Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1847 Page 1
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I.' 11 J y? TH] i \ ol. X1U. No. *19?Whole No. M1U. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-went corner of Fulton and Numb eta. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION?FORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD? Every day, Price 1 centeper eopy?$7 Dper auunirt?ivyable in advance. _ WEEKLY HERALD? Every Saturday? Price eeott per eopy?IS UVi c?nt? per annum?payable in advauce. HERALD KIJR EUHOPE?Every Steam Packet dayPrice cents per copy?$j per annum, niclnuiiac poataae, payable tu advance. Subscription! and advertisement! win be received by Messrs. Ualiirnani, II rut Vmeone, raris ; r. u. SimnniR IS Coruhill, i-iiU Johu Miller, the bookseller, London. ANNUAL PICTORIAL IIKRALD?Published on the lit of January of each year? ingle copies sixpence each. ADVKRTI8KMENTS, at the niunl prices?always cash in advance. Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not b? responsible lor errors that may occur in them. PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully ud with desikirch. All letters or communications by mvl, addressed to the esti.bliiluneut, must be post paid, or the postage will be de d'lfted lr<?n rhe subscription monev remitted. NEW YORK 1NIJ HARIJUS RAILIIO \D COMrANY SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON the t'xra will run m follows, uutil further notice. Up trains will leave :lie City Hall for Harleui U Alorrisiouii. Korliam &. Tackahoe Pleasantville, 5 30 A- M, Will'ms Br ge. Hart's and Newcastle 7 " 130 A.M. White PI'u*. Bedford. ? T " 7 A. M. Whitlickville 3 " 10 " 10 " Crolou Kails. Ill " 11 " 4 P. M. 7 A. M. 11 " I P. M. 5 30 " 4 P. M. 2 V. M. 4 , .. j jo .. 4 ? 6 34 " 5 " S 30 " t 30 " Returning to New York will leave? MorrisianafcHarlem. Kordham. Will'ms Br'ge. Tackahoe. 7 05 A. M. 6 53 A.M. 6 45 A.M. 7 30 A. M. 8 10 7 55 " 7 50 8 48 " 0 " 9 (19 " 9 OK " 1 20 P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. M. 12 ,5 P.M. 5 52 12 35 P. M. 1 45 " 1 40 " White Pl'ns. 2 " 5 02 " 6 M 7 10 A. M. 3 " 615 " 6 08 " 8 33 " 5 20 " 753 " 7 45 " 1 P. M. 0 " i 23 ? G 28 " Pleasantville. New Castle. Bedford. Wliitlickville. 8 13 A M. 8 AM. 7 51 A M. 7 45 A M 5 13 PM. 5 P M. 4 51 P M. 4 45PM Croton F?ll*. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The traini R> and from Crotou Fall* will not slop oa New York Island, except at Broome street, and 32d street. A car will precede each traiu ten minutes, to take up passeiiKers in the city. The morning trair^of cars from Croton Fills will not stop between White Plants aud New York, exccpt at Tuckuhoe William's Bridge, ?'id Fordliam. Extra trams ou Sundays to Harlem and Mnrrisiana, if fin* weather. Hucen for Lake MahoparU and Oanbury leave Croton Fallj on nrrivsl of the 7 o'dock A. M. and 4 P. M. trauis, aud for Pawlings on arrival of the 7 o'clock A- M. traiu. FAKE FROM NEW VORK : To Croton Falls $1 00 To I'.W ToNertCH-itle 75 To Pleas&iilville 62>f To White Plains 5U Freight traiu.i leave City llall at 12 M- aud at 7 P. M. Returning, leave Croton Falls at 7 A. M. and 9 P. M. SO AY & CO.'S BOSTON AND EASTERN EXP11KS8. via Newport and Fall River.?This Express leaves the office. No. 1 Wall street, ooruer of Broadway, daily, at ijuartrr before 5 o'clock, P. M., thereby securing 10 tuerciiautt ami others me advantage 01 a late nour lor lorwarding canes, packages, Htc. Bank uotes, specie, drafts, and valuable parcels are secured in iron safes nud placed iu the charge of faithful conductor*. GAY U CO. Merchandise, packages, tic. forwarded in our own cars, and by leaving orders at our office. No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, packages will be called for iu aiiy part of the city. i fro- 1 Wall street, corner Broadway. unices } 7 Stite street, Boston. an3 30trc -St CONEY ISLAND KERRY.?The well fL?known steamer AMERICAN EAGLE. CapSE^SsGE-t*ill Oeo. H. Power, will mu regularly during the season to Coney Island, lauding at Kort Hamilton, a* follows:? Lex runt Pier No. l,at 10, 1,4; leaving Coney Islaud at 112'i. ck. In addition to the above trips, will make a morning trio to rort Hamilton, leaving the city at 7, Kort Hamilton at 8 o'clock. aul lit "re "SSil FOR "PERTH AMBOY AND NEW r.^uL-iMBKUNDW 1CK?Daily, Sundays excepted, JBMIIiflkat >4 past 3 o'clock P. M , from the foot of Robinson street, next to Barclay. The uew and elegant steamer ANTELOPE, Capt. S. Van Wicksl. will, on and after Tuesday, August 10.h, leave ihe foot of Robinson street, for Perth Ambov and New Brumwick, landing at Rossville, Woodbridg.-, Totteu's and Krench's Landing. Returning, the ANTKLOPE leaves New Bruuswick at >i past 6 A. !vl.; Perth Ainboy at % past 7, stopping at the above places. Passengers for Kings'ou and Princeton take ita^e at New Brunswick on the arrival of the boat. All freights, haggige, &c., at the owner's risk. *u8fir?rc KOR SHREWSBURY, OCEAN HOCJS&, Long Branch, Rnnsotn Dock, Brown's Dock, d?!imi!wMWk.\liildleiowu and Red Bank.?The Steamboat ORUS, C. Price, Master, will run as follows, from Knlton Market Slip, East River _ Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock Wednesday, 11. 7 Wedne?day, 11, 4 Thursday, 12, 8 Thursday, It, 4 Friday, 13, Friday, 13, Saturday, 14, Saturday, 14, 5 Sunday, 1}, 8 Sundty, 13, 6 Monday, IS, 7 Mouday, 10, 11)< A.M. The Line Stages will run to Howell Works, Squau Village and freehold. Stages to convey passengers to all parts of the country. .... . . N.B. All persons are forbid trusting the above boat on account of the Owners. J. P. ALLAIRE. au4 30t*rc FOR 8HRK WSBIJK Y.LONO BRANCH, W. SCHKNCK'S, Hl(iH LAN U!?, Ocean CMMfllHHb House, aud F.atnntuwn Lauding. The Steamboat KDWliS LEWIS, ('.apt Haynes, will ran as follows from foot of Vesey street, North River: Leave A'eui York. Leave Shrewibury. Any. o'clock. Aug. o'clock. Wed'y, ?t 2X P.M. Thursday 12, at 8 A. M TIiumUVi ?t 3 KM. Friday, 13, at 9 A.M Friday 1), at 3}( P.M. Saturuay, 14, at 9 A.M. Saturday,14, at 4>? P M. Saturday, 14, at 8 P.M. Sunday, 15, at 6K A M Sundty, 15. at II A.M. Monday, 16, at A. M. Monday, 1G, at 11 A.M. Tueadny, IT, at 7 A.M Tuesday,17, at 12 M. Wedn'y, *. ' ^ -A. \1. Wedn'y, 18, at 12 M. Stages will be in readiuess on the arrival of the ooat to convey pmueugers to all purl* of the country. jy3l 30t*rc IraT FOlUv KY PORT.-The steamer JOSEPH COFFEE, will leave the pier, foot of IBaMHaiChambers street, daily, for Key Port, at 3 o'clock, P.M. N. B.?On Sunday's,|the boat will leave at oyi, A. M. au3 30t?m MORNING BOAT AT 11ALF-PA8T r ?N*i? for Albany and intermediate lauding.? tflBaaaHfliw Karr 50 rents. Breakfast and dinner onboard the bout. The well-known low pressure steamboat SOUTll AMERICA, Capt. T. N. JIulse, will leave the Steatnbuai Pier, foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, Thursday, and .Saturday, at half-past six o'clock A.M. au4 14t*rc II wm MORNING LINK KOHALBANkAM) . TKOY nnd Intermediate Landings. ililMHIa Breakfast and Dinner ou board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TKOY, Captaiu A. Oorham, will leave the stermbnat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Ftidayv at seven o clock A. M. Returninir on the opposite days. The Steamer N1AOARA, Capt. II. L. Kellogg, will leave the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at half past six o'clock, A. M., returning on the opposite days. O- Fare 50 Cents. For passage or freight, apply oa board, or to F.B.Hall, at the oic? om the whin. jyt> NOTICE. ST AT KM IMI.AMn VKRRV ?flu ?<! r' A ifter hIJNDAV. April 18th, the steamboats dfllfiUHk 8YLPU sou STATION ljiLANDKK will nin u follow*, until further notice L.KAVE STATE!* ISLAND At I, I, 9, 10,11, A. M.. and I, 3, J, 4, J, 6, 7, V M. I.KAVk nr.W VOhK At T, t, 10, II, A. M., and 1, 2, ten roinatei put t, and at 4. 5, 6,7, o'clock, P. M. Naw York April 1>U>. nil t ^ raiorL* i Link mtjca iiioITiTui ALBAN Y. Daily, Sundays Kicepted? MwBiHwThronKh Direct?At 7 o'clock, T. M., from Use Pier between Courtlandl and Liberty streets Steamboat ISAAC NKWTON, Capt. Wm. II. Perk, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and k'nday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HKNDKIK HUDSON, Cart. K. Q. Crattenden.will leave on Tuesday, Thursday nud Saturday evenin?i )t 7 o'clock. Special Trains for Schenectady, BalUton, anil Saratoga Springs, will ruu u follows:?Leave Albany at 8K A.M., 3 P.M., eicept Hnndayi. Passengers will find this the most e* pedituiua aud convenient ronte. At Kive O'Clock, l\ M.?Landing at Intermediate I'Ucss? from the loot o I Barclay street. Steamboat NOlt'l'H a vlhKICA, Captain Trusdell, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, Knday.oad Sunday aflcrnojus, at S o'clock. i)u..tinooar UOCHE.'tTKK, Captain R. II. Furry, will leave ou Tuesday, Thuraaay, and Saturday afterao-jns, hi 'j o'clock The above boats willat all tunei arriva m Albany la ample time for the Morning Cara l.irtne hast or West. Kreight taken at mode rata rate*, and noue Ukeu. after 5,'i 'clock, P. M. . (T 7" All persons axe forbid trusting any of the boat* of this liue, without a written order Iroin the captain* or agenta. Knjr PMsafle or freight, apply on bonrd the boats, or to P. C. ni mi i,i/. at we omce on the wharf. .nut ?>. OPPOSITION r ASH AUK UHMi'K? lu Ibimy, Utica,$l 50; Syracuse, $2; 0?we?o, W; Buffalo, $1; l leveknd, $4; Detroit, Si; Milwauliie. ?fi 75; Ghicao, ?<, 7J; Cmciiinari, Hi 75; J oronio aud ll.iinilton.f I; Whitehall, $2,Moulrenl.Sl; PittuburK, SO. Office, 100 Barclay meet. A i " aecarity required will be Riven for the fuiaimrnt of all ^ontraci.i "Hue wun this coini?tny. i*l? "t*' M. L EAy, A Kent, New V orte-1847. _ (,lh? tIPUlor at earner NKW IIAVK.N, ^^^tta^gLaptaui Vail Pelt. Call be chartered lor t*turto any place, by application at No. ? Baiter/ 11* ??, North river. jySSIOtrc Bk hla?t and Dinner on Hoard. Theu?w andelegant Steoner KOUKlt WILLIAMS, Cupt. A- Uegnjot, Tueiifijri, 1 hurulava. and Saturday*, at half-past is, A. M.. from the pier foot of Rohiuaon street, tonrhing at Hammond ?lreet Pier, from New York Korpna?iie orfrie?ht,?Wly ?iiio?/d the Boats, or taUeo. T- Stanley,at tha office, foot of Kobinaon atreet U7" All peraoa* we forbid tnutin* the above boa's oa aceonnt of the owners. nl vl9 fh E NE1 NE THE LATEST INTELLIGENCE FROM THK SEAT OF WAR. Zs General Scott in the City of Mexico? Ac. die. [Translation from New Orleans La ratrla, lit inst ] The rabid whig paper of St. Charles street, put a great part of the population in a state of alarm yesterday afternoon; that is, those people who, without considering how the news comes, only strive to learn the substanoe of It. We do not wish to suppose that the National, or its vuiwijwuuiu luraub ?u bust a? gives ua 10 his exiraorai* nary extra ; but if he mji the details which be publishes were communicated to him, there is no doubt that poor Don Thorpe (without A) has been hoaxed like a sucking child. They bare made the poor man believe that General Soott was in the capital of Mexioo on the 17th July, and that this news arrived by the steamer Massachusetts. The editor of the National ought, at least, to have sufficient acumen to be able to calculate that such an Important piece of news as the entry of Scott into the oity of Mexico, oould not have remained hidden for three 'days, and at the end of that time that the National only should have the opportunity of publishing it. The Senor Torpe endeavors in his way to prove that on the 23d they could "have rcceivedj In VeraCruz news of the 17th, thus saying to his readers that > to 7 days weru necessary to go from Mexioo to Vera Crux by way of Orizaba, adding that from the 17th(at what hour ' we know not) up to the morning of the 'J.ld, when the Massachusetts left, seven days had passed. The National adds that it has seen a letter of the lath, which came express from Mexioo by Orizaba, and that it Btates that Santa Anna and Canalizo had quarreled, because the first opposed the defenoe of the capital, and the other did not wish to go forth to be beaten in the open field; that in oons?(iuence of this all the families left precipitately in oonsequence of the approaoh of the Yankees. The letters from Vera Cruz received by the Massachusetts, are almost unanimous in stating that Scott would not leave Puebla before the lath. To be in Mexico on the 17th it would have been necessary for him to have left Puebla on the 11th or 12th, and we know positively that on the 11th the Americans were not near ready to march. Oh, National'. Oh, Torpe! [From the New Orleans Delta, August 1.] The National issued the following in an extra last evening. It seems strange that this news should come by the steamer Massachusetts, whioh arrived here on Thursday last, and that up to this time, those in official correspondence with lien. Scott, should not be apprised of it. Kxtraordinary, however, ns it may appear, we have every reason to believe, from information confidentially communicated to ourselves, that it is substantially true?that the main fact of lien. Scott's entrance iuto the City of Mexico, in a llxed faot. A few days. and the statement will be either confirmed or authoritatively contradicted; till which time our readers must bide with what patience they bent may. There id news in the city from the city of Mexioo, a-< late an July 17th. It came through by a Mexican courier, who cuuie by the the way of Orizaba and Alvarado to VeraCruz. uen. Hoott entered Mexico on the 17th of July. He met with no opposition on hin way from I'uebla, until he arrived at l'enon, about eight miles from the olty. Here a alight skirmish ensued between bin advance und the Mexicans, when the latter fell back. The civil authorities then oame out to meet Uen. Scott.? Stipulations were entered into, by which the persons and property of the citizens of Mexico, were to be respected; this accomplished, our army marched quietly into the city of the Montezumas. This important news readied hern in the Massachusetts, but has been withheld for purposes that we do not understand. The authority upon which we publish it seems to us undoubted. The courier that brought this u?ws could come from the city of Mexico via Orizaba to Vera Cruz in Ave days, if the weather is good; seven under any circumstances. The Massachusetts left Vera Cruz on the i'M. It will be perceived that this allows seven days for the news to reach Vera Cruz by the route we have stated. We know upon the highest authority, that there is a letter now in the city, of the 17th July, from the city ot Mexico. The gentleman who gave us the information lias a letter of the 16th, in whtoh is mentioned the preparations of families about leaving, from the approach uf the Yankees. Santa Anna and Canalizo had quarrelled about the defence ot tue city. Lanallzo am not waut tlie city Injured. u tberu was no hope of successful resiHtance. lie preferred to meet our troops in the plain, and there deride the contest. Santa Anna would not agree to this, so no opposition was made. The eutrancc of Uen. Scott into Mexico is a rumor ? from the letter of the 15th we know positively of the preparation of the families iu the city to move on the approach of lien. Scott, and of the quarrel between Santa Anna aud Canalizo, as to the defence of the city, and we know that there is a letter in the city, of the 17th, from Mexico. The courier that brought through the letter of the 17th, brought news of Uen. Scott's entering the oity. We have no doubt of the truth of the report. [From the New Orleans Picayune, Aug. 1.] A good deal of exoitement was created in the city yesterday afternoon between 2 and 3 o'clock, by the issue trozn the oflioe of the National of an extra, aunouncing General Scott's entrance into the oity of Mexico. We have not a doubt of the perfect sincerity ef the editor ot the National in his belief of this Intelligence; but we are unable to arrive at the same oonolusion with him. We fear the announcement is entirely premature. All the intelligence contained in the extra of the National, was communicated to us on Friday evening. It did not then command our bellef.and consequently was not communicated to our readers yesterday morning. We have seen no reason to change the opinion we first formed of the news. We do not Intend to argue the question of the credibility of this Intelligence at any length; there are circumstances connected with its receipt here sufficient to awaken doubt in all minds. It is not surprising that a courier should have arrived at Vera Cruz from Mexico in the time alleged to have been occupied by this courier; but that he should have escaped all notice at Vera Crus,where so many eyes are fixed upon every new comer from the interior; that he should have made liis way to this port en a government vessel without suspicion; and that the news should here have beun suppressed till certain stock-jobbing operations wore complete?all this is possible, but highly improbable. But tnis we do believe, that If Uen. Scott had entered the city of Mexioo In triumph on the 17th ult, the news would have been known in Tampico and in Vtra Crus by innumerable voices, within forty-eight hours. News is carried in Mexlce with wondertul spesd. The battle of Buena Vista was ended on the night of the 334 of February, and the newB was known by the 28th in tho city of iVlexico, nearly six hundred miles distant. But further:?We learn that a Spanish gentleman Is now in thin city who arrived in the Massachusetts, who taw Gen Scott in Pueblo on the 14th uIt. If this be so. very plausible reasons for giving credence to this indulgence. We can conceive no motive for an attempt to deceive the publlo with It. The ohannel through which it has transpired Is very generally known, and we cannot suppose the Individual alluded to should entertain the slightest desire to mislead any one in the premises. And we know, moreover, that gentlemen who are extremely well-informed about affairs in Mexioo put faith la this news. Still we remain Incredulous, it would there is au end to the whole story at once. We have no doubt that letters of the lath ult may have been received here from the city of Mexico. There have been ample time and opportunity for such letters to reach here via Tampico, nor is It the first time that letters from Mexico have come by that route, and. been attributed to the agency of a courier arrived at Vera Cruz. We repeat, therefore, that when this intelligence was first communicated to us on Friday, we did not credit it, and upon reflection we can sue no reason to change our opinion. But while we thus frankly express our own convictions, yet we must confers that there are seem to be pretty well settled that (.Jen. Scott was to march from I'uebla about the 15th ult. We believe that lie did no, aud that he would certainly make his %ay to tliA flAniUl whether nntioflful or tint! hut. flint. tiM itrriviwl there on tne 17th, we cannot yet believe. We ?re very willing, however, to be undeceived iu the premises. and shall rejoice an sincerely as any If he ha* entered the capital of Mexico with a* little loss as Ik Implied l>y extra of the National. The propeller WathiuKton may very shortly be expected here, and then nil doubts will bo diftpelle 1. [Prom the Ne* Orleans Timed, Aug. 'i | By the arrival here, yesterday, of the steam propeller Washington, Captain 1'ratt, which left Veracruz on the nd, Tampico the Math, and Braxos the U7th ult., we have received numbers of the Tampico Sentinel to the 'Jbth,and of the Matamoras flag t? the 'J4th ult, inclusive. The following is the report made by Colonel <>ates to CJen. Scott, of the cause and result of the expedition to Kuejulta Hkad ((uabtkri?DrrHTMKVT or Tampico, } Tampico. Mexico, July 'il, 1847. \ Sir?Since I had the honor of addressing you upon the suliject of the American prisoners (Major <?nines' detachment) then confined at Kuejulta. several of them escaped and reaohed Tampico on the 'Jd Inst. Their report of the miserable situation and statement that some sixty or seventy of them had been on the road trying to gain this place'on the day previous, inspired me with a hope that I oould assist them, and perhaps recover the whole party. Whereupon, I ordered Colonel l)e Hussy to proceed with an escort of ope hundred men, consisting of Captain Wyse's company, with one all-pounder; C?ptain Boyd's mounted men, some Louisiana volunteers, and ten or twelve clticens. with written Instructions that he should use his best efforts *j\ the release of all the Mid prisoners from the Mexican General Uaray ; as they had beeu repeatedly assured that they were on their way to i'arapi c?, having been exchanged for a portion of the Mexican prisoners taken at Cerro Gordo. The Colonel accordingly proceeded in an orderly and peaceful manner oue hundred and twenty miles, or nearly to Hnejutla, making known the object of ills march as he passed along llere he was waylaid and attacked by a- large body of iuiunlry and cavalry. He fought them bravely, in a soldier-like manner, for several hour*, and finally drove them otf. losing an officer, some of his men, ana the principal part ?f his baggage. When the enemy became ijuiet, the oolonel retired, finding it difficult to proeeoute his onward march any further, lie according tell back on the next village, where he Immediately made a demand for *ome official person In order to oom H YO W YORK, WEDNESDAY municate with (lennnl Gtrtjr, but m only as*ured of further hostility. The colonel Immediately determined on returning to Tarapico, In doing which he encountered difficulties privation* and hardship* which only nerved to try the good qualitie* of hi* brave command. Kor three days he fougbt his way to Tampioo, beset by at least one thousand armed men, who had there prepared ambuscades for him ; but the determined courage of bis men enabled him to continue his march with astonishing success, and Anally to secure a position In which the enemy concluded to respect and leave him. as they had uo further hope of arresting hi* progress The colonel, however, learning that a new ambuscade was prepared for him on the road from I'anaeo to Tamplco. sent to me for assistance and supplies, which reached him in due time. He then returned to this station in good order. Thus you perceive that a detachment of resolute Amerioans marched through n population of flftv thousand Inhabitants on a line of one hundred and eighty miles, forcing difficult passes, creeks, rivers and various obstacles, to overcome an armed force of at least one thousand two hundred men to resist, with comparatively little loss ; such was the bravery, *kill, and remarkably good con <1uct or 1,01. Ha ftumr, and those under aim I enclose to you tli* report of the oolonel, whioh ii clear and justly circumstantial. tie has particularly noticed the adznfrublu conduct of Capt. K. 0. Wyse, and hie mounted company 3d artillery; alno Capt. Mace, Capt. Segtilne, and the men of their commands, who have shown what excellent qualities they posHwss, as dutiful and resolute soldiers. He alao speaks well of the men of the lamented Captain Boyd's ooiapany, and Tory highly of Mr. Letter, Mr. Aldrich and Mr. Wells, acting sutler. Nor should I fall to evinoe my own feelings of pride and satixfaotion at the oonduut of all the brave officers and men seleoted by the oolonel, who participated in the dangers and hardships of this expedition. Tlit'ir energy, ability 2nd perseverance command the highest confidence of their gallant leader, and I shall hope that at some favorable period, the tieneral-inChief will notice them honorably and publiely. I undone to you, also, the last letter of General Uaruy, wherein ho speaks ot an exchange of these prisoners for (ieneral La Vega, which 1 replied to as unusual. Indeed I do not geo the justice or honor in the oonduct of the Mexicans, when they hold on to a few unfortunate Americans with such pertinaolty, while we have some eight or nine thousand of their countrymen as prisoners. The health of this place is much the same as it was when I wrote last month. Nothing remarkable. I trust that this may reach you in the great city of Mexico, where glory and honor await the Americon arms. With h'reat respect. 1 am your ob't servant, WM. UATK8, 3d Art. Comd'g. To Hull L. Scott, Acting Adjt. Oen. Lr. 8. A. Note.?The American prisoners have been removed bevoud " llueiutla." to a village one hundred and eishtv uiiU-B bonce. (From the Mobilu Advertiser ] The steamship Waxhington, Capt. I'ratt. arrived on the lot iontant from Vera Cruz, via Tampico and the llruKOH. liy her we have received the Sun of Anahuac, of the 93d uit.,the Tampico ImiIM, J -'>t li, and Matauioi h'lag of the 24th. These papers contain nothing of particular interest, Hut the following letter received by it gentleman of this city, furnished us for publication, is ot exciting interest, and fully confirms the news we gave in our extra of Saturday, that (ien. Scott had entered llie city of Moxioo. A private letter from Tampioo dated the '25th ult , received by a citizen here, has been shown ua, in which the writer states that all communication had ceased between that port and the capital. A mail formerly arrived twice a week A day or two before the date above alluded to, a messenger had been seut by the merchants *t Tampioo to lien. Oaray, at lluejutla, requesting him to allow their letters from the city of .Moxioo to oome on to their destination ; he replied, that lie bad decided on permitting no communication from the capital to reach 1'ampico. We should otherwise have bad dates trom the city of Mexico, via Tampioo to the 10th ult. Uhazoh St. J*uo, July '27. Sir?I hasten to inlorm you that Mr. Fischer has just arrived here from Matamorax, aud was informed that the Colonel commanding, had read on parade last evening. that (Jen. Scott had entered the city of Mexioo, withalossof ;?()(? men. The news was brought by express to Mataiuoras from San Fernando by a Mexican, lo the Alcalde, and was eeuerailv believed to be true.? l'bere 1* no iloubt at to the information having bwn imparted to the troops at MataoioraN. I would have given more particulars, but Mr. Fischer baa gone back two miles, in hope* to get his baggage here in time for the Washington. I cannot give you more, ax the boat goes, nnd he baa not returned in timo to go to New Orleans in her. lu haste, yours. W. SANTA FK AND THK PLAINS. [From the St. Louis Republican, August 3.] The Jefferson Enquirer, of Saturday laat, publishes a letter from Lieut. Kastln, of the Cole county infantry, itated at Independence, where he arrived on the 23d ult. lie left Santa Ke on the 21ft of June, and was thirty two days on the route. A portion of the company bad been discharged; the remainder were yet in the hervlce, and would be mustered out at Fort Leavenworth. Lieut. Kantln left the command at the Little Arkansas, two hundred and ten miles from Independence, all making very good progress. Captain Angney, who commanded company A, was left in Santa Ie. So, also, was Lieut. Irvine, who had uot recovered from his wound. lie had suffered much, nnd it was apprehended that he might be a cripple for life. Kvery thing ?u nulet at Santa Fe. The country was rife with rumors of revolution and rebellion, but no confidence was to be placed in them. The people of Taos, were said to be discontented and restless; but Lieut Col. Willock had returned from his expedition to the lied Hiver Canon, and would soon quiet all dissensions. No news had been received of any troops being ordered to Santa Fe, and Col. Trie* was in perfeot ignorance of what the (Government intended doing In this matter. He was discharging his men. or sending them back as fast as their time expired. The other company of the Iniantry battalion was to be discharged on the 27th bf June, and ('apt Dent's and Capt. Fischer's companies In two or three days thereafter. They were to start for borne oil the 1st of July, and Col. Price's foroe in Santa t- n wouia men oe very small. He intenueu to call vvillock's battalion from Taos, and the two companies of dragoons from Albuquirque, and to conoentrate his wliole force at Santa Fe. Lieut. Kastin w?i attacked on the 4th of July, by the Iudians. They came on him in the middle of the day, vrhun he least expected them,and succeeded in taking ?ne mule and killing another. Judge Brown, at the Maine time, lout seventeen oxen. Mexicans were engaged in this party, and the second day thereafter.a number of them cam* Into the camp, who were recognised as being from Taos. They made professions of friendship, and ctaid tbey were hunting buffalo. Tba day before Lieut, K. arrived at Pawnee Fork a government train of wagous was attacked, aad the Indians captured twenty oxen, and killed a negro man belonging to Aloses Payne, of Boone county, within ISO yards trom the camp. A white man narrowly escaped with bis life. The Indians are congregated in large numbers on the Arkansas, and commit their depredations with impunity, tlr. liayd'-n, In charge of a government train of wagons, has lost '200 head of oxen. Lieut. Love was met eight miles this side of the crossing of the Arkansas, going on, on the 10th of July. The iulantry battalion,under (ol F.aston.andCapt. McNair s dragoons, were met at i'awnoe Fork, with a large train of wagons. Four companies of Col. Ralls' regiment were met, on the -JOth, at Cotton Wood Fork?Capt. Simonds' and Smithson's companies, a few miles beyond Council Grove, on the -ilst. (apt. Slmondswas at the Grove, very sick, though getting better. The Kalis county company was met at Council drove; and next day. met lour companies of the Illinois regiment, eleven miles thin side of the Grove. Soon after, three other companies of same regiment at Willow Spring Some seven or eight of the company remained at Santa Fe. Tbo others were expected to reach Jefferson City about the present time, after an absence of thirteen months. Sauta Kb, June I4tb, 1847.?A man named Lanier Stockton was taken from the street, in this place, perfectly destitute, and put Into the nospital by Ur. I)e ('amp. whero he was provided for; but he lived only a short time. FROM THE ARMY. (From the Washington Union, Aug. 9 ] 'I'ho following is an extract of a letter, received In this city, from au intelligent officer of the government at _ Vera Cruz:? " Vrn* (' in. lnlw M ihi7 " I wan In hope*, by thin time, there would bo something dellnitiTo, or tnat we had arrived nearer peace: but a." yet no commissioners have been appointed, and the government lluve removed to a place iurther aouth. They will make a show of defence at Mexico, but (Jen. Scott will maroh in. Our last dates from him wore to the loth innt. lie wan thiin to mo?? on th? IMh: and If he did, he must be now in the city. (iKiiuralx Pillow and < adwalladrr. and nil the train, had reached him, and bin number wax li.OOl). I xee no other way or proapect of peace than for the peace party (aud It in rem posed of the in oft wealthy and the better portion of the community) to form an antl-Sauta Anna and anti-monarchical party, under the auspices aud protection of the American army; and by the time thi* new government in well and (irmly established, aud Unbilled ita negotiotions with ua, it will have gained such atrength and popularity aa will enable it to withstand tha other parties combined, and then the landing of our troopa on the sand bills of Msvioo, will prove (comparatively speakiDg) as great a blessing to this poor distracted nation aa the lauding of our forefathers did to our happy land ; for, for the laat ten, yea, twenty years, one revolution hua followed another as quick as their thunder follows their lightning?nothing safe, and never tramiuil. " Th?tgu?rillaa have augmented aince you lert. The Mouth Hint the North have <*omt>in**>], aud they have thn atciifii uh that they would eomo in. Commodore I'erry had enmn t>(l or 70 nick, and haa ron,- to Taluutcn. I iblnk, to take hia men from that Kickly river.'' Wit hear thin morning, in confirmation of what we nee in the New Orlcana print*, that Col. Hayes, with hi* regiiu?nt of Teiaa Kangera, and perhapa Ave I.oulHiana companies, wax alxtui to embark for Vera Cruz Col. Ilughea, with his admirable corpa, will aoon b? at the aamn point, to act under Ueneral Hcott, and analat him in keeping open the line of comuiur icatton for hia xuppllea. likt TKNA.NT TANEY iiii-!... We have been favored with a letter from Mr. Wm. Meroer, of the late Capt. Boyd'a company of mounted volunteer*, to the family of Lieut. Taneyhill, who, It will be remembered, wh aevarely wounded during the eipeditlon of Col. De Huaay agatnat (Jen. <?rary, in endeavoring to aucoor the American prlaonera, aom? weeka aince Ilia wound U from a large ball, through the thigh, very almllar to that which earned the death of the U RK ? r MORNING, AUGUST 11 mented Ringgold. Oar flr?t advices stated that he ?H mortally wounded, and, it waa thought, had afterwards died of hi* wound*. Wear* gratified to lean, however, that he waa still alive on the -,10th alt., although a prisoner in the handa of the Mexlcana. He waa, however, in charge of Oen. Orary'a family, and waa receiving every ktndnesa and attention that hi* wound* required. The letter also apeaka of the bravery evinoed by Capt. Boyd and Lieut. Taneyhill.?Baltimore Sun, Aug. 10. ARMY. Company K of the 13th regiment U. 8. Infhntry, arrived here yesterday afternoon in the ateamer St Matthew*, from Klorlda. The company number* 54 men? ! all of them recruited in Florida. They left town laat night in the Charleston boat for Charleston, where they will embark for the Braxoa The detachment la commanded by Major Johnaon, of Tallahaaaee. The other officer* are Captain Clark, (the aon of our friend Major Clark, of 8t. Mary'a,) Lieuta. Hey wood, Dummett and H"l*e ? Savannah Rep. 6th init. Capt*. Oelie, A K. Rudlur, Carrlgan, W. R. C. Hay*, D1UWUIUCIU, vwuuutijr, auu *Y. P. I) IBOUt*. mrv Ml rmiHin^ companies, and would be glad to receive any of the ' b'hoys" who may choose to volunteer. Wi understand that the " Young Hlckortm,'1 under Capt. BUooe, are waxing tall aud strong They are determined to be the first. if posfibif, in the field. All those who hare lipped th<< br?ckinh water of the Urazos, and luxuriated on pork and bean* last nummer, know that ('apt. Blaooe will make an excellent officer Success to him, and all others engaged in the same patriotio undertaking. Lieut. Davidson, with 2j men wno have been reorulted for the 3d Dragoons, left tills eity yesterday on the steamer Rio Grande. A company of oavalry, under the new requisition, making the fifth company furnished by that city, for the war, (fays the Columbia the 47th ult.) were yesterday mustered Into service by Lieut. Ward, of the :id U. 8. Infantry and Quartermaster. The following are the officersCapt. K. K. Moulding, late 1st lieut. of company A, Georgia regiment ; 1st Lieut. B. A. Iloxey, late sergeunt company A, Georgia regiment; -Jd Lieutenants. J. O. lleeder and L. W. Chandler.?AT. O. Della. 1 it intt. The steamship Fanny left yesterday for Vera Crus, via the Brazos, with the following passengers on board Lieuts. Henderson and Pierson, of Capt Falrchild's company of Louisiana Hangers ; Dr. Rallston, J. F. Uerthelot. Dr. Tenbroeck, J. C. Cleland and son, D. Bouriguy, Mr. Whlttaker, Joseph Curtis, Mrs. Towers and Master Clayton She also had on board Capt. Halle's company of the 14th Infantry, and flftv-four teamsters aud laborers for the Quartermaster's Departmental Vera Cruz, and a detachment of twenty-four men, under Lieut. Davidson, 3d dragoons, for the Brazos.?JV. O. Picayune, 1st inst. Gcnkrai. Ordkrs, 1 War Dior artmknt, / Adjutant Genaral's Office, No. 27. ) Washington, Aug 1847. Promotions and appointments in the army oftho United States, made by the President, since the publication of "general orders'' No. 20, of May'id, 1847. I?PROMOTIONS. Rcoimknt ok Mouivtkd Riflrmicn. First Lieut. Andrew Porter, to be Captain, May Id, 1847, vlco Mason, deceased. Second Lieut. Charles L. Denrnan, to bo First Lieut, \ 1.... I f. ia i7 nrmnnUil Itrevet 3<1 Lieut. Uordon t iranger, to be Second Lieutenant, .May *29, 1847, vioe ltaguet, resigned. FoDHTH KcoiMr.rfT or Aiitii.i.kky. Second Lieut. Fitz-John i'orter, to be Klrst Lieutenant, May 'J9, 1847. vice Hill, resigned. Fifth Kkuimknt or InrAMmr. H irst Lieut. Carter L, Stevenson, to be Captftin, June 30. 1847, vine Whipple, deceased. Second Lieut. ChurleH S. Hamilton,' to be First Lieutenant, June 30, 1847, viae Stevenson, promoted. Ninth Kboimkntok Inkawthv. Major Jeremiah Clemens, of the Thirteenth Infantry, to be Lieutenant Colonel, July 10, 1847, vioe Thompson, resigned. Elf.vk.wth Reuimknt ok Ipikantbt. First Lieut. John Motz, to be Captain, Aug. 'J, 1847, vioe Moore, resigned. Second Lieut. William H. Gray. to be First Lieutenant, May 13, 1847, vioe MehaiTy, deceased. Second Lieut Coluuibus 1'. Kvaus, to be First Lieut. July 39, 1847, vice ilamlett, resigned. St-ooiid Lieut. Joseph Samuels, to be First Lieutenant. August 'J, 1847. vice Molz, promoted. Twklktii Rb'iimkpit ok Infantry. First Lieut. John F. lloke, to bo Captain, June37,1R47 vice Uicharls, deceased. First Lieut. Charles 11. Jones, to bo Captain. July ID, 1847, vice Madigault, promoted to Thirteenth infantry. Second Lieut. Charles M. Creanor, to be First Lluu tenant, June 37, 1817, vice lloke, promoted. Seoond Lieut. Oscar U. Wyche, to be First Lieutenant THIRTEENTH ReOIMKNT OK iMKAFTRr. Captain Edward Manigault, of the Twelfth Infantry to be Major, July 10, It#17, vice Clemens, promoted ti Ninth Infantry. Kir it l.ieut Adam Hawk, to be Captain, May 2H, 1847 rioe Tyler, resigned. h irst l.ieut. Duncan L. Clinch, to be Captain, July 30, 1M7, vioe Koott,resigned. Second Lieut Nlobolas Davis. to be First Lieutenant, May 28, 1H17, vice llawk. promoted. Hecond Lieut. Kltz II. Ripley, to be First Lieutenant, July 3D, 1847. vice Clinch, promoted. Fifteenth Reuiment or Ineantrt. Second Lieut. William It. Stafford, to be First Lieutenant, 1847, <rice Rhoads, deceased. Sixteenth llr.oiMr.NT or Infantry. First Lieut. Tatriok II. IlarrU, to be Captain, June 14 1847, rice Hendricks, resigned. Second Lieut. Henry K. Ramsey, to be First Lieuten ant, Juno 14, 1847, vice Harris, promoted. 11. APPOINTMENTS. Quartermaster'! Department. First Lieut. Stewart Van Vllet, 3d Artillery, to b< Assistant Quartermaster with the rank of Captain June 4, 1847, vice Chilton, who racatee his staff commis sion. First. Lieut. William Armstrong, 3d Artillery, te be Assistant Quartermaster, with the rank of Captain, August 6. 1847, vice Cantor, declined. First Lieut. Alexander W. Reynolds, 1st Infantry, t< be Assistant Quartermaster with the rank of Captain August ft. 1847, rloe Hanson, declined. First Lieut. Edward II. Fitigerald, Oth Infantry, to b< Assistant Quartermaster with the rank of Captain, Au. gust 0, 1847, Tloe Rucker, declined. First. Lieut. James O. Martin, 1st Artillery, to be As' ixtant Quartermaster with the rank of Captain, August o, 194/, vice nenei, ueceanwn. PAT Department. Victor E Plollet, of Pennsylvania, to be Paymaster, June 17, 1847, vice Hammond, deceased George H. Ringgold, of the District of Columbia. (Additional Paymaster.) to be Paymaster, July 11. 1847, vice Larned, appointed Deputy Paymaster General. Ordnance Department. John B. Butler, of Pennsylvania, (Additional I'aymaftt?r,) to be Paymaster and Military Storekeeper, June 30, 1847, vice Sturgeon, deceased. Third Reuiment ok Draiiooni. John W. Martin, of Virginia, to be Seoond I.ieutena nt. July 21, 1847, Tien Merrifleld, deceased. Robert K. HaMitt, of Maryland, to be heeond Lieutenant, July 31,1847, vice liaviland. appointed adjutant HeOIMKNTOK Moi'ntkd Riklemkn. ChrUtophor ( arson, of Missouri, to bo Second Llou tenant, June 9, 1847, vice Denman, promoted. Kirit Reoiment ok Artillery. Francis K. Patterson, of Pennsylvania, to be Suoond Lieutenant, June V!4, 1847. Ranr. . 3. Cadet Joseph J. Woods, to be Second Lieutenant July 1, 1847, company C. 7. Cadet Samuel K. Chalfln,to be Second lieutenant July 1, 1847, company B. Second Reoiment ok Artillerv. 4. Cadet Julian McAllister, to be Second Lieutenant, July 1, 1847, company B. tt. Cadet Daniel T. Van lluren, to be Second Lieutenant, July 1, 1847,company E. Third Regiment ok Artillery, Brevet Jd Lieutenant Dabney II. Maury, of the regiment of Mounted Kiflemen, to be Second Lieu tenant, July 1, 1847. 2. Cadet John Hamlltou, to bo Second Lieutenant July 1, 1817 aompany A. 9. Cadet John S. Maeon, t? be Second Lieutenant July 1, 1847, company D. Kouktk IUuimcht ok A?tili.k?v. 1. I'mlet John C. Hjumi?, to be Second Lieutenant July 1, 1447, company I. 4. Cadet Ueorge W llazxard, to be Second Lieutenant July 1. 1847, company K. h. Cadet Orl&uuo B. Wilcox, to be Second Lieutenant July I, 1847, company <i. KICTM Kkoimknt OK IjiKurm. 19. i adct llichard ii. Long, to be Second Lieutenant July I, 1847, company C. Ninth Ukmimknt ok InrAnrav. John McNabb, Hergeant Major, to be Second Lieu tenant, Augunt 3, 1H17, flee Whitten, rcHigned. Robert T. Spenoe, of Maryland, to be Ansliitant Sur goon, July .'j, 1K47. vice Walker, reelgned. Kl.KtK.NTM RtUIMKKT OK lnuMTBf. Jamea I'.lder, of i'eona., to be Second Lieutenant, July J4, 1847, Tioe tiray, promoted. John A. Bayard, of I'enna , to be Second Lieutenant Augunt 4, 1847, vice Kvhuh, promoted. Twki.mii Rkuimknt or Ink antav. Albert O. Blannhard, of LouIMaua, to ba Major, Maj 17, 1847?original vacanor. Daniel M. Short, of Texaa, to be Flrat Lieutenant June 'J, 1847, vice Dial, declined. lienry K. Cro?by,of Virginia, to be Second Lieutenant July 31, 1847, vice llecae, declined. Wm. J. Coleman, Sergeant, Company F, Mounted Mflemen. to bo Second Lieutenant, August 4, 1847, ?lc< Creanor, promoted. I l Whitfield U Brooke, of South Carolina, to be Heconi Lli-uteuaiit. August I, M47, vice Wjohe, promoted. John H Ilutler, ot Virginia, to be Asalstant Surgeon Aunnet J, IH47, vice Randall, rusigned. Ihiktkkntii Hkuimkrt or In>'*ntty. Kgbert I. Jones, of Alabama, to b<- Captain, July 22 1h47, vlco Wulaon, declined (company I ] William K. Rives, of Virginia, to be Seoopd Lieutenant, June H, 1847,vice Davis, promoted. Reuben T. Thoiu, of Alabama, to be Second LleuUnant, August 3, 1847, vlco Ripley, promoted. VoUKTKKN IH RkNIIIIIT ok IfirA* I II*. lUnjamin S Mudd, of Louisiana, to be Second Lieutenant July 1(1, lt)47?arig nal vacancy John K. Helms, of Tennesaee, to be Second Lieuten ant August 4, 1847, vice Porter, deceased KirTtr.nrm Rroimbnt or lBra?T?v. Heory H Oreen, of Kentucky, to be Second Lieutenant August 3, 1847, rice Oaodman, promoted Samuel D. Stuart, of Ohio, to be Second Lieutenant, August 4, 1847. vIce.MoMeary. deceased. Ueorge H Hooper, of Illinois, to be Second Lieutewat, August 4,1947, ?ta? Stafford promoted [ERA , 1847. SixteenthReoimei?t or Iwfawtbt. John C.How, Private of Company H, to bs Second Lieutenant, August 3, 1847, Tie* K*m?ey. promoted Alexander C. IIensiey, of Kentucky, to b? Assistant Surgeon, July7, 1847,vice Noe, resigned. Reuimkmt or Koot Kin kmkk and Voltiuuebs. Archibald B. Campbell, of PrnnsylTMla, to be A salstan t Surgeon, July 11, 1847. Tie* Chaloner. resigned. ill. The following named Cadets, graduates of the Military Academy, are attached to the army with the brevet of Second Lieutenant, In conformity with the fourth section Of the aot of April 49, 1814, to take rank from July 1, 1847. Hrevet i,l Lieutenant! attached to the Artillery .'In*. CosfiNi k KKUT. 10. Cadet (ieorge Patten, [C. 3d Art 11. Cadut John II. Uickerson, [B. 4th Art. 14. Cadet Daniel T. Beltxhoover, [A. 1st Art 13. Cadet Otis H. Tllllnghast, [K. 3d Art 14. Cadet James B. Kry. [U 3d Art. IS. Cadet Ambrose P. Hill, [K.lit Art IS. Cadet Anion J. Cook, [A. ad Art. 17. Cadet Horatio U. Gibson. IK. id Art ] ' IB. Cadet Ambrose K. Burnside. f(J. 'id Art. I 'JO. Cadet John (Jibbon. IH. 3d Art I 20. Cadet Clermont L. Beat. [K. lit Art. 2-2. Cadet Romeyn B. Ayres, I A. 4th Art ' 13. Cadet Charles Urlffln. [K. 4th Art. | tirrvrt 'id Litulrnantt attached to tkt Iiyjantry Arm. Hank. Company Ik Riot. 24. Cadet Henry M. Blaok, (C. 4th Inf.] ! 36. Cadet Henry B. Henderahott, [K. 6th Inf. -id. Cadet Tredwell Moore. IK. Hth Inf.' 27. < adet Thomas H. Nelll, |(i. 4th Inf 2H. Cadet William Burns, [D. 3d Inf. 29. Cadet Kdmund K. Abbott, I A. 0th Inf. 30. Cadet Kgbert L. Viele, [A. 2nd Inf 31. Cadet Washington B. Street, IK. 6th Inf. 32. Cadet Montgomery P. Harrison, [B 7th Inf33. Cadet Lewis C. Hunt, fK. 3d Inf. 34. Cadet Augustus 11. Seward, II. Hth Inf. 35. Cadet Peter W L Piympton, [K. 7th Inf. 30. Cadet John I)e Rusxy, (I 6th Inl 37. Cadet Kdward 0. Blake, [K.. 2d Inf.i 38. Cadet Henry lleth, IK. 1st Inf J The foregoing assignment to regiments and companies will be regarded as a temporary arrangement. Commanders of regiments will transfer the graduates to the companies whero their services may be most required when they report for duty?taking oare to attach a Brevet 2d Lieutenant to each of the companies of Light Artillery. Promotions will take plaoe according to the following rule :? ' Cadets acting as supernumary officers in the Army in virtue of their brevets, will be successively promoted to vacancies of the lowest grade which may first happen in the particular arms to which tbey have been attached, according to the order of rank established at the Military Academy. IV. Appointments lu pursuance of the" act entitled " An act to provide for the organization of the volunteer forces brought into the service of the United States into brigades and divisions, and for the appointment of the necessary number of general officers to command the same."?Approved June 20, 1H-I0. .-tiernug 'rice, <>i mianuun, n> ui> unnaun'r i M-nerm, July 20, 1847, vice Dart*, declined. V Appointments in the Quartermaster's, Commlssa ry's, and Medical Department*. under tbe ith section ol the " Aot supplemental to an act entitled ' An act providing for the prosecution of the existing war betweeu the United States and the republic of Mexico, and for other purposes.' "?Approved June IS, I84ti. (^uahtkhmaitkr'i Dcpaii i mknt. ^tieorgeT. Howard, of Texas (Assistant Commissary), to be Quartermaster. with the rank of Major, June 21, 1847, Ttce Dunlap, resigned. Thomas It Ives, of Mlmlfsippi, to be Assistant Quartermaster, with the rank of Captain, July 0, 1847, vice 1'rioe, resigned. Thomas M. Gleason, of Alubama, to be Assistant Quartermaster, with the rank of Captaiu, July 14, 1847, viae It. 11. Howard, resigned. COMMItSAMV'l DKFAHTMKF?T. Samuel Milligan, of Tennessee. to be Commissary with the rank of Major, July 17, 1817, vice Campbell, resigned. Joseph C. Allen, of Tennessee, to be Assistant Commissary with the rank of Captain, Juue 21, 1847, vice <j. T. Howard, appointed Quartermaster. .William 1'. Graves, of North Carolina, to be Assistant Quartermaster with the rauk of Captain, July 14, 1847, vice Whittaker, deceased. ' MKDICAI. DtFAIlTMlCNT. William 1). Herrick, of Illinois, ( Visistant Surgeon,) tc be Surgeon, May 27, 1847, vice Quinn, resigned. II. McMillan, of South Carolina, to be Surgeon, June 8 1847, vice Hill, resigned. Thomas K. Massie.of Missouri, to be Surgeon, June 21 '' 1847, vice Penn, resigned. C. J. Clark, of Alabama, (Assistant Surgeon.) to b? Surgeon, Juue 28, 1847, vice Davis, resigned. 1 _Daniel Turney, of Illinois, (Assistant Mirgeon.) to be Surgeon. July 13, 1847, vice I'rice, resigned. I J. L. Miller, of Illinois, to be A?t>isiunl Surgeon, May 27,1847, vice Herrick, appointed Surgeon ; and to be Surgeon, July 13,1847, vice Herrick, declined Kdmund ltavanel, of South Carolina, to be Surgeon, N II. Ash, of lllsnols, to be Assistant Surgeon, July 13, ltd/, rice l'urory, appointed Surgeon. Jamus D. Kobiudou, ol' Illinois, to be Assistant Surgeon, July 13, l?47, rloe J. L. Miller, appointed Surgeon. Craven Peyton, Of Arkansas, to be Anslntant Burgeon, July J8, 1W47, view Thompson, resigned. Smyth M. Mile*, of Georgia, to be AssiHtant Surgeon, August 4, 1847, Tioe K. W. Miller, resigned. VI?CASUALTIES. Rtiignutiom, (la.) Lieut. Colonel Abner B. Thompson, 9th Infantry. July 16, 1847. Captain Martin M. Moore, 11th Infantry, Augusta ? 1847. Captain John Tyler, 13th Infantry, May 38, 1847. ' Captain Jehn A. Hendricks, 16th Inlantry, June 14 1847 Captain Alexander Soott, 13th Infantry, July 30,1847 Klrst Lieut. Hamuel Gill, 4th Artillery, May i!>. 1847. KIrst Lieut. James K. Hamlett, Uth Inlantry, July J9 , 1847. Hesond Lieut. Llewellyn Itaguet. Mounted Riflemen ' May JO, 1847. . Second Lieut. Kdwln A. Whitten, 0th In&ntry, Aug 3 IH47 Second Lieut. Alfred A. Norment, 3d Dragoon*, Aug S, 1847. Assistant Surgeon John D. Walker,9th Infantry, Jun< J6, 1847. Assistant Surgeon Leonard Randall, 13th Infantry,August 3, 1847. Assistant Surgeon Charles O. Waters, 15th Infantry, June 10, 1847. Assistant Surgeon Allen T. Noe, 16th Infantry, July 7, 1847. Assistant Surgeon Aaron D. Chaloncr, Regiment Voltigeurs, July 12, 1847. Declined, (5.) Captain Daniel S. Rucker, 1st Dragoons, as Assistant quartermaster. Captain Charles Hanson, 7th Infantry, as Assistant quartermaster. Captain Hugh P. Watson, 13th Infantry. Captain Albert O. Blanc hard, Regiment Foot Riflemen and Voltlguers. Kirst Lieut.-Nathaniel U. Dial, lith Infantry. lieuthi, (I'J ) Captain Abner II. Hetxel, Assistant Quartermaster, at Louisville, Kentucky, July 'JO, 1B47. Captain Stevens T. Mason, Mounted Riflemen, at Jalapa, Mexico, May 15,1847. t/BpiBlu JUO?|IU 11. Truip|fiQ, ??vu i uinau y, nb i ?runv Mexloo, June .10, 1847. ( uptain Walter F. Kioharda. 1 2th Infantry, at Tampl eo, Mexico, June vl7, 184*. Kirnt Lieut. Franklin Mehaffy, 11th Infantry, at N?i Orleana. U. June It 1847. Klrnt Lieut. Levi Rnoada. 15th Infantry, at Vera Croi Mexloo, , 1847. Second Lieut. John A. Merrifleld, 3d Dragoonn, neai Vera Cruz, June 20, 1847. Seoond Lieut. Daniel MeCleary, lAth Infantry, neai Vera Cnu, Mexioo, June '29, 1H47. Second l.ieut David St. Leon I'erter, 14th Inf., neai Vera Crux, Mexioo. June 30,1847. I'aymanter Robert li. Hammond, at ilea, June 2,1847. Paymamer Kelix (i. Bon worth, at Vera Crux, Mexico June !?, 1847. Military Storekeeper .lamen O. Sturgeon, Ordnanc Department, at Allegheny Ameiial. Pa., June 1!?, |h!7. CASt'ALTIKtt ? VOLITNTKKK HKKVluB Itrsi/fHutiiitii. (Ift ) Major Alexander Dtinlnp, *|uart< rmanter, June 14 IMI Mnjor Brookenn Campbell, ( "OtmiMaiy, July 17. IS47 Captain Robert H. Howard, Annintant Quarterrnanter, June 30, 1847 t'aptain George M. Lauman, Annuitant yuarterwaater June IH, 1847 Captain < harlea M Price, Aaalatant yuurtermanter, July 8, 1847 Surgeon Kdward B Price, June 30, M17 Surgeon William M. I^uinn, .May 27, 1^47. Surgeon George Penn, June til, 1*17. Surgeon Gideon M. Almp, May 28. Surgeon Jamea ImtU. June 28, 1*4? Annuitant Surgeon John Thompson, July 2h, ihi7. Annintant Surgeon John W. ?<leiin. luly ! . 1847 Anaintant Surgeon Frederick W Miller, July -8, 1*47 Additional I'BTmanter Nathan W en too, June ?0, 1847. Additional Paymaster lohn il Butler, June JO, 1847. IheliHid, (3 ) Brigadier General JelTemon Darin. Surgeon William B Derrick Dim rmiM irmn c. J??' ?<>. I*?7- under Ihe rt nuirnnrnt* nf Mr VA irrlinn t>J tl>r nrt npprovnl June ? H. lHlrt, (nee " Qentral OiJtrt," X?. -JJ, at Mny 29, 1847.) I mmtni with the rani. <>/ V i/.tr (V) John I .Arthur, Jn!?n < . Mimoh. , .'hrittnnt (I'taiIrrmattrri wtlh thr tank of Captain. Turney H <<ilb?rt, Harry Toulmin, (t?K>rK? I' Hmilh, II Wolili, , Horatio M. Vanilavar, /abulon ' MUhup, Unary Hrott, (iMri(? V. Hebb. John N?'ff, Comntmaty with thr rank of Major, (I ) I'li<a*aiitL. Ward .imitaut CommiMariri with the rank of Vaptain, (IJ.) J or I s I'oat, lain*"* I! < optlaud, ChrUtophxr C. i.raham, Drlany I: S>phen /.. liuyln, John I ( Irnrlenlu, Jfcnn B Htaphnna. Mcl>onon/h Dnuob, II lobar d D. <>holnon, Thomax i Jon<*i, John Caldwell, William Hunraon. HurttomMO) Jama* Mahon. Danlol X. I.ana, Hxnjamln Htona. David MeKnlgbt, Jama* 8. Athow Win B. Washington, Thomaa L. < aldwrll Ou?U*ua Holland. Alaxauder < . Ilanalajr. loba B Hniith LD. PrlM Two.Cent', -?. -g 'UtiMtant Surgcona, (8.) P II. MuWaney JohnT Walker. Alexander M Blanton, John J Mathew* William Kosdick. Richard p. A.he ' E. A. Helghway, John M Leech. Dtathi, (I) ( aptaln Kxum L. Wbittaker. Assistant Commissary, at Cafflargo. Mexico, June 'J, 1847 Ditmmtd, (1.) Surgeon Caleb V. Junes, August 4, 1H47 VII. Tbe officer* promoted and appointed will join their proper regiment*, compute*, and station*, without delay; tboM on detached service, or acting under special instruction*, will report by letter, to the commanding offlcer* of their respective regiments and corps; and officer? of tbe staff will report to the Commanding Generals in the fleld, and by letter, to the chlefii of their department*. VIII. The graduate* of the Military Academy appointed Second Qeutenant* In the first and aeoond regiment* of artillery, will report for temporary duty to the oommandiug offloer at Fort Columbu*, New York; those appointed in the third and fourth regiment*, and all the Brevet Seoond Lieutenant* assigned to the artillery and infantry arm*, will Immediately report, by Utter, to the commanding offloer* of their respective regiment* in the field, and proceed forthwith to Join their proper companies. IX Acceptances or non-aooeptance* of appointment* will be promptly reported to the Adjutant General of the army; aud, In case of the acceptance, the birthpiaoe of the person appointed will be stated. By order: K. JONES, Adjutant (ieneral. Of woundu received April 11, KIT, in the battle of Cern> Uordo. NAVAI.. | From the Norfolk Herald. Aug. 9 ] The Albany came up to the anchorage on Saturday afternoon in tow of the U 8. steamer Union, and exchanged salutes with the flag ship Pennsylvania. The following offlcers, we learn, have buen ordered to the U. 8. frigate Brandy wine, now fitting out at this Yard for the coast of Brazil:?< ommodore, (ieorge VV Storer; Captain. Thos. Cribb; Lieutenant*, John A. Dafis, Samuel l.urkin, Carter B Poindexter, John J. (iuthrie; Fleet Surgeon. BenJ. K Bacbe; 1'urSer. Joeeph II. Terry; Acting Master, John 8 Taylor; Chaplain, John L. Lenhart; Assistant Surgeons, Richard T. Maxwell, llobinson; Boatswain, Wm Smith: Uunner. Tho*. Vunable; Carpenter, Joseph Cox: Hallmaker, Ueor*<Tboinua. jML lO LKT.?A neat two story cottage house, with p|? basements null uudercellar, priucipal story.two |>arlor* XJM, with sliding doors, hard finished wall*, seeotid story; 2 large rooms and 2 bedroom; rent low. fc.n<iuire ou the premises, No. 1 lUtli itreet.ofW. K. I'eiidletou. Si.i-r- pass the dour every half hour afi IU*m jfftL A HAIlK I'HANl'K-hir sale, the goodwill and pjW htUM of n Tirtn, Oyster and Boarding llouae, with JiaMLi'very convenience appertaining to such an establish hu ll. The Mouse is iu a central location, opposite the principal market The house has been occupied in (he above business lor a number of years, has always commanded, and at present has au excellent ruu of business, and is one of the best stand* 111 the city. liidis|iositiuii in the lamily of the present proprietor luduces Inni to chauge his business Kor further Lp?rticulara inquire at the office of the Baltimore !S?n. auCm mi uinrni seAi run * Ai.t..? i oat very desirable residence luttie bi-.iituful ?ill.ige ol Kiiidernook, Columbia County, fitted up, iuiJ recently occupied by iiic mil I'eter J. Hoes, Juu|., is imw ottered fur sale. There are also on the premises, carriage-house. >ubles, wood-house, barn, and all oilier convenient out buildings The grounds, abottt CmiMm,in well Blocked Willi a large variety l( apple, pear, peach, cherry, jiliun, and ornanien'al trees, grai>e \ ines anu shiubbery, allot winch have been selected froin celebrated nurteiies, both in r urope and New York 'i'lie whole propeity I* now III the most perfect order, lu the Village u an Academy, second,to uoiie in thm Stale in point of character iiid hi iniling. Ror terms, he., apply to DAVlU VAN SCIlAACK, Ksq., Kwderliook, or aui 3llf in ?K M. MORS, !!5 WalJIjtrcet. LOUNTHV hKAl KUll SALIn?Tiusl >ery deJtOttk suable residence ill tue village of Tarr>towu, Weetrnester coanty, fitted up by the Ute >lrs. 1'litllips, olid occupied for several years by K. Treadweli, r.?ij. is uow offered for sale. The house, winch is ab"Ut Hi feet by tu, with piaxza frout aud rear, is well finished and uow in ucod order, with a green house attached. There art also on the premises carriage house, stable, ice house, gardener's house, and other couveuieut out buildiugs. 1'lie grounds, about six acres, are well stocked with a great variety of choice fiuit trees, shrubbery and ornamental trees, auu the piospect is uol surpassed liy auy spot ou the Hudson river, bur terms, he., sppl> to the > subscriber on the premises. jyU 30i*rc. C. V B. OHTKA NDK.K. KU11 SAL.K OK TO LK.T, iu tbe uargii. ' iheilari ' ifyQk lieu Bay, Monmouth |Couuty, N. J.?karats in a high state ol cultivation, with all the necessary oul-buildluk?. Also, lots Iroiu hall an acre to tweut) , Willi the advant me of line bathing. Summer residences luruished or unturnislied. 1'ersons desirous of carrying on business in the city ' and residing in a healthy location, at a cheap rale, will find an id vantage iu consulting with the subscriber. 1 N. B.?The aforesaid farms and lott are uot in Teias or I'euusylvama, but within oue hour and a half of New York, i Terms easy. Titles indisputable. Emigrants or others wuhiug for gardening lots csn be suited. Apply to John lveaou. Courtlandt street, New York; or to W U. Havnes, Auctioneer, Key I'ort, N.J. All lettere muet be poet paid. Kkv I'qht. N. J.. July 20, 1MT. jyll 30terc A 1.UOK AT Til 18.?Ladies' (Waiters, bliptere.Buskius, Tie*, House Slim, White aud Black Matin l?Mt Prunella Buakius aud Slippers, and all other kinds of Boots iunl Hliora, of the finest style. AUo a large assortment of uiiaaea and chiidreu'a. ^Gentlemen will find iu thiastore a great assortment of fine Roou aud Shoes, calf and patent leather: (iailcra of all luuda. Alao, Soya' Boots, Gaiters, aud Shoes, of all sorts and aixea. All of the above of the beat quality aud cheap, at 3(7 Broadway, one door above Kranklin street. m.'i 3Ut*rr. M. C AH ILLJKRKNCH BOOTH. ? I'arta ini|>erial French Calf Boots for $4 00, equal to the bast sold in Broadway for $8 or ?7, V me Hreuch Call Boots, city made, for $3 M? uaually $0?cau be found at the coruerof Pulton and Nassau si reels, opposite the Herald office. fast boots made to ' order for f4 00. Alao the French Congress boots, ol the beat quality; boots, shoes, gaiters, slipixrs, lie., constantly on i Ali goods warranted to give satisfaction. Corner af Knlton and Nassau streets. jyM Mt*re : FRENCH TRANSATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY.?Tha ships of company are appointed to sail as fol? llfflfc'TROM NEW YORK. > The I'lllLADELrHlA on the lath August The MISSOURI " " 31st T' IMniw rutin ioin oepi. The UNION " " 10th ,r ROM HAVRK. The NEW YSUK " ftth Annul. , The UNION " " SIM ^ The>e Steamers are equal to any nfloat, with commanders of tried sktll and known courtesy. Their >U(e rooms and cabin* are unusually commodious, and they are provided with every thiug" requisite fur the comfort of passengers. The price or passage in the firat cabin from New York if (IN. From Havre 1,000 fmncs. Wines arc not included, but will be furnished at moderate ratea. All letters muat pass through the i>oet office. Kor freight or |>assage, apply to *u4 re AY MAR fc CO.. U Houth sttaac l"OH < HKRBOI K(J OR HAVRfc.kltS# The Bteamship PHILADELPHIA, (.apt. / 'Beaaon, will leave on her regular day. Banday, the lSth of August. Letters muat pass " ^through the Post Offiee. No parcels received alter 4 P. M. of Saturday, 14th lost. I*iice ofpnssnge in first claaa cabin tl20 Kor passaga or freight, apply to AYMAR k CO.. an* IJt rre J4 South street OCKAN STIC AM NAVIGATION COMPANY, Office 44 Willta* street. Dibkctori. C. H. Hand, Conrad W Kabar, Mwnrd Mills, * Horatio Allen, i William Chamberlain, Mortimer Liviacrtoa. John A. lselin, John L. Stephens, Herman Oalrichs. C. H. HAND. President . Ki?w**d Mills, General Agent, New York. CHaai.r.s K. Aivdkmo*, Saaratary. In conformity with the provisions of the chartar. aotaa* a , aereby given that the Booka for subscription for an amount not exceeding $300,000 to the capital stock of the Oaaan Steam Navigation Company, will be re-oyened at the office ol the ?<<Mn>>any, ?* vr liiram, curnrr 01 ttui nrrci, un iiiununy. ?i?i Jnue, 1(47. Kive perc?ot of the amount anlmcabed mntt be paid at the period of auUr.ription iu ipecie or bank bill*. The balance ol r the auhacription will be called for in matalmenta not eiceedinc 10 per ceut.u may be required by tiie oprratiou* of the Company, tu?i noon thirty daya previoua notice. The following i? the 25th aection of the By-Law:? ' " Mubacription to the capital of the Ccm|>any, after tha amount inny he fMo.non a lull iu preference be allowed to tboaa " w ho may iheu I.' lockholder*, and to the aitcnt of their liiea nctml aub?rription " je JOt re , BHITIMii AM' NORTH A M KMC AN Lrn ItoVAI. MAIL XT K.AM HHIP, I3M too* (HI iHine imarr each, uadtt coatncl with the.l.orua ol the Admirably. IIIIIM! \'l \. < aMain Aleianoer Ryrie. I ALKDONIA, < iptaiu Kdw.ird (J. Lott. BMITTANNIA. a plain John Hewitt. ( AM l)H I A, < *ptAin l liailea II. K. Judkia* A' ALM A, < jpuni \V111i.iin Harrison The fonr ?leamahi|>* now buildniti are ;nih AAIKIIII A. Tilt NI At* Alt A. TIIK < ANADA THE EUKOPA. 'I he veaacla appointed to Mil from Uoatou ai* the HtherniH Augnat It, l?<T Cambria September I, IIM7 ajeiloqia September Ift, 1*17 Britannia October I. 1*47 I he veoela "ppou.uii to uil from Liverpool are the t. ntnbri.1 Vntnat 4. I?I7 < ali'ilonia tni><MtPl 1*t7 Udtannin tteptembcr 4, IB47 t'Maeugera'Inggnge mnat ba on board the day previoiu to tailing. I\.?a.ixe money?from Bo?toa to Liverpool, (120, do do to llelifai, 14) No bertha *eeure?l nntil paid for. ' Ie*e ahip* carry eipeneneed *tirireon? No freight, eicept aj*cie, received on iUy? of a. i. ling. Kor freight, paaaage, or any other inform itiou, apply to I) HHIl.ilAM U. \?.nL At ilAftN Ui;N k~C S,; /"Jr ITT" In ?<ld 11 ion to the above line betwr-en l.nrrp<o|v,t ilnl.r/ii.tiiJ l.oaton, a contract > ?? br?u entered luto will. Her Mnje?ly'? foTfrnmcut, to ratabliah a line b?l*f?n Liverpool mill New York direct- T^ie ateamahipa for thu vervio- *ra now iM'intf liuilr, mid carlv nrit year <Mk uotice will lie givrn .if llir time ?lieu they will lUrl. Uuaer the new ci.ii rgct the itMiurm will Mil everj Matuiday dunng eight mou'hi, nod every fortnight during the other monllu m the year. (Joiug il lernMely between Liverpool and Halifax gad ?n<i I* wren Liverpool nivl New York. n*J r JAfc KOR ?ALK-N?w Sehoouar 8. APrLKOAT*. l?iilt of the beat material*. Maid Mehnmier i< four JMNNfamontha old, and will carry one hnndred *ud fi?>v uiu* eo. further MiticuUra, enquire of M. T. RUNYON. coraer of South and Oouvenuur atreeta Anguat 9, IM7. aul#7t*in FOR LlVMiPOUL?Regular Par ke( ..I ' rh Ana (AMk-Tlie new packetahi > WKHT POINT, burthnu I WO PHbloaa, Cirt. Allen, will aail aa above, hat regular day. Hiving aerommodatioga for U cabin aud ateerage paa?en? r? >u|>eriort(> any other ahip in port.ihoae about emt?rkiugahould make early application on board, foot of Maidaa lane, or to I Mr MPRRAV, corner Pine and South.ueeU reraom wialimg to aend for their Irienda in the <>'n t ??? tiv.cau have the in brought oui in the above, or am in<) tegular line of packet*, bv applring a* above .

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