Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 22, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 22, 1847 Page 1
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r T H Vol. xm. No. M-UWYVhola No. *847. THE NEW YORK HERALD i ESTABLISHMENT, North-west corner or Fulton and HimriH. JAMES GORMTENNETT. PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION ?FORTY THOUSAND. UAJLY HERALD?Efery d?T, Price 2 cuUp?r copy?$7 M Per annum?mvahla in idruu. WEEKLY HERALD??nry Saturday*?Frice %% et&ti 3SEu8 KrMRfrrassrfc&lSK- ^ Price 6% cents per copy?$6 per annum, including poetase, payable in advance. Subscriptions and advertisement* will be received by Messrs. Galirnanl, II rue Vivieitiie, Paris \ r. L lit of January of etch jmi-angle copiea aixpence each. I ADVERTISEMENTS. at the nanal prtcea?tlwiyi caahju ! ulvuct. Adrertiiementaahould be written in a plain, legible . manner. The Proprietor will not be reaponaible for erren that may oocnr in them. . . . PRINTING of all kind* axacntad beautifully and Witt dr patch. All letter! or cominunicoiiona ty, mail, addreaaed to the . eatabliahmeuLmaetbepoat paid, or Ujb poatage will be da darted from the mb.ejiptioa monar remitted. 'u*v>saii!OBtiS4ia}g 3i QtM '.'ffiiSB "lieSft ON AN D A. 'E^Th"^Ud5V jfWE l(3riM7, the Cara will run an follows, until farther eott^e. T7p trains wiH leave the City Hall for _ . . Hatiemilt Morriaiana. Forham It Tqeluhoe PleaaaatTilU, 5 JO A.M. Will'maBrtp. fta?and Newea*L 7 " 5 J# A.M. White PI W Bedford. 8 M 7 7 A.M. WhitlickviU* , ? ltl " lv ' Crotun Falla. la " U " 4 P. M- T ATM. 11 ? 3 P. M. 5 10 " 4 P. M. I P. M. 4 3 " 5 M H 4 ? " 5 " 5 3? ' # JO " , Returning to New Yoik will leave? Morriaiana It Harlem. Kordham. Will'maBr'ge. Teckahoe. 7 05 A. M. 0 53 A.M. ? 4i A.M. 7 30 A.M. II II) " 7 56 " 7 50 " S IS U " 9 09 " II* " 1 30 P. M. 10 " 13 33 P.M. 13.5 P.M. 5 5* * IS 35 P. M 1 45 " 1 40 " White Pl*ta. a " i 08 " 6 " 7 10 A. M. ] " 15 " 6 08 " 8 33 " 5 SO " 51 " 7 45 " IP. M. 6 " - ? II " t> tt " a 04 " n><l(nrd Wl. ill iilrv ;ll? I "bIj'a'mV" ""i " am. "7 51am. th am )l3f m 1 p m. 4 si p m. 4 45 p m Crotoa Fulls. 7 30 A M. 4 3u p m. The trains to and from Crotnu Kails will nut (top ou new York Island, eicept at Broome street, aud 33d street. a ear will precede eaah tram tea minutes, to take np passengers m the city. , _ | The morning train of eari from Croton rail* will not atop between White Plaint and New York, evcept at Tackaho* William'* Bridge, and If or dham. ! Extra tram* on Bondaya to Harlem and Merruiana, if fine Btaxe* for Lake Mahopack and Danbnrv leave c rot on Falli on amval of the 7 o'clock A. m. and 4 P. M. train*, and for Paw* lire* on nrnvalof the 7 o'clock a. M. train. * fare from new york : To Crotoa kslla $1 00 To Whitlickville i7)f To Newcastle 74 t<> fl?ia*autvilla 62h To White PUiM... 60 Freight train* leave City HaLl at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, leave Crotoo kihi at 7 a. m. and 9 p. m. raw oay It <l'o.'s boston and eas i fchn exL?toa PUESS, vin Newport and Kail River.?This hipres* mce leave* the office, No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadwar. duly, at quarter before 5 o'clock, p. m., thereby securing to uiercli.iat* aud others the advantage of a late hoir for forwarding cuei, packages. 6cc. Bank u?les, specie, drills, and valuable parcels are secnred ' in iron safes and placed tu the charge of faithful conductors. 1 OAV k CO. Merchandise, packages, he. forwarded in our own cius, and by leaving orders at our olfice. No 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, packages will be called for in auy part of the city. n(K... { No. 1 Wall street, orner Brosidway. ices \ ne. 7 Bt?te street. Boston. anS Jfltrc .. coney island kbkhv.?Xne com r s sbi mm modions and elegant steamer ion, Captain (jaothn Weld, will resume her trips on the above ferry, ou Thursday, the 12th o( August, aud cont,une to run daily on the above ferry, leaving the loot of Duane street, firjt trip only, at wh- pier No. 1 n. k. at 11 a m.. and 2 p. m Coney Island 1}x anil 4 p. m.; on Sundays will leave the foot of Du<n* street at 10 a. m.: foot of Spring street, n. ii., at 10h a. m., p. m.; pier No. 1 n. r. at ii a. m , and 2 V. m : ' one* Island 12)6 and 5 p. m. Landing eaeh way at Fort Ihrmltou, when there is sufficient water. Fare each way 12*. anj/tifm ~T-w*. OITlZfN'8 NlHv DA+,'<LV' Of {.^^13>*OPPp81TION BOATS FOR ALSTVNF, 1-&X&63SHL Lzuidiug at Van Conrtlaudt* Newburgii, n it ?-?r r* u :u A 11 .A..? ca riuKKT ?HiP OUKTTN OK THE Wfc?T, I'KOM LIVKRPOvt-^oiiitiirn wilt pleiae JgjUUtM'irnil tli'ir p-rmitu on board, vvr.i mil# Burling Slip, wiilimi' AM gonda n?>t permitted iu IWe d?y? are liable to be tcut to i ubll? (tore. WOODHULL It MINTUHN, ?17 *7 Hon?h ?frr*t "jbse-" ONtV Rh OULAR LINE OF PAcKKrfl FOR NRW ORLEANS ? The following well known, tik&Zlfmi Civonte picket ship* lnin'cumniiidm; . * iumirp?*?eu for cabin. aeeoiid cabin and (eerxgr paah< ern, ami will, oaitirely Mil aa advertised, or paaaage free Til "^'h* W AB ABU, Cart Hathaway, Monday. Anguat 23d. The ih|L A1 HOLMES, C;pt. Barry, Monday, Aug 30th. r#r<itu* to proceed to New Orieana, will do well to i"ir? paaaagroy either the above iwcfaeta, aa ther are all flrit rla?a ahipa, i orajpanded by mm etperieured in the trade, and w\ll aailpnnettrtlly on their appointed daya. To MCar* b.rthj.appW o? boarder ^ y TATiCOTT, N tkmthM. rUUKI^VC^lV, Aimnuu, < 'aonLiu auuxiuutvu.?raicj? vouir- i Bwakl lit Had Dinner on Board. 1 lit Tiuw HailrleKUt Sterner HOGKK WILLIAMS, Cipt. A. Desriwt. Tuesdays, Thursdays. and Saturdays, at ball-past it, A. il., iVom the inn tw of Rnlnnaou itieet, touching at ; HMnin. uJ.ireetpier, from New York, For pi>f?'i|i*i or frirjjht, apply ou t>ourd the Boat*, or to Uco. T. Stai.ler,a! li"e office, foot of Robinson street. \Cjr~ vll j<*iVonj?re forbid irnc.un tin ahove boat! oa ee- ! #, ti"' r*?* ????eni n vIO rl? i KOH^HatWSBUKY,L~u N <7B itA NCH, j t W.SCHKNCK'S, HIOHLAN l?S, Ocean tKitteefleew House, ami Katontown Laud iug. The Steamboat KI)WIN LKWIS, <_'apt Haynes, will ran aa follow! i from foot of Vr*ey st?eot, North River: Lsuve New Yo k. Leave Shrewsbury. Aai{. o'clock. Ann. o'clock. . Snuday, 22, at II A.M. Sunday, 22, at 4 P.M. Moud<y, 23. at II A.M. Monday, 23, at 3 P.M. Tuesday .24, at 13 M. Tuesday, 21, at 4 P.M. WodnV, 2'j, at 3 A. M Wedu'y, 21, at 7 A. M. Wedu2), at 2.Si P. M. Thorsd'y,2S, at 8 A.M. Thurs'dy26, at 3 P. M Friday, 27, at 8 A. M. Friday, 27, at 4 P.M. Saturday, 28, at 9 A.M. 8iai<es will be in readiness on the arrivdl of the boat to coo vey passengers to all parts sf the country. jy3l30t'rc ' vraa*. FOK MHKKWSBURV, OCEAN HOUSE. '* TrXiiwJal -*"r Branch. Hniuom Dock, Brown's Dock, * ?<&*&*> Midnletown and Hr.d Bank.?The Steamboat 0RU9, C. Price, Masu^ will ron as follows, from Fulton | Market Slip, East Kiver^ Lenre New York. Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. i Sir,day, 22, II A. M. Sunday, 22, 4 P.M. I Monday, 23. 12 M. Vouday, 2', 4 P. M. I Tuesday, 21, I l'.M. Turwlay. 21. i P.M. i W?d..?, 25, A. M. W-duesday, 24, 2 P. M. | Th', 2R, 7 A.M. Thursday. iifi, 3 P.M. Friday, 27, 8 AM. Fr day, 27. 4 P.M. | Saturday, 28, 9,S? A. M. Saturday, 28, i P.M. Sunday, 29, 8 A. M. Sunday, 29, P. M. I Monday, 30, 7 A.M. Monday, 30. kl A.M. Tuesday, 31, 7 A. M Tuesday, 31, 12 M. i The Line Stages will run to Howell Works, Squau Village and Freehold. Staves to convey passengers to all parts of the i country. .N. B. All persona are forbid trusting the above boat no aeronntof the Owners. J. P. ALLA1HK. ; ?u l Vii * rc , ??1? The snperior itcumir NKW llAVtN, | f _j>XUU??Van Pelt, caa be chartered for ticur- | AHMMttnfaaious to any place, by application at No. I , Battery Place, North river. j/28 Jfltrc T~tM. MORNING LINE FOR ALBAN ? AND TKOY sad Iniertnrdiate Landings. UreakfaA and Dinner on board the Boat. The low ptrtanre atear^to&t TKOY, Captain A. (iorham, will leave the atermboat pfcr foot of Barclay atreet. Mondaya, Wedneadaya, and frridaya, at aevrn o clock A. M Retiira mr on the opposite (taya. The ^teaurr N1AOARA, Capt. K. L. Kellorg, will leave i the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay atreet, Tueaddy, Tnnraday aut) S iturd iy, at half put iix o'clock, A. M., returning oa the oppoaite daya. XT" Fare 50 Cent*. For pa?aage or freight, ai>ply oa board, or to F. B. Hall, at the o'flcn i>? the wharf. jyJO I'^OPLKIS LIKfc CTfcAMBOAV S KOW ?- A LB ANY. Daily, Sundaya Kicept'd? t&MMMHHa Through Uitect?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from the I'ier between Conrtlandtrmd Liberty atreeu. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wedueaday, am1 /rid&y eveuinga, at 7 o'clock. Hteiwnboat HJfiNDKlK HUDSON, C*pt. R. O. Cruttt?den, will leave oa Tneaday, Thursday and Saturday evening* *t 7 o'clock. Special Traioa for Schenectndr, Ballaton, and Saratoga Spring*. will rou aa followa:?Leave Albany at Sk A.M., 3 P.M., except Snudaya. Paaarugera will find thia the moat e* pedition* and eonvaaiient root*. At Five O'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Plaeta? from the toot o I Barclay atreet. Steamboat NORTH .VMfcJUC A, Captain Truadell, will leave on Monday, Wcdneaday, Friday, and Sunday afternooua, at 4 o'clock. _ Hte&oiboet IIOCIIK8TER. Certain R. H. Furry, will leave ojj Tueedar, Thoraaay, m,d Saturday al'teraooua, at 5 o'clock. The above bo*U will at all tiinaa arrive in Albaay ia ample time for the Moraiag Can lor the Eaat or >Veat. * Frei/ht tnken at moderate tatei, and none taken; after JX o'oluck, P. M. tT^ All i>eraoaa are lorbid trnatinu any of the boata of thia liae, without a wntteu order Irom the captain* or ageuta. For p**?,ze or height, apply uu board the boata, or to P. C. 8CHI LT*. at the "flice "P tne wharf. r i "NOTICE. 8TATKN ISLAND KERRY.?Oa and P .^Tai^iF1 -ftr HIJNDAV, April Uth. the ateamboata aUrSEtftXW* SYLI'U and S+ATEN ISLANDER will ran aa followa, nntil farther untie* :? Lgava atatrrr island At , I. I, l?,U, A. M., and I, 1, I, 4, S, ?, T, P. M. .. meavb new tori At 7, ?, 10, 11, A. M , and 1,1, tea mmuiei put I, aad at 4, 5, , . ?i?, o'clock, P.M. PJ... V/i.V It.I. .IV. If H'k H. P. HOUGH, Auctioneer. WILL Be". HOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION, on.>lp?<"r. Auir. lOo'elnek, A M.,at WhiteJiiliia"U ball 'I'r, rear ol the U. 8. Kevrnne olRct-, the well knoK>i i*> frrt Dinkey **il boat TROIilJLKH, nearly new, well fiiu<>d ami 'it Tor immediate aervice. A l?o. at Mine time and place, n light 21 feet centre board Skill, ad?l>led either lor a ?<il or row I10M. N B.?If ?h? weather be tinftrorahle, the tale will be poatponed tn <lie next any (Taetd.iy,) it the aame time and place. ?"Xi VF KSi\| * m I E NE NI VI 0 Tbe city of Puebla Is located on the plain, Mid the main poeition of the place la nearly level, the streets a little wider than those of any Mexican town* I have seen ?the style of building Is nearly the same throughout the city; aod taking it all through, is the best built town or eity I have ever seen, and the people are the worst population with which I hare ever com# In contact The atreete are dally more crowded than either Chartres, Camp, or St. Charles trout*, of N?w firlmm ?r,<? .I-. pravily, vloe and degradation are depicted in every expremilon ot the great mull, from the infant to the Hired and inflrm. It seems utterly inconceivable that a population of this kind should inhabit such a bnautiful and well built city. The population, 1 heart before my arrival, was about 3,i,00l>; from all the information I can get 1 do not think it contains less than GO 000 souls Tho people of this place (Ion Pueblano~) are noted throughout the whole of Mexico, for their vlllany and their turbulent spirit. 1 am free to oonfess that I do not think there is as muoh religion, and aa little morality, ^in any town on th* eonntlnent of America as cm <> * Ji und here. The mau of the people are very poor, while the rich are very rich?the poor are always ready to engage INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FROM THE QZTV OF iMCBXXOO. AFFAIRS IN TAB WAR QUARTER. &c die &c . IMPORTANT MKX1CAN DOCUMENT'S. [From the New Orleans Picayune. Aug. 13 1 it baa already been mentioned that Siuor Paclieco, waa appointed Mexican Minister of Foreign AiTiiia early in July. The name of this gentleman baa long been connected with the polities of the oountry, and Mexican papers before u* declare him to be a man of ability aid of unquestioned patriotism. The American Star, published at Fuebla. seems to admit his capacity and patriotism, but insinuates that he is a man of gallantry, and distinctly attributes the rupture between France and Mexico, to a guilty intrigue of Paeheco with the French Minister'* wife. Be this as it may. considerable importance must attaoh to the views now entertained by racheoo. aa ho if the organ of Manta Anna's Uovernment with foreign nations. Upon entering office, he addressed to the Governor* of the States, a circular exnmiln nf hl> .I-?. .irul ? 'I V... ? does not appear to us to be written in thr beet taste, being extremely egotistical. nor to cvinco gT<-*l ability : and we should not translate it but tor the fact that H may saf?ly be deemed the latest and best exponent of Manta Anna'* views which tn have. It abounds with fulsome panegyric of the President, but we must presume, in the absence of positive evidence to the contrary. that it speaks thu sentiments of Sama Anna and his administration. CiaCVLAU TO TIIK UOVKKNOIlt OK THK Meiico, July 7, 1H17. Sir.?The nomination which his Kxcellency the President has been pleased to make of the undersigned to the portfolio of the first secretaryship? in which post he tenders to your excellenoy bis services both to aid in promoting the happiness of this State and to yonrs?lf individually? Is a confirmation in every ri-npect of the programme which has been proclaimed by every act of his Administration. Drawn from the bosom of Congress, where he has constantly u i? ..:-d and wM for tk? maintenance of the war until a glorious peace should be obtained; an influential actor in tlie glorious movement of August, which had for its object to restore to the nation Its institutions, and to wash out the stain inflicted upon it by a general who abandoned the cause of our nationality; an original supporter of the federative system and well known as the author ot various writings published by him as a piivate citizen; ever the exponent of ideas of liberty and order?the President has thought favorably of his capacity to express his order's based on these views One of the weapons whioh 1s always employed in wars of invasion?especially when waged as la this upon Mexico, without a noble aim nor trom a just motive?is to sow dissensions among the people which is Invaded; for there Is no people, however weak it may be, that is not stronc and Invincible when united. I nfnrtun*ti>l? our people U not united, and In good earnest thin infernal polloy hail hers found opportunity to olio* It* efficacy. It had almost succeeded. and It would have completely suooeeded, had It not l>eeu relisted l>y a lew?no far a? to deliver over, bound hand and foot, the chief of the nation Into the power of it* euemi>s, accused of oonnivance witli them, to I>h sacrifieU by tbem for having waged war In the Damn and for tbo aervice of the nation. In this country destined to present to the world these examples of conduct toward* Hh chiefs' Iturbide, Guerrero, now Hauta Anna? Muet thin nation shelter within ltd bosom men who am forever to bring upon it the imputation of artifice, perfidy and ingratitude.' It oannot he that thin nation should be mure or lesf devoted to her dignity than any other, aud if an immense minority of ber people are patriot*, who would prefer death to the dishonor of the country of their birth, there are not wanting, aa in evory other nation, Individual* who, either eowardeor traitors, favor diruotly or ldlreetly the enemy. With u*. men of thie stamp have not stopped lmW way. With a view to gain a shameful individual security, tbey have aimed to disarm Manta Anna by imputing to him design* the mont Improbable. Too more absurd these pretences the more popular are they ? The antecedent!) of his whole life, the glory of his name, lndlsnolubly associated with the history of this war, and the position he hu* occupied In the battle* be has fought in person-all these are here, with which a reasonable man should be satisfied. Then consider th? guerilla* of the State of Vera Ciui; mmy of these were early organized by this sam? Kama Anna, were formed front the servaute upon his KacimAat, and paid from his own purse, and one of these 1* tbo leader who has most molested the enemy But party rnucor.fear aud egotism do not reaaon; they continue to ImpuLe to the 1'reaitlent an understanding with (he enemy, aud plansnud prepur attous lor maxing peace, wn.isiiiie rressdent listening only to the dictates of hi* heart and the wishes of the Legislatures aud Governors of the States. will he t he Or.-t to enoounter the enemy at the head of those who will rharc the honor. a* lie ha* before encouutered him at I.a Angostura and Cerro Gordo, and he will mi encounter him o?crywhere. If thin nation In destined (gain to lose her independence by the dimension* of her sons, the dentiny of Gen. Santa Anna is duo fixed. Mica another Guatimoiln ho Will be the last Mexican who mny light for his country, and should his evil star so far prevail that be eurvir? the, like that h'-ro be will tio able to exclaim, "Kill me, if jou would enjoy In peace your conquest A man like me can only bo followed by Mexican* when be raiies to th?ir view the standard lif honor, and h? may dlfturb your dreams " Ilia Excellency, the Trovirioual President. Is also determined to sustain at all hsikrdstheesiabiisbed system and the will of the na.ion. expeoting that their Excellencies, the Governors of tne states, liy their zealous cooperation with bin will prove In tbl? oriels-- thr greatest which can ever befal a nation?that the Federal system U that heat calculated for the great end propoaed by all syatema? that it may aland up with all the elements of lis strength around it, and be united as one man, in ths defence of ita Independence aud dignity The secondary measures of the Administration to conill mm ate these purposes will b? dictated by the law, and * W YO SW YORK, SUNDAY MO EW OF THE CITY OF 1 THE DE8CTUFTK in crimes of every shape and hue, and prefer viae to labor for the purpose of procuring the necessary in nam of flupport. Tnere arn upwards of 100 churches, 700 priests, and the value of the church property is a little Over 148,000.000 The churches are all of a very superior order. It Is Impossible to convey an idea of I he magnificence of the Cathedral. I have heard men who Dave Keen every public building in the United States, and many of those in foreign countries state that they have never seen any bulldlog that would, In the leant degreo, compare with the el ganoe and gorgeousness of this building and its decorations?the large paintings, solid iomsive gold and gilded carved work, are all of the finest style, aud are so arranged as to pres>*nt the appearance of sublimity. Although there are a great iiumber of designs and paintings, there does not appear to lie too many or too few, but just enongh to show well. Like all other places in this oouutry, Puebla has Its placi of Kinuaeraent and resort The Alineda (a large publlo garden) with Its wide walks, blooming llowers. flowing fountains, and shading trees, alt within a permanent and neat enclosure?theatres, amphitheatre for bull-flghtlog, oookplts, etc , to all of which the men, women and chilla a spirit eminently democratic. Individual guaranties will be respected so far as the forms of law do not disarm the Government in the presence of the enemy; and in makiug use of the powers with which the national representation l\a* iuves'ed it. the Kxecutive will confine itMilf striully aud religiously to the terms in which (he nnurara vr<, Such are the principle by which his Kxoellency, tli? 1'rovlnlonal I're-ilclent aims to justify the confidence of lii( country, mld th? hopes of those enlightened nations friendly to hur; such i re the principles he ha? expressed to the undersigned. In conferring oo him the highest honor a Mexican can receive, by associating the undersigned with himself in thiH work In ih? hour of danger; and aucb, too, are the view* with which the undersigned lia? entered the ministry. relying henceforth upon thu clllcient co operation of your kxoellency and the State you so worthily govern; which cooperation he solicit* in the name of the country, which ban been outraged All which. hy order of bin Lxceilency. I have the honor to cominunioate, offering for inyielf the assurance of tny distinguished consideration. Ood and Liberty ! PACHECO. By the foregoing oireular It appear* that the administration in Mexico, like our own, ij bound to the prosecution of the war until a glorious peace shall bo obtained ?haita oklener una jiu: gloriosa Krom the yet more interesting documont* which we subjoin. it will appear that Hanta Anna bus long ago contemplated the probability that the fat* of arms may compel him to withdraw from the capital, and that he Is already prepared for that emergency. Cinil'UI to THf flOVKSMQRS OF stat** MK*ico. Iuly 17, 1847. Excellent Sih :?Ah you arc aware, the p?i?)rn which arrive at Vera ('rug, transmitted by the packet* do not reach the capital, so far an ran be judged by the correspondence which lias arrived this day, the opinion of civiliKoil people 1* generally favorable to tho side of Mexico in the war of defence againit th? I nlted States. How could it be otherwise in so just a cause The opinion is equally general that the I'nlted .State* cannot triumph, except hy relying upon the internal dissensions of our republic, (iovernment* and people express unanimous wiMhe* to see us united and strong, in order that, we may chastise that abuse of olr umstanci n which an enemy take* who think* all the advantages are on his side Tbe documents whkih are to-day published in the Oiari > Ojicint ire a proof that these opinions are entertained by ioreigu nations. Iiy one of them you will perceive that the government of her Britannic Majesty, loyal* rri>-ndly relation* with our republic, has eugaged not to recognize any revolutionary government which may ostensibly be sot up in the republic, but only that legitimately established. wherever its residence may be, should the chances of war compel th-.t government to leave the capital. in tho other document you will perccive the hope* and plan* of the enemy, and in another the multiplied solicitations to our agents in foreign oountries to be allowed to come and take part in the war in favor of our just cause. The Provisional President desires mo to communicate all this to your Kxcellency. that In like manner you may communicate It to the worthy people over whom you preside; and be desires to conjure the people through me in the name of the country, tor their future destinies and for th.dr character among civilized nations, that they redouble their efforts and contribute all the reaources which the State oan raise, anil arouse the spirit of independence and true federation among their patriotic inhabitants, ho as to confer credit on the system by which we are governed, even In the midst of a crisis such as will probably never again present itself. I have the honor to repeat the assurance of my consideration. God and Liberty ! rACHECO. The following in th-fir*t dooument alluded to in the nbore circular. It w ;ii not fail to arrest general alten tion Mat SI. IH47. The underHigne'l. l,.?r Majesty'* Minister ol Foreign Affair*, ha* the hoiior of acknowledging the receipt of the 0'immunieatlQii dated (lie .'ilrh luet , of Sr. Mora, the Knvoy Kxtranrdlnary and Minister Plenipotentiary of thn Mexican Republic, relative to the existing flate of affairs between Mexico and tha United btatea; and In regard to the contemplated abandonment of tha .Mexican capital by the Kxecutive, to which Mr Mora refer* In hi* letter?the undersigned has tbe honor of aoMiring Hr Mora that the Rnglish Minister accredited to thu Mexican government will consider It hi* duty to follow the government, and maintain hi* relation* with it. In whatett r part of the Mexican terrltoty Raid government may fix it* residence. Accept the a**tirance of my distinguished consideration I'ALMKRSTON. To Hr. I). Jo*nt;iit Mora, Minister of Mexleau Republic. Thn next document alluded to i* a letter published in tha Wrrkly I'tiai/unr of July A, and copied by u* from the Charlnton Courier. A* it is very short, uudshow* the apprehension* entertained by the Mexican*, we republish It [Correspondence of the Courier.) JVa?iiiwotow. June 23. The Government ha* taken a very important auil decided step in regard to the Mexican war and one that promises, if not a conclusion of the Inast to change the ebaracler. und to convince tbe world of our Alucere desire to bring the contest, to an ond. The Government ha*, after full delile'ratlon In cabinet rvuinnil. (lutcrminnd to ffttuhliuh sl f ,rm nf n. i iovirnmiTit. iU facto in Mexico, ami make with It a trimly of puace, ami guaranty the securiiy of tliat Government. luhtructionH to this effect hare been sent to General Scott through various channels The first messenger, Col. Hour, wan cut off with hl< nie^tuge. The MhIcid Government Is possibly aware of our intentions already There Is no doubt that a tuost formidable peace party has arisen In Mexico, au<l that some of its members have twen in communication with Gen. Scott. As soon as Oen. Hcott shall arrive in the city of Mexico, the peace party will form a Government dt fatln, under the guarantee of Gen Scott. Our armies must, of oenree. remain In Mexico till the treaty made with the new Government shall be lully carried Into effect. The mats of the Mexican people are not expected to concur in the treaty, becaoae many of their leadsrt will oppoM it. >RK I RNING, AUGUST 22, 1& PUEBLA, IN MEXICO. Hi ' '' ' -r-v' f K OP HJUE CTTT. dren flook in great orowda at certain season* of the year' for the pwpose of enjoying such festivities aa may ' be on hand " Bull-fighting Is their great national amusement, which usually takes plane on Sunday* and feaat days, 10 that It may not Interfere with' their uitual business. Church in the morning, and bull-fighting in the evening. ana a fandango at night. Men. women and children, of all agea and conditions, visit the arena as a usual paatime amusement When the desperate conflict commence*, they all, male and female, become excited alike, the men rewarding the victors with roara of applauae. and the ladifS with the waving of white hand kerchiefs. The climate Is a mort pleasant one, the temperatnrn varying but little between winter and summer ?the nights being cool enough to mike Bleeping under * blanket comfortable, and the days warm enough to be ajjreeaHla, the beat net oppressive. and Julep* desirable, in which we hare the opportunity of indulging.? Snow and loe are daily brought down from the raountaius, and hawked thiough the street* for sale. From the peoullar adaptation of the climate and soil to the culture of all kinds of frnlt, grain, and vegetables, there Is one of the beet supplied markets here I hare A civil war will arise, and the new Government and Its supporters will have us as allies. The next document is a letter from somo Mexican offfcial, whose name it not given, to the Secretary of Seat#, enclosing another letter, and asking what reply he shall make to tt The enclosed letter purports to be from a foreigner, who offers his services with those of fifty men to join the Mexican guerillas. It intimates that the writer's only daughter is married to a Mexican, and professes great enthusiasm for the cause of the " oppressed uution." We do not consider it worth relating. TIIK CHARACTER OF GEN. VALENCIA. [From the New Orleans Delta, Aug. 13 ] The last news from tha city of Mexico mentioned the arrival of Lien. Valencia at the capital, with tJOW) inen And :i< cannon. This movement seemed to excite no surprise or remark In Mexico. It must l>e confessed, however, it oousidorably puzzles our wit to understand tha object of this oountermarch. Valencia had been "ent to San Luis Potosi to organize the army at that point, and oppose the advance of Unn. Taylor. He had scarcely been there thren weeks before he collected together all the regular and well armed troops, and inarched back to the Capital It was, wo presume, to cover his retrograde march, that he sent the cavalry forco, noticed in our papvr some time ago. as appearing id mo nni^niiofuoou 01 uen. wool s cntiip Rl uucna Vista Thin movement seemed no wild and objertles* at tho time. that It wan attributed to Valencia's failing? nu inveterate lore of strong drink. But the swarthy t General is n cunning and close fellow, though ha i* a drunkard. He enjoy* lift), and no doubt laments the war for the etlnt It imp was ou hi* inrunH of enjoyment. Hi* Inaction heretofore I* asnribabie to his waut of ardor and enthusiasm in the war With purhap* a higher military (Mexican) reputation than almost any general in the army, he him not appeared before during the whole campaign in Mexico, iiut he In an intimate friend of den. 8anfa Anna, and owe* his elevation to the patronage of the Mexican President. That patronage he secured by defeating (ieueral Mejia, in the revolution get on foot by tho latter, a tew year* ago. against .Santa Anna. The revolution of Mejia wax concocted and prepared In thin city. Thai (Jeueral had made many ardent friend* here, who willingly afforded him their aid, counsel and sympathy In hi* daring enterprise. The prospects of hi* Huoce** were Mattering, and iudeed nothing but unavoidable accident*, such a* contrary wiuds and other cause*, by which he lo*t the large stores which were shipped t? Tob.-mco from this city, prevented ni* triumphal march to the city of Mexico' With a small force, he advanced to I'uebU. where Valencia was stationed, and gave him battle. I'reviou*, however, to Ueneral Mejia's departure froul this city, he had reoeived assurance* from Valencia of his friendship and aid In the revolution he was about to ooinmcnoe. Mrjla bad Served with Valencia, and coutlded in hlin He was, However, warned by a frieud in this city not to trust to Valencia, for he was a drunkard. The warning proved a wise one. Valencia violated hi* pledges, and basely betrayed Mejia. who being surrounded by a large force, and having no artillery, was defeated after many acts nf daring ami brilliant soldiership on the part of himself and urn iium Dtnu. .Align was Haul, nan > aiencia oecame a hero anil put of Santa Anna II*) in no doubt at present co operating in the mysterious ami secret plot which Santa Anna in concocting to turn this war to bin own advantage. With bil known feelings against the war,Valencia, his tiOOO good troops and 3tt cannon, would guarantee the success of any peace movement* which Santa Auna might maim, how distasteful tourer to Congress and the people. Whether Urneral Valencia has been ordered to the city to adva-ice thu peace desires of Santa Anna, by giving him what he lias not had before duriug this war, strength sutflo.ent to proclaim publicly hi* feelings and opinions on the subject, or whether ho intends to relnlorce the army of the capital, and participate in the ignominy of another Mexican route, a few days will determine TL'C AT AX. Paper* from Merlda had been received in Havana to tb? loth lilt. The elections to the new Congress were over, but the result* uot yet declared. According to the Sigi" XIX, disturbances were apprehended In various paits of the country. The Kliraordinary Assembly had concluded its labors by submitting to the government seven proposed decrees the title* of which are Indicated, but they are all of a domestic and local nature. An'alrN In Te'xn*. [ Krom the New Orleans Delta, Aug 13 ] The steamship Yacht, <;*pt Crane, arrived yesterday r.r.... /; hi... i. r. ?i ? il. ' ' Our laat accounts (my* the litlrmiou A'mki nf llix ftth lu*t.) from the interior *r? highly f?vc rable to the ooltou crop In the neighborhood)* where the worm whs r?(K>rte<l to have cauwl or threatened iuo*t Injury, it ban nearly disappeared. doing no damage ol moment, while to other Heotioui tt hw routined it* ravage* to the eriuia; and iu the greater portion of the cotton region from whiuh we have heard, it* appearance is not mentioned. Several of tho paper* speak of the appearance of the worm ?the gran* worm, no doubt?no far, however, it appear* there has been no harm done. There ha* been an arrival at Ualve*ton from Corpu* Cbrtstl. There are only fifteen or twenty families at thi*< time at ( orpu* Christ!, and bu*inn** 1* extremely dull, owing, a* li believed, to a prevailing feeling of Insecurity and danger In traversing the prairie* it i* believed, however, that no robberies or other act* of violence have lately been perpetrated. A dispute, resulting In a iicufUe, recently took place In Braxoria, betweon Mr. Reuben U. Jruwn and .Mr Win. Carson. Th? parties were sen rated without auy apparent Injury to either, but Mr Carson expired a few uiuulea afterward*, as waa found, from the rupture of a blood veaael (ien Lamar li a oundidato for tbo Legislature In Nuaoo? county, A cordon of military posts la about to be establi*h?"l along the whole weatern frontier of Texas, for the double purpose of protecting the Indiana from the Injustice and impositions of the whites, and for administering prompt rhaatlaement for any act* of aggression of which they may be guilty. M. A. Martin has commenced the publication of a new 1" [ERA 17. rr^T". ?* ? " ~:rr i:j? -? ?" -.' ~-"*?- ' " if : - ever seen?there la an abundance of all the fruit* and vegetables of the northern part* of the United States, together with those of the Houth and Weat Indies. Tbs meats and fowl are very fine, and the supply good, though, unlike our country, It Is never offered for sale In thn puhlin market places, but usually kept In private store-housed In different parts of the city The rainy season has fairly commenced, but I cannot say it U at all unpleasant?the sun shines out fair and brilliant In the morning, and so continues uatU about two o'olock. when suddenly a dark heavy cloud makes its appearance on the mountain side, and soon passes over the valley, enveloping It in darkness, and pouring out Its flood* of water, which completely drench the earth for abont four hours, when the rain usually ceases; In half an hour the streots are as dry as if there had not been a rain for twelve months?all clas??s and conditions again sally out into the streets, and the city soon become* the theatre of a motley crowd; those who oan lay any claim to decency are the more gay and lively, while vice and Immorality, as if Invigorated by a short respite, come out iu all the gay and Inviting dreaaea calculated to allure and deceive.? Cor. N.O. Delta. journal in I.avaca. The Victoria Jldvocatt Ih tnuoh enlarged and mechanically improved. It Is now believed at Bexar and Austin, that the four surveyors recently raptured by the Indians, have been munlunirl Th.1 I'imannhua An ..itrit.?U to another tribe, have ho reported. The Texas regiment, under Col. Hay*. In (till divided lietvuen Austin mid Sun Antonio, awaiting orders from Gen Taylor. A man by the name of Thomas T. Bullock was killed on the evening of the JHh ult., about ? o'clock. some tevnn miles west of Han Augustine, on the lower Nacogiloohes road, a short distance from tue reeldenee of Mr. I lavld W. Gilbert. Wm. W. Downs ha* been arrested and imprisoned for trial for the murder The United State* transport steamship Auu t hane.hae lieen repaired at Galveston, and would leave for this port on the I'2th. Persons Lost in the Idl'na.?We are indebted for the following list of ueople lost from the ldana. which Is ax accurate as It can l>e made, to Bernard Roelker, K.sq . the President of the Oerman F.rnljTat t Society, of thU olty and vlalnlty : ? 1. Anton Weber, trom Bohemia. J Frederick llelneoke, from Magdeburg a and 4. Catharlna Golglcke and brother, St. Gallen, Switzerland. 6 Balthazar Kuok, do. fi and 7. Itofman and son. Rudolfstadt a ?13. Wm. Ilerlng, with 9 son* and 1 daughter, and his sister, do. 13 and 14 Melsjner and wlt'e. do. IB. Minna Salomon. Bromberg, Bavaria Hi and 17. Misses F rank and Dublin, Pocen 18. Ilerold. J,<rwer Bavaria. IQ f I Ofn IA 20. Wledi-rniann, Nordkaunen, Hanover 41. KmeUa Weitr.tnann H rankenhauftru. In HuJolfstadt. 22. Tonisky, l'o?en. '2.1. klenura Buttner, ttUeeia. U. A child of rharle* Schuly, do. 36?30. Ncblnbecke. with wife, :i soqn and 2 daughter*, do. 31 and 312. Mr*. John Wunxel and olUd, Krankeu, Bavaria. 33 Ka<par Ditmer. with 7 person.*, Kranken 41. Kaspar Knit**, ito. 4-2?47. Nicholas Trott, with wife and I children, do. 48. Hebastian, Krankeaberger. with wifn ani daughter, do. 61. John Reitner, with wife and 3 children, do. 66. John Knerht. with wife and 6 children, do. 63. Thomas KlofT, Franken 84. 1 persons, Kriesenhausen, in Kranken. Bararla. Ofl I'eter I'fann.with wife and 6 children, Middle Frtnken, Bavaria. 76. I'. l.arker. with 3ohlldren, (hi* wife wail laved) do. 70. George Balleuberger, with wife, 3 children. 1 parents-in-law and one sinter, do. 87. I.orentx Vogelsang, do. ? 88. (ieorge Wlrth, do. Hit. Wm Kngelkind. Al'.ona. near Hamburg. 90. Wm 1'feTfer, do. 1*1. Dietrich Wlnte, Ntade, Hanover. Win Huheid, Kudolbtadt. 93: Frederick Winecke, Berlin, l'ru*siu 94. Rabot and sinter, Poseu. Prussia 96. I ran/. Passau, Mecklenburg. 97. Mnllnr. and wife and daughter. Ciena 100. KelWr and wife and -2 children, Haxou, Melnungeii 104. Widow Heirath. with 4 sons and 1 daughter. Tillet,a, county Htolbcrg. Hanover. 110. Charles Teita, ao. 111. Maria (ilocker. do. 11-2. Mr. Lauminershlrt, Meinuugen. Ill 1 ?ir.. 11 - ^ L D. Prtw Twu OmI MluclUncout. Boston bay and harbor pres?nt?d ?n animated ibmu ele yesterday In addition to the arrival of the Wutl fUl (loop of war Albany, auJ tbe tin* d?w ship T?ar from Newburyport, a lergu number of barks, brtB? ?.nd schoonen came up. At suuset ther?t w?r? outside the light tix barks, forty-seven brigs and rnauy small craft The operatiobs of the Marine telegraph yesterday comprised a sloop of war, a ship, eight barks, forty-seven brigs and several schooners and ateamen.?button Jiiv. Jlug. tl U. 8. sloop of war Albany* Captain Breese. arrived last evening from Norfolk, and fired a salute, whloh was answered from the navy yard ? Button Pott, Jlug. ai Tba Untb annual convention of tha Proetestant Epts copal (ihnrch in tha diocese of Western New York, assembled Wednesday morning at 10 o'oiook, in 8t. Pater's Churoh, Auburn. The t< tal number of olersynen to the dioceae is 108?1 bishop, 87 priests and 10 daaoons. On the 34th uit. there ware In the harbor of Cronstadt I tha principal plaoe of reeort for shipping with merohaa dise for 8t Petersburg, ona thousand nine hundred Tea ?ls, believed to ba a larger number than in any former I lotion George P. Marsh, of Burlington, Vt , an accomplished scholar, particularly skilled In languages, and to Soaudlnavian literature, will deliver the oratloa before the Phi Beta Kappa Society, at Harvard University, at 1U approaching anniversary The ititoBUt that G*n. V ran til a Pleroe ?U la til* Uat war, U uutrua HI* father waa In tha rarolutlonary war, and wa beliuvo an aldar brothar wai in tha Uat wax. The Ooijiel Banner, Augusta. Malna, aay> tha potato rot ha* made its appoaranoa In WTortl field* la that neighborhood. Hon. John Mattaeks. formerly a Onvernor of Vermoat, died on Saturday laat, at the age of 71. The Montgomery (Ala.) Jldreriurr of the 14th last., publishes full return* of the vote* for < iovernor of that State, which give Chapman, the democratic candidate.a majority of fl.DO# over Davis, hU whig competitor. In tha State legislature the democrat* will have a majority of 10 vote* on joint ballot. On the l-Jth lnitant, aitreet fight took place at New Orleans. between Matthew C. Kdwarla, a young lawyer, and Orran lJyrd. In which the latter loet his life. B met E in the street. and *truok him with a cana, and afterward* pursued him some distance, when E draw a pistol and fired thrloe at him. and killed him The fight aioee from some pecuniary affair*. Ili rrno Aug. 18, 1917. Nullum in Parro. Amid tlie buitUo and noise of every day Ufa. I shall attempt, from time to tluio, to give you a partial detail of ' Matter* in "the West." Every kind of businea* I* j lively, aud bid.- talr to continue ro until the Late* eloaaa. I Crowd* ar? tlailv r to th? Ii'mIIm In mm-? ?*? nf ?!? J n ? | rforeatlon wliir>h tin y <-anu"t tlnd in your cIohh and confiund city of tiolham. 'I he ppcrulatora upon the travelling put.lie aru alivn la opposition to monopoly, an J hu vi- cut down the prices of travelling at an amaalng rate. W? we here w flue letuuri w the Hudson can boast. Thu Niagara and Hendrlck Hudsou aru rpaolmens against whirl, even George Law, E*q . would not want to venture. Flour and produce are crowding late market, and you may look for an extra quantity of Import* ibo coming week. I leave this afternoou for Detroit. uou a.01 abliMUiU rAMAui u?iK,a> & A ft A ail 8Ta??r. 8AMUKL THOMPSON AND NKPHKW. Atiinn rmimi "Black 8i*h,'Link or Paokkyb. 1MT. Liverpool to New York. Iff? Hhipt Captaint. TSu Rf Tru Brn marmion, mew) vv. Uwu<i, 906 IMS Sanliuia, Uiew) C. K. Crocket, 801 liM Sea, T. K Kreemaa, M7 IMS Liberty, P. P. Norton, 1? 1300 Huguenot, H. Goodhue, IS UM America, (new) Weare. 1110 1M0 Empire, (.new) J.U. Raaaell, 1090 1M0 Niagara, H. Russell, 7J0 1190 Senator, (new) H. Coffin, 030 14M Ohio, T. J. Bird, 7tt Wi Cornelia, K. M. Krench, 1065 1740 Chao*, J. L. Wilson, 010 1400 Elizabeth Deniaon, T. W. 8i>enoer, 806 1400 Peter Hattrick, J. D. Post. <70 tMO The lubacribers would respectfully infona their friend* aad the public that they have added *everal splendid new ahip* o their line of racket* between thi? port and Liverpool,which tea been favorably known and eiteu*ively patronised for a period of more than thirty year*, and have no hesitation in ajeanac those who inay wun to mine engagement* for the pauac* ol their friend* from England, Scotland or Ireland, that ihey will lind theae ah i j>> inferior to none in point of comfort, ?on reindict' awl safety, one of whirh will uil from Liverpool, every lii daya, throughout the year, making delay and the con**(juent eipenae to emigrant* at the port of embarkation iiopoeeibie. A free |>a**age |>er steamer fmm the variou* lri*h and Scotch portH with bread *tufl*, niul hospital money paid, may be *ecured all at the lowe*( rate*; and w'len those settled far decline coming out, the full amount paid will be promptly refunded a* usual i-or further particular*, apply to samuel thompson It NKPHEW, 273 Pearl ?treat. or to C. OIIIM8HA W (c CO ,10 Ooree Piataa*. LivXI Diafu or etcluuijje, ratable at sight, are alio funiuhed for any amount, on R. C. Glyn k Co., Banker*, London; C. Onmshaw K Co., Liverpool; the National Kant of Soolland, National Bank ol Iralaud, and Northern Baukinc Co. Applj a* above. 1 y00 30t*re foiTnkw orlkanr LOUISIANA AND KW YORK LINK. Mb ^ 4 ft TO SATlHfVERY TK^TIYM 1 Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnson Ship HUDSON, Captain Pace Ship CLIKTON, Captain lugerioll Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt Ship HARTELLE, Ca|>tain Taylor Bark GENESEE, Captain Miuoc Bark J. E: WILLIAMS, Captain Parkei Bark HEBRON, Captain Greip. The above ship* are all of the lirst claae, of llfht draft r>< water, and commanded by the most cipenencoil captain* Mi the trade Their cabin* arc lmud*uiu>'U furnished, mid sr?ri attention paid to the comfort ami cnnveuienoe of the pwri " Neither the i*ptaini or owner* of the abore ahipe will be re poumble for jewelry, bnllion, precioua none*, uilrer or pitted ware. or for any leuera, parcelt, orjiarkagea aent by, or put ou Ihienl of them, nnleaa reirnlar bill* of lading are taken ror the same, nuil the Tiilae therein expreeaed. For freight or p.iaaage, apply on b<?rd, at Orleeoa wharf, foot of Wnll atreet, or ro E. k. COLLINS, 'Mi Sooth wml Agent in New Or!ean??John Woodruff It Co., who wfU promptly forward all good* to theiraddresa. IG m J. l'rraniia wiaaiug to tend for their friend* in tlie old ComMtry, can aecure p**a?ge on reaaonable terui*. by any 01 the ma^nilirett abip* compruwg the new Line ofLiverpool pecketa. ri*:? CONSTITUTION, l7S0tona, Ceptain John Britton. QUEEN OK THE WEST, I too ton*. Caet. P. Woodhoate LIVERPOOL. 12'ifl tons, Captain John Eldndge. HOTTINOUER, I ISO ton*. Caw. Ira Baraley, tailing from Liveipool ou the 6in of every month. Paaaage ran alto be aeeured by the St. Oeorge't Line, or the Union Line o| Liverpool packet*, making mi all a ?hip every fire davi Irom that port. Kor further particular* apply U> W. k J T TAP#COTT. j j-21 ?> Sooth *t-eet, New York Omittances to Ireland, ko. m. m. & m TTeuTToK M< BkI U(., Jr., No. Hi Broadway, coaKinueg to VJ? remit money, in auma large or imAll. to poraoiu roakdlu in any part of Ireland, in the aame miuiner u he ud hia proder fiior iu buaiueaa hove done Tor the lut thirty yean ud owm alio, to iuiy part of Kneland or Scotland. vloney remitted by Tetter, poat-imd, to Lhe nkamWt, ot peiaonally denoaitod with him, with the name of the person ot peraona iu Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it I* to l?e aent, anjl iieareat tioat town, will be immediately Mnaaiwl aud paid accordingly, and a receipt to that met rirau ur lorwardod to th> sender. Jyfl >* H RKN < H T H A N DATL AN T I < "rfiiT COMPANY-The ahjpaol company are appointed to Mil aa fu> rnSiMmmLm "FROM NKW YORK The I'HILA DK.LPH1A on the IJth Asian The MlSHOCKI " " Jl? The NKW YORK " " litii Sept. The UNION " " *Kh ,r MIOM HAVRE. The NKW VOHK " " 15th Anroat. The UNION " " ?? ? , Theae Ntcamcra are e<|nal to anV afloat, with commander* of tried akUl and known ourtaay Their atate tooma and oabloa ire unimiaily commndioiia, and they are provided with every thine reijmaite for the comfort of i*?arn??r*. The price of ( aaaagr in (lie firat raliin from New York it $IM. From lint re I,OM franca. Wineaarenot included, bat will bo hu? niahed at moderate ratea. all leftere muat paaa through the poet office. For freiiclit or pa*?age, apply to not rc _ A\ M AR li CO.. 34 Rooth atroot. ^kMimU 4M hont f,wrr "odor aootraet Lorda ol the Admiraiity. HIBKRNI A, Captain Aleianuer Rrrio. CALEDONIA. Caiitaiii Edward U. Lott DRITTANNIA. Caytaiu John Hewia CAMBRIA, Captain Charlea H. K Jodkiao. ACADIA, Captmn William Harrison. The fotu atramghii* now bnildiiur vf The v?as*la appointed to aail frota Boaton are the Hiberma Anguat 16, 1147 Cambria September I, 1*47 Caledonia September It, IM7 Britannia. ... ,.October I. IM7 The leaaela appointed to aail from Livei pool are lhe Cambria Anenat 4 1?47 Caledonia August 10 1MT Brituiiiii Hei>tember 4, 1MT Passengers' luggave mmt be on board tin day previon* to ailing. Pi\?aigc inonry?Krom Boetoa to Liverpool, $120, do dole Halifai, ttO. No berths secured until paid for. Hhese ships carry espenenced iitiMm. No freight, escept ?|*<-ie, received on day| of (ailing Fur freight, passage, or any other information, apply to ? U. BRIOHAM. V, Agent At H AIlNDfcN It fcd.'S.J fill* (T7"ln addition to the above line between Liverpool iif Ilnli.'n.and Boston, a contract liaa been entered into with Her Majesty'* government, to establish a tine between Liverpool and Nrw York direct. The steamshipe for thie MrTiee are now boing built, aud early next year dne uotiee will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new contreet the ((earners will sail every Saturday during eight inonfM, end every fortnight during the other months in the year. rVoing ?! ternately between l,iveri?ol and Haliiai and Boetoa. and be tweeu Liverpool and York * WOS DITkTTT plovo V rft V iMnhrr'a rvownm F' the Hair, wlitcn will ch<nge grey hair to its oriem' I color in a 'ew mmut?a Thi? Bolntion i? different from ?nr yet offered Those whi donbt its virtues e requested to nave their hair ch nged belore piying tbeir money ''ne ' laj will prove the (act. The flotation can be had at < * ' ?" moud's, 171 B-oed way, corner of Chambers street; I>r < ue, 1M Bowery; Ot Ceneractre, W Chalham stTeet;aiii. at Htnker's, 4 ( oenties Slip, where it can be applied IJon* ?e? nine naleee signed H. Striker. la red ink. ?ulO 141*? 116. Christoph Kohmann, Bavaria 1 Iti The cook of the Temwl, Hamburg. 117. Kanpar Schroeder, Miudla Frank en 118. M arrant ha Malhls, Jo. I lft. Oeorge lleln. do. 1J0. Two ulster* Biutnonthal, Meinuugen I'M. Maria Hollaender, do. U3 Michael hotter, with wlfc and sli chlldran, H?K?nntjur?, Bavaria 131. John Uerstendorfer, do. 13J ( atbariae Baeurinti, Bavaria. 133. Five daughters of Andreas Frohboesar. (who was saved with one daughter), Ferstor. Hanover. 18^. Henry Bart rain. do, 13ft. Johanna Weidvmelar, do. 110. F. Wernecke, wife and two children, do 1 W. Carolina Dietrich and ulster, do., 140. Andreas Mareuke, with wife and Six children 164. K. Koss, wife, child and sisier-ln-law, do. 168-161. C. Wernecke. wife and two children, do. IH3-I#i. Frederic Kalsir, with, wife and child, BctUb. ?Motion Jlitr. Tiie Mormons.?A friend Iihh shown us letters of h lair date from tli<" pioneer rump of Mormon emigrants. They had at length reached the great salt lake, near which they had made a halt, and their wearied cattle with ..njoyloK the swe..l gra*s una freshwater with which that region In floored They had made a new road from the Omata country to n-ar the base of the mountain*, which *111 no doubt be valuable to other emigrant" from the United States. It keeps north of the ()r?goa trace. In said to he more direct than this, and in carried, by nut) tantial bridge*, orvr mo*t of the principal Htrnauifl which It meet' liy thn pioneer*. It mult have been traversed with dlfflculty. sine* they bare evidently been subjeated to great hardship After leaving (fraud Inland, bnwevur, thry had au abundant (uppiy of bu(f<iio Ijeef. whioh greatly renewed the strength of those whim health wit* suffering by forced abatloence. A ingle herd, with which they fall In, wai estimated to number over 10.000, or, according to the calculation of one letter writer, muat have oontaioed from to 10 000 000 pound* of meat; *' h large *upply," he say*, " to bt sent by i|uaii* in the deaeri " hould Whitney'* railroad. or any Government work* be undertaken along the line from the Mlaaourl to the ranitie, they will And their beat contractor* and workmen among th? Mormon* ? hardy ohiidren ot persecution?who appear to daaplsa difficulty and danger ? HhitaitrlpM* Pmniylvanian The *um subscribed for the survivor* of Swedish hark Iduna. at the reading rocm, amounted to *1X0 yesterday. ? button ton, Jiug 21.

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