Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 7, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 7, 1847 Page 1
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r*"V I TH] Vol. XIII. No. !?i:>_Wliole No. ?1?. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, dorth-wcit corner of Kulton ami Nmnu uta. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. CIRCULA'riON_FORTY THOUSAND. DAILY llERALU?Every day, Trice 2 centt p?t eowr-?7 3j |>er miium?iiayable m advauce. . _ ... WEEKLY HERALD?Krery Saturday-Pric? ?M eent? per coiiy?$3 USceuU i>er annum?payable In advance. HER ALT) FOR EUROPE-Every Steam Packet dayPrice 6)4 ei-nt? per copy?(1 |*r auuuin, including poaUiae, payable in adviuice. Subicriptioni and advertiaemeiiU will he received by Mmri < JiliKniiii, U Rue VlTienne. Paru; r. L Hi in. ill. mi' T I.I.. u:il-J.. V?k-H? ? A NNfr A lTicTOIU A L D?To bl i "hei "oii"th* Ut ofJauuarv of rncli year??iiikI** eopie* aixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the uiual price*?nlwayi cuh in advance. Ailtertiit uienu ahould be written in ajilaiu, legible manner. Tlie Proprietor will nut be re*pon*tble lor error* that msv occur in them. PRINTING of all kind* executed beautifully and with d?*|*tch. All letter* or communication* by mail, addreued loth* itnhlinhmeut, unit he i>o*t paid, or tbe pottage will ba da ducted front the inhirriptinn monev remitted NEW YORK AND HAKULM KAILUOAD COMPANY SUMMER ARRANOfcMKNT. ON AND AFTER THURSDAY, JUNK lOCli, 1847, the Can will run a* follow*, until further notice. Up train* will leave the City Hall for H irlvinSi Morriaiiuia. Korhain & Tuckahoe Plea*fuitville, 5 'WA.M. Will'iiuBrVe. Hart'* aud Newcantle 7 " 5 30 A.M. WhittPI'n*. Bedford. 8 7 " 7 A. M. Whitlickville j " 10 " 10 " Crotou_K?lU. 10 11 " 4 P. M. 7 A. M. 11 " 3 P. M. 4 JO " 4 P. M. 2 P.M. 4 1 5 30 " 4 ? 30 " 5 " 5 30 " 6 30 H Returning to New York will leave? Morriaianab Harlem. Kordham. Will'm* Br'ge. Tackakoe. 7 05 A. M. # 53 A.M. 6 45 A. M. 7 30 A. M. ? 10 " 7 55 ' 7 50 " 8 48 " 9 " 9 09 " 9 0?" 1 20 P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. M. 12 .S P. M. 5 52 12 35 P. M. 1 45 " I 40 " White ITna. 2 " 5 ?8 " 6 " 7 10 A. M. 3 " {15 " 6 08 " 8 33 " 5 20 " 75J " 7 45 H 1 P. M. 6 " 5 23 * 6 28 " ? U3 Pleasantville. Now Castle. Bedford. Whitlickville. 1 i] AM. 8 AM. 7 41AM. 7 45AM 4 13 f M. ? P M. 4 11 7 M. 4 45PM Croton Falls. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The trains to and from Croton Kail* will not itop on New York Island, eicept at Broome street, aud 32d street. A car will precede each tram teu minutes, to take up passengers in the city. . The morning tram of cars from Croton rail* will not stop between White Plains and New York, escept at Tuckaho? William'* Bridge, aud Kor dham. Kitra traiua uu Sundays to Harlem and MorrUiaoa, if tin* weather. Stages for Lake Mahopackand Ifcnbnry leave Croton KalU on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for Pawling, on -"^XKhr^OMk 4^Yi)BK : To Croton ?'alls 7T>\ ?1 00 To Whitlickville 87* To Newcastle 7S T<> Pleusantvilke 62* To White Plains... 50 Freight trains leave City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Ketnrtiing, leave Croton Kails at 7 A. M. nud 9 P. M. j_,v KOK SHREWSBUR Y, OCEAN HOUSE', H-firCS*?c.rTi Long Branch, Hunsom Dock, Brown's Dock, OTtwWHSkflft Middletown and lied Bank.?The Steamboat OllUS, C. Price, Master, will run as follows, from Kulton Market Slip, East River :? Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock Saturday, 7, 12)<j[ P.M. Saturday, 7, 4 Sunday, 8, 5>4 A.M. 8nuday, 8, 4 Moudiv, 9, 6 Mouday, 9, 3 Tuesday. 10, G>? Tuesday. 10, 3 Weuuenday, II, 7 Wednesday, II, 4 Thursday. 12. 8 Thursday. 12. 4 Friday, 13, 8 Friday, 13, 4>? Saturday, 14, 9'? Saturday, 14, 1 Sunday, 19, 8 Sunday, 15, 6 Monday, 16, 7 Monday, 16, ll>tf A.M. The Line Stages will ruu to Howell Works, Sijuan Village and Freehold. Stages to convey passeugers to all parti of the country. N. B. All jtersons are forbid trusting the above boat on account of the Owners. J. P. ALLAIRE. au4 m*w ' KOU SHREWSBURY,LUNG BKANt.ll, " | *V7>" W. SCHENCK'S, HIGHLANDS, Ocean iSHHhi lluiur. and Katoutown Landing. The Steamboat EDWIN LEWIS, Capt Haynes, will ran as follows from foot of Vesey street, North River: Leave New York. Leave Shrncihury. Auk. o'clock. Aug. o'clock. Saturday 7, at 11 A.M. Saturday 7, at 4 P.M. Sunday, 8, at 5 A. M. Sunday, 8, at 4 P. M. Monday 9, at 3 A.M. Monday, 9, at * 7 A.M. Monday, 9, at P. M. Tuesday, 10, at 7 A. M. Tuesday,10, at 2>? P.M. Wed'y, II, at 1% A.M. Wed'y, II, at 2)fc P.M. Thursday 12, at 8 A.M Thur<d'yl2, at 3 P M. Friday, 13, at 9 A.M Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat to couvey passengers to all parts of the country. jy3l 30t*rc FOR KEY PORT.?The steamer J US&l'H r aJlL?WE. COFFEE, will leave the pier, foot of MHMiChamber* streat, daily, for Key Port, at 3 o'clock, P. M. N. B ?On Sunday's,|tlie boat will leave at S)tf, A. M. aii3 30t*m The superior steamer NEW HAVEN, rj^lLna^Captain Van Pelt, can be chartered for ExcuranMMMHHMisioiis to auy place, by application at No. 8 Battery Place, Northlrivrr. jy28 JOtrc^ MORNING BOAT AT HALF-PAST r^^B^^^^six for Albany and intermediate landings.? mHBhNMIm Fare M cents. Breakfast and dinner onboard the boat. The well-known low pressure steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. T. N. Hulse, will leave the Steamboat Tier, foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at half-past six o'clock A.M. autllt're MOHNING LINE KOlt Al.BAM * ACVD L>?|?A TROY and Intermediate Landings. Breakfast and Dwner ou board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorham, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock A. M Returning no 'he opposite days. The Steamer NIAGARA, Capt. II. L. Kellogg, will leave the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at half past six o'clock, A. M . returning on the opposite days. u,7 ' Fare .10 Cents. For passage or freight, apply oa board, or to V. B. Hall,at i!ie office on the wharf. jyW NOTICE. _m m _ BTAI'KIN ISL.AIXU ! (.KKY.-UO and "fler SUNUAY, April 18th, the steamboats SYLPH ami STATEN ISLANDER wiU inn u follows, until further notice LEAVE ITATKFI ISLAND At 6, 8, 9, 10,11, A. M., and 1, 2, 1, 4, 5, ?, T, t. M. LEAVE NEW YORK At ?, 9. 10, 11, A.M., and 1,2, ten nhnntea past I, ud at 4. S, 6,7, o'clock, P. M. New Vorlr April 11th. all r ?opi-o.siHon rAMAUK urricjt?T* r ,?*/? . ..W A Ibativ. Utica. >1 60; Syracuse, $2; Oswego, OfaWHkit3; Rochester, $2: Buffalo, $3i Cleveland, (4; Detroit, S4; Milwaukie. SB 75; Chirigo, SB 75; Cincinnati, IB 75; Toronto aud Hamilton,$4; Whitehall, S2;Montreal,S4; Pittsburg, IB. Office, 100 Barclay street. A i ' security required will be Riven for the fulGiinent of all contract* ide with tlna company. jyH J0t*r M. L. HAY. Agent, New York?1X7. DAILY EXCURSION TO THE ELY" r .mVjriSBIAN elELDS. HOBOKEN.?On and alter Sunday, July IIth, the steamboat PIONEER will m*ke regular trips from ('anal and Nmeteeuth streets, direct to the Elysian Kields, at Hobokeu, leaving the above mentioned places as followi;? HanSnond street, Nineteenth straet, Elytian Fields, 10 o'clock, I0U o'clock, 10W o'clock, 12 " 11,*2 " II & 2 ;; i2? J* 12)2 " 11 1 I 6M " 7 M jv24 14t*rc 7X " 8 ' ii ? ritOI'Le.'? MfJ ?T bl>.AMBU\V H KOH ALBANY,. Daily, Suudays Eicepted? MBMBHiTliroiiiiK Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between Conrtlandt and Liberty itreeti. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will lenve ou Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, it 7 o'clock. Steamboat 1IENDKIK HUDSON, ('apt. H. U. Crntteaden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenkvtm at 7 o'clock. fecial Trams for Schenectady, Ballston, and Saratoga Hpriug*, will run aa lollows:?Leave Albany at 8k A M., 3 P.M., eicept Suudays. Passengers will linil this the most e? peditious and convenient ronte. n. irm ?j*.ioca, r. h uuiuiniiia i mc??? from the loot ? 1 Barclay *treet. Steamboat NORTH AMKRICA, Captain Traidell, will lea?e on Monday, Wednesday, Kriday.and Snnday afternoon*, t o'clock. . _ ? _ ... Steamboat ROCHESTER. Captain _R. H. * orrr. will leave on Tucadar, Thar*a?y, *"<1 Saturday afternoon*, nO o'clock .... i The abore boaU will at all timet arrire in Albany la ample lime (bribe Morning Car* forme Khi or We?t. Freight taken at moderate rata*, and none taken after J>? o'clock, P. M. (f7~ All per*on* are forbid trading any of the boat? of tliu line, without* written order Irom the captain* or agenta. |<?or iwaaaae or freight, apply on board the boata, or to P. C. HCHULTZ. at the ojte on tha wharf. an4 CITIZEN'S NEW BAY LINE OK ^aX-^NQPPOHITION BOATS KOR ALBANY, dBMtHNbal.aiKlinK at Van Courtlandt* Ncwburgh, roughkeep*ie,Kiug*ton,Cat?kill and Hndson.?Fare 10 cent*? Brc ikl'aatand Dinner on Board. The new aud elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tue?day?, Thnraday*. and Saturday*, at Salf-pait an, A. M.. from the pier foot of Hohinion meet, touching at Hammond atreet per, from New York, For p*?***e or Irieght, apply an board tha Boat*, or to Geo. T ine office, foot of Robinaon atreet. [Cr All i>er?on*ara forbid trnatiaf tha a bore boat* oa a?coniit of tha owner*. nyl* rh fe&fc. ,, V A iY/ ItlP1 l;^AR link ok packetbkor ^ ?The splendid new picket ship j|??SJ?bK(>OKHB Y Captain McEwen, will .i,I positively on the lith August, her regular day. Shi' h ii splendid cabin accommodations, and can alto com fortably accommodate a limited number of second cabin passeugers, if early application be mtde to W. fc J T TAP8COTT, Ifi South street ONLYREi .1 I. MlMNKiit I'M h it* KIMI rfxlV yNH? Pa'ket of !?th Angn*t ?The JKRMlfeM'le'Hlol faat anil nig and favorite packet *hip VICKH Bl/ftii. {-apt Berry, will positively sail on Monday. August 9tb, 1117. her ryffllar day. The accommodations of tnis magnificent line of packets, it It **ll1 known, ar? superior to meat of tho other Uouthem packet*. They sail punctmlly at adver* tited during the teaton, and the /rice of passage low Tho* G NE' N ?fi UK. DE WITT C. KELLINUER'8 INKALliu^LIBLK LINIMENT.?Tbi? truly astonishing rnrf ) ? j .ln-iii.. ii ? clear, beautiful mid transparent fluid, highly frsgrftnt mid perfectly delightful in its tiiivor, aad is especially designed lobe prescribed internally or cxtrmnlly, and la warranted to cure after all nllier remedies hive laird. All rheumatic and scrofulous affections, ring worm, tetter, barbel'* itcb, < l<l soret of imy uUrf, fiost bilt-a, burnt, tiaius in the back, and affectious of the spine, dislocations, rulaigemeut of joints, bunions, coma, callouses ofevery dtscription. tooth and uervous headache. One or two dotes taken according to direction is as sure to cuie the bilious cliolic, diarrhea, fcc , a* it irtBfcca. and affections of the throat. Hi ihort, paius of every natuttf^ leld to its influence immediately. Ke?er and ague broken in two doses always. N. B. 53,500 cures have beeu made in two years. Among the many distinguished individuals who havekindly allowed us to refer to them, for public good, are the Hon. Moset II. Orinnell, residence No. 6 College Place, New York city; Hon. Richard F. Carmau, of Carmausville, New York city, aud Mr. Arnold Mason. coutraciyr of the High Bridge over Harlem river, waa cured of chronic rhaWina'isiii of over 311 rears standing?can be seen at all times at the Bridge; Mr. Samuel Huberts, his partner at the Bridge, gives it as hit opin! "!'. th.V'' fave<l I"?, from a severe injury sustained by a fall; Mr. James Murphy, proprietor of the Harlem, Bull's Head, Bowerv and Brnmliaav In,... nf -t...-. I... I i... mammoth establishment over on* thousand bottle* He *av* the more they use of it the better they like it. Wholesale and retail distributing agents are wanted. Principaldepot, No. 210 Pearl atreet, New \orkcity; S. Iugersol St Co., wholesale druggists, and at the principal drug and other atorea ?nd taverns throughout the city and country. It ia put up iu large bottle*, and aold at ttcents |*r single bottle; tlperdoiea; half gross $21; one gross $36. The proprietors of this great remedy are ready and williug to back their opiniou, that they can how more astounding curea, aud a greater number of certificate* than any other remedy offered to the public. All letters must he postpaid. j yt intend * re ^ LOOK AT THIS.?L-dies'Uaiters, Blipi ers, Buj ^ kins, Tiea, Houae Slip*. Whit* and Black Satin Prunella Buakius and Slippers, and all other kind* of Hoot* and Shoe*, of the huest atyle. AI*o a large assortment of missss aud children'*. 4IUeutlemeii will lind in tin* itore a great assortment of line Boota and Shoe*, calf and patent leather; Outer* of all kind*. Alio, Boys' Boots, Gaiter*, aud Shoe*, ot all *orts and *ize*. All of the above of the beat quality aud cheap, at 367 Broadway, one door above Kiankliu ttreet. ai 30t*re M. CAHIM,. JKRKNCH BOOTS ? Pari* iiniwrial Kreucli Calf Boot* for S4 X), equal to the heat (old in Broadway for $ti or $7. Fine French Calf Boot*, city tnaile, for $3 ill? usually Si?can be found at the comer of Fultou and Nai in streets, opposite the Herald office. Best boota made to order for $4 40. Alio the Kreuch Congress boots, ol*the be*t quality; boots, shoes, gaiters, slippers. Sic., constantly on hand. All goods warranted to give satisfaction. Corner of Fulton and Nassau streets jv2? tOfrc jM country skat roft (Aut-nii tut E pjW sirable residence in 'he beautiful village of Kiuderhook, jMlKColuinbia County, fitted up. aud recently occupied tiy die late Peter I. Hoes, fcsq., is now offered for sate. '1 here are also nu .lie pre:uises, carriage-home, sutbles, wood-house, burn, and all other convenient out buildings The ground*, about four arrei, are well itocked with a large variety 11" pp|e, pear, peach, cherry, plum, and oruameu al tree*, gr?ne vine* aud ihiubbery, allof which have beeu selected from celebrated uur*erie*, both in e urope and New York The whole property is now in the most perfect order. In the Village is an Academy, uoue in this State iu point of character a d_ standi.ijj. For terms, (kc.. apply to DAV1U VAN si/HAAOK, t,sq.. Kindcrhook, or nu.0 3flt*m i P. 8. HOES, 35 Wall street. jmL IO LET, OK FOK 84LE.on MUHuAV HILL the two-stoiy basement Brick Cottage, ou 39th street, JLJA,betw?en Jth and 6th avenues; Marble Mantels, stmued glass skylight, and finished generally in the be?t manner; was built for the owner by day's work; garden, shrubuery and walks complete. Also, the two-story double frame Cottage now building on the 3th aveuue, on the east side, between 3S'h and 36th street. The house will be finished witli marble mantels aud hard finished walls, aud generally arranged for the convenience of occupants. Apply to WM. C. II. WAUDELL. 1C Wall street. mil 3t *rc M PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON," Stateu Island.-The proprietor beg* to inform his friends aud the public, that ne has made considerable alterations and improve anents in I has establishment since the last season. He has erecttd a large building, coutaining thirty-three rooms, altogether iiscounected from the main body of the pariliou. These rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable size, light, and well ventilated, and superior in all respects lo those generally denominated single rooms is the various watering places thioughout the country. The proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties wishing to engage rooms for the season. Letters addressed to >iim at the Citk Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention. A steamboat rum between New York and New Brightoa, at the following hours, viz:? From New Brighton?At I and 11 A. M, and I and 6 P. M. From pier No. 1 North River, New York?At 9 A. M. and 12 VI, and 3){, 6 and 6\ P. M, and more frequent communications rill be established as the season advances. Sunday Arrangement?From New Brightoa at I A. M., 1JX. 6 P.M. From New York, at? A. M., 2 and 6X F- M. Music Nights?Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Pavilion is sow ready for the reception of Company. aptt tire F. BLANCABD. COUNTRY BEAT FOR HALE ?That very defM sirable residence in the village of Tarrytown, West mIm. Chester county, fitted up by the late Mrs. Phillips, aud occupied for several years by E. Treadwell, Esq. is now offered for sale. The house, which is about <6 feet by 40, with piazza front and rear, is well finished and now in good order, with a green house attached. There are also ou the premises carriage house, stable, ice ho'ise, gardener's house, and other conveuieut outbuildings. The grounds, about six acres, are well stocked with a great variety of choice fruit trees, shrubbery and ornamental trees, and- the prospect is not surpassed by any spot on the Hudson river. For terms, kc., apply to the subscriber on the premise*. i-i. in.* r v d naTD a wnt'ii JVM wrg. v. ? 0. voinAiii/Cin. aKUK SALE UK TO LET, ou the inamin of the Kari tian Bay, Monmouth (County, n.j.?Farias in a high state of cultivation, with Mil the necessary out-buildings. Also, lots from half an acre to tweuty. with the advantage of fine bathing. Summer residences furnished or unfurnished. Persons desirous of carrying on business in the city and residing in a healthy location, at a cheap rate, will lind an advantage in consulting with the subscriber. N. B.?The aforesaid farms and lots are not in Texas or Pennsylvania, but within one hour and a half of New York. Terms easy. Titles indisputable. Emigrants or others wishing for gardening lots can be suited. Apply (o John Iveson, Esq., 55 Courtlandt street, New York; or to W. O. Hayues, Auctioneer, Key Port, N.J. All letters mist be post paid. Kkv Pout. N. J.. July 20, 1847. jytl 30t*rc ? - fkench than 8atlan t i C , '# "'* STEAMSHIP COMPANY.?The. ships ol company are appointed to sail as fol" ifcb "from new york. The PHILADELPHIA on the 15th August. The MISSOURI " " 31st 7' The NEW YORK " " Uith Sept. The UNION " " 30th ' v rom havre. The PHILADELPHIA on the 15th of July. The MISSOURI " " 31st The NEW YORK " " 15th August. TImUNION " " 3ist R These Steamers are equal to any afloat, with commanders of tried skill and known courtesy. Their state roomt MM cabins (M unusually commodious, and they are provided with every thing re<|uisite for the comfort of passengers. The price of Kissage in the first cabin from New York is (120. From nvre 1,000 fmucs. Wiuesareuol included, but will be furuisheil at moderate rates. Ml letters must pass through the post office. For freight or passage, apply to nu4 rc \\ MAR Si CO., 31 South nfeet. KOR CHF.RBOUKU OR HAVRE.? The Steamship PHILADELPHIA, Capt. Ucsson, will leave on her regular day, Sunday, the 15th of August. Letters must pass through the Tost Office. No parccs received after 4 P. M. of Saturday, 14th inst. P'ice of passage in first class cabin (120 For passage or freight, apply to A YMAR ?c CO., niH I2t rrc 34 South street //&??W OCKAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. Office 44 William street. Directors. C. H. Saiid, Conrad W. Kiber, Mw?rd Milli, Horatio Allen. William Chamberlain, Mortimer Livingston, John A. Iselin, John L. Htephena, Herman Oelrichs. C. H. HAND. President. Khmard, General Agent, New York. Chari.ksK. Afmnwn, Secretary. In conformity with the provisions of the charter, nolii* ' hereby given that the Books Tor subscription Tor an atnouut n ot eiceeding $300,000 to the capital stock of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, will be re-oiieued at the office ol die Com|iany, 44 WilllRm, coruer of Wall street, on Monday, 21st Jane, 1847. Kire |>er cent of the amount subscabed must be |>aul at the period of subscription in specie or bank bills. The balance of ilie subscription will be called for in instalments not esceediug 10 per cent,a* may be required by the operations ol the Company, and uihiu thirty days previous notice. The following is the 2Jth section of the By-Law:? " Subscription to the capital of the <yompauy, alter the . mount may be $600,000. shall in preference be allowed lo those who inay then he stockholders, and to the estent of their then actual subscription." Jet 30t re BRITISH AND NORTH AMKIUCAN ROYAL MAIL STKAM SHIT. 1200 tons and 430 horse iiower each, under contract with the Lords of the Admirality. HIBKRNIA,Captain Aletanuer Ryrie. CALKDONI A. Captain Kdward O. Lott. BRITTANNlA, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA^Ctptain Charles H. K. Judk.aa. ACADIA, Captain William Harrisou. 1'hr lour trxin?hi|>? now buildlnu ire THK AM K.Kit A, THK Nl AOARA, THE CANADA. THK KUROPA. Vessels appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Britain* July 4, 1X7 Hiberniii... July 20, 1847 Vessels appointed to Mil from Boston are the Britannia, August I, 1147 Hiberuia Augurt 16, 1847 Passengers'luggage must ba oD board the day previous to ailing. I'uuft money?Krom Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do tc Halilai, t20 No berths icrnrrd until paid Tor. These li11 < carry *ipencnred surgeons. No freight, escepts|>eeie, received on day* of sailing. Vor freight, paaaege, or any other information, apply to D BRIUHAM, Jr , Agent At IIARNDKN It V ill . (T^In addition l> tlie above line between Liverpool,,, Halifai, and Boston, a contract liaa been rnterrd into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct. Ulie steamships for this Mrvice are now being built, and early neit year dne notice will he given of the time when they will Mart Under the new contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during the other months in the year. Going al temately between Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, and be ween Liverpool ami New York. wtt t KOR I.I VKRPOOL.?Packet shi i ASH HI RsjHfcVW TON, f'apt Howland, IIHO tonaburt rn, to tail on JNmIb h? regular day, 6th of August. Tin acroinmodationa lor cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passenger being nnsuriiasseil by any ship in port. and the greater n I 'ber of bertha being already engaged, thoae daairou ofe i l?rkiug in tliia splendid packet should make early applicati inon board foot of Maidan lane, or to ? ' rMURRAY, cornerrme i ilSonth atreeta. The above will heWreeded by thein u ilirent new imrket shii> WK8T POINT, < apt. Allen, hnrth ? 1'iOfl tons, to mil llthol Augnst4her regular day. Persons desirous of sending for 81 r friends in the Old I ouiitry, can have them brought out in either of the above rwrketa. bvapplvina as above ivJOro fcftfr PACKKT SHIP BROOKHBY. from Glasgow, is discharging under general order, ? foot of Dover *t . IF" al ra *7 toath stiaet W YO EW YORK, SATURDAY taw Intelligence. 81 prkmk Coi KT.?Before Judge K4*urds ?In re Jote 4a Conia unJ Jote d, Rocha.? BdAw li the opinion of Judge Kd wards b? wUkh it will bo seen that the question presented to nioi ?nder the present writ of habeas corpus in ret judicata, that he precluded from going into uuy investigation of thr facts in the case, and he hex accordingly remanded the two slaves to (lie custody of the captain After the opinion was delivered, Messrs White and Jay asked tor a stay of proceedings, to wit:? that the judge ehould order the sheriff to hold the negroes until thay bad sn opportunity of bringing the matter before rtie'Hupreme Court and hare it passed upon there. This be peremptorily declined, not having any authority. The | arties then procured another writ of habeas curptQ from Judge Oakley. Tilt DKC1SIOMA writ of ho beat carpus was Issued by his honor fudge Kclutonds, on thu 17th day of July last, directed to Clemante Jose da Costa, master of the Brazilian bark Lew Branca, commanding him to to have the bodies ot Jose da Costa, and Jose da Koch*, by him imprisoned, and detained, as was alleged, together with the cause of such imprisonment and detention, before liirn, the naid Judge, at a time and place therein specified. The respondent appeared before Judge Kdmouds, Itud made his return to the said writ, undur oath: to which the said da Costa and da llochit put in an answer, also under natb At thin stage of the proceedings, by the consent of the oounsel for all the parties. the writ w?s amended in iiueh a manner an to be returnable before me. and, by a similar oonaent, I allowed the writ nunc p>o tunc. The return ef the respondent admits the detention of ila l octn and da Kocha, and alledges that before the Issuing and service of the said habeas oipiut, to wit:?on the 10th day of July last, a writ of habra* corpus was allowed, and issued by the Hon. Charles P. Daley, one ol the Associate Judges of the Court of Common I'leas iu and fur the city and county of New York, and of the degree of counsellor of the Supreme Cour , directed tfl the Maid respondent, with the ot iect, and for the purpose, of producing before the said jucUe, the persons named in the said first mentioned writ foi the purpose of enquiring into the cause of their Detention, or imprisonment, by the said respondent. That, in obediencc to the said writ issued by the said Judge Daly, the respondent produced before the said judge the persons of the two negro men called Jose da Coata and Jose da Kocha. That upon said wiit so issued by said Judge Daly,and upon the return thereto, proceedings were duly had before said judge, who, after mature deliberation, and after hearing the allegations and arguments of counsel on both sides, decided and adjudged, on or about the ltith day of July last, that the said Jose da Costa and Jose da Kocha were legally under the restraint of the said respondent, and that they should be remanded to his custody; which said decisiou and judgment of said Judge Daly, it is alleged in the said return, aro atill in force, unreversed not set aside, nor made void. The return further states that, in pursuance of said decision, and adjudication, the persons of said da Costa and da Kocha were committed to the custody of the respondent. The return also sits for the other matter)', to which it is not necessary,in this place, to allude. The answer of Da Coata and Da Kocha does uot deny the substance of any of the allegations above cited froui the return of the respondent. Upon the said return and answer, the respondent contends that there has been an adjudication of the matter tiv liiilue Dnlv mil thai mii-h mliiwllxutin.. i. upon me, and precludes any investigation Into thu facts of the case, unless new matters are Hbowu, which have arisen since the adjudication of Judga Daly, and which render such investigation proper. Before the enactment of the Revised Statute*, the law seems to have been settled, that the return of the respondent was conclusive, and that none of the fact) coutained in it could he controverted. 3 Hill, B. 8, noti 30. By the Revised Statutes, the party brought up maj deny any of the material facts set forth In the return or allege any fact to show either that the Imprisonment or detention Is unlawful, or that he is entitled to his discharge. '2 R. 8.. 471 p. 60. If. then, any of the material facts set forth In the returns, are not denied bv the party brought up. the return. pro have, lias the same effect as before the Revised Statutes, and those facts must be taken to be true 3 Hill 06H, note 2H. Upon this construction of tho law, I am bound to aseume that the faots Bet forth in the return, and not de nied in the answer, are true, and that Da Costa and I)a Rocha have heretofore been brought before Judgi Daly, upon a writ of habeas corpus, and that, after ai investigation into the canseH ?.f their detention by thi respondent, Judge Daly adjudged that they weri legally under the restraint of the respondent, and tha they should be awarded to his custody ; and that saic judgment now remains In full force. It thus appears that there lias been an adjudication upon a writ of habeas corpus-, that Da ( osta am Da Rocha were at the tlme|of said adjudication, unde the legal revtraint of the respondant. The next question Is, does the principle of rei adjuilcata apply to this case, and am 1 pre eluded by the above mentioned adjudication froi any further inquiry into the subject? In the case o Mercein vs. The People ex rel.?Barry 33 Wend. 64?1 was decided by the Court of Krrors of this State, tha the principle of rts adjudicata was applicable to a pro ceedtng under habeas corpus Two opinions only wen delivered; one by the Chancellor and the other by Sena tor Paige. The question under review had been decldec by Jndge Inglis. then a Judge of the court of Common Pleas, upon a writ of habeas corpus issued by bim. Tht Chancellor, In delivering his opinion, said that'' hit eoncurred in the decision of Judge Inglis, that the prlnclpli or ret atiju;licala ?m applicable to a proceeding upoi habeas corpus; and that it could make no difference ii the application of the principle, whether the flrat wrii wan returnable before a court of record, or a judge 01 commissioner out of court, for in neither cut, ought the party Huipg out the writ, to be permitted to proceec til infinitum belore the same court; or officer, or befori another court or officer, having concurrent juriadlotion to review the former decision, while the facte remain th? name; but if diasatistled with the first deciiion, should appeal to a higher tribunal. Senator rage aays that if a final adjudication upon ? habeas corpus in not t* be deemed ten adjudicate, the consequences will be lameutable. Thin favored writ will become an engine of oppression, instead of a writ of liberty. He further nay*?'" I think thai the following rule will be found sustained bv the ca?e?, vii. Whenever a dual adjudication of an Inferior court of record, or of an inferior court not of record, or of persons invented with power to decide on the property and right* of the citizena, ia examinable by the Supreme Court, upon a writ of error, on a certorari, in every auch caae. auch final adjudication may be pleaded an ret ad judicata, and ia conclusive upon the parties in all future controversial relating to the same matter.And, finally, a resolution waa adopted by the court, ''That In the opinion of tht court, the decinlon of Judge Inglia upon the question of rrt adjudicata was correct, and in conformity to law This decision fully and clearly establishes the rule thai the principle of rtt adjudicata ia applicable to proceed ings upon habeas corpus. The only <|uestion then that remains u|H>n this branel of tbe case ia, whether the same subject matter betweei the ?ame parlies, has been adjudged by an officer bavin) tn and urwm a nrrlt r.f hul?.u? Aoron. Kirst, Is the subject matter th<- sauie ' The subject matter under the tirnt unit was the Imprisonment anil detention of I,a < 'osta and La Hoc ha, and the adjudication of the Judge was, thtt they were "le ually under the restraint of the respondent, and should lie remanded to his custody " The subject matter *f th< present suit, in the detention of the name persons by lh< respondent; and I am called upon to decide what wki decided by Judge Daly, viz :?Whether they are legall] under the rratraint of'the respondent? Second, Are the parties the Name ? The proceedings, in both cases, hare been in behalf ol the same persons, against the same respondent The ta I that the relators are different, does not alterfthf case Third, Had Judgu Daly the power to issue the writ and to decide the questions arising under it ? Hy the law, as it stood under the old constitution, It ia not questioned that lie had the power By the lav under which Judge Daly now hobls his office, it 1* enacted that the "Judges of the Court of Common I'leas tm the city and county of New Vork, shall have aud possess the same powers, and perform the same duties af the first judge and assistant judge* ot said Court ol Common Pleas now bad,and potsess and perform ," Lawi 1847, p 281, l. 7. There are several matters alleged in the answer of Da I nstaaud Da Koeba. for the purpose of showing thai there was irregularity in the proceedings before Judgi Daly The auswer to all these allegations la, that I am t?>uiid by the adjudication, and cannot look behind it If there has beeu irregularity, I have no power to decide upon that question, iu this collateral proceeding The remedy must be in a court sitting as a court of re. view Hut it is contended that new facts have arisen in this case since the decision of Judge Daly The answer ol Da Costa and Da Kocha sots forth that since the said adjudication, and on the 17th July last, they were handrulfed. and put in a store-room i.i the forward cabin of the vessel, and there confined, and that the respondent also wireaieneu wrui wmi Tiuieucn wnen lie goi im-iii al ?ea. '' These are not new fuels of such a character a* to change tlin relations of the parties If there ha* been an abuse of the right which it has been adjudged that th?* lespondent had to the custody of the slaves held in restraint by hiui,the remedy ii< not by habeas corpus; much if1* ?o an to any threatened violence. With these view*, I am of opinion that the <|uestioif presented to me under the presvnt writ of habeas corpus, I* rtt aH/ucatii, and that I am precluded from going Into any Investigation of the facta in the cane; and that no new facta are net forth in the proceeding* which authorUe any Interference by me The writ must therefore he dismissed, and lose da ostafand loae da llorha remanded to the custody of the respondent Uniticii 8t*t?:? COMMIiiioiveiii' Orni Aid. t> ? Before (- omraistioner Morton.?Pait Office Drlinquinciti?Nelson C. M arse llis, a clerk In the I'oat Office, wan arrested this morning by Deputy Marshal Smith, on a charge of purloining letters, delivered Into the office It Appeared from the testimony of David B. Miller, another clerk, that he, Miller, saw the prisoner on Thursday morning go to a table in tho sorting office, upon whi< li were several packages of letters, take up two letters and put them In his pocket. .Miller, in company with a man named Brown, another tmiiloyet in the Port Office, went to him and aakvdjhlra for the letters. After a pause he said he would give them up; Miller, however, did not wait, hut put his haud in the prisoner's pocket, and took them out; he was then asked what he intended to do with the letters; he replied, he intended to bring them to Mr. Morris; one of the letters was directed to Wilson k < o , and waa identified by Mr. Day, of that urm; the other waa directed to Williamson k Burns, proprietors of the Diipatcli newspaper and wan identified by Mr Burns Martelll* waa ordered to give bail in $1000, or, In default, to b? committed | Before CommlMiOMr Oardlaw -in r? Hugh Mi RK H MORNING, AUGUST 7, Crearfy.?McCrtady wiu charged by the Captain of tha | Minerva. with an attempt to create a revolt. The caae wm Investigated yeaterday morning by the Commissioner. and the complaint dlsmiaaed In Re Ckarltt Maldm ?Maiden wax charged with cuttiug the aecond mate of the ?hip Marlaoaibo with hi? knife on the kneepan. and inflicting a dangerous wound The caw wax gone Into thix morning, and he watt committed, to abide his trial. Cot'iii n? (Iv.phkai. Sksmons, Aug. ti.?Before Recorder Scott and Alderiusn Dodge aud Meaaerole; John McKeon, Uiatrict Attorney. ? Plra ?/' (luilty ? At the opening of the court thin morning, Wm. Conroy and Wm Thompson. indicted for tin attempt to commit a grand larceny, pleaded guilty to the charge and were aentenced to the Stat* priaon for two yearn. The following communication wu then preiented bj the ilrand Inquest, protesting against the preaent Urand Jury room Grand Ji'ry Room, Italia of Juatice, Aug. Oth, 1H47.? The Orand Jury reapectfully call the attention of the court to the room they occupy, aa being very unooinfortable for the transaction or buaineaa; not only from ita proximity, and conaequent nolae from the street, but for waut of proper ventilation, It being necessary to close the windowa (the only means of ventilation.) during the sittings of this body, to enable them to hear; thereby, at this season ot the year, not only rendering it uncomfortably warm, but prejudicial to health. Therefore. In view o( Iheee objections, we request that a more suitable room be provided for the present Orand Jury, and recouiineud the authorities to provide k room for (hose who succeed uh, in this, or Homo other building, removed from th? noimj of do great a thoroughfare as the present -proprrlj vealilated, better adapted to the transaction of bus! nenH, the comfort of the Grand Jury, and the wants o the city Sigued by all the member* of the Grand Jury. No eases being ready for trial, the court then adjourn | ed uutfl to-morrow morning. Hartford. August ft, 1S47. Commencement Week?*ltUenxum Society?Parthenon Society ? Junior Exhibition?Commencement Evercite* The twenty-third anniversary exercises of the Athe u.euui Society of Trinity College, took place at tbi American Hall, on Monday evening. The exercisei were all very creditable to the orators and the college The music wal excellent. The following was the ordei of exercises :? I. Latin Salutatory?George Francis Hathaway, Ilhodt Island. i Anniversary Oration?George Morgan Hills, New York. MUSIC. 3. Anniversary Poem?David Foster I.umsden, Sootland. 4. Oration?Poetry and its K(Tects? Charles Richard Chapman, Connecticut. ft. Satirical Poem?John Collins Covell, Connecticut. MVSIC. li. Humorous Oration? Family Government.?A. Gard ner Woleott, Massachusetts. 7. Dissertation - Marshal Ney?Jonathan Godfrey, Jr. I'onnecticnt. H. F.ssay ?The Hero ami the Philanthropist? Georgn White GlUdings, Connecticut. Ml'SIC. i?. wmwwu- lll> I- *?IDTJ I'CPUUJ HI 1VUUIUR?H UUftU li udder, Connecticut. 10. Oration?Joan of Arc?Louli N. Middlebrook, Con nectlcut. MUSIC* ' 11. Poem?'Tlrzali, the Jewess?Frank Bolles Pea ' body, New Hampshire. MUSIC. 13. Colloquy?A Night at the Springs?(>eo. Morgai liiii*. The Parthenon Society also sustained their well earn ed reputation for rhasteness of composition and good elo t >eir nineteenth anniversary,on Tuesday eve ning, at American Kail, in the following order of exer clses:? 1. Latin Salutatory?J anus B. Taylor, New York. J. Anniversary Oration?Samuel Benedict, New York MUSIC. 3. Society Oration?Ancient Civilization?Ebeneze Faxon, Connecticut. ? 4. Oration?Patrick Henry?George 8. Oilman, Cor 1 necticut. 9 MI'IIC. " 5. Dissertation. The Despotism of Knthusiasm.' Ucnj. H. Paddock, Connecticut. ' 0. Oration. The Chimerical Sciences. Richard W II. Jarvis, Connecticut. : 7. Humorous Kssay. The Senses. Levi D. Stimsoi 1 Massachusetts. r h. F.ssay. Tribute to the Dead. James B. Dirlcksoi Maryland. MUSIC. fl. Anniversary Poem. The Twilight Hour. Win. C J Chlpnian, New York. ! MUSIC. 1 10. CoIlo<tiiy. Ups and Downs. Levi B. Stimson. 1 l.ast evening, Christ Church was crowded to over Mowing by the intelligence of the city, to listen to tin 1 following exercises of the Juniors, who then and then | laid a good foundation in the estimation of tho public 1 VOLUNTARY ON Til): ORdAN. PRATER. ' 1. Latin-Salutatory. Natlian M. Belden, Wilton. | j^|2 Tbu (io|ilfn Mean. Frank B. Peab^'ly, Aniheret ' 3. Kail of thC Moorlnh Power in Spain. Richard W } II. Jarvig, Portland. J MUf ic. ; 4. Influence of Science on National Progperity. W ' Cleveland iliokg,Rutland, Vt. 1 a. Vision. Ralph H. Bowled, Hartford. Mllll. ' t>. Influence of Imagination on the Moral Faculty | I,ouIh N. Middlebrook, Trumbull. 7. Mystery. Theodore I. Drigg*, Cheshire MUSIC. 1 H. St. Paul at Athens. A Poem. Wm. Rudder, Hart 1 ford. !). The Divine Element in Poetry. Benjamin iI. Tad dock, Cheehiru. Mime. \ 0LUNT ART ON THK ORUAN. The following wan the order of excruigeN thin day, hi commencement The reputation of Trinity College hai been advanced by the character and style of theee ef fort* The attendance at the churcn wan very large, eg pecially upon the part of the beauty of the city. voluntary on thk oftdan. rHAYRR. Latin Salutatory Oration. Ueorge Shepard Oilman ' Hartford, Conn. The Heroic and Christian Character. Kbenezer Faxon . Hertford, ( dun The last day* of Sir Walter Scott. Henry W. K Matthews, Chenhire, Conn. MUSIC. ' Monastic InstitutlonH. < harles Frederick Hale, Hart lorn. i onn 5 Berkely. Bishop of Cloyne Oeorge Morgan Ililln, Bui falo, N. Y. . Robert Burns. David Foster Luinsden, Kdinborc I Scotland. Ml'ili. J The Living Dead and the Dead Living. Oeorge Col fax Chipvian, Waddington, N. V. Switzerland Ana (Gardner Woloott, Qulncy, MaM. The Kail of Tyre?A I'oem. John Collins Covell, Kg ' sex, Conn. Influence of Tradition. Charles Richard Chapman , Hartford, Cenn. I'ublic Opinion. James Bridge, Jersey City, N. J. The two blementa of a Christian Character?Vmifldic tory. Samuel Benedict, Rochester iV. Y. Ml'nr. Historians, and the Ornamental Arts. William Upsoni 1 Colt, a candidate for the degree of A.M. CONf'KKRKD, Mine?OLD Himuhmi. 1 BKIVKDICTION. j The degree of A. M. wan conferred on the followini r gentlemen:? Rev. Kandford Jackson llorton. A. B., Rev Jamei " Lawrence Scott, A. B , Yal?; Rev. Thomas Met'lure I'e . ten;. A B . Rev. David riatt Sandford, A. B ; Re* . lohn Kelly, A B ; Tllton Doollttle, A. B ; Henry leba bod Kuller, A. II , Joseph Augustus Stone, A B ; Wil Hum I'psom Colt, A. B ; Rev Charles Henry Hall, A. B Vale, ll>-nry Kdw.irds. A B., Vale; Rev. J?seph S. Cowlei A.M., Brown University The iloii Degree of Master of Arts was conferrei upon Rev. Dudley Chase The Hon Degree of L. J.. D. was conferred upon Sa muel Church. Chief Justice of ( ounenticut. The following members of the senior class then re ceived the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:? Samuel Benedict. James Bridge, I'utnam Brinluy Charles Richard Chapman, William Colfax Cbipman John Collins Covell, Kbene/.er h'axon, Oeorge Shepan Oilman Charles Krederir. II ale I Imipvi, Mr.r,mn lluu lames Uilbert Jacocks. David Koster fumsden, Henri Willi* t.dmund Matthew*, I harle* < iabrtel HUtare, Ha" uiut*I <?ardn*r Wolcott, Am Oardner Wolcott, Hurl tier Itolcouih Woodruff The weather throughout all the** exercise* hu beer cool ami comfortable. and everything passed off to th? ? evident iatl*factlon of all concerned, especially the ex cedent dinner, *erved ap "by mine ho*t'' of the Ameri can Hotel. Tiik Lk'jim.attjrk ok adjourned or Tuesday, niter a (tension of nearly three months We have one new feature In the form* of adjournment in that the Henate passed a vote of thank* to the re porter* for their " able and impartial report*.'' Thi rights and honors of the " third houM" In leglslatlvi bodle* cannot long fall to be appreciated by an Intelll gent people. The Kmnrhrc Journal say* of this Legislature : ? Ftul few party question! were agitated The Mexican wai may perhap* be con*ldered the only one In which parlj line* were nearly unbroken ; and we think of but on> other i|iie*tlon where the vote a**umed a strong part) aspect on a mere local or personal >|uestlon, nothing mure than setting off a single individual from one town to another. Amopg the things done, have been the passage ol resolution* approving the Mexican war, tli* adoption of the plurality system In elections, where It can now be done by law. and the *ubnii**ion to the people of the quextlon ot altering the cnn*titiition. where It requires a majority The *uhml*slon of the .|iie*tion, *U<>. whether the constitution shall be ?o altered a* t? prohibit the Htate from contracting debt* to the amount of more than *300,000, and prohibiting the State Irom loaning iU credit to corporation* Resolutions passed the House, nearly unanimously,against the extension of slayer* Into territory now free, and instructing our b?rn? aton u C ongresa Lost by the disagreeing vote# of the two Vmtkse [ERA] 1847. - - " j Spirit of the Watering Place*. u. 8. Hotkl, sab itoo4 sriinoi, j July 29, IH47. i t'l tnch Sociaty and Jlmrrican Socitly?JInothtT Hall ut our Unlet? E</uritriani*m, <f*c. The meteoric Hue of the French nation, under the patronage of the Kmperor Napoleon, to a poaition of tranncendent uncial brilliance, and great national importance, aatonUhed Knglaud and the world. That remarkable epoch, when French society wan what it haa continued to be, the most dazzling and magnificent of modern Europe, wan the wonder aud envy of Christendom. The manners of that grand society, composed its it was of men of genius. and womvn of beauty, are aped in America; the vehement idolatry with which the American exclu. I Hivea regard France. and the anxiety with which they peek I aud the readincM with which thev ailnnt. the mul the entire Kreuch modes. prove* that Krench society remains the model of the civilized world; any of the American fashion will go on their knees tor the lateKt hrockurt from 1'arls. Ilow abeurd in thin, and how ridiculous' we must not make Kurope oar model, bat we must become her model. The American government ha* ul ready acquired the respect Of the world, and the gradual introduction of ita feature* in Kuiope, will i not be hastened by this singular exhibition of Auin1 rlcan folly I am at Saratoga, where I can fuel the > pulse of Americau aociety; I nee it in ita regal splendor ' I understand the elemeuta which com|M>*? it I acknowledge and am proud of Ita virtue*, and I acknowledge and f am aahamed of it* vices. these virtues are of the purest and most sacred nature, and these vices are often most vile and most pitiable They are often the result of ita muuiticence, which if it was bestowed upon the ignoble half of the worUKwould make the earth a heaven, and hell a fable Thefte superb chambers, which are nightly tilled with those of this bright land, who seem to be the jirotrgen of the dtvtuity, are In all but the homage to ' royalty, the counterpart of the drawing rooms at I'aris. At the bottom of all thla suavity and gorgeousnesa there 1* profound selfishness and reciprocal envy; the aristocracy, with all their forced hilarity, cannot divest their necks of that iron ganote, which is a self imposed at i Miction more horrible than any that I can imagine An , aristocracy is iuimical to this government; and it will not always exist in America ud i uesuay evening auotner delect ball wim given. preliminary to the dual dress ball on tint 11th of August next; ihe room wag plain, and, therefore, more i beautiful. The numerous army an<l uavy officers, who were present in uudress uniforms, made it a kind of military ball, like that, perhaps, from which Wellington wan ho summarily called at JJrus hi'Ih. The company wan apparently of the lnont Helect kind; love radiated iu streams from a hundred beautiful even; every body wax very gay, and every I body seemed disposed to forget the world outside, and think only of the world within. I suppose some of these persons are disciplining themselveH for the grand fancy dress ball, which is at present the principal topic of discussion at the club, at table, and at the whist parties. Ilerz and Sivori gave a concert at this hotel last , evening; the audience was much larger than those at the previous concerts. These artists added i laurels to their former reputation; they are two great masters of their art. Hivorl played ' the Carnival of Venice," and some other things that I did not hear. ? His bowing was graceful and nervous, and often fierce; it was also rapid, and probably faultless. I cannot notice him properly: he threw the audience Into a perfeet frenzy or passion, and he wan not allowed to retire till he had restored their calmness by some common place music. During the performance of Her* there were exclamations of " beautiful," " divine," Sic., all about the room. He Is positively a phenomenon, and 1 think he l can beat Mszt. It is said they will give a second concert on Monday evening. At Saratoga, horses are driven tandem a great deul, and there are some exhibitions of superior equestrianism. Two of these equestrians left town on a late lovely morning; they were a lady and gentleman, and the lady is one of the best horsewomen in America; she Is Intrepid and high tempered, too; she rode a blood horse, and three miles out of town she lifted hiui prettily over tin ugly fence, and dared the gentleman to lollow. The r miserable fellow made the attempt, of course?and dislocated his shoulder! i- The invalids at this hotel have, in their resident physician, Dr. Samuel Kreeman. a most kind aa excellent puysician. rne aoctor is a graduate 0f Dartmouth Col lege, and ih eminently worthy of patronage. The Hon. Xadok I'ratt arrived here yesterday. Mr. '. Spencer of the Senate ha* also arrived. (Ireat part of the time is occupied by the ladieH in 1, bowling, &c. Thii in, in fact, great fun, und the best exercise in the world. Mr. Oridley's alleys, kept by Mr. ), Haynes, formerly of Albany, are the finest 1 ever saw, In his shooting gallery there are some great speciiuena of skill in gunnery, Knropeaii Cracker* anal Cliecae. The highest honors at King Kdward's .School. Birmingham, have this year been gained by a Jewish cholars. B The effect of recent experiments bas been to throw b some doubt upon the safety of the Menai bridge. A service of electric-telegraphs for the use of the pub* lie has been opened during some weeks between Amsterdam, the Hague, Leyden, Haarlem, and other towus of Holland. The cost of this uew mode of correspondence !> Is estimated according to the number of lines and the distance of the places Kor example,'JO words transmitted from Amsterdam to Haarlem, four leagues, cost 3K sllbergros (about 38 centimes), and from Amsterdam to the Hague, l'J leagues, about ti sllbergros (If. 3-Jc ) A Mexloan vessel, arrived at Dartmouth, has brought sundry pretty presents for Her Majesty, amongst which are a monkey, a macaw, an ant-eater, a lizard, and an alligator! During the action which was lately fought between the Krenoh and the Cochin Chinese, the former captured several boats wholly built of copper. An attempt has been made to establish wollen manufactures in the Sandwich Islands, and some blankets of very good quality are said to have been produced. Some packages have arrived from various parts of the continent for ner most gracious Majesty the Queen, in, eluding some sweetmeats, toys, and other articles for the , use of the royal nursery. Immense preparations are being made in the Caucasian provinces for the approaching campaign against the mountaineer* The army which is to act againdt thein will be of nearly 160,000 men. The Moniteur published the returns 'of the indirect i taxed and rerenue of Krance during the flrdt nix month* of 1817, which amounted to 393,64;>,000f. The dilTerent i itemdwere: ? Franci. Hegidtry duties. mortgage, ho Kmm.iI.diki Stamp duties ,!0,:>0; Import duties on (train 1,761,000 Do. on merrhandine II 33i 000 Do. on colonial sugar 'JO,328,000 Do. on foreign Bugar K.xport dutiei" I 07? (too Navigation dues I,31(1,000 >1 Mldcellaneous CUdtom duties 1,387.000 Duty on dalt 30,000.000 Duty on li<(Uord 47.768.000 1- Duty on home made sugar II.IMIHIO Miscellaneous receiptd 1D.OM.OOO I'roceedd of the dab* of tobacco 67,113.000 Proceeds of the Kale of gunpowder 000 I'odtage, he 34,231 mm Mail coached 083,000 I) Mail packets 048,000 Total Ml 1 , lion Ad compared with the receiptd of the corresponding period of 18 40, there id a diminution of ft,83l OOOf. in M47, occadioned by the d((ppreddion of the duty on foreign 1 grain, which produced ladt year 7,381,000f. The consumption of butcherd' meat in Paris during the month of June ladt wad b.7 21 oxen. 9,176 cows. 8.373 calred, 39.012 dheep, and 19 goatd. Ad compared with thn rnvmtimnt.lmi nf Inno 1HIH vm mi lucruud.. in * 1817, of 737 oxen. 7f>l cown, 217 calve*, and *heep Tlio cou*umption during the ttrat mi* month* of 1*47 amounted to 4-1.337 oxen, ll,/>39 cown. 40,7-JH calve*. S#8.H3i nheep, and 47 goat* The comparison with the Ar*t half year ofHIO exhibit* an augmentation In 1*17 I Of I.OJ7 oxen and 3.411 *heep, and a diminution of 1.1** calve* and 104 sheep. After having made re*earche* for upward* of three y-KT' ih? oviron* of the town of Mchervig, not far d .Tom the oapital, the government of BrmiKwick ha* jui>1 Ukuukkiu ..i. ?ojO feet Iwneath the surface ofthe earth, a mine ?f rook *alt of nearly 4<m feet in ueptb It ha* taken all uece**ary mea*ureH for commencing the working of thia rich mine. A *hort Hum ago the minaret of the ino*<jue of Sultan Bajaxet. at < onetantlnorle. wan xtruck by lightning U The whole tower fell, and in no doing cruehed two peri Mono Three timer* thin year have ino?'|Ue* been i. *truck by lightning in < on*tantinople The name thing r ban occurred to the imperial re*ldeno? of Tcberaghan, - the (fate of Adrianople. and the artillery barra-k* near t Tera. All thin hnn caused t?ry great alarm among the people, who, being Tery *up?r*titlou?, nee in it the presage of mi*furtune* for the Ottoman empire. ' It In calculated that the liberal party will obtain an ' aice**lon of no l*M than eighty neat* in the coming " election*, an Increace that will give to the < Internment of l.ord John RuMflll ? ?<*><1 working majority in the I new Parliament. The l.nrd* of the Admiralty hare concluded a contract for supplying book* to form lihrarle* for the u*e of the oeamen employed iii the royal navy. The number of Mntidh *hip? wholly mortgaged in 1 m it}, wan 4A4, tonnage 7rt.7tU, partly mortgaged |!K>, tonnage [,or<l l>UUI?y ' ?uvw "?> ?!? uuiivwn, 111 I.un' don, a mrDilx'r of the Manchester 1'nlty of Oddfellow* ' from a private letter ju?t received from a traveller. we , receive the unwelcome intelligence that the inai^tiili'-a-rit r temple ?f the Nun, at llaalbeck ha* been destroyed l.y order of the Vicerov for the sake of it* linn Itone* whicn aro to he einplowed in erecting barrack* for the cavalry and a forage magailne Kolyman I'aeha no far *aved the , splendid gateway. a? to cause the atone* to be replaced in their original form in the construction of the en trance to the barrack*. We lament to record such randali*m in thn nlnteenth century?and in the land of the I'haroah* information ha* been received by the police, that one of the Inspector* of public work* lor the couuty of Mo naghan. in Ireland, had gone on with A'tXHl, that he had received for the public work* The t:?ik Constitution, notices a lumor that in skibberean X. 1000 of the relief fuod rimaln* uoaacouuted lor, and that an Inquiry U ordared by government The Limtrick Etamintr uyi i ?" We kin barn t?ld that la a oarUlm ooaaty in Coa ? 3 LD. ? _ - - -- - - ---- - . . 1 -~-J1 Price Two C ?i / . naught i^W.'lOO of the relief funds tttmiiDi unaccounted for. ' Th? cargo of the brig Thetln, from N?w Brunswick, 47<>0 ipruce. deal*, aud *oui'> lathwiod to BtrnM, Hta pl?M. au<J Shoard, wan discharged in niuutwn working noon. An individual named lliuiy ha* ab*nond?d from Monaghan with A'rtim in provincial notM, and it i* mippu* ed that, under the name of Davis, ha i* about to procmd to America. The minister of marine ha* just given order* that a cart ful examination iihall be made of a bed of oyster* lately discovered ID the Bay of the Heine A cutter has been sent to cruise off It. and to notice any infraction wuicu tuo r.ugiisu iiauvruiru *umj vvuiuih. The statue iu marble of Prince Albert, subscribed for by tljH merchants to commemorate bla having laid th? foundation stoue of the Itqyal Kxchauge.haa been placed iu the vestibule of Lloyd's. The monument of Huskis son, sculptured by Gibson. and presented by the widow of tbo statesman to the town of Lirerpool, 1* at length to be placed in the north area of the ooiton house there. A return procured by Sir 11. W. Barron, M.F., dhow* that the hums granted by Parliament lor Iriab fisheries, in IHi?. amounted to A'jO.OOO, and for Brltlab fisheries, to ? II,IKK) Comparing the highest price of wheat auld at Doocmt?r market during the present year, with th? prloe obtained ou Saturday last, there is presented & deollne of Itis lid a load, which is equivalent to 44s per quarter. A hone said to have been the heel hone of Kdward IV. \ and reported to have been pilfered from his coflln, by some irrev ereut antiquary was exhibited at the laat meeting of the London Antiquarian Society. A parcel of coin has arrived at the uilnt from Russia, sent by the Russian government for thy authorities ?f that place to ascertain, by separation or analyzst'.'D.tha relative quantities of the rafuabU metaU whi-u it is supposed to contain The following letter h*:i been addressed bjr <Jeneral Yriartu, one of the most d isiluguished fullow< a of Kipartero, to l.ord rston ? Loudoi. ,..y 1, 1!M7.? My Lord : 1 b:?ve just received the command of my august soi feign, l^ueen Isabella, to return to my coua> try. after :hrt>e year* of emigration, and to resume my rank of g. if riil iu tho Spanish army During my residence in this hospitable country. I have received thrf most marked kindness from the Knglish people, as well as from the Knglish government ; and in fulfilment of the most sacred duty of man. which is to prove himself grateful, I have the honor and the high satisfaction of thus ' tfering the tribute of my earnest thauks with every assurance of eternal gratitude With this feeling, I once more beg your Kxoellenpy will be pleased to ac cept my thauks, together with the assurance of my high consideration, and I remain your Kxcellency '* very obedient humble servant " A treaty of commerce and navigation between Oreat Itrltain and Tuscany was ratified lit Florence on the lith ultimo It in ( aid that whenever Prince Albert dance*, either at Buckingham palace or elsewhere, bin partner* are invariably married ladle*. We suppone l.a Heine It \ cut. The *1ugthurg Gazette say* that there is no truth in the statement of the probability of an early conclusion of a treaty of commerce between the I'nitea State* and tho Zollvereiu, There are no fewer than thirty-eight candidate* for Die chaplaincy of the parl*h church at Sheffield. The Pari* police have pulled down *ome placard* in the form of a notice to workmen, running thus ?" Wanted, *ome hand* out of work to *weep a Court and two Chamber*.'' A few day* nince, at < Jreenock. a Highland lad peeped through a hole in Woinbwell'* menagerie, in order to obtain a gratuitous view of the encaged wild beaata; but he paid dearly for hi* curio*ity, oh one of the leopard* Htruck him with his paw on the face, and would probably have torn out hi* eye. If the hole bad been an inob or two larger. The following alterations are about to be made in the uniform of officer* of infantry regiment*:?I Forage cap* of royal regiment* to have a black nilk (oakleaf pattern) hand, with present badge, instead of the present scarlet band. '2. The lace on the skirt* of the coat to be removed. I). Gold lace to be worn on the trouser* in full dre*?, and Hcarleat Ream in undress 4. (told *a*h in t'utl dress, plain crimson silk In undre**. 6. Black leather helmet, with burnished ornament* and plume, inntcad of present chako*. The Counte** of Mornington, sister-in-law of the Duke of Wellington, ha* i**ued an appeal to the Fnglish public, to save her from the work-house Among the medical noveltie* of the day may be mentioned, on the authority of the (iuzettr Medicate, that establishment* have been recently opened at Berlin, for the open sale of horse fle*b as an article of human food, iu order to render tlii* innovation popular, a public banquet wa* recently held in the l'rus*ian capital, at which 70 persou* sat down to feast upon the body of a mar* which had reached the age of seven year*. I'rince Albert, of I'russla, arrived at Petersburg on the 4tli. with letters from the King of Prussia, and otk*r member* of the Prussian royal family, for the emperor and empreMS. it appears from an official return that there are not fewer thau between 300,000 and 4(10,000 chimneys*ln Paris. It i* proposed to put *uch a tax on them a* shall yield about jtl.?0,000 per annum. We observe that passengers may now leave Glasgow by an express train at ?J0 minute* pa*t five in the morn u^, nuu irmi.ii i?i)iiuuu iv v u ciuck un inn rvrmng in tur same <lay. ' rom the Berwick Jidrrrtitrr we learn that the journey from London to that town in now aoconplislied in II hour* and AO minuted; and this last week, 011 three several occasion*, the distance from.Berwick to Kdinburgh, 6U mile*, had b??n travelled In 1 hour and M minuted. 'J'he distance from t ilasgow to Kdinburgh, 4b miles, is performed by the express train in one hour and three minuted; to Bei wick in'i hour*and 66 minute*; to Newcastle in *ix hour* and 30 minute*; to York in 3 hour*; and to London in 16 hour* and 20 minute* In the year 1HI0 the *horte*t time in which the whole die tance could be performed by ordinary coaching wa* 78 hour*. During the extensive repair* which are now going on at the venerable chapel attached to Kton collegia large number of fre*co painting* were discovered upon the removal of the oak pannelling from the wall* of the *acred edifice Home of the*e painting*, which appear to have been executed by F lorentine artist*, between 1440 and 14W0, and which are in a very fair dtate of preservation. represent a variety of miracle* alleged by the Romish church to have been performed by the Virgin Mary. It appear* that when the choir wa* enlarged,under the auspices of Sir < hristopber Wren, these frescoes.some of which were not considered very appropriate iTiiniiiouiK ni mill, mint iur a place 01 worsnip, worn Did ticu from Tit*w behind the oaken paunelllng hence their preservation up to tliin period It lit thi> intention oftbn I'rorost anil hallows of Klon to cause its many of tba?n rarn works of art to l>e prenarved, an wili not Interfere with the extensive alterations and einbellishuicuts now in progress th>> interior of the chapel. It ban h??D suggested that the old oak panneling *bould be replaced, mid that doors ebould made to open in front of tbn paintings. no that they might at any Mm* be Inspected liy visiters to the ehapel, artist* ami otbeni It may b? mentioned that lonia of the subject* represented ar? not exactly suited for public exhibition In a Protestant plai-u of worship, but, an work* of art. It *u de- mad proper that they should not be destroyed AOHICULTURAL ROOMS, LYCKUM BMLnINt# >,l Uromlwsy, New York IIORTK IJI/fL'RAL KXIIIDITION-Ai the .nski-auon of the S'lte Agricultural Moaiety, wlionr Kan Will be tii lil 'it Saratoga Springs, oil (he IVli ol .lapt , lha American Agriotilturnl Association lin*i" ruiiigeil the tin e of IioIiIiuk their Ktliihirluu tu ilia Bth and 9th ol Sept. All persnus de urous of aid"* thr cause ol' Horticiilure, are esuirath in vited to en'iihit a.iciineus of Mow an, Kruita , or Vanrunla*. and to compete for ; ii-tniuma. Progmiuui' ? ini>* be obtained of Mr. Jame> Hiivk Meedamnn, M2 bronilw.iv, opimin the Hooiiih? <il anv ul aeedainen in Naw lurk, ot of the following r'.iecutire Committee :? Lnilur Uiadiali, VVm. I oveiitry H Wsdilell, Juno l.euoi, Hheplierd Konpi'. 1'liao Krelinghuv?an, Itulm King I>e!a/ield, Archibald lliusell, II L. Pell, Edward I l irfc I ?11 r.oi *re ?? P IMHPNKR. llaeV | l-.tb KHUOIS IN.MUM AM' OMI'Afa b ? Olhc* No al SO W.i 11 afreet, opjioaite lha MarchauU ktchknge Tbn rom| in> coutiniiea to iiianre anamat lota or i?image b? (ire, on dwellmg lioiiaea, wsrelionaea, bmldings in general, gooda, warea, and merchandise, and arery description of par mini |?r??|?erf|r. eorrtctlr nud prompt! r ndjatced *nd paid. niRRCTOU. Tlioa. T, Woodruff, B It Robaon. M l) , Krancia T Base, Moaea Tnrker, John P. Moora, Auaoa Bakri, Tliompaon Price, Caleb Tunis, Jaa. T. Molmaa, John H Lea, Kliaha Higga, Tlioa Ytorrell, John i Marritt, Joseph Allan, Kngeue ttogarr, Joaeph iJroke, Wm K . Thorn, Robert Smith. Tinas. W. Thorna, John ft. Davison. MOSKS TUCKER, I taideut. (Iv.n. T. HorK, Secretary. mvUa || i CHALLKNOK.?Notice to aanlleiLen who ?ant tl.eir old clothea to look like new, call at the I TiiiloruiK, Dyain*. rlennina and Hepsiring Katahliahment, [ No.77 I lolil atreet, corner olOold and .Hpruce, where orders will he prince null y* attended to it the ahortest notace, and on the most reasonable terms, by J B NOAH. 77 Gold M .N. B ?The highest price girrn hit geutlemen's left oil wearing apparel JyH l#t*m NOTH K TO UROI KMH. HOTEL KKKI'^HM, k<-.? HKUAKH ' Mf.OARB! Mfr'.OAltM H. iiK.NKI Ql.'KH, No. IH Broadway, eoraer Pin* strret, lina just received i*r I lulile Harold. from liuni?, a choice Assortment of the heat hranda. well worthy the attention of dealers and the trade in arneral n2JI4t?rc L> mknii IMI'OMI ATION.-W.UCOTT kCO.,No. J77 r Broadway. have received a freah lot of the tnnrh admired sheer lawn handkfs, narrow ta|ied borders, whiah art offered raiiniii ally cheap; black and white laced Capes, from (I VI; ahoiiI on paira fine h'rench CnlTa, at Is. and Is ftd per pair; the remaining stork olblack and white lace Visitea, at coat price, a very cheap lot of needlework Collars, from }s. to 6a each? l.adir* will ilao find some bargains in Valeucieanes (.sees and Kdginga well worth their attention. jy U? mi "m \| aUihoin mro.l amu hoahdinu hotitic ham 1TI. been newly fitted up and luruisliril for the accommod< tio? of anmmer boardera. KifYeen or twenty more boarders may be accommodoted with pleasant and airy rooma. H D. HUNTING. Madiaon, New Jersey, July M, 1(47. a3 7t?rc OAHI8IAN DVKINU KMTABI.IMIIMKNf^-Orfice ,22 I W ilium street, New Vork?I'DUKT k DKHt llAr.V d> e and liniali in a new and auperior atyle, never before iiilr. dm <1 into the Iluited Htates, all sorts of goods, sewiiK ailL, twist and trama, either plain or ahadrd; t.e\ > r worateu and woollen yarn, sewing cotton, mohair, kc They have nnporti d patent machinery for putting up w<>r> ' I ed and silk, either in akcins. stools or sticks; damaged or lam -i II goods, ribbons, ailk, satin, mermos, 'hibet and c*?huit a aliawli. giuipa, fringta. cords and taasela, ladt*? men a aatroeiiu, ic , Jytd and alasaad auual to ?*w an. U. irUNl'M

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