Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1847 Page 1
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r ' TH V ol. XDL Wo. ?!}&.W1mU Wo. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Worth-west earner of Pulton and Dumb M. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. DIRCULATIOW^VOKTY THOUSAWU. r.rcry 11*7, rnce I MOUp?r COHJ??/ ?Ji*f anna m?payable in ad ranee. WEEKLY HERALD-Every Saturday?Price IX cwtt P*/.c?ry?W 12^4 cent* per annum?payable to advance. HERALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam racket day? rnce S>4 cenu per copy?$5 per annum, inoludinf postage, payable in advance. Subscriptions and advertisement! will bs received by Meaara. Ualignam, II rue Vivienne, Paria ; P. L. Bimouds, 18 Cornhill, and John Miller, the bookseller, London. ANNUAL PICTORIAL WERALD-Publiahed on the lat of January of each year?single copies sixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual prices?always cash in advance. Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be responsible lor errors that may occur in them. PRINTING of all kinda executed beautifully and with despatch. All letters or communications by mail, addresaed to the eatablishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be de ducted from the subscription moneT remitted NgW YORK AMD HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. fiiasswm ON AND AFTER THURSDAY, JUNE 10th, 1847, the Cars will run as follows, uutil further notice. Up trains will leave the City Hall for li ii'ltinIt Murrisiaiia. Forhain It Tuckahoe Pleaaantville, J 30 A.M. VVill'iniBr'ge. Hurt's aud Newcastle 7 " 5 30 A. M. White Pl'us. Bedford. 1 7 " 7 A. M. Wliitlickville 9 " 1# " 10 " Crotoii K.Jla. It " II " 4 P. M. 7 A. M. II " ? P. M. 9 10 " 4 P. M. 2 P.M. 4 j " 5 JO " 4 *10 " 0 ? a jo " ? ?o " itetunuug to New York will leave? MorrisiunltHarletu. roraluiin. Will'ius IirVe. T?ek:i)ioe. 7 o-, A. M. 6 A3 A M. 6 45 AJ\f 7 :iu A. At 8 1U 7 55 " 7MI " 8 IB ' " ? " ? 9 (W " 9 W " 1 M P. M. 10 " 12 23 T. M. 12 .1 P M. 5 5i 11 35 P M. I 15 " I 40 " White Pl'us. i " 5 08 " ? " 7 10 A M. 3 " 15 " 6 08 " 8 33 " 3? 3J 7 M - 1 r. M. ? iU " 6 28 " ? 04 " Pleas lutville. New Cattle. Bedlord. Whitlickville. t 13 A M. ? AM. 7 51 A M. 7 45 A M 5 13 P M. 4 P M. 4 41 V M. 4 45 I'M Crotou fill j. 7 30 A M. 4 30 1' M. The tr.v.ns to aud from Crotou Falls will uot ?top on New York Island, except at Broome street, and 33d street. A car will precede each train teu minutes, to take up passengers in the city. The tnoruiug truii^of curs from Crotou Falls will not stop , between White Pl ain and New York, except at Tuckaho* j William's Bridge, and For dham. ..... Extra trams on Sundays to Harlem and Momaiana, if tin* weather. Stages for Lake Mahopack aud Danburv leare Croton Falls on arfival of the 7 o'olock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for Paw* lines on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. FAKE FHOM NEW YORK : To Croton Falls $1 00 To Whitlickville 87* To Newcastle, 75 To Pleuantville 62K To White Plains., 40 Freight trains leave City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. ReturniiiK. leave Croton Falls at 7 A.M. and 9 P. M ~^5jt FORTTiVERPOOL?Packet of 30th Auk ?The MDtSk spleudid fast sailing coppered and cupper-fasteiird SiHBKrPacket ship TAHQUIN, Capt. Moody, will posilively sail at above her regular day. The accommodations for cabin, second cabin aud steerage pasiengers. are eijunl to any vessel iu port. Those about to embark, will fiud it to their interest to call and examine this ship, befoie engaging elsewhere. t or fu ther particulars apply ou board, Pier 12, East River, or lo COBURNfcCO., uul3 8t"m _ 91 Sou h street. pun i?i.nouu>?-nfeui?i rue net ol ttie lStli kJ~WrV "I August? t he fine new Br. packet ship BROOKSim?,j?mBY '.00 tuns, Capt. Hugh McEwen, will (nil u a^otr. her regular day. Fcr freight >r |uiu<?, having splendid accommodations, apply on hoard, foot of Roosevelt st, E. H., or to WOODHULL ?c MINTURN, 17 South u. The regnlar packet burk Ann Harley, 100 tons, Capt. Robert wi'l the Brooksby, ?ud tail ou her regular day the 'si September, s mi 3 .. ;v i.NU l(K(i|;i,ARUN K OK I' V(' K ETs KOR GO ?V?The s.dendid uew pactiet ship jaaMaBtaU'tOOK^BY. C^ptnin McEwen,will sail positively On Che ijth August, her regular day. Shi- tiM .i.Oiidid cabin accommodations, and can alio mm for ably accommodate a limited number of second ctbiu pis euirers. if eaily application be tn-ide to W. fc J. T T ' PSCOTT, u' 3 m M 8.mth slie't. NEW LINE OK PACKETS lO AND PROM LI VKRPOOL-Bv the New 1 ii.e of Liverpool JttUaasPa kets?Packet of the 21st August ?The splendid, ikw. t -t it lius packet illip LIYEl?POOL,liJO tons hurllien, Cap' Eldridge. will, sail from New York on the 21st August, and Irum Liverpool oil the Etli October. Early ap lication shi.u d be made >o VV ?c J. T. TAP3CO I'T, mi 13 in M Hon ih st. NOTICE?.All persons ate hereby caiitioucd M^tVy-ig iiust trns'ing any of the crew of the Br hark Ann "ley, asuo debts of heirs will be paid hv the (UpUi i> c usignees. WOODHULL Ik MINTKHN, all 3 re 87 South street. AJO- ONLYRt!OULAR LiNEOT PACKET'S KOR tAjMpWNEW ORLEANS? The following well known, JBHKafait sailing and favorite packet ships have accommodati .iik unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin and steerage jiassengers, aud will | ositively tail as advertised, or passage free, viz. The P \LESTINE Cam. Johnson, Monday, August L6th. The WAB ASH, Caj>t. Hathaway, Monday, August 23d. The SILAS HOLMES, C .pt. Berry, Monday, Aug. 30th. Per?>us wishing to proceed to New Oneuis, will do well to secuie passageliy euher the above packets, as tliev are all first cla s ships, < ommanded by men experienced in the trade, and w.ll sail punctually on their appoiuted days. To secure berths, apply on board, or to aul3m W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 80 S-iuth s'.. ^1. ..HOUSE WANTED-^A Two and a Half Story I"5U "one, pleaanutly situated and in good repair, between Ba'teiy ai d Clumbers tieit. near Broadway. Addre?? A H Herald office. nuM 2t*in tllOUSK W.?NTtl) IN UKOOKLVN.-A Two *nd a Half Htorv House, pleasantly lituated and in good repair, within fire minutet walk of tlie Kolton Kerry.? a* A. H., Herald office, N V. 11U 2'*m mTO LET?Several Cottage houses on tlie Astoria and Raven* ood turnpike roud, with * fine view of tlie ICast Hiver, and within a mile and a half of Peck Slip frrr>, Williamsburgh, suitable for tmall genteel families Kent moderate. Apply to (JK.OR(>E L. WOLF, Law Buildings, Not. 75 and 77 Na??an atreet. N. B. The above it worthy the attention of a gentleman and lady desirom of starting a good school. al2 Ht*rc MiUJO.vlS TO KK.NT?Familialh1 (MtllBM wUbwg pleasant tingle or mitt of rooms, without board, or breakfast and tea if required, may be accommodated, by ippiyinf at 477 Brotdwiy. ai2 30t*m tTO I.KT?At Huhoken, tke Ithree story hriek house No. 3 Union Place, three minutes walk from the ferry. Iimni'dia'.e possession. For particulars, iu<|uire of fALMER, Ifo'ioken, or a10 6t?re II. r. K KNJKD Y. 17 John it New York. . COUNTRY SEAT KUK hALK.-That"very d? ffiw urable residence in 'he beautiful village of Kiudcrhook, J^J^Columbia County, fitted up, and recently occupied by the late Peter J. Hoes, Esq., is now offered for tale. There are also on ihe premises, carriage-hcuise, stables, wood-house, barn, and all oilier convenient out Buildings The grounds, about four arret, are well stocked with a large variety of ?|>ple, pear, peach, cherry, plum, and ornameu'al trees, grape viue* and shrubbery, all of which have been selec:ed from celebrated nnrteriet, both in Europe and New York The whole intperty is uow in the most perfect order. In the Village is qu Academy, second to uone in thit State iu point of character ard standing. For terina, Ike.. apply to DAVID VAN nai'i\, c*n?|., mnucrnuuit, or aii5 3Wt?m P. 8. HOK8. 35 Wall atreer. . O LtT.?A neat two story cottage house, Willi <??? basement* and undercellar, j>rinci|>al story.two parlors JliiMt with sliding doors, hard finished walls, leeond story; 2 large rooms and 2 bedroom; rent low hwiuire on tlie premises, No. 1 40th street, ofW. K. Pendleton. Htages pass the door every half hour aft lit'in MA KAKK l HANCE-Kor nil, the goodwill and fixtures of a Tavern, Oyster and Boarding House, with every eoBVCuieuet appertaining toaoch an establish^ meut The non*e it in a central location, opposite the principal inirket The house haa heeu occupied ill the above business lor i nnniher id yearn, haa always commanded, and at preient haa an excellent run of buaineaa, and MOM oi the he*t stands in the c ity. Indisposition in the family of the Present proprietor inducea him to cliauge hit buaineaa Kor further perticu lara inquire at the office of the Haltnnore Pun autm mug, KOH s M.K-Tiu: PROPKKTV IN UNION VILJr7<5?I.A<?lv, N J?Consisting of a country store and dweli jj? I - Il()l 'NIC, barn. 3 cow houses, 2 wasgou houses, corn crib, 2 birracbs, &?., with, MM acrea of excellent Laud, in a high state ol cultivation, well watered and timbered. The cropaare not inrpaiaeil by any in the State?nor ii the store to be snrpis<ed for a country store. The property willbesold it bargain, us tin" preaent owner It tooolJ to attend to it. I Hie iudiapiitablr. Apply to J AS. B. BAKU, every Wedneaday, > tin' Nortfirni Hotel, foot of '"ourtlandt atreet, from 9 A.JV1. to 7 P. M., mitl Tliursdaya until 1 P. M.( other day* to the New York Real batate Company, corner Broadway and Maiden lane. J. B. B. HU12 30t*rre *vg H'OH SAL, 10 OR TO LET, ou tlx margin of the iu'rj JZiQl tian Bay, Monmouth iConnty, N. J.?Karma in a high atnfe of cultivation, with all the neceaaary out-building?. Alao, l"ta from half aji acre to twenty, with the advantage of fin? batliiw. Hummer reaidencea rurniahed or unfurnished. Pi laonadeairoua of carrying on buaineai in the city and reaiding in healthy location, at a cheap rate, will find an advantage in conaultinp with the aubacriher. N. B ?The afore aaid farmi and lot* are not in Texai or renmylvania, but wjthiu one hour and a half of New York. Termaea?y Titlea indisputable. Emignntt or olliert wuliinu for gardening lota cau be auited. Apply to John Iveson, Eaq , ii Conrtlaodt atreet, New Yorlc; or to W. O. Havuea, Auctioneer, Key Port, N.J. All letter* muat be poat paid. K :r Pout. N. J.. .Inly M. 1MT. Jytl V)t?rc I't'UK. AT THU}.?L^diea' Uaitera, nliin era, bua ? klni, Ilea, House Slip*. White aud Black Satin Prnnella Rnikint an-l Slippers. and al' oilier kinda of Boo'a and Shoe*, of th- fittest atyle. Alao t Urge din irtment of niuaea nnu chi dreii'*. Oenllenien will find in thia atore a great aaaortment of fine Boots and Hhoea, erlf and patent leather: Waiters of all ki' 'a. Alao, Boy ' B Kita, (iaiters, and tthoea, ol all aorta Mid V|: of the above of the bf?t quality and cheap, at 307 Broadway, n e <oor ubovr l? .ankliu street. _*!? ttr'rc M. CA>ILL. j- I N' I! H'lD'IS I'.ois nnperi.ll krrnrli I If lyitni'.ri for #4 JO. eqntl to the beat aold an Broadwa', fir Si l,ir|7 lioe trench Call B- ota, city made, for tl M? JH iianatlv >?e*ii be found at the corner of ""ulton tu>d Naaa<.i air?e a, opposite the Herahl office Brat boot* made to oder fori* 10 Alao the French Congress tionta, of the beat ipi.litv. boita, ahoea, gaitera, ahfipere, lie., conatantly on Alt guoda warranted to give aanalaction. Corner of Knltop and Naaaau treeta. J>28 J0t*rc E NE INTELLIGENCE FROM THE WAR QUARTER. THE AR.UV OF UKNKKAI, TAYLOR. [Fram the New Orleans Picayune, Aug. 6. j RThe steamer Ohio, Capt. J. Swil'er. jun , arrived yesterday morning from Brazos Santiago, touching at Galveston. She left the Brazos on Saturday, the It 1st ult., and Galveston on the 2d imt. ? By this arrival we have the Matamoros Flag of the 55th ult. The Flag says that Col. Gorman, with fourcompanius of Indiana voluuteers passed up the river on the 241U ult., on the Big Hatch*e ; Lieut. Col K. Dumont,with two oompanles of the 25tb. on the Col. Hunt ; and the remaining four were on the Col. MoKee. at the mouth of the river, ?U bound for the < amp of Instruction. 1 he regiment is nearly 1000 strong. and has buffer* d a loss of but four men since leaving Indiana. A letter war received on Monday, by our commandant, (the Third Dragoons) from (Jen. Hopping, stating that he had received information that Gen. Urrea wus on thin side of the mountains with some four thousand men. and requesting a squadron of dragoons?but we learn that their colonel chooses to remain here until he has received bis complement of horses, in the meantime drilling his men as thoroughly an could be done elsewhere. A company of mounted men from Ohio, who had ri ceutly arrived here, was, therefore, sent up by the first bout, and will report to Uen Iloppng immediately for duty We understand from several sources entited to credit that this worthy (Col. Carvsjil) wan on h'riday liiKt at a ranoho called La Vasarin. some twunty-Ave leagues distant. on the road to Linares, with a force numbering about 260 men. having been joined by (ialan, another guerilla chief They are said to have detained a large uumber of mules loadad with corn, soap, sugar, and other produce, destined for tbis placc, besides one hundred cargoeB of good* which had been sent from here to Monterey. They appear determined to spare neither friends nor foes, but confiscate all they can intercept as fair booty?looking upon those interested as giving " aid and comfort1'to the enemy. A party of sixty men are reported to have been, a few days since, wittiin two or three leagues of this place, picking up deserters from the Mexican army, and impressing others into their service from the various ranchos iu our neighborhood. A squadron of mounted men could soon open the way for the traders ; and we understand that our commandant parties, and we hope soon to bear that the roads am cleared and made safe for the transmission of merchandise of all descriptions. ('apt K. A Ogden has been relieved at his own request from the post of quartermaster at the mouth of the Ilio (irande. and Major Anderson assigned to duty at that place The occasion of Capt. Ogden's retirement demand* of us a word in praise or the zeal and untiring Industry he has displayed in the discharge of the duties which have devolved upon him since the commencement of the war. In taking charge of the affairs of the department at the mouth of the river, a world of obstacles had to be encountered and a vast responsibility assumed. How he has diacharged the trust reposed In him, the regularity and order with which every thing has been conducted gives sufficient evidence. An uninterrupted navigation of the liio < irande from the mouth of the river to Camargo has been kept up throughout the whole year, against obstacles which by nearly every one were considered insurmountable. In the transportation of troops and supplies there ha* been no delay: they have been forwarded with a despatch and safety deserving the highest commendation. At his immediate post the energy of the man shows more apparent. One year ago the post at the mouth of the Itio (irande was a barren sand-beach, and millions of dollars' worth of public property wim being laaded there without any protection from weather, and immense losses were sustained in consequence. In a brief space of time commodious and se-. cure storehouses were erected; and as we viewed the place a few days a'o, it hus the appearance of a thriving commercial town, with an industrious population busied at their various avocations. A log wharf, se ve ral hundred fret long, has been completed, a ship-yard for the repair of steamboats and vessels is in operation, and nothing seems to have been left undone which it was in Capt. Ogden's power to accomplish for the advancement of the government interest. The zeal he has displayed in the discharge of bis multifarious duties is the theme of universal praise; and as a memento of the esteem In which he is held by the commanders of steamboats, we understand it is contemplated by them to present him with a silver pitcher, suitably inscribed, In token of their regard. Major Anderson, tbe successor of Capt. Ogden, la a gentleman every way worthy to succeed him. Capt. Jack R. Everitt nas given the nainn of Kverittvllle to a location for a city which he has projected on tfce Texas side of the Itlo (irande, opposite Mler. Mtcainboat navigation to thid point is unobstructed, and its proximity to a thickly populated and will cultivated section of Mexico,will give it advantages posm ssud by no other location which has yet been selected for a tnwn on tbe west bank of tbe Ilio (irande Uvsides its advantages in a commercial point of view, the location Is picturesque and healthy, and the surrounding country exceedingly tertile. Directly opposite, on the Mexican side of the river, are tbe Sulphur Springs, selected by lien. Hopping for his encampuieut or " military school ." Kverittville is destined to grow rapidly il will most assuredly command an extensive trade, and merchants and business men would be studying their Interei t.< by directing their atteution to it immediately (><>ods shipped to the new oily will meet with a ready sale, and be exempt from the duty imposed by Secretary Walker's " bill of abominations '' Success to Kvcrittrlll? and its enterprising projector. Cam* Bi rn* Vuti, June 18, 1H17. I nrrived at Saltillo from Monterey on Krlday at noon, in company with U?n < uniting and tuitr, ana came out here to camp in the afternoon. Tile general come* in assume command of hi* brigade. consisting of the id Mississippi, Virginia, and North Carolina regiments. The encampment really presents a luott beautiful ami picturesque appearance, preading OTer a rant plain juit sufficiently inclined to enable the water to run olfrapidly. The volunteer brigade in encamped according to regulation, and every tent and camp-tire la in it* impropriate place. The artillery and dragoon* are on the lelt of tile fl* Id, Wen. Wool and staff in the centre, aud the Intantiy brigade on the right. 'I he discipline of < i-n Wool in extremely air 1st, and enforced; and discipline I* niue point* In the game, especially where Vuluule. r* are concerned. Company drill* take pla':e ey. ry inornlng, battalion and regimental drill* every afternoon, andbrigade review* every Sunday As regards the climate, it, suits me being an Kastern man, to a degree?the air betDg delightfully onnl and bracing at ail times, ncept during the miiiale Of the day for a few ?ur* i a shower lays t he dun nlmost every afternoon With res.iec t ih? healib of ihi troops, I regret to ?.?y that tno ?iiesifsippi ami iV.rl.h Carolina reglmentf aresuff ring MfeMj, *n'l liaie b n for some time. fr >..i cbdls m l fefer* and diarrhcoi* out principally the latter The average uuuiber ot U"*tb* in rM'b regno. ui IsabnUt thrrc a d. y tor a toriuignt . th* sick liat of the N..rtb ' aroluia i gimeiit is now about l.ifl ?that ot the .vlisaisMppi regiment aooui lOli I'll re aie about l-io on tn? sick list ol the Virginia regiment, l>ut ihey are til order* that yM l rendily to ni?>licin? not oue dea'h has iHiciitr^d during th** three ?> ?*< ihi-y have Iih, n up here i'hit mcau?i"< is uiaiuly atu.buta w ro NEW YORK, SUNDAY IV V^l E W S IN 1 ll ^5?2s SAX.TXX.LO, X.OOXXX bio to the imprudence of the officers anil men in aating too hoartily of fruit, which abounds here now, and keeping up the practice after they are attacked. Recently <ien. Wool, has prohibited fruit from being brought into camp, and the beneficial effects of this proceeding have begun to bo felt, the sick list decreasing gradually every day. It seems rather a bard matter to deprive the men of fruit, which if eaten in moderation would prove beneficial, but as the men will not take care of themselves they must be taken care of. It does really seem aa if they required as much looking after as children. If.Informatlon was received here not long since, that a force was marching down uponJParras to occupy that plaoe for the purpose of preventing our foroes here from dmwing supplies from that quarter The inhabitants, dreading their own troops more thau ours, despatched this intelligence, and a company of Texan rangers was sent to ououpy the place and scour the country in its viainity. A squadron of dragoons. under command of Capt. Hucker. and two pieces of artillery, were also despatched to V.azapil, from whom intelligence was reoelved yesterday that alt was perfectly quiet, and they will be baok hero hy th? 20th The Phivuix Company of mounted cavalry, numbering about one hundred commanded by Capt. Meets. lat? lleutonaut-colonul of tho Arkansas cavalry, are stationed In the I'alomos Ptss, below Xallillo, to prevent a surprise from that, quarter ? Pickets are stationed on the road to Agua Nuova. and every vigilance is exercised to guard against any su ld*u movement in this direction. And now for rumors It is reported that I'rrea his gone ,to Mateliualn, and tbat Mlnon s cavalry aro on their way to Potosi, a small place about seventy-five miles from hereon the San Luis route. It is also stated on good Mexican authority, that the troops which have been occupying San Luis, joined by 2000 from Zacatocas. are on the march to the city of Mexico Some degree of credit is attached to these reports, and they are not at all improbable. Various other reports are in rirculatiou touching the movements of the enemy in this direction which are not generally credited or untitled to credit. Amou^ tho most important of these I may mention that Gen. Keys, or Kaes. Is said to be on the march for Saltillo with a force of 3000 strong, and mm troops #r? moving on to I'arra*. Kroin tlie re suit of Lhi> recnunoissance of Captain Kucker, which I have noticed above, this latter report is undoubtedly false. Si'nuav, July 18, 18-17. Since writing my letter of this morning, Captain Kucker ban returned from hiit expedition to Mszapil, and confirms the report received from him He found no troops there, but had every reimon to believe that Minon's cavalry (uuder whose command is not known) were at or in the neighborhood of Matnhuala. An express was despatched by the Mexicans at Mizapil, immediately upon the approach of Capt 11., to the enemy wherever he was. informing them of his approach, that they might be cut off. ( apt. K. saw nothiug of them ou his return, although I have no doubt it would have afforded hiin infinite satisfaction to do so. Information lias been received from Parrafl to-day to the effect that I)oa Manuel Ibarra had received an express two days since, announcing the approach of a body of upwards of :W0 Indians, who had burned and destroyed three ranchos ou their way, and killed three hundred Mexicans It is very likely that this report is oorrect. as it was known that a large body of Indians were in the neighborhood. The number cf killed is probably greatly ex <g - -rated. I suspect that the force at I'arrss. one eomptny of Texans, will be increased. Au extraordinary .Mexican express has arrived in town from San Luis I'otosi, en route for some point west of the mouptalns, but what its purport is, of course has not leaked out It is thought that a movement is on foot. The arrival of this egress Is only known to a very few, but that a courier nas arrived there is no doubt. A grunt portion of tun supplies of corn, flour and cattle are derived from Parras, and you will be surprised to hear that an Kuglinh house there, claiming protection of the II ig of their goveruuient, go Into the market and buy up everything that we can want, foretelling uh completely, ax they Immediately demand higher and unreasonable rates, in Home instances amounting to exorbitancy, such as our government never ought and probably will not pay. If they do not consent to take reasonable rates their produce ought to be seized, and their claims left to government to settle. The Mexican* who have produce to fell fear the punishment of their own government if they supply our forces with provision, and actually pay certain KnglHh merchants there a heavy premium to have Jtho sain made through tham, or else Hell them at reduced prices Corn brings now $3 a fanegu, and $16 is demanded for corn a cargn, about -'100 pounds ; (>14 is considered a fair price, but the speculators are seeking for f ill, and will not sell for less. The wheat and corn orops are ooining in well.and there I* every prospect of an abundant orop. I neglected to mention that Mhj Chevalla has nearly recovered from the effects of his fall The fit was occasioned by an overdose of camphor for a cramp cbolic. ARMY. The steamer Rainbow, f'apt. Selleck, arrived yesterday, brought down from llaton Itouge, < apt. sheppard and tw"uty-(ive men, belonging to the nth regiui>-nt United Mated infantry, and landed them at the barrack*. ? .V, O. Del'a, (>tk intt. W*n DtrtiTMEiiT, Juljr ltJ, 1947. Sin : I am directed by the President to Inform you, in reply to your letter of the Jfith ultimo, that ho will accept < f such a battalion of riflemen as you suggest, to servo during the war, to be raised in the State of MlssisKippi. Vou indicate the employment of them under Major (ieneral Taylor, but it Is probable that the more active operations will be with the column under the command of Major (ieneral Scott, and their services may be required in connection with that column. Presuming that they will prefer the most active erviee, aud that a dilTereut destination from that mentiooed by you will uot impede the raising ot it, I shall send forthwith a request to the Governor to aid in the organize tion thereof. lu regard to your HUfrgAKtion that the battalion nhoul 1 be mounted. I would remark tbat the mounted lorce already called out In deemed to be euflicient for the nertIod which may be required of that dencription of fore#, and it in not now propoaed to add to their number. He.tpi'ctfuily. your ob't nerv't, W. I, ,\1 AR<; Y, Seer-tary of War. Col. Jen kmo* D*vi?, Warrauton, MiwinKippi. NAVAf.. A naval court of enquiry to examine Into the cau<? of the recent accident to thu IT. H xbip Jaroe*t>wn, in in aeiwion on board tho U. S ship Penn?yW?tnia. The court OOniinta of the following officer*: Commodore Wilkinson, I'renident; Commodore Kearny and Captain Webb. Member*; M?ut. A Sinclair, Judge Advoimle.? Mo'/olk Itrfulii, 1'Jf* inn The M-xrcan echoont r Vlontenma under th? command of Pr.*e Yla*ter Th' tnu tia* ju-t wrlred from Anion L x?rdo, ami i* now ?iioi>?ra I "IT iJUu^iii rh<S'J*e Point jiob cnpturiel by lb? U S ling ?l'ip MIk*i?*t|ipi in the ri?er rtt Anna. ne*r I'uxpan I'he U 3. M..r?tial win tike ch*rgu of u>r iium Aiateiy ? v? w OrleJui I) llu.bih imt \ Ki.r/tw Fkvku ix Xkvt Oki.kaxh ?T it?* W"tc nW e*?.'S of yellow f.-v.r hL |iie Ch.irlty Hospital ul New Orieau* on the oth in?t Tui*. if a tair index denote* no inert, itae ul the diiteaxe Id the city IRK I [OWNING, AUGUST 15, li MEXICO. .i memorial to t ongresa trial urogon can :u ready turn Hh, at short notice, tiro thousand barrels of Hour for the use of our Pacific squadron three thousand barrel* of beef, and two of pork Lumber, tar, pitch. Max and hemp can he hereafter supplied, If u demand

should be created for theiu. It asks for confirmation <>f locations already made, for grant* of lands for educational purposes, and for a steain tow-boat on the Columbia ; and recommends a railroad to the States. The wind blows down the riTer tire months of the year, and vessels are said to be two month* in sailing up oue hundred miles, whilst the difficulty could be easily overcome by Hteaui, and a large trade opened with the f'aciflc. Indian anil American Cotton. [From the London News, July At the muetiug of the statistical section of the British Association, on Monday, the 'JHth of June, a paper was read by Professor Koyle, on the statistics of the cotton trade As this is a subject always of great importance, Hnd nnw jitt rnrtiiiir art* tit. nnhlin nftonfinn u*u hnvM oh. tained the substance of the statements. The paper was entitled ' On the imports of Indian, uh compared with 1 he prices of American cotton." and commenced by referring to the extensive and ex pensive experiments which hail been made by the Kast India Company for the improvement of the culture and oleaning of cotton in India lie stated that the experiments in the north-west of India had failed from the excessive dryness of the seasons during which they had been made; but he Mtill thought that cotton might be successfully cultivated in Bundlecund, and with the aid of irrigation, in the Oanges and Juinna Uoab, an In the similar climate of Kgypt, when the great canal now making In completed. One planter having been removed to < ioruckpor, and another to Kungpore. no deficiency of moisture wan experienced, but the plants fluttered, an in broach, from the great power of the nun at the end of the rainy season, and from the depredations of innumerable insects. In the peninsula of India, on the contrary, the success has been considerable. In Tinnivelly, Mr IIugheiilong cultivated Uourbon cotton; and Mr Finnic is .?ow established there. Dr White ascribes the superiority of cotton grown on the (Joimbatone farms to the suitable selection of the sowing season, and to the valley participating in the rains of both monsoons From .'>00 to 1.000 lb/*, of seed cotton have beeu obtained from the N?w Orleans seed, imported in IH40. This, he thinks, can belauded at Liverpool, costing about 3J?'d a pound, as the expense* of conveyance from (Joimbatone to 'oohiu are not more than a '*d per pound, and must be losn from Tinnivelly to Tutioorin. lie states that the llyots only want " purchasers and honest prices,' and that a rise of only a 'vl per pound in the local market would greatly extend the culture of cotton. It is an important fact that the above cotton, sent to Liverpool to the extent of :) i bales, ha* been valued at 6 '.jd a pound, and considered eijual to fair New Orleans," which waa gelling at the same price. In the Southern Mahratta country, ospccially near Dharwar. the culture has attained complete success under Mr. Mercer, the intelligent American planter. The natives, encouraged by the government experiments where they saw that uot ouly was more cotton produced per acre with New Orleans seed, but a better price obtained for every pound of cotton wool, even from the weavers In the interior ertiinilnil fhair Kiiltlvitlnn lui year to about So.OIK) acres, and have suceeeded Id cleaning thin cotton by the irapreved saw k>' : that some of I h * Conner yearn'crop, to the extent of liij bales, has been valued at Liverpool at *>d and lifi'l Here thn climate is considered by Mr Mercer to be like that of America, and the ted he found returning to it* original Mexican character lie also state* that I here In abundance of land fitted for cotton culture, which pay* from 8 to 11 annas per acre, and nothing Is required but a regular demand to have the country covered with ootton. The Ryots rell their own cotton for 10 rupee* a randy of THIibs, which is about I fid a lb. Their New New Orleans cotton they have Hold for 01 rupees the candy; a further expense of II) rupees wan incurred In conveying It by land and water to Bombay, making a total of H-J rupee* -JO? bales of thin cotton were sold at Bombay on thn'iOth of March last, for 113 rupee* per candy, and Home for 1J0 rupee* At the sauie time that some cotton froui Broach cotton, cultivated and cleaned in the same manner. sold for I'J'i rupee*; and 12 bale* grown by Mr. Bluut. at Julgauui, tor I3J rupee*. Indian cetton 1* known to be possessed of certain good qualities. *uch as its colour, the rendine** with which it take* colour in dying, al?o swelling In the process of bleaching: both tne latter effect* are probably owing to Its being grown in a comparatively dry climate Such ix'inis nix <|iiniiitHA of Imllan cotton, it might b? expec.tod that it would hare been imported in iiicreaninK, In-tenl of, a* in usually Atated, id anuually decreasing <|ii?iititino Various causes have baen assigned I'.r the decrease Dr. Rnylc considered these an utmatUfactory and coutr dictory The chief cause which prevents the ready con* unintlon of oott >n in our manufacture* is the dirty sta'e in which It in sent to market. The cultivator pleks his cotton aarclwMly enough, hut he cell' it In a comparatively clean state to I tin Wakartaormi die man, whi> wishing to increase the profits <.f hi* purch?f? do s nohyl'C Its w?i((ht and meats a fall In pil ? by ? tin titriher adult rat'On w>ih iofaiior n' io>i oil' 3 in m? ' U. i in >aiid V' h ? i i.| "V-h t?i tatU ion of th- c ttou tr'd Or. Hoy i nvh iifrrrcl ? the great tail w;.l?',i h i pi iC .v . list. t ' US lie p I t \ll. enp f 14 y . > fr III 1,1 1 ,U i i" -11 ii,d f->r iudi.iti fi 'at Whim tin the li years uing ' Ii Ml, pries of the t.irtn* r w*r> ft'i, I " n\ I "Ml 1 I ' 3Siil ' 8\ 1 in irtlA the ??. rn.. p> foi ' ?> rican Ml to about 4*^d, and even mldd "|i '1 a * " Old In Liverpool for ?mlf?ir ,i ! ' " n ' " 31, that f f>r t> >ut Ih saui- j,ri#? ?hn|? i- u 1 talu<d it U"iub.<jf NTO NORTH WEST. Affair* In Oregon. | Krom the St. Louis Republican. Aug. 6.] The gentlemen who have recently arrived from Oregon, hare placed at our disposal a tile of the Oregon Spectator, from March 4th. to April 'iOth. They are tilled with discussions upon the relative merit* ef particular routes of travel, and matters purely local in their character We notloe the appointment of J. Quiun Thornton, formerly of till* Statu, and more recently of Quincy, 111., to be Supreme Judge of Oregon territory, vioe P. II. Burnet, resigned. William Ilibbert, lately of Illinois, died at Oregon city on the 18th of \laroh. An electlou was to be held on the first Mouday of June, for Governor, county officer*, and member* of the Legislature A. L. Lovejoy is announced as a candidate for Governor. D E Whito, Indian agent for the Oregon Territory, who was in the States in the early portion of last year, aud took hi* departure for Oregon in July or August by the way nf Panama, had not reached Oregon city, when these gentlemen left, and fears were entertained for his safety. W? ought to have stated, yesterday, that all the persons composing the family of the Donners. of Springtild, 111 . perished in the California mountains last winter The Or-'gnnians are determined to have a steam tn*boftt. so ?h*t vessels m*v be brought up the Columbia rivrr <vilh Gaiety. The "currents are strong, and sail vessels cannot depend on the winds to stem tb-* current The following Territorial cfllcers were elected by the Legislature :?Krederiok Pri?<. **?8retary ot the ferrl tory ; Aloozo Skinner. < Ircuit Judge; H M.Knighton, Marshal; John H Couch, Treasurer ; George W. Bell, Auditor I I ERA 347. -V v - ^ V- | - With reference to the statement that a gradual decrease had taken place In the import! of Indian ootton, the author observed that this did not appear, if we took an average of every five ytari. in order to get rid of th? irregularities of occasional ami to observe only thu Influence of permanent causes Thus the average imports of the flvn years previous to 1 Bin were 3!).(>97 bales: but in 1844 not less than 238,438 bales, though the average sunk to 185.1111 in 1846, but will no doubt rise again during 1847 | But, in observing the imports of individual years, great discrepancies were observed and clearly shown in j the diagrams which were exhibited; and in which, after the fashion of meteorological tables, the average prioes of both Indian aud of American cottons were given from the year 1800 to 1846, together with the imports of both for the same years. In these curves, distinguished by different colours, It was seen, that as thu quantities of the Amerioan imports had Increased, so the prices bad decreased, with the exoeptiou of 182S, when there was a rapid Increase, followed by as sudden a (all; and again from 1833 to 1836 The imports of ludian cotton were shown to have followed a different course. Thus, the high prices of 1809 and '9 were followed by an arrival in 1810 of nearly 8(1 001) bales, having been only about li,00t> in 1808. Ho in 1818, about 9AO.OOO bales were imported inconsequence <if ihe high prices from 1814 to 1817. though the imports had only been about S.ftOO bales in 1810 Again, the high price* of 1838 were accompanied with an import, of nearly 320,000 l>nle<. anil die low prici * of 181-4 Sllnit tile imnriet In II) '(Mil li.iluu The mi I v month*. We have heard of no new catte of yellow furor within th? |>ant two or three dayn; ami we think there In much probability that the dineane will not grow nerioun. M?hilr. Herald and Tribune, viug. 7. At. John*, N B . wan on the night of Kriday week vinited with a violent nquall, which, although but of nhort duration, was nevertholenn destructive. The brig Magnun, of Oalway, <apt Snell, which wan riding at anchor, drove anhore on the buck part of Partridge Island, and noon became a complete wrerlc an apprentice, who wan nick at the time, being drowned The brigt. Bloouilleld, Regan, from (ialway. with fever on board, wan driven into the harbor, anil the new fhip Infiinta. ( apt, Flaw*, for London, at anchor In the oiling, wan obliged to nlip I both cable* and run into port?St Johnt Herald A letter from Machian Port ntaten that .Mr. Alexander Stuart and bin non, Klinha M. Stuart, of that town, nailed on the 18lh ult for the Bankn of (?rand .Menan. on a tlxhing crulne of a week or ten dayn, In the nchoooer A blah, of about ten ton*. Three week* have elapNed nine* their departure, and there are ntrong foam that they are lont, more particularly *n the crotch of a email vennel of the description of the A ha.? recently been picked up near the bank*. ? Hoetun Daily Jidvertiter, 14th in%l. The ?'ro|?. The hay In then* part* ban been got In well naved. and the quantity turnn out. an wan expected, a Hill average drop Th* whent In being cradled, an l despite the By and the weevil the yield will be tolerable Potatoenirn yet are healthy, and promine abundantly ; but already begin to dec y at the ntemn, an in former yearn, nhowlng that the dineane I* not extirpated The w-ather n&M hHcn cool. ?IUI ir ?u iroiu mi- miminiifiiwar I, makintf tli? bout of harvoat weath.r ?Brilitlt Whig. Kinfiton. Cai'tila, 11'A i"?t Thar* I* liiiont a total failure of th? crop of applo* and pcnrn in thi? qmrt?r What apple* ih>>rn iir* on th? trot* *111 ? -arci-lv b? worth picking The aphidca ?i> Injured th" trwa that what fruit r?m>iioa on them la f>rnA<I, knotty and (tmirley W? n?'Tnr knew of ?uch a Waterloo defeat In the apple crop ? Fltth. ng J-iurnal The f*roiera of Michigan am urcatly in w?nt of harraitcr* to h-lp in KceurniK th? abundaut cropn of ?raln Thf plantation* On t'oiuhah* rl??r ? e urvrfl w d. ay* it cori-i-p indent. on the it?ih lulj At th> turnt tl" " i r ?'?fn ill t( h nil! w lia'i n Mil iier h K . j *irl #Mf,h ' !? < I in r i ill ! i. > !>" ? ml i ? |. i) tr? r ' 1 I ,r ?i ?? I * i hi* i ; 1.1 m a. r.l t .. ? it . . t rn K. ffl. ii q i. . 11 ?m. ! iw J1 r .In .if o: i, ; n i ?<'? um?v? t n il<)? ' t h i? ti- * .1 i aa t liv?<Uva IMO'C I ci.i ?* i r - M *1.1 h I JI . ut fi *n| ?r? tl I. ti 11 < iu 11 >i i \ , I LD. PrVt* Two Cwt A BILLIARD TABLE FOR SALE.?Om in perfect order. with a set of aaenei, belli. kr . ill c ^atplatc will be old cheap forcaah. cu b? men it No. V Day html AddI* to the Preaideat of the 8wias Club, Mr. A. OROSCLACTjC So. US Fulton itreet. up ataira. tt*re ' WHOLESALE 8HIRT WAREHOUSE, No. M PUa treat, 2d door from Wiiiiaa, w^ere nay be (ouli lartt asaorunent of 8hirU, of every anility, made u> the t style*, and of aaperior workmanahip. Fancy and Plain Linen, Madia and common Shirta, constantly on hand. jffasSEiir "*yc!5zawswrt? jyl* Mt*nc DANTAL09N8.?F. AHRJlNH the well kaown Paau * Tailor,SOH Ana itreet, lias lately received oyer 100 pea. fancy Casiimeres and Linene, of which he oukea pants to order for only $2 50 to t* per pair. Alio, French and Enfliih black cusimerea and doeakui. Lrom 94 to IS per pur, warranted good, or no aale. Units who in m want of Puu, will do well to call at MM Ann street. 17* Wt'W Eruptions "OF THK HKIN.?AH who u? troubled with Salt Rheum, Krysipela*, Itch, Ringworm, Pimpled Kace, or other diacaae* of the akin, may obtain aapeedy and effectual cure,at Mr?. Carroll'* Medicate J Vapor.Snlphmr^ad lodiue Bath kUtabliahmeot, 1(4 Pulton treat, oppoaite Chnreh street. Compound Concentrated Syrup of itaraeparilia, prepared by the Hhakers, 7i centa par bottle. aai IW*re PRKHH IMPORTATION/?w7 8COTT fc CO^No. ITT Broadway, have received a fteah lot of the much admired beer lawn baud kit, narrow taped border*, which are offered uuuiually cheap; black nud white laced Cape*, from $1 J#; about 'JtO pan* hue Kreuch Culls, at 1*. aud 1* 6d per pair; the remaining aiock ofblack and white lace Viaitea, at coat price; a very cheap lot of needlework Collar*, from 2a. to la. each.? Ladiet will alao liud aouie bargain* in Valenciennea Lace* and Edgings well worth their attention. jvIt Mt*in MKINHAHDT'.H ?. S'l'OI Y'SUILUhL) BHAS8LKT TKUS KOU UIGNS?Office 20 Maiden Lane, entrance Green street.?Tlieae letters are remarkable for durability, and a brilluuiuy of the k'ldii.u unequalled by any other article is the city?which brilliancy i* warranted to stand expoanre to the wealliar^Thar are al*>i jaoanaad to aar oolor thai may fc. PHI V A J K LMSkAtth* UV A BUl ANiC PHYSIC 1 AN, with ten j ear* practice iu this city, guarantying a perleci cuie, without mercury, 111 a lew day*. Many apply for relief, alter tryiuK all the advertised uoatrums, been salavated, huiubuged, aud deceived by the uuinerous boaitiug pretrnder*, who tuiu thousands. All who wi*h * perleei cure 111 a abort lime, and avoid >guoraitre and imposition, should apply immediately at 1U Bowery. Advice icratis nulOS't'm AOUK I 1.1' I 14 A1. ROOMS, LY< KUM bLlLUINO i6l Broadway, New York. HORTICULTURAL KXHIBITION-At the tuggeiuon of the SUte Agricultural Society, whoue Kair will be held at Saratoga Spriug*, oil the litli of Sept., ti.e American Agr^-ultuml Association hare changed the time of holdiug their Exhibition to the till iiud 91 h of .Sept. All person* de sirous of aiding the cause of Horticulture, are earnestly invited to exhibit apccimeia of Klovtcia, Kruit* , or Veatable*, and to compete for premium*, l'rogr imnir* may be outaiued of Mr. Jaine* Hogg. Seedsman, M I'roadwav, opposite the Rooms?of any o? trie principul *ecdsm?n in N ew Vork, or ol the following Executive Committee Luther Bradiah, Win. Coventry H. Waddell, Jame* Lenox, Shepherd Kuapp, Theo. h itlu'tfliuvMn, KiiIik k"ig Deliticld, Archil)till Hu.icll, A. L Pell, ivlw.ird (yixik. jyiuot'll ' . \ HDNK.K. H?.' V NEW PAPER HANGINGS?* PAKICI fc CO., No 17'J 1'carl ?(reet, New York, Importers and Manufacturers, have received their usual Urge aui>i>iy of all the uew paterns, ?l'every it vie and uuanty, of French and American Paper llitiigiuifi, Borden, Views, Kireboard PriDti, and wiee Window Curtain P- per, which they offer to dealers, merchants, and othera, at eitremely low pncea. The most coini>eteut workmen to hang paper may be had at very short notice. j29 30frc 'I^O TAILORS.?'l'lie undersigned has remaining on hand X a few copies of lua celebrated work on Cutting, among which area few copiesiligtitly soiled, bnt in other respects are perfect, which he will sell at u reduced price. It is deemed unnecessary to say any thing iu praise of the above work, as it is universally acknowledged by the trade to be the most (kit and complete arrangement ever befor published. Price ot the book complete $10 00 Do. half bound, tN Do. slightly soiled.. Addreia with remittance, W. II HTINKMICH, jyl6J0t?r No. 113 Broadway, New York. TISSUE PAPER?1000 Beams No. 1 \v hue Tissue. MtO do. Oreei. do. 600 ao. Yellow 300 do. Blue do Kor sale by PERBRh k BROOKS, ism ri m *.** ti'* ?"< ihmii THK BuWKilk BANK, organized uuder tbe tcvril Banking law. with a capital of $j?l,oi 0, will connit.ace nnsines* on Tuesday, the 10th day of August, iiutant, at No. 173 Bowery. DlftCCTOM*. Knuci< A. Palmer, Knoch Deiu., Jesse A. Marshall. (Jeiirg* W Edward*, Ahrahim Cumioings, A It-mider Maatrrtok, Joliu 8 Giles, Julie McMeoomjr, Thomas Mr El rath, Urn ton Pearsall, C Bildwtn, William H. Calkin, Lewi* Bleidorn, Jacob .Miller, .d-vard Kerri*, .ledediah Fiye. Alonro A. Air rd DANIEL w. TOWNiEND, Prendeot NATHVNIEL O BRADFORD, Caahier. " > Yorh. A UK nut 3 It 7. au4 Mr?rc ^ X/ |, | i rlKi.Li.ttOt. ? IV Hi-* to gent'et,eu ?h . warn fWUW their old lothes (o lock lik? i.ew, ea'l at the f?il ihik Dying leanii k aid Repairing r stabliahmeut. n. 77 Gold ?>re>-t, comer ol told and Spruce where ordera II b pijuC'uull> attended to at the ihor'e*t notice aud on he moat reasonable term* by J B NO \H. 77 Gold at V B ?The lurheat nrire given for eetitlemen's left off ?"ri"g j v>4 lut?m Tilt t H-.aPKSI bTOKK IN I'Hi Cll Y, l??K Kulton street. Tor trench and American Paper Hanging*, Window Sh ilea, Curtain Materiala, Ornaments, Ike?1 ne Mibscriber ha* constantly on baud a large aaaortment of the ?bove articles; also, man'il.cturer id' the galvanised Mptiug Mattreaa. winch, lor comfort and durah lily cannot be etcellea. Pure hair and otli?r Mattr'sses; Hetthrr Bi'da, he., with e?ery a-ticle in the Upholstery line, at the lowest possible prices N. B.?Steamboat ana ship cabins aud hotels fitted up and furnished. R. DAVIE8, aui JOt'rc Upholsterer. IMX Knlton at. CPROTON WATKH KILTERS-ATO.NK DOLLAR J EA< H.?J. 8TONE. No. Broadway, New York, beg* to inform hia frienda mid the public ol thia city and other place* which are supplied bv public water worka, that he ha* so arranged hi* improved Water Kilter* that they can be applied to tnr ( roton water faucets. They are ao constructed that any person can keep them in order by repleniahing * itn the filteriog medium at the moat tritling eipeuae. A aihgle inspection ? ill convince anyone of their *uperiority over any other Kilter in uae. I*. H.?(lis other Kilteraaold aa usual, an] "lflt*re TO CLAIMANTS, kc-OENERAL AGENCY at tlie city of Washington?The undersigned, general went, notary public, and justice of the peace, respectfallr u lor ma the public that he tin* removed hi* olKce to the bnilding one door*outh of Chubb h Hcheuck'* exchange office, on IJth street, opposite tiie Treasury De|iartmeiit, where he will promptly nud failtifully attend to any buiineu in the above line which may be entrnated to hi* care. Per*on* having claims iigainsl I lie general government, and who may confide them to (iia management, may real aaaured that they wiN be peedily attended to. Duuniy ijuiu warraiiia or ireaaury acnp will Be scored lor the officer* mid aoldirri of the present war, and the higheal citah price obtained for the aauie. The uiulrraigued will keep hit oflic* open from I A.M. antil 6 o'clock I'. M. IJn dwelling home iion Louisiana Avenue, nearl* ppoaite the City flail, where, in caae of preaamg neceaaity, he can be aeru mid couaulted before I A. M., and alter 6 o'clock P. M. I'lenae pay the postage. ivldr Mi 8AMIIKI, STKTTIN1UH. OK PICK OK TI1K NKW YORK KIRK AND MA niNK INSURANCE Co., New York, Auguat 1, 1M7. DIV IDKND?The Board of Directora hare thia day declared a Dividend of Kive |?r cent, out of tlie profit* of the laat ill months. payable on demand, at the office of the comiwny, No. 71 Wall atreet. D. UNDKHHILL, a'i 30t m Herretary. LACK CAPES, PKTKR K()UK.KT8,T7J "Broad way, respcctfullv aolicita the attention of Udiea visiting New York to hia atock of goods, coinpria ng the following, vi?>? Maleine Luce Capes, from >2 upward, white and black Vi sites, S<; Mantillas, $7, worth 12; l(M Shawls, $lt, worthM' embroidered Mualiu Cape*,$l 50: do do Chimiietu,$1; dodo Collara, 26 centa; do camb"c lldkfa,$2 50, Revierre do, 71 * i.i|.r uwnriruuD.D^tniJ, lllliiai I\UI)CI V)U TT KIIU, very cheap; ladiea' needle work and tambour Dresses, do do; I .aces. Hosiery and (Jloves. of every inscription. jel4 I0t*r PARISIAN DYE1NO KHTAUI.IsllMKNT?Office 1S2 Will mm .treet. New York-COURT fc DESCHAUX dye and finish in a new aud iui>erior style, never before ufruduoed into the United States, nil sorts of goods, sewing silk, twiet aud trams, either plain or ihaded; ?epl?-r wonted and woollen yarn, aewiog cotton, mohair, he They have imported patent machinery for porting up ^orated and nlk, either in skeins, spools or sticks; damaged or laded goods, ribbons, silk, satin, merinos, tin bet and caahmere shawls, gimiia, fringes, cords and tassels, ladies' and gentle men's garments, lie., dyed aud cleaned e<jual to new articlea jv?*in<?m nOOLEU HYPERION KLUID Kor Promoting the Growth and K in hell.slung the llair, stands unrivalled, ami II now the only article used by those who valua a good held of hair. It is alike efficacious in exterminating tenrland dandruff; and the beautifying lustre it girea to the hair, entires its success at the toilet of every lady of faahion. For fartherJiartK ulars, see pamphleta, .containing certificates from some ol the mosr eminent pliyaiciana, Icc To be had of hia agents throughout the United ntatea and ( nnarla. fci; A1.1 "sis?A. B. k 0 Sands.N. Y.; K. Vlason. Portland, I srletonIk (',a, l.owell; II.K. Bliss, Springfield, D fc Co, Worcester; J II. fc C Thorn'on, and Dr. Cadwell, N.Bedford; It J. Taylor, Newport, R. I.; E. Trevett fc koa. l*oug ikeepaie; <) Dester, Allnny, Dr Hiemstreet. Trey; T. Hunt, Aennrn; Wni Pitken, Rochester: <i. II. Kish, Sarsto* ga; Tolrntnfc Willi ims, Syracuse; L. Kelley, Oeneva; E 8 Barnuui Ik. Son, UtiC'j William Coleman, Buffalo; Beth G* llante Druggist, ami Wm. H. A. Myers, II lir I) eaaer, Baltimore, Mil; J. W Kueeland fc Co, 117 ( aual street, New Of leani. La; and other placea. [i'/" A treatiae on th? Anatomy and Physiology of the Hai', wi h diree ions for preserving the ?inc, fcc. accompanies each bottle of" the llyiierioii " WILLIAM BOOLE, K>rst I'rerniuin Veutilating and tJossamer Wig Maker, alt liteod'rrc Mi Wa?htug'on St., Boston. COUNTER'S DIMMi svi.dUV No. 117 Knlion at? H* H.UUNTKR "litres o make k'lown to his uameroea custoaa -rs and the public at I r. e li at h? 'ia* enlarged ventilated, thoroughly renovated I.. Dining oal on,Mid can now boast of as eitenaiye, airy, comf it *! , a as loon as the citv afford*. ' lie alteniti<ms and impri;t?iteiit< need only be seen to be app"-ct11r't. ind be ouly sksou- \i it, convinced Iliac nil whit call n ice will not fn I to cum <K?i ?a'dfr*'iiwutlv lliil<?ril?r m n?r?tofnr*. <liall b? bvu.iti'nlly ?np plird wll the mint < h?ir? |ir<>dnrt on? < ihc which will h> >rr*r<l nr. it *11 limn, at 'he ahu." ? i..r.ic*. fl 7"Op?n mi Snudaya u?l t .rnd*m C^O \L.?I ?m ilmly discharging u.< ' ?? ir" iH'v of Fcach J Orchard Coal, anil will deliver it a nr t '??. ?n-? low p-ica for caah o?ly, ?i*.- Luge Nut. ? 75, ?to.? Vm.ti from ihr hoata. ?nil at l'i rmti a ditional, if ac ?d ed u.mihe yaid, c in r of Kiu? <ml wirh. J n rtd'n. rr.TV." ft |\TON CH 'Li ii t. kT: ,i.u tf DV n i ** t'< r 1 ,< It* u< l) r? r.i i' did ??,?! t i *><< m??* 4ftin ' ? u , fc. Cw "it ,i:? . ? ' v? h > nr h ? , i i TH?.,d n) v? N- , !. ?>. . { < *iv rtr i' i1 m irjr . t w? 1^4)1 w1.. ? ? M k ? e i ? > . " ^ : a, tivj . u . ion f t Iume? *! ? f 4 1 " 1 Will*1' ibk* tr> worV rir?? ? \ " .* ftM ? v? T# j* t 'rto r rmllet * ' J .AO \TK $% , ' 1 I "" " :l| rvptiouH onservihie are during the Chincstj war ? h-ri Urge import of Indian cot'on took place, hh much ? 274,000 bales. in I8-! 1, but in that year the export* <>1 cotton from Bombay to < h.nn w-n diminished to tin < xinnt of about 30 millions ul' pound' It thus appear* that tbn irregularity of the trade is much moro conspicuous than either increase or decrease ami th s? casuil supplies In increased quantieg are only obtainable because immense quantities of cotton are always required for the consumption of the natives themnelves, and some for export to China. If it were uot for the great internal consumption, no increased supply would ever bo obtained when sudden demands are made 1 in consequence of the sudden rise in price of American cotton It is this irregularity of demand, accompanied with great uncertainty of price, which chietly limits cultivation as well as more careful picking and cleaning on the part of the Ryot, who, though requiring to grow a certain quantity of cotton for bis regular rotation of crops, is otten unwilling to do so from the uncertainty of a purchaser; while he can readily sell any quantity o'f grain which he may grow The little cot on he does grow is generally sold by advances to the village l>anker or Wakarla. Kor these advances he pays from -i4 to 30 per oent af Interest. The English merchant at Bombay is unable to make any arrangement with the cultivator, for he depends upon orders and prices Irom this country; and is well known, depend upon the American corps, the state of exchange Stc So that when an order does eonie he buys what Is in the market, say of llnmh.v wit l, I I... ^..ItU.u 1..- I..I... .1 -II I .1. .1 ?J ... . mruiru I>r lloyle concluded Iiih observation* by stating that, as thi) cultivation in the west and in central in>iia wax pkillully conducted by the natives. the cotton of good quality, ami the price moderate. it required only thn in vestment of capital by thorn* interested In the improvement and extension of the cotton culture of India, 10 that thn rotton. an grown, might at once be bought and cleaned by Mercer'* improved saw-gin. Oreat improvement would thus certainly take place, and the Ryot Ixi encouraged to Increase hiscultivation, which he iseverywhere ready to do. if a purchaser can be found f#r hi* produce at fair prices Uy such means, Dr. Iloyle wan of opinion, that cotton enough might be obtained from India to keep in check the price of American cotton nilM'cllaiicoua. A lightning bolt struck the St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans, on the fith Inst. The fluid was safely conducted down the lightning rod and passed off without hurting any one, although many of the inmates of the house were terribly frightened by the very loud report which accompanied the electric visitant. The flsh business in the vicinity of Mackinaw amounted during the year 1H40, to 78,7-i5 barrets, exclusive of the large quantities which are boxed in Ice and shipped to various ports on the lakes The business is already considered worth half a million of dollars per year Kdward Mcliehee has made a liberal donation, amounting to about $10,000, to the (Centenary College, at Jackton, La., and others have given $ >00 each, their sums amounting to near $ 10.000. The Centenary College is now nut of debt, and has an endowment fund of nearly il'1.000, with the urosDeot of boiuir doubled in twelve