Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1847 Page 1
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[ TH 1 > % el. XIII. No. *445?Whole No. 4844. T11E NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North 'Weil comer of Fulton and Rmmm ?* JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. CIUCULATION?KORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cent?p?reopjr?f. J.'T.?>'?yahl? in advance. YVE'.KlA HERALD?ttrary Saturday?Price 6X cent> Pe.r,<;'lP>'--S1 litU ctnn per anuurn?payable hi advance HtllALD Foil KIJEOPt?Every Sicain Packet day? Price 634' ceuca per copy?%j per tuinum. including postage payable in advance. Subscriptions and advertisements will t>* received by Menrn Galignani, 18 rae Vivieioie, Paria ; P. L 8imon<K l? Cornhill, an<l John Miller, the boolweller, Loudon A.N NT A L PICTORIAL HERALD?Published on the J?t nl January of each ve*r?sBigie copiet sixpeuce each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual price*?always cash in advance. A<Uertiiemept? should be written in a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be rt^poniible for errors that uiy occur in fhem. PRINTING of all kinds etecuted beautifully and wit), despatch. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to the ss' HIislinient, must be post paid, or the postage will be de iturirH from t.lie nbacriptino mnnev remitted NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILRO AD CUMPAN V 8UMMEK ARRANGEMENT. ON the Curs will rmi a.' follows, uutil further notice. Up train* WiB leave the City Hull for mrlomSc Mornsiana. Korham l( Tuckahoe Pleuantville, 5 30 A.M. Will'ms llr'ge. Hart's aud Newcastle 7 " j JO A. M. Wlute PI'ns. Bedford. 8 7 " 7 A. M. Whitlickville ? " 10 " 10 " Croton kalis. I 10 " 11 " 4 P. M. 7 A. M. II " ! f. M. ID" 4 P. M. 2 P. M. 4 J i 30 " 4 N " 5 " 5 30 " I 6 30 " Returning ro New York will le.tTe? MorrisianiStHarlrm. Kordham. Will'ms Br'ge. Tnck.ihoe. 7 06 A. M. 6 53 A.M. 6 45 A.M. 7 30 A. M. 8 10 7 55 " 7 50 " 8 48 " !? " 9 09 " 9W " 1 20 P. M. J?- " n xi r. m. la ?s r. .n. ?ss It! J5 P. M. 145 " 140 " While Pl*n?. a 6 03 " 6 " 7 10 A. M. J " 15 " 6 01 " 8 33 " 5 20 " 51 " 7 4} M 1 P. M. li " 5 33 " 6 2? 8 05 " Pleatantville. New Cattle. Bedford. Whitlickville. 8 13 AM. C AM. 7 51AM. 7 15AM i 13 P M. 5 P M. 4 51 P M. 4 45 P M Croton Fall*. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. Tie traiui to and from Crotou Falls will not stop oo New York Island, except at Broome street, and 32d street. A car will precede each train ten tniuutef, to take np passengers in the city. . , t The morning train of cars from Croton Fall* will not stop between White Plains and New York, eicept at Tuckahoe William's Bridee, and For dham. Kit pi trains on Sundays to Harlem and Morrisiana, if fin* weather. Htaees for Lake Mahopackand Danbury leave Croton Falls on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for Panlines oa arrival of the 7 o'clock A.. M. train. FAKE FROM NEW YORK : To Crouin Falls ,.. $1 04 To Whitlickville ?7X To Newcastle 75 T<> l'lrasantville 62X To White Plains , . SO Freight trains leave City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Hfturimm. leave Croton Fafll m7 A. M. and 9 P. M. rw ji\Y tt CO.'S VOSTON AND EASTfcKrN KX ijjjfa| PRESS. v m Newport and Kail lliver.?This fexpres* HW9C leave* the office. No. 1 Wall afreet, corner of Broodway, duly, at quarter before 5 o'clock, P. M., thereby lecuriuf to inerch*iit< and others the advantage of a late hour for forwarding cue*, package*, Sic. Bunk notes, specie, drafts, and valuable parcel* are (Beared in iron safe* and placed in the charge of faithful conductor*. GAY & CO. Merchandise, package*, tcc. forwarded in our own car*, and by It <ving order* at our office, No. 1 Wall *treet, comer of Broad tva?, package* will be called for in auy part of the city, nni... S No. 1 Wallatreet, corner Broadway. ) No.7St?te street, B'xton. aui 3fltrc jj^. CONEY ISLAND FEkWY?The corn" :*. j . . modiou* and elegant ateamer ION, Captain li'lfii. i?TiMhM>i Wi ld, will resume her trip* outlie abort ferry, on Thursday, the 12th o< August, and continue to ruu daily oil the above ferry, leaving the loot of Uuane street, first trip o'.ly, at 1U><. A. M.; pier No. I N. li. at 11 A M.. and 2 P. AL Coney lsl; 12% and i P. M.; on Sundays will leave the foot of Dit >u? street at 10 A. M.; foot of Spring itreet, W. R., at !#>{ A. M., P. M.; pier No. 1 N. R. at 11 A. M , and 2 P. !\s ; Coney Island 12H and j V. M. Landing each way at Fort llnniltou, when there u suiUcieut water. Fare each way 12%. auli 7t*m FOR KfcV PORT.?The steamer JOSEPH C E. COFFEE, will leave the [pier, foot of riflutlSMUm Chamber* street, itaily, for Key Port, at 3 o'clock, P.M. N. B?On Su >diy'?, the boat will leave the foot of Hammond street at H!*; Canal street. Chambers *t>eet, 8X; I'ike at ret, K R..9V and Pier No. 1, E.K, at 9% o'clock.? nuli ,<>ii* in _______ a* CONEY ISLAND KERUY.?The well -.tywTjJa known stcMin-r AMEBIC AN EAOLE, Cap. f~ " "*" ' ' Geo. 11. Power, will run regularly ouriug the sraso.i to Coney Island, landing jtf Kort Hamilton, as Inflows:?Leaving Pier No. 1, It 10, I, f?J?j\viiig Coney Island at 1 '4, 2l.i GW. iu .iildition to tlie above tripe, will make a moruin< [rip to Fort Hamilton, leaving the city at 7, Fort Hamilton it r o'clock. sal <K?w FOR SlOlK WSSUL'Rlf,LONG tlRANCH, W * W. SCHENCK'8, HIUHLAN US, Ocean House, and Eatontown Landiug. The Steamboat f.l) VV l.N LEWIS, Capt Haynes, will run a* follow* from foot of Vesey street, North River: Lriive A'rir York. Ltave Shrewsbury. Aug. o'clock. Aug. o'clock. Tuesday, IT, at 7 A. M Tuesday, 17, at 12 M. VVedn'v, 18, at 7 A. M. Wedn'y, 18, at 12 M. Thurid'y 19, at 8 A-Si Tliuisday 19, at .1 I\ M? Krid'v, 2ii, at il A.M. Friday. 20, at 2 P. M Siturd.iy.2l. at II A.M. Satuiday, 21, at 3 P. M Sunday. 22, at 11 A.M. Sunday. 22, at 4 P.M. S rues will be iu readiness on the arrivdl of the boar to con vey pissenger* to all parts of the cotirilry. jjlil 30t*rc l-nii vii u l'u/wiii r? v Tit V' rij firVfr?il~ <f%r->?-A'Lon8 Branch, Kuuaom Dock, Brown's Dock, Xsif**'./* Muldlrtowu and lied Bank.?The Steamboat OUUA. 0. Price, Muster, will ruu u follows, from Kulton Maiket Slip, Knst Kirei :? Leave Mew York Leare Shrewabnry. O'clock. O'clock. Toe?dsy, IT, S A. M. Tuesday, 17, 12 M. \V\ d<i*tiUy, 18, II A.M. Wednesday, IB, I P.M. Thursday. >' ? A. M. Thursday, la, l>? P. M. Krid.y, 20, 1(1 A.M. Kridar, 20, 2 P.M. Saturday, 21, 1I)?A. M. Saturday, 21, P.M. Sunday, 22, II A.M. Sunday, 22, 4 P M. Vlouday, 23. 12 M. IV.oaday, 2<, * P.M. Tuesday, 21, 1 P.M. T ur??lay. 21. i P.M. Wednesday, til, 0)4 A. M. Wednesday, 2), 2 P. M. Thurtdar, 2ti, 7 A.M. Thursday. 2?l. 1 P.M. Friday, 27, B A.M. h'r day, 27. I P.M. Saturday, 2B, a'i A.M. Saturday, 28, P.M. Sunday, sa, H A.M. Sunday, M, 5* P.M. M onlay, '10, 7 A.M. Monday, 30, II A.M. Tuesday, 31, 7 A.M. Tuesday, 31, 12 M. 'I ll- Line StaKei will ruu to Howell Works, 8<|uau Village and Krrchold. Sta.ei to couvey passengers to all parti of the country. , ... , N. U. All pcraoui are forbid trusting the above boat on acconn'of the Owners. J- P- ALLAIRE, mil 301 *re ,r opFoemuS fAwAUh o??iy r wad.h Albany. L' 40; Syracuse, ?2; Oswego, MUaMBWiti; Rochester, $2; Buffalo, $2; Cleveland, $1; D'tr.nt, (I; Milwaukie, |(? 74; Chicago, $b 75; (Jincwntti, to 75; Toronto and Hamilton, <; Whitehall, $2;MontreuI, SI; Pittsburg, <0. Office, 100 Barclay atreet. a . -I . ,...11 h. oil'.., ill. fit 1AI< nf all tontracia ade with thi*company. jvlfi'IOt*r M. 1/ i?Ay. Apnl, Nrw York?IIH7 ., ^ MORNING BOAT AT tlALK-PABT '"r Albany and intermediate landing*.? htWHtdtffiflMi Karr Ml crnt?. Breakfaat and diuner onboard the bout. 1 he well-known low pressure steamboat SOUTH AVlERIf A, ('apt. T. N. Hulae, will leave the Steamboat Pier.doot of Birclay afreet, Tueadav, Thursday, and Salurdav, at half-p**t six o'clock X. M. *r< Ht're V?r.*. MOHNING LINK KUK ALBANY AND V :.i?Mf* T'tUV and Intermediate Lauding*. j ?.rJUMUm- Brenkfoat and Dinner on board the Boat. Tlie low prraanre ateanihoat TKOV, Captain A. Oorham, will leave (he ate^rub'iat pier Toot of Barclay itreet. Monday*, Wednesday*, and Kridriy*. nt *even o'clock A. M. Returning on the opposite day*. The Steamer NIAGARA, Capt. 11. L. Kellogg, wiJI leave the fi'.e imboat Pier loot of Barclay mreet, Tuesday, Tnnraday tn l Saturday, at half pant an o'clock, A. M.> returning ou the i pposile dav?. iKare 'jO Cenu. Kor paasage or freight, applr ua board, or to K. B. Hall, at (he off r( ou ...e wharf _jy20 , - rKOI'LK'H LINK HTKAMBOAT8 KOM jr.ll. NaLK AN V Daily, Sunday* Kicepted? ri lirouuh Direct?At T o'clock, P. RJ., from the Pier between Conrtlandt ind Liberty atreeu. S'e nnhoat ISAAC NKYVTON, Capt. Wni. 11. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and Kriday venmtf*, at 7 " meainboM 1IKNDK1K HUDSON, Capt. H. O. Crotteaden, will leave on Tueaday, Thursday aud Saturday evenings at 7o'clock. special Trim* for Schenectady, Balliton, and Saratoga Spru>K*i will run aa follow*:?Leave Albany at 3K A.R1., 3 P.M., ercept Sunday*. Paiaengera will fuid thu the ino?t ei peditionr, and convenient route. Attire O'clock, I*. M.?Leading at Intermediate Plact*? (rom the foot o I Barclay meet. Steamboat NORTH AM KMC A, Captain Trnadetl, will lew on Monday, Wedne*day, Kriday,and Sunday altercoou*, at 5 o'clock. S.runboat ROCHESTER, Captain It. H. Knrry, will leave on Tueiuay, Ihunday, and Hatai day afternoon*, at!> o'clock. T.'ie above boau will nt alltlraea arrive in Albany ia ami>le jimn lor the Morning (Jar? lor me hilar or \Ve?t. Krekht taken at modern* rate*, and none taken! after 6,'i o'clock, P. M. (["/"All personi are forbid trniting any of the boat* of thii line, without a written order from tlie c*|>tain? or ngruta. Kor i>as?--'?e or freight, apply on board the boat*, or to P. C. pclil !,'I7, : ! the ntlice on the wharf. f_ 4 NOTICE. 8TATEN ISLAND FKRRY.-Oa and I" 9!S after SUNDAY, April llth, the ateamboau JlMGSpfiSSta ?VL!'H and stAl KN l^LANDKR will niu a* follow, until further notice MEATK ITiTB.I IKI.altD At ?, ?. 9. 10,11, A. M., and I, 1, J, 4, i, 6, T, P. M. I.KAVK r??W TOR* it 7. ?, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 3, ten rainutei pa?? 1, aad at 4, 5, 6.7, o'clock, P.M. New > ' ' ' ill r CITIZEN'S NKW" U'AT 'LINK^uir P-1liC*>OPro8IT10N BOATS FOR ALBANY. JgjtmhmtBmm Landing at Van Courtlaadt'* Nrwburgti, Pnughkecpair, Kniir?tou.<'at?kill andlludaon.?Fare SO cent*? H*e.<kfi*t and Dinner on Board. The new -ml elegant Wemner ROOKR WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Dejroot, 'I'ueadayi, Thnr?day;, and Haturdaya, at htilf-pa?l an, A. VI . from the pier foot, of Rohinaon street, touching at Hammond ?trert ?er. from New Vork, Kurpi aBc or frieght, apply ?n board the BoaU, or to Oao. T. Stanley,at the office, foot of Robinson itreet. ]ry~ All persons wt forbid trusting the above boati oa a?loitnt of tiM owuws. ?yi?ih E NE N iff. BLACK BALL OH OLD LINK OK LIVER HA< KK'fri.?For Liverpool, only regular jBGflfepacket of the Ut'h of Augiut?The magnificent, l'aat SI I lug packet alup YORKSHIRE, buriheu lUW) mm, Captaiu Bailey, will tail positively on Monday, the IRth ol' Augntt. for termi of cabin, aecond cabin, or ateerage uaaaage, in thia liue and aplendid i>?ckrt, early application afionld be made oil boaid, foot of Beelm u atreet, or to the aubacrikcra, ROCHE, BROTHERS Si t o.. 10 re 35 Full" "reft lne?r it,?ir to tlie Kultou Bank). NiiVV LINK OK f ACKKT8 TO AND i'ROM W3CTW LIVERPOOL?Bv the New fine of Liverpool JflflUKal'irkeU?Packet of the '.Hit Aurust ?The aplendid, new, l.iat aailinit packet ahip LI VEK'iO tnna burthen Cap! Eldridge, will* aail from New York 011 the 2l?t -Auifint, ana from Liverpool 00 the Gib October. Early ap lidtinn ihoahl be made 10 W. & J. T. TAPS* ;OTT ""13 m m; toinh ?t. JQL * i?aeveriti itnutes on the Antoria ; iJIJI ?p<? Rareui ood turupike rood, with h liae view of ?he ?iML r.ajtHiver, and witlun a iniltr ?t.<l a liall of Peck Slip heiry, WimamshurKh, suitable for small genteel f<m>lles Kent moderate. Apply to OKORUK L. WOLF, Law Buildings. No*. 75 and */7 \aisnu ttreet i j e ahove i? worthy the attention of a gentleman and 11'I y <U ,trm<? ofitirtiiiK a good school. ?I2 I4t*rc /gfk lit ro Kit NT?fuiiliei aad (tatltmat ?iiiing i>lea?.nit single or tuits of rnumi, without hoard, or JaaflLbreakfui and tea if required, may be accommodated, by appiyinnat 477 Broadway. >19Win JgA .COITNTRY 8?AT KOH a A I-It.?That verv d??irable residence in Che beautiful Tillage of Kiuderliook, JSdHL''olumbia t 'ouuty, fitted u|>. and recently occupied by the lute Peter J. Hoes, Esq., it uow offered fur aale. Time are also on the tire lumen, carri-ige-house. stables, wood*liotuc, bam, and all otner eonveiii?nt out buildings The grounds, about four acres, are well stocked with a largo variety of apple, pear, peach, cherry, tduin, and ornamental trees, ginne viuet. mid shiubbery, allot which ham kueu selected from < i lcbrated uurseriea, both iu tuiope and New York. The whole property is now in the mos: perfect order. In the Village it an Academy, none in thiu Ht?te in point of character a"d standing. Kot term*, Sic.. a4.ply to DAVlU VAN SCHAACK, Esq.. Ktnderhook, or au5 30t*m P. fct. HOES, it Wall street. jraa . O Lfc,T.?A neat two story cottage house, with j":W basements and undercellar, principal story.two parlor* JSHMm with sliding doors, hard finished walli, second story; 2 Purge rooms aud 2 bedroom; rent low. Enquire on the premises, No. 1 40th street, ofW. K. Pendleton. Stages pass the door every half hour a6 llt?m MA HARE CHANCE?For aale, the goodwill aud fixtures of a Tavern, Oyster aud Boarding House, with every convenience appertaining tosuch ml establish', inenl. The house is in a central location, opposite the principal market The iiouse has been occupied ni trie above business for a Qtimbrr ol years, has always commanded, and at present has an excellent run of business, and is one ol the best stands iu tlie oity. liiiiMitioa in the toiljr of towimproprietor induces hiin to change his business Kor further parlicu lars iiuiuite at the office of the Baltimore Mm an6m KOR 8M> ?THKrPROPERTY IN UNION VILL A OK, N J ?Consisting of a couutry store and dwel||jl Ihik HOUSE, barn, 3 cow houses, 2 waggon houses, corn crib, 2 b.irracLs, Stc., withi 8(i)? acres of excellent a high state ol cultivation, well watered and timbered. The crops are not surpassed by any in the State?nor is the store to be surpassed for a country store. The property will be sold a bargain, as the present owner is too old to attend to it. Title indisputable. Apply to JAS. B. BARK, every Wednesday, at the Northern Hotel, foot of''ouitlaudt street, from 9 A. M. to7 P. M., and Thursdays until 1 P. M.; other days to the New York Ileal Estate Company, corner Broadway and Maiden lane. J, B. B. an 12 :)0t'rrc jam FOR SALE OR TO LET, ou tl?e margin of the Kari Wtflk tiau Bay, Moumouth .County, N. J.?Farms iu a hitch state ol cultivation, with all the uecessary out-buildlugs. Also, lots from half an acre to twenty, with the advantage of tine bathing. Summer residences furnished or uufuruished. Persons desirous of carrying on business iu the city and residing in a. healthy location, at a cheap rate, will lind an advantage iu consulting with the subscriber. N. B.?The aforesaid farms and lots are not in Texas or Pennsylvania, but within one hour aud a half of New York. Terms easy. Titles indisputable. Emigrants or others wishing for gardening lots can be suited. Apply to John Iveson, Esq., 45 Courtlaudt street, New Yorki or to W. O. Havnes, Auctioneer, Key Port, N. J. All letters must be post paid. Kkv Poht. N. J? July 20, 1847. jyJ13Ut*rc bLOOK AT T1118.?Ladies' Gaiters, Slippers, Husi kius, Ties, House Slips, White and Black Satiu ? Prunella Buskins and Slippers, and al' other kiuds of Boots and Shoes, of the finest style. Also a large assortment of misses and children's. 'Gentlemen will lind iu this store a great assortment of fine Boots and Shoes, calf and piteut (e ither: Gaiters of all kinds. Also, Boys' Boots, Gaiter*, and Shoes, of ail sort* and sizes. All of the above of the best quality and cheap, at 367 Brotdway, one door above Franklin street. ?5 Mfrc M. CAH1LL. ?. FRENCH BOOTS. ? Paris imiierial French Calf J Boot* for H iO, equil to the beit aold in Broadway for $(> or $7. Fiue French Call Boors, city made, for $3 .'HI? usually $i?can be found at the corner of Fulton and Nassau itreets, opposite the Herald office. IV'st boots made to Older for H 50. Also the French Congress boot*, of the best quality; boots, (hoes, gaiters, slippers, be., constantly on hand. All goods warranted to give satisfaction. Comer of Fulton and Nassau streets. jv28 30t*ic BOOLE'S HYPERION FLUID For Promoting tli? Urowlh and Embellishing the Hmr, stands unrivalled: and if now the only article us?d by those who value a good head of hair. It is alike efficacious ill exterminating sourt and daudiufT; and the beautifying lustre it gives to the luir, ensures its success at the toilet of every lady of fiuhiou. For further particulars, see ramplilels, containing certificates from some of the most eminent physicians, Sic To be had of his agents 'hroughont the Uni'ed states and Canada. Aiibhts?A. B. St 1) Sands. N. Y.; K. Mason. Portland; Carlctou Ik Co, Lowell; B. K. Bliss, Springlirld; I) Scott, ir b Co, Worcester; J U.tcC Thornton, anil Dr. Cadwell, N. Bedford; ft. J. 'Xavlor, Newport, It. L; E. Trevett St Son Pougnkeepsie; O Dextrr, Alhuiv; Dr llieunlreet, Troy; T Hunt, Auburn; Win. Pitken. Kochest'r; O. H. Fish, Saratoga; Tolinui St Willi .ms, Syracuse; L. Kelley, Geneva; E S" Baruuin U Soli, L'tici; William Coleman. Buffalo; Belli O liance Druggist, and Wm. H. \. Mvers, Hair D esser, Balti. tnore, Md; J. W. Kueelaud St Co. 127 Caual street, New Orleans, La; aud other places. XT" A treatise on thr- Anatomy and Physiology of the Hai*, wiiti direc ions for preserving the mine, See., accoini anies each boNle of" the Hyperion." WILLIAM BOOLE, First Premium Ventilating and Gossamer Wig Mnker, all liteod'rrc 239 Wa?hing'on st..Bo?fon. GUNTEK'S UIN1NO SALOON. No. 117 Kultou st ?H H.OUNTER d-sire. to make known to his numerous customers, and the public at larre.thnt he has enlarged.ventilated, aud thoroughly renovated his Dining Saloon, and Can now boast of?s extensive, airy, Comfortable, and neat a saloon as the city affords. 'I lie alterations and improvements need only be seen to be appreciated; ?uil he only asksone visit, convinced that all who call once will uot fail to come again?mid frequently. Ilia Larder, ns heretofore, shall lie bountifully sup plied with the most choice productions of the markets, which Wlllbe served up, at all lirnes, at the shortest notice. It /"Op. ii .. i Sundays. au3 CO\L.?I am daily discharging the best quality of IVach Oiclmd Coal, and will delivr it at the following low price, for cash only, viz.* l.\rx* Nut, $4.7i, stove, Kct,$5 from the boats, and nl 25 cents ai'tLtioual, if screened, loin the yard, (MMIof King find Greenwich. 2Mreod*m PETER CLINTON SHOULDER BRACKS, mid BODY BELTS ? Agate's rrriuiiiui Patent Elastic Shoulder Bruce, so In* ly recommended and patronised bv the most eminent surgeons in tliis couutry, lor clnldreu or adults, who are inclined to atoon or are round shouldered, or affected spine persous with weakness, or pain in I he chest, those of consumptive or sedentary habits, or those confined by study, or at the writing desk, as they will find them an invaluab'e article to brace the shuiildera, expand the chest, thereby civii k a free and ealfhyafetion to the lungs. Mechauics mid laborers, by "'earing !hit brace, will be able to do mote woik withies f'ati ue, as well as improve the form. To be had wholesale aui retail at J.AGATE'S, Gentlemen's outfitting store, 137 Broadway, co'iier of Park Place. N.B.?Alios superior Body Belt, or Abdominal Supporter hiulilv leroininenoed. hn( 3(Jteod*re Mil DF. MMKKK has the honor to inform the public and particularly young gentlemen who desire to perfect themselves 111 the trench language, that he has opened L'u conrs de conversation, to take place three tunes u week. Gentleinrn who wish ton vail themselves of this opportunity, will apply at No.<38}$ Broadway. Mr. De L. takes this occ o.ion to offer his services to I idles and geiitjrmen w?>n desire private lessons jy8?TkTh flt'rc CPHOTON WATER KILTERS AT ONE DULl.AM y EACH.?J. STONE, No. 390 Broadway, New York, I lees to inform his friends and the unblic nl this city and other place* which ur?- *uppned tiv public water wnHii, that he ha? *o arranged hi* improved Water Kilter* that they can be applied to tne Croton water lancet*. They are 10 constructed that nnyperaon can keep them in order by lepleiMshniK w im the filtering medium at the tnoit trilling eipeute. A migle inspection will couvince anyone of their ttiperiority over any other Kilter iu u*e. 1*. H.? 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From the former city the account* are decidedly more favorable to peace than from f ilebla This in probably to be explained by the fact that gentlemen |n Vera Cru* derive their Impressions very much froni the Kuglich. who are aware of the effort* making by their Minlstnr to brinp; about negotiations for peace, and prevent the city of Mexico from falling into our haudj. When we have more room at our command, we shall huvemore to nay about the probabilities of peace; we content ourselves to-day by givtog our readers every facility for forming their own opinions by the ample correspondence we offer them With thi3 view we present the following translation of a letter of the latest date from the city of Mi.xiio, written by a foreign merchant established there, to hie eorruspoudunt in Vera ("ruz Mexico, July 29,1847. 1 have lhe uluasuru of aoLnowledirinir the reoeint of your esteemed favor of tUo 14th instant. with its enclosures, and thank you for the new* you commuuiCAtnd. 1 aut uuublo In return to tell you anything of much consequence We are i.lill waiting and yery impatiently, to nee thu end of the present state ftf affairs. Latterly it ban been vt-ry generally believed that negotiations tor p?ao? would be entered Into, but it appears that expectation* to this effect are like* ly to b? disappointed, pence uow appearing to be more remote than ever A junta of the principal generals of the army took plane yesterday. Some were of opinion that the wUest oi.ume wait to lnuroh out with ail their disposable forced uud attack the Americana at Tuebla; but this opinion did not prevail. Tbey determined that tbey would await tranquilly the enemy within the walls of the city, continuing to fortify themselves as strongly us possible. H'e know not, therefore, what will happen, or whether the Americans will commence tilt ir march forthwith. I doubt whether they will do it before the arrival of further reinforcements. In the mi antime affairs are going on here from bad to worse, and heavy contributions are levied, the collection of which is effected with extreme difficulty. so that the Government has great trouble to provide tbe means for the subsistence of a large army 8anta Anna isat thin moment sole dictator. Congress can do nothing, because there is uever a sufficient number of members present to form a 4110mm for business Tbey say that the Government is seeking a closer union with Kuropean powers, and with this view has given orders for the li quiaatlon or tne claims or their subjects. The above brief note is from a most respectable source, ami maybe presumed to afTord a just idea of affairs in the capital, aud it in later than any papers from the city Mr. Kendall had seen when he last wrote. Gen. Pierce'H command, whose arrival at Perote we announced yesterduy, it was supposed would be met by Gen. Smith's brigade on the 31st ult., somewhere between that point aud 1'uebla, and return immediately to the latter city. When the Fashion left Vera Cruz there were about 850 men there, who expected to leave in a few days for the army, under the command of Col. Wilson,of the l'Jth infantry The following is the official statement of the mortality at Vera C.ruz the last two weelu of July, furnished uh by the courtesy of Dr. Barton :? An Accoi'.it ok thf. Mortality ok Vk.ra Cri-z k*om TIIE 1&TH TO THK 31st OK JlLY. frtm Vomito. Other Diieaitt. Nation. Soldiers 13 Soldiers 34 American ... .81 Or. Master's Dep..14 Or. Mustei's Dep.. 7 Mexicans 55 Mexicans 6 Mexicans 49 Other fo.'gurs. 8 Others 2 Others 6 Unknown ... . 0 Total 35 06 144 Pf kin.a, Mexico, July 13, 1847. An order hat* at length been issued, which looks as though an immediate movement was anticipated 4ien. Soott is to commence reviewing the different divisions on the 15th inst, after which it is thought there will be a general turn out, and then au onward march. The ge neral impression now is. that there will be a harder tight at the city of Mexico than any that had yet taken place in the country, but no one can tell any thing with oertainty. In my last letter, 1 intimated that m letter had been received from ouo of the American odicers still unjustly retained in Mexico. It was dated on the 8th instant, and 1 give onfl or two extractg :? '-Since my last the preparations for your reception here have gone on with great spirit An army of not less than -.23,000 men, wu'.l dressed, and apparently well armed,are now in this city and neighborhood. Handsome pieces of artillery have lately been oast, while their fortifications are nearly completed. The artillery may reach ... . J,.-.., ? ""V ""n "'?? "" "I UUUJb?ir. The display here In quite imposing, and the nation is made to believe that th great au xlety of the United Stati n for peace proceeds from an apprehension that our army dare nut attempt to move upon the capital The long delay of Oeneral Scott at I'uebla, the urrival of a minister of peace, ami our repeated offers to treat, give color to the idea in the estimation of this people, that Oeneral Scott id fearful of attempting the reduction of the capital. Wo here know perfectly well the value of these speculations; but it is nevertheless true that they are rapidly becoming riveted on the public mind * ' * * * He assured, there can be no peace made with Mexico at thU time ?Santa Anna darn not, and Congress will not. Let our ariuy but come here, and the resources of the nation are cut olT; aud the people seeing the capital in our hsnds, peace must follow ' * The strongest defence of the Mexicans is at Kl 1'etion, three leagues from here, aud on the best road leading into the city; but the best approach is by Ouadalupe, or Chapultepec, aud the position for throwing shells better from either The road to (iuadalupe branches about one aud a half iniles short of the I'eiion, parses round the lake of Tescuco, and is thirty miles farther than the direct route. There are two or three leagues of soft ground on this road, made so by the recent rains, which may occasion some difficulty to heavy carriages; but good judges thiuk it may be overcome The road to Tacu)> >ya aud (Jhapultepec is good, and here is the supply of water for the city, which may be out olf * 1 have written to the Minister of War here, in relation to our detention, but can get no answer, i was asked, a day or two since, by Colouel Moreno a Mexican officer, why our (iovernmeut had not proposed to have us exchanged. I replied that I had no inforuiatiou on the subject, except that according to the official statements, both of (<en. Taylor and Santa Anna, we were exchanged the day after the battle of iluena Vista; but whether any steps had been taken to secure a compliance, I was nut informed. The health of our party is as good as could lie expected under the circumslauces.'' I have given you all the more interesting ex'rae.ts from this letter; aud when I state that It is from an officer, well informed, and on the spot, his opinions should pass for something. His ideas in relation to peace ore coincided iu by almost every one here The drsgoons, under Kearny and Sible\ uccompanied by a white flag, which I mentioned in my l.itl as about ready to start, went out yesterday morning towards the capital with a white Hag One object of this mission Is to procure the liberty of the American officers now detained; and it is hoped it will be successful, even If they are sent home bv wsy of TRmplco. S|h akiug of prisoners. has it ever occurred t? you that there are other Americans in Mexico besides thoM held in the capital, who are certainly ho fur confined as to be utterly unable to leave.' 1 might give you a long list of name* and you would find that of your humble servant in the number, who have teen quite cnougn of Mexico, and are anxious once uiore to breathe the free air of the United Stat'-s; but to hII Intents and purposes we are prisoners here, and there in no Huch thing an telling when we are to be released. To be sure we are " ou the limit*.*' that is, we can walk about inside the sentinels; but ho who goes outclde of the souud of " Who goes there?" does it at great peril The largest liberty is here compressed Into the smallest possible space, and that perfect freedom of coming and going we eujoy at home, may be now quoted In Mexico as merely nominal. A Spanish company of actors Is giving a srries ol entertainments at Kl < ollsco, one of the theatres of the place The horrible drama of >l Lucretlu Borgia*' was performed on Sunday night with startling effect. The rains continue. Hardly an afternoon passes without a drenching shower, and as the army has no tents, the poor soldier* mugt sufferllncredibty on the road to Mexico, Alluding to the advance upon the capital, there are certainly Individual* In the army, and those who should be well Informed, who do not think we shall reach It? who are ol*the opinion that peace or an armistice will Imi settled or entered Into thlH side. Negotiations of some kind are certainly going on. all probably relating to peace, but the mass know nothing of thenatnre of them lYrai.t, Mkhto, July 14, 1H-I7. This liiorninu I was enabled, through the exertions of a Spanish priest. to ol.tain a look at a fil? of Mexican paper* np to the 11th Inst. I hastily give yon a synopi-i* of such Item* a* may be of the lea*t motnnnt. premising that the paper* contain little matter of interest Jose Itamon I'acheco has been appointed Minister of Foreign Relations. m plana of Senor Ibarra, resigned? lie entered upon tha dutlesof hi* office on the -ih inst . a."Ml up to tha llth continued in office Untlnr tho head of "('execution*." Fl Monitor Hrpuliticann, of tha nth inst . say* that an order had Wi n laauod for (Jen Almonte to march for Tulancingo within twenty-four hour*, and that all aid and aasistanca had bean refused him. Date* from Mar.atlan up to tho J4th June have been received. At that tlma the British men-of-war Constance and Caryf-fort were lying In the harbor, hut no American vessel was in sight The writer aaya that they had all gone off to avoid tha storm*, but would return after tha rainy season waa oyer. Thoy were expecting several merchant vessel* from Kurope. and appeared confidant they would be able to run in and discharge their cargoea. A letter from Chihuahua, dated on tha l oth June. In published in Kl Rtpvhticann. It announce* the arrival at Santa Ka of'JOOO volunteer* end 300 families, the latter coming out with the Intention of coloniiing. Thl* may be true and may not. On the 4th Inat . aaya F.l Rrpublicano, tha holy sacrifice of ma** waa celebrated In thnplnza dt armnt. In order that all the troop* In the city might hear and witness the coremnnie*. The concourae on the occasion waa said to be great. A Zacnteeaa correspondent of F.l Htpuhlicano, writing under date of the 30th June, says that at last accounts Oen. Taylor waa bu*y preparing wagon* and barrels to transport water, and" that ha was snortly to advance upon Han Lnla. A letter ha* been received here In I'uebla, dated at the city of Mexico on the 12th. I have not seen It. but am told told that the writer express?* himself confident tho Mexicans will make a hard struggle to preserve the capital?the hardest they have yet made. There I* no telling what a few day* may bring forth The papers continue to be most profoundly silent a* regard* the I'orliliculions around the eltjr, but wu can bbbbbbbbhbbbhh IRK I [ORNING, AUGUST 17, 1 tinue to receive reliable verbal information to tbii effect that the Mexicans arc making every preparation to receive ' ioe Yankees." Works in addition to those of El Penon have been constructed at different points along the road, ditches and trenches have been cut, the streets have been barricaded, and cannon are mounted at every available point. These demonstrations certainly look as though war to the death was determined upon We have a rumor received through Mexican channels, to the effeot that Congress wan to meet yesterday or today. a quorum having been formed. If this bo true, the flr^t businoFB before that body will probably be Mr. Buchanan's last proposition of peace, and a most stormy session may be anticipated There is no mistake tbat the friends of peare. especially among the rich property holders of the capital, are more in favor of coming to terms now as the danger approaches PS.?Just as I was closing this letter, C'apt Kearney returned, lie was not permitted to go further than Rio L-.1- A * K.I.I? ...... rllu. ..?*> wiiuhb ui i f*iiiHiiiRnu lie encountered* body of th?_ cwmjr, who lied at bit Approach, although he had a white flag flying Kearney punned, with the hope of overtaking the runaway*, but wa.) compelled to send a Mexican ahead to tell them the object! of hi* mlsalon. At Rio ! rlo he haDded his letter* to lien. I'ortilla. and finding he could proceed uo further, set about returning at once. Tlie great Cuiiallzo was preRent, and as Kearney was start!tig. he li.'gjjMti thatottlcei to allow two of bis aids to accompany Uiw back as far at a hacienda, where he hud left his trui.k and a youug soi of his in hU flight' The st amper of the Mexicans, at th< approach of our little boiiy body of dra^oono, in repre sented as Laving been most ludicroun. PukuLa. Mexico, July li>, 1847 The divitiiou 01 (loo. Twiggs was reviewed yesterday by Oen. Scott, and made a moat brilliant show. Gen (juitiasn .> division Is to bo reviewed to-day, the cavalr; on Saturday. Geu Pillow's division on Sunday, and Get] Wort IT u division on'Monday Col. Garland's brigade attached to the latter. U now alit-eul in the direction o I'erote?oqu reauon why the division Is not t.. be review ed sooner. No ono can guy witb certainty, but the im pression prevails that the army will move onwards by th< middle of the ensuing week. I have had time to look over the last papers from th< capital more at my leisure. The editors annouuoe tha Alvarez has recently had several long interviews witl Santa Anna at the palace, but the result haw not beei made public. Santa Anna appears to have had ill luck with hii oachc*. One he lost at Cerro (Sordo; and on the fltl lust., while visiting the foriitications around the city another in which he was ridiog broke llat down lit was moving in great state at the time?with an advanot guard, a rear guard, and numerous Generals and Colonels galloping on either clde?aud the editor of El Monitor ridicules the whole ulTair. from first to last. The samo editor announces that extensive preparations are being made at the palace for the reception ol the youthful enmsort of Santa Anna, who was hourlj expected. He intimates that her appearance will alio viate and distract the illustrious Geueral (rom othei cares, and further says thut while she is liv his side h? probably will not be able to hold ax frequent conversations with other ladies us ban been his wunt of late, to the great prejudice of a third person, (the Senora SanU Anna he doubtless mean* ) Itutber a hard hit, this; and in u guard of soldiers eutert d the Monitor office a churl time afterwards in Hearth of the editor, it was nrobablj felt Almonte lias born sent oil to Tuianuingo, to take com mand of the post there, but this here is considered at equivalent to a dbgracA. und is noticed bv the uditoi of Kl Monitor tinder the head of " Persecutions " A1 monte hiwsell complains that he hus no time to colleci baggage appropriate lor an officer ol his rank, being hur ried off at only twenty-four hours' notice. A letter from Durango, dated on the23th June, statin that CJen. Kllisola had started in the direction of Saltilli with 000 Infantry. 400 cavalry, and 4 pieces of artillery He was to be joined by (>en. Reyes, with the /acatecai troops. This would go to contirm the truth of a reoen letter from the latter city, but no one here bellevos tha either of the above t.eneraU will ever venture wlthli gunshot of lien. Taylor. Under the head of 'Very Important!'' the Rrjiuhli cano, of the 9th Inst., has the following :? The Diario of yesterday announoe* that according t information on wnlch it oan rely, the enemy will lnov Irom Puebla upon this capital on Monday nest. If thl be certain, and the rumor false which supposes tha B,000 more men are about to disembark at Vera Cru: we are persuaded, that Scott is about to make a hopelei although very imprudent attempt to force the gate* < the capital of the republic. The Mexicans, by only r< calling to mind the brilliant feats of arms which mad their struggle for Independence memorable, (they mui forget their recent shameless defeats of course,) will t'e in their heart* the necessary impulse to repel an arm such as that which threutens us, which is in truth suft ..?......... ii.i.. (ir _.u_? ?n ....... men. the greater part of them discontented before a army of more thiin 30,000 and a population of J00,000 This consideration alone ought to keep the American hank; but supposing that they dare defy Mexico unje such a disadvantage, they will meet with, we believe, ai exemplary chastisement ' The idea of the Americana being very imprudent i peculiarly rich. In the caine paper we notice account of the departure of diir<:reiit small bodies to work on th fortifications at t'hapultepec aud at tho gate of Nc noalco. I have now given you evei y thing of intercut in th lateit papers, at least a synopsis ot every thing Of vei bal reports we have a multiplicity, Home of them carry ing the evidence Oi their 1'uUity on the face, while other would seem to be entitled to more credit. The ruinc that Congress bad formed a ijuorum, aud commenced it seaalon*.receive* additional confirmation, although I cat not yet learn that it is a well established fact We aha know in a day or two And now let me flnit-h with a few speculations of m own?mere speculations, mind you. All our account from the city of Mexico, both verbal and through th newspaper*, would indicate that the euemy is determin ed upon making u stout resistance, and that they wi doit la the general impression. No man can well b< lieve otherwise, with the lights now burning openly b? fore him; hut, at the same time, there may be secret in tlueucea at work to bring about an adjustment of ou differences with Mexico, which no man out of the circl of those engaged iu the secret cau kuow anything of. should be far from Mirprised were I to learn poaitlvel; that ICngli?h inHueuui: and Auiericuu gold were now a work a. the capital, aud that bribery wax cndcavorini to take from tbe bayonet its legitimate office. Sinccrelj do I hope that Hticb influencei* may not be ut work, am that If they are. tliuy may prove unsuccessful Tin ld? a of purchasing n peace of these people must he re pugnant to every t rue lover of bin country - it woulJ b< dishonorable ou the very luce of it. and would be fai from proving lasting in tbe end If ( ongrcs* is realli now iu session, there are doubtless many of tbe member: reaily to do anything for money?they have beard o tbu " three millions," and the honor and bent interest* oflneir country must stand aside if there in any chanci of their pockets being replenished Santa Anna, toe will aid and abet any movement, ao that he nan come ii for tbe lion's share; and such are the men bribery am corruption have to work upon. I repeat,, that I hop that neither Kngl.ah influence nor American gold ma be able to effect anything in bringing about a pence. I is impossible for me to nay witli certainty that than agents are at work, but I believe they are; and 1 furtbe think it auytbing but creditable to our country t make use ot them. With the American (lag flying u tbe palace in the capital, perhaps we might bear sonw thing iu the snape of a proportion?the first one? firot Mexico. At all events, while we are thus far in th country, tbe experiment were preferable to hiriug beaten enemy to accept our terms. THK MEXICAN NKWS. [Krom tbe New Orleans Delta, August 8 I To-day we follow up our Mexican news, by giving th letters of our Vera Crux correspondent. Kxcnpt th various incidents transpiring In VeraCruz, and the Ileal ing current news, which, under circumstances audi a the pnesent are. must always posseas interest to th American reader, the giatof the whole, as we said yestei day. may be tbuH given.' On the Sloth tilt. Uen. Scot' with his command, was at I'uebla?No affirmative actio was taken on tbe peace propositions of Secretary Bud anan? Hen. Hcott was on the eve of advancing on th i lty of Mexico- \ml Santa Anna was mustering sue force ai best he could, to resist him. Mr. Walslnghan from Vera Cruz, than whom there is no one in that ell huh apci'm to mure recent or autiienuc intelligence lrm the capital, stated tu u? yeRterday a number of circuit Rtancca, which establish theRe factR lie had letters froi four different Roiircea Id the City of Mexico, all tn corr< li.-iratton of them Uen. Valencia had arrived at th ' ity of vlexico with a force, it wan Raid, of tiOOO men an thlrty-Rlx piece* of artillery The Rtrength of the fore previously enrolled there, independent of the division < V nlenaia, with the reinforcement" calculated on provioti to the arrival of (Jen Snott, are net down at twelve thou Rand thu* making the opposing force m oot) men I ri i such an army a Mexican ariny?Uen. Scott haR noth'n to te?r, although Valencia'* command !r reported to h an active, soldierlike l>ody of men. (Jen*. I'lllow nni fierce reached (?en Scott on the 'id. If. unreported, h would advance on their arrivnl. the flrRt dlviRlon left I'll ebluonthe 4tb? although our informant think* he tun probably not move till the arrival of the train, which wn shortly to loave Vera Cru* In company with MaJ. Rey noldR. One thing Ir certain, that the Idea of "con>|Uei Ing a peace"'by diplomacy or negotiation, at leaRt ti the City of Mexico Ir taken, 1m now dlnslpated, blown t the wind* of battled hope*, and theRooner Uen. Hcott ?e( out to acoompliRh that object, the better. Why, Ir deej. there has been ro much procraatlnatton. may fori a subject of ootnplaint and recrimination with Rome; bu Ignorant. at Dresent. aR wn are of the >>auuu> ? I-.I > It. we mint Fie pardoned for not inuulglng in eithei Nor will we now enter Into a xpeculatlon ol' what may b the ourrent of coming event*. kvery day'* experienc teachex that the inoxt improbable of ail probabilities. ar thoxe dependenton Mexioaii generals and Mexican xtate* men for their realisation?With them, Instead of a nat ural elTi'Ot following an existing cause, every thin);, ilk Hory O'Moore'x dreams, seem to |{o by -contraries' There in not dug now however, left, but for (Jen Hcot to capture and tak? posxexxlon of the city ol' thn Monte /.umax At what x*nrtflc?i of life thlxfx to be acroui plinhed, a very brief period will determine. What ina] lie the next act in thu drauia. may be told when the our tain rises?not before, AMERICAN PRISONERS IN MKX1CO. [Kroin the New Orleans Picayune. Aug < ] By the arrival of the Fashion we are placed In poxne? xlnn of the content* ol three bittern from the American ofllcerx now prisoner* In the elly of Mexico Id Mr Kendall'l letter of the 14th ult., In another column. h? give* very Interesting extrxctx from a letter written by one of the prlxonerx on the H|h of July Those Interested in the fate of thexe gentlemen will refer to thoxn extracts, while we xubjoln here letter* of a later date, one from Major Walnex the other fr?m apt. i asslus M I lay. It will be ohxerved that Major Ualnex lully eonttrut* all that we h*vc wrltteu ol the Ingratitude ol (Jen IERA 1847. La Vega fur the courtesies shown to him io the I'nited States. by his total neglect of our oflc?ri lu MmIoo. That his good offices in their behalf were repeatedly in voiced. we have no doubt whatever. Major Gaines's conclusious ou this point wi- adopt implicitly. The defence interposed for Own l.a Votra by Lieut. Mejia, a prisoner hare. Msjor (iaines rudely disposes of. <-ol. Mata's defence, it will be borne in mind, was almost instantly set aside by the letter ot Col. Wilson We regret that the very slight conlldence we have telt willing to place in Mexican representations is almost wholly destroyed by Major Gaines's letter, and by recent most Inexplicable and fallacious representations made here in regard to events in Mexico Other* were deceived by theie representations ; we were more fortunate, but we struggled to reconcile them with perfect good faith on the part of those by whom the S'ational was lately misled After reading the letter ot Major liaines. we shall ..... ..vwvuot n i.ur turn v>? IIUU1U?IU|J .MV&1CIIU \ HIHC1VJ To render tho Majors letter clearer, we republish onu paragraph from a letter addressed uh by Lieut. Mejia on the 14th of May last - ? "On the '27th of February Uen I.a Vega was third in 1 command, not ' military coinmandunt in the city ' The palace at the city of Mexico was besieged by the revolutionary party of the church and Its adherents I wan with him,and Know that Tiot oue left tLu palaoe for many days who was not shot down by the populace. Three 1 days before the arrival of i Jen. Santa Anna we left Mex' ico in great haste to oppose the Ameiioana at the Na> tional Bridge, aud the revolution was still active, so that we could hold no Intercourse with the WW of Santiago, where Major (iaines waa confined, it being within the enemy's lines." > Now read the comment* of Major ?j..iui>d upon this. His letter la addressed to his brother in this olty 1 Mk\i. o. July '28, 1H47. ' I have been lately favored with tho perusal of a letter ' in the Picayune, dated New Orleans, May Hlh, lo47, f aud signed Knreijue Mejia representing himself km the aid of CJen. La Vega, and undertaking to vindicate that - officer against the charge of ingratitude towards the b American prisoner) confined in this city. In this letter it is stated that the I'alaoe during the * revolution waa besieged by the '* party ul the church t and its adherents, aud that not one left it for many i dayt whw was not shot down by the populace. That * three days before the arrival of Santa Anna, (the revolution being still active) they left in haste to meet the 1 Americans, and as the castle of Santiago, where the > prisoners were confined, was within the lines of the i enemy, no intercourse could be held with it.'' I have > rarely read so short a paragraph containing so many ? falsehoods. The I'alace whm never besieged by the revolutionary party?their position being near the church called "The Professor," some four or five liundrtttl varilM : not morM tluiii two nr n?r?nn? were shot near it; operations bad ceased bofjre La Vega I left in haste; the castle of Santiago wait no more within ' t h? enemy 's lines than any other part of tl.e city, and the intercourse with it was uninterrupted, beiug visited, 1 believe, every day during the tight by our friends. I sent several lnessa es to La Vega which I feel sure lie received. but, whether he did or not, the damning crime of ingratitude must forever adhere to his rotton carcass with the tenacity of Nessus's bhlrt of old. 1 dismiss him to the tormenting ."tings of an abused conscience (If ho has any) and the merited contempt of his race. Our army is still reposing at I'uebla, and why it does not advance upon the oity excites the astonishment of all. That there is some good reason for this (to me) extraordinary inactivity I fondly hope. Kacts yet to be learned will demonstrate, but with the lights I have the delay is inuxpiicable. Had our army marched forward t directly alter the battle of Cerro < iordo they would not have encountered an enemy; as it Is an army of JO,000 men have been ooncentrated here. * That we shall gain another glorious victory, should 3 the Mexicans show light, there is not the slightest doubt; and perhaps, after all, a peace will be more certainly 9 "conquered" and more speedily than if there had been 1 no delay. 1 I have heard nothing from home since A.'s letter of i the 12 th March, enclosed in yours of the 24th of the same month. I need not speak of my great anxiety to learn something trom you, but 1 must bide my time. A negotiation is now pending between Oen. Scott and Hants ? Auaa for our exchange, and I see no reason' to doubt iti success. 1 hope you will write to me often to Vera CttU 8 which will follow the army; and if 1 never receive then t you will only lose your time. I have written you si Ei fully concerning my business that ! need say nothing oi that subject. If you have ever heard anything of Harry, or m; i- horse black Hawk, let me kuow. [Harry was a faithfu servant and Ulaok Hawk wan a favorite liorse of the Ma jor'a. They were not with him at Kncarnacion ] >'l Vours, alfectlouatwiy, JOHN I'. (JAINKS. y Mr. A. L. (iAivts, New Orleans. ^ The negotiation alluded to by Major Gaines, we pre suiue, wax iuu suujeci <ji Hie uespaicnes lornarueu uy , thii hands ol' ('ape. Kearny, of the dragoons, whose tx' cursion as far an Kio Krlo is mentioned lu Mr. Kendall's letters in auotber column. We now append the letter of ( apt. Clay, a conclusive defence of the surrenderor I.a Kncarnaciou. if ltneudeda defence. h Cit* ov Mrxiio, July 15, 1H17. a I have till now refrained from making anything public touching our capture, 'l'he probability that it might become the subject of legal investigation, Deemed to me to be a sufficient reason among others for silence. but siucc the merits of our surrender bare become thi' topic of discussion, any larther deference to personal delicacy becomes criminal iujustlce to those who have u right to claim of me. their immediate commander, whatever protection my humble ability can allord them I therefore merge the imputation ot egotism and seli elatior in the higher necessity ot discharging a duty to thi living who do not, and the dead who cannot, speak toi themselves. If the failure of our superior officers to exchange u i after three successful battles, and the capture of rnanj prisoners of war, is necessary to the public service, re quiring the soldier never to surrender, but in all <'Um? to lay down his life, without regard to the inequality o numbers or the resulting good of the sacrifice, then without a murmur I submit to the sentence. But if thi: policy becomes not general, and is) uot deemed usual am necessary in war, then on the part of myself uud my brave companions in arms, some of whoiu nave gout from the loathsome prinoun of tlexico, where praise noi blame can ever reach them, I protect ugaiust it, as ii condemnation without a trial, and a penally without ii crirn . Vou term the surrender at Kuiaruacian an 'honorable capitulation" It is so The mass of mankind judge ot things by their apparent success or failure. With them victory is glory, and defeat disgrace. Hut with enlightened minus it Is better to deserve success than to win it Yet paradoxical as It may seem, i say thtt the expedition to Kncarnacion uot only deserved, but achieved success. I.ieut. < ol. Held, Surgeon ltobei ts and Major (iaines will remember that on the uigut preceding the adventure, It wai urged that the reconuoitering party should consist of a large body, with artillery sullicient to hold the enemy iu cneck, till the.arrival of ruiuforcciuents, or strong enough to retreat with its face to the foe. Or else It should be a small bjdy whose loss would uot be ma y tonally felt by the army, u part of whom we might calt culate, from the xuperior xpeed of the horses, ami better it addren* of the men. would return with the tidings of the r enemy's position Hud force The limt alternative we wer? 0 compelled to adopt, and the reHUll wax an foretold. W? t found the enemy, ami ncnt back word of bin approach.? i- Whether thin reasoning be lu accordance with military a science, or no, and bow far the success of the gloriout ? battle ot IJueua VUta wan owing to thm timely warning a I leave abler strategists than I to determine. B ut why anticipate capture' The country througt which we had. to pass wa- a grass covered plain, Bhui in by mountains, where there wan no growth of wool a to oonceal uh. We were compelled to go to Used anc e well kuown placed for water, surrounded by rancheron who were ever ready and not Mow in giving tlmelj ? notice of our approach. The night before .reaching ? K.ncarnacieu, we had resolved, according to tin Spartan maxim, continually to changeour cauip to avoti 1 uurpriRe, and to move, if necwary. twice a night, l< n prevent the peasantry'* knowing our whereabouts I. That we ramped two ..igbta successively in Kncarna ? clon. the cause in part of our capture, wan rather th I, result of fortune, than design on our part. Kor we hai j on the U-Jd, advanced leu miles In the direction of Mai ? tillo, Intending to attack two huudred men whom w ,n learned were stationed there, but night, storm and dark news coming no we were compelled, having no guide, t ? return, against the protest of some, anil our previon rule of action, to Kucaiilacion. The ideit of puttin n out picket guards III a plain of twenty miles diametei j intersected by roads in all directions, In absurd Am ? had a picket guard given an alarm In tlie night. th? re ,f suit would have been the same, for we would not hav< iH lel't our cattle till morning, till we saw lh" enemy am i. Itnew their fo'ce. ? Seventy-one, men and officers, all told, held (Jen Mijr nou and three thousand regular and veteran troop*. a> h numbered by himself. at bay from ilawn till noon of the | j:td day of .January Without half a* many rounds ol h shot as there were opposing foe* without water, without provisions, o?e hundred and ten mile* from camp, wllhy out the remotest probability of reinforcement, we una ,h nimously determined to exact "the most honorable term* of capitulation known to nations.'' or sell our . lives like uiun who held the faith that honor In the only || necesaity. o Holding a Mexican chief of equal rank with our i omlinaiai/e Mai. I .lines and < Jen Minon i- concluded the following terun of capitulation : ? n First. The moat boiierabli) treatment a* prisoner* ol it war known to nation* o Second. Private property to be atrletly respected r. Third Our .\lexicau guide to rcceive a fair trial in the 0 civil court*. e When we remember that i fen I aylor fought at Duena e Vliita at a.hberal computation one to four, and had hi* I- baud* full?and that we stood leu* than one to forty-two of the enemy, under their moHt gallaut chief, I hazard e the assertion that In the history of the Mexican war " there will have been no exhibition of nobler gallantry t than was displayed at the capitulation or hlncarnacion Accept assurances of my laetlng gratitude, that you have. w|th Mi* Menians in " The Captive Knight," enf tnreil Into a prisoner's griefs, and magnanimously vindicated our claims upon our country s justice Kor all that Is generally deemed remunerative in war, falls to the lot of others?but, The wonn, the canker and the grief Are ' ours' alone !" ' I Ev?r your ob't serv't, 1 C, M. CLAY. , TilK MONARCHICAl> I'ART* IN MRXtOOl |Krom the New Orleans Delta. Aug H ] In the Drltii of the 'Jrtth July, we gave the reaanni for i our hellnf In the existence of a plot for the intervention J of huropean powers In the afT.tlrsof Mexico, with a view | or converting that republic Into a mouarchy, under ? IDourbouu prince, eloaely allied with souie or the greai powers of hurope, lu order to uudersUnd fully th< * * ini mim mtmtrr-Tl "# Iif-? ' * LD. Hrloa Two C'Mit origin. Object, prinoiple aud extent of this tart. It in necessary that we should reil-w Pou, Important fccts Id the history of M.tieo The plot to H.uwL" io^?hT Id Mexico, referred to by us was a r?Tl*al of the plan of the three guarantees. ' conc luded between O'Donolu unit Iturbide. in 16:21, the objects of which were, the maintenance of the Independen ce of Mexico as a separate monarchy, under a Bourbon prince, the nupport of the | i BVUUUI' rnifjiuu, ?uu iuw uuiou ui ?u cimhfg OI in* people. Thin plan whs overth rown by Iturblde. who aspired to the throne himself. an J wax in turn overthrown by the Kederaliilx But even after the Spaniard* hail 1 het'n driven out of the country, and the republic seemed to be established on a firm basis, the monarchical party wax still xtrong. Tne . nako ?u scotched, not killed | The bloody and initiate hostility of the two part lex, | the Escoces aud Vorkinoa kept all.*o the old animosity : between the republicans and inonarchiita. Although theue names afford very littie information of th* object* ; or principles of the two purtid*. It is well knows that the content between theui involved the question of the return of the Spaniards to powar, the Knomi being charged by their antagonists with a design to dalivar tha republic over to some Bourbon I'rlnce. Hence they were called borbonlstas The Vorkinoa war* in fliror of a free, liberal republican form of government, attar the style of tbo government of tha I'nited States Mr. Poinsett.our minister, one of the ablest diplomatist* ever seiu out b? our government* gave his powerful aid nd coui.tenauce to further the purposes of the Vorkinoa lie perceived tha intrigues of the European monarchies to undermiuu and overthrow republicanism on this continent; and in acoordance with the principle laid down so euiphutioally by Mr. Monroe, ha resolved to sparu no efforts to dttnut them. ' When the bad combine. the good luust associate,"' xaid Kdward Burke?and Mr. Potiuelt acting upon this principle, labored incessantly in rallying the republicans of Mexico, to the d?leuce of their constitutional rights. A momentary triumph ol'the Kboocea.gave the Presidency to Pedrai*.who. however, wau soon compelled to abdicate in favor of liuerrero, the choice of the Federal or Vorklno nartv After ?t>U ... .U ... -- . * ?... lavuci ?uor me ueieal 01 UkmOAH. we hear uo more of the monarchical party in Mexloo. until the late developments which preceded and caused the overthrow of I'aredes. It should be remarked, however, that there were many of the Kseoeee party, who were innocent of any design to restore the Hpaniards ! to power, but that such waft the main purpose of the ieadero of thin party, was abundantly proved by the expedition of Barradas, which wan made on strong assurances of Hupport from the Ksooces in Mexico. Thin result justified the courHe. and approved the sagaoity of Mr. 1'oinsett, who was much blamed in this country, for his interference In the domestic affairi of Mexico. Now. the question arisen, is our government prepared to yield tbe lirinciple of Mr. Monroe, and to condemn the course of * Ir. Poinsett, by regarding with iiilent indifference the Intrigues of Kuiopean monarchies to regain Rower in Mexico' From indications already given by Ir. I'olk, ws think that the doctrine of the non-interference of hurope in the affairs of thia continent, will be rigidly maintained by him but it will not do for our government to content ItM-lfwith merely enunciating this principle, and threatening wrath and destruction to all who disregard it. We must take measures to defeat their Intrigues, not by arms alone, but by that moat potent engine of Kuropean usurpation?diplomacy. We must light the Devil with lire We uiustdraw nearer to our sister republics of thia Continent and make with them liberal treaties, containing provisions against the admission of loreign powers and forms of government, Into the States of America We must keep our eyes upon the plots and intrigue.- of Kuropcau powers, and must, in our intercourse with theui, maintain tlie position, that as we abstain from all intermeddling in their arrangement!, on their oontluent, us we never interfere by word or deed In the many unjust and outrageous acts done by them, under the plea of the necessity of supporting their Institution?so wo expect and require that they shall keep within their own bailiwick, and allow tne States of America to govern themselves in their awn way. THE KVACITATION OK TAHA8C0 [Kroui the N. O. 1'icayune. Aug. 8 ] We promised yesterday to recur to tbe evacuation of Tabasco, but wu find very little to add to what has al> ready been said. We translate from the Sun of Anai txuac one artiolc:? , Reports are circulating in tbe oity in regard to the i withdrawal from Tabasco, verified by the troops which ' garrisoned it, which differ in very important points from . I ?,.> r 1 mi |?II|<>I> avuuuuui llunilinlK III" aCCOUOUl W? bUIl Untied yesterday.) After publishing the news which I we did, impartiality requires uh to give & place in our 1 columns to the other accounts, but without guaranteeing their accuracy, especially a* they want entirely offlcial character, ujion wnich we rely to avoid responsibility. The Mexican forces stalioned in the immediate *l?lnity of Tabasco, as we are informed, were very numerous; und the American commandant of Tabaseo, con sldering that the forces under his command would be unable to resist an attach with any probability of ?ucoess. prepared to evacuate the city. He did this in some haste (no tin Laituntr frttinncion) bevause the Mexican forces who observed his proceedings, at once commenced active operations, and actually made an attack upon the plaza. The Tabascans have again taken possession of the city, and it Is ti?w expected that they will direct their attention to the village of Krontora, where there is a . small American force,supported by the vessels which ao ' coinpanied them there, ottering them a safe asylum iu an extremity. i We glTe the abovu without comment. It will not be, long before the official despatches will appear. , I.ATE A.NI) INTKUKSTINi; PHOVI TAYPK.O. , | Krom the New Orleans 1'icayune. Aug H ] - The schooner William and fcll/.abeth, i.apt Beach arrived yesterday from Tampico. which place she left on , the :)Oth ult. <-apt. beach has favored us with the fol r lowing intelligence: It will be gratifying to his friends that Lieut.Taneyhlll, , who accompanied Col. l)e KufHy's expf ditlon, and was f left wounded, mortally ae was supposed, at the I alaboto, where the expedition was ambuscaded by the enemy. Is 4 still living Au express from him arrived at Tampioo, I nmiUR tuw II" nnn uinug well, HUU re. | IK'HUIl V, I D?l nil clothiuic be nent to him. It wan expected that a Mni , aan liriitcriHiit of artillery, a prisoner at Tampico, would be exchanged fur linn i It hud been ariOTtnlnod that ("Jan. <iaray bait four L teen prlnoner? in hi* hund*. wlilcb ha<l been taken from Col D? Itu.^y h party, which raduoe* by that number , tli** uumber Mippofe-d to hare been killed in th? * * ' peditiou. (fen (iarity Ii?h, it in Kaid.ii force of not Ikin than three thoiiHuud men within ten mile* of Tampico lie out* oft almont entirely the mipplieit from the country for the 'I'auiplco mnrket, and Inn effectually stopped the trade with the Interior. On the tilth ultimo an expedition, conflicting of the I i S Dohoonnr Petrel, l.leut ( om'r Moore, with a detach nieut of marine* und an artillery ti-ponuder. in addition to her armament, who towed up the I'anuca by the Hteamer Indlne The object of thin expedition Wa* not publicly known, but wax tiiippoocd to be to intimidate the Mexican*, und prevent tbeui froiu cutting off den Taylor H dcxpatclien should he he at San Lulu Potoul, I and de*lre to xend hiit communication* by way of Tampico. The Mexican dexpatcheit for the interior have all . been stopped. fin II... u ?- .iu. -? ? 1 , vate* of the LonUluna regiment hail been In the habit of Mtealing cartridge* and aelliag thorn to the Mexican*.? r Over MXty pound* wax found concealed la a Mexican , out houne with a proportionate <|uantity of ball*, he.? Two men of companie* I) and II were under arrest. and WH wax though" tbat more were implicated The car, trilgjrt bad been <>1<J at l'J\ cent* apiece. I Since the erection of *hed* for the troop* they ha*'' I hern rt-markably healthy. Whatever *ickue** existed 1 among them wan mainly in the detachment of I'ennaylvanian* 'f The U. K propeller Major Tompkin* wait to nail noon ? for thin port. r ARMY. 1 The ?team*bip Alabama. < apt. Kilery, left taut eve) ning for Vera ('.run. She took down < apt. Lenlie < bane i A**i*tant (4uarterma*ter, with $300,OVO in gold fur the I4uarterma?ter'rt Department at the Braio?; al*o, brlx <?en. Tbo* Marntiail, Major < hurohlll. of the i ommliI nary Department, and Mr. Ilenrv Hirdi>all. < onipany |.' < ,of the llth infantry, left for Vera Cru? under th# ,. command of (,'apt Mri oman; a detachment of the Htn infantry, unier the command of ' apt. A L. shepherd; 0 l?t <1 Andrew*, 3d Artillery; Augu*tu* K. Levy, Port ? Oflice Department, P II Moore; A. J liendrlek, Sut ,. ler; Manuel I (uttlere/; H. A. Kollanibee; P. Daley, . J Daniel*; ' DeHu**y; and 4'> team*tera aud ujeoba j nlc* for lien Hcott* army. Commercial bu*lne**. we tire told, I* in a moat pro* Irate condition in the city of Mexico. Scarcely a pack1 age of good* ban been received there for the (aat three m'intba from Vera riu or elsewhere on the liulf The foreign merchant* there are Impatiently awaiting the ! arrival of Hen Hcott They think that If the event would not lead to a peace, an open cvuimunlcation be taeen that aud Vera C'rur. would fallow. Indirectly they influence to Home extent public feeling there, and tbi* may have it* tthiire in producing the de*lre for peace prevailing io a greater extent nt the capital than elsewhere \tw Orltant Drlta,Hi\ fn#f. NAVAI.. U. S sloop of war Albany Hailed from Norfolk for Boaton on the loth iu*t. KIIwvIIwii'oim The HooJ in the Ogeeche ha* not abated. tlieprevelence ofea*terly wind* operating, having prevented the t-*cape of the Immnu** c|uantHie* of water to the oceaa. The road to Marten I* Impalpable , the mall of Monday ha* not yet been alile to leave here. Thn Iom on ? portion of the Ocner-he 1* very heary, a* It In e*timaWd at no I?m lintii flMKK) buahel* of dee. Kour hundred acre* of one crop In Irretrievably lout.? Sat anttah Ilryuhlican, Hit. init. The magnetic telegraph poet* are up for some mi lee Routh of our city We hope to *?e the wire *trung along next month, and the telegraph it**lf in full operation by November. We ?hall then be able to give oar reader* new* from New Y ork and HulTalo, live or *kx day* in advance of the malt in rummer, and ten or twelve day* ahead, In winter. ? Milwaukir Smtinrl,9il> intl, The public land oalee at Mllwankle. for the month of July, amounted to 'iM.'iil anil a fraction of acre* *old, for which $M,27fl 'J7 were received. About two-third* of the '.ana wu gold In 1?U of 40 acre* earh. I'traonal mid I'nlltlrnl. On Haturday forenoon, by Invitation of the (team towlK>at company, Mr. Walker, Secretary of the Tre**ury, made an excurnlon among the l*land* In the harbor, anil In the bay, on board f he steamer K II K or bee In the afternoon. Mr Walk?*r dined on lioard the royal ma'l , *tramnhlp Hliterula, by Invitation of < apt. Hyrie. Hut ton Jl<lvtrti?*r,-Auk Iti I J. U. Morri* I* the democratic cundidale for <' Bgreai i or the ? lermont dietrlct, Ohio. > A ?

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