Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1847 Page 3
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r / } A J phi*; ud the whole of tha W*t?r? trad* of that city dt*p*nila principally npan that channel of commanloation. The above ahlpmeutx from Philadelphia for July giT?* wau idea of the trade of that city with the State of Ponnaylranla anil with the Western Btatrf. It will be aeon that moat of the artlclec transported, are itaple article* of oonaumptlon in ttone neotiona of tha oouatry. Slock Exciiana*. *7000 Trfas Notes 6'* 103,\ 100 ?hs Reading KR blO 66 *5000 do I03?, 40 Morru Canal 17 V 1VI00 do <601 10'i 10 do bl 17 C WOO do s3 103k 100 Farmers Trim 34 V 1BOOO do 110 10.1V 100 do 36 10W do c 103vZ 40 Nor V Wor b60 4SV mosufi't'it ?) ioi'J 40 do ?io 55* -0"0 Illinois 9pl 46V ia do il U '>noa Reading Bdi it 76V. 40 Long Island 32'? 5W0 do 76V 150 do MOO do 76 50 do bia 3t\ S Hi,hi R'ading KM to J50 Harlem 65 150 do ?30 65'i 50 do blO 65 8*eond Board. Jluow Tress Nofea b 14 103 50 ?hi Harlem . 65>n iUllO do 103 100 do b90 66 , .'>000 do *15 13 20 Manhattan Bank 9*,'. M00 do 103 50 Nor k Wor _ 55 1 j0 nil* Harleui GV'? 25 do bl5 55V 10 do 65'S 100 Reading b3 65,a HO do b30 6aV New Stock Kxcbanc* 40 tin Farmers Loan i3 35 V 50 (ha Harlain R btw 65 V, 40 do ?J0 34 100 do b3 64V 51 do b3 34V 50 do ?J 64 10 Harlem RR itw 64)2 .'o Reading R stw 06V 4 0 do bl 65V 5 I Long Island blw 32V 150 do btw 65V 50 do c 32V 140 do c 65 50 do *3 32V 50 do |3 65 CITY TRAJDE RH5PORT. New Yoa*, Mowoar ArTgastoo*, Auo. 10. Diving to tna eariy oipoowu tber by the Cambria at Boj'.on. or the French steamer Miiuoarl, aue at this port, transactions in produce gener Jly were ratber light. Sales of straight brand* Genesee ia burural small lota, were made at $8, and small salt* of d> were made at $4 87X a fa 94. Small sales of Ohio flit boop were made at ft), and.a small lot of Ohio, July ground, at $5 62)?. The market continued bare of southern dour, and quotations nominal. A small sale of western wheat was 'made at $1 12. Corn oontlnned In fair demand, and sales chiefly of western mixed were pretty freely made at 76c., inoluding parcels of yellow at 77o A email lot of round was reported sold at 78c. Late on Saturday afterno on, a handsemelot of mixed was reported soid at 80o. The market closed at 76c. for mixed, and 77c. for yellow. Western meal was worth $2 76 a $3, and New Jersey, $3. A sale of old rye waa made at 85c. new; was worth 82c. Sales of oat* were made at 4So. Tork continued inactive; mess oould hare been purchased at $1-5 26, and prime at $13 369. A lot of nmoked sides sold at 8>?o., and lard in barrels at lOo (irocerles were rather quiet, while prices continued steady. Receipts doww the Hudson Kivkr. Jiug 13. Jiug 11. Total Flonr.libli. i,?01 8,172 11,770 Coru Meal, bbl? 409 211 7 III Corn, buaheli 11.97 1 6,698 21,((>9 WheaU " 1 7(10 2,0(9 3.740 Rye, " 2,0J0 ? 2,0i0 Ashes?Small sales of Tots were made at $5, and of Fearls at $8 36. Breadstuff*? Flour?A number of small sales of Uenesee Hour were made, footing up altogether, about J000 a 1200 barrels, at $ti; 3 a 40U do Ohio flat hoop sold at $6, and a small lot of 100 do Ohio, July ground at $6 62H|. There was scarcely any southern flour in market rn ?ale, and the quotations nominal at $?. WKtal?We only heard of a small sale jf western at 112c. Corn? Hales of about 12 a 16 100 bushels, in various separate quantities, of western mixed, sold at 76o; 3%00 do sold at 7oXo; 20iR) do flat yellow sold at 77c; asmall lot of northern round was reported sold at 78o. Late on Saturday a u lot of 2000 do. handsome mixed, was reported sold, to arrive at 80o. To-day, 3000 do. mixed, a little warm, sold at 74o Altai?Sales of 300 bbls. western JSew York, Hold at $2 76; and 300 do. at $3. New Jersey was worth $3 60 Aye?A sale of 1400 bushels, old, waa made at 85c ; new was worth 83o. Oats?Sales of 7 a 8000 bushels were made at 47o. Candlki ? Sperm were steady at 31o. Coffee?'The market waa steady, but no sales of moment transpired, Cotto*,?The sales to-day amount to !HK) bales, chiefly t'rlnua urn ?erir Hrm at our inside nuota tions. LmuooL CLAiiiricATion. t/eio Orleans Uplands. Florida. Blob, t Ttxai Inferior..... ... ... nqoe. none. noue. Ordinary 11V a 11V ll>?a 11V 11V a 1 !> IViidJIiBK lit, a 12>, 12 a 12V 12 a 12V Good Middling 12V a 12V 12 V ? 12V 12 V a 12X Middling Fair 12V a 12K 12V a 12V 12V a 13 Pair... 13 a 13V 13 a 13V 13V a 13V Fallv s'air UVa 1SV 13V a 13V !3V a 13V (ioo<l fair 13V a 13V nonr. 13V a 14 Fiat ? a 14 none. ? a 14V Fiih?The market wan more active, and at ftill prloei. bales of 1600 quintals dry rod were made at $3 li'JV a f>3 To. Sales of 400 barrels mackirel were made embracing No. I'd >t $12 76 a $13, aud No. 2's at $8 03V a $6 76, and 300 do. No. 3's at $0 76. Sales of 1000 boxes poaled herring* were made at 90c.; No. 1'a d?. at too., and No. 3'a do. at Sac. 470 boxea do. superior quality, sold at $1. Hkmf?Sales of 76 bales America* dew rottod wer<? kuadoat $160 per ton; 1#0 do. were previously sold at $136c?sh. -'1 he market, on acoount of an advance in the we?t. caused by the bad prospects of the present crop, and limited supplies on hand, closed very firmly. Lime?Two oargoes of TbomaBton were sold at 83 a 86c Lead?-I'ig was nominal at 4o. Moi.a??i:? ? Continued (inn. but sale* were limited. Natai. Storks?The market for Spirits Turpentine couliuued uusuttled. There were buyers at 400, but we heard of no sales; sellers asked a higher figure. There w?s no change in raw or in Iloain. Tar was worth $2 .17V a $2 60. Oil>?The market for Linseed was jqulet, only small sales were making, without change In prices; spring strained unbleached, was worth 107 a 110c, andwlntar Sperm do 116c; selected N. W. whale was worth 34 a 36c i'RovimoNi?There were sellers of Mess Pork at $16 36, and of prime at $13 36; Beef, city mess, was worth $13 76 a $13; and city prime at 76 a $9?the difference in quotations showing the difference betw> en the views of fiuyrrs aud sellers; 37 bhds smoked Baoon aides sold at bV<v Sales of 100 bbls pickled shoulders were made at "V a C^c. and of 76 bbls Hams at 7Vo. Lard?100 bbls .mil .t in,., nrimu In kvira ?u worth 11a llVc. < htt'se?s-al?n of 30,000 His were made for export at 7^c. wan no change in Butter. H icr.?Prime quality continued Arm, at $5 25 a $S 75. | ,8rr.Dk?Said* of soo busbt-ls Flaxseed were made at $1 and liO bbla Timothy, hravy quality, from Maine, were sold at V*o; and 60 bblfi Ohio Clover were reported, old at \c Sugar?The market oontinued steady, but no sale* of moineut transpired Tai.i.ow?baluH of 4,000 lbs. were made at 9.'? oents. Whalebone? No change in prices. Whiskby.?Sales of 1(h) bbls. of Ohio were made at 37>a Cents. KarioHTi?A transient ship offered to take flour for Liverpool, at '2s 3d; l,IKI0 bblH. were engaged for Glasgow at 2a ticl., to till up; 2.000 barrels were engaged for Loudon, at 3* 3d , by a packet ship?prain in bags, by the name, was reported at lOd. To Liverpool, the la?t engagement made for ootton, was at >?d. per pound. No chauge to the Continent. TfCLEGUAPIIIC. Market!. Baltimore, August 16?P.M. Our flour market exhibited Increased firmness, with more doing. Sales of 800 barrel* Howard street were made at (4, and 2000 do, including city mills, part fresh ground at $4 23. Sale* of 1000 bushel* of wheat were made, embraoing Maryland reds at 123 to 125 cents, in. eluding tome handsome Pennsylvania do at 128 cents.? Corn was firm. The (took oontinued light, while prices had an upward tendency. Moderate sales of Maryland white and yellow were made at 70 cent*, inoluding lot* of handtome quality do at 76 cent*. Provisions ?no chang*. Whiskey steady, BurrALO, Aug. 16?P. M. Flour was inactive, and sales very light. We quote I Western ?nu Michigan at *6 :t7,s. uood Western Wheat w i Arm ' $1 < 6 a $1 08. Sales of 200<> busholH of sound Weiter.i Corn were made at Mo. Sales of 1000 bushils of O it* were m ide at 33o. No change In provisions. Whiskey stood the sam't with moderate sales. As dealers ii breadstuff* begin to look for tha steamer's news the market for flour closed without animation. Receipts during the past twenty-four hours were as follows: ? Flour, l.MO barrel*; Wheat, 60.000 bushels; Corn, 10.100 bu-liels Freights by Canal to Albany- Flour, 06o ; Wheat, 17c and Corn Mo. Alsa?y, August 16 ?P. M. There was little or nothing doing in (lour, and there was no change in prises. Bales of 6000 bushels of sup* I rior raised Northern corn were made at 78c. Sales of ii0#() bui-hels of oats were made at 47o. Sales of ftOObbls whiskey were made at 38o. Receipts by canal :?Flour, r.000 bbls ; corn, 13.600 bushels, wheat, 4000 do.; oats, i(i*o do. Vessels plenty, andfrelghts easy. Died. On Sunday evening, Aug. 16, Ralph McIhttsk, aged 1 37 years His funeral will take place on Tuesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, frrm his late residence, 630 Bowery. The members of Washington Lodge No. 31, and the Masonic Fraternity In good standing, are respectfully invited to attend at their Lodge Room, Howard House, on Tuesday afternoon, at half-past 2 o'clock, to pay the last tribute k c,f ixipect to their departed brother On Sunday evening, after a shor' Illness. Miss CoanK| 11? . olk?. daughter of the late Jo dan Coles, In the 26th year of her ago. The friends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend her funeral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, k from her late resldeic 78 Henry street, Brooklyn. I Weekly Report of Death* I la the city end conntv ol New York, from the 7th day of I Ausnit to the 14th dsy of August, 1847. I Men. 90. Wom?n,77 ; Beys, l?J; (iirls, 102. Total, 391 I DitKsiaa I AHicess, I; A|w>pleiy,7; AtroiAia, I; Bleeding from lunrs, I 1; Broiii'luti'. 3; Csrnesis,1; ( ?*?r, I; Casualties, 2: ChoiI ers infantum, 54; Cnoler* Morbus, 4; Consumption, 28; ConI vuliious, 33; Croup, t; Const ipagon, 1) Csncrum Orris, I; I Debility, 16; Delirium 1 remens. 4; DisrrhiBs, 20i Dropsy, 3; i Dropsy in theliesd, 15; D'ofisv i? (he rhest, |; Drowned. 4; I pyteutery, 40; Kpile|??v, 1; Lrjsipelas, 3; Fever, S; Fetar **ES^FeeeeSH??B=SSH5*555-i Biliona, S; Fever Puerperal. liTmiHamitteof, 4s Fever Typhoid, 14; Fewr Tjrphn', 17; S"?reT Congestive, I; Hf?t PI seise, 4< InfUminanou of bladder, 1; lnnammatiou olbrain, 7; Inflammation of bowels, IS; Inflammation of luugs, II; ludiminution] of throat, I; luJtatnmitou ol livsr, 4; Inflammation of stomach, 2; lusanitv. 1; lulcmperence,6; Inanition, 3; J<tu~dice, I; Mirumm, St; Measles, 4; Mortification. 1; Old Age, 4; PaUy. 3; Premature birtii, J; Premature' Jibor, I; Kui.ture, 1 Scrofula, 1; Schwrns. 1; Teething, I; Ulcera, 1; Unknown, I. _ _ . , ? , . Age? Uudrrone year, ft: 1 lot yeais, 67; Sto 5 S3; 5 tall, 17- 10 to 20,8; 20 to 30,30'o 40. 45; 40 to 5<?. SI: SO to 60, S4; 60 to 79,|15; 70 to 80, 6. W u.? \ 6; unknown, IJ A W. Will i k, ? ity Inspector City Inspector's Olliu*. August It, I8W. Members or croton lodoe no. 7?, i.o.oi O. K , are particularly rrquested to meat at their regular l.odge Room, IS7 Bowery,this I fnrsday) evenin(,at 8o'clock, lor the purpose of adottiug some new bye-lawa. Punctual attendance la required By order of WILLIAM KRIEL, N. O. IliCHtau N. OuMMKMaKt.1., Secretarv. aul6 2t*re A BILLIARD TABLh. KOK SALE.?One in perfect order, with a act of queue*, balls, kc.. all complete, will ba sold cheap for caah. Can be aeeu at No. 27 Dey afreet. Apply to the Preaideut of the Swiss Club, Mr. A. Groacl >ude, No. 145 Fulton atreet. up ataira. auP6i'rrc FOUND?On Friday evening, 13th matant, a amall of inouey. The owner ran get the aanie by aatiafyiug the Under of the trua ownership, by applying at No. 6 Fletcher at. al7Jt*m LOST?A Bank Book on the Chamber-street Saviuga Bank, No. 103,562. The finder will .please leave it at the Bauk. au!7 If re JAMES B_AIRD. LOST?On Sunday j bunch ol keys; the tinder will receive liberal reward and the thinks of the owuer, by leaving the same at tbe a,ore of S. 8. Wyckolf, Iti2 Veaey atreet. au!7 3t? rc NOTICE.-THE RoSE HILL SALES AND EXchange Stablea, corner of 21th atreet and 3rd avenue. The aubacriber tikes this method to inform hia customers and the public generally, that after this date the price per day of every horse kept a' this establishment will be 50 cents. REYNOLDS K. NORTHRUP, Proprietor. New York. August Uth, 1817. a!7 2Wrc BOARD?Two or three aingle geutlrmen can be accommodated with breaklaat, tea, and dinner on Suudava, in a pleasan' aud genteel location, with comfortable and newly furnished rooms, where there are warm, cold, aud shower baths, with every other convenience. A| ply at 693 Broadway. aul7 3t*rc ' FANCY GOODS?V. A. AKTAULT. Proprietor of the Lafayette Bazaar. 149 aud 161 Broadway, up siairs, has j ust impoited a tunable dock for fall trade, which he offers to country meichauts on encouraging terms, consisting of fancy inltid work boxes, flue fans. cut glass, Paris porcelain ware, purses, ladiea bugs, iwrfumery, jewelry, steel goods, kc.; in fine the moat spTeudid and varied stock of fancy and useful icoods to be found in t^ii city. Country merchants are invited to rail. _ au!7 6tis?rc NEW 8ILK ?. doT>S.?JAMt8B EC K U CO. call" the attention of buyers of Silk Goods, to their large atock of NEW FRENCH DRESS GOODS, Such as Silki, Cashmeres, Embroidered Uobcs, Moui. de Laines, Ginghams, Bombazines, Drap d'Hte Dames Camel's Hair. ALSO Embroidered Cellars, Capes, Chemizettes, Handkerchiefs, 8to., the la.gest assortment. . ALSO, Lace Robes, Capes. Collars, kc., of every description, and by far the most extensive in New York. ALSO. Hosiery aud Oloves, of a new aud superior make. ALSO, Irish Poplins, plain aud plaid. ALSO. Scotch Shawls and Long Shawls, of every plaid aud clan Urtau, of the finest make. The above, with a full assortment ol Fancy and Staple Goods, are now offered at unusually low prices to wholesale buyers, at No. 359 Broadway. au!7 2weo?rc | N I HODUCTIONS FOR. MARK I AGE?Ladies and gen a tiemeu ure respectfully imormeu mat mis ouice is iocai*? at 1) White street. Office noun (or ladies, (s lady ill attendance) from 9 A. M> until 3 P.M. Office hours for iientlemen from i until m I*. M. References exchanged All communications, post paid, will receive prompt atteutiou, and be treated confidentially. A. 1). K1LBY. an IT l'*rc Tl H'lLfc. BO UP.?Tile proprietor of the Bank Coffee Home, No 11 Piue street, would respectfully iufoini his epicurean fi lew's and the public, that he will serve up, This D >y, a remarkably fine Oreeu Turtle in Soup aud Steaks; also a fi.e lot of Island Terrapins. He will serve qp Soup aud Terrapins every dav this week, having made arrangem? uts for a regular supply of Turtle and Terrapin* for ilia seaion. JAMES FOSSETT. N B.?Families supplied with Soup or Terrapins. al7 3t?m ? EL LI NO OFF.?Kicnch Artificial Flowers. Feathers and materials for tloris s; a large stock, with 6 cases Flowers, of the newest style, just received by the latest arrivals, tor sal* below cost; the owueis giving up the entire business. Also,2 cases fancy Boxes, for boubous. BRUN LAHOSIER*'. fcCOURT, al7 30t*m 199 William street, iNew York. rpHK EYE.?DR. WHEELER. Oculist, 29 Gieeuwich X street, devotes his exclusive attention to diseases of the Eye and Op'.halinic surgery. Artificial eves for sale, and inserted ou reasonable terms. Office hours from 8 A. M. to 1 P. M , after which he visits out-door patients. A pamphlet containing remarks on diseases of the eye. with nutne-ous instances of great cures effected by Dr. Wheeler's mode of treatment, cau be had gratuitously at his residence or the same will be forwarded to auy making application to him b letter, post |uid. au!7 litis TuThfkSat*rc ANALYSIS OF BEAUTY.?To give the face the oval form, and the complements of beauty, says Winkleiiutu, the apostle of beauty, the hair ought to crown the forehead, and to surround the temples, describing a portion of a circle, as it is in general seen iu beautiful persons. This form f the forehead is appropriate to all ideal heads. On this point Lavater concurs iu the same opinion with Winkle man; and ihe a icients thought .the hair produced a very bad effect if it descended so low as to hide the forehead. Lucian, designing lo represent in the most ludicroui manner, the hair of an ugly woman says that it wis short, tlit, and glued down as it were to Iter forehead, which might lead us indeed, were, the circumstances not so remote, to imagine he was describing some letnedy, however, ii fortunately at hand, and triumphs ovei Nature: and ihe world renowned Poudre Subtile, the inveu tiou or that ingenious chemist, Dr. Fell* Gouraud, will eradicate every fibre of supe'fluous hair wherever applied, and dinplay the hidden beauties and intellectual development* ol either in<le or leinale forehead*. Oat be ?urr and get the genome preparation, and that i? to be procured at ihe Doi tor's only depot in New York, 07 Walker atreet, firat store from Broadway. anl7 30t*m KW HTYLfc Of MUSICAL INSi'KtlMhlM i'a.Jmt received from the firat manufactories in Vienna and Pari*, an assortment of the lateat and inoat approved musical instrument*, consisting of bus instruments called Bassa Tubes, in (' and E flat, with from 3 to 6 cylinder and (a new style of valve called) dium, which ihe perloriner can regulate uy the springs of the valves, to move according to his Inncyin one moment; also I ICuphoneum with 4 cylinder valves, the m?st complete bass solo instrument in use, for orchestra or military bands, together with a general assortment of musical instruments, such as Sai Horns, Ebo Comas, Coi* uetts, Post Horns, Cornopeans, Flutes, Clarionetta he., may be had wholesale and retail, at C. O. Chriatmau's mu?ie and inusica' instrument manufactory and warehouse, 404 Peail st. mi '2 301* m _ GUtJXAF K. VVESTMAN is requested to call at the Bwe (fUh and Norwegian Consulate, 06 West street, where h* will lifsr rif Mmerhinir I" bis snft 14r<**c '|*U T/Vl LOKS.? The uudemigued has remaining on hand X ii few c<.pies of his celebrated work on Cutting, among which are a few copies slightly aoiled, but in other respects are perfect, which he will sell at a reduced price. It ia deemed unnecessary to any any thiug in praise of the above work, aa it ia universally acknowledged by the trade to be the most full and complete arrangement.ever befor published. Price ol the book complete $10 00 Do. half bound, V 00 Do. slightly soiled 5 00 Address with remittance, W. II HTINKMlCIS, jy!610t*r No. Ill B'-oadway, NtwTwk. n ENTLKMKN'S HATS-KALI. KASIIION. 1817 ? ur BeebeSi Costa', Hatters, 1)6 Broadway, New York, and 1'* Clit-stiiu t street. Philadelphia, will present the Kail Ka liiDii fnr gentlemen's hats, oil Ssturd ty, August <8th, 1817.? Up m IMIIIIK the fashion for the season, B. Ik C. beg leave to say that it is their intention to introduce * style of IihI aliogrther superior to any before offered They nave adopted an entirely new and unique mode of t'im'iiiui!. which combining in ihe hignest degree elegance of linisli and durability tends inue mil> towards the preservation of the at. Auotlier improvement will be the strict adaptation of every liar as well to the features, as to the form and size of the wear er. thereby avoiding the apparent incongruity of a large and ull man wiih a diminutive hat, vice versa, Beebe Ik Costar will preseut ou this occasion besides their well torn superior M hat, a black fur hat, of the Rocky Mountain Beaver; a superb article, which will be sold at rl.eir regular standard price. They would respectfully invite attention to the branch of their establishment, 138 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, which will lie opened on (Iir28rh inst., in a ?t\ le corresponding with their house in New York, with a superior stock of goou-i, and with the avowed object of furnishing a better hat for the price than can be found elsewhere. There will always be found at both places a full and complete assortment of hats and caps for gents, youths and children, together with ladies'riding hats and i:sps, and a vaiiety ol fancy goods appertaining to the trade, such as canes, umbrellas, gloves, Drushes, ami other articles for the toilet. The facilities nff'rded (hem by a ready and frequent intercourse with Ihe cities of Paris and London, together with the recent improvements which they have effected iu the construction and use of machinery, will enable them to offer goods of the most desirable fashion and fabrication at the very west in irket prices, either at wholesale or retail. a I530t?rc S.-.ALM) PROPOSALS WILL ilK UT.( KIVKl) AT the Commissary lit eral's olfice until the 21st nut. for forty Iron Columns, for tlif new Slate Arsenal, (agreeably to plans and specifications which can bu seen at the office, No. 30 Franklin street ) to be delivered in tweuty and thirty days it the junction ol the ith avenue and Gltli street*. ilKNRY STORMS, Commissary Geueral. New York. Aug. 16. HIT. aulStitrc ft K KOK S11I1MM NU?lO.IHiO TONS l< kjrom eigl.t l.? X twelve inches thick, put up eipressly for shipping, and packed on board vessels. Vessels Irtted for long and short voyages at the lowest market prices, and at the shortest notice, by S. M. C resetnau, Proprietor of the Union Uliter County Ice Company. Depot foot of Duane street. all I2t*rc HKdKI.KIt, M.O., Surgeon and Oculitt, ha? practised (>ir more than ten years in ditfereut parts of Kurope, Asia Minor, Lamina, Armenia, Houlh Afrira, Brazil and New Holland. jy>7 HH* ic Greenwich street. fi32. cor. Morton. Constipation (costivenrm) uESTiEoi ki> Obstinate. tuteerate and hauitniil Constipation, (I oiliveliest) not only loially nverrnme, lait also romp e'elv destroyed, without uiiug either pnrg tives. injections or bath., by a natural, aimplr, agreeable and ii,fallible means, recently ducora'ed in France, by M. Waiton, 08 Hue Kichelieu, Paris. " Price 20 cants. C.T" This treat remedr ii a light, palatable and delicious food called "Krvslenta"?a vegetable Carina? in some res|>eet( resembling arrow root. The above treatise and Krvalenta constantly on Innd at the National Depot of Warton, of Pans, eipressly established lor their ssle, at HAMMOND'iMi ( O.'S Drug Siore, 278 Broad way. corner o( f hambera street, three doors south of Stuart's marble building. Booksellers and Druggists abroad, desirous of introducing the Krvalenta in their respective cities or towns, will be dealt with on favorable terms, by addressing, post paid, "The Director of the National Depot of Wartuu, of Paris," New York, anil 30t"m __ _ __ C^OUNTHK MKKCHANTS, DKALKKH IN PKKKUJ MKRY, Toilet 8oap?. Patent Medicines, Fancy Articles. iu every vatiety, supplied upon the lowest terms at No. I ('.ourtlanilt rert, first store Irom Broadway. Also, VHOOM StFOWLK.H'S unrivalled Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soip the only genuine, awarded the first premium at the American Institute in 1844 and 1846. GEO. B OROBfcR, formerly with au4 ?ot*m V HOOM It KOVVLKH, of rto. J. BF.EKMAN HOUHI&i Nojai Beekman street. Board and Lodging by the day, week or month, on the most reaaoua ble terms. A choice ol several single rooms may be had by applying immediately. Single meals mry be had at all hours of the day and evening^ J. WILTON, ' Iflt rtj mo DENTISTS; DENTAL DEPOT, 444 BROADWAY 1. New York, where may be found a complete assortment ofTeeth, Dental Instnimentt, gold Foij. Plate, Wire, So der. spiral Springs, platina. Oold, "Uuie1 Hilter, silver Plate, wire, solder, Itc. JOSEPH T. MURPHCY. W>1 r* NfcW PAPKR"~HAN(ilNOS?F. PARES fc t.O., No 3?# Pearl street, New York, Importers and Manufacturers, have received their usual large supply of all the new (interns, of every atyle and quality, of French and American taper Hangings, Borders, Views, Fireboard rrtnta, and wtue Window Curtain P per, which they offer to dealer*, merchants, and others, at eitremtly low prices. The jnq?t competent workmen to hang paper maybehad at ytrjr abort notice. /29 30t*re ?mmmmmmmmmmmmggmmmmmmm?, CTRAY BOY.?John Cody, at* 10 rnn, light com pi f* ion, blur rm, large; freckles, round face; dress, white overnil frock, J*rk Jean j cker, striped pants, barefeet. Left his lather's liiuse i n ilie IU1I1 ioat. Any information respecting linn will be thankfully received by hi* father, ?17 If*.rc WILLIAM CODY. 3iXWhitehaU_?t__ INFORMATION WANTED?Olr Jeremiah, Hi c haul, Timothy, and Margaret Laaahliu, fiom the counts of Cork, SiriOi <if Crimnear, who emigrated to Upper Canada, iu thr ircetion of Newcastle, fifteen years ago. Any luforman n respecting them will be thankfully received by WM. SCOTT, at Daii'i Douo van's, No. M Carlisle at. New York. a?'7 l'*w ?HvtATluN WANTED OK ANNJC McOEIl. daughter of Henry Metier, uatirr of Ireland, pariah of Cregan, comity Armagh The aaid Anne McOee la about 7 or Years old, and tinted in New York ou the 7tb of March, U46, iu the ship Hoscius, in the charge of Mr. Robert Bear and family, who emigrated from England, and intended to lettie in (Jamil i. Any information respecting -aid AuuaMcCee, o' Mr. Robert Brar'a lavnly. will be thankfully received by lather Hrury McOev, who now lives iu Litchfield. Lower Canada, or her uucle. Peter McOee. maaou, coru*r 39th at. and ?<h a> euue, New York. Canada rapera pleaae copy. aul7 it*m INFORMATION WANTED OK AMOS CARTER, Blacksmith, who left Paterson, N. J., lor Philadelphia, about two years ago. Said Carter wat married iu Palersou, in the month of January, 1812. Since he left 1'aterson, iu IB41, nothing definite has been heard from him. It is reported that he died in Philadelphia about fire mouths ago. Auv |>er?ou possessing information that may lead to hia whereabouts, if living, or a knowledge of the fact, if dead, will coufrr a favor by dropping a line to CHARLES AMBROSE, Herald Office, ft. Y. IT~7"" Philadelphia papers please copy. aul7 lt*Je WANTED?A SITUATION AHnTIKSE and SEMPTRKS3, or Chambermaid and Semptresa, by resoectlble young woman, of considerable eiperience. Oood city reference Has no objectiou to go a short distance in the country. Please apply at No 32 Whitehall street. a!7 itis're WANTED?A situation as Por'er in a respectable establishment, by a young man ol sober, industries habits. ? ho \viilea a good hand, add i? capable ol trauuctlug an outdoor bu-iuem. Cau come well iccgmmruded. Wages uot so much of an ohjert an permanent emplot ment. A note addressed H. F., left at this office, will be attended to. <u 17 3t*rc A PARISIAN LAt)V, WHO HA8 BEEN TEACHING the French language several \ears in thia couuirv. ia deairoiis to enter iu a acliool or a private family, to teach that language. Keferences, the French ('omul in New York; Baltimore, Mr. Hiiyin >ud, Preaideut of 8t. Mary's College, and several of tiie moat reap'stable families whoae children the Ins iustructe I lerrrdytin. Inquire 737 Broadway, at Mr. Pll-L.ET'8 Boarding Houia. _ aul7 3t?ic yjLI ANTS A 8ITUATIO\ aa chambermaid and ptaiu i.eem die worker, or rhildreu's nurae, and la willing to make lieraelf generally u eful; no hjeotiou to travel. In<|nire for vlarirnret. 18!l Bowery, front basement au'7 It* re WATCHMAKER WAN I'ED.-A good Watchmaker IS wauled immediately. Apply to j?I7 3tis*rc N. A. NlEEMAN. 1*9 Broadwar. WANTED?A Pressman, who undent lids every department of the bu?ine?a. Apply to Fourth 8t iry Herald Building*. A' Errand Boy, well recommended. al7 It rrc WANTED? V aittiatiou, by a (Jermau girl, to do general h usework; ia a good washer and irouer, and ia tvilliug to make herself generally useful; MS lived nearly two yeara in her last place, and cau give the beat o( city reference. Please apply at No. 508 Greenwich at aul7 It in WANTrD FOll THE SOUTH?One or two very aupe ri jr Milliueri. No oilier than experieuced ladiea need apply. Alio, one or two ladiea to attend iu a fancy atore. Tlioae who have had experience would be preferred Also, one very superior Dress Maker. None but the moat competeutand complete in this><e|iartmeutneed apply. Apply No. in Pa'k Place, frcm the hours of 3 to 6 o'clock, P. M. alt> 3tl>*rc AYOUNU MAN, 21 years of age, who cau give the moat unexceptionable references, obtain a sitauturn with a lauiily, or with a single gentleman, i;oiug abroad.? German fluently. Has no objection to go to the South,or to (lit- West Indies. Please address by letter to H. K. Hupprecht, l\>-t Office, New York. aul6 2t*rc WANTED A SITUATION AS CLERK OK PORTER in a Dry OoQMi Crockery, or whllw! Grocery Store, by'a respectable young man, who understands tlie Gernvui, English and Kreuch lauguages, and is well ?ciiuainted with the above buiiuess. He is willing to in >ke h'nuelf i(enerally useful. Reference given.. Iuiinire No. 14 Norfolk street, for N. R. nll6t*rc A TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR BOND, or a Tliouiand Dollar Loan, on approved property, will be given as guarautv for a responsible Situation, either in or on Public Works of any drscriptiou. or in any private establishment. Address Herald office. D. C. 8. au!27t*rc 4Jtt PL REWARD?LOST?On Monday evening, the 9th inst ,a Carpet Bag containing a geiitlem'u's wearing aj>paiel. It is supposed to have been left by the porter by nnslake at .some liatel. Any person returuing the same to 66 BeaverstiW. will receive the above reward. aul7 2t*n? 0 'J[ 1 lifciVAKU.?Th? house No. 21 West Fifteenth *9?" street, was burglariously entered on the 30ih of July last, and robbed of the following articles.viz:?17 Tea Spoous marked A. ii.B ; 4 do marked J. ii.; 10 Silver Forks marked A H. B.; 1 Sug >r Tongs, A. H. B ; 1 Napkin Ring, A. 11. B. The above reward will be raid for the recovery of the property, or any information where it may be found, by applying to Cart. JOHNSTON, of 18th District Police, or to A. 8. BAKER, No. 21 West 15th street. aul5 3tis*rc Dissolution ok 'partnership -The co partnership lately commenced uuder >he nauie of Clark St Reynolds, has been dissolved this 8th August, 1847. GILBERT S. CLARK. J AS. M. CLARK. EuWARD REYNOLDS. The business will be attended to by the Subscribers, at their office, No. 33 John street, corner of Nassau." S. I.l./IKH. j*uliJt*rc J AS. M. CLARK. P LATIN A.? Ill Wire, Plate anil Koil?Ror sale by L. B. BINS8K li CO., 83 William St.. 2d lloor. al4 6t*rc DACiULRRfcOTYPK I'LATKH?L. B BINSsk ?i CO., 83 William street, second tloor. have on liaud are constantly receiving, Daguerreotype Plates, Nos. 30, 40 anil 60, of their brand, so favorably known throughout the Uuited States, which they warrant equal in quality to any ever im|>orted by ihem.and which they offer forsale at the lowest market prices. Chemicals and other substances used in the Photo5raphic process. Veightlander's Oerman Cameras, imported irect from Vienna, always for sale. L B. BINHSK Ic CO. 83 William street, al4 6t"rc secoud floor. Til IC 8lJ BSCHIBKH is grateful to the smokiug public for the evidence he is daily receiving; of their appreciation of his efforts to furnish them w'itli the best Segars that can be procured from Havana, and he pledges himself that nothing hall deteriorate from what he prides himself is a justlr earned reputation, liis agent at Havana will continue to select the best Segnrs that can be procu'ed, >ud at the lowe* rates.? Among the last importations, are some very choice, <ff the fol lowiug brands Palo Alto, Regalias, (very prime,) Cgues, Orama >'Rosas, Old/ack, KI Leou de Oro, Neura Kmiircsas, Maciouals, India, Auliquidads, Cleinencias, 4ic. Kor sale iu lots upon terms to ensure a duplicate visit. H. IIKNRlyUKH, an 14 30t*rc lOfi Broadway. cor.< f Pine st / MIKAP CASH KSTABLISHMKNT.?The unJWTgued furuishes ships steamers, hotels,i,b >ardiug houses and families with all kinds of stores at wholesale prices. Amoug liisstock may he found groceries, liquors, segars, line wines, Ml baskets Due D. Moutahello ana Heidsick C hampagne; 210 half chests black and green Tea will be sold at great bargains toclose a cousiguineut. Country merchants aiiiTuptowu grocers would do well to call. All orders from the country will be promptly attended to. Masters uf vessels having small lots of goods to dispose offor cash will please call. Orders amounting to $10 will be sent home tree of c.vtage. mi8 30t*rc A U. MILLS. ? Water st. t> HARLkS KULLfcR, wholesale and retail deiler in J S Jennings' new patent premium saint> Oas Lamia; also, Patent 1 Imsgene Oas for do. Also Camphiue, Spirit Oas, Oil and Lard La nps, Hall Lanihorus.tiiraiiaoies, fcc.,nfihc most approved styles and patterns. Also. Camphiue, Spirit Oas, llil. Wicks, fee. fcc. No. 272 Greenwich street, between UhamDers anil Warren street*. *3 3#t*rc NEW YORK, HAVRE AND HAKIS EXPRESS AGENCY.?The Undersigned having despatched a special Agent to France, to attend to the business of the Ageucy, will receive order* for the purchase and transmission of goods of all descrtptious by the t rench Steamers, on the moat reasoinlile terms, and with the greatest |>rom|iUicaa aud despatch. Letters and parcels will alio be -eceived lor transmission to and from the Continent. The Philadelphia will leare I>tew York on the 15th of Angutt, aud a letter bay for that ve?el ii now ready at No. 10 Wall street. Orders from any part of the Uuited States and Canada, (post paid.) will be atteuded to. It in Mt rre LIV1NOHTON, WELLSI k. CO. PALLADIUM, PLAI ,NA, A>D IMIDIUAI Pol NTH, ?Lamp-makers who re<|uire palladium for bronzing liiiuor, may now br supplied at a low price. Likewise platma in wire and plate, a'lil pen point* of su|>erior i|U ility. Also, ilvdriod potash, quinine lab irraguis, clilor, soda, pure snlphuric ether lor the Le heoo. strong ammonia and sweet spirits of uitre, ivory black, snlphate of ammonia, ovanid, piussium, chemical whale oil soap, tly paper, ant, moth, cockroach, rat <nd bed ling poisons, tic. tic., by Dr. l?wIS FEUcHTWANGER, all_7t?m 23 Liberty street. NOTICE TO BUTCHERS. Articles of ihe Butrl.ers Melting Associatiou for the enauing year are now ready and will remain open for signatures at their otfice. corner of Kirstavenue and l<ourtli street until 1st September neit. Butchers desirous of becoming inemb?rsof the Association will call aud leave their iiguatorea prior to that d.itr. ?IJ2P'?rc ^ By order of the Board of'trustees Browns- coffee house and dining saloon, No. 71 Pearl street, situated in the busiuess part of the city, (head of Coentira slip,) presents great inducement! to merchants, strangers, and otriera, whose business mav call them to that part of the city. Breakfast, Dinner and Tea GEORGE BROWN,i ate of JyW30t*re^ _Lovejoy'a Hotel. BHOADWAY BATHS AND RESTAURANT, No 600 Broadway ?The proprietors of this establishment ailno nice to the public that in .idt^iou to the baths and read ing room, they have fitted up, at considerable etpense, a Keataur.tut, where every delicacy in vianda, with the must choice and rare wines and pure liquors, will be serted to those who honor them with a call. The proprietors feel that it would be unbecoming in them to laud the style in which their saloon has been furnished, but respectfully solicit an inspection. It will he opened on Monday the 2d Aiigiint,at 6 IV M. . Prtit aonper* served on the ahorfeat notice. *nJ Ht'm 1/| I'M! TAl IIHT, on moderate terini, liv * lady who i.Tl hat li\d considerable eipenence in reaching Shr eacheson the Logerian syatem, which is greatly approved ol iii K.nrnpe. Term*, Three Dollar* |*r mnnth. A line addressed to A. B., at the Herald office, ahall be at lendedto ItW ?*Ii re W.V1. < ROWLKV fc HON, Needle ami Kiah Hook Maim factnrers, Alceater, Warwickshire KngUnd?Htore No 77 Maiden Lane, (up alairi) New York. Win. C. and Ron respectfully inform the meichanta of New York and other cities tliaj having now on i.and an extensive stuck of their mauiitaclined articlea, will aril to the trade or nniMirtera at a .mull advance from their manufacturing liners. One of the firm, W?. C owley, being now in Kugland, and intending ihortly to increaae their establiahment by the erection of milla.we ahall be euabled to iell ateitremely low priceet jytSSOt*re ____________ MRS. M. (: AH ROLL'S M EDiCATlOb V A POK Bathe. 184 Kulton siretu. oppoaite Church atreet, are a tafe and certain cure for rheinatisin, cough*, colda, swelling ol the Klande, stiffness of the jotnta, ague and fever, kc., recommendcd by Dra Mott, Steven*. Boyd, and othera. The Vapor Bath liai beeu snrceijfully adm msteivd iu the above complaints, for the last 22 year*. Opeu from 6 A. M. till 10 I'. M. Sarsaparilla oyrup prepared by the Hhakers, 75 cent* per bottle. anJJOfrc | hKTOKK WARbllOBtf ANDTuRN[TL'RE WANT IJ h'.I).?Ladies or getitlrmen having aitperU'lotis effectato<liai>oar of, *iicli na Wearing Apiwrel, Kurmtnre, kc . ran nbtaiitn fur caah price for the *amr. by aendmu for the anhacribr?, throuch the I'oat Office, or ?tnerwiae, w ho w ill attend at their reaideucea. J, LKVKN8TVN, 4M Broadway upstairs I.mliea can be attended to by Mra. J. Lcvemtvn. ?4 10t?rr I ACE CaFicA.?I'kfKH kOBJCR'J H. T7J ffroidway, v lW,W "T oliciti the attention of Indies vmtmir New York to his atock of goods, the following vi*:? Maleine L*ce (;>P*s, from t2 upward, white ami black Vi I $6; Mantillas, $7, worth It; 10-4 Ahawla, fill, worth 20* embroidered Mualin Cape a, ft 60: do do Chlroitetta, $1; do do Collar*, 25 cents; do camber lldkfa, $3 50; Renerre do, 75 cents; tape bordered do. i)( cents; infant's Robes and Waiats, , ?ery chnp; ladies' needle work and tamhour Ureases, do do; | Hoaiery and Gloves, of every de acripfjnirje 24 I SOt r PTTwTn hV. BARTH6L()M|i\v?7rnT7RcTrfof *aU. A No. 101, deairably situated. Apply to *6 and 67 Nassau ' U*t t. alt I4im u a rdw\jrv^c^an entire X* Stock of Kmicy Onods and Store Fixtures?ISO# do/.eu Knives and Forks. (iuui, Military (Joods, part of au,ck ol Hardware. iUO r arus flue Pocket Cutlery. Ivory Table Cutlery, kc?Jacob H. Piatt, will seII This Day. (commencing at 10 oYLck. hi the Auction Boom. No. 23 Piatt street,) aaMM without iraerve, in lota auited ti the trade and couutry ilealera. Alto?IUO doi Loug and L> handle Shovels. Al?o?J tasks Clark's beat Parliament Hinges. Alto?Carnage Springs, Iron Scoopa, Cordage, Brada, Bills, be., tic. Al><>?ISO lota Military Goods. Also?1U0 lots city made (old Jewelry, kckc. N. B ?Catalogues al the auction room. au!7 It'rc : ("* tt HJKfcR V.~< HIN A.~ULAHS AND KAHlHt SV WaRE.?JACOB H. PLATT, will sell ou Wednesday, commencing at 10 o'clock iu tlie large Males Kouui. over the auctiou room?MM) lou, being au entire new st rk ol'desirable flowered, blue, light aud dark Ware. |>art of which is suitable lor city retail trade, and embraces rich and desirable ware of John Ridgwav and other celebrated makers. Alio?A full aasortineut, of,white granite, aud white and printed iron stone China and Porcelain Also?The usual vsriety of c. c. edged, dipt, priuted, white grauite Ware, iu Urge or small lots, as uiay suit purchasers. _AI?o?A geteral losortnscut of Ulaa? Ware, viz : Lam|>i. Tumblers, Wines, Decanters, kc , kc. BOHEMIAN WAKE-Also, a large invoice, comprising a varied assortment of Bohemian Weuge Wood Ware of lite moit tasteful aud modern styles, received per recent arrivals, | and sold for foreigu account and well worthy of atteiitinu. Also?Clock and Flower Shades. laulT lt*rc BWM. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer. V J. i.M B BOGERT, IRON STONE CHINA. Wednesday August IBth. 10 o'clock, tt No. 9J John street, catalogue sale of Mavers k Meinhs.iron stone, dinner,tea and coliee ware, all articles, also rich cut glass decanters, tumblers. wines, goblets, champagnes, elegant covered pitchers, with all kinds commou ware, iu lots to suit dealers and hotels, at four months credit. This sale ia.woithythe uoticeof retailers of Hue goods, and is positive. ?nt7 item AKR1AUL8?The largest assortment of Carriages iu th;s J City is for sale at No. 450 Broadway, (Coliseum Building) at greatly reduced prices, coinpri?in? Coaches, Pheatnns, Barouches, Buggies, Kockawayn, Wagons. Also, a new style of carriages, for two or four persons, with urd without tops; together with a large assortment of harness. alS 30t# m H. 8 HOGKR8. Fall t*Kad?.?,vi eriuos, Thil'ts, Alpacas, Mousliu de Laiues. either in the pieci >r in dresses, as well an all kind* of Sliawls, call be dyed in tlir ino*t delicate color*, suitable lor the Kail fashions, iu the best P rench style?priori in accordance to the workmaimhiji?at the old and well kaowu (SOKIA Ik I'U.'S) Dyeing Kstablishineut Friaci|ial office, 491 rearl street, opposite City Hall Place, auli Jt?m INK ANTS' aInD CHlLDKklVb maUAsIN DL8 MODKS, established iu 1835.?Miss JACOBS (late of 4i7 Ilroadway), begs leave to return her siucere thanks for the liberal patronage she ha* received siuce opening at 6I'J Broadway, oue door from Houaton street, and takes this method of inlormiiu strangers and the ladies of this city and vicinity, that she is now opening her fall assortment ol Infants' and Children's clothing, comprising rich silk velvet and merino Harks, ('oats aud Cloaks, braided and plain, and every article iu the Children's department. Ladies' silk Opera Dress, Hoods, Hun fiats of all descriptions, Hair Urass Cloth, Morreii, and Hough's I'ateut Skirts. Ladies' and Children's Diesses. and (ieutlemeu's Vests, braided to order. N.B. Ladies own materials made up. aulJ 30t?m LM.K v KHKHK.i BRANDIES.?i\ow lauding at I'ier7 N. K., from ship Mary Krancia, from Bordeaux, IU pack, nges of the above well knowu Braudies, direct from the house of the Subsciber, in. Krance, viz. Cognac, " Leger Kreres," Aruiag ac, ' Htar," Bordeaux, Henry L. L. Chaiauette and Koehelle Lafayette brands, pale aud colored, iu half, quarter aud eighth pipes. Also, li casks White Brandy, of superior flavor, for preserves. Also in store, entitled to debeuture, a full assortment of the above Braudies, of various vintages from 1827 to 1816. Sample* at the office, 104 Wall street. auli 30t*in HKNKY LKOKK. rPHfc PK-NNhYI-VANIA RAILROAD COMPARY give A uotice that the Directors Me now prepared Co treat with Manufacturer! fur Railroad Iron, deliverable iu 1841 and 1819, to ail amount not exceeding Kifteeii Thousand Tom. For information apply at their office, No 70 Walnut street, Plula. aul2 Mt*rc H. V MKRllICK. President PAI'KK II ANtJIMJrt?tJUKAl' BARGAINS !!?K. PRINCE, Manufacture of I'ape* Hangings (No. 313 Pearl street, Franklin Square), would inform Country Merchant!, Jobber?. and those in the trade, that he isselling off hii whole stock of I'aprr Higna M material! for mauuractuMug, wilh a view of declining this busiiicaa for another Alj wholesale dealers purchasiuit iu amount from $60 to $100 for caili, shall hare the goods itrictly at" manufacturers cost jiricea." To those buy iug larger amouiita, a liberal discouut " Irom net cost prices" will be made. Purchasera will find the pncea uamed, ill atrict accordance with the above declarations. . au 10 I2t? Tu ThkSrc H. PRINCE,343 Pearl at. CCOTTON HAIL CLOTH. HEAVV CANVAS, kc.? > United Htates Pilot Duck.?1000 holla of thiaauperior Canvaa, comprising all numbera from I to 10. Alto, the aoft or aliui Duck, designed expressly for square sails, and equally aolt and flexible us the linen. American Pilot Duck.?300 bolts heavy, Noa. 1 to <>. 4/<>ttou Havens,Bear and Ship Mark'd Duck.?400 bolts,compruing all widths and weight, both twilled and plain, suitable lor light anils, tents, nwiiinga, See. New Ei'gland Canvas.?10(10 bolts Noi. 1 to 10, 22 to 44 inchei wide, a new and beautiful fabric; a portion of them suitable for iudia rubber purposes, and will be contracted for by the aubscribera to be made of any width, weight or thickueas deaired. Whaling Canvas.?240 bolt* extra heavy Noa. 1 to 4, designed for the whalemen. Also. Heavy Canvas, 30 to 72 inches wide, suitable for paErr felting, tarpaulins, hammocks, Ike. Also, Cotton Bagging, oth plain and twilled, 20 to 44 inches wi>le. For sale bv. FOX Si POLHEMU8, >12 UtTh8kTu*rc 4# Broad, corner Beaver at. HE BOWKRV BANK, organized under the general Banking law. with a capital of $300,000, will commence business on Tuesday, the 10th day of August, instant, at No. 173 Bowertr. DIKKSTOIll. J'raocii A. Palmer, Koocti Dean. ease A. Marshall, Oeorge W. Kdwardt, Abraham Cumminus, Ale*ander Masterton, John H. Giles, John MrMeuoiny, Thomas McKlrath, Denton I'earsall, Jamei C Baldwin, William H. Calkin, Lewit Bleidorn, Jacob Miller, Kdward Kerns, Jedediah Krye, Alonzo A. Alvord DANIKL W. TOWN3KND, Piesidei.t. NATHAN IJCL U BRADKORD, Cashier. New \ oik, Augunt J. 1317. au4 14t re OKKICK Of TIIK, NKW YORK KIRK A.N IJ MA RIN1L IN8URANCK Co., New Vork, August 4. 1147. Dl V1DKND?The Board of Dirertor> hare thi? day declared i Dividend of Kive per cent, out of the profit* of the last lit mouth*. |?yable ou demand, at the office or the comnany, No72 Wall atreet. D. UNDKRHILL, a', .mi'in Herrerar* CA8T OKK CLOTHING AND KURNITURK WANTKD ? Ladies and Oeiitlernen having any cast off or superfluous clothing or furniture lo dispo* of, can obtain a lair caah price for the same, by leuding a ifOte, or by calling on the nbacriber, at hit residence, or through the poit, which will be punctually attended to. H. DK BOKR, 71K Canal itreet, up itainjl N. B. Ladies cnu be amended to by Mn. De Boer. Old nock and job goodi bought, of any description a^d amount. jv24 10t?rrc POWKLL ON TIIK KYK?Just published, a Popular Treatise ou the KYK, its Diseases, and their cure, with engravings, rules for the selection of spectacles. Itc., 8vo., price AO cents. To be had at the author's, and of booksellers generally. Dr. Towell attends exclusively to diseases ol the Kye and Kar from 9 to 4 o'clock, at Ins office 261 Broadway, corner of Warren srreet Artificial Kyes ofsuperior ijuality recently imported. au!0]0r*rc RING'S COMPOUND 8YRl/r OPHYDMJO0 ATK UK I'otassi, Sirsaparill.t and Yellow Dock.?This medicinal remedy is published (or the sole benefit of those suffering f'orn rheumatism, pains and stiffness of the joints, swelling of the muscular substances near them, eruptions of the skin, and all diseases arising from an impure stale of the blood, Ike. It is prepared from the purest articles and is warranted to give satisfaction. It thins, purifies and quickens the circulation, allays irritation, and leaves every part of the auimal economy iu a perfect state of health. Kur those complaints arising from I he injudicious mid !oi>k continued uae nl mercury, tUia com ,?ntion may be considered aspecific ; cuei that hive long resiated all other treatment hare be*>i rapidly and entirely removed by thtapowoful alterative aynip. Prepared nod for aile, wholesale and retail, by CHARLES H. 111NO, Druggist and Chcmiat, ItI* IO'*r iw rut lobe at. N Y. THE NATIONAL KIRK INSURANCE COM PAN V. J- No. G2 Wall street.?Insurance against Kire and Inland Navigation Kiaka.?This Company la prepared to make niaurtuce against loaa or damage by tire on dwelling houses, ware liouies. buildings in general, gooila, warea and merchandize o( every description, aud |>eraonal property,and ou riaka of transportation and iulaud navigation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, William Van Wyck. John Van Boskerck, W. C. Redfield, Eugene Bogart, Martin Hoffman, Henry II. Ward, Robert I,. Cut, John J. Merrick, John D Wa/u, lleury D. Beach, Htspheu Holt, W II . Jacobs. TIIOMAH W. THORNK, Preaidenl. W. C. K>;i.i.(iiio, Secretary. N. B - The capital of thi* inatitutioa it now full, and with >uri lus. Money to loan on bond and mortgage. jyll 301 in I KKKKRSON INHIJKANCK (O.MI'AN Y-()tfic? No ' 'jO Wall street, opposite the Merchants' Kichange. Thia company continue* to inaure againat loaa or damag* br tire, on dwelling houaea, warehouses, buildings in general, {ooda, warea, and merchandize, and tvtry deicnptiou of par toual property. Loaaea correctly ud promptly adjoattd and paid. DIHKCTOM. Dioi. T, WoodmfT, B. H. Hobaon, M. D , Krancia P.Hig?, nMM tiekll, John P. Moore, Anaoa, Baker, I'hompaou I'nce, '.tieb C. Turn*, Jaa. F.. Holmea, John II. Lee, Kliaha Kigga. Thoa. Morrell, lohn C. Meiritt, Joaeph A lieu, Kngene Bogart, (' aeph Drake, Win. K. Thorn, Robert Hraith. Tho*. W. Thorn#, JohuK. Davison. MOSEB TUCKER, wldeat Q?o. T. Horr. Secretary. itrtl t Notice to contract!>rs.-k.\tknsion of ilie Harlem Railroad from <-roton Kalla to Dover Plaina Proposals for (he grading, masonry and bridging of twenty 'ine mileaof the New York aud Harlem RaiLroid, extending from ita present terminus at Croton Kails to Dover Plains in Dutchess County, will Ire received at the office of the Engineer in White Wains, until the first day of Meptember. The lire la now i>re[>ar?d for the examination of Contractor*, and profilea and specification will be ethibited at the Engl ueer'a office. The Company reaerve the right to areept or reject any proposals, whether they may he the lowest or not S litre \ I.I. AN CAMPBELL. P.nvineer ro CLAIMANT* Itc?GENERAL AOENCY at the city of Waahington ?The uuderaigiied, general ageut, notary public, and Jtiattca of the peace, rea|>eetfolly informa '.he public, that he h.ia remored Ilia office to the bnilding one loomourn 01 <<iniDi> ai ncnenrirs evchnii((* office, on 15th street, opposite Or. T. rrmnry Department, where he will promptly nnil faithfully attend to any business in the above line which may be entrusted to his care. Persons having claims umuit the general government, and who may confide theintohis management, may real assured that they will he speedily attended to. Uottnty land warrant! or treasury ?rri|> will be secured for the officer) and aoldien of the present war, and the higheat c i?h price obtained (or the tame. The uivleriigned will keep hii office opeulrom I A. M. until ti oVIock P. M. Ilia dwelling house is on Louisiana Avenue, uearlv ppoaite the City Hall, where, iu case of pressing necessity, he can be teen and consnlted before I A. M., aud alter 8 o'clock P. M. Please |?iy the postage. Ivllr >M BAMUKL HTKTTINIKB. \ CmcDLfUKAL ROOMS, LYCEUM BUlLDlXJ il Ml Broadway, New Vork. HORTICULTURAL KXHIBITION?At the suggeetiou nf the State Agricultural Kociefy, wltose Kair will lie held at Haratoira Springs, on the IJth of Sept., 'he American Agricultural Association have rhar.grd the time of holding tliew Rlhibition to the tlh and !?th nf Kept. All persons de iirous of aiding the cause of Horticulture, are earnestly invited to ethihit specimens of Mowers, Kruits , or Vestal les, and to Compele for premiums. Progr.imm*s may be obtained of Mr. Jurors Hogg. Seedsman, StiS Broad wav, oMnmiM the Hootns?of any of the principal seedsmen iu New York, or ol the following rlsrcutive Committee Luther Bradish, Win. Coventry II. Waddell, James Leuoi, Shepherd Kmpp, Then. Preliiighavsea. Riilus Kiug Uelafisld, Archibald Russell, K L. Pell, I v 1 I Mt re W*>d OAK ONK.W HecW^ TfiWftTE rAPER-l*^ iu^n. No. 1 White Tissue. 500 it Orero do. MM do. Yellow 100 do. Blue do. ITor sale by PKRBSi. k, BKOOKS, DARK THEAT**?Botes, tit Pit snrente Gallery IS 1 a ceuu ?Tue.dny Ercniig, Aunuat nth M,i| Le ,,?r. formed tne l?t *ct of LINDA O& CHaMOUNI?Linda, Mine All BO Bi?liop; Vleomte deSireal .Mr Knur. After winch POFPINO THE qUEBTION. To which will be added the 3d act of LA SONAMBL'LA? Couut Kodoli.lui. >ir. Broufh; ilviuo, Mr. Prater. After whien '1HK 8ECRL1?Mom. Dtipuu, Mr Hield; Cecile, Mn. Abhotf. ..... , t . The whol~ lo conclude with tne 2 I tit scenes of the LOVE ; SI'h LL?Adina, Mine. A ua Buhop; Nemorino. Mr. I* rater. Doors open 17-pwforaiftfi to eomneact at half-p?t 7. PARK THEATwE?A C AH D? M dr. ANN A BIjHUI' hen* leave to IIAOtlC* that her bKNif.plI will take l> ace ou, Aug. l?ih, ou winch occaaion .he will Kite .1 timid Dramatic Eutertaiuuiedt. in co.rume includiiiK tome of i rr mint faronte acenet iu lulnui and, 00 tne plauor ihoae given by her in Vienna, St. Petersburg, Home. Naple., and the pnucipvl tmn "< EugWud. beiug her last apj. trance prior '<? her departure for Boat' n. a 16 2t rc BOWEKY THEATKE-A.. W. Jacg.on, rtu^i.tMi? E. SricTicri.. Stage Manager? eeeuiug, Au*. 17Ji. will be acted. LOVE'S SAC KIKICE?Margaret Elmure, Mr.. Shaw; Matthew Kllinore, Mr. VV. Mar.hall; Bt. To conclude with the nautical dniina of THE INCHCAPK BELL: Or,'l'hu Hecluae and t e Rover?Ouy Kuthven, Mr. W. Mar.hall; Amelia, Nli.a Kenny (iordou. Buxe., as cent., Pit and tiallery, cent*. Door* opea at a quarter to 7; performance to ciimineuce at half-nuat T. BENEFIT Ot \1K AND MRM 1 HAS HOWARD. C'HATH AM THEATRE?Under the Management of Mr. / KLETCHER? Evening, Auau.t 17th, will be prrlormed the (QUEEN'S OWN?Corporal O'SoiirlL Mr. II. i'. (I rattan; Col. Vinan, Mr t:. Howard; * Iir.a, Mr. Howard. To be followed bv tie IRISH PllETENDEh-Dr. ()' Toole, Mr. B'.rney William*. After which, the WIDOWS VICTIM?Jeremiah Clip, Mr Chautrau ; Jatie Chattel I y, Mr.. Howard. To conclude with TEDDY THE T11.ER?Teddy Malouy, Mr. Brougham Prick.?Boxe., 25 ceuti; Pit, 12K cent.. at 7?performance half-p"*t T. i i ASTI.h. OARDE.V?Mr. U*a?.H. huge Manager ?On v/Tundav Eveuuig, Auuuu 17, the operetta of TURNING I THE TABLES?JacU Humphrie., Mr. Hol'and; Jerrmiali i Bump., Mr. Walcot; Patty Larkiu.,Mi>* Clarke, Mia* Kniba, Miaa Phillip*. Y1? YU.-.i??:n A.... ** n >11 H'lTltr llll I III- A IJtill IVi'l'e. To coucluile Willi PECH I'll NAP0LITA1N?Isadore Ricardo, Autoine Lehman; UI.hicu Christian Leliusau; Michael, Mr Charl'S Wiuther; Marrietto, M'lle Adelaide, La Fee,M'lle MatlnlJe; Birbette, Mile Julia; Fuichelte, M'lle Flora. Door* open at 6>f; Performance to commence at I. Admission. 26 criiti. PALMO'S UPEKA HOUSE ? Tuesday Kvomng, Aucuit 17th, tin* performance wi.l couimrncr Willi the vaudeville of F \N<;HETTE?K?uchett?, Mies Mary Taylor. After which, achievements ou itie TIGHT ROPIl, by tlie Ravel Kamily and Leon Javrlli. 1'as de Deux La Na|>oliiaiue, liy Mad. Leon and Mr. Henry Wei a. To conclude w ih the dramatic pantomime of VOL-AU VENT?Vol-au-Veut l>y Gabriel Kavel. Tickets Ml ceuU to all parts ol the establishment, the Promenade included Do ir? opeu at 7>{, performances commence at 8 (.'clock. AMERICAN MUSEUM, curuer UioaUway and Ann street. ?Splendid performances Imih Afternoon mid ?tniM| M'lle Gertrude, Kreucli Duiiseuse?balloon?Moving Panoramic Panning oi the great City of London, wnW mauy interesting portions of ENGLAND. FRANCE AND GERMANY. ORPHEAN FAMILY.?COMIC MELANGE. SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEli. OURANO OUTAMO?ANATOMICAL VENUS. Mad. ROCKWELL the famous Fortune Teller Adiniuiou 2i eeutt?Children under tea one shilling, al ROADWAY THEATRE ?Thu aaiablishmeut, so* erecting in Broadway, will ba opened for Dramatic putposes sulely. on or about the first of September, uader the luacagamact cf G. H. BARRETT Pirions of acknowledged tr.lent wishing sanations for the season, will please address him (pre-paid) at 109 Leonard street. A. MANN, sol* proprietor C'7" Dunn* Mr. Barrett's absence in Europe, all letteis tad bus.uess communications may be addressed to his agent, jeljifre W. CORDYN. No. 2 Barclay street. INERVA ROOMS? Broadway?Admission T.> cents ? XtJ. Kirst appearance i:i this city of the ORIGINAL VIRGIN 1A SEREN A UERH. Messrs. J. R. Myers. A. F. Winnemore, I). Kelly, F. Solomou, J. Sanford, and E. Horn, from the Chi'iuut stieet Theatre, Philadelphia, respectfully announce to H|e citizens of New Yoik, they will yive a series of their Chaste and Pleasing Concert*. Commencing MONDAY EVENING, Aug. 16. 1M7. And every eveuiug during the Week? when they will introduce a variety of new SONGS, DUETTS, GLEES, I'ARiinlL'u |-Iinuitui.'a If.. The eveniugs entertainments will couclude with a uew Burlesijue founded on (lie Open of Saffo, called 8 T U F K O !?Characters by the Company. For particular! tec bill* of the day. Doors open at 7 o'clock?Performance to comineuce at X. nuli 3ti?*rc THE CHINESE JUNK !?CHINESE CUHI08IT1E8? The Captain ol HwOmM Junlc is induced, from tl.e great patronage he is at present receiviug from the citizen* of New York. toitopTKN OH TWELVE DAYS LONOEH. as uuinberi from the interior of the State, are every day arriving to witness )>erhat>s?for the only time they may ever huve an opportunity?tnis rare specimen of Chinese Naval Architecture, together with the many Curioiitiea which are contained in her cabin, Ike. The Idols which they worship, the Ouns, Swords, and other implement! of war, the beauutuf Shoes, particularly thoie of the female sex, which are not Biore than three inches iu length, are richly worth seeing. Let all w)io have read or heard or the novelties ol the Celestial Empire, uow avail themselves of this treat. ali Mtrrc _ _ SI'LEN L) 1U ( LAM BAKE, AT HELL HATE h> HHV HOUStC, foot ol 86th street, E. R.?This day. Tuesday, a regular Down East Clam Bake will come oil, in capital style, at the above well-kuowu house, where visiters will be properly attended to. Wiues, liquors, and segars of the best quality. The bake will commence at 4 o'clock. J. M. DI'NLAH. W'lnt .on'< stages, at 6^ cents, and Murphy's lines, stop at the Hell (lite House, leaving tin- city every quartet ot an hour, from the corner of Fell street and the Bowery. aulT It'rrc J | ' KM KET M A'J't ;H.?The I'ropriet .Hs .Match ol the Sea ? -uu uur ui mi: Kirmmi .*1(111 Mr* ill ?riril'I rv|| piiiyrU in (hi* conntrv4lo cotne off oil Tuesda., 17th iiulaut, ut (ha St (ieurtr's Ground. Harlem The best players 111 Amerirs, will play 111 the iiutch,?inch as Comery. Wiuckworth, Groom, Wild, Wri tit, 1 ewis, ('uppai|(e, Tirknor, Knuse ? li the weather proves unfavorable, (hit match will come off 011 Wednesday, at 10 o'clock, 'ihia match will probably laat thfre <lav?. ault 2tt**rc UNloN UOUK8K, L. I.?TROTTING. IB 1 PURSE KIHTV DOLLARS with an inside stake of $J0, h. ft, two mile lieali, in haruess, free for horses never won money. 3. I'urae $M, with an inside slake of $<0 h. ft., (wo mile heats in harness, tree for horses urver won a purse over S30. 3. l'urie (ItlO, Willi an inside atake ?l $100 h It, two mile heata, m harness, tree for lioises that never won a |>urie over f 100 4. Pnrti $200, w ith an inside (take of $21 (1 h ft., two mile heata. in harness. free for all horses, eiccpi I. tJ, tiulfolk 5. The same as No. 4, under the saddle. ti. Purse $J0(J?$100 to ||o to the secoud best horse?three mile heals, free for all trottmuaud pacing horses?.lames K. Polk in Inruess, all others as tliey please, to cotne off the 6th September. 7. Purse $300?$100 to go to the secoud best hone?two mile heals, free for all pacing and trotting horses?James K. I'olk to a wagon, all others as they please. The above purses and stakes (o close ou Thursday eveniag, August 19th, by a o clock, three or more to make a race.aud two to start. '1 he s'akes purses will commence to be trotted for the first uart of September, and will be arrauged to accjinmodate any horse that should enter for more than one rare. an 13 'frrr GKOHGK HPICKK. _ KDH S.\t K? \ KI LL bLOOUMJ IJAV ^iMfN.MAIlK, perfectly kind and sound 111 every respect, ' ] > ? from blemish or trick of any klud, sn years old. trained. ,\lny lie aern corner 79,h street and 3d avenue, any time after J P.M. Apply at X'i intniK ullice, corner I- niton and Cliff. mi U. It * rc ukan'o n.mii.mi, iic mi: and r W?aL^hCOHlLON KXbURSION TO MHK I), on Tuesday, Auk 21.?The apleridid new Steam Yacht ATLAS, Capt. P. II. Smith, will make an eicunion to the kiihnig Uanks. mid from there to Kire Island Inlet, where Will be?(urniitlictl a Chowder and (Mam lion', alter which will he a Bull in the evening, and on the following diy return to the Fulling Uatika, thence to New York. Nothing but the atricteat decorum will he allowed, as it it intended to lie one of the pl<a*aiilest 11a well an inoat Ileal. IiI'nI Kicuraton-i t ver inade Irom tlna city. A Cotillon Band will accou |iinv the Boat. V'entleiiK u?< Tickets (2. Ladies Tickets 1,1 and no chariie for lleiiha, < liowder or Clam ltoaat Other refreihmenta will lie liirnishi d at reasonable ratea. Bait gratis. I-lining Ini's at a ?iri ill charge. Tickets may he obtained hy n|>|'lviiik soon at the following placet, as buta limited iimnher will be told Captain '1 allniah's, corner of Hammond and West a la.; Garduer'a Hotel; corner of Washington atreet and (lattery I'lace ; Old Hank Coffee House, corner of Wall and Nassau ata ; Charles Voung, corner of Pike and South streets, II & I. I) r'arrmgton, comer of Montgomery and Kront alt , John I. Uerrtan, corner of Uayard and Bowery, or ol the Captain ou hoard (lie boat. She will atari as above, leaving I ler foot of Grand IC? K. II., at half paat 8 ; Pike itriet, ; loot of Hammond aireet, North Hiver. at 9'^ ; Spring street at AH, and Pier I, North River, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Should the weatlier prove unfavorable, it will take place the neit day angl7 4'TuThSatiM * in THOMAS II K.I I.BV I?? CAMP MKUT1NO AT S1MO SINO, r (tare 2!t rents )?The coiumoilioui iteamboat MdHaliKHALI), ( apt Parka, Will tun to Siug Sinv during < amp Meeting week, eonimeiiciun ou Wediieadav afteruoou, Aug. 10th, leaving na follows;-( ifth itreet, K. It , at 2 o'clock, P. M.; iirand atreet, 'luarter ^aat 2; Pike atr'et, hall paat 2; Spring atreet, N. R , 3 o'clock; Hammond atieet, quarter pait 3. and 19th atreet, N. K., half paat 3 I'. M. Leave Slug Sing each following morning at I o'clock ml7 tt*m The superior Kramer NKW IIAVKN, J^^S^^^MCaptaiii Van Pelt, can Ik chartered for r lenr MHHliainiia to any place, by application at No. I Barer-, PI?, NorthrITOT. jy2H lotrr MMm- FOR QLA800W?N?w LIm?Rmular Ki i*i, rfjnfy.IJth Augiiat ?The fine new Br Ship BKOOKSBV , t"ii?, t apt. Hugh McKwan, having beru unavoidably net niied, will aail in a few daya. fr or freight, Ml# hhla. hulk thereof, or passage, having eirellent accommodation!:, apply on board at the loot of li..o*eielt Street, K H, or to WOOlHirLL fc V1INTI K N, 117 Sonth street. The Br Bark ANN HAHLK.Y.Capt Kobt Srott williucceed the llrooktbv, aud sail on her rri iilar day, lat September. alT ______ PACKkT SIM' OK TMfc WksT. P??iKHOM LIVKKPOOL- Consignee. will p'eas, JMMBbseiiil th> ir permits on board, we.t tide Burling Slip witli.,ut delay. All goods not permuted in live daya are liable to be sent to i nblic Hole WOODH1/LL ?< MINTHHN, j|7 17 South a'rrei KOH NKW OULKANS I ,\r? wMWYo.k Line of Packet*?Positively the first and only JIHIHbb regular mckt r, fo Mil <n? . , MplcudMi fiu' Killing pnckrt ihip WABAHH, i i|?t. tlifnn* wav. i? now londiutf, and will jN.attirely nail at above, her r'?'or*frriKht or putac*. living handsome fnreiahed tccommodntioiii, npi'ly on<l at Orletua wharf, loot of Wall street, or lo K K. COLLINS, M Month it Agr'nta m New Ot leant, J O. k Co.. who will promptly forward nil goodt toihmtjmfamT The packet ship ()i*f|i, < "IX- lnf*r?oll. will tncceed the Wahnah. and sail ber^remi l?r d?? miIJ FoiTlond<5n-h> oijlAk I'Achi.'i . Wt IsWWrV Auiriv"t?The Iirw |*cket ship 81k robfjpf JUliBbil'KKX, burthen 1000 tout, ( apt. Chadwica, will aail .TXST , Kor paseagr in cabin, tecond c bin or tteerage, hiving tplendid accotnmodatloM, apply on board, fool of Maiden Laue, or to J McMUKH A V, r ii 11 rr Corner I'iik md Mouth tin 5jjy~~i'lNK UT?LD ANfi HILVMr W ,\f( HKM.-I lo ff jyi "ubteriber i? selling all di-tcnptimit < I fine I told and iilrer Wmtclii ? and Jewelry, at retail, lower than any i.inrr iioutr in thr city. All Watchri warranted tniiepgoid time, or ihi money returned. Watchea ?ud Jewelry uchanted. Oold Watches ?a low as $21) to fjieach Wad . i t and J?welry lepawed lu tlie licit miinrr at much Irn than the usual prn ri. (IK(I C. ALLJ.N, Iinpi'itrrol Watchet and lewelry, Wholetale and hi nil, I Wit* re M Wall itnn Co rati William, ?p ttairs r--a.___kok camp >ftct|n^inkah HI NO HI NO UiUANI) I'l.KAH\NTVILLV:, by th? Ne? York CaKnid Harlem llailroad. Iiurinfl <m|i Meeting week, commencing Monday, August 16th 'I h? cart will leave New York for IMeaaiutville at 7 and III o'clock A.M., and ? and AX P M. !<< turning, will leave Plcuaantrille at?V and IU A. M? and 12)< and J,14 J\ M. Btagca will he m readmeia to convey (?..?nge r? to the Cemp Q round. Far* to Tleaaaiitville J? cetU |ul< Mint T 0 T n a I LATEST MOMENT. I TELKUKiPHIC. I DREADFUL SHIPWRECK. I LOSS ?y THR SWEDISH BARK IDl'JA, I One Huadredand Seventy-two Fer- I sons Drowned. I BotTo?, August lUth IH47 I The ?hij> Chanunga, Patten, from U??rpool, lSUi alt., I bound to thi* port, reports that on Monday morning Nk I inst , at one o'clock. the weather foggy, he came In con- I tact with the 9wedi?h bark Iduna. from Hatul'ur^ f... * H Vork. with '.'Oti persons on board, and that the bark mink I in 30 minute* after theeoliiaiou i Hp tain l'att?n linrne diateiy Kent bin boat* to the rescue, and with one boat I from the bark, picked up -14 persons- 17a perished? I Among them was (.'apt A. A. Moberg List or rmcincfili Satku.? Kdw Kaiser and Trret-a I Lettbnur, cabin passengers; Carle I.ausen. Leohant I ltoshuber, A. Welter, Frederick Hobn. Chas. Setz an I I wife, Daniel Gunther, Frederick Kapburg. Johanna I Wenaell. H. F. Kohlose. I The Southern Ka.<. I Hichmoip, Auguxt 10, 1847 I Tbe Southern mail ha* arrived with New Orleans i ? 1 pers of tbe nth aud 9th. Nothing farther from Vera I Crua. Thirteen deaths by yellow lever In New Orleans ate reported in the papers of the 9th inst. . WiiHixiiTOii, Aug IB. lt?47 We Irani that tbe Hon Mr lluchanan, aad < av? j Johnson, returned yesterday; both are wanted in C abinet Council. Movements of Mr. Clay Phii.adei shia, Aug 10, IH47 The Hon. Henry < hy left for Cape May this morning All tbe streets leading to Dock street wharf wera crowd ed at an early hour by thousands, who had assembled t<> flee him. remieMiee K lections. [Telegraphic cor of the Philadelphia bulletin I The Information from Tennessee in alike conclusive from the three great divisions of the State There is al moat an uniform whig gain, from the result of 1M4 on the whig Hide, amounting in some counties to 160 or 500 votea For Congress the whig* re-elect < roier in the Knox distriot, and Gentry in tbe Rutherford. and elect Bar row in the Nashville dltitrict. and Haakeli In the Madlaou district. The democrat* re-eleot Jones in the Lincoln district, Jobnaon in tbe Greene dlatrict, and Chaaf in the Montgomery district, and elect Hill in the Warren distriot. In the districts not definitely heard from Gordon. Ind Detn . in doubtless elected in the Maury distriot and i ooke. whig, in the Grainger distriot. The Memphl* district will be close, though the returns tavor the re-el ectiou of Htanton, dein. It is a democratic dlatrict, and ? there baa been a whijj gain, but not enough to overcome the average majorities there. Upon the result in tbe district, will depend any change In the Congreaalonal delegation, as Stanton's election will make It aa before. The Legislature are not sufllolently heard from yet U> estimate its political character. BY TUB MAILS. Affairs In Washington. WilHIKllTON, Aug. 1ft, 1847 H'hat dupoiition ihall he madr of our Conquftt in [ Mr rico ??Thr I'nilrd Statrt and Oitat Britain. { Should the Senate not have occasion to ratify, at an extra session, a treaty of peace with Mexico, Wore th? nest meeting of Congress, the moot momentous que* flon that will come before that body for deliberation will b? an to the disposition to be made of our oon quests in Mexico. The Cabinet ha* been absolutely inundated with letters of advice on tbla sutyeot Some advise the seizure and appropriation of the whole eoun try. " Kugland." nay they, " h?s di-siguii ?n the southern portion, she desires to possess herself of the mlnM. of the tobacco plantations, of the isthmu* of Tehuant.'pec, and connecting the two oceans, to lery exorbitant tolls on the commerce of the world. Let us b? before hand with her. We have virtual possession of the whole country?let us keep It.' Others counsel the rendition of all our conquests, the abandonment of the war, the return of our army, the unconditional surrender of every harbor, and city, and fortification .we haw acquired possession of by fourteen months' hard fightingOne scheme Is just as wild, as Inconsiderate, as preposterous as the other. To the permanent occupancy of the whole of Mexico we have no rii?M T?.? ? - not commenced for the acquisition of territory, but iu self-defence. War would never have been waged on Mexico for the purpose of exacting indemnification for losses mffered by our citlxens at iier hand*, unieM (be should Insultingly deny the validity of our claims. Begun by her own act, it way right that our Government should remember to insist upon the liquidation of the debts due our citixons, as one of the condition* of peace. Nhe has no funds to apply to the extinguishment ol those debts, and therefore we are justified in demaud lug a portion of hur territory. Uut the value of the territory we desire to possess greatly eiceeds the extent of her indebtedness?therefore are we willing to pay her a fair equivalent In money for that portion not covered by our claim*. This portion of her territory, of which we desire the acquisition, is almost valueless to ber, be cause she cannot turn it to account, and would be very Valuable to u* because we pin tfln? fore, that she cede to us a portion of her territory In just, and equitable. But our demand would neither be Just nor equitable, did we desire, Shylock like to cut our pound of llvlug flesh from nearest the heart of the republic, according to the Invariable uukii of the UrltUli government?with Rtill greater abhorrence, ahould all just men contemplate the annihilation of the republic, and it* forcible absorption into our system. KThose who are opposed to th? acquisition of any tor rit?ry are composed of the extreme ends of the two antagonistic factious--the slavery and anti-slavery parties The first oppose it, believing the territory to be ac quired will be free. The other* oppose It because they believe the rev?T*e. K.acU looks to sectional preponder ance. and not to the national interests or honor. What would be the consequence of this policy ' Our conquest of Mexico would be regarded as an aimless and unne censary inroad It would be said we had shattered the republic to pieces in the mere wantonness of devai tation ? that we had desolated Its fields?killed its citizens in battle, and levied contributions In Its port* Mud oitles. simply because we were provoked, and felt sufficiently strong to inflict all those evils that when we had broken up the machinery ot the government, and execrable machinery it was ?we bad inarched back, satis lied with the mischief we had done, abandoning our ua fortunate enemy to the manifold culiour inraftlon and rutreat had raumtf. and proclaiming to our o?o clttxen? that w? bad triad to obtain ju*tioe for tbenir-but could not?although in the attempt, wo bad Moriflced thousand* of estimable llrfi, and incurred a debt of Tory many millions of dollar* lint It in "al l that hngland will immediately foreoloee n< noon an we otialI i|uit our claim on the Southern por lion ?f the republic F.ngland I* too prudent to attempt iiirh a procedure. Thia government i* pledged before t lie world to crurb any attempt ou the part of Kuropean t; itci maenla to obtain a further foothold on thia conti nent The present administration I" determined to art up to thi* policy, an well in regard to (. uba a* to Mexico nnd no future admlnietration will dare to depart from thia doctrine, promulged by Mr Monroe reiterated by Mr folk and engraven an deeply a* the declaration of Indtpendenee on the hearts of the people. But that hollas known thin. England would long *ince h nembroiled herself with Hpain. a* a pretext for aeit ing upon Tuba hngland, a* long a* there exl*t* not at home an abeolute political neneaalty for a foreign war, will keep the peace toward* tha I'nlted State*, and eyen in *ucb an exigency, I <|\ie?tlon It he will not *eek *om? weaker enemy. It I* ecarcely piN*ikle that the hollow peace now exl*ting between France and Kngland rau be much longer maintained The F rench people are ripe for a war. There la not it r*|>r?iii ID inn rrrnon nary wno would not gtva lllR ngllt h?U'l for a war with Kugland Conceal it from onr ddlTM hk we may, Kogland in the natural ninny of tb<United Mtatm, and trance our natural ally; and ttila f ict can net be altered olther by the declaration* of M (iiiirot, or by th? erection of a mouumi ntlu Culvn on the we?t ?ldu of Woatmlalntar Abbey UALVIKNSIs WAiHingroiv, Auguiit 14, 1*47, Mr. Crutr hrtf < lAinlrr n ? U'frat nf M'liri Oipfll am! D?hion in lidian i??1 Cliar Stalrmml ?f *ht Rrai-im Why ? ?Afr. Speaker IJavu Vindicated Ay fuMn Opinion. Mr rbompwju dwcribmi th? long pola an<J tba lantern which Mr < rutchatt In running up through tb>' grei Ionia of the Capitol It la eipected that It will fie ' u l filed" n?*t week- the big lantern ou iU tali pine, ria.i:^

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