Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 19, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 19, 1847 Page 2
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Vtw York, TlinnwUy, Augtut itt, 1847. A1SZVA& of t11r FRENCH STEAMER MISSOURI AT HALIFAX. We last evening received the following telegraphic despatches from Boston:? Boston, August 18?Evening. The Missouri arrived at Halifax on the 15th instant, at 6 P. M., and the Cambria on the 17th, at 4 A. M., and left at 7 A. M. The Missouri was fallen in with, 14th instant, by the British revenue cutter Daring, Captain Darby, froni Sable Island; had had no coal for forty-eight hours when she fell in with the Daring. On hearing of her distress, Captain Darby overhauled the brig Lady Young, from Sydney, which vessel supplied ber wiih coal. Twentysix cabin aod sixty-five steerage passengers on board fie Missouri. Boston, Aug. 18?P. M. The French steamer .Missouri, from Cherbourg for New York, was at Halifax when the Cambria left? put in for coals? would leave on the evening of the 16th. Her mail agent and mails hare come in the Cambria. THe Foreign New*. We publish to-day an abstract of the foreign news recrived ut Boston yesterday by the steamer Cambria, and transmitted to this office by tel- I egraph. It wu, without exception, the best arranged and th?* best transmitted telegraphic denpitch we ever received from Boston. The manner in which the operators prform^d their work entitles them, and particularly Mr Foss, to the th inks of th? community. As the time the Cambria arriv d at Boston was probably too late to send her mails to this city in the ordinsry way, the probability is, that we shall get our regular foreign files in the course of this morning by special messenger. If we do, we shall pnblish the details of the news in the evening edition of the New York Herald, which we shnil have ready earlier than usual, that is to a?y, at twelve o'clock. If we should find, which we do not at ptwrn ftpprehend, that there are any error# in the teleK'*,<bic quotations of the grain and other mac ke .1, we ?hall place the corrections on our baJietiu the moment J/ter we receive our filee. It it* worthy of remark, that not a singl- interruption occurred to the trlfgriph dunug the truua- , tuiadion of (he lonff despatch which we received. TELEOHAFHICi ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMSHIP CAMBRIA, AT BOSTON. FOURTEEN DATS LATER rRO.M ALL PARTS OF EUROPE. BZOBLT IMPORTANT COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. another decline IN THE GRAIN MARKETS. FLATTERING STATE OF T11F i ENGLISH CROPS. Slight Improvement in the cotton market. AFFAIRS IN FRANCE. SERIOUS CONSPIRACY IN ROME. Ac. die. 6K. The following message was yesterday afternoon despatched over the wires to the Ntrc York Herald office ; it reached us at half past two o'clock. Telegraphic Despatch, No. I. Boitow, Aug. 18?2 18 P. M. The steamihip Cambria is telegraphed eaat by (cutb S3 miles from Borion. She will be up about A o'clock. SPEED. About five o'clock the Cambria reached her pier. Our special messenger boarded and obtained the latest intelligence, and immediately transmitted the despatch, made up in Liverpool for us. It came through in beautiful style, without a single interruption. The Cambria left Liverpool on the 4th inst. We are enabled, by our telegraphic report, to make out the following comparative statement of the prices of breadstuff* in Liverpool on the 19th uit. and 4th inst. :? The Paicc* or BaciDtTcrrt in Lnaaroot. July 10. iluguit 4. Ptr liib'rnia. Per Cambria American wheat 9 4a 10 2 70a 02 Indian corn 39 0 a HI 0 2rt 0 a 30 2 Indlau mrat 0 a 20 0 14 0 a ? Western flour 34 0 a 36 0 27 0 a 27 G The quotations of the 19th ult. are copied from a Pricea Current; those of the 8d inst, are telegraphic. Annexed is the Liyerpool report. It should b? read as a Liverpool letter Telegraphlr. Detpikh, No, a. L/vkrfool, Aug. 4 ?11 o'clock, A. M. Cor* Market. Best western canal from 27s. to 27s. 6d., per barrel; Philadelphia and Baltimore, warranted sweet, 36s to 26s. 6d ; sour 21s. to 2&* ; Richmond and Alexandria, 25h to 26s.; New Orl?-aniand Ohio, 28s. to 26s. United States wheat, white and mixed, 8s. to 9s. 2d. per 70 lbs.; red 7s 6d 8s. 9d.; oats, per 45 lbs 3s. to 3*. 4d.; barlay, per 60lbs ,4a. to 5s.; rye,per480 lbs 30 to 34s. peas, per 604 pounds, 30 shillings to 40 shillings Indian corn, fsonnd, 26 to 80s. per qr.; unsound and heated, 20 to 24s ; Indian corn meal 14a. per bbl. Some parcels of Indian corn, which had been slightly heated but restored, were yesterday sold Dy auction at 25h. [>er qr.,aud some Western canal flour sold at 21s. (id. to 23s. (id. per bbl., but the transactions were generally unimportant. The above is the result of yesterday's market, and shows a serious decliuc in the value of breadstufls. A panic has decidedly taken place, accelerated by the gradual downward tendency of the late London markets, the highly favorable stale of the | home crops, and the stiffness of the money market. In the London corn market on Monday a reduction on wheat of 8s to 10s per quarter have taken place. We have no quotations to give of yesterday's transactions Several heavy failures have occurred in the corn trade; and many others of a serious character are apprehendedThe prospects of the harvests Htill continue unexeeptionably encouraging, und every where promise a most abundant yield. It has alrendy begun in some of the Southern counties. Thecrops of wheat, oats and barley ?re universally healthy. The potato*', notwithstanding nil | [ t lat hu been Mid about the reappearance of the disease of last year, is affected but to a very insignificant extent. Reporta from Ireland are equally glowing. Famine and disease are rapidly vanishing in Ireland, but by a strange anomaly outrage still continues rite. Cotton Market. Fair upland, 7 jd per lb ; Mobile middling, til t0 ? good fair, 7J; line, 7j to 8. Alabama and Tennessee middling, HJ to Hi- New Orleans middling, 6i to 7 ; good fine, 7J to 8; fine, 8? to 9. lJowed Georgia middling, 6j to 6J ; good fine, 74 to 7i ; fine, 7.J. Sea Island middling, 10 to 13 ; good fair, 15 lo 17; fine, 20 to 24 The sales for the week ending 23d ult. were 25,600 bales, of which 2000 were taken tor speculation, and 2500 for export. Those for the week ending 30th ult. were 18,130 bs., of which 2700 were for speculation, and 1000 for exporters. The transactions for the past three days, ending yesterday eve, were about 18,500 bales, 6000 of which were for speculation and exporters. The stock in [>ort is estimatrd at -110,000 bales, against 760,000 at the same period last season. The market had been languid for ten days preceding the arrival of the steamer of the 16th ult, with a decline of jd per pound ; but since then the market has acquired more firmness, and the decline has been partially recovered. Provision Market. Beef, new, prime mess per lierce of 301 pounds, 8Ss to fKJs.; ordinury R4a. to S7s.: mess per barrel of 200 pounds, 50s. to 58s.; ordinary, 40s. to 50*. Fork, prime mess, new, per barrel, 70s. to 754s ; old, 60s. to 70s.; mess, 66s. to 84s.; prime, 54s. to 60s Bacon dried and smoked, old, 40s. to 45s ; long middles, fice from bone, 52* to 65s; rib in, 50s. to W2s.; short, 54a. to 65s ; rib in, 60<. to 624.; shoulders, 30s. to 38s ; ham*, tor smoke dried in cauvass per 100 lb., 404. to 50?.; casks in salt, 47a. to 52a. Cneese, fin**, 50 to 57s per cwt.; middling 45 to to 48-t.; ordinary, 40 to U*. Lard, fine leaf, in kfgs, 50 to 52-?. per cwt ; barrel*, 47 to 50s.; ordinary to middling, 42 to 45s. Tongues, ox, in pickle, 18 to 21s, per dozen ; pigs, 34 to 10s. p?r cwt. Mktalb. United States l-*ad pig, in bond, per ton, ?16 to ?17 Iron, British bar, per ton, ?9 5s; rods, , ?10 5-; hoops, ?11 B* to ?11 10 Sheets, ?11 10s to ?11 J5?. Cargo in W<tlra, bars, ?8 10s to ?12 6<1; Scotch pig, ?4 On th?* Clyde, ?3 10s. Tin plates, J. C. best ch ircoal, 30s 6d to 36s 6d , er box. Miscellaneous Markets. ThIImw, per t<m, 45 to ?49; Oits, lard, per tun, 3d to ?42; sp.-rm, duty paid, 85 tu ?87; whale, >6 to ?28; linseed, cuke, 6 to ?9 p?*r tou. Rosin, Aim ricnn best and yellow, 2* 6d to 7a 6d per swt. Turpentine, rough, duty free, per cwt, 6a io Sti; Spirit, 34* 6d to 35s 6.1. Tar, per bbl, 14' to 16s. Pitch, 2s 9d to 3s 6d. Tobacco, Virgi nia leuf, faded, 2d per lb in bond; middling, 4d; line, 5d; stemmed, sound, 6d; Kentucky, stemmed, 5d; manufactured, 5d to 9d. Rice, Carolina, dressed, first quality, 21 to 23s; second quality, 20 to 21s 6d. Hemp, dew rotted, 28 to ?31; hackled, 30 to ?34. Financial Intelligence. A painful sensation has taken place in the money market since the departure of the last steamer, and which, in a greater or less degree, has affected every branch of trade and manufacture. For some days the funds have been in a very unsettled state, and though speculation has not gone to the extent which it was apprehended it *would, the financial condition of the country may be Baid to be in a state of the ' most painful uneasiness, t'he Manchester business has for the last few days been of a very limited character, and if the monetary embarrass ment continues, increased distress will be the inevitable consequence. Although the tunds wera in a state of unusual fluctuation last week, they have this week opened with greater firmness, but how long that position will be.maintained, it is hard to predict. The price of Consols on Monday, opened at 88$ to i, for money, from which they advanced to 88$ to I, in consequence of the fall in the corn market. In the course of the day the Bank of England announced an increased scale of discounts, which caused an immediate fall of ? per cent; at the close of business there was no rally. The last money price was 88.} to {; but for account they opened at 89 to J, from which they receded to 88j to 4- Bank ttock left off at 196? to 198; there was no material change yesterday. General Intelligence. The Royal mail steamer Caledonia arrived in the Mersey on the morning of the 28th July. /irrivcu juiy &u9 v.nauM, vviison ; zisi, uarriCK, ! Trask ; 22d, Glenmore, Clark ; Sardinia,Crocker; 29th, Montezuma, Lowber. Parliament has been dissolved, and the new elections are proceeding vigorously. So far as the returns have been made, they show a complete triumph for the free trade principles Lord John Russell, who will form a new cabinet, has been re-elected for the city of London. The accessions of the prelacy, priesthood and gentry of the country to the Aid Ireland party artlarge, and the weekly contributions steadily increase. It is expected that a large proportion ol repealers will be returned to the Imperial Parliament this election. The remains of Mr. O'Connell were embarked at Birkenhead, for Dublin, on Sunday, wher* thf-y arrived the following day. A distinguished literary amateur performance for the benefit of that child of genius, Leigh Hunt, was given in Liverpool on Wednesday last. The principal characters were borne by C<i <rl*s Dickens, Douglass Jerrold, I^ark Lemon, Cruikshttnk and Leitrh. A formidable conspiraoy of the most diabolical character has been detected at Rome. The > bject of the conspirntors, who amounted to several tmndrrds in number, waft to massacre the citizens, and remove the Pope to Naples by force. Five cardinals, with exalted civil and milinrv offirt-rH. wprc in h??. k?.n ib^ttors. . Popular feeling has become more tranquil in Frtnee. The King was well received by the people upon the celebration of the glorious three 'lays. The Jhainber of Deputies is about to be dissolved. Several sanguinary battles have been fought between the Russians and Circassians, the former being defeated with considerable loss. Switzerland is threatened with a revolution. The Sunderbuund. or Catholic league have armed themselves, but are likely to be suppressed. Mr. Walters, the celebrated proprietor of the London Timti, died last week. He was justly considered the wall of the steam press. The Wesleyan Conference commenced their sittings at Liverpool on Wednesday last. The Rev. Samuel Jackson was clected president Telegraphic Despatch, Wo. 3. Shipping Intelligence. Li ?:*? <vi.. An? J?Air, Lueknou. Robinson, NYork; New World Knifh' do; Iris, Btrtram, do; 1, Karl of Liverpool, Coothorl. do; July 30, Roll*, Cll't, d?; W. MouCrzuma, Lowhfrr, do; It, l.'alednnia (at), Lott, Poaton; 2T. Masiaehnaetta. N York; 21, Boruholm, Merrill do; Dahlia, Tozer. do; 22, 3a?diDia, ' rocker, do; 1 hells, Huiril, do; Dykes, Bell, do; Ann Louiaa, Reel do via Cork; Gen Sales. Broolu. do; 8yli>n, Wnlaham, NYork ri? Cork; (Jlenmore, Clark, do do; Ananuae, Barstow, do do; John. Clark, dodo; J, Oarrick, Trask, N Y?'ik; Chaos, Wilson, do. Hid July 90. Adirondack. Shipley. NYork; 21, Almedn, Bsrt'ett, no; Mnr<h Hand, Bailey, do; Matilda, do; 21, 8t li?or?e, Ferris, do; 81, Henry Clay, Nye, do; 23. Senator, CofTin do; 27, Waterloo, Allen, do: Auk I, Columbia, do; < ha<>?, Wilson, do liar*r, Joly 27? *rr, Havre Ainsworth; Iowa, Wheeden, and Uuilliame Tell, Clemeure, New Yotk; 18th, Zenoh a, Comblet, d >; TOtli, Ant 'nio, Cos, do. hid, 2J?Ornlnn, Williams, Ni-w York; 21th. Duchess D'Orl??os, Hicliarilioii, do; Waietly, Smith, do; Jtilirune, ? do; "n?rie,*i|f>; Slat. Rotcof, Itirkrr, do, ttMli, Johnoes, do; lltti, | 8h*eeedo?)i. West, do; iTih. Alfred, Hammond; Colons, LiMCBiciTjuly M?Arr Uathe, Hunter, N York: Jur, Black. do; 23, Clara, do. P<i?t Mihoi, 'uly 4?Sid, Maid of Orleans, Wiswcll.N Y? rk. WHAMroA.M*yl4?Sid, Joahua Bates, Stoddard, N York; Caynfa. Surbuek, dn Macao, May l??Siid. Hougna, Palmer, N York. Manilla, April 1}?Sid, Ifamiltoa, AllM, Boatoa; May 4, Geo Harrison, do. Sc'Mkldc, July 19? Ait Catberina, N York; Rembraadt, do: McDonnell, do; 3I.Meiade Harde, do. Sliuo, Jnly 10? Arr Rebecca, N York; 33, David, do; 21, Capt Join, Atwood do. _ WATraroao, July *0?Arr Downes, Doody, N York; 29, Dn id OoUf'rv, Bearse, do; 31, Olobe, do Dt'liw. July 20? Arr Black Diamond, Codd, N York: 13d, Hether Bell, O Donnell, do; Charles, Morse, do; 29 Eliza, Kincn'il, do. Hid 21, B.ichelor. NYork. Ookk. July 31?Ar' fcrnelVd N York; JOth, Alex Wise, Goochird, do; 2Sth. Frederick. Sloman, dn; Mager, Murray, uo: Watson, Front, do; 23d, Davenport, McKeuxie. Baltimore; Ht Lawrence, Brittou, N York; 33d, Henry Patterson, Kidliam, NYork. ANTWEBr, July 19?Arr Hhaksneare. Porter, NYork; ladefuigable. Heimers. do. Kid 18th, Martha,M York; 2Kh KiHcrvier, Karwell, do; 37th, Augu-ta, do. Bikmkn, July It?Arr Dorethea, Wass, NYerk: 2'td, Emirrtnl, Andiessen, do; 2.?tli, Klorian, Popt>e, do; Carl Justina, Black, do. Falmouth, Jnly 20?Art "Newbole," NYork. Off do Ifltli New York. Hklvolt, July 21?Arr Yessrl. Vesberg, NYork: 29th. Leantine, Raukin, do. Sid 24th, Nederwaid, New York; Hull, NYork. Bohdcaui, July 27?Sid Cameo, Jarvis, and Radius, Johnson, NVork. Deal. July 28?Arr Bertha, and Avon, NYork; Auk 2, Menopia, Rossiier. do. Hid 36th, Emma Watts, NYork; 31st, Media'nr, Stark do. Bclfast, July 34? Arr, Leti?ii Heyne, Perrie, New York; 27th, Pa'tolas, Steele, do; 29lh. CKron meter, do; Maria, Dunn, d?; Elizabeth, do; sid 22d. Doubteis, New York; Spiic' t, do Gbaiksknd, July 19?Arr. Helen, 8tevensou. New York; 32.', Osceola, do: ?3d, Ad>l|.hu? Hodgson, do; 21 h, Ore-n, o; 2Uh, Ethe1, Slead, 4'i 2>tli. Au'lobon, Wins r, do; Hugo Oro ius, GI?Z'ier, do; On ni. ?'uhe so<i do, for Falmou'h: ("errere, Killibert, do do: Bobinsoa, udd. New York for London: Bourier, Ilentui dn; 11 bernia,; ^ux I Independence. do; 2d, .New Bottle, 1 hompsou, do via Cork, Oreetiock, do. Madciua, July 4?Arr, Olese ia, Sernnda, S* Anna. New Yo'k: June 28. Aronia, Maloney, do; 26tli, Dues Annas, Mc.scaremas, do. SnseeUanroui Record. Sllir, Hawkins, of and from Sew York for Glasgow. stranded on Hathliu Island on or before the 27th of July Crew, passengers and hart of cargo h*ve beeu savea, out 1111 frared h* vessel will become a total Ion. An Ameii^an vessel. having a female boat furs figure head, andanoop, ? th lo*a of bowsprit and ti>?in?ata. waa iwssed ou the 25th of Jane, in lat 34 N, lou iT W, by llie Accellere, arrired at Havre. A Brig, with poop. dismasted, and app*r??tlv having b?en furaetim* ab<nami?-d, waa passed by the same, oo the 5tn July, iu lat 40 N, loo 48 w. ?r??' i ? 1 J*. The Theatre and the Opera tn New York? The imuiemtnti of the People. The theatres, and other places of amusement in this city nre receiving more patronage than they ever <1 id within our knowled e. Indeed, it is remarked by thousands of people, that a theatrical and musical mania has broken out in this old city, which is nightly carrying away hundreds and scores of our citizens ! ' to hear the best of singing, and see the best of 1 tight rope dancing and theatrical performances. ! The Park?Old Drury, as its friends love to style it?is first on the list. Since the com- j mencement of the season, this ancient and timehonored dramatic temple h is been crowded, us the saying is, from pit to dome. Mrs. Anna Bishop's singing has made our steadiest citizens lulf mad, while it has completely crazed our vounir men. Nothing hut that IhHv'h notea ar? 1 spoken of in the counting-room, the office, the coflVe-houae, and the parlor, by old and young of , both sr'xes. It may be called the Bishop-mania, i and will not stop its r ivages until the author of ! it leaves the city or the country. i The Bowery is the next on the list, and de- j serves more than a passing notice. Mrs. Shaw, the celebrated actress, is at present engaged 1 there to perform her round of characters. She i draws as large houses as any actor or actress we ever saw. Previous to this lady's engagement, , MissTurnbull played one or two weeks, with great success. The manager of the Bowery is remarkable for energy, and his desire to please his patrons. He never looks at the cost, but produces a constant succession of dramatic spectacles. The Chatham is a neat and comfortable little theatre. It has recently come under the management of Mr. Fletcher, who is determined not to be outrun in the great race for popularity and patronage. The Adelphi company, consisting of Mr. Brougham and his lady, Mr. and Mrs. Howard, and several other accomplished actorB and actresses, have been performing ludicrous burlesques and travesties there for a week or two past with great credit. The celebrated Holland, and the Carlo family, are engaged at this place next week. We next come to Cas le Garden, which is, without doubt, one of the moat agreeable and airy places in the city. is perhaps the largest and best ventilated public place in the world ? As our readers know, it was formerly a fort, but was transformed into its present shape by Messrs. French & lleiser. The Lehman family, whose extraordinary feats on the tight rope, and J graceful ballet performances have secured for them a name of which they have reason to be proud, nightly pcrtorm there to large and fashionable assemblages. A sacred concept is given there every Sunday evening. Palmo's Opera House, from its central loca" tion, gets its share of patronage. At i resent il is occupied by the Ravel family, who performed at Niblo's before that establishment was burned. This ballet company are well known in every city in the ^Union, and perform so as to amaze and amuse all who see them. In these remarks we have referred to all the theatres, and other places of amusement in the city. One would suppose that there was no room for others, but the taste of our citizens for theatrical, operatic and ballet amusements is increasing every day; and in orderto accommodate it, another spacious theatre, to be called the Broadway Theatre, and a large opera house in Aslor Place, are being constructed When they are finished, wc shall have seven regular theatres and opera houses?a greater number than any city of the size oi New York can boast of, and more than could be supported in any other city. The increased and increasing musical taste of our people is one of the best signs of our progress. Music and dramatic entertainments elevate a people, and encourage the development of intellect. _ Personal ami Political. we learn t>y i?tt?rn irom rauaaeipnia tnat Mr. t-iay s Intention* were to Ware Cape May on Saturday morn log for Philadelphia The arrival however, of the New Haven at Cape May on Friday morning, and the opportunity it will afford him to reach tMs city on Saturday morning without fatigue, noise, or confusion, will, it is thought be cheerfully embracrd by him, in the full ex pectation of his accepting the invitation of the distinguished gentleman who accompanies the boat. State rooms have been most tasteluliy tlttad up on the New Haven, for both him and Mr. Mayor Brady. A meeting of the Mends of Henry Clay, at Boston, is 'tiled iu the papers of tbat oily yesterday morning. The meeting was to be held at the Merchants' Exchange, at nn? o'clock, P. M , yesterday Object of the meeting ?to take measures to invite Mr Clay to visit Boston, and to reoelve and entertain him if be should oome. ? The call was signed by seveDty of the most influrutal citizens of Bostoa. Latest from Hayti.?Hrig Silenti*, Hardy, from Gape Hnytirn \uguat ft. arrived on Monday, and we are indebted to Col. C. M. Weston for l.t Manijeite of July '-M'th. The gentleman who banded tho paper to us said," There is a great now in Hayti; I the ministry have all been dismissed , and they are try| ing to sec who is the biggest nuger.' As we understand Lt Maniftstr, the president of the iienate, at Port au i I'rlnee. sent a message to tho chamber of representai tlfen, July .'t, accompanied with proposed modification!" ot the budget. The chamber debated all that day, aud i ou the 2 )th returned a message declaring that they unanimously rejected the proposed amendments of the senate relating to the department of the interior and I agriculture, and returned tbo senate s prcjet fixing th< ! expenses for 184? IresiJent freston tr.en pronounced l a farewell discourse, and a deputation having returned i from tUe chief executive, the *es?icn was declared to be | closed A ministerial ci Ms followed ; the cabinet took ; their dismission. ami a new ministry was formed as foli lows ?Secretary of IVa.-acrl Marine, Oi nenl Lanrre : ! Interior fcnd Agrtcultur*, David Troy ; Finance* and I Commerce, treasur -r-general Jean tile; Justice and 1 i'ublic Instruction, ronator J Francois. These are xaid I to possess the ciitidence of th< representatives, and we I inter the discomfiture of the senate, the conservative ! branch of the goveruimmt of ourcolored fellow republicans.? Jinitun Pnit, *>iug. 17. Vtw Books. Lai>>'? Boo*.?This popular monthly for September Is received. It Is edited by Mrs. H. J. Hale, wl ftilly rut tains It* previous character tin excellence' Theatric*! and Slntlckl. Pin Thkatbc ?Th? Park Theatre wa< arowded tart night, and so handsome a house hu not been Men for a long time, as on the occasion of M'me Bishop's benefit. It was, lndred, as perfect a triampb aaan artist could desin, especially at this season of the year; and the parformaoeM were worthy of the audience. M'm? B. appeared In flTa pieces," The Maid of Artois," a seen* from " II Barbleredi Siviglia," cavatlna "Una voce pocofa,'' then oame the third aot of ' Anna Bol<*na." and after that the flrit cane of the second act of Linda of Chainouol,'' and then in conclusion the Grand Scena and Cavatlna from Tancredi; In wbioh laat the "Di Tantl Palpeti" was rapturously encored, and well did it deserve the approbatory marks which it received. Tbn execution of the music waa enchanting, to aay nothing of the mantier in which the fair beneficiary drt-esed tho part, her martial air and manner woa. taken all in all, as fine a piece of acting as need be desired. We might meition the peculiar beauties of the several pieces, but it is sufficient for tne occasion to aay, that they were all received with the warmest plaudits, and wreaths aud bouquets were thrown upon the stage in profusion. All were delighted, and all (teemed to rejoice alike at tne aucoess of tbe caudidate for the favors of tho assemblage. Besides the rich musical treat, the audienoe were amused by tbe performance of three farces, ' 40 and 60." the " Secret,'' and " A Kiss <n tbe Dark," making altogether decidedly the grout est bill of the season. To-night Mr Anderson oomtnenoes an engagement and makes his first appearanou as Macbeth, Airs. Jones sustaintug the part of Lady Macbeth; aod we aee that our old stage Hc<]uaintance, Mr. Dyott, is to appear as Macduff The afWpieoe la to be the new furoe of the ' Governor's Wife." in which are caat Messrs Anderson, Chupman. Bass, Stark, and the ladles. Theatre.?Nothing can exceed the enthusiasm with whioh Mrs Shaw is nightly received at the Bowory. Plaudits the moat tumultuous are awarded her the moment she makes her appearance on the stage ? Although long accustomed to auoh compliments, Mrf. Sbaw cannot but be affected by them. Mr. Clarke's r*ccptlon, too, ig highly flattering. His good points never scape observation and applause. Mrs Shaw will repeat her personation of " Ion" tlxla evening. This U lier greatest part, anil It Was for her acting In it, that she is indebted to the high stand the now occupies in her profession. The drama of the " Carpenter of Houen'' will form the afterpiece this These two pieces, and the manner in which they are oast, will attraot so large an audience, that we think it would be advisable for gtntlernen who intend taking ladies with them, to secure seats early in the day. Chatham Theatric.?This is the last night but two of the engagement of the Adelphl company, and It is the regret of all who have seen their performances, that they leave uj so soon. We must make up fbr their loss as far as we can, by peeing them every night while they remain here. They will appear this evening In three capital pie' es?the " Maid of Crolssy," the " Irish Dragoon, or Wars in Chancery," and the extravagant*!, " Our Tom Thumb," which has been reoeived. everv night of It* performance with rapturous applause. If the public wish to see the Adrlphi c >mpany in three of [heir best pieoes. evory character iu eiu-h well supported, md at the same time enjoy an evening's amusement, they had better virit the Chatham to-night. There is a varied dish of drama, tarce and extravagant^ prepared ?nd ready for them?a treat that is not always to be had. Castle Garden.?1Tha celebrated Hispano-Italian company, of Havana, performed last night the grand opera of ' Ilernaul,'' before the most fashionable audienoe ever witnessed in any theatre or ooncert r> oxn. There were assembled at tbe Castle Oarden about sighteen hunured people, whose repeated bursts of applause handsomely remunerated the excellent artiste who were performing tbe principal characters in tbe ?per?. Tbe ('astl? Garden theatre though uot built for jo large a company, resounded beautifully, too much, perhaps; and never at the Turk did we eujoy better the roices 01 leaesoo, rereui. vna. anu riovein. law tbl? slugers showed themselves equal to the reputation thuy have acquired during their engagement in our oftj. Tedeioo possesses the belt quality of Toiee, and most refined musioal talent heara in the United States, since Mall bran and the late Madame Damoreau The best proof of the truth of our criticism, is the reception given to this lov<l> woman by her numerous admirers, who rushed to Castle Qarden to hear the sweet nightingale. Wheii she first appeared on the stage, she was received with enthusiastic applause. The chorusses sustained their well established reputation; they were perfect of mtemble and intonation Ardlti and Botesini, at the head ul the musicians, led' the partition of Verdi with that skill and soience for which they are so renowned " Hernanl" was again declared the best opera oi Verdi? the admirable introduction, the delloioux Hong of Todesco in the first act which we so often noticed, tbo incomparable finale of the third act, in which the prima donna accomplishes so many jiotiluret, and displays such a talent with her cadencet and pontes de voix; all these bright gems delighted their enchanted hearers, who. when the performance was over, called before the curtain Tede.-co. Pcrelli, and Vita, and expressed to them their real admiration. The opera of " Norma" will be performed to-morrow night No doubt Castle Oarden will be as well tiled as it was last evening. Castle Uaboen.?The Lehman family resume, this evening, their graoeful performances, together with the talented English vaudeville oompany. The eTening's entertainment will begin with " Le Chalet," so well played by Messrs. Holland and Walcot. The exercise called the " Ne Plus Ultra," which is displayed by M. M Lehman and M'lle. Julie, will then take plaoo ; and we declare we have never seen a more stupendous feat on the tight rope. It is worth witnessing. .Mr. Charles Wintner will also appear ; and the whole will conclude with the ballet of " Les Moissonneurs," in which M'Ue. Adelaide is so graceful and dances so well. The Ravels at Palmo'i Opera House.?These wonderful acrobats perform this evening for the third time, and have made out a bill whioh will attract undoubtedly an immense audience. The entertainment begins with "'Twos I," followed by the famous exercises on la cordt raide, Gabriel Ravel in a Chinese pas, Leon Javelli with his daring exploits, and la petite amoui in her childish and graceful dauoe. The comic pastoral pautomime of ' La Kete Champetre" comes after, with a pus de deux from Natalie by Madame Leon javelli and Henry Wells The whole to conclude with Let Tableaux f'ivans, "The Italian Brigands." The Ravels are great comedians, indeed. Virginia comical geniuses give another conceit at the Minerva Rooms this evening, on which oocasion they offer a now set of choloe performances, vocal and instrumental. They are certainly worth hearing. The entertainments of the evening conclude with that most irresistible of burlesques, " Stuffo." Who would not shake their s.des with laughter must eschew the Minerva Rooms during the evenings of this week: but all who would, for an hour or two, forget care and enjoy themselves, may venture to go. " Mirth rules tbe hour." The performances are divided into two parts; in the first the serenaders appear as dandy darkies of the north, in tbe second part they enact the plantation slave of the south?and both are well done. Thk Hi-ohei Family perform this evening at the Tavllion, Rockaway. No doubt these favorite musicians and vocalists will have a good house. The Little General and thk Trustees ok Saratoga.?(Jen. Tom Thumb is now at Niagara Kails, from whence he proceeds to Oswego, and theu announces to appear at Ballxton Spa on Monday and Tuesday next, and that be hag chartered extra oars, whioh will run continually between Saratoga Springs and BalUton, conveying all persons gratis who purchase a ticket to his levees. General Thumb and General Barnumare rather too muoh for the Saratoga Trustees, who demanded $'Ja license. Mr. Booth,the tiagedlan, is at Buffalo, where he played Richard on Monday ? veiling. Tom Thumb spent Monday, Tuesday andWadnesdsy. at Buffalo. The Boston Theatre, where Mr Booth. Jr., is playing (a int.I Ia hn nlirhllv " "'"J ymtii. .o vw ......v. Tbe National th?atre, Boston, opened on Monday erenlng. with * large audieuoe At praacnt the principal attraction U Mias Auoit Crula?. nnkl to Im* ft aprigbllv >tod praianworthy actrnaa. and po*aeaaed of good peri-onai accomplishment" Mia* Wageuff. formerly of ttau Adeipbl, is a!ho at the National. The mauaurr in rornpliuicnti'd on tbr appearauce wf th>- nouee. wbicb If" ri'.pre lented its being an u<*at ?? a drawing room. Tom Klynn in at Boston. Herx and Sivori were to gi?.' their last concert at Buffalo on 'i'uebday night. lliey tiro tn roule f r Newport Tb? Allegbaniana were toiflre th-lr first concert, thl* aeason, at Boston on Tuesday "vniiun Sporllnn Int. ?ilg? me. The following uameil n*gM?<rr< i? run at tb? Cambridge Park Cdur?e onTuu*u?> aii?*rnoou:-Lady Whit, uey. at ranger. Village Boy, and Kaau Mile h< aU, be?t three lu bre, under the -ad'lle. A trotting match oam? off oyer the Buffalo course on Saturday, Aug 14th. ft>r a puree of $60, oue mile anu repeat in harnea*. for which were rntered and started the following horse*. tii:? si T. McQuiry tntered and Jockeyed g g Victor. Geo Metzger " " b g. Chaut. Chief. 8 Burton " " q. g. Telegraph. W W Huff " " g g. Orey Eagle. The following is the reault. ? Victor 1. . 1 " I Chautauqua Chief 'J 1 '<2 Telegraph Dint. Grey Eagle do Time?'2m. 41* ; '2m 60a , .m 43s. There was also a foot raoe for a mile. We believe that aii started, but tbe puree waa won by C. Luoe, who was also the winner of the last raoe. Time?6m. 18s. j jNova Scotia.? i n# provincial elections, wnicn h ive kept the province innsute of excitement for the tuft tlx month*, took place on the 6th instant in the several counties where the poll* were appointed t?> be held. The election war for members of the General Assembly for the ensuing four year*. The candidates were supported by two opposite parties-one kuown a? Conservatives, or the old tory party, the other as the Liberals, or the radical party. Keveral counties had not been heard from at the last aoonunts. but sufficient was known to give a complete victory In favor of the liberal candidates. Messrs Howe, (the great leader of the party) and Mott. hare been elected for the county, end Messts McNab and Doyle, to represent the township of Halifax. Mr John A. Barry, lormerly a resident in New York, who was a oandidatefor the township of Sholburue, it was expected would b? returned. He was on the oonnervatlTe ticket - Halifax Poptrt. ~ I .X. ii' | !^J I Cttr I*>teli?|WM? Tub Wcathbb?Tb? llwrM?tn stood M hwh M M degree* about 19 o'oloek, M. yesterday. at Delatour's Wall street. At the same boar It ranged no bighrr than 70 degree* at the Northern Hotel, foot of CourUaodt it and at the Pearl street Howe at 81 degree*. The day throughout was sultry, and the heat wa* extremely op. preeaire. The Fibc CoeriHiEi.-We bad a very rerpnetable turn-oat yeeterday, amount tome of our excellent fire companies. who paradod through U roadway and some of the principal thoroughfare*, with their engine*, and ' headed bj lome excellent bands, l'be following companion appeared on the occasion, with their engine* and hose carta:'?Engine Companies No*. 3 J, 34, and 29; Hoae Carta Nos 23, 7, 19, and 6 Tb? whole made a respectable appearance, and had u very imposing effect | in passing along Broadway, with their bands, life and I drum. Sto. New York atoll tinics fuels proud of her tire i companies, and the Jit-play ye*t?idxy was highly crediti able to our city After parading some of the principal streets, the companion retired to their respective quarters. Ail turned out in their red shirts. A Ooon Ahranoemknt.?We understand that Mr William II. Gatzmer. the agent of the Camden and ] Amboy Railroad Company, (a gentleman by the way who at way* remembers the paper*.) ha* made arrangements to nave a bag kept at the ticket office at either end of the line until tne latest possible moment, in order that exchange newspapers may be forwarded either way. and up to the last moment. The papers to be delivered to the newspaper agents at each olty free of charge. Mr U. deserves the thanks of the press for hi* enterprise and attention. Abbivai. or Emigrant Passengcrs?The number of migrant passengers arrived at thia port, during Tues A new link or Mtaosi.?A nnw stage route has been I established within tbo last few d?ys, nailed the " tele- ; graph line," which run* from tbo foot of CourtlanJt street. up Geeenwioh to Canal, up Canal to Broadway, and through Uraud ntreet to the ferry, making a very convenient route foroltlsen* passing from Jersey toLoug Island, or vice vtria. Tin: long queues or trc Crincsr.?a writer on China, ttatrs that the greatekt punishment you can atilict on a Cblnaman,Is cutting off bis queue, and the greatest Insult you oan offer bim la, treating that ugly appendage with disrespect. It is wonderlul, wi?h what patience those now in our city put up with the familiarity that Is used towards them. Every loving pa, and doting ma, who take their offxpring to seethe Junk, take especial pains to gratify the youngsters with an examination of the queues of the Celestials. More regard should be paid to their feelings, and we are sorry to see the practice indulged In. However, the Chinamen need uol uare, now. as ttk?y will leave after Saturday, Brooklyn Intelligence. Attempted Suicide.?A mau named II. Murray j Whitney, residing at 148 Hands strret, attempted to commit suicide on Monday last, by taking a quantity of laudanum. Several physicians were soon on th? spot, and succeeded is restoring him. Trial or the Persons Charmed with the Assault on Mr. Hotohsiss.?We understand that lhe nrlsoners j charged with the murderous assault on Mr. ifotobltlss, will be tried at the court which will be In session next month. REOKrTiora or the Albanv Fire Co>irant.?The Protector Engine Company No 6, Captain ihns. Wat?on, will reoeive the Albany Fire Company this afternoon at 'J o'clock. Police.?A sailor was arrested yesterday for riotous and disorderly oonduot. When examlued be refused to give his name, ile was committed to jail An Irishman ! was arrested for stealing i? pair of boots. He also re- | ! fused to stive his name Committed for further examin- | ! ation. UUna iVloure, a colnrrd woinau, wa< arrtwted f. r I kicking up a row and acting in a very disorderly man- I utir. Seiiteuct-d to thirty days at bard luour 1'bere I were a number of unimportant cases, which wort) pro- ' perly dealt with by the w.igist rates Police Intelligence. Robbing a Fellow fuatr.ugriLllcn M alone, Maria \laIoue. aud John Malone. were all arrea: ed yenterday, on a charge of breaking open a trunk belonging to Sam'1 Warburton, and stealing therefrom flirty sovereigns. it ?iipears that all the parties c;ime passengers In the ship .Northumberland, from London, and put up at the boarding house of Klizabetb McCay, No. 43 Washington st., where the trunk was broken open, and the money carried off by the aocused parties. Justice Osborne looked them ail up for a further hearing. , Charge of Stealing Furniture ? Offioer Ackorman of the 16tn ward arretted on Tuesday, on a warrant, a woman called Letitia Lincoln, together with a man by the name of Henry Kluskey, wherein they stand oharged with stealing a quantity of furniture from th house of John Hyatt No 351 Eighth Avenue. Detained by Justice Drinknr for a further hearing. On the Haute Lift ?Home sneaking thief entered the premises, No 06 Mott street, yesterday afternoon, and oarried off from one of the upper rooms, a black frockcoat, two vests, a lady's black silk-velvet hat and leather, one black bombazine dress, and a child's frock, valued in all at J>25, the property ol Mr. Washington, Q. Hutton No arrest. Charge of Grand Larceny ? Officer Turner, of the 11th ward, arrested on Tuesday evening a man called Jacob Ilorner, aud Mary Ann Richards, oa a charge of stealing $<50 from Roderick Clements. Committed by Justice 1 ini| sou for a further hearing. Jirrrtt of an Escaped Convict.?Officer Nicolis, cf the 13ih ward, arrested on Tuesday night a woman called tlmily Stokes. an escaped convict from Blackweli's island. Justioe Tlmpson sent her back to finish her term of sentence. Jlrrett of a Fugitive.?Otooer Curry, of the 3d ward arrested, yesterday, a I'lack fellow called Peter Peterson, a fugitive from (ireen county, who escaped trom the officer at Catskiil, sent baok for triul. Jintd on Sui/iicion.?Offleer Watson, of the 6th ward, arrested, yesterday. a man called Patrick Dorsey, having in his possession one pair of sheets, lour pillow cases, a red ilannel petticoat.aiid one towel, some of tbem marked C. C. These articles are evidently stolen, tor whioh an owner is wanted. Apply to the above officer at the station house, Tombs. Justice Osborne locked kirn up for examination. Stealing Clothing ? Officers Campbell and Jeffers. of the 10th ward, arrested on Tuesday night a man called I'eter Burkharst. on a charge of stealing a lot of female clothing, valued at $14, belonging to Frederick Charles. Locked up for trial by Justice Tiinpson. Petit Larcenies ?Charles Kurguson was arrested yesterday. by officer Perro. of the lOtii ward, on a charge of stealing a haud cart, worth $6, belonging to John Palmer, residing at No. 2 i8 Broome street. Locked up by Justioe Timpson. A boy by the name of John Mulligan was caught in the act of robbing the till of 60 cents, belonging to Henry Bertzee, No 39 Goerick ?t. Locked up lor trial by Justice Timpson. Law Intelligent e. Mayor's Office, August ih ?Furioui Driving.? Samuel Searl and George Kurr, two stage drivers, one belonging to WhUson's and the other to Murphy's line, were arreted on Tuesday evening, by ofioers Sohuerman and Vass. of the l?th ward, n a charge of furious drivlug. They were brought before the Mayor this morning and fined $5 each ; bis Honor iutiiuating to them that if they were again brought before him on a similar complaint, he would fine them $10 each, and in addition caused them to be indicted and sent te the Court of General Sessions for trial In Chambkbi?Before Judge edmonds?Remanded.? Thomas .?lc<iarrie was brought before Judge Kdtnonds. yesterdav. on a writ of habeas corpus to lie discharged iroiutbv United States service as an imbecile. It apprariug that he had been already brought before Judge Oakley and remanded, Judge ICdmonds refused to interfere. It was then stated tba", the attorney, who issued the former writ, refused to proceed on the morning it was ri turuable, unless he reoeived a further tee, in - ./ ;_w. >l,.r,a..^.nril . WW ? - Judge OaKley, and MoOarrle m of oourse remanded Judge Kdmouds 8?ld bu could not go behind Judge Oakley's order, but aaidtbey might apply to bim again. Affair* at Turk's lain nil. To the lCoiroa or the IIebald Sir,?At this lata hour I happened to take up your paper of Saturday lut. and wit surprised in re a ling an article on the " Affulrs at Turk's Island.' written In a tone so very uncharluble, and addressed to you by " a Native' of those Islands A native be may be. bur. oouid not have been located tbere the last few years, or be oertainly would bare understood bow very injurious the Bahama laws act in that part of the colour ; neither W'iuld he bare penned a pa a^raph ko ui o Ilea for.on the extracts you were pleased to copy from tbe Turk's Island iriiztitr the day previous, and so replete wltb to bis fellow islanders Tbe writer of th * pr seui roiuuiunica ion bad tha honor of establishing and conduct mg tbe Onzrtu. (ihe first and only pate In th<>ve Islands) from lis first number in A'aiub I-i-l.i till withn. .1 tew months pis', and c?naequmtly will be ai q tainted with the just ' exist tog Jealousy" bctw* n th? Out Is Imders and their law uiak' is at Nassau. tie seat nt Government It la therefore tlirougli iisp'Ct and duty t.i> th- se heavily oppressed people (atno> g whom you have a few subncribeis. who w II ureatly a> ku '?Mgt' thiamines* of your insertion ) that I affirm v'-ry s- ntene.huo'ed by your journal f.-<>ro the (}-nrtim\ t te2Uth an I i7ih ult. , as regards tbe I'fllertlly th. y laliir uuder lu procuring theii necessary nupi'liei- of f..od Turk's Island is entiri ly bebol ding to America for th' purchase of her only staple, xait, aud 1* wholly depen dent for evxry article o ft od For tbe last four years they bava bad a nelegate I' Kngland laboring to accomplish their separation, whn h glorious achievement, I am luf rmed hy gentlemen Ju t >rrived from tbe Uaftaiuaa uas lately d?>ii niwoa. nun heir new Governor wag daily expected nul The reve nue Turk'* lalaud annually n> nda to the public chest at N'anaau utter paying governor nt cfflcera, and ali other xpetiheit, ia a'etieially over ?44)00 sterling. Tuesday, August 17. The Long Inland Ha 11 road. Nkw York, Tuetuay evening. Mr Editor :? Your paper ever consulting the lntereat of the pub'!*. I would oail your attention to the management if (be Long (aland Railroad, during laat week. lie urnti g from Farmiugdalu In the half-past eiev<n o'olo k tr 1 on Saturday trorniog. after the oar.i were in motion I found that a friend. who had aocotnrfcnied uie, w> a it I enquired of the conductor If by atopping at the n??t atatiou the s&mo ticket would carry me Ihrough in tu?* next train: ho anawered it would. In the next train, however, the couductor demanded the same prioe as ia uaualiy given from that station, stating that the tffcln hftd no connection with the other. In expostu ating with him that i Lad betn deceived. lie rudely interrupted me by Haying, " any oae m.iy buy th<'*?* tt?.K is up." Thua wan I coinp' lied totake another tirk*t On tny arrival at Brooklyn, I e tiled at theofflce and the Preaident promptly refunded the pay of the o'h-r ticket, remarking, howuver. >hat there waa no blame to be attached to the conductors Of this the publlo may judge. ?B>e*raE=z= JU GotH Pen*,- Facta are Stubborn filings? That J. W U.?ai >n & Co., 71 Ced.r # r**.L \ oik, or 4 . heiunt street, Ptiil .?j?I 'lua, do keep th^ ^ i va r.mem of gold pvna and gold and ailvrr pm; aj.d l?n.c 'ru.u'' iu this country, it indif|iiit?ble *Tti?t than pn o A * J ? late redact Ou) nre now considerably lets tn?>?? of aajr other hotite, ia a fact well known to """JJ\"?'' ?J*' I .V ?? J tainrd by all. Any kind of pen apld elaewhe a for ?2 they will aril for $1 50. Gold Pena of all kiada carrfully repaijed (l or lepointcd. . j.. i jj. i i.. 4 RMmIIm OoM Bmm (Mt|bid)r Mm?hut OTarall other*.?'W? wl$n the pahhc to nonce tin. m ? ??/ iuatauce where iheae |eua are offered fcfJJ e. except tho?e ??rrriii meiitK ned. it 1a a ? unoua ar'iele. 'J he ^eimine "m/ he h?d ..f H L VVa a?n U Co.. Wi lia.u a"eet. ore door Mow Wall, p|?ox?te Merchant'* ! ange, *nd J ?.8**uge, it *'ult Mi street. Tm auceeaa of these rlMIH ? (Ml lit? y to hnre uu*et')e?l the judgment ol hoae telliug hi.her prieti Mtl las; who, thiukinic to injure their niereasnig l> i?uiari y P Mill olfi Tile brticla ol their oven make ia IM pl?C? of ihefajiuine. We sell tl ? u-uuir.e af $2. *ud the (*? *? to t?-sr rhoni la to conpira ih?n> W'th tno Pena aold I -r $S '/0 5.!"? rrT . w? kmd of mmotmn a?k ?l jO; Aixlihf pen, they tell for |1 we IOWOS ! 'or $1 50. k*T5 lirow,|'? ill j??n* $'j being a reduction Of 50 ceut,. Gold Peoa carefully repaired. New York. CJold Pen ( ouipuny-* depot f^r the s ile ol COM pena nnd gold aud atlvor CMOS, h*s be?-n e*Ublialied ou tnr corner i f Nut<ia and John itreeta up?t?ir? 1??tranre INo. J3 Johu) wli?ru ih kept,without *>icei<tio ,the n*at niantmrut of tlioae a tide* that riu bo iu ttie city The ?n .ecrihria having had long experience iu the mm "fee til re f both liene uid cum, are ruabled to offur t: t m ?* low. if not lower. than any oilier houae. A'l who imy wiih to purchase nee uiviled to call anu examine ihrir aet'k CLARK. Bit OTHER k CO. The I'lambe National Daguerrlan Gallery ia the Jiiire for atraugera to call and are fac imileo of thnr friend* The collection ia the larireat 111 the world mid it ia alra >at impoMiible for auy one to viait thia celebrated gallery without finding aoire familiar face. Save your Monty?Jones, No. 4 Ann ?treet, near the Muieum, aella ihe very firat qutlty of line Km eh Calf Dreaa Boo'a at only tl 10: aeci nd quality do $] i0 Alio on hauri, a large aaaortnu-nt "f Congre?a Bo u and Otitrra, equally low. All gooda warranted to give natufuct on at No. 4 Ann street. _ _ "So cltnrge cuitll the Hair 1? rc*tareil,"_'4 Hair He?to ati\e ii applied on the itov? term* Office l(W N <s?au ?t. N. B ? For those who npply it iheimolv??, it ii forwfa. HE AD.?I Aaron Clajk. Marur of ihe oity of New York, tl'i hereby certify, tb -.r 1 hive seen a general cenifirtte, anil Km per?ou?lly a-qminted with uiuiy of the p?nie< wh0 hiv? mined it, and know them to be men of the highest nMndiug in th? community. AAltO.N CLAItK. New Vork. March, 1039. Boston Agency?lyj. Waahiiigtiia it.; rhiladolphia?fl N. 8ixtb ?t. Travtlllng Dreanlng Ca?f??The exceedingly mall compass in which 'tie subscriber have p'nce I eve j thing nece?sory for the toilet without destroy ing the;' mcf'ulnm, au'l the h mdsocr.e mid substantial manner in whi? b i hey are made render these cises <uperi. r to any manufactured. An examination rannot (ail of being *ati facto y. U. 8AU.NDEK3 & SON. 177 Broadway, Fine Cutlery.?The Subucrlbrra' assortment unbares eveiy possible variety i>attern of Pen PoC'?t Desk, and Hpo'timr Knife with a large va'iety of choice Wa?.ora, which will be warranted to the jiurcli <?er. Alio Scioor--, Nail k ilea, Tweeter*, Sc. . O. SAUNDERS (* SON, 177 'roadway, a lew doora above Oourtlaudt at. Navigation of tile Ohio River. Plaeti. T\mr. State of #<??>, Louisville.. . Aug-11.. . .4 feet. 2 In. falling, WtieeHng. Aug 1ft. . . .3 feet fl In. Pittsburg Aug. 13.. . .3 feet 1ft In. Cincinnati. Aug. 11.. . .7 feet, standing. MOVKY MARKRT. Wednesday, Aug. IB__0 p. M, At the first board to-day the stock market exhibited evident signs of a steady improvement. Quotations for most of the fanoles improved a fraatlon. Long I (land advanced >? per cent. Canton >*, Norwich and Worcester Farmers' Loan >?, Harlem %i, Reading Bonds %. Treasury notes also ituprroved X per cent. vun orcvu?l uuiirii, liariPUl WOOL Up 1 v4 por Cent. Norwich ana Worccotor, and Farmers' Loan, closed at prioes current in the morning. Thar* w?re law pales of Harlt m and Norwich at the second board, and thu market cloned with an upw rd tendency. At the first board, there were large sales of Treasury notes, at the 1. proyement. The fluctuations wbloh have for the past few days been experienced la this security show how very easy It is to get up a panlo among the holders of any stock, no matter what may be Its lntrloslo mine. We have received no later aooounts from Mexico within the past day or two, and out affairs in that quarter remain preolitely as roported on the 15th lnst., for all we know to the oontrary, notwithstanding which Treasury notes have since the 16th fallen and Improved about two per ount. If there was real cause for the deollno, theru is none for the improvement. The news by the Cambria, published on telegraphic authority, Is, in a commercial point of view, of tho most startling importanoe We antioipated a tfeoliau In hrwuiUt-iilfH hllfc >?w nft mj?u tn ?>**? I Wo fear thu effect upon our markets will bo exoeetlingly disastrous to many bouse* eagagvd In the trade. Cotton was a shade better, but the tightness of the London money market had a depressing influence upon the | markets generally, and the ovuimercUi accounts are on | tho whole much more unfavorable than we expected. It * is. however, impossible to give any opinion about the j news, until the detailed acoounts come to hand. The Baltimore Kire Insurance Company has deciarsd | a semi-annual dividend of four per cent t? the stockI holders, and one per cent to the eontingent fund. The reoelpts from customs at tho port of Boston for I the first seven months in each of the past two years were j as annexed :? CoMMKBCK OP TUK PORT 0?' BOSTON?RlV#*. T. FROM CUSTOM! 18 <6. 1847 First quarter $1.4'8,oin C2 l.PJVUi 47 . Second quarter I 288,172 19 1,428 <i 17 63 Month of July 461,0)2 97 130,h78 80 Tot*) $1,138,441 18 3,001,059 93 Amount fVarchouied in 1817. First quarter .t'20.323 Heconii quarter . .1 t?'7 901 la July 2 2)71 *1,701,255 This exhibits a deoresso this year compared with last | of $164,381 29, a very trilling per cent cf the aggregate { receipts, but still sufflciont to show that the new tariff i does not work so well in Boston as it has hero. The fall1 ing off was confined entirely to tho first quarter this ' year, and the Increase in the second quarter and In thu 1 mnnth nf Inlv aivfti us anmu hnno fnr fnfiiPA The Receivers of thn rialnfleld Bank are proceeding with all despatch to wind up that affairs of tbo inatitu ! tlon. Creditors are allowed to bring in tbuir claim*) until the 26th of September, and the Chancellor cannot mako a' dividend on the bills until that time, nor can tha receivers inform the public what are the piospects for the redemption of the bills. Tln'y are makiug collections from the assets In their bands with all possible rupklity; and any creditor or porsan interested in any way la the institution, by calling at the office of the IU- ?ivers in Newark,_N. J., can reoelve any information which they may desire. The receipt! of the Georgia Railroad Company lor lb? month of July, 1S47. oomparvd with those for the corresponding month in 1846, were sj> annoxed I? Gcoaoi* Kiilhoad July IM6. July. inc. Incr T. i Pa???nser? It-.393 01 12W.1I t.Vi 0 I Freight and mail 9 'Ji'b >i 13 131 10 3.210 47 Totals $2U,3!I8 73 26,100 iO ft.lftl 77 Here Is an Increase oi more than twenty-Ova per c?-nt, ' the largest portion of which was from freight Tbis ! road extends from Hamburg to Atalanta, with a branch ?? All..... la OIOI/ mil** l?n? anil />nu? i.l>itlit thn.. mil. I toon of dollari. At the above rate of increase tbe gross iooome this year will be more than four hundred th<>uHand dollar* The net Income in 1?45 wan $170,137, ond iu 1816 033 The oouditlop of the leading departments of each of tbe Banks of Maine, on the first Monday of May, 1847 was as annexed :? Ba.iki ok Mat 1817. Loan*and Hanks J/ttcounlj Specie. Cireul'n \ idiui' Oggin 82.199 4 I 1 5U,lu8 18 ?18 UK'<sia SUJ985 3,HOT 87.:(87 6# <m.I iU k ol Baiignr 2UH0 10 223 147.411) 2tmi l$i k ?>f< umbrrlnnd 176 477 6.40S 83.j7i H.9M 4. U .>f vv .iioruou 88t,87 2 .07 59..Oi 7 02 Bel fur 989>. B 45 bl i93 29.7"? ru ii<vnk ?<il 5<12 6.2'il 55'tO 14*81 Caml 71 ',240 25,* 16 24 037 119.711 ,.0 5*7 9.6 ai."77 !?<2B1 1*0 VSt ' eut 1... 16", 183 2,7ll 183,4'# 4,6^6 Co m..c.a( 78 70 1.5 >8 2! 4" ,ihi. 8?.7 2 ?.?77 *.841 ttOl Mt-fi 4J73 1*6 9:0 21 M? Kr nkin.'. 8 .070 1,917 16 117 8.337 F ma.i', 97.8 '4 UKl 8.1 lM 22 516 M6*9 4.6 7 2.,?0, 31 1 J O 3 3 4*5? '? 7' aidlnrr 170 i53 4.IB2 67 138 j0.4 6 .. ... ..SI0.IS7 11 B'iB 8* ><* 45?1 Li.irolii . .....152.3*1 9 ??' 22* ?? ? ?;c/r,r,,k'Tr^'r^u?.S? ?? Vtarca* ule'"'!! * ftl) i m in *'0 1 ;L,r. 286,4<? 90 8(0 126,835 10\6#i fWlid.m k >1.5 8 7 4.4 48 127 9.S68 rMUUtl"o^k 4.191 41837 11,191 w-?.;..... 145.756 2.670 52 2.10 14. ,4S S iMdahMCk 1 9! ?7J 10141 M 197 *i,Vh Berwick f6f.a 1,585 44 691 Vk,.wKeii*o... ....... .'*1 JIT .1 <34 man 12,nil Tic.n.c 117.819 6.78II 56 1IJ 8 758 Thumuton 5.1)1 48 811 33 11)7 York... 131771 6.H0 50 756 31,172 TotaU 259.995 t.5)6Uft 1.I49.V04 The Una of dixoouuU ban slightly lnor?afod, | oinipared with prevlou* y*?r?, while Ihe rlreu! lation has doubled within tbo p?*t *ix yeers. ?ith out a oorrusponJing improvement in the oiUt d"partmunt?. The commerco of Maine U rupioly Increasing; the extenflon of railroad* withn its limit*, hte awakened a new euergy in the people of tl at <*ectkon of the country, and the want of bunking fr.o.lltic* hue been very seriously frit The agriaultuia re >urces *f Maine are rapidly Incrrasiug, and the baulf , experience a more extensive demand for loan*. Without any material increase in the banking capital of the I Slate, there has been a very Important increase In tfca aggregate bank movement, and the line of dlioounta It I already Inearly double the total capital. An expansion j muoh beyond that line, will lend to too great an lunation

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