Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1847 Page 2
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i ibl. ... J n n i' i r. iw itemed H ?? i hit do- mid*Hd floe M * 84*. lnfauJmid40S4A* LirtaroaL fao.e Viaccr, Augunt 9 -rhOm sUadv ? Th- iron utit re In Soutlaad h??? *l"u o'ttlee to tlMir wnrkm-n "f a reduction of ooa shilling per day. wbieb h*- b?en reel*tad. and nearly one-half of the fum?ce? i? thai district has been blown out Aw want of malarial. Soma a leano- In prioa has resulted from It but lam thai was expected. or than the circumstance would seem to demand The in..k-rs In Wales Staffordshire. and Yorkah Ira are full of order*. and it in gen-rally exi-oted that after th? alartloo* are over and tha barren reaped trada w|i| **n*r>illy be briikaod price* Improve Pries in Lin ro >ol -No I Sootoh pig ?4 'la tfd merchant bar ?9 7h 9d; baat rolled ?10 10a; Icoet ?11; hoop ?n lot, bar* la Wales. ?9 16a. Harac Mitur, July 81 ?Cotton?The new* by tha Calri'oola haa giveu great animation to the market ? The antic rated abort nipple give* confidence to holdera and buyer* come forward more readily. Frloe* hare adraoced ainoc v?*terday from M)o to If. A good deal done tor Aug delivery. in ?rd N O. at 109f 'Ibi* price U flrmly malnUinud. Sales this day 3079 bale*. Aiba* ?No enquiry; Wr quote Am pot a* before 141 60, snd noarl (87 60 per 60 kil duty f8 as paid. Coffeo?Market lnaotire, but no alteration in price*. Rico?Lea* in demand Sugar?Rather improved both as to d*m*ndscd prloe Tallow?Slightly deollned Am worth 189 to 73. and lard 157 to 79 What ebon*?Rather more demand, and sal-a of tona h'rench flahery. NW, fj, and 7 ton* Am do. NW. at fi 05 to fJ 10 per % kll for consumption I Th* Antonia. from New York, brought la 6J9 bundle* Stork 160 too*, against 160 last year. Haxbl'ro Marrkt.? Cotton in request; sales of 700 biles Am, 7)tfs a 7i<? No alteration in Rice; 500 bbls Car. taken at 16 a lt>Xm per 100 lbs Sugar quiet: large uppltes are expected from Harana; 1900 box** brown and yellow Havana found buyers, former at l#X a lOlim, latter at I7fc e I9*ia per iOo lbs Coffee in regular dema-id; pro- * shoe a drolioe of I-10S; 4600 bags Braail so.d at ts a l*s. 4000 Lmcuayra ?H? 6a, 300 Hav SJtfa a "" * a 1 ? i.riae ii.iiui/ Pim?nto nttflMcied. V- pp?c-Oulv small low o?t with bujr?ri; fcng 3K a IJia k. I I 4 3 {? Cassia Ltgnsa a 7>?s. Axiriioio ? Cotton Arm. New York pot asbes In itttlw demand; prices reduced. and a batter Inauirv m.T be expected, u uur etock la or no Importance. Suutb Sea eb.le oil Arm. with a good demand; other son* ?t*th>nary Unseed dull Coffee eontlnaee Arm. R?<r eufer dull lo Indigo not muob doing Dyewoods without demand Rosin?600 bbl* aold at 'if. duty paid, and more In the market at thin price. Maddera ?Better pr o.s allowed, principally lor prime of 1S44I. Anrwcxr Market ?Cotton Aim, but sales trifling ? Whale oil improving; 400 hectolitres done at 3711, and no more roller* *' ttna price MUgar In rather lmpioeed do maod. hut price* *ooieW.,at lower; 130O boxen good ordinary to go?d inlddliug yellow Havana were disputed'! at I3J< to 10%A; a cargo of 3660 baga arrived from I'ernaiubuco since the ad* of two Oargoea St. Oomlugo coff ?. together about 6100 baga, at about 33o (axaot pricea not haviug transpired ) no tranaaotlond worth reporting ibelete arrival* being not jet on the market. We b*ve had freeh a up pile*, amouutlng la aU to about 16 no# oaga. Canton Makkxt. May 30 ?Import during th* month In the amine dull etate as before, and prieea generally declined Hale# of co ton to a very trifling extent. Am. Good* - Sale* to a email extent: quotation# fame aa la*t month Tea?Sale* if the mouth limited, eay 13 obope Congou at 11 to 18 taeU on board; 3.000 obeet# Pekoe 16 o 16 , 9.600 bait obeata plain orange Tekoe 11 to 17, 4.0n0 ten catty boxes plain Caper 0 to 11; IO.OOO obevte I wankay IS to 3d; 1.000 Hyeon at 37 to 46; 3.600 YH 19 to 13; 600 pug* Moyuae gunpowder and imperial 18 to SO; S Odd obeata Canton VH1I to 14; 4 000oh*at* do imp-rial and gunpowder 17 to 93 The (took unaold preeeu'* little to aeleot frora. and oonaiete of t>0 chop* Conguu, loddO cheat* Twankay. 3 Ood obeata Hyaon, 3 300 cheats YH. and 9 60O cheat* gunpowder and Imperial heel lee a large quantity of Canton made Advloee have been reoeiveU troui three districts, the crop Is rep- I resented as large, and tbe price moderate. It Is said j in*i do pimd i np?r Dor piaiu orange issues wiu oe brought. down this year. The f r?t .\Ionlng Congou is expected io tba course of a uiootb Silk?100 bales Te?tiea <>! i during tba month at *400, leasing 000 bale* Taaiioa and lOJ <la Taysaam atlll uoaold. Tba crop ol Cauioo baa proved rirj abort, and tba artlola inuat aoa tlaua bigb. SfOafoaa Mitttr. Juna 9?Tha grant aearelty of ' hipping. tba bigb rataa of freight now ourrant, and tba baa 'J (look* bald by Kuropaanj tiara c backed operations In produoe. so much ao tbatourataple ?rtlola Uambier i* at tbla moment lower tbau for mauy years paat. Orey Uomaa'Joa?Stocks heavy Sales of about 900 plcoer ? in 4 * yd* HH, and S00 do 43 in $3* Am Drills? Salsa by auollon sr. $3 90. an I In barter for btaok Pepper at per pa. Stooka heavy, and difficult to move, even at tba oreeant low quotations. Calcutta Mabeit. Juna 8.?No vary material alteration In commercial affairs since 8th ult, but If anything, there baa busn even leas aalmatlon In our produoe m rkaia wblob 1* readily aeooantad for by tba unsatisfactory advises reo- ived trom boms, and tha abaanoe of any equivalent decline hare In prices, freights or exohaugbu relaxation Id the money market, previous ntes ot lutere-t and diacouut being fully maintained, whilst go vernuieut secumi.a have again given way 9 per cent on last rates, ludign?Tha reports from nearly every nidi go-proJucing diarrlot are favorable; exports to North Ain-noa up to June, 943 ch, amounting to 3108 faotoiy ni*ud?. Saltpetre quiet, the d-rnun t tor all paste baring tw ?L moderate; h.< large purobaa-i previously made f ? Am r.O'i w h r.ouiusrat, rely heavy shipments to Chios, hiving reduced stock*, aud arrivals being light, but Uttl. aliaratiuu in price# Kaw Silk?The March bund arriving mors freely, and although the vupply la stlU far froui heavy it appear* ample for tha demand; the low re * , however, are beginning to exoitaaome speculation hi 1-s-i'ne demand lor the Jsnglisb market baa again b-uouie languid, and the Krenoh aud American* oontinti< to purnbas very sparingly; stocks of go al qualities ar< however, uiucb reduced; imports during the mouti. hartcg been unusually light Present rates are a trifle Under those curreut in April, not sufficient to render any ailvrallou to our quotations necessary. Oil Seeds?Lit tl- doing even for ttuetlcau. Opium?Yesterday's quotations; Pataa 390r Benares, 1330r per ch. Stats of Trade. Ma.vcHSSTka, Tuesday, Aug 3-Half-past Two o'clock ?Our market day has been quiet, and in yarns for ex port allgbtly lower prioes have in acme oases been sub milted to. Low printing ulotbs aud .vladdapollams are In fair request, and tor some sorts better prices have been % obtaiued, but 30 In. 79 reeds, anil best prints are very list aud uusileable Tne unfavorable accounts from the east, and an impression that the Bauk of ling land will raise the rate of discount, have helped to increase the dullness ol the market, in spite of our cheering prospects as regards the weather and the oropa As will be seen from our Liverpool cotton market report, the price of the taw material, since Krlday. has not ouly beau ; rm. but shown a tendency to advauoo. Halifax. Saturday. July 31 ?Tliere ha* been Utile or nothing doing at this market; business has been nearly at a staud, owing in a great measure to the election. Yarns and wool are much the same, and very little doing. Lrickstcs?The election baa suspended business generally this week. Wc are Informed, however, that although there ba* b-cn little activity iu the warehouses, I several v iditioual contracts liare been entered into for I the autumn. aud more g-noral employment may be an- j ticipated fiicl'rribrr Afocwry, Saturday. July 31. j ' a io o w 8atuid*y, 31?t Juy.? Cotton Wool?The bo-ides* done thi- ?Hflt has been Very limited, Mud pr Cr ure without material alteration ; but iu it dull market buyer* ltare more choice, mid thereby obtain one advantage. Iron Trade ? Our market fur pig iron hit* been inactive ell this week ; prison have. however, rsujaioed flrin si 60s 01 tor mixed Nos and 71s for No 1 cash 1 he miners are h ill out. aud likely to be so for sota-- time to?ome.? Uiutg?w Cihzin. RoiHotLC Flssnkl Mihiit Monday, August 3.? There has been a good attendance of both buyers and seller* la the market to-day ; all descriptions of Onlsbed goods were in demand and In some few instances rather belter prtoee were ob-ain< d tor particular sorts of flannel' A belter feeling has been In tbe market to-day than tor some months past, and there Is every appearance at present of the flannel trade again becoming brisk. Foreigu wool sold at similar prices to those of last wfek. orokes and skins were scarce^nd prices firm. Baanrsan. Monday, August 3d.?We had an average market to-day, In prices, considering It to be Monday, when there Is geueraliy leas doing than en a Thursday market day 1 here Is no material alteration In out m?rk*l to-day The business doing 1* only trifling but ?irises remain exoeedingly Arm There has been more uquiry ter yarns to-day, and atocka have lately be u disappearing The borne trade is tolerably good, end tbe exporters have shown symtoms of a better demnud for the oootiuent. Tbe splnoert are making an e ort to advance their prices, and we believe thkt some ,ew have effected their object Personal and Political. The Hon Robert Walker, Becretery oi tbe Treasury, In sompany with a large party of ladios and gentlemen, went dowo tbe harbor on Saturday, on board tbe nteamsr R B. Forbes. Among tbe gentlemen present were Capis R B Forbes, Caleb Curtis, 'osiah Hlurgls, Hons. David Henehaw, Marcus Morton. Henry Hubbard, William Parmentsr, Major Dix. U. 8 Army, William ill 1 ott, British Vioe-Consul, Col. Blgelow, 8 D Bradford, of Koxbury, Lewis Joselyn, and 8. 8. Lewis. Esqrs The steamer's awnings were spread fore and aft, aattnea were .rr.nif-il alone t,he decks for the accommodation of the aompany, and in honor of tba diatinnui?b'.<l gentleman on board, tba United Slatea rerenue flag waa dl played from ber mam tbn atripaa and a tare from tba tore, and tba union jack from the fore alay. - Button Pott, 1#> A At tba meeting of tba trienda of Uanry Clay, held at tba ,<ierebanta' t.inbauge Boeton, on Wednaaday. the Hun Jonathan Chapman waa cboaan Chairman, and Nathan Hale, Jr.. aud N W. Coffin, were appointed beoretai laa. Mr. I bapman elated tba otyecta af the meeting In a law elegant and appr prlata remarka Wm Hayden hav . offered a railed of resolution*, espraaaire of the high aeiira of raapvat ertarlalned by ' ue oltiaena of B ?a. t in and of Now Knglaod, for the Hon Henry Clay, and movad that a oommittee be appointed to wait on blm aud to raqueat him tooztand hi* Joornay to thla city The raaoiutlou* ware mpportad by tba Hon. John P. Blgalow, aud ware unanimously adopted Commit beer of Invitation, arrangomeaU and recaption wore tben appointed Cel. Baker, of the HlinoU Volunteer*, la at preaant In bla olty, aud pute up at the Aator Houaa. The Hon. Wm. L Maroy, Beentary of War, arrived In Una any, anil baa takan room* at tba American Hotel BxO ivwrnor Dudley. of North Carolina, la aapaoted to arrive to-day Tlllt WZo thtlt av|> IllAI-fH or N'tfw Orlkana The w ethor for in.- uol inr a or lour (l?ya, loirrlna lli? north wind* wbtch now and then b!< w rath* r to. u?' liyiot comfort baa h< ?u dt l.ghlful Our climate gen-r*! y pult uu it* gay-et. and iuo*t attractive alt.m Dm tue yellow trtar |* rile In our imdet It I* now III re te great e.|..f tue epioemie In the city, th ugh Wr OclK v, rniiCli lit II I* Ot H 1'gbt lytie yi I l,,,g r~*dilj to g iwi a.t-ndwue-*u<t aakltul tri-alui'ni. Wtot ,b C ieet hat provi fatal are thoeo of tnuiKunt p/non* elm are t>egieci-d or b?diy tended in the tnc plei.i elan* ol tba UieoaBe, and are cur ad 10 toe Inapt,ai Wbeu lar advened with the duo**e Report ot the I barity Hoepltal tor the Aweuty four , hour* end lug Uat evening at A o'clock:? Admlaalona of all dlaeaaea Deatba from yallow fa?er in Daatba from other diseaaee I i>ircbarged of yellow fever 0 puoharged of otbar diaeaaaa. NEW YORK HERALD. New York, Friday, August 510, MOT. The Wnkljr Herald. Our next edition of the PTukly Herald will he ready to-morrow morning. It will contain the whole of the English and European news by the steamship Cambria at Boston ; a full account of the dreadful collision at aea, by which one hundred and seventy-two lives were lost; a description of the fancy dreaa bail at Saratoga; the latest news from all part* of the United States; reports of the foreign and domestic market*, and a general summary of ; miscellaneous intelligence, continued from last ' Saturday. It will be illustrated with an engraving of the | town of Puebla, the laRt general encampment of ! the American army in Mexico. Single copies cents each. The Foreign Malls. Much to the surprise and satisfaction of every person, the mails of the Cambria, were brought to this city last evening. We do not know to whom the community are indebted (or this piece of enterprise and good luck?certainly not to Cave Johason, for he could not agree upon terms with the railroad company. We apprehend that we are indebted to either the Boston Postmaster or to the Wor cegier, ^prtngheld, liarttord, and Wew Haven Railroad Company, or perhaps both. It was a clever thing, and we suppose the letters and papers will be distributed at an early hour this morning. General Taylor and the Presidency..Another Letter from the Old Hero. Gen. Tay.or hiving been interrogated as to his political principles and his views on the tariff, national bxnk, and other questions, has in reply written a letter peculiarly characteristic. We publish it in this day's paper, and commend it to the perusal of our readers. The old general in a quiet easy manner disposes of the interrogatories addressed to him. He says, in effect, that he knows nothing of politics?is not a politician, and has no views on | tne tar iff and bank questions, for he never esa-; mined the subjects. In conclusion he says that ill the pledges he will give are, that, if he be elected to the Presidency, he will honestly aud faithfully perform the duties of the office to the ba*st of his ability, and strictly in compliance with the constitution. This letter is a bone for both whigs and locofocos to pick. The leaders of the two parties can du anything almost in politics. They can easily make black appear white, but we defy any of them, with all their legerdemain. to make out to the satisfaction of the people, that Gen. Taylor belongs to either party. TIm News from Karops?Oreot Decline In BmditaffH By ths arrival of the eteamship Cambria at Boston trom Liverpool, we have fifteen days later intelligence from all parts of Europe. The news is rxoeedingly important, in a commercial and financial point of view, and is ot the most unfavorable nature so far as all our great exporting staples are concerned. There has been au enormous decline in breadatuffs, without any m iterial improvement in cotton. Our readers will recollect, that in an article nblished a few days since, we predicted a details in breadstuffs, but by no means to the ex nt reported We anticipated a moderate decline, upon the ground that the receipt of breadstuffs in Great Britain from this country, up to 'he first of August, judging from the shipments from this and other ports during the month of June, must have been immense. The shipments of flour to Great Britain in the month of June, from this j ort alone, amounted to about four hundred thousand barrels, besides immense luantities of wheat and corn. Anticipating thai 'hese shipments would reach their destination in all July, we made up our minds that the "trainer of the 4th of August would bring accounts of a decline in prices. Our predictions ii.tvejbeen more than realized;Jbut it is our impression now that the steamer of the 19th inst., the Caledouia, will bring accounts of a partial recovery of prices. There is no doubt but that there was a very serious panic in the Liverpool market, as the decline was very sudden, having taken place on the 3d and 4th of August. The telegraphic despatch giving the report of the Liverpool market of the 4th inst., published in an Extra Herald on Wednesday evening, and ?lie despatch giving the report of the London I market of the 3d inst., published in an Extra | Herald yesterday morning, are very wide in the I statement* relative to prices, but are, nevertheless, correct. The bulk of the decline took place on the 3J and 4th iu Liverpool, and in London on the 4th. This accounts for the discrepancies. The first report made public through the Extra Herald on Wednesday evening, is the only correct one, as will be seen on reference to the detailed accounts of the mnrkets in this day*s pa- ' per- It is unfortunate that such contradictory -tatenients should be given, hut it is fortunate that the most unfavorable accounts came first, as it prepared the minds of those interested for the real state of things on the other side. We give in another column the circular of the Barings, dated London, August 3, for the purpose of showing that the telegraphic despatch made up from it corresponds with the original, being another evidence of the accuracy of the operator on the telegraphic line. Having ilius disposed of this part of the mat'er, it is necessary to sum up the extent of the decline in breadstuff*. We annex a comparative statement of prices current in Liverpool, at the departure of the last and previous steamers i? The Pairsn or BacADcrrrrt is LiTcsrooL. July 1:1. .'lufuil 3. Ptr Hih-mia. Per r'ambria \mertcan wheat S -> a 10 2 76a 92 Indian corn 39 0 a 40 0 26 0 a 30 0 Indlau tnval 19 0 a 20 0 14 0 a 16 0 Western flour 34 0 a 36 0 37 0 a 27 (i On the 2d of August flour was quoted in Liverpool at 30 shilling!), and Indian corn at 36 shillings, showing that the principal decline took [dace on the 3d of August. The arrival of the j next steamer Irom Liverpool will be looked for with the greatest unxiety. The effect of this news upon our own markets must he great, but not to the extent that would he experienced had prices on this side ruled high. The decline yesterday in this market in flour was about fifty cents per barrel. The Liverpool cotton market on the 3d in?t, was firm. There had been a slight decline, hut it had boon recovered, and the reports by the Cambria abe about the sune as those received by the Hibenkja. The acoounts from this aid*received in Liverpool on the 2Sth of July, by the Caledonia, h^d a favorable effect on the market. We have no advicos of the effect of the fall in prices for breadstuff* upon those of rot ton, out n in uur iniiimooivu m>?? >. ngj .vtj ?reat and v-ry favorable. We shall have all this >y the steamer of the 19th inst. The London money market, on the 3d instant, w?? decidedly titfht, but quotations for stock v.-re pretty wt Jl maintained. It is stated thw t ie Bank of England was plaeiug all the restric.pun upon the murket possible, for the purpose >1 check ini; every species of speculation, and t< romote exportation. The drain of bullion from tie bank still continued to some extent, and t ie amount of notes issued wn? filling off Splendid Launch of the United States.?A ?pectacle not often enjoyed will be offered t< day, in the launch of tho magnificent steamship United States. It will take place at the yard of her builder, W. II. Webb, at the foot of Fifth otr-et, this afternoon at half past three o'cloc*. , tHandrtrai ?4 Mutual, Fa?? Tmsatm*.?Mr. Andrreon will enact the part of Claads Mslnotte, In the beautiful play of the " Lady of Lyons," this evening, tt the Perk Theatre The fkroe of" Shocking hi vents," which bee not been performed In I this theatre for three y*ar?. forme the after piece. Thie ie en sxoellsnt bill We regret that our column* ere o much crowded to-day. aa to preclnde u* noticing in e more appropriate manner Mr Andersons reception left evening. Bowmv Thcatbk.?It will be atrenge if there be not e full houae at the Bowery thla evening, to aee Mr*. Shew enact hivadne. Thla lady la reoeivlng ell the success her talent and aeqnirementa merit. The drama " Jack bhepperd" will be performed after " Cvadne."? Weare Informed that the manager haa Is rehearsal, and will soon produce, In hi* own peculiar manner, a play by J. Sheridan Knowtea, entitled "Slander, or Love's Disguise*." Chatham Thiatbi ? Mr. Whiting will make hi* last appear an oe. and takes a benefit at this theatre this evening. The bill selected for the occasion ensures him such a one as he deserves -a hamper It consist* of the travestle of " Hamlet "and the new local drama of the " Return or the Voluuteers," which haa been reoelved with shouts of applause. It must be borne in mind that this is the last week of theAdelphi company. Italian Orsaa ?The Havana Italian Opera Company under the direction of Slg. VUlarino, will perform the Opera of "Norma," this evening at Castle Oarden Their last performance n this plaoe on Wednesday evening, when they perfumed w Hernani." was very well attended, and rapturously applauded We nerd not doubt that Castle Garden will be visited by all tbe Wis of this eity this -veulng This will be a flu* op p >rtunity to bear the sweet singing of Tedeeoo, sod tbe rest of this talented oompany. Palmo's Opcra Horse?Tm Ravkls ?This theatre was orowded last evening, and half of the persons who tried to wltnsss the performance, were obliged to postpone their pleasure till to-night. The pieces want off with the ordinary t-l&i displayed In all the exercises and pantomimes by the Ravels, and these wonderful acrobats excited roars of laughter, and received much applause. They appear to night In " M Decbalaraeau," preceded by the exercises on the " Tight Rope," and the faroe u 'Twas I." Another excellent bouse to be sure! Mineeta Rooms ? The Virginia Seronadere have evidently made an Impression In this oity. They are becoming great favorites with the publio. and will certainly do well here. The burlesque opera " Stuffo" la one of the rlobeat things we ever saw. It will be repeated to-night, with a variety of songs, choruses, duets, Jto. Thk Casino.?This Is the name of a place of amusement recently established at the ooriiar of Broadway and Grand street, where ooooerU by favorite vocalist* are given nightly, and the best of refreshments furnished at moderate prices. Hess and Hircai.?Those popular artists are to be at Newport next week, after which tbev are to give oon certs at Providence. Hartford and New Haven. From the Mth to the 17th of Sept.. during the time of holding the great Agricultural Fair at that pUoe. they will be at Saratoga, to form a grand feature among the many attraction* from Now York. From Saratoga they will go to Albany and Troy. Mrs. Farren made her appearanos at th* Buffalo Theatre on Tuesday evening, in the oharaoter of Blanoa, in Fasio nerr awuduit ?u iu u?u jnuriuT. Mr. Neafle, formerly of the Bower/ Theatre, U now ongaged at toe Boeloa Theatre. Mr. Dempster. the accomplished vocalist, wee In Boston on Tuesday. He le to sing to the Boetoniaoi shortly. _____________ Educational Affairs. The annual commencement of Vale College took plaoe, yeeterday. We learn that the graduating olaee numbers one hundred and twenty-four, and la the largeat that ever graduated at thla time-honored eatabllahment. We give la our advertising oolumns the prospectus of the Cbureh ot the Holy Cross. situated In Worcester. Massachusetts W? understand that the government of the eollege will remain aa heretofore, under the care of the Rev. Or Ryder whose able 1-eturea on Catholic faith, delivered in 8t Peter's Churoh In this city la?t winter, were so well received The exerolsea of the College will be resumed on the 16th of September next The Coll* e closed with one hundred and twenty-eight scholars, so that a full school may be expected. During the vacation great improvements have boen made In the buildings designed for increasing the oomfort of the students The College oan now acoummodate two hundred scholar*. We reoommend the Catbollo journals to notlca this exutllent Institution Klnc Arts. Powers' Statue of the Greek 8late?We learn that this splendid work of art by our Illustrious countryman, Hiram Powers, will soon be exhibited at the Academy of Design in this city. The proceeds of the exhibition will be for Mr. Powers' sole benefit, who-e circumstance. we believe. arc suon m Dead mending, In order to enable bin to remain In Italy. VHy Intelilfeiioe. Thf. Weather ?The thermometer ranged yesterday in Wall street, about 13 o'clock, M . no higher than 73 degrees About the same hour, at the Northern Hotel at foot of Courtlandt street, it stoed at 04 degree* In this same tonality, on Wednesday,it stood at the sams hour as high as tf2 degree*. Fire.?A Ore broke out yesterday morning, about half past two o'clock, in the rear of No 110 Orange street occupied as a cabinet store The Are was promptly put out. Damage trifling. Pkaciies ?Our market* are already crammed with this deliolous fruit, which is sold extremely cheap. The Omnibi"* Fare ?We understand that it is In contemplation to reduce the fare on some of our stag> routes to three cents This Is a good Idea, and ha* been suggested In eousequenoe of th* late reduction of stage far* In London, aud where a person can take au agreeable ride for one penny. Arrival or Emiorart rainmiik? ?The number of migrant passengers arrived at this port, during Weilnesday last, amounted to 481). Frakkli* Guards.?'This body turned out In fall uni form yesterday, and went on ru excursion. They passed by our ofllco about 8 o'clock, beaded by an excellent band. Fuiteral Horors to Dariel O'Conrlll, ir this citv.?'The various Irish societies in this city, have oom pleted their arrangemeuta for paying appropriate honors to the great O'rounell Kx Governor Win. H. Seward has been invited to deliver the address, which honor b< has accepted. Castle Garden is to be the place, and the 21 tl of unit month the day. Tea Dbinxiwo.?At the Invitation of one of our up-town merchants. Mr. Keyaing. the mandarin on board the Chinese junk made one of a email tea parly In the parlor of a faeblonable bourn- in Bleecker street a fear evenings since Aa was natural, Mr Keyslng war the lion of the evening The ladies were unremitting in their attentions, and the mandarin muttered out hiihanks In reel Chinese style Notwithstanding tb> known predilections of the Chinese for tea, Mr Koysing could not be prevailed npon to take more than half a tup-full, and did not hesitate to give his reason?because It was bad. At the request of the gentleman of ths house, he desoribed the process of tea making in China, which the proprietor of the house In question is determined to adopt. The Junk is crowded from morning till night. Mranr.*.?Coroner Walters was called yesterday to ? hold an Inqnost at the City Hospital, upon the body of a colored man by the name of James H Steele, r native o< Mary laud, aged 33 years, respecting whose premature death wo have gathered the following particulars II appears that the deceased was a steady temperate man. ? ho hud been employed for some days past as a laborer on hoard of a llour harge lying at thefootof Broad street On Tuesday night lsBt, about 8 o'clock, the deceased went home to tea, and left to go on board of the barge ti sleep fur the night. Ten or fifteen minutes afterwardhe vas ound lying on the sidewalk in Broad street, near Kxcbange street, insensible and bleeding profusely from the bead He was taken by a policeman to the first ward station houso. and from thenoe to the hospital an<> lied the next day about one n'olock A poet mortem <x tuilnatlon was made by Dr. Oeorg# 8 Parker. A lacera ted and contused wound was found on the back part it ibe head, the skull was extensively fractured in many i-lnoes, and large quantities of oxiravaeated blood was found upon thu brain No person was near the deceased when found Verdict, that death was oaused by a blo? or blows on thu head, on thu night of the 17th of August, tnfiietud by some perron or persons unknown to the jury. I'lie police of the first ward have been vigilant, hut, as yet. the perpetrator of this foul murder is unknown. Fatal Arciovev ? V fatal -iroldent occurred yesterdry. at the corner of Bloomlngdnle road and Fortieth St., wheru workmen are employe I In blasting rocks. A i arge IllaSl ?M prepart-u >u i uieu, uui uin |ii?vri U. I rock disengaged fl-w In wn >1 (.site direction to that In '.coded Several Immensely l rge piece*struck the house .>f \lr Hiram Paoh inline li, te|y opposite. breaking Id h l in net the whole aide of it, i u lolling a tine hoy. eon ol dr. Pacta, aged nine yeare. 1 be mother of the lad *?> in the same room at I be . ni-- of the accident, with ai infant In ner arm*, and i < scape waa aluioet miraculous? a? It ea< the child v ,,s slightly wounded Weil' iot know whether there ? many negligence In this case out we d' kuow that en cieot caution It not generalli need In blasting to preront aooldente It la *uppne< o j tbat the drill reached the bottom of a stratum, aud that | some of the powder got In the crerlro, thus cauelng th< calamity. f*ullt? Intelilgenrei Burglary.?The premises occupied by Mr. AVm. A Valta, No 0 C helscn Colleere, waa entered through tbr iky light on Wednesday night, by some robber, who oar rled off from the premises neverai articles of Jewelry, to 4?tb?r with a red pocket book contatulng >6 In change No arrest. O i thr Hum " Lift ''?The dwelling bouse, occupied by Mrs. Hoae, No. Ill Varick street, w?- entiftcd yeeter lay afternoon by Some sneaking thief, Who carried oft from the bureau drawer lu one of the upper rooms lefcn gold finger rings, one gold chain oue pair of gold arrings.. one hair bracekt. one gold bracelet with three mpas stones, one cameo br'aat pin. one gold hair ir.icelet topas stones, together with *13 iu in mey. No j irrest. | /7gAut<iy Rnhbr>y ? K young inau by ths mine of > lib bard llrown, while paaeing up the Bowery a short ! listanoe ab.iTe the theatre, about li o cbiek, on Monday j night last, waa suddenly knocked down by eoine rnffltu I from behind, and while be lay Insensible the vllam-stou I fr in nie perron a gold lepine watch aud fob chain. No. I of watch 60,410. No arr. it frtit Lvntnici ? Oenoeth Ortibb was arrested kv Dfllm r Scare, and committed by the magistrate, on e charge of staaliog ? shawl from Jcanntta Urubh. 36w Spring street Tatriok i'eupenny was caught in the act oi stealing two coats and one Vest, from the workmen in Maiden lane, and brought to the office by Officer Mills of I die second ward. Committed for trial by Justice OsI bora*. MHaa^iaapHMnip [fr'rom the N Orleans Delta, Aug. 11.J The Louitiana Floriiian of 7th \ a gust contains the following vary remarkable letter from Oen Taylor It U addresoed to Dr Delooy. of Clinton, In this State, who le one of the moat radio el, determined oat-and-oat deinociata in Louisiana or in the South The General repliea to the direct Interrogatories of the Doctor In regard to hie nplnloaa on the leading topic* involved in theoonteata ot the two great political partlre. by declining, very properly to give an opinion upon tbe Justice of a war which hell himjieirconducting Aa to the tariff and national bank questions, he says be knows hat I ttleot these matters, never raving given them much attention, and that he will be under the necessity of studying them well before he oan eomo to any decided opinion We think the Old Hero has a more serious work before htm than whipping the Mexioans, If be baa got to conquer all the ditto allies, light over all the battles, read all the speeches, and master all the Intricacies involved in the eternal and lUimttahle contests which have for years past agitated the country on the subjects ot the tariff and national bank We have been permitted by Dr. Delony, to whom It was addressed, to give publicity to tbe following letter from Oen. Taylor. It may be proper to tar that It was not his Intention to have it published, but from the great interest which seems to engross the public mind and tbe variety of conflicting views as to Oen. Taylor's opinions and itentlooa in co nectlon with tbe question of tbe Presidency,and as there is no Impropriety in so doing. it was oonciuded to lay it before the public. CaMr ivxak Montebev, Mexico, June 9 Di*r Sib?Tour letter of the lftth ult, from ^ Clinton. LI., nujUH rearuvu uie, iu "UM.U jtyu kid j,ir?BrU w My, "tb* signs of the times In relation to tbe next Presidency,

and the prominent position of your name In connection wltb it, le a sufficient exouae tor tbia letter " That "it iaabappy feature in our government tbat offloiel funotionariea under It, from tbe loweet to the blgbeat atetion, are not beyond tbe reaoband partial super vlaion of the humblest cltUen, and tbat it la a right Inherent in every freemen to possess himself of the political prlnolpl'-aand bpini n* of those into whose bands the administration of tbe government may be plaoed " Sto . to all of which I fully coincide wltb you in opinion Asking my views on several subjects. ''First. As to tbe Justice and tbe neoeuity of tbia war with Mexico on our port. Second As to tbe necessity of a national bank and the power of Congress for creating such an Institution. Third As to tbe effect of a hlgb protecting tariff and the right of Congress under the constitution to oreate such a system of revenue." As regards the first interrogatory, my duties and the position I occupy, I do not consid-r it would be proper in me to give any opinion in regard to tbe same; as a citizen, and particularly as a soldier, it is sufficient for me to know tbat our oouniry Is at war with a foreign nation, to do all in my powei to bring it to a speedy and honorable temination, by the most vigorous and euergetio operations, without enquiring about its Justice or anything else oonnected with it; believing, as 1 do. It Is our wisest Policy to be at peace with all the world, aa long aa It oau to dona without endangering the honor ana lutarests of the oountry. A? regards the seooud and third Inquiries. 1 am not prepared to answer them; I could only do so after duly investigating those sobjects, which 1 cannot now do, my whole time being fuiiy occupied iu attending to my proper official duties, which must not be neglected under any circumstanoes; and I must My to you In substance what I have Mid to otbsrs in regard to similar matters, tbat 1 am no politician. Nearly forty years of my life have been passed iu the public service, iu tbe army, most of which in the field tbe osmp on our western frontier, or in the iudlan country; and for nearly the two laat, in this or Texas, during wbieb time I have not passed one night under the roof of a bouse. As regards being a candidate for the Presidency at the ooming eleetlon, 1 have bo aspirations In that way. and regret the eubjeot has been agitated at this early day, and that It had not been deferred until the close ot this war. or until the end of the next session of Congress. especially If I am to be mixed up with it, as it 1* possible U may lead to the it-Jury of the public servtoe in this quarter, by my opemiloue being emb&rrasased, as well as to produce much excitement in tbe country, growing out of tbe discussion of the merits, (to , oithe different aspirants for that high office, which might here been very much not prevented,had tbe suhjeot been deferred, as suggested; besides very inany obanges m?y take plaoe between now and 1848. so muoh so. as to make it desirable for the Interest of the country, that some other individual then myself, better qualified tor the situation, ahonld be selected ; and oould he be elected, i would not only aoqulesre in suoh an arrangement, but, would rejoice that the republic bad one oitlsen, and no doubt there are thousands, more deserving than I am. and better qualified to disoharge the duties of said office If 1 have been named by others and considered a candidate for the Presidency, it h >s beeu by no sgenoy Ot mine In tbe matte t and if tbe good people think my servloes important in that station and elect me, I will feel bound to Serve them; and all the pledgee and explanations I oan enter into and make, as regards this or ihat policy, is, that I will di so hoursty and faithfully to tbe best of my abilities, strictly in oompliruoe with the eonatltution Should I ever occupy the White House it must be by the spontaneous move of tbe people, and by us act of miue, so that 1 could go into the offloe uu! rsmm?IU d, and be the ohief magistrate of the nation and nut Of a patty. But should they, tbe people, change their views and opinion* between this and the time of holding the election, and oast their votes for the Presidency for some one else, I will not oomplain With considerations ni respect, I remain your ob't serv't, Z. TAYLOR. Mr Lowabd Dklont. P. 8. 1 write In great haate, and under constant interruption. tuterestlBg Particulars of tiis Lou of the lduna?Nsm?l of i hose Lost. (Kroin the Ru-tou Post, Au*u-l 18 J The bark Id-ins. from Hamburg for New York, we un lerstaud was upon the uppueite tack to the Sbanunga at tbe lime of the collision The ounousslun ot the ve**el when they came in contact was not considered on boar ua libaln ri.snlf in un* mitlMrUi " IUP Pttmiuuga HP ?J damage to either. as nelt her of ihein could have ha.' more than three or four knots way through the ^ t?r The Sbanuogu's yards were thrown aback .ind she soon made a stern board clear of the Iduna, and those on board the lormer were not aware of the effect produced on the other until the boat came alongside It was one A. M , (not ten. as stated jester Jay ) at tb< time of the collision, and the morutug was quite dark and foggy, consequently those on board of the Shuaungn oould not see what damage the Iduua sustained. After her boat gam the dreadful intelligence of her sinking however, no time was lost in hoisting the Shanunga > boats out. but. as nearly all the paesengers were below in bed, only thirty>four out of two hundred and six were saved. [From the Boston Traveller, August 18.] The following imperfeot list of the names of the famlliee of those who perished, by this sad disaster, is the best that we oonld obtain from the reoullectlons of the survivors. The oomplete list of passengers was lost with the bark:? J Keidnnr, family of 6 persons; J. Knecht. 7; Eva Lippert and child: Casper Dittmar. 8 persons; Kasper Knlss. I; Sebastian Krankenberger. 3 ?all of Bergen Frederh Wleucke, I: M. iiollender, 3?of Berlin K. Keller, 4, Holler, 3; Thomas Klupp, 1; Muff. 6; (J Goldlger, 3; Balihasar Kugg, 1; Phan, 8; Joban Tomas. 1; C Warnek. 4; Fagel Sang, 1; Uerin.,. 6; liaffmsn, 3: Sbirake, 0; Oagel, 3; Vlelsner. 3; Robatt. 3; Bauer, 3; Calllnberget, 6; L<> ker.3; Fngelkind, 1; Peifer, I; Miaa Samuel 1; Atnou Winter. 1; Skedt, I; Heirot. 6; F.rnst Vose. 4; Melxner, 3; Roman, 1; Andrear Marhenke, 8; C Zelts, 3; (Junta' Wl'leman. 1; Augusta Tomskl, 1; Dublin Frank. 3 Kaiser. 3; Frederic Warn?cker,4, Bertram, 1; Carol in Vmalia de Trocks 3; Joliauna Welde Meyer, 1; Michael Terste. 0; C. Skroder. 3; Blummenthal, 3; Held, 1; Wirt I; Magdalena Kittsteiner, 1; Harold, 1; Keinecke. 1; Anton Weber. 1; Nichkolais Drot, 6. Amelia (a cabin passenger) supposed to have property and wealthy fr'ends In New York We are informed that the first knowledge which tbost on board the Sh&nunga had of the fatal effects of the collision was obtained from ono of the company of the Swedish bark, who swam to the S . about belt an hour after the collision, and informed the osptain that th> bark was sinking The boats were immediately got out md every exertion made to save the drowning men and women The survivors Intend to fulfil their original intention of going to the West; although from the entire loss ol their property, their plane in regard to settlement musi ifcourse be somewhat changed. They contemplate) location which will afford them an opportunity or work ing at mining. Those seamen of the bark who were rescued, have been furnished with clothing, and are well provided fui it the Mariners' Hous in North Hquare, where tbej will be allowed to remain until they have opportunity to re-ship for their native land We are happy to be able to say, that a most generous - ? ?* - * k- " ?- fnr fhmm tinfnr sympathy is immwiru ..j ?... w......... unate people, and that the subscription at the Merchants' Heading Kootn, already amounta to nearly $Uik). The little .Swedishgirl,aged Id year*, whom we mentioned yesterday as the ouly survivor of an entire family lias excited go much interest among our klud-bearted citizens, that several gentleman have expressed their willingness to adopt her and educate here. She is, at present, in the family of Capt. Fatten. [From the Boston Transcript, August 18 ] \V? have seen the log book of the Mhauunga and conversed with hei officers, who gave a most heartrending description of the awlul calamity by which 172 human oeings were drowned. 1 he fatal collision took place a. midnight when all tha passengers were in their berih< below, and there was not time lor them to get on deck before the vessel sunk. The Is said, h td time $1000 in gold about bis person, and of course the ?eight vf It was sufficient tosiuk htin All lbs boats ot he Shannnga ware inboard at the time of the collision nid it was not nuill a boat bed oams alongside from the baik that i hoy were aware that she was In a a sinking i-ondltlon. Th- log of lbs tthauuuga states that tli. Iduoa sunk in flf een or twenty minutes after the vessels oams In oonlaot; and the mate informs us that the urteks which went up from the ainkiug vessel wait most appalling It nu t bs highly gratifying to every tiostonliu to know of the prompt relief whioh was alf rd-d to the survivors of this awful calamity by our cltlsent V subscription paper was sat on foot yesterday foreuooii by Messrs Hudson fc Smith of the Merchants' Exchange >ud at noon to-day upwards of slOoO had beet, milecled from our merchants and others, and many ot if the Contributors In a spirit of praiseworthy liberaiit ppended to their signatures the expressive words more if required " 1 oo much credit oannot be given to Messia iludiou It Smith tor the energy with woic they took hoid id rite mailer their time and labor ha been bestowed upon these unfortunates, and their sttortr life been u licensing The etirv vurs of tile crew, seven u _ i?n?,. ??,? prat and second mates,have ?l i uuuiuer, in- iu ..u, oady been provided with couif iriable cWtUiug ami tlio uperintend nt of ih? dannera' Home li .* provided then. -ratultouMy wi'b ?p?rlu? "ula in that extalilmtiiuent i.'ur i tl- T HUtv I be rui vlvtng p?Heeii?,er- are alro w II pr'ni. J tor. and are leai n that tile litlte orpbau <> l a :i i-iet father 01 >tb?r. eiatar and brother by this d ml u alaeliophe i? to l>e ad pte-i by oue of our umit dl.-lui. unified merch ant tuning the uaiue* of tuoae m< t firarard hi ammtiug the survivor* we hare heard that it vlr Mayer, eoufuutloner. in fremont street. T*o bale* of new cotton ereie re?e v d y??lerday, the drat of the flHaBou Tney are frotn the pUutaiiou of lieu A <> Carter, of taut K iioiana The Brut bale Um season arrived on tbe 7th Augu?t, and of the year previous on the 30th July The cotton above alluded to la consigned to the hnuae of Ward, Jonas It Co.?0?it ant Ocila, JUt A inst I nwWkf,th NEWS FROM VERA CRl'E AflfO THE SlUZOA. I From the New Orleana Delta, Auguat 11 J The U 8 ateamahlp Telegraph, Capt Wllaon. arrived here lent evening. She left Vara Cruz on the 3d lut., and Braaoe on the 7th. We received by her do letter* She brought uathe Sun of Jtnaku.?c or the day of ner ailing?one day later?and the Matamore* Flag of the 4th lnetant. The Vera Cru* paper of the 3d ioat.. eontain* not a Ingle lt-xn of new* from the Interior, and vary little new* of ;u>y d*vcrip' ion. Tho i-i. unithlp Orleana, from thl* elty.arrived there on the i<l lu ej>rtil;ing of Capt Falrchlld'a company or Mounted Men, from thia city, which arrived at Vara Crua in the Orleana, the Sun of Jinahwic aaye: ? " We regret to learn that Captain Faircbild did not raoelva the equipment* tor hla company before leaving New Orleana, and that ha cannot get them here. We think, however, that thia will aoon be remedied " A bearer of drepatchea from our Oovernment to Gen. Scott arrived at Vera Crua In the Orleana. The ateamehipa Mary Kingaland and Orleana left Vera Crua on the 3d inat, for Tampico, for tha purpoae of prorating a carg* of mulee for the Quartermaster'* Department. at the former place. Tha new* from Oan Taylor'* column Indicate an advance movement. Tha Metamoraa Flag of the 4th lnat., ?avr ? From Major Arthur, formerly Quartermaster at Cerralvo, we learn that Oen. Wool had received order* to proceed with the advance of General Taylor'* column, on the JOth inat. In the direction of Encarnacion. some 30 league* from Buena Vista, where he will establiah a depot, into which three montha' ration* will be thrown. I'he army will then advance upon San Lula. and com mumcation he opened with Tamplco or Tux pan. from whence supplies will thereafter be reoelved All the males, and other means of transportation, hare been ordered above, and activity prevails throughout the whole department " From our young friend, Mr. DaPonte, who came passenger in the Telegraph, from Matamoras, we learn that Major Crossman. Quartermaster at Camargo, received Imperative orders on the 39th ult, to have all the necessary supplies and means of transportation In Monterey by the 30th Inst Four hundred wagons, as a part ol those mean-, have been forwarded on from the Brasos. The following item-tare from the Matamoras plag:? Robbery, rape, and hanging, appear to be the order of the day among the rancheroa in the neighborhood ol Mstiiinoras A few days ago a party of robbers went to the house of a Mexican, in the country. end while a few of them amused themselves by hanging the man, the rust perpetrated the two ilrst named crimes. There are bands of lawless, desperado Mexicans prowling about our vicinity, whom it would be well fur our sooutlng parties to look for. The haDged Mexican was not mncb hurt ?the objeet of his tortures being more to divert his attention from what the others were doing, than anything else. A Mexican force,we learn, was reoently despatched to the neighborhood of Parras, to destroy the orops of corn, Ito . In that region. The resident Mexicans, after applying to Geu Taylor for assistance, oolite ted In foroe and themselves drove off the destructive*. there can be no doubt that the people of Tainaulipas would gladly erect i heir* luto an Independent State were the thing possible. Their miserable, ever-changing Government, not onlytaxes them exorbitantly, bat reluses them protection from the robbers within, and from the aggressions of the iudians without their limits They have more thun once attempted to out loose from the central Government. but found they possessed not the phyaloal menus. Our friend Wheeler has laid the foundation of a new city In the bend, on the opposite side of the river, above Fort I'uredes. Upwards of two huudred barrels ot freight have been shipped for ports In Texas. The steamship Fanny arrived at Brasos 8t. J ago on the 6th Inst., from this port. NEW MEP1CO AND T11E PLAINS. [From the St Louis Revelll*, Aug 13.] By Serg. G N. Coulter, of the Laclede Rangers, who ar rived yesterday, we ieara inai more uituuruanoes nave taken plaoe In New Mexico. On the night of the 26tb iune the horses of Capt. Horiue's company were stolen from tho camp, Dear Laa Begaa. and on the 28th, Llent. Brown, with privates MoClanahan and Quesenbury.and aMexhan guide, started in pursuit. Not returning next day. as expected, suspicion arose that they bad been murdered, and, on the 5th July, a Mexioan woman oame in and stated that three Amertonns and a Mexican bad been murdered and burnt. Major Edmondson, who wae In command at Laa Bellas, put ont a strict guard, allowing no-Ingress or egress and succeeded in taking three Mexioan prisoners, whom he examined separately; bnt their stories not agreeing he took severe rnoasur, s with them, and at length one of them said that be beard at mass, the Sunday before, o< the murder ef three Ainerloans and one Mexioan, and > bat tbelr bodies were burnt neat to Las Vine. Major Edmondson ordered his men to be ready to march at 12 that night, expecting t > reach Las Viae before morning He bad 29 mounted men, 33 on foot, and a 12 pound howitser, It was necessary, however, for the mounted men to go ahead, whioh tb?y did. and at daylight tbu Major founu himself at the town, from which the Mexlcsus wen fleeing to the mountains He ordered them to stop which they not doiug he tired upon them and fcllhd six mortally woundkug several others. All the remainder. : oa? fifty were taken prisouers Alter hanging oue o the prisoners up for a short time, he staled that two ol the murdered Americans were burnt, out that Lieuteu ant Brown, having had a cross upon his neck, they sup i>o-ed bim 10 bt> a Catholic and bid hiin iu the rook* a hare the body waa subsequently touud by tha Major Tlit-y also found lh- asht a of the other two Several articles of property that had belonged to th< murdered men were found In some of the bouses; alto ho rat articles thst had been lost by our troops in the ngtit of May 46th, tn the Red River Canon, showing. a> also appears by some coofettlona made, that Mexican* were concerned In that fight. The Major ordered all tht nouses to be burned in which were found any articles ol the murdered men; as also those of persona known t< have been concerned in the murders?leaving sufficient to shelter the women and children. Ou the Major's return to Las Urges, confessions were wade by several ol the prisoners, showing a widely extended oonspiraoy. .Some letters which bad been found also show the something A grating camp of one of the companies of Lieutenant Col. W Mock's battalion was attacked before daylight, on the morning of the 6th July, and five men killed?Lieut Larkio; privates Wright, Owens, Mason and Wllkioson It is said that a*.me of the party who wade this attack spoke English. l ol Price had ordered ih all the detachments to Hante Km, In apprehension of a general insurrection. Mr. Coulter met Lieut Lore on the Ciinaron ; he is by this time, in the Mexican settlements Capt. MoNqJr'e company and Col Huston's battalion were met at the Kort, on the Arkansas, near the Caches. A day or two before, some eighteen or twenty men af Col Easton's company had crossed the river for wood, when they were atlaokrd by Indians, and eight k|lled. Our informant had not au opportunity to get the names of the unfortunate men; fire belonged to Capt. Dames' company, be think*. and threo to Capt. Paul's Thret others were wounded mortally. Other companies, wagen train*, tec., were met at diffe rent points along the road. NAVAL. We learn that the U. 8 steamer (Jov. Tompkins ar rived at I'eueacola on the 7tb Inst., In seven days from I'ampioo. she is in the employment of the quaru rui?? tore department. She got out of coal and *os blowing to the eastward, and put Into t'eneuoola for coal. The U 8 storesbtp Kleclra. mil of store* of all kinds for tin quadroo, would sail for Vera Crus the following day ^Sunday last) I he storeshlp Supply and schooner h 111 t were still at Pensaoola. The French Steamship Missouri.?Wehave conversed with some 01 the paseengers of the Missouri, who oame from Halifax iu the Laoibria, and have been furubth-d with the following details: The passengers left Havre on Saturday, the 31st of July, and were oouveyed In a steamer to the Missouri at Cherbourg. which port the vessel left a little before tnldnlgbl of tliit date The daily consumption of coal on board the tklp Is reckoned at bi tons, and the statement of the Havre agent was that she was provided with I loo tons a quantity sufficient for about seventeen days; but after seven days of the voyage bad elapsed, the chief enal enter Informed the commander that it o coal was not holding out as exp-cted. whereupon all the southing oraotlcable was made But it soon became apparsn that the fuel on board would not suffice to reach Ntw Vork. and the ship's course waa altered for the port ul Halifax. In order thereto procure an additional supply Jo Saturday last, the I4tb lust., at an early hoar, every ,>ound of coal was exhausted, and resort was then bao to the epare masts and spars, the benches and tables ul > he second cabin, and all boxes and barrels that oould be used But these were all inadequate, and when .thout a hundred miles fiom Halifax, It was impoe si bin to oontlnue the work of the engines. The paddle wheels were then unshlpp- d, and it was attempted to oarry the vessel In by sails. One o the engineers stated, at this time, that the^coal on board at starling, amouuted to but KM tout. sunn lent only r?.r thirteen days Kortuuately at about 3 I'. .VI onaaiui<lay. the Missouri fall in with the British revenus cutter Daring, wbiob supplied her with charts, and whose mate went on board as pilot. About five o'clock ou the next morning a Sidney collier, bound to Boston name in sight, was brought down l>y the cutter, and takeu in toe if the steamer, furnishing the latter with ooal enough to carry her Into Halifax which port she reached ou thai day Here the Missouri commenced taking In more ooal, and replacing some of her oonsutned spars Upon the arrival <>. the Cambria ou Tuesday morning two of i.he Missouri's passengers. (Messrs Hamilton aod B.-rlt. i -y) with the agsnt In oharge of the ueepatcb bag from Kraaoe. went ou board that ship and came to Bustou in her The Missouri had eigbtyAve p*n?erig-re. thlr'y lire of whom were In ihetirai eitiin The deapaleo agent, erith bis bag of letters for the French Minister. Cousins xo , was obliged to leave the in-tiia oo board the mIs.-omL rie was 01 course politely received at our post office, every facility possible was afforded to hun ? ilvlu. Cetsritr, Jivg IP. Miscellaneous. Capt p. four successlv< voysgrs be^reen Capo ll.iytlen und Boston In 133 days Colio# on uv ITU ire of I lliri? iluvrf HiuU half Inr inh Vnv. ?ge, with l nil rtirgoeii out aud bouie Tine brut 8ea fcagle of tblie por?, in liilil-wiuter, made r complete voyage to tin mm.i | urt. id h fnollno leaa tdau twenty-nine 'ays?II i 11 >i J-urnal, 18 A init The fu.i< y lull ht Newport mil be held on ibe 24th A itiRD, | art ntly about. 36 year* uf age rim inttted *ulald? by - toting Inn g.'il with r plhtul at H'ltiia on 1'ie I wik Iniinil In ?u oul lioiii-oon the pri tut>f r. liii I. Chimin Art llenuvr i tri i t Ilia ' 11'' vi* not hu.i wliru the Coroner held an lnqu>*t od the Uckan iam Mavjo.iiii>> VV?* tiiii in il" pi,I' lr l I J Ml Ui nl i I. I ii C< n p ") ' I >1 intluie i 91 i it' to I e eetal'ln1-)'tl at e'lidnil. Willie RpitRI if i It tllli'i,* of ream The flr.'t m J*i t 1 he oilipuiy11 i I Ii n I line i.f eltwtiiera betwuu Cadi* ml ( /.? i ti vi bn g ri the Cm arh ?. Porto Hlro feanuagnd j Bin oilier porta The aecond lo r proponed in frmu CI* in ll?uiiiuig. touciuug ?i L; buu,Upoi to,Vigo,Cu i iii fcRiiianiiar, B lb'?R 8?wlb??npt u Havre. . nil Aiimierdaui. The third Hue "to * between CaJ .' 'in (leuoa By the two latter or ituw.lar, liuea, C.. i.r a I in thought, would be inade tho centra for Cur ipoia. mtal to Urn Weft uidlei. \ ^ 1 \mrnm.* filial llglfm Ani!*r Fur Courier - Nvptuns r#., K#. 1#. "f A bany. at present on a visit to lit 7ork, proceeded to Brooklyn at two o'oloek yesterday. aeoompanlrd by the Car Land Ciuarda, and ware repaired by Protector Kngloe Company No 0. commanded by Alderman Thoman Wat on, and whloh, by the way, in nompoaed of a nobla and gentlemanly aat of fellows. From the ferry they went through various streets to the Naty Vard. where they were bende-naely reeeived by the Coiumodore. From thenee tb?y prooeeded to Brooklyn Garden, where a upland id entertainment wan given to the Albany Co by Protector Co. After that, they took up their line of ntareh to the Fulton Ferry, where they embarked for New York. The beat feeling prevailed, and the A)ban* lann and New Yorker* left Brooklyn very much satUded. Fine ?A Are was discovered early yeeterday morning in the premise* attached to Mr Hunter's distillery, but was extinguished before It reached the building. , Loss supposed to be $400. Common Council. Boaio *r AiiiiraNTi-August 10 ?Special Meeting? List'* W Stcvcss. President, In the Chair?A special meeting of this Board was called this evening, for the purpose of acting upon a report and reeoiutlou adopted by the Board of Aldermen at their last meeting. In favor of appropriating $3,000 to fit np a suite of room* in the Alms House building, for the aooommodatlon of the Supreme Court. Also, in favor of allowing Mr. Valentine $600 per annum for house rent in lieu of the apartments he has ooeuuled in the Alms House building The former resolution waa conourred la, but the latter, for waut of a quorum, soma of the members having aloped In order to proceed to Cape May on au ex i?_ n ??. ... ? 1 -SI vui piwu) 1mv uumu wm uvu1mvu l?u blihu ujuhxu<ki ufli ill September next. New Boolca. Panorama or the Hudaov Rites?J DlsturnelL, No. 10J Broadway, has r.-o?nily published a beeutlfal " Panorama of th? Hudson", from New York to WaUrford. It is s valuable-work. sod ought to be la ih? pookst of every traveller on oar nobis river. We commend It M the notice of travellers generally, especially strangers. DiituhnkllT New Quids through the Northern and Eastern Statks? J. Dinturu-.ll, lw2 Broadway. This is a nest UtUe work, which we sh >ugi ssy was Indispensable to travellers. It is neslly and cheaply got up. Chamues's Miscellany or UsEruL and Entertaining Knowledge ? This valuable work Is In proossa of being reprinted in Boston by (iould, Kendall St L>ncoin The first number Is at hand, and can bs nad of Long It Brothers, 31 Ann street. 11 will have a rapid sale. The British outrage nt the West. New Vohs, Thursday, Aug 10. Sin :?I take the liberty of addressing you, to order to contradict a paragraph In your paper of ibis day, copied Irotn the St Louu Republican It states that two men, deserters from the detachment at Red River, were arrested by an English officer and a party of soldiers for within the American territory, and against the wishes of a gentlemen in charge of an American fur trading poet, under whoso protection they had placed them, selves Now the real state of the case is this. Two privatsg of H. M.'s Sib Foot. deserted io tb? month of >iay last, taking with them some property brl.uglng to English settlers. After throe days they arrived at Pembina in a starving oouditiou, and applied to Mr. Kitaou. the person in charge of the American trading post to giro then assistance to get to 8t Peters, which lluiy believed to be Utiite close, though it 1* in fact 600 miles distaut Ho refused. They I lieu were consulting as to going baud, and went into an Iudian hut. The boundary Hue ruoa through Pemblua, the American trading p?at on on* aide, the English on the other. A party of constables arrived and arrested them on a civil warrant of Governor Christies, for felony. On thia slight foundation, the St. Louis ii< puiUcan has built up his Hue story of British outrage. May 1 request that you will insert this statement, as I have oousidersd it my duty to make It. lu order to disabuse the publio mind of any false Impression that the officer Oominandiug the British force at Red River, had done anything that was inconsistent with the law of nations. 1 have the honor to be, sir, Your most obedient servant, AN OFFICER IN I'HE BRITISH ARMT To the Editor or N Y. Herald. Travelling Di easing Casi a?i'Ue exceedingly mall comi?>? iu which the subtcubeis have ptaaed ettry thing necessary for the toilet without destrot iug tlieo u.elulncsa, ami the h uidaoiue ?nd substantial wanner io whi b ihejr are made render tie<e Cites superi r to uuy manufactured. An csamiuBtiuu canuot tail ol being satofacto y. U. HAUNDhKb It HON. 177 Broadway, Pine Cutlery? I be BuliacrlbnV assort men* st eveiy po.tib e v <rirt> ,.atlrrn of I en Poc tt, Desk, hud .^iiortiiiir Knit* with a !* ?#? ? ?* imv aI' sra m . a* which wiii be warranted to tlx purchaovf. At?o, Soi-torr, Nail i>ile?, 1 weezers, Ike. a. haunuilks a son, 177 i* road way. a few doom above Lourtlaadt it. Gold Pent,-Fa ta are Stubborn Things... That J. W Greatun It Co., 71 Cedar nn?l. N?w luik.utll lieai.Ut ai eel, Phll-iurl, Ina, do keen the beat rim?ut of ^ Id p.iuand gold and ,ilv*r peu and pencil caaee to befouud. iu thii couutry, u luJiaput -ule. That cdeir price. In nee utm.r ate reduct o. ) <iu a >w counderably tew tha i th >?? of nay Get well known to mauy, and eaiiiy aace.. .alard by a 1. Any kind of yen told elaewheie for Si theF vill tell for f I bo. Gold Pent of all kiuds carefully repaired o iei>o'uted. _________________ Diamond Polnlid Gold Pem-Of ivory Blflfj i- d Ileaibilly, and m >u t auy hand c?u oe fouad et ine > tW Vorh Gold Pen Coinp.uys wflice No .13 eireet. ?ejru#t N'nsauu, up stairs It U not ueveaoiry for theiu to up" reitiM h?ir uric; sutli-e it to uy, tney are ebl- to buv cur aper eud to oiilie cheaper than any one el?e iu the line and a*., with very moderate prod's. When yon ca'l. if ih*ir pr.loi ire not aj low leoth'rs. bey will unt aik you f pureheea. lUche leu Go'.U Pen?tunipl< tuiy triumphant* 1'he public are cautioned at;ai buy .ng l' ,t?e (wn?.,t an. or* > l*e ttiau i1. in W niton It Co., lb ^'iHo .i iprrt. our doer be* low Well street opposite tha Mere ap"(,i frx;l,a g*.i,.| J f. -avage, 9? Kultou etreet. Al1 otbei* are a vie i-n oaitioa.? Uu'rivau atein to lure hid their j ,4g? ,1IU tiled i>y the uur xjiect.'d.popu.arity ol the* litv nelieua."a ,d are reaoruaf to the usual mi-aus of i j-triugan article of mer t. ThegeuOi e ire 81?the ?ay to teat tbrm ii by a ami the peai told at $3 .',0 elsewhere. other re .1 it Si to SI 3(1, told by ot'ie rat Si 39 and SI- Gold pc?us repaired. The Plum be National Daguerrtan Gallery, on the u.per c mer ol Brosdwiay ?i.d Viumy at eer, ? nifi lently ire. mineud to iho*e wiihlng to obt.i g >d ri" tur a An eiani.ati- n I this gallery will man eu ble th<ia o dutinguiah betweeu ord uaiy pictnrei, and thoea that me the eery beat Wlgs._Gilbert dt Fletcher, No ISO Broad* war. have ihe belt aaaoitment of W iga and T> ttpevs that c u befuuudia th? city. Gire them a call and judge lo youi* elvei, No 1.9 Broadway, np naiii, the Howard Hotel. N B.?Private roomi for filing Wigi. White Teeth and Sweat Breatlg are always secured by using Pciuc'i llini 1'oothPaste,o. ly ti n Jltru I ajar A clear aud white ikiu ucert in if you use the Paul t ot Tea I aud Alabaster. ti cent, per ooi; Permau Vauil a Soap, ar Sir Aitlry Cooper', Lotion, 30 cejweach. To pvifr the blood eud f <r oilier c u?ei?Towuaei W Hanpar.lla, Van rlumbert'a Female Monthly Pilla. or Hicnardaoi.'s r?nacaa, at Si each. For aale at E M. Ouiou's. 127 Bowery, corner o( Grand street HON KV NAHKKT, Thn.tdiv. A me. IB H P ae There fit a small panic in the Mock, market to-tlay. At the Bret board, the decline in the (an c if a ?u general, and the Mdea very large. Treasurj notes fell off X per cent; Pennsylvania 6m, X; Reeding Bond*. V, Hading Railroad, X: Farmer*' Loan, X; Norwieli and Worceater, Xi Long Inland, X; Harlem; l.XAt the second board. Long Inland, Reading, and Farm* ers' closed at prioee current in the morning Harlem Improved 1 Xi Stonington, X, and Norwich IX Harlem recovered all it lost In the morning, and the closing quotations for Norwich show an advance of X per cent on yesterday's prices. The aocounts tron Europe by the Cambria, given In n telegraph lo despatch from Boston, have bad a very unfivorable effect upon all our markets. The reports received by the telegraph were very contradictory, ai d It was pretty difficult to tell what the real state of the mar* k ta on the other side was We have received fall Ol-ej and detailed accounts of the markets, snd everything else Interesting, will be fouud In our oolumns. Toeje, has been a very serious decline in prices of lreadsti>^_ u decline quite as large as that drat reported. The receipts of the Harlem Railroad Company for tj,e first seven months in each of the past foujr years, have been as annexed Haiili.w Railroad?Mowthit Ricj,',, j_i?n, >41 '<?, ard '4t. 1811. I?r%. isps. HIT. ! January 6,618 11.399 11.698 he iruary 6 U8J 7.1U 6.103 18.597 >!a,el* 7,980 10 750 18III0 ll.hll \p ll 1",'83 12,070 13.813 10 563 May 11.633 17,778 16/,51 28,793 June 15,068 17,978 17,619 23 ?l5 J,,|P 17 ?? 7,4,4.0 I# 373 2BW Total ^78.024 96.,#0 101 MS 134 100 The receipts for the first eighteen days Id August. IH46, were 810,b89 44 and for the corresponding period 11 August. 1847, 116 447 13, showing an Increase thla year of $S.&97 04, being more than fifty per cent. The total receipts In August, 1640, were $I8J33 SO The receipts fsom freight have been larger Id proportion than tbosn from passengers, the inrreaan upon that portion if the businesa being greater >han on paeseugers The increase in the receipts for the first seven fftonlhs of 18(7 was about thirty per cent on those hir the corresponding months in 1940 and for tl i remainder of the unison, we have no doubt the Inoeo ,? wltl amount to at east fifty percent It Is Impossible to estimate the eg regate receipts for 1817, otherwise than on this basis. \ it increase of thirty-three per cent on tbe g om Inooma of last year, w. ull give thla yi ar an in omn uf 6 i(0 000 and an Inorea** of fitly per cent would give a? I loome of 43.3 i 00 We look fur an amount suinawftrtre lie w< vu l hew two. i bis rusd Is pr.greasing very rapl lly. Proposals have i en issued f ir the oonstructi n of twenty uiun miles of ; .i.d extendnil he hue to Dover Plains I'hs business l' this roid will b* iuuoO lucreased when it is O'.mple t I to D?eer I'lal a* It Will then ?trill? an rxtenal'a : iiauufarttir.orf a atrtot nud bring the termin i- of lha i .no uk itvr the manuf?oturini( dutrictl of Connecticut .ltd Mee-acrtueetu In the iian.U of the prt-eent direo1 > iou. He expect to eee thU exieueloa com,dried eooMi MOJO in \H3 tad a connection made with Albany. Tit : the Wee tern road. * itaetlrae in 1849. 11 y the year 1840, ire expect to ?ee ti.le road In perfeot ruuolng order to Albany, and Uia company In a condition to pay good.