Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1847 Page 1
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CP*QSB9En9SS9E9SES99BLK99B99 TH V ol. xm. No. ?JM?Whol? No. <8ii5. I AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. EXTRACTS FROM OUR FILES HICEIVKD DV T1IK 8TBAMBSZP OAMBW. AUTHENTIC COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. ? ., dec., dec. Affair* lit Bufbuttl. [Frotn vVsm-r's Tim-is, Aug. 4.] Ths elections iu the English boroughs hare engrossed jrahiio attention to the exclusion of almost evgry other uUj-ut. The returr of Lord John Russell at the bead of ttie poll for the metropolis may he considered a a a trpi fur the whole In all the great constituencies, the supporter* of a liberal commercial policy, hare been re turned and the election ol Bitron Kothachild us one of the colleague* of th* prime milliliter, In the represontation or Loudoo. la equally lndioatlre of an enlightened recognition of religioue equality. Bir Robert Peel is returned a* usual for Tumwortb. and It bus he n confidently affirmed that hu will enter Into an ultiuuce with Lord John Russell who is to be raised to the peerage, aud to ceudnct the bisiness of Oorern (neat in i be upper house, whilst Sir Robert resumes the leedersnip of the Commons. This in partially confirmed by the appointment of one of Sir Robert's former oolleagues -the Earl of Oalhousle to the (Jorernor (Jeneral tdp of ludia The Premier, however, distinctly intimate* hie intention rather to look ou and support a liberal cabinet than to attempt to oonnlruat a party, much i lee* to fwrui a coalition, which oouldonly impair his ability tor public usefulness. Altboiign three members of tho ministry have been by must unl> okud for casualties rejected, Air. Macauley at Edinburgh, Mr John Cam Ilobliouse at Nottingham, and Mr. liawee at Lambeth, yet. thus tar there has been a decided galu to the ministerial cause. In the late rtarLament the protectionists were one-fourth, and tho reel party another, of the entiro members. Now, out of the 850 members elected, the liberals form three-fifths, the Peel liberals another, and the protectionists the remain- , fug traction. No county eleotlons havo yet taken place. Sine* our publication of the l'Jth ultimo, general at- . teutiou being ab-orbed iu preparing for the elections , now in progress, commercial affairs have not occupied xcludre attention. The pressure for mpney has also operated to cbeok anything like speculative business. '1 Ue hopes of a good harvest having, however, ripened lato certainty, we trust that the present inconvenience will be removed, and oommeroe return into lts ordinary ohannels. The uninterrupted fineness of the weather, during the last fortnight, still hqlds out the asBuranoe that our harvest of grain will be a full average on*. From all quarters of Europe there U also a general concurrent opinion that the yield will be abundant In the chief grain produoing spots. On the 19th of May the prioe of best Ameriuan Flour in Liverpool was 4?s to 4ils Vesterdav a considerable sale took place of tbe same description of Hour, at 37s to 27s Oil. The highest market price of best wheat at Mark-lane, on M >udiy, the 31. wnen a farther reduotion again took place of from 8s to 10s per (quarter below the currency of the previous Monday, was 70s per quarter. Considerable supplies were bought to market, aud sales were With the greatest difficulty effected. The quality of tho new oorn exuibited, " rubbed out," was excellent We regret to state that some failures hare taken place in the eorn trade, and the rumors waich hare reaohed us respecting the credit of some of the Condon dealers are rery Unsatisfactory. We are of opinion that, however abuudant the harvest may prove, the stocks in Europe being so exhausted, and the decreased supply of potatoes, whether arising from a diminished cultivation, or from their deteriorated quality, requiring a largo importation to make np the delicienoy. that prices of grain will, towards the ulose of the year, after inevitable fluctuations, ntiil be maintained at a farther cost of production. At this moment, however, the market is in a state of great depression. The harvest is nearly over in Fr*..oe, and has commenced In some of the southern counties ot EngUnd. With regard to tne potatoe crop, alihougn it may be admitted that partial failures may have taken place, we still entertain the opinion that, in general throughout England and Ireland, the crop has not suffered. The cotton market has been steady since the sailing of the liibernis, and although prices in the early part of the fortnight gave way ab >ut %d per 11); this uecliue has been partially recovered since the arrival of the Caledonia ou the 3Sth ult Tne improvement just noted his been canned chiefly by the reports which hare been brought over by the < aledonia. regarding the prospects of tlie uow orop. But, in addition to this, the pleudid prospect of an abundant has auto contributed materially to give holders tuoro confidence, or, a* <x? have already stated, manufacturers will tlnd their orders increase in proportiou na the provision markets decline The vale* lor the fortnight ending July 30, were 43 OrS bales. Of that quantity there were I.HjO on speculation. and i.3U9 for export. Tue business of the last three days amounts to about ltl.OOO bales, of wlriuh nut less ttiau G.UUU were taken by speculators and exporters We may here observe that the ,-tock at the port of Liverpool at the present date, August 3d, is estimated at about 410,000 bales; last year, at the sume time. It was TtiOO 0. Of American descriptions we have now about 31000.1 bales, which is 334,000 bales less than at the same period in I Old. Affairs In the British Parliament* The Queeu prorogued Pari uuieat nu the 33d ult. The following is her speeeh MyLmdtand Utntlemtn : 1 have much satisfaction in being able to release you from the duties of a laborious and anxious session. 1 cannot talis leave of yon without expressing my grateful sense of the assiduity and zeal with which you have applied yourselves to the consideration of the publio iuttrsett. Vour a tention has been prindlpaJly directed to the measures of immediate relief which a great aud unprecedented calamity rendered necessary. 1 have given my cheerful assent to lho*o laws which, by allowing the free admission of grain, and by affording facilities for the use of sugar in breweries aud distilleries. t?ud to Increase the quantity of human faod. and to promote commercial intercourse I rejoice to lind that you have in no instance proposed new rcstriclious. or iulcrfercd with the liberty of foieigD ... 1..,?--I ir,,l? ? me In .,f cllavimr I la..| assured that such measures are generally ineffectual. and iu some cases, aggravate the evils for the alleviation of woich th-y are adopted I cordially approve of the acta of largo and liberal bonn'y by which you have as-uuged tb? sufferings of my Iriih eutjeets 1 have also readily given my sanction t.o a >aw 10 make belter provision for Ibn permanent relict of tin- destitute In Ireland. 1 have likcwisu given my assent to various bills calculated to promote the agriculture aud develope the industry of that portion of the United Kingdom. My attention shall be directed to sunt) fuithor measures as may be conducive to those salutary purpo-es. My relations with foreign powers contlnnn to Inspire me with coutidence in the maluteuaucn of peace. It has atforded in? gri'Bt satisfuotion to find that the measure* which, In concert with the King of the French, the Queen of dp <iu, and the (gueeu oi l'ortugal. I have taken lor the paeiQcalion of l'ortugal have neen attended with success: nod that the civil war. which for many months lud afflicted that country, has at last heeu hr <ught to a bloodless termination. I indulge the hope that future differences between political part'e* In that country may be settled without an appeal to arms. OritHrmtn of tor House of Commons : I thank you for your willingness in grnutiug luo the necessary supplies; they shall be applied with due care and economy to the public service. I am hapuy to inform you that, notwithstanding the high price or food, the revenue has up to the present tim i been more productive than 1 had reason to untie), pat!. The Increased use of articles of general consumption hfti chiefly contributed to tins result. The revenue derived from sugar especially has been greatly augm nted by the removal ot the prohibitory duiii-s on foreign sugar. 1 he various grants which you havo made for education in Hie United Kingdom, will, I trust, he conducive to the religious and morel improvement ot my people. MV l.or It unrl Ocnllttnen : i iblnk proper to Inform you that it Is my intention immediately to dissolve the prescut I'arliainent. i rely witu coiuidence on the loyalty to the throne, end attachment to (be true institution* ot this country, which iinnasts the great body of my people. I Join j with thsm in supplications to Almighty Ood, that the . rl^urih li? which we have been afflicted, inay. by tuo I Uiviur bussing. l>* coiiT?rted Into cueapneg* mid plenty, rnoc fr"m amkrica?nrr.rksri.ia dklmtr On toe i ult , tue fulmwiug interesting debate took plu"o : Mr Bmtlierton moved an address to her Majesty that she will mi graciously pleased to direct that th?re be laid IWorwiht* Hnu-e a copy of the letter from itio Mecretary of nUlt for Koreigu Atlatrs to her Uritantiic . M 'Je-ty's Minister at Wa-hingtou, acknowledging the donations in food niul money ot the legislature and cmtciiiof the United Mates of America for the r<-li?f nl tho faunae in IreleudThe honorable gentleman then ichrred to the great amount of misery and destitution winch had been experienced iu Ireland, kuU to tlie Very large contributions raised In America for the relief of that country, one committee .having rai?'d a sum of not less tliau X 100,000, und another of ?rt" (Ml. The expedition wiih which these large contribution* were onuverted luto lood aud transmitted to Ireland was also matter of surprise as well as gratitude. Tbe honorsIde gentleman having rend extracts from several letters received Irom various parts of the United .States, to show the promptitude with which the humane exertions of the Amerieun people were conducted. proceeded to observe, that after the manifestation of such kindly feelings on their p?rt, we could do no less than give expreislon to I he griitfludo which we felt ? (Hear, hear ) lie regarded Itie couduct of Aruerioa, In this respect, as or great importance, seeing it tended to confirm those friendly relation* that existed between the two countries, aud would aid In laying the foundations of lasting peace These reasons Ju.titled hlui In moving that turn address bo presented to her Majesty, simply with the view of eliciting the strong expression* of oationel gratitude which he was certain wi e felt lu very p irl of her Majesty's dominions. (Hear, hear.) Mr \V If ao w ;* conourrsd iu what had been said by the honorable gell Iriuan with regard to tile elleol upon the amicab. relations of the tvo countries which inn recent coil iucl of America was calculated to produce, it was not merely the amount of their contributions, but the promptness with wuich vessels were placed at the disposal of the contributors for the transmission of grain .. l ..I i ii ii mi iniii M E NE N to Ireland, and the kindness and hospitality which were ' shown to those who went from this country to procure | provision*, that demanded tbelr irratitude and esteem. (Hear, hear.) There was one feature in the transartiau , deserving of particular notice, namely, that part of the donations came from our red brethren in the west I.ord Pai-Missto!*?I have very great pleasure In ae- ! quleecing in and supporting the motion of my honorable friend The only regret 1 nan feel on the occasion Is. that although the despatch for which he has moved elpresses in strong terms the feelings of her Majesty's go vernment, and the feelings which we believe animate the whole of the British nation still I am sensible that no terms which could have been employed by me could adequately oonvey the feelings of thankfulneS and admiration which the conduct of our brethren in the United States must have excited amongst all classes of her Yiijesty'e subjects. AS my honorable friend has stated, not only was the supply sent large, liberal, and generous in autouDt. but_ the manner in which It was sent, the rromputuus wun wmen it was lurwaruej, una tue strong \ feeling of Intermit which wis expressed on the part of all those who had contributed to that supply, were more almost than coutl possibly be expected on '.he part of per sons who, however uultedto us in orl|(in an.l bound to us by every tie of language and religion, of manners and habits, still being aspirated by a mighty expanse of ocean, oould not bo animated perhaps by the sttno extent of symoathy by whion our brethren in the United Slates have been so honorably distinguished. I agree with uy honorable friend that transactions of tills nature are calculated to cement in the strongest manner those ti-s which ou ht to unite kindrol nations, aud it is thisclrcumstsne* which ought not to be lost sight of?that while on the one band acts of generosity such as these bind and rivet the affections of those upon whom they have been oonferred,on the other hand, they tend by the very exeroise which accompanies them of good and kindly feelings, to Increase the affection of those who have beon the onsets of those generous aot And therefore, sir, both In regard to the feelings which those actions proclaim in America, I am happy to thiok that, whatever may hare been the sufferings and calamities which gave rise to these acts, at all events they will so far hiive been attended with happy results, that they have afforded to our brethren in the United States an opportunity of doing that ^hich will never be forgotten by the people ot this country, and. I hope, for a iong< time will increase the good feeling of the people of the United States towards their brethren in this country. ((beers) Lord Mohi-ktii said, as he had had very peculiar opportunities of noticing the warmth of feeling which existed in every part of the Union towards the inhabitants of this, whicn they calUdthc '* old '' country, he could not help declaring his participation in the feelings of satisfaction and thankfulness expressed by the hon. member anil hv Ills noble friend. It, was iuiDossibln to overrate the strength of those feelings, evinced by the warmth of sympathy which had b'-on called foith in America, and by the liberal and substantial tokens which hud accompanied it, and which, he trusted, would be con.idered to be amply acknowledged by the despatch of his noble friend. Hut he was not sorry that, beforo Parliament rose, feelings such as those expressed by the hou member had found a rent witliln the walls of that house. He had received letters receutly from New York, de scribing the measures taken there for securing the health and comfort of the destitute emigrants from this country, and at Boston an island had been set apart for, and appropriated to hospitals He believed that the same kindly spirit prevailed all over the Union, from Maine to New Orleans; aud although occasionally causes of soreness and subjects of alteroation would unavoidably arise betweeu the two countries, as h% ween other nutious,the touchstone of oalamity was only wanting to call forth at all times whatever was most guu nui and kind In our uature. He bore with ploaPureMiig testimony to the value of those feelings which the calamities of Ireland had elicited in America. (Hear, fc%tr.) I The motion was then agreed to. Ireland. The week's rent at the usual weekly meeting of the I Repeal Association, held on the 19th, was announced to 1 lie i,'50 19s 4d. On the succeeding weekly meeting it 1 amounted to j?dO Mr. Collett, the late member, and ! present candidate for Athluno, was present, tind with [ Mr. Morgan John O'Connell, addressed the meeting ? All the speakers expressed a confidence that the repeal movement would regaiu strength, aud that the next Parliament would grant a repeal of the Union An immense number of tenantry have been evicted at Charleville. on the Earl of Cork's estate, and it was represented to have been elfeotod under circumstances of considerable harshness. This, however, has been contradicted, and although no acts of cruelty have been perpetrated by the agent, still the eviction of the tenantry seems to have been on a large scale The remains of Mr O'Connell having been brought by way of Krauou to Southampton, were carried by railroad to Loudon, and theuce transferred to Chester where they arrived on Monday evening, aud were laid in the llomau Catholic chapel of that city. Mr. Gardner, of Chester, had received orders to make a new eof hq, a* mat la wnicn tne oouy was encaseu, ana which wnH Hindi! Ht Genoa, was of ratlier comiaon workmanship High mass wan celebrated iu thu chapel on Sunday, and to the eve log a procession accompanied the remain* to the railway station On .Monday, the 'M | they were placed on board a steamer specially engaged. and by it conveyed to Dublin. The funeral will take \ place on the .Hh August. Frmtirr. The Peers of Krauoe have completed their vindication of the law against the corrupter of M Tette, M. f'ellupra. who has been condemned to the payaieot of a Hue of lO.OuO francs, and the forfeiture of his civil rights. In the case <?f the unhappy M Teste, his punlabmerit 1* not Uuhkely to terminate his lite, serious apprehension* being entertained of the fatal effects ot an abscess form ed on the chest where struok by the pistol shot in bis Insane attempt at suicide ltelterated attacks have beeu mads upou other members ot the oabine , who are charged with corrupt acts, one of which is made the subject of an action for libel; and so serious hud popular discontent become that It was apprehend-d mjQi general disturbance would break ont on thu celebratio of (he ftl'i of the revolution of July. All. however passed off quietly, and the Bourse recovered from the panto which bad agitated its members, partly ou these acoounts. but principally owing to the heavy tall of rain, and of the temperature at lbs beginning of last week which threatened the prospects of the harvest The weather had become in Id and warm, and new wheat, of vc ry superior quality, has been brought into the market | and sold at 30 francs the hectolitre. The Chambers completed their debates on Saturday, i the 34th ult . but the transaction ot the formal business i of the session will occupy the upper house ohietly \intil I tae llllt inrt Marshal Soult is to retire froui the cabl: net 0|i the ground ?" sge, and it is now settled that (leneral Dugeaud will undertake the Ministry of War. Bolgtmus. It stated that King Leopold has abandoned all thoughts of ab llcating the crown, Louis f bilippe and his daugh ter hope, according to I he opiuiou of his medical attendants, that the mill influeuce of autumn, joined to the effurts of the faculiy, will, in restoring health to the body, operate a happy change in the state of the royal patient. Italy. I Italy has furnished to the world a singular exhibition | of tbe crooked policy of despotism working by its olu tools, the Jesuits. A fetr wan to be celebrated at Koine [ uu the 17th iust. in honor of the amnesty proclaimed to i political prisoners at. the acoeeslon of 1'lus IX When the populace were assembled to witness tbe display ol fireworks In tho public sijuare,it was arrauged by a ound of conspirators, including many persons ol' rank in tin army aud government, parties, duly Instructed, should commence au attack upon the soldiery, which would furnish a pretext for a general massacre. in which I the popular leaders would he especially marked, ami ! the tumult thus created would justify the removal of | Pius, orthe withdrawal of the administration of govern I incut from his control The unwarrantable entrance of I Austrian troops into the kingdom, at. remote points, on the day fixed for the massacre, and the discovery ol other proofs and parties to the plot, place it beyond a ' doubt that this was a preconcerted pliui. HeTuratof the I chiefs, including the (Jovertnir of ltouie, have been proI scrlb-d. and but for the inlluence of the popular leaders, \ would have fallen victim.. to the furv of the people,? The national guard at once organised themselves, and this unto war d event may proTe the precursor of tli? reestablishment of the nationality of Italy. The ot? Siccrelaty of State, Cardinal I'errettl, li-m protested against the occupation of the papal territory by lite Austrian troops. and the luterrerenno of tlial govt rn merit in the internal ufl'airs of the Itouian State*. Spain. The Queen of Spain having left Madrid for li?r sum raer residence at Mt. Ildef'onso. her oonaort, ronr.rary to her expi e?sed wbhc?, manifested ho strong determination to take possession of the vacated palace at the capital uto render It necessary for the Minister of War to torbld his entranae. * lie grivtltiee himself by riding into Madrid daily. The welfare of the kingdom renders itimpera* Ive that thlii unhappy state of things should he terminated The liank of at Krrdinaml waa rennvering from the depression caused by the run upon it for apeole, large supplies of wiiieh coutinuel to lie received from various parts of the Peninsula. Count de Mootemolia has circul.ifi d a letter among bis friends, deploring ami disavowing the lnsiirrictiuua whlon have taken place lu Ills name in the provinces, and which ere treaeh-ri urly designed to render hiiu odious to the liberal pariy^ l'ni-1 nun I In IVipf ncnl all rem .uuiti n ,iu.f rvln.n Pr.! ll/.l.ia 1..1* Motion by tu? Iberia ateamer, wtiinh ban brought intelligence fioui Oporto to the 'J I at ult ; letter* ol that date have been received from l.Mbon, where Mumhiil Hald.tnlm wag gbortly expected. The formation of th? new ml III (try proceeded tdowly, Turkey. 11 ig stated that though the Porto had not approved th<* decision of Prince Metternlcb with regpect. to the ditference existing bet wot-n Turkey and Oroeoe, the Ambassadors of the live Powers intended Jointly to Im pregs upon tho Divan the necessity of acceding to it, and it was believed tliat the question would be gpeeully and linally adjusted. Kit eel u mill Clrraaala. Tho Jlugihurgli Oaitim glaieg that on the Stb .Tune a terrible combat took place between a Kantian dlviginn, romuiaiided by Oeneral hepigki. and tbe taounlauieerg. under the orders ol Moh?iiiui?d Jubi Neurly ftOig) fell oil tho held, neither paity claiming the victory. 'J'bc < Irnaseians are greatly In want of p >wdsr, payiug. ilia gaid, JIOO Turalsh piastres the pnunu for it The cholera hug brokeu out in the Caucasus, and rngtiB iu the very theatre of the war. liiitl.t anil China. Two overland mail! have arrived eliico the lllthult.; the tlrat dated troin Canton to the U3d, Hong Kong to the ihih May, < alcutta to the 3d June, add .Vladrag to the dtb. The etate of affair* in China wag still ungatigfaotory. W YC EW YORK, FRIDAY MO Up to the d3d May. when the last account* left Canton, all business remained suspended, and freeh disturbances were anticipated. The mob had menaced the governor. Keying, for hie resent concessions to foreigner*, axil threatened to burn hie palace if he attempted to give effect to the terms of the late treaty ; especially in so tar as regarded a concession to the English of adequate land for dwellings, warehouses. Sto , on the ilonan side of the river, a site for the erection of a church in the vicinity of the preeeut fectories and space for the formation of a cemetery at Whampoa. Mr Pope, who had been app"lnt?d t? inspect the grounds for these purposes hail been obllgou to abandon the attempt. Under these ciruumstauees a fresh expedition against Uanton was expected The Pluto was stationed opposite the British factory, and the Scout was ordered to approach as near as possible to tbe city. From Madras. June 0. Information has been reoelved of a fresh breaking out of Insurrection In Ooomsoor The substance of it is simply, that Chckra Bisshye has managed somehow to muster a force of AOOn strong, at tbe head of which be has p-rpetrated sever*! outrages. and that the sacrifice of four human victims hie been made by tome of the hill tribes, as a proof of their sinoere resolution to stand by this arch revolter Colonels Dyes and Campbell are represented as preparing ell the counteractive measures that the emergency allowed of With this exoeptioo India remained tranquil At Calcutta it bad been reported that a plot bad been discovered at Lahore, bavin* for Its tlrst object the assaKslna'on ot Colonel Lawrence, the resident. No conflraiatloiu of the report had taken plaoe. Bombay dates to the dOth, and Caleutta to the 8th June state a new reduction had taken place in the army The Oonmsonr was on fire from oue end to the other The affairs of the Nlsam continued to be In the greatest coufuiion. The Governor-General and the Commanderin-chief were at Bimla The former was to return to Calcutta in October. All was trauq'kil In the I'unjaub There was an appnaranoeof tranquillity In Afghanistan There was nothing new from Scinde. The well known British Hotel had been destroyed by a frightful conflagration, which broke out lu Kort Bombay on the 19th of June. MJneellaneoiM. Ms. Bancroft at thk Royal, Aoricoltukal Sooiinr.?The annual meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society of Kngiand was held on the J'ld ult., at Northampton. The annual dinner, at whioh the Karl of Eginont presided, was atteuded by 1100 persons. < The Earl of Chichester in proposing the health of the foreign ministers, the only one of whout present was Mr Bancroft, the minister of the United Slates, said be need not remind the agriculturists of this country of the advantage of maintaining a constant intercourse with the agriculturists of other countries. The value of such intercourse was shown bv the tnanv imnrovements which had been introduced from other countries of late rear* It was moat gratifying in drinking the toast associated with the health of the American minister, that he oould recognise a display of those laws of humanity and good feeling which stood us in good stead In our lato difUcultius, and for which he hoped every Englishman would e grateful. (Hear, hear) it would always bo the object of the society to communicate to foreigners who would come among them such information as they had, as well as to receive information from them. 'I he toast was drunk with much applauso. Mr. Bancroft, the American minister, rose amidst much applause. He said that he oould hardly find words to express his gratitude lor the kind manner In which his country uad been alluded to. Although the minister of a fureigu country, he was not altogether a stranger in that meeting, for nature had established bonds of union between the farmers of every nation on the face of the earth The same sun shoue upou them ail; the same seasons as the> returned furnished the seed-time and ripened the bar,est. The celestial influences to which he must look for a blessing on his exertions, might well blend in the breast of the husbandman wit that spirit of brotherhood wh'Cb had made the tillers of the soil?esp-cially those of Anglo Aaxnn origin-the guardians of freedom and conservators of peaoe. Wherever the councils of the cultivators of the soil prevailed, there it was certain that nations would dwell in peace. Nor was that the only point on which foreign nations found themselves interested in societies of this kiud Wherever he turned Ids eyes, be beheld evidence of the spirit of enterprise and improvement, whioh distinguished the people of this country ! They rilled every clime ot fruit ami Bowers to enhance he value of their own Everywhere you bad evidence of the combinations of interest which connected t? ge, ther the na ions of the earth Sln'e he had been in England, be had seen American plants to which English skill and culture had beeu applied, and they had attained a degree of beauty and perfection which they nevei posses-ed in their native soil. (Cheers ) I* had afford ed him the highest gratification to witness the beauty of the horses and stock exhibited lliut day. Agriculture in his country differed very much from that in Knglaud In Eiiginnd the farraerH went through a course o werk which had been continued from centuiy ti century, uud had only to perfect what their forefather bad handed down to them; the Americaus, on thi other hand, had to grapple with the difficulties o: nature?to tame, subdue and render useful tin natural exuberance of their exhau?tless soil. Nothing had strucx hiui more since he hsd been in England than he manner in which the firlus were cultivated and weeded by the hoe and the hand. In America the treewere older ticn the roads?older than the towns?and where spared. w< re the oldest tnenuments existing in iheapuntry In Engl a d not an animal was suffered to live, udIsks it uould produce its passport and prove lis right to be fattened and fed (Cheers and laughter ) t he farmers of England cultivated the soil beneath those beloved churches (cheers) winch stood amidst the graves of their f?thers, that seemed to shed a snored iutluenceon their toil. (Cheer*)) With the Americans wenesth whose blows the forests fell?with that moving tad active population -tbose who now lived upon the noil were more numerous than all ?bo alept beneath It There the agriculturists, with the iuatrumenta of hua bawdry in their hands. were obliged to erect school Hoime- and cburcbea, and prepare lor competition with the mother country, in all that was calculated to promote the prosperity of mankind, by tbe advauoeuieut of religion and the cultivation of scieooe and art (Hear hear ) In tile name of every American he responded tu the wish, (bat peaon might forever prevail between the two countries ('.beers ) Let it be hoped that the relations of commerce, anil the Interchange of intelligence between the cultivators of the hoiI in the two countries, would knit them together in such bonds ot amity that no appreneosion of a rupture need be entertained W ith these sentiments, uttered trim his h?nrt and soul, he responded to sympathy shown for ins country, and would conclude by praying for the prosperity of the farmers of Knginud (Laud cueering.) Thk Oacoon T. u in i os r.? A curious fact transpired at the Glasgow election Mr. M'Oregor, of the boai.i ol trade, one of tile candidates, stated mat at tbe time our ambassador at Washington, the Hon Mr. I'akeiibatii, refused to negotiate ou the tilth parallel of north lull tude as the basis of a trea". and when liy that refusal the danger of a rupture between (treat Britain aid America becsmo really imminent, Mr Daniel Webster, formerly Secretary of State to the American government wrote a letter to Mr M'Uregor, in wbleh be strongly deprecated Mr. Pakenhain's conduct, which, it persisted n, and adopted at home, would, to a certainty embroil the countries, and suggested an equitable compromise taking the 411th parallel as the basis of an siljustment Mr. M'Uregor sent the letter to l.ord John Jlussell, who gave Mr M'Uregor permission to Intimate to Kail Aberdeen that he. lord John ltnssell, quite sgresd with Mr Webster. 'This expressed opinion of a statesman In opposition doubtless relieved kn-l Aberdeen of any appreneneion of censure Irom that quarter; hilt Mr Mure gor claims tor hlmseii and Lord John Ilusgell the merll of having thereby contributed eaeeotl V.yln preserve tb? peace of the worn!.?Liverpool Timet. Stkam 8uir ("iriat Biuriii,?On Thursday, tb( 'JOth ult, the (Jreat Urltaiii was sufficiently raised t< leave the keel eocapleti ly visible, and Workmen were hu ally engaged in repairing the bottom, the Vessel beinj suspended iu tue air i y lueuns of the lever, the wedge the screw, and thnlarg boxes of s*ud. (treat hopo* are entertained that she will be Immediately got off. Mnar awehirtv ii u-mtv.?The Helianov. laden will; >0(K) barrels of hreu i-tufla, is now lying at Haulbowliue Her nargo la the free gin of the lloaton relief committee to thl? country ? Cot k K mm in. r. Tin: America* < > irrss.?Commodore D? Kay ant family, aud the olri is of the United States frigate .Via oeilonian. were enii i tained at I ove, ou Saturdav, by Mr .Murphy. Unit-i Hste* onnsul. Among the guests on the occasion w , i mr admiral M!r Thus. U.s <?r aud suite, l?r. Power, M. 1' . and a select parly.? Curk Conitilulton. Mont: Americas BrsnvoLtste.?Arrived In port, this (Saturday; morning. the James, from Mew Vork. with a cargo of " breadstuff*." a free gift to tbs soffering poor. :iLd consisting of II I barrels Indian meal. 143 bids tlour, JO iI barrels meal and flour. 4 barrels nr?<d, 2 barrels provisions II boxes and 39 hags pens, consigned to the central relief committee. Dublin?Limeritk CS onielt Tun Has* or Kxolaso.--The hank account' still look unfavorable, but n t to the same extent as ha- been the case in ths returns ot the previous three w kAn account, pursuant to the act 7th and *tti Victoria nap. hi, for the week ending on Saturday, the 'J4th day of July, 1817:? Issrr. DrjMSTMi VT. Notes issued Jt2J,ll9,liO Oov'l debt ?11.013,100 Other HiTiiriijcR, ,, 2.,?R|.'Nifi Gold coin x bullion "?.790.114 Silver bullion 1.32il,7(9i ?23,119 159 ?23,119, liO Bavkiki Dkpautmw:*T. Proprietor*'Capl.. .?11,553,011(1 Gov't aoctui'iet Heat 3,596,1177 (inclililin* dnnl I Public deposit* (in* weii;litannnity)..?11,830.340 cltidiiitr-.tclieiiufr, Other securities... 15,321,17* Swing*' Banks, Note*....,. 4.216,4O Coinoii(?ion?r* or Gold4iid*ilvvrColn 071,197 'dNaiionnl Debt, noil DiridoilAi couutn) 4,503.111! Other deposit*... . 0,336,421 Seven day and other bill* 849,1110 ?31,839 450 ?31,889,4.(4 Thl* return shows h decrease In the bullion and deporits, and an Increase In the "ri?t." thn unemploved notes, .ind aeven day and other bill* * ompsrni with the previous week, tne following are the rrsnlts ? P hlie depoiit*. . .?4,103 118 Drcrevse ?51337 Other deposit*., . 0,26 425 Drcinw |I3Hi2 J?e?t 3,596,877 lacr**** 9.1?4 On the other elde of the account : ? Oov*rnmert enritira... ?11 656.' 40 the arnie ?a before. Other mruilte* I112i,r76 Dttirar* .rl'.Wll Notva unemployed 4 2)6,445 Iuctear r... .147,849 The ainouut of note* in circulation 1* ?18.908,704, be IllK ? decreaee or ?'201.484; anil the etouk ol boll on If both departments is ?11,7 70 :U7. allowing a decreaee o! ?MH,ina when compared with the prodrug return. >RK I iRNING, AUGUST 20, 18' I M* J. Hekdhall, or America, is Wioan.?On Sunday lait three lecture* ware delivered In the Commercial Hall, bvthe above Darned gentleman. The flrat on Urli giuxl i hriatiautty in Theory, the aecond on Original j Christianity In Practice; and the third, the laat neined ( and nubjeot continued The gentleman, who 1* an evangelist ot the church of Richmond. Virginia, delivered another lecture on Monday evening. The Weatern Virginia Land Company la favorably spoken of in eome ot the Fuglieh paper*. The Queen and Albert were to atart for Scotland on the 9th met. On Monday 115 ship* entered the port of London, the whole of which were, with a few trilling exception*, either partially or wholly laden with grain and provialen* The aocounta of the harveat received in Pari* from all the department* of France, and from Spain. Portugal. Italy and Africa, are of tbu meat favorable description | Mr Richard Cobden irrlred at Berlin on the 18th | July, and will remain a short time to lnveatigate the ac tual bearing* or Zollvereln 'l'he free-trader* of that capital, and also those of Hamburg, which he la about to visit. hare made arrangement* for giving him a banquet at each city. He propone* to visit bt Petersburg, before be return* to the dutle* of the Dew parliament, to whtah bla former constituents hare, during hi* abseuoe, returned him fifteen vassal* loaded with Indian corn, which I* now a mere drug in4be market, arrived in port ?lnoe our laet an interval of three day*.? Liatrrirk CI ronictr. The London Jillat. speaking of the reported marriage of the Ouk* of Welllugtou and Ml** Uurdett Coutla, euys?" There i* no lunger auy doubt that the preliminary arrangement* are nearly completed. The money market i* again tighter. DUoount* canuot bo obtaiued except on first clae* paper aud at rate* varying from 5 to 8 per cent. A report waa current that the bank of England Intended to raise the rate of discount. Hallway debentures were offered at the Interest of fi per cent, several failure In the grain trade were expected to tako plaoe. In some of the manufacturing towns there is a alight improvement in trade, caused principally by the receipt of American orders. Generally speaking however, trade remuinvd Inactive. Thfl rannrtji nf harvaufc In V"ties! rvrl anil Irnlnnil ?ra " of tlir moot encouraging character The wheat crops firouiiso to yield most abundantly The reports respectng tho rouppoaruuco <>f disouso iu tIn* potato crop ere Tory contradictory It is admitted, however, that the disease has appeared in somo places. The general Europeau news Is not Important. In nearly all the continental States the prices of breadstutfs Were declining With regard to the return of members to thenew House of Commous. it is quite impossible for us to give, at tho present time, a list of the elected members The 7'imtt of the .Id instant. giTes the following summary :? ' Thus far. there appears to be a considerable gain to the Ministerial cause No county election has yet taken plaoe. The cities aud boroughs from which returns bare been made are iu number IO-.V Those places have already elected 3JA members of the new houso of Commons. In the I'arliamont recently dissolved, the Protectionists formed nearly one-fourth of the whole number, and the Peel party were of almost equal strength; whereas, up to this period of the election proceedings, the Liberal party form three-Qflhs of the number, the other parlies constituting respectively one-tlfth.? 1'he numbers of the three parlies, up to this time, are ss follows: -Liberals, 189; Peelites, ll'J; Protectionists 08." Lord John Russell was, returned at the head of ithe poll for the city of London. Baron Rothschild aud ?ir Pattison were also returned, and with regard to the other member there is a dispute whether Mr. Masterman or Sir George Larpent is really elected Sir Robert Peel is returned for Tamworth Mr. Macaulny has been reje^adfor Edinburgh Keargus O'Couner, the chartist, ID |ViUIUtU i"i .lUlllU^UBUI, DUU 11. J. rUl KT U1UI1II1I, id place of Mr. Kielden. Mr Roebuck in defeated at Bath and Sir J 11'jbJyuse.a cabinet minister. is also defeated. Ooorge Tliouipsou, the abolitionist, Is returned tor the Tower Hamlets Lord O Beutlnck. Milner (libson and Mr. Bright are again returned. These are a few of the most Important electious and ohanges The London Homing Chronicle give* the following 1 probable state of parties iu the new parliament. Ai 1 uoui pared with the last parliament, It shows a loss of 'it to the protectionists:? 1 . Seolt. 1 Alieady ftined by liberals from protectionist! 30 I Lout lit lioeraL a<id gtiurd by protectioni ts 7 Absolute gain from po-t ctiouists ?73 tiainrd by libersls iroin PrWifs 13 Lost by liberals and x naeu by Peebles 10 Absolute yon from t'eeliiss ? 3 Lotsl absolute gain of th* liberals en the borough eleo1 lions 28 > If the liberals gain upon the whole election, as w ? hare supposed, 13 seats irom the I'eelltes and 33 seat ' from the protectionists, the numbers will then stunt f thus:? i Liberals.* 333 Peelites VI i Protectionists 7 2'JS i Total C3d This would give the liberal* a majority of eight ovei the two section* of conservatives 1'hls, we are convinced, is uol from the result which will be arrlretl at; and we should not t>? much surprised to tlnd, Inslvat of a majority on uny side, au exactly eveu division o the House of Commons. The Cork Examiner mentions the failure of sii houses in the corn trade at Limerick, whose united lia bilitles amount to ?3JV 000. The new directors of the grand opera have at length discovered an urrtttr who, it Is said, will far transceni all the glories of Mad tine StOitx ; her name is Moissou and she u to rauke her debut soon after the re-openin| of the theatre. Borne of the London papers statu it quite certain tha Jenny Lind Is to do the oounubial at the end uf th< year with the gentleman natnud last week, who, how (irote. ax win then stated. The debut of the female American Hereunder* tool place In Bristol on Monday week, at the Victoria Hoo n* and they eubecqucutly appeared al. the theatre on Wed nesday. They attracted u numeroui company, to shun, they afforded union amusement Her Majesty ha* been requested to lay before purlinincut a copy of the letter from the 3 cretary of State tc Her Majesty's Miulstoi' at Washington, nek lowlmlginy the donations from the United States to Ireland iiuring the discussion, Mr. Brotberion, Mr Brown, and Lords Paiiucrstou and Morpeth, spoke of the generosity of this country in the highest terms of praise and gratitude. Fashions for August The extreme warmth of tno weather during tho last month has rendered all the lighter materials of dress very fashionable; bareges and moussellnes ile sole, and Nankin do sole, are prevailing favorites: the eorsngei vary to suit the dg -re: some are full at the shoulders and waist an 1 en biais, whilst ot hers arc tight and straight bareges whea worn over while have merely three deep tucks on the skirt, but if over colored skirts they an , with flounces; in silk materials the flounoes are pinked in critt de rnq; those of barege or moussetino de sole an in large Vandykes edged by a gimp trimming or festonnd with silk or worsted; pinked ruches are also fashionable they should lie very thick; four and live rows arc put ni reaching to the km n Many dresses are trimmed with rib uou; ueep uuigin are a* iiiucii worn a* iiouncus; on *1101 , nikh gimp tormi the rlehett an wnll a* the einple*'. orna mi nt. according to the kin 1 eelected and In equally worr for morning a* for eveuiug dree*. For country and moru ' ing wear, luany dr??*e? have mantelet* of the <,ime, trim ' Hied with frill"; it of Jaconet or brillartc, the trimming i*o val"ncienne*. Some redlngotes have the front breadth ! eat In deep vend) ken. which are edged with gimp am corifloed'iown with button*; the revere of the body fnm ' berth* behind, vaudyked and finished in a aimllar man nor. Some little change 1* appearing in the form o i bonnet* in Pari*. The upper part of the front I* ver op? n. and meet* ?t the chin ;wit li the bride*; rrape lace , erin, tulle ami eirnw and embroidered mu*liii* will con linue tor the prvaeat the material* In general um?.. thou* millets made of pinked ribbon, form a novel atyl of trimming Leghorn bonnet* are pretty ornament* with a fauoDon of black laoo, oonflned at the aide b roe**. Autuinnai fruit* are often used on straw* Kit | gant capote* are made of organdy bouillomn . divided k lace inaertlon*. and trimmed with tiasud* of pink or blu ribbon Mantelet* of miialin, embroidered au croi hel re trimmed with frill*, edged with valencienne*. or aim i pie featonne*. Mantelet* chain* are formed of two dee point*, hollowed nut at th? arm*, with deep embroider all round Tbo mantelet continent i* a email handkei chief, embroidered ail over, and made tho neoeeaary ill by mean* of a very deep laoe. The Corn Trade of Kurnpe, [From the Mark Lane Kxprene, Aug 'i ] Tit# weather having remained uninterruptedly (in throughout the week, the cutting of grain ha* beei pretty geucrally commenced in the Southern part* o the kiugdnm. Notliing very definite can, of enure* at preeeut be known respecting th- yield, but tli* Ititl are liave heard on ilia subject oomirine otir previouily formed opinion, viz that wheat will not be a heavy crop Whether it will coino up to au jiverugn yield many well i ,. I. .rill,- I ujr 111 'i .1 iiplul 4 eiirie.e I,. I. - should be no unfavorable change I" the weather, ever; groin wotiiil be well got in. winch alone woulil make hi iuiuien.-o itillcrenee lu the fiuiirc range of prices . in lb* case tb<> now crop would be immediately available, am ehe existin;; scarcity of l.nglisli wheat would bo at ouc< t rtuonil Much will therefore, depend upon the charac tor of Iho weather during thn inooth of August. .Moan while the report* of blight, mildew, tec. rather increas* than diminish ; hut tnat Lhoao account* have hithert< produced very little uneasiness la proved by the posltioi of the trade Mo tar from any anxiety hating been ma ntfesled to get into stock, the contrary baa lieen thi caae. which could hardly occur if there exiated any rea apprehension respecting the probable result of th. I harvest Whether this rxne*o of confidence la al together warranted hy circumstances may be douhted I thia much la, at all events, certain, that etocka 01 , old corn have been reduced Into an unuaally mall couipnts, not only In thia country, but all <?Vki Kuropo; a nil It followa, therefore, that eten with a food . harveat them la not Uaely to b? any great auperahunJaoce, whilst a few Weeka, or even a lew data of bad weai her might totally change the aapvet of atTmi s Knfe| sight, however la not a ijUaiily very much practised in the com trade; a middle course la rarely steered Public j opinion la now strongly in ta??r of a fall lu prima, and ] ihla la likely to be the pruvadlug lading it the weather should coulinua Qua uultl th? harvest shall have been I j completed; the matter may afterwards be mom calmly I examined but at present nothing hut wet would fuva tba | etlect ol chaukiug the downward tovemeut. 1'ba arrl ????_ IE R A 17. vals from Abroad have again been liberal thl* weak mora particularly at Liverpool; and tha advice* from tbonee dencribc tha trade a baying become very deproceed Attention baa been ?o exclusively directed to the wheat crop of late, that other articlea have been almaat overlooked. It appear*, from all we htve been able to oollect. that bean* and pea* have been extensively Injured by the fly. Barley and otla are. on the other hand repreeented a* promising In the extreme; whilst the report* respectlog the late crop of pota'oe* are a* conflicting a* at any former period Our letter* from BcotUnd and Ireland cpeult in the *arne undecided manner on the latter subJert. a* earlier iothe season; and It I* pretty evident that if the disease ?xlsts In th *? countries it ha* not yet manifested Itself ao decidedly as to vet doubt about the matter at rest The advice* from the ooutineut are. on the whole, farorablo In regard to the crop* and the probable result of the harvest, though la some part* of O-rmtny a great \ (1i>b1 of ruin antvuart* t,\ W-?.. t 11..? i 1 ? *- ? ' ? JUII?K lllll ween euo lug - ith of July. L.Iters from Daux g of that date i statu that the wet and unsettled state of the weather. I and the extreme iuslgolflcauoo of the stocks on the sp it. I had hud tbu effect of counteracting the lnQnence which the dull reports trom nuuce would otherwise hare produced and that holders of wheat had Insisted on pre' vluus prices During the preceding week a'atbt ?'0 lasts changed hands, at prioee varying from 60s to 68< per quarter free on board the latter having heen paid for high mixed, weighing Of lbs per bu-hel and the former at bO lbs to 63 lbs for middling sorts In the neighborhood ot Konlgaberg rain appears also te nave fall, n; but this had failed to lead to any speculation, and business had remained in a decidedly quiet state A letter from Rostock, dated ifflth of July, lul'orins us that the rye harvest had oommencud in that nelghb irhnod, and that the crops generally promised a good yield The weather was then very tlno. and wheat cutting would, It was thought, be general early In August At Hamburg, onTnaaday. business in all kinds of grain was very dull In wheat nothing had beeu done since the provious post day except for home consumption, and prices had become almost nominal. Uy the latest accounts from the Mediterranean ports It appears that harvest operations had beeu nearly roneluded lu Iks southern counterles. and that the yield and quality of the crops had turned out very satisfactory. At Marseilles, on th? '-'Oth of July business in wheat wus very depressed; and goodjiupplies uamng uoen rnoeivcu inert' from lite *oa ol Mntl. wnilst the deuiaud from the Interior hud wholly subsided, price* bed undergone a further decliae. (iood qualities were then obtainable at 43*. to 43. per quarter, free on board, aud hard Tatranrog. weighing 03 lb*. per bushel had been offered at UK Other article* bad been equally depressed, barley haviug boon pressed on the market at IH* and Maize at '47* per quarter, free on board. Lirnnroot. ('or* Markict, August 3. ?'Since the dOlU ultimo there ha* been no animation in the grain trade, although a fair amount of bu*ines* ha* been done, aud prl.te* are con?lderatily lower than those quoted; on 30th wheat recovered the decline noted in our last report. and Hour met a free sale at 33* to 33* bd per bbl for be*t W Cj lud meal offered at 19* (id and 19* per bbl; tluo qualities wheat rather dearer 33d, but Indian com and hour cheaper 33d, former I* aud latter 6d per bbl; sale* of wheat 37th very limited, at a decline of 4d to 6<1 per bu. aud (lour offered at a reduction ol la per bbl, best W C being offered at 33* lid, In dan corn *old at a decline of 3* to 3* per 480 lbs, and Indian meal could be hud at 17* 8d to 18* per bbl; a further fall of 3d to 4d per 70 lb* In wheat was submitted toon the 30th. aud In dlan corn gave way Is to 3s per quartor; best W C sold at 33s per barrel towards the olose of the market A fair attendance of the trade, August 3, but a very laugutd sale for wheat aud a reduction of fully Is per 70 lbs from the rates of 37th ult. In United States and Cana dlau Sour, however, a fair business done by holdors accepting 37* 8d to 38* for prime Western; end other kinds offered at a proportionate decline, our quotations are place 0* per b irn i uudor currency of 39lli ult ; Indian Corn iu moderate request at prices ranging from 36* to 36s per 480 lb*, and Lorn Meal 14s to 16* per barrel. August 4.?The uninterrupted flneuei* of the weather during the last fortnight still hold* out the u**uranoe that our harvest of grain will be a full average one ? From all quarters of Europe thnrn is also n general con\ j current opinion that the yield will be ahuudaut In the chief grain producing spot*. On the 19th ot viay prlci ofbvHt American flour In Liverpool was 48* to 49* Yes[ terday a considerable Sale took place of the name ile 1 scriptiou at 37* to 37a 8d. The hlghent market price o 1 oe*t Wu??t at Mark laue on Monday 3d, wnen a furthe: reduction again took plaoe of from H* to 10s per quarto below the curreooy of the previous Monday, was 70s pe quarter. The quality of the new com exhibited was ax cedent We regret to state that some failures havi I taken piaro in the oorn trade, and tbe rumors whici I hare reaohed us respecting the credit ol some of thi London dealers are Tory unsatisfactory . ?Europtat | Timet. I iixviic Cob* Market, July 31.?Am Hour further do? | pressed aurt sales difltcult to etfoct, and prices unsettled h j Sales only 7000 l>bls Baltimore. 33 to 31f; New Orleans, i I 34 to 36f; and Uanesee, 37 to 3-41; Home lets damaged .'7 I to 33t 60; our actual quotations are about 33 to 37f | Wheat also again receded, but annie demand hue taken ' plaoe fur export to togUud bales 17000 bugs New Or ! leans, 67 50 to 711, A: last MMttVUUalt market a n-r ag" price 7if per suck, a decline of *jf from previous week. Imports 10.075 bbls Hour 6H)o bags and a cargo of wbeat. from United Mat s. klour ot best quality only fouud buy era at 33 to 3-7 per bbl I Uuuuuci-clal Intilllgciioo j Lojpo* Mo.-vnr Market, July 3d to Aug 3 ?We take the following weekly repott from tba Spectator of tin 34th ult : ? 1 S'uck Exchange, Fiiday After noon?Tbe operation) of the week have been of an unimportant cbarao er and the general tendency of tba market downwards , Money is more in demand, both in tbe stock exauatigi J and oummerolally, and tile rata of discount and lui ! loan: fully 6 per cant The premium of exchequer billi 1 has uot suilered any depression Consols have fallen u all about K per oeot, tbe closing quotation lor money being es's >i. while for the aocoiiut it inty be quoted a * 89,V % f'uere wera sellers at a'X for aucouut. lor i * short time during tbe day, but tbe price afterw rds im proved. Saturday, Twelve "'Clock ? The Hank return for thi week ending tb>< I7tb inst exhibits a decline uude C aimust every Item of account; the ouiy exceptlun* b-iu, III,,. <>r I he r,-4. a here I. an in.t, ...e ..I I.el ?J0 OOd and ?101100, niitl the i * iteminent Securities i tti? amount nt wtiioti in itin saute. The decrease rx hibils itself under the billowing heads :?I'ublte deposits ?tirt6.1?4 ; nihil- deposits. ?664 006; other M-ouriliM ) ?964,470; unemployed notes, ?c&j.i J/) i ne amount 01 , bullion in the aggregate Is ? ' I'H 16U, snowing a d?; crease of ?,47 ult, at compared with tile last accouut I I hut return u not considered lavurable, anil tb? consequence of *11011 a feeling among the speculators In a dll position to mil. uuilur tin effect ot which. consul* liov fallen wh?n compared with the cloning price* ot yesterday T'he bustuess oocurring has uot, however, been loiporlaut. The following report in front the Spectator, for the I week, ending the .Tint ult .? , Stock Exchange, Friday afternoon ?The traosacI tion* of the week hove heeu of a very unimportrnt character, and the tluctuation trifling The tendency. [ however, han been upward*; the closing quotations ol . today being about a qu trier per cent abo'e those ol I last week Money ha* become rather more in demand, , and the rata of discount for short bills tnay be stated at Vva per oent. '1 he premium Of F.xchequer Rills remains uucnunged. | In ?he Foreign Market business has been l?ea import ant, If possible, than in the Kogliah Kuud* , Saturday, It o'clock.?The Bank Accounts for th? * I week end ng the -J4tb instant, indicate a decline in al , ! uiost every item; the only exceptions being those ol thi I rest, the unemployed notes, and seven day and othei ! bills; tb? rest hss increased ?0,444; the uuemployei p I notes, ?117,Hilt; and tha seven day and other bills ? | ? 16 H34. The items of decrease am ms follows : ?Publli I I deposits, ?567117; other deposits, ?.ii:tOUi; securities ,, I foot public) ?4'i7.I.Ti; notes issued, ? 119,7-74. Whlli . : m' uecreint" in m<- hki;"K?'" >umuDt ni minion I f ? l 18, W3; the total quantity in atom in IkiIU depart ? j ineiils itiin ??k heing ?9.770.317. against ?9 918.?m0. ii , 1 the last return The business of tun morning Is quit ' unimportHut, thn price* of she Kugliah anil Koreigi funds being the sauie a* yesterday i' Tuesday Afternoon, *i1 ug 3?The tightness which ha J been felt in the Money .Market for some time past, is no y likely to he cnMd by the Bank of Knglnnd The Bea I- wi l purposely Reek lo keep motley tight Thin we har y more than once already intimated; and if, a* la stated e the general rate of dier.unt I* to be 6 per cent only fo t, bdls at tile ahorfeat dates, and fi.SJ to 0 per cent for othei I- kinds, we may readily oonelude that the result will b< p particularly onerous among the trading interest. Then y I are heavy payments to lie made to foreigner*, and i 1 Urge loan ia lo be contracted for trance circ jru-'ancei n which must excite vigilance It la alinoat unnecessary I to repeat what we have so rlten before stated In connenlinn with this matter, and the necessity of stimulating I export* and clocking peculation, while we hare no doubt that the moderation of the railway drain" has " | liven one object of solicitude with thn directors I The funds ?re U it, and liaru unde g n a further tieJ prstsalon upon the tall which oocurr> j yesterday after. noon on a s tie of money stock t'onsols tor the Aecoiin*. I have been done at HH'n. 8k '* 88 ?d. and for moni J | at Hi1;, He1*; Kxohequer Hills, ?1.000,4 !? prnn; doeiuall 0 14 preui Tic o'clock The funds hsve rallied hnt a trill ' under the iutluence of a faw accounts that have been closed. Consols ara N.s'* for transfer, end 8a tn HH-* for lime 1 Now :s\, per Out*. 90lt to 90', Kxnheqiicr tlills C>* to I' 9* premium, Hank stock li 1 , to 19U ? (lloho, i, Liverpool < oito* Msrriit, July 93 ? Demand mete rially fallen olf this week. end market K?nrrally heavy; prices of American have ifiven way ',d. hut tu cause, qtirnce of the small stork of loon stapled, theso kind* , i?ro tirm at full pries. Sural dull at previous rate , Speculators hare tuken HMifl A in, I ?>0 I'ernam. H00 K?yp. tian and "<",'1 ."jurat, and exporters 170) Am, ?00 Pernauj, , aud 70 Surat Sales for the week, 'id .'>10 hales 1 July SO ?Demand from the trade limited, and as spa, eulat-re hare operated only to a moderate extent, busings has heeti siu .! ; market consequently dull, and In soine Iustanoesat tue hi /linilni( ol the work rather low. r f rates accepted Slnc? the arrltal of the American steamer 2?th, more steadiness, and quotations of last . ! week arc now tli iuly supported, speculators ham taken I 3400 Au) and 300 nural, aud e?porters OflO Am, aud tl.ers have heen forwarded Into the country untold duriinr the I mouth IScO aui aud 100 Bain*. Hales of me week III 1M balos. Prices? Or<f to Fair to (londtt i raid. good fair. hit. Heo Island 10 a 13d le a Ud 30 a 34 Si tallied AJ4 a 0 7 a H 9 a 10 BuwudiJeotifia.. 0.1, a <\% u 7^ 7\ a ? Mobile OS a t.'^ 7^ a 7* a* i Alah aud Tenu.. d)* a 6;, ? a a ? New Orleans,... 0>? a 7 7)|i t 8>s a 0 ? LD. Prtot Two Coot July H.Auf l and V-8lnoa Friday m,r*tt nr; stead*, and rather dearer than on that It* Sales on Saturday 7000 bairn, or which WJO and 60 i Ef yptlan on speculation, and oOJ Am for ?* > >rt Ye<t*rdtya good bulla*** at full rates. sa'ot bun? HJ)j biUi of which 600 Aw and 600 Sural tor ,rt s u.,, Saturday and Monday incluln 1<> 060 V-u t s; yj c-r. asm*. I; lit*) Marttibaw 7?< a7J? I; 7 ?? tffj'Wn a 9d; 500 i:artb?g*na. 6d; 160 SaraV > tt(| T > dry Aug 3 *<jua- but firm aud steady mirt-t The tight advance 'jno cd yesterday l? m t otai i t, >n I i advance oq Am uow obtained. Stirs t s 41*0 sti a, a nut. 800 taken f .r e*p >rr. Stnch at L wa-t> ?l tu; ?. rntioinrd at about 410 <0> bales; l*at fair. * ea "a- it wh* 760 00 i Of \iu w? n?*e now ab >ut 3li) i)0btla?, which i" 'JJ I oou bale* lee* th.?u ?i Bnui p Tl'i 1 in Ull [Monthly Circultr of M**sra Baring Brother* Si Co ] Livi Rp.ioL. Aug 3 ?Mince S I ult . demand fur cotton limited. the purchase* of the trade having fallen < ft materially from tun average of the preoealng mouth, but exporters have operated 'O a fa r extent, and speculator* also have not left n entirely inactive Bales for the month 138 070 bale*, including bS.J'JU Atnrri'au, and of these 30 Jt>0 taken on speculation. and 13. 6Jd for export, | two thirds of both a jusist of Auierioan. There have Oeeu forwarded unsold 1460 bale*, and the quantity taken for consumption will average 19 317 bale* per week Trice* of middling tmerioan declined H lo ^ but the qualities best suited for export have supported their value .H I. without change; bat other ioug stapled cotton Is %.l to )fcd dearer then on the 3d Ult The state of busiue-s in Manchester 1* *llU far from being good, und this ha* constantly tended to depress the market Sine. the arrival of the last Boston steamer. 38th ult, greater firmness tu th? market, and the buainea* of the last two days ha* been larger than on most of tha preceding day* In July The state of money mattar*. however. Is not satisfactory, the rat* of diaoount having again advanaed of late, and this oireumstanee will probably check any speculative operations. [Circular ol Messrs Baring Brother* fcCo) London, August 3 ?Money has Increased la rallM. discount at the Bank being o per cont. for *hortpap*r,ead tt per cent furlong Trade generally eoutlnuea languid and we have very few changes to advise. Caohlneul flat, and price* generally about 3d per lb lower Coffee steady; good ordinary Native Ceylon realises Us 8d per cwt; wequote Braiil 3ls(ida 36s lid; for low ord K 1 prfoes rully III bigber; I'adung. 37g 3d u 39s. Copper?Sheathing. I lil: ola Sheathing, 9*43 per lb; Cake. ?04 par too; Tile. ?97 < ikio? mom Qrmly bald; Braall, 41s 43a; Trinidad oora 44s s 48 s; good and line red, 60s s 63s. Cora?Heavy arrivals from abroad and floe weather haw caused a great dullueas and a redaction in prioes; svsn at our reuueed quotation*. it Is difficult to effeot sales. The potato disease seems not to be extensive as yet. The following are the nearest comparative prioes. hut must be considered nominal U 0 red Wheat, 67s 0 68s per Imp qr; white do 68 a 03s do do; Klonr. 30 a 31s per bbl. superfine, best brands; do 34 a 36s do do. Inf and sour, ludian Corn. 36 a 4Us per 480 lbs; Barley. 30 a 30s per Imperial quarter; Oats, 33 a 24s; 36 a Ma. Drugs?Camphor quiet: nominally 67s 6d. to 70s perowt Opium, reports about the ooming urops are conflicting; sales limited to single ohest* at lis and 12s 6d per lb ? stock about 180 oh 4 Hemp held tlrmly. 8t Petersburg clean commands ?11 10s per ton, Oulahot ?38. and Half clean ?31 to ?33 10s: stook of former 1st Inst, 174 tsna. Last price paid for Manilla ?36 10s per ton. at whlek a ;uiall parcel might uow be obtained. Indigo?Quarterly sales termiuated '48th ult ; quantity sold about 600S oh The Qrst few days, prloea were nearly eqdal to those of the last May sale, but gradually gave amy, oloelag at Irom 3d to 0d per lb lower, since whtoh do change In the market, btook 31st ult, 33.899 eh K I against 39,700 In 1846 Iron?Lnglleh continues In good demand, without chauge In prices. Swedish dull: It Is offered at ?11 6s per ton. We quote Scotoh Pig at Ulaagnw 70s per ton. Linseed cakes scarce, and If the present dry weather ooutlnuee much lunger, are likelv to be In laoreaaed da rnand, beet oblong American cold at ?11 per ton for small IbU; of good round Am uone bum, It would bring ?U 10* to ?10. Oil*?Mperm Inactive, and price nominally JL'rto to ?37 pur tun. bouthern Oil In public aala ha* gone off rather flatly, tlret duality at ?48 6* Linseed Oil in fair demand for export at 47a fld par owt. In Konia luRtancas 33* paid. llioe mora Ini quired for ; price* adrauoed 0d to 1* per cwt, bat U i now again very flat, Haltpelro dull; 1100 bag* at auction ouly partly fouud buyer*, at lully (id per cwt decline; We quoto deugal 37e a 30* Spel er neglected, unt ill the last lew day*, wbeu several parcel* changed band* r at ?30 per ton. Spleen?Pimento *uld briskly from 4>fd r a ft V,d per lb. (linger rery dull, and oommon almuet r unealeable Cinnamon? i he quarterly ?aie took place Hiih ult ; It contained 1037 bale*, ol wblcb about MO ? tound buyer*; 1st eorte not iu requect, and ouly a *mall l portion sold at 8* 0d a 4* 3d, being 3d to 8d per lb da) uliue; dud sort- priucipally void at previous price*, 4* a i 3* 3d; butter kinds of 3d aui t weut at former value, but low coarse nod woody unsaleable at lod a Is. CI ve*? .Market ireely nupplled with Afriann, uu-i price* further gave way to 8i%.a T.SId, but yesterday a speculative damaud Hpruug up, oot'Sequjut upon the postponement of the Hutch public sale Uuill next spring. Causing an advance ot >*J a Id per lb for Zanzibar In uuimeg?uot much doing ugar?,-iarx t depressed; price* f,reiguabout 18 per est lower; at this r,<dilotlou, a con-lderabls bualuea* done, comprising three cargoes in id to good y-1 llav 3U a l4? 8d; two cargoes iiahia. 31 a 33s lor browu aud white, all afloat aud deliverable at near port*. On spot, 3i,0l boxes low to flue yrl llav 33itii a 3fls6i; Jon white Hav 31s; aud "* 0J bags fVruaui 13s 01 13*0 1 I'oa | public rales luctuded 370 btids Cuba Wuae hud 100 P H, which bring tbe qualities iu demand by the home trade, sold duly paid at very lull price,, former at 41 a 41* fld, > and latter at 40 a 41-. i'Uip -nine?Hough. 600 bbU to . ?r sold at lis fld per cwt, aud 600 at 8s 7)40; 1-r l*0u nbis > Be is asked but not obtainable 3,uiln mure Drmly neld, but no cb tnge in price 1'in?U ?noa Una, et 83* per owt, aud btraue at 34 a 36s. Ou l7tli uil tne Du-cB I'rudiug cu ? Id 1.0 oou slabs Uau-a at auction, in one lo , ut 4j>,f per Au kils, eubsequemly. 30 000 resold et I 4Uf. Wilb uu agreement uot to dispose ol more during tnree month* at Us* than oil, ana not under floou siaoi | at once biuoa here 1st instant, 43i tons agalust 343 l tons in 1340 i'ul/uccu in rather improved demand? i -airs the pest moUlhflAO hbd?; and in Uiauy lustaouee, a slight advnuce obtaiuuu Stock, 'lint un. 3d U,t3 hhdt Virginia against -3 077 liliue lit It ,b fallow in belter ? request; I 1. C 4:>s 3 I a 43- 6 1 At auo -loo, ult. r .,0 oasas O iedsa II e. sold at 47s 3d a 4.a flj.aUd 170 I oaau aoum AincdOKii a i? lid a 4:'n o J par uwi, riu.:*, Ji I iuet 64J4 ca#li?. lea ?IVe Ii*vh ueaa truiri Cti.ui to , JuillAlay The reueira! of ilb,tiirt>auoan there a ?jm? rather a ?erio n character H id r.t x,.. ot bibber pr > >< , ui b?ve withdrawn their'!' a* from (be market Fma Oreon nun ? aud bura coiiiinan.Jvu (id a 9d p-r lb ?jr ; r umrkt t generally him ? Qrin appearailoe Whalebone nnuiiUHiiy X'1.45 it XIAO pel' tun American St.tok*? Tmiwl ou? ?rfy limited; .V V in demand, a* well ill iIje huud* ot the Coil. Ah* of I'laniur* of Lou Sumo mIha JVuu. ?l 69 pi r ci nt. hut in general quutallou* ar? uuiuihul LouUliut Cull Aw Sj * H5; Mime 00 a lul; lid. A'a dtg, 69 a 71, ux tuupi; N. V. Stale A a, 91 a 93 Lomdo* lion Market, Aug. 3?The T?ry farorabl* account* trow Suhh?x and Kent have had a uio*t depra**lug luUuunun tlpou the demand here fur all kind*, and qu itallunH mum Im considered 'J a 3a per cart lower ? Duty treaty hacked at ? 1 DU.OuO. Liviuro.iL Maxxkt, Aug 3 ? A* lie*?Sale* limited; ' price* about 3 ?e pur cwt Uruga.ko?For Mrnnttonw or nuuian deuiaud limited; 'JOilbag* i m-aa Sum*o Drought 9* Od pur curt Ol Argula Hal'* coutined to 14 caaai and a fa** mink* w111to Bologua at 44 j per ewt; aud of Tartar, I email lot* gnud grey at 6<ti ti I, mid (Item at 69a par owt. About lit bale* 1'urkey Madder Koota ?old at 17- 6d, aud a tew nukH tin rctlrou liark at I In per cwt Of Valoala, 46 tons from Uragoineatra brought ? li 7*61 per ton -Dalwa > of 100 cba Sbollau, 40 to 57 per cart. a* lu quality; 1400 p i'-kou Bengal l'uruierio,10i pur cat. Wuaoo?Vary llttl* i done, butuiarxat brio Hauip? l'ranaac.lon*ara limltad. r Hid" ?In week ending July 'J3. a few raited Montevideo 1 and llri<Iraude Hold at 3'. to 3VI per lb. Subaequenti, ly, 'J J.Ou i t.a-l India kipHat 9,S? to 'i\,'l for good dry raltv e.l. 1 to s',d lor aommon iindtair In proportion, Ooodry i, ealted We*.. Cn**t at t to 4% I. and 1700 dry at ftd pur ii lb Molaa*** -Hal** week auding July J3, 000 oa*k*, ? chiefly Antigua. at 19 to 'J0?; St. ( roll, of Ana quality, - | hrougnl il? 0d per ewt. From the 93d to 30th ult 'ill a i pun* Antigua, nu,1 10 pun*. f*. It , both 19* 6d per owt e N.ivnl Shiran \nnV - Turnenlin.. hut nrire* unalrer. r> ml. Of Stockholm Tar 29(H) hbl* sold at ratlinr lower prim* Sulci Amerlcau llnsin comprise 201X1 bbls at'2? 7tl M to 3? (id, aooording to quality. Niir?iii (kKii qul?t: Hlw ,t 26'H) bag* at I J* rtd, retail sales 13* per ewt Oils?Olive k iu fair demand at steady price* Vloiil HO tun* pale ?AU ,, -old at jCJ? and M) Uiij* tloged at X"2ii lbs, cuiall sale* | ( o l at X27 per tun More In qulry for Linseed, priceunalb-rcd No change In Oil of J'urpi riliue, but bolder* a r little tinner Male* of I'alm Oil this werk 40(1 tuna, on ? (pot, at .14 id to XM4 l.l* p?r tun, ami 160 for arrival, for , which ii<> price la named. Hire?Further given waf t 01 to la pcrowt, the last few day* greater lirmneee, , hut holder* do not areni *angulii? of lie continuance , saltpetre More inquiry of late, .and 3000 haga sold at 20* nd to 31a per ewt soda biscuit, in boxes, aaleahia at 1 til to 44* per cwt, but in bbl* quite unsaleable ftpioee I j Plie sale* in pepper, ginger and pimento Insignificant , | Sugar - Inquiry for foreign, week einltnglld. more general and *aie* 3*0 eaae* BOO h*g* and bbl* hrown Braill, ftoO boxes yellow llavaua. nod 120 hlida I uha Nlusoovado and Porto Rleo, at steady price* l)em?nd tbi* week moderate, and talc* 1700 bag* and bbl* Branl. chiefly I ordluary white. Didboxe* yellow Havana aud 7.1 hints j Porto Itico. at quotations J allow firm at. former quoU*. : tuuis) small ".tie*. Tea?Steady, nod a ftir hostile** do1 ing In common congou and lino groens. at Duly previous quotation* Tobacco?Holder* llrin and dem ?n i good; j no alteration In our quotations, the slight advance ob\ taincd upon strip* not Warranting it Wool ?An averago business done tins .uonlh in foreign wool,and the de' man I good. Trices llrm LivKRrouL. Ami'sk.*v Paormo.v Mxr.i>?. r, August 3 ? Ilaeon contiu ics to command attention for flue quailtics, of winch hut few parcels now remain. Supplies of ' beef continue liberal and prions have recidcd i* a 3s per f? on 3d and inf. hut lor fine market flrui Ties-ut stouka 1 light, c on pared with those of l.tst year No ariirai* or state* butter In t auadian (M a 74* paid for a *.leet parcel Oree-v butler continue* very scarce, and in ac 1 live demand at. .he advanced value of &?* f r b at - | C Iichhm ui??ta fair lii'iulry, but th? ciidulon of all parcnU yrt lo hand him |>rov?d *cry Inferior; tin" munb waulrd. Pork ktill In Urga supply; iifnoM aunua.ulatlng ami prlcn* fend downward. <4<iot,atlnna, ewt, Middle*, free of bono, 61 a .*irt?, with honi< 48a JO*; barf, i I I'. ? prim in. r?. par lC" Hrt a 8.??; do hhl 60 a IMe; binlar, I I oal, r"a<" 4'^ii lJ , ehee*r, OWt, I' S Hill 41 a 4Ai; ?>r?l i ; ai am) urd,owl,u m in hbi ,4ii4R . k?tf? 40 a fine ' |H>rk, bin luu Iba, Irlrli, prima o.eM, 8 > a 31a; L' 8. u,***, i ' new,7u a 74a; prlm.i ni>- *. old. (41 a ill; prima . e# t>3 a 40?; hama, owi, U ? . In bomi,40 a 4m Al London Am t oa.ou evuliiiu.d in demand al oil a Ola; Am UilJJl'a In | m<h>U demand ai M a On- p?r o*i Am baiui kfeaJy at j 0 . a ill* for aai 'k.'vl and 6.1 a A8i in pickle Am lar,I In good re^u-H, hu>. ralhar lower prfe"* aoiepfed, k*K * 1)1-; I.In ?H a ,11s p.r cat Aim baaf aim. or, ?.,J w?,,t?il. fork dull, but aiuufc small. thueae, lf*M> bo*?? Am naro 1

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