Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 24, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 24, 1847 Page 1
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TH Vol. XU1. No. 233-WfcoU No. 48?0. TH K NEW YORK 1IKRALD ESTABLISHMENT, Worth -vrnt corner of Fulton and Hums JAMES CORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR OIRCirL\TIO!V.|KOIlTT THOUSAND. !)AILY HtKAlU-Kcer; dat, Price 3 c ecu per eopT1 II i>er i-niio-n?naynlilr iuadv^uce. WK.KKC.V HERALD?Every Snturday?Price ?K ew pa- copy?*1 I !< cruts . r annum?payable hi adranie HflR\Ll> KOR KITROPE-Everr Pyk't dyr ?*< riiin |,??r oopv?S > per HME intituling pa< ihl- hi adwire Subscriptions and ndvertisemeuts win b? rtreivnl hy Mesirs Gtli^nani. 13 rat Vivieuoe, Paria ; P L Sin.i.iil*. it Conihill, ?u I J'-hn Mi'ler, 'he bookseller, London AVMUAL PICTORIAL HERALD? Pnblinhed on th? lit 'if Julio ''V of nrh year?40ikIc copies sixpence each. MJV EHTISEMENTS. at the usual nricei?nlwayi cash u. advance Ailv-ni*rinruti ?h(iuM he written io a plain, lagibl' avinrr. The Pmprietur will not be responsible lor errors tliai in ^ v occur id the in Pill N'TlNG of all kinds eieented beautifully and witl. daaptuh. All le".ers or ooonnnntofttions by mail, addressed to th<, niuu be pii8, or the postage will be da dn< edfmm the siibtcrioiion mnner remitted. N K W k'UKX VNO (1 \KLIC:?1 KAILttO \0 COMPANY SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON- a^c?vPtxlvriiVRSU^^ ji^funiPLn, the Cars will rnu as follows, until farther notice. Up train* ^ilI leave the City liall for iilrmfc Morriaiana. k'qrham k Tuekahoe Pleasaatville, 5 30 A. M. Will'ma Dr'ge. Hart's and Newcastle 7 " IN A.U. White Pl'ns. Bt-il ford ? " T " 7 A. M. WhitliekTille ? " 10 M 10 ' Croton Falls. 1* " 11 " 4 P.M. 7 A.M. 11 " 3 P. M. } M M 4 P. M. 3 P. M. 4 3 " i * " 4 30 u 1 " #30 " ? 30 " R'tnmini to New York will leare? Morrisiana & Harlem. Kordhnm. Will'ms Br'ge. Teckahoe 7 M A M. 6 53 A.M. 6 43 A.M. 7 30 A. M * 10 " 7 55 " 7 50 " 111 " ? " 8 03 " 9 Of " 1 20 P. M 13 " 12 23 P. M. 13 .S P. M. 5 53 18 33 P. M. 1 45 " I 40 " White ri'ns 2 5 C3 " 6 " 7 10 A. M J " 10 " 6 03 " 3 33 " 3 n " 53 " 7 4S " 1 P. M 6 ? 33 ? 6 28 ' 6 06 " Pleaianrville. New Castle. Bedford. WhitliekTille ,813AM. AM. 7 51 A M. 7 43 A M 5 13 P M. 3 P M. 4 51PM. 4 45 P M Croton Kalis. 7 19 A M. 4 30 P M. The trails to and from Croton Falls will not stop on New York Islaad, eicept at Broome (treat, find 13d street. A cur vill precede each train tea minutes, to take up passengers id the city. The morning train of can from Croton Fills will not stor b?tween White Hains and New York, eicept at Tucknhoe William'* Bridge, and For dliam. Extra trains ou (Sundays to Harlem and Merrisiana, if fins weather. Stages for La lie Mahopeckand Daubary leave Croton Fall* on anival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M.Crauia, and for Pawlings on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. FARE FROM NEW YORK : To CroKiii Kails ... $1 00 To Whitliekville ?7*t To Newcastle 75 To Pleasaarv ille :.. b2K To White ri.ii.ii SO Freight trams leave *"ify H tU it 13-M. and at 7 P. M. lieturmug. leave Croton K u.i at 7 A.M. and !> I* M. RmVliCll'S BOSTON AND EASTERN EXPRESS. vi.i Newport .tad Kail Ri'ver.?Tliis Espreaj leaves tlie ullii.e, No 1 Wtall stttiet, corner of B.nadw iv, d.tily, at quarter bel'or? S oVIock, I'. M., thereby securiuv to mediants aud o'her* tlie advantage of a l ite hoar for lorwarding cr.?r?, packages, 8tc. R*ak ii"te?, specie, drafts. and valuable parcels are seenred iu iron safes aud placed in the clnrge offaithfnl conductors. O.W U CO. Merchandise, pa' kages 8tc. forwar led in oar own cam, mid by le-ivinu older at '-ur office No I Wall street, corner of Broadway, p*<-kage? w II be called for in any part of the cat}-. Offiz-M? i ' Will street. c-mer Broadway. J No. 7 St'le mreet, Boston auS 30trc l"fcUPl?P. h LINK HTKAMJJOAT8 FOB ALBANY, Daily, Sundays Eicepted' -^HsHEKSbb Through Uirect?At 7 o'clock. P. M., from the Pier between Courtlandt aud Liberty str?eu. Steamboat IS WC NEWTON, Cipt Wru. H. Peck, will ou Monda r, Wednesday, an<* Friday evenings, at 7 O'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Crutund?a, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 7 o'clock. imperial Traiua for Schenectady, Bnllstoa, and Saratoga ?ill .. -?l eave Allunv at U? A.M.. 3 F.M .except Stmdiy* ra*:>enger* will tiud thi* tfie most e>pedition* aud couvenient ruu:e. At Five O'Cloc*, 1'. .vl.?i^siidiusat Intermediate flacti? from the Inotol Barclay itreet. Steamboat ROCHESTER, '.atium H. H. Furry, will 1?*?e >n Monday, vv?*lae?dny, Friday, and Sunday afteraoooi, at 5 o'kIock dteunuoai SOUTH AMERICA, Captain Truesdell, will leave on Tneail&y, Tlinriday^aod Hatnrday aUerioom, al 6.o'?!o?k. The above b wt* will *t .Ul tiiu'.* arrive in Alliiny in ample time for the Morula* Car* forme Eaitor VV ait. Krei*lit ' ,ken at modrrate mtes ?nd noce tiken after 5)f o'ulock, P. M. J-** All penona are forbid cnwong any of the buati of thii line, without a written order from the captain* or agcnta. For umaie or freight, apply ou board the boata, or to P. C. gCHl'LTZ, a'the office no the wharf. an2J fitrh CONEY ISLAND FERRY.?The com^U~?Ml?r. .t?modii in and elegant Simmer. ON will run WTJr r-(tn'-rlr ou the above ferry, and leave Pier N . I, N. it., dt 11 A. M. and 2 P. M. Coney liland at 12>? and 4 P M. On nnitd iy, will leave Canal itreet at 10 A. M. and IX P M., and lm>e lait at Couev Itland at i P. M n?2lt?rc ? ' PARKER'S ORAND FLOTILLA JI^9?a|caeBjRALL, will uke place on Wednesday Kr??Aucutt 23 h, ou board the aplrndtu itenmboat EUR1* KA,accompanied by a large aud Commodiou* bage. The boi.t will m <ke th* follows g la?dim:? : fjot ol nke f .K , nt 7 u clock; Bnv klyn 7M; Pier No I, NR. IK: Jeriey Citv quarter to 8; foot of i himhera atreet 8)? o'clock; Conil >tT*et '9th atreet, 9 Courtland atreet '*>?. Ticket* tor aduiiaa ou $1; can be obtained at the boat. au24*rc _ ZJSS% *n CON E V I8LAN D SiSY.?'The well AjJ|**rx3'l'?,iwii ateamer AMERKAN E AOLE. Cap3E>iiZiBM>i3K.taiii Geo II Power, will run regularly daring the *>?i*o<i to Coney, Inuding at Fort Hamilton, aa follow*:?Leaving Pier No I, at 10, i,4; leaving Coney laland at 1 6 lu addition to the above trip*, will majie a inornin< trip to Fort Hamilton, lenving the city at 7, Fort Hamilion at 3 o'clock. au4 45t*rc rtmm FOR KEY PORT.?Tl.-""jMr JOSEPH tilA?E. c0KFEE, will leave th? pier, foot of a^<^MMHIfaiChainber? atrett, daily, for Key Port, at 3 o'clock. P. M. N. B ?On Snrday'i, the boat will leave the foot of Hammind itreet at 8; Canal itreet. 8)4: Chamber* itreet, 8\; Tike it eet, Ea*t River, 9*-aud Pier No. 1, North River, at 9^ o'clock. au3 3nt?m | wHTirif " I BTATKn" ISLAND KERRY.?On find mn u follow*, nnol further notice :? LtATC iTATCn IIUAfD At ?. . ?. 10.11, A. M., and 1, J, I, 4, f, , T, r. M. LKATI !??t? fORK it y. I. 10, U, A. M., find 1, 2, ten minatea put I, aad at 4, 3, 6,7, o'clock, P. M. New York April llth __ 'Ihe auperior ateamer NEW HAVEN, Captain Van Pelt, c*n be chartered for r icarjMMMksioiii to any place, by application at No. I DufMrv Plnrf, North riv^r. jvll WtFf i lnZKN'S" NEW UAV LINE Of j-^dC^orrOHlTION BOAT* FOR ALBANY. HMSKBMMk Landing at Van Conrthmlt* Newbnrgh, Fonghkeepaie, Kingaton. CatakiU and IJudaon.?Faie JO ceut?? BieaVfaat and burner on Board. The new vnd elevant Hlrwuf ROGtH WILLIAMS. Capt. A. Degroot, Toeadaya, Thundip, and Satnrdaya, at half-paat ail. A. M.. froin the pier foot or Rohmaon atreet, touching al Hammond atreatuer, from New York, For pa??age or (neunt, *pply ?n board the Boau, or to Geo. T-Stn' the offiee.foot of Robinaon aureet. VTT All per?on?are forbiH tmatm* the abore boata oa a* ?Mh? nni>-< ?*?ia rh *"" "Z"Z FORHHREW8BURY,LUNO BRANCH, r i "ftLi^*" " W.8CHKNCIC8, HIOHLANuS. Ocean .?4wMHHR*?Hi)na?-,and Eatoatowi Landing. The Steamboat KPW1N tEWIS, Cam Haynrn, will ran aa foliowa from foot of Ve?ey atreet. North River: Ltact Yew Yoik. Leave Bhrewebury. Au*. o'clock. An?. o'clock. ? Tneaday at, at 11 M- T?e?day,24, at 4 P.M. Wfiln'v. l'>, at 1 A. M W-dn'^. JS, at 7 A. M ?'hnr?\l> W, ? 1 P.M. Friday, 27, at a A.M. rid*y, t7, *r 4 P.M. R?tiird?j\M. at 9 A.M. Sa.ea will l>. in r.adin.M on the aravdl of the boat to con vey p*M?L')(ert to all partaof th. country jyll 30t*re mi FOR SHREWSBURY, OcTXlS HOUSE ' iilWuf^' Bninoh, Kuuiom Dock, Brown't Dock. iwgjfill. MidulMnwu tn<4 Red Bank?The Ht.nmSoai ORUS, C Price, Maater, will ran u follows, from Fultoo Market Slip, Ka?t Ri''er (.rare New Vork > ???* flhrew.bnry O'cloek. O'clock. ., 31, I P. M. Tueielay, 21. 6 P.M. Wednesday, ?, f.% K. M. W-dnesJay. 25, 3 P. M, Thur-day, ?<,, ^ A.Ni. Thursday. 26. 3 I M. Fridiv, n, I am. Fr day, 27. I P M. H^mrday, 2*, M A.M. Sn uraay, 28, S P.M. Hnnday, VS, 8 A.M. Snuday, 29, P. M. J#. T AM M'.ndiy, 10. II A.M Tuuiliy, 31, 7 A M Tuaaday, 31. U M , The Lin# St**** will ran to Howell Work#, 8ouan Villa*# and freehold Hia*e? to convey i^iaeniceri to all part* of the country. N. B All wnnni are forbid tnwtinf th? above iwat on count of the Owners. J. P. ALLAIRE. mil fflfrr MORNING LINE fOR ALBANY AND C TROV W Interne diate L>ui<linic<. . 'Breakfnir and Dinaer on hoard the Boat. The l?*? pieaaure ?teainl<r>?t TROY, Captain A. Oorhani, will leara the termh'vit piar foot of Barclay ?treet, Mondaya, WediietAaya, and frridayt. at aereo o'eloek A. M Returninr <w 'he >Pi>o?ite day? The flfwnner NJ AO\R A, Capt. H L. Ration, tvjl leave the %eamb?M Pier foot of Harrl'iy ?:reet, Toemlay, Tnnrad?y and Hiturday, at lm!f paat fix o'clock, A. M., tettirninj on tlta <ippo?it* dm? <~f K are V) Crnta. p.,. i w trei*ht, apply ' ? n?n.H. or to B. Hall ' il>? * f l- ?lia?f tvM xJfrt r '' KVT -HIP OI Tlir. Wr.BT. Kl???>l LI V ? P( II I. in dia hiriiii K u, dar general jllfiumim He, at pi?r Wfviiili rRuiliii?*l p Connfn*a* ?, p ral'-nrito ihe 'rrc.|4 of uoo' immediately. All oodi .,<>( leiiBitted uin?r ha ?fi,t to tlie Pahln Srnre WOODHULL It MINTURN, 12 lire 17 Snath utreet. E NE NE jr JR ~j?j WTSHsLE k lErKRlV8 ESuUt^TION Oin?T^ V> iu couuectiou with GEO. RIPPARD it ttON, 131 vVr. tri loo Hodd, Liverpool. Peraou* wiahiug to Mud for iheir 'riend* iu the old couulry, can *ecure iii*? iu tuy orili? fol- 1 lowing new line of packet*, tailing from Liverpool m ilie 6th of very mouth, vix.:? fONKTIl UTlON, 1.500 ton?,Cnpt, John Britton. QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1.W0 toiu, Cupt. P. Woodhoot*. LI VERPOOL, I,ISO ton*, Capt John ^ ldridge. HOTTINOUEK, 1,000 tou?, ' apt. Ira Bnr*ley. Oeo Rippard Si Son ire the only agent* in Liverpool for the above liu* of picket*, m addition to ?hich they de*p*tch a Urttclau ?hip every week. Parson* tending mouey to their friend* id large and small ; amount*, ran be accommodated with draft* on ,hc Belfa*t Banking Compuiy, and their u'lou-ruu* hrai.cne* iu Ireland: ?l*o on the principal bauk* iu Ku.Iand. Scotland, and Wale* Applvto CAHL1SLK k KlIP\K6, ?u2l ?'m 58 S u'li ?tre-t, <y.r of Wall. >/UV M.Ok AIH.IJ11LU IADSAUbUflll/1. Sk iMk SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW. Amrt? *o? tm? "Black Star"Litk of Packcti. IMT. Livtrpool to Nrw York. 1847 SAipi Captain*. Tnt Reg Tni H'n. Marmion, (new) W. Edwarli. 90S 1009 I Sardinia, (new) C. K. Crocker. 803 1400 Set, T. F. Freeman, MT 1400 Liberty, f. P. Norton. 7M 13U0 Huguenot, 8. Ooodhue, 93a 16G0 America, (new) Wen?. 11W 1900 Empire, (new) J. (J. Russell, 1090 1800 Niagara, H. Russell, 730 liM Senator, (new) II. Coflin, 860 1460 Ohio, T. J. Bird, 708 1376 Cornelia, F. M. French, 1066 1760 Chaos, J. L. Wilson, 110 1400 Eliubeth Deniaiw, T. W. Spencer, (06 1400 | Peter Hattrick, J. 0. Toet, <70 1300 < The subscribers woald respectfully inform (heir friend* and i the public that they have added several splendid new ships o tlieir line of packets between thisjiort and Liverpool, which has been favorably kuown and eiteusively patronised for a period of more than thirty years, mid have no hesitation in assuring those who may wish to ma ice engagements for the passage til their friends from England, Scotland or Ireland, that they will tiud these ships inferior to none in point of comfort, couveuirnce and safety, one of which will sail from Liverpool, every ii 'lays, ftirougfiout the year, making delay and the consequent eiueuse to emiKrauts at the port of embarkation impossidie. A free passage per steamer from the various Irish and I Scotch ports, with bread stuffs, aud hospital money paid, may ] be secured all at the lowest rates; and when those settled for decliue coming out, the full amount paid will be promptly re funded a* usual, l'or further particulars, apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON It NKPHEW, 276 Pearl street. 1 or to C. OKIMSHAW It CO., 10 Qoree Piazzas, Liv'pl. 1 Drafts or exchange, payable at light, ue also furnished for | any amount, on R. C. Olyn fc Co., Bankers, London; C. drimshaw K Co., Liverpool; the National Bank of Scotland: National Bank of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co. Applj a? above. Jyjt Mt*rc FOR NEW ORLKANST LOUISIANA AND EW YORi LINE. & & & M TO STTCTVery TTxTTJY8. Ship OSWEGO, C&ptaiu Johusoo. Ship HUDSON, Cuptaia I'age. Ship CLIFTON, Captain Ingernoil. Ship LOUISVILLE. Capt. Hunt. Ship SARTKLLE, C'apuin Taylor. _paru kjr.i*,. t. a Plain .M mot. Bark J. K; WILLIAMS, Captaiu Parker. BarkHEilRON. Captain Oreig. The above ships areall of the first chsa, of light draft of I water, anil commanded by the moat ecperieuced captain* in lite trade. Their cabins are handsomely furniahed, and every attention l*aid to the comfort and convenience of the pusseu get*. Neither the enptuins or owuersofthe above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plal'd ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packages ?ent by, or Put cm board of them, unlets regular b lis of lading are tajien lor tit* tame, and the value tlirrein eipressed. For freight or iwasnge, apply on boir^, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall street, or to F.. K. COLLINS, 56 South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff ft Co., who will promptly forward nil goods to their iddress m m m m 'J^TR0TTV^f5nTniAT10^nTrciC, M sTlthsE? 1. PersDiu wishing to send for their friends in the old ueuntry, can secure pass.Re on remounble terms, by any of the n^uilicci.t ships comprising the new I.iue ol Liverpool packet*. viz:? CONSTITUTION, 1750 tons, Carfain John Britton. QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1400 tons. Capt P. Wood home , LIVERPOOL, 1250 tons, Captain John Rldridge. HO i'TINOUER, 1150 tons, Capt. Ira Bursley, sailing from Liveipoul on the 6:n of every mouth. Passage can also be secured by the St. George's Line, or the Union Line ot Liverpool packets, makiug wi all a ship every five d?y? from that port. For fuitiier particulars apply to W. (4 J T. TAP8COTT, jy29 86 South sfeet. New York. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, &c. m m. m. -M. rrEuMOE McBIllut., Jr., No. 46 Broadway, continues to remit money, iu sums large or small, to persons residing n any part of Ireland, in the same manner as he and his predecessor in business hflje done for the last thirty years and more; llso, to any pfrt of England or Scotland. .Money remitted by Tetter, post-paid, to the subscriber, or peison&lly deposited with him, with the name of the person or l>ersons iu Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be seut, anil nearest post town, will be immediately trnn.imitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given ?,r forwarded to the sender. jyil 30t*m aTf A V1MHIP MISSOURI? dwinM nf goods l.y this vessel arc earnestly renueveii /^ rflWKaj^&totend tieir prrmiu on boxrd.oi to the office ^^yULllgnJ^f of the undersigned immediate Iv. The shoit iHHMHKavtime in which thie vessel mint discharge, will render it necessary to eufjrce rigidly the terma of the lii'l* nf I (J i ik A V^l *R ro 31 ?.r. nuIITtrc - rrM- STEAMSHIP SOUTHERNEH?rtiia f ship ?ill resume her regular trips to Charleston, on Saturday, the iiHth inat , nud will be ready to rereive fr< lg ht on Monday For frcignt or passage apply ru board, at Feck slip, or to SPOfFORD, TILESTON i. CO., aolJ2weod 41 feon'h atreeL -- - FRENCH T R * N MAT LAnTlC sfP&gUm STEAMSHIP COMPANY-The shipeoi TEjk^thia company are appointed to sail aa fol? HLe ?FRoM NEW YORK. The PHILADELPHIA on the 15th August The MISSOURI " " 31st * The NEW YORK " " i5th Sept. The UNION " " 30th ,r I1 ROM HAVRE. The NEW YORK " " 15th Aujnut The UNION " " Slat n These Steamer*are equal to any afloat, withcommandert ol { tried skill and known courtesy. Their atate rooms and cabins are unusually commodioua, and they are provided with erery thine requisite for the comfort of |>aasengt ra. The price of passage in the first cabin from New York la f ISO. From Havre 1,000 franca. Wineaarenot included, but will be furuiahed at moderate ratea. All lettera must paaa through the post office. For freight or passage, apply to an4 rc AYMAR k CO.. 34 Sonthjitreet. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1200 tons and 430 horse power each, under coutracl with the Lords of the Admirality. HIBERNIA. Captain Aleianaer Ryrie. CALEDONIA, ('aiitain Edward <). Loti. BRiTTANNlA, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, Captain Charles H. E. Juillngi. ACADIA,, Captain William Harmon. The four strainahine now building are THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. The r*stela appointed to nil from Boston are the Hibernia Aopit 16, 1147 Cambria September 1, t847 Caledonia Heptember 16, 1847 Britannia. . October 1, 1047 The vruela appoiuted to sail from Liverpool are the Cumbria .. August 4, U47 Caledonia August 19. 1B47 Britannia September 4, 1817 Pauengera'luggage most be on board the day previous to ailing. Passage money?From Boston to Lirtrpool, (120. do dote Halifax, $20. No bertha secured nntil paid for. Tyiese ships carry experienced sargeoni. No freight, except ipecie, received on daya of (ailing. For freight, pasaage, or my other information, apply to D. BRIOHAM. Jr., Agent AtHARNDEN k cd.8,1 /ill.' O" In addition to the abore I me between Liverpool il, Halifax, and Boaton, a contract ha* been entered into with Het Majesty'a government, to eatabliah a line between Liverpool anifNew York duett. The gfwmAipt foi this service are now being bnilt,and early next year due notice will be iriven of the time when they will (tart. Under the new contract the teamen will tail every Saturday during eight montlia, and every fortnight durinx tne other months in the year. (Joins al ternately between Liverpool and Halifax and Boaton, and be tween Liverpool and New York. m22 r "i?" ONWRIOIILAR' UN E OK PAuKffrS KUK WafyVNEW ORLEANS?The following well known, jKBtHEasfoi' sailing and favorite packet shipa nave .iccommoilin .us unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin and steer ige passengers, and will i oaitively sail as advertised, or |>a*sage free, vit :? The WABASH, Capt. Hathaway, Monday, Angust 23d. '1 he SILAS HOLMES, Opt. Berry. Monoay, Aug. SOI It. rur*nn? wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will da well ; to secure pisaage by either the above packets, as thev lire til , first cln** ships, commanded hy men ext>erieiiced iii the trade, Mid Will s?il punctually on their appointed dnya. To iccure i bertha, apply on hoard, or to ?nlJm _ W k J.T. TAPSrOTT. M Sonrhit. fc&S: NKVV LINE OK LIVERPOOL PAfKkTl*- I JXjWV r? Mil 011 the 35th of August.?The celebrated fast ?MMfa?*iling new packet ship LIBERTY, Capt. Norton, bin men 000 tons, will sail as above. .This splendid packet has superior accominod.lions for a limited i. ii in ^er of second cah.u passe niters, in a spacious house on drck, with state room and smyle lieitlis, and the between de. ks is filled up in the ibimI coinhirtable manner, Willi single berths, -t the low price of $10 each. Please apply <>u board, pier II, Kast River, or to C A. TEN EYCK, au?t 3t"m _ 67 South street. FOR NEW ORLEANS? Louisiana and New Hj^^York Lioe of Packet*?The splendid fast sailing JIBIbpscket ship HUDSON. P. Page master, is now loadmg, and will positively sail September I], her rcgnlai day. For freight or passage, havirahaudsome tarnished accommodations, apply on board at Orl?*na wharf, fnot of Wall street.orto E. K. COLLINS, Sfl South at Agenu m New Orleans, J.O. Wo.Kirnff tt Co., who will promptly forward all goods to then address. Thepaeket ship Oswego, Capt. Ingersoll, will sacreed ihs Hndson. and sail h?r r?irular day ai^8l jga- WSk LI V EftPOOL? New Lino? Regular paeh'.?i3WW e t of 26th of Anrust?'The aiilendid, fast sailing '?IMvB?l|icket ship 8IDDONB, Captaia E. D Cobb, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For frJlght or passage, having superior furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf: foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS. 36 Stvthit. Price of passage, 110". The t'scke' sun SHERIDAN, l'*Pt- O. B. Comisb, will sicceen the Biddani, ai d sail on :h? Mtn of Sept., her r?nla> d*? lyM ' AMtr KOft HAVRE?The (W Ijillng I*ek't ship' JHW FRANCIS DEPAU. Capt. Mnlford. will ml on the JBGIZattlh August. . For pasMge, having escellent looommodstiont, apply to the w vo :w YORK, TUESDAY M< The American Frigate Macedonian?*Ttie Pleasure Trip to Cove (From the ( ork Reporter. July 27.] Seldom, If ever, h*H it been our lot to spend so truly pleawtnt Hn*l huppy a 'lay a* w? yesterday enjoyed on board the Hoyul Alice, ateamer. in the pleaxtire trip given by the cltiiens of Cork to Conmodore DeKajr, and the officers of the United State* frl ;?te Macedonian To cav that thu trip was one of iiomiiiided pleasure and delight would but convey to our readers a very porr Idea lnd?ud of the happiness enjoyed by all on board The ltoyal Mice proceeded t? Cove, and on arrival, a deputation consisting of hU worship the Mayor, the Harbor Ma?ter who throughout the day carried the ilvvr oar hit builye of office the very Rev Mr. Mathew. M-s.?r? M. H. Conway aod W. Hackett, and the Town < 1-rk proceeded on shore, to accompany the guests on board In tin courne of a few minutes the* returned, accompanied bjf *>lr 1'horua* Us?h?r,Ml*|i L'sdfler.Coiiinio uurn i" i\r\y. mrii L>' R?y. ir>? American Consul. MM. and Mi-* Murphy, Captain (Stromboll.) Mr*. Fb-her, Dr Power. Mm Power, die Vo &o The party being now complete the expedition commenced lu real earaert The Royal Alice proceeded down the harbor to the Enat Kerry passed alone up that beautiful river for several tulle*. The enchanting vlewa of thia locality eiolted very general admiration, specially aui'ng the itrangera while In the Kaat Kerry, It waa i hnught desirable to get up a aet of quadrille*. and lu a tew minute* after the aukject waa first mooted, *lxteeu couple were merrily tripping it on the quarter deck to the muHlcof the banjo quadrille*. The Royal Alloe then pna^vd the Crocodile and Macedonian a second tim<\ and aaluted them, the band playing Rule Britannia and Yankee Doodle Aa it waa yet but three o'clock, the steamer proceeded to vlait several other polntafrom which a picturesque or beautirul anune could be obtained. and continued to anil about till four o'clock, when the whole purty were landed at Haulbowline. and promenaded about the laland, while preparation* were making on board for the Jrj-unrr. Shortly after five o'clock the wholo party Mat down to u most auinptuoua drjruntr on tho quarter deck. It la aluiont unuaccgHury to aay that the entertainment waa everything that oould he expectod from that excellent provldore Mra. Ushen. The table* wer? absolutely overburdened with *ub*tantial and delicate vibnd* Koine little confualon took place in setting the company down to the banquet Thi* aroae from the party being rather too numerou* for the quarter deck, but the inconvenience waa borne with the greatest good humor, and geutleuiun contented theraaelvea with appropilatiug their kDeea to the aervice of the table ? During the entertainment the ve*ael waa galling round the harbor. Ilia worship the Mayor presided. On hia right we obnerved Commodore Do Kay. Capt. Klaher. R. N , Kather Taylor, the Very Rev. Theodoro Mathew, (Counsellor Reeve*. fco. On hi*left Mra De Kay. Mra. Murphy, Captain Cameron, second officer of the Macedonian, Dr. Dodge, (Macedonian', lie., Ste. The High Sheriff of the city and Andw Spearing K*q, officiated aa vice president* I he dejrunrr having beeu concluded, the Mayor aaid the first toast waa " The (|ueen, ' [hear. J He would say nothing of her Majesty, but that she waa the admiration of every lady. [Hear, bear J Itu woulil give them her most gracious Majesty, ''The Queen " [Loud cheers j Drunk with all houors. Air ? ' Ood save th Queen." li. M. S Crocodile tired a salute of twenty-one heavy guuH, which was responded to by the Macedonian from which a royal salute of the same number was also fired The Mayer then gave Hie lloyai Highness Prince Albert and the mt of the rcyal family." (Cheers.) The Mayor tnen rose and gave ' His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, and Prosperity to Ireland.'' (Loud applause.) Air?' St. Patrick's Day." Mr. J. K. Maocire thou rose and said In had been honored by being asked to propone one ol' the most important loasts of the evening. The President of the United States of America." (Loud cheer*) He wag sure that no toast could be more interesting to every one prevent than that. They would not have enjoyed the / siivity and bappinuFHol ihlu day, but for the President of the United Status, (hear, hear ) Aud any geullenian who saw the state ol this country six or eight months ago would fully appreciate the cause th it uad brought Commodore DeKuy to the shores of Ireland with that vessel of war (poiuttug to the Ma'-edonlau) at a eliipot peace, bearing lood aud clothing to the starring |?ople of this country (Hear, h.-ar) It was not brought as,in former times, to ?trug<l<i against the fl>i?t of thu queen, hut to make peace amom all m<>a, (hear, hear ) '1 he people of this country w-re always intimately associated with America, had given a home to our < xilea, and they bad made America gnat aud Ireland i-i-juiced in the greatness of Am?rica. (bear, hear) It was a glorious tning to have th? representatives of the i^uueu as well as of the people here on this occasion to celebrate the noble conduct of America, (oear, hoar ) If any thing was calculated to arouse the feeling* of the government, it wait the couduot of Aoierioa in mi* case, ' hear, and loud cheers) lie had been informed by Commodore DeKay, that the President of the United States gave every assistance that he could contribute from bis high position to the furtherance of this undertaking?the moment Commodore DeKay said, 1 want the Macedonian to relieve the poor of Ireland, tuat moment .Mr. Polk gave it to him Mr. Maguire ooncluded by giving. "The President of the United States.'' (Loud applause ) The Crocodlio and Macedonian again flr?d a loyal salute of twenly-ono guns. (niini.llnr W . . . u mmI.I 111 l.n.l Ka..n ,l,...,t?.l nw. VV.I..V..U. ........ ?. .. r>vpOHr* a toast, the mere mention *f which uiust excite in every heart in Ireland the liveliest feelings of gratitude mid atlfCtion. It wan. " 1 he Commander of the Macedouiin." (Loud applause ) It would be idle to endeavor, by any fervor of lauguage, to express the gratitude of their hearts, at the mention ?f bis name. That feeling wns inuoh Increased uow that they had been so tortunnte as to be acquainted with ho nobis a representative of that glorious oouniry whose bounty ho had brought (Hear, hear ) It was not for what the Americans had done for this stricken land that they entertained these feelings towards It em?It was not that in mauy a hapless peasant's home the Minken eye woulu grow bright, and the pallid cheek again become flushed at the montion of the relief brought by the .Macedonian ?It was not for this that they hailed tliem with such enthusiastic feelings, but It was on account of the uoble example they bad given to the world?that they had achieved a nooier lact than all tho histories of ancient or raoderu nations afforded. (Hear. hear, and oheers ) i'lley had heard of the disastrous divisions among Irishl.ien. but they would bo glad to learn that this calamity had brought them all together, and banded them in one link together, enabling them to appreciate In each other the virtues that, before, ;helr prejudices prevented them from reoognlsicg. (Hear, hear ) lie would not attempt hero to make acknowledgment to the Americans tor what they had done for this country. He gave them, '' (Joininodor* Dn Kay and the officers of the Macedonian." (Loud applause > The toast was drunk with all honors. Air?" Yankee Doodle." Com De Kir. who, on ri.-lpg, w is Motived with loud applause, Raid:?Ladles and Krutlunn a ? i'o thank you simply fot the proof of your grateful recognition ol thu sympathy shown to your suffering countrymen by mini*, In, perhnps. all that In expected; but you have ?o li.nd-d run with civilities, and thii* the greatest, through the honorable and worshipful dignitaries of the great nod beautiful city of Cork, that l tee I bound to speak, | even at the h(x<tr<l of laving what were perhaps best lei 1 alone. The ship in which I came wait seleotwd by me from the consideration that the *m the beet and strung- i est built ship In the United Slates,and as her mission | was to save life. I conceive the selection well made.? .She was built in Virginia, with extra caution, being intended for a surveying expedition near the South I'ole, where she might have lee islands to contend with. Hur builder Is now chief naval architect of our government. Phc comes loaded more deeply than In any other cause prudence vould have permitted me to loud her. She brings ford aud clothing to those of your desolate countryman here and id Scotland, who may still be suffering, notwithsfanding your own inoessant labors in their liehalf, (hear, hear, and cheers y Those to whom these articles are consigned will in their own good time state from whom they come and whither they must go I'ermit me to congratulate myself, however, that the duty assumed has thus far b?-eu tai'bfuiiy discharged? the cargo is sarely landed, aud not a barrel damaged; the undivided oares and nnxieties bestowed upou thisotject are more than repiid by your approval, aud the conviction and assurance thai you feel with me In tho cause of "harlty. which blesvth alike him that giveth and him (hat receivetb. (Hoar, hear ) The cry of distress from Erin, dear Krin, en-Mi ma chree, could Dot fall on senseless souls, when we have in and about all our farm-houses, wilderness homes, or city palaces, some member of the uhivalric green island - either as a faithful follower, or nisybxp one or other of tbe family iiad from her a respected acoestor. (Hear, hear.) ? m, iiraii u i"i?i? ? ? ?? ugMv-j fc" ?uiu" ?? oilier i in individual rflorta to relievo IDn dear rtiilaof th?ocraa from her terrible Mitlicilon. My neighbors nld, wo winh our t'-n surplua barrel* (<omu twenty, some Utty) could i>u lu Ireland. (Hi ar. hear)?and as ruln? wa? the profession of the i>es. I caul about how Ix-ft to sec >nd the <rvat, the uood, the honeat wishes of my countrymen (H??r ) ,%ion?-y, it wan w*ll known, wan no object with yuur maMief-. it was food th>-y wauled. Ilenco the application to our Congress, then in session at Washington, to l?ud Die a ship of war (Hear.) Thin whip w.m th?in idle: why not theu load lier with coro, and carry din at rellelf The pros and conn being duly oon*<id<aed, action followed, irtid lo! the result. (Cheeri ) Th?tniov?inent to procure thli nblp from CoiiKm-* wan made near the close of a hurt seeslou. and it needed. ttirrcfore, no little labor, and all its intrinsic merit, to secure the pan ?hk? of the uct whish n??i' the Maced iman frigate to inyselt, and the nloop-of-war Jamestown to my iriend < uptaln KorbrH. (' heeri, cheer* ) '1 he gratuitous loan b/government of these two vessels, at tbe time wheu merchant vessels were very scarce, au<l freights uiicoinuiouly high io an almost to amount to a prohibition, u uo small douatlon in itself (Hear. hear.) There waa ne appropriation made by Congress (or manning aud victualling tuose veis?ls out and borne, becauiie an act had paeteil the Senate, and was then pending in the lower house, (where It failed only for want of time) to (rant half a million for the t>ame laudable object; it was deemed, too, more appropriate, aud lu harmony with public feeling hero, that euch cipi nse should be borne by Individual donation* (Hear, hear) lu my effort* to coli. ct the cargo In New York and New Jersey, I wee much rrrtrlctcd by others who were laboring In a ilealItr cause. New York olty gar* us over a 1000 barrels. It Is true. , but bj the aid ot the good people of lt<?ton, who oame out aa ihey always do when a great aud good cause Is to be forwarded, all the vacant room of the frigate waa filled. (Cheers) Tha modest fear of Intrusion upon the rights of their stater elty was alone ths reason why the good Boetoalan* suffered on* to bear Individually tho burden of the expenses of the chip. They awuiel IRK I 3RNING, AUGUST 24 It m? they wouKI b*ve nub*erlbe<l a? th?y did In the canc of Captain Korheti, did they not believe it to he the right and juat tit nir? of New York to hare the credit of paying the expen:-.a of the uliip (Hear, hear.) The amount r? ijulreil though not a iinall item. 1 met, and the more cheerfully from the conviction that I oould not well leave a hotter inheritance to my children than thin evidence of their father's dealre to do good. and hie ambition to forward the view* of hi* couutrymen in tlieir effort* both In and out of (.'ongres* to meet the wanta and alley the rufferinge of the starving poor of Ireland and Scotland. (Loud cheer*.) I advert to the circumstance her* aimply to espWin and deflue the exaot ?tat? of the cu?e It in no tvideuo" of uneharltableneM that 'tun amount wait not made up out of rift* In money, at New York, for It uhould l>o burnt* In mind that thoau who are charitably diapoard are not to be mnaaured by the amount they have contributed to pend abroad?the poor end needy by thouaandR dally flock to that city from all nations, and their entire destitution laya heavy datum upou their Immediate benevolence. (Hear, hear ) I would here. In cloalng theae remark*, taae great pleaiure In naming aome kind and generou* friends at tkoino, whoae nam 'h are not emblaconed on the liat of charitable cnutrlbutor* but to whom I am moa- deeply Indubted for aiding me to aooompliah my object with more care anil greater Dromnlltuiln- hut aa thev dealred to avoid publicity, it would 1U broom* ma here to announce tbnm bv name. Commodore DoKay concluded. aiuidnt loud applause, by propoalng the hualth of "Xlie Mayor.'' The Slayor briefly returned tbanlu. Mr. J. Redmond Barry proposed the next tout. 'Kather Taylor and the people of No* Kngiand," which vim mom enthusiastically received. Father Taylor returned thank*, lie (aid he was a mauof very bumblo MtantiltiR, without ambition, without selfishness, except a little self-respect for his character Win oountry had been heard and supported by his gallant nnmmaudrr, who ran up honor* by Hbort hand und by glim. (Laughter.) He (father Taylor) hit'I no claim on their gratitude-he had nothing to do wiili it. True, he collected money, but that waa a trick hi? had been long aouuutonied to. (Hear, and laughter ) He had been engaged In that occupation for Uve-andthirtv yeurs.during wltich time be had liad a full share in f>pendiug three millions of the ckarity money of the people ol Boston. (Hear, hear) They were used to sending relief to those in dlstres*. (Hear, bear.) He had only taken a share in thin, but Commodore Dekuy and Captain Forbes had done more?they had united a whole uicpire, twenty-four states into one great compact with Ireland (hear.) and had taken the ship* of that nation, to carry bread to them who were in want cf It. (Hear, hear ) Who would bare thought that two men could liave compared aa it were a nation occupying more thau one-fourth of the globe, and made them do this(Hear, hear) But tliia only proved what man could do?man waa in an h p; operty. and together all men must live. (Hear ) Rilt htt hail nnthinif to do with ilvlmr h(iNM*ui> (Huur bear ) lit) lived in a hurry, ho spoke in a burry. be ate in a hurry, and if ever he should die, he expected to die in a hurry (Laughter.^ He always lived with the spring on his cable. (Hear, hear.) With regard to Ireland, she wan suffering, but the canker worm was not at the root. God might try them for a time, bat, like Nebuchadnezzar's tree, Ireland should aguiu flourish more brightly ih in she had ever before dune. (Hear, hear ) It had been said by some old fashioned ptople of old liuies that good eamo out of evil. Ho never louud this to be the CMd?he found that good cumj instead of evil, aud us ho saw a sign of that approaching good, hu said that Ireland's best days were those yet iu store for her. (Iluar, hear) In tUedays when they thought themselves omnipotent ? could iheyhave beuu brought bero ms to-diy. yet now hal they had found they w>ru but meu, they ull be same as brothers. (Loud crics of bear, hear ) They were whtgs aud tori us, Lord Ji>hn Russell's and Sir Robert I'eel's men. but they were all broihi rs (Hear, hear ) It was worth more to tee their christian oourtesy and kindness than ull they bud brought from America. The reverend gentleman proceeded for some time to exhort his hearers to continue lu this spirit of alT-ictim He had seen the Roman Catholics of other countries, but bef ire lie came hero, he said save inv from the loug gowns of I Maud -yetbe uever saw better puoplo lu u I hisli 10 (Hear ) The mau who cauie here in of the Maocdouiau was a kind hearted, generous man aud no thanks to him. for he did not know how to lo anything else (Hear ) His heart was as large as thi moon aud as open as tbu sun (lower. (Loud chvers ) Yel he did not ouli this ch.irUy -tt was ?uly wliui was du< 10Ireland Ireland had taken possession of Americt and America had got bugland aud Ireland, and thej would keep tbem for ever, (hear ) Let them labor to getber au<l suffer together Let not the Mayor despai of success. America was groaning with bread, am Ireland was America's, and Amerloa was Ireland's 'l'h revcreua gentleman coucludud by proposing in mos eulogistic terms " The health of Father Mathew," whirl ua Mnrhiikiiutlrullv received. The Kt'v , >lr. .viathew briefly responded. '1'lni table* were then cleared away and dancing re commenced The Koyal Alien condoned to steam hwnj through tbu harbor, and twilight had deepened tun night Out ore ?b? stopped at Cove,when a large party, including the guests, went ou shore The Engllali Elections?The Character of the Next Parliament. [From a London letter lu the Liverpool Albion ] Ou Wie result* of the elections known up to Are o'clock this evening In London, it may be oomputed witb tolerable accuracy, that ministers have a majority of thirty, which Is a pretty good Instalment of the eighty it wan predloted they would have at the clone ot th? contest '1 bat the laid eighty will be at least one hundred and tweuty tbere can be little doubt, and the composition of the strength will be rren more valuable then Its numerical potency Agalust this government gain, however, ia to be set off the loss of four meoibert of the administration?three very lmportaut oues, and one a subordinate, influential through bis oounexionn und position. The news of Mir John Hubhouie, Pretldent of the Hoard of Coutrol, being helplessly defeated at Nottingham, by Keargus O't'onuor. ot all meu in the world, astonished every body In London yesterday very nearly a* much as it appears to have done tbe estimable people who achieved the exploit tbu day before, yesterday also contributed its (juota of home made auiaxement, In the deteat of tbu Under Colonial Secretary, Mr. Hawes, at Lambeth, by Pearson, the redoubtable City Solicitor; and the defeat of (General I'ox, of the Ordnance, at tbe Tower Hamlets, by Vlr. Oeorge Thompson, tbe eloquent lecturer of the League. But neither of these occurrences created so much surprise as the news received to-day of tbe rejection of Maoaulay, by tho citizen* of Kdinburgb. Two of these rejections are likely to be oonolusive as regards the public career of tne parties affected It Is highly improbable that ilobhouse will, lit this tini? of his lift', and after having tasted so largely of the favor of great constituencies, attempt to sneak into tBe house lor some pocket borough, tbe more especially a? be is , believed to be alike indifferent to tbe emoluments and | tlie patronage of the oflice he holds, ami to be anxious I of an opportunity ol enjoying in bis old age that literary | luisuru for which h w?s so desirous in his youth. Another reason that inay reconcile him to toe loss of Not rhlnery for administering tho allairs of India, bulb through his own mi1 every other department, *11J Sir Ialiii has long had a horror of all uovutles Involve exertion of luind or body ou himself. Dalhousi '? appointment to the baslern Viceroy alty Is believed to portend a decided reformation In thut<|uarter, necessitating a corresponding change at home, to which Sir John in most decidedly adverse, in so far as the experiment him to be tried in his ease-loving person. These Indian appointments. by the way, Heem to be wholly placed at the disposal of the Duke of Wellington. Kileuborougb and ilardinge were sent out by him, uud now out go?? Dalbousie; Pottinger is going to .Madras, and Sir Harry Miiith is going to the <ape, being all part of one and tlie ame arrangement in deferenoe to the omnipotential K. M. But this i? not all. When the Marquis of Tweeddale returns from Madras he must be provided for, and what Mi convenient as the Dourd of Control, with its Ming a year, so desirable to a poor Scotch lord with a dozen children ' It is Just the sort of ofllse that may be administered by a p< er, and ilobhouse s lots of his seat in the Commons will render the transfer very oprup')i. Tweeddaie, you are aware, has double claims on the duke, both from his being an oldatd-de ramp, wounded at iiusaco, tor the which be ot course receives a pension; and more particularism his being father of the duke a daughter-iu law, the .vlarrhioness of llouro, and also or the countess of Dalhousie- a very uioelittU family party, to whom India would seem to belong in the natnral ordi r of things, where a c mmander-lncblef is disposed to so regard them. Macauley's defeat will also entail his Musi retirement from public lila, according to his own declaration at last year's election. Literature will gain, though House of ( ominous denUuiati'n may lose by the determination. And the Kiliiihurgli Kriiiw will probably improve as mncl> as the debates will tall off in nonsequence. Tho personal manners ol the mail appear to liav? been unbearable to the modern Athenians. Mho a > uol proverbial for being more I lu skinned than their neighbors.. 1 ho tact is, with all his philosophy, his braiu wsh ooinpletely turued from the Urst hour be became a placemsu Tno memorable letter from Wiudsor CastW to a < uledouiau correspondent pretty readily proves this; but ho bad exhibited tolerably conclusive evidences of a lunatic vanity uf the Malvolio order long before; for on til'going out In lu3l, as a member ol the Supreme Hoard at aicutut. be read the Leeds alec tors (whom he represented) a lecture about their duties to their future meiiib? if, w ioli wan very much more adapted t" the latitude ol I he llooale v tbau of the II umber I rem d?y to this ho him um-ii growlug more and uic.e lutolernut of nil orlticlsnj ou bin epeeci en, rule* and Motives, at the hands of bin constituents, und he* reyented allrxpreslon* of dissent on their part, as If thn i elation belwueu repri-?entatlTe and countltuent with entirely reverend. 1 he " lutirnntie* of genius," such aa lua, are ever to be *yinpathisrd with?alwny to t>? respected, wbep ooupled with the houesty and the dlndalu of sordid oonnitieratioos wbiob bare no uobly characterised bis conduct; for when man like bim sacrifices the salary of FayuiMter of tbe Forces and a teat In the Cabinet, ral.o r than play tbe hypocrite to tba small extent of assuming a rarpoctfol tone aud demeanor for an hour on the busting*. ba gives proof of a disinterestedness and singti-mindednes* tit to rank beside tba virtu*-* of those old Komaua whoee deeds be baa obroolcied In verse as enduring aa their own fame But such an Individual la Just as protitlessly "crotchety'' In our representative system as at present listing, as to the uoblo lord whosu erotchetlness' In tba ( abiuet bo soft* luglybeuinaned in the strictly prlvato and confidential com munioation addressed to anothsr of bis Kdlnburnh friends, woo ruahed with tbe epistle forthwith to the newpaper*. The third rejected Ministerial candidate, Mawes, baa bo notion of taking his defeat so bitterly to be?rt, though halt excessively mortified at being ousted for no fault whatever of h s own, but merely by thi tokle pre .area oe of aaother frvorlte at the laat ml?ute IE R A 547. IViraon'r majority wan such thathr oould biire returned what ooll.aque he pleaaed?another Inflredient In th? hipUhnugi of Hawefl; and accordlnfcly. when i DT.yncourt wiu tone hundred* In the rear, at two o'clock. th? popular dictator ordered J" 'UP i porter* to spilt their rote*, and so discomfit the Min- , Inter, which they accordingly did with unquestioning alacrity Government, however, have a sufflolent I number of warming pans at tlieir disposal to ensure a ^ j comfortable ami convenient neat for ?<> able and indispensable an official as the Under Colonial Sec ! retary With these ?xoeptlons. all has (tone admirably so far with ministers. for the ruction of Oeneral 1-ox need nount an nothing. especially when uot ?uper<ed-d by a tory It yet quite clear that four reformer* hare not been returned for the nity. for Sir George Larpeut'r address to-day shows iliat the point wll have to . be determined by a tcrulluy. which h< Is Just the man ' to persevere in, ihe m>Te to a* the inry committee had | declared him in a much larger majority than hit ?wn , did. aud the o clal declaration of the sheriff given bis oppoueut Mantermau a majority of only two Sum# of the tori" ? tffi-ot to be In eostacle* at the promised sorutlny. as they Ray It will assuredly unseat Rethschlld for the wholesale personation of votes, It being alleged that Moses Aaron voted flfleea times. and Aaron Motel nlueteen timet for the Sidoniar candidate, the sal I Aaron Mows and Mdh? Aaron being oue an<l the ?ame Individual, and that some scores of the .Whttechapol aud lloundsdltch Caucasians did the tame thing Thin, you must bear In mind. U altogether Irrespeot've of the charges of systematlsed bribery, so circumstantially preferred, in the Htrald of this morning, by Mr Heeler. the religious bookseller of Fleet street, as being within his own knowledge, and corroborated by others whom he names But those who took quite as attire a part as Mr. Weeley in the proceedings of Thursday, know tull well that the only ground for seriously talking of bribery was the lavish disregard of expense manifested in blithe arrangements of the liberals That they did not tiring a huckstering spirit to this great content for the greatest of all constituencies is perfectly true, acd that their expenses have been very gre*t> much more bo than on any former occasion,is equally si. I'hey had their agents In every quarter, and whatever money could do in bringing voters I- gitlmately to the poll, was done ?ig >rously and promptly. Voters from a distance were ! conveyed to the Guildhall free of cost, to themselves; but as to their being pal I for coming, the li'tlon is mj inonstrou.4 as to refute itself iruui tjc sheer impracticability of the thing, for uo amount of money would suffice to affect so vast an navigate of ebctors, or nny number of tbem that oould affect the election; In Rothschild's case particularly, for his supporters who could be influenced by bribery had already the strongest incentive to vrte for him and weru exempt from all temptation of a contrary nature Moreover, the tact of Lord John Russell being at the head of the poll palpably refutes the accusation, for no one rupposes that a penny wan spent improperly en his behalf? while the further fact that more votes were polled on either side than on any former occasion,Is prool demonstrative that the Tories oould not havs been wnakeued by the oorrupt practices of the Liberals. Twenty, thirty, aud forty thousand pounds arc the sum' Indifferently named as Rothschild's contingent towards the expense:. But this in necessarily. the merest ooDjecture. hazarded without data. Hud most prob ibly, without reflection ? Mr. Seeley. who has had great experience iu olty emotions. sa>s the ordinary cofls do not, ou an average. ex eni'd ?.VKK), and if it be assumed that they now amounted to three timet* us much, (t sufficiently liberal estimate, surely.) tbo baron's outlay will havu been considurab'y within tho lowest of the sums mentioned, tUu real expenditure perhaps not belug half a8 much. Dm It le*s or mora, however. a great deal of It must hare been do voted to a i.,o*t ojectionable and offinsivn purpose, of which Rothschild himself, or thnso fit to bn called hN friends, oould havu had uo cognizance, aud which lout him several voles to the knowledge of thu writer This was the subsidising of hauds of the Very lowest class of )??n ill the east of London, (the most abandoued nut ?l beliigN. perhaps. in the world.) to patrol the Hlreuls all itny ou ThuiB'lar, und r tho leadeisbip of Barney Aaron. A bey Brlasoo. and people of similar repute in thu tl-un and moral wor d. These geutry. whose facial attributes, ooatumit, and general bearing, gav?i one by no mollis an exalte 1 Idea i f what the earth would be were \lr. ^'Israeli's theory ot thu n"w generation " in worl log order", were armed wii h bludgeons, and went about i yolllug and hooting in a fashion calculated to thorough i ly disgust all whom it failed to terrify. Thu object of L this proeeediug it I* not easy to imngine. If It wrre uot > that their creed was a guarantee for their sincerity lit , the cause they ostensibly sought to serve, one would r luiiiglue they had been paid expressly to Injure it; an.J Injure it they unwittingly aid to some extent, lor no r exhibition of the sort was ever witnessed in the city 1 'tefore, and many who saw it f >und an additional motive e tor wishing to prevent its recurrence there or else where, t by voting against the Uraclklsh candidate, 'l'he ' pure i Sephardin", us the Jews of unmixed race are calleil In Tailored, do not appear likely to Lie so numerous iu the new l'arllament as was expected. Up to the time of this b- ing written, there has been no return from Mythe, and t whether the Baron Mayer Amschei Kothschilu has been i as successful as his brother is unknown; but from the ? ( J that lii- l)M not. Uoldimiti has boeii rejected. after a hard oontest, for Yarmouth; and Salomons, after an equally arduous one, at Greenwich. But the Christianixt-<l Hebrew*, the Klcardos, the hernals, and others, have uiilfercd no diminution in Ikelr senatorial honors It * %yh something for the electoral honesty of Hid three constituencies Just named, that th? waaltli of the candidates did not ennure suecess, at It undoubtedly would have done some few yenriai<o, had the Hebrew.* been eligible to Parliament. ?>r thought to hare been no then. Another proof, too. of the waning potency of capital and patronage against conFCieuna, or rather against public opinion, In the n jectlon of Mr. Charles Russell, chairman of the (in-nt W esteru llitilwsy, at ilniding, and of Mr. W. Rickford Collett i ohairmm of the Cluster and Holyhead, at Lincoln, each being the late member for the rusp'-ntiTe borough, and i their re election regarded art certain. The brother of Mr. Collett i h who was aalled in Conciliation Hall lately, "a* wooden headed and mutton headed a liillow a* any iu the House of Commons,''] has also retired from I Athlone, where all his 3ash in hnud, and *11 hi* subscriptions to the Kepeal Association, and all his profeselons , r>f fidelity to that fraternity, proved unavailing against the looal conservative Mr. W. R. Collett. who Biamls on particularly good terms with himself, may tlud some consolation for hH rejection In the circumitnuoe of his being beaten in such excellent company a* that of Mir K. L. fltilwer, over whom Nibthorpe and the goose interest of Lincoln once rnoru truimpbed, to the dixgrace, if they could be additionally di?irracetl, of all concerned in so ignominious a victory. Sir Edward's loss Is. if course irreparable, but it u, in some slight degree mitigated by the return of another practical literary man and most useful member, Hergeant Tal tourd The literature of politics slso finds an inesI ImithU rumu.l.ll.. I- . 1... . r >L. .... Colonel Thompson. IIijw far bin namesake the lecturer will. In hla new oapadty of member fur the fow.-r Ham lets, contribute to the Parliamentary reputation of tiitt class 1* questionable ; and the t>am- m?y be siild of another lecturer, W J Kox, the member for Oldham whose return is certainly not* least reinarkablo of the memorabilia of the present eventful moment. They will be an exception to all their tribe if the trlbunilian qualifications that havo ho greatly distinguished them out of doors. do not disqualify them for success in the common-pla^e but soeediugiy fastidious arena of St. Stephen's. It would not bo a Tery rash prediction to assert that Keargu* O'Connor will prove a more matter of-fact, and a more successful member of Parliament than either of those most eloquent speakers Keargus has always had a vast deal more ability of a useful kind than he has ever yet not credit for. Ills rebellion against 0'( ounell In bringing on the repeal question made shipwreck of his influence, which was at one lime very considerable in Ireland, and his subsi quent excesses (greatly exaggerated, by the wuy, through the public voice) In his . advocaoy of the five f'olnts, damaged bim infinitely among all except the working classes in this country. Uut upon those he has undoubtedly retained a large influence, and his management ot the affaire of the Uhartlita, in their recent uacldc organlx* tlon. Indicates business capabilities which It Is only fit'log should Hurt an opportunity for development in that sphere to which all talents .or public life naturally couverg*. What with Fox, Thompson. O'Counor, and a few others of the sama stamp, the operatives will be tolerably well represented, saying nothing of their mm rnvBiUlUK limit viu uu will I riaa iri?nUS \\ HM< y nml Uuucombe, alio hav? been returuad uno^jjiw i for Finnbury a* baforo. The Kiunbury (lection ha.v howarar. I?*?u this y*r mora conapieu'iu* for th? parno lalitie* it baa givan riM to, than for any other faatura connected will. It. Duncomb*'* abianca from tb? hunting* led to a most unjustifiable rxvoi' of bin privatu entbarra*4ment* through a morning Journal that nnuilly af , I'uoU a gruat<;r naactity and donorum thtn In flonf-rapo' r.irit!*; but wlia-arer mny be the pecuniary troublan of tha arUtorratir; l??ell?r. hi* nbnencti wan not, because it nonlil not ha*H bean. oaucd by fear of wr^t bin prl?lI lage extending for wjaka yet to comit Waklay s attack 1 ou tha parudo candidate. Mr Samuel Warren, the author of "Ten l'houiand a Year,"' was altogether unworthy of the usually kind hearted ooroner. and hi? rldlI tula of till opponent's writing" will go far to impair the , or*-(lit he acquired by iu? nitioh mora just ortltainii on VVoiiUworth's povtry, even ' h< U|ih he has n it y?t follow1 ed It up by writing a yard, let alone " uiIIm," r>f sne'i 1 VKiHif.C'.lmn ** that ot the bird of Kydal, even in th? most waahy of hii tuuaa'ft mood* Personalities also : with Carried to a miet gr<'?* extant In tins Wentin'n-Ur content. tha partisans c,f the ri??l can.II Uat?? | attitig forth ail aorta of disgusting wnJrtw of avcret .?r(e*. rUairinrn of ooui(uitt?iM, and active j can*aa**r?, repubii?bin|{ DtttMU from wills ami unit* | at law, and retorting in abort, to every spoolas | of disreputable reprisals ou prifate character, fomaias and cb'ldren the il*ing and th? daaii. Iming tinspsringly MtrliMd wbiMtur the omission of tb?*lr own ami UUtorlua might weaken the Wimkguafdlsm of a placard,or deprive a mjulb of It# malignant sting hortuuateiy for Lord M?n1e?illa. ha eam? loo lata in?.o the fli I i, anil bin preti-nnlun* *m too innlgnlflcnnl from tbn I firm to rattdur l( dmirabla that hit thould b? taty*ot?d ' to tbi* rprolra of outrun*, otlinrwiiM* Dome *'Hf?lun i oiKiuoiri of Hid plout aud paraimoulou* ducal bou?a of Manuhaatar wonlrt atturndly bar* grac-U tbn wail* of l.'ort-ot (iardati. and bava uncarted u? tbo cabbaga ud dart ?orna atartllug notions of high lif* You will not h*Ta fallnd to ob??r??i, by th? way, thlt Lord Sauduu j bad tha HiemalTa bud laitn to propo4? the foollah young | bigot lord, tbo wry ?yp? of tba ob?>l?t? air* ilaaplcablj I (MMMiIMi Ut dl?aaln of whlob. In Lltarpool, loat th? , noMn vltcoatit thr rapracntatton of th* borough Man J??IU? waa tlia Itughlng atock of nil wbo no and heard him. and afturdoJ immrnii' mi'*rlali for tbn wit th?t j aboUOiU lu tb? front ol HI Fiul'a OklNk, Henrietta i ittNt at alaotloa timet; tha " fin talla,' or coal-hnaTrra, In particular aaiaoting htm aa their own aapaalal butt, tha moment thay oaught tight of him, and laarnad who ; ha wm: but thara waa rary UttU mantawnt la aaatsg a mm* of Lord San don't nbmi mm and m4mtm L D. Prk? Two Uat j nUndiu* *p?n?or to ?o pttiaMa a |i.r<oiun. m>t>?oUIIT wh?n It *? rwioiUct. j that h? h.wi *-t tiu Uo? in U??rftl'ikVortfc ?n!i S. 'T"^. t,, ]-ry -vhirU p<w>pW ilka .lack worth and Mandarin* ?r? th* tttiig ?ipon?nW Perhap* tb disconsolate ?,tmir*r? of t,0r<l lonn Manner* will And *oin?J f?-bU cr.iaff.rt in h?*r\n.r tha? hi? lordship's fellow apomle of th- Vou, ? Rq^u^a^.t tfc? Hon Mr Smythn.hw.fnr a wonder . ?^i?utTi0u.r bur* Flrldln*. too lntxgotln for theUalv?r?U? of Cambridge, and no bH OI?d?.toii? (whom ?oio.. of tVMnfantU* BritUhers look upon oomplnoently) for the L' of Oxford; while. mor-r?m rictblo'mill l.?rdll L?-?n'>*. the (ton of the Dudk of Richmond *t bl? election for Chi. cbe?t?r to-day. flirt i" n inore liberal JDt-evH ih*a <gy of the Tory democrat* )?t. not only eulojialof th* luxation i?rheinu of the Ministry, but clalojlnj a fair trlil for fro? trade. Mr Horace, wh > W *n?t?'.','"d of Y ouo* Ln(?l?nd t?nilennl. ? ha* b?en r-j.-oiel at llurv St ?d mr>n>l* and bin defeat 1i> iu?tt?r for I'Duural m^ret f-.rh-! would hare broo a decided ao.juNltlvi in lh.? new hotu;, the inore no a* nriuy lik*? him ba?<* b -n thrown out. Bat of >11 the rejection*, Ministerial popuUr .?r Go* lervnUTt;. m?rt* ij oo on*4, w> w? *u, w * uipmj vv the lo*a of iloebuck at Bath, lo? tb?t will b<i ; -rmuo ent. for ho declare* be will not agtlu go lot') PirlU'Oeu'; and llorbuck It a man who mean* to keep hi* word wh. n he pled*"* It It 1* thought hfl will aownccept the CblefJuatlceeblp of Bombay, and It U to be hoped ha DUf If there be no other inodo of preventing hia retirement Into private life, and tba consequent loaa of h.* grea; abilltlr* to the public. Not forgetting the advocate of the I'olea, Lord Dudley Htunrt, though he did make an twfv tow-noddy of bimaelf after the return, tnlkiug aboat f > event being heard with rapture In Siberia * ,! d; oiiy at St. Petor*burg! the tnt'cellaneou* lu. >f tbe oountry teem likely to be very equitt It- / pr ented. a* far a< one oho Jo l<>> at prex-nt. Tb ut*?\ interest ban undoubtedly oarrled olT tba llon'a uhare, ? < w.ih i-xpect*?d, for notw'tb .tending the reaction of lit* two potentate!! we bitVn named. aud ulito of Sir J. K??thope. at Bridgnorth, there have got In Jaekaon, Waianley, Glynn. f'eto, Locke, Cubiti. Chaplin, Ltcy, Cob bold, and other*. headed, of cour*e, ly lluddon How matter* fare In Ireland It la too noon to speculate, especially a* no new* baa yet romo to band at to tba effect of the arrivnl of O'Conneir* body, which tbe Young Ir? Under* intend to prala* before they bury. Who la to play Mara Anthony to the Hibernian < ai?ar doe* uot m? ai to have been yet thought of; but there i* mo doubt the mighty dead will be uned to utrike terror luto tbu Nation party, already well nigh paralysed by tbe ftui << retirement of Smith O'Brien Irom the hasarda of u urtber Incarceration in the Speaker'* cellar, and rt-ttrictlon to tea and dry toa*t, In vindication of a love of fatherland. 'J'bn moral force gentry evidently intend converting to fometbii g tantamount to physical force purple* the fame of their great loader, like tbe follower* of Jud?* .Macoabeu* of old? * " Thy name, our charging hosts along, Mia 11 be the battle word ' Thy f?U tbe theme of coral *ong Kroui manly voice* pour's ! To w?ep would do thy glory wrong; Thou thalt not be deplor'd." And, apmpot to rhymes In election tlm?H. what do you think of lluntinck* poetic* at Lynn, on Tburadav f \ ?peeeh of three mortal column*, bristling uil over with vr&e? from .Moore, Butler, Shakupeare, and ererjbody's old friend, Anorymou* Thin la certainly uew, at all everta, and quite a* instructive, heal dee b-log a good di al mnre auiualng .than tbe uielanohi ly quotation* from ibn blue book* and price* current wae'ewlth be lias hitherto >o retuoMely ntulfed hit* ofntorioal > ffuilon*. It in well tor bitn ho hus bit upon tome novelty to vnry hui tedium, but the artifice won't do long Hie time for goii.g out 1* at hand He went up llae a roelMit. and though he hue not come down like it* at Irk. down he In I ftMninff fn* **11 j ? . ?uh...? <ln?n Vm w.ll ra..rutin l h?r<?. H? ?til ineet with a hraco of ooiur?tilon> ha little wot? of I In the now houN? Fox ami Thi'uipnou will talk biui j d.*af, blind, and d?llrioun, livfotn they havr doua with him And as fur <{uotatioiia. th* one will ihink u"thio<j of throwing la th? wholti of P'tr:idiHt> Lout, and tba othor th? entlro of thu Koran mid th? Talmud, ax a flight Kiirniiuru to th?ir mortumrloiutdlnoonrwa. It In not 'try inlikely that Mr Kox will bvcomn to Lord Oaorgc what tbo iiimnber for Shrewpbury wan to Sir R.t'tol. H? la ju-.t thu man to art about It thn Ti'ry tint bourofttaa i' Minn if thu thought Btrikrp h'.m : and should b? do ?0, we may espact to ln-ar nt.rii.uttn noises from thn political Centaur. whoae ourvettuici) will probably niftko up In droihiry for whit iht-y lank lu gr?r? In th > rp?*eoli Of Tburkdty h - ?md hi: might hnr? bc> n Prim* MisUter l lung ago had ha chLtwn to adopt the >o I'uoory cryj whereat th?r? wai?, vtry naturally, " ,n it ImyhKr," an the re|ioit?*rs ?ay Thu Wntcrlnur I'mera. Sharon RrmiKii, Aogu't 18 194?. On Sunday eveuiug, tlie 11 ght when a!l li quiet, da A 41 une hrurt, jutit in ufery one w.i* ilakii^ iatu tlloarBM f .Morphe'i*, or Into dream* of lore, atrl Tldion' ofloraHue**, *uch a*, had charmed the ay ? during the waking hour* of day, were beginning to horer nround, the utartlinjC cry of "Arc' Are!" routed fiery one la a moment to their foot, and iient a motley crowd into the narrow (? Mgv?; and although a moment after brought the reitarated cry of nafety, It wa* long before tb<i asiuranaa ! oould ba made nufliclently aure to (top tha confuatoa, ' and rvvtora onmpceure to many boating heart*. Her*, a 1 inotbor, atartled from bar iluinburc. with a blanket I thrown over her head, a lorrly babe on one arm, and tha I ' th*r olaaplng an older one. with pallid che?k and tnxious oye?there, a terrified Iriab nuriw, claaplng two Ihijh too large to c irry. and shrieking on her knee* In one place, some ladle* fainting, at a rememorauc* of the Ouean lloute cataatrophe, at Newport; in another, a Iaiiy luatiiy bawling to a big Hibernian body wrraat, to huve a earn for tbo safety of bla precious charg*, bar darling poodle dog, while her only ohlld follow* after, cllugiug to thj akirta of her mother'* wrapper Alto| getber, it wua a perfect Babel of strange round* And itu n the costume.' l-'rom every door and a*ery paaaaga failed man. wumnu and child, in every Imaginabledreaa. liorH, n lovely nymph, with disheveled hair, braatiful enough to be observed, even at that momaat ? Waa tiie (lark hair pulled down to glre effect to tba pure white dreaa! The latter waa certaiuly In Jontraet with the rlob flowered dressing gown of the man In y allow nilppa-rn wlioae " better half." aa to size, etood looking from bchiud her gn en blind door orymg "winter! waiter!'' Are the fa*hiouablaa going' (j< od beaten* ! look at that man! He ha* left?hi* wig upon tha tablal who can It be Surely not Mr., the mnn with hand bome curia' Header, did you oyer nee a " Jim along," oi. a< the fashionable* call It, a "Joaey!" Thar* they were of every color?red. blue. whit*, and yellow; aoae diurt, some loug, aotoa with aleevee. and noma withoat; some looked youug. and aom? looked Ioth1> am^ng ttta wearer*. and *omt - looked like old malda, wetoarcijr ' should have kuown how old. in the day time Oaa bright spirited young creature of aweet seventeen ruthad from be> room aud < i.r >untered In her deeoeut a young gentleman. draggitig hi* immense trunk after him down stairs - "aviug bin oiotliea! How ineffable her oon tempt' O't out of the way. air,'' -got rut of tha way"?he muat have bu young In year*, or love, that no bright form roue up le t ire Inra, whom he m.ght hope to *ara at peril of hi* lilxorlliotr sooth, we'll *>iy naught or till* ?(or he waa not the only oun who tared bla Taltaables.and left poor womankind to waste her ehrtek* upon the midnight air. Where were all the other gent* tn tha midst of these alarm*' Kindlng they were oauiel'-M, (Ley crowded up the stair* to *ee how looked th* bai! a* without their starched and pateut skirts ' And what win the cause of all this hubbub and alarm! Why a damsel had left her caudle buruing where tba fiiivi iiiiiw iuu vuimiii wibuiu tua rti?cu 01 lun nuj llama. noil it had caught and blared with meb t light thai it aeamad hH If the wooden bo una matt go. and It* iatn?t?? turned out to |>a*a the night upon the hilU, xhould they mrnpv with life On* fair sUter lay aaleap, wbila number* rui<h<-d in to extinguish th? Ara~ and the other mow atoad amid a group of beaux explaining bow It all occurred, until auddenly recollecting that bar form wan robed only in bar night drea*. *h? uxclalmad " Ob: pray, dear gentleman, go away! Don't you *ee I'm all undr*at? We'll talk Itovar when 'til day, For now I faal too muob dintreit " Little Innocent creature that aba wa?; but there war* other* iu tba name predicament. Another lady remind>-d iiy thin ruinaik. tbat bar curia were nil inji'ipillutH. ruabed from tne gaie of the gentlemen and poppea not into her own rootu in her haata. Imt into the one nest door, the oocupaut of which, a portly bachelor, waa rapidly in*ertiog hi?lower ilmba Into a pair of ' inexpraaaltiblea" W<- heard a gentleman raoeiviug a rota of I hankR fur bin efficient aid in bringing a bottle ofaaiphnr water to pour upon the burning cnrtaln Uut It la all over! i<uiat baa aattled down upon tbe nceue; tba ladl?i. dear auu<a. hare talked tba matter out, tk? geutlo jn*u m * Fii'THin iu uivir uiKut wpv, v?*? urvPi* lug ? >*?!? Iim retired within I la proper domains. "Bijou" >uu< droppud aaletp upou hi* ini)tr?a*'a b?il and hla aix footed attendant la t(iin dlatniMed to bii r?*t We Ihuvu you to uluntber, ana bright b? your Jra*?? rtood night. ________ The Latitio* and Lomoitudb or Portland, Maink. ? W<* huve rcfipivrd 1'roin iM?nir J. D Wraham, of the corp* of Topographical Kngineer* prlnclptl astronomer and head or the ncleutifle I'Otu- of Ihv oomuiiaalon ol boundary under th<< treaty of Waatilugion, the following notice ?>f lh? determination by lilm, in Auguat. IH4I a-alated by Lieut. K W Whipple. of tl ? aaiun oorpa, of the latitude and longitude of I'ottland, Malue. and ol w.veral neighboring potute, embrae. liiu the forta and lUhthounoa In the vl'-ruity \V? luaert the reaulto, derived froui aairououilcal obaerTationa, mad? with care and good tnnlruux nla m th'-y are furnished to u? by Major < >r*haia. un4er the L'litf Ihi&t Lflnr will bn hl>rUlV LlfW'ftkl tn liAi aatnn ?nt*rlDtf tb* narbvr of PortUntl. or in uking th?lr J?partttr* iron ( ap? l.lizthvth light, wblan, tt r??mn, Iim not hort'.olor* born no oorrectlj at?t?i . UngUuift r??| nj Laliludt. UrtmvrxfK. In I1*1. In are. 4. m. $. k.m. *. 4. m. I I h?nfor' Oh??rr? ry Cui?bwl?ud tcivrt, eoriitr of Uo>d ! ? (. Pwtluid, y ?.trouomie?l tt 44 4* 4 41 OS T 1113 4*4 Cnnnmian with lk? *<>?? point b. (riui.iiuiaiion. i Doin* ol ili? I'ortltnd kli> nu ?<> 43 tt 2? 00 4 4! (.1.7 TU 13 #0 4 i. lo?.i Hull, iWUnd 41 ? tt 7 4 41 03 1 '? II 4. Tli? Vt*nn? TvIfkmi'I' ( VtoVot J y.) .. ...41 J? Ml 4 41 CO.IS TD 1.1 03 V. Ir .rl Putil- flm it.? 43 M tt.l 4 40 JO 70 l? M 0 Kurt Komtnrl ( .. ? ^ h<hn.) 41 tt *1.1 4 tt M4 l\ II ? 7. Portlw.'l l<cht., . 41 %1 31.3 4 4# 0,.? tt tt ? I I. C?i>? Mmbfih lnhi?th? I O"liihIh#tW.0.,0T * 41 H ttj 4 40 4.3 tt?>.

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