Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1847 Page 3
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(Iaim 8to?m and Fr?sh*t?Thar* was a V?rv heavy full of rain during the Ukt night. W? had nhowern at Intervain during the dn/ *tid eveulxi*; bat about 1 i o'clock Ui? raiu o?m<> duwu In torrenta. It t-ontlnued in full, with unaWed fury, tor two or three hours The * iter ruahed ?n tlx' hill* nu l through our itreeta with great forre, cmyitis evnry lnoae object with It; and, at a numbir of jioiuU. tuartii? 1 up the pavement* of Dm Htreetn und aide-walk*. A multitude of cellar* on Washington, Statu. Heaver, Peatt. Lydlun. nnd fcveral of tl)? other afreet*. were tilled, without, however, doing any material dun:.go, except in it vt>ry few luiitiuiceti. The most xerloiH damage w?a done to ili'i premise* occupied by Mr. Kiikjiitrick, a* a grocery u*tabli><bineut, lu Mouth Pearl atreet. near the market Much of the water that flown down Beaver street is carried round the corner into Pearl, to UxnI a l/v >??<! through the large newer, directly In front of Mr K'rt. utore, Hither because the body of water wan no great or boeaiwe of Home obatruetion (n the drain, it did not flow off freely. The renult wan that the cellar wan filled and the flrnt floor of the building flooded, destroy, in* a Urge quantity of sugar. nalt. and other valuable* T ho lofln cannot bo laps than f jOO or $000.? Albany Journal, July 31 The Grkat Wbktkrv?This famous English s'e ?11ih 11 j|> in now litnnhie: in the Roynl Wert Indli inuil Huo. Sh? left Havana on the llth Inst., for Vera i rux. arrived there in due time.and proceeded to Tatnplco, where aha wan lying when the New Orleans left there.?AT. O Purayune. Bark Carmelita.?We perceive by Lloyds I.i?t of the 8ih lUt. that the bark Carmelita, of Bangor, which it will bo remenihensd wan taken by the Mexican port on th<j 30th of June, for Trieste. Qi'Ite a Fi^jsei'.?Two hundred mackeral fi&hiog vet-gela arrlred at Provincetown on th? 28th inst. Unld P<n?^." lUehelltiu" 1'rlumphant _ The success of these pens, being placed by public hi pruval beyond a doubt,it is really amusing to witness tne twisting nn I hi 1 nunc of ill >se who have hboredso hard to Bet their pens kuoatiturrd for tlir *'Riohelicus." As the public have taker the matter in hai.d. and will determine whether the " liicbeI;ru$,"at $3 only, will urite as well and last as lou? at those penr, Jiold tor $3 .10 elsewhere, we a>e content Only keep thi> f'Ct iu riew, that the " Richelieu*" are forsalebyJ. Y 3* vi*e, 91 Kulton street, find uo where*l?e. Other Gold Pen* freui 74 cent* tot I SO Gold Pena- Pre? Compttltlon.No Monopolies?J. W. GRE Vl'ON fc CO , 71 Cedar ?treet, anil retail dealera 11 the?a articles, do not profe-a or with to h ve the exclusive tale of any st^le of pen. They keep all kinds, without t xceptior,'(the assertions of all other* to th* catruy n twitli.ts diuv) and sell tlieni at such prices es will rield n. ode rale profits. If these p ices happen to be, as is Ken-rally the esse, from 50 to 7.1 cents on a )?>i less than others are selling them for, it is their business only. It mar nor be so agreeable to their rivals, but it is very eomforttblc to thtir rust.mer?. " No charge until the Hair I* restored."?. B-al's Hair H?>torative is at plied on the ab ire te ins Offict 108 N'asaau at. N. fl.?For those who apply it themselves, it is for sale. HE\D.?I. Aaron Claik, Mayor of the city of New York do hereby certify, that I have seen a general certificate anil pesonally acquainted with many of the pa tics who have < X ?d it, and know them to he rneu of the nighest staudiua in the community. AARON CLARK. New York, March, '839. il >stOu Agency?129 Washington St.; Philadelphia?21 N. Sixth tt. a2 2t Travelling Dressing Cavea?The exceedingly m'll cotnpias in which the subsc ibers have placed eieii thlug neoestay for the toilet, without destroying thei^sefufnees, mil the handsome anil substantial maimer in which they are made, renderathese cases -ujxsr ior to any manufactured An examination cannot fail of beinc ntisfactory. O. SAUNDERS k SON, 177 Broadway. Lcconltre Rasi>n?fiui? Ilazora, (beyond all question the best imported to this count \ ) can he had < f the -ubiciibcrs, and warranted, together with a very large ami *el] releoted assoitn ent of Razors, Fen and Pucket Knives, reuum?rv, boat*, arid ererythinif appertaining to tc toilet. O. SAUNDERS 4 SON, IT7 Broadly. opposite He ward Hotel. NavlgHllou of tlte Ohio RIvrr. Placet. Tint. Statt of Rivu Lou!svill?._ July *28.. . .3 feet 10 in. IVboellng........... .July 27... .6 feet, falling. PitUbuiy July 97.. . .4 feet, rising. Cincinnati July XI.. . .6 feet, rising fllOKEY MAE<UT. Hunday, August 1_8 p. M. There has been no particular movement In the stook market during the past week; prices have been Tery unl ""inn, and operations have been only to a moderate extent The operators in Harlem hare not been able to produce any material ohangns In quotations, and the bulls and boars appear to be pretty equally matched. Olber fancies are llrrn at our quotatlooa, and holders are anxiouMy waiting an upward movement. The baniu have made their quarterly reports for August, and as there is nothing at present in the political, financial or commercial world to deter them, we have no dout they will expand to a considerable extent. During the next thrae months, the bulk of the fall trade will be done, and there will bo increased demands tor fucillties from the banks. Payments to a Urge amount, will be made from the Interior within this quarter, and 'bere is every probability of money being exceedingly abnndant. We do not see any immediate prospects of any speculative movement in anything but cotton. Unless ttome unforeseen accident should happen to tile grain crop* now on the ground, there will bo no chance for any speculations in breadstuffs; and the only article in which we think, a movement of that nature can spring up. is cotton. Accounts from the growing districts are alroort universally bad. and if the injury to the plaut anticipated is realized, there will be another short crop, aan 01 course a corres|ionuiug improvement in prices. It id pretty wall settled that the crop now coming to market will not exceed eighteen hundred thousand hales, and should tho crop now maturing be anywhere in the neighborhood of that quantity, we see nothing to prevent prices advancing at leant twentj -five percent above ruling rate*. The great railing off in tho exports to Kurope or to foreign port*, Mince the lot of September hint, ha* reduced the stooks la those ports to a very low point?they being ' only altout one-half what they were last year at corresponding periods, and even a moderate demand for consumption, without any increase in the rate of supply. woiil<) clear out the stock altogether. It will require acup equal in exteut tf>i?oy wo have ever had, to bring up the stocks to the point they receded from. A yield of two iuil!i"nfl of b ilns or less, from the crop now growing, will will I'oiupel the manufacturers to reducu the consumption btltw their facilities. In anticipation of auothnr deficient crop, holders are very stiff, and more disposed to hold at present prices, than to accept them. The openlog of the fall trade; the prompt payment ot debts due from thn interior, and an abundance of money, will, without doubt, promote a speculative movers.-Lit in every description of stocks, and as there is a margin for improvement in some of thn laucies, an lid vmce ot several per cent will, when the bubble gets fairly inflated, bn realized. The money market is at this moment very easy, and the rate of interest rules u.< 'o* us we can expuct; but there is not tlint activity in tho stock market, which will be experienced when there are lucre operator* in the street. in thu shape of broker* aud outsiders. With the present plethora in the money market, it will be a very easy matter to get up one ol tlio?e old fashioned speculations, that carried fancy stocks, not worth Ave per cent, nearly up to par. A combination among a few of the principal brokers would do it. for the small fry always follow in the wake of the big liab, and invariably are swallowed up by them. Thir? i? not, however, that facility for inflating the stock bubbU now, an there was a few years since, \|huri ooo or two houses Iu the street could give the market any complexion thoy pleated \Viihiu thu |at<t thre?> yearn, several houses in Wall street hare attained a promineo.iH in th>> stock market, an extent ol credit in llnaucial circles, and a reputation nmoog operator* for shrew Ines* and foresight, which give thein great conservative power in all speculative movements, aud prevent th'He immense inflations ami fluctuations in prioes attended with suoh ruinoun sacrifices to the operator of inoJeiate means. A combination among the most powerful bears, and a combination among tint most powerful bnlis. neutralild .ho < perntions of each,and prices rejnalu comparatively uuil'oriu. Thore are now qo Napoleoci in tlie titocn market. Tii? annexed table exhibits the quotations for nocks in thl? market for each day of th? pant we?k, and At the olot# of the week previous, it will be obef rved thnt pri. ocs hare been very uniform. tirorat 1011 rnn tmf Paifcirai. 9ror*? li th?' Nf.* VOHK MABRTT. . _ Silt. Mon Thi. Hrr<l. Thy TVi. Sol Twnrr Not?< ft'?... to?". m.'iA* ? iw> ? in'7, iw? N?>v \ ..rk Htau-1'?. ..KltiV ? ? ? ? ? ? Uliio o'l ? ICO1* ? ? ? in* Kculucky t>'< 101.l., ? ? ? 101 ? I?' PeiiuiyUauia 4'? 80 lin W) ? 80 ? ?0,\ lllmom <7 ? ? ? - 17/i lildiuita ..... ... ... il ? ? ? ? 4^7* ? Hemline H U Bnnd*.. 77 77,** ? ? 7777 77 ii< ailiiiK M'tae iloud*. Ti% ? ? ? ? ? 74 H.adink Kai[mud f.H ?7*.( ?7V 67.1,' 67>4 ?>?' ? Norwirh k Wor ,'j| 4,i'.v 5,1J, 43^ ViS !"> Rulroad, old... 64 ? M ? ? ? U21* Rrie Railroad, new... #l?4 ? ? B? ?J>? ? ? Hirlem Railroad.... 6i '4 6I?? 61 6lV Mli 63M IjOiik Inland rt'l 33 3i% 33l? Wi 33'i .Mofitwk 74 ? ? ? ? ? ? Hi' liinnlnii 40 ? S8V ? 4ti34 ? ? Karniera'I.oan 3>? 3.>?4 -J4 34 34'I :iiX 35)? ( anion I i>mi>*ny.,. . OJ4 4R'4 ? 4B1,' ? ?? ? Morrn Caual I",/, Ik'., l'U iu 17*4 1 '<}* !"*i Vi'k.l'i.rB IIa - ? - _ _ |,S I'liiteil Hlatei Unnk... 1i4 ? ? ? ? 4*^ 4^4 Ka*t. D<?(on, 19 ? ? ? ? ? 4N"rtli Am'n Trust... 1.'4 ? ? 91^ ? ? A i-o'iip iriaon of price* current yn*terday, wit h those ruling at the nlo*e of the pruriou* week, exhibit* an Improvement In Treasury Note* of X' per ot . Ohio fl's X, Pennsylvania X. Kentucky 8'* lUinoi* X. Reading Morti*rf? Boida I'?f. Norwich and Woroeater 1, trie, oi l, >4, I-oux Ulaui X. U. H. Bank and a deoline in Heading U. K. >'4. Harlem IX, Morris Canal X- 80m* of the fancies throughout the week ju*t oloaod, have been very quirt. The value of merchandise and "prole imported into j that >?nt to tli v?f?Kni(?M, ? ? u a&u*<.4. C'ciMVCltC if 1MI fual OP M*?* V?(ii(-W?ii?L? lt|< W?i ending July* * !?'?. "? IW?W?. Ktre ..?>d?..,. !in 8'hi 210,Ml 169.934 1'ultitbit-jooti* l,Ti:,l?7 189 006 TuUl mrrcli'tiiilue J SJO.Ojl *,0l7,!?l J19.9I0 ??,073 9JS8I I Total I,,i2? 2,111.3^ ?MM ?5i,S61 ?5,?U IJ.llil The Increaae in free good* for the above week was unusually large. The per rent duty upon tha amount of ( dutiable good* received a* above In 1847. was about twenty-four per cent , while, for the flame period in 18 lti, it wao about twenty-nlno per cunt.., showing a difference in fiavor of the new tariff of Are per cent. The aggregate value of merchandise warehoused at this port, under tha act of August, I84ti, from that time to the let of July, was $7.6H,b iS, the duties on which amounted to $2,308 880. The warehousing wa< as nr. nexed :? WAREHOVIIMli lit THE PoBT OF NtW Vo*K, TO Jl'I.T 1ST, 18)7. Dutiable Value. l)u'u To Jautiary I. IH6 901 IM* JIO 1st quaiter, 1817 1.968. 'Ut 122 *47 ?a quarter, lai." 1,763,2?.) 677.106 Total $7 6 i 1,433 2,368 h7!l Withdrawn, to July 1st VMMM) l,57$.52i In (tore, Jul)' 1st, 1817 $2,318,083 79 \353 ~ This table covers a period of eleven months, and fortbe first eleven month* of the system looks very favorable. There were many obstacles to the early operation of this department of our foreign trade, which have been removed, but there is yet a want ol knowledge or u want of confidence on the part of the commercial eommunity. relative to thU act, which must be removed before its benefit* will be fully appreciated. The government is doing everything in Its power to bring tho system into general use, and we bare no doubt but that ultimately it will become as firmly established and as pojftilar as it is in England. The anthraoitu coal trade of Pennsylvania progress*.* ery rapidly. The receipts this year, up to the 2;Hh of July, were as annexed:? Awthkacht Coal Tutor op rcuruvLVANu, 1647 Receipts by Lehigh Canal 304 4C2 09 tons Receipts by Schuylkill Canal 100.40(5 16 Receipts by Heading Railroad 7lf?.nuo (13 " Total tons 1,1191)04 07 The aggregate receipts for the year from these sources will be about double the above amount. Should there be any deficiency ..there will be a short supply. The consumption of anthracite coal la this country increases full as fast as the production. Stock Kxchangc. $2000 Tren Notes, 6? i3 I0?W 100 ih* Morris Canal h3 17V 5000 <lo 106>i 50 do "60 17k WXI0 do 10V ion do 1)60 17 54 ztion Uo 6 2-5 5*^ 50 Nor it Wur RR M5 55 ?SHOO U S 6i, "?>7 9t 106,inn Jo 54% 120(10 Kentucky 6? 3'1 101 250 <lo b20 Si 1.100-1 Pent! it 1.3 3II.V 100 do bio 55V 10OHI <li> Iiqw J<0)3 100 do 1)20 i I50n0 do <3 80 100 do * blo Si 13000 OhloCi, '60 10IV 175 d.. 55 i?oo<i lliMinjs Sii'i b3 <?'S >"') do ?3o 55 JOoo Bund* 77 50 do b60 V>\ 2000 do Mort bl 75 200 do b30 .V?4 50 ?hs Rradiug R R 67 150 Long Itlaod RR .3 33,\J 50 do s10 67 50 do k30 33,V, 100 do u30 67 v 50 do ?3 33 h 50 do 6jv? 50 Erie RU 62>, 50 hArmriV Triut b.K? jiV 50 do 62V? 100 do c 35% 100 Hfirlfm rr >3 6 ifi 100 do 193 SSft 50 do >10 633* 500 Vickttmig R r ll\? 50 do blO 63>j 300 Morris Canal 190 18 50 <lo blO 63i? New Stock Kxchangv. $5000 tvy Notts b30 lb''\ 100 ?h? N<t Si Wor R blfl 55 5000 do U20 106 C 50 do s?5 '.<>}, 50 shi Reading RR b30 67.U 100 do >60 i\ 150 Harlem RR ?3 61>? 25 do <3 5?k 10(1 do cash #3'a 50 Long Island RR bSu 33>i 100 do rttih 63>ii 50 Farmers' Tniit bZS 3j? 50 Nor St Wot RR *30 51% city TltADK report. N'kw York, 8a t vrday Afternoon, Jut-r 31. Thin boiag packet day for the Hlbernla, 'Change was thinly attended. Transactions of all kinds were very light. Owing to the near approach of the period for the nrriruJ of the Hibernia. dealers were disinclined to operat". It wot also raid that several houoeo failed In obtaining letters later from Liverpool than the 9th. The private advioes, it was alco stated, did not fully sustain the newspaper accounts of the markets. Ilence, Flour and (train were both less Arm than they were yesterday Fair brands of (lenesee were feeble at $6; and sales of Oenese*, Ohio and Oswego were made at $4 H7>? a $6 94 chlelly for the purpose of settlluif contract*. Salen ol straight brands Genesee were made at (0, and a smull lot of extra at $0 AO. A parcel of mixed brands Michigan sold at $5 There were do sales of Wheat reported. Corn in the forenoou opened at Wo, for good sound mixed; but. during the dn.v. it grew less firm Sales of Western mixed were finally made at 02c.? Flat yellow Bold at tifi ii 67 cents. A lot of handsome Pennsylvania yellow brought 70 cents. Western yello* Hold nt 6H cents, and liat mixed at OA cents. There was no change in meal, and prices remained the game abefore the news, ltye, oats, and barley all stood about where the news found them, Provisions continued firm Sales of old mess pork were mail* at $16. For new mees pork it was siiid $IA 37X ?ai bid. Sales of new prime were made at $12 M. Groceries were in fair demand. and prices were steady at previous quotations. Receipts down the Hudson River, Ju'v .10 Flour barrels. Corn 3.948 bushels Corn Meal l.t>7<> do. Wheat....10212 do. Amc*?Tots were dull at $4 B7},'; pearls stood firm at $7. Sules of both kinds limited. i Urkaosti i n?Flour?About 7 000 bbls consisting of Oenesee and Oswego, were sold, chiefly with reference to the liquidation ot contracts, at fa H7)<; H00 do . rathe; funcy Ohio, sold at 90. Small kales of extra Oenesee were mado at $6 60; 300 do . fair brands Hat hoop Ofain. sold at $' H7>?, and small sales rather fancy do., were made at $6 12}^, and 700 do., mixed brands, Michigan sold at f5 ti-J.'a. Southern brands stood as before the news?holders ask td. If/irat? No sains were reported Corn?Sales ot 2.000 bushels sound mixed were made, in the forenoou, at 08 cuuts; 2,10 1 do . handsome lVunsy!- . vauiu yellow. sold at 70 otn ; 17(0 do., VVestoin yellow. *oli at Ott cts.; 4.000 do.. handsome Western yellow, were reported sold a! 70 cts ; S.OfiO do Hat yellow. sold at t>G to (17 cent*, and 'J 000 to 3 iniO ou*heis tint mixed. Bold at 65 centH. nod :i.000 buoh-ls Western mix.'d Hold at (to Mral?No change. Western Now Vork *?i worth $1 87>g. and Now Jersey. $3 'Jft to $3 50. Kye wan worth about 30 cm. Oats, <0 to 63 cts CorKKi:?Sales ofQOO bag* Uio, slightly damaged, were made, by auction, at 7X to 7?? cm , Cotton?Exporters were in market to day at an early hour, to close their purchase*, an.l took about inu0 bal> e before "change-since, about UOOO bale* were disp >3("1 or chiefly on speculation, auitat very full price* tor large parcel*-ouroutside quotations being repeat- dly exceed I'd. and it is now evideiir that if the uejitHt"am>*r shoul j tiling many orders, price* will advance mpid'.y Kish?Dry cod were firm al $3 o<) for those of good quality. There were no sales of inakerel of m>meut reported. Kmiiit?Sales of about 300 boxes bunch raisins were made at $1 40 a 1 45. IIkmp?D?w rotted was held at $135"per ton. Lkad?There was a ruinor of some in the article for export, and prices advanced to $3 75, and. it was said, that subsequently (3 87JS had been offered for a largo lot. and refused. Molaisks -The trade was steady, with a fair amount of Kales Cardenas continued to move in a moderate way at 23 cts. There was no change in Muscovado**, or I'orto Itico, which remained steady Natal Sromi? Prices have not become settled since the new*. Anki. ^ rates wer. ubout tne paiue. but no '?lo? wore r?-ported Dealem wer? inclined to w;ut fur ui? Hiberui*'* news Oil.*?Quotation* fltood at about the mor a* before the new* Moderate win of oit? prewed were maile it 70c nnd of Knnli?h at 6* ct* cn*h Aliout 1000 gallonbleached whale vrcre nold at 47 ct?. A lot of orude sperm of extra quality, con*i*ting of k)>out 4'JO bb\<. told at New liedtord at >1 Ordiuary do. wax worth aliout 06 u 97 otH. I'nofHiiKt.?S?le? of 100 bbla old me** pork, wer? made ni (16; for new m?n?, $1.1 87)4 wm Aaidtohatr bei.-u offered; UK) bbla. new prime sold at AO. and 100 do old prime do, Hold at $12. Lard rumalued without change Butter?Within a ft*w day* *om* & 0 keg^ New Vork ?>ld at I4)<e; Ohio wm worth 11 a 13Chtrtr remained about the pania RlCC ?>o sale* of tunnu'iit Were reported Hf.jAR - S*|,-g Of 160 lihd* , tuba .VltJAcOTadO. were Mold at 8V? Porto RIao w? quote at b%? a H%. a 7o. Tobacco?We euhmlt the uaual aiateinmit. il.nwin ; the price*. mI?*, receipt* and *trvck? ou hand, for th<* *e?Jt ending thi* afternoon ? Sold Her.'d thi! Stork , . fTi.rn. /at# wt*k. u>>rk. ?nhai\(t. Kentucky, Virginia aild N. Carolina,. aSJ?o 7>tf 100 hd*. 141 hd*. 3160 hd? to GK Maryland Hid Ohio. ? ? ? 9 lidi I a, ni I t,. n In .. ... ..... i to i i fYniKylrauia itnl, 7 to li> ? ? 294 r.% Florid* !i to fiO -JOm. Jci. 73 cY 20 to 30 H'lVnoa 20 to KTf( 120 l>ln. ? 676 bit. 20 to 80 f'tibn,..., 17 to 30 | 260 hi*. _ lot' bl* Vat* 35 to 45 ? ? 256 bU. St. DoinniKO ? ? _ _ A fair demand lor the different kind* of tobacco wn? experienced during the week?prlcea fljm Winhkv.?Kale* of 2.'>0 bble. were made at 28* which WHS Htl dTBDCf. \Vh?i.f.*oi?k.?No eh.mge. Fhiiiiiiti.?Hour to Liverpool w?* engaged at ,'ls M. A v?-e.-cl wan chartered to load with cotton on trrai) eaid to or equal to'ad per lb A Ttaiiel wu engaged, (an American) for the tnnia port, at .'In fld , nod wheat, nl I hi. in bag? We lieird of nothing of moment to L?n<lou. To Havre, rut'1* were ?aid to bo Name. " Dlwl. , Auguat 1. aged AO, Mmr,wifeof ('apt. James (fill. The funeral will take place thia afternoon at 4 o'clock, ' from her Mater n realdenoe, ttf Myrtle avenue, near B ridge atreet. Brooklyn. At Coney Inland, on Saturday evening, July .lint. Lou me, youngeat child of s. S and Klinabeth Smith, of Cincinnati, Ohio. Her remain* were interred In (Jreenwood Cemetery, on Bunday afternoon. Cincinnati papers pirate copy. 1 k?.. w 'jMiim I awn>-. *mmm> la OMrfatowa, Kf , la th? 994 ytut of ktiCm*., Blf tKlrd ion of Onorg* end Mary Richmond. Ou "uuJsy Homing, August J, )!r JiH* '".nu" of oounty Berry Ireland I be iriHuiix and *ciiualnt?u<*e of the Atmily are spectlully Invited a* well aa the members of the United HrotheiV Lodge No. J, U. A. ? U , and Crolou LwlM No. 78, I. O <if O K , to attend In- funeral, front hiolate residence, 129 Mulberry street. this afternoon at threu o'clock, without further Invitation. On Sunday morning, of oonxutiiption. Dr, IUtiLti 11 Stu v, Curator of the I'nllt-gp of Pbyslclnii# and 9ur- ; ge<ms, iMfi-d i'i 111* friends. and the medic .1 profeo iitn generally, cr? ! i mi ted tj attend bi.< funeral, ou Monday afternoon. at lialf pant three o'clock, l'rom the residence of IiIh father. H Stacey, 42 franklin st On Sunday, Auuuit 1. \V?i. U Kinoi.kv. aged33years. H months and 2t davit The relatives and friends of the family, and those ?f his step father, Jacob Austin, and the members of Vew York Lodge No. 10, I. O. of O. K., are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 'J o'clock, from hie late residence, SB Kldrldge street, corner of Walker. On Sunday aftern?on. the 1st Inst., Mrs. Aikki:, wife of Patrick Connelly, in tliefiHth year of her ??e The friends and acquaintances cf the family are respectfully luvited to uttend her fuuersl. on Tuesday af ternoon at 3 o'clock, from 22 Trinity Place. LOST?On Silnrdtv morning in going fioin the corner of Hester-o-d Moll at-eeta, to the r*yii?C' gur, in Kim atroet. a gold Fob Chain and Key. The kay ia a Uounit'a ne>.d. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving IM unr >t No. 107 Vlott atrect. au2 lf*rc A lit WAKD.?The hou?e Nn. 21 \V??t IJ h ?treei V? 1" wi hurglaroualy emerrd r.u the altejtioon ol luly 30, by two b iya, and robu'-d ol the following article#: 21 filter "poena marked A. H B.,6T*ble Spoons, marked A. H. B., 10 Silver Korkf, marked A. H B-, one silver Nai'kin Uiug, iiitrktd A. S> B The above reward will be paid lor the ccoTery of the articles, or thu detection of thethievca Any information risprc nig iIn- rohbov unv le lelt v> uli NIr. Baker, No VI wtit lith atreet, or (apt. Johnston I III b Patrol Uialrici 2 2iia'm IU or O. F.-NEW YOMK LODOK, No. io-WAHH. INUTON 1.0-(it, No. 12?MOUNT SINAI F.V ? \MPMENT, Nr. 3. The Yamreti of N?w York Lodge, No. 10, I O (if " F , *re rrqutirrd id nice'. ;it their Lougr II"m. S'ation>'l Hall. Canal meet, .hi* ( xonday) ilteruoou, al half paat oue o'clock, to |>ay the laat tribu e of re<peet to our late worthy Brother, 'i t.omaj Fiuley. By order, J AMR* M. ORBORN.N. G. OKOROa: W. CAFFRY Secretary. TUF. MFMB: RS of VVa.hiugt^i Lodge, No. 12, I O. of O. F? aie requraten to mtctat their t.odg* Koom National Hill,tnal ktreft. ihia (Monda\) afternoon, M half-pax one o'clock, to pav the lisl i r>l,utc r.f re?|x-c to our late worthy Brother, P. (J VV ilium Hill llvoide SAMUEL J. MEF.KEH, N. (i. DAVID D. F.OAV, Secretary. THF. OFFICERS and Mi mb*ra of Mount Hmai F.nrampment.No 3, I O of O F. .are requested to meet at their Hnama. Nat.oaal H- I, Canal atreet, thu ( Monday) afternoon, at hal'past ono o'clock, to pa the U>'tribute if reaped to our late worthy Palriairh. Willi- in Hill. The Order in geu?'al a r iftVctiouulely invc ed to meet with ui ou this mournful orc aion. By o dcr. OK Oil OK vY FORDHAM. Scribe nuMi'rc \\ HANIF.I. FlNCH.C.P. IO of O F.? I'lm mambeu of Croton Loilise, No. ?H. are hereby notified to meet at their regular L< dxe Room, on Una day, Monday, Auuuat 2 1, at hall' past two o'clock, P. M precisely, to pav the laat tribute of respect to c.ur deceaaed Brother John Hunter. By order of WILLIAM FRF.At.. N.G. Richard Oi'MtfgMrLt., Sb'retary _ au?li*m XT KTHFRLAND SOClETi ?A meetingof ihe inembe-s A'* will he lirlil This (Ylouil iy) Eve'iing, fit 7 o'clock. m tbe olfire of the agent, 111 Uree. wich a? i et-f, John K. Van Kden a2 lt?rc HOtiLRRMA^, Pmldtnt N M A." O. D L'MTEO BHOTHKRS. LOUOtT^O~3 'I he mnnbi'ri of lhi? Lodge are requested to mens' lirtr l.odge Room, at 2o'cloc?, tins iM'udi',) afternoon, t > a'teud the funeral ol' our late worliy Brother. John Hnuttr.? Tliu Order in fceueial ue reapectfully invited to artend. KOBhRT Ol'KNKLL. N. A, J'Hn Ll'faa. Secretary. a"2 Ifm YUUM? MKN'S LiTkUvRY AMctOUl VI'IUN.?The oflWrsand mrcnhera ofthm association are hereby nntiii*d to ?tte-:d a regu':?r met ting, to be helu thii Monday eveninc. at No ti, Cit Hall Place, at the ti ght of meriiuK has been permanently changed from Tuesday to Monday of <ach week Punctual attendance is r< qui red from every olRcrr aud member, a< bnninei< of importance will be brought before the os onatiou. By order of' H CI. YY BOUDINOr, President H R OuMMl"i(M, Recording Secretary. hi'i It * rc WANTED?By a lenpertablt) 4 ou k VVo i an. a ?itu .tion as Ch imberinaid or Waiter or Nurse. Will be wl linir to make herielf nenerilly useful to a good home in a private I milV Oood reference* from her lout place and ottiara. Please apply at Jblmslou'a Biid Store, 260 Broadway. au2 2i*m WAIN 1'KU?A situ tion at chambermaid, or wa ter in par lor; understand* pi mi needle w nrk. No objections to travelling. Ooori city reference given. Inquire for Mary, IW Bnwerr. up stair*. >u2 lt? re WANTED IMM* U1AT* LV?Several xoung and enterpiising men tnsolicit suhicrinera ?nd collect money foi ON of the most popular period cala uublished in the countrv v'en who can come well lecotnmeutled for honesty, integrity, and perseveiance can in?ke fr. m ti to SH a day, the year round. .Apply u. ISit AKL POST, 118 Nassau stiect i.2 Iti * in WA.NTKU?hi* youuii Men, to Join ? cia?? ia MKbUMI, now leaiuiiw a good t'ade, on ? new plan, iu only 3U days, which rquir?? f ur to five \e?rato learn h> the old ?:iy ? Small "compensation required. The trade is good i.ud commands stoatly Im mess ?n.l good pay. Mtn out of business v ill find this a rare chance to b< come masters of au important me chanical pr.itession. K... IM.rt.rnljt. ,.f tl.e tai tnrv VI I'l.tlUm i.I. mi:: 1 r - in FOR aALK,? '! lit- saloon No Jfl Bi>wi*ry. fn " confectionarv "nil li uit ?toie, MlsntioiilllW Mil til t can be Imd. lieiiod.t louutaui alone will |>aj' tile rrut. Apply* mi the pr?uuies. anZ lt*lt TO COWXBV Mtiu HANTS-Browa 3 ikidwd Sine iii^i of ever) alyle unil width. all the knom uruidi, both lii'ity ami I'm'?S jiU \lill?, Lawrence C, intl i.-in Head. Cabot A, riemium Heavy Merrimack, hxelrra Unknown*. Sic., m.iy lie had at manufacture is' prices, oil thr second lloor* of No*. Ill r.ud HI Cedar street, hall' a block above I'earl street. Vard wide Sheeting*. cent* per y ard: lino, itatti. Wick, Twine, Warp ai d VV adding; also, hex Southern cotton V'aru, Noi 6 t*? II,and 7 to 13. at ?> T.N 1 ->-D?ltlIILL tc CO. WOUAicM UK A NIUI1 I'.?Thu day puhliilird? Price li'i cent*?a Vaudeville Comedy, by J ll. f'lauclie, b><! , being No. Hi of the Modern Stiudard Drama, edited by Epe* Sargent. A'so, I.nke the Laborer, a UomM'ic Dram.i, being No 11 of the Minor Drainu UK.RKOH1) V CO., 3 Astor Hume. It'm IMPORTANT TO rsasoNd ABOUT 10 visu'uKOft ? Vdiscovery ha? been recently made, lu couuec1.on with tli* niauvfhciiriug of iron, which would be very valuable iu Knglaud Thr proprietor ia no situated 1 hat hr cannot Icve his btisiue tie would therefore in ike an airaiiurnieiit with some NtlM ab .ill to visit h .i; to lake out p>itr,it for, and thr sale of tUv right to lhat country, nn joint iccuuut. The thing ii simple and iti importance can br seen by any person, even if he baa no knowledge of the irou hiuiuras. *udie??'.inprovenient," caie of* Ten*," Posltftice. ?t3t*m C'O-vL?I am daily discharging the beat quality of Peach t Oichvd Coal, and will ilelivrr it at ilie following low pice, tor cash only, vir..' Large Nut, $1 7.i, store. fi 11mil the boats, and at 2i ucuti a, if, Irom the yaid, Corn-1 of King and (iireuwirh. 2 IQteod'm PETER CLINTON. WONDKIIH I. nisi ()Vh.U\ -Sinkers Solution f. the, which will eh inie giey hair to it* original i-oiurin a <-w nunut -c 1 mi noibiion I? uilleieut an >et ottered Th' ?e wli i lioubt iu virt?i?*? ae reqt|eited o have ihtir hair <1< imt-.l before p > m* their money. < ne irinl willlirove the lact. i lie rtoliiti n ea i be hid at B Hani mo.iJ'i, 278 M o.ulvay, corner of Chamber* s'reet; lJr < li atiruv, 150 Bowery; Dr. I onerictre, 39 Chatham ?trier; and nl Striker'*, 4 < oentiet Klip. \vhe:e i' ran he applied Noil' it >Jill* niilxi aifned H M iker, in ied n.l< rk| Ht^n UNION ! i l/AL JN8UHAN< t. COMPANV No 69 Wa I itrrei, ?'ew Voik, opposite the Office nf tin- Couiir a ,d fclnijmier.?Priitita of tin?iui <* t ? ba divided bel? ern he atorkliohieri aud (lie luaiirnl 1 hit Company m now prepared to issue p dicies Itfainst lo?^ t dam ore i n Marine rd Kire links, melud.iig r.?k? of ml md transport ttiou aud navigation, at the lowest establi h> d r.les I1>? i??mat>OB potMiaM ? advMtaf* ovei other Mutnd n? u.-aree Compaiui-a, h iviuj a i:.nli r pital p;nd mot $100,00i ; IIJ i|ie profits < I'.li bunuesi to be divided between tlie slockliuldei. and llic mimed. Tni'irir.r i.imbeit S'lydaiii, J?hu D HuiihtU, Paul SpolFo'd I I). Van Buien, Albf't Wo idhull, N if. Whol'e, It. VI. Lnwreuce, uchjrd, H. A. Ho 'arson, Kerd, Geo. Hapelyr, John Van Neat, J> h i I. Kll.tfaf .rd, Kred L i'alcott, I. II. Ur.uh iin, Itich'd P Buck, N. VV. vl r ill, Utvul An tin, Kibert J. And. non, \ O. Tbompiion, Stephen Allen, (leo F. Darby, Mhrphe-d Kuapp, Joh . Jo> n-tmi, r.dwm Hoyt, Hirh d B 'll, K. T. H. Gibson, Jos. Jowler, K K Cnlliui. (i. Lee Kuapp, John sJ. Johnston, Henn Holt, J*. M. Weim > e, 8ei?nette John P Nesinith, Albert W. Wriplit, Charles M. Lupp, II II. \iuna< 11, Jimei E. Cooley, *1. L Koutti, Serh ClrfwTfiior, John S- Tappui LAMBKKT SUV D YM President. JOHN 8 'J'aPPAN', Vice Pr?iident. r mortarD Srano. hecre*.,rv- .2 lt*rc fj AVANA SLUAKH A.ND~TOb AC?.<? LKAK ?w.O.IiWI Harana Segaiaof the celeii ated brand ca led NAfl \J jll.t received by the h.rk Chi'de Harold and allip Adelaide Ifoin Havana T lie above nejiara aie euti.Kd to debt mure, and are as loPowi:? U:! 0 0 Cain leron, fine fliTor \ i.000 London, do do ii.nuti i*rL? aixe, u i a? For ml* iu Iota to adit purchaser!, by J. A. LfcDON, No. 100 Nas~tu atrcat. N B ? 22 bilei Havm* Tobacco Leaf, no?r all wrappers and entitled to debenture, for a?le n 'hove. mil 3<is*Je KU( ?H A>D K&AD V ?u?t pubiiahod , a hr.oiniul litl. ?irr.ix??i from A-Hood*# picture of Own Taylor, tikM it Monterey hi .May lrint?4 rica W cema A haiimilie letter iil Oru T. acrorrpi iet e?i h print. Tnii Ictw will eouviuce *11 of the genuine. e?a u! in* poilf-tit. Tertna liberal w tliu rtd?. Circular! of our rariotm publications comprising the best a** toitrae t of comic* (Jtrin* housekeepers a d ft inert ulm'iuaca, ayng, dre*n?, cook and juvenile books, primers, card*, toy print* ami colo e?J lithotrapha, with show bill* for ill, ami aboTeall but one pr ce, and thi-l verv low. Kai eoial care given to all ord?rr<. TL'HNKfl be KISIIKK, ill Hf rc 71 Chatham of. and h North 0th at f'hilid WANTED?T weuty-five good Cloth ai.d Fancy Cap Ma kera. None ut eo apply etcept those who can raiU hue caps. Apply at Pi Water street. M. OOODHKI w, imiI 7' #in WANTED?A nurse, compete* t to 'ake the < harge of n * onug infant?none other* need ?pplv Applv at ito. 'jH Irving Place, between the hoiiraof IU and 4, on Monday, a I 2r*?" j WANTKU IMMI^lATtLY-A Im nn??i mmI MttM; tnona inen to aolicit anhacriptiona to several beautiful I illuatrated Loudon worka. None need apply unleaa they can give reiponnhle city reference!, miu ere well <inalinr<l to I rmike gond ngeiiti To all (nth 'In* nto?l liber*'rnriinmge- I meat will lir viv-n. IIOBKRT T. SHANNON, i>oiiin\,uvv ii IU Wiwm nrwt j LITHOOfUFHIC 8TONKS.?EDWARD WIRTHB, No. 90 Julio tireel, iiff'n fur mil a mipenor quality und itaortment of the nbove aiticle. Ixith of the blue >uid yellow tt?nie, winch he will be willing to tell ur>ou Ixrornble lerim. 1 jyH 30t* rrc _____ DR. ROBVH BRAZILIAN HAIR i t'RUMI LIHI/iD.?Thn prf mr iti?n will cnil the h<ir hr*ntif"lly and ttnuigly, and n ^r.rrsii'rd not to injure it in'lie lea*': il that di?|i#niei witii the u*e of the heated iront, which injuie < the h?ir by eritnmu nuri bandog it Sola whuleMir <uiil retail by tne *ole proprietor!, 8T0RRS k CO., 2 North Nith tt.. Philadelphia. Agent* in New York?Radway, 1 ( unrtlandt it; Stoddard k , Co. Hs Pulton it; Uuion k Co. corner of liroiid and ll.iirery Brnoklvn?\1r*. Have*. IW Ki'l'nn at ., <i i' rr ' MKINHARDT'S Ik 8TOTY'8 (JILDKD BR 1M LET* j 1 KR.H I" OR SIWNH?Ottice 2(1 Maiden Lane, entrance I I (Jreen ttreet.?Thete letteriare remarkable for durahiliry. an<l ' a brilliancy of the gilding unequalled by aoy othtr trticlt in | ' itjgtcity?which brilliancy it warranted to ttand ri|>'?nr? t^jha^wtathtr. .They art alto jtj* tat <1 to any color^htt^mar j > m' ii* 11*3 v i. w**MUk: pA?S#T wfcl'ftkIto"*4^i\^rii??* vt,.? ... M Hwlt. H{?*.tir>L f. U*U?t' '.uii Ii , . M* Att****? M-H. v id , ? *!" k .', t ^ * ?! ?!(*'' ri *?i ' M i^.. 1 - ? - - ui*ui or iiit.isit, i?a, uott*. ..i .. d*~s4;t om*i. U l?r*. ? ? ? froui'l??thi?lvefc. to su t | un latin, at lour mculhi' crvdil, o%rr SIC" italotfue.. n T? aday, iho Idili, v>Leu g<#od? can |?e ? x 'mined Wi?i v? iflKji'.V, AiictiouMr. C ATA LOU U ft b.% Lft?4 /tockers. Outa and Cliiiwi?WrJue*dav, Jnue 4, at I 0 o'clock, by J. M. I). Bok'i rt, at llie store Nu?&J J dm street, u ifeueral avKortincnl of h??' light and dowiui feliiu fruiit?. vdinl, uim, ( I ?. p -nited w ire; <t!?o, (>iii?aware and r anry ?Joou-i This *al? will l?? x v fiiw of ituili umI f . ' It ?< UK AND IJOTILLVIN I . Tht ?'cainboat ON KID \, < apt. Brvueli w ell. tin /i mmMhmii.avii u been rh%it#ivu for tin* occasion, will proceed on a Cotillon JLlfnnion. tip the North Kiver aa far as We*t Point, on Ttteaday Kveiiinx, the 3d of Anfint. Thf committee will m?aie no pains to make it one o! the mov delightful a*ju itic C otillion Kictirsioat of the aeaaou. Tirlirta St. including *upp*r lor a in-utleinati and lady. Kxtfa ladv ' tickets '>0 Cents. The City Bra?? Baud and K L. Weed's Corill.?h Band are t ugged tor the occasion. The b**at \% 111 make the following hind tugs:? Foot of Pike at. K II 1)^P M.; Pier N??. J, Battery, '4 to 8; foot of < Jiial *t at U: foot of Ham> mondst. at 8l.?; 19th street at 8^* Bull's Kerr? at 0; Kort Lee at 954 o'clock Tickets for t*ie hicursi?>u cau lie h id of Jame* Marnier, 191 Canal sr.; Or. Paige, cor? er of Canal and Weal its; VI r. P De La Ilee, I'Jth afreet laudiujc; W. Ii. Sweet, corner of Uudaou mid Canal its.; <i Hyer Coliseum, Broadway; L' a \lt.rrM>i>r m.n.. r*( W 1.. Ol 1? - au2 2tia?rr m. CONKf" IhLAND KKHKY ?'Tbreumr *" I M "V"|i?"i I,ii-' elegant steamer ION, Captain MKfilSHa Waid, will regularly run at tit* following hours t mul street. 1C>? A. M. mid IJj P. M. Pier No. I, NK II A. M. and 2 P.M. Coney Island lif^ A. M U'kU P. M. Ou Sunday will leave Cuuey Island, last trip, at 5 P.M. 1 7t^re KORHIIttKWHUI ir. .I.ONU mv\M H, .-..glSWa^^P. W.SCHHNCK'H, HIGHLANDS. Ocean HShMmNHH*Hituse, and Latmt-.w I.muling The Steamboat KD WIN I KW18, I'apt Waynes, will .uu at f. llnwi from foot of Vesey street, North River; Ltare Ntw York. J.tovr Shrewsbury. Aug. o'clock. A'lij. o' lock. Monday, !i, tt 8 .A.M. Monday, 2, at 12 M. Tuesday 3, at V A. M. Tueailay, 3, at I P M Wed'y, 4. at a A.M. Wed'v, 4, i.t l? P M Th r? y, 5, at 'J% A. M. Thursday, 4, nt 2V? P. .VI. Friday, G, at 10 A M. Friday, C, at a I' M. Sa urday 7, at 11 A.M. HhtuiiUy 7, at 4 P.M. Sutida), 8, at ,5 A.M. 8u>day, 8. at 4 P.M. Sl aves will lie iii re?iflura< on the arrival of the ho:ii t?i rt,u rev p ssengers to al! p"ri?of he country. jyll 30r*rc irwTT i X' t'J.blUN -U. A O U I NlThD L^i.W-^BhQlHLl(!S LODtiK. No. 3-The unvCSMMMMmitter respectlullv'tn their frirudn tml Mfabtn mid the Order ia itwru, that thei havaclurU t4 tlir elrtiM itrimlmii STLItNOID, Cupt. Hush.on, hi.U i >e c mioiiilioua birce LF.XlNGTON, lor in excurnit ii t? 1 in Cnurtlandfs Lauding, ou Tuesday uext, August 3, 1017, weather permitti. c. L tliuu . Bta? B ind mid Noaher's Cotillion Bund are eugaged for the occasion. Refreshments ol die fint quality will be provided. Ticke s M ceuteeacli to oe hud of the comiuitttr, and ou board, also at tlie landings. The Splendid will leave the fs?t of Warren ?t. atSo'clock; Pike ?t. K 14 8X.' ith?rii:e >t 0\, l.aual it 9; Hainni -nd ?t. 91.,; 9 h at. 9V%?returniug, will land the coinpmy ut the ?anie piace* J) 31 J| in tr-mm. . ?T LBNDIU Sfc A I ft ?.TiZ IT KXCUUHi* Nali-in. commencing Tneadvy. July 27th at 3 4iBKHHHao'rl;>ck P M down the lower bay, touching at Coney Island each way Kare for (he excursion 2i The superior ste mer NK W H AVKN, Car-tain Vanpe!\ wil' leave Pier No. I, Norili River, everv day at in and 3 o'clock, bo down the lowrr bay near Sindt llook. touching at Coney Island each way, atf rdmg families an 0|>poriuuity to tnlie the sea air wrh their children. Returning on th 10 o'clock trip at 2 o'clock; and the 3 o'clock trip at 63* o'clock (')iilde* u half pr oe. The Nfc.W H WEN is a very Urge and eonveiien' boat with liue accommodations; iind every attention w iil he paid to the comfort of p.isi>eiigri*. The New Haven can be chartf.rrd for pleasure parlies. Apply No. I Battery Place. j 28 lOt rc DAI LIT KXUVRSION To THfeTiXV - ,rxiLZT>3tAN rIKLDS. H UUKKN.?On -nu -iter Suinlay. July lltli, the steamboat PIONKKR will make tegular trips from t'.aual aud Nueteeitth streets, direct t<> the bllysian KielJs, at Hoboken, le tving tlie above mentioned places as follows fiauiuo'iiu atrcri, ii iiineriuil street, H.I v?rul r leiot, Id o'clock, 10>? o'clock, Ink o'clock, 12 " 11C " ii>2 " J .. 12 V? ' I?)5 ? ? $ $ ;; i f. # IW 7 jr24 Ut're 7Si ? KOR MlW UnLf.AINb ? Louisiana mid Maw Mf^VVork Lino of Packet*?The fail sailing packet, thip flMflfaWAII ASH, Win. Hathaway, master,it now landing, ana will tail Monday, August 23d. K"r freight or passage, InTiug turerior furnishud accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf,foot ol Wall street, or to R. K. COLLINS. 46 South tt. Agents in New Orleans, J.O. Woodruff U Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship Oswego will succeed the Waliasli, nud tail her dav mil " KOK N K"W O llL?.AN^?l7.uiTiTiTa' arid New MrJQFVYiirk Line of Packets? Positively the and only JnllalMregnlar packet to sail Moudiv. AuimuI 2d The <i>ieii>iiii. last sailing packet baik OKNEREE, Thomas S Ml noil, inuMrr, it uow loading and will positively tail at al> .ve. uer regulur any. For f eight or putrtge. having handsome fuiuisli-d accommodations, tipple on boinl at Orleans w lull', loot of Wall sireef, or to K K. COLLINS, .'?<> South street. Potiuveh no w ill be received uu b >ntd, alter this dty. Satur<Li> evening. July Sltt. Sb'P|>er* will ple.-se >end hi theirbillt of Itdin* immediately Agents i i New O It mi, J. O. woodruff U. ijo , w lio w ill promptly forward til goods to tlieir addie/t. Pats'tigeri will please lie oil board ?t Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street,on Monday, Auk 2, nt 12 o'clock, M , at which time the ship will tail. I'aeketship Wabash, ('apt. II th tway, will succeed ihc tie nesee. and s i il her rerntar day. r- 31 run i.n r.Miwiri,, 1 ,ig?ri tut vV"Hll?i II BfiV ION, Capt Howl mil, luo tons butt d, toaail oil BCfa !if? regularday. Atlt ?l Acigu?t. T i accommod.v Uu,.? en bin, 2<i cabin and ilrrnte paaseng being uuaurpaaaed by itny ship iu port, mid the greater n I ber of bertha being aireaiH eiii;w<l, tlia?c drairou ofi larking in t li i -> splendid packet aliould in.tLe eiily applies t i un luiii'l, lool of .Maiden luuc, or to J >1 iMURKAi, cornfrPiri' ('South atreets The above will be tneeeeded by the n ij i| cut uew packet ahip WKHT POINT, ('apt. Allen, bitrtu ,, [Kill ton*, toaail 11 ill ol August, In'r regular day. I'craoi.s desnotia of aendiitg for c'r friend* ill the Old Country, cau base iliem brought out in ruin r ol ihe above nncketa. bv a|i|>l ving n? above ivldrr aSit- f'Oll LIVKitPOOL? New Line? Regular pack (KjaV^rt of Mb ol' August?The plendid. Tut a.-ilinu jakKHfcpacket slnp SIDDON'S. Captaiu K. B. L'olib, will poauiveTi anl ?i above, her irgulnr day. tor freight or puaugc, having superior fui7ii.ibcd accom modntlom, apply ou board, at Orleans whan, tool of Wail ?ir?ei. or to ?. K. COLLINS, So South u. Price of iwasage, $lno. 1 lie iiucki" amp S11KRIDAN, Capt. U. D. Coruiali, will succeed the Siudoua, and anil on the 26lh ol Sept., Iter regular d iv iy28 LIVERPOOL LINK OK PACKKTa?fl-gular NkWiVPacket of the llth ol Auguat?The aplendid new ' MlaKaal^ckrt iliip WF.8T POINT, Win. II. Allen, mi* t*7, ?ill aail as above, her regular day. For freight or oaatage, her accommodslio'is being liuaurparsed lor room, elegance, and comfort, apply oil bounT, ai foot of Maiden Lane, or to K. K f.Jt vl IT, 76 South at. The well known packet ahip Stephen Whitnfy, Charlea W. I'oph mi, un ater, mill succeed the Weal Poiul aud ami llth *eiir.-ml>er, lui rrgnlaroay j?2l 211 i<: AAy I'.V K t.T ."sill P Bill). 'K^U i . Ir.ou I >1 i.guw i. Krjn^ili>eluig ng und'r general order, ?i foot of Dover!'., It. All g<ioda not I erimtted mil l be aeiu to public *i.,jii. W OOlJHULL fc M1NTURN, . _?2r? _ J7 ^iiuili street. Miii' SOI i iir.K.Ni it, (mm Liverpool.?4 m,tjaSrJWaignn% will pUaaeseud their prim ta on board foot jHaACaol Dover atn et, K It All goods not permitted ii, fur Uaya are liable lo be lent to | ublic atore. _ ",fC WoontlUl.l. ?t VI.N I I UN ?7 "..inh.r rs t > 111 kj?All iwnouaAra cautioned aganu t fyftJpVi g the c ew ol ilit Br. ahip UllOOKSBY, fioin JllllHblil^'iw. aa no drb'? of ihr is wrl be by lb up- iii .>r consignees. WUODHULL Ik >11 \ I I itN, a2 rc 117 ho'wli vreef. YKHKiNI H liOO i ?? ?Paris imperial French l-all Bo"t< for S' SO. rou U to the beat Mild in Bro ul?a> f , S' j- ... W. r , r I u M ) nnur. 11)1 ? HI? inn ill)' $V? tan be / "u 1 Jt the i nrurr of u < 11< ? ?. i i?u > rtt.s 'PI' "i;e 'l>c Hrrhll office Be t linotr ui .le < od?r|..rS4 M Also ihe Kieuch Ci.nltreia i100u, ?l the b<*t quail) ; bo'.ta, allocs, Poller*, hlippera, icc., couabiiitly >>u HUIIll All good* wiirrnDtfd to give Mti?faction. Corner of Kulton nd N411111 atrceti jytfl jtt*n MA OKEAT < HAN( IL-FOK KALIfc?The r.iMi. Home, No. 31 H*rri.on ?treet, wph the St ck and I* *iure* 111 it. nil complete, will Le ?old at n l>.tr|raiit. mul , ??k??h>u cit rii itnm-ili .trlv. Km- further particulo ? ru fjil r? - \ ?? TiK R olw" rnr-i'i of A' t onv M' r TO HOIKL hKMf.HS AND OTHHU?.-Km TT? ?nlr, that v'i111 a 1 Ir It n*e and Lot, annate miutli, corner XJtMm Wr>t and ll.iinm <1 mm, 111 ihn ciiy, and WW OCCapiml .? n Sirimboai Mutrl. Twelve or mora uramhonli laud daily at ilie pier in front of laid pr? mi-r?, rendering it a very deniable location for th"?e inteiened 111 the Holtl bn-ii.em Koi particul ira enan ire of JXO. 8. *>V1IL)T, 10 Naaaau ttieet, orol .1- F. TAl.LMAN , on the premnten. . jya> C'-' d* ni COC.Vi HY Ha.A I' KOK HaLK. ?'lliat very deJdfSk atrn'ile rcaidenre u< thr wll..?e of Tarrytown Wear 1 he.-ttr rouuty , lilted up b, the late Mm. I'lnllipt, atid occupied for acrrral >e*r? by K. Treadwell, K?q. ia now ottered for tale. The home, winch about -t> fret In 40, with pii'tta I'rout and tear. la wall fiiiiahtd and now in g..od order, ?nli? green hoiiae attache J. There "re also 011 tlie pretniaca rarriaxa home. arable, ire hntie, girdener'a home, nod nthir Convenient out building*. The ground*, about alt aei'i, are wall atock'd with a ureal variety of rhoit e fruit tree*, abrolibtry aud oniameiitalireea, and the pro?pert n not ?nrp.\a?ed by any apoi on the Hudson nver. >'or tertna, kc., ?|'ply t? tf.e ub?crit>er on the prennwt. 1 i< ?ifrc v b osnniNDVR. MM KOK H VLK OI{ TO LET, 011 flie nof/iu of the Har> 0tm "?" B'iy, Monmouth ( nuurir, N. J ?Mri.n in a hikli aWh. atate of cult vation, with ail the uecta- .ry i.nt-bn il?JII,KM. Alao. Iota Iron, htlf an acr? to twenty. wuli ll,> advur t?tt<*of line haihing. 8n? mer reaidenrea furniahed or no oruialied. I'enona drairnua ol carryiuic on bn,i <e.? in the city ?n I reaiding in a healthy locatiou. at a cheap rate, w il! find t.i advantage in consulting with thr Mih'iriber. N. B ?The af-reaanl f?rma md luti are not in Teiaaor I'anna^ Irniufi, but within one hoor and * half of New York. Termaeaav 1 itlra indiai'iimble. F'.fnigrnnu or other* wiahin* for gardening lota ran lie anited. Apply Ui John Ivr.on, Km]., ii C.iurtlaudt atieet. New York; or to VV I) II ivnei,, Key Port, N.J. All letter* muat he pout pud. Kk> Pout. N. I...Jaly M. 1817 jv*1 *tt?re /4ju PAVILION, NEW BKIOHTON, 8tMm Ident The proprietor hega to iurorm lin frienda and tl.e public., lie lina ni.ule coiiaidemhle alterntiona and improve menta in thia eainbliahmeut aince I he ln?t aeaaon He hru erecttd a large bmldiog, containing thirty-three rooma, lingethev iiaeonuerted from the main body of the pavilion. Tlieat rooma are intended for reullemcu only; they are of * contort p Je aire, lixht, aud well ventilated, and anperior in nil rea| ee:? to tMN |IMMT denonnuntert aingle rouma in the WMI watering plaeea thi. nglmut the eonntry. 'i he proprietor ta now ready to treat with familiM orpartiei wialnujr to fn|(.\ge r .onii fr,r the laumin. Lelterj aildreaied in Mtu nt the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive nauiedmte ftleution. A aieanr.ho*' ran* between New York and New B.-u*!>t ?. at l^e following houra,^it:? Kroin New Brighton?At * and 11 A. M, anil land C f M i Kfom pier No I Notlh River, New York? A? 4 A. M * "' 1 , and IX, J aud i.Jf P M, nnd more frequent cuotBumc <'ioni i ii I l>e eauhl.abei1 at the aear-in advance* I Holiday Arrangement? Krora New Brighton at I A M-t'--* ? P M. From New York, at? A. M.. 1 indfJi P M Mimic Night*?'Toead ly, Tnnrtday and Hetnrday. The Pavilion la now reaiw for the receptee <>' < yWtF*Jf' .t?', rbf * B - A _ * M" __ EVK AND KAH?IV POVVKIX, Oenliet. Anri.t, fcc. 201 Broadway, miner of W rren atreer, atteudaeiel""''''y to diaeaaea of the aud K*r Irmn <i till 4 ' c l'<"? rowell Iim jaat pnbltthed h poplUr frr?U?* on th* t.) J, Wlin ?jKr/xTin??, Iva., rmper 'j0 ce??u, mu?lin 75 renM, eompn?i*?f i ieacnptioa of iu unntrmv, phv?iology% trtatinri?t, *ith rnlrt for th* MlftCtioti ol ?pect;?rk*. fcc. I o p ** ibuve, nnd at Borgro Jt Htrwvrr'a, Oerford li C o., Jo*'*' * Wtli?,and of bovlucl r? general]/- Jfl in ArfWA '*' V*?**# ** ?j? *:ilvu iy}n?N a<w an ^ i vV iT* If j, rJ&T i Mr. Vr**'!, ?u?i Mr H'kwt ?}}'/! ' '" -1'* g/*n*T ..n?t< I eJuSTlNUA OK CMANiOUMX. wiu. on.-, muit^u m?uta J\3lro . ! Hu??< J I He - ?V MM, r-,. . ?ii IC. hik'i . . - i#e M.ine ? ?'1 - *???'?:, ?'.. ud??, I Xu"u?ti "ill I" I" lL('L \.SH?Vim.- Nortal, I Mi" riuUlfki <?l' ' iUvoB, Mi. W Marshall; I.oril Itandolpli, I i Mr Kill*; Amu, Mia* Kauny Gordo*. ' After which the grand arertmele of the NAIAI) ULKKN? | The Naiad Huren. Mm* J. Titrounll: D?i.ti?tc Mr BuHlf. Tucoflnil*' w^rh A KHi IV THK PARK?Mr. Mrlmi f Pettibone, Mr. C. Burke; Kriuik Fathom, Mr. Jordan; Mr*. , 1 Frttiboue, Mi*. Wilkiumu. Uotr*. Vj ceuti; Fit and Uallery, 1eeiit?. Duon open at a I quarter io 7; lieilormauce tr> commence at lialf-lujt 7 PALMOS I <rKH \ |I?H St -Op.-:, r|. > .N igllt.? Laat Week of the French Ballet I'ompauV.-?The managemeat reapectfullf ant-ounce, that in con enueuce of oilier eugagcinenuthe^ will only remain ose w a lunger, dnnug wli.oli time thry will produce asveral new U 1 let-> Mr. ("H AKLKH \VI VI 11F.K will a|i|>ear in hit eleraut egerci*c*on the Tight Hope, and the Divertiaenienl will be varied uightly- The I'll for iiiance< for Monday evening. Augu?'2<l. UI7, will eonkid of the comic U'llet of LK UOUUfc DIAUL".?Cliaiacter.< by tbe Ltliiunn Family. Dancing on the Tight tt<i|>e by Miarlc* Wiutht i and C'hrutian Lehinau A uew Vaudeville by the Fngliah Company, and the Ballet Pantomime of LF, MOl aBO.NNKLKS?( haractcr* by the Lelimau Family. 'I lit- divr"i?eincnr will eno menc, at half-paif 8 nVlrick. C' H A'l M A M I'llK V I'll -I I,-: rl,r .Ivng.-inr I .vlr. / KLKli llfclt.? Monday F veiling, Au.uit 2d, will l>e I presented, th- petite comedy ol OK18T TO THL MILL | ?Marquiide liichevills, Mr. C. Howard; FnuichrtW, Mr*. C. 1 Howar.l. ! After which, L1FK IN THK CLOUDS?lnpiter, Mr. I Whiting: Mar*. Mr. Parker: H u chu. \tr a?.?.i To couclciU Willi the f.rc? of ttl8 LAST LhGa-O'Cal* Idjfliau, Mr. Brougham I*hit'l l ? Boies, 25 cents; Fir, 12>* centj. Private Boxes, 50 cents each sent. Doom open at 7?performuuee commence* at half-put 7 precisely. __________ (t ^HTLK OAHDILN.? >?. Uaiii ?Im g#j On J Monday ?vpiiiuic, August i l. th*- c ui?* tilled 'he fcKKKNADK?Miguor lafarmi, Mr H< Hand; Signor Killippo.Mr Wt lcott;Mni\i.u ; di Pompolo, Mr Ertrard; Carina, Mim CUike. After \\l? ch a Oiand Pas do Trou, by Muxes Louisa, Amelia and M \f> Ann We Is. % O'lUd. Land ot'ihe West, by Miss ritillips After which Herri line will appear on th* light rope. The wh??'e to conclude with an Indian < anee b> La Petite MiTT Auue. Doors oj?en at ?>*. I'eriorui.uce to commence at 8 \dnn??i<>n 'i'j cent*. A>TlK. ti vfil>F:v?Lltraordinary K*iul?liuii?Thi | J Chinese Junk Keying is now lyintf ?t t.a.lle Unrilru ? A lmi^iou oil board 26 ccuti. Open from A n'r.lork. \ M., till 5 p M_ fm* i IMll KAVf.L FA MILV big to aunouocr i> ike i uumeroua friendi aud paimu* iu New York, llui ll>ey h?ve leaded PALMO'S OPKIIA HOUSE lor anion tuininer sensou, being their f irew ell appearance in America, commencing MONDAY, 161 li August. 18(7. During the season will be produced ?evi-ral of their populai BALLET DIVKRTI8tMKNT? A succession of NEW COMIC PANTOMIMES, by lisbriel Rivel and the celebrated family ; A series of novel enterf uimrnrk ?.u tiie TIOHT HOPE. In additions VAUD8VIL.LK CO. and a Orchestra (dnriug the uitermiss'ou) ou (lie N W ILLUMINATED PROMENADE, which will be opened for the lirat time. All communication! from the Vaudeville Company, Muai* ciana, ami Corps ite Ballet, to be i? l 're?a?d (piut paid) jv J* rc JQH - HKKTQM. Manager. ^ MEHIC ? n MUciEUM. coruer Hrnsdway and Auu treet. - ? U|MVi?>*|M I'BIH 'I lll'UHJC* IMIII1 rtlll rillHXI itlUJ Ej V eiilllg. Vl'lle Gertrude. Kreneh D.tnieiist-? Balloon?Moviig Panoramic I'mutm^ of the great City of London, with maur interesting portions <.1 KNOL AND. KKANVE AND GERMANY. OUl'H * KA.vlfl.V?HI AM Ni< yl>KKJ{S. ?ANT\ ANNA'S WOOhEV LM-. OITKAMJ Ol'TA- (J?ANATOMIC At- VENV8. M?<1 HOC WELL tli* furious Fuitum* tiler A''mi?'i"ii V> rrut*?< hildmi uuder tt-n on*-h'll'tig. ?1 vLL AT i lit V AUXH ?LL SAl OON - J iTe Hill ?t th? ab< ve place, '> In t W?il?.nJi o' li nij, hiving given general /ituutti 'D, ii Will be repeated on VV? evening, Auguvt 4lh, uuiler the sole il lectMii of Mi. J. 1'aiker A Dmm?n?ilr inihu garden aftvm dauee, mci>rs this a rery drtirable place lor a i^all at this aeason of the J ear. Tickets 10 cents,admit iug & gentleman null Udirs; to he had I of Mr l'i'k?r or ! the nlow. aul B?*Uvi/vVA\ 1 rtr.a I'lih 1 !ll? rji.tul atliBtill, a. w erccuug in Broadway, will 1? opened for Dramatic purpoaea solely, ou or about the Srat rf Heptember, nail*! lb? OMiifrraetu of G. H. BARRETT. Parsons of siluiowl<d/(d talent wijhiiyr auiitt >us for Oif ?*MM, wiO plei >? adlrttsliini (iirt-uiid) ItlH Lnornrd street. ! A. MANN, soir i'roprietur. [?7*" Daring Mr Barrett'sabsence in Europe, all letters sad ' bnaiueu communications may be addressed to liia uteot. Jellrfre W.CORBYN. No. t Bvcioy ?treet. CHINESE UbV-NOVEl ATTHACTIOn roa* j aequeuce ol 'hr general rii?ro?a auxin y in *ee a female hi*lobgn>8 t?> the higher order of the Oleatml Kmiire, prior to | her <le|*rture fo- K.inopetiSiblo'a Hth.on, No.6.V7 Broadway* I has Deen exnreaaly engaged, to show the public the only Imlv that ever 'elt the wnlla <h Canton. Admi*?ion 2&ccd'i; Childr??" ce? t? jW6tis?rc CM'LhNDlU KXHTbl'l ION OK 11 UK. ivOftKtfl AT ^ the Wilinmibiirsh Cottage.?-J. W. H .\DKIfcLD, Pyro* 'echni?t. late of the- Surry Zoological Gardens, Loudon, ino?r regretfully a- uouucea to the public, that Mfiirt. I Unlie Id 61 Hoelt, Uaviiik in the iud^st inaui.t r tendered hiin the tuc of their garden, lie i* induced to eahibit a ni >*t *??(?*-*b dinflay of Fiie Works, on Moudav eveni'g. August 2d, 1817 On which occnsi"ii he will introduce to |>unlic notice, some o<* the rich* e*' apecimrns ever witnessed iu the nri of P> rotechny. l).M>r? o|**?i dt 7, commence firing at dark Ydminiou I I2'? cents; children under !0 ball* price. I he feirv bo "fa will rauall u.ght. jf3t t'SliM^rc , COL I * v? <; tLLfilt V o5 OlL fainTINOH, Nu. I 20 J llro dway, above his Book Store, eoruiiMig < f uioefi I icrure* by celebrated inairern. vi* Ttii/in'i Venn*, f lilt? *17" ; 'J he |J\iu*r Olad ator, by David ; T'-e Vlbers. h> Yfjtavtf, the h{aeks*nirh ; Helm Forman, bv Kub^n* ; The Knglinh It >ad*ide. Ate fee Ike.. Itm't* Died by lore gnera ? Hui ?*rior to any public eiliibih n of oicture* in ihiacountry. V|r.( ULMAN import* til the New Popular Kiur.\.uu<. from Loudon I'aria, and Oermany, which with hia esfens v e collection of Brolc* Paiutiug*, F uicy Stationery, ai.d Drawing Materials, be offer* ai the moat reaaouable price*, whole.ale oi rt I 11 II J'.IJ A LDH V.?''nita of Arma furnished and emb'azoned iu the moat umpiuoui rf \ le, or may he had in pen drawing, 27 Mon WedScS f tf UMUX OOUKHK, L I.?TKOTTI.NO. M laMtfteaMStec THURSDAY, August 5th? Purae $250?Mile best*?Best i 11. x Dav id Biyaut enters gr. in. Lady Hulfolk lo a skeleton wagou J Whelp'ey enters b g Moscow. to a wlke^ mlfm AOHAMi Ul( BALL will be giteu b) the subscriber at hit* new Hotel. lout of 13th mieet, iN K, on Wedueaday Kveuiuir, A ugu?t 4th, 1817 Tickers one dollar to idmit a giutlm/n and l?dic*, to be hid at the bar ou the even* nig of tbe halt, or *?i the ( mmittre ol Arrangements. The 11*11 will t'iie place on the Iu. p!ailortn iu frout of the hou e, and immediately over the r ver rotumiuding a view of the Bty as far ns the Nairowa?it will be euclo?ed with canvass, covering ??n aiea of I HOU square feet, making it one ol themo?i drlightlul Hill-roouit m Hie cit>. a* it eit'udtliUU i'eet in the 1 liver. 1 lit-floor will be under the man gemeut of a com^e* i?-u- |'?rr ? n, .II.'I rnu-M uuuri iur uiit iijuu 01 n jmiiiar irnurr. | a 3t?m w i oNNULLl C^dlLUii?N'A ( LOTH I Nil-* Wanted i ii t \ ipertenerd J h uiris to tii .ike children'* and youths' clothing, to v%Ii in ! cou?Uiittui|>to) mem wilt k'1 kihiu. ,\I?o, i Inn ted number I liaud* to Ira u the liade. ' nrriiti w ill liiid thn it drmrHblv u| ( minify of having their daughter* tauvhe a trade hi a re*jectiiblr family. where none Inir young women of rearectabll fy t'e adiniiteu. *nd by *?hie.ti tiie> i<m at all liuit* male a? S.o* r,r 111 I r. V ?t 71 Biiwtrry I I M n LIBUI < v it tBV \ ES w ILL bE M \DKji)N new and second hand Vehicles, left at New York Titte?| ulU, for nlf oro sun jte J t7 $' t**m BOAHU. i ?r ! 1? in in mm| Wilti id (n r Gentlemen can obtain *ood b? ?r.l with (iaikUohf r tins, hi .? respectable imvate family, in < helse*. at a very mode i;e cht'ice, by ni^lyniR a 247 IHtli street, near the 9th avet ue l<r. 'ri> 'it >' i irl?ni'g? d. j}3' it r |\M LH!C TaIjOHT, mi modernfe terms, by a I dy if A ha* had considerable tipenenee in tr ebi k Hlilc?che*ou the Lngerian system, wl<i- n it tfrtatl> app roved n Knruie. 'feiw*,Three Dollar:! jr in n'li A line tddretj d to A b , at the lien d office. rhi'l he at e oled ?? j i ' i? r i , <il' NJ uM ji.K l U I, iu . .. i i . c,.r .. * " qtlVitlrs. plain a..d itlled?alao rtK. straw, and I in r<\ Wra, l?i u Kor sale by J\MK^ ^OHVAL, j>21 1 ?ris*m .No 100 J hn * rert '1*0 JKW fc.LLl-.Kf>. vliNuTtHTITLN 1 C. k J HAIITNIuTT, No 2 r'ourtUndi s reel, neai iiiMadwav, wholenal*' ai.d retail manufacturer* of travel! u|, writing, ureHsini: and jew r)ry Bo*e?, Mimatuie < a*e?? ?nd S* t ngi. f litf Loevt; watch, i pis im piniI ftvkifli mmi 01 lilTfrpllto QMtl) I Ii. . H ' <li .. Also, Triys niatle and fitted t'i jr wellrrV show eaue*, to con tain watches, chains, mi**. keys, pins, thimble*. pencil*. U.r A variety of the above articles constantly no hand anil m.ufe ro order, with neatneaa and despatch, No.2Cour'la dt *neet. \eu Yoik j v to Jin rr Tvv V Oh K, RAVKK "AN LI IAI(I? r.Xl'RKS r* Am.NI V ?1 I.K U. <l?r?.u..*..l I. .Uu,.!. !, ,t U Agent to France, to to the bliaineaii ol the Acuit y, >? ill receive order* for ilit imr< hn?e and traiittniaaioti ol good< of all dene iptiona by tin' I" reneh 8t'*m. r ., mi the inott reason-lile Inuu, aol with the greatett promi'tiid* null despitcl) Letten nnd pirceh will alio be icceived I'im tnuamiaaioa to *ud from the mitineiiv The 1'lula.lelphi* will le:nc New York on the IJth o( Angnt'. nii'l a Inter tini; lor that veinel m now ready i?T Nil. 1(1 Wall ?treei Order* Iri.m any pa t of tlie I "i.ited H,at?a and anada, (j ott |>iid.) will h- itlt*tided to. J :?7 m rrc 1JVINORTON, WKLI.H * CO. NAIIONAL LOAN FUND LiKL ASBUKAiNl k M CIkTV, OF 1.OND0N ?A S?vihk> limiIt fut the | Benefit of the Widow mid Orphan kin, uwered by Act uf | 1'jiln.inei.t (anital 4.Klv,tQ<) -r* iIn ?. ur tU'jiAl 099, he?nlr? h Kentive Fund (from mirplnt [iremiUTi') ... b?>ul $l*J,i)U?, (put of the i:?i>;ul in i;ive?.#d in th? United Suie? ) T. I. *MIt MUKH 4 V. fcaq., Oe?rge ?treet, Hauover Siu ne Chaiinau Coart of Dnecn> ? in I. ndon United F;nte? Sonrd <if Local Director*?( ln?( Office for Am-ricn, 71 Wall ?treei, *c? t "'( > . _ Jarob Harvey, K?<i,, (,'hni/iomi. Irunl. H Hiiwland,, John J. I'.ilmer, F?q. Oorh m A. n orth, Kwj. Jo'itllhan (Jo dime, Siltmel M r 01- r#?0Jnmea Bonrmni, Kiij. VVilliain Van Iliwh, Qeorira Barclay, Fill aii*l t kdw llabichi, k*<i. KDVVaHU T. uii If \HD80N, k<i, Ikm-r.l *rc0,i?iant 1 Fami.hlets, Hl?nk Forma, Tablei '>1 ^""[7. !;uU . kc., Itc., obt nued at Hie' hief Office. 71 H all .fet or Irom 1 either of th<- Ar. tit-. ' .ri.iin!...ut the Unite* Britiah Worth Am^rirnn r.?|onie*. , nr/- \ " d,-i^.T"1;;;^^^^1 General Agent fur lti? Uuited Statea ind U N. A. Coloniea. Jyla 3"i? '*.!i . H^aTtiki oi i'llk opi iia mi *.roRAyqvsT? ?t'onteutt. plenilid po-'rail .if " i e.leaco,"' with her r?. le.iralid?ou<i l "l.? < oli?aa."in French. Mpmiah and h itli>h "Wat eiirliaiittneni !' "Nonl'inoquu!" In.ill I l^iniS.mli"Beautiful Munbeain," and ifeina (Inatiiimeiiul) from NebeiThe vin.nal Monthly will he |nihli*hed on the firm day of at n nr ?" i'?r" " ' i | on fj " pi|'< ' ! ?? (i<"iiiiic till" rr>n?niiiiit of m>iik*, due ?, mnfli". wali/.et, |" Ik**, nw.oiirkat. Sic.. villi aelcetiou", Irnin lh* opeia*. arranged lor the piano fntte, ?a fnulnair-, meUmk'i. poi I" urrij, tt > II foreign mvp;* will hire an Kli.'lltli rvraimi of ad? Mtlnii. Thl? work will In enitiel.i lied Willi e'rilml hi 1 i| projriate den t in flur*nil the > t?f, ? " to f rrn ,1 In' ml mi I ?od mtfnl * I IIII nlit tie retluenl rnce of ,'i0 cent? per inmlxr, <jt * d litn per milium. ' I ee-edl each nninhrr hei.t*(? omp fIf lii j|ir f; tiiin a iubacr'ber Hill l-e furi h-il with ?'.lli-eilfHi of mu?iC. of the bent eonpt sit I in, *l n li if iiiifditxei) other*i<e. would r?>r four tiir.<? llie turn, and e.'uld not be obtained wnhon' imi?>it ni' u, ? thi? mrk wili contain uo of American puliln n'iom. At ili* d or the yei' i hn l-o ne tale pn- with au index, will be l?rwirded to *uIr-a*iit>r.a irriti?. The lUbicrilier ha* nude arrai (rmet'l with the apentaol the ! Ktpreaa miilea. 11 hire the work forwarded urvnedialely npon the day of lohlicalioit, to inbaenbera, to every p*rt of the Union. Terina?Kifly rent* pi r nnmher monthly, or five yearly 11 advance. ir7- The pottage of ail letter* containing inbacriptioni nratt be pre-imid [L.7" Liberal diaconnt to Agenta and the tmde. jjrJl atueod'rc JOSKt U F. ATWILL, Ml Broadway -rcp,,?n ? . . u ? is : r- - *" ?** UATK^T MOMENT. 1 =x= r =r=?-t"ga?. -? Tfl.RO lUPHIO, i Ul iUUt?4 WA(* *U rut'elYud (At WmhuifU* yeatarday afternoon, bul the iittpvr* contain uo n?wa of ImparUM?. The weather, y?.terday aU?u? the noutUero 11a* of teleKraph, v. a* repreaented u* ?er> ilondy, with occaiional nhower* ot rain. MY TUK MUU. Wa.hiiuto*. July 31, 1M3 Mail iJe/nr iiatiortt?~i rrnl ../ Ur KmhrtzltTi On the JMti ultimo, Mr I R. II lisle special mail agent of tlut I'oot Office liepartmebt. auccevded, by nyatt* matte arrangement, In arresting at Deerflelrt, in Augu?, ts county, Virginia, on* Mm. A. Htic.tilunian. upon whom were found certain bank billn, identified aa having oaen abstracted from the U. 8. mail*. Mr I lata, to-day aucoeeded, in this city. In making another arrest, upon the clearest evidence known to the law. For i>ooe two years past it had been dlsoovered that letter* mailed to pas* through tbla eity North or Houth. containing fundi, failed of their destination ? Tli? fact beiog discovered, and the locality of miihapa pntty well ascertained to bn In tha neighborhood of Wubingtun. the public agents bar* Wi'u actively employed in ferreting out the offender. 'Die tftiiurcH weru at length traced to tha Washington city post office. and the only remaining object was then to trace the embezzlements home. IMween Vir John K Martin, mall agent between tVushiugton aud Richmond. aud vlr Halt a coinbned ope atiou wu* ndopted yesterday, which resulted in tha luteotlon aud apprehension of the offender to-day aa loll wh:? Mr Martin, no board the steamer ascending the I utouiMU yesterday. put luto a letter five $4 b tiilis. du'y noted f?r identification This letter wa? post marked a* if from Karuuui's church. Hiohinond county. Virginia, and thus marked npon tha <?ay bill. These fact* went communicated to Mr Hale, tha speaial agent The letter waa directed to Hamilton, Butler county. Ohio. Mr. lialu. In assorting tha way letters in tba oar thla morning found that the letter in question wan missing. He forthwith returned from the journey to Baltimore, and. with Mr. Martin, proceeded to the city post office of Washington Mr Hale, announcing bit busine??, had all tbe clurlta examined, but fiudlug none of the missing fund* about them and Mr Win T Jones, one of the clerks. being absent. Mr Kendall. (. biet clerk auutned the responsibility of taking Mr llala over to the room of Junes, at the residence of his father, Dr loues. lata P M. aud one of our most respected and worthy citizens Here, in a pair of young Jones ? pantaloons,was found a wallet containing some $170, aud in ibe parcel $J0 of tba money euclosed in tbu aforesaid letter, by Mr. Martin, ^ were discovered Young Jones was forthwith arrested and bound over before Justice Goddard to answer, in a recoguixance of $3,000 Tbe eaie is clear nod from tbe high respectability of young 1 ones' family and their aonutction*, baa oreated considerable excitement in the city. The folly of the young uiun is to be deplored; hut th? public will approve tbu vigilance and Ingunulty of their amenta In detecting him W AV*?mii?otox, July 31, 1#47 Gen. Taylor and IK* Union. I a (.hern nn wn? K? r%%,? 'f--1- -?,J * * * J ..J ....a v<u MM CUUIU D* nroagat to coofcsslonT It dlttretMi Father Pitchle, above all tbat ao many cf the whig presses should percist In, and iuslst upon, running Old Rough and Ready, ao matt?r what be is. For God's sake, gentlemen, Bey# El Padre, "don't desert your principle*. Don't pledga yourself to Taj lor. before you g-t noma pledges from him. We know tbat Old Zack cau be elected any bow : but, gentlemen, aie you going to drsert your principles?" No. father. no ! Th? ?hlg? bate no a urn principle, rasolved to run a man that th?y run run through. They tblnk OM Z<wit raa do It, aud tbu nut principle la to elect blm , be nihir " -?v>n principles" will follow, aa a matter of courts, to wit, the seven loaves and the two Ashe* OLD ZACK Washington, July 31,1647 Thr Peace. The rlty Is quiet bruin to-day. The peace nswtl yes tf-rJay brought tbe dillettanti together ; nnd not being able lo cmnn to any other decision, they pretty general ly r. greed to take a jul?p It wan ogreed. finally, nrm rim, tliat the report Of thd I peane nnimiiisloni'rs might be true ; but that thrir appointment wan merely a derice tugain time And so the ! uia'trr stands. ' There Is to be a battle at or m ar the city of Mexico, ton:a Anna wants to redeem hlliifelt'and the peaoeparty, (a lew property huid?r?) ere anxious eitbrr to hava the city di f<-ud*d successfully, or tbetr own army lulled, rut up <>r dispersed. Th>- next decisive news of Scott's advance will probably be that lie has bct-n attacked, and has routed tha xuemv. nn th? ?? " _ j, - .u.vr.miuij in n mum peuerai engagement on the grand eutree" Into the capital. W ruii ADt i.rHt*. July 31. 1847 Myattriout l)Ua]i]irarancr. A moat extraordinary affair ha* happened hurt* within a few wecka. Mr Alexander Kt < ieorge, a jovial, wholaaoulcd K.ngliHhnian, who, for pomn tour yearn paat, ha.< been proaecuting a claim agniuat the government at. Waahlngton, which tie. io common with two or threw other*, preferred for tnonty loaned many yearn ago, ban disappeared in the moet D'.yatrrloua inauner. The demand for which he watt agent, la kuown an the " Carrington claim,'' the preaeut Lord Carrlngton being the Urgent owner Mr. St. George valued hi* ahare of It at $80,000, but. after considerable negotiation, he a'reed to 'ell hi* portion of the debt to one of our oltizenr for $70 000. f>30,(<00 of which waa to be paid in raah and the balance to remain on mortgage for a term of yeara Well, on Tui "day the 20th iuatant. Vlr.'ht George atated to pe vera I of bU'meuda that the |30.(MMi had been paid to him, and left bia boarding houao immediately after breakout.. with the Intenti) n. It I* auppoard. of apending the day ?t liurliugton. N. J . with roue of hi* acouam taneea at present reeldlng there, since that tlrue be ha* neither lieeu beard Irom nor aeen be did not arrlv at Hurlington und a* no probable roa*ou can be assigned f>r hia myatermua departure, bia fri? mla are fearful that be ban heon robbed ami murdered, or that aome aerioua accident hm befallen him Mr 8t <George had solan high connexions in Europe. and we have no doubt that your police would be ade^u^tely rewarded for any trouble they would bent, in ferreting out thia mystery, iln fr> quenlly Mated that the preaeut I'ope wax bia ma'rrnai unrle, an I that he w>* eloxely n-tated to Lord Carington lie was aonut. 4.'> yeara of age. figure stoat apn caching to oiieaiiy. Ib rid eotnpU x ou dark hair. *oie fhort grey ?bit>ker*. ana tuvailably dr*s**<iia \?lack. 11. The Indian Country. [From the Wbf-liiiigton Utiiou. July 30 ) We h.ive beeu favored with the anuexed copies of lett era from two of our Iudlan uftit? for put icatu n ? I hey it t.iore tovor.ible account of the preaeut Mate >1 le>)ti|f nil Ibc |?trt of I lie Indian* On and aiijaCent to he Upper Mi*?ourt, t"W..rd> uur while population aid i I wren i-,ich other than from the Mat-meat* in tho ,'Uhtic priui* waa xp> cted to rxl*t The tribe* iu tbat luarli r are ih? nuiy Hid ?#? with whom the enilgrai.ta o Or*(j?o have In H(tpr> bend Huy difllou'ty Of I hem, the ra*u?*'n t-outh ol the I U te river. only. ban* pr<>t>aMy I? 11 Pimrtriinl iu molcRtil K our emigrant eitileiie; iod it will In- rfciplUclnl ihni hi stated in our paper a hurt time Muc-. tuettfure* tut- bv*-D taki-u to r?-ui< t? hot' Indian* uorili of I'lalte. and lu uoubne them lUm, nil thus pibvrnl thilr Ci.mmiiuijg any lurttaer depridatioua. Tha act* of Tii-lvor* by the ( amiiuchea and Ar?p?bo?a, referred to by Superintendent Mat Try. arc probably ihos* committed on the route to New viejwo, a* it is b>'ln;Ti'd that iboac Indiana aeldom, if ?rer penetrate aa tar north a* the Piatte Kroin the nieaiure* that hata been taken hy the M ar Department. no dowbt m ent?rtaiuad that that rout* al*<> will ><>on. If It be not already, rrndftrd hale Iroin Indian d -predation* and ftiiraf,-a hereafter Oiric>. st rr*ir?rt*dr<t i*n*i Ari *i?j. ) ?r l.ouii, July vo |?47 $ .Sir- I bare the honor to euclo?? a letter reoited ftom h/wt Matlock. In which be Hire* a ?err favorabla no. I- not cf the peaceable condition of tba Indiana lUat ba ba* rant wilb In hlo?t?'ify I I bare taken ureal p.ius to Inform myvelfof tbe feeling of tbe Indian!* toward* th? wbitv*. and am thua tar *ati?ded that the Tiolcnoo ba* bi an <-ouUu? d to the ( aoianobeii and a mn?li portion of tba Arapaboe*, anil the t>.<n ! of Pawnee* Rottth of tbe Plait* I hare the honor to b?,*tr,Tury rw?p?'0-ft>lly. your obedient mrvaut 111 H HAilVKY. Hon <V m \1kuill. CominiMioner Indian AQa:r? t'rrra MiitnVki Anr*cr. Jul) 79. 1947 Sin ? I wil! not trouble you with a letter iu detail, aa 2 bare neither the time uorniiao* of doing ro At pmset-t I am busily eii?*f*fi In >inltitiac tba Indian*. uoH rolleotiiiK *?icb Information a* will en*bl? m* to cunmuiiiriiti' t< ih<- detiartmeni the tute r??dtion of Hhul> in tbl* *tc?ucy I bitri- vlalhvd tha larger portion ifiha band* of Woux Indiana? < m? I .10U I" i1kih of itiv I 90u In thla agency? with whom I held talks. mad* piMi uli. Ito Th*??'Indiana. In my opiaion nrr much b<>tlar poople than th>y 1mm rharacti r fur b*iug ; mid l.ut for the loafing whit* rui-n In ih?- country. would ha an ?*n ll?-nt ptoplc Tmr. lh?-T do mtuy thing* th*t are wrong hut ihelr conduct In oltcn ' .HkW Tal cd, unit th?*lr n>otlT> ? wrongfully Impugned hy ihe wliltaa I dealgn In my next U> cull ynui attention to tlie many Tagabond whitn mcu In lhe country, and tli* contraband trade they am eug.'^t'd In <-.irrylng ou with thn Indian*, with the ncccMary anggentlona. tic, I hafe ?l-o nulled tli? oijtira band* of (hi Arm liar i-ea. Mand?n?, <?ro*-\>ntr?,! onraa. and AMiiabnina 't h* Arckaieea and Aaeif.ehnlii* him ? tub vlng, treacherous, I people; alula tha (Ito* Veiitmn. Mundane and I'onee* nre J good Indiana. (1. ?.,i. dly attached to tha wlilim and ilre I iu peece and harmony with all their neighbors. rlcept I lh<" Mou* Tim various tribeaabote mentioned RlMiWl I " lioiit I ?00 lodge*; n< d, if united. would be quite an nu- I memua as th? Minus of I his agency jM Aa anticipated. I could not avoid making the u'liat preaeut* The Indiana were promised. ami egpertcd. H something from the govvrnmeot; aud to hare repel md ?| nothing. they would ham left for the prairie In a ? rjr 1 hadataloof feeling; the con*-.linemen of whioh would I ham been mischievoua to the emigrants tramlllug I through thair country I I had great trouble with tha \ ancton Mlon.t They I 1 ham liven derelmd by whlta man, and made to t-eliev* I i that the treaty of 1810 wa.< nemr iimuImI; that the i I'nlted Statea ia yet Indebted to tlx m ft:!'**, kc ! took ;

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