Newspaper of The New York Herald, 11 Ağustos 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 11 Ağustos 1847 Page 3
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intoN. Th? storebonaa* on the lake shore. and la the Interior of the V."?e?ern State*, are. notwithstanding the Imtncff-' .antity frrwa-deA, groaulng under the accumulation of breadatatb, and there ia no relief. fcvery T^rl on thalskaa tb?t would float, has beenpntlnto re(juiriilon; freljatahaTe ruled very high, and the greatest activi y has prevailed, and still the surplus of the old crop* lie ft not been forwarded. Millions of tueh-ls of oorn nnd other griiiis are yet In first h %nd>. and likely to ro main there, for the want of facilities to get it to market. The new crop id now harvested. and can be brought Into market, in the event of an active d-maud springing up, at i ace; but the crop* of the Western States, aa a general thing, do not oomu forward until the spring after harvest?the fall receipts] being the surplus of previous crops. The demand for vessel* on tha Western lakes this year, will, without doubt, give a great impetua to the construction of new ones between this and next spring. Tha prospect, at proient, is, that everything that wil' float will be wanted on the lakes next year. The annexed statement exhlblta the amount of landi entered at the land office at Mineral Point, Wisconsin Territory, and the amount of money received for the sain*), from Jan. 1st to July 1st, 1847:? "*i.e?ok Public Lands?Wisconsin TeaaiToav. Jierc. Amount. January 1 68V93 $1,107 41 Krbrmry J.432.M 4.290 70 Marrli 1,767 39 3,459 23 April 5.IB2 16 7.IS2 91 M iy 30.(86.46 40.126 M June 23,03169 29,1,20 01 I an iq t'i tin 7H 111 Nearly the whole of these entries ?u In May and Jnnu. This shows the progress of emigration. A large portion of th" above lands will give a crop thia fall, and we may safely nay that the whole will give a crop in 1819. The whole Western country in filling up at this rute, and emigrants arriving a f?* years hence will be compelled to locate in sonio of the new territories. Indinnanr'.d 1 111nols are rapidly filling up with the most substantial cliisses of emigrants. and the choice public Itirt,'.* of those. States *ill soon bo entirely appropriated. The rrnirli'tlo* of the pub'.lc works of internal improve, ment In Indiana ami Illinois, will give an Impetus to the agricultural resources of thoso States, greater than ever dreamed oi, and tho revenue Jrorn those works will exceed all estimateii, as muoh as those of other States have. The bullalo and Mississippi Railroad Company is the name of a company chartered by the Legislatures of Ohio and Indiana, and which when completed, will form a connecting link between Toledo, at the western extremity of Lake F.rle, and Chicago, on the southwestern point of Lake Michigan. The whole length of the road according to a survey, will bu 23-2 miles, and it will run in nearly a ctraight course through the whole northern tier of counties in Ohio and Indiana, across the neck of the peninsula formed by Lakes Huron and Michigan. According to the report of the engineer who surveyed the route, the whole cost cf tho road Is estimated at $ '>215,010. Tho amount of tolls collected at Oswego for the fourth week In July, for'two years, was as annexed : ? Canal Commerce of Oswkuo?Toll? Received. Total Jiun. 1. Kt.TTO 01 SII3,.VI2?:t IC16 7,369 21 ti!l,7J6 7l Increase 82,369 83 $13,776 09 The exports by canal from the opening of navigation to August 1st, of flour, wheat and corn, for three years have beeu? Kxi'ORTS VI* CAttAL. 1817. 1848.^ 1815. Klour, bbli 239 :H7 19' ,?U 133 9S9 Wheat, bush <19.1(13 1C3. 31 17,70j Com C70,5lG 23(i POI 5 031 The increased shipments of these three loading articles have been very great, purtienlsily of corn. The lake imports of flour, wheat und c: rn, the opening of navigation to August 1st, tor three years, are appended I.MPOHTS VIA THF LaBE. IV<7 Ifits. IfllA Flour, lit 9<il 51,954 32,9V) Wheat, bush 1,585 jtKi 839,.99 4U3.583 Corn 547.911 310.589 5,031 It will be seen by the foregoing that the average increase in the imports of three leading articles of broadstuffx has been for the last three years over 100 per oent per annum. PtnclK Bxehang*! $20 0(10 Treas Notes, 6s 105 25 sins Nor Si Wor W0 57 35,000 r!o D10 105 25 ?lo b30 57 65 0( 0 do b30 105 100 L. do ljini 57 500 Ohio r,i. 'SO m\ ?00 Long Island 34 50 * lis N' A Trust bI5 10 350 Harlem 2i0 FirmuisTrtnf 36J. 50 do bnw f.|>4 100 <!., bCO 36l3 tu Stoniigtoil 60^ 25 Morris Caiial 17*? 50 ?!o 6'i^ 25 do b9<l 18 50 do 61 75 do bOO m 50 do 61V 200 Nor It Wor b?>\ 50 Esst Boston 23 Second Hoartl. $20,POO Tr m Notes '60 105 100 ills Harlem ItiO 61 6,000 Ken large o^nds 10J 400 do 63*, 5.01)0 Heading ?nii 78 400 do b30 63', 5.000 do 78 ?5 Nor & Wor b3 5fi5?' 4.0H0 Reidinc M Bonds 74 50 do 563? 50 ?lis L Island 110 34 53 do 5?? 50 d<. Ub 3' 5-1 <!o 56 V 300 do 3}% AO do L30 M >i JOO Manhattan Buiik 9i 2^ Stoninuton blJi 200 Harlem H 25 do A3 1MI d > blO G4 2} do 62 ICO do blO Ctfi New Htork Kzclinngc. 2r> ?li? FtoiniUftuu >3 MJi 100 aim Harlem >1 8l'.i 21 Nor it Wor ?6 f>7 100 do 1.3 64\. in do btw 57}* 1G0 do bl fil 30 do b4 i7'.t If0 do btw 6I.St '0 Ilarlcu btw 64?, CITY TRADK UBPOKT. New York, Tuesday Afternoon, August 10. Hour whk some 1pm firm to-day. Hales of straight brands Genesee wo. o made at $6 ?7>?, and good fresh ground do, at $6 ; sales of straight brands Michigan, and one brand Ohio, were made at $5 76. A lot of Buffalo city mills brought $5 87>i, and a parcel of Ohio (1st and round hooped mised, $6 75. Southern oo tinned scarce, and quctatlons nominal. There was a fair business doing In wheat?a sale of Michigan white sold at $1 29 ; a lot of Ohio white sold at $1 29, and another at $1 25 ; a small lot of red do, sold at $1 20, and a parcel of new. North Carolina, sold on private turms. Cora was some firmer?sales of Western mixed were made at 67 a G9 cts., and flat and yellow ralxed'do, at 60 a 70 cts. Rye was quiet at previous quotations. There was nothing reported In meal. For a good lot of barley, 62 cts. was offered?a salo of 1100 bushels was made on private terms. A sale of oats was reported at 48 cts. Provisions remalued nearly the sauie. Mess pork was some firmer, and tales were made at $15 60; prime, was rather dull, and the artiulo wh* offered in one instance at $12 26. There was nothing reported In lard. Sales ef cheese were making, for houie use, at 7X a cts. No change in butter. OroourloH continued In fair request. Molasses was steady, while in sugar. transactions were litrht. without change. Coffee was steady, with moderate sale*. Receipts (foton the Hudson River, lug. 9. Flour 14.088barrels. Wheat. . ..10,420 bushels. Corn ni al. .. 898 " Rye " Corn 33,830 bushels. A?he??Sal-s of about 313 barrels of pots were made at $4 bl>4c. and small salts of pearls were made at $7 12>i. Beeswax?Sales of 33u0 lbs. northern yellow were madu at 34c. Bhk?i>.iTiT>rs?K/o?r?Sales of about 2000 bbls of (>enf?eu were made at $6 87X, and 360 do fresh ground lit J6; ?00 do Buffalo city mills were sold at 87>f; 600 bbjs one brand Oblo sold lit $6 76, and (100 do, do round nod ttat mixed Ohio sold at the same price; and 400 do straight bralitis Michigan. Wheal?Sales of 4000 liu-htla Michigan white were made at 138c ; 4300 do. Ohio white, at I38e; and 38(10 do, do, sold at 125c. A small sale ot G or 700 bushels of Ohio red brought 1300, and 10"" do North (Jarolina new, sold on private terms. Cat n?Before 'Change, somn 0000 bushels mixed, including a portion of flat yellow, tllghtly mixed, were rrported sold at G#o a 611c; during 'change; 3000 buslinlrt werlern mixed, were sold at (>7o, and 4600 d? . at th? tame price ; 3000 do. do. New Orleans Hold at faSr sndollOOdo yellow mixed at70o. Meal?The market was steady, <ind receipts light. No transactions were reported ; Western Ntw Vork of good quality was worth $2 76 a >3. Kye?Was worth W)e a tr?c, according to quality and nlace of delivery. A cargo oj oets was sold ai 48u. Hurley?A sale of s"me 1400 buil'eln was made on private termn. For a handsome lot, it tu Haid ft3c was offered. was steady at 31c CorrxK?The market was in a healthy state, though sales were not large?300 a 400 bags of Itlo were sold at 7o a 7<?c, 4 months, and 800 do Sumatra sol 1 at O^c Cotton?The market was m??re quiul to-day. without change in prices, or in the disposition of holders to meet buyars. and we report selw) of 700 bdl*?, as below ? J.iiKRrooL CLAMiriuai-on Neo Or lean i Upland*. flan da. Moh. 4r T'xai Inferior none. none. none. Ordinary '> ? "V? 'JX [I* * Middling W% a I2}< 12 IW 12 a I2U Wood Midchmy llC >2S 12* 12^. '2>? |?X Middlin* Ksir lift a IA 12* a 12* }*K 1 K?ir.... 13 13* 13 a 13'* 13j* a IS* Kullv I'air ux a 13* 13* a 13* UK, a 13* ijood Kair l:iH a I 'Ji none. I3X a 14 pine ? * 14 nour ? a MJj hmi-TLirii w#ri< 400 i|iiiiHaW dry cod afloat, unsold, held at $3 ASH- Mackerel were firm there were bo new arrival*. and no ftalea reported. Kuvit--Small aalea of 300 a 400 boxen bunoh ralain* ari>ro mada at $1 40 a f 1 4.V IIemt ? Salea of 3iO bale* of American dew rotti d wen* made at *' 4.' a llflO per ton. The market continued bare of MtBill* anil no tales transpired L' ?d.?Vt cor'.,hiii) to quota pig at 3Ji a 4o por lb Voi.?*ira Hale* of 100 litida MuaooTado *trc mad< at 31c, l?0 <1o Cardenas sold at 'J4c fnuLSn.i"- ? aboui. '100 bbla of tar were undent*-' 31)4, and 11( 0 do Norib county roaln sold at .> >.. SpiritH .ui pontine atood at about 4Jo, and raw do at $ 76 y*i J8<> Ibe Oin? alee ?t lOvO a 3000 galloie American olty pressed lli.-.eM ? Id at 70e. and about 3o00 do English at rtrto, oaab. rtales tfWfl a Ml) bbla a?looted whale ware mad* at 84o. r*on?ioi??.?Sain* of 380 bbla naa? maw pork ware II || : mad* at (IS SO, ud 140 do ware r*ported told at the Mm* price. Now prim* do was rather heavy, tt being offered Id one Instance at $14 M and not taken. I.ard wait stendy. bat no aales were reported. Btrf waa steady at old prices Cheer ?Within about two days tba sales have reached from 400 a 500 boxes at 7>? a 7,H??. Thure was no change in batter, wblle the demand for that of good quality was steady, and prloea firm. Rick?No sale* of consequence were reported, while j prices remained about the same. h'vcAH?During the late heary rains, operations have | been light, and no sale* of moment transpired to-day. Sekd? flaxseed of the new crop has commenced moTing, and there were sellers of the article to arrive, at $1 50 per bushel. Some small sales were made on the spot at $1 4H per busbel. Whalebone?Nothing new since last report. Whiskey?No sales of moment were reported. Wool?Small sales of fleece continued to be made; chiefly confined, however, to common and three-fourths merino at prices varying from 37 a 36c. There was nothing doing in forelgu. Fbciumti were inactive, and but few engagements were reported. The rates were notniually the snme as yesterday. A British ship olTered to take wheat in bulk at lOd. Hour could have been shipped In first class vessels U Liverpool at 3s. It was reported that 3500 bushels of grain In bags, to fill up, were taken at rtd. Salkk at Atction, August 10th. ?Raisins?750 bxs. bunch at $1 '27>? a $1 .10; 450 half boxes do. at 04c. Paris White?57 casks a Xc. per lb. Starch -100 boxes at 5o. TELEGRAPHIC. Mark eta. New Orleans, Aug. 3?p. M. The ootton market was rather inactive. The Hibernla's advices begin to be looked for with much anxiety. Sales of 2000 bbls of flour, consisting chiefly of lllinoia and Ohio, were mads at $4 a $4 87>f. Sales of 10,0?0 bushels of corn were made, embracing Western sound mixed and yellow, at 45c a 50o. Tobacco -Sales of 2M00 hhds. Kentucky leaf were made at 2J?c a 60. Sugar was steady, with a fair amount of sales. Provisions were rather inactive, and sales moderate. No change in sterling hills. Freights steady. Baltimore, Aug. 10?P. M. Sales of 4000 barrels of flour were made, chiefly Howard street, at $A68Xt including some lots City mills at 40. Sales of 4000 bushels of wheat were made, oonsistlng of Maryland red a) II Ac, and Pennsylvania good do at 127o and l^tfc. Corn was duller, and had a downward tendency; Maryland white and yellow was worth OH and70o. There was no change in whiskey. Provisions were also Inactive, without change in prices. Albany, Aug. 10?r. M. Receipts by the Canal?Flour, 14,000 barrels ; corn, 1'>00 bushels ; wheat, 3,600 bushels ; oats. t>,600 bushels. The market for flour was rather quiet. The sales of all kinds to-day were about 'i000 bbla. at $6 50, $0 76* a $6 ; the latter price for pure fresh ground Genesee.? Sales of tiOOO a 8000 bushels of corn were made at tilic. for mixed and 70o. for yellow. In other grain there was nothing deing of importance, and prices unchanged. Wheat very firm. Sales of whiskey were made at 2bo. Buffalo, Aug. 10?P. M. Receipts?Flour,5000 bbls.; corn, 9000 bushels ; wheat, none. The demand for flour is moderate, and the market not firm at $6 a $5 18^. Corn is firm at 51 a ii cts., with more buyers than sellers at these flgures. Cleveland white wheat is hild at $1 '6, and the market is Arm. Oats arc selling at 31 cts.; rye, 66 cts.; whiskey, Jtl a 27 cts . In irood barrels The freiffht of flour tn 41 ban}- in Gi eta.; wheat, 17 cts ; corn, 14 cts. HuiM, In St. Patrick's Cathedral, on tho 5th August, by thn Right Ilev. Bishop McCluskey, Mr. Qeorup. Sherlock, of Now York, to Ansb, only (laughter ol Robert Sherlook, Knq. late of Sligo. Ireland. In Kingston, N.H., Col. William Wehite*, aged 07, to MIhh Martha WirnLOW,aged 19 liy the above union, the bridegroom has married tiin sinter's grand-daughter, which makes the bride a wife to her great uncle, sister toh'ir grandfather aud grandmother, aunt to her father aud mother, and great aunt to her brother* and sisters She is stepmother to Ave children, fourteen grand children, and one great grand-child.?Boston Rut. Tramcrijit. Died. On Tuesdtfr, August 10. in the 00th year of his age, Edward McKiinna, late of Greenwich street. His lriond? and acquaintances. ;and those of Michael Cowley,are requested to attend the funeral from his late reeldence, No.U3 John street, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock John Dean, formerly of Brooklyn, aged 41 years. His friend* and acquaintances are respectlully invited to attend his funeral, at 2 o'clock, oa Wednesday, from ISO Sixth avenue. On Sunday, the 8th instant, at 8 o'clock. A.M , Jas. Washington Saul, aged 7 months, son of Kdward and Mary Ann Saul. COM MLRCIAL AND RAILROAD B\NK OK V1CKSHURiJ.?The stockholder of the Commercial and Railroad lldiik of Vicksburic, are hereby notified that ilie deed of truit in relation to the arrangement between lliem anil the creditors of sudbiuk,i? deposited with the Cashier nf tinI'lienix Bank of this city, Who is one ol the trustees It will remain there until the 18ih inst All those persons who hold any of the liabilities of the Commercial and Hailronil Bank, who have not yet consented to fie compromise, are also requested to call at the 1'hruii Bank. JOHN A. BARCLAY, , . i i r.t to N a luuivN i inutaci. C""i' UK K.N TURTLE SOUP AN I) 8 i'EWk.I) T KKKa' f FINS.?The Proprietor of the Bank Coffee Home, No. II fine Itreet, would restiectfully inform hi* epicurean frieuds lint he Iih.h j tint re. fived from (he Bouth n choice lot of Green Turtle, which lie will serve up in soup a id steaks every diiy ih s week; he has alio received by the same arrival a prime lot of Southern Terrapins, which lie will serve up in his usual style. N B ?Families supplied. nil If m JAMES F088KTT. PALLADII M. PLATiNA, AM) IHIDIUM PwlNTH. ? Lnmiwnakers who re<|iiire palladium for bronzitiK liquor, may now he supplied at a low price. Likewise platina in wire aud plate, and pen points of superior nudity. Also, dvdriod potash, quinine, labirraipiis, chlor, sod*, pure sulphuric ether tor the Le beon. strong ammonia and sweet spirit* of nitre ivory black, sulphate of ammonia, cvauid, potassium, chrmical whale oil map, fl; paper, ant, moth, cockroach, nt and bed but poisona, IIn-, he., by Dr. LEWIS FEUCHTWANOKR, all 7t*m 23 Liberty street. KOHLS AT BROTHERS. 41 John street." have Un hand and (.ffrr for sale on liberal terms, a I *ri{e sssortment of .? Zephyr Worsted Patterns, Canvass, Chenille, Floss Silk, Purse Twist, Beads. Clasps, a d other Freuch Fancy Ooods. Al?o?Fringrs and Gimps, of different styles ani colors, suitable for fall tr de. Will lt*M LOST?In Broadway, between Walker and White streets, (west side), at 6 o'clock last ^evening, ajady ^ Merino u-iu, twiiinisiiiiK i irii uomr yiriu |'irrr, n live uni lar goiu piece, * (We dnIUr bill, a three dollar bill, 11 two iloll?r bill, mid iodic small chanue, * cambric handkerchief, a silver thimble, and some small articles. The finder will be suitably rewanted by retnrnining the name to Frederick L. Vulte, at the Sheriff's office, room No 121 City Hall. all It*in G1 K.VfLfcMK.N desirous of obtaining Lodgings. in a ijuiet I family, at a moderate rrnt, can find comfortable rooms by applyu g at 72 Oreen street. all lt*rc AllM.LI AltU TABLK Foil SAUK.?One in |ieri'ect order, with a set of i|iieues,balls, Ik''., all complete, will be i?ld che ii> tor cash. Can be teeu at No. 27 Dey ure't. Al>l*ly io the President of the Swiss Club, Mr. A. OROSCLAUlJfc.. No. 143 Fulton itreet, up stairs anil it*rc Romantic hotel, Mccombm dam?The mTilersigneil has taken the honae formerly occupied by Ilenry D. Hnrited, and is now ready to accommodate hia f. leuus and the public with breikfast, dinner, and supjier, on reasonable terms and on the ahortest notice. Boats, bait, lines anil pole* always on hand A tfnod. grove attached to the honse for pic nir. and chowde. Dirtiea. rKTKR 11KRM DODOK, nil S'*rc Proprietor. TO H()l'r,l, Kr.l'.PKKS.?A Man and Wifs wish to get a Situation in a respectable Hot' I ; he as first r'te Loaf and fa>cy Break f.sst Bread Baker?she as P.utrv Cook, of first rate ability, can ass'at Willi making Soups, all kinds of fanci Cakes, Jellies and Ice*. They litre no iiicnrrb'ance*. Any commands addressed to M O. B., at the Herald office, will be respectfully a tended to1_ anil 3t*rc ICK FOR SHIPI'INO?19.000 TONS JCV, from eight to twelve inches thick, put up eipreasly for shipping, and Picked on board vessels. Vessels fitted for long and short vo^ ages af the lowest market prices, and *r th? hnrtut by S M. C'eeaeman, Proprietor of the Union Ulster County Ice Company. Wpottut orP?it ItlHt all l>t*rc COUNTRV MKK'? II VMS, DEALERS IN I'KRKUMERY, Toilet Sp*p*. Patent Medicines, Fancy Articles, in every variety, supplied upou tliu lowest term> at No. 1 Conrtlandt street, tirat store from Broadway. Alao, VUOOM tc KOWLER'S unrivalled Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap, the only genuine, awarded the Tint premium at the American Institute in IBM ?nd I8t6. .. , OEO. B. OKOSE 11, formerly with I aii.l Kit m VROOM k FOWL ICR, of No L WHEREAS, my wife Ann* Maria. Iiaa left my bad m4 hoard of her own free will, and without mv permission. I hereby forbid?ll persona from harboring her, and uolifv all persons that I will |*r uo debts of her contracting. n ii 8 61 re PHILLIP II K.SSKM KR HKdHKH. M.D., hriNi and Oealist, MiOTMiMcd for more than ten veiua in ilifferent parts of Europe. Asia Minor, Lasistau, Armenia, South Africa, Brawl and New Holland. jytTlit'fr Oveanwich street,ttt tor Morton. DRENCH steam eh PH1l AL)ELPHFa?New Vork M. llavra, and Paris Express Apcucy.?Parcels, letters, and orderi will he received lor the PhiTide' sail on the tttli. at No. 10 Wall ?ireet. A special agent, to MMM tO tM Imsineu o( the a<encyjweni out in the Union, and resides in Paria. LIVINGSTON, WELLS k Co. a3 13t I'h C^HAItl.EH FULLER,whoieaele wiH retail dealer m J J Jenniugs' new patent premium aafetv (jaa Larnpa; dl?o. Patent Phosgene Uiu for do. Also. ( .uniilnuc. Spirit (ias, Oil And Lard Lanpa, Hall Laiithorua,Girandoles, Icc .of ihe most approved an lea and patterns. Alao, Camphine. Spirit Gas, Oil, Wicks, ?c. he. No. 272 Greenwich street, between I h iinUri oid Warren ..treets. b3 lOf'rr IVf RS. M CARROLL'S MEDfCATEO VAPOR Bath*. LTl 181 Kulton street, opposite Church stitet, an a ale and cerlaio cure for ihtnmalism, c ughs, colds, swelling of the glands, stiffness of the Joints, ague and fever, tu', recommended by Drs Mott, Hievena. Boyd, and others. 'J he Va|>or Bath lias been socceisfully adm ulatered in the above complaint. for the last 22 yen- Open from 6 A. M. till 10 P. M. * ' H.iraapnrilla Syrup prepared liy the Sh.ikrrs, 71 crn'u per hottlf 'iti*) Wt? rc BKEKMAN HOUHK, INo.JSg Beekm?,7.t7^T" BoiidTT.d Lodging by the day, week or muiilh, on the niui rxasona hie terms. A choice of srvernl >iug|i- rooms may b? lind by applying immediate ly. Mingle nieils mry lie hid at all lionrs of the (fiy and evening. ). WILSl) v. a4 30! ?rc TAUOH'I', oy moderate term', by a liicivvvhu an* had considerable ek|wrieuce iu teaching Mir teichesnu thr Logenan system, which it greatly approved ol m Kurope. Teiini, Three Dollars pel month A hue addressrd to A B , ? the Herald office, shall be at Widen>o iv'-"' sot*is rc WONliKitfOir I'll" (J VhllY~?Striker's Solution lor rhe Hair, which will change grey hair to its origin*! Color in a lew mmutea. This Solution is different from any yet offered Those who doubt its virtues are requested to hare their hair dunned before paying their money, due trial will proee the fact. The Dotation can be had at C. B. Hammond's, 271 Broadway, eorner of Chamber! street; Dr.Ch asteny, 140 Bowery, Dr. roneynelre, W Chatham street; and at Striker's, 4 Coenties SLp, where it can b? applied None yep uia? unless signed H. Striker, in red ink. a? Ht*m WANTED~A SITUATION,?BY A RESPECTABLE " ? Prnteitant ^irl aa Chanbe'OMid or uum, tu<l Sewing, u capable of lite buiiiteai, and would have no objection to travelling in the country for a few inon'ha. The bait of eitr references ry be giveu. Pleaie call at Ml Madiaou atreet, corner of Moutcobicfy, next doer totlw grocery itort, i? iW? ta?ment. all ?t?m \\ AN l'ED?An American boy who cau come well recom. " mended aa regaidt houeity and integrity. Apply. be tweeu the lioura of 7 and 9 o'clock A.M., or 2, J. 8 and# P. Apply at SORIA k Co.'a, 490 Pearl itreet. all lt?m 1 PARTNER WANTKL).?A young man with a capital of Threa Hundred Dollara, of good add.e.,.,, will find it a mfe investment, iud aure to pay over ihiee jiumlied per cent. The busineii i? geuteel, and the inoat of his time will be employed id travelling. None need apply but thoae who hive the cath in hand. Address "P. VV." Herald Office. with real uame. Hating where nu interview may be hid, which will be duly noticed. all If m ___ ' W.\ N'i'KO ? I mined util y, a good cook. Inquire on bo.ird the Ice Barge, foot of Dunne ureet, at the depot Alao, a good boaunMi, to go a* captain, and five good men to work at ice. Good pricei will be paid for good itendy meu EuUUl-e a? above nil 12 3l*re WOOL?3000 pounda Merino Kleece, foraale at KOHLSAAT1 k BROTHERS, null 1 ti>*m 41 John itreet. WANTJLD?A reapflctable Protectant Girl wanti a utuaHon aa Nurte; ii a good hand to lend children. She would devote her whole time to the employment. Apply at No. M I Iaik itreet, in the, for two dayi. aull It* m WANTED, lij a geuteel young female, who ii fully competent, a iituatiou ai Nursery Governess lu a private family. Would have no objectiou lo go aotith. Add eia, pott-paid, Goverueii, at thiaoffice. all Jt*ic INFORMATION WANTED of Arthur and Margaret .Mcliver, nativea of the couuty Tyrone, Parish C loghe.r Ireland. Any lufoimationrelative to the above partiea will be thnnkfnlly received by Oweu Short, at Mr, Clearyi, 23 Aun it. a 10 3t * rc W\NTS A SITUATION for cook, wailiiug and iron lug. No objection to do jfeueral house-ivoik in a imall private lituiily. (Joed city reference given. Apply to 31 Charlex tieer. al0 2t*m WANTED-?A RESPECTABLE Proteituut VVotnau want* u iituatiou aa Chambermaid aud Waiter. Apply at 49 Oliver street, in the rear. al0 2t*in WATNED? A Boy, of respectable family?Salary $luo a year. Apply to l< ANKEHNOT k 1JILAC, 18 South William itreet. al0Gt*in BOOLK'8 HVPKHION KLl'lD For Piomoting tlie lirowtli nod Embellishing tlie Hair, stands unrivalled; "i I H uow the only article used by those who value a good head of hair. It is alike efficacious in extermiuating scuri and dandruff; and the beautifying lustre it gives in the hair, eu urea 1U succ? ss at the tuilet of even' lady of fasliiou. For further juiUcuIais, nee rainphleta, .coutainibg certificates fmm auuie ol the moat eminent phyaicians, Stc To be had of hia agents throughout the Cured Males and Canada. ha >?.A. 11. St D Hands, N. Y.i E. Maaon. Portland; t arleton St Co, Lowell; I). K. Bliaa, Springfield; D Scott, jr. it Co, Worcrster: J R. St C Thorn urn, and Dr. Cadwell, N. Uedfo'd; R. J. 'laylor, Newport, R. 1 ; K. Tievett It Sou' Poug'ikeepsie; (>. Uetter, Alliuiy; l)r Hiemitreet, Trays T| Hunt. Auuuru; Wm. Pitken, Rochester: I}. II. Kiali, Snr.itn" I a; Toliniu St Williims, Syracuse; L. Kelley, Oeueva; K S' nriiuin St Son, L'tici; William Coleman, Buffalo; Seth U* Hance Druggist, and Wm. II. A.Myers, Hair D esser, Balti" more, Md; J. VV. Kurelaml St Co, 127 Canal street. New Or* leant, La; and other places. [L7?* A treatise on tli? Anatomy and Physiology of the Hai?, wi'li directions for preserving the same, Stc.. accoinpauiea each bottle of" the Hyixriou.'' WILLI AM BOULK, KirU Premium Ventilating mid (iiaiaincr Wic Maker, al I liteod*rrc Washington at., Boston. THE ONLY~UKNUINE UOUKAUD'8 ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP-BEWARE OK A SPURIOUS All I ICLK.? I his delicioua compound so deservedly a favorite Willi the public, is uuiversally acknowledged to rank fo.emost among modern iuventions ; and this celebrity is accorded to it| for its astoiiishirK powers of purification, as well as lor ifJI iiirnrisiiiv m#?<l i#??i I nml i?iit>inii>al iirnti?rt ii'? 1f? artinn <>n the human skii ii so marvellous, that but for the eulighteued state of society, it would be accredited to the power of magic, and its inventor probably nllt at tke stake an a wizard ! The day* of necromancy. however, have gone by ; out science happily wears a belt of f.r greater potency than the golden out- of the miKhty Hermes. Certain it is, that the transformations which dark, rough, chapped, Ireckled, tanned, or | implcd skins, are innde to uudergo, by a fre'j use of (Jourand's Italian Medicated Soap, exceed the power of mng c ! It is so highly medicated, that the entire host of cutaneous eruptions are immediately cured by it , it is so emollient, that the toughest, roughest, hardest akin, is speedily made as soft and smooth as an infant's; its chemical properties are so powerful, that the thickest epidermis which a tropliical suu ever tanned into swartness cau be easily rendered soft, iiliant, clear, and brilliantly v liite : aud it is so highly scented that a delightful fragrance will float the livelong day nround the.person using itror the mere purposes of the toilet, nothing can surpass it ; as a purilier aud cleanser of the skin uothing can equal it ; as a shaving compound, it is the most delicious article extaut, and no gentlemau who values a luxurious tonxorial operation should for a moment be without it. If it is valuable to the maiden, wife, mother, father, brother, or lover, it is if possible more so to the helpless nurseling,whose tender skin so frequently chafed and sore, cauuot have anything more delightfully sooihing applied to it tliau Oournud's Italian Medicated Soar ' beware of spurious soaps purporting to be medicated, and especially beware of a ctiunterfeit of Oouraud's Soap sold in Courtlandt street. The only place in New York where Oonraud'saiticle* are to be obtained genuine, is at his depot, 07 Walker street, first store west of Broadway, New York, ainilt'm DR. JONK8, DKNT1ST, 170 BKOAUWAV, inierts Teeth, and warrant! them as good as the natural onei, for biting aud mastication. A complete double set of best miueral Teeth on line gold plates. $60 00 A set of best miueral teeth, on line gold plare, for the upper jaw, to he worn by atmospheric pressure.$30 00 Single tooth, from $1 00 to 5 00 ail 11 2tis?rc POWKLLON THK KYK?Just published, a Popular Treatise on the KYIC, its Diseases, aud their cure, with engrtvings, rules for the selection of spectacles, Ur... 8vo., nice SO cents. To be had at the author's, aud of booksellers generally. he Pi i mill I uttAiiila ?vrliiitviiliT fn nf fit* ! *. t??? and Ear from 9 to 4 o'clock, at in? oltice 261 Broadway, corner of Wifrm street Artificial Eyes ofioperior quality recently imported. tuj|03<it*rc _ _ GEN. TAYLOR'S PORTRAIT ?The fir.tamT^ly |k>;trait of Oen. Taylor ever takeu from life, is the one psinitetl by Mr Atwood, and now on exhibition at hii room*, corner ofKeade street and Broadway. All M ate curioui to ?ec how thu Hero of Bncna Vista really lookn, would do wrll to call and satisfy their curioil.y. The pictures Hold about the a reets are mete caricature*, and their impreasiou ihould be t (faced from the miud, hy seem# tl-*true likrnesi Admittance 85 cents. mil 3t*re RADICAL CUHE OK CORN'S, without cutting or llie least pain.?L>r H. ShiriacofT, from St. Petersburg, of Hiisala, has the honor to announce to the Isdies and eeutlemen of New Yorluaud the public ill general, that he under akes to completely eSfrpntu soft or hard ('oriis, Buuioiia, Nails and every other l*rd substance on or between the toes, without cutting, by means of an Elixir of his own invention. 1'he operation i i performed in the of a few minutea, without the l?a?t pain, and th* patient may resume his dress aud occuration with the satisfaction of carrying the corn or root ill nis hand. Dr. S. Chiropediat. will give hit attendance at his office. f>3 Ch unbers street, opposite the 1'ark. au 10 30t*rrc VIRE HRi( K ? Wanted, SO,fiOU Welsh Kire Bn-k, ulloat. r Enquire of CUAKT8 Sc TAVLOR, !il0 1tia*m 22 Exchange I'laee. PEW IN ST. BARTHOLOMEWS CHURCH for ?ale, No, 10H,{desirably situated. Apply to bl aud 67 Nassau 1l?t. ?l> lUm Firemen and coal heavens-wanted, thirty Kiremea aud Coal Heavers, for the U tiled Slate* Naval Service. Apply at the United States Naval Rendezvous, No. t C harry stiwt aio 2t*m All BLIC HOUSE KOR SALE?The public h u.e No. M Harrison Street, wtta one door of West street, will be mM at baqptat andpossession given immediately. The place can be seen at any time, by applying at No. :i:*t Broadway. The only rraion foraelli.ts u the owner having other SB.AL.KU I'llOPOHALM will be received nt ihe Coininia*ary General'! Office, for W liite l'ine timber per thouamid feet. Also, yellow Fine. fur girder*, icr thousand fret, all uiill unwed, (for the new fttate Araenal) on, or before tlie Ifitli IMC. Unobjectionable *ecurity will be required lor tlie completing of contract. Kor *ize of timber call at the office. New York, AuKUit 9th, 1817. an!l6t rc HENRY STOHMS, t orn. < Jen'l. 1 (VHKAr ( AMI KVI AULiMI vlhNT ?1 he nnderaigned | J furniihea alnjia MlMn,lotM Mb imlie* with all knida of itorea at wholeiale price*. Among liia (lock inay be loniid groceriea, liquor*, ii'iiiis, line winei, 50 hukeUiDuc iU. Mnnr.ihi llo and lleidork h.unpngne; iiJtl half cheat* black .<nd green Tea will be *ol(l at great bargain* to clo*e a concgument. Country merchant* anil up town grocer* would do wi-I to call. All order* from the country will be promptly attended to. Maatera of ye*arU Inving small lot* of good* to diaiioie of for caali will please call. Order* ainouutiug to $10 will be *ent home free of cartage. ?ufl:?0i*rc A. B. MlLLR,M Wat?r*t. CT11AW UOAKDa.?SO ton* .Straw Hoard* lor aale by PEIISSE fa BllOOKH, ? jv2^tlm No. 6S and FJ Nmni afreet LUn 1 O.N MO.N |)A k , .Inly i'j, brtw een Albany and Wew York, on board the llendrirk Hud*on, or on the wharf at one of the above pi. ice*, a large black trunk bound Willi iron and Lr I?* nail*. J . H. K. in large white l?tt?n marked on M end. A liberal reward will be.given lor *aid trunk, or lor any information that may lead to it* recovery, by YVAKKINOTON 8c KICHAHDS, a7 8t*rrc No. 32 Burling 8'ip, New York. N6tU;K.?Mr. J. H. Bll.l.INO and .Mr. J. I). BKU., consignee* by the ahip Utica, from Havre, in December, 184), will pleaae *eud their addreaae* to the olfice of ang BOYD V HIM KKN, No 88 \VaUat._ CI U8TAK K. WKST.V1 V.N la requeated to call el the 8we * dish and Norwegian Conaulate, 8i Weat *treet. where he will heiir of aninerhine fn liia ailvmifaue am. l(l*rr L'itKMI IVH'OKTAi lON-\V. HOOJT & < 0., No 37? 1. Brnadway. have received a freah lot of the much admired ^ihecr InWll liaildkfx. riftrrnw f^nrri hnrrifra urliirli mrm nH'/nol manually clieiyt; black and white laceil Capes, from $1 JO; ibout MM) imira line Krench Cuffa, m l>. and la 6d per pair; tlx reumniiiK atock ntblack and while life Viaitea, at cost price; a very cheap lot of needlework f 'olliri, from 2?. to <> . each.? Ladies will tlao ft ml anine bariraina in Valeucieiiuea Lauea and Kdtfiiiga well worth (heir attenl'nn. jyI!) 3t)t*m UOLAR LAMPS, UIKANUuLtS, HALL LAN^ TIIOHN8 IVi Trmys, kc.?The atibacnber haa now one ol the heal irlecteil aliirk] ol the above article* in this city. Country dealer*, churi:liea, hotels, and private fatntics. will f.nd it to their advantage to call and damme the ab0\t atock, which will be >?ld at reduced prices JOHN W. MOKUAN, i*H 30t*ro I'i4 Knltonar one door nil of Hroariw BKOAI)WAY BATHS AND IlKN t'AURANT, No liCO Broadway?The proprietors of this e*tahtl?hment aniio liter to llir public ill it in ikIi%ioii to the hatha and reading room, they h??? fitted up, at considerable expense, a lleatauiant. where every delicacy iu viandv, with the ill.'at choice and rare v nit and I'utc li'iuoia, will be served to tho>e who houor the ill with a call. 'J'he. |iro? nrtoi. feel that it would he uiibtconuny in them to laud tin ?tyle iu which their aaloou hu been fniuiahcd, but respectfully aolicit an inapection. It will be opened nu |VIouday the iid AukuU, at 8 P. M. Petit aonpers served on the ahorteat notice auJMt'm NOTICK TO Co NT RACTO H 8.?K X T K N 816 N ~OK tin Hirkm RailrM<lfrtNi ( niton KtlU to lf r I la mi PropoaaL for the grading, masonry and bridging of twenty iM mile* of Itic New Vork mil Mir If m l< i>I>k nl i < > ending lioin ilk pi < sent terminu*at t toton Kail* t? Dim r I'laiu* in Dutches*' ounty, will he irccmil *t tlie office of the Engineer iii Willie Plain*, until the fitstday of heptetnher The Ire li now prepared for the elimination of Contractor*, niul profile* and ?|ecilicalion* will be eilubiti-d at the Lngi neer* olfice. The Company reaerre the right to accept or reject any ptopos-l*, whether they may be ln<- lowestor not niklltrc ALLAN I.AMPBKIX, Engineer. OKHCK O" TIIK NKW YORK KIHK AND M A KINK INSUKANCK ( it., New York. Augu.t 4, 1817. L)l VIIJKND?'The Uoard of Director* have thi* da v declared a Dividend of Kive |>er cei.t, out 11 the profit* of the la*t mi months, payable oil demand, at tile ctfice <?f the company, No. 72 Wall *rieet. D. L'NDKitlil LL, a.').10r?m Secretary. NttW 1 OHK, HAVKK AND PARIS EXPRESS AUKNl-Y.?The iindt rsigiu d having despatched a ?i>ecial Altera to France, to attend to the boaiueu of the A gene r, will receive order* for the pureha*e and trau*mi**ion of good* of all description* by the Krencli Steamer*, on the mo*t rea?on?ble term*, aud with the greatest promptness and despatch. Letter* and parcel* wilT aUo be received for transmission to aud from the Continent- The Philadelphia will leave N^w York on the I.Hh of Aniu*t, and a letter hag for that v?| | i* now ready at No. II) Wall street. Or? . rnv >li? United H ates and <mad*, (po*t paid,) will be attended to. | Jyl7 20t tie LIVINGSTON. WfcLLfi k CO. JACOB 8. PLATT, A?etio???r. Crocker?/ china, glass and earthenW ARK?M cr?te?, an entire new invoice. fre*ti and s u?d. from tbaalwis*t?JMut> S PUu wilt wll. Il? Offi as above, ai 10 o'clock, in the Inrgesalearrom, over the auction sioit, in lo'a to suit ttoe coautry, aa well *a the ei?y tfadc, ? choice assortment ufC. edgcl dipt, painted end white, i'? nite aud light tu<l dark, Itowiug blue ware, vi*: oUum. muftin*, twitlrr*, drepd'i; tea ware, in acts of 5, It aud 44 piecea; toilet ware, in scu of 4 aud t pieces; jiiij*, mugs, porter mags,

dishes, vapors, ten cupe aud utucera, conw do, bowli, he. Also, iliomg aud tea >ets, aud plates, auitable lor private fa milica; ivory seis of table cutlery. Jt pieces in set. . I Alao, plal>d wait, caa'or*, brenil and cake baskets, candlesticks, Jkc. Alio, 1MI0 plain aud cut glws tuml/lers, wine*. inouey jars, lamps, hall lamp*. Also, tolar aud globe lamp*, new Uncy patterns; and a geueral assortment ofporceliiu, fancy inautel aud purlor ornament* 4tr. N. B.?These sales will lie so arranged that country, aa well aa city, dealer* can make up their assortment. all lt*rc (Tun i ICR's UINING SALOON. No. ItT ? niton si.?h. * H.<>! NTKK desires to make known to lua uumerou* Mtotttn, and tlir public at lane, that lie li i* l|lt|lillllik ted, and thoroughly renovated In* Diuiug .Saloon, aud can uow bout of a* extriMive, airy, comfortable, aud neat a saloon a* the city affords. 'J he alterations aud improvement* need only lit Ml t i lie apprei wli-il; and he ouly ssksoue visit, Convinced that all who call ouce will not fail to come again?and frequently. His Larder, a* heretofore, shall lie bountifully aup plied with the most choice productions of the markets, which will be served up. at all times, at the shortest notice. I! /""Opeuon Sundays. aul UMod*n COAL,.?I am duly discharging t l.e baitqulltyof I rarli Orchard Coal, and will deliver it at the follow nig low ii-ice, for cash ouly, viz." Luge Nut, $4 7J, stove. Kg*, $5 from the boats, and at 35 cents aoditioual, if screened, from the yard, corii'r of King aud Greenwich. n2 jOtrod m PF.TF.R CLINTON 1*0 LITERARY GKNTLfcMEN?WaNTEO. a Partner, either active or special, in a long established literary institution of high character. To any oue having a capital of five thousand dollars, this oppoituuity of luvrsttneut present* advantages rarely to be inet with. Reference* of the must satisfactory nature will be given. The profits will be from 25 to 30 per cent, aud may be increased much more. Kurparticulari as to iiilormation where an interview may be had, *P}d][ Why letter post-paid) addressed " BociM," at the mm .r ... .... t miniii ?||( WWIWUTt OLT'S COTTON DUCK?A constant >U|>|>ly ol the va^ riou* numbers, <2and It inches wide, warranted superior to auy m market, for ?<lr bv NAT11. ii L. St UKO. QRISWOLD, aur. 21t3tawis?m 72 South street.^ N" All ON Al. LOAN KUNU LIKE A88URANCK 8 , CIETY, OF LONDON.?" A Saving* Bank for the Uunelit of tin Widow and Orphan."?Kinpowered by Act of Parliament. Capital ?100,000 sterling or $2,100,000, besides a Reserve Kuod (from surplus premiums) of about $111,uOO, lu&it of the CapiUl is invested in the United Stain.) T. LAMIK MURRAY^ K?i|., Cieorue street, Hauover Square, Clmirinaii of the Court of Director* iu Loudon. United State* Board of Local Directors?(Chief Office for America, 74 Wall street, New York.) Jacob Harvey, K*q., Chairman, Saml. 8. Howland, Km, John J. rainier, K?i|. Oorbam A. Worth, Kkj. Jonathan Ooodfiue, K*ij. 8aiimel M. Kox, Fjhj. James Boorman, F'.si). William Van ilook, Kaq. George Barclay, K?i|. and C. Kdw. Habiclit, K??|. Kl)\V A1IL) T. RICHARDSON, Ksq., Weueral Accountant. Pamphlet*, lll.iuk Forms, Table* of Rate*, List* ol Agent*, &.c., he.| obtained at ImCIumOffice. 74 Wall Xreet, or Iroin either ol the Amenta throughout the l/uited States, ana British North American Colonies. [T7 A Medical Ktaininer attend* daily at .t T. M J. LKAN'DKH STARR. Ueueral Agent for tlie United State* and B. N. A. Colonic*. jyH 3t?w <w.i* _ eCHOOLKVS MOUNTA1.V.SPRINUS, Belmont Hall, kJ N.J.?Tins establishment will remain o|ien uutil tlie Jst of October. Having been refurnished und fitted u|i, it now offers many inducement* : the location isjustly considered uneiiualled ; amusement* of the best kind; the highly medicinal quilitie* of the iniiiernl water* ; excellent accommodation*, Hc.,kc. ltoute hy K. K. leave the foot of Cortlandt itreet at 8 A. M.. 12 M. and 4 P. M. Through in 7 hour*, daily. _jy14 llteod'jrc MRfl. K. A. HINCHMAN. BHOYV.N S HUTKL.?The uudersigned, (sous of the lute proprietor, Jesse Brown,) have the satisfaction of inform' iug their friends ami the public generally, that the Hotel so lougaud favorably known ,u "Brown's Indian Queen Hotel," Washington, Ims, by an arrangement' among the heir*, come into the lull possession of the undersigned, a* ?ole owners,and that they alone will hereafter conduct this extensive and oom modioli* establishment. They pledge themselves to use every exertion to uphold the high reputation aud retain the Write busiues* which it hus heretofore possessed; and they earnestly hope, by the improTements in the buildings and the reuovutiou ot'furniture about to be mide, together with aitrict and unremitting attention to the comfort of their ituests, to merit and receive the usual large share of public patronage with which it has ?? long been houored. T. P. BROWN. MARSHALL BROWN. Washington, D. C., July 9, 1847. jvl7 ISteodre BROWNS' COKKKK HOUSE ~ANU DIN1NU HALOON, No. 71 Pearl street, situated iu the busiueH part of the city, (head of Coenties slip,) presents great inducements to merchants, stringers, and others, whose Business inav call them to that part of the city. Breakfast, Dinner aud Tea UEOROE BROWN, late of jy2!) Iflt'rc Lovejov's Hotel. PANTALOONS.?K. AIIRENS, tlie weil known I'anti Tailor,20}* Ann street, li t* lately received over 100 pes fuicy Cassimeres aud Linens, of which he make* pants to order for only $2 60 to |>l per pair. Also, Kreucli aud Euglish black cassimeres and doeskins, from ft to %? per |uiir, warranted good, or no sale. Oents who are iu want of Pants, will do well to call at 20X Ann street. jy< 30t*re EKI'PTIONS OK THE SKIN.-AII u:l?, a-.-' trouMTd with Salt Rheuin, Erysipelas, Itch, Ringworm, Pimpled Kace, or other diseases of the skiu, may obtain a speedy aud < effectual cure,at Mrs. ( arroll's Medicated Vapor,Sulphur,and Iodine bath >JitablislimeuL IBt I* niton street, onoosite t.bureh tlet-t. Compound Concentrated Syrup of Sarsaparilla, prepared by the Shakers, 7i cent* per hnttft'. nuS 30t* rc Ci AST OFFCLOTHINO AMD KURNITURfc WANT> KD ?Ladies aud Oeutlemeii having any cast off or su|ierlluous clothiiiK or furniture to dispoM ol, can obtain a lair cash price for the same, by sending a rtote, or by calling ou the subscriber, at Ilia residcuce, or through the post, which will be puucluailly attended to. H. OK BOKll, 71Canal afreet, up itair*. N. B. Ladiei can be aKended to by Mra Dr Boer. Old itock and job goods bought, of any description a id amount. jv2l 30f?rrc NKW PAPKR llANOINOS?K. PARKS & ( O., No 379 Pearl street, New York, lmportera and Manufacturer*, hare received their usual Urge supply of all the new patrrus, of everv style and ouanty, of Kreni'h and American I'ajier Hangings, Borders, Views, Kirrboard I'riuts, and wide Window Curiam IVper, which they offer to dealers, merchants, aud o the is, at extremely low pricei. The most coin|>eleut workmen to hang paper may be had at fry abort uotiee. )> Wt*ii 'IM1K NATIONAL KIRK INSCRANCK COMPANY X No. 62 Wall street.?Insuiance agaiust Kire aud lulaud Navigation Risks.?This Company is prepared to make insurIBMifliMlOM or damage by lire on dwelling houses, ware houses, buildings in general, goods, wares aud merchandize o( every description, and personal property,aud ou risks of transportation and inland navigation. blRKCTORS. Tboinas W.Thorue, William Van Wyck, John Van Boskerck, W.C.Redlield, Kugriie Bogurt, Martin Hoffman, Henry H. Ward, Robert L. Case, John J. Herrick, John D Wara, Henry D. Beach, Stephen Holt, W. H. Jacobs. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. W. C. Kxllouo, Secretary. N. B.?1 he capital of tins institution is now full, and with a snrrlui. Money In loan 011 bond and mortgage. jyll JOt m JKKKKKSON INSliUANI-P. k ?Office no M) Wall atreet, oppoute Uie Merchant*' Kichange. Thia compauy OMNUMM to imure againat lou or damage by (ire, ou dwelling house*, warehouse*, building* in general, good*, ware, and merchandize, and titty description of par onal pru|?rty. Lossea correctly and promptly adjusted and paid. DIRECTOR*. Tho*. T, Woodruff. b. h. R-.baon, M. d.t Kraneia p.Sng*, Mose* Tucker, John p. Moore, Anion. Biker, Thompson Pric*, (Jnltb c. Tunia, J as. F.. Iloimea, John H. Lee, Eliaha Rigga, Tlioa. Morrell, John C. Merntt, Joseph Allen, Eugene Bogart, Jnteph Drake, Wni.K. Thorn, Robert Binuh. Thua. W. Thorn*. John K. Davison. M0SE8 TUCKER. ?-ident G*n. T Hor*. Secretary. mvMe Agricultural, rooms, lyceum building 641 Broadway, New York. HORTICULTURAL EXHIBITION?At the augijeation of the State Agricultural Society, whoae Kair will be held at Saratoga Springs, on the litn of Sept., (he American Agricultural Association hare changed the tune of holding their Exhibition to lite 8th and 9th of Sept. All peraona de airoua of aiding the cauae of Horticulture, are earnestly inri'rd to exhibit apecimei* of Flowers, Kruita , or Vc?ttablea. and to compete for premiuma. Programmes may be ohtnineo of Mr. Jaine* Hogg. Seedsman, M Broadway, oppoaite the Royina?of any of the principal seedsmen ib New York, or of the following Executive Committee Lnther Bradish, Wm. Coventry II. Waddell Junt a Lei.oi. Shepherd Kuapr, Theo. Kreliiighnysen, Rulua King Drlafield, Archibald Russell, R. L. Pell, Edward Clark. J y II Ofit rc D. P. GARDNER, Sec'y T'O JEWELLERS. MINIATURE PAINTERS, fcOk J. HARTNETT, No. 1 Courtlandtstreet, near Brondway, wholeaale and retail mannfactnrera of travelling, vjrrituig. dressing and jewelry Doses, Miuintnre Caaeaand Settings. Flute Locket: watch, ring, pin and pencil Bo fa; case* for silver plate neatly arranged In order. Alao, Tray* made and fitted to jeweljera' ahow cases. to contain watchea, chains, ringa, keys, pina, thimble*. pencils. (kc. A variety of the above article* constantly on hand and made to order, with neatnes* and despatch, No. 2 Courtlandt atreet, N*w York. JrlUMf P\i:iy.\N DYE IN < i ESTABLISHMENT?Oifiec "U Williain atreet, New York?COURT 8i DESCMAUX dye and liniah in a new and anterior atyle, never before introduced into the United State*, nil aotM ofgiods, aewmg ailk. iwiat and trama, either plain or shaded; icpltyr worateu aud woollen varn. sewing cotton, inohair, iir The v hive imported patent machinery for |>mtiiiR up worate<l unci Milk, either in tknni, a pool* or ?tick?; d.imaiied or Med ifoode, rihbona. silk, antin, mrrinoa, lliibi-l mid tiahn.rre ahawla. nim|?, fringea. conU unit taaaela, lidiea1 and Krntle inen'a it trmriiu, kr.t dyed and cit Autiie'jutl to new artirlce i v?1 SBl ?i rpiWl K | AI'i'.K? II?"0 Koun. No I White Tiaane. X MO do Ureen do. 1.00 <lo. Yellow JOO do. Bine do. Koraaleby PKRHSr. k BROOKS, l2J II in No h'i .inil hT N.maan arreet TIIK BOWKRY BANK, orumi/.ed under the K'ucral Uniikiiiu law. wnli a capital ol f 'ino.noo. will commence titiMiifMOU i'ut-tday, lliu null day of Aukuii, mutant, at No. 17J Boweiy. piri.ctoiij. Kramit A. I'almtr, H'uoch Dean, Jetac A. Marthall, Oeorge \V. KdiraHi, Ahrali im ''umioniKs Mejmidrr Maaltrton, John S. Oilca, Iohn McMcnomy, Thoin.o McKlrafh, Denton Pearnall, James) Baldwin, William II (alkin, l.ewu Rleidnrn, Jacob Miller, tMl<*ard fcnii, Jedediah Krye, Aloiitn A. Alvrd. DANIKL W TOWNRKND, Pie.ident. NATHANIKL O BRADFORD, Caabier. Ni w York. AUk'mt 3. IJiT. an I I It* rc rpilK CHKAFEST STORK, IN THfc CITY, MIX KnlM. ion atreet, lor Krencli and Amencan Paper Hanginga, Window 8hde>, Cur'ain Materiala, Oruameuta, tic.?TI.e unbacriber haa conatantly on band n larxe aaaortmeuf of tha ahorr articlte; alio, iiuuinUctuier of the mlvnuiaed Hfimf M ?ttre??, which, lor cuinfort and durability cannot be nrrllrJ. I urr hair and otli't Maltr?a?e?; heilher Boll, fcc... Willi every a'ticla in ilia UphoUurT line, at the luweet |m??ihle pricra. N B.?8tcaml>oat and ahip calnna and hntela filled up ind IM.MM.imW. If Mil Upliol.ferrr, ItilK Fnlton ?t. '|M> l AlLORM.?The andemiriied h.u rciiimuinK hi h J. * lew cr.pinof In*celebrated work oti Cuttnnf. *ni' n* which *rea few i nniei iliftitly loilrd, bot in other ie?pe<l? are perfect, which he will *ell at n redored (.rice It i? deemed nuiiririur/ to aay any tlimi in prauft of the abot* work, ?? it i> unirerinlly acknowledKed by the IriJe to be the lull and n-mjilete arra?Kemenl ever befor |inbli?hfd. Price o( the book complete ft" <*> Do. Irnlf bound, '"J Do. ilifhilvioiled... ......... .... i04 Addrrtt with remiU inre, W. II. 8TINKMB JylS Mt*r Mo 113 B'oedway, New York. IIUK< H OMdAN MANl'K Vf 'TOHY . > UEOROF. .IARDINK.U \ntlwuiv (. !< " Kitablnhed Tw?l?e Yu;?. J tU Mfn 0 f PAKE TH K ATRK?Boiea $1; rUMeNHs lO.IUrr ? m^?W*duea4ay F.eumr, Anruat lllli. will bt performed tha LOVf. I H ASfc-W,ldr.lie, Mr if fid. Sir W.I*?wU>.Mt. Kiaftlev; WalUr, Mr. * "?; < ouatauee. Mrs. George J .n*.; VViduw Green, Mrs. V ruuo. To A K18H IN THK DARK-Mr Pembooe, Mr. W. B. rhaiiiiuu; > rauk l>?thoin, Ml. 8. Fear?on Mrs. Petrihoie, Mr*. KuighL floors o| ten at 7?fierformw re ^commence *t half-putt 7. BUVVMi* l'hr.UU^.A ?v Jata sow, k*roBf^u?f?H JC. STKTiCNf. Htage Manager.?Thueveuiui, Wednesday. Avium II, will be i>erform?d the NAIAD QUEKN?'The 0 tie en Naiad, MU? J Tu??bull; Baptiste. Mr. burke; Rolando, Mr. Dunn; Muiu, Miss Bell; Lady IJua, Mts? Kanuy 1 Previous to which BAVJBOO^LINU.?Sir Marinaduke 1 MetUowa, Mr J. tirrene; Kmily, Mrs. Phillip*; Lady Meadu Hfij M rf. Broidle \ , ,, (r.. r> m t * a 4 v tit 11 To cuaclndi with BLACK KITED SUSAN?William, Mr. W. Marshall; Sunui, Mr?. Phillips. Boies, cents; Pit and liallery, U* WnU. Doon open at a i|iuittrU 7; perfon?ct to cowwwct aC hrlf*i?al 7. CA8TLK oXRDKN.?Mr. Baku*, 8ta?e Maiiager-thi Wednesday Kveumy. Augusctll, the comic operm of BROTHK HI AND 8iSTfc:H?Pdiheco. Mr. Waicot; Kosanthe, M?i Clarke. . ... . .. ... ,. After winch. Milt I.oui..a Well*, and Mias Amelia Well., will appear and diner a grand I'm ue Deux. lulriiniuioii of Inlf an hour. .... m.,-. To conclude with ilio viadtvillt entitled the IlENDEZVOl'S?ttimou, .Mr. Holland; Smart, Walcot; Ituae, Miaa Clark.. Doors open at i'erlorinauce to commence at I. AdiiiKMon. 25 centi. CA8TLK UARD?n.?MR W'ALCOI' lMf? to ananuouuee that In, LAST BENEFIT.. prior to hi, departure fin in New York, will take place on THURSDAY fcVBNINU. Auwart 12th. a! 11. JOHN 8KKT0N. who ,haa kindly voluuteeird, | MISS CLARKf. MR. HOLLAND. 1 and the whole strength of ihe company will appear. | ,ulO tiii'rt BKNKI-Vr OH M I.LK ADM.AIDfc. PALMO'S OI'KHA 1IOLSK? Positively thi- Last Night of the French Ballet Company uu<l .Mr. Charlea Wintlier.? Wednesday Kveuing, Auu. Utli. the performance will I commence witli the iiiik'liablr piece of 2, 4 J, 0: or, THE ! LOTTERY TICKET? YVoiintrood, Mr. Couover; Sunn, ; Mm M. Duff. Du.ciuk on the Tight Rope by Charles Winther aud Christian Lehman Afier which the ba'let pantomime, LE Dl ABI.E ROUOE: (Jr. The Vine Dreuert of Coino. To conclude with the laughable ballet, entitled DECHAI LUMEAU?Ruuuiuet. Mr. Clurlei Wiuthrr; the other cha| meters by the Lehman Kamily. The divertiaement ? ill couiuieuce half-put 8 o'clock. H ATI! A \1 i ll k. Vl'RK.?Under ihe Management ol Mr. ^ FLETCHER.?Wednesday Evening, August II, will be I performed tlie comedy of NAVAL ENGAGEMENTS? j lieutenant King>t?ii, Mr. ?? Howard; Admiral Kingston, Mr. i Tayloi; Mia AlurMMcr, Mrs. C. Howard. To be lollnwed^Dbe travtStie of IIA.MLET? Ilsmlet, Mr. Bioitgham; i;i>uS, Whiting; uhost, Wiuans; Ohelia, Mrs. Brougham To cone lude with the farce of the OMNI BUS?Pat Roouey, Mr Brougham; Julia Ledger, Miu Wheeler. jPaicr.s? Boxes, 2i cents, 1'u, 12)4 ceuU. Private Boxes, 10 cents each scat. Dooraopeu at 7?performance coinmrucesat half-put7. CVhTnTcSE LAD v.?t or one week only.? Novrl Ann. ^lioii.?lu cou?e<|ueuce oi (lie general expressed anxiety to j <ee a female belonging to the higher order of the Celestial ! Empire, prior to Iter departure lor Europe, Niblo'i Saloou, No. 3b1 Broadway, hat been expressly engaged, to show the public the only ladv that erer left the walls of Canton. Ad mission ii ceuU?Children 12)4 cents. Ice Cream and Refreshment saloon open, without charge, as usual. aui6tis*rc I rpH? RAVEL FAMILY beg to annoniice to their noM. inerous frteudi and natrons in New Vork. that thev have | leased PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE for a short tummei ieai sou, being tiieir farewell appearance in America, commencing MONDAY, 16th August, 1847. During the season will be produced leveral of their popular BALLET DIVERTISEMEXT8, | A succession of NtW COMIC PANTOMIMES, br Gabriel Ravel and the ce^brated family ; j A series of novel eutertaiuments on the TIOHT ROPE. { In addition a VAUDEVILLE CO. and a Grand Orchestra (during the intennissiou) on ill* NiW ILLUMINATED PROMENADE, designed,erected under the siiperinteudeuce and direction of M. K. fiUHKE, Eaq., | will be opened for the first tune. All communications from the Vaudeville Company, MusiI ciius, and Corps de Ballet, to be addressed (post paid) I J v28 rc JOII.N SEFTON, Manager._ AMERICAN MUSEUM, corner Broadway and Auu itrect. ?Splendid performance# both Afternoon and Evening. M'lle Gertrude. French Daiueuae?Balloon?Moving Panoramic Painting ul the great City of Londou, with many interesting portions of ENGLAND. FRANCE AND OERMANY. ORPHEAN FAMILY.?SHAKING QUAKERS. SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEO. OURANO OUTANO-ANATOMICAL VENU8. Mad. ROC? WELL, the famons Fortune Teller. Admission 13 eeiits?Children uuder ten. one shilling, al BROADWAY THEATRE.?'Thia establishment, bow erecting in Broadway, will b? opened for Dramatic purposes solely, ou or about the first of UepMinbar, cndei tha mwaitiniut of G. H. BARRETT. Persons of acknowledged talent wishing situations for tha season, will please address him (pre-paid) at 109 Leonard street. A. MANN, sole Proprietor. \T/~ During Mr. Barrett's absence in Europe, all lettera sad business communications may be addressed to his agent, jeUlfrc W. CORBYN. No. 2 Barclay street. COLVIAN'SGALLERY OF OIL PAINTI N< is," No. 203 Brotdway, above his Book Store, consisting of uinety choice Pictures by; celebrated masters, vir Titian's Venus, of life size ; The Dying Oladintor, by David ; The Misers, by Mxtsys, the blacksmith , Helen Forman, by Rubens ; The Knglish Roadside, fete fee. he.. Is esteemed by foreigners as superior to any public tihibition of pictures in this country. Mr. COLMAN import* all the New Popular Eugraviugs from London, Paris, and Oerinany, which with his extensive collection of Books, Paintings, Fuicy Stationery, and Drawing Materials, he offers at the most reasonable prices, wholeiale or retail. HERALDRY.?Coats of Arms furnished and emblazoned in the most sumptuous style, or may be had in peu drawing, jv27 .Mini, \VedScSat tf rc t PROTON WA'KH FILTERS AT ONE DOLLAR J EACH.?J. STONE, No. 3'JO Broadway, New York, hrgs to inform his friends and the uiltlic of this city and other places which are supplied bv public water works, that he has so arrauged hit unproied Water Filters that they can be applied to tne Croton water faucets. They are so constructed Uial mil person MtMpUM ia order b|T repleiilshlug Willi the filtering medium at the most trilling expense. A single inspection will convince anyone of their superiority over any othei Filter lu use. 1'. S.?Ills oilier Filters sold as usual. au3 30t*rc >pu CLAIMANTS, fcc.-uEN ERAL AGENCY at the J. city of Washington ?The undersigned, general agent. notary public, and justice of ilie peace, respectfully informs tlx public lhal he bas removed hia office to Uie building one door south of CiiUDb fc. ttchenck'l eichange office, ou lith | street, opposite lite Treasury Department, where he will promptly and faiRifnlly attend to auy business in the above line which may be eutruated to hia cure, Persons having claims against tne general government, and who may confide them to hu management, Duty re*t assured that they will be speedily at*.ended to Uoduty laud warrants or treasury scrip will be seenred for the officers aud soldiers of the present war, and the highest cash price obtained (or the same. 'Wit- undersigned will keep his office open from I A. M. until 6 oH-loek P. M. Uu dwelling house is on Louisiana Areune, nearlv pposite the City Hall, where, in case of pressing necessity, he cau be seen and consulted hefnre ( A. M., and alter 6 o'clock P. M. Please pay tlie postage. . jyilrMt HAMUEI, STF.TTINIUB. TO CKT?Mir lower pan of the two story house < No. 221 Cherry street will he let low to a good tenant. JmIbLAppIv at 226 Ch-rry ?t noil It'rrfl TO LKT?At liobokeu, the tnree story brick house flSf No. S Union Place, three iniuutes walk from the ferry. JLJJ& Immediate po>session> Kor particulars, inquire of w .,i. i'AC.VIKK, liobokeu, or ?*0(k*rc _H. P. KK.WKUV, 17 John at. New York. Ml-1 III SACK ?The lease of the House !>?' II I'ey street, for sale, or the same may be- let to a good tenant. There are lifleen rooms, with a long room 10 feet by 25, ami two rooms on the first floor, alrrauy fitted up in Ihe Knitli'h style; Croton water, ilath Kooin, and Has futures in troiiucea. ?PP>> ? ? ? ??? "nice, ?i I .iiuiu wper.i nnnir, ' betw ren tlit- Imiirnol III A. \l and 4 I'. V. ' an'J Ilia* re ! ?j\ MlK SALK.?1\ ba> li.irsr, l.'i hand* hixli, kind, Jja^llintlc Hud ?otiiid?c m trot a inile clo*e cm three <\ s \. mniiit??. S.ild, Hi the owner Im no use for him.? < an lie * en nt (^iltrTV Stable, 20 Amity *t,. an III St*in HOMttbS MlK hAI.K ?A I ir oi nptliw laPrnT'i"' llor*e*, rapid traveller*, of line figure and XJL^Ziaaction ao?i beautiful In every re?i>ect. Apply at the Baxtar, No. !|] Croaby at. aft 3ti?MwkK*rc ?? . UK. UK WITI <;. KKXLINUKR'S INKALJjECM.IBLK LINIMttNT.-Thii truly a*toui*hiug me/ ^ f .i"1'.". i? a clear, heuiitilul and tran*parent tluid, highly 1>ikmiit and perfectly delightful in lU llavor, aud i> e?pecially designed to be prescribed internally or externally, aud ? ? arranted to cure after all other retnedie* have fa.led All rheumatic and *cr<ilulou* affection*. ring worm, tetter, barber'* itcli, old ??re? of every naturr, froat bite*, barm, latin* ill the back, and nlfertioiia of the ipine, dislocation*, enlargement of joint*, bunion*, corui, callouae* of every de*cri|>tiou. tooth mid nervoui headache. One ortwodo*e* taken according to direction la a* ?nre to cure the biliou* ch'ilic, diarrh?!?, etc., a* it i* taken; aud affection* of the throat, in ahort, pain* of every nature yield to iu influence immediately. Fever and ague broken in two do*e* alwayi. N. JJ. .'j2,.Vi;i cure* have been made in two year*. Among the inany diilinguithed individual* who havekindly allowed u* to refer to them, for public good, are the Hon. Mo*e? II Uriuuell, re?idence .No. G College I'lace, New York city; Hon. Richard K. Carman, of Carinantville, New York city, and Mr. Arnold Ma?on. contractor of the High Bridge over Harlem river, w*i cured of chrome rheumatiim of over M year*'*taiiding?can bv NtD at all time* at the Undue; Mr. Hamnul ItoheiU, hi* partner nt the Bri4|ti, give* it a* hi* opinion that it *nveu h<* life, from a terete injury untamed hv a fall; Mr Jarnei Murnhy, proprietor of the Harlem, Bull'* He id, Bowery and Broadway line* of luge*, ha* men at hi* mammoth ettabluhment over one thouaaml bottle* He *ay* the more they me of it the better they like it. Wholesale and retail diatiiliutiug agent* are wautcd. 1'riucipal deimt. No. 2.W Pearl *treet. New V ork citv: H. Iiucriol h ( o . wholeanle ilriiKuidit, whI at the ilmij aihI other itorti mid tttrein? throughout tlie city and country. It is put up in large h??rtlM, mill mild at Mlceiil* per single holtlc; SI in < I 11, hull gron til: me groin $:M>. The poprictofi nt thu gicat ii iiii uy lire ready mid *illinfi to hack their opiuion, (hut they can MOW mure mil milling < nrc?, Mi h iraitei number I ertifi tea 'huii uiy other remedy offered to the public. All letters must he |n>?tpi>td. j>1MHeod rc TROY AND 8AHATCKM, BV A' K ?A <l-i11 v line al l'"?i Coach. ? me **loB??B63Bi,io??r iiiiiuiiik bctweeii Troy ami Mtiatoga at the reduce litre ul ONK DOLLAR, lea* mi each place at 8 o'clock, A. M ... , Ail Oiimibu:. aUo leateaTrov at 2'V I'. M-. d.i.i I J". w'"i I'*' < ngcra for Whitehall, connecting with the lac ken at the Borough, .ind ieturns on the amial ol ihe laikct. at the Hoiough h ARK, I7U < LN I ri Oftc? ill Troy, at llal?ted'? Hotel. HALSTED9 & OT IIM18. rrornetor.< Jul,. HIT. lil< 6,VHh ANN HAMLtV. >KOM <<LAH IWkoOW-t'on.ipr'i willr'ea.. .end their i^m.U ri arliile -treat.N K immediately All ~?wm\rt*A ... Ine dn\? nni*l bf ?? nt to i uhlK ?loff. W'flODIIt'LL & MINTERN ii,, _ ? goath?Hf?t -?m.~ NOllCt- AII p?ra<?? are hereby cannoned KfffifW'B .in.t tru.'iix ?ny oI tlir crew of thr Or barh Ann if ,|| i ai no drliu of lieira will he iwid bv the Lt| T.WOODHULL U MINTERN. !?MV." ?i> f 1 LOK LONDON?RfOULAJl TACKKT. iSili wVlt&W, Aum i ?'The in w r?ckrl h'T S,R ROBERT Jlfc?n?l KM. buithui HKW ton,, r?r' I hsdwicg. will tail r |Vi<uik't in tatin. aecood < liu .>r ?teer.iut. hitiiu af-letiI I III .ICC mmoditioae, a| fly ' " liotrd. foot of Maiden Lau*. or i,, J. M< MUBHAV, ' |gtt R Cotliff Pirif am) Koni'i I |rpR NEW ORLEANS -Unliiui *nd N?w JwV VmIi Line *i ?The *|.|? i.<1 i<l. f.i t ,.iilinf JHUhUbI i'Io;. itup WABASH, ( dpt. Jlatliaway, la now i In-dun, .iml will |K)?iti?tlv oil Monday, Anumi i.i?l. I l>'?r firighl or |aa?ni?, faring huidantne funuahed aeeom, inodnlloni, amdy i>u tioaid at Orlcana wturf foot ol Wall atrret.nrm K K COLLINS M Honlh at r.miliva-ly no gooda Will be ttceived on board aI'trr Saturday i vrninir, Ang 21. I Agenii ri New Oil?"i, .' O. W'?'i)rti(r K Co., who will rrooiptlv fm ward all gmxla to rheir addr?ai> The packet ?hip Oawcgp, ( apt. Inittrtoll, will ioCCMmI 0i? W ttyajh, md ml h?r regular day- aull I ?,??? 1 TOTMM | LATEST MOMENT. ONE DAT LATER FROM TAMPIOO. Nothing authentlo from the city of Mexico. The Mary Jane bit arrived at New Or lean* fro? Ta*lploo. She brlnjt? advice* from that place to the Jrtth alt. but no coollrmation of the reported ctcoupatlon of tb* capital. CJen. Taylor remained at Walnut Spring* M lata a* the 17th of July. Ills whole command numbered mtid thousand men. He would march upon Han Luis aM *oob aa re inforced by three thousand fresh troop*. [It i* not hi* intention to go to Han Lul* ? Hbb*ld.] A rumor prevailed at Monterey aa early aa the 11th of July, that <?en. Scott had defeated a large body of the Mexican* near the capital. Thia i* luppoaed to b? the origin of the rumor at Matamora* a few dayi later. The steamer KaahioD, with later i ews, wa* due, and hourly expeoted at New Orleans. Her arrival will pro. bably noire all doubt*. BY THE MAILS* ?V AiHIWOTOM, AUg. I', IM7. Mr. Buckanan?Peaet Rumort. The numerous report* in circulation representing Mr. Buchanan's visit to Old Point M oonneoted with eettlrmt'nt oi our difficulties with Mexico, are wholly groundless. Mr. Buchanan had long contemplated a visit to Bedford Spring*, and would have gone there, but for the consideration that he would be more acoeaalble at Old Point, In the event of the receipt of Intelligence demanding his presence In Washington. He would hST* preferred having gone after the receipt of tome definite news from Mexico; but the business of the department was "up," and the opportunity of a alight relaxation was not to be neglected It is said that, previous to Mr Buchanan'a departure, Government was in possession of intelligence favorable to the prosprct of peace. This is not the faot, except In so much its the published accounts may be deemea favorable. The Government was not then, nor la It up to this hour, in possession of any intelligence favorable to peace,farther than what has been laid oefore the pnblie. On the other hand, no authentic information haa been received that would lead to a disbelief In the favorable accounts already received. In fact, for more than a week no despatches have been received calculated to dissipate the uncertainty created by the published Intelligence. AVasmimoton, Aug. A,1847. Pcact. The city 's taken, hey J What next ? What haa be. come of the Mexican army ' Did they capitulate, or march through the city and leave the capitulation to the Aloalde ! Where is Santa Anna ' No newa of his death or capture. What will ho do ? Will he not fall on the | back track, and cut off reinforcement*, trains. Sic. T May he not eren re-capture Puebla, i'erote, Jalapa and Vera Cruz ' Not likely. Hardly sense enough for that. What will Scott do in Mexico .' Dictate a peace ? or stay there til he in eaten up by an insurrection ' Don't know ; at all events, if Scott is really in " the hails of the Monteaumas," another point is gained to the consummation of peace ; and the management of " Old Soup" haa been elegant, and regular as clock-work, from Loboa to th? Capital. Now fur those commissioners, Mr. Triit. Look around and seee if they are not already hid away somewhere under the bed in the national palace. Bring 'am nut by the scuff of the neck, and tell 'em what yott want. Dut, seriously, what are the Mexicans going to do?what can they do but treat ? Washington, Aug. 0, 1847. Tht iMtt Sewt?llottl Talk. Men grouped about the hotels?the dillettanti, the eognoscrnti, the w Di tanti palpitiand the vox populi, discussing the news of Scott's march into Mezloo.? ' Come, let's take a smlll on that." '* Oh, no, I don't believe the yarn. Santa Anna would be damned to all eternity if be did n't show better fight than that."? " Well, what will you bet It 'alnt so !" " Gentlemen, I tell you Scott's In the ' halls of the Monteiomaa,' and h? 'alnt no where else, and Santa Anna's gone to pot. and Trlst will be found on hand ready to talk to 'em, If they lure got anything to nay." "Buchanan in not such a jackass as many of the whigs take him to be." '' Wall, who said he wax ? But Til go a oool fifty on It; Polk will be astonished to bear that Scott Is not eaten up alive.? Now, what do you ray to that ? I tell you, sir, that Jimmy 1'olk is a small customer. Look at the elections. Gaine*?Major Gaines, by thunder ' elected to Congress, and the Kentucky fellows don't kno# where he Is. He msy be in chains In Mexico, somewhere." " Oh, git out.' I want to know about this news. Do you b?l?v? it?" " Ves, I believe it?that Is, I think Scott ilia Mexico, or ought to be ; and that where be ought to b?, thar you 'II find him ; but how he got thar I don't know, nor does the news tell us; therefore I do n't believe it; but still I think it's reliable.'' ALAMEDA. Washington, Aug. !>, 1847. The Elrctiom. The democrats of 1 Washington Tglv* up the lower House. We think that the signs, thus far, clearly Indicate that the late tremendous Administration majority will be diminished to a minority In the popular branoh of Congress. Why so? How so ? What for f The tariff of '4?! No! The sub-treasury? Very little said .v.?.* n. \i_w;i_ ik. .k street' No! i d the concrete ? Yes. How in the concrete ' Why. by being in the convex on the Lieutenant General prujet, which ?u defeated. Bat that won't oover the cane. What wilt, think you? The epoila ?? the Beven loavet and two ood-flsh ' Yen, that'll do. How will that do ? The offices are all filled, and the unsatlated have become lukewarm, indifferent , Indignant, and rebelllou*. The aapirants tor '48 wiih to drop Polk ?their friends wish to make him unpopular lienoe, they let the whig* carry the day here and there and everywhere. Polk i* pledged to none of the cliqvti of the party?hence they all hesitate to support him. They have got all they could out of him, and now he may go. But mark you, tirt, If Young Hickory don't bring them all up on the ROlfefD TURN. WiiiiutaTOM, Aug. 9,1847. The Sew*?Evening Report. The afternoon'e mail from the touth go?? to eonflra the telegraphic dispatch of the morning, to wit, that General Scott had entered the city of Mexico without I any severe fighting?Santa Anna not agreeing to make the stand in the country, and Canaliio refuting to hazard the destruction of the city by an attempt to delend It; to that between the (tool* the retlitance anticipated, fell to the ground. The Picayune it inclined to doubt thla Intelligence. Thu editors of that paper are generally oerrect in their speculations, an well as in their report* of event* in Max ico; but Rtlll we tide with the opinion that in the main the newt it correct. Perhaps to-morrow we shall have a ttraight story by the iteamer hourly expected at New Orleana from Vera ( rui, at the latest date*. It will beutelett in the mean time to speculate upon a doubtful report, further than lo eauree* uur upiuiuu mm. mnre m no (mill KTOUDIl lO dlabellefe It in the main thread of the utory. By the by, w? found that Col. Orandin, Instead of going with de*patcbeii to General Taylor, la recruiting (bin health) along the Lake*. The night before he left here, he Informed ua he wu going to Zaok Taylor with paper*; and taking thin in connection with a certain letter from Oen. Taylor to himnelf, which he had ibown uk. and with the fact that the naid (irandln hold* a pout of tru*t under the Government, we were disponed to believe him. Ah a joke, it wui remarkably curry experiment. W. Wa?iiihoton, Aug. P, 1847. Salt v?. Sulphur Water. While Mr. nuchanan ii luxuriating in the ?*lt water, we find Mr. ' lay absorbing the oulphur water of Virginia. Old Hurry among tbn mountain*, and Old Book at the iiea eboro, with the White Houft* between them, and both, perhap*. looking in that direction -Mr. Bdi h?nan certainly,Mr. ( lay probably. We Mo,too,oeruia Mgnu, looking to another efTort In behalf of Mr. Clay, for IH1A lli? friend* are nanguine that he la the only man the* are alio nanguine that were he to run, Taylor would In ?o wine Buffer hie name to be used, and that thiia ' lay would be the strength of Taylor. Well, gentlemen, re nominate Mr Clay, and for the sake of " old times," Col I'olk will concent, and will be re-appointed to gi?u anotbrr four mile heat to "THAT 8AMU OLD COON ' W*?HI!??.TO!?. August P, 1947. lilt It ton /??/ ?Slock Jobbing. '1 he New Orleanx ruayunr throw* a wet blanket nrer the newi ofOen Scott'e grand rntrre Into the olty of Metlro, and to my judgment, completely stop* that UA1J lor IUP fiir-nuv iv iu?j asmvwj vvvu nviuv fWVB'^u ging operation, as Iri'iuentW tbeM rumors are gotten np nt New Orlean.. or along the road, for that purpoee. The /'xeyum make* * clean sweep of It; end when Diet paper "hail furnish us with what it believe* to ba the truth from Mexico, then we th*U feel perfectly secure id giving it our credence. Moreover, we suppoa* i hut a busier of despatches would have been the very Orst man to bring the news of the ?n(r?s Into M*Xfeo to Washington , but he has not yet com* up, though we i xpect hlui in a day or two. THE DOCTOK Waiiiikotok, Aug. 0, 18-17. H?'j Thar.' A telegraphic despatch to the \attnnal Whig of this city announces the triumphal mire* of General Scott into the Imperial city of the Aateea. We are disposed to accredit the report as genuine, notwithstanding the ridiculous letter In the Balnmor, Sun of this mornlog, purporting to be very important, If true, and yet giving only such Information a* wee knowu tlx week* ago, to wit, the mlxr of the American j