Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1847 Page 1
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TH % ol. xm. No. No. MM. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Hitrtii VMt corn?r of Fulton and Hum* ma. JAMES GORDON BENNETTTTROPRIETOB. CIRCULATION?FORTY THOlIiAJKI). DAILY HERALD?Every d*y, Pr>e? ? c?nttpot eopy-*> per uinuin?payable in advisee. _ , WEEKLV HERALD?Every 8atur<Uy?ftie? ?M c??? per copy?-$3*1 centt per annum?payable in advance. HER ALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet d?yPricf cent! per copy?fa pet annum, taclnduig poatoge payable tii advance. 8u racriptioua anil aa??iaaenwiw will b' received by Meure. Oali?cutni, II ru* VlTJeune, f*"J '< P Simmxli. IB Pnrnhill. .nifJnhn Millar, the boolut Ilex. London ANNUAL ~PjCTOitlAL HERALD?Published on Um lit of Jina.-.r* ,,feach Tear?ein*le copies sixpence each. aDVKKTISEMENTM, it the aiiu price*?always cuh in advance Advertisements should be written in plain, legible manner. The Proprietor vill not be responsible (or errors thst rosy occur in them. PRINTING of all kind* executed beautifully aad wiil dei patch. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to the establishment, mnstbepoet paid, or the postage will be de dnrted froui the mbwripdno mnsir remitted NSW YOltK AND HAKLK vl 11AILKQ\D COMPANY SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. V Cars will run as follows, until farther notice. Up trains will leave the City Hall for Harlemik Morrisiana. rorham k Tbekahoe Pleasantrille, i 80 A. M. Will'msBr'ee Hart's and Newcastle 7 " ) W A.M. White PI'ns. Bedford, ? 7 7 A. M. Whidickrille ? " 10 " 10 " Crotou Kails. M " II " 4 P. M. 7 A. M. II ' 1 P. M. 1 M " 4 P. M. * * M- * i: I " 3 M f 4 *" ? " 5 " S M " 1 SO " Rei-iruing to New York will leave? Mornsi&aa It Harlem. Kordham. Will'ms BrVe. Tuckahoe. 7 to A. M. 6 63 AM. 6 45 A.M. 7 30 A. M t 107 53 " 7 JO " 48 " 9 " ? 00 9 Of " 1 20 P. M. 10 " II 21 P. M. IJ .3 P. M. 3 53 M S3 P. M. 1 45 " I 40 " White Pl'ns I ' ,r 5 08 " ? " 7 10 A. M. J 14 6 01 " * S3 " 4 20 " 3S M 7 44 " 1 P. M. I " ? tS it " IK " Plmsanrrllie. New Castla. Bedford. Whitlickville. I IS A M. I AM. 7 41 A M. 7 45 A M ft 13 P M. ? P M. 4 41PM. 4 45 PM Crotou Fall*. 7 SO A M. 4 30 P M. The trains to and from Crotou Falls will not stop on N** York Island, except at Broome street, and 13d street. A car will preoeae e&cu irain tru uiiuuicv, w? up ixuawivii m the city. The morning train of ears from Croton Fulls wilt not stop between White Plains and Now Vork, except at Tuekaho* William's Bridge, and For ditam. Extra train* on 8andays to Ilarlem and Memsiana, if fin* Stages for Lake Mahopackand Danbnrr leave Croton Falls on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for Pawlino on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. FARE FAOM NEW YORK j To Croton Falls $1 M To 87* To Newcastle 73 To Pteesantvil)* 62* To White Plains,,, H Freight trains leave City HaU at 1) M. and at 7 P. M. Urtniiii'ic, leave Croton Falls at 7 A. M. and f) P. M. Z^'TiKY k CO.'S BOSTON AN I) EASifcRN EXJLj* PRKSS, via Newpoit and Fall River.?This Express Bv*Z leaves tlie'olfice, No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, d<ily, at quarter before 5 o'clock, P. M., thereby securing to merchants and others the advantage of a late hour for forW'rdiug cases, packages, be. Bauk notes, specie, drafts, and valttabfe parcels are secared in iron safes ami placed in the charge of faithful couductors. GAY fc CO. Merchandise, packages, Ice. forwarded in our own cars, and by leaving order* at oar office. No 1 Wall street, corner of JUroadway, |*ckages will be called for in any part of the city. I No. 1 Wall street, corner Broadway. unices? f ?treet, Boston. ani 3<lrrc ~ 1SLAND FERkVl'lie c>an~ C modious and elegant steamer ION, Captain Weld, will resume her trips on the above ferry, on Thursday, the 12th o( August, and continue to ran daily on the above ferrv. leaving the loot of Doane street, fi'st trip, nt 10 \i. A.M.; pier No. 1 N. K. at 11 A M.. and 2 P. M louev Island I2K and 4 P. M.; on Sundays will K-iir the foot of Du >ueel at 10 A. M ; loot of Spring street, N. K? at 10)% A. M., I>4 P. M.; pier No. I N. R. at 11 A. M , and 2 P. M ; t 'ouey Island 12>i and 5 P. M. Lauding each way at Fort Hamilton, when there is aulficieut water. Fare each way 12*. aul5 7f*m CONEY ISLAND IjERK Y.--The~weU A ~^P*'gML3pku<iwn steamer AMEHrcAN EAGLE. CapSC^MUdLtaiH Geo. H Power, will ruo regularly during the sraso , Cn l'Otiey Island, landing at Fort Hamilton, as follows:?Le iviug Pier No. I, at 10, i,4; leaving Coney Island at 1 2'a C\i. Ta addition to the above trip*, will m?lte a momlux trip to Fort Hamilton, leaviug the city at 7, Fort Hamilton It U o'clock. an4 4fo*rc .f-M* ' lTU5fc.v? rsiM* u/it j*irue. ur tAr-rt>t)PFOSITiON BOATS KOtt ALBANY. Wtiil|pjSfc<lfib? Landing at Vuu Courilandt'* Newburgli, Kouxhkcri>?i>-, Kingston, CaUkill and Hudson.,?Kait Ml cent*? Breakfast nuH Dinner on Board. The new tuid elegant Httncier KOUKK WILLIAMS. Capi. A. Detroot, Tuesdu/3, Thursdays, and Saturd i>s, at half-past ix, A. M . from the pier foot of Hohinaon street, touching at Hammond street pier. from New York, Kor passage or friexht, apply ?a b?anl tiie L'oau, oc to ti?o. T- Stanley,at the ofliee, foot of Robinson srieet. try All i?^onalire forbid tmatine the above boats on totm -' i>?n?ri mriarit ^sil KQR.8HK.fcWfcBUKV. LONU BRANCH, w 8CHKNUK*8, H1UHLANUH. Oceen ^WiMlllHouse, ami Katontowc Landing. The Steamboat KDWIN LEWIS, Capt Haynes, will rnn at follows from font uf Vesey street, North River: Leave Xr? Vork. Learr Shrewsbury. Aug. o'clock. Aug. o'clock. Hitvrday.ll. at 11 A.M. Mntnd*)',?!, at 3 P. M Sauday, 22, at 11 A. A}. Sunday, 22, at 4 1*. M. Moudty, 23, at II A.M. Monday, 2:), at J I*. M. Tuesday ,2., at lit JM. Tiie'day, 24, at ! I' M. Wedn\,2J, at 3 A. M Wr.ln'y, 2i, at 7 A.M. Wedn'y,2.i, rt 2>? P. M. Tliur?d'y.2C. at H A.M. Stages will ht to readiuess ou the arririH of the boar to con rev paaseuuere to all psrrsof the country. j\3l 30t*rc t^z kor shhkwh5urv7oV;kan houbk ... >i.-AI,(ni Branch, llunsom Dock, Brown's Dock, 4 w:* JRL' Miduleiown aud Ued Bank.?The Steamboat ORUS, C. Price, Master, will rnu as follows, from Fulton Market Slip, k'.nt River Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. Saturday, 21, UK A. M. Saturday, 21, 3* P.M. Sunday, XI, II A.M. Sttuday, 22, 4 I' M. Momli). 23. 12 M % outlay, 2', 1 P.M. Tuesday. Si, 1 P.M. Tuesday, 21. ft P.M., 25, r.X A. M. Wednesday, 2V 2 P. M. Thur?d-iy, 26, 7 A.M. Thursday. 21. 3 I' .NT. Fr.dsy, 27, 8 A M. Hr day, 27, I P .M. Saturday, 28, 8V A.M. Sa'urday, 211, i P.M. Sunday, 29, 8 A.M. Suuday, 29, ?> ? P.M. M'Ui iy, 30, 7 A.M. Mouday, '10, it AM. Tuesday, 31, 7 A. M Tuesday, 31, 12 M. The Line Stance will run to Howell Work*, Hunan Village and Freehold Stages to convey passengers to all parts of the tO'iutry. % a All persona ere forbid treating the above boat on ac c?iiutof the Owner*. J. P. ALLAIRE. | .iul 3<lt*rc ? ??. 1 ho superior *teajner PltW HAVEN, rjte'ElL-^^NCeplsiii Vnu Pelt, c.ui be chartered tor txcnr r.TSaNt?e^Wh??iom to any- yluce, by application at No. ft Battery Fjutt, North riVer. jy!8 Mtic - MORNING LINK KOR ALBANY AND TROV in J lnterin? diate Landings, i <i?tdMUln and Dinner on board the Boat. 1 he low prraaare iteamboAt TROV, Captain A. Uorliaro, w il li.ire the ate.'Dih'uit pier foot of Barclay atreet, Monday*, Wednesday*, and Friday*, at seven o'clock A. M. lietarami; or 'lie opposite day*. The Steamer NIAGARA, ('apt. H L. Kellogg, will leave the Hteamb >*t Pier foot of Barclay meet, Tne*uay, Tnnrndiy and Saturday, at half put bit o'clock, A. M., returning on the opposite days. [C>~" Fare M Centa. Kor raaa.ige or freight, apply na board, or to k'. B. Hall,at ihe office . u the wharf. jy20 PEOPLE 8 LINE BTEAMBOATH KOR ALBANY. Daily, Mnnd.ij* Kieepted? Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, 1*. M., from the Iter between Counlandt <uid Liberty at/ecu. HieunhoM ISAAC NRWVON, Capt. Win. H. Pack, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evcaiora, it 7 o'clock. Hteambont HKNDRIK ITUOjWN, Capt. R. O. Crntteaden, will leave on Tneaday, Thursday an d Saturday evening* at 7 o'clock. St-ecial Trataa for Hchenectad v, Ball'.fon, nnd Saratoga Springs, will run a* lollow*:?Leave Albany at 8W A.M., S P.M., cicept !?uo<Uy*. P?**an*er* will find thi* the mo*t e? peditiotjn and convenient roote. AlKiv# O'Clock, r. M.?L,and.ngat Intermediate flnci*? irom tlie loot o I Barclay street. Ht'&nilioat NORTH AMERICA, l.'aptaia Tnndell, will l?air on Monday, vVedne*di>y, Kridny.and Snnday atteruooca, at 6 o'cloeli. _ ? ROCHESTER, taputn R. II. Kurnr. will leave on Tuesday, Tharaday, and Seturdny afternoon*, at 5 o'clock Theehove boar* will at all titnea arrive in Albaar ia ample Uine for the Moiuing (Jar* lor me E*?t or We?t. Freight "i'.;cn at moderate rate*, and taken after i)i 'clock, P. M. r; f .VII persona ore forbid tru*rinc any of the boat* of thi* line, wtthrmta written order from the cap-aina or agent*. (for puun or iw>|rnt, apply on Doaru uie oomw, or u> * 8< Hf'LTZ. itth? nle# OHtn? wharf. r \ NOTICE. 8TATKN ISLAND KKRHY.-Ob and run aa follow*, until further notice I.KAVr. ITA'ICN Ml.AND At ?, a. 9. 10.11. A M., and 1, I, 3, 4, 5, *, T, T. M. LMAVK NK.W VOHK it 1. *. 10. 11. A. M., and 1,1, U>n minute* peat t, and at 1. 5, G. T, o'clock, r. M. Nxf York April 11th. >11 f L. Il4l H. D HOUGH, Auctioneer. ?*? WILL B-. SOLI) AT PUBLIC AUCTION, n" ^I'-nday, An* 2:<d. at lOo', A M.,at Whitehull ?li|>, rear nt theU. *. Hereuue office, (he well huowij il feet 'heir nil hunt TIloUliLhll, nearly uew, y,, II found 'nil At fur immediate acrt ice. A Nil, at Miue time and place, a tight 21 feet centre board Bkiff. ad.pted either for a Mil or row ho?t N B.?I? the weather be mil n irahle, the iale will lie po?tiioi.eil to llie nevt day (Toeid iy,) > t the mac time and place. iiofl yy s8tM -m XAi7~ f'O" 14 ^LC.?The copper faatened and coppered WkfYVbr* KLORKNCIC. no# lyiogat Thompeou'a wharf, |ll^|||^Rrooklru; barihan p" reenter #7 rone, but e?rrie? a Chi. much (trr?ter bnlk Hh? n well found, and in order *""> Torn a hinckf.n, .iitltrr Room No. 9 Tsntine Bnildinra. rAi NOTIf'K?I'aeket alnpHHK.RIDAN, Irom Lirer I WHfV po?l-(. onaiK'ieea by thi* rr.acl, will pleaae aen>) ! peimiia on board immediately, at Orlcana ( WhT7o..tof Wall atreet. All gooda not permiued within I V? dayi, will vKMiUTtly b? Mut to Um Public Store aul# I E NE HI OLD ESTABLISHED FAMAUt OrrtCK. A it & A 8AMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW. Awcfttrou rmk "Buack 9ta*"LiNg or Psciits. IM7. t.itrrponl to Nrw Fork. 1147 8\ips Captain#. Tin Reg 'l\u ti'n Mwmiim, (nfW) W. f.dwsrds, *05 1809 Sftrdiuu. (biw) * t. K. Crocker, 103 1400 He?, T. F. Kreemag, 847 1400 Liberty. P.P.Norton, 7 02 13H0 Huguenot, 8. Goodhue, 932 lb60 America, (new) Wears. 1180 1900 Empire, (new) J. O, Russell, 1090 1800 Niagara, H. Ilassell, 730 1310 Senator, (new) H. Coffin, km 1460 Qhio, T. J. BirJ, 761 1375 Cornelia, f. M. French, lOfii 1760 Chaos, J. L. Wilaon, 810 1400 Klizabeth Demeou, T. W. Spencer, 808 1100 Peter Hattrick, J. D. Poet, 670 1300 The eubecriben would respectfully inform their friend* and the public that they hare added several splendid new ships to (heir line of packets between this jport and Liverpool, which has been favorably known and extensively patronised for a period of more than thirty years, and have no hesitation in assuring those who may wish to macr engagement* for the passage ol their I'rirnd* Irom England, Scotland or Ireland, that they will find these ships inferior to none in point of comfort, convenience and safety, one of which will sail from Liverpool, every it days, throughout the year, making delay and the consequeue expense to emigrant* at the port of einbnrlution impossible. A tree ptusage per steamer from the Tarioui Irish and Scotch ports, with bread staffs, and hospital money paid, may b* secured ail at the lowest rate*; ud when those settled for decline coming out, the full amonut paid will be promptly refunded as usual, for further particulars, apply to, SAMUEL THOMPSON fc VEFHEW. 275 Hear! street. or to C. GRIMBHAW St CO., 10 Goree Piazzas, Liv'pt. Drafts or exchange, payable at iiirht, are also furnished for any amount, on R. C. Olyn tc Co., Bankers, Loudon; C. Onmshaw fc Co., Liverpool; the National Baufc of Scotland: National Bank of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co. Applj as above. jy20J0t*rc FOR NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND ElV YORK LINK. JK jfcf? jjgJK jgsy to saTtHTvery teWEIys. Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain Iugersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship HARTELL E, Captain Taylor. Biirk GENESEE. Captaiu Slinot. Bark J. E: WILLIAMS. Captain Parket. Bark HEBRON, Captain Greig. The above ships are all of the first class, of light drift ol water, and commanded by the tnost experienced captains in the irade. Their cabins are handsomely furnished, aud every attent iou paid to the comfort and couveuience of the passenger*. Neither the captains or owner* of the above ship* will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, .silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, orjJackages sent br, or iiut on board of them, unless regular bills of lading are takeu for tin same, and the value thereiu expressed. Kor freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff fc Co., who will promptly forward all good* to their address. - dik iM> ~jSj ^^^RfcoTT'sn^A^TIlATlO^^^WtiE, Oti SopffS^ X Persons wisning to seud for their friends in the old country, can secure passage on reasonable terms, by auy of the migniticer.t ships comprising the new Line of Liverpool packeta, viz:? (-CONSTITUTION, 1750 ton*, (Mptain Johu Britton. AITL-L-V ML'Tllf WL'UT P 1ST..~J1. LIVERPOOL, 1260 tous, Captain John Eldridge. HO i'TlNGU?R, 1150 tons, Cant. Ira Bnreley, tailing from Liverpool ou the Gin of every month. Passive cnu also he secured by the Sr. George' Line, or the Union Liue of Liverpool packet*, making in all a ship every live dart from that port. For rartherjparticulari apply to W. & J T. TAPSCOTT, jy?9 86 South sfeet, New Y ork. REMITI'ANCE9 TO IRELATUMCC] m m rn m jTTIuIlGE MclJHIUr., Jr., No. 46 Broudwty, continues to vJT remit money, iu iuibi large or small, to person* residing iq any part of Ireland, iu the same manner as lie and his predecessor in business hare done for the last thirty years and more: also, to any part of England or Scotland. louey remitted by Tetter, post-paid, to the subscriber, oi peisoually deposited with liim, with the name of the person or l>er*ons in Ijeiand, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be sent, and nearest post town, wilt be immediately transmitted aud paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given vT forwarded to the sender jy2l Ml* tn - , ~~ FRENCH TR > NBATLANTIC PP? STEAMSHIP COMPANY.-The ships of c,,mi'a?y Rre appointed to sail as foK "from new yobk. The PHILADELPHIA on the 15th August The MI8SOURI " " 31st * The MEW YORK " lith Sept. The UNION " " 30th I* ROM HAVRE. The NEW YORK " " 15th August. The UNION " " 31st * These Steamers are equal to any afloat, with commanders of tried skill and known courtesy. Their state rooms and cabins are unusually commodious, and they are provided with every thing requisite for the comfort of passengers. The price of passage iu the first cabin from New York is {120. from Havre 1,000 fraucs. Wines are not included, but will be furnished at modernte rates. * II letters must pass through the post office. For freight or passage, apply to juM rc A Y M A R It CO.. 31 South street. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN /ZjKffirkJLlHt,ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1200 toiu mid 430 horse power each, under contracr w ith the Lords of the Admirality. lliui^urv 1\. i nptai ti AU'taiiuor nyrie. CALEDONIA. Capuiu Edwjrd G. Lott. BRITTANNIA, Captain Jolin Hewitt. CAMBRIA, Captain Charles H. K Jndkina. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The four utrnmilmx now building are THE AMERICA. THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. The v Mela appointed to mil from bostou axe the Hiberaia August IS, 18(7 Cambria September 1, 18(7 Caledonia September Iti, 1 fH 7 Britannia...... October 1, 1817 The vessels appointed to tail from Liverpool are lbe (/ambria August 4. 1847 Caledouia Au^mt 19 1017 Brituinia September 4, 1817 Passengers'luggage ranat be on board the day previous to aa'lmg. Passage money? From Uoiton to Liverpool, (ISO. do do U> Hilifax, 130. No berths secured until paid for. These ships carry experienced surgeon*. No freight, except sjiecie, received on day? of (ailing. For freight, passage ,orajiy other information. apply to D. DRIGHAM. Jr., Agent AtHARNDEN it CO.'S,} f illi. QT^~In additiou to the above line between Liverpool i n Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool ana New York direct. The steamships for thia service are now being built, and early next year due notice will be giveu of the time when they w ill ui;irt. Uudertheuew contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during eight mouths, and every fortnight during the other inonihs in the year. (Joins al temately between Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, ano b* tweeu Liverpool ?n,l New York. m?> r DRAFTS ON THE NATIONAL BANK Ol^jWyiRELAND-W. k J. T. TAP8COTT beg to inHBttStform th'ir friends and the publ.c wishing to remit mouey 10 Ireland, that they draw drafts for large or small arnounta, payable without discount, direct ou the National Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the numerous branches throughout the country. Also, dralta can be obtained, payable in all parts ot England, Scotland and Wales, on application to w. * j t. tapsc6tt. anil m M Month street, firm York. AjM4* f OR LI VEIU'OOL?New T.ine?Hjtffnlir imrk. of 26th of A ami *r ?The iplendid'Tait aailinjr qBMBkpaeket ?hip 8IDDON8. Cautaia K. B. Cobb, wUJ positively nail an above, her regular day. l*'or freight or |Mamge, having auperior fnrniahed ircom modation*, apply ou board, et Orleain wharf. foot of Wall ?tr?et.orto K. K. COLLINS, to Heath itPrice of pmitaje, >100. . The pacaer ?inp SHKRIDAN, f"apt. (J. B. f'nrniah, will ncceed the Siddona, and aail uii the VSth of Sept., her regular div iyn BRITISH MARK ANN II VKI.r.V, $So| wWflPWOI*?kow, is discharging at foot <il' Carlisle street, JXtnPhN. R , under (ie< i ral Order. < 'on*ii;neea will please attend to receipt of their Koodi; ail Koods uot permitted, mast unavoidably be sent to public store. WOOUHULL SlMINTURN. au'S3trc No 87 South street PACKET ?H~P QUfcfcN 0>' TttE VVJC8T, tj&VW KROM LIVERPOOL?Coniignee* w.ll p'eaae JnMHfis'etiil th?ir permits on board, v < I tide Burling Slip, without delay. Al! goods not permitted in five d ij > are liable to be sent to i tiblic More. WOOUHULL fc MINTI'BN, a!7 17 S. ntha'f ct. ONLY KMRJLAK LINK OK PACKETS FOR m|j?WNKW ORLEANS?The follow ing well known, J|(MM(af'>*t sailing and favorite picket ships have accoromodati.,us nusurpassr J for cabin, sei:ouu cabin and steenge t-asunferi, and will i oaiuvely sail a* advertised, or pasaagi! flee frt The WAD \8H, Capt. Hathaway, Mondat > August 'I he 8ILAS HOLMtS, C<pt. Berry, Mouuay, Aug ilHh. Persons wishing to proceed to New Orieans, will do well to secure passage by ei,her the above iwrkets, an thev are ail first cla-s ships, < otuoiauded by men evperiem'ed in the trade, and w.ll *a.I punctually on their appointed daya. To secure berth*, apply on board, or to sulltn W Hi I T TATS'-OTT. HCS.iifh.r_ Jtfei.'- M)K 1,1 v Kit tool? n.<- New I lii IHnalrn WPV9V l>acket ol tin Auftui?The superior, fa?t sailing jkedfia jrackrtship LIVKltPOOL, lliutoiis hurtliep, Capt. John Kldmlge, will sail at above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, hav ing t-legan' and >n|>erinr nreooimods ion*, apply to the cxptiin on noard, nr we?t side of Burling .lip, or to VVOODHCLL k MINTURN, V Sooth ?t. Price of passage $100. The jiacket ship Uoeen of the West, 12W tons burthen, Capt. Philip Woodhouse, will succeed the Liverpool, and Mil <vn ner r^imlar day, flat Rent- iv99 re N K VV "LI NK OK i'A< KKI H I UANU FROM MJkSV LI V KRPOOL?By the Nfvv I iue if Liverpool iFOTflfcr V" ~r,t? Au*u?t?The splendid, new, li?t rilling packet ?liip LI VKlt POOL.liiM too? burthen, C.ipt ?' iridici'i Willi *ail from New York on the 2l?t Anguat, and Ii-oin Liverpool on the 6U> October hjirlv su lication hotiUI be made to ? J- V> TAIH( O I'T, an 13 m M Womh ?t. ijKkj- fAt'KK'i'H KOR HAVRK?8ko?4 Liue ?The <IiP',!V?hip UTICA, U. B.Swan. maiter, will aail on the ht Ifibr fiejpvmtor. BOVD k HIN< KKV, Rfl VV*1| ?- rp^t. Mnr^AVTTE^T^f^Tnmg puckjft III up JtTfWKB AN' |H DfcPAU, C?pt. Mulford. will Mil en the SM.iLP ? .!. A ilu 11 at J-oi iiaaaaire,hat inff e*-ell?^itiiceominodiition.. ?pplytothe cwi, ?.W p!..N? .. Price of puma*?* citfltfv Hull *r? (frHfl > ?n 0 (tf r#> |VioT&N Wa rjcH HLTKIt? AT ONt UOLLAH i-> KAi/H.?J. HTONE. No. S90 Broadwey, New York, bcj?s to inform hia friend* and the public of thi* J'^l^,vr'j[fr placet which are supplied by pabjlc w*,f? worka, that he has to arnuijrrri hit improved Wat?r rij^trs thtt they can be applied to tne CrMN water faiiceU. 1 hey are no constructed thai any person can keep them in order by replenishing * tin the filtering medium al the moat trifling eipeute. A tingle inspection will convince any one of thei* superiority over nay other Kilter in use. P. 8.?Hia other Kilters ?old M usual. au3 30t*rc I W YC :w YORK, SATURDAY I* ISPBfT OF -IttllRS IN EUROPE AND ASIA. SPECIAL DESPATCHES FROM LONDON, PARIS, DUBLIN, HOME, BERNE, ClRAFE NBKRG AND CANTON, TO THE NEW TOILS BB&AID. HIIWWIl Dcaurr, August ad, IM7. Editor or tu Nxw Yoke Hkralo i delayed my letter for the purpoao of giving you tbe lateat Intelligence by tbli day's post. Yesterday, at 4 o'clock, P. M , the steamer bearing the remains of Daniel O'Conoel wia noon entering tbe Dublin harbor ; aa aba came up the rivar, the ijuaye on both aldea. aj well aa every ateamer and boat, large and amall, were filled with denae orowda, drawn together by a variety of feelings,and all aaxioua to oatoh a glimpse of the temporary repoaing plaoeoftbe departed chief. A temporary chapel had been erected on the deok of tbe Duohessof Kent ateamer, hung with draperies of mourning and llgbted up with tapera? within lay the onffln, oovered with orimaon cloth and eacutcheoned. It bore In I.atin the following inscription : " Daniel O't onneli. Ireland's Liberator. while on his journey to tbe seat of the Apoetlea. slept in the Lord at (tanoa, on the|lAth May, in tbo year l?47. He lived seventy.on.' yearn, nine montba aud nine days. May be reat in peace " On arriving at tbe appointed plaue tbe^coflln was' removed and placed on a hearae drawn by six horaea, and attended by the membera ofhia family, and followed by peraous bearing wanda adorned by white and black ribands Tho heurae proceeded to Marlborough Street C hapel, where tbe cuillu wan finally deposited on a catafalque prepared for the purpose, where the remaina lie in atate until Thursday, the day appointed lor the Interment. Of the procetalon which is then expoctcd to take place, a full account in my next. On yesterday the nomination of the membera for the olty of Dublin commenced Four were named.the altting membera, (Jrogan and Gregory. Hev Treham Gregg propoaed Mr. Kerraud, and Mr John Reynolds stoodforward aa the candidate on tbe Repeal interest. The proper recognizances regarding expenses have not yet been perfected ; subscriptions are being called in to aupport Mr. lleynelda, but it is doubtful whethar be will come to the poll?to-morrow. Wednesday, being the (lay appointed for the nurmuit Me .Inhn (V/'ftnnull In an to the people regarding the election, In u single paragraph writes thus :?" 1 ho ashes of him who loved you more than bis own life, ot' him whom in your warm huartedness you styled your Liberator, I) O'Lonnell? hU ashes, ere the moment of trial and triumph baa come to one among you, will be here, bearing matt- and solemn witness to you and (with heaven's blessing) to your success." Mr. Beynolds,in his speech from tbehuetings yesterday, accused the Frttmun'i Journal of having thrown oold water on his claims. An article lu this morning's Freeman, alluding to this charge, says " that Mr. Reynolds has so managed tne preparations for thin election, that on hla claims the several Liberal papers (mentioning them) arc silent, and promises alter the issue of the election is known, to give an explanation for its oonduct. We sh>U, for the present, imitate its silence, and merely give facts. Mr. Smith O'Brien ban positively declined standing for Limerick At a meeting of theelectionclubintbatclty. some over-ardent patriot used in allusion to Mm the expression of " O'Counell's murderer"?this being unreproved or corrected by the chairman, led to his withdrawal. Mr. M.J. lllake and O'Klaberty are returned without a contest for Oalwsy. the Solicitor-General. i Mouaghan, not having come to the poll. Mr. Pagan and i McCarthy are expected to be returned for Cork; Mr. j O'Callaghan, one of the sitting members, will probably be ousted j great heat and excitement prevail among the supporters of the respective candidates The College electiou is at this moment going on. There are four virtual candidates?ahaw and Hamilton, the sitting members, and Napier and MoCullogh ; the contest Is Delleved to lie between Napier aud Bhaw?Hamilton keeping his place, Shaw will probably retain lila, Na ' pier naving been rainer lute lu the tleia. There wus uo meeting held In Conciliation Ilall on i yesterday in eonseiiuence of the arrival of the Liberator'* remains on bunday. auil the previous Friday ? meeting had been held ibeixfor the purpose ol arranging matters and collecting fubds for the election. The irl-h I ontederatlou held a most numerously attended meeting on Thursday last, in the Muslo Hall, Smith O'Brien read a piece, called the ' KecjuiUug Sous of the Irish Brigade," written by Maurice O'Conneil. M. P.. and contrasted it with gome of his modern avowals On the breaking up of the assembly. Smith O'ilrien and biii friend* Were escorted home by about 9000 persons, walking ten nbremt; this wai n precautionary measure, i-aused by the violent** that had on a former night been ottered to some of their members. And now to t urn from politics to the pro.?peuts of the country The weather has lor some lime continued to j be of the most delightful ubarai'lcr; the lUIUurs to which 1 alluded lu my last, of blight in the potatoes aud syrnp loinsof disi-asu in the wheal crop, Lave uot been confirm. eU. and .bale died away accordingly; in tact, the people here suffered so much during the past year that every slight appearauce excites lb* greatest apprehensions, and there are not wauling interested parties to exaggerate and ditseuiinale them when they arise. The Frermall's Journal of this morning states that there are iu one parish in Dublin, at this moment, upwards of 1000 fever patients, owing to unwholesome food and want of proper hospital accommodation ? Without such an authorized statement, the existence of utmh V. I'., f >nnlil 1... b-<.-- I.I V._ ?- -?- "-J '"J"". ?? ? 1'"uinoU ol' iU ptmaleuoe; and from the country district* fewer account* reach Dublin of Its present state, lor the same reattoti. We cannot, therefore, calculate on Its disappearance Scarcity, until Hie harvest is gathered in. still prevails, though not uuto death. Advices are still arriving of new proof* ol'American benevolence. The James front New Vork, ban reached Limerick with a cargo of breadfctulfs for the distressed Irish, complied to the Central ltelief ConiJiltteu, Dublin. The Reliance, laden with AOoO barrels of breadstuffs. In now lying at llaulbuwline. lier cargo in the free gilt of the Bosion Kelief Committee to thin country The Knight of Kerry haft received from Wisconsin Territory, (J. S . 60 barrel.* of Hour for poor relief at Valencia Meantime, some discontent prevail** with regard to the raining of the assessment These wo anticipated In a I former letter, but they have not yet fulien generally or [" with their full lorre on th p< * ilv. counties. Take a sample: ?The comity Cork is called upon to pay by | twenty instalment*, x'SMI.000?half the amount under | the labor rate act. The applications tor road damages | exceed jLhuOjO lu Koscommou, the grand jury have I declined, on account of the state ot the county, to put I on a singie new presentment, and as not more than one1 half the oess now due has been collected, they have been obliifnd to auk lor a rwmtnoneinenl. *.i tli? I presentment. Then- are no Hindu foi' the gaol, and an the bmuk refuses to advauce money, tha prisoners must be turned out, unl?s* the government will provide the lilt-nun of purporting thum Ail tbu road traverses have bum thrown out. Tim is the end of the overwise. policy or Lord J. KusmII and tbu whlgs; but the evil is only yet in lui infancy. An address from the physicians and surgeon* iu Irelaud to hit* excellency, the Karl of < lar-ndon, oomplains that the Government and the < entral Hoard of Health have degraded the medical profeSMou of In land, by the remuneration of .'ih ml.y assigned In fever ea/>es The memorial was signed by liluti name*. The Railway Tina %. In un able article, romplainN of the government mode o( discouraging Irish railroads, and Mr. John <1. Porter, of federal celebrity, ha* just published a pamphlet containing many feasible remarks. | -I* It not shameful." fays he, that there 1* not a railway board in Dublin, over Irish railway* ! The practical mismanagement of our Iriah alTalra by the present : Westminster Kjulway Hoard, la at onoe lamentable and 1 ridiculous It U ad haphaxard, chance, and the longest purse.'' l'Ul* In a run ,1m extract, aud neems au Indication of the general feat in.; of the country. l)n me J Uh, at Um "^h, a special jury found a verdict 1 of JU40U damage! un . ix pence coat, for the Rev Kranol* Oertais, agaiilel lire llelfaxt I'imhrator. The action was for a libel, rellecLlug on the foiiuer, a clergyman of the established church, fur hi* severity and uouuuct as a landlord. A deputation from the Hibernian I'lshtrlen Association bad au interview at the Home Oflloe on Friday, with Sir i Wm. Homerville, Secretary for Ireland Hlr William [ expressed his approbation of th? objects of tbe society, aud his determination to aaiict in advanclLg it* views K or our part, we would prefer that the society would work and lo-?k for help at horns, rather than in the Houie Office abroad _ The Hritlih and North American Hovnl Mall steamnr Caledonia hi rived lu tbe Mersey on WedneMdsy. from Uostou and lialiiax, after a voyage or twelve day* from the foimer place. Kroiu all part* of the continent account* hnve boen received ot thn fall of price*, owinn to the favorable uppearanoe an<l expected abundance of the approaching harvest. The Limerick Rijiortrr state* there were fifty car load* of new potatoes at market 011 Saturday, and aold at !?. to Is. 'M per measure of 'JO lbs The crsps are being reaped in some part* of tbe country. Tin re wa* a fecund representation, by command. In our tbeatru on Saturday night IIis I.xcelieiicy and Huite, tbe Lord Chancellor and Commander of the Korcea. uttunded. The house was densely crowded, and It is only uecesHary to nay that Mr. and Mr* Keau performed again the principal characters of Don Keiix and Volante, in tho comedy of "The tVonder " They and the lessee, Mr. Cftlcraft, were called for at the conclusion of the performance, and were greeted with a shower of houqubts It 1* supposed ibe theatre will qgaln open la October, under more favorable auspices. Frmitoc* Pirii, July 10, 1947. r.QITOK or THE N?w Yosk As I mentioned to you In my last letter, I continue to writ* to you by tba new Havre line of steamers, which are regulated with siieh perverse Ingenuity, a* to add nothing to the means of correspondence with the United State* Were I to write by the Canard line. I should have to despatch ray letter to-morrow, in order to be certain of Its leaving Liverpool by tbe steamer of the 4th, for although It might go U posted on tho Orst, no one I IRK I 10RNING, AUGUST 21, 1 chooses to run the risk, and all our meroantlle and banking bouses her* pool thwlr American letter* for the <unard Une ontUe last day of the month. 1 mentioned in my last the abortive attempt at ulfdeatruotlon of M . Teste. That pernouage wet brought by reflection anil the Influence of his family and friends to a more resigned state of mind, and hae elnee ehown no disposition to repeat the attempt. Tbe sentence of tha Court on Mm has been most severe and exemplary. He Is to pay a line amounting in the whole to forty thousand dollars, to be civilly degraded, that is, rendered Incapable of ever holding any office under the state, or of practising any profession, and flnxily to b? imprisoned for three yarM. As to his accomplices, or to speak more oorreotlv, those who gave him the concern, they are severally fined two thousand dollars, and civilly degraded. M. Pellagra, who had absconded when I last wrote, re turned and surrendered himself, and underwent the same sentenoe u the other* Being, however, rtrjr wealthy, he regurda the line as nothing, and aooordlngly imposing on hiioMlf a work of supererogation, he g?T?, besldea the fine, an equal sum to the Prefect of Polios, to be applied to the liberation of prisoners tor debt of thu working classeu Thle proseoutlon has given rUe to muoli scandal, and it U openly affirmed, that If equal justice were dealt out. M. Teste would not he the only Minister of State looked up iu the cancitrgtrie. It is generally understood that h? will he removed to the fortress of Ham. where Loul? N'apoleou waa confined. It will be remembered that M. Teste wua formerly a member of the present eablnet It la now said that his praotioea were suspeoted by hia colleagues. and expoaure was feared; he waa accordingly Induoed to leave the cabinet, and was providedfor by a judgeship In the Court of Causation, the highest tribunal in the realm. He was also created a peer of Kranue and grand offloer of the Legion of Honor. The ahook produced by hla condemnation, baa had such an effoot on him. that congestion of the brain has supervened, and great foars for hia lite are entertained by his family nnd friends. The weather in France has been magnificent for the last two weeks. Heat and rain have been alternated In the most favorable manner, and every thing at present promisea a harvest considerably more productive than the average of seasons The ooarser grains, rye and barley, are already cut. and In a great degree gathered in. The wheat, which ban the most promising appearance. will be reaped within the next fortnight in the north and centre of Krance. It Is already out In the south The vintage is expected to be one of the finest which has occurred for many years?nothing can exceed the luxurlanoe ef the fruit which now weighs down the vines. The Chambers have' tome to a virtual cloec. nothing now remaining to be done except matters of form. The actnal adjournment will not, however, take place until the 11th of Auffust. Thev will nnt fn?Mt unuln until I January, anient* some extraordinary aud unexpected event abould call them together. Last week placards were potted up in curtain quartern of Pari*, to the following effect: ? Un dtmande dti hommei pour halaytr tine eour tt nrltayrr rfrtue Chanhi it. (wanted?Men to sweep a court aud to clean two Chambers ) The police tore them dawn, and maltreated t one who were found reading them. The celebration of the anniversary of the revolution of 1850, has jnbt panned off here with the B*ual ceremonies. masses tor the slain, boats Ueceratod with fiaga on the river, public spectacles In tbe Champs Elysces, maypoles, dances, illumination*, fireworks, addresses at the i'uilleries, Vo., 4tc. it Is a day always held in.dread by the Queen aud her family, being one on which so inany attempts have been made toassassinute the King. However, ail went off quietly on the present oocaalou. Paris is unusually dull. Several of the theatres, including the grand opera, are olesed. The railway!, which it was supposed would augment tbe number of foreign visiters, bave had the opposite effeot, for the facilities thuy offer have induced people to go to places much more distant, and hitherto InacceHsible to all but the most wealthy. Switzerland, Germany,and Italy now ewarm with travellers, while Paris Is comparatively deserted. The followlug extract from the leading organ of the French ministry (tbe Journal da Dl'halt) in reference to the Hue of transatlantic steamers, will show your readers with what interest the communication with New York is regarded bere :? "Havre has at leugth obtained a transatlantic steam service which, in virtue of a law recently voted by the Chambers, will esteblinh direct relations between our Qr?t port in the!o* an and that of New York. It will not be without utility to say some words on tbe commercial relations now existing between these two great maritime oities, hitherto separated by a voyage of four or Ove weeks, and which steam is about to place at twelve or thirteen days from each other. No people ftood Ingreater need than our own, of such rapidity of intercourse? our productions are of that nature.being objects of lashion and ta?te, variable, fugitive and mobile, which require to be brought to market at a precise time, and which we must, uo matter at what price, bring, the first, tu tbe foreign mart. .Moreover, l>y a circumstance, habitually disadvantageous when concerning maritime transport*, out wuicu we are to consider us it fortunate compensation. the article* of oar fabrlo, weighing little, of small bulk, are belter adapted than auy oilier lo steam navigation, where the coal* anil machinery Uke up a great portion of the vessel* Should it be inquired what wu export annually to the United States, in Kiencli ,i rt.icwe an jwur.thut it dooa not amount to less tbi?n 100 millions of franc*. 07 of wbicb are lu tiasucg, for the most part light and tine; the remainder, (wine* excepted) content* of articie* which take up little room, such ud silks, haberdashery. cbiua, stationery, perfumery, millinery, nlovui.auJ other productions of a similar kind. Such article* do not form a hcaTy freight. Thus, wheu the returns from tbu United States represented in lrti.'i, about 100,000 tons, our export* did not amount to more than 94.000, and even then were luiludcd a pretty considerable quantity of artiolea net belonging to our own exportation To be able to judge of the important part that N'ew Vork acts in the general trade of the Union, it 1* necen*ary to know, that more than two third* of it ii effected at this port?about HuO millions opou 1 'joo or 1 .'too. liy the same reason almost all our commercial transaction* with the United States are done at New Vork, and almost all between thi* port to l.a Havre. Upon III J millions, produced in lb I j, by our general exchange* with the I ulted States, 210 at least, belong to the operations of those two great harbors. A* to their marltime movement, It comprised 'i09 ships, freighted and nearly lOtl.UOO tons ?that Is to say, al>out one. third of our geuerul intercourse with all the harborfi of the Union. Independently of its own trade with New Vork, Havre either reoelves, or Hends out, considerable transit for this port It expedite* to Switzerland and Oermauy, through France, the oottons of .America. and receive* from tbexe countries sundry article* of their manufacture, to be freighted at Havre, in American vessels. New Vork is, then, the flr*t commercial ally of Havre, which counts, In the Atlantic, but one rival worthy to be ?et In opposition with it; but indeed a very powerful one ? Liverpool, the Urst mtrrput of t'lirope for cottons, and for the other princip%l production* of the American Union. No town has increased more rapidly than New Vork The population, which in I MX) did not exceed 60.0W) fold la l??a than half a century. IU foreign trade hiu< trlpli d since 1HJ0. Ita maritime effective, which at the aiiia time amounted only to 7fi,000 ton*, now reaohea J<JO,OoO. Jtstlshing and coacliug navy ban lncreaaed lua still greater proportion. Ua maritime movement, which, in M.'O, gavo, for foreign trade, a trauaport of 300.1)00 ton*, now gives 1,*00,000. And, in fact, New , Vork In most admirably situated, both for maritime tranaaclioni*, and internal trade It ia tbo intermediate, j th? principal uait of trade between Kurope and the other American porta; or ratber, the two America* themaelvea?a magnificent hay, with a aatu harbor. receives the heaviest laden veaaeia, which the rlv?r lludaon enablea to advance noine dlatance into the iulaud country. This vaal course of water facilitate* a communication, by the cauala, between New Vorlt and the Northern lak?a, with the Ht. Lawrence In tbia manner, N?w York la tbe key to the tmmenae internal trade of the I'niun The amelioration* thin <|U*en oi the American ooast ha* realised since the laat fifteen or twenty yeara. are to be principally attributed tt the vaat ort-a tlou of public worka in the state, or, more properly apeaklug, throughout the whole federation - to the numerous raliwaya and canal* with wlnoto thin country baa euriched her (oil; and, above all, to the opening of the Krie ( anal - the moat admirable thing of thl* kind. Chin canal, SO* kilometers In extent, puta New Vork in direct communication with many other commercial Iulaud towua of tbe I'nloa It ia by tbia canal the weat conveys to New Vork the productions of ita flelda and foreata. In 1844, it brought to this haibor MiW.iiOO tona, ropruaentiug. id wood, owrn, flour, nail p:-oTloiona, cattle, leathers and fura, potash, Iron and lead, manufactured articles, Sic., a v?lue of two hundred railliona Tbe I hatnolaln Canal brought in m..? 3.VMMK) toil* None of the atatee ot the L'nion poa*e?s m?r? ratlwaya than that oj New V'ork. It haa no Uh* than twenty : tor llfteen of which tbn following foots were ntktf<J in the lent report*:?1'otalextent, I 0J7 kilometer*, tilfy hud co>t about ono hundred and Ove million of franca; required about four million* jourlj to Keep them In a proper atate of repair, and proaucnl an average receipt of about thirteen million". In *bort. no country pre*entii an aspect of such activity and animation, ax that which the European and Indian trade keep up In tbi* port, joined to the continual arrival of European emigrant*, the arriving of the great whaln tl*herle*, a coaming trade which I* In constant activity, on upward* of t(H) league* of coa*t, and the a*toni*hlng nativity of the laborious hive, wbicb I* called American society. 8ueb i* the commercial port with which were are going to form more multiplied communication* with Havre, Rouen. 1'aria, Lyon*, and every inlaud town which tiends It* production!) to the American mart, our beat and moat preciou* Hrhouche. Steam navigation, In thin polul of view, will add to the advantages Havre already enjoy*, those which Liverpool baa been poesewed of lor a considerable time." We have just learned of the arrival of the Caledonia at Liverpool. luily | Rome, 21?t July, 1M7. to. ot the New Yohu IUkalp >? When I last wrote, I described to y<m the painful > doubt and sad misgiving* of the public here, with regard to the reallmtton of the great progrtss of reform j promised on the accession of Plu* IX to the pontificate The population of tho Mt.itev of the Church were touted to and fro between fear and hope, now diet mating the tlrniueas of purpose of Ilia ilolineea. now HVen doubting bla sincerity, aud now fearing that the rumor* of hla ; voluntary abdication were not altogetlier deatlfnte of 1 foundation. ( rente have alnce ecurred. winch have at | once *uli?hU>neil and reaasured the public. One Uuug is IERA .847. now csrtaln, happeu what mav. I1U Holiness 1* all right, j Ho * thorough-going rerortner, sound to the core. Prudent withal, and oiroumspeet but tlrm as a rock i There Is now ere ry reason for hop*, and the smallest possible ground for fear. We are still, It Is true, among , the breakers, and surrounded with shoals and sunken rocks; but we hare a pilot at the halm of consummate skill, on whose iruidance w* confidently rest our hopes. You may recollect that I explained In my last, some of the oiauy difficulties with which His Holiness ha* to contend in his measures of progressiTU reform. He has had against him a large majority ; I had almost said the whole of the oonclave of cardinals, to whom toe very word reform la a bugbear. These are backed up by the ambassadorsof the despotic courts. Austria, Russia, and Prussia. Austria Is mor? especially active. Besides this, all the departments of the administration are still Oiled with tne creatures and adherents of Gregory XVI , who to a man are opposed to the present Pope, and leare no means untried to throw out his purposes and frai- 1 trate his measures He oould not, as some of yonr iTesldwnta have doae, clear thera all out. He ha*'even , found It difficult to find person* of bin own way of thinking. oompetent to flU the high oDcm of 8tat? [ Even Cardinal Gltzl, on whose preaumed liberality | great hop** were founded, failed In the great uilMlon, and betrayed a* Secretary of State, all the tendencies of the retrograde an J reactionary party V grand reatival waa appointed to take place at Home, on the 17th July, to oommemorate the amnesty which wa< published on that day, In the preceding year. An immense afflux of person* wan expeoted from all part* of tbe papal State*, and large popular assemblages would of course be collected. Shortly before tbU rumor* obtained circulation and credit, (and In fact were well founded) to tbe effect. that the reactionary party, including almost all tbe cardinal*, and tbe ageuta of Auatrla. had flecretly resolved to bring about some popular disturbances. ho a* to atlord a pretest to Austria to Interfere by armed force, in the legation*, to repress *uch uoTemunU. As the 17th approached, those report* gained consistency, and on the 16th it waa suddenly announced, that an atronloua conspiracy had been detected, the object of whioh, was nothing less than a reproduction of the Hlclllau Vespers and a massacre of the people. The celebration of the 17th was the time appointed for the execution of this plot. Hired ageots of Auatria were to b? dispersed among the orowd, where the military should be drawn up to preserve order Theae agents ware, some to feign an assault on the troops, while others were to ory out that the populace were going to assassiuate the soldiers. The soldiers were then to be commanded by the officers, (many of whom were In the plot,) to oharge upon the people, and the slaughter wan to comment c. A body of malefactors, liberated from tbe jails l*y tbe conspirators, were to be armed with polgnards, an?l to assist in the massacre All this nas discovered by a man of the people called Cioeronachia.who has lately rendered himself celebrated. On the ciraumstanoes being made known, a petition was drawn up and slgnad by all the leaders of the liberal party, including a great number of tbe Noman nobility, praying the t'ope to postpone the ceiebratiouofthe proposed festival; which was Immediately doue. Meanwhile the alarm spreading and increasing. and no one feeling his life for a moment xeoure, it was decided to call out the national guard. Tnis body however, wait not yet equipped, although it had been, to a ocrtaln exteut organized. The government, however. Immediately ordered its members to be supplied with arms ana ammunition, and luHanlly, m if by enchant- ! inunt, a body of ten thousand armud man appeared In the Couso, iu their cltlien's dress, over which they wore their belts and oartouoh boxes. They were headed by the It'man prinoes, aud offluered by the most respected oitisens aDd patroles were eitablinhod throughout tho oity. The lower apartments of the palaces of the tyoman nobles were given up for guard rooms. In the midst of this coulusien Cardinal Ferretti, the new secretary of Statu, arrived, a well known liberal, whom the pope has lately ohosou t*? replace Cardinal Oilli His emiueuce was met at the gates by the people, who took the horses from.hls carriage, and drew him amidst acclamations of enthukiasm to his palace. His first act displayed the firmness and spirit with which he is likely to b? animated. It was to dismiss the Abbe Uiassefyii, the Governor of Rome, whose retrograde principles were well known, and who whs more than suspected of being a party to the alleged reactionary plot, ile sent to this fuuctiouary a very Laconic message, consisting only of two lines : The Abbi- (Jrasreliinl, Is dismissed ;roiu the governorship of Home, and ordered to leave the city iu two hours." Tho Abbe look lligUl to Naples, escaping with difficulty the fury of the Incensed populaoe. That the proposed plot originated with Austria lew here doubt. As a proof that she was cognizant of it, we have the fact that her troops crossed the frontier of Lombardy, entered the papal States, and ocoupied Kerrara on the very day the plot was expected to be exiou- < ted at Home, aud great was their aatoui-huieut to tind j things so different irom what they eipected. Now you will tlud ttiis conspiracy Qeuiedand disavow- I ed by the orgaus of the despotic courts, aud no doubt | also by the Kreunh journals which support the Oulr.ul cabinet, and by the lory Journals of Louuon. i aui not able to supply you with positive proof of its existence, i although it in said that papers have been tound at the lioUseM of the chief ooaspirators which prove it. At ail events the uuiverHiil belief of it l auuoi bu ([Utisliooed, siuce that belief lis* been the cause of the extraordinary , pr. eecdiugsof which Home has been the theatre for the last week I must now conclude In my neit I hope I shall hsv eveuts to relate which will give joy to every liberal In every part ol the world. - Switzerland. i1lkm , PID JUiy, ItH/. Kouoa or rHt. Xiw Voan IIli.alu Siuce thw date of my lar t letter events Uuve progressed in Swltserland. and the dissensions by which tbe confederation In detracted hare como very nearly to a crisis. The Diet, which 1* to the Cantons exactly what Congress Ik to the Mtates. has assembled.and entered seriounly on tbe discussion ol the vital question of the Sunderbnnd. There is, however, a difference between tbe work lug of our confederacy and yours. Vou leave consider able liberty of aotlon to C ongress. Wo leave none. Our delegates ?r?i i,rut to tbe Diet with specific instruction* bow they are to vote on each question, whlnn it Is known \ will ba brought under discussion; and If any questions arise on which they have not received such instructions tin<n they am obliged to ruler to tbe I au tonal authori- 1 tie* for public ami specific directions Thus our delegates are merely the luoutli pieces liy which the several i antons express their vote The first important question which cuuie before tbe I Diet was. whether or not the seven Catholic Cantons ! which have leagued together to support measures which are opposed by the othtr fifteen c an tons, should be allowed to forma separate and independent league, which. I in fact, they have done- this little league within tbe great league being called the riunderbuml. This would j be jiii.t as if your slave Htates, having interests Independent of the others, should form a little l.nlon, having its own Congress, its own army, and Its own laws, inde- i pendent of, and even in opposition to, the great t on- I grew and Legislature at Washington. This question being brought to the vote, a majority of thirteen Cantons voted for tbe immediate dissolution of the Munder band. On this the deputies of the l anions of th* Sunderbund presented a formal protest against the reaolutionofthe Dint, la which It wan intimated that the ( Hilton* of th? Munderbund would not obey the declalou. I Tpnn this the Diet passed another resolution declaring j that all military einpluyt-a of the federal government who | should enter the service of the Hunderbund. should be Immediately cashiered, and considered to be In a state of Ineurrection or mutiny. This resolution,which was of a more practical rharaoter than the flrst, wan, however, a necessary corollary to it. At the time I aui writing this Ih the ?tate of things. There Is a pause to see what will really enaue. Mean- 1 while, the seven i unions of the league are making ac- j ttvn preparations for resistance to any manifestation of evinced force. Arms and ammuultlon In considerable I quantities are imported, aud every measure taken necessary .or the organ, zation of military force The politic* ot the separate league we such as to enlist the sympathies of ttie northern and eastern Htatea of Kurope, to wlitah, by a strange Inconsistency, franc) has united her lutluence. Thoso of the Diet are more In harmony with tree and constitutional governments, and are accordingly countenanced by Knglaod. Diplomacy has so much influence In Switzerland, that It is to be feared that a collision may be provok. d in order to obtain au excuse for foreign intervention In that case , Austria. Kuxsla, f'russla, and Franco would pith ibly ] unite lu makiug aucli a demonstration aa would ellec- i tuuliy repress tne democratic tendencies at present lieveloi cd in the majority of the ( anions Of this, how- I ever, we can ?ay noinlug cerlalu at present. I shall, ! probably, be able to give yuu some more definite lufor- I matlon by the next mail. Austrian Mllesln, (iRAre^pr.RO (In Austrian Silesia). i Aug h, |KI7. ? Kditor or tub New Yuan llr.s*i.n :? My last communication was froin Leghorn, In Italy, and it will be perceived that, since that time. I have passed over no Inconsiderable portion of Kurope; have left the land of thn rln?, th? fl^-tree and tba ollre, the dark blua water* of the Mediterranean, for (be le?* balmy, though more genial, air of the mountain* of Nileeia, and thn water* that flow Into the Baltic 1 lie buatlu and turmoil of traveling bava prevented inn from tran*inittiufi; communication* very often, bat I bur collected much interesting Information in relation to the moTi'iui'utB of tbe present day in Italy, which I will have thn honor of forwarding in future letter* One nutjeot however, In relation to Italy I cannot refrain Iroiu giving immediately. an I feel It my duty to make it known at home, that our worthy repreecutatlve* may know how American citl*en* arn Impoeed upou abroad by many of thone who receive their Hituationn. prole*nedly, to protect the stranger In a xtrange land I allude to the oonduct of a gieat many of our consul* on til* *hore?of the Mediterranean, and particularly tlioM of Leghorn and Genoa and feel that tba *?bject will He reoeived with open column* by your met, a* it b?? ever. 1 been foremo?t in prole?tiiig the right* and beat lutareaU of Amerlc n oitlfiiK The ootouia of nearly. If Dot all the port* of tha Mediterranean, hare *uoh arrangement* with tha marttuoa police, or maritime pae*p<>rt department, that no one can leave one port, lay Leghorn, and tail for another, *ay Genoa, for tnnUnre. without fereral cnnnular signature* on the pa?*port, and mo?t parti[ culatly the signature, or viit, of the consul of hla own government Thi* being the eaae, an American cannot j l?ave one jwrt, and proceed to another, without the *l|{. i nature of the American consul In tne port which he ( leaves. Aware of thin, and knowing thai every j>ae*.... . * % LD. Mm Two Oat port must cuininit tba .hamafui 1a Josttofi of unlawfully Won th- r^uud ,ua> of two dollar* for merely affixing tb?lr *lgn?iura and aaal To maka tba raatfar woraa. tbls pajm? U oontlanaUr r ?u ?J to paoaiuK IW>m una port U> nuotber and baforetha Ani?*rio?n ha* rlaiUd *11 ttmport* of th.. M^dlu-rranaan uy wa, ne uas oeen 'ijaveu i>j tu<> oOiccro of ui? own Government of a clersr sum In two cities aloneLeghorn and Genoa?my paasport ooet me fifty franoa, although 1 wan provided with every diplomatic signature required by the lawa of said oountriaa; and I would have been unmolested bad I travelled by land because they can scarcely b? ao barefaced aa to demand fifty franca for the privilege of leaving one olty and entering another, although itli) quite ea*y to prevent a man frem landing from a steamer. and eend him back to bli port of embarkation, to pay hlf comul aa exhorbitant prioe for a signature which mid ooqmiI la bound to give gratia. Even this la not (infrequently dona, it tome unlucky wight la so.bardy aa to try bia fata on the Mediterranean without a consular algnatore, the oodsuIs being ao eonpletely leagued with each other and the police, and ao doubt alao In the divialon of the apoiia, that no one atoapes According to all that 1 can learn of the rightot of consuls to demand fee*, tbla on* for a mar* <r(U, a diplomatic algaatnre. not commerolal, la a speclee ol open robbery, and tbe more ao trom the fact of IU being ao exorbitant 1 hear thl? complaint from every Asa*' rican who vlalu Italy. and wonder that the attenttM of tbe American public ha* not been more frequently aad specially directed to It At the present moment, whan the reform of tbe consular system Is engaging the attention of tbe public at home, these fact* should not ba overlooked, as they treat of some of the graateat abaeee committed on Americana abroad,especially in Italy. So far as my experience goes, this fleecing bnsinaaa la g?M* rally performed by vloe-aonsula, who are frequently Italians, and some of them acareely, or not at all, able to speak English, If, Indeed. It does not unfrrquently happen that the consul himself Is uot an American. I would aak the plain question how imch man aaa be xpeoted to protect Americans abroad ' and would alao Inquire if tbla la not one of the strongest arguments In favor of an immediate consular reform, and appoint' menta exclusively confined to Amerloana ' It la earn* estly to be hoped that Congress will not neglaet tbla matter muoh longer, as no Amenoan visits Europe who does not see that Europeans taunt us juatly for our Indifference In this respect. Leaving this subject, with the ardent doalra that thaae few remarks will not be mad? In vain, we will tin to the far-famed Orafenberg?the beadquartara of the genius of hydropathy and cold water, where 1 am at present, and shall probably rusticate for tbe season.? The name of Priesnitx, the originator of the cold watar oure. and Orafenberg. which has aprnng Into exlatanoe, as It were, by the waving ofhla magic wand, are not altogether unknown In the United States, and, indeed, the subject la beginning at the preaent moment to command so much attention on both sides of the Atlantic, that a correspondence from Orafenberg has aJmoet became a necessary Item In the columns of tbe world abeorblng ?? . uu wn liKTn lairiy oommencea?me situation of Grafenberg In Austrlsn Silesia. In one which powMM thu most charming uatursl advantage". An enchanting variety of hill and dale afford* new and pleulag views of valleys and mountains at almost every turn, and the moat healthy and Invigorating walk* tor those invalid* tho secret of whose cure ii almoat continual exercise la the open air, and frequent ablution* in the pureet water that Providence ever gave to man. Oralenberg leen intended by nature for a water cure establishment, and, reasoning irom the prinoiple that circumstances form the characters of celebrated men. wo may almoat argue that Grafvnberg produced Prieaniu, Instead of Pnssnltz producing Grafenberg. Howovvr, this ia a question which we will leave Vo the dootors, being perfectly satisfied in our own mind that if there is any place in cinlion where there is more water at every turn than therw Is here, that said plaoe is rather too damp for comfort.? In short, during two weeks stay here it ha* rained every day but two, uud every thing seems to indicate that nature herself isjiucllueu to take an endless bath, in hopes of improving the energies of her system for a luxurious and general orop this year, it is sincerely to be hoped that this water curs will not produce the opposite result, as such fears are already filling the breasts of men la his region. Oralenberg is situated on high ground, commanding a bold view; and in the valley about three-quar turn of a inile below, is the village of Kreiwaldau? both of these places may be said to be filled with the patients of I'rlnsuitz.there be in* about seven huudrvd at the present moment, gtvlng ample employment to the inhabitants of the surruundlug country iu administering to their wants. In Oralenberg proper there are, at the presmt period, about two hundred and tilly patients, whs are not only under the treatment of rrlesniti, but reside in his establishment, and est at hi* table. Among these there are persous from nearly every dime that the sun sblues upon?and the dinner table at Urafenbsrg Is a perlect contusion of tongues?a modern Babel. Our own republic I* not badly represented, and the "glorious 4th" brought us out in bold relief. On oompartng notes we found that we numbered nearly twenty souls all told, which is certainly a very rcHpeetwftle delegation Tdsr* are two American families here now; one is that of our urii?i."u iti ? ii'ima. inu iuu oilier e wealthy nu<l Highly respectable family of the Mate of Maryland. The 4th of July being .(uiltt an deur to us in Austrian silesia a* In our owu ocean-bound republic, we determined to eel?brata it in true (irafenberg style. having no other spiritual gum us presiding than that of pure cold water. ttevernl highly Intelligent g*nlleuien trow tbe 9 uih Amerlcan republics joined our runks. nod "the feast of rtuoD and the Uow of soul ' resulting from our social assooiatton, was Mich as seldom lakes place within the intluena* of Prietultz, be being renowuedfor plain living, and a kind of stoic quiet and iudilTerence.whiuh is perhaps the attribute ol bis guardian angei uuld water We, bowever, dli our duty to the best of our abilities with the crystal cup, and?"The Day we Celebrate"?"Our Coon I try''?'The Memory of Washington'7?"Tbe Health of Soott, Taylor, etc.," were swallowed in healthy and refreshing draughts. In the evening I'rieeniti gave a ball in Grafenlwrg, whether it was to liouor our celebration or not, deponent ssitb not; oeitoiu It Is, however, that on tbe evening of the II h of Jniy tbn rosy cheek Invalid* of (irafenberg danced as merrily an crickets- and It la oer tnitily h cure not to lie desplred thst takes a man Imm a slrK room . puts his crutches Into a corner, and bids i bim tise. dance, und be merry, whether he be maimed, halt, or blind. liulls are very frequent here among the patients, and last eveuing another grand one was given by I'rtesnit/ in celebruiiou of the anniversary or tbe day on which be was honored and decorated with the "Order of < ivil vlerit." Among other handsome dooora fions in the dancing saloou. wore two very pretty American Hags, nnd tlio heart of the American leasts lu bis bosom when be sits under the stars and stripes In tbe very depths of Alleys As I propose to remain here during tbe suainsr as a -'looker on In Vienna," I shall have ample opportunity of seeing all that is new, useful, curl ous, and lidieulous in tbe Kingdom of Triesnlti, and propose to retain all that I have now oolleoted In these new fields of observation for future communion Hons from the land of cold water. China. ( *1101, May Ai, IM/ Lniius or tut Niw Yokb liiiito:? It may not be uninteresting to you, to hava an Mrational line from these remote countriee; we therefore take advantage of a few moments lelsnrwi before the departure of the overland mall, to give some of the ItMU o' news, fcc. On the iOth Inst.,there auother outbreak at Canton A mob collected In front of the factories, demand ing to know why certain privileges granted by tbe Imperial < oroml^aloner Keying, to Hlr John Davis, were ao corded And culling upon the Chinese to reaiiit any attempt of the barbarians to take advantage of tbem, and adTi! ?lng tbe American, French, and other foreign residents | to absent themselves for a few days, that they might I wr'iiK meir vi'DKfsnrn on inn r.ngllali. ine mob aat Ore to the boat-lion*** In front of tbn garden*, and alto to * ?h?-d adjoining l>r Carter * factory, Ihe latter waa fbrtnnat?ly *xtiogul*hed. or It might h?r? ban eery ?*rioiih. The tactorie* being hullt very dorely together, any onuoftbeiu taking ttri> would tm likely to di-ntroy th? whole A company of thn IHCh Itoyal Inah atatloned at | i Hilton fines II K lain expedition for tbn protection of | foreigner* wi re called out hy thn British Consul to qiiell the riot. which they nuccceded in doing only at the point of the bayonet, to charge along the eeveral It.reeta In the neighborhood of the dleturbauce, before effecting it Hlnce which. <|utet la reotorcd. but many Inflammatory placard* have l>m-n poeted around the factories, denouncing vengeance on the Lngliah, and Inviting the brnvea of thn *urrounding country to aaalat them II. B M atnauier Vulture, left yeateruay for VVhampoa, to lie at baud In cane of neceaalty 'I bere are now in the vicinity of Canton. II D M enlp Hoout and teamen Vulture and Pluto. They constitute all the naval fbr*? at present In < liina. except the brig " Mpelgle," (ta Honed on the kaat < oa?t. iiut we are dally expecting the now fleet. under commaad of Admiral Inglefleid, and ai*o an addition of part* of two reglmeuta, ordered bam from India , Kroin the tone of excitement, and the Intense hatred of the (blneee for foreigner*, together with the food given to *uch feeling* l>y Kir John Davie' impolitic aotioi.n in the memorable uttark on th? ?? - on hi* passage up the river. and hi* weaknaea ot wind displayed In negotiation with Keying. in which he entirely abandoned the avowed anil only object of tha ?*ixidltlon lrc? entranoe In the city?an out break much morn serious ami hint tbaa any of the preceding ntti, li looked lor ?ud we are In almost dally expeotatloa of hearing of t lie destruction of the feetorlee.tyaad consequently much low of life, tha Intereet being too great to he given up without a struggle The UoinKty, froin Boston, with a cargo of low ud sundries, arrived on tUa IBth. and I* the only American ship tu port. She leaven In a few day* for Mkalila, to load fur home The Robert Fulton ana Thomaa Parkin* are loading In Manilla for tha United Htate? The above named three veriels cnn*tltu<* all the American *hlpplug In China, and tha aurroundlng port*. Toonege 1* In much demand I he Howqaa and Joshua bate*, met w'tb quick despatch at ?3?. ai d |W per ton, aijd the latter pnoe might now be oad tor a N" 1 *hlp bichange on Lon-lou. at si* month*'Ijht, ? ><; Ca*r>ta* Dollari. B a I*' cent premium; touth Amertoan Dollar* and Ferdinand, par There ha* been but little bu*ln?*s dona thl* ?**?*? la nonar^uenoe of th? want of eonlidenee In buyer*, and the (light security felt by them for propety Vany cltbe < hlnese merchant* have removed their lamiliea aad valuable* from < anion, to place* oi niore sect rlty Should anything of Importance occur, we will kee| you advised of it, and the f rogrwa of event* by ev^ry overland luall

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