Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 18, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 18, 1847 Page 1
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n i BMHHMHBHBUHi TH Vol. XIII. No. ^'jtUWhoU No. 4HM I. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT , Nortli-WMt comer of Fulton and HUM* Iamcc cnonnii qciiiictt ponPRIFmR iniiivv uuiiuuii tibiiiibi i| i nvi CIHCLXAnOIV_KORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Ererr day, Pric? 1 cittiptr cowr?<7 Saturday?Price 0* cants Wcopy?$3 lM cents per aonam-payable hi advance HERALD FOR EUROPEr-Erery Steam Packet dayPrice 63i cetite per copy?$:> per annum, including poiuge, payable in advance. Su Wriptiona and advertiaementa will be received by Meaars. Oalianani, IS rue Vmenne, Pane 5 P? L Himonda, 18 Corahtll, and John Miller, the bookaellex. London ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD-Published on the 1st of January of each year?skiffle copies sixpence each. ADVEBTIsEMENTS, at the usual prices?al way* cash in advance. Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not b? responsible lor errors that May occur iu theui. PRINTING of all kinda executed beautifully and with despatch. All letters or coramunicsrions by mail, addressed to tha stAhlithmeut, mnst be post paid, or the postage will b? de dnrtril from the subscription money remitted NEW YOKK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON AND AFTER THURSDAY, JUNE 10th, 1847. tha Tars will ran as follows, until further notice. Up trains will leave the City Hall for Harlem & Morrisiana. Forham It Tuckahoe Pleasantville, 5 30 A.M. Will'miBr'ge. Hart's and Newcastle 7 " 5 30 A. M. White Pl'ns. Bedford. 8 " 7 " 7 A. M. Whitlickvilla 9 " 10 " 10 " Croton Falls. It) " 11 " 4 P. M. 7 A. M. 11 " 1 r. M. 5 10 " 4 P. M. a P. M. 4 9 S JO M 4 " K " 5 " 5 30 " 6 30 " Returning to New York will leave? Morrisiana8t Harlem. Fordham. Will'msBrVe. Tuckahoe. 7 05 A. M. 6 63 A.M. 6 45 A. M. 7 30 A. M. 8 10 " 7 55 " 7 50 " 8 48 " J ' 9 09 " 9 OS* M I 20 P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. M. 18 15 P.M. 5 52 ' 12 35 P. M. 1 45 " 1 40 " White Pl'ns. 2 " 5 08 " 6 " 7 10 A. M. I w 15 " 6 08 8 31 " 5 2U " 58 " 7 44 " 1 P. M. 6 " ? 18 " 11 28 " 8 05 " Pleasantville. New Castle. Bedford. Whitlickrille. ,111AM. 0 AM. 7 51 A M. 7 45 A M 5 11 P M. > P M. 4 51PM. 4 45 P M Croton Falls. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The train* to and from Croton Fall* will not itop on New York I*laud, except at Broome itreet, and 32d street. A car will precede each train ten minute*, to take up paueugers in ' The morning traiaof can from Croton Fail* will not atop between White Plaffi* and New York, eacept at Tuckahoe Williaoi'* Bridge, and For dhatn. Kxtra train* on Sunday* to Harlein and Mormiana, if fine Huices for Lake Mahopackand Dan bur v leave Croton Fall* on amval of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. train*, and for Pawling* ou arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. FARE FROM NEW YORK s To Croton Fall* #1 M To Whitlickvill 87* To Newcastle 7} To Pleasautvilie MX 'Co White Plain*. . 34 Freight train* leave City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, leave Croton Faqp a{7 A. M. and 9 P. M. OAY k CO.'S BOSTON AND EASTERN EXL|A* PRKS8, via Newport aud Fall River.?Thi* Expre** HE leave* the office, No. t Wall *treet, opruer of Broadwny, daily, at ijuirter before 5 o'clock, P. M., thereby aecuring to merchant* aud other* the advantage of a late boar for forwarding case*, packages. Six. Bank utiles, specie, draft*, and valuable parcel* are secured in iron safes aud placed in the charge of faithful conductor*. OAY fc CO. Merchandise, package*, lie. forwarded in our own ear*, and by leaviug orders at our office. No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, packages will be called for in any part of the city. 5 No. I Wall street, corner Broadway. umie* J >>!0.7 gt-te itreet. Boaton. aui Mtrc h'OK KKY PORT.?The ateamer JOtitPH COKFEE, will leave the pier, foot of OWMMHIliChambeii street, daily, for Key Port, at 3 o'clock. P. M. N. B ?On Sunday'*, the boat will leave the foot of Hammond atreet at 8!?i Canal street. B>?; Chambers st.eet. ?5?*; Pike street, K R., 9l?! aud Pier No. 1, K.R., at 9X o'clock.? au3 jjU'tn CONEY ISLAND FBRRY.?The com modious and elegant steamer ION, Captain hRmImhi Weld, will resume her trips on the above terty, on Thursday, the 12th o( August, and contiune to run daily on the ati'>ve ferrv, leaving the lout of Duau* street, first trip only, at 10)<. A. M.i pier No. 1 N. K. at II A M.. and 2 P. M ouev Island 12X and 4 P. M.; on Suudaya will leave the foot I of Du-uie street at 10 A. M.i foot of Spriug street, N. R., at )0f4 A. :v1., IS P- M.j pier No. 1 N. R. at II A. M .and 2 P. jM.; Coney Island 12H and 6 P. M. Lauding etch way at Kort Hamilton, wheu there is sufficient water. Fare each way 12%. au!5 7t?m -LtL~i7~ZjI CONEV ISLAND FERRY?The well Qj^^N_gg3*ku^wu steamer AMEKICAN EAOLE, Cap2K?B3Ma2E?tain Geo. H. Power, will rnu regularly during {he sfaso,, to Coney Island, landuig.ji Fort Hamilton, as follows:?Leaving Pier No. 1, at 10, l.fjleaviug Coney Island at 1 >4, 2 W 6K- Tn addition to the above trips, will mnke a mornin? trip to Fort Hamilton, leaving the city at 7, Fort Hamilton at 8 o'clock. au4 45t?rc FOR SHREWSBURY,LONO BRANCH, ._ W. SCHENCK'S. HIGHLAND, Ocean filMliMhHouse, and Eatontown Landing. The Steamboat KUWiN LEWIS, Cant Haynes, will run as follows from foot 01 Vesey atreet, North River: Leave New York. Leave Shrewihury. An*, o'clock. Aug. o'clock. Wedn'y, 18, at 7 A. M. Wedn'y, 18, at 12 M. Thursd'y 19, at 8 A. M Thursday 19, at 1 P. M? Frid<r, 20, at 9 A.M. Friday, 20, at 2 P. M Saturday.21. at 11 A.M. Saturday,21, at 3 P. M Sunday, 22, at II A.M. Sunday, 22, at 4 P.M. Monday, 28, at II A.M. Monday, 23, at 3 P.M. Tuesday,24, at- 12 M. Tuesday. 24, at 4 P. M. Stanes will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat to con vey paasengers to all parts of the coumry. jy3l 30t*rc FOR SHREWSBURY, OCEAN HOUSE, ?*'J6<le?Hf'L<>u* Branch, Ransom Dock, Brown's Dock, flnHMbMiddletowu and Red Bank.?The Steamboat ORI'S, C. Price, Master, will run ai follows, from Fulton Market Slip, East River :? Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. Wednesday, 18, 8 A.M. Wednesday, 18, 1 P.M. Thursday, 19. 9% A. M. Thursday, 19, IK P. M. Friday, 2U. 10 A.M. Friday, 20, 2 P.M. Saturday, 21, 1IXA. M. Saturday, 21, 3){ P.M. Sunday, 22, II A.M. Sunday, 22, 4 P.M. Monday, 23, 12 M. .Vouday, 21, 4 P.M. Tuesday. 24, 1 P.M. Tuesday. 21. 5 P.M. Wednesday, 25, A. M. Wednesday, 25, 2 P.M. HL 1... -? * M Tl " o.: .. i> vi Knday, 27, ? A.M. Kr day, 27, 4 P.M. Saturday, 211, 'Jjt A.M. Saiurday, 28, P.M. Monday, 29, ? A.M. Suiiday, 29, P.M. Mon'lay, 30, 7 A.M. Monday, 30, 11 A.M. Tuesday, 31, 7 A.M. Tuesday, 31, 12 M. The Line Sunn will run to Howell Works, Hquan Village and Kreehold. Staifea to convey passengers to all parts of the r on ii try. N. B. All persons are forbid trusting the above boat on account of the Owners. J. F. ALLAIRE. an4 30t*rc __________ t The superior steamer NEW HAVEN, rWfflGZ^NCaptaiu Van Pelt, van be chartered for bxcurdHBafiHHfailions to any place, by application at No. S Buttery Pi ice, North river. ItW MttC ___ OPPOSITION PAHHAOK OFFH K?To Albany, Utica,$1 50; Syracuse, $2; Oswego, JOEfiHikS3; Rochester, S2; Buffalo, S2< Cleveland, SI; Detroit, Si; Milwaukie, S6 75; Chicago, S<> 75; Cincinnati, SO 75; Toronto and Hamilton,$4; Whitehall, $2;Montrral.SI; Pittsburg, SC. Office, 100 Barclay street. Ad*> security required will be given for the fnlfilinent of all contracts ade with this company. jVl6 30t*r VI. L. RAY, Agent, New York?11117. 't-Ws " MOHNINO LI.NKKOK ALU A N V AND , TKOY and Intermediate Laudings. .flUHBh Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat THOV, Captain A. Oorham, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at (even o clock A. M Returning on the opposite day*. ..... .. .. . The Steamer NIAGARA, Capt. H. L. Kellogg, will leave tlie Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at half past sii o'clock, A. M., returning on the opposite days. ?7* Fare 50 Cents. For passage or freight, apply oa board, or to ? B.Hall, at the office on the wharl. ? fKOPLJCTJ LINK STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. Dailr, Bindava EicepWddHMflhThrough Direct?At 7 o'clock, f. M., from the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty street*. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Win. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock* Steamboat HKNDR1K HUDSON, Ctpt. R. O. Crottenden, will leave on Tueidgy, Thuriday and Saturday evening! at 7 o'clock. _ smc ml Traim for Schenectady, Balliton, and Saratoga ftpnuga, will run a* followi:?Leave Albany at?H A.M., 1 P.M , except Sunday*. Pastenger* will find thia the molt ei peditiom aud convenient route. At Five O'clock, f. ivl.?Landing at Intermediate Place*? I Irom the loot o I Barclay itreet. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain Tniidell, will leave on Monday, Wedneaday,Friday,and SuiCay afternoon*, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER. Captain R. H. Forry, will leave on Tneaday, Thursday, and Saturday afteraooni, at 5 o'clock. The above boau| will at all timet arrive in Albany ib ample liine for the Morning Can lorrne Kui or Weet. Freight r?k?n at moderate rate*, and none taken! after 5X O'clock, P- M. All perioniare forbid muting any of the boati of thii line, withoiit a written order from the captain* or agenta. For naiwage or freight, apply on boird the boat*, or to P. C. S?'HI LTZ, atthe offlee on the wharf. r 4 NOTIOI?! ,?T?,T5E A8I'AND FKRRY^Ob and tun u foDow?, until lurroar nutiri LBAVK ITAfBJV IIUVO At 0, 0, ?. 10.11, A. M., and t 1, I, i, $, 7, f. M. tnavi new ,,?? | At 7, t, 10, lit A. Mm m<unU9 put ), ud at 4, 5, New Vnrk April Utli ?t| r ~ " a _ Ciri/KfXH nV.W DAY LINE dir r-40OPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY, Landing at Van Cnnrtlandt* NewbnnUi, Poaghkeepiie, Klugitou.t attkill au>l Hudiou.?Fare Ml cent*? '1 irak1.1*land Dinner on Board. The new and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tueedayi, Thoridavi. and Saturday!, at half-put ix, A. M.. from the pier foot of Rol.uuon atraet, touching at Hammond itreet taer, from New York, K .r p.uaage <>r frieght, apply en board the Boati, or to Geo. T. the office, foot of Robinion itreet. !T7" All i>er*on*"4 forbid tnutmg the a bo re boat* on an,ount of ib? owju<*. myio rb . > i'- ; E NE NEV TO TRAVELLERS OOINO SOUTH. I^^F^^S^IOST A< A^KTSE riektbiiry. Richmond, (Vtersbnrc, Va , Staunton, Va , and the Virginia Springs, Weldon, N. C., and Charleston, S.C. The public are informed (hat tlie new and splendid low pre*, mire >(?ainer POWUATTAN (connectii u with the (Jreat Mail Line at Aqquie Creak,) leavei Conuiierce ?treet wharf. Baltimore, every Tueidiy and Friday Evening, at tt P. M., tor the above poinu Through-ticket< to Richmoud $ 4 Petersburg 6 Weldon, N. C ? Staunton, Va 11 " Charleston, S. C 17 Bennr at the unit price. more direct and evt>edirinus. ahd much morecertaiu thau the Chenepeake Buy and James River Steatnbo t Line,?all the wide and rough portion of the Bay, between the mouth of the Potomac and Old l'oint Comfort, being entirely avoided by this hue Traveller* areadvised that the line hereby advertised is part and parcel oi'the Great Mail Line through Virginia; and that it lathe intention of the rompuiie* composing the Great Mail Lme, that passengers shall be conveyed eonnecMl Win UM FoWMHMkllinyi ill fUltlflr as t?y any other line, and with more <otnlort expedition and certainty, than by any otherliue, except the liue via Washington. For further iiarticulars, inquire at the Southern Ilailroad office, Pratt street, Baltimore; ol Stockton St Fall, or at the toe Commerce street wharf; or, ou Tuesdays and Fridays, on hoard ihe Powhattan. of G. VV. GLNNfcLL,.Capt. N. B.?Travellers by the above line will hear in mind that they have two hours more in Baltimore ttian passenger* bv tile Chesapeake Bay and Jaines River Boats, and yet reach any point south of Petersburg at the same time with these last, even when there is n? breach of connexion by the Bay Line. jy4 3ineod*r _ " ... STKaMSIUI- SOIiTHKRNKK?This 'hip will resume her regular trips to Charleston, on Saturday, the ^Utli inst , and will be reoily to reccive freight on Monday * * theittd. For freight or pasaage apply on board, at Peck slip, or to SPOFFORD, TILKSTON k CO., aul3$weod 48 South street. NEW" LINK OK PACKETS TO AND FROM ||l9VLIVKRPOOL-By the New Line of Liverpool JHBBfcParkets?Packet of the 21st August ?The splendid, uew, lust sailing packet ship LIVKKPOOL,1!(50 tons burthen, Capt. Kldrirlge, will] sail from New York on the 21st August, and from Liverpool ou the 6th October. Early apMic&tion ihould be made to W. (t J. T. TAP8COTT, an 13 m 86 Month st. UK. UK WITT KKLLINGKK'H INFAL^4Ji(tr>LIBLKLINIMKNT.-Tlii. truly astonishing me' t ^ f .iieii.M i( b clear, beautiful and transparent lluid, highly Irngraiit and perfectly delightful in its flavor, aud is especially designed to be prescribed internally or externally, aud is warranted to cure alter all other remedies have failed. All rheumatic and scrofulous affections, ring worm, tetter, barber's itch, old sores of every nature, frost bites, burns. pains iu the back, ami affection! of the spine, dislocations, enlargement of joints, bullions, corns, callouses of erery description. tooth and nervous headache. One or two doses taken according to direction is aa aureto cure the bilious cholic, diarrhoea, fee., aa it i< taken; and affectinus of the throat, in ahort, paius of every nature yield fe> its lutluence immediately. Fever and ague broken in two done* always. N. B. 62,500 cares have been made in two years. Among the inauy distinguished individuals who have kindly allowed us to refer to thein, for public good, are the Hon. Moses H. (Jrinnell, residence No. t> College Place, New York city; Hou. Richard K. Carman, of Carniansville, New York city, and Mr. Arnold Mason, contractor of the High Bridge over Harlem river, was currd of chronic rheumatism of over SO years'standing?can be seeu at all times at the Bridge; Mr. Samuel Roberts, his partner at the Bridge, gives it as Ins opinion that it saved nil life, from a severe injury sustained by a fall; Mr James Murphy, proprietor of the Harlem. Bull's Head, Bowery and Broadway lines of stages, has used at his mammoth establishment over one thousand bottles. He says the more they use of it the better they like it. Wholesale and retail distributing agents are wauted. Principal depot, No. 2J0 Pearl stieet, New York city; 8. Ingersol St Co., wholesale druggists, and at ihe principal drag and other stores and taverns throughout the city and country. It is put up in large bottles, and told at JO cents per single bottle; $4 per dozen; half fross $21; one gross $36. The Proprietors of this great remey are ready and willing to back their opinion, that they can show more astounding cores, and a greater number of certificates than any other remedy offered to the public. All letters must be postpaid. j y8 30teod * rc tTO LKT?Several Cottage houses ou the Astoria and Ravens < ood turnpike rond, with a fine view of the East River, and within a mile and a half of Peck Slip wiiitiimsburgh, suitable for small genteel families Rent moderate. AupJy to GEOIKJJS JL. WOLF, Law Buildings. Nos.75 ana 77 Nassau streetN. B. The above is worthy the attention Of a gentleman and lady desirous of starting a good school. al2 I4t*rc MtL ROOMS TO RtNT? Families and geutlemen wishTItjW ing pleasant single or sails of rooms, without board, or JUULbreakfast and tea if required, may be accommodated, by applying ar 477 Broadway. al2 30t?m M.COUNTHY SEAT FOR SALK.?That very desirable residence in the beautiful village of Kinderhook, Columbia County, fitted up, and recently occupied by the nue Peter J. Hoes, fcsq., is now offered for sale. There are also on ihe premises, carriage-house, stables, wood-house barn, aud all other convenient out buildings The grouuds about four acres, are well stocked with a large variety tf up pie, pear, peach, cherry. Plum, and oriiatneu'al tree?, grape v ines and shrubbery, til of which have beru selected from celebrated nurseries, both in t.urope and New York The whole property is uow in the moil perfect order. In the Village n au Academy. none in this f.Ute in point of character and standing. Kor termj, 8tc.. apply to DAV1L) VAN SCHAACK, Esq., Kinderhoolc, or aui 3>t*m P. 8. HO 109. 35 Wall street. jggk i O LKT.?A neat two s'orv culture house, with prTw basement* and uiidrrcellar, principal story two p?rlor? JmUL with si id I UK doors, hard finished walls, second story; 2 lur^e rooms and 2 bedroom; rent low Enquire on the premises, No. 1 lOth street, ofW. K. Pendleton. Slaves pass the door ftrjr half hour I It in MA KARE CHASCK?Kor mile, the goodwill ami fixtures of a Tavern, Oyster and Boarding House, with every convenience appertaining to such an establish rneul- The liouse n in a central location, opposite tile principal market The house has been occupied in the above business for a number of yean, has always commanded, and at present has an excellent run of busiuess, and is one of the best stands in the city. Indisposition in the family of the present proprietor induces him to change his business Kor further particu lars inquire at the office of the Baltimore Hun autre I FOR 8M>?THE PROPKRTY IN UNION V1LKSlIiAOK. N J.?Consisting of a country store and dwel ^ lU-lmg HOU8K, barn, 3 cow houses, 2 waygim houses, corn crib, 2 barracks, Ike., with 8tl% acres of excellent Laud,iii a high state of cultivation, well watered and timbered The crops are not surpassed by any in the State?nor is the store to be surpassed for a country store. The property will be sold a bargain, as the preseut owner is too old lo attend to it. Tilte indisputable. Apply to JA8. B. BAKK, every Wednesday at the Northern Hotel, foot of ('ourtlandt street, from 9 A. M to7 P. M., and Thursdays until 1 P. M.: other days to the New York Real Estate Company, corner Broadway and Maiden lane. J. B. B. aiili 30t*rrc _ KOR HALE OR TO LKT, on the uiarKiu ol the 10.n M tian Bay, Monmouth iCoupty, N.J.?Kar.ns in a high state of cultivation, with all the necessary out-buildings. Also, lots from half au acre to twenty, with the advantage of fine bathing. Hammer residences furnished or untarnished. Persons desirous of carrying on buitTiess in the citj and residing iu a healthy location, ata cheap rate, will find an advantage iu consultiug with the subscriber. N. B.?The aforesaid farms and lota are not in Texas or Pennsylvania, but within one hour and a half of New York Terms easy Titles indisputable. Kmignuiis or others wishinn for irardeninir lots call he snited. A milv to John Ivpu.n Ksq , 55 Courtlandt street, New York; or to W. (i, Hayue* Auctioneer, Key Tort, N.J. All letter* mu?t be po*t paid. Kkv Port. N. J., Jnly 20, 1817 jy21 :tOi*rc | m LOOK AT THIS.?L?ilie?' Oaiters, alruier*, bus . kins, Tie*, House Slips, White anil Black Sstw BPW Prunella Buskius and Slippers, aud all other kinds of Boot* and Shoe*, of the finest style. AUo a large assortment of misses mid children'*. ' Gentlemen will find in thl* atore a (treat assortment of fine Boot* and Shoe*, calf and pitrnt leather: Gaiters of all kiud*. Alio, Boys' Boot*, Gaiter*, and Shoe*, of all *orU and aizes. All of the above of the best quality and cheap, at 367 Broadway, one door above Kranklin street. ?'j 3<lt*rc M. CAHILL ^ KKENCM BOOTS ? I'aris imperial Krench I Boots for S4 50, equal to the best sold yi Broadway for >6 or $7. Kine Krencli Call Boots, city made, for S3 50? usually $5?can be found at the cornerof Kulton and Nas sau streets, opposite the Herald office. IVat boots inadr to order for f 4 50. Also the Kreuch Congress boots, of the be*t quality; boots, ihoei, gaiter*, *lipper*, he., constantly on hand. All good* warranted to give satisfaction. Corner of Kulton Uld Nassau *treets. jy2J 30t*rc HOTON WATER KILTKKS AT ONE DOLLAK J EACH.?J. 8TONK, No. TK) Broadway, New York, begs to inform hi* friends aud the unblic of this city and other places which are supplied bv public water works, that he has so arranged his improved Water Kilter* that they can be applied to tne Croton water faucet*. They are *o constructed that any parson can keep them m order by replenishing v itn the filtering medium at the most trifling expense. A single inspection will couviuce any one of their superiority over any other filter in use. P. 8.?His other Kilters sold a* usual. Ml Jit*re DkSKNTAKV can be cured by the herb doiUi.r in twelve hoars?the very worst ca*e* in a few day*. All diseases of the bowels, however bad, speedily removed, aud all cases uikeu on liberal terms. No cure uo pay. He likewise cure* all cases ofKever and Ague, or intermitteniae vers, in 12 hours or no charge. jvT6 I2t*r OfTice. aiiS'jBroome st. WHOLESALE SHIKT wahkhousk, N<> ? pi?t street, 2d door from \ffllliain, where may be fouud a l.r... ,.r Hi..... ~e ? i? ?J - -i t ...... u. wiinw,?i r?eiy iiiiiiiny, inaur in me uuesi stylo, and of superior workmanship. Fancy aud Plaiu Linen, Muslin and comm<Ai Shirts, constantly on hand. Southern and Weatern merchants are re?i>ectfnlly invited to call before purchasing. JOHN WOOLSEY, 34 Piatt st. jylO 60t#rre AHREN8. the well known I'anta Tailor,20Ann street, has lately received over 100 pes fancy Cassimeres and Linens, of which he makes pnuis to order for only S2 50 to $4 per.pair. Also, French and English black caaaimeres and doeskins, from $4 to $8 pi-r pair, warranted good, or uo sale. Urnts who are in want of Panu, will do well to call at MX Ann street. jy4 30t*rc RADICAL CURE OI* < DKNS, without cuttui or the least pain.?Ur 8. Shiriacoff, from St. Petersburg, ol" Ku?sia, has the Iwinor to aunounce to the Udies and gentlemen of New York^and the public in general, that he under akes to completely <4VrpaU' soft or hard Corns, Bunions, Nails and. every other l*rd substance on or between the toes, without 1 cutting, by means of an Elinr of his own invention. Die operation is performed in the space of a few minutes, without the least pain, and the patient may reiume his dress and occupation with the satisfaction of carrying the corn or root in Ins hand. Dr. 8.'4;hiro|>eilist, will give his attendance at his office, 63 Chambers street, opposite the Park He will alio be happy to attend Ladies or Gentlemen at their own residence if required. i.1 < hamherf st aulO Ml*re Eruptions ok the who troubled with Salt Rhenm, Erysipelas, Itch, Ringworm, Pimpled Kace, or other diseases of the skin, may obtain a speedy and effectual cure,at Mrs. Carroll's Medicated Vapor,Sulphur,and Iodine Bath Establishment, 184 Knlton street, opposite Chureh " 'omponnd Concentrated Syrup of Hersaparilla, prepared by the Shakers, 75 cents per bottle. au5 Mt?rc_ in Knh CHALLENGE?Notice to gent'en-ei, who ? un ?*JUU their old clothes to look like Lew, call at the Tailoring. Dyeing. Cleaning and Hepnmng Lstablishment, No. 77 Gold street, corner ofOold and flpruce, where orders will b? punctually attended to at the Inortiit potjCi. ud on the most reasoaable terns, by J B. NOAH, Gold st N. B ?The highest price given for gentleman i left off we.irinir nppurel )v'4 Mtem ElNHAHbf*8 V*TOT V '? <7lLDfcD BH ASH LET TK.R8 FOR 8IONS?Office to Maiden Lane .entrance Oieen street.?These letters are remarkable fordnrahslity. and a brilliancy of the gilding unequalled by any other article in the ?ty?which brilliancy is warraaled to slaud esposure o the weethet-ftTlwy to aar color that mat N?mu*4. .i*i??fb W YO V YORK, WEDNESDAY OKUAN MANl'FACTOHY^-OEOROK JARDINK. remiiif J to Hi Pearl street, near to and opposite the City Hospital, Broadway, New York, haviug, since the destructiou by lire of his former manufactory, secured a large and valuabe stork of the best and old seasoned wood, and built every convenience for erecting organs of the largest class, he will be eushled tosu?tain his well established reputation, aad he respectfully solicits extended lmtrouage. Church, l'arlor and i hurch, or Lodge ..Finger aud Barrel Organs, constantly for sale. j' z<(a!2) 3flt eod*rc Hun sua i >r .r>ui< ilr-IIh ueai .iimiisI counsel, without money and without pric?.?Two or three physicians, gentlemen of eipenenee, who are thoroughly versed in Medical Science, having received diploma* from the highest and moat successful medical institution in the United Htates, will be in constant attendance at the gram! depot of^ BKACH,8 BooK8 AND MEDICINES, No 141 Fulton Htbkkt, N. Y., to be consulted, aud to give medical advice id respect to the following diseases in all their forms ?nd stages, all of which will be treated without the use of Mercury or other poisonoui minerals, and without charge for advice or examination*. fatiems may rely on the Kindest and best attention. upon a thorough investigation and an accurate description ol their cases, aud such proscriptions as have afforded relief in tne worst cases, where all other means hid failed?prescriptions which have been used for the last thirty years by Dr. Beach, the anthor of the " AMERICAN PRACTICE OK MEDICSNE." with a success which has been unequalled in the history of medic lue. All patient* who visit this office will lie prescribed for ac??r,l...? M tV. A .n.riA.n I. ..,1. 1.1. din alone are employed, which can never do harm, and which will cure, if it i* poaaible lor medicine lo do thia. Thii practice ha* received the higheat recommendation* froir the I rat phyaiciau* aud surgeon* in Europe and America, and keen nonored by gold inedala from the Kiui; aud Uueeu of Englaud, the King and (^ueeu of Pruaaia, the Kuius of Holland, of Saxony, and Wurteinburg, and the Pop* of Home?ei|>rea*ive of their high eatimation of the science, safety, certaiuty and success of thia practice. The following Diaeaaes, and any other of an acute or chronit character, will be treated at thi* oifice. PILES, whetiier Bleeding or Bliud, or in a atate of Tumor, whether internal or external. DVSPKP81A and LI VKK COMPLAINT. 3TONK or GRAVEL, and all affectiou* of the Kidney* or Uriuary Organs. C0UOH8, Colda, Consumption, Bronchitia, ami all other diaeaaea of the Cheat. SCROFULA, or King'* Evil, in all its stage*. ERYSIPELAS. SALT RHEUM, SCALD HEAD, and all Cutaueou* Eruption*. DISEASES OK THE EYES AND EARS treated without cuppiuK, scarifying, leeching, bliatermg, or the u*e of in tru meut*. RHEUMATISM, wltether acute or chronic. DYSENTERY. DIARRHOEA, CHOLERA MORBU8, and Summer Complaint* of childrrn. tii' nruri mmL'frv a.,.,.,.. ,i.. l'.?? ...i Breast. 8T. VITUS' DANCE, and nil Nervous Affections. STRICTURES IN THE URETHRA, SYPHILIS in iu various stages, and all diseases resulting from Syphi UC Taint. FEMALE COMPLAINTS, ai Excess or Suppression oft Menses, Fluor Albus or White Flowsv Prolapsus Uteri, the Falling of the Womb, counecteiLy ith Paint in the Bac and Head, Palpitation of the Heart, Nervous Debility, Col Extremities. Otc HIP DISEASE, or White Swelling, Felons, or Whitlow; all Tumors or Swellings. FEVI- R SORES aud Ulcers, of whatever cnaracter. INFLUENZA, and Catarrh in the Head. DROPSY, in the Limbs, Chest, Abdomen or Head. SPINAL DISEASES?Pain* and weakness in the spine, Or curvature and deformity. PLEURISY. QUINSY. MUMPS. MEASLES. CROUP, Scarlet Fever, and all Diseases ol Children. WORMS of all kinds. Pin, Tape tcc. FEVER AND AGUE, or Intermittent Fever. BILIOUS or Painter's Colic, and Costiveness. FITS or Convulsions?Hysterical, Epileptic, be. BURNS, Scalds, Wounds, Cuts, Bruises, &c. FISTULA IN ANO, or Ulcerous Opeuiugs or Abscesses situated uear the Anus and Rectum, treated without an opelatiou, and A PERMANENT CURE WARRANTED. So cheap a cure of disease cannot be obtained in this city? uo other expense accruing than the amount which the medicine alone will cost. Afreadythe multitudes who have beeu prescribed for are returning daily with reports of their rapid restoration to health, without bleeding, blistering, calomel, or any other violent, paiuful, weakening, and poisonous means, so generally required. Patients visited at their own houses in urgent cases, if required. Persons residing in any part ol the Country, by sendiug a written description of their case, will be prescribed for the same as il they were personally present. All communications by mail must be post paid. Address 141 Fulton street, New York. Office HI Fultou street. Oi>en from t o'clock A.M. to 7 P.M McALISTER'S ALL HEALING | OINTMENT, has been extensively used all over the city, aud throughout the country, for every form of disease; and the more it is known, the greater is the demand for it. such is the success of this wouderful medicine iu the cure of all varieties of physical deiaugeineut. By restoriug the iusensible perspiration, it cleanses the blood ot morbid matter, and thus cures scrofula, salt rheum, scald head, erysipelas, and all cutaneous eruptions. By the same process it heals ulcers, fever sores, inflamed surfaces, sore throat, rheumatism, and spraius of all kinds By opening the pores, and equalizing the circulation of the blooa, it cures coughs, cold, consumption, dys|>epsia, liver complaint adi: o< t i vr ness. It never fail* to cure burns anil scalds, however sever*, i,llnying iuifunuiation and pain, anil destroying proud tlesh. it is jure to relieve pains ol all kinds, in the head, sides, back, bowels and limbs, aud is unsurpassed in spinal diseases. It performs marvelous cures in cases of piles, worms, fevers of all kinds, ague in the face and breast, aud all nervous diseases. Use this masterly medicine, ami you will not be disappointed. This wouuerful Ointment being used externally is an extraordinary mediciue l^>r children, it lieiug so convenient to administer it,so safe and sure in its results. It is an uncommon vermifuge, bringing awey all kinds of worms, and pin woims in large quantities. urann ueuot. >11. in ruii'in street, N?w nor* N. It.?All orders ruid eomiViuuicalious by mail to be addressed to James AlcAlisler No. 141 Kulton street, New Vorlr. jf26 eodHOi *r NOVELTIES PER KR^'.NCHISTEAMER?KtlEDERICK A. WOOUWORTH, 325 Broadway, (opposite the new Broadway Theatre,) is now opening some new invoices of rich Kaucy Articles, received per steamer Philadelphia, from Havre, among which are richly decorated PorceI mi Vaies . Stamens, H'cous, Inkstands and Bondoir Oruameuts. New styles of Hridal and Mourning Fans. Rich Dress Kaus, ^Bohemian GUs?-waie, Opera Glasses, Porcelain and Biscuit Groups, Taper I.amps. Card Receivers, Stc Also, a fresh supply of Lubin's choice rerfuine* lor tlie handkerchief??ixt\ varieties. an G 3teod?rrc Tl) < U.N I'RAt rOKf??hngiiieer's Office, James River and Kanawha Company. Big Island, Bedford c?uoty, Va , 7th August, 1817 ? Proposals will be received at Lynchburg, Va , until the 29th September next, for all the work ou their Canal then uncontracted for, from Lynchburg upwards on James River to Big Island, a distance of about 19 miles. The work comprises about eight locks (the foundations of two of which have been laid ) a f<-w small culverts, the abutments of seven road and ftnn Mag**, and eight unfinished sections, (from half a mile to a mile long) of eicavation, embankment, towing path, ike ; also two dams across James River, west ol Big I slaud; one at the Cnsliaw Kails, about 777 feet long and 7 feel high; and the other ju?t below the mouth of North River, about 475 feet long and 13 feet high Specifications, plans, he., ol the sa>d work will be exhibited al the Kugineer's office, at Big Island, on and after the 15th of September next, and all needful information will he given at any time by the Assistant Engineers on the line of work* aforesaid. WALTER OYWNN,. rail Hit 3taw rc Chief Engineer. URESH IMPORTATION.? VV. SCOTT (K l(), No. 377 F Broadway, have received a fresh lot of the much admired sheer lawn baudkfs, narrow taped borders, which are olfrred uuusunlly cheap; black au<l white laced I' tpes, from $1 5#; about 500 pairs line F rench Cutfs, at 1s. and Is 6d per pair; the remaining stock nOilack and white lace Visites, at cost price; a very cheaplotofneedlework Collars, from 3s. to 6s. each.? Ladies will also find some bargains in Valenciennes Laces and Edgings wall worth their ntwtwi. jy19 30t*m rpHK CHEAPEST STORK IN THE CITY, i?4>; Kul M. mil sireet. Kir rrmcn ano jimericnu raper Hangings, Window Shades, Curtain Material*, Ornaments, fcc.?The subscriber haa constantly on hand a large assortment of the above articles; alio, manufacturer of the galvanised Spring Mattress, which, lor comfort and durability cannot be eicellea. Pure hair and other Mattreises; heather Bed?, kc., with every article in the Upholstery line, at the lowe*t possible |>ricea. N. B.?Steamboat ana ship cabin* and hotels fitted up aod furnished. K. DAVIE8, au5 30t*rc Upholsterer, !60? Kultonst. GKNTLKMKNH HATS-HALL KASHION, 1817 ? BecbeSi (,'ostar, Hatters, 150 Broadway, New York, and 138 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, will present the Kail Ka hion for gentlemen's hat*, on Saturday, August ?Bth, 1IH7.? Upon issuing the fashion for the season, B. &('. bee leave to say that it is their inlrution to introduce a style of hat altogether superior to any before offered They have adopted an eutirely new and unique mode of trimming. which combining in the highest degree elegance of finish and durability, tends materially toward* the preservation of the hat. Another improvement will be the *trict adaptation of every hat as well to the feature*, a* to the form and (ize of the wear er. thereby avoiding the apparent incougruity of a large and tall man with a diminutive hat, vice ver*a, Beebe U Coitar will present on tin* occasion beside* their well known superior Moleskin hat, a black fur hat, of the Rocky Mountaiu Beaver; a superb article, which will be sold at their regular standard price. ..They would respectfully invite attentiou to the branch of tneir ettahlislmient^iaS < Miestnut street, Philadelphia, which >RK I MORNING, AUGUST 18, The War, Sc. OOSSIP FROM MEXICO. | Tran?latea fiom N. O. I.a Patrla, Hth inst) V?:a.i Cat'*, 2d August 1847. Hince the departure of the steamer Massachusetts on the 2:ld alt, no other opportunity has occurred until the present one, for communicating with you. and 1 will now give you all the newt 1 have been able to obtain. The Kngllsh minister mall arrived here on the 31it ulto., bringing datoafrom the capital to the 39th. The private oorreepondence that It bringx, givet the following political new*- ?There wero 28 000 men in the capf tal, of which 20.000 were regular troops. and the rent of the national militia. Thin increase of lorcea has been caused by the arrival in Mexico of (ieneral Valencia, from San I.uls Potosi, with 4500 men. and SO pieces of artillery of all sizes. The actual number of pieces of artillery ready In the capital amounts to 117. As 1 told you before, Brig. Oen. Lombardlni it commander in chief of the army, who, without any merit at all, without eTer having been in such a situation as to prove his Kui vii, whi? iu ur???ry or inieiugenoe. bu been preferred among l'J or 14 generals of division who are at present In Mexico According to the say, Santa Anua has procured thin selection. In order that Lomhardini as a mere automaton, may be tUo blind instrument of his orders The government, (or rather Santa Anna) have prohibited the publication of all the papers of the capital, exoept the Diario Ojicial, which is the only one circulated in the other States. We may uay lin Is excusable for thi* step, because, as wUut he aims at Is the establishment of a dictatorship, and the prens obstinately racists it; giving the public to underntand the Injurious effect which the "Mexloan Napoleon" has on their interests, he has found it necosnary to give a mortal blow to the liberty of the press. The capital is a*reul Babel?both ectaltailos and mailtradon have lost their senses, aud neither one nor the other know what they want or what U best for them.? Both parties accuse one auother as being the cause of the deplorable state of affairs in the republic. The result of all this will be similar to that or the rabbits in tbe fable, who, while hotly disputlntfas to whether they were greyhounds or lurchers, nad theirdoubts solved by the arrival of the dogs, who destroyed them. Santa Anna seek* a dictatorship iu order to be able to make peace, but the mysterious hero of Angostura " count* without his host," and doe* not pay attention to the coalition in the Bix northern States. Toor country of Ooatemotzin and .Montezuma ' By means of the K.nglUh commercial house of Manning k Mackenzie the government reoelves $30,000 daily until $400,000 are made up, which tills house is to deliver for the consolidation of the K'uglish debt. Moreover, a forced contribution of $1,000,000 has been imposed on the caDital- divided in aumu *n*nr<llni? tn ?>- ..?rvl . , - ( > "" "?> v-|?>tal of the residents; but it is said that froui the manner in which it has been divided, that not tbu third part of this contribution will bo realized. Since the suppression of the prunH, there have boun published in Mexico two sheets eulogizing Santa Anna, and one (of which I enclose a copy) which has for its title, in large golden letters, the following :? " Thl harry aitkabanck o? thi 19tii or May ok th?. i huikut year." I to sole object is the oxtolwunt of Santa Anna, elevating hiin to apogee, a* a recompense for all the ill he has done. The other, which 1 have not been able to obtain, calls for a dictatorship as a salvatory means for the oountry Also there has appeared here a volume (which I send) eutitled " Tribute to Trnth." in this book you will see the lancc of Aniozoc, such as it was, which is the truth, and not as the author of the '' happy appearance" paints it. SantaAnna tied at Amozoc the same as he did at Cerro Oordo,with his 'iOOO herses.with troopers armed, or rather they made him " walk a pace with only three discharges of American artillery; as we are all perfectly aware that at the ttrst tire he changed his position, at the second til- troops lost their order, and at the third they all fled in different directions. Santa Anna may say'he made the Americans run, but it was because he was in front and run better than they could. Truly does the author of the " Tribute to Truth '' say that from what has been seen at Cerro Oordo and Amozoc, it appears that instead of teaching the Mexican soldiers to tight, he only enlightens them as to the manner of flying id suameiui uisoruer General Scott ?u at Tuebla on the 30tb, where he wm waiting to be joined by the foroen which lately left here,and which, an we have heard, had arrived atPerote on the 30th. * * * * * KL JAROCHO. PBOM JM'EllLA. A letter ha* been reoeived in Washington, from an oflioer in the army, as late an the 29th and 30th July.? It states that General Scott would move upon the caplUl ax soon as General Pierce arrived witli bin r. luforcementa about the '.'d or 3d of August Mr. Trixt bad been <|Utte ill, but was then convalescent. We are happy to bear that (General Scott had waited upon hlui during liis indisposition, to confer with him about the public tonnfrun?lfaiMngtiin I 'niun, due, Iti. JNAVAI.. IT. H. Ki i<j-hhip Mimissippi, \ Anton Lizardo, July !25. 1847 } Sik : Having thin uioinent returned from Tabasco, I write a brief line to inform the department that the sick of the squadron are doiug tolerably Well ; though we have numerous cases, hut tew have terminated fatally ? We have bad nine deaths, including Lieutenant Parker, the only officer whv has died. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, M. C. PKRRY, Comd'g Home Squadron. Hon. J. Y. Mason, Secretary of the Navy, Washington, D. C. The U. 8. Krigate Constitution was put into the dry dock at Charlestown, yesterday, for repairs. The Secretary of the Treasury, Hon. Robert J. Walker was present on the occasion, aud a salute waa fired in his honor. ?Boiton Jldvtrlittr, Aug. 17. The Watering PImh, uitirtd States Hotki., 1 Saratoga, August 16, 1847. \ Life ct the Springs. I wish I oouldgive my mind a literary turn, to compensate for the inactivity of uiy body A lethargy baa taken possesion of tuy senses, which even developed through thla epistle, may make your readers fleep, and if It were not that bile occasionally mores me, I should become as torpid an a sloth. Of all places in the world, the one best calculated to make a man laay aud stupid is Saratoga. In the morning people of enterprlze wander to the spring and praetice hydraulics, with the pleasant idea that they can till themselves with salt water aud fresh health at the same time; but .having no confidence in any kind of water cure, 1 lie abed until it become* absolutely necessary to dress for breakfast, and here let me remark, that this ia, at Saratoga, the only pleasant meal. You have a white cloth, fresh rolls, good code*, and little noise. At dinner, the clatter, hurry, and fuss, are annoying in the extreme. Besides, unless favored by fortune, or a knowing waiter, you are likely to be placed opposite some broadfaced gentleman with two xkinny daughters, who having heard that the waters are good for dyspepsia, are experimenting upon their gastric capacity with such compounds a* would dismay any cathartic in the world. After breukfast, the women disappear, and the men ilimU Liiiun tlirniitfli f)iu amnkn fit' th?lr uunueu high noon, when but a few troubled Hpiritu parade the piazza, the crowd which appeared at breakfast time having mysteriously absconded. Until dinner the hot stillness In intolerable. In the afternoon. Schneider's band discourses sweet music in the shade of fine trees; the children romp on the green Award; the ladles promenade gently within hearing of the harmonious strains; the gentlemen, with their feet in various attitudes, smoke themselves into Como, and, about four o'clock, seek their apartments for plethoric slumbers, whence they emerge just in time for tea, with their eyes looking as If they had just left an Irish wake, and their brains seething with stupidity. Tea ooncluded, segars blaze once more; the women parade through the now shaded walks; low conversation Is heard pleasantly murmuring under the trees until the darkness comes, and theu white kids twinkle along the piazzas. The sounds of muxio are heard from the parlor, the waltz, polka, and quadrille, Mutter the young company, and flirtations proceed, as aye they will, until the hour when the beds invite the weary to repose Then the gentlemen, who have waltzed and flirted to their hearts' content, rush tumultously to the bar, intersperse noisy criticisms on the events of the day, with nibbles of crackers and cheese. and settle their thoughts and limbs with a cobbler or a julep. Out for the company one would soon be tnnuyer in a place like this To an observer there is presented a variety of character sufficient to exhaust his speculalions, satisfy his spleen, and amuse his leisure The antiquated mil ionaire hobbles about the walks exulting over his wealth, giving the order for wine half an honr befote dinner, and loud enough to attract the attention of the quiet groups on the piazza, on whom he bestows a triumphant gaze, setting them down for poor devils, to whom choice wine Is a rare occurrence. With what a sullen frown he lifts his glass when a meek gentleman opposite at the table sends champagne to a dozen friends, dispenses sherry with equal liberality, and tells bow tired ho lias become of Johannenberger. A gouty frenchman, and a Scot afllicted with rheu.natism. meet every morning and exchange impressions and gibberish, the < Jaul Increasing his gesticulation In very spite toward hlii disabled fi>ot. wnilo th? bagpipe drone of the Caledonian utters Its querulous complaint oyer the dull pain, and the cost of medlolue. One or two young gentlemen, whose hats are jauntily ptaued on the side of their head*, and whose moustaches have more of promise than performance, are assiduous In attention to sagacious women, who receive their devotion and the bouquets far the same purpose, and will, of course, lay both aside, and forget them, when something more agree able presents Itself. And there Ik a Oerniao, with thick figure chess board panta, broad feet, brown gaiters, hodcarrier bands, a short neek, and a greasy face nearly covered with dark hair, who swaggers about, accompanied by abuse cane, and stutters out egotistical lies to a few dough faced now by whom his arrogance Is mistaken for dignity, and his ignorance for pronindlty This Individual belongs to that drove of empty foreign pretenders, by whom our women are so spt to b.t humbugged, and who obtain the means to flourish at. watering places by restrloting their diet to tbe cheapest refreshments of a German restaurat. obtaining their Clothes of a poor tailor in a i**et, keeping a r*reful record of the smallest expenditure "Th a dirty memoran ilum book, ami never puruhaslng even a ci^ar whun any (rund it present. n ill uc ojiriicu oil mc ?oi.ii nni., ill i PI y lu i:iirri-|J*UMl|ng Willi (heir liouie in New Vork, Willi * superior slock of Koods, uul Willi die avowed object of furnishing * better hat fur the price than c tn lie found elsewhere There will nlwaya b?- found at both place* a full anil complete assortment of bar* anil eap* for gems, youth* and children^ together with ladle*' ruling hata and capa, and a variety of fancy Kooda appesrtaiuing to the trade, audi a? canea, umbrella*, glove*, brushes, .mil other articles lor the toilet. The facilities aff rded them by a ready and fre<inent intercourse with the citiea of Pari* and London, together with the receut improvement* which they have effected in the con truction and use of machinery, will enable them to offer good* of the mo*t de*irable fn*hi? ii and fabrication at the very lowest market prices, either at wholesale or retail. a IS 301" re SK.ALKI) PROPOSALS Wll.l. IIK KM K1VKD AT the Commissary 'ie eral'a olfice until the 2l*t inat. for forty Iron Column*, for th? new State Arienal, (agreeably to plana and apecification* which can be teen at the n mca, No. 30 pranklin Mreet ) to be delivered in twenty and thirty day* at the junction of the 6tl> avenue and Gltli atreet*. IIKNRY STORMS, Couimiuary General. New York. Aug. 16, HIT. _ li 13 6trc ICE KOR SHIPPINO-lt.000 TONS ICk:, from eight to twelve inches thick, put up eipreaaly for ihippiug, and packed on hoard veaael*. Ve**ela litted'for long and abort voyages at the lowest market price*, and at the ?horte*t notice, by H. M. Oeeaetnan, Proprietor of the Union Ulster County Ice Company. Danot foot of Dunne srreef. all 12f*rc HKOKLKK, ML)., Burgeon anil Ocnlut, ha* practiced for more than ten yean indifferent part* of to rope. A?i? Minor, Luuian, Armenia, Booth Africa, Br&ul and New Holland. j?i7 1<lt?re fJreenwirh *treet. 611. eor. Morton. TJIK SU BBC HI B KK n grateful to the moking public lor tl>e evidence he it daily receiving of tlieir appreciation of hn effort* to furnish them with the rieit Begar* that can be procured from Havana, and he pledge* him*elf that nothing hall deteriorate from what he pride* hunielf it a jOitly earned reputation. Hi* agent at Havana will continue to ?elert the he*t neg*r* that can be procured, *nd at the lowe? "tel.? the laat importation*, are tome very choice, of the fol lowing brand* Palo Alto, Regaliai, (very prime,) l-FV*?' j ? Orama ' Hnaan. O'a Zack, r.l I.eon de Oro, Neiira Kmpreaaa, Macionali, India, Antii|mdail*, Clemenciaa, fcc. p or aale in lota upon term* to en*ure a duplicate visit. h. hknhiquks, anil lilt rc |M Broadwav, cor > f fine ?t THe nnhv i.v ama raTLhoaim oMrXnv u.?e 'lCr that the Director* are now prepared to treat with Manufacturer* for Railroad Iron, deliverable in l*l? end l*?". to an amount not eiceeding Fifteen Thotmand Tom. For information apply et ihei/office, No 70 Walnut street, tliila. uia u;*(? 0. y MfcliHK K, FresnUm. IERA 1847. Rolka\V4\ Makimf P*vii ioi*, Aug ltf, 1*47. Dinner in the SkaJr?InciJmli, PlirinolutV, 4 ' - In iuy last letter written from here on Thursday, I Kara, a* you uiay recollect. an account of the launch and exereiHc In the magnificent lurf of tills shore of the j life boats stationed here, as well us some account of the entertainment whloh followed, and which was so liberally furnished by the excellent host of the Pavilion. 1 feel bound to correct an error in my statement of last week?in saying that Mr. Collector Lawrence directed the exercise of these boats?this was done at the humane suggestion of Philip Hone, F.sq . of your city? ' than whom no man Is more ready or more distinguished in acts of benevolence. This watering place continues to be crowded by 4istlnguifhed persons from all parts of the States. Tho arrivals on Saturday exceeded one hundred, and all thu dwellings In the neighborhood may be said to be colonised; and to and trom which, to the Pavilion, omnibuses from the New York lines run with tolerable reguI larity, though at rather exorbitant prices I I think 1 havo timu. hefinro t.h? daMrtum r.f il,- i to give you a hasty sketch of a very novel ulTair oeourrinn here on Saturday last. The Idea of which originated, without doubt, in the mind of some member of the better part of creatiou, an a acheme to alleviate, in a degree, the fashionable-t of both I sexes from the labor and trouble of " dressing for dinner1' in hot weather. Any thing that would approach eveu thin desideratum was very naturally and eagerly embraced?It was no less than tnat the company sojournlng at this house, old and young, gentle and simple, temperance and spiritual, should dine for a day in an open beautiful wood, the table overspread only by the thick shade of lofty trees, and the blest canopy of heaves. The thought was electric? and so was the mode In which the dinner table for more than three hundred persons with all its appendages, even to the most minute artiole, transferred to an adjoiniDg forest, at the usual hour of dinner, and announced by the gong. It would have afforded joy and gratifloation to a benevolent heart?indeed to any heart, to see the ladies go forth in their usual morning dresses,?their shilling calicoes- so 1 cool and neat, the gentlemen with their linen coats and jackets. Comfortable and happy night to see such a party, sotted at ample tables, in the midst of twenty-live acres of woodland. No crowding and knocking or elbows here? no spilling of soups upon starched dresses no crowding of waiters on your shouldem? all free and roomy? the music, mounted on a platform of plank, extended from the liitvbs of two tree*. The dinner neud not be spoken of ; it varied in no de gree from thosu always given, and always good; but it was clear to my mind, that the occasion was not to be passed over without getting from some of the many dis uitjiuoiiiu pnuiu I'lusuuv, luou iuuuhum mat uuro, tn.C. StC. I should have remarked that nmoDg the invited guests wan the proprietor of the forest, Mr. <auage, a wealthy and somewhat eccentric gentleman, who resides in the neighborhood, and who acceded moot kindly to the proposition to ocoupy hi* groundH In the manner Htatud. II seemed appropriate that the health of thin gentleman should be first drank. Mr. White rose and remarked, that during a period of more than twenty Tears, that he had visited this delightful watering place, he had enjoyed the acquaintance of the gentleman whoso health ho had the honor to propose; and he would remark that the appropriation of these valuable grounds to the use of tbii distinguished company, was no new or isolated aot of beneTOlence on the part of this gentleman. The remainder of the remarks of Mr. White were -very appropriate. He then proposed the health and welfare of Mr. Cauage. This gentleman, who is a plain farmer, and an exceedingly good liver, replied, that whatever he had, and whenever it was in hla power to make his friends oomfortable and happy, he always felt It a duty to do so, as he always desired to be happy himself?he bad rarely had the honor of associating with an assemblage like the present?he had been Informed that thoy belonged to a society called the" upper crust" ?he was fond of the upper crust himself, but he had been much disappointed in the expected crustiness of the company here. He would give, as a toast, succestt to all taidertakings of this sort. Mr. Tuckkb, the President of the day, next proposed the health of Mr. Cranston, the esteemed proprietor of the Pavilion., Mr. Chanhton replied in a few remarks, in which he feelingly expressed his gratitude and thanks for the handsome manner in which he had been noticed: he regretted that his feeble health, having only in part recovered from the wounds of au assassin, IWCelv- ' ed a few month* since at Baltimore, prevented his giving that attention to the numerous visiters at his | uouxe which luey ho inucn ueserveu. ile closed IIin remarks by stating that, when his health should be restored, he designed to make some extended improvement* at this watering place, by wblcb the comfort of his many kind friends would, lu futuro, be much promoted Home allusion having been made, of :t complimentary character,to the Southern States. Mr. Sullivan, a distinguished member of the Southern bar. replied at con siderable length in discussing the institution ot slavery ?hig delineation of the habits of the colored population was extremely just and amusing. It was new. i believe, to all present, that thu science of phrenology originated among the colored population of the South This, however. was shown most clearly by Mr. Sullivan, who byethe-bye, is one of the best public speakers I have ever heard His argument, facts, and conclusion, made It clear to every mind present, that Oall and Spurzhelm were floored, and all their followers with tbem. The day, the dinner, thu concert?all, all, were deyghtfui. The remarks made by many of the gentlemen present, among the number may be named Mr. Clinton, Whitney, risk, Paulding. l'ost, New bold, Van H&useller, and ( ommodore llotfman, were exceedingly happy and appropriate. The day closed with a concert, in which two distinguished artists on their way to join the operatic choir at Havana, volunteered and delighted the audience. These artists, Signor Sulvani, and bis daughter. Signorita Cuttano, have become great favorites. Other excitements are on foot. Newport, Aug. lath, 1?47. Puin/;s at Newport. Of ail the watering places to which the warm in frame and in spirit resort, Newport Is that which combines for the pleasure-seekers and invalid the most varied attraction. So much has already been written of the Invigorating air, the beautiful and retired drives, and luxurious sea bathing, that It would be needless to indulge in rhetoric to convince you of the enchantment lingering around this favored island. It would seem, indeed, as if Calypso bad made it her favorite abode, had waruied It with the inspiration of her presence, and lavished here all the prodigal)fasclnatlon of her charming court. Unite certain we are, that were Ulysses revived in the form of a modern tourist, and his yacht driven by some favoring gale on our beach, it would require more than the lectures of that able pedagogue Mentor, to Induce him to refuse the spell, and fly from the wiles and witchery of the fairies more enticing than the airy nymphs who dwelt in the grottoes of Kenelon divinity. No bore like Mentor is tolerated here, but Fashion and her prime minister, that reign supreme, partly by the " grace of (tad," like Victoria,but still more by the grace and influence of woman. Here the statesman and the scholar, the author, and the poet, relax from their sohemes, forget their heart-wearing cares, and yield unreluctantly to the delightful follies of the hour. While the mob of the Titles, the snob and the gent, the petty pretenders, retort for a week to Saratoga, disguised in stage l'oppery, a warranted imitation, according to their creed, or D'Orsay or Montpensier, the wealth, wit. and fashion from all the influential circles in every quarter of our Union, fly to Newport to assemble their various ooterles, which united form a cosmopolitan society, liberal, elegant, and unostentatious, displaying the highest exemplar of American manners. /\ij?i nffur uiu iiowuur^ {irnihiu ujuri* vniuitub traction than during too panning season The purest gold of fashion, the very refined ami sublimated ejnbadimant of ion la diffusing itn Influence around The air and the fog have an aristocratic flavor.? In the superb drawing-room of the "Ocean ' whose lofty nailing given it the appearance of a Venetian salon, how many elegant forms, recherche toilettes. and beautiful face* greet the eye Let their benignity forgive us for presuming to intrude into thin seraglio of loveliness. ami hastily pencil1 ling their portrait*. Among the married beauties. figure the admired of all, Mr* I. . the wife of a celebrated millionaire of your city, and her sister. Mr*. J. The beauty of the former, ?o purely Ornek, in more composed and thoughtful, but not lew imposing than when three Team ago ?the was a glittering bride A litte distant from these Ik grouped a refined and brilliant coterie, presided over by those high-priestess of fashion* temple, MUa J. and Mlw II Inseparable, th?y are surrounded by a throng of beaux, who vainly endeavor to tacapu thu charmed circle, end fly from the elegance of the one, to yield at last to the beauty of the other. Dividing Ilka two princesses the court of the eliti, n<> wiles or Intrigues for the sole government Interrupt the harmony of the feminine Nissus and Kuryaius The graceful manners of the former, and the llebe-lika form of the latter, leave the mind bewildered how to make choice, or to whlcb(to attribute his confnaed sensation of delight. I In the conversational charms of the drawng-room. we I woulu orefer the blonde in thn maiea of the Polka. or Itedowa, the eye would.ln Yaln ?eek to quit the beautifully moulded form of her of tbe darker tre>me? I,at u? linger for a moment longer to admire the graceful figure and e*pre**ira eye* of Mine B., whoa* face would ?*clte memories of aunoy K ranee, and to glance at tbe countenance of Mlaa H , whoae thrilling tJrlal-llka note* had ao often delighted mine ear. In thin aame aalon. k> haunted by memorle* of enjoyment, we have been wont to turn from the nolaler throng to contemplate the elegant and placid demeanor of a lady who waa long acouatomed to graoa tbe hlgbeat olrelea of a foreign court?wa allude to \1taa C., daughter of our former amhaanador to France?erer a?aouibled beneath the parlllMi of a monarch Tha Rellertie la Indeed it eon*er?at"ry from which the poet or th? painter might draw III* Ideal of beauty or grace. It I* a feaet. of rnaei and myrtle* Indeed, In Newport, Pari* lituiaelf, If be were umpire once mure, might b?> plagued for a pr?ference Mere may be admired the alegaaiand aylphido form and Qn? leaturea of Mlas II., of 1 s^i^?ii LD. *? <!? I'wu taut Baltimore, who.- Southern nr?w and wlnnin* denortrnent are too syren-Uke to be lonK endured without tremor of the heart Near tier la to U> remarked Miss H . an accomplUlied and beautiful model of the ladtm for whom Maryland is celebrated \ aiu would be the attempt to dilate on the extreme beauty of the charming Miss L) , of New York, who is generally admitted to be the brightest gem of the Bellevue coronet ; nor on tiie elegance of her stater, who receive* general admiration The lovely and graceful girl, whose rich dark hair, and eyes of jet denote a tropioal origin,is Miss P., of N?, Her face would suit a painting by ("orrei?gio Near u* again, is the striking face and stately figure of Miss B., of New York. But let us lavish no more praise where so much is due. Imleed. Newport is nov alike in the amateur cottages and hotels, in the full tide of enjoyment ; and oar fancy h.ll .t.l.t, { a I- 1 111 .1 *<l-~- >> iV.. court of Louis Quatorze, or reminds us, fa> its rich orientalism, of a dream from the Thousand mod On* Tales Sul'th Brtca, Orro?iTB PaTCHoqrr, L.I., f August 1ft, 1847. % Corontr't Inyurtt?Th. (Creek of tht Jinn Mdria. Ail Inquest won held by Dr. M'm. S Preston, coroner, on the body of a man which hud driven ashore la tha aurf at this plaoe. supposed to b? named Arthur Homer It was dressed In a red flannel shirt, cotton flans* drawers, Muo ootton shirt, satinett pantaloona. oil eloth overall.). thiol; boots and woollen storking*, with two silk handkerchiefs, one red, the other black, tied around hia neck. in his pocket wb> found a horn oomb, marked A. H. and a pooket book containing five cents, and rejeiptof which the following la a copy :? "Au?u*t IS, 1845. ' Received of Arthur Horner, forty Are dollars, b?lns part payment for a yoke of oxen. "GILBKRT MILLER." The body, whiuh appeared to have been in the water for some time, was burled in such a manner that it might be removed, if desired, by hla frienda. The hull of the brig Ann Maria, of Boston, whieh was dismasted, Vo. off Montauk 1'olnt on the 6th instant,haa just comu on shore a few miles west of this plaoe, and about ten miles east of Klre Island Light, a complete wreck. The cargo remaining in her, consisting of ship timber, (ko. will probably be secured. New Books. jkhik Liniikn, oh thk 8ev?:* corrosal woui ok Mkri r ? Kdward Dunnegan, 161 Kulton street.?This la the title ol a very interesting and instructive tale, designed for the use of ' atholics and for the instruction of Catholio youth. It is well written, neatly printed, and deserves, as it will certainly have, an extensive circulate.? If t - V- u ..r i> 1- ? --- iv tuiuin iiu, <7 ui i/uuunuaii n uuiue uiurtrj, uu im Inscribed to the Rot. V, C. I'lie, under whoM ausploes ttau talented author*** *u lnduoed to writ* it. Tut Klowebi ruso.Mni.u-R. Martin, 170 Broadway?No. a ol' thin beautiful work has juat been Issued. We c?mmund It to the attention of the ladlee. Lui s ok thk ok Enoi.ano?Lea 8c Blanchard Philadelphia ?This work is compiled bj Agnes Strioklaud, and embodied copies of official records and other documenth, throwing light on the Uvea of the Queena of hngland from the time of the Roman conquest. It i> remarkably interesting. Thk Lire ok IUm> Chuhtian Anderses av Himself. Translated by Mary llo^itt: Jamea M unroll Co., Boston. ?The title of thia work is auffioient announcement to guarantee for it an extensive circulation Cndlkii Ahi-?i:mknt?A colleotion of four hundred interesting experiments, republished from the London edition : Lea v Blauchard, Philadelphia ? No mora interesting book could be put in the hands of children and youths than this. It ia both amusing and instructive BcHtley's Pictorial Ri.ahkr : Ueorge K. Cooledge U Uro ., 323 l'earl street.?A very excellent book for onildren and schools. Tur. Knk kkbhockku Maoaxiwi : Jno. Allen It Co., 130 Nasaau street.?The August No. of this favorite periodical is before us. and contains a variety of choice reading matter. The editor's table is unusually rioh. Silent Love, a Poem, by Ja?. Wil?oi?.?This is the hub ui a tsituniun ixuiu tuc puui j. j rriifva. It la published for the purpose of raising sufficient fundi to enable the author, who in poor, to pay debts. contracted last winter in sickneex, and also to join his wife and three children in Michigan This, coupled with the fact that it possesses great merit, we are contldent will give it a large sale. We leave It to the public, and are confident the author will not be disappointed. It can be had of Win. II. Colytr. No. A Hague street, and at Mr Oray's baths, Brooklyn. Tm?: Iho* Chut ?berford St Co., Aetor House, have published Coleman's play of "The Iron Chtw-being No UT of the Modern Standard Drama. Thk Return to Slavket.?Last week we had ilie plfttNur*1 of meeting l)r. \V. G. Bennett, of | Spartanburgh, S. C., who wn returning from the North, aud had under his protection. Peter Pools, a negro man who voluntarily returned to slavery rather than enjoy freedom In New York. Peter Poole was a blacksmith, who was owned by our friend, the Hon. H H. Thompson, Senator from Spartanburg; and having been faithful and earned for his master a large runt of money, he was by his liberality, only nominally a slave, and Col Thompson paid hiiu large wages t'nder the laws of South Carolina, he could not manumit him; and as he might have fallen Into the hands of a less liberal master In the ev tnt of Col Thompson's death, he gave Teter permission to depart for a "free State," and furnished him with proper papers to go wherever he choose. Soma time last year be proceeded to Charleston, but eoold not get a passage in any ship to New York, although he waa vouched for by Mr. Bomar, who resides in that eity, and who knew all the circumstances connected with his leaving Mr. Bomar wrote to Col. Thompson, who promptly forwarded to him a proper power of attorney, by which be cleared him at the Custom House, and he found easy transit to New Vork Peter had'severalbuudred dollars, the fruits of hi* indue try here, which, after his arrival In New York, he deposited with Mr. Kelaey, a broker In Wall street, lie set about procuring work at his trade, which he found difficulty in getting He was Immediately taken by the hand by the Abolitionists,who promised him to buy his wife and child, who remained here. They frequently urged him to proceed to Canada, bating tney would send bis wife on alter him He waited patiently, listening to their promises, and losing dally by lack of work, low wages, and high board, until patience itself was exhausted. In his own werds, "They were the best hamls at talkinc 1 ever heard." Mr. Kalaev witt his good Iriend. and at last, gaining confidence In I'eter, proposed to give f. joo toward* the purchase of hie wife, provided the Abolitionists who had volunteered to do so, would make up the balance required , and In order to test their sincerity, went round with him to see what they Intended to do. They, however, declined, and care an an excuse "that It wai against their creed to purohase human flesh.-' Kven oharlty and their boasted principles of humanity could not induce then to depart from their principles, although they had promised this honest negro to redeem hi* wife from ulavery "Peter than decided to return home, and risk the inevitable conae<iuenc? of being made a slave again. The Abolitionists endeavored 'to dissuade him from this, as they said "It would be against their cause." and he beliavaa they would nut have allowed him to depart, if be had not kept hln further intentions secret. Thin he did, and meeting with Dr. liennett, desired to return home under hi* protection. Dr. Bennett Informed him of all the oonseijuences. and put him In possession of all the Information in his power, at the name time warning him that ha would become a slave the moment be reached Houth Carolina With this knowledge, he determined to return, and reached here last week on bis way tohls master. He says "he was a slave thirty-four years, and a freeman one. and decides in favor of slavery in Mouth Carolina He also sayt. "he could not make a support for himself and wife In New V'ork. and could not enjoy life as well there a freeman, as here a slave." "That he was in a hurry to get off home, for fear he would become ax degraded as the free negroes of the North,'' who, h? Kiivit. reHort to roguery and drinking when they are out of employment'" It In hi* opinion "that a *lave la uay situation here. I? better off and ha* oau*e to ba happier, than a nf?ro In a free State;" and *ay* "that not only tli- free HfKmt'n In the riclnl ty of New York, but thousand* of whllMtrxvorm off than the Mate* of South ( arolina. II- worked In the villain of lalip, In which ha aid, there liTfd about two hundred free negroaa Oat or thin DumWr. there are few who arc able to gain a dentin!. aupport, but are a poverty utricken and rogulah tat" Such in the character of moet of the fr?? negroaa of the north. We hare no comment* to make. Theaa atate meni* are taken down from the llp? of an hoaaat and iid*ophi*tinated man, whooe teatlmony we give for the benefit of our nUvua at home and the fanatic* abroad ? Columbia South Carolinian. l.iKt iKNANr (I'ivkrnok ?Several papers have relered t?i the election of Lieutenant (rovernor at the approaching election, to Oil the plane made raeaat by the eiecti'in of l.ieut (Jot liardlner a* a Judge of the ? ourt of Appeal* Tha flret ?ectlon of the 4th article of the Con*titutlon. declare* that the Governor ill all hold hi* oltlce for two year*; and that " a Lieutenant (Jovernor *hall be rboien at the * ante time and for the name term ' And the Hlh *eotion of the *ame article provide*. In caee of the death, resignation, h?., of tha Governor, the power* anil dutie* of the office (hall davolre upon the Lieut Governor for the reaidna of tha tarm * Hy the flr*t auction, Title .1 of Chap. 130. the Secretary of state 1* required, once In two year*, to giva notice of an election of Uomrnor and Lieut Uovtrnor. But there 1* no proviaion for notice in caae of vacancy Thar* 1* no authority,therefora,either in tha constitution or law*, to elect a Lieut. ??o*?rnor ai ur approacning election. niMellwirtnu, Moit of the mill* ot the city have been grinding wheat for never*! week* on western account, on* mill harm# floured nine* the let of July about ?ft,000 bdanei* or weatern wheat, the Hour being ae?t to tbe ea?t?rn mar ket.~-Rochritrr dilv. Mr. WUe made a balloon aaoenalon from Rochester on Baturday laat. The commencement of exerrinee at Vale College were to begin laat evening. when Rev Dr Hooker, of Eaat Wladaor, waa 16 adureee the nlergy To day I* the mee" Ing of tbe Alumni, the Theological commencement and the meeting of the Phi Beta Kit|>pa Society The Rev William A dame, of thl* city, will addroe* the AlumniThe exerclaee of tbe icnlor ela?* take place on Tburaday The cla?? It 1* ??W. will be the large.terer graduated in thia country. At Mobile, on the nth, the Board of Health report two oaaea of yellow faver. maim

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