Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1847 Page 3
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r J t1f?id*o<l? nrtmatcij. this must U on* of tfcs ngwrt productive road* la the ootiutry, lt? geo* graphical position 1* ?ui>erlor to any other In the Uulon; and It* local bn*ine?s alone, will toon give it an ineoma sulBclent to pay handsome dividend*. Its through bueioww, when a connection is made with Albany. and the net work of the New England roads, will be a very important Item, but U will by no means depend id much upon that source of income, as the Hudson Hirer 1 ne. It will ooet when completed, less than one half that of tbe river road, and it can therefore afford to transport freight and passengers at more reasonable rates. The principal business of this oompany will be with the New England States, as It will be the only ro&d entering this city Immediately connecting with that Important seotion of tha country, and that momnopoly will remain in the possession of this company. Notwithstanding the unfavorable oomplexion of thereoent report ot this oompany, the stockholders certainly bare causa to congratulate themselves upon the favor able prospect before them; and we trust those who have through good and through evil report, preserved their faith In the valneof the stock, will soon be rewarded with good dividends. Several new counterfeits have reoently made their appearance. Among them.tens on the Marine Bank,a broken oncsrn somewhere out West,altered to the Marine Bank, New Bedford. A lthough the plate of the spurious bills Is wholly unlike toe genuine, the general appearance Is likely to deceits. The paper is whiter, the oentre piece has Neptune, and on the left hand end are Teasels at aea In a gale. The Boiton Couritr glrea the following relative to the money and stock markets of that city :? The money market la gradually tightening, and more l>aoer is offered than oan be negotiated within the legal limit It la also very difficult to raise meney on mortgage particularly on estates out of the oity proper. The loaus of the banha are said to be pretty well up. and although the temporary deposits in some instances ate considerable, they cannot be availed of, exoept by the turtles to whose credit they stand. 'i'h-re was a large amount of Kast Boston stock sold yesterday at the two sessions of the Brokers' Board.? A? the tlrat board eleven hundred shares were sold at pric,** ranging from $93, ten days credit, to $J9J? sixty dayn; k nd at the seeoui board nine hundred snares, at from gd3'. thirty days, to sifty days. seller's option The wpole amount sold is one tenth part of the whole number ?f shares in the oompany. Kighteea mouths ego this *toek was selling at $11 and $10, on a valuation of $30. dinoe then a laud dividend of $10, or one-thiid of the property, has been made, which Is now elliag St $8 74, wh'ch would make the other two-thirds worth $17 40. or $J?>4 ou .a valuation of $30. A new board of directors, however, have since been eleoted, and the goods have bewn re-valued, and marked tip to over $40 per share On tlw 1st of January last, the market price was $10){. consequently the loweet sale y~et?rdey, $J3)?. was one hundred and fifteen per cent advanoe. There is little doubt that the property is worth more now than It was a year ago. but the sales of y-sterday Indicate the feeling of osrtain parties who nave h id good opportunities of asosrUlning ths intrinsic value. The receipts of the Little Miami rallrosd for the month of July, were $18,709 99 of which $7 141,33 were from freight, and $11,601,68 from passengers. The amount received for toll* at Buffalo, Rochester, and Oswego during the ceoond week in August, shows an loerease, compared with the corresponding period of 1*40, of $19,476 48, being upward* of 76 per oent. The following statement shows the amount reoelvtd 1 it tolls at those places during the second week In August in the years 1846, '46 and '47. Wbitsrw Canal Tolls. 1015 1S4G. 1147. Buffalo $9 138 72 16.370 99 29.638 41 Rochester 4 406 29 S 963 10 4.884 09 OsWcsO 3 2t6 84 6.081 30 8.207 37 Total $.6 8HB5 24,254 39 42,729 87 SLTbe Constitutional Convention of Illinois, now in session in that State, have adopted the annexed artlole relative to banking. There is very little chanoe for any great number of banking institutions being established in the event of this (notion being adopted. \ 1 Corporation*, not possessing banking powers or privileges dh? be formed under general laws, but shall not be created under special acts, except for municipal purpose*, and in cases where, in tboJu^nent of thelegMature, the objects of tbe corporation cannot be attaiu. ?d uuder general laws. ^3 t)u from corporations not possessing banking fio?-r*or privileges shall be secured by such individual labilities of the corporators, or other means, as may be pr'-seribed by law !) 6 No Stat* Bank tbsll hereafter be created, nor shall the State own, or be liable for. anv stock in anv orporatlou or joint (took asiociation for banking purposes, to be hereafter created % 4 The stockholders In everj corporation and joint stock association i?r bunking purposes, issuing bank notes or any kind of paper credits to circulate as money, ball be individually responsible to the amount of tbeir respective share or sh ires of stock in any suob corporation or association, for all its debts and liabilities of very kind |i No set of General Assembly authorising oorporati >n? or associations with banking powers iu pursuance of the fniegoing provisions, ahull go into effect or in any msnmr be enforced,unless same ball be submitted to the people at the next general election next succeeding the pa -s?ge of the same, and lie approved by a majority of all tLie votes cast at sucb election for or against such law. If the people of Illinois are hereafter swindled by any banking Institution It will not be the fault of the convention, for the restrictions are sufficient to guaranty the safety at the people, or we might say the bill holders. The risk and responsibility of the stockholders will be increased uu Jar the personal liability clause. Tho eetahjiabnirut of banksupon the tree banking system would do away with all the difficulties and objections such a clause is liksly to create, and give a much sounder and eeirr ?y?iem inn uu mo personal iiaoiiuj id me worm, aa the (eeurity would be Plate liability, with whtctP all would be gutiafled. Stock Kxcnaitc*. 950000 Treat Note* G'a HI,1* '?? aha Morria ( anal 17 SOW) <10 btO I03<i 110 Manhattan Uaa Bcrip 103 20,0 d, 1 30 Oik JO >1 eon RR (OU J0?0 do bit) 103V 100 t Mend HK 3>V 40W do WlV JO do alj 3<V T* do 101. V JO do 3 K 4000 S'ate7'a, '19 10i?r, 2.10 Canton Co 48 4lmu Slot* j't 'Jit llii.V 00 A, 4fi'a lj.ti'1 Pfun'e 5'a 7k>? loo Nor k tVor RH 64 k 1,2,0 Ohio G'?, 'GO lOu 210 00 bJO J|7a 3utU heeding Bonds 70 JO do b30 JJ 2<lHiO do LGO 76>* 100 do bJU 55 V 2 aha V V Built 124 17J do JtV I JJ Aianliaiun limk t).!? 100 do J4^? liO do"- W', 160 do JJ v0 National Hank 104?* JO do a4l 54V l'O Heading ltd C,x 60 do all) Jj JO do 60 160 do b30 65V 1100 Farmera' Truat 36 JG do 66V loo do bl6 36 75 do 5JV *? do blO 36 100 do b30 56V 100 do 3tV 50 do bu 55 100 do ?0 3i? 250 Harlem RR 65V 1W> do 31?. 60 do b30 653; 50 do alO 3 Ik 200 do 65V 100 do 3J.V 661) do 65V 1"0 do MO 36V J" do b30 f,6 'CO do Mo 363* 2', Stouington RH 69V 400 do b30 SiV 25 do 59V SeootKl Board, ? >ha L [aland HR 32V 60 aha Harlem R It b30 67V 1G. "eedngiiR 65V 50 Stoningtnn H K 60 w Harlem nu DSO 66a 12'? >or 5c Wor KK 630 56 t ,1) do b30 67 150 do l>30 56Ju iO <0 bli 67 109 do 56 JO ?#0 86t? 50 do ) 56 loo do " 66K 85 do biO 'J\% 50 so b'l 665J SOU do b30 5> v, 100 do ?30 6(,*i 800 Farmers' Loon >3 35 50 do b'O 67 10 Hudson Hirer RK 86 JO do bSO 67 it W Stock Eiehanye. $5600 Trtas Not e '63W 100 sin Farmers'L,o<Ui 15000 do _ 10i)i no do 31 100-Us Aub k Roeh Rtt 105 50 Harlem RR aid 65y 50 Nor k Wor HK aJ i'fu 50 do bl 6'.V 5 do e <51 >* 50 do b!0 6.' 5Z 'i6 do ?30 ,M 'a 50 do 65m 50 do b 10 56 H 50 do b7 657a 50 do Hit CITY TIIADK niCniRT. New Yo??, Thcmsdav ArTF.asroofr, Aro. 19. Tbe Htr?ld being anxious to ascertain,in the absence of tb? mail, ss far an possible, tba real nature of tbe news, adopted measures to-day for baring the circular of Messrs. Oaring Brother.*, m.ide up in London, o the afternoon of the 3d tort., carefully transmitted by telegraph, thn result of which showed a considerable dlecrepaocy In the prices of several lending article* of produce in London, compared with the news reoetred by the press on joint account frern Liverpool the preeediug evening, which could only bo accounted for on the ground of a fall in Liverpool near the laet moment before tbe sailing of the steamer, largely disproportlonrd to prioes current tn London on the 3d of Augint. Owing to ti.ese apparent discrepancies and tbe non-receipt of the Cambrian mail, tbe market here was very unsettled, and transactions in m arly all kinds of produce limited. Hales if; Ueueee* flour were reported at $5 25 a $5 50. A I5t of ! Owegn Mid at *5 50: a lot of flat Ohio, aour, aold at >4 There were said to be sellers of fresh grouad Geneeeo at (5 50. Though amitll sale* were reported at a higher fliur? Nothing aan done In wheat. Cora wan unsettled. Sales airly thla forenoon of yellow were reported at 7!le; dur.og 'Change a aile of mixed waa made at 85c. Near the close. 7Oe was asked for mixed, and 67o offered A J aal * of yaB<'W waa reported at 70c# There was nothing done in iui-al No sales of rye or oata were reported { Pork rema'ned unchanged Lard waa firm, and aold In | bir-* l?H? K'c a lo><o Sale* of Ohio butter were made I at l2o a l3o. Orouarlea raualned steady, with a fair 1 a nount of aalea d ten the Hudgon hioir, Jug 18. Fl""' m Narrel*. <-or" *04 buehela. C-rnmeel J 227 barrel* Arm ?3 ne t sales of pots war* rapvrtad at $5 a 15 10X. hdiI ol paarla at }8 Haunt urn-flour.-Sale* of 1,000 barrela Oeneaee were reported to be made at (a 25; 000 do Oawego aold at $5 50. and a email lot of Mlnhlgan aold at $5 AO; freah fttuad Oanraaa was offered at |6 60?small lot* of do, ' wm reported ?t jrlw varying from M 3? * M. m?aH> log to quality. IrVgf?Nothing reported. Cum?Sslee t*-triy iu tb* forenoon. of 7 a 8,0.0 bushels Were made at 73 ueuts, during chang" sales of 3,000 bushels mixed were made at OA eeate Towards the oloee 3.000 do yeli low were reported sold at 70 centa -atterwarde 70 cent* | waa aaked and 67 offered. The market oloaed in a very j unaettled state. In other grain no transactions were reported. Candlcs?Sperm, no rliange. CorrtK? Sales ot l.OuO hags of Klo were made at 7 Hi ?7Ka7K cents. I months; 69H bay' do were sold by auction (damaged) at 6K a A"* a 6,T? a fls. cash. The stock of Rio was said to Uq reduced to about 1.600 bags. The market had an upwsrd tendency Cortne?The sales to-day amount to 1 300 bales, all of which was taken for export, and at full prices. Holders seem very Indifferent about offering their supplies at the present rates We quote? LiTunreoi. Clssiipii'stioh. flew Orleans Uvlandi ilorido. blob if TVmi Inferior. uoue. none. uone. Ordinary,. UWs 11K UK n IIK ll.Hi a UK Middling 1!K a I3S,' It s IVHi 13 a UK Cfood Middling U?i UK 1JK a US 13K a UK Middling Fair 1IK i 13& UK a UK UlZ n 13 fair U a IIV 13 a llV MS a UK fully s'air UK a UK 13K a UK UK n UK >iooa f'rur 13*" 13* uoue. 13* a U fine ? a U none. ? a UK Fun?Dry cod continued firm, without change in prices. Maok*rel?Sales of 300 bbls. afloat, were reported sold, the No. S's at $9 36, and No. l's at 913 36 ? Nothing afloat unsold. Sales of 1000 boxes scaled herrings were made at #0o FaviT?Sales of 800 boxes bunoh raisins wars made at 140 a 146c. Har?Sales at 40 a 46o. Market steady. Hiwr oontinued Arm at 9140 a $160 per ton Lkao?The last sales were reported at 93 90 Mslassks continued Arm Forto Riro we quote at 36 a 17c; Cardenas do 36 a 37c, with moderate sales; Mus oovaao weru worm u tuo. Naval Stores ?I>e*ler? were welting for steamer's letter* OiLi?Smell sale* city preened were made at 70c. and of Kngllsh at tirin. No change In crude sperm or whale. Provisions?No change In for*. Bttf?Sale* of 30i> bbU old mre* were made on private term*. Lard - Sslee of IttO bbls. soft, eweet, were made at loo, and 300 do sold at lOI^'o. liurtrr ? Salee of 3 a 300 package* Ohio were ruade at 13X a I Jo Oreaae waa worth 10)?o, and wee wanted. No change In Cktetr. Rice?Trannactione suspended; dealer'* waiting for steamer'* mail Sooab?Sale*of 300 hhd* Musoovado were made at OH a Wo. Tallow-Nothing reported. Whalesoke? At a stand, awaiting steamer's letters. Whiihj-We hare only to note a sale of 50 barrels Ohio at 37*o Ka?:ionT??Rate* were unsettled. It was said 3s 3d per bbl was offered for a cargo of flour to London To other port* rates were nominal, and all hands seemed to be waiting for the Cambria's letters before movlug. TELEGRAPHIC. Uarliets. Boston, August 19?P. M. Sales of 600 bbls. flour were made, consisting of good western and Oenesee, at (A 92 a $6. Hales or 1000 bushels of wheat were made, chiefly fair Western, at $1 20. Hales of 1000 bushels Western yellow oorn, were made at OOo Sales of 200 bbls. prime pork were reported sold at $13. 200 bbls. mess beef were reported sold at $14 60. Cotton, unsettled, and little or nothing done No chauge In spirits. Freights dull. Buffalo, Aug, 19?P. M. The foreign news has had the effect of unsettling this market, and there were no buyers of flour and grain, except at a decline. We quote Ohio and Michigan at $4 AO a $4 87 at which small sales were reported Sales of 2000 bushels Western wheat were made at 90c Sales of 10 000 bushels Western oorn, chiefly mixed were made at AOc. Sales of 1000 bushels of oats were made at 33c Sales of 900 bbls mess pork were reported at $16. Whiskey was nominal at 30c. Receipts during the past 24 hours:?Flour, 1000 bbls.; wheat, 10,000 bushels. Freights by canal to Albany:?Flour, 62c; wheat, 17o; corn, 14c. Albany, August 19,1847. The news completely unsettled the market, and consequently there were no sales worth reporting, or which afforded any indication of the state oi the market ? Quotations generally, for flour and grain, were nominal Ruceipts by canal during the preceding twenty-four hours, were as follows:?Flonr, 6010 bbls; oorn, 11,600 bushels: wheat, none; oats, none. Baltimore, August 19?P. M. The steamer's news received by telegraph, has had the effect of unsettling this market, and of producing a downward tendency in Breadstuff*. Dealers were anxiously awaiting the receipt of the Cambria's mail,and were not disposed to operate till letters i.ame to band. Hales of iOOO bushels of Maryland white and yellow Corn were made at 66a. and 70c. Quotations of Wheat, Rye and Oats, uominal. In Provisions nothing done. Whiskey remained unchanged. Married. At Brooklyn. L. I , on .Monday evening, lGth inst., by the Rev Mr Gilbert. Auot'srus F. Thoupioi, U. 8 Navy, to Miss Merian L Hamilton. On the evening of the 18th Inst, by the Right Rev. Bishop Hughes. Mr Albert Ransom, formerly of Colohester. Connecticut, to Mrs. Maria McOowan, sister to the late Alderman, Felix O'Neil. ult of this city. < Connecticut papers please copy. On the 19th inst . by the Rev Horace O. Day, of Schenectady. Mr. A. P. Black, of Cattskill, to Miss Sarah C. Asrahams, of this city. Dled.~ On the 19th Inst, Mahv Ann. wife of Harman Blauvelt. aged 37 years and 12 day a. The relative* and friends are respectfully Invited to atteud her funeral this afternoon at b o'clock On Thursday. 19th lustant, alter a lingering illness. Charles, eldest son of Joseph and Calbarlue Dennis aged 23 years 6 mouths and 13 days The relatives of the family and bis friends, as also the members of Company D. President Guards, are Invited to attend bis funeral, from the residence of his father 269 Division street, on Saturday, at 12 o'clock, M.. with out furi hnr notice His remains will be taken to Middletown. New Jersey, for interment. Suddenly, at Westchester, on Thursday afternoon, 19th inst., Charles G. Botes, in the 48th year of his age. Ills friends and aciiuaintanoes are invited to attend his funeral without further invitation, this (Friday) afternoon, at 2 o'slock, from his late residence. No. 0?e> Broome street His remains will be taken to Tarrytowu for int> ruit-nt F)tNO-Jn Kiidxv evening. I3:h iu?l ut, a small sum > f monry. I lie wuer c ill us I the aaine hv s.lif, lug the Under of the true wuerslnp, by ap lyug at No 6 Metchei hir^rt tvSP li * in ??t) ^ ftfii | TO i! Oou TO LOAN AT?X ' KitCKNT vjrseit/)vW on hmd and mortgage, ou ini|irovril real e..i .in in mi* coy. Ala", other aui .uuls: a> <1 (GO II at 6 t'er Cent. Apply to WM CORP, sn20lf*rr No 2 Hall of Records S> - IIOWL.? I'lie advertiser is desirous of pliscug hia sou a MhM vearsofage at a lloardmu School which ha* a I miinl dumber of srlioltrs, whe e Classical and Knglish nranchea are taught Any gentleman Hiving one of the circulars <>l? such a srhool, or who would otherwise give the particulars, would oblige Mr. UKLL, box 2357 Post Office, New Porb cit\ . before the l?t of H? ptcmbe- next a20 It* ic MU.VU VI KN i 6?Lost or mislaid auine time last week,two plant for Monuineiita, which were lent to a genii! man and who ha* forgotten ihrm in a. me place not recollected. Whoever will hare die k'Ddueii to return them to the sub tenbrr, will receive hia w-rmett thanks, and a reward if desired ROBK11T K LAUNITZ Marble Yard. an20 it*re No. iJG Broadway. 'Ptl HO t KL-K Kfc.Pk.RH,?Wanted, by a married man a.d A lua wife, without family,a aitnntion in a Hotel. They are both comt e cut in every respect to take the management ot a house, having had each ten j ears experience in the business ? Parlies lequiitng their seiviees. (or if the men's services only should h- required,) by dropping a line addressed J. C, H. .VI , Heiuhi Office, will be promptly at ended to. Respectable ic'en ures it veil. aii2ll K->4t Vllt* re THE OMIuINAl* d.tLVAMIV ft I NOB hands. Mis A plasters, magnet r Hind, Ac , wholes I* and eta,I, at 192 B out way, comer John street, i ea'ers Supplied on liberal iitui.k. av arraiueu 10 be uiaiiuia lu'6'! by Hit* original m kera, mil the |wice ia mjeli reduced. 112 Broadway, corner John , tre?t au20 Ot" re NOTICE ? I he c nsigiiee of III), three pickag?s. No 9 a to 911 tier steamer Philadelphia from (herbnu g, is ieq ie?trd to call at lh? office ol the anbacrihera. auMJt*ic AY M Alt It CO., SI South ?t. U >lla W/\TME-Fnr sale, aealuahle recipe, with InatrucaJ Hons fit ma1 iug bottird Sodi water, with or without syrups. With this recipe, the retailer can malt* hit own Sod.i water, without appa aiut or machinery of any eacriptio... t ipense nut to ri< eed ten cents per do tea, uiule with terv little trouble, nud ready for u e in twenty minutes. No charge will he made ui leaa 'lie purchaser ia p. rlectly salisfi-d pply to Dr .?l AR.-II VI,I, No. M Oi injt: atreet. where amolgs miy lie aeen Price f ir the recipe $i. a2n 2frc 1 Q J bHu iI) aVA Y*(co r er of John a'.). -TO THOSr lffC WHO SHAVh THEVHELVEH. t K i m the Evening Post.) ? Specimens of King'a uotprroachable Veilwa team lor Shaving.?This article. nniver?al|> l>raited h? thnce who made tr al of it, laat ',ear took the fir,I premium ol ibe Inttiln r Kair Indeed, it it lul ycoureded lit ihnae who kunw that it It impossible to niauultctiiit a article equal to it. It la aofieniug In the akin, fr grant lo the sense, t .iratroyer ol hecklea ami pimples, and ia auld chea ei tiia the old t< apt AH, iherefore. woo would consult economy and c ntfort in ahaeiug, ah nld p sars?themse'ret of it heroin the Evening Mirror )?Huig'a Verbena Crenm we know by iperieuct lo be the oral kind of shaving snap, and ihnre per-ont who have trouhlrsome braids anonld not be wi h- Uf it. Prepared and for sale, wholesale and retail, by Charlra H King, Diuegiat, 192 broad way, enrurr of John al eel. an2D 3l>'*r r DVLLEYM PAIN EXTRA' TOK?Whit it the b77t ritetuhl remedy in the would ' Atk any drnggiat lu Hie Caiiteil H'atea and he invanahlv answers run..'- p.;_ e. tract, r rount-y dnalera aarpli'd on the moat lib* ml term, from the P opnrtor'a depot. 20? Brotdwav. It mutt com* from lliera to he fiiui. e H. DALI.E V It '.u., nolfl 12'r. du t kSu m 9b8 Broadway. Wilt?*! ** l(is ! Ill RAMUKHlJ and i t? it*..a wTahinp a ft at quality Wig or 'I ..ui>?e. are malted to i mpert the ?it<-naiYr atmrfme t ol Wm Bticti'lur wnrre thay fan arlec. l"t tu iht It |rt tto?It in the United dta'ee. Ti.rr* ji iIwim ,i lira |.| c? to pn cur- an it - Ir in etrry bn?iiirta <ml th* belt plaee n buy i VV ig or rou:*e,i. at Batch lor'a maniifart'ir?,No 2 Wall itfi-at, near B-oaiway. Pr rata room- for fitting vv'ig. I . p. the add "'! at- >a 'P't ?rrr L_UIJll) H f~ l> t t..? b \ iili.'.^uty n I.NiiVi.V I A NEol'8 Ll'il'l HAIR OVE ia lar tu pert or to > tiling yet iiltcrad for coloring tha hair to a beautiful and permanent black or brown, witliout ataiuing oi injuring the akin. The wondarful facility with which thia ranaarkable liquid effect* the draired object, agcitea the admiration and aitonnhnitut of load in iU preiee. Sold wholrnala and retail M W.M . BATCHELOlvB, No. 2 wall atraat, near Broadway. Prtee? Bottlei for the hair, $1 SO j for the whiakera, SI. Beware of worthleaa ronnterfeite. Ageuta in Waahington City, J. H- Oibba aHICt#rc pATHOUe cfttLMt Otrnwotr etom| \j Worcester, Mum'iHuttH *;]; < Cortege. foi? M ,?.od placed by ini lite RlgM Reverend Benedict Fenwick, pis'iog of li iiou, under the c 're of the Fathers 01 the Uonety of i Jesus, la beautifully ai uated on the height* of Worccater, command* a full xiew of the town >ad -urroauding country, aud ia distinguished lor it* remarkably healthy air, and shundan' supply uf good water. A farm of sixty acre* is attached to the College. The plan of edecatioo i? designed to prepare yuuog meu for an ecclesiastical, prolesnooal, or commercial state oflife; and at co dinglv embraces three distinct coarse* of atudy. i he Commercial course comprises writ:ug, arithmetic, and booa-lir>|iiag; the English and French luiguagcs; history, geography, and the use of the globes; elementary algebra, and f[ron>etry, with the practical branches of mathemitics; Ei'S* >h and French composition, reading and public speaking; and ihe grounds of natural and revealed religiou. The course pursued by those w ho are luleoded lor any of the learned professions, include-, besides the above, the Latin and Oreea la guagrs.snd a complete Classical education, poetry, rhetoric, logic, the philosophy ol the human mind, metaphysics aud ethics; ecclesiastical history; astronomy, chemistry, and the other branches of natural science. The F.celesiasiical coarse comprises, ia addition to the braurhrs mentioned above, the several departments of sacred learuiug, biblical aud theological. As tlisse three courses enter into the general plan of education, the parent it at liberty to select any of them, or any por tiou of them, conformably to the views ho may have witk reference to the future pursuit* of his son. The religions aud moral lustrnctioo of all ia attended to with watchful and aunous care. Betides the usual course of cateclusticvl instruction, public lectures are delivered oil the principles, doctrines aud ceremouiea of the I atliolic Church. All the atudeuu even in the hnura of re-creati n, are constantly under the special care and superinteudeu e of one or more prefect. or protestors. No applicant from any other institn ion will be adm tied without satisfactory testimonials as to chiracter aud conduct Irom the Paincipal of that iuslimtton. , , The hooks necessary for the dillereut r'assoe may he forDished by the parents, or guardians thamselves, or they can be | procured at the College, at very moderate charges. Ape ol? adin ssion, from eight to fourteeu years. No student admitted for a leas term than t> months, and no deduction made if reinovrd before the term expires The uniform to b- woru by the students on all public occasions cnusists of a black coat or jacket, blark rest, grey pantaloons, for winter, and white fur summer. TERMS The annual pension is $150. for tuition, board and lodging, wastiiu?, aud intruding liurn airfstnckiuga. ^ 01 i i any defer,Tor the space of two ruoulha to pay in advance, tinPresident of the College ii directed to leud their uno, or ward. home. No advance f r e lotlnog or other expenses will be made by the College,Unless a deposit be left with the Treasurer I'or the purtmsr The follow ing items are extra charges : the tier man. Italian, and Hpauish Languages. Music, Drawing, Painting, Dancing, Fencing and Medical Attendance. The vacation commences in the last week of July, and continues to the 15th of September, exclusively. N. B.?'1 his College is intended exclusively for Catholics. The most direct r utc to this College from the South, is by s-earn boats fmm N?w York to Norwich or New Haven, Con eclicut, thence by Railroad to Worcester. The distance f om Bout n to Worcester is travelled iu two hours by Railro il, and from Albany to Worcester iu nine hours by the great Weler.i Kailroad. a .to 2awl2'rc JAMES llVDER. President. P)RT>EK WANTED (either silent or active))?In the introduction of a Medicine, a certain cure fur the Ague and fever; has been tested du ing a loug and eminent medical practice, is al endy successfully introduced in the south ud west, and facilities are possessed to place it iu the hand. ot unwaida of 3,000 agen's C tpitxl required, S3,500. None need apply without the requisite cash capiial. N P.?Undoubted relVr -uces gi veu, bo'h as to the medicine a d cha acter. Add ess " J. Wbox 1,932 Tost Office, an III 3t?rc W'AN I ED?Several young 'adirs acquainted Willi millinery and store tending; (more particularly store lending) to go to a ue.g1-,boring city Sitislactory references required as to ability and character. For particulars apply at '7 Uioalway, between the hours of 3 and 5 P. M., ou Saturday, August 21 au20 4'*rc A PRO IT! BTANT W O VI AN desires a sttualiou as < o-ik or Laundraas. Unexceptionable reference given in regard to charucter and qualifications- Please address 83 Cinsbv street aulO Ifrrc WANT.' D?Several young, honest, intelligent and enterprising men, each with a small amount of money, say S50, to locate themselves, one in each of the large cities of the United Simrs, to sell one ofihe most popular periodical* published in this country. Young meu with the above requisites, c in make from ^150u to S2i>00 the first year, with analmost sure prospect of making from f300o to $ 0A0 yearly afterwards ? This is no fiction or imaginary castle, but a real fact. Apply to |SR AEL POH I', 240 Nassau street. sn20 I- *m W AN I h" A BlTUATION, BV A Ri>>e.uTABL7 young woman as chambermaid, waiter or geneial house work, iu a small family. City references shall be given. Address to M. L., 41 Watt street al9 2t*rc WANTED?In a merchant tailoring and clothing store, a Salesman, and who has some knowledge ol cutting.? One who can come well recommended may apply by letter, with real u>,me and reference, to box No. 2614 Post Office. au 19 Jf m __ __ WAN I'KD? A lituatiou In a confectionery, by a youug German, who is well acquainted with this buuueas, alio with cake baking. Apply at No. 3< City Hall Place. al9 3 Ore AUtlNTH WANTED?Two or more faithful and induiIriout you'ig mcu can dudconstant employ, on app icaturn at 299 Broadway. nl8 3t*m NEW STYLE Ob MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS.? Ju?t received from the first manufactories iu Vienna and Paris an assortment of the latast and moat approved musical instruments, consisting of bass instruments called Basaa Tubas, iu r . C and K il u. with from 3 to 6 cylinder and (a new style of valve called) dium, which >he pcrlormer can regulate by the springs of the valves, to move according to his fancy in one m uncut; alto 1 Euphoueum with 4 cylinder varies, the in >?t complete bass solo instrument in use, for orchestra or military hands, together with a general assortment of musical usiruineuts, such as Has Horns, Ebo Comas, Co.netts. Post Hums, Cornopeans, Klines, ClariouetU he., may .e had wholesale aud retail, at C G. Christmau's mu ic and musical iusirumeui mauulhctory and warehouse, 404 Pearl st. an (2 nil in OTlofc TO CON TRACTO RH.-EXf E N810 N~~t>K the Harlem Railroad from Crulou Kails to Dover Prima Pioposals for (he (trading, masonry and bridging of twenty niue miles oi the New York aud Harlem Railroad, exteudiug from its present terminus at Crotou Kalis to Duver Plains in Dutchess Couuty, will be received at the office of the Engineer in While Plains, uutil the first day of September. The line is now prepared for the examination of Contractors, nil profiles and apecificationa will be exhibited at the Engl ueer's office. The Company reserve the right to accept or reject any proposals, whether they may be the lowest or not sfitlrre JI LL A N C A M PBELL. ' "'V\JkI >1. t MOW LEY k SUN, Needle and KishHook vianu vT facturers, Alcester, Warwickshire. England?Store No 77 Maiden Lane, (up stairs) New York. Win. C. aud Sou respectfully inform the merchants of New York and oilier cities thai having now On i.anil an extensive stock of their manufactured articles, will tell to the trade or importers at a small advance from their maiiufactnring prices. One of the firm, Win. Crowley, being now in England, and intending suuruy ui lucrease meir ennui jari mem uy me rrectiou 01 itenm mills,w* shall bt euabled to tell at extremely low price** iv*S l*t? re __ _ _ Lr (IK i'lltHEi BKANUIKS.?.Vow landing at I'ier7 N R., from ship Mary Vranos, I ruin Bordeaux. 86 pack, gei.o 1 rlie above well kuowu Brandies, <liircl from the house of the 8ubac iher, iu Prance, viz. Cognac, " Leger Kreret," Armag ac. ' Star,'' Bordeaux, Henry L. L. Choanelte and Knchelle Lafatette brands, |>ale and color* <1, in half, piuit-r and eighth pipes. Also, 16 casks While Brandy, of superior flavor. foi preserves. Alio iu store, nutitled to drbeuture, a full assortment of the above Brandies, of various vintages from 1827 to 1846. Samples at the office, 101 Wall street or 12 KU'm _ HF.NRV I.KO^W. PAhWlAV D V hi N <J K8T A11 LI Ml 161K N 1'?Office .82 William street, New Yurk-COURT k DK8CII AC'X dye and Quish in a new and suiierior style, never before introduced into the L'uited States, all sorts of goods, sewing silk, twist and trams, either plain or shaded; zepttyr wortteu and woollen yarn, sewing msilnn, mohair, lie They have irnpoited pitent machinery for patting np worsted and silk, eitlier 111 skeins, spools or sticks; damaged or faded goods, ribbons, silk, satin, merinos thibet and rashniere shawls, gim|is, fringes, cords and tassels, ladies' nud gentle men's garments, fee., dyed and clsaned equal to new article* jv28Mr?m INC 1N 18' AND CHILDHKN'8 .V1AUAMN UK8 MODK9. established iu 1816 ? Miss JACOBS (late of iv7 Broadway), hega Uave to return her siucere thauks f. ir ihe liberal palroiiage (lie has received since 0|ieuing at 611* Broadway, one door from Houston street, and takes this me I hod of info-min, strangers anil the ladles of this city and vi ciuity, that she is nowoueuing her fall assortment of Infants' eud Children's doming, comprising rich silk velvet and merino Sa ks, Cunts and Cloaks, braided and plain, and every article in the Children's department. Ladies silk Opera Dress, Hood*. Sun llats of all descriptions. Hair Orass Cloth, Moreen. and Hough's Patent Skirts. Ladies' and Children's Dresses aud (Jeutleinen's Vests, braided to order. N.B. Ladies own msr? rials made up. anDMt'm C' A It It I AOKH ? ill largest assortineutol Carnages in this t city is for i lie , i do. 160 Broadway (Coliseum Building) at greatly reduced ( ric ? ? comprising Coaches, Plieatona, Barouches, Buggies, Rockaways, ' Wag us. Also,anew style < fcarriages, for two or four persons, with and without tops-, together with a large assortment rf harness. a!6 30f m H. H ROQKR8 C'HKAP C A8H iiST A B L18H M KN T.?The undersigned / furnishes shins, steamers, hotels .h.srdme hnuu, ,?4 t,. milieu with all kinds of stores at wholssalr prices. Among | his stock may he found groceries. Iijuora, segari, fine wiura, M baskets Due d. Vlontabello and llridaiek flitmpague; 260 j half eheata black and green Tea will be aold it great bargains lor lose a consignment. Country merchants and up towu groeera would do well to rail. All ordera from the country will be i>romi>tly attended to. Maatrra of vessels having amall lot* of goods to dispose of for caah will (ileaaecall. Order* amountiog to >10 will be aent home free of ea> rage. an? :tnr?rr A. B. MILLS, M Water ?t. CI SOON'TRY MERCHANTS, DEALERS IN I'EKe I MKRV, Toilet Soaps. Patent Mediciuea, Fancy Articles, in rrery variety, supplied upon the loweat term., it No. I f'onrtl nidt atreet, first store from Broadway. Alan, VROOM St KOWLKK'H unrivalled Walnut Oil Military Hhaving Soap the only geuutne, awarded the Ant premium at the American Institute in Hit and lltfi. geo. b. groser, formerly with ani Jflt'm vroom a RlWI.I'tt of No. 2. OKEKMAN HOL'HE, No4il Berkman rtreet. Board end L> Lodging by the day, week or mouth, ou the moat reaaoua ble terms. A choice ol several single rooms may he had by applying immediately. Mingle me its mey be had at all houre of the day aud evening. j. WILHOx. ?4 il)t*rr I'O DENTI8TS; dental ufel'ot, Jit broad W Ak I New York, where maybe fou. id a complete assortment if Teeth, pental luatruniente, gold Foil. Plate, Wire, Holder ipiral Springs,ulatina. Oold.ataniel Foil, precipitated Silver, ..Iver Plate, wire, solder. Ac. joseph t. ml'rphky. iv?l vet*re fjtwttstTbartholomewb chi/rlh lor aale, I No. IM, desirably situated. Apply to Si and f,7 Nassau weet. "lw Htm ijowlllon the eye?Just published, a Popular l Treatise on the EYE, its Diseases, and their enre, with eiigraviugs, rules for the selection of spectacles. Ac., Avo., riceVtcenis. To be liad at the author'e, and of bookseller* ''br Pow*ll attends eaelustvely to diseases o( the Eye and Ear from !) to 4 o'clock, et hit office 2?1 Broadway, corner of wwrren ?Tr*er Artificial Kvm ol fipenor quality recently imported, an 10 !W>t *rc WHOLKHALF "hHIKT WAKMIOLhR, N... J. I'lati Meet, 2d door from William. where may be found a larie a.iurimriit of Hhirte. of eerry quality, made in the lateei itylra, mil of aupenor wnrkman.hip. Fancy and I'laiu Linen, Vfualin and comimm Hliirta, conatnntly ou hand. Bontheru and Weatern merchant, are rraperrfully tnrited to call before tmrr.hanup. JOHN WOOLHEY, 21 I'latt at. Iwlrt ant*ire PANTALOONS-K. AHKEN8. the well known Pante Tailor, 20K Ann atrert, hia lately receirrd oyer 10(1 pea finry Ca.aimere. and Lineoa, of which he inakea p.iuta to of ter for only (2 VI to St per pair. Alao. French and Kiivlian black caaaimerea and doe.kina, froin tl to St per |>air warranted icood, or no tale. Oenta who are hi want of Tanta, will do well to rail at }n|S \lin etrret. |v4 10t*rr j pRt/t?Tlo^5 UF TWUkW-uI ..r U?,,|,I..I I l-d with Halt Rheum, F.ryaipela., Itch. Ringworm Pimpled j h are. or other diaeaae. of the akin, may nhtam aapetdy and ' rHrrtoal Vlr. Carroll'. Vie lien ed Vapor,Sulphur,and I' dine Bath r^ublinhment, IH Fulton atreet, oppoaile Chureh j ft ret. ? t omryinod Concentrated Syrup of Nnrtaparilla, prepared by i the Shakrra, 7.2 eent. per bottle ill TO'*re |Cf FOR HHiPPING-lttM Ttt.NHK K, li. ni r.Ki,t to 1*5 tnehea thick, pot up ripre.aly for .hippiuc, aud parked on board yeatela. Ver.seli fitted fur Ion* audehort '1 loweat market pricea. and at the ahorte.i notice, i by H. M. C; eraeman, Proprietor of the Union ITltler County ! lee Company. Depot Toot of Duene ttreot. til l?t*rc | ?Y j. M *i Mm n John -trfn.?Cr t'ofue ik't of *J casei French tud English flint Tumblers, VV ne? ami Deeanters. cut and 1 l?n. In tin c??. Alto, too 'ou from thesh-lvesof 1 oa Stone CThioa, White fir mle.and Blue wire, with rich cat glass and fane y go da. Bale positive, at four months cradit overtlWttiljt'n J, W. BROWN, Auctioneer CABINET and HOUBEH6ld FURNITURE?J. W. BROWN will r?ll at auction, thia day, Friday, Auf. M hlK o'clock, at No. 142 Broadway, a large assortment of suiwrior Furniture, comprising rosewood sofas, parlor chairs aud bureaus, uuhogauy sofas and chair* of carious stvlea, marble top dressing and plain barfaus, mahogany and ' marble top washstauds, rocking and sewing chairvtdining. tea, i card, centre, sofa, qnaitette, aud waaii tallies; book cases, curl uiapU lunl Macs chain; mahogany French bedsteads, double -nil ..ingle hair Mattresses, |uliaaaci, Ac. Alao an luruiae of portable writiug deiks, dreasiug cases, and ladies' work hoses aulnli*m WONDERFUL DISCOVERY.?Htnker't Sol alios for ilie Heir, which will change grey hair to ite original color ill t'tw minutes. This Solutionis different from any ret uffuretl. Those who doubt its virtues a>* requested to have their hair changed before paying their money, tine trial will prove the fact. The Solution eau be had at ('. B. Hammond's, 178 Broadway, corner of Chamber* street; Dr.Chastenv, ISO Bowery; Dr. f'oueyactre, J1 Chatham street; and at Striker's, 4 Cpeutirs Blip, where it can be applied None gen nine unlets signed II. Striker, ia fid ink. anil) ltl*ra U.mon MUTUAL insurance COvII'AnY. No vi Wall street, iusures against lost or damage ou Marine aud Fire Risks, including Risks of Inland Trans( ortatiou and .Navigation, at the lowest established rates. This iust|tutiun possesses an advantage over other Mutual lusurancr Companies, having a r-<sh capital raid in, aud the profit* of ilie busineas to be divided between the stockholders and the insured. i Shepherd Knjpp, Lambert Suydam, 1'aul Spofford. John 8 Tappan, K T. H.Oibtou. N.W.Merrill. Kd K. t'ollii.t, Jolm .lohnson. Albert Woodhull. N. II. Wolfe, Charles M. Lenpp. John Veil Nest, Beth Gijjiveuor, Klbert J Anderson. Joseph Bouchaud John D. Van Buren. II L. Routh, Kr?d. L. Talcort, C George F Darby. David Austeu. Edwin Hoyt, John I. Kingsford. John D. Hurlbut, R A Robertson, Stephen Allen, Kerd. 8ujdam, Jr., ??& R. M. Lawrence, John I*. Nrsmith. George [Upelyr, A. G Thompson. Kich rd Well, L H Brig him, P. V. \\ rtmore, .lumen K Cooler. MTA W Wright, Gideon L. Knapp, H. H. V.uiinrll, Henry Holt, B. P. Bork, Joseph Fowler, John T. Johnston. A. Srignette, LAMBEKT 81 "y DAM. Presidrut. JOHN H. TAPPAN, Vice President. Fkhdimakd 8t*uo, Secretary. aul9 2l*m EsOINEKHINuT 1.EV>:LINO, AND SURVEYIN?. ?K. W. BHU.NEL, C. E. (late ol l.oudou), holds hie classes at the 8hal?|ieare Hotel, corner ot Dnane and William trreu, for nutructious in the above branches. both in theory anil practice; and by hia successful and unrivalled ayatem wHl qualify Ilia pnmls to uar the Theodolite aud Spirit Level, and act ou any railway line, auryey, or public work in two month* flour* of instruction, 8 to 18 A. M. aud 8 to 8 P. M. a u 19 :tt*m U i.\ 'J UK COUiN i'K V.?A few uiore peraou* can lie a J'ommodated at Koae Cottage, Cornwall, Orange I no My. alter Salurdiy ueat, the 8l*t lustau . a* a uuinber of the prraent company leave for Saratoga Springs on that day. To those who wish to spend a short season lot e country this place will he found to pos e?s many attrai tious but few, if any other- do?it is conrenient to the landing. A great vali-ty i f the best ol fruit, milk. Ike. K'u further particular, please enquire of al9)t*m C.'H. H1NO. 198 Broadway. NO I ICE?The copartnership heretolore rusting belweeu Nelson J Barber and Benjamin Sherwood, is this day dis so vrd. Aud the business of Monochrotn ?lic Painting will be carried ou by Mr. B. Sherwood, at hia rooms, No. 28J Broad way, third at iry, froutiooms. BENJAMIN SHERWOOD. New Vork, August 18. 1847. al8 3t*m I^OH SALE? \ new aud ftshiouai le Leather Top Wagon, ? vnv avoi, iniMc IU o'ucr. lur CUV USB. /AISO, OUC StCOIlU hand wagon. Apply it UKAY'8 Stable, 25 Warreu etreet. sull3t?jn _ PICK - U III', on the Uth of Augu t, at Pier tie, North BO VT, with a |i te? tif hawser end >nmi oilier ropr, supjiosed to be stolen. The owuergtau have it by proving property and paying npeuses, by applying to police officers Reynold* and Murpny, at the Ktrst Ward Station ||ouse. aulB3t*rc 8KLLINO OKK.?k'reneh Artificial k'lowers. keathcsand materials for floris s; u large stock, with 6 case. Plowrrs, of the newest style, just received by the latest arrivals, lor sale below cost; the owueis giving op the entire business. Also ,2 cases fancy Boxes.Tor bonbons. BKUN LAKOSIfcRV. It COURT, al*30l?m 122 William street, New York. FANCY GOODS?F. A. ARTAULT. Proprietor of dM Lafayettr Bazaar. 119 aud 151 Broadway, np just impoiied a suitable stock for fall trade, which he offers to oonntry uiei(-hauts on encouraging terms, coosiatiug of fancy iul ud work boxes, line faus. cut glass, Paris porcelain ware, purses, ladies bags, perfumery, jewelry, tieef goods, Ac.; in hue the most spTeuoid and varied stock of faucy and usefnl goods to be fonnd in t'-ia city. Country merclsanta are iuvilcd to Calf au!7 301?re A BILLI ARD TABl.r. KOK 8ALK.?One in perfect or der, with a sot of iiueues. balls, Ac., all complete, will be sold cheap for cuh. Can be seen at No. 27 Dey street. Apply to lhe President of the Hwisa Club, Mr. A. (irosclaude, No. 115 Fulton street, up stairs. aul' 6t*rrc ffi/l UbiC TALIIHT, on moderate terms, by a lady who LvA has had considerable experience iu teaching. She teaches on the Logerian system, which is greatly approred ol in Europe. Terms, Three Dollars par mouth A line addressed to A. B., at tlie Herald office, ehall be at tended to ly2> Mf Is re CONST 11' AT ION (t, OSTIV E N 6 B ) UKSTHOY EU" Obatiuatr. inveierete and habitual Couatipation. (Coativeneaa) not only totally overcome, but also completely destroyed, without usiug ruber purg Uvea, injections or baths, by a natural, simple, agreeable and infallible means, recently disrove'ed iu France, by M. Warton, 62 Hue Kichelieu, Puru." Price 20 cents. great rente . i is a light. |>alatab!e and delicious food called "Ervslen . ? a vegetable karina? in some res|>ecu rpMinhlinv Arrow rn >t The above treatiae mi J KrvaleuU constantly on hand at the National Depot of W rrtou. ? Parte, ripraaaly ealabliahed for ihriraato.nt II AMMOND'H it CO.'S Drug Store, 278 Broad way. coruer ol Cham era atreet, three doon aouthof Btiiarl'a marble building. Booksellers and ggista abroad, deairoaa of introducing ilit* Krvalrnta in: i * Jfspectiee citiea < towns. will be draft with on favorablem r a by addresaiug. i oat paid, "The Director ofthe National i j i itfWartoo, ol Parn," New York, a its Kit am I'D MKtlCHAN 18 AN D OTHER*-A single, middle 1 aged MB, ol temperate anj moral habita, is deairoua to obbtain rm| loyment, either iu a atoie, warehouse or paint establiahmeut; write! a neat and eipeditioua hand,with eotne knowledite of accounts: no objection to t wu or any part of the couutry. Also, hai aome knowledge ol house and fsigu luiiuting. graining and glazing A letter rddrtaaed to J. W., Poat- mce. Jersey City, will be immediately attended to. an 19 St*rc Le.UI tll.l) Sc MAI.Kit K ll'-LBttONNEK, importers of Krench Keathers, Klower*und Material!, No 139 William ?lr?rt, nenr Knlton atreet, New York. Oilier in Pane, 6 and 8 atreet of Cairn. iuH 10t*rre_ 'IMlr, t'O-PAKrN&KBHIP heretofore existing under the X late firm ol Meyer It Menaheu, and carried on at No. .Mi West atreet, it lliii t'uv dissolted by murutl conient. Henry Meyer ia duly to aettle all the busiuesa ofthe aaid late lubiat the old ataud, No 16 Weat atrtrt, coruer of hector. HENRY T. MEYER. New York, Auifuat. 1847. an 9 3t* re NOT I t.'E.?H E .N R V MEVKK. of No. Ml^Wastslrret", begs leare to inform hia numeroua frienda and rnatomera tnat he coutmuea on hisown account, the Grocery and L.ii|uor uusiness III mi in oraiicnes. wholesale ana trtail. null will tilways aril, under hii old motto, cheaper lliau the cheatiest. ?:knrv t. meykh, aul9 3t*rc 66 West street, eorner of Rertor. QI/lnilY.?There appeais lo be two different clmri ol' men iu N w Yoik Do jou know wliat makes one rlaaa looks an much superior lo the other I Answer! Tliat'aa fact that baa atruck me frri|ariitly. Bat I hire neyer been able to account fur the difference. It certainly ia not the cloth, altogether. Why no?let me tell yon, one class bnyasii shirts a year from Scott. 91 Nassau street, and his shirts being cat in a s yle truI; merhanical, they consequently fit bramifnlly. The other class don't care two atriws whether they wear any sh rts or not as lone at they are i letated. When you want any shirts, cai there first?he tellp a magnificent one fort I 60. and we. rants them to fit. Oppositi'Herald office. Kstablithed 18.I-. so 19 TOt'rre B9U V ju.m I' 1 o .1 It .* ' II Vreslrru .virrchatii*? Your atrrntion is respect . |y called to a novel and most useful invention, the I'aleiit Mastic Baby Jumper, for the healthful eiercise and amusement of infauts. 'J he relief it afford* those having care of children, the extensive sale it has everywhere commanded, with the liberal percentage allowed to those who buy the amele to sell again, reuders it a most desirable object to purchase either singly or by the quantity. u?0 W. Tl/TTLK, 'nventorand Proprietor, Wholesale and Re ail Depet, 3M Broadway, N. V. au!9 30l?rc NOVKI.TIKH I KK KR- Nl II-.HTKAMKlt-KRKl)K RICK A. WOODWORTH, JJj Broadway, (opposite it,. .... I .. ..... .....I... voice* of rich Kaucy Article*, received i*r steamer Philadelphia, from Hivre, among which are richly decorated PorceI no Vase* Stattietts, Kiicons. Inkstand* and Boudoir Orn*incut*. New itylea of Bridal and Mourning Kan*. Rich Urea* Ka ?, Bohemian <ilna?-ware, Opera Glasses, Por celainand BuniitUroti|>*, T*|>er Lamp*, Card Keceivera, Itc Also, a fre*h supply of Lubiu'a choice Perfnmes for the hwdkerehicf?*iitv varietiee. ani6 Iteod'rrc _ JOHN VPttKM'-B lOI'H 8KI.I INO Ot.T, M TJohn street, corner of William atreet. All that henntifnl Hitoi'lt of fine Ureas Boot*, at (I V) per pair, not to be Jft equalled for style or durability. The B stmcnt is to let. *19 M?rc _ I8AAC PHIH IPS. KINK UOLU ami SILVER WATC in.S."'lhe tf'jAjjlSabscr'ber la selling all descriptions of fine tiold and eT.1Sliver Watches and Jewelry, at retail, lower than any other house in the city. All Watchea warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watchea and Jewelry e?chanced. (Jold Watchea aa low a* S20 to tU each. Watchea and Jewelry rrpaired in the beat manner at much.lea* than the usual price*. GEO. C. AlI.F.N, Importer of Watchea and Jewelry, Wholesale and Retail, an '* lotia* re 91 Wall atreet. corner William, up ataira. - "I - STEAMnHIP SOUTH Kit NKil?thia alup mil reanme her regnlar trip* to /YMKWf!^l]LiPb Charleaton, on Saturday, the 2tth inat . and will lie ready to receive freight on Monday Kor freielit or passage apply rn board, at Peek slip. or to SPOKrOKD, TILE8TON k CO., an 11 twend 41 "fflllh afeet. t. H k H. b. HQUoTI, -Vii. Hooter tMP WILL Br. SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION, |IIIV on Monday. Ang.2) lOo'elrck, A M.,at White. JBKKm hall slip. rear o( the U. 8. Heyenuc office, rhe well Known l? fert fin.key ail1 hoar TROUBLER, nearly new, well found and fit for immediate aerrice. Alan, at aaroe time and place, a light 21 feet centre hoard HkiPT. adapted cither for a aail or row boat. N. U ?If the weather be nnlav irahle, the aale will be poat[Nuied to ihr neat day (Tue*d*y,)at the aaine time and place. aWJtK HltM *m Irt'K (NEW OKI.KANS.?Louiaiaua and New IgjfV Vork Line of Packer*?1'oaitirely the ftrat and only regular packet, to aail on Monday, August 21d The splendid faat sailing packet ahip WABASH,Capt Wm. Hatha way, i* now loading, and will poaitively sail aa above, her reipulai day. For freight or |****ce, having handaome furniahed aecommodationa, apply on board al Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 Sooth at Positively no good* will be received on board after to worruvr v n.icarou> ) evening, Auiuil 31. Agriue iu Mew Urleaiie, J.U. Woodrull k Co., who will promptly forward all good* to than addreea. Thr packet >hii> Hudenu, Copt. P. Pugt. will aaceaed iha w.?od mii her wnl*' dee miN lUXf- ftlK X aLK? Tho Conner faalaoad mid rrmiwrrd ! adflWy brig FLO&tNCK, BOW lying at Thompann'a wharf. . frArooklvn; burthen per rrgieltr 37 tone, but carrier i much greater bulk She it well found, and iu order j lor immediata employ. Apply to BOYD k HINCKKN, aula 'I rr Boon No 0 To* line Hnilrlinge aft Njll It K?racket ahmttHt BTDaN. Irom L.eer pool?( nuaigi.eee hy thia terael, wilt em Hhtlnir permits on boarO immediatrly. at Or'e.-u? W hot foot of Wall atreet At1 goodanot i>erinited wdrl.tu ye d<i a. will iwai ire|y he a?.-t to the Public Brnre auP) AfcfiT J*OH H\VHfc-Vl.e faat t iling packet alnp i*3WVFRAN' I? DF.PAt'. Capt.Mulford. will ami. n the JSlllAfctath Augnat. Koi passage, haring et-ellent accommodations, erpll to the j Captain, on board, Pier No l# Noitli Rieer, or to F.kl) FOWLRR.WBr.adat | Price of lauaaga eighty dollara ($ ) *'? I ortnrd U.? play or 1HE LADY r^LlftjS/S?Claude VlTlnolle, Mr. Auderaon; Datum, Mr. Ba*.,*aiil Mr Stark Pauline, Mra.Joaea. T<> conclude with tlm farca of 8HOCKINO EVENT?? Orirtluhoof Mr. Baaa;Capt. Bpuff. Mr. MrDouall; Dorothy, Mia* KawHora. Doora open at 7 o clock, Performance will coatnene* preciaely at naif paat 7. rru WEKIr THEATRE.?A. w. j?ciw?, rtaparaaat) K. Hrr?ai??. wait Mmaxrr.?rrid ay araniqg, Aug 10, will be acted. EVADNE-or, the Butaa E? Ib?. Mr. Shaw; The King Mr Jordan; Ludoeicp, M r. W. Mar.hall; Col 'iiia. Mr J If Hall; Vmeeutio. Mr. Clarka; Otina, *'t'< eoue/ad^wMb ihe grand[drama of JACK 8HEPPARD -Jo# B-Iirakio Mr. C. Burke; Jack gtieppard. Mra Ro th; Owen Wood, Mr J. Greta; Wiuutfred WooiC Miaa R l?ordon; Mm. Wood, Mr?. Broadlev: Edgeworth Beat. M .aUarvey; Eicbfli Mim Bell. Boxes,K cent*; Pic nud Uailtry, 12* ceuti. Doort op?a at a quarter to 7; performance to commence at halrPMt 7. BKNEKIT OK v K. WHITlNO. ^ ^ (CHATHAM THEATRE ?Under the Management nf Mr. J FLETCHER.?Friday F.venimr, Augutr 2?th, will b# performed the drama 01 Ll'kK THE LABORER.?Lukt Sir. Fletcher; Bobby Trot, Mr. Wtuana; Clara, Mtaa llilTo be followed by the Trave?tie?of HAMLET?Hamlet, Mr. Broughanr. Claudtu*. Mr. Whiting; Ophelia. Mr*. B rout ham To conclude with the drama of the RETURN OF TI1K VOLUNTEERS?CoL Daveuport, Mr. Braugham; Maria, Mre. Brougham. I'nicr*?Boiea, 15 ceuta; Pit, I2>* cent*. Doora opeu at 7?performance corntneucea at half-paat 7. xllIiKN.?Friday E\ cuing. Auxu.t .will te t performed, by the Italian Troupe, Belltni'a graud Opera of NOfLMA?ration, Kig. J. U.Keveri ; Oroeeao, Hignor L. Uattagliui; Flavio, Big. Federico Badiali; Norm.', Ktgnorina portuuata; Arialgiaa, Sig'a Tereaa Kniuteri; Clotilde, Miguora Virginia Paduaui To-morrow eveuiug. the Lehman Family and t'harle. WinI ther will appear, together with the Vauderille t oinpiuy On Tneaday Kveuiup the It liau Troupe w ill appear in the u|Tia ? i.i nouainnuia. living their last appearance i DUt two. Doors open at 6K; Performance to commence at I. Admission. x? crntt. PitL.ViO'H OPERA HOUSE?Tim Kviiing, August W, wi'l be iiertormed the Vaudeville of TW AW I? Georgette, ; Mm Mary Taylor; Madame ile Lome, Mrs Waita; Marcti i Ma/got, MrT Placide; Town Crier, Mr John Sefton. I After which, daring achievements ou the TIGHT ROPE, by thr Ravel Family and Leou Javelli. Toi he followed by the comic i |iantomime of MON8. DUCHALUMEAU?Rrijuiuet, Gaoriel Ravel; M Larimer, Leon Javrlli; M Dechalumean, Jerome Ravel; Mile Olivier, Mad Jerome Ravel. Doors o|?ru at 7>?, |ierl'orraance to commence at 8 o'clock.? Tirktu '|0 rents, to .ill par's of the liouar. VI INEHVA KUll MS? UroailH :iy? Admiaiiou <li iruM? is I. First appearance in tins city of the ORIGINAL VIK1 GiNlA SEHENADEKS. Messrs. J. H. Myers, A. F.Winuemore, D. Kelly, F. Solomon, J Snnford, and E. Horn, from the Chesuul street Theatre, Philadelphia. respectfully auuounce to n|e cifiie is of New York, they will give a series of their Chaste anil Pleasing Concerts. Commencing MONDAY EVENING, Ann. 18.1847. ; And every evening during the Week?When they will introI dure a variety of uew SONGS, DUETTS, GLEES, PARODIES, CHORUSES, fcc. ! The evenings entertainments will conclude with a new Bur lesquc founded mi the Opera of Saffu, called 8 T U F F O '.?Llmraeters by the Compauy. For particulars see billa of ihe day. Doors open at 7 o'clock?Performance to commence at 8. irtlw>*w AMERICAN MUSEUM, corner Broadway and Anu street. ?Splendid performances hnth Afternoon and Evening. CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS! ORPHEAN FAMILY'. OK KENNEBECK VOCALISTS Moving Panorama of the Cite of London' I'ete Morris, Mm Bernard, 4ic. SANTA ANNA'S WOODES LEO. Ot'KANU OUTANO?ANATOMICAL VENUS. Mad. HOC W ELL. the famoo* Fortune Teller. Admission >5 eente?Children under ten. our hi 11 tag. sl? BROAD WAk i'HEATRE.?Thu establishment, too erecting in Broadway, will be opened for Dramatic par poses telely, on or about the Brit of September, aider llu management of U. K. BARRETT. Persona of acknowledged talent wishing aiiaatioos for the season, will please address him (ore-paid) atl09 Leonard street A. MANN, sole 1'ropiielor. During Mr. Barrett's absence in Europe, all letters tad business commanicatious may be addressed to his agent, jelltfrc W.COHBYN. No. J Barclay street. Tile CHINESE Jt NK '-CHINESE i I'klOsiilESThe Ca|>tain ol the Chinese Junli is tuduced, from the great patronage he is at preseut receiving from the citisens of New York, tostop TEN OR TWELVE DAYS LONGER, as numbers from the interior of the State, are every day arriving to witness. perhai>??for the only time they may ever have an opportunity?this rare specimeu of Chinese Naval I Architecture, together with the many Curiosities which are contained in her cabin, ktc The Idols which they worship, the Ouns, Swords, anu other implements of war, the beautilul Shoes, particularly those of the female sea, which are not more than three inches in leugth, are richly worth seeing. Let all who have read or heard of the novelties ol the Celestial Empire, uow avail themselves of this treat. a!3 Mtrrc Grand flotilla ball.?Mr. j. vaKSEr wishes to announce to his frieuds and the pub'ic 'list h* his engaged the large and commodious steamboat EUREKA, with a laigc bargr, aud will give a Urand Ball on Wednesday Eve uiiig, August Uth. For particulars, see tickets and future advertisement. _ a!9 3'*rc _ NOTICE.?THE RoSE HILL SALES AND ^auNEschauge Stables, corner of 3?th street and 3rd XJL2^^arenue. 'Die subscriber takes this method to inform his customers aud the public generally, that after this date the price per day of every horse tein ai this esublrhuient will be w ceuta. REYNOLDS K. NORTHRUP, Proprietor. New VnrW. Annul l?il. '?? <\ SUPltRlUK MATCHKD HORsKS?P. r tale 1*11 very be.ttiful pair of middle sized borsri, belieiei JLJ^^^to be more ahowy and perlectly inatelnl ibau uuy Others iu die city. Will be sold at u grea' batgtiu.aa the present owuer hoi no uie fur them. Apply at tin- Bazaar, 31 Lroaby itmt. ail Jt vV K It Hat'm ?JU?, UK. UK WITI KKLLINUKll* INI- VI. Ilil I I* ' I imip.-a'T?Thia truly astonishing me' ' J .lii-ni.. ia a clear, beautiful umi traua|>areut lluid, highly frogmut and perfectly delightful in ita ll.itnr, and ia especially designed tube pieacribed internally ur eiterually, and ia warranted to cure after all other reinrdiea have fa led Ail rheumatic and acrnluloua alTrctioua, ring worm, tetter, barber'a itch, old aorea of every nature, front him, hurua, j pains in the back, and affectiuna of the apine, dialiirationa, enlargement of joint*, huuioua, rnrua, callouaea of every descriptiou. tooth itud uervoua headache. One or two doaea taken according to direction ia aa aure to cure the bilious eholie, iliarrho-a, Kc., aa it ia taken; anil tlfectwua of die throat, in atiort, paina of every nature yield U> ita intluence irantediatelv Kei cr and ague broken ill two doses always. N. B. 12,100 cures have been made iu two yeara. Among the many diatinguiahed iudividaali who havekiodly allowed ua to refer to them, lor public good, are the Hon. Miiira 11 Oriuuell, reaideuee No. 6 ('allege Place, New York city; Ilou. Kicliard K. Carman, of Carmanaville, Naw York city, and Mr. Arnold Muauii. couiractor of die High Bridge over Harlem river, was cured of chronic rheumatism of over 3D veara' standout?can he seen at all timea at the Bridge; Mr. Samuel Roberta, lot partner at the Bridge, gives it as Ins opinion that it saved bit life, from a severe injury sustained by a fall; Mr Jatiira Murphy, proprietor of llif Harlem. Boll's Head, Bowery aud Broadway tinea of stages, has used at his inamiiuith establishment over one thouaaud hollies. He aaya the more they use of it the better they likr it. VYholrsali and retail distributing agents are wanted. Principal depot, No 230 Pearl sferet, New Vorkcity; H. Imirrsol It Co., wholesale druggists, and at the principal drug and other stores and taverns throughout the city and country. It is put up in laigr bottles, and sold it 20 cents per siugle bottle; $4t>erdnzru; hall gross (21; one gross $36. The proprietors of this great remr uy are ready aud w ill rust to bacl their opinion, that they can how morr astounding enrea, and a greater number ol certificates than any other remedy offered to die public All letters mnsf he postpaid. Jy8 MWog ,r M'J'b I.KT? lo Jersey (,'itv, the VVKUThK * 11(1 TKL. and a large suble adjoining Also, a suitable House for a Boarding House and several large rooms aim basements suitable for manufacturing busmraa. Also two inn, miu Hicrgi pieaaaru ptarrsinr private lam lira, all on York ami Montgomery streets. Ktnjutre on the premises, of Isair l.rnii.ji ihr Wfinra Hurl. aiil9 3t*rc M rull MALK, " TUB WOODCOt K," No 4 Ureal Jours street.?The undersigned, finding hit Halouu in Merchants' Ktchnngr cur. Wall mid Haunter street, re* 14U ie? his undivided aitentiou, offers f t sale tua place aa above?it is titled up inconvenient style, and la a good stand lor buanieaa. On tlie premiaea ia a good arable. He will dispose of it on reaaonaide leim., with or wnliout the liar fiatuiea and poaaraaion imm< diately. Apply m 17 Merchants' Ka* change, iu basement. ROUT. SINCLAIR. Ilfjt*m aa( KOIl SALK?\VKHTt II KMTKR LAND?T? gen* P&ol'leineu in want of aitea for country aeata; to market gar^^.'Iriirri in want of land for gardens; and to r|| peraona w islnug a location 111 the neighborhood of New York. J 0 sen a of land, in the town of Westchester, within 9 unit s of the City Hull, with right of passing over Harlem Bridge tree of toll, are filtered at private sale, in lots containing from i to SO acres each The land* are w ithin l'i minutes walk of the railroad; front on good mads; ere in the neighborhood of schools, anil churches of different denomiiie' ious, the water is good, and b ration healthy. ,Titla indisputable. Terms 111. derate. Apply to Oouverneur Morris, Morris.uiin Westchester Co.; or to Walter Rutherford, Counsellor, 71 Nassau at., New York. an I Hit m TO TRAVKLLLRB UOINO 8O0TH. I^^AW^IOST A< rirkshorg Richmond, Petersburg, Vs., Stan 11 too, Va , anil I he Virginia Bptiltl, W < Idou, N (' , and < li irlesion, B C. The pnTilic to informed that the new and splendid low pet* sure steamer POWHATtAN (conneetiig with the Ureal Mail Inue at Aipiuir Creek,) leaves Commerce street wharf. I Baltimore, every Tuesday and Krtdav Kveuing, at ft P. M., t-n uir jmiiT I'miiLs. Through-tickets to Richmond $4 Petersburg, 6 Weldon, N. C <j Staunton. V* II , " 4 harleato'i, H. C 17 Being at the ?mt r>ricc, more ilurct nod expedttioua, ami much more certain tnan the 4Jh?-?e|ieahr Bay ami Jainr? Rivet Htratnho t Line,?all the wide and rough portmu of the lia;, Itetweru the month of the Potomac and Old Point Comfort, being entirely avoided by thia line. Travellera ireadtited that the line hereby adverttaed ta part inu parcel of the (ireat Mail Line through Vnrinn, and that it ia the intention of the comp >uira computing the Ore at Mail Line, that paa-engera shall be conveyed by them, in connection wifh tnv Powh-lten,alwaya at afeeaply aa hy any other hue, and with moie comfort rircdilinii and certainty, than by awv other line, racept ihe line via Washington. F or further pattn ulare, in'juite et the Southern Railroad office, Trait Uriel, Baltimoit; of Stockton fc Fall, or at. the tae Commerce aticet wharf; or, on Tueadava ;nid Krtdavs on board the Powbatten, of (? w QUNNl^LL. Capt. ,V. B?Traveller* by the above hue will hear in mind that ihev have two houra more in Baltimore tntm pavaaugari |,y II. Chatapcakr Bay and Jatnr- Rivci Boata, and yet rearh any point aoulhofPoteraboiiat thaaama time with then i even when there it no breech of eonneiion hy the Buy Line. jyi 3meod?r f uH kT, V PORT?The etramer JOHcFH ( (H-hKK. will leave the pier, foot of diHHHkC hamberi afreet, daily, for Hey Port, at 1 o'clock, P. M. N. B.?On Snitday'i, the boat will leave the foot of Hammond afreet at it, Caqal atfert. I'd; Chamber* afreet. ?H; Pike tticet, K H , V md Tier No. I, K R , at 9', o clock anl V)'* m __ KOM UlUIHiM'OKl'-.ltvaawT.MMKoD r rnML?S will leave loot of Market street, on hatnida , ImhIMHm Ant 2'at at I o'clock, P. M. Stages Jwill be Upon the whof in Bridgeport, at nanil n? ?> m 4411 AND CQTtLLON kXCLJiHIUN r VAN cot RTLANDT L AN DIN(4? Tl.irri Annual k.r..r ?r < I Lodge, no. id, 0 A. <>. d ,f r the benefit ol the " and Orphaua'fund. win take place on Turedvr. Auk 2?. ISI7. 0 i li ard the rplendid eieMnrr NOH Til A.MKKC.A.t npt. V. Trneadell, ar< ompanieil by a uew, large and c?inmndi,iua 01 to iHe New York Brigade Braae Bn.d, and two efficient I oIII nil Banda, ?ill a company the tacuraiou. Ticarte fitly ' enta each (children hall t-rice) oblaimd f otn Krnamua A Kurt, Jr.. lib Watereit J. .Vleec i Hmry, 111 Hammond ?i; Join II Bate, 16d and iMCentre at, T. Warner, J unan a H"tel, H Brooklyn; K. L J. nea 21 Chen u a . W. P Krn th, ft* Colnmhia at; H hertann'a Hat Store. 2D Fulton a ; I hr atmau'a Muaic Btnre, tot Pearl at. N Kn(U'd Hnu-e, Koonerell at; Jnnea' .Nnrth American Hotel, cor. Bowery ami Bay rd ?t; Chaa Young'a, cor. South and I'lke at, John Maena, L)r D ck and Avenue L>. Tlte boat will leave the foot nf fifth at. P. H, at ? o'clock \. M; Oelanry at at")? o'clock; Pike at. at7jif; Pier No. I North K'veratlik. Bolnnaon at. at aH; Canal at. at ; Hammond at afkhi, Nmeteenthat at ?><, and toneh at fort Lee, and atop at each I'lare ou return nf Should the weather prove unfavorable, the Rimraton will he powpoaed to the ftrat fair day. ?nWtt*in ________ ^ ' to She LATEST MOMENT, a TKLKUHAPHICi Nevi from the South. UirnviO^D, August 19, 1047. t W?m? Indebted to Mr. Harris. mall ..agent. for a sight I of the Picayune of the lath. | There her. been no later arrival* from Mexiee, but the 1 Picayune contains the translation of a Ionic report of e i majority of the C ommittee on Foreign Relation*, In the I Mexican Congress, to which Mr. Buchanan * letter had been referred The report says that by their oonstllu tional Law, as among other olvllUed nations, the direction of foreign affaire 1* an trusted exclusively to the ex ecutire, but without conferring any power to oonetad* anything definitely, without the consent of the Legist* tire body. The committee arrlred at th? conclusion that Congress possesses no power to entertain the ooili m utiles* ion of our government, and recommended the return of th? same to the executive branch, because in the present situation of the affair, it cotue* within its oogoisaue.awith the restrictions established by a fundsmental code of the republic. The report wu submitted for Congress to discus*, a rote taken and an approral giren the same day?I eas 67, nays 77 ?names given i i ni> interment* at New Orleans, from yellow fever. du ring twenty-four hours, ending at nine o'clock on lb* morning of the 11th, numbered thirty The death* oc curred at the Charity Hospital. Hubsequently. tia am* day, of the same disease sixteen more were burled warsrr : BY TUB MAILS. WasHiwr.TOir, Aug. 18, 1847 Important tfrirt. A report prevail* to-night that Scott ha* had a battle and ha* loot eleven hundred men Thl* newt, we suppose to be In advance of the mall, and also of the telegraph, as far as the fact* are ooboerned Urn. Wool moves on the dUth to San Lui* Fotosl, from Bueoa Vista. 4 small force may now penetrate to that I point. Gen Valencia having taken off the army and artillery to the support of Mexico and Santa Anna, and the occupation of Kan Luis will at leant out off Santa Anna's retreat lu that direction. No donbt but Gen. Taylor In a few days will follow, with bla whole disposable force, after Wool it will be required for supplies. Ike Wo Venture to say the administration has uo Idea of extinguishing then-public of Mexico, and annexing It to the United States by right of conquest It would bo a death blow to our constitution, la which there la no provision made tor aunaxiug conquered territories ? What wu can get by treaty is well enough, even If It be the whole of Mexioo, but to take it as lbs result of a mere military Irruptlen would be ' hat burglary," In the opinion of the erudite Dogberry. The Washington W'Aig. says that $600 000 have been derived from the Mexican tariff, and that It la proposed to iuorease it by an export duty of 16 per cent, on specie This will throw the British capitalists still more favorably Into loans and e*nhi?rii?.? ?i?e ri... > v^u UW*V. auu help thecause mightily We are not certain that It la to be done ; bnt it ban the look of a bub Treasury expedient, and not a bad one at that. It is estimated, too, that the lo-nee by tha plunder of the U. N train* In Mexico amount to f6 UOO.uOO This la oeitainly a large amount Krom all th?- published accounts, we would suppose that $i oOO 000 would oovar this business of the raucheroe* and the guerillas. The prospect of peace to-day la obscured Tomorrow it may brighten up again A good deal of auxiety for Gen Scott exlata not only among our cltlaena, but at head-quarter*. not that ha U In danger, but that In taking the capital he may fall to conquer a peace But we shall see W WttHin.Tea, Aug. 17, 1847 brief Paragraph!. Mr. t rutchett will hare hie big lantern up to-morrow or next day. Mr*, llerrlngbottom la at a loaa to know how they will git the "He" Into It, unleea they run a boy up with a rope around bin neck and a Jug of the"aparm' In each hand. She ?ays the "camfeen" la apt to "butt;' and that your gaa la nothing but a bag of wind. There are eome twenty-five persona employed aa clerka, folder* meeaengera. ko., by the House. Proposals are to be Issued for whig candidates to come and fill these places under the rule of rotation, aa It Is supposed u good whig would scorn to take the bread and butter from a locofoco. except by special re<|ueat. But we shall sec. We understand that the President recently crossed over, or rather around Lafayette square, and visited Mr I tlitchle to his n*w house We beer further. th?? ?> v<-Derai)ie editor h** a cot y of tin Kune letter bung u|> in hie houae?iu letter* of gold ami picture* of Mirer. with the proverb front Solomon uuderueut ?' Word* fitly epokrn. arc like apple* of gold in pitchers of all ver." rHII.4DKI.rHIA, AllgUBt 19, 1847. The new* by tho ( ainbria caina over from New York by the iigbtniug line in beautilul atyle, iaat evening, to rapid in fact, that the operator copying from the regiiti r could hardly keep up with It. The aatne may be raid of the Western line, the Intelligence having all been tranemitted to Tlttaburg in about twenty minute* after it* receipt here. There can therefore, be no doubt that the preeeeg of Pittsburg. Wheeling, Zaneavllle, and Colitmbu* have all apread the decline in flour before their reader* thin morning, in addition to thoae of Boaton, I New York.and Philadelphia, The man who had pre | dieted *uch u thing ten year* ago. would have been pro' uounced a madman Tho South ha* not been *o fortuj uate with regard to the Cambria * newa. owing to the Interruption cauaed by the effect* of the lightning on Tue*day la*t. The moat important portion of the despatch van. however aent South by the mall of iaat night, and obviate* the nere**ity of trannmlttlng It now , by the telegraph, which reeumed operation* about ton o clock thia morning. The nhip Uabella, ( apt Ilrigga. bound to California left thl* morning with Wi of the voluuteera, under Lieut Roach A conaiderable number of their wivea accom pany them, having determined to nettle in that country The foreign newa haa had ita effect In completely pro* tratlng the market. No aalea were made on 'Cnange today. with the exception of a few barrel* good Wenters liraud flour: at fri, for heme conaumptlon A email nab of Indian meal wa* made, under aiiailar circumstance* at VI 75. Sale* of Stork* at Philadelphia, IK **T Boa * i>? II o ?h,? '' *" ............. ? ?; 4JUUIHW Unit i:i^. 1 ] > do I3'?; 1141 lit dine It ltlt\. lot Hr-nui.* melon Clip. ?r 24'; 3000 HendniK ItHilroad 6'?, 71)4; (i hi Stair 1 71 '* 10 (ominririai tt nib lu>? " ArTEK 8ik? < ?14 Com Btnk 16)4; iihi sure .!' "0\: 3000 do i 7U>4'. 3040 i i'll) Tieetory Notes 14; 40041 Hrndiaa jt nlroad Si iidt 71S?; .<<3 ItradiuK Hull road 7,>4, lOfli) L' S Trraaory Nolea, 6'?, 10/vSr-coho Uo.rd-Jon Ti ?*? 1 rra' ury Nntca 14. After 8*lm?10 0041 Itr idnm II iiliimd hi ml 71)4, 10,140 IJ S Trraaury Nolri 103**; 13 1100 do do l03J4i 4000liedu* l! iill.mi llnud. 7'.SThe United States Sloop Jamestown.?In rase ot tlic JanieotowD, Com. Mercer, which wr? run on ( Ulncotnague Rhoaln, tbr '38th ult . on her way from Huston to Norfolk, ha? been recently Invent! gated by a naval court of inquiry comported ol 4 omow iloreoJ. Wilkinaon and L Kearney, and Copt Thomas '1'. Webb, wbo?? report haa been renelved by the Secre tary of the Nary. The 4 ourt are of opinion that the chip wan run aahure " In oonnequonce of tho Inaccuracy of the chart by which ahe ear navigated, and not from inattention, negligence, or any fault on the part of her commander. officer* or crew'' We nndeintand that the chart uaed on board the Jameatown u aa one of llluDt'i chart*, and waa obtained In Boatou.?H'atMwgtim Union, Jtug. IB. The aky of W ar It-It Wsah in uUm to-iirt) , *u a vinitio New York A temporary relief from bU ardu 1 on* duttee will enable him, we hope, to reoover bla health. which ban Muffered for aeveral day a pact. The secretary of the Navy will dtacharge the dutlea of bin department until lain return. ? Waihinfiton Union, Auguat IH. Sales of htarki al IIimUni Kich**?). Boaap, An* il 1 K.tchoui*'?iln>?d. IMM; I* Old Colony reilroel, 107, 10 Canton < ""imjiy. 7*. 4?Jg. *1 Cong I land railroad, Ittf; 1*0 i\? wic.lii.nd Worce.ier rail mar"1.1*4; lide. *10. i)>; 18do, 11)4 *<? >J4?t Bo?t.?u Co., b iii 71IN . 114) do >60, ?H; lldo.WH, 21 do, *2)4; 110 do. b!4, i 22M \T Alfcrros ?30?h?f?4 Honon mid Providence 'ailroad, ? i'cr cent tdv j H do V*im .nt 4 ei tral do.^tlX ?)< per ah., .... r.w.M par > ??' ' ' * ? ? ? minm m.d >! ? chnnetta do. IWS per i 21 do Poit and, fer.onud Polmntth |J. ,?indv . in dot bealiire do, |MJa per ik.: IS do Botitb 1 I /ivf I (i, Ii?i J di> wto W?tir hw?r Po ?!<); 3 do Atlan III > ilia, (gJ?0 paid) 90 *91 p?r cent) % do 8 at* Bank, (po >,ll ) IMI * ??V per >' ; ?dn Hhtweiut do, ?#t. |.*r ah ; It do. K*?t Bi.ilon ' o. f''Si P*? all ; No 2, IS Un'don U $11 earl. r. ,r Bottou.) $i2fc. No. J I) do ltd do do, %k%. .. 1 _ JJ i-i.? ! . (OnnKKllAL 1NTK1A.IOH.NCK. The Floor market a. Dltboit, Augurt 14?Flour retailed yesterday a I M 7.% In nniall lota, which *w about the extent of tranr nr-tlona In tbU market The market in unuaoaUy dull ami probably will remain no until tha eommrno*m*nt of the lall trade. Rochcitxx, Auguet in.?The market remain* at | about lent quotations Small nale* ol wliriit continue to ho made at $1 a $1 Oil. and o?r lot of .W) buehele new ficn***e wheat wan taken yeeterday at SI 10. But lltlh (Jour haa been offered In a long time A nale of lt.0 bid* good brand from (Imeaee wheat, wan effected at $# 3r< Freight* remain without change. PiimantLrMi*. Aug I" ?The demand for flour for export continue* T?rr llml'rd, but the market ii Arm Sale* of 0 a 7n0 brl* Wen tern at fft h7K ? $8, and Irenh : ground I'ennnylraula at $8, Includiug it lot of scraped at S . 7A In Kye flour no nalee are reported Holder* ark S3 7.'j i orn Meal??00 hrla Braudywine aold at S.I 70 Penna In held (Irmly at $3 <<0 per brl Oraln i Penna Wheat ooullnue* ncarce, and la held for higher pric?a Hal.* of j.Vd buehele new end old mixed Hoi.tU oin at $1 117. and a lot of tery Inferior new at $100-Hy? - A atuall nale at 73 cenle for only fair quality t orn ? Sab-not I'euua tl?l aud round yell-.w at 7b a 74 ceo'* and a lot of Western at 7# cent* weight. Oat* are dull - Northern are held at /Ml cent* but n-> ante* have trai *pi rod Wa quote new bouthuru at 37 a 40 eeuta per hunliel NOTICE TO BUTl HK.HS Article* nl lite Batcher* Meltii.K AMociatipn fur the rtuuing ye it ere nn* re-d am) will remain oi-eu lor n.guaturet nr their office. coruer ol Kir?t avenue tad fourth street until Iti September ueii Butchern detirnut of becoming m*mivnr< of the Ataotintion : will cnll m,d le?ee their tiKiiainret r lor to that 'jte. ' *l29kt*re By order of the Boatd ot liuateen, a*

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