in Mexico. Ad goon as it is safe for hi>n to make peace, he will do it, and hit* safety consist* in winniug over, by indirection, public opinion to the ride of peace; mid that he hvi done no in a measure is apptmnt to all who read Mexican paper.'. We nro not the tJrnt or the only one* who have seen indications, even iu the Ryiubll ana, (hat p. ace was U"Oessary for the couutry. T he Inhabitants of tin city of Mexico do uot wish to Moo their hoiiaes battered dowu about their earn, nor does -aula Anna desire to be the instrument tf Inflicting this calamity upou thein. [Translated from the New Orleans Patria.] From thu capital, " proceed* the correspondent," we save neither letters nor papers, but we learu verbally, from a pa-seuger who arrived yesterday. having left .Mexico on the tlth. that the news published at Vera t.ruz on the 13th, Is unfounded. It li uiiuertaln, then, whether any commissioners were appointed tu confer with General Scott at San Martin 'IVeinelucuu; and on tho Uiu or July. uotwittirttaudlog all efforts, Cougront bad nut iimho tn bled. The prepHrationa fur lh? defence ol tho cttv continued potato uu with activity, and it wait said that a oouaiderablo force would be raited to oppose the outrance of tho Amerlcaus into tho oupltal. It was powitively known that on tho oththo American f?rco had uot moved from fuebla. Nouo of tho inisslug mails have arrived. uud I am using every eilort to obtain papcra from Muxioo by other means. [Kroiu lh? New Orleans Times, July 43.] Tbo < Congress were to moot. accordiug to all aonou&ta, on tho 7(h instant. for th? express purpose of deliberating on the taut communication of tho American Secret*, ry of State, (Mr UuohanauJ and tberu was uot the slightest doubt that theru would i?e a sufficient number of dopution In the capital to form a quorum. Busides. tho tendencies to poaoo which wore beginning to bo Strongly manifested in tlx nily of Alexioo, and tbo post, ponement (suepenslon) of (ion Scott's a iviwme had uot only arrested Hie further flight of tho deputies from tlio capital, but induced many to return, to take part in tile intrrof.ting debates on tbeopening of tbo session, on that day, tbo 7 iu. 1 o ihiK, tho deputies cannot havo tbo leust reluctance, since l>y a roHoliition adopted by tbeui in ihe sitting of the loth of Juuo. they bad rejaeted tho proposition then brought forward, tu declare tbo< ongrecB in reoiss V. o ourselves are all anxiety for tho receipt ot further news. The next nrrirul will, iu all probability, brirg lis tho debates in the.Mexican Congress on th??tti 11. slant. ATFA1RS IS MEXICO. [From the Nrw Otlean* l'buyune, July ~2b J On ( be Spanish side oitbe Sun tuo iiaiuei of me com tni3aiooer> areuiven ss follow* I) Manuel t duardo <le Uoroj.t za, O >iauu< 1 tiaranda and U. Jose Wari i t'ornol 11 further Miys that tntem have been received by a coujui r ial liou.-e from Mexico, which declare that Suuts V tin a in p>sttlve.y in lavor of peace. but that ho whu waiting until l Iim p?ace party should acquire the undisputed b-tore declaring himself. The saute pa,n-i stiys further uu iu Span'sh nMe that it was reported in Vera Cru* that Alrar.>i h,?d returned 10 the South, baring had uome difficulty with (ieueral Ca?ali*o. TIm Sun of the l Uliintt. liair.ome spooulatiooa upon the subject of the negotiations for peace, but they art) only speculation*. It wad uaknown In Vera ?. ruz wuuthur the three commissioners bail been selected by Santa Anna or Congress, or whether Congress ha>l assembled at all It wait understood tbat Congress would assemble, or had been summoned to ai-sembie.on the 7th lust..but tun Sun thinks it would be impposible to obtain a quorum. Ol the commissioners the Sun May* that (iorostma repre lints the party of the modrradoit, while Uaranda 11 a mure creature of Santa Anna Of Toruel It says tbat although he was apart van of th? administration of I'aredes, and > mouftic, yet lie could not hare oolained a place in the comiinsiinn unl. sh he bad previnuhly beI o?me reconciled to Santu Anna The .Sun. therefore, regard* the coinniiisiou as representing Santa Anna, and Is decidedly oi opinion mat Santa Anna's teal views are favorable to a peace. The Jlrco Iri? of tht I3tb, epiRksof letters received from Fuebl* ou the d-iy previous, aud gives this sub stance of them in an article which we translate rtgrettin); that no dates ar 1 givea ? The government h** just warned Senores Tornel. <10ronliin and Uaranda an rumuiUnlouers to repair at ouee to San Martin I'esmelu;?n (neven leatfUe* from I'Uebls) with a view to reotlve ttie propositions of peace made by the Cabinet of Wasbiugtou through its ministur, Mr I'rist 1 hey bare accepted the appointment and departed to dincli.irge tneir duties. This course was approv. ed by a majority of the men of luttuence, who by tlieir persuasions in a great degree coutiibuted to its ndup tiou Another letter mentions that the individual" appointed upon this commission were Scnore* ' Cortina and /urutuza. (leu. Santa Auiu remained in power; the ministry has undergone 110 change, and a majority of it is iu laTor nt an adjustment. The s.tiue letters add that, orders had been issued fur withdrawing towards the capital the troop* which had been stationed at Huamantla, and they conclude by saying that .Mexico is a tail litul picture of a llabylon. | Babel ?] inasmuch as opinions cannot be concentrated moit bKlrropnOQ* member*, and divided into innumerable faction*, who continually cry out agaiuat every Uwacription of meanureproposed, and in nothing are unit il The emigration of rmpactabl>- faiuilic* waj Increasing every day. and th military dictatorship which la lai t prevailed wa* every way Irksome and innupporlahlo The American train, they cay, wan very near it* entrance Into I'uehlH. without having Mitferud any interruption or obstacle after the ikiruiUheit near Jaiapa. The Information contained In these Utter* i.i confirmed by what we learn verbally by an individual who arrivi rt yesterday Irolu I'uebla. VVe tliorofore ILcliuu to put conliJeuce in the facta mentioned lu the latter*, exeept in regard to tlie rouimUniuuer*. TJim U llie aubmanca of all the new* wc cnri oxtract from the Vara < roi pnp? ri abuit the comtuiN-iiunnrs. ? I he Suu'i article# ale but ftpeculattou*. nud ?c do not giVH theui. We are a?a'>n favored by Dr. Barton with a rUtemciit in regard to the healtb of Verat.'ruz which wpunnuX A> ii.oont or iiif Mob'autv or vtm Cat*, fiiom lHEllI IUIKC llMl/l Jtl.T. Fton Vomito. Other IHifnn?. Nation. Soltliei* 27. Mil<licr? .13 America.,... <,K Ur Mantei'? D?p. 17 (Jr. >\l*?tfr'? Dep. ? 31 lexicaul A Airxicaua 2> Other lor'snr* 3 Other* - Other* 3 l ukuown.,,, ? Total. W Total SI Total.,,,101 The Jtrco I il of the 14th lunt . cupioft several Item* from the Itulrltn rfr Satirist, anew Mexican paper imb11 .1....? ? I.I.? .? It.. .1.1- .. . irii<-u " ?" "III rny* IIIHI II Mexican, acting a* a Hpy for the American*. ?ii? thai Jay arrested in the vicinity of Jalapa and *hh pp-e.illy to tie tried. 1'tiu public ol Jalapa were clamarounagitlnht the spy. charging 111 III with hating kilioii two Indian* iti tDat town junl before he wan taken. l'pon the xpy were fouud twenty fire or thirLy let.t?r* -ainoDi* them \arloun article* for the paper* of the (uitej Ktate* [newspaper correpondeuco, w? take il ] The Incters gen* rally *rr? said to contain exaggerated account* of the encounter ut I.a Hoya. representing that the guerilla force wan jii(M) i trout; ouil lout 70 killed, twice thnt number wouuded. and a considerable nniub-r of prisoners; the American* only having eight horses lust au>l one soldier slightly wounded The Halt tin of Jalapa nay* thii. is absolutely ridiculous; th?t e?ery body know* tlint the los? of the Americans exc eUed tliirty inen, that th<li | ,-uerill'as lo*t only seTeu or ci|^ht, aud that their whole force was about TIN) only The Btlttin make* the state| raent to prefent people at a ulgtanee from hiring misled Among the letter* fouwl on the i<py was one from [ O. u Pillow, written In panel I JO utile* tt-yond Porote, I with Instruction* for U? u Pierce It represented that I I the uien wer? dying on an aTeragu of eight a dsy lo P?ni'e. aud gWe? soma other detail* which the /? I'Utt | Ueein* It Imprudent to print Aocnrdiug* t? thi< ?uthoi rlty all the letter* agreed that th? per .on arrested ? as a Courier, and Kim* made hiuia spy The letter to <!?>*?. I'leri'n represented that he wa* the nam-* person who bad previously taken a letter froin ico I lUow to Trrote, aud that Ua would rtturu with lvttvr? ti"Ut V?r? Crui to [ERA r. tl**> garrMou of Purofe We tremble for the poor fellow'* lit*. I UK I1AIK.K "I IIUAJL'TLa. (Correspondence of th-j N. O Commercial Tim**.) TaMhio, (\lr*:co) July IB, 1U47. ( onaiderable excitement ha* exict< d in thi* city t'??r the p;i?ttwo wnk?. In relation to tho detention, by O' neral Oar*y. ut the town of Ounti.ift (pronounce II' tioutlu) 140 miles from here, of une hundred aud eighty Amerin?n? who were remmtly lihorit 1 in tile city of a*-*,!. a u f 11 uw..<irf i Th*f arc thuwi who inw 'a'uu Iwt Kcbriury Hi j Dacion. The renowned General G*ray ir. true Mexican | j style pretcuded that their passports were uot correct I . ?uj that he wou)<l b? uuJ-r the necessity of detaining 1 i them at GuautU until hd could hear froiu hii gorerument. Six of tbem made their escape. and arrived in safety in thii city, and immed ately commuoioated the above | farts to our Oovemor. Colonel Gates An expedition was fitted out on the 9th Instant, by ord?r of Colonel Gates, and tho oommaod of It given ,n ' Colonel Oh Rug?y. of tho Louisiana regimeut The expedition consisted of oue huudred and twenty men, and "on six pound Held piece , forty men third artillery, commanded by Captain Wjse; forty dragoons, mounted on untrained mustang hordes, and commanded by Captain iloyd and Lieutenant Tonnehill, lute of the Baltimore battalion ; and forty mounted men from the Lou- j islana regiment, oominanded by Captains Mane and tie- | guiue?l.i< utenauts LiudMburger, Campbell and Helmberger, of the Louisiana regiment, accompanied the ex- I psdition to act ill suoh cap .cities as might be rerjuir-d Thnlr march f.<r lour d >ys was uninterrupted. pacing through the towns of ['ueblu-Vi -j >, Tauipico- Vlto, Oiu- j ama and Tantayocu in all of wnich the people made ! professions 01 friendship, und bad got within seven miles of Guautix. eight iniles beyond the last mentioned t >wu, und one mile from liio Caiabasa. Here tho Colonel met an Indian, who informed him that a large lorce of Mexicans, under the command of G.iray, had be?rd of his approach, and was iu ambush ou ho in sides of the river. Colonel De It ussy immediately despatched Lieutenant Lindenburgcr. acting Adjutaut, with au order to halt the column (advanced guard) under command of apt. Boyd The Captain had halted at the river for the purpose of watering his horses, and, while iu that act, he received a destructive iire from au uuseeu enemy As I said before, the horses were all mustangs, and at the re port of th * musketry they became unmanageable, threw ; most of the riders, uud ereated great ooufusiou Capt. Boyd dashed at'roas the river, followtd by 11l? t.iuiurunut aud rIx men. In orosning, tlie ( aptaiu .?rhot in the head, nnd of eour*? died on reaching the opposite t-bore Three of the ineu were alio killed All th.i took place liol'oro Lieutenant Mndeuburger reached linn The reuiaiuder succeeded in re-croaking the river, and joined the main body. Thu* Ml one -! the bravost aud tinest mon that erer lived On hearing the report of the um-ketry from the oppo. j plte bank of the river, the Mexicans cnucealed on th|M ride ommenc-d tiring on tbi< main body of the exp?d(. | tlon from ?Sv<ry side, when ? aptain Wi-? w KalUutiy into aotiou with his field piece. and ?i|?<u?d ?d?i<truotiv? ' fire on tho enemy with grape and canister At the sam? tiui(\ ( aptain* \lace an 1 Segutne cliamed the enemy ou the rig'it aud left. in the luoit spirit*'! manner. rhu i I.ittli- now raged with tfreat tury ou both ?ld' * lor Bn | hour, when th-? VUxican* sounded a retreat,*1 laai't that j portion Of |ImIn front Tho Colonel now discovered a large body of lauriT.approaching biin in the r?ar. but belore lie *u0Jt'ude t in ' g-ttfug witnlu reach of them, th>-y captured portion of the pank uiulus and then took to their Uaoli. During the en<a*ein>-nl. Li"iH Tounelidl *ai mortally wmtuded. a b tli passing through his thi^n aud Drinking thu boue. Tin* fix u|hu at the o4ouo1i VeMlllilrvereiy wounded; threw bulleU paused through t.uiouel DeKussy's coat, and as uiauy through Captain Wjm'k Captain . laci) wan struck twice witli spent bulls, but uut hurt. Aftor the engagement, to the astonishment of all. only onu rouud shot and one cbargo of oauister waa left fur the guu. when our troop*, huviug fired away the gruater part of their ammunition, it was doomed prudent to fail back on Tautayoca, which wan aooordingly doue. The road trout tho river to Tautayooa lay through a narrow dottle, tho summit* of the woutuius uearly hanging over the heads of the men as tuoy passed through H. 1'hu deep and precipitous Hides were covered vtithadeuse :hap;inal from bme to top Here ttiu uuuuij rallied, aud couceallug themselves from new. poured a destructive tire down uoon our u i.U'il little baud which froui I thu oatura of the ground they were unable tu reiuru. On approaching I'autayooa, in which tlioy hud enI camped iliu previous night. aud Irum ahtch they had started peacanbly that morning. uur men louuU, to their I surprise, that thu pl.tia. cburcli and &lre< is, were crowd ' ?d with lancers and other troop'. i b?y iiiaruhed Hp I boldly to the enemy, until they got within a few hundred | yirds ot tlia pi tin. wu"n they upward to iti? ri^ut and left, aud gave i.'apt \Vyx? >u opportunity tu discharge bin last round jhot. ir did Bom ) ixeouciuu, killing aud wouudiugsom* three or four, and also making a Crtimeudoaa holn lu th? wall* of the ouuroh Col Ua Uiuny. with ' apt Scguiue, at the i-auio time made u charge up ih? street, when the tiexicam, fur tbe second tune, to^a to thuir li-i'U, returning ouly a luwac-Uteriug shot*. 1L. lowest estimate I have heard niid't of the number of i vlexlriius engaged iu this alTair w*? 100 Home nay a< i umnj iu -III?i iiuil 3000. tlur tro >ps uow took potsesaioa | of ci.o.'town m<l vivarapml on tne i?me ground they IiaJ occupied tuu previous night, (Sunday tu 11m iar; ) j \ detai'htnont wis no# rent tlliou^ll tiie tu?rn to u?rch for ammunition, aud they succeeded in tlmliug | enough to mane ti?e rounds of cuuwter,, at Ui.? time, au iuvaluablo priie. A nOiuber of the men. contrary to order*, broke open both stored mid iiou-cs. and hel^jd th?mselv< s 1> e:y thing vuluab a tliey could lty tbeir h?u j* on, aud loremost among them were the Mexicau muleteers whi ucI couipiinied iho Colom-1. 1 hey app.area to be old naud? at the business. After our tncpil encamped, they could see large bodies of the enemy m >ving tu thu rear of them for the purpose of cutting otf their further retreat, but butu tuon aud horoeit w< ru to ixtiauslad. Lbat it was dnUruiiuud tu tetualn in tbeir present position for a abort time to rent. /M-sruniK, tjeuerai ' >nr.ty n aiuae-camp aua a ,>la,| jc of the itall, cauiu near Col. de camp witu a 11 ig of truoe. Th? Colonel did not allow them to eutur liis amp, but mat thorn at a short dmtauce imMide of It. The Colonel wj? acoouipaolod by (.apt. Wyw i he aid haudvd the Colonel a letter. Ilia Colon* I told biin. ill KUbitlaiict-. that it *m too dark to read it. and ttiat hu had uo randies or light, probably he, the aid. could tell nim tlia purport of it. ' The aid (who itpoke Kuulinh fluently) replied, " thai it was a luminous tor an un conditional mirrender. an Oeneral Haray had sufficient men and mcaim to conquer him. and hu wii<h?d to npare ; an uffiuion of blood " Col I)h Ku.<.;y immediately ro| turned the letter unopened to the aid. and he told the ' aid to' tell Uantral Oaray that the Idea ot mtrrcuder had never entered his mind, and he therefore d-rlmed any correspondence ou that ?ul>ject"? when the aid and I Major, after l ite umial compliments, reiirvd l ol. I)e It tinny now ordered cauip tiren to be made, and | all the horM'H to be un<addlfd. and everything had the i appearance, to the tlexicariH. of hit remaining there all ni/ht In thu', however, they were deceived, for the Colooel look up bin Un? of march at 'i o'clock A. M , durinpr one of the haavlent rain -toriai ever experienced, atul p.iBu d silently through the city. They look ihn road for Peuuca, pasting In a contrary direction ta the on* he came hy, and ou which Oaray vn? encamped, anil wtta ten miles from Tantuynca when laylight, overtonic hiin. At 10 o'clock A. M., the lancer1" and gin riliae again came iu *i|fht, and bun? in the rear of the detachment all day. MpeariiiK and hhootiui; down, without mercy, nucIi uufouun tie p-r-onn ntraggted oft froul the main body. On one onoaHlou a lar^e body ot lancer* collected in a group, win n ( apt. Wyi>? ;;ave them a salute with a churn" ol ciniHtar, mid mad" ureal havoc aiu.inif both liorttet ami rider*, killing and woiimiin,; about 30 tut u. und Irom that tim%i they kept at a respectful distance. The Mexicans folio we I our little detachment for i no ,i...... ?n..oUi,.r,.iio .....i, o r..u- .>.? . i 1...1 Heimb?rger win obot in the arm during the retreat the Qrtt day. When I ol. [)? Kun*y not within fifteen inile* of IViiuca. Lo despatched Mr. <h*o l.cller, mu olil citir.en of thin place. to ol Oaten, kivit>x hiui an account of hi* portion, mi I informing hlin of their bi-in;; entirety out of ammunition, and it Uri?e body of th? enemy in hi* rear ('ol Oaten immodiaiely despatched Lieul. Col. M*rk* to hi* relief with IS J men. two piece* ol cannon and plenty of ammunition. l.ietlt. Cot. Marks went to IV tiuc.n witli his couiuiaud p-r *tesinboat, where h? inet ( ol Dm It limy and 111* coiuiuiud, Completely t red out. and aluioxt without a cartridge. \*there wan an attack anticipated the following night on Ibis place, both pertie<) returned Thm ended one of the mr*t brilliant alTalrs. for tlie uuinht m engaged in it. (teriuiuaUug with a masterly re treat) which hare l iken place during thin mr l.ij L?? Uusey waa every where lu the ho led of t*iO fl<ht, and poinied Ira solitary fun never*! turn while bull> la were lulling urouuil liiin aa thi.k n- liall iapt \Vy*e b-h tv< d lu a ui >*l /allanf manner. ?nd j fuily proved h,in-. If to he a 0<?>l auJ skilful ' III cr ( nit, Vlace, after l.ieut louiiehtll Wit* mtirt"IIjr wounded planed the latter on the ?;iin carnage amidst a shower ol byllet* < apt. rteguine ha* *hiwii hiftinell to he u brave and efficient officer I Hhould do ;{reat injustice to two humble bill brave men iliil I pass them unuoliced? Michael lurr.ofCx A, and korrtll. of ( o l? Louisiana Vnlutili ?r? They w?r? n every charge, aud behaved in tbe nioht ga.lant inauOur lop* on tbi orrwlin was about thirty kill" 1. wfinii11,.11 mill iiil'nins while thu' of the .Mexican* U ret (loirii ?t I .(I killed ?ud wouodud Thti following are tin: MUtM of tlin killfJ, wounded ami inixniMK ( ?rr Horn"* Pbaoooim - Kn.i.r.n?C?|?t. Hoytl Her(remit Marker, rrintf ' ilTi?-r? < <.rp brunt r VVouud?d Lieut Toon-hill f'rivnte l.axtnn, Private Wllaoti ,\liisnliK- l'riv?t.i II Brnwu, ('rival* K Uurko, Private , \lar?ball. f'riv.?l? vIuiIikak Titian Ami'-iK** < D ? Wono IH?Frivat* ? h?? s tiina, Privu;? IVter Riirxi lt l'rlr?t? Jame* Kdjuh-M, Privat* John Ball Mlfiong?Tbo?. Mmoii. l,oti?u>? Hk.imk* r K illnd?Prlrat? Jnhn Drown, Company \ ; PrlvatH Cohnn. < ninpany < , Private Outlnh *?h?nldt < oinpanv fl , Private lienrr 1 | H nmtt. ( oinpany <* ; Private llr>>.e. iiin,-nny K ; Prf! rufeO Teuer < einpany K ; Private I, LwiMiiO. Comp?ny K Wouuded ? L't-nt tl?iinber|ier. Con.iany K ; fnhn Durulng i <>ni|mny lulu,; John L>avl?, Cowpuny The abovi arc all the uam>>?. * f tr a* I have bran aMe to rt?ln; there may be a fe? m >re ni ?*Wii{ rot jet , reported It U generally believed that ?1 lb? lulfKWig ) b*v? been murdered 'i be expedition returned on the I'lib lUHt .illt r. I have till* moment learned thfct <>flt?ial iffor** h?v? been rectdvud In towu, thai the tiuinher of Nicj nana <-o*ag?d In the late battle wn? I Hit) *<> >n>i r.v/ judgu tor your?dUB, ol Ihe gntUul d<.'l?uc<; ot Uti iu?j jt ,-i l ~ mt' LD. Price Two C?att. (Must *uch odd* I had nearly forgotten to mention that w? lo?t thirty borsex killediu the l>aUl? t li'a;> Uti I T'roiu O. I .a IVtrl* ] Th* Tatnpico corn poii'l?nf of r,i fntri<t under date ofihelHtti July, statin: ?" M't ni*ht neural of th< *? eu|f tK?d m the e*p*dition umltt 0?H. Oh lta*<y. who owi> their safety to a Mexican reney id?. who *uid-d them hy an out of th? way road, to avoid th? atihuxi-n laid for ch-tll in the road which they ou??itto ha?r pv?ed through arrived hrfre A friend h i* just rihown ma Utter from one of the V1e*iem ohi^fn who wax In fin attack, from which I ((iv? th? following attract Th? hurry attendant on our *#?eninilnf to mtk? a front agtlnct th? xp-d,tl<m of the Vank-*?. of wh'K'h ?? h id t'onty four hour* prorloui iiotloe. prevented our corahlntiK oar plan* be'ter ; nev.-rthele?? enecouced in th? hilis nod it >oil* of the river Calabo?o, w? awai'-ed the enemy ) this position Their advance guard came so near to as that nt our fir<t Are ihe greater part of them fed d?ad tu 1 wounded; their commanding oSeer f? 1' dead flrft; th? Are wa* k??pt up for an hour after the rrrlval of the rf>t of the foroo ; the Are from their artillery did u* no harm. a? we awaitw I it unseen. and they received muoh 'Itiiudif** from onr tiro, whieh wan certain and from a rhort distance; tniK caused tbom to commence a retreat, win 'h determined us to cut off their route, and we placed another auihush in *u rh an advantageoUN po-itiou that not one would have escaped; but being informed of thip, the comui?uder of tho \ inkeen obtained a good guide. wbo at uuduight led them out by a by path wbioh led to lb* I'n nurn road They have loet 70 men among tliH killed, wuunded and prisoners ; 130 beasts, mules aud horse* are iu our po*ae?iioii. with aec.outreiniuts, pruviiious. ito." Tun FOURTH OF Jl'I.V I\ MONTEREY. MoxTiHrr, Mcnco, July fl, 1847 ! Tho celebration Id over, nud without any aoident, , a rare thin|( lor a fourth of July, aud everything went | off pleasantly and a*r>iably Ui all concerned The > morning of the nth wat cloudy and porti-nded rain, but ! the bright suu h >on dispelled the hf.tvy mist tha' clung : to the mountain's Hide, and ere uonu tnn h**av?nfl were \ iij clear and its br'ght as a lovely woman * smile. K.arly i iu the forenoon the Vmerioan eo*ign war displayed from the Governor * ijuarlers aud th? Sp&uith tl*g irom the i resilience of the Spmil*h consul nearly opposite. The ftve companies of Massachusetts volunteers were assemj bled, all but thu guard, with Ihu colors of tho regtateat presented thein by the Governor of their State, and a . Uttlu aftI-r !) o'cluolc the* formed and innmhea <m.i ! ward* Cuuip Taylor. An Americau ling, borne by* clt' iifii, was ourried near the regimental colors Colonel Wrinlit and the member* of die regimental staff and I others, preceded the rerfimunt. and on the road received , tlie murc-hlug salute At ? aiup Taylor all waa ready; under the wide-spread awulng in front < f ij?u. Taylor'* I tent were the brave old two and the members of bU staff and the officers attachwd to the forces stationed at cauip On the ri^lit ol the awning the soldiers of \1 ijor Ilr.tgg's Light Artillery were drawn up in line, on the left ihe id Dragoons mid in front t.'-c Mas-achuset* r>*|jluiKUt As ooDU as th<- latter had formed Into liur, <?eu. Ciuhing made his up ;ium au l Oenet ,1 Tayl a and hia officers all row < II. n ctede l to address linn ?a follow Oeneral?The veteran rs an :i iri you Ii.ivii so many times n to Tie y .1 ij t t?me thoao yiit untried in t1 I who n i< uMy 1 j n g , he day when your voin. .,i bid Ibi.iu als 1 tread triltut pbautly In the sam - n->de path of honor and of duty and oilier y Udow oUirens pr< s--ul. who, though aofc called t" ilie battles vf Uirir o.cunti^. are not lie leas a: 1 ,ited with the s tuie devoted iova toward* her wb " te. 1 - Uuve desired ou (Ilia uauiveraa'y ut oar Hop exist, uoe ?<s 11 s iverelgn people to pnseut their resc itatlou* to you its the official repr.sriitA tiv 10 power uud uut&orlty of the United bt <iot* w itli you ou tbli day of gloriou* 1 men. toapuriiy aud greatneaaof our c>uu; try, 4.1 1 iu our buaris the att ired ttre of pa1 triotiim, nerlng together the vlrtuea ana the I sacrifice* ot oui wise uud brave lorefathara. who haw j transmitted to us tba splendid heritage of the land hal10*1 J by tbeir biood. of tbu iastituLljns they feuoded, ' ot their own luiui jriul named 1 It la Indued a day uevur forgotten by an At'MiAM) 1 for, whetner lu the horn* of our affections and interests, surrounded by all that ia dearest to tin- human heart, or on the broad expanse of tbe fathomless ooean, or wan | - ?? ?UUl.W?tJ, wlicfi'V.-r may o?t, our tbouglita are turui-d spouiaueously to the rauie point, ax truly an tbe needle ti? tha pole. Mb devoutly ae the Moaleui to hi* holy Mecua Au<( wall 11 la tat uh tbat it ia ho. aioco a > warmth of gratitude is luteaie enough to b.M' with tba 1 debt v( llnuikluineia we own to our patriot Air**, no but- m gong.- of elnqueuco is powerful ftnougl] to expreaa ada' ij imwI.t tbo t-uiulioiiB of pride which our country'* otrwr ..wakeUiJ ? no lioJHtti ol the ftoul ia profouud enough to j rmJir due aluMtiou to th'il grii.ilou* I'rovidenoe **nlob i li is continued to guide and to guard tha de.tunlea of Ui? ' Lmen .kivunirUila let u* bi> jurt to tbo m-rnory of oar fathars i and Juit to ouraelveA lu tlia m.muraof regard wbioh wa beatow oa tlim day li wb i iiiTt nut P'ip?rtl 'lally studied thi> binary of t bt> L nited Stataa.are acouutouK'd t > apeak of till* day U th* auuirernary of oiir kiii tucipation from bondage, and vague idea* of that va/uegt of all thiug*, uallad liberty, tit1 tilLukcd Ulli? t'-t) 11hui*' '.a v. jr naonuai iudttpeud-i-C '. but the paopie of thu I'ultrnl SulrH w?? iiuTtr ia i stale ol biudnge. The war of the revolution wan not i .i war lor liberty On the ooutrary it w;ik bat a Mrug^.a i iu anna to determine wheth> r tbe two great i<ubdivia|.?ua of th'i Hrtti-h race, una iuh >itin; Cur ilc iud tb? "h, r I l.iliabUiuu Viuhi ica, Hitd both iqdiliy five. abouldCOu| t!aa" to counitute .i empire, or whether they *b jld Dh r> oounUtilted separately iut-1 two independent empire* Tbe liod of 1J alien decided wn, the Aiuerloau n.l i&iM, *?m uh competent for independent aelfguveruuieut a* tbo mother couutry. and buglaud. with unit practical good m-h.-m which dutinguirheu bar from other nations, nmufully acquiesced in tbe decision which put her power aauuder, and g&Te to us separata dontluj lou iu America. hud the my.-teriou* order of Providenoa seem* to bar* predestined tuu to Kurpait'i tbo European i<ut>a.vinou of the original umpire, for, of that bigumiuded, bjld-beurted and atrong-uauded Uriti b ra>?, which, whervaouVi-r i* appxarn appoarn but ui cumuiand. tba uiora uuiueroua l>?rt will eru long ba found iu Auiarioa, and ibu Driti/li Uh s (lave alrvaiiy reached that fatal t^ria iu the biatory of natioim wuun their naliva land can no louder fueU ita tnui, wliilo tile p<:upla of tba United MUt.iH am atill -i^ induu witba ta^idKy an i f ir ngtii of poaaafuiioii which d- li?*? ciileulation, orur tba rich rir giu Hoiin of the N?tv World. This retlection acquire* unw force from tho ciroun, staucex under wbirb wx (bin day rami, % conquering ' Auierlciu urujy. here, in the heart of the Mrxtoau republic, in nipciit ol the raptured redouble and heightc of .Monterey, amid tbe venerable trand by the mda of tbaa?i living waleri1 of tbo wood of Man Ooiu.uko, ahlob, occu fiic I by you, general. and your victorious troop*. has acquired a place in hmtory undunun ** poetry ?Ver < /hvhI'i Urn fountain oi' Vaiicluae. or eloqueuc* to the i ijrore of ACudeuiUft. V?-?. uiillioui ?l tu>'n will have a'?cmM> d to Jay wi'hin the broad limits of thu I'nltt-J stated, to do h /uor to the tradition* of the Revolution, to pnndT uii ilw onoeiletit | beauty of the 1 ederal oouatiiul ion, to C'>u,;r*tul*te one | another upon the happy cmlitiou of our country, and to ; look forward wall into the rubtiuiu tutor* oi I lie American Republic. Iney will (ail to mind ttin nauiex of the xtrickeu belditof that Lrat war of 10'npeuiltncK, wlitoli viudlcate.i our national Htihlti f>u tllw lard, j of ihm ac ootid w.^roi independence ?lii?hfiiiilio*t<ill our ; national li^bi' on the (tea. anil of t he li'tom wno illu*-< t rated each; but while bunker Hill, an t .Sara.ofca, and V orKtowu, and Now Orl> aim will u<>t be fir^oilea, lalo I Alto, Reiun>? d? la I'aluia, Monterey, bu>i>;i Villa, Vera j ( ruz mot' crm i ioiuo.will yet more " lie in iben' ll . nig ni,?, fit?Iv reiorinh) int." | and aud tuiy will leccbo with tibvulSof .'utlnuia.'uj lit tbi' iiK'Ultori oi ill" n iiui-n of ^colt and Taylor, i.nd of ill" brave IU.-U wUn under their lend have borne the b.ui ner of the I'nlon in luuuiph ov>-.- ibe wild plains and through the mountain |?twj of .Mexico Hut we,aMeinUlvd m thin grander all hum, tempi*!. the CIIU prrnj nKy ..f ihn bright Armament of ' b 'nt'U, treading with our <>wu feet the conquered ra vauiiaha of "v w I,?orrounded by iii?i Ii.lly Slci ra, which i wok on either ban 1 u* Uiouh.i placed i y nature I to be Hi" bouudaiy of empiref we I M?y,ci?n h> I apple ! elate, With the ?ubt-r but xirollrf 'ontirln.ll of the p 'lpa bin r'-?iily, h' w tm*t a?e thu tilu ? wbl< h thr I rilled State* hi*-' ??iade lu gr Htri?f.s .-iuci tin .|.y, not yet remote, wii"0 we were humble colonic* MiaLl*red iu K narrow Imu along the rhori-a i.l the Atlai tio, until w? ; wticu w? hare caaiine i acro?~ l?ic ur- at. ? eulral tallcy ih cot 11" n: ha?e Mrmi o?er t?j th? clior<'- f il.? la ! ciHo. aud uueuibairaT"' I by tbc burden of u foreign war, wuieh ba> alr?*oyi, ??u to u? tin poxn-moi, of twothird* of Mexico uir y. t hUu, Imni the auiwrnbuodauoa I of our o?iiHuwiiitf |<r c-pirlty to UktiriHU m w.ll tiio utarviufi I<HII<<HII < f the 0"I V\ otld Honor Un-u to tii< b -Id h*art?, who, on tlip (fTc*t day wIhm?-aumteraaty wu c? l'bmiw, d*r?d t > enmprabi ?<1 ilmlr country n )<>^t>uiti?? and to proclaim it in j< pen dent ' llouor to toe Iltnoen aud (lit* wtio |i?v>? conduct- <1 it *o *loriou?iy on to our tlnnx ' Honor to tri?< ntiUHhuiHii ahoce vigoriM hund? at ihis Ciuim iioably and ku< ( "fully adoilliiater ita government ' tlubor <o thn k< u< r>.u? ii<iinl<"i l>Mopi? of our country who fieely HKDd llirtll tbrtt Mini Ul tl^bt her hattlen III ttiln foreign land ! Honor t" the brare "oldier* who live to 1 joy lliw rcuown tliey have mi nobly earned In th<* luttle-ti, ij Honor above all 10 the KillHtit men who f. II in the hour of thoir count' y'? triumph. wbo*? hloo<l wmn t li?- ki prill ci?liuc?na? ot victory, and who though deaJ, yet liv? tuiuiortulin tin) ?rl<-ciioii?ln riit'iuory 01 their countrymen ! Wo trunt Hud l<*llr<u that ?ur brethren in aruia, w Ik mi Mnott li?? b-vn leading in triumph from Vera, t nri to I'uabl*. fleUibrata thin d*y Iu the c.<pltal of tin- vlrjilcau republic anil on tli? *li? of the great to? III of tin* A*U?i- And If Mexico Miall then continue in tha bl'Uii <<l?-tin?fy of lier lni?l Infatuation, and r-till rwfumtin! |iroff>r* ot peace which tho I'reMdent of tb? lulled Mntf wlih honorific aollrltudw to t?rniio*t? lb* < vils of, lini at. all time* liwen r>-ady to lonehiie, ?thi n ?.* look to yon, *lr, In thf undoubtlLg confldeucn of |?.-r f.-i-t I nit li iu your gcn>*rHlr?hip your nisdnm, your ci uiHga, and your lort um?. to conuuci na in nuniai tri umpli along t.iat lofty inble land b?tore our eye-, ?nd to complete ou ;h? pi iIuh of tliu B ijio. that which you ?o aim i.iunly couimei crd on lh"im ot > tie Kio (ttande, namely. the total hulijugaltoii ot N?W **pain Once morn, the natut and aP the humble loulruiiK nt ot your f? llow-?oldicr? and feilow-cltiaeua, ?b in you ?ee n-fore you I laid r I" you their felicitation* on oaraotou if t till* au?piciou? niuT. rhwry, with reutinn-nte of ndiniiatinii f<>? the high ?clin-v?ni nt? wluCii U marked >our lif . ?'t de p r aprt tor yi u , er\ louml} ai d i f tbe ?iin erv?t ao^iii ati?M ft?r youi rumra i lipj mem a<.d tioi.or Iu whatever el?? ot dai>(i?r ?T daty i j oa may il. rwUUr he called to by tli? pr??nieuoe of an i all at-e Ixxt. OUI. 1'ay lor, who had lictrncd with jjtvat attcntlO to

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