Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1847 Page 1
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T H V ol. ini. No. 9M.\Vhol? No. 48!U. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, 'Tlh-wtit corner of Fallon and Hum Ma. JAMES GORDON'BENNlltr PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION?FORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price S cfntapercopr?V tS twr (nuuiu?payable m advuice. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6X cenu pej cppr?$3 1?W cfoij per annum?payable hi advanee HERALD (i)R EUkOPE?Every Steam Packet day? Price h*ai crnu per copy?$j |>er annum, including poets*e, payable in advance. SuWriptiona and advertuementa will b* received by Measra. Ualiiruatn, 11 rue Vivienne, Paru ; P. L. BimoiK.'i II CornhiU. ?ud John Miller, the bookaelle-r, London. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD? Pnbli.hed on the lat of January of each year?angle copies aiipence each. ^ADVERTISEMENTS, at the uiual i.ricea?alwaya caah in tti.mvc. ,iuTfmi?mtnu iiiouiu De wmifn in a main, leginie majnier. The Proprietor will not be responsible lor rrort that may occur in them. PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully and with despatch. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to the establishment, mait be post paid, or the postage will b? de . nacted from the subscription monev remitted NKW VUKK AND HAKUOtvl KAILttOAD COMPANY SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON AND AFTER THURSDAY. JUNE 10th, 1847, the (Jars will run at follows, until farther notice. Up train* will leave the City Hall for Harltmlk Morrimaiia. Knrham & Tuckahoe Pleasantville, 5 30 A.M. Will'msBr'ge. Hart's and Newcastle 7 " 5 30 A. M. White Pl'ns. Bedford, 8 T " 7 A. M. Whitlickrille ? M 10 " 10 " Croiou Kails. 1(1 " 11 " 4 P. M. 7 A. M. 11 " I P. M. 5 JO " 4 P. M. 2 P. M. 4 5 5 JO " 4 JO " 4 " a .10 ' 6 30 " Returning to New York will Inure? Morris Rn.'fcHarlem. Kordham. Will'ms Br'ee. Tackalioe. 7 OS ATM. ? 43 A. M. ? 44 A.M. 7 30 A. M. 0 10 " 7 44 " 7 SO 8 48 " 9 " 9 09 " 9 OA " I 20 P. M. 10 " 1< 23 P. M. 12 it P. M. S Si 12 35 P. M. 1 45 " 1 40 " White Fl*iuu 2 " 5 OS " 6 " 7 10 A. M. J " 14 " 6 0#" 8 33 " 5 20 " 4J " 7 45 H 1 P. M. " s n " 6 28 " 8 04 " Pleasnntrille. New Caitle. Bedford. Whitlickrille. 8 U A M. < AM, 7 51AM. 7 44 AM 6 13 P M. i P M. 4 91 fM. ? 44 PM Croton Kails. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The train* to and from Croton Kails will not stop on New York Island, except at Broome street, and 32d street. A car will precede each train ten miuutes, to take up passengers in the city. Thr morning trail) of can from Ootou r alls will not (top betweeu White Plains and New York, escept at Tnckahoe William'i Bridge, and For dham. Extra trams ou Sunday* to Harlem and Morrimna, if fm* * Stau-e?for Lake Mahopack and Danbnrv leave Croton Falls on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for Pawliugs on of the 7 o'clock A. M. traui. PARK FROM NEW YORK s To Croton Kails Si 00 To Whillickville To Newcastle 75 To Plausontville To White Plains., , $0 Freight tranu leave City HaUat 13 M. and at 7 K. MReturning, leave Croton F^fr Qt 7 A. M and 9 P. M. ZUr GAY &._CO.'S BOSTON AND EASTERN EXPRES^. via Newpoit aud Fall River.?Tliii Express KSSmt leives the office, No. t Wall street, corner of Broadwav. d uly, at ijuartT before S o'clock, P. M., thereby securing to ine.chants and other* the advantage of a late hour for forw?rding cases, packages, Sic. Bank iioteR. speeie, Jrafu, and valuable, parcels are secured in iron sales una placed in the charge of faithful conductors. OAY & CO. Merchandise, parages, he. forwarded in our own cars, and by leaviug order* at our office. No 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, packages will be called for in auy part of the city, fifl;,.. J No. 1 Wall street, comer Broadway. ( No. 7 St te street. Boston. au5 3<ltrc ipa*. ?;oKEV ISLAND FERRY.?Th? com r modious and elegant steamer ION, Captain HnWhMMmi Weld, will resume her trips on the above ferry, on Thursday, the 12th of August, and coutinne to run daily o?ly, kt I0>4. A. ivi.; pier No. 1 N. R. at 11 A M.. and 2 P.M. Coney lulmid 12X aim 4 P. M.; on Sundays will leave ihe foot uf Du'ii" siici't at 10 A. M.; foot of Spring ?treet. N. R., at. 10)? A. M., IVi P. M.; pier No. 1 N. R. at 11 A. M , and 2 P. M ; Coney Island 12)4 and 5 P M. Landing eacli way at Fort Hamilton, when there i* sufficient water. Fare each way U%- an 15 7t*m ~^s^T" FOR KEY PORT.?The steamer JOHfc-PH r fi V COFFEE, will leave the Ipier, Toot of hJSwWBfl&Wl* Chambers street, daily, for Key Port, at 3 o'clock, F M. N. B.?On Sunday's, the boat will leave the foot of Hammoud strict at 8^; < anal street. 8>?; Chambers sfeer, 8V; Pike steel, E 11., 9,Sf- audi'ier No. 1, E.R., at 9>i o'clock.? _ CONEV ISLAND FURRY-?'The well A. . rrfL^flekii .wn steamer AMERICAN EAGLE. Capin Geo. H. Power, will run regularly during the season to Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton, a* follows:?Leaving Pier No. I, at 10, 1,4; leaving Coney Island at 1 'X, 6Y%- addition to the above trips, will make a mornion trip to Fort Hamilton, leaving the city at 7, Fort Hamilton at 8 o'clock- au4 4Jt*rc . FOR SHITE WSBURV,LONG BRANCH, t W. SCHkNCK'S. HIGHLANDS, Ocean House, and Eatontotrn Landing. The Steamboat EDWIN LEWIS, Capt Haynes, will ran aa follow* from foot of Ve?ey street, North River: Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. Ang. o'clock. Aug. o'clock. _ Monday, 16, at A.M. Monday, 16, at 11 A.M. Tne?d?y, 17, at 7 A. M Tuesday, 17, at 12 M. Wedn'v. 18, at 7 A.M. Wedn'y, 18, at 12 M. Thorsd'y 19, at 8 A. M Thuisday 19, at I P. M? Fridiv, 2o, at 9 A.M. Friday, 20, at 2 P. M Saturday.21. at 11 A.M. Saturday, 21, at 3 P. M Sunday, 22, at 11 A.M. Sunday. 22, at 4 P.M. States will be in readiueaa on the arrival of the boat to con vey passengers to all parts of the couttfry. jy3l 30t*rc FOR SHREWSBURY, OCEAN HOUSE, - * ':"? j^Long Branch. Runsom Dock, Brown'a Dock, ?i WMHIHnaMiddletowu and Red Bank.?The Steamboat ORUS, C. Price, Maater, will run aa follows, from Fulton Market Slip, Ea?t River Leave New York Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock Monday, 16, 7 Monday, 16, 1 IK A.M. The Line Stages will run to Howell Works, Squan Village and Freehold. Stages to convey passengers to all parts of ui{ N. B. All persons are forbid trusting the Above boat on account of the Owners. J. F. ALLAIRE. *u4 30t* rc OPPOSITION PAJWAOJt OKHtTfc?To rwSU^^AAlbany, Utica.ll SO; Syracuse, $2; Oswego, BEBHHkfS; Rochester, 92; Buffalo, $>; Cleveland, $4; Detroit, $4; Milwaukie, 75; Chicago, $6 7); Cincmuati, S6 75; Toronto and Hamilton,$4; Whitehall, $2^Montreal, >4; Pittsburg, $6. Office, 100 Barclay street. A i" security required will be riven for the (alfilmeat of all <tantracui ade with thia company. jvl0 30t?r M. L RAv, Agent, New York?1847. MOHNINU BOAT AT HALK-PAST ''i '"r Albany and intermediate landings.? BHHi Fare 50 cents. Break fait and dinner on board the boat. The well-kuown low pressure steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. T. N. Hulae, will leave the Steamboat Piersfoot of Barclay street, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at hull-past si* o'clock A. M. an4 I tt'rc _m?. MORNING LINK KOR ALBAN Y AND iTROY and Intermediate Landings. Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROF, Captain A. Uorham, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, nud F ridays, at seven o'clock A. M Returning on the oppoyte days. The Steamer NIAUARA, Capt. H. L. Kellogg, will leave the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, TTmrsday and Saturday, at half past in o'clock, A. M., returning on the opposite days. O" Fare 50 Cents. For passage or freight, apply o? board, or to V. B.Hall, at the office M tbe wharf. iytf PEOPLES LIN K STEAMBOATS KOR n _ anf W a i uivv iii_ u i L- ..j I uaiir, ohuuari mHmmHHm* Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from the Tier between Courtlandt and Liberty atreeu. Steamboat ISA.AC NKWTON, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leuve <>o Monday, Wedneaday, and Friday evening*, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HRNDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cratten den, will leave on Tneaday, Thursday au d Saturday evenlug* at 7 o'clock. Special Train* for Schenectady, Ball*ton, and Saratoga 5lug*, will run a* follow*:?Leave .Albany at lit A.M., 3 !.,eicept Sunday*. Pa*??uger* will find tiiia the ino*t ei itioiM and ronvemeut route. Atk'ive O'clock, t*. .vl.?Lauding at Intermediate fleet*? In.m the loot o I Barclay *treet. Steimbor.t NORTH A.MKRICA, Captain Trnadell, will lenvr mi Monday, We<<iiC*d ,?, Kirlay, aud Huilflay afternoon*, at 5 o'elock. _ . Stewnooat ROCHESTKR, Captain R. H. Karry, will leave on Tue?day, Tknnday, and Saturday afternoon*, at 5 o'fllock The above boat* will at alltiuiai arrive in Albany la ample time for the Morning Car* for the Kw or We*t Krelght takea at moderate ratei, md none taken after iH o'clock, P. M. IT7" All iier*on*are forbid truating any of the boat* of thi* line, without* written order from liar captain* or ageuta. Kor nawtige or freight, apply on board the buata, or to P. C. SCHI rLTZ, at the omre on the wharf. f 4 NOTICE. " STATION ISLAND fKRHY.-On and after SI'NDAV, April Uth. the *teamboatt .inmwai ntirii <uki ti atbin im./wiui!.n win run u* follow*, until further notice LEAVK UtTll* ISLAND At #, I. ?, 10,11, A. M , And 1, I, S, 4, 5, ?, 7, P. M. I.KAVr WW TOK K At 7, * 10, II, A. M., and I, 2, ten migutti peat I, ud lit 4, S, 6. 7, o'clock, P. m. New York April 11th. *11 r w 1'he superior tinner \kTv HAVK.N, Captain V?n Pelt, rui be chartered for fc*cur. dBBMMBManon* to any place, by application at No. 8 Buttery Pl-n-f, North river. ____ j?28 Jntrc NEW ~ DAY LINK, OF ^.Jk^frOPrOBlTlON BOATS FOR ALBANY, Landing ^t Van Courtlandt* Newbiirgh, PouKlikiepue, Kiniinioii. * .at*kill and Mudnon.?KareiO centi? Ure ikt i*i <<!id f i.n Board. I'nr new imi "IrK'int Bteanrr KOUKIl WILLIAMS, Capt. A. UrKioot, 'I nt?d?y?, Thnndaiii. nnd Halnrdayi, at half-part ill, A. M.. fri'i, the pier foot of Robinson loeet, touching at Hammond itreetper, from New York, Kor |?uur .r rri*Kht, ipfly on hoard the Brut*, or to Oe->. T. the office, foot of liobiuioo itreet. All peraon* are fertiid iriilina the above bo..t* o? aee?.,ni of the rirnere myta rh NKVV l.!NK Ol- p\( K> Is TOa'NI) FROM iJtjlFWLIVKRPOOL?By the New Line of Liverpool ,?|liBSaP?rker??Packet of the Jlit Ail/put ?The iplendid, new, l i?t isiling packet ihip LI VKhPOOL,I2J0 ton* bnrthen, C*i>t Kldridne, Willi tail from New York on the 2lit Aniiut, and lf>m Liverpool on the 6th October. fcarly apr lication boaId be mad* to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, anil m M Sowth it. E NE I TO TRAVELLERS GOINO SOUTH. ricksburf. Richmond, Petersburg, Va., Hiauntuii, Va , uud (lie Virginia Springs, Weldun, N. C.. and Charleston, 8.C. The public are informed that the new and splendid low pres urr kleamer POWKATTAN (eouuectii t with the Great Mail Liue at Aqquie ('reek,) leaves Commerce itreet wharf. Baltimore, every Tueiday and Friday Evening, at # P. M., for the above points. Through-ticket* to Richmond $ i " Petersburg 6 Wajdoii, N. C 9 " Staunton, Va 11 " Charleston, 8. C 17 much more ceitain than the ( hesepeak e Bty and James liiver Hteambo-t Line,?all the wide ami rough portion of the Bay, between the mouth of the Potomac and Old Point Comfort, being entirely avoided by this hue. Travellers areadvisad that the line hereby advertised is pirt ana parcel of the (ireat Mail Liue through Virginia; and that it is the intention of the eotnp mies composing rhe Groat Mail Liue, that passengers shall be conveyed by them, in connection with the Powhittan, always jjs cheaply an by uuy other line, and with more comfort. eipflLtion and certainty, than by anv other liue, except the line via Washington. r or furthiu particulara, inquire nt the Southern Railroad office, Pratt street, Baltimore; of Stockton k Kail, or at the tne Commerce street wharf; or, on Tuesdays and Kridays, on board the Powhattau. of (J. W. (lUNNtLL.. Capt. N. B.?Travellers by the above liue will bear in mind that they have two hours more iu Baltimore uian passengers bv trie Chesapeake Bay and JauiiM Itiver Boats, and yet reach auy poiut south of Petersburg at the same time with these last, even when there ia no breach of connexiun by the Bay Liue. jyt 3meod*r FOR NEW OKLKAN8.?Louisiana and New jflM^WYork Line of Packets?Positively the first arid only IK regular packet, to sail ou Monday, August 23d. The spleudid fast sailing packet ship WABASH, Capt. Hathaway, is now loadiug, and will positively sail as above, her regulai day. ('or freight or pas sag*, having handsome famished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall sweet, or 10 K. COLLINS, M South at Agents in New Orleans, J. O. Woodrntf at Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their addreas. The packet ship Oswego, Capt. lugersoll. will sncceed the Wxhftsh. and anil her rearolnr Hsv mi IS A-*ae- ONLY KH.tilIl.All LINK OK I'At.,KK'l'ij hOil mHkJVNKW ORLEANS.?The following well known, jHlfafut sailing and favorite packet ships have accomumdations unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, and will | ositively sail as advertised, or passage free, viz The PALESTINE, Capt. Johnson, Monday, August Jtith. The WABASH, Capt.Hathaway, Monday, August 23d. The SILAS HOLMES, Capt. Berry, Monday, Aug. 30th. Persons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well to secure jiassage by either the above packets, as thev are all first clascships, couunauded by meu experienced iu the trade, and will sail puuctimlly on their appointed days. To secure berths, apply ou board, or to >iu 13m W. lit J. T. TAP8COTT, ?ti South ??l UK. UK WITT C. KKLLINOKK'S INKAL XfAx -<LiDbi, Lii.-x nviE.r<i i.? i ma truiy ustonisniug me' ' s f dirine is a clear, benutil'ul and transparent fluid, highly fragrant and perfectly deliKhtful iu its flavor, and la especially designed tube prescribed internally or externally, and i? warranted Id cure alter all other remedies have fa'.led. All rheumatic and scroiulons affections, ring worm, tetter, barber's itch, old aores of every nature, fiosr bites, burns, pains in the back, and affections of the spine, dislocation:,, enlargement of joints, bmiious, corns, callousesofevery description, tooth and nervous headache. One or two done* taUeu according to direction is aa sure to cure the bilious ch'ilic, diarrhoea, He., as it is taken; and affection,! of the tliroat, in short, pains of every nature yield to its influence immediately. Kever and ague broken in two doses always. N. B. S2,ZOO cures have been made in two )ears. Among the many distinguished individuals who havekindly allowed us to refer to them, for public good, are the Hon. Moses H Wrinnell, residence No. 6 College Place, New Vork City; Hon. Richard F. < irrnun, of Carmatitville, New York city, and Mr. Arnold Mason, contractor of the High Bridge over Harlem nver, wai cur-d of cliionic rheumatism of over 30 years' standing?can be seen at all times at the Bridge; Mr. Mamnel Roberts, his partner att^e Bridge, gives it as lus opinion that it saved his life, from a severe injury sustained bv a fall; Mr James Murphy, proprietor of the Harlem. Bull's Head, Bowery and Broadway liues of stages, bos used at his mammoth establishment over one thousand bottles. He says the more they use of it the better they like it. Wholesale and retail distributing agents are wanted. Principal depot, No. 210 Pearl street, New York city; 8. Ini:ersol JtCo., wholesale druggists, and at'he principal drug and other stores *ud tav ties, and sold at Mounts |icr single bottle; $4 per dnzeu; half Srusa $21; oue trro?? $36. The proprietors of tfiia reme y are ready and willing to back their opinion, thnt ihey cm how more astounding vitrei, and a greater number of eertificates than any other remedy ottered to the public. All letters mult he postpaid. jy*30t*otl?rc tTO LET?Several Cottage house* on the Aatoria and Ravens < ood turnpike roud, with a fine view of the l&aat Kiver, and within a mile and a halt of Puck Slip Williamaburgh, suitable for small genteel funvlies Kent moderate. Apply to OEORGK L. WOLF, Law Building*. Nos.75 and 77 Naisao street. N. B. l'lie above is worthy the attention of a gentleman and lady deaurous of starting a good school. al'i Ut*I XtOOMS TO KENT?Families and gentlemen wishing pleasant single or suit, of rooms, without board, or Xii&breakfaat and tea if required, may be accommodated, by applying at 477 Broadway. al2 30t*m COUNTRY SEAT KOR flALfc.?That verv dc PjW airnble residence in the beautiful village of Kinderhook, JUULColumbia County, fitted up, aud recently occupied by the late Peter J. Hoes, Esq., ii now offered for sale. There are also on the premises, carriage-house, stables, wood-house, barn, aud all other convenient out buildings The grounds, about four acres, are well stocked with a large variety of apple, pear, peach, cherry, til urn, and ornamen'al trees, grape vines anil shrubbery, all of which have been selected from celebrated nurseries, both in ?urope and New York. The whole property is now in the most perfect order. In (he Village is an Academy, none in this State in point of character and standing. For terms, &c? apply to DAVID VAN 8CHAACK, Esq., Kinderhook, or aul 30t?m P. 8. HOES, 3J Wall street. iO LfcT.?A neat two story cottage house, w ith ffTjW basements and undercellar, priucipnl story.two parlors JUUL with sliding doors, hard fiuiahed walls, seeoud story; 2 large rooms ami 2 bedroom; reut low Enquire on the premises, No. 1 40th street, ofW. K. Pendleton. Stages pass the door every half hour a6 14t*m MA RARE CHANCE? For sale, the goodwill aud fixtures of a Tavern, Ovater and Boarding Houae, with every couveDieuce appertaining to such an establishment. The home is in a ceutral locatiou, opposite the principal market The house I.a- been occupied in trie atove business for a uumber of years, has always commanded, and at present has an excellent run of business, and is oue ol the best standi in the city. Indisp?<ition iu the family of the present proprietor inline** him to eliauffe his hnsinesa Kor further Harriett jar* inquire at the office of the Bain more fun nu6m ?| FOR 84LK-THE PROPERTY IN UNION VII.TCALAUE, N J ?Consisting of i country store nnd dwel^Jh*.ling HOUSE, bam, 3 cowhouses, 2 waggon houaea, corn crib, 2 burracks. Sic., with.' 86K acres of excellent Land, in a high state of cultivation, well watered and timbered. The crop* are not surpassed by any in the State?nor is the store to be surpassed for a country store. The property will be sold a bargain, as the present owner is too old to atteua to it. Title indisputable. Apply to JA8. B. BARK, every Wednesday, at the Northern Hotel, foot of Couulandt street, from 9 A. M. to 7 P. Mm and Thursday* until I P. M.; other days to the New York Real Estate Company, corner Broadway and Maiden lane. J. B. B. Mil m*rre FOR BALK OR TO LET, on the margin of the Rari yQQI tian Bay, Monmouth ICounty, N. J.?Farias iu a high *A*h state of cultivation, with idl the necessary out-building*. Alio, lot* from half an acre to twenty, with the advantage of fine bathing. Summer reaidence* furnished or uufurniihed. Persou* deiirou* of carrying on buainea* in the city and residing in a healthy location, at a cheap rate, will find an advantage in consulting with the lubacriber. N. B.?The aforeaaid farm* and lot* are not in Texas oi Penniylvania, but within one hour and a half of New York Term* easy. Titles indisputable. Emigrant* or others wishing for gardening lots can be suited. Apply to John Iveaon, Esq., 56 Courtlaudt street, New York; or to W. G. Hayuei, Auctioneer, Key Port, N.J. All letter* mu*t be poat paid. Key Port, N. J., July 20, 1847. jyjl 30t#rc & LOOK AT THIS.?Ladle*' Gaiters, 0lii>i?ers, Bus ^ kins, Ties, House Slips, White and Black Satin Prunella Buskins auH Slippers, and all other kind* ^ of Boot* and Shoe*, of the linest style. Also a large assortment of misses and children's. '? Gentlemen will find in this store a great assortment of fine Boots and Shoes, calf and patent leather; Gaiters of all kinds. Also, Boys' Boots, Gaiters, and Shoes, oi all sort* and *ize*. All of the above of the best quality and cheap, at 367 Broadway, one door above Franklin street. *a 30t?re M. CAHILL. . FRENCH BOOTS. ? I';ina imperial French Calf KBoota for $4 SO, equal to the be*t *old iu Broadway for $6 or $7. Fine French Calf Boot*, city made, for (3 SO? usually $6?can be found at the corner of Fulton and Nai*au streets, opposite the Herald oflice. Erst boots made u> order for $4 SO. Also the French ('ongress boot*, of the best quality; boots, shoes, gaiters, slippers, lie., constantly on hand. All goods warranted to give satisfaction. Corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. i% 28 30t r<* WHOLKHALK HHIKT WARKHOl HK, No 34 I'latt street, 2>1 door from William, wbere mar .# found a large assortment of Shirts, of every quality, made in the late*' styles, and of superior workmanship, fancy and naiu Liuen Muslin and common Shirta, constantly on hand. Southern and Westers merchaut* ore respectfully inn ted to call before purchasing. JOHN WOOLSi.Y, >4 1'latt st. jylO S0t?rre PANTALO<rtN8.?F. AHKKN8. the well known rants Tailor, 20H Ann street, ha* lately received over 100 pes fincy Cassimeres and Linens, pf which he make* pauta to order for only ti id to tl per pair. A*so, Kren< h and English black caasimeres and doeskins from $4 to S3 per jmir warranted good, or no sale . Gents who are id want of Pants, will do well to call at ilOH Ann street. j y4 Ml* r<: U??ypfTON8 or fHK~HKrN7-Air who ai? troabltd MU with Halt Rheum, F.rvsifielaa, Itch. Ringworm Pimpled Face, or other diseases of the skin, may obtain a speedy and effectual cure,at Mrs. Carroll's Medictied Vapor,Sulphur,and Iodine Bath Establishment, 114 Fulton street, opposite Chureh steel. Compound Concentrated Symp of Darsaparilla, prepared by Ihr Shskrrs, Ti rents per hortfe. aui J0l*rr MESH IMPORTATION.?W. SCOTT * LO.,,No in Broadway, have received a fresh lot of the much admired sheer lawn h?ndkfs, narrow taped borders, which are off-red unusually cheapj black and white laced Capes, from tl 40: about S00 pairs line French Cuffs, at Is. and Is fill |>er pair; the remaimug stock ofblack and white lace Visites, at cost price; a very cheap lot of needlework Collars, from 3s. to Ss each.? Ladir< will also find some bargains in Valenciennes Laces and Kdiiima well worth their attention. iv193flt*m i?/| hlNHARUT'8 k HTOTY'8OILDEU BKASS LKT 1VI. TER8 FOR SION8?Office 10 .Maiden Lane, entrance (Jreen street.?These letters are remarkable for durability, and a brilliancy or the gildm&iuiequalled by any other article in the city?which brilliancy la warranted to atand eipoeart to the weethw^TheytreaUoiapanaed to aay color that may ||? AmtttmA riMIK (.HKAl'KST STORK IN f'li'fc CITY, im>; Kul X ton atffet. for kreuch and American Paper Hangings, Window Sh?dca, Curtain Materiala, Ornamenta, itc.?The uhacriber haa conatantly on hand a large aaaortment of the above article!; alio, manufacturer ?f the galvitniaed Spring Mattreaa, which, for comfort and durability cannot be excelled. Tare hair and othrr Mattrraaea; Heather Beda, he., with every 'tide in (he Upholiterv line, at the loweat poaaible pricea. N. B.?Steamboat and ahip cabina and hotel* lined up and furniahed. R- DAVIEb, i\ni10t*rc Upholsterer, l?4)< Fulfnnat. A T,HALlfcmo n otioe to yenllen.en who warn O their old clothea to look like tew, call at the Tailoriiyf, Dyeing. ('leaning and Repairing Katablithment, No. 77 (Mid ttreet, corner ofOold and Spruce, where order* will be punctually attended to at the ihorteat notice, and on the moat rtuonabla terma, by J. B. NOAH, 77 Gold at N. B.?Tha higheat price gire? for gentlemen'a left off WMriac?M*rcr JrU *>? t, w ro fEW YORK, MONDAY IV THIRTY DATS LATBK FROM PtIEBLA AND MEXICO. GENERAL SCOTT STILL AT PUEBLA. THE DETAILS OF THE NEWS. Ac. ?c. <Kc. [From tha New Orleans Ploayune. Aug. 7.] The U. 8. steamer Fashion. Captain Iry, arrived last evening frcra Vera Cruz, bringing u* date* fr?m that city to the 'id inntaat. Her news in moat important. The courier ot the Brltlih location arrived at Vera Cruz on the 31 pt ulftnio, with correspondence from Mrxleo to the 29th of July, and from Puebla to the 30th Our letters from Vera I ruz differ somewhat from Mr Kendall's in regard to the probable movements of Oen. favorable light than Mr. K., and think the resistance to our sdvance will be almost nominal. Mr. Kendall thinks differently, auil give* hi* reasons. We nan only And room lliiH morning for his latent letter*, which will be found belew. lu Mexico every thin); wan at ?ixes and sevens. Congree* haa referred Mr. Buchanan's letter back to the Kxecutive, and thrown upon him all the responsibilities of the war. About '26,000 men are collected for the defence of the oity; but the peace party In the town is yet strong and increasing, and they have no faith in thetr generals. General I'ieroe, with his train and convoy, had arrived safely at I'erote. General Scott, it will be seen, denpatched General Smith's brigade from I'uebla to meet him. It will be Been that Mr. Kendall believe* General Scott would advance the Urst week in August upon Mexico, and that there would be the severest battle of the war. The Mexicaas are fully prepared to receive him. The Sun of .innhuac irives the following account of hq encounter between General Pierce's train and the guerillas. It must be regarded us a rumor, says our correspondent, and 80, too, says the Sun :? V respectable person of the oity had informed us that a letter has been received yesterday morning by a citizen of this place, from a guerilla chief, stating that the guerritlr.ros, about tiUO iu number, attacked the train commanded by lien Tierce, near the National Bridge. The letter says the Americans approached under the tire of the Mexicans until they arrived within a hundred yards of them, when the American infantry opened a deadly tire ou them, forcing them to retreat. While the Mexicans were retreating the American cavalry rushed on them, aword in hand, and killed about one hundred Mexicans. The position of the Mexicans was one of the strongest that can be found in the country. The Americans passed the bridge after this successful engagement. A gentleman who oonversod with Santa Annasinoe the middle of July?we t<re told this ou the best authority in Vera Cruz -found him in tavorof negotiating, but dr?uding to assume the responsibility. Uen. Valencia had arrived at the capital with 4000 men from San Luis FoIokI ? all full of fight. This embarrassed Santa Anna. He frit himself too stroug to give up without a tight. Our letters mention the death of Lieut. Tipton, of the Hitles, and Lieut. Sturgeon, of one of the Pennsylvania regiments The former was the son of ex-Henator Tipton, of iudiana?the latter of Senator Sturgeon, of Pennsylvania ijun Hhlelds'a health is nearly re-established, as his many friends will be delighted to hear. The following in relation to the evacuation of Tobaioo is from the Sun uj.inuhuac of the 27th ult. The U. S. steamer viisalsrippi, t.'om Perry,arrived yesterday at Llzardo. bringing with him the steamers Scorpion, Spitfire and Vixeu. The forces have been withdrawn from the city of Tobasco, In consequence of the severe slokness which prevailed among them, till the sickly season shall have pat-sed. r,very iiimg wm wkhd on unit lue evacuation wan effected without molestat ion Iron) the enemy, who was in considerable t'orco outside. The defences were all destroyed when the place was tlxst oocupied, six weoks since. Com. Van Brunt, with the bomb brig Emma, the steamer Scourge and the gun boat Bonita, were left at Kroutero, a tew miles from the mouth of the river, (it being a healthy location) to take char#* of the cuutom house there, and guard the passages lending to the capital It is due to troth to say that the Sun of *1nahuac an its Spanisi side represents the evacuation of Tabasco in a less favorable light for our arms than the above account. it attributes our withdrawal to the overwhelming forces of the enemy. Our oommandant feared he would be unable to resist an attack, and determined to evacuate the plaoe rather than risk th? issue. We will recur to this matter. The health of the city of Vera Crux is improving, say the papers. We will give the offloiai statement in oui next, but the average daily mortality Is about nine, i'he vomito is decreasing The inn tells of various exploits of Mexican robbers near Vera Crus, but they are hardly worth repeating, stealing hcrses being the greatest teat. The following paragraph from the Sun of the 33d ult. touches Father Jaraula:? This priest and his band of robbers having robbed some of the property belonging to the U. 8. Government from Oeu. Cadwalader's train, delivered it over to the Governor of Orizaba, who sold it and pocketed the proceeds. Itisnatdthat the priest is not at all satisUed with this, and has abandoned his command. We have a copy of the America'i Star of the iWtli July. This paper it will be reoolleoted is published at 1'uebla. It contains little news from the capital. We annex the last general order we see in it:? wn.nx.nAi* u?ntn9 ? no. lit ad Qvahtih* ok the Amur,) ;Puebla, July 28,1847, J Experience has shown that the safety of the persona and property of this army calls for a more regular sysuin of police and activity on the part of the patrols, guards juid sentinels. In addition to the means heretofore prescribed, (see general orders, No. uOb,) the commander of the cavalry brigade will detail daily, for night duty, beginning at 1J o clock and terminating about sunrise, a mounted patrol of a sergeant, corporal and twelve men, for every two hours, to make the entire circuit of the environs of the city. The cavalryipatrols. like those of foot in the Interior, will receive the standing instruction to teian and to turn over to the nearest guard all suspicious and disorderly persons for examination or trial. The field officer of the day will see that the patrol duty, both exterior and interior, be duly perfo med, and distribute that duty between the foot patrols, so that, every part ot the city may be regularly patrolled several times in every night By command of Major General Scott. 11. L. SiDIT A A Adiutant Lien. We have letters from tlio Aineiicau i/llicers, prisoners in Mexico, which we cannot find room for this morning. The latest date is the Kith July. The health of the party is good, but tbey see no prospect of release. , They long for the arrival of the army (ten. Scott has made another effort In their behalf, but wo do not yet know the result. lien. Almonte has been sent to Tulancingo. The nature of the charges against him we have not yet been able to ascertain. Mr. Kendall perseveres in sending couriers to Vera Cruz, though he has had three captured. One has been killed. He taught bravely for his life,and was faithful to the last, liy singular good fortune the letters by this courier we have recovered. They are not of a late date, but It is rather lingular that they should have reached their destination against the wishes of the Mexicans, when onoo in their possession. We have not yet had tluie even to read them. Mr. K. will continue to despatch messengers to the ooast. "Mr. Trist must have been indisposed. A private letter written on the 'iHth ult. hays. " Mr. Trlst's health has improved." We have a copy of El Naeional, of the 'J4th and 31lt ult. This paper is published at Atlisco, the present capital mt the Hiate ot I'uebla. Krom it we learn that lien, tiaray has reported to the government that he bad defeated IV) American riflemen at the river Calobozo. lie sets down our lo*s at one oaptaln ana fifteen soldiers killed, five drowned and fifteen made prisoners. Besides, he says he took forty horses and some mules and arms. Ill* own loss is not mentioned. Fi'im.*, Mexico,July 2ft, 1847. 1 brvo seen an order, issued at iho city oi Mexico, on the 19th inst by lien Lombardini,in whioh,after statiag that is now time for the great Mexican union to show the world that her sous have not degenerated, the oommander-ln-chief goes on to decree as follows: That on the Americana' first appearauce in sight of the oapital a guu shall h<? fired lu ihe plaaa; that instantly ail the hands shall strike up the alarm; that ail the military i hall at ouoe hurry to their appropriate stations; that all the stores, save those where charcoal aud provisions are sold, shall be Immediately closed; that uo carriage . shall be allowed in the streets, aud that there shall be uo assemblage of persons in any part of the city Huoh i* the plan ol giving the (list alarm, and of tne after government of the city. The idea ot showing to the world that her sons have uot degouerat'-d in purely Mexican, but what a pity they should not have thought of this before. It will take a deal or hard inkling and bloodshed to place them where they stood previous to the oalile of I'alo Alto. Last evening, on ths strength of a letter said to have been received from the Hpamsh Minister in Mexico, peace stock went up. It was rumored tliat the contents of his communication made peace inevitable?that the Congress and Santa Anna were disposed to agree to any telllgenue has coint) In from which It would appear that there is do earthly chance for an amicable adjustment of oar difficulties. From all accounts. It would appear that 8anta Anna and Congress are at swords' points, and that the former has all the advantage over the constituent wisdom of thu great und magnanimous Mexican nation. It may be reooTleotsd that norae two months slnoe Congress passed an act declaring any one a traitor who would even entertain the Idea of a peace with th? North Americans. Ho far so good. When Hanta Anna received Mr. Buchanan's last propositions, a few weeks slnoe, he at onoe submitted them to Congress for that body te act upon the matter In the premises; but what did Congress do but send the payers back with an answer that the Initiatory steps belonged exciislvely to the Executive. At this Hanta Auna beoame enraged? said that he did not send the papers before congress to ascertain what his prerogatives w?re?he knew their full extent well?but he had laid the matter before that body In order that the members might rescind their former decree deolariag any one a traitor, ko., if they saw (It. That he thought they would do this, and tha* give him all and every power, U highly probable, but Ccmgreee IRE I IORNING, AUGUST 16. 1 took a stubborn fit,and here tbe whole affair recta for the present. 1 do not even Keejwho is to deign offer an answer to Mr. Buchanan's proposition*, which iwm to ha?e been transferred into a species of foot-ball, to be klckad Stewards and forwards by Santa Anna and the t'onSIM neither party, In tbe present distracted state ol s country, daring to lay hands upon the unfortunate 40rum<-nt Bold and unscrupulous as even the tyrant U In all matters of state policy, he dare not take a responsibility so heavy upon his shoulders as to come out I aMue and advocate a peace The imprenion nowla, that hChas determined to hazard the derenoe of the capital, aw this Impression gains strength when It 1* known thfct he has Congress to lay tbe blame upon In oase he suffer* another defeat. Arother battle, in my bumble opinion, will be of Immense advantage to the United States; for If Gen. Scott moves upon the oapital the Mexicans will certainly be defeated, and If he remains bare, and there is no more lighting, tne enemy will contrive to com* out of the war conuuerors. They will endeavor to make It appear that tne Yankees, fearful of risking a battle at their principal city, sued for peace, and in the eyes of the world they will be able to mikt a tolerably clear oaBe. Santa Anna has recently levied a contribution?a forced loan It may be called?upon the Inhabitants of the capital. In which he oalls for to carry on the war. The churches and well as private Individuals. are assessed, and It is hinted that the tyrant nan icil tun uauirn ui iume OI U1M lew IriendB Oil Of th? tax Ilit. The foreigners, who hare been called upon without stint, have made regular protests it Is said againxt the unjust exaction,but Santa Anna does not sttnd upor trifles in hii money transactions. brum every lndlcatlc n, it would appear that (ienScotl intends an immediate movement upon the city of Mexl <h>- at least within a week or ten days. Hard bread li being baked for the marcb, the <iuartermaster* hav< ht-4n ordered to hold themselves in readiness, and ii incrv department all is bustle and activity. It beini tiUiod impossible to receive clothing irom the Unitei Spites, hundreds of Mexioans are hard at work puttini our men in uuiform. Some even think that the arm; will move before (ren. Tierce comes up; but it is hardl; probaUle that Gen Scott will march before that oflice uetx within one or two days' march. At least 1500 hun dred of the sick will be left behind, but a majority o them would be in u situaiton to take up arms in case tin garrinou was attacked. Speaking of sickness, the tiouthCarolina regiment h?< suffered more than any other in the service. This wa. not Hxueeteil It *nn rhnimlit #h.f (hi., incuts would suffer most hereaway in the tropics, buttfii New Yorkers and South Carolinian* have b?n. as it were, nidi> and aide, and the loruier have had but few cases 011 the Hick list comparatively. The South Carol! uians. out of !>U0 strong when tint mustered, now turn out about 4tH?. Of the other 600, some 140 have died, SJOt have been left Rick in the rear, and the rest are now in hospital here. The health of the regiment in improving however, and many are convalescing. rumLA. Mexico, July Jtt, 1847. Humors from the city of Mexico are at a discount, bul report* from the direction of Vera Cruz are more eager lv Bought alter .Many think that the arrival of (ienera I ierce will be the signal for an immediate movement ol the whole army, and hence the anxiety to learn bit real wherealKiuts A day or two since intelligence w,ii received that he had taken the Orizaba road, and that hu had been beard of even thin Mdo of that city; yesterday, newH came in that he had reached Jalapa with bii command, and IhiH story Js more generally credited. Or the strength of reports that a large guerilla force was it (rout of Uvn. Pieroe, and that noire -J000 men with foui pieces of artillery were on the way down from the neigh borhood of the capital to aid in capturing ibe train Oen. P. K. Smith's brigade wax ordered to move in th< direotl?n of PeroLe. 11 In regular command consists o the 1?^ Artillery 3d Infantry, and Utiles, hut in additioi to tbia.force a squadreu of dragoou* and Dunoan's liat (fry accompanies him Woe to any Mexican toroe tha may fall lu the way of this command I or the last week we have had but little ruin, and 1 is certainly much to bu regretted that (ien Soott ha heen unable to improve it. The weather has b?en o (bat nature - oool and bracing?that the men could hav performed their marches without fatigue?It liat buei one of those dry spells that usually come in the niids -- ? J mm uitu lira nrrce dnd nere id entlro army might have marched to the capital dr; hod Old weather wines, those who have lived her long, say that this pleasant weather will be followed b drenching ruins. 1 trust their predictions may prov untrue, but am fearful that we have not yet seen tb worst of the wet season. I said above that rumors from the city of Mexico wet at adlsoount?we have no other reports than that a po tion of the olty has been overflowed, that much ?lcknei prevails, and that the Mexicans intend giving Oenen Soott the bard battle at the Penon. There are those i the army who think that before a gan is flred Sanl Anna will send out a white flag, and come to terms. W ' shall see (Jen. Worthy with Mr. Triat and a large party of oil ' cers aud gentlemen, started out this morning on a visl to the noted pyramid of Cholula, and returned aboi dinner time, highly delighted with the trip. A party < Mexican guerillas went out at the opposite side of th< 1 town as oen. W entered, scaup-Ting off as fast as thei horses would carry them. They started in the dirt otio of AUioeo, and in their fright probably reported that th whole American army was in motion. The robbers and guerillas made a fine haul last nighl taking over odk hundred mules from a single pen,aimos within the limits of the oity. This will doubtless en boldeu them to more daring attempts. hir.iu, Mexico, July 80,1817. We hare a itory, tolerably well authenticated, tha over a million of dollars ha* receutly arrived at Vei Cruz for the army. A day after the lair, again, for hot is this money to Und its way up in season to relieve tli f;reat necessities of those who have so long been suffei ng ' The straits to whloh our commissaries and qua termasters have been driven, as well as the army agen Mr. Hargous, to raise the means for the absolute suppo: of the men; has beat the kite-HyiDg and skinning days i *37 all to pieces. A dollar is a dollar, and more than dollar, here in Puebla. In relation to tne movements of the army, I can giv you no other than the impression that Oen. Soott wi, march immediately on the arrival of Tien Pierce Th men composing the divisions of Oens. Worth an Twiggs are probably better soldiers than any at preset in the world. In the first place, the material is equal notsuperior to any; they are equally well drilled; hav the best of officers to lead them; and. what Is of til greatest Importance, n great portion of them have beei in the Iront rank of battle in numerous fights. Nor i the division of Wen. Quitman, which will doubtless tak nn active part in any operations yet to take plan*, niuol In hind thti others. The regiments composing it, tli New York, South Carolina, ami lot and Ud Pennsylvania h* ?e been long enough In the Held to become well drilled while Hteptoe's admirable battery in uttaclied to It. Th army that will set down before Mextoo, will be the strong eat and beet appointed we hare yet had in the field, am let the Mexlcann light an they will, the result of an; contest that may take place cannot bo doubted. I have seen a gentleman who left the capital two day aiuce. lie says that the Mexicans were quietly awaltln the approach of (Jen. Scott, having all their works an fortiUcatlons completed. The story that the oity *? partially overflowed is confirmed, hut the report of th extent of the inundation, aud of the sickness it had oc casioned, have been exaggerated. There was a stron belief among many of the foreigners that there was perfect understanding between (ien Scott and Hunt Anna, and that a peace would grow out of it. The Cot gress was still at loggerheads with the ('resident, all bii nines* was completely at a stand, and the only law know was that of the military. Copies of the Diario del Gokitrno up to the ?J7th lnsl have been received here. It Is the only paper now pub Ushed at the capital, and contains little save govern ment orders and decrees, or articles published under th express sanction of Hanta Anna. In one ofthelatte the editor asks the people not to forget their great an glorious victory over " loi Yankert" en the triumphal) Held of Uuena Vista, nor the three pieces of cannon an the standard then and there taken from (Jeneral Tay lor. He himself has probably entirely forgotten th seven or eight hundred cannou captured from bis coun trymen within the last eighteen months, as well as th dags innumerable that have been sent on to Washing ton, 1 inuHt close thin letter with a few speculations of m own. There Is now every Indication that tbe army wi! move upon tbe capital in the aourse of tbe coming si days and it is more than probable that the hardei titfUt yet will be at tbe city of Mexico- this is tbe opinio of the majority. Santa Anna, however mucn he uih be averse to it, can hardly avoid a battle, although I will silll creep out of It If possible No ono not in ait tl secrets can know anything with oertainty, but tbere ai yet strong reasons to believe that tbe huglish legatlo is exerting every lnfluenoe to keep the Americas out of tbe oapital; and to effect this Santa Az ii a b?? been tampered with, and golden sho* ers of American coinage, mind you, have bee made to rise before him i he Knglisb uo not want t nee us In the city of Mexico?they have interests of ttx-i own to subserve, and are foarful the American hold upo this shattered republic will soon be loo strong to I) shaken off except to their great detriment. If au luiw< 'Hate peace is made, why then the Uiuted Stales ca help herself to such portion of Northern Mexico as sb may covet, while KngUud will oouie in at the souther extremity and lay bold of territory to her heart's con tent The obstinacy of Congress, the deep hatred of th Mexicans to tbe Americana, and the slight hold Sant Anna has upon the people, may, and probably will, pi? vi nt hi* owi. schemes, and thosr of the hi.glish from > < ing carried out?tbe coming fortnight will tell the itorj No wonder tbe English are anxioas to see this wu Wrouaht to a close, for it hu already h.. HKirniiH to their heavy mercantile interest* Id the euU try, mid its continuance louit hasten it* utter ruin t morn way* tban one. | Difficult *8 It now In to get letters off to the coact, I xha continue to attempt it, for the events of the comin mootb must, be pregnant with IntereKt. PS?I might mention, as au item of intercut to Ul numerous friends, that (ien. Shield* i? here and in gooi health The health of the army continue* to improvi and a large portion or the soldiers may be said to b> ac climated. [From the New Orleans Times, August 7.] We translate the following from El Arco Irit of Veri Crni, of the 1st instant. "We learn from private letters, that (Jen Santa Anni bal made the greatest efforts to bring the Coegr?x? to gather to hear the propositions lor p*aoe advanced bj the government ol the United States, bnt all his eier lions have proved unavailing, aa the < ongresa ?m soim days since dissolved, ftom the non attendance of a gr?-at number of Its members, it was declared incompetent t< deliberate on the sutyeot Under these clrcumslao'ei Han la Ann* oonvoked a oouncll of Oenerals, wbo da oidad, acoordlng to some authorities, to mareh against IEHA 847. the enemy at Puebla ; but according to other*, to remain in Mexico and act on the defensive, in any event throwing aaiue the propoaitiona for peaoe, until the Mexican irmi ahall hare achieved a brilliant riotory over the Americana. We are assured that there are more than twenty-five thousand men in Mexico, to which are to bf> added four thousand which General Valencia ii bringing from Man Luis Potoai, with fourteen pieces of artillery. It ia aaid alao, that there are fifteen thousand men stationed in the environa of Mexico, and in th? direction of Puebla. toaato cover all the important point* a* far aa the Rio Frio, where the flrat encounter would take place with the troopa of Oen. Scott, in caae of their attempt to march upon the oapital. Vera Cauz, Auguat 1, 1847. Gentlemen?The Engliih courier arrived in town yesterday. having left the city of Mexico on the 2?lh. and passed through Puebla on the 30th ult. I have kei n letters which he brought from the former city rn late as the U8th, and am happy to nay that their tenor ia encour I aging, although th?v record no striking ?v?ut? , and | even state fact* which militate somewhat with opinion* i that I had previously formed All that 1 have Men, agree in pronouncing Santa Anna in favor of peace, and in throwing the responsibility of continuing, or of endeavoring to continue the war, upon the Congress. Not fur the reason that the latter is opposed to peaoe, but that it is obvious that Hauta Anna designs fastening himself upon the country an Dictator, and of making the peace which he is desirous to conclude, the last step to that position. It is generally believed that he will succeed in ' spite of all opposition, and that the "Sovereign Congress" _ will give way before the powerful voioe of the people? " that is to say, of the twenty-five thousand military under the orders of Santa Vnna. and who are, in fact, the 4 only electors of the nation whose sufTruges are worth the ' trouble of counting. 1 A new tax has been levied upon all the merchants of { Mexico similar to that which you will have seen bus 1 been established in this State, the exactions rating iu ' proportion to wealtn, from lour hundred to twelve liunY dred dollars per mercantile establishment, and embrai cing as well foreign merchants as domestic. This niear sure has produced strong protests from the foreign mer' i-haute, many of wl om, including every Kreuch house iu f the city, have peremptorily refused to pay the tax. and B no measures have been taken to compel ilium to do so. The Mexican troops are as inactive iu the capital and * I he neighborhood, as the army of lien. Scott in at 1'ue ' bla. a fact which, independently, would seem to indicate an understanding between their respective leaders, but * under the circuaistauces. almost amount to a proof of ' the matter. ' The Congress, after many delays, had succeeded in gathering a <juorum, and attempted to organize, but ' alter an informal session of a few hours, broke up witb' out transacting any business, and at the time V'ersza ' left, had not again convened. I have no particulars of > this extraordinary proceeding, but hope to gu: ber some from German letters, of which a perusal is promised me as soon as the Great Western gets oil The merchants ; are now very busy prepariug their correspondence for Irunumiullnii ItV h?r UK ?ll? Wllllu I Santa Anna 1ian brought hit Hlroni; arm down upan r the press, and line prohibited tin- further issue of any I paper lu the city. e*cept thv Uiario Ojfi iat. Thu lm t presslou ol tliio paper of I he .'.'th name out In favor of pi ace and that I fancy uuy uow be regarded as a government measure; certainly the Washington Union ) would as soon publish an artiule against the present ad i ministration, as Et Diariu Ofticiu. would admit a sentii lUttiit In Its columns at variance with th? wishi-s of (ien r Santa Anna. Indeed, of all the grounds upon wulch a hope of peace Is based, this seems to me to b? the strong , est With a uewspapor aud au army on his side, Santa ? Anna must he more than a match for the nation, even r if the Congress aud its constituents should rise up i against him Tori? 1, H Jon. CJorostlzoa. ( analiz > and h anas. will al?o g>< with him, with the same mulire t \fhieh will draw mauy others to his side, that of" bong in'' at au early distribution of tne spoils t Slutte 1 commenced this page I have been favored s with some details of the proceedings uf the Governf inent and Congress, reoeive'i by a merchant of this citj. e from his partner in the capilal, which plaoe matters iu u even a mure interesting light than ever. The authot rity is unquestionable Upon the meeting of Congress, to which alluded y the subject of ihe Minister Ibarra's letter, and ouclose<l e documents, embracing Seoretary Buchanan's coininuni y cation, relative 10 Mr Trial's mission, was taken upani e passed upon before adjournment, the whole matter beini .a referred hack to the government, with the rusolutioi thit the government was already empowered to eute 'e into negotiation with the Uuited states Commissioners r- the result of which negotiation, however, must be sub an i,.ai i? iku iinnpiiol of Ih. --j yi.v? ??V -rr.-. ? ?v VVU^ttlKP, tt 11(1 AO *1 that purpose laid before it an soon a* the proceeding Q should be closed. This rather ambiguous reply whh no a satisfactory to Santa Anns, aud be o-lled upon Coogro* 'e for more implicit instructions, or authority; but bel'ori his letter reached the hall, an adjournment had taker 1- place, and no efforts of the government were sucueiuifu it in again getting a quorum of the members in their Meats it matters were thus again brought to a stand, but Huntu >t Anna, who seems to be ill earnest, referred the question * to a grand council, composed of the chief officers of the t government and the army The decision of these funcn tionarirs was childish and ridiculous. They pronounced ? It Mif."/" tit nit in niter into negutiutiont Jor jirair until another oju'vrt unity \houtil hr afforded to Mixiro to Tt t, triere hrr Juiiune% in the Jit Id. t Hauta Anna, however, while apparently acquiescing iu l- tills decision, changes the current of the "opinions ( I the press" from the war channel Into that of peace. ll is evident that his position Is now a most critical one a but If he passes safely over the crisis now produced, 1 'a think his chances for the Dictatorship fifty to one tit w Is superior to all his generals In cunning, and equal tc e the worst in venality ; qualities which will probably dl r- rect his measures, tu this Instance, as they have done It r- tormer ones, to a successful issue. t, General Soott's proclamation has unquestionably hat rt a good effect on the publlo mind of Mexico, as it deals li jf facts of whloh the evidence Is at hand In the three mot a important States of the confederacy, vit: Vera Cruz I'uebla and Oajaoa. Of this effect, and of its probabl e further results, Santa Anna cannot be ignorant, am II there are symptoms which he. doubtless, understands u e threatening a complete dismemberment of the fudera d tlon, unless the war should li- speedily brought to i ,t close The spirit of disorganiiation which him ehowi if itself In the Northern ?tat?s. is spreading rapldl; e amongst the middle and southern portions of the coun n try, and if the war be much lunger protracted, breachei a will take place which will never again be closed. h But I am confident that peace is at hand I hav< e never before seen the horizon so bright, and all th< ii promises so fair. e Vkba Cars, August J, IH47. k,*:?Since 1 wrote yesterday, nothing ol I, any interest has transpired, and I now write chiefly ti e say that the intelligence then sent has been confirmed by all the letters from authentic sources which 1 have 1 since seen. There are some trilling differences in dej tails, but I believe the authorities to which I owe my Information, are better than most of the others. United Staies Klao Hiiii- Misiissirn,) t Anton Lixabdo, July -J8, 1847. > t Notice is given that the war tax of ten per cent, ad ? valorem, hitherto imposed on exports from the ports in . the Gulf of Mexico occupied by the naval forces of tht United States, is hereby ordered to be discontinued. ? All officers under my command having charge of th< a collection of duties under the war tariff of April 7th . Mi?, will act accordingly. M. V. I'KKIIY, ( om'K Home Squadron, n VOICE KIIOM SAN LPIS POTOSI. I From K.I Kstandarte de (Jhlnacates. of Sun Luis Potosi >. Vira the State of San Luis I'otosl ' Ku an her worth\ - authorities, her deserving citizen* ! Let her honest fame > let the glorious renown that she has acquired in the i>r< e sent epoch be imperishable ' May San Luis Potosi re r main the land of honor and of patriotism, and may he d laurels never be withered by an act of Infamy unworthy t her brave people, a people chivalrous and truly Mexican" d ,^On Monday last the honorable Congress of the Stati approved the law which we sutyoin to this article, am H at ?bo anmsa ?ima nnlr aW - ... v..v v.imv *wi? iuw uuuBiunnviuu bU0 |ir??nf9ULH i- Hon to the honorable municipality of thin capital the re ? port which wh alno insert below Both thece document [- glow with national enthuslaiim. with mal tor the cause f the country, with eentiment* the most junt anil uohle I y defence ol the righto and the honor of Mexico. In hot '1 are expressed a disavowal. detestation and reprobatto x ol a treaty with the foreign foe which would degrade an ?t debaae the Ilepublic into the slime of infamy !I'eac n with the odlou* Americana! Peace with our itHsanidr y and haugnieu' I'eace with the Hlave dealers and th >* authors of infernal crimes : I'e ce with thote who hat ie bron# ht dentli and desolation among u? - with th<>??" wh e have nam illeed to their brutal ReiiMUality the honoro n our women ! i'naoa with th-se oaunibal*. these ' arlbc i* tiiin horde of Ravage beast* '. I'eace with th'>*e who b tvi i* outraged humanity, who hare in *o mu v w iy? tramplei | on religion, who have in every form violated the righti n of nation* ! Peace with those who have conquered us auu o who aeek to dmhouor us ! ! ' No ! a thouaaud tim< * no The blood of our martyr* n in yet wet upon the battle Iield ; the flame* which have ? dent oyed our Oitie* are not yet extinguished . our liaif" i" tiers aud our cannon are exhibited in th< American caB pllal ; our people have not yet come forth to the stril'' ; c our luttrnal discord* yet exist. I.amentatlon* *ud the u voice uf wo. arising from so many viotnn*. ?o many or! phaos, no many uuitilatei, are now heard peneirating the profouudust depth* of I he Mexican heart. Willi a e voice of thundei. with a voioe which is heard from I tin Alto and < erro Oordo, every thing cries aciursed ol <Jod I" he the peace which insult* iw IVar without a true*' war >- without oeaning. until ?ur territory in restored,our Indei. petidence asiureJ. our injuries indemnified. our arm* ,f? .Uli.piniu < Iiir fnrtrMMlMfl niir fl&ora lan.l (- our cannon delivered up. tli" honor of tlid countiy vini illcated all foreigner* chastised. and the pride of tha n cowardly American* humbled, who hat? treaohei ou?ly couquarad u* only because wo ham bean fighting odd 11 another in our domestlo quarrels! War. und nothing g but war. until we have Id our power all tha artillery ot the American*, untU General Hcott, a p.isontr, ghall, h upoti hi* knees, kiss the hand of lianeraf Santa Anna, i and until /aohary Taylor la fastened by a ehain Id the I, stable of fieneral Valencia ' ! f'eopla of I'otosl' < >od grant that the day of glory and of Tengeanoe may not be lar off' 1'erhapa the solemn hour of our holy re*titution l? already at haaJ ' What are ten or twenty thousand coward* ' Man I.ul* alone oan fubdue and humiliate them Han Lul* alone can arhlt ve the great enterprise of aavihg the nation If them are Indeed traitor* who with to sell u* to the *tran' ger, let Mai I u'* rise up gTeat and powerful, let her declare herself united and strong Infamous he they who , desire p?a<-e ; let not th? Mexican character or the national authority I mi recognised in th? m And opponnl j to tha boats of the enemy, let every man tight to the last , extremity, so that, If h? fall*, he may die having discharged hi* duty to hi* country; and tha namaa of thli , paopla, thla taerolo paopla, shall be extolled by poctcritj ...... J*-' * Li D. PrlM Two Cwt like the venerated mraw of tho??> wall deserving leader*, who. in the time of our glorious lunurrcctiun, diedtocive u? liberty. ' * MEXICAN 1IOBFITAL1TY ? SINGULAR STATEMENT. [Krom the Ver.tCruz Hunnf Aubuu, jU|y 30 ) We ha?e been favored with tha following latt r from 1 Lieut Whipple by one of our friends, and we hutao to give it publication. We bare been aasured that the Lieutenant would be exchanged for a Mexican Major, now prisoner in Vera Cruz L>fah 81a: I have been a prisoner at this place two day*, and hare the honor to rvpert myself >h a lire man 1 am credibly informed that my friend. private Barnes, escaped with life, The particular* of the capture, were a* follow* :? ? Induced by the lively description of Mr. Barnea, 1 vlalted a Catholic burying-ground outside the olty w?U? of Vera Crui. It proved farther than I anticipated, but a* many people were on every side of me I never thought of danger, though Barries was wholly unarmed, not baring eveu a stick, and myself was without pistols. eltb?r In uiy bolsters or ubout my person, and armed wit my word onlv, which under any tolerable ad vantair->t ' 1 be all a noldivr might vk. >Ve dismounted and h km i our hornei u?ar the gate. and entered'the Tard, w tc h .h xurroundxd by a Tory hitch brick wall. Hare I lewurely ohiurved the uoveltlo* of the flrat Catholio burial piae* 1 had ever iron; ao<l as wo came through a small gate i we were mrprlied by three men on horaebaok within 'iO i fort, riding toward ua with carbinee presented, and de: manding me to surrender. At flrst I nould njt believe i thrne men to be In earnest, a subject on which I aoon i raw th?y entertained no doubt, for seeing me plant my | back against tbe wall and draw my sword, thuy disluouated. made a flourish with their carbines. repeating i their demand of surrender I advnuced toward them on* I or two pacei to get striking distance, when they all drew their swords and made toward* inc. -one of them, a Mexican captain, an 1 tine* lrarn, named Jose Maria I'rieto, made a strong blow directly at my head; just an they drew and advauoed. my friend Barnea, not having a Mingle weapon, turned directly back through the gate and I Raw no more of him I fortunately broke the force of the blow by a parry, not. however, in season to prevent the captain's blade making such linking iin pression on my skull an nearly to itun me. but not mfll i clent. owiug, as I think, to the dullness of his blade, and my cloth cap, to indict any gatth Of courae, 1 reolp rooated bin attentions by a strong cut at his neck, when ho and the other two soldiera, who had been kept back by the awing of my blade, sprung back about five paoes from me, throw their swords upon the ground, and drew up their carbine*, which they had retained in their left handf, aimed deliberately at my head, all cocked, and again demanded a rurrender. 1 then stood my back to the wall, and the three men on the other throe aide* all beyond my reach, and no far from eaoh other as to give me no chance to strike at them ?r thuir weaponi. I then asked them what they wanted, in order to gain time, affecting not to know whether they wasted niv mrtiiflv op Thuv innn n/ m* latent; and although, from tbe beginning, It was obvious they wished to avoid discharging their pleoes no near tbo city, still 1 Raw uomlstakeable ilgna that tbo time of parley vat closed. Unable to reach my horse or attaok them, I surrendered to the captain, and tbe three bringing my arms behind me, and taking tbe end of the rrpe with which they bad tied my bands, one ol them mounted my horse. and, putting me on a mustang, rode off at full speed. Further particulars of my journey I shall write hereafter ? I arrived within ten miles of this plaoe late at nig <t, slept a short time lu as good lodging as anybody, on the promises a few scattering raacliens, rose, and got her* about seven in tbe morning Krom tbe time of my capture 1 was huuorably treated by the captain u a prisoner of war. After crushing a deep river, he loosed my arms eud we weut nu Strange to say, with that perversity of character which never tails me, I rode on through the deep forests, the sequestered paths, abounding in new and beautiful llnwers and vlnep and all that my heart had ever conceived or iovelines- lu nature, ho lost in ad miration of the unsurpassable glories t?f ibu way as to feel almost forgetful that I was b?unu. and mh'.lly careless about the result of my uovel situation Home faint description of Ibis trul> lovely route you -hall have hereafter. Now a few words ot my treatment In me, k all that has been laid of Mexlcau CiueU), has been I wholly falsilled. I was plan ii lj: <1.. iiuuae of the slguo fli Augufttkna Fernando She ban trebled me with more I than hospitality I have received of her hanii-> th> kind ners and tenderness of a mother To n :il I ouuuot i dovote time to particulars, but I earnestly dwire sll may r know her kindness to au American prison-r But thin it Is only a beginning You will be astonished to bear that all the inhabitants ot this vlllugi have extended r towards me more than the elegant olv 111lies of refined h life. '1 bey have received me cordially at their houar*? t tbey have given ine assistance with a delicacy and pros prlety which no Amerii an community can excel For a instauce, the Mignora oaused me to be furnished with i clean linen shirt, and had all my dirty clothes (thank* 1 to life in camp) washed I Tbe Catholic Padre .Manuel de Silvia, furnished ran , every oomfort, and crowned all bis attention to me by , communicating in Latin that my friend Barnes had , been heard frum. and was alive. He walked with ma am in arm about the village, visiting the Alcaide, a most benevolent and kind hem ted man, and the principal places in tbe place, and hia ohureh among others, and gat I- iuv money null cioiuei 10 arena U a citlien.and UT? iue the mortification of going to Cordova In American uniform? all at.hii own suggestion lie bu done ma the ( kindness to propose to carry or i'taw this latter to be sent to Vera Crux, and In everything been truly to me m friend and a christian?Ood grant liIn example may b? [ Imitated by all clergymen. By means of the Latin, I could learn and communicate molt that 1 could be made to undemtand, for no one undent ood kLngllah. Casto Ferando a citizen here, beitowed on me every attention and gave me money with a delicaoy *o exquisite an to make It impossible to decline with graoe, though of courie 1 did so. Others made lue similar presents, aud one young gentlemau Jose Maria VillegaK, of talent and excellent heart. seemed to exhnust hla Ingeuuity In mailing me happy. As to oomfort, 1 auur? It never in my life was more consulted by my moat Intimate friends. From some reason, all who approach me, particularly of the while or Mpanlsli blood, bestow upon uie mure favors than I can name, and In a manner which I cannot refuse. For Instance?the young man above named, since 1 commenced writing thU, came, as I sat at table, and handed me a dollar Of course, I declined. He gently put his arm around my head, clasped It to his bosom in * manner so tender and a countenance so full of entreaty, that to say a <rord more would have been sheer brutality. Another man very coolly came in since 1 commenced wrltli>g,*n3 laid three dollars down on the table, with sort of business air. and wiien I began to decline seemed so inclined to bo olfended that I said no more. This gentleman in called hstevo Tons y Camp There are two beautiful and interesting young ladies who have honored me wltb every attention that ray situation required. lu short, 1 cannot describe to you tbe generous treatment I have received at the hands of thia people -never shall I forget them?I would go from Vera Crua lo visit the lady Hignora Keruando for her kindness to ma?Ood bless her and her household, is my fervent <0**ulatk>n but it is late, and I must close. Let tills acoount of the kindness I have reoeived, be published In jualice to the i Mexicans tnemselves. and that If our arms are ever i turned upon this, those I have named, and all Uke In habitants, may lie remembered in mercy. My be?lth la i tlrst rate. T>>-niorrow evening at l o'clock, I start for Cordova. The henora seuds one of her servants to sea , me well there, and Marianna Kuster. a fine young Cat | lAin, hex kindly volunteered to accompany me- b?? yon see I am kindly treated in more ways than 1 can , | describe, * l mn inrormed I Khali be kindly treated at < ordova an ' prisoner of war. and exchanged in due time. My perHonal renardp to every officer iu luy regiment. and ripe daily to uiy < olonel and Major. Seymour and LaUy, and Dr. Steven I am your moat oh t serv't. Tf WHIPPLt, 1st Lt. Adj t. 9th lot ! AK.MV. * The Auburn f)?i/y .lilvrrtitrr Mate* that the claw) 1 which haH JUKI graduated at Went 1'olnt, ha* been com missioned and ordered to the seat of war Augustus 11 Seward, eldent son of Governor Seward. who wxa anmh her of that cla*H. him rnrelred a commission a* 'id Lieut. T lu the Hth (< ien Worth >) regiment of infantry, andleft ii Auburn on Wednesday to Join bin regiment which be h will, probably, find in the " Hall* of the Monteruma* n . ? The Mormons.?An extra from ilw office tf id the California blar, published ut .erbn Bueim, e contain* an addre** " to the Saint* In Lngland an l e America," which la signed by " H Branuan. I'rvildent " ii It propone* te give a brief view of the condition of tha f \lormon? Ince their advent lu California Mr Brani, nan nay* they were nix month* in making their passage * from .New Vork If Verba Ruena and that the colony I enjoyed good hca.tli In relation to the country an I i climate, he say* they have not been disappointed In their 1 expeotai ion*, but. like all other new countries, they tnuud Ibo acoouut ol lt very much exaggerated," ko much *o. that ho reoommend* to all person* to provide ' themselves with thlok clothing. I no tea. 1 of thin. They l^rere then the Bret of January, busily engaged In put^Png in crops lor the emigrating Voriuor* to *ub?ist upon when they arrived About twenty mate* of their ii umber have, be say*, gone astray aft. r strange go<l*, ' aad refuse to a**ist lu providing for their br? tbren. I'he Mormon* had commenced a *ettleuient ou he rlv. r San J?4<iulu, a large and beautllul *tie?m emptying into the Bay of San Hranci*co Twenty of lh< ir number w?re up at New Hope, ploughing and potting in wheat and other crop*, itnU uia?<ug j>t. paraiioni to move their fainllle* up lu the spnng 1 li- Spaniard* or natives, weie kind to them, atlh ugh they were much territled by the reports i.t.-oulab d al.Out them, by the emigrant* from Missouri Gov. do^g* *ai In the country and duiing an Interview which Mr. Urannan had with Inm, a lew days previous, he nays ho expressed much <lin*ati*faotlon with the Country, and poke strongly of returning bark In the spring. On tha arrival of the Mormons at Verb* Uuena. ibo of thn pxsseuger* endeavored to make misohief and trouble, vul ? > > " >>>" wan irunravea t our prrWM WRTO excommunicated froin the ohureh during the |>a**age, lor their wicked *nd licentioui oonduct?F.lder L W. Pell, Orrlu Smith, A. T. Mosee and Mri Lucy K*gar ? The conduct of the two eldara, la Mid to bar* been ?f thn moat diegracefui character. Alirrwa'd<. oo their nrrivnl, > llaha Hyata. Jamee Scott nod I?*no Aduiaoo ftrti excommunicated-the Utter having muru?-d to the Lotted SUatva-and other* de*er?ed the name lataj but their attention waa then mora p>utl> uurly c .ilea to temporal, I linn to aplrltual affair* I'rofud >ui ??rt bi|?h, owiug to the arrifal ot no many emigrauia, and the proTieloning of the arm; and nary He repeat* hi* recimmendatton that emigrant* should come wall ?u|.pli*d, which can b? done ouly by couiiug by water." No ln? tWIigance had been reoalred from the brethren at tha I Society lalanda t.migranU from New York and H ?ton r | wara eipaotad aoon to arrlra

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