Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 13, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 13, 1847 Page 3
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J ?M.OOO,6<M>f Tha eipart* of tha special trade rose in : 1444 to 79O,40t),000r, to 1944 to 814 100,l'00f, and in 1?1? : to841,000.000f. The shipments out from Pittsburg, on the main tin* of , the publie work* of Pennsylvania. in each of the past three montha, were aa follow!: ? Caul CoMMtarr or Pittsbibij?Shipments East. . May June. Flour, bbls 36,190 73,278 92,786 Braf and Pork, lbs .4,129 1% 2.673,121 1,520.002 Bacon, lbs 3,504.965 5,924,706 J,969 Ml Butter, Iba 41,832 13.581 140,774 Cotton. lb* 56 617 59,041 89.882 Cheese, lbs 2.093 897 110 262 Hides. lbs 55,425 36,402 150,147 OrrMkint. lbs 123.421 142 290 161,996 Feathers. lbe 78,928 60,968 51.016 fa", lbs n,l59 07 692 54 886 Lard lbs.. 860 0 ^ 2,199,069 482,484 Leather, lb* 222,270 32,213 11.411 Hemi), lbs 924,347 822 091 285,124 Wool, lbs 159,374 87 531 575,032 Tobacco, lbs 90",616 1,430.091 531,107 Whlikey, bbls 1,204 651 1.576 Wheat, bush 1,700 13.235 21,313 Corn. bu>h 2.279 5,951 26.168 Oroceries, lbs 117,824 103,984 131,082 Ho "dries 700,000 955,614 2,374,568 The aggregate of flour for the three months was U0Q,364 bbls.; wheat 36,248 bushels; corn 34,401 do. The transportation of breadstuff* on the publie works of Pennsylvania, from the waat or western part of the State, appears to be very limited, compared with those in this State. Provi- j *ions appear to be a very important item of shipments j just from Pittsburg. *5500 Treas NOIe.,?rTMV 75 slis^lorria Canal b90 II 1:1500 do 104s, 100 Heading RR 67 I 5000 Ohio 6'a,'60, 100* lOONorilWorR <90 55 *100 do '56. 100 275 do 56 '.100 Readme Bonds 77V 250 do t?30 56>. 1000 do 77% 250 do b30 56 "x 7?00 do 77^ .' 0 do *60 55% 15 shs Manhattan Bank *6 50 do blO 56^ Ml State Bank ? 25 do 75 N O Canal kBkfCo 85 50 do sl5 "X 7 Truit Fie In? Co 60 300 Long Island R 33 V 50 Auburn h Koch bty 103 550 Harlem KR 63A 100 Farmers' Trust b60 36 200 do 63V IV} do 35V 1?0 do b30 63X SO do >60 35>4 100 do blO 63V 10 Hudson River R 81 100 East Boston 23}, JO do 85 Second Board. VWM) Treasury 6pc 104V 50 shs Harlem KR 64 -000 Read inBouds 76\ 100 do b3 6* V 50 shs Htonmgtou K 61 600 do bl0 64j^ 10>l do 6l>a 100 do *3 64 Ja 10 B.iuk Com Scrip 97>? 100 Long Island R b60 33>i New Stock Exchange. 100 shs Nor Ik Wor slO 55Jf 50 shs Harlem RR caah 63'i 50 do blO 56 50 do , 63V 50 Reading RR bio 67)* 50 do cash 63V 50 do b30 67,V 50 do cash 6J?ji 50 Long Island R a3 33X CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, Thursday Afternoon, August 13. The quotations for flour oontlnued muob the ume as yesterday. Bales of Genesee were made at $5 87K to $0, The latter figure for small lota of fresh ground. Some lots of straight brands, Michigan, were aold at $fl 68V and 6 76. A parcel of mixed brands, flat and round hoop, Ohio, sold at $4 87>?. The tranaactiona in all descriptiona were very limited. Sales of handsome white (Jeneaee wheat were made at 140 eta , and of weatern mixed at 11S cts. Corn opened with greater firmness, and sales of weatern mixed were made at 72 eta. Holders afterwards grew more stiff, and held mixed at 75 cts., and flat and round yellow at 80 cts ; but these pricea were above the views of buyers, and sales were checked, until to wards the close of ohange,when there was some yielding, And sales of round yellow were made at 75 cts. A lot of unixed, alto, sold on private terms. Sales of New Jersey m?al were made at $3 50, and of Ohio, do. at $2 94.? A sale of rye was made at 81 cents. Provisions continued steady. Mess and prime pork were firm, but sales trifling. Lard was firm, and prima in kegs commanded 11* cts. A small sale of city prime beef was reported at $9 25. Groceries continued much the same, while transactions in nearly all descriptions were limited. Receipti down the Hudton River, Jlug. 12. Flour 12.530barrels. Wheat.... 3,295 bushels. Corn m al... 117 t' Corn 26,912 " Amies?Pots were In fair demand at $5, while 18 a 20 bbls pearls were sold at $7 75. which showed a further advance. Brkaditufki.?Flour?Sales of fresh ground Genesee in several small lots, in all about 400 bbls., were made at $6; 760 do. mixed brands round and flat hoop Ohio were made at $5 87*, and 200 do. one brand Michigan at $5 75. Other sales of Michigan and Genrsee were reported, in all some 3 a 4000 barrels MicMgan and Genenee, the former at $6 82*, and the latter chiefly at $5 ?7>?'. Whrat?Sales of 2600 bushels handsome pure Genesee White were made at $1 40, and 2400 do mixed Western at $1 18. Coin?Sales of 2500 bushels Western mixed were made before 'ohange at 7ic; afterwards, 3000 do round yellow sold at 76c, and 4000 bushels mixed were sold on private terms. During the early part of 'change holders advanced their asking rates to 75o for mixed and 80c for round yellow, which checked the movement of buyers. The market closed without animation.? Mral?Sales of 250 bbls New Jersey were made at $3 60, and 360 do Ohio at $2 1)4 Rye?Sales of 2500 bushels were made at 81c. ilye (lour was worth $4 12* a $4 25. Outt?No change, and sales light. P. Brans?Sales of 100 bbls were made at $1 per bushel. Coftik?No sales of moment transpired, while prices remained about the same. Cotton?'ihe market was better attended to-day by buyers, and sales of full 4000 bales were effected at prices decidedly better than those current yesterday. At the close it was Impossible to buy at our inside quotations:? i>iv*nfooi. tuuiriuiTios. New Orleam Uplandt. Florida. Muh. <fr Texai Inferior none. oone. none. Ordinary ll*a 11* 11* a ny. 11* a 11^ Middling 11% a 12* 12 a 12!? 12 a 12>? Good Middling 12* ? 1212* a I2f. 12* a 12* Middling Kair 13* a 12* 12* a 12* 12* a 13 rair ? ''a ii u.'i 13* a is>4 Fully *air 13* a I3& 13* a 13* !3K a 13)2 liood Fair 13?? a 13% none. 13X a 14 Fine ? a 14 none. ? a 14* Motkmcnt* or Cotton in the Uniteo Stat es. Total Krporti lo Received Foreign Port* PortI. liner lit Srjit. lince lit Sept, I 111 it 1845. 1816. 184.6. New Orleiru, July 31..702,118 1 jUti.Wi 622,166 808.727 Mobile July 31. 3M,717 42IJ27 174,61)6 293,349 Florida July 24. .127,391 138,880 J6.726 47,142 'J eias Juue 1*.. 8,250 ? 543 ? Georgia Aug. 6. .232,398 181,550 119 521 73.913 9. Carolina Aug. 7. .343 262 216,497 188,961 174.488 { N. Carolina... Au* 6.. 6,061 9,401 ? ? 1 Virginia Aug. 1.. 11,130 13,912 152 1.308 New York... .Aug.10.. - ? 115.612 188.2C9 Otiler Torts ... Aug. 7.. ? 9.908 2.058 12,957 Total, bales 1,754,327 2,058.971 1,160,348 1,600,183 Total, 1845 2,058,971 1,600,113 Decrease 301,614 439,835 Stock on hand at the latest dates 1816, 127,467 bales; at the name dates 1847, 268 266 bales. Fish?Sales of 300 quintals dry nod, of primo quality, were made at $3 76. There were none left afloat unsold. Mackerel oontlnued scarce and firm. Fbuit?Small sales of bunch raisins were making, without change in prices tinn nt Bao*?Sales of 30,000 two-and-a half bushels, were made from ship's side at 16o. llKMr?The market continued linn, without sales of moment having transpired Lead?The article stood as before, viz : $3 87* offered, and $4 aaked. molasses were firm, with moderate sales. Navai. Stores?Sales of lift bblf spirits turpentine were made at 43c. Afterwards there was a rumor afloat of a speculative demand in the market, and that there were buyers of the article to arrive, at 44c, and on the spot at 47c; while holders talked of asMng 60c. Sales ot 233 bbis. raw turpentine were reported at 11 80 a $2 *3, and 300 a 800 bbls. tar at $3 97* a 3 SO. Kosln was firm at yesterday's quotations, uili?small sales cuy ana r.ngiusn nnseeu continued to be made at old priced, viz: 70c for the former and 68c for tlie latter, oash. Sales of 10 a 1500 bbl* selected whale were made at .14o; shipping do was offered freely at 83a. No change in manufactured oils. Oil Cask and Meal?Hales of 24 tons thiok cake were made at $22 per ton, and 31 bbls. or about one ton, of meal sold at $23. Paovisioni?There ?u no change In new moss or prime pork, while prices were steady, without sales beyond retail transactions being reported Brr.f? Sales of about 100 bbls city prime were reported at (9 20. Lard? Continued firm, and sales cf 200 kegs prime were made at HKc ; good, in barrels, was worth 10c. Cheese was steady at 6X to 7)?e. Kick?-Sales of about 60 tierces wero made at $5 26 to $3 AO The market within a day or two has improved about per lb. Hcuar?The market was steady, but no sales of consequents wero in*de. Muscovadoes were worth 6 to 7)i otn . and quotations for f'orto Rico were within about the same extreme range of prices Skkdi?Sales of 100 bbls clover were made at 7 cts. A lot of 800 oui-hels North Carolina Uaxseed were on the market, and held at ISO eta. Tallow?Continued firm with light sales. VVHALtaoNK.?No change W n if a ky?Sales of 200 bbls were made at 27)? a 28c. Fnkihiits?Cotton was taken in an Amerioan vessel for Liverpool at ,^d per lb Thegitreme rates for flour to the same port, varied from 2s to 2s 6d per bbl. The off?rlng? weie large at 2?, without being taken. For grain, we heard of no engagement. 8alk> at Auction?K*l*lns?730 bxs brand Muscatel, $1 27H- (*? they are); 300 half do, 63 a 87){ ct?; DemiJohns, 360 five gallon Hamburg. 30 cts : Cherrv Cordial. 87 oana, >2 60 a *2 87H P*r do*. TKLROKAPH1C. Market*. Baltimore, Auguat 12?P. M. Flour wan dull?Howard atreet we quota at %ft a $6 ; frenh ground City MilU were held at $6 2ft Sale* of ftOOO bu*hel* Maryland red were made at $1 I# a $1 26, Including Dome l?t? handsome Pennsylvania do at the latter figure Corn?no change. rroviniona?no change, and tramaction* limited. Whiskey exhibited no change. BcrrAi.o, Augunt 12?P. M. The flour market wan dull. Hale* of 2.000 bhla. contesting of Ohio and Michigan, were made at $ft a ffi 12XVVbeat wan dull, for Ohio red, lie. $1 Ort^. Corn waa Inactive, and aalea light. Weatern wa* worth ft2c There waa no change In ^liakey. In provlflona there waa noma better feeling, though aalea ware light. Receipt* were rary light, riiFlour, 300 bbla ; corn, H OOfl buahals ; wheat none. Freight* by "anal to Albany?Flour, ?2c.; com, l#c.; and wheat, 17c. ????i??? Married, On Wednesday evening. the 11th iut., InOrohsrd street I'niveraallst Church, by the Rsr. 8. B. Thayer, Mr Thomas H Biiiitid to Mirs Mm E . only daughter of CharUs 8. Hutteu, Esq., all of this city. On Wednesday, Uth lout., by the R?t J. J. Lyons, of th? Crosby street Synagogue, Mobite Jacob, of Philadelphia, to Julia Anna Skixah, of this city. Died. On Wednesday evening, the 11th lnnt., Mr*. Mvba M. J., wife of D H Robertsou The funeral will take |?tur?j thin alVeruoon (Friday) at 6 o'clock, from No. 11 Kimt Fifteenth street. KelativeH and friends are respectfully invited to attend without further invitation. On Wednesday night, Mrs. Mabuabbt Mabtin, aged 60 years The friendB of the family, and of her son, Alexander T Stewart, are requested to attend her funeral on Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock, from No. 6 Depau Row, Bleecker street, without further invitation. At the Mansion House, Mobile, on the morning of the 4th Inst., ('apt. Abthi'b W. Smith, aged about 3ft years, late master of ship Emblem, of New York. On Thursday, Aug. 13, James, son of Bernard i'.yrne, aged 4 years and 4 months. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral on Frldav afternoon, the 13th Inst., at half-past 3 o'clock, from No. 3i Chapel street, Brooklyn. POST OFFICE, NEW YORK, August JJ, 1?<T.-The stean er Hibernia will love Boston on Monday, the 16th ?r August. Her mails wiU close at the office ou Saturday, the 14th i'jst ,at 5V? P. M Postage uo all letters must be prepaid to Boston. Letters ol half an uuuee or under, 5 cents, and each additional half ounce 6 cents anil ttl'h HO BERT H. MORHIS, p. M. T?jA AS LaN L) AliENC Y.?I'lie Subscriber offers Ini services to locate, survey and patent Texas Laud Scrip, on the beac vacant and unappropriated lands in the State of Texas. He will also pay particular attention to the examination and perfecting Titles to Lands ; have Patents and Deeds recorded in the several counties iu which the lands are situated : attend uromptly to the payment of taxes on lands be longing to non-retideuU Having made the ue<e?sary arrangements, lie is prepared to attend to ever y department of a Geoeral Land Agency iu any part ol Texan ; ensuring promptness and despatch to a II business entrusted to him. He will also atteud to the let'lemmt of claima due by individuals or the government of Texas, and the transaction of business in the different public offices in the State of Texas. He refer*, by the following gentlemen : ? Hon. J. P. Henderson, Governor of the State. Austin. " Thou. Wm Ward, Coin?r Gen. Laud Office, do. " David (}. Burnett, fecretary of State, do. " J. C. Shaw, Comptroller, do. " Wm. G Cooke, Adjaunt General, do. " James Webb, ? , do. " A. C. Horton, Lieut Gov. Matagorda. Rice It Nichols Merchants, Houston. J. Shackle ford, do. do. B. A. Shepherd, do. do. Brower It Neilsov, No. ? Rrout street, New 1 ork. Bean Ik Co., No. ? Pearl street, do. J. Plant, No.3 Burling slip, do. W. a. Heiskeil, Esq., No. 46 South 6th street, Philadelphia. K. Stoever, Esq., No. 43 South Front street, do. F. G. Smith,E sq., No. 39 South Front street, do. Hugh O'Douuell, No. 242 South Second street, do. J. DE CORDOVA. City Hotel Boildiujf, Houstou, Texas. Mr. J. De Cordova caa be lound, for a few days, at the Astor House, New York, and will feel pleased to exhibit his maps of Surveys on the Districts of Travis, Melam, Bastrop, Robertson and Bexir, State of Texas, and give any iuformition iu his iiower to holders of lands, who are respectfully requested to cill on him. aul3 3t inKSM*rc OTIC*..?MR. W. B. WHI 1'E having retired from the firm of THoinas & White, of the Howard Hotel, on account of ill health, that firm i? this day dissolved by mutual cousent. All businesa of the late firm will be settled by the remaining partner, E. Thomas, or his ageut, at the office of the Hotel. E. THOMAS. New York, August 9, 1847. W. B.WHITE. The Howaid Hotel will hereafter be couducted in the name of E. Thomas, who respectfully solicits a continuauce of the public favor. E.THOMAS. aul33t?rc _____ GENTLEMEN'S LEFT-OFF WARDROBE. fcc.-Gai.tlemen or families, luvimt any superfluous effects, such as wearing apparel, jewelry, fire arms, furniture, he., which they desire to dispose of advantageously, have the best opportunity of doing ao by sending for the subscriber, who will attend them at their resideuces by appointment. H. LEVETT, .Office, No. 2 Wall street, corner of Broadway. N. B.?A liuc addressed through the post-office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. al3 3t*rc t CONSTIPATION (COSTIVENKS ) DESTROYED.? "Obstiuaie, inveterate and habitual Constipation. (Cnstiveness) not only totally overcome, but also completely destroyed, without using either purg tives, injections or natlis, Dy a uiiiunti, Mimpie, ugreeauie auu iniauioie meaui, receiuiy discovered in France, by M. Waitou, 68 Hue Richelieu, Parii." Price 20 cents. O*" Tins great remedy is a light, palatable and delicious food call.ed "Ervaleuta"? a vegetable h arina? iu some respects resembling ;r,'u',v root. The above treatisu an4 Ervalenta constantly on hand at the National Depot of Wsrton, of Paris, expressly established for their sale. at HAMMOND'S k CO.'H Drug Store, JT8 Broadway. coruer of Chambers street, three doors south of Stuart's marble building. . Booksellers and Druggists abroad, desirous of introducing the Ervaleuta iu their respective cities or towns, will be dealt with on favorable terms, by addressing post p.iiu, "The Director of the National Dfpot of Warton, Paris," New York. ?ul3 30t*m C~''HOWDKK I'M NH -Kli.i m Biiib-uik, Ksu.. and his J journevn iyed a( Morocco M nufactory, of Chambers at bu n anus, formed themseli >'s into a Pic Nic party,anda; - ii t-lulia Umbiuk and Em>s Cooper, miuaeers. Pro i to that most beaut ful audihidy place, Sheep's Hsa>| B 1'liey found the liudloids polite and accommodating. i> irty spent the day iu a most delightful and agreeable ni il,e whole was so well conducted that every one was s I. The coffee, chowder, kc., was excellent. Kverj passed off so well, tl;?t they intend haying another our .rst part of next week iu company of their wives and childn. au!3 lt*ic BO A t< U ?\ Private Family residing near Broadway, would be happy to accommodate a few Gentlemen, or a Gentleman and Ins family, with full or partial board, with pleasant and well furuished rooms, in a m 'dew three ?wry house, witb h it and cold water: iu a most desirable situation. 'll)e comforts of a home will be realized at a moderate expense. i lease auuress a nuie 10 uoaru, wiut rrni name, jirraiu Office. ?13 It*in SOU A WATKR-FOR BALK a valuable Kecipe, with instructi n* tor making bottled Soda Water, with or without Myrup*. With this Recipe the retailer can make hi* own Soda Water, without apparatus or machinery of any deacripttion, expense not to exceed feu centa per dozen, made with very little trouble, and ready for yae iu twenty minute*. No rha ite will be made unlei* the purchaser is pe rlectly satisfied. ApJ'lv to DR. MAKSH ALL, No. St O'ange atieet, where sample; may be aceii. I'rice fur thr llecipe J.'i. al.'l 2l*in rp O CONTUii CTORS? Kngincer'a OtTice, Jainea River J. and Kanawha Company. Bis Ialand, Bedford county, Va , 7th Augu*t. 1817.?I'ropoaala will be received at Lynchburg, Va , until the 29th September next, for (II the work on their Caual then uncontracted for, from Lynchburg upwaids ou Jauiea River to Big Ialand. a distance of about 19 mile*. The work cotnprUe* about eight locka (the foundation* of two of which have beenlaid ) a few small culvert*, the abutment* of seven road and farm bridge*, and eight uiifiui*hed section*, (from half a mile to a utile long) of excavation, embankmeut, towing path, fee.; al*o two dam* acroa* Jame* River, we*t of Big lalaud; oue at the Cuahaw Fall*, about 777 feet long and 7 fret high; and the other ju>t below the mouth ofNoith Hiver, about 473 feet long and 13 licet high. Speciliiatioua, plana, he., of the *a'd worit will be exhibited at the Engineer'* office, at Big Ialand, ou and after the 15th of September next, and ajl needful iuformatiou will be given at auy time by the Auiataut Engineer* ou the line of wurka aforeaaid. Walter ovwnjm. aul3 20t 3taw re Chief Kngineer. NOTICE TO BUTCHKRS.?Article* ol the Butcher* Melting Auociation lor the entuiug year are now ready and will remain o^ien for signature* at their office, corner of Kir at avenue and fourth atreet until lat September next. Butcher* detirou* of becoming ineinb#* of the Aaaociation will call and leave their (iguature* priorlo that date. " li 2"t*rc By order of th# Board of Trustees rpHK KVK-DK. WHEELER. Oculist, 29 O.Teifwich X (treet. deiotes ^i* exclusive attention to diseaae* of the Eye and Op'.halmic tuigery. Artificial eye* for *a!e, aud inserted ou reawmable term*. Office hours from U A. M. to I I' M , niter which he visits out-door patients. A pamphlet containing remark* on di*ea*es ol the eve. with mi menu* inatauceaol great cure* effected by Dr. Wheeler's mode of treatment, can lie had gratuitously at his residence or the same will lie forwarded to Huy making applirnrn.n to him b letter, pot p?ia. jyll 3tu SatTukTh'm lK I || RE WARU.-LOST frulfliun board the Jersey t if, ^5 l \7 Kerry Boat, (morning tram from Philadelphia.) on iueiiiay lOtli iittt, large black Leather Trunk marked " L. M." ou e.ich end. The above reward will be |>aid for the trunk or anv information that will leid to its recovery. All communications kliould be sent to the Merchant's Hotel, 4ICourtIfillUt street. anil 2t*ro LtCiK.t RRERE4 BKANDIES.?.Nqw landing at Pier 7 N. K., from ihi|> Mary Francis, from Bordeaux, 81 pack, a^e* of the above well known Brandies, direct from the house ol the Subaciber, in Krauce, viz.. Cognac, " Leger J*'reres." Armik .as, ' Star," Bordeaux, Henry L. L. Chafauette an! Hoclielle Lafayette brauda, iwle aud colored, in half, quarter and eighth pipes. Alan, 15 caaka White Brandy, of iuperior flavor, for preserves. Alao in atore, entitled to debenture, a full aaaortment of the above Brandies, of variom viutagea from 1827 to 11146. Samples at the office, 104 Wall atrert. an 12 UOt'm HENRY LEUK.R. rpHE PENNSYLVANIA KAILKOAO COMrAM.Y give X nutice that the Director* ate now prepared to treat with Manufacturer! for Railroad Iron, deliverable iu 1848 and 1819, to au amount not exceeding Kifteeu Thousand Tons. Kor information apply at their othce, No 70 Walnut atreet, Plnla. auMMt'rc 8. V MERRICK, President. RIO OKaNDK SALOON, 106 Church atreet.-The Proprietor of this well known Saloon, talcea great pleasure ill announcing to his friends and patrons, that they cau be accommodated with a superior quality of Shrewsbury Oysters, the fust iu market this season, aloug with all other kinds of refreahnienls generally kept in saloons. This is a ch uice for the lovera of oy iters. The Bans atocked with inch Wines, Liiiuorsaud Segnrs, as need no further recommending. But call and give them a trinl. n 12 4t*rc MOtl'i'UAOE SALE.?By virtue of two certain mortgages, to me directed and delivered, I will expose for sale, at 1<9 Dunne rtreet, in the city of New York, on the thirteenth day of Axgust (n.slant) at 10 o'clock A. M., on that day, all the stock of horses, wasgons, sleighs, harness, (fcc , as described in the said mortgages. CHARLES VAN BLARCUM, Attorney lor Mortagee. Augn.t II. IHT. al2 2t*ic Til ll() I'fcL K K.hl'KKS ? A Man ami Wil'? wuli [ ) kpi a Situation in a re.pectable Hot'l ; ha a. lir.t r ite L<iaf and fancy Brvakfeaat Bread Baker??he u Pastry Cook, of lirtl rale ability, can aa.'.t with making Houpa. all kind. of faucv Cake., Jelliea and Ices. Iheyhiva uo incumb aucea. Any command, addreued to M O. B., at the Herald offlce. will be re.pecifully a tended to. au|l jt*rc ICK KOK HHlPPINli?le.ftoo TONslCE, from eight to LWVve 'l"Ck. put up eipre.sly for shipping, and packed ou board veaaela. Vea.el. litted for long and short voyage, at the loweat market price., and at the .horte.t notice, by 8. M. C' eeseman, Proprietor of the Union Ulater Couuty Ice Company. ' Depot foot of Duwe atrtet. ajj ijt*r< HKHKAM, my wile Anna Maria, ha. left'my bed and ik f f oh!f own will,and without my i?rmi.sioii, I hereby forbid *11 peraous from harboring her. and notify al pecaoos that 1 will pay no debu of her contracting. ? ??"?rc PHILLIP HK8SKMER. O KOKLKK, M.D., Surgeon and Oculist, nas pracused 7 ?! " mo,re "mn MP yMr* 'n different parta of Europe, A.ia Minor, Laaiatan, Armenia, South Africa, Braxil ami j \-tf MM re Oreenwieh afreet. M2. cor. Morton. FKK.VCH tn'KAMbH'PffiLAUKLPHI t? .Ne?TyJS" H^rre, aud Paria Kipreaa Ageney.?Pnrcela, lettera, and order* will be received for the Philadelphia,to tail on the 15th. at No. ID Wall atreet A apecial agent, to attend to the hiiaineaa ol the ageucy Uwent out in the Union, and reaidea in Paria. LIVINGSTON. WELLS It Co. ai lit fh _ II AKLt'/H hTlLi.KH, whoinale aitd retail de.ler in X ,/Jenninga'new patent premium aafetv <iaa Lnmna; alio. Patent Phoagene Gaa Tor do. Alao. Camohiue, Spirit Oaa, Oil and Lard Larnpa, Hall Lanihorna.Oiranaoiea, he , of ihe moat approved atylea and patterna. Alao, Camphine, Spirit Oaa, Oil, Wirka, hr. he. No. 272 Greenwich atreet, between Chamber* and Warren atreeta. aj 3#t*re U8I(J TAUGHT, ob moderate terma, by I lady who haa had eonaiderable eiperienee in teachiaf. She tenehee on the Loieriao ayatem, which i* greatly approved of in Europe. Terma, Three Dollar* per month. A line addreaaed to A. B., at the Herald office, ahall be at tended to. jy? Nt*ia re V L~. . 'a.! ? i -jjjmmmm WAtfTIDASiTTATIOV AS CLERK Oft PORTER I TT in ury OoiJi, Crockfrr, r?r Whol??i? (.trocnry B nrf, by a respectable young man, who Understands the Orrman, English and French lauguages, and u well scquamted w trh the above butines*. He i* willing to m?ke hnn?rlf generally useful Reference given. Iniuire No. 14 Norfolk RIM, fi rN.K^ *12 6t*rc WANTED.?A Proiesu-t girl wishes situation ? cook in a respectable family; it a good washer and troner, and ran liive the best of city reference*; the can be seeu for two day* at No 16 Clarkitreet, In the rear, 3d floor, front room. aul3lt*ni_ WANTED?A young man (whoie engagement will e*pire the latter eud of thi* mouth) ii deairous to make an arruigemeut with uime reaper-table mercantile or ahipping home, at bookkeeper, correspondent, or general clerk. Iscouveruut with the k rench and German languages, and refer*, for further |>articul ra, to his present eii>i>Toyer>. Application* addressed to A , do> 13H, I'ost Office, will be paucmsllv attended to. all It*m BOY WANTED IN A <>KU<hKY SiTOniC-Ooewho understands the busineis, and i* willing to be attentive and obliiiug, and cau come well recommended. Apply this morning. 410 < 'berry street. (13 l**rc WANTED.?A ,iiun, lutelligeut young man, who can read aud write well. Oue who is well acquainted with trading manuscript will be preferred. Apply at Fourth Story, Herald building. al3 Itrc WAN TED?A situation by a respectable young girl, 13 yean of age, to take care of children or assist in house work. The be*t of reference giren. Please call at 197 Heater treet?the advertiaer can be seen for two day*. at3 lt*jn WANTED?Immediately, a good ook. luquire on board the Ice Barge, foot of Duaue street, at the depot. Also, a good boatmtn, to go as captain, aud rive good men to work at ice. Oood prices will be paid for good steady meu. Enquire a* above. anil 3t*rc WANTED, by genteel young female, who in fully comiwtent, a situatiou as Nursery Governess inn private family. Would have no objectiou to go south. Aildiess, post-paid, Goveruesa, at this office. all 3t?rc WATNED?A Bov. of respectable family?Salary $ll?0 year. Apply to KANKERNOT It DULAC, II South William street. alfl6t*m TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR BOND, or a Thousand Dollar Loan, ou approved property, will be given as guarautv for a responsible Situation, either iu or on Public Works of any description, or in any private estsblislimeut. Ad'irms Her?ld office, L). C. H. anIITf fC R8.~M. CARROLL'S MEDIC ATEu VAI'OK Baths. 184 Kulton street, opposite Church street, ate a sale and certain cure for rhevnatison, coughs, colds, swelling ol the glands, stiffness of the joints, ague ana fever, lie., recomineuiled by Drs. Mott, Stevens, Boyd, and others. The Vapor Bath has been succeisfully adm uistered in the above complaints, for the last 22 years. Open from 6 A. M. till 10 I'. M. Sarsaparilla Syrup prepared by the Shakers, 7i cents per bottle; BEEKMAN HOUSE, No. 138 Beekmau street. Board and Lodging by the day, week or month, ou the most reasoua ble terms. A choice of several single rooms may be had by applying immediately. Single meaTs mey be had at all hours o? the day and evening. J. WILSON. n4 30t*rc WONDERFUL DISCOVERY.?Striker's Solution for the Hair, which will change grey hair to its original color in a lew minutes. This Solution is different from any yet offered. Those who doubt its virtues are requested to have their hair chvuged before paying their money. Due trial will orove the fact. The Solution can be had at''. B. Hammond's, 278 Broadway, coruer of Chambers street; Dr.Ch astenv, 150 Bowery; Dr. Coneyactre, 39 Chatham street; and at Striker's, 4 Coeuties Slip, where it can be applied. None gen uine unless signed H. Striker, iu red ink. au2 14t*ni rpilE NATIONAL KIRE INSURANCE CO.vl 1'AN Y X No. 62 Wall street.?Insurance against Fire and Inland Navigation Risks.?This Company is prepared to make insurance against loss or damage by lire on dwelliug houses, warehouses. buildings in general, goods, wares and merchandize o( every description, and persoual property,and ou risks of transportation and inland navigation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thorne, William Van Wyck, John Van Boskerck, W.C. Redfield, Euyene BuL'art, Martin Huffman, Henry H. Ward, Robert L. Case, John J. Hemck, John D Wara, Henry D. Beach, Stephen Holt, W. H. Jacobs. i nuMAS w. inunnE, rresiuent. W. C., Secretary. N. B.?Tlie capital of this institution ia now foil, and with i Mirhii Money to loan ou bond and mortgage. jy 11 30t rn JfcKKERSON INSURANCE COMI*AN\?Ottiea "No" 50 Wall streeyopposite the Merchants' Eich&nge. Thii company soutiuuei to insure against lou or damage by rtre, on dwelling houses, warehouse*, buildings in geuaml, goods, wares, and merchandise, and every description of per soual property. Losses correctly and promptly adjusted and paid. DIRECTORS. Thos. T, Woodruff, B. R. Robson, M. D., Francis P.Sage, Moses Tucker, John P. Moore, Anson Baker, Thompson Price, Caleb C. Tunis, Jas. E. Holmes, John H. Lee, Elisha Riggs, Thos. Morrell, John C. Mcrritt, Joseph Allen, Eugene Bogart, Joseph Drake, Waj. K.Tborn, Robert Smith. Thos. W. Thome, John K. Davison. MOSES TUCKER, tsident. Uko. T. Horn. Secretary. ravM c NEW STYLE OK MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS.? Just received Irom the lirst manufactories in Vieuua and Paris, an assortment of the latest and most spproved musical instruments, consisting of bass instruments called Bassa Tubas, iu t', C and E flat, with from 3 to t> cylinder and (a new style of valve called) drum, which the performer can regulate by the spriugs of tlie valves, to move according to his fancy iu one moment; also I Euphoueum with I cylinder valves, the must complete bass solo instrument iu use, for orchestra or military bands, together with a general assortment of musical instruments, such as Sax Horns, Ebo Comas, Coinetts, Post Horns, Coruo|ieaus, Klutes, Clarionetts he., may be had wholesale and retail, at C. U. Christman's mu?ic and musical instrument manufactory and warehouse, 404 Pearl st. au 12 30t*m 1 TilO(JKAPHIC STONES.?ED WARD* WIRTHS. No. 90 John street, offers for sale a superior quality ana assortment of the above article, both af the blue and yellow loue, which he will be willing to tell npon favorable term*. jyM :iot?rrc HO WN8' OOKKKK HuUSK AN I) DINING LOON, No. 71 I'earl street, situated in the buuuess part of the city, (head of Coenties slip.) presents great inducements to merchants, strangers, and others, whose buiiueu may call them to that part of the city. ' Breakfast, Dinner ana Trn. OEOHUE BIIQWN, late of I JyWMc*r<! Lovejby's Hotel. TO CLAIMANTS, Ike.?UKNKKAL AUKNCV at the city of Washington.?The undersigned, general agent, notary public, aud justice of the peace, respectfully informs the public that he |i4s removed his office to the building one door south of Chubb h Mrheuck's exchange office, on 15th street, opposite Use Treasur)' Department, where he will j promptly and faithfully attend to any business in the above I line which may he entrusted to his care. Persons haviug claims against the genernl government, aud who may confide ' ihem to his management, may rest assured that they will be speedily attended to. Bodnty land warrants or treasury scrip will be secured for the officers and soldiers of the present war, aud the highest cash price obtained for the same. The uiulersigued will keep hi* office open from I A. M. until G o*lock P. M. His dwelling house is on Louisiana Avenue, nearlv ppoiite the City H?l|, where, in case of pressing necessity, he can be seen and consulted before I A. M., aud after 6 o'clock P. M. Please pay the postagt. jyli r 30t 8AMUEL 8TKTTINIU8. COM V1KKCIAL AM) KAILKOAU BANK OK VICK8BURO.?The stockholders of the Commercial and Kailroad Bank of Vicksburg, are hereby notified that ihe deed of trust in relatieu to the arrangement between them and the creditors of said bmk, ii deposited with the Caihier of the I'henix Bank of this city, who is one of the trustees It will remain there until the I8tli nut. All those person* who hold any of the liabilities of the Commercial and Railroad Bank, who have not yet consented to the compromise, are also requested to call at the Pheni* Bank. an 11 Ct ii re N' Vi." OU 5'' \ Trmteei. PALLADIUM. PLATiNA, AM) IRIDIUM I'jIN l.i. ?I?am|>-makers who require palladium for bronzing liquor, may now be supplied at a low price. Likewise platina in wire and plate, and pen poiuU of superior quality. Aim, dvdriod potash, quinine. labarragius, chlor, soda, pare sulphuric ether lor the L,e>ht-ou. strong ammonia and ?weet spirit* of nitre, ivory black, sulphate of ammonia, cyanid, potassium, chemical wliale oil iioap, fly paper, ant, moth, cockroach, rat and bed bug poisons, Ike. he., by Dr. Lt.WIH FEUCHTWANOER, all 7t*m 23 Liberty street. A BILLIARD TABLh KOR SAUK?l)ne in perfect or Mi with a set ofqueues, balls, Ike., all complete, will lie old cheap tor cash. Can be seen at No. 27 Dey street. Apply to the Preside it df the Hwisi Club, Mr. A. OROSCLAuDE. No. 145 Kulton street, up stairs tall if re Romantic hotel. McCOMB'S dam-Tile undersigned hat taken the house formerly occupied by Henry D, Hui'ited, and is now ready to accommodate hn fneiiusand the public with breakfast, dinner, and supjwr, on reasonable terms and on the shortest notice. Boats, bait, lines and poles always ou baud. A Kood grove attached to the house for pic nic and chowder parties. PKTJlK HKRM DODUE, all 3t* re ftoprinor, CTOUTVXRV MERCHANTS, DEALERS IN PER* u. J MEKVi Tcilet Soap>. 1'ateut Mediciutis, Fancy Articles, lu every variety, supplied upon the lowest terms at No. I Courtlandt street, first store Irom Broadway. Also, VROOM Ik KOWLEH'S unrivalled Walnut Oil iMilitary Shaving Soap, the only genuine, awarded the first premium at the American Institute in 1844 and 1046. GEO. B. (jROSKR, formerly with aui 30t*m VROOM Ik FOWLER. of No. J._ Brt(?/y>WAV BATHS AND RES i AURANT, No 600 Broadway.?The proprietor! of this establishment auno nice to the public that in add^ion to tl? baths aud reading room, they have fitted up, at considerable eipeuse, a Rest iurant, where every delicacy in viands, with the most choice and rare wines and pure liquors, will be served to those who houor them with a call. The proprietors feel that it would be unbecoming iu them to laud the style in which their saloon has beeu furnished, but resiwctfullv solicit an iusixctiou. It will be opeued ou Monday the 2d August, at 6 P. M. Petitsoupers served on the shortest notice. au3 I4t*m NO.T'ljE.TO CONTRACTORS.?EXTENSION OK the Harlem Railroad from Crotou Falls to Uover Plains Proposals for the grading masonry and bridgiug of twenty mue miles of the New York and Harlem Railroad, extending from its present terminus at Croton Kalis to Dover Daius in Dutchess County, will be receiyed at the office of" th? Kmi. ueer in White I'lnuia, until the first day of Heptember." The line ii now prepared lor the examination of Contractor*, and profile! and ipecification* will be exhibited at the Engi. neer'a office. The Company reserve the right to accept or reject any proposals, whether they may he the lowed or not ai jltrc ALLAN CAMPBELL, Engineer. OKHi K Of THE NEW YOKK KIRK A?U MK RINK IN9U11ANCE Co., New York. August 4, 1847. Dl V1DEND?X',e Board of Directors have thi? day declared a Dividend of Fire per cent, out ol the profits of the laat aii month*, twynble ou demand, at the office of the company, No. 72 Wall ttreet. D. UNDEHHILL, *5 30t*m Secretary. CVU8TAK F. WE8TMAN i? requested to call at lite ?we I disband Norwegian Consulate, B') We*t *treet, where he w/n hear of something In hi* advantage. an* I4t*rc HI V ATK DlttEABIta CUifcU bY A~11U1AP?|(] PHV8ICIAN, with ten year* practice in this city, guarautying a perfect cure, without mercury, in a lew day*. Many apply for relief, after trying all the advertised nostrum*, been salavated, hutabuged, and deceived by the numerous boasting pretenders, who ruin thousands. All who wish a perfect cure in a short lime, and avoid iguorance and imposition, should apply immediately at 143 Bowery. Advice gratis auld 3"t*m ^ TO DENTISTS; DENIAL DEPOT, iH BROADWAV New York, where maybe found a complete assortment ofTeeth, Denial Instrument*, gold Foil, Plate, Wire, Solder, spiral Springs, platuia, (Jola, itaniel Foil, precipitated Silver, silver Plate, wfre.solJer. lie. JOKfcPH T. MUHPHKY. lytl Wt*rt LF.VT ??FK VVAKDKOBE A N D FKHNI itfhK IV AN I ED?Ladies or gehtlrmen having miperlliiou* effects todispose of, such ai Wearing Apiuirel, Furniture, lie., ran obtain a fair cash price for the sam*. by seuding for the subscriber, through the Poet Office, or otherwise, who will attend at

iheir residences. J. LfcVENSTYN, 4W Broadway,upstairs. Laditi can be atteuded to by Mrs. J Leveustvn. a4J0t?re ROWLEY fc SON, Needle and Fish Hook viauu_* \ fscturera, Alcester, Warwickshire. England?Store No. 77 Maiden Lane, (up stairs) New York. Wm. C. end Son respectfully inform the meichants of New York and other cities that having now ou hand an exieusive stock of their manufactured articles, will sell to the trade or importers at a small advance from their manufacturing prices. One of the nr?e. Win. Crowley, being now in England, and inteudiug shortly to lucreue their establishment by the erectiou of etonoi nulla,wf shall be enabled to sell at extremely low pried nciUTirut brown JL? will i*II,[tin day, (Friday) August 13, at I0X o'clock, at No. 142 Broadway, a large eolUctlon of Preaerved Birds, lit* collection comprising a treat variety of the moat beautiful bird* of the Clnitea Staiee, gaiae Irom Kurope, jiheasauts, birda ol Paradise, from Chiua. hninmiug and other birds, from the W'lt Indies and Month America N. B?These birda cjn be packed to go any diatance with safety- aul3 lt?m Tttfc ONLV UKNl INK ypUAAUD'l ITALUfi J. MKDIvATKD SOAl'-BKWAHK Of A 8PUBIOV8 AHTICLK.? 1 his delicious compound ao deservedly a favorite with the public, is universally acknowledged to rauk foreinnatanauDg modern tuveutiona . and thia celebrity ia accorded rn it for IW astonishing power) of purification, aa well aa for its surprising medical aud chemical propertiea. lis actum on the tinman skit is so marvellous, that but fur the eulignt ened state of society,it would be accredited to the power of magic, and ita inventor probably sutler at tke stake aa a wi/. irJ ! The days of necromancy, however, have gone by ; but science happily wears a belt of fir greater potency than the goldeu one of the mighty liertnea. Certain it ia, that the transformations which dark, rough, chapped, Ireckled, tanued, or pimpled skins, are made to uudergo, by a free use of Gourand's Italian Medicated Soap, exceed the power of magic ! It ia ao highly medicated, that the entire hoat of cutaueous eritptious are immediately cured by it , it ia so emollieul, that I the toughest, roughest, hardest skin, ia speedily made as soft ! and smooth as an infant's ; its chemical properties are so powerful, that the thickest epiderinia which a trophical suu ever tauned into swartnesa can be easily rendered aofl, pliant, clear, and brilliantly ? hue : and it is so highly scented that a delightful fragrance will float the livelong day around the.persou using it! For the mere purposes of the toilet, nothing can surpass it ; as a purifier aud cleanser of the skin nothing can equal it ; as a shaving compound, it is the most delicious article extant, aud no gentleman who values a luxurious tousorial operation should for a moment be without It. If it is valuable to the maiden, wife, mother, father, brother, or lover, it ia if possible more so to the helpless nurseling.whose tender skin so freguently chafed aud sore, cannot have anything more delightfully soothing applied to it than Gouraud's Italian Medicated Soap ! Beware of spurious soaps purporting to be medicated, and especially beware of a counterfeit of Gouraud's Soap sold lu Courtlandt street. The only place in New Vork where Gouraud's articles are to be obtaiued genuine, is at h<? depot, 67 ?? oi*ci Mien, in <iuit nr?v ui urudun ay, mew i om,i all 30t?m _ _ POVVKLL ON THEI KITE?Juit published, t Popular Treatise on the EYE, iu Diseases, and their cure, with engMvings, rules lor the (election of spectacles, tec., Vvn., price 50 ceuts. To be had at the autlior'i, and of booksellers generally. Dr. Powell attend* exclusively to diseases of the Eye and Ear from 9 to 4 o'clock, at hit office 261 Broadway, corner of Warren street Artificial Eye* of superior quality recently imported. aulO 30t?rc R,\ l)l( AL ( l RK Oh' CORNS, without cutting or the least pain.?L?r 8. Shiriacolf, from St. Petersburg, of Russia, lias the honor to announce to the Wdies and gentlemen of New York^and the public in Keneral, tint he under akes to completely eWrpate soft or hard t omi, Bunions, Nails and every other Mhrd substance on or betweeu the toes, without cutting, by means of an Elisir of his own invention. The operation is performed iu the space of a few minutes, without the least pain, and the |uttieut may retume his dress aud occupation with the satisfaction of carrying the corn or root in nis hand. Dr. 8. Chiropedist, will give his attendance at hi* office, 63 Clumbers street, opposite the Park. _au 10 30t*rrc PEW IN ST. BARTHOLOMEWS CHURCH for sale, No. 108, desirably aituated. Apply to 65 and 67 Nassau street. HO Htm SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at the Commissary (Jeneral's Office, for White Pine timber per thousand feet. Also, yellow Piue, for girders, [ er thousand feet, all nil sawed, (for the new State Arsenal) OB, or before the ICtli inst. Unoojectionable security will be required lor the completing of coutract. Kor size of timber call at the office. New York, August 9th, IHI7. aii!?6t rc HENRY STORMS, Com. Oeu'l. C' HEAP CASH ESTABLISHMENT.?The undersigned > furnishes ships. steamers, hotels, r,boarding house* and families with all kinds of (tores at wholesale price* Among hi* stock may be found groceries, liquors, *egar*, fine wines, SO basket* Due D. Montabello and Heidsick Champagne; 230 half chests black aud green Tea will be sold at great bargain* to close a consignment. Country merchant* audup town grocers would do well to call. All orders from the country will be promptly attended to. Master* of vessels having small lot* of goods to disiioie of for cash will plea*e call. Order* amounting to $10 will be sent home free of caitage. au8 30t*rc A. B. MILLS,59 Water *t. BTKAW BOARDS.?50 ton* Straw Board* for *ale by KJ I'Miasr. K UtlUUKB, jv29tfm No to tn <1 ?7 Nassau street NOTICE.?Mr. J. II. HI LLlNCi *o4J4f> J. D. KUX, consignees by the ship Utica, from Havre, 111 December, U4J, will please aund their addresses to the office of au6 BOYD k HINCKKN. No.M WaMst. FRKSH IMPORTATlON.-W. SCOTT fc CO-No. 377 Broadway, have received a fresh lot of the much admired sheer lawn tmudkfs, narrow taped border*, which are offered unusually cheap; black and white laeeu Capes,from $1 SO; about 100 pairs fine French Cuffs, at Is. and Is 6d per pair; the remaining stock olblack and white lace Viaites, at coat price; a very cheap lot of ueedlework Collars, from 2s. to la. each.? Ladies will also fiud some bantams in ValenciincM L? and Kduiiigs weil wortii mew i>tteii|iou. 3?1*1" SOLAK LAMPS, UIRANDOLKS, HALL LANTHORNS. Tea Trays, itc.?The subscriber has uow ready lor inspection one of the best (elected stock3 ol the above articles iu this city. Country dealeri, churches, hotels, and private famiies, will find it to their advantage to call ana examine the above stock, which will be sold at reduced prices JOHN W. MORGAN, i*M 301*rr IM Pulton st. one door cast of Rrondw VEW YORK, llAVRt; AND PARl8 fcXPRfcSS AG1CNCY.?The undersigned having despatched a special Agent to Krance, to attend to the business of the Ageucy, will receive orders for the purchase and transmission of goods of all descriptions by the Kreuch Steamers, on the most reasonable terms, aud with the crealeut promptness and despatch. Letters aud parcels will alio be received for transmission 'o und from the Continent. The Philadelphia will leave fyw York on the IStli o| August, and a letter bng for that vedkl is uow ready at No. 10 Wall street. Orders from any part of the United State* and Canada, (post T>aid,) will be attended to. iv?7 attrre LIVINGSTON. WKLLH U CO. V ATION AL LOAN _KUND LIKK ASSUHA.NCK S>j i-* ClfcTY, OK LOMUON.-" A Savings Bunk Tor the Benefit of tlie Widow ami Orphan."?Kinpowered by Act of Parliament. Capital ?M0,D00 sterling, or $2,100,000, besides a Reserve Kunil (from surplus premiums) of ubuut $185,000, (part of the Capital ij inyestyd in the Cuited Statu.) T. LAAIIE MURK AY, Esq., (if o rh'c street, Hanover Square, Chaiiman of the Court of Director! in London. United States Board of Local Directors?(Chief Office for America. 74 Wall ttreut. New York.) Jacob Harvey, Esq., Cltairmun, oainl. S. (lowland, Esq, John J. Palmer. Esq. Oorham A. Worth, Esq. Jonathan Goodhue, Ksq. Samuel M. Kox, Ksq. James Uoorin.'ii, Esq. William Van Hook, Ksq. George Barclay, Kaq. and C. Edw. Habicht, Kail. EDWARD T. RICHARDSON, Kaq;, General Accountant. Pamphlets, Blank Forms. Tables of Ratea, Liata ol Agents, Icc., Ike., obtained at the Chief Office. 74 Wall atreet, or from either ol (lie Agent* throughout the United States, and British North American Colonies. UTT"" A Medical Examiner attends daily at 3 P. M J. LRANDER STARR. General Agent for the United States and B. N. A. Colonies, jy 13 3taw 4w,is jm. CONEY ISLAND KERRY.?The com modious and elegant steamer ION, Captain HNBk Weld, will resume h?-r trips on the above ferry, on Thuraday, the 12th of August, and contmne to run daily on the above ferry, leavu,g the loot of Duane street, first trin only, at 10)$. A. M.; pier No. 1 N. K. at II A M? uml 2 I*. M. Coney Island I2)j and 4 P. M.; on Suudays will leave the foot of Duane street at 10 A- M.i foot of Spring street, N. R., at I0>i A. M., IH r. M.; pier > n. I N. R. at II A. M , aud 2 P. W; Coney Island 12^ and 5 P. M. Landing each way at Kort 11 * .n i I rtl.-rai. tl', < ,?,. I u.f-r fc'nr.. ..-I, 12X. null 3t*rc KOK iJHIUOKPOKT-Tke te.imer MMrWCli^AKOD will leiwe the foot of Market street; ou ^ N^nSaturday, August Uih, at 2 o'clock, P. M. Stages will be u|>oo the wliarfat Bridgeport aa usual tlflt'rre i. , TI|K STKAM BOAT MAS8ACHI r i.NHK'I''I S, Capt Lot Tliiney,will learethe foot dHMMiHtonf Uracil street, for Nantucket, on Saturday, Aug. II,at 6 o'clock. al2 !h?r r- 1-f- <? 8TKAM8HIP SOUTHKHNKH?Tliia *1? ship will reiume Iter regular trips to /yjttW^Kj?/]S^ Charleston, on Saturday, the 28th imt., and dUIMjMijfflflJX will lie ready to receive freight on Monday the 22d. Kor Ireiglit or passage app!v on board, at Peck dip, or to BPOKFOflD, TILKSTON U CO., >ul3 2weod _ 48 hourh stiect. .[- r-t- ? SlKAMKK PHILAUKLPH1A. ? Ttli* ship will leave the wharf foot of Clinton street,^ on Sunday, lith nut, punctually at Paatengcr* are reijueated to send their baggage on board ou Saturday forenoon, marked " Below,1* execp inch m they require during the voyage. al2 It is rc STKA.VIKK rUII.AUKI.PMlA.?Btll? / v>"j) against tliia itenmer are required to be renr>deied in duplicate, at the office of the < 'on<-*^yg^yjj^^iigner?, before noon of Saturday, Uih inn. 7^ ONLY Ky.<7ULARTTNK"OK PACKKTS KOH ? > III II nut L'iMU Tl.. I-..II.......... ...II .... MmOkCmfi'' sailing *nd favorite picket ship* liare accommodatiuua unsurpaate J for cabin, second cabiu and steerage pas"fnjrrv and will | ositively tail ai advertised, or passage free, viz :? The PALKSTINK, Caiit. Johnson, Monday, August The WABABH, rapt. Hathaway, Monday. Auguat !*3d. The MIL AS HOLM KH, Opt. Berry, Monday, Aug. 30th. Perrons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well to secuie passage oy either the above packets, as thev are all firat class *hips, commanded by men eipenenred in the trade, and wvll sail punctually on their appointed day*. To aecurc berths, apply on board, or to an 13m W. 8t J. T. TAP8COTT, 86 Mouth at. PACKET SHIP WKBT POINT, for Liverpool. MfyjrV*'11 >< >' <l>>' day, Friday, Aug. 13, at 12 o'clock, from Jfifiibthe foot of Maiden lane. Passengers will please be on board at thai time. Letter bags close at Hale's, Uilpin's, and Keiiyon's Letter Offices, at halfpMt 11. an 13 lire Jgs HOtl LI V'hK POOL?Packet ol 20th Aug?The JX%Hple..did fast sailing comiereil and coppcr-lasteued ( bpacket ship TARQHIN, Capt. Moody, will positively sail as above her regular day. The accommodations for cabin, second cabin and ateerage passengers, arc e<|ual to any vesiel In jiort. Those about to embark, will find it to their interest to call and examine lliia ship, before engaging elsewhere. h>r fuither particular* apply on board, Pier 12. Kaat River, or to COBURNkCO., aul3 8t?m 91 Bou h street. <4^ P \CKKTHH IP OH WKOO, from New Orle.n. jfflffyi* discharging at Quarantine. Cousiguee* will please jjaWKame their ordera to lightera, to be ajong*ide immediately, to receive their good*, or they will be landed at :h<ir eipense and risk K. K. COLLfNS. ?"I3 __ M Hfiu'h st. H)K OLASOOW?Regular Packet of the 14th jMjyof Ang0.t-I lie line new Br. packet ihip BROOKSBHKbBY. 100 tons, Capt. Hugh McKwen, will sail as tbove, ner regular day. Kor freight or passage, having splendid accommodation*.at> ill Vim board, root ol Kooaevelt at . K. K. or to y WOODHULL k MINTURN. 17 Booth ?t The regular packet bark Ann Hurley, MO tons, Caw. Kolierl rill anrrffd the Brooktby, aud tail on licr regular day the lit Htptf ralie r, III'] i#*- ONLY RKliULAR LINK OF l'A< KKT8KOR wJ^VcLA^OO W.?'The aolendid new packet ship aMflfaBKOOKHBY, Captain McEwen, will tail potnively on thr liih Aoguit, her regular day. ? She ha apleudid cabin accommodation!, and can aWo com (oriably accommodate a limited number of tacond cabin paa engera, if early application he made to W.k J. T. TAP8COTT. DllDI 14 South atreat. SiEw LfSFokTackkts to anITkrom jJMWLIVK.RPOOL?Bv tha New Line of Liverpool jMMfcl'arkett?Tucket of the Hat Auguat ?The apleudid, new, Init tailing packet ahip LI VKHPOOL,UN) tona burthen, Capt KMrldge, will! aail from New York on the2l?t Auguat, and Irom Liverimol on the 6th October. Kaily application ahouM l>e made to W. k J. T, TAfW-O I T. anl] m M Moa'h at jfifc 'TTrarts 6R~thk"TCAf IoSALTTA Nlc fit JWWIRKLAND-VV. It J. T. TAFRoTT bet to IB | JBBBbform th?ir frienda aAd the public withing to remit money to Ireland, that they draw drafta lor large or amall MKMItt. iniyabke without dicconnt direct M the National Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the nomermu brancnta throughout the country. Alao, drafta can be obtained, payable I 10 all partaol England, Scotland and Walee, ?n ajMilication u> W. k J T. TAPS" V>TT\ aollm M Heath afreet. New ToriI VAT KurfTKbR' H AVHK?fwcond Mne-Ttve , liMWihip UTfCA, D. B. Swan, 1 ? M?B. B ULF.Y'8 BENF.VIT OABK ?i, riijorcut*; Oaileiy ?l JT cenj? ? Friday; .nmai, Aurntt lltli, will be performed tha Opera, id three aruofLlNnA Or CHAMOIJM ?Linda, Mine Anna Biahop; Vieomte di ftirval, Mr. Fra*er; Ant luio, Mr. Brouah; Piarnus, Mra Bailey After, which for thii_n!?htonly, A COrrCERT- Kathleen Mavouruevu. by Mra Bailey; 8??na. I em Kra Uiavo'o, Mr Fraxer; Reritalire ana l ata ina by Mme. Anna Biahop. (Hrnan Sotf, Mr. Broufh?he. he Doora<>|??" at 7? performance t i commence *t hall-|MMt 7 * UWEHt TMItATHJC.?A. W. J action, fro^tieiur?H K. Btkvkn*. Huge M aoa#er.?Thia evening, Kriday, Au?uatl3 will be performed the INCHCAPk BELLr?Ouy Hutlivm. Mr. W. Marshall; H?m|?aon Bawdutt, Mr. C. Burke; The Ouinb Boy, Mra. Bwitli Alter?Inch BUY-IT-DEAR?Soph Cloe. Mia* Imubull; To conclude with IDIOT OK THE HKATIJ?OilWrt, Mr. W.Marahall, La fcleur Aruaud, Mr. Jbllia; Walter AriiuMtou, Nr?. Booth. Boiea, *> eiBii; Pitaud Gallery, 12* oMl Doon opei at a qu*rterto7; performance to commence at half-neat 7. (TARo.-BU WKKV THBATJUC.-1M18B JULIA TURN J Bl.-L?. respectfully infurmi her friends and the public that her Beuetit, ami moat |>o??ti?ely laat apt earance, will take place ou SATURDAY' KVtNINO, Angu.t Hth, IB47. npon which creation MISo MAuY TAVLOR.aud MR C. W. CLARKE. Have iu the kindest nianuer volnnleered their aerricaa Firat aud poauively the only night of THE DEVIL IN PABIB. iu wlrch M m Taylor, Mint Turnhull ?ud Mr. Clarke will appear. By particular requeat of large nuinbera.who were unable >o obtain admittance Ian Saturday ereuing. the grand operatic ballet ol LA BAYADERE will be repeated. Zoloe, foi the laat titne. by Mi?? Julia Turnbull ; Niuka, lor thii uir .I only, by Mitt Mary Taylor, with other entertainment tu be expressed iu the bills of the 4a". Boa Book now i>p?n. an 13 It*HI C^AMTI.K tiAKDKN.?Mr. UxarR. Snue Mana*er.?On J Friday Kveumg, Aunuat 13. the comic opera in two acta of BROTHER AND SISTER-Pacheo, Mr Walcott; Ro aauth, Mm Clarke. After which, a grand Pat de Deux by Mitt Louita Wellt, Mm Amelia Wellt. and La Petite Mary Auue. To conclude with the WIDOW'S VICTIM?Mr. Byron Treinime, Mr Holland; Jaue I'hatterly, Mittt'larke iJoors open at : Performance to commence at ?. Admission. 26 ceuts. C> HATHAM THEATRK ? Under ilie Management ol Mr J FLKTCHKR.? Friday Evening. August 13th. will bp performed the comedy of MY GRANDFATHER'S WILL -George Howard, Mr. C.Howard; Healir.e, Mr. Taylor; Al lima Maudeville, Sirs.*'. Howard. To be followed by the crtnedv of the CORK LEU?Chas. Pangou, Mr. Brougham; Kate O'Brien. Mr?. Brnughim. To conclude with a new nffetuoso entitled ROMEO ANL) GUILIETTA?Romeo, Mr. Brougham; (iuilietta, Mr. I'aiker; Nnrae, Mr. Whiting Pki?-e??Boxes, Ucents; Pit, 12)4 cents. Private Boies, 50 ceuts each ?eat. Doors open at 7?performance commences at half-put 7. 'I^HK HAVKL FAMILY beg to anuotiuce to tlieir nnX mernus frieuds nud patrons in New York, that they liava leased PALMO'8 OPERA HOU8K for a abort aummer sesaou, beiuic their farewell amwarauce in America, commencing MONDAY, 16lh Auguit. 1847. During the seasou will be produced several of their popular BALLET DIVERTI8EMENT8, A incceaiion or NEW COMIC PANTOMIMES, by (Hbriel Ravel and the celebrated family ; A leriea of novel entertainment* on the T UHT ROPE. In additions VAUDEVILLE CO. and a Grand Orchestra (during the intermission) on the NftiW ILLUMINATED PROMENADE, designed,erected under the superintendence and direction of M. K. BURKE, Es<|., will be opened for the first time. All communications from the Vaudeville Company, Musicians, and Corps de Ballet, to be addressed (post paid) jyMrc JOHN 8EFTON, Manager. AMERICAN MUSEUM, corner Broadway and Ann street. ?Splendid performances both Afternoou and K. veiling. M'lle Gertrude. French Danseuse?Ballooq?Moving Panoramic Painting of the1 great City sf L?mdon, with many interesting portions of ENGLAND. t-RANCE AND GERMANY. ORPHEAN FAMILY?SHAKlNtJ QIJAKir.RH SANTA ANNA'8 WOODEN CEO." OURANO OUTANO?ANATOMICAL VENUS. Mad. HOC* WELL the famous Fortune Teller. Admission 23 cents?Children under (en. one shilling. al Broadway theatre?This tusbinhment, erecting iu Broadway, will be opened far Dramatic purpout solely, poor About the first of September, nadsr tin management of u. h. barrett. Persons of acknowledged talent wishing situations for the season, will plaaaa addraaihim (pre-paid} atlW Leonard attest. *. J.iANN, tola Proprietor C.7" During Mr. Barrett's absence in Europe, all letters sad business communieationt may be addreued to hia agent, jalltfre W. CORBYN, No. 2 Ba'ciuv srrr? i MINilRVA ROOMS, BROADWAY-The ordinal V irgiuia Serenm'rr;, Mcutk. J. R. Myera, A. I1. Wiiinemore. Lj. Kelly. F. Solomon, J. Sa'ford, anil E. Horu, who have been performing to crowded and delighted audiences for the past ftve weeks at the Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, will commence a aeiiei of their amusing and acieutiftc cnuceru at the above place, Monday eveuiug, August Ibtli.? For particulars lee future bills. Hiii:i2t?in THK CHINESE JUNK '-CHINK8K l ltloMTIKSThe Captain ol the Chinese Junk is induced, from the great pattouave he ia at present receiving from the citiaens of New Yoik, to atop TEN OR TWELVE DAYS LONOER. as auinbers4rom the iutarior of the State, ?re every day arriving to witneaa, perhaps?for the only time they may ever have an opportunity?this rate specimen of Chinese Naval Architecture, together with the inauy Curiosities which are contained iu l\er cabin, he. The Idols which they worship, the Uuns, Swords, and other iuiplcmvuts of war, the beautiful Shoes, particularly those of the female sex, which are not more than three inches in length, are richly worth seeing. Let all who havo read or heard of the novelties ol the Celestial Empire, now avail themselves of this treat. al3 Mtrrc dolman's ( ok (111 paimi iviiu v.. J03 Bro >dway, aboveIm Book Store, consisting of ninety choice Pictures by celebrated master*. tii Titiau'a Veou>, of life size ; The Dying UUdtitva1, by David ; The Miaera, by Malay*, the bjacksmith j Helen Korman, by Hubeus ; The Kuglish lton&iiie. fee fee. fee.. Ii e?termed by foreigners as suiairior to any public exhibition of picture! iu tlua country. Mr. COLMAN importa all the New Popular Eugravings from London. Parii, and Germany, which with liia exteuaive collection of Uooka, Paintiugs, l\incy Stationery, and Drawing Material*, he offer* at the inuat reasonable pricea, wholeaale or retail. HKKALDKY.?Coats of Arm* furnished and emblazoned in the moat auinptuoua style, or may he had in pea drawing. j\'27 Moil, VVedfcSat if rc UNION roi'HHK, 1. I.-THOTTINU. m 1 Pl'KSh HiTV DOLLARS with an iuai((e stake ot tit), h. ft., two mile heats, in hirness, free forhoraes never wou money. 2. Purae J'iO, with nu .naioe stake of (M h. ft., two mile henta iu harness, Irrr f?r horses never woo a purse over $3U. 1. S'urse 91011, with au inside stake ol $1110 h. It., two mile heats, in haiueas, tree for horses that never wou & purs* over (100. 4. Purae $200, with au inside s:a?e <> (200 h. 11 , two mile heats, in harness, free for r,11 horsea, exctpt Lady Suffolk. 5. The aamr or No. 4, under the saddle. tt. I'ur-i' ?'i00? $100 to go to the aecond heat horse?three | mile heats, free for all trotting aud paring Worses?James K. Polk iu harness, all others as they please, to come uff the 6th September. 7. Purse (300?(100 to i;o vo the second best horse?two mile heats, free fur all (vicing and trotting horses?James K. Polk t<> a wagon, all others aa they please. The above purses and stakes to close on Thursday eveniug, August 19th, by 0 o clock, three or more to make a race, ami two to start. '1 lie stakes raid purses will rommeure to be trotted for the first iiart of September, and will be arranged to accommodate any horse that should euterfor more ;han one race, anil 'fir. UKORUE HI'll Kit *vj HOHHKH KlJK HALK.?A |msir ol superior I Horses, rapid travellers, of line figure and ' ' '? n/-h.iii anil beautiful iu every respect. Apply at the b?;iar. f*o ll ( roaby at. at ItiaM V\ kK* re ??1 l>H. UK WITT I . KM.I.INliKH * I.NKAI,yllB^^LlBl.K LINlSlKNT ?Tliia truly aatoniahiug me' ' s ? ll""I., la a clear, I'eajlifiil and trauapareut lluid, lugiiiv Ifigrant and perfectly delightful iu its flavor, and is especially designed to be prescribed intrtually or externally, and la warranted to cure alter all other remedies have fa.lrd, Al! rheumatic and acrolalons alfectioui, ring worm, tetter, barber's itch, old sores of every uature, frost bites, hnrus, ii.tina ill thr hack, and affections of the apine, dialocatious, enlargement of joints, bunions, corns, callouses ofevery description, tooth iitid nervous headache, due or IMfo doaea taken according to direction is as sure to cure the bilious cholic, diarrho-a, fee , as it is takeu ; and affections of the throat, in short, pains ol every nature yield to Its intlueuce immediately. Kever and ague hrokvu it\ two doses always. N. B. 52,M0 cares have beeu made in two years. Among the many diatiuguialied individuals who have kindly allowed us to refer to them, for public good, are the Hon. Moses H. Wriuiiell, residence No. Gl'ollrge Place, New Vork city; lion. Kiehard K. Carina!!, of Carmausville, New York ntv. and Mr. Arnold .Maarkii. rnurarliir ?(' t)>? II,wl, U?,.l? over Harlem river, was cured of clironic rheumatism of over JO years' lie seen at nil times at tlie Brntge; Mr. Samuel Roberu, hm partner ai the Bridge. gives it as In* opinion that it saved lui life, from 1 severv HMTT RUttM by a Tall; Mr James Muriihy, proprietor of tlie Harlem, Bull's | Head, Bowery ami {irviidway lilies of stages, has used at Inn mammoth ?siatili?liu\ent over on* thousand (tottles. He taya the in>.re they u>e of it the better they like it. Wholesale and retail distributing agents are wanted. Principal depot, No. 2JU Pearl street, New Vork city; 8. Ingersol & Gu., wholesale druggists, and at the principal drag and MM* stores audta>erns throughout the city ana country. It is put up iu laige bottles, and sold at SOcents per siugle bottle; $4 tier dozen; half Itrosa $21; one gross iV>. The proprietors of tins ureal remedy are ready uid willing to bark their opinion, thi>t they ran show more astounding cures, and a greater uuniber of certificates than any other remedy olfered to the public. All letters must he post|wid. jy HlWteod * rc KOK HALR-THK PROPKRTY IN UNION Vlt. y^lLAOIi^N^ ? Consisting of a country More and dwel e nli, 2 barracks, Ve.. with, tHi>, acres of eicelleut l.nntl, in h high state ul cultivation, well watered nod timbered. The crops are not surpassed by any in the Htate?tier is thr (tore to be surpassed for n country store. The property will In- sold ft bargain, as the present owner is too old to attend to it. Title indisputable. Apply to J AH. B. B AUK, every Wednesday, ftttlie Northern Hotel, foot ofCourtlaudt street, from 9 A. M. to 7 I'. M., >nd Thursdays until I I*. M.;olher d?yito the New York Keal Estate Company, corner Broadwtiv *nd Maiden laue. J B. 0. ault 30t*rrc fTO LET?Hevt:al Cottage houses on the Astoria and Kaven* ?ciod turnpike rood, with a (ine view ol the East Hiver, and within a mile and a half of J'eck Slip Wi||iam(burgh, suitable for ?mall genieel families moderate. A|>ply to OEOROE L. VVOLH, Law Buildings. No?. 7S mid 77 Naisau (tract. . I N. B. rhe above i( worthy ihe attention of a gentleman and I lady desirous of st*:tii.i{ a good m-IiooI >11 WW ] j*A KOO.vis TO KK.N'T- Families snd gentlemen ?? TmIB iri|[ pleasant single or ?uit? of room., without board, or JLJHLhreakfast and tea if required, way be accommodated. by applying at 4",7 Broadway. _____ aai TO LET? 1 lie lower ol the t? . .lory house ?; No 221 Cherry street will be let low to a good tenant. jCilftrAppIv at 226 Cherry (t au 11 It* rt TO LKT?At Moi'"keii. ihe [Hire. Story brir k koaia CT? No H/nion Hare, three minutes walk Iroin the ferry. JiJI, Immediate uogses.iou. l-or particulars, inquire ol wTTTALMEU. ffoboken. or at?6t?rc H. T KENNED} . '7 John (t. New York. CUUnTRY 8KAT KOlt BALE.?That very de(irable residence in the beautiful village of Kindsrkook, Columbia Couuty, fitted up, and recently occupied by the late Peter J. Hoes, Esq., is uow offered lor sale There are also on ihe premises, carriage-houae. stables, wood-house, barn, and all oilier convenient out buildiugs The grounds, about four acres, are well stocked with a large variety < f (p- | pie, penr. peach, ch?t.y, I-lum, and ornamental tre??. grspe ( and ?lifiihL#ry. all of which have been selreiad Ootn r?l? i I br*ted uttfftcries, both in >.*rop#in4 New YorV The wholt ) PTva"'/ ,g ,,ow 10 f',r niott perfect order. In the Village it . /?n Academy, none in thu Htnfe in point of character *. .1 .landing. box terms, fcc.. apply to DAVlU VAN j ICHAAC K, lu??i . Kindwrhook, or * P. fl. HOKH, 35 Wall ?trer? tkoy an!) SarAtooa. bv " TA<ik ?A dailv line af To?l ' oaehea are "" uow running between Troy mid Sir* toga at lh? rtouc* far* of _ . ONK DOLLAR, i tearing rwh place a( ? o'clock, A. M. An Omnibua alao learea Troy at i% P. M, daily, with pan ?eugera for Whitehall, connecting with the Parkrta al th? Borough, imd return* on tha arrival of the Packet, al the 1 Boron gh KARfc, I7K CF.NTH. Office in Troy, at U?l?inr? Hotel. HALBTKD8 k OTHERS, Proprietor.. I J?ly, 1MT. a*?tw*re *0 CBS LATEST MOMENT. VKLttttHAftt. Ktom I tic Houlto. HirHMoitD, Aug u*t l-J, 1*47 By the politeuesa of Mr. Hall, Washington mail agent 1 h*v? obtained the New Orleans Picayune and Delta, Of the ftth luatant, all du? at Richmond They contain no newt of Internet We have no further election r*> turna here. The malU have all goua north a* late am due Telegraphic Election Returns. Mkmikri or Co.ii.rem Ei.bct. iVhigt in Italic? KENTUCKY. Neu> Congreit Old Cungrtit Out. 1?Lynn Boyd. Lynn Boyd " 3 ? Samuel Peyton John H Slcllenry " 3?B L. ( lark Henry finder " 4?Jiylett Buckner Jothua A'. Bell. " 5?J B Tnompton Bryan ft. Voung " 6?Oreen Jidamt. John P. Martin " 7?(Jarnett Duncan Wm P Thonaiion " 8?Chat. S. More head Oarrett Davit. " 9?Kichard French Jlndrexo Trumbo " 10?John P. Garnet. John W TlbbatU INDIANA. Dn r. 1-fi/nAu Emhret. K Dale Owen " i?Tbomu J. Henley. Thomas J. Ueuley > 3?J. L. Robinson ThomM Smith ' 4? Caleb H. Smith Caleb B. Smith. ? 8- William W Wick William W. Wlek 0?D M. Hobaon. John W. Davis. 7?it. \V. Thornjiton, Edw. W. McOaughs,.. 8?John IVtit John Petit. " ??chu W < athcart Chaa. W. Cathcart " 10 H'm S.Kwing Andrew Kennedy VIRGINIA. Out J?R.K.Meade. George C. D.mmgnnU NORTH CAROLINA. Diu. a?A. W. \>nablen C. Dobbin ? 6?James J. McKay J^mee J. McKay " 7--John II J. Daniel. John H. J. Daniel " n?Kichat J S. OorxntU. Henry 8. Clarke " Ii?David Outlaw. Asa Bigga. ALABAMA. I'kt. 1?JjKn (rayl^ Samuel D. Dargin " '4- Henri> w. Milliard. Htnry If. Milliard. 6- Woo rt Houston. Oeo. 8 Houston 0?W. Ackiin. Keuben I bapman. Whig gain tl Democratic gain 8 Net whig gain 3 Philadelphia, Aug. 19, 1847. KENTUCKY. The democrats have carriud the second, third and ninth congreasionai districts in Kentucky. This U a net gain of one for them in that State TKNNKSSKK. The whig candidate for governor, Nail S Brown, is elected certainly in Tennessee b? thr?? ilinmuiil - jurity. The congrefwional district* ui unheard from. IOWA. A few return* have been received from low*. Thorn p Hon in elected in the first district. The second district is doubtful. BY TUB MAILS. Washington, August 11, 1847. HJf airs in Mexico?The Future. Letters from Monterey and Tamplco, received In this city last evening, dated as late aa the '20th ult., contain no mention of the occupation of the oapltal by (Jenera Scott's army, nor of any engagement on the march thither. Humor, in this instance, aa In the case of the battle of Uuena Vista, may have but anticipated the truth. There is nothing at all improbable In the statement. Nothing has been received here aa yet, calculated to dissipate the very tedious uncertainty existing. The anxiety for news is hourly becoming more painful and absorbing. The papers will send General Taylor to Han Luis. He I will not go, however, unlesa the present views and purposes of the administration should be changed by future olrcumstances. The general, In his last despatoh, dissuaded the Secretary of War from ordering an advance on San Luis, although his own Inclination Is for active service. In a military point of view he deemed it (inadvisable. Had Gen. Taylor advised the step, the Secretary of War would have ordered an advance, aa the lat m? uu uui umy given tue general tn? largest discretion .since the cemmenoement of the war, but has almoit in variably issued bis orders for the direction of tbat column of the army in accordance with the general'* view* and suggestions. No man in the country enter tains a higher opinion of (Jen. Taylor'h military capacity and gallantry, than Mr. Secretary Marcy. It in asserted tbat the volunteer* under Gen. Scott'M immediate command were discharged before the expiration of their term of servioe, in accordanee with Instructions from the Wax Department. Such la not the fact. That step wai taken by General Scott solely on hie owu responsibility. It was kind and considerate, but unwise. No doubt had General Scott pushed on after the annihilation of the Mexican army at Cerro Gordo, he could have taken the capital without the shedding ol one additional drop of blood But that is not the only mistake committed during the war; acd it would be invidious to hold up one alone to titntur*, where there have been many equally deserving reprehension. The question now assumes uuunual Interest?what course will be adopted in case Mexico refuses to make peace after her capital sh.aU have yielded to our arms ? The present views of ihu administration hold the city of Mexico as the terminus of offensive operations. No ulterior course has been resolved upon ; yet I have reason to believe that in such an event the capital and all t'.ie other Important cities, on the seaboard and on the frontier, now in our possession, will be garrisoned. The main body of the anny will remove to some healthy and ! secure position, and the revenues of the country will be made to defray the expenses of this armed establish ment GAI.VIKN8I8 WitHiiinTon, Aug. II, 1847 Nn Newt Vet. No newM yet (Jen. Scott'a communication auppoaed to be cutoff to Vera ?' nn, no that he will have to eat through with bin despatchea with a fore* of dragoona Scott suppoecd to be in Mexico; but after a harder fight thau reported. 1'eace expected; and people are beginning to bet < a it. Our own impreaaion la that more men will be wautvd, and that It would be judioloua to give to Oeneral McNeill the privilege of adding several New York comiianiea wf volunteera to the dlntrlct battalion gone ilow , and to make It a brigade under hW command hyen with peace, he would be or good service in exploring and aurveylng the route of the Tebuantepeo canal, unleM that canal in abandoned, as we shrewdly suspect it la. But II' not, he would be the man of experience for the work New York baa not had her ahare in tbla war, | and abe ought to have a chance You may look out fo* newa ?very day now, but beware aiao, in the meantime, of the bulla and the beara. Mexican new* haa Ita effect upon the stocks, you know. W. Uai.timosk, Auguat l'J, 1847 Off for the SprinUt?Shutting Start ?Tht Heroine / Tttmpico?The Letheon? Market t, fc. The ateamboata and railroad cara are orowded with paaaengera thia morning, all endeavoring to make their escape from the heated and confined air of the city, to a more congenial atmoaphere. Large numbera are en mule for < ape May, whilst Plney Point, Old 1'oint Comfort, and the Virginia and Bedford spring* come in for a I large nhare of oar moving population. The ? hooting atara on Tuesday night were on a grand a,,ale in tbla vicinity Between ten and eleven o'clock tliey rained down at a brink rate, and the number of ?tar gazera were unuaually numerous. Mra. Aon chaae. the heroine of Tamploo, will arrive in Baltimore thia morning, and abe will, of conrae, re hoartv rnf Inn Shu la An * ?(<>U ?? ! a business character. which runder* It neeaaaary for har to more on rapidly, but I presume aha wtU return In a more leisurely manner, ana allow ua an opportunity ot doing honor to the woman who hravaly flung to the brrniM tlm ' stars aad strlpaa'' In the mldat of an en* lay'a city. Ah operation wan performed yeaterday by Ur. Charles s Uueee, of this city, for meroala of the thigh bone whilst the patient waa under the influence of the letbeon It. wan performed In tha moat complete manner, without the slightest pain b?lng eiperienced. In the presence of a number of medical men The alterations In the Museum are progressing finely, and we will noon hare a splendid place of retort, aa I un dcrstand that " Yankee Hlllsbea,'' wLo In one of tb? prln cipal proprietors. Is determined to make It " tha place ' for ail auita of attractions. i 'I'm Miinrti.-Tha flour marks*. yesterday was some what heavier, there l.e.iif leaa inqniry. Very small salas of new Howard street braudt sie making at M. which is uuifoiinly catsnded fot. No demaud for old Hoar. Mode rate salasol ? .ty Mills ai M; supply liaht Kiesh irsnaetmn | ol'Hnw.rd attest flour, and frssh ground do, from old wbaai, CO'IIP. %n.1 ?.' M>? a |'i 7J. Nothing doing lu Com meal 01 Hye flour. The ? ?I'i'ly <if wheat is moderata and th? demand less active, with a decline of 4 in ce .ts perbashel since yes Irrday A lot ol shoot 2 000 bushel prime Matylaad red w?a Mild thi'morniuic at $1 21; other salea at ft I V>. which is the topof the market Oood to prime white Wheat tl JJ a $ I II wi h tales, choice do, for family floor, tl ?5 par bushel Varv little corn in market, and the demand moderate; white sad jelluw may be quoted at Me 70 cents Oafs st 1) st M Hye .ft. v.,la I .. ?... I (i................ 211 J6 cent* I*r gallon, m hhdtand bbli PHlLAMLMtta, Aufttut 13,1M7 The cloud* h*T? b??D thntMa) run ill day, and u It hu bemi insufferably hot, a iihower would certainly be an advantage. A project hu been net on foot for tbo building of ? railroad from f amden, N J , to Tort Republic, an ocean harbor, whtoh would ?erre a* a M?ap?rt for Philadelphia I while the Delaware rlfer U blocked up with Ice. If raoh

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