Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1847 Page 3
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f ' W. 11 to load with tobMoo for Bordeaux at 30a. for Virginia. Hui 3>s. for Maryland. A London packet engaged gruin at UU. in bugs Thvrx wiu nothing new to the continent, while rates remained inattlre. TRLKUUAPIUC. 91<rU?ti. * BurrALo, Aug. 34?P. M. Flonr oontlnu&d steely without alteration In prices alaoe yesterday, and Hales of 1U0U bbls Western and New York straight brands were made at $4 b7X a %i Wli^at?Tlie market was without change of moment In prices, and we note sales of about 6000 buabels, chlelly Western red. including paroels of good Ohio, at $1 a $1 03; while mixed *u worth 08c. Corn?The market for good ^utility Western exhibited considerable steadiness, and sales of 5000 bushels were made at 60c. Oats | were held at firmer rates?the last sales were made at 3lc. Whiskey?Tho article was rather uulet at 38e. j ProvUions-No change. Receipts during tha past 24 i hours:?Flour, 3009 bbls; wheat, 30,000 bushels; corn, j iMK O do. Freights by canal to Albany?Hour 60c; wheat l?c, uad corn 13o. ? Albasy, August 34?P. M. There was 1<?b activity in tha fleur market, and email I of g?< 1 Western brr.od* and Genesee were made at | $5 tij'i a %S 75. Wheat?There was rather more doing, j ucd sales of 31.03 bushels of western mixed were made at i $1 10. Com?Tho article was lean active to day, ?nd no sales of consequence were reported. Oats?Receipts continued fair, but holders held the article at an ad- | Tanoe, hence no sales of moment were reported. Rye [ \lt 1 Urn, WI.I.U kJ.I -* D 1-1 malnrd about tho saiuo. Receipts by oanal daring the p< seeding 'il hours Flour, 10,400 bbls , wheat, 9,000 . bui-htl' ; corn, 11,700 do; oats, 8,000 do. No change in rirer freights. Boston, Aug 34th, P. M. Th? flour market continued steady, and sales of 1000 ' barrels Genesee nith some straight brands western.were j msJe at $fl SV Wheat?Holders wore pretty | firm at previous quotations, but no sales of oonsequenoe transpired. Corn?The market remained steady, good I sound yellow continued In fair demand, and tales of ; 60C0 bushels were mado at 03 a 85 oents. Oats? Re- j ceipts continued light, and tho market grew firmer, j Sales of 3000 bushel'' were made at 08 cents Lead? Tho market continued steady, and sale* of 60<Xi pigs were m?il? at $4 12X Ashei?The market continued , unchanged. and small sales of pots were made at full j I>ric<-8. aud of pearl* at (8 No change in linseed I oil. Whale and sperm steady. Freights dull. [Telegratthlo Correspondence of Phllad Bulletin ] ViTTUBcnnu. Aug "i4, 1*1 o'clock. M ?There is a break in the wires between hero and Wellsville. on the Oblo, which prevents the reception of Western markets Our Fl"ur market Is Improving, holders are more firm, and $4 87 may b-* quoted as the price, in good condition. The quotations for Wheat remain- 80 to 87c, and Corn | 10 to 41 Thu iitnnkr In /initu v?t*WI1?* ? ! Baenti continue* in request. and prices are firmly maintained The tendency in upward, though I think the avrrnyfi rates are still about the same, except shoulders, which are from V* to better than la*t -week. Nothing doing iu Cotton The market in well supplied in <lroceri?s Sales Whiskey at HI to 'JIKc. in bbls, with a good enquiry The weather is delightful for the season. The stave of water in the channel continues low Married* At Jamaica, Long Island, on the 23d inst, by the Pov Mr. McDsniel, She* McK?v.of Brooklyn, late of England, to Mint Amelia Lffkvhk, of Jamaica, Long Island, dry- Canada papers please copy. Died. On board the steamer Old Hickory, on its way up the Mississippi. the IIou Thomas Butler, aged 64 He whs the ton of Col. Thomas Butler, one of that military family so uiraous in the early history of the country Ju igf Butler was an eminent planter, a resident of West Keliclana. Louisiana, and wan at one time one of the re preventative* from that State In Congress. He was a native of Carlisle, Pa At New Orleans. Oil the 131li inst, of yellow fever, W. Bif.fcrfr Pi.umk, Chief Engineer U. S. Army, in the 2flt h y^ar of his ag*; son of i ol John J Plume, of Newark. N J , and biother of John V. Plume, of New Orleans On Tue?day. Aug. 54, Edward T . second *on of John nti'l Harriet Anderson, of Clifton, Ohio, aged 5 years, 10 months and 20 davs Tbo friends of hi* grandfather. John P. Truesdell. and of hit uncle, Edward D. Truesdell. are Invited to attend his funeral this (Wednesday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from No 333 Hudson street. On Tue-day afternoon, Gkorok Olf.nren, son of A.iicimi-i un-nnen 4 His friends and acquaintance* ore respectfully Invited to attend h's funeral this afternoon. at 4 o'clock, from the rtnidence of hi* father, No 174 South street. j On Tu**day. the 2l'h inst , after a short and severe illn-ih, Mr James Si'li.ivan. sged 3U, a native of the l>ai i-h of Tydnrnot. (,'ounty Mooagban, Irelaifll The friend* of th<> family, and those of hi* brother*. Patrick and Michael Sullivan, and sdso the Hiheruian I T'ulveri'al Benevolent Society, are respectfully invited ' to attend his faneral from bis late r>'*idenco in aath utrt i-t. I'Otween the 2d and 3d avenues, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock. fjl'f- tins'on and Philadelphia paj^rs please copy. On M?od:iy morning. 23d Inst , Saml-ici. P Kosnici. ?K"d 2 i yeur*. son of the late Capti. Wni Kottdick of thta ntv. aud recently of the firm of fosdick 8c Charlock, of Mob le. Alhbinia. His fuueril will take place this afternoon, at half pant tire o'r.lork, from the residence of hii family. No 1 (>S Twelili street. Funeral service will be performed at st Bartholomew's (..'hurch.corner of Lafayette Plnoe and (ireal Jones street, and from thence hi* remains will be taken to Westchester for interment. Hi* lrieiid*. and t' ose of hi* family, are respectfully invited to attend, without further invitation. LiSi'?.V sjiuII bmiile of Ley*, rup|iotei] to litve been <lro|>|*U in o limn IV'. in Cliti >t>vet to John street. *? fa a- h* corner of William street, r\ suitable reward wilt be h.?i?'o thel r ilelivrrv. at 16 C iff str?et. an2>1t?rc JL*U ? t. tit tf.ii Avenue, iu ihe iie'ithbiirifooil <1 Jj ii -ire: a I sr i;o it inin^ we*riu|{ apparel. The oweer ca . Iuve it b pr .V' $ |' "iisriy nuii payiug charges, ou applying at W || Wl .,'Utll :* K't. IVo 2(lri raltoil it. ?2JZt*rc CTTTiuTtS ThhEM-'KLUT, Nrw York 5 lM?ideu laiie, up>tM'?,aud 2i Liberty street; Philadelphia, 1C North Fourth street, up stairs; Bosrou, 14 Kilby street, corner of D iane ?t,eet. lnii'oiler i f all kiuds'of toy* and fancy * ti"les, |efurriery, ..otpa. ntuiical iu?t uments, French chin, <ierm*i. pi mi Mini cutglass ware, omameuts for iiiant> Ipieces, liq " r c >n. fc<>. an'J30:*rr rp~"v.; l: N li H'r US 'oFbHOOKLVN, ATJKNi..X \ ire.-tiuK will ne I eld at Mr. Kussells, bportxinan's Hall, S'jI \ilam stree , lln> evening, 2ith of Augus', 18|7,to adopt me ari a r i ,i ot-ct themselves from persecution. Uyor'Je-o' the Comm ttee. au2S |i*re To" fc. <it.ViLEde.N WHO WKRK PAd*?Nt?rainMo te't ..anlnrtanville stave, at the time of thaccideiir on Fu i.iuy afternoon las , will confer a favor by U.Y '? ihe,r numrs nq i reiijences with Wm Bennett, at lh> ffi ? .if the H? aid, fif'hstory. auS5 ll'rc \U I - uo W >HAD.a of every ileaciiptioo and qualif. *? cheaper than at any other eatabliahment iu the United Slates, fur sale wholeaale a d r tail at JOHN F. DUVCKER'S. 58 Chatham, comer of Chamber atreet, an2V?H*rr New York. rp > HAln DHESSKKS. W lO AND tiCALP MAKKUC, .1 tin?Wanted, a situation in an> department of the above butiui'aa.b a young mini lately arrived from London. The inn n'Hicepii liable references will be given. Apply by |?r ei t,. o K Herald office an23 it* re A; H U? i-inecial attention H requested to the following imi>mtint n <t re : 'I lie ai>tr>nrah:utf success and iminennpitioiiUK* atlei ding the NEW H T l.OMPANV, est<iblia]ie l ' o? <> lyuii r inoi.ths.iiiduce* thein to add to iheir beautiful 'i ll e Dollar Hei* a far auiwiior finish arid more costly tr inI i ey fifoctfu'ly aaaure the pubi c that they stand pi dun) lo au ip y "h linen' Nu ria or \l? leski'i thit can be m n ifictnied. ar Ih'ir stai'dsrd P'ice, THKKr. DOLl ARri 'lh> < 0IJ>MI> offerfwr sale this day, ilie 2^tb, iheir ?u[ier or Fall F ihion, the very a^int of u?a neai in style and trimming. A* b u 1 i o r ecoml v^uali'y ?- o Srcond Price, and on 1,0 c> u irier >'jo i wi 1 old hit* be t-ken in nch?ri|te except from the p?tio till the yeo'ly a ranif?in<iit. O tH3\>>ATI. Maoaiier, H8 Nung atreet, two door Irom Spruce. Wiigaf: i?? i: nnd li> Bowery. B ;OI( E'.UjnS' TRADK 8ALP.8.?Hentlemen attrodug th~ Trade 8:i'ei, are preaumid to know the ntyle ai.d C . iftc rrof tlit- aiibxCiibeia'vaii?n? rub icalionr, they are aprcii* y lurji?d howevrr t > rail aud examn.e the atotk ir. *11 it> ?t ie y > I jo. tb< low pricea, the catalogue with the caah I rieea i t d >wn ; the mow hilla; the t>mic. Houseker|. r?. farmer* and Roufh and Read; Almanaca for 11110 'I lie 700 Uind< ?( Song llojkn: the aame number of kind* Toy B ii kt < 010 ed and Plain; and the in iwn>? number of Miaci'llai'ous oota of all *ne? anil pricea: and above all we want i nr c?itowrt? to h- lauafled that ?c deal fairly with ihem n 'propi >u persona " or with 'heir Irter* no 'laming order*. &c 'JUt-NEB k tlHHEH 74 Chatham at N.V., ?8i 30 "re 15 North 6th tree-, Philadelphia. oW^KUOF A M vHul^Hi-U roomy a d HOTEL, in Giai-nwich atrret, with jj.i.d bir-room f .r'niug a corner. wiah?? to diapoae of i> Ihe 1-hbb rum ui) il t^? I t of May. U48 with right to proloi g Prirai* entry, and iuevety wy yery comfort?b e ^ddreta, O > ' '-'er.ld. ft'io- aim .H'rre 'Pu " Ar* r *1 MS PLANT '.KS It'!.? Wanted a iituati?n A a y ou * g adu i e of Kd'nbU'gh Mid Pa i<?wou'd pre. frr bai ig * taoh d to ? me ate1- iner, ihip, or plantation Hai a thor ug k.inwlc ge of Southern iJi>e >?ea. hi?ii g redded near rM?'W o?I?*an* f ?r tome time, or would ln?e no ntijeerten to be in % 1 iif?* driigif) e.lmf iiim kurnt *h# iuett uixkI rffei?nC' kireait roui<ed A*?<-re>? "Liilir/'M Cnn*l atreet?not to T.e e 'n'< il *?M U<*f?e MaTnl -oni \l iv i't.obu' .tory qlf;kl< e, no is Willie tieel,?Pivtiei applying at thii cau obtain in .r inf rm?fwm of trai- ch?rac er, mora'i, eircumatun e?, he , |> vii-ua r > ?n in rndacrion, a <1 without the kno ledge of u inei In ati il. he, thin thnathanv oth'r medium el' U'l'i "'"110 ?'fivrty o 'hi?. refpfncea of the firat r??derlaln'i'T i'ef veil and rtquired. invtiiablv. Hour* fur Wdiea, with ' l*d> i" ?tt? daiicr, from 9 A. M until 4PM Oentlem >1. 1 u t 1954 1' M. All rom'nnuieationi with real namea, |i p ! ?, will receive prompt attention. KILBY, nun I' rc Rr.v i 1' i ?*oh vuirrrrr will djxivkr a Ltctuir on MKXU'O.nt the Broadway Tabernacle, on K?hI iy fveni. g, Aug. 'U, comnirnciiiir ar 8 o'clock. Th I rctnre will ernb ?ce * pic nie?que sketch of Meiico, A'?l i-Saimi I^ve off Miliary Ulory. B?rr)ea of Palo \lto, lirtiC' rte la IMin*. nrnl the Storming of Mtonferey, with mi mtO'Mfion r" l'i' ice m)?I Knrbe ra ce ? Mirvey ot the Plum of Pro- i<^ncr, aw! n contrist between the 'word mid the PreM. Adm ii 25eentt l)iK?r? open at 7 o'clockTin r* to be h id nt the priucipal Mutic Stores and Hotels. miW V c /T E . T7PDWTLI BOUP AND rerv ' * (1 ? O 'en Tottl? will hr ae ved op in Houp and Htenka tint H . a id d'iri * lh- week, at the Bank Coffee Hon**, Vo 11 Pino'tree! between Broadway an 1 Naaaau. AN'.atew d Ter'-pina ef rv day thia week. F*m.hei antpKed. The tar e 'a im plied with all the delicaei?a ol the ??a?in. . ! *, . james fohprtt. T 'v,w york FavTi u V mourn (no hturf;* it:i d#?-nptiofl of Aral nnd ne^oud mourning ' fre*t yariei ; Mnntlea, (loaka, t\i|lan, Millinery Moiiery, he. I. ?<iie> are informed that thiaa-tahlnhmemlia intended aolety , frith* u'.e of ?wyr?i?ty of ?n?r*ii>r toodi, at 4tt Broad- i ?tr. MM ioat fro* Mt*m* imM W'ri | BO*Dg OF THE CITY OF ST. LOU 11 FOR SALE. ?Msyoi's Office, St Louii, Mn . August U, IK7-Up to the 11th day of October, 1017, sealed bid* will be r*ceired by the undersized, M yor of ' he city of St. Louis. for the purchase of <>ue hundred and fifty tnousand dollars of six per cent bonds i f the city ol St. Loot*, (excel* ?urh amount thereof as inay be sold at jxar, on or before the 15th day of September, 10 7, livable ?t St. Louis, or (Sew York, at th? option ol the pu princip I1" twenty yean. ?od theiuteresi (heiuk vi per cent peranum*) semi-annually Such bids may he for pail, or ih? whole of a id bonds. The bouda are to be etch lor the sum of one thousand dollars. Ka?h b dfer it re 4ii red to wri'r upon hia bid the amount of bonds for which hi- . ff-is, rind to itt lie a !? m -nt in cash of five per cent f ilia amount ofboodt hid f r bv him, ;n be deposited in the 11 Hid* i f the Mayor, at the tin eof rrceirinat bids, wh eh deposit* sliali be repaid bv the M iyi>r on the day socc?< diug the lay o i which the tiida sImII have heei opan'd. to the persons woo mide the dci'osilus^Tceyting toihe bidder to whom the hoiidu arc awarded Oil the Mill day of Octolier 1847. the bids sb-II be opeued; the bonds then unsold shall be sold to the highest bidder, or bidders, for cash, uules* the bids be deemed too low. Car ilicatraof indebtedness uow outstanding againsttl>acity will be received in lien ol cash. I'p lo the 15th day of September, 1817. i- elusive, the Mayor will sell the bonds aforesaid, or any I art thereof, to ?ny person or persons, at par, for cash, making the bands so taken at pur for ensh, payeble at twenty, t-n. sine, six, or three years, after dite, at the optiou of the purchasers. A copv of the ordiiiance authorising the sale of these bonds is irivcu below. BRYAN MULLANPIIY, Mayor. D. II. Armstrong, Comptroller. [Ordinance No.'l 8Crt J An Ordinance to provide for llie payment of outstanding bonds, and obligations ol indebtedness, which fa.I due during the present fiscal year lie it ordained by the C:ty Council of theCiiy of St. Louis at follows : Sec I That the Mayor be, and tie ia he'eby authorised, to is?ue the bonds of the city to the amount ol" one hu dred i*'d fifty tbooaaud dollar*. for the purpose of raying the ontstaudiug bonds of the city, which fall doe during the present fiacal year, and alsn other ublig .tiona of imlebtrdi eta wnich existed preprrvioui in the commencement of the present fiscal year Hrc. 2 The lion's to be issued under he provisions of this ordinance, shall be each lor the uuin of one thousand dollars a'id shall he signed by the Mayor, and countersigned by the Treasurer and Comproller ; shaM be issued to bearer, and shall be dated on ih? dav of th" sale ihereof; and auch as are not otherwise provided lor by the fourth section of thia ordionittp, shall be redeemable ?t the eud of twenty years from the date thereof; and shall he made payable, principal and interest, either iu thia city or iu the city of New York, at the option of th? purchaser, which ahall be designated at the time of |>u chase: the said boada shall bear interest at the rate cf si* per centum per annum, payable aemi-aunu llv, for which couponsshall be attached, said coopona to be aigaed by the Tre?aur?r. Src 3. Immediately after the passage of thia ordinance, the Ma> or ahall advertise in two papera of thia *ity, ataling that he Hill sell the bouds aforrsud, or any part thereof; to any l>ersoii or perao'.a, st i>-r, for caah. at any time previoua to thiitv-five days altar the passage of thia ordinance ; ami that such be ds as irny not be sold id'thia manner will be sold to the hgliest bidder, for rash, on a day which shall be thirty-five days after ihe iHtsaage of thia ordinance between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock- P M ; and said dav shall be des gu <ted by the .Vlavor. in his advertisement ; and. further, that he will receive *r.i|rd luds for (he aamr up t 'hat t.rno 8f.O 4. The mayoi thai srll all, or any |>att of the aforesaid homls, at par. to anv person or persons, who onv apply for the .'me; ?nd lie shall drp> sit the money received f <>m audi sale iu the City Treaiury; and such person or peraona who tnav boy said bonds at p?r. ahall have the option of having the bonds executed, redeemable iu either th re. six. nine, ten, or twenty yeurs sis hi or the> may elcct aud designate at the time of pit rehire. Hec. J On the day which shall h <ve been deaignated by the Mayor, in the a><vertii>eiii?ur provided for by the third section oft is ordinance, between the houra of 12 and I o'clock, P M-. the May r shill. in the presence i.f 'h* Comptroller, and ihe I're ident of the Board of Ald?nne i, and the Chairman of the Board of D legates or auch of them a mav be prraeot. open all bt> a lor the purchase of aaid honda, which lie may have rei-cved up to that time, and he ahall sell to the hittheat bidder, or bddris f. i cash, all of the bonda iaaned under til* provisions of this oidi'a?c?. which shill not. have been sold previously in manner as dracribed in ihe fur'h section of this ordinance: unl'sa in the opi ion of the Mayor. President of the Board of Aldcraeo and the Chairman of the Board of D'lrg'tea. or a majority of them the bida be deemed too 1 w; in wnich caae, ih?y shall proceed to make auch negotiation for the aale of the bonds, as ahall -ppoar to a majority i f thetn beat for the interest of th? citv. 8ec. 6 It ahall be.the dntv of the Mayor to require each hidd'r to write uiHin his bid. the amount of honda for whi h he offcrs, and he shtll also lequire a payment in ca?h of live per centum of the amount of bond< hid Iir, to be deposited in his baud* It the rim of receiving the bid, hicli deposit sha'l he r?psid b the Mayor on the <Ty *m ceediug the day on which the hid? shall have been opene I, to ihe persons who made the deposi's, eicepting to the bidder to whom the bonds are awarded.' Sec 7. The amount of the proceeds of the bonds to be sold under the provisions of this ordinance is hereby appropriated :o the payment of the b"nd? of the city, falling due darn g 'he present fiscal year; and also to the payment of all obligations of indebtedness w hich existed previous to the commencement ofthe p'esri t fiscal year. Sec 8 ?There shal I be constituted a separate fund to be ea'l eil " the Sinking Kund,"aud all moneys thatina. be appropriated to that fuiii by the Ci'y rotineil. shall he set aside and reserved exclusively for the purpose of discharging the dehu of the city made by w..y of loins to her. Sr.c 9. The Mayor shall receive thecertifica'e's of indebtedness which are now ou slaftdirg against ihe city in lieu of ovh, when offered in payment for the purchase of any of the bonus authorised to be s< Id under 'Ins oidinaice. ?" DEMETRIUS A. MAGEHAN. ('ha'rniiui o< the Board of Delegates. GEORGE MAUUIKE, Pie ideutof the Board of Aldermen. This bill hiving been presrntrd to Bryan Mullanphy. Mayor of the city of St. I.nui", lor Ins approval. and having been by him rttitir-ied to ihe Ho rd of Atdermrn in which B>>ard it originated, with i* objections thereto, was, th s eleventh day of Auirnst, one thousand cull' hundied and forty-seven, reconsidered by said Hoard, and passed hy the requisite majority; ni b meinh-rs of sud Board having voted for .it* passage, the taT"""" '"* JOSF.V'H V'DOUtiH K KT Y, Clerk of tlip Board of Aldermeu. This hill having \,ern teceived by 111- Board ol' Delrcatea, by a messenger from the Biard of Aldermen, with tlie objectiona of the ?1av-.,r thereto, on the ?levn'h d?y of An|iu.<t. one tliouland eight hundred and fortv-ae* en. The Boa (1 of Deletia'es thereupon proceeded, and recouaidered ihe vole on the pimage thereof, and. after rueh re< onauleration. paused the a me h,- the rrqumite imj irity; all the member* present, nine in number, votn k for the paaaege thereof, the objection* of the .\litvor, to the contrary, iiutivilhsUiodiuif JOHN H. TICE. Oik of the Board nl* Delegate*. I certify the foregoing to he a trne cooy ? f the origi.ul Ordmtuce [i. ?.] on file in the Regii'ei'* office. ?U2A 2w Hi J/\S LKM' >N Regi?ter. STONE KO . DRY DOCK-Navy Agtut'* Office. New Vork, Auguttiilth, 181 . ?aled proposal* iu dupli at*, eiidor<e>i '"I'rop sala (or Stone foi Dr\ Dock," will be received at fhi* office, until Tue*d -y, the Slat day of September uex ,a' 12 o'clock, M.. for funiinh ug and delivering at he Navy Vaid, Ne* Vork, 3000 cubic yard* cf Hubble, and 500 cubic v ids of dimeuaion qnam d Stone. 'I'lie Ruhb e Stm e to be of t''? following description:? A hiit., no id durable quality of guei** will be received, &1ao > c.lill! final it V i.f vramlH or The tttnuc mil >t be free from any perishable >ubi>uct, or any material which impairs iis strjLgih; and free from aap, era' k? i t dry seams Th? atone mum all he split by wedges, in block* of the same width at each end, and ol th- lane th.cknesi throughout; subject '" tlie modifications hereaf er mentioned. The bed? must he parallel with each other The aettiuic beda muat have a fair be <ritg aurface, nt leaal equal t? three-fourth* ol the area ol the largest horiz util sectiuu of the atone; and the top bed, ai l><ut equ d lo two-thirds ol such s> otion. The vertical joi-r must be aplit dow.i at right angles to the bearing surface* i>f th>* atone. The atone must all be drilled on the top bed, to receive a levi is of such size and f rm is shall be directed; and muit be delivered at such wharf at the Navy I aril or its vicinity, as may be designated hy tlie e g neer in charge of laid work. In order to prevent delay iu unloading, ihe stone must he unon the deck of thevesel, or immedwtely nn er ita, and prepared to receive the lewis; from this position they wiil be taken at thr expenc of the government i he dimensions of the stone must i*no case be less than the following, viz: L?i g h 2!i fert. width IX f et, thickuess8 inches: a-id uo stone lirgrrthsn the following will be received. viz: Length 8 Iret, width 4 feet, thickness J feet; the aione mint avenge not less than 13 cubic feet. Tne dimension quarried stone will be of the same quality of tone as above described: mil will be got out to cut to such dimensions us may be given hereafter?and will range Irom 6 to 24 inches thick, I to :i feet wide, and 3 to 6 feet long. i he stock in 'he above stone must be of the best quality of gMuite or gneiss Persous intending to propose for the above stone will be required to semi a sample oieot less than 50 pounds weight to the Urv Dock office, at the U- S. Navy Yard, Brooklyn, on or beforethe 14th day of September next, labelled with the name of ihe person, and a proper description of the location of the quarry. 1 he Bureau reserves to itself the right to increase or diminish the quantity to the amount of fifty |?r cent, according to the wauuofthe service, or to annul the Contract in case Congress shall fail to appropriate the mouey to ineet it. Kach offer must he accompanied by a written guaranty,signed by one or more responsible persons, to the rff. rt tint he or thev undertake th <t the bidder or bidders' his or thrir hid lie accepted enter into au obligation, within ten days after the bidder or bidders shall have been notified through the post office, of the acceptance of his or their bids, with good and suflie ei.l into I. 1l,-.?,.,.li- 1 1.? to law. To carry into effect the prorisione of thi? law, approved August 10th, Ifllfi, bidder* arc required to accompany their bids with *i certificate from a >iry Agent. District Atiorney.Judge ol a District Court, or some responsible punlic officer known 11 the Nary Depvtment, stH'ing tint the guarantors to their bids are eaiamsiblc peison* ai.d able t? men the requirement* of the law, iu ca e of the failure of the bidden to enter into contract acconiiut ly. No will be considered which doe* not conform to these fit'en iu all retriectK and the light la reserved to taject the offer* of any defaulting bidderor coiitr ctor. Bonds with two suieties will he required in ene-third the e?. tima ed amount 'f th* class or cla sen comprised iu the contract. and 10 per cent w ill be deducted from each bill uulil the contract i* cancelled. In case of fmlure to deliver according to contract, the gore iimrut will -tipi'ly the ilefic ency at the eipenae, if eiceeiiiu( the contr ct price*, of the contractor Printed specifications, and m'tnoianda of infoimation, hare been prrpa-ed for ihe uae of persons in curting to nropn e for the above atone; copies of which wi I be furmihed by the N < vv gent. at hia office, or up w application to the cngin- er, at ihe Dock. It is sugg'atad to all persona intending to propose for the atO' e, I hat theyaliill ruefully examine these .specification* b> foie tendering their bid*. Parties deairmg auy further i?fo'mation will apply t* the engineer, at the Navy knrd Hrooklvn. PROSPER M. WETMORE, Nary Agent. an2^ Isw4wric COLLEOE O?? PHYtti<";7ANH'TNI> SUKGKONS itl the University of the Bute of New York ? I he (ortytiist se.aiun of the Col'ege will co mine nee on Monday, Oct. H I8|7, and continue Uutil the sveoud Thursday in March lilt. "Met'nder If. Stevens, M. D, President o( the College and kmentus. Professor of Pi? ?ery Joseph M Smith M. D Profe *nr of the Theory and Practice f Mrdinne and > f Clinical Medicine. John 0. Beck, M. D., Professor of Materia Medici and .Med rxl lori prude-ice. John Tortey, M. D , LL. D., Professor of Chemistry and Bota.iy Hubert Wstta, Jr , M. D , Pr lessor of Anatomy. Willard Paiker, M. D . Proleaaoi of Surgery. r'l JI-. I? o:i *? >-> - i.?i. V i rmenoroi uoitetrica una the UKaonnl Wnmni *n<l hildreu Alonxo Clark, M. D. Lectuieroa rhyaiolcgy and raiholoty, inclulling Mi> rotcoiiy. tiuntaru* ?. Sii.ine, I)emon?'r*tor of Anatomy. Kurt?Matrico'ation,?J; Kn I Coa'te. 1101; Oradaatinn, Demouatr tm'a Ticket, S3; Coir J, S.I and under. Clinical Inatroctmn at the New Yorti Hoapitil br Prof. Smith College C'iniqne e?ery Monday Opwarda of one thousand patio fa werejireacrihea for before the cUna daring heii at \ ear. Obstetrical caara furmahed t> the advaiK'cri atuile'tt .^objer.ta fordiavction *re oht iined without difficulty Auiin I Cotmn* reement?On the ernud Thn idav in March. R<-i|uiii'ea Oradaaton?Tvrcntv-on* year* of nge, threa \ e ua of kind v,and two full Couraea of L??'.Uiea;"th< lawt in tliia ( ullt-ijr. I'f-i miliary Conne?Commenci"* on Monday. Rept. 27th, ?nd continuing to Oeto'er l#th. Lee urea?On Hjgeina. l>y Prof Smith; on edical B >tanv. by Prof Torrej; on Hernia, by Prof Wa'ta: on Infantile l)i?ea?ei, bv Prol Oilman; on Phvai.ilogy nf the Blood, hv Prof Clark Thn courteiafiee to the inatri'nlated undent! of the college The r>rof iting throughout the coir try will obterve thnt in deference to their wnh??. a? e-.pre??ed bf the late Yiedieal C nvention, the T'oatcea hay* inc eaaed the number of Pro t'e?anr( to aeiren, and ritended the Leciu'e'eim to fiye mout'.n, with one moiilli of preliminary induction. ?U<1 V -re H WA Tj.S If. Kec o( the ("Vflll'v. LKOPOM) St MAimtCE HPLBKONNKH, Imrwner. of French F7*th?ra, Flower* and Material*, No. 139 WilN#wyork TENANTED IMMEDIATF.LV-BeM^^^^^^H tT n rising men to solicit subscriber* one of the mutt popular periodicals published Men who eel come well recommended for hocest^^^^^^^B uid rerseverance, can make from $i to S8 day.O^^^H round. Apply t) ' . It*rc ISRAEL rOBT. MO N'assan ?r._^ WANTKU?Bv ? resectable youiiK Oirl, a n Uation to take cure of ch>ldreu, and i? willing tonwkt herself I generally useful; it alio a good aeamatreaa. Can be well re! co" mended. Pleas* call at HM Division street *ii if re W- M I ?L).?hilM itioui bv tw<> respi-otanle Protectant gi>l* ?One to dHcliamberwo'k and waiting of a unall l, | and the uitaer, lately landed from Ireland, to do ihr homework i if a h limit family?with good recommendations fie tee c II at &l t'adtaou atreet, comer of Montgomery, iu the baiemeut. ?'i ?t?rc 1j*REEl?TONB CUTTEuS WANTED ?Wanted to work on the North American Bank, a number of first wale Stoi.e Cuitpra, to wlioin $2 per iliy will be fit None but roinpetrut n orkmen need ii.ply. 'hop?' lieanut street Wharf, Schuylkill. JOHN Sl'RUTIlEKH k HON. I'hii.*1)> lphia. Am 23, 1847. au?4 3t*iltco C' UTl'tn WANTED?In a Clothing Houae, one who Inn * hvl much experience in ruuiug by patiaru, and ea i come well recommended, will find a conatant situation, by addresslint I*. D. Nun office, stating refer'nce*. ?uM 3t*rc D voi i villk uTasbwukk , mil. \UhLmi.v ? These works are uow in blast, and the subscriber* are prepared ti eiecuie o'ders for mineral, jKjrler and wine bottles, rarboys, druggists' glass, (talent medicine bottlea. jars, lie. A full assortment of druggists' rials and bottle* cons'antly on hand. BENNERS, SMITH fc CAMPBELL, au24 lm*gb* No. 3 South Front St. HI .Mulili OK KollTL'NK-TH.Ll.lNCi, is now inuctiaed by many impoatora iu lln* city; but that the celebrated rfntne Adolph, from France, now at Iter private residence, 111 Hester street, third block east *f the Bowery, informs lb >e who (for b*uefit, or even but curiosity,) consult her scientific akill-of all their most secret affairs, of love, marriage. jealousy, fr.euda, liw?when or what husband or wife they will K*t All have a-*uowledired who have iuvestigated her won<lerlui iHiwers. fee reduceil to J? cent*. Uousulttliou boors, all u >y and ?v?niug till 10 o'clock. u2i*t*rc I Ttikv fc'O. HATTKHS.-Auturaii llii7 "Kashioti. Li fi r Gentlemen's Hits will be introduced on Krlday September 3d. THE BLACK BEAVKR HATS we ere now inintifno 'tiring will embrace important improvements recently perfected by u, and in quality and elegance of ityle will be eunquatled by any heretofore offered. Tney will be readily distinguished by the nap, which, when . git<ted by the air. becomes detached into drlioat* ana graceful "jet flott<uU,"a IcHtare characteristic of the rhnic est quality of genuine beaver. au24 3trc EDUCATION?Rev. K. T. Huddait's Classical School will be re-opened after the lummer vacation on Monday, Seprember 6th. Two young lads from the age of 14 to It will be received aa private pupils and boarders. Termsinav be known on application at h's*?e?j<tence, either per* nally or by letter at liia rjiilen, e 22 Kait 14th street, between University I'laceaud ,')||| iviuie. hu2I SaSt\Vi?*rc H' ObK* I'aTKN 1' I'KK.Vlll.'.M KX l'K.NHIO N ulNIMi TABLES, with metal plated slides, for private pa> Ion ?u4 dining rooms, hotels, steamboat*, Sic , uusuipassrd I'orflegauce, durability ai.d convenience, warranted never toxet out ul order. A large assortment, the Ingest in the city, and unequal led for variety; together wnh a geueral assortment of elegant and fashionable Cabinet Furniture, constantly to be found at the waretooms. No. 443 Broadway, where the public are retpei tfitllr invited to call and examine. an2l 30t*?c C. K. HOBK. 443 Broadway. D|M?OLUTION.?The Copirtnerihip >( LINOMAN 8t BOUl.NK.Dry Ooods Dealer", No. 301 Grand street, ia dissoli ed iu pursuance of the Icimi ol the agreement between the Mities iu interest The busin-ss will be clour.I up by John M. Boriine and Gabriel Martino, to whom til pay meuts must be made. Dued New York, August 23,1817. (Signed) JOHl>i M BOD1NE. a?2t ?t*rc OABRIKL MARTINO MONEY TO LOAN ? Abraham J. Jackaou, Pawnboker 53 lteade street, near Broudway. loans money in large or I MOW, at may be required, on wafhes, jewelry, plnte, warning apparel, dry goods, and personal property of every description. anJ4 3flt?in HNH AHUT'd UlLD r.LI BKABd Lib J Ii (.KsTJli 81 ON-?These lettrraare remarkable for durability, and a brill nine, of -he gildinx unequalled by anv other article ir the city?wh ch brilliancy is warranted to stand exposure to the weather. T ey are also japanned to any color lint may be desired. Order* left at Jo-ies, Beebee IcCo.'s, 12(1 Fultou street, will be attended to. The partneiaMp heretofore subsisting between Meiuhardt & Stott, was dissolved ou the 1st July. al3 6m * f h 8 P. MKINH AHDT. LAKK8 OH KILLAHNKY ?dM iirrived, a various and splendid assortment of fancy cabinet articles, manufactured from tno famed arbutns wood, which (rows spontaneously on the islands of the Lakes. The public is tieated te a uovelty nerer before seeu in the New World, and ha? the opportunity only for a short time, to purchase articles ofunrivalled.magnificence, consisting of tables, work-boxes, chess-boards, diessiug cases, and various articles too numerous for insertiou. Please call at 41 Bowery, opposite the Theatre. an23 3t*rh PRINTS BY" THE POUND.?JutiTreceived at Duffy's 486 Orand street, 3 bales of beautiful English chintz prints, which are to be sold by the pouird; alao shirtings, sheetings, &c? &c.. together with a new and well selected stock of fa 1 dry goods, to which the attentittn of the public is au'icited. PET EH DUSTY & SON. au22 6t?rc 48fi Grand st, corner of Columbia. KOHL8AAT HKUTHLltD, 48 Johnstieet, have now on han<1 and offer for sale a very extensive asso'tme t of Zephyr Worsteds, Patterns, Floss silks, Canvass, and a variety of other articles in thisline. French K'tucy Goods?such u Beads, Clasps, Twist, Braids. Ike. See. Gold and Silvered Laces, Braids, Tassels, Fringes, Cords, lie., for Regalias and Caii Trimming*. Silk Fringes of every description aad color, suitable for fall trade?Buttons, Cords. Gimp, Ike. )kc. an22 7tis* m NO HUMBUG?A new dining siioou just openeo uown town, at No. 17 Kr?nt street, and lodging also: come and judge f"r yourself T*'e rnwp? are ?innle nnifl ">0t *m TO lile PUBLIC and all persens indebted to SAMUEL BROOKS.?The iusertiou of an advertisemeut, un.ler the signature of " William Judsou," claiming to be a partner of the undersigned, is totally false, and all drills contracted and due Samuel Brooks, must be paid u> liim alone, the receipt of tlie said Judsou not being a sufficient Uucli irge. SAMUEL BROOKS. August 20, I8J7. av2l 6tis?je I^HK OIIHNIN \L GALVANIC KINGS hands, belts. . plasters, inagnetrc Iluid, Ike , wholesil- and etail. at l'J2 "Broadway, comer John street, i'ea'ers supplied on liberal terms. Warranted 10 be manufactured bv the original mukers, and the price is much reduced. 1S2 Broadway, corner John street. au20 Hi're DR. TJTjit t sr | fc'8 w A L^AN IC KINGS. belts'. BKACKLKTS. AND MAl.NfcTIC KLUID ? Strangers ate respectfully <nl?n?jed that t ie only place inNew York to obiaiu these celebrated articles eenuiue is at 182 Broadway, between Jotiu street and Maiden Lane. In all c<tses of ilervo'i*'.'ise-se* u.e etlicacy of Christie's GOvanic articles is truly wonderful, aud tlieir treat celebrity has caused th- m to uc c<i'<uuiiriicii dv neeuy persons, WHO oner spurious mill wurlli'uti imitations,against which tlie pvMil are respectfully guarded. NodrUKirat or druf atore in New V'ork will ever oe allowed n tell Or. Chriatie'a articles. The aole ami etclaaive nsencr la at oue hundred and eighty-two Broadway. all 7t*m DAUUfcRROTYPE PLATES, C *8fc8, CH&MICALS, Apparatus, In. , of au|>eiior quality, at lowrat market prices, at ANTHONY'S National I) iirucrriui Depot, 217 Broadway, New Vork. tTT*" Every thing in tlie line constantly on hand. ?n2l Jilt*m I'NK aM S' AM) CHILDHK.N'S M AUA.lIN UES MODES, established in 1835.?Miaa JACOBS (late of 4)7 Brodwa)), begs Wave to return her aincere thanka Tor the libeial patronage she his received aince opening at 619 Broadway, oue door from llouatoo street, and takea this ine tliod of informing alrangera and the 'ndies of thia city aud vicinity, that she it now untiling Iter fill assortment of Infants' and Children's rlotning, Comprising rich silk velvet and inerino Sa< ks, Contt and Cloaks, braided and plain, and everv article in 'he Children's department. Ladies' silk 0|>era Dress, Hods. Sun Hat* ol" all description!, Hair Orass Cloih, Moreen, and ILiUgh's Talent Skirts. Ladies' and Childrcu'i Dresses, and Gentlemen's Vesta, braided to older. N.D. Lad'ft own materials made n'p. au 15 30t? m ' Mie. CHEAPEST STOKE IN THE Cl'l Y, I6IH l>ulX ton street, for trench and American Paper Hangings, Window Sh'des, Curtain Mite rials, Ornaments, itc.?'Piie subscriber ha* constantly on hand a large assortment of the above articlea; also, manufacturer ef the galvanised Spring Mattress, which, lor comfort and durability cannot be eicelled. Pure hair and other Mattreaaea; l-eather Bed*, kc., with every article in the Upholaterv line, at the loweat possible prices. N. B.?Steamboat and ship cabins and hotels fitted dp and furniahed. . It. DA VIES, in6 lot rc Upholsterer, IS4>{ Pulton *t. STYLE* OK_MU8tCAL INSTHUME.Vl's.? ? - nvc.itu Mini me urn ininuiacnirin in Vienna siid Paris, an assortment of the lataat and inoat approved musical instruments, consisting of baaa instruments called Bum Tubaa, in l>, C and K flat, with from 3 to 8 cylinder and (a new style of valve called) drum, which ihe |?rformer can rei(ulaie by the springs of the valves, to move accordant to his lancy iu oue moment; also I Kuphonenm with i cylinder valies.tlie most complete bass solo inst rument in tire, fur orchestra or military bands, together with a general assortment or musicil instruments. >uch ae Hax Horns, Kbo Cornas.Coinetta, Tost Horna, Cornopeans, Klutes, Clanoiietts he., may he had wholesale and retail, atC. < . Christinan's mn?ic and musical instrument mauafactory and warehouse, 401 Pearl st. anli 3)r*w AGRICULTURAL ROOMS, LYCRUM 1JUILDINO 561 Brn.idway, New York. HORTICULTURAL INHIBITION?At the sug?eetiou of the State Agricultural Society, whose Knir will be held at Saratoga Springs, on the 16t(i of Sept., the American Agricultural Association have changed the time of holding their Exhibition to the 8th and 9th of Sept. All persons de sirnus of aiding the cause of Horticulture, are earnestly in. sited to exhibit specimens of Mowers, Fruits, or Vegetables, and to comi-ete for premiums. Programmes inay be obtained of Mr. James Hogg Meednman, S62 Broadway, opposite 'he Rooms?of MrOT the principal seedsman ia New York, ?r of the following Kxecutivc Consniitiee :? Lnthrr B radish, Wm. Coventry H. Waddell, James Lenox, Khepherd Knapp, Theo. Kreliughnrsea, Riifus King Delnfield, Archibald Rnsaell, R. L. Pell, Edward Clark. ) Vl)?nt?rr D. P. fl A IIDNKR. S<r'v. B\ B V JU.VTPkKX?J o dotitneru ami Western Mereh late? Vonr attention is rrsueftl s Jr called to a novel end most u?efal invention, the Patent Mastic Baby Jumper, fur ihe h??lthful exercise and amusement of infauU. 'J he relief it affords those having care ol children the extensive sale it has everywhee ro>muaiided, wilh the liberal percentage allowed to those who huy the s.ticlt to sell again, renders it a most desirable object t" purchase either sinsgly or l>? the quantity. Wholesale and lip nil Depnt. 311 Broadway, N. Y. ml't !Wi*rr Ql KK V?There appeal* in be two different el toe* of men in N w York Do ton know wh tt mnkes one class looks o much superior to the other ? Answer? That's a Tact that ha* truck me frequently. Out I hue never been able to account lor the difference. It certainly i* not the cloth, altogether Why no?1< t me tell yon, one Ha** hoys ?i* ?hiri? a year from f*Cott, 91 Nnaaau street, and his ahirta fieing cut in a vie tru. ly inchanical, they conie<|nent|y fir beiuiifullf. The other class don't care two atr w? whether they wear anv ah rt? or not . M loim a? they are t lerated. W'h-n y<m want any ?hirt?, cal there firm?:>e tells a mignificent one for SI ML and wa.iants them to Mt Opposite Herald office, hsuliluhed I8J . mi 19 10t*rrc 1.VI(*HUV*.!> M vTXtTHTNKa.? HOOKHKAD'rt URADUATKD MAGNETIC MAC II INK.? I'hi* nstrumr t n an important improvement over all other forma of in innfacinre, and ha? been ndopted by the Medical 1'iofe'aion irrnemll , at Iteiug the moat convenient and effrcmat Magnetic Machine in u>e. It ta perfectly aimplc in const uetiou, and therefore not liable to Ret oat of order, u in the eaie with all other instrument*. It admit* of l)ir most perfect coniro*, ?0'l can be Hradnated to any iNiwer; adapted for an infant, or sufficient for tl c strongest adult. It the pleasure of the operator- The magnetic force is imparted in a continuons manner and wi:h no unpleasant rrustiiou, to the inost delicii.e | patient. It icquires no assistant in it* u*e, and i* in every re liect perfectly harmless. Mch instrument is warranted; and accompanied by a new Manui1. with full directions fur use in the r. rions (lipases <or which it i* most effectual. Trice* from tl to til. ManuftClurrd and for talc, wholesale and ?etail, hy *mt'"? l>. I . MD')HHKA.II. <11 Broadway. N. Y. i ^ AitKI AOKS.? i i * largest rtssortm-*i>t of 4 ^arri.iges in this city is forsale i i>o,t.Hl Broadway, IColiacam Building) at greatly reduced t li: i .comprising Coaches, Pheitoni, Bamachei. Buggies, Ilorkeways, Wag n?. Also,anew style < fcarriages, for tw? or fonr persons, with a d without top** together with a large assortment of harnea*. a!5 m?tn H. s IlOtJV US fAOI.D Pkhi-SffcNCKlt fc lUNUKLLH. Mai'ufao. r. ntB""!,of * ?rti,c'.e or Ugld Peni. Manufsctoiy 1T6 Pratilwkf, tar?fipf MtUtnlw. Tl* ?uh??jiW? * * *-*??*?, HMtt'rn irtNCCJIili mjfOILLI. AI I > LAHI.K i\. It* light JACOU I'L 2Jth, lbl7, hi 10 o'clock, at lite Auctiou N. B. The ?ale will Lie iu loll to auit country dealti*, &>i<l tin- wire la nil waridiitcd aouud, and oiiN^^H lo K > to any p.rt ill' the couutry by au ctpeueiic<d |) ckn^l Ihn aale will commence with lire cuti Hue WedgwoMH waie, iu a xored lot-. Alao Dialie*, 13 tkeri, Napniea, Koup anil Saucu Tureen*, covered Liiahea S .lada, Picklea. Uoata, Toilet anil Tea Ware Jugt.lkc : among which i* the Flower Pol and Londou line cleufh pattern*, in all about 1IKJ lota from invoice. Alter w hich, au ? utin- invoice, a complete aaaortmeut of White Grauile, to milch throughout. Alao, a g'Ueral naaortineiit ol blue Corinth, blue Vine, and edited, dipt, limited and C C W ire, in Iota to auit purchaser*. City*" Ca aloituea will bu ready aiT o'clock, previous to aale*, and the ware cau beeiamiued. Term*, 4 moutha, for sum* of $10(1 and upw ard*, for approved paper. _ aJSji*rc D D.NASH, Auctioneer?St?rc U'J Kultou at. E1) N KM > V V?Sitle of Jewelry, DmniKeJ by Fire? At 10 o'clock, at No. 70 bowery, eouipriaiuK watchea, riutti", broochej. bre.ut piua, cliuua, comba, ?tc., cameos a.* atone* ufdliferent varieties, spectacles plated wme, cocks kc. Thursday?Stove Dealer* Stock?At 10 o'clock, IM.'i Greenwich *t, tilt ereusive atock of the late Knot. < uuuiiigham, rornpi iaini? every variety of cooking, hall, parlor and store (tovea, biaiaand cupper waie, hollow ware.ahcet iron, Kuaaia iron pipe, Sec., kettlea, boiler*, frying p.ina, K'idirom, tin w ate, ca* luga, Kintea, furnaces, lie. Alao, a lot of tool*. 14 fc'M JOS. W. HAVK.N. \.,.i?,?>.r BY JONk.8, BKOTHKK k i O., Sum- 2Ct> I'earl street.? Dry lioodaand Kaucy rreueh Good..?Will be sold ihi* diy, a large asiortimut of seasonable dry goods, such aa pruts. muiliQS, linens. liawla. domestic aud Kngluli ship lugs and sheetings, lull linae, ailk aud kid gloves, imlia rubber suspenders, hats, 4tc. Likewise, to clone a coucerii. 5 cases ol uien's ha la, aud a valuable invoice of cutlery, kmvea, scissors, spoous,ueedlea, guard chains, necklaces, Sic. All wmi over SUM) >11 mouths, good_ city paper. uu2'J 3t*rh J. W. >>C111: I.TZ, Auctioneer. 8ALK OK CATTLK AT Til 11 U. 8. NAVV xjYAH I)?Will be aold at public auction under the ibbAm 'irectiou <>l P. M. Weimore, Navy Agent. at the ii > > . ..d, Brooklyn, ou Saturday, Auk. 28ili, at 12 o'clock, ii'. -He imir < i '?? it. Tonus cash. au25tf?re I (k.l UUO.VUVVAV Icorucrol John at.).?TO '1 tlOgJC 1VC WHO SHAVK THKMHKLVKS. (Kroin the bveuing Post.)? Specimens ol King's unapproachable Veibeim (Jreain lor Shaving.?This article, universally praised by those who made trial of it, laat yfar took the Iireiniuni of the Institute hair. Indeed, it tsTuliy conceded ly those who know that it U impoaaible to manufacture au article equal to it. 'It ia aofteuing to the akin, fr?giaiit to the sense, a destroyer ol freckles and pimples, and ia aold cheaper tliau the old aonpa. All, therefore, u no would rousult economy and comfort in shaving, should possess themselves of it. (From the Kveniug Mirror.)?Kind's Verbena I' we kuow by experience to be the heal kind of shaving soap, and those perseui who hare troublesome beards ihould not be wrhout it. Prepared and for sale, wholesale and retail, by Charles II. King, Druggist, l'j3 Broadway, corner of street. au20 30t*rrc \\7 IU8 WlUS ! ? SIUANUKRH mid (Jilizeua wishing vt a li st quality Wig or Toupee, are invited to iuaiwct the extensive assortment ol Win B achelor, where they can select from the largest stock in the United States. There is always a bent place to procure au article iu every business, and the best place to buy a Wig or Touiiee, is at Batch' lor's manufactory, No. 2 Wall street, uear Broadway. Private rooms for iituuK ?? I*"*. v>i?|iy trie miurr??. ? ? Pi ml* nc LlOUlU HaIH UV IC.? U/ii'LHKLOK'B INoTaWTANKUUS LIQUID HAIR DYK is lar superior to any thing Vet offered fur coloring the liair to a beautiful nml iiermanent black or browu, without staiuiug or injuring the skiu. The wonderful facility with whichlhts remarkable liquid effects the desired object, excites the admiration aud astonishment of thousiiiids who are loud iu its |>rai*e. Hold wholruale and rernil at WM . BATCHtLOR'S, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway. Price?Bottles for the hair, $1 .'>0 ; for the whiskers, $1. Beware of worthless counterfeits. Agents in W**ninrTnn < Wtv. J- H. Oihhs. sl9Ht*fr NOTICK TO BUTCR&RB. Articles ol me Butchers Melting Association for the eusuiuK year are now re dy and will remain open for signatures at their office, comer of Kirst avenue and F-mrth street uutil lit September next.. Butchers desirous of becomiug inemoers ol the Associatioh will call and leave their sifnatnres prior to that date. alJVt?rc Bv order of the Board of Trustees. WM. CKOWLKY U SllN, Needle and Kish (look .vianu facturers, Alcester, Warwickshire. Kugland?Store No. 77 Maiden Lane, (up stairs) New York. Wm. C. and Son respectfully inform the merchants of New York and other cities that hanof now ou <.and ail eneusivc stock of their mannlacturrd articles, will sell to the trade or importers at a small advance from their manufacturing prices. Une of the firm, Wm. Crowley, being now in Kuglaud, anu intending shoitly to increaae their establishment by the erection of ter m mills, we shall be enabled to sell at extremely low price** iTtt30t*re J rjUK ^KKtHK"> ISKANDIES.??Now lauding at Pier7 ?-? vs. n., imin amp .viary rraucis, iroui Bordeaux, 8') pack, Kite* of th? above well known brandies, ilirect from the home of Ihe Subscriber, in Krauce, viz. Cognac, " Lexer Krerea," Artnaguac, ' Star," Bordeant, Henry L. L. Cha'anette and Korhelle Lafayette brands, pale and colored, in half, iiuarter and eighth pipes. Alio, 15 >4 cailca White Brandy. of superior flavor, lor preserves. Alio in store, entitled to debenture, s full assortment <>f the above Brandins, of various v images from 1KT to HUti. Samples at the office, 104 Wall street. aula !i0t*m HKNUV LKOKR. PAHISUN DYKING KSTABLttlHMKNT?0?c? :? William street. New York?<. OUIIT Ik DK8CHAUX dye and finish in a new and suixTior style', never before introduced into the United Stales, all sort* of goods, sewing silk, twist anil trains, either plain or shaded; zeph>r worstea ai.d woollen yaru, sewing coUou, mohair, ike Tlity have imported patent machinery for putting up worsted and silk, either in skeins, spools or sticks; dametred or faded goods, ribbons, silk, satin, mcri'.oi tluhet lud cvlimere shawls, gimps, fringes, cords snd tassels, Indies' and gCLtle ui?n V garinruts, kc., dyt.l and cleaned egual to new articles jvW3ai?m C1HKAI* CASH 1C8TA.BLI8HMJC.NT ? J hat undersigned ' furnishes ships, steamers, hotels, hording houses and families with all kinds of stores at wholesale prices Among lis stock may be found groceries. li<|Uo?, seiiars. line wines, '>0 baskets Due I). Monlnbello and lliidnck t hainimirne; 2i0 half chests black and green Tea will be sold at great bargains to close .1 consignment. Country merchants and up towu grocers would do we>l to call. All orders from the country will be promptly attended to. Masters of vessels having small lots ui H>n/u* ill iir j?'?r til IUI utsii will I'lnmc WIUCI* BUI'JUUl* in* to $10 will be scut home free of causae. nan :K't * rr A. B. Ml LL^. 59 Water fir. M UM1C TAUWHT, on moderate terms, by h lady who ha* had eonaidenhle e*i>erience iu teaching. She tenches on the Loirerian system, which is greatly approved oi in Kurope. Terms, Three Dollars per month. A line addressed to A- B., it the Herald office, shall be at leadedM jvM Mt* is rc ("Toy IS TRY MBHCHANT8 PKAL?Hfl IN PKRKUS MKltV, Toilet Soup- Patent Medicines, Kancy Article*, in every variety, supplied open the lowest term* at No. 1 Cnurtl .ndt mrrrt, lirst store from Broadway. Also, VROOM ik. KOWLEH'8 unrivalled Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap, the only genuine, awarded the iirat preaiiam at the American Institute in 1M4 and IMG. (JKO. B (iRO^I^R, formerly with ' aoi JDt*m VHOOMfc KOW|>-H. of No. j._ ^pUK SI/BSCRIUKR is grairlul iu it"- .uimiuu |?ililic (nr X the evidence he is daily receiving of their appreciation of his efforts to furnish them with the best H.-gars tint can be procured froin Havana. ami he pledges himaelf that nothirg shall deteriorate from what he prole* hun.ilt n a justly earned reputation. Hi* agent nt Havana will continue to select the best Hegi'ri that can be proeu ed, tnd at th< lowem rates.? Among the last importations, are some very choice, of the fol lowing brands I'iiIo Alto, Regalias, (very prime.) I'gnes, Drama v Rosas, Old Zack, El I,eon de Oro, Neura Kinptesas, Maciouals, India. AutniuidMl, t.'lemencias, lie. Kor tale iu lots upon terms t<i ensure a dnplica'e visit. h. iu.nriuuk8, auU Jflt'rc lOfi Ilroadwav, cor of Tine atHull jn Watjkiltkr?~at one dollar J KACH.?J. STONE, No. 300 Broadway, New Yoik, begs to inform his friends and the public ol this city and other places which are supplied be public water works, that he has so arranged his improved Water Kilters that they cau be applied to trie Crotou water faucets. They are so constructed that any person can keep them in order by replenishing w itn the filtering medium at the most trifling wpMM, A single inspection will couvince any one of their superiority over any other Kilter in use. P. 8.?Ills other Kilteniold as usual. *i?1im?rr l/ftPllAUUtrilO-P. AllUb.'S. uie weu Kuowu I'lUlU X Tailor, 2Al? Aim street, has lately received over 100 pes I'incy Camimeies mil Linens, of which lie make* panla to order lor only S3 50 to ti per pair. Also. French and Euidish black ruiiiuern and doeskina, from (4 to %& per pair warranted food. or uo mle . Oeiits who are in want of fiats, will do well to call at Ann ?treet. jy< 30t*rc Eruptions ok thi .skin.?ah who are troabied with Halt lUieuin, Krrtipeliu, Itch, Rinifworni, Pimpled Kace, or other diseases of the ikin, may obtain uspeedy and effectual cure,at Mrs. Carroll's Meilicn.ed Vapor,Sulphur,and Iodine Bath Ksutblishment, 181 Kultoa street, opposite Chureh street. Compound Concentrated Syrup of Sana pari I la, prepared hy the SRakors, 74 cents per bottle. ui *0t*rfl POWKLL on the eyk?Just published, a Popular Treatise on the KYK, its Diseases, and their core, with enjrravings, rules for the selection of spectacles, Ike., Ivo , price ill cents. To be had at the anihoi'a, and of booksellers MMWjr> Dr. Powell attend* eiclnsively to diseases of the Eye and ICar from 9 to 4 o'clock, at hu office 2t> 1 Broadway, corner of I Warren stiee.t I Artificial Kyea of superior quality recently imported. anl*Vt*re ISA's- V I ?t)t I l?S?, \ \!i r.M l.r. Piopnetor ->l "ilTe Ufiytt't Bu. iar. 149 nnd 161 llj<>.id wn v, up ?.ai's, has | just imported % sui ible Block lor fall trade, which he offer* to couutry ineichtuls on encouragiutf term*, consisting of fnncy iuI iid work botes, fine fans. cut glass, 1'aris Porcelain ware, purses, ladiea b^gi, Perfumery, jfwclrv. afeel goods, Ate.; in tine the ino*t splruaid aud varied stock of fancy aud u?cful goods to be found in t^is city. Couutry merchants are invited ' to cull. mi 17 30?#rc B~RuWN8' COFFmCHOUSE AND DININtj ?a". LOON, No. 71 Peiirfttreet, sitd.ited in the business pari of the city, (head of Coenties slip,) present* great induceinents to merchanta, strangers, and others. whose business may call tli*'in to that part of the city. Breakfast, Dinner and Tea (JKOHOK BKOWN.iateof I IvWWl'rr Lnvejov's Hotel FTTTiTo the'new Toftx kIRk and m\ HINE INSURANCE Co., New Vork, August 4, U47 DIVIDEND?'1 he Board of Diiectors have thia day declared Dividend of Five per eei.t, out ol the profit* of the last sii month*, payable no demand, at the nlfiee of the compauy. No, 7? Wall street D. UNDKHHILL. a' n KULLKH, wholesale and retail dmliv la J ' Jennings' new patent premium safety (iaa Lamps; also. IVent Phosgene Oss ford" Also Camphine, Hpirit lias, Oil aud Lard Lniniia. 11*11 I.nnthnm* U*? ..c .1? ? ? "PProTed ?tylr? noil pntterin. AI?o. Canphine, Spirit Om. Oil, Wick., k'. See. No. 272 Ureeuwir.h utrert, hnween (. hnirfbert uml Warren street*. a3 Jflt^rc - OPPOSpfitlN PAB8AOK OH KJi K-To lb<iny, IJtir i $t ,'i0; SyMcn?r, lij; 0?wrgn; Roclieuer. ?2; Uuffilo, $.2; riaveUml, ' I?""1*'' Milwnukie, $t> 7j; < Ih<!?ko, ( incimixli, fi75: I .ut.nio ->tiU lUmillon, 81; Whintmll, $2, Mondial, Hi PltUlinrf. f(i Ollice, ICO iini clar street. S>uy ctiritv rr'nuel will b? ?iven for the fiilfilnient of nil eonlr ctt mute wi n th ? c.nnp n\ ?ii 15 JOt* re .M.I, llA V,/?tent | New York CONKt ISLAND KKHKY?The r*^S*Xbo*t ATLAS, retain P. H. Smith, will rM o the nbore ferry on Vfe>ln??l<V-A"t 25. le?Tin? Pier No. I Noith liner. Ht !?> A.M.,soil IW ' * I Kme, |J^ ctuti. A tulendiii Cotillion ii??il ? 1 ) J"'* p wv the Bivt _ ? -i MOUiN L.T '1 / ' 1' l 1' \ '.S' "" r^/dC^sio.N TOcO hYinL\>n V* VT ? An#e?f tit.'- 'hr. , _V"v , .' LAS.C.p**!! ML Smith will P**ee tne fl?r, f? > ' M V >Wgntpsry ?tr?et, K R., ?C7 P M H??" ? il ??eet. ? 7*. PI'f No. 1 IV R, ?' I n'oloflfc; ^ lnr? Cobty Mm< ?( HM ?'(>lo#ki l?ltll?| gory After mi tl uary be by tlx To conclude (tie CI I K N fcl. LO?I'unch, ?.* Paten?Boxea, ai cents: Pit, 12)tf Donrn oppu 7?performance ri<miiiriirei^^^^^^H BKNEKIT Oh Mil BAKKK. S 1'AliK PAS'ILK (i AKHKN.?Wednesday Kvenii?, V^ Will bp performed the HOOK 8CKAMBLBB?W^M Ur 'Wii, Mr ('"iiover ; Swelmnii. Walrot ; it.>t>l>yr, II ?ll.uii^B Lizzy. Mix Phillip*; Therese Mr* laherwo- d Between the piecea, Cliarle* Wmlher, M Cliriat'au Lehman, M. < hiixi .11, M. A'lt.iinc, rnul Mile Julia, will dance on tlip I'ikIiI Hi i>?, with oilier enterU.iim<"it?. To conclude with the LIVINti B'PAI U*'.?Hialkie, Mr Christian Lehman ; M Lord Tim Noddy, Schmidt Lehman; L\ Uelle Coiiuelicot, Mile Adelaide Lihm<iii. Doom open a. t>J4; Performance 10 commence at I. Admission. 16 cents. PIH^LMO'U HOI SK.? l blind.. I- veiling. \I1* 26, IBBwi'l be p.-rli,rnird the connilyof I'MtKj-.l 'PI 1.)N Km U ori-n, ?n*i mnrv i iiyior; ausnij, .viu, vvatla; Sir Laurence Paragon, Vache; Sam. T. Plscide. After which. daring achievement* ?o the T1UHT UOTt, by the Ravel Kannly anil Leou Javeill. To be aucceedid by the Spviiih Paa de l^uatre la Jot* ArraKunene. by Mad. Leon Javelli, Mad. Martin Javelli, M. lleuri Well*, and Francois Havel. I he whole to conclude with the comic pantomime of VOLAU-VENT, or, a Night of Adventure*. poor* open at 7X, performance to counneuce at o'clock ? Ticket# '>0 cent*, to all narls of the home MINIlKV t KOOMH. BKOAItWAV.?Second Week'of the original VIHtilNIA 8K11K.N ADKK8, whoif concerts for tlie la?t six night* have beeu attended by the elite and fashion of the city, *' d the (>re*s in general, who have unanimously expressed that this ii, without exception, the greatest combination of wit >uid talent in th- country The Programme for thia we'll will be found rich and versatile; the whole concluding witli the burlesque opera of ST IJ t F O : Konndcd on the ce|ehr>ted Italian o|>erH of " Saffo," one of th? moat laughable and ludicrously sublime ('inductions ever olTeied to *u admiriip Public. Kor see bill* of 'lie day. Doors open at 7 o'clock?Performance to commence at I. au2'( 2ti?*rc AMEBIC AN MUSEUM comer liro.idwa y vwl Villi street ?Splendid performance* both Afternoon and Evening. CAMPaKLL'8 ETHIOPIAN 8ERENADBH8! ORPHEAN FAMILY, OR KENNKBEl K VOCALISTS Movinit Panorama of the City of Loudon! Pete Morrii, Milt Bernard, ice. SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEO, OUKANO OUTANO? ANATOMICAL VENU8. Mid. ROC WELL. thr famou* Fortune I'eller. Admission J5 rent*?'"hildre 11 utfder tea. one shilling. alt BROAD WAY THE AT H K?Thi?" ambliahm^at, >o? erecting in Broadway, will be opened for Dramatic purposes solely, on or about the firit of September, cadar the nonage meat of O. I!. BARRETT. Tenon of ackaowledged talent wiihinc aituatioa* for th? ?t*aca. will plea** addra** him (nra-iwiil) atlM Leonard atrert. A. MANN, aole ?ropria?or ft./" During Mr. Barrett'* abaence in Enrope. all letter* aad business communication* may he *<IHres*eil to hi* a*ent. lelj'frr IV CONBYV. N? 2 P?'clay *rr?et Broadway "theatre, caluany >?ti.u e.t*blishment will be opened ou nr before the Ut of Septemher, muter the management of john crouta, Leasee. Paiaoiunf ac know leHged talent wishing fitaauont for the season. will pleaae addreaa liirn, pre-paid, at No. 48 Division at. N. V. city an216tis*m THK CHINESE JUNK !?CHINESE CUKIOHITIES-^ The Captain of the Chinese Junk is induced, from the great patronage he i* atjireaent receiving from the citizen* of New York, to .top TEN OH TWELVE DAYS LONGER. ?* number* from the interior of the State, are every day arriving to witueaa. perhaps?for the only time tliey may ever have au opportunity?tnia rare specimen of Chinese Naval Architecture, together with the many Curiositie* which are conraihed in her cabin, Ite. The Idols which thev worship, the Gun*, Swords, and other implement* of war, the beautiful Shoe*, particularly those of the femal'- set, which are not more than three Inches in length, are richly worth seeing. Let all who have rend or heard or the noveltie* ol the Celestial Empire, now avail themselves of thi* treat. Jil3 Mtrrc _ _ DANCING ACADEMY.?Mo. JO Canal *'.r?et, East corner of Broadway.?Mr 8ARAC O, Professor, Inventor, and flrat introducer of ilie new d nice* in tne United States, having recommenced hi* lessons, want* several Young Ladies from 12 to IB year* ofage, whom he will teach gratis, all d urn of the " Salons," and after shall pay them monthly, a satisfactory um, ia order to dance with hi* pupils the modern dances, , winch lie only in America can ji operly teach, a* the Polka Mazurka, Redowa-Waltz, Waltz iu five stet>>, tic., 4ic., r.nd particularly the German Cotillou and Mazurka (Quadrille*. ?">< Hf rrc CDOLMAN'S QALLKEY OK OIL PAINTINGS, No. J 203 Broadway, above his Book Store, eotiliitiuK of ninety choice Picture* bv celebrated masters .viz -Titian's Ventia, of life ?ize ; The Dying Gladiator, by David ; Tke Misers, by Matsys, the blacksmith ; Jlelea Korman, by Kul>ena ; The Knglish Koadsidr, kc btr. See.. Ia esfenned by foreigner! aa iui>erior to any public ethibition of pictures in this conutry. Mr. COLVfAN imports all the New Popular Knii-rarings Irom London. Paris, and Germany, which with his extensive collection of Books, Paintings, Kaney Stationery, and Drawing Materials, he offers at tlie most reasonable prices, whnlesal* or retail HKRALDR7.?Coats of Arms furnished and emblazoced in the most sumptuous style, or may be had in pen drawing, jy27 Mon, WedkSat tf re D\LLKV'S PAIN EXTRACTOR-WImt is the beat euteruil remedy in the world I Ask any <lriigei?t in the United States and he invariably answers, Dalley's Pain Extractor. Country dealers supplird on the most liberal terina froin the Proprietor's depot, 203 Broadway. It muat come from there in he genuine. H. DALLKV ScCo.. miMMtmdiaeiSdm 908 Broadway* ""CKNTRfcVILLK COUllSK, L. 1-1ROT11NG. F'^ouiiv-' m^^y^ovv Monlay, August 3U.h.?All mile Ilea's, ben :i is 5. Each purse $ii. No. 1. To2'j0 lb. wagons, fortrottinii horses that never won, a purse over $30. No. 2 lu harness for trotting liorsrs that never wou a putac ovet 830. No. 3. I'uder llie saddle, fur trotting liorirs that never wou a purse. No 4. Kor pacing horses, under the saddle, that never won a purse. Iii each, thrre or inore to make a race, two or morr to ?tart. To c>' ie on Thuraday evening, Auguit liClh, by 9 o'clock, I'. M.. at URKK.N Sc BKVINSS JOEL CONK LIN, Proprietor. Ontrovillr. August 23, 1817. auV5 2t? rc ??l_ HOR.1K Ki.'R HALK?A pony, well trained, "I en>> gait, tery tumbie lor a laily. Ap' > - ? 1 at W. Uobrrtaon'a liable, Henry itreet, near J* hmi-iim.. srert, lii' ii. a23 at' ?J\__ NOTICK.-THK Ku.SK HILL SAL ICS AND Kich ni;e Htablea, corner of 21th itreet and 3rd XjL?^U"veiiue. 'i'he mturriber tikei thta tnet'iod to iiifnrm hit cuitomera and the public generally, tliat alter thia date the price pri day of every hone kept at lliii e?tabli<liment will be Ml cent*. RKVNOLD8 K. NORTHKUP, Proprietor. New York, Auguit Htl\ 1847. al72w*rc <\ UK. !>( . WITT C. KKLLINliKR'8 1NKAL/11EC>L1BLK LINIMKNT.-Thii tuily aitoniihmg me' .1.|g a clear, beautiful and transparent fluid, biKliiy fragrant and perfectly delightful in ita flavor, aud la eipecially deiigfted to be pieacribed internally or eiternully, and i* warranted to cure after all other remediea have fa led. All rheumatic and icrolulotia affectioni, riiiK Worm, tetter, barber'i itch, old aorea of every nature, froit bitea, burnt, Puina in the back, and aflfectioua of the apme, dialocationi, enlargement of jointi, bunioua, corna, callomei of every description, tooth and nervoua headache. One or two doaea taken according to direction ia aa >ure to cure the bilioua chnlic, diarrhoea, .Vc , aa it ia uken ; and afl'eetiona of the tliroat, ill nhort, palm of every nature yield to ita influence immediately. Keverand ague broken in two doaea alwaya. N. li. V2.MA) ( urea have been made in two year*. Aiming the inauy dutingululled individual! who have kindly allowed ua to refer to them, for public good, ore the Hon. Mo?ei H Wrinnell, residence No. C (Allege I'lace, New Vork city; Hon. Richard ! . Carman, of Carmauiville, New York citv, and Mr. Arnold Maaou. contractor of the Higli Bridge over Harlem river, wai cured of chronic rhrumatum of over JO veara'atanding-can l/^aeeu at all tunea at the Bridge; Mr. Kamuel Roberta, hi* partner at the Bridge, givri it aa Ina opinion that it laved hi! I if*, from a aevere injury iiiatnined by a fall; Mr Jamil Murphy, proprietor of the Harlem. Bnil'i nevi, Bowery m.u urouuway Imr* ol itagei, liu utetl at hu tnatninoth eaubltihineut orer oni thousand hortlea. lit nyi llie mure they u?e of it the better they like it. Wholesale unci retail diatributing agent* are wanted. Principal depot, No 2JO Pearl meet, New York city; H. iu?er*ol k(,o., wholeaale draggiiU and at he (iriticipal drug and other atorea and tavern* throughout the city aud country. It 11 put up in laike bott!e?, and aold at Mcenta per tingle bottle; t4 Per dntrn; hall 5n>?? |2I; one grota tM. The inoprietor* of thi* itreat reine > are ready and w iliing to back their opiuion, that (hey ran how more .latounding tnret, and a greater nnmber ol certificate* than any other remedy offered to the public. All letter* must he poatpaid. jyj Mlteod * re MKUK SALE?A good Hn?ine?? M-ind for a Tavern and Country Stoie, with Uf'O ere* af Land, of good mil and quality, luitable lor farming aud g?rden pnrpo>??, on me 1 i.e ofa railroad, about 10 milr* from the city. JiK ft a i met uf Laud on Ln.g Itland. VVj'l t,e r Id cli'*j>, and on e ay trrmi. Apply to John W. I Inm'iei*. rooin, "1 the Amcric ' n Institute. rear of the I *ity II 'II Mend* rc fi K OX. H aTTKK," 111# H niton itieet^alT Kaihion for lm7 ol Oemltmen'a llata, will be intmduced oil Batnvday,21lhof Aumi- aa?Hit*rc Jtv KINK GOLD AM> BILV Ml WAT< HE8. I he 6 AA Subscriber veiling all dearnptiona ol fine <?old and Chi^H Silver Wat die* and Jewelry, at retail, lower than any other home in the city. All Watclie* warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watehe* and Jewel )f^eg Changed. Gold Watch... a. low a, and Jewelry repaired in the be?t manner at iniicli I *? IIfian the "I'mporTor'of Watche. and Jewelry. WMwj* tad an i'i 30fit*re 11 Wallatreet. corner Villiam, ep *t*ir*. ? ? toll HAVXK (>ia I herhourg>.?The ffi/5 etrarner MlfSIW HI. (apt am Moriu. will on her re <J?y. f uead.y, the iUt Pr?eclp*?*age, $120 The ?hip li?? an e* ericncefmrueoii. Letter* innat p?<* through the Po*t-office. Kor |?i??age or freight, apply in ... wWlnll H "-* - ?? | notllK, BROTHERS k CO.?PAB9AOK TO from Liwpool p?? Black Ball Line of racket,, B^^baud Hemiilaneef to Ireland Vr The well known f??orlte packet ?hlp GOLlJMIIA, will .hi! for Lirrrpool, on Wcdne?day, the brat of September, hi r rritn'ar v'ay for term* of cabin, ?erond cabin, anil ateeraar paanaire, apply to Captain Knrbar, on b?ard at the foot of Bci-krnin ?trr*t. or to the <t<b?crib?re I'll# YORKSHIRE will aall from Liverpool, on fimt ol October; p???*Ke can h? engigrd to cunie frntn the old cour. ffv by ihn ipleudid thir,or by any < f the p?< kcia of the Old Black Ball Lin*, to ??il from it o?j the lit and 4Rh of every irtnnib, by applying to n?. Tboae remittitur money to Irel%n4. ran hate dr?#i on I THE ROVAL H ANK OK IRELAND. ?nd on I'RKSCOTT. OHOTK fc 0??. Ban*?ra, London, which I willt>c paid at the rarioua brinche" throuihout Otcat Britain and 11eland. Apply to ROCHE. BRO'I HERS fc CO, No.} K n.ton ttrrrt, Naw York, iinf door 10tba kulton Bank, | Only anth'-riaed maaerR?Ta(eiita for the Old or Black Bull I Ln_r I i?crp^olj'?ck*r an?> *c 4 A*. ' v K I *-|H I U1 > O f I Mi \\ i M Ml J&y V 111) \\ LV/lf .? rtH'T?l? (li, harfi I u.idi ;t?n!;,al pif r \V*r.?.dti of lia.lii'K H) p. ( .. j, I ||< .'lute *UV?4 tg ifee l#0?ipt i?l BOi>d( A?| MM II fcalfc ,IMH Matterg?The A letter hM been in thl* city of the army at I'nebla, dated a? late aa August with great posltivenes* that commissioner* on the of Mexico were expected to arrlre at PuebU In two days after that date. The writer haa good opportunity for authentlo Information; nevertheless, hli statement requires confirmation information haa also bean received to the effect that General Scott had sent in * request, under a flag of truca, for an exchange of prisoner* ; and that such reijuent had been acceded to on Um part of Sauta Anna, l.ieutenant Rogers la amonf-.tboa* to be released. v*-v. ,? No official despatches have been lately reealTad from General Soott or General Taylor The private letter* received from Monterey make no mention of a forward movement. Some of these letters are from officer* la General Taylor'* confidence. Thus, the posture of Mexican affair* ia unaltered The National Intelligencer, with a confldenca that Indicate* the possession of toon reliable information on i the *ubject, declares It* belief that we cannot hear of the ocoupatlon of tho capital by General Scott, for two j or three week* to come indeed the oharactar of tha I intttllfffMn AJk f?? ?h? ?..? ???? ?. ? speculation 1(U?. But In the absence of decisive Information, it may be well to pursue the Inquiry, what U to be done with Mexico in oaae she refuse to negotiate, after her capital rhall be tn oar possession ? 1 have In a former letter stated what will not be don*?namely, that the country wiU be neither entirely abandoned nor wholly orerrun. No ultimate design hafl get been formed in tba Cabinet, as to the disposition to be made ot Mexico. Oae thing Is certain. The war will not be proeecuted farther than the capital. Offensive operations will then ceaae, unless such as are necessary to repreM any hoetlle morewent on the part of the enemy, and to secure from laterruptlon the'communication between the seacoaataad the headquarter* of the army. The army will probably be up to such a, standard as to alTord a full and efficient garrison to every position that i* to bo retained. Tha light ravalry force should be augmented, as on that arm win cnu-ny depend the important duty of keeping open ' the comuiuuic&ttonH. The Voltigeurs are to be retained, aud a ter a yearn drilling may be of some service, although they are better adapted for a long war, and they wer e called Into existence more for display than military service. Th?y are just as efficient, probably, as any of the other regiments raised under the act of last February, but I doubt if they be more bo. A man who should advise the creation of such an arm, yould likely be accounted veried in the science of war ; and thus the raining of the Voltiguur regiment served a purpose. The army and navy will be employed in defending th* principal ports, cities, aud strongholds now In our possession, or tho occupation of which will embarraM the enemy. It Is evident, that bolng the strongest power In Mexico, our army can compel the revenues of the country to How into our treasury. These revenues, collected under a judicious system, will defray, If not al}, at least a large portion of the expenses attendant on the maintenance of our army In Mexico. Wherever there U sufficient trade to produce any considerable amount of revenue, there should a custom house be established and protected by an armed force. Various modes of raising revenue should be resorted to besides that which 1* already in operation?the levying of duties on Imports. A direct tax might with propriety be imposed on oertalo classes?the land-owners and merchants, for instance. i If the tobacco plantations could be selaedacd bald, and ! farmed out on the Mexican plan, they would afford an annual revenue little short of a million of dollar*. Cartaiuly. sufficient revenue could b? obtained to bring the expenditure* for the army and navy below tha average appropriation* iu time of peace. Tliua wa would rataln our comment*, keep hostile movement* In bheck, and at the saui'i time effectually harrasa Mexico by withholding ! from her the mean* of carrying on the government. No ' matter how long tbla state of thing* should continue, our expenaea would diminiab from day to day, and tha difficulties of the enemy would increase Tha war would no longer be a burthen, and peace, though dealrabla would ceaae to be an exigency. OALVIKN8IH. Washington, Aug 2S, 1047. I Neui. We have uo newa yet upon whloh to plant a slagla j stake for peace. All la doubt and ooDjaeiura. Wa hava rumors enough, but they are scarce worth tha lmk ra! quired to record them. It la mentioned that tha whlga . hare apian Col Benton had a plan, a diplomatic plan backed by A0.000 men to carTy It out, but he wai overruled. And now the whlgs talk of a plan. It la, aa wa understand It, to subjugate Mexloo, State by 8tata,maka i>eace with her State by State, on the condition that when *ny Ktate in disposed to come Into the union, she | shall l>e accepted. IkhtIdk the question of slavery to txi I settled by such Htntn Of all the plain we ever beard of ! this la thu moot ridiculous, an we nball attempt with the 1 whig argument before us, to ahow In our neit letter W Philadelphia, August 34,1847. A portion of th? front wall of the sugar house, Bread j street, Keren stories high, la atUl standing, to tha rnanl feat danger of the bouses opposite Meaauraa bare been | taken to pull It down, hut it will eertainlj be dangerous I to those who undertake It. The luneral of Messrs Buti lur, and I lines, killed by the falling walla, whieb will i take place tbia afternoon. promises to be attended by alJ I their brother firemen of the elty and count/. It wll' i be ani mmsnse gathering The various r*porta of flrai men missing. prove to be incorreot. I An Interruption of the telegraph between Bait I mora i and Washington early this mornloa an a s?oond break i which occurred about II o'clock, between thia eltjr and llaltimore, has up to tbi# time, prevented the receipt of 1 Southern intolll|fenc? The democrat* hare nearly completed their nomlnaI tlons The whig* commence this afternoon, and tbm native* will shortly make tbeir selection from tha namea presented by the rarlons ward organisation* Of one hundred and ninety-six deaths In tha city and county during the laat week, ninety-eight ware children Included among the adults wm three from old age, each I being over ninety I bar leu W Kulgway, a hatter, of tbia city, haa presented Mr. Clay with a superb bat, of bia own make. Mr Ridgway had previously announced bia Intention to Mr. (Jlay, who, In coapilanae with a request. sent sent him an old beaver, tbat the present should be of the proper site A ceuple of wags carried elf this old bat, leaving a shocking bad bat in it* place, much to the mortification of Mr. ftidgway. who was speaking in vary boastful terms to aone Irlends. of the honor which the distinguished man bad done bin when the exchange was discovered He subsequently instituted suits for larceny against tha two he <had reason to suspect, who pleaded that the act was committed In joke It is a strange fact that ona of thee* mi n is since dead, and tbat tha other was very much hurt at the flr? no Saturday Dlght. Tba journeymen lallorn of thin ett* have struck n jaln?t the ?oanty price* formerly |i*?o by their employer*, which they with j untie# uy wa? eat I rely too little to keep foody anil Miul together, and it In a nnfojaot of general ronverMtion that a imposition la erlnced to dimply with their demand*. About of 'JO the Urgent em jiloyini; eniabitnlimentn liar* liitoed the new bill of price*. The meeting of the journeymen, held at the Mumuoi yen tor day. waft attended by aViut fifteen hundred of tha I journeyman. . halt* of Mocha at l'lillMtvlphl*. Pi??t Ho?*i> An?. 31 ? ti (iirnrd Bank, l??f, 1W(H( BJnta Ja.lH; 1W0 dn.7?*; Mo Lehigh < nal ?e-ip.M, %* IJ S Trea kury Nnlea, (a, 104. lOOOClty ?*, "7?. IMX; ?*> <iuard Ba k. 11 ArTr.a H4L*h?10 Reading H, 32?t; >??" Mending aid* 7H)j; llOOtrard Bank. 13; WW) Stale ?n. ? ; *#0 U B 1 rea >ury Niilra, ??, l?i, lo Mcehaaiea' Bnak, 23)4 '?* Mont* ? anal, ll\. , *M?MI ll"?nr>? M Peentyltama IUi!rr>ad, 7, JO Rending Railroad WHi . . . ,.j <u. u Artta ntui-16 Penntylraai* Railroad , t| l*do,7X; ? N O I I); M e Rai.k 17; "> B>*k l?. I i'runaylraiiia Rni.k, llli I l.ehnb. mH' * A Bank, lw AP?r*rnt*t by nit P*k?iyevx Tott#, tc U Militant 0???UMrr W | Mm lath* HTTlM

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